Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMTEK CI At ??? ? * *? Beak Om?Hwi ud Mr P>-??eiiU?u ?rre ?*?'? 9Mf??9*te ?*?; btMlbe r*0alt WB* Dot la tB*?ff ?1 ?b? hi pr?v> ?od '"** on (h? t*'m* ??* wuti.b KM baata to ??**? ?? Mr- trmvu^, t-> b?aatr?et amatrnrtMeiat o# law. M unwilling ?? Ik* SUM bsaltr ?i> "J *' the public UwU /i't!*1 IMHK u*? toe rree*U'y , ?K?1, HIM.**"* to *? tanve ?> a rrwawm euterc *>r Waewagiea ?? ?W*t. m <*?# omiiiar UM MoilMtMt 'or '** present kl at* mttfc. t auy *.?.,?? -at*. far .b* a?ar* b.*.*, lug nomvaa i^-t im MppNttM' ctontw*, l* "?*' >? Horeeon te 'be mU* .of **veu and lb ?e u?i<4< *((ait*uaar>,wttat*ianat pa?ab|* Ik jin'iiTf ?? imv Munty ? mm f?"? * ?' vartlble or aot iui* tut>r**t la gold baeritig bowdt, m fc, Mf Mh,?U U? aaia at beuda dirent. In ykW'D| this teea o* UM iMrkM It to eaid tb*t be m|II mill a lurwr I m oatt oommiaalon upon ail i u cuwte 9* 1h T"* ? ' ivMtf'lft dollars aita up IMk Of MnrMcMM Beceriue* im ??w?r) |H pmi h muc i ?? hundred mlilMas unuer the ??? Uum. blM, Wit* IM apt*** maklug MJ |Mrt <# lb* tatid r. im diUomI Mck^ M4 private , aould ta?e aa wiin part li placieg auch a 1MB balfcre tb* p??**a: but wb*tb*r or aoa tbe r**ult waald atutala It* oamtiUwoa* *f Mr Feaeenden, ti uoe?r mg, |f| (in k nu mad* ? mistake and ak?ata*?i * grav* iM|fiT- r ?* aot cancadiag to tb* Staie lnH privilege <>l being government dapoel tarla* ta tb* limned Mtcal of tboir lo-tua t<> tl>* Ti i narj. and ?? aer i^ukly quest loa tb* policy a' III ituo| m^epeedetiuy oT them, which, M tba MM, to m eii?iluiMii. Tbat U>* letter uT tb* law, ?M'lolljr iwerpratna, do** not auttaia him la ib* oouroa we advixrd. to mb jualitloauon ol his tailing to har iDMtlx* tb* antago uviue Mint * tb* tw*> sectioua. *f tb* graat basking wtereat, aod *0 aecurtng the active eup port OX tb* old batik :, ebtcb are tb* raal rcpreaenutivis of tb* wealth af the nouatry. to* ueceseltieg ? ut* boui oowtitutb tb* oii'At iiuf*rUDi co u* l aa tat ion. IM tfUBoolU** ati?aa?t>a lb* prop*r adm'.QMtrailoB of tb* Saaaolal alBu>t u? ib* gjTcromeat at tbia critical parted ar* of no oidiuary obaract?r, and nucb aa reqiti* lo b* at*t wl'.b a Ux*d but bold and liberal iiolicjr on (fc* part oT Mr. ?**a*od*n. To b* tucceasiul b* mtui ?told tbat bM'-bazard, b >od to moulb and esperlmeoui ?Ntm purau*d oy U? pr*d*c*?tor, ?bo eouuiied only ^Mkporwy ouii vtmMi c* and popularity la tb* manure* |toad*p(od, r*c*rdi*<a or permanent Interest*, ilad It toM b?en for tbe aiubuiouaaliss of Mr. Cbaa'-, tbe Treasury Tould aet have been n It* present embarruaaed cocdl tloa, aor gold at tbe premium it M In order to carry eat bto p*r>oaal d**ua* Ue was oouatantiy tutr Igaia* la aad oat *T tbe (.abinH, laburtag to creat* dUseneloua and I* mak* lilmself tb* ruling powar of lb* adm nmiranon, with tb* bop* at Bttceaediag to tb* Pre*id*uoy iU*U. HI* *tU lafluMc* *zi*uded to ta* army and uaTy.a* wall at to a*arly *?ery prumla*at individual in tb* **? vie*, aad to aim we may aui lbat* muca of tbat Inter reran** wltb tb* m uta-y plan* of Genera) McCiellan vblob t*od*d to proioag tbe war and deprive tbe army at a* able ooremai der. Tb* mutakn of tb* War De part m*at aad tbe laefflciency of that oT tbe oavy combined to atalit iba Secretory ta bl* aoltUo achemea. Instead of devouat blmaelf to siudvlag the beet eoeree to p rnue in order to koep tba aatlooal Bnanree oa a a>und boats, be devoted tba means at bi* comma d ta aecuriag for himself political aggrandise Mat; aad so long ?s be could tide orer difficulties for tbe day , aad m?e *pecMM? statement* of tbe poemoa of af faire, and get the people to b*iier* bi* prum!*1** of aspoedy i terra teal ioo of tbe war aad reaamptloa of *?>*oi* payment*, | ha was aslisOed. bis character for misrepreseoutiaa wmb oocsMleet, aed fully susUlaed dowa to hi* last *01 oial relum of tb* amount of tb* publio debt. la tbat document, dat*d Juae 21, tb* toUl was eta tad to b* ?l,7?,5M.2?S 10. aad <? July ?, a fortnight afterwards, anoiaer return was taeued. signed by Mr. Harrlnjrton, tbe Secretary a dintetim. in which tb* total debt was stated to b* $i,T92.887.04fl *7, ahowlog aa tooraaaa or 9 S? 47. In the same manner tba oapMd requtil tioo* were put down at only $49,192,000 oo Jeae21. and at 991,814,000 *a Jeiy I, sbewiag aa locraaaa under tbia bead of $40,031,000. or ao? tar from doubla. Now, graat as tba current ex, euaee of tba government may be, no *m wiu pr*t*Dd lor a mamaot to aalnuia tbat they a*a to yet adding t? the oalioaal debt at tbia rate, aad. th*re :?r*, tbe only miereuce is that Mr. Chaa* uud*rat*d tb* jgurea for the *?ke *' putting a better app*aranc* on rao* of tbloga at the time of bis quitting offloa than 3fee facta justified. Ttils smacks, w must ?ay, very ?uch of duplicity, aad M tba revara* of creditable to tta autkor. Bat now that Mr. Cbaee la ae longer at tba Traaeery belm.and that it i*bey<n4 bts power to make mora troebte either in tbe Cibmet or in the Geid, wa h ive a right to expect better things, bad aa waa tbe condition af alMtr* be Mt bebiod. With tb* vaat ml Wary and aaval raaouro** at tba control of 4be admin letritipn it ongbt not to play a merely Idle game; but strong aflbrta, followed by sub etantlal aucoee-e?. sbeuld be tb* result. Tb?a there would b* no eauae to oomplam of a want of confidence la tbe government among tbe p*ep%*. aor, wtva good ?aaaclai ma*?g*m<mt, *f a want *f money ta the*| TrtsNrf ooTara. P*rbap* eren bow there would h* no batter way of *ecnr!ng tbls ooofidence aad etlmulanog aotb'iateam than by the appoint meat of tte^eral McCteilaa ta tbe command of ajrew mtlltory iiejiartnieot. The annoonoement of this, aoopltd with a call f? r three or aix montba voi*ot**r?. would ha?* a grand effect tn earooraglng collvtmenw and Inspiring tb* p*o|M* with n*w bop*. MeCleliaa snd Grant. *p*rattng ta oonjuecti'm. would be abl* to deal *ucb btowa at tbe b*vt or the rebellion tbat aone ai?a of returning pn-T ?wM at I aet make IU app*a--ano*, and It would re. quire very little exertion oa tb* pert of tbe Secretary or (In TreMury to get kli ta* money b* mlpht want. Put i.Mt aow tb* pr *r*cti we moat ct?a'aM, It rath*r dubtO'i*. 6to*ka were weak again -to-day and fall off In price K*w Tcrk '.antral d?ltaed 9*<. frl* Railroad tf, nud*..n Blv*r 1 , Rea4i*g Railroad Jl, Uicblxan Southern S> "??? a?t? 0*a4ral 4, Ob leag . aad Roek U'and ?<, Chicago, Bur Ubgt*n and y*?acy t, Cumberland Coal IX, CatiW-n Com p?ny I, and Mjr.ooaa 1. Eri* pr*fbrr*d stock and r*lekg* tnd Northwaatera *old tb* nam*. Michigan Central roea % and Cleveland and Plttaburg '<? Tbe A est <i tan t Tr*?aur*r reports to-day aa fo,!owl? Receipts rrom custom* v. .: ::v.v.v.-. :::::::: v :: ' J8S Balanc*. 33^S7,?ei Tb* mov*m*ota af forelga dry goods at tbls port daring lb* week andiog July 14 are exhibited la th* fvliawlng table ? MWersriferc*ilwm|4fea. Fadcaptt. tleaefacturee eT weel 4?4 tfanefacturea of cauoa 4*7 Xanutacturee ol sltk 100 of t.2 2^47 $014,744 WHkAraumU. _ ?aaafacturee of w^l 144 * u 12. ttMtinM t'*0. * * ? ** e e e *??' J i ?W MMalMtaraa iStt ** ? ?"?"J MaauiaMure* af O&x * ^ajma ?* Total ?<?? ^ to^uT^Tr^erwmit 1,003 ??J.?01 Maanfkctureaef cettoa 144 44,714 " lufactoreacT ailk l?t 13.^ lu'aet irmef flax 41* 'Jl'IS 824 44,7tt 2.102 1944 634 Tba following table abows th* numt4f ?f iav)n.,* luet - tutiona la this Mat*, tb* am?uot of deposit*, and tb* aamb*r or dopaaitors, as they existed -<n tbe 1st of Janu ary. !?** ? BwH. r"r C4fjj PtfritoTt. Albany 4 $? -Muxnm w.??4 1 es4,l.>3 2 os? Brte.klya 10 ^ 4I.M7 4 4.074,7.1k 2a.M0 1 140, 144 7*9 Oarning 1 l.?78 60 Rimlra. 1 'i*, 40.i 124 flebk'll 1 II", '181 Ml Pluebln* | ?t,lSC 1,193 B?4o' I m,*: ??? Xlagsioe 1 1,194 Loaip^rt 1 4, Mi 43 14aw VOfk 31 M, 174 004 94* 670 W?barg. I 4119,017 a>^4 Vorwich I ' 104,804 3H Oaw^pa I 9o;.M* 1,049 1 149, 000 741 1 743.144 $,;tW 1 87J01R 340 2 $.710 Im 11,044 1 2 U 431 797 Harbor 1 73 900 704 I 82- .771 1,144 1 91.401 474 I IM 2U 749 % 3,20"i 779 9.7HI 1 ? ?4?,*4l %,JM ? 1,137.219 0.434 S r 4 4J0 4,1X9 1 121 .33f ?2| f 141.719 1,050 I MkaMT.. T? $t?4 740,444 400,194 9m fattawMto MmtrootloM aad ralinp of tb* Comp trO m Jt the Cufr'aoy la re.VrJ \c u*ik> iJ have ,uitl una umw :- - marw mrnan. ? ) Own* or Court* tiUutm C kKM,> W r ii;m. ru? , ju ? it, H.-?. ) Th' Rxammar, ta bis rei-.rv of the C"..cni ?? ?? the ? ? Kh i. ui tU. t ?( ??. fUtM tkut ??!?? /tits ecu-i m, l a*.ti in t.*>e Ulnatett ai./uc .iUaul'l DlU. '? , uu 1 uMtfe>, ?f a*?k"*g ? *l?"o vjo p? abnnrs of toe ; (-?..?* ?<u? i.4ru? 14 ?r Mat. aiioidu.'' _ . | | i ,u? f * bud da<??ef?ws I p !'<? i si ?