Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1864 Page 5
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IEWS mil NEW ORLEARS. ? Aotivity in the Department of th# Gulf. Hie Replflterrd Enemies In a t Quandary, to* A&* Mk >, The ?team thlp Evening Hear, Cuptata Greene, from New Otieuui Uib mat , arrived at this (tort last evening. " Olr. Wni. l'uung'a DeeputcD. * Nkw Oku ass, July 6, 1864. MIUTART MOMiMKMS tm thin department are not now of i articular public In terest, ttr.d will not be reprted In this correspondence Wt Moi^nnxla, several days, since, Generul Reynolds re Viewed all the troops, and during the parade twanty .?even soldiers died oi sunstioko. ? General McNeil la actively engaged at Port Hudson In protecting and oxtendiug bis lines, and astonishes bis Boiumaud by ths lengthy rcconnoisfances be makes per aoually into the enemy's lines. He drills tbe colored troops lour hours a dny, and means to mike tbem pro do IodI soldiers. Be lias issued notices that any person dlscove. ed OJtiluf the telegraph wires will be hung to tbe nearest leiegrupl) pole, and any bo rne in which guo . villus or rebel e< iuiers are secreted will be burned to the ground. , Henton is managing bis Baton Rouge militury dlstrlci udihiratriy, and is winning golden opiul. us from the citixeus. ? General Camoron is running the Lafourrh ? military dii 4rlct itb per loci success, and is bat lime unuoj ed by gueriilari. THB CkTA1.Hr. > The r ivalry ha:- Ik-cu reorganized, and the command in the ueld assigned to Urlgadier > Ueueral Lee Is larger than be baa ever hud belore in tho Held. 1 UK WKA1I1KK la hotter th-m It usually is at the North, but mr owt '?situation 1 mo.-c comfortable than it was on the Ctli Bf July List year, tbe day tliat 1 was introduced as a pri Boner to n.e robot U'.neral lvorion, tticn halting boiow Monte, ey ,ip: ingi, feunaylvauta. There is hut little comfort iu vwukili^ or riding, except cariy in the luoru lag or I ite iu the evening. niii fourth or jci.t selebraUoti was very numerously nttcuited and very ge -peroutlt observed, particularly by IU gentlemen ami indies ot Auicau ochcent. liCV iUI. SICKLBS' ORATION ?was one of tbe nc< st patriotic t.peet_bei> ever made by tliat ?u lanl New Yuraer Tim BOHSK IMPRK-SM1XT. A new order has beeu iss,ued directing that all horses In lUe city net heretofore exempt shall bo brought belore n board, wniub will determine whether tuuy are lit ! or oava'l-y service. All horses not so roporied will be con Cscated '|tUK K*I>?SS OF TUB HONKER IWKTRIXR ? BIXXCTH Of OFT ' KK.ll. HUNC'18' O W. I>K . OlillO.X, P1USS1W5M OK THIS D. M. 1> , nnru:i; A MUHtNli OF I?m CLt H, AT MKW ORUiA.NS, OM TUK MUIIT OK TUB 2&TU OK JI NK, ISlM. lino hers ok Ti.k u. M. D .' ? Language Is too weak to express the sweet sensations of my heart at llo>ling my Belf si g once a^ain before you. lJero (am. sur rounded i>y a baud of her. e.s. who, in the und*t?f persecu tion, have bruvoiy raised iholr voices In defence ot tiie pure ami boly doctrine of Monroe. May you evor be guided by th?se precepts, through war and througb t^, twougn fortune ai.d through adversity ; Hover hosiialo for a moment to lend your stout hearts tod robust arms to the e tatjli.shment of these princi ples. Let cur mutto be "Union and tho Monroe doc trine ' Oce cuun it exist without tho other; they must he blended to^ethor in beautiful harmony, and when this Is eff> tn. "illy ?icc< inpiisbed the cause of Ainerloau liberty triumph. (Applause.) Our undertaking Is a gigan tic one. It is not tho mere question of tho liber lies of Morth Auiorlca ? oi tins groat republic of republics. It is tbe solving question which is to decido upon ibe Iree <oin and independence of the entire American continent, ft emb itlio* in its principles ? as was full well understood Aid intended by the groat and immortal statesmen who gave ii birib? uu oileusive and defensive political alli ance oi the mass of the reput)ltca.of tbe \\ egternj bom is Ithero, in oppeaiiion to tbe anti-progressive iufluence of the Old Wi>rld. (iiear, bear.) ? ? ? ? Prance and Mazlmiliaj tremble at tbe advent ef tbe ? IL l> 's; tbey have discovered in Its bosom Influential en ot paramount standing among you, and shudder at What might be tbe result of its labors, it left unmolested, Ud cunningly c u'rive to destroy Its inllueuee; hut that Moctrtue is imperishable? 't cannot die ? and will only "veusu to have its being when the free ton* oft America Aecome slaves, aod whon me last vestigo of American liberty has vauistmd to return no more (t:hcera.) Let ?Be call your attemloo for a moment to the great city of 2*nris. the capital of civilized and liberal France. Eb y iioes Napo.eon IIT, countenance and wink at ' se innumerable disloyal and anti republican se jbe^sion ciubs whieh, iu the face of th4 world, and at nrutd u. yiigbt, hold iheir meeiiugs in Rue Kovale and at ?ther | l.ices in ihe suburbs of the town)1 Why aie these luveterate and sworn euem'es of their country and of Wtma< ity permilied t<> meet, and on neutral ground cry j>ut. owl with the Union! Long live Jeilerson Davis!" ) will toll you. Perhaps you ail know, at least it is necos Eythtlyou should all know, tbe Kmperor of France ea America, fears her herculean streogth, would clap bis >ds and rejoice at the overthrow of tbe Union and tbe Complete triumph of th- South. France lonis to behold 'young America under uie Iron heel of despotism, and |aBpirea to see i er nationality blotted put for (wver. Ibis wouid be the climax of be' felicity. She tale of America is at hand. 1 lie die it* Bast Maximilian bus already accepted tbe proffered jklngd m Irom the hands of a few desperadoes and sraitors, who bave sold into bondage tbe land or their Sir lb, upported by Frentb intiuence, French diplomacy, ITencii money, and by French bayonet", he now sit* pB hi--' new ihione, bis head erect, proud and with ikaugbty mien, adorued with tho crown of a new Atnerl can empire. Foitono ajvpiais to smile upon him. He a n at of desiwts to support liiui and to protect him. teais not tho Monroe doctrine. Napoleon, fulfilling idi.tyof ? faith, ul and sage tutor, ba? persuaded bis 4uie, i be Prlmeoi riapshurg, tbit ibe i-otis of Wash ington will not meddle in the a, lairs of his erupiro, and .?will allow bis lelgn to be of peace and plenty. n, emperors, kugs und princes, hew easily ye ire deceived and blinded by the power ef your ambition! Mai in. inau h?0 ra< a m C'a' ot lenostitlan? rcuiem her tbe lute if l'urbide, Aug. :st<;s I., primer ;:mi<eror of jle\ico Oo vifi'. his grave, heboid h >w solemn and de Cted the spot whore the bonee of that ouce great man v rest tor.otion, behold but one s?lilary willow, wbos. .?ged,wnheted brai cbes stoop to shade the modest tom'is.ouo of the kiog. He, too, wore upon bis brow tliat erown wmch now resta up- n tbine own. But U destiuy I the very hands tbai placed i hi crown ii|ion bis bead gjierceu him with an assa^siu's p ignard to the heart. Thus died Augrstus the First, Kmperor of Mexico, ibus do th# xescenii^uts of Hidalgo honor and vouerute their -hover igns. Thus must all lyiants fall wbo dure to btiiU M empire on the ruins oi an American republic. (Long ?'-ed applause.) . rnutoxAU ' Major i.ene?al t.ordon (iranger arrived In Xew Orleans |Mt Sunday, on the Fvcnlng bur. Major Ocueral N. J 1'. T ana, the reeent commander &t&e mirteenth Army corps, arrived lu New Orleans, m M l.outs,on Mioday, on the steamer Molllo Aole. Engineer Shook, United 8t*us Navy, Chi* Engineer, iDepartment of tbe fJnlt, a i rived W New Orleans on dun 4gay last, oa the Freolng Star L Paymaster ('"ok. Uni ed States Navy, also arrived tbe ?to day and on the same steamer. Mr. Henry TbempeeB'i Despatch. New Orlsax*, July 10, 1861. p*M*rrR* or moors. da it la well known throughout this elty that several fctsa iters loaded with troope bavo left thla department ?r Itb la the last few days, It cannot be called contraband to lnr< ; m your readers at that taoC i Ti<e destination is ackoown. Some think that aa attack Oa Mobile is Intended, while others believe that they will fte landed at Peasacolagor Ship Island The majority, fcowever, are of opinio* that they are reinforcements for Oram t army, anu that Fortress Monroe Is their destina tion. svaere the? are going and what they will do the jSlBr ate will probably know before lang. 