Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1864 Page 3
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aoinii or wiu beoommewdbd german I wint situations HtiKil IkWbtWJW Bed b.u t ?, Bureee and gt'ie for aeBeral MM*"**- AO , ?t MWI't Uwuu MlklBUi U llMlasH., ?u< Um try 4 KBSTBCTABLB TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BITtT A M?B?iD?reM Mid nuiae; BO objCCtiMI to the cauatry. Btfj At aa Maorou m. A BR8PROTABLE idvnb WOMAI I WANTS A BI1U A Jk Hon ak cook, waiker and trouer; eoticujr pre eried; " i refer* boea. Oall at Ml Whi ittk ft, between tub and ??* m SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECT ABi.B UBB j>K>ri; is a goed oook. waaberand ironer. and Is also m do geneta! housework. Cal at 121 Bivlngtoa ?v, ? I M A N INTELLIGENT WJDOW-WHO HAS NO BOMB, yi WanTtouete meet with a houa~kee> er's situation, or WW Ckargr Of a !me? room or eta In Tit Id: (sen excellent Muekaeper. AMreaa for 1*0 da) a Hou.akeeper. Herald . * WIDOW LADT, AOB W. DE9JRES AN BNOAOB JfL angt aa bdueekeetter or givertirfa, or Soth combined; ? empeteal to ?uutflntend a ecbool or widower e eetak ?tttneut: could uuWteke any position where truet aud ?MBineibltlty In re iuired. Referenoea uneieeptloeable. gMireei A. M. B., eUuon D. oppooao Cooper lart'tute. * SITUATION WANTKD? BT A BESPBCTABLB get middle aged Prolei lant woutaa. aa plain oook, weaker pad lron. r. 18 1 4lr. St., a few doors from "Jib a t. , 4 SITUATION WANTBJI-BT A MIDDLE Aofe? WO J% a nur^e or chambermaid. luyulre for u>te Maat KO 6tb ave. , A WOMAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDERSTANDS fa aniy waablug and Ironiag wishes to go out bv tbe p; can :o up ekilarea'aolotlkee jwriectly. Oallal 113 We?t A BESPEOTARLR TOUNO WOMAN WI8HBB A A eltii ition to do chamber .v u k and waiting In a private Mnlly, or to take care at growing children. Call at 43 Bui Iftaa ai, flr .t uoor. AMUMSTKBSS AND EXPERIENCED OPFRATOR ca >\ he>>l?rA WIlKon'a sewing machines mm d lil.e a ?Usation Id a quint family fur a short time; Brooklvn pi e {??rr-rf. or uinn pU.e ucar It. Adureaa Bra. B. Muir, elation 3 * Jf: Id BOUND WOMAN WANTS TO QO OUT RT TUB A day to wash anil iron or clean. Call at 21o oU at., top ?ear, ruui-i 1?. B GO"D OdOJC AND TO WASH AND IRON, IN ? the oi-.y or country, by a very competent Engl sb ? > Call tor two cays at IU,'? ? ui, wnli good shy rvcreuoe. Washington place. A HIGHLY RKSPECTABDB FEMALB WISHES A gO. cJtunuou to atitnd a lady or an Invalid; wuu>d il*n to ?? t? Kurup?; 1;?m ori,?*ed the AtUntlc throe ti nes; would snar^ti of children. CaU at MV Canal at., in Uie oaudy ?tare. a TOUNO BNOLISH WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION A aa U..j a mall; I- a Qratclaaa f'rcacu a. i<l Spanish bair ?MBtBI ai.d <lfessnmVfr; doea U[> One lacea Cun toi- aoen pKtw? day a at Ui! Went 33d at., between oil) and 7th ava. BIT1TATIOX WANTRD-BT A TOUNO OlRk. AS (Mk ?>: her atfl iror?er or genfral honaesvnrlcer, in leouniry or city; ijovt reiereu.e. Call at CM21 ar. SITUATION WAhTED-BT A OOMPETENT AND wxpericnced go d eiok and baker; is aa aJrvn^; hra t ie lx:et of vity relereuoc aa to ch*raci?r and aU'it) ; rit.ra no uo.ect in a geuicol family. Can be t at !vV( 7tU ?*e . *eu?nd fauoy I tore from :l2d et. 4 raoxu taBt (J UL wants a situation as abkoibeim^ d-anl aeams.roa or to do grnoral home. *Mk Ouod reference. Oall at Hi Columbia at, Broot'.yj, (r two da . a. A TOL A m.u B6BPBCTAHLR WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION , aa rood ot>k tiit'ier for country or city; la aa a~cr. l?nt *er or ironer. Call at a4 Jiaat Baltic ft, noar lloyt, ith Bro'.kl.n. _______________ TOUNO GIRL Wr8nE3 A flITUATTON AS NURSE or clta'Tibermaid and to help wit1) thowa-mnj He~ t irmon can ><e given. Call at her nreaeut tcuploi er'a, BO at 43d at TOUNO 01 BL WANTS A SITUATION TO TRAVEL ill a mdy *? cbild'a our <?, would be wiUing to go to ?ar put. Good reference. Call at 3lU Mo'.t at., reai build pg, Prat iloor from the aireet. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPEOTABIiK WO A ra^o. ai wet nur?*. nlthnlreah krp?st nf nnlk; bo Aiauuou to irnT 1. Ue?t citv reference. Call at 112 East Km at., Lkrtei-u 2d and 3d ava. 4 MiUiir-K AGED It.N ?' LIS!! WOMAN WANTS A J\ aitiatlon o* [frs^ ela^Kcouk in a cent i^raan ? iHmlly or feat*!; no o'.i'ivtion to the coeat '.v. Uoud city reference. Ui lor two d?ya at IS itu au, n' ar bowery. 4 KI.SI'BCI ABr.V. QIRIj WISHES A SITUATION AS ?A ovoivktid iHoud'e-a. ran he teen at2iT WealJGm at, Vane ahe use lived tor three ye.Ji. 4^ Vm k " rtaoDH JQ ine SITUATION WANTS D? BY A RhSPKCTABI.R ii^iinr i; rl a* n o ret! ?n 1 chambermaid or waitres , no itoi' t? i?i' country. Uo d city refereuce. Cul. ai 1 J5 ??^d at , t?p i aor ?ITUAriON WANTrD-BY A TOUNO OinL. AS ekanmcruiai ao I warre.-a. or sraii.*uv<a. t al! at 10 Luirersity plic.), between ilth lbI l-'.ii a;?. a mSSTPCTABLB WOMAN WANTS A SITUAT'ON as Jta wet niir e in a blghi/ reaiieiua^le family; her baby p ? * ^eekn old. It la her Cr>>l. Call atUl tat at., 6ftli bouae ?-oat or >1 a?., Y orkville. A QI'.RM AN OiPIj WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK A or t do if ut-ial ltou'uworx. Call a'. 143 Esal 2?lU . L, Star M av. ODHKKEBl'BR? ^ LADT DESIRKB AN EK040S ment aa bvuMkeeper. Rele.ejces of t ie bl^aeat Ad ire*? K. M., boi 3.01.H l'oat Oflice. jyrrcATiojts w antkd-ry two bbsprotablr P youi-ff glr i one a* good pUio cook and to aan.a'. in the frri ~ir an t irnrrg (J, a.i ezc lent baker), the other aa ?A'". term ,id and w-tilre. a and to a??:?l the u-a?bl"K Bl?4 iroti:,r; no o*> ru.ioo to go a short diataace in tho 1? tiy; g'H.d alt- inference* uaa be given. CaU lor two ?aye at 321 Weat 3.'th a'. SftTUATION WANTED- BT A TOUNO QE B.MAN girl, aa .bambei mailt an I w alti-eaa In a amali pr va e ftnilv: can cr tbo 1 rsi of city reference* inquire bcio.e Jweluea at IK f.eei I lib at iffPATiONS W ANTED -FOR THOROUilULY COM ? pCeut femaie ueiD. of B 1 nalieiia, aucb aa firai c'aa? ?*? eti mvh?rn a i?, walireaie . lai.n ire??e?. <-eainatr<:aiea, uaea, cv?>kH to wm'i an I 1 on. small ulrls and g>r!? latrly Ai>p!* at t' ?? I^att,- R-np'oyment House, earner of k and lltb St. A ? > Biale beip. fe^fO ATluN W/NTBD.-A OtRM \N WOMAN, WHO wLM Blve th- o?st oi referonre. wiw'ie' a stt ;c.t:on * i In st' iiiirs -, or ! ? taie e?ro i>f children; li a u?-at aewer; ?nia kocll h. Pro. and Ueruitn. Oall at Me. 1 LewN Wiaa-., corner of <lrat?i healih> wo:ran, who ",0<t her own b.iby. aocen wer.k* tbreo days u, o A at John Bant*', KOth st. and M?r ATI ON WAn '^SL-^1 , 4, sfamstbkps J ani operator cn WficeTer .1 w llSBB's mschloi tiy i'io >aak er month; b?* a machine of her ewa It noeli'd ?p fW*i h,r Piwot rci|jlr?yer a, H j Buomfl-'ld ?! , !! ;t Ai n WIWO OKRMAN g : c.l-9 WANT MUTATIONS- OMB TO A de up stairs work and the ott.*r for aown stairs work. fen at ua Mb nr.. ei. ,0th ui.d 41st st*. \lAMTP.D-rT A RESPBCTABLR PROfRSTANT vv w .man a sltnat!"? ?"Kh a lidy ahnnt to traveL Ad Htnm Sam , t. . ,?(?.. ftew Yor* fo?t o'l.ce. "^l'ANTKD-4 CHILD TO WKT NCKSE^ HT A TOl'Nfl ar. , iii ar .' t. hattaniflle. ?trANTib-BT A n: f,PKl TABLE L!TTI.R OI!!Ii, A tt snmit on >0 co liijht b' rk er io n..nd a baoy , la WTtern jrnri" < ' ;'ke. Cail .it 2.1 1 ml 3iti) a". ANTED? A *11 ''ATION A" COOK: UNUER8T.NUB f* Kre'th ar- . l i.; ?h coonlna; will do pl&in ? .,i '.>hu tmi ? , Mt wtfalAS ?4 Bkliglag. A^MUItkli MM' ANTRD? RT A PKSPBCTAni.f TOt'NO MRSOV, 71 iii.i'I n to tru e! with n 'aiyto I'.nrupe, or tiku ?aro v?r rhl'.i'ri- ? f t ?' ?<t inter ani aew. Call at ati '.Vest Kit at. !>??. f n '-tb and 7th avs. IV-AKTHO-nv A I ROTKATANT WOMAN, A BITUA Uoa a* ?iok, war': r ai.d inn er wuH d do general fcenMiw^rk, iio.i.t left' ' t-e. Call at f 4 . tb hv. Tk'AStJ, -M A H.,?rJ>'tAnT,ft VoCNO V A RRIKD yv w i an v 1 i>< 'oa- horo*r. t)?h?, one troulli old, r ? at ii ?, bou?e; n feienee (ilven if ai So ii 0>y Deck at , betweeu ltnb and fc^r W rAblK - A nr.9PECTABI.B scoTcn PROTES .n?n aalt i?t'.on ?* ehaintcruialil p.nd iaun <)r?, i, ? ?ui ir" . Or<n^e, N J . preferred. Ar;ly 19 p?"k >et ii i t'rnt e at. Orange, S. J., or ?ddr< aa bos LM' f^at o 1 Mt \ or*. WaBTRD? A SITUATION, RT AN RNOLISH WOMAN, kndehi' l*'iBlre?? n i'e oountr*; good rtie< "t ' ?