Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1864 Page 3
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Vited to attend the f user a), frwn ble Ml resideooe, 87 X Vest Twenty sUtb street, this (Second Pay ) afternoon, at feur o clock. _ . , . _ . Hamii ios. ? Ob Saturday , Ju'y 10, at his residence, East Mew Yurk. Acklawd U. Hamuio*. fcsq., aged 66 years. His relatives ana friends are respectfully Invited to at M the ftrneral, tula (Monday) sfternoon. at two o'clock Jouau*.? Ou,M?iiir<toy, J*lj U, alinre seven* tiinest, Jon* P JetKuA.agaiMrtars . , The relatives etid frlauds of the famtty ?re Yespecttully Invited to atteud the luaerai, from bia lata residence, No Hit K.idrulue street, HUM (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without i urther notice. Jo via. - on Saturday, July 10, Mm Elisabktb, dau?h ? ai d. Deuhi g* Jonas, aged 12 years, S mottbs hod 21 na friends of tbe famliy are Invited to attend tha f?t>eral Tom tbe residence ol bar lather, No. 400 Sack on ?trot. Brooklyn, eo Tuesday afternoon, at one e'clock. tin Saturdiy , July 10, Catimrixk, tba beloved art e of Lore n/.o J. Joeea, is the 44th year of her age. Tbe relatives and friends of the lamily, and tboae o( her hroth.-r, Patrick T. Carnoy.are respectfully invited to attend tbe luu ral, from bar late residence, Gardner aveone. South liergeu, N. J., this (Monday) siterioon, at two o'clock. Her roaialoe will be luken to St T'eter eCemo. terjr, North llerneii, lor lutermorit. Curs leavo Jersey Ulty ferry every half hour, via Newark plank road to Mentioello avenue, within two blocks of tbe bouse. Krilt.? On SuiHiuy, July 12, Bketba jiosi.aiuk. Infant daimtuur of Au^u-tuH and Kate keiljr, aged 4 inootba. Tbe friends and relatives are invited to atteud, .the fu neral, Irom the re- idence of its parents, 209 Thompson at reel, at two o'clock. Marbi san.?At Union Hill, Hud wo county, Now Jersey. ou . Saturday, July 10. Maei Marslabo, widow of Ncbard M irslsml, ia tbe Mtb year <if ber ago. The funeral will take place this Monday , at twelve ?'clock SI. .from the residence of Charles Haley, Uatoo Hill. Tbe remains will be lakoo to Oreeowood Coinotery for Interment. Friends of I be fatally are Invited to at toed. McCbum.-Od Thursday, .Tun* 23, Aikxabokb, ynun -?t ?an of William' and Nnncy M r in.of BrushvlTo I. d monitor of the .Sixth New York oavulry? killed while taoily forcing his way before tbe rebel works, near Joaee' Bridge, Virginia. Jamaica paper i please cony. Mi*xto? ?On Suudey, July IT, at twelve o'clock noon, Damns Mamhiok, aved 47 yoirs. Tha relativea and Ir loads are invited tr attend the fn- e ruL ironi La to rctldeocu. Al Washington street, oo Toes J ay afternoon, at one <? clock precisely. Moa-ic,? (>u Mundny, July 17, jtber.AiiM, daughter of faster and Mary Morse, aged 21 years, 7 months and 9) days. The frlot d? o' tbe family are respectfully invited to at teod tbe inner il, from the residence nf ber parents, l-nortn avenue, between KigDty-ili?t and Eighty second streets. this (Monday) slleruocn at two o clo.k. MoHalk.? un Sun.luy, July 17. Pg) jt Mi Hal-, aged 7 jfis nod 9 months, dia^bter of jo&.i #n1 pri<iget *ioli lid Tbe friends and relufvda are i^Wci-fully Invited lo at* tend the funeral, tjoni 89 Mulberry street, this ('.iotia iv) aii? rocop, st two o'clock. M^uubn.? On Sunday, July 17, Ja.mks McClkaen, in Vbt 324 >? if of jib age, a MUve of Iho county Tyrone, ftienda and Iho friends of tbe family are invited IA attend I lie I uuoral, Irom his late rosideucr, 210 Kirst avenue, o.i Tuesday morning, at niae o'clock, without farther n' tlce. WaSSft*.? Kilted 09 Sunday. Juna 6. 1864, b) aviffc bill tbrougb bis heart.'while gaiiaaHy cnargiog th* ene my at the Uto l attlo n( PiedmoBt, uoir .Mount Hope, Mel?on co inty , Va., In tbnVlllh New York Heavy Ar tillery, Ok ltu a Hkmhy, third son n: Julia und Kueene tic Ootinin, of Williamsburg, N. Y , in the 21st ;.ear o: bis "^London, Llfarjiool and Dublin papers pleasa c py. ? McCoveh. ? On Kundiiy, July 17, IVnl McOn BR, a Ba tlve of tli j pinsii ot KUbrooy Kosti over, county of 1'owi), Ireland, in tli 11th year of tux nge. Tbe lunernl will take piaoo from his iato residence, No. Ill West UtieeuUi street, on Tuesday moruiu^, at cleveu o'clock. Nookkt,? On Pun day . July 17, J/>n8, infant son of Robert U. ?nd Mari > K. Noouoy, \id 2 m utbs and 2'i days. The friend? of the family are resp c'fuilv requested lo attend the funernl, this (Monday ? nfternoon, at. three a'dock,irom tlio roitdeuco of his pare.iui, No. 60 iiatat Tweuty sixth strret. Pools. ? ou Sunday morning, July 17, Catuerinb, wife Ot Rdward Poole, of Mnncbester, Favlatid. 't'bo friends of the lainily aio lesix ctfully invited to atteud tbe funaral, from her late residence. No. 50 East Warren street, South Brooklyn, this (Monday) a temoon, at two o'c'ock. Her remalrs will be lnterre<l in Kiatbush Cemetery M^ucIkmIoi* pai>ers copy. Pkxi) kbi rt. ? Oa Krld iy. July 15, BicH.inn, yenngest aoa of Thomas and Klizabetn I'endlobury, need 17 years, ? months und 7 d iya. Tbe friends and relatives are invited to attend the fnneral ihlt (Mondiy) afternoon, nt ? ne o'clock, from tbo residence of his parents. No 5U Ninth avenue I'kioit ? (Jn Saturday, July lii, JoiiK I kick, i native of Kilhiriicy, county Kerry, Ireland, u^ed 22 years and 4 Deaths the relatives and friends of tho fatniiy are invited to attend the, irom liis late reside* ce, 2U Washing, too street, Ilnbokeo, this (Moaday) utierumin, at one o'clock, to Calvary Cemetery. Qcackkjihos. ? un Sunday, July 17, M^kqik Miktuornb Quackbbi os, la the 73<l year ol his sge. Hts lelativcs aud friends are respectfully Invited to MtoDd his fu&e.-iil, on Wednesday atternoon, nt lour o'clock, from St. Bartholomew's church, corner or Lafxy. ?Ue place and Oi-eut Jooes street. RiohaRi son ? Ou Sunday. July 17, Mr* Sosib K., wife of Geo. R. Hlchardsop, aged 26 years. Tbe relatives and' friend * are respectfully invited to at. tend the luneral, Irom her late ictiidenco. N<>. 18 l<ethune street , this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, without further notice. Bona? At Kdinbnrg, Indiana, on Wednesday, July 13, Jans Axdbkw, only cnii.l of .lames Roes, deceased, and Margaret Ko?s, aged 10 yoars and 7 mouth*. Tbe remans bare been conveyed to ibia city aud will be interred in tireenwood. IMib iB ? Ou Friday. July IS. George Wasbibstoii Ska bub, ? nlv son of Hiram and Lllen l oulaa teaman, aged 1 month sad 15 days. Tbe funeral took place from tbe reside, ce of bis parents, 270 *Vest Thirty-set ond street. Tbe remains were Interred la tiroenwocd Cemetery. 8oorr. ? i n band iy morning, Jaly 17, at btlf.past eleven ?'dock, Mrs. 1U.KB S un, a?ed 24 years and 0 month*. Tbe friends aro invited to attend the funeral, trom ber Jite residerce. 444 Oreenwlch street, this (Monday) af ternoon, at two o'clock Shit*.? On Saturday morning, July 10, Olivkh B Surra, ?god 47 years. Ihe relatives and friends of tbe family aro respectfully invited to attend tbe faneral. this (Monday) aliernooB, at two o'oiook. from bis lato residence, 21 Lamtrtino place, Veot Twonty-tilnib street, lite reuialns will be taken to Cypres* Htm Oemetery for Interment. Thobmau..? On Sunday, July IT, Xamtba, wife of Benj 8. Tb or nail, aged 64 ja?irs. I Tbe relatives end trtends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, on Tuesday bnl ? pant nine o'clock, from ber lato residence. No. 130 Ham mood street. Toxas.? on Satnrdny, July 16, Mrs. Puilaek'ta Tomis, In tbo 9?th year of her sge. