Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1864 Page 3
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w\l(TEP>FCNiLBa._ A NUMBBSor WBLL BECOMMENDED GBRMAN #A feoiaiafe %aut fU'iaitaoa ai ooofca, chambermaids and 14 juUi M-e?, outsat and u\ r.a fur g?n*ral ho us# work. Ac , at J* i a. LOWJk'8 Gcnnau luilHuta, 17 biaalon si., flea* Ihe Bowsry. . ? GISL WANTS A SITUATION, TO DO GENEBAL kuuM work ; Ui guod alty tefaaaaaei ht?lw il Jmm C, KG Gut ?dtn at., for two aaya. ? YOUNG GIBL WI8HBB A BITUAtlOW? TO'TAKB fare of chi dren *n<t do Ugbt chamberwork. Call kt 1st a*., In the itui'e. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, OF GOOD EDU. A uatiyn, lately arrived tram Germany, wtshea a aiuia. tlc> la A fn!?l private fatally; under?t&u4a bouaekeepiag and cad do floe ladlea' work, out cannot apeak Eugllah yet; no objection to take ear* at a faw children. Inquire la '.be true atoit M M av., near Wtn ?t. _ A BrKBP BC 1' A BL B MARRIED WOMAN. WITH A A frcah breaat of milk, deairea a alttiation u vet aurao. U a reepeotable famlly^Call at 01 Pearl at., Brooklyn, Abbb/bctablb girl wants actuation as cHArobarmald and to aasiat In washing and ironing. An j waltljjf If rcnuired: baa no objection to Uie oountry. VnI al ?w lib if. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BBS PBCTA BLE A young g rl. a* chambermaid; or would do general Bou>ework in a iniall lutuily: ia a good waaher and Ironer; <j*od cilv teferencn from laat place. Call fOJ two daya at tK Baal Ba tic at. . Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE woman, as Ural claat cook In a private family ]t*ctabla private b<>ardiughouae. Good referring- oa SI We?t 20th it, betwuen 6th and 7Ul ava,, aecond floor. *r a i c flall at A SITUATION WASITBD? BY A Ji young woman, in a ama'I private f to* id or to doneiieral honaowork; can SiSS""Ss" "sior*"U! ? I A YOUNG WOMAN WI8IIBS A SITUATION? A3 COOK, Jk waaher and ironer. Tbe beat of city reference can be given. t;all at No. Ill West I'Jth at. A SITUATION WANTBD-AB PLAIN COOK, WASHER A and Ironer, In a amail private family. Cau be aeeu at fca. 31/ Biuk at. ; brut city rei'erenc. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE A young t Irl, to dogeuural bouaework In a aiuall private family: la a good plain cook, tvaaher and ironer; uo objec tion to go a abort dialtnee in the country. Mas very good reference, ran bo aeeu for two daya at No. 69 Weil 30tb at . between 6th and 7tb am, N. V. A 8 NURBK. -WANTED. A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG XL woman, an nurse; la fully rouiueteut to take the entire ?barge of an Infant frotn Itii birth ; no objection to travel ; Beat of city refrrenoea. Call lor two daya at 89 West iltb ak, be tween fttli and titu av*. A GIBL WANTS A SITUATION IN A PB1VATB .A family, as chambermaid and waitress or aeamstreea. flood city rti'erouce. Call at 9/6 7tU av., between 33d and Mth at?.' SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to do houaework. City reference. Call at 10J otl at. , tblrJ Co ir. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY. OF RESPKCTABILITY, woulu line to procuro a homo where ber aociety would ba eonald-'rt <1 a- payment. Will nmke heraelf companion able. Can ?lve the most ?tnexc> P'ionnblc references. Ad. tlre*a for one xv-ek Mrs. Bambridje, Broadway l'oat oQice, 43 a), broad* ay. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION J\ aa iirat rate cook; is an eiceilcut haker of bread and yaatry. Can cct be-t of city reference from laat employer, at Hi 7th av., between 18tb and l'jth ats. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY BESPECT ab'o Amencaa wotnun, a? bouaekeepor or motilhly aurau, or to Uke aaie of > n invalid! o any Kind of nurhtag; ake thorough y understand* bualncaa; baa good refe pence". Call at til BlteckOi at, A PROTESTANT VOUVQ WOMAN WANTS A 3ITUA. t on aa chamber maid and waitreift. < r as regular w.ilt saaa; would like te m to the country; be?t city rcloren -eg flnui l?Kt p.aoe. Call fo* two days at 119' - Hist Alth at., Mar .-Id av. A GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM berhiald or nnrae, Call at 83 l. oion st. , between Van Kraut and Columbia ata., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE German gu-l, aa chambermaid; can do piaiu ar.w.n?; Would have no i'b.,ectlon to ia?e care of children. Inquire f?rtwoda>>at MO avenue C. in the bakery. HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, WITH A GOOD breaatof milk, wlehea a altoatlon aswetnnrae; the of inference given. Call for two daya at 318 7th av., floor, near 30th al. I SITUATION WANTP.D-AS TROFESSED COOK; L no nhject on to the coitntrv. Call at her preaentem oyer'*, 137 Macdougal at., <<n thin day, between 10 and \ i BKSl'BCT A BLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITU V ti. it, aa acamstreaa by the day or week; liaa worked for ur yeara at dresMnaklug, and cau operate ou Wheeler A n'a machine. Call at M tte-t Sid at , for two daya. I SITUATION WANTED-BT AN AMERICAN GIRL. L 1# veara of ace: wages no oh/ect: a home preferred ; It gocd cltv rcterence. Call at 146 Weat 3Kth at. Wllso SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNG GIRL, AS ctaambrrmald and seamatreta. Call for two daya at Weal Waahlngton place, corner of 0th av. A A BEPPF.OTABLB TOUNG WOMAN WISHES A J\ ? t'.aMon to do chamb^r^vork and waiting or plnln ??wluic. bah no ohjectioua to g.> a abort dtatance lnthecoun lij, Call at 45J uroenwioh at , iirat lloor. RESPECTABTjB GIBL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general honaewort; la a Bn"d wa*htr and ironer and a gont plain cook ; good city leferenee from her 'ant place Call lo. two uiiya at the corner of Hoyt and Baltic ~~x, Brooklyn, over tbe grocery atore. B CniLDS NURSE? BT A MIDDLB AGKD ENG L llsh Proieatant woman, who is eipenenced In the ctra yont'g i hi dien, to tike tbe entire care of nu inf int and Ins it mi w th ihe bottle; It willing to mate heiaelfxen ?rady naeful; can give go .rt cliy rcferrnee, .No 9 Bible Houae, corner Aator place au i 4th av. ARBSrarTABLE GIRL WISHES TO GO IN THE o.uutr? aa f esinatrefa; cndcia anda all klndx of family ?twhlg m.d embroidery : and rataad* Wheelef i Wti-on'a ?lacl.inva, good city rtrcrtuc-j. Call at or addrens No. 221 lat av. ATC'NO LADY, POSSESSING THE ACCOMPLISH maun of a reOned education. Ii wanted to a'lperlniead the hou el. OKI at n w Mower. Tne family t?.nj small the Mutle* will lie li?;ht. mid lUe poeition an .v^roeiiliic one. To ?von! unneceaaary tr ubM anil dliapiiouiimeiit. applicant* wtll pieiw to ooorioer wall ibe nitem of th'i above ro -ind to >-t itc f i I perttenlarH about tbeuuelve* la add e alng n. 8 T , bo* 191 Herald outce. ARKSl'ECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITtTA l on to tr ve. w tb a; noobjectlon tigo to Europe ?r California. I'a i at 18 Varion at , nwrt ;:ooi-. 4 SITUATION WANTED- AH COO'?, WASHER AND Jl Ir -Mr. lu a private larnllj; bait of car reference". Call at 211 Weat lCth at , rear, on aoo .ml Eoor, tor two <ia; i. L YOUNG PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUA tMn as chambermaid anil wait:-e*?. or to do bouacirorlt ilimali family: aoob,cc'lon to the co in'ry; bet ell/ re ince*. CAII lor two day* at 464 Columbia *t . Sgcfb Bruk A RESPECTABLE GIRL, OP GOOD EDUCATION, lately arrives from Germany, wlebe* a kitnatlon a a ?ulet prl\ ate family ; undeiataQ h luaekecplnu and c.?u do pne lad'ei' n-ork but cannot apeak Engllehset; noobio< U?u w lake oare of clilMivn or to go la the country, Call for two day* at 1J4 Bait 23d tL, between 2d and 3d av?., u rat ?aaui waeh 8 COOE.? WANTED, BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, aaiiuailon aa eook in all it* branclicn. undcrtiuuda ie?, ko.ipa, (elite! and game and I* w lllliu t<? a**lat la hlna; *i ellent r?fareiurea; ha* no objection to c< a rt dtiwncc lu tbe country. Call for two day* at ItOKaat ?nk third Uoor, front rootu. