Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW Y WHOLE NO. 10,166 HEW YORK, ORK HERALD MOKDAY, JULY 18, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. BMEIASTFH01 IEW OBLEAI& V '' " ' ? 'I ? 9 Gtaerali Banks and Sickles E iter tallied by the New Orleans Bar. M|Bllkant Speeches on tbe Occasion. Cturil Barks Dteiarte Dm* Herat Fewer Kaiber thin (fee Swerd. MOVEMENTS OP GENERALS. Abandoned Plantations in the South. WIUT SHAtt BE COi WITH THEM? northern Experinra Theorist*. ftSan of Crops sad Dearth of Supplies. CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH OF JULY, Mil s*m a* Mr. Tbanaaa M. Cook'i OtipaUhei. Nbw Oauuuia, July 1, IS 04. m ruiiMTiom B Mm oooarred Inn* tbsi iimlgbl not be unprofitable M eall npoa the adintuiatra Ion u Washington for noma M|M ikt subject of nbnndoned or mlmM plania Mm and hum how In tbe p< ucniM or un>1er ita on Mai uf Its ageute. lor Wi-wnce, t? make ibe applicntl a M a onlagoncal wajr, auawore te tbo lot "owing quesilous I be InicrveiiLg to a (teal many of tfea daar people ?n ?aw BUf aaparate aalaiaa and plantations have coma Mb the pom Mica of tba government since Ibo war VbM It Iba aggregate extent, te aeras, or lbera plaata kai and estutesf i tbe government bold ancb plsnutlone and aalataa by right at coa^uaet, or have I bay been lawfully itedf M * Bite eat ad, wban an<yiowt V May are bold by rt Ht or coaqueef , under whal aa borby does tbe government claim or exercira tba faa of Mi laads and estates? Wbat dtopwitloa Is tbe goverament making of this vast I landed property, or what disposition does II pro tklBg of III OOBFTOATIOH. ara nnmeroee other pertinent queries that eng. iitw ; but it will be ample time to' put tbem B*tlefaetory answers are obtalaed to tba fore BM la a patent fact thai to Virglnls, in North and Carolina, in Kentucky aad Tennessee, to Missouri . mi to' B large pertloa of Arknasee, Louisiana and Mto aha topi, estates without nnmber have bees abandoned Ihakr former owners, and ara bow la tbe possesslna M tba gover meat. Tba owners of soma af tbeee ara prominent officers to tbe rebsl army, or > high paaltMoa to? IT I may no term It? tbe civil of iba rebel goveremeot. Tba property of sueb \ M f ills Into the head* of tbe United gt tea Ilea, Is todlaputubiy Justly liable to coaliacatl'm, ?a la Iba property of every leading rebel In tbe !an1. ?a toys! man wHI object la Ita ooaftoe>Uon If It Is Ooofls ?M lb a lawful aad Just mat ear. But an Ml confiscate 1 prepsrty, by decree of a court of oompetent Jurisdiction, toil sold by aa officer clothed with power to execute tbe MaatotoS af tba ooort, this property ts eertataiy beg tba properly af tba gevernaseot. Military traeraby may r*itiJ;f Ita oc?:"ntiS& aB<| V* H I lima, aa It Sly fie* require tba ?aaapattoa aad asa oj tb$ property or say loyal maa; but ?Imam aeeeeailj uqulrra <be ownership ar ao property Mbsr tana by purchaee Tn gnverameat ana , therefore, kin ao cl 'lra uiou any eewtethat It may Ha l abindoned to Ms tor?or owner any more than the humblest cltlseu I proper proceeilnge are lemttntcd against It The I of law tavolved la too pUta to demand aa argu bbovlab raocaawwuB nwemai. ? Instancee proceeding have been Inatltnted ? the eaiatee that bare fal en into tbe p?sseexloB of tow government autborti les. TheArl ngton property of tbe MM fleaeral lee was legally prooeeded against, coo bemnsd, a nflscated and sold, the government, I believe, beaamtoy tbe porobaser. Sume other estates m Virginia fcnea been similarly treated. The tliie u> tbeee estates, bamg dnrtvea from tbe United States Chart, Is nadoabt waiy good >o the present owner, flat will tae title to aay aetata not tbna lawfally conftso-ited aad eokl be worth tbe ?afar It la wrlttea aa to tba party purchasing? Pbould laC Davis' property ba new dtonoeed by tbe egenle of tbe ?aasraaisBt or deaiagad, wlvbooi fttat coogaotlng It to a raw al mdnaer, would aaytblng prevent the arch-traitor Mara lOoovoTteg dsmagee from the government, by a suit as towtbreagb eeaneaf, after the war-ta sadsd* Certainly met. Iba law baa bo kanwledge of b|e Icaiiareue acta, ?ar af aay atoainter to hie property. It win therefore be beea bow tmuortaat It la that tba goverosseat proceed aagalarly aad to order In all Its etepaotewnrds tbe rap ysralsa af tba rebel! km. Ibe suppreeekm of ssruia maaapspsrs to Mew York elty might or might not have been a jaUiable erocooiliBg. Tbs goverameat made a ramtafee ta proeeedlag agatael tbem to aa aaantbnrtsad raaaara. A girii amrat has Ibe rtgbt to prraumi netb Mf- I la arasnmptloa af guilt agatael tba proprtetnra of Ml Wow Tori papers referred to waa informal, aad tbaae toto mai will eooaer er later weaver dantagea lor the amavlt tbwa asade ap?e thetr rlghu. to win eeesobody be ^^^Hdamagae tor every rood af toad BltoaaaMfUmra Ma ^?^?ewaer other wleo tbaa by dee eoerae of law. ^?wa are made a<> leea far tbe goveralog power than for ?eovevneik Aad why da we bate la we, a m tlmra the peeaeot, ibey tm no where roepectedf Tbe via af a law by a an boot la ne warn JnatHra tba gar* m violating lie ewa towa tepaaksb tbatrab artgtaal Um ar fbaabaearaef aay eMcialrarart ea tba eubjeet placea M bey aad my power even to estraasta tbe atsmber er ea Mat of tbe eat at ea aver wh-en tbe goeareaseat la aow^a aaamtag the rtgbt of aaasnBlp ibay ara very oaarar ? mm, and are aa*< tared over tbe whole feotbera oanatry a ha i esse ?ar armtea have a fooramd. before tnqutriaa Maa tbe aaa thetle betag aaada m Ibaramlatre, it mar Mm be eratoa lo aecertato Matf If ?spBl>"> aow tan aoranaaanr ohvaibkd ruaearsioa. farwe tombteb 1 have minded aa tba fereaer araperty eg taaltap aad noted rebele were abaadoaed by their raraaia ea tbo approach <>? the Ualra forree, and tbe VMaa anthecMIM took aadtei*sted poaaeeelon. Another Mras blleaged te perevne aympnthlaiag with, parbapa ansaily weriici.aMng In.tba rebellion, oampelled to such aeawrae by tba iorca of ci-camstaacee, themaelvaa In ao Hreetioiiaible tor tba mreptloa of tba treat crime it iba e untry . rr for Ita eoatiauanoe, other tbaa aa ^^^^?reroed inte it i y what le to tbem aa Irreoiettble ?iiii another clam were awaed by m?n who I ^^^^?ueace bare beea haabbed bey?ad tbe aMiNary ^^^?rala elira la eertaialy ratHled to aaaae oonaldora. ^^^?Msa win my there te ae eicure far a person who ^^^?tn swear hto allegiance M Ibe glis?siiil tbat ^^^?btm, ? r la there Bat this maiici*BI prn*ectk>a ^^?bl 'bal maeee the tronbla In a former oom ^^^H*aa I have referred te tbe totoslkWaf exacung raaoe eatha iBdlecriaatnaiely. Tble war This Men g^Me< ti a<wUb aoeh varmbls reanlta that tbe | ei son asaldm within the imee aad nnUer tbe protection <>f ^?l^ina arrar m day bm ha asevracee thai ha will m? ? Mhiatba robot Usee tomorrow. Tbe chaok?