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to atteud the funeral, from tbe homo of ber nephew, Honry Moore. No. 44 Vacdou^al street, this (Monday) arieruoon. at b^lf-paat two o'clock. Wkbii.? On Sunday, July 17, after a sh irt and pilufui times*, Joseph Wkud, aged 28 years and 1 month. It grieved our hearts to part with him, And never wnl bis taco grow dim. lbs relatives and friends ot the lamny are respectful'? Invited to attend the fuoeral, from h a late residence, 86 Varick street, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock WaMRKB ?On Saturday. July 18, at tbe Institution of tbe Ladles' Union Aid Society, Korty rea nd street and ?tgbtb avenue, Mart Wakrkm, aged M years aad 7 lbo managers and friends sre Invited to attend ber Masral, iron tho loatiintloa, this (Monday) morning, at ?ea o'cioek. tfj ' ; Sirt'ATIOJI 8 WANTKD-KEIII AUKS. A MOMBKR or WRIiL RKOOM MKN DBD OKRMAN fewMiee want slteatleae aaeuoas, ehambermaida and Inawdres ea, nurses aad girls for general housework, ka . at hra LOWli d German lastitate, 17 Htanton at., near the A SITUATION WAMTKO-BT A PROTK8TAXT OIRb, aaaurae. buusekneper er chambermaid: on objection to the country ; good reference given. Call at *20 We -t JSth oL, third floor. a IIUMBRK or RXPRRIKBCKI) flKRVANTfl WITH A unexiapUoiiabie ro*ereocea to tha dial 'ami iea in Brooklyn, are m w nanfn^ altuat oua at MANNING'S Belwi Agency. IS court street opposite i:ity lla I. Bmnklyn. Am?rlean, Irtali, Bnol a i. Scoteh and German eooka eham bormat ta, waitresses, auraea aad general bouseworkara for oliy and eountiy. ASITt'VTION WaNTRI?-BT A RKiPBCTABLB wo manias rook: underatands her bu-lneae perfectly : naa prodm e a long and aatlafa tory reference. Call al Mo. 3 Koet 17 tli at. _ a RMPRCTTABLR MARRIRD WOMAN DR8IRR8 A il sliuaUen. with her child, ti rears old. No objection to the eoualrr. Wo ild lake ubar^e of a widower's household. Apple to MiseMcOulre, 717 Xd av., between 45ih and loth si?. ATODKO O LRU AN GIRL WANTS A PLACE IN A re pecttlile famllr, to take rare of children or to do Hgtil housework. Call at 70 l-t av., top door, back loom. A BKSPRCTABLE GIRL WlfRRff A Bill ATION AS Jtm. ehamtierma'd and waitress. Api> y at 371 Osaa kt , Biookltn, P.. I}. ACOUIItKD WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 seainstri'f s or eh Id'rt numn. can do all kinds of iilalu eewlns: oeue but flr-t claas families need sopi . Address ?No. Haws, 554 InlHrsB -t. A SITUATION WANTBO-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A ss wet nurse: bei l>ahy Is three mouths old; country preferred. Call at Jft oanaereort st. AN AMERICAN W O >t A N WISIIK8 A SITUATION TO saw b" tlio week, oniteratamts all kind* of family sew. tag, h? hand or marbine, on oi> action to tbecoantrr. Ad dresx SeaKStreta. ?! Henrv at. A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, LIVING IN THK eouniry, having lo->t har child, would like to lake one to nurae; th? heat of c ire wtll be Insured, parties verr re epectahle. Address Mr*. Mary E. Lawsoa. Hlng lln^. Im mediately. AOIRL WANTS A P1TUAT.OM, TO DO G1TNERAL heuaewnrk: has ?"od o ty reference. Iminlre at .lames Conner*'. ti<2 hast tetii at , ler two days. ARfCSPBOTABLR PROTESTANT GhRMAN WOMAB wlahe* work, by the day, to do waahlng or home elena. tag. Call al 201 West MtSBt., In tlie rear. In the liasemeut. AYOUNG0IRL W IflllBrt A SITUATION? TO TAKE care of ebl dren aad d? light chamberwork. Call at *?3 1st sr., Ib the smre. ASITUATTOV WANTK.n-BY A MARRIED WOMAN, a* wet nuree: own child tnrea months old. Best city solbrcnees. Call at SI.1 West 2<tli st.. Ilrst floor, back room. ARRSPKCTABLB GRRMAN qiRL. OF GOOD KDU catlon, lately arrived from (ftrmany. wishes a sltua tl'-B IB a qnlel pwsle family; nndersiands honsekeeping aad eaa do fine ladles', work, but mnnot s^esk English vet; no ebjeet'.on to take eaie ol a few chlidrto, lustre la ibe dm? a ton 141 M BY, , B1H Int MTUATIOII WANTKO-PCIHAI KS. A SITUATION WANTED ? B* A PltoTESTANT Ol BL an nurs. or Srainsirea*; brat 01 re'er>-Bce. can cut and '?it. Can at lower door 223 ham 60th aL Country preterreU. AUKST K\TB LAl Nliltl-ab W1SH&8 TO TtKK families' or gentlemen's washing by the dozen; *ii ?hon beat of Iff- Item auuie af the meat resaet-: ante families m the city. Tall ou or addiesa Mr*. C. Kel.y, .v,t Kant 1 11^ at., ail. lata wec^ _ ABK3PBCTABLM ADO WILL BBCOMMBhDKD young woman deslrua a situation. Id > ty or cot.Biry; Ix an excellent iai>u iml Ironer. a tfood cook and taker; Is wliiag mid ohJi^iu; u objection to da chainbcrwork. Call a* 178 Mk Mr. - tUIFIOMBLI MIDRIB AORD WIDOW, WTTH uoo-i c'ljr rafaitaw, deal res a aitiiat ou in a rcape. table finally aa nurse, chambermaid or to d.. gearral ho i nurn ; no objecUoa U the country. Catt lor U*ro? dm. a at 1 4.1 Be t 19th at. ACTUATION WaNTBD-BY A TOITNO OIRL; CAM do chamberwork aad aM>t In wailing. Good ttv re fere n<e. Apply al 118 Weat 10th at., between ?tb aad 7th avenues, A SITUATION ViNTitti A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA. lion to do the general housework of a pmall p I vale family ; la a drat nut niol. washer and ironer. or wou'd co asciiamberma <1 and waitress; understands her buaineaa thoroughly; beat of city refereaee. fan be anen at ttie m. silence of her present employer for ouo day, 245 West lid ?t , between 8th aad 9th ava A young girl. i? ybars or Amu. wishes a situation to take ear* ?f chli tren and do lU'ht cUauiber work. Can be seen for two davs at 73 West 17th at. A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A STEADY YOU NO Kiri, 17 years of ace, to take care of "hlidren >nd mate herself useful; no objection to llie country. Apply for two day - at 171 uth nr.. corner JfcHb si. A?IRL WANTS A SITUATION lit A PRIVATK family, a-< chambermaid a id waltrfsa. Ootid ''Ity reference <r wn. Call for two 395 Washington it , between ileaeh and llnbirt ?l?. A GERMAN PROTESTANT OIRL W<tNTS A SITUA tioft as ehamhorma d or for general housewora In a amall pr v tie lamtly In Brooklyn. Can be anen for two daya at 170 Court at , near Ilarr ton, Brooklyn. A YOUNG AMKRICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION J\ to lake care of children, or to dd chamberwork ant waiting; snort city re'ercnccs can be given if ysammd. Can at SO Uraenwieh at A 8 COOK ? OR TO DO HOUSEWORK. PRKPERS A J\ good place to hl.h waxes. Cnll al 'J9 Went 19th it,, be t*;?n il'li and 7ih aves^lo thf basement, A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A OIRL. 19 YB\BS old, to mindchlldieii and make herso'f uaeful. Beat reference. Ca'l al 21 J West 15th ft. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SI. 'avion a* fiismliermsld or waitress. Good reference. Apply al 200 Mulberry st A RESPECTABLE MARRIRD WOMAN. WITH A fn'ih breast of milk, desires a situation ?a wet nur>r, in a resuectab.e family. Call at 01 Pearl at., Brooklyn A YOUNO WIDOW LADY WHO H tS IMtCF NTLY J\ )?!t h'> la'i'l.wl^i^s to obtain a situation as house. ito.>per to aTndy. f, ftd.,lfa.nan or v Id'jwer; fi'j yti oci "n to the ooualry. /p:ilv at 211 Spring si , huni an. 4 RRSPBCTABLB YOUNG WOMlH WANTS A i\ il-iiiilo i as seamntreai Is a go 4 sftwer. Call at 99 Meat WH> fit. t VURT 8UPRRIOR LAUNHRKS3 WISMRS OIN A tlcrnen's and families' WHaliln^t, and tvoulil ^o out by tl e lav. Pur rei'o!nmen<1?tionn us to honest* ni l raiiah' ity )ii (Hire of her for i er employer, where she ran he seen lor two davs at No, (i Albion place, 4th St.. between Howrry and 2'i kv. t GOOD COOK WANTS A SITUATION. WOULD DO / V ? a!i:na; gocni rnterence. Call a; 131 Bait 13th at., in thi* roar. I NICE AMERICAN OtRL WIRUI'.S A SITUATION /V In a private fainily, to *ew and do Unlit clinmberwo : hn a ^ooil knowledge or rvss na'tin^. ('un b ; seen at iOJ titii av., hetwten 24th and 2.un ?n. R n; the front door be: I. FpiNE KLUTINU, AND ALL RINDS OP LACKS, DON H 1 hv mi eiperien i J hiuo lress. Pa uliliM sui ii'i. d with first i: a?s servants ami help, lor day's Work. 8J Wen 30t.i at., third lloor. nOr.^K KEEPER.? A LADY OP EXPERIENCE AND ? ho can I'm n sli the beat mi l most sutMaeinry r.'com ini'iidatinns, wiskes an en^auement "? hourekeepnr, either in the city or country. Address tor three days T. A M., Kruoklj n l'u to lico. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A lad., bstwet-n 20 and yeara of act-; n widower pre ferred: no ob,eclion io t>? ? or thn-e ehiidren. Call on or addre?s for t'.ree daya, between the hours of lu and tl, Mr'. P. R , 201 South (ith st , Williamsburg. HOUS: KEtPBK.? A SITUATION WANTED R1 A respectub.e. ml Idle age i l.t ly. aa hou e ;i ei>er for a cvntleuiun : I- eapab.o of taking ?? isrse o( a tirst class house. Address for two days (>. M.. I o < ISO Herald olllc. SUMMER HOUSB8. BOAROINO IIOUSK8, WATER, .nt; plaees and ta nil ea wantioK competent . eoo\s,, walt^e^se?. laaiulr.'sses, >ramslr">aes, nuri-e , or other help promptly supplied at R plo meui House, ' orni r tith av. and 1 Uh st. Also innl.s l.elp. OITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS ? i plain cook: 1-t a good washer and Irone ai'd bal er. Ca'l for two <'a>a at 2US West odtU St.. near 7th a*, ileal at . references given. SITUATION WANTEO-BY A RKSPECTABLR WO O man, aa cook; Is willing to assist w ill washing and Irniilnj Can bring tbe beat of city reference. Call at ITS West lUth si. