Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Hull I. July 19-4 P. M. Wall nreet, m a matte* c< c iiim, continues to rpaen Calf upou tbe ptot >? p>licv of Mr. Kesaenden; bat bothtng new. of uti Mtb?:>t.c "iarji ter, tc relation to It, l>M transpired. A run; w is ?Q *i , H i* 'ver, to the f#ft that he U preparing bis idnrt sennit (or a new popular loan, wfcicfi writ t>- (tab v b? u the r rm of s ibeorintiens to eeret and tbres teni . t 1. n-idgil tecd?r, Interest iu cur Ireocy t earing rre . uryr ttae. Th? interest on these will be Jwvable sotnl annua v. ad i th-y :ire wade, as they tlkely win be (the S-crv iry hiving the nee i?r| au thority it the m ? er), (.ouveruble into six fx?r ceu iote-est in fold be irtog b tid?, at tbe optlen of tb? bolder, the <1- . J -r>r thorn way for a while be quite MCiive. Bat ?* II <1t-ect conscience will be a rapid diminution of the t> tuk lioposits, thle demand will be Itabin to a suiKte i c >? : !*?? tba deienstve action cl *t?e basks themselves >?' " .li~lc| oa tbe government se curities they alr?-.i:> t- ??? brmK:ttg down tbelr price smd underselling the T asturf. Ibis objection would not of counie apply to ? i n iVi>> prke of wlucb was net BxM. The amount to whicti Uie Secretary may issue the botes ret erred to is Ittnited to two hundred minions under tUe new act. By the act of Ma-c. is?i3, he was authorized to issue ? hundre* and l\f y .? ,* of two years five i>er cunt Dotes, Willi coupon* > si. s'lt'ite for such of these at might be subseqi ? withdrawn and destroyed an equivalent amount - >pi;tnd interest six per cent Botes ; and as by the -r statement of July 12 it ap. jpeare that $(W.4V"i.t> it tho former are cancelled, and ?only Of teen millions latter substituted, It follows Ebat o.'*> re issued ?t tbc discretion of he Secretary. Jt >- ???nion <if some that the*e may be offered at a rre? i co in notion x*4tb the seven and throe tenths to rterest in gold bearing bonds, both at par. There is reason to ?? nth gome anxiety the future courso cf the new . tlip *? oct of wh ?e policy thus far has bee tbe liai.klngnnd cmmercia! Bommiim'.y in thai 1 ? .h; which creates distrust and impairs the i ? ettt. U is therefore some what surprisiag, c ? iliettttcr failure of his ne gotiating with tbe ? nd his rejection of their pro posed loan, thut i tv meeting of the comroitee on Monday , to receive r . rt of ti e sub-committee ?t> pointed to hear h' ?-?!i regard to the projwol tion tnade to hin> i! ? wvjti pr curious re.- iiutlons Bhouid have be-n Tie last Iwo of tbefiean suggestive or a tr "aver of a retiring conflden ttal clerk, and th ? ?? !y be mistaken for irony, In view o.' the ant. ;te ca< ? ? At a meeting of l< . held at the American Kx flfcnnge Bank, "!i S*'i , i ltitli inst ? Resolved, That iii of Now Yor';, Boston and I'hiladcipbia b>- r- en <1 to take fr in llie J-ecrel .ry the Trea^urj Cm ,t i years seven-thirty Ireasury note*, wirh juyablo somi-ahnuaily iu lawttil monor oi ii t ,e*.i,nd the notes con vertible at maturi y . ? \ vcuty six |>er c--fit bourts, or th?t the Sve tA< n- > is be taken diroctly, pro vided satisfactory .rr ,w can be made with th? Secretary lor the >v - roof by th# banks. The resolution ? ^ r <? to the following committee, Viz.? Messrs. I. K > ? th , James Punuett, George 6. t*)e, J. Jones an<i R. y At a meeting o ton h ink n lleers. held on Monday, the 38th instant, tbe foiiowluii pre i in Ue and resuiutio^s were adopted . vi7 ? The associated hm , li vin:; for the present fm led in tbelr cfiorts to uid 'be iroVert :nent by i>lneing at its dis jitsu I tbe use of tli ir re -o . roes and bustDMs facilities for the distribution of the nai 'on ?l Iu ms, desir o to place upon record the followloi; res >ltl'i na, viz: ? Resolved, That they have been indu -cd te make this effort from a desire ti> in event the furthar t-sue of paper money, whereby the ici ial cipita> of all lui>tituttons and individuals In the couutry 1 being continually iraiiaired, but cbietly to strennttien tbe tin 'ucial power of tbe gov ernment. That, in so doing, they have ottered to rec>mmend eiiher an advance of Otty mtlliotis of dollarti, to be repaid from prooosds of sales of Tlreasurv notes or bomts, t > bo made by tbe banks or the Cremmeut, or by both, ?nd to continue those advances m time to time, as m ,'ht be nractlcabie, or to ;iur chase direct tb^t amouut ot either of tne securities autbori zed by law. Resolved, Th it in all tb -se etTirts at negotiation tbe Secretary uf tne Treasury lias manifested a fair appreci *tlonot the value oi tha services which the banks could render, and, we believe, has earnestly striven t> uvail Jutnselt oi fhotr aid, h>it h is been restrained from doing po sitnjil/ by a conscientious regirdfor the l?w, which prevent* him froui drawing checks upon the Slate bauks, et'tu fof money loaned by them to the government. Reeled, That In our intercourse with Mr. Fessenden ire have been deeply impressed with bis high moral in tegrity, and we unaulm iusly commend the wisdom of the President in selecting lor Pecretary of th? Treasury, *t a crisis so important, a statesman possessing in an eminent dogree tho confluence of tbe people. It has been suggested that, as Mr. Fessenden proved himself such a very strict constructionist of law, a plan might tiave been adopted which would have obviated bis objections to accepting a loan on tbe terms proposed by tbefcaofcs. Thus, If tbe associated banks had agreed to honor his draft to tbe aggregate amount of, say fifty millions, in such sums as be mltbt have found necosaary in actual payment of peblic creditors, tbe drafts being drawn in the form of due bills, and bearing interest from the date of their payment, each of those bills paid by tbe banks wuuid bare been equi valent to a loan to tbe government tatbe amount of its faoe. Tbe probability, however, is that If this propost tion ha' been made Mr. Fessenden would have imme diately rejected it, for the want of a precedent to sustain ?be action. The President's proclamation calling for the eoormou & Increase to the national forces of half a million of men had little or bo effect upon price* iu the stock and produce market*, and the advance it cause a in gold partook more of (he character of aa ordinary than an extraordinary fluctuation. Although the call will inevitably result in adding more to the annual government expenditure than the entire amount of the present revenue of Che country, such is the reeling of uncertainty with re gard to the course of the money market and the effect of the policy of the Treasury that speculators are both unable and unwilling just yet to operate for a rise to any considerable extent; and while this inability and feeling remain comparative stagnation must ensue. This is espe cially applicable to the stock market, brokers being reluctant hi many cases to carry stocks on the usual margins, while the variations of prices from day to day do not constitute a sufficient inducement for speculators to make any but vet; moderate ventures, while the majority remain out of the market entirely. The money market, under the reduced demand for speculative purposes, bas worked easier to-day than Hince the severe stringency set in. First class stock buuses havo had no difficulty in supplying their wants at seven per cent; but produce houses are still regarded with close scrutiny, owing to the prevail ing high prices and the uncertainty of their continuance, and the best of tbeae have to pay extra rates for accommodation, ranging generally from one to two and a half per cent per month, according to the estimated risk. There is more doiag in foreign exchange, the slight ad vance in gold and the lact of the proclamation (the latter Inducing a belief in a further tendency in that direction) stimulating the speculative demand for it, and differences at high as six per cent have been paid for options. The geld rat* for bankers' sterling b quoted at 109;;, while fcankerh' bills are about 290 in currou cy. There was a slightly improved feeling in the stock market to