Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. | Tvmmt, July 12? 6 P. M. Wall street hu been full ex minor* for the Iwl two diji w U6 regard W tbe prrbable policy ?>( Mr. Fcoaso- 1 dee in Providian the eeo<-sary wey ? and means for mr ryu g on tbe war. tfmce t>ts arriv.l in town be 1m con ferred with a li>iK? number of our leading nnancial nu<a, aia to-day a meeiirg ?? held m tbeSub-Tie<sury build ing, at which all lb* manager? of I be old b ink- were ' preeeot, tbe ittull rf i be conference being that ? eonimit l*e or tea was appointed t> 'devise a plan far supplying tlie *ilU of tbe f< vemneui with as Mile Oil turbance U> the money mirkei as possible. Tbe committee la to report ta.mevrow( when we aball tear* m ' e Tbe Treasury if to immediate need e>f at least slity millions of dollar*, and ta tbe prearnt Htrinpcni ?iate or tbe money market tbe banks are unable to lend tbia amount without first appealing to tbe people by tbe eaJe oi bonds. Tbe direct course for tbe sew Secretary to pursue la, therefore, to make tbe banks ? both Ptaie and nation I ? government agouti- in disposing ?f us bonds at a fixed price, to be agreed u;on between tbe Treasury and tbe banks, tbe latter to receive coin paaaation In tbe toran of a crmmis*lon, or it* equivalent la a deduction from tbe felling price of tbo bonds, and tbe praoeeds to be passed tt? tbe credit or tbe Treasury , to be drawn against as required ia payment of public creditors. In order to sbnw to what extent tbe Treasury is empow ered by Congress to issue bonds and currency *a order to meet tbe expenditure of the government In excess of tbe revonue, we make tbe following enumeration:? Coder existing acts of Congress there remain to be Is sued ? Firstly ? ihirtv-tbree millions of tbe twenty years bands of 1861, which bave seventeen years to run. These ?re tecboically known as " rejected sizes," and fortn the i unaccepted balance of the last seveaty-Bve million loan pat on the market bv Ur. Cbase. Secondly ? There are one handred and twenty-seven millions unissued of ten forty bonds, being the butanes of tbe two hundred million loan authorised by tbe act of March, 1808. Third ly. There are four hundred millions of five thirty hoods to be issued under tbe new Loan bill Bat the Secretary has the option of issuing two ' hundred millions ia Treasury notes, bearing Interest at a rate not higher than seven and three teuibs par cent, payable In ourrency. In lieu of tbe same amount in bonds, ir the necessities of tbe Iteasury demand It. lie has also the power of making them legal tender on their face, or net, as be may see tit. If they are made a legal te dor , the Interest must be paid with the prlacipal at maturity, and if not a legal tender the Interest must be paid semi annually without limitation Poarthly ? The Treasury nas power to Issue certificates of indebtedness redeemable la one year from date, with interest at tbe rata of six per cent in cur rency, without limit as to amount. Fifthly? Tbe Secretary may receive temporary deposits, repay, able on tea days aotice after the expiration of tbirty <VS, to lbs extent of one hundred and Cfty millions, and } pay Interest oa the same at the rate of six per cent In oorraaey. Sixthly? Be can tune fifty millions of cor raoey under the new Loss bill, to be applied in payment or temporary deposits whan required, w^ich am emit aiuat he withdrawn aad placed again In reserve as tbe temporary deposits Increase, or tbe one bundred and Slty millions of temporary deposits referred to seventy two millions are already oat, aad therefore only seventy eight millions remain to be borrowed under this bead. Thus It will be seen that, although the legislation appli cable to the Treasury Is not such aa to give entire free dom. e{ actios. to Mr. Chase's successor, it nevertheless allows him considerable scope for the exercise of soucd judgment ia the management of tbe national finances at the present critical juncture. That the difficulties of ths situation are v?ry great is perfSotljr obvious ; but unless they are met boldly ibere is danger of their becoming tar worse. Ths coarse Mr. ) esseaden has thus far pursued, however, strengthens us ia the impression that he will make tbe best of a bad state of things, and that theccuu Wy will have reaaoa to he satisfied with the result of hit policy. TtM money market tad the temper of the people ere just j hi eucb ee to be nelly influenced, ud extreme cant too ta seceaaary In order to guard against ? panic worse then ur we hare yet witnessed. If Mr. Feeaendeo, for in Btaoce, determined to raise a loan from the banks of only twenty-live millions, to be paid Into the Treasury imme (lately , or aay within a month, a panic would be the in evitable consequence of the excesaivo stringency pro 4uced. Gold would prebebly rise fifty per cent above Ita preeeot premium. Lerge number* of small holders of greenbacks would lose conflJenoe In government papor, and ru?h Into Wall street to bay (old, at whatever price It might be eelliog at; and, gold being In strong hands, the oolders could name their own price. This <s how currency panics orirloate during the suspension of ?peote payment*. and nothing could woru greater disaster to our government. It is therefore evident that Mr. F(*ssendeo must avoid m km} a forced i?an. which l.e can easily do by relying on temporary deposits and the i?n e of Treasury notes, while toe people are allowed to respond gradually to tbe new loan be may put oo the market through tbe banks Tbe experience of tbe t*n lorty loan j Justifies tbe calculation that a million per day u>ay be de rived from the sale of bonds (bcirmg six per cent in- j Icreel, payable lu goid) to the poo; le, that bring about the extent or tbetr capacity to absorb them. Thic, togetUei I with a dally issue of it>re-~ juarie'S of a million in Treasu ry notes, added to another throe quartern of a million, which is about tbe amount of ttie daily revenue at this particular time, exclusive of customs duties, which, payable in cold, and p. edited f r the payment of interest oo tbe public debt, we leave out o f the quectioii, wilt enable tbe Treasury. with the help of the otaer m->af>.ires j provided for Its relief, to meet tbe turreel ex i>eDditure, or so much of it at leual a * | must be paid promptly. Other and many claims we know there are ou toe government , amounting pro bably to half tbe aggregate of tbe national debt, aucardiug ] to Mr. Chase's lul rep rt, tbe payment or which will be Indotlnliely poet(?ned. It is ?ucb claios as the-*?, chiefly for the destruction of property and tbe many accideuts and trrnguLaritise inseparable from war oo so gran*', a scale as oure, that aweil tbe expenditure ot all g- veru ?meats for e long period after their return to tierce. Mr. Fes.ionden has thus the weens of providing the ?ioewa ef war till the next meeting ot Congress, when soch nteeauree eaa be devieed ae tbe eit'tal k>0 may c?ll for. The most important subject tbeu to consider will be taxation. This, in order tu furnish a So nod financial baa in for the country to work upon , should be equal to half tbe amount of the national expen diture, aud cousqueDtly, lo order to keep pact with the disbursement*, It will require to be enormou-. But there 1s no other remedy, It our currency is to eecape the fate of the French assign at* and tbe old Continental money. Tbe stringency in the mooey marker conWrvnee ?ma bated, owing lo tbe drain of currency tn'the West '0 ? wave the ernpe, and the ex'-eeetee epfC'iiati-Jti prevailing ?a the Produce Kictyuige. wtiic.b ban hat tbe eflect ot rats ! log tbe price ?f tbe a~?.