# W e.t .MlU at , b- twsrn 7tb a^ 1 ?th a. a. E aNT^D-A SITUATION RV A YOl'NO 0IRI-. TO d<> ? 'una i^june ' ur>. In a pi.'BVe family. Call ^t 41 Sid at . nearTlu w AKTKD-A StTUATIO*. BY A flrl.a?c.>nk W1*ber md Inrrr In a |i v?s la i liy: (.1*4 ralerrn. e. OtllM IS) K*?l 2,?ib <1 , ilV i'oor. w ABTKP-SITUAilOM. B* Ito TOfjUU rOMEi. atteia iii a i It'Mbi one to cook, wmii and f en ,>t a.? I and wnltar. t'lt; r* Or* ace ra.jj^l, 0?1. <0 vVeti 130; ?l. AKTRP-A HTUATION. BT A RKST'KOTATILB )oi n; gTrl t'>??ie caraof ihldien end u do p ain !rf. nm it*l< *11 It, I'd* of ? inl'.tihlf. j ; li . OB . im lo n nli.* co-intr* Cm Be bo d for Iw.t d if a it ( a n .. I it, in rear. r mvu bo, i. *"*T l> -A IM'ATIOf*. TO HO Tt? OAI.UGHNIA II rVli e B'if.C, ?)Ul) 'Vt W North Oifmd at. z if. w WAMrK '.-A r .?nf tip ri! KlNUMKNf A'U) Knvr* i ? >, !? rtf r. "1 i.J[ o'^wtrTf n Im tu.n n >i?o ??uM v)'!"!;*" <i??n ' i*'jr *i >JI ?, D-r-it M> m i?io. ?.??! luve now" ?? t! il I' ?, in ?lf. tbo *.i-iir.? f. K. J., rot&i i uital e PiowY*ik. WAXriill-BY A KKVfF ITABI.K WOJU*. Afltri'A- i Vim n* rookr Wiii'nif t i n <? t * iib |l-.? w??' ,,13; IN% W.> ef <"11? n?fn?*a? e, U?ll ! or inn fl?v? ftt I , I ?\e 1 Jb it. I WA*r?D-l|Y A TOT^O I'ROinsTAMT WOMAN. A ntMHian ?? her-ite'd end w*ltr?n or to amtt ttl J?*OI K t ail ?t .tl hrtlt 13 Ul eu |I'*vted nr'JATio.n. hy two r.r ,t.i ?? 11 ,c md oWU'nc; imt'I u^r lo live m ? ? 1-1.I*; li ? g'l "< 'I'* reference Irom laet piacc. Call <a? two d<i)rt ?t - 1 We?t ?ifi ?t. TTrt?(T?l>-? BfTU ATIOM, BV A ?IMA*r, TltlY " ?in to do hoiu*iT.<i It, 1- n Hum nock and au axrellAat ?aaher and lron-ir. call >1 ii K? 1 rtd tl AHTBn? H Y A RK.srROT A T1t<t! WIDOW LAI>T. A ?>tu?tion m at-'wardn a. baa lurn In that rapncltjr on HM'nirt., Ilarald oil on. AJITBD-B1 A BESI'acTABLK WIDOW A HTtJ atloo ?i houykacBer for a |?ntl?ra?n, ?a wall ?* " tn bau .akoaplnt Addre??J r., boa IUt Haraltf (?r** ?1/ ABTRI>? BT 4 FROT**TAl?T WOK A If, A BITOA Jt Uon aa k<m>4 oonk aad baker. Id a imall priral* Tamil*. |lv? lull ?atl?f??,lion in lii-r ?ilun.on, Bad of dlv ??. Call at t WMh a?., till a i?a?ed tzzz WkVTP.D? A BTtlTATlOBI. BY A BSUPBOTABtll ttrl.ioenok. aah and irm ha? lavn jr<-ar <re(ar mmm mm her un pia,? Oall at ITS W eat Hit at , bat ween fSCaaf Sih ??e. , t^'rd rmat rnoi*. ^AltTRO-A ?lYIIATtON, BY A BB?rR..TABLl girl, t<> do earr?l hnnaevotk: be.t a/ e>ti rafafaao* Call lor lira daft at 1M Chrj atla ?V r A WTCAWOW A TO UNO MaV, A 0BKMA1I lbs com trustee drauttktiag lu iwauei ?*, a ud it good aurreyor, wiafcaaa eltuallon. Address a. K. Laage, 98 itarcUj ?b AlOUhO OENTLEMAN ?? MMBMKrt ABILITY from the oil country. ?tibM to fet a attuation u o lark In a ft r y g' ols aiort. In ? merchant'* or ???? *ii cb; fa ?Art *i y boo* t: has Arst class neierenca; geod writer; torma mo.^arate. AddisasL. " M.t Heif.d ualca. A SCOTCHMAN. LATELY AftBITKD IN THIS country, wishes ft fttuiaT .a but)ar or waller la ft prl Tfttn fiAtly ; has b'd tbe bait of expeMaf* lu Rngns'i tad ?oatch laiwUiee. aad ia willing to n*U bimse.f geueiatiy anefui; to" u 01 couBtry. Address R. Q.. iiT Weat 1Mb ?L, iwarvlh bt. Awholkhalr druooist, or i? years1 kxpb rienoe desires a situation in that branch of business; Im e ass reiaroaoca Atldiaaa O. Brook, Ledger, 1'hii adelpMa Ayouno maw. WHO writes aoood hand, de slres ft situation fti corresponding or fan eral olerk ; baa ha>l <a,uai<lnr?hl't eiperlen. i .11 o noe and meruantiis business, and I* wll'lnjr to m?ke ta'm?elf generally useful. Character unquestionable. Addiesa for three dftf a, J.B., m Madison at A HI TIT ATION WANTED? AS TRAVELLING AOENT, fur good hon-e irAvlag aupia goods tor **.e Can ?ell any goo.1i, but will aell humbugs References given. Addie** J. V.. boi 1(C Lf wall aiAaa. GENTLEMAN 0? r, EHSROETIO AND OF 00' imrrcial qUftHticftilous, waut* ft situation fta book. keeper, t ranch corrs*pot..vii, Ac. No objection to leaving New York. City reference. Andreas for eaa week bus 713 Foat oQtoe. t RBfiPBCTAHijE add ntkady young man A J?'*; o? a aituftt ou as bookkeeper, entry, snipping, dry ?N>v?''rpi rs'rs Merit, or In Tact ?nv kUum-od wl>re ft uant 111 ftfii trustworthy inso ta reiulrea. Salary nut *o much an o >10* <*??< a geod houtie. Addreaa for two day* If. 1). la.. Si7 boy-try.^ _____ Ayouno man waSiS a Situation ab private rosrhuian or bartender. ~ * ..ountry preferred. Can nun e wall rpeomnipuded. Call at or addr?** W *6th ?t-. beiwaea 5lh and Clb fcva. Ayouno man oEsrRtis a bit^aTJOn in a 'wboU aMa orovUloa biiftinci ; was for nvtta. vairs In aoe of the mo t *3tenalT<- bn'tnr and Urit eaUMIftb /*""1* <n fiurntanr, eaj.eelaliy Uauiburc; has giant liiiaiuert ?? * Pt1'1 encn ami wo il i be able 1 0 mftie new anil rery 1 od 1 con nectiona In Hi'* rtrre' tiot> : be undentiaud* i'ie f?brl. ?> tion or tbe -a artic'aa ihorougrtly, and would make Lliubelf go.'i"ra:iv QMraU Address E. V.. Herald oilice. Atouni; man. a few months in the topn try, want* a iiftuiMon aa I'gbt porter, or In any c*i .vi ty vrlirro ami Indiietry would be a help to hn art TRnoeuiiiii. Tha verj fca?t of relereuea. Apply to John la tbe atore 765 Broadway. A -?Ol:NO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS BAR J\. keeper; do-vn towa pr. rsrred; bat the best of refer euf^. Address P. T , boi 10^ Herald onice. A 8 BAK.TKNDER. -WANTED, BY A RBSPRCTAHLB yoi<ng mnn, a aitu^tlnn aa a'>ore, in any ro peutabla house ut bu'lanK"; g?><i city rcferci^cc. Apply lo or ?U dret,ft K. 8., oO Cariuine St., for two da^s. Hardware. -situation wanted, by a toubq man, ye?r? o d. In a hardv.-uro store, who'eenle or retail; l.*>. uad live ytara' aiperieuce. Address V. \V , Her ald office. Notice to millinery goods houses? a young man. having a large raa'i WrMcrn trade, is d^ Blro.a I t obtaining a situation au travelling talesman in souie li'iusa .n tUe abo-. a line. Addrens for one week, box 6, io3 I'ost oflice. vti I>.:KINEI> Pi'TOI.EITM.? SITUATION WANTED, A8 I stillm^n; ln? bhd experio ie? n one of >he UrgeMi r? Cueriea in Oil City, Peun. Addreaa A. M., b?z )37 Hera!d olw. QITUATION WAHTRD? IN A WHOLESALE STORE, O by a youns man, who has had throo yens eiperiame In a retail dru.' and boo'c sl> re. Can furnish botli clt? and coun'ry rej'crcuoea. Address for two days S , lUra'd otliot. SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOl'NO MAN. l>i YRAR8 of a,.#, iu ? law oOicr, where r,c could harn an oi Mir tuoity of studying law. Address H. II., station D, N. Y. SITU ATI OX WANTED- ?1 A MARRIKD U*V. WHO is a fa r penman, qnfrfc and accura'e at fl^'neitaRd wllKiiz U> i:' ?L" liimdell iisofnl at whatever bu?tnes? be may emnloyod. Call Ibis day on W. M . 'il8 Stautoo at., third lloor. CITt'ATION WANTt D-BY A YO"NO MAN, AS POR Li i?r ina torei Hest of referen.-es given. Address Conrad Lindner, 179 Orcbari st fPO PAWNBROKERS, MERCHANTS. AO. -A YOUNO man, pr-v 0'isly employed f?rem*n and h^oitk^eper In ItVin nil or a, who writes a good hand and l>aa most (a'.la faetcry d.atliar^e'i Is dealrons of obts^n nits mt:ar Bitus tt u; or tvou d uodrrta^e the tencra! nuTes of cleric, auo tin-cur or na'.estnan. Address S. o , 3j2 Madison at., for three days. WANTBD-DV A YOUTn OK If YEAR^, A SIT1A Hon to a \rho>sal? prucery ; lias liiid two \ears eiperttn.m in tUe retail trade and uaden-unda 1 ookkeeu In.v 1 110 ' e?t of c.;y reference gives. Address W. R. v., li c raid aC'.OR. \LrANrED?-AN OrPICB T03ITI0N. BY A YOI NO ?" man of al'llliy and eiperltnce; beat ai" reference. Adilresa ti l Monday, J. F. B.. Herald office. WANTBD-A SITUATION. Br A MAN. TO DO EtL it im; r.ifi p >!' liing, ni ob,e. t'ou lo leave the city. Ad d'.t.ll V. . u., unit MOM* nrARTID-BT A IH8TWM YOCNO Man. a II * Illation aa t.irkeiper or a c> rk in a liqtior (tare: Km hail both city snd com try eijerleuee: good reference n von. Call at or a (dreas 701 Uh nr., first (ioor. <5~n will bk tatd to ant one procuring cOU for me advert ?. r a situation m barkeeper or ?i.ik keeper in a hotel. fale.stna'i :n .1 grocerr or in say o;her oa peril, where a riernnnz-n -y m.iy ho obtained; 9 rut nlass le* Urn in ..Ua A ! ireiu M. 3., Herald ollce. ~ ~ TU8 T&AOES* " [ A IOCIO W IV, A Sl.'BVEVOR, WANT# IKBTRCC tlnnn in mbhtn*. lettering end co'.otlng maps Address Alfred Wa 1 ng. liexpart, N. J. Ave ! NO MAN. WITU GOOD HTT RKFI. RINCK8, 17 yeere <>f ag?, w.?h?? to bled himself to a carpenter, blae sm tb, apr nj maker < r slrp.oictr. Addr-aa for three deya r, OTonn?H. IV ff'ii lCili'st., between Bl?eckei end Ht-lsoA. CIOACH fAlNIBli WANTED? TO WilOM, IF COMPE J tent, steady employment will be git en. A:?t>W at the coiner of 8tli eve er.d S'td it., In the stage office, to (lea. bhepi.erd, fc iptr oiTioeut. SITUATION \t ANTED- Bf A FIRST CLASS FIAM t'mer, lur -tea y work in a piano fac'ory. or little wh.cli HO'ild k??.i lilm Im^y for three or fonr dirt a 'week. Id iltn at 1CI){ Orchard at fpo OABINSr MAKERS AND CAltPBNTBllfl.