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PRO Ultaat womaa : >* a truol cook, w??hrr nut IrOMTI Ederainnda bar biuluaa*; good city aafrrence*. Please call Mo. 6 Clarkton iU, lecocd I oor, troot roont, A SITUATION AB HOUSEKBBPBB WANTED? BY All J\ American widow lady; would take chargc of a Nub or ?rat claaa tenement bonne. Addreia Mr*. B, nation a. 4 SITU ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. ? a wet mine, in a reepceiab'o family; b*a loit ber three week* old; boat or rofarenca givan. Call at 228 ? treat. A RERVBCTABI.R YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITU A EL Hon to do hoi'-awurk; good oily refereuoe. Call at i.*i? taahlniton *t., third lloor A, ?mm & ^?ll YOUNO RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A BAttY to wet mirto at liar i.wn ie?M< oc?. 13'l haai .V!lh *t , fl<'or,iauba recommended by the boat of city lefer 8k , SITUATION WANTED? BY A RBSPBCTARLB woman, aa infant'* miran; la fullv competent to take Tee oi an iiilam, aan do plain ?ewuig; good city refer, era. caU at zvj Itb *t. PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 cook , no objection to the country ; Mod otty reference. 1 atssu W*'t imii *t., taiwooa nth aii'i imh an, Kll'UAf ION W ANTEr?? TO COOK, WA.SU AND . Iron, in a *matl prltate family ; good city reference. It at 127 Wen '131 it, third Sour. SITI ATION WASTKD-AB GOOD COOK AND TO a*al*t tn waaklug ; city reference gtvea. Call at 101 liaet i *t. PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, LATELY LANDED, JX want* a iliuatinn la do general ho. eework in a email ffktnlly. Apply at 27 Cberry *1, near Pearl *i, aecoail t'oor AX AMERICAN LADY OF B&PEBIENCB AND ability n'.th*a a (ituanon n< bo'iaekeoper for a gentle Ma who kaa a mu.ii famil v and mi wife ; he aan be very wepeciable. Apj ly at 14 6?h R BEHPBCTASLE GIRL WI8IIBB A SITUATION i\ to do plain tewins; l* willing to a**lit In tha cham IMrwork and waning; good reference. Can ho eeen for three daya at 22 Hidga *>. ALh GERMAN TOOK WHO UNDRRHTANDS ALL kinde of family cooking; alio a chambermaid and gutreea or nnria wiah a euuativa together la a private nilyj have no otijecvon to the country. Cauboaaen at Mh ?l.. In the lear hnuaa. hlRIT CLAM COOK-BY AN BXPBRIBNCED and rompetent womaa. lea flr*t rate brrad maker; erl'lgo In tbe tounlry. Apply at .f:? 4tli ave. SITUATIOB WABTBD-BY A REHPKCTA BJ.R young woman, to do general houaowork In a inaii prw ?a?e ranilly; ha* no ohjert!on? to go a ihov dlataree 1n the oouatry. Call for two dayi at 410 Weat ldih it., between ?th and lUtR av*. _____ ARF.SPECTAHMi WOMAN WISHRS A SITUATION aa goon plain tf>ok, waaher and Ironcr. Good ctiy icier I jai'ee; no ohjention to go II flratolaae lenodrnio. Can be aeon jjOv two day* at im Weal 2iih at. A 8 OOOK-tM A RRBPBCTABLR PRIPATP. PAMILY. A by one who tnnrnnihir naderatanda her huelneae in all || ?triinrtii*; nan ceok anu|>a. meat., game and poultry ; l| an eitoilonl baber. . ai> nuir all klnd.i of deaierta: boetof fkr reiorenco eaa be r*?v. Gall M l?? Ran mk l\. . TI^AyiOltl AFBBNCH AND AMERICAN WOMAN WISH SITU ttons in sown large faiull w trave to Europe; accua loia^d tu trftvel; bolU good dltiMlOAJtei ?. AddreiA it. J.% U uian square i*o?t oflloe. ___ A YOUNG GIRL WAJI^fl A SITUATION AS COOK, ?t St#16? ^WBt^W?r' " li??4 Call at ai Ablspectabib youbg qiRi wibhm a bitua tloa to go general boueerfoik. Good chy rc.'eieuco given. Apply at ft W+UHkMt APROTBSTANT GERMAN WOMAN WANT8 A BIT uatlun at cook and to a*elai w th the washing and Ironing. or chambermaid and clulu tewing; good reference. Ottll at M Woostgr it , second floor. C^JOIJ.? WANTED, BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, A situation, iir a gentleman'! family. understand* tier business thoroughly ; tUe bettor reference given; no objec tion to th? country- Can b? seen at 107 ISth til, between 84 and U!) area. " OK.? A FIRST OLA88 COOK, THOROUGHLY poited In every branch of the art, from tho plainest to any paatry and baking, wants a situation in a ttrst class boose; best reference. Call at 16 bprlnn st. HOCSBKGEl'EB.? A LAD* OF EXPERIENCE, AND who can furnish the best and most satisfactory recom mendations, Wiakes an?(igagenieni. as hease'teeper, either In^he city t>r country. Address for three days T. A. If ., SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG German girl, in do up stain work In a private American frmilyi tha be*t of cily referenoe can be given. Call at M Front St., Brooklyn. QITUAT1QN WANTED? BIT A WOMAN OF GOOD AD O drey, at) companion or nurse to an invalid lady, t < go In the courttrv: would take care ?f children or iipci Intend the lion.*, -Beat ejir reference# front physic aus and others. Call on of hddreiu this week Mr*. C,, 134 East it road war. OITUATJON VYANTED-BY a YOUNG giria as O chambermaid and waitress; would assist with the fine washing; wontd go a short distance In the country ; best city reference. .Call ax, JOd 'iUlb at., third ttoor, back room. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AB cook, and would assist with tho washing; understands her business; good reference. Call for two days at 95 Ea*t 11th St.. between 1st andrMavs] SITUATION WANTED-BYA RKSPRCTARLB YOUNG man, lately landed. In a wbolerale tea auR coffee store. Apply at 3>1, corqec ?3d st. and 2d a?., third floor. OITUATION WANTED? BY A GIRL, AH NURSE AND O seamstress or to do chamberwork nr.d waitlug. Call at her present employer's, IS London terrace. QlTUATIONSf WANTED-FOR TIIOROUGULY COM O potent IVmalo help <>f all nations such s? lint cla s cooks, cl amhextuatdh waitresses, laundresses, seamstresses, nttr?e?, cooks to wash and lion, small glil?, and yirls it telv Umled. At ply at the Lar^o Employment Uou e, corner flit av. and llih st. X. so male help. SITUATION WABTBD-+BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O woman, in a small private family, to do general house work; has lived with her Inst emptoyer'thrce years, and can S've the best of ci(y reference. Call for two cays, between e hours of 0 a^M. and 3 P. M , at 93 West 45th st, be tween 0th and 7th taVs, TWO YOUNG GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS; ONE FOR housoW' rk and tfte other for upstalrR work: no objection tc> a hotel or bearding house. Call at 73 North Moore St., up two lilglus of stairs'. TWO GIRLS WISH TO OBTAIN SITUATIONS-ONE as watties?. and the other as latindieSs; the b -st ol city refer* nee can be given. Country preferred. C.-m be kci:u at 1RI West 41 Kt at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK; UNDKRSTA N'DS French atvl English eon&lng; will do plain washing and lroalng; Is willing ao<l eMIgiag; A;.-|>Iy at 250 6th hv. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPRCTAT'LE ENGLISH pcranu, a sltnatiou as lnJy s maid Understands dress, makltn; and hairdieisln ?. TtiO hUliost rel'irettco* cm ho ftiven. Apply leiween the hours of 10 and 3, to T. II., 190 East 13th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, TO DO nfRjSEWORK IN r. iinal! pi ivutc fastnly. Call at 177 hast 42d it. WANTBD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young uomati, us tiuuk. in a private family; i*c?mp*! tent in all Ha branches; is an eieellent washer and Irom.-r; hu uo ol> eotion to a > in ttie country; beat of citv reference ran he produced. Can he fe-n fur tvo days at 31tl Stan tin st , in the t lore, between l.ewls and Uoeruk st -. XIT ANTED ? A SITUATION. TO DO CII AMBER WORK vt and wait og. Call stl7ti Bast Sitit at., tlrat llobr, frout room. , WANTED-BY TWO WBLX. EDUCATED YOUNG ladies, of much exp^rienre, MtuatlaxM a* correspond ing clerka, copy ists. or ac ouuianuai. Frcnob and Enaiitu un derstood. Adrlrebs for oue week 1 and It ,' station 1?. WANTED-BV A FRIEWD^ESS XjQUKQ, LADY. A ?itiiatl n as? onpanlon to a young or ml hllf aieit InJy ; home wore of a u object thau wa^os. None bnt rtsprctab'le parties need answer. Address for one week Lottie, ije.tald oBlce. ' ' ' WANTED-A SITCATtON, BY" A BESPECTaBLB iron ug ii- rl for general housework. Inquire for two days at 85 West 42d st. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO YftUNO GIRLS^ one as oook, the otlier aa oook. waaber and iruner; good reference. Can bo seen tor two days at 46 West lQtn at., corner of Waverly place. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO GIRLS; ONE TO do general housework, and the other to do up stairs work. Call at 77 West 31st street near Cth av. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA lion to do tbamberwork and waiting. Good city refer ence. Apply at Sin 8th av. for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO V* man. A situation a* chntnbermnid and laund.ess. Uas good city reference. Apply a1 '4 West 2snh st. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. *n cifck. w. sher and ironcr. In a small jrrt ??!?? family; la a good baker; no objection t.r go a short di* tanoe la the country. Call at So. 133 West 33<1 St., near 7th av. WANTED? A SITUATION TO DO Cn AirBERWORK : Ik a II rut rate Wish or and ironer. l'n I *1 115 West 15ih *?.. In the rear. . WAN 1 ED? BT A MIDDLB Ad ED AMERICAS VBO te.<Uut void in. a aituatb n n. nurse; can take ih e en. tire eharve of an Infnnt or older children; mn rto plain ?ewv inn; prefera going into the country. Ilril diy rel ere uvea. May lie seen until engaged at 200 Went 20th at., between 6th and 9th avenues. WASTED? AT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO AMBRtfA* girl, a afoia ion a? ?eeeeteeee *nd MMtnMi or nilrae; would bare no objection to so In the lountiy. c in be wren f or two days at 2tM West 2<th at., nerii ?th a\ . Be* t of irrereuce.giren. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework in a priraie family; she I* a good plain co< k. and an excellent wa.her and irauer; h?* the beat of city referencca. Call at So. 8 3th at., base mcnt, near the Bowery. A GOOD DRESSMAKER. WHO CAN MAKE AXJh kinds of children h clothes, w she* to engage ?>y i bo day or week, or go to the eouujry with a private f unlly ; e,m Rive the bc?t of recommendation*. Call at Wo East Ivth k'. WAKTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to do general homework ; la a good cook, wa?her and irooer; best of city reference. Call at 131 88th at. WANTBD-BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, A SITUATION In a pr vain family, to di general homework. App'y at her laat place, SO I Mulberry at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa iaily'e maid and seam-ire<s; un derstands all kinds of need:e work; would be willing and obliging: ean give good refereocea from her last place. Call ?I 121 West Wt&st. WANTED-A SITUATION, 11Y A RRSPKCTARLE girl, a* nurae or seamstress. Call at 22 frespect at , Jersey City. WANTED? WAsniNO, BT A RESPECTABLE LONB woman Shot* a good laundress and rea-oanblc In b*r charge"; al?o wishes to take a lady to board or room with her; one that can lira plain will be suited; or would like to take one or two childre^ to board, they will hare food attention paid them. Call 6n Mr*. Suoog, I, 'J73 Broad way near 3?th at., roar baaemrat. WANTED- \ SITUATION, BT A WW ENGLAND lady who I* ai experienced aud t'i'>rfii(;hho-i?elieepei ; the licit of refcrea es wlU be |lr?n. AddrcaaN. V. W., Ilera'd olloe. \I7 ANTED? BY A RERPEOTABLB TOUNO 01 RL, A II altual on a* copflet; she wrlfee a rapid. 6!aln hand. Addres< M. C. D., No. 3 Clinton place, for I wo da t a. WANTRD? BY A OIRL, A SITUATION TO DO UP ataira work aad eew, or up *t?Jr< work and wait oo table; rorereooea glren. Call at XW West 2oib su, up ?tairr, front room. 117 ANTED? A SITUATION AS LAUNDREKS. OR AS rf chambermaid and laundress. by a resne table young woman ; ha* good reference from her last p nee. Call at ISO 4th a*., between 30ih and Slat at*. WABTKD-A CHILD TO WET NURSR AT HER OWN residenen. by a young, ncaltiy wnnan, who I at h r ?wn b"by three d*; a ago. Apply at 123d at. aud Broaiway, m ar M.iuhaitanrlljp. WANTRD-A SITUATION, TO DotnoUSEWORK IN a *m*U private family; lean ei vilenl w a?her aud Ironer. Hent ciiy references. Call at ill iia?t 3Mb st. WaNIRD-A SITUATION, BT A RKSPECTARLE girl, to cook. * *?h and iron. Hat teren ye ire' rererenoe from her la*t place. Call at 17.", IV eat Stat at., bo tireeu 7th and *ib are., third Hoar, fr.'ui ro m. \I7ANTBD? A Sll CATION, BY A YOUNG 01 HL, AH TV chambermaid and waitress; I* acquainted with all branches of homework, and onu do fire washing aud (luting well. Apply for two days at <11 3d ar. ll'ANIKD-V BIT! ATTON, BY A RESPECTABLE W woman, as plain aook. waehur aad ironer: ao ebjec tlor io go a shot t distance In the country, (lood reference. Can be ?een for two daj a at 2il Varlck st. f? A?TRD-A CHILD TO W RT NURSE, BT AH TY Anertcna wouian, at her own residence. in<iuiro for Vi* Wiggle*. No. ft Cannon at. MTARTED? BY A R1SPECTABL1 lOV'Sd WOMAN, IT a situation to do chamberwork aad plain sewing; the best o'ty refer? u e I ?on. Inuulre at 148 West IHb sf, be tween 7lli and ?th ar? , >aiend Boor, fraatr^om. WANTRD-BT A RE.-' PI ' T ABl.B W1 DOW WO M AN, a aituati >n aa wet aur*e ia a reapavialila family i hai leather ewn bain ; no objection to Ibe country. Apply at 91 Moarue at., lor two day*. ? UTANTRD-BY A Rr.SPECTABLB .URL, A SITU A. TY lion aa chambermaid, or waltrea, or p.ain eook, waaber sad Ironer in a small family; three jeare'ety reference. Call at 147 7th ar., between SOth and 9l*t ata. nrrvATioMB wAYTRb-nuBi. ACOMPBV&M BOOKEBBPKR Want* a Mlri A ton In a rMMctabie house; ean do Krench eotree poadenee; no ohje t n to leare the elty. Address fer one week Clerk, bus III Herald ottl 'e. 4 RBMPBCTABLR M1DDLK AOBD HAN, LATRLY JY. landril. waul* a ?H'iatlou a* gardener; perfectly under *Mttd* hi* buainem both In the (lower garden, p'ea?ttre ground and gr?eohim?e; al*o the pruning ami management of grape*, both In an I out door*; would aii|ierlntead a lmm If required. Addre>* M. M., boa 201 Herahi otlioj. ATOUNO MAN WHO WRITES A 0000 HAND. DE slre* a (liaaafn ae corre*po i.llnn or |e< eral clerk ha* had eon-Me, .t'lle etperleivwi in ?rttee Wnlf mereanille hn*i nese, and Is willing lo oake hlm'Olf *rnn ally itMMl #M r*dtr uuexceftlon*k)e. Addreee J ft. 962 Hadlfos st SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES. A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN, W UO SPEABB fOUR laugoages. it 01 ai rur ? good eiaageureut, Address J. Henry. Heigl^ o ; ce. ? A TBAVKLLI|G SALESMAN. OK MUOU BXTBKI -T*- ebce. good andrese. and large ac inaTnt?nce, familiar wrta * >uj?l> >4 goods. i* arUmHnakrag ua ?M?n ern trio Hou.d uudcriako tun *a]a of any good* wh?F> ?atopies are U(?(. Addrcs Lew l?, tic-raid office. J A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 BAR tender or clerk In a <'.rj goods store; oljr reference. Apply far two days at Ui tith air., ooraer of 32d ai. A FANCY GOODS AND NOTIONS SALESMAN. OT good address and ;ar?e acquaintance, is open to au eu Hemeut with a good hou e; Is accustomed to travelling, ires* Kearsarge, Herald oilice. AN ABENT GOING TO C A Li PO UN LA IS DESIROUS of taking samples of gooda suitable for the San Fran ? euromarket- U well ?verteifcia the trade and coaimaoili thy moat respectable refeiences; samples paid lor If r? quired, fur particulars address, for fonf J aye, , J. N. A., box Ui Herald oflke. AGliNTLBMAN OP LONG EXPERIENCE AH TEA veiling salesmen in the general dry t,ooda and getit*' furnishing goods, Is desirous of engaging with s .siftg od firm In the eame rapacity; hasa vi ry Targe trade, aua can show i-apeic to that otlect; fir?t class reference. Addrese for two weok W. J. B , Meroantlle. 306 Btoa lway. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A STEADY. SOBER young nun, lately lauded, ascieohnian Mid g.oom ?r roM-lim^n; understands the cure of horser, carriages and harness; la a caiefnl and steady driver; haw lb* best of i?fe rencefrom tbefOid Country; the roimuy preferred; or would go as groo-i In the city. Can be ?nmi ut Mr. Lamkins' stables, 160 East :iUh st., or address ? letter, stating terms, to A. B., coachman, for four days. A MIDDLE -AGED MAN, CORRECT) IIONICST AND ltidustriivis, desires a i-il ration ua awialunt clerk, or assistant In a substantial htis'ness firm whom he could be useful: citjr reference glveu; security if required. Address j J J. M.. Herald o*loe. \ IMPORTANT TO FAR.MEIIS.~THE SERVICES OF AN exiraordir arv goad man (understanding alt branches of farming. 24 years of *je. strong and bra thy) can be I obtained by ?wiling at 2Vi Broadway, room Id, between 11 I and 12 o'clock to nay. _____ ______ SITUATION WANTED -A GERMAN. 29.YLAR8 OF an*, wishes n situation; he la a good accountant and ? Oast class salesman; has .