Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1864 Page 3
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?fTTTATIOlf WAIIT?D~r?WAtg?. ?UMBBBj'or wui iidoaiUMb gekma* A lemnlea want miu Ion a* cooks, chambermaid.* k id MBdrenvfit num and girls lor iseueral bo i -ework. Ae., at Mrs. LovVE'o tjsrmau institute, 17 aUutuu nu. near the ??wary. *11 ENGLISH LADY, WHO HAS HAD MUCH RX -A perlence ad an auiamiensh.. would tm happr in wine or r for ihe presa, or undertake conylair. irrais uodei. Address box ft :ttS Pom oftlce. New York. A LADY. A STRANGER IK TH B CITY, IB DESIROUS of securing a Ritual on a* hoimekeeper ; an deiststi Is ?very branch; would loach the children In Bpan:>h or Kng Jah^ Address tor on* week Teaobsr, Unua Square Post A RKSPEOTABLB WOMAN WISHK.S A SITUATION J\ ai lira' claM c<>ok; has tl: leeri years reference. Can ?a aaea fur two 'lay* at IIS Bast 3, ib ?t A SITUATION WANTED? TO COOK, WASH AND Iron la as all private family, or a* chassbermaid and tress; good city referent*, (. all ai 325 WotiZoth at. ABKSPKGTAIILE YOONO WOMAN WISHES A SITU aiioii to nitnd a nabv or ehiMreu and if> tl" Hitbl work ; ?o obe fon to the country. Tu be mill at her prcseut toi yagaj- a, IdU W*?i tub st. A GOOD COOK. Wa"HRH AND 1RONKR WISHES A A. situation in a suuttl fatuil> ; ctty refcreuca. Call at liJ> Weat 13th it., I e'.urcu 7th and Mtb area. _ A WIDOW WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE IN FAMILY wa-hli R; can do !' I! tlD," and gent emen * washing- la a good ? artier aud Ironer; would go out by the day. Call WUMlllKt RESPECTABLE (iIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS _ ohmni eruiuid md waitress or to take rate of child reu. itf reference. Apu'y at 2U9 He try si., llitn il n. TC. UNO WOMAN WlfiUKS A SITUATION AS PfNH *?i or and ironer and to lake caw of children. or as newer or chambermaid, and lake cam of children, n be teen at tha house of her prreeat employer, l.'O P.a.t A K; A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE _ wo . hu as a first elans cook in a respectable private ally or a respectable private bonrdlng hcuse The beet of mr refereu e plvjpn Can he sees until suited at 140 Weal Math at., between 7th and Uth area. A BRBPBCTaBLB YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN WISHES J\ a mtuntion a* rook id a private family. Call at 1,257 ?roadway, corner S2d at. A GIKXj WISH HH A SITUATION TO DO HOMEWORK A in u stna'l family. Can be been fur two da. u at 811 Iwk at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A REH'BCTARI.B yonn i woman, to oonk. wash and Iron in a nruill p. i. Tate fainilv . no objecltou to jc. a short dlrUnoe in tho ooun Iry; >e t of city reference. Call at *3 Hester hi. A SITUATION WA.NTKD? TO 00 COOKING OR general housework, by a nent, trustworthy and Ob !;{? lag urll is an excellent washer and irontr. ecouotnioal, willing and respectful; tiest of re crences itiven; city or ? untry. Apply at IM1 Atlantic sU, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED -TO DO' HOUSEWORK IN a small t'tmily ; no obleottnn to tb? oonntey ; elty refe Cau be se- u for two days st llo feast M st. A BTTUATION WANTED? 1Y A YOUNG GIRL, TO A do cbatnlxj-work or as naitreas; can do plain sew KR: good eUy reference can be given. Call at 106 West A ?rCE. RETECTART.E OIBL WANTS A SITIIATlOlf Jk. to do general housework in a mall priTate tanu y, or ali?mterwoi k. Can the best of i-tty reference trom her last place. Call at 283 East 12th st, corner of ave. A. Mom No. 5 A RESPECTABLE YOfTNO WOMAN WIHHi'8 A flituut ?n to do chamher<vui k and wailing or plula ?owing. Call at i3 Hullivau St., hrsl tioor. AVMbotabM yodro orsL wishes a situa, tlon to attend a bakery or do chauiberwork and waiU log. Call at 43 bullltan St., lirat lloor. I SITUATION W ANTED.? A RSSPECTAHLK YOUNG V woTiin WKfies a sitnatton In a ma II family, to irn el ' go in the co intiy at a di?;an30. AppH for two days at 173 *?v. ATOUNfl GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO cliauiberwo'k or waiting; no objections togowima fcTl y to the country C'a I Jt j.^7 West IS;h st , In the rear. Che l ent o; < It re crence uiven. A REM' CTAHLE WOMAN WOULD TAKE A FEW gcKtlem< a a ?a-hinK.or would to out by 'he .lav in private I;. m iej. l!"st referoi. :o. Applv at West 18lh hetween Sth and 9th aves BK8I*fc'ctARLB YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUA tl ?n as waitress or to do chamberwork and line wash Has t o v earaj etereno-* I rum her laot p uce Can be for two divs av47S7th are. 1 PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUATIOB k to t*ke q*re, of some down b- I -J n? of oft re*. Can re reference'. Call an during July, or adtlrssa Mrs. Ibecca Kaer, til West 44th *t. A Sn situation wanted? by a rkspbctable _ yooncgirl, t'> do chainVierwork and rrait ? g, or'ecn' ral a-e?o k for a Kin'i 1 family; the best of ctly reference can inn - hare n? objection to the ooun try. Call at lio West am at , between 7th and 8th avs. A SITUATION WANTED-MT A BEPPECTARLE A girl, a- chambermaid and to take c??o of children. Ca'l II t7t) 3d ar , between 72d and 23d sis , second floor, back t or t wo .iays. YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 CHAM bermnld i.nd waltresv. Gi.od cut reference. Can be a at 144 Cth av. between 224 and 23d sts. SITUATION WANTED? BY A BESPBCTABLR girl, as goo I cock ; uaderstaads all kinds o" rvork. No L-tlona to ibe oouniry. City reference. Call at 232 West si A TOUVG WOMAN WI8^IE8 A SITUATION TO DO A. ebamberwork, wa ting, or general hotisev ork In a small Enllv; has three rear*' cltv re'ereare Can be seen at No. I West tfui sk, between Broeirt wa/ and 6th ?v. T , A RITUATION WaNTRP-AS COOK; 18 A GOOD A washer and Ironer; has nnobjeetion tnclty or,ceuntr? Baa be se. n for tw o days at 237 MadUon si., learHulldlng. a kERI'KCTABLB YOUNG GIBL WISHES A HITCA A tlon as nurse, cluimbennaid or aeammre ??; can operate a Wheeler s machine; prefers a German or any American kmily; betteitr reference; has a* ob ;ectlon t? the couu I y. Call at ftti& 6th av., between 3otb and 31^1 sta. A BRSPECTA BLB PROTESTANT GIRL, LATELY S. laaded. wants a situation to do chauiberwork and Ma sewing, or to mind children. Call at 1*1 West 29th st lOUNO AMERICAN GIRL WIS UBS A 8ITUATIOH to take cftre of one or two chlldien. Good city refer ? can be given if required Call at >6 Broadway. 4 roujro woman wants a situation to do A plain sowing and take oare of children. Oall for t if* my* at 634 Mudaon at., room No. 8. ^ A FIRST CLASH OERMAN ORE88 MARER WISHES A to go out by tbc lay. Alao. all kinda of family ae? In* tame on W hauler A Wllanm'a acwlng Machine. Call ai MS Hat.. between 46th and 47tl. ata., third lloer. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE A young woman. aa Uundrear boat of dt? reference. Ml at 1 IS Wtit 13th it, betwan Mb and 7th ara. RESPRCTABLE OIHL WANTS A SITUATION AS nook. waaber ami ironcr. in ? prlra'e family; alao a ; woman wanta to go ? ut by the day or weak aa w aih ~ lat IM r ? I Irouar. Call at IM Waat 20th it. A TOUNO OIKL WIBHRh A SITUATION TO DO jfl genial houaework. or a? cook, wa*her and Iraocr, baa piad city refereuoa Apply at WJ Waat IWh B. KA RRBPICTAKLK VOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUA tt<m aa aliambPirnald aod to aaalat with tha w tailing Ironing. -.r wou a do cbamljarwork aud w*.ting. no < t Ian to the ouuntry ; iba beat of c y rr'arence from hrr place Call for two daya at 54 Waat Thl ?t. RR8PKCT4BLR OTRL WTNHKH A SITUATION AS Or t rati* oo k to all ita braochca: or would p rra? aone. nndaratAnda (toting: la willing to gn t dwutnoa in the country. Call tor twa daya at No V ?L. third Coor front hou?e. SITUATION WANTED-BT a TOCNO OIRL. TO do g<*nrrai houawwrk in a ina I or ?ate family, to to Mr* dletanoa In tha country. Call at All Spring at. A TOUNO OF.RM4N OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO A <1n fnerx' hnnaework in ? am a II American family Ball at 149 IdMHWM at. __ A SITUATION WANTED? BT A TOUNO OER*\R Jk girl, aa rliambf rniaid and plain t wer or waltrraa or VN'Idt hnn-ewnrk ; nn ob-ectton to the r-nttutry. City vafarrnre. OBI ai SH w at - > tli a:., near Hth ?t A URRM4N OIRL. WANTS 4 SITUATION A8 COOK JBl or would do genera, bouaework. Call at 14A Baal 38th ST near Id ar, QITUATIO* W4NTBD? RT A TRUSTWORTHY WO p man aa flrat c a?< c. ok. of eou d i? a illng to Uke tae fell charge of * large p.acc houel or boarding bona*, oliy or ?an a try Call at or addreaa lor two da>? OA Waat Uttn at , SITUATION WANTRD-BT A BWrPBCTAftJI TOCNO wnninn, I" do general hdilncwrt or nn HMroftreW 1n a katal; laaa eTreileni waahei and iron*1- aa<l r <a g ve u-~.d ?My i*iai<inf. Ca i uu oi adar?a< k*.e Murpti> 111 Beat ?6th (In f< v door* wat of 1' 1 a?,, In the candy a tore. 1TUATION W A.