< K>? -Idees i> the bVrfc, gi, tf is vorr q r??ina';e wl.eitier any p-vtbuui tin.* wtda by ilia tia?i?. w u.d o+ rctfiM io<i m> a f i| t '>nf b. the ct> ri~\u u?,. he fr?c< ??; eliould be diw uiiout-u , no null r ? ha. t <tp cujuwih m> |>? ?r Ufw -iru-ao* u>v ha tiso o*y??ud lor Tlrf rraigtrti?nii or sertni ti (yieiM ? ' "* ' . t n l c? loo 't),,l Ua? iK^iati?r t??( 'U la bit exhibit an aniuiiulo! eiiee dug '.UirK?D |n>< cv <* u.e p. id upct|..'.m au?k "I toe b*i k. Walt* i: (h tl rut >oui m ?> s's bava tui"at? d M* iifli iw, lc U> qi-I b l regard ll as on* frtiuhl wit U i<*<:!t>i lia b' , a.iO I that u li >d bailor bo dimkuiilauM, ?v>io ?l Uia ink uj wa>; ven.euo.' la t ralait'Va'oif \-r <u-t-a.o-a It. MitU'U.iiCil, t ompiroiiV ?>( iba lurr. wy * TQn Mowing rulUtg has affuo Oarat&ede by iba - aup tr<iier ? Under iba heos of amount duo this btnk, ifiihh'a to i r? oein circulating union, unulu be liiii tulrii Ibi' btliuinea 1 ilui u. iba t>-? k >?u?i.a"Meii .tease ihamave b--ei' VJaUed ?Ml ?fr?rnv?<J<?i red?W.t<"> agenta lor t\e baa* ta utiles uiuiw! in ect itioo Hi ri> ooa. ami aixia olM> r. Al?o Iba loiWavma N? bond* snail ba raportad mi da;i^a<t?4 v tth tbe Cuittt<i .Hi.tna tra<?urar t< a<u;ara et cutuoi n n?- uoni a>> ... kii'>w1ad<mrci ?r i?>a roc< >,?t ot u.e >iid nmlit>.a rwennti trom >bn lio.aurar. Sor.h bouda are vuiuxii; on n .od . -nd fbiiuM be w reported. ioa following utile *b we tba cotton crop ul tba I'a-ted staien lb die yn.r 1S>>0, wilb tbo unmt>ar or ao ea plautad and tba pojuda raiae-i por ncra ? Cropinuuei. per acre. Aer t. Vfrgmia \-t,T?1 2t'l 2V-* Nt-rih t aroltaa.... 145.&U 200 9 ?a ottl ><?uib aroiiaa...,. Cot,?t3 2.;? T<M|2d liiv.ritia 7u5,.n40 ;X\) 9^,787 lorMa fS.'.^S tlu 0 M,H4t Alabama t>9T,<rt 800 1.880,^27 tta t.'jo i,s.'t.a?4 ly niaialia. 7i.,il8 4Um 7'22 rex..a 41: 100 400 4U5.S00 AriranaM J67 4H4 3 7 4 8 leimea-aa 2i!7.4>0 S\Kt 464.K0" Ueauiukjr and III.. ?,uM iOO 8,184 Total A. IVO ,(>44 0 .908 ,498 A o -Bceoaloa It stated to bnva been irmtM to tba lx>n tf?a ank of liexicn (i"d South Anipnoa by the torew me t ot Iba United State* of Colombia (f"rm?rly New Ur&aada), and auncllomd by Coo; rtss, or wbicb tbe to! lowing are tba beeiti:? Kxclualra right to Issue note* to be recHred through out tua Uulua lo nil uovernrtibtil traimaoti"ii? and c-uy u.ent of ouRtom^ auMoi ud taxes, the same as monov. 1'be bank to bavo custody ot all naiic> f inds ?nd the ricbt to aataliluib biancbw tbruu^licnU all (he States of ;oeUoioo (mcluaiva of Paoama>. with tbe abrve prlri ii-gaa IbtSa privileges are cucilcd Tor a ;-eri<x! of iwfuly-OTe jertvs, ainl th'.- UaLk is t > act ?*! tbe ?er.i ueot Uaauoml aer-nt in tnts country, audio bealtrfayg cunaldatad a aoutiai etubiHiiiueut. Stock Ennanfi. SAiffap*r. July 10?10:10 A. M. $1000 V B V?. '91, con.. 10 ? Mihtrr Kti....bin m3-? AM' d* IU?'< If? do Ml) ll.Vi 8" 0 t7 8 (>'?, 4 20*>, re* ItH l'k) Erie Hll pref. 11M 110 0U Ufa. 6-Sj's.oeu UT-, fri d ? 1I2K ?ii.HW do 10t !t?i ritid t?T?r RB ... 1 17 Si 00 do lnS'i l.i m Ura.ti g RR 1V>'< 1(0.1 Tr a 7 S10 K* A 1 4 -T ISOii d<> 11', !&?*< Ult'i. Ivroer.. 0? i itVW do.... MO 1W l?H 00 do 9 \i iCJ do 131 6i00 Lou a>sna 6'a ... *2 fc, Mleb Cenl al R It. . . 131 M?#tal?faruia 7*a. ... K5 M Mieti s a N I KR . . Kt I0.IU do 161 ioa 8.K i #iT??ne?re 6'a,'50 tij do . .c 8"* lftK/0 Ohio k ilMi certs ?t \) do Hi #?0 do 4''j 10 do ftl ?*? Krla 3-1 atorl . ... 1 a goi do b?0 95 ?AooBuff.MTAEri-isiui HA litil IHfenUSsorlp.erdi 133 20 Wl' Huri wrs.aua l!H 100 Uo 124? Mt>t lUinou Cn it bi!a. l.<2 2 0 d.i 121. 4??! i;hlo*NW 1st m.c loS JOJ do 124'. 'J$m Cbl a Rk I" bods, llo 10-J do bis 173 SO) Icts.rtvach^dra 1!7 100 c:?r * PUIS KR... 1117)4 20) sh* Caoioo Co 3". ?j0 do blO he ??:> do 3t?< 209 do 107V Ji? Comb Coal pref..., (I fc M> do h.T0 ltt?C 300 <jo ar s>jo do blO I.v*k ?0 Qulok-llvar Kg Co.. 73 10J Oh I k S W 8R ?l 90 Mlnneaota Kg Co. . . 87 S:i0. do IU0 Mariposa ?f Co. . . 41 ? W do bJO :.?? 2>w do 4I*J SO") Chi A N W prrf.... ml M) do . it X<t) Utl t Kk Is UR...C lii'.i soo do.. mo 4i Km da io;?'^ frlCopake Iron Minea. 6\ 7M do 1* .. tOOdo 6S' ISChl. BurAQnl RR. 128 'ttONYCealR '...1324 ^ Clnro 4 T?l KR.... 139 ?Tfti Rrte RR ILS ll? Cht a A.Uoo RK. ... 87 tVJU do 113'i 1 1 -0 Rao a St Jo KR ..e 3S KM da hSll.v; 1(W Han 4 St Jo pref.. a M 700 do ItS-j Traitorous Inaolanee Sharply Repri nt under!. tlie rraokforl (Ky.) Go?im mo-a'i.1 p'jhllsbes tbo fol lowing eorreap ndrnre, which it ataiwt it haa taken the Ubartjr of dobut without having dr?t obtained Oovorocr Sratnlelta'a peraaliaiou LocimtjjL June 28, 1864. Han. T. C. Buium - laua 81a? Your o>4 friend Wolfbrd haa been arrested, arid la to ilar in the bauds of tra:tsfa tu our conblttutlon. He la your bosom filaud *nd politic*! friend. Von are ? ba O reroor of Ka ,'uciry , and oatrbt lo aee th it no citi zea ta tmuoaad upon hf aoy power on ea lb. The e m munity, knowing the inl!"'ary tbat exista between you ^nd Colonel Wollord. are lo t n< to y^n aoxtou'ly, and ??very en* aays, ?? What wri OoTernor Rr>miette do?" Cue naan retn?rked to day that you would aubmit like a whirred dog, aa you did on the oc.rro e-llHinii'tit another 00a said It wn?> your ox dow gored: another aatd 1 1 was not your ox. 80 you ae4 lite dirarsRy of oplni in. .-I me people ib tile you hid lum -I' , and others, having ui->ru ch irliv for ton, dou't ibtr.k ao. Bayonets elocted you la?t summer, and baronet* will new keep your mouth ?uut It yoa ot>en tt ? that is the universal aeniimeot. Your dnctrme of 1 uttlat down the rebellion aa being a nnirersal oiro for ail disc i?*s null tv b How are you going to put down tho abolition nat ty If you are n?t allo wed to spea'.ct Yoti are In th?> t,/r'.cx. and wilt be awxliow 'd un. You will endo-ee the *dt-iivi.?iraUoa be'ore iwttve BIOMae. M ir!: what I ar.y. Bob B'e kinrtdfe bas b c>me ? trailer 10 'ho roo?t!tu t|> n of bta falbera, aad sli ce he has u -ed you u ?? von will fall In also. Yours, W. J. BSlN'II.Y. ntrtr. CoNMcwWVALTtr OF RlUDOT, ^ Fxsrimra Pn?*rm-:irr, KKAsaioitr, Juue 29, 1?>'V4- ) W. J BawTi.r, Lotusri'l#: ? fta ? Your lo?ol?nt letter of roster.!*?' (-1th) ci to to band this morning. I learned ?b n a t> v at scaool to . I,nt dots dn'lgbt to ^lrk on I blia, For 4o d bn'ti me i" th'.-m eo and m<?t finrrtlally do ! axlf d t" yo'i the benefits of it.? i^eson; for whettier d. g or rnr>i*y the Ins in. 1 is the BBire. but. aa you nun 'e?i d> ?Jed at'iiil- ma ol KesRonable rabiPa tt your n-aatsr ( !e(l. IhtvIS) es treats to gr?>w yo i to a full rt cd do , he absald uoe'.i you rour.r.lod or In ooora dnrlns the approaching d ig Cays, leal the dog slayer eLiou!4 paaa your w<? on hit b"iit Til? K. UIUHUlTlIU A Retool Uessral a?d m. MeceaH ftym |>othlcrr. (Front tbe Pbllade!i>t.ia .North American ] A geatlemea .lust arrive4 rom HagorilAwn, rurntehel our reporter with an It^m going to ?b?w tf>-? *1 irit and temper ot tbe ineadiug rebel* When ihe reuei bordc appeared In rr >nt of H?tera?>wn, < tie of its princtpal ciiueos nnderto k a mea'urolo which hs IO"k?i! for tho preservation of his pro:>erty. He (armed about two hun dred acres of land. His bari.s were full <f gruu. bis pastures were dolltnl with Sheen and cattle. ai<d forty well led s<?lue were gatberod la the re^r of bi^ouru | srlbo He waa rmpha'leal<y a man of pie ay and "I sub k lance. When tbe rebeU rami lie walked not lo t iietr ' lines, with a damaak lin>n napkia affixed in b ? walking eaae The first rehei s tdi?r be encounter* I h 1 rsqsosMd to p bow bloi to tbe rommaoriiog oth'-or. lie wa* |>a<avil under gourd to tba ? !?>; ' bis snore b. ??lii-tieral," ratdtbe ? -| am a harm symfs'ltlzsi w;th thowtb 1 heart iy wlsb aucceas Is tois li.*t-ionacd your forcje ob.ecl in aenltiog yoti out U to ask I that you and as many of ye. ir staff aw will snsstrt tbo inritatlos will m?ko my house your boslquarts-s du-iog yoar stay here My b -use is yonder upon tnat bill'' (iioli.tiag to a floe old raaStaoed mans 100. with modern add ill ms, with a long row of aajrlcks In the back ground ). ?'Von sympaihios with tba Kontb, did you rayf" que ried the Oonera'.| "Very earn -ally, sir, and always bare 4one'-so.'> The rebel general Beckoned to a serge ml who stood near lum. " Uring a ssualcet for this man,'' said be, "and lake bim iutn tbe ranks." Tbe ' ?) mpalhlrer" o(ieaed wide his eyes, hut stood mats wi>b horror. He "couldn't see tt" lo that light. He stammered out si last, "OS, I dtdo't me?o that, 0*noral. 