-s?arle? of Ule to an extent which, I aa ootn pared With tl-c prices currant tnree years ago, ' is equal to e^oet two hundred per cent, while even erlthln the lest nlueu daya wheat baa ad vauoed ? dollar par b iabe,, flour mo * th?n four dollars per hai i el, and pork Qiteea dollars per barrel. Leuders are. however, oow declining to di-oouut tbe paper of these produce ?peculators, believing that a wholesome break down in prtoes must shortly ensue We may trace this inversion of the capital fortnerlv employed on tbe sto-k market to tbe Produce Exchange to tbe sbeurd and disastrous eteategy of Mr. Chase, whleu produced the great panic of March last, tbe only parties who pr.Oted by It being bis own friends, The batiks After that were unwilling to lend freely on stoc* oui laterals, failing to rrcoguizo that It wa? the proper channel for employing tbetr surplus funds, and so capital ?ought a new held or operations, and men who ba.l before ml/ bulled railway shares, the price of which wan ot no ?onaequenoe whatever to the people al large, bec*n to "bull" the oeoeeearies of IMe, end enri'h ttxmseUe* al tbe exj>eoee of erery man a uockct In the country. But wbea ibie Immoderate speculation eubeidee. and ttplttl begins lo return lo the gre*t oeotres, we sb*ll hue a healthier etaie of the oe<m?y market, and prices I: ee l?t ws hope, from the unnecessary aggravation to which tb- y are now subjected. Tbe eoetmeed stringency in tbe money market >ud the preee ire of caab sales aflec ted stocks again to day, and enu.<ed n decline or one to eight pec cent. Compared with the hlgheet cash sale?- vo-terday, New York 1 eotral went down 1, Erie Railway tf, Krie pro furred 1, Hudson River SK, Reading 6, Michigan Southern 8)f, Illinois Oentral ttf. Ctavelsud and 1'itlaburg S, Cleveland and filsdii 1 Chicago and Rock Wiaod 2, Pitt burg and Fort Wayne 1 Hi Cblenge eed Northwestern IJj, Cumberland Oeei g, and Marlpoea 6. Michigan Central aold tbe **?>?, bet before tbe cloee of tbe oali declined it per cent. Government securities sympathized with tbe geoeml tfneime la stocks The fotiewing were the nao- .nuns ? mjn t?d betide of 1MT, 112 a 114; registered hoods ?f tatt, 1M< ? 1MN; oeupene, 1M? a 103; regiaUred Ova twotiliee, 1?H ? m oowpone, 103X , ooupons, 1?74, jon October Treaenry noted. 1* e 1K?X, Aogasl de ,1M 0i0i debt #tn iloe lee, MM ? WJ4 Gold opened tbts morning at 281 , wtsleh prtoe, nolsrltb ?tending the uitrarible i>?w to relation to lb* ????? mmii ,* ik* whet raider*, ceuld Ml be maintained, and It Subsequently ranged between 2T0 and 275 Steilmc bill* ?ere ua to demand, owing to the u uset t!?k.| condition or afiairs. Faltfc wore mad* to day at 20S * 298 for currency. The following w the report ot the AssUtaat Treasurer to-diy .? r.e> e , l' frcm customs 9110,120 Itiml n*c-ipt* 762,:i39 1,24;, 246 Balance 23.16!', 188 lbe kiercbanta' ln-ur*ncc Company of Hartford hi? da c'?rel a t<emi-anuual dividend of nix per cent, and the ("barter Oak and City companies oaoh a dividend of bre per cent. Tbe Rnston Import* fw the week ending July 8 were $336,633. agalnol $413 024 for the corresponding week in 1 >83. Tbe exports were $3*4,749, against $301,964 ie IMS, Tbe following abstract ef Pennsylvania coal company report* shows tbe coal tonnage (or tbe season, as com pared witb tbe curreepoading time last y ear:? Coinpcniei. Tki* Seatan. Lasi Season. Inerta *. Radios Railroad 1.741, ?ni 1,?:>?.50S #3.128 SchuilVtll Navigation. 4<?a 838,886 62,?>7 Lehigh Navisation . . .. 8H1.7U1 24.';, 966 7,704 Lehigh Valley KK 772.44* Ml .904 $4,642 IV i .itr a ro? Lackawanna 6."7,456 686,512 48.883 Delaware k Hudson.. . SO' .042 264.217 4..S26 IV ,o?ylv.una Coal . . . . 24.'., 468 MSJtt 61,116 Snaniokin 142,ti46 12j,ft:.& 13,012 Broad Top 198.027 162,781 48,047 Lyitene Vuilev 60.149 40,667 16,481 Treverton St. 077 30.i::i ? To'al 4,792,767 4,330,071 464,238 ? Owing to some troable with the workmen on the lateral roads in tbe Schuylkill regies tbe put week, tbe tonnage Is materially reduoed, while tbe other coal regions are well kept op. Tbe receipts of tbe Raoioe and Mississippi and Northern Illinois railroads, from January 1 to June U, were as follows:? Kecipls six months, ISM $268,294 Same time in 18v J 166,837 Increase $102,4 "? 7 Stock Rxeuaagt. Ti/isdat. Tulv 12-10 * A. H. $mi0TT S6's.'8I,c?m.. 108 1(H) she Hudson lUv KK HI 60U U S 6's 6 20, cou. . 104>? .'.00 do I2IJ. 000 do 104 HO do t>3 122 liOOO oo 103"* 10. J do bJ 121*4 3001 U 8 5's. '74.?cou 100 SOO Keadiin; RK 129 6?ii0'i'l n'<, 7 MO.OA A 103': ?n0 do 128 V >?<(00 do lC8?i' IKJO do 128 17000 U S 6's. 1 ycareer 93? , 200 do 128 1001) Indiana 2,S per e 65 3f*> do 118',' lot) 0 Missouri 6's 66 25) Puts, i't W A Chtc. lit) 3UK) do 67V. 700 109V fOOO do ?7', IS Mich Ceutial KR. .. 134 I'.WjO Ohio k Mis* oer. . 49 100 do 132^ 3.1i)Dii do 48 10*1 do 132 4t"0<) do 47? 2'JO Mich So & N' 1 RR. . 83?i l.?)0 Erie 2d m Ms. '79 130 H?0 do 83 .r,ll:lo i hi.llnMOS a. 1 in t:!2 100 do 8J*{ WOO AUiTH 2d m prrf 93 100 do 83 '. oOOOChi AN W 1st in. 101*; 100" do e 82? 10000 do bS 108 f!l Cen RK ncrlp .. 127 IMM Pltt*,?-W*Ch2dm ll?>i 100 do b.'? I27.'i 7000 PilU.FWACIStm. 130 4W) do blO 128 8?)0 Pitt-.KW.tCh:'din TOO de \?i lotri C'bi A Alt 1st oa. . 116 1000 Ctsve A Pllta 107 2*10 Mar k Cm 1st m. 106 4tt) do 106'; 1000 McGreJOrWlstro. 85 lOChicAN'W ?? 19 ahs Bk State N T.. 110 50 do 49 fci ft Hank of America. . 132 100 do 49', li.-O Peon Coal Co 216 ?'K) do 4:? 100 Ciiiuberld Goal prcf 61 ill Ohlc A V \V pref . 8t 100 do 60 300 KS 200 Mariposa Mng Co. . 41 20t) do 86 ? 200 do 40 IIDCIct ,t Toledo RK.. 1SI!4 200 Qalidcattvar Mas Co 72 lOHO do 131 100 Bucki Co Lead... % SOiChicARi KK KWK 10" Pao M SHOo 574?'J BO) do 10V* 4'JI ft T Central RR... 134 y% 300 do 108 3&.i trie RR US 1U0 do 107 V 700 do liar,' 600 do jn 107 Sj 1000 do s3 U2jl 1000 do c 107 100 do bl5 USS 100 do l>30 llu 100 Erie RR preferred. 114V ICO do .. ...bltlu!> ?J0 do 114 2"0TolA Wai>a?h RR.. 60 .?) Hudson RiierRR . 120 60 Mil A P dti C RR. . . 6S>? 100 de I20K 8JCCOND BOARD. llALr paST two o'Cr.oca P. V 9000 fee's 1881 conp.. IffV; 800 ?hs Heading RK .. 128 6000 f 8 6-S&-20* re?.. li 4 1600 do 127ft 1U00 t; 8 fi - 5-20'a vouo 103'V 109 d? bl5 129 2i?M CB 6 s t ?r cer... !?', 100 Mich So'4 5 t RR. 82'i JOOOO do 9S V, 1(K) do 8J?J aouO.) Ohio A Miu cer. . 4ii foo do 83 3t?l Canton ( :o SI 701 da RMi "MM do S?Aa 60'lllCen Rii acnii... I27l? :*W I'umb roal pref blO 89 frO do 127 at") do bl5 69 200 Clev A Pitts KR. ... 107 300 do 57 800 do I06?l Htt Quicksilver Mining. 73 6o<) ChiO A N W B|{ ... 4* &1> Erie RR 1I3 100 Chic A N ? prer . . 96 200 do U3>? 40j Clev A Toledo RR. . 131 lffi NT Cen RR 134'.. 30' do . rO'i too do mo 134>; 400 Chic A Rk 1 RK. .. IOH V" do..... 134'. lfl d<? alo lt'8 100 do alOtnt' i M Ohio. Bur A Q RR 126 60O lludsnn River RR ir.1'^ '.W0 Mil' (In CUteu KR 68 1-0 do 123' j lUOToltWibuKRil 60 I0? do .blO l-'4V. 16.) Pitt , Ft W k Chic. 110 3?) Readlua ItR 128", loo do I09\ 30.' do 128'? CITY COnnEBOIAIi HEPOKT. Trr?nar, July 12? 6 P. W Astts ? Receipt*, 20 bbli. Market aud priow n m tially unchanged. HrcADsriFre.? -Receipt!, 10.748 bWs floor , 309 bW*. and 395 ban* '"iro meal, 242 hushe's wheat. 1 000 do. corn and 1,200 do. oat*. 'lhe r trmpeocy of (be money market waa palpably apparent in transaction* id floor to day, prices of which declined 25c a 60c. per barrel, wiib a strong pressure to ?*ll at toe reduced prlcea. 1 tie sales were 20,000 bblf. Bute and Wc tern, including 4 O'iO extra "-late, deliversble in all tbis inoutb and Augnst, at $12 a (12 2j. and U.OOO round buop Western In August. $'.2 75 also, on theapot,2,Coo s utbera sod 1,100 Caoadian, ttie miirvct cloaiag dull and depressed. In rye flour ?r.i coru me.'t there u as only a limned b':iuc t, at unchanged pricce. We quote: ? 