Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL /ND COMMERCIAL. ? K*.ua*, July 25?6 P ? M The prevailing duloee. in Wsl' "root wU# " * ?^?Q fetC i Ul ?'! Al ??>?, Willi All ^ h ly lar a l?r <u. iu? r? . ? ?ti?. ?????? ?rU<M> of ?r. h?? *~n "5uCl,M wiieu itf't to ?'?? si ??'ry ?* ?f b*"ne*? *?r d*j-t> Doai. .. U?en remained on * nertatM tut. nothing bei >g fortbc ?mln?. tb y , -urv of me *. ? ,?M ? t? thick about putting lorth ibe b..ros Ui?-j had lun tMirarlly withdrawn. TIM- o< Mr. F. - eed?u dies not display Uialf Id a conization ot re: id k?.d surprising movement*, but perw.k?-., more ?f ibe ciirMWr of masterly losctiTl ty.vhtob tome mi* muuke (or * want of 4ec*ioa ?nil ft iuc?. cf ability 10 cop. ?UI? tbe difficulties of bis posit i.*. We kuow tno prov.rb &a?s that delays arc dmineroua; ibis may u?<i apply to Mi. fasten den's rue, or at Wasi he may ool inmk It does. He may comfort hi r.i-e i wun ih? old lamlllar bywoii th -t ?Hima was made tor sives" lergettlug ih>t 'time and lid. wmi (or ik) man." H? b?* probab y other mutters to attend to )Hft uow New broo-u?, we are told, sweep elpan, and bo i? uoi cn.ikeiy pr.pnring to make a c?n awcrpoi tap trei- ry 1>. p.irtnieut, brushing cut, too, MBdrr holes ana corner# to th. Sub Iroasury sad Cua torn *?.? u. tms city. We know UM .ioaeurea are .specially numerous I. ?n* ??'Wr bul*ll?< ; but 1. no reason to ain***. ' "?*? * ???IUh?d. In View of tlie next eloctn ? tueir holders will rnerc'.y t? cbantrd; but tU.r. will uudoubvedly b. freat ccnimuii'on for a .??* diy? penJIug tbe tuit unoo nifnt oi tije retoova.t ainoug tboso wbo row recaive M;..riM for r .K"iJ?. * I'^y roll, aod wLi 40 teuuro of bung up u ti>. lavor and late of Ur. Utile.. Wb.a tbe i-rr&eut be >d ol it.e treasury tried to ascertain the ?icvi. upon tinaiie iu,*n?a of ttie ?fili(jbtened sit.. amiii wbo ocoaplw tU? W > ?-? House, be was, pertiujis, bardly prepared lor tm> |.ti ? *>|-bicat indul.recce wulcb fiat great public fuucti u^ry ui.lui ested on a subject o. whit ?.nn(- might ctwiBidur to tie prci-slnjt imporiivuce. Tb. Tre-sury , tho >'uo misuryand the Custom U"US8 were flrnt to bu I'Ot in urn?' , tu.n, wb.a tUo cbnc\k>us discipiuso: Mr. w?r? remored, tbe time for bust nt*ss would b?ve come. To this m>sler!y flti? ncial policy, "? th? f*rUle ccmprobeB bito inmd of tne t?id of tbe cation, we ?.iy to er>me ck;?ui aitrtoute tbu pause botor. s.ct:cn which bai> inatie iNali otioet yawu aiil sot spoc-lati/rj M their wit.' end to mint ui > uvf. Am ytt (tbowea yesterday, tb. money market and tb. market for goTernmeot eocuritlw *ro auch that ttie pioj-osed o.w loan cannot jast yrt be placed aOvMiita^eously helor. tbe pubilc. If Ita prlc. is to bu nx.d at pw, there mutt be oontracti u I. to. i-xuo oi certiOcatc of lodobtodues?, And the banks must P saved the necessity of throwing orerboard tbe Kovern.uent securltus they already hold By tbe large re<iucnou, &ai?unting to more than and a quarter mU.l?M, o ttie unpaid roquHitlons daring the week enning ou the lOih Inst., it Is efident that the goreruaieut is disbursing freely, and tbe fltimber of packages of now compound lnterost mx per ceot legal tenoer n.>tes making their appetrftnee bore assists us to tne couciueioo ihat these we being jiaid out rapidly. Xne moreaslog case Id the mocoy iaarket further in nout this; and then* IS a disposition to proQt by tbe lutrrvU which will elapse the row loan in fairly un in- market. The amouat of two years Bv. per cool oouim notes withdrawn from circula te or destroyed was . on ?oe lfth lustaat, aeoortling to the TreAury report of titat date, $6i>,41&,6o0, and, as S19,S8tl,0OO of the three years compound interest six per cents have been issued in substitution, It follows that 541 OJi fiio remain to be issued at tbe discretion of the i secretary. There la les^ scrutiny oT collaterals on the part or tbe , bank*-, and lirst c.a*s atoek housee, under the limited de 1 manl lor m<'t*y. ?re re?diiy accotnmodatod at seven per uent. and ic eicjptionai cues at six. But discounts arc made with extreme ea-itiou, especially to produe. dc-il en,, and tbe rates are attil bigb. The belief now U that un foN.Lcoml"g e< ven ^nti tbree-teoths Treasury notes will be mude coBvernoi. Into five Instead of Bis per cent gold boar lug bon w. which, considering the high premium on gold and tue prospect of Its nstuK higher, will qur.e a fcuUitfieut Ihdiioemeut to ?iibticrii" rs tJ the ue* l'?an It will, of eourse. tend t? adranoe tue price U tne sixes of 18S1, iwuea under the lait lota, but this of itself bo an advantage, a r ue .n g.ivernmoDU insplrint,' ?onl Jeoce to thuu woonc tbe people, and eg 0ubacri;*tion<t tu iw* loan*. lleside.^, ifco rc::c'i'is of gold fr'.a cuatomfi u 'h-s, as we Bhow,'d on a ?oraeroeoesi n, r tu. i-? oeriim tue curront !i?al year to be AO more tntn b.rel> Mitl'.cier.t to pay tt.o Interest vm tile eahtmg >oi ?. Uamg debt, aod it is incumlient i.poo tb-j goverumen' t, >i<'k ibis squarely it .be .ic<, wjd aud n iu n-iutu. .."|J paying recpousiMiltlct, U |s sure of beioi: ab > m. o.iel without inc<.n . eniente. Vr. t b..n ?. t my ?? -lJ I lot a would be (lei ireu from tl.iii r-? r.:? for <u* year ending with -une. uud from pre ?nr au.-o iiouces tb;s is ilke.y to be ttie maximum am unt.? I, c.uiclderlu tu t n ;ir y l/ty lour niblionj WU be -? u reel t n.. et tliw portion o' .be tiobt ua u blaads, ib- re ih uoi much b-r. lus from this M.uroe U <**P 'ih?r? \? v x tnucD ?*i*cuu.u ir#? d^nsiod for toroitra ox* chili e hankuis' m m i?iim ?? la '??' ,l 1,1 " f?av!ib ? in tareo d.'it* <? ) ^'i "-"d HI Sl:;lv BUs <>u I'ur.s rou?;v Iron o.?- to 5 1.', to wariat. n i>L tfn-. Ti.e i1" ?>?"? "> gold err cbteBy ?iw? ul 'tivi, ;??i tbe j -! .u f- r i>Mi< J% dunes and sLl;> niet t Ik SIH?U 1be tele., ram from i*r <i hrn.ton corrrsj"v.d -nt. s"<t tug that At le--' i il?-t le't tUit city lor New \crV:, to wbtrti we calwd ?iuuiti?a ye-terday, provea tu I .^Te tooea ?nr>r??<' . Tbe atock marke' * ? U 'let to day, ar^ with at r.ny aotioc^t'le loat'ire ex ' I't ?? a'tvauce in m "-t of t.. ? lea l m r.,iltoad aul iuir< i' un f b?re*. Kr." Ka iwuy went i|i HuS-un Liver J4, .?.,*^'tiug 1. MiCtlgant etitral v, Mtchlgun Moutut-rii K ilinois ? en.ral 1. Cievt laad ?nd IV.te 'urg t e.'Ui.J ?? . T ituo i. Chicago ?t.d }u?o?c 4sl*ad Piiunurg ?ud fori W:ivue l>i, at"1 ?Quicksilver M,uiuk 1. ortm ai.d ? ibkis i.'pi eertlBcatca aold tlic sruue. New V a .1 uec.ited H. Chicago aod NorUiwertern i?.a"d i umOeriiinJ i oai X There was no change ..1 ^.iotaiK.c? lor goreroment evxpl lUe ?ue >-*r cortHieates. wbf h ad waered \ per cet.1. Ibe c?Biau4, buwerer, w:w quite brisk. Prices >* rnilroad and in >cellant<?ia shares at tbe first Meeton w tbe Huard * B" t.-<is? c iiipure with the blel.est Cisn sates on Kriday >X Uat week as follow": - io. Juiy 2~. Aasor tear. gold.. .. .. ' 7^1 * Cleveland 1'ittsburg >"/ . r.rel-urt.iS Toledo. j-U ? tVicagoaiid K-cklaiard ........ 10^ i??1 Cbicano aud North ?esi em bl Comberund "* r? ? Can inn Oouu*av ? Wawaii1 oo i llu'".*'*. ? * krie Railroad \\*X Krie pre Jirtd ........ * bodeot 'j? Illinois ventral J* , Michigan < %.? u MieOigar foutharr. . . 2 ,?. * Milwaukee aod i'tar'K d -6'M Mar I (x?a Mm leg.. flaw Yorl (Votrat . . . 1Ji * Ohio and *lis<nartipp; .wr-sifW'ies ? * raoiae Wait . . *? *^9 Pllub-Tf, tort Waem and niieapo.... HJ Kleksnver Mining 7? . adtng Radruei I"8'* Tbe fixlowtng <ra.T <bi 'inoutiona to^lay for govern Banal aeenrit en: ? Fire twenty ooo(K>n bir.