Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ?r*nar, Ja!y IT, 1864. ooe of igmui STnltaiimu h ^ lar"!L,Tm*P0^ " M c^?- The W?,ud rll? -waepto* over Maryland, captoring ?? ?4 railroad train., destroying bridges, euttlng tol the orduurycommunicatlona ??ffctn, lad even storming it. defence, were n^TILrh C*J0U"Ud Public mtod aad produce the gravest apprehensions and must lively In _rC5t M"> ""***? ** atsy be addad the 77" * tb? B*? ^retory of the Treasury ' M V,rk for ?** purpose of negotiating ? toea with ibe bank., an J the uocortainty of the rwuU a. weN as tbe severe stringency In the money utrtM aJ its U'I0D 'Peculation, particularly on tbe produce eicbaage, tbo moid fluctuation. la the price of irold and "???"?* ?*? ? JSi? JILL'S :EK2r"? <*? ??...?.? >*??"? "? r~? o> ,1 ?'?" " """I >?> U. ?* Uto "?* or negotiation with the ?MOCUted bai ks doe. not opp^r to have bM ZLTUT' "C hM ""e0U4 ProP?'Uon to them depositories of governmeat fund, to tb? ox 4**t * tb"lr >'"*< : bat it is Mid they .re Mill willing to credit Win. witu a kuo ol filtr miliitos on seven and lUrea- tenths aoo -legal, tedder Irteraat io eurrcncy bear. ?O* Treasury notes, convertible at maturity into gold beanos b..., la or bond, direct, the loan to be payable .o Inat.lmanto a, soon a. tbe rosourcea of ,bo tanki will Pe;m.i uut the time of paying such Ins^lmenU to be * much as ibe authority and rwj.irem.oto of the Secret n j will allow. K to sug, ested by tbe bank., ,Bd wo beller. p?. tUlly acqslf.M^ ,n by Mr. Fcawnden, that la ULT!^ !* ** mcc#pt,n* ,h? P"pooed I an, |o. T1/ Rawing O'recUy upon tbe hank, be ?Aouid iasue draft* ui?n tbe Sob ltaaaury, which the Affliaunt Secretary should eudoraa and maka par * 6,tber 'l lhe roapectlv. banks in their turn ?or at use s|tec ally acting for all. H to hoped that by Wleaa bmu the baaka would be .pared the necessity la tt. *.*ru, of ???, lb? a,?? ^ bode,, conten.togtbem.olvesu 1th depositing them daadeta * 0,rn ^ H,a of ,0?*1 lo'ton *c*#n(U" haT!n? returned to Wash lorton without concluding a definite arrangement with tbe aa^KJlatod bank, lesree tbe public mtod la doubt as to tha O 'urse be Inlands to Sdopt, and this exeroUa. .a (injurious Influence upon commercial latere, s. It I n ?no wevar. believed, as we sigi Hied yastorday, that be r* a loan oo the m^.t of 7 mo ZnrTuul ffreaaury tolas or bonds, |llowing a quarter per cent dm <eaont to all who subscribe for twenty-flva thousand dollars worth or more. Tbm wll tend to reduce the batk ^ proloo? ia the money mark.-. The old banks will tot be favorably affected by this and would of course, prefer controlling the govern'mart ('?mstbem.e ve., if tarm. suco as they are alone in a position to lend - a could be arranged with tha Treasury V ?K?n the policy of extending the samo facilities to tha Mate baaks a. are poa.eb.ed by the national bank, we >*re already oxpreued oura^lvas s> milv that u la ua <>eoessary to advert to It. lurther than to remark tbat we con.ider Mr. parslstoro. (n this ?courta. will hava a much harder road to travel la pro ? idmg th. way. and means than be would have with tha 8tato bank, as hit a: lie*, and we regret, for tbe ask. or the country, tbat be should hare proved himself such a .trictooe.iructtoni.ta* to ignore general utility because of a >?al iecbi Icaiity. Tbe country does not want a mere ?lawyer, but a .t.tesmaa, at tbe bead of tbe Treasi.rv *od if Mr Fessenden would avoid being a failure, like hit pr., be will hare to adopt a bolder and more liberal policy, and disconnect himsrlf entirely frum th sc experimental re ources which hare entailed upon the nation so much disorder. it is proper to say tbat the "proposli ions" published 7 two of onr coDtomp>rarles, and which are said t-> h?ve been baadad la printei form to Mr Peasca den oa bis arrival bars, as expressive of what the asso ciated banks w tj willm< to do, were oot authorlxcd by be latter coqj^intly, but are suppjsed to have bad their orlgta ta aa obscure corner of a certain secret chamber rtr^T* *?th,08iWB occt,p',D? ? b'<? FMitloo la Wall I? vtow of the visit of the Secretary and his probable policjra meeting of natioo.l bank officers In this citr ? - "??? ~ tbe8.uWthoUnJ"Tb4e ^ '.CUr?toC?:'r*,, ,W aurv?n ad of U ? TSTt^H t^wX O? 7 s 10 no??, ^d Wi^ivrN^r 010 1 r-' ?? Tit iSFZLh .Should au?renor0iruaii" aJSTt? nvpt 1& T D?,~' toonds only te ihe^^tThTn^^i lnl*wt sraws H-xSSSS <x>ods are not to be oflered oquaigr good Rfolved. 1 bat we highly aparealate tha vaiiki apo.. the uoaaLial mtoiti ^^ibe f?v?-n ^?t aiSoSS all our effort, aball be exerted to hi. beb^f thTTwS? W' Wl" aM b,? ?? obi:, X to^^t Reived, lb it, to our opinion, his great tnr w b?!l'S2?im Mif Ilb# r1'1'' Uld ,tut tb* b,nk? y<lla*> ??'y '? plartag tbe b ad. of me gov ifoKV? < <?o forwwd JZZfvTZ!* I aspire public con fide oca. ' mu*1 'f.Sr r*?'atlorn rt?va be ?rvi.S/5.!5SST The stringency In tha mooey market baa bean a source of .urprlM to rmo, coasldering tbat tbe amauat of cur Taacy aOaat exceeds eight bandrcd and sixty millions of doti.r., about oae nundrad and stoly milliooa of which 1s to Bute bank note*, thirty mililoas io natlcaai bask notaa, four huadred and Ofty millions 1a green backs, two hundrad millions la Interest baarlag legal tenders, In ?eoded fbr c.rculstlor, aad nearly twenty-three millions to fractional currency. Prior to the suspension of specie paymeats there were la the Statoa now open to oar commerce only about ene huadred and forty millions of baak a ota. sad aa equal sum la cola. Ibe amount of greenbacks at preacal mid by tha *aaka to tbU city Is only ton miUioos, to addltioa to forty minims of Ave per oeat legal tender Botes, while ihoee of ltii?d?ipbii are reduced to eleven millions of togai toorters and tha rsst throughout tbe country are almllarty situated la proporUoa. Ihla scarcity of green backs is cbtefly attributable, aa we rx plained oa Friday ?aa^te their grea diflusioa aad retcatma among the 1w^, parity owtog to a disposition to hoard, aad partly V> the y axlattog for every Individual to provide himaelf with a larger .am at mooey to defray thasrdt i * life thaa was farmariy re<jni?ita. It to to aoaa degree to taa withdrawal of oatH ^ ** ** ****** far purpe-.s of s] rtialatiaa da prod ace aad ta aave the crops. Tha tperalatlrs ?HrH which pervadaa allaiaaaae wherever there la a few capital at I latterly baea ruaaiag vary high, have leaded materially ta this dUT ston o: atoaey aad tbe sraatioc of a Ught momn market The lemeMy fr this, to tbe abaaaea af farthar iaauee ol leg.) tot (tars, 4s to the cortaiimeat af loans by tbe bsaka. nhlrh would bava tbe double dM af aealraltsiag capita! aad redoc 4ag tba frioea af tbe aaesaaarlsa at Ufa by check lag laor dsaal. epecaiatiea to tbaai. tin volume of aarraacy ?aaaaaary te meat tba waata af tba aotoaaalty woe id ?baa be dtotiaishcd, aad maoh af tba nnlM woe id lad Mi way te tb. baaka hare. Tba toMar wawM thm ha ta a peaMtaa to greatly facilitate tba aatkia af tbe gev.ra hewaaf war, aaa tba aatlea waald lef tbe public debt taaaad oatja lftb toat , by Mr Barring toe, tbe A at tog MaMary af Treeaary , tatorme aa that tba total aaaaM thaa waa H,m,au^M 84, a( which Mod lM.llt ?7 baara la deraat la aato( |400 JM/110 tl Intersat la ourreacy , Mia I to gg aa wblab totonat has ceaaed, ar <? $6S0,I?, Mt It >nt1~g no totaraat. Tba aapaid requliitiaaa are staled at M aad tbe aaauat to ibe Traaaary at ?I1,1I4JM TH Tba rapid dad toe to gaM oa Friday from ?? to MS ftba lewato tgera buliettoed