-:ervad tu dtlKweat bucinsssep; late In tobacco and aetfars; speaks English. German and 1 Danlaii fluently ; is well nmiualeted in the city ; th? best or refereuocs furnished. Address r. w. IT.. Herald ofllre. SITUATION WANTEb-AS SALESMAN, IN A BOOT ar-d shoe etore- fuoferred. Address G. F. M., SM fcust 30th vt. . SITUATION W ANTED? IN A WHOLESALE DJUTG C> business, bv a thoroughly educated drew-st and choni *-* -1*1- - ? ? ? Uo ^eat refer* l?t, gpoakins'diU'erent lauguasei; c.-.u give oiMwa. Address 1\ L. Driiga, Herald oSlco. s s SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAN 35 YEARS OF age. an loreman in a bonded \varcbuu*e. or as foreman In a manrtfact'iirlnu l)iislne?s; The txnt reference given. May aldi'<sr< for one weoll W. He; aid o'l oe. OIT^JATION WANTED? MY A VOCNO MAN, WHO O liana 'oo,l cvy connection, In a wluilcsai" or retail ie? or (p ooery busiutit>e. Uniiivpf oiublft relereuces as t < aba aeior, 4o. Ad lress J. B., Hatald ofllpe. ITUATION WANTED? BY AN .EXPERIENCED NO. oue d^ugle'erk ; a film elttsii Rl'iirejineferre'l bcnf of t iiy rofevvnoes furnishud. A ddi'CU I'U'giUt, Uer?: 1 ofiivfr IYCATIftN,, WANTED? BY A VOt'NG MAN WHO haasei-TM fj&mexltrie ft tho t.tllorln;! Ims'ne^s; wishes to get iuro.ft ttii.lurv rloll.lnL' deimi tineut 01' with ?onse good .M . CleeBnu. 327 W uv. SiTuYVro^ Wanted.? a, a thor. onj?l?,VPierliiartsij swj'I troiiier of horiea. w;.ihe'i to ?et employmeni. Kert of reference given as to a' llity and tiUu. racter. idtkreas K. M. llokh. Lrioklyn Post oaiw. rpo whoi.hsaLk and roMMtsaiON iioureh J. VY anted, a nositlon, by a ;ent i "na\i pr t!i iro igii bu.l liess hub ts. atsMmeniitu. eookKKOrwr or -Mne nther | ositlon where ? fa r ^n.iaiy can bo obiainuJ. AUdicoj II. T. 1'azrar, New Haven, llofin. TO DRUGfU^TS.-A OLErtFC. OK EffJUT YEARS EX i> dflsirmts of, oi^aiftJm a ltuallon in a good lo a'ttv; ran furnish ?oo l rscomir.euilations. A'ltlross Bos ton, He mid or.ipe. TO PAWNBROKERS. .Ul -A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS h?1 lotJ^Tetpeffetica ftr tlic above line, dewres a sit ia tion a* foreman; Las a .thorpush knfcwieJi;? of the auction eerinf: bt-anch', and 1? flA exccfl'-nt juitce of liweiry; long and jiatUfnctorv <lischaigo? fro ill rr?v!ous eui|<ldj'cr.i Ad dress 8. D , Mnt'laon t. TITANTED? A SITUATION IN THE WHOLESALE OR I V rot-in bardware trvle. as saieimyaa. bookkeeper ot entry clerk, bv oue who ha.s had 'en yeara'Cxterieuee in the bu< mys. Sulsfaetovy refercttoj glveo fis wy reason able. Address O. B. Puller, ca n of J, S. Veujon, Hailem, N. Y. WaNTHD"BY A YOUNG MAN, OF CONSIDER \ RLE expeftecce. front Liverpool, a .-if itlo:i n a whoiesaie grocery, win and spirit or j rovlsi-in at ire. In any rapnclty, not particuluia, 14 years iir 1 1 'isa fe-t mou:a,s auU security glten if twiuuiefl. Ai trews R. M , I! 'raid office. WA?ITED? BV A YWJO MAN. A SITUATION IN A ? ? retail dry goods si .M-e. (iood refercnoC given Address VflnbsRnn, Unia.d oftlcR, for two d:.y-5. TITASTED? BY A RE! ?T situ tlon n?,cc9pvist. Addres-r Jtrsey. HoiaJd oil RERPECTABI.B VdUNO MAN, A >t. Clark In > hotel at shipFln^ clerk, otlice, for two day*. jTa \v * years old? lu n jt>ho'e-n!" house Mn goods j-rr i erred i, wbeie ho can make himself useful ; has had experience as an entrv clerk and assistant beck keeper: salary net so much an object as a per: .auenl situation ; fit t iU>* ri-ferouco . Address J. K. C., Herald ofiee. XJtf ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A Y 01 Nil MAN, OP ff good steady tiablts, who previously arrived from Eng. lntxT, wo.-lfl sslic t a silnnt on as cleiU or potti r in any busi ness. lb<i?lie at 4>l}i Htoadway. WANTED-:'.* TUB AOVRHTISHJ. WnO IS A GOOD and rapid writer and quiek an.T eorre -t at flgnre', a situation in uny carncli. where be <au be tnada uwrul Hit mediate employmeut essential. Addrcs.J. E K.t lie raid oHjce. WANTED? BY A SOBER. INTELLIGENT VOL NO , man oi t2y with considerable e*peri?uce, a situation as' elerk, In a wnole-aln ho.ise; can com? well reconiuiev.d. ed. Address M , station t.Mew York. WAN'iED-A tlTUATIOB IS A WIfOtiBSALB BOSJ. lie.','', hj a young man of rxperlenee. who nil make lilmMlf gatteraily useful Addre=s Uiomwell. llera'd ojllce WANfBD-A SITUATION AS WA1TFR OR 10 AT tend t" at> invalid Best reference given. A<Mrcs#H. D., Uoi lltf Herald o r -e. . , THE TRADKS. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A PHfCTioAf, MILL i 1 wrlgHt Md engineer; e?n put up i?nd operate a'l klml* of engine* unci machinery city lefereuce. AdJiesa r. ?I. P., Oreea point Post ortke, L. I. r* SAWYER WAITED IMMEDIATELY? ONE-WIIO A understands working at aud ?cnln i a crmicnt circular law. Apply*' the klndiln# v.ood lac'.ory, 332 West 2?li ?t., letw, ya lUJl uild lltb an. A frIXUAlIOM WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS J.Y watch-tinker; n > objec;lon t* go a aV.nrl dl?tanre In the country! h?t of reference* gWen. Apply at 0. Mon gonieiv ACo.'tM) Broadway, room No. I, tip stair*. A LIBsSaL PRTCB W1U, BR UIVKN TO AN EV A petleaceil band. at wlgmaking and liaiidrei'lnf. Ap ply to F. Vi'mar. ?9C Broadw.iv. flOACH PAINTBR WANTED? TO WHOM. IF COMPE \J tent, ?teidy employment win be Riven. Ariply at 'be (hd?i of A tli are *t>d 23d it., to Ibe stage office, to Geo. Ibaplntf'T. Kuperlntemient. CI ARDCSER ?WANTED. A SITUATION AS OAR T dciier, hy a yon: v. B- ?i"1>mao , t&oroaghly undernand* fell li-ialnes* In all !t? l>ra>ioiie?. Respectable re ei tnrt*. ('all on <>r adlic-i L. J.. Hcuiliu k L'avi lion's feel store, ?7 Kmwu tf.. N. T. C* Gardener "wanted- \ protectant -and sty. I H ? toar.. who thoroughly understand! hi* b telnet* aud ean fnrnMi pood "acomniendatiuni foi lobrieiv ami tu duetry. Apply to O*or?;e Rotilnaoc. o!i;re Scientific Ameri can, 37 Park row, no Ttie*da) , the 19th InitanL ORBN fC~ AND "PRR8C0 ARTISTE WANTED KOR O Orient) i. Apply ie Jaa Conner k Co., ii We?t Houston at. FpO IJt V8NT0RH AND OTHERfl A PATTERN MAKER. A a general woi -win, wo>i <1 like a Job to work at iiume; |*expetl*nced lu niodcli, atovei and maobJuory. Call a' U .'V. i. ipo BOO I H I NDE BS.-W A VTBD, TWO EXTRA K<>R; _ wardcieand tw* coverer'. Thebeit wises given suit ?teadyaenploymnnt. Apply to Ailtmui A Co., corner Of 4!b and Race at*., PIHadelphlA TO FHOIOORAPIIBRS ? W ANTED. AN BNOAOE ?ent aa In or onl door operator, or iw pr tiler and toner. by one wlto tram e*p*i l?nce h?* a thorough know ledge of the buiinei*. So objection 'o tlie ootintry. Refer anee* h-atlafaotory. Addr*** Albumen, Ml 169 Herald offl-c Tub ?biioilBffR offers ims sKRvrmV as maaicr machinist; he is thoroughly competent to tsko Cham* of :oc <m tlvti, marine engine* and machinery In general. Address 1) , Hcraltt oflic _______ WANTED -A* FOREMAN FOB A FINK CCT TufUC c.t fiwtorj ("tone who ha* bacn tuied to running ? Dayton machine. T* a good, Mcady, who endarrtands the wh< le proeeea or maBi.fao?re. a good <a'arr will lie pall A Jdre~?, giving rBfertnee*, boi 4.IM Hi eMti roatoiikc. _ ANTKH-A. PIfOTtlORAPHBR. TO CONDCCT A Ohattmm aireet aal *tt on ?hare?, or purchase the same A steady, eomp^'ent operator ma- now aecme a gool psylag Imsin'**. ln't"lre a' 411 ilroa tway. WANTED-TWO F1RCT CLASS .?0B COMPOSITORS. Non? otlier* uccd apply to Saoford, Usrruio A Co, 044 Brok'lwav. hot. A IIRLP WAITED? FEMAI.EH. SPAMSTRBSS WANTBD-TO ' (10~ A SHORT t)IS. unce In ilia e.xiBtry; ahe must makeagno l huttnn. e and either eut nod fit or mw on Whenlfr k Wilson * aevlag maehine. App'y for two dayi, iietween Hie houi ? of 10 ami i o i look, or In the treSJBg, *t 1<I Es?t STlh It AOBRMAN WOMAIf WANTRD-AS OOOK. AND TO do ?uli ng and ironing; also a Germ in w^man, a* ohanilti maid and tu wa't oa table. Apply ?t Wt? 8th a". Ml DDLS AGED PROTECTANT WOMAN WANTED a? b\ii?c and ?e?ma'res?. In a private fatnily o" tie Hnrl?.,a river, w thin an b?ut'tfid? of Xiw Yorg. Ap|ly ?t 169 ' "hanibers st. _ AWRT Nt'RSB WANTED-TO TAKE A CHILD TO har own houao; one living In Brooklyn preferred. Apply at 7-i emigres* *!