'the Creole, ooe ?f tbe r -Hilar mall steaaiera running between tbls city and Sew York, was selxed by tbe author. ties and aocom gabled tbe expe<lltloB. nxt HARoa or ntHovasa. I A cartel for the exchange of prlsoneis has been agreed Vpon, st d between ten and eleven hundred of our mea a'e dar.y expected to arrive at the mouth of tbe Red Hverfrom lyler, Texas. Some of tb< te were captured at Galveaton and Brashear City a year and a half ago. She eartel also embraces those captured at different points Oiace then, as well as fliooe captured at tbe battles of Pleasant lllil and 3abine Cross Koads. The rebel prisoners for exchange are prlncira.iy there Oapt ired la the Red river campaign. erowraaan a??n:e?. 1 fcave already informed you that an oriler was luttcd faqulrltn: all registered enemies to report to Ma^or J't rter, Provost Marshal of this city, for trensi ortatlon be} ond ?ho liee-i. Out of eight h'jnrtreJ, hut one hundred and Ofty bave goeaplied with the order and appeared at the Provo'l Marshal's oflioe. > early all tne-e are lade and young Mao between tbe ages of fourteen and twenty, hut two 4T three being m<'ti over thirty. Noue or the booiaess or feelid mon of the city barve reported, son six n?m<!r.-d -tfeelre V. take the oath of al!eg4r.n-e and remain; and ?one appear to l>e very anxloca to join their tneode in the Hon thorn con cderacy. Whether ihev n ill be allow ed ?0 take 'he oalb and remain In New Orieans, or be rnn MUed to go beyond the linee, Is aow tfiider censlderatioa V the aathorulee. teejit. evrxtoia On Wednesday last, at the United States Dietrlet Panrt Ajndge Iwrell presiding), every lntere?tiug rennlon of ?ha bars ef New York, Maeearhunetts and I<oulaieaa Beak piaoe. New York wee repreeemed by Mator Qsae feal llekiee. Maasacbosetta by Ma)or General Ranks, and Louisiana by eev< ral of ber meet earn?d lawyers. la the Clark's ollae a ine collation was spread, .fudge 1 gave tho following to?s?:? "ihe bar ?f ivwtoa mm I her ef New York? represented by two dietlegnletied , with aa eeatpromiee but the naaaou'a saoath " era ssa?a by UeaeteJ st^klea, Hea. c)k la m ??? OdKmI Thorpe apt IU ***** ** ,Mo1 Bakor _ .. ruiw riaxniw* .I... Ob tbe Fourth of Jul? General 0* Beedon, ? IWk ?ffloer , wa? preeeated with * vert haadaome Meaiese v "< by a young la ly to tbie Mr TIi* Ceneral ertated ro* stdorable excitement during the afteroooa by drtvintf through (bo clir In a carriage with the flag fly tug bebtixi. The game gay a flu# Amerlctn flag waa pre-ented to the colored Uu I rarity Sunday School by the Rev. l>r. Ho I ibs. Th* flag waa a gilt from too member* of tha Eleventh street Mothodist church. of He* Yorlr, nad waa received In behalf of the aobonl by the Rer. Mr. Conway. IUi COMSTITCTtOBAl (JuN VKN1 lO.t . The members of tbe OousiitutlouM Couvention have completed tbelr work, and the fltal adjournment ia daily expectnd to lake place. lhe following resolution waa presented last Wednesday, ail') Md over:? ftbe<-eaa, Onr!ot tho present rebellion tndivitfua's, as well as i oi pornt ?tr? mid ptrishea, hsve Issued a worthl??s paper currency and fomeij In circulation on the poorer and only llfllcilliM nf tin antuuilljr; therefore brt It Resolved. That a Spec!*! Co'timittee of five be appo nted to Uk into consideration lhe propriety of fnrnnoy an aril eV or articles to prevent the recurrence of the mimip in fu tiAre, and to h.ild (Be property of whatever vltmffr, wmuncr belonging to hiisb-md or wife, parishes or corpora tion*. for Me rn iempt!"i> if the nm?. and that th? Com mfttae be also ip?triict?d to submit to till* Convention tor Its approval <??*??* j?st|i,n, the draft of a petition to be aent to the Oontriesa or the Called States, n ski tin them t<rera powrr the parte lie* of tbe Buate of Louisiana toappWthe proceeds of galea of prouertv of disloyal clttxens tor tbe I purpose of redeem ntj the psper enrrenev Issued hv them. T' I? IIOKH* HhlXtlKR RII-l.aiifRB? OKMCaaL QKOIR. Th* following order h.-v. Just been issued. The excite ment caused by the reccut jolsur* of horses in thin city boa abated ? flftltBil OROKRS ? wo. 82. Hbaduuartkhs IJnr.titvvw:vr or rrtR fli't.r, ) . Hk w OiiiKAMs, July t 1804 i The Mater fleneral Com natuJin ? the military division of the tvo?j Mi??i ilitil hiving made a requisition upon this department for two thousand ltorses for the nee of the army. ?1. pfiraoiw navtng Iw^n In th?ur possession that have not been already exempted from aerrtee or aelimro, arc herein directed forthwith to produie them to the com mission of Inspection, at the 8tcam (,'otton Pre**, Levee, without de'ay, under penalty of confiscation for non com plianco wl'h thia order ?Certlflmtes of exemption will tie glr?m bv the Commlanl'm of Exemption for auch hoi es as are not retained for public ??rTice. J. Q. WIIhoo. Major Carpenter. ?o<l Lieutenant Kewhal'i Insueotora. will bo foun l at Steam (!ot',on l're*?. l.evfe. A'i qnei tlnn? relatiii t to the detention or release of horief tmd?r tni nnlcr will bo aub ject to their dec > on By eomnniid of Major General BAKKS. GtMai B. Diiikk. A. A. flenera'. Tlt? v.ovitor O'4'.R '!ei n^h an<! dry In the Mississippi rlvor, on a b:tr above Helena. Jibs nkw oti stus FCArann,. Th-N w Orleuoj /'ica/ nt', wbion r ur renders wilt remember was euppres?et! bv order of tbe atrthorlties for pultUttilng the bogus proclum \tion, malcei Its eopeir-vrre rtmonp tin apuin thi.1 m rrln". For thefntnro It pro miten to lie a rnl<>n ; tuner, nt d a trtio supporter of tlie uovornmcut of tho Unuci t'tatoa. Stw? t ?y Way of ralro> Cairo 111., July 15,l?8t. lh? steamer Magenta, from Now Orleans on tbe 10th, Virksburg on the 12th and Memphis oti the 14th lust. . ar rived hers this evening. Quite a number or discharged and furlouchod' r)!d:?M came up on bor. Fho brings little news of Importance. Tho e.otlon market was at ti standstill, notwlthptandinz liberal receipts. Some silos of ordinary wore made at $1 10, and good ordimry at $1 31. There waa some inquiry for augur and mota&ser but there wriR very litt'.e oflbrlns, and the prices were very high. Western produce was flrm. Flour w?a selling at $'? per bbi for a iperOne, and at $11 b $1125 for choice supor One. MILITARY AFFAIRS. The Call far MUltl*. Tbe qnota for tbe various State division! nnder. the President's call for twelvo thousand men has been regulated as follows:? 1st Division 8,500 5th Division 1,033 2d " 1,850 6th " 1,267 3d " 1,B3 i 7th " 1,880 4th ? 650 8th " 750 It la stated that (he Oovernor wilt not Issue any order compelling tbe mllltla regiments to leave tbe State, should thay refuse to do so. There Is general dissatisfaction expressed among members of tbe departing militia that tbe fact has not been announced to them as to tbelr destination, and this has greatly retarded the progress of recruiting. There men have also some scruples against being sent to the front at once, and there Is 'a little re-tsen In those scruploo. Tbe following general order, issued by Adjutant General Sprague, will prove of Interest at thla time:? q?bhal ordrrs? no. 18. Adjutant General's Oenci, t Albany, July !>, 1864. ( 1. Tbe President of the United States having called for li ,00u men from tbisSute toaervefor one hundred days, it is determined to send volunteers from throughout tbe State, In order to rdleve tbose orgaulzatlons which have heretofore so promptly responded. To effect this the National Guard is to be tilled to Its maximum strength. tvhen organisations are edlcient, volunteers will be aaked for accordingly; Major General Charles W. land lord, commanding First division National Cuard of the State of New York, hendquartors New York city, will call for 3,000 volnnteora te serve one bandred days, as the quota from bis command? and cause those troopa to tako the fleld by regiments ns oarlv as practicubW. 