\ i Kit? BV A VOl.NO OIKL. AS ehlli'anurhe and ehatnbpffn kid; tour moutha' rit? reiet ??i?ea If re'imrert. Can be Men not- one day at l*is>* it 2 jib at., Uii rd I'.oor. QITUATIOR WANTED-^ A TOUNO OIRL, AH O Burae KU(1 to 4<> c!iaiiiber*urk or o|>. rati: on tVli#?lcr A WIWii* m ic'iiue; i a g >d Hit rc'pr?fc. Can ra aeen tor tint daya at 102 llR't aL, between ?tb ami Ttliara , la the s: CTt fil^^ATlo^^ wantp.d-iiv a ? tioi. vu<> tii?. pnurhl? iind' r?tan<la har bnBin??a in all Ita b'?ni'h*?. y rt ferrnce. ? ountrr wrr.ierr-d. Cail fct two daya ?t kaai liltli at., thir l iloor, ip'oi. cituations wantku? ht nvo besi'Sctaplr jwiiw k -ia (?l? era i, liatelf lan leil N a>Unat"mrd to ?he rarr of PI 'liir .n ; |1 .n ?ri and tldv. Can An urat ???? Ina ???? no o eci ti a rea, n:? la t<ia " t'ao b? < en for tmo J*,, a at rut)',, fib ave., m'rr tt e dr,u<. atoi^ SITUATIONS WANT/-U? fOli T HOROt fJIH.v"rf)V I'H tcTi ' ir ? la hf-lo of a I rial >? ? ai -h t? Krai laaa rn?ka. ?,-amb',rnii?"i - ?, mm, rr.wa ?e^" ?'re??ea, n>ir. a??. iin?a4 tn ?.*?? mi l i on, ?'? hII g i, ? k I it rta latnlv ?an t. d <nt>l- af tt"* t.r.'i- I'mj Uyment flnoae e'rmn I. i aa ami lllh ?t. Alan main hel|i. tl'AVTKII? 4 rtlTC'AriOM. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. ?? aa ae?'n?>r..?a it* f"?i"tetalil? toitas Irl. ?a I ?!?(! an! a p'1 lit in I ""a inA> lilMren' drrwa; nn "hiefflon ? n ihe ?onntr (W ilddo i/lit w?r? or ae ? ta tbp i r??n ?lil trrn. Hiidd ??farence Call for i?? dnya at 7S1 Jd ar., lxt?. ?en ?t*t and tilth ata. Tl/ANTm-RT A MRALTBT MaRBIRD WOMAN, ?JH' a l???v to wei nurae at het o?u r?>ai.teiioe. having laut Bar awn* ia- r daya old Inqolra at 2^5 Weat Slatat. WANTI?-A SITUATION. BT A TOtHO WOJIAJt, At onok. aaKlmukad iruuer: jianl refrrauoe. Call lar ftwe '1ay? , aeeoBd iloor, front m"m A?TED-RT A IIIOH LV REsPRCTtSl-K TWM lad* a aliii?tt?.n a , idy'a romp rtiofl or a* goreninaa: w ?an fnana a I the Biafllan hraac ea a d muato. Una. Krench ?a it drawtag. Addrt aa Mlaa B. M. fl?j , Tro/. N. T. til 4NTKO? Bf A BESPRriARLK WOMAN V* a a iaal on In a ihl>aie famiir aae!nmhrrm? d and waitraae; |ioo4 ejtl referan< e. Call fur two da#* At US Wagt SMb at., rear bAtiaa, rreat room IR'AKTKn Bt A RfcSf ?<?tA ?IE VOURO WOMAN, ?" a 'iumtion in a reipa?i.tnte prtVat* Htn?e. ??abanduon: he* mt "??? refvire'io* giyen. Oh l St tiJ W?mi apa ? rear Uovaa, Irani roon/ IITTATIOM WATritD-rBIIIALBI. UJ ANTJiD? A SITUATION BY A T?H N I WOMAN AS ooi* wa- cr and lr u?r , go-j l rofeiaoee. Call ai*< Wsst 1 ,t'? tl , llOUt b.?*aill0.ll H anted? a situation, by a behpkctaklk K?g'l<h Prole-iani ?lrl as nur*? to Mn-ii; can InMi ucl thein; eau a *" do uiain ?awing, b??i cu> reiar 1 1 ce gtv n. Can be iwn for two da - *, from Idto U o'clock, at Mti Broadway. opposite Hi. Germain Hotel. TTIf ANTKD-BT A RFSPKCTABLE AMERICAN LAPY. VT with oal ebl U. 7 vara ><t hi* a situation bouse k<'*r er; ool <?> mucn an nh e< t an a food home. Ad dr< k? lor three da> s Housekeeper brook, n host office WANTED? BY A CAPABLE OIRlTa SITUATION to do ((antral h nsewurk Oa'l for two days at Is Mala il, Brooklyn. Beat u! elty refaienra, W A.N TED- A SITUATION. BY A BESPECTaRLE (Irl. at cook, washer and Ironer, or to do (rubral toutawok. Cau bring koo I refa eoce from herpnsaot an-ployer a, wbei-u ibe can b? a?eu for (wo data, JHI Wesi tttfeM. "TX7ANTED? a SITUATION, by a youno. healthy ?? womau, a* ?ret nur?e, *ood rtfeiftra. ?al en the Si tars of Char ty. coruor of Co.e and 15th al*.. Jftse? i! ly. \\'ANTIU)-BY A BBSPROT AB IA YOUNO (JIRL. A ?? situation to do chariibsrwork or wa ting, or to >al>e cans of ehldien or do plain veivlnr; good c iv reference from tier la*l t luce; has do objections to ihu eouutry. Call ?t 149 West27lh *t. , flr*t Boor. Xt! ANTED? BT A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS good C'mjI. ; would 'B-nt iii washing; baa good city re ferenraa. Call at 205 V>r.-i ?iih at. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNtl W IVAN, A ? timtion a* cbmnbot maid and laundress; baa good ?'.ty reference. Cau be i-oan atftU Wo?l 'JJth >>t. WANTED-BY A YOU NO 0IBL, A SITUATION AS seamstress; it a good pla'n saver and Is all clods o emi ntklery; h?s s >m? idea about drnfcaniakln-i; best of c!ty reteren, n e.,n te glTen Call fur two days at 64 West I8ih ?t., eoi uai tiih a*. WANTED-BY A W0M\N, AT HFR OWN HOUSE. a nnrm|i tamlly washing. Left reference given. Call al fij 2 Weal Ittih it. WAKTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA tion aa waitress and chambermaid. Good'reference Irons bar last en.ployar. Call far two days at 87 Want 38tb st., flrit floor. WANTKP-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG (URL AS eha 'ioei u.aM ami waitress, or would do housework. Good relet eiiue?. Call at 72 r.asi !Mth mi. Tl'ANTrn-A SITUATOX AS ("IlAMRERJif AID. BY tt a )oi:nc rterpian woman, aced ?1; S"eak? Knulish fluently. Aiiply for tnr< e days at the coi ner of J.ui{ueer aad Ili.nry :tiu, Brooklyn. abav<- the jrroc-ery clore, WANTKb-SITUATrONS, BY TWO OOOD OIRI.S; '? on<* aa rood plain conk, thi' otbc as e amberntmd and wiiireim. (??*.: c ly retercuco from last place. Call at ?47 Weal Sttb at., ut ar <>>.h a v. WaNTEI> ? BY AN ENOLISH WOMAN, A RITUa lion to cook, waih aud Iron. Apply at 9i Uraauwii li ar., near Bank at. ~~rr W> ANTED? RY A RI'sPEOTAIiLK YOUNO WOM AN, a situation i I nnrsrt a <1 Heani<ire?? . .* uoniieieut to take chttrae iif a babr from it k birth; or to travel 'lllialadi; lienotciiy reference. Can be seen lor two days at 18J Wast 27th st. ' T\T ANTED? A SITUATION AS NURSERY OOYKRN. ?* or lady ? maUl. ny a *onnc v onmn >? bo ran niv^ the br?t recommendation* f"r her 'juaiilicatious ?nd e\pe. rienre. Apply to Iter present employer, at 32 We .t l.ttb st WANKKD-A SITITATTON. ItV AN BNKlfSH WOMAN, i^liur e, or would take char e ot an miaul, jiooo re ference. Call tor two <hiis al l-.i ? Baat I /'th sl, near lstar( Tl* ANTRP-A SITr.MION. Rf a TO' N'l WOVaN, AS Tl cook: ih a t oo l cook, wa her and irnuer; good rt le* renca Cal! at West Wash mitoti place. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOM AN, TO do ten era hottfeworlt: (rood r?1er?B0B. Call at .<20 Sih av., between '. th aud 27ih s(8 , tirt>l iloor. WANTED? A SITUATION, K Y A RESPECTARLB yoiin-^ w matt, a? chsmbertnaid and waiire?? orwo Id take cure of t.. Caa Lie -eeu iU lier }>rt-Msut cuij loy er's. 14 West 2ttb et TTTANTKU? I RTTUATroff A?? H0USNKEEPK1# RY V? s. tni'bi'e aged A tier , nn la Iv n h t> ormignltr re specta.'ic fami'j. Ad'lrtSs Vau Huro, lot Iji II. i aid of. Boo. Uf ANTED ? A SITUATION, HY A RFSPFX 'T AH1 E our^glrl, to rfo c' atrb rworU unrl fin* washlt R. Una tho best ol city refeieme. Call lor two dnya at hi W*at 1. Ill si. T\J ANTED? A SITUATION. lit A Nfl'E, TIDY, I!K VI I ??etnblr sirl, to do t'Onentl house w. rn ; it a plain cook ?ud en ovtseucnt w usher and irouer lius the ben ref erence Call at 44 hull 33d it., near 41U av. "VfT AWTHD ? A SITriTlOV. BY A Ynt'N'fl WOMAN. ' ' M chami'efciald or ? wires* in a respectable family. Ap.'lv it 5 1 Went Sllh st: riTANTKt)? BY A RE8PROTA8UJ WOMAN', A STTPA TT tion to cook and was > or t" do ftem-rnl worl ; ?i' d ho -e preferi^d to the bisec t wages. Call at OSCbrimo IVANTK1'-RI A YOUNG HIM,. A SITUATION AS TV chambermaid. and Would take iare of children. Call at 144 West ?.'d ? ?., for two davit. w ASTRO? BY A YOCNO LA&Y, PLAIN KKWINOTO ?? do b.v Wheeler A Wilton's machine: would (prefer tak ing the work home, Can 1* seen for three ?1ay* i>t No 5 Deltnoawo row. Myrtle av., Above Yale* av., Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION as cook washer, and troner, of to do house a ork for a email private family. Can of seen for two days at No. 71 West 17th *1., fourth floor, bark room. WASTED? A SITUATION. BY A BESPbCTABLE girl, :? do general housework: no .abjection to the ooiintrv . A)ip y at 104 East Houslou St. Wanted? fituations, by two girls; one ad rook, washer, and Ironer; the other as ehatnb-r. maid and waitress; cord reierencoe. Call at 121 AUautie St. Brooklyn, *e'cond tloor front. TANTED?A SITUATION. BY A TOUNO WOMAN. AS ? / nurse or chamber. oaul. or to take care of an Infant from Its infancy ; good referencei. Call at 8u W.'st 3S,; *t, iimTIONI WANTED? MALES. A GENTLEMAN or responsibility. who hah bad the sole management "f a large estate, wish >? a alinllar cbarf*. which would employ his whole time. lie ba? had -nany vear*' evperleroe in selling. h-ltlnc and re palrtn. \aluabte ptopertv. Any amount of first class reier eure ran he mrrn. Address George Wilson, Broadway Pogt ottiie, *?