6upei floe Slate and Western flour $10 7.'? a 11 20 Extra State II 40 a it 70 < boice state II 75 a 11 90 common to medium ettra Westero in 76 a 12 00 I vtra round boon Ohio .....11 76 a 12 00 Wektrrn trade 12 05 a 13 00 Cxtra St UhiM. 11 M a 14 75 Couimoc Southern 11 76 a 12 "0 hxtra aud fancy no l j 10 n 14 50 fonriiou ( anaaiau 11 .r>0 a 11 76 < boice to extra do II 80 a 13 25 Rye Dour, superfine 7 50 a 9 00 ??r? meal, hbta 7 75 a ? 50 Corn meal. punRbeoas 34 7f> a "4 hi) ? the wheat uiarket wna !??? active, very Irregular nod lolly 54, a 6c. lower, with aalesof ;o.noo tuistiei:., xt $?_? ,?r> a$2 55 for i bicaco spring, 92 38 a $2 55 tor Milwaukee Clul. . 52 ?<0 a $2 HI for amber Milwaukee, $2 G5tor winter red Western. and $'.' 70 a %i 75 for amber do , to arrive. Kye was nominally )l an. Cora closed lower and dull; eiies 35,000 bushes, at $101 a $1 tor now Wenera mixed. Oats were (lull and prices isvored (be buyer. W* q..ote the ran**. 93c a$l. Barter was inactive. A vale ol 1 ..',00 bnabalK malt wm iei>oried a'. $2 15. Com* ?i' moderately active and firm, with sales of 100,000 lh? t'ortaie JWc at 62' ,c.. 100.000 do. at 52 \C , and Tfc.000 lb*. Detroit at6."><ac. Mionesota was quiet at 68a. and Baltimore at 52'gc. Coirov? fbe market waa less active, but flrm, witb sales ci 64)0 bale*. We qimte: ? Lp'tittti. Pivmia. Molnlf . A. O. <f lex. Ordiatry 15;; K4 164 l->5 Middling 109 It. 9 170 170 Good middling J 7ft 17(1 177 17(4 Co*' be.-- Ilia more active and firm, saie 1(.0 bags l.sguayra at *>). . ml < 100 Oa*.- iitoaud 1,024 do Ml ix mniko <.u private term- lbe follow-tig l? the stock on hind Inlv 12. IW ? Hie and -*ur?e, 111, '.I >8. ava. 1 t'mii a, 4,9i6; Muracatbo, 19^,16; I ??'i?yi?, s.ouo. ol. iiomiugu, 5,,"0. otber description", 1 l.frtO Imgs. l?iuos i>i> Lmta.? We tote tale* of 1 .000 lbe. California m-jstard seed at 21 !*c., Mi caska cream tartar at BHo. , lu uiuh aal !hmU at 4jkC., ana 200 casea tastor oil oa |>r>\ ale ter?f . Katie bi? were qalet. tba Ilpot receipt* of produce cbeckiof basioeaa. To l.ivarpooi, par Aaieriaaa flac, i,000 001s. fliur at la, TOO buabeln wheat, engaged atioai! at 4 '^d. . fa bag* 20, 00# buabela cors at 150 bale* hemp at 12a Ad., aud per steamer, 11.000 bush ei? n I) eat at 5 L;?t a Hd.. ;j )Q boxes bacon at 26s., 1,600 boxe* coeata ana 600 pactucaa buuer at 40s. To I on don. per neutral, 100 bbds. sucar at 29s., and 'J6 bbds, tallow, oa private terra*, to Rotterdam 125 tons log. M*>od at 26a. A MetUeob irg bait waa chartered to Cork, tor orders, with ';.000 bbls. petrolanm at 6k. a Nor wegian bark, tame voyage, .".,000 bbis at 6s. 6d . or if to a direct port ia Great brume at 6a A Hritisb ship, 1,2^2 tons, heni a for Liverpool, timber at 30a. An Ame rican ship, tiorn a port iu tba St. I^ewrence lo Dublin, with deals at *0* , and a tblp to Maraeillaa on private terasa. Iriu. ? The market was quiet, but flrm raisio* were qiioied at $4 40 a $4 "i0 i or biincb, aad $5 2# f??r layets. < irrauts were Orm. with small sale*, at 20';c. I'ri< d appias were in fair request, who saiea of 'iitO bbia. ai 10j?e.,uaab. By au< tioo, 2..18: l< xes Naples oranges at i , io a 9"i <1? and 1/(44 dn do ct 15 H4 a fs. Hor* war* la fmr demand and flrta, who sales of 2M bale* at 12< a -'loc. for good lo pritue. llilits.? lbe market waa tuore aleadv. nmler a fair de m ir,<i ii nnn tioth the trace and ontstdn parttra. i'rteva are ni >re firm aad slightly advanced, lbe s* la* com pri ?d 6,000 BueooM Ayre*, in bond, at 37c a 37;, 2.'"K) | du. do. at ItGc a 39c .3, too Kin Crnnde at 38c , aud .'^.iQ ' do. on |> I also city sis c?n "r??d jat 15c , and | lfntllio on p. t. IUr.~ -inpfnng was selling at $1 12 ? SI 2"'. and city at fl 35 a $1 56. linear ?100 bbls. St. rvxningo were sold oa private ! terms. L?*r> ? l oreign was in fair demaad, sales 100 toes at 17c., 100 do. on |> t. I.tAWtn c^iiiBna1 In setive demand, and prlcea are still advancing, tno't holders refusing lu sell. We '|uota lint no* Ayr i - iniildlf at 46C. a 47c , and iinnwo do. at 4a a 40. Na> at croaiis. ? Small ssles of spintl turpentine, at $3 oo for 1 reach, and (3 I- lor Amenoan Kosins were quoted at $45 a f60. (litt ?Crude apertn was in moderste demaad, with sales of 275 bhle. at 20 a 92 25. crude whaie wt (irmly teid st adv-incad pricae. Unseed was flrm, with small saiea at $1 75 a $1 70. I.ard Was in fair reqieet. Witb sale* of 200 bbls at $1 00 a fl 66, and 176 bbia. wiatar at $1 72H Oil < aaa.? We nota sales of 60 toot at |76 60 a |76 61. 1'Roruuoas.? Hecelpta. 486 bblt. pork and flit bbls lard 7%a pork market was less active aad lower, witb aaiea el Sfekla. at 943 for rnea* 944 a 944 76 for aew do ig M tbe ine de prloa . 940 for prlaa aad 941 for prima maw also 1 ,500 bbls. new meea, for July , at buy er's opt toe, ?4 944. ami IM bbls da. . eame lerma aad dalirerr, at 949, aad 1,600 da. far Aagual at |M, b?/?r'a artMt. Ac Haf ?arktt wtd tall M? DomtMl , sales ? bMs. al $!? ? tis for onantry tuees, III ? $10 or couulry prime. $M ? $-6 mr musckrd inm, " u d M* ? $3 ' lor esira inee*. Prime m*? bee! ??? qelet el I iwvh'Us rales. Beef h?a?a??re dull Mid n-<Bki< D -lly unrbauted ' aeon quiet. Cut moats ?cr? in (air request mim 2 HI p'<0k?*es al 16 l^e. n 1 6c for ?b<Mil ders, ?ud lhiiO. * lue (or b?ma. lard w?s dull, lower huI le? active I be t >ie* me tide 1,600 bbls. at 2n J^c. a 2) Wc liutier wa? In fair request and firm at 83c. it 40c. for Ohio, and 370. a 43*. for Mate Che ?e ?" quiet but firm at iSe a J5c mr con>m?o to prime l *tROL?rM iieceipts, 3,66(1 bbla. The market waa dml and lo. a 2n. lower tor both crude and retlu. d. Tree waa nominal at 2c. a 3c. dec lue. Ilia business wax c<.u lined to about 3,600 l>b<? crude st ?7o. on tbe spot, ?8)<c. tor ell tbe swim; 1,*? do refined, in bond, at woe a O'ic. on the mot, $1 for ui1 next month; 2 Oow 4a . free. 01 }?e. a 06c. on ibe epol, tl 10 a SI 12 for all the month. Benzine was dull, 160 bbli high gravity, ?6 4 70, aoid at 33e. a 32^0. Ki> ? wan mora aottr*. with sales of ICO bin Rangoon at lJ'.c. a 14c. and 200 bags I'alaa on tertnb not made public. Stkarinc waa very dull at l&c. t 82c. for oommou to prime. lm ? Soiall tales of Straits wore mad* at 63 H?- ? 66c English quiet at 64^r!*aiid Kanca nominal. Sicum.? Both coat and deer were in moderate request, with small sales al about former rates. Si'ki.ikh. ? lUe market was Inactive, but prices were firm, with smalt sales at previous rales. Srkks ? Timothy was In fair demand at $3 a $3 60 Clover waa quiet, but firm, with sntH.ll sales at 14 * 16o. Rough llax was qui ft, with small Mies at advauced prices. Linseed wis firm. Stgak was in moderate demand, and price* were Arm. The sales include 66 bhtls Cuba al 28c. and 224 boxe s at 23c.; also 600 hbds. al 13Xc cash. In bond, and 100 do. Cuba, ranging (rom 13^c. to 14c. cash. In bond. Refined was firmly held al 24c. a 27c. for soft yellow, 23 -4'c. a 29c. for soil while, aad 31o. for powdered, crashed and granulated. Tobacco.? Kentucky was In fair demand and prices tend upward; sales 2,200 hhds., ranging from 16e. to 46c. Tallow was a shade easier: sales 160,000 lbs. at 19)?e. a 20c. for interior to prime country. Tka ? Tbe sakw include 3, 26? half chests oolong from second hands sad 200 half oheets green, both at full prices. Whmkht.? Receipts, 604 bbls. Tbs market continued dull and heavy, with sales of 1,100 bbls. at $1 TO a $1 73 for Slate and Western. Th? Turf. FASHION PLEASURE GROUNDS? TBOTTINO. Uo.ndat, July 11, sweepstakes $400, p. p. mile heeta, best three in fire. Owner named b. g. Jim Eoff 1 2 1 1 Owner named s. g. .1. R 2 1 2 2 Owner named a. g. Hob Robinson 4 4 3 dr Otruer named r m. l,ady Jewell 3 3 dr. Time, 2 64? 