Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1864 Page 3
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IITIIATHWS WANIBD-FBIIIiLBR. A NUMBER or WBI.L RKCOMMENDKD ORRMAN females waut situations u cooks, cU*iii i^rru?,d. ai.d Iftuixl ?b en, nurses and girls far general housework. Ao . at Mm. LOWE'S oeriuap lust, lute, 17 Htauion st., uvai the Bnujr. As nurhr.? wanted. a situation, bv a young woman, aa uurae: is fully competent U> take ti.e entire ?barge of an infant from Us; do objection to travel; bent or city refereocs. Cull tor two day* at .S3 Went 11th M., between 5th and Mb avs. ArRRNOH ANn AMR RFC AN WOMAN WISH SITU tinus iii noma large family to travel to Burope: aocue tomed to travel; bo? good dressmakers. Address L U. Union square Post office. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A CHILD TO wet nnr e. at her own ('a. I for two da. a at 58 it llu'i-toii at., over the grocery .store. A Baa A** BESPBCTABLB WIDOW BE WANTING A KAITH. ful aud exce lent nous>>ki!epi!r can meet with each by addressing Home, llerald oflioe, whore to oe seen ABE8PRCTABLR WIDOW WOM VN WISHES TO take in washing and ironing at tier own residence Everything neatly do..e ami on moderate term*. Uan ba aeen at any time, at 17-' West 25th at. A SITUATION WANTED-B* A YOUBO G1 III.. AS waiter; good city reference; would go a abort ilmutrcn hi the ooantry. Can be aeen for two days at HI Went 2Mb at. k GOOD COOK, WASH BR AND I BONER WANTS a situation ; bo?t Of ?itjr roiereuccn. Call at lb W ca| A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. to do eneral House. vork iu a small private famU >T- Call at Ml West Joth at. \ SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE. A work, in the city, by a young woman, wi.o is ;i r.ood cook, washer aud lroaer. Apply at tW 3d av., near st. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES a SITUATION AS CIIAM. bennaid; has no objection to taking care of children; ii willing and obliging IIhs kOod reicrt-uce from her ias| place. Call lor two aays at West 27th at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RI' SPECTA BLF. yinin^ gtrl, as food plain cook; is wil ing to assist in the washing aud iroul'ig; is uo excellent baker. Cuu give good citv referenee. Call lor two da>s at 3!j1 7ili av A&E8PECTARLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO) do chamberwork ai.d sewing; lnm tio object oo toa?. am iu washing aud ironing. seen at ><> r.ast ;2d tit. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WI8HE8 A SITUATION as ;;rst r.te cook: lias no obiectlou to go a sUeri din. tance in toe co'intry; has goo.t city rufeiance. Cuu be seen at 126 Wo.t L'lth St., Iirst lloor, b.ic* room A TOOK G WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO D(H waltiu,; and chamberwork; no n>> ections ;o the couu try ; go?d city reierence. Call at 210 West 2ou> St. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PEOTABLE young g rl, as chambermaid, or is \vi ltu.;r.u lo general housework in a pr.vale family; is kind to children In ^ui.e for two risya at let) We-t Bread vay, in the stoie. A SITUATION WANTED? AS GOOD PLAIN OOOK, or to tro general uousu'.vork; good city re.eieuce. Call at 413 bast .>ui at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL TO T1Q upstairs work aud la.e care of children; or would do Snerai bouse wor, in n small family, Good city r- ft r -nee. ppijr at the corner of Dean st. and i'latbusn av , liruoki, u. ha the reap. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS good plaiu cook, washer and ironer; has uo oh ec Uon to do general housework iu a small privue family; good city releieucs given. Call at No. 112 hast ,u bi A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITL'A tion 83 cl.amberma.d and waitress, or nn oil Id's ?urs<i; i nn oo ah Kinds ot embroidery or piuin anwing: city relc! cnce. Call at No. l'J7 Vtti av.. between 2iil and _ < in ta Abehpectablk YOUNG OUtL WANTS A SITU atlon as beani.itrn s; on cut an I lit children ? <1 r> s>o, or to do light chamberwork. Can be seen at tier i ifct em ployer's ( .Mr. ltauk ii), torucr ol Carroll aud Clinton >ts., South Br >okhn. A YOUNG CIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO bon ework: no objection so t'ie country; good refer, race. Call at Hi H on St., Brooklv n. AYOUNd GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general housework: is a ,;oo.l wosuer and iruuer, good reference. Call at 1:1 We-t 2UlU st. A SITUATION WANTED? Bf A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambcririai I and waitt-ss, or to do up stairs work; 8>od relereuce. Cali at 11U v4th t.. between h ?. e aud roadway. a RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as laundrei- ; the ail crtise.r Is I'ullv eompetent and haR lived in the smne cat <??< ity for the lu?t mn.- years iu tint eity. In lUire at >o. 0- West 21st St., near 8t:i av. ARFSPErTAHLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid: is waliug to assist iu waahia:; and Ironing or houevork In u small family; tne beat of cUr ref> rences. Call at 89 East 16th St., between .st aud -d avs. A YOUJIG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE and seamstress; no objections to the country: sood lefercuce. Call at No. 75 West iwth at., iu the basement. A COMPETENT DRESSMAaBR AND SEAMSTRESS wants a sit iiHt. on to go in the couiury with a fa .Uy; would take charge of children or bo willini; to asaist in any ltltht canacay ; unexii!|itio:inble cny reiereaco. Cad at 155 Kast icth st. ora>.dre' ^ M. M C., Herald odlce. AYOUNt; GIltL, It YEARS OLD, WISHES A SITUA tion in a i?m:;y to lake care of children und ruuko hvrseii generally useful. Can be seen for three days at 15 West 22U st. AYOt'Nci GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS WAIT rcss, being lullr competent in her capacity. Best of dtf relereuce. Ca ' tor two days at 127 East 37tii St. ASITIATION WANTfcD? 11Y A RESPECTABLE young wouian, a- uiirae and srnmstre-s; is competent ?f taking care of a uabv trom ita birth, or would travel with ? family. Uik the ?-s; of cit> r ?I-tmim Can be scan for Iwo duyaat 1-3 Writ 27th ?L. bftween 3th and iith ave. A8ITCAT10N WANTBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO take care of children ud lew. or to do cbamberwork Uil lew. t.ood at} relet ncee; no objections to go In th? country for the iiiinui'r nonius. Can be seeu for two dajg at 195 7th ??., near 23 1 at. AHITUaIIoN WANTBD-BY A WOMAN, TO COOK, wash and iron the hext of city references. Call at 76 Bklrld,e at,, Qrat Hoot, back room. AYOUNO ENULlSH QIRti WISHES A SITUATION iv th a lady golnq In the couniaj . would be willing to mako b or .-elf ?encra!lv .useful: or would take care of a eli. Id ; no objection to travel, batuiacu ry reference. Ad drea- J. Brown, station A. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A situation .? good p mn cook, *wlicr and lr?.ner Call for two da, a at 2 d Weal 20th at., between Bth nod Utb avs. ASITIATION WANTED? BY A RBSPPCTaBLB vonng wnmin. to do general homework In a aioa.ll pri vate fauil !y; la a good plant cook, wather and >roi ?r the beit of clti references. Call for two days at 12'J W est 2vth at., between 7th and bth ava A SITUATION WASTE l?-TO COOK, WA8II AND Iron. Good city reference. Call at 37o 7tb av., between S.(d a id 3ltn ?ta. AmPMIilUI OIKL WISHES A SITU \TION TO oo genial housework lo a ima.i private family, or to do Usht ch.cuuer* ork and mind a child. Call fortwo day a M Jfti 3u ar. A PROTESTANT YOt'NG WOMAN WANTS A SITKA, tion ax coon and 10 uShiat in the -.vastilng and truti Bs. in the count. y. A; ply at 25.' VtVat -Jtti . U A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABLB young woman, h( waltrexg or nurse; good oity relor ooce, no o ijcctlon to the inuntry. Call at 214 East 'Jilt at. A HIGHLY Rl SPICTABLB WOMAN WISHES \ situation as root . imdrrstx Ads her bueloeaa tb.iroiigh . ly In all us brat'rhes; ta telly cOMpeient to get up dinners and suppers in tbe bust ?t? le ; n? ob ectlon to the country; best city refcreme. Apply ut ber present employer's, S7l Mli av ARFSPRCTAULE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A s toatlon as good plain took and to assist In wag. lag and Irou ng; tood lefeidnce. Apply at 3ii Trinity place ACOOD COOK DESIRES A SITUATION ?WOULD do washing . excellent reference. CaU for twodn>aai SS4 East 13th at., ;ea<". A SITUATION WANTED? 