at tllipta's Kacb.Bg., bow aver, being SMi. from which It aa rapidly reacted to JMfc, had mm* to *a with "" -wan M Mm prod -ve therefore with Iks rseovery o I gold we ?w? prepared for Ik* stresgtkening of prtoes for pro* daoo on 8a turds/. Altkongk, tf wo calculate (bo current price* for produce at the staadard lor gold , tbe various oomceodlites are not aelltag nomaUr high, there U do real oauoo for tboee prtooo Mag aa high aa they aro. But lb* mare fact thai ihara la a rorelga market open to spsculatora at a profitable rate of axcttaage will prevent any coeaiderable and permanent do citne in prloee, especially If Mr. Fsssendsa Intends la follow ia ik* tootaUyo of Mr. Chase. Bat all maasae tioos in tkia department of commerct ought to be, for the aake of the community at large, reduced to a strictly leg! timate batia.aad spacolattons should be confined to what pooplo oaa neither oat nor drink. Aa the stock market ia dependent upon tbo course of the money market and Mr Fesetnden, and as tb* 1 attar Is entirely uncertain juat now, wo defer hazarding aa opkniaa upon the immediate future; but It is safe to say that railway sbasaa aro about the cboapest things that oaa b* bought, tbo dlAoulty, however, being la getting tbo money to pay for or carry them. The foUowlac were Ike quotations af railroad aad m<s> cotlaneoua sbaras at the oloao of aaok af Ike peat tour WMkl'? June 96. July 2. July 9. July X?. American gold. X12 280 271 257 alio* k Torre Haute R. R.... ? 60 68 ? Cleveland it Pittsburg lli.Vf lit 1U?? ? Cleveland lulcdo ? 130 137 136 Chicago & Kock Island U6?{ lll? 113V 10#;; Chicago It Kiulbwestern.. .. 64 61 61 61 Chicago k Alton OS ? 00 87 OumberUnd Cool 721$ 66 66? 61 ? Canton Company gOif gj 37 35 Del. k Uudson Canal., 240 230 247 ? Krio Railway 114 114* U4? 113^ Erin preferred . 1I1X 112 115!i 113 Hudson River 140); 13d 129 127 Uariem Railroad ? 286 286 ? ? Illinois Central 13l?/ 130 131 121 j| Mioblgaa Central ...*140v 137^ 135 134 Michigan S^uth^ra. W 02 03^ H3'< Milw*uk<*o k r. dn Chiea. . , . flJ v CH 65 64 y: Mariposa Mining 54 48 48!? 42 Hew York Central 13? v 134 135 >? 132'/ Pacific Mail ? 266?286 Pennsylvania Coal 213 216 916 ? Pittsburgh Fort Wayne 114 lll'< 113 113 Quicksilver Mining 14\ 75 '* 74* 73 Reading Railroad 141 187 % 137 130J4 Toledo k Wahaab ? 63 68 ? rhe following aro the quotations or government secu rities:? June 2i. Julyt. Julvi. Juhi\tL Registered 6's ot 1881 106 104 104 103 Coupon 6 s of 1861 ...112 104 ? 104 ? Hve-twentv coupon 106 104 104 ? Five twenty registered 105* 102* 103 * 103 One year certificates 9S'? 05 04 ^ 9 1 Seven >nd three tenths notes.. 106 V 104 105 101 'i State stocks wero quoted aa follows:? Missouri 6's 67 North Csrollna 6's... 68 TennosseoS's 5 7, '4 California 7's 105 Indiana S'a 86 Ohio 6's, 1R81 108 Virginia 6 s 62 Louisiana 6's T> Tbo foil iwlnz national banks have been authorized from July 0 to July 16, Inclusive:? Name. Location. Capitil Second Rocfkord, III >50,000 Third Rock ford. IH 70,000 Richland Mans Held, Ohio 100,000 First Haverhill, Mass 200.000 Aggregate capital $420,000 Previously retried 66,715,200 Increase of capital of banks previously author ized to date 11,102,359 Whole number of banks to date. 682, with a total capital of 178,327,650 A case has been recently decided In tbe Supreme Court of this State from which Ibe public will be able to sea how small ibe cbancee ars for stockholders to realize, even ia paying miniug 0 m panto, to say notbiog of the hundreds of bogus concerns wbicb have their nets spread in all or the (rlncipal cties of th* Union. It appears that tbe Nevada Water or Gold Mining Compiny was incorporated tn 1858, under tbe laws of this State, and that Its financial business Is transaoled in tliis cty, p.hlla its property is tn Call fornla, under tb* charge of a superintendent. Tbe business of tbe superintendent Is to sell water to miners to enable them to wash out geld Its capital is five hundred thousand dollars, a large majority of which Is owned by three individuals, who exercise supreme control ov*r Uto affair* of tbe corpo ration, and elect trustees, or a majority of them, who are ditposad to favor tbe Interests and do tbe bidding of the tbreo principal owners. Tb* sal* of water has netted tbe company since its formation over eevsnty thousand dollars a year In gold, or fourteen per cent on th* capital stock. One fifth of the stock, it appears . Is bold by various outside parties, wbo have not yet re ceived any portion or the Income; aad Ibe case aas brought on behalf of tbe holders of this ons hundred thousand dollars worth of stock, who averred that in conssg quence of the combination among the three principal own ers, wbo have divided tbe profits among themselves, the minority of the stock Is rendered valueless . Tbe plalatiflk could get no redress, becatu* lb* court bad no jurisdiction over the properly in California. It thus appears tbat there la no legal protection for minority stockholders In mining companies whose property is out of tb* Stat*. A few men can combine together, and, by securing a bare majority of stock la . sny oca company, can appropriate its profits to tbsm* selves, end leave the balance of the stockholders in the position of Kaop'a fox under tbe grapevine. When we consider that the people of New York and other cities have nearly three hundred milltoaa invested in mining companies, whoso real property Is beyond the jurisdiction of tb* courts, and that dozens of new corpo ral looa are being created every week, we think Hour doty to warn th* public of tbe dangers tbst follow in vest ments la such doubtful enterprises. Tbe following abatract of Pennsylvania company reports shows tb* ccal tonnage for the season as compared with the corresponding time last year :? Companies. IMi JeaM. Latl Seavm. Increase. Reading Railroad 1,767,003 1, TIT. 3*7 60,64k tfchuylklll Navigation . 890,688 ?34.7W 64.805 Lehfch Navigation. .. 276,640 265,462 10,007 Lehigh Valley Railroad 701,282 706,178 85,303 Delaware k Lack 6*2.707 600,184 62.062 DMaWsr* k Hudson .. 330,100 900.062 60,188 Pennsylvania Coal.... 307.207 967,331 oo,016 ghamokln... 100.627 162,786 46,841 Broad Top 900,300 167,106 62.260 Lykens Valley 00 150 40 56S 10,4*1 Treverton 31,077 80,57k 003 Total. 6,041,390 4 615,765 623,032 ?Tbe supply or coal lbs past week has bsen short from tbo Fehuylklll region: hut the tosnage for tbo seasnn is qnlte fall, snd now retches tbe very large aggregate tonnage, for tbe middle of tb* summer, of over five millions of tons. Tbe increase over tbe l>nnago to corresponding time lsst year Is something over half a million of tons. CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. SATraoiT, July !d? 6 P. M. Afsss.? Receipts, 65 bbls. Small sales at 913 60 a SI 3 76 for po*s, and fli 60 for pearls. BuanaTt-rFa? Receipts, 13,888 bbi>. flour, 615 do. corn meal, 81,082 bushels whest. 27,648 do. corn, snd 28,041 do. osts. The flour market reacted to dav in sympslby with tbo upward turn in gold , and about 60c. of tbe large decline on Friday was recovered There was rather more activity, but there wss little or no disposition to 1 speculate in the preeent uncertain state of aflUIrs Sales, i 20,000 bbls. State and Western, 1,600 do ranadlan,and 1 900 do. Sontbera flour. Rye tlour aad corn meal w*ra quiet We quote:? Superfine stat* aad Wsstsra Soar SO 76 a 10 no Extra State 10 25 a 10 60 Choice State 10 00 a 10 76 Common te medium extra Western ...10 00 a 11 26 Ultra round linap Ohio 10 76 a 11 26 Weatern trade brands. II 70all00 Extra 16. Louie 10 lOall 60 Onmmoa 10 60 a II 60 KHra aad faacr ao 11 60 a 18 (A Common Canadian.. 