Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1864 Page 1
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-THE NEW YORK HERALD. (fnoLE so:- io.ta. NEW york. ro?DiiTWw""^I ' -P?o??DWE raram THE LATE EVASION. lebtl Accounts ef the Succtn ef lk9 Moviiosnt. Baltimore and Washington Said to be Cap tured and Lincoln and His Cabi net Taken Prisoners. ' New Orleans Also Said to be in the Hands of the Rebels, &c., &?., Sn. ; ! Tbc Retro at of the Reftel Rvldtri Inter. c?p((A< HaRsmcaa, July 18, 1964. . One of the trail agents from Jty.gerstown reported on his arrival here to-day that ? 'well authenticated rumor prevailed in tbo .place ye.Htcr<V?.y of a collision between oar oavalry forcw ia<J t'J* rot -easing rebel raiders at Leesburg, Va , resulting lur tho ca-pt>ire of eighty wagoaa, be:iTliy laden with earn, and oats. Many of the teain stsrs cut thalr Dorses sod managed to escape; but In the effort to repuKie the tremendous onslaught of our troops one hundre<l/t>f the rebel ascort were captured. The Jf'lghttKg Arouud Harper's Perry. Wasbwcitos, July 1?, 18J4, A private letter, recoived here from an officer at Hsrpor's torTy, gives mnny Interesting details concern tog the "Opr rations In that section during the lato raid. The er,em? appeare l before Harper's Kerry ou the moru tug of the 4th, and until eight o'clock at night maintained ? severe dre upon our work?, but without suecess, our forces at the front, composed cf a single battalion of lu'an*.ry and one battery, muking such a tormidabio Jhovr In tne rifle pits as to lead the enemy to bclieva ths' reinforcements had arrived, checking very mate rlally the impetuuslty of the rebel assault. During U.J *Ky our infantry chargcd several times upon the atomy, ?driving them from the town of Bolivar. Karly in the evening our forces quietly commenced to withdraw fr m the Virginia side, and before mi'ln.^bt bad everything .?cress tbe l'otomac lu safety, the jKiatoou bridge up and the railroad bridgo destroyed. Genoral Vitrei arrived at Mci-yland Heights about ten ?'Clock on M^Dday night, and soon after, tho enemy ?unking deruonstratloiis lu our rear, the men were aeut lato the ri3e pits and preparations made fcr resisting a ? siege. Oa Tuesday tho rebels advanced their skirmish ers, but without accomplishing anything, and at nigLt bade an unsuccessful sssault. X'eanwhlle tho rebel cavalry started on a raid up Flea ?ant Valley, stealing horses, &e. , and on Wednesday the ?ue ; / r 'ruie-1 a storming column, infermation of which, buwevoj wrought in by our scout?, enabling our of:l oer-s to ma!, .? full preparations. Colonel Mulligan's old tries regiment was placed in the rifie pits, and the artil Wry tr.?med on the bead of the rebel column. After ovor an hour's b >rd fighting the enemy withdrew . On Thursday thero ?as severo skirmishing, sod oa Trlday tbo enemy started for Frederick, whoro they levied a tax of one hundred and fitly thousand dollars,* which was promptly paid. Fifty thousand dallnrs worth ?T goods were n!.<o taken. On the morning of the 8tb Captain Buileigh, Actiug fcsststnit General on the staff of General Weber, with four kondred Infantry , one battery aud about flftjr%cava!ry, crossed the river, advanced to nalltown, attacked tUo . ?Demy's rear guard, captured eighty-seven prisoners, occupied the rifle pits, and held tbo place until Satur lay. Ob SaturJuy reinforcements were scat to his assLlanco. The enemy destroyed very little, ' 3 a considerable ?ssouut of bay md grain. On Monday, tha 11th, the rebel cavtfy appeared ajrain ?ear Ha!lto?ru and attacked onr lines, but meeting a Warm reception hastily decamped. Everything la that quarter at last accounts was perfectly quiet. Much credit is awarded Captain Burleigh, tbc success ?four re ccupatlon of Bolivar Heights and Ualltown being due chiefly to 1 is enterprise and enorgy. Oolouel Fchiodgea, or General Augur's ftaff, arrived fesrs to night, alter a ride of tsarly a hundred miles Ihrougb Maryland, and reports tbo seotlon Of country Visited by tbo eueroy badly dovaitated, tho losses sus tained by farmers amounting to ovor a million of dollars. Mr. DsD. Randolph Kclm'i Despatch. Baltimore, July IS, 1704 TUB COLORE!' MMTIA DISCIUKOT !). The colored militia stationed at Camp Blrney and at the neighboring forts. Nn Six and Seven, defences of this ?lty, were yesterday oflkially retired from further duty. Before separating Colonel Bowman made a few remarks which elicited considerate enthusiasm. Cheers aud Bungs tnteriiperteu the ccrem -aies. thk sor'Hskw csirra*i. nairoAT. A polneer train ha? been artrertlsed to lows to right from the depot ol the Northern Central Hailroad. To morrow is the day appointed for the resumption of both paasengor and freight trains. The Pursuit of the Unldtn. THEY OBSTRUCT TUB B0AD8 BUTIINO TftKU? HUXTIR AVOIDED ? KKHHI. H I ROO m?KI. [From the Philadelphia lo^ntrar.) Wap-iihoios, July IT, 1854. One nf yonr f prchl*, who accompanied our pursuing for en I&31 Wednesday, returned to ibis city yaterday tnntjiDh', having loft Pooleavllle Friday afii-rnot) ?bout ?suiiJown. Wedoce.lay a dotachment of oavairy, com poasd of man belonging to dillerent regiment*, engaged th? rear guard of the enemy'a cavnlry, goppisnd to be n KrtiOD or Moeby 'a command, bctwoeu Pootosvllle anl urnd'e terry, in tbsa skirmish 1110 anew* bad three men wounded, wbo:n they left to our possession. Our omuxI'iM woro about eight men wcuuded. Tbe rebels, however, aucceoded Id koopthg o ir m-u to check until tbey bad <"orap'eu>d tbeir eroeaing Tbe enemy eflecud a sa'e trana'r r tiew* ?.!>? Polomao of art tbolr train* and plutiter. Tbe rebel*, |o eva<lo Immediate pursuit at tbe ford* of tbe V' tama.-, blocked up tbe road* with broken waguua, bn sbuvouU and fallen Ircog. Tbe lateat Intelligence from tbe rctreatmy force* la that they are making tnetr way to Rlchmoi J by w~y of Oor donriviiio. leaving the Shenandoah Vai'^y on right. They doabtles* took op tbli I In ? of retreat because tbey wero afraid that by enter tog the vn'lo/ tm-j algbt adorrt Humor's troops an opportunity to Intercept thou.. It may ? too yet appear that tha movena- ??? ?<? til U rir cavalry to warda tbe mountain paasea were for tha p<irt*u?e of bold lor these against a flanking movement b? Hunter. I think we shall anon hoar, through tue Rie'un.