day, whiata brought out more purchasers but the bulk of the business continues to be confined to casta ?ale*. Compared with yesterday's prices. New York < entral advanoed ^ par cent, Hudson River 4, Heading IX, Michigan Southern Cleveland and Pittsburg Chicago and Hock Island ){,|Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 1, Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy ft, and Ohio and MiMls Cippt cci tilicates K Illinois Central, Chicago and North western, Cumberland Coal and Canton Company sold the ?ame Erie Railway declined if. Home large sales of government stocks ware made, the coupon sixes of 1881 bringing 102K a 102V, l,J? Art twenty coupons ]04>4 a I04X . the one year certificates ?;>Ka <3V, coupon fives of 1871 W and endorsed cou pon fives of 1974 OS. After the board the market Tor stocks became heavy, and lower prices were submitted to. The basiDsee in mining shares, with tbe exception of oat. Is very dull, tbe stringency In the money masket iiavtug caused speculation to almost entirely ctaae Oold opened at tbe exchange at 26H){; but that price could not be maintained, and It gradually dropped to 2C0. It then tallied a little, and closed at 362. Tbe Hteatasblp Northern Light, wbtti arrived to-day (ram Aspluwsll, brought $340,005 to CaMsrnia gold. Tbe gato shipment from Ban Francisco this year to tbe 17tb of June amounts to $27,825,100, against $31,629,040 Cor tbe corresponding time la 1863. Excess this jear, #0,306,000. Tbe Treasurer of Kings county Invites proposals for $1 .000,000 of an per umt coupoa bonds, under the War JlnlMtmeut loan. Tbe New York Board of Fife Insurance Osmpanler has ?doi<ted the follow tag new seals of premium rates on avx-nre stores and bonded warehouses to this city, Brook ly a, Jsrsey City and ftobokeo ? stores of first class 70 ??? stares of Hecond class " 71 r?ou ?Oo stores of third class 5 cents. ?There are to be no extra charge* for height of build ???*, daptfe ?A akyilffaU, or Width s( streets. The ratss | on general orJer st >rea will hereafter be on# paroeot, and en extra cnarge of fifty oeule will be made on an/ storage eiere where cotton picking la permitted. ' The New York Absartaut Irvauurar reports to dar aa follows ? . l'aceipcs from custom $92,060 Total ruoeipl* 444,9*11 1 Mvuicutb ........ 1,742.791 Bal .nee 18,622, 047 The debitors in the Seventh Ward Bank at this city are notified to withdraw their deposits, aa the Institution Is In proces- of liquidation. The 1 Delaware and Rarttan Canal and Camden and Am boy Railroad Company will pay, July 21, t per cent, free of (.overniaent tax. The Now Y?rk Central Railroad will pay, August 20, a twenty-sec md somi-auuual dividend of 4 per cent, tree of tux. Itie books close on the SOth instant, to reopen August 24 Tbe New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company wili p*y, August 1. a semi-annual dividend of 6 per cent, free of tax. The books cloae to-day aud reopon August 2. The National Itauk law provides that when State inatl tutions come under the new Currency act of Congress, imy of the stockholders, by making demands for the value of their stock, within thirty days after the change has been mute, shall be paid the same from the as. sets of tbe bank. The law also provides that the Bank Commissioners shall make aa estimate of tho value of tbe stock, based upon the market value of the assets. Recently aome or toe stockholders of one of the banks ot Massachusetts, which bas become a national bank, have demanded tbe value of their stock. An important (juration in connection with their value Is whether the mirket premium on tbe gold owned by tbe banka at tbe time of tbe transfer shall be counted among the assets. As tho State banicn Immediately upon becoming national banks liapose or their gold, and the premium Is added to their assets, the question arises whether the Commis sioners will ho JustiQed In considering the premium on element of the value in makinz their estimates. The following comparative statement shows the aver age condition ot tho leading items or the Philadelphia banks for tho iiast and previous week:? Lift H' * fir. That W'A. 1 fling ...$40,717 ,587 40 .733 ,324 Specie 3,949.105 3.948, 440 1 al t<ndr 11.0S0.8S0 11.034,518 J> -posits 37 ,612, 428 80,462,271 Circul nlon.... 2 3t7,6.'?l 2,203,068 ?Tho prom nent feature or the exhibit is the large re duction ol the dupo-il I ne ? $1,150,152. Tho following comparative table Minws tbe oonditlon o' the banks or Wisconsin on tho 1st of May and tbe 1st of July, 1804:? May 1. July 1. Solvent banks ? 68 63 Jianks winding up 55 55 Capital ol solvent bank's $8,318,000 8,818.000 Circulation of solvent banks. . 2,689,071 2,528,912 Circulation nf broken banks. . 69,602 64.S59 fWk securities 2,500,480 2.49S.980 Treasury notes 132 .'09 137,654 Specie 12,6 6 12,l4r> ? Among the socuri'ies of tho above banks we And $4,000 in Louisiana b inds, $12 000 in Tennessee sixes and $5,000 in North Carolina sixes, which, togother, would not sell for half their par vnluo. The following table shows tbe earnings of tho Atlantic and Great Western Kailroad during the first six months of the present ye ir: ? I'attrnnrrt, cCc. F-einht. Total. January $33,R15 168.HS3 207, 29S February 50,189 178.K52 229.041 March (J0.51S 166,215 '226,7:53 Airil 63.5192 113,275 197,207 M?y 67,193 157.4SH 214.67'.) June 73,654 240,887 314,621 Grand total $1 .390 ,039 The gross earnings of the Chictgo nrd Northwestern Riliroud during the weekending July 7, iu 1803 acd ISC4, wore as follows:? 18G3. 1864 Passongera, freight, kc $75,899 IOS.8'27 Ii crease $32,928 Tlie comparative oarnii:gs or tho St. Louis, Alton and Terre Hnuie Kailroad during the first week in July were as follows: ? Week ending .lulr 7, 1864 $31,216 Same uuio ia W(U 22,7o6 Increase ?8,400 The Boston Journal of Mondav evening says: ? ''In the mooey market there has been decidedly leas demand, and borrowers have been more easily accommodated. There are yet notes in market which uro very difficult of sals, and on which high rates are oSorod. Now York funds are still heavy at fifty cents to one dollar per thousand disccunt. The balances in our favor arc large, and U is difficult to get remittancos." The Boston Imports ftr the week ending July 15 were $747,110, against $633,776 fer the corresponding week in 1863. The exports were $246, 541, against $169, 711 in 1863. Stock KicltRnje. Tts*nav. .lulr 19? 10 30 A. M. $2000 C S 6'?, '81. oou. . 102' Whiihi trlfKR 113'. |t*M) do 1"- *-4 I t) do blO 1 14 ' I50ti"0 CS 6's, 5-20' a-cou 101 ; 10 do b3 II IU 2 i XX) do lOOj 400 di> 113',, 65?U do ll>4 ? . imi Mich SoANl KRtiX) 85 10006 O 8 6's. 1 y oer. . . W. 4>') do bio K'U 2701 p0 do 9:iJ< 6fr? do 81 10UD0 U8 5'a. '71. cou.. JJ ?m do *2', TOim liS3"?, "74.C1U . en VS 100 do.... 40o0 N Oan>lln? ri'? .. MV bki Hudaoa rtiverKH . 127', kn?) Mix>'?.i?ll.tAIRIt. 90 Pk) do bl.f 1S><V SOU!) do 93 10U do bl(> 12S'4 3.100 Louisiana 6's 72 1(0 do e 12/ 1 0km Ohio A Mm cer. . 4?V <00 Beading RR I33U I?>0 do . .. 0>l do blO 1.14 20.H Jf V Central <>*? . lis*, 20. ? do bj 132 irXWWV Central 7'a. '76 126 do 1.11^ 3000 Krie 3d mortgage 12.8 l>M III Cent HR serin.. 124 V 10**) M C S'i.c I<tm al'j I V. 1U0 do bid 125 ?U0 Illino ? On bda.. 132 30 1 do lit &JU0 Misa .t Mo I g. . ... 61 400CI?ve A Plm KK. .. 107?; 100) Mar A Ctn lit m.. It* l'W Chic * M W RR . .. 80V 2W?) Cht A N W Ut m. 103? 600 Cieve A Tol RR.... 13Ui 30 *) do 1U3 S50Chlc A Rkl RR ... 110 300H T#l * Wab 2d m KJ 2W> do lofcV 1000 M APduChienl m 114 80 do 10n-\ liMkM) Amerteen Bold ... 2-V! 4110 do ll)$W 83sba Metropaliianttk 11S 100 do hill 111) SOoCHntonCo 36 15' do. bl5 I1DV: 1U0 Cumb Coal pref. ... 1(X) do W.i 100 Mnripoaa Mm Co .. 4.'! 10 Chic, Kur A O RR.c 13:> 100 Pacific Mall 88 Co. . 3so 16 do 12K 1U0 Atlantic Mail riS Co l7f* 00 do..,. 200 Copake Iron Mine* 7 loo Mi! A Pr du C RR. . i"4 14 Metro nolltao Ga< . 13<> 120 I'HU.FlVTA CliicRR 11.V 37 N Y Con RR 153'; 100 do.. ....bl5 lU'i , 100 do b3 153 20 Pitta, Ft W AC scrip. 1 10.' 