>? York. / A YOUNG MAN WHO SPEAKS FRENCH. UNO lmli and German, warts* sltuat ou as waiter, or to make himself cenerally useful la a hotel. Apply at IS? 3d at. noar avenue A. room IS. AN EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT DESIRES TO obtain a situation as bookkeeper In a respectable mercantile houso First class referem-eg. Apl'l*. personal I* or br letter, to Manager, at ,(. R Wells A Co. s Wholesa o Segar Depot, S4U Broadway. A GROOM'S SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RESPECT able tonne man. who thoroughly understand* his boldness, with the twit of e t? reference. Addreas K. P., at Craven'* harness store. 27tb at. and iHh ar. A SITUATION WANTHD-RY A RRflPRCTABLR Protestant man. a* waller. In a private family. Or aa porter la s store: good city leference from hi* last place, where he has lived II years. Oan he eeen for two day* *t Hi. Went m> *t . between i.f : i and 7tb area A YOUNG MAN LATELY LANDED. AORDlfi YRARi, who can give good referer.-e wait* s sttnst on In a grocery store or In sn an office, or aclerksh p. or as waiter la a hotel. Apply at 129 Raat 2Mb at., la the rear. A SITUATION WANTED? RY A BORER, INDUSTRI on voting in an. lately arrived in thta city, as porter in a store, wages no ob.acu Addrosa ,1. P., box 112 Herald odiea. A TOt'NG MAN. WITH EXPERIENCE AND OHA J\ r icier, wants a situation a- gardener or Coachman, 'or a ge- tieman or a lady, in the country. Ho spe*gs French, Eni;lt*a and German. Addroa* P. P., boi No. 10 Herald oil Ice 1J5TRY ri.PRR CORRESPONDENT. Ao.-A TOUVG 'J man ot ?.ood rditoat ' ti il<*alros a situation where trust and a'o'lt would b- reijiit't'es. fie respectfully so cits an luetie. tinn ot his i?mi menials Apply t# Joba Langstun, Walker * Hotel. Greenwich st eurmkrs and others in want or reliable r male help, as f*rm hands eoaehmen. grooms Iardener-s servants. A'-., will rod a fn'l attpply at the Lama imploymont Hoaoii, eorner 8th av. aad lllh at Alae fe me 1.' be p. _ SITUATION WANTED RY A YOUNO MAN. AS BOOK keeper. as?l?tsnt bookkeeper or se'e^man; sp-aks German and I'rmcli: good oity rolerenco given. Apply at 77 Chamber- It, f rond lloor. OTTUATION WASTED?BY A YOUNO MAN. TO AT O t' 'd In a who a?n|e or reta I > boo haMne-a; baa had eiperieni-f In th" bualnesa; eoodtreierenoe*. AddtessT. T., llera d olllce. OITI'ATION WASTED-BY A COMPETENT MAN, AS Ci tiler iti a insc-lne. eairiaue jr sliver plating shop. Ad drei* t; S., lift Wf*t Mrnadwav CITUATION AS PORTER WaNTED-IIY A MAN WHO O 1?* l>e?a used to the w hole-ale drv good*; can park go >1? and in*' e hlni?el' g' aerally useful. Good otty refe leures 4'ldress John Werner S3 Clinton st. I'O AUCTION POCfR*.? AN ABLR AND EXPKRI etn-e-1 *or! nni cr film tl?'- \t*e?' wlshe* a sltust on * |i*rtn',i or otherwise; b^a ettensivo *riiii*iiiiauce* la the yfenern Hi ? ' Addreii A I '-iotieer, Herald ouioe. slating where an Intorvlaw ttiav Im had. 110 COLORADO M1NIN1 COM PANtES.? MR TflOS. X i ?| ni .ndilvl enalneer. late sg?i:t and engi nee, t,. etera;Si i'o ii gold mln 1, ? ho liaa had 15 em p- setlcal opetlence In fni house operstlons. oflers Ms er \ice? Address i. B ' 'ad ' av N. Y. \\"ANTf:0-A MITCATIOS IN SOME ACTIVR Rt'di ?? ne.< as *s * man are ountat.t or enefal OoaineJ. * siatsiit hy sn i riire ma'i ol g nid oiisine-. be t of releivB'-e" Jivra, a Idrrss ||. II. , mtlin " * |\?ANTfD-BT A STI ADY. N<iHF.R HnNgjtr A ? ri ' " in.t .istr "is mi; ; i <an. -ite y r-turnod fro.n (near v a a mail, n | aa I kt ?? t Tn a to e; is willing f make h.i,,' I li ?-T nl n an i e <jisettv. \ liae tu II. Oitgar ,i7 |>, -V, ..ii,, innti u. ?? vv <tTC \T!OS R V A P'MrTtCtf, ROOK. ke?oer: iesve. present e rployer Saturday aoit. Ad dreaa Frank Adam*., b >1 V Herald Olliie WAN I KD--RY ON B WIIO HAS HAD SEVERAL vesrs' e?jierien'-e a sili ation In a wbo|e?a e i r >etall di - t*'ds house, Addro s for two daj* Industry, Herald oglea, , WARTI.D-RY AN AtlTIYR YOUNU MAN. A BtTUA lien as salesman In a store, or clork In a Are n-nraaco #dl<y: "peaks Png''*li. Kiench Oem.aa Hollgras aad eomn Mpaaigh. Adnie-a R. Moary, Herald oBoe. 1ST ANTf O? BY A YOUNO MAW. AOR t*. RSOLISH. 7? a (Itiiaiion as gro.*i. toon* | air of horses; baa good re?iti)rr*Ddaiians t/oia last place la Mb av. pew.ort K. L preferred rev the ?niMtisr Addresser two da^rT. C. O., oaiwef R. W??odh*ad, oomer of OtfeTl. and 6th av. VVJ^,Tf,:TV-", A TOUNO Man RKftlDINO ^ I T f* fv M* p? rente, a situation aaalerk In a atore or tol.rctor fl>r *o Itrm In toe rit?. f e?i ,,f r li referenda Address Ipr trtroe day* A D. R., statloa G. ANTRO? U?Y A WAItrR, A in a . lob or hoi.ait no nbjeotlwi tolhe suusirv. Aetdiee* D B.. giaiioo ?A v SITUATIONS WANTED? 1WAI.K8. _ ll/ANTKD? A 8ITU ATI I IN, AS 0 A &UKV Kit, BY A ?? ??nn_' man: nnHiir land the a> in.rr uf tfraee?. loan, feill, Mrt Mi i> ?!!"? Ac tint curi ?B'l maiia ? inrm of horw ?; a a W"? i and| driver* fwlin* rei en frotu feu laat employer. Ad<iua V., b?l Lit llarald o"t oe lVANTKH? A SITUATION AM BARTF.NDRH IN A *' ltr>( hoi I or r**taiir4nt. b' ? ther'ucb y c nipe lenl vnimi man , gin, ! reiaremaf will bo givou. Adtlirss lor three day* C. A. N., Herald oil or. TTTa VT" P? A S'Tt'ATlMK, T?r A YOHNQ MAM. WHO ?? wrl'es sn I speaks the French, lla"an and (acrfnan linjiuspt Hi entlj, and also a Ilule English Address & M., Herad ortiua. WAMTKD-A BiTl'ATION, BY A YOUNO MAM. lateh >am'e-i. an al.-,iai<t bui lender, or to make mm Mlf g?r.rra Iv ux f nl. I'au bo saea fur two days M ITO Mulberry at., room No. 6. HELP WANTBD-VKHAtBS. * good hirl wanted- to po ?hk okkrral A lioo?e? orb lor a small family af i*k i?ri"m: most ba a yon I washer u d I roller and coir ????]! lernnmanded. A, ply at 111/ Mud sou at . between .Ua'ketand i'lke. A I,L RRKPIf'T \BLK OIRL-t AND WOMEN WANT r\ Ins good altiiat'ona for private fam Ilea. hni"la and summer turns"* ?? chambermaid* ?v?llr?".?iM professed and atliee 'noka laufidres -ea. sirls for housework, Ac , ea 1 at RAYMOND'S, 61 Blercker street. Removed Ifota Ma Grand street. AHOUSPKKRPKR WANTKP-TO TAKR CHAROR of a iar,<a hotel, one n ) o understands tbo business. Add re a Hotel, Herald o" ce. AGIHL WANTKD? TO TAKk ("AUK Of DINIMO roo n. pamrv. xtorea and wait on ia*'e. Applv I" Mra. S 'nl ib , F.ank on Uutiae, coi uer ol Fraaki'ort ami William sta. ('lOOK ? WANTKtl, A WOMAN. TO DO THK TOOK J inn and as >1 in Ihe waafclng and irnnin-' One who la ? II ne to gn a abort rtlaiam-e in the country for the ?nm? mar. and ha k? d m V-rrno-a iuiy proo re a 'e ra'i'e aim htlon bv oal ln?at .VI VVeat "d h ?l. on Wednesdav-or Tliurs da.v of Itila week, from 10 till 'I o'clock. pOdK WANTKD? ONS W IIO THOROUGHLY UNDKR " I stand* her bnalnesa and >* wiling to a?sl t lo Washing; alao a good waitress. Apply a' 2<* Weal 12th at. OPSRATORS WANTKn-WTTIl THK I R OWN SBVV. Ins machlnaa. lln nl hmdi cull m?ki> *1 ft.'t to $2 per day. Apply to W. Ro e, 16 .Mercer ?t.. near Canal. Shtrt hanm wantfd-at ?<iii uroaowat. to sew bv the pieee: the hi ?' e?i pr'ce paid; no one need apply unlesa ther cm ftn ab eiiKton er ali'rta No o aehlne. WANTKD? fiPANi.LKRS T'l WO?K ON Hl'OP aklrta. App y to Austin, Kelly k Co., at near factory, corner ol ad at. and 8th ave. WANTKD? A Rt' fiPfJt'TA Bl?'? OIRU TO TA^vE riinri f. or and drea twn^^hl dren an ! aa-fit In the e*ro o'lbw.. Appl? to Me. ?'?iirluiMun, .'113 llenry at., 8?utli Brook yn from I lo 3 o'clock P. V l?r ANTI'P? T?0 YOltvo l,Al>!Vs TO ATTF.NI> IN A Vr Kuloxn. Appl< at l?7 (? i*4 nil ?t. WANTKn? A OHItMAV (1 1 Rfj, WHO II M> K R ST A N PSi coeklnv. wn^hlntr An I ronlng " e'l : war- ? $15: iNo one Tor MouaeworK; wa ea tM. Apply at ItOti llenry at . Biooklm. WANTKD? A Y?rvO OIRL. TO DO ORN'RRAIi honaeworit. l'rol "at:int pr> 1'irred. Inquire at -til Went 117th hi., between 9 and 10 o'e ook. T\7 ANTKD? A CQI.ORKD OIRL, FOR OF.NK^Ij ?? housework: m iat t?e a so"d plnln rook, and ao<wl v aslier mid Ironer ; waj,'e<?S' Alan a little girl toiokeeara of ehiMren ; wa-reo fall at 3 A VVeat lSd at. thii day, be tween !? aad 12 o'c^n k. WA.NThD.-A WKT NDRHR. HI'.R RAPT T1IRKR ? eok, r,1d, wi' h ?? t n nur?lne of a b br In a re> n'-eli b'e 'a" il v. Cm 1 lor tlnne dave at 17 Waablnuton ?< reel, on *r.