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK. WARHEH AND I. oner, by a middle aged woman; tool refeieneo given, fan be seen Tor two da v a at tier present place In quire at 4/ l.ast ilih St., from 11 to 2 o'clock. WANTBD-A SITUATION, AS LADYS MAID. OR TO lake eare of grovrn en ldren and todoolaln sewing In an Auier cuu family, by a yotuis' German girl. Protestant. Ko objection to the country Addreaa K. II.. station A. WANTi:D-A SITUATION A8 COOK ; UNDERSTANDS Prencn and Kngliah eonklnj; will no plain washing and Ironlns; Is wll'lng and obllnluK. Apply at M>i Stii av. U-ANTKn-BY A RKSPBCTAIILE WOMAN, WITH A full fresh breast of milk, w io Ims lest her own babe, an Infant to wet nurst at her own home. Apply al 118 StiHolk st , second Hour. WANTED? BY A COMPETENT PRRSON, A 8ITUA tlon as norse; has acted in that capacity for many veers, la follv competent to take entire charge of an Infant Irom its blrt'i Mest of citr . Can bs s.-ou lor two days al 947H Broadway, between 2.'d aad fll sts. WANTED-BY A PROTRSTANT OIRL, A SITUATION to do ge-.eral housework in a small private family. Apply at 111 ytli av , tbiid tlotn-, In the rear. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. *? a situation as goad cook good cltv reference; no ob jection to ass nt in washing and lionlnj; satisfaction to employer. Call at 8 > West 2#lh st. WANTRD-A 8ITUATION. BY A RBSPBCTABLK young man. as bar tender. lias first c a-s referencea., Herald otlloe. 11.' ANTED.? A VERT RESPECTABLE YOUNO AMKRI ? * can !adv, who la a widow, without any encumbrance, wishes a sanation as I ou-ekeeper; has good releren e to i.oit she ts <t naUttad to iU that position. Addreaa II. B. Y.. bo* 110 Herald olllee. U.'ANTRD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNO OIBL. TO VI lake c:ire of children and make herself generally use ful Call at :t74 loth st ?- ? ?'ANTRD-A SITUATION. IN A SMALL PRIVATB it ra nilv. by a voung woman, one year in the e tonlry, to do general hou?ew"rk. City relerenre given. Apply at 421 1st a*., from 8 to 3. WANTBD? A SITUATION t BY A BBSPBCTABLB jlrl, to do geneial housework. Cea he aeeu at 1M West 34 th st WANTED? BY A BfSPKCTABLE OIRL. A 8ITUA tion to 0o cbamtMirwork and lake care of children; good city reference. Call at 111 West l?h st WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK. IN A PRIVATB family. Unrierttan Is all kinds of cooking, making bread and pastry, aonps and poultiy Haa (not cits refa rsree. Can be >eeu lor two davs al 141 3d ave., second t our. No objection to " shoit dl-i.ii e In Hie country. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RRSPRCTARLE BNOLIBB person a sltoation as lady's maid Understands dree< making anil hai(dre*aln<<. Tits iilnhest references can be given. Apply bet wee? the hours of 10 and 3, to T. 11., 199 Bast 13th su WANTRD-A SITUATION, RY A TRUSTWORTHY rirl, as good pi tin c mk, washer and Ironer Has good reference. Can bs sesn at 26 2 llioks st, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN lately anrte.1. to do housework; reference If Itilred laipilre st 1^5 R tst 23th St.. corner o: 2d ave. WANTBI>-?Y AN INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN, A SITU a. t on at cook, iu a small private lamllv; be*t of city refereme civen: no ohjeetion ta so In the couatry. Can be seen for two day? at 3si Ma, I son st. WANTED-BY A REe'IRCTABLH WOMAN, A SITITA ti n ai coik: undeislantfs her business in all lis branches. Is a good b iker: aa object on to assi I ia washing and ir 'ning; will go a short distance In the country. Calk tor 1st ds' s at 1,373 Broadway, near 3!Hh at UTXNTKD-BY a RESPECTABLE PROTRSTANT WO. TV man, a situation to do general housework. Call at 41S 3d av. WANTRD-A SITUATION BY A GERMAN GIRL, AS child's nurse, or to do (Un sewiua. Apply at 337 Rsit 10th at., third floor, from It) to 2 o'daek. IV ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A SMART, CAPaBLB V f girl, to do cooking or general housework; ia neet and Irnsty. and sn excellent washer aod Ironer; willing and re ipcctful; would (to in the country. Best refereaoea given. A pply si 121 A I Ian tic St.. Brooklyn. WANTED-BY a FROTHS TAST YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa waltfe a or eliamhrrinaid: haa noobjee tion to the country. Coo bi seen nt 1/ Bi*t 2dih it, r WANTED? A SITUATION. AS Nl'BSR AND SEAM sires i or . hamtiermald and waitress, In a respi ctable family; good ' lly referenda Call at 231 Eaet 12tf%t WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT a ri, a< eook, wssher and Ironer, or to do housework, (loodeity reference t ill at i t Rasi Warren at. Brooklyn 11' ANTf'.D? A SITl'ATKiN, BY A FKSPECTAPLR v? young girl, as cha -il-ermsld sn.l "-bIIitss. or to tske care of ehihiren; uo ?hlluHss to gn a short disisnee in the country. Cill fnrtwodsysst MM West Wellington PMMa. WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A Situ ation in do housework or lake caro of a baby; good references Oki at 41 Itolaers St. \V ANTED? A SITUATION, AB PLAIN COOK OR Tt> v? do housework. Oood cltv references. Call at 23ti Eat! 13th st , lu the rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A SITUA lion as pialn eook. wa*her. and ronei- in a smafl prl* vale family; beet of city reference. Call al til West Bull st. "UTANTRD-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG OIRL TO v v tske esre of a child ?r anything particular. Apply A No. 9 Bfavff st, tUrd hfvr, ba?k t ??*? HKL.P WANTBU? HALBI. AOi^KW C \N MAKE IN V FBW HOURS SELLIXO our great new a?d vwul-r u i run Jane else I'rtae F?rt.uf tip>riliif|iaiutNl Lvrry dollar turn* led >M?r?-fliau mVM. A sJPoaMd Solid gold Or silver lever * ??? -b |ir> -euie.l fi?e. t > ti i a4e.1l. S art ww ?? esuibllah agi-nctesia ever' to v>. and v I'hu?. Comity rlglile free. Sale imaicuN. deioan<l inore.isiur. Eeervbodv bnva lli?m m I fur >iur tntt IM* <r nilw fur l-Uil. containing ??Ui ocw fr?' i! im In lin-einent-', free KO RICK A KD3 A CO.. 1U2 Naasaa ?tre ?!, N? ?? York uii(.utl, iargeet and ?"??at prlti p?k?,'i (>ou * In th? world. AT THE C'IMMKBRIAL AOKHi'Y. 397H ANO ?? Kruadwu. wan ed thl day, elerk For <wai steamer, n an to ho t'i Kermuda shipping an.) eutry clerk. hotel ciei k, b?rit.i.(?"r and v?aw!.man, Bli?rli fnr broker's o Hoe. insur ance dark. timekeeper 'or a manufactory, groesry sale--, man, .?w copy -t T'O-o situations aro open I" day for re eperfa lie fit in. and may be had by calling early. No con. net-ton ? tu lUieUiL'eme i. Hires 1%l* i Viacom established under patrona-.-e of merchants add ethers. We wfer 10 lad supply over one thouaaad Brat olaao house* in Naur Tor*. OBCAB A CO AT THB MERCANTILE AGENCY? W ANTE O TO dav travel lav aeenl. honkkeetv-", as'iatant hook keeoer, ?lr> -oods salesman, drng clerk, hotel clerk fane* ?'.o.!? safes en, rva>er * dark. Hffht porter, bnrk>-cper, cnnluctor, roaohman. waiter, 10? men for Hre R?i road, other a't a"ons op?n. Merchant* and other* suppled with ail kinds or male kelp tie e of chari;e Ordera should bo unt in by 3 I*. M. to reaeive prompt an< oil- u. G. MOMJOUKltY * CO., M Broadway. roa n No. 4, up stairs. A nor w^nted-i* a wholesale stationery store, mint he honest industrious. well recommended ari will nc to work. iuid live la Now York. Addreas Sta tioner, llera d oiiice. A HAN WAHTED- TO MAKE HIMSELF USKPtJL IN a down towu store, and a man in a feed store . also a man 'or a fruit -tan <n the market. Apply to ff Leonid, II Cham era at., third floor. ? Active busines* men ran secure perma neat rmn o menl oolfc tint life Insurance tor the Phoen x Mutual Life Insurance Company. of Har'Tord, Oona.. liberal eomml slon a lowed A pdIv to their agent In Ne'v York, JOHN E. I>E WITT, 151 Broadway. A YOUNG NAN WANTED INA^r.OTHINO STOBN? one n r>i 1 1 am led with the bnaineoa preferred; Koodrere renre reiinire.l. In ulri' of William H. Bow, SI South 't, xtrner of Cojiitlaa alip. At.U CAN HONORAELT^MAKB TWO DOLLARS from twentr (We ren'* ?Call and examine ?omei' lug onp'ntiy ne?d"d hy every family; or ijao ea eeat ffw tar mall for 2V that retail for $2, by R. L HCLCOTT, 170 Cbatbam rquare. N. i. A STOUT SOT TV ANTKD-TO TAKE CRAROB OF A horao and do (ho work of a grocery *lnre. THOMAS GRAY. SOT Mb nrf A SMART BOT, WITH BBCOMMENDATION POE honest . e?a obtain ? Rood n tHnilon at the atatloaery More 23 4th aro. App'y Imnedlatelr 7 SAMUEL B. BBCKNEE, BOT WAKTEC^-'N a 8.