-nd papers, Uiii tbo main body or tbe raider* bare ar-vod ea'eiy at p.. doan ille, unleaa Sbei .Jan? wbn the rebels sav ta after ?hem? succeeds to giving th"m a uat" of won disciplined cavalry. rer&.iiM \i ho particularly ob*?rvet tha onndiiot of the rebel Soulier* while thay wore n tlie vicinity of tbls all y, art unanimous In tb?! op.ntoit that they woro ?Wftlonlly disciplined, sad obeyed tber officer* In ?\ery r>ap*cl with wonderful e'mrliy. The loliowln; ?aecdote tlluatratea fnliy tfco feeling with wb oh tbe eba.a regard ibelr Northern aympathtirora of thla <i ?*r oias* aakod a rebel oflkier If be mode ro ufctlontlm ? tween tb4 property of Union people and that of tbo fr. ndaof tbe Confederate causer "Not man,' be re plied, "wo tako from our *hrt*cra friends and sytnpe. tbiiert! even more freely, beciuw we feel tbal thoy would sneolaity deaire to coatrftute ta the g^Hj oauto of tbo Sou'.b. " We Itwrn f<?m partw from oaar Maaarsaa tbat tbo ro^ela are not ualng tbat rnd, a* was reported oc tbo ??t-?ry, It Is kn?wn tbat the* iiare moored mob Iron ?s i hey e. uld gath -r no and traitspcited It former Mwib, ao do.ibt to re|<au the roails loading frcm Ri? umuud, a a. I ?T more Immediate imtwrtaooe to tlwai. Up in tbe bruatt nrna and p?deit?iB wlik b oruaanaotad tbe lawu at Mna. Ho, tguirory lllalr'a cuu> t'v reaMecite, ?ear S'lvnr .'-I'-Ing, the aubjaUMd notee r.n. obaervatlooa are per.eil?d. Tlioy were copied vorbatln Mus n. R ?Tha rebel*, rmifiaderite*. l a aa lar m po# alble troiwifii your home from ile?trneUen The Ua?e?l Males generate wouldn't linTe treated yon M. if ymt hat! Wen i nM. aa v?m eail <u>. M?y jou see I - thla treat ment that w ? wining towage MUs war in a eiviii/ed Manner. ' ??? '???? tlta Ukeoeas ef tomi one of vo-ir wretty In 1?c I- r? la a ssfe band*, ft was preaeWed .mm 1 1 f-?#im*i.; l . geatlemaaly Southerner. Tour* mm sfi? fully. _ M. j. AI/BZ Kkw* a ?, Falacki en> Ta. Its above reula vet. atilvairona aid preuiiy la I be ' llabi of the Are tbat ? natMned Mr Qialr'a mansion ?nrnfd by the r?bela sot< after it was written. inenu. for I'tli bera you wiU b* uiore ilkely to aee m y"? a nature." Mlgaed M. J. A. Here la a hlatorioai note Innertbed by n reh, who la svldently leas aetnimeutal and more Illiterate tbaa Alexander Tbe Jonny Rat* la bfeagln Jb* federal oai tat July U, lb<M. The following autograph la also taken rrcm one of tha *>e*s>? ^t. W U. CatU btlana battery Mource Co., Ta.. July 12ih AMkongh a f?w pertori bora af? gilll ei.?i?#Torirj (ft prove that the iuvadlng fore* did Dumber fifty thousand, and Jul i.uonJ to attack WaahmgU'U, no mi< b aii idea is really entertain*! by tbe more intelligent and better in formed. Whether the force w.? Urge or small, certain reiult* were affected by It wbtoh cannot b<? argued out Of dxisCe&M a fir be made to redound lu tfce least to Me credit of the North, Major General Gflitnore lofllhis city Tor NeW York last oveuing. Mtgor Brocks acoompanles Dim, and Captain Bra*g rejoici him to morrow, burgeon James MoClst land, U'uiiei at lira ITevy, it In town. Tud foil i wing soldiers, kined on the 13th of this month, are burled near Fort Stevens:? First Lieut. Wm. B PanghUn, B, 83d Pa. ; A. Mnllott, G, f)7ih N. Y.; ? etonoman, G. 4isi N. Y.; R. Castle, G. M<i N. V.; G. 8. Barre't, G, 434 N. Y.; J, Davidson. r, 43JN. Y.; a Gilbert, 0, 49th N Y.; fl. CUMd'er, C, 12 id N. Y. : C, 8. Christ, Battery G, 3d art:i!ory ; Sergt. C. May 'tar J, E, 9Slh l'a; Corn. G. 9. Gorden, fo, 1st R. L: B Kennedy, C, 122d V. Y.; Unknown, July 12, 1584; G. W. Farrar, Q, 534 N. Y.: A. Mosler, 0, 1214 N.Y.; 4- SSntly, 1 A, 133d X. A. Manning. H, 77th N. Y.. S. KlllaJJUV ' Pa.: J. Fockot, F. Tlh Me. ; F. Walker, B.Wth Pa.; D. h. Hogebootn. E, I22d N- Y.; A. Ashbot^t,, h, P*,4. H. Mclntyre, K, ?Hit Pa.; A. Dowen, Y 77th s. Y. : R. Bow. er, A. ?lst Pi. ; P. I/)v?tt, C. ^ath Mali , K. Garvin, I, 01st Pa. ; M. De Graff, A, y. ; j. Dolan, D, 3d Man. Suffe rings of Koyipaner Correspondents by tlwe Raid. Captain E. A. Pa'Ms, army correspondent of the New York Tima. occupies a rasidosco which was brought, by Force of circuPostJccn*, wltbiu the liues of the rebem (variously ep'umated at from 500 to 56,000), during the lain siegt of Washington, lbe Johnnys did not burn the house, but mado rre<j .with Its contents to a considerable extent, somo < f them arraying themsalrM in Captain Pnnl'j good clothes. Tn?y alio captured two jamo cocks which wero on tho premises, belonging to anotbnr news paper corresprndent? Mr. Henry, of the lr (nine? and bojle-1 and :ite thorn. This conduct has Incensed tbe correspondent.} of the press ' in this oity to tho law de gree. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [From tha Richmond Examiner, July 14] Nothing was taikod of yesterday but tbe invasion of Maryland. and by two o'clock in tbe evening roports w?re as ubundant And sensational as ever we have known them. This was tbe sura and substance of the stories which were eagerly circulated with countless variations. REPORTED CAPTURE OP BALTIMORE. Ballrmro had been captured ? dfteen thousand of lbe natives, armed with brick bats and bowio knives, having assisted our troops In the assault. WASHINGTON CARRIBD BT STORM. Washington, also, had been carried by storm, and Llnooln and his Cabinet taken prisoners. Tbt? report was asserted to have been confirmed by a Nbw York Hvratd of tho nth instant, which a gr?it many people were willing to swear, or b^t all they wernaportb. had been received and read at tbo War Pet>artm?nt. We will not assort that there is no truth in tbo roport of tbe capture of Washing"!! and Balt:moro. Our armlos In Maryland are well calculated to take both plaoss, and whip every Yankee north of the Potouiac; hutio<i must contradict the report a out the H'.k u.o No Vorthern tiapors of tbo '.4th baa been received In this city up to se^eo o'clock last ev.'oloir, aud a gentleman who left headquarters it l'flt#r.iburjr yesterday, inform* us that no paper later tban tho 12th bal been soeu there. NO EX CHASMS op PAP'TtS. Tbe most important tbln* that wo learned yesterday, In relation to our affairs in Maryland, and the circum stance that couvin^os 11s tb >t tbe w rk of invaalon goes bravely on, was tfcat tl r -"ikee troops, near Petersburg, positively refused to exchange pauers with our troops, as tlicy havo b'?en of htu In the habit of doinj. If our armies had m?t with any disaster, or even check, tbe Ysnk'jos would havo beoo but t"o eagor to furnish us with their newspaper accounts of tbe event. ?'WHAT MIMN TIK"3E CHBER* ?" Tbo Yankoes on a part of their Hue, at Bermuda Hun dred, mado such a oSeeriig and hurrahing yesterday, that o:ir pickets called out to tbem to know wbat was the matter. They roplied that tb<>v had lust r?oelvod intel ligence that seven inou-'&od or our troops had been cap tured In Marylind. This may be regarded ns a very modento lie, considcriug tho source from which U em anated. > THE TjATEST RVfT^BI.B RUPOBTS. The lat.?t uuthwtlc lutell.gence wo have from onr troops In Maryland is derived rront a jtent'emab who ar rived hern last evening, direct (Mm He Helay House at v>o!nt bo loft tbo niitn body of our foroos lait Mondiy evening, He lay* he did not know whither w< had taken Baltimore or not: but if we hai not it vn ont'i be C'TM.