Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1864 Page 2
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f 1*1 A NCI A U AND COMMERCIAL. ' ? - _ Motoat. July IS ? gP. M. The of Mr. FesstuJeu with tbe Sfci-oelSted backs hav%g | roved buwcl res lit. there ?? ample hw?o?TOr ooq.tort.urc ut to wbst bis policy? wbet: ho J .?? declare u? mil be. Just a w tbe prospect looks badly for the Trettury Department. Tbe no# 6* ciary his ?n tared oMice a: a critical pitiiKl in Ifce bwury ?( tiie war, Bti A 10 him the people look ft>r * ooirpo of mil n ca cubtied to retrieve I bo I'ertuuas ?'? 'be country , w.itch, hi dor r L corrupt auk tooompeteat management t?f Mr. Cbw#, prvmteei before k*T *? drift lutoa.'oaol it?c.k s.iptcr *t;.i ration prices and ultimate repudiation. With #i. iit< <?!) Iiuim mUttNBS of dabt, a currency wwtb tnt*y tbifU-flvc ceo is on tbo dollar, oxpeuse* r uot.-ig on at the rah* of ne?rty three tutfHone per day. and an ?11 but tut 1 1> Tua.urr the oouniry wai luovit.g ra >p d!y in the dire-i ion Indicated. i Wbc:. Mr. Chase ieft ill* C?biuet, thsrefore, a s;>iendid .Opportunity occurred lor big successor to imjirove ujxmi tbe oxsdiliig Mate o' tutu^a, *i.d avert the threatened catastroi he. Tbo mtyuke^ of llr. Chase were -o obvlo i smd their ooi. .? lueuces so direct that uo bettor warn ng Jtf wbicb his eucevtsor might profit could have been, foami W ti ttts eiporienee N>ftre him Mr. Pesieuden came to New Voik to o>>nfor with tbo representatives or tbe old bank*, aud m&ko arrangements for a loan. Ti.ey io?elved htm with ovoi^y dle;iORitK<t\ to ineet bii views to tbe extent of tbe means at their command, and oH'ered to negotlato with h:ra for loan o[ fifty millions on seveu a:.d three-tenth* Treasury notes or bords.witn tbe proviso, however, forced upon them by necessity, that he was to allow Ibc loan to retnaiu ?? an luscnbed credit on tbetr book: till be bud ccasioif to draw for it in instalments to pay public electors. This proposition beta* contrary to precedent and tbo letter felt bough not tbe spirit of tho law} Mr. 1 e -widen, after a number of prolooged Interviews on the subjeot, do tin d. He would only accept payment of ibe full amount In greenbacks iuto tbe pub- treasury; and, as tbe oo41eciive Stale banks of New Yoik, Ho. too aud Philadelphia have uo; ba t that amount of gfeei;i>acks in their \ .utte, assent to tbe te ms proposed was impose! ? trie. Thus, instead o! baring uaiteJ. tbe baukiug to toreat to su] ;wrt ct tbe, bo has mule matters wsise tli*u they wwo boore, an ; placed the Irca-tury ?ud tbo banks ta a semi-bofftiie altitude towarjls each other He will ug en^r^b to acevt tbe loan on bis owo terms, but no: on tboeo w'.i >i tbo InuiIcs wtie alone ab'o U< oliar, ?ul, u.-io. I o. Bludyiug public utility Ju hi? no^otl3Uon% ho nllowed him-eif to bo governed by a teebtii1' ity.acd Dually ratnrnod to Wnsbington wltb the object of bis snissioD unan otopiisbod. With reirar?nb!e obtusoness lie seotas to have ar^-ocd that If be contd rot get tbo money ho required from t'.-e banks he coul ; by an r.p. ^>ea; to tha people, iu the form of a r> rular loan, b.i?ea on seven aud three-tentfcs Treasury i:rtos cr bond.-, not con sidering that sucb a loan, if sncco'sful, would cause a rapid absorption of the bank deposits, and f:Tce tbo bank.?, hi self defeii':'\ to throw upon tbe market a co1"^.. arable port'on of ihe (government ??>:< ,..e~ they hold, probably to tbe ; ? I'irftit or a <1 : a t twenty million", v iHch would ?t once Jopruclate their value bel >w tbo tlxed price of the new loon. The toverntrcnt be n; undersell In this manner, subscrl) tions 10 tbe new loan would be cheeked, tip a mstter of couise, and it would prove a fai ure. Therefore, if Mr. F.^scnden conoiders be has control of tbe banks, he is seriously mistaken. Tbo case Is ju. t tbe ojijioeite, and to be succoesfnl In bis financial career be must open bis eyes to th's con spicuous and important fact, and piaoc bimseir in harmony with tbcm as a borrower, it will not do for biai to rcn tbo ruk of dopecding on private agencies and the national b.i.W.3 for supi>ort at tbig crlH cal period, and ignore tbo reprp?ontatives of the ro*l wealth or tha land. To rely upon adventurers and make a speculation of tbe national licance^ would be likely t end in the ruin of the country and the Secretary 's own utter failure as a l'.n:n<> r. We would therefore seri ously a Aviso Mr. Fessenden, before be fit els it too lato, to reconsider bis decision with regard tomuking the ^tito banks depositaries of tbo public funds to tbe extent of their loans to tbe Treasury, and we would urge wpon him tbo necessity which exists for harmonising tbe conflicting element!; that threaten tho alienation or tbe national Treasury from tbe groat banking and oon: -ner clal sections of tbe country. His duty to tbe people de mands this unity of interests, and to neglect it ik to ocurt disaster and add to tbo legacy of evils left bim by bis predecessor. Tbe following is tbe latest statement of tbe public debt, and bears date tbe 12th of July. It is signed by the acting Secretary of tbe Treasury, and we cocmeiid its suggestive figures to tbe careful perusal of Mr. l esvtn den:? EK?T n> tr.l.NG IXTERI fT iS COM. , Jifitf rf .tm/i'mi Avf hnrlz :n<i A 1 1. Chnrarttr qf Itmtr, (! ,- ' , - Itrv;. Jan. 2^, 47 Bou'ls. 6peret $9, < I H ISO March II. '48 Bon.ii 6 pcrct. ;<4I June II '.v .....Hn d-. Sprrt 2>' (?)(<, i (Xi June 22. <10 l? d<!? .r> |>or ft. V ,< ?2.?. f*u P%b. R. '? 1 R >'i(5' 6 j?t IP. ? 1 5 iw>0 I Juty 17 ft Aug. 5, '61. K .n ls -perct. A< > 00J.(X> ' luly 17 .V Aug. 6. M . Hda. exch. for 7.80. |S per r ??. 40. 1W 860 Feb M. 'it. i."i.ds, 6 2u 6 |?. r ?t 61 . 75(>.WK) 1 March S, 'W Kond*. 1 i a Sper.t. 7.V?4?i.t.M Sept. y. 6 1 tt <t? 1e ..<a luttoin. .6 per i, 2,li?l,UX> March C. Xl tonrts Oreton wsr.fl i er et. 1 < lfl.' 0>J fui)' 17, '(I ....Nolea Three voara 7 SO o ct W.8 7.t*?i March 3, 'CJ l.ouis. . . ?> per ct. *1 527.1*7 Jtgcr??at? of debt bearing eo n inferc* 4 M, '""XT* ,r^v<- JwS? n*. 29. V..r?wbI.?/Eri?MI 4" March si. -4? r.$; ;.?<!?? joWifi * J?'r '7olc u, i ^:y '????. ^ A Jo.y Feb S. ??l....P?r^:.''5ftei'l>Si;!iV, *U00 Jco- 4 ,Tu1T 'am i7*.4 1,101 "" 4 Jul* AOf. 5, 61,. of govern nent after w >?*rs Irotu Jui^ folT 17 M1 Pav*t>> * at ' pin'aVirc VW0 0W J?n- * Jo'J Auf 5. 61. ol ^overiiuieni alter 2' 1 ) m? frnm June Fab. 26. J,*'I,:n lan 4 J jl* aud payable v ear* March 3, '61 Vl, *??.?? 4 *<>'? and jwval.le iu years W*'?. ??".30. March 2 '61 RM^'imbfe 2o'yVar? *'?:j 1 .7. -6. . A 1^' it is 'and Oct. i.' _ I March S, -8S .Payibieafler 7,JM'W,A#?19t01'G? 'Si l Ml.C27.Jaa. <1 Jufr Aesr^gAtr nf debt bearing r-oln ?b "A LAWrVL Mtmwr- I juiy.rji ... .Ttejrria ..jet. V1!* *2. T*'np. loan .???? . Z <?S2&2 iJ1'' j'i T.n?p. loan.. .6 prct,? ? Cx'hU'ium March I, os . .C?rt rica?ee of w,.iya,oi# i>._k ? lti4?b"dnfM.6 pr el . _ 164 vw rvm J ? I r-ar DOW.. .5 pr e| . _ 1 $}???,?; J5 M ,rmrl"C,S'8,K'0t - - (wkoletaaue),2 fear* notna. L.*. wltbdr'a wlUlcoul,,? 5Pf?- tlSO.OJO.CW ?lid d??truved or ready to b. ?eatroyed .... ? ? 84,45^5^ March 3, '63 ...8 reara eom. *" T 103,330 pnubd tote. ? reMacHra.. .6 pr ct . . - 1S.OOO.OOD Ag,ire/ate of lawful money iu wrest .. *400**), 010 Ifr t-tmn'le Whin Authnriilntr Arit. nr fmmhU. JnUmt. Pitun'tit. July 11, '6t Ten din* uotlor af ter ttilrtT Im $36,430 _ July II, '(3 Ten da?? dm im after lUrlj ?!,??.. 311, ?03 ? 3uly 11, '63 /Ten -leva notice , after thirty da, i. i.KlS.790 Wfcrth 1. '? One Tear from date 9,K7| m) 1 rear fro. data (arch S, 63 2.2K 000 1 Te?r fm. ? 3. 624.000 2 JTfa, S. '63 (wfiole mil#. "?