2 Major H. B. Durvea, commanding the pccord division National Guard of the State of New York, Brooklyn, L. I , will furnish 1,850 volunteers from bis command, as the quota from tbe So ootid division, and despatch them to tbe fleld bv regiments. H. CiotMng wltl be lurnished by Brigadier General 9. V. Tnloott, <;imrterma*ter General, No. 61 Walker stroet, New Y"rk. Arms and accoutrements by Brigadier Gen- i eral James A. Farrel!, Coromi*sary General, Slate Arsenal, corner Thirty fifth street and Seventh avenue, New York. Application for subsistence be'ore muster should be mideupoti Brigadier General William Hays, A. A P. M. General, New York <"lty Alter muster. up.?o Colonel A. B. Eaton, U.S. Commis sary Dapnrtmeot. No n State ?treet, New York. Vraos portation will be furnlaked by Ma.jor Hlewart Van Vliet, U. S. Quartermaster, No 6 State ftreet, New York. 4. Commandants of regiments will give the necessary orders lor bidding clotbliig, arms, and acomtretnents he- ! longing to the Sta'e to bo taken to the fi Id. 6. Reports will bo made to tbo.'e headquarters as early : as practicable, naminit tbe regimenta v>lurtoerin':, that orders may be gives to tbe pro|ter departments to meet ooceesary demands. A. Regiments as rast ss organized will proceed to Washington City and report for orders. Dy order of tbe Commander- In Ch'ef, JOHN T. SI1 It AG UK, Ad utant General. DspaitBre of tit* levnnty*stventh Regi ment. The following order, preparatory to the departure of i the Feventy seventh regimeut for tbe seat of war for one hundred days, has been issued:? CKM.BAL ORnr.RS? NO. 8. llRAOgOAR-rFRS. 1 Ssvsair srvknth RwimintN. Y. N. G., V Nkw York, .luly 16,1804. ) The officers, non commisskmed oBcers, muslcions and privates of this regiment are hereby ordered to appear in unir?ria to morrow (Sunday), 17th Instant, at eleven o'clock A. M. Prompt attendance Is demanded. There will be a meet lag of the Board of officer* at tea A. M. and Ave P. M. every day, and a regimental Inspec tion at three o'clock P. M. each day until the departure Of the regiment. Captaiirtbos. Norton I* hereby detailed as ofllcer of the day, and Lientenant Hdward T Murphy as odicer of the guard tor to morrow (-nudey), 17th lost. Guard mount ing at eight o'clock A M. A few good men will be taken If immediate application be made at tbe headquarters, Lafayette Hall, Broadway, near Houstoa street. By order of Colonel THOMAS LYNCH, Commanding Seventy-seventh regiment N. G. J. B. Bkadt, Sergeant Malor. Fifty -slat la Regiment, Hew York Stat* National Gaard. URXSBAI. orokrs. HiArxjr ARTras, Firrr-stm RnorxkNT, N. 0. S. N. T. , 1 July 16, 1M4. f The several companies composing this command ai? hereby ordered to assemble et the armory, on KayraonB street, fully uniformed and equipped, without musketa or knapsacks, to-morrow (Sunday ), at Bve o'rleck P. M. Line will be formed, at six P. M. precisely, oa 1 ort Green place, right resting on DeKalb avenue. commandant* of compaolee must be prepared to report tbe atremith of tbelr respective commaads, preparatory to final departure oa Monday alternooo. lite regiment will aeoetnbie, fully uniformed, armed and equipped, at oee o'clock P, M on Monday, July 1$, for tbe purpose of being mustered in the United States service for ono b indred days, and will immediately march for Washington. Irauiporiallon and rations will be provided. By order, Colonel .1. Q. AI>A\H, Commanding Fifty sixth regiment, N. G. 8. N. Y. Tbobas U. LA*i.aa, Acting Adjiitant. The Crepi?Ufflelal Reports. Tbe Department of /?grlrnlture repcrts oa tfaeoosdl j tion oi the crops in Jvne ss follows:? 1 WHSAt (Wiktsb).? The ffowing rondltlon of this crop la most excellent , except in Northei mA\ i iconsia and Minne sota where diougtt bus prevailed, and in one or two oilier localities, b-it II was severely iBj':red by tbe cold of laat February, where there wee but little snow on tbe ground, lhe general Injury fnm this cause is net ksa than thirty per crat. As the time appi caches for harvesting this crop in tbe l-sstetn and MiUc.e Statee bids fair to be a superior one SrRtvci Wbkai.? la amount this crop Is not quite aa average, on srrourt cf tiie I i'?nes* of tbe spring ami It.* scarcity or la'ier, but infr. a very ramrable growing con dition, w Corn.? The l.n.naistm the B| rln^ kept back plan ling, hut the wet tsurm ?estber b*s broujiUi this in-p for ward rer ? rapidly, and It proms* well at this time. It la nearly an average cop tn tbe number of uerfM planted, n.sny injuiedebest Usldj having I een pu? la corn. 'Iats.? Universally spoken of se the Isrgeet so<, most promising crop c.| tbe kiod ever gown In our conv'xry. (\ovbr asp tbk GsAsnss.? there a'e m esiel'ent eoedt lion, and the expectation is last the haj brr.p Will be unasuslly isrge, Mapi r. Si oas and l!<v.A*se.? Almost io every State where ttiere hes brcn a Isrge inorea.^e. lhe Quality Is apoltMi of aa etoetieet. Brieve ?l"he oend<tlon ot this Import^ stoe.t-. }a re Fy g vt, for it r?i?lved the host ;>l rare, ^ibe " ^.e?-t-> v?r i cea|iae?tMi?Mit%ai?r laBtgDW. _ x v OS ANT. I I Mr. William H. Hcrrlam'i OMytUIIH< toui Buium's HsanqtiaaTaaa 1 1 July 14 ? Evening f 1 r 4 miH on j Attn nm-m icmr eras mo mnw?i? v**ur two dsys put (he enemy bar* adopted tbs plai ofn*'vin* ?b?u< from point ta point a three inch rltti bat tan ?n tb# banka of ,t)e Jsmeg rlvar, reaching theti pueitkxttf hT oomlng Around oar liaee, and Bring from time to lltfh ' ,nt0 our transports. Yesu. U . thoy seat thalr coraplh* "ol# 01 thl* oharncter from or near Has hall's landing, without, however, doing any damage fhe gnnboat.>im>\ ^dtately upon bearing the sound, moved up aud ahuMea tta?h 1 ? flnAnqcairrass. .July 18? T A . M. Everything, I im Ma "tsutly compelled td s.y, can tlouM intensely quiet !?*?%? Md hereabouts. Yesterday Goneref John H. Miflnrta '*i temporarftv commanding the Kightecnth Army orptr, visited General Hutlor, aud remained over nigbt. 6eoA *' Shapley. Military Gov ernor or PlorfeUr, and staff*, aiso^fc*,:"n? up in the evening and remain to-day. rmwwAi, Capt Harvard W. Smith, of ClenflMl FosUrr'd staff, left for his In Reossalaer eociaty# N. Y., yesterday mornlus, on '.oars of absence. eipt.?**mith h.M? been ia very poor heaitO for some ieagtA-ar i.'<ae. Mr. ? : T. Bnlklty'i 0ks\??teh. Forcntir.s Motwtis, July 14, 186& A Ft. /a or tri'ok". Islor John E. Hlilforl, agent oT axchnnge, left last r.ljhl on the atesmsr C. W. Thomas, with u flajr of trues, for James river, necarrlwl with tilm inniidber of rebel prisoners, for whom au equivalent ba.V bees received. Tli'.s is I he first interview that hns takoi? plac? between the agents of exchankV for several wceit', to oon-wqtmuce or City Point, the place acre oil upon in the oartet for tbe exchange of prisoners, tielrfg occupied by oar forces. It is ex rw, ted that s neff place ot meeting *?<;! b? a^r'SSd u;ion at this Interview, c. ad tho truce biat will rrwrne lis trips- for the exchange of mails. aud. it is iinpod, p*l- ' Honors. No mail will probably arrive by this joat. THfK MIJS5f:?!0?A, which ha* been .anchored for ko m'?oy months i.t Hamp ton Kouls as I.cos flagship, weighed tn.