0 26 a 10 *0 (?oltete extra da 10 5# a 11 75 Rye Hour, superfine T T8 a 0 96 Cora meal. bk?... 7 76a 8 M Corn meal, ponefcooas 10 00 a 60 00 ?lb* wheat markat was fic a 16c. better , ondor the higher rate* of said aad n temporary scsreity of avails- < bie lets *r choice ablpping gradea. Dales ef 140 090 bush els, at $2 40 Tor Cbiesge sprlnc,|2 42 for Milwaukee club, 12 46 a |9 46 for No 1 Milwaukee, $2 41 a ?9 S3 for Infe rior Ao prime winter red Wester*, aad ft 66 for oomssoa Wbita Indiana. Cora wae lc. a is. iewer, aad dull : salss 97,000 bushels, at $1 57 H a f I .'.9 a for Western mixed. Onts were dull nnd heavy, at ?6c. a 97c. Other grain wss neglected. Paaswai. ? 8nles ef 10,000 lbs Westers at 66c. a 90*. Corns was qniet aad without mate- lal cbaate. Otto* was teee aetive aad lower, with sales of 160 kftlM QliOtdlw* I Pan*, /lor id*. M?W'. If.O.d f. Ordtasry 142 142 148 143 Middling 163 163 164 184 Good middling 170 171 172 173 OoiL.? Foreign inactive. Hard ? very firm. We quote? Lehigh, fit, ea ad ranee Lackawaana and Scran* toe, $19 66, and Pittsburg, til. Darae a? Dvas war* qsiet, at 16c. a 10c for madder, fuinlee at $8 T6 a $6 86, cream tarter at ?0e , soda ash 61 4 Ve., sal soda at 4 ?*? * *? ? ? Ufgt blenrb. eeda at 10>?c , Meaohisg powders at 0 tc., facTt. ?Bates ef rslsls* st |6 86 a#6 56 for layers, as laqnalllf, aad M 08 ror boach, teas 9)* peronntfor elh ; tsvagora nlmeadn at 90c a tie . tangnederdo at u n Ifio., oneh and fonr ssonths eurraais at 90*. a 916 Dried <vp*sa in desssnd, with enWs e( 1M.660 lbs. si lOVc. a liuc ,easb Fwa ?Dry cod were firm at $7 30 ror ueorges, and 66 76 a ft tor bank. Mackerel .filet but firm Herring wsa vary scarce and in request Frsmvi* were firsser. To Liverpool, b* American. IS 00 <1 iiusbeis wheat at 4^d a VI , l.or.o bbls flour at Is 6d jper senlraM?y?2 fj *1 H. '< rhartATAd io Hriiiol CblBMl 17 JOOO ?UlllW WMil? S2F* &. l?k. ^ Mark', ud back lo New Yovk.MMkW.MjM. ?Je vkirmnaLu' has the following ctamn - A Mltlshshjp, '795 tons. from Quebec M ^W^^BeVtmklv^MWr , a ship. 1,429 tone, Irom Bic lo ? M? W Jo^cHavre ^^fa^bbl. flw iT ? berk. 874 tone, to London, S.OWbbM^Oour,^, S-^ ?*??*!& 'Kk. ?? ^T'? about*"'? BrUtek ^Tojow. to lie m?rt ? "< half gold; n mrltlah schooner, 120 ltd, to St. Itomiogo dlV, $1,4M. goM,nnd SLSStm molasses. $4, on *nd undue deck; a bark, 800 tout, and a brtg, 280 tons, to soutkslds Cubs >?<_?**? enter, Me., and m "lessee .ft. on dec*', a * ' 1 200 bbls . to St. Pierre. Mc. per bbt . one. l,Mk kMa, si. KUW.90C ,a British br* ?? tens .to Uegw. ?,??, cold ; e British schooner. 8.600 bbls.. same weys?, II .ww. sold ; a brig , 800 tone, and a ocboeoer. $M tone, from I.ioeeo, C. B., to New York, coal. W 7$; abark, MS tone, a eokoooer, 166 tone, and one t47 tone, from Lingan or BrldBOi-ort.C. B.. to Now York, M 76. Honby ?Sales 20 tea. and 1 bbl. Cuba, to toad, for ex wee" d utl , end eaies of No 1 Scotch at |80a ?85. 100 tons Reedlmr, $70. h Mot. Ames ? The market wet doll. Sales of lOOboB. New Orleaas at $1 20. > m, N Aval. Sronas. ? Spirits terpentine qnlea. Set* to mm nt $3 50 s $S 55 lor Krotirti ai d $3 Wa $S6o fw ?mericw. Slock, 2 000 bbtr. Bo?h,e quiet. Tar quiet. Stock, 8.0W bbls. Prime city pitch $28 50, cash. Pao visions. ? Rsoelpis, 1M pltgs. toff. meets end 427 do. lard . 1 he pork market w M more ec live end higher, eelee were 4,000 bbl*.. at formeej, $80 a |40 for new do., cash or ten ^d?ya tlmo. 83H for prime aad $30 for prime nravs . Beef was doll sad noml. oal; sales 1*0 bbl* , at $16 a $18 for count t^Mj, *?? $10 for country prime, $20 a %'ib for. ??,. $28 a $20 for nxim do. Prime wen to*f I"**- ?"* meais wero la fair request: eelee 1 2& pkgn., M WHO. n 16c. lor Shoulders eod 18??. a ICc. for b 'BM. La^ "" more set Ire; sales 4,000 bbli.. at WHC. a WW. B ttor was quiet et JBc. a 40c. tor OMn and Cheese was in good demand M 18c. a i3o. me eeewwe e? ^Ptrrsot str*.? Receipts, ?,*"? bbls. The rise InfM started exebsnte, eod this enshled *0 taWtold . which tber did in right earnest, and bcwgbi nrewr e? steadily advancing prices lbr'>u?bout tbe My. Qr?de whs partlcuUrly ective, and the sales wnroneavyM higher prices by sb?ut a V. y11^;.1* iStotinr likewise more acHvo. snd higher, thrMiRh free wa* t< y la oot timber, or not mucl'' ,^*5 ^rJ,! iioinir vorr dull a hi e nonded was wanlea lor ok port. The iales wero about 10,000 a la.OOO bbl'. crude, Dearly ail for export, st from Wc. I? . but some for Aueust at 54c. a 58c. . 5,000 drv reBnrd at Htic. a 84c.. tor light straw to wblie, end 8?o. for WRu s.? We quote ssles of 25 bag! _ol? Svuar. ? 1 he market was estrecneiy "?< 1 sales of only U>5 bbds. Cuba sugar at Irom 2lo. to 22 /,o. Be lined is dull, but Orw SKfcue.? t-lover was ??arce and nrm at 17c. a l??. Timothy higher: salee m-etly st ^ $4 KouRh ?? co? Unties scares. l.lns.e<l l?s adranctd, salee .,000 bags c,^3ar?%~- """"" h-w??. .. bbH. ? mnrltrt ? .h.d^nrm.r: galea 1,500 bbls. ai $1 63 a $1 64 for state and $1 6o a $1*60 ;or western THE RATIOS AL FINAHCE8. Letter fronT^ JH^Tsima M. Stlilwell co S<crct*ry Fesitedca. Ni'.w York, July 12, 186* Hon. W. P. Fiw?*nK?, Secretory of the Treasury :? Sir? Your accession to the Treasury Department will Justify me to myself in laying berore yon a few facts as to the system <>c which, in my opinion, yon should ad minister the Treasury ? firtt? Pay all government creditors la legal lender nolo? bearing Interest or otherwise. Second ? Allow all holders of legal tenders to Invest In gold bearing six per cent bonds at par. r*?-d-lovite all the banks to come to tbeCnrraocy Bu reau and receive currcncy for six per cent government bODd5. ^urfA-Uake every bank that receives currency for bonds a financial agent, to sell bonds and to collect and pay the revenues and debts of the government. What will these simp!* ruler effe ;t ? tints ase la the money market. Scconcf? Concert or action between the government and Iks banks. Third? k rapid and oontlnuoun sole of bonds. To carry this out you must boldly pay out " legal tea dors." Allow me to illustrate :? Cold la money rrom being stamped a " legal tender," papsr Is now money because made a " togal tender." Gold is for export, paper for home use. Why is gold quoted higher than legal tender paper t This must arise Irom an adequate cause. Government piper has not depreciate! below bank credit or eny other credit In our country. How Is It, tbeo, depreciated? What credit is better in the mtrket* It Hoot thai our credit as a government or as Individuals or corporate bodies hss depredated, but that some special cause which according to the laws or pol.tlcel economy regu toting' supply and dsmmd, has. in this disjointed state of oar political affairs, like a wandering CHmt, disturbed the natural order of supply and demand. Cotton Is no leaser supplied. This is not effected by caifencr ^t ??2 ...I nt mttoo ver* seriously influences lbs demand iT2Xl,X' which winow us....tub,mnt. S These articles are consequently moch higher ta vrice But we have been to'.d that the abundance or scarcity of labor controls Ihe price of l^r, aod t^s ?ica it labor influences the p#lce of the pro-lccts of labor. We have taken 2,500,000 of the lsborsrs for the armtee and for the support or the ?WjL?cS1!f|! done without the prlce ot tobor ibis la an adeuuato cnuee for the edVHDce M the priors ot ail tne producto of labor is ojr cjuntry; hut it lanot asuBlcieot mum lor the advance in the price of go d. Then what pri ducee thto demand for gold beyond the ordinary sup pl V.rJ? Toe Knglfsh reeling against us induced the return aad sale of many a tnerican credit^ rt2a hi oTK? Tb?y U?ve coi?ii?ard to rl?? Mi prlo# ??IU void are no to $10. .vow for the cauae. . pr^S!