>e December 1 , 186S . ? l?5* WbdruwD and OeV ot d.or ready V iealro/?4../ *>276 167 June and . Dm IM 8 rear from date ? ..At matt). Agf r^!? lawful money interest. . f 21 .OP, 192 pK?t on tmeii iirrFtiMT ctaiwp. ('kii rniitir Am Ikoririin Adt. of imw. Amtunlt Outstanding, Aitoh. i<\j Bonds ? 44 A#l?pn ,rti,,H.'.7 Treaty Not??. ? l04.f?HM j||o^m>r21 1837 .Treaa'y Hotaa. ? 'jO t?, > TrHia'y jtotM. ?? 600 0) March l Id i Trrm'y NotM ? 47,180 U0 ?. ??* 1 - 4^0 00 AM'te of debt on which Itlereat fc*? reaaed , ?370, 17o55 ritat nriBiaa ho i v * 0?, 000 09 fA> ?mount mvi-f qp Ib'I 0<il?>an4 vivu ??? 1780.638 00 SvcTn'i/V/ "lSf) L'" * 00 S - ... *00, 0#", 000 00 RSW ? m.rt?..ni4 .. a. w. ? r.06M7Q 00 /?if If, MB.... { r?#w? . . i^f ?14J?4,m 0t 1MM.TM 00 I F -action 1 Our ..P+iryn * Unpaid r?qn:?'Uoa? fW.M7.000 (10 Ameuut lo Treaaury It ' I4.MM 73 mmila O I deb< BM Mm4?| MmtM vrrn W MMIvutiox. Am ?*W ln<*T'?* IeM hearing mtrreet in coin. ..9tyJ4,lft<.619 o7 $&:.I1S.36( 67 D. 'ii fci-arlu^ iniemt iu money ..... 4W,?\01o tl lt.6W.IUt 81 r>? bi an which in t'd bu* oeatei SWJlTi' V? ? I>oul beariut' Bo luleroal 530, S' V ST ? Total ,.'..?l,t0?,aw.5(.i> H #73,762.654 48 Very little buslueaa was duns iu tUe atock jutrkat 0 d if. Compared with Saturday's quotations, New Ymk Ccntrai sdvaroed \ |>?r oonl. l.rie llahfoaA llute'.n Rlyer Reading l.v,', Chicago, Btirliuglou audtjuibry 1 X, Cumberland Coal &, and gwk-lcailver ilikiUtf 1 ,'(? Erie pro orred stock declined Michigan Ootrwi >i, Ulabigau .Smikcra 1, Hanoi* Ceaiiai ,l? , aud C4?io?go ftua Northwestern jtf. Gold r|Kt>ed si 257, d'cllncd to 264 Si , and in tbe after nior ad* inoeu lo 1*02^, which was tbe oloeingquotati in. 7bn lolioimig ttfcle shows tk<* ti>Uli> of the aVanuuautb of the aarociated btnxs of t&ta city on the ami {Saturday of euch nnTtU derioe tUe present year, wiUi thoae ut tba past two nooks.? i X-oa*$. fipeot* Circulation. D?f>o*iU. .Un. J. $174.7 14 ,485 25 1*1.036 6.108, 1131 14O.2i>y,?50 < Ffh. C. lSa.07it.K49 24,070,701 6,974,762 133.b49,U42 WW. 8. m.265,4S# ai,88#,?68 6,93:1,249 16*.9JS046 April 2. !rtW,M,a 131 19 627, 6,7n?b,9:i? 171,161 .SIM May 7.192.881,240 28 082,028 6 604 ,*82 l?5.o<? 197 June 4. It'0.7-M).fi09 22,4fil,C0i 6,18<US*> I74,61ti ISflT JulW 2. 19S0K9.016 21,*)G,0#I5 4,752jtl7 164.0S9.M4 .liitjr 9. ie9,?it<l?.7l2 21.084,917 4.0041,107 160,691,1.18 July 16. 199 ,0411 ,887 21,234,354 4,724,638 16ltSlG.U17 Decrease in loans !$(>?' s,f-i6 Increase In aptcie . t> 4 9 Inert a?o Iu circulation 24.431 bect eoae iu dei>o*iis I,67aj001 llie New Voile Assistant Treasurer reports to-d-iv as follows? Kcccpta from cuatooos $1 " i foo Total receipts 8,867 ?17 f'avroi?r.t3 P.72CjK74 HaUuae 20,il.V'W Stoik Kirhawe. Mondht. July 18?10 30 A. M #1*100 1'S C'?i. 'Sl.onu... 102Ji i UK) aha trie RR. : 1{3 ? 4 MI US *v. 62*1 a co.i lot 1?? do-.. ?? ? A. 410 >o. Itf i i;vBr?epref: ?hl* un! 1 *40';*. II'"..: 8 jo Readmit' U? ...... J j VS0i,!^x^: w* i? dS :::: l|i^ /:? ?' ill a w?.-- 1 l 14 ?o * 2 iiOO'jIoaMV l*U.i.r 1(? r:L' t ? 1 ;i:, 1C! Mich Ui-nt P.R 13 n i i,V jiVle';... 10l)a i; 0 Mich 8 * N 1 RR |-j? j <?i ?. I ,il s t b) l?it 2*0 do ... ? ? ? ? ? o? v 3 p * 0 clS A Alton 1. 1 11> 110 Sf.O 1.1 C-.-nt RR scrip . . Jt^i una dk 11. 1 1 do......' c )?i 4", Rba cii-.vo. i'o 5 6 JtOClevo -1'iltaUK. ? ' M)Det4 ImdCanalOo Sj? W df ... .... ? l''> 2,01'unibUoalp er H SO ' (? two 4 M? JIB i."l) iluu on 151 i-R. .<? 1 loO ? J,, 1 1 fa . ..b18 128*S 41 do y < I ( ?> 1 . . 7 1 1 ' no a . ?*? st K Y Centra! RK.. W :tOJ do l;)j^ 11! 40 alO tS'X HO 4-).... ?<?Jj J K<21! 2' CTile. R tc <) Rlt ... U K l(?i .lo . ..eid l.VJ 4 lOOI'itl^. I' W *C Rlt. 112'^ , 0 l.j.:1, 2-KI do ? 11* a n0 do! 1 . 1 810 152 2tW '"O b30.ll "20 Erie Hit USK f. Cblc A Alt RR pref. 9.; 4U0 Lo... !&3 112?! ? ' 4 Bt J RR ptwf . >3 fcECOND BOAttTJ. Hawpwt Two o'nm r * ?'?V!00 C 8 C's <81. ite. iW'i oa il.s Rtadlnfc RR .. 152 7 <i0 U S 0-6. 'SI. cou.. 102 -l 600 do J-U anvil V S f.N, 5-^/. -i, co 11 1 ' 4 ,la '20') no.... .... . .. u c-5Qy\ VI S 6 s 1 xmv < nr '.'4 Chic X Kk I Id RK . lift. 4, 2W? ?be N V C<Mrtr..l BR }.'? 100 do.... .. . *?.? Ill i y 1 CM 11 inoli Uea RR scr. I2t 51) I'acifi' Alail SS Co. . 280' 10 ? do bin 125 IWbSS RR lli.. 400 Clev v 1 -Its RK. . . . ig S0'? do 'I 'e rO ChkaiO i N W pr_f 9> lOOIludaoa RicRK.... liT1* 200 ? i,^ di 12J 100 Cln a,:' ?> A I? \\ RK 61 2^1 MicU So Jt .N ! BR.. 82^ 110 do !*ew York City Bunks, July 10. ISO#. n, mlt- Lnonr. spn-iu Circular. l)t<<o?xts. \meilcin 111,933,051 1,810,06;; 6.515 10,4^2,291 \mcrican i v... 10,270,907 1.476, 033 28.434 . .1 i:>,S ? 3 AHart'C ? 12?5,678 68,123 10? .000 1,113*84 niT*Hea'(l. .... 872,763 '.<2,053 140,035 805.744 "road 5' '8 ,4 43 *9,099 .652^0 UotchV 5: 1 rov. 2.ol2,5-ll llo,021 2-;>,C2 > \ 1 ' cJ-3 t orn Exchar.,je . 3,336,927 2"< i 69* 112 mailnental. .. 4.431 to 207,108 21,306 *#??}%] (.ommonwca'tb. 3,146.72s lOd.164 14 .0 J V? ??-i C\ti;eu?-' 1,2715,263 V?3,f 6*2 70,823 J.06h,783 ChMhvr .... 1,718,834 r .,ll"> ? 9,4r,? I 3I1X05 C-MooKTce to 912,8-7 1.007.010 1,70". 8,809,148 CUeinicul 5,276 ,291 1,017,010 20,608 0.0W i.OaO Cltv 4,fc.l'.4,704 Sat), 1^1 ? l.SOo.OoS njv POCK 199,020 61. 702 20.100 4M?6* Fait Kivcr 658,034 20. '00 lOi'-l.. 62o,l<kl ?uu.>a 3, 608;4?6 402.192 41.159 2.S09.4;8 Greenwich.'. w_.i,:.W2 66,yti2 27.0^2 ;14.0.^ 1 rrnferfi 053 2,' 2 19,412 6 ISO *'J7,S7t Hanover .. .. 2,600 OK" 019,714 99,334 1,842,449 1m nor:. A 1 cad. 3,910.340 ??.?98,05': 164 94:! "9*0,036 irving 1 411,758 :5 53'i 9o.h<> l?201,6a7 lA?th?r \lcnuf8' 2.' 35,091 32" VJ3 37/52 2,4i.^.5.R MsnbaTu^ ??? 0,939>14 900,154 H.9W ?,099 "6 KK KB* 'IS? S3 ISn 9SX*\ i?S3 IRS "SB iffifij fii lik'E \E?'n 1. 533,092 115 981 If! -.10 1~4,.3C8 Msnuf. & Moreb. 1.368,705 86.037 2,034 1,10.3 Meobs k XraO?' 1,825,725 125.631 J&Mk! kiar me ? ? 2, 00.', 210 89. "51 97,7 18 1 1 vtv York \-V. 7,205,859 1,093,863 00,395 6,5,0.390 North RIVCT.... 1,319.452 54,770 29,090 1,129.158 N York Comity. 004,617 21,097 9~>,848 740,033 Norltt AfflwSl ? 5.950,513 09.068 136.^20 2,727 M v-""M *' 070,559 10",s7l 6, ,28 1,84., ,492 Viitl n&L . 2 616,605 4fi'J,714 20,259 1 ,4; i ,466 ?,S lo2.''31 90,"6 1,571322 oriental* ...... 8.5,738 h3,487 luJJ,8t?2 A..2,l*2 t>_, v 10.161,<>?9 1,008.204 3*".7>*0 M<2,W> ; 4Wi? 785.150 24.247 3.976.101 Proles . 1,279.974 104 534 14.792 l.ltfl 320 ^??p'e8 I'or'^ lOo.t.14 61.2'jl 1 542,098 d wii. 4 2-'6 5U 1(60 ? 20 25,808 2 998,777 as sf Sr,: StfS l?s JiSS aas rr^mcn" 2,818 814 113 344 346,566 2,022,993 V uwT . . . : . ' 6,-31 ,?44 0W.410 _ 2W 4.23..U79 Total $ifH),043,SR7 21,234,3544,724,608 151,816.947 ondvn', July 9 $X6 521,425 72 I . ar i>r Tor 'he week coding Inly 16 4fSb.l2 ',409 4k Balance* ror tuo ? e?k ending July 9 . 18 744.76T 44 Beianct* lor tbo week ending July 10- ... 19,il5,4.1 u0 CITY COniHBaciAL REPORT., July 18? C T. M. Amis ? V.cceipts 32 blls. ; markot quiet but firm, at $13 50 a (13 76 Tor pot? and 615 60 for pearls. Bttr.AOnrm.? Keccipts 18,953 bbls. (lour, 496 bbls corn meal, 122,682 bushels wheat, 69,088 d(\ corn, 76,215 j do. oats and 0,277 do. malt. The flour market ojcued strong and an edvnn<ie cf 10c. a 20c. waa established, but closcd wink, under the reaction of gold. The demand was about equally divided amoos the home trade and evpertere, with iomelittleipeculative taqn try. 2,000 bhlr. eitra State having been bought for Angimt delivery at $11 26 a $11 60. The salee no the ?pot Included 15,000 bbls. oxtra ?tate and Western, 1,400 ^outbern and 060 Canadian. The greatest was on shipping brand* of State and W cetera. Rye flour was scarce and vory firm, with tales of l.Vi bbls. at $8 25 a $10 26, the latter an extreme price for Jobbing lots of choice. Corn meil waa quiet but firm at $7 75 for Jersey and $8 10 fot Braudywine. We quote ? Snperflne State and Western flour .f9 65 a 10 00 Rstra State.. ..10 25 a 10 50 Choice Sute 10 W) a 10 75 Common te medium extra Western 10 00 a 11 'Jt Extra round ho?p Ohio 11 00 a 12 00 Western trade brads >11 00 a 12 00 Extra 34. 