Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1864 Page 7
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W ^/BifuuLAH1 8 alkT6^S^M*a Abo* Oft AT 13? 6'CLOCt AT tHfc STOCK ^SALESROOMS. MO. 63 WILLIAM 8TKKET, ' ftranooentof whom It mt) concern 4 WW abaras Reading Railroad Company, eaoh $00 fO Bbao and Loathar Bank, each ]&0 90 Oolnmela Fir* Ium;rauce Coiniaay, each bO 80 Metiopolitau rite Insurance Compaav, eaoh 100 gt Brevoort Fire Inturauce Oompanv, each SO 15 Easla Plre Insurance Company, ea*b 40 hi) New Amsterdam F>re In -nraneo Coiopjiuv, oach . ... "5 80 Independent Ttiagraph Companv. each 100 40 Jersey City Fire In urance Company, each B0 ?0 Geraiama Fire lusuraioe Company, each 60 U Grand and Foru e oa 1 Street Railroad Co., each. ...100 CO Nortii Star Gold and Kllvor Mlniug Coin < any, each....lt0 .I0-Mb:!i National Eanit. caoh "... 1U0 H.NB6 pereeut Sandy River Coal and Oil Company Boudf. ?,'W 8 per cent Louisa County Honda. |1,0W 6 pet' ocnt Unite 1 Slates 5 20 Bonds. ALB BUI' II. NIi'OI. AT. Auctioneer and Stock Broker. Auction mottck.-d. d.oaulkimm, auctionbbb. lo purchaser* of leally llrst ctasa coatljr Furniture, rich Freuck Pier and Mantel Mirror*, superbly carved rpaewood PIhooIui te, Silver Plato, Ae. on KiU DA X, JULY 22. It the residence 218 ff''U Fourteenth street, near B jftth avpime, < o.iiujgnrtuu at 10)? o'clock A. M , rain or ?hluo. liii sale i-o'r.Jir sea onie of the ricbe-t and nu st e'abo ?ately car ved I'ur or K rnlture aver offered at publ cauct.uii, Ml to be sold without any reaerve. An examination will well repay Intruding buyer*. _ Parlor* ountaiti thioe e'cuaul full Suite of rosewood Parior furnituie, In rich crlmain and maroon, blue and go'.g, aud Orange colored brocadt- and satin; rosewood Eugerea, ip.en ?4 Yii loostlv Parian OrttanaonUL rich Vises. Ac. MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOI'ORTB. S.o>l and Cover. ftp eieraat Instrument, with round corners, beautifully OOrvc 1 let;* and ea e, ail modern Improvement*. Aid) a magnificent collection of rare Paintings, rosewood ami Ka*y chair*, in tine rips; rosewood Centre and ?Ids marble top Tables, r chly carved; Velvet aud Bruise!* i Carpets, Ac.. As. . . CUATvber Suit*. In rosewood aul mahotany; Bureaus. Carved Bedstead". Wa sh stands, So' a Beds, lu lino haircloth, ten pun Hair Mattresses from forty to fifty pounds, made i to order, lu excellent condition. J>fcilu>' Boom I'urolture. emulating of One oak Bxtension fining Table. oak Arm Chat:*. Silver Ware, rich China, vocy and Silver Cutlery, Fork*, Spoon i .4 ?.. with heavy I Out and Kncrr.ved Glaaauare of ever* description Garmeu in attendauco to cart, n;. k or slilp goods for pur Chase i s i A JOURNBAT. AUCTIONEER- OFFfQB NO. 8 PINK jt\. Hre,'t, New York Kx/cutor ssae of ra'uab'.e st.iten Island Lits at Tompkin*r lie. Ai*o tweutv-two acres of Lan.l, betwean the Fl ngerboard road an I the railroad, at Sub ic vtrtinu, >iy A . JOl'RNKAY, on Thursday. July 23. at i i* Exchange salosro.Mi, 111 Dioaduay. New 12 o'clock M. Kle.-?n Lota ob Van Ouser street, commen ins aou'.Ueast I oor.iar of Gr.iul street. Tbrce Lots on <!rant nireet, commen-inji at a point 3J feet from s .t'.heast e )rne <if \ an Duser strep'. Tn'onty-tvao aer*s of Land between the I'ini;:rboard roal And railroad ab>utl'.v ?ri i!o from Vandtrbilt landing. ad> ioin''iKt'o property nf Messr*. L. II. Meyer. W. D. <Tittli. MCtrao an<l J Mr<"n!'.."m<h. It la very desirably loeated in an Impruvln^ i;ei ,hboi l oo I. *urro indi- l b? lira', class resi- ! denrea. and oilers creat '.ndiieament* to capitalist* s'-okins; pra>itaolo invcstuie'j' .* i'lie projierty U olisiuly situated to be ei'.t up Into lots if d'-sirinl. Terms (whloh wiil 1 e liberaU at fOle. M*)ia. r.*ith fitil particulnra. at tl ? olUce of the auclioncer, No. o I'iue street. AC. BAKER M i 0 . AlfOTIONKBRS. I . ALHliRl UAYWOOl). Auctioneer. MAUN IV I I'K NT HOUMKUOLO F-CKNITURK. On till day ( ihillsdaT). .Till.? 21, At the elesant residence, 14 West Slvte.-nili siree'. botirten Fi'tb aud Siktli aventies, comiucming *t II o'elo The aucilonoor w mid mil Hie paVtlCular altcnlion of bis friends and the public to uiU Bale, the catslacue'compnsing the Ur^-est and rleliest assortment of Household Furnltnre aa1 WorLiof Ar'. and Articles of Virtu offered at ?? cll'm Mils season. The Furniture was all made to ordei for tbe Srescni oivner 'ess than seven months a20, is i f lite best escrpiion ^r,d in e>. oilent Jorder. rnr'orSuita. eover -d ?nib French brouate , O rtama to mat^h; Pianofoiio. Eta kerea, Bookcaae, .Mirrow. <'arpet?. Lace Curtain*. Ciocita, Buffet. Extension Tab'a, China. Glaas and Silver War?v Bu reaus, rtedatead*. IUirtre?*es. Wardrobes. Also alt Furai lira "of Mivauia' apartments. AUCTION SA1.B OK MAGNIFICENT HntHBHOLD FURNITCRK. BCiBGANT CARPKTS AND COSTLY WORKS OF ART; Cost over 9ty 0 >: used hut three months. TlIItrDSY (THURSDAY ), "* M tbe eUgant re.. I leure 152 West Tn eniy-flrst st.eot, Between Seventh and Eighth avenue^, Commeuciiia at 2 o'clo rii preci ety. Parlor, Dining Room. Sleeping Roon s. Drawing Room And Nursery are completely and elegantly urnu-lied In rose wand oa'i and maiiogany; Franch .Virion", rosewood Etageres; three full ??ills I'arior Furniture, in grreo reps And hair cloth; uiaunil'. ent seven octave P'auo, lour round afflrneri. citj* maker, erj- 1 0 superb row wood Centre aud Pier TaWes, Beds and Bedding, Hair an l Spring Mattressos, with bandsnme ronewood ChambOT Ftu n, turn, r eh Chin*. S?mpli td set* ol rich Cut (}la>*, Table Culicrff. Silver Waie. na Wilder Iroa Sa e, large si/e, ic. All to be sold without reserve, rain or shine I1ENRT RUSSELL WESTCOTT, AiKtionaer. a .X BLEEfKTiR SONS A CO WILL PELL AT A> auction on Thursday, Jul* -I, at 12 4'?tnok. nt the ^Ertangn flpe-rootn. Irl Froadway. a mosl dealrabl'* riot mGround, with improvement* 'hereon. to lite c?ntre of Rit villain of rinlbim!), oppuaitn tue Dutch Re'ormed ch-iroli. ekii?uit;a< ?>t about two acio* lion leg on Flathtlfch railroad *ad Rwt Rroadv.?>. being uue of tlio uiur des ira We roriiera, eitijer for a privaiu reademe or for busin *a purpoacs. in I'm viitHce. T! .<" liojxore: jcuts consist of a lai^o Dwelling IIon*?, l>srn #n<l sv .ipjn bo 'fe. tii.e garde? twit and ornamental tree*. Ac. 1 la acMaelbfllty to Sew T nk (It hein>: onl? 3,'i mite* from Fulton ferry). ren der* tu.a an opportunity tclaow to l>? n et with, t'no half Of tbe partita** mOr.ej c?n reauin ou bond and mi rtsago r>r tbiee or five jr?r?. Po?'es*iOB tlrrn immediately if Koriuapa, A , apply at the oilke. 77 Codir ftreat, r on rfio pr-nuscs. ' A UCtlOK KOTIOB.-W1M.IAU IRVING, AUCTION'. 1 eevirAnO!?9. BU1GIES PlI AKToNS, AC. HAJtRY C. COOKE -v| I sell thl* (Jay ( 1'huredAv) July 21, Ai IS ov'ock. at the *alearoo:n. It! Day .sweet, near Brotdway, smutting tot vcggies, ^ ROCR.AWAYS. ?9itt ROAD WAGONS, PHAETONS, DBPOT WAGONS, BIX BKAT PARK WAGONS, GEBMANTO W N8, UGHt SIX SCAT COACH, HARNESS. AC.. AO. auction notiok -mn, 'salk at rktail, a* BhTBAIJjS Auction Store, 209 and .'11 1 1 ' i d *? i mei't, aoraer ?f CanaJ a'.reet. a lot nf goad Carpe 9. all si e?. Fur ?Ititre of ill kind*. Plants, H-JOk- aaea, H* Id m;. Bt r e-i n tor?, (.j-oaarr F"iJ'ir?i. Counter*, Ac. i ll one Hni;n ant^pne Bt'liaid Ta-jle ? DU1NISWRATRTK S SALE? OF WINKS, LIQUORB . IHJ. P. FAIROHILD. A o^t Bo irhon W1iI?<#t. Ac. BB> Auctima'ir, will *e!l at pub1' auction, on Thursday, July .'1, IBM. at It) A. M.. at No 9Cii*!li*>n e!r*e'.-eon*i siing of ? a.!?' *al!ooa old Poitrimn Whltke\ , 8taliona 8\ Crni* s?:ioti* Stewart * Ifian Whlakey, >' Railfna Gin, And other Liquor* Ac , tka property of the la'.e Ma'.liia- W . QooJersnn. d- cea??d. By order of HESTER A. OOODERBON. AdminUtratrlr. A UCTION NOTICK-TO MACHINISTS. AC.-ON Frtl. JL cay at II o'cHw*. w 11 be aold. Without rsaarve, a' . '.I Gaaene street, fourth Hoot, the Content-, Stc k, Ac , i.f a Brass Founder and Bra** Cock KanWnciory. .by BK1.L M INGRAJIAM, empriilM fl rat rate J.atltes. Ti- ea. FlaaVa, Surnace. Noitldlng Sand, nalaliad aud '.nflnlane-l Brar-i ocks Crtn-:h *?, faola or all kind*: IV:. ah Ug, 0'inti-r. Bhaft*. llanscrs. Loathar Be:t , Cas Finit e*, Bl^irlni and Fixture', Stoief, Fors?. Ana Desk, valua'j o flve. Terms caab. D poiitt rc^u . ad. a rorton salk o; uoosv.nor.n rrrtNiTURE.? a . A. M. OMBTALA It. aua oic.r, wiU a. ?n Friday, Jmy M. at liijj o'cl'iok. si I <? Fust K l.teenti, ?4reat. ttia entire fMnee! rurnUttrt hi 'at ! liO'tse, cQiVMs'.in.