< ?? lid ni.< choose to do t'. This gentleman brought a lar^e quintity of calicos and otnor loot. Another gen tleman, afclockade runner, who left Washington on Mon day evening and arrived hera yesterday, reports that duriuji Monday fourteen transport?, baded with Yankee troops, arrived at Washington. Tbo Washington SUir of tho ?voBtiis of the 12th was received. A summary of its news win be found lu anothor column. THE VJCRT LATE?T. A letter dstel 13th Inst., received here late last nlgbt, from a tru?tw"rtby gentlemun In Marylatrd, says ? Waihlngton city is Invested from tbe PotooMc to tho eiF t??ru branch ul Anacustla rivor. Every railroad north of Baltimore has t>een cut, aua tbe telegra; h wires de stroyed. To day (tbe 18th) evory thing has been unusu ally quiet. Not a gun has been beard up to this lime ? twenty-five minutes pa?i six o'clock A. M. It it btlUmd then are vtijotiatina for the surrtitder of Washington or OiviMg time tor the fernowl of the women and children. two forts that defend Washington, "Foru .Lincoln and ftcveos," h ive been taken. Wallace, who fought our forcon fit Monocacy Junction. Is supposed to have had fifteen thousind troops. A laape number of them were 000 bu-jdred days mou, who, when ropuiiel, threw down tboir guns and aosttered to the wiad*. Kautz's cavalry, who figured in the raid below I'et^nbnrg, ware with Wallace. Our men buvo captured tUe outer works before Washington. REMOVAL OP URANT'9 ARSrY. Tw>nty-slx transports and steamers, loaded with trooop3, xippqmu to be frcm Grant, passed up the Poio mjc yestert'oy. Martial lan'tias been doclirid, and no one i 3 i ermitt*d to ent ar or leave the olty. It it rumored h re that Stu> Jrtexru has Ut? ca^LurtJL by Dick Taj/tor and J 'net. GRANT*! ? AFFAIRS OT THE J A. TIES RITEB. itlr. W. H. Mcrrl?m's D?ipaich. Gn. R. S. Foster's HRtf>qr.*RT*Rs, Pkef C^ttoh, J ?Uaja River, Va., July Id? Midnight j tun fcPEi.L MRORK3T. The jsual and proloaged monotony that baa hitherto well nigh beeu tho death or the Union fleet In the Jamci river, la its re<?licn to tbo public mind of the North, was broken by tbo enemy at an early boar tills morning:, and ibey have kept it broken Uirougheut tho whole day. t bava just arrived from tho gunboala at aud bear Dwp Bottom witb the following news ? CEXKRAL II. ?. FOHTER'8 BKJLDQrlRTtRS KIKIIKD. M seven o'clock this mornlog tbe enemy? n all pro bab> ity Informed as to tbe poeiftm by a boy who de serted from ono or the gunboatr two daya aince? opened a heavy lira on tbi bea.Iquerters cf Conor*] R. 3. Foster, commanding tbe Unitod States forces At Poep Bottom; and far upwards of ar boar tbe rsnje so accurate as to compel tbe Inmatse to change their buc several times. Several targe fragments of shell passed directly into tbe tent of the Ueneral, while yet clber shot literally <?ut to piece* the ireea and the follago Immediately surrounding tbe tenia. Fortunately tbare was no lose of human lifo during tbla sharp and,f>->ra timo, terrific bombardment of this spot. Tho borse of Capt. P. A. Paris, Assistant Adjutant General to General Fouler, was shot detd while standing within a very lew yarrla of tho Capi .lu'a tent. tm nitwitm Purlog the day I had ample oooaalon to doly examine a large number of the fragment? of shell, ntid was eml uontly thankful that it had not been their rolsgioo to come In close contact with mo. ATTACK OR Tit* OfWBOATW. The enemy having satisfied themselves with Gen. Fes ter and his stair, at about eight o'clock In tb? morning turuci their sGte and undivided attention to the gun boats ami ili? pontoon bridge, doubtless having In view tt. . t< tsl Jest ruction of both. They accomplished neither object. r.kP-o? ii;k iuuk>ota txaiazn T?i.> Or tnir was evidently dlreotad In accordance wttfcthe Information impirt-'dby the dc orter rot err ad to Above, and b- ?iij to grc .7 sharper and sharper aatheday|rew old they 01 en 'I on tbe McndoU, Commander E. T. N' V?la. at haail and stern, fwra a point on the left baab of Fonr Mile creek? tlio gallant NMcbols lying witb hi* vep??l at Deep BoMcm, two miles and a half nearly doe writ from the Malvern bills and about two miles from ' the n*.\reat point ot furkoy ltond. Tho distance bet wooo '? the eppoalug forces was about on* thousand yard* from ilhi river. Al Hit forty shots wore Creel in all at tbe grod VeadMh nmCT or on* fitnr. TV principal one of these missiles was a twenty poncd rlfl^-Hbot, whlob took fnll effect la the bnlwarks. Just for wareffcif number doe gun, on eitbar aide or which were si* n't" *nd one effleer commanding thorn in tbo working of th(?' pi?e. The shot kilted two men, w nndlng tbe * ot V* four and tbe officer, tfnii destroy ing the uaoraloeea of one half tbe work og force of ttie go*. gereral shots came to*etber, at j InMrvatt or iMiree mtnolea, and appeared to be flroil irnm i a rile abort ,^?l!?ry cf four piece*. Another one of the j ?Mt? struck ttV r row's deal, in the ins in top cf the stair, j and spllrteTed t.