<. Ralpln. TTTAXT' D? A YOt'NO 01 HI. TO DO CM A MBKRWORK. VV from 11 to Ifl yea1-" of ii "apt# ?1 per week. Call In 2d nve.. between S tli and Slat ? t-. Ill AXTKD-A Ul RTi AS Nl'KSF. aNP TO Bh OPNK ift|er?ef' i* w ;tpe?i ^7. * pnp- In Sfitb at, near Lejc* Ii glon ii v . second <loor from ti e oil nr 'li. \\l ANTK"-A HOL'HK BHRVaNT AND A KUKdK. *? Api ly a< .'7 Wood halt *t., l!r<iokivn. WJ ANTF.H-IM WKHTATKl.Y. A YOUNG *? with <i 'ri'?h ' ri'*ai o tni'k In n eh id Ii d?va o'<!. One w Ihont en<: "iiibr ill pr ferred. App v at I'lp W??t 2-th >t . Iiei?e< n Mb and 'ih area. WANTKD? A WET NUKRF.. IO A RKSI'Kf'TA HI.? w?!ii, in ii g..od on IsoMcred. Apply <it 3(i Weat SI it ?t WANTKD IMMF.r>IATKI,r_A YOI'NO. HRALTH? <<?'< an ?? lb a I r>"h hr. a ?' of pilkipro1 e- reenm* mendailona r> (juireil Apply af .'I iti llenrv at , Hro <kl?n. TtFANTMl? A OtllL. FPOM IS TO 1.1 YKAIIH 'If A(?K. < ' to * h ee-ire <<r a ch Id and *<as|j<i in hou -ewi'rk. In quire at .'3 l ast Ha tic ?i.. Biookl; n. \\'ANTRH_T K OIR1..-J, -to TKND PAH: VT'-~T RF. '? it I looking, (inod aa arie* paid. Call for two days at <51 Hroo-iie at. WANTKM_A LADY TO IMHN T1IK ART OF co orine pl otou' np"'a. Alter twa weeka' ln?tri etlon of ope hour ner da? work wl 1 civen out or a .ilimliim procared. Call H7I3 Broadwav, room l'l G KONIOSBEltO. Wanted? i.adiih to j.fabn ail ok cdortnir p'-otocrapha. earte< <*e v ?ite hl<>Mr'eat land ?eapea and lower palrt' ><?. < mtea de visile and photo (tinnna enl red verv reason b'e. Apply at OT East 2ith at., corner of 4th are. IV ANTKD- A OHAMBRRMA1D AND WAITRK KS. OMR ?? whp un<le:aiaiida fine n-??l<lnj; and Iromni.' and la willing to iro into ti e r, .unity for the auT imur inontlm. may ap:>iv at 101 Weat Htli ?1. bet wean 9 and il A. M. 117 KT NUR3R. WANTED. A RHSPKi'TABM'. YOUNO tt wom-in. with a freth hrenat of mi'.k. ? Applr at I'll Henry St., tfro><kl> n m of the Matron, Lying in Asylum, 86 Marion at.. New York. WANTKD? A SlRONO OIRI#. TO DO OENKRAL houaework. App y ?t 3 ''i -sckeit at., Brooklyn. Wanti u? a touno lady ahtrulo<hpt to rrs. g <ce in a flrat r?ie paving bn?lne a with a > oung man. Phoiogiapli di aned a 'd one sent in reiurn. For furlh r pa' ticiii. ra adi!r< a, for two weeks, 11. C. M , lloi lima^a roat oflii-e, ( anada Kast. WANTRD-A PROTESTANT OtRL, TO OO A SHORT d stance in ihe country lo c<iok. wash and iron and to lake '-are of the mlU of two con-s. Uood wages pad. A : p> at i : Weat ll'th at. WANTPiri? \ WKT NUR.?K. WITH A KRKRH bre.'?t a' milk, to g? in ihe eonntrv. Apply at 12 F.ast 22<l a- between I ami 2 o' loo*, to da?. w w ANTED? A GOOD COOK. CALL. AT 145 KAHT 18th t L; an i Rd-gooi> operators on fink work ok Whe.-ler A Wi'a'Mi'e trarhia>><: ? an ?otna good pla n .jweraon llna work eo or to take wnr< homn ao.l so out; good enihroldere ? on llanna * an1 linen; nleo ? young gir to !f?rn the bualneea. App y at .'?78 Hroutwkjr. Wanted? a toung gibl, about m yt-:?rs <>i.n to make hareell generailt nwf'il in a private lamlly. App I at 04 ?aa( at ?>.. corurr 4ib ar. VV' ANTED? SEVERAL GOOD DKF.SSMAKfc.KS. AP TT p:y t<> Mr*. McK my. 713 Broadway, WANTRD? * GERMAN OIRL. TO COOK, WASH AND Iron for a family llv ng la llie eoontrv, a aliort di? lance i roin Ne? Yr>rk. In'iuire at 83 Orchard at, New York. ?r it 78 Woodhull it., Brooklyn. WANTED? \ NRAT. TIDY YOITNO WOMAN AS COOK, hba 'iiu?t c>ina wall raoomuanled from Her laat p ace Apply at.HH 5:h ??? . be' wren and th a- * WANTKB-A WP.T NURSK HiH AN INfAM" KMIIT l\ Wfta o'd . on* alUiug to anaiat in a amal lumll>. Apply at 6th a?e. WASTED-* GIRL TO DO GKNERAT, HOVRWOBK, ?? in a amal' family, wliero good waeea win he giyrn. Mn?t be a Aral ciaa*. r. ok. w-,ahar anil lr. nar. Apnl , with f O' >'l ?ily rrlfrni'-M, at Kft Fort Graaa pia.e, Brooklyn, Una day briwe-u in aim 12 o clock. U? ANTED? A CIUMMEBMaID, WaITREPS COnR, lanndro**. nm a# and ?eniuaticia, l?r a flrM aaa pru ?ate famll*, t? hw paya good wacaa Anpy at No. 7 Weill h at . hetwaaa Broadway and unlvaratty pair. froioSto 4 o'clock. WANTED? A Otitic FOB GENKRA L ROCSEWOBR; alao a girl forchainberwork and to aaaiat in lak'iig oara of chl dren; IVotaaianta pref-ired. Apply, altar 10 A M , at *74 Waat ad at.. 'ee??d door eaat of nth are. WANTED?A MEAT AND TIDT OIBL AS CIIA MBKB maid and tanndreaa. In a amail family ; mii?t he an aioal ent w*e>ier and Ironar ?nd hay i;i?4 city refaran.-e Api< ? at 2.' VV- at 3.1k at., between .*>th and dih avaa Pro teaiaat preferred. <W| GOOD. EXPKBlAOEO CLOAK HANDS" WANT wO ed. nnn? ..Uiara n-e.l <.pil , alae a good operator no Oroeer A Hakrr'? aew ? a marl.ine, at the new 0 oak etore, Cohen A Mrara, 49V RrOadwaf. HELP WASTE..)? JI VI.KS. A0FNT4 CAN MARB |l? IN A FEW HO UBS SELL' NO our great n?w and wonderful aura large aire 4'r i ? Package.. $ s prr .lay guaranteed K vary dollar Inea ied more inan dmib a<1. A ap .-od d aoltd gol.f or ailver levar wa'rb presented fi w loeac'.i a?ant. 8-i art in*'. >< aa'a I 10 eatabllah BtfenHea n a?er- town and t l!a?e. County rl?hta fri"? Half tinmrnae: de ?ian I incraaalo^ R??r> tvxl bn?a tliam H.-n'l for mirsreai eirrmar for l*?t, eogtaln ng ?ttr? naw pra'Ol im >1 lnrein?at?, frra s. C RK'K*K'>-4 A CO.. l< U Na?<au ?tr" l, Naw York or,gn>al, lar^aat aad oidaat prl?a parka e . on r in tha worM. . OBBrit waKtrd A TO BE IX TUB MEW >! r A M P DUTIES. ACTIVB MEN OAN M ARB TBN DOLLARS PRR OAT. MACOT A HRBWTO, titatlonara. Mi and 114 Broadway, AT TIIK OOMMFRCtAt. AOBS T, M7,H AND 119 Hr alvra , an .* I to .lay a o an U? 10 Hurani a ab'pp'nrf and aa'.ri ? i. >lm( e'erk hi cert. h.r.l waH aaleaiMii. hi r ?l r?n 1 . tor. .. ?? taM IWkf ?r rfrt m iinaiii 4uii store lurnU. iakil> an ha.., k< ? i>?r, hotal rlirk , k.i t i.or'. f >a alint t|.ma prn ta day for n*ai>?*tah a m?n. ray %e hBd by railing aaply, Tliaa.ial' llahment. n n,1 " tr.t '? r t'ie (air oia a 01 ma., lianta, it In ao way eoanrrtad with lata l<rao<w Oillrea OSCAB A CO. AOhMTtf WANTED BVBBTWHERM. BBW 1 OF K AOFNCT, Vanl -v NAS4AI' hlHi *1, bt-W TOBK. At tub mv?<'4*tii m aoenct? wavtrd t<> <lay. iray?i lug a^aot, booakreimi. a'l.^taut 'Miokkeetfc ar. ahlp. ina e ark. liati-t olark. dry gW aalaarnaa dri.g clarl,, (iiinliuie aalaaaiaa, . aaktor, r?,a luctnt, wa i?r?. 10 man for i r? K?lf? *f Olhar ulnat my o1>an thai r?n i>a aaau by aailing at m.t of>aa Maralxnta aaJ othara aupp led with ni? lie it. f.f all Vlnde fre? of claig" O. MOkUOMAUT A CU , M* Hroadwr.v, room No. 4 up a'alra All who ctiooaR can ma*e w frob 2n rpvt?i anmatn m urnenil* ae?da?i 0 . #rarv (amity. ?'al) a aianiln- ai tlie at'nplaa aant I aa h. mail. fnrJtieee'C t r*tai .<,? t y R. u WU1COTT. I.'l> Ofcatham aq'i? Nrw York. A*1 ? r \B TKD - * T 4IA r A ?" " ??-,? Mg'bu?if> c y fl\l o> A A B R HKIP WAfTTO-BlIiES. RTPS'AN WKLL8 -WANTED AN ARTESIAN WKLL lior.T. AUdrna- mm 4,137 Poat olhoB. ArouMi m*n w anted? fob a wbolbbale groteri dor*. * 'o m mail far a commlaaioo -tore an<l ? man for iitihi porter . alto, a man for a liquor atora and a man lor a dry goo.i. ai,.r?. Apply hi W. Luumd. 11 Cham be r? ?(., floor. An active nor wantkd-balart first tbar ? 130. Apply u? Jmaa A. Hearu A Son. 775 Broadway. A BOY WANTKD-BKTWBEM THE AOE OP 17 OB 10 year*. v. hw on ?r>li a good Band and ran coma well recommended; he mux board with hi* emu aver. JACOB L. CHILLI PH. 90 Catharine at ANUMBKR OP MRN WANTED TO-UAT-TO 00 A abort rli?tan, r In lha eouatrv la workoa a farm. Tti <> ? lately I ndel in t e country would da Appli W RAY MOND'S. HI Bleecker *t SMART. INDUSTRIOUS MAN WANTED, WHO . _ tnorougbly nad-rata da the liab ao-1 oj?t<r buslneaa ?no who c*n g ?? the be*t referem -e aa io capacity and character. A| ply curuar of Court .md Union all., liri oklyn. A BOY WANTKO? WBU HAS SKEVRD BOMB TIME at ili- pluublog and (aa titling, at 332 Greenwich at , ooriicr of J ay. ACM06 WAITBK WANTKD-IN A KErtTAl RAN 1\ lie inuit ipcaa Knjilmti and French. P. FAIV'KB. 122 William at. BOYWANTKD-IN an IN8UBANCB OfKICB. AD die * box 2.U3U Po*t OIL e, n tlio handwriting of the applicant. OY W A NTT'D? AT BROADWAY, TO RT'.V ER ran l* nnil work about the Boy wantkd-(00lorbd boy prkfi.rrkd) to run errand*. Ac ; mint tome ? ell recommended. In uiilm nt 2u VVe-t litili at , between 10 o'clock A. U. and I . 0 clock 1'. M. OY WANTHD-1N THE APPRENTICES' LIBRARY. 17'.' Hmn wav. One about 14 >?m'? of age. wno l? ar. ? iu timed w l>< bono. vv I t"H a aood band and liven with bia p.? ent*. fall b? tweon 10 and 12 A. M. Boy wantbd?a foy, about 17 years of aor. in the ollme of tna I'eop.o'a Laundry, onn who haa been in 11 laundry preferred. Apply at 131 Bleecker at, In the baaeinriit Roy wantpd.-a German boy about 15 years of nue. who can apeak lini;li-h. reside* with l it par-ute mil can c mn we:| recommended for Ixuie-sty and ?t"ad/ ha ? is nil And a good situation Hunt work, and iiteady am pioyracnt. 