1IY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS wet nurse, in a respectable family: has lost her baby three week* old. Beit re: ere nee. Call for two days at 2jI Monroe at. A SITUATION WANTED BY A GIRL 15 YEARS OLD to <akr ears of children. Good reference. Call at 113 Went 16t st. (1 RNILEMEN'S LINEN DONE UP IN THE NEATEST J manaer and with the greeted dn-patoh at 130 Wea| 29th at., in tbe rear, room No. 1. Housrkebpf.r.? a lad* op rxpbrirncb, and who can furnish the beat and moat satisfactory recotn rnendatlona, wlsbcs an engagement as housekeeper, either In the city or country. Addreta for three day a T. A M., Brooklyn l*o<t Qi'iCO. HOUSKKEKPFR? A LADY DBNIREH AN BNG40E ? ment as housekeeper. Refeienons of tbe highest character. Address P. M., bo* 3.413 Poet Ollioe. Housekeepkr.? wanted, hv an rnolisii la. dr. a ituatnti a* housekeeper in a bolel. tiri-t elssi boarditu: house, c'.nn liouee or gout'eman s private house; ?tlderatands e ok ins and carving llwroiig lv an I all that eonstttiitf s honsekeepin* : wnulil not obie> t to goiu< a short distance out of town. Call on or address A. U, 21 Clinton place, th s'., NllllM W and 4 o'clock. VJITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO. Cj man, aa cook, washer and ironcr, uo ohjecuon to go .? ebon Us ance in the country. Oo<>d rllv reference. Call at 175 Weat 19th ?t. second floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN DESIRK8 a situation as lady's maid, or would take charge o. a eh ild Tor any lady going Into the conntrv for the sea?on Pirn class reference given. Call at 115 W^it 16th St., this week, between to and 2 o'clock. SITUATION WANTBD-HY a YOUNG WOMAN, as O chambermaid and waitress; wnld assist with fine wi?h lag If required; would go a ?hort <M<taoce la tbe country. Best city reference. Call at 120 East l.'th st. SJITl'ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG (URL. TO DG j cham erwork and waiting; has four vears' reference ftom her itn plaeo. Call at afi Weet J.ith st. QtfOAflOl WANTED-BY A PltOTRSTANr UFHMaN O girl to do general housework; good washer and troner and pialu cook, guod reference. Call at No. 189 av. B. near I2th ?t. SITUATION WAKTED-BY AN RXPERrlsNCHD yonngglrt, In a private family, to do chamborwork and walling, or to do plain ?ewlng; tw?> years' cttv referenes from her last nlaue. Can b? seen till engaged at 531 Myrtle ave . Brooklyn. OITUATtON WANTED? 1Y A YOINO OTRL OP RB. V? spef table par*nts, as cbamhermaid, I n pure at No. 151 Persy th ?t.. In ihe rear Situations wantbd? kor comprtent riMl ? cla-t- oeok ?, eliao hernialds. waitie sea, lauii'tres?". aearrgtresaes, aiime., cooks to wash and trot ?Oneeworter% ?mat' iris and girie lately landed. Also ma e be p at Em pioynmrit House, corner of rth av. and 1 1 th st. UlfUAtlON WANTRD--BT a SCOTCH WOMAN, 41 O n 'it ? > nn 1 a*ani?(*f*: willing i > go In the counlr- ; h?? gnole.i'yr ' - nc.1. Call at DM West i 'd St. WAVntD-BV A RESPECTARLR YOIJNG WOM \M, i i , I'it.n as .-Ire-npaker and si;.t.- ?"-s?o in a pr . a I Sr. ily. C 1 it ill Leonard gt. MTUATIOHB WAHTKD-rEIJAIilCi.^ WANTED-BY A HIGTILTRBSPBCTABLE ENGLISH pernuu ft fcUufttiou ft* Udy's wftid U ndersuiidft dr??> nftkini ftnd hmrdraaftin#. hltflumi refarenoM ctu ba Mi van. A ppif between tbe hours af 10 and 3, to i'. H. , IW EutUbil WANTED? By TWO WELL EDUCATED YOUNG laaio*. at much experience. situation* as correspond ing clerks, copyists. or ac 'oiiiiuuu; Krencn and English un derstood. Add mux for oaa week X. and R.. station D. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, A3 ?T chambermaid mid waitress Is acquainted with all branches of homework, and cuu do fine washing aad fluting well. Apply for two days at 412 3d av. WANTED? I1Y AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY. WITH a daughter 11 years old. a situation hm hous-keeper in a genii' -man s family, ia fully competent to take charge of L ever* thing pertaining to a well regulated household; salary moderate, in consideration of her child's board, Apply at or addraaa 117 Periy st., rear, ail thin week. WANTED-BY A COMETKNT WOMAN. A SITUA tlon an first rate conk . understands bur bus ii??s well ; is a good ' Hker: good reference given. Can be m en lor two da . a at 103 Best 11th st. \\i ANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, vv a situation a-i seamstress. in a private family ; would also take charge of ehtldri n. Can be seen for two dat a at 220 East 9th *t., third llobr. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, ' 'ately landed, to do e;>amberwork and tewing. ia willing to make herself generally useful. Call at 81 We<t 2fcth st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do general housework in a small private family of would be will hi,' to do up stairs work; can give good city reference. Call for two days at 216 West 26th st., belweeu : th ar.d yth avis. TV WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as wet nurse; t,ood reference. Call at the corner of 9th av. uud 53d st. WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABLE OIRL, A SITUA tlon as chambermaid utid waitress; no objection to housework in a small family: city relerence given if re quired. Can be seen for one day at 128 1st av., second floor. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SJTUA tiopascouk. wa. her an. I ironer. Can bo seen at 91 West 17th St., between 6th and 7th avs. WANTED-HY A *BSPECTABLE fiirir,. A SITU A. tion a i chambermaid and t" do pluin sewing, uu I mind a baby. Inquire at 175 West 29th st.. near bth ave Wanted? by a young widow, with one boy six years old. a situation to do general housework. No objection to go ? short distance in the country; it' agreeable, would prefer having her boy with her, but would go without him V lawsns to wa^ns reasonable. Address, or call at the store 806 Hott St., for .Mrs. Kino. WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE OiRL, A SITU V tiun to do general housework In a small private family ; has no objection to the country. Call tor two days at No. - i'acliic St., South Kiookh u. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A STEADY, TRUST worthy young woman, as good plain cook; f* an excel lent waaber unci Ironer. Best of city re'crencu from her last place. Ca'.l at 337 3d av. TI7ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO VV do chamberwurk und assist la waiting. Call at Mo. 377 3d av. _? WANTED? EMPLOYMENT AS INVALID NURSE, TIY a woman of good experience. Any lady or gentleman wanting such a person will rail at 110 W ?si 21th St., near 7th av., for sick nurse. To bn soon lor two days. WANTRD? \ SITUATION. 1JY A YOUNG GIRL. TO do ehamberwork ar.d waiting; would assist with the wnshing and ironing. Cny reference. Call at 212 West jCth st. _ 0 WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG '11RL, TO do chamherv oru and '.va^hing and ironing, ljood reference. Call at 112 West 18th st. WANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE F.NGLIBH WO. man. a ; filiation as cook, washer and ironer? is a good bread maker; no oi> ectlon to go a short distance In the country Good refcren e elves. Call at No. 5 Carmlno St., In the rear, from 0 to 3 o'clock, ANTED? BY A LAUNDRESS, A STTUATION. HAS good relerence. Call at -.17 West 2.'>th st. WANi'EI>-BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girls situations: one as chambermaid, the oiher to dc housework or take care Of children. Ca>l for three days ai 162 av A, between 11th and 12th sts . lir<t floor, front room. WANTKD-RY A RESPECTABLE YOCTNG WOMAN a situation as chftmb !rmaid and waitress in a prlvat* family, or would do general housework; she will be found willing sn'l obliging, h is the best of city references Call at i30 W est 27th st . between 7th and Hth avs., second Coor. Y1B' ANTED ? SITUATION'S. BY TWO RESPLCTABLE Vf girls; one as pla n cook, washer and ironer. the other as eliamher*n:ii l ftnd waitress, or to take care of a baby, of sew; bettor city reference; situelions together preferred. Call at 106 Eldridgn st. TXTANTBD-BY A I'ROTRSTANT girl. A SITUATION ?" in a private family, to do cbambtrwork and assist in washing RCall at 4.7 West 2Alb t,. near <nh av. WANTED-A KIT'TATIO?J AB NURSE OR CHAMBER, maid and to assist in the washing; best reference. Ap ply at )>re?eut employer's. 83 West 13d at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG CIRL, TO do gereral housework; good reference. Call at 282 West i7th st , near 10th av. _ _ WANTBD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO uo out by the day or week to sow in tauultes. Call at 170 West 28th it. WANTED? A SITUATION AS GOOD COOK; WILL assist with washing; no ob lection to* boardlug house; city references. Call ai 411 2d av., near 23d St., second floor. WANTED-A B1TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE uirl, to cook, wash and iron: seven vears' refereuce from her last pise*. Call at 173 West 3lst St., between 7lb and 8th avs , third t'.oor, frunt room. WANTED? A STTUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as first Cass cook ; no objection to the coun try or a private boarding house; is a good baker; best clly reference. Call at S&k> West IStli st. Wanted? by a respectable giul. ns years old, a situation as ehamlx'rmaUl and to lake oare of children ; go-id city reference. Call at 191 West 2Ath st. WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RKPPBCTARLE girls; oun to do general housework and the other as chsmbei mal l and waitress; reference from their last place. Call at 110 Cbr.Mtle St., in tberear. