Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK a??.n>T- ? ? - ? WHOLE NO. 10,171. . NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 2:5, HERALD. 1864. HERMAN. [y Battle and Defeat of the Rebels Before Atlanta. re tban Six Hundred Rebels Killed md Four Thousand Wounded and Prisoners in Oar Hands, fportedJ Occupation of At* lanta by Our Forces. lertl Rousseau's Cavalry Raid to Jestroy tha Railroads to Mont gomery aad Columbus* Rebel Retreat Cut Off East and West. smoval of Joe Johnston from His Command, a*, a?H a#* W> F? G? Skaaki' Dwpatekti. NisHvnxB, Tun., July 22, 1864. m HHXTDI AT A J LAMIA. | My who left Atlanta a week ago descr lb?a tb? de of the citizens from that city, on tbe approach era) Shermsn'a army *o tbe Chat tab ooche river, aa ia tbe extreme. She aaya there was a greater Ibere tban tbat which prevailed ia Tennessee on lot Fort Dvoelson. TiLM cm TO 101 XVACl'ATtt. abandonment of Keucsaw Mountain appears to been the signal for tbs retreat of all tbe citizens, ry person there despaired of tbe possibility of boldlag Dta. This and other known (acts, together with tbo I statements or .c rebel press, indicate Johnston's otlon to evecuate Atlanta. BOW THE HKJlULfi WtSS rOILSS success of General Sherman's movements In Dg (be Eastern and Southern common tcatious that city, lead to the belief that tha rebels been foiled In their attempt to eacaps, and tbat operations at tbat place have already beat nar t down to a siege. Two large cavalry fc-oee soma i since leTt tha army at different points, and bare ess are this cat the Macoa and CoWmbos railroads i a manner that if tbe enemy sncceeda ia laavlng ty to go away, it must be at a loss of msch valuable rty. ifoaoB oocrriTiox or arum it oat noon. * I to private parties slate that Atlanta was i morning occnptsd by Gsosral Ibnrmsa'i forces, and mineral Thomas' headquarters are in tbe city. This at is credited la official circles, and I think no I need he entertained in regard to it. on lAiwcs at onoarcn. i Geo den In, Medical Dirsctor at the poet hare, la ilpt of deepalcbes which state that oar losses In pis of Decatur wen very tight. The sngagcmsat , place was not general. Oar Ipetlal Wsahlngten Deapatch. W ASH1KOTO*, July 22?10 P. M. Is have been rife to day that Atlanta bad bean by General Sherman Up to this time snob is case; but tbe <Tovernment an In receipt of in Uon that Johnston bas baen ripe reeded by General , who had bean bloodily repulsed m aa attack upon >a liaee. Tha Bnal capture of lbs city cannot ha longer delayed. battle between the two armlas wss very severe Moody, aud tbs defeat of the rebels most complete. f wen driven hack into their fortlflcatlen* with a af from nix to eight hundred killed, and our fore* 1 the Held with about four thousand wounded a Ad ?wooer*. (ill tha line* of ntreet had been eat off by Phe /maa it tha one via Macon, and tbat bas probably ?a?e dad to before this time. Tha Praaa l)*H>aiakra. WisnmoToa, Jnlr **, 1M4. .1 information from General g&*rnaan repreeente ngto be ia a manner highly eat is y. All day before peeterday our army was eni^od with ? sasmy, and the rebels ware steadily driveu on into atr mtraacbmente. As city Is la plain view af o?ir troops, and our ahtlls mraich it. Oar a'iny m la excellent onagitloa. Viva mileo of the railroad between AUaata sad Decatur wabssa destroyed, end tha road is read. r?d >.ae ? ta tha rebels. Ms Jfattm al RcfbMrw* has famtabed tbs Mowing in Isaacs af its publieaiioe ? ?Mai advices from Geo. Hhsrmaa , racairei thir morn g, caver tbe operaMoaa dowa la last night. 