_W^ Wtojjorit/ this year $27 ,000.000 in ex- | have exported this year $13,000,000 lets tbT"ls"?s*Mr'a very great difference sg.iMt us In the ev j rhance marko' and is an adequate ca-iee for the edvance in the price ?t ^""^^t.^flSSLSSarS eneculatlon Id cold; but Ih Id that it Is more a, perew . tSin real when we find that, at the qaotatlone, there was i sent abroad from January to June of tbts year aore tbao *07 000 qoQ of eoidi in l*o cliiMi of bonn ? ^ iold^d exclUge ^dealers In cur market. Ihev ere the exp ittersof produce and the Importers of forel*e good?. T he In tereel of the produce dealer, or farmer s egent. is to iret as high a price for biHs drawn upon his foreign uentu Doeelt-le uf course be slUbearto of the seller to Increase the price, and, as tfis importer rn':?t pey for hit goods in exchange or go d, tue produce ship per v?ry n?t<irally with** to put "P t]ie price of id^ Ihe arts of these two c lanes ere used [of their eern intereet ecd they should be left to Oftit It ?nt in theirownway loe treasury ot <ne time interfered aud furulehed tne ; en-oners with gold be ow Jhe rnirket nnre wlrch vev>" serto isly inmred the produce wade. Cot ll' our com m '-re 1* i debt shell be 1-sW or Mherwi.. SSn-?JK-Si' "K ^ ?? & lhJw?e5f Sdie ? ?et?"'?> dcmMd !cr ""!? ?eat ^ver? "tier sema? d .em^e eomln.l than res', ii mv sioq %y lUo pTH-t ol oib^r lro?, ?V^J ..rto bat e edreoced one ih rd more theu Ko d. Gold' s . hesper in Koporlloa to priMS snd credtto of 1H0? iban tof olfcer ihioif- t ** pi "I go.d Injured the country. When this wai the atatee of Missouri, lllioftit, lows, snd isrln( ?ex eral other States, found their best market at New Orleans ted on the Mississippi river, tvuen this market __ taken a*ay the ruling price of tteir prodo?it SEld not pey tne .karge ?/ trantporutlon to the Ratter n mark-t. At the same time the lac? of bu?i neaa on Western railroad*, together with debt a?d ?namaaaiement , had so tberooghly detUejed pub " cnflSeecs in the Hodts and bends of thsee that what bad oost the Kasiern sapdslwis and others more the* five hundred mil ions of do ?re wae really of no marketable value. MilUona of money were stoe dee from merchsnts and others In the great West to Nsw vwk and the KMt. sad itepilce of laim produce was so law as to admit of tout Mint hepes of tree-ly peymenL As noon as specie payments wert suspended a J?maj^ up for Western prodocs. As ibe'iold and prodt advanced in price the freights on railroa and canals la crsassd. until the revenues to these roads bconitse large tbel debte were adjusted, bonds paid, dlv;>te?Je made, and thut tills dsM capital it railroads ?ss mads active and ennvertikls oe the Stock Uchaage Nor wan the re ?uaeitatloa of Ire hnndred millions or rsVrosd bonds aad ?teek all the benefit. Tbs West was sble, sad aelnally paid lie debte to the Rest , snd thus New Ysrtt became plethoric with money; in fsct, more so ftom I hate cmnet tbsa from fear years' trade wtth the cotton Mates, llenoe the prosperity of the country is a real accom plished fact, aad sll produced by the enmity laKnglsad in sending took onr securities aad sensing us to suspend specie payments The press Is daily deeiarmg tknt the Issue of govern meat legal leaders tends tojisflstion, nnd that this an eonnts tor toersaed nrieee. The result referred in may be prod need by the leaae sf bogus money or en inconvertible security M MM an issue will nlwsys purchase s gold bearing intereet her d of thle government it Is as essy metior to mtfce Vrangemeets tognnge the quantity of cuneeey ectealiv re>tnlred b\ the is? try. Tks eerrentn of trsde ssl wtth ss mm h oertstoty snd lorse from the West to the Keel In Ihe Cm ted twits aa the waters ef ths rivers seem to Ike eeena from their fountain*, the envplne waters ef mere gravitate to ihe ocean, and se nil tkn aucmrt Mm the* can be enetod IM IHI will to sent Msve Mm thn went, inderset m kigknr la the Weal, end therefore sll legal tenders hear lag a low Interest, or ne iMereet, will drl:l lows to the eeeboar* citiaa. Beece an Atceee of le^ai lander eurrenev w Mid grsvltaM into the iinnKsoi '#e Vnrk with Mmu' hrer taintv *?? Me aucplia #at'-> 'he lf'jslael|ipt ?"^ilo thn fj.i (1 M?? X'4rk Ufa* ?ss< kndwvi -ed"geC ???? for total WMn to took to the qnaattty hold br th* (few York baaka. If wo Cad om ImMtK millions of total toadara lyiag to tha ctty baafca, while tbeyare tmabto to put Uwtn to circulation, thea wo aiy aafoly conclude th*r* to a redundancy of away. Ihto condition i would aot prod oeo a atriagoacy to ibo mcaoy markoi What to tha fact aawT The baaka an atoraaod tor too It? * t!Tl WVtotNTato eiiewtolltoet. with aa toaaa of aU hundred raUUooa, there to aaaarpluaf ftjutoaa from a wall kaowa cause, that to ooaatoatly Ignored. Oar c*?waaMBtr to IMi, oamo into too open markat aa a Irador aad daaiar to to* oztoat of two mil !??* T 2* ,mwm M ?i*M *?dred aslllloaa por yaar. to ito dealing a aaw currency waa totrodaood, tb* government paid Ita eredKors. aad the government officers neither pey nor r*c*iv* anything b*t i*g.l taadar aotoa. ThuTWk t vidua! credit* woro totally disregarded by tola aaw denier. By tola plaa too goveruaaoat waa aaabtod to ?J**? tar?* ,l oooaead independently ? ">? ralume af moeey demanded br tWoptoB of boalnasa ignore* aH formor rmtoa aa to tha quantity required to too oeoatry To illustrate. Wbaa tha oropa of tb* Waa* ara re 0l?'**ry "hannaH of trade, vary littto gold or bank credit aa cucreocy to used. Tha on>? u moved upon tha trnuarer or crodlta by drafts on com rnlaaioa bouoaa, aad to of to# meroaotlto boatoen*. Naanr all toa romtotoaoM from ovary aactio* af our country before thta war wara dono by Individual ar ' ? * check*, aad aot by gold or bank oarreocy. How tool* tbla dono by Ibo govern ax**? Erery payment la aoidlera, aaltora aad otharaaiapWjad by tho-goverameaL. aliparohanoe of, provision, clothing, muniUooTof war, ahlpa aad other thing*, are toade chiefly tbmagh pnymaatora, who- are stationed avarr where, and who vlalt aU porta of ow wkto aprcad country with packages and atddlebaet full of tomi tendera. And u the corroata of trade throngn the'SWth. org South wee. are broken op, it ooosetfoeotiy follows that milllona of tbaae legal teadora are dtotritenwd amon* too people, who have little inclination to part with tbem and to consequence of tha war atrlfe that prevail* millions of tbexe notea muat belaat or deal t oyed, it to an* to eett. matte (row all tueae oauaea, and tha abMnoo of tooao note* from the banks of New York, that an tssne of Ave hun dred million* mora legal tender* would unt supply tit* legitioteto doanad for ourrancy. Neither la tb* Malt prlteef praduaa and goto ao great a aaiamity aa nTuy aappofa. What would follow a anoedy return of aaacia ? When tola war com mon cad tha prion of (rain and Wee tain produeo la *? lowthatu would not pay freight and charges to Uito market from a?me of tha Weal or n states, and at toe earn* Urn* the obarge* for Ireight wave aa tow that too railroads 2?"1* ,""i W ?** *? i?