7oul? 10 25 a 11 00 Common gontbera 10 eo a 11 50 Kxtra aod farcy do 11 60 a 18 00 Common Ckn?d?an 10 26 a 10 50 ' bolco to extra do 10 50 a 11 76 kye Hour, soperflna 8 25 a 10 26 Corn moal, bbls 7 75 a 8 40 Corn meal, puncheons 39 00 a 40 00 ? 1 lio wheat market adv.taccd Sc. ? 6c., but doted heavy In sympathy with tbe downward moremeut li gold later In the day. Kales 107.000 bushels, at $2 38 a $2 60 for Chicago sprlog (Including 15,000 do. Kactae, to arrive, at ft 40), $2 40 a $9 62H for Milwaukee club, $2 62 a $2 66 for amber Milwaukee. $2 58 a $2 C6 for winter red Western, $8 16 a $2 79 ror amber Michigan, nod $2 08 for common wblte/)bio. Rye and barley un varied, Inactive and prlcea nominal. Corn was lc. a 2c. deirsr. with a good demand; sales 76,000 bnnhcls at $1 66 for unwound, $1 68 a $1 60 for found Western mixed, In stureand afloat, and $1 r, 1,14 ror Western jelkw. oats ad vanced lc , with a good domitnri, closing ut 96c |a 98c. ?.won was lesa active and Urm, with sales of 100 bales. We quote:? Vpltn d. Florida. Mot ile. iV. 0. <t T. Ordinary i42 142 143 143 .Middling 163 163 164 1 61 Good middling 170 171 172 173 Conrt ? We note sales of 62 bags Msracsibo ?t 62>(a , 16 do Rio at 62c., and 1,400 bsgs do., in bond for export, oo terms not made public. PSBioim were firmer, with a moderate business. En gagements to J tverpool, per American, 21,000 busbela wheat at 5d., In bsga 100 tons oil cake at 12s. 6d. 160 balea hemp at 16a.; per aotitral, 14,000 bnebsla wheat at 6;4d a6',d. , in bags, 100 bhdp. sugar at 20*., flour at Is. ?d., and per steamer, 9,000 boxea cbasse and 500 packaaea bfitter at 60s. , 609 boxea bacon aod 300 tlercee . Isrdalais. Te Ixiodoo, per American, l.oOO bbls. flo ir at 3s 3d , M tone o?i ^ 37s, ?d , 160 kegs nails at 35s ; 'arid per nealrat, l 000 bbls. floor at 2s. 4>jd To Bristol, 10 tons lard at 2fle. To Hamburg, 16 tona maaaarameat goods at 17s. 6d., and par ateamei , 40 tons fuatM at 60s. Aa Italian bark and brig war* ehart*t?d to Cork for orders with 17,000 aod 33,000 boaheia wbe>t at 6s. A Norwegian bark, same voyage, 1,700 bbls. p?troi?.,m at la. or if to tbe oontiaant, at 6a. Od. A Danleh brig to I Londonderry, with prt?llege Of two other imrls In Ire flnl, 3,000 bbia. nour at ts. l m?- A bark to Oadls, light pipd atavde, al $M. ?ad home, with eau, ? 0. |. MougMB waa qaiat and unchanged. | FartCe^ ?03? b?ia. th ?r? FM DP? *? muoh activity la the market tflday Mihere wa? m 8at urday, wbea tbe exporl deraefed was kicretse* by Uie advancfe In gold, w L>Ab relieved ?rhsnpe, but the mar ket was pretty turn at the advance of 2c. ? Sc. meDi|jn"d la Faiurtuy'i report. 3be sata wore fight of crude acd beaded, bill free was dull and tiouiioal, with aliiK?t uoiuiiix doing. Tt>" salaa w?e abott 1,000 bbta. . at S3-, lor crude. M4e ft m' . for mmmK ?? tbe ?|iot, w l.r Aiipiui, and (1 03 a il 06 for tree for Auftuet. Provisions ?Receipts, 1,702 bWs. porn, 600 packages beef and ii24 do. lard. Ibe poik market was more ucUva a.i I htfcbvw ?Mtaa 1,600 b6u.. a*$4o tar aMi.MT " f*3 Tor riwv tiff.. Olefins at Mil liflor pftcf," ?6J $3SS$*tf tof priiao tll'.i 8.600 bb'.a.rti'W uieaa tor u ly , bnyar '? opi'on. m f M a #46. and 604 piima me*s, Mini toi ms and delivery . at $-19. tlie beef market w is dull and Micb ti-'d- '*Me? of 1A0 bbt? , at i> u S'O Tfr country t'firua, $itf a $18 lor country ness, $2 ' ? $-' H* rei scke^ 6?ee? aud fjlB a 100 for oatru do. Pii? e trie** fcler was qul?u and iT^nuiia!.' T\i me'itc wt sternly at a lOr. fcr shoulders, and '8^,0. a U'f f r hums. l.nrtl vrafrin'fYtr flfcpoKt ami higher aale?'>f 2,800 >>blh. and tierces at Inc. a l?*,c. Butter audcUoeso wote ijuiet and tonvmal. Bm wsp quiet, with small k&>i at previous prions. ?< .ah la lair rague-t, wttH aaleir.of *09 . Cutia niunrf vido on private Hernif>, to hhta. dn. al 21c., ntid 100 do. il?, at 21 J?c. reili^Jj mtm quite active it. J T?llow was firmer, with sales of 130,000 lbs. ftt lfl^o. a4t^.c. for good to puOMk country. >Vn tKf.v.? Hccelpu 2,303 ibs. The maikot wan firmer, bur irregular and miserietTT Pi'.ca 2,000 bbls. tt $1 <B a reported. Muse >oi YV cetera tail TO? ane? t renin FIVAlSClAt A TLaNTIO BAVINUS BASK. 1S5 C HATHAM SQUAB?* J\ Keflr York, July l. !86t.-=I)..po*iters ere ? iieieby mill fled ttiat oh aud aftir M iddat, July tit ltfC4, it dtvidei d cf sU fto ur com prr annum, tree of covet nmcDt la*, oa' deport* entf-ne,1 ?hnreto te!H'Her,*H. lutovest not wttU draw u will be gredilod&ud will dra^v?U) t^ii^^a ^in uUjtM . .Ttwrnpn P. C.-or??. Pear?'ia??.' K. it. ? Dt-j> u?iu made ou or befare J ulyJB will dj?w in Icrejt from July I. pJflZJUW SAVlflUS HANK. . " Bowery, corner of Canal AHPRTS,;' $1 W ??>? C i AH ttKMwy (VpoMUxl oa or befoit July no vrlii V,?nr mi'T e?l from , Tilly 1. 81* jior MM iiitcN-at allr wed, lr#<"of (orernment tai. on ] all Minis of ij.iOO aud .under, aud inc par ccnt on lui'sor [ ?uma. "*? u j Kai.k opr !i dHily f.iim 9-t" 3 aud cut MondafV Wednssd.iy an ! Ki id jy everjinqa. from 3 to 7. Han* twokw In English fJrri'inn tni Pr^nclt. Ui,vMOUK A. Hum a, fc>> a. t.KO. FU1.SO.M, Prosiil'int. /"in-norri'V cotrs-TV (On?ot'Bokr??. -notice ."Irs ! \J hPreb ven by tin? Oommitddnrr.t of the oounly of ! to hncton |n the litatp <J Uliio, to tUe hvlciera ujT ui Bonn, I mi 'rr*n otir o firs trwns'ee, for one theimasd do! I lara eaub.and fan .1 t'-e Cfteentli.dny uf. Jauuar.v. A l>. ?><1,v mrt rfominfti i >ners !*? nfchalf rf salr. couuty | <>i Coilio; ton 'o the stenlif iiville anil Indiana Kauroad pany tt better; tbat on the (fith day ? f l um-uv. *. D? i*?.">, th" ?nl#e?*itn<< iif OoSheHton wnf o*V nftM l>. T;1 jt win . tiie l?4(frcst 111 rcrm < l< to itwsalj . lot h flay c: ,law.?r.-, A. H , ! > ,, ii i rov d .'. Ill d lonns, at tile o^'cl- of Ai m. IW11 a Son n the ri.r of Now Vi.rk (there ljelt'tt u? . e o. ii'.n ybfo l.lf' Int.i|-.anro and Tru?t Uomua; r.n ' *n [ said slt.v ?> .,t "? hic*i t'rne andplari; tli'- aaMeenrtt ?t <'?? I i;hoi-'onnriif ienfiind thejrmeiideriCf mrt bonds. WltH l! o reuiainios couu^e.' bel^i.giof t hereto ? Inly. l.r> iWt. wfLf lAM IHNI.OS, lf'omrn ^?on, ts, | JAJUKti M. SMITH, V er O^iKK-t >l> THOMAS D.UILIN'C, > fcunly. Olsio. | CIA PIT AT ? AN EDUCATED SCOTCHMAN, OOOD iJlN- i - sniat ioveoUvo. in.lueUrir.tu aail nh<i csia liil'i.enifa eoiitraets. 'fsii'es t.i ine.n i caritalretto star: 1m in th's o . I ki- piny i?lj onnttoi Nr> ou will ewrreirot ensa^h ; ia this. .\d rcss I!":.: t, Ilcj.uU C l.-.e. Oil 8 M,E? A TIAl.r DIMS OP 17!W, A BCACnrL L aj-coliueu. Addresa, au'.iogofl'er. box t II- i'oti F Tntfukr ? ov riTr srofK^.-THR iNTr;rti'..'rr on" ti e 1) niv- .mil stocks tT U.o c tv and rMinly nf Nc* T'fi i due and pa\a ' e Aug ,e?. t, 1*64. will b"pnd on that dav by ! Dan i 1 s .- . rhinbe'.-tln at t e Br ia'flway Bank. ( The transfer b'">K? will berimed T?ie?i'i?. the 12m iusi. I MA'CTTIEVV T. UBENNvN, U>m,ptro'if r. i Cur of Nrv.- Yont. Dri'airt.'. '^t-<?i Kl^?a^.*p1l i CotiriHoti.m'.H Oi-ricE, July .7, 1-0+. ) Kings COUNTY WAR ENLISTMENT LOAN. t ~ir~X) COUPON HONOR Kings Coi&TY Tiisascbsb's Orncr ? 1"! 0(i?irt f?rre^?. Btvi <Kr.Tv Inly 7. T CC ? < , | Trr] oasis wi;l be received at the ofllce of the 'Ircaaurer of- I K;ufOOoitQly, tijyil 2 P. St. on WEDNESDA V. .Tn!r 20, 1S61, I FOR ?l.UCP.UOO } RINGS COP NTT WAR ENLISTMENT* BONDS. i T- 'UOJ I ?j ?.;iu'.r tj u'W.U' am 72 of t e Law* of iAlfc I and W rteolntlofi of the Bonrd of Vnperr1?orf. adopted May ^ Tim lirnd" wil1 b' issued r sums of f'lVK) ?i-h dr\ic* A' ? :u tl. Ho4. with tnti'.cst at the rate of six P'" cent ier annum. uarr.ble aeittf-eumtnlly. t<i wit:? Otf tho '? I iliyd of \la< ;,ud Nuven.b'r. The pilacitat will bedtieaac iny? b!? a* fo'lftw - ? $ JlXl.CCO cm the 'lr*t day of Mat. 18ft. 2.K1 '? 