-KCIE OPPICB. MUST EE ?mart and c? ne We!! recommended. One who haa boea In a "'Jitter oreferid't. Mpa'T; kotween 9 and 9 A. M., at - tackle A Bo.-lcer'tj Pr'ail ai _____ Rot want'; n? in an okfice, prom u to m 1 ear* if ace. who apettka (lerni and reeldea with hlx pnrent'i: pay $1 per week. Addreea O W. O., Herald offlce. _______________ OT WANTKD-TO TKND BAR. APPLY CORNER Rhi.o and Grand ata. BtlY W\?fTRD-ONK WHO IB A OOOD COPYIST, and o i- (i?dk the (lerman. Vreneh and Engllah lan? r nires i-r-fc red. Apply to Jame* Connor k Co, 29 Wcat Houston ^ ^ FkRUO CLERK WANTP.n? MUST NOT BE AFRAID 1 1' of work. Apply at *tore 31 av., corner of 21at kt . Broo: 1 n Alao a hardware boy, will ag to look after hor e, Ae. TVRUO CLRRK WANTKD-ONE TIIOROrOHLY COM I 1 peinnt. w'th cltv te'er^nca. will find a rooq altuatlon b.v apply m at the corner of 8th are. and 46th "t. B D RUU CLERK WANTEO-AT M2 ORAND 8T. PAR* HANDS WVNTED? ALSO, MRN LATELY Itindod, to co a ?hnrt 1I1* tmice In the eonntry ; wagea 920 to f per moiiili and found. Applv nt the Large Employ ment House, corner 6th a7. and 1 Ith at. WANTKD IMMKDIATRLY ? ABt.K BOOII'.D MEN FOR aurvloe in the United Statea Army General Hoapltala, Ne-v York harbor Wanex S24 a month and board. Apply, with recommendation*, to It C. Elliott. 67 Bleeckrrat. WANTED? A BOOKKEEPER AND SALESMAN; mn?t be acquainted In the jewnlry linn: be*t ref"r eneea reu nlred; one who ?[?aka German preferred. Jn quire at l'i!) Bmadway, roam 3!. Wr ANTED? AT THE GENERAL SHIPPING OFFICE, yy 87 Went ati-eet. cornnr of Albanv, men for the navy, ?ne td three ea. a. V l?o for the armv and merchant ami w liale ships, to Kouth 8ra. The hltjbeat bourn ea paid. JAMR8 A CO. WANTRD IMMRDIATRLY? 10 ORMORK RELIABLE men. a* r erk*. A'fO three or four cood apotherarlcn: nainrr $21 i?-r ninntb. Including b^nrd, lodglnir. waa'Jn': and rni'd cil atU'ti t<n<e Application to be nude in own hand w r ' n_'. with te*ilinoni?l< is tochaianter and ability, to K. G. Hardv, lloep tal Stewart U. 8. Army, Lincoln Hospital, Waah|ngion, D. C. WANTF.D? A YOUNG MAN A8 HEAD WAITER FOR a sea Md? hotel one hour from New York. Must ful'y nndeiaund III* bmdncs* and come ivell roeommended. The hissheM wac* given. App'y to Mr. Christopher, 10 Tll'ary ?t . Brooklyn. w WANTKD? AT I16 CHATHAM ST.. TWO YO'. NO men, to attend soda stand. Bring references. Kefore BA.M. J. LEATHB. \\I AMTED-A POETKR IN A DRY GOODS IMPORT. ?v |n.r house; one who is taml lar with hand Im; and packlni; goo.ta; refereno'* a* to honesty and capacity re 1 aired : a Scotchman preferred. Apply in person at 41 1'nrk p are. up stairs. \lfANTKD-A YOUNG MAN TO WRITE WRAPPERS >T in a newspaper oflice; one who can write a good band; wase< |1s week. Apply at fO Beekman st. WANTKD- TIDY YOUNO MAN OB BOY. TO OPKW oystet* and make himnelf gsnerally useful. Apply for three days at 170 Fulton St.. Brooklyn. ANTFD-AT VAN DYKE'S HOTEL, IN CATHA riae street, two or three good wsltera. WANTED-A SURGEON'S STEWARD POE THE I'nited States ?te*mer Saratov*. I'ay $31 90 ana plenty of prize money In view. Address James How*, Unit- d Statea steamer Saratoga, via Port Royal, 6. C. WANTKD ? A FIR8T BATE PORTER FOU A HOTEL; also a good wait et girl, who can do chamberwork. In iu re of J 8. Stebblaa. Cortlandt street HolcL WANTED? A STRONG ROY TO GO ERRANDS AND make bimse t generally useful la a fancy store. Ap ply at H. Harris'. ??73 Hroadway. corner of 18th' St. WANTED? A SMART BOY, TO ATTEND BAR. AP ply to J. Sianoti, ooraer of Washingtaa aad Charl ton ats \\r ANTED. TO DAY. AND ALL THIS WEEK, 8KA ? < men, landainen. tiremen. caal paasere, eonks sad stew ards, for votanes to Liverpool, London aad CaiirornU. RANDALL A COURTNET, ooraer of Chambers and West street, up stairs. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN. THOBOUGHLY Ac quainted with the prnrery bnsine** Must have good references. Apply after 10 A. M. at 118 Bloorker St., ooraer ol Wooater St. YXTABTED-A GOOD BAEKEErER; ONE WHO If k peaks th? Kngli^b and German languages preferred. Apply to M. Hyrne, 83 Wt-at Houston street, corner of Lau reoa. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN. 16 OR 17 YEARS OP AGE, In a boys' clothing house; one who la willing to mate h maelr generally useful. Go- id reference required. Ap ply at 334 Canal st, coraer or Greene at. WANTKD? AT THE t NITKD KTATKS NAVAL SHIf fing onice, seamen, tiremen, eoall asoera aad landsmen, forone. tuoo'UirM >ears: bounty |Ui. We will pay the person bringing a recruit to this otliee $7S. 43 reck ?l!p. ANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS WAITHR8. APPLY at Noe. 3 and 6 Eit-hange place, Jertey City. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN TO ACT AS GRNBBAL a-a. slant In a first < laaa oyster bouse and bar; one having about $130 aa security can meet with a good, per manent aituatlon, by applylnf to-day, aflaiftf o'olotk, at 171 Hprlng si WANTED-A RESPECTABLE BOT. ABOUT 14, TO make himself generally useful In aa oltloe. Address, In own handwriting, stating re f arenas and sa'ary, W , tta I loo P. WANTED- A YOUNG MAR OR STOUT BOT TO AT. lend a grocery store. A'ao a man to drive aad lake ran- of a l.erae aad make hlai-elf generally useful. None need apply wlthtat good city reference. Call at 330 st. w HELP WAKTED-FKMA1.ES. A FEW GOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED -APPLY at 177 6tb ave. A LARGE NUMBER OF EXPERIENCED KERVAX18 wanted Immediately.? Frofeaaed rooks, rooks to waati and Iran, cr.ambermaids wsitres ea nurses, sad girls r<>r housework for private fsmidas, hotels and summer houses, at RAYMOND S, 61 Bleeoserst All servants wantivo excellent situa tlons s ouid apply at Hi-.NDKRKON'S late llg nte ofllee, No 0 0-nirt street. Brookh n. t o-.ks, chambermaid*, and nursea and girls lor generabhousework ; all for exrel lent families, both In city and flbuotry, and highest wages without deiay. . A GIRt WAMTRD-TO DO OElA RAL HOUSEWORK. r\ One wkh good rmomuirndatlnn^ tan apply between the hours Of 10 and I at IU I'Jtb at , between ftth and Ctb avs. A NEAT SERVANT GIRL WANTED -FOR OKNKRAL honaework, two la fanil y ; none but a good Coo* aad superior waaher and ironer need app'y at 687 Id av. Refer ences looked alter Apply liefore 10 A. M. A LADY WI8HF.S TO GIT A YOUNG LADY COM pnnlonjone who is w!t' out parent* or friend*; would be pleaaed If aheconid play on the plaao and sins: no ol). jei li'-ns lo a stranger la the city. Call at IS5 l.e?ln -ton ar. CIOOK ?WANTED, A WOMAN FOR PRFPARING J sonus, patted llah, Ac . la considerable unaaiitie* One who welruaderstands It can address B. R., Dux 142 lleraid oBicn. GIRLa IF TOO WANT THB BEST SITU ATIONS FOR any branch of houaework ymi l.ko. in llrst claaa fami lies. hoiels or baardlng house*, wit < go<i.1 wages snd com fortable heme*. In city er country, enll immediately at the Large I'.mp'oj ment House, corner of 6th ar. andallth st. 1AUNDKRSR WANTED? ONE WHO THOROUGHLY J tinderst inds dntng up all kinds of clothes and Is will ing to aaatat in Qhambei ? u k. Apply at 28 West Mill it SJKRVANT8 WANTED IN BROOKLYN -WANTED IM j mediately tor apeelal situatloas la gentlenn'n's fami lies, a llrst rlass cook and chambcrmalj; also an eipert erdhd lauadreae aad a nurse and sesm?tre>?-t. lhe htgnest waaes and pernwinent slliiatlnns. Apply to MANNING. 13 Coni tet reel. Brooklyn. opi>oslte the City Ha 1. ANTI-D-OOOD MI KK AND CAPE LINER* AT H. Gerehol A Bro*\, 2t3 8th ave. WANTKD? WBT NURSE. WITH A FBESII SB EAST of milk, to go a short distance In the country. Apply at 33 West 18th st. A N TK D-T II RBB YOUBGLADI B9 TO ATTBN D IN free and aad eaav saloon. Apply at 107 <>rand st w vfi WANTED-IN A PRIVATE FaMILT/a GOOD OOOK, and to aaaial la the washlag aad ironla? At ply at VO B*od IV HELP HANTED-FKNAIiKS. W4NTKD-A SMART TIDY G18I- TO I'O CHAW barvnrk ana s.nv ng foe A Mil all private family of four, aui La a nuc>4 as* er, lapilre ui 415 W est UA ?i. WANTKD? LADIRS T j LKUtN A f. L STYLES Of c'uurluii pltaMgaeaha caries da vi<> a historical and aca^es *nd "(we :>?iniliig; every IS In* ToiSafl: also. cartes Uir vimu and p>i<miui ,iphi oo o"?