'jy applying at (4 Division at. 7>OY WaNTKD-IN A STORE DOWN TOWN: AN AC 1 > t v?, Intel litem lad, about 1 1 or 17 year* o d, who Uvea with hi* pareni*. Address box 3,160 Poat^jfllce. Boy WANTPD-IN A COFFEE ESTABLISHMENT; one iv nil mini-. littWi ey penance preferred; wage* S3 prr wi'|'? A|ipl at ISO Keadu It. / CANVAS ERS CAN MAKE PROM f*l TO SV) A WEEK \> by i-p Imu the ?iOetidld cotrred iKirtrait . of the new Arrhlin-bop 01 No* ^ or O c* of Metro ol Uo Record, 4 1 y Bioudoay, comer mI Canal ntreet. pi.ERK WW'TKD-TO MAKE HIMSELF OPNERAL. ? ' ly naeful In a prmung olllce; one with previous ?\pp r en e in p Hit 113 stationery bimineHi preferred. A bmit working youne n an coricct at ligi ren, with ^ood city reler e ? 1 nv ?ildre??. statlnc e>pnrl?nce and pay eijieetad, Coiiutlnu Room, box loo |Tlpl||ftKR AM) UOKtJON PKKB8 FXBDBBB WANT cd-At P. McK ro ;k. 1 1 3 N.imuu st. DRt'O CLKI'K WANTED? TN A FtidVlUSRI.VO torn on Lons Ig'and. One well qualliieil and havine t;ood tefen nci d may addiesi J. D L., box 1.337 N'iW Yo. k l'o*t oil c(>. DRI") CLRRK WANTKD? A YOCSTO MAN WHO ill >rou.:lily undei ?t?nila lb" prescription busmesn and ch>i r .ri.wli elty ref#rence. Address Drug Clerk, box 135 tier ild oltico. EMIT.oyvknt. -A COBJFBTBBT BAJJ WANTED as deliverer or country agent. Apply at 27 Bcekman it , on thud our. CTVI BY CI.KRK WAN TKO-A YOl'NO MAM. Ol'HUMR I'J " lei'ii-nr" iu New York; m at bo <|iii."< artlve, wi ling *nd an American None mhev need apply alier 4 o'clock, to beniaa. liariiox * Co., 21 Park iuw L'Alt.V HANDS WANTPD-Tl) OO A SHORT D1S " t nee lii the conutry ; v a e< 820 to $ II ner ?> ontli a? I tonii i, A ro viiii ie. I, men lute y i^iiU-d. tupl) al tbu larg? fcmp oym. nt Hou?e, corner tub ?? an I 11th st. Ml. N W A B T T, D? A S HOSPTTaL NOUSES: WAOFS I tier month and found. Also tiiree dr 1 ^ cts u an 10. 1. A 1 opportun y uno |ti?li,,d to ohtiln sten ly eiiiplnvini nt and a good ho m:. Apply at Employ men t lioiiio;, corner btb av. a d 11th at. rflTOORtPHERS' ROY W '. VTEIl MiOUT 11 y gr?; $' in uo.d per week, or $ti u Loole Al.?' ? nm-n curn u i : one w in ha* wnrvod Iu a i^allerv pfiiferr *d An |n coiner of tioutli 7th and Wt *ti., Wl.lmiuMburg, third Boar 'PIT, UNION Ml TUaL LIFE INaUBANCB cOMPANI I Ii rector*' oTo", 1 oetoii, will etaptiiT active biulnear men aaii|;fn'- in th 1 an I o' icr tita:ea. App.y ut tbclr Se# \ or< ?>I1I ii IS. RriMdivav. H It EE ooor) WA1TP.RS W *NTET>? APPLY AT Lambe>'l A lntica' Dining Saloon, 01)5 and jfli ISiuad 0 T \v ANTKn ? IVMRDIATKT.Y, MKN WHO WISH TO VV p.ake fr>io $- >10 >50 tier day by A uiAii Inveatmont, from t'i 11 10 $'lt)il. lmport mi new Invention. ,u?t recelvel. ? ? real opp n 1 un t? to make uiouey. eubnr by traveiiiu^ or Imatlng in city orcouotrv. HOWARD TILHBK. C01J Broadway, II'ANTKD-A STOl'T BOY, ABOUT 16 YEARS OLD, Vf H'.tuewhat use i tu the care of borne*, bt Wiizjpna' I'o tei. (.reenfe d Coney Inland road, l.nnc lalnnd. (;nu"-jr 1 aland car* from Puliiia furryevmy lifter u niuitite.< to tlie door. W'ANTKD? A YOUNO OERMAN TO LEARN DEN*. Vt tj?try ; a good oppoi tunlty for onn who want* to become t, ore video no will retrain for a mircient time. Appa at 231) oth ar. Ur ANThl)? IN AN INNURAVCE OFFICE, A R*ART, ntel Lent boy. about U or Iflyearatif age, who reaidea with his parent*. Address, in handwriting; or appluaut, Inaurance I ox 2 961 I'oat office, W ANTEII ? IN AN ESTABLISH KD BANCFACTCBINO ?? b is'uef* an enertetic young man to take rharue of the bo..k*. ' rllvery m ^ooda, Ma . and who can loan hla em ployer from S'lHi to S.Vmiil ob undoubted aocurlty. Addrei* H. C 11.. box M'J Herald oitice. WANTKD-PLA1N PARMKR AND GARDENER, TO oe my hoo?e and board hand*. Addre^*. a'a lng term* and relereocra, box l.lfK) New York Poit otlica. ll'ANThD? AT TH B NEW YOBK AND RKOOKI.YN VV hiea aaw mi l. fi?o good men to drive team; inuat 1 e ???hl in ttin bu*lr,eaa; nine oilier* need ft|.pK Call at H e oltlre, on M at., Uoxauua .ana;, Hr<Mikl>u, from 9 to U O'clock. A. M. ? Xli ANTKD? TOWN AND COUNTRY TRAVELLERS IN VV ihe loK.k bustneaa: rneriiellc and ln'.*i i5> ui men <nn obtain permanent and lucrative employment. Addreat W. P. U . box 2. .1/4 Jiew York t'oat olhoP. WaNTKI)? A BTOU T BOY OR YOUNC. MAN. TO 'a r earn of lioraea ano'tnake himielf genera If uinful In tne butcher buaiacaa. Apply to P. A. Laoca hire, butch er. Aaiorla, I.. I. WAN FP-A MAN To WOBK IN A RESTAURANT; I ne m o nnrtera anda opening oy?tor*. and tborou jhl / unilernian N tue tuinines in nil it* branuliei Ap| .y at tua corner ol ;tt>t 1 at. and Broadway. WANTED? l* A RV.TaIL DRY GOOD* STORK , A ?lout hoy. to do the porter wark and *?*i?t b'nin J ibe Sonnter Appl> at the "orner of 3 - 11? M. an?l Uti av. WANTEf-A BOY. TO OPI'.N OYSTRRS A NT* WAIT on t?ole; ai?o a girl f" r hiniaework. Apply m ..67 Bnwerr, in t e rtnlinrtfl after it A. U. WANTED? A PROTEST ANT MAN -MARRtKD\ lVim out citildren !<? ?' t.a? porter and no mr Apply. lit tween y and 10 A. M.. ?t 07 l.icbanoa place, up atalra Flrat ?Ims hmmmi HMlrit WANTKD? AT I'BION PLACE HOTEL. CORNER OK Broadway ana 1 lib at., ? waller who speaks t>( aaiab. WANTED? AN RHUaND BOY, BETWEEN 14 AND 16 ear* of age. in a printing oAae. at a mod'-'kln t?lar ; muni bring nood refetec' ei. Apply at room .No i 110 nd 1 IE ? ka aau at. ' ^ , * WANTKD? t STB ADT MAN TO MASK ICR CUR AM, je te?. Ac ; on*1 wholacupahle ot Uktnc cba-g'' of that department. Apply at 17. A auuc at., corner nf. Clin ton, Brooklyn. WAS rKP-KOR TUB NFW (>R[,RA?iS CON1 IflBBlE da lOpen. a chief p?atry toHl Mrmim ot ?:tu?tioa. and aa nry. $78 per month, Increased in wint?r. with gaol board. ? WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A iALF.SM AN. FOR A it i cla*? retail c othlng bttainesa m Hti aln, In^u ro ?l M l'b?ib?ra at., between v and 12 o elook A. M. WANTED. -TOUNO MEN W1NHINO TO <IO SR A v >v?kc? to *11 parts oi the w> rl I u ailing ainps an I ?t?ani?r? il*) iiifii aniiM for whiiin; r<itn;;e? and jh^ n>vi App v to RaNDa'-L A COUHTNKk, comer of Uhaimbera and Wf?t "ii"*, up aUira. WANTED-AN ACTIVE WAN. TO DPTTK A WAGON and keep ?lait> e gccoi nta ana ac<i>iAin;ed wltb Brooklyn. Ad.lres* Lex. Iierald odlce. VI' ANTI D-IN A RTORP. on BROADWAY. A YOITNO ?? mm, rroin i6 to a yean of ?ge to < ?rr? am bnti d>/?n l do general itota work. Addrea* Powell, Herald office. ? U'ANfRD-A MAN TO 1AKF. OH A ROB OF A PAt'K. Tl ing hot lactnry. To ? nan olio M.or.iubl? 'in l?r ate-.d? h ? buxar-s good wagea will be p?M an I mt mhere ne. d apply . aleo .* n.?> 1 ?aw t-r?. Apply to 1 II. liurlcy A (??.. Ilth a?.. between JUth and AHh *u , we?\ ?idi>. 1* ANTMD? A~ r.OOD WAITKR. AI'PLY AT TDR ?? *i??erle? RraUirant, 697 Broadway, corner of lt!i ?t. W ANTKD-A 8TBONU AND ACTIVE VOUBQ * \N. to put*Nee?? I* t?een h'vrila for pr'??lng. wa^aa |) par woe*. Apply at Ji? Me rear aL, no auira. WABTI !>_ tw o OR THE) E I OOfi ?QfLlO U t kn tbe printing tna ngaa; n<'i * l-goffood rharai trr and rt'^ldc wiih tbtirj airbta. Addiew I rati", Heia <1 oilite, \Y ANT*D-A SMART BOY, IA TO IS YRAR? ?)LP. TO '? n aka i imaoii n*>'fnl In a elMhl?g (tore A|<p!y to v hlic A Long tan. 61 Kmton at. U'r?N'TKD-A BOOEEHBPER FOB a HOTKL ON THE Hnmpwan plan. Apply at Mbt?h? II ju a. Lb Hr * !? ?ay. WANTKO-A EOT. ABOUT 16 OR 17 YRABS OF ?Y a ?, w a'lenii In a grocery more, nin?' ha?e aon-? kn Twledee Of ihe bo meaa, and eomo well recoiameaded. A i?r ? "t Ml "d ?*. \\J ANTRH? A EOT, AB'ltJT J? OB 1* TfABS OLD, f * to ?it?nd * Innch bar ana m na him?elf generally ti ef I App y a| the Niulh Atm-n ilotal, ooruer ot Vth av. and M. hat. IVANTED-A PBRSOE to ATTKND OB AN INYA ?? lid. Ha maat be -tmng and actlre. and willing to nar* nlmMir generally urafnL Uood reieraoc- ra uirad. Call at ?i Kaat mil ?t. rar two 4ata, front 10 Mil ? T. M. ?l AWfRO-AB EXFiEIENrEf) PRY OOODN BALES ?' man igaud cite ra erwaoa ra<iatirwd>. a^t i . I.t *'A*TKi>? A OOUU WAlTlE APPtV l>e. ai * M \N, ?'aPaBIA to TABF. CDaROR hi r fa miy Hqnnr m i t \nwrtruca a 1'Ueat Eu?e*tU Hi W U?raM oJtce, HUV WAIUO-M1LEI. WANTED- A YOPRO MAP. TO MA KB PI HEM AND help geueralH In tho kitchen. Apply attUeWaver ley Restaurant, 6tt7 Broadway, corner or 4th it. WANTED- AN INTELLIU RNT BOY WHO WRITES vary Well, resides with his parent* and can bring ran t written re<oimneud.?u >bs; ??iar/ Brai jear $l"?6, pa/able weekly Call txkwi . fi 7 ?U(i 9 o'clock A. M. only, un VVm B. Ueywatd. ISO Bruaflw tf. WANTKD - V MAW Of ENOWR AHUn. TO TAKE tii" supertuteodeui* of ? ilrst class bote. up town; not who can come well reeoinmen led for capacity will find ? good plaoe. For particulars address Herald oti:r?. WANTED- AT 1 1 1 H I N IT HI) KTArFS NAVAL SHir I'Iok office, seamen, firemen, r/i?lra.,.r, inn^n^o, for one. two ei three years: bounty JiAl. We will nay the persou bringing a recruit lo thl* utile# $'6. u slip. ,...r WW trad km. rpo MERCHANT TAII.OBi3.