0 on the lir? day Of Mar, l-V. ii?V ./.ion ti c first d?* o'' May. ls.1l. SoO.Won th? frn<1ny*f Mt> 1#*.\ ?00.000 on t!ie lir*t<lav ut Alay, Wts. Th? proeoeWe m iff ititrt the C3ml>er of bon.1s <tevre.l< &?> mint of ptem titn p? r hokb and for which rear ma turing Tim ptrSOns \< lio?? nropent* sr? aeeeptcl wi" li* rerin ced to deposit wi !i tho County lies* irer. on ?l?? tirst davo: Am i! .-:. l- '. the sum? ftwardftf w tl.em ie.?p?v."ivelT whenftlie feonda will lie ready for ileTlrorr. E iisJj sr.ouidiie feale<: and cndor>ed 'Ping" po<a'> i or tclasr? C" ,.ty war Enrolment Loan." and be ad dri>wl to the Oonaty Treis'ttvr. T|ie rl;;ht la res. >t red ti reject cur or all of the bids if doomed neeesnirv t<? pr?l?<-' 'be Intdree* rtf the n'?iBtr. THOMAS A. OAUUi*?K. C^quij Treasurer. MARINEI!*' SAVING* B \NT\ NO. 1 THIRD ATENl'E. Deposits recairad to Uio tllh of Jul*, will draw ir.'ere&t from Hie '*t of July. BANK OPEN MAILT from a to 2 P. M . and on MON D.'.Y. WEUSLSDAt and SATl KDAV KVEMNQS, from 6te 9 o'clock. THOMAS B, STILLMAN, President. Igiic T. Swirn, Secretary. Market savinok bank, a u NO. y: NAS SAt[ STREET. OPEN EVERY T)at KR'itt 1<i A M to S TV M mil on MONI.AY H ,n.l T II URmDA Y? from 5 lu 7 P. M. SIX PER CENT Intayst nlloned -?n and nudcr. Wi bbt poeliel on or bt-fore Jult- S.i, will draw latere. I fioon July 1 LrrnER r r ARTRR, President. JAMKsO.STONKALL.Iri , r-,?.i^^-i. uHAJiLES t OOPi-R, j ?te rresld4nls ITE^ttr R. C isai.iK, Sf-rretnrr. 'i'no 'ah W. Uowdbn, Tieaiurer. ^"OTICE. .V niceMng of the Note Bmkori of New York elyr ttwllbe I eld nt t^e oTice of Meiirs McCredy .t Armour on Tuesday, tbe I'.'Mi i natant. at 3 o'.vork P. M <; S. KtlliBlNS A SON, Mr'RLDV .* ARMOI R. Yhl.VEKTON A PHILIPS, A R. HOfNT O M. WtKlAttT A CO , li. C. BOO K RT A CO., flUDRRBlLL A HAVF.V. 11 A LliU AKTKN A llEltZl ELO. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, PaMinrirr's ornc*. Nkw Yobk Jnlr I. 1S61. SECOND MORTQAQK BONOS ({l,0Uo,UW;, Dre August I. I*?. Notlse is hereby given that tlie Bond.t of the sbore ls*n n will Ixi paid at their msturlty, A?;u t 1. 1 eXM, nt the ollce ot the cent pan jr. eorner '?f Faitrtl sisnue and Twenty rxtb street, and that the lumreat on the wtme wi.l cease from that date. WM. II. YaNDERBILT, \1oe President. New jerskt zinc company.? at a mkbtinu op the Koard of Directors of Oils company, he'd t' e S:!> daTof.Iuly l?W4, * sem.-ennukl dlvl lend of fon^ p?.- r-nt w;i* dee'er* ' en the Coram n a:.d Preferred Si ck. rayab e op ?nil ar'.er the lat dav of nrxt at the tranafer olTice t>f the e-mpanr, |IJR Llbei tr atreeL New Vork. The transfer books will keelosed from Jul v IJ to August I. B. S. OIBL1N, Secretary. N OTICE TO STOCKHOLDER!!. Orncc D*t.awas? i!?n Ilrny * Cixtt Co*pa xt. j N**' Ywta, June 23, 1864. 1 In pnrananoe of antborltv Riven at a meet of of tbe Stock holders of the Delaware and IJud?on Caaal Cou.ranr, beld o? tho 2l*t of Ai rM ajt, th-re will be apportioned aiming sueli person* aa shall be <toekho dera In tbe ar,ld eempanr on the 12th dav of Jtil.r next, twelve thouaaaj five hundred i>h ires of new at-vk in th? ratio of one a are to every st* a'laree of 'took il'en ftild lir each a toe:, bolder. l^rtl8c*tee of alack v> apportliti'd wlllbe reaijr fur aellrer* to these entitled to the ea:ue on and after tlie l?t of Aii(nat sen. ho scrip will be issued fur fractions oi a share; but tiie number of *liai c<( rerre*entlnt{ the afgre-iate of such fractions will be sold st publie Mir tlm on the 2<Hh day of July, and the net rroceeds will be paid to t*.e stcekho dera on and after the st of Augunt. aeenrdlng to their r? pect.e* Intereata. The g'jverur.ienl lax on the above msottoued apporttOB tnent will lie t<aid by the company. order of the Boord, jsaac g?*O0 freasneer. OrriCS OF THE COLt'MBIA FIRE INSURANCE Company, No. ifii Broedwar? New York. Jul* 14, 1*64. The B ard of Director* have thu da.,' deciar?d a 4M ISSIld of Ive percent, free of goyeiomcnt lai.juysb e on demiuid. EPWARD KEMEYS, BeeieUry. WnSr, r-nrlfTY OF M.W YORK. VAVaRLB *vpv,** 0\ ifmar* U Hotice 1* ^?refc-> K'.TOof i<Vw York, becoming do* of the coim : ?MJf4 ,^,'tb able Angust ?. I?j tb# presentation of ??!?? 00"?' p?ld on that o? ? fROTOBALS^KOR A LOAN St.iHJO.COO RIo? DAMAOKH RROEMI'TION B0ND8.'' THE COt'NTV OF NEW VORK. ?? wsywf.aav. SS^Viir'e o?-ned, ror the whole or anr |<sr? of ' ssssaviA- ?? ?g?-j5wsjR tntf sorr apt rmed b the Me jor. ilny I, H The eaid Vonda will near Interest *? the rato or ?i? rer 1 cent per annum, parable half year'/, on the 1st day ?f *?*? and Norember In each year, and the prlnc'pal will fee re deemed as to iowa ? h Ire hundred inouaaud doiiars on tho 1st day of Novem ber. 1877, and . _ rtre hundred Ihotiaand dollars en lh? Irt day ef Worero ber. 1871. The proposals will state the amount of bond* See red and the per oae hundred dollars thereof, sad t|ie persona whose proposals ars accepted will Itherenoon be requ red to deposit with the County Treasurer (st the Broadway Bask), on Monday the Hm dsf August, IW4, the a ibi awarded to ^On rVeeeritlng' lo ths Cemrtrolltr the reeelptg of the Connty Teeesuror foe apeh depoetre. the par<lee will be on titled w receive bond* ter euua) araeunts of the nor value of tho sums awarded to them, bearing trtereet frean August I, ?oeh proposal ahonld be ?eaied and endoraed "Propofo'e for Riot Damages R*H?niytion Bonds," and enclosed 10 0 eocon d ' ore W* . addreseeJ -to the OomptroHer. T*? iighi la redereed to reject sny or all of the hlda, If eoosldrred necessary to protect or promote the Interests or the County M4TTh1W T. BRBNNAN, Comptroller. ClTT or RltW IOBK-D?fa*t?a*T or Pieanra, i . - rvrrrcV or 'croto* ' fire rjfsrRANCR cou l ' panr-Naw Tor*, July IS Mlt? Di*id?n<1-.Ih? Boar* ?f T> rectors &*?? **J U* iarad a. divt4a?4 ?* fl?f c?nt. ^n>Abl? tii the #toekkaldor< on and after the Dtti Inst, Itwi of kovarnm?ut til. ' C,?^ 8aarotorr. PARTIES DRWIKINtt *0 IWTEBT I* AW ERTRR. pnte of i;dimu>i (ircWW ?d \ a?i'0?y. *8 <MO be dana?Mtna tod urviin e ther bj fetter or personal via:t. oan bkv? iba of tr n> dolh?( Wllhlu the aertiondava. So favfcritbl* nn ( pivirUun j nt nuking a fortune baa pater brcu M'-aemed to Om rmVie, and, om.? Ion t. will very likely c a occur utf i to .. .JtpHS, train 1# A. M. UUX P. M., to U q&ERlPEL, Jr., 256 Spii06 street. T HE COLOMBIA OOLT) *INIM0 fOMrANT, Ot Oou>raJo ("APTTaI, ir>V.iTTBHARM. * NOMINAL PA* *U EACH. HUlBCKU'TIpiS PttH K. }5 PER KB ARB. Rftcfc fun r.ild not I'hM? ss-a^ojent. lUl'STkbfl: i JAVTS W ET.WELT,. I .i . efilie arm of Jamea W. fy ivajr* O* No A7 *tr?et JGUNP. Yp.l.VtUlO.N. Est,. PresldocU of the Bauk of ' North A'rerifta. UMiHAtt Jt kOBTBU, tin., late ?* Al? ?rm of Foator 4 BfrMfOaan, .TlMRtt 1>. VI H?. r.M).. Prarident of tba Marine Bank. ,1 a?j> tLJ* IJ Ali:.\U A Y. fc#>, merchant. f>o. iil fnar! at. n PtitSIN; EsfTrkibtor or th'j Butter*- and - UfOrOK Bank. i. ? *? ? _ Proadmt. THOMAB R VOSlfeR, B?|. I iOBUku:-*' "? < F'Cttrtaty. - ?>? SAMl'Iili f{. SUYJiDUR, Eiq. Mining Superfiitbndant, ClB.MtY A. COOK. E?j.# Oraural Oily, Oolortdo. Solicitors, ? *<???-< TjDTIT>; T)AT * lOKU, NswTbitt. Mw-.tM. WaU.EI.EY & RJ> Al>. Coutiad Uty, Colorado. MINES.? The cHcbra|?<l Bolitaf! KIsk, unit other well kniiwti I.okMm: IDdludtn# alio A "T?no*l Claim'' ot t>.(*0 j;"!>??ei!th'e i<et, or ueaiiy a mile iu leugib. directly on tha Kinic l.odt'. cnnimeneftiR tinnnlin'-ely opprnlto Black Hutvk J'omt. at Ut.i'jk. Ha .vti (Jl y. 