Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Temmuz 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Temmuz 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TacasaiY, July 14? 4 F. M. Some "f tbo men. bar* of ibe bank coinr Stlie of ten Itad an inter* lew irttk Uf KesseaUe.i to;1?y al U.e Sub % tte;.su.y b_ iung; but Le wa* ?k^ra|t r?l to repl\ lo let be nit him or '<o smtgoe; i'"** and ?" thai nu,. , tiation re-nain to su^pjuae 1' -if their reoeaal the s?crf ury is oonrtden g ? hut authority hp baa t'.r making lb? Kioto biuks depositories <?f goverumo it funds to tbe extent of the r loans lo the Treasury. ' J the act or long cm of A .'gust 5, 1 9< , a scctl >d mt which we q oi?<t j et>lt*rday , It* M em pOWTCvl tO deposit ftti? 01 t''? moce?s o. taxed oo as y of i>m loans tbeu aut'iiiri?"d t>y law to the credit of tDe Treas try of tne 1'aiied State# In Bucb ?olvent specie paying Maki *s may snlcot. 8 > far as loan* Hiubi r'/?* t oaf or u tho of tliisncl are con cerned. the only question that ai wt i? that grow ing out ot the st?*;*Dei>>a of ain?ie p*j uenta? uiinsly, ^nether the law is aoplloable to legal lender paying bulks, and. inuauiiich as le^al tender uo.os are held, bnb by ilia gtvernment and the courts, to be tlie equivalent of apecle iu the payment of all ordinary ub'.ign'ior.s , where siccie pay meal not expressly stipulated In advance, we - a of opinion tbat Mr. Teesend?n should not ci'nllue himself sir icily to the letter of tho Uw, but (lace tbat liberal Interpret* ton upon U which is m-ce*?ary, at the pro* out critics' Juncture, to ths Inters* of tbe c >veru meet. With regard. however, to acts authorizing loans passed subseq'ieut to ibis, It is evident ibit if tbo sec tlon of the act referred to is construed literally it will not apply; but In view o tbe necessities of ths Ireasury, and tbo ardent need of perfect toiu*tnony and co oj ora tion between all ibe banks and the gororomcnt. in order to enable It to develop Us full Una cUl strength, Mr. I'a^sendon will be Justified in consulting tbe public welare, without allowing himself to be fettered by legislation , or the absen oe of It.on a p->lut to which precedmts, from the very condition of alfiirsuro no lunger applicable. The emergency U such that it mu'l be dealt with by strong hands, and If tlia n?w Secretary ahrlnks from tbe ta?k or reapuatlbill'y of parmom/.lng those consisting elements which exist between the t*o denominations of banks, an J ot uniting with them the commercial strength of the country, It will be at the coal of the be*t interests of tbe [>enpie and tbe sacrflo. of bis own reputation as a Raving conced-.d cq lal privileges to the State and national bank-1, and placed itself in accord with the moneyed Interests of the nation, tue government should follow the oxample of all European govern merits la simi lar circumstances, and put iitbif In tljo pos lion oi an ordinary borrower. Hitherto, while t'u banks have been expanding the sphere of their circul itlou and op.*ra tlous, the government has heen ptyituf out large eums in jrceu backs and legal tecd. rs eenoraliy, aud thus two prima causes of Inflation li'.ve l?ea actively at work, without anything to con'.-ol the tide oi circulation and make it couvc.^o round a common centri?. Now, la Great Brilaia tbe Bank of England constitutes tbis centre, and the ebb and flow of money ar* regulated by its rale of interest, if the drain of specie is hoary upon the b ink, in consequence of exces sive impcrtiona or other pre-hai osiog c&' fa, an advance tn tbis rate acts as an immediate chock ur?>a It, an4 tbe wea'tb of the Cingdoaa flows into iw t>..iers without a corresponding depletion in tbe way of d.soaunts. Tbe-e ts no re-isoc wby tbe banks of this city abou'd aot form this ceou-e, and control tho circulation as effect .ia y as tbe Dank of Rnglan 1 does It. And, as the law or this State dree not permit a higher r?te ot tntorest thau ?eves per cent, tbe policy wbli'j should be pursued to slraogtbeu tbe banks ts tbat or a s'ea ly%lrtailmenl of loans to tne basinets community. Too etlocl of thU course on the part o: tbe btnks would soon be apparent In an influx of currency from all sections ot' the country, wbii b would find Its way Into tbe banks and facilitate tbe action of tbe latter in supplying the necessities of tbo favored borrower ? government. As soon aa ibe banks advised their customers of this intended policy, tbe Utter would, (a self defence, call for remittaacws frfea the c*uatry Jobbers or wholesale dealers, who, ts tt*<r tarn, woo id call upon the retailers, and ibese a*aa uaa U? customers, and so large ar-^ita which are now scattered among tbe peop>. ixiru.u.n tor national purposes, wonid Cow into the rreii ?r>* ? cial centres. With tbe curtailment ot disc'-xt*. t-x would come an abatement of such htirtful spe?uiai^<a ti that which has recently raised the price of tbe necessa ries or life so excessively, and thoroby every man would bare bis daily bread and butter cheapened to htm; be sides which the volume of currency necessary for cm ?ton every day expenae* would be proportionately dimin ished , and tbe surplus thus created would be so much added to tbe resources of tbe banks. Meanwhile these, acting as agents between the Treasury and tbe people lor the sale or ila six per ceal isterut in gold bearing bonds, could dispoee ot about a million of dollars wirth per day, which, u ah tbe three quarters or s million per day derivable from internal rerenue, and tbe addition of temporary deposits, certificates of Indebted t e s aud Treasury notes maturing in three yens, at tbe command or tbe Secretary, would leave him In little need ot resorting to tbe Issue or le^al tenders, unless lo a limited extent, is payment of the trooiie There Is little doubt tbat if seven thuty Treasury note* (not legal tender) were to be put on tbe mar ket, and made convertible Into six per ccnt /old bearing bonds at maturity, there woi.ld ba a etroag demand f r them; bJt this inducement to subscribe rabidly to a n?w loan would hardly be ad\isa ;lo unless tbe requirements of the government wore of a very urgent character. It la up n the wl < of its l>ocds direct through tbo bauks to tl.u people that tbo government must mainly lUy lor sup port. A rear-lion took place In the stock market to-day, and a buoyant tone tras manUeeted throughout the entire list Whether tbis Is to continue or col It ? very di.Tl calt to predict; but It is quite certain that whenever lbs financial atairs of tbe country assume a settled eon dition tbe share market will regain .Is tormer be lthy aspect, aud tbe spirit of speculation, which has been dormant fur some time part, will acala be revived. Stocks hare nearly it aot <i?Ue touched bottom, wbtch raet tbe bears themselves are forced to admit Compared with the highest cu>h salem at the first board yesterday, New York Central advanced X per cent, Erie Railway Hudson Hirer 4, whlah la a gain of fourteen per cent since Monday after noon ; Heading 4, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chlen 2, Michigan Central 1JK, Mhblg.-n Southern 3, Illinois ( an tral IX, Cleveland and Pittsburg l.Clereland and Toledo 1, Chicago and luck Island 2X, Tiitaburg and k'ort Wayne 3J<, Chicago and Northwestern IK, Cum tier land Coal I*, and Quicksilrer Mining 1. There was ne improvement in government securities, and It Is not likely tbat tbey will ba strengthened until aome settled policy on the part of tbe Secretary or tbe Treasury Is made puMla. The coupons or 1891 sold to dny at 10:*;,', and tbe Bra twenty coupons at 104. The one year certiorates brought 93X- A sale was maUe uf the ?lies or 1967 at 111. Gold fluctuated to-day, and after opening at 341 It sold Sown to 263 X, and subsequently rallied to 3T0, with sales or assail parcels, meetly en time. Tbe demand for oash gold was very limited, and the prion was one par cent ander time aalaa. The following It the report or the Aeelataet Treetnrer ? ItMlpU (roB cuMonu 9137,000 Total reoeipu 1,104,714 Payment! 