4 BRCOKTI BOARD. llALr-raST Two o'Ct.o c P. M. $10100 0 Rffa. '81, reg 102 2'. fha Krie KK lo9\ HMOO 6 8 0 a, '31, U.IU.. Ki't-, 400 Hudson Elver RR.. 127 ?Mi) do I02H 4-10 do H6V 0??>i O Si.'a. 5 20'?.cou 104, '4 10.) do blO 12 90.10 do 104 2(W do b30 I29'J 2t>k)0 Tr nts, 7 3-10lOJ(A 1 3){ R. ading KK 1^-2', 2UD?1 U S 6 *. 1 yr cer. . 0J . 0O i do 13: ?O()0 do 93;J 0i Mich On KR l.V<? 4U000 do 93 W 111 Ceo KR scrip ... 124 1001) Tcnnciwoe fi's, TJ) 67'i l'*1 do 124'? atlOO do.... 57 100 do h30 !?,' likiO Vlralnia 6's S3 3t> Chi AMWeiii-rnRR 60J. 20(100 Ohio A MUi cer. . 48U 100 Chi A S Wmi prnf. 88 80 aha Canton Co 34 <4 lUtlCblAKI KR... . lov 100 Uitlckullver Mining. 73 ?n PitU.FtWaviieACbi ll?'i 40 NY Central Kll 133 W do bl'l 114 500 Erie KK... ei div 1"V>{ 20 Cbl, BurAWuiu RR 128 CITY COMMERCIAL. REPORT. Tvcidat, July 19 ? 6 P. it. Asnas ? Receipt*. 188 bbls. Market firm at $13 50 a $13 75 for pots and $15 50 for pearls. Bwuuerrmt. ? Receipts. 15^80 bblr. flour, 509 bble. and S50 bags oorn meal, 8S.38* bushels wheat, 64. tHV. do. corn, 20,C40 do. cats and 10.0C0 do. malL Tbe Dour market advanced 15c. a 25c., with a fair demand, inpnrt for future delivery, bat closed qutet and rather umeiy with tbe downward tarn of gtld later in tbe day. in cluded In tbe traMaetiooe were 6 0?0 bbls. extra ?taie, for August delivery, at $11 00 a (11 75. and 2,80Ci round boop Obto, eame delivery, at f.2. The sales on tbe spot were 16 ,000 bble. Ptate and Western. 2. .300 do. Southern and 900 do., Canadian. Kye floor was quiet and un changed, with 1-.0 bbls. sold. Corn meal wee in good rocjueH, with Bales of MjO bble. at $7 75 for Jersey and $8 25 a $8 40 for Brandywine. Weijuote ? Fuperfioe Plate and. Western tour >9 80 a 10 25 K*tra 10 50 a 10 75 Choice state 10 so a 11 00 OsmtDon to medium extra Western 10 .TO a 11 65 Extra round hoop <>bio II ooali 25 Western trade brands 11 30 a 12 26 Fktra Si. Louie Ji 00 a 14 50 Cotnrwn ttuinern 710 75 all fa Kjitra and fancy ao 11 70 n 13 25 Common Canadian 60 a 10 75 Choice to extra do ho a 12 00 Rye nour. superfine 8 25 a 10 25 Core meal.bbia 7 75 a 8 40 Corn meal, puncheons 39 00 a ?o 00 ? Tbe w beat market edvacred 3c. a 5c., closmg quietly and w ith leas tone than in the eany part of tbe day, Tbe demand waa quite briek, chiefly for expert, with sales of 160,000 bunbela et $2 35 a $2 A 2 for Chicago spring, $2 42 a $2 86 for Milwaukee < lub. }2 '.8 a $2 60 for amber Mil waukee, $2 55 a $2 5H (or red -ta'e and Jersey, |2 55 a $2 6V for winter red Western. (2 70 fer amher Michigan $2 75 for white Kentucky and 1 2 8". for white Michigan, nye was nominally $1 90 a 11 !>?. Own was a shndo firmer, with sales of 7\000 b iehels at H ?0 a |1 ros for now Wee tern mixed and $1 61 a $1 02 for old and new mixed. Barley Inactive, a sale of 3,200 bushels malt was made at $2 15 data were about lo. dearer. wlU> ? business at 97c. a 99c, Cottox.? Tbe market wis dull and lower, witb sale# of 600 balea. We quote:? VylatuL Fi fruit MJtlf. H.O.diTrrat Ordinary..., .... .142 143 ? 143 144 Middltnf 163 1*4 K4 164 Cood middling... -1T2 1*2 173 174 CerrM.? Detroit waa In fair demand, with sales of 200 040 lbs. at 63c. : pert lor export. Baltimore, 82e. f. 0. b., lllnneaota quiet ai '3c . and Portage lake st 82c. mma.? Tbe market wtn ^utet, act we have oaly to noteaaale of 2,100 bsga Rio in bond for export on pri vate terms Ptork of Rio and 8eatna coffee on tbe 19th July, 1864, 160,179 bags Java do, 1 ,684 b aga Rahla, do. 4,116. Warlaoa be do.. 19.344, Uguayrado., 7.009 be* St. Domingo do., 4,750 do , and (took of other description #.M0. Total, SOT, 706 Inn. Cooua ? We cole sales since our lut of 30 baca Bt. DonuuK'o at 1?\0. in bund, for import, wd M bags do to h?nd, lor export aiioc. als? IW bags Para. SI do. Guaya quil, aud Ul" Su Blox, In bond, fur export, oa p. t. Oandlh ?Adamantine were lo fair request, of wbioh t.500 bo tee were sold at from 34c to ST^c., ind are now ?ketd higher. I'Rucs and Ptk- We quote sales of 200 kezs bt. oarb soda at 10c. , 100 caaei bleaching powders at 9Kc , 60 tons soda aah at 65ic. afle., sO toss sat. soda at 6c. , 20 do caustic soda at Htfc., aud 20 casks cream tartar at ?ol4c .cash. Panama ? There was an active movement la grain freights. and the market was steady. To Liverpool. i?r Atuericau, UO.OOO busbcls wheat at 4'.d a 6d., in bulk and bags: 2,000 bbls. rtour at Is. 3d.. 50 tona oil oaka at 16s. . 20 hhds. tobacco at 20f. per bhd., and per neutral, 8<X> tierce- lard at 17s. 6d ft 20s. To I/indon, per Ame rlran, 1 ,600 bbls. Uour at 2s. 3d., and per neutral, 100 hhils. tobacco at 32a. 6d., and 40 ton* salted hides at 25s To Glasgow, per American, 7,000 bushels corn at 6d. , aod per stoamer, 2,200 boxes chcese at 60s., 75 tons oil at 40s , 300 tierces lard, and 60 hbds. tallow at 85s. To Bristol. 700 bbls. flour at 2*. 3d To l'.romon, 600 cases tobiccoat 208., and 100 hhds do at 22s 6d. A British bark, 572 tons, was chartered from Quebec to Liverpool at 31s , lor timber . an Italian bark, 17,000 bushels wlieit, to Cork, for orders, 0e. ; a ship, 1,100 tons, to Panama, coal, private terms. Fruit.? The market was quiet : sales at $4 50 for bunch , and $6 58 for layers Currants quiet at 21c. Dried fruit w a* quiet, with saiea of 150 bbls. at 10 X a. , now beld higher. By auction 1,500 boxes Smyrna oranges at $5 a $8. and 700 boxes do. lemons at $3 70 a $6 40. Hay.? There was a fair demand ror shipping; sales 300 balos at $1 10 a $1 SO, and for city use $1 75 a $1 SO. Hops were in fair demand , mostly for consumption, at fair prices, sales 450 bales at 15c. a 25o. for common to good Hmaai? There was ao material change to note in the market. The demand was light and transactions were limited. Sales were 2,000 Buenos Ay res on p t., 1,400 country slaughtered at 14 He , 1.200 Calirornlan at 38c , I and 600 Central American at 33c.: also 1,200 Calllornian, 1,600 West India and 200 Curacoa, all on p. t., and 600 dry salted Mitranham, from second bands, at 25><c , aud 690 Rio Grande at 36 Kc. Ikon.? American pig wag In fair request and firm, with sales of 250 tons No. 1 at $72 a $75. Iter was quiet at $205 a $220 for common English, and for refined $220 a $225. LrmoKR was In moderate demand, with saiea of 300,000 feet Eastern spruce and niue at $22 a $25. Ijiiawaa soiling at $1 16 for common and $1 80 for lump. Ekithkr was in moderate demand at firm but unalter ed The stock was fair aud bettor assorted than tor some timo past. I.kad w is dull. Small sales were made at 16l?c. Spbi.tkb was quiet Small sales at 18c. Moi.asskm was quiet, with sales of 200 bbds. Cuba at $1. Navai. Siorks,? Spirits of turpentine was in fair de manri, with Hales of 130 bblx. French at $3 60 a $3 62, and 25 do. American at $3 70 Hosin sold at $43 a $5S. Tar was quiet and nominal it $21. Oils ? Crude whale was quiet, at $1 50 a $1 65. Crude sperm w is In fair request, with sales or 500 iibls. at $2 30 a $2 34 Lard wax quoted at $1 70 a $1 72 for No. 1. Lin seed was quiet at $1 80 PrraouirM. ? Receipts 5,486 Iibls. The market for re fined was firm, but the demand was moderate. Holders were reluctant sellers, nod some of them would not pell at any price. Crude was in active simulative demand, chief! v for future delivery, and a large business was re ported a; higher prices than any before paid Free oil was dull and nominal; it Is worth only 2c. a 3c. more than bonded, as the demand Is wholly or the latter for shipment The sales were about 14,000 bbls. crude at 62^c. a 55c. on the spot and for all i Ins mouth: 60c. for August, aud from 61c to 62 4c. for .September? the higher raie tor the lost hall : 2,200 do reOn. d in bond, 84%c. a 85 i^c. on the spot. 95c. a 071,c. for September; 1,80j do., free, $1 05 a $1 for August. Provisions.? Receipts. K68 bbls. pork, 28 rkgs. b?ef, 609 do. cut meats and 787 do. lard, l'ho pork market was higher and more active: sales 5,000 bbls a> $47 for messs, $44 a $45 for new do. ctostng at $ 14 50 a $15 $40 lor new prime, and $89 for prime mess The beef mar ket was quite Hctive, and pricos were nominal: sales 300 bills, at $19 a sis for couutry mess, $0 a $10 for country prime, $20 a $25 for repacked mess, and $28 a $30 for extra d?. Prime mess bee!' was quiet and unchanged. Cut meats were quiet: sales 300 pkus. at IS He. a 16c. 