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A TIDY. WILLING gin. to do general housework; U a plain cook, washer and liouer. Cali at 23 West 4Uh st. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress or to do wiisbinii and ironing: good city re. ferrnei! li required. Call at 200 West 2Mh st? trout room, aecond floor. HELP IVAKTED-r??IALES. A YOUNG LADY, POSSESSING THE ACCOMPLISH nmiiis of a retine.l education, is wanted to superintend the hous- hold of a w .lnyirer. The family being small the duties wi'i be Ight, and 'he :>os tlon an agreeable one To avoid unnecessary trouhlo and dlsaniiolntmeit applicants wil please to conaldor wall the extant of the above require ments. and to Mate full pariieuliMM about them salve* In ad. dre Mr. H. S T.. box 191 Heral I office. A FOREWOMEN IS WANTED FOR A CORSET Busi ness. ntid good wages '-'ill be paid for one who under, stands the business: also a forewoman for th# skirt lactory. Apply at $& i th avo , In the store. Ayot/no lady wanted-in \ confectionery ?turn. No Sitt Ilvnftfi way. Nono but tbuw wbc cm come well recommended need Apply., bugle AND EM h;ioi drry.? wanted. 'a lle? who ?ro quick with the needle fir the above work. Apply at 473 id ?v., between KJiU nod 'Mb ?tf. King middle be ; . tn?id<* oor. DRESSMAKRRS WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AT GS3 Broadway. corner of Amity at. Operators wantki?-for uniform?: wage* from $9 to $n [mt week. Steady work. Apply at 4J7 and lldb it. near ar. D. Pleasant and constant employment for so more voun? ladlo*. to woric on jet bead bial la De poult required. Work given out. Apply at 27.1 Fnlton ?;.( Brooklyn. first floor, every Tueaday and ihnraday, between tbe honra of 9 and 12 A. M. Several compk tent dressmakers wanted at lift Went *Uh at. WANTED?A COMPETENT GtUL, to do general ? hotwewon; mum unrteratand both (lie En^'.lfh and the Spantah laniuage an. 1 be well aonualnled in tut elty. Apply to Mr. OurcU. No. 2 Went 13th ,?t WANTED-A MIDDLE A(1ED WOMAN, ENGLISH or American. at trave tin* eonrMllon and aervanj fnra lady who Intend* being abaent flom the cliv ?vmai month* Su.-h a perm* competent to fine newinj: and dri-o* a lanlea' hair will hear of a toed altnatton by addreaa. inn. with reference, which mutt be tbe very beat, box 4.H61 Poet other1. WANTED-A neat. TIDY YOUSO GIRL, TO AC. company a Rrnuemnn to Europe and t:m^ . harae of a little boy tir?e year* o.d; will be gone oim ? >'ar. A lih<* ral aalarv will be allowed t" one who *nl??; null lie of tbe beat rharaetor. Ariilrcaa Henry V. Oilmen, Ne>. port, Kbode island, for ?ne week. WANTED? A TIDY GIRL ( PROTEST A NT FKKFER. roil l, tu ie the gent r*< lion* of a fnmtlv of four ; tnn-t he a i; ' w??' e- and tvoner. anil plalo c -ok. a'".d ctt v referen -en required, wag* Call ti 10 and 2 at lil Eaat 4 tli ?t> WANTEH-AT THE CLABEN DON HOTEL, TIJKER I'.tM inner*. WANTHD-A OIEL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK :jr a ?maII family; muat be a gool waaher and Itoner, Inquire at 7l> Morton at. It/KT NOBSB WANT?D.-A~ TOO NO WOMAN WITH ?Y a fr< -h breaat of milk may hear of a good altuatlnn at w?- nur?? to a rhlld two week* old by applj ing Immediately at 21 Rfniaen at.. Urookiyn lle.glia. WANtrn-IS A PRtVATS FAMILY. LIVlNfl AT A ah>n . *????!?' m tbe oo'.ntry, a to cook, wart and lr n alao a chambermaid. Apply at 73 7th a?, WANTKD-AGOOD OTKKATOB ON WHEKLRR ,| \V :<en ? machine, for (In'- ?ewn*. at . neat newer* App y at 1.1 nroadwar, between JFth and .1>th it*. TtTANTED? A GOOD LACN DRESS; ONE WHO VY thoroughly ui.deralanda tbe art of fluilriit. and rat give (nod reference n ay obtain a permanent customer by addrenk'ng Customer. Herald ottiee. WA5JrBI?-A FIRST CLASS SEAMSfRBS*; ONE who I* emirel . able to e it and tit cb Men'* drea a an l who i* u?ed to me rate on Grove r A linker a ae ?? i i| ] machine. Alao ? Ural claag wftltrut. Apply at 1JJ M .illion Wanted? a fieri- hatb (Hri. ?"or okm.^i, hi -inework, must hav? sood t??f?ren"C: wpy-' ? i j month. Call fai two day* >t H' nth at , on II. t). Aabi i-a . W' ANTKD- \<UBI. OF OBLIGING OIBPOAITI' i ?? rie?t bab ta, to d? c?nern hou?e? irk' I : famil one whuieagond nol. waaher and lr?r i , ome well reeommended Apple at 381 Henry . I door hetow Harkett at., iliook yn fc WAN rst)-- A TIDY < tl R I. <PBOTBrT ferrvd). to <lo tl?? h.m*ework for ? far ?>* mil l be a (ti' )d ? a?her and .ottor and p a n r? iirtrwl ; ware* ga Anplr to H. P. , hae? num'a Mu'eum, between 9 *nd It A. M tl' A.N I1.>~ \ GOOD LAI NBRIS), WIU 'Y a nil i. I "inre n fbecoun'ry. AprH ? Cruokiyn, ?o ila?, btiwavn the ftouri ef tu a i. HELP WAKTED-FMAUil. WANTED? TWO GOOD WAITER GIRLS; A GOOD borne If au'Wbte. lnqnire at -0 Kaat Houston It WANTED? A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL; ONE WHO uu !eratand? taking care of a baoy , good city refe rence required. N?me ethers Dee- 1 app.'y ?t 46 Clarkaoa ?t. II7ANTKO-A SEAT, TIDY GIRL. TO DO GENERAL " housewuik in i >-,n <11 pr.vate fsmily Onawhoeaa five good reference mu" applv at 247 Went 52 d It. , betwent) Broadway and Mb at. Wage* $9 per moult). WANTED-A GOOD COOK. APPLY AT MRS. CUR. ran a dining saloon, 51 J A' eat 52d at WANTED-THHEE YOUNG LADIES TO ATTEND IN a free and eaay saloon. Apply at 107 Graad st. WANTRD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A YOUNG WO. man to take esre of a 'hild una do lUh? chamber, work. One who spuaWs Suanlsli. Apply at 77 Bant 14th *t , WANTED? A LADY TO LEARN THE ART OH coloring photographs. After two weeks' instruction of imc hour iwrdaf, wurii will be given out or a situation procured. Call at 713 Broadway, room 19. G. K0NIG8BBRG. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO THE HOUSEWORK OK A ?mail plain IumIIv; she mint be a good washer and ironer; a Catholic preset red, wages ?p per mouth. Call a| 188 East 45th st. r ? A WEEK? RESPECTABLE WAITHR GIRLS >yU wanted, at the Jsculegwig-Hotatein hall, 115 Chatham st SITUATION'S WANTED? MALES. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED MAN, LATELY lauded, wants a situntiou as gardener; perfm*ly under, stmda his business both in the (tower garden, pleasure ground and greenhouse; al-o the pruning ami management of grapes both in and out doors; would superintend a farm if required. Address M. II., box 201 Herald A FANCY GOODS AND NOTIONS SALESMAN. OP good address and large acquaintance, is open to an eu. gagemerit with a good hou.o; Is accustomed to travelling. Address ICcarsarge, Herald office. A WELL EDUCATED TOUNO GERMAN, WHO UN dcr-tanda (arming, practical a? well us iheorotical da sire* a situation on a large farm. Best of references can be given. Address H. Theodore, Herald olllcc. ASOBF.R, STEADY 'YOUNG MAN (GERMAN), WHO apeaka and re? is English i'uei t .. wi h uod city refe rence. wl-he a situation in a hotel, barroom or grocery, or other business. Address box lilt Herald olllce. AYOIJNO MAN WISBBS TO BNGA01 WITH A gentleman nbout to travel to Europe or California as attendant or companion ; Is inaliiied !' r either >j mltlon. and can give t!ie most sutlsfactorv references. Address for one week ('. Burro iglis, \>e?i Farms Post, Westchester county , N. T, Atounq man, lately LANDED, WISHES A sit. nation as bookkeeper In a respectable firm: wngas not so much ao object as a liouie. CaU for t v o days at No. '.