-ls 'It* Fire tweoiy resisteiea te nd* JL H . B^i ao<i three s ai' rreaf.ry notes It* atered #'scf llti Clwipoe b'a of 1?">I One year currency ?4 >4 8 late stoi ks were quoted u. Mlows ? Miowx'ii C's f North Caroliaa 6'S. . . . M TenneasM ti l *'?> I'*1'"!!'"*,;*. , ii iiisas 5's id ev, inn no Tlrg.ola fl'S bi MtcMtae W * ia r's 00 l^'t'i?o?r' * 8 Gold opened at 2M and ran p t* U1X wbeo It took a gharp tura and declined to SuS.I. The cljaiag prito W* 2W'a Tbe Hub Treasury la tbls ?"/ report! to day aa fol lewp ? ftoreipufrnm ,'la? 2? Ktireoeipw Faya.eiilt PUjarir^ ^ lo|StlJ,3lO The liom* Insnrmce < oia^any, of tbla city, will pay <*? ^amaiid a dividend of < igoi j wt rent Tbe Mri*<iway laeuratice rnmptoy will pay, 1st An |M*. a dividend of six p< r re ?<, free of tax. iwl|e liockwith, of t?.? fupr.'.io Court of Jill Moti| baa given an opmion adverse to the le of tbe prupneed r> im ; dtiiio of tb* (blc-igo pmi Vreat VAStern Kallroal (>)ia >?y with the Oalstia pa4 Mtools Hi ver Railroad fompsny. He asyi the ptMar orryoritioa b?s no autro'iiy under ita cha'ter |lflM fel tnak to tbe at** Use, and that the li?t j 7 . which ??? created toy U?e lns*at?r8 wmoftc m',tn>;o l >, r.gM? or tx.4ie.oe In the Mate oi, {-fir63uli tTt B,,t silo* oil toconueot, " ' " ' tunor - mW ** aal of lb* (l??'l,an ? " "" J".* ??. i J?!J 21 J? .xUHUrf 1? <M M??W ?..r-r?d f> ce?K?(inpM?*. ^aCjS2tt' H 25.-40 Wsuu act irra of ?>*>! ?? 85, *48 Maiufect'iveeaf cotton 9(1 ,601 Man laetureaoi suit *** #8,632 Manufacture* of 0*8 *;>? 80.018 I4i?oollaaeoi^ *** . 1 606 ?U6.?46 TCiDtdnmsClh pQ- ? 894.6M Manu%rtutos of wool Si ,*80 M?DUIBClUr?NOf ? . ?91,642 llanuiactures ?rf silk. *f, 2,303 vsnuiaevureaol Han *. 1,403 Uiaca.Uneous US HJ&.7T7 Total T WATthixtttd. . UHS.4K Mmufacturue of wool 1)8,102 Manufacture Of WW* 2-w il>T.30a Maeufwituree of ?ik JjT? 131.884 ItMiuiftclurt* o. 12,'iC5 UUoeii:>.iCOU> - 2 466 ll.OS0.S46 Bank of ulile and tu thirtyei* brancheoon the 0th of 'ttD? 7 . l. cumin! ft, 212,746 Circulation " 0?3,45a Specie 6,584, 481 Deposits ? 1 111.S08 Low* end J ^ TUe ret on* of tbo Rat* of England for tto week end Jtg ju'.y o compare with the auteineut of ttsprcviooi w?* as follows:? W> Publtr. deposits MOaX iKniS Oilier <1- posits-.... 11,122, Mft oovorument securities ll.MM* U3.0t'>7,467 Other ticcurllMS - ? - ^.OXS/WO 21,380,776 Notes lo circulation f?',' 13 93O.h0? SLecie uud uolllon 14.107,849 TTV; Tke Back of France return tbis month ahows the tol lowing rmki as compared with tbo preriooi month : Decrease, oanh, one million; bills discounted not yet due, four ul two-liftha Frances. nine and throe Ufun millions; treasury bala-oe, thirty-ai* and seven eighths millions. Increse ?, noies in circulation, two thirds millions; current accountt, tour anil one tb.rd " with'rercrenoeto the market for Amertsan seourltiet in England. a Uonoon circular report? as roUows Thara has been comparatively little business in the ?*r* market for American eecurltie. eince our l^-t. " i st?iee caTornnMnt r.ecuriti<w we have to re M T?J%?Xl? 5S ?h?ir urioe lliioH are now quoted at 30 a 37 dUooout, of four por ?ut, wbicb, allowing lor r* chansa, shows a deoliu* of about one per cent. The earnings of the JClwaukeo and Prairie duChten Railroad for the secocd week in July wero as follows:? ls8, |32,S11 $17,816 JlUe increased receipts of the above road since the 1st of Janany amount to $381,206, or 72 per cent. The Cincinnati OauM of the i?th InsUnl refer* to the condition of flnancUl affaire in that city as follows;? demand for all the money to be had, at roll ratll Bankers cbarce customers, gooeraily. eight to i I mi coni but fc'u<xl ouUide nauiee oannot be dooe ton por ? *. aMl from tbif up to ilfloen. We L per ces" Money is ae dear .T' ibouf as" bard ?" get as at any previous time, ai ?! Jt, m th^euDDly of currency there is an increase . though In tneeuppiy w ?? Xhc temporary d? Sif.uwiS the United lutes Dn?<wltory are on Ike in nStwiinstanding the pressure for money on the str^T7 but these come mainly from parties who hare no t^fpc money at tnls peilodoftoe sea^n Mock BM*sig?> ! FaifSV. Jul* 22? 10-30 A- B. IVJOW rs ra. -31. rec.. \n , 1M ai>ahfCen UB.blO W I I Tiw i-8^ '8i. ????? }?,-> ! il5* ^oag>viv^? m ^Ktienmf.:::.:::::: 'g * 1" 100 du l^V, tli'ox ?a w Pai? 72 750 2? 132^ li?iu N '^?u-o lnaj? a . . ? -< Con BR IS.'* assssaK^ti ^ IftnPi ?h'? * Mi?* ?r ^ Mlrh'1s'i n I ?u^? 12-' , O *?l?pr:fcir 47., *> in t en KB scrip... ;000 "n' *d MK? 7-' >?" do 114 ?<38 MX ??; B w!010"* puu RK::: B*"?*?.?. 'S8f ::aww'fc'S ::r?*) inia 1*3 wo *" SSlVftt'lM m* 114 UoteT .4 TaiidoRR.'. 136^ ^4%-WiWeiS Sffichlr^AHklitiC jgj ,Vv HMo'?nd?r U ^ , ?)M .... ,?rw if m ? ^ -iioijai-. ?? ^ \\Q 1 v'"Ch^ 73V It" bUJ >12 .'! ? -^-iMVinVi <" 10 m*K -Vic scrip no 1,-vi ' i'X y?/Bton*THame peef 71 mu J? V Ceawal lik.... 131, i BKCO?'I> BOARD. Ilit-r nm Two O CI.OCK V.H ^ TT sr?'?. '^l. eon. ,rt>l aba Ki'ii .Int KR- J;-'. * .4 ?a.ft?vfc,|?? ! . 500 VI > ; ? ' , 1 <? % 5-j-auu .(4-.. ?'t; *:*|; j,;, , N-, it'-t:. ' ?' -tWi'l' Veer ?i6 94' SOU 111 Cea RR ful! aik. I-?V< " )f-M;ier .* I'ltts KK-biO > ?*",1 . 7! lio <lo 1"S jminu <vi ? 1 "^.*a oie". 24 CMeaeo 4.NW JIB. 6> V.;X. ?'??. ri*;.tir'?V *f? 74 ; S Chk-wri A V Vf firef W)g S, .... . _ lAv.. b)..W0 nw? }?i)r,?'12To:^;,iiR: la'tj : i Kr" *nL lM liinobie * Uk Hi BR.. K'J -?* ' : " ; V 1<<0 d ? . 10 t til rto V 1<X> M.ltr A Prim h RH jtt S&iCu,i,^^.rf:::: 65,? "jU Krw pref W OITV CO?I?F.aClAL BKHtHT. Frjn*T. JmIt 2*2?6 P. M. Asni '.? ' Rer.elpu. 86 bbK Sales 40 bb!s. at $13 50 a 313 76 'or pot* . ps? Is "fere nom.naliy $15 10. ? Bnnaiwrin.? Hoc* pta, 17,887 bb Is. floor, 852 do oorn m?>?l, M 42* buabo'f wbeit. 6,500 do. corn, an>l 38,5ra iK onu- Tar P ur market wu? deprp.T?e4, and a farther dc<*n( i up. a Me. was wuMIMbsl with * mod^. ate de, cli;eily for home co;.ii:mpUnn and on tperulalion. ItHibiiiei In !be ti to<n n ?>?* was 4,.'-00 be In. ?itra Stite fop >c; (ember delivery ,ii and ahont $12. On the sp >t i In r?i?* were 13,000 bbi?. :'uto and Western, 1,400 90"tbcr0, and 76u > aoa.lian. Ryn flour wa? snarooly so trm, wub ??iie? o> ISO bbls. Corn meat was witnout de cided cliat ??, tod 8M> bb'S. hoM at $7 75 for J-r-ey.fS o0 for Rr>;,dv?ine and !* 40 for Atlantic Mill.*, a:m? 60 p>!nch*<in!> f30. Wo 14'ioie:? rt'iir-rSf ?'taie and W?Mera flear... $0 60 a 0 90 Kxtia 4t?M ........................10 no a 10 25 Rt>?'ce **tata 10 30 ? 1(1 35 (Vraiiwa lomrOinin extra Western..., o so a 10 0 Fin a roved h<? ?? <-h?? 10 25 s 10 7ft Wrner* trule hr?nrt? ... .10 80 a It ?0 rxiraSt. I/ill's ....................13 76 a 14 74 OoniDon *.utbern ..10 40 a 11 40 i I ??ra fsnrv an,..,. 11 60 a 13 24 Cnirni?u Oks"d*an .... ....................10 26 a 10 35 Chnttii in entra do 10 4A a 11 TO kye Hour, anp^rfne 8 00 a 0 T6 tern moei, item 7 74 a 8 40 <;erii mnm, punriwiis ..........30 00 a 40 00 -Til- whoai market opaneii n ehade ftrmar . owim' to the jne*(rm supply of prune ehtppiuf (r&dm of sprint;, bat cluuod d- It aad heavy at about v?i?lorda?'s oarroorv. I tie day'* nxles fuot up 110,004 buebets at $2 24 a $2 4* for '111 ajro aprln? (the Inaflo prios tor very peer), II 3:! e f 3 Ml for Mllwa ikue dub, $2 50 a $2 f S tor am ber Mn?nu?<" $2 co a f2 64 for winter red Waaler a, $2 87 a $2 70 for amber Mletiigao, ana $2 70 i fir white ? aiitdtna, the oorn marknt was lira and price* 'avoiwl tfie buyer; sales BO ,000 bushels at |1 01 e $1 l\y, ? r tv<? W wt am mixed, fl 82X W old oo. . and $1 ft' a 41 r>8 for <in*ound uew. Onie were In hrilk d'-maei anl Arm >4 P- o. a $1. ler.ludtai cirgoes cnoi re *> irru, at ftt 01. Otoer grain neglected and quo tations r.omiual. Corri a was "riO re a< tlTa: '?ales Include 230 1/00 |ioanda n ilttmor* at 61c. 80.000 (to I x'lrolt at 13c., 300,000 (Jo. 1 n? -t 62r a M.'