2:60? 2 46? 2:44. The above was a very closely contested rsoe between Jim FMT and J. It. , the other two keeping company In the rear and making a very interesting trot by themselves. The bay gelding was the favorite ag'lust the field previ ous lo Ibe start al odds, it having leaked out that he was Tasi and that the others would have ua chattoe with him. He won ibe first heat very easily, but lost the second heat by being driven badly. His owner then took htm in hand, and won the subsequent bents very cleverly. Alter the M.v >nti heal Dan Mace look charge of J. B.. and although be made the bay guiding gel down in the for ties he had no more chanc? of winning than those who drove the horse in the early part or the race. To day at the Union Course there will be a match for $2,000 trotted by Belle Boyd and b. g. Billy. UNIOM COURSE, L. 1. ? TROTTING. Ti'ssdat, July 12.? Matoh $2,000, mile beats, best three in five, in harness H Woodruff named br. m. Belle Boyd Ill D. Pfirer named br. g. Billy 3 2 2 TIMK. Quarter. Half. Milt. Ftr?t heat 41 1 26 2 49 Second heal..., ......44 1:28 2:64 Third beat 44 127 2:6! y% 1 be nbove race was a very one sided aOfcir, the mare winning iu the easiest possible manner. The geidtug could not rot fast enough In give the mare exercise. The betting previous to the start was fire to one against tbe gelding. To day a match for $1,000 will come off betwenn Joseph Crocbetron and Lizzie Somerindyke, at (he above course. Firm in ibs Woot>s.? Extensive fires haro raged in the woods a few miles (rom Rome, Oneida county, lor a week or two past. Large tracts or wotdland have been burned over, and the stsnding timber is probably destroyed Tbe raine of Sunday ntcbl. It is supposed, cheeked and perhaps extinguished the fires. ? Albany Alias, July 12. Arrivals And Departures. A KM V A Ml. Ltrssrooi? Steamship Ktna? Mrs E Jones, Miss Jones. Hiss M Jones. Mrs .1 Turner. Mr* Cnntacu/cue, Mrs R C Rus-el! end lbs Misses Russell. Mr. Mrs. and^Mia- default.'. Mr Fumes*, Mi M Chapman. Master Chapman, R Apple ton and famil-. Miss Use*. Miss Allen. Mr Hancock Key A C Thompson, V Delamu-oe. MrF Chapman, Mr.l?* Parker, Mr E tjinil'i. Mr 8 Hinlih. Mr Johu v* bluster Mr James Snutn. Rer D Merlon aad fansllv, Mr Kearney. Mr Ru.nssll, Mr C Mane. Mr Thompson, Mr Th <1. Mr H Vose, Mr Brans btey. Mr It Perry, Mr <1 e?<bc?rf. Mr P II Walker. Mrs Walker and ehild. Vis* Pane. Mrs anil Miss Eearnev. Miss ?lohn-ton. Mr N Mctd^ lilln. Mr John Demon Mr H Norton. Mi Hyde. Mr and Mrs J Meiuloia. Miss Wxkham, Mr Chaa Iti'.ler, Miss Knlm and Mr Symplon. LivrRrooi.?Steatnshlp City of Llmerlek? Mr and Mr* Mor Sin, J*ne and John Morgan, Win P*tir;>on. Salomon Taube, Jot.n'.lehu. .lohn Pratt, Wm Lasenly, John O'Brleu. WnaaroA? Bark Canton? Mr Cromwell. Mr Jamea from well and aervant. Tbeo Bernard. POLITICAL.. A MEETING OF THE NEW YORK DEMOCRATIC KC. rr* Umni)!:'f will he belj a? ll.e S nc'alr House. Rroadwav. corniir Eighth etreet, tbla (Weioe?<t*y t eyenin*. July I t. at f o dock. ?r oraer JOHN M. liKO.S. Joh* H. Whi iBum. Secretary r?e?ideut. TUB EICHTIiENTH WARD MrCLICLLAIf UNION Ci'.b hold* special meeting thi?e[ Wednesday ) eyeufni:. *( Constitution Hull, corner of 'IVeuly secmid street and Thud avfan?. PuBotual et'eiidari.'a re';u r->d. HI K AM K K l'CH CM, .'r . Chalrmae. Js*?1 B C0??, ' errret*ra? Dim. Bakkov J _ _ fTtHK FKIBNDS OK MAJOR GBNKKAL OKORGfc. B. 1 M< Clellan should nor 'orcet the mating at G1 Virilism urwt this pruning, 'o form a Mi'Ciel an I'ulon Club, l'er or ier ot the Coiutni ::e-. OIAS WATERS. Secretary pre tern. (lATII WARD DEMOCRATIC CLUB ?TIIE CITIZKNS ?'> ot ibe T?<-n? >111 ward ifMlnou* of Joiumc ih? at>o<-e organization in new ol the enming I'n-sldeut'al e'e< tlou. an . v.-b<> deem the supremacy ol deio.?rat o c<>n*iitut onal rule ss a vial E*ee??ty 'or the sslration of our country. are re<i u-eie.1 to meet on Wednesday ey.-ning, July 13. at elgbt o r!. 1 1, at Van e's Eighth a venae, corner ot Thirn drat at. LKOAL NOTICES. 05 MOTION Of CAR t KLCKGM %HN. I.. D KOK Mafh. Wtlheiin Icetwicn Pace, leach*.- or music, a* Irani curator tiered u as of the laie Kngei fc;i?abeth Srliwi. serf widow of t lie l.ite Hellmnth < AT I ndwi? Branch. a jiuhl a proclamation Has b-eu pouted here bjr winch ail llm'ut W;in b? ieve t . ha ve r minis of an y k : art, aa heir, or ere U mra against tb*. estate of the 'ate Mia. Enrrel fcll>atvih Hi hweigart. widow ot the late Itel. ninth <ar! Ludt?m Hra??h, Lailor, who died In this city on tha ?th day of Imu arv. 1IW4. m the saveo;? lourth year of her use: as well aa :nl Oioao wtlr" aie Indebted to the Mtld deieaeed. oi wl|" are lii |Kj??e?-iiin of article* belonirlnn to said estate. are MTCt moiied and found nbigen.the. heiri to n ettbetr claim-, id the CU) and County Court within a wear ami a day Imu t 'i e day of death of debased, tin ?on the ird day of February. 11% stalest the crel too within the Mote tine, with the administrator of the said estate, and In case nf rocradlctlou lo the City aad CmmtT Court, b-ith under i?eu ,.tv ot eiolu moo from the said estate; the holders ofoartli le? I e'onginir to said estate la notify the admltuitraior wlthia the same time of auy para in or otiiT right* thay may hare on such articles under penalty of ! rSin jth-i i and debtors to make payment to <be >ame persou on in n uf reeond parment. LubHt. I'll* ud Coult} Cultfl. the IS'.I; d<ir st *prll, lSt>4. Tn W OADERE. Da. KINK ARTS. FREDRICKH * CO. HMOTOSKAPIIER.*. ?H FUTII iifu'i'. bet??e?n T?'!Bly-s?.:onU ar.d Tmsoty third uracil Out' workcauual beeice.lad. WATCHES, JEWELRY, M, ~ AT 212 BROADWAY? PKKCtOCS JRWRM WATCHES Plal?. Ac.? The highest prl'-e paid fur Dlamuad*. Watches, plate. Jewels optical Instriimants. Ac . Ac. at tits private roo-nf. Liberal adraoocs mad*. fie>.et? or dla no ads, watha*. Ac., bought. J. H. BARH1NUKR, 21- Broadway, room IS, up stairs, soruer Pultoa. DIAMOSO-TUB I.AROKST ARD noDSOMBST lilamnnd lo the United Sutea Is bow for sol* aheap far Raah. Amaleurs are ra.iuaaied to call for the diamond; must be i>old. we't'it 12 karats, and hsodtomt.* m*uut*d. A. JACKSON. Broker. Walkar street. tr\tAMONI)S. ~ U OLD HOLD AMD SILVER. DIAMONDS, OLD UOLD AN 0 AU.VRR Psrsoos who wish to sell Diaasoads. old tlald NUver n r any kind ol old faahioned Juweirr, pi to Lm In ANUICII . 723 Bruailway. A posllH"? fa'-t. he pay* 30 ^'r rent mora thaa so* oihei son i:.tsh|iah*<i la New Vork store the adu Jnisirai.oo *f the la u Mar .a Vau B u?n Make no oiiatalM-72S Brcadway, aader ihe New tork Hot?l. LJECOKD 1LAK0 WATCHM. DrAMONDfi. fRWEI.RT, t^ old <?oM aod BIWei-hMighl for calk, full ralueglyao. Also ob let* Faitsy C.iK>d . ORIGINAL U JACOBS. 407 Broadway. BIPRESUFA BCRnham's rufiNTTCRF. express, ovrr?'P, nt We?t l.'eim'H airre', b"i*?n Fifth and Si-lb are nite*. ? Pianofortes. 1'ainUngs. Minors. Cbiltt, tc. . bnvd aad shipoed to a l pu ts af C e world L?-m war t?a tor iooviok Kurmtur* in city ar country. Fu ml i? atur d. WINK*, i.rmoits ,vi A SMALL IMVOICB OK HOI.LAMi ft IN*, EX I0K i(iiatto I'ssso aad J ihetaum (W (? RotlriJsm. will b* ?old io lot* to aiilt. loir lot tash. lu < ot - r n.i!gurn?nls B*iin>ies aad pS' *?;e? an l>e seen at Cnl '<! ms"? B >nd ed WsrOhiin-e. M New itreei TUB LBcrCKK Nr. A MOM. IMPORTANT LtcTUEKS DAlLf? FOR GMJiTLKMRN I ou1*. at the New V'.rk Musetttn of Ati ? ?, 01* moad ws). i'srties iiaati'e to attend these u< as rai. hare 4?,etn fnrnai'ded nn re ?i| I nt tenr??K by addie?*'Bg S?ci < uttjr of New tork m uieBlB of Amumi. HATR1MON I A1m ATOUNO LADT OF THE Hit; H Re i EEBfKCTA hillty wisue- to foi m tbn sc |iislinati - of a ten1 lemaii ol midnle a*?