Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1864 Page 3
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? ITCATlons WARTBO^rBnALKI. i NPMHf.R OK WELL BBC"M 4?V?BD OEKM 4H A iSllli..ei 'V ?V 1 kl Ua IH?? 1i i-Ootf.., i UmiU-af.3. US .11.4 ? - -i .itatH uu , i.i. i or uuerel bint eao;-?:. v" . at Ml*. L,mv K b Ouruiju Inuuuie, 17 iiiantuo su, mi u<a Ikiwoiy, AROrgOTABIB 0!RI. Wi^T# A KlfUATllJ ? 48 ? oos. ua-bar iuiii iivu 'i. or ?. xui.1 ?ij Uu iM'?oik in a Eaail p.fViiU: la Jill I Ian tiie be?t >.f rity 'Clint# fror.? it last p ace. t an be suen Friday and aaiurda) a; > o. SO ioi? ?L , t. p flour. from room. 4 (J IK'. WISH f ? A SITUATION TO CO LIGHT BP J\ ?ia r? work, or to :a?eeur?ol' a babv. Apply Tor two fee 41 4i - ?*??? t 4J-J at., tK'tMceu ?>lh ar J 10t!i ait., second floor, la k roo n. REttPKOTABLR ENGUSiJ GIRL DKSIR: 8 A 81T A on a* lU'endAiit Id * r. <1 > travel! ng to K >?: hbOTa* eou'-enum yo i I fe' i her? ? li:;?r ?' eon ponsai :-o i:\rui ed. AUareiS, slating srliciuaia. is. Lewis, H* aid O.'.te. 8ITP AYIOM WANTED? BY A FIRtJT C1.A88 COOK; i?wii'Uni ?*->.st with .i?it aasbine; uo ion to e :ni! ?? ilyTor the ?uu?me . ; good atV reman. Call at lb av.. mm llour. L SITUATION WANTED-AR NURSE AND H^AM ???m m a private faun v; referenda. (Jail lor ? odnyaatH} \Ya 1 -t., uj> ? lairi. I N ACCOMPLISHED LAD IT DEBTEES A SITUATION *a rrade 1 to a lady going tiNewpsrt; pr would tkeihe itioo of housekeeijer for a ; enilenan able mid wtl'iug to y a liberal Addrea* for one week Mr a. James, Ion H um put,s odlce. A 8 NCRSI'.? WANTfcD, A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG woman, .i* nurae: n ruf! ootnpeieiit t.i take the entire tkarg? of an Infant from itablrh; no objection to trpvuij Mi of c!:> ref-renoe*. Call lor two days at t9 Weit lltb at., between ath and ttli ava. AKKENCU GIRL. ??'0 YEARS OP AUR, ONLY ONE ytur In the country de? res n g lnatioti a* ?eamstre? ?r eoitipaulou to a l?dy. Call for tvro days ut 4!l latav. A 0 K KM A If WIDOW WOM.YV, WHO 8 P E A IC 3 'NO A lilh, >v th a Uu e boy, S' j year* o d, wl.'iliei a situation ? a family, to do generui h(ju<?<vork. Call at Bid West 4tb St. AN ENGLISH GIRL WANTa A SITUATION A 8 Bliat))6?r n.ild aud hfnin tr"*f; N w!1i!ii# to mnice her Mlf -in" ,1!,' uauful. Can bo aeeu at 2a0 West 13d St., cor ker 01 9lta nv. ARBSPRCTABI.B YOUNO WOAtAN WANTS A SITU A Linn * i ohamli rmatd ud na tiesa or rarver, or would ?o to i AUfornta with a faniti-, or an liou ekai'Mr iuaau.all "aoii y. Ooud lefcreiicc. Appl.* at 2&0 Mu.btriy st. t YOUtO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IS A sma 1 pi rate family, to il>> rmuaework. Good city refer s glren. Apiil.t at 79 West 2titb st. KRPPRfTABLR WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION to coo :, wa-h ami iron, nr do waiting; no ob.j< otlon to couniry. Call ?t 63 si., botwceo Green wich an.l ad ion. I CtRL WTSHRS A SITUATION AH CHAMBER. * innul and walfre s In a private family, or do fcewiug; ?id r>-!'T? ir?K i:aa bo gireu. Ca l at 3.6 J tU av.. between A aud Sttli sts. NEAT, TIDY GIRL WANT8 A SITUATION TO DO noni-ril li MinnvTork Jii a ainall private family. Apj^Iy 188 Kant 29tb St. A9ITUATION WANTED-RY A RRSPBrTABLR yonn_ sirl, as chamoarmaid and wallreas. or as child's Burse; can do plain sewing or ali kinds of embroidery . city ?Oference. Call at 197 7th av. ARITUATION WANTED? RT A RESPECTABLE yotiog girl, as chambermaid and waitress; bust of ref Call at 198 Pamfcc at.. Brooklyn. 1 A RESPECTABLB GIRL WANTS A SITUATION. TO , J\- do general hou awork In a fina l private fainlijr: no ?kjection to attend toclilidren; country preferred. Call at W a l'frtis* 2JU 3d ar., second Qoor, back room. A RK8PE0a-ABL?|Y0UNGGBRMAN WOMAN WI81I Jk. ea a place as cdaibberiua d. or nurao, m a small faml l|r. Inquire at 394 i ib av.. in tbe store. RBSPKCTABLB TOUNO WOMAN W I SUES A SIT u*il<m to do chamber work and waiting or to do plain ln^; _no objection to go a abort dlatanoe In the country 4 A? ?ak at : I at Hi OreeQwIeb st BB8PBCTARLE YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL WISH to travel to Knrop.i or Calirom'a with a family. 204 Heater St., third floor, room 27. kBESPBOTABLB TOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tin it io do geoenil boii ework or plain cooking, wash ? and ironiug. App.y at 242 West ibthst. k SITUATION WANTBD? BY A OIRL OP 15, TO MIBD children and make herself useful; best referenca. Cafl 1 210 Weal 25tK at. | RESPECTAUL8 GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS * first rate cook ; ia willing to asvistln plain washing If [?tri'd ; ran give Are years' reference. Can be aeen at 193 ??., new 23d at. fS SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS TIRST ela aco.>k; no objection to the country. CallatliO i av, near ith a*. LADY. THORO0GHLT ACOCSTOMBD TO TWB ?a rsroom and liookltecptoB In a photograph Bailor*, iiranan encaa^mont. Boat referenaos. Addrexa J. 0., 48 sui' m t av., liruolclyn. ITU ATION WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT AWRRI can woman, as bou?e?e?per or ses???iress: a widow 's family preferred, where there are small chiAdren. Ad Xlj South 3d ht., JmS'-y City. VJTUATION WANTKD-BT A MIDDLE ArtED AMKRIo p can iv nra in, to do light work; In toe country preferred. Apply at 12 H h are. J ITU ATION WANTBD-BY A RKSPRTTABLr. GiRL, ? as uliambcnuald and waitress. Goiil re ereucca. Call I ?7 Charl'-a ft. JITUATION WA.VTVD? BY A KR3PE0TABA.K YOPNG 5 g ri.aamok. w isl. r an 4 fruner. Cowl of references, all ?t27 Caarlt-a st., tlrooklyo. IITUATUlN WAN*E1>-BY A WET KUEH^; OIIILD * ali ui??? :"is oi l. Call frauaS to ? r. M , *t StDeiMiuoy near Dr. ffleper's. inwo antes wam.o likh m t?iati ?mm? on h to 1 do generii bousnwiirk and the lAker { l> years ui ag-; lOrii Hglii et?a?nberwr?rs and takt ctiiidmu. Intu>ra " k loan pre ? it placed ernptoyBteirt, IS Was: 19tti at w ANTE!? A SITUATION A? ORAM BE it MA ID AND s?aiu?UJ<e a; cm operow OO WhwUrlA Wil on's -e.w. (mi liisi",ui Ki slKft faioUy preferred. Address P. A. , 20'. H*. i It Mai my XJL' ANTED? <A SlTU*t'l#N IN A KTtf RB, BY A YOUNG ? lady. Addrena Msu. J. WlUlauM, oUUon D, Bibla Bouao. WANTED-fY A RfSC^CTMbE YOI'NO WOMAN, a situation as bM d'? n'trooand aires-. ; Is willing Ap assist lih lite cbamberwork; mm okj-mi oii to the conn ft). Beatof my refereiKM. Cbi fortku lll West Mth st.. betweoc fith and 7th a ia WANTRD-BT A TO UNO ( HI. ? TB ABE OP A OB, a ritual on >n take ? *x* of 'oMMrea or do Mght hoooo part. Call at 7? Wast 2?th aC WABTBD-A SITUATION. BY A BSSPCCTABLE young girt, ta attend a baki hr. aa oho la competent to lake oh arte, and can giro ihe beat ?< city feferaoc.! from her kotgriare. where she lired for orsrWaree roara. Call at 63 PMtWarreu at., Brookljn. ? _____________ ANTED-BY A BR8PBOTAB (.8 MARRIED LADT, srilh a fresh breast of m>lk, * baby to wa. auxae, at own residence. Apply at 82 Dl Halonot Vf w f MI AM TED? BY A YOUNO MAPI UED WOMAN. A 81 tostion as wet nurae. In a r. vvcuAie Best refaieuca. Call for two da to at 146 Orahardsk, 8. fA/ANTRD-A SITUATION AR C OO*. KO OF.IBC Y? Hon to the country, flood di. t ooforenoso. Call at m ?not Stth at WAHTHD-A SITUATION AS hf *CT?nrK88 OB AS ? o. ami-ermald and laundrrnt. by ? rsjpectahle yobtig mim. H.a- good ctr fafarene ? from tor ln?t place. Wo ?joct on to tba country. Call at AV 41 h at., near olat St., tor two .lat a. w BTNUBSB.-A BBSPBOTABLE rOIU'.N .WANTS a oh lid i? nurae; aba loat bar own, Bar is.Uk 4a Are a old. Apply at aouihaaat oornrr of UthA*e. and 2Klh 7 "TRD-B* A RESPBCTaBLR WO **??. A BITT a in to oaok, wash and Iron ; good P> ?oe.preferre* As ht?, iaat w ag. a. Aptrtr at M Weat l'Hh a V . haeamant. I Wanted.? a todno, bkaltht, b. ib*;bctabl? waiiian. waut< a baby to wot nnrsa. Call at real Aaene, in Cast SMh-al None M rasp tetablo Tit ANTRB ? A SIWATIOW, ?T'A RR? ?r Pmt atont Oermaa girl, to As gaaera! n js^wa irt-.s, ciutinbarnuXd or calidvot '? aorae. REP PBTOABLB n? ?