<l cheaper than an other plsce in the city. Call lor a tri ?1. at -i bust -lib al , cor ker of Kb arc. HrANTKD? IN A FAMILY OP THRU*. A OF! KM AN took and laundre a, :trsi class, none others nn-d ap ply elty references required. Call at 130 W e?t 36th at, near Broadway, between I.) and I. WANTKD-a PI i:sr HATB COOK. WASHER AND trailer, with ???> ( re ommendationa Apoty to day aad to-morrow at 321 East 3'Jth at WANTKD? A HKAI.TIIY YOUNU WOMAN. WITH A freah breast of milk, aa wet nurse; referenoe re quired. Call at ttrat house weal of 3d av. la 5Mb at., aoutb tide. WANTP.D? TWO YOUNO LADIKS, TO ATTBND A fancy and fnrnl-hmg store : experienced haads pre ferred Apply at K. Italfey's, 331 Hudson at WANTKD? IN A PKIVATK FAMILY, AM B.XPRRI em ed cook to go a sh rt distance la t'eeonntrv; un exceptionable reference r?.|u ra<t Apply at IS Waat 20th at, betuaea the houra or 10 and 3 o clock. WANTKD- A LADY TO LlttRN THB AKT OF color ng photograph* After IM weeka' instruction of "Be hour per iiav work will be given out or a mutation procured. Call at 713 Uroadwav, room ||?. O. KONIGBBHBO. WANTKD? TWO GIRLS, ONB TO DO OKNBRAL I ousewoik. and mum do pluin cooking and wuah and Iron wi ll lor a family of two; tho other U? lake care of a babv Apply at 181 We 1 37th et , between 7tb and 8th ava , after lo u'c oek. SITUATIONS W V \ T K D-dlALEsi AqPNTLKMAN|A(VTSTOMEO TO MAOHINR DRAW los wants n ntuutionlua draughtsman. Addraaa D. P. W? llemM office A YOIINO MAN. 10 YBAR8 OP AOB WELL ?DU cated. and <>l col buainaas qualifications desires a situation a- bookkeeper. salesman or collccior In a whole taie bo iae or manufacturing estab lahment in or naar New York; good reference given. Address Act vlty. Herald offloe. A TRAVELLING SALESMAN, OP MUCH EXPRRI ance. good address, and large acquaintance, familiar with a variety of goode la about making aa axtanaive West ern trip Would undertake the aale of an* gooda where ramplea |rt light. Addra>a Lewis. Herald office. a TOl NO MA* Of PLBABAlfT ADDRESS DESIRES JX. io g? ? ith a inercaaot to CM'f >nH; *im Frggc sco or Sacramento preferred. HafcOSen many I S.ira lit tna if tall dry gooda trade. Hpaaks German and Enslah Cuentiy, aad can bring first claax referancen as to character and ability-. Addraai W. Lunge, 124 Allen St. ACOMPBTBNT BOOKKEEPER WANTS A BITUA t o;i In a reapectablH house: ean do French rorrea ^ondecoat no object on to leave t' e elty. Addraaa far oca week Clark, b?x 111 Herald otiice. GOACIIMAN.-A G' NTBEL, respbctaflb youno n:an (Protestant) want* a altnaiion aa coachman: no objection to tfie nountry; la an aicallent groom and good driver; la a pe- feet indca of horaea In evarv ra?p?ct Cull on or addraaa for thrao riajs Hamilton Niron, 213 7th aa. g| Situations wantbd? por thoroughly com tetent farm hamiH. coachmen, waiters, gardeners, Emms, porters, servants, la borer a men lately landed, nnd lu of every iteserlDtlon. Apply at CARI'KNTKR'S Large hiuploymcnt House, corner of Mb it. and 11th st. Also female hejji, Situation wantkd.-a gbrman. 29 ylars op ace. wishes a Hit uiition ; he Is a good accountant and a first cliss salesman ; has farvad In dti!e ent businesses: late In totiaeeo and se^ar- ; apeaka Kngllah, German and Danlsn ttuenllr; is well aejiualnted in the o>ty; the best of references furnlshoJ. Address T. W. H.. Herald olue Situation wanted? by a young man wbll acquainted with the city, aa porter; ean drive a waeon if required; soaa'vs Preueli and KniilUh llnenily; good ref erencei given. Call on or address A. P , 33 Walker st. Situations wanteo-by a REsrEOT ablb man and wife. Die man as ooachman and the woman as took or waiter; both thoroughly unde stand tbe!r boai necs; have ilio very best reference. Addreaa Coachman, box IM Herald office. TO HOTRI, rrcOPRTKTOHM. ? A HI1UA TION A3 CLRRC oraa-laiant wanted, by a young matt it ten years' ?.*. I erlenee In mat e.ass liouaes. bavins ? nraelioal know e lua of the details In elty houses; Is thoroughly competent to take charge of the oillce or hon?a. or as eushler n a lar^o re.sLanrant; is s -.tive of ? leas ng n Idresa, Ac. Address Lir one week K. D. W , l>o< 188 Herald otllce. To ?to ;isth an-> ai'<?ti!p.<:aiiiks.-\ gNRMAN p'larmacentlkt dnsirean >ituntion n a retail store; ully nndaratands his biwns i an I spt ak-i fcngiiah, Addre?a A. T., lot -ill ISerald ollice. TO DIIUGGI8T8.? A CLERK. OP BIGHT YBARS' EX. perienre is desirous of o! taming a situation In a pood lo a Ity; can furniah ^ool racoinuieudationa Add re as Hos t'ln. Herald offloe. fpo HOTKL KBBPKRS.-WAKTRD, BY A MAN OP J character and experlonee. a aquation as pastrycook and confectioner . Address for two days P. C. Herald ollice. WANTKD-A SITUATION, HY A MAN PI I.LY COM petent. to take charge of a si .hle. Ha ? had twenty five year-' experience. Can give the beat of reference as to rapa'hlllty. Apply to or address John Miller, corner (Kb are. an it C2d st WANTBO-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD CON aidernble bualnea* experience In the city, a situation aa cleik, ? I are a strict attention to business would secure hitn a permanent situation. Adrtrea- P. Q. X , lleruld office. WANTHP-A SITUATION AS BOOtCKKBPKR, AH notaut bookkeeper, shipping clerk, or g rneia' aaslut ant, by a young man of good huslnea qi a lHeatlons; would accept a sltimtion aa aaleeinnn in any tir-t elaas proviaion house; lias aoma nn n n to loan; can Inl.uenco quite an amovat of trade; compensation small al prasent: refer enoea given. Addreas lor three days It. P. XI.. Herald o lice. WANTKO-A SITUATION A8 BUTLBR OR TO AT tend upon an Inva'td gentleman; lilvheat reference aa to capability and eharacier. Address Alfred, at H. A. Kerr's, 746 Broadway, New Yoi k elty. 117 ANTBD? A SITUATION AS BARKKBPRB. BY A vv young man, w'>0 haa a thorough know le.ige of the bnalneaa and can produce goo I city lacomuiandatlona Ap ply to or addraaa J. Lb, l.VJ are. U. THB TRADER. Machinists wanted? to oo a short dis tanaa In the country, inqu re of N. P. OUs A Ilro., 309 Broadway, between I an 1 1 o'clock or at th? shop, Yonkeiv. fPO IRVKNTORf! ANO OTIIKRS.-A PATTERN MAKKR, X a general workman, woo it I ka a job to work al borne; Is experienced in models, stoves and maahlnery. Call at .Jit Manamst 5 ^ - rro BOORB1NDBRS.? WANTKO, TWO RXTHA POB 1 wnrdera and two ooverers. The best wages given and steady emptor meat. A ppty to Altemua A Co., eoraer of tlh and Race sta. Phllailelpuia. rpo PHOTOGRAPH BUS? AN ARTIST WHO CAN 1 make first claaa negatives and give ffood pa-iuona ran hear ol a good situat on by addres-iug llypo, box lUi Herald office. Satisfactory reference required 117 ANTBD IMMBDf ATRLY? TWO OOOD I>RAUGIIT8 v? men in the oiliea af a ciril angln?ar. Mane but thoaa who are properly qnalfad need apply. Addreaa William V. Hcoit. oo? Itti Herald ollice. \\J ANTRD? TWO BLACK SMITH St ALSO TIIRBR vv helpers. None but tirat claas workmen need app'.v to Win H. van Nasa, Sienm Plro Engine Builder, ltU una 151 Ksaei a). IHBTHVCTIOB. At eo9 broadway-uolbkar's commercial A ademv will remsln ooenMurlug the entire summer, to prepare boya pruettrallv for tall Imsinasa. Such ean al wa s obtain good situations In storta, oillces and banks. Oentlaaiea can secure priva a rooms, A YOUNO PAMSIAN LADY. RKCRNTLY ARRIVKD f om Franea, having a good education, wishes lo ,;|ve French !? ssona at her own rcaMance or lo families. Addreaa Mmr. P.milie Cusiain , sution C. _ ASPKCIAL NOTICE -liOOKKBBPINO, ARITII.M K tlcand Penmanali'p. at Goldainith's Instltate. Ail tier sou* who w lab to avail tlietnaelves of the Brraenl low prtcea ? ill be require I to cnlar tlietr aames this n onth. Ihey will have anul the I- 1 of Nmetnher to eomp?tn th?tr leg sona. OLiYKK B OOLfiRMITII. 756 Broadway, eoraer ol Blghth street ATBACIIBRS' COURSE ? TBACI1BBB AND PUPILS from schabls during their vacation can secure special Instruct Ion -y the lesann, mon h or qnaiter. In r?nman slilp Bookkeeping. Vatbtmatlca, (Iran, mar, tirck anil Latin. 1'AlNB'M Mercantile folieges. VI Bowcrv and ?