1 don't want t? tight. I want to entertain you end y ur suUT while you romsls bore, and to show you thai i am 7 *ur friesd." Tbo rebel general 000 tempt uoualy Informed Mm that Ibey loterpreied sympathy only In lis liters! sense. Re bad claimed lo sytapeitbiAe with luem, and tltoy 1st ended lo avail themselves of bis jood will A siring of wagons wae at oace iroUod out, drives to the sympotbi/or'e pro perty, and lo tbe same alteroouo be wae stripped Of every tiling. Tbe rebels carried off sil b'a caltle, sheep, boss and smaller live stock, removed all his boy sad wheat crop, leaving b e l arna^ullerly empty. Tbsosvolry borsas vera turned lata bis grow Inn oala, and hia corn waa cut foe fodder for tbe stock ivblie 00 the march. TUe *vntpa lb leer was detained until all was done, aad waa tben released wits thank* for tho sympathr bo had niw). e?ted. Many like bin in Maryland sre now rcaplsc tbe fruil* of tbelr eympathv. VTbes men will lake the suckers oat of their pumps to prevest t'nioa ttiidiota troui di inking tbe wster, thair sympathy wilb the *outh de j?rv* tuse sucb r er. ><j n 1 1 no as thai given to tbe friend of tbe rebel cause above referred to, who came to grist si Ua^eis.own. ? _____ Destruction of a Rallroa* Dapat. I'aoviDSacs, H. I., July 13. I'M. Tbe depot of lbs Norfolk f ouuty RaUrmd, st tbe Waiorford Junction of tl<e Providroco asd Worcester Kai'rood, w?h bnrned early Jbis m<m!i g. with plz cars and much frelgbl, laclading lilt/ Ihovssnd dollars worth of wool. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board af Aldetait, OPTIMAL. trsrea ?sestos, Thnrsday. Tune*, 1844. > r o aock r. m. j Present? John T flenrv, B?i, President, is the chair, sad the following members.? A H?ns?? McMa'ioa. Chtpp, MeRntght asd Hardy? 9. Vt<e roll been railed and a quorum not appeorina Ihe Pieeldeot declared tbo Board stood adjourned without day. D. T. VALRjfTI MR, Clerk. tPKCIAL SRHSION? Tnt'SanaT, Joly 7, 1844 The Beard met pareuaoi lo the r.llewlna coll Davm T. Taumvias, Raq.. Clerk of tbo Commos rotmdl :?* ? is? Tou will alasss notify lbs nemtera of tbo Raaid - ?? A'ner I tm t? O O "t to ?'?e n.aid iu '.h* ?' tv Hall '?.? Ta irrun MIL ? sot ?' Im.-u I"*'* ?' <*-. M tbe p-irp<?e ?f UWIMU4 ?ui-i null ic oitui ???* ? nil *?-mo l?lf? Um Hxrl KtfttM, A'lleoneaa |<nKi dt-trsa*. J A .a MvAAlMtB. *1 *.!..?? teiatib detrtok J<) N Mia <? I.. Vitte **ptai, .'111' \ 1 HKSHI, Ai MiitU f.iird dtrtrtd jAtoH m !?.?.?, i" V Tn "-iimii UmiM. br K.N /' Rt> kl I.LV. ?Wi !iii?? twet'Ml diatrtci. Jot. > h a Akh-r ? Atosewtb ei a ret. PK it UaTpI'Mih.aiw an thirteenth dletrteL >'v' ... i. i flirt*, Ai'tartnae fcawralh 4 eirtol TtiNH -or, A Idea tree dtalravl. I ... i ' hn T Menu. fc?|., Preaideal; Aidassnon Km ??!.??? M??o? . ?e< ooi Staaaoa. Chip*. WeRulght, H< tee. .1 rd kiaasereno l/<>ne? I ft. lae UVILU'M at Jaa? * U mmrm nU u4 tfynrtl liriTMIi Br *id?r < M I<0 " mm Pe: t'-n of oro; r > m???h la Rigbty-alxth streft, be tw?n. injiii and Ml avenues. tor food std* walks. M u'< a m relerrrd to the Committee on lute U.' 'bl- *allie ? u "f J Dempeey lor damages snstalaed by IH bn l tiDK or a aawar la Kim avenue Mid Om Huudrad and Sutrf m aireei. rrfervwi to ihe flwllm ea Bowora. fy ihe Par- ii ?*i? Pf ? tint) of sundry citirens In recnrd to tba loraten of Hn. rlne Cempani uear tka unctlen ol (HU mum and broad *'h cli wa- referred to tka Committee mm fit* Deparie meet. * Alderman IjOn -a? Petition uf the Harlem Qasttght OoffUf I* retatloa t* f mnlilitu fa* t<> iua eity by eoannct. Bo. W ,iinn mi referred to tba Committee on Lamp* and Q as. B Alder- en Lone? Petiimeof ih- Manhattan Qaa t'oeapeny la relation t* furn l*h n? (a to tha city b? ooa tract. Wbloh ?u rwtrrsd to tba Cuamiitua mm Lam pa and Qaa. ?ssoLCfiom By Alderman R n as hen . ved. 1 h it the Comptroller be. and ha hareby la. re qnest" t tu Pay all persAua entitled to participate In tba brae .la of the fund art apart by tha city for the re ief of th? families of our volunteer* the amount* to wbhA the* would respectively be entitled did no Interruption tan plaee be tween tne last t?i m?nt unator Volunteer Family Aid Fund Mo. 8 and tne Brat pe> meat under Volunteer Family Aid Fund Mo. 9. Which was adopted. v Bv Aidertnao McMinoir? Re olre i. That the Comptroller b* and ha la hereby au Ihnnwl ami dlp-ctisd todraw h'? wan-aot in faror of W. U HriGKafor ti>e mitn at ftlfiii for m>ae: es furalnhed the Uom mon t'uuncll on the ucciudou of the reception of the One liundrad and Third reg meat Mew Tork Volunusera; the Kiaoitnt to l>e taken fmra tbe appropriation reserved from the amount ui City Oenuncanciea fov the roception of re turnini rr,. tn*nta Which wan tald orer. B'.' Alderman MrMinov? Kfno'vrd. H at the Comptrollar be and lie Is hereby an? thot'i.e.l and directed to draw tila warrant la inror of Mr. S. lii sc* lor tbe sum of SIflO. in payment of coaohoa furnlahcd tlir membrrti of tne Common Council on tbe orcaaion of the fuarral of tbe late Jobn Clancy: tne amount to be charged to t> e occennt ol CUy Coatiagenclea. W'nieli ?aa laid over. By Aldorinan MASTkiuOK? Kca'ilred, That a (pace of four feat wide to Alfred through the aidewalk* of Fom cifbtb street, between Mn'b and iruih aventira, where the ?DI la not already deue, hu 1 that the curb and gutirr atonea la said atreet lie reset ? i;dfc neceaaary, under the direction of the Street Commis sioner. Wbieh ma referred to Oommittee on Road*. Bv the same? Result ed. That Forty elfbth r.treat, from Ninth to Tenth avenue, be t>arrd with obhle monr pavement the (tame to br ('inn under the illrccioo of the CroUm Aqueduct Board. was rtferred to th^ Committee ou Boads. Bv alderman If ast*b?oi??? Kcii 'ived, That John Contrell be and he la hereby appoint eil a Com uias onerof He d? tn and for the c.ty and couaty uf New York, in piece of Qeutfe J. Smith, Jr., resigned. Wmcb whs udopted. . Br Alderman Jomks? R: solved. That the compensstlon of the aartmen of We-t Washington Market be and the aaate U hereby Oied at tha mi.' or $ino per month, the same to take effect liura tba of thix resolution. W inch was laid over. By Aldi rman Mastmsok? K?? vnl, That the Ceuiplr.iller be and be hereby Is an* thxrl. ed and directed to pay to the Ty*?\i rer of tbe I n ion llome School tbe amount of money donated to that institu tion by ti.e Common Council, by resolution approved Jauu ury 'J. lefit Which was adopted. By Alderman Fabl?t? Itrtolved, Thstcurb and (Titter stones be set as J r*tet where u?'*e?sary and the sldewAlIti (lasged a ijace of four !???: wide through tbe mlJdio thereof, oa l?itb aides of I ex In^ton aranua, from Kiftv-ioreaih street to Sixty *lxth street, and the aouumpan ing ordl aance thetsror be ad'iuted. \\ hich was laid over. B? Alderman Lo*n? Roeolve *, That the Slreet Con^minloner be and he is hereby directed lo have ?r?it, ftom Third avruue to Bast river, Gagged a space e. four fee l w| -? and curb and gutter stone aet thcreiu, where net already done. Which wn* referred to Com rallies oa Koala. Br AMaruian Lose? Krso.ved. Tb at the Counsel to tbe Corroratfon be and Is hereby directed to Uit* lb* uc.cssary legal measure* to OLen bi^htr nlntb (SPth) street, tram tbe Third avenue to Ea*i liver. Whl'.h waa referred to the Committee on He idi. By Alderman Lowo? Beaoiv?<l. That the Counsel to the Corperation be and Is here y clrecunl to tske the neoc?*,irv leita; im.-asurcs to o|>en Mlnetlclh street, from Third aveaue to ths East riter. Which was referred to the Commlttsa on Boada. By Aldsrman Loko? Re eived. Tuat the Counsel to the Corporation he aad is bari-hy directed to take the neces4ary legal measures ? i n Nlnely-tlrst atreet, from the Third areaue to tbe Kast vnr. Which was referred to the Committee on Road*. By Aldvrraau Lose ? Re on ed. That the Counsel to the Corporation be and is lierebc directed to take the reqnlslie less! mea>iir>s to open Eighty eighth street, from Third avenue to tbe East Which was referred te the Committee ea Raid a. By A de. man H i emit so> ? Resolved, Teat the Street Commissioner be aud he Is here by e thorued and directed to cause the hcu?e? of Ku? ne Companies Nos I and M to be connected by telegraph with the 1 hirty-Ll.ii d stieet fire alalm bell tower. W hicli was adapted. Ity Alderman McOooi^? R< solved. That the District Court for the Seventh Judtcial dlstrl?t shall be h?ld in tbe Police Court building In Hast Ki' if sevMitb street, aud in such room on tbe fust tloer of said build ng as mar be designat*d and -el auart by ths Comptroller ot tbe city andeouaty of New York. WlrcM was adoirted B. Al<ic: man Rrsns? R'-soived. That Owrn ParK'v he allotved to retain n -1(0 now in usu l:i trout of his premises, No. 3Ci ? *ih areiioe. Whieh w is adopted. B the 1'*mi!ii.