\ with a rrea t* matrlinouy ''a.i ui ori-t dre?s n ataoehtf, Mtas Blanc*. It?( Ci-.-hv stiee' a>a< Orand. ATOl'KO OENTLEMAR, OF GOOD CONKICTtOMS la this nlty, dasiraa to o*eo a >orre>p aden"- wtth some agrees hie young lady, with a ?l*w to msirlmony. Hbe must he laleraMf gtood looking of genteel ?nd qnlet da oiesnor, and kind aad alTsctionate Id d Hposition, ? he I* lrir>adU tnd mmpsa ona>il?. Would h*ye no o'>jeet oas to a yoang widow. Aaswera will he treatad honorably and oonudcaiialty, Addr*** for **y*ral days!. C.boi A.I7H P*st ofllea TWO TOONO MEN, FORD OF FUR. WISH TO OFBN a rorrespandanae wtth Me or Mora latellifeni. smart I'SKSrSXiVK.'WX.'' nil a sc: ax /^ITIZRWr SAVINOS RANK, V? llowery corner of null street AK^KTit $1 07*88* *4 AH money deposited on or to tore July <!0 will bear inter est Irom J ? 1 1 v l Kit iwir koiii Interest Inc of pavernment Iti. on ?II ?oms of $#?? and usder, and B?e par Mai oa larger WW Hank open doll from S to 3 and OB Monday, Wednesday an '1 Prlitsy evotess from ft ?a 7 lU'lk Books In English Herman and Preach. Kstmoob A. Huxcs, Sec. GEO. POLSOM, President. rNTBRPST ON i'ITY STOCKS. ? THR INTKIthSTON |S? t?inf and stocks ?' th- eltv aad ooiintv of Now Tor*, doe and i<ayah e Augoai I, ixfit. will beuaid no that tlav u / Dani-I Devlin, K?a . Chambe aln. at the Broad w? ? Bank. Ibe transfer boots wU h<- closed Tuesday. i' e i-'th mai. MATTHEW T. BKKNNvN. Comptroller. ClTt or New Ton* IIspahtiikkt o? P'Wanc*, i OonrTiniLn'i Ornca J%ilv 7, I 'H I JrtL'P.T AND CHICAGO RAILROAD COMPANY'S Sums. We Of*' lor aale a llml'ed amount of the above stock. The road li <7 milei long commencing at Joliot. In Illloola, and termlnatliiu at Chicago. lb* total a nunt of the stock of the Company le SI.M10 000, the erea ar aarl of wM-h haa alreadv been purchaeed by cai>"ali?ta aa a permanent Investment. The road h*? he?n Invil in pert>?tiill? by the Chicago and Alton R? Iroad Conipanv aa required by tne charter obtain ed from lhe,l-a 'telalur? of Illinois. under whlcb that Com pany ?a?o gaalied, and ia Irrevocshle ? The te?*e require *t*e navmeat of a rent monthlv, to the Unit-d Sisies Triiat Cnmnanv. In the city of New York, an'' cient la p*>' a nusrieriv dividend of IV, or 7 per cent per annum f'ee of United States government tai, tmpoaod or to he imposed. ?* an addtlonal eecurttv tor the payment or the real, 37 "iS7ins o' the erose receipts of the Chicago aad Alton Ball road are rrevocahlv pledeed for thnt ptirpnae. We recommend this atock to parties eeeklug a aafa laveet mpor further particular* apply to K. K. JKSUP ? Co , 69 Esohange place. M AR1NBRS' savinoh rank, NO. I TH ' RD AVBNTTB. Depoaita received to the 11th of July; will draw Interest from the 1st of .Inly. BANK OPfcN DAILY from # to J P. JT, andooMON Day WKtiNKSDAf aad SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 6 to 8 o'clock. THOMAS B. STILLMAN, President. I?-t AC T Bum, Secretary. New PREMIUM LOAN, Guaranteed by ibe olty of Hamburg. Germany. ALL SHARPS OBT PRIZE!. I Original Share. $82 cold. X Original Share, Sin gold. 2 4 Original Share, $<6 gold. The prices will ha drawn from the loth to the 22d day of AThe mala orlres are? 100,0"*). 100.000, 106.000. (10,000. 8a 000. an, 000. IftOOO 10,10 1, ?00H, 2 at 4.000, 2 slHUliO loatluoo, 50 at !,0UO, 10 at 1.0U0, I 0 at NI0. 100 at 200 marks. Ac Order* with remlttancea oa Hamburg, l>ondon, I'arla, Frankford. Ac., or with cifrencr to its market value, are so'ic!ted and will be executed Immediately Llais of prioea will be promptly ssnt. Address, postpaid, N. H or wits. Banker. Hamburg NEW YORK AND HARLBM RAILROAD COMPANY, Puminmrr s Ori-tca. N^w Yobs July 1, 1861. SBCOND MORTOAOR BONDS (JI.OOO.IMO), Due August I, I86t. Notloe Is hereby given that the Bonds of the above issue will be paid al their maturity, Ausu^t I, ISM. at the otlloe of the cm n pa nv, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty sulh s'reet. aad that the Interest no ths same will cease from that date. WM. H. VANDERBILT, Vloe President New jersey zinu company.-at a meeting or the Hoard nf Directors o? this company, heid the 8th day of July. 1864. a semi annual dividend of four per eant ,?ai declare ' ea the Common and Preferred Stock, oarab a ua and after the 1st dav of August nrit. al the transfer oflice of the flotnpanr, 103 Liberty street, New York. Tho transfer books will be closed from Jutv 15 to august 1. B. S. GIBLIN, Secretary. QFF1CR CITI7.RN.S' PI RE INSUBANCB COM PANT, No. ? 7 Wall street, New York. July 2. 18M.? Dividend.-. it " ? - ? * * ? able) A dividend of ten per oont (free of government tai) Is pay !>le on demand. B ?. WALTON. Secretary. Quarterly report OP Til K LEATHER M ANUPACTUBER3' BANK, on Saturday, the 26th ity of J uae. 1864. Loans and dlsoounU. * . .*?!!*?*.*. 12,151,07? 21 Over i rafts MS W Due from (tanks 1(^,178 03 Dtre from (he directors of th* bank 9114, 5 0 Due from brokers 60.000 Real estate >2.919 31 Spec -v 171,041 IV Cash items, vir.:? Checks and bills on elty banks On eiehanges) 1,830(180 87 Stock ?United tttatea and State of New York, fl43 097 56; promissorr and United States 3-10 notes and Indebtedness certificates, ?!*>.JS?3 fi3 805,491 18 Bills of solvent banks and (Jaltsd Slates de mand notes 889,303 CO Loss and expeaso account ? 16.770 46 B9.??.76il6 LIABILITIES. Capital $900,006 00 C'ir':u ation registered, late Leather Manufactur ers' Bank . .... 9-1 872 Circulation not registered 3,128 SS.7M 00 Prodts 814.074 64 Due to banks 412,389 71 Due to individuals and corporations other thaa banks and depositors, nr:? Dividends. 1.160 00 Due depositors ?n demand 4.202.U10 47 Amount due not included under either of the above heads: ooatlagent fund 92,363 94 Statb or Nkw Yobs. Covktt or Nsv Yobs, s?.? Was H Macy, President; and Nicholas P. Palmer, Caeb er, or the Leather Manufacturers' Bank, an aaaneiated bank loeaied ami doin* bus ucas al the city ol New York In said county, brine dulv and several!, sworn, each for blrnse f xailh . that tbe f'Tegoing 1s. in all respects, a true statemeBt of the ci ndiuou ?f the raid bank before the treasactton of any business on the morning nl Saturday, tbe twenty filth day ol June, one tliouiaud vi^ht hundred and s My our, in re siiect to cacb :ind ever- ul he Items anil paiticu ar- above' specified, according to thr beat uf his knowledge and belief; and that the business or the said Bank has been and la transacted at the location aforesaid. WM. II MACY President NICH8. K. PaLMKR Cashier. Severally subscribed aad awora by bout de,<oaeaio, the I2tb day ol' July, 1364. Pbsdiriok Boll, Notary Public, 98 Wall street QUARTKRLY REPORT OF THE CHEMICAL RANK, nn Saturday. the lljth da? of Jnne. IStil: ? RESOUKCKS I,<*o? and discounts - $3,800 *S0 17 Overdraft" -'740 99 I)ne from baoka and bankers 341. - .7 n8 Kea s tale 55,421 Oj Hpm'lti ?????? If787,9b!l St C aah nrai. vi< ? mostly chocks on other banc* I n excbiing"S) ? 786,034 IS Rmiof (lulwi Matw $674,Aotf 43 Stocxat I cit> an I stale of New Vork. of ohio and other elocka. ......... "'AJ.'-tS "8 1,596.5( 0 M United States 7 310 nates and Indebtrdn.- ? err t llcat"..,. f388,*74 16 Bond* an<i mort.atf'S $1,1 M 60 mill of kolvrnt Banks and United States noka. 78k,4A1 <10 Kigwoae account 8 111 -5 5?o6M?r? LIABILITIES. Capital $300,000 00 Circulation registered.,... $27,419 Lets notet on band 019 ? 2fi,6'? 00 Proflu 9J7.I1'1 80 Doe t.? banks MS7.l?>8?4 Dun depo?it'>r? en demand ... ... 