-A CUTTiSR, OF SIX J. veara' upeiwnee on custom wmk. oo.t. pre'erieit, is wliltnu locbsntW! his situation; m a Oermau. apeak* Kng I -h we. I, and an, I c. cm I- reucb fur business purposes; umi of II row 1 *? v reference ! m hla ClIWAt Ad. ire ia tut three I'.ays U. K. O.. ?U'iou it, b. !?# lion e, TO CUTTERS. -WANTED, A GOOD CI'TTBR, TUB one of the tirst houses in a We. tern oily. Aj'p.y lo Wm. OleiiaroHS 2I'J Broadway. nr ANTED? KILE CI ITER*. AT THK CLEVELAND Vr Kiln tfori.*, Cleveland, Ohio: two bastard cutters; t;>o two to cut rulllaawa, lawfileii and smooth work. Ihn highest prlcea paid im! full work guaranteed. To marred men the above Is a good opportunity to avail tbeuiaelves of cheap*, 1 vitia than the liant affords, the same wages realised. Address .Inhn Parkin, File Work*. Cleve.and, O. WIKK TEMPERERS WANTED.? FIVB 'JOOD WIKR temperers wanted, t"|whom Rood wages ami stemlv einplo.vnit.uii will be givuii. Apply at Cery Wire Works, 14J Went jlStli *t. WANTED? A KIB8T RATE BAKRH. APPLY AT COR ucr Fulton and Carlton av?.. Brooklyn. WANTED-IRON MOULDERS, TO WORK BT THE ?? place or day. Plece.worK i <?> fr m $3 to $n per da<\ Applv it the foundry lu W iiKjo d. or lo W. 11. lt*> tnuuii A Co., 348 Pearl at. A ft CARPENTERS OR FKAMKKS W ANTED ? AT THE rtU foot of 1 4th ?t.. North river; $X houe but guo<l woikmen wanted, with tfuud framing toula. COAL. I AM DELIVT- RINtJ PKIMR 11KD ASH AND LEI1IOII Coftl? ?'OVe, ranee ir?.:e and fnrnane ? at $12 [jcr ton; Iwie out, $10 Orders bv p '?t l'tlled rrumpttr. t HuM AS H rOK KH, Corner of Thirty -*r cond struct uud Tt iitli ut cone, WOOD WOOD.? THE BK8T QUALITIES OF PINP. Oiik .md Hickory Wood for ?nle. 'n tfi- corit ur earso, ai the lu*e"t roarket prlena. ROWLAND .4 CO., ISeuuii l avuuue, between Thirty tilth and Thirly- iith alreeta AIBSOrOAlj. AFFLfCTRD RESTORED!? I't NOR \N' R E V I'OSED! ? F?i aci'-H Unma ki-il ? lli^h v Imnorunt to bull <?*<? . married or ? id health or di evw.? Dr LAIiMi'NT'S I'll il?, L-indon .111,1 New York .Medic.i! A 'VHeraud Wa rin ? Uuide OMIth editiun. t U puitei I n ulu?triitl >a? i, 'i|ion Ue hi ity, BUdJir and Kldneya, thi; autltoi'.- unetiuitllrd l'a,'ia an I London trei.tmrin, Ac All ahonld pnrchaca th a Work of B. WARNER. No. I Waey atrii-t, for $1, or uon?ult fie Doctor, 173 Brnailway. up utaira N?w York froui 10 a. M. to ."i P. M "Wo cnni'iir with otli-r p*per- In re<- iniraenillnK Dr. Lurmoiit an 1 hie work.' ?Con rier den EUt? I n ?. <:? r nmn lie Reiurai, Dispatch, Sta:u? /.eiluuK, Atiai, Medical Review. Ao. 4 CAltD TO THE LADIKS ? OFIABLEB LUl'.R, M. D., 1\ Profe**'.r i f Obn etrhs and Surgerr, and ?> ,*rl7;* or *uecn?-ful pra lice In tins citv, guaiunti ?<i> potllivo cure to anv ndy requiring ipeclsl medical or Mirfil ?i tru itmi'iit In twenty-four hours' limo no mutier lmw i unip'lr?ted the C? ?o may bo. Can ba < naulted at i s old i itaMlahed rM vnte fifllc", 6I4*< Broadwav. and wli"r? hid nen r fanl^g fenia'e 'neilhiltic* lie obtained, or aent by leitor to any part nt ihe united St ites; prion $\ N B.? The Doctor turn ulutrani r. o'ns find Hie t>?Jt aecoininod.itlons and attendance In 'he cltv for patients who wish to enmain dui tntf treat ment. A u ' ttmuii'iratlons sfrtetly coulldoot al. At borne all huara o' t'.ie day and evening. ADVICE TO MARR1KD LADIES.? MAD VM3 RR3 l\ TbLU lrmale Phyi' lan mut I r vr of vi ; . . ... ' t ? ? i- v. can ' e eoaaii ??? I IS unial at H1J Cbttmhem t *eet. But uti? Interview will lie uccei?Hary Noot ir - iur ufiv He.r In fallible ni'vlicinus ?n f '?o olii ii#'"d a; 12" . Liberty Ktri'ft, or h.t tn iil ; prU '' f '. LudktH whi lieairr. board atrl the beiit medlt'iil atteiidai.' e during lOOfinement ran h? nci eom'i o I ii"l. Her Fronc'i Pills No I price $1 a Imt. r No 2, WMch are fiittr di?i?re?a etroniree 'han No. I, nnrt ran never ii>l aro mif.* ami healtli.v ; pi i..' $1 a 1? ix ('an h.> nent liy mni! with foil .lirerfiona N P.? Valame Re ite 1 deunfl# It her duty toeaulion laili"? ncain'i I miiators of her udvnr ?i -e -nentg, ?iho not only rob tbem of t'.inr mean?. but ti.i-tr b>' ilth. a DVICE TO Til K AtVLICTIiD.? MADAME LB5 A PaRD'S Female PHU ar" the onl? medicine ladles can depend < u v th anion and certainty ?,a:i Iw hsntbv mat!. N. fi ? Ladies who desire to H\'.t:l thciiee.-vca of M ulame Iteniiard s valm tbie. aenMn and sH.'e ru d ? ot tr ?tui?nt mn it i mi nt on- liuorwbw Itelief wiirranted in 24 lioui i. P.e-i deo'e I ii Sutli avenue, nppo >!"? I'. I;*ht ii street. Lndlea taken di r.u^ eun:lnjrtieut. wltti the. beat medic tl a'teudanre I DVICE TO LADIES? THE I RU \'I> IN "RED. DR }\ I'OU liR.i, - I Franklin street, the never fallliut doctor An Ions futieiiU alio i I Immediately ii e lii? Prencli Dro|.? Sure relief (Mrntilesd In twanty four hour-. Ileware of im lationa. A CARD TO LAIIILS.? DR. POWERS. ? I RANKLIN street, waiTanta sp. e ly re'lef In n'l dru. nines, whether reti'iiriu^ medical or fiirjjlca'. Irealiiiinl. Couiimtnii ..tljus saeiedlv ronfldentlal. t'onmUatlou qratl al all hour". BE WIH K IN TIME? REMEMBER THE SERE PLACE fur a apeady wire without mercury; unlortunate* w.ll And it to tlirir advantage. Dr, W VRITH old eatiibllshed ofllen, 61 l ranltlin atreei. Advice free anu small ubsrga lor medlnnea. o i ION FIDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS AS USUAL AT l?r. II A. BARROW'S. I; 4 street, between Mai;dou;ai an4 t'oit?Ko pUco, N. Y. CIONSI'LT DR. W ARD. 01 FRANKLIN STREET FKOM J the hospitals of L>ndon. i.lie discoverer of 'he ouly re liable rcmediea tor.discaaes uf a private cbaraeler. Dk. watson. an old and experienced prao titioner, it enabled to guarantee a on re In alt cnaes. by aafe re/nedii'f anil without change uf diet or reairlittiott from business. Dr Walton's book, the "Cenae and Cure." Illual rated ihrouithnui. by anatomical plates, Ac., contains valuable Information for such as are Stifleilng from el'her dUeaaeor rtelilllty, or who contemidito mairlage. Price $1 Sold by Miller A Co., Po?t olilce. BroalwaT. and by the author, i>30 Broadway. Qeit u'oeit above the Metro politan Hotel. Dr. cobbbtt no 20 centre ITtRT. betweev Chamber' and Rearic streets, cun be eoiisuited with confidence on diseases of h private c'oara t?r~ A pract'ee of thirty. four jeara. three ?f which have been in the h 'spitala of New York and Loudoii. eoablea him t?' treat with a'io ce>s nervoua and peneral debility. Ibo vicilms of in. n ean cnl ou h m with the errlatnt ol being ra llcallv cured, or no charge. N. B.? 'Bee Dr. C *a diplomas in Ilia olllce. aa member of the New Vork University Medical Col lege and College of Burgeons. London. UR. COOPER. 14 DUANR STREET. MAY BR CON suited on till Tliirti years eacl tsively de vote! to dt esse < enables him to warrant a cur- In all easea. t-'te vietimaot mlaplaeed r.inndenoe li? u.cdual preteudere ? an call wi'h a certainty of being radically cured or no pay. DR TALBOTTK, 21 WHITE STREKT. NEW YORK, rau be conaulie.i fiee. enbet lo (lersou -.r by letter, jn dl -eases of a piivste natnre. deldlHy. Ias?ltiide, lnd<Kcaiioo, pervoii- tiehS and all di mses ariaing I nun eiceas. Dr Tal b" 'e b'lng a lesulai graduate, jtid having bad a number of vears' enperleooe, both hoap'tal and prlvat" will - laraiitue a safe end -leedvrure. Mcdi< Ines aeni seeurr frem prying obaervatio.i. All cotnmtinwuueiis strictly ron&dr.ntiai. DR. POWBKS. 81 FBANKLIN STREET. CAN BR CON soiled gratia, wi Ii un parallel. 1 aneceaa. on all fem?la eemplaiata. His Periodical Dr .pr $2 per bottle, aipressiy for obstinate cases. Beware uf Imitat'ona. DR. I.RINDLK, r'KM ALE PHYSICIAN' AND AO eoucher. No ? Atoiif place three d mralrom Amdr street mak' a It his i>i>e<' al praoilce to treat all female couii'laliits, from whatever eauee predneed. Is sure to give relief to tiie anxious patlrnt in twenty four hours. Elegant rooms for ladies result ?> tg nursing. DO?TOB RALPH. AUTHOR or THE PRIVATE TREA tiae, Ac, "0 Amltv street.? Tl use who apuiy In the earh stage or dl-ease will be m fprlsed a' <he ea?e and rapidity o the cure. TU'Me. ho vrver, who have sufleied long will best ai<prec ate his services. Dr. wests monthly tonic-tiie orkat ve maie regnlatur. Beuef cernln In Twenty four hears. Office 27 liuane street, corner of Cl y Ha l plaoe. DYHKM ERY, CHRONIC DIAKRH'KA. AM) OTHER dla rilera .if the stomach cured by the I'llla aud Tonic I'liwde sol' Dr. o:ea Here no. 1 1> se I'l la are 0'ip? ed ex clus ve'y of vegetable* Indt .