11m work InaacHng tbe slty wss that going on. ttsn wss hard lighting yesterday, which rest] 'ted In icacpclce af ths enemy m hlssfftrta as dWodie aw aapa. Gsa. Paiaar advaaced his lla a Is a mors advaa gssai posHtoa. ?ar lsss dartag the day was email. ?sacral hhermaa halda aba railroad laadrag from At* ?aa ta wards Richmond, so that Johnston oaaaot aeoapa p Ibat rente ta ntnforae Lee. Bis oaly means of leer Ig AUaata an by tws nade isadlog soath to K?asn sad ts West Pom! snd MobUe. IT Je has lea escapes with bis srmy by either af thess ?t ansnsd nates ha wfU be obliged to more quickly. It |?aanll ssttlsd proposition ta military eiralss that ths ana better afford ta toss Atlanta than Johnston's It may oomitly fee true tbat Lm?*arsst la alraady ?and of H Waswmotos, Joly tl ? Evening, i received by the govsrnmsnt this sfierneoa ? that the rebel Oeneral Johnston bas bean super I by Gaaeral Hood, and that a battle has taksa place as the two or miss, la which Gaaeral Sherman de I tbs enemy VATinauns, .Tnly K?ll P, M has been rssslvsd by tbs govaramrat in rale* Is tbe la'l of Atlanta. ?men or rwrn Aawxi.vso TUsm, \ KkW Tom, July ?, 1SA4. j tbs Wsstsra Union Telegraph Company an In eommu Isa with Atlanta, G*., to day, meeaagee rrssa tbat sr this data having bssu transmit* sd over tbslr I Tae w nkaaataa bftsssr Tbs Occupation aff Decatur. 1/ima4.a, Ky., J'tly M, 1W4 Monday mora In* Dsjst jr, Ga., wae occupied by oar t, tbue catting aff ell rebsl ossamaalostioa with Carolina by way af Macoa. Deed Men asd etraggiera had beon eomtoy into our lissa |U great number, etnas we crowed ths jChatlehooohee. rsi'reaent that all hops of savlsg AUaata baa dieap |#aaera?Y lloo.l Ispan.des #ae Jehnalen. MS. S. UADWAi.LADRR'I dbspatoh. Cnv Ponrr, Joly Jl, 1IM. tmond paper" of the Mtli oontaln telegram* rt?m [la anniMinr'ng (h* rtmnutl nf (Mitral J ot Jok itrferi I fh' twinaiul nf Ike rtM 0?;tr#*eee< uf lb? afpcioiwent of fcsneral ilwd to auoosta hip, QENERAL ROUSSEAU'S GREAT RAID. Line of Route of the Ca valry Expedition for the Destruction of Railroads Southwest of Atlanta? The Communications Cut at Notasulgr. and West Point. TP CHTrjW&CGA -WAJER9 ^ o*j ELvVoN itHEJTEH ISLANDS SflklVERS F?RRY :oln \\ kTALLADEl / COLDVlttE^OYj / V. ??S??OBD J, >s a k^KIOMRKA MONTGOMERY BRinc m v-w** ? IQFEKA1 CHAMBEBSp )ADEVILLE JL Vgl 'Qrte^HAUSWDCA JPELIKA I fcTCOLUIVlBW 0??NALTA \ SCALE OF MILES T \ to 9t\ 30 40 50 The change earned ioim eurpr iee at Attar.ta; butlbeRlcb I an .nd paper* ia/ nothmr now aurpnse* any on* la the j rob?l capital. The editor aleo aJnu'o ifaot the fall of All? ta la quite probable, ?? 'heimui *ll within lit I mviea of the place oc the 19th, and a battle waa tbea j iBmimt. MR. V1L1.UM It. ? DrKPATCB. Xrt*. Pour o* r.<v*?, Jnly 21? A A. M. There are aeveral ttv-ts of nteree' ihl* niorulng. luvlng an important fceurlnif ufon tbe war aud the public n?tud ef tbe North, wtirh t.*ui>llv an uot of a oonlrabatui character. 1 give thetu briefly. OBXKKAb X* 0X.\I>|01? KRiW-'mi. 1%e Rtobmood prew of yriterday aiineqoce*. that Geo oral Joeeph Jobmira. cii-iunudiu< tlie reV#t Aruny at < Teooeeeee, end re< er. Uy operating ag.'uaat ?.eneril W.T. Sherman, in Georgia, ha* hem relieved of hi* cot, vend aad ordered to report at the rebel rental ttoig ia, dmiht leee, to be explained by th-- ia? or tbe ?U?r inert) <?;?*?/ tbat baa hitherto marked h:e campaign agnail Sbenuan. | Whatever Dm eauie, it w a (act, at.