Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' " ^ > *?? WHOLE NO. 10,162. {JEW YORK, THURSDAY, JULY 14, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. INVASION. TIE ATTACK UP2N WASHINGTON REPULSE OF THE BEBELft liFETT OF THE IATIOI1L CAPITAL PitiideBt Lincoln In the Defences. iriTlIDBlW.lL OF TDK EIBHT. Eetreat of th? Rebels Across the Potomao. Ublrt at Baltlmtre, Philadelphia and Harrlftfcarf* REFORTED ESCAPE OF GEN. FRANKLIN. ACTIVE UNITARY MOVEMENTS. THE CASUALTIES, &c., lie. EEPOBTS FROM WASHIHOTON. CIm AiM?k on tUa Not therm DtftMll mf the City. SiirmoRi, July 18? 4 P. M. Or? or Ou?rternv<ster Venn' koala has just arrived fKoi ? ?s^iugtoo, U 'vf?g left there very early ttale Mrnteg All man th?n goto* Ofl wed. leiUrdnjr was ratber ? fkmcoy day? thai la, there ?m a inti deal of uneasy apprshcasiou among the ibors. n?d been heavy lighting oat ea the Seventh ?tie*t road. rob > * were trytoj to oaptore Fort Stevens; but we khi lMid M llM morukng. tisofldence was reitorrd, Mid all waa considered per jMUy aale. B^LTHtoaa, July 1ft? T P. M. A toeuaarthre and tender, wdeh left Washington at mm e^atuck i?-euy, baa arrived safely. But ea* rebel waa mm on ike read, aad be was aearlj starved to deatb. pMre * a" oe enemy to sight. No lighting of momeot Js?- ,a .|tei u< all looks well. The aeiy toteMlgeaee gathered from the eooductor who peught tse engtoe through from Waahlngtoa ta that oo Irai bad been beard to day. A.H the t'liormattou wo have hero toduoea the ?oovto ?m that tbe eoemy le tn full retreat, aad that the flgfct fcg eo Monday and Toeeday waa to eever tbelr retreat mi eaabie there to got their plunder safely serosa the We st Edwards' ferry. tvatoe will probably resume rnsnlng to-morrow. Telo jrephu ootnmuBloaitoo will also ho rsonmsd oe doubt Wewapapar AecraaU. [Proca iim Philadelphia Ag?, Jaly 13 J H* rnfMmin in b*e>egtog Vraahi^gloo. They lav* e?ii iii* railroad and telegraph between Waahlngton IM ftilwaor*. Th*y?ar* reported t* be within three of tb? White Houns. la W*?btaflUM Um upmi wbM by imbtn run north n4mdU lb* Qapltol and lb* White Houm are a mil* md i qn?ri*r ap in. Flrat Mr*N roaa nor lb and auntb Ins Um Capitol g rowMla. ?evanteealh alr**t niua north ad eaatb tr>ai uw White llouee fli org* lawn la two ?Mae pen b wool of Waabiagtca. Taaallytown to a mil* to two ear < a *f Oeornetoarto Btedeneburg to all laltaa ?erMM?*i of Waeblngtoa. Tmm the l-otoieae, jaet abort Georgetown, around to ?adea-burg. ? lb* tine of de"*aelre forte. One or twe MMM worka are bell* beyoad tble line a boat a mite lo toa rtgbl of ibe UkJilmer* Railroad for lie protection, ?to ft** aC 'art* uroaaM every eae of Ibe atroota running latt and eoata. Tba warm are eeparatod from aaeb nbar, without aaj ooanaaeua line of rifle pita concerting toeaa, eat with no abatto la (roat. Their long dtauae, to? theeeety of ibe oily, baa eaueeJ tbeai to be aome - e%*A naglect-d. dome bare gaaa mouated aa tbea; token *?t. Unleae the (brae of troopa la Watbtogtoa to my l?r** aoae of thorn bare adequate garrtaoue. De |MM?t otorka aad cttiaaaa aaaka bat pear artUlertola. On Mtad?y mora tog tbe Confederate* approaobed fro? tba northwaet. Tbay eame In two Oaa marched dowa tbe Potemae froaa Bdward'a harry; tbe atbar marched aoatbeaat from Rookvliie. On ?andoy evening toe Ooafederetee eaeataped about Ave ! jUfaa frwa Waobluftaa. tbe Kdwerdto rerry column ?aa feba?r !?*"l ?to Rockeliie edema baited en |Mk feetaeth ?tr*at, aVuut ?x aaMee from tiM city. itgM tb?> b. - ap tbetr foreea. Blalr'a boaao, oa Wtail H. tot, ?ra* buraed. Brery attack by tba federal (Ntob lie tew, toed. Teeierdaj mer..tii| eantxmedlag began betym a At tba Ooafederaled beyo.4 letullyiown were I ti ?"? la lirg* force. Tbe Kockrllle column on ?aveaUi atreet wae atao large. Tbe red*ral troope, few ? cumber, ?lt?idrew toward* ibe ferta. Tbe one nay art aaae?d lamllylowa we* captured. Dowa Seventh, f*art?*mb a <? SrroMeeeth atroet* litey can*, until, at Ueeea o'ol ??. Uny ware bat tar* mil** Iron ibe city. b*nj to ih* morning the Coatoderateg bad delacbcd from thoar eaaier>i ;l urn a cirairy esped tloa, wblcb. paaalng ?area w tb* detaehad werk* e*r*odtn? the neiilM <re toftUrnML t.iro* l ?*Mwar I toward* it. Tbe roed w ie ea I dtnitod. fu*y r?>cl>ed it aa aa tliae to tbe aftarnaja, tore hv the track *a>l eai the wtrae. Waehlegtoa waa 'iMti ? ii*m ia N ?ib 1> bo.? rreaa***Mto the wlree were eutaotblnR Mhltoe ta t.i.w .. At ?<ev?ie o'clock la the mo ra tog tbe ?M *e a^ ati .Ct oo tbe IWu on rourte.-atli a id ?mitmi atb MreeMi Tihm* works are abuat two mile* fTttt thacitf. At bai'-p .*i *i*\ nil ? ball to hugan. Heavy aac* !?*.<? i t*4 wd aeerd ta ibe *tty. Whit nenurrod a.? r?? d* ? net muaont aully fear>we. It w re orlrd. ae **?*r, tnat >Wt ??a**ae <m UrilllilllWHt tw.i ? Mil--, anria W tbe iVutl* Haw ?a attKdral an I c.?;i [tofj* Tbn ta i ha tormt rumor, ta *,h ui?r . ta no or twttog tt? tratb. Waaa ta* tel?>Kr.ip?i wlr?? i bruMn a a*t<re emue-t waa r^iug, Tba re beta wltbto i brae inltoa of toaabiegiau, ^{UMatMHr* atataaannt le I rota a oopwrbaed Joamal, 1|||Mai|j tota^pflM, We bav* ttototoelbiM rrom ?fPgt<M of a MUw date. A fbrt roar aillm from va*bH>fl<? waa aa <needav takaa by tbe rebel*, but la aitarwarda reeafmired and bald by oar fore**. At ??* < ty ttieaeaad t'etoa are eow in and around E'nftf*, end He etftly to eecered h?;oad 4nea -Kd. HaaaLB.) ; D?i. kbadelpb Kilm'e Drepetch. rau.arNn.i-au, July I A ? t, M. i aaa? fraaa Waahtoataa MM tbe Moat aitrring aad favorable KiarMUr. The offleials, governmental em ptoyea iMI cHtwi an harmoniously oo operating with Um BlNury. SrtrjM; k uatl aad rmty tor a iMMmn of Um nailoBal capital if Um present t? TMlua !? aarrtad to such aa extant. Txa rnmwm ui na rau. Since Um Mora reoeat devaiopmenta at Um nM da alga* tUa Preauiunt baa displayed a wonderful degree of Martial ardor. Kor the paat few daya ba baa been visit lag the fortifications around Wssblngton. accompanied by aa eacori of cavalry. The intereat taken by tba Chief Magistrate baa bad a wboieaome effect la keeping up tba ?pint and datarmiauuoo of tba troopa. aonva, Ob Saturday General Wilaoa'a cavalry reached Waah tagtoD.