-hor yester.lay evening and started for Point lookout , wlicm she han bean ordered by tbfl Navy Department , to givird airaiost anv surprise in altanaDiing to release the .sh*i prisoners stationed there. the niUTX'njoitro*. No news has been received rrom the vessels gent ob> from this fleet in soarch or the rebel pirate Florida . whictr has boou committing so man/ depredations of late altar the Atiautir. coaBt. BtpedMlon to Nannsmond? All the Rebel (iixriilns Driven front tho Country and Across the Blaclcvrntar, &o. Fortress Uoxkos, July 14, 18fl4. Colonel Charles Diamond, or the First Uni'ed States Volunteers, wl'.h two squadrons of the Twen tieth New York cavalry, left Portsmouth last Satur day, and returned last evening. After repeated skir mishca they succeeded in driving all the guerillas, rebel cavalry raiders and piokets from the N'ar.somoud comntry across the Blackwater river. One or our men was mur dered after being captured, and. not bolng able to arrest the murderer, the Colonel burned nil the buildings In Ibe neighborhood whore the murder was oommitted. E. P. S 1'iiros, a private In the Second Massachusetts artillery, was shot dead la the Norfolk city jail to-day, by one of tbe guards, for violation of orders. Two steamers per week arrive from New York and two from Baltimore, ladsa with vegetables for the Army of tbe Potomac. The steamer Hunter Woodls Is slso employed by the government In "Olleottnf? produce from various parts of Eastern Virginia for the same purpose. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [From the Petersburg Express, Jetty 12.] If we except tbe usual picket firing and occasional mor tar shelling, it may be said with much truth that all bsx been quiet U the front since our last. There has not been so much shelling during tb? past day as on the several days preceding, and our people entertain a feint hope that Grant has at last come to the conclusion that the army d>iw confronting it cannot be whipped by en deavoricg to frighten the women and children who are unable to luave the city. MORS RUMORS* Rnmors of the enemy's lenvlng were most Industriously circulatcd at an early hour yesterday, and were repeated through tbe day. Tbis is very far frum beinc an ascer tained fact. Al ter driirfcnt inquiry we are aatisiled that these rumors have grown out of those "clouds of dust" about which we have or lata heard so much. An officer or bigh position Informed us yesterday tbat there were good reasons for beliaring that the en"tny was moving a portion of bis forces; but tbit he entertains the Idea of abandoning entirely tho position ho now holds is quite a different matter. Grant is a most stubborn, pertinacious sort of man, and has been balled so o! leu already since the campaign commenced that he wit scarcely leave where bo if now unless foroo'd to do sol Pesides, ho now finds great protection in his gonboatg? tbe first time he has enjoyed such protection since be left the West. oovTRAonwo ms r itrr. We have positive assurance tliat Grant hss greatly contracted bis line*. Alter repeated eiTorts t.> extend his lett Hank arouiid to Reams' Station be hai now w itb drawn il to tbe east of the rlnnk road and several miles ne arer to City Point. Probably lie liaa nbartdoued tbe idea of circumvallatlng Petersburg and Richmond [or the present, uot being able to c-mmai.d tlio l,2'a),000 m?-n which it would require to eCcctually accomplish mich an undertaker. Cnun.'nadlnR was heard yesterday afternoon on the enemy's left, but it Is believed to have been no'hlnj more than a little shelling of the wood.', which the eociny have > lately ini'M'.ed to a considerable extent. lais i noa raiN' a arose*. We conversed with an acqnaintance Yesterday who ten Prince i irorge on Sunday, but reached Petersburg ninth sooner tnau he expccted; so greatly hss tbe onetry'a lines been couti acted, lie informs its ibat (.rant's army is ^ strctched'fi om his lines immediately to the east of Peters burg, down to City Point. The teopie, without eicep- j lion, have suffered the li>ss of everything that can con- J tribute to the support of life. Meat, bread . crops, cattle, 1 1 and in -evsral instances even furniture, have been taken ' ' frr>m them. Many hitherto wa'lhy families i f t'.ia coon- ! ty are now drawing rations of hard tack aud sait pork ; from tba Yankee romm:?-a.y, aud i!io;r negroes aie ?n i gaped in cooking and washing for tbe invaders. I Cur Inrormaot elates that be was told by the Yankees two weeks ago tbat they occupied Petersburg: bui whea ? he sought permission to come to the city was Informed that they did not bold it eractir. bnt that tfcey bud mst ! ters ko tn aimed t hit they could come into it wheuever they plea-ed. They also Inrormed him thu th?T had posse sslcti of the Wsldon, S -ithsM? and Rich mocd rail roads, and bad to destroyed tba. Danville that tbe rebsis would never be able te again operate it. tji* scincrrr or war**. Our Informant states that but for the proximity or tbe James and Appomattrx rivers the enemy would ba.e been compelled to evacuate Prince George lor i^ck ef water. I lie Blackwnter is entirely dry. and has been fer two weeks, a ad all laser streams in the county bave been drv lor a much longer period. The Ysnkeea have a lar^e hospital ramp about two miles 'root City Tolat, between tbe Appomsttox sod the City Toint road. So great baa beaa the scarcity of water, tbat they have dug a canal from tbe Appomattox to this . camp. Tney havo also brought a steam flraeagine from ' Baltimore, with whioh they water rrom the ditch, and thus supply the great necessity. Heretofore they have been compelled to bring tlio water from the r??r ; in buckets ano barrels, which was a very tedious as wall as laborious job. ms RsnsT iivittax. Grint's army bad heard of the invasion ef Maryland ; but thought It was a smailSt'iir, Intended onl v to procure a f?w cattle and borsea. lbs j have probably lorsaed a different opinion since. [Krrm the P.lcbn'.ond am leer, July 12 ] tin w*r xvwa. I Since our last Issue not bn<g of moment has occurred oa , : tbe liaea about Richmond or Petersburg. Pi< kct ffrttig in front ?< Petsrsharg bso bet-a kept op I alnaoat constantly during the past three dsjs, with oa 1 cssional ar'iiiery akirmisblag. It was re|wrted yesterdiiy tbat Grant wss wiihiirawiag ' a part td i:la foroee fre.n o-.r 'rent at Petersburg, but the ? rumor iretos b.iaed ao!cly open c-Blectiira We have been unable to leara anything a conOrmatioa if it. ( I lha aiinir en aur lett at Petersburg on Friday , 1 eveaing ia now ret resetted by ?^e Petersburg' pa pers as ?'skirmishing only? nothing more." From 1 I an Melligcat clhrer who came over yeaterday we , obtained the faou of the 1 ?kiriiii?h ' li.ere was I no assault b> |'a eiomy, and whatever iigol there was bri>!' om bv our owe troops. About five o'olor.k on Friday evening am i>-o<>ne ? our left, se?r the Appomattox, made dewMinat'etione aa if f?hout to charge ; the enemy's work*, wheoped end yelhd and sh' ok the bushes, .and crested a gre-t commotten. The eneaiv, approhend'DK a serioaa aa?autt, shawe* itfemsetvee abo- t | their breistworkr, and irsoy vaatnre '. beyond ihem. So j sooa aa ihay dm una all ef < vr srti -ery oa Ibis sai t or the lines opani-d i jxh.- tham. They were at once drives j lam their t'enehre, but our gnna ketil ap the f re for at. baair nod a hair. Ibe e-.einy'a artillery replied to ours, end a great noise waa made, ihere wea no one hurl oi, our s.ia. lh a v aa the whole afi.iir. Vemar h,.vc kill# 4 ai.1 wcunded Svtaa af the s: eaiy, but we de oot know tike fact. Thtre la n repan that lb* iroopa < f peaed to aa ni poms are negroes, who h?d oul* '.,B Friday r<-tievet tbe whites, wha bad been In tbe tre / fasa stnee lha hetionln* or tbe s<a*e. the Peiersbarg papers atala that 'he er.ey.y ara eu'ler'ng terribly for wsrt af water. The a| r.p bring ; ail dey they are depaadeai fen their buppiy of r. Mtr ?p? I Uba Appomstt x aad laasM rtvera, rn m wb oh it has ta I be hauled great diataaces ta barrels. ?tur.rtg nhi' b pro ( ease It becomes sa heated aa to be uap'.iatabie aad ua. wholeeome. | Gr?nt la said ta hare hunt aa temmse wharf, half a j mile long, at City l ata!. Ha wiUffnd this very uaafal la esse m? has to leave bta preaeot posltioa la haata. ) Itieio wis a brisk ccbnenaia yesterday in I he direction a' Re, mode Hucdred, ot yhlch, aa yet, we have boa'* ne I egp aaatlOB. W? fTT/ama H wag the ?K.a| harusim ?rtWwr Mh, Ib wtlok A* ?MBT mm to foUgHt, booauoa II MkM ao much aota* l*r?a tbo Kichtaoed Wopoic*, joly 14] "on nm mhm Tb?r? la do news of ltnt>ortauoo from Um Hum in fioot ot ?t*r,burf- Th? uaiul diSlltM wm kapl op /eotordajr Vtiik. ao,M TW?f> but other wiM 411 ?M4?M. a turruu it tot ?noir. OB Tn*a?. ** ??r"lnp, about foar o'elook, 9ttf fankeos oum aob or* r:?s'8 w h arf , oa tbo norib eldo of Iho Jim rlvor, *w 'MU thirteen in Ilea bolow Ktchmoad, and aurprisod ao <mi?v ?