<^s?Mk, or Oadl .At 3S7 A TWHj TKABTI ' 9. ETESIAN WBLLS? WANTBD AN ~ABTBHi A ? VSNOW. borei. Addrasn Mi S,l3f I'oat offtei '. ARDBNBR WASTED -OKE 0.1PKV 'vSTANDI (jr i'i?!n?sa wall, laialreof Van Saun. Martin A LaontC'l .-t *? Patt;,rn makers AficCrtTOllipTO ? KWrs? want ?' at the Krceialor Iron Worka, 14lh ?t, ?MAnt MnAoimwUik i> ?T!)L MAKKKH.-WAStSD, A FEW I ve < fn pl>:o h anil toclA An 'F 1 , V I El 1 at., bars build'ng. mo COLOBVPC MININO COM P A VIES.-B " TB05' L M V ; miittng aadttrflengtnaer lata sgen 'a" tangly i. near to ?Avemi So'ltborn IMIS Unfcoa, who baa ha. ' i#>oar? i tosBt .-at eiyerlrii-e in roiii house parailona, aS? "?hle?or. viaoa A<ld re aa 14 Broadway, N. Y. mo hoorb'm>i;r*. -wantrd, a finishes ? ?** J. acini imned to nil> blank work. App'y to Fr? "O" ? ji i el, 16 Maiden i me. fPO PBOtOSBAPR?RH~ANT EERKON WISBIMO *0 J. S'.'iire tiie u rr of a good eolornan and nhoto^ra 7? ar, ?*:) !>? caiic i ii,.jn A'th apocltnana, by addr< ?alag 4 *? ai 2.aJ tlrra d o'Ih c. rM A NfTEAOTUHEBR.? W ANTED, A R ITU ATION AB foreman ietiin akeln dear fan l bloa her; la aooua 1 taoied to nankeens, Hrk*. drills, glnrhams and amall waroa. A 1'lreae Mr Jo* ph MeeseV. 141 fttli ar. TSTIRR TRMPBRRBS WANTED.? PtY II OOOD WIBB *? temieiera wanted, to wbo'u good wa^es anil smpio, meai will ha glsan. App y at Car/ Wtra Worka, IB waat :9th at, ' T ;; _ ttj A "?TED ?A OOOD HARNESS MAKBB. TO OO A V* ahOrt dlatanv In the oonatry. Apply at *9 Boeksaan awaei * WANTHD-AT 174 EOUON STBBBT, SOKT PELT hat trimmers \JU A N r KO? A (JO0D BLACKSMITH: ON8 ACCUS Tv toim-d to plan! wort. Aaplr at the Metropolitan Arwta Companv, nora^r Of Ceotre and Kranki.n sis ta; an r/ti'-rwi> BB^s M ipldees. none but 'T k "1 haada aaad apply to win. B. Tan Nasa. 149 and 141 Raaet St. J p HH.VC II " AO V KH'CICBMfig'rt. I fTNB IRUNB PILLB PRAN AIBE D.t^RR SB Pt<A V> <"?r pour ?0l?ner in enfant at coudra h vlreaaex ckoa ?A l ravo.1. dU ifMSwv. I JITOATIOSS W1STKD-*AW' I \ M\N 0' tVMT.L rAUILY. BO* J.ATI UT. AB. I -"V rlTe-1, <J i . fc illnlloo hi 'ri l'l ' .KI"U V <M v ktnl tu*e*raol u ? . u. r.M< : 14 hone ? a d?.a*??o.e. AJ.rjss 1 VV Uli^iu A ' P i* nU"r, Jueautlda, N. J- ___ Anusr.i.A 's lAiKSVAH, calwwo o* rail '.??( . 11 ..!* ;t ?jn-r <* h. ?!?1 ana w.i er works uuinufactur. ?> p unbare ?t> c aa-i v>o?i?i ers, 1 6 praaeut aneu to tfoat with a Jkw d 'M lor ili> mti- of supplies ana lurflinblog. Adiireaa Persevere. HcraKi olheo. AYOIMO AMr'H'AN. ABt..i TO RPKAK A>-n vvrlie tfen man. and w *'? ??r" 1 mathem v in. wl/aea asiUihuon etthor la or out tf tU" "U ; has tho befct nfier rntei AdJrsu J. 11. W., 2&1 Hfttl AtC si. . SITUATION WAN rKD-tMT A WELL EOrCATKn A y?uit0' miu, as correepo#'lent ftl Eeigliab. Kreafh and Uennsn; la ? 1 1 ??> . to mak ? kirn-df i euoraiiy usefnViu buy busliscas. Addrw-r E. W.. tic f?IU allies. A' MAN MKAI COOK WANTS A SITUATION IX A re tamant or Lot< l. Apulvor diroct to *sa. b mails, base-necL, lu roar of HI Oreone at AS IN!)0<?R RSftVANT OH TO ATTRN1* AN I*VA, lid or family shout to travel ? %. st> idv aauii who has bera nn the ehutliirnt : fa Anerlca but a aV.rt .m.e; will lis found civil Mil ob.'.giiig. J. C, O., bo* i;Ji Iltuaid Office, A SITUATION VTAN'Trru. rt A YOUNG man, who hub bwn ii ?Wiiber or yaura in this ojiintry. as porter; na? no nbieT'on to drive a wajnnt speaks Fretic i sad Kurll li rtrt!';'. . ooil relei euce gi > en. Call oa or ad i i uaa i. 1' . 34 WA-'tff ASITIUATION WaNTED-HY A YOUN0 MAK, A3 first cla;.-i waiter. or would travel wl'.h a gentleman: has live I In Krane ror five ye.'-is; fce?t ief> rence. C?a bv teou at 32S iWlii at., beivreen luih aud 1 1 tit ava. Bar tun' kr -.'.vantko. b* a tousg man ok ?Irate. a*? r<"i>r?tio?, a altuntion na al>ovn. whfr" >io would i!io al intas"* of .inixovlitg. Alilrett D 8., box H'J HeraM o^ioe, for two day a. CIOI.U'OTOR.? AN HyPKRIKNCRD OOI.LROrOR / w.fche< amno R.i.Htloralacromila rents, Ac . refensnca aud aecuiity given. Addteaa 0. H. W., lleial l ofllco, andjmiikk^ in want ok rrlt\ ltrnl" 1- sriflt b* f ir:n h?a1a, ooaelilwar. ermjin*, Eirnaiifta norvanta, ^o. Ac., will Unil * fall ?ii|i|.ly :.t iLo artfu l.mplo) uieui Hoaar, lomerof i.ih at. aud lllli at. RMTXiRMAN S companion.? an experienced T yniini; man, O aodali'.n %oi nbltxIiiK dl8yoait hi:. Jfj'U I Ilka to f ti.'a^i' ax ;il or<-, liciut; t ormisiily aoaii* ntecl vr'i the i- riirli. Ill i?o ?tt<t H.i ^lish lansuattca; w tl Mux to nm' 8 himself geor.rall* useful; can t'lvc mint rosi'pcutble rn-i-r etijji. no objection | i tra"rl. Ai'.drcas tor thiee day*. Co.u pamoii box li( Ilarald oQIc. Situation wantkd-by a founo man, of id, Ina Wet lii'Ua p'oduee h uise. baa tome ktionl odg? of Hie S punish atui Krencli lauKiiMifa, an I Is a rMi?1?nt of the W at iniilea. A.I lresa i'boa. Roche, caro Kucha llroM. A C iffey, W South tt., N. Y. Situation w^ntko? as hookkeri'rr in a wholnaale tioilia. bv a competent pfraon vvlio can fur niah the be^t al' references. Atldieaa llookkecper, box 2,139 Peat office. TO WHOLESALE TlOt'SES ? WANTED, A POSITION as KAlesman, by a K?ntii ninn en ovmz a twelve Fear*' connection la Mritn.i, Oana la and all the lower prm-incea. Addro^a, In firat lnatance, Saleamau, station O, 1 239 Broad way. TUP, ADVERTISER IS DKSIRO0S OK PROOURINO i HituatloD as porter in aomn wholesale dry coo<la hoc H ?r irrocery, cr an ?? other reapectable po- tlon where hi- a< ? vices may prove a -ailable . he underntanils and speaks i |? (lermnn 'and Engl. ah langnagea: tb? beet of cltv referen given. Call on or addresa G. Wallace, 90 Grand at., coi n of Oi ecu?. TO HOTEL KBEP"RS. -WANTED, BY A MAN . -$ yen rs of ace. and of a veritl ve t*' e\r'er!cnce. at t, l(t Hod in A good tiotel an Icrk and general; 1? liar with all the details of the business; good refer. w:&c Address Watson, Herald ofllae. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO MAN. KvtTr writes and spoaka the Prenoh, Italian and C wtmsi iangoagea tlueatly. and also a Utile English. Add mM , j> M., Herald office. WANTS? A 8ITUATT0N TN A STORE, BY A m !;*i man. who ean cover strings for light musics | ifcatn: m.-nts, would make himself getieially useful; can gsro bto ?f rcf. rence. Address, or c?:l this afternoon at B 'Hasrtc bora, northwest corner 10th at. and *th av. WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, A bITUA n?ON ?< ? coa-'kman. wnderitardf the care of horse* t i?rou"?'; be t of cltv references. Call at Mr Traiaor's hai sestitir.a corner of Aaior place and Broadway. WANTED? NY A YOllNO AMERICAN, A f HVlhAVtOi as trsrer. hsr nc also some experience in i ^Mtruettxg mechanical drawing preferred; workmanship a well *r ce c.-mmendatlon can bo shown. Address or appi ftc'll. '-bdm man, 15 Oth av. ________ WANTED? A SITUATION, AS 8AI.BS |i?, W, J who esale or retail boot and snne atoi a; w.iild charge of a retail store ; best of city referee eajivaa. Ad dree* O. O. H., Herald office. \V ANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN. FBO M rONNBTt Vv van la. who speaks German and Bus ilsV ? icc .io.i In some re* ectnble i.u*trcss. Apply at tlie Cor<lat:dt'S%reG Hotel for two days, to J. W. _ WANTFD-A SITUATION AS BOOK1 JKE7*HR,"T. Y J young mHn who lias I ad tevtral yea n> s -I. that poslt on . refeiences uuexceptionable . Aaii?.sa^ i'i. E T , Nawark. N J. \\ 7A.NTED-AK1TUATION AS PORTE R, IP fcjr. T.V. sale houwi; best of c ty references . A^rtress ?e!:rm Lladoer, 17? Orekard atre t. 7 ANTED? BY A UE8PRCTASLR TOUNO ItKV. slt iailon ?s_ clerk in an WVfaf / in eaeao hoea abli w employment in wi^ch there Is f? blc wrjiliig. U h. done : Is '?? but ooB*ersant with/' ecoowt* and wnt*s i fair oouunercial luoid; will lx I wUliiig loc.irdi and p omote ik* e- : of his etn| K af'ra Aflv ;??rw.i ii want of sucn, will pl'aM addr.*s?v s atuvto kiird of employ tnent, salary, Ac . for or.? wjrk, IT., I terAia ?2,-o. HELP ?