Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 16, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 16, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORE HERALD. fig 5ES5 " ??? ^ ? ' ' - ? f """?????" ? 1 ? * MHBO WHOLE NO. 10,164. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 16, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. ? * SHERMAN. Arrival of the Union Army at the Defences of Atlanta. Additional Details of the Crossing el the Ckattaheecheo. Rebel Speculations as to Sherman's Dt signs, to, fto., *0. Pmummii, July IB, lOTt. Ib* Nashville Vnmm of the 1Mb lost. kM been received kwi. tl stateatbat tbe Uniea army had driven lira re bell. and tod arrived at the fortifications in ft-oat of illMi Ivwipaptr Aoeonati. m HIMH OP TBI CHATTAHOOCBRR? THR REBE1.8 M8TH0* TBKEB OF TBIIR PONTOONS ? TEHI W Oft 16 TBI BTRON0E8T NORTH OF ATLANTA ? HIT ARB OVER F IVR MILES IN LIN0TH. [Prom the Naehvllle Union, July 13.] Watiave further particulars relating to the crowing af the Ohatttaboocbee, wblcb are highly Interesting The rebels. on Bunday, finding Sherman bad effected a lodg aaeat south of the river, burned tbe railroad and turnpike bridges, together with three pontoon* Their work* were the strongest found ?o the whole line tnm DaKon, and were protected by abattla, so that a direct assault wenid bare been an Impossibility. The ?re*m la at present shallow and the bottom rocky; but ?e men could bare <orded it and charged up the embank ?seats to their works. Ibe Intrenchmenis extended along the river bank for ire miles, and ware located in a position to sweep tbe ?urrouuding country. Johnston had evidently been ?souths a preparing tbem. After tbe flank movement commenced tbe rebel gene* trai offered no resistance, but fell bock, we pursued, to tile fori iQcatlene around Atlanta, which were but eight ?idea distant, we know of no other point at which a ataad can be made, Johnston la thus "drawing Sherman on;" when be will be ready to take tbe offensl . e and redeem bis premise to ale an out tbe Union army la yet a problem 4 TWO* TO BVRY THR DEAD ? AN INCIDENT OF WHAT TKANHPMK8 DURING 8 PCJR INTERVALS ? WHISKEY W 1 BR FRONT, ETC., ETC. {Extract of a letter from an officer ia General Sherman's Army.] 1 witnessed a strange scene yesterday In front or Pavls' division, during the burial of the dead, who were killed in ?be terrific and disastrous charge of tae 27th. Grouped together In eeemtagly fraternal unity were officers and ?sea of both contending armies, who bat five minutes b rare were engaged In tbe work of slaughter and death. Tbe< e were Generals Cleburne, ( beat hum, Hindman and Maaey, in busy converse with, as I subsequently learned, tbe oltioers of tbe Fourteenth Michigan infantry, who, it ?eemed, were well acquainted with tbe families of many ef the Tennessee officers snd soldiers in Cheatham s division Cheatham looked rugged and healthy, though seemingly aid and desi>ondent. He wore his " fatigue" drees, a bine flannel slurt, black ueck tie, gray homespun paatalooae, aad slouch black bat. At first be waa not disposed to be either inquisitive or communicative, but ?iter putting himself outside a few heavy joruma of com mlesary whiskey tr?m tbe bottle of one of our officers, be ??was himself again,'* and made many inquiries about Hasbvllitana aad the Rock City. General Maney was less veeerved. He was elegantly dressed, as were also l.leu taaant Colonel Bouse, Captains McLean and Atkinson. Captain Ida, from Columbia, being Introduced to Captain Nixon, of the Fourteenth Michigan, asked ? "lx> you belong to Mixner'n regimeot, for some time ?tattooed st Franklin and ColumbiaT" ??Yes, sir; I do." "Then you are the man who waa provost marshal?" "Yes. sir." "It Is well for yon," said tbe coxcomblsb Captain Lee. "thai we didn't get possession of that place snd you? ] would have hung you!" "No you won dn't,-' interposed a red haired, red eyed Mator Hawkins (formerly deputy sheriff of Nashville), '?.or the boys s?y their iolks ware better treated bv tbe-e Micblgau men tb in bv any troons ever s'stiuned there." "That's sa>," said M >Jnr Vaulae, of'a staff; ?'boys, that's better wbWkey than we've tot" (reaching isrtbe rdeoO. Colonel House waa In charge of the burying pirty, and waa courteous and aCabte, putting on bie most Insinuating ?miles Being reminded of tbe antagonistic altitude of blms?lf ard b s brother (Sam, of Fraokiln). who was reported as Making "reronstruction speecbea" nd being a loyal man, he remarked:? "Well, Sam was clwaj s a conservative ?san, but I don't think be la very loyal." Colonel Oook, from Franklin, renoessee, who was wounded a few days since, died reaterday. Colonel Clancy, of the Hfty -second Ohio, In talking to Generals Maney aud Hindman, remarked that it was a eta state or ?Chlrs to witness human belnge, of a common origin aad nationality dig two hours evorv day to bury tbe dead of tweuy minutes' fighting, '"fes, yes, Indeed," said one, "but If tbo settlement of this thine were left to our armios there would be peace and g<>od fellowship aatablisbed in two hour* " " Genet al," said a Union offi cer, addressing long haired Hindman, "what do you think if tbe result of this contort wore left to yoar division aud ours in n fair field." ?? I'd abide tbe result, aad w< u'd ?s sooo fight Davis' division as any other," quoth lllndniau. ?'! woo d want" eald M.mey, ?that our torcos should be equalized; 1 avla' division may be stronger th <n oura " ,4Oh it mutters llit'e ?n to ?uiwrlority of numbers on our side." said the federal of llc-r, '-j ou cm whip us. one rehel to five Yankee*. > Maney applying tbe flask to his mouth und con plimeut Inu our commissary department, sal J? '-Bo ill 'f any of our people ever believed tbat, I think by tt'is time that Ides is damned well played out!" The iciiuos>.ee regk ?sents are wofully decimated. sobering heavily In every aklrmmb and battle I think we shall certainly htve aews by to morrow; perbape by this evening. Rebel Account*. [From tho Atlanta Appeal, July 4 ] A m ire probable solution of Oeneral Fbnrman's policy I* tbat be will make a detour n .nihwnrd from a, with the view or crossing the river an<) rc ich ir; .lie railroad somewhere between this cltv and W oh 1'oiol Such a movement ou bis part would conuel Gen rsl Johnston to move tn the left, and thus I ?ve Atlanta uncovered. But If such really be the do ?l(o* of the wl'oy Yankee commander, wo have m abiding faith that be will be ft>li?(! In kla purtxxK* and brought to grief In advauce or Hit ac complishment. We are not without the hope, h wover, that re-en lorcemen la will yet c?mo to tbe aid <.t our arn; In sufficient atreogth to etiahle It to drive bt. k, the Invader of our soil. The trans-Mississippi army is now lying Idle, with no enemy to annoy It, aod there Is no reaa n why It might not be transferred to tliia el.'