*v? . ' in* rmn rmrr '* ! frojn the enemy aatonlifcW lb* Officer! fUM) I men of tbe Meudota. she Wis lying il ^ time immediately below lb* pontoon bridge. ^fUr um first shot had been receded, and before (be r^pifcd, tbe Men dou steamed down the river a shorty distance, for tbe purptue of destroy ing tbe enemy's ^ B0<l Scaring a better one for tbe funs of tbe sb - thlr4 ud fourth shots caused tbe Mendota to '^,p JHJC REBEL I wirmrr bunco. After again steaming river, she opened on tbe enemy with splem'^ r*at% and totally silenced their battery rl># *r WM both a spirited and elegant ono, ml Indubitable credit npoo Commander { Nichols <B(j |^e gallant fcicers and crew of the Mendota. abuval or ubvtw awt omfjui aJuirr. Al about tea o'clock Lieut. Gon. Grant, with a portion of bis staff, end accompanied by Major Gen. Butler, Cot 3. W. Shaffer, Chief of Staff, and Capt. Clark, arrived at den. Foster's headquarters, for tbe parpoaeof egnsulttng with blm in reference to the aitaatioa. These distin guished. goldiers were handsomely and oordially received by- Indiana's favorite son, after wbicb the eommandlnc gonerais at once proceeded to accompliah the object of their visit, which was dona by looking over the map in company with Oen. Foater, and reviewing with blm tbe poaitlon of his front and his works, the enemy all tbe while were shelling in tbe direct vicinage of tbe distin guished party. Both 6 en. Grant and Geo. Butler, as la their custom, were oool aad unlmpuslono 1. The former smoked his aegar and reed Richmond papers while on tho picket line and under Are, with that stubborn and never absent Imperturbability for wbMh be is noted wherever be Is known. General Butler waa latent on seeing as much of the rebels as possible, while Colonel Sbaffiir, Chief or Staff, with bis broad brimmed hit, beaming face, and elongated body, looked upon the entire thing as alike tolerably common place, and, owing to tbe infirm condition of blaboalth, personally to him, borous beyond tbe ordinary meaaure of bores. A WITTICISM FROM GhNlRAL OR >NT. - By some mistake, on leaving headquarters Gen. Grant mounted a horse other than b la own, which fact after riding some distance was discovered, and moreover that the animal was foun doted. and belonged to a Mat officer. When about to loavo General Foster's headquarters' General Grant asked how far it was to City Point. Tbe answer was "About ten miles." General Grant replied, '?I think it must be much further on this poor horse." RBTt'BN or Tnc UF.rTErr.ANT gsnSral. The military party separated from General Foster at half-past throo P. M. , and returning to Bermuda Hundred and City Poiot aa they came, in tbe ilagboat of General Graham. TITS Kiir.BD AND WOUNDED -?AN INCIDENT. Acting Master's Mate Etenr 9. . McDonald waa slightly wounded' by a fragment of shell strik ing blm in tbo leg and painfully disabling him. Notwithstanding bis wound, and tbe !o?s of h^lf bis gun ners, he continued most manfully to fight hia piece with bis sis remaining men. Quarter gunner Chaff. W. Taylor, dangerously, In bead. landsman Hugh Wa'sb, severely, though not danger ously , In leg. ? Landsman Peter Flaherty, alight wound In leg and fin ger taken off. Landsmin Otto Elcbberg, slight wound in chest. OFFICKB* OF TBS mtNDOTA. Commander? E. T. Nichols, Georgia. EiecuNv* O/Wct? . I, teuton mt H. W. Kiijcr, New Jersey. Atinp Matter ? Lathrop While, Massachusetts Acting Enrignr ? Morrla Dogard, New York ; R. B. Pray, Massachusetts; W. B. Barnes, New York. IsaM Thayer, Massachusetts. sis.<itianl Paymatlert?A. McC. Bishop, New Jersey. i Acting Auutanl Surgeon? J. G. Parke, Maseachusetts. TBI PBQCOT AND 00MM0D0BB NORKia BNOAOBD. Thjrc was a abort bnt sharp engagement during the day between the United States gnnboats Peqnot and Com molore Morris and a rebel land battery, at or near MaL vern nil!. The Pequot received four shot*, nobody being Injured, and the Commodore Morris a solid shot which struck her magazine, bat rortunately diJ no damage. The gunboat Hunchback, Acting Ensign E. K. Valentine com manding, steamed up from her position early In the rore noon, for tbe purpose of delivering aa enfilading lire npoo thi enemy. This was discovered by them, and they re tired. Tho?enen?y art liable to reopen fire at any mo ment. The Prcii Despatch. Tbe following baa been received it tbe W>r Depart' Stent:? Fiuasnip Nobis Atljhito, RrocKAnnra &qvAt>*ttn, Y I'AHrnw Roam, July 10, 1864. ( Bm? Captain M. Smith reporte, under rtato of tbe 13th Instant, that be sent in ibo Stepping Stonee on tbe 1 ltb instant a detachment of seventy.flve men from tbe Third Pennsylvania artillery, ana Fifty moo from the Tenth Connecticut volunteer*, In charge of First Lieutenant M . i bambers, Tblrd Per npvivaila artillery, to a point on tbe James river, below Dutch Gap: theore they crossed a farm and there burr.-d the signal itat'on, two mills, two barn*, a blacksmith's shop and outbuilding, and a torero qcantity of grain and agricul tural Implements, capturing one ? -ftcnicDjut, cne ser geant, wounded, aod twelve men, wltb tiieir arms and ae> coutreiaents conpleto. a!?o a large torpedo, with clock wi-k att' ch meats, tbe ,.i vatic batter; to explode It and two tiucdrp ! pouods of powlnr. Tbo whjio was accom plished tvlthout loos on our ?IJe. I liave directed C*i>t ,-mlth to send me the torpodo, which, when reoelvVd.t will forwsrd to tbe Burea'i of Ordnance, With in oxclana'^rv drawing I hive tbe honor to be, ie., 3. P. LKC. Acting Pear A iniiral, North At nntlc blockidlo# s.-pudran. To the Hon. C?i ??>?? Wru ^Secretary of tbo Navy. POUT OP ROCKS. Mr, Vi m. H. illcrrlan'i Dtapatch, Poixr or Rocas. July IT? T *? If. r.XCTUK?I OF J R;80XBRS? A LA?.* MAIL fKOJI OU* FIMMH IN RIOHXOMD. Major Mulford, Assistant A?eut for Exchange, baa had three several Interviews with tbe rebel Commi?sloner Ould, daring tbe week just cloeed? tbe last one occurring yesterday (?aturday) a'terno >n. Tt 1* more than probable that the embarrassments that have beset this question for sometime past will be soeedily removed, by reason of the accomplished tact of Major Mulford, who bas had unremitting charge of this; Imp riant bnslness since tfca establishment of the cartel. It M understood tbat com men conclusions wero yester Wy arrived at between tbe two agoota, though I know nothing uf their Import, that will likely lead to an immediate resnmptlou of exchange. It only remains for our government to endorse the action to attain tho desirable end? tbat of relieving oni prison ers In largo numbers from rebel tyranny. It will be gratifying to tbe people of the North to know that Major Mulferd brought down with his yesterday an immense mail from our prisoners, which goea North in company with this despatch. iccrptaxck or aanniAt ifooks' nrroWATmw, General w. H. I. Br^as, lately In command of tbe gallant Tenth army corpe, received aotlOcatlon yester day morning from the \*"ar department tbat