* At Um aauft time a number of boraea arrived from tba North, and la leee I has three hours the beroee were again la the saddle, riding down Peausylvanla aran oe, preparatory to a reconnotssance. Wbaa the men arrived la the city they presented evidences of the severe serviea they bad experienced in tba paat faw mo; the. Their tatterad uniform* and bronzed countenances bora avMeaoea that tbey performed their task well. a aacoMoissAxaft Ob MoBday a body of about three hundred cavalry ware ordered on a reoonnolaaanoe, in hopes of being able to recapture General Franklin. Tbey pursued their way aaoOatruoied (or some ume, uatU flbaily they eame upon a larger body of rebel* Aa engagement Immediately ensued, In which our moa ware ?bilged to dealat and fall back upon Washington to pre vent capture, the enemy did not pursuo far, bat re turned in a manner which indicated some other bueiaess ?f greater imparlance on hand. wiHUAaatna or raa bmbmt. A man who came to Washington fram the Blair ma*, ?ton stataa that the enemy to in force In that vicinity, aad bsa established bis advance several miles nearer the etty. Rebel scouts are frequently seea much closer. There la aometbing about to be developed on the part of theaaemy. Their scouts keep a close observation of different parts of our linea. a galujti CAPrint. A abort time since two captains of General Hunter a command were captured by the enemy. They were of aovrea Immediately aent fojtli, under guard, and when tbey reached tba railroad wore pi iced in a car destined tor Lynchburg. While the train was la rapid motion the two oaptiins took occasion to step off, seeing wblch the guard Bred, severely wounding One of the escaped pri soners. Before the train conld be stop/ ed the other cip tain seized his companion and bore him into an adjoining wood. It being dark the guard were ur.ahle to discover the fugitives. The wound of the unfortunate officer was mortal, or at all events proved so, in conseiuonco of ab - sonoeof surgical attendance. Secreting the doad body of bisc mrade, the remilniag officer ?et out in hopes of reaching our linos. The nest dsy he came to a hour?, and from a lady borrowed tho uniform of a rebel officer. This be exchanged for his own,' and at onco resumed his Journey, reeling more at liberty *o appear openly th?u when be displayed the Union colors. He now pursued the m< re publio roads, in order to mislead tbo eu?p >cl >ng. At one time he encountered, he usports, L'well'a whole division, moving directly towards Washington, f.nd wiia followed by s number of other largo bo Jim of troops. The captiin accompanied tho column of tbo enemy until after night, when ha slipped the picko'.s and at length made hie way across the Potomac. When the Captain reportod himself to an officer of oar army and narrated bis expiate he was Immediately sent t tbo authorities, to whom ho conveyed tut he bad seen. My Informant was unable to ga'hrr what that In formation was, as It ha*, beeo kept remarkably quiet. THE LATEST FROM WASHINGTON. Bepulie of the RebHi at Fort H?*fr,t Reirrat of the Enemy icron tb? Potomac, Wasbixoior, July IS, 1884. Skirmishing had been constantly going on, and our troop* bad acted strictly on the defensive tiutll yesterday evening, when tbo rebel sharpshooters becomi ng annoy lag. It <raa determined to dislodge them from the front of Fort Stevens. Tbie was effectcaUy accomplished amid the shouts of applauee of those who witnessed the action. The rebels retired In hot haste, leaving at the house of F. P. Blair, at Bilrer Springs, one hundred of their wounded, Including eleven officers, and their doad upon the field. Roconnolssancee this morning showed that the rebels bad disappeared daring the night trom the front of oar forttflcattoM, after firing a number of buildings they had previously occupied ss a shelter for their sharp* hooters. Snouts report that the rebels were thia morning r*oroa?lng the 'Potomac, nearly opposite Poolss vllle, driving before tbem about two'' thousand head of cattle which they had stolen; while a despatch received by Gen. Halieek from Rockvllle aays tbs retreating rebels passed through that place at three o'clook this morn tag, moving IB tba direction of I'dwards' ferry. The rebels nesr Bladsnsburg moved off between eight and ten o'clook this morning, takfcg tbo road westward, sad carrying with Utem a number ?f hornet, cattle, ho., stolen from thai neighborhood. The militia aad volunteers and employee In the several departments of the government were called out Unlay end performed the dnty assigned to them. There baa been no extraordinary excitement In Washington. Several squads of rebel prisoner* were brought la to-day aad takoa to the Old Capital Our killed aad wouuded of yesterday amounted la about two hundred. M%Jor Crosby, SUty-lrst Pennsylvania, has bad hts left arm amputated. Lieutenant Colonel Johnson, For ty-n loth . New York, wan killed. Colonel Vlsscher, Forty-third New York, was killed. Ueataaant MeLaagbltn, Si*}v Oral Pennsylvania, was killed. __ -rr ? Major Jones, Seventh ttalnft, was killed. Ike bodies of tnsoe officers are now being smbalmed. Oar Special Washiagion Despatch. Wisamoroa, July 1I.1IM. The slogs of Washington la ended. Whether it has been a real or mock aiego? whether a form 1 1 ibie force actually rootcoi lated I be capture of the national metro pulls or aa inooneideroMe rebel reMlog party, Uklng ad ?ant <gs "f the consternation occasioned by their appiar- 1 aa?e on the n rtn al.leof the Pot >mac, h >v? baldly ven I tnred In the very outworks of tha city merely to a? gra ve l?