<J a gratifying owe. j. ? wood baa teen appointed Jobcit<n'a itioreteor, and till* (Mi la oooatdered tevorab'e to tbe Oana oauee at both tbe j general and (tepartenanlel beedqeartere. Itta thought Ural i Heod laoka the ability to rlae te the tavel of ao extended ] aed important a com auwxl . it m conceded that be h a lighter, hat belter eqvdt to (be commaad of a oorpe or i dtvaioa than of a large army, wh/we rofrta to operate ta ; der??oe of a great, tumid aod.vHal etroeqbold like At- j lanta or Richmond. He graduated at Went I'oiai m tbe 1 ilaee of 1BW, low down en tbe roll of ranktn acbeUrthfc', and baa never been f?u? jo. or eren remarked, for eem ! preheoetve military ability. QENERAL ROUSSEAU'S QREAT RAID. Mr. W. F. O. Ibaabt' Oupalebte. >'4?wtf?.a, Tenn. , .Toly JO, 1S64. inicrrtvinr or tea cnitai, The opera! loue of ftenerel Sherman' a cavalry dnriog the campaign at HI prograMta* in fteerf ia have not t>?aa of a Terr etteaaive character, raring to the ebareity of huge m tbe moanialeow* country 'o wbtrh it bee bran operating Heretofore :te opereiwai hare been confined te the protection of tbe fta/ike. Um guard lag of tratna and petrolling of ihe railroad l ae of communication But liftl at tbla coenpnbwr/ duty bee been the aevalry baa wfiered rerr bedly, and many thee Made e< horee* have died of atarvalivo. tbe men thua dlejnwiated bare baaa Mat to th* tear, and are now guarding tbe rallroadf, Ibe fo ta being ? maey eaao* beM by tale elaaa of men. Ktlp?trlik waa wounded, and con?pe?ie?l ta go to tbe roar, ^uneinm, though etill in ttio field, boa bees able to arcoeaplieb little la the raiding line, aad hence ere h*vo bed no Kll|?triek and StQOMMn raMl; hut laet evening a raiding ftxca lort Decatur, Alabama, aad by the hour tbla reachoa yje, jrou may have eoaee thing from the Southern papora relative to MSouaaea?i>a raid," namtit, a<>> eaaac'a At the time Henerat Sberaeen wea making hie famftdi raid In Miealaatppl, Mit|or l!"SBOral L. H. KmiMMV, com mandlag the diatrlct of Naahvute, pro poind to Ccnaral Grant a oonoorted mnemeat from Decatur upon .-'eltne, Alahemn. He bad obta.ocd a groat deal of raiuable ta formation regarding tbe reula and the vulnerability of flolma, anxioua lo mike the BMvemenl. But ae tbe raid nf coaonal Sherman evaa Inotltnted naly for tbe porpoee if ao thoroughly doatroylac the Miaalaaippl rail route tbat no o*toeelre force of rebel Infantry oould ope rate ageinrt the point* oa tbe Mtoaieelppl river, wblub It wm imeuJtti te fnkm it erJer ie pmeeete UH ftm*\ campaign, urn! dM nut contemplate tbe eocupath>n uf j fieimn, *;en. Rmnwu 'a proposition wra? .laclincJ. Ij?ta ] ly, however, OeDernl Shenraa, bocom.tut desirous of the destruction of tbu railroud between Montgomery, Ala., I ?fid Ooumbus, On., orvlerod (;ener*l Kiu'teen, .lime 3?', j to nnke prei>?rs?ioii* for a raid upon the ro*d be j tween tbe pctntA named; and this raid, a* or irrfcit, j is tbe one upon ?hi. h tiaoeral Rouaseau <i?4~ir;c J lael eveniug. it a Hole p.irooae of tbe raia i*. a* before anted, the duatruclion or tbr raiiroad. Tia.s i* to bo done ?'j ef factually as te rut off tor the r?'8t <>f the war the line by which tbe re'oat* get Ibeir supplies of btef, & ?. '?rtiers noi? given and iMararaUcos nude it r tint l*?trnction ef tbe rail* by (voting and burning then, with the tlet, i bridges, erai*/ iJJtt.i, toe tbe blowing up of culvert*. [ locomotives, urn chins a&d g^vsrunwiit .chO|ie, arsenals, Ac. Ordsi s weceaWo given for IhaiMilmalon of Opeiika, ' tbe po.. it at which ibe Columbus nad drvjrjsi f'.u tbi j Atlanta, West Point and Wc*itgom"ry road, ay tbe com | plate destruct ?? of ibif (iciut UoaetaJ .??he.min hope* to , eat off Mnitgiroary from ooramunloait m tiy bulb routs* with the ea?t. It will be eat a by the map Mat you ttait i this It eOiled. (General M*u?