* of beenpeaev have been brnttMntand Constant throughout Iba war. ae maoh se that dOams Jura eoaMeeee la the bMNty ef the Iwen army to bold the lerTltorr they beseem, aad therefore abstain from taking the (lath of abegienee, aot from purvlr dMeyal m<wlvm, aot beeaura af their sympaiby with tbe rebel caaea; hut to rave their aadtB from tba baiter wfeed the rabel army agnto ? vkrtM them, ra they ara Maabi by rapetieeoe tbat b wilt visit thaw. Ts aaafla rate the property of men so streams tebce<t Js by ao ?mane jest It is aa act of lajuttlce to place ihem to ara?a<>n|sm with the rebellion aad Ibea leave V am to Ma tender morcira ef tbe eultbroaw employed Vf Jai t ravts la ham ihem eat aad eseevte summary ven^aance ?a them. Manyauonr fepew, raslAeat of a Stai d la rabelilra, baa hat bta lire -?e a ptn aity tor taklag ab c*th |Bf abegtanee to tbe UaHed gmtoa. Is it petiey to mm VJ a M, riitcBfc ab .adotiedaa il? a juroaob <* our ermhje, or leit th m by the bantstunsut u? im owuars. karuer in tba war it w*e IM policy of tM government to hold litis real property, satof *, whoo convenient, for military purrees, a# for IM sotoeln.iloa, im, In laBluaoee, IM eieptoyaisni of (M trend ?r?r'*? * I'MbiiiIibi were work' 4 ?b guvernaMM MOunl by (M Brgroee IMI wu ime our M' da. Kul lbs rapidly will) when ibis property I iioi eased cm tM su ds <a lbs geverani*i.l rendered It IImimsm geueral, II*. 04 p-'liiy aboal.l M pu round to iM disposition 04 It. Tba ?"?"???J lbrtr MimiewMwse to (0.1 (:o?ernm? nl ?s they bad gene a ly Mea need. sad tost the energise of M ?. ,srun*si wsrs to. eaolus.velFMmeoded In IH -ypor S3?t1!tss: sssst ik i OMitiol M so veat a d>?M;n, eeueeieliy when so many 1PMf<?t?Wn,,12ll*lr? *m "< ?? ffMrt stars*. *'? ?*"?? ?M toss*.* systom, ? men ??, prs v?us extensively ibmu?ri..ut ihe suutbwssiera o son try. tomb-hlng opporta nines to a tenia class at money seeksrs who havs ''?r "f'?* ltt* ?'??Mriil** a? by vlr iTal.^ ?"* ""MlaiM ssd load aaeeivemtlo/s of Mtwiy demand. sums solid c .nsidsratlon sr euutvaleol. ri?? or apect of imsMiiss lur mies, ekSily hwmul.M li flatter?!? a? a -V? '**? Pl?''??l?o*' ? tbs t+.uth. are SS . ! "hl ,l,? MtdWeillto Nrd poo I Is who will, si any rM, take pwrtmus, wltb liheral proiaisss of t divial ? of profile with His iowiimiiL ? 4MUW on or fUTWT. tm abotftlna or alevery is oeriim portion* sf IM " > Pf" olMsssd M IM Pros Ideal eighteen months ago, *** made oyer- Use la all portions of tM Dumrimssi of uuif by a military ordT Ma. ^ frMTTAJ "r^"*ry ?nrrt? Is ooir nowhere rtapuM Is ibis r eg loo. The system of oem paiin.lsd lafe*. ss ? a belittled by IM same miliary sa t^ryy^isaas ooi sur ? III leases deiM^lnuHti' t!i .'il ^ *??MM?r IM department, sad IM Tesssry Department. through Us ?irbi?i]r^7? ^ JS* aa? |?w whersyer and by wsooierer eronloyed. 1b? sapor rwtaoaaiarsHy ealls for ? "* ? sumbor of addition al sasats. im MtMrity fur wal k tsaxsotusd to si 1st. ' _ . . ?* n. sr^mns ass uurav. ? pMstatloa ?-!! . U> tM sauorrisiog 2K2!s*t2f2, "OMMlmeul tor a tears of tbs 5,T1"K *l'?'?ctory bonds, one dll toned apea i be ivyssent of ao aaaual rsotal based anoa tM smouai ol ssntw tbai sMll M raised, a lease Is siren covertii* tM laads, buildings, tenements, stoak, imole ?sola and tnaabluery of ibe |>isntalioa. . _ wi'uiriinT or u1 oun ?"M'^otlon to iho Proreal llnrabal a J22. J06?? 'ilf P"rn"?"l"? *" omploy a ostiala^ d amber of freed Macks, al waves raoRloa front ire to I weirs dotisra r?r asonib and ona ration per day a<cb. Perralssioo is xraoied for Iho am f?r a!?l mfi ^ '?lu'r?d- Tb? negr.*o ara iisa JI! -? |n?C"nir#Mnd camps or whenever factv ir he^ n uoJ.???? ambitious planter being *L"** y ?""t bis extesslvn lann. Thasesnjul.yes ?re tbeo ma.oHed hdIo tM Superinten m vaf .kl' by. wlH,lw ^ *re ??">????, and who m ike? ibe ooq tracts In tbelr Dame with tbe employer 1 ?k ' L*'.! w* ?!,,r* P ' id one balf at tbe end oi every ?uxlk and tM accum iated b ilitnce u| tbe end of a voar _ , . TsaaTMBWT or tbs ula k labohkhh. TM taborer reretvea pay oaly for tM (line M works tao b Mia? oonstder d a day. if, from s ekness or say otber eau^a, be ee.s(iwo?k for a/ay , or ?or8 r le?a, i ha! I'sse la dadncted f-om his w<M' nor does M raneire say rattors for t is lime M remains idle. Quar ters of s c mrort tbio ntture ara required to be provided nIf.V?7- *'? ",,h ? "'?c? of ground, usual It .bout a qtiai isr nf ao ?c s la axlaal, lor a gardeu, on wbloh tba laborer la permitted to ral e whatever be pleassa otttsr I baa crt ton or sugar. TM reason of this exooptloo mar "0'^1 ?l' J*' sot, aor am I able to explain It. in all re ?J2^l^,i.Vxc!5l,0,noh? product, tba ir^hT NnriS precisely as ara tM free bi borers li ? fwc wy be used to compel tbam to work No puolsiinwals msy M Inflicted, otber Man a ' ' M' ^ i fw tba violation of nay reaiilation of tM estublisbmont. To? maa is b in own mast* Ha aaii? bis tlm?%ud labor, but rsmains bis own jvdga of tbe tS7?f 'Sta"r.S2 " c*pable * wrormrng in lbs all<>t iu lieTTraa^Ll.! rhfTST* P^oleely alike in ail taese rsspeots. The women are quite aaeouDOioai | ^Mr*? ?? ?re tba mea. -ad tbarefbre demaadand m caiva tM s*ms pay. Children over twelve years of are mi ntry t?ti<i&\r?raz4'z to send" toMM^ 'to ,tlPMl2ll"1<1'"u ?* oonuabaada ' , f idocbers to IM ptsalatkuna. who most be pail and subsisted by tM planter, and facilities exieaded ta tbs.n .or idiwMiugVuei?' of ?M Zm SSSlrHlTSaf-"* to"1 Uwl* atMtk>B> or say portion of it, to literary puraults. INSPBLTOas Every iKwmii week an agont of tM TreMnry Peoart msal r stls IM niaata^n^s^ct. im quTtsJs ? iM laborers. W) .ires into their treatment, Mars any ?>? P'siau they m iy bars to aiake, and observes generally Ir the prescribed regulations ars rally eooformed I n Al least such is i the > presumed purixwe of IM visit be la sun. puMd to make, hot wM h be may or may aot make. I _ TO? FLAMTiTIORd Oil fn WniPfl Hi VH *r# Mi ose to Ore tboasand acres ta sxtaol. When tba war broke m,t tbey ware asaally li !y ?f d? w>'h ample dwelling bo..a a fbr tbe piuater and overseer and Quarters for iM sarvaals, sad uinally a cotton sin or sugar Mnraio nrt plantation. 'The ravuss of wm "?Ti ' ?nd waste of maay of these flee estates, and sush BB have Mea dsspi.iled by tbe dostruclloa of the buildings, fences, levees, Jkj., bow remain nncultiratad. It ia test t|il are la good order ibat rseeivo ?M attsafkte^I.^aMtiv*. SaHifS X?M. J, . snoaa vs. omrna uaoa. ? ? "M1* ?wssanry tossy is thh oonaecllon that t0B ??C*r Mve fr<>m lbs sarliesti eflod in tbeblh tory ^ IM Uiwev Mlaalsaippl valley conatltnted tM principal prodacto. Ibe tow linds ed|aean| to the r<ver M'ow ( Men Reagf Mv# from Ino# Ixperlenco been ?onito be exactly hdaptcd to sugar cut^rTKbTt B,'w#<n R,,?? Rnuresod vl !h? k ?0,pr h,M flour Is nod. Above Nsichss ?M Mtl bss bsen principally devoted |? . f^wlh if ootloo, whtch nil there Men produced Ife/lssoet unparalleled prefMloa. and ?***<? u *M planters. Tbe?e dlstlncilons I ^ Mflned, aid for " <!?*'??"?? Ooitoo. to M prodoe. r*T,,rr* ">? ??sllest poasibls srowtb miiL ,u^aoc# "r the plant lobs do s*1** ?? 'M Mil, whence la derived tba Qbre. Bur nr. jw IM osotrary, U more productive sa tM eaae itaslf at tains a more rank growth. The loads bordsrlas tbs river '"JM tower' valley aie vary low aad wet, aubject to r*fy fraqaenl rains, sad expnasS to a mseb bUher arm lhlri"u" hl,h*r ** Vegetal Ion, ibarorors.M tbsse leads beoossaa more rank, and bonce iMaeil la ea pacUlly adaprd to sucar, and sot to cotton. . . . ratuTBa or airtmsmiiTAusn. ..2l? warred to thH mailer la order to point oat a IMI Ma basa commuted by IM lm^! 