- cf one \erv ?even octave roaewoo 1 i ii'm ?. Vel.^t Ingram and Uru? <?H? Carp'tlng; cue vcrr fine double f rMrBiiit In ni" Woo I find hr.j -a aim i;llt fran e Mirror*, Emraviin an>< nlmlaga; also ISad-- and He.ldlni', Be.:ro .nt and Dititn* Room FufnTtare Kit lt- n l lcnails, and a large number of tou ^sk-flplng at Oatalocuea at sa a. AUc'TItfN HALE? THIS DAT, AT lP?i OTr.OOK. AT 17 Stiure?ant place. Nlnl'i utieit, bot veed Becoa 1 and Tbi-d a.'-ncet, nn' o'egaxt Piano, or * -n lid ?.tie .nJ Bniali : threa ro~en nod rar'.or tfuita. i wm 1 and uTk' on ?t>T Bedroom Sulta Ri-rV-era. Lonkin't Rlxt'l. mdbn^ m^tti^halr*. Ta'u>s. B.:.s**ls an I Iiig:.-\ln Plfpetf, e/ei|TOli Ud c.'eryTOlllg that belong* to a frtt claet borne. Mai* poeitir*. Auction SAi.T.-wii.i. be goi-i? \t rrnLic. auc OCT en T'te^da*. .ftt'T M. at 12 o' lock, at Marie; souaTe. foot of C*n*' ?'rc?t. North r re; a 'art# number i>f Horaes Wngotia lis ne??. c*r < Ac AH proper'* to be onter?4on tee niotian* of asle. PW ITES Jk co.. At'OTlONKBRB? H BNIftRK ? ?alest<>onn '41 I1 .'adws?? Will eeU at *?: l ; by MUloxua. i hi Thur?dav> 't2I. tit *? tl o< i^k, .Hecor<i Hand tfonle , coin'Htiu: n ca ,y of Furniture in goo I ?rd?r. AIM fancy Geo 's. Oil l'amtlBga f; a iei1 i.ugia.inge, Ourtaioi, Mirr?>?<, Cotm -ra silver pi* ed Wai e. Tiaao*, Ao Alao lion Pirii'mro. Dealer* in*. :? /^If.'tBGE COOK. Al'CTlONF.EK.- FIRST C1.A8S WrHometiOld rar.,.t ie ? Fridor, I?d i?t . at 1 1 o'cl" ., if Ml l!-ont?nr, 'hree i erli ro?e.?ood I'ai.or til *t pet '1 fos ? d fto'ib >? d' or WhiAiolie. bin k wa ??? and oak Buf f.-i? .tail iCf.ii oa Library anil ?eu*:?ri Hookta*e?, IA\> ar? r*Ke', riHrew.i.vT aatl b'acg ?alout Chr. n:b.:r .s.,it? Halt stands, Loung" cbain, An. *?lll aei: at auct on Hpap.r ir. i.i.r.u<, acction' kr IthNHV II. MChTlS A M!XF!l v. i day nt ID .. a ? , ?. a ITJ Thomp->Sn n H(ir--' 'f(>l !i "C-tMTCtB. oor* *tiug a *? a. I i ??artment, *11 ef *Uii'. n?? ne-s <\n lai ot ,*a - la*'. e?m*: ?tntg ot ve vet and Inirain t'lveet*. Velvt Ktt r, can ed ;o cwood 8 ut, ll!lkur?it .a* ing; b'<a * wa'n'tt warble top c?:,'ie Tat le. trt rrama 0?-al Mlrnr, B'ab ai d I'.ia kcis. i ntent cname'ed Co tare Snitr. Ualf Ma 'reaa. Belifei'i aitd P Hnnt, BeJd Bg Linen and Table ao \ttaiien I- ui mi'ire, Ac. JOSWU UKUKM \> ^ If.T. SFLI. ON F.'tlDAV, .11 l,V ti At 10 9 "el lie* ?. V., at tVe Oentral ?ale? com?, Wll O'tjbby at reft. OOI'IT of Prai i atreet. Hi anklt II. RGIl'liAll fflillKLY s Ct,K. ? A tj-ral ?**< trr.ent of mahu^ant an 1 wn hi; 1'arior, Oi aw >ei an l lilnlnc tl mm Burruwre. riMe.rood Piano#, Cati ei*. Sewing Mach ne?, Ac. T FKLDNKR, At'OIIONKBR? OFFICE lift NF.W li> Cnnal sue ? t.? ' S \V 3KLDNKH ? I tell title (fa v. it li)'(o'elo k, 'he ">ti r. ami Figtnr n f tlm Groceri ftt>. ? ?iti'c?t, Wf-veen F'rrt area.eand awnce A. eou elating of (.'ic'-iteta ai J She'.vlnt,. S- at an4 Weight*, goat;, OoAe>', C?u I'oa, Brenma ip!r?>, A>- , fit. VI DOFOtlTV, ? i'i ri'iNH.l ill . B*er?tnt-'s >ala f cabinet Mannfactsirer ? Sioek, A*. IL DOIGHTT wit ncll on Tbuiwda*. J't'y ?l, at I" 1 J o'ctn t. a* ;'jg ilvi'ten f*tt' tleie ainlng St?ta i.f tn? late T. Itnyl", d<. 4. rjff , 1 iouvtockV lualingany on* ?? nut I'arinc^ t'hnmberai.d D r. n* R om Furnttijre. *1/ T?te 1 ta:e*. I'hjiir*, Sola*. TitVlw*. lin kers. Arm a.'lialr* lirc?aln*enil plain Huiea ?? I-'alnaioB Tat'"*. Bed ? eats in nil atid polls' r,i; mshojauv Crib* and ViitrfMe.' alto a iar<e lot nf unilciahed v'raion*. Iron Sufe !>*?*, t Btove, Hprlng Cart, tlone and II* n"%*. i?.. Xc. f'ata |oc ??* ready 0*t innramg of ta?. The whole mb.' peremi? ?oriij?>td. Brotderoi Pr. U DL'Uv>AN. B>c?aioi, "p 1181.10 ADMISISTRATOBB SALH.-WILLIAM ?If X TKB^, A'tetionear ?On Th'ir* 'a . the ifelnltMUt. at aaK peat ten o'ct?' k, tlie *1 Kk of Liotiiits. aa# aau GtjP 1 Will of t fit* wrtl kit"Sil eafabllshnieni k'o at Ollrei' atrial, ?naajstlag of Hraudif* Gift*. W|ne* and other I' uo'?; to Mllier with 'lie He'l'ehnld r'tiBltute in the bo* .tann ho tsn, BOlag the *ll?*;:a ?,f : he ate A.e**iHtrr lnn?pore itee???-ii ROBERT B. PRADKORIt, Public Mwla rtratnr ' ~t H BRlfF'ft BALE? oBOCFBT HVOftt. It It' II A K l> WALIliRB. AtCriOKBER, s , Will eoli thia da? iTiiui day, . iniy 2t i, a? 10 nMork, a gene rat M*ortment of ilrorwilea, Ao., ot C ocety ?tor? on north w?*l wraaj 91 ! Thirty ntth etreat. WMb UACiTpM*' gSSgam; row oo nam wreer, ai wuiwq uu?? ? TWMtf FIV*<TH0'U8 AND IONS OF FBBBH MIKED SCBANTON goal. , , embracing til the oaual ai/e?, and dsliverab'e ti their det'ot, BJUabethport, N. J.. daring the mouth*of Augut me xt. The aale will be pcaitie. liach ot nut up v* i.l be ?oU to tbe hlghcat bidder, bo bid*, in any form whatever, being tna 'e for account of, or on behalf of jue oo:npan.? Tbe terms aud conditi^a will bu the nuio aa heretofore, and trill be fall; inado kuowu at the time and'plaoeof mle. JOHN BIUSB I N, Pre idsnt. SA J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS. WILL SELL ON . Saturday. duly 2% at lt?l J o ? lock, at tbe auction room* Mo. 1 North WJliia.a street, Household Furniture, coaaisttnc of a large and general as .ji tment or Parlor, licdioo-n a nt Kitchen Furniture; Butcher's tart, Wag-ma, Haines.', Horse*, Ao., Ac. QALE OF UNITED STATES STEAMER MOHAWK ? P Tula v??se! aril! be offered at public sale at the Philadel phia Navv Vard. oa Saturday. Jttf.v 30, lai.ii at 11 o'clock A M. The Mohawk, in a acrew steamer of 4M> ton- bnrtbf n, measuiing 101 loel from kuighlhS&d to t iffrall, and 151 feet on main deck; her extintna breadth of beam la 24 feet i lachis, and depth of hold 10 feet 6 inches. Tbe govc: anient may suspend the 5ula After the bidding has commenced. The purchaser will he reqnired at the close of the sal'? to dep'.ait ten per rent Of the amount, otherwise the Teasel will be sol j to another party? the ten percent to l>e for feited If tbe vessel it uot paid'! or and removed wtthia tea day*. Further Information may be had at the Navy Yard. R..0. OLHTIN. Navai Storekeeper. SHERIFF'S SALE. WINKS AND LlQlKlft8 BICHAKD WALTKKS. At.UTIONREfl. will sell on Friday, July '?!, at 11 o'clook. at attoiiia (tore If East Broadway. 1 half pipe and three eighths of KINK <>LI> BRANDY, 4 barrels old BOVUBON WHISKEY. 20 ease-i HOLLAND GIN, In bottle*. 13 ca-ea COGNAC BKANDV. itiu>o?ei. 80 cases 8CU1EDAM GIN. CLARET, ST. OftOIT RUM, CilAMPAG.NH and other Wines. SUGARS. Ac. DyfiM D-'pujj Saeiilt. JAS. LYNCH, Sheriff. U/ILLIAM ABBOTT. A UCTIONBBB? O KFICR NO 4 Vv l ast Broad way? .'ells on Friday. 2Jd iu?t , a' K M o'clock, the i:onn>nti of Hie Liquor aad Grocery slot a ts2 East Thirty eight" street. Counter", lienr Putnps, a la-ge quantity oi Cask* and Barrels, assorted l.liuo s. Dciui joi.ns, floi'.!e>, one act - ! Ilan.PEa. other Fixture , .tc. AlllCEIiMJrEODS. An ENGLISH LADY. WHO It V.-? HAD Ml'CH KX penence as an amaniieuiis. would bebappv to write or correct for the oia*?. or undertake onpvinif. Terms luo ijf a-.ti. Address box 5.28S Post office, Nnv York, ARTIFIOI VI, HUMAN" EYES NJ ADR TO OBDBR AND inserted by Dr.-. F. BAUCH 4 I*. GOUGKLMANM (formerly employed by Bols- unea i. of ParU/ Broad way, r.'oiv Vork . Damaged patent medicines purchased; also, odd lots ol Patent llodiclne^. Wedloltie'.cs. &C., in iar?e<?ir small qitanutici for c??u. AUdi Pltjal clan. Herald office. piPV JRTANT I'RKMCH DISCOVERY. WOMEN ARr: ESPECIALLY INTERESTED. Seu l envoione and sta-np for return poatago to boi \iQ2 Neiv York t'o-tollice. IMPROVED II AY PRESS WANTED? KllUl.R NEW or second hand. Stale wlio.-u i-atcnt. fcird ot power, inei?viHuiei>t of bale '-ox where to Oe aoeu. pj'ice, ae. Ad dress t B . iiox TJ) Hera'd otHce. jp LAYING CARDS. PLAYING CARDS. PL.VYINU CABDS. PLAYING" ~CABD?. PLAYING C4BD3. BEST Til I MG OUT. FINEST CARD EVEB I38'JED. OF NEW AND ~ELKGANT DRiSION. Are the same In al< particu ars as old atyle cards, with the exeeption that by ho'ding them to tho light yo > sea FIFTTTWO BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. Enclose $M5, and tbr c re 1 stamps, for samp'e pack ? $tt4 per gross. T. ALLEN, 60 Kalian street Paper, paprr. paper, pape'' ?no direct to 49 Ann atrcet if you want to epl the a<tvance prlc? for a I ronr old no .vspanera, books and pamphlets and all kinds of paper maker's stock. Dou't - argot the oumb. r, 4!? Aan street, near William. T1108. C. BENNBTT. TYPK METAL AND OLD LEAl> WANTI D.