*S Pulton street, Brooklyn . are coauuuooalv in aessiou the yner round; no vacations. English, i and rpanisii HOABU1NO ANO OA* HCIIOOL. Mine C. MBaRs, ft Madison avenue aetanil door frora T1 irti -eighth street will ravpen on Tnrada , September*). Mine' M will be at home after Heptembe 6. All letto e art dressed to I ar prior to that data wl I be prompt y answered. MR". OGDBN HOFFMAN'S FRENCH AND KNGLISH Hoardmgand Hav School, 17 We?t Thirty-eighth urcet, will reopen on Wednesday. Heptembar II. Mr-. H. will bo at I nine after 8ept*inh< r H Hrloie that dale Itfers on buainess addressed as above whl bo promptly atfwared. MISS AIKKN'B RRMINAKY FOR YOUNG LADIBS, Ktamford. Conn.? The fall lerm opens Sept 7. JiKfRtiKTB# ?Roltt. R. Booth. t>. I>., Mi Ninth Streot, N T. ; Iir. 0. P. Ilevwood, IS We-t Thlt^ second street, N. Y, Circulars ran ba had at Randolph 'a 770 Broadu ay. TOWNSKKII'S ACADRMY. WO. 280 HO YRRY.'HELOW How ton straet? Open ilav and eveaing for ladies aad gentlemen. Tn* oli.eel of Hits Institution ta to impart a thorn gh Commercial and Bng <?h education, ?ookl.arp Ing is taught by slnjle and rtonba entry, the dlatlnctiv* features of each natiiol be ng e early eipalned; Iba (.tnilcnt i< taujlit lo think for him e f. Is thorough!* drill d in the setenca ot keeping accounts. Writing Ar.thmetic, A te.ira tlrammar. Ae,a so taught rersons, whoee ear y education has been nag acted may receive private lastrae (ion. Terms moderate Ca'1 for altcu ar. <2 IHll K V**N. DJDBR TWBtiVK-HOARD AND Kng lsh branches. Over tw elva, ait' a French, t'lsq arter. I'lann le?sons and practice, $7 50 a quartar. Addreas Abel Whlt'ork, Danbury. Corn. 7 AO, LTHOCUII MANY AuVKKfiSK TO PAY HO MUCH _ perraot more than others in the same business lor IHAim nds Watchaa, A<-? I would res|ir tfulW ia'or.n lha inh ihltsais of New York and vieinit that I am prepared m put*' haae Diamoada. tat or lo<wr, Wat< ha* Silver Plate, old Oolil and Kllrer, Carnal a Hair sua wis. Fnra. ,te , to an? amount. Be ag many years eatabli-b-d and wlduly kno? n a. a thorough Jndge or all Hi- shove goo Is. thos? having such to dispose at can relv on getting the eitreme value. A call ti re-pa.'tfully *nllclt*d hef >re disi.osing at snv otbar plsce. JOSKPII HOLOMilN Diamond Broker, ITU n road way, between Grand and llowaril ?tr*cta f oo?, watch Ss7 diamiinds, jkvvflry, stlykr Plata, Uuna Pist ils .\e. bought - l w II pay 2*41 per cent more than can bo obtained at any other place in the Cliy N. n.-Al-o Pawnbrok'-ra' Ticket- wanted for the aimve nrticlea. ?t the same rate. WJ Bioadway, corner of Houst'in Street up etalra, ro?>m ft. hi A MOM 1)8. OLD GOLD AND SILVKR. DIAMONDS. OLD OOt.D AND rtll.VRR Persons who wish lo aell D amonds, old tlaid H.lvae. or any kind Of old fashioned Jeoa ry, g ? to LOiJIH ANRIRH, 72.1 Broadway. A positive feet, hapays II i??f 'St mora thsu aiiT Olhei p'-ison. Kstatu she. I in Serf Yorlt stn^a the ailmiaistration of the late Mai tin Vsi, Jttrea. Make ao mistake -723 Broadway, under the New Vors II Wi, A MILITARY AUD W VVAI.. At no a I* .* itK pi.aoe? 'iNii hundred dollars l>oi;niy pa il to so1 lier- Oiwjbarge I f' >r wound received lu halite. Ainu to ttlOM serriug ill thine > sr-. rnsi nsaa U. BltOWN A tSJU KLUOJ. Military aud Naval HanUng Ollice. An aurn can iiavb #.wj cami down io ua* In do (a i? auhstiltuit: nl?o a seaman nl lilt tin receive the Mine to go m llu mmrr Cull in liia rMMr atore oormrr ??? Twenty-eighth -ireei an. I Tli rJ awnuc. between i and II A. II. A CAPTAIN OK A M R ROM A XT VKS8KI', WHO 1US j\ Mailing nr lei*, requires a Huliatltotc Imm?<t1atelv The highest bounty paid to a recruit who ih accepted by the sur geon. A pply at 130 Canal at reel. All fn rollbd men liable to bk drafted ? Hankers. merchants ?ud ethers should anticipate the draft and procure substitutes now. All r * iliart imn ? ill fall 10 lind a suUab'e n>an w ih n the time a lotted them: many more will be requited for lha <|ip>ta than can tie had In time. 8ul>?tkule* are furnished hy <?apt COM It*. r>0 I la penard street, near Broadway. Exemption oet liiioalas pro enrol frr>m Pwvost Marshals. exempting for three vear*. Refer* by peraiission lo bankers Ma merchants of highest standing. ? A CARD-SIX A LI KN BU STITUTtB, ALHKADY eccep|e<| for three year*. will exempt pvlnclnals en. , rolled or ore fled. Inqnlre of WESTBftOOIC A OKSMOBNB ? Counsellors at Law, 195 Broadway. ' NT HOOD MEN WIRIIINO TO JOIN THR ARMY or navy aa Substitutes will receive a larger bounty | 'A tbsn ? et given, and no cheating or biimbiigRlng. Apply to J. WAHKKN KLINN, No. 2WsrrcB atroet, iiaar Broadway. AOENTLKMaN 01' MRANH WILL OIVK A UIOHKR cash Imuntv to day than any advertised, lo an n ion or veteran who will go aa a substitute Call for particulars on B. K. Bro,\ n, counsellor at law, 339 Broadway, un stairs, between 11 and 3 o'clock. A LIENS PROPOSINO TO JOIN ARMY OH NAVY JV w.l I receive the bighe-t bonntv, rash in band, at our ofllee. Call and see. Pour men wanted, for a aew and fa?t blnckader. about to be cut in cnmmiaai n. Rare chance for prlxe money and ao mistake, Armv and Navy Odloe, 73 Naasau ttniiit. A PEW YOLUNYEER8 WANTED? FOR FIRST CLAWS I heavy artirery and cavalry regiments; Stvi c si 1 bounty Apply in the ollio* o' W ASIIB'JilN A WOKKAA.L, > W>'< Broadway, near Chambers street. ATTENTION. ?WOUNDED AND DISABLED veter ana warned for tne Invalid corpe: $4H0 bounty, cash down: alao volu nteers aud substitutes at tint Military Law uOioe. WASHBURN A WORK ALL, 260 Broadway, near Chambers atreet. ALAROER INDUOBMRNT TIIAN CAM BR OFFERED by an* bnl principals I or an alien Substitute, for army or navy: BflfOtoB?!*! with chnL-a of at m o' service. Call early at 4'$ Petri or 109 Chatham atreet. corner basement. P. LUQUB. BE, VOLUNTEERS, BEWARE.? YOUNO MBN arriving in thla city from the eountrv or Kurore and E T>BWA Jj arrl Intending to join the army or navy, ah nid beware of par tiea stopping them in the street*, oliertng fahiih.oa boun tica. fiirlouglia, Ac. By calling at our o lire, established for \ear*. you can ect all necessary Infm inailnn. w th the hlgbett oaab bouutica. a* we have the money lu all caaes deposited in our hands, and oonsef|Ue:itly are entirely re. (possible. We have now order ? for thirteen men, at from $47,110 9600 Volunteers aud substitutes can seieet the army or navy. KINO A ROACH, United Stntea Army and Navy Agency, 91 West atreet, corner nf Ce lar, N. Y. BEINO LIARLK TO THE DRAFT, I WANT A RIJB. atitnte; 1 will pay from $lit) tofWIi ni agents need apply. Inquire of ORO TAYLOR, 13J Snuh sir et, N'jw Tork. or at 193 York atreet, Brooklyn. /1AMEUON RIFLES? COLON RL 8. M. ELLIOTT ! V ' commanding. Fifty volunteers wanted Imme llately for Company A of tbia line new regiment now organizing lu thla cilv. Sp'endld eiiancca for promotion fnr veierana , and recrnila ioinlng this new regiment Prommiona made | from the ranks. The reginannt ?ll he oil creii by men who , have sren service In the field, and the men will lie well cared for. Hlphe l bountlea paid io vilunier rs. $12.1 ra d . to iinv one bringing a recruit. Apply at Broadway, New York. COMPANY P, NINF.TY NINTH RP.07MKNT N. Y. S. N. I (1.? Tie members of thla e un an.' will report at Put nam Hall, 7:1 Third avenue, on Monday. Jul ? 18. IS^f t 8 i o'clock P. M., to rcceivo uniforms >iod equipments and be j prepare I to mnatcr In on Tuesday. Julv III. at 10 o'ebn-k A. U. By ord. r. Cat lain JOHN LYNCH. ! Pattiick Hocan, Crilerly Rerge.inl. DltAFT IRBDBaNCS OPP10B. 217 BROAdVYAY? | Insurance acalnsl draft for nne '.ear, S ? 1 )? ' ; fo" two yeara. $1M); lor three years. $ .4), lu all the Stales Prem iums not to he pa d until at:er ilie dinft. Thl- o ' cn afTnrila all those linb'n lo ilraft an oppiituntv to reenre a Mill ti lute, in ca c f'Cy areiirafu'd. for the ahnvo named prem ium*. Send for circulars Klv'mi full r* 1 eulara ALFUEO KKRSllAW, Propilc or. XlOIITIT DISTRICT.? OENTLKMN RK8IMMO IN THR _U Klchleeuth, Twentieth and Twenty fi r^t Wards of Hie r'tvn' New Vork. comprising the Kightli Conrrei loual District of the Stale w II be furnished proinntl u un Al en ' 8iibatitiit?s and the r Kxerr.ption Pau<rs (for three ysars) conectly proiureil. bv forwarding th <? tr orders lo tl eofliee uf the Merchants', Ilonvers' and (len<rnl It'inesenlatlve Volunlecr Aaanciaton. 428 Rrnatlway, Vew V<uk. N. B.? . Money pa>nb'e onli alien the rrpre en'at ve Ij furnished ami the exemption papers secured Ladle* wi-ih I tng lo so'Pl a representative tn thi srmv I h ire the r oriler i promptly atiemleil to na.t will hare pre ertenee. The Bight lii'tilrt. under the su|ierlnleiulence of I'.i ptniu B. !?'