<1 Grand MfMt John BIOEDAM. ARESPBOTAELR VOUNG MAN. SPEAKING FRKNCIt and English, desire* a situation in a store; c.ty refe feiencc* given. Address JC. M.. box 200 Herald oilke, stating where an interview can be had, A YOUNG man WANTS A SITUATION AS ASSIST an: bartender. Good reference. Address H. A. P., l'J< West 2tiih st., ioi two dava. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT MAN DEPIRKS employment: is a go ><l penman and accountant anil willing to work; any party desiring the services of adver tiser will not lie disappointed; good relereucea Address \Y. F. II., Herald ofllce. for one week. ArSbpbctablr. INTELLIGENT YOUNG man, RE cently from ' oroie w-'ies a sil iation as clerk in a respcctabie busin- < t. >????? C i glv" l'r?t elas* cltv refe rence as to lioii"stv and r"S"' '?> bill v, and will give satisfac tion to h's employer, v ldre-s J. Al.. box 110 Herald olllee A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN IN WANT OF A ?Ituaiion as coachman. Can bring the hes' of city ro ferem e ' rom his last p ace. Can be sceu for three dava at 73 Weat SfithM. r. PBNNORYKB A YOUNG MAN. A GERMAN. WHO UNDERSTANDS the construct. on and draughting of machines in ail Its t ranches, and s als?a good surveyor, wishes a situation. Addicts O. E. Lange, D8 Barclay st. " Aioroo MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS UGH* pn; ter or to assist In a stor". Speaks French and good city reference given. Address W. L. T. . ileraid o:l<ce. Barkeeper.? wasted, a situation, by a re. speciable inau. who thoroughly understands hia bmi. BM in atfoo'l hWM city or country; hifl I. rafcotMnMded* Address for threu days, E., 81 Sprmc St., tu'ar Broadway. T^AKM HANDS WANTED-ALSO MEN LATH LY P landed, to a short distance in tbn country, W* in $20 to $ uiw month and found. Apply at the Large Em, plo\ment Home, earner 6th av. and llih *1. OITUATION WANTED?IN a WHOLESALE DRUG O bualneis, bv a thoroughly eduaated drunx'st and ch'-tn lut, speaiuna diil'ercnt languages; can civn the beat refer ences. Address F. L. Drugs, Herald office. _ _ SITUATION WANTED -A GENTLEMAN, A THOR. oiigh veterinarian and trainer of horses. wishes to net employment.. Kent or reference given ax to ability aud CUa. racier. Address 8. M. Belch, Brooklyn Postollice. SITUATION WANTED? AS ACCOUNTANT AND TOR. respondent, by a ladv, highly educated, speaking French and English; able to transact buslnesi and cor respond In both iangoage?. Best city reforences. Address i Sir*. F. H., Harlem Post office. Wanted? by a respectable man and wife, situations; the m;>n as coachman; his wife as ook r waiter. Both thoroouhly understand their btislritss. licit reference Address Coachman, box l?5 Herald o iiee. WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN, OK CONSIDERABLE ejtper.encc, from Liverpool. a aituatlon .n a wholesale grocery, wine and spirit or provision store. ,n any capacitv, not particulars; U years first class testimonials and security given if required. Address R. M., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A WHOLESALE BU8I nes", by a yonns man ol' exp?rlence. who wll make hlioselr generally u.-utul. Addre?s Cromwell, Hera d of!;ce. WANTED? BV A YOUTH OF 15 YEARS, A 8ITUA tion in a wholesale grocery lt"re . has had two wars experience in th>i reta 1 trade and uudtrxtands bookkeep tog. The beat of city refercnoe given. Address W. it. C., Herald office. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE v. mug ii. an. thoroughly acpia nted with the c?rn of eows. sheep. Ac. : would be willing to engago with any re spe< table tarnicr to act as herd, or otberwi.%- ta'io cliar?e of stock. Apply tor two days at the corner of State and Smith ?ta, Brooklyn. V\,TANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNtJ MAN OP vv Rood and leadv habit . wl <> prev.ous y arrived fron ' Rnrlan.r won d ho cit a situation a* e erk or porter in .in? j bnsineas. Injure ?i or address J. G lltisjak, .So. k2i;i I llrjadwav. WANTED-A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING AOENT, bookkeeper >r salesman, in some ,{ood respectable business. by a ? ounK man wno is tborougniy competent and a rca v per, man. ?' in sive the best of c iv and country refe rences". Address W 1". T., box 74H New York Post oifice. | WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, 20 YEARS OLD. A situat on as clerk Can wrte rapidly and well. C.n | give beM ol references and require* but a moderate saiury. Address M. J. M., IS Kast iTth St. | WAKTJ'.D? BY THE ADVERTISER, A SITUATION as assistant Ork or porter, oe In any capacity irti?r? he -ran make hi"is>- ! generally useful; is a good wrl'er, ?liilck an d correct .it figures, and (an come wc,l rtceuimeud ed Address tor two da- ? A. R. J., r>7 Cliff at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNG MAN. AS II porter In a who esiio grocery or liquor store. soud City reteren Ua. at 33.> West ',oth st. imTRAOBR. BOOT' AND SHOE MANUFACTURE' S -WANTED, a ;i engagement tn a b-iot and dhoe manufactory, oy a nr Idle wd u an. who thoroughly understands t e u?es of all modern niac.ilnery used In ssld buslnen, X "Kay's sole sewing mach ne included ; ean set up pat:crns for ail kinds of work? a de and upper: ?tc?dv employment requ red. Ad dfM* \v i; . boa 138 llera olli M. COACH PAINTER WANTED-TO WilOM, IF COMPE. tent, steady employment will be glren. Apply at the corner of Hth ave and 2.14 it., id the sta,e office, to Oeo, Shepherd. superintendent. 1 ENGRAVER WAS7F.D-TO GO TO WASHINGTON. j Good wr gei anil steady employment. Apply to B T. Hayward. iuft Broadway. Machinists wantkd.-the hiohest wagi-.^ and steadv emp'ovment tlven Inquire of W. II. I.ow, M" r?.p(..<tan Hotel, !rom U to 3 o'clock, this (We4uesdaj) afternoon. ___ TO BOOKBINDERS.? W*NTRO. TWO EXTRA FOR. warders an'1 tive e.iveiers Tlie hesi wa gri given ar.d ?tesdv eniploj ini'iit. A) ply to Altemus A Co., ccrnet of I'.h and Race its.. Philadelphia. TO PHorooBtrnRRS -wanted, an ingage. m-nt as in or out doer operator, or as pr n;er snd toner, bv one who from experience bas a thcroui'h snow le.lce of the business Bo objection 'o the comr.rv. lieler -is satisfactory Address Albumen, box Idt Herald o;D e, TO WATI-IIMAKEUS -WANTED, A SITUATION A8 dotkoiakir, by a loung man of Ci vear e?p,-rletiee en French and Bngilsh work, an 1 can also render v? ia' e *=? sistance to ;>!? omployer tt? watch repalrinn. be?t of city ref* eren-e e ven as to ability, grneral Ae. Addiest U. B., llera d office. TBR SUBSCRIBER OFFERS HIS RI RVI. BS AS master machinist, he is tboroojhly competeot >.o tskl cbsrt" if oeom 'thes, manoe en?iac? and tnacblMff In geneial. Address I> , llera! d oAoe. TWO OOOD ADAMS press fekdees W*NTED At K isselt'a, 6t Duane St. Btesdy woMt. H iJ per week, girls or bo> ?. TtTBRaWRRli.-THB ADVKRTISBR, A TROROUOHLY e1u<aled brewer, is now open to ftn "ngs^ ?at,l *l bad treat practical e?pcrlenc? ,o Europe Gainda, and *1 o In the United Stst ?. Uneioeptlonable reference given. Address B . box ,<M Post odlcc, Albany, New fork WANTRD-* FOREMAN FOR A fIBK OUT TOBAO co lactory ; one who uas been used to runninK a Dafon macblne To s good, steady man. w?? ruderKisnas lm whi le process of mancfacture. a good *a!arv wi'l be paid. Addre s. *iv'ng references, box 4. IK; H..ston Post odi 'v WANTBD-A SITtTAtfOW, AS OfRliENEB. ST A tnxrrie.J man WkbMt family; thoroughly eompetent to take full chsrge of a gentleman's place, trcen bouse, graperies, Ae. He-t of referencos given Call on FLEMING A DAVID3<)N. If 7 Na*s?u street. New fork; er address B. S . New IrUMi Ststen island. WAN TF.D-TWO JOURNRYMKN GOLDBEATERS. TO *o to Baltimor" The hlrbest waees paid Ad Iresi Lewis HofTman, 26 North Frederick si, Baltimore, Md. WANTSD-A FIRST CLASS PATTERN AND MODEL maker, to whom liberal pay will be given. Ano a p.ttern tiler, and a lad. I" or 17 years old, to learn the busi. ress Apply to a. Bronson. If7 Win at., fonrth r,oor. Vt* ANTED? A OARDBNSR (A MAN AND WIFE, *' wltho>it cliiliiren), the man te be gardener and ooanh? t"?t his wl'e to eonk, wash and Iron; S -o>ch or limn |i icrrofti must be temperate and understand their busl " ? ApjKr at f.l av., between 14th and t.Hli sir Wagte y <1?TED-A OOOD PRINTKK and toner, apply 1 at the Stirling I'hoioitraphic nalierv ?4i Fulton St., pnioklyti ? l it-. UMTUR*. * * ' 'HN'TUSK to t.ET? BT7RKAUS. oSFt tigs, CARPET, Mirror, Paln'lnss. Ciirialti? Marnle Tables, S ifa, H i ?cae-\ Stltef, China, Cr ?yerv,(t'a> iwaee.Orna ? i 'oo^iri*; '".ensl's, Ac '?ijo . n at II Boa: 'onjerr ??ei 'isevt'tv. HELP WAKTBO-MALCS. Agents oan make *u in a pew HOURS selling our great new and wonderful estr* lorae else Prize Package.