>*woot on their debt. t? rolara to tbia atoto of thlnga would nroduoa a univoraal ^tafnatioo, which would bo mora intolerable agfiotiltural lotara8l prod ami aaiat. iu tbia country, and when priuoa cnuae tbia in lariat to t>rr* er alt otber* will feel tb* beneltoial to nuance. Tho country ha* boon mad* rich and I* rich in or?i*eqtienco of tbe high price of agricultural produeo. ? . ^ c*u*o u> apprcbend any perm-weal in Jury to our country an long aa tbo ourreot of ovoiita ahail bring n rich ri-muuaratliw lo tbo cultivator of the aoil Th* crop or th# West will aoon com* to ihU market, aad ?II th* wareljotifca of oar exporter*, lb* importing inerohaat* have already o mmenc?l returning to Kurop* the esc.*** of good* now in bond, and tha price of ex c linnet already teei* tho inlluencoof ?? coming *v*nta." And thus tUoja anil other c-iux** are now at wo. k to |?)Klpono and adjuai tho debt due to Kurope, aad Ov ike T* .U>* w,?" kBown '?* of equilibrium proviaioaa -S?1 *. ,D<J wW graluslly but ceruiuiy fall from tbia time, and within six months there will bo a diOerenr* in favor of the consumer aud debtor of more than flllr percent. i he rules wbich I ihlnk Aould govorn tho action of tha chiei of i ho TiOisur.v nuy boaume-1 up briefly:? Mr?(? Burro* no b<uk credit. Bank credit* are recondary, aod are baaed upnn ic??i tender paper Wbv pay jnierc<t to a bonk and give them tho money of the nailou. ard lak* il,*ir paper promises th. tare not monoy* \ our prodeceasor came lo this city *om* timo uud diMurbed tiie money market b making a bargain with ibo Neur \ork bonks to uive 'hem legal tenders tearing as iiniereat *.f Ave por cent for logal leniora that b iro no Interest. Ar.y creditor of tlio govemmeut w< u d pre or money bearirg aa interest of ono per cent to money bearing nn interiHt. uiuuey &e?r.d- .L-suc moro logai tender*, with or without in. forest, ami |*ny out untbtng but lc|MU teodeis or baulc lJureau800ar0<1 ^ KOVOrnn,e'n bouds in ibo Currency 7A"d-Make depositarios of all brinks that deposit bonds and take curicocy from tbe Treiwury; nutlmr to tbe** b ink* to soil government bonds at par and collect tbe stamp tax oi tbe govorniiioiit. Hhcc the bond* oi the government for sale at beV und 'mr,S ?f 0ur C0UDlry whl'ro suitnblo agents can -aStt! 8l!I>r,'e ralc*- S a?lbered to, w ill fur. nleh ttio Ireusury with all the m..i>cy tbe cJuntrv mill need in addition to its receipts from rev onto and taxet' 1 bavo tbe honor lo bo your obedieot servant Silas m. snLvrux. SOUTH ATLANTIC fHTilliM J'QUiDROH. Movement* of \ tutU- Forg Sumter Stilt Bclai Bombatrdetf ? TUe Blockade Rnnnor Poe.ihoata? Cantursd mt C har i e*(on? Personal Item*, ? ?c OCR NAVal dOukfca^OND^Ci. Orr Caaaus tor, S. C., July 13, 1864. Tbo sto*m sloop I'iwneo, Oommaoder Qeorce B. Batch ?rrivod off tbe bar laat nlgbt, and this morning took the' ?tattoo ioald* th* bar which was for many month* oc cuptod by th* steamer Mow Ironaidea. Th* Pawner baa dono good 3errlce ever sioce rh* has been in commiaalon and in tb* late operatlooa In the Stono h*r pr*s*ncj waa ke*nly f*tt by too rebels, especially daring th* l**t ihr*e days of these operations. Commtnder Bnlcb relieves Onpcaio Joseph F. Gre*n of the steam sloop Caaandaiga*, aa BMl?r officer preooot inaide tbo bar : th* Canandaira.' baa gi nn to Pert Royal. Tbe st*nm*r rotomalca, Lieutooant Thorn aa L. Soann c rr. mil in; ? g. arrived hm ou tb* Utb, havlag left tialti mo o n t to* Ttb lost. Her commaodiig officer reported t - the Admiral at Stono for order*, but th* *tatioo aa bihmI to tor os I'm blockade baa not y*t b**o an aounced. Ito Pirate Florida Is reported aa havlag burned a birr off Capo Bonry, on tho night of to* ?th. Her preo*o<* on this cM*t *m aaoounood aa prohah!* by admiral Dabigrea about thro* week* ago. Ibn Or* oa Sumter haaton incre iaing dally in aav* nty for ?od a large hole in tbe aouth-Mat lac* is Clearly visibto. Rumors of another attempt to storm It ar* rif*, tut do not app**r well fouodad. Th* achoootr Pocahont**, with *ixty-tor*o hales of cotton, sad three huadrod boxes of tobsoco, attempt -i to rua oat ?f f hari*?ton on tb* night of th* Sth, and waa oaught bv tb* stesnior* Acaita and 8*mI Briar aiatloned out- ? EH 55S kaaa iSmSS2m by^tbe picket boat of tho iroa cUd *aai -kiii, 25mS : tiarjfte s cbuaaaiu, wbldt left tbia bar oa tb* T3T*5El H*ster au.mpt.d Xo palm blmwlf off as a Itoutnut m the reh*l navy; but nobody believed bim ,wule,l*B, ,D JXX?' '?u lhoM ?Smm Who, a* W* wora officially informed, had boon pijeed under tlto Ore of Put fK1" *re' under flro at all though tony ar* in a part or tbo city which waa reached* by oiir *b*ll*som* liuie ago. He also says tbat the strceta to all tha lower portion of < harieston are knee deep in graer. ^ Bitody Hester, the Ma?sdthusctls carried Xortb a con siuerai'io nnmber *1 naval oOlcers and over two hundred seameo whose term* of aarvic* hive exptr*J. Among 2^ 7?Ut ,SCTtb Lcr wer* ( cmrnauiler George II. Coojw, late rf i he iror.^tad Saog imon; Lieuie nant ( ommander Joseph N. Millar, late oi the iron c ad Nabant: l.ieuienaut Alexander ?lcKen/ie, lale of k r?'. Wlnoaa: Acting Uisier J I. OjflM, |?aa chief ?,f fcont* o't ( hnrieston: Acting Master 1 1 e ui ,'r.> e ISaldwiB, lata of the O H. masiers Charle* g:*wart, of tbe llnron ; Theoloreil Ha* toa k'atskill111* ^>orse K. Barker, late of rotul' j SZflOa "U I'V "d Cbatias ? u ' -*<Jv?cat* of th**qu*droa, al?o went . North n"gh': ,h* preM" Fim r"?"r ? ? toralTtin ai -Hono are aa ihey were tofora th* lat* operation* b-j^n. The navy d'd all lh*t tt undertock to do. lb* I rote ads Leblgfe and Montang, th* *ie*m sloop I I'Hwnef , the ?tr*mer Ilr f i?n >tu h,?ni1 th? rn-ut:!r p i. n- r Kacer p*?s*d up tUe rivar b? ween Jaatea laiaud aad Jone* I' and , Cring right aad left vigoyourly and ef.ect ively, and opectag tbe way rortb* adviwao or tbe and forces oa both ol tnare inland* 1 his aaa ail they at *mp'.*d. aad this tbsy did acd did admirably, witb the loan or none killed and onh two wounded. Ii the land* fetmd tb* reb*i wrrka too formidaM* to bo car ried by storta. let not tbe gallant tare whoaaaiatad tbem raceiva las? credit ou that account. 1 ha Admiral has returned la bia rag ship to Port Roy*'. The i*high and Monuiik, aa wall aa the rawn*e, bava roaumed the r ae.c stnmed picket duty tor*. Tb* <.*raawm. ?bitb, under tb* oommaad oi Acting Master "f01*''. aoqaitttd hemir *o gallantly at Vorrh Wiatoia the eng^*meat with Whita Uluii aaitcy . >a atoo bare la thaadvaaw.aaharemtare ' Pallaa latallt?a?a> crams oy rimy oonst untr mowkv. 1 Aa Irish wnna, named Ana Do* toy, waa arr*st*d hy the Twaaty eighth rroclnct p*lioo, obargod with havlag paaaad a $io Mil on tbo Wast Win field Bank I ?f or*-*, thtotoato. to Hwry W^TTV I w**' Ho"ston atr*et, m a houatooape* aad Collector of beoae rente, (tha plsnia not gallty to! ihoattarg*. and says ah* took tbo bl?.?Dia oje of bar! ten?at*. .luattoo Dodga, how*v*r, held Mra Dootoy Mil (MO ball to aaawor tha eharga. I I franco* Cbattartoo, aaatlvaof nioliatond, Ta., twaa ty stt yaaraof aga, and imagatlh, OarroU piaoo, waa arreatod by ofltoer Bsrkaa, af tha Filfsato proctoai, ?barged with attoaspttog to paaa a almltor bill to the I ?tore hot Broadway far a haattareaa which aha bad I bought. Tbo *o*n*ed waa taken hafora Juatlca Uodaa aad MM to ball in 9 too ta aaawar tha charga. Mr. Obaitoa f. ?