*enou? to Peru. We nan pred1 <:e abundaal rnr ltioatea of uumeroua peraitiS cnretl by tlie u, a I we are wtl tn.r to submit to 'he oli rn s of 'no oure. no ray, ' so uerialn are we of their etlica -j . One ooi is a ? ta eteni. Anpyto or address L. B Mentllls, 20>< Broadway, room No. 6. (1U?>D NKW8. ? YOUKU MANS FKrEVI). DR. T W AHD'B S; eel," ? and l'i*r?ntlve e'ire* t'ie ? or?t en*#*, w mnr-'iry <irvhan?o of diet W arl ? Magical liirirf" ratltv l*ll!a, ti per package Alum cut* whera manhood ha lutn . i>i>m ' HfNl>r.!'.i?S AKR KI'INKU BKYONIl KF.1IFMPTION mthniif* by not ralltng on Or in s i fen ?t ttrnt , h* b*? for thirty var- cnnim?il in atlentlou to Ji Mm *1 a rer'ain rl*?!i. in will, h he ha* rtlml n > In* than fi'ty thou aandetae* HI* remedta* are mild, and tll'ira n no intrr rupUon in bu-lrraa or ch*nn?i of dfc' l>r Huuler l? la rmotiuit ater: .lance (nni 8 In tU- mormon tint 1 III hi nli ht. r vi> k ? "II oflhe. No. 3 I> rl* on mr?rl. i barge* moderate an'l e <-iir? ui.irantee 1 Separate ivn >?, to thai 'tis u*u?n* **a* no oim but (!?<? Doctor hl-n??ir. H wonderf.Mmedlenl dia. <vir- *< emm tll? ? a"* nhen r-.olar treatment ?n-l all other ra#vr li?? fail: eu ea withnit dleMnj* or r e?tr e< dn In l'>e It ib t* of the (Mllcni; riwea 'without lb* ill*ju*t ik' an I I iV'ti '>H ? of a'l other rr ? I : c i r?v hi nrw saw In !#??. than a I hmira rurea without the d>oa> fill ? '>0 ik-IHi a' eff"d* .if :nerc'iry. and P'M?r?**> ti.e (X' iiiarlr raluaMe | i 'Tly or aanll :'a ng tht rank *r. 1 i'gi?rn ma I l> ni that lu?* h^.nl la aura lo ah orl> anlcaa h a ri'inM I* u??.t. Thl* I* whM b<* rla ira for 11. and what n? other wi . ar. nrn 'I'?>1. It la one do lar a Tl.ii. ?v "h a dl< a! * >rk on "Human Prallly, N*rvuu* l>*l llii> La."!'/ 1 mH- rctlvii," and con-ultnllon gratia. Manhood and tiib vioobof *o: ra rkhtorkd I in four ?rrk< l>? I ?r. KI< iiRI>S K?*eiite of Life. Thl* Wonderful >urnt nit; raaiorr manhood to bem >*t ?hatiera ! conail''il>i<na arl ethet ariafn* frt n eirr- ?<?*. >*ir aba*", lhaedeeia of Imate r ai'?n evuea The llm? rr liirr.l |n rttre 'he m t lnvei-rate '-*?? h fonr we. <a. Fa i It re l*lmt>o**IMe. I?r. K.oard'd M**trr of l.lfe la ?>l I In r**-a. '> ih it ".'i i'iiif'T n?<". for $.?, or four qnaotit i ? In unr f>r $!' S?m?. careftil'f parlf<j n? re?i|ii i>f i?mh Ian e, hr liia i rr?<t ted aneni, I 'rrniar ??nl frreen reieipt of iour a'tvra Pit t l<l I' K<M?A N f? No H7 llM'iut itrntu L\e>v Vor?. uiir door ?>? l of Hroa iwar. Mhaoamk iiRiNiVr.n', fkvtai.i Fiir jiiTci a"n ko.*? Am t? plare, three da ^a Onm Amlltr ?tr??k, ran be piinanlt" I rin a I illaea?ft ol i?ma|r? IJrr m? llrlne ara atfe and rertatn O^naen ent room a for India* who d*nr* i?r* and intdical atletidabi? durisg conllnemenl. /Vfclt n:< HEATH. 1-TI BROADW AV, CAN Bh fOS " en'le 1 Oa all 'flaeta** Ilia mnnthVf ra?m* l|ra ntrer f?' I are >ure to (It* ir.lef to tbe muoi ?n a a In lea* than iwmtr lour bunra. Offlce or*n from ?t.i H. Prime r*oni* ATTRR1ID rOKHTlTOTIONB IIR?T(?RF.D RT THR iT* cnar?ni*?d, I)r. Powar*' R**enra of Mfe^f. 9oe4l Franklin *lr*#t? la lea* time than anr ntbar medieina. All thoaa contampifcUng marriage ahojld t*k? thla Ufa e? ?unai rwieiy. THOtNAND* ARR BODT1.T R (M II K It BY R( T OOH ?tilling Dr. WARD, ?l Franklin atr??t. Ward'a ape. elfloa. withsul a aartlole of merrnrr. ara the aalf r* media* whir* nmn woaaaafudr raot out thoaa dl**aaM> THK AFFLICTK.D wiu, FINIi HI'KP.ur AND CRB tam rallef ?* ral'lng on f?r. WKST. If Dti*ne (treat, wHera l her Will nnd a trua friend and mmi?ieni ad'l'er r> QliflRT or MAjr IS HTIIF.NUTII-THKR8I >RM the nerao'ta ao1 dantlit^I'Ml ah?ali|lmme>1Ut<iv <i*e ()r. FOtFRRM' InaUiretln/ Raaenr* o t lyfe. Otall Frankllo airctk A v*rnMaaai rure I* igankWi ?vnotb A MAO 5 wet ST ROSB't ' ? O iT" ' iT* <7ko*TB %jR wl' -tiutl Jf'*'. far | i\ ii o urtlng 6 i ,,,,1 r. v tsr; Par'or Suits, co?i ?4fV far frai Kiajrrn- Ulnars. fxU Id||, Hr-ui es hta mrt, Ch-mltrr Kuiolt rs, m use aewm mouths. to be so d at a a-'-rif "a lo,uiia at Hi rut Te-euty Ih rd street, urar Mxth aveuus. A SPLEBOID PIANO POR $275 ? 0 t ? BARMORK, A tnanufaetorars. WJ B>?- tker -iratL *? ' inlMn lirat pr^se medals: wairsnie't for lira tears; wlibeui etc phon tbe best piano male , testimonials fr jw must dut.ngu.sued IrtUU AMAONIPICBNT 7 OCTAVE ro-ewooo PUItO. for n tor ??>? At a great I srgaln for cash; ha* full Iron frame, overstrnnr mi. touud corner" swtat and powerful lone rl hly carved case aau iegs. Mo. Apply at ? Al en iti-eti, near 0.ina! street. At a oitKAt sicurrrcB-Hi-vK* octatb robb wood. overstrung haaa Piano: w t ail months aco, (Mt. Price fO&. Call at 713 broad war. opooaita A_tor plsca, N P. II t'URTIHS. A ?.RKaT BARGAIN r<JE CASH ?PRICE IIW if ,\ applied for immediate'?; hand"., me mahogany Plano To te, ar?,e it ? w th all modern impr vetuenla aplendM UMe lu perfect o~ ter cost $.0 ? nan ?r?. n!d lor wsat of use. t all at 7'J P.iv ogton street A BARGAIN urn CASH -OT/i.? tARflB, MAGNIPI jA cem seven Oct ve i ewt nd Piano or ?; ? rl if nal prtcw f'44); lias four round corners three roars of mouidinga, carved legs and in parted order; relerenie to ol<l estab II li a-d c tjr manufacturer*. Call at 14 Third stri-et. HLARBKS, PRACTICAL PIANO liAKEK. KO. x# ? Walker struct, Oder-, for s?le ?? at ' m t le Piaooa wlUx all the ?n ideiti improvements. at prne? to d' I r toiuc tltlon. The latest and the be t Piano ever made. Call aa above. PIANOPORTR POK HtLK.? A. HI'.* OTI l-'U 1- ROB IV v.ood <#? , octave Pianoforte wilt ' a s ild for $12S; net sweet mid powerful tone. frMi*h a Ion Ir'n fr'tne fln< Cover ami Stool, Ac. Apply lmmedtneiy at 12tfjf rwi-ntieth street) uu&r Third avenue. IKAXOKRTI FOR SUd.-AN EXCELLENT INSTRfJ. mnot, at* o Wive, o t HWWI and po?yt t 'ul tn"e; in per f act order. Call to day, aa the family is going to the country, a: itfi Brooke street. >?rner of haurena street. WAHTKD Tt) PURCHaHU FOE CASH ? a HF.t:OND hand Pianoforte Ad'lrraa ( 'Htm; particoJara ME price, bale .lackxon, 1 ?k Went Sixteenth atreet, ASTaoi.our. A B MAURICK, OEEAT A N f> Rl- \L AUTROI.OOr'r. l\ ? T. e auvif", of tlila ivjii Aatrolopv A. Is U-vllltlCK, m fca?ed wliull) on a.-i'-ntt ic |irim i|) ra ui I vn i -v. r known tt' fail. Tilt: Im ml uf fate liaa iriarlta I O'lt the path ?f aat:h iu'llrldiial, and ilie Jtlaneta arf hourly poitit'nx out tb* des II u * ol 111 ui . n-l. Pro'. M-iiuire ihia it trofoand tctio>vl#>rlge 01 the rules of ibe ncence of tho aiara. an l cun t 'at tha woiiij wi thi ahuve seiencw In r?nard to tell on a'l that re lates Ui the lisot" ne?a or misery of fee a whole l'(e; and with -evfral tf. eta n ? > 1 1 v t ? > ?c nort evt-rkti w l?'for?), he will brlr'i *urt:e<* out of aim .at any "B lerta-tin*. In camilng "pe itlk inarria*!'^ he ntwr tai a. Iln deafriliea tho iidt'd hti-batld t?r who; t"l'? t.he v rv ilav * O'l will trnrrv and ahowa a llkeneaa rept- wntltiK t'>e una t oiepleTlon of Hie Into.mln 1. He deaer'l'0? your Irlendt I'Ol'ita n it vonr en? vie an I wains you of ail tit'u ? iianir-r: r>"l lttek lo nlitaimnE aitnat ona or In travelling bv aea or lae I and tka ?>' i. -.uth. louit Hie ami m oaperH* to all who consult him. at a <fl?ttin ?? tnay -en-t thelv a?e and fl and ait I'esa A I! M'liirieo hor .i.S't N?? York Poat oflire, an t net in re'titu the oi.ljlnea of \ our whole I e At' hours until 7 lu tltn ' Vi-n'Oc. Otliee IJ6 bleeeker street, near Wetia tet. Latdlus, ill uvula. UouU, (t. \ BETTER astrologist is not to bk foi;?vd in tlm Cnlied Stait-s itisn Dr L O and v i-a 8. D. HKOl'OliTtJN Thev kiitv . ed i n giving natiafa. lion wbe? ell 0'hei < fail. T. ev an be conaulied on a I allalra "T hU. man l le. such aa coiiriKLip, marriaze travellli a lemova a, lawanita i lainlng ? Itiuiioe; . welf rt- of ahaent t> lends, Ac. also >> iiteja If tli" aick Pari will -et- rer or a e or their pie- nt vnear If recover, the time they wl'l It {In to amend; what par of the holy a alTei'ted. and what treatment and int'dl ue? ar> liest adapted to the sick per son.'. Ladies AO cente gcuilemRn u- annua amwercd hv ' -'t r, ercIOiltlK fl an ft t me of hlt-lh ulao riir?nnlt> ffleal examination inadu OTace l-'u U.a ue street, below frince. \STONISHIN0.? MADAME MORIIOtT, SPVENTH da 'jlnt r. with *n?t':ral gift, o' trlli how ?oon and often yon will i larrv, even vnnr tho?ight?; Matlo Ima.e in mil 'operation: her etiual '? not lo lie fouivl; aliow? a r.ik'-ne I , of ?onr Intend -'I flu mn I and A '"sent ?