-A J yonr.e man. sged-2 , we-iti to leant one - t the chore tr-idf ; t- itan iy wit: te?3l?s ? wages n > ob.ect. Address '.V. J W. Hera'd o :'.oe fiiO M7?????fcWA}iTED. A SITUATION. BY A J. pr.ujlic?i m^i, as iup?r.iii<r*<tcnt or li?ad miller; ??? d not orje 1 1 jgi l.i "ii cion'.ry Au.1r?-s Miller, ears of Jaa B Ha- mor.d K: Wnrr-n ?t , N. T. ANTED ? A FOREMAN FOR A FINE OUT T^BAC e ? 'aclory ; *bo ' e.en uscJ Ui rnnnltij; a Pavton ma>'lilue. Te a g?.cd, steady nun, who end-isunds the v h le pi'.^-M of n an ifactnie, a aeod >.?:arv *I'I be paid. Addre-a, r?fsrep?r*, b j 'V. g?rtoa r<?t office. vv? 7 ie- !^.v r>K.'M"te? /pyly t-? *1. Hue en. 114 Chetabei at--- f-r. Va^y? tr?.. - \\' A NTKD? A OOl D UhV !Ell ENiiRAVF.R AND >? ateei >t'er co ner. lllii'-est ???s given Add'e??al ia<:) l?> t.t 1 l*i all, ?li! * nl iialUmere >1, U- Itiniore, Nld. IV ATrHMAKBR WANTRD ?NONE BUT A VIR-"T >? el *4 "o.,iuan a.n-a app'j lo Jolia U. W clsh, 2('l Otef iwieh ?t. V>" AS1KD-A V!R^r RATE FILE FOUOER FOR ? en- '?! sti>j!e bi i "a '.vork, to wbotn Ihc be-i of ? sc s tit . ?v..pln in-at v llibugt.en. Ap|ily to O. K.itfler i o;i, 13 'i? <1 si.. N#?r Toia, or a. \V. UoUery, M^tteae-sa, *etr ?"rk. ________________ tv 4WTEO-A tanut maker, wnorinEnsTAvns *? l. .-?fcjnji !f. et i!?? well. Apj:ly tills dey, belereeo 12 en.l I o < **. al i J U-) d s|, s^? ? _ fV AMTKD? t ?!V0!.B VOUKO NAN A KbroTlBRi If none ?t *r nv-d anpl'v at J. M. |, >av? Mai act, Ui Vorast.. llrooki>Di an Knji'.lsh man pri-ferrel. w TAi\Ttr>-A FiR?r RATI- MACITlRtvr, ONE AC tali '.i d "lib Wfcee'.er A V.T?PO'? sod Wllieoi h Gtbbs* hashers sk IITCL.P tV A XTED-rEMALE3. ,\ LAONDBRSS A>T> CHAMBERMAID WANT' D? /t Wher> th? eo k dots the plA'n tlotlic; one eefostcne# I" do dt t be Hn??t t:-,<fs, a^ ?hne penis ves'n . ladle*' dre*?e*, Ac. wilt $i0 a month. Apply, with references, al id? Chambers st. /IAP-MVKEK8 W ANTED? 8TEADT WORE AND \J rem ?U?>. App'y linmed ately to L J. A 1. t'h.lll. s, and 2"7 l una: si. AN7KD - * N ENOHSIT OR AMERIOAN WET ui#', wlib fresh brtast ?f m Ik. app y al 40 Last "it|?t. _ WASTED- A OOOE ANDONK WILLING TO AR?f?T VV in^aan ng und ironing in a small fairly; rt tse a juujj woman to wait cm 'able aud do t .laiulerwork. Call ct M't ??. | ? WANTFO-A OERMAN TROrRFTANT WOMAN, TO <!o up ?'a;r. wo k id a pr T<ia faml * and lo a slut 1 toklrgove o. c?lli!r."n Af.i/loL. Hoe U-ser, 91 Dey ft. W astbd-a ttiokM;.;iilv comebtj-; wr> ?- lited .inn^t .tan I ? l? ho .ils ur ], |e ? t(l. In'of?l\o'tl I r?. ' ' i?e ? of nii*t.( ilfsnii^ l on Aii 1 \r ff! ? Vr t.. . . V ?? -? 1|? . raiWASN wTI if t .i <1. ait tr a: t: e i ?? uf t .? ijr...i IritU Hbuee, com er et h ocl'tav and r?nal *t v^pr ?? o\I*V!s, I I* A .sv ' iiT ^''TlVn WOM \N, A?ct!AX bermsid a t' per Pti nth. Anpiy ai tbe Revere Hon e, m hie^rtw^'y. vv \\f PROTEST INT WOMAN, TO O'lOK, ? I was? a. ui it a In a pr.vate taru.l^. Ap^ly at ?.6 4t i a*. \V sNTK't I N A P ITATB EAMIIjT, A PI R^ON *' <? >.)'< and to AtsUt In was 'ing ana Ironing. Apt ly at S4 l:ond st. \\' ANTRD-POR * SMVI.L EiJIILT. A rOMrrriiNT *? mil b' .-i'tifti , t" ? O'- wa-'i tid ' on no n e ca'e ttf a ' ttv I'MAn'e o < e ? ill tor u? tiafl, froia 9 to III, M Ml *>"! J il t "\\7"AV Ti 0 -IN * AM VU> AMERICAN KAM'liT, A ? r.efMe'l Pr ite?l lit ur In d- ?e;i"ral but s?'vurt| wagea ?l ? a monUi Ap,.,- at 111 LuUi >? si, WKT NIIRtlE WAHTKD? 1M-MBM aTBUT, WrTfl" A Tri-e'i hrenst of mi k. Apply alJMr. tiheshao'e. Slih at. . two dew ii MM ef M Bf . ? ' \*,'ET "Itritfl WaNTBD immediatplt. appi.t ?? al II Dtrls'on ?l If the itirl who applied yesterday from llarlem wl 1 call al tbe above place ehe will hear of a.imetaipg te bai advan'age. WASTIUV-A OIRL WHO SrBAKS RPANISfl, TO t-keoare nf ehiid en Apply at 77 Bast llth >t. WAMTBD-a T0VM9 WOMAN, TO MOOBT flABO pieiareat mast nndeiatand thebnaleesa A^tllr at ih*^??Phls II aUer y, MS Broadway, corner of .nfr WA!!I5?rA.a">#p,IUTABl'? woman ro w?t eww'. MetJe ?55f* *^"r '"'i " t tt iv i:r:? ?14' ???< * ^ ?<>"w wen vv wuit / A H*L P WA?no.rB)IAtn. i WAUTBD-TN A PRIVATE PAMILY. A OOOD OOOt. w*?h>ir aud irnaer, mm a good rharuhorinald and w?Hr?*? balk nun have good ally reierenasa. Apply at MS 5th ar., uest to the auruer at 4?th si.. baaemaat tWor. f ra m 8 !a 11 A. M. WANTKD? IN A SMALL FAMILY. TWO OOOD girls; one mnat be a good cook, washer an<l iroaert the other moat itni'erelanJ aewlnii and tlo the up stalra work. Apply at IM Van ?tfth at, between Id and Sd ava. HiCLP \V 1 ITBO-MALIM. * COMMERCIAL EMPLOYMENT kiStiwT W7?i aid IV l It real war , watitej to d ay, awl taut bookkeep er, howl clerk, portea, dry g< ods ?*!-?i>i*n. man tu go to Baao.da, shipping cferk, entry clerk grocery aa'eamaa, trmvell ng agcr.t, drug elerk, s erk fat oltioe, cashier lor ie>tauMat O'ber sltoaUoua opeo. Mo connection with intelligence utter*. 08y* R A 00. A* THE MBRCAHTILk AQENCT-W anted TO DAT, bookkeeper, e*al>.ie:it bookkeeper, dm* clerk, dry rood* aalesnian. shipping dark, entry clerk, grocery ralceiaan, travelling agent ooarhiuee, porter waltera tr^rkeeprr 1.00 men for Krte Katlway. Otner situations open. Maftbant* aud other* annulled with all kinds of clerk* free of e' s rice. q. MOWQOMKUY A CO.. #M Bread way, room 4, upjia<ra. AGENTHCaN MintKn A HIT HOURS SELLING our great new aud wonderful extra iarge lUn I'tl/o firkuf >13 per day guaranteed. Eyeiy do.W in rented more than doubled. A iolend'd solid roM or allver leyer Willi presented free to eaoh agent. Hmsrl m?n wante.t to eelabilah agencies iu every Iowa and rji'ag*. CiKinty rti,t>ta free. Kale immense, demand Erarybod-. buys tbe'n 8 nd for our groat new .r or 1M4, containing eitra new nrenium inducement* fr-e !? O. RM'KARDH A CO.. 102 Nttaaau at.. New York, original, largeat and oldeal Frl/.e Package house In the world. AGhNT WaNTED-TO SELL BEGAR8 TO TUB city trade; one fcua'craed to the barineaa preferred. Addresa box .'1,877 I' oat oflioe. AGENTS WANTKD TO RAT-TO FELL OUR CAM pawn Tina. One of our MoClollao cantraaseca maHna oyer $.> i>ei- day on McUlellan's a'.onc Lincoln end Fremont about neok and tteefc. C'aa|?:gn Medal Ce., <38 Broadway. All tan honorably make tsvo dollars from twentr-flvo can's ? Call and examine son-.etfcl''g urgebtly nnrd.d by erery family: or wnt free by ma I for 2ic tnat retail tor ti, by B. L. W OLCOT f. I fo Chatham square, N. Y. A CLERK IN A BOOKSTOBF ? WANTED, A WIDE x* awalie, ei.terprls'iig iti.-.n, ihnrousbly c 'rnp-iant ?o take t-hargoof mo DnvloK aid selling la the retail depart ment of a N-'.v York bookttor*. No one irithotit eonaliJcr OvpeaHrtlcn, either In tt-n whr.'eaale pr ret ill bnnk b'i?1 rr.? need applf. Ad-M^a bo* i 111 ?s"e-.r York Pe-t oflloo, itatlni: a^?- I'elftrencet and anlary expected. BtTBflTITVfB, EITHER AN* A15LK BODIKD alien or mo je.?ra reteran, wauled, hir a ?ent!emau of w-aith. a blcher bounty tban an ? adyeriHei! will bo paid In cash. AprW to B. k. BROWN. et/'"i^!l9r ?Maw, 3'i9 Broadway, up ftllri, lo day. * *- ? -?? Boys wanTu'r-im a flukbino establtsii mout. Only atout ftoys need jtpply at H Bleocker at. _ BOT WANTED? FRO m"i|" To'tf ArtB. TO do ? r?nJ* and mats bint elf naeful ubout a millinery ?tor? Alio wan'ed, 2 farm UaucJa for tbo country. Apply at Employment tlouse corner Clb av. and 11th at. BOY WANTUD-ABOUr U TEARS ojt aoe, to make ulinaell' u-re ui In an ofilue. Applr. with re^ominenda t'on. after# A M. to-day. at 77B!aecler at., op ataira. Bartender wanteo.