*esu bopas tu Irretrievsbtv destroy 'he railroad* trotn Uwvigome ry to Colutaboa and Weet {'Dtin. and, if irarticabJe, the greater part of the rebel g-vrwiitooot fav^perty * Mootgeiaory, Columbus, Tn*k?igee end tbe principal pv.n* along bis rwte. Having eomj>Wed all hie preparation*. and having on the dth met-mi reoenrad the Sua! orders U move. General Rouaaeati ani stall left beai-.auviera m thU city on tbe lib. He wae tcrmpa id by Ca<>ti.n J. C. Wifllatt*, j Nineteenth Tnttcd fltate* Infantry: Captain Eikln, Kit A ! Kentnrk) cavalry, ew> ilavMso. Captaia Ruger, Tot-tt ! graphical Kngmeer; Captain UeConnnl, ta?pe<tor, and ' other*, lesvin; Ma?r R H. I'olll, Aollug **si?!*nt Ge [ neral, te "run ' tbe dutriet or Te' n^evse la the ?lenerei'a J absence. rj*u\M tu'na* be* been eogsged for ??oe months |<a*t In talking map* from Information ef ciU~ee? bow here aa reftigeea, and baa comp'.M a great deal cf vatnabi* i;ift*te?ttoa ?arTii? wtLtiaw, who baa been ttie eie ultve ofDcer ef tba flenerM la Ibla muter ban had tbe praoaralioo at matter* Id hi bands, and baa labored faithfully to hvtaa tbe prepa-a ttoos Captain Williams ia a yr><irg man of great enargy. to which a laudable ambitkm adda ferra, and who has hi a^sry ocoaat?a adaairablv eoodartad h'nvietf. lUi oaitie Igured ia tbe honorable liat of tbiva who stayed with Tbnmaa at H>k '<am*tifa, and doobt'eaa be will win ?radlt ia tbe iaopoftaut doty ea which be ta now engaged, rn* raatnxi acwraa, 1?i* party left wtNi tbe Mea that they might laad in a Southern prtoan, hut oongratulatad tbemaaiaea that Grant haa eul ofl tbe roate to i.ibby. WHh ibM ?kiw of a pr'aon hi their mlnde, tha party made all |<reparalitaa for a Savthera remdaace, and quite an aanoamg acme waa trltawaed at headguartora ta the closing and baiaarluj af aoronnta, writing rtrawell letters and giving direction* for tha dlapnaltion af private property. The Provost Marshal, Ma,'or Rigney, w.ih hr? nwal geaereatty, give each of the office re e covple of thouaand dolUraio rebel asooay? aot rvs HstOs, but tbe genuiae article, which is said to be nearly as valuable a* the Imitation, though ni4 e^iasllmg it tu engraving sud printing. ra* vosrw raoaa owvaatL wiraesap. Gaarral Hbersnaa's order for the rsid rea trie ted tba force t<v about two tbouannd tSva handred. general Ro is. sean, la waVa ,np tbe aomher, hastily aoorea tratad si liaesknr tba followiag taoMpa ? /ItrrUnn'i Dtii.mU. Fifth Indiana oawalry. (mimiel Tern .1 H.irriooa. f ifth Iowa cavalry Lieutenant rolonel Patriok. (kM cmc kantursy itsra'ry litjor Klforf, Sao Aodaaii guas. 7Mrd S.'tpode. | 1'onrth e*T?iry. N'tut!i Ohio revelry. j Tblt ft rco, thus or^eut/ed, will nmiber tern thousand ?even h'indrod uion, ell well mounted. Jbero ere nee tho'teend rr-*??e>" repeating ilflee, tiring eight timos with out r- lonjio.;, etui invaluable e* e cavalry irm. Two | l.jtit To '?n*n gun* w?re tak'?i* tlong, one and careful j I preparation bain - made to abord u theru, If nec?e*wy, In , ] a ueelea* ooadalion. ilie tnmi are a I vctorau*, tho new 1 | recr'a'J of the re|{ib)'-nlt narr. -ijhav.o'.: been lett behind. General Koutrwra eud (Viin.iel Uarriecn telt eery ArmflJent j of snea it. Bush are lighting, on, rf:e?k: taen, and If whs 1 <???>? ? |x?*e!b:? ttiey will aocoiupHen tb? iu; Uil out lor 1 tlK'SL i4B eoere to na t**wv ? by Oeti?ral ftoniMail if ooe toil iiae never been followed j her tsTore d irlnj !be w?r, Ibo-'^n it fee near!; Identical j with the tra> .-" ptir>-uei by tieueral ,I*-A?>n in 'lie w.?r I a;a r.?l the Cry 4 lnd lane. The flret nomt of sir 'tnport ance ou tbe ron'e ti lllountevilie, the next Aebville. A f?