684,783 Balance 84,681, 7t>0 The o.<odltioa of the bank* of ibe three principal cittee ef theUoton to exhibited In the foilowlej Uble, which glTM the mreptea of their last weekly ?taieaente:? Stfr ?>. Cir ??<(?, ? Tor*. Julyt..|IW WJ-Til 2I.J*4.<M7 4.(i?? W7 144.7i?.?<7 fhlla.. Jul. II.. 40.7lJr.?.7 8 "? 2 .TMH ?7,8ia 4tt Beaton. July IU ?,?* dsut.iw ?.t?e.44? ai.yv.'.viS Total tS?MW'Xji? SI SA6.MI 1 t18.yW.MJ Lw week.... 8U6,I??,3T7 8l.4.U.li6 16.481. ?Mfi ?2.8li.2V> laereae* io lot a a 9911. r?T Pwreeee le epe-'? 117. >'1 laereeae In circulation...,. ?vvV? Incrraae la d<tpocJu 10,783.' 90 The Bute of Conneottc u will ioud be in the market for m loee of two millions oo ten-forty im per ccul bond*. Tbelssnoi F rt lniuratioe Company will pa y, on dctnaad, ? dividend of Are per root, fru* of tax. The I.i mar Fire Insurance Company will pay, on de ?u4, a dividend ol Ave ;<er cent. The Bowery Jhavmgt Baiik will pty IU Irieraet oo the MMi loot ? The Bleeoker Street String* Baok will p?y IU ln'.orc?t on th* 18tn tout. The Niagara Fire Innraaoe Oorayany will pay, on de Mad, a dirt tend of Ore per cent. Tbt Knickerbocker Fire lomranoe ' cmpany will pty, 19th ton. , a dividend of ,0ve per cent. The Norwich and Woroeeter Railroad have dec'trcd a lew per oeut temi annual dividend, payable July J1 to Mdera July le. the following ttiet of etooke were Bade at auction by Adrian a Uuller on Wednesday > ?1 sfcnree Um% Island Raak 139K ?9 IhelroptHtaa Oaailght Oo 188 ?8 O ere faehsage Fire loonranoe Oo. 119 |9 A. Mlefcoiae Fire laeoranoe Oe 91 |S9 Hew Haven Railroad, geoelnn 161 le 199 v Ik9 Qrotea fire Uearaace Ompaay , of U>ui ciy, baTe declared a dividend of Ave per o*t. frwe of government | tax, and reserve, a'ter paying eald dividend, a aurploe of , t .S,Ot 0, tail the result ot their Oral je-r i ht i'laaas. 11, e returns ?f I lie Ba k or F .g'aad for thewerkeid |r * Jirnr 2s> ,c rrare with the aUUnrvnt of the pre?i uua week a. follow**? /mim 22. JWi -2? r hilt rtapnaHf ??,2S7,:.?4 10,213 -i6 Oth I &<? u?iU lS,Vil ?-l I- V* 24t ?} e i ni<*nl s?vuntios 11,122.287 11,1;: '.2<>T ( tber . oo .rniei> 9 2io7">.30 Jv.-t. s in ru nutation,, V .172.730 20 i . 5 Sa?t e and bullion I4,3n,uil 14,11 ;,shJ Ih? weekly rei'TB of the Hanc of 1-ri.uee, as rniU. >ip to the 83th of June, allows the following results (tUa exchange taken at air to the pootH*)>~ Co'? nnd bull! ??! Pecre.iae ?140 0:">o HUM discounted Income 8,: si ooO N 'Uts in rtre Incense ft. 0 i'rivaie <Jeo*M? Inccxae f. -.**???* Treasury d |?oni* Increase r 40 < JO There 19 a ^teat demand for money In raria, partly lo onnnerlion with the Urge payments for t.'k us j <1 *t this ?eaoon. A heavy smoout of bilia aUo (all* due in France at the beginning of July. The decline In the coin and hulilon, however, Is ur important, the rank of France having obtained a sueplv ol g"ld in London. ftie toi lowir.f wore the quotations Tor cotton at Mem phis o ? thf Cth lost. : ? Good middling $1 40 low niidrt'ln? $1 35 St let middling 1 P.U GO' d ordinary 1 2R V iddlieg 1 (W I,0W Ordinary 1 26 llio stock of cotton continues lo be troll niaiataiued at Liverpool, In spile of the largely Increased consumption. Ttiu* the weekly fluctuations during the present quarter compare as foil ws with tboso for the corresponding pe riod of 1863 and lt>02:? 1802. IRAS. 1804. Week Ending*. Ualn. April 1 46o,U60 33S,"i)0 2 "> &.0 April 8 42 ',"30 803/) 10 i!7S.V00 April 15 i KfP.530 aW T*0 Si.', .100 April 22 8?7,''T0 a?4.' F0 413.R30 April 29 8(17 570 8CU.680 JW, *^0 May rt 34S.4<:0 S2J,I00 S.S6,?10 May 13 815,^80 3''.r,.7i?0 821.2*0 May 20 y.S7s?60 8:'n,*IO 8-V),ihO Mav 27 ;. 370,-30 315,4*0 341.1.10 J , bp 3 824 '>90 371.120 856 Of, 6 .Im e 10 2 !>.C :0 8X5.180 ?r>?,4.'!4 .1 uno 17 2<l(i,22P Sf'O.HOB 8114. 724 Jute 24 213 010 802,i<70 311651 The follow Ine table shows the earnings of ? number of railroads during the months of April and May tnte year . ? April. Mav Michigan Southern $327, 20f 2? ?,xi8 Central 33fc,27< 271.652 Illinois Central 421,4^6 414,7.30 ("bic-'B" and Koek Island 17f>.s:!8 l">S,;'i 6 Gale a and < blcnco 19R.KT0 220, S25 M?riett 1 nnrt Cincinnati 73,214 83.t?i>4 Mi! wa'ilcee and rmlria du (ibleu.. Mit,4l7 1S?5.747 Clitcig and Sovtb western 174. 400,134 Chicago and Milwaiikoe H>!*4 4f. 737 AHaoltc and Gre >t Western 197,217 214, <>79 Chicago nud Fort Wayne 674, ''40 4?:i.r40 The bvuilaess of the Illinois Central Railroad for the last half year baa been as (ollowx: ? or i.aif?. For first six month* ot 1*64 $1, MS, 672 i>?r first six muuihs ot 1863..., 1,091 .098 Increase 1447,474 cAsn fw.t.itrTKn o* ia*D nrin^. For first six months or 1*64 f?8f?,fw>7 For flrst six monins of 18C3 63'.', 860 Increase 1310,768 TRllTIt For first six months of 1804. $2,503,626 tor Hi st six mouths of 1M3 1,87b 678 Increase >624 949 TOTAL 1'WMNKW FROM JANCiRT 1 TO JC1T 1, 1864. Pah's or land $1,638 572 Cash colle. -ted on land debts.... 9H6.601 TraWc 2,50;:, 52# Total $6,028 ,6u9 Tbe following exhibits the traffic on the Great Western Railroad tor tbe week ending July 8, 1864. P??*e gerfl $23,303 2? Freight nnd live stock 19 200 30 Mails and suudnes.... l ,4;, 2 62>,' Total $44 053 24 Correapoodiog week of last year 39,916 31 tocrsis $4,136 03X The following are the earnings of the Erie Railroad for t&e n-.TOth of June, 1864 , $1,021,975 CI .'?M, 1863 770.147 99 Increase $261,827 62 ?Cock Exok??f?. Tai Rspat. Jo't 11? *10:30 A. ?. 84000 rs r?, IW7 11* MikiH VMiiKliRK M ttWt) U8 4'*, 1841. COS. 10 H llM do b2u I31W 2<1U0 do 102', 1U8 do in Sf 0 0 US O'a. & 2U'a, COil 118*2 Ilk) du l!Hyi IMXi do 104 LX0 do 128;: 3?<00U8 8*, 1 vraert.. J0> do IW'i 16?<*l do 93# 7mi Reading HK ISO 14000 Kentuckv 6's.... 12 > *00 do bJO 131 *I1?) Tcnne?*ee 6 ?. HO 1-7 Cut do IWK 30 )i do 67)4 -1*? do 129K 1<?KI Mo toTRB H 60) do M??J NorlliC. rolinH6'i M 10;) Mil A Pr du Ch RR (* l.*)lOiiioim?wrt. SO 2UI Mich <>u BR. 131 6?>M do 49 15 do 133 W %?le lit mort l,de llfiH 7ft Mich So * N I RR. . & (hi "'leh So a f bund* ll:i 6M d" S.'.tt ? ' I < ?nti al bnnda, 13J Sfli do b20 S4m 7?>>i ItarlMii 1M m.... I'll NJ0 do S3. HOI- CMc A N W tat III '(?< I Hi Mich So A N I nu-ir 183 3o0 Pitf.PtwACIiilm ISO 10") III OnltK<) i:ju 1MJ) CWe A Pittl 4 is ? .? 7<> ? do blO I29>, KVaheTalA W pref 86 2i)0 do 12 \i 800 Canton Co blO 3'.^ 1.) do 128* 5.0 do .*? Ml do 12S1 / ?'?00 do 3.?( 4i*)Cleve A Pitta KR. 107V AW Cumb Coal pref.... tfl do 18 2i?0 .lo <51 fiOl do blO lip " 0 do tnwk >2 0 do bit) 1(HV I1? <o ?l? 000 Chi 1KW RR. . . {?)? 1011 di ?H3* do bS &' >k 3 V Qwleksilver Mg Co. 73 2?M do 1.20 BJ ?0I? d ? T; 2!') Chi A N \Y pref .. 87 Ml VOMt RR.. .hit IS'-H 10 do bl 5 88 Ui lsr, MMCleve A T'.'.rda RR. 18IX V) do 13lfc 100 Ckl A R I KR ..bis 111) MM Erie KR blO 1 1 ? 401 do 106V 4.1 do 113*4 81)) do lne1? 1 ? d i blO I13S son Pitta. I'lWl Chi . 113* J 4 <1 do 1I3U J? do 1I3? ?00 do 113 2U0 d i IiTO 115 -tW do. b30 IIS 4"0 do hlS HI* second board. H^Lr iu?t Tito o'Ctock P. M. JVMO r S ?'?,??!, reg.. 103 2i>.)ihj Rc.idii.2 Rrt ..132* li IK) V S *'*. '81 ro-1. . KM Hi !) do .*... 1S2>? ;iKX*) CH ???, I year rer V3?f 4' 0 Ml?h So 4 N la RK 54'? 401**1 do D4 HO do MX y.*?)0 U 8 f> *T .fun 1k> ^ 5?> Chi, B'ir \ Qii KFl. I2.S1. 10001 I uoie?,7 3-H. O t A M 4>K) HI Ctnt RR ?w.p l?V I' Xpi Ohio A MiMcer.. 45.VI SOD do, h3 129 MM do 49,<i 2IK1 do. |28*? 5 f) ?li? CumliOil pr?f *1 1B0 Chi k N W KR ftO>t ?*? yutoliailTfr M? Co.. TlX 40CUIA14 W pref.... 87 111) <lo.... UO 73S ao do 8*x &.W M T Onlrml BK ... 1.I1, lO) Chi k Rk la Rll.... ID aiRrlcKR 114 400 do b5 10.1 ? HM do 118'i 100 do 109% lOOKrloRRcrff 118^ 100 Mil A Pr du Ch RR H4U IW Hndni Riicr R? . U) ?M Pitta, V W A Chi RR 1 13 ^ BOi do 12; H ? 4* 1US tOU) Beading KB. 13J CITY COHMBROML REPORT, July 14?8 P. M. Aaaw.? Receipt*, 63 bbla. Market quiet, with (mall Mien, at |I3 00 r*r pot* sad |1S SO for pearl*. B*?