\VAVri2D--irEMAI.rJS. AS SAI.RSWOA'AN? A Y^T.' NO MOV PAWIf." AT wl*h the r?* o( r /wef iabt ant fsncr c .k'h: lef e f nces of tiiO 1. i^'.esi or<i >r rMWlrad x i,arattei mi ability. P:?AI/ON A SON, 6?7 BpmiIim;. CtlTY AND COUNTRY f l.J??IK8 WHO WISH IC i eoonounize- ty ample fing good, faltkfr.l women cm' glr's, st moderate w'ig?4. i an be a.cely Simetf at E. CA I RO LL'S agency, fit bib av t COOK AND OntMB IRMATD WANTWD ? A WOM / H who la a flret rato -rs bn?r and ironer a?d rau aopu..i cooking- AI^.i a ? .rt ??- ing woman for u^s'atrawe k and to assist in tl<a *?. Alng. Applv at IM loth av...aa_i am at. GIEIj WANTRO? WH O IS A OOOD PLAIN OOOL, washer and tcuer. The family will b? two monihaV the country, "'a'! sPer S M'Uock at 131 Wes' llt'a et, ha twees Kk and 7th ava. U?OREWOMAN Tf ANT' ID-WRO rNDEEHVANDS THF " manufacture* f bug led aad beaded glmpa. Apply, A If me. Uaaediot'a, t'. Wan ir.ey place, near Broadway. WANTS*? SPATIOUatS TO WORK ON HOOP skirts. A|*i; to .UiaUn, Kelly A Co., aMiew factory, earner of (Sd st *>*; Stb l WANTED? A ratST CLASS LAUNDCtESH. WITH goad city .atf.ranoea. No other need Jt.'ply at 179 West 14th aA_ KIT ANTED? A ?T OT?, NEAT AND TIDT ORRMAN TV utrl, to do the. en^ral honaewark of a family ; f most ooiue well .?mat-ii,.cuiled. Apply at tH Mat soa sL WANTEB-A Ot>lORBD SERVANT, TO OO. IN TUB country to teste atre of an Invalid gea*l?ni?.. App j to D Rerrleo. au* Pa* -I at TITANTEB-IN A ?.1IVATE FAMILY. A WOMAN T? vf waa'i aad Am. lUferenejs reqalrad. Apply at Mi ?Test S6tb at* beoraMj ib aad 8th ava. ANTEB? A wmt. TIDY OIRU TO DO ORNERAf i.ouae?ork; aa*et bea good plain eaak and a go->d w mzthar and Iran er. Vmtl har? roM cti>* m-r CHril la teingMiiil . ?corn* ?ocr 64 Ut #&. W ANTEB-AN BBB'jISH OR AMEBIC AN WEI nurse, art lb ? fm*> breast of milk. A?ply AtdC BAM at Whantrd-b7 aiohm an family. BfWTnu c m ii.* h uga too, a slant girl aa ftrai rate lr.un draer and to aaak ' with c^a barwnek. M'tat have re ter*s?ra Applf '?r furMMa pavtlaaUra at *7 Court at., Brooklyn, aecoaA l oot. w WU A*TBD-4ir?fc.B to mttrtum, cork amd ku U.HH e<l Bear Tt oar ?:ai>Aln'ed with th?. baeincss may iff'; at ib? aS^. PS Br??\var. WANfi'D? A 8M/RT. ?IBL FOE OCKKIUL hoa*. werk; as* w??a Is a viata aaah atid a good tjabw ay "oner y gat a geaki laoa by ag^.ylng at lui dfeat 3AtU *?.. , near ?tl av. WW ANTE?? A OOOH OBRMAJI OK JRWUIT Q,X>K, F or oiva. vho hat 111 ? 1 In Jawlah fitmiiles. at Ira T;at 47DI at, Torino i.ara. >iligb wa*e*A,v?a. BiKWP- t smaR". comrnrnrr oipt,. ti io ml h ?o*iurark o rn to Manfevd. Conn., on Mc? Noa? need 'M-f w villi*, fit hast ,4iy ietor?ux eat ilk*- st. WANTED -A MRL TO ^OOHNRfctL WOtTPEWOP.r; If miisf nn.|'-a? \od piali eo>.king a?a be a good washer snd Iraier. t?. .. I ' raf?r ace requliat'. Apply at M Mk It. finer ? ill I.' a' lo?r trrANTED -A <; i to ui?K A' a.. I avd IRON YT oae that will nata here* i teneraUr wetnl bestaf cltv (afasanoa reqasacd. Ap.>iy at 23 W<at Wash lost >a place. Hi; LP WANT K'.T-.VMiM." ^ A T THE MKBCANTILE AOVfT, WAKMD TO DAT. A booltes^er. aralstanC bOJ'rksier sb pplng drug r'eik. dry gamle sale^naa trave ' agent. <*m s??er ex. preas rtrlier, rjaiilimsii, r .aA'K-ior tardea *r. trailer, hotel elerh, light perter Othar sHeatk ns open. Seepeciaide men ran alwsy* lind erMPieprMiik calling ?irlr M.-r r* nils aud atiiars snpulkd w'to ill k-'ude of m.ilr help free ai ubarga. n. y?NOOMKRY A CO. Mo. m Broad* ay, rwu No. t, uj jiats. A OBMT0 WANTBD, TO BZLh THB NEW STAMP DUT1 BR MAOON A II kB A IO, S<Atlo?rre. II] and 1U Bread war. a OBNTS WANTED JL F/ERYWIirHP, ? NEW YORK A'I*NPT, 87 and K BAS8AU hfithKl, kltff YOBK. AHODIi'T* OA N MA K B 9W TN A PRW HOURS aRt I f>0 niia, gieat aew And wonder. wl una Urge site I'rtAJ rack at e\ f .rl per %r gtiertbleed Evfry dollar Inve t?d ndlr* than ?ie.ih a*. A ?t> andid ?otl.1 gold or Miter leva* wateb pread^<tad free t^*?Moh agent hinart men waaieil la establish aa* alee >a e/.V' town and v llaaa. t'nuut riahia free SalaTtrv^anae. demand Inrreeeing fre .h ,V h?.i ll.atn. hoi fiv our great jiew elrcelar ror lS?tA coiamlog eilra daw prwraUW ln<iiiei?aats tree, h. O RICKANIlit * CO., mM Veaa?a< str?.i , V" York. erl?laAl, laraaat and oldeal pstekaaa K,? the warlii. At TnB qoMVBliciAi, .vtrLOTMKnr aub.ycy, 2\l7'i and IW H-a#v'w?y, >wanied Wdir tra all.og asent, (i?r'er, ahtpriiog < arit eat ?v clerk bote r.aia >n a to go to Havana, uosehniaa. t<a let.V aa?l?ia t booakeaper, drug ler?. Oiler situations ape a la." fO?pectahi? men ho pmwMlm Ittfc iBWit PM sftpt x. OfVA* $ V9, A Jf _ HBLP WASTHD-iiAlitS. 4 STOUT TUUNQ MAN W.\S(?j IV A I'BOVI-'QN ty ?l a m.i! k .??/. ?s p in , rtr? -j.v, >a ? gl ? * nian ta a Imum twn, AW>-i la v.. LzJnUlU, 11 Clia-.b?.M at, lAt-1 to.-r. * YOI.NO V \ V vA-vr ->_?.>* >y-v f ? ST rl.' IK ij IU It I. an ?&?. fudg'-a *' tJ hi* usraais: tMH *jii I tti- . hip >? i-nU a , .. .i > ..-1 1 i ne < AMrisi UchI. Htniii o. .?, >r . ir'tu,:, j BOY *?ANTEIl.^HJ'TWl'.BN YH't *OB? ?P IS AND j lM twin I)W. w,M (<, , wr>ta a oi li.'.Uli si* 0411 ro:ne ' ?W' ?""*????: ?<? .1 ?? ?. -th r.u e ni'i J?r. Apt.l? tojjaouiis.. I J11I u?a, tot lUvirt. t LL WHO CHOOSE CAN M,V^C i{ $2 PB6M 20 CBMTS: *a ? 'inetluiia n'jp<",iilv u<*t k-i' v m f 1 y far.Iy. I'll) and exanrf'H', or Um? wtntule* srtn livf. ? >. mail, t r covl*. UmI jjthiJ :or by ki. 1>. WOKOd'iT, I7d Chatham si.ntre, Nc* \ork. AFT'W MEN. FHOW ll/pA ,S YB*B?'OLt?. WAKVPB th'w <ltv t-r t ,?. v ,1 ? ? tl ?i M-niiw * , 12* ?V?*pt utt twit, * <*? nrr o (T*? ?II* ?'.* TP. SH J lo IsAllifPakh b -.mtv pkia. B<tii?i nyd yta . g?? rantee i. ALL V0UKG Ot4 A?/T.*?? VittN W-UO WANTl?r?:A. aunt ai 1 s'-ad" ? x^.io -maul In hsuplials U"*r The ? tv at anil boarj , .#? r ,..uf.,iu au ottalu -ucU b., a;>|?i) at it uto ?v., near Aim 'ft t, \ KM ART, AOT/TTS TOONO MAN WANf*t>? AS * ' n?ifst?iit b-.r! /*. one v h" mii. r rtni : ei>eti)iig M'T* preier-ril. Anp>. at C! .rki*. . 157 In av. T) <)0 KICK BT BR # *y?>;TI t?? IN A. Pll NUNC IFi'lWi ? ' tri'ist be (|iil A puv seoiirnM< t I gur.-s. iu luV '^.oua and o. nii?x<-i-p loii j,*. ?rkftr??':?r " ni^ n v.l nj?fly ? i?>ut ciiy ivr<>renne ? rr'tii* thfi" nnrt taUvy exps?B(i. Muhi .'crue on 1 /i,b1 I'cr a :."0i ' wMhoul Av!flro?a Connlina JI.kiii i, Ijoi Cns U^ial<trfflno for Bov was ' rm.?A rr.n.n tir nor Anor? is vs'.ars of aijr, m 4,,, lxti su l-.n/ush, if* Joa ?-Oa l ia |>areuia anil cnii i' tn , <*..>; rf >:n ? .T!<> 1 f?r I; ticmy anrt ?t r.rty .'?a ? u. wil: liirtT. v>ofl it iiit'f i 1 1 u - 1 1 vmrstd steady em P'Oi 'ncnt, ' f >gpf.;y1i|? It 44 r.a ision at B"V W ,NTTT>-TN' A TV V STORK; KROM 'B TO }?' ? " *> hits a kno lailce of tU? bncaca* 1 referred. App. / at f.Hj ju <\v., near astli ft. R"' rwSTOD.-A ( r, TKT7H- 7.I IKNT KOV, ' ' ' m (flit 17 yearn ?. *?<:. >valiied Irt u u au.cita'a sto t. * x !*J Eeetmun s(. 1>, * Wlli TED-IN A fiTOT* K UOWI. TOWN. 15 TO VI ?' .????? f'.il; mi'Kt re?'<le Willi his rh.-?nl?. wilte 11 uerr] ha: il .1 he attentive to Die i. iIIch. Aiiply with refereu<?o nt '? : nt lv<n ?t. l bexvrren ( an 4 4 o'clock m V7ASTKD-APOUT 15 THAT" OF AOS, If A ?>>. ???* oil'.ra. Auarnta, In bm:itwrlilni[ of o/plloani, "W ;S,6M I'oat office. (tA'N'VASfBRS CAN VAtH FKO?" $50 TO 350 A WEKK / hy ne'lii ;> the n.ieii'lld eolcrert ltorlrnlU of lhf?ie*r * n'Miisbnp 01 N ttr \ 1 r'< O 1 ci of Metro, ol.tau Rccori!, * If liroudway, ot CaDilftri1* . Ooahtimav op. oisnow irtv run ? afpl* ikmu ilUtcly at 57 K*o'.iauj;u y'n -i), ! ooui iJ. Bnaft^viiOTK v onvrsruT cmumc, wnc nan be a oil reournmenl d. A Ulieaa, tJrmJ, k Oeo. Reyn'>id??. ii47 Court ?!... Brooklyn. f I3RUQ CI*BBK WANTED AT 180 ALLBN ST. !D RUO CLKB1C WANTED? AT 120 AV. C, CORNiiRCJ 8U1 at. a*BUQ CI.RItK WAN'Tl'D? A TOUNO MAN WHO 1J tboroillhw undariitatidi tiin citv relall and prencr ption hnalne^. and e?n furnUh (rod rcf> rennn, may apply at 11)1 Mynl? avenue, Brooalyn, for two daj s. L?AUM HANDS WANTED? TO (JO A RHWJT 0IH r utnee In the country; w. ger $^0 to $ ?) per tnontli and Joiiod. Alto wttiiti-d, -! en Ut' ly lani!e<l. Applv at the Lar;e Rmployinent tletise, corner of 6tb av. and 11th at. ONE" FIRST CLASS WAIVER MAT APPLY Til 18 O AY, after two o'clock P. M., nt Willard'a O) ster House, &H2 BreaJway. PORTER WANTED? A SMART. ACTIVE AND OA jjah e yoniiR man asporlot In n fur^tore; miiat lie well reconimerded Tor honesty, A". Address i> th reference*, ?tetln?! ae* and annoiint or sslary evnected, A. .T W , Heruld Olllc.v OoMinvinlcatl'Jut net oompl/lns wltb th^ aboyc trill not be noticed. TRUCPrMAN.