- the scare, is yet to he d> terraineJ. Up to this hour nothing la positively kaowa an to the strength of the ene-ny. At first II was he <er?d by those bi*b in military authority here it was simply a raiding p*r?y, p?iHu|ie lire or six tktua^ d string, and that tbo do .i(>n*tratioon <n Maryln a Wt*< * fur the doubt ? paapbfo of gatljcfln* tip borsos, r -.iile and provisions 'or Ike heliMS'jnieti rebel ?rm? at H nnw"i Peser ? bnrg , and tu adnid ?n optw'in Ity ot s* ? >lu < offUie rl.-h h<>rves I In the Soonandinb valley A ? < the preval'ed anv>,i( the military oflViali th i ' te r?< >ei ( r ?? m vetting W.<hlnjV>n ami m"U ;Cing Belli oo-e >'ee */"tn th rty to forty iimuaand strong. and o im iwd af i- wen's o; '-ps, a mitiiUKled by Bails: Ursckenn \ fl'in it tiiulbMI been ??perulng act Inst igel n> J Ml""'"' *'"1 aH ibo rebel fore** scat U red bllhoit i?t interest p-> r.ts Hi Ciet and West Vlrglni* outsnlo of the I'mv proi?': on ler Con cral loe In addition to thSee It box been <uek:??<e<1 t>y Some of the federal ofiloers Jtt*t arrit o<; fro*" satrtk Went lh?t some, portion ?f the araiv ro< nty -ladei . ?* Johnst'Mi in 0eorgi? hal I* e 1 sen1 up to awn I 1 1, coo aiu intended to turn tbe titles n >on tionerarcrant, io>i pinre the federal sapltal In a cond t Ion or ste.e wbiio ee was thuoderlac away at the sate* of H ,'fcmmvt. By some It le onaioadml that tbis deraooA'Miin asalnet Wa*litn?t<ni |a a pvtofiho prngfini'oe if ,|f*r Itoeta to ro?ivar nuessaatua of all the ?l?ve Potatef mates. Bat this offtalon flats few advocates. ( However tbe oa?e may be, foots, as far as known, are ?Imply tbese ? On Monday morning a amall foree of lha anemy was ' discovered tn the vicinity or Rockville, and aklrmieblog began at that point, and waa oontinued thronnhout the day. Tbe casualties were few on onr side, aud the only f< rcaa theu displayed by the enemy wore demounted oavalry, wblob when preseod back to their horse* by ouf skirmishers would mount and retire. Towards evening the enemy's line of skirmishers bad been pushed east ward along the Hue of the northern defence* as far aa the Berenth atreet road leading out from the ceutre of the city. The outermoat fortification upon thla road la Vtort Stevens, formerly called Fort Massachusetts, a atrong work and amply garrisoned. Whan the enemy first began to show themselves In tbo vicinity of our line of defences tbe reinforcements expected had not yet arrived, but commenced to ootne In during tbe day, and war* immediately assigned positions in tbe defenoes. During tbe afternoon tba rebel skirmishers took ed vantage or several bouses situated near the defences for the protection of their sharpshooters, and it waa found aeceaaary to dlalodgo tbem. This waa done, either by shells from tho forts or bf the advance of our skir mlsbers. Several of thaaa bonnes were thus aet on fire and burned. Among them wera tba residence of Richard Botts, W. Bell, J. U. MoCbesney, Abuor Shoemaker and the late W M. Morrison. On Monday night tbo left of the enemy's line restod on tba weat aide of tba Seventh street road, about one mile and a half. On Tuesday morning It waa found that the enemy bad moved farther to the eastward, their left extending about half a mile east of tbe Seventh street road, and their skirmish line had been considerably atrengthened by In fantry. Their sharpshooters bad foudd ooverts in tbe immediate vloiuity of Fort Stevens, amf during tbe moru ing two men wero killed by their misales while atauding on tbe parapet of the fort. ? A little before noon heavy clouds of dust moving east ward dissolved the fact that considerable cavalry fi roe waa moving tn the direction of Bladeusburg. An hour or two afterwards the telegraph wire running along tba railroad oeased to work, and subsequently It waa ascer tained that an stuck had been made upon the railroad, sumo eight miles of wblob bad been torn up and two or three small bridges destroyed. Thus Washington was for tho time being completely cutoff from all communica tion with the North except by wator. During tho day rumors were rife that tho rebel* hid b' 'Ckaded the Potomac by planting a lottery at Matthias 1'olnt, and that tho pirate Florida was blockading the month of the Chesapeake. Theso statements were, how ever, everwbero ridiculed, and a counter rumor was cir culated that 8ocroUry tif tho Nary \fellcs hnd taken measures lo ensure tho safety of tbo capital by locking the gitcs cf the Jfavy Yard ?ind slaking lunuii.orjblc torpcloe* in tbe mouth of Goose creek, tUe homely nuuia or tho high found l.ig stream classlcully known as the Tiber, which meanders along the foot of Capitol Hill. Moanwbt'e a number of the oxpneted reinf rie-nenta had arrived, and otln rs wore constantly coining In. General Augur, commanding the defences, was prerur Ihg for oflenslvo operations, which were begun lu tbo afternoon by a charge of :t brigade of veteran infantry nlouz tbo linn of the Sevento street road to drive lu ti e rebel skirmish I'.ne and socure possession of the promi nent polrti, one on tbe left aud the other on tbe right of the road, where the snetiiy were apparently p; cparlng tn erect works aud plant batteries. Tula was gallantly <2cue. Tbe veterans weut forward at tbe double quick, cleared the positions indicated and pur si cd tho returning rebel skirmishers for a mile and a half. Tbo prisoners taken In this charge belonged to Breckin ridge's command, that had been recently operating U> the Shenandoah val ey. Thif> closed liberations for tho day. .Last uight picket firing was kept up, gradually slacken. Ing. until inldat^bt, when it cs-sed altogether. This uhi. at 0 ?