*rwTrrr*.? Reoelpti, 4,924 bbl*. flour, S09 bbl*. and 446 baga con Meal, 41,938 buabelt wheat, 7,400 do. corn and 82,902 do. oatn. The larg* fall lo fold to day Mimed a further dccllno of fully 25c. oo 0>ur aod checked speculative tram actios*. At tbe cloae tbere wer* do buyer* at our oauld* quotatloo*, tad tbe whole market closed 4u)l. Bale* 20,080 bbl*. Put* aod W*it*rn, 1,500 Southern aod 800 Canadian. Ryo flour ba? batom* rery ?oarce, ?nd email rale* wer* male *1 M a 110? tbe litter, bowefer. an uuteide price lor choice. < oro meal waa ?old to the extect of 800 bbl*. at |8 40 for Uracdy wi?e, and It 60 for Fairfax and calorie. W* quote:? 8u perBoa Stat* and W*st*ra Dour 110 00 a 10 60 Eitra 10 75 a 11 00 Cfeote* State 11 00 a 11 10 lomrnoo <o medium extra Waataro 10 Mall 48 Kxtra roaad hoep Ohio 11 00 a 11 26 WeeterB trade braaca. 11 80 * 12 25 Extra st. Ix>uM 10 26 a 11 00 Common eon i hern 00 all 60 Kxtra and fancy ao 11 55 a 14 00 Common Oaaadtaa 10 7V ? 11 00 fboieate extra 4* .....11 10*13 i0 Rye flour, ?np*r0ae 7 76* 0 25 Cor* m**l, bbl* 7 75 * 8 50 0*ra meal. iMiocbeoa* 88 00 a 40 00 ? Tha wheat ma. km ?** *o*talned by the amallneN of eupply, Ui* rurretit racelpli hiring been sold prevlou* to ?rrival. P*n?'8 to irrlre, however, are offered *f lower price*, mica 110 "08 huahel*, at *2 38 a %'l 6.3 for <.bi uago '[ ring. |2 4f> a $2 6<> for Milwaukee d ib,|J 60 for amfvor Jrrj-ey . f2 .*'8 a r.n for Inferior to prime winter red We?tem, |2 M a $2 CO for *irher Milwaukea, f2 70 f'W 35,0<)0 l?o?hele ambar Mlchigm, to arrire. and 93 :>0 for wblte Western Rye ?nd bnrley remain nominal. Oita were lower, with aaie* at 77c a S/Oc. Corn wa* ?cvr* ii4 the msrkot *lend? ?a<e8 -l,i^/0 bu<bel*,at f 1 81 * fl P3 for W.nterr nixed, and f I r, 5 f(>r yellow. Coiwi ?lb? msiket wa* dull ind iowar; to* *a:j* c m priced ab ut 250 bale*. W e quote ? I tta'ul. Hon 'a. t/oii1'- .V. O. 4 t. Ordinary 1'.3 IAS irj 153 Viddlin 10' It 7 168 18 Ui?d"mttldllng. ...174 175 17? 17? Cotfxk wa* in '*)r ilemnr.d, hot tbe nr.nrkqt w*4 iibut tied and pric?" wuic quitr Ir egul*r, the sa>* Include 3 0 bng* Javi, Iti b"t.d, 'O private t' rm*; 76 bag* Rio *t 49'<c., and 25 bugs do. gw'd at 4M%*. KuBMiNT* ? Ui* market w*? quiet and steady, to Liverpool, jx-r Ami; c?n, 27 000 b<.- l>*> wbe^l at 3J<d a 4J., In bu k and t>*K* 8,000 eorn nt ?>4d. * HKd., 2,600 bbl*. flour at la., 160 b*l*^ l^mp at 12* 1d . per nnwtral, 10.000 buitcl* wheat ut 4d., in bu k, 2,8Co bbl*. Hour at 1* 3d. a Is. 4)td., 7 0 tlerct lard at 16*. a Id*. 3d. , and per stoamur, 2,000 balf che*t* tea at 30a. To landoa, par ABerK^a, t.OOO bbl*. flour at 1*. 84. , and per neutral, 1,009 bb'*. flour at la 7,Vl., 4,000 boxes raliio* at 23* 8d., 60 tons **lted hidea*t20s., 36 ton* liquor* at 31s 3d. To Antwerp, 780 bbla flour at 3a., 100 do. petroleum it 6* 0d , 88 bbla pot *ab?* at 33*l fld. , ind 30 tiero** aod 13 bbl*. hcaayatte. per gallon. A Hutch schooner, to Bristol channel, wbaat at p. t. A Danish ?choonar, to Moct?vl4ea, limber at 114, aad maaaura ??eat po4i at 16c. war fbot. Ah All laa brig. 18.888 buihal* wbaat to Paaarth RoaAa |l"n i?.-ihtrt vat aoaoidarhklt iBgtiry for sifwt. bat tbe sales wers at iwduead prto?a. wfaleb Inctuds * bbia New Orleans ?i (I 36. aod 40# Lhdi Kui India oo I' t ; ?is>, 750 tibits. ? uim and ?i(>0 do. I'orlo Rluo, in bund, for **i>?rt, oc taruis noi mm!* oublic. I'miv unions.? 2iT bbi? po-lc,2?fl tuckjuss b?sf, 10 Co rut tneiu M l 23t> <;o. I*r4. "lb# porx ms'kwt w..? qi.i?i i mmtIj , ?ritb e. n' 1,5<M) Ub:?. lit *4'? Tor uie s, fl2 a Si J M> i jt D-w tf"., ott i n siml, ?B < f 14 fo B?W fiiys' litn<>, $40 tor n?'* prun* ami $41 r?r pri:r.e in a*. i'?*e ConMnoas '[U'Ql arj uoraliia1. K.)ea 175 at $10 i f 8 lor country mim, |J a slO f or r. oulry |> . f f ?;?? * J8* I'or |f. 1,0 .i-n-i and ?.'? ' ?.<fl "t ? -? ?* ? ? t*n,ne m n W ? met, ?> ? * -i! f-a'f* ! 1 iUft' l..iui- were <1 i'.I tort ?? in i 1 ?"nt i | me i * i let and dim y ai |8k<? a ''">0 f r ?h)dl ? r ?u i' '.c. a Ipc. |.<r Uata* llie l? d ir. >AM ? >?- I | t 'j out (inn. Silo* i,rou bi>la. i.t w%?. a sin., I j U<" Uitor -u ? iImim pr|?& ntwrMt w ?* in fair raju-.n j i at l^r. u i> r >n to prim*. I'll '"f was quiet it j 3te- i :o.- tor Olito, ard aic. iTf.f r f'tnte. I raii'oii'VM.? tti'oeiptu, 3.010 bl>ta ' The unsrlwl w?? | ! du! , m..l I ' :* es ft w? lo., a SC. n g.illob o:f, an'l ? ? t Unit. Toe tisiitoocs lo the money market prove: t?J 1 j I itivo it'. a*ct >. ns, au.l tlirotiens to u.'Srt ?fmio ?f tit" bl ?*! rM, hnroe of them. u wrl'l b? 10 emberet, bo lit I ,? , ' y a wui c g ?, f, r t'ti- womb's rid. very, >t f! 10 *! 1 :!?, Tor frn> mi, wbt. h if bet -g <'?- ? v r ?>!, 1 I ubiK n o uomiaal i tic.' to day was only about v2c iMj, j K<J.* lo:u Uiuy CM aland OP Uatler mic.Ii a pnssurere. I inuns lo be seen. Tint regular ralub'" daaters arc very particulnr lo wlwm trey aell. (Vurie oil sold to-day to tfcH o.ttfloi. of 4,t'0.i bbis. it 4llc n 6 1c. , ru tbo 8)>o?.aod 8(.o. lor A> ftuftt. B"ti 'o-t aolil to tbt on loot of 1 8u ' bbl? , rtieDv it htic., nod :ree to th< extent of 1,200 I bin. at y.'c. ttV"a. oa the sj?ot, aod $1 0T)i lor Auguat. Utuzitio | U .lf 0010 O il Hi' k wm quiet, but Crm , wiih em.til sales at previous j prices I .si ii*R.? ^he taarkol oontinnes flrm, bat prloos wore very ii recnlur. \To note nut. s of 7o libds Cubi musco vado at 19c. , X6 do Cuba at 20 *ac.. 200 oo. Cuba Rt 2l>,c , and 15o libda, do. at 22>gc. In rrUoed there wus do ma terial chttiKelu price3. IViii>wt. ? tteei'ii*u>, 2.05S bbla. Tb?> market wn a dull and droopinfi, wttu sales of 1,500 bblt. at $1 08 a (I 72 lor Suua uiid Uefeiorn. INTERE^TtKtS FROM HAVANA. ARRIVAL OF THE LIBEETY. The Spanish Newspapers and General Dnlee. Th? Affair Denaiir.f f;" as Disgraceful I? Air* Liuc?lD| k%- acn Mt The steatosblp Liberty, Captain Harding, from Havana .<tb lost., arrived at tbis port yosterday morning. Our Havana. Correspondence. Havana, July 0, 18M. Tbe set Ion of our local government In regurd lo the ad mi, st o or exclusion of newspapers published outside the Island ot Cuba continues still to excite much comment. Aa f^r as T can discover the New Y- rk papers have not beeu interfered vitli, tho whole brunt of the prohibition falling, strangely enough, on papers published In Madrid. 1 sin told that all U>o so-called democratic papers which arrived by the last mail from Cadiz were seized and con fiscated, to tbo great annoyarj * i f their subscribers In Cuba, and to the far greater ii convenience and even loss ?f Moj<srs. Chai ft B 'usquet, ugents of the Madrid press In Havana. Tliotr business baa been so inierfered with that tbe latter gentleman Intends proceeding immediately to Spain, in order to lay a protest before tbe home go r eminent. 1 think the eoemies of Spain could desire no fact which more clearly illustrates the* absurd policy adopted by her government towards her colonies. Tbe eloquent i-auiper remarks that Spaniards are the worst colonists In the world? a statement amply demonstrated by the history of tbe government of Meitco and South America. In the present caw we have a subordinate officer holding an office wherein be la almost entirely irresponsible, under a con stitutlonal monarcby-whereln tbe minister who appoints htm is responsible? and forbidding tbe entry Into the pro Tlnce be governs of that which bis superiors permit to go to any part of tbe Spanish dominions. Certainly an anomalous condition of affairs. Under such in aMO ? hive the power Is to have iho rif bt. which tbe General may exerciBe without ronderlng an account to auyone. In these days such a system might well be pronounced ridiculous and grotesque. Bnt to return to '^There "is* a* do u bt as to what particular motlve may have actuated General Pulce, and to you or me It makes llttlo matter wtietnor he was moved bv some protouod iiollry or Or oon.