* mil?e toyo^'l Aetiville it the Ovu river. <?eoeral oh?' iimmi tlru directed Rmieaeau t ? make Mte orosang' at Tea iali.uA*, but aubteqoenlly tbi* w j ? ibooged eo an to all"* him to eruee at Ibe near?it r rd. He It itiea to m 'fe r*ni<ltv uj<en the Tell;id<Ha au<i '.be naaroel brkige or lord ov*r the tallapooaa urer. Tse route betweea tb-t- two atreeiu* M to be rery rapldlv pewied. end (be brirtfea are to be rotnpletety deetroyed. The p"**?te?f 1 tliu r*".*poo?a will, in all probability, bo io?Je at 1'ebo I peke, end will briog Uie foive into Dedevillo. HountaM ' rovlt will c*r-y H to the ret!reed ?t coo v mi tent pomta, ' wheu the ? JfW of deetriic'ion wit) be &??i;e. there ' are el^ht brid-jea en Uie raiLmd between M<>Vgo.n?ry I and Opelike, tbe rajet ln?pi,rJe?it be- 1< owee Oekfuakee. t'npta, Hatitoee, t*!ceh*e, end L'fora?e ceetea. It atm erweee three brancbee ?{ tbe >atter ttria.ti, end . aa It CW | low ? the of ?o>?cli*twteliee tree* it j more Uian j probab'etbat no nbere of uinoele arid bridge* ere to be found in tbe ee,!ey. Between Opei <e end Weet Point, . ou ib? AtlanH road , are two bi id?es ever the Big Halle i w*k-e ana oweuppeb >^eek Neer i^eiueib'ie, aa the j otber route, ere tbree brid^ee over tbe Wetnnpke ereek ; end "ue over Mill creek, ill Rircejl mrvm I R'turn'.urf after the d9*tracttoe of tbjie r'jtdj. R joe ' h?i?ii i? ta move up tbe weet side or the < hettah.iorhee . If 1 tti ? otiporlnony oflfbre, M l jotn (ieoereJ^>berm<a between Mil ietiA and tbe ObettiUHJOiii'e rlrer. tf tble route le ture.^ened by tbe euemy Kotieeeeu le to make etreigbt for feneecola, end take receeU to New ctrieaae end theuee to X isbrille ?<ein. Mien ot *w? Kan?o?r>? The following H ? table of the eiettont on tke Atlanta, W' tt Point and M"ntfo*?ery Railroad from Mmtgmery and Weet Point ? Kvm U<m'DW V. W\'u. To Mount Melge ttettofl 10 Cllett'e elation f ?>borler'a atetion 4); Oowlee'etetion d lWeemr H Chohew elatioa 11 Notwilfe. 0 loeehapoka. 7 Auburn 4 Opel ike ? Rongb and Heedy> ft < neeeta T Weet rotnt 9 Pr?m OjsMa. To Vounuebt rough. S Maleia ? I 'over 4 ? loli.mOue ... 1 ma miner art roism. In hie wdere Oenerel (>berraen alieJee to Montgomery, t^>oi** aad wKinbua u bti^f IM 1mj>viihi iwiaia, but I do not know that Inetructlona w?re given him to attack elthw Montgomery or Columbua. Ordera wore Weneu 'or the doetrictlon or Opellka. Sel.-na H alluded to In tbe eruere m a poiut of arc^ndnry importance. \A?fTTa.'.r, tuly 13, last. I ? Kocwrtn'n iwtnrat. ?t r>r?:*Tra. General liciwwi and hi* force1: arrived ut I>eca.tur <m Saturday right, .tu^y 9, and wore en/ited *11 the ???'? on Uia lOtb in propping to depart. TU* r'C* uwlea, 1 which were to carry itx* ?tnmonlMoti, >-rcko frotn ttvii r ' corral osi .Saturday night, end abj it oue hnnlred vera ; kxit in the country} n-ound Oec i:ur. fintl diAmltf wm i enoounlrred .n riiierim^ those focufd nx\K >? >v HHUtrr, j At leal. aboil u?in on the 10th, fie I- ' Ml of tbe column ' moved out, of Decatur. Gerertl R?u?a' ?o u.d etalT ter? ' about three J'. K. ; and thus tLo <re?t ra'd beg?i?. Tbe [ column hue I'.uiiab'y edo'ted the cro? of Uie Cno^a by I tfcta ttaue. FH'>w f?* riHTTanoc?r?iioj. General c he man lelejrapba that th? ; <rbel werka a' the i rbaliaUoo?'h?e are the ntrooge*t| be ha* yet encountered, j be1'.* fluL:b?l In the h>$b*af atjrteor tbe ;*rl. I (It wil be remembered lhat m our d^e/u'rfco* of ?e*<er. | day M waa positively stated that the extern itne of re treat of the rebels nu on I <>Q on ibe 17 til instant. Tbe above "*petli';o8 b?* aleo proved a auivceeK hi tbe line* ronntns Mutbwostwanfly.? K? Hcaoa j The Attack (?p?a Browaibore and Humivlilti fFrom tbe*t ilka Journal, luly 19.1 An olB.