6.448, 384 00 Amount doe, not Incluii-d on.ler eiiner of the abore head'-rls, dividend* unpaid lf.2 <*i $8UC?4 3 44 Statu or Ntv Yoa*. CotJirrr or N*w To**, s?.? John v,, Pre l<1ent, aud tleorpe <J Williams, Cash er, of the Chemical Bank, an intonation located end doing hue nese a> new Turk, in said oounty beiug duly and aererally awi.rn. each for himself aalth lliat lh? forovotng la, la all re?peets a trite stat?meat of the condition of toe "aid bank befoi e the transaction ol any business on ti.e inoratng of Saturday, the 35th dar of .Iud?. one thnu-and eUht nondred and niitV foiir. In respect tn each and every of tbr Item- and particulars above ?pf-lli-d, according to the beat of hie knowledce and belief: and that the buehtesa of the eald tank baa been sad is transacted at the lacailu* aforesaid. u . JON KM. President WILLIAMS, Cash Isr Rev?raily subacrllMd aad swora by both deponenu. ike Uth day of July, 1864. H. C. TiM han . Notary Pwbllt The COLUMBIA GOLD MININO COMPART, Of Colorado CAPITAL 1?UWJ SHARES NOMINAL FAR $lt> EACH. MlJ BSCRIITtOn PRICE. $f> PKR SHARE. Stork full paid and a >t liah'e to aasassmrat. trusters JAMES W. ELWELL. R-q . of the firm of .lanes W. El wall A Co.. No 07 Hauth street JOUN P..TKLVKRTON, Esq., F resident of the Rank of North America. THOMAM R- FOSTER, Esq.. lata of the Bra of Footer A ?taphcasoa. JtMBK It. PfBH, Esq.. President of the Marias Raak. JAM hH L HaIHaH at, Esy.. m?t haul. No. 1)1 Pearl si. ROBERT P PRHR1N, Esq.. Cashier of the Butchers' and DroreiV B.iak _ THOMAS R Tft>STfe?, R?q Bankers MARINE RANK. Seer-der*. SAMLKL K. MRYMOUR. Est, Mining Superintendent, BENRT A. COOK. E"< . Centra! Clly, ColeraAe. boll' i tors, Messrs. LORD, I>AY A LORD. Xsw Tork. Messrs. WACkLhY A RK ad. central city. Cslarade MINhs.? The celebrated BobiaJi Pisk. and e-.her well known Lodas. Including also a "Ttisael Claim'' of 6.0MI r.>a??eutiire foet. or nearly a mils Hi lea(ib. dirarUr oa the flak J-ode. uoiumenclng itamsd'aisly opposite Black Hawk met. at Black Hawk City. The whof. oinbrac Ing k7i?i feet, a lib a trainable quart - mil now rounm? sud la su"ceeef<il opstatlaa Tie lloldal and Pial. lutes ara r "?n?lili,r?d the rirhrst and beat tn the Territory, yielded isrgnr amounts ot gM ibsa as* other :n Caiorade. Tberuapan) r >nlldea;l eipe.1 to<-emmanca par ng at sa ?ei it dar s monthly dividend of one set cent In neld bubcripiion l">oas of the 'ooipeny lor oqIt a limited nnxilor of shares, are nnwopsnst tMom of ALBERT II. Nlt'OLAY. i:k<i.. .12 Wiuiam tr-' t. at i lie ark* at ft per an&re. SM to he paid at i!ie time of sulx.rlfttiop Fsrttef wlio ar" des ro i? of setiir'nx an? ol the sloe < at the shn\-e low pri>o. ar- tar umml -hat Uie oapmv intend tli" books shortly, ai'er which time no -tork will be ?old le*? iben |iv Prn ed prosnentitt slinwlay the great rslua sf tho pro ptriy of lbs couiiwnit are ready for d<*in ery . THTRT? AfllStt SAVINGS B4MK. Corner Third sreniie and Twente-tiith ?trecL CIIARTHRED lg.M B 4 ?*K OPEN d?ll? fi?m Id *. M tn "t P M. and en MONDAY, H'r.OMKlllT and ^aTUIIDaV R\ENI.M|s, f rotn ? 10 8 P. M. HI X PER CR?lT Hilsr^tt allowed oa tit e mafroh $1 ts $i,uw. All mooevs defnsited on or before Inly at will inm 1ater e.1 from tbe let KPKNi'KR k. KRKKN, PrS'ldeot, Rich iiu Ksu.r. Se-retarr. WANTRD-FROM $18.1100 TO $Y0.ttW, OS HRnf BONO and mortgage, on ftrtl cla*s ferstnsm pronrrtr, st 8 per cent interest, tors term of rear* Addree* Uvnrte P Mem breaner, Altoraey at Ijaw, '41 Blbls Heueo. i')(in HfWt TO LOA(f 011 B0ND and mort. ip?)Ul/>UUU tags, al ?( par rent, term of vu>, oa New Tork <4ty pcnperir. JOMKI'H MASttfl. $X Plaa street, Ammn lu aad II. $500,000 ?? aaaaastd of llailisd means dasirla? aeoniaaiftdetloai east sait.'fcfsaa.sw'sa."'" K IHAHmu IEG8 00UKTT i WAS ENLISTMENT LOAM. $tJ5u.'<*. COUI'OK BOS PS. Kiiok Cotratr Ti* J 15 Cctui street. Hbooklvn, July T. I "fit. Prnpoesls will b? rfceived at the >>fllce of U>* Treasurer Bf Kiu*s oouuty, iio'il J P. V on WEDNESDAY. July 10. 1*4. ron SI, MUDO kings county war enlistment bonds. Ixsued by authority of clisp k ami 72 of t'.e Laws of 13*4. resolution of the Board of Supervisors , adopted Mat Tlie bond* Will he Issued In suras of SI.HOU li b. dated Augu t I, 1961. with Interest at the rati of six p?r cent ner annum wvalilo w*inl-auniial'T, to wit:? Oo the Slat day* of Ma-end November. Tha principal will ba due and para bl? kafo lows.? $.'Uil.iU0 oa tha Drat dav of May. 1*79. 'All i? ? on the first day of Mat. I Ml. 100.' 00 on the Ilrat day of Ma>\ 18*1. ><0.1100 on tha iirst d*y ?. t M y, 1<?2. 900,000 oa the flr?t day of Mar, 18X3. The propoaala must aUta the number of bonds desired, amount of premium ran bum* and for which year ma turing The prreooa whoa* proposals are accepted will be required to deposit with the Count* frtasurer, on the Drat day Of Au Cnit, in*, the auma awarded to them res). actively when tha <iuda will b? r>-*cly for delivery. Kaoh proposition should be sealed sod endorsed '"Piopo po<u:i lor Kinri County War Snl.atmeot Loan " and be ad dressed to the County Treasurer. Tha right la reserved to reject any ar an of tba bldl tf deemed necessary to proteat the Interest of the county. THOMAS A UAHD1NBR. County Treasurer. SHIPPINGS QTPAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOUCHING AT Ci Queenatowa (Cork harbor) ?The Liverpool, New York and rh|lad-li>hla Steamship Company (Inman line), carry ing the Untied St a tea mail*. Intend despatching their fuB powerad Clyde built Iron slsamships aa follows .? CITT OF BALTIMORE ... " BatoHay, July IS KTNA Saturday, .July 33 EDINBURGH Saturday, .lu'y 30 and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from plsr 44 North river. RATES OF PASSAGE. Payable in gold, or lu equivalent In currency. First cabin $*i Steerage $30 bo. to London .... R5 Do. to London 34 Do. to Pane S? Do. to Part* 40 Do. to Hamburg. . . W0 Do. to IT am bunt S7 Pa?senger? a *o forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac. at equnllv low rates. Prom Liverpool or Queenatown ?First Cabin. $73, *38. $1(0; steerage, $35. Those who wish to send for their rrienda can buy tickets he-e at these rutaa. Thee* *t?amer? have superor accommodations far passen gers. are strongly built In water t ght Iron seotlons, and carry patent 0 e annihilate!*. Experienced surgeons are at tached to *ach steamer. . Kor further information apoly In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN. A-ent. 22 Wat?r street: In Glasgow to ALEX. MAI.'-nr.M Nn ',?| Knnch square: In Queenstown to C. A W. D. SET HOUR A CO.; In London to KIVK8 A M ACT, 61 Kin* M ill-am street; In Paris to JULKS DRCOUE. 48 Nne Metre Dame des Vlctolres, Place de la Bourao; In Phila deiohia to JOH M Q. DALE, 111 Walnut street, or at tbo ootnpany's oTIces. _ _ JOHN O. DALE. Agent. 18 Broadway, N. T. NOTICE.-THE STEAMSHIP CITT OF LIMERICK, of this line will aa *n eitra steamer sail on TlinrS'lay noon. July 14, carrying a lim<t?d number of atserage passen gers, at reduced rates, oavab e in United 8tat?< currency. JOHN G. DALE. Ageut, IS Broadway. THE STEAMSHIP CELLA WILL 8AIL FROM PIEE No. SI North river, on Wednesday, the 13th Inst., at I P. 11.. for London direct. HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agents. THE LONDON AND NEW TORE STEAMSHIP OOR. pan* will despatch semi-monthly their new and first class Brnislt Iron steamaMpa CKLLA, ItKl.LONA, AT A LaNTa. IOWA, INDIANA and MAN H ATT AN, each S.lWt tons burthen, between London and Now York, calling at Hav e on the voyage from London. Bates of pa-sate, pay able In Uaited Sta-cs currencv:? From New Tori. Ftrst Cabin 9l"S; Second Cabin. $<?A; Steerage, ttO. From Lon don or Havre, r'rst Cab n, fino. For passage apply to CH AS A WHITN"'Y. at No W Broadway. >or freight apnlv a> M South street. Advanoaa made on msrehandiae consigned tolha Loudon agents HOWLAND k ASPINWALL, Agents. T HE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKBT COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From Bouthamoton. From Now>Tork. 9ERMANIA June W, I8M July J3. I'M RORUSMlA July 1>. l-?4 Aug. f. ISM Frnm Hamburg plar. foot of Third street. Hoboken. Inking pas enters for Hamburg Havre. Loadon and Southampton at tha following rates r? First eahtn. $I0V second oaoln, tS:' 10: ataeraga. $37 8A, navable la gold or lis equivalent. For freight apply Ito KUNHARDT A CO.. 4A P.zchaogn place. For passage apply to C. El RICHARD k BOAS, 181 Broad wav. 1HK NORTH OKRMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP NEW _ TORE, O. Wanks oemmaadar, carrying tha rotted States matt, will sat. from tba Rronsan pier, foot of third street, Hobeken. oa ? SATURDAY, JULY !?. AT 1> O'CLOCK M., fOt BREMEN, YIA SOUTHAMPTON, toting asseengers te LONDON. HAVRE. SOUTH AWPTON AND BREMEN, at the 'allowing rates, payable In gold or III equivalent In cuTencr ? For tha first cabin. 