-ideratlons alfecllng himself personally ; but as a matter of curlo-uiy we wll I pursue the subject a little It I- evident th,t the Madrid oew^paperP ??? contain something vrhlch Captain General Dulce do^nct line and 1 huvo seen a Tew samples which wrniW very much dlspssse mo were 1 In bis Kxcellcncy ? Itie Spanifh press Is remarkably iree, and this freedom ?s u?ed in a manner w?u|d very osncb astonish some irood poopie at home and abroad, who consider Spain the vory crad'e and fountain of tyranny , ignorance aud superstition. There 1- no country le ooetlnculal Euroro whore anything like the same liberty of the press ib enjoyed, wnile England ami the United Stat** can boast no -renter. Tbu croat boon, however, ia coiilieti.l to the soil of the penimnU; for the rest of ll.e Spanish a< mi.ncuK aro not h-pain, but forei?n miues, where men are sent out from the m 'ther country lo dig. A tiong other matters whlr.b tbw insolent freo press of Spam has canvassed and looked into is the notorious Ariiualcs ai fair acd here u not General Dull* alone, but ccrta.n gentlemen lu Washington, come In for n pen Ion of . edito rial eor.i?nen< sot flattorln*. It Is amusing to hluk that nut wittiHiaoiling lb* assumption ? f MafhnsiblMtysmlall I that sort of thine, the surrender ta not oven trunked for by Spain. Thanl.ed for 1 Wby. let nv tell you, lo confl^ deuce, It Is actually flung back In sooro, spat upon, and pronounced disgraceful to all tbe parties implicate? What will Mr. Seward say to this? Coming, too, right after hiB lab rs lo justify the extradition, }o*Jtj>minr memorial which I have not seen, bat tbe. frteoning in whlrb tbe united wiadom ol (x>Bgre5s o*t.not sec. Not Cougress alone, but &pain-tb* very Power up.n whlcb this ?npro?ed favor wa? conferred? refuses to ,|us S?yTbi exuXlon of Argneltes. This is * positive tact, h bleb those who ctioose to *s?erlaln can easily do by ro ferrmi to a Ole of Madrid papers. In eot*e)ucoce of the prohibitory measure here In regard t^lbe* pepersl have not bad It in my power to accumulate such a nnmber of extracts and opinion* as I wouid desire, but I found a copy of La Litertad of June 11 , containing tbo following, which may serve sa a sample. The article is a reply to remarks ia/O I'erdod:? ? ?? La Vrraai eacn?t surely he igm raat that the Anrlo American eonfeler^v i meaning tbe United Hates) Htompr#>d of several f teles, governed by eperisl law*, and that the actl-a of the saireme government tonchee only certain mailers. It Is not sullicleol that the extra dition of Mr. Argue lies, if It wan granted, should be (ranted id Washington; It ?*? necesaary to go thrmign other lorms, which, as sppeara, have not been compiled wlib. but eariied through with extraordinary precipita tion ai'd mystery, when tbe matter should be "'C'eer as daylight, stnee Mr. Arguelles olfered to send most import ant document* ?o the Cortes. The arrearof Marshal Mur ray ludlcatea that, t? say the least, the denouncer of the abuses committed in the famous sapture of Mr. /.nluew s one thousand bozaisa baa been violently torn from tbe '"in'regard to the nuaaer In which the extradition baa he- n carried ont. should It prove true, and H? regard Jo the ha?te In soiHUng it, wc ronld say mtwbjwhiie re membering that only a abort time ???*'? 1 ONtaM. ad ministrator of the Bavaoa lot jLllIii ?tatoa carrying with. him two hundred ihonsaad Milan, and we do not know thst his extrsditleo waa so moeh as a'kedfer. r>o?s La Vf iaAknow In what may c0?'1** tbe dii'ereoce, except that be who oflars to provs^tbe iitocftlitv of certain of Owtnl Oulc# noay mcjir greater responsibility than be who robe tbe funds of ths State? Have personal interests a certain preference ever ^TbstVpretty' severe. It hits Mr. Peward about as hard as tbe Captain Oensral. though directed more par ticularly ag.ilBtt tbe latter. But la a cholca between tbe v sltio s or these getitlsmen I would mncb rsther stsno with tho utter . let bis luteutioos have boeo whatever you p least. He at least b a not outraged law or lowered tna dignity of his country In a?kicg lo have an enemy deli eered to him. Beer to mind perttenlarly that tba paper from wiitcb tb? above extiaci is taken M one of the or gans of the democrats and abwiltuuiats o( t?p?i?, and < an not be accused of tbe slightest partiality for the slave '^"have seen In tte Ktiropean paper* that the Ppsulsb government Intend sending twenty trnvimnd aiore uieu to M. ixmtego but I b ve heard nothing about It hero, ii true, it ooiy fulfils one of inv preiliott' ns. Kicm that tbeaire o. wnrth't'e Is nothing new, the in terne best ol tbree n.cnths bancg probably deteyed fut tber miiltsiy oi^r. ti ns In the way )f local Havens p?wf J h*Zt $ communicate more lmfw>itai t than tiie ir rival here M tbe si'lendid Austrian stesm frigate Novara from Vera Crur. 'Ibe ofT.eers' ban 1 on board, iiventy two piers*, is y.Mnjj to Mai no is to p , :,t to !< ? Its exq ils.'e mus.e to the gay dai.cers w bo ass. mi .e there every Saturday bis hi. I be ftne Atr.e;tci>n l. tel at Mstsr *? kt.o??**tha llewilt II" so, n ( I ? *Pi? \"ly d' ?tr yef br Gr>* a lew lays since, . ume other b . J ; ;s?.|iied itsfale,suj Immenee dains^e * .id -,*e n <" ? n? Uul fo? Jh* splend d fire stiglnes wlib *hlch lb?t city t- forltBlwly iuppmd. Moat oi tbe iirot*rty destmyed was Insured. An Kagitsb stesmor ca'le?t ihe \ lrgiu, lately arrived bare, left a couple of days since, wlib the supposed in tention of entering sotnt blockaded port. Hoe la a very pretty boat. There ia aotblag doing lo exchange, which Is spokwi or ?a somewhere clone on sixty per coot dlaeouat. Wbea will tbis thing stopr 1 be One new steamer Liberty, Captala Wllao?, ieavs? to-day. She la aa exoeiient v easel ia every rsapeci, and wail worthy ol U>e public oooOdaoea a?d patroaac*. Captala WIImb super latendsd the bulldlna of her. which aieoa abooid . be a,eumeieot gaaraatea. 1 wlffi HTM* tow able 00*e?|4k prefer It^. CoMamttnital of th* Vrt* Tbe twelfth annual commencement of th* Free Ac demy took place ImI evening at the Acid ray of Music. Th Mild tag ?m crowded to toowir entetrce. cl??s were aeraiDeucea with prayer, soooeeded bf music. Ttejr cutu'sted at muiio, diriitfrtalions, oratory, b*. A in mr?r of jirlz**, merits and testimonials weis then awarUed. followed the conferring derr-ss. Ibe decree oi Bachelor of Arts was roalerred upon the foilow i.g^B id'dntee: ? William i. nm n Hull. I'bilip IV'.tre BurruJ, Abbo t CWItson, Auguittu* Kredi>rto* itvhr Ri'U, Michael A' aeio ruiii.hcrty, I.ewls Ooelei. Jobu Ptffsm H irP?t?, <'l<?iti n Joot>? Hartl, I.ewU Marx Hmntbal, Krs i?im Dar Aiu'llud^ m, Jr. J .wr '1 1 Kane. W tu Hen y King, ! dw iid iji'iterbaoh, I'avid l.fveut ut, t;e>. H?rci?y M.wkie Albou I 'afikUn.Jr ,Goorne Frederick Mayer, 1-fiitnr Welle Moor*, Aud.ew Qu.ickei.bu b. Jr., Bi? niU' d Splnfuru, Frtderick Uutler Ward, Joliu William Wartli.Jr., Woi. Woaterlield, Jr., .iobn Stuart Whuo The degi?t ot I' or ,-ci' ncua was c u'oried u 'on tbs tollowluc candidates:? Jninss ( ..udier, lienry Kler ? ed (j. du xlf'ii, Uewge Francia Heuioiegl, Mtnhii#! Dwyer, Henry .|..Un Noble 1'oriviM Pdmoiieon, ( hurtcs Androw l l.vnmer, l.uther Vhh.ui Fuller, Tea A to Ginabernnt, J'.ha U. ii, .lio.. Neil. ay GU*si. rd. Lornciias Her... Georjre Krtgtr H e, kpbratrn Arnold Jac b, Isaac Mtiniey Klnnslaud, Luciuh MoAdtuu, (.harts* toward Oakley and Soely Beue diet I' iliMMD. Ttie nvroe of M ister of Arts was conferred uoon the following candidates: ? Marin us WUlott Bancker, A. B.; Kdward Anfusl'iB Bradley, A B ; Kilwin Marion (to*, A. B Melathn bvorett Dwljrhl, A. B.; Thomas .lellbrson Konotdy A. B. , Lauranec Kleruuu. A. B.; William Mci (>e?rg?, A. U.;JainM Edward Morrison, A B.; James Murphy, .v II.; William O'Brien, A. b.; Henry Clay -el vu(te, a. H : Joan llainl'ion Turner, A. B.;Ceorj;e Weight man, Jr., A. B.: Wt'ltam hrt-derlok Weii, A. B ; Jefferson Howard White, A. B , and Ihaddeus Willgon. A. H. The proceedings terminated with a ber.edictlon. ?rap ? m MARRIAGES and deaths. AlarrUd. Cavkror? rHSKi.AND On Wednesday, July 13, bf tbs Rev. Jobs Thompson, D. I) , Joun L. C.'Mshon to Mast, daughtor of Jolio Krreland Fflq. All of this city. Jonsaros? DirnuNAO ? In this city , on Thursday, July 14, liy tbe Hot l.r. McCltntock, Walikh KuHbU.L John ston to ar7.kl.ia Rosa Di-pkjnac. Simons? Haa?.? Ju Brooklyn, on Wednmday, July 13, by tbe Rev. & M. Isaacs, Mr. Isadoks Sjm >ns to Mh* Amkhi'm Baas, youngest daughter ot PUlllp Haas. All of this city N? curds. Caiiiorcia pipers please ecpy. Valk- hsf. ? In l^rouklyn. on Wednesday. July 13. by (l.e Rev. W. WLCtrulT, Mr. ALrasn Valsniimk to Miss Kan* is Wills. No caids. Wkki> ? 