<*bar, *t 43 Oraad atreat, baoaaia bar n MOffcmtmrhv am Aga. Ototala Bp sight, af tha Twsaty a lath prwtoat, r?a*atty raa*lv*d lafhraaation that aotoa of tb* braas omamoato "" i th* a?oa* po**a around th* Worth ? I thr*o o'elock ye*ter<l*y morning th'oo boy* wer* aao^ to ' <M*|e ta* iron fer,o* r"i-ronnrtlr>g the monument, v,aere I umou the ofttoo^ attempted Vt atros\ lh*m whilf tl^y w*c* to the act or wrtMklv off oth*r 11 n? Mto flrsa the gtrtag Ui?m|| P<*??. TbtfM,bM0M0( then, gt Michael Vofel, HTMUN fMTI Of OgO, WH totnn betore JusUM Dodge Md 001 NEWS H0? THE SOUTH. Crallol B*(w*m Joff. OovU aM Um ?I*im mf Q?or(l?, AlleehMtppt, &to> >??? Mid Hortk CarolUa. to no taua an Hom^toananMim, or Co* Tbe underalgned, fomun of their mpeeUve States, beg leave respectfully to lav ho the atteoltoa of Congress to |h? toot mat Um states or thdooatoaerMy bm great need of aoMy articlee (or State ua* which can only be ob laiaed by Importation. And the tafia latere* of aereral of Ibe SUioe h-tre made appropriation for the purpose of exporting cotioa and other productions, Md importing asnessiry article* for the mo of Um Slatoa. including aloUlug, aboeo. blankets Md oUmt articles indispensably ?eceaaarjr to Um comfort of their feroope to Cosfederate ?or* Mo, who frequently sutler from waat of neoeesary articiea which it Moot at the time ia Um power of the Confederate Kororaineot to furnish. Theae exportation* Md tot porta* km* are to ha made by the fovemara of IbeSUiM, under the authority of the legislature*, ai the rok and expense of Um Slain, upon vessel* purchaeed or Ohnrtemd lor that purpura The governors of a* * oral at the State*, hi the eseeu Ueu of the acta or their (Mate Locks lain roe, have- pur Ohased or chartered ? tea en era preparatory to the exporta tion of cotton which they bare bow on hand aa the prop erty or the State*, to p'aoe fund* abroad with which to pwrebaie supntiee. to be returned upon the ?eeeota-to Cob federate parte lor OaM um At this point, they ream u> say, that they aro mat by ea order brom the Secretary of the Treasury, under the authority of the Preetdent, which prohibit* tho Custom Mouse officer from granliag otenrancee to voeeela owned or chartered by tho States With State Mrgoea.aome of wDlcb are cow aboard, unkee* they will coosoot to allow Um Confederate government 10 aeo om half the storage room of their veateia upua term* whiah would causa actual lost to the Stales. Surrounded by *11 Um embarrassment* wttb which tb'ey hare to o?a tend, they canuot concent to this; Md beltevta* *a tMf do that the ardor has grown out of ao orrouMM om atructlon of (to late act of Congroaa, whloh, aa they tut. derstood It, exampt* tha Statea from all the roMrlotiM* thrown around exportation* and imporlatioM made by private individual* or compaelea; and footing asaurod that ihone who rapreeaot the sovereign state* Md people wouid toil to carry out tha views or wieMe of the people or government* of thalr re*|woiiv* Stale* if they ahoutd attempt by Mf Uw or reculation to prohibit Mm State* (rom tho exportation of Uielr own production* upon tbelr own vessels, or such a* tbep may charter for that pur no* and the importation of such supplies aa thoy need, the underslgued appeal with onaii deueo to Coagrca* tit remove raid restr ictioe, and enact suc't laws as Riiull sreure to all vessels iu the service- of the States speedy clearances upon application to tho Cus tom Hou*e oinccr* at tlie porta from which tha riiinln I are expected to go t ? sea. j While the undersigned are aware of the important)* or exportation* and im -"nations by the Coaiederale govern ? mi-ut. and would gladly facilitate its operations ip every pronor way . they are or the opinion u U bettor thai each guvornmout should o induct Us owa busineaa Md *Uairs for itaoll Uut, independently of this view of the case t they can not yield their a.- sect to thedocuino that tbou>aiod*r*to government h is aoy right to impose My such restric tion* u, on the Mates, or compel ttieui to submit t> any such term*. When in their power to s'sist tne Confode r ite government with State vessel*, they will do so with great pleasure, but they will not con&out to. do. this under compulsion. They deny that the provision In tb? constitution which nuihorlzrs Ooogtess to regulate commerce, "among tbu Statess," confers ibe power to de stroy the comrn.'rca or States, or to dotiiiu Stiti ves sels tul ll.ey coniont to relinquish *iair their storage room to the Cotreuerate lovorumeot, If Cooerets ha* too rower to plica tins restriction upon tho coin - me ceaud vrasel' of the State*, it may claim tor the cunfederary thi re-fourths or nine tenths < f the room, or may deny ilio right or tlie State to cloar a vessoi upon any term j. '1 ho power to reguluto commerce docs not in-' elude i he p wcr to destroy it or to put any such restric tions upon It liio undersigned bee loiva further to submit to the ooui-ideratiut! of Ontgreai tho i|ue*tlon of tho propriety of allowing tho State to extmrt product) and iinji.>rt sup plies recti >iy 'or State use tree of exjmrt tud Import duties, u* tuc uiioruttl'.n* are nude for the public use anu in furibeiauce o oar cause. in c?r.?ldei lug tut* 'lursiion, tt is hoped congress will n >t full 1 1 tak? into tho iiccouut the 'net that the legisla IumS ??t | art. if n>il ail the .*t?tes, have j asseJ la.\* ex em tin* cit on and other property belonging to tho i on. imernto; i.meot. within 'he lltiiiti of thi ?tatei, i<li ^ at* tax.HB'l they s.inmit, whether, upon irm dp 0* ot rectprrc ty and comity , a|*rt from the want of c usiitntiuual |wwer ia ( ougrtss tn tax Stata i r ?|ierty. it is not the doty or Cod^rers to exempt tta'O properly, lu olmung i xj ortiitions uad import ill -ns by the States from a I Confederate lax-tl n. ihe uniers:, ned beg leave to ; aid tb it it li act their intetition to impr.rt artlRleg or I I ixury , or Indord. My articles vot T.aoesoary tor tbe pub | l:c ar.d for ibe cm ort ot tbe troops irom their ro I apectlvo Stata*, la military terviro. J. E. HKOWN.Core nor of Georgia r CH AS. CLARK, Governor of MiuUslppL T n. WaTIS, uoveroor of Alabnmt Z. B. VANCE. Govor; or o< North Carollra. Amir., 1864. . 1 Eiscn s Dkfabimxxt, \ | MiixaDUEviLia, May 9. 1804. t I havo purchased thirty thousand soldiers' biaakets tor the state of Georgia now In tbe isltndr, and have to send out cotton to pay tor tliern. The stenncr Little Ada, [ chartered by the State, h s been loaded for three weeks with about three hundred biles tx cotton roady for sea. She lies thirty miles from Charleston. I ask cloarance lor her to go out now, while we have dark nights. Mm is dotalred i>t heavy exueoa* to the ^to. I solicit an Mny rerl". JOSFHH r. BROWN. His Excollooey Jsmasoa !Uvr?, Richmond Ku iihon d, M*y 10, 1864. His Exoeilerey, Governor Baow.x:? V< ur tn!au,rnm M Oih to the Presideat, In relation to steamer Ad*, ha* been referred to this department. On the lath ot April a telegram was seat you Mating that the Mt m i .'onsreo* imp< stcg renricttuun on export of ootton r?i nlrod thai tbe regulatioaa of trad* should be uoK< ras Tbere ore. the requirement that one half of tho cargo of ?very outward bound veaaal should bo lor noecunt ot tbe Coufedorate .- tales can aot be reiinquiahed aa ao exception in your favor. 27th April Mr. I Am or applied lor a cie trance or ttre ?to >mer , Md was luformed that she could not go out Mtii She complied with ibe regul Hon. C. G. ilKMU J?GEH, Secretary of Treasury, fxacunva rapiBTMRK r, Mai.RDOiirn.LB. \ May 21, 18&1 / Your telegram or the 10th did not reach me till rester. day The act or Congress to whieh yen re er, which pro hibits ihe exportation or cotton Md other productions, except under such uniform regulations as shall he made by the President, has ia it this express proviso:? "1 hat a dhius ia this act shall be con-trued to prohibit the Confederate Mate* or My of them from exporting any of tha mi tides herein enumerated on their owa account." 