7.'^1p!y"*r* tsmw lilting ibese laada. ( ot too J*. "?T IM grmt deatderaism. Its production la profile , bj Myoad sooot. bes.oss sf Us scarcity and ooosoquMl great dsssaad, and iM extra vacant pries it briars ia tM SnVlVa ?#" Pr?>i?sWa 1Mb attgar as a pro I duct l"B of arrioaitural labor. TM proopool of imineaaa {torth to?J2 !fW,b *M pleat era from tbe Nona toatless'* a roversloii nf natural btwa. aad tM f t?alslasa Mve this year Mea largely re Erowlb of ooitoi. Til# ?iMrintflt wm irlid ?0t ^?e sxtsat lsrt ye- wM. , J dr7 ? H met wllk sagha success. Title year, oa tM sontrary, tM ree irreasd of onnatant showera, with m sansbias, Ma ihrowa tM strength ptoct 'sto IM shrah itaslf, which Ma at- I * " ?* rank growth. Ml win prodnas ao Ohra. Exuerlencod judgea m.y IMI tM crop sa IM angarlsaea wM Malayan a total fallara, aad thatik'aa WiSBMvifjslieWy made the sltesspt at their rslslag ce" ton will M Msvy loser a. ITesriy ail IM sagar plantallona *???>?? /?-: "?alsly io ootloo. X proportion is sbout elrht hno ir. d ao. ss of eotiou to every hundred .w0**1" . Tt,fl elfcct la lwA>'old: will's lh* planlsrs subject iMmsslvea io heavy Ins es ar d the region is to ngrs.. extent impovarl hod br the Miota. lbs loss' of ?? lants a crop o> smtar as might aad abould hive Men ? rslaed will m-tsruily aflhet tM iarkel "or Vhlt Xl ^PKandsau.. ,B Inctca^ of Us Jr,? io ..f22! | a Bsisorsn rsoros mo*. n.1? ??? m".r* * *???? P? '"t 'Hon b<vi nees. which must close tM suhierc Hnn>a lime since a pm^tisi was mads to tM I-rss2? n? that Indtiosments sitoold M held sut to IM original owner, of IM son tkroashoot IM country to rsturs asd onltivale ft, wltb guaraatosa of proteotion. it wns waisrstood that the greater part ef im planters, other tban tb so actually engaged in IM rel>ellioa. were wIIIIm to resume labor upon thel<- plantations aad ealtlvata tboae great staplss, U>e dearth of which huMmaikst baa ao npsst and disorganlzsl tbs iBdnsirtal narslilis of tbe world. Tiey asked, now-rer. Imwually from oath laktatr, sot oa tbs grounds of disloyalty, hat sltanlv ror aair protect (on. and some authority and coatrol over their laborers: beiag willing, if thai were necaanry to acknowledge tM rreedom of iM alaves, and to mi them for tkalr tabor, as lam Isformed, the I rasldent caused a nutnhsr of agents to M setii lato I he rrMI linsa to o<.b> iar m on tbe snb;ect with those of the lesding and ia. fttevtliil planters Ihsl could M resched. Itut nothing mora catae of n. TM paltay ef en. oours; log tM Mumlgraii. a of NorlMraera to work i IM plmtatlons, and ? plnrlng im Mgmaa la a condition ot absoltita freedom and wholly beyoM Ibe ronirui oi the emphiysn, prevailed. arama SI assas or taa raom <th * or srnaasj* rtirist It will resresly M qnestlon d thai, bad we been ahla during im onin IniiaMe uf tbs war to furnlrfc to island M literal a sui ply at cult' a ss in mrmer years, and thus to k*rp ilia looms of Maactvsrter laoieraltos , as should Mve heard nothing from thai quarter el laicrveiuioa. c *'d *a now suptily onr ordttary amounl of out ton. so^-ar and tobacco to the umrkaia of iM world the ?jrtopalhles of the satire o'vlil ed world woald M w4k u It tbs smiris we are mshtag to sappness im rehs Ima. ft is tbrrsiore plainly tM intsissi of ihla lOui.lry to pro. dncs ss much of ihass grrst stapiso as po-sibie. IM mora we export, not oaly will iba>s M le?s grumbling st ua from sbm.d, hut onr owa cders will M ltw . "J?** ?'?*lljr replenlshsd. Tho?e wM have !t?!!L? .lS"njf '? ,b0 P^Ouetl-n of I hero Maples ars im oosa is praluce taem mow. It h ao time ?nsxptrimeBt or gather sxperisaos n?w la suoh owners. y ff. b"r*es while eri?<s<ag ? ' ? Ml* Co. land ?ad Kraa. a are d# vTs9mL lohaooe sad sugar. Via Mve ?><? +? Im Cto ST Jd'sJTite^ 1 I agroa* nrtaiB, aad ibon ?v* wilt send yen a* y*o went. I ?? turn 1 1 <xir tM oiiriMif prtdtMn, mmi miner! ? set of men who Mttr saw a cotton plant ar a sugar UK growing rhey r???ne Mm wMr of MMp by pmnl hi* ok loo mi ik* i?iw lauds, aad am rar ?? tM ??? ma-. and the whole crop is mi. dm yanr te no**. Au. tner year nm eihec experiment suggests Itself. * tried, fail#, and Mother jear I* leel. Again oilier expor macula are irted and fail, the people boo una SiiMMiuraKOtl, th* eouuiry la imooveririned, our Iunmi friends are impeileai, our troublee laireue eq every h iud and ram si are* m I* tbo lace. Would not * Mil* practical rsperieaoe aid ue m everting thane eaaburruss Mm iiH We have the territory now on which t million and a half or balee ? eolton might have been frown this year. Scarcely ftuecu thouaaad will he grown. is hot this a kae 10 the eouatry? A ad who Is respsastbisf NawOnuum, JafjrP, 1M4 1 twb umxu upwudeio waa atllayly celebrated m this city yesterday, oadsr th* auspices of tb? slvll spd Military aelimrUlae, th*~oc smm>b being at leaded with much eBtbaekn*m aad eoUt. Jacksoa square, th* spot neiecled for tbs eetebraUoa, was throne od at aa early hoar la the mernMf by an en tbualaslio crowd of men, women and children. Spa oioos stands were erected for lbs officers of the day aad orators, and far tbs Musks, which was firsts bed by two tail brass bawls, pity log In anlsoa, * fall dram ssrps and two batteries of artillery. lb* srUisry.sskM fr*BS iriag rspsaiod salutes, wss most adsslraMy drilled Is add weight to tbs mnsls sf lbs bands with wbch It was pUsd , la a tegular and happy aeoovd, aad with aovel sflbct. esnnor Habn pr?sldt< at tbs asset log. Coasts! Banks wm beaids Mm sa the platform* but took is part la tbs sslsbrallsa. Tbs shalamaa intrsdused tbs oeniar of tbs day. Major General Danisl K. Btekiee, with lbs fol lowing rsmarka:? aovsanoa Bairn's nsma Kslww Crmaws? Yen Will sow bo sWrasrt by 0*0 whoso public services In varteae capacities as a cIyUWs have been briiiiaat, bot whose kxty patriotism aad noble, seirsacrlfleing spirit on maay bloody NMs of I battle, aad espoolally at tbs battl* of Gettysburg, Jnat sas year ego to dsy? {great applause)? hav* oorersd bis | brow with undying laurels. (Applause) I have tns honor sf Introduoing to yon Major General Danisl R. Sickles. (Loud and euthusissllc applause aad waving of fa**, bam, Ac.) addrssi or orfraii. scita Govmuob, Crnzsit4, Houmbks a. -id FMikmds? This eel* brsttoa of the anniversary of oar isdspsndsnoe bass signilicanco to me wbicb every otber occasion or tbs kind has lacked. Until this rebel ion tbs bans of tbs grsat I struggle of tbs Revolution bad In all truth and a born ess beea an experiment. The republic bad already proved itaeir capable sr repel la# lorelgn Invasion and vlndl cating tbo national h 'nor from assaults without; but it bad yot to eatiiblteh for Itselt in the Judgment of man* kind tbe proof that It wss capable or, protecting iteeif from assaults within, from a revolt mors formidable than any nation or people or system of government bad ever yet enoounlered. In wbat preso-ice do I stand f Ihe Govern r 