-ctty reference rk quiied Iiw ilre at 157 Madieoo at., corner of Pice, from 9 tola A. M. AR TENDER WANTED ? ONE WITH GOOD CITT reference mar appl at 13 Catharine klip. 0OACBMAN. TO ASSIST IN PLATN OARDENIBO AND be gdnernlly uaefu!, wanted, to go a a'.inrt 'I'.ntmi -e In the country Wtrfa $'20 to %tl per mouth and found. Apply at Employment Douse, corner CtU ay. and 11th it. I"\BUO CLERK WANTF.D.? ONE THORODOHLY AC. J i(B?lnted with tha retail bucnesa, and well rwrm mended. can apply at 1U6 8th ar. for font day*, ellber In person or hy letter. RPO CLERK WABTED-ONE THOROeonLT OOM pelent Apply to F. J Faa*mor<!, 812 Grand aL B D I EMPLOYMENT.? AN EFBEOETIO MAN WANTED, TO J *ct as aKent. Apply at 27 Beekiaau et., lhlrd floor. G ROOM -WANTED, A SITUATION AS UBOOM. BY a yo m( who understand* the riianr.,;em?iit and tare of bcrees and barnesa, andean dnre: has no objection to the country. Ad tre?i 3. 0., ISO F.a*t 39tli at.. New Ycik. PLBAOANT AND FSOFITABLE EMPLOYMKNT. Agents wanted In evory town to e?ll El;rh'e'a Imperial Kteel roitiaiti of Freaidont Abraham M; icom. Lieutenant Central U. 8 O.ant. Bt vr G?nci*i W. 8. Hancock. Tbfl most arc . i ale ami beairiful piiblltbnd. Price $! eacb. Can h' a? at uv mall. For lurtber parilci.lars * ply to DERBY A MILLER publisher*, No. b Snrtiec at. , N. V. SALESMAN wanted-in a weolbsale liquor O store; one ao'iualnlaJ through the oity. A German preferrud. Addre a '-Ok i,692 Fo*t o.lice. UNITED STATES NAVT.-i BC5PITAL STEWARD, who baa aen ed in the nayy. wiaheg again to go out In tk*t capacity, A Jdreas C. H.. box ISO Herald oHlce. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? ABLE-BODIED MEN FOB ?-.rvice In the United Suua Arm/ (Jciieril Ilospltala, New York harbor Wage* K-'^l a eocuth and board. Apply, w.llircouuinieadj.tlo'ia, 10 R 9. V Iji tt, 87 Elec^kerat. WANTED-IMMRD1ATBLT. MEN WitO WlSU TO make from to $SC per day by a biua'.i Inreainient, from $20 to J.tini. important new Invention, jnut re-eiTeri. Ureal opportuuity 10 niak* money, either by traralling or IcM^Umiln city or rountry. HOWARD TILDBN, 009 Broadway. WANTKD? A YOUNG MAN IN A WHOLBSALB AND reUli store. Ad^r**o, with refereura, lo handwriting of applicant, box 2.200 Poet office. T\f AN TED-IN A DRY GOODS COMMISSION HOUSE, ? ? nbi', s xteeti years old. Addre^a box i,C?a Foat ofllue, In hamin nt'.ng of applicant YTFANTED? TWO OR TIIBKB COOD STABLEMEN, Vf *' u two good coaoh drlrera. at the Abingdon atablea, CR end 70 Bank st w ANTRD-A BOY OR YOUNO MA If, TO WRITS IK the Seamen's Rank, lfl8 York ?t., Brooklyn. W~ AR?RD? A DHt:q clerk, who is well ao. (juainffl, wits the German and KngMab laugua?ea. Call at 4 'f> !uh ar. WANTED-A YOCNnMAN.TO WORK IK A OROCRRT ? ro and to take care of horeea. lu'imre at 221 Bridge at., Brooklyn. WAX tED-FIRST CLASS WAITERS, WITH BLACK jacket* and While at r^na, for three lata in the week, at t'ue Ca?nlo, Caalrat Park. ST ETSON A KADl'OHD. Wanter.-a TOVNO MAN I* TEAR* op aor dr. aire* a all'iatlon In eome llaht manufani irlnj bnainea; or In an v good hnnee; haa oiceiiont refeienci and c--mid in *eat irmn >800 to (INK) tn the kuatneaa on good aecurity. Add reaa for on* week, R. C. 0.. Herald oElcc. UTANTKD? A YOIWO k AN A# IJMBREEPER AND V' ?ntry clerk In a large factory; muat be Intelligent and Hut afraid ot loo* biiiira and imr.i work. AdJreaa. living re erenraa and stating expaMed eaJary, Yiiloan, Herald o?tce. AN TEl?-A TOUNG MAN OP IDPMHOI AND reape, | .blllty to Imrel *Ii:> a cbenilea! and raa .neile w eihiklii-m. A j'p.icint lauat he Iv-tween I5an.1 Is yt-ara of ane Un,|iia*tloaab)a relercncej re'iuli^d. A ii?jly at Conk A Sne dtker'a 33 Dey at. between 1 1 and ^o'clock tbia day. WAN TED-TO CLERK Til? ran Mil* iiBdaHiMnda the 1n all Its branch**, tn ro I'l St. Lou If. to auch * one a good situation I- op?a. v Jreaa, t, ;t:i rctcreuea ant full oa.t'.culara, Liensbaw, Kaulkner A Guuklng, 202 Broadway, N. T. ; V 4! rRO-f m\ (.)< ntT van. aboI'T is ykars op II a r* to attend to collections and 'nnke himaeir g?n?r ally oncfiil; mu>t realde with hla parenta In in're t: 204 Water ft, between Id end 13 o'elodt. WtNTKD? A RKlJFKOrABLt TO^NO MAN, A? clerk; rami 6? a rapid p*n-nan *?d willing lo make blmaulf e*-neraiiy iiaeful. Ad'l.?a? H. M. A Co., II ? rnid o:'. oe, with reroienu-a. eitcloamg Sb r-niatop*; tor tliU i'.d vertia- inent, tb': amount to be returned to tboae who are unatioceaaftfl. WAN! ED? IN A RETAIL HARDWARE STORE. A iounnm:?n. about 1? or H /ecu or a ;o Oim br; :i* the l> at or tetereuen from hie laat employer muy ap pljr at 1,103 lJso.i'iiray, near a.'tb at WANT BP? TO-DAY AND ALL THIS WK'.II. HBN for rojagra to t'allfor la. AU'iralla, poiti la K top*. ! Scull Acrrlca and W r?t Indie* R -amcn ami green hatna. JtAKDALL ? ( OCBTNEV, 1M Weat erreet, corncr oi Rrada. n patau/. UT ANTED? A BOY IV AN OPFICE. ADDRP.8S IN ?u ranee, box S,M<i i'u t o (uce, iu uaudwrn.n^ o: ap, 1U cant WANTED A BOT TO LEARN TIIH DRtd BCSI rrt f; fc-r.i n* -d tr?l" un-'er fonrtefn yetra of a,e. At p f to II. No;l ..1 Paltoa ?t WANTED-POHTY ABI.R BOOIKD MKN, TO GO TO Fan Juan tlnl Norte, aa d ck hamla. Itiemea, co?ka .-.nd ?t??-?rda, an th? Cootral AtK'jIcin Tra>iait Coiup^ny'* rh ar and l.i?c ?! amhoata Ap;ly at Company'a office, S2 Broad way, vip itaira. VVANTr:o-AT M- VAN ^YBE'll hotel, NO. 25 IT Catharine allp. two or three good waiter* WANTRO-TN HROOXLTN. A VolIN 1 HI NO LE MAN. front 13 to .0 jaar^of >i<', uand to the c^t? of ? u i ?? tjv? "?'C ?f < ^rr v ? ' jorft m; ,. *?? "euei-a^ I na f'Tf '"" y t?T three daya to J. if. I Pti.'?pa. H .South at. New I>r<, f?'ra j | TX.TANlt.t>-A PKW ACTIVE. TALBNTRD VKS, TO I If Uka ' ! ?< and n a<" c ? i a new If rttrt Tit"J I v. A ??.<; -t 'tin ;'.tf f"f -Ttlro icaa M good char acter. Ad ireaa bor ?, <1* hatt' ei, I tr?M?l)-? FiPSf O'.v .4 \ Itiv.l Nam. aa I 1* water, logo t ? a ro , urjr 1 1 m? u ? ; wage* J'.'S. I Aptly to A. M hae. 23t4i? av.. i.,il at Wt\Ti-:n-t fj(> 'i> w*ii .ii, Tn w*rT o^ i.a ?1'*-' au|i;<err oma. A?[>ly at .the Manhattan lioute, j MS Itoweev. nf ANTED? i TO I'TTI, op in oil 17 YEARS, IN AN j'l.iiurtliin li-.i'.i": mu t wr te a parvl ir I be lha oflgh't t ^cOTHiieii te I. A'ldraau. la hatiiiwrH ng or ap gUant Im: Oft "r Me t'do'lia, ___ ?tirA.VTK >-Al I.XP.'.ltlKKOKl) nOOK,iilim*Kn. iV Appo at ?rfJCa?;a -ara ?t , ap iliira s- > VI a ? 1 ? '? ' s ? ' K*' : ' V(*'>i;Hr.rA v )g '? w- .ni-uii-esa a ^g? ntn . ... s era Cat| at <.baiub<-ra ?!., tula iPr.dan itiiraia*;. ban.wren ICul* I.' P Stork, W4WTH0-A < OOK AID CARvrR~7lT0 A W waiter, a r,.i^? iro Wert at We*??)0I> W y^WWRR. IK Hotel, llOfliatham at ^ 1 AW l' M *ur\. IjBCTynK ??A?0(V. TMo?y T< LtCTORMf bAlLYrPUB GRNTI.RHBN w>? ' ^?\tM N*W tnrtlltweum bt Anatamv. (IS Broad i IV ' r rll*0 "aabta H'ttteod tlieaa lecture* can ha?a irrwai^e-i en ra-^'pt of ten een:a by ad'iieatlog Rcera j *** J'e?ytar* MnTjaaaof Anatoinr I - Tarta- .,. 3 ^(T ? U 0 ftBR X p :i "??! o'pfTC*, vn ' O will ftffsl, I'lfin MNl f Ulh f faUuain. Hiftor* .tihln*# v T* t ! an-1 ?Mnp"?i ?n pnl? of in* !.*'?? fof VuraU?&fO In ftiiy or onunU). furo^ure tiortJ r ^ A IfltmilT AIVD WAVAIj^ A CARD ^OFFICE o/thTcNITRD ETATM S5i" stltnto Agrtic* t*f Rw'.WBy. Jttljf. WP"!F to i'?f oouce.n ? *e now ftnnish'ug a>wpUblB ???>??? lutes to tboa? who dee1{,*e to avail theinBO *r? of V,w' legr aeoofded by ibe new 0 ascription Ml srbsroby ? "on furoMbteg a rub-ultute may ?*? represented IB ?>e rBBks.Of the (lp end*rtuf the Unloa, and nie'iipl fr Jin liaMiMf 10 do military duty '01 iliree v nan. The oorcimut 1 "no eia'iee having a a ?lrtcken out. I, u c early lor luO uur-nt ol erery iu?B )? Ulo military dutr to prnnijre an all'" hW'WW" once, Mo. ib;w doing ue urn sot oulv -tol ara aad oeuts, but much worry in-1 trenb:? to nay nothlig of the sat'B fact i IB It give* ono in b?ina ab o to ?ay. "1 bBve a repr. se.nuuve in the Union army " To tho-e who are not laty* to do military doty, the present oilers a favorab a opportunity to~ ibein to piove tnolr natrl otu:o 1 a a way tbe m m'.ui to tha oaus* in which M muefc la baing sai ritued o?ni<!y by (urnlsMns n reerult to the rank* of the army To ever* oil I ten of New YOl k It oan aeai-ceiy fail 10 >iC<: ir liiut :l la for be interrsl t* see that the men OB let! far bv th.- .i-tieml government are furnished voluntsrily md without leaort to dratt, since there bv Bo make* mora secure In* property and hia life. Tua price of aunstilalra will auou reach |i 200 o vlag to the large bouu tie* that will be paid nv ih" (eneral goeernmonl. Male* and town*. t>re*!iit thev ean o.