'ihe three hundred bale* or cotton upon the Little Ada bel' ng te the State of Georgia, and I propose to export It on SUte account to pay for blankets for Georgia soldiers, and ir any surplus to apply it to the purchase of eotton cards for tbe people of the (Male, under an act or tbe Leglsi^tora. 1 dray your right to repeal tbe sot of Congreae by your order, or to refuse clearance to the State under My just rale nf construction which you ean apply to thd plain proviso in tbe aet of Congreos. ' I thereforo again demand clearance as a r ght, not as a favor, and, waiving for the preseot the question of your right to ask It ot the rtate, offer to pay export duties. JOSKFH K. BROWN. Hon C. G. MnvMimntit, Secretory or the Treasury, Richmond, Va. Ricimoar, May 28, 1864. Governor Jot ant E. Buowx ? Your telegram of Ihe 21st tost. I* received. Clearance cannot be given except to conform. ty with tbe regula tions of the President. C. ti. MFMMINGRR, { 8ecetary ot tbe TressorjT. Rebel Aecoaau from Cllsrlas??Ma. ALLLU ED FKHBRtL DKPEAT OS JOHH'S ISLAND? A MOVtltm KTSmttf KD 8IAIOU8LT D4MAOID? UUrAlCH FROM OBNEKAL SAM JOKUC. [From Ihe Klchmond Examiner, July 12] From the 'OllOwIng otSctal despatch, re elved yester day froai Major General Samuel Jones, commardlng at Clrarle?ton, it will lie seen that we have given the enemy a most nfectual whipping at Charleston, The General Robertson spoken of is Ot igadler General L'evirly Robert son, of thH city:? Ciuaiafnnt, Jnty It, 1864. To Generhl 9. Coorxa, Ad utsri and Inspector General:? Yesterday morning <>'eneral Robert gun attacKed tbe enemy < n lohn* Island, near Stono, and drove them from llxt petition, with a l?ceto us nf over one hundred killed md wounded. Last eight and this morning Um eaemy Tell becX to the r t sts, flrts near I egarev ins, sad passed ovcrtoJsmee and Morris bland?. Two Monitors and several ^unheals are still In ibe Stoao, but hove been driren by our bstterle* beyoi.d eflhctlve raage. One Moaltor believed seriously damaged by tbotfraa one of < our rrooke gens Moviaaeat* ihi* evening lodtoate a pur- I pese of a change Of poiu of attack. Krom prisoners and a manuscript eaptareo? 11 sppeara that tbe rorce* now operating against this place compoee ail the atallahle force m tbe soatb AtlMtto coast Tha bombardment of Fort Sumter has boM heavy tor several da, a, Md raatlnues se. 0anwtt We prettdBO there to *a error to the abo** deepatc^ Mitosd of -Md passed over to Ja?a aad^ Morra Wands " 14 should read -Md | Morris IstoML" Ttod oampaiga-AMCalt a>*a Oharl**> im Pr*habi a-fsders 1 ffladate??Mr. restendra, dM. [fnm MeMehniond Kxsmtoer. My IS.] The eompalga of the year, after having oommenoed m Ihe prlaatpM of "eoaoMtratMo" at Is* main potato, or (?ct, eesms Ml have split up Into M*> fragmeuM ?a are now tookleg eagerly tor new*, net raly to Petersburg aad AUama, hat alto la Maryland Md PraneylvMla, whose ear eaoaiM are hsfintoc to hhd a?i thai there to a ooa?iderabt* '?raid" going oa. Thalr operations seem to be (Mowai OMtoal . Chirhwtoe, where Ibe slqp, M shrftotod hy Charleetoe panees. hae Jpst reeched I u* three hawdri'd aad aixt?tnh dag ; aad as tha approach of My sort of atnlveasary greatly enetlee the Taakee nation , their fJMersl Fester has bora woktoOd lnM activity agato. The preoebse or fifty tode Cafltoera of rank lathe exreaed portion et CharHwtotw frees haTtad checked the ahelllag, see ma really t? sUmnUte M. and as tbe raoa vy to persvsdod that the tto toeoea or Charles im are mw very thirty manned , there to every prohahMity of anme new aesMll upon tbe ?arte. TWTihm sad Rtohmend bolag both of tbatn owl od tha qaaailea, hod tea seaaoa advancing faat, aad Task re nubile opto Ion, awl *eoec tolly Yank** fl?Mct. I ai patiently craving add nrgeatW aeedls? swa* trtoaapn eom*wh*r?, adyarhere, tbtu they can ohser and Mow Vnaspets over. It to tieeasdirt to Uf ChartettoS again. Yankee Aieto We toMtedtoto both WUmtagton end Mobile. Md apparratly have aot reliabed the proa pMt er their probable reenptioa. Reside*, nelthir W .? mlngton nor Mobile, nor both or them together, w??.|, be at all m glorlon* aad profitable a prise, the aapt ... J Charleaton would be (aproomited aa equtvalerji t. H oUtnond td4 M ftd airs? h of tit n? qj ild i 1**. la fact, Ja wbal their im baanoe mlatotor waale to enable him to male* thiogs go a little loager , aid have H ha mm. Military euooeea watwbm, or at leoat CAflMllklM that n an k* n * a a mi hlaii na mM niililAMV BU1U0UI1O| lull CIO Of PUIIM IDtO ft NBDIInCW Of ?nlwKj aucceoo, to Dm etae qua mm. The elloru of the New York popera to auk* Mian thai there m a victory ?I Keneeaw idoud tain? (bat tbo devastation of Ooofede rata property b y Kautz, Wilson and hunter via eome thing aiupendoue and crueblng la its oomplete aeaa? that the lata a Dull raid la North Carotin* araa "one of the moat brill unt affaire or the war," tad a? forth, have all thla one end and aim ? to fire a favor - ble start to Mr.reeeendati. Another Important matter if brought to I It to aad dwell upoa with emptoaaU, namel y, that tbe said Feaaendan waa named alter William PlU. Now, William PHI waa a great financier? it a aa be wha swelled tbe Knglieb debt to eight hundred mllllona ster ling?And therefore K ia probable that bla naaaeaaka will be ?bia to borrow infinitely and peatpone payment lade*, aitely. Tli la ie the kind of auperetitkin wbleh ie fitted for the Yankee mind; but atUI tber feel that oven t'itt'a aameaake would be maeh tbe better of a triumph at Charles too; One ttang, however,, ie plain, if the Oonfederate-govern aaeet go en attending aucb Urge auma in hearing federal credit in Wall atreet, and If ambitione aad oetfeeektog men persist In refining to Invest lit the aecaritlea of their govern meat, .Mr. WUllaaa Pitt Feaaeadeo to gotag to bar ua mauvais quart d'hture. Nothing can save him' he ? the capiurrof Charleston JUL WEST IWDIA SQUAD ROM. Bifett of Mmlral Wllkea' Ope rati ame? Upon Beehada Haaalag la 188)1-3, mm Conparad With tlae Praaent- Tlse ?tea wife a# the War Dapeadeat 8m ?> Heaeara Vpoa aw KfilaUat Waat India Bquadromv Ac, During theoeeamand of Admiral Char lea W litres la Ua Waet Indiea and Bahamas, Ua- the winter of 1803 and th? agring aad aummer ef t803?th? blockade raanlng to toi1 tnm rebel potts wu alaanat entirely broxeo up. Of Udrty ab pa attempting to roa the blockade, twenty ware captured<aad eeat home to our porta aa prize*. By the 1st of Jane, 1833. under the rig Ileal, active aad aM> cient equadroa cemblnatloaa of Admiral Wllkea the blosk ede running by rebel cr ulcere- waa entirely au a ponded aad tbe rabel armlea weru ao crippled for tbe aeceeeary munitions of war that it waa with the grealcai difficulty they oould hoop the Held. A fair prospect aoemed to open far the ond of the war and the restoration of ibe Uoioa; and our currency, which bad been in Feb ruary at 1T3, wm in July lMffc la the very ml del of our pnsperlty and triumph, by reaeon of the deetructioa of tbe blockade runnera, and; the coneequent crippling of there)<elar<nice, the Old Mer. o< the Sea, whe baa done mot* to sink stxl destroy our aavy bp hia imbecility and car rupt pranlteea .tbaa tbe rebel crulaera, recalled Admiral Wilkes from Ula command, and- court martialed