'i't-.e * iio'.e |>ro| erty. en.tiBc lu^ 3.7M fueti.wltli a valuable miaiu mill now raunny and In ?UPtcsjr'fl,<>pe?fttlon V*e llobtail :iud Flak Lodes art CT'xtllemi tbe nchnat alwt beat In tlie Territory, hiring yielded larcjT ainonutf or gold tlian any oilier in Colorado.. ThM-oomiMtiv i'ott(ld>-n l> ax^eet i<> n?mmen< ? (HtVtnx At an early day a uiouUuy divlJeiul Of one per cout tu ijold Hubs rinlioii to oka of tbo company for only a ttniited ^ahwrw, ura aor.- open at t!ia olHco of Al.HI.UT H. NJCOLA Y, Esij.. 6- Wi ' ^nn tr??. at tli? price of $5 per almrp. $3 to bn paid fi t Ihf tim?? of a ihs?rt|>'lnn. i'?rtic? wlio ai'n dct ?-o"? f?f aoctir'ng any of the stock at tbe .ibn'.e low pri e. aiv Ini'.V'iied that the or m pan >' intend rlo'.nv lh? b'X^H ahoftly, at.o.- uhl^h tlmo uo .took will bb aoi>i u *? ihaii p*r. Pr ntM' j->o#rrrftff< slinwin; the (jreat va! it# of the pro perty of tiie omi'itnj are ready for deliveiy. rpHIBt) AVFJI'. n BAv'lNOS PA.VIf. X Cortjor Third a -en""and Tvtvnt<-*lxtb street. CUARiEUEu laiL BANKOPRN d*l>? from M to 3 P. M,, and o-> MONDAY. WliO.NS^A* tttiJ SATURDAY EVENINCM, from (' t*8 I'. M. SIX PER CENT nlTost allowed on all sums from fl la BMUO. S' 'J moneys dcpoaltol ".i or >ie.'ore July 20 will dra.v later ei" front-the 1st. Sl'KNOBR K. GftKlW, Presldeuti iil0li4?|i EkI.LV, Kacihtary. THE F.KIR R4ILWAV COMPANY, NO. 1?7 WIST hU.ri, N. vv Y?; k, Ja.i i-k ISil ? l'i niitnd- Tho dlrco 10: a or [I, j (oinpun h.ivft this day d^pared h dividend o 'A of ili? e.rMngs of I ') h road for f x lunniHi i-nd">g J in1: :? I. of lliceo .iiul aw;a f I'er cent (lose the (ovoruuieist la* or fi j?f>r Aent* on the PVaft rrW Ktoek, Ala j a di idcnl of four fdi t?-nt on th<Ooiiimon C:i pHol'stock, free oE*o*iern men* il* <.ulh i<?v* \ at tl*? woiuurcr'n oiut-t , i r.o p Jir, >a Vfidnr -day, t .? SJ day of Aptfust next, la the registered hmltri of *? .eh a* the doling of the book* T'le n .n?.- r , books Oi i?tt? pEoftuuxU and roiuiiinn sun k wJll be o acd ? u t tie !vflM**on ofTuoiiday, if"> 19th in t., iin.l 1i? reopened on tl c JthMy oi'-August, liOKAUO N. ('TIS, Secretary. VP ANTED? A LOAN OK B2tt,000 OR $35,000 ON A V? i i-?i morii'i^o on a splendid four stntv brown stone ho sr and lot, 25x110. yv irlU ?4U OtW, aituied o:> ono el' lh>j liandrr ? ? avenue of thq city, at five per rent per annum, Interest u\.v*b|ft Jero'*annual y. Principals or, iy r.eed spp v a.: no ' oiuTVisticin will bj allowed. Awiicta Montage, bo* 170 it !rnld o'Uce. ? llWWt WAN1ED-FQB TEN' Y R A US, AT TEN ?Ip.ltftMF p?rf'tii. Good iceflrlty gives; Address for two days Q F., Uer.i'.i! oil.ce QfH liHA wantkd-on very desibable O > '17 dosru town atore proper*.}-, near Broadaay, worth i carl v double, by first mortgage, Ad.lreas box 7 3 Fos: o;jice. ?"~n TO LOAN-ON BOVDANO MQRTOACtBV tP*JI??UvMf at 8 |>er cent, for five to fifteen years. on lirst ?!?>? reaLMtdi'* Mtcuritfl AA rrt^ with pvt'enlar.'. wh.cb will bp ci>nl!d>.'niial, 8. M. B., bo* 2,794 i'ort Office, A CQtr nno to lo \ S-AT six pbr cknt tnte. OOti.UUV/ reii, on oond ami mprtcttce. Tor a term "f 1 ear ',.oii real e,4a i>. in tjiU ott or Brook1 vn. Applv In die oil' e o| the nr<! Itsuraorc Co *p?cr. taaJO/lN F. CONKtiY, CO H ail atreet. (JiOAn Af^\ TO LOAN? AT MX FRlt ("EST, iJOUU.UU v/ for rail or ion*ci\ ru Nov Yoik it1- property, JDS UTH MASON, No. I'lnc ?t, ru<.ms 10 and 11. HAH YO LOAN ON r.QM) AND MORT. 0' LwI lO ca <?, foi* t>n >rtr? or lo< , at six prr cciu o.t S?..v V. r:; or lirau'.: . v n pr.i.erty, on teiuin to * tit. Ajp"v t.i ORO. W. BROwN. No. 9 Pine sin-el, >nd door. NIMTART ABD NAVAL, * t no 2 r Jtk k pr.*rF-b*R nr\'n*(:r? hollars /\ booniy paid to soldier^ dlsr.bai'd'il for wouadtreoslved In I'at.ic. a ?o lo tUoiHi Mirv.iuiia three veaf* r*i..?t?nw. HHOIVM ?SIIRLDON. Military and Nuval liankluji Oilice. A' LI/ RNROLLBD MFV tiLABLR TO BR IT IKTBO ? BanUeia. niftc!iat.t< Mid others ?i ould aiitidpatS ibn 'draf' and procure mb.?t tutes nosr. Aft raarmitmanr ?lll tfail^n dud n suliab'e ri'rtn w Ih n the time allotted then; Many more will be required for the quota than can l>e had in tiiuo. mi!> titut<fs are f nraiiked ny Opt. COM MS. 50 I l? penard slrnrt, tyar Broadway. Exemption certificate* nro cuit'd from Pi-orost Martha!*, exempting for three ye.irs. Refer I17 perml iaion to bankers and merchants of highest standlrc. N S MOOD MRN WISH1NO TO JOIN TUB ARMY or navy as Sui<?tltu tea will receive n larger bounty tb.iu tot a t), and no heaunii or hotnbu^iuK. Apply to J. WAURK.X FLINN, No. 2 Warren street, ne*r Broadway. ALlF'VS Wtstn.VO TO .Ion? TUB ARMY OR *AVY wi I r?reire the highest buintr, ea^h n haml, at 155 A1 ant c street. Brooklyn. Tvtp 1 bundled dollar, baud mows y ] md tor 1 ringing a rec ni?. A PATHtOTT^ LADY, OP BROOKLYN. REQUIRES V J\ LUbatitute for her s 11. to.' w bom site wil. i<av die hi hc.t price. App.'v i t l.i'S sin et, be; weeu JJowtjry aad 0'irjRt e stint :. New Yorkctty. k YODNO MAN WANTS THE POSITION OF COMMIH il vary or iiaartermaatfr sergeant in a t avalry reg! ment. or clerk to*n romm sury; baa bad experience. Ad drc*. H l>, box 3 ">24 Post e; AN ALTKN can HAVE *5?J CASH DOWN* TO DAY to toss a substitute: alno a seaman til on can recelte the i?me 10 In the navy Call in the grocery Flore corner of Twenty-eighth tUuot and Third avenue, between / anil 12 A. M, ? -j Armv. navy and marine corps volun ti ers and snbalilutes wyn sd. $ttH taiiii^) jiinty ^tald. Three g 'b-tl tote* ? ant-*! to d't f- ?'? $f?> :<nd $'?"? ish E ' en. Parlies bringing n.on w til lie paid the lsrge*t nmoiint til band money ovid at an, ofTi -e In the clty_. Appl at the Bo'inty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Nassau street, up ale 1 re ALIEN'S PROPOSI NO TO jniN ARMY OR NAVY w 11 reoeiyefthe bighe 4 bounty, oaob in baud, at our Sltlre.' a 1 1 sec Ko'ir in"n watited. for n new and fait blo>-r.ader, atxUl to hs nut In c mar-ai tn Ri ? cham1* for nrtzo rnonev and no miatakn. Aimy and Navy OIUcc, 73 Nassau Mreet. ACARD.-DI8CIIAROED SOLDIEftS WaNTBD FOR the Iftvalid Corp*: $ 12.1 bounty. Apply at one*, and bring v >tir <ti-o tar e ? Itn > ?u. wABll bt'HN & WORR tLL, IOC B oadway, up Ma r?. ATTPNTTt-.N . SfpSTTTt'TES.? $100 C\?B._A GOOD man. an aileu or ao dicr who baa served two years, wanted this d?". Apply at enre iifflPrinyRN 1 WOR BALI<. XtM Broadway, n.'sr Cbamber* aireet A AOARP.? KO'j R AI.TRN" SI'BSTITPTKS. ALRK ADY ?r,-epted a?id ^mistered into t1 e nsvv, will exempt prin eipala euroiicd or tlraftad. luoui.u of WbbTllBOOK A ORSBOKNE. Counsellor*, 193 Broadway. ANY PERSON WANTING A Rt'BR flTI'TE HAD J\ better app'y linmedi.iiely to DB. ANDKItSON". No 51 F.ldrltlte ?ireet, late Examining Surgeon for Third Consrea slonai 4IRrMi N. Y. k CORSTITDYE CAN BR HAD AT A MODEBATP. J\. bric i by applying, personally or bv letter, at tbe tea men's llauk, 190 York slice! . Brooklyn. PARTY OF 160 GBNTLEMRN HAVE FORMED AN association for the purpese of leading M eiualsnra her of represen'atlvn recruit* to the army or navv, irre spe'tlve of voliinieer briteer* and rnnitere. To the rij-ht sort of men the highest bounty will he | aid cash down, by apittylns p?r<nnaii\ to the Se-retary of ti e aseoeia'ton. at tho ofllut, No. 71 Wil iam atreet, AY0UNa MAN WANTS TO <10 Aft B0BSTTTPTE IN a 1>M days icgltren1. Would take a bbeia" | lice. Ad dters D. O . llera d ofi oe. BEWAKE, YOLl'NTEKRS. BRWABB? YOUNG MEN arriving In this eltv from the countrr or Ku ope and intendma 10 join the ariny or.navv. ah ubl netware of par tir* stopping tbem lu the streeu. (luring fabuloiia Ui un ties, furfotiijh*, Ac. By calling at our omre, establMli'd for ^oar?, yo i can get nil neresaary Information, w th ilie hislicst e.ish bonnti". as we have the monev tn a l esses depo?it"d in our hand <, and eonseqiiently aria entirely re sponsible We have now orders lor tiiirt'-en men. at f rem $175 to $300 vMnmeert and anbatittites can ?e.?nt the. aroty or navf. KINO It ROACli, United Staiee Army and Navj Agency, 6J West s reet, corner