.c., and 60.000 do. bryen Port at 61c. a 61 ?,o Co'i-M wnr q u lot, with d t.s" Wee ni previous prloe^ Co t ???. ? The inark 't w m In 'Imlt'xt demand and lower, with Siiei of only jt/O b^l?<. W? qi^itc- ? lr) land, Floruit. J tntni*. N O <t7ercf O'dmsry 14i 142 14? 143 Midillirr 182 103 108 168 ftool middling... 1T0 170 171 172 f* una us i Urna were quiet. Seles 29 tono eaaetlc sodM at 1 4 >,c, 10 I'us Ml sods at 6 (4c, 60 do. soda asb at 6c ans,r., .V) ca*k* bie*>.hiug piwdtirs at O^o. n 10o.f and 100 ke/a bl earbooete >od* at P*{e. ? ai-it ? Kaixins were to limited dmnaod. but firm; Sales of 30 1 boxes, at $4 50 lor butv.h and $6 80 for layer* Currant* wrre quiet, with sales of ftO bbls. ftt 20>i,c , and 2.0fOV.eji uinann 's en p t. fKSMiBTC were firm hut quiet Kncofemente to I.lver po;>l, by Amonoan ver?e ?, 14,000 busheta corn at 4^1. In bulk, 600 bbis. hour at U ?>d ,60 tibds. tobacco at 20a., 60 tk-roes lard at 17r. o<1 , i*r neutral, 16,000 bushels wheat at 6Md. in bulk, 110 una lard at 21s 6d a 32s 'id., 60 tous b **ooi at 13-. i,d., and per steamer, 80b bhds. bauoo at 35*. To Loea n. per American, 1,304 bhls. floar at 'is. M.t 100 <<>a? heavy goods at ibn , sod per steamer, 14,000 busbeia wh.-at at 8d.,and l.i-OO bags cbeeae a( Mis. r i Antwerp. 1,000 bbl?. (Wtroieum at (a. 3d.,aodft00 bbls. floor at 2s. k Hanoverian ship, 890 tone, was ehartored !? Baenan Ayree, lumber, ebontflt: n Hutch briv, 11,080 buai>?>* wham to Cork far orders, m. fld. per Quarter; a iiremeb brig, 2,000 bbls. petroleum to ham b..rg, SO. Hd.. a Briusa bark, 824 tons, lo a port on the tMHtneai. between Bam mi GUaburg, a joo Wt ??? ;;* British biuk, 3,000 bbls. petroleum to y ? eillo . about tits t JM rate. t.HHMT c?as? f'aies I jo tal-eairv. tiCHVT Cloth ? tu? market *? qtiMt, u4 we note Ml Ba ?t 19**0. a 19?ic Hu veil 10 moderate deioaud. with sale* of AM bslos at $1 10 a $1 SO tor ant^iog, and $1 76 a |1 86 B* retail lota. Hoi* ? Sale* of 300 bale* at lOo a 27c., aato quality. Hu ks ware iu tuoder.a ?l . m nd at previous prioe* lb* S?1e- include 2 700 Ruenaa Ay res at 3h . and 6>? do , tu boud, on private terms; alsoiuuo city siRUgt>UH> nt 15 \c., and 1.900 1-ayta. l,00u Bio Ore ado aud 700 Save Diln, all ob private terms LJuniKB.? Hemlock and oak sole wort in moderate de mand at previous prioee. Ijut). ? Small Bales at 16c. a Ml^a. 11"' *s.-ss was tn t?lr re meet; sslee 150 bbls. New Orleans at *1 15, and AOObMs do. on private terms. Natal :-tobs* ? Spirits turnentiue war quiet at $3 05 a|3 70 few French and American. Ko- m? continue in active at til a $51. Tar qutat at $20 a $21. Oil?? Unseed was in fair duitund aud firm, with ?ales or 15 000 parous at $1 72>j a 11 75, antf for small I'.is $1 to a fl 31. Crude sperm was more active; said* 5.0J0 ciilatie at $2 30 a $2 30 V Lard was tteady ; arnail ?ales rfl'tortod at $1 (5 a (1 TO. 1 ktsoijh Recaipts, 5,010 bbls. The eteidy fall In grid tnd lbs large receipts arc proving too much for (ho holders of crude oil, who are daily forced into gruuting a decline of 2o a 3o. The decline to d*r wa* rully that, oil having sold from 57c. down to 49c. . on tho spot. The contemplated scarcity is evidently far in the future. Keiln.'il, bond and free, was sttli dull and lower. Tlie | si!es ware about 6.000 bbls crude at 49i?e. a 61c., closing at about 60c. . 2,100 bbls rcBuoti at bOc. a S4c.. sud 1,600 do. free <U Sic. to 84c. aSjc , the lattor pries for waits, and $1 03 a $1 05 lor August Pkovisiow.? Receipts. 2,234 bbls. pjrk, '-33 packages bsot, 13 do. cut ms*t?, and 25 do lard The pork market opened firm, bat closed quiet, with a feu demand: sales of 8,000 kblc. at $33 for mess, $40 a *40 6J.*> for new do.? closing at tho Inside price; fo8 for prime and $T,9 for prists at*. F.esf coo'.inci.? dell, and pi ices are roro. n:tl ?nlss 200 bbls. at $10 n il8 ftjr country mess, |9 a $10 for country prime, $20 a $25 fcr repacked mees, and f'.'S a $00 tor extra d-v, (lot luoau w.r<? dull fciid lower, at 15c. a lft v. for nUoulders. ana 13c. for bams. Bsnoit dull and nominal. Lard was la fair request and Arm, with Bales of 3,000 bbls. and tierces at 10c a 10\'o. Better was Id moderate detnaud at 3Cc. a 40c. for Ohio, and 87c. a 43c. for Slate. Cuoeao was quiet at 17c. a 24c. for common to prime. Salt was qatet. Sales s'.nce our last art 660 Backs Als ton's and 624 bbls. St. Martins, both oa p. 1 Hian1.? We note small talcs >f Manila at 21 He. a 22c. 8 tau; ? clover oentlnues wc^rce ant) quiet at 17 ^c. a 17)(o. Ttmatby w?s qnict at $3 75 af4. Rough Sax was steady and firm, with small sales at $3 60 a $4. Ssu<8. ? Goat and deer were inactive, bat firm. Brw ren was quiet at 18c. a 18 .^c. for Silrsian and La blgb. ftrtussni was scarce and lira, with sales of 30,006 lbs. at l&.ijc. a 30c. for Inferior to choirs. Scujlk was fairly active and firm: sales 1,200 bhds.. chief y Cuba, at 21c. a 23e.: 234 boxes do. on p. t., and 25 boxes do. at 'Me. Befiucd was quite active aud firm. Fallow was scarcely so firm , sales 100,000 lbs. at 18c. a 20c. for common to prime? the latter an extrome price. Tti.? The market was dull but firm, with saiee of 1,000 ha'.r chests groan, 1,000 do. Oetocg, and 070 do. Im ail at full psiees. Tm ? Saiali .sales of Straits at &'? , and Hn^lisb C6e. Mater were quiet 'acd oflbred at lower prices. We quota L C. charo' iol a*. $2o a $25 60, and 1. C. coke at $22. Tobacxi ? Kentucky is more active, with salea of 316 hhds. at 20c. a 50c. Wbkut. ? Receipts, 437 bbte. Market opeu?d firm, but closed doll, saiet 2,600 bbls. at $1 74 a $1 76, closing at $1 74 a $1 75. T?*re has hcen re !mprovem?nt tn this article since our last report. Speculation seems to be at rest for tbo preroat, and aonaumers buy sparingly. Tbo Mies tb;s woek are mostly from the trade, and tu very mode rate qnantites only for hnmedUte use, or from sales froaa hrst hands. Frlces are a little caaier, If any change can be noticed, bnt, genorally speaking, quota tions are about the same for foreign wools. Domestic wools have beea offered for so:netbuig lew, some t pecu lators being rather timid holders. Sole; of 200,000 lbs. fleeces, $1 10; 40,000 lb.-. . $1 08; 6,700, lb&, 06c., aod 7$ bales white domestic, 72>^c., and 14S Saloniea; 26 baits Mootsyidoo at private rates. Coroners' Inquests. AcciMBTir ? Coroner Obllin yostorday held an Inquest at Bellerne Hospital on the body of .James Daly Jones, about seven years of age, whose death was occasioned by drowning. Oa Tuesday Isst deceased played truant from school, and whlla amusing himself on some flouting lore, at the foot of Nineteenth stroct. East river, he accidentally fell into the river and sank to the bottom. Hie body was not recovered till vesterday. T*be Jury rendered a verdict of accidental drowning. Deceased lived with bhs parents at 214 Kast twenty-first street. Diu> or Hb iKit'Rin.? About a week smce I'bllip Smithy an Irish lsborer, forty years of sgc, was revare'y injured while at work on pier 11 North river, by a heavy piece of machinery which he was lifting, fallitg en h n>. He grow rapMiiy worse and ri'id yesterday. C->roner Vaumann Leid an inquest on the body and the jory rendered a ver dict of accidental de <tD. Fvw-sa litin. ? A man, whose name from papers found in his> P'-ssesnon , is auppote'l to have been J. Van dorhover, was found lying on the sld?T? k in Murray street, near West, In an insensible condition. He waa conveyed by oftioer Wallace, of the laird precinct, to Bellerne Hospital, bnt death onrncd beforit roaihinir there. Coroner Collin h?ld an Inquest on tbo b>vly , whec it M P?iro<l that fatty degeneration of the heart wiis the cauee or deith. f)e<;eas?d was reepectably dressed tn binck trock <-ojt. Mack pants and vest, black slik necUtie, blue cotton socks aud brogun*. VUcr si!k hal and dark white shirt, with coarse H ea bn^om. He was about lorty yntirs of age and npparently a Herman. His rertvtns can be s?on at Beiievue Iloapltal (lead boost, foot of Twenty* sixth streot, K-wt river. ClOSHOCTON OODSTV (OHIO B(?Xl?6.