-C A3U wtii'bB pa.'i tor a few hundred weight of Tyi>e Metal aodold Lead. App'y a* the de<k of this olhue. Tobacco tax. -now id tiik timk to us? 7. the re ebratad Ppan'sii Pre-'aration fnr II ivoritii dntne3Mo aegrrs equal. lo tha finest llavaoas. Can he applied to sc car? a reaify made; price $1 per bnitle. Depot at OKAY'S, 61 John str'-e-. They ark cay. Love Scenes in Piay'ne Carda (Fren h pk'ures^. used the sain-? as r-uiuut n raids; a cay liitnit for ?n tifninj's an"is<!'iie<it : be sure to eend for a pack. Price $1. Address U. Wl'di. i , 83 K as'bit ' i street. VV'OOD. WOOD.-THK BEST QUALITIES OK PISE, Tf Oak and lli- kory Wood lor sale, at the low.-at mar. ket prices, by tlie li*J. cord, or e#r*o. N. B ? D livsred free of charge. ROWLAND 4 CD., Second avenue, be twe^n Thirty tilth and Tlurtv-suth streets. Ur ANTED? FOUR POBTXBLS ENfllNF.S OK EIGHT T? to teu horse power, at 'JO and 321 Broadv ay. WANTED? A SLOOP OF ABOL'T 80 Tf'O S. It Y A panv of .ixteen to twea tjt for an e*en son to Hart Satnr 'av aftemo #, .luiv .t ', and return Sunday evening. Call on N. II ALLEN, A19 Pearl atreer. WANIKD-TO PURCHASE. A SECOND HAND BATE vr dire proof atso en Office l)e-k. Address box 0?") New Yorlf Poi-t oIRr-*. statlna'patticn'ars. 8CBNT.-t PFR POUND PAID FOB OLD BOOK*, itewapapers, A<- ? Call In >re jo.i se l else where, for we g larentre to pay mor? rrejardleis of ?!l sdiertUed prJcea) than any other bon elntlieettv. I'a- ties sending us mm the < on ii' ry ma v relv ti:>on imei?'liate renvi an?es, fuU weight. ? rite. \r. MAN All AN A MILLAR, Who e*a!e Paiiar ware'.iousa, lu.gpruee itreet, N-w York HUHC\U ? MIOMFICENT 8HVKN OCTAVK IIOSICWOOD i\ 1'ianoiorte for sale a: a tia-.-am, l)r<u?n. Iln full Iron frame, overairuair 1ia?*. i o:ni-l coriiei*. .-aivej leg*, powerful nml brilliant t OtC a ?b rt tm*n uv. Apply at No. Id Allen street. A (JURAT BARGAIN- SPI.RNDin BKVKN OCTAVB lu-cwcl nv n rnii: n.i ? - Piano; nt, ?ix ti.nmln tifu, pi tee $.'30. Call at 741 Hroadv*?. oii|i"si tc \?t<jr pi* o. V l\ i?. t I RTISH. \v idirmCfcTr rosewood pianoforte for ? i>? coat ? v. fo $ In-lndtufj Su.oi and uover ; Phriui1 . o?t $?.W r<-r !.'ta.-? MItoi-?. I* ut lnt?. Kronrea, Stan a-.-\ , Chamber Fiu-nlnn". In na* ? ir.ontha: to b- wvd 1 t a men Iii)itin it It.t We-.: T\*?n t tlmd niret. iieai- Siv U ?\fii I.'l'-'TV HF.W M 1.1/ ? 1 -r.1 ) \s. *i,F, \ * . . Hull Catil: I' . 0.g iH,< ?? ivi.0>.a'? o. i>*'a I. 'lit yi ??? 'ci?r u any lir?t etaa* xatnim'nia .-at! i.t p a ?1 S<'.-uuil haul P iiiio ? a. .i.-al i arg?)?i?i |ike? -m . Srv. Alttbaab' ?: matron* nt? t? let. an. I ittm. U> <-l ( i :rcl??-ed : niontlil* immrtu- recited for t * re i>e.i:s: loine i:v* dlHei-not wakea of pianoa ir. tbi <?'. pii ha?T? can be toll I an wr<t'.l h*r? a- elaelrb're dm per u?p? a ittla lie'tcr. (0 Oil *! ???!? ?>l M a tin e to .1, a. I'.C. pet' paae. (,'aah aai.t f"i a?e.>*it liand I'll* j. > . UORACK Wa IKBS. 4SI Kroa In ay. X. T. For rw.f-a vent fin*; en-hush upright Piuiio with .-nived ie*-: -.Till beanld ticap for nan. of uj?. Apply at 114 Xavy *'reJ'. Brooklyn. HLARSBS. PRACTICAL PI IMOFORTR M\?CTR *3 < WalVer a.iee;, ni; ra for, ?a ? wall niado I'lau- i ? i; at the irctf i n I in pro " .icnt*. at tswmc.r ????- pr|.-#>. ilrtat l-anulm liili wrek. Oeaieia from ett? ami i-.-uti r tttinoii r ?i?cii i ty Inv ed to call, W ho'.eta.'e aud icta:f, )?8 TVa k*r a-rao;. Xew Yoi it. Mi'su'.-ixsrKi;* riox us piano at two vol Ian per* month. w ih (?at pra?"i ? e. ?t No i -9 Weal Tl. tt> > i". . a ?o W??H n; ..u a r. r t, i.ear Ban, and Varidk. a.-ar raiuU atrf. lor. pat:Ic? lara a a: J .;i Wc?t T:ilrtj >nuiati?i". thr^a dno-? from U rnia aTeer.a. Music -ix- rm onoN on the piano at u vi per n li *Uh i iTiIrta of dully prMtka, a: ,\o. 1?9 ttiidicn aiteat. ???r canal. INITRrCVIOIli i rorn?R ?> BnoKKPr.piNo, wiutivv ma A titfmir ????*. .*<? . iiiaH'tln* yoM>f n?a ?.?r ',n?ln???, la ?ub' nt I* Al Nh S. K i tou ?trvef. Jiro 'kh n. for *1#: A s'-bt* Gioiiim - , lira.umar. J'P-riiijf. ilw^ au.' Li' n t. .?,h: to itilclly private at "ewr Aork >'J ? onarr. v ('Ail>? BOOKKRF.PINO. ARJ1 HNKTT< ui'PltN. tvattalilp at tii'WUmith * i o? iii? 74. i llionlnaj. All who ?.?h i > ara i ti?eni??l> ? ilialow ptit a ?,i< ic-iu i?d i t<> ? o.?r their uatnee imiue.liaie. - f-pa'ati r w for j j,?lie?. CI.1VHH H tiOI,04M: Tli toi'Xd PARISH X t.aI'V, ti \ vinij * ooontlH; cattiui at 1 ta.ei.ti ?rri?e<l from l iaa-e ni aire I'ranrh it*sor? at ???? nrn realdcn ? o- at that Of h#r I pupils. Addr- ai Vtr.e. fcmt::- O-i'lar.o ?? l? f /V.RMAN. FREXi I! A.M) F.NOI.I^H lAStil'AUl K, ' I I' R.Ht?ke'-|(>nc Mer- *n:i> V-. it .i- an I'., no taught a* ()r.-aoil ICIi *TfT" ' belwaw Ten and V e ei.ti , l?jreeW. Apt li a:! -n? ie f;*ed fiom I I*. M. in 7 I'. M. b I muLiAW Si n ii. ? \ | k< k < i k u'rv ri IU-* Ma m i b I'IiRah'ki ' tn iii ormln Ii e r >.r t: r patron p'-.-i -r u * tba ^i,e l.aa raimuetl * Voik, ..U ? i g .e .?i?ob< nt m I . I I rttv h a?d o lirr brflii 6"? e In ^tioit. Ut (he idet.c> of p ipih auil at Hi Klaeckei lu rot, nu it tfiree W kklr- ? Hre?'lwa<- _ A If . -U >SH.EV FKMALB '?J'J.P'V , Kan ,/;i. WASlt.D*A Fid KN" Ul.KSS ?iM't. FROM l ' toe. noate 'ino . in ? a. tin tit la>i apfnu . ? mi; t? fin ,ue p aiio. kuiti-r au<l Vrcnrli. on . n. ,? mr lix* in< i. iiK rc ill linpt. vd i:?n', at fl.'a 'iitaitor. dres- I'rn^re* on. |ga 100 I). Ilsbie Ho ntp. hriXTKIUAV AiS.^ljtrA *T FKMALB TKATljUR. fQK I * A. B , p!a?? >V \\"AVTKI)~-AN APSIS f A XT Pl-.M I r,B TK.Vt HBK. | M a 'imac tadiea' ?. i. .ci in Br.- kiyn.?*Ad<;r?? ? h Wtra! i .?(C, e, .Xen If ovk. ?tatU? M.a: ii- aiior,* plant & | Vlr ,> KI' r.S'lI.IMH L A UT If It hf I KOI 14 OF *? oli aln nu a ?.t a ;on a* KOt -nr?a or rnmran.on 'A an e*ai -t l? fr,?,, mi . ?? ? ?f tak ni the "ii it ai?e M rhlMrm, A'tr.ioi B H. il., ate ttl Bdyi'i ful I ton il. F W1NR9, l.)<4VOn?, ftO. OR IALK- ORB lit NI'RBO BARR1IB OOfB bO'lifl't akaMMfiM tMtr. clear and me. i WIf.SilM lit and 141 Fr*nkllt? tlretl LOI.t? Ai'Pl.B WIHSKRV A piimt ariivlt ?f ?id 'erasy Anp'e W bl?ker for ?1?. Iti.piM ?( >. w. TH11 TTHjr. UflSION pleasure ground, . TROTTING). .1,.^ - 'rWtay. Julr ?. al S oei?c* P. M. 2 Match for 9300, mil* heats, bait ibrea ia ore, p. p, ohn Lovelt uapies Lady Tompkins, la harae a. '?a 111 ? ua/uM Stonewall Jackson, to iiuon. JOSBPU CROC H 15 RON. Manager. UNION CO Iff? 911, LONG IttLAND.-TBOTTlNO ? Purees and stakes lor the fai, eeajan wlii ofoM at Lafayette ilall, oa M jailer eveuin ?. July \!i at K o'clock P. K. SUAW JkWmrE, Proprietors. UNION IIAT.K MILK TRACK. SSV'I- NTY SECOND street anil Bloemlna'dale road.? A put - of $20 of fered to all hoteea that h.t.'e n??jr uo it . . -tier than threa minute#. In harness, on Thursday, ,1 ly 21, at- 3 oYlo.ik. Iiiiirj"? made at the hu'.el ou or beUie Thursday noon, to JAS, FiNLHY, Manager. D KVUKl'li ?. A SLOOP YACHT POR fl.AI r;-3S FEET LONO, IS feet beam, hutlt to order, and 14 in nil i aspects perfect, fast, sale and beautiful. Will i>e sold m ?. Apply to 1'. ilc UEEHAN. foot ot Van Vorat street, Jersey Cilj'. DOB POR SALE.? ONB YOUNG NiHVl OL NDLANO St. Bernard L)o^, one hand- ,'tne Ball Terrku-, Ita'iau Oveyhounds. NewfounuiAnd P ips. Spit/ Dogs. . I&ok aut Tau Terriers. Scotch aod SK>e Terriers good i ailcia, JOHN UKAY, 11 iloJaeveit sweet. Francis butlkb, no 3 peck slip, has all the i holeo breads fr r sale auJ stock Butler's Tufaili ble Mauge Cure and Flea E.,tenuluator, 7# cants pei bottle. Butler's new Work, 91. Dots boaidcd, trained. Jtc. Medi etas for aiPdlseaaee. TOOK S VLB CHEAP? A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE PRO J? pa'ier Yacir of live tuna; double ?lgliie: live liorao; speed about tan miles an hour; oce peraou cau i.miier. Price il.'JO '. Inquire at II Walislieei, rjo n 17. A ItOItSKS, 4 AttlllAGHK, At, \LAR<JK ASSORTMENT OP IIKEI TR, nAnoncnRi. Park Phaetons, ,lac,--ra. tip atid o.nn; 8'igginjand Eminem Wagons; also, two ?eeond band \'u?oji an. I Car rimaa or all kiu U, and twenty Horses, selling oft cheap, at 10 N'erlgs street, Brooklyn. ______ An elegant pair of long taileo bay car rla^e horses for sale ; l.'