-. $15 per day guarauleod. Every dollar luve ted more than < A splendid ootid geld or eilver lever watch presented free to each agent. Smart men wanted to establish amende* la every town aod villase. County right* free. Sate im ueiisa : demand increasing. Rvervbodv huvs thess. Send for our great new circular for I86fc cunialoing extra new premium Tndurieincnw; free. ?. O. RlCKARDs A CO., 1(0 Nassau strfct. New York, original, large* t and Oldestprlia package Uou^e in the world. At thk commrrcul agrnct. wh and 2 90 Broa Iway, wanted to day, elerk for oc an steamer, man to go to Ber n uda, shipping and entry clerk, hotel cler*. bsrkeeper and watchman, clerk for broker's Othce, Insurance clerk, tiinekreperfor a manufactory, grocery salesman, law copyist. Tliesat*ftiiatton* . open to-dav, inar be had by calling early no connection with inte i.?enco offices. OSCAR A CO. AT THE MEKCA.t TILE AGENCY WANTED TO day, cashier, drug elerk, dry go.'d* salesman. b*?jk k< cper, shipping clerk, bsrkeeper, travelling agent, eonduc tor. coachmen, wa>ter-. Mi men tor Erie Kall >??. man to take charge of farm. Other filiations open, that can be seen by calling at our office. Merchants and other* supplied with all klmla of male help free of chart o. O. MONGOMKRf A CO. 2W Broadway. Room No. 4, up sulrs. A YOUNG Man WANTED-IR A GROCERY STORE; aln<< a porter in a light business and a man for a dry cgojj (tore. Apply to W. Lonard, 11 C&awlicra St., up stairs. ALL CAN HONORABLY MAKE TWO DOLLARS J\ from twenty-live cent* ?Call ami examine something urgently needed by everv family , or samnlee sent free by mail for H6c that retail for $2, by R. L. WOLCOTT, 150 Chatham square, N. Y. A GENTS. ?92.0011 MADE PKR MONTH BY SOMP, OP J\ our agents. We nine sonic capital point* where exclu sive right of sale will he gi' <*u to pari es with energy and capital. F"r lartlculars address or ? all on Louis Philip A ?Jo.. t(0.i Broadway, room No 7, New York. Boy WANTED? IN an IMPORTING HOUSE Wa^ex $itio to $t6'J per annum; mu*t be willing to work. Addle** box .%A3t New York Post ollice. Boy wantkd-in a Law io ff ic k .? onr who , writes a plain liand and who rosidea with hia parents. Apply at No. M Pulton at., up Malm. Drug clerk wanted- onr who can bring good refevonoe*. American, single man. Agooisaiaiy for a f;oiid man. App'y at drug store, corner isi av. anil Houston st. " ? ' BRUO CLERK WANTED -A YOfTNO MAN UNDER standing the retail an 1 prescription ou*me;n; no ob jection it from the country. Apply at No. t> Newark av. Jer?c> City. Drug clerk wanted-at 120 av. c, corner op bth st. T7MPLOYMBNT.? A COMPETENT MAN WANTED? I ; a* <le ivnrer or country agent. Apply at 27 Ileckninn st , third lloor. Men ii k lp wanted for hospitals.-* compe lent drug clerk*, 1 assistant eook. two clerks nnd a large number of nurses; good wni'c* and foun t Apjdv at the Large En p'oyn .?m House, Mb av. and lltli st. Salesman wanted? onr having a thorough a< |iinintan e .?!tli the retail gent*' furnishing trade m the city uuil con i; . nine n- ed apply except those who have energy au<l n e cj.n.ahle of Introducing nn nrti 'le most valuable to the tra te. Call at t>< Heinle St., up sta r*. STEWARD WANTED FOR A CLI B HtlUSB.? ONE who thoroughly understand* the business, and can give satisfactory tefe:nnce:j. a single man preferred. Addicts bos 2,0tl:. Po t o lire. TWO (JENTLKMKN, DR \STETV WANT AN ASSIST ant harknep' r and clerk for a bote! for three months, to take their rate while absent: clerk * pav in $80 per month: bar eeper s. $45 Applicants ?tll ad dross George Molt, Post o 1 ce. New York, for two davs, enolo^ma Sti cms to pay for acvei tiscinont. which will be ie turned if not ac cented. US NAVY.-A HOSPITAL STRWARD. WHO HAS ? served In the navv, wishes to a.aln go out iu that ca pacity. Address C. 11., box (30 Herald oUlee. \\? ANTED? A YOt'NG MAN TO ATTEND A REFRESH - V v nient counter, one who understand* the business pre ferred. Apply to D. J. Harney, No. UOli Chambers St. Wanted? a young man to TAKR CHAROR OP A bill ard room at a watering place, or would take a partner. Irviu re at W. H. Urlthth's Billiard T.ible Factory, No. 11C Fultdn st. 1JIT ANTED? IN AN OKFIOE. AN HONEST, INTBLLI ?' sent bov who livea with his parent.* n,t;arv '.rst year $" f, pa.vab'e w-eekiv t^all from 7 to J A. II., at Win. B Hay wards No. 1^1) Broadway. WANTED- A YOtJNO MAN. IN A FIRST CLASS (?ro^orv; one who has aomo experience in the bunU DC-* Comer of 8prlnc and Hudson kin. W/ANThD? ROTR, TO MARK TI1B GAME fiF B1L ) T Uatd*. Apply to Capt. Tom. Ke<v<a, HH Broadway. WaNTF.d-a BWROTilU Y0DN8 Van. as bak keeper in a llrst*s familv retail Uuiio1- more. ad plv. w tb referencea, to Mr. McMabun, corner of ?'linlon mill DlTitlOt St*. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-ABLE RODIKD MEN FOR service in the l'nlt"d State* Army Genera' Hospitals, New York harbor. Wanes S-4 a mt-nth and board. Apply, with recommendations, to R. 0. Elliott, 67 Bleeckar at. WANTED? IM M 8D I aTKLV, MEN WHO WlSH TO makn from $.3 to $40 per <lay bv a small Investment, from to $*,00. Important ttow Invention, just received, (.rent opportunity to make money, either by travelling or locating in city or country. HOWARD TILDBK. 000 Broadway. WANTED? TWO SMART BOYS. TO WATT IN A DIN ' ' log HuloDO Noa. 1 and 2 Ferry place, Hurnl ton furry, South Brooklyn. Wanted? a cashikr and bookkeeper. in a ImdVtf NUll Moral muat have u good knowNolge of money aim be quick at figuree. AilJres.s, suiting refer unre. last aituatioD. aalary, Ac., K. A. Morrison, Herald WANTED-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS TVINO cliu npitxoe baskets; one who can muke himself g?n ? ?rally usvrui In the champagne business. Alao a boy want ed. Apply at 34 Der at TTTANTED? A YA NK EE NOTION SALESMAN, IN A fV laree house with a good cash trado, aplendltl oppor tunities fur a first class man. Addrcaa O. W. M. A 8., box 6,471 Post ofllce. I WANTF.D-AN AMERICAN BOY, IS OR 16 YEARS old, to work iu a medicine store. Apply, with refer ence, at 5(1 Cinud at., corncr of Sheriff. N. Y, \\f ANTFD? A LARUE Nt MKER OP DISABLKD AND VI honorably discharged soldiers of >:ood address, to whom g K>d situation* w il he furnished. Apnlv immediately at 243 uroHd-.vav. back utiles. CHAMBERS a 1'ITCH. TT/ANT1.D-A TOUN<! MAN IN A WHOLESALE A.NO VV ro'.aii store. Addre . ? th reference, iu handwriting of appl.C int, I ox ..SOU Poat oflico. WANTHD-A BOY TO OPEN OYSTERS. AT TAM tuanv Hall I arroom None but a good openc.- he* J apply, at '.'6 9th ur.. to W. Rauktu. \a;aNti:d-a salesman, in a wnoLEsw.rc V* ll iuer houM: one having a large acquaintance and In I. tier co alone desu?d. Address, wita name au 1 refe rence*. boi 5,018 Post odl?!. VTT VNTED- A HOT AKOUT 18 YEARS OLD. TO AT Vf tend har. muat have good refer?u c. ap; ly, alter lo'eh P. V . n jrth??e?i coruerol 4'Jth i-t. and lltn av WANTMD-A SMART, active BOY. ABOCT 16 i f,i : s i >t; mu-t mmo well rncomrocn led is to hon esty, Ac. Apply at Rubber Emporium, <?>3 Broadway T1FANTJ.B? A HOOD, SMART, HONEST COLORED f ? boy, as waiter in a lub hvise; one from the South ptcferred Apply for two dare to L. L. Food, Union Club House, 20 Concord ?t., Brooklyn. W 'ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED MAN. WHO IS ful.v acijuaiDted witn the maoulacltire of ail kin a ol wlnea. One who haa worked at it at Bordeaux, and l< a competent person, who ran bring good reoommondatioua a* to olianu i'T, Ac., w II hear of a altuation lb bla Advantage. Apply to M. Levy, 116 Warren at., tip atalra. WANTBD-A STEADY M kX, TO MAKE ICECREAM; one who la capable of taking charge of thai depart ment Aiao one aa waiter in tue aaloon. Apply at li 1 At Untie at., coraer Clinton, Brooklyn. MTAITBR WANTBD-FOR AN BNOLI6H RE3TAU V? rant, down town. On? v. bo worka in thn evening would suit. Hours from 10 to H. Muat come well reooiu mended. Apply at Mi Maiden lane. WANTED? IN A MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, A ,o< ng man. Herman, aa aaalatant bookkeeper and io maka tnniai I generally t.aeftii. Ad ireaa. with full (.arllcu* lara and aalaty e?p>-':te.i, W. S., Herald oflice. WANTRD-AT THE JAPA*F.SK TF. A AND OOVMS ai'.w. 400 Broome at., oppomta Centre Market, a firat ?laai aiieaman. App y before 10 A. M. ^ ^ \\rANTBD-TWn SMART WAITERS AT ItlTCII. V? cock aeo:lee rooms. No. 9 Chatham jL A pp. y after 8 F. M. . \\l ANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN'S PLACE A SHORT ?? alatan-e from the eitv, two young men. th<?e lately landed preferred, muat b? willing and able to work, fail at 378 oih av. WANTED? IN A FIRST CLASS GROCERY DOWN town, an ' oneal and intelligent boy. ab>"il 16 years of age. realdmg with hie parenta. Apply at K fultoa at. from |] iiiiP l ___ WANTK.D-A f ABKEB NOTION SALESMAN. IN A large hon?