> .i?a> l ji u ivuOi wae pi be louod lu fron t of ilio works. At first It waa et.puosud ibat tbe mam b jdy had moved npon Anna poll*; but our cavalry, wbiub was sent out, reports that tho rear ^uard left Silver Spring, tbe residence of Francis P. Dial r, Sr. , aud went towards tbe Potomac. It Is, therefore, believed that iho rebels, wbatover their strength, have hastened to get awHy to tbo south side of the Potomac, to avoid btfiog canpht m tbelr own trap. Preptraiioui are being made for .'mmodlate pursuit, but onr want of an ei.lciaut cavalry force sufficient to on counter a brigade of tbe enemy will probably prevent overtaking the marauders. REPORTS FROM BALTIMORE. Mr. D?B. Randolph Kdm'l tlenpaiteli. ruinrnu uu, Jubo IS? A. E Festcrdny a considerable party of rebrffmade a dub upon the railroad bfltwenn Elllcott's Mills and Baltimore for (be purpose of capturing a train bound South. They wore, however, dofoated In their intention by ? timely discovery of their presence. axBiia ABntiHD m crrr. The country aroor.d Baltimore la infected fey a large number of guerillas and legitimate rebels, lbem are also a treat many stragglers and skulkers, who have abandoned tba .rebel ranks to prowl about Mm co-miry, robbing, insulting and committing all aorta of depr*4atmoa without hindrance, unicaa it o?tne from the victim, tn the form of a resolute use of a rifle or shotgun. The absence of officer* o^any p .rtlt n of the rebel army eoafelea these man to carry out their barbaritioa to an unlimited degree. Teraona who fled from tbalr homes, with their valuables, upon the ap proacn of the enemy art no? returning aa faat aa their neighborhood is evacuated fey the rebels, bat frequently they fall into the handa of tba man whom 1 bare Just mentioned, and are robbed of all. snnui ord. General Ord, who is now in command at Baltimore, baa establlahed bis heidquartoro in the boose of Koverdy Johnson. The entrusting of Um safety of the city to General Ord has given the greatest satisfaction, and the excitement of tha people la now materially allayed. Buainens has been in a measure resumed. To be pre pared, however, tor an emergency, soma of the banks have placed their money ard papers on a revenue cotter, while other* have returned to tbalr usual bottom, tna caujxo ocr or ermine or ultimom. At one tine during the excitement In Baltimore it wss determined to nail out all the citizens between eighteen and sixty. Tula plan was afterwards afeandaued, only to be used at a last extremity. This mescure mora thao any other tsikte4 to tba quieting of the Bait I moreens. ? m. 9 ~ ~ ? a ? " *h; ? Uhcl MoVswura. It Is now generally supposed that tha rebels do not In tend to really attack Baltimore, bnt merely to keep it In sfarmsnt by deiasnatrstlon, while their real dulfua are u| on Washington. U IS now positively knowa that their main iorca baa turned from Silicon's Mills toward the national capital. in ATTACK. On Monday an attack was mads npoe Fort Ma-etch u. s?tu, on the Seventh Street Railroad in Halti nore. Hie tnamy, however, gained no advantage during the day, and toward evening fell Iraak a mile and a half, as a rt?e, in ths heps, It la enppntel, of 4rawl*i out t?.e garrHoa. The* eMiina fellil.aod the enemy mitle no further atuck, Veetrrdav morning hetvy oaanonadtog was heiro tow?rJ tlUdeneliifj. Kotblog has yet been leai nod as to tba actual causa. now w> twuat tmcmn. It we? hiniod yemerdav ife il the a?ceeh of na'ttrr..>re vere i ' t.? jut hi the treucbea and w>?de to wot k. a Urfe uiim or have already bacn preened into a rvlcn, ami were te-teri*r SUgitg:?d la rolling quartorma> I e'? b xe?, \o, < nay are iinmrt to be %evj uteful for tlija pur^oa*. *vt' ?a?i!!?o nrvsatt nmiju. We car. learn i>ui.iini( emirem,^ tha rumored e- * ?e or Ceieml Fnnlclin. It la highly rtoub"ul th .t lie I. >a titan cO I'lrtuimtn. It ?? rnavrtd yesterday mornlrg that a ff>rue of ribel ' mi'ia iha>r ?pj>earence at Kll.rxitt ? Mills, m-* coin p II* d JtMnacdnr'a Iintto y to aetira a lee miw;ilE?itat km ?t<eeX bad neen mivie ui?n tna picket* a> tion- i at ?^ooiinur? -Cory , taefc of Druid flttl I'nrk. Thee we* alee a r .??>oe m iue o feci that quite a spirited cout-at was bid at to* nt i*ii. hei weeu llirry ill tanr's c^mm ?nd au i retiierni id?e'a li.le,endeot -dwnrte. The nt iveioeute 1 i*f the r-'i.>, i . it a mriterioua si ever. Their fttreea era | sti.ittsi*e i in sit dieei tt??s, whioh inrf'ioea many pert* ma I t.> fe- tSvn that their combined foron la not iee>< than L flirty tii" - '1111 mm Iba main foroe, wn>uh enom,,.. ? teiwi ?eeecsl Waliaus an Saturday, yaiaej down ths Oeorgetown pike to Roukvtlia, wb?r? they were suppe*ed lo be Arisen thousand strong. I/nig?l reel la placed at Gordonsviile with a iirong column. No wry largo force . tu yet react ed the immediate vicinity ol Washington or come wttliln tbo range of tbo guna ot Ha fortifications Washington It Is well known, It surrounded ??y a chain of fortifiaations aa oomplete M engineering (kill ooalil ?uke them, auri armed wltn powerful nrduance In oonaetjueuco of order* received from ibo Coin mm 1 leg (iooeral, Uoneral Ricketta fall back to too oity wltb his forces Iti order to join !h? command bore. General Ord bad a consalfation with Ibe Mayor in relation to ibe proposition made by ibe Council lo enroll all oliizens nnd arm them tor service. He told the Mayor that be ittoiubt we had cltlsens enough, bat If he instated npon tt they might be enrolled. The C<ty Council on Monday evening unanimously pas"iPd the following:? Whereas there is great excitement In the public mind oauaed by tbo near appro* & of tbo rebel tr>oos to our city; and whereas, It aeetns out moot .tnd proper that the i uiiMi should present an unbroken Trout lo de eare ot ibeir honied. and all aud every facility should be gt voii tbem for thai pun>ose: tbere'ora, Rut 'I.eU (by bi'ih branchoa of the i-ity Counoll of Haiti That ins Honor ibe Major oe requested 10 comer ?rub tlio connnander <>f tbe Mt ldlo !