-WANTr'.D, A STEADY A''TTTE M \ N TO drive a two hoive truck. I u quire In back o lice. 5J Pearl street, near Broad. The pihknik mutual life insurance com pnny of Tlar'ford, Conn*ct!e?t want< active' liuslness afent* lo sol 10 t luauranccB iu thka ci.v and S:utc a;>d , State of New Ji-ra^v. To auch liberal oo umlse ons wlil l>e psld and perme.nent employracat niven Appl' ie tholr agent, JOHN E. DK WITT, 151 Broadway. New Vorlr WAirr BD? IMMRD I ATELY, MEN WHO WISH TO n-nko frurii $25 10 $511 ner dav by .1 'mall love*! -ent, from $'X U to ji'XJ. IrnporUnt now inveuHon. just receive 1. Ureal opp >nuft ty to nake money, either by travelling or locaung la city or country. HtiWA.ID T1LDEN. M9 Br adwar._ WANTED? ME!s FOR THE NAVY, POR ONE TO three veins, also for the avmv; ihe hlpbest bounties | paid A f^w yonns men warte 1 for n four nrmtlla, wfial t 1 iu( voyage. Apply to J AMIiS It CO., d7 W?at ot., corner of Albany. WANTKl)? FOR A EiiOAR STORE ON THB BTST part of Brnailway, a young man in L nvrr 20, of genieel '? a pearaneo and having a knowledge of ttiaa tt -i In. ?s. Bvst < 0I1 eferenoen re iolrrJ. Add. rn lotc. ro, station G. P U.'ANtKn- IN A BBOKBR'S OPFICE, A BOT 14 TO | ?* 1 veirs of age res dlug w itli hs pamata. Address, ?with references. D., bo* l.tSiH P"st ofllue. \\/ANTKD-\ DRIVER, WHO I? A <* >OD GROO*! j v> and carr'a a was ler. Apartments furotsho I lo ? aaarrled tuaa. Apply 10 James Har.oer, 1.17 Ocart St., Brook . lyn. \TrANTEP? IN AN IMPORTKR't OPKIC/J, A SMART, tvv iniell tent hoy, 19 ot 18 yeftrs old; etf rood rk;>r. -:er. Address, atatinii reiaicnees. bei Sill l*ost oilico. New york WANTKO-A bov 16 YKAUrt OK AUI',, TO WORK *1 p inn 'Me act. on. A,j;) y to Dav d rV.:.h, lfi Amity ^ plaoo, third i.oor. k! ^7aNTIM3-A BOY IN A OROfKRY: WHO UND'ZR nlj'iJ.i tlie bui'lneSK. to deliver ft 'od? ?r*e and tsugon; must be na'l ti'><ttd. Apidy al w w WtNTEB? A YOIJNO MAN, TO DRIVE A HORSE ^and ?ai 1, sge from 17 to ltf. Apply at Ii^Bnrng el , at AlTI Rfi, WANTED-A FEW OOOO WAITIiR3 Apply, tt 2i) liey St. WAVTKO? A STOUT, ACTIVE ROY IN -A RETAIL hardwara xtore; guoi r*feronc< s renulieu. Appiy per ?aal y at 161 lu av. AKTi;D-AT THE UNION PL ACS UOT^L, l'OUR hall boyawlo understand waiting 01. table. TV? ANTEE? Afl IRRAND ROY. A Rll PECTA KLR ? T vouUi who si.jldi- with bis pa.e. ts Appi, to Vim. Kyle. Jr . W! Browl srsr. r- ' WANTRD -FOR TUB KT1IP 8ARAIT. TO C\T*B PR Venie and U nary Islands end const ?t*Afi < ?%. stout younfit men. to do aeoera' duty on the ?U.t for a Tor ml r at cw mouh'. Ap|.!v to H\Ni>ALL A COURT. NKV, en nersif Weiiand iteade streets t rlura WANTED? A TRKION OF BXPBRlEKOK WHO peneeUy endsrs '.nils the an', daor duties is 14* ship ping and eninii' issma b lslneas. wh .se e?p;.ieno? Utsbesn In K astern aad Southern const .?ise tiade tUlsper.aa.i frr*a fe ousts In tue In tneaa w ill he re^nlr^d Ai'lr* ?s. r tail ?g Aa ary eipeeK*.ud ve ei "nee. Shii'plng. HeraUi o1io?. ? ANTRD-A rovxa MAN TO HELP IN A nrO.BRY alnr*. Must un i*s tend his WlM*?, stid have unod Citv r?.'< renee. ^pi-ly at Wi i'Uird av?t.u ??, bct?>< a 1 i!iy v.Shird w elty ,, ? I,, ? __ leroBd and PMIv. third stia ?t? WOOL BOBTPRJ WANTBO.? WANT1 r? TMMEO// TE? If , four giaod ?<?.l soi* ,?rt. for a in.L in the aoai *iry. jippl.v to .I"?eph f!|. iey k ^an. <F fttl sfc \~KT ANTED? A B."'T ABO*'T IS Y P A B ~ OF ACB TO ' at'end a slorr; rue who uvea with bis iati? '? # d tvlth joul r<'*t nr?s fcjne otl.i-rs oaod appiy. 4- I a ft 1 1 s M . at kj'i 1 '.h av. r> Vir AMTRDHMMCSrATFLV.ABCiK.BOOSnD MBM PO I f 1 wr. in Iks. y,.ll'd ttlAtts Aj-my <J-r.i-a! llo-nlUt... Baw Vorlr itaiuor vt cges (?4 ajnsxith and banrd. Ajiply, " lilUC" Honriltic, _ _ 1. ur sri, teccmiacndaUaiM, lo R C. I.iliott, 17 h.a- acr at. 11' ANTED? A ROT ?JBOI?r JC tO ASS.aT.I3T AN <OJ" TT flee: n"H?t writer gno-l rant1 _5?*eW a* Ijura* *1 i. b*?nil >a.. anaemia*. .a\ n*?i sir V ri^bt, a* l'auk likfi. W4 NTbD-A SMAiW HOY. PFOJI Ml TO*? YBa.M of act; !*?*t or rete^aooe, r?,k ired; a Oram pre?**r MA sp,.,? vi b?nn?b*r. .A *y>., KflCUuroh at. u, a., r,. -TK7 ANTi:D-A YODM HAN fOA CF A ? AMU'STA NT 11 f >rtcr: mutt be of ir l istrlo.ia 'iablts and guc 1 e ur* sfltar. applr on. Fnuat ajd latwilir, from R ve.:a, at Si t'hur.^st. lA/AW-l.l) ? A IcUNO KAN, It Oil 18 FB AUH?JLD ; Vy oi' T-rldfn-ir"h hl?? r.nrent'' pre'rf el; tnn? asrite a fair Isaac, ami Mms-Jf feoneraUy uvalul. App.y. wiHi reTeranef *1 IfS P-?rft?rirBr, ?r stairs befrre I n'eleak Ir the morniog Akw a t?V M MsihUH uptiMaajry t.ana. X 1/AN."Hi'-A MWT I U'* BARlKV?ESii Ml IT fcK ?T we'l a us I bled on Hiaa^-i-a y. Aiia.k 1 P. O , 0?.?, A elee, eta ;u* - nee icat anca#ei. CB^AJITBI*? A PVIIO'.' B CAPAJII R CP MA KINO COL. " TiviWtua keeplu afeo'inl* ssnd alslr nt'rj ia'?ot tned at't ''ti ,c jaod re'i wm-ea. Cai.. batwesn tlie b u.r of 11/ at. HAM ?t 41 Jaf *t. A VTBW? A YOPNO BAk IN A WBOLKftAf f>, ?la'.liM^.'JtAws^ -li 11 j^ii..1 ^et. To 1 a Post p rue. ANrr.D-aA l t A CUh-HlL. AC BALl>WiN't>, 2H Or*. id at.. F"!li a(ti?borf rat! letarre 1 ua J J V. M. ANT FJ* -A'Jkf N WHO PNfERATANDB FJ?IN0 I'P scaNO'i'lna ria f.'al elevstora 'in. I ?? ser lar ?? h .1 w w p to ii-cli a n.k 1 Ask vagfS . d 1' Vi/ ?. ira # I k Apr^P to Wt> W Bws ? *<? Uraage at,, BroolUvn. hatwaae ll aa? i o Un' A. m.< aa lay or ??A. _ W*K Ti.D-A B8T TO ANrtieaR IIRLLB, AT 8w-enr's Ho'sl\ +\pfny between T.tii I !0 \ M . WAHTKD-iHKEB JtXVBT CLAB8 HALEflMEV IN ta e retail baot uklVHs# bueinsaa. ia<iui? at JH Cart. laadtst , H. y. _ W' ANTED? A CLIHR W A GPOrERY StOKK. N.,?e need applt ?>'?? W-A * Mnd-rwaud Knsi. Pass sad nave ?<<nl reeoinsa*A datlnns (rma tbalr last em ployers A pplf st 781 M ?ve, ? '"'Pv <?* BM at. WANTED TWO Ai.TKR Vvr|> BT? S DP BBN TO work lie i?ia<t ? luach eoooUi ??"/*?? u it is laeius r!en??d nead apply. Apf iy at t. e \ rltrd Itoa e, botwrea J aud .3 .. a Mk. in/1 AOKNTB WAfTRD-TO ?\ Hi IN THJ8 OITT J"" and Male, and all the New A .a'anri #M|s% an ?r tirle of read sae. Just patent*?: Iarg.\ mhhiI#.*'\i mil e*i Hal, eure sa e. Cal: at oraddr jaa r.wV U/ Cru*'e ?otel, Tub bbvbntebntii wabo m?cl<lva.. prstlo Ci* 1 n-el IMS e* kifftia al S P ? A' li s I' i-rs" politica?. AN UK?i? _ ? ........... - , a' ' i ?* H' par r.lMT .I?|| e, oi'raer Plrsi Si.aei aad avanus a \li?li?? ml- < piM:*^k btialneka All MoCleitan nipn sie IqiV'M ^tuf I a 1 pat 'A"W?r vf Peoi^e's Klalita." Cal Mai Lenten aui* as IP tlie etia'r. K? ?. *<?. ef JOHN u'uur, TloaPre bfMk " .'r. lTrt*r.'* * ? " . Kii aisi ".T. 'AfTa tfb Burn 11 ? m? run nitur R ekpkrms offioa h? We?i Klrvenlls *lre. t. tt,-t s^en FlOh and Sivtn a?e . nuee ? I'lsnolo la.-, Kilrrois, peelings, china, e. Ihus I aba sill turn . lo ail isarts of the u-arnl l.ags varo%f (or 1 ?4?tMfafnituT9 IB eouatgy. FWDiu/i Mvre4. /"<OKPAN.iSH FORM HO ABROAD ?A OKBTLFJHN, \V viol-* Ink i ??it) ? xi'~i?et"5e sbrr>!d nhAi.a-a lAKiZP we.. ?-> .c hi i a ? . . u and Cur's, i*a?-M ??u tie* j4 t? ??.? 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Ki-.:< Oatntv Tin: simrn's O'n.i,) IS 0?i|. f Huo<ik*. v: ! ily 7, 1^6t. < I ' n"-"i ~o'1 ut tbe .