9108; eacond cabin. $62 80; stsers? . ^hfNBW YORK fallowed by Ut AMERICA July "For freight W P? ^ jggfa A 00m ? Brofc4 ,lrMl. Tl ROTAI. MAT!* NTR AMSHIP ARABIA. FOR LIYERPOOL.-THR ARABIA. R. M. HOC vLBY. Commander. will eeH from the ontopon' '? dork at Jereoy Oily, with the mail* and paaarncert. f"r Europe. so W edneadev. the lath lot. Paaeengera are requeated to be on board by U o'clock A. M. The AUSTRALASIAN wl'l aall on the 17th iait. R. CUNARD No 4 Rowling Ore#a. gTEAM FROM AND TO^URRNSTOWN AND LIVEB CUNARD LINB. From (few Terk, $29; to New York. $38 (old, or equiva lent In currency. KKDAR aal'l Wednetday. July 20. OLYMPIC aallf Wedneaday AujuatS. For paaaago apply to ?- M WILLIAMS k OCIOR, 90 Broadway. XTATIONAL steam navigation company. IN TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIV KBl'OOL Cabin, 946 I"ld; Steerage. )U. parable la curreocr. LOU ISI AN A Sail* Paturdav, Jnljr H WE8TMI NSTEB Salle Saturday. July SB T?r ******* >PplywiLLIAMg k QUI Off, 28 road way. CT"AM TO LONDON DIKKCT.? THR FIRST CLASS Iron ateanmhln MELBOURNE aalla from pier JO Kaat river <>? the nth July. f?Mn ?W>. paveMe In (fold M??r a*# $M, ourrencr Paaeengera forwarded to Havre, Pelt tad 0>-rm*n " rta at very low ratoa. Apply to WILLIAMS k aVIOtl. 29 Bread way. For ltvprpool direct.? cttrard steamship KBDAR. Capl John Moir. will eai> on Wedaeeday. Jnlv "o. CaldM ? aaaa e f*i*ln gold or lie equivalent For fr?nht or pa?MiO apply to B. CUNARD. No. 4 Bowline Ur^eo. TRW MONTREAL OCRAN 8TEAM8HIP COMPANY'S 8ic im?hip NOVA SCOTI AN, from (Jueboe to-Llrrrpenl, ?TnT is. itnif- nf pun ? S'OandtV Bight d<-*tt? on thi- National Bank, payable %t all ita hranchea In Rngiand and Ireland. For paa-age anp y to SABKL k 8EABLE, 23 Broadway. New York. " * '* ^ ~ OOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON -FOR LTVEB. r poo'? The CULTIVaTOB Mils on the 14th July; the THORNTON on the 2 d July. Knr London -The REINB on the ISth July:~i"? YORKTOW.V on the Jld July. For pae-age apply to WILLIAMS k OUION. 4U Fulton etreat For new oblians direct. The ITnlted Si?t?n mat! ateamahlp MATANZAR, W. Lteeegeng commander will leave pier 4 North river for the a bn. e nnri. en Wedn??dey. Jn'r 13 at t oV!ock P. M . For freleln or paneage apply to THOMAS ABBNOIO A CO.. 17 Broadwav. UNITBD STATUS WAIL MSB FOR CALIFORNIA VIA TANAMA. Regular anl'ing da * ? 3d, ISt* and tld of ?aeh month ei eep< when theee <fatee Tall en Bnnday, when the d*y of de parture will be the Monday following. The 11 rat olaai tteamahlp OCEAN QUEEN, B. L. Tlnkiepaiifh Commander, will ant! from pier Ne. 3 North rlrer WEDNESDAY. Jul* IS at 11 o'clock M. The NORTHERN LTOHT. Cant David Wllaon, Will (tM 1 aall Jills coed the Ocean Qneen. and aall July ? For freight or paaaage epplr^to^ ALLEN. Me. ft BowUng Green. % O. ROBERTS' LINB TO HAN KP.ANCI8CO AND PANAMA, fine newateam-hip OOLDBN BULB. WEDXESllAY. JULY 27. AT NOON. from pier t9 North rhre r. foot nf Warrwn afreet. For caaeam apply M the ofllne 177 Weal etieot, corner of Warren, le D. if. CARRINOTON. FHJB NEW ORLEANS D1BRCT. TO SAIL ON BATURDAT. July n at 3 otlook F. M., The Called Stalee mall aide-wheel iteamahip RVRNINtl STAB. W. B MILL, commander, will call at abort from pier Nu. 49 Nerih rlrer, third pier abore the fool of Onnal timet For fretekt and ptieeee ap Plr to JAM KB A. RAYNOB 10 Ban-Jay atreet. N B.-Tht F.LRCTRTc SPARK will follow, and tall ta Saturday. Ang?et 6. FOB NEW OBTEAN3 DTRBCT. The United Slatea mail eieamahlp YaZQO, OFOROB W. CO Ah. Commander. will leave pier IS, Nortu river, for New Or>an? d.reek en Wedneadar, July IS ?t th>e? o'clock P. M. pre' laelj Ne freight rareired or bllli ot lading etgnod on the day of Bailing. Foi freight or paaaac* apply te 1DIUK IIRINEKRN A CO.. 118 Broadway. _ For new ont,FAv? th*k.-t The new an. I fii-t claea L'nitod Bute* mall atramthlp CEOROE WASTITNOTON. Rapt. B V iiager. . . .. wilMeave pier No. > .Xorih rirer. on Faturday. Julf 10, at 3 No freight received or MMa of lading t'gned OA the day of aalliag. Far freight orj.?Ma?e apply to II S crfoMWBLL A CO . ? Writ atretl. VOM BATAVA DIRECT. V The United S'a?e? mail tleair hip ROANOKE, FRANCIS A Dititw. tJoinmaeiler. wtll leave pier IS, N'irih river, for Havana direct, oa Satur dav, Jul* Iff ?| J ?V*I P M. Ti'eaely No traigiit ie elved or bllle o( lading a ?ned oo the day at tat 'let. For :rt'*ht or pt??as??tl fly io Ll'DLAM. UEINBEKN k CO . Ill Broedway. if on Havana dtbkct. F The gn'endid r.'n -ed *>atee mall ateaniehip MEXHO, Rim. wtli eel! from Pier II. fee' elver, oe Thxrvdar, July U, at 1 'Wie" ??eainer ha? ?te^ao! arcnmrnodallone for pa i ten *#fie fr?lfht ra^elved cr bills of lading vlgaed on day of calling. I V?, rraighl k CO . ll? wail alrrel tlOB LI YBBI'OOI. ? fAPtCtlTTS LINK. U Ship UUBSNBL ta le Juiv 14. Shin DAVID HOADLEY aallt lulv 10. For paaaage to or from the old country, or draff aretlablo in aa\ part nf England, Ireland ' *<-otiaed end Welea. at ihe lowoet r>eaibie ratee, apply to ^AFSOOTT. BROTHERS k CO , SSRooth atreet ^TBAMSJIIF KROAR WILL DIROnAROR PNDBB O gtBoral order at Canard wharf, lereey City, on Wed UlltB]' 1Mb met. Ooode iM<l?d under general order win c~' '? ?""" *"'? o'JKltt. ?m>. ?HIPPING. T~H B BBITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN RitYAL MAI !. STEAMSHIP*. BETWERN NEW YORK AMU 1.IVKKCOOU riLURtt AT CORK HAKBOK AND BETWEEN HUSTON AND LIVERPOOL. OALUNS AT HALIFAX AND CORK HARBOR. SCOTIA Le*v?? New York , June A. A Kit M' A !?"< B>ston Wcdnesiar, Julv & AKtBlA Leaves (If* York Wedureday. July IB APIA Lw?m B> ton W>M I'fllti, Ml A A ! 'X/rU/t L ASIAN . !<?>?? as >"MT York Wi'dn. -Jay, Jul* 17 EUROl'A Loav a Bo*ton Wednesday, Au?a4 9. r?(>* WKW TORE TO UI'CBt-OoL. rh ef Cabin P*??sge fid M M Bioond Cabin Pus ^ue ,S. f? >* SOVtOW TO UVKU'OOi. fh er Cabin Pa?>:tgs (lit ? Second CtB PMW|e MM payable In told, or In equivalent in Uulied Sta'ea carrmy. Her-hh not secured until paid for. Ah experienced Burgeon on hoard. Tb* owners of llie?e sqlps will net be accountable nr Valuables uulen bill, of lading having ilia valao expressed ure signed tberefor. Kor freight ar paasag? apply to K. _CU K ARD. Ko. ? Bowllag Or? . Air. STRAHKRS TO PBaNOR DIRECT. TUI GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY*B NBW LINK OK HRST CLAS8 BIDBWHREI. STEAMSHIPS K1 fWRLK NKW YORK AND HaVKK. Tba first five spkwlid *??*1< intruded lo b? put upoa Ml favoultr ro ite ror t''e Continent, are tba following:? W ASHINOTON, \'JOi toot #00 bursa oowant LaKAYEITK, U*tna ?>? horse powe*. EUGENIE (a^oat) 9j*J horse pnwea PRANCR building). WO bor?e poweft NAPOLEON III (building* 1.100 horse power. Until the e iiualailon of Iheenliie itat Iba arrvloe w Ul to performed by tba WASHINGTON A. Duchesne; LAW AM* BTTB, A . Borande, M follows ? KROU NBff YOBK TO NAVBB. WASHINGTON Wednesday. 