\t Reeolved. That permission be snd tbe same Is hrrebv Ktven to .loiin II. ll-asoldco to p ace a wa'arlin? tro rli Iu Root of his preuiisAa, (iu. M Huilaoa ?lrea<. tl.e autre to rr. al l duricg ti.e pteueur* Of tue Comtaou Couoci.. Whisb wa* adopted. By Aiier.nau JwHI " Wceres*. in the r?*c' ilion, wb cb wis appro'td ?irtl e ??\>or on thei 9th dsv of October last, directing that Worth sireet, irom Brosiway to Baxlr-r nr>'', and tUn luienrcttn',' streets, he regulated and graded In a'C : aice with a red lire drawn up n a oer ttiu map accompanying the ssid r loiutuu and litasmurli a?an error wts made In prepailnt tl.e ss'd n.sp by wbl h thii rod ! ne alluded te -n tbe reeniuiieu as to !?? run ln xn lli-osrtwny to Better "trret irm;iOnt?^ nnir?: uM.Uy at Cett.rr rtree', le.ivlng n ? gride lar ttn' p.r tir.i if '.Vnrti street lying bulwefl Cer>rr an.' r<_r?r at-e-t , &n error lhatwa* u?i di?co%ered uulii itie ?,uii was dir. u out 1 y coi.trsct by the ja.-rei dejntitmeBt; be it there fore 1. ?*flred. That Worth *tre?t, from Centre to Bir'?r Stn oi? nnd the io'crsretlng utr-c's. be regulated and giaded. In in corns ucr with tbe ted hues drawn ttaon the aeootn j an tug niHp, tbe v.ork to be performed bv ihe preseul w.j tre 'or, ami at the p. ice stipulated in bis ooatraii now iu pr cfrre? u"on out; i rice \\ hlcti was adopted. Bv A-drrnan flAHt?T? By A lieaolvrd. ihat Tliity fourth street, belwesn Tenih an! I'H.etith evenuo*. be reatilated ?M graded. ao<i 1 1?? v ?m ' an i nutter stouee set tberein, under the direction o: tl * h:r. Diiamlaslt'ler. Wlii h ?s* referred te the Committee ou 8:reet*. Bv AMermsn IlAHnv? Kc-Itlved, that pr: mission be arid is heret-y given tn | Bo mne Kertx M rati bl' ::o>'ds .n fv mt ol tn* i>-etnlse?. No. ."'inih avenue, duitng tee pr asuie ot ths Co. am*'. Cmie II W leb * asadop'ed. By A!<ie: '.sh 11 ?' t>T? K?*?1 ed. Thstlbe aldrwslk o? the so-tb side ?f Iblr'y foiirih *tivri, b?-n>reu Ninth sad Tenth svr mine, be iiarsed ihe fuil wid'U, wl-eie not sii^^jly don< , under the illrectico 01 ihe at'i et Comin'S'Kioei. Which w*? re erred to the Cotnm "es oo Hireets. Mt Alder' i*'i H i .: ' i ? Reso<< ed i ~a' t rn?i*i n be and ,t herebv xlvr^ |e B- n Ja taS, l?'l-.i tu .? iisl * ? . ie. hi 'nib aud ri. iter at. nc. t si in H i ' t:?s fil 'i'?f? -1 the nortbesst rem?: uf Kkventb i- ainl 1 ny n ? "'i etnet. tne t? nrk to to" don. st hU owe "t.mse *n'i ?n lee tne ditnt:lon ?f th" Ittreut i nTum'sstontr, Wh ?h ws a^oplrd. Br Alderman Kiatif? Br*i>;ved, That Lexingion avenue be paved wtib t'ap bluet, irorn tbe MMith side ot fifty seteatk s'reet io the north *:?" oi blity-*i?th street, tbr property owner* 'o piy the whole of tbe expeaee thereof, and the accoisi aayiaf therefor I e adopted. We ch wis laid ever. By AMe, usi Fafi.m t? Kc-olvrd, T'is' ihe sunkea lo'a In ntly>*emd sad Hfity. third elieell. beiietn I.lglitb sud Mlutli a- eoue-. be f, IK. I in r-nhwlth ard tbs accompanying ordinance (fcerei'or be adopted Wb'tfc was In'd ever. By Alderman Lnnc? Reen ved. That tbe owoera of ihe sunken lots an tbe wester. y siee of sveene A, between Ninety second and Nicety third alreela be. sad are hereby directed to All in the Same ?t tbout delay W bleb was referred to tha Committee oa Public Health. By Alderman Kol? B l oi i,(,i i? ticette far furalshing a vet of color* for fhe CUV Hall bniMltig, for the turn of huncied and seveasty Bvedol'sra Wbak sss re: erred te the CosaiBlitee oa NaUenal A (fair*. By Alderwiaa KtmMvs ?e0'ii<ed. Thai tbr Cresoa maws be In d in Portv slcfe atreei. briwsea the Bightb aud Ninth arenues, lei beilh, uc dc i ihe direction of the Crown Aitueduei Uetsrtineut. M hlch was adopte'l By Alderansio Uvra?? Wlieieaa R. .toaes A Cnrafsny. prlrter* sad sUltaners, have oi'er'd at-d prnj need, and Sow etfer aad pvet^nee, to rwvlnem and eaecute tbr prto'iag, indeilag aad hNKling of Ihe |ene? and decumenta of the Board of Aldermea aad i ina< IHwen. atcertaia pr eee, te w.t, at ptleee a?* ex* cee.oug tboae her> ioiore pai4 for ihe ssras cla s of work uy the t'tirporalloa of tae ruy , Re o m 1. Thai the pr ntlng, Indst'ng aad Mn-tlng of fhe pr eeedlntJ end doeuments ef the Hsarda of Aidvrniea and bo-ien ituea be psrforased aa'i eaemied nader tbe dfreetloa end s'i|iertl*">n of tksfiiertaef aeid Boar.;*, In Ritmnn 1 .lorws k i eaipsny. si pi ices am ?>*at.tlaii ll. rise are anJ have been paiJ he rti.foie foe He saw* . .ass of Work b. ihe Corpiraf 03 'if 'tie viv. until oth*rcls,; ordered by ih* Cdoi nsin ro'-ncil 1 snd ibat the t ompiralier be and he Is hereby directed And authorized to pay the btlis so hi' arred at fbe prioes above n i insat, upon lh? same being ueruSei by the t leika aroreaant Wh h tas :efcrred Id IN fown Pet oa Pilot ag bet! Advertising. nareitts Btpdrt of Caii'm ttre. ou itrertr. la favn? of onn^irrlna wnh tbe Board M roam ilmea te pave Ih'rti s> mail nlveet, beteren Beeond and Tb>rd ate.axas, nith M<uitn pareosent Which waa laid o- rr. Report of Committee ea Pebl t Beallli, In favor of fene It.; lots on th* north side of Rigbly siiib c rssl. between rust and Ben m4 svennen. W h leb srna laid erer. _ Report ef Cerrmiitee on Be.sds. la fsto* of atttlnf curb and suiter stones In first avssi.e farm ll|kty dsll street to Ninety third strtet. W liieb was laid over. Report ef Oemmitle* on Bends. In fever of gratulaf pen mi mien te property owners u? regulate aad gtaje suip-lfw strtet, bet wees Third end Leiinptcc aveausa, Whieh waa laid ever _ _ . . Report of CerassHMs en Beada tn fsvor ef oeMWrtaf ?ntb the Beard ef ifeaecthnen te nrant farm last in Bim pent ewnere to recniate aad pmderWly Eighth all eel lm Fourth to Lexington aeaauaa. W h Ink afti itii Affp. Report ef Ce-nmittee en RnUs. In favor of leplng n eroeawalk at we wmer of Nlaatleih atreet aad Fourth ?? aid ovea B KM 4 r..i,:utUM> M PaMIe HMlik la *rT'r *f fmltg amZ hliM t r**L**' Tfcirty~rw'h *"***> k*t?M lUA w . o ii ,,*?r fca uii ?< C?n>oUM.?M riMnM,li favor of aavtag M'* ^T."tpR^"??r,sw ?? ?? aid over. Kepe t ?M o .aslttee ea H|?M? to (Mr af paving Mil* w kleb Waa ItM w<r. B-p.ut nf t'ouiaittIM m PIMtM, trMk M trdla ??in to Bairn t imilH on* ?f lh? or.uaaaea Htm IMM ? t?* tor Ik* i<i?Mn of ike euy ?(MMntriC)?ir I W hlcb waa laid over. R-por. ?( t'?niuit4re?a Plnaaoe la r?m (Tmklu 4* wk?? to lk? OkuralM of Nalat Timniky |M kelnt Poet** Sr?,"?' r' I ** WM?nw.,n oa laaur yN?M^ Which >u laid ever. " Kopnit of|i?o<w rtaaaoe in (fcvar af aavlng Lewta ("?rt?jni%r for labor aad torn aa rea ier?d to the MpaoAl O^amUieo oa af tha Buaaiaa Man* uaieer*. W kick wmi law o??r. _ oowmnotfMt CommnaicsUea fro? Baaiel U. Badger to *i*aa ika ?r ?" olir an oertala cocaliloa" Winch w* ? r ? ml lir tka fnaito ll.a aa flaanlif Slieeto Coia puuleattoa front Cke Corporation, i ra a ? a Ii 1 1 n ji etaio meal u* parte* to fBmlita* of itliiiaaf aaldiar* far fart BWbi*nila?July * iW -num far rort Which wax oriim4 an ula. CuminuuMaitaa freaa bia Hoaor tha Mayer. IraaMaiutac a pennon of uticaaa la ralatlua la Uia dlapeaitloa of *laad* and alalia la Ike various market* nmmat Which ar*a referred to Ika Committee aa Mattel* Cominuuu atlou from Siraal CoumiaaloBer, traasmittn* apport ..omeai af ataea imual la tka matter of regulation /AV^'atSSi -1 W rich mm- ordi rei%oa tta. A oommunUatioo waa roo*lv?d from th* Street Commia *Wr. with api-artlnnm -at of aaekiameat, la tha matter of ra, ula ilng and gradlu* Vin* avoaue, freea Thirty e*v*alk to Ninriv Ur?| alrrflla Which ?u or.isred on fila. A communication from tha District AUaraay. la ralatloa loan auio rapu loiter Irora General Waah agioa, add' a- -ad [ to the Corporation of tUta city, (aid to : ava baan aurraau I llounly eitracted from among the publio archive* of Sao I 6 Which *ii referred to Committee oa Law Department. ' A communication wa* received trom Uia Polloe Camala ?ifiisr* in relation to required repair* at tha Paurth pal aa atailoo. w itick ?h referred to Oomatuw ea Kapalrt kkd Sua pila* _ unm ntaatoroRB laid ona. Scport or Commute aa Ntraat*, In fkror af adA^img m, lulloa that llie ?ldewa<k> on both aide* of Tltlnjr third ait eel twtirwo thjTwtlt?ad M'ereait) a? ?M M?ir fadt ? da. erFWa m l already dona. aadSr iA direr* on or tha Street Coramliaioner. and that the aecom pan j I ordinance therefore ha adopted. keco? Wnlvb *?? adopted by the fallowing rota ? AOrmama? Aid. rmen fox Jonea, Uenrv, VcVahoa Ma. aaT'i "pin"? j?' MoKaight, K} an. Hardj, Maatereaa Be port of Oommlltea oa Public Health, la favor of adopt In* reMltiiloa that the lunkaa lot* No*. US. 4M and t3ft n*3t Port* aeoond street be tilled In. uador tka dirratlaa of the Street Cominl^aioner. aad that the tccooBiavlBi m dlitaooe t.ietefnr bo adopted or Which adopted by the following vote ? A^irii'ativo?Al 'ermen Vox, JoneaTlIrary. Mclfahoa *<? aBd'lxi|ig0nuJ" 0hl,>p' "uKt>l*l>t. *) *r?. Hardj. Maater>oa Kepoi t or t-omtnUtee oa Sewer* la fator aflkdootlaz ra ?olut.oa that the Uomptroller ba d reetad to drawbta war. runt in favor of .lonaa Conklttxg and other*. DOtltioaera namtd In tbe *chedu!? annexed. Tor half tb* amount nU^ed oppo lie tiiclr name*, and assesaed againat lb* nrocertr named tberoln, for IUa cttnaiiuc.lun of a aewer la Flflv. e vbth itiaei. between the Seventh aad ttighth avonnaj ?aid amauni to be charged to tha account of Donation*. Wli ch was laid over. Co'jiraun:catlon from the Chetf Engineer or the Pire Da. nartrnent, nominating Bernard Kinney Asalrtant Kosinaer of U>? New Voric Klre Detriment, puriuant tTelect aa he^d toiiil vacaar.r In the Board af Aaxliuot Knjlueer*. ooca ? oiH'd by de.