# with a good caah trade , apiendtd rppo ta il Ilea for a brttalaaa m*u. Auai-a?a G. ft. M. k box 8 471 Poet o(T e?. WANTED? A STRONO, STOUT EOT. WHO CAN write, to wor* n? atore and tako <-ar? of a h irse; I must be a Catholloi aa.ary $5 a week. Apply tbia at 1M 8th o, _______ ? Wanted? at the general shipping office, 87 Waat at , corner of Albany, men for tba nk*y, ono lo three years: alao for the army and merrbant and whale ships to sauth tie a. JAMBS I CO. Wanted- at ssi prarl st., a first rate oys tarman. WANTED-TODAY AND ALL THIS WKRR. MEN for eoyagea to California, Auatralia. ports in Kuropst. South Amerca and West Indies. RANDALL A COURT NET. I O Wa tat , aoraer or Keade, up stairs. WANTED-TWO OOdD COACH l)RIVi;R3. APPLY at Hie Abinsdon stables. 68 and 70 Bank at. WANTED-A BOY ABOUT IK TEARS ?IF AOS. TO attend bar; must come well recommended Apple between the hoan of 10 sad 11 o elock thia uiarmng at A3 Molt pi. WANTED? A FIRST RATE ToCflG MAN, IN A FA mlly grocery more, who understands the bo sln<-*? ard writes a g ?od baud with frst class r-ferem es. None other need aQply. Addreaa Rrondwav Sirre. Herold odic*. I Ttr AETEI?? A TorSG KAN TO AOT AS OlNKRAli TT aesMtaia In a flist class Otater hoove and I ar one having about as aerurity can meet -?ith a g -od per raanent situation, by applying tj la/ after 12 o'< look, at 171 spring at. WANTED-A TOUNfi MAN. PR"M 16 TO IR YEAR* ' nC age, aaoiark in a flour and <?>?? et -r-; one who re i Mdes ^Ith , his parenta. A|t'y kH* ? 0 * A. M. At IP9 ' "u ith ?t., with rr'er*n?s. \T OONG YAMTED? TO A ' 1ST IN TBI! *P I prentices' Library, ona abor.t i.i varv o' **e who ?vr'lcs Will ^rd I'tea 'tilb '?'? ear< II'S. ?<i ) from 10 to a ? ?'? A _ MCrRSIOTfL Annual "picric. fob mi bknbut ok ft Matthew a ch?r<.h, Hastings, >. * . will U*? pluw at Dudlev'i Grove. on Thontdav, July 2I? IK?V4. T clww At) eenta. Children, accompanied by their p?r?Dtt, Ire*. *?;>? and retraahmeuu on lh? ground. IMratnboat PORT RoT AL will Irate foot of Jay Street, at 7 o'clock; Thirtieth ?tieei at 7H- ucrnet Baud la enciged for the occasion, board the lioat and on the cruund. I'artio* lr>m the eltv, patronlrfng the picnic, will have a Ire- up ai I <io wo. on presenting a ticket whlcto will !>? ?old on board. AFAVOKITK NKW BAHOE FOR RXOUMKMfS? TBI Harvest Homa and the Khinobeck. with steamboats aucb a* desired. ai?i i'ieaaant Vai'e , St Ronau's Well and other Groves to let. Kxcur-ion office 't*! ?mi street, corner of Harrow. u. B. vtuui'ff. BIDDER'S GROVB and WIIODBRIPOE PARK.? Til K spculld uew bargee 1*1 N hi >uid iimLL.1; a Ur!;e steamer w th ?.a.Oona. Alt" am * 1 1 Ktea;n?r*. for nici atid oxcutaitinu* R. P- 4 CO., No. 1 itJ If rout street. 1/IXOURSlONS.? SI EAMBOATi AND B\l!iKS TU It charter Alao Grov ?? furn ? 1 an. I infui i.aiiou givei. Apply *> W. W. K I M li K V , 397 W eat street. Tj^lSIIINO BANKS.? PAMILIKS ANT) I'ARTIES PAV P enjoy the sea air hv koioi: to th'- Kl?hin< Hanfcs (in the aea-gniug steamer .VAUILaNU, whieu lea v oh every morn ing, Saturdays excepted, foot of Jlrooiue street, Kant river, at 7 o'clock: Peek elip. East rher 8:10 A .M . Dey street, North river, 8:3(1 A. M.. anil Pnr No. 4, North river* 8 .16 A. M. Fare $1. Dinner, refreshment* atid good music on board. (> RAND EXCURSION TO TUB OdorKRA BANK*.? T The aeauninit steamboat KtjRf KOY AL will make a grand Excursion to th(; Cholera Banks on Wednesday. July 3d; leaving Christopher street, North river, at t> A. St.; pier No. 4 North river, ti'.i; Broome street, I. a t river, fl'i : Peek slip, 7 o'clock. Fare, $1 fit). Tne celebrated ollut, Ander son Colwell. will accompany the excursion. TTt), FOR TUB FISHING BAN K8.? FISHERMEN ON XI deck ? The new and fast sailing sea steumer BLtiA, Captain R I! oil nt te. will make an exctu hIud to tlin above Batiks, Senday, July 74 1801, and every day Ham rdaye ex cepted), nntll further notice. Leaving Peck allp at7:?.">A. 41.; Spr in; street, North river, at H 13; pior .mi. 4 North river at 8:13. Bait, lines and relreah'uenta onboard. Fare for theexennlnn. $1. V. B. ? T in Iwint can bo charteriwl lor oxcurs oua b> up, lyms to W. MARSHALL. O'J South st WAVCHU8, JUWKIillT, &0. ALTHOIJUII MANY AUVKKTISK TU PAY SO .MUCH percent more than other* In iho same bu?lneas lor Iilainonda. Watches. Ac.. I would renpectf nlly In or n t'.ie inhnliifaois of .New YorK and vicinlt HiatX am prepared to purvbaae InainnmiH. .??! or looee; Wuxliea Sllvci Plate, old Goid and Silver, Camels HairKnawl., Kins Ac , to anv nmmint. H" nt; inany )ear-i esluhll h >1 and wld-dy known a< a tbnrnneh juduc of all tl?e above annda. those havin < such to dispose ol can relv on cum:: the extreme value, A call is respectfully solicited before d?< oMnn at anv other place. JOHKIMI BOJLUMON, Diamond Broker. 439 llroad'.vay, between Grand and Howanl atrecta. AT C09, WATORBH, DIAMONDS, JKWRLRV, 8ILVRR i'latn. llitua, Pisiuls, \c buimiit.? I w II pay 2S0 per oect moie than can be obulned at any other place In the city N II.? Al-o Pawnbroker*' Ticket wanted f"r the n'mvr articlea, at the Maine rate. WW Broadway, corner of Houston street, op alairs, room fl. Diamonds, OLD GOLD AND S1I.VKR. 1)1 A.MtiN I ? .S, <>L!> GOLD AND SILVKR. Persons who wish to sell Dlaroouds, old noid, Biive ?. or nny kind of okl fashioned ,Je*ve.rv, ce to LOUIS ANR10II. 7-M Broadway. A potlliv fact. h( -iiivs .to per cent moro than any other person. tf?i;tttlbi!>ed in Now Vork since the adiiiinihtratiou of i ,c late Martin v u Buren. Mako no iniaUike? 7Zi IJroadwai. under the New Vork Hotel. DRY GOODS, T7XCIiLT8ITKLY KR'SNOH FOBTINC, ONB TO TWFNTY Fj inoiie^ ?vide ? VII mater als I'.uled In au nnsnrpa -?ed manner at Mrs. GOLIiRN'S Fcenc'i I-'iuting I'istahllsbment*. IS A mil v street <N. li. ? A block and a half liotn Broad way); 1 T Blcecker sti-eet. below Woosier, end 2lil Fulton street llronklvn. N. II. ? No inaclnm ry tued In the genuine Frcbi h llutlng. U'LITTTNO. ? FRENCH FI,UTfNO DONB AT FOUR P conU per yard: over four :nsi>es. one cent per molt extra; by t .e Kn-nch 'lutin;: Company. 271 Sprin.' street, between Varick urul Hudson Au'ent. Mrs. SUAMA1UN, 3:>1 Third avenuu, near twenty -seventh street. 1 ADIRS' ATTKNT10N -FMITTNO, ANY WIDTH'.FIVE I i oMtts per yard. PmmIi finilu Co. f-7 Broadway , between Twenty iirst and 1'weuty-secmd streets, up stulra RH M . WHlT&iOOODS. LACES. BMBROIDKRIE3, HOSIERY. I .' '! (IONS \NI> FLOWEitS, ICil) GLDVK8. ->1 and 2lXi Sixth aveuue. ASTROLOGY. An. maitiuck. < irk AT ant> real astrologer. ? The ?i!v (v u! this real Astro o :cr, 1 li MAURIOIS, ? based who:iy on fieiuific principles, and was never known to Tail. The hmd of late lias marked out the path of each individual, anil Hie planHlsa.n hourly pi nilng mil the de- ? tin v of mankind. prof. Maurice ha.* a profound knowledge of thn ruu-s of thn science of thn stars, and can hoat the world In the above acienao in regard tu tell.ny all ihat re lain* to t'm Im plno-sor misery i f utins wtoe life, ami wiih several -eeret8 that no lulng mortal nvnr knew b>-fure. he mil bring snows* oui of almost any niiilertaklni. In rauaint! npeedv marriages he never fa> s. Ilo describe - th ^ lnwndml husband or wife: lelsthe vnry day yoo iv II marry and shows a likeness representing 'hi- true complexion of the Intended He describe* your friends, polut* out your enemies, and warn* you ot all future danger; good lni-fc In o'ltalnlng situations or in travelling liv ea or land, and the best of hea th onK life and prosperity to ail who rotiatilt him. Those at a distance may -ea<l their aitu and SI. and addreee a H. Maurice. imx 6JQ9 Haw York roa| oBce, and get in return the outline* o' your wnolo life. All Imnra nntll 7 In Uie evening. On ce l;'fi Blcecker street, near Woo ter. Lad en, AO cents. Gents. $1. A STONfRIITNO -MADAME MOTZROW, SP.VKSTII daughter. with a natural gift of foresight, tel.