uf I'eda-. N Y. C1AMRRON RIPLBB-C0U)NEL S M. BLL'OTT J commanding Firtv vnl<iuteer? wanted iuin.s<ti? ;s It for eouipeny A of th s flue new regiment now eryen Itiag in tlli> city rip>ad<d chances for proniotloo for tete rani and reertn'.s joining this n?w nicni. Promotiors made fiom the ranks. The regtmenl wltl be off.eeie.i by men who \.ne seen wmee If. the flel !, ar.d the nien will be well rared for HUheal bounties paid to vobintee' s f r;n psid to any one bringing a recruit, Apply At lo. Ilroad way. Be# Yer*. ; ('OLORRD MEV, ATTRNTION -BOO MF.V WANTRD J for the arn.y and nav j , the hlirh -at '-a-<b btunlie* paid ; ant ore brlng og a ter-iu't nsld $ld(t, fS 'ioo priie mone fcaaeeri; made by one man in tbe nev? Apr u at H e Kn ,r. tr, Pgy. Aim) .aad Navy Agency, 111 Naa-au e- . nt stairs Draft iNii'RANcn office, 247 ntoAnwAY lasnanee saalnai draft for one <nr, $l0"i; (#r two pear* flW nit three years f;u) in ail iiie s-?;ea Pirm Itjms net to hr paid nntll alter Ihe draft. Th'? otiiee affords all those liable 'o tirafl an opport ia ly to ?et ne a substi tute In 9* *e they erg drafted, for the above named prero turns. B?d<'. foi ilrralar* alytnj full Qartleiitani __ ALrBED KkRsHaw Freprletflr. IMMMI DliTBICT -?BNrLRM? RRkl DINK IN IHB j B, a I. lee 1 itb. Twentieth and Twenty first Wards of the cltvnf New York comprising the Eighth t ontres-ienal Dtetrtct i f tbe Mate, will be fitrntehed prompUv with Ai.eb lubslll'itof and ths>r- E'er* pt ion I'apsra rfcir thre" year*) enrreet'y jtro ?red, by fnrwsrdlng their ordere te Ihe office ?[ the Mercliant*', Bankers' and Oeneral Rrpreesnletlfe olunteer Aesoeialon, W Hroedwar, New York. N. Money payabe only when the repreewUktlv* Is fmnlabed and the eiem^tktn papers secured Ladies with ingtosen la repreeentstlve to the arm* will have the:r lordet a rromt't'y attended to and will bare prwreden. e. Th* BMat Dtetrjet, .mier the nperlatendeaee e* Oanialn B, r, Msginlere, I'revost Marshal, l? furni?hlng more men Injhia I way than any other District In tbe State, and with continued eneray will probably fill It* quota without a draft. Mott of the repreeentativae have been procured by the MerOunta, ?|q? oil Vl iM^y'r MPTMll.t Vo,UD(**t ~ MatTAmr Afpgmii. froa THB BLOCKADE-WANTED. LAIDBMBW, r Bremen, ooulpaseere, Ao . for the Tanaerblll and other nAirno men for Ue unjf and South Sea *o ;wu; the it bounties paid. JAM&B A CO., 07 Weet (street, cor ner of Albany, up stairs. AMSNEB AL UNITED ST ATfiS RtCEUITIHO OFriC*> vT By Col. OROPTS A 00., late of the United Ft?tes Arrnv. Hi|{heei bountlaa paid for Volunteers and Substi tute". Corner White and Cauire streets. GENTLEMEN WHO REQUIBR SUBSTITUTES WILL Und talerans to tfj iii tb'lr steal No peiiou but the pnn;li nl need AypVy, f?%m 19 A. M. to 2 P. V It will be iiaet'-sa fi?i any broker to make any communiou.loa. Apply at 23 Ann street. HEADQUARTERS COMPANY H. HINBTY-N1NTH ij regftiicut N. Y. 8. N" (; ? All member* o! th i> ar.mpaay are notifled 10 report at ike armory, 151 Crooby street, thli dav Cl'iie ,dav) at 8 o'oiock All tailing to report will be trea'-od a* deserters. By order of JaAIBS GAVNOR, Captain. F. OiTwon. Ordorl* Ser^eaut. jjbadqijarters ninety-ninth regiment n. y. ' ' CIRCULAR, I.? Ocpnpany comnv*:?<Sii'jt? are hereby notlfled that thle regiment w il be assembled fortho purjHww or hem* mutt fered ipto the United States aortic, oji Wednesday, Jul* 30, at lOo'clook a. M.. at tuts armory, 1 8 J Crosby street, whence tUfy will immediately rnaie.l lo ATaaU i ^too, to do garHsaa tou' ttr In ?oll?t n>uet be reiidy for inspection by the Adjutant aod turned tv?r to hlai by Tuesday. Ju'y 19. at 10< o'clock A. u? ?? as to ou)s* no delayon t he day of muster - ? III ? Commandant* ef companies are hereby notified to meet at the bead luartera 1,^ Cr^by ttreet, at 9 o'clock A. M? an i'uofiUy July l.(, i,r lUo purposa of recetvuig nual li.BtrupBoae, preparatory lo marcbiuj,-. IV -'CcmkBd rations are n<n? einij issued at the armory to ill reenilts and recruiter parties. Bv nmm.innd of Col JOHN O'MAIION*. commanding rejt't, RiCDABO' KoititU, Adjutant. ? HEADQUARTERS, RECRUITING OFlfCR, NO. 11 Cb?uibM(> atiqet ? A.ietj*. alleys, substitutes and wol unt?er?, now I* the t!in?. Lnrg? bountlcn, ea*li in band, pa d bv mt. ' Rittuier* wiil do well to call iiert;. Apply to Captain JOHN Dlt l'ASS. T3 KADQC ARTRRS, COMPAN* A. MSBTV THIRD JTL S'atc National f.uiu-il ? lit enlisted m"? belonftinsj to Company A. Ninety. third Slate National Ouii'd. ar? hcrobr ordered to asaomb e at thoxe lisadqiiai terg, Jeft'ersoil Mki kel Drill Kanin', tauey (Tni;?!| July li'.iat 1 o'clook P. II. preclseif. for mtrtstrr. Rv bhli frif UliltSAUO liliatNAN, t'?pU n Com'a Co. A. ... , N.uot: -lilrti Statft>'anoual Gu .rd. To** O'ltKie^. Orderly. 0, FOR MR NAVy ANT) PRIZIC MONEY -TO M! M wanto 1 u?-<ta t. aiM it>iO cuak pti-l 93,000 itaving bf-iu 'i.Jtd-i '? eao n??u. inlce inon-y. J'a- urs b. lift IjDiijnvq tv,W 1-*s rauj ifce larp 4 auionnjt ot tta&d w^ney paid ijy inU' oTce Itfr r'tf Xpplv at thf Jlo uly, Pay, Army ana Navy .' jtcasf, 111 Na'S?'i stro-.'t. upttxlrr. ri ! |>,' )|I i .? ou? man. p kV.e turn y, l a urs b. in: ?n wlli bo fa'ulifce. IsrKi 4 auiomuot b-ind m^ney phid r OTceltfj 't'ff Xpplv at tU ? !*? uly, Pay, Army ivy /ges#j, 1*1 Na<s?'t iLre.'t. upiUlSB. T Tt''ik,J.. PA# '?li)1 ?0RK Tir'iX ANY MAN IN N'JVf I V ?V-fhr on" rtfoiflintc and ? few VAiuxutferj, Chace of cavalry. artU orr.-'fnrttnf ry or n?vv ? Relief sont to vol'jnis^is,' l Ajit'.y at Irauilln , llo'ino, No. bT Uu;l.a0iit *lisui.?.. MERCHANTS'. WAVT'SHS' AVt> tOl.UN* teer (Mid' S'i'vttlliito Awla'Mn, o Pc 41N Rrr:?dway, New Bqr!?iM t> UV uutt- rn niOit Jlmmailtrftily !<;li* pa d to au.-. ana <jr>a#?4A nwrult. Hlghft-t ho m.'ien pal.1 to ro- , critits ,oii v*s*&U Bwmjjatvm. Na,dtv*y? No, lium'xis. Mou^-v p.ii rljtlit duvvu. A./tjiy at tUe oillco, Ko. to Broad way. If. Y. , NOTI(lE,-!T??ITFn STAT'?^ QOVERNMHNT OFF! nn itf t'tn United States balteHr a Mil ?)<? rurnlsiiel with w ;fl r*iit' '?>!? najifits b apoiylnif panona i f or by lut trr at- Iliil. V>. U> 1*5 fch-flx ai. at Ui< j'akers' Uulon. . lJ'.WJS 1IAL.1i EOVVElt, Sac rotary. jotter w s?m 7R rojiK joimNo rnu nriny o !i:,vv ?-a I and 'aeo w, tit No. J W'up.vti atnet, N an.l I win jwa.r&'iteo so i the v, .y lu. U bountv | a;d ui this ritj. Apji.'v to J. tVARUhN >LK\N, No. 2\-.fli^eu street, u<- at- Broa'luay. PERSONS W16B1NO TO PROCURE TffRKR GOOD A'lf-n MuhaUii'toa, Srill iveri?e utrert imiifdtutely to ff U. I'^.U'via li o i to. iBrokoi'3 or a^tuit* nac-it ttJt a; ply. PARTIKS 1 Ut'lNC IN THE roUli'C'I CONGRES sjann' dt^t'i'icl of tbJs clty d<!S|rl08 uRstiUlte.-;, cjn be fnrnM.ed M tU* ;.re.hj 'an-1 Navy OBlcf. 71 Nassau i?'re??t. 1 wo cue bd^wpiined early tiilti itlomioj;. and the proper papers. iutit)o o.!, ytrR*Ti?g*H?.? t' mpx op1 Nr.w tort -tiik seuovai gn>ern"nent warn mm and etfevy eitiaoti nct>M aaufwtrtitla, IMieceneral poverhlnient arott man, ft> Mdcure p-Hi f Kil l pro lenij' to tue liaUbm .it ||r ,e. and every <iii/er, nerds aAubtl^t'Ate to :lve pje^ce t<y??1 mind ani to sc'ire bis criun Horn the eU.tehes 9 1 tlif Provo-t Marabal. Oft n ?iib.atltnl?>nd joit eavo yptt:S '!' uiucft trouble and iukw anil ?t (: ?? same tlirt^ b-'p t K-ive the - juutry fro n ruin, l.a .1 n may add another vall l c!eini to tin r noble p.i'rleOMui by i-eadiny ? Mpiatltute nto t'uo nrinj. Alius ubslitutcs a c to ad e au<l t;?litli-utmi wltho.;t de':.t or furlbcr tjo?ii In t^:a^ tliat ofcaUluK; or een 'ina '! "Ir srtdrrsi iot'6 o" ce or tlie Co'tniC S'a'ea S * b*i tute Ajen ty, O) Br i*<l w: y, K Y. K. H ? No money required until exemption lapcri; kit fnriilelled OUBXTITliTBfi CAN* REi iilYK TH"!S TlIdllHST Cj amount w, niotKv at 31 Wa ker straut. b. wetti lipoid way and Cui.ccti etrtvl Wo can pav M nlgli a? $GfHI IbW morning. bc*fa4<?'