-,5 of tlio ireasurorof kiUCJOouiiU, un:il 2 I'. M on W K L) -N E S T) A , July 20, ISM, rr.R fliPOi'.OOO CP mvett COTTKTT WAR V '<U3TM '-'NT BONOS. (jy authority of shop. P and 7- of t ? f.awa of IMS*, r.nd by ri nolutiou of the Bs?ird of Supervisors, atlooti"! Mar 3, l*M T '8 bond* will Tie toucd 'n ri"i? of $' ooo ea' h. dated A'V'H t I, 1W.4, wW> 'ntfrrnt at tbTate of atv p - ??cnt n?r annum payubla aemi-an'iiiii:r t> writ:? III t'"i> Or t .lava ? if rend NoTO-t.ber. Tbo principal will bo due and pay ? b!c us fo'low* ? 8JUH.IKM) ou tlir IIih! il.iv of May. I H7' ?. SiiO.O o on Ino !>? at day of Mar, ?s? >. 200. (moil t|.o first d*v of Ma <? IWSI. 2.0,(iOlu'i tlio fir- 1 ? I * . y of M " v . 1W2. ?Jini (hi | mi iiip first do y of Mai'. 18-;. The pronoaalH nn'st nt ..!<> tin) nnmtier of bondg .leslred, amount of i-kr noun and for whl<;h yeur lua tnring r p ji.?r?one w!iog? proposals are ajcoplrd will be required to ile'O'H With tb? Count - ri*a^;n i*. on t!i" rtt'Bt (!>iv o" An r. i?t. 1*4, the mrri? aivir.lnd to them ioa[i?uilvn'.y when tlio bunds t?'ll bi" readv I or il liver, ?. f:,eli pronOHlt on should :.<? sealed and enil'in?d '?Pr.-'po posrtls :'or Kui?:? i v War Knl kIuicbl Loan," and be ud di'c^^p'l to t .o Oonniy Tr"'.'- ir#, Tl c ri|(Ut .a reaerved torolept an* or all of tb ? bnlo If deemed ne 'esiar* to proter tlie intereatof thacooai*. THOMAS A. OAKDlNBlt, County Irea<nr?T. MARINERS' SAYINGS BANIC, NO. 1 Ttl It!) * VENHPI. Depmlti rerfived to th?. I lib July ; will draiv Inlereat from the 1st of .nil*. _ BAMf OPKN DAlIiY from 9 to 2 P. M . andonMON. n*Y Wr".l)NE8DAV and SATURDAY 8VI1SINU8, "from 6 to 8 o'clock. THOMAS 13. 3TILLMAN, President. I?aac I'. a?lTij, Secretary. Market savings hank, no ss n.vssau strkrt. Jtih dividend. ?The triiK e" of thi? instil. nlon have ortforart interest to b" paid de,ioi 'i.r? nt th" ra:.> of tlx P?r cent per aanu n on all amna of $.vui mid uudor. and Klvo ter ennt on all -nms ovnr Ji.r,(l I. entitled tliertito ((taeof government la* *, tm table on and alter Monday. July 1& All interest not wltMr.ivrn wlli dr.i wr' tit na prtticlpa) from July 1. Bv oidcr of the Botr 1. 1.1TTHI R C. OAP.TKR, PreaMont. H knk*,R. Cosklin, fieciotary. NEW YORK AND HARLEM KAII.ROAD COMPANY, PltRii okwt'* llmtF Nik Yonic Jn'y 1, 1964. SECOND MOKTOAOK BONDS ($1,000,00(1), Due * iiR ist I. I -?? I. Notice is brreby Riven that the Bond* of the above toaao will Im- paid at tlii lr maturltv, Ausu t 1, ISiX, at th?-o(!lce of thi; co 1 1 pan v, i-oruar <-f Koitrtb avenuo aud Twenty autti a'reet. and that thi totrre?t on the aame will ceai <? fr"ra that data. W M. U. VaNDEKBILT. Vloa i'rootdeat. OrKICE OF CROTON PIRK IN-SlTR\NOE COM pany,? Now Yorlt July 12. 1-M4 ? Uivlden.i ? ! ho P?aril Of D rertora haae !bla dn* tle.-laied a dl?ld*o1of llvo tier cent, payable t'> tno f.ockholder* on and after the *>th Imit., free of (-ovornmeiit ta?. Transier book will be clooed nnti) ti'Rt data J. M. TOMPKINS, SrerstaT. OVPTCR OP THE COLOMBIA FIRE TNBCBaNOB Coroianv, No. Itil Broa l" ay ? Now York, July U l>-6?. Tbc n ard of Dirco.* h:ive thi< da de !ar?.l a <livia"n 1 of iivo per c ut. irec ol goverb'r.fitit lav. tnva'i e on drnu.'iJ. ^ * KDffAHP KBMI-.Y3, a.cietiry. T"B COLUMBIA GOLD MINING COMPANY, Of Coiorr. .o CA PI f a 1. U'U'U SHARES. NOMIN Al, I'AH Sid IiAiMI. M'I S' ftll I'lliN PRICE PI- R STTARH. Btucit 1 tul iJ.iid an. I n it liable to iuionU TRUSTEES JAMF.R W. KLWELt,. K i\ oi the iirm of Jamea W. BI woll ,t Co. .><? rlo'.iili street JOUM 1*. YKL.VER10M, F?<j., Pre?:den\ of the Ban.', of *nrih Arr.erm* , _ THO U A II i OBTEIt, I o |., lato of the flrni of rnater A st?pbe??m. ? .. , _ . J AM ES l). r.fifl, Erq? Pre?i.innl or tie Marine Bank. JAMKS I, IIATHAtVAY, Emi.. merchant. S* I'l 1'i.lii. KOBEitT T PER1UN, E*a.. f'ajj^lar ut Hie Buwuti^.-od DroterV Itunk Preaid' tit, THOMAS H KfWrBR, E.t?i. rai.K is If AH! N 'tANK. fU-cr-tiny E/,11 1 EL K. S: Y Si OUR, Esq. Al i,i. iii i> ? i c>*. i into, idcul. HENP.V A. COOK, K i . 0"titral City, Colorado. E:ii:c lors, Meiwrs. C'R''- OAY t l.ui-.;), New York. taerarH W .tKUEr.Y A Jti.AU ' antial ct?y, Colorado., ? T'ic Pt-'ebrated B ditall Pi?k, ami oibar * ?ll ItmiwoLrt": .aciudU?K also a 'I uunal Claim ' U ,. 0 consr?nt(v? foot, or ii?hiiy a mile In lenai di.eul/on tkn Ki?k i<?oe OMiimeprtiig Imnie i aialy oapustta iSUckHajrk I'amt at P.a A Ha u City. Tb- wliole | rut any. Wr c In ?' iJW (eet, wltb r .a uabiu quauz mill now r<s?.u<?il in ? ttooeoAful < p-:< ailon 'i'i.e Bo'>:ail and risk Lodi o oi,?i i. r.-d tbo richest and brsl In tho 1 erriory , l uvi 4 ?It-lded !arg-r anwursol g ? 1 an sti? othe- in Co'mim. >. The oowran c ?nflt'-n 1 efporl laeomn.anoo pay Hi at*4 SU1( ,1a) a iDttiiihiv dividend ol o:><' per <-'-nt ill vuld Snl-i'Tlpiion b,*::s of Ibr .i?u;panv for ntily ? llmltja m , ber .if, are u?w open ?l t.,e oilti* nf ALBi-K H. NH'oLAI liso. 87 Wl lia .1 -treet at tbo prlto of %i per ehar- tS to t? tiftld a' the llin r of fabaprljXlon. 1'nrtwi, w'10 ;u-" (icstro u of secir'ni; ?ur . f t'.o ".lo-t a' th?* ab"W> low r: i e, ar* lnf"rmed that the c-mpan rueo ' ?>?-in?: abort)?, afior whle.i tlino uo stock will u ??<d lee? than p?' . . fr mod prnsueotus #' owing tbe great vsluo of tbo |iac jierty of tbo con pany ar? reads lordelivery. TURD AYKNTR PAT7NOR B*Nff. Coiuei' 'i'asrd aveoneon'1 Twenr-otxth street. CliAUTKHRU iam bank 0PFN asll* freirT iii A. M. to 5 P. M? and oe. MOVDAY. WBLNEdCAt and BATtfROAY EVENINGS, from 0 to 1 1*. M, SIJL PEE -OQNT latareat allowed *a*ll a ima ?rom $1 to Bi.OM. 4U uionejai I'rpoatiod > n or before tn 1* TO wtO dr.iv Biter eatirain tb" lot. St'KKCKR K. Gtl'.EN, rrv. idtfcv. EtCUAko Ksllt, Becrelar) . The erie railway company, no. i"7 wvtm s?ei l, Ne-* Tyir, Jtr* l?, l.^M ? Dl -viend? Tl?n dir?r <ors of this aacnt-ain hake th s day de<- *s?' ' a dtrtdandtnia of ti,c ? rnii)<s of n,ad lor a A taut' a '4 s. end rg J/,n-?it.i of three and '.iw-half per coot (leaelrt,-ro erammitiaxol 5 per uoat) ua th? t'nCer red st* ck. Aiau a di\ JonJ of torn per c?K on C,e Com n?n Caniia' Moek f>ec of >r-vora<na?< tat. H?b pay&bi-- jti. ihe Tr jaou or s olll<.c. Eric !????. oa \Vedoes4ar, in* 3d <kar of Av?<l r?i to llil re?iik?l h?jT?o; atocK a'- tbe cloalag t ' lilt! L I.Iks The tranaftw h,iok? of hotn 1 rvfc.rm'il and comtrut) strxk wli' b? <!looe?f on tlM a tsraao 1 nf Tu?stef, tlir IV It in r . and l>? rHur?ru?d?jn the Mh da/ ef AU|sat. POlW riO N. f?Tl?<, Kecro?ary diQ itt)l\ BTO"r OP A KNOWN IfANPKAcT t'iriug tootri OAUua 1 1 lli.a a tv- ?.ill be saold for ca h of ?r"\an?e<l f.,r anonvnribsred res' estr'e. a* an Inreatiaml Blia la ?in?M-paa-e 1 . n ka"inc >ald Uvenl^ ??r rem -'p'>ti ?li m itith*' h s. and nltifllo. n per eenr \h? last M.-tui-aOi,u*t divtdaa'* T. H. OACOMAN, lie Bn^rtway.) nnn TOLOAB-ArSTT i"1?R CEKT. OUU.UUU lor ftr? years or Inncer. >n Now ^ork <n<f prot.ertr. J'laKPfl MASON. ,T 1MAL A et.i'iK COV. fl 111' ho. i% Ptao atr-tet, tootas 10 11 ad II. ~vn v r vmrt)its, &67~' ' SMALL INVOICE OP B<U L tJCfV r I y"T rx TC?R. to T !???.? Id JllbOMMnl fun Ko'U nMkin, WlM b* I* to su't ?? ?* for fs.a'v to 1 li^ie ??< .r?'cBin?rtC nd | a, ,i >< ran bo s-vtk at lialted Stales Boa*, od t.'arebause, 5t >ew ?Ue?t NOTICE -UUIERRd, IfofEL YbrFbJM, < ea . ??, > r? 1 anf tf? eir n'es -if B?rrbon Gin. Ura^ T. Aj. ; bast lo market aaii p ou? a.ilieH to ail par ohvti O. If. BOTijT, \*'tit, V, Stofr. street. > A V AU . X. ^ ALiUU/-:' MOM'TNOV i'ATABLR CAN BE nrmTwdi) A* OB^B, 0* appiyiaa n / o M?WCY ? OA., N, tti llitaadway. Raw Tart. 4 ll P'-;'. ? JiOsrTBTWtr.B rr^JiPn adtabceb S\ marte og oia n? *t HHi>* .i A sHB|U#ii.n S *i"tArv M?d * a*a Mask 1 0" oes ,Na 2 Park pldc*. Bow York, a. i IK tor* stroat. Braoklyn. \ . r ATA El ? r>AN m BBTAINE* Uj rr. xs money bow /.T OBCB w A.^PLTI v?r l.N tl'H^ON OE II f I ETTl E TO VALUBN Jk W 1 l.l, A EO, ^ j.Afr; c n l?1 YOHK Ht -HPT WkOOKLY N. rouvtie.-i. 3^ac r at j^iai] ??h AhirTsr?:t> wlrnouv dbi.ay. All the oppickh^ CRr.Wff or un? CiifNE'VflOt'T AND f>? SOTO can obtain tlalr ptu" ?- mey m o ie ay. I.