. Manniere, l'r?vo?t Marshal, I" fimii-hliiL' more n en In till* 1 way than anv other Di-nict in the St.ite. and 'vnh eont need enemy wnl probab'.v till It* quota w't i"Ut a d'aft. Mo?t of l'ie repreaenlathes liavo he' ii procured bv the Merrh-mla, Hankers and Oenerai Rein esenlatlve Volunteer Aasnv al.on. I oflii e 423 Broadway. Nc.v York. UOi Til K B LOOK ADR.? WANTED. LANDSMEN, H tlremen. eoalpassera. ,lo , 'or t>e Vnntlerb'll mi l other , ?hl pa. Also men fo the arm v and Bnnth Sen voyago<j Hie i highest honntlea paid. .IAMRS A CO., 87 We>t alrret, cor- I ner of Albany, up atalra. r'UNKKAI, HKCHI ITIMi omen FOB THE ARMY T nf the I'otomsc and other regiments now in the Held II ghest bounty paid. Apply al thn corner ol White and Centre atn en. Headquarters. KioiirY-porRni rmoimknt. N. O. 8. N. Y., comer Kourih street and H'oad wav.? . P. very member of the regiment remaining bo Ind mum r?- J port at the armnrv 'or ir insportatlun to the re/iinant at three o'clock, this (MnDd.iyi aile. n'?>n. or th y will ho I dealt with us deserters. A few good reeni'ts will lie lak e. Applv al the annorr. Mai'irHarjsy goes on to-morrow, and lha members must be prepared to match. Bv order JOHN H. BRADY. Captain ?:a O. I WANT A MAN COMPF.TKNT TO FILL TUB Posi tion of First Sen-earn In a romp my. As there Is n Vn nancy for Second Lieutenant In m> cn nvuii . Il wi I de j>end on the e mduct of the man rrh?tni r he '.vili gel It or not Address P. M. O , Brooklyn Peat o tice. 1I.ND81 Y BLUE RKlilMKNT. - RHORUIrH WANTKO I J lor fompany O. f..r 10 1 diva' service. Appl. ut Mer- ! cer Ilouae. Broome atraet ! JIKNRY RARCr.AV. Ca;.la n. | MEECflANTH*. BANE EES' ANO OENKEAL TOI.VS. te?r and Subatllnte Assnnatinn. o'fiee 49 : Smil.r u, I New York.? l,'i:KI volunteeis '.runted Immo Maii K. p ii.j to any ene hrina ng a recruit. Highest houn'l-? ??',! I i . m eruits oo p.?* na examination. N(f d"ts>. ? lei g. Moner pa d right down. A|ipiv at the o H e. I ' I Hiiw Ur >y, New Vork. QUBRT1T1J TRS FUBNIRIIRD FOR NF.W .IBKSBY, , O CoMO-eiictii and New York. Orders from towns promptly alb uded lo. Taptatn TBIBJ4AN. Sl!l Pearl stieet CI'BSTITl'TKS Pr.OMPTI.Y H'fT\fSiri?f> THE CITr : II and oounty of New York.? Merchants and n her? Wish ing Suhatltules ran procure them al a few hour*' po | e and ?n the most reasonable lerma liy Mtiplylng fo J. \V ARItKN 1 PL1NN, No. 2 Warren street, near Bmmlway. CUBSTITl'TE8 PI BNISUF.D POR OENTLEMEN L1V. v ' login Now York and New Jersey, at the Army and Navy olice, 73Na>sau atreet. (Jl'llSTITl I'l'S V HNSIIKl) FOR nil'iOKLYN A N t> O Wiillamsbing for S 0', at the Suba'itire Agency, llroailwsy, raoui 25. Al o substitutes Inr Ne.v Jersey fur niahed at ike Oenerai At{ena>. No 7 Excha-iue pt.-e, isriey City. Miedas for lo.ras prom, >11 , (Vin a at lair ralca. (JU BMTITUTE WAN rEf?.? JftH) WILL I>K PAID I'OK t ' an alien, to go in the place of a drafiej man, bv ap p'vlng to Mr. John Voicginsn, No 2 Corlandt street, base ? t inent. before ten o'clock Ibis morning. No brokers ae>d apply. The new yobk army and navy rkceuittmi t'pui|iaiiy, No. 9 Cbamlier' stivel lieiween ( listiism and Centra >(reeta-sre now prepared to enl|<t one tboursnd i men for the army and one ih>>u?anri teen for the navv. Ka vnrite regimen is ean be selected at ilie nf there emit, who will be paid cash in hand the rer. highest bmin- i t.-, while we o <t*r superior la<in ? nenl" (o |ierson? hrlngin." ' reeru'ts Ail coeiracis snd euu agemenls n ade the piioelptl'. reermts an I p".-aons bringing recruits, w.ll he s>'rniiulou?ly fuinilea None but man nf chsiae(er an I re spenaMllty are eiinnxotml with (his office An etfierier.^ed ' anrgeoB eonManlli- 1 1 attendance. Call and judge for your- I salves Sub.iltutea rroeurad. THE IIIfillRST BOUNTIF.S C1VK.V TO MI1N NOT 1 subjevt lo (he draft T?? men wa: 'ed fnr (he Msrlno 1 corps Apply (o H. BROWNK, ioom No. 2 Mcnla^ue Hall, I opposite tne i Itv Hall. Hrookiyn. fp:> BrBMrlTUfE RROKERU -A YOI'NO MAN. FORM- f J. * rU a substitute broker. Masts a p ace ia ?urns broker's i o'flee ss elerx, or will l^arn any person th- business tcr a ie DiuticrsUo^t; eipecl^$IO|>or u.ooih. Address Kobe it Bin . j VOLCNTPFn* AND BrnSTITUTPS-IRISn. ?EE man sad Kngliehtnen wanted imm? HafK . Hinhest . e?sh bounties paid. Brnkris mil oihe.a pai l $((*> for bring. Ing men. CAPT I'liMIIS, IVl I. spensid street. WANTBO? IRISHMEN, F.NULISIIMM.H, HCOTCIt Gcimans, I renrh and men nf all tiatlonslities, (o enlist aa vn'uaieers. The h ghe-t Imuniy paid eash in tian l i on passing she doctor. Keli I ikr'nls to iiimil.ea Agents wi'l receive the hlgheet premium*. Apr t at th? llerehanta'. Bankers' snd (irnerat Volunteer and Substitute AssocistM, office I'M Uroadway New York. ?? WANTF.D? A RtPBKSRNTATI VB IKPRPIT F^>R the United gules m-irtni corps, or the army or i be Bavv: an a'ien preferred; stents ne-.i not apr?lv. Ad ( ess A. J. M.. hoi Post o tire, atslirg the lo vest cash pr re. WANTKO-A SCRSTITIIK. FOR WHOM KIVK hundred d< I'ars will ha |akl. Applv l-nas^liafel at Sn. 2 Llmlen row, Fulton arenuo. Brookltn near the City i tlsll. No broken need spply. fill lilt TO $'** F()R ItRIN'lINO MEN TO EN ' wJ'/tl list as siibMitute*. Highest cash and cavcrnmeal bounties paid fo recrnlt". Fvery rent paid promptly ss agreed. Kelerences to mcn'haais of high 'ao ilog aa lo ! my responsibility and bonorab e ilea ing CAi'T. COMI.S, 40 Mapeoard street. I Qinn YO ?|? HAND MONhV PAII> AGENTS OR I ?TLV/\r runners for volunteers for lais citr. Ten men wsalad lo day ; the highest Dounly*oa?h dunn as sooa as passed by the doctor. Apply at 4I? llroa way. <tl rxl\ PAIH RrNRRM-M*' PAlli nil KM F.N ANO ?PIsJI' >ssms? for the navv Landaionn and grren bauds wanted as suhstllutes. Tl?a large boi-m i Isais on'y a few daya App'y al 170 Cbalhaw Street, Rhlppmg oilice, room Na 31 ? ?%nn ** "AND FOR S1BSTIIUTE3 C olc-' M reglioenls. Alao l??e aliens wish li ?er>e as aiihalllntea fnr a fa r, liriftrd i.,<-n or men ha to to lie drafted are furn shed n llh substitniea Apply |o t' M. NOONAN, eoiner of Csnsl slreel >sd Bosrr , under Citi/ena' Saving'. Hank. Q <;as" to-day will hr paid to all I HE antislll'iie* or rolniiteiTs who eon'e I ' li e. He lief sent lo vulna(eers' lamil es; nnd choice of csvahy. sr lllb ry, infanlry. or navy App y al Frank in House, ft 7 Cortland! atreef Q V?n IN HANI) PAID POR A v I" OO ?Ptl'MF ss a subatllnte In t eurmv. Appl . early al L. I'HOKN A CO. 8. stand 4 In and 411 Wathiagto.i maiket. We-t street s dcwalk near Ve.ey street. f BOUNTY. -jtlfsi (Mil. MONFV "PAIt? TO anv p"i>on bringing s reernii for srmy "r navy: 1 also aubslltntes f'irnlslied lor Jl ?f; colore I i fsten, al ? 2 17 Brjadwav, room J'. and at No. I Biubang* plaoe. Jersey j Ulf. i MILITARY AID NAVAL. CJftnn BOUNTY? $VW CASH DOWN? TO VOLUN ?U' ?U leer- and siibmtute , arm* or Apply at U.k <>:li e of the ftaatrrn Hotel. i Whitehall ureet, near auuuilcny. up sua night of atalrs. Aak for H PtMMi *^fW) wwm-t- n r aiii down to yolo*. pUUU tders # substitute*, Cholcoof service. army or lavy. Jppfy nt Patterson House, 75 Cortland' street. 1 fWkA BBQBUITH WaNTKD?FOM TUB A BUT, I .IMHf AT IT BROADWAY $4ii0 cub to bund paid ea> h man 1.00)1 vet'- ran* wanted for the army, AT 17 BKOADWAY. $100 caah In band paid cacti maw. I.IKW awiini wanted rnr tn? navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. M00 cub Id han1 paid each man 1.00" landsmen wanted In the oavr, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 oaab to bend pal 'I ?a-h man. 1.000 Airman wanted for t)i? uavy, AT 17 HROADWAY $400 cash In band paid "vli man. 1.000 ooalpasaers wanted far the ntvy, AT 17 BROADWAY. $(00 oaab In hand pa?d aarb man Men com rig to tbla ofllce toenlei can rel? m on obtalnlag the moit honorable treatment. upon receiving the raonajr ail'ered In full, upon choice of re/lmeot nnd arm, ivtlhnhi hnm'ni ; or imposition. Come and eae for youraafvae. Of fice open from 7 A *1. to P. M. $IM) HANI) MONEY wt I be paid to anv man, woman or oh I Id hrliiglwg M aa eeplable recruit to tliia olfiee. Imin mi;n w a n r b d ? fo r tub army, nayy .WlfU or Marine enrp?; the hliiheat In untie* pa d 10 volunteer* or siibft.tutes. Any person brlmrlu.