-larln^ *eat .if John Batilch vacant. Which was la d over at the last meeting, in order to natv. an rcee^iion of reslgnatloa of Mr. Ba' 'nh. Alderman Masteraon liero prcseuted (he resignation or Mr. Baulah. addre^aed to ih* Boat J of A** clant Unaiuaer* Al< ernien .Ionbs moved to lay tho resignation over in or der to afford Mr. time to transmit his rMlgoatioa to Ilia Common Council. WUer^u^on At-.'cnnan Mi^tkbsoiv wltli traw tha resigna tion. aua movotl that Mr^Bati ch * isai la tka Board of Ba gineei* be dec'ated vacant. A demian moved to lay tha motion or Alderaua Ma?ter*ou on the t*b:e W!ii.b W9*lo-t oa a dlrl*!on *? fo'lows ? Alilrmatlva ? A!d*rmen .lonesao'l Hardy? t. Wefc-atlve-AMennen Henry. McMahon. McCoo!. Shaonoa CUjpu, M.-Kniithi, Bver? Ma-tTnon aad Long? y 1 be niication waa ibea put ob the molloa or Alderman Mt?Tr a?o* to ,:*c:are thn sent racaat. Wl:icn iva* otrriM liv ino following vote:? Afflroiauva? Aldanara Henry. McMahoo, McCoo'. Uu. non. Chlpp, McKnight, Kye;-*, Mastersi n uu l J.ooa? ? ???'eca'tre? Alilcrmen l or. Jones aa<l Hardy? X AMertiuiri Ma.-Tango!< then moved tba ooabrmatioa af tba no-.n.uaiioii or B. Cinaey to the vacancy in the Board of Assistant Engineer*. Wiixli wa? carried by llie following vole:? ATrmaflve? Alderuiea Henry. McMahoa. M?Coo'. Shan Lo"k-I0 McKnl6^'' K'ei?- Hardy, Msstcrsaa and | X-cstivc? Aldermen For and J noes- ?. Moiioa* A J-irnsa Ctnrr moved that when tba B??rd adjonra 't do aa :a?ii? to meal again oa Tiinr*dH>- ne*i. Mth (n*taai at two a o:o.'k P. M. ' Which was. varried. _ . ., KB.40t.CT10!!* aasiHKp. Br AMermsn .ToMrs? Wheroaa, it l, at pleaeed Almighty aod.tlie Raler af maa ? nd astloi.*, tbe Coatroller an(Ti>iwa?or of all thiags. to oall fra.n ainoagnsan ouraaterined and beloved lelloW oituen Joka CiMey. a man panned or all those traits or character which aadear maa to bia fallow man. Ihwe tcreal uuabiiea of mtBd and heart wnlcU ennoble aad ?!er?t? humanity abate all ea: thlv thing*, and Oi it for tha oompaniaashlp ?T tUuse ce>iiiil being* who*? abode and sc^etj araiuteaded for the pure of heart alone; aad WUeretM. lhadeath of ib'spronsistagaBdlaSiieatlaleitizea has pruducart a universal lesitug of regret and imlanaat g jf ainotg all claoea < f ??Ith.en*. to wbetn be w?? >ue raiiy kno?n, admired ropeotad and aeieataad. It be.-ouie* the attroi'. ta red duly of thi* Common C.iuBoll ;o aad tbe'r fcebte tribute of rf>*peet ie bis mmaery; waim la bi* at t*'-lirnen:j. oncbaugiuj |n his fr.end>iikps, icc rrocaiioi; at! it'** or kindness, generous in hi* trapu'a**, uobla 'n all act* 0. mind and beart, iadepeutt,v.t lu fcta or, urea aa a citUtn ami ptil> lc man. tine to ti:e Irusls coinmltled to hi* car* b* the l;?op:eof ibl* citv ha leave* n n Id* reoord wonby of ?liluUuou by all-a r<cori untaralshad by Dea l of fcit--. isstses*. Iil? nauie and v:r:,iea niii i*4>a u TrtA in the m-!o>or[?*af our people, his eramp a will serve to rtiretl t "st, wii?, ilko bnu. ai-e couipeued to he o:ue ine arukile^ta ? I ilicrowa fortunes; and Where**, the degassed filled the oloe of Councilman A.^rrtuan. and Cpuaty Clerk; was ptesi.iiug oScvr of thh B'srd; and In these s?vcrsl posiilaas of (.uhlie trnsi dl*. ch?i gi i the duties connevte l taricwttu wi'h s gnat abll"r *nU flUi'ty : J oases sins; great iBtellertnal ablllllc* and eal paclrr, ttie.r ? ?a ever used to *tl>ai) - ?ud pr.xnt.> the In terred of lo.ieiy and li.e prosp-ritt aud hap iu> ** oi all. theio.'ore he it ' Kcst-ivs l, fht; the dea'.h of Join C!aaov ha* produ-ed a void to !:'?? I'ltn: r n-at ti oe <??* never till;' tlat ulj nre?en' 0 In-ih. "or.. I is |m i i-, ihcai rarever. hul mat io hi* etem 1. sil Ufa etid uob-e r?w rd lb?r wilt dad to cons, e tve.r fee lugs of deep mi.ow thai in hi* iVur'Mtan dtsatk ihrv hiv.. ibe atsursacn that ht* roLS-tlau m was it, the b vf oi enjowng ibe b^*L?' c vis'on of (i id. He olvcl, Thai the me^hera or ihU f'omu.on Co'B !l do desj.iy ?fnre la the grirf esu*ed by this ml evsnt; ih*t hi* etrl} d? M?b Id the tr. mt of his (lawfulness Is a fearful w^iulug to *11, aaJ remind* u* ftm ih't that w* gnon net tor av i r Ibe hour, o>.<*. in* moment, wb"d we m*v bo *? .* j .u ike manner, an l oe it further R<' jti?d Th*' a nop*' or ine fo-rgolng preamble and rt-so ti...>iia I* d ,lr ?Tnrn: .s:id ,ind imusait'tod to tka .?nit ? of t. * rteoea?'d. A.'t?. afMwing trihute to Ik* cu*r*cler. paMi^ *-rvl-e* ? nd prlvaie - worb of be der?ned. paid br Aldermsa J(>n??. .ii ? l?w lee mg snd appropriate remark*, the r*so Its f 'Hi* wis nnHntiuoiis f allotted On m i o ibe K?atd t i*i> a ljodraad, au I the President snroun i., ut t' e lloaid s'.i .rt a. I lOiii ned until 'I'liura lar re it, the llth inslsai, ai. two o'cuk P. y. U T. VALtSIISt, Clark. "aard of Couarllmta, rpptciAL. Sr?rto 8* -to*. Thnrsd*y. Jnne*n, \tti > ^ o Clo. It p. a I ueT lwrVUTL pur*li,n'- 10 kdjourhmeni iu their tham Prjst nt--.T*m*s H*ve< Ks j , Pr* idem, la thar?i*lr, and the following inemt<er* ? 1 C 'Mflet'mca l.eensn, Hrc;>hv, Harerty. Websier H*<Trr ? an, Ilynn, Oio^. It-i'p?r, Roster. Ha-.l'snd. Mdii'a.h Op dike. .Uque*. h,.baef*r. Cook, B-aaden. Mrlco. Fa. a*. a d and Joyra? au. I ne B.iuiilei of the meetings held June 30, 23 aad ii were read add appruve-l. _ . rrrirrovi. Bi the Pr**tp> >it? Pertiob <?f ie*see* abh re*ld*nts In Oliver street t~?a**d. ^ *'Uiro ",U ??B *rc*|, io hav* itieei Which was lefrrird to theCammiitee oa street*. By Co ok*, maa Brn'iro- ? lias. 'v?<i that sefloa e ght of the "ordiaanee to nrevtJa Tiyf *',nukt','k ?: tba aid beietolora gianied tnthe taia . lieCor vol nteer k? frti.n (he dtv of Kew tork eerv mg la the a: my of tba Un.ea,' anaroved r.bru^t,7d amooJsd and approved Mar W. 1&4, u kersoy ameadVd *n<t shsi. r*a l is lo'lowa ? ' ?i?sacsa, ??S-nion ?>. Sn nriier for relief thai) be girea to aav prr.v-u w a la not si tb* tlma of n.*k,ag ih* pilcatioa a res d-nt of ml* city, and who was S.7 . i e* Id oat *1 ibe date or Uo enil*'n,*?i 0f tb"*".ar **'? *P|>uc*tiOB for r*lie ,s mad* Re.ef *i*'i only he a'towed to tb* ram lie* e'.Th aoiillera a- *ha' enlKt In or b, erertiled to the cliy and *"">r ?r "j* *or* k?d R ag* oeuaty, New York provided t* ler ?* give* to th* famiiio* af piraoaa eai'iteV la regf *nt* credited to tha city af Maw York, t.ut re*idi*g In KlMa co iBtv, and ska I h*r* beea mu*tei*4 lata the *ar vii.e of tl.* Hnlir l ftiat'-a, sml are actually <lo.ut dtitv in ?amp or garr son ; M- epting that (ba ramiife* af lho** whe ?r "'c.Jyr "oa-ie'l. or have i>eea killed, er bate died from }ke eUr<Ms of wjmn4? raaeivad ar dlaaaaaa ooatractsd whi a In the ton l-e af the governmeat, ihall ba eatltlad la lb* MVM ft - if ItM) Sd ? J <1 i ?? r VII IB ftoiml Mrvirr Map fUll time ro Uit famiijr of Uf m>\?? Uu hl>. iBruidUorpB. uk 'tm *a*h soMlsr I* oouated ,fc*li,Uof th* ""r Tork. under StoT5?t51r?r*8.'Ae rr,,u,#"1 #f ** WkiSl I tata*. WhWi wua laid aveir. y toe Piibukbxt? ?? " vod. That perflation be akd tka same I* herabv gi<*n :* Cithsrlne o coanej to k*ep a tuod ** tka Berth jy,.*11w*rV ?" ????y knd caaai atraei rav the ?a'a of fmit ?* i MM perralaakm to remala oal. durlag tha plaa a?ir* of th# I'o'utooa C ,uno?i. ' Wkic'i was adoptod. By Oo..sclluian Imiib Retn.ttd, That per miss on be and It It hereby ctvaa la Laoi old Dpeehiiaier ta tihlbit a truok ilga la fro*? of h a pr*miM<, Bowery ?%e sama to ramaia during ibe plea a re* of Ue Common Cooneil ? ' wklok aa* adopted. Hv i-he Patriot ?*? fiaaoivad, That p*. miaalon be sb<I tba *am* Is haraby alt ?a 'a Karv DtiTy ia keep a stand for the *ai? of fruit al T.