0 bun ?On Tburtd y, July 14, by the Rev. Mr. L?foi;t, Ku?v;n P Wrs:> to Mind Cki.i.nk V. Gklln, daughter of riorro Golln, Esq. All of thus city. Died. Aherv.? On Thursday morning, July 14. Jaxi Adeb-s, wife of Puniils A hern. Tiie relatives aud friends of tbe family are Invited to attend lh?. funeral. tins (Frjildv) afternoon, at throe o'clock, from her late rosi.ience, No. 130 avenue ('. Annum.? On Wednesday, July 13 John Amir.vs, only brother o' Card Ahrens, aged 45 years and 6 months. Ue relatives and friande oi the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe fureral, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of Sir John Mahuken. 130 West l'hlrty llfth strict. ? In Brooklyn, on Thwsdsv, July 14, Frawcib Fi>wari>, only sou of Charlotte and Edward Anuln, a*ed b years and 9 mouths. I lie relatives and irioiids of tbe family are respectfully invited to m tend the funeral, from the reeldeuou of his parents. 250 Clermont avenue, on Saturday utt.:rn .on, at tbree o'clock, without further invitation. Buuki;.? Middenly, on Wednesday, July 13, Avon M. Bctlkr, aged 42 years. 1 lie relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully inytied to attend tbe funeral, from bis late residence. 64 LeKiogiou avenue, on Saturday morning, at half-past eight o'clock. Buows ? In St. Paul, Minnesota, on Saturday June 18, of pulmonary consumption, Erasmus D. Brown, Jr., In the 80i h year of his age. Funeral service will be held at the residence of M. R. Bedell. Busbwick, on Saturday atternoou, at one u'clook. The friends oi tbe family are respectfully Invited to at tend, fne remains will be taken to fied.ord Westchester oounty for interment, where a funeral service will also be held, at du Matthew's church, on Sunday morning, at ten o'clock. Clarke.? On Thursday, July 14, Jon* Ci.A*k?, niter a severe Illness, Egetf 24 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family, those of bis brothers, William and I'atricic, also tho members of Cora pany E, Tenth regiment New York Volunteers, are re Fpectlully Invited to attend the Minora I, from tho resi dence ol his brother, 73a Sixth avenue, corner of Forty, second street, en Sunday artemoon, at two o'clock. Cra w>oki>.? On Thursday morn In*, Juiy 14, Natuajhw. Crawkord. sgod 59 years, 2 mouths and 27 days. The relative* and friends ef the family are respecttolly invited to attend tha funeral, from h's late residence 6T Horatio street, this (Friday) afternoon, at half past oca o'cl'ck. Coioa*.? Suddenly, at the residence of her aunt, In Chxrlestown, Mass , ou .-UDday, Junu 20, Man* Frakcbs, daughter oi tbe late John Colftan, of New York, and niece' of Domlnlck Coigan, ol Brooklyn. Her remains were Interred In Mount Auburn Cemetery. Cock?.? At Simmsport, Louisiana, on 8aturday, May 21, or typhoid fever, Jambs H Coci s. One Hundred and Seventy-third reglmem New York Volunteers, eon oT the late Henry Cocks, aged 17 years, 3 months aud 5 days. rURLWO. ? Ob Tuesday, July 12, Cttiinica Darling, son of William A. I)arlt?g, in tbe 18th year of bin age. and a ?tudent of Yale college. The relative* and (rlends of tbe family are invited to attend the funeral, from his father's residence No 9 Ksst forty first street, this (Friday) ailernoon, at three o'clock. New Haven papers pieaso copy. Eon>. ? on Thursday, July 14, Laui Arroumrrs Corp aged 4 years and 7 months. The lunerul services will take place at the residence of her parents, I aiisade avenue, Hudson City, V. J., this (Friday) ereuin*, at eight o clock. Kelatives ai d friends of tho family are respectfully invited te attend. There mains will bo taken to (,'reenwood for interment. Fai^sl? In Brooklyn, ou Thursday, July 14, Joseph KjiWAHo, twin s->n of Joseph and Sarah & Eneas, aged 0 months and 4 dijs. Hie relatives acd friends of the family are respectfully Invi'ed to attend tho funoral, on Saturday afternoon at three o'clock, from the residence bf his paresis, No. 19 Bedford avuiue. Fmcmiwo. ? On Wedresday evening, July 18, after a long and severe limeys, Cos, youngest son of Stephen D ?ud Mary Ella Fleming, aged 7 mouths and 23 days. The aiwld ta^e place from the residence of his parents, 202 Hudson nvenue, Brooklyn, this (Friday) af ternoon, at baif-pnet two o'oiock. ' Tbe irionds of tbe lanilly are invited toatt-nd. Ki nwycm? Oa ihur?dsy, July 14, Ptsowttcii Fnnf.nHB. in the 37th year of his age. The relatives aud frien Is are respectfully Invited to at tend tho funeral, from bla late residence, 387 Madison street, corner of Jackson, on Saturday ailernoon, at two 0 clock. Out i*.? On Thursday, Inly 14, after a abort but severe Illness, lean VmuBi Grbkx. youugeat son of James and Anue Creen, aged 1 year, ten months and 7 days. The funeral wi.J take place (rem tho residence of bis rati er, 80 re?( b street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The friends and relatives of tbe Tzm'ly are re spectfciiy invited to attend, wiib.ut further notice. Tbe remains wtll be interred in Calvary cemetery. Holt. ? on Wednesday. July 13, GmRiia, the yosDgeet soo of \f illians and .lane Holt, aged U years Tiie frknda aad iboee of bis brother Thomas are rear/ ctfuiiy iuvlted to attend tbe funeral, this (Friday) afternoon st one o'cioek, from bin late residence 27 Mangin street. reoiaence, n lloR-roM.?On Tbursday, July J4,ef consumption, Jon* years1*'0"''' Thirteen lb preelnct police, egad 4^ Jr'SV* w|u P'*?* *r?m bis late res'dence, Mo. I* , lu ?* s*tor.<1*F Morning, at half past nine vituosluod "" ?? Hwcni.-? On Tbursday, July 14, Emzabsti Violctta, wl'e of navid Hts on. aged 24 years aad 1 montfl. 1 ^ of the family are respectfully the funeral, from tbe residonceof her ?other, Rebeeoa Pavle, No. 113 Kast Tbirty-flrst street ?n snnaay afternooo, at om o'clock. 1 ' hstLv._jn this city, oo Wednesday, Jaiy is, Francis, native of tbe parish of Augbrain, ooun ty Oaiway, Ireland, aged 84 Tear*. ' - ??? iamon.? Tbe funeral of Caiiicri>s K linn will take pi*0*, from flte residenoe of her parents' 107 CIMf street this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock I.rcAs.-On Thursday , Jnly 14, alter n long and painfjl Illness, Arcxisalo M., only son of Jesses O. and Mar* CL Lnras, aged 11 years, 4 months aad ? dais. farewell, dear mm, thy pain is o'er: We loved thee, bet U. d loved then mom. He took thee frost your snflhi ing here w j!we!Lw,tfc W? 10 ,hM blkPl>7 sphere, Where thou wilt as no sngnhwait Until our life's pilgrimage in tbts world Is o'er, nTZ ? 1?T*d *"** ^ W ^ "Mrs! to part m tailkuljbfliaS u>* family are respectfully Invited u> attend the funeral, froin the rnstdenos of bis ^ u corner of Forty- I precw^y 7 afternoon, at two o'clock 1-owmns.? At rornwall, on Wednesday. July It, Rrnim I^t'isn, only child of Charlss H. and Martha f Lowaree aged 8 months and 4 days. ' Ihft relatives and rrionds of tbe Tamlly are reanecfnllv Mats mm.? At Bergen Point, N. J , on Wednesday ?'uly IS, Sinon fSA,.ss, ton of cm* aud Fannls a Maths ion . 4 rn oct b* 19 d?j#. ? The raiati .ws and friends of the family are reouestad to attrnd tho funrral, this (Friday) aflern.oniat bair past two o-cloek, at 172 West Twemy.'ourth street M'/rr,? lo th.j city, on Wednesday, Jaiy 13. Joker i Mo-w Mott m'y s n of tbe late Josapb IJ Molt, aged S | SO'pib^and 18 days, r s 4 h" M^ -vrri -.