{ a reaenlt la thl" mlic* wIM receive from JS* io SI 0 r a li In hand. Apply al > o. ti hast Broad wa/, corner of Catharln* Unp'nin N'OLAIV, Liant LAMINA*. ?1 1 c;n CASH DOWN FOB TWO ALIENS, TO OO In tbfl Army or Navy., Apply before 10 o'clock In tlia morning at 91 Newark avonua. Jar bey City, N. J. _____ ?i rrnn ? t#o men wanted to whom tDI.?)lMr. the above amount ahsll b ? paid, with choice of ai ins? cavalry, artillery, or Infantry. Ko llnmbng. Call at 42 1 Br lme street, where you rail ?ati?4y tourselr, Aid. (lit(\ WILL RE PAID THIS DAT FOR TBlf VT?""vu men. for the armv or navy: ItorsovarlA m tame and stout. nia npp v m, ored in n nino wnnt"d; ori/.m mono : caah iwunij In hand, and sat sfantlou given. Army and Navy ofllce, 711 ^assa i street. 10 000 VOLU,ITKBR8 wantbo, TO REPRESENT THE county ok iTew iobk IN T1IE ARMY. COUNTY BOUNTY. VHltfcK HUNDRED DOLLAR* Hand money? County to new t ecru, Is or 7?t"ran? $V f'nlted Ft ales to new recrn'ta 10 II n I : ed M&tea to vote ran f Ifr The County Volunteer Com-nltte". nndir Inaiructloaa of the Board of Supervliora b? v n| flllt'1 ail under alt calls up to tbla time, have rreol ved to recommence the boat 'ncas of recmit'nc for the nrmv. with the view of railing1 the quota in anticipation of a new call by the i' resident lot men. Recruit* " ill be received formerly at the aeveral Pr0 vo-'t MarshaN' olTleea, at Tnimn-inv llall, and at the County Volunteer Rooms In the Park, earner Bi?md?'?y and Chanv bera street The following are the various I'rnvo-t Marshals' OfHeea:? Fourth Dislrlct? Captain Joel H., N". 101 Llbarty Itrrei. FifiT ">ls<rlc{ f'aptain Henry P. West, corner Broom? and Cr?s ">/ streei*. Sixth Di trlct? Captain Konter corner 8l*!h avenoa and Thirteenth street. Seventh Dlslrict? Krederict <"?. Wn^, So. 13 Third svenne. Mghtb District? Benjamin !?'. Manicrre, No 1,313 Broadw w.w. Nlnlli PUt lct-Wm. Dunning, eornor Forty r.evcnth street and Broadwar. All reir'ilin will recnlve in their awn. hands the OjwsntT Po mty ef nnd huv partv l>n n c i *i ?< Kecriilt will re elvo a Co inti Preialum of $2i), in enslt for ? vcr inan, wlte'her n Rec nit rr Veternn Stnl a oe'tl *'?te entitling the bearer fat'is Unite I Sutas Piw^iluni af $-0(or a naw Kecrnltan 1 $1 ' f r a Y-vrsn ,, <' OOnPBKY (lUNTHF.R MATTfTVW T. IIKI' VN* V. Cc nptroller. OR'SON I1LUNT. Snnen iaor. tlLrjtV M TWKRP. Rupervis ir. KLITaII P. I'I'HDY Pi arvwor. WILLIAM R STMV*P.T. ft -wr.-ior. Coinm'1 e? on Volunteering. OP. I SON nt.UNT, Cb.vr.. an ot Co u ntilee. Pnt*d Kiw YonK. July t. IT?t * VA V A L PBiV'K Mtr. f. V. .<wC. ALL PR1/-E MONRY NO'Y _ f A V ABi.K OA N ODfAINBD AT ONCE ltY A I' PL i - i IN PERSON ?>lt H V I.MT'tU l ) WALDEN k WILUBD, 1. MM U N WT, 1*S YORK S I UK H I i'.ROUKLYN. BACK delay. a LL Till'. OPPInSRH ?N? C'tP.VV OX I'll'-: A CONNKiSTIUWT AN I l><: SOTO t in obtain their i r I r ?- H'iiim 11 o;i? !hi 1 . . in ; to. ?V ? LD.iN .k WILLABO, Yorl. s re >t. HriMiklym A LI. PRtXB MONKfS C?'LLBCTBt?. ANI) A QVaNOH ma. f ' I , Hi NROWitANHIbUiM'li MIHtary and Naval Hanknu O'I.e-ts .No. '1 Par* pa:!, Nfi'v York, and 183 Yor? i>trt;et. iirooklyn. llt?Y ? I'ltl/.K MONEY TO OATLOItM. llOt'MTT .? rT-.itnn^ I > a'" !;er* dlsc'iar eii for n-fn-'d reoelfed 'n i>ait e IhM-nar.ed nav* or aiiuv on rtr ?? ?..ilora or eol dler?, their widows or nelr promptly pa>d t' <or prix i and hituaty loonei-. bse* iav, ar . bv . i ii?vari> '* } KLL. A my and Naw ltunkei and 1st.- I'crser V. !*? Nary, 27l lirnnitwny. corner of Ci bntbaHl ?lie. t, New York. LU PRf/K MONKY NOW PA Y A Tt ' *' li OBTAINMD f~ By kpL'< HI.' t ' J f, f?f rr:?v CO. lit I'roid vm \-?r Iforlr. tWlfl" l'btJMIt'<< V ItflllT FOR ... ? ?o I ? ? an l?lt ? ml -< in >do out t, * ? i !? ,'s > iif'B'.t'fS am' ? ? - ? me t i : hi i. in ; I rom I e ! eld. M ?*.?? '-.I.lj ?- II. I t* ilN U* ? e i'lt.?M? ? Kt ?eNior iirt?'i 1? 1'ifitel f.Uj Claim A.i.i'a. ililicn 1!|W h'le 1 1 reel, near IHWN'I', PK17.H MONKY? FOR KY..RY VBstSM. NOW PAY al>le, o? 1 1 ne I trlthOii' dear. !*? ? bma iroenred. Pay and boniiiy eoilec.eil. It, ('. I.I.LIul i , I u te I Htataa Army and Navy olTiee, C7 Bli n k: r (.treet MWI' AMU NtnntO. DOO LOST? ON HUNDAT N?)HSINO. A f'L VfTK AND Tan Mint; when liaat bed it blue r b on on Ker iiec< a "O a amail ?c? r on her haek. A noeraj reward will ^ ? (Hid for return to Hi \Ve?l Thlrtv thlr I ?trrer | < 1ST? A CERTIFICATE FOR PU KILXllhS OP J J Steak ta t'lS Providence Mining i'"inr>an.', I? the name nl .M. Vliek 'V. Trn t"e; piwet nt nttorn v sl.-iie.l Hlanll. and not Hiamii'd A anliable reward will l? | sio on ratiirn Ing i lie at><ne to thaoObeaf A II. Van P- I TO >wat g> IOST-ON ft ATUIlfi \Y MORNINO LAST ON KLMV J ?nlh aventi' . between 'fhlrty-aecand s nl Forty-third street*, a Lettei :qMalning St? Anv per* in retn< niuir the same to :vil and XVI Kiei-i-nth arenne, wilt l>e suitsbiy re * urded. A1 jysnit a*).v ONT-ON Rt'NDAY. IN SIXTH ATI NUN ??R|KORTY J eight*! street. Oold Hi>ei.inele<; and a few days ago a " ill br lady'* H la k Brooch, set with |?:irls. A teward Will g.vea tot the same, at It gj rure street, up a' a H OST-ON POiRD THE AURORA. ON BURDAT^ .Inlv 17. a Carpet Hag, containing i>ani*. veal, shirts. <c. The finder wll b* liberally rewarded. by ieavtog il saire at 51 Varte* atree'. New York. J. R MAURiCA I08T-0N SUNDAY. ABOUT FIVK O'CLOCK, IN i Jotiei' Wood, a Hlaek and Taa Hint; sniwtrs ta tba af Faa. the Under will be suitably rewarded by teav Ing herat8i*? noAerr. 10ST-H\NK BOOR NO l&O^ OP ll.UOM DIMM J Savings h?nk. Am one finding the same will pleaaa tetnrn It to Louis Droeker, J9?, Dlvtelaa fteee'. $5 KK WARDS. RBWABD -LOUT. A YOUNG NRWPOURDLANO Hi n culor white and a b sea iiead w Bot'K Onoaabwt. N jr. r* ~ BKW Altll.-LOHT, IN OOINU PROM 8 fi WABRBM O*" sliest to the corner ol Sixth Mreet sml Second ave? are. a leather I'aeketbook, eoatalalag aNnit Mty dollara, belmiglng to a po r n sn? not ps> kng - five, at -uipa two l? n do.lsr hills, hielanf* Mlta l bit1". The MWI reward will 1 e paid to lite parson r< turning iKiaketbook and < uateata U> llenrv llillman, eartn a*i, io7 ff<ih street, or to tbo inns o( the brewery. Ian Hssi Hlsilt street. ?>r RKWAltn.-I.08T. ON SATURDAY MO :MNO, IN IDtJ the Tli Initr of l iiiversltr p'sca and Tei.ib street, ? ?nail w bite Hull bit i, baa lost one lan^ and had on a b aclv leather eol a*. Aar one brin<Ttng me same to V3 Tenth street, wilt receive the abore reward. 5j1/| REWARD -DOO lost, a wh*tr poodlr Ol" l?w. near Madi?on equate, oa Sue?1ar allaraooa; an werslo the name of B.lly, Tba almv* re? ard will bo paid w Itn tha thaaka of tbe nwiier, and no qip-atlane asked, ?or his letnrn to Bo. 0 Bast Twenty third ain-ct. Q*l| t REWARD-LOST. JUNS IV A MM WATCH i&?\J bunting ease. No IS.I'it}. .losepb .lohnein raaAer* ?nd a Carpet Hag. Tb* lindi-r will tecelre the aiwive reward bv iea< lug Miner of tba same at tba u'ltee oi tbe btbby llou-e, M Warren street. LOAN OPP1CRS. AT 77.? MON BY l,t It Kit \I.I,T 4IM ANCKD AT 77? ON DIAMONDS, U A full 18. JKiVHI.UY. PI ANUS, lfK.MTt.KE, AC. AT 77 PAWNBROKKK?''Trt lCBTS WANTSD AT If Of liiamoads, Watehea. Jewelry, Ac . bad 2J5 p r cent more pa'd titan can he o*ila|re<1 st sny Other p see In tbe eily, al 7i Bleeoker street, up sialr% A T H HYMAN'S, fiW BSOADWAY. COBNRR OP A Boud street, man. No. 4, I will pay the h* prtea for Diamonds, mil or unset Wale' es and Silver Ware, ar Will advance cash on tie shore artHes. AM B lead Bar. eomrr ot Bond >.lr*ei. s T 4NC BBOADWAY, RtHHI NO. ft, CASH ADVaNCKD J\ on Dwm. >nds. Wstehe^ .lewatry. Unas PMt? a, An. Al o pawnbr >kers' 1 'kets bo'i^ht for Diamonds ffaleb?e,. jr xr rr, OuoS, Pistols, Silks. Fura, Ae , at t 0 I rcsdwsy, room ffft 5. at eoo-Mo.VKY UUIALLT aDYancfo on DIa. J\ monds, V? atebe*. .lewelrv. 8llv*r Plaie. tluna, Pistols, ir., It A1' > Pawnbrokers 1'iek. ta wanted of Diamonda tvat'-l.ea* Jewriry, (iun<, Ptstnla. A< , fm whb h I will par l(i ? per t ent more ihaaenn be obtained al an? Other plaee In the i tv. 0n9 Braadway, eornar ol llniKtoa -ireet up stales, room No. ft. pAWNHRoKKR.f TICKETS PI RCUASKD OF CW?JM I tnS, *t-. ? A %f-r lot on hied llostm-ef ats OS a II0| t'lom Kme^s $Alo$tt>: ?!a*sinlsio Paal*. $' taRWv ta>t?, $' tu$5. ObUKUik LBN IK ?*7 Urea.ou r

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