01 1 /nils ions is lisro. (Applause) Tbe rightful Governor, tbe eiect of the peopis, and biinreif a man of tbe people. Ttie commanding general of tbe Union army in this department is here. (Great ap plause.) Tiio soldier, tbe?oraior ?nd the slatoaram He whoae rnle ty pi flea tbe vlgir, tbe Justice, ibe magnanimity Md the boueflccsos of bis government, fhe laboring Hen? tboy for whom tbis great battis la fougbt? are here, Tbe eoliHens of the DUi^o, tbo hope of tbs republic, are bare. (Applause.) Why a s nil these soldiers ou thM soli ? Are they here as Invaders t no. Fuf one 1 would not come here lor such a purpose, and I koo.v my eomrades would not. We are here to restore order and re establish tranquility , to assist tbs loyal men of Louisl ua to put down insurrection, to restors to youaud yours tbe proud berit<ige',of republican liberty Ibat descended to you from your fathers, (('beers. ) Is this subjuga tion y No, no. Has any coercion brought around us to day these tbooaands of loyal hearts f No, you are hers as inyal meu. You are hereto attest and reaffirm your allbciion for our dear old flag. (Cheers ) Where do 1 too the proofa or federal authority v Do l aee tbem in Mts of violence against unarmed men t Co I aee tbem In the torture of tbe stake sad baiter for those who differ in seoilmeut and conviction from loyal men? No. I sea the authority or my government in tbe eflorts made to ree tore prosperity, and thrift, and order, and happiness throughout your borders. (Applauac.) l re o tbo autho rity o> my oountry blended with mananlmlty in the forgiveness which It e Mends even to those guilty of the foul crime or rebellion agalaat oar lib erty. I see it in the schools re-established and Inaugurated throughout this metropolis of the South. I see it in ireedom extended to those who havs shown tbsir willingness to tako up arms and give their lives to the cause which we Ugbt for. (Applause.) ***** My friends, it has no doubt seemed to yoB, as to myself, some wbat strange? at all events as deserving or a pass ing tbongbt? that we abouid be here to day celebrating tbe irlampb of ooe rebellion, while we are wading through bms of blood to pat down naotbsr rebellion. It is true that th se lu arms against as claim that tbe rebel, llao of 1770 la both a precedent and a Justification ; many living within the <Jmoo lines advocate peace aod tbe re cog u It mb o< tbe confederacy under the sarae deloalon; and thousands in Europe srralun ua for inoonaiateocy because we light rather than yield to the demands of tho-a wbo say thsy hive followed OBly In tbe foot step* of tbe fathers of lbs Revolution. If this aas*r Uoo be true, then Indeed we have been wroog In this wsr; then Indeed we must aobmit to the reb ike which at home and abroad comes to as eo often, an1 wbicb, on a very reeent occasion, received th* *miu*ut saactrop of lord John Russell, British Minister lor Foreign Affair?, la a speech recently delivered in the House of Lords, wbicb wl'l attract a great deal of attention In this coun try as well aa bis own, bis lordship lamsnts "that tboa aaads srs being slaughtered for the purpose of preventing tbs 3oatb?rn statesmen acting on thies very principles of Independence wblob ln'1 776 were asserted by tbe who's ?f America against tb? coon try." 1 feci that It behoves rac. u aid a S"l<i|<?r |o _tntV .Py proi?st M?ii>sl' thli fliCinue, lot It com Iroffl whatever quarter [rmsy. (Applauso ) fit Is Indeed startling to hear s man liks 1 ord Ruseell himself, la bis writings, In his political la. bora, in bis historical disqulaitlona, and in hts illustrious lamiiy a representative of Iroe princlplea sad a moat ac> compiiKbed philosophical hiatorlM aod statesman? It is startling tors'.d declarations of ao eminent an authority in adirsMtloB of so latnoa table aad absolute an error. ? * * * ? Never shall II b* said by My mm that there is tbe least analogy be tween the cause In which Washington drew bis consecrated sword, sad th* conspiracy in which tbo traitor rioyd drew bis inramoss wo tpos. No: When a flaw in Die diamond sbull give value to tbe .jewel? when poison, instead of being s subtle destroyer, shall beoi me a oonacrvator aad promoter of life aod health? when tbo spota on lbs aun aad not the auu itaelf ahul glvo light ami best and culture to the earth? thon it may be said with trutb, and not until than, that tbe cause enshrined forevsr on the ftourth of July, 17T6, te Identical with that ror which lb* rebellion ts aow to arms. (Applause.; It Is said hy the enemies of free government that this re bellion ban impeached tbe capacity of man for seir govern ment; tbat it has iMpeacb'cd oar coastitution, in showing Us lack of vigor for tbe preservation of order aod nation al unity, tbat la oar eereer. aa ia tb* history of Greeee, Rome aod tbe republics uf the middle ages, Um rspabli. cm theory of govern meet bss slgsolly failed, Md tbat It ? on y Is^wbat railed ibe strong arm of monarchy or des poiis m tbat csn givs psrpeialty to a nation Ladies snd geatlemen. this IB aa eooaaloa when II la ptepor to pro leet also against tasi delusion. 1 woo id affirm, with th* beartleet oonfldeBce, tbat revolution aad rebellion are not pecnliar to repohlica. We have only to look at China to day, tbe o ideal of tbe aatieaa of tbe earth, to heboid there a rebellion of years la duration to sea that convulaion* are not peculiar to yenag nations. We have ealy to remember lb* striffcle of rotas it aad Hungary to understand that rebelilna* srs aet easily put dowa by the meet daspntlc aad ansteve sf g >veramsni<, and ws And In lbs h?-tory of Raglaad snr pesollsr ssosl tor snd instructor hi tbeae days ss to ear dot lea with re gard to onr rebellion . wo have, I say only to look ai Inglmb history to sns that there is nearc-ly any portion oi ber vaM deesala thai has Bog, at one period or saotnsr, sst ai aaught aad deted ber autborMy aad drawa the eword for tndopendeace. ScotlMd, Irelaud and I as in, to say nothing of onr own tntneen cowmen, should reosl to Krlttab reeollectioB ber ewa vulnerability. It might with m oh more truth he anirmed thai tb(i rebel lion ta BOthtBg snore or lea* thaa a continuation of that old strugils, world-wide and an aaclaul aa th* ran* and history nsiwssa privilege aad pnwor. between tbo ep nreneor aad the opprotsed, betweea the desirs id mib for lice governmeni aod ontrammeiod r labia asd the deaire of tbe aristocratic few for peculiar privilege* end ponora. Nsw Obibavs, Ia, July t, IBM. Aalds froM aslaal mevsments of Irrope on so sx tensive seals, that havs coasamed tbe whole sf tbe pest wesk, snd are yet Incomplete, and theref re not s tilling sub ject even for speculation, tbe week bM beea remarkably quiet aad devoid of latereating events. Tbe celebration of im loartb of July, which opened the week, kae beea eoMMua Mated to yea. A IBR At. BBBBIO!*. Ob# etbet aveat, of *onsld*rabl? Interest snd signifi cance, basoaourred. This wm a demoostraiion by th* has of New Orleaae te Gea*r*M Beaks aad Pickle*, lb* Parmer aa a representative of tb* Mawachuaetta bar, and the (alter of thai of Row York. Judge Uureltfef Ibe Vnlied-SiateB DietrMi Court, presided oa lb* oecaa loo, aad to a loaet to "The bar of Rsetea aad tbe bar of New York, represented bp tws dlaiiagutehed generals, with no o*m*r*M ?