bis retigaa tlon, recently tendered, ??? accepted. General Brooks was an admirable j.T.oer, a gradcate of West Toint, and a malor In tbe rogolar army rf tbo United States. Tbe ear vice parts with a very able soldier in Ceoerfl Brooks. mi i aim ovr. Yesterday Company A, TUtrd N#* York cavalry, Coloael lewis, commanded by Captain Chamberlain, and oomprU,ng thirty men. were duly mustered out of the service of tbo United Htatee by Captain Hasten, cblef commissary of masters for this department. This com pany entered tbe servtca on the day that tbe flrst battle of Bull run waa fought , and has nobly aooompliabcd its term of honorable service. ion MWOMt Tbe great Union def-n?ivj work, at Curds' noose, Virginia, baa been named by General Butler "Port Par sons," la melancholy commemoration of I.leutenant A. K. Parsoop. aid de camp to General Brooks, and who fell mortally woucded oa the 4th ofcJaae at Coal Harbor, wbtle assisticg In the grand charge or tbat memorable day. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [From the Richmond Pispatcb, fuly 18 J Nothing occurred yesterday tv? rroni of rrtarsburg. This la Grant's amosement, while wailing tbe result of events In Msrylan 1. A correspondent of tbe DUpatr\ says ?"Thirty two Yankee prisoners, tocluding ena ma )?r, were oaptnred on Ce^nrsday at Beam station. They were brought to tbsr t ?ty ysaterday and committed to tbe Llhby prleoa.'' : 0 Tka ItsamsNIp Knn# ia?y. AcortTA, ?f?. . July 19, 1904 The sns^lotOM attached ta tbe sailing of the steamer pnng Scey, from St. John, N ff. , t ivo to b% \Tr\." feurded. Pbt? W0 bOMd fm ffci?a( as wss Ctfw# by ber elearpnea paper.'' IMPORTANT FROM WAffiMGTOI. Proclamation by the Preeideat of tha. United States. Fife Huidred Theniaa* Telnnleert Callei Fer. Days to Elapse Be fore a Draft, A Proclamation by the President of the United State* of America. Whereas, by the act approved July 4, 1864, entitled ??An act further to regulate and provide for tbe enrolling and calling out the national force* and for other pur poses," It la provided tbat tbe Prosldaotof tbe United States may, at his discretion, at a ay time hereafter, call fer any number of men as volunteer*, for the respective terms of one, two and threo years I for military service, end "tbat in cats the quota or any part thereof of any town, township, ward of a city, or<5 olnct, or election district, or of a county not go sub- di vided, shall not bo Oiled within tbe space- of fifty days after such call, then the President (hall Immediate)? or der a draft for o fie year to fill such quota, or any part thereof which may he unfilled." And whereas, tbo new enrolment heretofore ordered is so far completed as that tbe aforementioned act of Con gress may now be put in operation for recruiting and keep- | ing up the strength of the armies In the Hold, Tor garri sons and such military operations as msy be required for tbo purpose of iuppres|lng tbe rebellion and restoring tbe authority ot ;thoJ United states government in tbe Insurgent States. Now therefore 1, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President Of tbe United States, do Issue this my call for Jlvt hundred thousand rolun'eers for the military tervict; provided, nevertheless, that all credits which may bo estab'tehed under section eight of tbe aforesaid act, on account of persons wbo have ontored tbe naval service during the present rebellion, and by credits for men furnished to tbo military servioo in excess of calls heretofore made on voluntoers, will be accepted under this call for ono, two or tbreo years, as they may elect, and will be entitled to tbe bount/ provided by tbo law for tho period of service for which tbey enlist. And 1 horeby proclaim, ordsr and direct that imm v dlately after tbe fifth day of September, 1864, being fifty days from tbo date of this call, a draft for troops to eerve for ens year shall be bold in every town, township, wardofaelty, precinct, election district, or a county not so subdivided, to fill the quota wblcb shall be assigned to it under this seals, or any part thereof, wblcb may be unfilled by volunteors on the said fifth day or September, 1864. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my band and censed the seal of the United States to be affixed. Pone at the city of Washington this 18th day or July, In tbe year of our Lord 1864, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty nlntb. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By tbe President:? WILLIAM D. SEWARD, Secretary of State. Fifty GENERAL. NEWS. WisniNGTO*, July 18,1884. RBTURN 0* SXCR5TABY FBRSRN'DBN. Secretary Fesreuden, accompanied by Assistant Secre tary Field, returned to Washington this morning from New York. FINANCIAL MATTXR9. It Is understood tbat the Secretary of the Treasury, havtag railed to negotiate the proposed fifty million loan with tbe New York banks, will immediately appeal to tbe people to take tbe seven and throe-tenths non-lo.'n tender three years Botes, two hundred millions of which are authorized by tbe Loan bill. He believes tbat a suill cient amount of these notes can be dlspo?e1 of to supply tbe im mediate necessities of tbe government, until such time as the market Is In a condition to absorb tbe loug six percent bonds, which cannot bow be advantagoously disposed of. TBI BPBCTAL INCOME TAX. The special tax of Ave per cent on Incomes Is to be Im posed for tbe year 1893 when deductions have b?en made from returns on account or dividends or interest received from any corporation or on account of any salary or pay as an officer of tbe United States. The amounts thus deducted will bo added to tbe amounts heretofore assessed, and any Income derived from In terest upon United States securities will be included in tbe sum total. The distinction heretofore tnvle between the Incomes or residents and of non-reborns is set aside, and tbe lat'er *ro to be treated In all ra? peels ns the former. Precautions are to he tilcen to prevent fa'fo and fraudulent returns. The ar?essors arc r^itiired to ojs.'