* uine?ion -f TryoB raw and Chatham atr*at. the earn* t* r* ft.iti opiv da>iag tha plaasura of tb* t'uamoa Cv<**li, W e ~h was depted Mr t oune.ihn** Boara*? . Ttoiib* Tr**1 ^?? s'laBer k, ll( ka t( h? d.iacleH ia pjaoa twe gas lamp* la froal of the Alaaioa Wftah waa adeptod by Ika fkllawtag veto - Adtrmauva? Counallm?a Beaaaa, Bravkv Baeariv Ha?ae. WsMtsr Befferasa, kyaa, - ~ " f',t| | Hav U?d. Beurath. Opdy ke. JaMue*. Sckaaf*!, cava, Braa ?ton Ptl *. P.fgeialdaad Jayaa-SD. Bf ' aeilman iovta? Bos-'lved That Ik* vatokt lots Boa, ? aad m Waal fli,. Motk straot. bai wee* Jftaik aaoaae aad Broadway, ba tiled l Broader tha dire^lea af 1k* Street Ueamlxoaor. bleb waa referred to Ike Cotoaaittaa oa PuMIe Baal Ik oa ConaoliSBMi HaviLA*t>? i cerporaWoa af Um CM# af law Tart ta B ***i i. ^Hl?k*ir daiaa Dap fnmlahed Iks Cataailiie* ^^HitBlraaa tkeeeeaaUf of tka reeaptton *f Ik* ^^?taa* tBgBitotokt Ja#MBB*iia*kat. ?? >4 Hfeur aadakaf daiea aa iiikaal il . . . l ek waa ^Aptd Vtim OoaaMUaw bo, iM ha la M nftwiMf ?d#mM liiMfetoi U Uo WMUM h.lMO IffMMlMlt IIMMtMWtONfM bltliM ?h >?? a ae be Mm tod to II* I * blob *11 referred to toe CI? lit? en fir* ?l> Iipim- ? ^ . ?MfM. That eermtaeloa be. end *0 MfhkMta 0NI to f t. r*Mn te build e drale from ho MS Ureal Orrot to m a sot vita ?mi I* mU mm. , ? bViMtaulniu ami that said m<t to nAiiK I* UaOniailto ? inim. . Villi vm loot. Councilman Km mi moved that said mw to ntanl to tor Onmk'M oa Sewers. Whiea waa cerrted. By Oonno loian M to? tt taiHH.Tto Jaiaa Twte tova permtoe n? to reeetoe end Mifir food* to front of bia premises, Mm. Ml Bmm ef tto Ommm Council. by 0' unotlmsa fa M? Be etved. tut tto OMfMto to mnwMI Hi to to hereby directed ta furs la* to Ikii Board, aa ar Oofnro tto IM at Jniy. lk? .amount of money atpeeded far etreet cieaoieg per, eee (toot July I. IM\ to J Jy 1, IHU; alaa the am aunt tor freighltos-away from tto e tjr >u dirt, aahce aad . gar.wge, 'aaathrr with the lumtar ef load* of aad dtrt, J ahjeeto ?maum a are claimed to to den. WUok waa adopted. Bubaaaueai Councilman Kiatrif moead to reoee alder ?aid action. Counc I man Uauanrr nor ad to la# eaid meuea to i*a*a Which waa aari tad. bar cennetlmen II ?? ia>iii fcrtrat That a newer, with tto aaaaaaarjr receiving baaloi and culverts. to built In ereene B, aatwaaa reur to-ntk and riflranth atraato. voder tka direction af tto Cratoa Aqueduct Depanmeat. waa referred to toa Owtttt at ttotwfc - - - .mmuiutuM By Cenaeltmaa Waaanca? Petition ?f awaara aad raatdanla to Orchard, street, be tween Deleaeey aad Bivlngtea street*, far a aawar taaatd street. Which waa referred to tto Committee aa Sewers. By Cauaetlmaa Oaoi.t? Petition of ths Uarmaa Amerlosa Ptee Bcfcoet far a dona tion to eneble thau to enlarge thalr building. la ceaoeetion tbuwlih Councilman Ouat proocalod tto following reeelutton Besolvtd Tbal the Comptroller to directed to draw h a werieot la faror af the Piesident aad Director* af tb* Ocr ?tan Free School (la Fourth stre?ti for l a turn af Ove thau: aand dollar*, to eaaM* them to oomplote thai - aehool build log, end ctigrge the same to aooouat of Oit? Ooetingeaetoa. Whlds wad rsferrei to the Oommitoe aa Deaeiione aad Oh&ritlM. Uf OPDTClfr? Petition af Benjamin Wood* to to relieved froia personal tot I8M. In connection therewith, Coaacllaiaa Orsru pitmltd ik? loltowitf rMoiuiloa ? Resolved, that tha Comptroller to aad ha hereby 1* di rected i* draw hie warrant la favor or Benjnmtn Wood , for the sum of 9G9 M, oeiag the amount of hu pereonni tat for lha year IMS. which waa arrooeoualy aa>aaaed. aad elMuae the aama to the aorount of itoaatlon* and C bar! tie*. W hich wat referred to the Committee oa Donalleat aad Charitlea. MOrioint. Councilman Ratrt arared that' tlie Oomm'ttee en Ptaaaee to d'eoharaed from tha further coaaideratton of reaolutioa of Board or Aldermen, that the Comptroller bo directed to draw hia warrant In favor of Walter Aootna. for the sum of flttt; alee ia favor of 0. 8. OrafuUa. tor the euta of B260. for tntulc fnrni*hod oa the reoeption of tha Buatlan emcert, aa per bill* hereto aane.ed. Which area carried. And the reioiution wat laid over. Councilman Kmiir moved that tha Comalttea oa Street* be dlichar^eu from the f urther consideration tf re port of Committee oa Street* of Board of Aldermen, with reflation that the creiewalk In front of No. 17(i Greenwich ?'.reel be re ald immediately, the came to ba done nnder the direction of the Cratnn Aqueduct Department, aad that the accompanying ordinaaoe therefor to adopted. Whtoh wa? carried. Tne paper waa then laid over. Couoodmen Jotcb moved that the Committee on Rational Affair* be discharged from tlie further oon?ideratloa of re eolutlon lhal (he t imptroller be dlr>-oted to draw hu war r?ut In favor of W.lllam 8. Brlrg ? for the *um of on* hun dred and fifty doi'ara, for ooache* furniahed for the dlairl but'.nn of the book* and ordinaaoa*. Which wat carried. The paper was theu laid over. Councilman Rxpraa moved that tha Committee oa Whav<-a, Pier* aad Blips be discharged from the further cooetderatlon of reto'uUpa that permission be given to Metsrs. Fuller ft Spnoner to plar*a *cale for the weUhlag of Ice at the foot of Hammond etreet. North river, the same to reaiaia durtn,' the pleaaura of tto Common CeuaeiL Which ws* carried. Tbe resolution was then adopted. Councilman Kvesas moved that tbe Committee on Slreote be discharged I row tlie further consideration of refoiutlon that permission be given to P. Medlnloh to erect and retain a wooden nwning lit front of Me premiers, No. 73 Cortl.indt street, the same to remain during tto pleasure of the Com mon Council. Wltleh was carried. Tb* resolution was then adopted. Coaaclinian IC*r s a.n moved ihst the Committee on Street* be dtacbargcd from the further consideration of resolution of Hoard of Aldermen that permission be given to Michael hey u olds to leeo a stand on the north we*l corner of Mine teru-hstieeiaoa?lrtb avenue. Which waa carried. Tlie resolut on waa then coneorred la. Conn oilman Kcatrair move'l that the Committee on Streets be discharged lvom the farther cenetderatiou of resolution of Board of Aldermen, that a croaawalk to laid across West street, opposite No. 07 West street, uader the dlreetioa of the Cretun Aqueduct Departmeat Wkkh ws< carried. The reaolutioa we* then concnrred 1a by the rotlowlag ?ote ? AnirmaUvs? ConneUmen Keenan. Broahy. Hagerty, Hayes, Webster. HeReraan. Byan, Oreaa, itepper. Ko*ter, Haviland. UeUrath. Pchaefer, Cook, Braadon, Urtcis, Pits gera.d and Joyce? 13. N'gat're? Coi _ lonnellmen OpJrkeand Jaqoes? 1 C uncilaian J ores moved las' the Committee on Rational AfThirs be <tl?chsrjed from '.he further con -i dent Ion of ro selutioa to pay William McOsnsld lor funeral espouse* of Uie lata C*lon<l U. t. O'Brlea, with tto following eubetl tute for said losoiiUon:? Rc?niTtd. That the Comptroller be and he le hereby an themed sad directed lo draw hi* aarrant ia tavar of WU* liarn McDona <1. fo? the sum of three huudred dollars, being the amount iu lull for l'uneral expanses of the late Colonel H. K. o Brien, who nsi killed dnring the July riots, aad charge u.e tirns to the appropriaitea wf City CoaUageaclea, or kut o her appropriate account. Wlikh was < airlsd. ??. And the !t?e was laid ever. wisi moa soua or ir.atnsn. R*so'moa tnat the ordinance of tbe Common Conncll, adopted ou the iVth of Jaae, I1MJ, direct. ng too construction or a sewer In Oae Hundred and Thirtieth street irom liroadway to the Uudsou r.rer, be aineaded by strlklag out Hie names of Charles UcNell, Jacob K. Oaklet and YVullam A. Do' ley. aad Inierilag in place thereof the words "the Km do Assessors." Which was concurred la by the folio wing vote:" AQirinstlve-Ceuuctlineu Keenan. Hreohy, llngerty. Hates, Webster, Hoflcroao, Kjan, lirosa. Vlepper, Klwier, Uarliand. Mc'trath, Opdtke, Ju iues. Bchaefsr. Cook. Bran ? uou. Brioe, Pit.-geral : and loyce? JUT Res Int o* tha- Btuadway. from Tlilrty-fonrtb to Plfty. atath ?'.reel, u< lentimbered, uader the dirtKtlon of the titre-d i ommlss^easr. Wh ch ?a? concurred In by the following vote - An'..-inauve*-('o mclimeu B:oph?, Hsgsrty,, Web ster. HefTsroaa, Kran Uroes, Beppsr, Ko |er, lUrllaud, Mc.?rstn. Ordyke. ia'i'.ca. Schsefer. Cook, Brandon, Brine, Flt.'gc.a!d sud Joyce? 