>Oi>uriment - with u view to he cloving of banks and all other places of busi uees In Ibe city of Baltimore until otherwise ordered. If In his Judgment it bo expedient, and the im mediate enrol ment and uijaUnj of all cliizct.n, and tbelr l-rwiuin into orgaulzciior. j tor tbe dnience of tho city. Jlr. If. Davldion'a D??patch. Baltimore, July 13, 18'14. UitjrWUl/TYI.KR IN BAlTlnORK. Brtgadlt* General E. R Tyler and stuff are nil safely In this city. 1 boy dodged tbo enemy's scouts succees oiljr for forty -eight hours, and then picked up a small cavalry escort and camo through Frederick, New Market and Elllcott's Mills to Baltimore. All quint berfc PAROLitn ovrirriw ? htapr ofckotuul raANKir?. ^apiuiue B. M. Bewett, One Hundred and Forty eighth New York Volunteers, and C. M. Woo^, Nineteenth Wis consin Volunteer*, who were captured with General Franklin, bav* Just oorao In, having been paroled by tiilmor. Thay wero in the room wltb the General when ha eecaped. When Gllmor was informed of the faot he became tnrious, and threatened to shoot the rest of bis prisoners If Franklin was not found. lie, however, tbongbt better of it In bis cooler moments, and nest day let them go. Patriotic Movement In Baltimore. liALTIMOKE, July 13, 18(14. There was a freuerai suspension of bu<mcss this alter noon. Iho citizens turned out largely, and reported for duty In tbo various wards. All tbo public hmiaea wore eloscd.and tho city w?g very quiet. CvMlrtotice is re stored, and Ibe only auxioty now Is that tbo enemy m iy not escape frum the State without being duly punished. Rout of the Rcbtla Near Wf almlnator. TUi.imcRK, July 13 ? Noon. Information recolvad this morning places General Crixik at Weitmlnawr, Md., moviug South, and Goueral Averill at Fro 'Ttck. A tight oc.u irred on tba railroad yesterday, near West minster, In which Iho rebels were drlvon oft with sotno loss. A dlvisl' n I: as moved from tho Relay llou. o to Acnapo lls Junction for the reltor of Washington. Movement.; of the Rebels* Biltivork, July 13. 1861. There are bo in:t,'--1t|nna thii mnrolng :>f any rn^el force, lirf*e cr a.nai', within twenty railea of tho city. The last of Harry Oilmor's raiders crossed tbo 13 > Wl more aud ubio Railroad, beyord Kljsvlilo, on their way towards the ma n rebel loroe, In the vicinity of Washing ton, at a late boor last night. There aro t upi>osi?] to Be still a few cattlo stealers la some portion*' if tba county; but all a. a inakiug ibvir w iy toward* r <ntgot mry connty. It was reported thla morning, and generally credited, that the rebol cavalry lorce which crossed the Waaumn ton Railroad ye. turday at Bettavillo bad reached Annapo lis, and that Unit ancient ally was actually In the poases aiun of tl.o r a Lets. Ibe report aprend all over tbls city, and waa strength encd by the fact that a gunboat waa seot for during the night; but at "Icven o'clock this morning U was losrued from the telegraph office that all wss quiet at Annapolis, and that so far as known no rebel forco was aomlng in tb it direction. Arrangoments have been made for the defence of An napolla, and gunboata are atatloned in tba Severn which can sweep the land approaches. The deatlnaiion of tbe Urge force of rebel cavalry that croased the railroad at Beitevjlie aad Btadeneburg la therefore not known. Tbls force miy have swept to the south ftlde of Wash Ington, or probably they are g >lng to fulfil the predlc ttons of aome of our rebol symnnthWtrs, and keep oa to Point Lookout to release Ibt twenty thousand rebel prisoners con On ed there. Tbe distance from Bettsvllle to Point ia eighty miles. Rtparttd >Kkp? oV General Franklin. Baltlmork, July 13, 1804. Tbe telegraph to Aanapolte a working all right. The following era tbe par ileal an of the rlported escape of Ma)or General Franklin from tbe baodvul under Harry Gllraor, tbougb we have not yet beon able to aaceruin Uie whereabouts or this brave and gallant officer. Harry Giimor, wkh a party of oavalry, numbering about oee hundred aad fifty, and bar leg with them Major General Frank. in aad three offleorg of hta stall aa prtaonera, encamped at a late hour en Monday alfbt en Oliver'a farm, between Randalltuwa and Releteratowa. General Franklin waa In the cootodr of Captain Nloho laa Owen, of Baltimore oouoty, from whom be eoeceeded In making ha eaeape at aa early honr oa Tueeday morn ing. Tbe foroe af Gllmor remained all day on Tueeday In tbe neighborhood, scouring the baehee and weoda aad eearch log all the bonaee and haraa a the hope ef recapturing him. Tba waa the statement made by the rebele to the peo ple la tbe vicinity. Tbe aeereb wae continued by tbe rebele until tve o'clock oe Tueeday even la 4, when they left, 00 their wey to the vicinity of Waahlngton, oroeaing the del 11 more aad Otilo Railroad near Kijsville leet nigbt. Nothing a yet known in thta city aa to the whereabouts of General Franklin, bet hopae ere eatertalaed that be baa really aeeaped. 8uch at leaat wee the Impreaakia of Iboee living (a the vicinity. Oaring the atay e f the re bob a the neighborhood of Rai'dViuowa they robbed everybody tndteerirutn tely, not only of horaee aad eatile, bat of watebee aad -moaey aad clotblng. Several rebel avmpathiaers pleaded for esemr tl?Mi - bnt it ws< all of bOaar.H. Ail were ooumauded to "Itnnd and deliver." They alee had wHh them three officer* of f.eneral Franklin 'a at?lt The*e thev kwk away wltb tham they not havtag be.n able te eaoape with their cvotmaaeer The Ei?ap? af General Tyler aw?t !(?*? RaLTiW>ea. July 13. H '4 Tbe wene at the mt'itary heertqn?rter? m ?bi* city ???la m >rnin? on the arrival ef BrttMler General K. B. Tv'er. n bo oAmmaada th? Unit septrate br'g?<le & tbe Ftghtfc 1 army lorps, aad who waa repori?*l t ? l?e?t b*?n ell ier ' (Died or raptured in tbe action at Mtt OitS} Jjooito't ?? | ita.'Uv Ian, w>a * vlfyli* In the <?xtrfns stir 1 ? re vcmg at hie fortune!