* proc'trod for much las* th in that auaouul through this mrucv Or?*er; fur substitutes pro npilr tiled wtuiout further trouble to lb* prltiripa.! than that of oallinu a; our oil ce. ord or* Tom patrloila eitl ens ara reaped f ulljr *? dialled. Aoy Informal ion free Vary reaportflillf. KI'ORnk !j. FISKK A CO., Aitenti. N B ? Particular utten kin siven to the furnishing of representative* for ladle* in the army. TWO 2 PA1:K PLACB--0NB HONORED DOLLARS bonnty |>a d lo tuliler" dtn,'hsr#ed for wounds rc-cived 1b battle. Also to those *rvlug in Hire* vear* regiment*. P.ltOWN k BHKUUON. Military uud Naval Hanking OH'.oa An AMU CAN have tut o^sh down TO-day to c? *? .i a .*>stitut?; also a aeaman <! en e*n recelvo the *ame to go In t'i? navy Call in tha x'^erv ?l?ra ? om?r of Twantv-e glitli .'.treel and Tb^rd avenue, between 7 and 11A.M. AOARU -DI8CH ARi.KU KOLDIBR8 WAN1RD FOR ih? Invalid S'?" bouaty. At>ply m onoe, and bring yaur di>e >?r.e wtln you. WASH HUllN A. WOHH vLI., 2C8 Broadway, up atatr*. AtUBimOIK CAN BR HAD AT A MOfiKU ATB pr.tie by appl ing. peraonallv or by letter, at the Hea raeu'j Bank, 1 1$ Yor? *t>tet. Brooklyn. ACABD.? RKSJUENI9 OF THR CrTV OP NI'.W YORK si* by recent order* tllowed to furni.-li a aubi t.tnte, or, as ihty fcre o lU ially termed, repreaeuiatlve raeriut*. lu au'lolt-ailou of a draft xhl.iti ?M>in;>t? prlncpaie fur three Jeat't. Ijia o;U'*'>idinai? facllltlCKOf Men rs, C lW. Co., vo;ttn:< ?r i.nd rer e?ertBt rt? h???irv, Mi Broadway, gnarraoti'e a pro pt ciomutlju for paril?* ?hn cboo e to avail themselves of their cerrli-e*. Lidle? ean P'oenre er emptloo for their friend-, and a'*o b? .epn xeuieil iu ibe Ariaj* fl' ? I'a led Stale*' No pa- mom of 3>>y km. I r<) 8 Hired urt.l Hid r?iire*(-.ut?tive I* aeonrod and tlj - ciemp "'i l?ai>er* dellverel. C. W. OK AHA M .% CO., Rcf Yok*, .July ID, 1W. No. 5U Broad.vay. AlH ALIEN CAN HAVB ??*?, CASH DOWN. TO DAT. to ga a tab titute, nr veteran of two yearn Call at git *e;ar ?iore 4i>U Montgomery street, Jem?y Oily, two and a halt ! incus aboro '.ho ferry, between the hours of 7 and 12 A M. ? BmT, r.ATV AND MARINE CORPS.-NOW IS TRE A tune J.if Ur/j l.o u.ty, Ur^o prlre money, iar.ts i'.and mocay. Oho>ft (r serr I'o-oiviilry, artl'iery or Infantry. 1'ar.les about lo enlls* w)1! ba dtalnvith In the m ist hon ira blc mint'Jr, an ! will bo enr'* to rccol.e the amount ace^d np n. l/on't forget the place, cornet' of Fulton and Bomb itreeiA . ANV GOOD WtSTjTNO TO JOIN ?flE OR Law will find It to tLler adrah'iage to call on me. at No. 2 Warrrti sirei!'. near Itroadwr.v, ana I will tuurantee them the highest lvmntr paid in i his city. No iwindlim; or WABRBN FLINN, No. 2 Warren el? ALl"V.N8, STRANGERS IN THE CTTT, AND MEN who hvve bees iu ihe army or tiavy tor two year* of mora, will AuJ It for il-olr advantage to call at the Army and Navv OiUc:. No. 73 Nassau *tre?i, wbero they can have choice o retimenta; hiitliost canh bounty In hsnd ; best obanee yet oireicJ for prize* on last blockading vessels, on whioh men have m^de three, four and even frn tb nisand <!o!laraeacb. Ten m'n wanted today. Army and Navy Oflie?, 73 Nassau itrset, J Aliens or othbrs froposino to .totn the ami ? or uavy wlil receive the hirheut b^uutv. cash is baud, ?t our oDleo. Call And nee. Four men wanted for a new eud fart blovkader, about to lie put In commission, ltare cliauce for prl. e money, and no mistake. Army and Navy O0.ce, 7S Nawau *treei. BMY. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS ? tMO.? VOLDN tears *nd *ubatlinf?? wauted. $408 cash bounty paid. Three ai'bstltnte* wanted to day $.inti t*)0 and tvitirasb givao. Parties li.-lne'.ng men will be paid toe Unrest amount ol bsn.l money paid at anv o(B.v? In the city. Apply at tha Bounty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Naiaau street, up ?taira. Attention, all who wish to knmst in the army or navy.? You can have 9700. witb clioioe of In fantry. cava r- or art'Il^r . at No. 120 Fowery. near Ui nod ?treet. up stair*. United Htates General Recruiting and bub ?titute Ofllae. Hours 8 till 4P. M. ALL PARTUS LIVING IN NBW YORK CITY WISH In? to procure representatives for the ni'Xt t'iree year* can find them by ca Hug at the oorner of Soutb and Fulton atreeta. up s lairs. A WEALTHY rtKNTI.KMAN WANTS AN ABLE bodied alien or two year* veteran to go as hi* substi tute today Wi'l par a higher bounty in caih than aoy a>' vertlscd, besides other iBdncaments. Apply to li. k . BROWN. eoucMllor-at law, Sin Broadway, up alalia A ARARR CHANCE. -$?00 CASH IN HAND FOR A su institute . 'i his lutn will t>e paid Into tha man'* hand at oncn. after he 1* B'-rBpt.Rd. Call early oil WaKH IJURN A WOHRALL. i'36 Broadway, near Cbaraber* st. AFF.W GOOD MBN. AMEN* AND OTHBRS, wanted Itbi* day at 124 Went atrcet. corner of Dcv, for the army and navv. $434 to $t>> cash in band, sad no deauctlons: betide* SS75 extra bounty, clothing, prl/eand relief money, J. .^ufre of the Hecrnttung Agent, np stair* AT TUB EINOS COUNTY BECRTTITINO OFFICE, 1M Atlantic street, Brooklyn. The highest b uullee. cash in band, are paid for al. bran he? of tho *4rv|ce. Remi t* preaentiBg themselves will reccivo the bounty and all the band money. Uroker* will be paid liberally for bringing men. We deal fairly witb all. Come and aatufy yourgalvea Am alirn oan have $ms oabh down, to day, lo ro as tubstltute. Air) seaman, alien, oan r^cnlve tho same la go In tbe navv. Call at Dr. SWAN'S ofllce, S3t Grand street, corner Bowery, between a and 18 A. M. ALL MEN ENKOL1.BD. LIABLE TO BR DRAPTRD, banker*, merchant* anil others, should ant'clpate tbe draft and procure substitute* now. Those wbo de ay nntll a draft actually takes rlaoo will then bare only a very few day* to find one in. and many will be unable to got a man In tluie. Enter vour nam;* at onco Substitutes furnlsbed and eienipiion oarers for three yoars procured from tbe Pro?"*t Mi'shal of aoy dl? r et. Representative recruits also provided for anv lady or (entleman. Reference given U> mr.rrfiA->is and banker, of hl?'ii stand ae. Apply to t'ant. COMR9. AO Llspensrd street, n-ar Broadway. Brooklyn men will find a advanta^euut to oa L "DURS40 pf ^PEQICAL EXAMINATIONS FOP. CITt I) /SOS sunjeet to dVaft. substitutes and Volunteers: re emits stair Ined for broker*. Dr POWBLL a irj*0D, In eharga. Rnfsrenee ? Mayor Ountber. R* Mayor Opd- Ire, F. I. A. Booia, City la ipse tor. Offless No. 9 Chambers street. C1AMRRON itlFLRR? COLONEL S. M. ELLIOTT J r inmandlng. Fift- vo?nnteeri wanted Imnieaisio Iv for company A of Ibis fine nsw regiment now or,;an Iting In this olty. fideadld cbanoes for promotion forvrte rens snd recruits lolr'n* th's new regtinent Promotions tna-Je fiom the ranks. Iho regiment will he othoered bv n en who have se-n ??rvic--> in ih<i field, an 1 the niei will be wel!?-are4 fo-. Hlirlie?l boun'lei p*ld to volunteers tl.'t paid to spy <>BJ ^r:pgI?ga reci uit. Apply at No. 423 Broad way Mew York. 5RtFT INSURANCE OFFICR. 247 BROADWAY Insnrairc ar'.in?' draft for one iear, t'.'ti; for two years. flW; Icr three vcars. f'JOO. In all tbe Uiatea Prera fumi rot to 'e pa.d mill gt'e the draft This o,1 re afVords sll tboao liable lo o raft ai o?>p3rtun ty to lute, in eft et'.iev srettPafted. for the ab^ye cstosd prom Kuns. 8?ud for dtcnlars civ'n| full parV ulAVS. ALFKHO KK^flAW, PropHetcr. pmnrfj iHHricV-orntIiKM'J ljKfltniNo tn tub fy Klahttatith. I ?f".in i ? mi I T?oiit? ilrst W arda of tba r'.trnf N?w York, r ?n-i.ri-iH Elfhth D^trt't of ilio 8i?t?. will ba furnlab'd prtm^lv with Al *n BubatltitM aud that ISi?n (for tlraA yj*;a) rorrect'v ir?urad. br fnrwardlnir 1b> ir or.lnn ti> t'l* nltica of th* Kerrhnuta', Ba.*t?ra' and Ofnarnl RTiri<intai!*a Yalnnlear Aa-nelaton. t2fi Broa (way. N>w York. N H. ? Mon^y pai b ? only whan ilia rrrrr^aniat \r In furni?l>?'1 ?Bd t'T-^i.'inotfcvi pap?r? ?*5.".ir?1 I,a<|!?? wl-h Inftoteuda r? rrianutlvs (n 'ha ir ni w II h ,?e tlio r Ordf:? prfrpi:* * ( > r- ti 1 I n and will ray'o prr odru"? IT)" EUht I'lal: let. I '?.ler t r ?u) ?rlB!CM(?cne<? of Ouptalii B. P. H.tnlc.*, )'r ?*?? .Mar*!>a1, !? fuuii-hln.- mont en In liiln *MT Hum noy olhCL' Pj.-.'lK't !? the r'l -I-. and n 1th en n f d ?nrr-y v ill pioraal;.