* art lying M WaLDkN A \Y W,I. V R !?, I Ah York St. eet, Brooktyii, . HOI -PHITil MOB fT TO SAILORS. SOt'STY f\ tK .nei t" ?" la's dlerkarfed for wo'iu.s received in bai' t I).?c si " t ns.y or su't* o re a, ??ii,,r* or ertl? dier?, tbflr ? ldu'"* nr neir- pranrptl* ps'd thmr pruo snd hon ntr nion>)?, kaM pa-, Ac , by K?WAKU MISP ILL A V and "Tair Bank* snl l?f? Pniper V. P. Navy, IT FrnndWey. oornrr pi Cka?i*ar( street. Now York, A LL PR R 'N# \TI iCIlEO TO TtBlBLi ON THB ." Mi>oiia<le '0 w nri prtie tnonoi Is ,1 ! e r n ri-relv" Ihe ?an .0 at oft ca hy 'P 1 JtliiB br letter t> VfAl JEN A W|L LA 1 r>, it 'e ttf I nuti 1 >'sles Na' f, IBS York ?t . Brooklyn. A of A*t r? WILL Li B MtUii ON ALL VH1J I'RlERU J\ ra# ??' i"irlit? A "Ws'fcr Ihelr fiTI value App'f to IU?i., , N VOjK ij 1 *Va I sirrAt; S"* >en'* Bao? I" Tf * ?'m ?, lifwoMyp t "r MrWt'a i'i f>t?i.p> # R>.r k ls4 -lot <l? Inr Ihelf fiTI vsloe App ...... a 1 Cant HEOR^B laVLOii* Aurut T\CCH sHOKIl M01.0 IKM HOl.Mign R 'UOHT rOE I ' ra?' tl '1 ist'ir nut - Vl? . i .1, ... ... . . .. -i d.f it b n .tor nut ro^lsand -I7 b?r."? in<!?oi?| MSssf ft? ; 'ZNXski** oBe# ?* |>HI2R *OKKV? IWH KVRRY ?K.4HKI? Mow VAX' I iblf ? w ' WH' orif rti.iy, I' nMonii proQQfNL A MILITMIV 4ND MAVAfj. T >iO - I'V <i ri. kCB-ONH HONORKD DOtti ARB iiV | ?H't. . ??? ha vA t t wo ted* ?" et*Vl UU!..C. A a<J to ill*, J i:i ? '.r<9* -aerg iWlIbMIi IntUWS A SHE|/o0iL Ull'tlf ' )?:<} *<r& llnniif VN. N iUiil> US 4A/.i i'aG'.I UO'.TN T<>DAl to ?* ? Huli.tii.Tua alio a ?s?ma d itl i n '?nn*re(??'>? tha rhTie to |f> lit thi: (jury. Call \u the grocer* r?f oi>ru*r ' f T A uivr.^uii i itti a- I TurdATjuue, W <?ea 7 and II A. M. CAPTAIN' 0" A : ".Tv B.IRV VMS^T, 'TiTO Tl aB Mt-i u: ? r!.* . re.;. . an * ,-i i' itltufvW a* ltaw?i* . li.e _ ? t >>?> i')t? p i ,nn a . i rult v uo i* ?c.-epi64 j> tiic am Ceou, A pgly ?t lid; nKMt. A A a YODKfi ON (AN AUEM WOl I t? CO A* SI i> r\ ?t|l 'i i u i ?* or I ft r h (in..*1 : i pera >n n the nt-'iy or liinr fir a Woi-able tnioe. Adlreag Alien, llt-rald o ilce. Mt> brokers n?e.t * 8'IT. V AW ANIt M IRTNR OORPf ?? $5"in. ? TOLWV A leer-i mil r ?.<:? tuea wanted. ?*'*> ?*?h b'unty pud. ThU ??? Si-t . ?? tU<i O d-.. $ I' 'i *H*HI Mill ?V*I ra?b given. Partial' mr'Tiumnu rill V? paid the l*rt?n amouat ?*?' iati4 ?? *#?? ??l 1 i?'. Ml-' u:l! il ir t'10 Hy. Vppl nt the Ho ?. ? ? , IV*, . ruiy art'l Na.y At- ncy, *1! Na?e'. i AIM I ip A?'-itmfr tdaiscf. to w.t a bounty - VMM) oaak w/ih oUuiou ol wit. of tlM aonrt'-e. None hut gonad mi'ii r ?? i,i?pp!v at .61 1'earl treet an I H'6 ? *>?i t*i i*n? atreet, rnroerb* <aient. K. LUOC'K. n . r..v suswtvtbs mtfORsi, at, e6'ipteo. Tor xllr*' v?*re, >clt? i "tempt prlnoi l ..i' nraiutrl. l.r:i i? i?l *Kt?XBKOUik A ud 4 CAR! /\ rmit x ttk>tion? invalid* ? wanttf.o, mkn for run I\ Its/nlll ivw pa ? tn,i> t" W sri*BUUN A WORIlAl.L, 2'iti Km ulwav, m ir atreet? ,* 'Card ?hi ?? 'i> w two nrnsritTJTKH who r\ will AiillNt (luv. A pptv ml li-^rv a\T f W V'UIBUHR A V^QUMUii -Oiv Broadway, n<> >r Cfnra* fccn. >itre?L ? ;t*? . at.rlv. C.iit o?. I '.iq;'' *. >'?< M. PI5AK0B r i-*n ?! I>r "froA'1 ?a* a .! ?trr.' r . "in till aa'noil, or 1 t'nMcjin p??rc iiftjLr lil-d on lQ^?r K? !vi*it ilatrjt, aecuni Ho^r. i rank rootSL \ by cvioo mks wmtuna ?o no ibbv m :utes in :r.\ w-vvy, ?' T> r"'t,lvc a Viglinr hniinl thi^Ru ?'? I '.'e i Mill tinr?<M- Anulv 10 ?] IVaHHKH i Li.'.N, Jin. J Wan .m kutwI. n?tr lifti'lwav. I: W A !t.K, VOMTNTBIIRR. .**r*/ABE -YOUNO MBI ? ? arn?ui>,' in t lila citv Ipoin/tiH Kiuutr? or f1 U'or<' an Jnt*n |in,r t'1 "In <'.? army !?>?? Hfi" ah ? i V?f h?P*?r'' Of r " tua s'ni'f'ii.r t;n? .i in ill PHI* oMi-rlflj falml u? hnin tl"? . iir: ?iitfh?. Jlr calll h, uur o "'n. ??'ahl!Ab?d ' ? fitrn yon rut urt nil nt cur.' liifwrmatUm Wib l* hlUhi>Ml na?n bmioi c. ai n-o ('li.i7r i.h? itoouv in Hi ra*^ di>uo?i i I in o :r nii.I ?",iim."ini?nHy ar* ft m.niK'ii'p IFij liai * tt'rtr O' fir tli'rtr^n Tn>'ii, ?'? fr ? $47Mo z>i' i \ ulitni om vntt anhitti ulna cun Minnt il army <ir n ivy. K T ?C < J .t ' Dir.t?-.( '%atra ArirtJ"jn Nit?- Ag"ncy, 1)1 W>*t *ir? hi wirn.T I'mlAr. N V t lOMI'AMf 'T KKV-: ( \ ', r .ll.WNT, N Y. " ' M. ? A men' ilia o.' tfi |f ^TiinAfly \ri I h''fd at ?.'er*'' Hou"f, inrm r nt k'r 'P * ai i Mefjcr mreeta on Vrldi evon nR Jn'v IS nt w >v r".V p of rr<r-nnnl ma tin- roiiinany aa intli ?. a > v?nin ? >??n wi hln* to |o a good (.?mi.pany ami r>' ir <>?i wlil nim au oppnrtMnity aigti th? buini"1 in mnr? ?r ''/-rylnir. VV M. 0. C tf.\ 1. lotf. Captain Ca-iir*-nT I, B?'.ir<?ntv n!r ji.-r ctmeat >?' i V?rk Vol?Qtper?. / 1AMRR0N RIFI.R WMH?D/CN1>E*8-. cor* s. m. k \ y Hot com man I In f TfTtv tofti? h?bps *rant?d lm:m d'.ilnlT for ooinpauy A Mfttifa flaa tie'r ro^lmoni now or.n Izlng in t! li city, ho' ???! ,l >-h.\iMrs ft?r promoHnrri for vol ihdh and rrrrnlta Jolt th -s tirt?'T.e>? Tromotl n niain fto'ti ibf ra:il< t Tlr? n* .inoit will b? oitlecmd I men who tinve ?i<?n (rt ti.o 11/ i i, jmd the men win 1 well cared fO". Hiif' mn Imitm n X* (ll'l to rolnnt??r*. $1 paid to any one brio u rec.'uit. Apply ai Ho. 428 Brum way Bew Ym k. noMPANY K. N U17/fNI? TH RROIMENT N. Y. S. I \J f}.? The mem ir^of tlh r*o utany; al?? ?olitnt?ei w 111 report at ihnlr i?iti t rn?m; Put num llall. Mo. 79 Thi avenue, on Friday ,l.'ii'j tct , ut I o'e'oek. H* order of (MyiaiB i LY SOlI', Command ng Drafted mf j, vvwn tnos b rbroll^o ant? i able to fiiti ft- .. ttxiftir'lu ihlx irr any other Slate, nan funueliM with ? atuatltutea uud i fcrti'ioate* of Prorat Ml ahaL enemptloK ^ut :hi-?e yenrr . HahitllntM ered'tH any town or dl* 4nai. R?ff:reniw |to wrcaaita and hanlte offiKhesi alio dc?. A'Mn-?i or auply to fap'.Atu OttilB OtkLWipe'-iird f' rmt, nwarT'^'iadv iay. unrB sum flTtiTOTWB' iN i jA*n m* v<o nirs n Prlnrlf ? (Imij) earn afc.i-at N a. fi Ka?rt Bmad?-ay, etn-i of CfcihRi in b atmel. Oaotam NOLaN, l>entei>BTit IjAKIGAW rj [EAOt >UA I TERfi. 4CVEN TY ?KVK5Tn F.ROTWn t? I N. U. N. i?.. Lafayette 11 a Rwail ?ar, peer Hrmel ati net ew Y^rft . -Iti y*16 IMi' ? Ciraapany C. Sp.?la <iti N' t X 1 1'hln leir.inerit ot b?-r?d on ? <vrl trrrl e, n a> poptT ' in ne rt.ti to nil up Ha rvaaimay. Applrall fr itriia Hall, ftv ordev of " 1 (^ai tm m TH?UAB HIBBUTT. LteqteraK: 0?mi-S*ni "Tt, lAetitemirt HO FOB TB? NAVY AH ? M!*K MONP.Y.? Id Wl Hi'jr-1] In ,lay. $ 10 . I fr* and c*?li i>aM ft.l.' Hin Ih-it mrdn b- on.- . nna. pr< n m?nev. P U-i? hT'ituir.-,' u>"!U will i- P'i P U.r|??t anrn nt of bn money n'fl V>t any ofti?e I" tl r- 'fr? Apr'* nt the Ilo tn Puy, Army atiB ?Unyy?Afteney Ul 1 Nk. y.iu ?tre.>t, "p aialri MRBCHANVS'. HAK.vER.-i' AVl? UKKKKtb VOL.K l.rru'! ?nl?i?t'i,a Aa naHaiiwi, oTca ??< Rrondwi New York -lO'l ro>?iat*or? t?at4etd ?srnne li?t*lv ^1 J.'t to ?ti> brinf.iri* a retr.itt. )ti?li??t hntmllea paid to crmta or. pa->. <t e?iff.iratHKi. Bo deiar- So hurnin M or.*' ft d ra If. mrti. APily at theoTke, Bo. i2H drol war. N Y. Mtijtia. ri? rriA ? nr.AM>i'ARr-.ii* RR'--tni ? ?: n" r'.~ T rtr.i ? r? *tj?A. ?t n tiiiit'ijki'.'ii uot'a viitiO'* ?neb t ir?' IU. ??! : (.? r tlie mf"l *. to rehju. f<i the >-*U of oir? hoiidr.d daya. Prt'f .a n wl.'l p'e;i>i- - at If * Ihanrh -re iW. Capt'inJ. I?KFASS , VTOYfCF ?I Wl:3! ??(> OHf A OOOI) MAS T<) Yil '.IN < .it: tan ui?l will give a ^ >o.| pr) n n an 'ill <?r dlerV?t*?d *aldi<*r,.UIs inornlntf. lie can he evatuin ?n I . uttered in a re<neeubl? niaauer, without a l,.ini? ioi'?fr,i 'I'hri *n?or > "r.n. Call i.t thon&ceof t llim.ird f> t Gtwr ;.*oy. diOi l* ay. 1 i ?JNH M Itill 1 K i 8C B8TITPTKB TOR 100 f?/Y I ran ptx?'nre thesn by . aciKytn,; I nttue dilate / it t Kio?u:e atruet, Maw kork, aiMiatney vrili fiiid ?tv tal < bind. . 