-or arwviog direwt Irota tue front bv tbe trait) I from MaabrUle yeeterilay, inforiua.aa that e?riy on Sator , day me: mo* laai * large label force? Koereat reported to I CMiimand? auaehed the atotkude at Browtttbora, <ia the railroad, be'weeu Stevens >n and Huniavli*, auJ, after a brtef but aplrlted resistance oo tbe part of oar wen, tbe ret>eie captured the p<*t. The garrleoc consisted or about ore hundred men. most of whom atiocewled la making tbeli eecai>e. home -'.mely arier tbe caviare of Hrownsboro tbe re?M force advaaced oa Hontaville. and, after a sharp akirmHh drove tbe pickets into tbe fortirt cat < one ooMiuaedtng tbe approaches to ttic Iowa. flue's *ill?i m auoouled by about live thousand federal troone. Wa?u our mf ftnant left the rebels bau inMe no regoia r attack apoa tbr po* tl<>o th aft ?? aaei-ilt rn 'be no'1.* waa hourly aipa ted. Ibe rebel force w?e neilaeted at from ton t? twelve tbou^asd men, mo*t of wbora were mounted. Our tro v* were to fine eolrlte end 1 eager for tberray." l"bey fe t rooideut of tbeir ability to ret>el all atucka ti>at tbe tebel column loigbt make '-iwo lbei< poaMoa. Tlie rehel foroa ta probably over ee'ime'ad. and we have aoma doghta about ^oirwt being In command. We l>?beve that it would be nearer tbe truth to *ay ? bat tbs rebel column te comfjoaed of tiie roia(it.\oda of Wbeeler and Itod.ty, witb the i*>inhined ileta^bmen<a of thieving banda nuder th i teailenliip of r.biela of minor nete. We nnderatand that General Rouaaeau, who left Haabvlll* a w?k ago with a large evp?rtition, waa at atbena, Ala bama, oti s..torday, and w^'lld apeedlir marrb to the attoeur ef Huntevilfe The rebeta etj?ec'.e'l to earpvlne our troop* at tbe latter place, aud carry tba works )>y atorm In u>u they eignally failed. If tti??v attempt to hee:e#e the plaee, itmiaaeaa will rwe*p down ||miu tbetr (leak aud areate ead Iwvoc In their rwni:*. Wu c nSdeutly beiluve that Huntanlie ta iiefacUy e.i'e, er l that tb? , r?b<ii demonetratioa will reault Is duaatar to tbe bee leg I log ferae. REBEL ACCOUNTS. (Krnm tbe Klchoaood Joumate. July ?.?.) Atunri, J?iy II, MM. The ?-my and public were aor|irt?e<l tble morning by Ibe annoiitii'?ment of the 'ihaiue at' commander ? Johmfm bong rth e1 and dm. nl //erd V^-?r#v >h' ei/meMnd. r.avr*4t /oreivwe'e ?atewm.? am>?aa< The fn'towlng ,e t.ebur^! Joliaeion'* farew< d a 1 tbe troop*:? llnr*)i iiiTFW, ^aav ov Taw ramie, .Itily 17, I'tM In olmdlono* to tbe nrdera of ibe War Iwpnrtuien', I tarn over to (lanaral Itood the command of tbe Arm* aod Pepartment of twioo?i>m. I eaonot leave thie aobie UBf w^k??t ^freaai*| adanraiioa H KM kjga Bill tary qa illt'es It O'.h d.spleye! ?u conMitouonsly? every sniiliorly virtue, rod jranuo o>' toil, obedience to ordo re, brlll.unt courcgo. 'ths enmy *a.i twver aUaektl but to 1* vrrrtly rful-m I nmd punitive#. Vou, soldiers, ti iv* never argund but Irom your courage, <"'4 Dew counted your (o.<rs. So iotirir your leader. f will MUi watch your career, and viU ryvite in yr.ur >r i > riet. To one and ?.l I oiler ds*u>'enca* <* tuy Irienoahlp ?ad bid an ttt'-ctionnle farewell. J. E. .luIIN's-TON, Oenural. Ci^NhHU. noon'H >riT)HJT^ G*m*rru n->od, on uh:>unuiLg euuaiiud, issued tfce fol lowiiM ait'ti j>m ? tlx)) iHTi'K!?, Ahmt o*Ts.v*ss.kk, Jnly 18. 144. 8or.:u?K.s ? !ti olioiieuce lo order* from the War I?0 parlnient, 1 attnuine cmiim and of u?k a mr and domurt ui.nt. I ft 'i ttir >tn\()kl of the i'?p-.'inJ,.(.ty no twldenly <1*4 WHjpxi dly drvlvetl upon ?f by Ibis position, ml shall bund a'.! ruy euorg ; and ? nup; iy all my skill u> meet Ha re julretnuts. I look with confidence o >our patriot. am to utand Uy me, md rely ui?u your i ruvai to wr-ai vour couu'.ry fror.i the grasp of lbs in valor, ho tltllm: your-elve* to tbe proud d-tmotion o< bolDg called tne d-'livarern of ua oppressed people. J 15. ilOOD, (ieneral. tuk rail Man* n?r TtUf/rapMc tvilh Mon'g'rm ry v:<K ??? ptP't*' t t'i night, i trar iVoiatu/on. 