>'t hands high; atyl.ab, robust ami fa at. Inquire at 75 Bcekman stroe'. A FINE BAY HORSE, 8 YEARS OLD M>,' HANM. J V suitable t'or any business. or fauilly can ia.!.v Aleo a Bmuk Mare, la!} hands, 7 yeir* old; au.l p'.naiant driver; very sty !i?U. I'.otti warranted nound and kind. A'.ao :i good city rnadn Trottloj A'agoii. Ap:''.y ivt 362 Third av. A DAPPLE ORAY MARE, SEVEN YEARS OI.D, IH hands, sound an'l kind: a'*o a Li'ih! Wa^on '?itlu?r ton. ncaily net*, will l? sold at a hsrvaln. lu'iulri WII3EY A W A DE'S teed store, oo; >rer of Tbnd a - amto and Twenty-deteuili street. A? FOR SALE, A CAY M ARB, ll.'j HANDS "IlfOfT, ? warrant*':! sound and kind, 6 year* old; prlc- $110. Bay Maro. 13)4, SI7.V lira*, ?7'?. op $100 anil $lrt0. Single and Double Haraesi, $10 to K')^. Ap ply at ill Wooater street. A HANDSOME SBT OP LlfiflT DOUBLE HARNESS for sale i-huapi b:.t Illtle u-ed. App!; a', the tuiV>e, tiJ East Fourteenth street. ALTOIIT 3ECOSD HAND SIX RIlA'r ROt KAWAY, almost new : alight curtain Carrlag". s .".ib'.c for <le ootuae; 4 < loao t'oaobea. -1 curt?ln t'oacbei. - Ca ?--h<?s. 2 ( ?p Wajooa, I fjur seat* Phaeton, an asaoiimeut of new I art aitea, 4 an.l 6 aeat depot Wagons. 4 aut li !.*at l'Uea toaj, ltockaway<i, Err in. rabrlol.lta, Waj is. A MOTT A CO.. If! W.' .t K, >ui tli street.* f \ LIOilT SH1FTINO TOP CARRIAGE KOR SVf.K ? i\ to vile two t.r four, for one horse; tillahlo appoar anee. A' so a ar1' of sing'..? itaru ???, ilrst elasa. I an. ire %t 390 Seveutli avenue, of Mr. .Joseph Hewlett. ORAY MARE FOR SALE-KIT FOR A RPTflflER. baker or ha -kiuan, jound, ami a fioe drirer. Price $?*). Apply at 91 Baxter stri>et, near CanaJ. ClOWS Fi>R SAIJI.-TRN FRESII MILCH COWS J w th raivos for sale cheap? fmin $^0 P> iUO each; j uat from tha country . Apply at 4 77 Pear] sireet. F ast mare for sale? fifteen and a hvl* hands hlj-b. In every vay desirable alid cin show a good deal better than 4ti to'a ? aeon Wdlbe <o d for a rea^o i able ^rice. a< 'lie owner is goini; to Eur. po. A-ldie-.s C. U tux 2,419 New York Poal o'V: e. For sale-a horse, oia and nviTNPs.^. suit*. blefora business m*n or pbrs'- an. The hOraa is a lirlaht bay, \ery stylish and a superior 'if animal. The pi; is Flandrai'.'s make, and tiie harness bur jiltle used. The whole will be so d foy $AOO. Inquire in the "Sice, 111 avenue D. corner o f Tenth atreet. " . .# . *L"<OR SALR-A TflOROUO II BRED 4 YEaB OLD LAST P May Stallion, of rate beauty, many peints pronil ;:n? sreed. well broken, to sad<l!e n.ia harness; was . aplnred at he>vberii. F. C., I ? ' , hands ? warranted souud. ki:nl and centle. Prlro $Jji. Apply in the taUen-, uTuar of Third aveuue and Ninth street, between 9 A. M ani 4jn. m. For bale-ata r-vkomn, pcur itNE toqro Horse*, wel: broken, single nod double, yood steppers and t ne ti e for'a road hor-?s, a uper:or asHdl" horse Also avliandanuio ei 'Sa tnari bed i -aoi, vo nic. handsome and well bro?" i The ab.,Vt; iiori ?>, arc .i. n' to oe c o?e1 out this week, Alan abrown Ilor?e uo an t t fast. O iarantee i;iven. Apply at Mr, Hopkin,' ata'ile, Oreanpoint, Brooklyn. FJOK SVLP-AT BP.OWM S STABLE, CORNER OF S!atoanrt Boerum str"ots, Brooklyn, one pa ,? o> Mares, sixteen baud-, well mate' eu and cood ministers; a'.en'our good un^le horses, raogiug from lS\i to lu hands, ll.oiu L-'OR 8 ALE ?A OENTLMM AN'S Tt' RKOl'T. ? (JKA Y P Mare U tears o d.'s vji t and kind, 14. 't bands ht h . .an trot In 2.90. Also a Boston bui t Tup Wafcon an I Ha.u-S', and a Duseilbii;/ Kimd l',nknn, l.i0 ioa. Mp t be solil. .??? the parlies have no use for t'mn . Can ba at New Kn.; Un I atau es No. liOO a< ven;n avenue, oat v eau Forty littU aad Fo tr sixth streets. E*OR SALE.? TIIRBE VKRY FINE IIOKSES. J I' ST r artli ed frorn the ouniry Apply at .'10 .?tret, n"ir Put a ie?t. For sale- a handsome pony, u hands 1, jb. tour veara old. warranto! *?und an l kin I; goo<l In ^addiii, Hufta,)le for children o.' light business. Can b? seen at CI W. I>E BRIDE'S Feed Store, 812 Wea Slx'.ecaiU st*i ct. H'OP. 8AI.B? A VERY IHN'^SOMR AND STYLISH I larre 1 y Horse. He !s heavy and ct< >e b . 1 1 ? . 1>H I hands. I?ng la1'. 5 years old. ?airan;ed i?*ii?ct y -oLo.i; i has H i fpot or bletn alt of any kind n uatsorver; H pe. e . ly ' kind, has no tri ks or vice . s a fine dtlrer. csn t oi in o r , minute", and is ?uoab'8 for a o.ipn ejrr U". or is . aafs I and reliable family horse. Pr.ct Addros? P., box | 4 J I'o ' ofl e. FOR S A I.K ? II AMR LR ION I A N HOK3R PORT ROYAI.. | 15 , bands, blood b,kv, mug all; ,tu ci ae lo J , to ha i n?.?s st1 beat It to sad I ? . ts an 'tPClleut t sr.. I irs1: I can Heat anv linrsa of b's spei'd t > wa. .m h?"rr? i. or saddle ; at I. 2. li or 5 in ie I eats; i? elegiUe in | rsrs ;or bones lit it j bare never beaten 2 40: hn trotted a sec ond two mile heat ' in J.IJV A ddre?s C. H llaral i eifi e. r/OR SAI.R- \ REAt'TlFI'L MAJU?. FIVE YEARS | I o 17 liandshij'.; '-one s nl llarn-s.-: t!i- ot 1 a- JSTi 1 A'so tbr- e ot'-.ei ? a'oab e souu.t, a'r i' ;. wo'k'114 ' Mares, nil s> nid and kind and fa-t trayellera. Vpply at SO New C;,ani!iers stiret. PR SALR-A PAIR OF Mll'DLTNO SIZI H M!'l,t ?t; I so.iitdaud kind, Aildieet box 206 Po*t oili :<i, Yoi 'sers, . ?Uj I R SALE ? A PINE D APPLE (IRA Y PONY, ABOCT !?> Ii** ? I, i?h , splendid saddle or road ho se. In iuire ; IS i*r' u.d; Mreet. up staue /OR B4I.R-A STYLISH. l.QV.: TAll. B1,A> 'SVD. d and k u I. tr.' V ambles F' uent ra ? I al ? I'o a lady or sen lemmi, I'ri e li II I t " * iUIAM Dt Kfc, W1 Hi -adway. l/OR ^Al lV* SOPRKE M\RE IS A OOOO TR 1' tat and ep.i stand aljMi ?.o il? !v,rue is a. A so : re Harnass ani KwSsT, a . for J.-'J. Ap l> at A so t ba Haroes tin . <i| stre r?, ba?en er.t, No^ S AT." A I70E S ILK -A FINE MARE: SHE IS SOUND AND I k iid. 14 ?ianus and p?n> Lu'lt; a a.i one Top Most . w tit t nle s?d a?is ts, st 1-3 \Yest Twnuty-ilfth street, m be !e? N umber o ? ll'.e ?ate. L'Of! SALE \ PI N n SORREL H'tR--R. 16 HANDS A? li ?'X Ten r? oil. sound an ' kill In " 1 1 *.i ? and s i :at'? for taiuily u e. Aj'ptv a', stat 'e So .'.9 tjreat Jon s street I/MR ^ A EE? A PtST MARE. HI.OOD HA1 SUE CAN I ahoa 11 three m i. itc gall c s\ ; soead at. J km', ve years old. tie?ei was ' s n ? I : it - *n anlirsi that anj ; ? n an won d > nr " I of #or ble nw 1 } rlvata (tse. Pi- ic ? .0 Or WO .id e? save lor s new el' > made Ton R kg?- Ad diess ' ox 4.0IV9 NeiN York Pos; omee, any time before the 1st o[ A la 1st. t;s, n > \ E E ? A FRESH Mir.i\CO? W A KRA N Ti D TO 111 ia ?? ia. ;? a ij'. 1 Iso 11 ai." Hi.... ' I . \ we. I. no sa'e Ayr ? ?? 1(4 Last TW11D ' f;h s' eet, F'OP. ? ALR--A VF.KY F**P FAi'tNO HOI S v ND S'.d km', between 0 and 10 .vr-xr- o. ! To be ?a< n at stable ne\i to 145 ha# Twentieth sir- et 'between t)";''nd SU I '1 hi i svi n ies. F'OP -AI.K-A ?LA K HORSE IT HIT YII.RS Ol.O, sun i l auu kind mevpry r??e? ?! a * ro? . heri*. an I ail able or a ? a, ria^e or Jig lit wagon To 1 e s?en at No 4:, Harri n a , re . 1/oK SAt.K -VERY STYL'Sll SvL ARK BOX TOP AMD I5 no op Ua ,ous: n'-ia, l.''>?! Mot. a< <1 wo ?<ais ;>,aie lot hi M*s;o i ?C0'.1'I lia'id Rn s s I ? ' e?p >|i vr Reek*- s v 1 'n 1 ,11 V'ib!;kL A CAHtY. \ "1 ? e.t Twenty rili ? teat. ra?,|t ? A E ' ? A LOT 01 OMNtt.L dSa *v?> IT ARVE - - J f In., 1 i . f Jiya, W. MclM YRl, Sub a an ie aod Fort* M.ird street. fi-or. SAl E ? A I.I? H I TOP VAO' N, made Pt II Kn1 - i r. r.eai . newti 'iee >*.'? At'plv at V. Ste >ea?" labia, 34 and We-t l'?ent . nintl, ? te?i. *AI,|_A THREE SLAT BOCK aWAV. Af APE nv it ? J t,ea > near; a a r?i a - in,. r,._r. art 1 and k ml A p'i .1 13, :;a-t 1 L .1 > fo .Rt si P iR MLK I m\ t ik h ? It* F -A SU 1 1 TIN' I 1??P LI HI ft* A 1 1 4 1 V , I V ider; sotd tvi ?<M.1 or ??. pr (lit, Ir. iilion inti sole. T^ur sau:-. n;. s icokd iund o<h-bLE seat I w a ne .. .lidhs- l 1 * ?p<it, and ei sS > Jd bat. I ne op Wai on, but Illtle need , t>t'*t eityanfllte and will be so!. 1 p. SI 129 1 rnifcy s ieef. ^01 KALE oh ILA P?A HftOITN VAItP. NIX V'aRe Ik. . ?aita'l. .en ae ami ,ast. a(J a t.?