3ffB8TITt7TM T^RBtNHRO FOR .v." v jr:i:-K\ i ~ "'in mid New York. Order' from tc>ri ? romp'.iy atieadad io. Oaptain TRiRBAB. S40 pearl ataeoi t U'BRTITIIKTS BOW ON II aN D.? K P PLY AT.10IIKSO l j A < OLMAN'ri, Ii Uranl ?tiaet, near the fairy, Wt |i. nr>burg N Y. o it'nRTrTUTRS pkompt;,t kdrntrhf.d for th n * city ar.d ninrrtirof New York. MMcha'nt* and othet wl 'hlnu Sui.?tttoie* nan procure them at a ew houra' ru tic i. anion the mart r>a?inU>a term*, by anolTlnv to . W. 1RRP..V FLTNir, No 7 W.inen atreet. r?ar Broadway SI rBBTITUTP -A OKBTT.RM AB. WITO fT AI BKKI lien'en nt in a ?? tinienr regiment In Bnglaud, will ac a' i Bli'litute for any iienl'eman who will g.rn afalrbonui and ' ret him a poutlon In tbo arop or navy. No apeut- neat app ly. Addrtsa fur t'uree data UeuMnant, Herald oillce. StpSTITni.S ! ? >H I00UAY8 SI'P!'I.IED TO PARTlllI Who (lad It larnaTenlant lo laave with their reytmrnta | Altonnen who wmb ui gw aa Bnbe'it'iles with the let.) any r??lt tenta wlil apply at tb? dabatltaU Agency. S47 Broad way, roiM S~c MmTPT ES.'^iiFrKAjirn v"onky~ paiiTany oni hrlnglnc a man at toe Laucd States Hnh?tttu!? Agency ? ? BrO' lway. Saw Yt/rk. N. Il.?lwanty meu wanted thi ,y. IIlgh' ?t prloea p.ild. u car. ! c*r bhtttutrb forbhhwd for thk o^r tick " O dre'l dav? aervloe. Btsbatit itna for tkrc rav< etul?d , Dabstitntea fura'thed. Apjdr Ut R. C. KLLIOTT. V. 8 .Aruiy and Navy oBlce, tt 7 B eecker atreat. . C*;BSTrTTTTRS.? THE <J. ?. SUBSTITUTE AORSCY VJ1 4J!? H' oa.1" ar, Bew York, gre now fnrnlah'ng "alien' aaimillntea to Una* aha wMb to bo repreaented In ^ba rang of the t'lilop army and eiempt from llnbll ty to i!o mllUarj daity. for three yoai ?. wlthont trouble or delar. No tnoner re qu;re,l until eieniptlop papem are fnrnlahed properli aianod. Per* on a who hatra dapoalied 04 U with huodredi ol oJ>era, thinking thereby to got a i ib'tltiita wul beal k aaau It their Inte^faU bjr withdrawing tbe aame a ad ealllag lU'- agency at onea. Lediaa ran b.tre a repregen^atlve In I i t jie glurlona at u? of the I'mot by falling at or gandtaa tlieli jatidre?a t'i tv.H o 'ice. S'me but cut emeu n' rc?pun Ibillty gaaw Ic-or-atad la tha United Btataa tfabatli t" Ageaey, a% dT?t (^L'Ha.ITUTRB FURBIfiHKO FOR BROOKLTM ABD k iT Wllllam?lMiff for J**V at the Sn'iet'tnte Agertev 717 \ Bread**?, room -A Alao gubatidtaag lor Raw Jerarr fur alabedat ?he neaar?1 Agency Bo 7 F-geharge piaoe, Jeraey Otiy. tgjctaa for Uwni promtly Ailed aa fair rataa. ORAPTED MEN, TO OBAFTRU MMB.-HBC BBTf iaataAcrn be proeu ed at the ahorte?t n ???tea for liberal rem?*?'ak.- 1 tilth raaa prieiw wanted far the ?at>alitn'?a. 'a jaiir at I2<i>^ Ureeoa atreet, corner of Pr aee. la u>e !???* ViATMiaoa. f.TO* M?Hr*?TBD-T0 FILL A TOW??nrr QUOTA. ii The hMlab't bonptlea gal l ; r.aah in haad. Auiny te ?V. JAY MAftkllAUi Bo. A Terry row, Hoheken. B. J. TH'** OFFI'-A I OR iUBHTITBTEB IN THR RAFF OR ? atttn i< a. V We t atreet. ooroer ef Albany Tbe hl?b%aa botaitiaa^ald. Alee wanted, men for wharfln*. wer ahaniaa I;' /aya^aa. JAMB8 A CO . Aganta. VOIR BTRRRH /BO BT'BNTT TIITHS ? I HHII 01 R n|(. an 1 BnjtijiAnen wanted. Ri heat eaah and t+it e. amen# taaiuabaa f* J. ilrokjra and oUara maid tl J ! far U'nglncM??n. CAPTMN C'l URS. M Llapaoerd at r?-'A,T',tf?? Yn'-rrrrrrnc a -en gt pitttttb'* rnr. V i hig'a-etani' i it,?*?'i la h an t, ji iH ta nea a? ao. a aa ea? ?1 hv tSe dorter A;.,;y at 'II Ja.naa ?treet. corner of new i >w >r \ in th? i? a WMbTaBTRB? iRIUfTRFB, iBRTittrmBB, flOOTCR. ??a'^ ane. Ftett-h aui' en n ol ail nation allt.e a io en llat aa rivt n ftaera. Tbe hlauagt be' hty p'id 'aah in benl on paAHi.ia the do? ?r. E<l|ef legeuatoTamtlie<. Agenta wll; re.ia ?* 'b? '?*' ?'?el pr^rn'ii va Applr at the MerrhT'A i.gakera aa.' (I*n^ial YAlnnl#** ard Subetltate Aageetatlen, office 4 '51 Bpfc idwa; . N. Y. ______ __ U/ ABTRO-.VT i HR T BITHD STATrg NAY At. fllTll* YV pit r olflr? ^a?m?a! fre-ean, nnalmeaera and landnwn, forane. two 0' iorae jeartt bjiiatt ttpi. IVa will pay U.? peiasn brlttglnf g reert'M 10 lb la ei';ce $71 AI Peck ultp. A TB RIOrHEBT, B d ' 'R17ITI WABTRD FOR "t Cciapenr A. Aw?v ?? Uenlaaaat . i A V Kd RBBlg. IK, Fa'ton atreet, neil do if to the Mf , aid g^re. I inwn vtabtbO-to ftll a /owjuri** quota, I'l Th? hi*' eat hoiintr, paah In bant'. A|pl* te W*. .llY, Ma, a .ai, 9o Mgnaak atreet, ooruer WaaUa.nglcc atreet, U hokeu S J. 1 nil mkn wastry? for thb army or nayV. IV/w lllgb call MmiIHik paid. OM hag iah Iriab or Herman a>ltltera aeo' ttod. Fl/t? uien wanted lo da*. $t ?ai prl>e money haa'teen taade hr etfe man. Appl> at ike TV nut). Pay. Army aod Bay/ Agi iun, III Bggaau atreet, up atalw. ? ?? rn nn T<? $i*" PRRWintf paid to brokfrh *bo 'SiUU otUeta lor ?tia<tiinle?, a?d AM for yoluateera; higSeat eaah and irOT?rnmen? Mtrni-eg to rat rttlte. K*ery ee? t pa ri i rmiot y aa pi-r agrt-eiueni Re'eien e 10 mar ehaH'l an* bxnlera gale tnv -aajmnaihtllty aad henorable ?a tnv 0 lido 0>ab at aia o'oi.^a. Came eaarty to Uaptaia COKHS. !*> fl??enard atreet. as! An TO MASO mOsky PAin acibsth on | iyj vU Rn?aer? lw*it|tib# r( for tM? elty Taawti wanted 10 dar ; ine 'ilgheai hount* ce?h lown aa eovo eg pae>e<l by the dtctor. Apply at 4JS Bread way. ?<mn to ?4oo boumty PAin -w aktbp. for illMJ the I'n tnd NU>e> Nary, aeaoien Ian la nen . eoal Beaera and Atemea; pienttr ol prt a m na, an I iargeat I irt'ilml as< fa ?Nw "f ifil 'SwSpJ ?? MILITARY AID WAV A T. < C? K(\ pViD BT'WBBRB, AHTJT.HS HIUHFST not *. "I v" 'J'* wM riMii '14 Um trmr ?r i nty. y<.< at I?) ClAtiiAtf. .irte, coil^f og Oibce, reu.J 1. q I nr man for ten good vrx. a?? tolun Tp I '<< ft. l.i III! a town's to '.a. *li ? $<-'> ??" *>W rt'J t'ltli, ti:i nni I' o or %y t.i a?: adver.1. <:d e ? tre, wui^ja I* a? I huiabiu-. 1 give tVe hlghwt bOJOtyand l'?? 'M riMU?*nt. Call au ! ?"? tot riiuri 'V. A. VUalKH, nO-Spri:* street. basement, la'* o. li</t Oreeuu itrrat. A?m IN hand FOR ^'JBsruuTBm CJkhcm of regiment*. Also two ?ilen? w ?li la sc. v* >? sub tltute* for a r?lr pr. on. Dntfte I men or m?n Ituhie lo I.* draH.-l ar? furnlihad Willi sunst tuts*. Apply l>i'> V V"Oh*X wrMr ot !ie?ery and Canal atreei. un 'er t'.e t; ti-eas' .^av.-ig* Bank. SfifUl ?A?H PAID A OOPO MAN AS SOON AS ' h J' I pa ?rd . to go n* sutgritutp ; either army or oa vy. A !-:'!? ear'T In the eul<>vri If.' Wo t afreet, Pa-onla Uonee. G.-CA BOI ST . ri VOLlTNTKKKfl ? OHOIOH OF ?P?I?JU rtv.'lment*. Apoiv lo W AHU y UM.'V | WOIU KALii, 2iit! B ouiUvay, nc*r tfhaul era atreet. CASH PAID FOB AN A.BLB BODIFD MAX ipUWU to no a* 'ihMUutt The nv nev will h* paid a* *oo* oa jus c<1. Ap: iy at No. 4 Mnrr>y street, In the (tore. BOI'NTY, $ V)0 Ct.MII DOWN .SOON AB AC. *U'"' c ".i.d, for v il-inte^r and ? Vitutes; ehnloe of semi ?". Bolder- wsn'nd fur tbo in. a 1 1 qorpe: relief ta 1* mines Apply at 75 Cortland' "treel. Paler -oa House. /i/m lHU'MV -$?. )? I1A.N0 MQNBY PAID TO ANT /IF person bringing a wrutt tt>r armv or nary : alao ? furolnliod fir fll'iO; rotorrf men ta*er?, at Wf R ohIwht, room 25, and at No. 7 lfiobanf) place, J?r?ef City. 45007 ~v Mr:V WANTKI) AN VOLIJNTHFR8, FBO* ?!>?"?/ I . $1 ;m t $v.s ? ii"h? aa?H.rv. Infantry and artll. 1? ry. Ktirlou -ha obtained. 1'hII on tNo OilicarB. H4 Wallcai * ri.ot, b?t.,oi a Bioa>lwar aud Cburcb street. l*r?mtiuni fi 1 1 1 nnfl rkob?mt? WANT!'I)-FOB tub ARMF AT 17 BBOAinVAY. I $400 caab tn hand rn-d p&< t< man. i l.OOi) yH< rant wniucd fnr th?>. army, 1 AT 17 BUOADWAV. $1'W 'iah In lianil paM c?. !i it. an. 1,000 Krami "I n-an-p.l l?r tlia navy, AT 1/ BROAilM AY. %m Ciish in hand paid ranh iiian. 1,000 ldndf.mrii wanted In the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. ?<00 caih in hnn l paH r..i li man. . ' 1.000 liramen >vn kkvI tor the nary. -* AT 17 KHOADWAY. ?**) caah in liand paid oarli man. 1,000 c*al|iB*fiftrii whiiik I lor the navy, AT I" IWIOJ.DVVAY. 