.* or the river, wbare i'.s service* aro so much needed Wb .la Ike aoem v ara concentrating all their fores It bcb.mrea us to do ibo same then, otherwise there la n ? alternative left but to couttnue to surrender tbe country to tbe doml nation of tbe invading loe. FRIGHTFUL RAILROAD CATASTROPHE. Orer On* Handred Rrhtl Prliontra Killed and Wounded Lackawixbv, I'a., July IB, 15"! A train wit'.t I V>')1 eight hundred and fifty rebel prl ?oners, on tbBir way <0 tha camp at T- Imlra, collide wl^jj ] tbe Pennsylvania Irnin Ulfreeu l.-rr? and | Stoholn this a/UrbOon, killihy ntut wsuod'.iig a largo duio tar? reported at over on* hundred. Tbe train with the prisoners should have le t Jersey City this mornlug at half. past four, but was del. ye.) end thrown oat or time one hour by tbe c^nt?ln of lbs cn ?rd, who returned to th? vessel on wblch tbsy c una from Ctty 1'oint to bunt op three prisoners, who h*d ?caped from hina. The coal train was on Its way from tbe lla.vl y bmc.i to l'ort Jo. vii, add neglocted to ascertain that the nt ier train was behind time, anl went on atrlKtrg the I alt. r at a crooked psrt of the road, wb re ibe eng in or eouid ?ot s?> far etiough aheid to avid the c.'.st.uliy. tnten It ? lit Into ftor?l? <)vroMna (Oorre*p"iiUooo of tbe ( lnclnn itl n't uttclil,] Kxoxvjt.i k, Tjdc. . July 3, 1...M. Colonel G W. Kirk rottirnpd to this pUee la.-t bignt, fr. m the ino*i brilllint raid of this secile i. I i I -Hi '.he 12tl< .!una wiin nue hundred an I tb'.-iy i -n. Ileii first w i k wss at Hoawell, wlienMbo.y *T'?e Curtain II '<*? horn, 'he mn?l noterleus gui'lll.n In fiast lei tie.'- v, act! thlrteet men !? mm ibt? | ni- 1 1 Y v i fe >ed i re h u died nn>l lit tv n>Hes thr<4ifih l< >eiy mm ntal pitl' * hen they urrirsii at t .imi> Vance, >oith Carottas, ue e tlor gantown, 'lere three hnndr-d and "wei ty five \tvth 1 *ruiiua limps surrerdcuv bu M'Jof Flii.u, ?v eotrtnsnder. escaped. Govern'-? V; :nc and lin.itdivr General G.iflord !>ad lef; ? ?> ty t'.l0 dit previous The property de*trov it here * r n>i(<ne ard train, two thO'iTifi ivi'vic\ c thi-je nuiiiii e l b le? notion , two Ibfr iri | r* Fp- ! ? !i n> i in ibiies, 'arge lot hue <0, &c. At . >r ar> ud c Inn, on the i-almlinry nn I M'?ri(ji i wn Kii'rntfd, the) trove l ataltiMi ?nd hridua.a d <.|itnred t'?ctiiv liv< m? From here ttaov returned, skirioisblnc villi Imi, h .\n m ?ra nil loe w** , ??,?? only Ic'InT iiiirinp tr . | ol? trli> '1 -y Him jr<dM veffttw b?nd< ol mllitl i i n t ? i?t round, 'ii opt. rea mitctt hi Ihry nrrired -vl n w hundred ?iM ttnv pritnn . eti <?'!'.?? 'r?), s ;ty Dei roej x'| i n. i'cnty ,'lvo hor-i foippt'lle' Iq a roie mas* ttriswinTe. wb < oouiil n hfeu-ii thrnu. h. Toe ih'hm t? <11 nul ei<>>|, nn rrlvnl lieri In the Hr>> I .litrd iirtdlnry. ii? r, imtd h d iner.ty f ? ilia ItirtWne, toff i!> n the rebel scvire Who in t*e .KVei ert *,,ldler? kit I nlii l The UolonOT and Hi* hrxtun . jr. Kirk, wefo horn w. n d ttiBtn-y. Tney ..r-? h*..., n who deserve the ?awn a a a njt . THE HERALD DESPATCHES. TBI FIFTH CORPS. Mt< 1<. A. Heart rich's Ocipkteb. HaAugt'ABTBM, Fin-u Arxt Oortf, > Buohi Psrim Bi'Mi, July l?i, 18&4. j MIUIIMi T* day baa feeen on* ef the hottest, dustiest ul i quteimt day* t>f tbe uuuu Not a canya has been fired io ear Immediate front and scarcely a musket. But th? beat and dutt and quiet of cannoo and musket feava not carried with tbem Inactivity of shovel and pick and spa ile. Each day reveals the additional labors of our men in making stronger tbelr position, and the m roing light develops more and more formidable earthworks. I f our position is u*t already impregnable our men are fast muking It so UENSBAL WABRXJI. Foremost In directing operations on our new defences Is General Warren, wlio spends moat of bis time watch ing aad controlling tboir progress. DKPA RTTSS OP OLD TROOPS? Till TH1RTXWTH MABSACHCPrTTS. ; The Thirteenth Massachusetts, Major Pierce in com mand. leaves for Boston in the morning, its term of ser I vice having expired. Coming out with tbe usual comple ment of officers and men, tbe regiment goes Lome with its thinned ranks but a shadowy memento of what it waa, and its tattered flag pr >udly attesting the battlea It has passed through. Its losses In the present campaign have been nearly fifty per cent la men, and over this In officers. Private Coills, Company C, of this reg ment, for a long time clerk at tbe provost marshal's headquarters, was, before leaving, presented with a Ave hundred dollar geld watcb and chain. KOVBXKfTS. The Second corps changed poaition to-day. Gen. Han cock, in selecting his headquartors, caused a lachrymose feeling among our commissarlea ana ordnance officers lu ousting tbem from the place they bad made comfortable by a network of evergreens and booths, whose artistic construction far exceeded that of the ancient Scriptural prophet in beauty and luxuriant extent of umbrageous shade. The change, by tbe way, brings tbe Second corps temporarily In reserve; but any needed emergency will quickly find tbem in tha front again. CAPTAIN BALL, Commissary of tbe Third brigade, First division, hat been granted a leave of absence on account of ill health Bis sickness Is tbe result of too close attention to bis ar duous duties, and his Indisposition and temporary ab sence are greatly regretted. He Is one of tbe few com missary officers of tbe army who in time of battle insist on acting as officers on the staffs of their brigade com manders. He baa performed this hazardous duty in nearly every engagement, and has been highly compli mented for tbe patriotism inciting to sucb personal risk and tbe zeal and ability shown in tbe discharge of his self-imposed and perilous duty. COMMISSARY LEW. Lieutenant Levy, Twentieth Pennsylvania dismounted cavalry, has Just been appointed headquarters commis sary. His rare abilities aa an officer and unflinching flrmnesa and fidelity, shown in every position of trust and responsibility be has filled, led to his appointment to the place. MAJOR VAX RBHeSCLARR, TWENTIETH MBW YORK, is doiog oxcellont service in hnntiDg out and arresting deserters, and particularly bounty jumpers. For a long time in command of tbe barracks at Albany, the prelimi nary ex)>erlei.ce and knowledge of these men which he gained there is now being turned to Invaluable account. Two days since bo spotted a bounty Jumper who, on ex amination , proved to have over seven thousand dollars Aid in tbo seams of his clothes and boots. A bogus lieu tenant, couiederating with the bounty jumper, is also io limbo, and both promise to have metea them the punish men i they deserve. To day be arrested a bounty jumper with over three thous nd dollars hid in bia cloUiing, and while on his way to the guardhouse the prisoner stole bis pocket book, and subsequently the pocketbooks of Of teen of his fellow prisoners Tbe Major has been laughed at for the smart trick played on himself; but, regarding himself as the winning party, and going on the theory that tnoee should laugh who win, be does not allow him salt to be disconcerted at tbe smiles of friends at bis I expense. VB'IBTABLCS A large quantity of vegetabi.