* n'Fili cml* w it'imu a dr^ft. Mut of the rci re'- nnthf* liatii boar :>ro~:n> 1 l>y ibe M'-rrh nil, Hun :ar? and C nci-?i Hen- ? i.UHre V'oluniaar Aaa< e, o'!lrr <28 Broadway, New York. pHNRRAL tJ. rt. ?K!:KairlSO OPTfC*. BT C'-lfc V.T CHOl'tt A < O., lain of th?ar-n?- Threo anbitltiita* nanlei 'or e ottoman drm ?-a; e t bouut m i a.d. CWI tmuied atcly, at Wblte nnd Centre mnrti HO. fiiR THB NAVY AND PP1ZK MONliT.-IO Ml M wf BU*1 to i!*v. f.VM. f I Haul p.,|.1 1 8,'*K> I ?rl-r !,?"n m?d ? I' nn? iran ;irl e mnoir l'ftitl-d b' ? j. log tarn w it l tie paid lue lar*?-?t mno'.utof band rn <n?v pai.l by anr o Tl'-? In t' * ' ty A? p!> at tin Ho nty, Pay, Army Mil n?'. y Ar-tiov. Ill Nft'uu atraet. an atajra. nPAt^l' VBTEBR RrrRCTTTNft orFT^B, K1 12 Cb.'mbff* itivrt ? Veteran*, Vrn am I rrr ran n c'rr vi, K'h In h%nd. to t?n t!ioa? who liar# Hlrvod tbolr trrm nl rnl atmrnt. ("nil an I J i V for ' " ??' ? **? I ?'*? * i -bt'i-n anil o?rr ??:ll c< i a l?rr am' iini of b?uu y oaali In ?..nd, toy apt Ij^n|^?^Bpt Dt ftfi T WAKT TO KKJfO A* ABf.H BODIRD AT.TKK I or \' ?'ran lo iha ? ar. an I am -vtlt n? to r>a? M n a uood pi v.a Apilr lo da> aa ea.lyai po?a.!>i? a; US Uri aJ*ay, arro-.J I'oor, bark o!Uo?. INVA. rn^ ?K!? FOB THK NAYT aVP rr>(/>RKO ii -n i.'*i tijd ?l? i riirn c. a'l Batlfinull: ?>* ri nr? ?e"ta'iya cibailti'V-a. $W o*?h. Aj'i It *t 422 Jtrvoira atrtok N. J. __ |" i v it- :.t ni.i'i <j ? vr ? tt?v " n v n vr r? I J Up 'i o.uera wajti' i. A^r" ? w Drum Mnj - OI^Alilib, ft ! r.r 'i'l ray. MKBCHAIIff. ,vi ; a' VOCOK. !? f *i 4 P .a? *? a ' I ii. ti t? 'T ? (? ?*, ? I rW ? vnluntaw* Wanti' l 1ii'"i? i? >? * ' ' > paid to "?*. or'n* n : a r?cr ,i?. Ill, bfv. ? ?wi ifl'i" rr-p ? " , ailn' rla nllia'l in. N > <1 ? ??. Nn h mi h ir. fion r i<s)(f tiuhi 3o?ti. Apply at tC" o h r, A.' Itioa'way, ?VJOW 111 TPK T.Mi: Tn .V.OIO fHB l? n.* ' I'. -t?90 it pa.ll l-,|. day ? 1 > I 1 ' 1 '? ?i II1' ?>??>* r.t tb? rreu'ar aMpi' t> ' nj>e?. r<mtr ?f Ka.i-i am. i^rknit iu-? ;a. l ' \ K I itar*t Oil * < V?1gV.c<ai pi?mlut:>? paid to pfii? >a tinu'tt* a iw w VTIVV JtKTI HAB!I*t t'OBPfl -UIOi- W Ihl hiltu I it In ibf nary or rn ai 'n i' 'i ? ii "v'ri ' " 1 ' ; vli'a ? th.> b? a? W lb?rl>y. I.a i!? lionntj p ? *nonf? i i. nit band inor.ay, Bn aura to call, eoruar of lr\iilou and ? Sauth airoeia. wp atair*. Rkcbcitb WANTBD fob ARMY AN I' N'AVI AT M rtniTi: ttlRBKT BIOHKBT BOUNTIKt I' *10 AT M WI1ITB BTB8BT. OUBHT1T11TH8 P0? I1?T0 THK !<AVT A O m?*n drafted In ttw army. ?"<! araaaally a"ia nod. w? arr n?a- th# nayy -aid ja'."*. astl ara farli?llln? V^Mtf t niattt'itaa to tb" navy ??ar\ daj, and will d'aira t tofui ? iab lifiy a?l?illtulfaaBci da* afior Ihla wa??. RliLHBM VOltK. Mi n >'i> ' ''? *"t i No. 19% Vtrkatnrt, Hr.iok'yn.^ ! rjCBPriTUTB AOI?.?l(,T 0? ItfB "T *T? Of VKW I n York odtra It WaiVar ?'n>rt. 'J' *. ' and Bro id ?t >?i? V, T. -Wo n f ir."?* i ^.t?tt"' ? ?t I ?.)'?? an ' :'t rra- ?bl ' |)rii'?a D-at Of rafr .eiiecf yj>*u. fcaen'i'tiua pa vara obutiaaU 1 L I MIMfJ mUrruM A>P iAfAt. . 6XtHM Lfrnra iN THif otrr ?? b'roorltm JL c*o be furn ?hh eubtUtatta at tii? Army cad N??y Offlcet73 Numu -ifeet. SUBariTc tkb. iPiwriri'TRg. BUpirriTUTBs vol,' n rKKKd. voi.nNrRBHa voi.UNriiKRB. liutwi.latf* IWi-pMtf, 1* th?od "(u'niil e<lb?utMte 5f"k?r, W VS. JL 1 Ivl K il A M t( i hat It ,p<n>ii h ? e"!gi. ei IftS Wellington erert. HobCuieti N J tor th?- p?i : p *e ut All n* ?|. the uuot* ol Hudaon C0U?i?. eud will Day til* hicte*' prio** far a>ib?t l.iie? *H0 10 ?*u, u u mwJ k> tue doctor, ni l no hiie.fcua about II. OomtuiUUa quart* ? furnWhed until i>rtnu|?l arc prmuied. l>on't forget tbi number, 1j6 Wwtk.Bgtou aire-.;;. H Uoueu. ? ? ? . frlSriCHAJi ft ROBERTS. N. B? Veteran*, *iteni and eailore will an ?e t M *pp.y. In* before, calling a .r.wliae, II ,V) arn Wanted lainae lately A ty> ? ?einptloo paper* mala out prompt r ? SUKSriTUl'EB FROMP 1'LT Kl'RN IrtH Kl> FOR THE ?utv aid o?'Urity of Stw Vorlc ?* and ctb?ra | wlabln? aubeututee cen uro- ire ibera at ene da> a ootio->. br l appUong Ut J. WiUKEX PHEW, Na 2 War.uu atraet, near br..nd*ay SnFBrrruTKs phrnished for Brooklyn and WiHiam-O'iri lor tad", at the ttubetliute *????> .'47 Broadway, room Alan ^tutltuten for New jewiy fur a tal>a>l at the Oeneral Agenry. So. 7 Rirhaaf p'a< e Jersey Car. Quota* foi to* us ilruiupUy filled at lair rate*. STBANUKRS PROM AN V TART OP TUB UNITED Sut??. from CaDa'a an J Europe, wljbm?to ioIu ihe army or uavT are tnvited to r*IVoo u?. Vfi o !>rflii)i thie day to ro'untarre; c.h >ice of regtrtfnt, infantry, eavglry <>r h*nv? artiitovy diiuj jarr ?>u duty in the narW. AUrlra are la. Apply corner Ouane atHat and Brondwvr, l-i the uilaan. Captain O. H. PKAROK. 'I KE NKIf YORK ARMY AND NAVT RECKPITINO J l.'ou>paiiv, N<>. !> Chamber* otruet, l>aa b?eu eotal.luii' J with n view of be?lui< ?nn re 1 able 0iT!c* in tbia rl y nhara tb? int. whrthrr roluutcr or iubjUiut-r an t j.i 'no pa a, wi!ftl.<*r <*nrolle 1. drafted or ei'Tipt. will '.ecelre fair and houortb e tr?atmettt, Erer* en. *tement ma'Ie will tie acrupuloiial* fuimind. Pr.nnlpnla furni?tied at the ahorti it u?ti k w,;h good eouujl tuen vwhu have brru iuOTiou<lr *%? amluedb an r x \ nrleoc ? d ai.rceoti) I udlvldnnla in any diet rtnt in the Svate o?o ha o their nub-l intc.i miibtined in this city ani their r :emBttrt*t forwaided VntMini, roiuntecr* and aubttitutea treated umi, aud the Ui (l'r'>t ?i 1 n nbia'ne.l. A apcnial department H devoted to rei'rnna for the navy. Oomman'tinu ntdoara of tiie army can linve llieir or^?nlitat:ou? flliod up thro -i;b our a/enev t ail ?t or aMresa the \?.v Vor;t A. my 'and Nary Jlec ulliug tlbnu pauy, No. 9 Cbambera atree.t TWO GOOD MRS WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? TO (lO as aubatltut*!! for pame? drafteid. a liberal prtoe will be paid. To atoll the a' uoyaDcn "t afenta and li imbu^-i ?end address to hot 180 Herald oiUee. E. M. UENSON. ' TWO 80 UBTTTITTEH WAMT^P ? TWO OOOD ABr.Ti bo lie.! men not liabe to druft, will be nai l the hli<h. it price* br K*ntlnn>en who wlati io be reprceeuted in the trmy. Apply Ht 261 Broadway. THRBE 8UB8TiniT*8 NO.V ON HAJrO.-OKNTL?,. men win'ilng to procure n.bH'ltut-s can I 9 nu|iplled on rra<on?UA lei on. ileu come npi .ting enll?>nz iiMirrai 1/ aee'tvvitli. Hlahest boanu?? p*td, at 43 O'.a hiin alrei-f, r. <.ia 7. Captalu A. P. URBLNrS it UO. VOLUNTEERS AND SlTBSriTUTBS.-TRmHMBIf, (le-maus and Veter.ina wired. H J-j-l-.esi oa?h ami government b unnies p*fa. Cbo'oe of regiment e vcn. Don't h"j dncelred bv -..harper*. Apply dli? uy 10 Captain C0MH8, 00 Lupenard ttrect, near Hr*dw?y. TlTAICniD? IBIBRXBlf, KNOLTSHMKN, I00T0I, f ? Germane, Krem :i and liven of all nutiuBnUU*". lo eit 11st all volunteers. Th > b odiea< bounty paid eaih In hand, on parsing tlio doctor. Ke .ef le.ots to faml ioa. Agent* wil1 receive the highest premium*. Appl.v lit U - Merchants' finnker*' an<l Ucticral Volunteer and Substitute Association, ??li.C<>- 4i^ B jfit *** 1 - ^ nn* -w ? fa^AHlgD-A SUBSTITUTil, FOR THE ARMY OR TT nav 9500 paid, cash tu :>nn 1: government oouuttea are paid extra. Apply early al (lie ufllce of Salamander Woj*j?, toot jf Hamnaoad street. ^7 aW tiTd? a? fnitiVifBD .ttatrs naval snip. vv ping office, seamen, firemen, W?li?8}crSSL'i i'Tilnioen, forono. two or tbreo year*: nounlt #<#). ??? will pav the person brlugln; a recruit w ^lia oillc* fi& 4.1 i'cck tilp. WANTED-TWO 8 UBBTI TOT rY ?9?00 C/uJH DOWN. Call for two day? >.i ! 4 Pearl sliaet, between (J and 7 P. M. No agents netd apply. T/\ VOIATKTRHU SUBSTITUTES WANTEO TODAY, Xvf be paid to-'l oa'ih and S3 ?l gov eminent, total %6U?. Apply at the oliice, UK) Broadway. OA MEN WANTED? TO FILL A TOW 8HfP QUOTA. ?\J The highest honnty iial 1 as enoti as mn-terad In!" Ap p'y to .IAMBS SHARP. No. & Kerrv row, or 30 Newark atreat, corner of Washington, Hoboken, N J. inn MKS waited? fob rna army or navy J.UU Hlch caah bO'tntleA paid. Old English, Irish or Oeruan soldiers accepted. If I fir men minted * i day. 9-1.000 prlj.e money has been made l>7 one man. Apply at the Bounty, J'ay, Army uud Nary Agenoy, 111 Nassau ?ti eet, up ttalrs. TOtlMITAND *JON?!T PAID AGENTS OR tpLUU runner* lor volunteers l'or tbla ally. Ten men wanted to day; the highest bounty oash down aa soon aa parsed by the doctor. Apply al AM Broadway. $100 AND UPWARD HAND MOW BY PAID TO any one brlugluf a Keer iit. Olio ce of reg.mcni flren. Highest ea?h and government bouattea paid. Apply ) Captain COMBS, .19 LUpenard street. <&1flO OASU. WILL BB PAID TO A KUH. tJpAVF*/ stltute or volunteer, or the party brim, fng thcitt to 11 Rlith avenue, thau will be given by anr one else In tola elly. Pair, aiuar<;, honorable treatment to all. <?19^ TO $130 PAID TO ANY ONE BRINOINU A ?pl^u good man, who will pass the doctor, a;No. M Broad* ay. ?"