-'rieiuls l-l (.1,11 iw Street, four doors from Unuatoo etreet. tlentlemen tint a'i 'Ultte I /CLAIRVOYANT.- IP TOO WISH TUB TROTH, 00 AT o-.ifo I t ndatn Phe ahnvv a tketiesao' f ture littsbacd o. f' ien '. and never la to I ring tli ?<? ?e a, Hied tot;eii-<!i'. No IS Wetl I ? entv s'venni street, uet^eyo Kixth and !-evepth avenues. Hin: the hau'-meut bell. Hours from 'J in the moi antg till 7 in the e eniug. f"1 0 AND SEE MADAM HSF.IJj, TUB CBLKHRVTBD 'l and reni'.vned Aatio'ozi-i In the science of .istroio'-y. llaa po superior. .She umlerstait'la the seler'Of in all It- *ls ?' r Ifanclic- ahe tars charms. s|>o is an t taHsinana). and jflves entire Mti-lticilon ill telling the past preaont and In Inre. She never ra'!? In cau-fiig <peedv msrr a?:i*a and Itrincitic the separated together. In huai: ea? alia r? tier ad vltr la invaluable. A ia-ce number of p>*ou e liavehe<n t ??fniiied by her aid. As ait e<h.en'eof her ??? i site bes received ahnndaoee of le-tlinon,ala fro n some of the ffral people ol Tie land. Siek'ie?t will he diecowretl an>< eurfd through her si lence, only known to herself T. rms f:ir visitor i:? Laities, $1 -. gentlemen ?! : hy tel ee, atatint liny ijt-?D'l ent'osin : ?.l Ketidenoe \'"1 East Twenty-fouith gttcet. ,.e!o'v Fourth avenue ftO D NFWS? MADAM HOPR. RE?'P.!?Tt,T PEO* t J ihe South, ean h.- conatt'ted -n all the a'l'air* of life and unfolds the mvsterinsor the future by lolui'strf at t66 Sixth at. ??line, l.sdles fk) cents; cent etnen SI jA VOI81NK. A DP.S'/'EN D \NT OP TMK A<?TR0I,0 J ctsl to Nitp'l?on the Oreat. an he eons ilte?l on sll ailairs of life HI No. 4S West Tse fth street. ti?nvwn Plfth aad Hlxth a^ennet. Love AinulsU that never fall, tllair voysnt examination of dlseasee. Madam ray is tiib bpst claikvoyant and Asrro! igist in thlseltv. Rhe tells ynur vsrv tnonghte, causea ,-| eedy marnagea gives luck t numbers 2i?oSe?eoih ereune, near Tivectj seventh street. Ladlea 2A cents; goa tlemeo AU ccn's. Madam waltrb. the world renownroclaie vo?sn>, tosv ha seen at her room-, Ml Canal street np one night onlv. whe*a she will revest the m?t?rlea o' lha part preaeo- and future with enrli aomtrse* tiist It w II ?? ton s.i nnhe.Iievura. She traccs stVeo property, and glvso saliafoition. MADAMK K08 A. ORKAT NATURAL OLA1RVOTANT and Hplr t Vistouist, rt-vesls to ir whole II e from the cradle to t tie t-ra-.-e, sho?? your future tanner >n a d earn. O'l re #?.0 1 hlrd aveuue, near Forty tec nd street Coaauita toufl. _ MP.S M IRION I AMES INDRPSNDBNT CLA tRvOT ? Sill, 101 Kasl Seventeenth street, corner of Third ave nue, traces lo t or stolen propert . ahaent or loat frlen Is, lawsuits and business affairs geseially, relcreooes given. Gentlemen uoi admitted. \' O IMPOSITION ?THE NBVER PAILINO MADAM Jl STARR, fro.o Bur pe. who was boi o wiih a n<tural gift, the great Iluslne.a sad Medtea' Clairvoyant. She ean - suit- you on the pskI. present and future, brings together lb PS'* long se|,arated. causes .peedy msrrlages. S'owa vott a correct likeness ,.f ynur fntnte fushand or absent Irletids. Iler eipial Is not to be found. Caution ??5 000 re ward to any one who ran stnpau her In h?r p ofes-lnn or akill. She'teli i yon the name of the person that yoa raarrv. Th's 'S no htictbug No. .112 Fourth avenue, between Twen tv thirn md Twenty founh streets. Name on the door. Uentlemen not admitted. rrnH SKANCE IS DISCONTI VH PD. ?MRS DENSOO I I.Al'tS c mtuiues to receive visitors fro u 'J till \ L+. dies. (I ; gmit emeu. $2. Thos desirous to hear trnm sb sent friends or the future are pirtlenlary Hinted No de ception. 23o Eaat Thirtieth street, betwaen Second and Third even es. fPHE ORIGINAL MADAME BYRON HAS RETURNED L from Parts. ?ud ean h-> cenauite.l ?n t-e psst j reseel and future. Kbe t> the greatest Mpiyltuallst. medical and btiaine clairv, yant that eter was known she brings to gether tho .e lone separated, and ha' that aever railing a -cret to make you he oved by your i.eart's Ida', aad causes sperdv marriage. Ofllee No. 51 0 Kenrth avenus. Ladle* U l . gent emeu $1. WHO WOULD NOT OO WHERE PORTt'NB IS'-GO ve, see M.s* WRLLINOTliN, the yt?st Kngllsh Pro phetess. the be t of s'l. and i*nnot he net- ed fan he con aulted, persona'ly or bv letter, on sll affa rs uf I fe. concern ing lawsuits, journevs, ai?ent friend love, courtship, mar riage. health, ereaith and who can reolann drtioken and no fslthfiit h shsnds M l-s W Is the enlv person In this eltp who tia* theicenuine Itomsn and Arabian taltsmea for love. fr'.oij luck and all busine-a allaira. and sre guaranteea for ll>. Ile iy not u> consult this nstursl'y c fted snd hesn?Knl young lady Lucky numbers given. II gh y reepeciahl# eltv refrren'e. rso be se n at her realdeno* 101 Rixifc avenue, op|iosiie Eighth -treat. l/jr BO W I'. RT. ? MAO A MR WIOOPR, CLATRVOTANT J Ul t and (lit e : spamsh lady, unveil - the mvsterie- of l-it'>r"t . l ive Marriage, ahaent Irieads. sickness, pre-crlhes medicine for all diseases, lsl!s luck) numbers, properly last or i.oleu A'-. ClsOTItlHTOs a HIKKK l'UAC'lt ? AT 2*3 SIXTH WBHVK LADIES J\ and g'olirmrn will And the fair and hmifil ..?al?r B. MiM/.. to whom tbay can dial o?? of thnr Ca*t Oil' Clstb inc. * f urolltira ?n<l Jewr rj . at ttftf p?r irit o?rf than by oibrr <1psl*raln thacitv. I pr<>tnt*a u> pa* ths fol |<l <?? ? Silk Uriw . (mm A1* to $*.'?; float* V? $IR; Puif.K, S?: to $7 Atao lor W.iOliro, Dp a ?? an >1 Mus lin I)r?s?a? lbs h leta??t sa?h vvm wil. bo pad. A esl) or a Cita by tot will b* P'tn'tuall ?' siirsdoi 10. Ladis* at tended to l)? Mrs. M'nl- riaaw romamb-r lbs orl taal B. .Mlm< an! ttia tnunbor 7K1 Huth stron n? naar Klghi*sntlt ?trm. Orlcis from Hrookh a an 4 Jeraajr City punctually scsn :*d to. A r l.r SIXTH ATBRt'R -LADfRS aVD OSNTLE m-o ir ymi wl?h to,rwlv?i tbr higbont |>riff> Tor . .mr Ca*tO ! Cloifiidif, Ur|#|H, furoit its sc.. iha >watyou ran ilo l< to ca:l on or ??n I s nuts to K 1 .1 7 S i * t S ' av. niw. luoi uon frtjm Trnlh ttrrei, l.a |m attended by M ? ? M'nt* Ti is, yau wtil br Jtil with to yunr tsdafao ttsn u< basalt t. A T V.I BOWERT.-H. R0SR5THAL HAH A OKEAt d'Tlr* to pwr? >ia?? a l*r*? <pi 'ntlty of Ca?t OT Wetri-ig AfP*'*1- fiirmmr*. l'ar|*t? Jo.vai.-y, An, n. cal In ? no ?r add'MMlsv him irUei an I run Ob aln tbr iilmnat T*m? each sri.o f La If* alt-rtVd to bv M-a. Howm tb*l !'?."? h rrnirinber, asd try .143 Bowsr l. opu Mita Ureal JoOo?strOnl. A TTf VTHIN ? AT THE A' I *. V< T ~ B 'OR R, Til <h J\ .-????ntte II KUSBNBKKO. 1 r*ifi?r-' fS ? 0 t la fr*enb?<ki to riirefcaio ami psv tor bWtsst pre- for ('???. n(T Ctotl.lnx Thl < ordrr mn-t h? -n ft Isrf st hort nrvtc*. 8II\ Dir?-r? fr. m i" $ ?". <"'isi< fri'iti $1 >0 $.i. f'ar.ts fr .rri |J to A o. ' ?r rla K rn mi* .!<?? Irr * ? I.adi -s so ??ni', f ln?i:s Ton to >i o m?f5ro>ir orit?r< i<r a l lis?? m ? u lb ,i .io , II U<MKN R. K(l, i SSi ontu a??n ?? 1 a 'I s-'sndO'l bv Vr?. Roi'Sb^rj. Ordftr?att?odeJ to in Sod oat ?flbsilty. aTTRNTtni.- \i rrs? n ,1 vrm-r m m^rrs lak' ? th^ op|?>rtii Hit to sun i IM i<? bl? ruotmnrrs fiat lt? ha si h ? ca fort? ptr r<-nt ?n th? u*msi pr o>i inr Oa?i Of w.*rtn< tpraroi r?n"" Rsniltiirs J?'?iry So. ???*?! ?(? * ^reat lor i#o?? art'i oa [or !*.?>? Orlfasi and Callf'T tls n arli*:<. I.s I snd crntlrm^n h.i?. Incanro* th? kat"S to dl po?> o' cannot 'al b- o. It nr os ct sddrf>ilng X. MARKS, rii S?>?ntb ?r?nuf ssarlweutj fllib mrsst. Ladies wslfd upoo b. Mrs. Marks. ATTKNTIOM ?HARRIS HART. 171 tCVBRTU A VB D'lS. bftwiwn Twrstr aovanth sod Twsstr "-'fhth strssts. bss an ixstsr is hao4 from OsHfomla for fiO ?? ?t t'sst Oir Olotbins. which h* wlsbs* to ftil itrae ItsMl? ; tlisrofnro will p?? mot* ibsr*il? tbsn say othsr d?s>r. A4 dtss* or esll on Hr or Mrs. B AfcT, 17? bsvsaU ST _ l STdaus. ttrntior.-*. lior n as a orkat drmahd _ for tsst Off Clothing. Ladle* and srntlraan you ara aura to raooi?o tha bl*h??t prlc-a far Csai t'ff Cimhiaft, Carp-U. Rurnltur*, JawalrT, Aa . by aslltosst or sddr<Msms Ml Third sraaus. Ladlos will tx sttaadsd by Mrs. Usa At the kw rtorr. m oarmiki strbrt -la. dia< and soat'smoo ess rwm Si) par osst siors fn| ra?t Off O'otlifiif. fiimltur* Oarpati and jawair* br na I. isc oa oraddr?snn( H. BAHT. st tba suiabar. trill bo puootMlly sttsudod to. Lsdlas slMsdad is by Mrs. Hsrt. LcAnnilF.RO RATS THR RIOHRST PSICB ROR . Lfello* a.> I urotl'mso a Can O f tn<-tbls( rartlss wal'rd on 'j? ?d?!r*'?in* l? r'sabbarg. i.t Bast TwalfU alros^ BOW ? rood war. Wios wsitsO spaa kr mm A A i

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