'or shoulders, and 18 4c. a 19c. for bams. Lard w?n higher, with a good demand: sales 3.000 bbls. and tierces at 19 Sc. a 20 He. : also 500 bbls. for July, buyer's option, at 21c-., aou 500 do. for August, seller's option, at 21c. Butter was in fair request at 33c. a 40c for Obio. and 37c a 43c. for State. Cheese was in good demand and firmer at 18c. a 24o. for common to prime Rick ? We quote sales of 200 bags Rangoon at 14c. ' Skins ? For both goal and deer the market was in active. < Spicks ?We note sales of 2,500 mats Cassia and 100 gais cloves, both on p. t. Si-gar. ? The market was extremely dull, but firm, with sales of 100 hhds. Cuba at 20c. a 22c. Kefinod was firm, at 20c. a 21c. for soft yellow, 2*4 c. a 29c. for soft whites, aud 30.4c for powdered and crushed. Saancu ? Small sales of clover at 164c- a 17S'c. Rough fax was in moderate demand: sales 100 bustiela at $3 7e a $3 90. Linteed remains quiet at S3 75 a 54. Tobacco. ? Kentucky was leaf active, but Arm; the sales comprise 400 hhds., varying from 16c. to 48c. Tka.? The market his been very dull, but firm, and we have only to note sales of 500 hair chests souchong, 200 do. green and 100 do uncolored Japan. Tallow. ? Sales 60,000 lbs. at 20c. a 20>?c. for prime Eastern aod Western. Tim was quiet, at 65c. for English and 66c. for straits, With small sales. Whiskkv ? Receipts, 1.599 bbls. The maket was again firmer, wttb sales or 4.500 bbls. at $1 63 a $1 72? the latter, however, an extreme price. FINANCIAL.. Atlantic savings bank. 18sobavbam square, New York. July I. ISrtt.? It? p<?nl:or? are hereby noti fied that on and after Mondav, Julv IS. i S?>4, a iMvidand of *lx ffii percent per annum, free of government tax. on all deposit" antltled ihnreto will be paM. Interest not with drawn will be credited and will draw Interest aa principal. N. D. VAN Pfc.LT, President. Jo*Krii P. CnoritJt, Secretary. N. It.? Deposit* made on or before July 20 will draw In terest from July 1. /CITIZENS1 PAVINGS RANK. \ ' Bowery, corner of Canal (treat. ASSETS $1,023,663 64 All m >ney deposited on or before July 20 will bear Inter eat front Julv 1. Blx percent Interest allowed, tree of Government tar. on all sums of $500 and tinder, and live per cent on larger *n ma. Tank open d*U7 from 9 to S and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, from A U> 7. Rank books In Kujllnh. German and French. Hktkocr A. Utsc*. Sec. GEO. rOLSOM, President. / lOKHOCTON COUNTY <OHIO> BONDS. -NOTICE IS \J herebv given by the Commissioners if the county of Co?ho'".on ;n the stato pf Ohio, to the holders of the Bonds. nuiiib?re<l :rom one to nve Inoluaive, for one thousand dol lar* each, and dated the fifteenth day of January. A. D, 1852. miide bv ?ald OnmmlS'ioner* In behalf of *atd county of Coshocton to the Steubanvjlle a:>d Indiana Railroad Cout pan.v or bearer: that on the Ifith day of JsnuarT. A. D.. ISH5, 1h" said county of Coahoeton will pay ott (aid bonds, with the interest thereon up to the aatd lf>ih day of January. A. I> . Iflfti, a? rrov'ded In ?ald bonds, at the otlice of Abm. Bell'* Sontln the rliy of New York (there being no otlira of the Ohio Life Insurance and Tro?t Company uow in said city ). nt which I me and place the aatd count-.' of Co shoetna will demand the surrender of said bend* with the remaining coupon* lielengmg thereto ? luly 15 1 *04. Wl T.I.I AM HANLON, jromrusaiouer* JAMES M. SMITH. ' of Coshocton THOMAS DARLING. } County. Ohio. Kings county WAR ENLISTMENT LOAN. *l,U00.K?. COUPON RONDS. Kinus lloi'nr Ttir.Airnrn'* Oiricn. 1 IS Court street, Riinnm.r*. July 7, l^'.l. t Proposals wl'.l be received at the office of the Treasurer of King* county, until 2 P. M. on WEDNESDAY. July 30, 1861, SI (X)"',0(? OP KINOB OOUNTY WAR ENLISTMENT BONDS. I-*ned b* authority of eh?p. h and 72 of the Laws of Unit and by resolution of the Board of Supervisor*, adooted May 3, l?6l. The bond* will he Issued In sum* of 81. (*W each. dated Augu-t 1, l&H, with Interest at ths rate oi *11 d.t cent per annnra. payable semi-annually. to wit ?On tVe f r?* ilav* of Ma? and Novanfber. Tim prlncpai wl 1 bed'.e snri paya ble as follow*.? fflKMWO on the fit ?t dav of May, 1S79. 200.1*0 on the t.'*t dav Of Mar, lsrtv 20M.i<*>on the first day of Ma*. ISfli. 2D0,WW)on 'be l.rst dnv of May, 1HH2. 200.000 *0 the first dav of May. lWf The proi-o?a;* must state the number of bon is detir^d, mio'iat of premium fir boko and for wl, b year ma taring The parsoqs whose proposals are aecarted will be retiti red to deposit with the Conntv Trea?"rer. on the nrrt la* ot Au gust. p?4, tbe mm* awarded to tbem rei|?ttively wheu lbs S'ind* wit be ready for de#verv. Each proposition should be ?ealed and endor?ed "Propo po-al* for King" Conntv tYar Enl siment Loan,' and b? ad dre*sed to the C"ttnty Treasurer. The r pht Is reserved to reject *nv or all Of the bid* If deemed ne--e*aar? to proteet the Intaraat of the muatv. THOMAS A GARDINER. C untj Trsn?'irer. Vf A RISERS' RAVINGS BASK. >1 NO. 1 TH i RD AVBNI R. Dejot t* received to the 11th <>f July; wl.l draw interest from 'he 1st of July. RANK OPES DAILY fr>m 9 to 2 P M and on MON DAY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY EVBN1NOB. irorri 6 to 8 o'clock. THOMAS B. ST1LLMAN Prealdent. Isaac T. Smith, Secretary. NEW YORK Alto I1AKLEV RAILROAD COBPANT, Pna?iPt!?T? 'irrtri- Siw Yon* Julv l IM? SECOND MORTGAGE BO>PK ($1.000, Ufcll, Due August i iwt Notice Is herebv jiren thai the Rend? of the abeve Issue will be paid nt tbelr maturity. A ,yu-i I. im64. at the office of Ihe con.panv. eorner of Fourta ??snue and Twenty siito ?treet and that the iateresi ?n As same win tease from that data. WX. H VaNDMibILT. Vice President. XTEW JERSEY ZINC COMPANY.? AT A MKETINOOK jl.1 the Board of Dlrcctar* af this <omaanT heid ti-e Hh dav of .In. y. I^t. a semi annohl dividend ef four per cent w*? derlare 1 on the Common and Preferred Pv.<ck. navat^a oil unit after th? I at Ao? of Aut;uti next at the ira'nsier offica of the eompanv, 1(* libertv strcat. New York. Tkc trans/er books will be closed fr' m fui I: to a 'gust I B s. girl in, secretary. NORTHBRN PACIFIC KAILBOAD? THR INDER signed (,omni;s' toi en fron. Mss-achuse'ia, namcFiu tbe act of incorporation of th? Northern Padftc IWlroad Company, hereby #ive noise- in a I tlios?' named Mi seid s<-t a* commissioner* that the ir*l Meeting of the Hoard of t'ono in ts? loners of the af^resstd eompanv will oe !<^t tbe .Me:odeon Hall, in tbe 1? oi Boston, on Thuradav, M 1-t day of September not, at 12 o i o k noen WILLaRD bears, J S. WlfiUNUTON, GEO SIIIYKRICK. .1 OKI All PERBAM. JOHN A. BASS. ABIRL Alt IW)TT, Bmtoh, Mast . July 14. 1SW. J. M. BBC KBI T. Parties dkmkino to iwbst in an bntbr prise of iintisuai profit and safety ** can be itamoastra ted upon application. elUier b> letter or personal viait. ran hava the oaportunity ot do mg within the n*it ten da\s. 8a favorable an oppor'untiv of making ? fori me has never been pre?M0ta4 to the rtibilr, and, once Bat. will very llkels I not oocur aoatn In a lifetime Apply from II A. B. UU I r< J au to H. uDllirBL, KC S^thA (|?pk * niAMntb. AWCE OP THE COLUMBIA FIRE INSURANCE v/ Comp?njr 161 Broadway? Now York, Juiy 1*. 1461 The Board of Pi restore hart tbl< day declared a dividend of Iw par oeat, free of government tax, parab'e on demand. EDWARD KhMLVB, Seuictarj. REDEMPTION OB J* si.uoo.qoo, > "RIOT DAMAGES INDEMNITY BONDS" or Til K COURT* OF NKW YOKK. ? FAY aHLB AUGUST I, !9rt4. Notice 1* hereh given tliat t? ? K.ot Damages Indemnity Roods," of the oouatj of New York, becoming due and i>ay able August!. ISt*. Willi the iiiterent tl.ereoti will be paid on tbat day, an tha preaeniatuMS of aaia bauda at thus office. PROPOSALS*" FOR A LOAH or tl.ttW.OOO "BIOT DAMAGES REDEMPTION BONDS," OP THE COUNT? OF MRW YORK. Sealed propoeals will be received at this office until Wed nesday. July '^7. 