* how soon and often you will luarrv ; even your thought*; Maglo Imag" In lull cper.itl"n; her equal Is not lo lie found: shows a likeness of your lnteiido.1 husOand and a sent friends 14 Lud'ow street, four doors I rom Iftmston street. Gentlemen not ad rat led. AnoNA fjde asti:olooist.? madame wilsov atill remains at 1?'? Allen street, near Hlanloii, our the bakery. Beware of Imposition. AOREAT CIIANOK TO HKAR TIT K TRUTH. ? MA damn 6TKINLKN has opened her new place, and In vllca ler fr end* and the public to visit her al her reei dunce, 170 Wooater sirm t. Abetter astkolooist is not to be found in the United Slams than Dr. L. n. and Mrs S. I>. NROUOIlTON. They sanceed in giving satisfaction when all others fall. Tliov can be consulted on all attain of hu man l ie. such as courtship, mai rlace. travulllng. removals, law* :tu obtain. ng situations. welf .ro of absent Mends, Ac. also sickness. If the slot: part will recover or die of uletr present St iuiis?: If recover. thn time tbev wiil b"gln to amend; what part of the body is affeefwt. and what treatment and tin -didoes ari- best adapted to the sick |>er son*. Ladies SO rents gentlemen $1 Question* ans ver?d by letter, enclosing $1 and t me of birth. Al*o Phrenolo gical "Jaminatlou* made. Olll.e 170 Uieeno street, below Prince. C'LAIRVOYANT.? IF VOL" WISH HIE T'UTII. Q<) \T ' onm to Madaui UOS.H. She shows a likeness of future husband or friund, arnl never fa. Is t<> bring llinmi aei araii d together. No PS West Twenty seventh street, between Ki.Uh and hsventti avenues. Ring the basement bell. Lours from 'J In thn morning till 7 In the evening. f 10 AND SEE MADAME SNKLU THE CELCP.P ATKD \T and renewm-d Aatrolo?tf*? In the science of usiroio^y. Has no superior Hlie understand* the *cw tion in all Iti sis ter branche* (the stars ehartm. s-ells and iali<man*>, and gin a entire satisfaction in telling the past. present and fu ture. Khe new falls in causing speedy marriages and br n.itig tne separated together. In taisiiiess a lair* her ad vice a Invalur. lo. A Iar,-e nunber of people lisvo been benefited by her aid. As an evidenoe of ner skill -he ha* reoelved abun lance of testlmonlala f!Om soma of the tirnt people i.f the tan I Mcknnsa will be d ? scoveroil and cired throuith lier science, only knov'n to hcrsn f. I'onsultatlon for Indies $1 : tenllemrn $1. Pe-lflonc? 123 Eaal Twuty fourth street, below Fourth nvenue. Persons at a distance may consult this lady l>T letter, stating tbelr age, aiyl ent!o*lni: the fe? of ft, and a correct an*wcr will be prompt ly returned. Address box S,7<; New York l'ost oilice. (tOOD NEWS -MAPAM IIOPK, RI CENTL* FROM T the South, can be coasulled on all the a:laljs ot life; unfolds the my Series of me future by palmistry. Apply at 1.16 Sixth avenue Ladles 80 cents. KSuHciuen $1. La a descendant of astrolooist lo Nspo eon thn Ureal, can be consulted on love, mar riage. ah?ent friends, busini'ss, Ac., at 45 West Twelfth streot. between Kirth and biitli avecues. Clairvoyant ex amination of diseases. MRS MARIAN AMI'S. TNDRPFNPPNT IT.AfRVOV ant. lilt l ast Seventeenth street, corner of Third a^ a nue. trase* lost or stolen prorwrtv, absent or lost fr ends, and btt*ine*e affair* rennrafly; detects and prescribes for all female diseases Refcrenoot glvca. ueot.'eincn not ^dmiU ted. MUMM TUV IS THE P.8ST f'LAIRVOYANT AND Astro ogist In this city. She tells your very thoughts, esuses speeily marrlsgss, gives lucky numbers. Jt'iO Hevcnth avenue, near Twenty seventh street. La . ten 25 cents; gen tlemen 91) ecnta. MATIAMR IlOOTn FROM C K LTFORNI A, ."AN l!K rfiV suited on ail atlalrt of lite. Number* given Ladl?? V< rnnu; gentlemen OU Centa. 17A Woosier St., up t?o flights. The original madamk byron has returned from Pan*. *nd ean b" consult* 1 on tlie past. pres?ct and f uteri'. She Is the greatest Spiritualist, medical and bu-ine?* clairvoyant that ever was know n She brings to gether those lobs separated, and has that never falling secret to make you bn:oved by jour heart's Ido!, and causes * per ii v marriage. OtUue No. 510 Fourth a.euuij. Ladlis ?lift : gem-eniaa $1. TIT HO WOULD NOT 00 WMER3 FORTl'NH IHf-?0 TT ye, *e? Mi* W KI.LIN .TON ihe great English Pro phetess, the best of all, aad cannot be excelled ran beoon suli'd. persnna'ly or by letter, on all alfairs of I fe, r ifteern mi lawsuit*, journeys, absent friend*, love, eourtablp, mar riage, healtfc. wealth and who ran rec'aun drunken and un faithful husbands Ml** W 1s the enly person In this euy who has the renuine Koioan and Arabian talisman for love. BuOil leek and all bo?tae-a aflairs, and are guarantee* for life. De *y not t? eonsull this naturally gifleJT and beenlifnl yemg lady. Lurkv number?| given. " Highly resectable ellv reference. Tan be *e-n at fcer residence 101 Sutb trenue. oppos te Bui ith street. U'S BOW FRY ?MADAME WIDQKR, CLAIRVOYANT )? ' ? Oltted Spanish I<adv tin ?*f s the mysteries of fni-iiit*. love, marriage, absent friends, sickness , prescribe* me 1'e.lnee lor all diseases, tells lucky number*, property lest or stolen, Ac. TRAVRLLRRS' Ot'IOlC. Hudson kivrr railroad.? traima for au bany. Troy, the North and West, lea e Chamber* (treet at 7 and 10 A. M. and I. ft and lit 40 I*. M., and oa Suadaya at 6 ri P. M . from ThirUetb street NBW YORK AND HAR'.KM RAILROAD. fralns for Albany aad Troy, eimnectlng wlih the North and West, leave Twenty sixth street depot at 10>? A. M. aad 4 P. M. SPECIAL NOTICR. Fa "enger* for Saratoga Springs on Sa urdavs can take the i P. M. traia and arrive at Saratoga, without change of oars, at 11 r. M. /"10NR* INLAND PRiUlY LaNDJ AT TORT II " MIL V ten.? The NATSHON leave* Chri ikipaer street at 9.30, IU.?. .' VI t)ey street at . . 'J. i >. 13 i 4ft Morrl* *ti '*t, piu- No. 4, >oilh rivrr, at 10 i 0, i.iV, 4 i0 I\AY LINK lOJi ALBANY- CHANiHl OF I'lER ? ] t Pie -sure trarei 'o Catskllt Von i*atn II *se. L- hanoa Spring*, s#ea; >ga. Montreal, aad ail P"*ate North a I West, via the Hudson river. 1 >e r -v s'e.i ?> >at C Vl'tl'ARL), IJai'tuiii L II. (IliritOCk, and t ie I1AMIEL HKKvS", t *p tain J. F Tallman far;ii i dallt ' ?e Tor \ nn?, tr.-ei 0?*. hrosses Street, at 7 A M and I hlrtie-h strert at t 10. land ing at Cor*en-' ltot?l Oeelt, .v > Pomt, ^ -ivlaiire, Pnn-h keepoto, Rhlnebei k, i atskill -* - 1 1 il - < -n. i - , n- ?a!.i mi board aaa baggage ctie> ked west auU aertb. imppnoi TriK BRITISH tlD NORTH AMERICAN ROY Alt MML. STEAMSHIPS, b.-tweea New York *nd Li *rj>o?.l, c.?i!ini? At fort fcarbois au.l brimu Buuua Aad Liv-'f p. ol, calling M Hallfu ?o? Cor* Hirtior. as{a wivee Hoetin on Tnlsnmlin Ju'y JO. 4l'-i HALv-'UN leuro* New V<>r? on Wednesday, Jul# 27* KCKUPA I*** om in 2ii iV"i1n<* d*v, A'utwt \ SCOTIA I??v<hi ?w York on Wi-daraday, Au|W 10. A KKH A i??v?.< liOHton on W.'ilnxn lay A irnat 17. PERSIA loaves New \t?t on ?V .? -1 ri ?? ? ay, August -L m.m nj-i- ro?k r n tltui?pb Chief Cabin Pum^p B-.mnd Cabin Pas 4/re.?80 00 mo* Mt-ron T" ' rrt ool Chief Cabin I'as-age ?? on>< Cabin Pas in* S?8'TO payabi-i in gobl. or iu eq ui m i. nii-l iuwo > c riwe;. B*Rb* Bfll Mmrwl uni paid r Ad experteenn I Sur: ?oa r,a b> I The owter* of 1 1 ?<? <!i i not h" a-conn'-able for Ki ?? 'ie or .? uable.i iinle** nil ? .,f lalioj bavin, ibe vatluo ?itiri>aaed are *lgne?! Uterefor ?or freight ir i??agea' ply lo E. CUNARD, lo. 4 Bowllna Qree?. eTK\M WEBKLY TO LlVfcK'OOL, TO 00111*0 AT I 1 Olli-Cnaln>?M llVrt .- V. I In* \ .. . V?.b ?X) Qu*enstnwn (Cork harbor) anil 1 liliad^iphla rtu-arnvht-.i teg the Untttd SUM* mails. lui pnw.-ittd Clyde bui.t iron ?ioa i . KTNA KDINPl'ROH ... . I ITT OK WASMlNO! and every auoceodiui, ' river. R \ Payable !n g First cabin lH>. til Do. to 1 Do. to Hiu.' .i,i Pai-Srtnserv ? *o forw Antwerp. A'-. atequallvl Prom Uvypgjd or $111.1; stuflr iJH, $30- Tlio if ?. u ran hity ttirk<>t4 be e at ihpar n These ? toamor* have ?uper or Rer<. are Hirojctv built In v i r irrv itont B annihlutorm tiio'.crt In ??ach atnn mer For fnrlhtr .nt'onna !nn ? 1 INMAN. A;ent, V Wat-v * MAL> Ol.M, No. r. St. Ftiorh AW. I) ft.-.YMO"R ro.i fil Klnc wtllta:n Ktr. . I (<i ' Rni' No'rn Imine > i il-'lnhi.i to H)!1H n. I ' ' eoniuaajr -f Jf "S O ? A STE TEAM FROM a TO l,iver uoi, v?".? York ? i (Inmnn line), carrv :i?wjiiii<- i!n^ their foil? ? lO'l lR s ? ... *!u-'Uy, Jillr 21 .-Uttirrtajr, July 3" .luri.iy, Ang'Mt 6 i . Irom p.'ir 41 SortU IK. nt In currency. Mf? $111 I'o. to London T' i. to I':p ri .... 