.l t1:e,refin1ai Cnitcd StitJej bicni-las. ' STRANGERS WTSllfNO TO JOIN THE ARMY WlTl, do well to cill lit the corner of lifoadwat aip: Diistud etren in the fo aon where ih*? will receiiaxollaWB lib formation conraratng li.ioiitlns, Jhx $ VMJtoii be paid 'lie ?ufty for v otuiitecrs; ctiolcaal rostiuaat, w7mtiy,.c,ivalr.' or heavy artlilerir, cofBJ ??:rH n diltv. N. ' H. ? A fetv 1 r nt Ipals wanted. - Captain (?. H PKAROB. CTaTE OF NEW YORK-SCBBlTrUTE AdKNfV O pi ce. 31 Walker Riicct. bptwtiu Cii-ireh. tu<?ct aiid Broedw.iw We cno fttrn'sh Sub^rtotfl* at onso an ; at reasonable prteee. Beit of reforewtev giwn. Exempiiou papets obtained. ' rtii J C*CB8TITUrR8 FFRNlgHRD. for Nfcl V JRRdEY, O Wim'flfcnt and > c w V urk. Oriei * frpm Ig.ini prompt!? atteuded tu. . r?pt?(n TR'KNAN, SKI lenrt Mice'. SfB^ritOTEs promptly furntahbd the city and county of N?w York.? Merettartaanlt others vvtii ? Ins Sii*isl4tutea ran procure th>-m nt afeer li&urx' noi-e and on the roo?t reosouabl<>>s by applying to J , WAKRi.X FIiIHK, No. 2 Warren street, qeir Broad war. SCnsiTlTX'TBS FURNISHED KOFI Pi-MtU YN ASP Wllllotnsbnrg for $ I nt the Substitute Agency, 147 Broadway, roomzg. A! o tubstit if" lor J ?wey Itir ntshed at he Genera' Agency. No 7 Kxoba'iEu p) vce, Jersey City. Quotas for towns promptly tilled at tair rates. orrtsTiTUTEs now os hamd-who cax be k> n id b.7 applying tn ,IO;lNSON .1 OOLMAN, |* U?and street. near the ferry, Williamsburg, N. Y. VOLUNTEER* A VP SI EST! TI'TES -I Risn. OER m4? ami KnsUshtnen weuted Immediately. H et??t cssh bo inlien paid. Ere; ers and other* pa' I $100 f * bvng lus men. CA I'T. COM hS, tti l.hjenard street, "ITOLFNTBBIta WANTKD-FOR TUB ARMY Afio V i.tif; th- h r.heit bounty pa d to recruit Call at la* At ao'le llole:, corner Oliver street, 6.1 New Bowery. * ANTBli? TIIUEE SUBSTITUTES FOR EIT.IHR ' the aitny or navy; the highest t rice pell 'o good and nua iiied men. Apply at the Salamander Fire Umck \YurKi, frot of llnramond street. VX! ANTED? IBrSHMKN.*" EMOMSHMF.N. aC<?T' H, ? * (lernmns French an. I m?u of a>l iiatl'Miailtlet, to en ltlfM vnftTDteers. Trie hlgbeit bontlfy p ;il cash in haad o-i f *"?lni: tlie Jo 'to-. Krlie. fekeia to fanillle-. Agent* will the hig ieat premium* Apply attbe M^reli nt?. Bantrr? mid ileneral Vo'itntcsr and Subetltnte Asioclrttioto, oflloe i'JK Hroa.lw^r, N. t. WANTED- AT TUB UK1T?0 FTATKP S \V \X, BHIf VT I lug otr.ra, (eauien, flirmcn, co^liiaaaara anl laudltneb, fnrono. three years; b unty >12'. we will pav tke person bringing a rei:rult M tM> oUW e $,f>. il Keek. "Hp. Tjtr 4WT1ID-Ff?R TflR TTVtTBD #A\'Y.? T? fi'jo bounty for -eamen for eWl.'eery Iwunee, and (.l.p>'i tor landS'uen. Also ?rante,l. I laiurn and coal i )?? In aildlt on lo the Above bountlts each nun 1 entitled w to lie following pay ? ?Senmen, per niotith. Sin; erdinary iiearnen, $19 31; lnn'lsmen $13 .'>0; (lrtnieii, $31 fij); 'Pal parsers. $1H ."i'. No v Is the time, a* the drafi ?ake? p nrp in I f< \* diva, when all tountles will be i' loor iin?ed. Apr|v nt DRtNfOLL'8 .skipping Olhce, cornrr of Yolk ?tree: and Hu'Uon nreu 'e. llrooklTn. Parties brluglng rhflfullH will be lt-rally dealt with. Of) MEN WANTFD-TO FII.L A TOWNSniF yVOT*. ?j" The Mgb st bo'intv raid as soon a* uuateied n. *pplv (-> IVM. JaT MARSHaIiL, No. It Krrrr rfiw, or $6 Newark mree>, "-oriier V^ a?li ngt^.n, Mobukeo, N. J. 7QTII -AI>Ij WBMBERS AND TIT09E DESIROT'S OF I viieuomlng metubers of Coin|A)i v C. tHrvcatr-n >ath r< <i m-nt N. Y 8. N. win meet tb.s (Tuekiay.) eveotng. at 8 n'ejoek. at 4?o R gbth avenue, three door? abe*e TMrtjr tuurth siren'. L ilKAfl'iR, Laic AdJ, fierenty nltith regiuienl N. T Vol?, i\l\ 7? ,,AID ,,'0R BRINftJNG MEN TQ KB. ?yl'TVf ll?t as ?"b*tltuteii. Highest caiih hnd taverDment hotuities pant to recrull. Every re'rt pmd promntlv ?? agreed. Retrrenees to mercbMU of Mah >toodlng. as to my ie?ponsiuiiity and honorable Heating ?JAI"T. I'OMUS, 6U Llfpenard itroo'., 1<m MF.N WANTKIt? FOR THE AllMt OR NOT AV/v/ High eai'i bo'iolles paid. UU ' fc.n.ilNb, lri?li ?r Hern nn soldiers accepted. Fifty n^en \v?nl#d 'o-dny. t't.noo prize money liss been made by n??n >pply it the Hiuinty, hay, Auin arid Nav> Agency, 111 .Nassau street, up stairs. Cl/WITO $l:? HAND MONEY FAID AGENTS OR vl'"/ R'lnne'n for \-olunteere for thl< e^ty. Ten ti??tn wanted to day ? the lilgh?st bonat> cash down is eoom -^s pa??ed by the doctor Apply at 428 Brgodwqy. | <R1 PAi D Rl;.V.NRRS-$4<JU PAID FIREU&N AND renineD for the navy. Landsmen, and ^rren bande wnnieri as aubetllntea. Tbo larjro bounty lasts only a few days. Apply at 170 Chatham Street, Whipping o?rt, room No 5. -A GENTLEMAN (NOT DBAPl'RD) WlIA, | ?PO I ?}. p?v $378/, >r a substitute AdUre>i J. W. Hli I ov 3.ZW Po?t odlee, N. Y ^ . fciflQ ROt'NTY FOR TnE UNITED STATES K A' . flrxt'O ?v ? fleameei. rtremen, eoalraksef# imd 'mnda. men 'vauied; a few good me? lmm?dl*teiy. Ajftf At tq* r?nd' /roue, 23 Third avenue, a few door- nam >i;'vat>i ai. ^ ( Q'On -TEN "Bl'BSTIiyTEB W ABTRD, JIO GoTtK ' th? Tttlted iuieii I?av?l service. J hupdr?W f ifoI!Ar??r.(*l?^iII be f?ld for t#o mon, fn l(f twi FtHiet navil?cr\?oi> m mbwiLii?#* For i?ir||Mr ItUtr-' I I on Apply to D. A. fliMOlt, M tbe fearl Stretl u cum, f?trl lirltt, 3 IW HAND POR Bt'BBTjffvrtni Choice or regiment*. A eo live alien* wish te serve a* substitute* for a fair pr>eo. Drafted men, or m*n lial le to be drafted, ?re fnrufehed with ?nb?tltuio*. ApplJ tn C. M. NOONAN, eorner of i .'ana I -tree! and Bower*! under Ctlir.ena Hev.ngn Bank. ^ ^ . AfTOA CA8H-*? YOU NTBBBB. FOB VBB WOOD men. to nil a town quota; Must com* th<* day. at No. 199 Spring Mroet, basement. icRA -1 WILL PAT THIS srM IN r ?8II AK ROOB ipUUW, ae mattered, to a good man, an alien *r vetera ? who hse served two toots, to go as my *ubttit<M?. Apply this morataa at ray ofttM a^H BIN*. W W?st street, heat Cedar. err A CAPH IN HAND PAID POR A MAN TO <10 ?I>?>tJW as a subotH-it# la thosrmr. At^ly early atK. TIIORN A C O. H, stand 410 aad 411 Waatilagtoa market, We?i sireet sidewalk, a ear Yesey street $?550 *' T? ?-V* A OOOI> *tn r,VK ncw dred and fifty del'are tn taiuatoor In my aam# ... ,J?* Mtf w " ? - - Manufacturer. Herald oB e. for three rears Biwfcea* win not ba dealt with. Addraaa " -iraM o " BOFNTY -$.W CASH DOWN TO VOLCR JpOUU leers or nubstltutee. Oholoe of servioe, array or aavy. Apply at Fatterson I', 7t> Cortlandt street, AOAn BOt'NTY? CASH DOWN-TO VOLUN ?pUlili teers aad s>,ostllute?, arm* or navv. Apply at the oflU* of the BaCtra Hotel. $4 Whitehall tyreet, near ?auihttrrr. up $0* flight af lU'ri. Alk toe ?FMNCBB. ?OAA BO?*TT.-l? HiMlMMT gKjUU any paraon bringla^a_reomtt for m i|MViPiir|lDi> reorutt for army or nai Alao suUljluUs furntahod for 1380: ??l^*4 iW Brwtdw*/, room tt, lu?<l at SO. 7 EiehMie ptM*. ffiftnn OA8H *,LL ?* rALD l? ** AXIE^.?1 ipOUU vataraa, as Bnbstitute in (be arm* or o?yy . a? soon at accepted. Apply immediately U COMNlilAi & AMBBM1M. 68 and Art Head* etreet. K. Y. d;f;nn 0A8H BOUNTY WIU- BE PAID JWJ'U atlen or veteran, wk* will ??*? * t'.vn Recruit for au old cantlaaaan Apply at once to rt A?H Bt'RN A WOHtAlJL, gt>6 Brawl w^yt,noar Chambers straeU. ?1 1 AA IN GREENBACKS. IMMEDIATELY AKTEB i?lil vU paasmq for two Ui*i.a ar lei-'' ana. to go Bfl anbsl.tutaa. No acenta or nilddl* man need *| ply. T1 e re oru?t to ha< f all the benefit at' tha money. Api>ty ar.i ly at it Mouigomery wwi or 71 liewark aveuuo, Jw tar City. 1 AAA RECRUITS WANTED? FOR THE ARMY. I.UUll AT 17 BROADWAY. f?o0 caah m hand pa 4 ca{*i man. l.tWO vaterans wanted for tha array. AT 17 TJ ROADWAY. H03ea?h tn h*irdpald-?'?<-h aneij. 1.000 seamen wanted for the navy, AT 17 BliOA'lWAY., fttK) C?