-s the duty on the incomes of those who have neglected to make return on or before tbe 1st of October, and. except lug In cues of sickness or absence, they ar: required to adl Qfty per ccntum to such duty. TUB AlBIBTANT TREA8CK2R AT NT*^V YOBK. It is said no charge Is contemplated by the Secretary of tbeTrcasury In tbe Sub-Treasurers!) Ip at Now York. TAX ON D19TWLID LlQtTOK*. Commissioner lewis his decided thai distilled splrl's in bills of lading, of .luly 1, 1804, under tccCon ft rty Ave of tbe act of July, 1862, were in tbe possession of tb > distiller within contemplation of new law, and subject to tax of $1 83 per galloa. The Treasury, of course, is getting as yet but little Increase from tbe recent act, and shall not feel it until tbe returus and psvments for the current month are made Receipts, -bow ever, are largo, as the tax on income for 1963 is now beginning to come IB. TBS CALL FOR TROOPS. The President's call for flvo hundred thousand men to fill up tbe armies of tbe Uuion was aaaouueel in tbe Hirai.d's correspondence of tbe 3d inet., as, to be made Immediately after the adjournment of Congress. It bas been from certain causes delayed longer than was at that time intended, priocipjily to give tlmo to complete lbs additional enrolment upon which tbe inotaa are based. As volunteers f or one year are received, It is believed that a targe proportion of tbe districts will be able to till thrflr quotas previous to tbe date when a droit is t j take place. rRCMCD win btsamtr* in tih potomao. Three Preach war steamers are now In tbe i'otomno river, within a short distance of this city. Two of them, it is understood, camo up to take on board the French legation In case of an? altar* upon the city, and the ctber as a bearer of despatches. TBR RKB'-'L DEAD. The corpses of some of tho rebels who were killed during their recent Investment of this elty are so slight y buried that legs and arms protrude above tbe tmrface, and tbe i tcnch in certain localities, arising from their de composition, Is almost intolerable. The people in tbe neighborhood do sot seem to be pos*os?ed of sufficient energy to correct tbe evil, and prefer tbe rhanee of pesti lence to tbe labor which would he required to remodylbe evil. Tbe military authorities probably havo not bad time to atlond to It. RTRAOOLIRS BtNT TO TftltlR COMMANDS. Through tho ladcfstlgablo fxerlMns of Colcnel Wise well, Military Governor of tbe District, all stragglers who flocked through tbe elty daring tbe lato Invasion bave bt en gathered up and returned to their commands. To day General Augur issued an order directing all offloers who may return from absence of leave to report to tbe Military Governor, to be disposed of by blm until such ; tin.o as they shall be required to rsjoln their resrwlive ! commands. BVNOBABLB BURIAt. OP TBR RLAfW. At the suggestion ef Colonel WUewell the following ordor has also been issued.? War Dm AaTwwrr, WAtnijmo*, July 1*, 1904. Ordrred, tbat the Military Governor of Washington cans n the l*Bion soldiers who wero kftle i In tbe ivcont defence of Washington to be carefully disinterred a ad boiiorsbiy burled to the national cemeteries, with kuII able oare and memorials to preserve their Identity. FHW1N M. STANTON, Secretary of War. It is the Intention of Colonel Wieewetl to mter tho ro- } tt.*V i?> the Military CfcsneWry, and ercot over tbem a ; snjlihig monument, wUt> tbe names of all inscribed I tipca i*. I REBEL NEWS FROM OEORQIA. Eg I^a|i? for tho Defence off AtUl* ta>fi(h(tn( Going On, ifl. Tbe Richmond Dispatch ot tbo 13th iuat. , contains tbo following telegrams Atlama, Qa. , Jn'7 1*3- VW4. Tbe joemy are In position on tbe north aide of the Chattahoochee river. There la soma firing between the sharpshooters, with occasional firing by tbe enemy, with out damage. A email foroo la reported on the south aide of the river, eight miles above the railroad bridgo. They koop'cloae to the fort. The Governor arrived bore list evening, and Is urging forward everything for (be deronce of Atlanta. Ills proclamation oalling upon every one between the ages of sixteen and forty-Are to report at Atlanta re ceives tbo approval of all classes. SECOND DESPATCH. Atmnt a, Jnly 13, 18tl4 . Tbe enemy are maeslng on our right, near Rotwell. A portion of tbo Yankoe army are on tbe south aide of the Chattahoocbee. Sbor nan's headquarters are near Vlnlng station. Skirmishing continues near tho railroad bridge. Everything Is quiet below. Tbo Atlanta Von'tderaey hii (lie following:? We shall not attempt to 1 ill to a' fancied security oar readers by tbo declaration that Atlanta Is not In Immi nent danger and peril. Its capture, bowovor, cannot 1? oonjldered a foregone conclusion. If General Johnston oannot make a successful battle, or bold tbo onemy in check along the Chattahoochee. he can not anywhere below It, aad tho only temporary check In tbat event wouli bo tho capture of Atlanta, porposoly thrown at tbe feet or the rapacious invaders, to stay their apjvtite Tor conquest. Wo have no doubt that tbe federal general would he sat> laPed wltb tbe capture or Atlanta and garrison, and fortify It as a base for futuri operations. MILITARY AFFAIRS. Return of tho Seventy-first Ifnr York State Volnnteeva (Second Regiment, Si^klea' Brlfr'nlr). Tho Second rcglmont. Sick!?*' Prigade, designated tho ?ovonty-2rst New Y"rk Stale Volunteers, arrived In this city yesterday morul'-g from In front of Petersburg, tlieli term of sorvico having expired. Tboy numbered one hundred and thirty four men. ninl wore. under r'mman.i of Lieutenant Olorial Thomas Rn/fcrty. TUi.' regiment has shired in all fhi glorious laurels which the ^irklea Brigade has *ait ad for itrelf on many a well fob? ut (leid, and brings homo a reputation for valor nud dUci-Hne ?<Jl dom equalled. It t? tntouded to give the regio nal a (It ting reception on Wednesday or Thursday next. Tbe Call for Dtllltta? The Fourth Rogl ment of Stnte .>llltMa. The F> urtb res'moat expected to got off yesterday; hut a meeting -vas held at the armory at elevcu o'cloc:;, wljen Colonel Teller itformed ;h? members of tbo reglm-nt that their departure wen; * If it ia\ ej a few dnys In con sequence of doubts t e a# '.Hfi lamed n? n tbe. r term of service and de?lina!tn General Sand 'ord was !u Alhanv arranging matt rs i- ? ]???* connecdon , and *hen be came back they would prob^ldy proofed ou tnolr ma rcb. The Scvcntr-tevcatb Retrtinenf. GRK7RAL OKDSKS? N \ 1 ! . naAi>;rjiRTEKa, ?Bv**iT-?Evrwra Uror. N 7. N'. 