- ? i' 1 at' 11 b 1 R ,S B"4 t'ltVa in 1. ha o.d a >n Sadd e. lis' 0' -s B:?r,?*t*, A al net* and V a seal ent enier. T>-e 11. su 1* stt e< etieic 'iH'e ,, si, sod . an trot Veto:# :iie btli;< In ' e ailoi't?s n ?a ea / road. Pilce fot all f v AddrcnO.. s.tixi as fuR SAI E CIIRA I ? A * iM FOllBRL IHiRSP ALSO ? fr*i thev ai? toed tune 1 ?, s'.ltsh, A . Can ' e *r?u ei li e groaery ?i> 1 _'4' ? 'Third ,avaai.? 1 o be ef iwetij t,i?4k.iaai. H i ' are w . 1 reread ?o mit and k nd I. t|lt MK.K CliEtP-A ABRY STYLWIi PAIR t>P r i" "k iii:' '?? *"ttid snrf kind; will be sa'l lo* Ap. pi> 1 ? stjpi an b< v. r>. a: trte stable, fl oe?:** strertcbtea d->art ei ov? Peuith, in the rear H At- "a?l BALES PRIM* OU' TIM VI I! V. AEl.OAT, for sa 0 b> DAV ,D Ml, LEW II A to., 02 i'earl street. O' JK VERT FINS RRotYN SADDER HOKRE. t5'i ? atids h jb, so md And k od; one Pay Marl la hands ' huh, noun t and ktpd In all )itrt>ea> one Brown II ?> e?. I9't I hauiUhlfb: sety st\llsh. Jul'e |U' raat $180 10 is sprlDs'. Aleo ore Koen' Mate. 1ft hands high, nme years old; caa trot a 2 Aft; price 9;S0. Three horses belong to private gen tlemen, aad mutt he sflo with W a*>a* Feionginy to the same. A.i.-'y W J. JIMliRS, l,Wi BsA- k iiU CA g FECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. OSITRd hi ateS HORSE AMD OARHUUE ACCTI05 HAST. fha prepiletor* talc* thU opportunity #f lafornalnf tba putolic that the* bav flvcted ipactona, oommodloua and welt ventilated ?;aV.e? as 1 carriage hoti ee, situated In Firlil avenue and corner uf torty-fourth alioet, fer tba purpoaa or eatablUhlng a Mart wh. ro i atsoi.a who have horaea, car r 6s?? jr hart.* i to dlep } e of c*a do ao by public am t on. Theee premlare bare beiu c ..atructed and ntted froui tha deal^n' and under he aupei .Btendcnaa of C ar!"? Ditni-'ia. Em , architect In tui?. ity who iiaa spare.1 notroi.ble ic per feefug tfcein Willi all lbs Lurapcau and modern li/tprt/ve menu, cuaiprlaln* 'tuple to ajcowModat'on for aa* fitly borne* and tirty r?- a,-*.. with appropriate harness and aa Idle moat adJitiiu -j u :i there ?? acovered ri'V or aroade of ce:>*tde able eitent f r ?> purpoae o? exhibiting tt-a ftorsea p< > ioas tj ? ? 'hue the buyer an.l ?elU-r undenal fa c.iia .. ilie (jtair liarina the opportunity of JuJaing tus taer isof Uii m ; .!:*?, ?u<? ibt latter that full Juaite will bp don" to the ;>:-.v.-t? animated fot *ale. The buil iluj ;>.en coi u by <i flarpeij 17 V\'e-t Twdu'y^ijiiili Meet; the iiM^oury wai done b' Hlaakledoe and Bantu. and t..e ?araiioa a by V. Lander, 71 ??i Fortieth ?::!>.?' ? ... Xetv \ nrk. llt.rac*. Curriagra a. la it^rnui * . , v>?- ?o:d by politic aue tloa every WeJut-.. ;?y ;a S.i i ;a*>; account' will 5>i? paid or remitted to the i aiiinry < w 'trn -i'- rod) oi "1 taadaya and Yrldiiy* oalv ; no 11 r?'wil) V a im ted for private ?ale oa commission. und all lobbing it dealing on the part of any oo? oounertad with the entab! ehmant wli! ba trlctly pro blblted. I t>f pr (ir. . ,?i oa.u,,.:.- a-aura Itia pabliti tbat ttieeo rale* wi ! bhfi^l il;. oairieJ out and tnat a'l :ran , ac ton* ? fit be boi.;; ? de. Thj dani-md t>-r ior-.> in New York !? inovaaa'nc an I the antiplv '? llmltoa. ?> hlch pu inr*3(*? ttie pnprietora to hojia tii a' tlieir ejnitlons will bw- a|.r< ac-i^iril by the A iuerl?;au public, and that i|i?irosu Itshmnni. which la not aurpaaaad toy any ?t a jnuitai k.n 1 >u lionjjn. Liivnrpool. Dublin ur Ediniiurijli, wl 1 eu ,ny t'lu sauic amount of patroaa-t' an tbey do in t'u>-e lni|?rtant cit'i'-< aa t *ti eh bare invaxiabt* proreil when conducted on the ab ire mouttou^d prlnrtplea ) a perfect .-focc , ... . Iloraun, Oai i lag** or Tlaia *? will be received forwed neiida> salt" ou ilu'.itlay. uie l?t of Annual., wlwn tUa ru'ea, resulatioaa aud tcr i.J can be ei-on at tbe o!Tlca, l*'i.tu arcane- II. J. JORDAN .t CO., VmpreO a. WANTRD-A NIC?. COiFHRO BUCItiY AND SINOLB Ilai tit-i . Ant on ? tv.shirii.' ti> h?* cheap u'.nv fltii a purchase! bv addrcKiins tJ K t'., '<t?x 1.381 I'o^t o tico. TJirANTHD? A POUR OH SI\ SKAT FAMILY WAGON ?? or Ui ek.r.vaT in n io-i uraer, with ahatta or p'lie aud ai.nfn A<idi'c??, Matin:: tjarlleiilura, pr:oe aJd wlitf) a it> ba K'.-eu, box 1 7'i.t Nr..- Y.'ii I"o<i o:iice. ANTI.n?A rosr PHAKTO*? ADDRESS (STATINa price, A i B., Mara.ui Iro i t^orks, Yurie. w ffljl ?lA -A ItAtir Cif.VNC'R.? WILL BE SOLT> THI? iplul'a da -. a spleti.tid ({lit rca i .Vaijon, fi>U oprlngu coat $293; tinoJ one w-i -k: (i.tner uiust tc.L Apuly at 34 We t Toirty i^g'iib sti c t near Uroadw ay. B.XC I ItSIOIVS. AFAVORri i NKW UMMIv "Q"i E\"<JI?U-; ION'S? TUB Harvest lion:- ait tin- Hh'tii'bec'?. with steamboat* ?i,o!i IH it-itf i. At* :? ? I it Val'B , St Ri.oati'.. w.'il and other Gi ore* to let. 14 ?. u'- 'n otli ? -t ' We*t Ktreet, corner of Kau-o^r. H. B. CBOH^Kfl'. BIDDLt * GROVr AN > WOODBRIDr;B l-ARV. U'Ue Sple'idi I ? ? ? .>-4 SKRALDINK .ind SI 'LI. A. a large Pt.-auvi . tvit'i a . t>on?. Alaa amail ateaniera for picalca and etc ts. - R. \. BCtHMiLL A CO . 15t> I'ront tre?t. TpIBHIN'O BANK-' "A" II.1 14 -t AND PARTIES CVS I enjoy the .--a K<> . : t i'.ie I'i'h'.u-; llaaia on u* aea-gt ' r; si bit J! \R' \St>. ? h'.clt lcav.-H c ry mont lsig, ^at'istHvj ? ?3-.?d. .. Iroo ne air -e*. East river, ?t ; o 'ocli I' ?. r c". 9: 1< \. M : Daj street, North . 8;3t? a. M. aua I'l r No. ?. North river 8:1> A. M. Kare $1. 1);. .um 'i i .hinenta and ip ?t iait?. oa board. f* itASD RXCC/l3ir>N T > T/C. ClOLRRA RANKS? VX oil l'rl lay. . ,'v I ... new mil j oim; a.* at^iner MAK I II A AV A ^11 IN ? t ' . ? a int :i IV, v.d Ui vu. tvl 1 malta an etc irai ?ii (o ' ? 1 . a 'iaii leaviug a* io.Ijw*.? Koot of UrOD >.o -t tatuA M. Peck s ip a: Hi lit A . M S: r . ? i r .->tr?( t at 7 A V. P!or No. 1. Nort'i rlrer, 7 13 \ M. T'f'sV.i f! HO, KOR THE FlSIIISa BASKS? KISflERMHN ON dock ?The tiew an | I',i?t ?-t i 1 1 ii,' aea Meamor ELLA, Captain R 'inflni re. wl.l 'ntke an ei uraloo to iHeiil.ovj Itj.ik.i, Sunday, Jiiij ?? 1-itjl, auie-. ery day iSauir lays ox cept^dl, unll! i'urtlici' not I .?????liu t'ect alio at 7:5.1 A. II.; Up." n^ ?. rcet. 'h ci.'er, at S 1.1: pu?r ' <t. 4 Nottli river nt ^13. Ha:'. 11mm and rc(rr? i .iisnta on l"wr.> Kir t for tbe et" ir- oil :>1 N. 1!.- t' i tj i t can be < 'lartt lor excireioai by ap iy ti,! ! j W. MAKSUALlt, ti!) aioiith at nkwspapbrs. IfOR PALK - A Ki.' K OS TUP. II KllATil) FTOM .VO. 1 viiiiibMr. Isi'l. 10 >'atr; in pci-feit order. Inquire of O. JKMN1NGS, 8s! clia'-iberi street, u-i s'ai.-j. ASl'-WIiOBV. An. maitkick. or:-..w am"' heal abtroloqw.r. . The adv rjul'i 1< m! 'o' ;?r, v B. MAtRK'K, ? b.\si .1 on s..o j<1<* pnn- ?. an.) wa* inner known t? fall. Thi* hand o marked out tlie path of e-ieh iu :.7l' ial. and ilte plr le ?: ? o h< u-i pa ntli> * mi; nedo tln> or inaokind. i'l ?? Mnun.-n lia-i a (:rot mud kuu.v.i oi the ru! * t?f tin! -i u .ncn i < the - i ??, mdmnl it i e woildlnthesb r>. sc. nni n fvjird to if. I n,: a 1 hit Ut*t to ! .<*. Iii; i i- ? i it: wry t ono s vt o e ' an I Willi an era! e.-.i i t it no ! vln? mortal ere ' now liel'ore, Ih will brlnt iii?e?i ?> it of alcnort any nn-.t r'aVini;. In ran* It: .-IMV inarr. I -in* ie .? :* a. llf de ?; ill)" III', intend.- 1 visluind or ivif ? i ?!.? th? very da? yc." tuarrv an<l (Hon s a . .turn, ? ? .?tit:n* tiff tr?l ?? . itptei wit ?t ll-o intended He iJ<* pi in . . i r fi l-tlda, poiir r ?< vo'T ono"i .. ami w.'!-i??jfM? o.' ail t inure lengri", ? md lu : In o <uM) n* all is* vua ;n t-itv n.; l>? n-i or uu.1, ami 'I. a bee' f' !? ?? ' ? ?i en:;' " :in 1 ij.- .-^p ? if.- t> n'l wltn mean t lilm. ,tjui'iiat a di vn may ? lid li.Jii* am mil Si. an t ndd-aa* v H. Maun , S..TM New V ic ro t ?,:ii ?. tin I a i : ii rri toe o r l:. ? or v.>..i wn.ili.rt. U i.juaiii 7 In Hi ? fv.iau. <> en I'.'ii Bteeekor etroet, near tVoa -lor. Lad t?. 10 i iii?. ijfti $1. ABETTER AnTRULOOlKT H NOT TO HK KJII.'iU it i . ' h Unii" i m- i than Dp i, I> . e--d > r- S. l?. BKOl .'H'MN 'I ;i "?* si e '.' Ptl in Rivl;.^ antisfa ; i.m ivtou ail o lit; .