18 1 at 2 o'clock P. M., when the Name w ill be publicly op ?ned, tor the whole or any nan or the -inn of one million do lais of "Riot Damage Redemption Run la," of Ihec-untyol" New York, authorized by chapter 7 of ttae lawn of 1864. and b;. an ordtusnoe of the Board of Supervi sors. apprmed b the Mayor. May 4, IStil. The said bonds Mill near I mere -it at the rata of aix tier cent per annum, payable ball' yearly, on the lat day or May and November in each year, and the principal will be re deemed aa fo low - : ? Fire hundred thouaand dollars on the 1st day of Novem ber. 1877, and ? Five hundred thousand dollars on the let day of Novem ber, 1KT9. The |iroi>osala will state the amount or bonds desired -and the price per one hundred dollars thereof, and the pettons whose proposals are accepted will thereupon he real r red to deposit with the County Treasurer fat the Broadway Rank), on Mondav, the first day August, 1884, the sums awarded to them respectively. On presenting to the Comptroller the receipts of the County Treasurer for such deposits, the partlea will be en titled to receive bonda for equal amounts or the par value of the sums awarded to them, Bearing Interest from August 1, 1864 Each proposal should be sealed and endorsod "Proposal* for Riot Damages Redemption Ronda." and enclosed in a second envelope, addressed to the Comptroller. The right i? reserved to reject any or all of the bids, if considered uecesstry to protect or promote the interests of the County MATTHEW T. BRRNNAN, Comptroller. Oirror Nbw Yon*? Dei-aktmicwt or Pinanok, ) COMPTKOLLKK'S OPPICK. > July 8, 1864. > T"" COLUMBIA GOLD MINING COMPANY, Of Colorado. CAPITAL Wo two SHARES NOMINAL i'AR SI I EACH. HUUSCBII'TIOIf PRICK $5 PER RI1ARB. Slock full paid and n 4 liable to assessment. TRUSTERS: JAMKS W. KLWELI-. E-q . of the firm of Janes W. El wreli .V Co. No 5<" South street JOHN P. YRLVRBTON, Esq., President of the Bank of North America. THOMAS U FOSTER, Faq., late of the firm of Foster St Mephenaon. JAMES l). l lSH, EBq.. President of the Marine Bank. JAMKS L HATHAWAY. Esq,, merchant, No 171 Pearl St. ROBERT P 1'KKRIN, Esq . Cashier oi the Butcher*' and Drovers' Bank. President, THOMAS K FOSTER, Esq. hankers MARINE HANK. Secretary. 8AM I EL E. KhYMOUR, Esq. Mining Superintendent. HENRY A. COOiC, Esq. Central City, Colorado. Sol c iors. Messrs. LOR'\ DAY ic LOUD. New York. Messrs. WaKELKY & R1-. AO Cent al City, Colorado. MINES.? The celebrated Boluail Fink, aud otucr well known Lodes; including also a "tunnel Claim of consecutive leet, or tienly a mile in length, directly on the Fink Lode commencing imniedia.eiy opposite Black Hawk i'eint. at Black Hawk city. The whole pro] erty. en. brae iui; N.70-1 feet, with a valuable quartz mill now running and in successful * pe'ation The Bobtail aud Fisk Lodes are considered the richest and best la the Terr tor> having yielded larger amounts of gold than anr other in Co orado. The cenipanv enfid n I expect to euro me o-e pav ng at aa early dav a monthly dividend of one per cent iu ,old Subscription books of the company for only a limited ii u ii i lie r ot shares, are now open at the olllce of Al.Hi KT 11. NICOLA Y, Em). f>2 W| liani treel. at the price of $5 per share. SM to bi> paid at the time or subscription. Parties wlio are des rons of secur'n; any or the stoo^ at the above low pri 'e, are informed that the company intend closing the book* shortly, after which time no stock will be auld less than par Pr nted prospectus showing the great value of the pro perty or the company are ready for delivery. Third avenue savings bank. Corner Third avenue ami Twenty-sixth street. CHARTERED 185* BANK OPEN dally from ID A. M. to 3 P. M.. and on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY BVEN1NGS, from 6 to 8 P. M. SIX PGR CENT interest allowed on ali sums from $1 to $1,000. All moneys deposited on or before Jul* 20 will draw inter est from the 1st. 8PKNGKB K O It KEN. Psesldeut. Riciiabd Kcllt, Secretary. Tm HE ERIE RAILWAY COMI'ANT, NO. 187 WEST street, New York, July 14, 1*64 ? Dl . idend? Tlie direc tors of tbis company liave this day dec ared u dividend nut of the earnings of the road fer a x mnhtlis. ending J one 3d. of three und une-haif per ceni (less ilie government lav of 5 per i-enO on the Preferred Stock. Also a dividend of four per cent on the Common Capital Stock, free of government lax. )>otb payable at ihe Treasurer's oflice, Eric p ace. on Wednesday, the 3d day of August next, to the teglstared holders of stock at the closing ot' the books The transfer books of both preferred and common slock will be c'oed on the afternoon of Tuesday, the 19th in t.. ami be reopened on lha Atli day of August. HORATIO N. OTIS, secretary UNION DIME SA VINOS BANK. NOS. 427 AND 424 CANAL STREET, COR VARICK. ASSETS $1,815,-78 9$ OPKN DAILY, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M., and on Momiav, Wednesday and Saturday Kvenlurs. from 5 to 7. Six per cent inlnreat allowed on sums of $.'>00 and under, and Five per cent, on larger sums. Money deposited on or before July 20 will bear interest from .Tn'r 1. BDBR V. HAUUHWOUT, Presided. OitDKU 8. CHAPirf. Secretary. -FOR SALE.? AN AMERICAN SILVER DOLLAR _? of 1799. Apply to or addrcs stating price, for two days. J. R. COOLBAUGH. Sweeny s Hotel. $1. $1 fWMl WANTRD-FOR TEN TEARS. AT TEN .IV/Wu per cent. (Jood sasnrity givec. Address lor two days O F., Iler^id oflice. <51 n (10(1 WANTED? FOR TEN YEARS, AT TEN ipH/il/UU per cent. Good security given. Address for two days G. P., Herald oflice. Uj in nnn wanted-o* very desirable Vtu.WU" down town store property, near Uroadwav. worth nearly double, by first mortgage, Address box ?u6 Post office. $inn nnn wanted? on bond and mort ?P AV/t/sU' 'U ga en for live years at 5 per cent, on ealu aid- Broadway property, with Increase of one third lis value, principals only treated with. Address box 4,076 Post office. nnn T0 loam? at six per cent, tJjOL' V/sV/ V/* ' for live years or longer, on New York cit? property. JOSEPH MASON. No. 6H Pine st . rooms 10 and II. LOAN OFFICES, ? T H IIYMAN'S, 658 BROADWAT. CORNER OF J\ . Bond street, room No. 3. I will pay the h ghent price for Diamonds, set or unset, Watches and Stiver Ware, or will advance cash on the above wticles. 658 Broadway, corner of Bond street. AT 77.? MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED AT 77 ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. JEW ELUT, PIANOS, FURNITURE. AO. ALSO AT 77 PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS WANTED AT 77 Of Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, <tc.. ?nd the highest aaah price paid than can be obtained at any otter place in the city, at 77 Bleecaer street, up stairs. a T 009? MONET LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON I)IA t\ mond?, Watches. .Jewelnr. (silver Plate, Guns, Pistole' Ac , A.o. AI?o Pawnbrokers' Tickets wanted ef Uiam inds. Watches Jewelry, Oun?, Pistols. Ac , for which I win pay 2 '10 per cent more thsn ran be obtained at an v other place In the City. 609 Utoaq-vay, corner of HotiMon street, up stairs, room No. 5. AT 4W BROADWAY. ROOM 6.? CASH ADVANCED ON Diamonds, Watche*. Jewelry, Quna. Plst ?la, 4c. Also Pawnbrokers Tickets bought lor Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Guns. Pistols, (Mike. Furs, 4c., a: 4a6 Broadway, room 5. TUB LECTURE SEASON. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY? FOR GENTLEMEN only, as the New York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Broad way. Partita unable to attend these Lo.ures can have iheni forwarded on receipt of ten cents, by addressing Score tiry of New Vert Museum of Anatomy. MIUTAHT AJ1D VWAl.. At NO. 2 PARK PLACE-ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS bounty ps.d to ?otilier? discharged for wound* received In battle. Also to those serving in three rears regiments. BltOWN A SHELDON. Military and Naval Banking office. An alien can iiavb t?o? cash down to-dat to go as a sunstitnte slso a seaman al en csn receive the same to go In Ihe naw. Call in the giocerx atore corner ?f T* eutye.gntb street and Third avenue, between / and 12 A. M Army, navy ani? marine corps ? $.k?i.