* bat lb* cannon's mouth," brought *nt Mte Mr* gosst* of the occasion IB speeclMs. oBxanat, noBUM' im a. Gcaevsl RMctss s|ehe first. Hi* raaMrks were brief end g bte fly ootiBned t" an e'oqneal isBdstloa sf ths legal prvfo-alon Ihroagnoui thla country, and the keaerable posltloa It bad ever bold la all oaaatrle*. snujt bssbs' srsres, wbieb followed, wne more general ta its character and BtgBiftosBt M It* BMUer. Its gM sssr signiiioMs* reeled la I'pssaeiaalsa, when tbe Qwne*??eeid ? I eniiflee*. sir, that I be| evs tbe Ural dul/ of h?a penp'e ?e te i make S'lch iaee see- en ths Be < ?i bail s aa si.crrss may demand, aod men Mm* ?hn >*M ?mwt .d onr dtlScoae* axisi proceed f^im the m -rol power of thte ronntry. nb?rh j iirSftt. xu'jzb a; tx saw ?ssrif xr s.-?t?UTW.i s-^sa a s'^sva eartb. Tbi*Mrsry*l*ta*laa?SB|*,i* to* Mart ?| * fit adm Ua or but ooe translation. We moat fight on be ium we are rt^biion; bat our fighting ?UI reeult to nothing. TW Moral imh or Um pwpli bo yet # eettle } all ear 00 molicatloaa. Then ?? art fighting 00)7 for "grandeur," and ibo sacrificed we are making of biuod aud treasure ara to b? of ao avail. cb-vual banks' iBNTiinina bxdommd. That tbta waa tba construction pal upon bts remarka by tba General 'a bearers, and probably the seatlineoia ka IMflMted really 10 convey, stems Jo admit of bo doubt, Btaee tba aexl euoceeding sneaker, Mr. Cbrtatiao Roeeliae. aUboratad tba mm idea, la Um preoence af General ?neks, without drawing out a word of disclaimer. Who Mr. Cbrlattaa Roselius In amy bo infsrre<i from tba o*m IMateaiary manner in wbiob ha waa prepoeed by J edge 1 piapona the same af Christian Roselms, wbo baa be' tame a p?ri ?u<l parrel of tba indiclai h atorv af oar State before mi eyra dose I hope t? s?e lilm ho .ling an availed pos linn rcpieaeniliig our peculiar institution? tba Supreme Co?rt el the United Slate*. mh. uoski.idh' ermcu. Very adroitly, in the course of Iiih rcmarke^Mr. Rose Uua put a milder coio log ou tbe sentimeut of General Rank n, by say lug that, 'Ms has been otworved, it in accessary in these ennorUiuary times to use I'orca for tbe porpoee or re establishing and vindicating tba moral, ?egal and legitimate authority af tba government, which la an exception to tba general role, tnat la a republican form ol government tbere ia no Urate force." But that tbta waa only iotaudad to gar nish over a very bo d assertion by a vary prominent ?Utciel, in which araertion in all Ita aakedaeaa tba Bf>eaker fully concurred, la clear from tba speaker 'a following illustrations of what la meant by moral power, from which too inferon** la unmtatakable that ha coo aiudea tbe war jp be as nnjoetifiable resort. He pro ceeded to illustrate his position aa follows:? Let ua look for a moment la tba startling Influence which baa been eiercl ed by this great moral power. At one time tba Slate or Maryland, through Its judiciary, roae in rebel lion a.alnst the general government; but the still, email voice of reason, em* u* ling irom seven citizens who sat In ail hnmb e room In the Capitol or the nation, Kubrftied this excitement, and. deciding the qneation, determined tbe con Braveray Obedience and submission were manifested, and me cause of <ii>conie?t was at on?e and forever crushed, bo also la tlie rases of boundarlee which have agitated tno aai-on to Its very centre. When a qr.esiiou of that kind has been examined by that annual tribunal the decUion has laen aeqiilesco.l In by everyone. European politicians bave asked In admiration whether a nation of thirty million* esa ha Koverned by 3.0V.I or GO 0 or 9.0UU foldlera. The auswer to this European SircptUism has been, tho power of tho United Males Is not that of tbe sword. but that of the pea, ar, hi other words, moral power? tbe judgment of tba peo ple. (Applause. ) And still more to tbe point to Ute following, from tba game speech:? I say that -American liberty te tba oalr trne liberty tbe the world ever beheld. (Applause.) In certain portions of the country its full deve opmrnt Is hindered, and the sooner this happens? the sooner there brave and va lant defnodera or oor ountrv are asaln permitted to exchange the swoid tor the pen? tho better It will be lor you and vonr country. Hoy you, In a lew ihort days, wreka. Or months-* Ibis war being then eu'letl? once more become civilians, and exercise taat latter instrument for tba sola benefit of tba people, without injury to any one. Uf course 1 have nothing to add to tbesa speeches, merely temarkin*, psrcnthctlc-illy , that, uuder Gecoal butler's administration hero, men w ara sent ti Fort Jitcksun lor iesa startling and singular utterances than these. A THRBATFMNO l.SrTSR TO GKXKRAT, HANKS 1 A very ruony documeut relating to tbo Impressment of ho if os now taking place in this depa* tmani recently rail into my bnnda 1 have pronounced It a fanny docament. I'erbajM tbe retdtr will give It a dl.lereut charac er. It runt irtt ioUows':? 191 Market Strbkt, Nlw Orl'Um*. June 29, 18'4. Br*? Yon infernal seoundrol or heaihenrtom. you Im ar untion of dcvelry, when are your vil.alnou* actions to cease; The horaea of Innocent, respectable citizens, dray men (who have to make their livelihood by their calling), milkmen, whoso milk your myr.i Idout bave stolen, bave ha>l the r horses taken from them without excuse or apology, not eveu worthless greenbacks offered for them. Helributlon awaits you and your infernal {,'overnment: and loon out tor the n o ball at iomr range or the a?sassina' dagger. Tour ruined friend, D. o'DOliiiKTV. Major Oeueral N. P. Bakes, Ac., be., be. UIGMPIKD AOrlOK OF THK OBKKRAT,. Tuts cominuniCAtion was actually received by General Basks. It would be natural to expect that the writer ? onld be Immediately apprehended and severely pun ished. But tbe General took ? wleer and mora dlgnin<-d ooiime He cawta tbe communication tlie ebullition of an angered mind. It waa clearly tne production or aa ignorant roan wbo considered fclmaelf greatly abused. 