-On Thnri?<lay, Jnly t?. tft.r a 1^ aad f air.'ul illner,, Kmilv, wife of Wlllsm H. WrrojftjKl yew's d*Ui^Ut#, of J?1,a M. Irv|ai73in? The rslaftvea an4 friends of tbe family are re?i<eeir?ti. tavl.ed to attend the funeral, rrom a,/rt de^ ^ J"" "? w? Funeral this (Friday) morning, at eleven o'cioM rrm meath, Irelsnd, ia the SOth yimr ofhJr ai, V -w. . . - ?MlHHi h past. !?" ?*y?taaoss are NSMoMly M*?*< M *"*? lb* raaanM. frsnt ho r late r tsllsaut. at (Mr Noowww. ? On Wednesday evening, Jn'y IS, at his pa rents' re?tdeuc?, HT Macdougal street, |l*vio Kkwiku, youngest boo of Tbomas uC Esther J. Sooi lec, ?g?u 10 months. Tho remains will be taksn lo Watte Plata* (uc uaar< mat, MJiMaate r*?pors r''4*!*? copy, i flushing, L. t.,on TLar.^day, July 14, Ti?>rar O'Ci. tv . *>d 01 yeais. Mis friends aii.l tUoee of h.e eon, Rev. J.iraee O'ReirtiS, pastor of St. Michael'.- chircb, Ruikilf, ar? respectfully invited to attend i do funeral, <m S ilusu day mm mug , at ten ""dork, from 91. Michati s cB'Toli. O'tlKifv. ? on lii r-.'fv, Juiy 14, of wounds received In the v.'dniiy o' 1'eti-r \>'i g, >u., June 10, Uiuil O'BitisM.of Company 0, fight? igfc'ii Naur York Voiuu te? ?, agen >43 vcnrs, u uauve of Pi V* Kerry, Ireland. Tun irlfjd- ol the fumi'y ar>i rest; wtlutly invited to at tend the funeial, fnm ' h>> residence of hia wife, 174 i'nst K'ovi ntlj street, l hia (1 rid 'y ) aftorn on, at one o'clock ihe leiuiiu- will be interred iu Calvary iVn.etery, Kov*o.?!ti Rockland county, on Monday, July 11, of convulsions, 0? ..i? lluoo Ko\in?. yaasgest ffHi of Her maun and Adulht id Roving, of this c.ty, ugeil S uiouth* ami 20 days. tiAvrkt, ? On Thursday. Jely 14, .1 ami-is Bk'd SAMria, son of Joseph aud Elixaboth Jane Samuel, u^sd 6 mouths and 9 dive. Qi d called hi u pro the radiant m ">n Thric made it?? qhh- re ?t?co bis birth. 'Twr.x hard to part, sweet b*be, so i oon, Tb iuub mu, h t. o ('all- to dwell on earth. G- d kn >wo,h best: His will bo louo. It grieved "ur bea'tg to part with him; But t- tilt we'll cherish our o ar ore, And nevjr will hia face grow dun. The relatives and 'rieids aro respectfully Invited to at tend the fi.n >ral, this (Friday) afternoon, at one o'cUak, from the rcsldeuoe ol bis bereaved parents No. 1M>X I'erry str> et ? ? On Thursday, July 14, Ei win Mauoi.m, wily ion of Thomas II. and Annie M. Shields, aged 3 months and 33 days. The friends of the family aroroiqiectfully Invited to at tond the funeral, from the* residence of his grandparents, 162 Grove street Jersey CJtjr, this (Friday) afternoon, at half-past two o'clock, without lurtlier Invitation. Sotiooi-KT. ? On Thursday, July 14, Isausua Ihham, youupesi daughter ??i|Jol,ri C and Ell;'u J. Schooley , a^ed 3 years, 0 months and 2d aye. Funeral will take iilac? on Saturday arternoon, at four o'clock, from 34 Ran< '.yea street. Pouth Broi kiyn. Vail. ? At bia residence in Speedwell, near Morrlstown, N. J., on Tueeday, July 12, STKruwt Vail, IJsq., aged 84 years. lbs funeral services will be perfo'med on Futurday nsnt, at twelve o'clock-, at the South arrest ['resbytfrlao church, Morris owu. The frierds of the decea^ea and of the family are rns;?eclfully tnviied to mt?nd. Va.v Aijfr. ? At Newtown. L. I., oo Thursdof, July 14, Grobi.b. inrint sod of John W. and Mary A. Van Alst, aged S tnontlis and 23 days. The relatives anil friends or the family are respectfully invited to attend the mneral. from tho reeidenoo of his parents, on Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock, without fui :hor notlco. Wauucs.? On W. dnesilny , July 13, Cathkum: Wai^ la ok, a native of ilulliuaklil, t^ueins couuty, Ireland, oped 31 years Tho funornl will take place this (Friday) arternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her eister, cornor of South Klttb and Krie street, Jersey City. WAUjkOs.? on Thursd y July 14, Alexandbk Wallacs, aped 47 years and 6 monibs. Tho frienas and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to ai the funeral, from bin late re sidence, 172 Varick street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. I>ublin and Liverpool papers ploise copy. Wsiuirr ? Killed Instantly , on Saturday morning, Jnne IS, ia front of I'eters'iurg. Avorsw J. W huibt, of the Fourth New York heavy artillery, Company O. An aped mother mourns the loss of hi-r only soil. WiLrsHKR.? In Brooklyn, on lhur;day, Juiy 14, Hsimr Wii.lsiier, Jr , aged 35 yotrs. Tho irieods of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tho residence of liis father, Pr. Willsher.No 349 Dridgo streei, on Saturday afternoon-, at two o'clock, without further Invitation. Weiss.? On W.dne^d iy evening, July 13, after a pro tracted sickness, Hsxar Wkjs*. The members of the American Musical Fnnd Society, as woll as those of th? Musical Mutual Protective Union, are tierohy respecifully invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) morning, at ten o'clock, from his lato residence, No. 122 S'tanton street. I). SCil \AD, Secretary. Yonm? On Thursday, July 14. Mrs. Uaru A. S Youwo, widow or .lobn C. Young, aged 6T years and 6 months. Notice or funeral hereafter. SHIPPING NEWS. Hev?si?ati of Veaaa staaman. Malls ara ferwarded by every ateamar tu the regular Unas. The ?team*ra for or fro a Llvarpoul call at Qoeeastoern, ex capt tho Canadian Una, wiiieh call at l?ndonlarrr The steamers for ar from the Continent, ca I at floutaamptaa. nog nmorm. ltamta. That*. Ter Bdlnhorg X.tveroooi .lulv (I. Now Vortc \nierfea Southampton July (L..Mew Vork Europa ..l.tverpoui Jiifr 9 Rohiob Borimsia Seuthamrton Juir 12. . .New Tor* Baxonla .NewTorK July 2G..tlamt>urg FOR &OROPI. City or Baltimore. . .New York Jul.- 18. .tilvarveot Louisiana New Tor* July 16 .. Liverpool N'W York New York Julr lfi Kremen Kedar. New York July "JO. .Liverpool A -ia Ttoston Jutjr 30. .Liverpool Germanta New Yore .July 23.. Hamburg Etna... New York July 3H.. Liverpool A'i*trats?IMI NewVnrk Jn J 27. . Liverpool Westminster New York luiy jfi.. Liver) ixil Ai'ierlc-i Now York July 90. ...Bremen We-tpiinater New York...., ...luiy S'.. Liverpool Biiinbiirg NewYork July III. .Liveruool Europe Ronton Ax* 3. . Liverpool Olymims. New York Aug 3. .Liverpool Washington New York Aug 17 Havro rOlt CALIFORNIA. Ocean Vueen Now Tors Jnty 1J... Aiole wall Northern i.lglit New York Julv 23. .. Aaolnwall flolden Ruia. NewYork July 27.., Aspinwalt Costa Blra New lark Aug 3. .. Aaolnwall UIAKAO res vsw TOSS? Till Sit srn 4 it | mo?5 skts morn 1 10 sci< skts 7 SO I Hiuu Watsr morn 4 20 Port of Hew York, July 14, 1904, CI.EAKF.r-. Steamship City of Limerick (Br). Jones, Queeostows and Llierpool? John G Dal*. Strainth p Mejlw, KlUn, Harms? J K Wart A Co Bt*amr.hl|> Pet I*', Davie. Beaufort? Mirrar t Nephew, Ship Cltjr ol New York. Halter, Liverpool? t* ml Thomp son '? Nephew, Snip CtiUirator. Russell, Liverpool? Williams A Onion. Kblp Ellen Austin, Kreiicu, Llrcri>ool? r-'polford, Tiicsto* A l%x Ship Anita Garibaldi (Ital), Psrstore, Ornoa? Baetjer A Da Vnrto ship Tire (Br). Scott, Quebec? Bovd A Hlneten. Bhp Kditb Charles. Pottrcss Monro* Bark Santon (Br). Cres<well, Sydney, NSW? R W Came ron. Bark New Brim* wick (Br), Hepgood, Bristol, B? O P Bui ley. Bark Junior (Bam). Zwaai-k. Ilimhtir*? Kunhardt A Co Barb Kmllia (llo!). Mob, brand, Rotterdam? S.omau A I dor. Hark A ana (Br). Smtdt, Cad r--Holrnboe A Balchen. Bark Templar Bartlett. Buonoa Ayie ? Leiat Brothers. Balk Palls* (Br), Riddle Bellie? Jr.aiah Jot. Bark Reindeer, Wellington, Barhsdoe? H Trowbridge's Boas. Bark M W Brett Planlet. Trinidad? Bratt Bon A Co. Bark Anna. Tnthiil, Cow Bav? I 1 Water Brig Anna Rosalia (lial). Corrao, Marseilles? Baatjer A Da Venn. Brig Olga (Ital), Casteltaao. Lisbon? Baetjer A DeVertn. Brig Antonio Mathe (Br), llejoold*, Belize, Bon, and Kingston. Ja?P Alexandre A Son*. Biij J A H Crowle*. Dritko. Oiaee Bay? I B Gager, _ ^Brig Winoaah, tlratfao. Elliabethport-Tbompsotj A ?? ~K_hr Valry (Br), Sputa, Gibraltar? flirn A Praacla. Balir HI ue Jaekei (Br). Arey, Falmouth? O P Bulley. Hchr Belle, Walter. Trinidad? Joaea A Lough. Bobr Alasa (Br), Proctor, at Jehss. MP? Miller A Bongb loa. Bobr Unleorn (Br). Nieboleo*. CornwalTls? 