** P'ckoi oonpoood of tweotr (Wo moo or Uta nil/ katw ll0a> Ttto ? ei?f auocoodod 111 cap luring lourtaon or tin h <<mbor including ? commissioned offlror and a a'wcnt in cuV/(? of tbo tfotaobmoot C-ip talu John Maxwoll.of tbo i o?/d0?eato State* Nary, was near at band with a wi.rm, ooNtCWX acme professional implements, which alao fa!) into ft* <ta?da of the onemjr, but bo suocnoded in savl' f hi* borao. From (ho gentleman wb > faro ua tbo **ovo Informa tion we foam tbat the Ya keu fleet is layls* quietly at the lower Hide of Dutch Cap. It Is compo*5tf of Mirss onu turretod and oue two turrotfel Monitors, lw<> largo aidewheot stoumers, ttvo i>roi*ilero and ooo hohSI si>io wbnol stauraar. I.??t weok a transient landed a I'Autitr of supplies on Uie south Hide of tbo river, which wero taken up by a wagou tram aad o DTSjod to Bntior'o Mm f. THE PRESIDENCY. Letter from General Blair* H* WKjiumm-, Km ?YtlPMi'm Amir Cbsrs, ) Mm Kwwiw McicrvTAur, Ga., June 30. 1 ????. | Captain Hjutt Atur, Hi I/iuta ? 1)?aii KArr? I beard some time ago of tbo notto.T of the Baltimore U>?vectiou ?,i the noml at ion of Mr. I.mco'n and Mr. Johnson. I thhtk this army Is almost tin mimo'ts in favor or I/ncoln's eloeti .b and Coventor Jolina n'g nomination will do go<>d to the c.iuse As to the action of tbe Convention >n othor matters It has very iittin signi ficance or pub ic importance. I ?u surprised, and con ing, dmoppo r.t<*d, by Ita cooduet to the I nion deiocates from Missouri It 1a not vory e-isy to understand b >w a * o?iveotlnn which nominated Mr. I.iuooln by acctama* ' tk<n could be Inducod to ex.-lude Mr. Lincoln'?, rem 'ftV"'? from Missouri and admit those who havo iOpA>ly der.nunceJ brrn, and who stand in ti.e .?wad a* Si* most bitter enemie*. 'llie radl lata of" Missouri were the prime merer* of the OvHand Convention aim" ttia Frem ont movement, and ?r# more r,?;t>0'i?ible than any men in America for that Hoifcxtrt in the ' nlon party That a portion or thruj abandoned this r.iovomant wMch they were tho fir: t to cnufeUrund nKi."t active In aufting iotio oxUtmn e oiily proro* iVi it t!i?v Uncovered it to lie a uro i.thl ir sur prlnei' inebodr n? Missouri wit> ip acptamted with tbe* this veuat and unprincipled crew to Bee ti/ero desert tbr petting for th? rising suit. TL? < . ly mttftor? mnniPi/ne with w:.K?b those soiliers or ti ti jue ore ac quainted if tho d.> crtion o. tbe nerc.ited Tor the rirtr? ri'iu* sta.Kltird so tar had Uic.m r. idiot/. 00m mitt. <r tti?nmwv ? in f.iv< r 3f the Cleveland ('< 11 raution und against t?<rl ty! n party that the carvliflntes for the most important aifli, "IPS on iheir State tickct* wore cit&er eitftioro to the eiti (or* that convention or delegated member* of It. 1 have alrwrtr * aid liitt'the action orihe Canvsnil n .a this and kitw'r"d .matter* whs of re; *y little public 1 to - portuuee. The rxfittci'ms in Washington and B ?Uitnor? did iii' t want Mr. J.incoln, and his nomination was ac compllsbed osty by the public pentinicrt or tn: aatioo, which had b- o-n<r so nlrcng and universal tl at li e politicians cor.'t not stand 'jofore it. But while the*e men did nut dam to sot asido the nomination or Mr. I.lncolu, which had aitvaily b< c?n mude by tbo tteofle. yrt ther could vent ; etr f;iite nurt mslignity 'ipon sotrc of Mr. I,ln?" In'g fi ieno^, wttv bad e pimd their dirty pchemo'i aja:nt?t ihePrcaWunt, and tad ai'te.i in deieatlng lueir iutricuee and tDeir per caadida-^t .'by flxinB public aitentuin upon thoir dwlKns, a*d by procuring the c!el??iites t > be nelructed, j^i nmki.n: it tmpofislh:e ft r them?to obeat. 1 pmvutna a'so. th i many who wero 01! Tr ends or Mr. t locolu voted to ad mit the rad. cats tro?i tliwouri, on tbe ideu tb?t to hind tho originators of th?Kreni"nt movement to l\f. uommn tlon of Mr. Uniolii v.-as tht? best plan t > break (iown ibu'. aonenrn. ! bi^ Jtas a uptake, and gives too tittcta itn pt?i t.inre to Ki omont and thore venal enmp followers of b'-< in Ml?itoart. Tho hoe eat purl of tho radicals who were for I reniont in Mtssouri will support him, ;iotwiih Ft itidinR, and tbo honest mnsso* or the radiuils or Vis aMTi who were ror I.incoin would have supported hltn even ir tho venal leaders had fone reward tn tho move ? loent tiiey ittcrted Tor Fremont. These men baveoot enonch oliaracter to mfl'ieuce anybody. The course of oar friend* in Missouri, in ruEtainivr the Fia?iident notwithstanding tbe petty m>ilign!ly displayed towards them by the Convention, is precisely what I an tiJlpated: and t Is course will ^omniond them to the friends of the Union everywhere. It was iheir resolute opposition to the corrupt ions of Vromont and fha e which brought upon thorn tbe ban of the republican politicians during the past three years. Events have already instilled their course toward* the llrot. and It will not he long before all will pen and coo fees {what a vas ma.oritv have already admitted) thnt their course towards Mr. Chsse has been equally jncti lia ble. Your friend, VKANK P. B1.A1K, Jk Olatrlbuti gu ot Premium* at AlAant St?. Vincent. The annual disti lbnllon of prizes of Mount 61. Vlnesat's Academy took p!aco on Wednea I iy. There were two hua drad young ladies preseut, besides a large number of spectators, ircludlDg Bishop I/mghlin and between sixty and seventy Roman C.itlioho clcr vmon. Tbe fotlowiDg was lh* prograr/.'ne of exercises gone through with by the young Indie- J? Trio (Korma, tliTty-rls hands, Alberti)? Mi?ses Phelan, J. Farrell, Rochfl, /abm, tl'Korko, KeelTe, Rruguiera, Wll xon, Merrick, I'evro:, Capsl-ir, Mood, Persons, MolDt, Mr.ithe, Hirkfy. Beaver*. A. Flood. Coronation Kclin Chorus (I'resciosa), C. Voc Weber. Variation* (Uiowue ? Harps.? Mlsaa* Devlin and Ger nrn. J)uet, (vocal, \orma ? Misses Murphy and I.furrray. Caprice, (twrnty-four hacds, Ketterer)? Miata* fad lie r, De Rivera, C. Reiily, Dillon, Coyne, Kitzpatrlclt, K. VcAvoy. Waldron, l>olan, Uilllgan, Tompkins. Solo, "(lone, f'etreila) ? Miss McAvoy. t-ol? and f horns ? I.itt'o girl*. Overture, (sixt-en hands, Nlcolal,) ? Misses Rellly, Row n, 01 well, Baxter, Kenneagb, O'Connor, Kelly, Wood. >tiilress- ~*Hii? -adlier. i'-in ko I'raeh (Ob*rthuri, harp, Miss trernon. 1- ina'e, Sulo anit chortis (Sappho, Pacini). C't.ariett* (Cellini), Mlikos 1'earl, Huesman,Wa!l and Cai-ev. I'jtitaislK 'Toll. el?ht hands, Albert!), Ui?. <-s r.srcon , W'*4l. Hue*m*tn, Wheeler. io IJuUMu, 1 ontoue), Mir? Murray. Adagio nini n'alse l:ondo ? Protest r G. Schmitz. S'v o ? Miss "?? Avoy. Science, Mualr. Poetry, (Tome, Taitb, Cbsrity? Mlste* nono*. Tearl. 1 axter, Poole, Waldron, MofTit, Ca*o/. I'lt-triOutloa. Ma;ch (Fanft, twenty fi'itr hands. FeViibic), Jl ;???? Kent, Murphy, 1'ev 111. I'a.rell. Mo Avoy, O'tikra, Moore, 1 ro-ise, fas y. roo>, ('oltimh. M rrar. The fr.ld nvd 1 ??.? takeu l>; Mi?s Waldron for an ?nay uu il a.eatic eci liomy. lbe/rademie h ncr* were awarded to Misces liernen, I'ear:, Raxter at d lJoo!e. All tbe exeic iki?s were credit biy porfo'med, and worthy the If dilution mid Its charming location. Su cute or a Student. Fo.-ros, .Tulv 13. 1864. II H. fhaml erlln, Jr., a student at Harvard College, st*t hlmstli in his room at the 1 arker Hons* yesterday morning. Uisiaiheris a b ghly respectable resident of Worcester. M hv la I'lmion'i IVIchf Itloomlnf re HKI'I tikr tli* 'ti-amrr Koaraargef Imhn It nikM tlfurl wor k wl-h j'ii ? ?. Wlmt I* Ihf i,0>rrnoo betwrro tbe Incnmotn* am! a.ooun t* >11 or l'-1 *Lo> B NiOHf KMiuKIm) CEKKUhf V' >h hi thr it kip, but llttlo 11 th<* 101111(1. Ona It mi luipo allien Ob Income*, tbe i ih?r on ?ir*np? Word on Bruodtvajr.? Rotnilonl, ? kl ii Ix r?