^> in hini r*td each mo. 1.00J landsman wunted tn tha nary, * ' ' AT 17 BKOADWAlf. SIQO oaslt lq banti d?H ea"h wan. l.tWO liromen wanted for tlia naVf, AT 17 lUtOADWA*. ?4'",0 cash in hand |>aU each man. 1,01)0 ooalpaaRera Whntrd for the naTy. AT 17 KROADWAY. $100 rash in hand pai i earh man. . Man romtn* trt tt.fa o.1Ica to aniiat ran re>7 nr<"? obfaiplnt II. a moat honorable ife-itrnant, upon rece.rlni{ the imnM offered In full, <tpon choline of regiment and arm, wilhmft bii'nt'B.r or imixisltlon. Ooms and aee for yourselves. Of fice open Iron 7 A. M. M. *100 HAND MONEY wl 1 ba paid to any m .n, woman or child bringing an an ceptiibie recrii)t to tbls oRke. ?1 nnA DOW ft BOO* AH PASSED RY THB IjM.UIm' siJnjeon. Two smiud men will receive sue thousand >iol art "m l any brtrtlcit of the .jerrioe, at the Army and >avy Olitim oliice, 03 Fulton straet. CM 1 f~.f\ CASH n.rvN Kort TWO aMENs, ro no OLaX'/'/ * Substitutes In tho Army or Navy. Apply beforn 10 o'ctesk in the mcrniuc at 9t Ne want avenue, Jar-' t-ey City, N. J. ffil ft A A ?TWO MRN WANTKD TO D VY, TO WHOM ,c5 J ii)' " tha a't.'iva nuio'iut sli^ll ba paid, with choie* of ai ma?>-, ailHIfrr, or iufantry. Ko Hurn'ma Oall ut 122 Broome ?tr?et, wbe e vo,u a? aatiafy rouraclf, <?1 QMA BOI'NTV IMMKDIATHI.r? CASH IN HAKD ?5JUO"'/ as aoon na S'i.h P -?a the do. tor. t'nrfoui ro >d itoOt man for tlie l.'uitei! Hlatos narv'. tyitv en tha nrrg of ?(.' nod 4;) '? aar*. Apulv to I'KTIi R KIN MB Shippln Olira, lji S oik ktiect, UrooLlyn, four doora from If atfy Vuri gat*. 2 AAA RRORUITS WANTliD? FOR THE A KM Y and Nivy, At 25 tireenwlah tlroet tillOcUh in haii.l iiaid to oaoh ? mn. 1 U.tiafttiucu wanted f r *.h? nary, At :s drecn-^lch street $401 rash In hand f?M to"ae'n man. 2,<jC0 landsmen wunteil f?r Ibe na\ r, /,t JS i.r cnv.lch afreet. ? The highest btwiity paid, Ciah in har> !. Nn deception. 1,000 firemen tvnuied fo: th-' navy, A 1 25 Greenwich street. $100 cnth In hand paid tn raah tnnn. 1,000 coalpabserr wanted for the n ry, At '.'3 firernwich street, noncash In band nn'd tqench roan rail at thiso . re ?t once, nu ! do not bn led na'raj : fan* jrou will ra aive Juatloe aaU jour uioticy immediately yo? I"' <ia the doctor. C 1 AAA B:: PAID THIS DAY FOR TRW JVjk.UU*/ man, for tiie army or navy; bov s over 18, tf J?c *ft f nd ^ ina app'v : co'orod man a so >r?ntad; pil*? mona> ; highest ca?h liouuty In han.l, aud satlsfactiou given. Army au l Xarv ufllce, 73 .Nassau street. 10 f)00 V0I<UWTERR3 WANTED, TO REPRKHENT THE COUNTY o7"nL;W IORK isTtiTk ARMY. CODMTY BOt'STY, THREK* HUNDRED POU.lRS, Hand iiion?y? Oounty to n-w recruits or veterans fM fn't^ l Ptsiaa to new racrulU 19 United States to via ran. U Tho County Vol mtoer Comtniitoe, under Inntructione ?f the Bosix! of Supervisors h?rinf fltte<l a'l quotas under aJi ca'ls up to this time, have rrfolvcd to reeommcnce the basf ne&s of recruit ur for the ai .ny. with the view of raising the quota in ami Ipetion of a new calt by the President f? matt recruits will be received as formerly at tha several Pr* Vo>-'. Marsba'.?' oQ'.cca, at Turamauy Hali, nr.d at the County Volunteer Rooms la the Park, corner Bi and way and Cham. l>ers street The follcwins are the vai io is TVoyost Marshal*" OfliOM:? Fourth District? Captain Joel B. Krlnrrdt, No. 101 Libert# Krcet. ' Fifth District? Captain Ileury P. Weal, corner Broom* 1 and Croaby street*. Slxlfc District? Captain K osier, corner Sixth erenue n< X ii> i teciirti strew, Seventh District? Frederick C. Wagner, Na M TbtrB avenue. ? Eighth District? "en 'amltt Manlerre, No. 1,303 Broad way. Ninth DIsMct? Wm. Dunntnf, corner Forty-?e?aoth stroat anl Broadway. All wtnlts will revive In ihelr own hands the County County of and nti v part , bringing a Recruit will i-e-elve a County Fremluift or Hid, in cash, for ever*- mas, whether uciv Recruit or Veteran. anil a cortl'ioate cntuUaf the bear?r to the t'nltH S1. ites Front am bT JlO fdr a aasr Rccrolt and $15 for a Voi?n?n r flODFRKY (lUMTIIER. Msyor. >i AT i ll kw T. BRRN NAN. Comptroller. ORlHOii BIiUN r. Supervisor. V. ILMAM M TW FED. Supervisor. RI.IMII r. PURDY. K o arvi-or. WILLIAM R STEWART, Sioervisir. CommWeemi VrO'i",?erlitft OKItJON Bl.ONT, _ ,w _ . . ? ChAirman of Cornniittafc Dated NhV To a*. Jal jr 4. I91L 1lU\t\ substitutes and voluntbsbb ivl/v wnutud fur th^ array and nary. $500 cash in hand foi the army. $4 H In haiH f->r s^Htn^o. IB! cash in hand for landsmen. $300 cash la band for ?olnr.tecra. lfWW\n men wanted? tor ijik army natt l'/.'MMF and Va-1i>? carp* afflMBWr ? .NAVAL. PHIZ K MONKT, AC. ALL TRIZE MONEYS COLLECTED. AND ADVANCES ma's on clarrn at IIROWN .t SHELDON S Mlittaa* and Naval Manning OUci ,No. 2 Park place, New York, aoB 183 Vara street. Hrn.tklyn. ? HOY? PltUE MONK? TO BAILORS, BOUNTY 1\ money to soldier* dieehar*ed for ?? inda reoeired la halt's. Discharged navy or aim/ o.. cats, sailers or sag. (lien, their wtdorvs or netr? t>ro;n?tly paid tlioir prlie ?n4 bauatr moneys, back rar. Ac.. hy F.DWARD R1S8 1-1,1., Army ai. I Nary Banker and late Purser O. ML h avy, 271 Hroadway. earner *f Chamber* street, New York. A4" ? v NO*- pVtAoncc. r*c** 112 Hro?d" ALL PRIZE MONET NOW FATABLE CAN BE obtained AT ONCE RT APPI.TIN(I IN PERNOR OR BT I.RTTKR TO WALDEN A WILL* Kl>, LATE 17 S. NAVY, m YORK 8TEURT. BEOOK.LTN. BOUNTIES. SACK FAT and all other elat na ______ AUJUHTKD -WITHOUT DEL AT. ALL THE OFFICER* AND CREWB OF THE OOR N R'tTIOUT AND DP. SOTO caaokUm tha.r "PP,",,, * 188 fori, sweat, Brooklyn. \ LL PERSONS ATTACHED TO VESSELS ON THB ?A blockaile to whom prize money la due enn receive ih? tana at once by app ylng by letter to WALDEN A WIL> LARD, uteor rnued .S:ate* Navy, 183 York st >Mrooklym. , i'nT PRIZE MONEY NOW I' AYAH I. R? PAID IV A -ALLEN. VAN RUEKN * LUCK BY. gtnla^ 243 Broadwaj , New Vork, and 1M York atracl A~^1?RE*RS OF FAT. BOPNTT AND PENSIONS. We are author am by tha Un tad Rtaita gOrernmevt t* nolfaot aad rash tha aho e olaini*. ALLEN, v aN'UI'EEN A I.L'CKET, Bankara. 243 Broadtmy. isTTTAROFD SOLDIERS BOUNTIES BDOOIIT FO* eae'.i.? Final muster out rolls and dlf.hargos msde out rot feetmenta. eoraranles ano d^lar hroent- returntnc frosa the fleld. a.-OONEI'L A MUTTM ANN, late eaptalni Ra notsuar brt?ad?. United Stales Amy Claim Agrnts. Offlaa N*. Hi| White street, a tar Broadway. M. ^H^E?6vEkNM8NT CLAIM A OF NT, , 'i IU Naaaan street, oi tha post etliee. . i. f j. New York a*?y, Arreara of Pay. Bounty and I'rira Money and all elalm* ?|aiaat tat (toyerament promptly collected, t>RlZll M0NRV-FOR EVERY VESSEL NOW FA*. I aWe, obtatnril without delay. Peneloos iiroenredl Par aad bonnty eotieete* R O. Rl.LlWTT, U ailed RtatM Arm; and Navy oOlee, 67 Bi seeker street "iKCAma TO RMiR MANPFACTUBRRB -RIBBONS TO BIND s??ara. yellow and red, all klnda; I m ported elgsretteaa Bar ana Tobaoeo, Leaf Wrapper* and Fillers, Regans. At 3 Ao. Paraalelow, looroMaeoBeicnmeut, at atora INVH tee street. ' IRY BERO A CO ?? BDPKJli OB CIO ARRTTOB. ROUk doyet for tha tvarfe by ALEX. MaRCUS, 37 aad A wary, sagar aad iobaaoo warehouse. 500.000 WW XWYg aeadlng tha aaah samoiea will ba sent all over the country; ?rdara to all part* ?? the United btates promptly tilled; the beat referaaoes e4a ba (teen Call oa or add rasa L MIL LB R, Na.HDtV ?tf/ai. sear Bieadway. RATRIHOH1AX. A MIDDLE AOBD OF.NTLRMAN WISnBB TO F' iRH XI. tha aequalntanoe of a young lad*.? Must be rlr'oioua, nare a good ftgnra, and black hair preferred. Mohey/ao Ob jeet., at he derires nothing but a wife. Address A^V, sU^ \[?" A, Bpnng street ATOCNG MAN, POSSESSED OF WRALVg, RDUCA Hon and good looks, wishes to correspond with a suita ble young lady with a view to matrlraor,^ Addraaa. wltlk carte. U aireeable, Cktrkat Wild lt?t>a p, Vlh'g Uauaa. ,

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