-N*OTrCB U 1 h?rel> t i?i Li v the Comniivloii?r* o " the county of Co ho<!lou. m th? Ktni>* of Oblo, lo tin h ilU#r* of the Hoiid*. niifr.ber?'1 from nn? t>j ' ?? or one '.!??<? .a:nl dol Urs earli. aod O tt#d tbe tlfti'-otli .ay of January. A U, !??{, nva-'e Or ?aM Conirus- l'?nci i iu be >J?I* "f Sa 1 oormy nf Oo*ho<-ton to the Bteubeovffl's aid Tndinr i Railroad C.>m l?rr or b-jn-r. that on th? tuhdayof Jaiiutrv A. D., fasit. t ? * ild e<?int; of Ceehuoton will '<ff ?al t b^nd*. with tl ? iiren st thrre'vo 'ip to t h? mUa loin ay ol !no'i*rv. A. I> . I ' ?'>, a? provided 'n ?l(1 to 'ids, m the O' oe oi Abra. Rett's Son. in the clt* of New Vork (there noolco fit th? 'ihn J.tfe Inxuraw* anl Tr i t Oomyan? iio?- la sai 1 wMSb t i?ie art ! f'a'-e tte sa I > v. of Co ibocton will demnn l ti e >.rr< ni?roi e:.l<l tior.d? Kilt tbe rstaalnin; coupon? on* belong tng tseroto ? .Inly ii i '>i. Vt ! 1,1,1 am II A. 1! OJC, )Com*n iion'rs .IAMKS U. b M 'TU. J of C ? el"u THOMAS 1 Count r Ohi? DAVTOM AND MICniOAN RAILIOAD FIRST MORT k-s" RondR. The !kii ii rn of the Fir*' Me^-r* Honda of the Dar'.oa and Mi.-h it, t, ne i i in UMk a re hereby n >tl '??d thai I am prenHred 1-. rrjor n the?a'i.e, wit!i so r ied in t'reat to dat<*. AdSri*ti r?r? of I,n'a.'ett? Hank. Cinrln nan. JOSKI'iJ (1. UOTttLR. Trafltcolor Second Cixoihsati, July IB, 1S*4. M.,rt;:ak'? Bond holden TNfhREPT ON lilTY KTOOK*.? ' THR IST"!RK8T ON the- b >n l? and n' llie r?y and rounty of Now Tor*. d<i? ?> ?*? T-nvab e A?k"*i 1, !*?< will b? tld on th?t dav by D*ot?l l>"Tlin, E- i . Chaml>e)ain. at tha Broadway Ha-,a. Ti e transfer w'll he rto**d T'i<*s1a?. t'i? I .'th ir,*t. MATTHKW T. BBKNNAR, Cornptrollee. ClTV or New Town, nsrAvrwnNV or Fi? A*r?, i t^imoan'i Oencr, .Iilly7, 1"IM. > Xl RW YORK AND IIaRLRM RAILROAD COMPANT, IX PBiMtWiKT's ornci NkwYork Tuts- |, l?>Ct SECOND MORTGAOK BOWD? ($1,000,0001, Due A<i2<iat I. Ic? Rotte* 1? her?hr Riven that the flou !? if the shove i??ne trill be paid at th<-lr mntnritr, Aueu?t I, irtfll. at tl." o0ic? of tbe oo iran", corn?r of Fonrtb arsons aed Twenty alxth street, and Ihat the Internal ou tbe ?a me *111 tea ? I rem that date. WN. H. VANDKRBIJ.T Yic>* T*ie?M<jrU. \TRW .TKRfiRT ZINC COMPART.? AT A MF.KT1ROOF il tt,e Board of Dirrrtora e( this comaanr. heid tbe Hth day ?f July. "<#?. a semi annual dlrldand of fonr pe' eont waadex iar*' en the common and Preferred titmk. psyabe 00 to?l alter tbe 1st d?? nf *n*net ni-ti. ?t tb? (ran* ?r r?flv? ol (He t impanv, 1<H Mbarty *trea?. New Yerk. Tbe tianafer books will beelosed from lul> 15 lo Aiik'Mst 1. B. H. UIBL.IN, Secretary. RIDEXFTION OP gl.KlO.W. "RIOT DAMAOfcH INOKMKITT BO\Dr'' or inn CODKTT or NEW TORI. PATaRM Al'OCBT I, lflS4. Rotlee l? harahr given that tlx> "Riot Damagea Iixlemaily R'lOda." of the county of New York, hemming dee and pav able Augnst I. IfW*. wuh th* laterest tbereoa wHI he t>ald on thai day, en the prsstntatlsa ef eald boads at this 1 1 se. PROPOSAL FOR A I/O A If or "RIOT PAR AOF.S RRDRlfPTION RORD8," OP THE COUNTY OF RIW TORK. Healed propoeals wilt be teoelved at thlselSea nottl Wed Denial . July 17. 1.V4. at t o'eiortt P. M , whea the ?aese will be Duolicir opened, rer the wbote or any part of the aim of ene minion do.laisof "Riot Dn'nagrt Hedenipt'on Bonds. ' of tbe e-'iinty ef Rew York. a<ahonsed by rbetitorTef the laws of ISM. and hy an ordinance of tba Board of fluperri aura, apprmed b- the Mayer, llay I. 1861 Ths sa'd bonds * ill s?*r Intermit at the rale of sit per cent per annum, payable half rear)?, oa tbe 1st dar of May ?nd horemtier in eaeh jear. and the principal will be rs deeui?d sa 'o lews;? f |ve hundred tbev.ssnd dollars en the let day of Norms ber. 1177. and Pire hundred thonsand do'iara oa the let day of Kovstn ber. 15TS Tbe props sals will state the amount of bond- desired, and tha tries per one hundred dollars ibereof. and the pet son < wh na? propoeals are a entad will ihere'inos I* reqolfed to depoelt with the County Treasurer (at the Broadway Bank t, on Mondav. the flr?l day August, iKt. tbs sums awaited to them rssp?etlvely Os pnsentins to ths C nmptrMler the receipts of tlie County Trea-umr for surh deposits, the psrtles will be ee tilled to resell ? bonds fet eoitsl amenuts of the par value of tbe sums swsrded to then, beai ins interest from August 1, 1884 Rash rroprssl should be seale l sad endersed "Proposals for R'Ot Damages Redr mptios Bo-rts. ' and enrtats i la a hsrond earelope address?d ts tlie Com nt roller. Tne right Is reserved Is retect i ny or ail ef tbr bMs, If considered nc essar j is protsct or rromote the Interests ef the CouBly M aTTHRW *. RRRNRAR, Comptroller. Cm or Raw Yosta-OarArvasirror Ftsssca. ) Ccsitpoi lbs s Ornc*. J J iilr 8, 1804 ) rPHR KTtlE RAILWAY COMTARY, NO. 157 WKBT 1 street, Rew "ork. .'ulv 14, 1404 -Divider d-Ths dlree tors sf this eotnpsny hsre this day d? larsd s dlrldsnd out ef the sirnlnge of 'he rnsd fe; Ms moathr ending Juae Su, of three aod one. half per eenl (lass tbn gorerument tat or B per cent) ea the F referred Snok, Also a dindead of fonr per ssnt oa toe Co.umon Carlial K?ock free of goveranaent las. Both Ihe Trrtsnrer's olHr*, Kns pi>t. on Wednee lay, ths Sd dsy of August nsit, to tse regi?tsr?d holders /if ato?ir at the cIosIbc of tbe bopka The trnnsfer books ef I otb preferred aad snmrnofi etiSk wBl be iffeeed on the aftsraoo i of Tuesday, lbs 19th insA. and be reepnnedea I. is Mh day of Aog ist. HORATI ) R OTIS, Hoor-tarr WARTBD-OR BOTTOMRY BONO, A BO Of twin*), oa ssrge freight ssd hull of Mecklenburg sbMi Kenny, Cspt. If. Ohier eh, I o ind for Reuordam. whisb veaaal pot be' k to thla port la dlstroas Off <rs will he reee'red until Tuesday, tl? Mth Inst , st II ovimk, noon, directed so the ? v?ai'wssr??M,. rii&icuih ; \k AM KD-AY M aKKUT PKICK, ?6.0?0 NHW TURK tt Male duick m 6 or .* per e?ni. with tcu > far* te ran. Apply to UEOKOS H UHSfcT. M WilUeui street. QOjWJ rum TO LOAM -AT six pkr oemt. VuuU.UUU for tire years or lonr*r, on New Tart cuv prop< nv. JOtiEPU MASON. No. 6^ Piuo ?t.. toom* 10 uul It. SITUATIONS WANTED- PEMALKS. ANUMBKR or WRIX RKCOU M KM UED OK RM AN fein.ile* want altuaien* u o ?(? ehamhermatds and laundica ea, nitres* and gir a f-r gt-n r?i housework. Ao , al Mra. LUWh'S Uanaaa inti.iuie, 17 MiAulonal., a oar the Bowery. , AW1DOV LiDT, iOE M. DESIRES AH ENGAGE, rami an housekeeper or governor*. or botk combined; I* competent In superintend a achu< 1 or wldowor a ritab liahtnent: could undertake any position wuare trukt and raapi'BFibilliy Is to ulred References uneiceptionabie. Ad'tfres.i A. M. P., station O. oppocae Cooper luM'tute. A' TRENCH PERSON, A OOOD DRES8MAKBR. who can do al kinda of *ewtng, would II .e to go with a famllv to Havana net; fa'l, or to go to wo'k a few weeks lu the onuutrv ; good rcfereaoe can ba given. Addrvna M. M. L., Mo. 6 Went I 'ill) at., between 5th and t*:i ave*. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A PESPKOTABLB gfrl, ai uurse or s?smitre*s ; cote and Hta ladles and children b dre^e?. ?nd all kiud* of fs.ntly scwlnc beat of reference. Cull at J7i Weal AO.h at., opi*>aite the fchoal. AH HONEST, INIM8TRI0U8 GIKL WISHES A ?itusitun lu a genteel familv, kj chambermaid and vaitreaa three v?tra reference from hat li?t piAee. Call at No. ? Weat 17th at. _______ /CALIFORNIA.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG AMMrtl \ can womw wotiM 't^e to mate arrangement* with a farr.l'y tfflng to California: would be fotin.l very useful; tood reference. Addreaa B. Clark, 11 South 3d at., Wil liamsburg. OITUATION WASTi-D? AS GOOD COoK, BARER. O washer anlironer; la willing te no in the country ; good re(V ranoe. Apply al MS Weat 16th at., near 9 lb ar. SITUATION WANTED?AS WET NUR5B. A1VLY AT M8)t 9tU av. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE SCOXCIl FROTEB TT lent vcmttn a situation a* chambermaid and laun dresa, or aeaiuvlreu; Orange. N. J., prMerre I. Apply te Ma'g.ret. No. 63 Oeutie St., Onuge, V. J., or aldrtu bos l.^tW Po*t, Mew Yum. w AMTKD-A HITUAtIOH. TO OO TO CALIFORNIA ae child'* nurap. Anp'.y at 8.'- North Oxford St. TIT ANTED? A BITl'ATION. BT A TOt'NO WOMAN. " to do houses eric . u a C- Cd w*e jcr and Call at 68 Vurtckat. WANTRU-BT A RESPECTABLE TOCNQ Jl Ait rled worn ?n, who ha& lo.-i tier own baby, one ntomk eld, a child to wet nm*e at her own readme*: goad refer ence sWcu. Apply at UA) Wcjt Sid it., corner vt Wth ave., up stair*, for Mr-. D?*er. UtTVATlOVS VTA1ITED-.?IAI,E?. AWHOLRSALE DRUOalST, OP it yraes- k>pb neuce. dejlree A altuatloti in thai branch ef htialoeae; Bret ? aia refcrenciA Addroee C. Broc? Ledger o vi*. Phil adelphia. AKBHFECTABLB TO UNO MAM. RUCRliTLT FROM Bnropa. wialioi a sl'.nation u?: cletk or tim*k<>eper in ?ny ?ai**>nahni?ut; iaable and T/iJUw u> work and will be recomt.imded b> mea. ;<?pectt?).e pen bs in tlte city. A(k droaa J. M., bo* III llerala office. ATOUVO MAN, SO YRARR OF AOE, WELL cduaaUU and of good buaineee ooattrieatloaa, dxtlree a vttuetton aa Ueokk- crer. aaleamau or '?laLier. In a whole ?ele heuae or luauufacturln^ uMibh j nu City roierenoa given. Address box 3.298 Pott office. Am amrrtcan yooko mam, tweiwt years or ag?, dcetr? i a sHoa'loii aa a^Vtmrn or aaelsUnt Lock keeper; has had four year*' experience m (tie alothmi; uuat ukum and u a geoii por.o>an. Oeed laMeaee*. AtidtewO. P. C., box 2<X) Ilerald oX'X. " A GENTLEMAN JVST PTIO* l'AEIB, FRAMOE. WHO hu travelled nxtenit<T*ty In Euroi:e and A aia. It r.peu to ta eoga^exent M En^Mih prof-aaor in Mchnel oriamily; noobieclion to go in tbe country; Fren-Th leuour irren If re^u'.f-id; would go ai> fravei'.ing -unpan.ou tea genlltmaa: vai engaged .'or year* av profciior in the Untied dtatr* anu Cauada. Addrea* for oca weak Moalieur V. V., Prof?taor, Brooklyn Pott oS- e, U 1. ATOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AH AW a^lutant in a n table: can bsmea*. cioan and water hordes; wouid ruakis hlmeelf uieful. Call at 12fe Ba?{ ltHh a. reel. BOOKFELLERS. STATIONERS AND XKW3VEN.? A youai; man. a;?d i7, wifhes a ? rtvlon In either or aU ?nr ef the?e brauchea: Xnowx the cltr rr?c?? well; good edtx eatlon: aaiary aoobHict: wante eooitant Ad. dreaa Bo ikaeKer, Ilai ald eulrc. Notice to oa*dbkees o* fap.mbrs.-a blotch boy, 17 year* eld, w an la a place; haa been two year* at gardener'* trfe'.e, bet will do farmers' work If i< out red and mike lumacif eenerally asefuL in iuire at Me. 9 Fifth ftreet. New York, in the ateri\ O ITU A f ION WASTED? IN A WBOI.F.tlALB STORE, v? by a roong tnao, who has had three' eij-erieiite ia a refsll drn({ aL><t boo1* Ktore. Can Mntlsli bctU city and ceuntry reference. Addrcaa fer two day- 8., Herald oflie*. SITUATION WAMXED-BT A TOUMO MAN AMD HIS O wife, without oliiidren. to work ou a faruu Beit of reference g.ven Call for three das* at SOB Orcouurieii ?iroet. In ' 'n rear, lor Mr. Boyd. TO BHIPBKOEKR". -A WRNTLEMAK KKOM AN exterslre coal -'.lipping poii ii Rouih Wales, wit'i long exierwno* *a?' good c??mec"ion f. the i:n,jitsii and WeliG eag tains and owneta. eua Inlluouoe * Urcc tnae, r<*<in ree hp .' it N'ew tfork. SaUty uiod&iate. A.ld.-eea W : . rest ?? i' -e, J!ramlHr?t. ttanadk We-? WANTRO? i'.Y A MIDDLK AGK1> MVM, JllliT AB rived tr i.i Rootland. par Ktean'.-h'o Cale.onla, on W'edneelHj iss', ^ ? ;uatl n t- tonclier o; clerk. In adillt on to the uaual l?rai.?' ? of a *>?vi Kirlsh educ .Jon he has a kNOttledre or Jiatiu and malhematl' a. an t po<*erted of a e.i<; rerttB ato Ad Jreif Sp???na. Ilcra!^ oilloe, New York No ?#> j^ t.on* to the ouuoto. WANTtn-A BITUATION. AS ilKOOK, BY A TOUNO man who no leraunds ti.u mhiia^T'nenl and care ot beraee au ! hameaa. and rati drive: has no onjei* on u> the counttT. AdUl?ai ,i. 0., i >> East tJtb ?u, New York. \1?ANTBD-A 8?TI'ATrOR AS I'ORTSF. OH ASRIS " Unt bartender, bj a Tnung mau aged 18; hxa k od cilr re ?> re ore. Cicl on or addreis far two day* Dow a log, SJl 2d a*. t\*ANT< PMPIjOYM KNT? A )-lR?T CLASS BUSINESS ' ? mau. autor wUole^ale o, retail, or u 'mutkecper, Corre-p tidunt,A&; ia tlier>'i .hly eonv. lant with b nlne?a S*-v.railT; will he found co^ufeveal and trustworthy. To n.-r ' a .U harlti ? hea *y emre?pondeni? he u!t?i the liberty to binisetf, M Ml lod^e $d<M In gold aa soourity. Addresa Uu?<ije<*. Herald ofllo*. TVrJkNTED? A BITn aTION. BY AN EXPfRIRM^KD Tt a'i,i,'..i w !tb :i:'cn' l ?' ub e ertry; good reference fc.neo. Address b<'tk r, lilNajraa at., N. Y. \1'ANTBI>-A SITUATION. BY A TOII NO MAN, AS ?t a*i "lan't hookne-u r, entry elert, ahtDpin,- oierk. gen ??nil clerk or llrht pj ter; would go in <he rountr'. Keal of reference* g tea. Adaroa* Y. It. W., lierald a '.ce. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS STOOK CLERK AND aiue.mau. In the wb<?4-ale dry eood< usue, be*tc.ty referen e* riven. Addreea U. H. M , IL rald o:' eo. Wmao-u a touno man wno wuitrs a gou ' plain hand find I* qnick at Dgui-es, a iliuaMon * here he pan mak''.f uaetul with a p* i:(ood city refereooea .? ?, i, Addroa* Industry. li"ia,il utlic*. I WANTBD-BT A TOUNO MAN FROM BNOLAND A I *1 a'tu ( >on hartendcf; eight yeara' cxiierlenoe. Ad dress It. Dunn. 31 Cherry eL A THE TH VDES. BREWER WANT* A SITU AT105-HE8T OF RBPR. reiu-ea gii on. A Adreeu fcr three daya C. U., atatlon K, 6th iv. a Mltwonn OF TiUMMUniOAL AND PRAO. JX. ileal a?lti, and of manr rearV experience in denigii Itig. Oonatnictiug and menacing gaa Worka, de-ire^ employ meet; undoubted referonoe gtren. Addrais Oarer iiuun n, ?tatlou F. Boot and bhob m an ueactu re rb.? wanted, as rngigamnnt In a b.>ot and *!i"? manufaiHorr. br a middle aaed .i.ia. whe thoroughly undm stands the ttae* of ad modern mac ,uierr used in aald I u-iueaa. MeKay'a Bole sewing machine moinded; can get up pattern* for ail kind* of wort eele and upper: *l*adr employment required. Ad dreea W. G., box 128 Mr r A Id efli ?. 2K.WBI.BR WANTED? OMR WHO IBOOMPBTRKT TO doali klnda of jewelrr repairing Apply to Roger* A Ik. SS1K Fulton at.. Br ?klyn. MACHINISTS-WANTED, GOOD YIOR BANDS.? Apply to I.. II. Bennet, 42 Ureene Ik rpo MILI.BHS.? WANTBD. A FITUaTION, BT A 1 praei mai man, aa rnperintondMt or nead miller; wend net objoot te go la the country. Addreaa Miller, aare tt Jm. B. Ka>raond. 