4'* D i t<i Rambura :?7 led to Havre. Bwnrieti. Rotterdam. ? First fabln. $7". iii to ?ena ti rtii ir friend* ir ?? rmoiletlons for ra??en ? ' ^ht Iron eeot una, a'nl tf/perli nc i nurse mi are at t Mvrr 'W>l lo WILIjIAM ?? iu ( ; i**t;ow t? ALEX. : in n tppnutown to C. r . 'in to RIVES 4 MACY, DKOOIJB. 4f? ? ? '? I.. Boiir"- . In I'blla l ? ? mil iitreet, or at th? v nt 18 Broad wav, N. Y. '"OWN AND MVER Yroni No - ? lent in curr ; ? firs <i Pur pan apply ^t|? ( i OTP VM TO LIVERPO n FA*T AND I. 'M> AM'vii" nlll I* llltOn iled I" <al' on r vcr fhl? ?!??!>. tn inanre unf^i1 [ni'-auf, inrln l.nif i im viiilon ( abln. f ' * ' iit'i". S> Ti I avahli' i DON AI.D .1 CO., Bo. wor Livr.RPOo:. r JtKDAR 0 int Tn ,!n'v vo. i' i n ? ! fr ".'htop >an.?ivaa ' (iii'en. mun MONTrtR \ . < I fltouniihti) I'l' " P 2H. Hal a of itia i 'g'' 8HiHTi?n?T"r ..p i In England For pa!"<tti:o apply if NOTICB.? THK y Wrn. H. Pin*^?-i ?*. oo Saturday, Julj S', >*' Till? LONDON lin n V Will '!rs -.toll 1 1 ? Iron atpa ib' lOwJL tWm iff* ?n1 1HA then. 1" ? '?? Ivoml" thn vnyan from T*<n.laii. Ifol'l or )':< ? ' "f.-on l ri'il" J !W > : i first l abia, $/?'. Frr i (' For rri?ijht iii ly it ?' mer 'iMindlm* coilMic - ? lot lci:e4 The*" ? rrn of the noun m'< ? .? ? A 'SiTil im, St i ? r (ilbraltar, Air and' H" "h ( fllflE NORTH OF'" ' AMXPH \ It V ITn !<? I Rt i ?? mall. ? r TUIril n'rer . Hobo' n bati'hday :.v t3S no Til, or equlva iv, J ily 80. iv Auzual 3. ;IM0N, 20 Rrnndway. ; .<T DUBfi X. HKL T -r fine. f>*t ?alMns, 0*f|A, Carlaln Crnitf, '. ' rum pl?r !0 NorMi inoit iipur' vnd Htylo >:i< rn ;nr*. Rate* >>f ,ir ,v c ? toked pro ? - i ?'iin',n. S'torr. ti? FRANCIS MAC ' N KHD RTRAMSniP ?hi ni Weilneailar. r i's equlva'i'nt. !for V v RO. No. I Howling ?? S rr [ !? CO'IIMNY'1 b e to Llvrpool, July ink payable at all its ?'1. * SH VRLR ?i oa Iwa. . Si>w York. ii\NTA. t' \ P TAI M r No 21 North river, ely, (or London direct. ; -TRAMSIIfP COM r ne?- an I lirit '-ia?s I.T.UN'A ATA'.ANTA, iS" i'H ?!. ton* bnr ??nlllun at Havre on raaMffO, ; a able in Voik, flrat Rabin . $711; m London or IUvrn, i'NI'Y. Broadway. . i Ajivaniei mndn on ' s m London of t'i" nn. 'i I^ondon with alfant. nel porta, Rotterdam, . i#**n. Bordenuv, Oporto, i unilnepleand Ore?ua. < I.VWALti. At:etiu. LI.OTD S ^TRAMHIIIP carrvin* tbo tl i Bn-raen pier, foot oi' TP O'CLOCK Sf., M RREMF.N, VI .1 'THAMPtOB, tnklns ran "n;?r? 10 LONDON, H'VRK, ' l""l T'>N AND BREMRIV, Ht the following r*u:s, r- ? -'1 or tta equivalent In currency. "or the first eaMo, $i(M, ??nhln. $.<2 50; uteeriige, *The AMERICA nlll'he wed by the BREMEN Atw gtixt i.t. For frelsht or punw *pp' Of LBICHS A CO.. Cfl Broad itreet. AIT. FTK AMKRS to - DIRECT. the oknf.ii a i. Til A - ? ? ...writ: compant'R N H W LIS1' OK - " r CLASS 81DEWIIBEI. STl'.AV- ? I'S RKTWBEV N K W >OK'C AN .. 'I VR!'.. The first five ???!?- n ?* ? ' tnt.-ndnd fo b? aut upon thin favou-ite ri m tor t;ie Continent, are the fo"owt>!' ? WASHINGTON. ^."01 t^n ; W>0 hom power. La KA VKTTK, S.SiH tona I**' h.>; power. KUOKNIB 'afloat) 9>?'l hor?e power. FRANCE (huljdlnij).. PflO her<e power. NAPOLEON III (btilld'nifl 1,10ft hor^ p<.<rer. Until the eomn'etlon of fhe entl-e lift the eervlo* will ha performed by the WAHHIXCTOI A. Dnehaene; LAKAY KTIS. A. BoT?"de, a* fol ???? ? prom nrw vor m havhk WASHINOTON Wedn??day, 17th A'lJjiint I/AKATRTTR Wedne?day. Itth September, WASHINOTON Wednesday, 1 2th October. LAKAYUTTI ????>< ie? '* jr. fltli November. WASHINGTON We' ?*dav, 7th DfcO?BbtR PI rut fanin (mclaiidln tub1.- <vlne . HSk Fe^ond C J?in (in'1 itdfnr t! 1 1" wine), J70 or Parab'e in coM or In eqnlmh nt In Dotted States currency. Medical alter. lane'' f mo' char?c. For freight or nn^ai.'"' 'irr'" t-> ?KOR'II Mti.'RKNZIF. Aiy-'it, V''. 7 I roadway. He York. At Parla? No IJ Roiilepnrt <1?a (Spncfnex (Oran 1 Hotel). At Havre? wtlllam Isilln .t Co. \TATION A r, SPKAM N AVIOATION COMPANY. i\ to yi EKN; TOWN AND LIVRRPOOL. Cah'o, S'v. K"ld; S tee rape. $ts , rivable n currency. Westminster .aH?s*uir , . .i>iig',f>. VIRGINIA a'H Saturday, Aui<. 13 For Pawice iipph te WILLIAM-1 A O' lON. 29 Broadway. The HAMBuno amrrican packet company's IRON MAIL STRAMSBIPB From So ilha-nrtou. Fro.Ti Ne-v Yorlc. OFRWaNTA rnneri. IS ;i .1 Illy 2'.. l"'-t RORUftglA Jtllr 12. 1 -#5t Aug. 6. KM From Hamburg pier, foot ?' Third erwl, ffphnken, tak.n; paa 'cn-ora for ifamhur" "nvrr f.ondon and Southampton nt th" flllow m* ratfa ? Flrnt oa^ia. $101; I V'll, ft?.' fx I- *'(7 li\ n*r?b'e In "M-f or I* ?"I'liTalenl. For freli;!it aptily rto KUNHAKr'P A CO.. 4a Exchange Dlare. For pa anfla apply to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, Ml Broadway. United state- matt, t.inv. for California, via Panama. Reaular nallltif okt? ? ad nth an ' I'M of ?ar>i month, e?. e?nt wi.en tiicne d?' * fa'l on Sunday, when the (Utf of du pam:r.' w.M l.ethn M ?n'!ay fuilawlng. The Ur?t claoa ?i"nniv'ilp NORTHERN LTOHT. Tavi.J wnwn. Commander, will Mil frO'Ti p!?r N". S North rtv?r. 8 ATt'RDA Y Jul n ?: 1" o'eioe* M. The n-r alnatnthlp COSTA RTCa. Capt. A U. Jonee. w.n iofroe I th>' Northern I.Wht md nil Augiut 3. For Ire.gijt . r paa?4?? appi, U>D ^ ALI>(,!f No. S I'.owflng Ore**. M. O. ROBERT'S' UJtB _ TO S AN Fl.ANCIiCO AND PAHAMA. Tlx? fine new ream hlr> ___ _ ft. >Ldin ritt.e. _ _ WRDNKPOAT. JULY :7. AT NOON. from pier 2<? North rir..r, root of Warren ?tr? t Kor PAWin apiilv at tb.' oiflcw 177 Weat atreet, corner of Warren, to D. N. CARRINt.roN. For nevt orlraNs dikrct. TO f AIL ON _ _ SATTTROAT. Inlv-r at .1 i??eloe* T. Jf., The Cnlteil fitatci mall aid' wheel uteatuahip EVRNIN" STAR, W R RRT.U Com' ander. will m< I a* aboT? from piar No. North rtrer, thlr Inter ahovn the foot of Cnnal *trert F >r freight and pa?"ai;? ?t.. plv to JAM KS A. RaYNOR I0 Bar lay itrret. For nfw ori fans dtrsov. The C'jiteJ 6U.<'? Mail S'..?rTi*';lp CRNOI.R, John Tt-ompwm. eomraantler, W II leave Tier IS, North rtrer, for New Orleant dirert, on Sat lMtar. .Inly 21 et '"orloelt P. M. preol>-ly. No frrlpht re -eiv .'d or b.ila of lading NigoeU .<n the day of ?ailing. For freight or paMa^e app'v to L'JDLAM, mBTnOKEN a CO., US Bread way. FrtOR II AT ANA DTRKt:r--TO sail on thi rsdat, 1 Jut: it. ?iS?'?'?-k p M., irot'i pier "i N rth ri??r? Tb? new aod Tr?l el tea I'n.ted H'ales mail afarr.fthlp I.IBKRTY, Th"?. W. wiixin rommander. Ki r fremiit or paxac* vp'y to NAKOOC8 A CO . SS ?oiit?i er*?t BI1M of '*-1 m nsntd on hoard. L<!ti?r? mu t paaa thr j.i h the Pw > 1 er. For havaxa dirrct -the itnitbdhtatrr mail iitenm-blji HAVANA, M K. 0i .minder, wt'l leave pi?r N->. * North rlvyr, on Ttvoraday, tie 2l?t ln?l. al S P M for Hie abfve jort Per f.*i .lit or panage ai.lyto TIJOR. ASCBNOIO A CU? II Broadway. 1'or Havana dtrrct Tte United 8ta'aa mail ?te ..P? Ip 4 Sqanok??. Franole A. Drew. IDmUHW, will leare pier rt Mortit rir^r fo direct, on We<|. newlay. .Inly '1. at 'i a^'p^lt P M . '"?? ?'T. . No freight reee.vml or but o' lading atgaod 00 the day or MMIing for freight or ravage appir ? LUDLAM, MKlRRM* A CO-, 115 Broadway. TTtOR LIVRRFOOL AlfO M'VPON ?FOR LIVKR P poo? The CDI,l"IVATOR ?a.Uioo io? Itm JmIvj tba TROllNTON on the * 'l ?' "It "J2r '^nd^o-Thw RHINN on the 1Mb Jalyi !5* TP.*???* #.U 'or paeaag# apply lo Wl ..LIAMH A imi'lll, 40 F niton eUeel. ntoi I>l VP! H POOL -r Afll'iVTl Tt*B. r snip QBNKKAb McCLBLLAM.. Tnlrll SHIP DATID FIOAIII.KY J? y JS SHIP CONSTRLLAtiOlt 7. Joly ? For paoiMT* to or trom the old oo .ntr . or drafta arawahta in all paru of England, Ireloml. Kcoi'a- I or ?tthe loweet poaiibl" rate*, apply to TA. RdOTT RROtBBR A Cft, MUouih aireei. FOR LIVERPOOL i N I ,? : II t LIVRR. pool? Th# TUORBTON aalia ^n ih- 2J.1 July, tho NORTH \M2BICAN on the ,'!'i lit!- , Ft Lon lon-Tn* YOB KTOWN ?ari on Uin 23d laly: ne LI /?.< i'1 oL -a.ia on the snth Jnly Pr* c n? >g.> ?..('!* WILLIAMS A OUION, 40 Fnlton ?lre*>t. L'OK LIVERPOOL.? THE CALHOtfR, >T PIRR NO .1 F Bo-lb rtrer. ?all* Mt.i th? ?* ebr'ted t.ati,rt ihip | .1 KRH THOMPSON Aim. Vor p. ? .,>u ?t me iMbta ! o' ThnciK?'itr. niack St?r line W . r ^l. i.xiTAvyiNK PtBR ft, ? n TTliTORt -? H *W IilOR I IVi lll'OOI. ?Mill ! r Fa?i nv-r. W!< tb?? 'I #tily; larontl enl>ir? i mti>. * tieorr?m-|?ai> I lo.a l. Ao. , p $ hi ,"?u>i or tu i'. .vt V* 1 ?' rn\ ?? ui r*??*f*!fcl <ir l ?? mr 'Mn^f **#?1111 i! j04^0V' . for at* ?4 yQtt(

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