1be general, tberotore, with a magnanimity that doea him inilnlte creditr overlooked tbe peraonal as sault and threats, wholly refused to recognize the letter otbor tbnn as evidence or tbe hardship tb^t might befall poor men in tbe operation of tbe Impressment, and aa such sent It down to tbe staff offleer bavin* tbe matter to charge, wltb the following endorsement:? Junk 39, 18M. I enoloee this letter that yon mar i ee tbe eitent or discon tent excltcd amoug loyal but uneducated poor men. Where the livelihood of a poor taml ly In dependent upon the as ettlanue of a tingle horse, asmaoh lenience should be shown as the intemto of the government wilt allow, provided tbe p*rt?s are descrv ng M. r BANKS, Major General Commanding. VAXDBBHOrr, TBI JlimtBTSR Vanderhoff, tbe oifendiog rbymster. has been re loaned from tbe Parish Prison, and for tbe past week bag been kopi under guard at tbe 81 Charles Hotel. It ? expected that be wili be permitted to go berth on tbe steamer to morrow. bovmnns or ummui-e cabby, sinks abd nexus. Majors Geueral Can by, Banks and ulcklee, went to tbe vlcioliy of Mobile last evening, it is soppoeetf for a con ference with Admiral Farragtu, and also to superintend certain military operations lo that direction. Tbey art to return tomorrow . gbmsbai. giCBua Mrrram koktb. Ceeeral Sickles will probably start /or tbe North next week. ? ________ Mr. Win. Yeaag's Despmtch. Naw Orliavs, July 9, 1604. ovnnRB oowo koktb. Major Buaford and Captalu Merkleln.of the Fonrteentb New York cavalry, will go North la a day or two ea far longh. aad Lleutenaat De Camp, of tbo same regiment, who wag wounded near Alexandria, will go North ea giek leave. mnon oo?o kortb. Tbe Stath Mtuacbasetto cavalry, Colonel Gooding, to awsitlag traaeportatlon to go to Maaeacburetta on veto ran furlough. About four hundred of Ha aiaa have re] eallsted. The Ski ad New Hampehlre cavalry stlB a waits transportation. A rATRKvric omcBK. Kbea tbe war eotrmeuoed, ilav. Mr. Van Petten waa prtBclpal of tba Fairfield Seminary, . He went lato tba army aa Chaplain of tbe Ihlrty-lourtb New York Volunteers. Babeeq neatly bo became attached to tbe One Honored and Sixtieth New York Volunteers , of wfilcb be haa for a long time been Lleutenaat Colenel and ia eeasaMBd. Ha had sixty daga leave graated him last week ; bat tbe p respect that big regiment would see active servioe before tho explratloa of that period prompted bins to forego tbe p'eaaaree of a visit to bis hosae. aad he haa oocordlt-giy taken command of tbe gal lant One Hundred aad Sixtieth. soort'a bibb Bmraaa. T.teut Col S. II. Wllkeaoo.of Kcott's Ntoo Hondred, cavalry, seat eat a detacbaseat Irom lMBaldaooville, re cently ,oi seventeen men, who crossed tbe Amite river In a tiatOflut. When about five milea from Day le a earn p they dtecererea a party of tweaty goerlllaa, whom tbey charged apea at <>neo. Tbey killed eao, Bturtally won. ded una, aad captured roar, whom tbey brongbt to camp, aad wbo proved to belong to (apt. Uayle'a company of eat taw*. ,-iuce Scott* Nine Hoastred eavalry bee been la this de partmeat tbey havo waa tbe reapect or aU tbe ortloera berotw- bo?l?ave bad en epportuaity to observe their gal lantry aad soldierly bearlug. rhey havo dene good service la tbo UouaHtaoavdleeouatry to tbe alasest met plets exterminatiou of gaenitae there' roas. Caioaal fherburue, of tbta regiment, other mea kB< wn aa tbe Eleven >b Now York cavalry, la a<.w Chief of Cavalry of hike liepartmeut of tueOuir. twibo KAHuriiraBna cavaibv, ihe Third Maasacbuaetts oavairy, prevl-oialT tbe Forty first Masaaehuseita iatantry, baa Been incorporated lato an lolaatry brigade lo Ilia Kluetreath corps. uK.tKKAt. nivin ox a > a\alkt ejArr. Brigadier General i.?j*? - hoo, ttaiet.of Cavalry, Military fHvittoBOf West i: it-si*- i^pi. an true ncea his staff ia tba loilowiag geee al order ? cbbknal ohdbm-so. 1. HsAthjPABtsas, Uiijtahv Divis nji ?v fT?ar lit o?sim,"] ^ " irCA<A! it.KT, V 1,18)4 J Crnca < bjb" or ( N*w natBASs, I a , .;uiy ft, Tbe f< liowlng named or. cere are i.selgu?d to outy ?Hb the* biefof < avalry at tbe^ beuaquarVrs, by authority at tbe O mtuai ilia,{ tie< erai of the miiiurjudlvisiua of W eei Mississippi, and will be obeyed aad rkepected aa cotdiugh CapC r. W. Kmory, United Statea Volar teers, Asslslsat Adjutant General Hr?t LieuteoiBt O K McGunalgle, Jr., First Wlaoooila eavi lry, Atd de-Camp. urn Lieu ten. nt A. 9. Moatgrmery, Seventh Mlssoori cavalry, Aid de (>imp. I?su et ant t oim el W. Ilabcock, movent) fifth New York Vo.uotcrs, ActMg Araiataat iu?rector Generjl. M'jor Jaiftes McQueen, First Iowa cavalry, Actiag At gistaut os|?c;or Geoeral. >1 ijnr A. Kal.idy, ? Art-t Mknevrl eat sir y, Aotlag As aisiaiit inspector t enerai Cmi>U it.ll. Buk.-r, UM railed Hat Ok cavalry, Act ing *>-s ir (act mi actor Ceaoritl. Capt-.ln W. N. Nurvli-e, Merrltt's Uorse, Acting Aa sHiao' li * pecter Ceaeral Captain Jt rome Pradlsy, Ualttd ftalda Volant ears, AO a is taut uuariernuiMtef. I irst l teuton nht T ft .'nhraon, Ibird Iowa cavalry, Aetlag Aastatanl Wuarteita.sir-r coinBBi. ?nsaiit k*b'? cavaibv B'Arr Colonel Jilttu P. K.erburno (Of H. ou> Nine Uundred). Chief of t avalry liepartaaeat ot tkeGnif. baa tbe t#iow lnk Art n'p ***** am Gmtrmi ? Major itmmaa t Gsrvble, KMVet.tb New l?ik tf-valrf. A, I.+] A ?iti.,u- m a to a.? Hret Lieutenant Willi' m 8. Ilemphill. koarth I ad la o a cavtky. Aii in# A wsm /itspWer 0mt i? Chi-ibmi Joba N "ass -n, f.igkty savaatb Uimnia ?? i>uut?d m ni.try. At Vwtr f'SMMfcr? captain ? bae. H cbiueadeo, Ae?ist?at gaarteria<?ater ? Voiaateera, C it t^WtXncs UM-tOlB ffUltaen I'. (OWie, Jtaw in-rn,/-. iiajor Julius A BkUien, Foatrtenutb New York cavalry. * A instant < 'cm mi'rary nf Unt'trt- Captain GenriB H. W bee ton, One Hundred ud rbirty-trst Kl* York Voinn. tec as. Acting O-dnan * Ofittr ? First Lieutenant Robert 0. Nichols', rhlrtt en in Meaa:icbtisetli* batirry. Aid de-Ctmp ? Moor Law la K.Carpentor, Seventy drib New York Voluotee ?. Ac'infl Aid le < a?r ? First Lieutenant Kbono or V. Bitch, First T en I. lain c*v;?lry. .inn m f'o/vHjnifWiil K*t/tn>rr ? First I.leotennnt Eium C., Niuoty-uUitli United Male a tuiunlry (colored.) ORAM T. Mr. A* Davl?ion,i Deapatck. Or* Touir, Vs.. Jnly 18 ? A. If. For Ibe put three days tbere haa been aa sound or bat tle or| mo vetnsola lad ich ting lira vlemnge or two lar?e oppoalng arm lea. a ad eoe would now Judge from the In 'go amount of shipping lo ? taw and the constant arrival and departure of (learners, tug*, Ac , thai City I'oIdi wax bo InoonsMerable commercial emporium, and was doing a thriving businean In itmea of peace. rrorpjkue or tbb maim. Much anxiety baa beea fell oa account of the Interrup tion of the regular receipt of ibe Nkw Yobk Hkhaux Tbla waa aomewbai relieved laal avauing by the arrival of the edition of the 18th, although by regular ooursa we should have bad that of the lath. Wlllt ABOUT TBB BAIDt The army aeea highly amased at your correspondents' graphlo aocounta 01 Ibe almost panic or the Northern eltlea consequent upon the rebel raid. Such an abiding faith exfcls with ibem In the Invincibility of General Grant that they do sol contemplate or believe In aerloua disaster from any quarter within hie o mtrol. The Gene ral baa equal confidence in his aoldlera, and all look Mr tba one intl reault? the overthrow of tho rebellion? aa only n qaaatlon of time, to be determined by the prompti tude with which the people push forward their recruits The weather Is cool and pleaaant, and the health and spirits of the army excellent. Mr. Waa. H. ??rrlam'a Oeipateh. Crow's Not, wain na Jamm River Flbbt, Va , \ July 14, 1864? Aiternoon. / novum ts or admiral ia Aa I advised yon a raw days alnce, Admiral Lee, com* mending tbia squadron, left Trent Reach on the 3d of July Instant, for tbe purpose of proceeding to the sounds of North Carolina, on a tour of official Inspection. After leaving here ho tarried at Fortress Monroe, where, In due time, be