121 Warren et., N. T. TO BRIWEBS.? THB ADVERTISER, A TROROUOB I) educated brewer, te now open to ae engagement; Baa had treat practical experience in Rurope, Canada, and ate* la the United State*. Unexoeptionable relerenee given. Address B.. box Pom office, Albany, New York. TO BOOEBINDRRB -WANTED, A COMPETENT aheetman. Apply at M Qrrene at. WANTED-A EOEEMAM TOE A FINE CUT TOBAO co factory ; oee who hi* been used to running a Da r to a machine. To a good, *tetdr man. wno eodemteada the wb .i* proOMS or mao'ilaMure. A jood nlin WtU be paid. Address, (inng references, boi 4.I9S Boston rost office. ENURAYRR AMD Addren at Baltimore, Md. WANTED? A OOOD LBTTRK KM. Rj ?leel letter ( ii tier. Itlgi eat w*ge-> ;Iren I.nct lluat A Pr*lt. ?l? Weat BrUlm >'c at . Hal nrANTID-A FIRST RATE F1LR FOROKR. TOE Tv (eneral Slnfle hand's wert. to whore the beet of wages end steady employment will be given. Apply to O. Redder, toe u Hold *t.. Now York, or J. A W. kothsry, Mattoewan, Ne*? Tcrlc WANTRK -A SITUATION AB WATrRMAEFR. BT A rerpecuble your.* nno; nen renalr any deicrlt<tlne at clock; rood rsferonce gtren. Addreaa T. B.. Herald ofllce. WANTF.D-BY a Ft It ST CLASS StON PA1MTBB AND guilder, a situation la the ?ity. Addrias M. H. 11., koi 111 WllUawrtlnrg Foil or,K"*. ______ WAN1ED-A OARHIAOE SMITH; ONE COBTBTEMT t# do All kinds of rirr age werV. to jo a few mil"* In tbe c? 'in try; good wages paid. Apply t* J- Oodiror, 72 Catharine *t. _ 1X7 ANTED?A SITUATION AB BRASS M4ULDER, TO vT go to < lallfornia or elMwhere, by a gentleman capablo of taking "h r rgr of a brns* foundry ; wiarblnlst bra-, work preferrsd ; nan fornnh the heat ot recommendations. Ap ply to or address Mr. A, llsndsrson, 827 3d iU, no nr Itrenuo D. _ w ANTED? AM EXPBEIENOBD OARDRNRE AND BIS 7f wife, te take rbtrgo of a gentlemeo s plnee near tbo cit jr. Address No. I East 2Ji b *?. rttim advertiiemkiti. N DRMANDR-UNB OOUfEBN ANTB FR AMOA IBB, V /? ?jnt *oi? (apab e de enaaliner an langue a de* peMte en fants S'adreaaer m N<\ ? We*t 17th St.. snraodl. las honres de 10 A. M. a 2 P. M. 0 i lOAL? Bit BO PEE TON iros THE BEST M? All ^^^Hhititw.wMMPiniBnMii I I three dey* enlr. I ttuwUim, ft UKX.P ? AMCD-rRMALM. AN K\V;iW!,SCKD HOU iKK bNrl'KK WANTBD-IB ? hoi 'I in t ?' i.iuttft tl, on* wue is UM all am Ui wort mid ou uitu go.?.i bucgit and pin- A;p.y at in Bleeofcnr Mi, Iretu II la Til A. M. A LAUNDRESS AN!) CHAMBERMAID WANTED? Where lb* no k d' e? the plain elothe*; one acsunteiiedl la do up l!>* tin - 4 llnua. u white pants vests. Iimh ureekes, An . will receive flu s month. Apply, with reference*, at liiil Chambers *U CUr MAKERS WANTED.? 8TF, A DT WORK A* ' good w*n?*. Apply liUMditMll U) 1* J. 4 L Phillips, W3 and VSl Canal at. ! COOK -WASTED, A GOOD QBRMAN OR FRENCH co * washer and Irousr. Apply at 29o 6th nr.. next door to S. at at. /lOOK.? WAMTKD, FOB A HOTEL, A flRSt CLASS W meat, vegetable and pastr> C'Oi, must have ta* beat elty releren ?. None otber u?ed apply at 2J Eostlttkn, between St.i ar. an I liroajway. VVANTfcI>? 4 GIRL, TO GO AN HOUR'S K1DB INTO ll the e^mitr-v; must bo a ??o-l cook, waaher and Irouar. Apply at 73 fcquot. 1 place, Brooklyn. from 8 1? 3 o'clock. Air ANTEU-A GOOD TKl'BTY GERMAN (MRL, WHO II can apeak Kugli-h, for .???inere' housework in a ?ti 1 American tamilv: a froteaiant preierrel, but Loucs;y in dispensable Call n irult sto">. 82 lllfeyUcr at. 1 WANTRD-A NICR. TIDY 0 1 R fj, FROM 13 TO IS ?* v.vti* o' a.;?, to take ?i.r? ef a baby and ui"'.;e fcrrself generally uwfui. Apply at 16# Waverle.v place. near k't: at, WAKTED? TWO BXPBBtBNCED SALESWOMEN, ?eeustotned to rha l .use und fancy business. Apply to I. Htehiaond. No. fSB Bread way. WANTED-A COOK, A GOOD. WIi.LlNO. TTDT ensrget c wiman, competent to take entire chtrge of the cook .ticking, washing Ironing aad hou? ?. rleeiilnf* of a imiil nmlly, fifteen mltoo from New York. Can obtain geod pay and a girl to a*atst liur, by addressinE, with fu'l r?'?reno< ? and amount of wa^a-i expuctej, River dn'e box S.7ti# Port ofiice. TX7\ANTED-A LADY TO LB ARM TilB ART i)V v? coloring pboo^raphi. After two weeke' Inntriiruon bf one hour per dav work will bo elven out or a situation proc ured. Call at 7i3 Broadway, room U> G. KONIGSBERQ. 17irANT!?D-A TIDY GTRL. TO DO UBNKRAtj HOUSE. VT wj<; in ?> KTuv'l private fa:a:ly In Urooklya. Apply at 7S Hick# it., ife'ookl.r n. WAXTFD-IN TnB PAKCY STORE CSS 6TH AVB.. A yrnuglailf, a? j.ilen? ouiar. ; one vrho la quick at i)K uro? and can b' iD( good lucommenduimni. WANTED? ? KITCHEN MAID, KXGLTSR OR, who undrratandl her bualn k? *id invert beat anU oM^ing. App'y at 119 Madison ave., at 9^ o'clock Utis moraine WANTED-BY A RMAT.L FAMILY. IN THE COUN try * fMp"eto''le girl to do general k?<iMwork. Libe ra! wa^-'a w(H l>? oi d to one who la competeut and ean [>ro iluris unetm ^tionible lovrenoe. Ajpply between the houra ofHacd'2A. M., at M. Uenan A Co.'s, No.2Jones lane. Front tt, a?ar ? aH itr 'Ct ferry. WANtED-A rtOOD COOK, TO GO INTO THE COOK try. Apply w-day. iitw?in U A. H. and 3 P. M., ai 132 Ea,! 1Kb at. WANTED? A FR0TB8TANT TOUNO OIRL. ABOUT Mycariold. to take care of a little cbl d arm make kMMlf c ??uara'.i/ nscful, colored preferred. Call thia day al 67 Wett ShA WANTBD-A NKAT, T1DT AND JNDU5TRIOD8 American or rneilrli girl, 1C to 18 yeard old. to take ?are of rhildraa, asai at at eUautbcrwork, Ac. Apply at 166 We?t?3dat. T1TANTBD? IMMEDIATKLT, FOt'R GOOD WAITER V* girls, for a .unitner hotel near tha rity. ilood wages and the fare paia. Call at 1j3 West 36th St.. two door a wast of*taa?. ^ TIT ANTED-A OIRL FOB GENERAL HOUSEWORK; >V wKgea no: to eioeed $7 per month. Apply at No. ISO Blm St. ? WANTED? A WBT NURSE. FOB A BABY ONE WEEK old. Apply at 1S1 West llth at. WANTED? AN ACTIVE GIRL. TO DO GRNERAL housework, floud saiAry aal pertuaneat aiiuatlun. City reference reiiuired. Call at 847 4lh ay., between 25th and 26tb sis. HELP WAITED? MAIjKSi AUENTS CAN MARE AJA IN a FEW HOURS 8ELMNO ourcraai ruw and wonderful extra large sUe t'li. e Package. ?15 per day x^aranteed. ETorr doTlar invested raore thoc doubled. A splendid solid gold or silver levar watoii presented fiee to eanh a^eat. Smart men wanted to establish agencies in everv tr>wy and village, tioaiaty rights fioo. Sate iromenpci den.and Inereaalac- Bverj body buv? Uiem. He nd for our great new olreular for 1864. oeula'nini; fitra new sre nlum inducemenla. free. S O. Rlt.'KAROS A Co., I(i2 Nassau at.. New YorS. original, largest and oldest i'rlro I'acKiffc hour* la the world. AGCKTS WAIKTED-s-TO bulla BTKBL FNORAVINO of Lincoln, sire J3xS5, seat free for United States Army Diploma fir i?) cents. Large discount to aueota. Also the large-v of Lithographs of the Great Bat.les, L(-.b.'grapblA Porirrtlls of Qen?raia. Albmns. 'Jems for tho Album, ujw Business Runs. War Maps. Kong Books. Prize l'ac'^agei. the Ixt' lu the world. Old hands will do well to try ibon. Vend vamp tor circulars !?> JOHN GIBSON, El Bee*. man straeu Haw York. AGKWTfi _ paVi Ptns. One of o:i? McOto Ian canvasser* maVInc over f> r^r ds ? uu MoClnUaa's a'.Me. Lia .lu and Fremont about neck and nark. Campaign Co.. 4)6 Broadway. ALT. CAN HONORAHLY MAKE TWO DOLLARS from twenty -five oenu; ? (5*11 aad etamine something urgently needed bv er?n fhmilr; or samu es ?ent frse by mail fo. ;'V that retail for by B. L. WOLCOTT, 17o Chatbani i.(uaro. N. T. , ' A CLRRK TN A BAOESTORK.? WANTBD, A WIDK 1\. ???!,?, anterprlalag msn, thoroughly competent to take rharce of the tuvlnif and sn'ltiig la the retail deoart nient of a N 'V \ork boieksiore. Mo one v?-tthoiit ronaidor able axp^alenm - fir a ti?