9 '00 ra?h In hand paid man Me-, c o>niiu: r i t:;lt> inlire to fii iT?t ran rely upon obtftlolag tbn moit hnimthle tro t.ufnt. upon irtr^irliiii tlm inonny o;i pi-e.l in full, upon cini. ? of r?.:inient and arm. without biiintma or n?po?itionw t'oinn and anu for youraelrea. Of tlco opffn frtm 7 A. M. to r. M. fl'O HANI) MONEY wl ! b? pa'< tnnjiymin. woman or ebllj bringing an aw c-plnblii wrnit t? till* oifi.'C. (51 flflA CASH DOWN BOON A A PA8SKD BY TUB "It""'* Hiirgt-iin. Two sonnd men will r-nrlve on* UmUitvU >f . (in i ml nny i"uti' i of th'' uervice, at the Arinf and Aiv. y t'lium olUco, 'VJ Fui'.oii air*<'t. ICVtin WANT' D F()l{ TIIE ARMY, NAVY OB ? >" Marine ror?*. Tha bonntlea paid I* ?olitstnerHOr -ubmil iitra. Any por?".'ii brln* na a recruit t? thtr.llllce wl!! rrr^iirr from t"f> f, $/H) rush In hand. AB* piyxu No. 4 Kaxt Broaaway, euraer of Caiharinr n' rest. Cantaln N<>I.AN, ^ Llen'enant LANIOAN. ftif 1 tfi CASn DOWN, WJlt TWO Al-IF.NS TO OO ?EJI.lV\r as anhntiluwa in the armr or n?*y. Applf ImmedlMely %4 ti N a walk aveauo, Jeraey City. AAf) WILIi UK PAID THIS DAY FOR FIVH men for thc? armv or navy. H<?r? ove? 1? If tonji and atom, n.av/ applv. I'riie m?n?y,- hlgheaj ??*li tiwuniy and aatiif;icll'?n. Army and Navy olTloa, 7? Nassau atreei. 10.000 VOLURTKICIKB WANTlioj * TO BBtStKSKNT TUB ?. l? ji'-ir K?'- '' OOCBTY OK NKW 10BK * iiTtiTk AHNIY. COUNTY BOOWTY. THReIT HDNDBBD OOlhAMB. 1'Jand moiMtr? Conntv to new leoruiti or veteran* ' SU^ ?o li*-* rmsra'tt Stele* to rrtorftQf Tba C'oaatv Volunteer Comrnltteo. under Inatructloae oft the Board of 8upervltora bavinir filled All quota* under al) rails no to tnie time, b.iva reaolved to recommence the bad neee of reeruitinc for the armv. with tbe view ef raising tbe qnota Is anticipation of a new call by tbe Preaidan! f&> nsen. Recruit* will be received a* formerly at the several ha voat Marshall' oOlree, at Tammany HaM, and at tha Count# Volunteer Rooms In the Park, corner Broadway aad Cham be ? s f. treat. The fotlowiac arc the various Provost Jfar*hala' Oflloo*:? Fourth Dlr'rlct? Captain Joel H. Krhardt, Mo. 1M Liberty street. Flfih Plsirlrt? Caiita'n Henry P. West, corner Broome and Croslty streets. Fit: h Hlstrl' t? Cap! no Koster, corner Sixth avenua and Tbi leenth ?trs"t. '.j I Seventh Dm riot? FreJerict C. Warner, Na O Third ' avenue. Kltfbtb Dlstri' t? Bon (amln F Manlerre, No. I,.' ?S Broad way. Ninth Dlsi'lci? Win Dunn' if, corner Forty seTWth (tree! and Bri'iduay All recruits w'll reoe've lo t eir 715*1 hsnds the Oonnty Uo nly of f nnl anv psrt.- b irti'jii? a Kecrult wlu rawuve a Co.mlr Prsuilum of $75, iu e*^ f^r ? verv man, wi ether n? * tleeruit or Veier n *(Ml a evrt|. "?".e entitUng the liearer to the Un I Slate* Premlnm of for a a*W B*i.ralt aud $l '> f' r a Veie.Ao C HOOKRKY (IUNTHKB, Wafor. MATTflKW T. BBKNN AN. Comptroller. ONISON Hf.r'NT, Sougrvl?ir. WILLfAM tf TWTB. (*a|KJTte>f. Bid 'aH K. penDV. BuiervV. WILIdAM R BTF.WaRT. Sn Krviaor. 1 Commljfee mi Volnateertnir. OtllHON, BLUNT, Chairman of Committee. Dated Nkw Ton*, .Inly 4, lSGt. SiBWAiiiDii FIVB DOTd,AR8 RBWARD.-L??ST ON TPBBDAT, A a white i'oodle Dog Tbe ftndar will reoe've the above reward by returclng^iim to J. O'Brien, l1^ Broadway. <c I RBWABD.?A CANARY BIRD BSCAPBD FROM w t It* cage from rear of houar H Wt-t Forty aeventJk street on Tburs.tay morning. 14th In t. The Under will re ceive the at>ove reward on returaing It to the owner. ? - BKWARD.-I.ngr, A BLACK OILCLOTH B AO, ?Jt) containing receipt*, book*. Ac., o( eo use except to the owner The above reward will be paid for returning It, iviih content: . to RA 1.1' tl PuBUROY A OI>.. 41 Jay 'treat <J> ,"r RF.WARD -DOO LOST-A T,A RO R ORATDOO. O' ) on M inday niorutnc, tbe lllh tnst. Anawera to tb? nsme er t arlo. Any person returntug tbe same to 307 Tenth avenae, store. w<'| receive the abc.e reward. BBWlRO.-LOST, ON SUNDAY LAST, I0TH IN8T., ?T'tJ aohlM'* Held Armlet, between Montgomery and Pike atieets. be nir a fa o. y Whoever will return the as to No. 37 Montgomery street. wlH be rewarded as abwve. (Lin REWARD -LOUT, A WHITE POODLB DOO. "PJ-lr near Ma<!la n s<|?i*re. on Ttiewlay afternoon; an twera to tae name of Hilly. Tha ai>ove reward wll> be paM, with Uie thanks 01 the owner, and no questions aakad, hr hi* return to No. ? K.i*t Twcn'y third street, CI n or stulbn from thb vi" *nbecriber at the 8*.aten Island ferry, at i oVIock un tho 1Mb mat , a Pocaetbook, enntaiaiog a cart) Scat* of di-nout on the United States Tr.iet Company, dated July 12, '?d*. far B4.0n>. pHvabl* to Rllae A Day or order: ala? about $10 In tailed Htates enrreooy end soma prlvat" pa Eers ofnse only t> Ihe owner. Payment of tbe ceruloata aviag been eioppa<i. the tinder may **ap the earreitey as? receive tb* above reward, and no question* a* Sad. hy ra mming the same lo Mr. B. Rageri'* trunk (tare, IB Hod son streat RRWABn-SITOLBN. FBO* THB FtJBBCBt JoH her, on Mondav. Jul? II, one white H*ne. B??gf Wagon and llariena. The horse 1*8 year* old and about 14V band* b<gh, law earrtage and verv dmoptna repn, Cauadlau built, and both racks aad trot* la harneee. Tha ab<>ve reward wl l lie i lven to an- paraon giving Inforaa* tian leading to tbe recovery of the al eve. eg In prapovtiaa fag any part thereof. N. B.? The horea ati^htlv laiarferea with both fore feet. Information niav he seat ta A ad raw V. Chnatle Uackeaeaok, Betpt enuntr, I. J. ? Sn BBWABD -STOLHN, BDMDaT, JULY tg, A ?J'lW pair of Miaoh Marea, I3h aad t? handa, es*Nel tail*; largest bas two while bind leet; amallrst ha* *ear oa hiBd fetma* : some white In both fneea. Afee enamelled ? loib top ii'igky. ruau rut gear, atrtped yaBaw. Una half the reward will he paid for team or thief. Information <eft al a*? Mulberry street. Nsw York, Or at Na 9 Harrison strut, .New Jersey. CUAfi. BROWN, J a., A CO. i>C|| B8WABD. - HIK ABOVB RFW\RD WILL BM ?P' ' pal.' for Information whloh will leal to the fecoy. erv of Clothing. Ac *titri! f'ont a room ever tbe Manhattan Marin a Hank, corner Ble?eker atreet atitl Broadway, ?iaoi.s ' iriicet wsi 1 OtrB*L a M nk M ij m.d s Tri.n*, eoolala ->g bedtuotbea and Nothing marke) ?, (? Hi tii A. ij tu .? -apu Uir 1, s.,.imiiib .--.viaga daat. BBWARD.-A RI'.WARD or ?M WILL RB FAII> iJJtllf lor the reoovery ef a Pos ?.?a hioio* three I'orta. lam V?va an I setre ?n.all Bfon/es. ?tol*a from No. t) Heavsr street, oa Mvtundav. July Iitbe'ha* wtg markesl n.t 1, 11 ?ek A Co. Information regarding 11 may baglvea ta I'/nai.a 1el Valla A Co , on th'j prem see. Qni\ RBWAKD -LOST, LATB ON WBDNBADAT ?''U e"Rlnf.iJlli l\ at Ihe entiaocs lo On rsl I'srB ??so un Kighth avenue., an til Peekeit-oo* eontafeln? a 1ftv dollar greenbrnx. s- ?r? un. u r?nt irtomo andum*. nitnitami, a bi*ek rl /, win " Alfred'* wiihrd la white ba r, a ?mall li .e-ieea ?? a lady 00 n ataL A" n- ?rtv drll*r b II .an be r? ulned If the B ukelbOoB and ralarce e( orntenta are ret"rn*?l 'Wh'eh a e of no new or r*las etc t.1 lo tbeowner) b? n.*H er jsnresa. 0.; _ether. wise, to A. C , ea-i of*. Rlckard-. Calely A Co , 101 Naasaia ?try*'. Bow Vork. (fiAft BKWARD will n? paid f*?b thb bbco. ?Ji I ' > U verv of * (Hsu 00,! King, lo 1 in Koarlaeath straeh or filtth aveiiue during the cootie uanee of VM Sanitary Far Avplv elth? o" ce of P"l*e A Moan, Poarg Bdlldleg, Hanosei atreet. <*? , n'l 'ki ? MATniMUItlAl*. A 1QP?(? W1D. Whhlt. A MRRCHANT if* TH IBOlTf . yl or eA--.der*lile w-? ,h lea r?* to oerregnnod witn a youii^ igoy o ' ' w 'i' P'*P'??awiuiap{.<aranoe with* WW loulT'ilf"1"'. Aid re** Jantae w. J?bB oa, Uetald Oii ce. , ? - - - - V>t. ? ? ? - ? ? 1 . YOt'N? <1 KNTi.B W.v JJ, jU3r DlkCNAAO&p fBOM /\ three year* serviea. W(*>* Ulhia*e the aa.i**Tn taaee e# a in ig *arer ?:dew. wiifi a Vl^to in alj. many. Addieea 'ohn .t. < Broadway P,*i ofll-g Ne:v Tera. A vol: NO WllKiW LADY DBtilBHS TO fORM THB J\ sriusiomn. * of eMarir gent>*mae cf me*n*. wtlh a 1 mw (o matnnenf. Baar *1 < i tbaaa wha are (My MamsB '? *ee t ab'res* \lr-. B'nma ft ah lay, statlun H. TW 1 YOl'NO ORNTLKNBM, OF AN OBBINABT 1 amou*t of go id seme, deaire to serve pe*4 *,lh tf map) young iaifea, with * new to matthaeBV. i|MMh % t. aaa j/k A., kwwftin Mmm ii?WtM 1

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