* I ail. T i" ? in b fonaulif.l on a'! r..ia rs or bti m* i 1 to. Bo ? t a<i rvirt- l ip. marrlaco. tia?"lilti* ruioni't, lm\ 'aiM o'i niitn ? s UiaMinn. w< I'kTO of aliwn*. fr|r ?? \n. ai*. aiyo k iiif:*. iC i:i-? ?! i : ; . ,?n will r?i' -V'lr >h' d a if tjieip ?!? ^ n <??. If t??"ov"r. tho ilui- ihay ?i I b um to nirend; what inri of tho Im'v a1>. tw, anil ? Imt a iU nijilic i:i?? .?tr* ' e?t ala'i'ffil i-> i u- b>' k >? i ?on i. T.arltv^VI (i"i?l?ni?n #1. ')iia?l:on? ?n?*#pi-it l>? luilfi', an' o-lnR ami t m^oCblri'i A !no riu.'ntio Pial r >ini.'i':it:ou ^ nnlrt. 03!>? I'D Oaonc at mo;, below ri nc?. i STONfflHTNO ?MAD. VSR MORIOW. SRVl-.trfl A d\u 1'iT. w t'i ?' n r ral ni t ?f Uth'. a how mkiii nnl i.; trn you ? i' ?? am* ; <-\ 'voir.- !n?>.-'ui?; Hiagle In ai; ? in . iCi ?|Wi- t ? :i ; !ier * |iul n not to ?>e fon-Ml; nhowt a lltici oa- ol ? 0'ir In ten 'o I In I an '.a .; j ? ?n4?. 1*4 Luiinw vjp.. ? i )??! r'<i<.;< iroin na ?;r ?>". Heutlemen uol a<lm t eJ. I IIO^A 1-iDE A.'TIt'iWW >T. ? M AlMVi; J\ f ''n* nt l-'J A 'I'u e't. n?At' Bunion, or r tiie baker, . fiewatn oi' nupo uion. crkat ch v ro in: tit the TttUTR.? ma 4 > i!it? Ml hn* op vi d !??.? yaw iilano. ami In. viti ? ?' lid ? a;rl lae |>n Jl c l.? vl?lt Ii 'r ?> lie ri-a di n p, I7u W o strc 0 ...AiRvrYAir.-ii' up witri tiir rnorii. oo n n in /ImLi.a K'lS-. Sli?- !;owa a ik?n"?*nf I' i:? It "'band n i in- a nd ne.'i f.? la V? bnn 4 th'.a ? ??oatartd . tc.??:'i? > i. i \\< t V went *^vPn'U ? Mt. l.?; v u | KiHli unit Si-Trr. : i p.v n .<?<. H ilia laKpnient be .. i Hour-* from 9 i Hi ? m n ir. u.'. 7 Ic litq e ? n'.ug. /?0 ? Xl? I'l- IHl'lV: ?NT'.I,L. Tin: CM .krratkd \T ninir' ov.i i! A'lrii?gi t .i tbo a? icr.rn ol n;r?o;i. Una ii ' -. .t i-r.i r f .r ?nidi* . < r; i* a t ? a ? -it * in all Hi 't ter branpfcet (il?p ? ?r , tliarni'. ? ?H? and tt?' ?mar? r -I ;tpec i-iiti.-,- ?.i' i . ; .i: ;a tn I . .t ii til" | a t a: and I ??? ntp*. 8. t iii-vcr .. ? n -a; in - ?p ed t-iariiaiai tnd | br n^lna IB' nal'.l l-(jei ?r. In u itlii an m-a Ii- tl vt e aliualua !?? A I - r^c i.u ? .m* of ip p h-ve l,'?n Henpfr - I Iir-r a ' A ? : < . iilelt- e of bar aW .It lip l.a leocivi' I abi.n-'an ??? o:' t':?t>no a a froi" * i i* of lb" rat peo|iV .f'haianl j ? Vnes. v II ?) .1 ?i-or r ?r.t i ed iltro i,li ">??: ? I. on r .win. 10 lietae f. i i)t>n on for 1 1 les ? " -;it :. p inrr a I- t I ? I .rpm? :o ilh ?!;? ' trt i vett .p. I* > * >.i -t .i .1 -iiti ? tnar ' ? 1? ? ? I-; til- ?. fa 1 isneloaini -,,a ' ?? ?' an." n - - - ' -i. .?? nil I.-- ? ? I lyre' .r pd. Ada i -M be* j,74. Kit v Vork l'o?t o ' p. MAI'AMi: l:l.*nv. xi. airvot *nt. no. I .ioxkm si i rt, in'iii-?ii.i ??i-ii..o and Kuitrih atroet ? s <? n m be oo? fi'to-l a m '. !? p .nairtr*, ?b eni friend* j ?'a aKl " B tl new, law ?n--?. A- Ilo t? .1) I u:o-'v ! I I ?? "?"?en'?: (j'oremori. $!. MI'S. SMVMdl . Mfni AT. AM) Rt'SItFSA ? LA!R vnvi'.'i.? VI uw.s du- > -red au.I c.imd li.p ? e , , i ir.-ii.ri*'' in'-ol ul'a'nt 'n-rid* mad<t khown. l'a:i ?-. ' Itfl V i't ten. b -orncr wi' 8 1 '.til at?n p. Ai AM WALT' It. TH >t WOHI.D It K :> . I.MR j . . m' th ?f,if' ''tl "ii l> nal/tre't up I !-?' t ofiif. ?.ie a slid wlil rei'al, th? n..#lei <?? .. ibe | A (V M l? 1 pre em an ? c i ?ii ? " ? Serf ?a'l?.a ' H e trooe* ?n'eo j roii:rtj and $lf? , i i \ it r\t t the i;:{ai CLAIR voyhxt tvn <? iiit'il l.i illy. a j .'i ? i i". 'b int ta. pal. 'if ndmbf . . :?*) >- n a ?? enlb tireet l<a in i- vet ?; |ed jM . a' i?? , ? , ? . ' rei " i.oirTwtiv ? {'. u ??. "? ' cSati. "O tVPOSI I ION ?TUB NEVKR I VlUXf: M \ It\H ? t-i'ii l.'ni . ! o iai 'wn ? a no> ta i -c ii Il'it L?a- i i.d V a t' atvfi ? at /?he in I ' r 't * i - , i n ih" | a?t.. pti i?ii- und lutoi" i r uga totrtb'p i j fc ' ?|"ii-a p ra "a *| i: i*?i v ;? on a?p*. a'lowa IT'. I' I . f. e ii - i ril.ui r I >.r ? h ?i. 1 o. r * -III ' f. e?< litre . not ? b found. Ci it'l i ? f r-. | i wa- : anv ur.e > a i--.a it: a?? l-er If. L' ? off >loi. or I ?k I,. *-! ? tell- v- -i - fie ' '. ' > ? son ? a ? n arrv. ill l t N '. : !: *1 ' :. I" I * ? en 1 < I ?v ii. <n. ? i ? i.tjr foniih n.f't.a : a i.i ? lu* i , o?rl i a a i> !. fl'IIK ?'fflMJUL MADAME 8VRON ll.iS BRtl KNi'.D J 1 l fi n i ?k.i, mi uii i i< <i?ii:t"d o? . f i ip- ut , I ?i> ? ?'?. J'hc i- : i? u'pa . ; ^ iruu . I ? . ? . .1 . | ti t- lie clan . r.l lii l ? ?r * *?< hi.P" n <? ' I n*. a to , ?r 'i " ion: enainte.' and *?? tlt?t ner?r laii'i s ) i . *e i n ?. I ? o ed fcv i hetrl * I lo and eaua'n I 4 mail a. OtitcO Ho, 3il) Kourtii a"ti ?. La4l<0 nen. en en $1. wun.u m*i wo win ills i-vRrrvr. r io ?po ??;?? WI.LlfSt. MI>. t ffci ? IIMIH I'.o ll." lieat r r nnil .-ar not b? ? " ? ?e t'O ?-v * ? ;? | t' w ; .'i?neiii an , i.i i rni mi. >o?' a. M ? ? - i - ?n i - . - -t I i ' ho . it u "n ne Ko nan a-nl .ri an r, r o . mod mii| aiji b .a a- ? a >'r?, . nJ aif - . ??. * ? fir i> II a It o C' i. * ill BOt,ir? it .in . '. i.tii.i. it., a "? I m ??'.ei ' tleen III . ?'? J?| - h,.; ?? ?}? i ???>?? ? ? '. I'm I a. pp. at l.or ro?i '?!. -p. MM l*'*ih avroii'. o: t O0H? k (tilth Oiie?t. ?iiii r.otv i-:^ff-* ? oami wrm i-H cLAtRvm ?mt I I i? I art Uiiad ^jan-tn tMdv nnrol a iSo my?t*rie* of ? f i itf-T. inm, mat i-u? aba'ii- trie*** ateaaOiO; ?t ?< rin?? r e.t'i i ? "i ai diM-oMO. t?..? .u?<.> n.iiu"eta. pioitn. .eot or itoliMi. I- . rK(>p6lALS. I T.0T0.V A V E U1 I T PET \RIMR!?T. v> ?i i ii \ f hi <i r t'*\ mn S'|aralp tfi el retvxe t, f*.,h endei?'4 Wtth ihe raw of t ' i" ?on | raeOailat DM ame, tiyl data oi i'-oaontouoa and III. tl >? o. tli" -vi.rk I |? whl h it ? ar n??ll?r?d Wi.l r%*? - ' *' thi* off# imin u o'c ? a >i ciM p lay, A'U- ?t I l*nt i- -he >? ?vhi'-tl'M o lr*i Blcok It" trient* n tho lollowinf ?re-n in tvil ? K*?! l'.roa?fl*a> 1 ,|IH i.rand atrpet 'O Chatham "i.nare; F.cty ?if?t n-i-et. from Bluli io Madison av-n .o, Ihirtw I tMoad ?' i-eot. Hum Kinh m Ne-ontlt ? pnne?; Urame-pf t-ia.e ast side 'lianieri-r park \ from Tweatista tafwea WiltMittt , li-a sine on hps'. 'IdP of Contie si roe t, at Head' ? real and Month street, fiom <>:i ei atrcat to east stdo of ? aibartne ali|\ 8prc-iflraiiont and for ma of (Ha aereementann booblaiaOi On applKa ina to ti e oumrai t cUik at tbia oAc<). TIM?n KTKl'RRNS, i KORT. I. luuRUtlf, ( Cri)t98 Aiu?i1im( Bjard. A w, CRAVEN, J _ AlTCgKMKirr^ ^ WALL ACM. ' ~ ~~~tHUnaD/T. 7 . . .. . .Cwptioi at So'olook. alght bat two of the eminent artiste MISS AVON I A JONKS, ?osoaJ tin* h?r?, ShaksgeN'o ti*g? if of A .10 JXJLIBT. Eornoo. Mr A n r>ae*nnart WerouttJ Mr. Charles k ,.<ier * **'V .Mr. N-ir'ou Prior Lawrenoe Mr. Dal* Peter Mr. Ueorge Holland Caaulet Mr. Moirii Ken . olio Mr Brown* Paris Mr Wi!lutn>on Apothecary .Mi*. t*n: ? Juliet M 1 14 Atonia dona* htt r>e.... . II;"*. John ntiion L* iy Cupula! Mi J'. Warrco Tlia orchestra under the direction of Mr. Edward Molle u hauer. I K! DAT? THE LADY OP LT0N9 Pauline Mi -0 Aroato JoB'i 8ATL' I'D AY? LOVES SACRIFICE. Matyirel R Uoter#.,.. Mta* Aronlo J mm MONDAY? Benoiit an 1 last appoaraaco of Ml** Avonio lonci An .infre chmge of en'erttlnment l? la preparation. ~ DRY GOOD*. ("10RM*N/B#SRIRT BSTABLI SHMSN'T, l.IM BROAD J war.? New I'ateot Mo if Adjiiatiag Cornier. By thl* new ptnceasof manufacturing akirta ladiea may command perfect oonfoimitv to their own idea* of ease, Uex.biilty and graoefulaetf. Muuufitc'.ory 3.7 Eighth avenue. X AMOS. Patentee^ DBESSMAKIXO.-ALT,. KINDS OK FAMILY HEWINO, ootting an.l flttiun tadie*' and children'* ilrew?, at Mo. 15 > Weat r>3d at. Also will go out by the day or week. 11X(;LU3t\rEliY FRENCH Fl.UTINll.'oNR TO tWKNTT 4 inches wide.? All> fluted In an uuaurpamed manner nt Mrs. GOLDEN S French Fluting RatahLahmenta. 13 Amity street <N. B. ? A block and a lialf from Broad way); K87 Bleeoker atieet. b?low Wooater, and Siil PuUm aticet. Brooklyn. N. B.? No machinery used lu the genuine Fren h (luting.' l^LUTISO.? FRENCH FUJTINO DONE AT FOUR i" cents per yard: over four inches, one c#nt per inch extra: bv tha Preach Fluting Company, ZT1 Hprlni street, UetMren Variok and Hudson. Agent, Mrs. bUANAUAM, Ml Thl; J avenue, near Twenty seventh street. 