17th Aogu*. LAFAYETTE Wednesday. I4th Septair* WAHHINtV'ON Wndneadav, lith Oeteker. LAFATETTR Wednesdsy, 9th HowmV WASHINGTON Wedneadav, 7?h Dor ? First Caola Oaeludlae table wine). Second r*hln (InHudlnr tsblowtne). ?7t>or$30 Payable ia gold or Ha equivalent In Oaitwl Stales our" Nf rtV-al attaadanoa frae at charge. """""?"?"?ysswi No. 7 Broadway, N<w yowl At Pari*? No. Vi Boulevard dee Caauclues (Grand Hotrtp. At Havre? William laolln A Go. _ TRAVKULBHS'OUIPK. HUD80V BIVBB RAILKOAD.? TRAINS KOB MU ba nr. Troy, the North aad W*ac leave Qtiambera si??t at 7 and 10 A. H. and 4. ? aad Mt:40 F. M.. ud an BuadafB at t :tt P. X., I'rom Thirtloih atreeL New tobb and harlbk bailboa^y. _ Train* for Albanr an<l Troy, aonnectlng with the North aad W??l loava Tweatr-altth at root depot at MM A. M. mI 4 P. X. iunday train at 4 P N. SPECIAL HOTIOB. Paa?eng*ra for Saratoga Spring* oa Saturdava oar take tkg 4PM train and arriro at Saratoga, without change of eai% at 11 P. M. HAT LINB KOB ALBANY? OH ANOB OP PIBB.< 1 1 Pleasure travM to OalaklB Mountain House, Lotisa? Springs. Haratoga, Voatrnal. and all p?lnt? North aad waa^ via the II udsoo river. Too new atMuiHoal C. VI BRANDS Captain D. H. H1tcboO>-k. and tba HANI El. DREW, Ca?> tain J P. Tallmnn. form a da'ly Una for Albany, from B?? broitsea street, at 7 A. M., and Thirtieth atreat at 7:1(1. laa# lag at Coxxeas* Hotel Dpck. (feat Point, Nawburg, Fm keepato. Rhlnobeck, Caukill and Hudson. Tlskata sold board aad baggago ebockod weal and north. /"OPPOSITION BOAT POB NRWBUBO AND POUOB. 1/ keepoie.? On dnd after Jul? 13 the aew and beautlM steamboat THOS. COLLTBR will loare the aler foot of Jmp street rvery afternoon at Shi o dock, landing at Tbirttala street, N. T. Pare to P?nghkeep?i? DO centa, landlogM Oranay Point, Corxeaa', Weal Point. Cold Spring, Cornwall, Nawburg and Milton. Botnralaa. leaveo PouuhkoayrtB for New York arerr morning at ? o'e o k, Newburaalf o'clock. Cornwall at 7:10. Cold Spring at 7 'iS. Wrat Potat ad 7 38. Co zens' at 7 .40. Orassy Pofat at 8 24, arriving at MMP York at 10:S0l BXCCK8IONH. APAYOBITB NBW BAROR TO*" BXCITBSIONS-Tfll Harvest Home; also the Rhinobook, with Rlramboala such as desired. P ranunl Valley, St. Rouaa's Wall and otkaf Groves to let. Bxcursloa oillca 381 Wrat street, oornar ?l Barrow. [ ?. B CBQ8BBTT. _ DIDOLE'S OBOVB AND WOODB KIOGB PARK ? THM i> ap eodld new bargao STELLA and UKBALDINB. A large alaamer with saloons Also ama l steamer-, for ain? aiona B. V. BON II ELL A CO.. ltd Kront straat. YjllBHINO BANKB.-PAMILIBS AND PABTIBS CAB r enjoy the sea air by goiag to the risking Banks oa M sea-going steamer W a BY LAND, wbteh learea ovary aaia hkg. Saturdays excepted, foot of Broome street, Baal riraat at 7 o'olOok- Pack slip. East river. 8 U> A. M : Dot atroafc North river, 4:"*i A. M.. and Plar No. 4, North river. 8:48 A. M. Pare $L Dinner, rafraahmeata aad food muato tm board. FtSBSRMRN. 0? D?CC.? POB THE CHOLBMA Banka. The eiaoaoh. aaa worthy stsambeat MtSf LAND. (*aptaia Yoranoa. will make her first Irit to tfeg Cholera Banks for blue dek. trolling aad saa baas fish tng. aa Saturday morning. Joly 16. Leaving Peek Klip at ? o'cioal A.M.. Dear streot l pier JO), at 7. aharo time. Bait aad IWahaWi oa board. Pare >1 N. B.? Prea *ew*er. FnsHIKXEN, OM DBCK ?THE LA ROB 8KB ? ateamer flBQINlA SBTMOWB will MM the M eicnraloa th>* hwm to the Cholera Banka on Friday, Jmtt II. leaving Peck Slip at #Xj P?*r ?. forth river. at 7 o'cJeafc AnderaonXolweli, Pllet. But. bHWHd Refreaiimeote ?? board. Ticket* St. B. THOMAS, Pike and South a*. ?sss U?> office oB Pier to S ?nh rtre?Pf& $ D*J ?? IR? WBUCATlOai. A PHYSIOLOGICAL YIRW OP MARRTAOB ? OOM. taioiot nearly S? mw ul lao 1m plttu tU ?m gravmr* of the mammy or tht liaman orcaa* la a atete eB health and diaeaae. with a treatiaa oa early error*. Ita B? plorabla cooaequanooa upoe the mind and body, with Mt author'a plan of treatment? the only rational and euecaaaM ?node of cure, a* ahown by the raeort of eaaaa treated. A truth ful adtiaer to the married aad thoae oantemplaltBg marriage who woald kaaw their phvainel eeeelUaa. 9mm ire of poataae ta a or addrcae oa .receipt of 15 ceataha atamp* or i-oatal onrreaer. Addreae Dr. LaCrolt, Sl Mr"** lana, Albanr. N. Y Matbimony.-why bveby man should nab ry. Why everv woman ihould marry All mar mat ry. To kaow taail flloatrated Marriage Quid* and Medleal Adriaer, by 1PM. RAKL M D. MO pagee. Mailed where, in double wrapper, for 3S casta. Addreaa It _ Vlelte ?One dot*n new aubject* Juat added. iMf lag Good* i.f every daaertptlon. Trade eupp'lad. Send fag D J. CJOMPRRT'S Purcbaaing Agency, It BOORS AND *KW SUBJECTS IN CARTES Df gC ._tia oiiua to _ Kaaaau at reel. Vow Tork. PUBLISH RD LATRLY BY OHAR. P. OTTO, M. B ruriou ? and intereailng leitar. containing *ucb atlon aa all lad ee ?o'j'4 I ke to poeseee. See l atanep far a cupf , and addreaa Dr. Otto, office GO While aireet, N. Y. _ rUBNlTDBB. AN ELKO ANT ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD FPI nllure for aaie at a eacrlBce? Plaaoforta, Etage ea Bookcaae. M rrora. Parlor Suit*, Pamtln^a. Htalttai Br.u/ee, Leoe and Brocade Curtalna, roeeweod and waHn Chamber Furniture. Dining Room Fornttnre, tlh?n* Ola and Sliver Ware. Inquire at US Weat Twentr. third auM near Hutb aveaue. IKSTRCCTIOM. CABD -TEACHERS WANTED. POB INOUA X 1 French. Mu?tc. Drawing. Paiatlag. Claamcr, Mate* malic*. Bngineering, Tactic* and for other branches, i Correapondenta wanted, In each State end r hour*' writing weekly. Pupllg Introduced. .... .. _ ^ *- ? pun to Sl.auu. t:ornwpondcnia $300 ta taw. hMNli $bOti. Addreaa America* BSnoatlonal Pa km, TI3 Broadway. t T TOVNBRND* ACADEMY, MO BOWRRT, NBAS ?L Houaton aireet. Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic. AA gar ra. Reading, Spoiling. Grammar, Be , an taught Say aafl evening. l*ad a* er gentle mea preparing to taaok. may ha iaatruned in any brrn^hea deal red; 16 Writing Leaiosa. fK Pr vete laotmnloa givait. AHT (lOLDSMlTH-S INSTITTTTB, 7M BROADWAY. | romcr of Kighth atreat. inatrurtion In PettMMhB^ bookkeeomg and buataeaa artairn, la Imputed dar aad eras ing. Separate roOtna for lUlra and for prtraM laxraeMew. OMVRB B. UOlDSMJTa^ Am knowledor op roorrrrptno, wdiTwa. ? ArlthmMle, *<?.. la jnatif deemed tba paeepert t? ? jr l.aatlle ancca??. For acquiring thaaa eaaentlala PAt?B^I ?errant re Cotlegna fe^tablMed IMS), M Bowery, wmwmmm I'aaai, and 2^S Fulton aireet, Sraaklyn, lake the lead. Oftm da* and eventnf. ?inn *? YRAB, urdsb twbltb-boabd ab? ?J? L'm' Hngliah braochea. Over twdlve, attra Fnmt, ?Saq iarter. Piano lae?? a and pracMoa, $7 M a qpaglvt Addteat Abel WbUia-fc. Danbary. Caan. - " ^ kOAM OPPICBS. A T 77. -MONEY LIBERALLY ADtANCBD AT^fl A ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JBWBLBY, PIANOS. rUBNITUBB. AO. * mo AT 77 PAWNBBOKBBS' TICKETS WANTED AT IV Of Diamond*. Wat- hra. Jawelrr. Ac., and S9 per cant (Aeni paid tbaa flan beobtaiaedat aay aUV of ace la tha elty, at 77 Btaacker at reel, ap alalia * TIMBROADWaT, boom no. s-casm adyanobs J\. on Dlauionda, \\ at hea. Jewelry, Oune, Pletola, Am Alga Phwnhrokera' Tietate bought for the abora arUalgg at 406 Broadway, ran k AT R. BTMAN'S, SM BROADWAY. OORMSK Of Baud atreat. room No. VI will pay the highaat pries for Dlamondi. aet or unaet, Watehea and SReer Warw, ?p will advance raeh oa the above art Me* gBS Broadway. eorctr ol Bund atrcet. SESTMTMT. I A SET OF TRF.TH MADE IN THREE HOURS.-** tire aatlaf action or ne pay, at tsli thjavnnna. Map* . e a1 attention tl'ea to iac :hank-tU dentistry. Tha cheapagt ? atu or teeth ever made, and aa fine aa era made ta any nag) at tha world. 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