-s, sent here by tbe Sani tary O.nunis"ion on tbe aleamor Commander, Captain l'edilck, have arrived, and are iialng distributed among our brare poldiers in tbe troucbes Mr. Woods, tor a lo g time stori'keei>er of tne .-anitary Commissi n in tbls army, and now employed in tbe New York office, but who came in tbe Commander, informs me that during tbe past week three other steamers bave arr vsd, freighted witn similar cargoes for our bravo boys in tbe Intiencbmenta and hospitals. Ib. ro are three Hundred and seventy six receiving and relief agents of the army here now I regret to say tnat Or. Manor. p<> long aud popularly known as chief relief ageat, has resigned. His 8upco8Si'r. Dr. louiilac, is well aud widely known, bow ever, and will no prove himself the right man in the right place. The Commander encountered a very severe gale oil Hog Island. Tbe saving of tbe vessel, craw and cargo I:- attributed tfl the assiduous watcLiulneaa aud nautioal Skill of Captxin 1'edr < k. THE KlftTH CORPS. Mr. Jimti C. Firzpatrlck's Dcspntoli. Ninth army Coki s, Bkkori: ProwswRu, Va . 1 July 14? A. M. f PROGRESS OF TBI SIEGE. Tbore Is nothing new to record concerning tlM siege. Operations are steadily In progress lor tbe roduciiou of the town, and aro mom pun If d by tbe usual desultory, Mid now monotonous. Ore o( musketry, cannon and morurs. TUB WSLI'PN RAILROAD. The rebels have repaired the Meidon Railroad, as wo cin distinctly bear ibe whistle and pulling of the loco mo lives, and at night toe rattle of tbe trains. lIFAiBS OX THE JIBES RIVER# Mr. William II. Slcrrlam'i Despatch. Nkar Hoist or Rocm, Vs., July 18?4 A. M. SL'OCSJMFCL MARIOS RAID. I herewith present tbe readers of the Hhuld with a detailed account of tbe Initiation and execution of a'i im portant marino raid Just accomplished by Lieut Cb?m bcrs On Monday morning, tbe 11 tb Inst., Lieutenant Chambers, of tbe Third Pennsylvania artillery, aud now commanding the T rpjdo station of the James river fleet, received orders from Captain Melancthon smith, tempo rarily commanding tbe fl?et, to cro?s the James river at a point bf low iH'Jpd Oar, and R- ~j?n?ter'? l ontoon bridges, ?ur tho 'i "ur,>os? of attacking a force of rebels stationed in some miles, barns asd bouses situated on a place known as Cox's f .rut. Lieutenant Cham l>er? wae entrasted with a w>mrasnd of one him. died sad thirty ln4b, com;ij?e? of eighty men J iGtnl Pefil?>lvania artillery and flfty men of the Testu Connecticut Voluuteors. These detachments were respectively commsntlcd Uy Licutenan| Llnaslny and Lieutenant Sharp, both ef tbe Teeth Connecticut, tbe whole being under tho geueral command of Lieutenant D. W. Chamber*, UulteiJfHtate* "oluntecrs. Ins force, having landed at tho designated , olnt, below l)utob Gap, from the tteim -r SteppMf Stones, remained there until nearly Cuylirht ywterday morning (the 12th), at which tine tbe commanding H<- jtenant determined to mnke the ittsrk. Duriug tho night ot tbe lltb th j eaetujr'a scouts nnd picket* ware oh?e*ved roaming about at a short uh tamo from oor p*itl>n. one of the pickets cime to tvitt iu six feet of off lorre, an-l Immediately upon ciU ei.verln* his iMiflT'll dfOpp.'d down Into the iI?ipk hu?! us cd w is not ctughl. ether than this colon* in curred during the tilg'i', ? or until half past two o'oitk k of tbo mi.nniK- cf the 12th, when, acting under ttie qui d ?i< o Actlr: Euftlga (ie^rce Lawrem o, of the Unltod gtal' * N'a .y, ilie connumd ^rooeedod qoletiy up tbn roid In two OalM&iOS, aud atcallut y entered upui. tl.e attack. HI# !?:!?**? ( 'rn-e f i' d #t .tion* u .<t sifei rf lorce I' 'ho barns, mills ? o<l KoqaCa <>l t'j? farm. ihev cohstwd BHbee Imn d>'o l tr.x rs >1 tus f letty-BUSi virgitiu lo'srur- , an<l j wn et -ma- iled bt t lpiUchat I (J. Vf. t:errln$tnn,4f Srtlthi . Iios.wbewa cantered, When our tore- s had *<ira-.irj(t ohfetl n hundred *nd 0 ty y*rd-< of IV li ii II ? tb* en?iny owned * br.slt tiro if mii^kotryi re ? tug m no injury whatever to l,iei:tenint t banisters' ? im.ijtl, tt.e eu-my i . v lar too high. * < !! IR lit, '.Vhtii the dls'-overy v.m m dn tHr> t iho plnce eenld not I <e ta^cn by regular attack, Meitenint 'lumbers nrde'c.i a charge, ho blra-cif inJIug It i.i'?st gallant, y. . The ohatse w<i? intde with .i terrlilo yett, whloh of lueif ' eerveU s.'tuewhit to disootnlH the Intrenched rebel", and tpmilii <t hi the twpttt'p ?vf "tie lientrrant, a s>rceant badly wuuoiled, one oorpo/ai and el even privatee. TRK rUVllAKD was arteomimnied by a flrlnM party, amply supiii le i with turpobt ue lire bal!s. which, upon arriving at tho b<tll?t Inge, wore Instantly applied to the structures, smoking out the rebels and compelling ilnin V" !(<?? battle on open ground. la tbe engagement which immediately followed the rebels suf Tered i-everelv in bo'h killed and wo inded, oar musketry beinK well directed and tsking IU full effect. Our Una was but exceedingly sludu, boitg only one man. A TOKt'KI*) TVU ? CAPTAIN [IC Mill I.SfTH f. A rebel torpedo tug was lying at the wharf at the moment tba attack was made, which immediately (team ed up the James t? a Uly the rebel rams which were lying Id sight a short dintano* above. This tug. on the afternoon of tbe 111 U, had brought a tnri*>do, enclosed in a tlo can .and planed it on shore, preparatory to sinking it Id tbe river at an early hour yesterday morning, but whicb toe attack or I ienteuunt numbers prevented. Tbe galvanic battery mil tbe tnaulated wire, which were to have beeu attach ?