'the tn'trru jo'iin u sup pose* i to A ape bci n eaiueU fry <i pnrti u of Unit pirt of the cfte.nyui ?> ? r o be at Ta I lad' pa on Saturday No trai l >u(j urrtV i to-day fnun W. s< P 'int. Tbe muin force of lln< oueniy crowed llie < Kult ibooolioo, hut vveon i Isham'a > rd uml K mbwoII, and urn ?l iwly pimuiiig fir ward. G.ivtiiry ^kirmtKbm^ tools plaM tb?i IttoruTug dl Buck, eii ml.fH from ibis plico. AtDuiCKAL F RCM EUROPL P. Drouyn do Lhuys Officially Denies that tbo Keddo is a Privateer. The Alleged Rebel Fleet Sold to tbe Prassians. Fronch K*aval Commissioners visit the Koarsarge, tt?, ft a* U?r Parli Corrciiiondcaet. P^his, July 8, 18M. The TidU CltartU l!p?Tht Florida and h'tnr larpe?lhs A tat-ama? Captain Semmrj?Dcpariurt at tkr. F.mpo or ? Statistic/ of <V Mcrgu*, <#?? Tbe fog which has surrounded the' movement* of th? Yeddo, oce of tho oteamors bu'lt for the rebel* at I for deairx, and wbirb sailed from tliat port two weeks afo for Amstordum, ceoms at loii^tli to bare bern clonr?d*uf> l'hls vessel bad b-^n ostetis.blr sold to a firm In Am sterdani; but as days wore on, end no news of her arrt vul In that port rcncbedus, It l>pg*n to be feared that she bad succeeded In eluding, after all, tha vigilance of tbe Vrencb authorities, and tliat, Instead of going to Am sterdam, she had simply goan somewhere upoa the "ooutral" coast or Engbad , snd there received an arnn rneuf, perhai? taken the redoab'.abla ifemnica hlm?elf ?n board, and was waiting to uttack tbe Kearsargl wbee she went cut of Ckcrbonrg. ill thtse specalatioos, haw ever, are now fai^itlad by tbe st itenMut made by M. In-oayn de Llitiyi to Mr. Dsyton yesterday, that ha bad rccclted satisfactory information that the Yeddo ted been soid to Die Prufcaiao government. It is holwvcd tbat tbe ather vessaM at Bordeans are abo'it belug dispoied of in the same wanner. There bave been two or threa scares here daring Ite pant week. On Tuesday? the day the Kearsarga left Cherbourg? 4*-!egri?plnc despatch ea were received hare that the Florida wea off the coast, and would probably have au encounter with her. There rcemr, however, bo good reason for believing that the Florida la In thia pari of tba world, and If she la thai* Is no pr?bability)thal ah* will particularly seek tho society or either tbe Kearaarge, the Niagara or the t>acram?n!?. I doubt whether wo shad have any mora naval battlsa off thla coast I? d lately Letters from Cherbourg at ale that tbe four offlcera al the Alabama taken prisoners by Captain Wlnsiow, and permitted, while the Kaarsarge remained la the harbor, to have their quarter* on shore, war* ordorad on board before her dorartsra from Char boorg, and weal to sea with bar. Tbe cbmnolsaian appointed by tba Rvparor to lovaaU gate the quoailcns lu naval artillery raised by tba combat between the Kearsarga and the Alabama baa oomrneaced its labors. He "re her Sonarture they visited the Kaar ?urge, and "usidxled'' in the mancsuvraa of bar two pivot Psh&rcna at tba working of which they expressed t*e fr<'air?t iogree of sdmlratioa. AN tan seamen of Ite Alabama aire quitted Cb -rbonrg. Alt of tbeaa bave ree -ived a circular from CapUin Seiamas, la whiofe he eet.i forth the pecuniary condition (that is to be) ot the ottioer* soil crew of lha Alabama, and the amonnt at prt.e money tlu? them (not one cent of which aaa heen, or id to be paid until attar the recognitioa of ite independence of the Southern 'confederacy hy the lotted .'itaKMi>. 