0 R Dewolf. Bubr Rob Boy (Br). Oow, Hsllfsi? Raj aes Bros A Co. Sehr Kellp-e (Br). Pollard, St Joba, N B. Bchr Alloa Hardy, Pearsal', Washington? Bentley, 8 milk IOa gchr Yorklpwn. Wottom, Baltimore? Ablel Abbott. Bchr Maryland. Alerting, Baltimore? Abiel Abbott. 8ckr M A lvla?. Waltoo. Mary and? AC H ivaaa. Hrhr Diamond Stat*. Oary, Philadelphia? J W Helea Bchr R H Perkiaa, Uie, Rlirabetbport. Bchr 8 O Bart, Rowley, KU/abethpori. Bchr P 9 Lindsay. Emery. Portland? O L Hatch. Bchr Mary. Wlleoi. Boston? a L I latch, Bchr I L flaow, Aoborn. Boston? W 8 Brown A Co. Pebr Cony. ICelTr. Raw Haren? Ferguson A Wood. 8chr Rlsn Louisa, Snow, Bew Haren B teaser Vulcan. Morrison. Philadelphia. ARRIVED BteamsMp Jamaica Packet (Br). Parrett, ttnnloo. Ja, ? daya. with mdte and 9 paaaeagsrs. to J Leayrart. ll hinet. was boarded by D B * tin boat Port Jacks** who rwpotted having captured ihe blockade roaaer' steamer Thistle, and MTlngehased the Boaton, who esoaprd. Btearnnhip Liberty. W Irsea, jSnrane, t da?a. with sadaa aadi assenzera, to HtrgoueAOS. 13th Inst, 28 miles N of Cape Henry, pasari flekmtr Fallen towing a aehr, bound B; I Sin, pa Med a steamer. ftBMM the MIMMm, bonad R. Blearashla Creeoent (U B transport). Tripp, New Orlexna. fnly X Tia Washington and Point Lookout, with AM rebel prl?)ners sih inet, lat Jrt M, toa M V). eaw 0 B guabeat Da Soto with monitor !*n 3 In tow, ateertng S. Steasssbia Admiral Dupeat (D Btranefort), Carpeater, Ales andrla, ? hours, to U B Wnarterm aster. Steamship Weslern Metropoha (U H transport), Portresa Moaro?>wltb B-t) Kick and wounded soldiers. Bblp Clvilta (Oaa), Comt eb, Aieiaadrta, 61 dare, with ?to master. May 2D, In the Btraita of Gibraltar, aaw Recent from Malta for Ooehec: Juae I, br g Oharlee Coastantia. from Alleaata tar Mew York; llth inst, IBi) 4nllea SB of the nishlands. was tpol-.en by U R gunboats Mount feraoa, aad MoaUeeDe, la seareb al the Pierlda, all wsll Bark Thoe Papa, Aletsnder. Moamvta *1 a B terra Laoae June! p. With pflm oil aad gn.OKO in gold, to tatas A Porter Held 10th la^t, (U miles W of Bermuda, spake aehr Amel?, from New Be<l(brd fOr Porte Rlo<\ Brig iCepayr (8 we), KeiidaaL Rio Janeiro. Map SI, with sotfse. to Puara, Mein -ke A Wendt. Brig Barah M Bewail (a# Dlgby. MB), Taylor. Jaemel, June JJ, with logoood and coflee, to Brett. Bon A Co. Map ?i on the outward pawa*'. 'at t* *?. Ion til K epeka sehr Oeean Quean, freeman, irom W^ymmith. KB for Dominica, wiili onptaln nick of ?mi>lpoi, aad supplied tbem with ?ome ?tor>-?; had been out 2>i days: luly 7, lat 38 tl, Ion 74 SO, spoke -chr Outrla, henee for ilavsna. _ Bchr Julia Ana, Bloh,Oa*euTnbae, PBI. Udaya, with pa. tst^ea, to It P Buck A Ca M Sehr Kraa ls Bnrritt. Pa rebilda, Oeo getowa, DC, I days. 8chr Richard Law, Yorft, Phlladeiubla for Plymouth. ? Tarry Not. Cotlrall. Rlmahelljpoi t lor Hal em. Rehr lane Wpodbtiry. Cnttrsll, Klltabethporl for B SE wifey. v?.rr ?& Behr Mary, Wlloos. Bluabetbporl for floeten. Bohr K HDaly, B?nnder?. RlliaMtliBOr'Jor Pro*1dem*. Bchr Thoe W Thorn, Beara, Biliabethport for Fml lsaoa. Bobr Km ma A Ellen, Biswer Bll. abethnoit for Hartford. Bchr J H Curtis. Crowefl, RilTahettipert fnr Hartford. Bebr r Cannon, Dunnell. jillsabetbport far Hoataa r E?ped t?, Bebee. Ellisbethi?ort for PreTldsa??. r Bmlly Powler Wltiard. it OeorflS, Me, T dafa Bohr Camesk Kiiweil. My?ua. K:Mr??vi'isr.v. Bohr B ease's ger. Miner. Hartford foj Bllmbethporl BchrT LMIllar. White, Jtoadont tor Pretrldeae^H sdent for frevideae* I for PrwHdaneo , Bsjdsut far Boe^H Bajieat far Bostsa. Rnadout far Boats*. flftftiAnl ^?tadsut for ProrideaeaJ ?^?iTEmdoatror BaUaa. iReM. kafteat far Tana taa . l?? wni Betr Adeline. ? prague, Pert Worrit. Bciir (M i Fellow uovs, l'?rt llofrti Mtramrr ? W ilrune Foater. lla'limoreu St a'ner Hope. Warren Philadelphia. Mli-b.iier Kt'.mi Ofliin. Hurtor. Philadelpb B M Wgjiaey. ? ilh FhliaU' Uilil*. Kteamor Tfulon. VM.j** Tr-aton Steamer W Bu'kU, )'rc idenea. BiLOW . l'rln ?rl!n. fro"i r;->nfn"k'is. B. ig H F toiiUurat, Iroia Ctcufuego*. Alio one bri;,. SAtl.ED Pth? Sieamere En'Umo e. If r ?* ; barkff Amy. Helw*?sil Amor, A ";:nd*l . bri** H Jettn *;?Iih?h lr> Ms- i ^ I ^ , *<J vot.aa^gcbro K VI B (nmwaj, M K Mauguaa, Equator, 0 ? Hhwii? s M > '?id< ek. . 14th? . ;|? ..! eiian. Wind at lunnit NK. Mliocllniicuui. STgAMsntr Mir 1 1 co, Cap'aln Hlli?. sailed sesterdap fa Havana. Srsmantr Cirr or Baltikor*, Capt Mlrrhouae. of luuiaii lino, will anil at auon to-mortotv for (^uecoktown I Liverpool, wlib the United .Status mails. 6 II" Saba* M*nrn. a 1 1-., (una, built at Bangor la 1'JlJ ba? been sr.ld ou tfruns. 1 srtlr .Arniff,, AIVJ, 7*5 ion ?. built at Bath In 1337. k beeu aoid on private terms. tv 'ik Loo-.h-t, .Walls, from frovMenaa for New York, ba .a?t j?nt into N#?r London on Mon.tay laat f? ?r r^imlnl hHViny b* Q run Jtuo at hall past on* 'o'clock on S ii.fij nK>r?Iik& In I'<> la am* s<y,yt? by ^ unkntivvn fct^jroorl ana iihi, j?I???ooqq, %ud evt i> U.iuij ouiaiue of I kni?:r hcnUs Ottit ?*a duay. Srit* 1 H i f I- IB) time, Of Jersev City, h?illl at Mllvflh la IX4A baa bean tol l W Byron Spraiine 0f Pr>vldent? fa SFJMI, rash. She tvi.l hraruiter lmu from Ttdrnnn undei eon j&.?ud of Caul James Bnttr. Si'UR Mttntn Pt M-r. l(W ^cr*. of BrnoV haven. bulli In 19C ?I (lets b?i,, NO, baa Imfii uU to Capt Oeorge W IJorton Olty Island. NT for SvfOtt. ' L?r>rr?iti>? On rYiday la--t, from the yard of Rogera J Ree.l In Hath, a a?p?riur modelled and fin. ly finished hrf] of VO tona burthen. called Ihn Ocean Bill*. S in in nvnJ by John Bulllnrb, Psb of WaMeSorn, tlio buddere, and Cap] Joseph iloitoa, who wl'l command ber. Whalemen. Blitp Draper, rarfcer. from Pacific Ocean, with 70" hh|u l?*i do wb nil and Frit lbs hone, nrrat New lied ford 12th in >9 B irk El /alx tb, Francis, of Wesloort, wan at licriMidj July S. liavinc tnkeu S50 blaanoi: hlnce leaving boocn, i Ibtpr^il It to BY'irk par si'hr Hound. Ship Finite", 'lch? of KB, ara* off St HeVna Mar P. bavj ta' en 173 h)*l" sp o I alnoe leavina port !t weeks pn>vto<ia: j mou ha nut, SW bhla ap and K'j d<i wh oil all told. Boua^ lnv wi.alliiff Hart: Cnllao, W'>?rland, NB. %vaa nt St Helena June Ri Veforo reonrle.!. It ,rk Jorii 'laroe, of Nit. ?af nt llnbartTown Api lid bavins takfa 2S ' hM ; up oil the la t eruis?; ?n, bound o*| erulae, and exported t" be at home In Snptemher, Spoken, iUc. Ship Louis Walsh, Veazlo Irom t " Feb IV for Qenod June 6, lat 30 66 N, l"0 l? \V, Rorct|fn Pott?? Bl 'SAPOS. June 29? In port bark Annt F'mba!!. ITan, pluovs. fnr Turks Ihlanila io ]>iarl 1 ii r linaton: b H Tiaatoa t'ai maiep, for Ni'O'lt; biU Sco'laml Kmiicla, disj; Br ceh Loyalist, Onvcns fro n Hoiton. arr 23d Oai/'htm. May 23? la Rort snips Tanjoro Mart'n: Files Foster, Kobinseu: Uom uf the Ocean, Prttehard, and Onlom dn Pnrl'imoo, nir Boston: Radiant. *:haa-. d s;: Kami raids, Vork, anJ <>*en'in ti.e. Il-Try. tiii ". Mephea Ghivn Re in. on>!s c 'enfined , I'at k (Jen CObb, Dudley, for Net Vork; only 1m v?>l in r'ori. C*i)?j(rtJit'iOSL Jnnu 2tf-rArr brtu* peorgq Cramp ( Rr), As derson. I'liHad" pV?: rifitb, li S llnssell, Hn^snH, St Thoinan JBly 1. Mala1, Richanjjun, NVoi lt; #th, liark l.'ndintf. fllovei b OM 'in : 'nia Kuli'iiK '.Vavn, i duns l/ewiarara. Sid -St!i. hjr'T F A (^oehrn1'..?, PntUd^phia; brl<; Merostl Boston; i .th. latrits M it S'rtitnn, do: Aiesaalrma (llr). dc brigs Argoi i Br). F Vm k; Julv 2, Sharon (Bri, and LaiU' e the Lake i Br), .!o; Fiinnie. Boston; Waredala (Br), BaK innre; 41b. HI* i an Mtrv ( fr*. NVnrk. t; ?khln.