-t bri^niing n [ici iaohoM word, la rtorirrd from tl " fi r?it ?n ! fmpuwd i if two tvorda ' ao, o, ' la prrnr tt?, ku?I 'odonira,' ibo t*?ih? so/i-tfoni. a pronrer of tho l < fib. M r boai t.fylac ibe l>?tb. Invigorating tb? sumo and ?'Yf?t?itip(; ibe breath. It la without a peer . d tea ?? 1 So d bjr Diiitgia^ Mnrraf, F.drijr ro.-rorlngton. K j., Extva 43S? July 10. 6C, 25. 1, 43. 21, 53, 13. 42. 20. 12. ttf, 11. K i unrtr, Or??a ?T4~Jni? ifi. u**. IS. 6">, 74. 3. 6, 23, 73, 34. 20. 3?, 2, 41. '/.. K. Rlmmontdk Cn.-Co?lng(on.Ry. SHii ar, Kj-.ha Cr am Mr? Jnljr Iff. IMi. ?0. 35, Mi. ?;(!. 16. 14. 30. .'i4. 4C. 23, 29, M. < i.AM IH-I.i!' ift. I M* 77, 58, 20. .0, 12, 67. 44, S, 4S, ?0, 30, 11. Kranrt, Killa ( o.-V?n?giri. I.'*RAnr, R?t?* Ci a*ii 1U? skilf 1C, l?44. 34, 4?, 74, l!?. 6V. 4. ..1 . 3'?. 20. 11. ?6, 4?. Cla** IM? July 18. UMM. S-, 43. 28. (.6, ?, 7?, W, 70, 32, 2?. 53. 77. ?im< l?l ? lira Ian In Klt-lbv Cotl*(? l.ot t#rv firnUkad by 'ilMMOSK. BOORR8 A CO.. Now fork t'oat o ?! I'rljn r???f ml m All l,?(allMl I,?|?o? rl?? and Info; m?'/ n (Iran. OM.t.aail KB t BINJAMIN. liokorO Sit Cb?f n'it a.roet. rHIIaitslnM* I'.oyol Hitianit utr cont aroialiiia |Mtd for pn/a?, tnforma'lon f irnl0i0<1. tha ' i':i r?t !'??' V aid mi ll?Mih oon? and all a'ada of Oald and Ml) " TAT U>K A CO.. Baafcara. I< Wall otaat, >. V ? Tlrkrta C n?tie<l ? Iti fin n<al l??n glvf.1. O'fcM! HATK3, Fr>k?r 11 Wall atrtot. Ra<m j .In. I. Frlf oi f ntlirA In tho Royal Hmi? and at. ,rg* i?rt o'oilaa. A I Kl'K A CO.. brokara. No 24 Thio at ?ot N. T t ? l*aa< natarat la all litaailtrd f.oi "rita. %r inl'matlan , by J. CLUTB, En lunja OfReo. I7t I y.aaowa.'. A<l C ?? iha tonntrir, !>?? far a ) da- ai o l>? inn * ah thom iba Frwt C?|nar Bil ara, of 5 STI. ! n f Kt.1'. Til >naaan aliorl. whirn la a ?nr? rrrtrnt IW ol (>?0r in; .v. hra t<eVnr?a. Dfaantory, CnlUO, Oummar ? oirjiiaunB. I ?nial* I*obiilty, i? i A r.< r?in|ilfilon.-*ljitlrilS I I.OOM i f VOUTH a?Tp?a*na MlHIlM for fraorrfl?| and t'fO'itti;, l?j iha roii- 1 in on and akin. *83 ilroadrni and drugctna ororywhoro. fit A.t.l tlraiilway, brlow Orand, fianr ' AID'S ilapnt. f?n bo hnd tho Italian Mr?tealfd 8o^p torn ; w,oro loa. frock loa, nruptioaa. onabnraa rodaant, alia*' | aaaa. A*. | A To? tar Bklftplar. Woadaa War*, iiq'iora, grncarloa, J a. Itroag '??( ahoa*. at MAUQBB B I lit chMikata otrook. i toA? Infkiilbia R miadjr far Orajr Hair.? r i ? CHAPTSB n. IK n? aur weaderftii work* ImnknI tbat h* IB, JT. v -r^- "?"or?^ ta man/ tuogua* AudThJr'e v am# i* ?"*? bi? fr*" the aeapert of Hew Bedford who had for ??of *'?'* a?d after ?otna .lar* her (V >,n'1 "are ?<>??, ??? ? **1 aud did rdt^ca In aaUon k "" ,0o<l And Aaa. from ti o?e whleh arana'led Quaker* iO cltrof Phliadelpha wrote an *pIm'? **?lnr "O: aarapt tbon thiamin*. " "b''ih '? sailed Or*eni>ark, and fc'w the plotn/e a f Abraham thr frine-l nn nn>i end to r ?*i .It, I wa? weak exhausted ^ ? daapwndent ( at* but little aad an irar? 1m any nalat, a nil " *"?*' on Bitter* tar* m* health, likened mly uati v r,<T?r of Tooth. '? And up^m jurh as w*re ^Tl^ted w'tli t.iver Hivmp'a with Hour fWrtmarh, with \ 'nerat liabi (?? unrt li..prl.tie peine in a:l | arU of Ihe 'an J, I'd the** B.tiera prndu e a? toniahtng rnr??,? Bui Houta unbtllnver* eclrted ? ,ni' <V'iakar? ar op tima* who-e on' P*t ion wa* ,> *11'* ? *'"* lb-if aaM manv manrion* Itiin.'* a -. 1 irjinneta.i k "'rdrlng ?orr'>w? thr0 l;;h in-'njr paper* Tb' O Abraham <*ar>*rt<)? 1 V'? Drafceand ?al 1, ' Tut* remind' re of i a.oi ) wbtjM km boy* aiwa** acme the bent trret Ho ol ?'0"} -l?.1r (j, % * in Xanijamon roumy ?Vir r wa? lilHou "?hoi the hunt In "f ? from Ui* dirnotion of PoteratiU'K r*im??.l A limit * 11 t'arnl a little fant, mid ,? r>nl\ ?n d, "S.M4 me ? hot' %\?* tarnation Itu tire. for I lure not time n wtlt.' So \n ' 'net 1il?alorjr But Drake toiiriahe'b likn the ifrr?n tree? the rock* b?ir wHtie?a to hi* a; I .hp fe,i-e? pt V'alm hiawvkK. .*<? that Ihuef M-hn pid irar re-itf anH no*i?- nee-1 auITer ? ho srtjl umlDt flaiilat on Klderv ill u*e the Planlat on Kltterv . _ . , An<f Hie multltttde vrltti ni* ?n v? aaM p.tpja'n nn:o t the Ualpfi u m?M "K of if f. ItsS1 X " hera'iae of e mAiiy peoplr hi rtilre a i'ilrt .in; !.? heard. AnJ ne prom ^'d tn etpiala all In ht< nen e/ili",*, wh h w, " "? "hapter And 'he crorrl departad eacfc ?'ih ? bottle i T Butar? la their famdi. I lie ?nod lit An latHt|i?iiiabla 1'otltf Artlt la. \ MADAME WWKMBSftO'M iMwru,t.r? im KLOR It ta no r(<trm?*tn It la a deilghiful. ciiolln.i aubitlt ? e for ?onp It <!.eau*M and pt rillea the akin a-?1 baalowa a l? *altliv hue on tho roaiple?ir>u.* ian. rmtnaa<i p. top ? ? *''?? and for KrvdliiHaa ll ta ?*% Intalliblt i-enif.'ly. ."or aate a ^ ^ba ill it Ht-t h. Prrra I war. CAUTION. ? Noie sra i*ouine within t "h? m :nai'ira. 0 LUWJUiBBWJa Bitfoltrlor'i fliilr Ojre? The Hr?t In f|t * worl.l. Harmlena, ren.ib'e, laiiaiitanrou* TEff o-^r perfatv' dye. f Did b* All drujg. itj. ractorr, 31 Ba" 'ir j' -at. Corn*, Rttnlon*, K ?? I a rg <t ?T^Mnt*. ??A all dUmaei of tba 1'det oi -?d bjr Dr tiSQA'IME. 701 Broadway. Crtntadorn'a flhlv Oyr, Pri<frrvntlri an l Wik Oepot. v?liolo?*'e and rsiall, No. l> A It*r" B^tao The dye applied b.r akilful ^.rti"4* OtiMraitd'a I'ourtre Wai??t1 1* ' protvtl tl *1r from low forfliaula or ni>.rt of ttiabod;', 1J* ?? lita depot, 45.1 Broadway; u. ailed,' 1' .%. | Deftfuosi, Impair*<1 9lgK(, NOISES IV "TillS II RAD. CATARRHAL AfTreiTrrONS IX TH* THKOAT, ; CHRONIC CvfARRrr, CMTtKRH OP Till. TYMPANIC Mtroorjs m i'. m uk a n r . n??N.> or the EUSTACHIAN Tt'BB cihthd. 8Tf%^ KTK STRAIGHTS '">1K ONK MINUTE. rnrt the Ere and Pur requiring either- u. J1'' d>al orN mull >lil iiUriiiiM to l.v Dr. TON KISKNBKRli, ? at aiac-mi iltiof rooms. H!6 Broad vrajrj nenr Twelfth street. DeafMn, CulBfrii, imry Dl)em?( of the Ear. The ?et i?o?i A Ir I'/innger successfully treated by / urs, uaayuiu, .u si. ti*rn-* p!*?. Wnrr? ra??i ?>d PIn>, IToir Ofjrleii, .Twit received Thro*. Ere cearen. ten. tirrtve. Pfteeh, twenty to sevrnty-tive> For mile t-w OI'.O. <\ aM.RN, -It# Hrr?.l*#T, nm do. r bele.T Canal 'ije;. Store closed on FMuri1a/> nt 3 o'clock. Hlcli??f Pifinfor linrb Stltcll Srnlac Machines. WHBELB3. A WIjugON, 523 B l oader ay. ??Her nlnJ<'?tv" uTiac n*>Thr Rortf Wine o* England. For sale only br W. H.' flT>RD', Net 7 Broad street. " T? *s?oj ? A-curlone JV^rV^d tA all news depot*. Cottteat* '^e g"' b.'' I'ooT B, *\ jarS roa-J way, New Yarfc. Mri.TnotliKkrr') Crouch Clrcnlitr Gore Cof-eet c recommended by all physloian* J ?8 Bowery ul 279 Urstid alreet. Wmijrer'i Rlandard ParehmnM and cloih Toipi, used and approved br the gr rs? transportation comyar if*. Fully reliable for shipping covoa, wool, Ac. US Obambora street. Huiaalln Net*. PATENT PORTABI.R CAHO'TJfl. At KP.LTY'8, :ss BroaiTwav. No Rfore, Gray Hair or Baldn??|oPorty* ftre yeare' ooastam atudv. Oon ultatlnn frc?. Dr. (JRANDJEXN, After place. Nervova and Virulent l)l??Mri and PhrMcal Weakness. arising from flpee|fte Cnin^Ht* and rplinhle tr?nlmMit? In reports of the Howard Association, sent bv mall In letter envelop-*, free of charge. A<fcl"eee Dr. J. Skill n Honrbton, Howard Association, tfjit mouth Ninth street. Philadelphia, Penn. > Pholosraph Cartli far Qtntlemsn.? ?ample witn catalogue* ?ent fnrMeente. D. tlBMMETTE. 53 Liberty stres% Now Tor*. Rene's African Kevorand Ae?? Car* ? Ac posit lie euro for fever and ague. Depot 89 iilbeny street. For tale by all drug-late. Second Hand Safes Cheap, CorCsik, at 100 Harden lane. Six Shirts for 910. Six good Shirts Tor $1J. Fine Shirts' made to order. Kmc Mnrti readv node. T. W. MOODY'S. 17.1 it toad way (Howard Hotel). Tit I a la tli* Season of (he Year when children are afflicted with dysentery and dlairboa. Hrs. W INFLOW'S Soothln* Syrup Is a ?ar?-*nd cortala re medy. It ir. on!* rellerei the child froa?