blm, for ao other spparoat reaaou thia bis extraordinary eS cieocy, bravery .energy, ekiH and devotion to the service. What baa been the reaultf la one abort year the eeaa ana oo**ts from which the blockade runnera baft been driven, away entirely are now full eC our enemies. Of thirty ehipa now attempting to run the- blockade not three are caugbl. T so rebel aria ee ore now no* only amply supplied, bua they U<ve brought to tho Held or tbe Wildarneas, Whito House a'nd Petorsburg. the new light bronze guna and for midable ahella of the Kreoch improved light artillery ef 18?4. aod Urse shipments o< col too arc in return daily made to huropo I rout, rebel porta. In fact, tho removal of Wlllrcs trom the ooaaaaad in the Weat Indies aad lb himaa has dona ua more- injury than all tbe other mi-lakei of tbe admlalelratioo. and It ia time that wa should underatand the fact that bravery, knowledge aad fK ill are necessary to sociiresucciisa; and, is the Incntiua of tbo l roasury Iris been removed, we hope that Guleon Wo;ies will ItHluiv la tbo wako ot the Munchausen of IluaiKv, and that our great navigator will bo restored ta hm command and to hi-? honor*. The condition of the c -untry admits of no further lose of time; ar.d ir tbe Pre sident will live ua tbe aer vices of Admiral Wilkes, uadar ao able aod olHcieot Secretary, there will be hope of suo* The 2Vary. LAUNCH OF THK OUNBJAT MUSCOOTA. Oa Saturday morning at eight o'clock tbe Iron double eoder Uuacoota, (;allt by T. F. Rowland, at the Coutlaaa lal Iron Works, Grocnpolnt, was successfully lauocbod, la presence or a large conoourt e of spectators. She Is a ves sel similar in all respects to tbe liohongo, which waa lauocLcd Wat week from si cor's, at Jerrey City. Com modore Ringgold represented Admiral Gregory at the laaacb. Tho Mu'ooota waa turned over to tbo Morgaa Iroa Works to receive bar maohiuery, tod sho will ha ready In about tbrae moaths. 00 It KIW APrnBSTICI 8IST1* ? WHO A Eta aa CglVkD? A GOOD MOVE, ETC. The praotico ship Sabine, Inlay duly o mmisstoned al Boston, is aow ready for tho enlistment of apprentices to the aaval lervtce. Coys ef gcod character aad desirous of enterlag and remaining la tho United States Navy until twenly-oaa years oC age may apply aa hoard, accompanied by their parents or gaardiaaa, before twelve o'clock M., where they will he ex am I aod, aad If accepted, enlisted. It to deeirable ta trala up a da as of hoys wbo will make useful aeamoa aad pally officers. Bora, therefore, of vicious habits, of laaahar tic ate tempers, uaeootrol labia by their parents or guar dians. will not be accepted. Tbe following a re axUaota f on tbs geueral circular ? the Secretary of the Navy oa tbe suoject : ? No hey will ha eallsted without lbs com sot of Ma parrot or guardian, which ooaaeot ehall appear by thw a goature or eucb parent ar guardian to tbe ahlppiag artHiiea, aad by >a acfeaowladgment of was sat aaaae Im duplicate lo tbe preeoaee of, aad certified by a Jaatioa of tbe peace or etber magistrate, ooe ef wbleh aertM catca shall he traasmltted to tho dopartaseat aad taw other transferred, with the pay aooouat of the bef , ta tbe vessel in wbteh be is to aerve. No boy will be ealMed wbo to ton tbaa foorteea ar mora than eighteea years e t age, or wbo, after oarofm es aminiii n by the sorgaoa to whom such duty aba II ba aaai jted, la found le have aoy personal defect or dla earo, or mantfwt tendency to dlseaaa, wbiab would Im pair his future efllcleacy as a seimau, or wbo baa bat? coavlcted of ?oy lolsmous crime < " Boys, at tbe time of their < of the second or tblrd ebas, ability, and shall, as reaa as practtoaMe, receive aacto further rating aa, upoa examination, they may be fount to deserve. Tbe pey of tbe boys, aotll further regulated, will be? For thoee of tbo third elate, el. hi dollars per mootb, far ihote of tbe seoood * ass, nine dollars per mootb, for thoee of tbe Drat claaa, tea dollars par month. It to romorod that New Loadoa wtU bo the hoadquartora or tbo ?aMoe, aad' if to eapeeted that there will be n rvato to lee tire plaoes oa board of tbo practioe a hi p. Tbo llaa of baUle-abip Versaoat, aloey Savaaaab aad two or tbrso other voraeto will la Meae bo attached to thla praotioa aquadroa THE MOBILE BIOCMPE. A Blockade Rsnser Chaeed Aekoro Koar Fort Horgaa-Oar ?aabealt Ibell lb? W reels. Ate. OUR NATAL CORRMrOMDKNC*. Umsu Staisb FtAomnr Haiti om, July 1, 18 St. Last atgbt al alavea o<Moek firing of light goaa la the vlcloity of Port Morgaa. and slgoal lights shown by the steam guoboel Glasgow,. eor lueide picket boat, arooaed > us, aad wa prepared for ollheroa attack of rebel ream, or to retob a blockade ruaaer, ae the cose might bo. Oaa of our guaboata run a bleoaader aabore aboat one aad a ? half mi lee frotn tbe fort, and near the Swaah channel. At daylight todav the light draaght toaboam were eeat ia aod opened flreoa tbe vk-tim, aad a brisk saailtaa ami . besn kept up aM dag. Tbe rebeto have made several at tampta to dtooharaa bee cargo, bal our ehaMa have kept them at bay. Te algae ssaieiblag will bo daae to oaaa. plote her deetraottoa. ?be to a etdewheefi ateamer, light rlaged. with I we emoke ataoks, aad ptobabiy came from Mavaaa. marriaoc# and deaths. Died. Brsm? On Satoatey, July lfi, Cstrs A Btran, a aa tlva of Swedea, lb the 48th year of his ago. Tbe friends of Mm family are respectfully lavltad i a eoamau, or woo uaa waa crime or moral dellaqttaaor. ' ooiletment, will bo rated se ts, aooordiog to their age aad family are risbtctfuliy lavltad ta attend the fuaeral^ tbto (Monday) afteraooo, at tbrea o'clock., rrom hie lele imldsaos, DtdUib sveaoo, fourth booeo iMte Noatraad avaaae.^^^^^^^^^^^* Hbamui?.? Oa Baaday, lap IT, Jm* B*aiuwt, reUflh of joba Baiamaa,.aaed at ytara. The faneaaT take etoaa frcm tbe ratoitoats tC bar aoo-m-taw, VYeaeto Malrlm, Mo. 18 Ortaawlob aveaao, oo Tuoeday af teraooa , at Iber o'-toek. Tbo relattvoa ea?i. frtoadaof tho lamlty are bivitad.ta atteod. CrrtHTT ? uaaaaday.Mty IT, Aura Cvmrt, i naaaly Wafitrford. lrtiswi saad IT yeara. _ Tbo frtoada aad aanatoUhaaa of the family are ra I qn stood tasaiead tl ePuaerai. ihto (VSooday) sfteraaao, lit one o'otoek, fr<?? the teeidencetf bar paroaU. SS& I Baa* Sixteenth street. ^ Oosmaoek, lathatM year or hlaaga. 77. , I tbe relattvoa tod frtoaOa of So nuhlly arersepeet Ifabp mvlted to alteod the fuaeral, frota tbo rtoidance at Ibjaparenta, No,^ SoUBiJblrd^iir^^BrookliO, K. D.? I ab Mtorab ' Oato. WwddbeSSa1 oea^p, NeI^5ork , bf Rav ' I Mr. Oordmt?% J iaai a Cawmsaia la Mis* Sua Mm. Intoaaooi. I OotisTHsr ? Oa Saa dap ? July II, al aoasoiaptloe, Jtaaa ICovtmv. In Veetotb yea* ot hie apa. I Tbe relatl ?ea aad frleods ef the family; aiae, tbe I Riggers UaVoa aad Heamaa s B. B. K. B. Asaooialieaa, I are raepe ttfully lav I led to attead the foaeral. oa I Tueaday eftarnoea, from bla raaidence, No. Oliver I at reel, two o'clock. Mia remaiaa will be iskaa to St. I Jatnea' Boman Catholic church at too o'clock Tuesday I mora .flg where a sssas of reqetem will ba adored for tho I rat < as of bis eoul I ATaterford (Ireland) papma pioaae oopy. I "PangawiT*.? Oa Saturday, July IS, Haasr fbaaawma. fcvflroBHflB .r. sg ? Invited to attend the fuaeral, thle {Monday) afloraoea at ? two o'clock, from hli lata reaideaoe No. 84 Ganeevoert ? eiraot. ? Hofsiwt? Oa Seveath Day moralog, July Id, Oaaaae ? Hor^isa, la the 8uth year ef ais age ? Mif (f leqdt aad tpoga Uto M ftap?ctf?U| >a

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