3IKUKU. Arn,li'l'ED RESTORED!? IfiiioRAtrCE SXPQSED! Kali*' lea Uoiimsked ?Highly important t'i both married, or aiugle.'ln hcittli oi dijc.isa ? Dr. IjARMONT'S l'aris, Lonriua and New Yo< k Medical Adviser and .Marrinse Oiiirie (POth edit on. iju page*. iOO illustrations), upon De bility. Hi nar. Affections. Kin t ierHrd Kidney**, the author * line lUOHcd Parts and London treatment. Ac. All sho Id ptircBase ?Hii* work of K. VVAHNRK. No. 1 Ve-.ey tree!, fur $1, or consult the Doctor, 17:J Broadway, npetatr*. Now Toi k. front in A .VI. to 5 P. M. "We coiicur with other papd'j in lecotiimeiidiiig l?r. l<nrmnnt and ills wot* ' Coi.rrlT les Kijts Uu?. Oerm;?n die Ket'oi'ui, Diapatch. iJltuti Zeuuug, Alias. Review, Ac. ACAI! :> ro THE LADTEB.? CHARLES LCTEC, V. D., Profeas r of Obs'atrira an 1 SuruerT, and ov er 17 <**! t o! stitcesa; 'I pra' ; ioe In this city. T'iai on toes m prsltlre cure to ntiy in dy i eqid ring iDftclal medical or aiir^ii nl treatment lit twenty.foitrUoiira' time, norajtt^rhnw coini-!;mied t'ie mbh i-i :iy bo (!an he c inaultod at ill* old established pii VII to oltlce, fill1; Hloadwav. and whero his never t'allti i? fttr .tie niedicii. j <>.iu be obtained, or sent br loiter to miy pai ' of tie Unite 1 Htatei: prli^K'i. N K.? Tha Doctor ha* elojanl. ictxoa an. I the heat ucioininJUatloiiJ and attends i.* In tne olty for p:?ii Mis who wlx'i to lamaTn ?<.-,ring liient. All oMimunlcations strictly con:lil?nl al At bame ill hours of the Uy and evenin^ \ DVICR TO MARBTKn LADIES? MADAM3 RH* ThLL,. Fc main Physicum and Pro! ('.-sue of Midwifery, he cons'lllpd as I . usl at 162 Chambers 1 1 reet. B'.t 'eie tut ?: view will he neeesaary. Noch.irae forodriK. Her in. fallible medicines ma alto he ohtaisied a' IJ7 . I.ibeitf ati'eei. or liy mail ; pric? $3. Ln llea who desire boar.i and the best n .'dical nttendisnco duriiij; conlneiuent r?u be a(N I'f' 'ii. II or French Pills. S'o 1. nrice $1 a hot, or No. 'J, whtrb are four deti ees Wronger than No. 1. anil tail tie "i it, I are s;? . and haalthv; p?io? }'< a li x Can b' ??nt !.v mt. I. tv ; t : i Tjil! dlreclWins. N H ? Madamo F^^tei' deems it lie; duty to cam 'on l%dl**s acainst imitators of hoc adver tise rent.s, who not only rob them of their mean*, but lucir tae.i'.lh. Advice to t.vdies? TnE friend in n-rkd or fOWKR>, I Frunklin street, the never falling di cto Aavlous p tietiH should Iminejiately use his 1'. Drop* Sure relief guaranteed in twen y-fotir hours. Beware of im atious \CAltl) TO I,ADIF9? DR. POWFRS, 61 FPANKf.IN xtrael. warrants sistedy relief la all**, wbatlier teqiilrin'i in- dlcal r sur/tcat trestiiicnl flonmil n'i st.ous s.icip.liy aonAdential. Couai S'atioa ^rati* at all ho is. A D\ ICE TO THE AFFLICTED. -MADAME DF.3. J\ PAKD S I'enui ? Pill* aro t)ie oh y ni -.llclnn la lies . ait d trend on wii'i s ifetv and cer taint.'. Can be -eat h ^ mall. N. .< ? Loilh s who- desi B to avail tbemse '???.* oi Madame Di scard's valuable, cei tain nnd n(f mode of ti eatm ^ot ran do aO at one Intervie.v. Relief nit -d in t venty-fo ir lio rs It 's lei-.c-i IOI Sixth avenue, oppo ite Eighth street. I.qdlP* taieu during confinement, w ill the best tned; al attendance. pit! WIS!: IN TIMK-UF.MEMBRR THE SURE PLACE li ft?r a speedy linre without merciiy ; unfortunate ? tr'H lintl It to '.heir "ndvanlaue. Dr. WARD'S old e?tabll*ii? l oi.ii' l, 01 Franklin street. Advice fret nnl una' ib.?rj* lor meiK'iuc'. ' r CONSULT DR. WAUI), ri FRANJCT.IN STREET. FROM I \J Ilia 'I'-.splHU oi London, the dia averer of the Onlv r? i iMable remerttes for dlsetsts cf a pri\ a'e eiiars. :er. DR. I'OWKRS, 61 FRANKLIN ST.USBT, CAN UK OON solie.i gran*, wuh anparal1' h'..i ?u?rp?s. o.i all faiuil* eon i pl.t 'at*. l!ia Periodical Dr p- 5- per bottle, eipressiy j lor ibsimatecast;*. R^warc of im tat ons. OB, IT 1ST, ' KVAI.R PHTMCIAN AND ACCOOTITSR, .'J Duane strcit. between Centre and Chatham, makes | it bis ; p-eial practice to treat all in:; ale complaints wita \ pn ,'easlonal js:-.i U. Ilia MouiliW Tonic s a uerer falling re [ inedy. Relief cei lain In a few boms. DR TALBOTTK, 2 ! WHITS STREET, NPW TOKIf , can I"! cmaiiVi'd freo c her .1 person or by r'Ui'r, on < I 'lm at < pi ie'n natnre, ilebilitr. lassit tde. ind's-s' on, n?i ro i i. a a id ?U dl-*'.is?s ai is. ni from e?CL'si. Dr. 1'al l> e beli'SMk rogn'ar graduate, ami having had a numhei of > ears' c: p-rlence, both hosp<utl and private, will ti<iaraut?e a tafe r ii i u; ced v cure. M"rtl<'lnea sen'. *ec>: ' e 'rom pryiu^ obajrvat o i. All comm inlcat ens strl-'lly rondrteni a . nR. ft A BAISOtr, At'TllOR or THAT POPULAR I Med'eai Wo k "iltimaii Frai'tr. ' may bee#ns"lied a? usual, a' l.l< Bier ?*?? atieet, bi twen Macdougal and Cot ta;;o place, V. Y. TV^'tOn HAT ?H. AUTHOR OJ THE PRIV ATR TREA I ' ti??, A1. Amltv street? Tl.o e ntio app!y In the ea. iv Stat- of ' :*>e ?'tl be r.rpi -*???* at the ea-- and rt plditv of theeurt. J'ho e, however, who bate onffered long I will best apprtr ate h a set . ic*a nu. rooi-SR u duank srRKP.r, may nF. con. ??. te.i ii il l ti .aea-o.-. ? "I : ty yeai ? ev-lnilye'y de r, ted to dUea r ah t < bim .o v.irraiit a ? ore to a 1 cum-s. Ti e tic'l n* ?f m!-'dac ? t con , 1 <*? ti f; > n rne ltcal nretenJar* can ca I with a ci ta'niy o belnj r.idie*!!/ cored or no pay DR WaTS<).\ AN OLD AND ftXPERIINCED f.tAC titl ) T. Is >'n.iS,e<l to utiMiaii'.'e .'i '''ire )'i all'-asc , by | ?*fe rem ??'>'"?. *? ? e t chao .? o:' !'"t or ??? .-ti' i from tot lacs Dr. Waia'.a'a bjoi, t e ' V lose on I C'lra.'1 ill "I ' hfoi itho i; by ai.aio n: -a "late* .to .eon tain* 'al- j nahle hi orinatb.n !o, ci 'ii ?< s-? ? .T-nn.- rom eliber dt?- | esse or 'nitty, ..r who . rn exo'ate nisriiate Pri-?SI. | Co'd b Mll'er A Co, Post o' 4 ? , I'.riMilxsi. mil br < author Or Broadwav neat b o.-k abt>v? the M ro i llian-llo el. Oft. QKINDLK. FRX ATjE pnTSICT A N A>'D AO rot h*r, X". ti .tmi'V p a^e. 1ta doors f?"in Amity a eet, ina'ieajt h a site a. ia . o ti eat at teniae <on|. p i tits, ?h ite* >-r ? ' | r. to.-d. I s s ire to tlve ro* Itf mtli?iuu ansio nio *nt I ? t*<nit> -four hom*. h ?? ^ r outs for a :I?* re piirtnff imr*log. OK t OnuF.Tr NO 2d CENTRE STREKT BBTWKF.N CoaoiOer. and K-a 1* strerts. can b? cujirutrrt wi'b eno!i<l"uee n !l- as**af a i r \*'o cl ara i-r A practice of ti.i y 'o n year*, tbtee w li . . ii Ua e ln -a in the ii <pitu.s of Ne v ! n ; 'iiai''e* . n t > trea: tr-ih ?. ? ?s* nerro * and tfeneral di-enlty. The * elm* of Impnal it" an eni co ii in with i list ear a it> o; u*iu( radica v e I'd. or no chare* N is?*" I'r t' - difi!otia? 'ii ins o i ce, is inp'oh riu tha New V tk ''n r?r*I*<" Medio*! t'o! Je,;eOs .. ,t College' of S irgeoos. ).oi|. rtl. '/-loon nrwb. - vo''Ni; ma> * friend, nn IT t\" * B'.ecif ' u4 l\e- "olive c :'e? > W(r ? ?.??, I w -ha I narvnry or rbaaga woM Wnd ? Ma?: ?: In I tv.ria i'iilt, W per ]Ar*age A cure ctirt whete man nod b? < Ih-rn moalred. nU.v DNRP-' .*K Rl i.Nf D BFr*"*!U> *Br>BM"TK)V In i : i . Mfc b\ ' ? rtl.'lar nn P H? JtlKK *: t ha 1 hat !'? r th.rtr yea a ?li '.i ed )ita at'?n"o? to d .a<-*t?? of a -vrtaln ?!*?*, n '.e fcat fcuied no tuthan Btti ? m'1 ????? T In r*ate<'.lta are ml d, and liters I- r.o later , t iptlou so but lf!?* or ? bui;/ of ;.e'. tr Hunter f? !i. -on i ant -ft itlai # fr 't 9 to Uie morahia ii if ai ulaiit. at ..a o'i? iiit.-r, >0. nirlt'.m ''if N"? Torreity. fln-e'-'H ' Cliarfa tu??!*rfl'e a <-iir? maranf'-tl ?>ara e rooma la t '<??. Mil p?! -'ii }- ?? t o ?r? I' H H* P xtor h ; tin *o. v4rrl .i-ri' -a. dla-^tiTar* ? Dr. II' n'- a Be' ?>n.p- ? , turf' i t, > ii ('la^a1 ? nea r <?* .Ur tica itoWtit oiWt t'tti ?< *? a 1, r w th-- al'ttt g or r? 'rl n .. lie I at: u of ib* >a- ous tin ?? w u.w a lit* Ji.* aiu; and I a ckat.ln;' rtf* ?? ?' a I c'tr reain! ea. ai'ealn n>n ii a j In -aatli a ?? > itf t r? with" I t'-e .tr*ad : ?1 < o- ?? I (|'Un! rr'ef- rf l.intiijT. and poa-eatet the r* i >at r ii' %Ii!p r>rnv?rt> of nonli a n? tt.a rasa and pa >onout talrl i tl .he r<oHlli.rr to a ?#t i , tir'ata lit? reiiicti ? < -?'l. n.i ? ? tie r ai na i or if and < hat n? her v> , ! * 'omt in!i ItfeenUtri;. ?*i- re liy rc'-jrn mai, m-jJIoal v < ?' at.. ?, i1 -retired p . i.w. ffotli ail the oth?rt put r. V<KliMli ?vi> 1 nr. vitiOftOPVMrrN r?*TORKO 10 ? r IV aMI'r Kl < "JH (J S fc vHh, .V i-. O r' LI P 1 1. ? ?oad"i ii a^"' t ?ii; r??l> re n annooii to !h? timat aiiarercd i ; ? HMD, ??hn!i?