><! to ibe torpedo for explosive purposes, were alao captu. ed. tjgotbar wild a lasge quantity or powder, amull ^rms, ammunition. haversacks, canteens and a large nmonnt of other camn equipage. The tor pedo, with tbe battery, was turned over to Professor R. de Malllefert . it Frenchman, well known ag having engineered tbe bfowlng up of ibe rocks at Hell Gale, in New Yoik harbor, some years since, and in tbe army, under Major Central Hurnside, for suecessfu ly removing obstructions lo Currituck and Albemarle Rounds, au?l at numerous other pot'-its since the war commenced. Captain Malllefert. who I* or thn New York Knglneera, his entire charge, -mpsrintendence and construction of tbe T'nion torpedo"*! in the James rlvtr, two of wbicb, weighing respectively two thousand pounds and nine hundred pound*, were ciptured from the rehola, and bave not been wsted, neither no tbe rebels suspect where to look for tbem. GRAIN diwthotto. Lieutenant Cham iters dostroyod a larpe am-i.nt of grain, includiog wneat and oat*. wb r.h he lound pifrutn ously stored up la barns, by plying tbem wiib fireballs, and seeing that they did thoir work. The loss of these cereals cannot prove otherwise tban very detrimental to tbe rebels of this set Ion. GRIST AND SAW MI LI 8 AND MACRlSiBRV llfWTROTKD, At a (Mint near and tn full view of the rebel ram* were situated a grist and a s<w mill, containing a large quan tity of machinery, wluob the commanding lieutenant most effectually destroyed by Are, and breaking and lending It up. TOR RIBIUI during all these proceedings were stationed on a neck of land 'above Tiutcb Gap. about two hundred yards :rom tbe houses, and included a portion or all of those who escaped the capture and tbe reserves. They were so completely taken by surprise thai they made no other iban the initial resistance, but stood looking wildly at tbo daring and sudden movements Of Lieutenant Chambers' forco and tho startling and immediate results of tbem. They seemed to be palsied witb fenr. HIE CAFTI'PED RKHSIi? ? THZ'R NXiM. The robels captured were au exceedingly scaly looking set of men, and.llko moat of those recently captured and deserted, were intensely weary of the war. All the following names are tbose of members of Company K, Twenty Uftb Virginia battalion, who wcro taken prisoners by Lleuten int Chambers in tho action of tbe 12th Inst.: ? Second Ueutenant W. G. ilerrington, Sergeant Cunning ham. mortally wounded: Corporal L. A. Jacobs, F. Dickerson, W. A. Trace, I? H. Jones. K J. Waldrep. J. 8. Wallace, Gideon Nelson, J. H. Wlililock, W. Smith, F. M. Hutler J B Uno and Jesse S. fiegur? the latter a nephew uf H?&. Joseph Segur. I lEl'TTOANT CIIAMIIVRS TO HB FROMOTRP. Tn token of thn decided apprnoidtlon of tbe success of Lieutenant Chambers' raid, he has been iniormed that he is to be at once promoted to a caj taiucy in recognition of sud reward Tor his bravery. A NKW AltD KXTRAORP1NARY RKKK) PRO'K'TIlJt Lieutenant < hinibers has Jo his posaessn n a new and m st ingenious rebel projentile, which was tired into tbe bank a 01' tbe Jam<>s river st the tirao tbe rebel rsms made thoir sppearanco Id that water course, opposite Hutch (?'up, some weeks since, and wbicb bas elicited tbe earnest examination and admiratlnu of the chief engi neer of tbe ll-et. 11 apparently of English m iuuf tclure, made of chilled iron, one font in length and seven inches in diameter. It is conical lo sbapo. tbs he id being of steel, and poems to ho especially adapted for punching ? he iron plating of the*. Ibis shell bus never b>en seen In this nor try bofore, and Is certainly one of the most rem arkafcle missiles, when we consider its ob ject, that this war has hlthsr?o developed, and in addi ? ion to this ii seems admirably adapted to tbe purpose for which it was invented. AR MX Ai ' l VJ RBHRX. ORPSR. Tbo following timer i! (rebel) order No. 1 was recently Issued to tbe rebel troop* constroc'injf tbo new and for midable battery now er?et ng at tbe Howleu House, op posite Trent Koach, on James river, V'a It boars d?to June 2J. 1H64, aud its imperative and exacting character istics will noicscape attention: ? GKNKRAt. Ont'KR? HO. 1. l>An?VARTMti?. HarntRv Damtxlkr, Jnno 22. 1894. The following hours pre hereby establisned:? Reveille at balf-pa?t Tour A. M . roll call and csmtnence work at five A. M. breakfast at seven A. M : resume work and roll call at half -past seven A. II.; dinner at half past twelve P. M.; ro?ume work an .1 roll call at one P. M. ; cease work it half-past seven P. M., wbeu men will get supper and go to bed . Tbe above hours will be announced by a sbort call of tbe drum. Kach separate working party and each roll call will be Invariably superintended bv an officer. Absentees and lazy workers will be punisbed by extra niglit labor. Tho nUbt pick-it guard will be excused from work till ten A. SI. or' the following dar. Cooks will bo held responsible that meal* are promptly prepared. 11. W. SMITH, Usjar Commanding. rsRsoxAU Admiral Isa, commanding the United States naval squadroD in tbe James river, bas gone to tbe Sounds of North Carolina on a tour of official inspection. Tbe health of Oilonel J. W. Shaffer, chief of staff to Major General Rtitlor t wbo lias been staying at Fortress Monroe for ten days pu^t. in recuperation. Is reported not to imptove. General God trey Weltzel it acting chief of staff. Captain Henry Page, acting quartermaster, now In general chime if railroad transportation to and from ill* Point, Bas been orderod to ronorl to Major Ceneral P. H. Sooridm. as acting chief quartermaster of tbe cavalrv cirpi of the Army of tbe Potomac, Ibe order tock erect on Ibe llth Inst. CAVALRY OPERATIONS. Our Cavalry Correspondence. Is tits Finn, July 13?7 A. M. TTIK ClTilRV. Captain James Sballer's cavsl ry expedition bis Just returned to camp. 1bi< expedition, for its object tho ope.'.log anil maioteninco or communication with Suflb.k, flower's Hill and that region of rebel country, left bcre Rome days linco, and baa fully accomplished its object Tbe expedition was made up of a squadron o! the 1bir4 New York, Colonel 1-ewis; a squadron of tbe Kiavfnlti Pennsylvania, Colonel Spear; a squadron or tbe First District of Colnmbla, Colonel Inker, and a squadron of tbe Plrat Now York Mounted Rifles, Olonel OndiTd< nk. The command met with little oppcs:t ion, either going or cemirg. from the ru*tI":>b. whom t boy effectually wtj ed out he j .apt" rod a rebel quartermaster, and eneamixid for a pei -.1 of two d-iys lust outside of Suflolk, without tnolestni ,.j. they hire returned safely, without lost or tenons damage "f'sny character. Nsas row: o? Hoc**. Vs., July 14? Morning. OF*n?At. BrAI,K AND GKKKHAI, nCTUHJ. At four o'clock yesterday afternoon Major General Meade, accompanied by btt staff, among whom was Cap tain Meade, son of tbe General, p&ld ? visit to Major General Duller, commanding tbe departm nt Tbe Inter view between tbe two general* lasted a little upward* of an boar, wher Gccerml Meade and Stall returned to headquarters. nsros&Kwr ATiris or *!? third Two representatives of tbe Fmpsror of the French?* colonel and bis aid, with tbe rank of captain? also paid tbsir respects to General Roller yesterday, onder tbe ?uiplcos of IJeitenant General Grant, at tbe binds of General Meade. Their names I could not learn, be can-e I was abaont from oamp on duty at tbe time of tWr visit. Tbey are rent out by tbe French government upon an errand nf investigation and observation, similar to that or denerils Mct'wllnn, Uartiard and DelaOeid wh< a In 6 thiy , *s United Fiatee officers, were eent o;ion their European mission during tbe Crimean war These military rcp> esc utai Ives of Napoleon were duly shown arotid the lines, and evuleuced Uielr admiral ion of Mir nature and strrngtn of the tort Ideations. rim ntraxr raid to svrrm*. to wb!cb I bnell) illudud tn my last despatch, wis luark.