# whoiesaio Or r?till bonk limi ne^fc. ne?d app'v. Ad :r?ss bo^ 4 111 Now Yari Po^ o iioe, stating ago. roierencea and aalsry eipeoted. ABETAIL DHUG CLKBK, COM VRTKNT AND ulth sat's'actorv referrneas. will hear of a s luatlon In a fir-t elast d -u? itnre. b? calling on or addresaing Harral, Risley A Tompi us. 111 Chamb? a at., N. Y. AT THE MERCANTILE AGENCY WANTRD To day. bnnltke- ? cr. a>elat?nt book k ?per. drngcierk, dry Kixls aa nmtn. shu rlers. trave '.lui; a^eut. cnacbicen. ikeeper. waiters, 1 . >0 men f ir F.rle Ranroiut. Other situa tions "pea. MenMKiit. and others a i>p i?d <?ltl> a-i kin is of he p froe ot charge O. tiilN(li) M PHY A CO , 26t) Broadway, room No. 4. np -lairs. A UHNTA CAN MAKF. $i00 A MONTH BY ENGAGING "i In tbe sal.* uf our ORKAT NOVBLTY r!UZr. TtOKET AND P' I.EVDIll MTKEL FNORAVINflS. W| of er tke '.reatetit eVa t<? malt" iun. ?- er -r kn iwn, r.nd prevent ever - ajteni with a apleni I u i . . r olver watch free, only AU itmui roiiuf -d Full |i.r' ciii rataetreu* ar , msi!"rt f. e-. O S. II as? l{ I Co., N ?. S.i Heekman treet. New \ork. Toe o'd?*t and "ii.f original Pr.ze 1'ac i ace House in the l)n toi States. AT THE COMMERCIAL AaRVCY, n?7t< AND 29' Rroiul *< a. ? W ;mu> . an soi.suinl bonaseep >r. Iio'e' el- rk. dn* s.i ea an, | orter aenu' fn n'shlut ro?.l? si.fffl.iB, ent*y eleik, aMp' c#-rk: t ier aituauana opea. Noconnt'. llun with imeiiigr nco < Co< v ('"CAR A OO. AOTtra BHSINBS* OA* PR' CRB PHIM* n 'fit en-pin\mvni ?ollcillng I fe (nsnran ? f.M t'ie t'n.nn Mutual I. ile |u, trance (.'"iiipant ; I' teral rummissi ns tp ply at tneir New York oflice. 161 Hrnauwav. A FI1PT OLA S3 8 * LKt?\l AN W ANTED? IN A ,l\. larite whol late cloth u* *touite: none need app'y nil [e?a able t? luflue.ire a large trade. Address boi 6..4<9 1' oat, N. Y. AHMAKT, AOTIVB YOl'NO MAN WAMRD-AM AS. sist .nt ba i tender; fiie * lio cau open oystera preferred. Apply at Clarke 's .167 aib ave. BOOKKFE ^R.? WaNTRD, BY A FIRST CLASH COM. merelal ? -atabi.stiuieni In oue of the Meilrau porta on the Oulf, a eomj" wat a nild i.e aged in n pre ferred; l>e must be e .nver-a .1 with Hpanish, end ao e is ke -p the boo^s in fist laLg.ia^" hod- need ni plv ? ho ari not pieatred t? give the ?> <>at aatiaiai.-toev refeteiirea aa to ability and chars -ier. Anewera in enpl nan's uandwritlng may benddre ?e I to B. G , boi Z.S61 Puat .ilice. BARTFNDKR WAttTKD? OMR WHO HAH BERN landing down town preferred. Tn ears trouble nun a need apply eieepi we I ra<>immen lsd t ieir last em ptoyer. Apply M Cornelius Fane/, ooraar of slad at, and Btt ar. Babkrbpee-wanted. ? B ARKBKPBR, AT NOa ? and 1 1 Ckaibaas at. Appl> between Ike hour* of 9 and II e'elook. ^ BOT WABTBD-A GOOD BM ART 80T TO AR8IST IN a liquor store Apply lo Jokn T. liana, tlj Front at., Brooklyn. DBOO CLERK WANTBD-A THOROUGH LY| COM patent drug eiera. at 36H 9th ar. HOTHL clerk. -WANTED. A TOUNG MAN Al seeeod clerk, in a Bret etoae betel to this city. Addree... with reference a, aos t,:t20 Poet eilloe. TKTAWIUD-lUHtDlkTtLl, MEN WHO WISH TO TV make from t-'S to $n> per day by a ?mall Investment, from $}? to |Mu Important oew tnventloa. Jnst received. Oraai epporiun.ty to make meaev. either by travailing er lonuwTn ? . ilo I1L?? ? WABTRD-A DRUG OLRRK. WHO IB WELL AG qitalnted, with tha German aad English laaguagoa. Call at 4U6 84h a^ WA^TKD-A COMPRTBNT MIDDLB AGED MAN TO siiueriatend a hoM. a short distencie from the etty. Ta a kusiaess man a fair salary will be gtvea. Addre.a, with full same, ataUag where laat ammo; ed. L. L D? Herald offlae. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN WHO 1H ACCUSTOM KD to omce ditties Must be steady, Industrious, write a good hand, and he quiot and ooreet at seeounts; none ether need applr. Addroea, .alatlni aalary ^spooled, B. U If., Herald ofllloa. management of good horaes, and not abovs his business. ThesiiuaUon issn hnportsnt and responsible one, and no apply far It who cannot bring unesuepm.usble ref ereaoee. furalshed room, fuel, gas, Ao^ , ,ari ' supjilied and llberaltwtgea given. Apply to B. B. BqulM. No. 66 Doughty near Fulton ferry, Brooklya. T?BAD~THIS? N0T1CB TO YOUNO MKN.-A LAMB K aontlemaa, gotng to Uh>ee?ro, Rt. Louis and other Weaker? cities ^or s l ew weeks on bnaln>%?, would like to take some young msn with him as travs.llux cotnpanloa. Would pay kisoipeasea for eom.i little assiaisnae be uiuht reader, but no wagon. It Is a nna nuort iniiy for a young mau to see Iks Waaurn country. Addirsa A. D., liersid TITANTBD? TO-DAT AND ALL THIS WHRK, MEN W Itsr rayagaato Oalifornia. Anttraha. porta In Ei.rope, Reutk Araorira aad West Indies Bremen aud green hands. RANDALL A COURTNEY, VM West strott, <orner el Kendo, up stairs. ^ WANTED? FOR TBB COUNTRY, TWO YOUNG MEN; Tt these latelv landed preferred Also oas In a kotel. Applr at ?r? nt a a*. 1VANTBD-A FIRST CLAHS WAITER. IN A PBIVATB fr family near town, the bost recommra atlnoa indispen snkls; Bngll.h orRooteii preierred Applr tkla mmrnlagal Bi mtfm f ?*? i walker |V, (na (1 till It ooloaA. I TIT ANTED? A BOT. PBOM U TO M Y K ? KS or I 1? to no arranda and make hiniaelf generally oWnl olotklng aiore, Apply la While A Loughraa. <1 Pottoa at. L w*?tbd-\ smart, activi mam. to wobc rot *? a rei-ruiing eSi-e. nun vho can mat* bu?io<-ea ? .$ IxpoitiwjK^u Aw.|MUWiAiL.ciiiMra( GMw, up atai rs. WANTED? A CLRR* IN A GROC-EV; HONS BCtI t tan aoquaiu-e . v? ta thi bus'ue-.a oe. V. apply la |l V. Carjmuiar, J-jd 8? ,ng at, corner ol Hrn<*i K. | ANTKD-A BOY, WHO U N bSUSTA N J8 WAITING, At>i'ljr al 37 Ka-l :7Uj at. w WANTKD? FOR A HARDWARE 9TORB, AM ACTIV ml strung hone?t, in e. :?e it bur, to run errant . A?| plioatlod may tin ma witn reter?v>ees, .-nierten ?# Ac . (al baaawrililif o. mpi l;c*uu Addreaa box l.&JS ItvlM fxttl owce. Wanted-atthe general siurriNQ o kicsJ K." Weat at.. earner or Alb*uy, i> men ur u >i*>ut?j taarcbftnl and .talilrii to y?<ai. to tae .soui u 8e.a an d Oaltl fart) la: -d W4ji(-a?i. on, al?o, raeu for the irai an I uarv, J A.d r-& A UU. WANTKO-FOR TT! !? BLOCKADE PHIP8, T?H| V*n<.ert' !t ?oil ftuera, laudameu. a amsti, ? .. u Bremen and otlu-i ?; at<o men for mr a 1 b?untie?B*ldalS( tfe-i corner pi A upaUunt JAMhd i CO , A.eutA. KKI'IOI XJI BiUl'ICB*. NEW EPISCOPAL, CHUitCH.? U1VINE HKUTWhB will be ocu o. Uj? . o. i .# Iioiy Ir.uiw, iu liwlfl K> a Ii.-.Lll no. Filth atoBue. wtwrn Kurly firn nod ?ii cuuit Ktr-cta, oa MinJi at 1 t, A. ?! ua i o f. M. Kev. Kl.otl O. fumlne *>11 preacu iu ihe aiiern joii. /IHC'RC'I OF TUB BBSCB^BCTION, TiilETY-FIPTIfB V.-' Krnnf mm sua areaue, Iir. ? o i ,ect trjM wll pre.?':b morula. aid evening. H^nt-ag ?e rvtce, idpfB A. ev?u P. M. H 1,1 AK ROCKAWAT, JuOXO IjJLANP.? OKA SO HM1 1 Mas* Mrinou hy Her. K Kaiuue, au i Vu pers at ] o'clock, on 8u?aay urxt. Jit./ H. IS IT TUB JCTDCMRNTT? TFUS IHT'OHTANT Q MKHB CI'JD vrin bnar-aAcrea la a ma our>? v s. h rinow J M. C , on Sun In, ui 3 o'clock 1*. Jtl. , iu Uu?e Oa ,'uU W Broadway. ne..ia froe. QT. AMN'S CHURCH. KIOUTSSNTU STREET, KEaJ |T5 Fifth avenue To-morrow ilia K*r. bL Mujamll wul I ~?at. j at tin' / KL.U ln^ A. A., au 1 '? P. ? . lonal (th" uttwsr bemj lor ibe isaf II iie? . i 'as It" 1'. ^ Hl>| b?e, D. !)., o t Trinity cii jrcfc. will rr?i ;s? 7>.i i\ M. " fre?. BTATE STREBTCOMORKOATIONALCHCBCH. hb%i Uoyt ? trcei. Bro?k^ u. Her tiavtoa iieatou. |ia.>tor ? Bwrvieea to muiroi* at 10^ A H a'.d P. M . b> He/. Br filtman Corns e?r:jr. that air, nucrs mar >?? proTidM rl Meettngv foi oonltrence aud pra i-rop l ursdav tu Friday evettisgs at 8 o oo Ju eiaboaih acuooi at w A. M ton zS F. m. QrlRlTUALISM.