-tolun. leers and eubatMntee wanted, f W ? *?'? bounlv )>a <t. Three substitutes wanted to d.iv $>?>. $400 nod > .no <?>k C ? en I'srties i<rlugiog men will be paid the largest amonRt ?if hand money paid al any ofll e In Me city. Apply at the llotaty. Pay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Nasaa ,' street, up ataira. t CARD. -DISCHARGED SOLDIERS WAN TED FOR 4,\ the lavaM cogp*^ $425 bounty Apply a. tinne, and brlng^vo ir oiacherge.wjth SHbl'RN 4 WORK ALL, 266 Broadway up da re. At'A RD.? FOCR ALIEN tCMIItlTTII, ALREADY accepted and mastered Intot e nsrv, will ei?tiijp| pt'o opais enrolled or drafted, lenutre o' Wt-.STBROOE ft l.RSHOKNE Cotttee Wte, 196 Broadway. ALL MEW ENROLLED, LIABLE T< BE DT. A f'TKI?. banker*, ir, eichaats and otbe'S. sl' ii d an't< ipste ihe cummg draft and proeore eebeilioiee now. If ?en wait until the nre^t takes p.ioe many wil b< unsfele to get a -nibble msn ?ithm the Jew <tars aloiert their, the que las teing large, tie time short; lake time by the forew^S. kic l-r i our at onw Hr?t rsine hrn attended to Sub stitutes 'urnished at <3 exempt <m itapers for three vears I r on. red from l're*o-? Marsbai ,a anv distrrt Ka('re-en tative recrnHs for adivs Mil sent ??? men a so provide' Refe rs n? gnen to bankers and merchants ot high siandmc. Apply to Csi ism opvbk. r?< Lim" i\nrd sueet. Binokitn men m IH find R to their advantage WtaD, ANT PERSON WANTING A Sl'BSTITITR BAD bst'er epp>v iirm*dHktei),to DR. ANDERSON. No Jl Eldrluge etreei, late EsannnlDg Surgeon lor Thirc. Cot gits a orial MM; N Y. ______ AL1ENB PROPOSING TO .1<iIN ARMV OR NAVT will recelee the h<ehe t bountr, cash Ni hand at enr r.iree, Csl end see. Four men wanted, tor a new and last Metkader. about to be cut in commisat in. Rare chaife for Brire rnot>e? and ao mistake. Army and Nary OOioe, 73 N'isaau street. ASUBSTITI'TE CAN BE IUD AT A MODERATE prme by nppl tng. personally or b? le' ter, al Ibe i?M menS Bank. 1(3 York slieet. Brooklyn, ATTENTION'-$fl?> ROt NTT -WANTED. AN ALIEN of two Team1 soldier to go as tuhstitute for agendo man. Choice of navy or army Aptdv this day to WASII HtJRN A WORR4LL. *6*ros^way. ugar Chambers t IIILITABt AND NAVAL. A LI KN till BSTITUTK.8, ALREADT ACCEPTED AMD mustered iu, will exempt >riuoipaU emu. led or drafted. Inquire of WBSTBB00K A ORSBOME, Counsellor* fie H)? fcruaa * ly A TTENTION. ALL WHO WISH TO B If LIST IN Tn> A at in v or uavy.? Tou can have $70i, with choice a f in h^'try. w#f or artillery at Bo 120 Bowery, near Grand struct, up stairs. United Slates 0> neral Recruiting and Bub sUtutu Ofllce. Hours 8 illl 4 P. M. A N ALIEN CAN HAYB $5>0 CASH DOW?. TO DAT, A to go as substiiuto; or a veteran of two yen? will d* a* well. Ca I at my a'. ire. 40K Montgomery street, Jersey Ctt.v. two blnoka a id a halt' above the ferry, between tAa hours of 7 and 12 A M. BEWARE, volunteers. bi ware ? young men arriving In this city from the country or Europe, and Intending to join the army or navy, sb uld beware of par ties stopping them in the stivem. nderiug fabulous boun ties, furloughs. Ac. By calling at our oXice, established for vear*. you can get alt necessary Information, w th the highest caah hountles. aa we have the money in all cases deposi \ed In our hands, and consequently are entirely re sponsible. We bave now orders for thirteen men, at from $475io $600 Volunteers and aubsUtules can aeieot the army or navy. KINO A ROACH, United States Army aud Navy Agency, 93 West street, rornerof Cedar, N. Y. Bureau ok surgical examinations for cm zona sub ieol to draft, substitutes and volunteers; re cruits examined for brokers. Dr HOW ELL sirg'ou, in charge. Reference _ Mayor Ountlier. Ex Mayor Opd ke. F. I. A. Boole, City Inspector. Offices No. 9 Chambers street. BEWARE. VOLUNTEERS, BEWARE! Young men arriving In this city from the country or Europe, and Intending to .ni# the army or navy, ahou <1 be ware of parties stopping them in the streets, offering fabu lous bounties, furloughs, Ac. By calling at our ofllce. ex tahlished lor )?ars, you can get all nece surv information, with the highest cash bounties, as we have the money in all o~km deposited in our hands, and onuseuueo'ly are en tirely responsible. We have now orders for thirteen men, at from $476 to $ntlO. Volunteers nnd substitutes can ae'ect the armv or navy. UNO A ROACH. United States Army and Nav.v Agency, 93 West street, oorner of Cedar street. New York. (TAMERON RIFLES? i COLONEL B. M. BLLIOTT J commanding. Fii'tv volunteer!* wanted Immediate ly for company A of this fine new regiment uow organ ising In tills citv Splend d chances for promotion for veto rsns and recrultF joining this new regiment Promotions made from the ranks. The regiment will be officered bv men who have se?n service In the field, and the men will be well eared for. Highest bounties paid to volunteers $K'5 paid to any one bringing a recruit. Apply at Bo. 428 Broad way Hew York. Draft insurance office. 247 Broadway.? Insurance against draft for one >ear, $ I Oil; for two years $1S0; lor three years. $?*>, in all the States Prem iums not to he paid until after the draft. Tbix oMioe a fiords all those liable to draft an oppsrtun tv in secure a substl tute, In ca e iliev are drafted, for the above named prem iums. Bend for circulars glvlnu full part oulara ALFRED KKRsHAVV. Proprietor. J MOUTH DISTRICT.-- OBNTLEMN RRSIDINO IN IHE U Eighteenth, Twentieth .mil Twenty tirst Wards ?if the city or New Vork. comprising Hie Eighth Congres lonal District or the State, will lie furnished promnil. with Alien Substitutes aud thor Exemption Papers (for th'ee yiiars) oonectly procured, bv forwarding Iheir orders to the olile* of the Merchants', Hankers' and General Representative Volunteer Associaton, 428 Broadway, Sew York. N. B.? Money pa.rabe onl. when the representative Is furnished ami the exeinpilou papers secured Ladies wt-h Ing to send a representative to the armv wil h ive the'r orders promptly atieuaea to and will have pre edencr. The Eight ?'tstiict. under the superintendence of C.iptain B. F. M.inniere, Provost Marshal. Is furmshinu more . en In this w.iv than any other District in the State, and with contini ed energy will probably till Its quota wit out a d^aft. Most of the representatives have be-n procured by the Mcrch nits. Hankers nnd Genera; Representative Volunteer Association, ofllce 428 Broadway, Ne# York. FOR THE PLOOKADE.-W ANTED, LANDSMEN, firemen. coal passers Ac., for tbe Van lerbilt and other ships JAMES A CO., 87 West st , corner of Albany, up stairs. r\ ENKRAL UNITKD STATES RBORUtTlNO OFFICE? IT By Col. CROFTS A CO., late of the United States service. Highest bounty paid for Volunteers and Fubsii tuies. Corner White and Centre streets. Appiy immedi ately. HEADQUARTERS, RECRUITING OFFICE. NO. 12 Chambers street ?A, lens, aller.s, substitutes and vol unt?er . now is the time. i>arge bounties, cash in hand, pa d by me. Runner- will do well to call here. Apply to Captain JOHN DE PASS. Headquarters, recruiting office, no 12 Cnamhers street? Wanted I 000 men nnd sfoo s for one, two and three ears to respon I to oiirnoHlecause. bo> s of 18 and over w II do well to call; aliens as uhst lutes. I still rec-ive and itlve the highest cash bountv: runners wl I be liberally dealt with. Appiy to Captain JOHN fhl'ASS. HO, FOR THK NAVY AND PKIZB MONET.