*.. beiweea t.'olumbla and II t< k* AFIRBT CLARB OPERATOR OH OBOVER A Baker'* warblne wanted, aeeuatatnad to flt.eworN: none of era need apply; constant employment aid tool wages; iitna'ton tn *th a*. Apply to BrsklnaiCo., 91 Prince it., for two day* ALAROB BUMRBB 0FO1RLS ARD WOMEN W A NT ad dally for the be*t private Camilla*. Iloteia. iionrd Ing booie*. Ac., and ail employer'* l irniataed with oom petent aervant*. ?t RAYMOND'S, 41 BleeUer st, remove I from 149 Orand at. AN EXPEB1EN. ro CORSET maker is wamtkii lo lake .barge of a or*et manufactory, or we ?.vk them out by lar-e and ainall quaatlttee. Inoulre toon at Hie skirt atore, 8A tfvu a?e 4JITT AMD COUNTRY. -LA PIBB WHO WISH TO BOLL'S Agency. No. <>tt Sixth avenue. economise by employing gond, faithful wnineo. ami ;lrl*. at moderate waca^. n*n he n'eely *iilted at B. t'AB RK8SVAKRRS WANTED IMMRDIATBI.Y -NONK but goad li iod* nea.l app'y : good ?.? age*.? Apply at 133 I Md it., between ft* f tit *?*. HILP II WA5T^D-rKNALEI. ELF WANTBD-A WILLING SERVANT, TO DO louaewnrk m a araa 1 family; city re qui ed; t er mouth. Apply at <7 Bank tt. LAtfiuNtMB.-ONB Of TH? JBE0Tl Q?B WttO UN <ieralan<!a dolug up tfilrte. eoTare, latmv *"'1 fralle esH?i4M. o*.i lMi.i*lkw*J* Km- steady work, at Scot l A Baldwin's, IK 5 fc'.rcadway. . . PLKABANT AND CONSTANT EMPLOYMENT FOR 90 nlte youpi! L'.dka. to woik on jetbead brjtlde Depo nta require*'. Work given ant. Apply at 273 F.illou ?t . Br" ekiyB, 11 rat flow. every Tueaday and TUuiaday, between Ue taoiua of 9 and 12 A. W. cebvastb wanted? at 10 tiixaby btrbbt, Biooklyn. .'0 cvi erleuced BtrTMiU wenled thin motntog. Tti a Agency, rising 16 years eslabMahed, Is the xnusi select aud respectable in the city. Abundance of place* every day, in t ??. i? i>est 'amines In ciyr and country, without waldng. Applj to Mr. CHRISTQF HE B. WAHTKD? wer NIBBB, WITH A FRESH BREAST of mi'k. to go a abort dlitauce tu the country. Apply at St West Irir h m. WANTKD? THKBB YOCNG LADIBS TO A'fTBND IN a free and and easy saloon. Apply at 107 tirand^t. _ WANTF.D-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL. TO OO INTO TUB connti'T, on a (arm, to do tentral bonsework, ml'.k lug. Ao. Cuil at 14 ij Wem loth kt. WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS COOK (NO OTHER nccil spply), at the southwest corner of Clinton and Carrol ts., Brooklyn. WANTED-A GOOD SMART OIRt. TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply to Hra. Suatton, 15*> Atlantic *C, Brooklyn. fX/ ANTED? A COMPETENT C1RL. TO DO QRNRBAIi houreworic, moat und. rstaud both tho English and tne Sp.nli-h language an 1 bo wo'.l aoqnatutsd m the city. Ap?ly t? Mr. Quota. 2 Went 18th at w Mth st ANTED? A GIRL TO MAKE HBRBBbF GBNR inlij useful lu a s:uiil family. Apply at 351 West w ANTED - A YOUNG WOMAN AH NI'RSE AND seamstress, eity inference required. Call at M West 41d at., Iwtween 9 nud 12. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, ENGLISH or Aiyerioeu, us irave llr>g eompunlou and servaut for a taay who iutendi beiiik absent from lite city several uioullis. Sut-li a person coiiiKitoet to do lino aawina und dttn a laul-n' liah will hear ot a good ?ttn?".on by address, lug. wliii reference, i\hluh mvist be the very be&l, box 1,101 rostciTicc. TIT ANTED? A N HAT, TIDY YOUNG GIRL. TO AC II company a gentleman to Europe and tuice .-har^p of a little bov three years old; will be gone one 'car. A nbe ral ?ataiy will be allowed to on? who cCil'i: must be of the best character. Aildreu lleury V. Clin'on, Newport, Rhode Island, for oile week. TITANTBD-A GOOD SMART GIIU,, TO DO BENRRAL M haj cwork, wa^ilug auJ cooking. Appy at 017 .'<1 ave , neai 3llh ?t. TIT ANTED? A TIDT GIRL (PROTESTANT I'llBFBR Vr red), t > du the gancra! l.uu-ewurk of a family oi four; mu't be a goo.l was.iei and irotier. an J plain cook, eoodclly rerm en , ? : cqu.reU, wages $4. Call between 1U an J 2 at 1.1 E?n < TED? A r.IRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; a j;Oo 1 \vat>her and Ironcr. Iti (Ul n u' 2IS W eat 40th kt. WANTED? A Wlor NORSE, WITU A FBBBB BKF.A5T of in: k Amerlciil or Eny :?h Apply lor iwo da^a at 158 W .'s', list at. wt w 7 AN'I EJ? AT THE CLARENDON HOTEL, TUREB ?!??s". WANTED? JN A SMALL FAMILY, A FIRST CLASS ?.nber an 1 Irotier. and k> 't plala cjoic, must moke herself geitfwttly i t-iu:. reference repined Apply si Hit fourth bouse v, n of l.oe s/ . mi Kodpey >i . WHiianisbu?g. T17 ANTED? A HOUSEKBBPKR. FOR A COUNTRY ?t lotal. To one who can ?>rve, ?nd ?hoionglily nnrter ' her businp j . libornl v.agtft will bo u ten Also a goo l ,'io!s . AmtTliana ]r (erred. Apply, between 1 aal 1 at Hi IJ.ceiK'jr V17 AN f lit)? A (;1UL, TO DO GENERAL H 0USB ? ? ?u!k; nusl have good rcfoieuci, nait'i Id per nionih Call for two da;, h at MS Ka-i 8 tb it. \\r ANTGO-A KIRST RATE OIRL, I'OK GENI.RaL t? homoWork: aoidc^ok. wash"r und iron"!" m'i?i ti? fu!|v competent, with gjod citv relerence; wajM per Kontb, and m m; If uortB It. Inqu.ra a; JiO W est l.'d it WANTBD-A WOMAN AS COOK, WHO iS WILLING to so to th?i country sad a- Ui tb thf "as! 'nc *n.i Ironing. Apply st 7S 21-t >t. before 12 v .' ock Y17 ANTED -A PROFESSED COOK. IN A l'R|\AIP. ?" fnnlly, near the city; ^he wl l bo afdetei by u maid AI?o ivantcJ, a thorough waiter. Tho b<v*t rneOHiu endat ons liKlitpei.- l'io!'-?tanta prefi rrcd. App'j thlt mji ntug, after J o'clock, at ll'J M i i son av. \\t ANTftD? AT NO. I COBTLfNDT ST. HIRDSELL 3 If oyati-r houite, a glr to wasli di.^hts. WANTKD-A NICE AND TIDY GIRL, FOR GENE VI ra' bousewoi ^ Cnlr one who cau cook n"ei| apply .it 11!) Ehft (Mb st , corner of 3d av , betweer It' and 11 A. M. or 2 and 4 P. M 11 1 A N TBD? A I.1DY TO LEARN THE ART OP v? coloring photograph!. After two wieKs' instruction of one hour per day worS will be gl. en out or a situation pro'iurod. Call at 713 Rroahvay. room l.i. G KONIGSBRRO W ANTFD? FOR A FAMILY OF TWO, A 8TEADY Il woman to waiib, iron and do plain .initio, ? ,M .at come well rtommeniied. Inquire at 110 Sullivan t. 117 ANTED? AN ENGLISH OR AMEr.ICAF I'BOTES II urt girl, to do general housework Tor a family of two p^raon . Ap; ly immediately at 313 Fulton av Brooklyn. ?> ft GIRLS WANTLD-TO WORK ON GIMP WORK; <uo ?.s?? hnndx for embroidery and p'aln needle w or . , nood r-'.v and cuiMaut implement. Apply al No. 127 Hlccctir st. HELP WASTKO-M ALES. AT THE COMMERCIAL AGENCY-NOB. 2!>7>< AND 233 R roadway, wanted to-day, elerk (or ocean eteamer, i>i in to go to tiei'inuilu, n'llpplui: and eotiy clerk hotel claik, barkeeji'r and watchman, clerk for brokers oMlei;. ineur c.erli, tioiekeepcr for a manufactory, ipooery salea man, lnvf coiriri t. Thoso ?ltn:ition*. ojiefi today, maybe had by call! tig early. Nc .^oucection with InleHliteni e olUces. We n'fer to and *uiip!y over I.ITJ0 first c!ai? honeea in New Yorlc. OSCAR A CO. A (iK.vrd CAN MAKE 1500 A MONTH A by selling our ORBAT PRIZE PACKBT3 ALSO SPLBNDID STEEL ENOKAVlNtJS, *nd tue rorii ait .of ttfoftNKEAL OR ANT. IlT (IOLU SPLENDID tlOLl) AND HlbVliB WATCHEB given t<> our aecuts fro -. Full EkrtlciiUi* tn oircj'k*. mi'.led free, U. 8. MASK i S3 A CO., !5 Beakman street, 1*. T. AOK.irs t \V MAKI $29 IMA TEW IIOt'RS SELLING Our grea' new and wonderful ritrt lain tlic PMn I'lrV.'.se--. $15 per dav guarantee 1. Every dollar Inre led litr than (lc ib'ed. A *;>lenJld selld anil or gilver lever watoh piesetittd fiee toeaeb agent. Sium t men ?:ib-<><I to *s.nul;s!i age III ICS id every town *n<l villate. Coiiuiv ilghti free. Sale Immense, demand inriekllno. EvarvWl}' buji i!;em. Bend fur our great new circular for 1881, eontaining extr.i now |.reir'un inducement*. free. 8. 0 KICKABPS A CO.. 102 Nassau street. New York, original, larjeit aud o'dea: prue paokage In the world. AT THE MEI'.CANTUJi AORSCY-WANTHD-TO. ihr. cmivessers, travelling agent. i>ookkeep*r, fiirull.rn sale-man, light paler, eutiy clerk, office clerk, drngC'*rfc, drr coo* s.ilecnen conductor, coachman. n ? t era, JiW men for Krle Batlway*. O'hor situa'ions ounii. Merchant* an I other* np 'ilod tviin all kind* of ma:e nc'p Tree of tlia'gr. Order* should be o*nt In by 5 P. M. (J. MONUOMEBt 4 CO. MSBtoadway, Room No. 4, up fiair*. \ LL CAN HONORABLY MAKE TWO LOLLAR8 I\ riom twsniy-flve cents ?CaU and examine something up^nl'v neMed by ever* family : or mm free It Hi* 1 for tt*i retail for $2, by R, L WOLCOTT, l/J Cbathkui i<|iiare. N. T. AOENTB -t?,m MADE PER MONTH 11T NOME ON our >ergif. We hare *omo capital po'nts whore nc''i. slve right ot >ale wilt bo fl\ en to part en with nnercy antl capita!. for > m Honiara artdr"-i or -all ou Lluls Philip k Ca, 90.1 Bmaduay, room No 7, New Tork. A SMART MAlf WANTED-TO CABYA8S TH!fl ASD otimr ett es lor k new and ojeful article. Sure salea anil large pioflts to one who It f'al'y -am potent; m i?t eome woll r*comrw??t:<1?d. Apply nt l?t Bnst M (I , New York AMifN WANTED-TO TAKR CMRR OP A PAIR OF l or?e? tod wake Untie, r useful; he m ist be a good g'OOM. P t. ^UHfcJN, Xd Oiual strait A SMART AND ACTIVE TOfNO MAN WANTED? Tok??