| KA PAID RVNNER9 FOR BEAMEN, FIREW.N fltJU and landsman tor the navr. We pa\ the hUhest be intla* lo rolunteeri and sululUutea, at 170 Chkthatn street, shipping oltloe. room No. 3. ?iMin CA8H WILL BR PAID TO ANY ONR WHO ?DZi" i\J briugs a atibsiltula or recruit, bnaUle< a soea bount> to the men. Btjuare.chrnontb'e treauuer.i ecu he depended un>n. Apply at PREtiCOlfg, 14? Cue tubers atraet, near Ilndion. (t^nn CABH PAID POR SUBSTITUTE!!. WITH JtUU chulce of serrloe , at New Ml Broadway, iwotn fljCnn -TEN BUHRTrrOTES *??NTRD, TO OO IN ?TtJUl/. the United States naral serrloe. Five hundred doi'ars each will be paid for ten men. lo ?'> in the Called Htatee naval ?erv loa as suhstltiil**. Fot further Inlurma tlon appl; to D. A. BABSON, al the Peatl Street Uoiue. MM 1 "earl street. di'^nn flASJ? lir RAND POR fltlBSTITOTKS.? tJj?yUv/ Cynics or reglmema. Also fire ailens wi*h to serve as substitutes lor a fair price. Uralled men. or men llaWe to be drafted, are furnished wlln substitutes. Apply to O. M. NOONAN, eortier of Canal "treet aud Boarery, under Gltlrena' Havings liank. ?TWO SUB3TITITTE3 WANTED, POR ARMY oi narv ,'Allfr.a < r D?t llatl? t draft), lo earh of Whom 13U0 caah will be uald when fi eptrd Hrokera mnd not applv. OiiO. C. BLANKi), ll> William street. QCfin -AN ALIEN OR YbTBRAH CAN HAYR iPUUU. caf-h In h*ndtogoa> a sutietitnte In the arm; or nary. Apply to K. Ij. PaYNK. 3W l esr' street. *?PL 75 CASH WILL II B PATD TO A H AUU AS A ?a it J I 't anketitwie la the ar?it >r nr.vr A"plr In per sou by lOo'clwk to day at (il Newark aveuue. Jtvuf V ty. Ko broker." need answer. ?f?rw\ BOUNTY.? $3(W 11 AND MONP.Y Ptl3 TO ANT ?PO*'" ott" h'lntina a recrolt lor arm* or navy. nlM anh t mtes furnished for $'?su. Colored men tah?n, at 2*7 Hroadwh/, room Its, and at No. 7 KiUiange p.aee, Jerney City. <2 idl\(\ -SUBSTITUTES W ANTBU, TO WHO* |*>1 tSU'Al" ca.h In will be n 1 d af er he l< aerepted. eli'ierin tie army or navy. A.niy to Wash I; l its ,t WOltllALL, M * llroa<lway,Bear Oh .m era ? treU upstairs, -THIS BOUNTY WH,L RE OIYEN FOR AN a :en or rt iaran. la ulre of 0 T. ili.NU SlLNHhRQ, l< Rsrc'ay street. B0UN1T.-S1V) HANI) MONEY 1? A 1 i> TO IpUUU r'itin'"S wlo lirl'iR a" en re. ta i - m ro ar .-y 1,1 ta?r Colored man I ken. Itrcr ut ; who pi' tfi^ n. erhea * 111 ree<- re StUO bountv at the Few Jersey Substi tute Agenoy, .No. 7 Exchange plROe, Jersey <;lty, C?f?M(lCASH BOUNTY FOR TOLUNTRKRF -TMOJCB ijlU of a rvl a A so Men for tt ?i,av. and luval.l (.011 Apply at i'nuera -a irottae. 75 C**itl>4..di air, et G''7K<\ WILL BE PAID TO A liOOO MAN VOOOAB V I ?)" Kill KltutO for a draf eil A|;-ljefi> 11 ? ir. rring al 34 SV slker street bet een Broadw.iy and I'hBicU stroet. ? ?. , j dQOA rAdfl IN H A N IL AS SOON AS PA8SK D RT ?JiQ \'\J th* doctor, lor two r>>d ion-id men. T "rue." 1 eh'inta gido^to Enrenn um-l tar? antxtitu'ea hei r-, ti.e steamer eatla. ss lltfj l,?v? b??B Irnted. A Ivo a >aro imiri 1 tewnrd wa'iWd. to *r S:e ,rn thr. * -emurn ai. 1 lAiicoal pa??er?. I'mm $I<K1 to $ '1*1 hint nion"V raid niir p???r>n Ithi ii| an aTcep.*f>e jtnerult to the 1'uiieii Mc-i army and Navy Uca.l juarters, 93 West street. ro:ner of Cedar. 1 RKckuTS WANTI D-rOR THE ARMY, 1 .1)11(9 AT 17 BlfOAOJfAT. |4<?J cash In hand 1* .1 u h ihAii. 1,UWT?t*iana wanti- ! fur the army, at 17 i!i;<>Ai?w*y. $ mo caah In hand r?t I ????? 1 n.Kii. I,"0U a*am'n wani?d lor the nary, AX 1* BKO* iWAT. f4iK'0ash!n hac l?i? d ea'h 1 ;*n. I,W>> land?'?en nai, In the aary, AT 17 Bl'O ' l> A if. >400 cash In ? an I paid each rr.*n, l.OvO Hren.eri war. ?<1 for the na*T. A> 1? l|RaVl?WA*. |4'X) cash In hand paid ea h ' ? 1,000 c>al|"-?er? waale" faitU na?*, A f 17 l I ? ? O^AY. |104 cash lit Ran 1 na each a n Men nu n; i* ttt ? o Pee t.> ?lf |?t rai ra'.y '.ruin *bl?!"!a< |^a ..mi h'.t r?' 'a ?e 1 t.|?in rei-e'tTTng t'?a moo -y a v-U in ' ill, ?>!' '.1 U' ?' I>'?* -'n^ h w th ? it fm i 'm" or it ? r> neaa l?? for yotiraa >ea. Of ilce r pea fro:o7 A. 'I. f.) I'. B. iHkNO MONEY wl J ot It an ? rTTn. woman or eh Id hrlej'igao ae eapulltfl fVrutt lo th'e o.fice. 1 Twin M'fsriTrpn Avn yolintkkbs L.UU U < auied f- ? r tl>- < rio> a I tary. rath n hand lu ? the aeror. I^li t.-i /tan -o?? rnouRARD* *??" n* jSl.UUU. tU arx?.-l?.> m?o focthaarmv ir navV. ' r t ''tnh dow?, mi ihe Aimf tn i N??y C.a'na Office (A IfiilVm ?n ?) f\r\n kroroits wanybh-^or t?ik. arm* J.U ,IU and Navy, At Ji ureeuwkn atreat | wo rash In hand i>?'d ?"? ?aeh nia?, lu<0sea.uen wanted tr>r the navy. At 2A fliwenwlah atraal 9400 ea ah in hand paid to enah i^aii- . a, 000 'an lairen wanted foe t*a nary At 14 iireenwlch atreat Tha Mgheat bonnly ?aid, aaeti la hand. No deception. MM) treuian want* ^g'^Wlob WW Ihe navy, *"? " ' Al ii Qreeaaloh atrael I f ?p.), aah In bs-vl pa'd to ea-ti man. uitrarl here ? 'alt al't'cc at once ao do uo b? lad aatfjgt I yr 1 will tec-ii-e j latice and four money Itnina me y pane 'tia .Victor. - ? 1 $1 .200.^e?^u' io^aty. I?i !??? *<>* HIUTASV A WD WAV Aim L ?i f a/i qash down wi r is bh fir# rot rw?" afeni i.j ft a* me- li <!??, eUh?r1p 'b i UVf or uary. Appi? ftumedtateljr at Ad Newark limit, Jeraey Oil* , 10 000 V0LU,fTEls'u wawtbi:* ' TO BBPRK*K!fT TFTB OOCNTY Or^NBW TOKK bTtiTe abbt. COONTT tOBNTT, TTltuTir MPNDRIO BOLL ABA r-<n4 m <n?r- County to uew inorn't* or ?eteran? $* I'ii t*l#uuMta new reeruta [J Cn> ed stueato rtbMM '? The Connty Volunteer Committee. nnder taetrsettoa* of lue Iloart or Rnpervltor*. baring Ailed ftll queue ander an c? It nit to till* time, h??? reunited tn reooirmenee the bnei ten of recruiting for lb* armv. with the Tlew of ri Ojtntf the quota tn anticipation of a new by the Pre?ld?at fW Ml. Beeralw will he weired it former'y at Hie errfiral Fi?*> roat MarehaW' officea, at tiuin tn? Hall, and at the Countt Volunteer Booarni tn the Park, corner Broadway and Chant' bars utirat Tba following are the rarioua Pro?o*t Unnthala' Offloea ? Fourth Dutrict? Captain Joel B. Krhardt, Bo. 101 Liberty ?Irrtt. Flflh niatrfrt? Captain Henry P. Watt, JOTBtr Broome an>l Crea!>y aireela. Hltth District -Captain Koster. oorner fllith arena* and Tbi'teontii afreet. Kfvonth DU'rlot? Prederi rk 0. Warner. Ba 63 Third avenue. K';hlh Dlatrlct? Benjamin K. Banlerre. No. 1,303 Broad way. Ninth District? Win. Dtinninc, corner Fortyaerenth (treat tin! fcruadway. AU recruUe will receive tn ilielr own hand* the Count* Bounty of I3IW end any party bringing * Ri^erult will je.'eivi * Co ur Premium of H2D, to rapli for <-v tv m*u, \vh? !*er new Recruit <ir tf<-i<>r-.!> audaoe flute entitling Use bearer to tin Unite I Stat ?? Premium of $t() for a nevr anil $1.1 f >r a W<iraa C. (JODFRFV (lITNTFtFR Waror. MATTHEW T. RKKNNaN, Comptroller. o?i.>on nt 'TNT SiiDervtuor. VK.UAM M TWEED. Kuj'.-rvlaor. RLI.TaH F. PI'RDY 8mi err' or. WILLIAM B STMVAP.T. Hmwrvlaar. Comml'Me on V >1 .mteerlng, OF.IHOlK BLUNT, of Co .lmittee. D it tJ S>w Toss, July 4. 18'li. i nnn >kv v*msi)-M!i TBtixn matt lUil'UU uu'! Marino port's Alan l>ov? ahotit IS want ed IftJiJ lu c?*u 111 liaml to viilimtMCra or a.iti ti ules.t'tAnY pereon bvln>;ln;: a recruit i > thl? o'lio' will ier(> ve fri.m J30 to Si'W. Apply to ("apt. N??f. AN or l.A.NIQAM, So, 6 t ??t BruaJiv.iy, roi nor of Catliarfnn str< et. 'AAV Alt ra.'ZK NUSKT. AC. AnVAN'^FS WILL BB MADK ON ALL TUB PRI75KB cnntnrrd 'lurJuj thi- ?rar for their full value. Apply to HKCHhh' VOSK. 6> W? 1 attwel, 15-n . -it'it Hank, l.iS Voik atreet, Brooklyn; or Boott'a ''r*?ief?ire itnuk t1^ south Itrrei. Capt. liKOK'.K IaYLOK. Afcent, 4 LL PflTja M0NET8C.)LLECTB'>, ADVaNORS z: "~w.V.\ .t HMF.LD<iN-<) Ml'ltary and Vara! Banking 0>>>u?