-IO #1 N wanted to dav. $!V):, $4<Klaiid $6 'Orish p<ld ?3,iOO having been mad" h one man prl/e money. Parties b ng. las men will lie (mid the largest amount of hind money paid by anv oilloa In tlie cite Apph at the Eounty, Pay, Aiuiy And Navy Ajjeacy, III Na-sad street, up stair*. INVALIDS, MBN FOR THE NAVY. AND COLORED men wanted; a'so >n?n of all nation >bti*< want 'd ai auhitftntas. Tim highest bounty and premium paid. Apply at 422 Bruorac street, Mew York. IWil.L GIVE $300 CASH FOR A MAN NOT LIABLE in the draft te go for me as subxiltut*. Inquire, between 10 and 12 A. M ., at 13 College place, baaeineut. I WILL PAY $100 MOBK THAN ANY MAN IN NRW Yo 'It for one stibat ttite and a few vo!utiie?rs; eh Ice of cavalry, artillery, infantry or nsvv. Rel et seal to volunteer'* families. Apply At franklin House, No. 87 Corllandt street. MERCHANTS'. BANKERS' AND GENER *L VOLUN. teer and Substitute asmoc anon, olllce 42-i Stu idway. New York ? I.UUO volunti'er? wanted lmme 'lately. $125 paid to anv one bring ng a recruit. Highest bounties paid to re cruits on pnaam'j examination. No delay. No humbug. Monev paid right down. Apply at lbs office, 42 i Broadway, New York. ________________ NOTICE-UNITED" STATES "OOVBRNMHNT OFF! cer* of the United States bakeries usn be furnished with good reliable bakers b spp vlng persona lv or bv 1-t tar at Harmonic Hall. ID to 145 Kk?cx st.. at the Bakers' Union. LEWIS HALL BOWEli. Secretary Notice to substitutes, ?before joining the army or navv call and be* n.c, at No. 2 Warren street, and I will guarantee you the very highest bountv paid in this cltv. Apply to J. WARRttli KL1NN, No. 2 Warren street, near Broadway. NOW IS THK TIMB TO AVOID THE DKAFT.-$400 bountv paid this day for men to enlist In the United States Navy Apply at the rcgn'ar shipp ng office, rnrner of Easex and Grand street*. Captain W \ 1,1. At: K Lien tenant SOHaKKER. Highest premium* paid to psrsons bringing a recrti.L ONE ABLE BODIED ALIEN SUBSTITUTE WANT ed for three years. Apply at 131 William street, or address box 3,484 Post office. PARTIES LIVING IN THIS CITY OR BROOKLYN can be furnished with substitutes at tlie Army and Navy Otllee, 73 Nassau -treet QUBSTITUTE8 CAN RECEIVE THK HIGHEST O amount of money at 34 Wa lter street, between Broad way and Church street We can pay as high a- j>t>Ho ibis morning, besides *11 the United States bounties. STATE OF NEW YORK? 8UB8TITUTR AGENCY o'Uce, 34 Walker street, between Church street and Broadway. We can furnt*h Bubst lute* at on* sod at reasonable prions. Beat of references given. Exemption papers onialued. CUBST1TUTER FURNISHED FOR NEW JEUSBY, | O Connecticut 'and New York. Orders from towns promptly attended to. Captain TKIRNAN. SM Pearl street. I QUH8TITUTEB NOW ON HAND.? GENTLEMEN O wishing to procure *ubstitutes can be suppled on t<ia son able terms by applying to JOHNSON k CULM AN, 13 Urand street, near the ferry, Williamsburg, N. Y. SUBSTITUTE WANTED -*5.*) WILL BE GIVEN TO an *ll?n to TO as a substitute. No broker need *rw>ly. ^Applr to J. VOLCKMAN, Mo 2 Cortlandt street, baaemenu Substitutes furnished for Brooklyn and Williamsburg, for $'An. at the Substitute Agenov. ''47 Broadway, room 35. Also suh*lltute? for New Jersey fur nished at the Oeneral Agency, No. 7 Exchange place, Jersey City, (jnotss for towna promptly filled. Strangers from any part of the united state*, wishing to join the array or navy, aa volunteers, will call at the corner of Dnane street and Broadly, where they will llnd reliable men todeaiwith We give this day $.*X? to volunteers, with chol e of r glmeni? infantry. ca valry or heavy ariillart? 'lo ng pari I ^ in duty Runner*, broket a or agents need not apply, as we expect to give all (fee bounty to the volunteer himself. Captain G. H. P8ARCB. fl'HB NEW YORK ARMY ANl) NAVY RECRUITING 1 I Company, N?. 9 Chambers s'.reet, lias been established nithaviewoi having one reliable onlce in th's clt\ where the rerrult, whether volunter ?r substitute, and prine pa s, whether enrolle. I. drafted or exempt, will receive fair and bonorab'e treatment. Every em-agement made will be scrupulously fulfilled, l'rnc.jwl* furnished at the shortest imtii e with good soundmen (who have been previously ex amined b an oxoerleneed surgeon) Individuals in any dittriat in the H ata can bate the.r snh<tltutes mustered in Ui s city anfl their exemption papers forwarded. Veterans, volunteers aud substitutes treated l-ke men. and the highest nrke obtained. A spocial department ?* devoted to recruiu for the navy. Commanding oBloer* of the army oan have their or tan rations filled up through our agency Call at or addrea* the Now York Army and Navy Remitting Com pany. No. 9 Chambers street. VOLUNTEERS AND KUBST1TU1 MS? TRI MI MEN , Getmau- and veterans waoteu. Immediate y. Highest cash and i-ove'nment boun lee pad. fhoire of regimanta given. Dor.t be da-etved by sirret shnrp-r*. Apply direct to i apl. COMBS. Mi Li>pen?rd street, near Bread way WANTED? I'fl R THE UNITED 8TATKS WAVY.? $4-0 bounty for -cameo fSVO for ordinary s*hie*b. and $3'p<> lor landsmen. Aieo wanted firemea and coal pas ?era In addlima to tna stove oormles ea -h man i? entitled to the follow ing pat ?Seamen, j*-r month, $J0; ordinary ?eamen. BM Mi: landsman $13 AO. ftremea, $3i Mi. '-oal passers. $|V 6 ' Now is tne thne, aa the draft takes p ace in s few data, when all bounties ?|ll b? <i seonUn uod. Applv at I>RIU<'OLL'8 Mil pping Ofl e#, corner of York street and BimKoo avenue, Bto?sl)n. Partita bringing tear una will be itM'miiy dealt with. TL'AJITEn? AT THE I'HITED STATES NAVAL 8HIP vf | mp odicc. ?eamen, firemen, eoali aaaers snd landsiren, for tw. two oi throe years: bounty $IA> We wii: pay the persoi. bnngtnk a rocrnit to this an oe $<E 43 I'ei k ?lift MEN WA.NTKD? TO FII.L A TOW*'-llir CVOTA. The higbes' bounty paid a? soon as nu tersi in Af> I * 'O JAMBS flHARP. ?o. 9 Ferrv row, or 3<i >e*nia Kirlt sornei of Wasbhigton. Hoboken, M. J. inn mi-n wantkii-for the armv or navt J.V/U llich eaaii ho'intios pa d. Old Enuli^h. Irish or t.ern an solftlers arcemed. Fifty wien wanted in-dav. $.1 (HO prl/e money has lieen made bv ane man. a rp*> ?t the Hi uatr, Pay, Army and Maty Agency , 111 Nassau street, up stairs. CI fin A*D ?'?*WARI?S HAND MONEY PAID TO ?iPUM/ any one brtortng a recruit Any fr end - r re!*. ? ve ann re, en e it. Choice of regissenis given Highest cash ami government bounties paid. Appiy at IV Ll-i-ensrd street- Capt COMBS. Ulna TO $140 HAND MONiCY f'AIH Al.FNTSOR tplMlf runner* l>r volunteers far this city. Ten men want*! to itay t the bfebeet sounty cask down aa soon a* psusnd by the doctor. Apply at 4* Broaoway. ? -*?? MCBSTfTUTBS WANTED. TO HO 7n 'T'JUV/, the United Stales naval sarvtee. Five hundred doliarasach will be pahFfor ten men. to (to In the United States naval aervlae aa substitute*. For further inlnrma tton applv to D. A. BABftON, st the Pearl Street Booao toil Pearl stroat. a> 'JIM CASH IN HAND FOR H iSTITUTBB - Cholae of rnglment*. Alao five sllena wish to sarva as substitutes for s fair prlco. Draflml m.-n or men llahlo to ho drafted, sra furnished with substitutes Arrlv to 0. M. NOONAN, aomer of CftOAl rttast pm4 Bontrr, Wdat tlitl^ons H%vU?? l?ak. $550 MILITARY AID MVU FOB AK ALIUS SUBSTITUTE JOHN LAMB'S lutaallgL ?o 1 bxchMge piace, Jersey (Mj. c/;nn cash will bb paid to an alien or VOUU vetenia, as Substitute In the iror or navy, an noon a* accepted Apply itnmsdlaiely to COBNKLL 4 AMEBMAN, 68 aud ?U Bead* street. M. Y. BOUNTY ?$500 CASK DOWN TO TOLUU ?JDUUU leers or substitutes. Choice of service, army or navy. Apply at i'aueraon House, 75 Cortlandt street. ^^00 BOUNTY-*? CASH DOWN-TO VOLUN ?f""" teers and substitute*, artuv or navy. Apply at the olll e 6r the Kasteru Hotel, 64 Whltetail street. uear South ferry, up one flight of stairs.* Ask for BPENCEB ttftOO ?five Sl'BSTITl IKS WANTED, FOB I'AB "JWi'* t'e* who are not drafted but liable to draft, to whom th la amount wig bu i'al.1 each. Applj at 156 Caual $600 <?fifUl CaSH BOUNTY fob a man to go either ?JJl.M7lr in the army or navy. An alien or a two year*' soldier or sai.or wanted at WA6HBCRX * W ORB ALL'S, 266 Broadway, near Chambers street, up stairs. BOUNTY -WANTED, TKN SUBSTITUTES, for Brooklyn; a'?u Imi rec tilt*, aliens for the navy. The hlghe-t bounty ca6'i :n hand $2i>0 paid auy on* bringing a recruit to 155 AtiRntlo street, Brooklyn. BOUNTY. ? $200 HAND MONEY PAID TO ANT one brmiiin^ a recrut torarmvor navy; alan mib-t'tutes furnished for $S!Wi. Co'ored men taken, ut M Broadway, room li5, aud at No 7 Exchange place, Jersey ?