|.?tatk luicfc c mnlei an<1|wkU on t?'>'?. Nouo osrenl thoie rtpkble ne- d applv. It W. 1'ARKF.R. M3 Ctb sr. Ale BOTrLERn* #antkd-a " kkw kikst class men knd boja: no other* will ?i t; alto n man to drive oart ; inoat come well reeommende J. Apply at'6.1 Liberty it A DAMN PRKKft KEKVERit W AN TKD? AT HOLMAX 8 eieaui printing eaublikbinent, coruei of Centre kad White street*. _ _ A8TOCT TOCN<? MAN WANTRO IM A PROVT8TON store, and a man a* porter In k<try giMdi store; alio a nun lc a l!'i'ior store. Apply to W. LEN A RP, 11 rbatnberi street, ili r l ilQ'ir. ACTIVE BUSINESS MEN CAN SECURR PI. RM A nsut einplti?nient eoltelllnf Mfa Inatrakeo fer tho (nlon Mut itl L'fe ln*<irano? t o ipanr . liberal ' ommia (ions shewed. *rp'y at their New fork o Tic', IAI Rroa.N * ? r _ __> A WAITER WANTliD? AT WELLKR & HITDHON B lot crcaiu an'oou, BOi Hroadnay, between llth aad llth atreeia. AVOl!NO MAM 'WANTED? A8 rLRRIt IN A heist oTice. Board, waabing and |:.u for tie Urit yeir, AUdicfsC. P. Herald offleo for thwe d?f?. B\Hi RNDEH WANTED -A STT. aDV AND INDUS foani man to tend bsr; ooe who thoroughly no ler?mnda buainea*. and none rthrr. may Hjiply al Kn?" Comity Hotel, curner of Vo.ith Tib and lit Us, Wih'amsburg, ________ ____________ Boy WANtr:n-iN tub ot-rics or the east River Hte^l W,>r*?, Sin Ea>t IStl at. Maiarv drat year |76. Must londr ? 'Hi bla pareuta and wrtto s goet band DBUO BROKERS OfFU'E. noY WANIBD? IN k J) Call at 4? <>dar >t. 1>0T WANTED-1N a LAW 01TICF, ONE W110 I> writes a fair baa L Apply at room No, 4, 182 Broad "?r BOT WANTBD-IN A HARDWARE STORF; one one who ro?td*o with Ms i?reat? In the eity, snil Is ansiono to loarn and willing to aj ply hiaisalf. AUJs?>s bos 3.7S* foot OfcNj. tlOT WANTED? IN AN IMPORTISO HOWsi"; J) Wags* fioo to $160 p?r annum; mu t be willing to work. Address bo* Nnw York Post oUVe nRlVRlt WA8TEO-WHO IS A O. ODOROOM AND i*rH. go washer. Aparm<ents furnished to a married nan. Apply to .l*rr?* Harper. I3f t'o .i ' s. et, Brooklyn, "1 |RU?? OI.BHK WANTRO-\T NO, 2IKTAV.COR J 7 nsr of Houston *t. Hei'?rentrs r ? r' <*?!? A good piaoo for a gooit man. ____ lkllirt* CLRBK WANTi.D.-A TIIOROI/Oll RBTML I J and iireserip'.on clOik, With KOud re.Vrontos, may ap ply al ItM mt? av 1 \ It 17ft WANTRO? A YtMfNO HI Ml llNDItR. Jr i taivting tti.? mmli and nre/rrlption bu-inesi; *k4r/ LMa msnlh; no ob eetion II (riHn the eonr irr ' ' V. ?, aMttloB B, urafd *i. Ijf thjee dark. HILP WAI?T10*MALEI. DmUmNI WANTBD-FOR TUB MILITARY ?OS pita', Dar.ds Island. N. Y. H , wane* |M iwr numb aud found . will have to engage lor one year. Tkoee only who are oompetoul dispensers ma/ apply lo th? Transit Hospital on the Ballsry for aptia to v lilt lb* hospital for elimination. IilARMBRS AND OTHERS IK WANT Of BELIABLE A1 mala ha p, inch u farm hands, eoa< hmrn, greorra, gardener", servants, Ao.. will And a foil supply at lie large Employment Qoaxe, corner of tth ??. and Ink at. Varm iiandh wanted? also hih lately ton 1 10 *" * ?li"" distance ui the oouotry. w? ae *, 10 ?yP?r month *n? found. Apply at the Large Etn plo.. awnt R.jubb. corner Gtli a*, and lllb el. Hardware oi.r.RK wantf.o-thb adterti. ?WT rijuiffi u a*) Mirviu?i 01' a ctirk, ?vbu haa h&4 iotu a eJP*r:ettc* . ? Amiijcau hnrUwaie to attend to picking up goods and gtfnora! ?toi? *ork. Ad*!ra?a atailo* particular* and >aiary expect# a, a... bus. i,ug r0tt offWe. Man ob bo* wanted-who understand* something Of fat n wore. In a small place ne u the ell*. Apply between I an 1 S t > day. lu the ulumb?r > storu comer ot Spruce and Will. aia tin. MALE AND FEMALE HELP O: EVP.RV DEsrRll' tion coaataatlr on hand, at Employment House, cor. ner 01' 8Mb avenue and Eleventh street; ready lo supply faml'ies. ho'.ele and boarding houses In city or country; also Mimmer houses, fanners, Ao. Salesman waited? one having a thorough a< luamtanoe with the retail gente' furnuhinit trada in the city and country; none need apply except iboae who have energy and ate capable of Introducing an article moat valuable lo the trade. Call at 9) at., up ata ri. TWO GENTLEMEN. DRAFTED, WANT AN ASSIST ant hai keeper and clerk fur a hotel for three months, to take their place Mliile absent: clerk's par id fO-ip.r month; barkoepei 'c. $45. Applicants ? III address George Mott, I'd at office. New York lor two days, enclo-mg St) cants to pay for advertisement. which will bo returned If not ac cepted. US. NATT.-A UOSPITAL STEWARD, WHO HAS ? ?oi vod in the us*'. wishes to awla g o oat in that ca pacity. Ad lieuC. II., box 130 Herald alike. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? ABLE- BODIED, MEN FOB service In the Unite I Staten Army General Hoapltals, Nef York harbor Wage* $tl a month and board. Apply, wllh recouim-nd.UiouH, to 11 ,'U. Elllolt, U7 Uleeukor St. 11/ ANTED ? A BOOKKEEPER AND SAI.RSMAN; ? I must be 4'''itiainte 1 iu the jewelry Une; beat tef-r ence* required; ono who speaks German preferred. In quire at 169 Broadway, ro on' ;i.'. WANTED -AT THE GENERAL SHIPPING OFFICE, 87 W-sl atieet, ? orr.rr of AUj-ay, men for the navy, one lo three years. Abo for the mm. and merchant and whale shins, to South Sen. The highest bounties paid . ? JAMBS * CO. WANTED? IN A FANOf GOODS IMPORTING liotiae. a smart. Active hoy; one re-idlug with hi* pitreut* preferred Apply at "?8 Maiden lane, up stairs. WANTED? IN AN IMPORTING BOUSE. A STOUT hoy. abo ;t 10 years of age. who resirt"* with his ? a rents Apply, li-nv, . n 10 hourg of 8 and 4 P. M., to utnes Ellio t Je Co.. 113 Duaoe st. WANTBD-A8 BARTENDER. A YOUNG MAN WITH 11 good references. in'in re before 'J A. M.. Morrisaula Hoea". N. li. corner of <3(h *t and Loxinston ar. WANTED-A VOCNG MAN, TO ATTEND AN OFF/OR an 1 mnKe blmxe f 1 eeinl a>)0ut a atare sard; must ho very correct ut Oguioa. Apply at 3J5 Front at. WANTED-A ROY, OF ABOUT 18 YEARrt. FOR AN ofiice; one who (rriten a good hand, ix wiling to rrial.o Minsf'.r generally -tso I ". 1 . and r.m rot no well ne m^retidod, will tip.d ?te.idv employment by applying between 9?Dd li A if at ii0 Vesc/ ?t. i|. uta rs VVANTKD-A COMPETENT PHARMACEUTIST, FA TT miliar with tso retail city drug busiuens, as I r?t deiic lu a Hrft slafu rculi ilvug More A idress Johti I'ahcr, cor. af r of till ?v ?nJ .'iOth :-:t. WANTRD-IN A 1IRST CI-AS3 WHOLF.SALR AND relai: liquor *t;.re * good hoy. Apulyat Bordeaux Wine Company's VuUlla, SID Kuliou at., northeast crner of William, WANTRD-fWO F. XPERT ENOBD MEN TO KEEP >V the a'.oek if ready made clothing In ordor: uone need u Piy an e-s perl'eetly totnpc.erji. Call on ora.ldress Son ncborn A Co. I-'O Cittir< h #t. WANTED-A STOUT, ACTIVE 110'.', IN A RETAIL katdwaro s'ori'. Apply per*oua ly al i'S7 Iti svo Good 'inferences r??niirrd Wanted?1 todai and all this wbee, ibii for voyaids to CH'.ifornia. Australia porit in Europe, Ronlh America and West Inaics. KANUA1.I. A COUlir M LY 180 VVost -t., rornur of Reade, up stair*. VX7 ANTED? 1MMEDIATBLY. MEN WHO WISH TO 11 mnke from $ 3 to Sf>t p< r Oar i>y a hmall investment, from $?