0. , 1 Nsw Yobs, July IS, 1384. f 0> mt^arJanls of complies ar? herebv order ; I to as semble tbjir commands at headquarters, I-iiayetto ria II, Broadway, lo morrow (Tut'S lay July 19, 13i">4), at nlno o'clock A. M. The regiment will be mustered into the United State*- ?orvire at cloven A. M precisely, aud will depart immediately aUerwuris for Wnntiiagtou. The quartermaster will provide the tuen with rations and trnmportation. Every member of tho re ''.moot must be present, and any enrolled memb'-r falling to report will be trotted as a en.-orter aud nunished t" tlie lull extent of the law Comm. s'ocel oiHeors will hive tbelr bag. gnse s?nt to headquarters by ten o'clock A. M. Captain McNallywul act cs oiiirer of the flay -nd l.'.cutonanta 8mlley and Eeattv nj officers of the guard to morrow, 19th i'u3t. Guard mouatioi at eljt.t A. M. By ordor of THOMAS LYNCH, Colonel. 3. B. Bkady, Sergeant Major. THc Iflnctythlrrt Regiment. ' OKNFIAI. OU: Z' R? SO. 11. DEATV"ARrERF, NtNirtT Tit'RI) Rk, imknt N. G. N. Y.. 1 JgprtMox M iRKi;r, Jnljr 18, 1864. | Commandants will us-muMo their rcs|>e<'tivo cm mauds ?t ttieir headquarters at tho hour designated la c mr'Rny orders, und will re; .rt itnisvliately thereafter to tbose headquarter* nny alterations or corrections in corajtacy roete:s. CommacU.i.ts of C'inpaulos will re port, with their commands > l'ly equipped, at the now armory, No. 90 Thirteenth street, on Tuesday, lflth Irist., ut half-past three o'clock r. U. precisely, for mus ter. A few recruit and suhstltutea (able bodied men) w.ll be accepted nt these bPad juartcrs on Immediate r.i> plleati n. Tte reglmeat will :e.ivo at the earliest possible moment. 3 y order. W. B. IV. OlAMBFRS, Jas. H. lxitttwoLL, Ad utant. Colonel Commandici,'. A JTtw ?I li It la Raglracnr. Tho following orders will explain themselves: "PR"! A I, 0RDBB9 ? NO. 26. HKAiM ARmB.^, First Division N. Y N G.,\ Xtw Yon*. July 16, \nni. { rWon?l Hsn Hn Babcock Is authorized to ra'ae a res i meat >f National Guard, in this division, which will be rezulari iy oriranireJ as soon as eight oompanies, of at lea<t thirty two men each. can be enrolled. If the organt. r tlon esn be completed within ten day* from this date tho recount ?v l beoalied tbe One Hundredth roglm?iit of lb? N i tii n i! t'liari. and will be fully uniformed, armed and o-iuipped. U" ordT of ('HAS. W SANDFORD, Major General. Airs. IUi!iir !?, Division Inspector. Brur>qrARnHtf.O.*<? Hrynttrstn Rsni. N. O. 9. N. Y., > J Wtrrnrr TER 1' -i t, Nft Yonn, Jnly 18, 1??4. f In sccordsiico * ilU t';e above order Major ????>. H. Oel- | lows, of tb:s c. remind. i* T-ereby em|owore?l aiid di r|r',(i to issi.o au'.bori? itiosa for raising companies lor the same HAMLIN BABCO K. Colonel One Hundredth regt. N. 0. S N. Y. Another \?w Volunteer Hcflmtnl. UKVUUl NO. 1. 5! I R TR nor?*, COR*** BRO(W* JSf> 1 MrR"?a gTMrjrff, N>w Y' rk, July 18, i?rt4 | r^Tma-.Tauts of compAnica will assemble their coin mmds at these h^ado't'irters on Tuesday, ltnh iostaat, ateu-'itr. M. , lor Inspection. Commandants will br.vepro j are t company rolls, t : -ncd by the mcmbe's. B.v v r J'-r, jj: ? N. IVil^KY Col. Commaridln". Tito* U. C. Kixk.iw, Actln< Artjtiianl. Company A,c?pt?in r\ gar A. Roberts, wilt receive a few more rci-rtilt' to br,rt( it up to the maximum stm dirt. Apply at tho Mcrccr House, corner Proomo and Merccr strc" j. Hecrultlng and Substitutes ftl the Com i.tii (ee'< Haadqaartsrs. The Supervisors' Committee are unadvised what the quota of the any a: 1 oounty of New York will be uuder the forttooming draft. Volunteering, however, goes on at the couimltteVs rooms, If not rap dly,steid..y asd sursty, wbile the claimants for substitutes, who de posit their 1335. are aweUlu* to a bijih dguro. V, ujr wi'l not lb j p'it>:ir uudcrstand rubstitsto business of the cominitt 'el ft certainly has been explained fr?tner.tly Soousb ; yet every caller must tick liia tboasend aM ere j questioBA of <. I .tirmau Blunt In refcrcoco to It. We will again rsp it ' regulation. Any peraon drslrl ,-r a substltu'o unt rg Lla name on the book.i and ; pays lo i." ; ? (Ibe f '8 goes to tbs party 1 bringing < >H?i, and talt<-3 a reeelpt lor i tho ur,/ '> i.tiM tnin stands ploliad. if I within l-ii ? v- - ii> r. ifh the substitute, which sxemiU I'jfl ufi,;" J- j->t ror f ree years from military *r f vice. The *ub,t;iuto mo*' himself bo exempt Irt m i duty by bii-ig an alion or having served two yean In J the art ty, or one who is ondor twenty years of ago. If | the substitute 18 not furnished, tbo monev, on presenta tion ot the receipt, will ha returned, ranioa ran hsv i their cboico of entorlug the army or navy. This Is thn | whi e of rt, and tbo excellent plan has tbi.a far worked, ( and will ootukiiie to work, to ndmiratton. General Webb, who is now atttirnid In this military department, paid b!s roepects yesterday to ttupervlxor riuni, at lbs rooms of the committee, aad was gn?tly plea?cd ^t !? ?< appearance of allhirs there. i Tbo Oenervi lias nearly recovered from tbe severo : wound bo lately received before Peter- irg Tho additional "qtisrtcrs" on tho iiattery are nearly eomplelsd, and wlil be taken possession or the 'est of < the week, when it it expected tbe numbers offering will bo greatly increased. Brooklyn Military A fairs. ran t>Kr A*' run or fim rirrv turn ssoimhwt. This regiment was lo have l^m-caed for V MOgtoD yesterday , but aa alt the arrr ugeutcuts lor depn.tu- a bad not b*en made the men w< re notified lo nnsit- this momltig, when It Is probable tbey will depart The regiment till embark- on a boat ai tbe Battery to pr? ceed to Perth Ambry , thence by rail to Washington. TUB DRAFT IT* BB00KIT1T. A supplemental draft for tbreo men, to Qll the quota of tbe Third t'ongreMional district, was made at the Pro \ o*l ManlMi's otbee, in Washington street, yesterday. Nine names were drawn, as fallows ? Stcn srt H'arA? Lawrence Murphy, 118 Pearl etreet; George Vantborp, 21 James etrcst; John Kelly, t6 Jay St'"?t. . 'irvxitk aad Iwtntin K lPanU? A t. Adams, SI Fleet ?tr.Hft. fc. 1>. Mat servo. Hi Adelphl street; G. A. Uaeon, ! r ?lyn Hospital; A. V, l'fo;o;<i, li'4 WnionKhby street; l.i ? Buck, tliantlo avont40, irfuer "f i'orttnd ?r*v?e; V? itnaro llurgesa, Wash ng ion arsnae, near Ore^' av?aue. Tt?e number Squired wU> Wl lo1?