beard o the alleged movements of tbe pirute Florida on this coast, and turned hla attention to too so lution of tbla new and sudden problem. Aa you are al ready advised, he Qtted up and sent to sea a fleet of iron clads in search of this remaining tern r oi tho waters, after which he set out to accomplish hta original purpose In the North Carolina sounds. aikrm, or aikbs's landing, sb>t to pribor. Some days alnce U waa reliably aaeortal ed that Mr. Aiken, the wealthy proprietor of tbe Immeuse and opulent estate on James river, known aa Aiken 'a Land lng, ana which will he remembered at tbe North as tbe old base of exchange? was otten in tho habit of vioiatln j his parole In favor of tbe Richmond insurgent**. A well laid plan to detect him operated so handsomely aa to result In hla Immediate arrest. Urn of the men on one of tbe gunboats went] to bin bouse, pretended that he wanted , to desert to the enemy, and asked Aiken's aaalstance to help him within their lines. Aiken readily acceded to this and waa caught. The arrest wan effected by Captain J. W. Sanderson, of the Third regiment Pennsylvania artillery, aad waa suc cessfully carried out. It la believed that Aiken haa beeo In tbe hnblt of passing people through our lines. At leaat It is known th-d be haa acqaired large amounts of gold for pretending to be able to paaa them, and bia p?el tlon as owner of tbe alts of our base of exchange, the neutrality of tbe ground and bla extraordinary profea alons of loyalty have all conspired to inoreaae the confi dence of tbe ignorant In him. Tho Press Despatch. WASHiNoron. July 17, 1844. A letter from the Army of the Potomac, dated Juiy 14, ?aye:? Night before last the Seoond corps was marched ont to tbe works thrown np by ths Sixth corps near tbe WoUl us Railroad. A flank movement on the part of tbe enemy was anticipated. Bancoek had bis Corps massed near the Williams Hons* The enemy did not appear, though we waiied his oommg a night and a day. Four ihen rambled out from the linen and wars sur prised by a p?rty of guerillas while gathering fruit. Two guerillas wers . captured, but ths remainder made good their escape. A first lieutenant in tbe army baa bsen found guilty of cow#4lce. He baa been aenienced to have the msigsa o tbla rank torn off, his sword broken, bia bead shaved, and will be drummed out of tbe oamp. This ufflcer, though two rears In the service, by artful dodging, haa managed to keep ont sf every engagement U which hta regiment baa taken part. Severe examples will be made of nil such officers. REBEL ACCOUNTS. . Mr. I. Cadwallartar'a Deapaleb. Washuuto*, July 17, 1804. The Richmond Analwr of tbe 13th la flllod wl.b jubilant accounts of she doings of the rebel army of Inva sion, and elatme the capture of an immense amount of storss and property. II admits too imnrobabl Ity ef General Grant'a army being diverted from tho attack va Richmond, however, and says there are but two agenciea able to accomplish this? the rebel array m bis front and theoltmate. It aaaerta the latter will inevitably drive him off if tbe former should a?l An editorial in the same paper aays tbe disparity between Johnston's snd Shersaan's armies is greet, and tbe lederal occupation ef Atlanta fey no meaaa Improbable. HUNT E R, Mr. Tbteders'O. Wilson's Despatch. frnenautRn, Md., July IS, 1844. arrrbts or rksl jo err*. Dr. StafebtoleM. aa eld and well known resident of this place, aa also lawyer McKeag, another old resident of tb s town, bave just bee* arrested ee an order l-oued by t en. Hunter, aad sent to <?mp Chase. They are charged with disloyalty and a tre*a?aafels eorreapondeuoe with the enemy. These arrests or- sled quite a ssnsatmn, aa tbe femiilee to which the gentleman are at tat bed bave al ways aaalntained a position * the felgheat reoprclabiilty among the o mmunity e( ibis section of country. cart' as or a inn mail A det icbnaent nf General Hunter's troops succeeded in capturing a mail that w.a about betas emna?oied through our lines to tboee of tbe enemy. In tbla mall were aaaay letters containing very important con t rah ad Inr-ron lieu. if ibo*e k Iters ? .mi reached the enemy hew u?d bave been faliy aaa vary to isbij amrwed w> to whai we were end are doia*. r<*e ?e elo?e lefeis, shew ing mat many young laSo-e ?? this neighbor ? ?? d, thi.*b ihey "have n e>r belre ? here or bereahoue, nertulnly have their l eans m On e. I hey ha I better be caiefhi or General linnier will aand them where their hearts are. The Cnaflfnt Between the Ftdsral aad ?tnte Authorities In Kentaahy. A cerreepoadenco between Oevemor itramletto, Sf Kentucky, and Coleeel WoKord Is poMwhedJn ike I/>nis viilo Jtmmti. tn hie letter to thn <>overner*Oelon?l Wot ford states that ho haa raised a regiment nf at* months vein b leers, and asks that they be mastered Into aorvtcn. Tbe Governor replies that en ase aat of tbe eagre reernit , tog hy tbe government M that Mate her system of labor bad been ferokea op, aad the erops were anfhrthfefer want of bends lo cultivate, the soil. He therefore iJeta eon atralned In decline oSbemg vobinteem to Ibe govern ment for the present, nan orders thoao enlisted by Colonel Wolford and oihere to be dnbanded. In a letter toOotunel Jeo<b rent cot leg tbe arrest ef Colonel Wolford, Governor Bremietts says:? It our t onntry holds a purer and mere Incorraptlbln p.itrn t th in 4 o'oi.el I raak Weiferd ho hen net been de veloped. 1 have benn awaiting inaecrtutii the anaooof bis arrest, ai d to see whether it ares lor e> n>e pn'tended iHilltarr ofleiH O? ?,r pwotieal. If lae r ruier, I co ils i o* Intorpoee exrei t to urge a sie-dv trial, by wnlch the m. m?i t i* ee> oods ei any ? h?r*e muni be dem an* slf 'ied If Ibe inner, we kav* tall eient material tn kentneky for - an ng tboee ? ho ravor ?nd liTnO aaeh arrcete. ho loyal popie of Keotnnky rennet I be tiV'Voaee or driven into rebellion against their gov ern moot. hat to aet: d? eeon mh;ht Jnatlr retaliate pnMI eni arasein npon tbuee who, aamg onr own cttisens, ergo I ihiUMiiI arrwta f?HI- ( THE LATE INVASION. No Rcbtls to be Found Jfear Wasl Ingteo tr Baltimore* RESUMPTION OF R AILROAD TRAVEl, *o., See.. Oar Special W u?liin 't?n Dripaf?k< , Wfci!i?