*? lo Important new inven Ion, just received. |Great opp ortunity to make money, eiihor by travelling or locating lu city or ootiatry. HOWARD TILPBN, Cfl'J Iir.yadwar. II/' ANTED? A STEADY. BUSINESS YOUNG MAN. TO iv ?olicil or :eis for oil: one <vho understands his bust l easaud can co ne weil recuniniended, can have a steady situation Addi ess II. R., Herald oliice. WANTED-A SALESMAN, IN A RETAIL ROOT AND shoe store; ono who understands the c ly retail trade and ran glv* s.i ulaetor. referonre. will he lumred a neni situation uy applying at lbd Bowery. WANTED-A TOUJia MAN. WHO CVMMTIIM taking care ol horses, and hat some km wledgo of farm woik. 10 go a short distant in the country. First tale relc.ence r- qulred. Apply *1 HH1 tlrei nwlcb si. WANTED? TWO SMART BOYS, TO WAIT IN A DIN log stlonn Kos. I sod 2 Ferry place, Humlilou ferry, So'ilh Hroo'.;'j n. TirANTED-A STEADY BOY TO OPEN OYSTERS vT and wall on cn'.ouirrs fall at Miner's Dining Sa loon, Boa 8 and 10 Exchange r'?' Jersey City. fVTANTRD? AN ENTRY CLERK, WHO WRITES A *v plain and rapid ham! and Is quick mid corr-ct with figures One liaving bad ixpeneine preferred. Addre>a Jo 11 siott, IleraMo.1 ce, with reference. WANTED-A TliOROUOIILY COMPETENT AND F.X perlenced bookke. per. He mail be rlcht In every respect To sneh a pony a very desirable and permanent altnntlon Is open. Address llasilngs, llerald oQue, with reference. WANTED? A JOB CYLINDER PRESSMAN; A PER manetit situation for a (to id w< rkmnn Apply ai Ilolman s steam printlcg eslaUlishmtnt, earner 01 Centre and While sireeta. WANTED-A YOI VO MAN, IS YEARS OF AGE. A good penman and well f ducat' d, in a '.nercanliie, lo mnie hlmsell generally n?ef il Salary will depend upon ?rent. Address only , wilh name, resldeucc, references and full infoi 'iia'ion, bo* 7"6 Poll ofte,e. WAVTED-TWO BOYS FOR A DINING SALOON. ?V Apply at We. t St. 117 ANTED? A STurr LaD. U YEARS OF AGE. AS vv l|?ht uorter. One well ivvciainte l with the uly and having gnod ieferen,ca can apply to G. Richmond ft Co., 7<.l It. adway \VTANTBD-A C1RH1IR AND BOOBKRBPBR, IS \ 11 Hroadrray rrutl etare, must tiara a good knowU; <ls? ?r mouoy (i)'l be qui k ?' fi# ????. AdlrfM. Mat i.g refer enre, laat a.'tuation, <n!ir;, lr., K. A. Mor. 'on, iieialrt OII.CO. WANTED? TWO YOl'NO WEN. AS WAITERS:* ?ober, s??"?dy mdn who iimlora'.and iholr b'Uineae. A | ply ?' M Nlcbolae aretaurant, corner lirosiltriy sal Sin . in ?tre?f. WANTRD-A SOBER, RBSPErTABLU MAN, AS waiter, to cu into the conatry; he mint imiJ?i?:*aJ hi* biifinrj* am' k.-lBg go,?l refeieuee* / 2 and 1 IV M. tb la day to J. N. I'a ildimj, Hi) Bi W ,w Apply L'cMteoa j?d?iy. A NTKD? *N APVEBTtiINO AORNT OF EVl'K nouca* t'ail at lift VVtii'ttia at,, it on J Hour. anted-at thb sr. jameb hotrl. am amkbi ran mm, a* nlirhl '-lei*. Apply hrme 1 !?(?!/, WANTED-A w\i?o? ? i^twArf!&&rr V"0*' n*?nt <>n i _ "ocurftf ciq tn^^t ,v i . u ?nj fur,* orj? ?prn>l ?C ' 'T ?W* '"6 '? WANTED? TWO OR THREE INTELLIGENT MHN MS M tip ?!?lr*. 51 light work. Apply Immediately at, 212 Caual ??., ]fe WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A SMAKT, ACTIVE you iic man, a- batcher; n >ne but aiugl" in'n need ap ; an En?ll*hii>an pteferred. Apply to John M. Holder, ary Ma ket, 141 T oik at, Brooklyn. WA1TTID-.A man who VRDMBTARM ttino nl>afiipa/D<. baakew; one who <-an maVr liimaalf ccn araJly u wr il lu lti?* ??l.nmpi^ue bualnear. Alao ? b<>r want ?>l. Apply at Si Par ot fl/ANTED.? A MAN TlAYIMO A TnORtH OH ENOW M le>l*e "f tl.n manufacture of fortlga and (1 mea.lo charoragri*' and wine*. and who undetxanl* dittriln^ na? tlra brandy ala??, ?'aMa 10 nkitBgf hi* prceia *it>iatiaa. H?*t or rfferfiijei giren. Atldret* S P., boi 120 Hernll oflice. WANTED T MMRD1 ATKLY ?A KMART, RTBADY PIIO tount man, i>l?ifie preferred. to iak? a ful interest in ft looil raah weal established In ttii* ultjr aol lhr>. 's'hom the eoniilrr, or wou d acll to *'iit*M* pait'e*. Tlila I* a aood opportunity for a amart man with a ?mall ? j'Bti -apiut, or wo>ild aalit a man and lit* wife who hare ?otu4 knOwiBdca ofneneral teoi>inc??. K >r furthi-r partiau !?ri v for tlireo ?!?!? it III Eaat ISih ?iro.- , :u Mae ofl < ? WANTBD'Ali ArmVB, RRRBOBTIC M \.v. to take rhaift' of aprlta money or< Inninf Ainee. A compe tent peraon Il'ieraily dealt with. AdJreia Trm Monoy, box llto Herald offlca. WAN I ED ? A VANKKE NOTION 8AI.R8MAN, IN A larjf home with a cool ??a?h '.ia le, ap'ea lid oppor tnnli :<>? for a i.rtt elaaa man, Addr.'aa 0. W. M. A &, boa l*. ?7? P??t ofliee. MT ANTED? A SMSRT. ACTTVB BOT TO l-BARN THR il drtia biialne<a, from U to M year a of ago. Apply to II. Nott, '.'fl ami JO Ku!tun at WANTED? AM IN I HI-LiOKNT Y.OUNO MAN AS BAR in a <1rat cWaa f imlly n-tall l'<]Wr von?;on9 baring (Kiod Wferince* and a gon l j iJ ftr ol money pro. ferreri. Apply al M. O Coauer, corner Hold and Water at*., Ilr okiyo. A P. who parents Apply frona 19 to IJ o'clock A. M. VOUNO MAN WANTED? TO ASSIST IN THII I prrBtkea' Llfcfarf! an* About In yeaia of a*o. write* well and livo* with hi' parent*. Apply from 10 riinaimi. A KIND8 OP rURNITURE, MATTRhMKN, BED A ilng. liOORlng Ola ?r#, A.' ohonper f an eUewWe. Ca'l tiooo>< ao J aare Biun i. ai (*. W. UNEliliN H 2*>4 Mow err between S'anlnn ao<l lloiittoa atrcef. Hood* warrant* ed auJ 4> llverod froo. Bkientl an Tati.e* ciirip. L'OR HAT.P ? A TAPRTRV CART'lT 7.1 TARDS: WAS r iaM on tho u? of Jumf. Apply at W Ea t El.htn stiteu near Pir*t ?T?uue. Pa hi, on Hi;ir or piibnithbr wamtmp-is oooo oidar. foraaak: ahnulaJ* i.i.'c**, la?liidtug aofa. Ap ply at or addr?*a N Wan T>?lrt> Btith atr?<?t, near Pittb COAL. TO IH,At"K8M!rH8 ? 0U M I1H Rf, A N D OOA I* lIK^Ili and .npertor aFil':e, tar by AAKON SWANTki, from harge fly ovmih, fool of Matr^ei ?tree', Lad H?er Ai>pi/ to AARON BWABW, WBMI MiMdwa/, * ? -fw- ? w ? -j ? QJTBAM WREILT fO LIVERPOOL, fOCCHIBp A# O Qeaftiatown (Cork harbor) ?Tbe LAiW+1, St w TerM and I Mladelfhia Htaatnahlp Cihimik (Inntaii !lue), oftrnr lng t ho putted Mutes tn all*. InteQd de?pai< nitig their fuk P?*' <*?? Cljde built Iron ttdamehTpa x follow* ? Sft'Awl&iM ii '? ?!"' i; ;I2IS r^ri is!? 9 CITI or WASHINGTON .......... .Rat'irday. Anfuil ? rlT *7"7 ,u-' Md'n4 Saturday. it noon, from pier M North ' ItATES OP PA8SAQB. "** . r?y?bie in gold, or in equivalent in enrreney. nm?^in $*j ^wmw $%j Do. to Lou [ton .... "5 Do. 10 London \t Do. to P.irts ki Da. to Pari* ?f Do. to HaMbnrg 00 Do. to Hamburg Vt F??n(tn i?o forw?rd*t to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Allwaru, Ac., ate<iuaUy low rataa. !? rom Liverpool or t}neenstnwn:? First C aWn. }78, $M, flUG; sterrage. J'tj. Those ???.?ho wish to Mad for theft friend* an bn? tlekeu hern at Ihrm ruMi. These steamers hare super or ac-^oramodiUloni for puNI g?r?. are itroni;lv built In wetT t aht Iron seetiona, anil carry patent fire annihilate!*. Ksperliaoed surgeon.* are at tached to eaoh stektuer Ker further in format! >wi apply In Liverpool te WILLI A X INMAN. Agent, 2J ffiilr street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MAtv OLM. Ji<\ 5 St. Eooch ionaie: in yue??istowa te O. A W. D. SEYMOUR A CO. ; In Lnn-Ton to RIVES A M ACT, 81 Klna William street; in Paris to JULRS DBCOUB. U Rue Ni?tre Dame dea Viotoirea, Place Jo la lourae; In Pklla 4?ii.ii.n to.ioilN o. DALE, 111 Walnut street, or at the uou.i>anyi oSlcei. JOHN O. DALE. Agent, 18 Broadway, If. T. gtEAM I' ROM AND TO^JUBSNSTOWN AND LIVBR, _ _ CDBARD LINM. From Pew York, $tt; to New York, $.15 gold, or e<iu Ira ant la cui reney . ? ' A KF.DAR safe Wednesday. Jnlf 30. OLYMPUS sails Wednesday August 3. For pane ga apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 39 Pvoadway. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL. OLABOOW DUBLIN. BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY ? T> lln?, fast sailing, A 1, Clyde built steamship CALEDONIA, Ca' tain Craig, la Ititemled to Mil on Saturday, "July HO, from nlcr 10, Nonti rlr?r. Tnle iteamskip lo fitted In the most appr vwd ityln ti) Inaurc tb" comfort an<! aafpty of iiaa.<eaiicri H.kte? of pae-age, including an abtinMant eiiDply of WBii cooked pro vision" -Cabin, ? 100 and Intermadlate, $.19 Bteer og?. ft.t I'arablc In rurranry. Apply to FRANCIS MAC DONALD A CO., Ha. fltfuwling Qieen. For Ln'rapooL dtrbot.-ccwarO stRAMsnt? KP.OAR. Capt. John Mulr. wilt eall on Wednesday. .Tolyau Cabin paaiiate ?+) In gold or fie equivalent, t or freight or patwu^e npply to K. OUNARD, Ma 4 Bowling Omen. THB MONTARAL OOF. AN BXRAMRIfip OOMPAHT'S BtcnuisMp 1*1'. RUT I an, from Quehi e lo Liverpool, July 31. Retce of pa*??B*. *"6. "670 i>nd HTOllT DRaFTs mi the Nntlonal Hank, payable at all its bran-;, en In Knglnn<l and 1 relati.' For pmtgaKO apply 10 KAREL k REARLB, 23 Broaiiway, New York. Noticb.-thk steamer atalanta, c apt aim Wm. II. Plukham. v?|i| Inave pier No. 21 North river, on Saturilay, Ji;ly Si', at 3 P. M. precisely, for London direct. TUB LONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COM panv will denpalch snnil monthly their new mii<) ti rat claia BrUMi Iron steamship* CBIiliA, BRLLONA ATAI.ANTA, IOWA T N ft A V A nnt MANHATTAN, e?"h 3.WJ tons bur then, lirtw.