>." July 7? Arr brig M \ Herrv. Berry. R'Orra Ml rena (and t-'d arr? i'av lor Portland). RUI 2d. achr J Bonnecr. Uniting. OaniJen; 4tb. hrtg J Hathaway. Towi send. NYi>rk;B:h. ivirk Luc* Frances. Ferry, Philadelphia lohr Julian f Rr), Dona'd, Baltlmorn: hi igsjDawn of Da ( Kr),.lloln.os NVnrk; 7th, California, Camus, Bru>toi; Ve'a, Reed, Boston. II at as a, .In1 v >t ? Arr hark Prima Donna (Br), Sany, Nei York; 5 U. BttMn rlnp Havana, (iieeoa. do; b^rk Pamnlti Dft' litaon do via Na-"sau: 7t?*. brig Kensiiaw, Smith Sl?ki Mnrena (and el<l .Ha lor NVork); eebr Flei iwlng, C'auslaa< Portland Sid 4'h. bark CUm (8p), Tomaslfco, New Vork; 6th, brlj Uatira illlo. York 8agua: 7th. 8 B Crosby, Gr i?by. Boston. J.iombl. Jnn#> ?-?8? In port brigs Union, Ryder, for NYovl few dsvs; Kenlth. Crowell. jast arr. Kingston ,la. Juna 14 - Arr schr* Algburth (Br), NVof (and t. d .'fith fur Havana! ; 21th. Hanover (Br). Low, d? tstli, brtmt' II Bailee, Pcvnn. Pbilade'phla (and al l July for ouiporU); 27th. D R DeWolfe. (Jovert, NVork (and al July 3 tor ontports>; Leonard Berr>-. do (and s^d July 4 fa entports); sehr Chaa Roberta. Gordon. Baltimore (and el July 4 fur t'lenfnegoa); 2ytb. brig Perllla (Bri, Om an NYork. Sltli, ateamer Tallaman (fir), (to via Turks Iaiaadi brlu Tooaco (Mrem), Hachtborn, NYork. Mat* n/.as. July 2? Sid bi Us I vo^coe, Phtladelphlaj 4t> Ahbr Dsrt, da; Prince of Wales (Br), Ames, Re York; Bona 1> Jordan. Partridge. Bacna, M ANSAKI1.I.A, June 27? Sid brig Stanley (Br), Banooel Bwtsk MosyUASH. HB. July 12? Arr ship Freedom, Ballev, Bi Sikrra Lionk. 7? ?*ld achr Carrie Hues, Bost'nn. Racu?, June 2fl? etid brlea M Htnn-era, Park Boston; Jul 1. I'roteue (Br), Kci nolda, Boston; 2d, Ocean Ware, Uray, bort north of Hat:^raa Kr Jano. June i.',? Arr bark Deapatah (Br?. Harriott. Mai York: brigs Ma'ei>|ia (Hrem), Btreubeck, do; 23th, Bark] Way, Wllaon. Paltimorw. BtJohn, KB. July I ! ?Sid eteaim'i'pa Fire Oueen, J obi ton (tram Nk'ork). Sliaughae; Famr Shuey, Williams (tra* NYork), Hong Rong. Trinidad, June 27? Arr brig M W Holt, Dunbar, Quae aamo; 29t!i, hsrk C?"?o. Oarlner, I?Y?rk; 3dth, briga Cbi boraxo. Soott, Aapin vail; July 4. J D Lincoln, Portland. A wac r I cm n Porta* BOSTON. July li-Arr hark Warrea Hallett, (Bbbv Mad ataa; br g N Stowera, Park, Sagua; acbra R A". Wood. Baked Baltimore; Mary tt Smith, Stnilb, Philadelphia. Cld al ' Kitty 8lmi?:>a. Mavo. NVork; hark Sacramento, Hush Fort roes Monroe: hrlg L M Merrltt, Pierce. Phlladelrbi achrs War Ragle l.eliey Miragnana; Kate. Trcfethen, aai 11 A Magee. Ayers, Philadephln: Edaa Harwood, Baa wo<>d Fortreta Monroe Sid ship Kitty gimpeon. 14th? Arr bark Mary Kdaon, Nlekeraon. Baltimore; COCnlaon Philadelphia. BALTIMORE. Jul . 12? CM Rus (hip Chrlstel. Prederlofed Bruuien; Br brig Isadora, Wllaon, Jacmel; sohr Margaraa Tarr. Bath. SldahlpWm Yeo. J lath ? Arr achr Faahiou, San Salvador. Cld achr Elllao^ Dutieau, NYork. BAMOOK. July II? Arr bark Tarrapacca ?Br), Oran Bontno. to load for Europe. DJOHTON, .inly II Ait scbrs C R Vlckery, Babbitt, P ladilpliia; Kountatn, Davis. New Vork. FALL RIYMt, July 11 ? Arr achrs A S Ptmpson Cbfli Phllndetphia; Isabel. Taylor, Biuabeth|nri ; Ceylon, ? reater. Jersey City. l"th? Sid whin Thoa Burden, Wrlghtlnftoa, Pblladelphlal Clinton Bo:i??n Kllrabethiwirt I OLt ) OCRS r Kit. Julv 1 >? Arr aohra Wm McC ibb. Chid ronti Ro.iknert for Phliadelbla: Rov il Oak. ftoauhllng. Cr lata for NYork; Bvzaatlam. small. Hath for do; luh, bH VV n Akia~. Wudman. Cow Bar. CU, for ilo. achrs ?e i (loll Mo'?dv, libllad-lpliln: Urilon. l>"nnlson. Maeblas for NYork] July i Marr, Weutwortb, Baugor fur A Vera; Oen Hurnsldd Pre tck, NVork. 1 HOLMRH' RtlliS, July 12? Arr br rs A Damon. Waabtna ton for UoatoD' l> l.ocke, Pestou for FurU\i?i Monroe; acbn R Wllllama, and Trident. PnlUdel; :>a tor Itoaton ; J O Mr Carthy. LAM B?ed, M A R.rh and M L Fos" Boston fe Pbiladtlbhl..: do for I'o-t Rwen: 8 Ta er. N ) ork f? Bo tun; Cypresg. Harrington Tor New York; T li Jones Ma ehlas for do; Rnime (Br), 61 Hlephea. NB, fer do. Sid i " J W Hall. ISth ? Arr and sid brig O Matthewe, Philadelphia for Boi to a Sid the arriva !a ot 12th. wit . Abb) 1 liatter, Elv rt. Oeo Amos, BUckd.h, and othura. No veseel iu porta e AM Fas ed by. bark Mary Kdsoa, from Baltimore for Bo* to* brlj rr (' Colsnn, F*1 laae't' ila for do. Kt< NNKBl'NKrORT. July Il-Arr achr Angeline, Hla NYork. NEW BEDFORD. Julv 1S>- Arr atkV Hm Rodrnsu Bow man. NYork. SIJ bri* Jabeatoa (A fa* ), Unnha. Pe naa buco via NYork; acl.r Cartl^gena, Re (Icy; Horace Stapte l)lol?. nnd Sear vHle. Sea's Pli lad. phtn: Ml!t.>n l!attnoo<l NYork; Eiiaba Br inks. EilJt; Tryall, boule: tc Ipso, Bui resa, and RenublV Cba e, do. NRWBUKYI'ORT, July 12? Arr aehra Wm Flint, Uowaid EILalioiiipnrt; 8a on, (.'assi ly, do. KlftrOHT, July 12? Arr ech' OrrO Oordo, Huekalaa PXiadetobta. I3th? Arr schr Plorenoe lingers. R .2*r<. B-slon lor Bet Tork. S'd schrs Ba?< lla, Conk, Llr jnn, CM. for New fork Francis AiUcmua, Co'lia PbtladelpUa; <' M Wilson Antha nv, K.lza'xib; ort: ET'elslor, Newman, NVork: ('.basaeL Toboy, Philadelphia: OrianUI, llaors. Walll'eetfor NYorfcl Isnaa Morse, Bradford. Boiton for 1'h'l.idrluli'a. I g llw hAfw. 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Wbitnrty. BW Paae tehrt Fly, Chee?eman, Nantucket; Ida L Howard, MeDuilla J II Allea. Lear: H Oram, Howard; W.sra. Merritt; Jobi ?lookkam. .Smith; Alita Mlddleioo, Ames, and K (J Sawyer Drlsto. Boston: Fannt Moot Da it. Fall River; J R Maine* Wlllarg; Bouhla Oodfrey. Malford. aad j it tilmmon, Pmlta Provlden^T Joattna, Barrett. New Haven. I4t'i? Arr brig (Ten Basks, Bean. N York: aehr M S Bait* war. Hathaway, do. PORTLAND. Jul> ll? Arr aehr Ocean Star, Ham, Naa Tork ; steamer Chesapeake, Wllietla, do ; 9th. bin Brill (Br). Orewall. SlemtMoraaa fla Havana. Cld bri Minnie Miller, Lelaad. Portraee Monroe eebr George 1 ?mitn, Ruabee, do. Bid U H st?amar Tloondero^a. 12th? Arr achr.luetma. Orocory. NYork. Cld eohr ? WHlard, Pars .as, Philadelphia. Ittb? CM ha i k lleary P rord. Plnkbam, Bydnev, CB| brig (><; mile. Miller, llarana; A F Koa?, Stnsl , i:i ktrist PORTSMOUTH. July W-Arr achr Magnet, Sanborn, PM la<ft?i4)hiA. FR0VIDENC8, .tiily Is? Arr steamer Sea Oull, R?nne*i BYnrk;eehra W B Darling. Batler, fleorgetown; B F Wow lay. So per, Halt I more. Amoe Falkeuburg, Wlbert. Phlladea phta; /. Strallon, Tert-ell, BHjnbethi.rrt; 'Treas ire, I'a nef, NYork. Bid eehre Ktergreea, Potter, Pblladrlph a; FhtalHh Haley, do; Medai Piatt, Young: Bnda, Terry; h J iscetl Baker; Kate McLean, llsl'ock; KI1 Tbwwaead, Lewis, aM ?elbnurna, Mas ton. NYork; Jane Fish, Harris; J M Tay lor. Fowler, and Choctaw, Parker, do. PAWTUdXBT, Julv II? Arr eobr Moaat Hope, Spaldlaft NYork. BAN FRANCISCO, Julv 12? Arr ship While Bwallew. Prtnee.NYork Sid abloChaptn, Hail. OaMao. HALEM. July II? Arr achrs L ii Wentw <rth, float: e, a Wm R (ietni, Parker,>eihp'iit; Mary Ann. Bryaad Jersey (itiy; J M Freeman, Ryder, New Yarn. 8ld schr Jp| vaticc. Bcrge, Phllade'phla. " 12th- Arr hark Jr.He Nleholaa. Nh-ho'**. Nllxabethnort MOMSrt.~F.T. July 11-Arr schr Ar<is, toe w ley, NVork. flTONIMUTON. July 12? Arr echr Virginia, Bntee. MVea for Boston. WAKEHAM, Jnly 10? sid ecbrr Da v. sen, Ackerly. aa Lam ait lite, Oumey, NYork. SPRCIAIj NOTICKfl. AMF.BTTHO OF 8TKAM BOAT OWNKRII, AORJ >n'! ?:i lnt*"-?<?d In tow will t?a held on jryfr | 4ar umi iiii, #?] IS, it 7 MMli at U Rnitti at.**, ? ?ta re, id lata action In r?ijar<l t# ralalnc t'>a r*tM of lowia In ant afoOBd ths barhnr and Randf A. R. BilNht, Haaratarjr. U fANMHAW,*. THB JOCIWBTMKll FRRB STONE 0? Rnatoa. ai* aa * atrlka for aa il'in n if wm i \r* truat thai tka fra* alona outt?r? of No r York and ntha# ?s.:2> "?"n j a mm Paring >a?raiMT? r? SBOAR ?TORJI OWBBRA? ALL IROAR 8TORB propHatora la tHa city aad aubnrba ara ra<|ti*m?d maat at Bftiaaaana'a Hall, ooraar of flaraath arxnua ai_ T?raaty ?txth atraat, oa Tnaaday aranlaa. July 19. IM4, at fl Hnk am^ rHlDtlOKf A oa. FHOTOOBAPSBBS. lTt npH tSiwl?5H5Sk

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