( ,No. i Park p. .we, N'ew York, anA Itvl TOTS urcet, Hronkh n All prizb monkv no.v favarlr Van BB OBTAIN an AT o scb, By epplrm^ to JO. DfTKBY A CO.. 112 Itroniwa*. New York. All tritk monrt now pay abi-k-paid bt ALLl-.N, Van EUtthH It LCOKRV, R'inkara, 2? t llrotwtway, Ne.v to k, and ; .'H York at reel,. Brooklyn. A1IOY ? rRI7.R M0NR7 TO BA1I.ORS ? BOTBTT M (IN BY TO 80LI>tBR8 d!? or wound* r-oelved In hati!<\ Ac D (w'i:ir?*>?d N.ivy or Ar .yOitl>-ra, tja'loreor BoMters. their W 'I'.wm c,- Heir., i'R 'Ml'TLT Paid their PHIZ B aad BOUNTY MONUYS. HACK PAY. ?o., by BiVtTAKn BIBBXLL. Arinrend Narr BanK"r, and !?.'? !*ur? r U. H ya?y, 271 Hrimdway, eofnur CUaiubera uti eel, New Fork. - LL PttlZli MONEY N )W ? PAYABLE CtN BR OBTATltBD AT ONCE BY APPLriNO IB PKR80N OR MV I.KT1 '.It TO WALDEV A WJI.t,.Mtr?, T/atk r. b. na^t, Ha YORK HTl'1-..f, UitOVKLTIT. BOUNTIES, DACE PAT*W?1 ? I "the .-lai-nt >i>.iusruo wtntui.iT delay. A "Sb A LL T1I *. OFyTt^r.R1? AND CREW4 OK TUB CONNECTICUT. DE ROTO a ?' D GOV RI R R tan obtain their U?\f in .u?j li one da? uy aupuing te . WALOEN .% WII.LtRD. 16H York ?tfet. Brooklyn. ALL PERSONS ATTACKED TO VK><SKL4 OB t!ie Moo'<ade, to wboiu tirlze m uer It dn". nan re ??! ve the utile at onto 6/ u:<i>lviug bv letter to WALDEN A WII.LARD, la e of t uned SUte* N-ry, i?8 York atreot, Brooklyn. QFf'ICKRtt AND BRAMRN NOW IN TIIR 8"RVIOB Deptri SAHD South atieet, Nrw York. N.iv* Deptrnncnt bv npp ting lir letter to MilLLOY A Hl'lif. SAI'D N?v Itiuikera W Tork atreei, brooklyn, and lift! PltlZR MONET, PRIXE MONEY, PRI/.B MONEY ? Knre and 'inoonimon ehaaoe tu Tt?r the narnl arr? ee and get pruee on b ockaler . Etawn< for yourielTee at the Army und Nary OIHoe, 73 Haiwl -tre-t. F Liduons, ac OR I ALE? ONE HLMDRF.b BAttRKLa OOOO bmlled cM?r. e'enr and tine TAYLOR * WU.HON, lXJ^ud 1A1 1 rauklin itreet AHl'RVMIOT. B. M AfTRICE, GREAT AND REAL A?TR01,0Q<5 R. TLe ?(1< ,oe ! f ieal Aalrv o.i:r. A B H A L RIC'K, la >1 on eolenilflo prln ip-ee, ai)l gu rarer known ?> oiarkMont llie pet h of each n:m iKinrir pa nun mil Mo de? A UO-,1 iriio.Iv on ec>ni!4o prlnrdp ea, ao-i to fai I. The iijaJ ?t lata fca? tnarkffifo'il iui!:rliiaa', iaj ii.n planets n:a b'inrly p.i n . tin of mankind. Prnt. Maurice haii a profound cnowie iga of the rulf-e of the sen uoe uf ibe (tarn, and can beat to# w ' 'd In thu ab'ive actnnae In re,;?rd In if 1 ti< a 1 ibat re :ai- ?? .i plnaa ? ?? misery n| oaa'i aui llfat and with ? erni erre'H that no vfn; mortal erer knew before, be will In In i?M< out of a!nm?l any undertaking. la can* n- ipw: !* marriages he nevr la a. Hit ilea- rlhe ? the lir.cntlei btuband or wife; t-l ? the rery day tou will marry an. I at own a 'lkei:*aa reiire^otiling 'he trim nompleglon eg thr lr:endcd lie de-<rlce* yonr frlenda, point* out Tour enemes. and warn- you of ?" lut'tre danger: g.wtd luck la ? g situation! or tu trgeei^ns kf Ha or land, aud 'he be*', of health omj life and prosperity U? al who consult him. Th'iaa it a dfetanee may end ibeir age ft. and add ess A H. Vanrloe, b?i ?>,VW New Vnrk P? t o il *, and f"t in return the outlines of r-mr w'mle I re. Al hours until In 'he evening. Ol'w 1 tC llhutlr street, near Woo?ier. Ludica. SO cents. Uonts, 91. A BT0NIST1TNU ? MAHAMR MOI'.R'HV, 8RVKRTR Jl dtauMnr. with a natural gl?t of r?re-tght, tai a how aoon an I b!t*'l ton will marry ; eian jnur thnnah a, Magla I nat;" in : nil n?r tl int h"r eiu\l la not ? ?? he fim id -. -h?wa a IKn at <)' v i ir lijWi 'a 1 huaband an ' a ent treads. 184 I.ud ot > r et four ioor? trom llouaton airret. Uvutiecntii not J. \ BETTER AHTROLOOIST 11 >"OT TO BK FOt-ND J\ In III* United States than Dr fj. U aud '? ra 8. D. It 'UlilTON. They kueited m Riving Ml - la tion whan a> 'i ' ? fall. T ny'iuti h" oo>.."?!ie ! on a>l a.iafra of i.n uian i e, a it'i a* courtubtp, marrl>?L e li*?>'lllo? removal*, ?? f.liutn.n^ a tim '"na weif rn of khaent, Ai.; o!*o *lc'.iie?a, !f i!ie a Ink pan<- will r<" >rer or die of tl n es. at ko aa: !f r> ' over, the time 'iiev rrtil bi-uln to aiiiend; uhat ptrtnf the holr la all" t?*<( and what tr- 'mnnl a: .1 medicine' i>re l>e?t adumei) to tne <>lek p?r *'>'!?. litt-W' a 8*1 .-en la. geo'l -men (1. v/ii' 4iiona anaivered l> I.; 1 1" r. 'n? o?ln? $1 ai.1 I mi rf birth. Al? i I'hrenolo r * aa .iInru.on >.iade lint Oreeoe (treet, below T/. nee. A l ) A FlPB ASTRt)l,OOrST.? MA1>AVR WIUOV ' >i..: ictnat.-ia at Is# Ali'M itraet, near dtantiu, ort-r the nk'-ry. Hew re of I. po<itieo. ACKJ AT OHAXO'i to HKAR TK? TRUm.? V4> d iiri? ST' TPX/?vV hat ip?m?d b^r new plane, and In "'??i and tli* | v il<-? n. fr'e"?^<i and tli* publ h lo vlalt ber at ber reeide?c% l70jVi> ?te mrc- t. /"II. ' IHVOVAM -IK VOt ?' 'I I UK TItOTH. <jr? AT once to ?< ida .1 UO^ct tibe >lio-< a a Ikeueaaof future Ji ii? . o J cr > leml. an I iio\ t t\ la t > bring th'iee ae arated tc, i er. 5o W . <t I wer.iy a< .en'li a'reet l^eiween li ind Haventh av- ni ??. Hln,; the ba^raeul bell. 11" r? from *J In the m irnlng ill) 7 In Hie eienlug. flO AN'I> SHR MAOAMKANKLTi TIIK CrXKHRAtEO 17 a'id renown 1 A?tru!'cl?t In Ih? u?<? nf Mtro cf, llai n" a i| erli.r Hbe itnileralanda ti.e aniri oe m alllta aie> tei- branrlioa (the aiar<, nliann*. ? e'laatid la.i-mmia and all ri euilie ? ?ll?fa<-ti.iii in telling the pa- t pr??en; ard fo t'. re, H!ie n?err f?i ? II I?u in^ an <*dv marrtajea and br n Ing the 'rnaraie I i< cetlier. I n bualn>'r>? alaim b?r ad ?tce i inralua In A 'a' ??* nu >-l>er of le-ipie hire ??ea bjfiriited h? ber ?'d A a * n e ? nie n -e of ber a* ill "be baa ??*. el-ed ?"> ind ipce of te itlni?ntala [io ? ? n* ?f the Ural pe.fpU c.f ibe land Slckneaa will he d a"ov?ri-1 ?n I Mired Ihm gb h"r ?< i*tie?. onir I aown ?o f. t.'Oii . ill Uai oi for li'lnfl - tant."' nen Jl. I e Inr-prj lit Raat Twentr fo irlb atn et be'ow rntirtb a\ anna. Pei?i-n?ai a diotanee nar looiint una Udy hv lei'm. bating tbelr age. and f li,' II Ilk- "he lee nf $1, **ifl a em-re tan?wrr-*r< ben ompt ly roturiiad. A lanea boi ft,"*/ r Vcrk I'oato ce. MA f M s| WAW*?. THF WOKLO Rr"*i)W>BI?Ct.Afl? T.n -m', may he ???"!? *1 her rn -i . :16l t'ara atre l 110 en* i nt "'i . whe e ? > will re.-al the m -'e e? o the p, i, (? ->nd | t ire With e "? ? a- "ri"r that It w II ai t -i -'i .oh. o ra. Bli* tracua aV?.*B property, aud wlvea ia it'- 1 ant ion. _ MAI>AMH Rr>0 \, T RA f M ATI. 11 1 L CL A I RVOT ANT au l? r ? v -, ? reveala whole ire, ln-m the era I- ' i tlie grave; . howa to ir I nt'. re partner in ? drwiin. tl ? .Vo. i.2 lbiiu avenu*. near Vurt> a.u.iJ ?i? at. Cua an lat"ll, $l. vO IMl'O ?1 HON.? Til K N..\R? _!? UMNO A^. t1. ' vT?dV?l'r;a rte?*e? She -in . N Hltt rt?e f'?i a i ? u on ib-i p?a', pi ien an I f'1 ?r- . i .'iae toaeihcr ? t-'rr inn ; *ep%r?t*t, e*neee ?!??-: ' ? irarniiee. Bitow* rcvi a e? re<-t I ke. ea< or yo ir f-:i ir - h1 ? and or ah?>>nl fr ei,.ie. tier ei,oal '? Oot t . be fi "tvl. r?n t li ? 96"tl'r*> ?a'd to %n? "n e who m i aurpaea her prefeaalon o* ? 'ill. - ? t ' ? ine -r III' |?| MO at ynu n.irry. i ... k- s i.' rth atenn* between Twen tv I i > id in I l'weiiiy ronrtb atieeia Name ou the door. Centh oien not admitted. flillK 0RHIINA1. MADAMR BYRON (I Aft RKTP RN >D JL rmni ferla. and ean be ontuite I on tba preeeoi, put ? nd future. Mbe it tu* greaieit ap.ritinlut. mej<eal anil b iamea? o alrr ??nt thai e?er ?a. feunwa. Her ekl 1 baa lirrn ?e.te l b the nioet learned la the world. She ? rln^a toieihtr ibnee nng aeparned, eaiiact a peed r marrlag-a, and baa hat ne?rr falltna eseret to make rou beioraJ be yon* keai t'a I lei. Oflioe 91 1 rounb avenue. ab?r* Twtily third etreeL LaJlae. 9U oasts; gaoUamen. |). . r ? ? i ,A .. WM HO WOt'LB *0? GO WHRRK roRTORR JM-OO W M.LIN')T<iN, Ilia great Kngltab fr^ pbeteaa, the beat ?f *11. and aaia?t baai ailel. CuM eo-aultad, r'ri'ma ly or by letter, ej all a lalia of Ufa, no*, n*- nin^ lawanliB. Jnnrneya, nb-ent fnenda.lnra, neartehlil man age. Ue iltb wealth, aa<l <vho raa reeaiia 4/aakM an I uofglibful huaban la M ?a W la the eal? "'rtnn fa 'bl* eltf who baa Ibe Reneen and Arabian ta tan-a* fnrlO'-e. jflQ.) Iiwk HiiJal b'lB neaaia re, aad are guarantee* fer I If. Do ay not ;n oone dt tl ie uaturally allied and bean llf'tt V 'nng ndf Tue?y numberg gleen Highly raep*r|? bb- . ity r n.rnj ? Can b.i a< en at bar raaldaoe* 101 Blatk *vr* in, *ppo*ite Cigklb atr*eK

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