- pa n, but regn late* the stoirac'j sod bowels cor. eels arid'.'yartdglvss tons and energy to the whole s.-atein. Mothers, a* you ralue the liree and health of your children, do not fill :o procure It. Truaaea, KIsasi'lo rtarklngi, Ae.? Narsh A CO.'K Radical Cure Truss O rce only at No, J Tesey street. I,a; attendant. Wlg?, Touprtl, Hair Hye, Walr Dyeing and"' Moldavia I'tum, for beautifying .be- Hair. W. A. BATCH I. OR S. lt> Bend stieet. "Win. Knabr Ai Co., Menufni lurrri of 01! AND AND hOI* A KK PlA^V?. B.?ltl"' Md. Testlmonisl? of excellen.-e from Tliaiberg. Gettsehalk, Strakuscli. Setter mil otber leading Mitsu. Price lisle prompt! \ seni on application. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Bwowjib.l? Rissm ? At Cleiitf*r?p, Torrisdale. fe., os Wednesday , June Xt. by the Kit, .? *.or. Al<>n/o Totter, Bishop of f'onnsylrenla. Mr H. Tt noa Baowvett. << Ilart'ord. ?'c>sn.. to Gertrude, d?ugh;er of tee lata Kiobard 8. Kiuam, M. D. , of New York. Lckun ? Keerra.? In this clt.v, oa-Thuredsy, July 7, by the Itev. Stephen II. I'yng, Kosher. Lock to MaacAsaT Finrrga, both o: thh city. Mo^rA^.l?* ? Taworr. ? Is, Mass., oa Minday, ?Inly 11. by Rev. f? H. Sheldon, W?. H Muktaiivb, of New York, to Mrs Nclms M. VALOOKt, of the former piece. K? n?Ri>? Mt'Ai i<ri?a ?On WOilaeadny, July IS, by the Rev. .i./hn C. H Millirio, Vit-roa P. Rv *a?d, M. D-, tc . Mart A , eldest daughter of Jwaes Me Airier, Esq , sil c Ibis rlty. Wai.mto*? Hi 0s Wedeoeday evee'rf, M^is JS, bv the Itev. H. U Kinney, Uckby W u? I- Ax:?a A . , daughter ol B. K. Hubbard^ Ks<* , *11 this citv. IM.ed. riA^BB.? On 1 hm * day Ju> My Joun CL*r*i, a'tep a severe iMiiese, sg?d 'J 4 yeeie. Thcfrieeds end srquaii.ta'jcraof Mm lamily, those of kis brut lie'*, W ill i am and rstrtsk, also the men. hers elt' .o l?eny E, TeiitU re^.menv New Ywh ?elnfeen . Ma re -peotlully tDTltrd to U'.tjt ^ the fi.sersi, Trom :be reel dence of hla brother, Mita aessue, curaer o.* Korty seoond street, this (S.iocsy) o/teeeoos. at tw? o^toe*. fBA>s?ii?w.? on Vr-dsy , .In r I' . sak?h is font daughter of Jonathan Scoet md Sarah C. I .aahshaw, aged fl mi. ol lie ?' <* '.Pdaje Ihereienv<? .di'. filerusof the fannl'y sre eeiectfnlly Invited to atleu.l t ?i.ji actal fro-u tlie re-i*n. e of her parents. 2P7 let ?gtou *to* ?. lb? . .vimlr alternoor , at two o'clit k. Co<i?ti?i n ? Is Brwklys. f. Ii , on ?ati. eve i mg, July It? J. Ijnnan Cemsn. w.n < ,?r ?. j?d i ari>.i*e ? M. < oinfti'i k. ai the 4Jd veer of til age. I' u rt her nokicto m'.rmw. CANisMMra? At tt>e ?.eid -nce of bT._~ath?r, N'? 4T Voriok elrei-t, Jseva rt., yptu.*e?? e< ?*f Jobs T. and tlie late S,i4aii i 'anterinea a^ed :"i ' 'a a the r#!fctiver end fflenn* or Hie thviily, aad ef hia hrolhera, /'hill' M> aa t < lierlee a ~ta*,,ed t>ntte?xl the fun ral, ih.e ^Stasd y> sflernt -o , at two o'rlork. Ihe ahoes invi.'ahM !? r??| e extends by Int. latber Ui L P. K. tw ths aoeml en o'. ties hanic* l'tvislow S. of t ('4Mtr<v. ? On 1>j?rsilay, July 14 l^seai t ? C.??ett>*, ol Cunway, co inif l>. ssgai, lrel?n?l. ' rtie irtend, an I ih .*e or her ^4li ri, Jcftn and .I'.eiea CMsidy, ?re i*?|?cllulif InylUA le atirr j the va *nl, tb. a ffiiadM. Vieruo a, at two a\lo*i, 4 'j1 l-jd.-un at.-eet. ('.?I a ? Oa Saturday , Jni* I 3< after a lung aa>u eeeere i lae ?, LrvtS* Jans <lAU*bUy .?T fhonaunia Aasle I; ie, aged X year* and 7 d tya The Uiqade of the r?ml'?(*are !B*it?d to Wtend the funeral, from the re* deerp (J tier rweuu, 44? Col>'.A*>rh atraet. Stouth Brooklyn, litl. (-djnd&yt altervjou . at (our o'clock. CUBPIUBW.? Oa Ballsy. JnVy 1?, M>v ?err, the Im^ l?ved wife or f harise. fjilnitil'ew, a nsiir'jof lae pariah of Kllssres, county el Louth, Ireland, the Mlh year of her age The rnaadg an.', >?jai|T?e er.the fa/.Hly are recpefllfn'ly lavited In atledft tre luaarel, fr'.m tier late reeideaee. No. 11* Weal d**a*te**w atreei, oa Moi dav afttraoos, st two o'clo'A. Dahlia rwtner* pleass copy. Dvroa? us Bataiday. July IS, Wnui? Merer, the 1 oqly et^M of Jeba sod Klailrs U?*?, aged ? inombs I r?lM!T?i mt friwii ?r yn tmttu, ?? Uwm < l^ii f Loftarja, ?r? -oopoefVly ?o >11? it in* funeral, from Um < Miam. ? 0f ^areola TIT Ntalk trtoM, ooroor of Fifty-(.,urtt> alnat w Mj? day aftorn ooo , at ooa o'clock Brno ?Ob PrMw, July If. Kmreiam fUw.t wr, yo.,n? Mt daufhter of Bernbard H and lanftU ?1.44' | /?art, | inontlu tad 15 day*. Tito ralatlrea aad (needs of the f?na:y art reaper, tf<tii# lariled to attend t'io funeral, froai tbo NMdoniM of he* l?r?uW, "i47 Bleecker etr J*t, this iucd ly ^rtomjo'i u two o'clock. ?l4*tT ? on rr!d*r, Jn'r 16, Wr.TMT *.-rr, ifoood ?M of to# UU William and iaatwlia b ?r y, tu ttta utb /Mr of tiia ago. ffco friend* of tbo 'amily are invited to attend tbo fn. neraf, 'rom 'tw r?*ldence of hts mother Hiij W*aljtu? >0 afreet, this /Sunliy: aflaru'??3, ?t a* o'eloe* foit.iM.? <Ju aUturd my, Jo'y 1<*. <"?ol wa EoWAMK ' rnuo^oal aon of iAw ard and HaMafe SVtu, a^al 2 yo*ti to moaiM and 6 day* lbe friends on(MtniMe9#bf tfaa fa?!'f a-a r?pnae> fully uu'iUd to attend tb? tuocM, tbli ay) after noon, a* 1*0 o'clock, from tbo parent-)' res' (em ?<, V<>. y* I' i?t Ninib strejl, fr>m thence t'< Calvary Cmva-'r/ Uunarr.? At Plymptoo, Devonshire K.igiaud.oa day. Juu* ?, J?*aa Uijiaut, Mr , 10 the T4tb year 01 Mi a;e tiiut ? On Saturday Jj'y 13, of icarUtfaa, Jfovn dang Iter of and Mj'ry Gill, for irrly of Du 1 jau noa con utv Tyrone, Irfl m4t 4 > <^r - tli? Irmndi of the family are rari.^tf* ly invited to attend the funeral, tbi* (ttuudapl anor?uvn. at twa o'ol"tlt, from DO Wes t Twenty-eighth *ffO?t Gaiavr.? On .Saturday, Jmy it, J via O^i.c uu 60iu yuar uf bit uxo. The fr-ends and relative of Ib4 family, m<l tbo?e ft hia hous, Ttomaa rnd Jamon Ca'!on, ura 'r <n:c fu. y In vited to sitccd tbo funorai, thia S.ailay) a^tr-JOuii,*# one o'c!o<k, frotn bu lito rosldeoce. cWor of K.g\*y Or o? ai roi t And i bird aroiwjo. ilKiir ? On Friday, July 15, after a Ion? aod p.tfofal llloa-i.<, J '.m* Ju*hj>h IIiult, oiity aoa of Denin Hw.?y , * nuive of Crodn. oi'iioty LimorltW, Ireland aged 1* y vmir 5 mil tha iin-1 6 1 iy? lhc relativea ?>id friend* of tbe family ?-? renpetif<?|ly Inriteii to attend t(n fuMral, thH (Sunday) aftorQIM a Mf ,V 1 Ul 0 ' *?i'"-HJSKr from tii* riwldence or hb |>arenu? 4 fliird nvmitie, xrnor Thirty -fourth timet, fi "f? tliooce to lalvary C?n"or* N It.?I'o oarr.aiaw atl?wM> floprisa. ? On s-ventb P:iy m alng, J iiy ' 1, ( Hk *kii*m . lu II, ? f/Jth your '* on * ?. IW'i! rrlonds ' liio ! miir ar? reai entfolly l"Ttted to at tend I'm funurit, from bin l?t? ?< ,K 1 vji Wao0 Twauty ? \tb at sot, to-morrow -iO'- al. duj j aft#rnooa, ?r :o'ir o'clock lI?UUfl.-?'>u Ptrro%'f?i, on ;*i'"r<1ar JJhIv 11 Cki.(m?" V:***r, a??n Of Ocor;-! K. ;i?d 1 li ?!> t' Mi Htllli 'bo trm-tiun wilf l)o taUod to "at- 1.- Or Inter *n?t 1 eetoa l'o?i jj,ou i? joi>y r - On 'Irving, Jinv 1 1 ul A . :i?' n 'U*ujy jwnvtoht ?on of .Mill 3. lor .ruU'j iiaiuii' iigad t n 'on V? ua (i t'.?. Tin* rr??fl?d-i aik! of tt,e famif?- aiuo >j? iih -rai.t^M ol Olivo t'r**nb L(idi.o r>r the ' 11 4ef of floe# >? >re ed^Jaot'i^y lr??i'"d j * I. <. 1 'al, fr.ini il * VsiJonce <?r liti< ui auduili. r W it urn N ?lo-?a, 5-1 ('.rini^twt. WiUbim??'>iirK this 1 -unlay 1 a'tarrv ??. hi two o i-ifw-ic. His remains will bo take . t<> N'??r YorB Hay Cem-Xt*y. IIr>RT( N.- -?)n ^*urd 'f, .f?!y 18. Avna Eu7! a If >1 ?.?>? Ihn beloved wifif of a .1. tT^rtun, a'ler a ImBorii .g iU nen.v ajjed ;j-year*. The relat YOK a i-d ftiMKlol of ?<? family, and 'T 1*0 brothers, .lolfti and' fntnea ih ?>*?!>*? -n, are r< ap '"tf- ly 'o rltwt tt> u!tet.d*tlio Tanorai. |nr Kondjy a'tfrn.jon, at twir o'elork. from ?ier lata residwi ? a. 5' Heater atreet. Has*.? on tr.dayereuing, 4m ?i J*oua t. Haw, if C 11 VArira \ *ii!* tnenas cr? in* mKmM ? "" ?,? Hhmray I ??ilia ar"' !ovl>ed to ?ttr W tlj* funeral, fr<":t hi* Isle resilience, 'J&4 We-'t Twelfth , ttreot, iui? (Suodrri morning, ut uiiie o'ilocte . Haiti rox? On Sntnrd ty , July 1(1 ? ?