^' froui tb tmTl R O Tbe Damascus at Farther Pelnt with Twe Bays Later News* General Grant's Position Be garded Very Unfavorably in England. ADVANCE ffl THE REBEL 1919. THE KEAR8ARGE CRUISING OFF DOVER. Angry Delmte on Disraeli's I Censure Motion. Alleged Danish Pritrs Proposillen to Prussia as a Means ol Savins the Eaaish Crowa, &*? *?., H . F.vimirR Point, July is, 1*d4. The steamship rnmsncu0. which loft Llver;*v?t on lb* afternoon of iho 7tb tad Londonderry on f>e?tb, ir rlved at half-past seven P. M. . r>n the way to Queboe. Tho continental news i3 unim portnnt. Tha Parii Bourse was dull. Ror.tos on the 6th closed a| 681". 15a. The steamship Haitian, from Queboc, reached Liver pool on the oli:M of the Cth of July. The City of Washington, from Now York, arrived n| QuecDstowo on the evening of the fifh of July. ? Tho steamship >cotia, from Now York, arrived *? Quechs'.owa oa tbe 8th or July. The Amrrlonn <iuest Ion ? ONJAVORATtL'5 ENOLlfll OPINION OK GUN. ORANT'9' POSITION? -ADVANCE IN TUE RK!i::L LOAS. Rumors vory unfavorable to Geueral Grant wore prer alcnt iu England. They caused u rise of 2 a 3 per cent In the rebot loan, which ranged from IS a 77. It wqa. b: jUIJ. e<f that tbo amount required for tho September i;,yldond? and slukiug fviud bad boon receded by the Lyndon agents. Tho London Timet, In rev'; Goner. I Or . i'< pojf. tloo.Buya ? It In dilTcult not t" ronu.u '2 '? ,;w .ar-i palgu Is ucw reduced lo a nutation of l .1/ j* nothing The London Star rc olc ?, In the ab. o'-cc if on/ gr :al military rucccs3, tbat at lenrt tne procics of negro orniu. clpatfon la making groat strides. TIte KearsJirpn nml th c Prl Tbo Paris 0 rre.apondent of the London Slav -ays tfiif Kenrsorno would leave Cborbourg on tlio Ctt Inly ' T c raise in tho Channel and watch the i; >v imeuto 01' t'it? renel cruiser?, or rather cruisT? tb ? F1 >1 ;*a being .ai 1 ?> sent the only one to foar for some dnys Yho repor' Is that tha Yod'o, lately built at Eord aux^ wl.l bo completed at Amsterdam an 1 commando! by Semmes. The Yeddo la a lar^e vessel, capable of refut ing the att'.e.k, chasing or running away fr6m an enemy such aB either the Kearsargo or Niagara lay 1/671, July 8, 130 1. Tho ICeanarge ha.a arrived off Dover. The Sacramento has arrlvod at Cherbourg. ( It < tated that the Yeddo bolotg3 to the Prusslin gar* eminent, not to the rebels. Great Britain. 1HK DftBATR ON DI8BAFL1 i VOTR OP ^KNTOTtr. Tbe proceedings of Parliament on the 81b wore unlrrt* Variant, the de~)ato on Dtsrnell's moti 0 of censure itan l* .eg ad.loorccd till th& 7th of July. In the IIoueo of Lor 13 I/>rd Han rlearde will more an amendment to Karl i(a;moBbury't motten. ne proposej ID omit the clause stating that the jnfet li.nuenoe ot En?, land hes broa lowered, and Insert, " tlstt the Houno ro? srets thut Deunv.rlt >7?s allowed to expoct from Crlttsb gcrcrnmcut matorial aid In support o( tha tr <.v.j of 1353." Lo?ooj?, July 8, 1834. ? Tho debate In tbe ITou^e of rotnm ns pro^rearei?. Flerr# party spirit 1s evmeo I. A division Is expected to-night, ecuio esnmate* givo tb minirtry only four majority. Tha Dr.nlah War. Prince Jotn, of Gtccksbnrg, tho youn.iMt ftrcUier cf tbo King of renmark, bad reached Earl.n, it raa sup* posed in the Interests of peaco. A private telegram from Copenhagen says It ba^ bectt deterialood at a council of ministers to tretl for peaca dirsctly with Prussia, upon the basis of Peomarx being adm tied Into tbe German Confederation, as tbs only tni<an? ofsavlng ibe monarchy Tbls was regarded a a hlKhly improbabls. Russia was making active naval preparations at Croa *t at. It s'ved that a Retslao sqnadron was about to Vlfit tho .^wiMiUh and Danish p>rts In tha Tlaltio. I f{ec',al te!ei;ramp from Copenhagen to the London TeU grip' ci uflrm the K?port tbst peciOc negotiations wera giiiie 00 between I>enmark and Prusila, and that pending tb?e4 uo attack would be made. Lomvow, Jnly 8, 1S?4. 1 The. e i? no ne^s or hrportanoa In regard to tb* Dan lab war. ? Tbe Hoi y ililsaea. 'Hie Ai str'an erab?*sy at Pa-lg gives a formal doaial t? tti? a*se. * Tj*of the l/>odon Morning Pait relative to tha new Holy Alliance, and say? tho alleged lettef of Raob< berr to .Ve'.'ernie.b never existed. Th Ix-n '^n Owl authoritatively states that Napoleon re.-< ntV warned Austria agninst joining the alliance. a( be should consider such a measure as directly alme4 aftsinst Krnnco; and tbat tho Immediate effort was It cx'iso Austria lo hesitate in giving ;in ber aaueskon to thg allltni-e Tbe r.ondon Morning It raid continues to aoaert Ha falih in published correspondence, and says It him rti no-' Its objeot, the eyes of all Europe being now open'-' to tbe oonsplraoy, while there la a tendency to reapproachment botwe*>n'Ureat Prltain and fraaecs Cimmtrrlal Intrlltfeaes. Tilt LONPOM MONK V HA IIS FT. . Lojrpo*, July 8, 1Q04. noraols f r money, #0 V a 90S,. American secur'tics flat, witrtou! aales lie bullion lo the bank baa decrea*ed i'AlT.OOO. LIVERPOOL MARKKA. |jv?mrTM)i .July 8, 2884 C'ttoi).? Tbs brokers' eirenlar reports tho salsa of tb* w. ? k a* bales, including It.ROO to speculators awt 24.4(W to exporters Themirketbas been booyant aixt price*- are one half of a penny lo t:ir?e-quart*re of * pai. ar bUKar. Ibe aalaa te day {Friday) are esftmatedsl V2 0.i0 hales, inMudleg 4 ooo to speculators and export**, Iho mnrkrt closing buoyant ami boldora demandlM a further a<' 'anco. The authorized quotations ars ?Hd? dliag fX^ins, 8AWd.; middling Uoblles,30>td ; middle* upland* ' 'Vd. Tho stock in p->rt Is eetimated at 28\00? ba:es,( wbloh ?, 600 are An.<;ric?n. Rre. dt are quiet a* Heady, except for prlng whe..' u s&tcb a decllae of id. a 3d. has be? ?ut>? mttte ' w. Pro- i] n? Arm. ? ThaR'rla aid Arabia oat ward 4o?n<|, St. .)c*w, N. F , July 'Wt. Theeteamship Hecla, from Now York fo Liverpool was boarded at .eight o'clock Sunday ever?i off Cap* Race. Wind strong rmm K. N.K. Ihe auat n#ws and commercial despaiehes were piacftl on ftnad. Two boprs later tbo steamship Arabt*(?leo fVom New York fepl.iverrool, waa signs ilea doe aovtfc.firoa tb* Cap", hut wne s^en too late to mard bar. Tbls mornirg we nave a bitter cold nor > sat sr. Ther* momet r do. ? Priioneia Uxchaagid la LnwIatA*": Rost"- * Gcverner Andrew baa rer ('aoby, dated ** ?, * Ce?' - . T? yt) ? ? ' *" V t ?ati? " jnly is, 1864. .^ived v lattar Tt*t? Oar?ra| ...? Ortaaaa-. Tth Inst., announcing tha| .?..ei thjti.B, of the Forty second Maas^gMkevu r*gu ? | n?nt, with the portion of W*>e*mimand '**an f t at tkt es^e re of Walveaicn. baa h?an at. V'aags l, and w _ i on hto way home. . r- - ? ? "

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