19. ? Councilman keeum ? I. Hc?ul ilea t. at the pa>em*nt iu Cherry street, bet* ackson and Uourerneur streets, be repared forthw th, ua der tne d:re- 'lon of the Crone A'ineduct l>epsrtinent, Which wsLcoud'irred in Kesoiutlon tha' the poU of th* fteoond BlecUna district, Two lit*- je.ncd e ?rd. be hangoii to the h vase of tiaaiel Fer b*r, .n e 1.2 West Tot ;y-k*eoo?l stieet. W hlch wsr : j d o?er. Ke.o;i.tioii thai tbe Croton Aqueduct Pepsrtmeat be directed to p s' s s Tree drlaklug hvdreat owrucr of fifty, blth ?tr-etsu1 Serenth srenus. W ul-h was coif urred in. Boo.uiieri t nat the Cro'.on Aqneduet Department be diincti d to place a Tree drlnWlng hydrant coi ner of Bixty thhd Sireet and N nth avenue. Which wss oocurred in. lleport of f stnmutee as PnbUe Bealth, with reeolnttoa tHst the eacaat lota on the northeaat corner of Twenty third street and Ninth ersnue hofenceu In, under the direc t on of the fttreet Commissioner, aad that the aocompaay i08 ni llnance Iherwlnr lie adopted. Which w*? refcrre I I > th* Comujlttoe on Publlo Hea th. Ro port of Coin m t tee nn Pnblic Heal'h, with resolution thst the sunken tots un the north ante uib sides ?f i.lghiv ninth an : Nluetleth street*, between tbe fhlrd snd Fourth nrcnues, be filled ai, under the direction of tbe Street Com. ni'saioner. aad that the accon taajiaa orulaeace therefor be adopted. Wh'ch was referred to Uie Committee on Publle Health. Report of tbe Committee on Htihile Hea 'h. wiih resoln t'en that the Street Coni'elsstnner be directed to hare tto recast lets en th* north side or Fifty etshih etreet, between 'thud snd UsilDgton seenuee. fenced la aad that the a* eomi>anr:ng ord nr.nce iherefor* be adopted. Which wa- rcferied te the Committee en Publle Health. Reportof the Committee on Pnbl'e Health, wttb resold 1'iiion ihst tbe sno ken lots oe the n rth side of Seventy eighth street, bet ire -n First au<l Ffr-end a .mues. I.* tilled in. under the direction of the Street Coosmieeloeer, end that the aecempaa; iag erdleaaee Uterofur he edopteA Wbich a>* .'aid over Mepert ..t the Committer oa street*, with re'oliitlea that the siJews ks eu both Sid's or Thirtieth ureet, between Broadway and Seven h aesnne. he Sngced the full width, where net ei ready done, under the itirooion of the Street t ouimUtiuiisr aad tkat tue accompanying erdlnanee there - for be sdn-jiM-l. Wbteh wa* referred to the Committee en Scresia. Resolution that tbe rsesrt le's on the north rid* of Oa* Bundreil snd 1 wsatr rs-nnd street, betweeo the Klrot and ftecaad areeues, be fencod in where not eiread* done, nnder the dlreuiloe of the Ktrset i mmiesiooers, and thai tha aco rqp laying erdlaan.-e Uierefor bo adopted. Which ws referred to tbe ' ommittee oa I'nblle Health. Rrsolcloe, thai the sscaet lete on tbe south etde *< Ome Hiitidred and Twenty ihltd arret, between the fireteaS ?e'-ond eveenee, siao oa too weet etde of First arcane, between Cue Hundred end Tweoty seoand nad On* Hse diea asd Txssty third streets, he feeead la uedot the diroe ttnn of tne Inset (,smau*?i. nsr, aad that the aoeempeay ti?? ord- nance therefor be ad >p|ed. hich waa referred lo toe f ommitBie oe rttbWe Healtb. _ *ee?r*' hm'tln stieet. toconee<4 with sewer In Bski _ Rdone i.sdsr the d rectiea el the Croton Aqueduct Beeed rlh tritli. Which was referred te tto OhjroBlNee on lower a Resolntioa that petaale tea 'jo siroe to Hegfe Murray to erect aad malatein a wa'erlaclreeto le freetel 'ale pre aalsoe. c. rssr of forty soeeaf street aad Blsveath aeenoe, the mme te rema.a dariag i { * a leas a re of the Common Cnsneil. Whtsh waeeeeeerred le. ' Beeoiut r.n that Nteisrfn he gienled to ieeeh nreeta to eahibl' (.nods le front of la le premises. Re, 1 Blghih n?e aue. Ue asms le remain #,irfng tks p easere ef the com men Coun- iL Which eae roe urre4 ?t - . Besotiitlnn tbat psraarf ?*ier be gr as ted to Mr B. Bnrseh te ei%ct and keep woo-le i swnlog to froet ef premiem Be, rn TklrJ arenuo. loo ar me to remain during the #ie*s?re nf the Commoe Couis^ j. Which weaoenonia* d to. _ Rsse uilee that i? misiton v>e gl?ea to Hrary Wiiiieg to erad a barber pole r a tse smith west eereor- of t>dar and Oi sea with >ire?te d * same ta remain durlag the pleeenre ef the Commoe Cw jp-n. Which *aee*ii<r .nod ia ? _ . Brsriliitine that perm;**;o? he gJ'en to iekn Rendareoa to erect r' ~| h landfl... _ ^ ' "friiTsk^Vas? Beenlutioa ' ?bet BStmleetoe be giver to John T; en esee te erect ae<t me'ntala a watri ng lrot<|k n of bis ? remale der Wi ainaaary rsootnag v#i**a street from Beeeh ^^^?e bsrbor' -f, in i ,*?i efss ot h IMN| Hoe Breads* -jat. the same te lesoaln nurieg toe plea to erect an<l matntsla a watri ng no gs eremite*. Kr . ?? Rest Rresdwar. the same Ink the pleo aure or the tlonnmon t'oueci! ? Whlak w *a eonsurre<l In ? Beaei'# .. thes Uo clerk ef MMM ? euarfl he ?reetodi/ provldo f'd- tue members of the piSkeoi Oomn ne Keam* the **anl badge orTnulgela or o? oe. together w th ?e aa# ti or customer* beets, map* and ata mnery (with Bto ?r his Heaer the Mayor > ?(V Bomd of Aldermen adopted, eotwuhsteeding ike eh ?wy eame? hto eeaaee tee Merori. eenoorred in hfjf ? rel.owmg vote ? I '0? Coooolime* aeenan, fiooi-y. Bssoriy. ^^^^^ktor Hetferna^ fer.Oooa, Brandon, Brlob, File * a Ottltoaad JM'iee-i nmtATiow. receive i from tto Tnmrjaay f^etrip, An 'Insltotton wae received nam ?e Tamrmsy Wywtrif, ?af ux?.^^H mMlae oa BaBoaal Affairs u> | leoaMi f jr tl.? B**ol*IUc of Baardaf A.'drr uen. dlyeo'tag 8.81 I?MT or the Oitr HtlMto daaptated ftwm ** 4 jMI.* ? fall aet ?f "*r taotud ag State. Our o< Ratioaoi Ba0 M< HMWC ? hicl ww ooecawi 1 4 li Wr the felewlni vet*:? A ' raiat ve? Counc liura bmu, B opby. H; ft-rt* *"?'? Hilfitl, K; >a. Umv Hepper, KaIM Haviiaod *t-Or?4b M aelar. Ooea, Hreadoe. Mnce, Ftt? ge> eld and Jotea? IB Raaativa-Couac inea Opdyke ui Jaqura-- '. *f 0?"> ma tie* oa Natloe-t. alTa re .a favor ef M ourrfng wtffc ftaant of At iwara tn *dr>i>iiai- r*?->li:tlue ~w "f J/wpw* lor he d reci*d la draw ti ii warreal ? '??orf' lor tba aura uf ? <0: al* n la fa tor of Col oal l'. U. tar the e?in of tlHu: alee M ravor ?< the frra d-ai .? tne 'Uai.aaharatoca'a I n?t?4 at* ? " jtoeiw* tor toe .an ?f sua. aa vrbiii* arra? aaaeiad aad otaniibaiaM to tha ?ccr?ia<. of CI j Vw Uareune* ? hloh ?u adopt a* kr tha faltoBIng rata ? AUIrmauv? .'.ooaci wa keenan, br.p ??. Bmmm, H?>m, Webs: er. Helterciau K aa. Uroaa Fepwr ku-tor, Haolland. tt Ur?U O?wlylLfr .lAgura. Meai?a.rr, v.u,a, U(M doa. Br lea, t'.tiau-rald aa.. Ja>oa -SO Cetiaei.maa K?riea cai a>l uu Ui-naral Order Mfl 1 ?:oi t to otu.low al Haar4 at A 4ler.**a tA,u in* (femptnM er M 4 iMad M draw b a ?amil la lever af .loan Do -an Ira da* ef llta Cecilian 1 aad, 10 ike aum ?f t?*nt> dollar* each lam being far formatting a 1 mam>a of mua o ni*t* tbe ?e< aa oa of iba Fiurih Af J fir r*.e)<ratiun at T.nupklto aqu? ra Park July 4, Mb*, aad ei.arpe iba aa<n? ta tia tpyra prate unanl. Whloh waa eoneatared IB by the follow in* rote ? AOirnial re? Cwaaurrmeu Ki-?-?an. lirophv, Hif*Ma Ravaa. Webeier. M.ff-ruau,, Uruaa Uepper. koate* H in 'aad, Beta rath U|>d *e J?q 1*4. 8ubaaf?t(-. ? aok. lira* doa.Jir ? Kit arrald and .liiyca? M. Coiaoi man Mc4ka h caIkkI up U?n?ra' Order 2M. I aa ordtaanea to <tind? th* Kt?tata?nia ward luto cva*? fclarUon dittnct- aa fa Iowa ? tM oaauiAjioa *a oiriaa ma Kiaannrra wars urro 0Mb TtfNIKMT BLBVTIO.t PMTNI TK Ba H b? tha Ma 01, Airfarnirn and af iba eur of Maw York, ia Co umns <*0 wf-il o-n . cn*d ? I be Kigbleaoih waid-aln l (w dirt?4<i Inu. if t? o a i iha dl'lrto a lite ttlril aad UniMa af wbbib kada'oettoa Ma trtntc aball ba aa lol ow? ? Tha Fiiat blratlaii dt-irioi of tba KlxUtaani^ w? A *J laf eoncain all thai pai l of ihaeuy po by and I; n i mtkia haurtraalb airrei, tfixtb av?aua, tlglilcaaib ?irtai aa4 la iria? 1 taua. The baoaad Klertlnn dlktrtet of tba Klshtarnih war.) ital oouum a 1 Mat pari bf iht e t>?