1 see that the Eugl'Sli aeceasloo papers sra con tinually ta.k.'tig ofacew Alabama, to be commanded either by Cjpu.n Uemmei or his Srst lleulooiuit, Mr. Ks4l. ( bave ?o.>d r aoo lo believe tbst neither of tteae men will engsi^e la any active employment in the rebel service at present, and that they both consider thejxselvea ss, in reality, tbe prisoners of Captain Win* low, at Viaal sufficiently so to preclude eitoer *1 them liking a command; Seromtr, at all eveata, will not, as he is said to be quite uawell, and will spend the sum nier at some of the Herman v. aterlug place*. The N iegara was otf Choi bourn yesterday , aa-! uimmu nicated with the Hscrameo.o, which ia lying in tbe ter j bar. The Or ten, o( Brest, staley that the Kreech goearn ! merit Uas or <Wed the oonstructloa ef two corvettes on | the ui viel i>: the Kearuar^a. I rtia Crnperor went to Vichy yeaterday, and Parte la becoming insafTcrably hot and dull. .J >me statbtic* of the Korgoe, the Parisian dead teaaa, in whtcb all hodiea of nnanown persons are erpoeed for three days for reeocnttton, bave just been pnbiiehsd. Tiiey embrace a period of toa year*, during which ttea 3,-TM persc.oe (of wtym 2 181 were males) tern been brought in. 493 of tbe*e were newly horn tnfaaie, aeven eifhih* nf the whole were Men tided; l^u srere between tw-nly and r<irty years ef age. The total numtwr of euicldM was 1,766, of which 1,414 were h? drowning. 114 by having, ?? by firearm#, M with Uo fsmsa of charcoal, 44 by leaping from high buildings, It by snarp ir?irura<-cts, 11 by poism, T by turnlag ? hern ial roa ond?r wlteela, 4 by brsndy and other spirits. The lansea J ibewe snieuisa ars givaa sa follows ? laaanUy, 3 4 druaksaness, M; want, 73; pecuniary embtrrase ment , 4.1; dieappoieted lone, 42, domestic troublee, ?V deitr <Mn tremens, 'JO. THE PRIVATEER FLORIDA. The Kisrida Hear Ballfai?A Barh *i Brig la Planes, dke. TIm rrovrderoe yc?? nal baa the foUewIng ahtp news report, but aa we do not kaow at wtet port the vaaaal which makes lbs report baa arrived, w* Infer that W muat he Halifax:? Osptala tterlas Rl .bards, ef the berk Ocean Gain, re ports ? Julv IT. Ualiias bearing c >etbwsat atxiut twenty - twomilee, saw aeteamer, pnisted Mack, bark rigged, with two amokeHtarte pointed white, suppoeed to he tan Cirato Koridn. A bsrk and a brig near by were en ire, here wse aiao another eteamer oioae at hand, pe'aied hiskfe. firs la Thlrlseaih Aveaae. a la no a kvuiuo* bi/Ilpino ?sirraovKi?--Losa m* TIMATgB AT A BOOT TIN THOVSAf l> POLLAKg. At nine o'clock laat eight a dre broke out In e see st?*y building hounded by Thirteenth avenue and I tank street. The prstni?es sxtstided shout oue hundred and fifty feat on tbeaven ie, and eoe hundred and Illy on Rank ?treel, It wta owssd hy Mr. Tompkins, of the Newark Cement Company. Patrick Donnelly stabled his hor.aa tm the* tho ;ner animal waa burred todemh Mr. IJouneily ai^o u-ai hi* cart and harnews , valued ia all at three bundled and fifty doUara. Mr. C I lawk u had a lot u4 hale hay deatmyod. valued at abont live huodr.vl cf illsrs Mr l.awhia met with a an. 1 1' li>-r the o^ehi nf the tlh Inst. There wea a *>? ?? si. b? - ? ' rore i, bel >ui:ing t? CImui. PeU'iMa. ITie who'# of the ? llldlng, with its eonie its, waa <le stfoy-' i. 1'ieilrsle supix^ed to bs tbe work of demgn. nag i* caniftToriiRft araair. Hrtween six and ssren o'clock laat evening s fro tm ourreU lu a stable In the rear of 119 Christopher sirsei, owned by l'strlck Otlermeyer I .nee ih >ut fl*e ksndr?d dollsrw, Insured for two b'indred and Wty doilnrs ?? mo Hreegwttth luaugaoo* tymyuj.

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