-d by morn uniortani results than I wns tbeo able t ? Rientio'i, lor want of tlrre. Tbe raid develo|>ed tbe fact that tho greatest possible destitution prevail* in 8*if> I oik. and through' ut ail ibe cut rounding country. Crn, for, Is held at the enormous figure of tbree bun dred dollar* a barrel, and all other necessaries of li e in tbe aanie pr portion The inhabitants are obliged to pro euro nil thny use rr.'m tho tar off region of Norlbi aroilra, where uo "curfn y hut go'd u rccogni7ed, even our ereenhaeks helot refits.*! I ? tbe cowardly der.trens of the iec**elon oountry. The expedition, wbich re turned yeaterday nriraleg, brought In seventy he en and mules, quite a number of negroce. two rebel of. "re. one of them n ? nmmiasary named Wilson, whose jwto uf aumiijes through the rebel OOuhtrj UiA ' ihorV is s *i, *ai 4(,f. TTifly alirt >,*t> tured :i sergeant and two erl'aled men belonging to the signal corps. Tbe c.omninnic'totM, Mfgrapbte sail other wise, along ilia Urn ot the il l are perfect. In addlli n tbe lorce I mentioned yesterday as composing I lid **? pod it .in, th "re wits ? detachment of tbe Fifth |f?n*y|. van's Volut tecrf. Tftr A**V ??"1ATKT) rommiinlc itlco wltb the North 'r si vercd. 'be great, est dt- >r?-FR n ?e|i (or the want of tbe N w Yorn (infers. A general quiet still prevails. The VVsablngtiin T? le- ? ?i>?e. TV/ ,'n|y 15, 1S^4. An arrival from City feint t?'- day reports that more h >n lieen ronsiilernbie sk rmWhiog dur'nv several days put. along oil i lliiov. 1 tie rebels ycaterd i y mirnir^ tired ufon tbesteiraors Gs?>rgi> Wr,.7Ti? and \"hi?rd stnt. s, fiom a lie d bnttsry tear Wiim u's lauding iho former l.wi a portion of hsr s'ern knuokad off and thrf?o sliut t pnassd ibrougb iho latter. General Sheridan bas ewe cn an Ihcr m.d. CONFLAGRATION IV BROOKLYN. IMMENSE LOSS OF PROPERTY. Probably a Million of Dollars' .^orth Destroyed. TERRIFIC EXPLOSIONS. Danger from the Storage of Combustibles. A Large Bended and Free Ware heuse Consumed* DESTRUCTION OF SHIPPING. % Intense Excitement of the Com munity. ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS, Ac.. &o. About noon yesterday a Are broke out on Johnson's dock, foot of Joreiemon street, Brooklyn, which for In tensity and rapidity of combustion, anil tbo great Iobs of property Incident thereto, equals anything this city or Brooklyn baa experienced lor many years, and one that will be remembered and spoken of as an era In the history of the city and the life of ibo firemen. The otlgin of the lire is not exactly kn.wn, various accounts being given; but that it was a Urge lire, In volving tbetdeatrucilon of an immense amount or proper ty. is not a nutter of doubt. lbe Qro broke out iu the buildings known as "Scbenck's stores," occupied by Metfsrs. Jackson A Woodruff as a bonded and free ware house, and so rapidly did it spread that men employed In the j/lace had to lump iuto the dock to save their live*. The b.:ude<! warehouse contained vast quantities of nitrate of sod i, wool, hides, gia and various other arti cles of merchandise, and the free stores bad also a large quantity of nitrate of soda, seventeen hundred tons of guano, stored on account of the Peruvian government, sugar and molasses owned by Messrs. Roche Bros* Ac Cof fey, and other goods. The nitrate of soda principally belonged to Messrs. Fab bri & Cliauneey , of No 42 South street, New York, al though other parties were owners of portions The total value of tho nitrate oT soda was over $200,000, and the guano was valued at 1*240,000. As the Gre progressed ami reached the lnflammabli ma terials explosion followed explosion In rapid succession, throwing up the debris to a great height, scattering frag ments of stoue, brleW and wood, and endangering the lives or all in the vicinity. Tho ettect of the concussion was such that the ceilings of houses lor blocks around wore torn down, and hardly u pane of glass was lo't whole. Tbo block bounded by l'urman, State, Jorale man and Atlantic utreota suffered tbe taoat, many stores and shops being almost entirely destroyed. Iu State street, near Court, a quarter of a mild from the dock, tbo windows of a bouse were blown In auil totally destroyed The tenements along Furmau street to Wall streot.ou one side, and Atlantic on the other, were all more or less daniagi d by the falling brick, whlcb after oacn succcs sive exploit? came iown as ihich us hail The residents woo) )><mic stricken. Furniture was thrown Into the street?. Women were running about In the greatest excitement, and children clinging to tbelr skins or carried In their arms, added to the wild excite mcot. lhe fccne as viewed from the Heights, when the fire was under full headway, and explosion alter explosion was startling the neighborhood. was truly grand and exciting in tbo extreme The dense sin ko formed a column reaching s<>me htindre is of leet in the air, the base of it being immense bodies of brilliant (lame, that, even In contract to the uoouduy sun, were glaring to the eyes of spectators. it w. m not long before the river was crowded with tugs, hastening to lbe rescue ol' lbe duet of endangered ves-nls surrounding tho locality of tho lire, and all but one ir two of the sbi^s lying near were re moved from tlie dangerous Vicinity, und anchored in the river. The scene on the wharf at which tbo Kusslan frigate lay moored was a stirring < tn, lor all ..n beard realized the fact that Ibcir naval h una was in dancer, tbo falling sparks, from tho explosloi.a, covering tlie vessel and rendering prompt mes-tires in procuring a supply of waier very neces ary. I he frigate, however, was i-oon taken into the straim and out of danger, hut the excitement wa< caused was quite a contrast to the monotony of quiet wlncli Iris bluer to markml tho sojourn of the Russian" In Brooklyn, 'J'ho violence of the successive shocks w>s felt even in New York. the vibration shaking tho windows of ell the buildings along 6outb. M'..ter and lYont streets: and when the immense column oi um ko wis bp* n arising thrie was n ru-h towards the wharves, which wero sooa crowded wilti tuousauds of spectators, from the Fallon ferry to ttio lottery. The inhabitants of flae row of dwellings sitoated in rurman street, in the rear of tho burning buildings, rujhed ont of their nooses when the explosions took place, panic stric'tien with fright. Mothers, with tbuir children In arms, ran scream ng through l urro in street . maddened wttn fear; and truly the terrific toarof the llamc.i, th" donse clouds of smoke hiding the sun, and tho shocks from tbo re peated -vplosloos were sufficient to cause a panic. 