* . jca; e'lnvu tUe re?.iU *n hsaHlbH. | Ao 1 1*1 "itiyti / the G* 'al were f. - 't. V. r> " '<t> ' at d Meat. 1ol<le?i?rntwh. ? ?' b'* ai'ift (toib >1; tbe n h ivt bean * b tiiwt.enorai *inee ibo battle. the tacta Donu?ci''i wun n e ttoaeret't 01. oa. a fe ns folln. a ? i/a tut unlay, after ourtroops bad r from Ibo lliocaoy bildae. yaueral 1/ier ai.d ai. 1 made a 1 ? and an the hill on the cm' stdt 4 i'ie bridge, h it <a-rr. , not t'iOrv Mug heforr tbey dhoovereU tr-enueirae to be suri?nee>-<l by the rebeu. Tbe ( tiuetal ami bis perty tucccled In making tbei- | escape in tbe norih atdi?, elo ciy pi.raued by tbeeaer"* who ire*! e|Km ibem reieau 1I7, killing otie < f Um C.?ae j , rat's nrderllce, a German, wboaoe<iue wo could but a> - 1 | oeriatn. . tlito fact tbe General atbNM> hie escape. aa. whea 1 the soldier fell frnra til* eiddie In tbo r ad, the ourenera 1 atnpped to aee won It wae, acut to io|iiire If Geoeral ly ier , I wa* wot of the | arty , *0. f>d?ta? thta team M* Geaaral reached a clump af wood*. ?ad the three officers secreted ihemselveo f?m th*lr pttnuirt A negro who was enleavorlng to mi'ti hi* escape from the rebel line' {tainted out tho wiy to the boose of a well koowu and potrMie citizen of Frederick oounty, wboM family were unr. milting la their attention* to the fu^l Hve>, concealing the in until Tuesday, wb*o they toon the'r Jim artare or Frederick, which tuey reach*! only ! in the niWhltif . Tim appearance of General Tyler lu lh* stre< t* of Fred nru-k created the greatest surprise. The rebel* n id bonftted tbat he hail bono killed by them, and It waa be lie> ed to be a act until the loyal citia*ns siw lo the con trsry themselves. Ttie rebel sympathizers weri of 0' une ax much Hiirprised as tho Uuion men; but (hey jrave no vont to their feel inn. The General left Frederick yesterday, at which time ?up fun: os had held uudisimteJ possession aluco Suud iy. lie oame down the Fre leri. k road as far so CatonsviHe, mid from tbenco 10 the Reloy House, whore the head quarter* of Tyler's brigade iro situated, and where he I roc lived ihe c- ngratulatiou* of hit many Friend*. Oo the I ro?ul down they were Informed that m very strong force I 01 Hi art l. iy tobuson'a cavalry command had crossed the I road at CarroU'3 Manor, proceeding south. I General Tyler ppoaks In the highest lerms ol the bravery ' and en lurauce of our foroea generally In the battle of Uooi-ca< y U04 general officer wm killed tnore, also several tield and line oflicero. The punishment Uie enemy received was very great. Tito lioaaes In tlio Battle on the Mo ?ocaty. Bii.timom, July IS, ISM. In tlje hospital* at Frederh-k over four hundred of tho rebel woundod are now under ore of our rnrgenna. and tho citizens of Frederick and aurgeous of our boapltala state 1 hut every man wh > w.n c ipable of being removed without serious Injury was carried off In ambulanoea and wagons, they thns endeavoring to bide their loas. Before they retired from the city tbey burned down ill tho government buildlmta except the hospital* Hr. Johnson , tho Medical Dlreotor at Frederick, arrived at military he ulquarters this morning, and glvoa tho following aa tho reouita ?f tho battle of Uooocacy cmoM i ocs. Killed and left on tho Held 131 Wounded mi l takeu to hospital 190 Prisoners taken 400 Total.... 711 KEI'.ri. L0M> KIMed, near 300 W> onded ai d In hospital at hrc !cricn, now in our puhsec.nou 430 Total T30 The doctor states tint the rei ola suffered bndiy lu offl ?ors killed uuil woutded. No Rebels nt Annjipolls. Ann * 1 01, is, Md., July 13?12 M. There aro"ho signs of tbJ eo"tuy at prineut. All is well. Communication Between PltliadcIpUU Muti lluli liuure* Piiilai Kt PfU4, July 13, 1SB4. ?Arrsnemmts arc ma lo to run twice dailr each wny be' A0?n Philadelphia and I'altimor.i, to Porryville by rail, and from Porryvule to Biitl?i ire by sieamsrs. We are l>r?j; a cd to take paaaeug era, tuans, troop s aud siippilos. 8. M. FKLrO.V, President of the Philadelphia nod Baltimore Kallrcad Company. HAVRE DE GRACE AW!) PERRYVILLB. XI r. l)?D. Randolph Kctin'a Doipsteh. Havws i>8 (iltaca. Mil.. July 12? Midnight Atlalrn la this vicinity continue as truddieu as over Everybody *?? mi to bo stirring, but earinnt give the wherefore of hia actlvl y. Noti.ipg baa yet been fcijard direct rrun the rar y >.eut lo protest tl>e Tone wago bridge it is uudertlood, however. that tho rebels hovering In that nii:h'n>rhoo<t are locousidernble In forco, and are reported moving aouthofgt. Tho policy of the ei'emv seemB to he couLeniraiiou. If tho retioi* ever h^d an in tention to operate on I'iO north hank of tho Siifqiietian tia they have now abmdoncd It Thoir wholo force seems to bo moving towards Washington. PakRYViLL*, Md , July 13?1 A. M. I bavo Just mot an Intelligent and ob?erv*ot geuilem in, who h is ual arrived fruiu Wnsliingt ti, Wivlug left there on Monday. From him I hivo gathered mmy Interest log and lmi>oi tant facts 'U rclatlou lo matters in tho capi tal and llonuuiouial city. REPORTS FROM HAGERSTOWW. Mr. Franc la C. Long't Despatch. IfjoBurroi r.w, lid . Jul/ 11, 18M. TOR RBLr.lH ucmmo l)OK*EP. All kli.ila of bunuoM la busytLded at tbla place, al though there has been du rebol lorco tr. ihn Immediate i.elgt Ixrhoot tor several days. I tier* '8 a small force at ll< nturey Spring*. abuui il'tern m.lea east of her*, bunt big up ilie hur,es that the farmers have bidden Id lb* mountains. Ye-torday they succeeded la finding four bandred tb it were bidden, having beou guided to tbe plaoe by their cupp*rbcat colleague*. U&A1X M<nM>TU>. Tburfton a wareboueo la not burnt, aa several ptpara hi- e r'? tod. Tn*re are three largo brick warehouse* In H meretowa. standing near tbe railroad det>ot? '/.elier's Thornton 'a acd Klofteibergnr'a. Theae *ir<h uioi would have been Ml on Are, but tbe culzeria paid five hundred d . Ilara lor each aa a aubetdy. Tht> owaer of one of tbece hoi nee is a noinrlm.t copperhead ? aa ope* and avowed re bo i ay m^tbUar? y at bta disloyalty did not save bis; b> id to ruM" the money. Ibera weru about 1,?00 bmb ?l? o gvernment grata la I lebe berger'i building, the rabul* tuui thrown into tbe atreet, wbera It la aow lying, effectually blocking up tbe way. Tb* refeele tmiirev ? 