-ity. -- 0*1*17 K TO "$'25 (IUARANTKBD TO A FEW GOOD 55>0 ? *J men, trom 18 to 45 years of ago. for the navy this day, at 124 W est at., corner of l>ny <4., in the oflic*. an stairs. Agents paid from $ 100 to $150 hand money. d>7rn WILL BK PAID TO A C.OOD MAN TO (JO AM ?P | Oil Substitute for a drafted man. Apply earl* Ui?a morning at 34 Walker street, between Broadway aud Chunk atreet. Innn becbuits wantkd-for the army, .UUU AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash In hand pa d each man. 1,000 veteran * wanted for the Army, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash In hand paid each man. 1,000 seamen wanted for the HATY, AT 17 BBOApWAY. $400 cash In hand paid each man. 1,000 landsmen wanted in the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash In band pal1 each man. 1 .000 firemen wanted tor the naVF, AT 17 I'HOADWAY. $400 cash in hand raid each man. 1,000 oo.Upaisers wanted for the nary, AT 17 HROADWAY. $100 cash In hand paid each man Men coming to tuis office to enlist can rely unon obtaining the most honorable treitinent upon receiving the money ottered in full, upon choice of re runent and arm. without humbuir or impoH.tlon. Come and see for yourselves Of lice open from 7 A. M. to P. M. $11:0 HAND HONEY wi I be paid to any man, woman or child bringing an ac ceptable recruit to this office. <?1 nnn CASH down soon as parsed by ttib ?InL."M/lr surgeon. Two sound men will receive* one thousand dol'ars md any branch of the service, at the Army and Nayy Claim olllce, till Pulton street. Iftflft SUBSTITUTES AND V0LUNTBBB4 ? UUU wanted lor the army and navy. $.100 cash In hand for the army, $f 8 cash in hand for seamen. $n i" cash in hand for landsmen. $300 cash In band for volunteers. Parties auplylng to u? can rely upon ;-eceiv,ng the a bora bounties, an no de> taction will be made. Kellef lor famlllea procured, and <*hri:oe of regiments guaranteed. Call early at 2m> Orand street, near Bowery. WILSON 4 CO. ffljl 1 f\(k CASH DOWN WILL BR PAID FOB TWO ?DI.IU"/ aliens to go as subsiltutea, either In the army or navy. Apply immediately at 63 Newark avenue, JorMf City ?1 1 nn IN GREENBACKS. IMMEDIATELY AFTDft irlil'lu passing, for two aliens or veterans, to go a* substitutes. No og?nt* or middle men need apply. The re crirt to have all il>? benefit of the bounty money. Apply early at 45 Montgomery street or 71 Newark avenue. Jersey Ci:y. <C1 Q(lf\ BOUNTY IMMEDIATELY? CASH IN HAND ?p.L,0" "J as s >on us tou p*ss the doctor, for four good stout men for the United States naw, between the ages of JO aud 4 i * ear-. Api ly to I'BTEB KINNI8 Shippin Ortlce, 101 York street, Brooklyn, four doors from Navy ? rd gate. ?1 Q/W^ ? SUB-^TIl'UTKS, SUBSTITUTES ?WANT ? LfOU' '1 ed tliree men to go as Substitutes, to whom will be pal l 8 '00 e.iah when pa .vsd by examin ng surgeon. Arn'y at dru^' store liiO NewarK avenue. Jersey City, I4ia (Wednesdav) morning, between 10 and II o'clock. 2nnfl recruits wanted? for the arm* .UUU and Nary, At 23 Greenwich atroat. $400ca?h in hand paid to rich man, 1.0 0 KaniFD wanted for the nary, At 26 Greenwich street. $400 cash in hand pnM to each man. 2,000 landsmen wauted for the nary. At 26 Greenwich street. The highest bounty paid, eash in hand. Mo deception. 1,000 firemen wanted for the navy. At 25 Greenwich street. $400 cash in hand pal I to cach man. 1,1100 coaljmKsers wanted for the nary. At 26 Greenwich street. $ 100 cash In hind pa d to each man. Call at this o i <-e at once, an do not be lad astray: her* you will receive justice and your money Immediately you paas the doctor. dM nnfl WILT* BE PAtI> THIS DAY FOR TEW <J5 jt?' M/ W men, for the armv or nary; bovs over IS, If lame and stout. ma app v oo'ored men also wanted; prtx* mone\ ; highest cs?h bounty in haid, and satisfaction give*. Army and Navy ofllce. 75 Nassau street. 10.000 VOLUNTEERS WANTED, TO REPRESENT THR COUNTY OF NEW tORK iiTtue ARMY. COUNTY BOUNTY. THREE*" HUNDRED DOLLARS. Tland money? County to n?w recrnits or veterans $M Vii'N'd States to new recruits 19 United Slates to veterans IS The County Volunteer Committee, under Instructions of the Bot^d ef Supervisors having fltled all quo'ie under all calls up to this time, have resolved to recommence the buei nees of recruiting for the army, with the view of raising the quota In antlcipatiea of a new call by the President far men Recruits will be received a* formerly at the several Pr* tosi Marshals' offices, at Tassmany Bell, and at the County Volnnteer Rooms In the Park, corner Broadway and Cham bers street. The following are the various Provost Marshals' Offices ? Fourth District? Captain Joel B. Krhardt, No. MM Liberty street. Fifth District? Captain Henry P. West, oorner Broome and Crosby streets. Sixth District? Captain Roster, corner Sixth avenue aad Thirteenth street. Seventh District? Frederic* C. Wagner, No. 63 ThW avenue. Eighth District? Benjamin P. Ksnlerre, No. 1,303 Broad way. Ninth District? Wm. Dunnlug, corner Forty seren th street end Broadway. All recruits will receive in their own hands the Counts' Bounty of >300. and ?nv partv bringing a Recruit wilt re etvu a rountv Premium of $20, in cash, for every man, whether new Recruit or Veiersn. and a certificate entitling the bearer to the United States Premium of (10 for a new Recruit and f IS for a Veteran C GODFREY GUNTHER. Mayor. MATTHEW T. RltENNAN, Comptroller. ORISON BLUNT. Supervisor. WILLIAM M TWEED, Supervisor. ftLtunr. PURDT Rupervnor. WILLIAM R STWWART. Supervisor. Committee on Volunteering. ORISON BLUNT, _ . , ? _ ... Chairman ef Committee. Dated New York. July 4, 1861. 10 onn MK* WANTED-FOR thb army navy lv.UW and Marine oerpe Alan bovs about 1K want ed. $40> In caafe to baud to veiunteera o - substitute^ A or person bringing a recruit t<> this Otter will reoeive from $a) to $100. Apply to Capt. NOLAN or Lieut. LANIGAN, Ne. 6 East Broad way, corner ot Catharine street. RIVAL PRIZE nONEY,4C. A dvances will be made on all the PRIZES J\. captured during the war for their full value. Apply to REI'BKN VOSE, 63 Wall street. Seamen's Bank, liCT York street, Brooklyn; or Scott's Protective Bsnk, 188 South street. Oept. GEORGE TATLOR, Agent. All prise moneys collected, and advaAoee made do claims, at BROWN A MlgLLMN'S Military and Naval Banking Offices ,No. 2 Park plane, New Yurk, and 183 Tors street, Brooklyn. HOY.? PRISR MOMIt TO * a I LOBE, HoiTntT money to soldiers diseherccd for wounda received in battle. Discharged navy or aim> o'tcers, sailors or sol dier*. their widows or heirs promjitly paid their jprlxe and bounty moneys, baek pay, Ac., by EDWARD HISS ELL. Army and Nary Banker aad late Purser U. s. Navy, 271 Bresdway, rornsrefi Chambers street. New York. ALL PRIZE MONEY NOW PAYABLE CAN BR OBTAINED AT ONCB. By epplytng to J C. DICK BY k CO.. 115 Broadway, New York. A LL PRISE MONEY NOW PAYARLE-PAID BY A ALLEN. VANBl'RRN k LUCKEY, Bankers, 343 Broadway, New fork, and 198 York Street, Brooklyn. All the crews op the dr sota, amanda, R. R. C ir er, Sou Jarinto Tahoina, Penoh-cot, Fort Henry, Virginia, liendrlek Hudson and Connecticut, on* receive their pr?"e money at oooe or aspirin* to M L. TABB k CO., Army aad Nary Claim Ageuts, No. 14ti York ?tree t. Brook! n. All prizr monry now PAY a BLR CAN BB OBTAINED . ATONCK BY APPLYING IN PERSON OR BY LETTER TO WALDBN k WILLARD. LATE C. S. NAVY, 1?R YORK STREET, BROOKLYN. BOUNTIES, RACK PAT and .ill other ' talma ADJUSTED WITHOUT DELAY. All the officers and crews of the CONNECTICUT, DR SOTO AND COURIER can ofclam thsir prt?" money M 1W York street, Brooklyn. ALL PBRSONS ATTACHED TO VRSSBLS ON THB blockade le whom prlxe monev Is dun oan rerelre th* same at onoe hy applying by letter to WALDKN A WIL LARD, late ef Cnued Stales Navy, 1 88 Tor* at , Brooklyn. Discharged soldiers bounties bought for cssh.? Final muster out rolls and discharges made out for rsgimeata. e><nipanlee ana deta* liment* returning fret* the field. McCONELL k IH'TTM ANN, late captains Rx ceisier brigade, United States Army Claim Agent*. OtteeN*. MfWhite street, near Broadway. P f KdnT rsssm. sow nr

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