|iauBil?d 1> and (vine ? Ubtt biRhteeatb atra<i STktb ai'Uue. twenty second aiieek 1* rl'if place ana kaxtagie* i?nw. Tba Tbiril K ecu 00 duinei 01 tha Bltbuanlh ward a!ia* ranta a all that Hilt of tb<- e>iy b<> otJed by aid l.ia, w tkia Twenty eaeoad a treat, Ml>tb a??aoa, T*e?i J enth trret aa# UihutuB a r| e Tha Kottrtb Itleeliati dlatrtrt of th* Klghtretitn ward ahat aoataia a<l t%at part ot inr cit< tMMiadad b. ?nd ivlnv ? hub ?ourte*?U ?tirei, IrHag vlaoa, Bovaataeaia piraot aad a and avrnae. Tha Fiftb Klrrtlaa <Hatrtet af tba fil^hMntb ward, iM ooitlala all that part <>l tna tiiy b?ond?r| by an 1 lyu a tuiia Sevan leentb atreat. Irving i<taoe. Tweaiiath atrcet and $m oni are one Tha RUtb Bleetloa dtatrlot of tba Elshleeath war#. afcaS oantaia all't ai part of taarttr b>m 1 led b an 1 I u ? <*iiai? Twenteth atrrat, Urantarcy park. Lexingtua atuaa Tweuty th rd etreat aad ba an# ami ue. Tha gevanib Cleotion diairiot 01 the hirfliie-uth war4 ahai contain all thai part of thn utir bonuded b* an# l> tmt within Tweof third kti?ec Latludtoa areuua. T veuty?.?I ?treet and rteooad avenue. Tba hiahtb Kleotlou diatrtot of the Rlghtaenth war#. aMM oaout n all tnat part of tha city b-mtidt-.l b' >nd IviBi ? .JH Fourta a h ?uoat, Heooud areaae, Meventeanth aural aa# Ftrai aresoa. Tha N nth Rleatlon dial rid uftba Rlgblannih want, abal oontaln ail that part of the Itv if let) bv tnd ly m < wttM| Rerenteaatb atraet, Saooa# avenue. Twentieth e net aa# If.rat an-n na. Ttie Tenth R'aet an diatriot of tba RUateenth ward a hat) ooauin al 1 bat part ol tha cllr oouu led >1 ao l lyinff ?ithM Twentieth atreat, Oeooud areuue, Twaair-talrd atraal aM Flratareana The i-.leraath Rleeitnn district of tLa Klxbteenta war# aball onataln all Hint part af tneeltv ba^n.l. d oy and lythf wituia Twrnty th rd atreal, bacon# areuus. Twenty ulatft atraet aud Fleet araaue. The Twelfth bie -il-i* #l?trlet of the Rlghtoaath w?rd ahaS coniaiu a t thai part of i:^ uity bounde l i?r an<i u iu_ xiiib* Po .rteaath atrcet. Plrat areuue. berrnl-eata atreat aa# arnaua A. Tne Thirteenth Rleetlon of the Rtghiaeoth waa# ?' ail a nitulu all that pa l af tua oity bounded o? an>llylBf wltuiu hereulaaath atraat, Ftrai aveaue, Tweutieib atraal and ?nat river. the kourieenth Rlaetloh d t'rtct of tha Klihteanth war# aha) contain all that part o: tna cily bciod.j o aud IjJbA W'tbia Tweot etk atreat, birat avanue, Twaniy-autb atreat Md tMt rivttr. The Fifteeuth Kleetl'm district of tha KUliteeatb war* aball canlaiuall that pan of tne c.ty bounan i b and lyta* wltbln Kourieantb atraet. avaaue a, iereoieentu tlroalM# Kaat river. Which waa adopted by the following rote ? A(llrmaticea?rouiiCilui?u ae-um, bm)>by, Hagm^ Hayaa Webber. Holla, nan, Hyan. Ur?M, Ke^p?r lCoatar. Ilavuaad, Mctiratb. Opdtke, .1* tuaa, 8ch?efer, Cook. Brta doa, Brtra, Kuzgoral# and Jute- ? iu. mn M ?i<ii*r?. OouBvliman Ba oa ware# that wbea tha Board adjanra jb #a eo to n e-i,on Tburaday next, J uly 7, at eae o'cleox f. It W hlch waa eti nM roatMOHlLMriONS. A oommunlcatutn waa re.r.ivnd front the CenaptreQ^ lOtb diaft af an ordtoaaoe niaxmg additional at-proprw floo for tba jwr IMt ' Which waa re atved and referred to lha rommitiee?B Flunci. A oomniialcatioa waa received front tha CompiroBMt with a ataiemaat ?f dlabur-enrf>nu tp latalltux of veiuutaav for tour weeka, en liou June II, ISM. Whtcb waa ret ired ai.d ordered aa flte. A eommnnl atkia wa* reemraa fioia tha r m|ilinHggL with aiatamant uftbataixa in Traaaory Juae M, 1M4. Wblen waa raeaivad and ardered 00 nie. nc lmaa Hi amp moved that tba aame Da r coat re# and tba netial' number printed tu doennjent form. Which waa carried <7 the mllewing mie ? Afllrtnallee Ceuneilfuea Keenan, Hreohf, Hagwrty, Hayea. Web-tar. Haffat, Rvnn. Oro^a, Harper, Wn " Bavlland. MoUratb Updtae. Jaquea, Sc^aeler.HJeoh, . den, hi lea. Pit gt-retd ana ia>ce -AX vPor which eea douuin ni Nu. 3 ) oaaraAi. nunaai aasnwsn. Coandlman Jaocas calted'up Uenaral nHer SI", _ jr* mble ren Uof teat a r?a?'ut.oii aud <>rd n.\one w*r? ad.>ptod by tha Cemoton Cmmeil and apontved by thw ? eyor. June 7, IHM, auib 'tiziuk <be ?oo.-,u uu>?t ?t tne neca aary retiring baaioe auil oulverta In ble.enUi aranaa. Between Pour taenia and Tarntj^ilub atrrets and wfctafe do not piovlaa for tiie r?ie*ag or reiml'ding ot nere^ art lamina KB 1 culverta a.ra?rty iiuitt, nor the voaalruciloa ar tha neL-eaaary baalna and culmrte <>n the Interaectiotf xtreeto with the Bleventk arena*, reo.le ?d nrrea<ary by to*, change af grade o ea>4 aireeia aud avenue*: w.ih rnee m. I on, That the foliowm* reaalulton and ordinauo* a* adopter lu lieu ot th* re olmiea and .irdinanqe ia fartr ar b'llUiltu re<-evlng baauia an.l c.ilveru in RU.euth 4 -ove, from Fo-irfanih k. l?enr?i?tb atraet*, p**ae<1 b MM tiotnmoa Conueil and appro ?d bv tne M<r<>r Jaae 7, IM Which waa vd<H*e>i bv the Td^wiag voi* ? Affirmative? O.uuoilmeu Kraaan, Hrni>h*. tiai Ila- aa, tVeba?i-r, He>iernaa Kim tiro a. Kapi ar, K ftav land. Moliraih Updike, Ja^uo", Svnaefer, Couk. Vn? don, Brioe, Fit geraid ami lerce? M I'ounc Iman lia ma railrd up Oencal Order No 4ft, be a reaoiut ou. that tna Onmpun ler ne directed "> iliv Me warrant la favor ol the pefwt who** toile areauuaae#. f r the amnunta aet nptmsii* arnea. b*inglor < v,x>oaae Inuurred In ihe ' elabratki>n ?f the aantverCKr/ at <mr n? t.onal ladepeadence, J ly ?, l *it ti e u na u, l>e laKi u flaw any unaxi>ended ap|>roprl*iion n the ultr trvkaury : ? -T?T> IM? ailAS. Roha'a Rand, two biiia (7 n eeaa pa. hi $79 #B Buliel'a H?ad. two billa (7 pi.v..* ea.-hi 61 4t Wanaeuiacliei'a liai.d (It pua.-ea), ti iw>. , 1^-* ai I ? 1'eier Week man rlngtn* four bel.a of Cbtruh of Moat Holr Kr'ileem. r .... 16 B Conn.-' man lla iairrT moved t' at aald general order be referred to tba Commlltaa on Kloaoca. W lilitb waa car. led t;o .iic.i.-nau <;ko a taovod that all i'her al'.'a of the ehae acler of lha above b* r^f-rr*d to the C > .nmuaa uu Ciu-nca. aad ihe comm ttae directed to report t!i?ri-ea at the east meeting Wblen wa> carried. Couai'timaa VTxax an called up eenaral ord-r Mo. ttf. h? toc a ret'ori of the Committee on Finance lu pvor of tai. enrring with the Hoam of Aldaniien in a opting reaoluaue that Iba Comptroller ba d> railed te draw nia wi.rrant la favor of Rdwnrd Tan Baa>i. fo* ta* en n of feitr haridf* and twenty aeven do: tara. a* par billa hereto anneted. la he hia receipt In fitli and charge the amount ia the aooaunt ef City Unntiueanrlea. The PiixaiDBHTdari ed that aald paper, uader the moUa* of Councilman Uroaa. Juet adopted, muat he rr farm J to lh? Committee on Floanrw. Bt'baeqnetit y. fnunellmaa H?< aarr moved that tba OaB m lite oa Finance be dleoharged from the lartb. r 'i n'tea atioo of laid | at per. Which w?a earrlad. The reeelui'oa waa then teet for want of a lufflclvnt aaaa ber el votee a* foll.<w? ? Affirmative? Councllmen Keenan. Ragertv. Hayea, Wc% ater, Hegernan. Hyan, Oroaa, Kapper, Koater, HavtiaatL Med rath, iehaefer. Cook. Braadoa. grlaa. Kukerau aet Je ee? 17. Negative? Coaarilmea Broph/, Opdyke aad Jaque ''euncilman Kkajiap move# that attch vete be el < red. Wbleh waa earrlad. And the 1 a per waa laid even. hubaequoat.v Councilman W?*ema ealle# ap eat# pav*& Tba reeoluuoh waa thea adopted by the rellewlag vote:? A 9 rmatl ve? Corinci I mca Keeaaa, Bropny. Ha#ei%. Hayea. Web-ler. Heffernaa, Ryaa, Oroea, Repper KoataB,. Ila t I land. Uctiratb. Opdyha, Jaqoee, aehaefer. OmtL. Ream yon . Brlaa, Plt/geraid aad Jorew? M Co . a*l 1 man BaaaJitMi railed aa Oaaaral Ordar AM. betas a report of Committee oa Pobtto Health, ta favor of. ad rueo at ?a that the vacaat lota lh Seventeenth aad ?#r inoea. BB. keralh tireeu, between Sixth aad terenik aveniiea. he Ifenaarita Im nedlatoly. nadar the #lreetloa ef the treed Uommiee'oner, aad that the aeoompaaytag AArmailve? HavlHo#. lha Mtowlng veto:? Couutftniaa Caenaa, Broakr, luwty. ir. Haffenaa, Rvan, Orea?, tapper, Koatar. T*t>. Opdyke. Jaqaaik Rehaaf er. Doak. Bram> daa, Brlce, Fltrgerald and 'eyca t'wnnelimaa Bin m called ap iveeralerdarJOg. telaga to port of Committee en Repair* aad ?npgjtea. ia favor of reet ( omrn eeloaar he dareat the tome ?e ^^^?lah tha CaaM# adnpting re-el'ittaa thai tha Street Com ra ae i n ed lerthwlth te Mpalr aad renew the talagraph^^^^^H atieiched beta ran the vartenaflre ball tower*. he dnae wiibew eeatraet: and- alee to faraleh Office with a euper.or Umipleee la order to faraleh aa^^H |t-*m* tbioughont Ibn dW. I Uouaniinaa J?avaa moved te amaad aaM reaaiatloa hm taeeri:ag, au*ter Ue arerde "wUhout eenUact" tie were* Ira. lowing, "at a rout aet te exceed I BOO." I Which waa rarttod. I CmSmSi Maaaarr maved to etrtka ent all raialtag tea Itlmepieoa. (Vr u*. ZKb 'fijw. pwtt thea mevo# to a##, a'tar thai <yr tb^oi^^e|^M^^^^ee^oM^toeo^ W*a reaelnMoa waa thea a Hag tad by the follavtBB AtrnwaUve- Couo-llmen Kaeaaa. Braphr, Haraa, Weto nr. UePvraan, Ryaa. Oroea, Rapper, Beater. Havtlaadk Maorath. Opuyke. laqoaa, Mchaafar, Cook, Biaadea. BHae, Oar a.dUaan Beurar eallad na Ueneral Order Ha KM, hto lag a reeohitlea that lha Cemmlttae eh Helieato A a at re aa dtre- tad to preeare a aaltabia ataa# ef colore aad gu done few v a nee of tba N.aety aiath ragliaeat Bew Tant BtBiait M .prd Whirb wspiwt far want ef a nitutcat a umber af veta^ B? Mtawa ? Affirmative? CrunollrMB Brophy. Hegarty. Haraa, Weh. ?ter, HaU'crnaa, Ryan. Ore to, Bepper, Koetar, Rav UaatL y rtMratB Scbeefer, Onek, Rraadoa. Brtoe. Piltgarald aal ' i*tatl?e? Couael'aiea laMt, Op#Fh> had Jaquaa.? B. Which vote waa iniidlpii. aa# the paper waalaMI cvtr. aiit>ae*u??Uf Qv a aMl maa Baaata called the wma upt Wh?rMwin IM rooctiitlaa waa thea adapted ay the M lewtil veto ? _ _ . * Na?a*vroi-<5S5a?^meB? Oldyke aa< Jaqeac-t W JtoTTd'V A i"ermonf*'tt>a?*^ho 'cow.?. fewer ef m? currad ,tn h! Th? WNtpmil iMll if Imil A. 0MTIH% stnr z\ -*sa?

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