1 h]| nui* citiz*oa tb*y found n*ar, and under ag'nu.I ni .de them w< rk to the warebtuaaa throwing out tbe gi' ui. I ni> ni t and copperhead farml alike. Tb* lirolo wu? not net on Br* at riot eiberger'a ator*. Tb* rube's eiaoled a promt** from III* lababllanta tbattbey would burn II ibeni?elvee, and tbey uudoobtedly would bare don* ao but for tnenpportonearrivalofoar cavalry. Many of tbe citizens with wlnn 1 have convened ar* of tbe opinion ttat the cram aad oth*r qnart*rmaat*r strree might bav* been aaved bad proper meaauraa beea uacd. mi iiaBtL anvjirca. There waa ao tn'erval of tbre* or fonr day* between tbe err sal- g of the Potomac atd tb* advance upon tbla town t-y tbe rebel*. tarARTuuTT of rwa a auto*. The rebela stvjwcd no partiality In robbing the people. Tbe Irnown Union t*t armored no more tbaa tbe rankeet coprei head. This ratbor aatorifhed the trtmttng and wr t .'hti eno'ifdroia who btvelwen uwalng aad chuckling in it. fir al?etes whi *1 tboy awaited the advent at tb*tr bona ?'*>? log friend*. now a (orrrwiaan was "dom." A we'l known rebol ayni^bmer cooked a very ale* Alt set? tot II up In ?iyle, regtrdWea of exrena* ? and in vdetl il> ut fl teen of bie r< Iml Cm ads to dlae wrb u rn. B<jwhu tbe good viands and a| pie Jjck the aeWl< r? eiijjyed tliaovelvea to tbelr i.eai t'a conwai, Ji.ivii.g literally ? a least af tre^eon and a :>W I f imwl." lui'xtina ibn fr*ilr>c:i of the b at, when t: ? di' ner waa d. - ??w'olted, to fitid his nor*."* aH stolua ati 4 bis ? tnoroaabif ransacked, ami alanoel evi-ry poriab ?< article i?f v-imi* o?rrl?id nwtjr, I order* i m, 4 f c o> i leg inn .a uii!?r^ung a ripd 'b.rrs. Tf? *MlROAl?. V >?ri 'i ,rr.??* w?* don* ?. tfce rrnnklln Hal'ro'd A ? ? . e ?? but # l*i d it" truck .le"tiM) ?<4. ilf ^ven ti..e wa* done uy lb* burning b.y. ?' . ,in? t. nataauL I'CJtraua' ?. ? . i * ran ety bo bl.rnai (or Idollitng tba e ? ?< . ' t??%?i,iy v!c< anniat.c ?f ti ey do. b la am ay a in . n il"- him a fair simple of th* i, i i i livinn. In a cobvarsatloa With I .? Hi . ,<>r Lilii place, lie , <tmar!?<jd ? ? ? 'J , i-.ii .e > n i if, i gut l otn bell.atr; abdth?*eare he. i. nit. >"? t Hud m*. ?nd ilamu my?oul,alr. \f (A <? Uur ? > 'mi- ? ?-ei Je net cumplt wii k mg>, Til 4 ? ?>n ?'??? <*<-' whtikey, and ywir town m l .rtf. ii-?"i ?. i I ait it Uf cm- qumtm A aw.etl I'ltd geafUiiMO I* ilot'aimUDd. rt'uiKut a. %*?!?*. Tbe hignwi.y robhaiiee tlto r??.r..ia comm. fed wero . Innuin i . b>. it > e'oi-i all ,?*ll tiiwerd o-faoue IIipj nt'i, eli'f tod Maik. "d rt^ "d tr?m ?i their j waiutea ?*u , aua *?<?ai oca?*l> ua ?ti ij^pad geotlemeo of their clothing ia lb* pubil* itfwti of IkC town. n rau uwiiii nauMifvo m rvnMta j There to ? report widely circulated that a o?*sider*bl? My of rebels with a loiig wagon iraia rmnwl It* P?? tomae at ao early b*ur tbta mora log, at NoUo'a tort, sear tbo confluence or tki Moaoeocy, taking Ue read from tbeoce towards Leeeburg. REPORTS FROM 0HAMBSRSBT7 101 Mr. CranaU C. Laag'i D?m*t?fe> CiiKiunom, Pa. , July 18 ? K*enl*g. We have bee* io fail eomaunicaiton wit a Wash lag tod op to vatrrday afternoon. wben our Una waa out Wa have oawa from Washington up to tbia morning (Wednesday). A government transport Mi Washing too ibis Boralog, reaching Baltimore at two o'clock P. M. Official information baa bean raeetved stating that hoavy flgbtlog took place yea tar day on tbe Seventh stieot road, tba rebels striving to eaptwre Fort Sieveua. The olerki In tba several department* and all govarci meot employes bad beau armed aad aaat to tba outer do* leoi-ee. Cuofldonca was fully restored among tba ettlseos, wwf one believing tbe city to be perfectly awe. News la received from Baltimore ap to four P. M. Evan thing la quiet and orderly ahnat tbe otty. All eblae %ort led alMaeoa ?>f tbe proper age are ordered to report at tbelr respective wards (or duty to dafeodlug tbe city. At five o'clock P. M. a deapatok from Annipoila, da'ed three o'clock tbia alleruooo, saya 'every thing la quiet at that point. Mo rebels have been aeea there. All bast noes Is suspended. REPCRTJ FROM HAFRHBT7RQ. BARU'f1B',Ko. July 13. 1864. Geo. Oouch !? st Phllsdelphia. The sicitemeat here H rapidly dying oat. Tba stores are at:li closed, and re cruiting Is progreaalng slowly. A steady stream of Uuloa refogeaa, with teams and droves o< horses, Ac. , n pu? log through tbia elty, returning boos. Governor Cu'rtlo, aocompauled by the Attorney Geo*, ral, left fbr Philadelphia to-day to ooorer wub Generals Couch and Cadwallader fbr the purpose ef increasing tba facilities for organising aad brloglcg forward tho troop* now being mastered la in Philadelphia. In aaawer to an Inquiry addruaaed by Governor CnrtiA to Provoat Marshal General Fry, ou tba aubject of ro? oruiting in tbe rebellious States, the fallowing biw jtui been received! ? "Orders to carry out tbe law in re anon to reorulting In the rebellion* St > tea are sow in preu.aud will be brought -to oompielton as soon as posaihl*." Dtlswara A uuacil Wu.MiNoroM, July 13, IQfi 4. Ia obedience lo the call of Go voroor Cauoon, th<> ctl Ken* of Delaware hnvo oobiy vol"imer<j<l to defttnd the ItalMmore Railroad aod tbe line of tbe uequohunna. One eutlre regiment has been rawe;! ami tou-iLered into aervlcv fr.r thirty days, undor the command of Col.I di gur lloungfinld, and Is uow at Havre de Gr <ce Additional troopa have boon ralaed, and aent to guard Hui<out S powder works. Ihe eniLu/iasm ia ureal. Nune o tits wealthiest aro iu the rank*. Kecruitiog la rabidly goU'g ou. An Appeal to the People of Mala". Aroma, M lue, July 13, 1S14. Governor Cony has Isaued an order appeals* to the people ol Maioe to volunteer their atrvicea for a period <?f one hundred days, to aid lo Wkfradtog tbo national .CHiji.aU Ula call, It Is hoped, will be favorably r?