* aitaing trow icaa^i. ? I j ? ?? turret ta OS tl^K^tt rr ual'irat TIi* ?lir<* M ilW '9 v?rt L'' f BieitrJkJ* o? ? ? foi l a fa lira la n>p"?ali..a. tic (I coril'a Ka?e '# of L. ;<? l ? .,d in i *?* a -I. .rt-f't ? ioi.a 'or n<> lor ( ? ? . nT'inln iici . a .i, ? fo * nai#f i,"> j a a ?????? it I t iei. "a ? " In :? Pd *?' . -A" ? c.r ; art *?i'? fr"e o.i te.'etj" ?f ro' ? at?i. I a rjltiip J!OI ASI'. <7 HrOO >.? II.NI, Ml . or?**l .'rem Bioadiray. Ne trT'rh Matamk univP!.* rrv\ir. r*it \ ?:? r a* mo ?i Amity tilar^. ?' "?e d?i ? li o i *i> ? ?iioe' an be : a>i ?d o'i ai. ' of n?nil?a H?r me tlaea are I ??*? ? i ; ? ? a u ?' 'ii' i' i "?.? ?>< d ? ?bo de?.|. i *r 4 d' ?' ?Mei?<*ar''? dili'illr 'tal: * Or4r> i?? MKtTM. <*> Ri;o*n?T\v v*t B'- run i a n?nHf 4 00 all lie- a-ea of a irae na I'll e s : i\? \ ' rl n "i tHir'? ?e?i? In >? m '?! " a nt, a f> a' If * fir. < . it* ? a t4i t Mrer fa (n ? open fro i ? o *. C? a r r k :? i: u res>- rtrruov* m -rr.RFr pr rur . . knffreri i?n ?dv fir 1, ?i ? F- h f of l.lfe?iaf I'M i? i'l? ti n ?'r?" - M- >?a i| t" 'hav Ktir n,' ?r n? ? ittirfun hi:,'.?i laarrtr* >,? ? take tin ji> >?? ? 0' r i i aiu'it.i. fl'HC 4 R K P'.?M I'OINTKD t'f A Cl?t BT I tica Situ n I:. I W IB A ? * . 'I a rf.ii" : t a ? miM and et e "?e J# 0 e r , at nm r# , ?n i'>".|ret ol t ?* "i hladraiMa li b. ? ',ea? fo.?ea< ?#?)?, a ff ei*. ? r e?#r? ?? w<?i.t a t'.ie a.teaae nia '?!.?. Our ulai wi.. tiaaii '? lha B.uai a item!- a ?' tiie'i* au- 1 . - : :ic?. s"g : ? >e? ? ed u u . Jaja, nr prerea'e l a-i' Va "it ?? .? a "a fr tl n? OJ e N Hm Ii f it1. ir??n \ ??< W?f H !i?a lr ont* a ? a? a' >? , at ant tea at- <> i? h n ? ? fl" *o ? F?'fl>liatiad '? I rj'n TUB L'.UU.S.-I'R HILL CAN I!. ? .NaLLTKB I on n't 1 e?Mi of ftin*:"- ? th uajai - ? ?d t ?; r? a "?o 1 R-i-'B t:i-e?t t' tee ;oor? fro-i vV -I l*rot i?i Na r Toi ? ffHK OLOJlT or ?|* IP TBVV"^ f ? TII RRRFORII I lh? mi' atisaail dabili' .n i th.'i.dimrw ' ?!<? i?e I?*. fOlf rilS Iiivlgrrailtrf K???n e oi L ' om-aiUFrint n ??ro<f t A permaneat cur* laguaranHad fllllOI'AAKPt ARB SVniRfl BV NOP 00.<f ??! L I t NU 1 th. WARD) <1 rran* !? atieot - Witd ? >i !?? .? i. out ? ponlrlt Oi mero ifT, ara tlie ?nly reatMIM *h! h C?# ? t iooeaat tt-ly erad oal* tiio?a dla?aa?t. rnnn LAOits rniRNB iw nrf.d-dr r.nwii*. so. 1 L 1 teorh -treat. Ihrea d?or< friim Waat Bioadwar, 1??? J 04 ?e?u 7 *t? MTIV i J w iivranim. KTllLO'S OABDBW __ COMBBNCEJ Af f* *???.? mXW/TAWJKtt ?B*On?TWEBK And brilliant anranaa of tka Diatlarilahod Artlato, MISS LUCILLE WBSTERlf. AS LOUISE Oa LAHCOURS AND 0<JARfT.l. In the celobratod Homamr. In Ave UUeaai, eutitl* t *.U? SKA OF ICS. Th? mjikeJ approval baatowod by KULL AND CKlTfOAL AUDIBBf.f upon tbla must a i 'oauful Urtau vvitaii tilfl *an>uaj? meat of H? r?\.tP??nt4tjoii for 'ISnatctin m and etery oreamf till furlber a 9! 1:5. Th? nrln t,.M fulot mttalnerl bv Vin ri L R. Shewel' fll reura, J. K. Ilafau. U. T. UmuoM. J. W. Blai#<fe:!, . . io?? moar, b. B. U>l?et. Ac , i ,?? Mar, Wolia, Storroft 4r.. 4a. TUB SCENERY, COSTUMES, . . . A.-POINTMKNTS, Mk of tha noil BKAtrlKUI, ANO APPROPRIATE OB.Hf ill PT! 0*. T|jt? original irnuic ooutpoael by J. T. Cooke, uulir tM dlierilon of IJAivey 8. IioJ^or'b. SKATS SKCURCD 8IX DAYS IX ADTAKCB. N OLYMPIC THEATRE. Lcjsiea and I)iraotr>-*? Mr* J?ii THIRD WKK.'C ? Of )!?? MMMafulenngflaxuu of ENGLISH OPF.RA. C ROWDl'-D HOl'SEA RAPTL'ROIfl APl'LAl/Si" MADAMS COMTK BOBOIlARI^ MR. WM. CaUTLE, MR S. C. CAMPBELL SUPERIOR COM PAN I AND C'ltORCfl. _ __ COMHJCTOli MR ANTHONY RSlfW BV ERY KVKNISa THIS WE BK, BOHEMIA* OIRT, Arllno Mado-iia Oeiotu Bomharil Tnaddona ?tr. Wm Com' Ai tibenn Mr, 6.C. 'ampMl Plorouotlne.... Mr. Walter Hi-A Devtlnhoof .Mr Warren Whtla < J I ijs C i"en MW* Louisa M>wr? Buda Mra. M. R B'irroSgMI PAS B ECU BY MISS ANNA KRUftER MONDAY B VK NINO, JULY ?, Bal!V? Opera of tbe R03B OK CASTILE will bo aroducad. for th* tirot lu America. MANaoBR OP Oi'KBA.. Mr. H. A BAKSV Carrlttt; ? may boordared H'1 .. HW MOWER* THEATRB. Sole pi-> pnator. . Mr. J. w T.tnja/A WEDNESDAY KVKNINU. .fftly 3J, JW< IMMENSE Hl'CCKSa Mr. J. It' 1 1 OWE. NlihMy raert.el by <ro?rtt<?d n ;|nnrfg wHh UNBOUNDED AITLACSS Tiila n\ eafna bo will nr>oc ir ?* OON O.tlHAB :>E BA/iAM and aa Wii'Iam la the nam cal dram* of BLACK EYED SUSA*. Mr*. W. O. .TONES, OROKOE W?')OFCB? > Mr. MAKDKN, ' Mr 0 LI .SO A BO M.,i K1TT1B FYFI'BE, Mr. (iLASStOKD ARTt'UL OODUt-R. BMOADWAT THEATMt, Corner of Bio td"?v and Broome ak; *." Ma'iaser i.Oeorjja Woo# (iKN'i INR hUCl'ESS. TUoyouog. bca??tlf?l an 1 a- . ouir'iahcd a -|re?*. MISS HKLI.N WKSTER:.', re< ivi d wltii tinlwtimdod ^rftbuslai na every pvann^. TrtfRFOAT EVEN I Nil, JULY 21. LAST NMIil'SOP Tlie mllii irv drama, a tbrt? arts, of (Im FRENCH SPY. M 15.^1 WFSTRRN IN THRKK CHARACTER > To bj I'ol owe I hv t!-e pniiran fare* ?. a i ? r-: \ i lis if uouii jokk. Mi?' W '?t"rn anatainiDitals cMMolOra, SONU AND DANCH. aupnortnil by *o efliilen I torn i an r. Don <!.F:saR DK UAXAS IS IN BBREAR3AU !U f< W?alm n an ???? . . ..IJon I1 rtday <wre*lnif. July -*t. Iionetii of Mua tloleu Wealor^ D<ior? opeu at 7lj-. eomuioueo at 3 o iloc't. PVHX THBATRE? BROOKLYN. JJKNRFIT OF Mr. W DAVIDOE, FRIDAY. JUL* it. Br ceneral ret|".e?t. SerlotM Kami r and The T todlMk Sii*4k and loo Ub?. Mr. David^e. Mr. D?vi.lf? wtU xlnc b*r t?r<vjn tiie u?coa "Villlkem and Hl? Dlnab." Mra. . . BL Conway, Sir. t'oanay, Mr. Dulf, Ac. Box book o?"n. WOOD 3 MINSTRB fj3? "il ( BROADWAY", Opttosiie til. Nich?I?? Hotel? lli?arjr Wood, I'rnprletaiW Tilt. HKST VENTILATBD HALL IN TUB flTT. Il l id* , Jnl\ 14 ami evcr^ eeenlnsj during tlif urcak* tnr suit TROl'I'K OF TMK WORLD. IN 1 II K I R I NIM IT VliLK ENTERTAINMENT. HAMLET, RlJItlXtON < l<l SOB. who srOLP' THK carpet bao. tour r:ROW* FINM'.l.N s WAKE, l.Ef 1IKR OO, AC. Doors ouru at 7 . at S oc;m k. Ticket ? ti icaatB ClAMPBKLL'g MINSTREL*. / AT TULIB WBW HALL. 1W mj S)1 Bo.verv, oppoMte Sprmf ifretl MAUVKLLOl s" dCCClifS or THE WA.STKU BANIl Ol' TUB WOKLH. THIS tVENlNQ, Tapioca. Vlrjlnny Roaabitd, 'l'h a Hlack, ('all He u?t Oe.r Motliar: Jaw hor.a. 4c ; Unci? Sa-ij, Remo.nili-rr Ma. Uoulil't (inli.c.- Bolna. S j?um M.i hoir. fie? BaHa.t* l>?fj| d? Money, RudwolU'a Banjo O Id ilea. Vo-ai Uru'.eiae^ Com? Wltei* Mv l*ive Itreomiuii . Pad-l*'* we-l hag, B.i . In l! e Wood*. t o. net 8o;o?, Sully Conie Up, Ac . to. A'liulf Hon -Seen'* to *1) pai'U ol lh?iiou?<;. il N SPITK OF THK RXt'BgSIVR II RAT Til K m.OTtfOO* oriental fci'sic hall, IW2 Broadway. KH, elnv.-e HIpc k#r. waiter* arrayed hi tbeli mafnliioMit ro-tn-n**. i ? te wonrt'i ?l n'l "'hnl l?i?. Th.* i? the onl* nla-a in tlid sll vor III* in itnell a uorfliy Wa two uoatlonaih 'urfU nui mtiar'lona, a*. regardl*** cf eipeaM. wt ir? ilnlcrmll ed 10 iiImh our nit.ini and ooailn'ie nr alien I >f i ./a'rr. Adin .lalna f re". l-KANIC HI' fclN^L CtllARLEY Bt'CKf.KY'B ) Ml N3TKEL9 ARB COMINO. LOOK 01 i' t"0R T Ills DOL' 8LK-EBDF.R3. KTiTCItl UNVEILED 1\ AT twit NI'.W TOR* MUelEtm OK AN A TOM 7, ?H BROAD WAT. >A,TH0L00t0AL woSDKR* \t 1,ir- ,, MUSK 'I Ot A*4l?v.Ia RO\Di*4** oMiiR or oW'* \t rMK NF.W r.i\!Y uuatLM of ana 61^ ^road^a*. AY MRLOPRON, .W1 FftOADW t BRl)ADWAf?* I'hc Pimiecr of Oprra nn.l v[iii.n-..| Hal'* Admi-mlao freo 'IKO B. H K VPom, f>tr? 'or. 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I D?t till* of Art, 6.'^ Bl ?<!??>. op?n day M l "m nf. / 1 At' I f f ' TO MAN*' h R S TUB DRiMA OP V/ (<n>(i or, t he J' wi?ii Mnli?r nrltten M*ti!<t% H'r ii. an4tb?m'iK by Rol-t HiMpI, i* ibe?>'? p. oi a. i it' lb- ii.rti- ? kn? I. An* f.'anwr per.n.ttlni IM i/eri jinian ? of i I* or *i, portuM or It, ?u: b# p, <i?"<Mitnl t i i. ? f'. ??: cjtrn: of ha lew. I'bia n iHce M d' a. ??' : n'c*tl?o al a coin of tut d ama haa ?:#<?* II. D PALMBJK. l.v,iri c II'jN ?WE WM.r, fit! ARAMTB ?.? nj | ? ?(,r a i" n r nn ? ..? !in4i 1 1, on* no! a- rim n? t*;-. ; ".on, with or wnh?? ? i , a. ioti* bua *!' E? ' f "i" 'iir.pni. Ran oa fnfnl " l..r ?; ' K. Uufe-'N. 7t* Br '%dw*v. B?t"""?B Alter !?'?:? and tt!(h *i itioaV T B^e 1 It i>f:n?on at., tVf. sEBJC b. AbKKAUV. IdA'.B ?.RFl NO KiORji ?in m- <s. <*. U u'-nn-i '.o i\j power , 'o?V for laraohall ic New \ ork Hernid. I.RROT. 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