1 ven those who were out oi danger, stand ng on tho Heights on tbe bridge over Montague street, ran panic stri' keu after the two be.ivl'-st eip!o jure occurred. The South ferry boifs were Urst on the spot, and rendorad prompt and valuable assisianoo to tho shipping; but It was only at great risk that any aieamer ouuid approach the burning I cality, from (ear of tbo explosion of the remaining barrels of saltpetre stored on tbo wharves. At tbo commencement of the flro the dorks were IbicKiy studded with vessels, and hb tbe flames spread so rapidly the greatest exetttoae wore necessary to place tbem beyoi d the reach of danger. All succeeded In get ting towed cut into the stream hut one III latod vessel? a Hamburg brg, named >'a at r arid I'elene, but 1 lely arr vod from Ca|:o, tiavieg on boirdacarg of copper ore. 'lbe flames communicated to tbe ilggiugof tbe vessel, and soon spread to all parte, and as the crew became fi ight eneJ,they deserted her In a bodv, without t ying to save anything on board. As tbe fire reached her hold, with the flames bursting fron all sides and playing ab oil tho ringing, (he sight was grsna, though tnfxvd with a spice ol sorrow at tbe noble vessel left to the oi Try of the devouring e'enient All the ves sols to leowsrd of the burning brig bid been towed out, but these to windward w?t? opt coafidered In danger, end bad n I been mTved but as the feawea ro the brig parted rbe swung eronnd and floated towards a fleet or vessels in Ford's dock, striking bdw on to a lirge vessel, which so jarred on ber masts as tocausc tbem to (opple and after a moment of oesiitatkm to go over ber side. The dsager to the whole Heel was now moat im minent, and threatened most dieastrous consequences, when Assistant Engineer Barr, on rccetTing orders Irom the t'blef . procured a teg, and, making rest to the burning 0?i lowed ber outto the lials uear (.overnors island. The Bremen brig I /hi Is also caught Are, In the toretop, bul waa saved. Tbe damage was S'ight Hie rigging of several other vessels was set en Are, hut i. one wero much injure. I tbe d'cuien were at tbe extremo p^st of danger and I played upon tbe buildings, notwiibuaading lbe striou* ensoqaeoess m which U.ey might have boon snbecied. TbSOencussi <ns ' or.ked a number down and prclpiuted sevetal Into the river; and althougu a lew we:s hurt not one w <s serlOMly Ijurel. Aft' r e ?ch e.\pt.w|on the crowd would oome *? near as Ihey could t? tho fl emen, unless where pressed back by the |> hce, a> d a few were mjor.- 1 by being knocked down niid tuilen upon in the general rush, as they cw >yed ba k iu anticlpntton ot ano.her shock. Tho tiitrate of sod* having become exh injted, tbe espotioos ceised about thr<-o o'clock, and* lbe ot?r tions of tbe Oremen were itien energetically directed In rfxlii guirlilng the Art among the gords, tho Uulld.og, by thts ti ne. havln>? b'eu demHi'Ufd. Tho nature er the 6^>aleolt arid value of property, with the nimes of owne s, as near as ascsrtaiu.-d, aro as fol lows ? its tiundre-l bo?*t)?ad? of sttgir owned by Roche, Bro.*. k On'cy, nodC. P. Usher, 101 Wall Ftrtet. >'our hon ired bales <ti wol.owneil hy di(Tert-nt parties, lb e l iu drcd hog liojsd* o Aiolisses. owned by Roche IWoe. ^?t Tey. 8,000 bac* of n'trale of ro'i, own?d by rnbh_l ft t'lia ncv, of south ^troet , New Voi k , nod other p?v tics fntt srttole alone w?s valued ai $7u."0n i'l piiwa of gin, just arrived, ot wbicb four pipes wero j ?ave I. ?Ji'5 tons of guaio owned hy the roruvlan govemi ent. , II. '00 hides, owi e l by J. N. Mono, of airlift slip, ' N ew \ ork. T?o entire 'oes on contents will reseb about *- 0.000, ill un ? Msb thore ? e os to tlio ex ci t of f'iSt',000 ] \e rlr en ry insnran' e i illco to llr >"kiyn, as well ss the m? ; irity ot the ootii panics to Ne?r Yo.k, ure IMMVstoci in i he n loea.'S. Itie vs ue of the st MMi ei w-sftfl' r>. tt su ed The adjoining Inmber \ rd of Messrs H A ."?'?on I ?,s diniagedto the e.xient tf fl 0< o ItS'Ted, Rue be Ires. A Collet '? loss 1 fMA.0' "Q Mbicb * the followiag kwaruM: ? Montauk, Brooklyn, f 10, 000; Firemen's Trust, Hrooklyn. $16,000 Mechanics, Brook lyn, $10,040; Brooklyn, Brooklyn, $36,000: AIJ>utie, Brooklyn, *16.000; Metropolitan, New York, $10.00<); Continental, New York, $10,000: Resolute, New York, S10.000, Citi/.eua', New York, $10,000. Tore* of lb* New York Are companion went over anil were soon at the scene and rendered good service, es pccially steamer No. 81 Tbe companies run ning in the Second district were on band and worked at tbe Are with a murage and per sistence which atayed tl>? ruin that inuat otherwise Lava laid that quarter of tbe city in ashes. Too muoh credit cannot bo glvon to them for their efforts In trying to aave property In the very face of death. which was liable to meet them at every quarter, beveral were niore or leas Id ured by tbe concussions and tbo falling debris, while nearly forty were blown Into the wAter. Chief En gineer Cunningham, who was standing at tbe time of tbe second explosion one hundred and fifty feet from the Are, giving orders, was struck on the arm by a falllog beam and quite aevcrely injured. Assistant Engineer T. Ryan wan knocked down an l had bis fsoe and bands severely burned. Much credit 1b due to tbe Chief Engineer for hit endea vors to contloe the Are to the closest limits possible and when we consular the Inflammable materials wbicb con stituted the bulk of tlie property near we cannot be too than 111 at that tlx course was stayed and millions of dollars saved, n t counting In tho probable I?>km of ll'e and limb. Ihe Huselan frigate, which bad been lying lor tbe past two wocka midway batweon Johnson's aud Kord'a ducks, caused a great deal of consternation to the people in tbe vicinity, some in tbeir fright averring that she wan on Are, and as her guns became heated throwing shells into the city, litis rumor turned out, of bourse, to be uu founded, but the probibleconsoiuences tothecity and shipping, if such bad been the fact, Is most appalling to think of, but fortunately isbe waa soon placed beyond tbe reach of Uie flrn. The conflagration raged from half past twelve until seven o'clock, when it was entlroly subdued, and the dock and violuity presented a mass of ruins desolating in tbe extreme. IMPORTANT FROMJMN FRANCISCO. Rebel Plot to lalie Steamers on the West Coast anil Convert Them Into Plratea? Selsare of m Veaee I by a Vreueh Private, Ac. Sax Fiuscmco, July 16, 1864. A correspondent writes from Gnaymas, Mexico, June ?29, that official Information ban been received thore of a conspiracy to seize one or more of the steamers on the coast for privateers, and tbat a party had been sent from Seoewla for that purpose. Tbe persons Indicated are said to be at Guayraas, wbore steps have boon token to check tbem. Maz*t)an bad not been taken by tbe French on Joly 4, though