| uud ed to. Tlx* Sanitary Comualation stThelr Good Wars. , News reoelved yesterday at the headquarters of ths Snnltsry Commission sbowa that tbe ag^uta of tnal charity were, as u^ual, foretno-t on the groao* at too lata Otfht wouoc icy Junction and at Oaneral i.ickett'a en K c;jI at Elllcott'b Mills, and buay iu dieWibutin,; doll# CiCiea aud utediul articles to the m d'e i, b tb aick iixl well A r0bo"ner, loaded with twenty Uvo thousind dol lars worth ot' oraagua, lemons tta. , alio leit Pelade i>')Ut yesterday, (or tb* use of the soldiers aioog ths J.nuee rivor. Cttjr Intelligence. Patriotic EirrKKTtiNMS-rr.? It la a-oa-timed that there are la our city mmy wldo.vs and orphans of uur vuiun| i?org, as well a- discharged eoldiers, lu circa nstiuictti o| wuut. This evening an eriteruiuiuent, ooDHlming of *4 dresses and manic, I* to be t ven at tue Cooper Inmitutg lor their heueflt. Several of our m?et prominent ap*<ik< era are 10 ulvo us tlietr views of ibe present condition ol affn'-B. Iter. Dr. McClmtock, lately I'um 1'nnn will apeak ?' our relation to Kr.-mca. ttr?wiu? o it "t Him latg ?aval engagement botwe-Ane AUbama aid Kearaarge, Accnuarr? A Hot.nica OvJLto.inn,? Yssterday afternoon, aa Ibe stesmer Kmplrs Cltjr waj leaving pier So. 8 North river, a soldier, belonging to the Twenty -seventh Uoaaa< chu?itl? regiment, attempted to ;nmp on board and el J In tbe river. Catching bold of a rope un the boat, he wag dragged out Into tbo atrcam. nod would have heso drowned, douhtlese, but ror tho exerilons o t offlosg lhompeon.of tbe twenty-seventh precinct, at d olhcet llaufurd, of tbe Iweuty sixth. CMf.cer 1 noiupeon bailed the propeller Arctic and brought It to tbe sc-ne, abt thereby saved !p in a w atery doath the gallant leilot* wUo bag mau/ tiu.os faced fur hla oounlry a tiery one. Arrival of tbe Steamehlp Libert jr. Tbe steamship L berty, Captain Wilson, fear days fro^ Havana, arrived at tma port at an early boor thin mora* lag. bhe brings no news ot importance. . Coroners' lnqaeate. FATAL ACOIWXT TO A PIUMA*. Coroner Wiidey yesterday held an Inquest at No. ITi Third street on the body of George fMrich, late a mem/ her of Engine C.isptny No. IB, who was killed on Tuse d *y ovoniog, u reported in yeeter day's Hmalh. It api>?va that deceased waa riding down the Bowery on the rear platform of a Second avenue ear, be being on bto way to tbo Ore In Baxter street, when No. ? Truck cam* in rioleiit collision with the oar. In aome manner uo kniwn W ? irtcb waa caught Oeiween the truck and car, and ba i ail his ribs m bie left tine cruaned in, beetdae wbicu bia left lung waa badly lacerated, from tfeeee an<A other lu urles Mr. Weirlcb expired lo .bout gee mi mine, after which the body waa eaten to bia lata homo njp members of ibeoomneay Hie Coroner's Jery r?e<'er*4 a verdict or ??Ac-id*:nuU death " Pooeaeed wan thirty* two years of ago, and a native of Germany. ?OICIDB OP A (TRAMM, At a lata boor on Tuesday night toe attention of the Fifth prec net police wag QiJIed to g nan wbo wag fooM hanging to an iron book In n abed a* pier tt North livar, Wbea out down the body wan cold, and death must bare taken pinoe nn hour or two previously. Trust tbe last that decenafi bad an emigrant passage ttoket irom ikM city to St. l.oa Is in bia pocket , It la inferred that be wt? no emigrant on bie way to the Southwest. The Uctet waa made out in the name of Meyer, Deceased appeared *<? be about sixty years of ago He bat on g*a y satinet pante, block ns?k <-oat, brown atriped inn?iin eliirt, brwn underchlrt, in't on bia heal w?s n white mtiaMa ni^aA o?i>. Il? b id In his rinss?s*k>? a ft bill as the Morchantn* and Uecnanics' Rank of Wheeling. Vs., a (I g eenbicfcw twenty t re c?t ts In st-itnpa. a Certrnn ooin m>d a pair c( an ctaciit Coroner Vauminn bed an >n<jo- t on the b. dy. w hat prompted the deseasrd te take bin Ills di4 not transpire. Dr.Arn *T HOtstM. Coroner Neumann veeterdnv bald on inquest on tit b> iy of Mlcbaei (>ngan, eyoing man, who w?s fnon* la the water nt the foot of Fifty seventh street. Cast river. !<eoeesed waa drowse-' la?? Saturday wki-e b> th ing oil tbe foot of 8-kty necon<l street. j FATAL BAI (.SO Alt AOOIDST. An leanest was b*>d jeatarday b? Corser Ranoey eo the h<dy of Heory Mctlullen, ?r> -ty ye?rt of age, an' ? native of IrelS' d, who 4i?d lr. to the elTr. ts of Injurlo* received to coae^juenca o# hav be*n rin over by a tf In of oarn b>*ioogin( to. the 11 idssn River Rail<'i%l rncoaoy. On tai.iMay last, ta a train ?f cars waa l ass. lag op Eleventh avenue, Dear rorly -sixth street, a &?> ?e bet. Dglt g te WeMiMlan ??>k 'right, aod In attain >ttag ?? sf>i> htm be (iCcVoilen) wes thrown on tbe tr>ok before the meomoiive. waa rue over and fatally tnlured. It *(? lea e<i be ore tbe Coroi er thai the train * aa *oior s? e taster rote f stood than allowed by the connaov Ibe Jury f"?n<t -Tbat Oeceoecd cams to ha fieeib hF iu urlei recelred by nomiag la t utici with, and h'ing ruii over hv, a t em of care an tbe Hudson River Rati read in Rieventh aveenn, near For1 y sixth street. J'?1F to, i -4M. The Jerr are el tbe opto ton tnat ths jlwl, ik running trains mi the Fieventh * eoee at tM "H e<gbt mi en an bonr 1o 'rav<ht wi'b very $rmt nanfff to tt* cltisens, ant ought te be abated." Rem Ireat tb? MlssieelFP*? Caino, tniy M, iM. Tbe ate rimer C?ty of AMta, from M? mi** yeaierda/, hrln^g one knsndred ahd ffi?-tevee baieo onitse St- 1 o i?. Meaty did

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