-en Ijondon and New ?ork, railliii? at Havre or* thf vt.y .-"? from London ltate^ of pastare. payable la /old or i tf> equivalent ? From New York. t;r;<t eftfiin . S7(l] second taoin. ^50, Btm'rnae, 2V Kr m London or lltf'ti (li st cabin, $10. For iwasage applv to CHAS. A. WH1TNKY, 2tJ Brosdway. For I'roirlit apply at St Houth mre?t Adrsnoes made on nier ?li.i r> li.-e confljjne l to the frlen ! i In Loudon of the 'in. der^Unod These aHamara connect at London with steam, er.s of the ?atne eonipanr for tlmohaurv I port*, Rotterdam, Amalenlam, St. Peter .burg. Coj>cnb>m?u itor le iu*, Oporto, Qib. altar, Aletandria. Smyrna, Constantinople ana Odessa. UOWLAND A ASI'I NWAIjL, ABenta. milF NORTH OKRMAN LLOYD fl STB A IfSHIP I AMKRIi;A, H. Weanelle ceimmtider carrying tha I'niterl Ht.ii. h triuil, will dul from the Bremen pier, foot or Thin! atreet.. Hoboken. on SATURDAY, JULY 33, AT 12 O'CLOCK M., BREMEN, VIA SOUTH AMPTO.V, taking raS'-eoM u > to LONDON, HAVllfC, SOUTHAMPTON AND BP.RMBN, at the following tate", payable In gold or Its equivalent la 'Vvr the firet cabin, 11 OS, second cabin. $fi?50; steerage. $ tf S'f The AMERICA w HI be fullowsd by tho BREMEN Au EUht IS. For fte! ht or f>a= tig* ann'v to UKLKICIIS a CO.. f8 Broad street. Mail stf \mers to kuance dirrot. THE ti kNKRAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S NBW LINK OP FIRST CLASS SIDEWIIEEL STK A HSU IPS BRTWEKN NEW YORK AND UaVRK. The Irst five splendid veawls Intended to be put npon thlB favr.iv i:e route for the Continent, are the foiiowitm:? W \SHINtlTON, :t 'rtl t-.ns 900 hor^e oower. It \ KAYKTI'K, 3,2?t tons 90<> horae power. F.UOhNIK failoat) ??) hor*e ixiwer. FRANCE bulldinji 000 horse power. NAPOLEON III (hulMui"! 1.100 hor?e power. I'll. II : ?: c uipleiion of tlie entire list Hie servlco will ti* perftrnned liy the ^Y^sH!^OTON. A. Duchesne; LA KAY Ki 'i'h. A Booande, an follow* ? . FROM NEW YORE TO HaVRB. WA^HTNOTON Wednesday, 17th Anguai LA FAY KTTR w?dneiu1*v. Ittb Sentrnnbar. V.A9HINOTON Wednesday, 12th October. LA KAY l?TTE . . '....Wednesday, #th November. WASHINGTON Wednesday, 7th December. Flr"t CflOln (includlot tab's w1ne>, $135. Second Cabin (Inclndlns table wine), S70 or $90. Para' '* In gold or i'a aqntraVm In Unite I ''tatea currency. Medical attendance fiee of charge. For freight or pa.,.?ee^V(to MirKRK7.IR A?n. No. 7 Broadtvay, New York. A< Puria? No. 12 Boulevard des Cayuclnes (Grand Hotel). At Havre? William leoltn A Ce. rp II 15 11 AM BP RQ AMBBIOAN PACKBT COMPANY'S n. From New To sit. IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. Front Southamnton. OFI1MANTA I tine 2S, 1S?t. KOBI ?SIA July I?. 1"?? - From flnmburp pier, foot of Third atreet, Hnhoken, taking pu<mteN for llamhtirg Havre. London and Boothamptom rl the f 'llotvinrf rntes ?First eabln, $105; second eaplo* $61 $0; steerage, tV 80, pavihleln cold or He eotilvalent. Fir frelftlit apply Ito KUNHARDT A CO., ? Eichange ' for passage apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 181 Brnu l?r:ir M UNITIiD BTATKR MAIL LINR KOR CALU'ORNIA, VIA PANAMA. Knciiliv xaiHur oay^ ? !l?1. Uth and JSd of eaeH month, ?* cri>t?ri.en t! >"n da\* fa I on Sunday, when tha day of dt ps* turr will ire the Monday fn'Uirrlng. The tint class rtcnmahlji _ north urn light. David Wtlson, Commnnder, trlil fht! from pier No. 3 North river. 3AT1RHAY Iiilv -a at 12 o'elock M. Ti:<l nc? Maanialiip C'lH TA RICA. Capt A. O. Jonta, Will gti iv# ? i th - Northern Light and aall Angnat 3. t oi fie-tfiir r apply to^ p AI>LFW _Bo 6 Bowiiog Orwn. 6. hobVhtj!' LINK _ if) s\N KU\Ni (SCO AND PANAMA. TUefue WEDNESDAY. JULY 27. AT NOON. from piir 21.' North rirer. foot of Warren ilrnet. Kor riMiH ?l>rW a' t!i? off! <? 177 Weil aticet, curaer of Warren, to D. 1*. CARrtlN'iroN JOB H 1. W ORLK AN 3 DIKRCT. J Tn kail on 3 ATI' RDAY, .l?ly XV at !l o'clock P. M., Ill ! L'r>ti?U sulu until aide wheel atna-nahip BVRNINH 8TAK, W R BRLL. Oonn ir nnder, iw'Haaii a* above from p?rNo.4? North river, third pier T abore tUa loot 'A final aire<*t F r frMjh' an 1 n.i?aa<e ap ply 1 ? JAMHS A. RAYNOH ID Harclav (tract. N H-TI <t RLKCTi'lC HP.1UK will follow, and Mil ea SaCirJa.v. A ngVf t 6. TjlOR NEW ORLliASS im?Br?. V The Cr.:(cJ Wiatea Hall H'cantaMp CRBOLB, ?Tolm Tliomp-on. commander, W \c*v Pi r IS, North river, for New Orleans direct. OQ Sbtorda" .tu!y 21, at 3 o'clock 1*. M. preclaely. No frci^hl te aired or 'jIU.i of lading elgned 'in the day of gSM.Ug. for f refill rr pewuue to LUDLAM, HRINflKEN A 00 . 118 Broadway. LtOB II AV ANA D1RRCT? TO BAIL ON TRI'RSDAT, r Julv 21. at :ioc iw* I* M , from pl*r 4.1 North rlv-T? Tha new and li'ft ctaaa l.oitnd Htvoa mall at*a'nahip LIHP. P.TY, Thoa. W. Wilton <ommaiidei'. Kor fremlit or p?aaeite apply to n AROOLS % ("O , 33 South aircet Hlll? of lading atoned on J. Lettera mual paa? through the Poat oii e? IJtOR HAVANA Df RRf'T.? TIIR I'NITRD STATE* r Mall -teamahlp HAVANA, M R. Ureen, commander, w II lev.- No. 4 N?vtb r.ver, on Tli'iraday, the 2 1 - a mit, for tl.e ali' rc port. Kor freight or paaaago apply to TlfOi*. AKOBNUIO % or, U Broad* a v. L'on Havana dirrct. r Tuo I'niie l Staiea mail ateamahlp BOANOKR. * Praneia A. Drew, Oonamander. w II leare pi< r IS North r! for Havana direct, on W?'l or?da?. .1'ily 2'i, ?t S o'cloek F. M. . nrte'aely. No f i e^Lt received or hllli a; lading elgned ?n the day of tailing. Fur nulrfht or naaaagn appl* to l.UULAM, ll K1NBEEV A CO-, Ufl Broadway. F"~idlR LITKKPOOL _ AND LONDON ?FOR LIVKR> p->,i'? The CULTIVATOR -.all* an the 14th Jul?: tha THOltNTON on tbe 2 '1 July. F?r London^The RHINH en the KHb July ; the YORKI OWN on the !M July. 1'or parage apply to WILLIAMS A OL'ION. 4t> Fulton ?tnet. FOR LIVERPOOL? SHIP CONHTANTINR PI BR IS Itaat river. >a N to morro'.v Hhln VICTORY aalla .Ii;ly2/. Sfjnd itbn t20 < trrenijr aad lonnd. Apr.'in heard or in P.M. UKWAItEST 40 South ?tre'-t rOR LIVERPOOL. -TAl'SCOTT 8 I.INB. Mill P (IRMBKAL M< f'LBLLAM. Jnlr Jl SHIP l>AVII? HOAllt.BY Juir 21 ? HIP CONSTELLATION 2S for | aaaege tn i<r from r lie o'4 ro'tnlry, or drai t? aratlahjn in all patt< <*t fcng'and, Ireland. Scotland or ?'a>a, at !h?t luwa.^ poirlble rate*, apply to TAI'BOOTT BROTHBR Jk CO., N loa ii ? n at, N-oticr -tr covprqupnor op Tn r wtrirr op tl.e ah^p sarpen1*" ?"d caalkera the departnr* af tha e'eamahir ROaNOICE. for tlnraiwi. la poet|<oned. D ta notice will ba giren of the day of aalllng. TI? \VKM,ER?> UUIDB, ~ Hl'DBON RIVER R A ILRo AD.?TRAtNB KOR Af^ *>*'7,; Tr#j ?"? "?"J1 and Waat, laara Chamber* etreet ?? * ?d lo go P. M., and oa 8oa<la;a *l ? 1*. M . iiotn Tb.rtialh sir el NKW YOUR .V N D OARLKM RAILROAD. Tratna for Albany aad Troy, conaaetlna with tha N?>th and We?t, !e%*e Twenty atith at real depot at I0H A. m. aad 4J'' BPECUL NOTICB. P*a<enger? Tor ?ira'ogn tpringa on Sa'nrdata can tale Ik* IP. M train aod airlra ai Satatoia, without ctMuaga ol mn, at II P. V. riONKY ISLAND FERRY LANDS AT FORT Himil. ly ion.? Tha N Al'rtHON leave* Ciiriatophar atreet at MO, )AR>, INI eiy atreet a' ?.?. Il4?; f?a orritatrtat, pier Bo. 4, Nurffi river, at IfttlO, 1.60, lei at line por albant-chanor Op pirr ? l'l?a?wi' travel to Oatatlll Mountala Honaa, kehaeoa Hprlng i?, Montieal, and all potaia North aad Weak via the llti lann rivef, tu- new etepm^oat C.VIBllABD, Captain l> ll lliuVcK'b. and tha DANIRIa DRRW, Cap. tain .1 P Tallinan for n ? laily llaeTar Aihanv, from Dee hroa?e? atreel, al 7 A. w.. and thirtieth atreel at t lit. 'and In* at to; nv lljial Oai'lL Waal Paint, Nawb'trg, Pongh keep* e, IIMneh' t'atakrtl and nndirin. TIeket* told oa board and ha^ga^n one< ked weak aad uartb. OPPtlSITION ROAf POR SRWBIIRO AND POUOR kcrpaie.? Tl.o new und heaiil I til ateamboat IHOB. OOLLYKR will leave iho pier ftvH of lay a'reet, B. Y., every af einoon at HI* e'olury, Karo In Pengkiinointe ,M| caia, la llnif *1 flr**?v Pofn'v Cot/en*'. W ?? it r Int, ?f??4?l Spring, Otirtiwiil hu'g. Miwtrtw and New II mihnrg. Bel iraiilg, in iv a t'O'l.likeepal" lor Nhiv York evert m.>?nliv( a* aia o' ice* New htirij nt 7 o'clock. Cornwall at 7 10. Cold SoOoa al 7 t\ Weal Point at 7 Sd, CV aaaa' al 7 <0, OiIN^Mb'R ? ?. arrwiH kl x tn- v?rk At M D

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