a Frencb frigate was off tba barbor and had seised a icboo- er. Tbe defences or tbe city had been completed, but there ware no guns to defend tbem. General McDowell, Garerncr Low, snd a large number of military and civil officers, yostorday inspected the for tification g of t-'an Francisco barbor. More Jand defences are to be erected. Tbe work of putting up tte Camanche has boen com menced, and will be rapidly prosecuted. Sailed, fbip Panama for New York. MILITARY AFFAIRS. Tbe Rtate Militia. rafr a rations for a nun ft? tub enrolment NEARLY COMPLETED, ETC. No regiment left tbe city yesterday for Washington. Tbe Eleventh expeufs to get off to-day, and tbe others will follow next week. The enrolment for a militia draft Is now near)/ com pleted. Tbls important work ban been preaided over by Colonel Stephen R. Plnckney ,of tbe Ninety -fifth regiment, ably assisted by General Lowenberg and Mr. George E . Simons. Ou Wednesday next it is exported tbat tbe books containing the names will be rosdf. All wbo claim exemption from Ibis draft are required to Alo certificates In the Couoty Clerk's cilice. Those certificates If valid, will be banded in to Colonol I'ic knoy , when the names attached thereto will be stricken off tbe enrolment books. This loots as if a dralt in tills connection will immedi ately tako place. The Second Regiment, Sickle* Brigade . Tbe Seventy-first New York State Volunteers, or Second regiment of the Sickles Brigade, will return on Saturday or Monday. They have been through all the fights on tbe Peninsula ? at Auiletaro, Fredericksburg, Chance llorsville and Gettysburg, and In this campaign under Grant ? and now return with Itor than one hundred men. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Kalferty, wbo is and has b'-en In cm mand ior fourteen months, was formerly captain of < cm pany II. He is an cxcellont officer, and lias boen faitbiQl to all his trusts, lie waa wounded at Talr Oaks. The Fonrtll ??talc Artillery. ? aiD^tlXIITERil, 1 01 Kill RkUIUUT N Y. S. N 0,1 New York, July 15, 1804. J Ibo mustering la of this command is hereby p ?tponed till Monday next, tbe 18th instant, at too A. M . at the armory, when every oil'cer and man Is orderol to be present. The oommandant takes pleitrure in Informing the command that lie is authorize! by his suporlora to state tbat all persons In the I'nlUil states aervlce as sol diers are exempt Ironi all drafte ih.a may tako place dur ing said service. Ccminaudanis of companies are ordered to receive acceptable substitutes, and it U also hoped that e\eiy effort will he made to procure recruits. Our country demands tbo aid of every patriot, especially in the present crlai*. Ihe regimental siirneoim will he In attendance at the urm ry onHUurday ni:d Sunday, from ten A. M. till two I*. M , to examine substitutes aud re emit*. By order or 1>AN1M. W. T1 M. EH, Colonel Commanding. J. G. AttuaoX, Actlr.g Adjuiaut. ? Tli r Xtnrly.ihlrd Krgiincnt. 0KNKR4I, ( ? Nil. !>. Uk4IHi<'ari>.ii8 N MtiY tii:kd Hkuimknt N. V. F N. 0 . , \ Jr.rt i p?oi? R-, July 15. 18t>4. ) The uniforms Levin,-* lieen received, crniiiioniijnts of com | ?i nics will immeduteiy make requisition lor the time lit th ae headquarters. (X>romaud ?nts ul companies will return their corre ted company rosters to llic Co'.oiiel ?t headquarters tbls day (s'aturdiy), July lt;th lost , at 12 M. precisely . tbev wi i lurulsh the rta ncs and re^denc.** ot ,ill memt.ers <>i this command who rttu-e la do duty und Live not turnlabed ?UbSlltUtM. The statement made the service ii voluntary on tbe par', of the ineinlio's I* erroneous, an tb- or<ler i*saed by hs KxcelirOi y |t< .ratio .-ejmour. ' om.uaod' r In Chief of tbe militia o! tbc State of Now \ork, Is peremptory Therefore every recng.iUed m< uibor of this reitiinent, ai*i all ?bo h ive v lurteerod, and ill ao< epted *i;b?ti tote* must report to the commandants of ibeir various comimoli ? for rorvlce at once And the order* promul gated lr m general bes-i<j'i irtora. investing ttio c in unnn t int of tbn regiment with power to cirry out the game, will he strictly enforced tbo h>ld att ick by our eneuiMa upon air national cay I - til tbould Inspire every member with sutnoieiit patriot i*m, and caus* every /en to enroll at once In tbo good cn jm. Arm* and e iuij ri eiit# will bo furnHhod tbo varioiiii con mni.da unrn pro; r n?|ui.iltl< n on Ibis (Sat urilay) ate moon anj evening, I6tb lud, and the regi ment will leave at the e . r I out nimnsnl. Voluoteern table bod led nienj may apply , ami substi tute accopted at Ibese headquarter* fr< m 8 A. M. to 10 P.M. <;ood clothes, good ratlin* and good treatment. By nrdor. W. IE W CHAUBtK", Col. Commanling. Jinas (1. Imjimou, Adjutant. Tbc All. ^ed X avy Kiaailt. CNITKD StATf.- COMMISSION KIt'9 orftCI. wj*ir>ic*T or HR*n?n?Yr, ists *avt irsar. Before Commissi ner Os borne. Jrt.v 1ft.? Pursuant to adjournment, Commissioner Os bori.e opened the court this ni.mlrg to glvo hi* decslon in the case of the t'nlled State* ngamst lssar llemlerscd. late Navy Agent. Tbe pretlmlt arv e\nmln?ti n was full and marching and ably conducted by coticeel on etther tldo. The Commissioner said that after an anxlons and patient r< view or the whole evidence he bad decided on committing the acro*cd !or trial borore n t cry of Ms conhtrymen. The cage ?a? one turt ii g nfen a -lencine queeti 'i) of teMlmoov, of whleb re >te 'inetl a jury ll<e only C'tnpelotil arbiter*. il? re*er?od bi* decision for a few iln?i Ir.tuualiug t< roooi'il and the |> !lc generally the rtisons which tod hm to this oot.clus i n. The pr? v 1 ~>iie bail I >r t'io acous?d bo'ds g >.>d, and tho care now sl:mdi? over awaiting the sc'.iio of Ito Grand Jury , wblcb doe* not meet tit1 " *t i?r next. Important Drrlston. ?triKK4* oiii'ht? vaaut'iut. run n?i rm >???? sot to irx nsxtm at rn* rn v nofoit. Bofore Judga Barnard. Jolt IS ? Th' / it/in r?. fh\rU$ Su /ow ? In this oian the \Va*t|en of llie CHv Prison m ? ?<? a return to a writ of habeas corpus m mound n ; i i t> ab"w rau*e wbf bed .ranee n ci .?y. the Wardon ma<te a rrturn to ilio e!T?et thit he ?io dr. Jone* by tba war. r tit of I lilted .- . .?* Marrl I ' or ?y, *??> had ci'm? mitteit hi in is * M-.'-v do runner *"<? prle-urr ef war. 1 h?> J <l|(e held 1M>I t^e \[nr*!,?l roil d only send l>U I i Vs i er t" tho r u'.y a. i, Md lb I the U'.i'den ot tho City l'ri*oit ba 1 no rlubt lo receive ir i.?i- n n t? it of tbe Culled ttaten. llie return w.?s ?'-?-ro ? n i? ? to bt luaull 'tent. The Ht?'Minalti|> liwvuilSk ??it < .?|>e ll.irr. Pt. Jorm. N,l', ,1'ilv It s '4. Tlt?e H' im-t; p B?v.tfla, from N.t'v '? k V.' ? 1" Ion, fined i l, i s|>o l< .<?? at Ii r o'eli' It *f ir.ornin7 (14tn ln*l.) nd wnt lni-.| I bv l ?? v?