(ito>, July IT. tMt W*(TOIirfiTt>l? CiLM A Tl M M It STORM. To dsy Washington I uh ro h/. d ! . ? imIbi after lb* storm. It bee been tbe in. st -urn . meiy no*! Sunday thit bus been experienced r<> r many nioatba. No MM, ethor local, departmental or in lu iff, i? ???? wblepered la I'ublio. Tiio only th ug red* ? e? Ih iioirapo?laat, but Mill coitr.bind. Tbepeime -in ie-ung rrom 'hair recant Thoy luive yo| Indulged to-day id even a rumor. The hoiel*. place* of Hunday reeort, and even the atreets, irre us <(tilet ?? ibofe of tbe cltjr of Lb* dead. to* RAim *r* mikiiiv >hi>. The railroad eoanectiun w nb N**w York bis tern par tially teemred. Tbe teriiuicra o v e i bit .ileptna, Wil uniugtou and t'altlii.oio r >.?.! in re ailing d mimes ia now tbe OBly thing mat t crv-ion* tie y lu tbe complete re bumptleu of ralirod ? ? nini'iBica * na. as. a a or To* arnatA Information received le>d< tu ti.e ? onuiusion tbat tha rebel raiders, whatever tbMr atrfaglb, have escajed with all their piui.der b<y <1 the te rti ir available pur ault by our foroes. IIjO e >r ? sna tub - apprehend I hat they may turn buck aud met tiieir mmuce* against Washington. but ik'j bettor oi 11 loo Ik i at, Davhij round bore fotno old veurana. in -tend << r<w nu'itia, they will avoid any near approach to ocr u* oucea iu future. } Mr. Da D. Kundoltjli Hriin't Oetpatch?i> J .il im iBB, Mil. , July 14, 1M4. rim nrr Jndging from tbe quiet i.nw pr?ta|iirg In this oily, It wood bardly i?e a u (<( ? >. e?i that y iarg? torce of the enemy so tecautiy threatened Heavily in* pmple have ap parently forgotten their rocent aeroij unit are again pur suing their usual In. a i tr Ub win tin' same conddeocn and singleness oi porpote i it< > jt nothing bad bao? pened Tbe disappearan. i ol ti y r amy and consequent paucity 01 i e*s hvro |; tV') beau a ui.ea, ecied and sod dou ua waa bla u|>j>euraiire NO liK XI.1 AR I *ri. Wo laarn tbat there a o an l- ni/er any rebel* in ibis vlcnity, ami from Ibw ? ???! Information receUe.l from Matliin '* l. ae presume ibero exists la that vicinity . the ?arm t..t? act iy > ?u iiioo of things. It la true tba re be in have t'iu< >ar eeraped witb their plunder, but it la to in foot .? i Dial t?.ey will not be K for luuate long, when thair nu nmra ov? r<?? tbem. TIIVIl, ai.SKWNII. One of the retuiu of tbo .ilthii'taul of tba enemy ft ti.e removal of roatriciioti i ou Wbval, winch wero ueoea mi v to be enforced i ^ t tie pitwnce of tba raiders, to keep nut or kiep in uc afr i-tiarau er ( i<( a bom ibera weie a large niimbt r. In oid?r lu give l be i>Oi?Ial aa tbority lor tba revoc.tihio of Me new siiy oi passes, I embrace tbe ofilclul ord 'is ri ?nve t<? tbe sub. eat. Tba travelling community me ;>urticul?riy luterestod:? cmimut, wasM' w ?>i. iiSAO'-lv AK1MC-1, Mlo tK I BVAHTMBir Haltimiih , .Idly 14, I8C4. Tba raatrtetiona an travel urn beroby rem n d, l wilt be no ion?er re<inlioti irou> i?i n- k >"g *? or at! of Haliim<ire, and vrss u i mil u?t bM revmcd to obtain par ui its i rum tba nuiiUry suthorlt e? in oi uar lu teava tba port. hy command of Ma) r General W AIXACB. Biniu tl. liAWHewa, Aasiaiani nii u wi Uonurai. OI.KKIUI. UlittKHM ? NO hj. iluiu-.v; taiKib', Mi. D'.e i wartmiow, \ nitrmoR , ui) 14,1^81. j General order No. 61 tu not in ettued <a ;av. be tbe ar dera beretoi. re exi?i.i>?: r-j put i aan-a to k? la t-uitrraa Muo.i.e, i>rtu Antmp ilH ana pot I- n Hn; taateru and^ Weaieru sborea oi Mary .snd by b wt or tab 1'aaseii to Ilia abovo uumea i? i ims w itl be graola I by l.icuteuant CotuLai Joun IVouiuy , i fov >t Manual Midala Iiepai iment by aommand of MiJ r 8n aral w aI.I.aCE. HamklII La* RC-trS, Ar'slsiant ,.d,ui.?oi i a> arai. It la Important sis? to know tbat regular laaseaga* travel between Bi timoro ami Washr glow baa been ra ?ame<i, and ia aow perfectly ?-(a aad ??peilitlua?, lia N0KT1RUN OKit iut a..Rltwal). Travel on the Northern Central, it a supposed, win k* opened In tba coirae of a woek ur l?o. 1bia will enabln f.aaat-ngera bound for the West and Knrtbwe*! to rtHk ibeir deatinatiuna direct, without being abl ged M Iraval around by way of 1 biladuipbia. twh icsrouMtn Tbo bridge buU !ers of tbe road at* vigoronaly pasting tbo structure over Kanpovr-ler river. bout Ore hundred feet, fl.:luding the <lraw tnd a por ? n of tbe east at#, will have to bo roc ndirueled. Wbua tbia I* going if tba damaged porii?j3 of tba track a bel?g rapid ly repeired. As soon sa lib i* iaiabed traiaa for tba lran*t artailon of paa?ai ger* wbl proo..bly ran ?? tbarifersad th i pa^a-'n^era be .err led aosasa, taking another Irain ou tba othor nlo. ran ?k>ikbn xisvtyt iiaaia la again in working order and IrabM ru'miof tfb WtUr mlaater w ltb> at ntorm inlm . taa ? ity itiuiui or aaivivoaa, la view of tba ab Ungar existing preaence of the aaeMT^ were yesterday discharged ' y outer of !l>e (Jovsrnar. In ace: rdanca w'.t'i a prod uiiaiton rr.m the i! rare or , the mintia af tba several warda of tbe ctty esMinbied at tbtir r^i>e:tiva raidasroaa at ftr* o'clock last ertntof. ikddrtM. a wera delivered bp tb? ward oommandara. ur?'ng t5?e ttiao "baranlter to kaaw ap their military organisation by meetlog rrgulirly lor drill Organizati. ns of ward a^nan alee ware liien per fected, *nd tbe oeretnunkwi tarn)inai<d u> the reading af tba Oovernor'a order o di?o large; a aipy of ahlefe I sabjoln:? ?, sm?: oaoara -no. *9. Statbot Xakti * o;t r?T- ";???ea4t'B Omr,' Di'twin^Mf ll.IWi The floveroor bar 04 i>ecn not. led by ral oomnMndiBH Ihn uiilb army carps that thn militia c.i led out r>r !ho .--'en re bf the .Mty by General Order Ko JO, baned tht 19th ineiunt, are nn longer required for .hat y .rp so. ibey are ibeiefera bera b* discbarKed. Tho liutawor armis hiiareil ef the e? oasloa to ibank thn .'Ktuwe, " ho, ap n a abort not ire. aw promptly reepnaded it thai crd. r. a alao iko several ward aad pn-en.ei >8.cers wbo have ilied miiaaxeew Immi. K-pecia: v doo? be thank liiuee, who, be e a th it oad r w .?* iweed. rai aired attb ??. b Oieaipiary p.trta* l?ii? to ibo deienoe of tba cay u. nii the br?t ln ?aaa>iew that It wan n Oaover, lbo vai> nt<er nil mil Hi orsnn ra?|.a? abi bthieoo iasi n has en b'e<f ns I irtn.lho.n as \e? areessanly Imported, abt ny ua iw. d 1 'r is# el" ? miM>n sysiem. lnoeoil tnu ?? <r. ia l eS'ni.ia lbaat?aBannl? l|, in w tha' the noil <meig < cy haa pel, tha Uovernor would earneeil* ?i??a Ihev be o? Imnel, ?mi h? will ? ko ibi' vniMt pkorinnuy ?ii?i*eoby o'her Outlet ti/perfn t ibai iy-iei,i 1 me eateat ei bla anlh^ rlty, both lu ii>e ciit and lue Stale by order ? the l.avernui . joi.n g BiRHif , Ad|U*ant (?eneral. vwa rntLAMtrm*, ai a' jui ?<n nstnannn aaiuMJtD. it rard from IgPWAaara of tba I ntia?b>lphi*. niimmg. ton and Baltimore Kai rv>d OOMoany atataa lb I. eoaa naneing to-diy . traina w<il ran fror i here M Pbiiadet?4Mn at regahw- hawa raaauaee. e wbl tor tba ?< **??* b? eMIged taabang* onre at ? > npowd< r brtd?e. ma ixwjitiy anma. A delashmsnt of oitisan enauta efa bar* last n?M en n a tour ef ksveat??ra*li>o irer bava rein r nod, ?nd iSgMI not having seen any ? r> of r?ae a. I a eel ire asaairp lb uudoobtadiy ol> ?r^a ar all, ?ven tnmtUm .trfoif^Jefy II, !??? Tbo ^oQialana arrHf^a ?!?"? thi- mnraieg 'rom fortragg Monroe. I'er arwe .? ui It 1 erttet Travel bee bren rei.> ? ? d ?# iba vertbero (antral B? i^ied ae far as C. raarsi 11 ?> wl" ^ p 1 le y cpeaei, It ia iboiigbi, by ibe inMdie of Ike preaant week, Ueatral fraabU* ai IMtUand. ' i'wiuir^ Ha, Mf If, lMdi Ufa, or general trw Mm ai raved b'twa yaeterday asadn tog. I net oi^bt he waa ?< '?n-ue.i at hia reaidaaae hy tan Set enteral t) rev moot l? no. tl e Maaarat dewha that k* wee pooled est to the r?>*Mtt bf ? yraan, aad aayb ha* the star lea regarding bla em tare baashng. till tsd I oss wf Mflr. nt'VtM vre, H. I. , Jniy IT IN* Iba boose of Knee* U rea at Central rails, waa par liatly horned ikln more**, a [atbartaa CatVw nertahad m the 1 j ? i

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