-l^lOM HALL. OORNK't OPSBOAS O way Hint Tnant third vreoU KLioABBTH. Tail .?4a?aut Ttaacc and Clairvoyant Medium will ducour<e m ln3% A. M , au.l T>? P M . u apirtt induoac<?. Atftia the afteruoon thrre will be a aooia'<ia Couforeuce Clroi*. Tnn BBV. SAMuBL a. BELL, d d., will kkkaoe (l> If.) in the Tiftie'.n street Prt"brteri?n <!burch. b* tar ecu Kroadway and Eighth avtnu?. on Sunday. Jul* ZLml W'i A. M aaa 7 '4 P. Al. Subjects? Merman ' iVaalnn MS tvcuing, "Thfl Prencher." PERSONAL. ALL WELL; MONET Ban OUT; OriTAlNBB loaa on jawelr* ; pspara aafe; taeu to W. oiw?; ; wh caa I do for yon r Mut.^ !#?e. SAMVf OO0. 81a a LL WELL IN MEW TOEK.-IM PlULAnhLPHU i\ H. , am weli, iora to you; what cau I do ? I ? 1 la W. MAN H.UOa, Abo ioor lioRU.-c. yock LBrrKu ok tue inri I h** b"en rece v^d. All win ba dona that can lam matter. Soe the parnonaU again. DAM. INFORMATION 18 DesiRRO AS TO WHBRR OB) he obtained tha apparatus kuown aa Biadferd'e Or Stiparauir. Call on ?r addreaa Maripoaa Company, 34| Wm atraet, N. T. ^ INFORMATION WaNTBO-OF BENj. IMOEBSOlab aea caput. a. t'orineriy of New York cut. wiioerer * give any inforataitou ronearntag him, either II ring dead, will r*caire a anltaule reward. Addreaa C. D. lag aoil, d? i'lnckney atrnet, Hot to u. I M FORMATION IB DB8IKKD AS TO WilBBB Oil ba ol. tamed a Morno Pat er Mncbma or Elertrlea: Modeh eha<(> tor caah. Addraiu. w. A. M? box 129 lierald offleai IF HBNBt 08B0HNE. WBO SEI.v'ED ON BOAJC the Vnlted State., ik'p Portamot'.ih In the Pnrtftc oeaai during Uin yeara 1*4? and '?/. will write to or oail ad tl Olhoa ol T. W. Jordau, uariheaat corner of PcBLariratoi avenue and Elshlh atn-et Wasn!u_ton elt?. he wiii beare eometbtnf I <? hia adraniage; or if dead, hia netra. If THE BROTHER OR SISTER OF TITB LATE OBI tain J W. Tobln. Forty aerand New *ork Vnlanirai t f am many RegiuAnt), will addreaa a note to Captain B. ( Caurel, 'if ) Blie:ket atrcet. they will hear of aumotfcik tu tbelrtn tarau JACOB LEYT LEFT ntS HOUSE ON THS Id* da;' of July. 1 Mil, and laa not retorned. He ruaiilad< Thirty ninth r.tivet, between Eighth and Ninth areoiia He b.'tiadnrk aaek 'flat, lurht vmta. and laabealM . eai of a?e and 6 teat hlgli. If any prr*>a can give any iatai ma.un p.eane to aeud iho eam? to Pbiiip Levy, No. 6 Ttjo row, N. T. [ R. WILLIAM BRUOB, OF HBCKMOIHXTBiOa I wiahaa to aee hia aa, B. Bruce. Addreaa Ifid Wad lag too a:roet ML. R.? ALL WELL. OlIBSIR IS THRITIM ? 1'rad a apjxttiut I# improving. W role you M1 2 009 ~ H?'8 C0MU' iSO ALL'S WELL. I A.U i-d. A. P. CTiOTHIJfOi Attention ? at the nkv.' bTOXS. no. ihthib' avenue ladlra aad uenttemen a~a irtt&ranteid to rx^da tnc hiaiie^t iirioe f >r eae't art cle of Ca?t O.I' Clathiac. Fx niture. Carpet-, ?e.. for itie Hontha n an I Western taarkak rieaaa reaiemher. and tr? C Mi i>ll, lit Tbinl aveaue. Mi FourteetilU airetl. Laaien aitnuued )>y Mra. Muh. ASl'RKR PLaiiB ? *T fIXTH AVENUE LABIB am ^?iu)oi ier will bud tie la r an I houcal dealer, t MIN I in wn'>m the* eao dla|?v<e of their Caat Off Clad inc. Carpnta Furniture and Jn ve.ry. at ufiy pircat n?oi tban bv < dealer a in the city. I pro n? > t..i i??t tha fa lowin, p tr*% ? SilV I? ?>????, f?" >m $8 t*? t *?; roala. M I SH; Pain*. ? I tt $/. Af-wi tor WeolVn Deiaine and Ma Iu Orrvie? the h^hest ca?h ?rt hn mil A can ? a note b? |?i*t win he iiunr-tna'.'T attended to. Ladlea a teeda-l to hv Mr?. Mini/, f caa^ in, tie utier Ike original t Milix. and tb? n?! iber, rNl .sn h aronue. near P.igbt>eal atrret. Oriera from Xrookb a and Jerasy C.ty puncitMdt aitrud^l tnw TTP.'iTltIN ? THK VRRY IDEhTTCAL Pl.AfB FO _i la ami reut.Vmeu'a <'*?! i J ('.othing. Furaitui and r.>rpeta, i? oalv at 5111 Nlftk iveaue, whe e yoa ee g?' fill, value for liieni. H-i,ie:r l>ar, LKWIS MaZSB' rim* I n liea ? 111 be attended to al their cwn reiidanra k M' ntd Mr* Maier AT ?I2 FBVENTU A\F.NlTr., COItNrR OF TWPMH Itliatr-et f IIAKTwtlipa i-a h gt>eH prieaa (V ladl-a' and i;?nii*m?n'e t'aat'ill rioth ai. l arpeis, Pnra ture fe. b eall ng or add:e->t, n? a no. a Li<:.':h atteadf to by Mra. Il*rt, 1UASHDF.B0 PA V S THE ni'JHPHT PRIOR FO J. I.a Ilea' and Omrlemen a Ca?t Off Cb,thlaz. l*a?*? walla ; oa b? a i lre<-ainc L. t'aakberg. Kaai Twelfth atraa ?ear Broadway. Lailiaa waited upon My Mra O. A' WATCHU, JBWKIiHT, AO. Althouoh many auvebtise to pat so hoc p-r oant more thaa others ia tha aame bualnaaa A l.ila in ada Watcnea. d?.. I would reaparrfuliv In. arm U Inholuiaata of .saw York and vtctnlt, thai I mo i-renaredi Sur haae Oiamon a aat or loae; Walchaa bilTsr Plata, al aid and siivei. Camel a Hair KhawN, Fora, Aa, ta aa nnuvini f'? ag many yeara aatahliahed and widely knaa a a thorough judge of all th>> above gno.ia. thote havla ??<cb W? aiapoae oi can re'v on getting the aitrame vain*, eal la ra> paetfully a-dioited before diauaaing at aaf othi niece. JOSEPH HOLOMON, Diamond Br ikar, 430 Broadway, between Orand and Howard mmMB At tw. watches, diamonds, jewklbt, iu.n Plata Ouna Piatola o bought? I w'll pay sMyi east mo, e than oan ba ohta erd at any other piaee la M ciiy. N B ? Al-o Pawnhrok?ra' Ticket wanted far Ik ab 'Va arlicl-a, al the aame rata. 009 Broad waf, r Houaton elreet, dp aUira. room A At tub obkhnal Jacobs' . *tn broaowat? very large atoek of W auhea for uri-eabaoka at Jf i prieaa Bilver Waiohea, fid to $90. Oolddo., BSJIaiSl Brrrr watch warranted b aiftealal guaraataa Old WaMM ".atabliahad 1?4&. BOUOHT FOB OASH.-WATCHBS. 1)1 AMONDB, BB var wara, aad the higkeu pr,oe paid la vald ar grew ? ? obioimal l. Jacobs, 407 Broadway, eetaMiahed 1MB FINI ABTO. ~ AMBBIOANPHOTOOBaPHIO VIEWB FOR BOBOT) ??ent a viaitlng a bread, can aaiaot aptendtd large vMa of Niagara Kali a end other eubjecta, al llo.mca GaUary < Scenery, Na M9 Broadway. '* ? ' FjIREDBBICK A CO., T HOTOOBAPI.ERS, 17f F1FT 1 avenue, between Twentt aeeoad aad Twealr-tM atreata. Our work eannot be eieelled. r DRAWING TEACHEBU AND STODkBTR OF ABT^ lVa- ter caat attidlea. French and Oa-tnaa Orawta model*, paetal oolora. ttooca and other abiacta af Art ia aaie to day and to-morrow at 8. Bohuiten, IM Weal Twealr foarth atraet, I Til* LECTURK UEASOt. IMPORTANT LKCTVKhg DAILT-FOR GBNTLBMBI ouiy. at the n?? Vork Mtt Benin of Aaalomy, 118 rt' oar way. Partlea uaab.a to attend theae Locturea can bar them forwarded on receipt of ten eeriU. by addrsadlag BaaN tary of New York Muaeti n, of Analotav. WKMTl/MB. OFFICE FURNITURK FOP. SALB-<'ON8I8?IRa 0 Deaka, f'halra. Popylng Preaa, a umali Xafe, Ae., aB I (Toed eondition. Apply at 110 Maaaau aireet, Biird atarj Iron! room. KUGARO AND TOBACCO. " rtnn niMl>KGARS-OF VARIOUS BRANDS. A' OUll.Ul/V |VI. ?W. M, fW. $49 $,W per MiH aon<!ing the eaah aaraplea will ha a< nt all over the ooualry ordera to all parta of tha United rromptlr lMle<! the beat reference cad Oa given <^il on or addreaa L> Mil LRU, No.N Day airaet, near Broad fay. JBATRltlUWIAla.' " mni "stTBNCBI BE II WtRURS TO FORM tHE Ad X qitainiaai-e of a lady with a t-lew lo iiialriuouy. Tk lady muat be not over twenty live, of cieaaant and prep* aataMlg ap|iearaaee. A pleaaant home lialng the Obiec* ? Iba advert aer. he hoiwa none will nnawer hut thote la aa> neat Addreaa Wm. W. Waiiaoe, Jr.. box 1B> Herald ad* UOBVHAM'S furniturr exfrbps.-o?fiob tl .13 Weat Eleventh etreat, between FlftB and Sixth av? niiea. I'laaafortee. Faintiega, Mlrroea, China, to., baaa Md ahlpped to all iiarla of the war id. Large wafuue * ?MTlM I wBBuro IB cur or aetuury. firai^re itovad.

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