* yacht. I'tiptstn Tnnh. kl'dlv lo V o t *" ' tte press and ecuimeriial public E U R O P E The Caledonia Off Cape Race with Three Dajs later Ntwf. The Frigate Niagara Ordered to Cherbourg. The Kearsarge Said te be Watcbei by tbe Privateer Florida. Disraeli's V ote of Censure Motion Against Falmerston Adjourned. i Swedish Squadron Ordered to Sea in Const* qnenee of the Danish War, Ala* &?., Iml ClPl BlC?. 16, 1004. The steamship Caledonia, from Glasgow oa tbe 0tb Instant, arrived off tbia point, en route to New York, at Ave o'clock this (Friday) morning Her dates are three days late/'ihan tbose already received. Ibe Canada mall packet arrived at UoTllle, below tondonderry , on tbe morning of July 0. Tbe steimsblp Olympus, from New York, arrived at Liverpool July 0. Ibe latest newa from Cblna says that Chang Chow Koo baa been captured by Major Gordon. Tangyan baa alao (alien. A letter from Alexandria, Egypt, of tbe 31st of Jan#, ?ays:? 1 he long talked of ball by tbo Viceroy to tha Furopaan residents bos at last tik' n plate. Everything was magnificently got up at a coat of Bfty thousand po> nds (If reports are to be credited), andtheafltur passed off very well. Among the guests (who numbered about el'.'ht hundred) were the officers of tbe Cnita4 States frigate Cot s'ellstiou, to wbom bis Hlghneaa paid speeial and marked uttsntioa. 1 He Alunama. UKPOIITKO RKBKL WATCH OS TUB IIAMAR0K? TBS VHIOAIK KIAHAKA ORDKKKD TO FH&NOB. A oorreat (indent or the Condon Oiuttle, writing from Cherbourg, says:? Another naval battle waa expected o fl that port, aa It was stated mat tbe >|or?4* waa ooUM* waiting for tbe Kearsarge Tbe federal ateamer Niagara, wbicb bad keen at Antwerp, la known to bava receive* ordera to proceed to Cherbourg. Tbe Americana la London on tbe 4th of July gave a breakfast at St. James Hall to two officers of tba K ear gorge. Tbe gathering waa vary oumeroue. Ilia XfMiilali War CoraNBicin, July 4, 1M4. Tbe enemy appears to be busily employed la eroctlog baferies at Middieport, opposite Kunen The official Uerlingikt of to-day annxuacea that th? Swedish squadron has received ordera to pnt to aea la med wiely. Carim^d, July 6, 1M4. The King of Prussia will leave for Galatala on the lith Inst. A notice from tbe Minister of War at Copenhagen states that tbe blockade of Dautilc and Flllau wan re-established on tbe 20ib ult., and that tbe lighthouses will ha extln guisbed under certain contl-igenciea. Great Britain. A despatch from London of July 0 ssys tbe debate on tbe v te or want of confidence In the ministry baa been ad) urned. Iho lx>ndon Star bu reason to believe that, lo tha event or tbe gcvernment tblalntog a majority on tht question of want of confidence raised by Mr. Dtaraelt, It is not naw Intended to dissolve Parliament bafort tM spring of next year. Fraucs. films, July 8, 1804. Tbe I'mpenr and Empress will leave f'ontalneblean oa Thursday. The Emi>?ror will proceed to Vicby, and taa 1 m;>res.?, with the I'rlnce Imperial, will go to 8t. (loud. Ipala. Matisio, July 6, 1(04. Tbe Fr?-i of to dty says that rumors ara persistently circulated that dl?turbaneo? have broken out in Anda lusia. We may staf, according to authentic Informa tion. that order prevails In ail tb^ provinces of Spain. f.Vnts. ? The commercial news by tha Caledonia haa not yet come to baod.J Anticipated ftetx-i lacartltn om (L? Norlhtaiicrn Frontier. A' cibta, Me. , July 15, 1*14. The American Con?ul nt dt. John. N. B.t hw noun "4 (iovemor Cony Cut a unmll cang of t*otith*rn emigrants and Rvm|Milh!z<>rs le'i .Si Jobn Wednesday night to commit ?Irpr'-d.tliuD.s >>n it.e frontiers of U?m?. There Ml pos.-ibiy-aotne foundall n for the etory ; hat (be rnidera are m<>re lik^te to fet> Jail tbao aoy where elae, IT tbey demoostriaa la i hip aection of the rolled dtalee. t^V r Alnhnmi <??><! Krari < rgr Flfit, CAPTAIN WINHL' W'S i#:POKT8 PRRP?R'MO FOR POTV LlCATiOX ? WHAT Ink KK?I.lhH TBINK OF TU Ain> FAIK, AC. Tl.e Navy l>o| artmsnt hore received fall aod volumi nous ^oipetcbea fr? m Captain Winalow, commander of tbe keariari.e, In rcltlloii to the fl?ht with the Alabama, coplea of whub are l>?log prep 'red for pub Moat ten Id fall by the prof a. Captain Win* '?# at*te<t .that be waiai loundrd when be *w Informed tb*t tbe yacht l)eer> hound was making off with 'be rebel ofllcern and Ma which bad been picked up b y ber. whom be reja'ded as h i.i )>rl4onera, and ?. .ected would hare b*e? delivered 09 to blm He wa' very hn*y In r evening tbe plratea from the water, and did not totioe tbe eourne pursued by tbe Deerbound until ?'be haJ got Mino distance (rem the ap?t, She took away not only t"e?ra ?a and tbe other pirate* whom ' be nad pIcW up, b'i' also the very officer whe nnr rendered tbe Alabama to bitn. He rep la tbat he wna obliged to parole tbe < artur ?<! > t;ic?rs, a- tbe aocotamo datloQt to board tho I can?rgr were bardly snffloie.11 for b r f wii oi'.cers and ere v. Mr. Dudley, tbo Consul at l.lverpool, re ,*>r ta to the Stal'r I'epartmem tbat the Kr*;i?h are very much .ha. guutd at itio roao't 01 tbo fl*tl, showing, ni. U did, 1 be aupeilority c Aivn.rin naval vca?.> a, and uartleuliirty of Am?il<: 'i or In^nc.* o tt tb", and t*v* thai It b 1* done m<>re t> adv? i?-o ,mr c ?uae in tint country tban any tiling whlcb bia neretcfore *ranitplrr<]. Addlri In ihr K.?u?la. [From tU- Richmond vs big, July S ] orr.fsi mo ?>? iiib dip We pir,rr;iril(?'<? tie <?, <nn<> illy upon the fact thai tb? ro It n <nv ? | of tt< City being rel eved nf tta iutanbM''* iCt of ?IJ w. inf?. Hie military *oib?'lties bavo tlntc ? n.ned t (i e ptw orta te all ibe old wetnea who rn iy w lib to ?0 < ? V ankne !*t.d. Joy go Willi ib'tn. KO H V <>H Til" Poo*. Owing to the dr<'"i 'Oi of ti e di e-eot 'ioan or raff pm k?iliiii 10 tbe c sy. tlie ruHir tr '' tl c 1 r -.f . tia'l?d ' up' po-?d to r 1. re the jm . avnl r eO'-'S'<itic< o" 'n 1 * t by iut?'c*lpt'' 1 * "> nt l*F? [I , ni tN> P bt io"d liW, J' 'T < J | T'M *tfX Pltti i.'KN'f ao>t . ^ nfw lit 1**" ' 'ft be*1 ii* c n now n 1 UTunaaw an p*iv ita it I" f ?'*> t*tcr Co , anu dec?> u'orleft ?t IV. _ uriC"; K P *B '? '? ''At*. Cnn* 'lr ium . M r a. o'd .<1 ? known rltlrea o* Pete' h".? c m >! * Hn eor .o'nf ol tbo Ttll r. ,:y hj Dilute bin. ??? tut gU .Ua head. He ? * d .nfi' fl. .... . 1 r Bi i:.e R chrn : it iner, July 9 ] t Ti N 1. f hp , % iton! n'a 1,1: 'drr . oP Yankee doaertim i-' e 1 l><* wen tr.iti?'ei I" the 1 1 *? **y aad lb 'P 1 n^ellfri i'-f rter hit & 1 ri^mepn of -v. ? . ict tiudM >"ite? *K'tl?'i of .beCow'eder ? ot m il d -*?"'ierH cm neve become of i.ny t-r either I 1 -n <.??? or t?.a wrkabop, and t.iet ter iii uiau tor n .'.u i>j an ?\chaiigo ot t..eta iiii*. ? t*ri -U : w p. TAT''* 1 fivpr 1x11,1 rKB . t,c lire p 1 e** * * * Ofw en * ere oiTe'ed f , , , tiituo' n 1 , s r s oitlay. aad ooaw ?iAt.dc 4 1 ami Cv . *>j iiar anii t

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