* h's residence E*? N<?w York. A ck t.tzrt I) Mamilio!*, . l?*l-? ?>j year*. Hi 8 relative* and Trlonr?w are rest). Hiifuliy lav!t*<l to **> Send (be funeral, ot. Jfonrttsy afteron. o, at two o'clock. fftrim? On Saturday Jitf/ Id, Mam 1 Sophia Hi.ttn, th* >ni7 child of John Am* Maris J. '*ln*, aged 1 moot* **d 7 days. The frieuds and asTttalntBoces of l h* family are r*> *;*mfiiHv lovitad to attend tlie funeral on Monday mor*. leg, at tiVna o'clock, from tie res liteu. > '* of her pareato, N* v,h-> west Thirtieth street, to I.uiber* ? Cemetary. JowaoA.? On ,-atuiday} Jul/ 10, after a eevere '.llueaa^ Jon* I*. Jocrda, aged SO yearn. The relatives and frltnrts of tae family i r* refip*ctfaHy Inv.tPd' to attend the fur.eral, from hie late retidonoe, N? 1 12 Kidrfdg e street, on luoflday afternoon, vl two o'clock wittent further notice. Jonhk ? Ob Saturday, July 18, Mamt Eliza ***h, <!*<>?? let cf'U Denbigh Jonea, tgaa la year*, 8 mo \?thi auJ n be before ?rage. < thos* I \y lnviu i J Qardni ? ya, at tii ?t r>a Cam ""<3 day*. reticulars In to morrow to paper. . Jo-nn? <>? Saturday, Ju.'yifl, 'Vhtaw**, tin* before# wi e of I/) ran 20 J. Jones, it tfce 44tb year of b ?"? age. Tha relatives and friend* of tbt family, at > * tho*a *f her brother, Patrick I. Oanrey , are reapectfi T Invito# to attest tlm funeral, from bar late reatdeoo ?,J OardMf ?venue* 9cuth Bergen, N. J.; on- Monday afterm " P. ?* o'clock. Her remain* will betaken to 8t. Pot ' * ? Cat? | tery, NortbUBrgen, for kntarmam. Cam l*a* " ? Jsr*^ City firry every hair hour, via Nowarh plant road M MonticsMo uttm, within tw> bionics ef tho >nu '??* llt Rf'.rr. ? In Brooklyn, on Friday, July 15, 1 *? Wto? li am Y Mitkpht. aged SB year*. The f laeral will take place Ctt>m hie Nrte rrrtdet w, 2S7 Jay street, this (Sunday) arto?nooo at three o? ? !'??*? Maka.t. ? On Saturday, Jul/ 1C, Br? lUcaas. I ' wife of jllljah Sfadan, aife>l fit) 7 ears. ? 'lbe friend* an 1 acqualntaneei of the family. ini% apei-.tfuKy. inr.ted to attend t*M funer-M, tnia (St H*rt afternocn, at half pus t two o'clcelc. at the raotdut M (ff her ?on, Robert Madon, 14 Harrison atrset. UvLhizt*? On Saturday, July lfl, CA-nmwtra A?fc dnugbtor of William and llury Ann XUIloa, age 4 II montb* n3d 20 (tan. The re atlrea and friends of the family or* respect invited toatteiwt the funeral, the roel^ence of parent*. ? J"t Kaat Twelfth street, ibte (Saadny ) After* to*, at two o'clock. Mkad ? In Jersey City, on Friday, July IS, 1 U> youngest hild of Smith aud Ha ^aaii Mead, *aa<i i mot <Ai anil 4 da/*> The Irieed* or the family ar* Invited to attaoA M fuueral, from the reiidenr.e cf her father, 190 Ofl . ?? street, JLrea/ City, thii (Suciay) aftemooa, at li <?* o'clock. Mak81/??.? At Union Hill, nu4?ott coaaiy, 9 : .? Jersey, on Saturd:iv, July 10. Kmt Uami ana, ?ido# t C Richard Maraland, in the 04th 7? of her a*o. Tlie fun*rcJ will take j>lac?-oo U?aday. at tw*t? o'clock M , from the repMeno* of Ohart*s llmtf, I7n|? Hill. The remains will be take?4*t.'re*nwo?l i.'emMM ror lnter:aeut. Friend* of lb* flMDUy ar* lnrHe4 to *? t*nd. M-r ahjwt.? On S*turdsy *ftarn**iK July l?y at tbna o'clo' k, I)Ct*v Jane MiiTaIT.W*, out ? r.hiVt of Hill* Fii/.s,a?r? ;a* aud John Md'arUiy, af?d 1 year and If da;s. lbe relaUfe* and frierdi cf th* family ar* !erll*M| atieml ti.3 runml, from the r:.?MtKi)e of b*r parrat^, |M Mott Htreet, tbM (^undav)*a te.inoea,.*! two o'etock. M< )iim?? Owrw IIoMakv*, '.Btl??d?thy*ar of bis >f% The rrl?*ires and friemls of the family ar?r*ep?fltr>J? invited to attend the funeral, th4ii-(8ao<f*y) afternoon,) two o'clo. u, from hi* lata rct.Ueuua, No. IJfrH \7aabfi0i ton atreM. 1 Mi' niNt? Oa Tbiirsdsy, J: no 28> A sxaso**. roow;?| *on of Wlinam and Nancy';>nn, of BrTiobvlfie, L -I .Ti member of lbe .Sixth New Y-r*oa.vslry? killed whll* i.vitly forcing tils way before Use reb*! work*, / aaav .lone*' Hralge, Virginia. .Iimnlca |?pers please 00071 Nuoiwt. ? At l>avlds Isiar. i? oiv Friday , July 1J, Mitma^ H. J. Ni ?*v?, Otmpaoy F, (jae-lAiudred and Sixty 0 mrtk - re^*iiiea? New Y?rk Volnnt^ars. bbkI IS y?a?*. The friends and relatives of th* family are re- pen "uAf Invited to uttend the fiio^raJ from the ro?lioeca of kV . mother, '.'72 First arenue, *Jli??3iindiy; aft?.'aoou,> at Mb < a cloak. M.n.ii.m-dB Friday _a*(aiag, July 1 f>t'u tea or viodh Wi- w.n M' GiitMt*, d ni?M*r of I'atri.hMi Mai y am . M<?.>o?if, ag?d 10 montl.fe Ti>? ftieersl will tak* plana rram tb? raatileacx > of !?? paren s, lflo |,?roy stree*. thla (Sunday afternoo# , at ao| 1 o'i.l?>ck. The friendi "ndreiative* of tke family ar?? ?peatfolly Invited (oattiad, without fu.-Miar Inrll ultm. Od>Mi nr.- tjudden'y, on Krtday Burning. Ju [/ 1\ AuntaintR t nonHtr. j In i<ba S3d year *f hi* a fa. lbe relntlvM and .rien?j? of th* faatlty, and tr oaa it I.1 k fattier In law, tTtr. I etrvat, are respeatfnlly In- ;ii?d ta .-.I'erid th* funeral, tr.i^-'iiaday , after jonn, at two ??o.oalL (ton bis lite resldeL 1S3 West NioaiMatll stre 4 ? iHaiitv. ? <inFrli.*?. J sly It, IVniiaM, *oa of ' and Msry OT*lllv, la thw.'id year of bla at*. We loved .MS, ria, no tonj^M nan tell How miic'i jeeli-rerl him. and how w 4,f-? 1. on loved aim too. at. 4 ttwi gbt it batit To take e jr dewing bom* !? re*t. The relatives needs are re^M?tfnllr]n r.tad to M t?nu 1 he rimers ,.fror? lbe realdacoa of Alt parent*,? . Ro. *etelt street, ihi*("?inday) aftarwaon, M*t taro , o'clock. His ridMin* wl'l be tnLaa tothklvar^l lor .titerment. Pnai as ? .4*nl?. on Tbnrtday. Jufcrl/.jCii l^loved wtr* . f Robert l'hai*n,a?4 danf;htcj.? John (VRour^a, of EnnlskillJ*. oouBtj- F*r* land. *r<-d 2ft jmr+ The 1 1 ien.'.v aa-d ?o |unlLtr.a?*s of lb* **a*fy a(a M> s-.eetiullr :j4Titad to attach the funer*:, ftvoa b?ir lam residence, N*k 4?0Hv*r x|r.?l. ihi*(SuBtfaji>tftorajaat^k two o'clOf A, VermftLnii* papers piesa^aopy. F*tc g jm SBtnrdav. .* tly 10, Jo** ^*J*, * 'Mlft tf Kiliarney, oMttty Kerry '.reiaud, agttl M yMjirad f ninths , I he 1 1'aWm sod frl?.Ja or lbe fayilp ara 'avUad M attend lh? rnnertl. frer;?*ls isle re?:Ja*ee, ?l(.Wa*h>i?> t n ?trsat, H- VJtea o^4o*day c?*m!?IhI| to 1 a lvi?y OvuMery. ':?*!> ? ?.? > Taly 15, OLtt ir^yea^Nt rblld ..." ?.cdOav ao< Jtary Reed. II a fnenda ?*nd relative* ol tfcafaatilly ar* ra*pq||^bM inv tail to sitend funeral, ( mm?* the reaiddiioe ? ar bal partita, No. 074 ^tk avetm*. ihla good +> aft* t' ? elm V. 1 trma^h ntid r^jrnav paper* plaasa.oopf ?*i.ii MUtoa, N. Y., >a Ir iriy 15, ' H??.??e ai sen s.>iT*H??e(T, 1 1 Iir-'i al >e v?i?s I t Ihe uanrch Of U? eni ?tr?et. earner of Montr* yl*^^?ri*tm*, M ' llriidav 'i at .tree I 'clcst. in* ftd?A* m tU<: <lf<:*k*W ar* heietjt respect :ulj l*fil*a U> httyd. . S*,ti .? y? >ati rda^ ?o:*lng, 'i.y lfl. Gwv*??.teB^ 1 aged J7 Tiara. lb' rt a h-e< *ni< frfor 's of tfce i*rt|: T arai invite>l k> ?i;*nd ?h* f'inefal. f n Mor4*v aft?r 1 ti?o fi 1 ?n tl* I*'* ret.dstice, ?1 I ai ?Af ' bttptaea. , Wf>t jstantr filai ft slreei. HI* ramaiaa wM4 bo tak** M lyi r?ea 111:1* 1 ?.e.?ltry foe miermebt. Vjlh -Ou'tl'iar, ?>i?r "? ?' it'W* af ih* mnn, I awwts W??e. a i.ative if^tlHI o( Urnna, eonaty I' iho , w c?ar the '.ata. J rmaoaglL hr? I uaSr mtm am. ' najiim^h. Ire md ?ged 37 life frtesiM and ac<|ua:Btanc*r, at* r**yo<3t''t".y I*r<to4 lo aitenH the fu ei?l, Irom h.a lata raa'deno*. N* Ml t l'*st lhlrl***l* sireal, tkl* ^PwJay) af'troocm, at *.?? ' o olot k. tt Wf am'.-Ob Friday, July |?, at th* Heath Prhoiiey Mooalala, Wu.uam H.. o*ly*?anr Fraivde. Ud 1 Augu.'ia Wig<n4, of 11H Klter ?treot, Hftboka.- j, j age>l U moat ha aad :4 d*ya ' W?"*s. ? "? S?tur*ay, .lyit n, a/ier a s y#r# |ii0^ ( AfRAKoa, widow of Joaeph fetter, m ?.tli -^ 3 her a fa. The re'stiv** aad frian?? of th* 'eaiily ?\<m tboae 4 tier da<ifht*r, IliaaWlh IV oasU, >.t rea^rotfu.l? Inv'ta* to attead the tuneral, lro?B ine 1 /^.Uwjce of nor Deph^w. Weorg* K, 3iinps is, Nt .loarr s'j j?L vt ll^WUur Jl MflPAaUl^*

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