Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JA31K8 UUlUliU UUXXKTA tWTOB AND PROPKUfftNL Ml (,1 W. V, 001. - . i <J> M I MK AKB Vl^tkr FTS. ru 4* C*rv ?> <' aoce. kMit neiil bf BI? wia bo at tin- 1 it o( U>? ??? >.r. 1?? ut bub bauk tilie ourtffcl la tl+W Y?rk I kw. XXIX Po. W03 AKakJI' :.T3 THIS KVK3UH0. Kint.O S CUR"1!!*, Prr idvir 3m o? Ii!H. nilUC.vS TUEAriiS, ?iaidwir.>U>T?'l Pion I *rn OLYMPIC TMBATBS. 1 ? '?d.f*r. -K.<cl;.sU C??e?.- ' lK>u ??>..? uniu HiiOi". i *? Ol "Hl.A la', Mn.U?f ? Do* CdHAI MS ' Bis*,-.- I t*v Mtf bi\\ ".r TKHATRB. V i, !>- V TK?: .vi - . ~Ki 'K *t ru T,< Gf.A*. I BAR NU1? 8 Jf >?E1 V i>ni?u>.i4j.? Ta.i Cu'm, Two i iJxik a. j>LtlM/?. Ml/ a. Ab., hi ?J U~J Hi. | n.ii? ai il a. i , a?n>. r. f. <i. WOOD'S mssr: FL MALI., mi Bro..iii-..r..-F.Tii!Or!i? ( SlNCS l)A?CUt. . !fc ? CAUr?(Ef LMr ?eRfcl.H ISSanl 201 Bow.-.- ? VAB TO ! imi L.X' ivun -,/tt u* or ]>umi',As conn KKWTOBZ MIT-' VK Of ANATOVT f ?c F r at '*tr ? ' Iran ".u# *m> Liv.t-i vs 3A. *. *..? U i*. .? rooi.vfs orn"i, ?ou ^ H.Kcfc. D*?ccs, Bt's t nmt?. A a. TH E: t- ;.T O ATIO N*. Reports, which wore state to l-e a tbeatic, ard *t;lcb ! wore generally credited, we e la circulation yesterday that Atlauts bad ber?n j ?>. " i.vely evac.?t?d by tho re", els, | and that General Tbim is bad eitab'.lf cd LU tea' , gar ters In tbe city, No information confirmatory of tbe ru mor, however, bad beeu received by the government up to eleven o'clock Wsl nUhU AilhougU S^cian ' has dru en the e: truy l;ter lly in;o ;ta last 1 ditch, and cut <tt t-.l Lis rai'rjid of retreat except enr-, by war of IfiMjoa?AUd U j la fopposed tut tbij now deetro/rd? 1U4 ?a- I nouncemcot of tLe occupation or tue c ty is aw:i prematura. Our forccs verc eogigsd ?i iib tue enemy aiH tia.r Wedcccaay, and repulseU thorn with severe Iocs. lUy weroOriren back into tbeir intreuchmsntf, learirj from i!x to ei^ht hundred killed and four thoocaDd wouodad and prLSOaera on the fiei <3, whlcb our treat* occupied. General Sherman's official re;wrt bring* the news down to Tburcday clybf, Ihe seije wu tlien goiaj on vigorously, and evoryiu;: g | la said to be quae MtUfactory, The city i> In pU.n view of cu: men, and can now be shelled. The f&'l of Atlanta is secured. Tho Richmond papers almort give it up 114 lost. The same jouraa's aneouuca thnt Joe JobiiUon has been eu;>erS9ded la com matid of the Army of Teaoetse* ly Cenaral J. B. Hind, and publish tba addreas?9 ef both gooerals to the arm/. The uue of Johnston's ro inovai is not slated. The event created much surprise la Kichm od. Jobn.-too e*ys to bis soidiers ibm *hs enemy never attaciccd tbeta but tu be stverBly rcjK..i?d And pnalabed. Tust is owe to us. Our c r'etppDdcnt with General Roccseau's oavalrT Kites a rtne desenpttou or his late rail to cut ui> Ihe rail, roads to Montgomery aad Columbue. Wo |ivo a UW|> sbowii'g hie route. The news from Grant's army does cot represect mvcb mdvance. Tbe rebels shelled our Hues from llie.r mort-r batter>es on Wednesday night with greM vigor, but ite ire was retnrned, and ons of their caissons blown up. On Thursday morulas a genetal boint/an.m-'tit place oc the rebel liae north of tU? Appomattox. Ai! tbe batieries on bctii slJss were e "f:-f Oar tbdiy twopo?jnc:ers oieoed mettle c.ty, eho in; ths d 1 pet of the Weldon railroad so efi'ettuaUy that it wfc foon reduced to ruins. Three locf mot; \es rat up ste^m aid ejcajied. All tbe rert of the prof ertywag de-tr.'i} cd. The Ctbt *at over and the r^bol baUerlcn cmjdeti'v siictc^J wr.hln one hour. Geuerj. "Mdj '' t'miUj tia hecu rel tewed or 1. % r 1 1 wand of the Eiktr i corj s, atd is orderc . in rcM rt ! New Viilt, Gen. Martladaic raocee'ls fela. 1 1 ECPEAN KFWS. Tbe ?>f the Kur pa reacted tins cUyfVMb ' ' j , ye ??>- .?}? n Ttun#, bri oir European Qtes 00-.: . cuili-...- . Utlel.' '.lliU^ ullr fth Of ??*. y. t.e ?>? ts a'.a iettor* c i mq w y iat>.r<?tir d ital s ' of the !?? ? trai'hir r' :.-u '..n?ry irom .a,.,, whi h j 4i;> aict ia Che Wedac d?y; b.a ;_c j Irnyi b .aad Im^Tiai -.e of our home news *: d w nr ! poru*. jMii U?hi*i 1:. ii,a Hi1 fsai :< Ui-d 1 y, pr. vcut us i;iv|l( | !?><"? t'j\a Km Hler Of ' . i'an co-rer.;- d t. fW- iv '.>r m'orao ua u. tbe in t that M. Urnuyi de | Lbaya had I'fT'iallf taform ' B-. llnvtOa, tUaA -.i rlo-ia 1 Hi iHorta Pari#, tbfct tLe aitexed ,rivi r ?t ? r Teld . b!>u b* -n a 11 to '.tin rrui.. ian |toferumrr;t. t< ? 4i<i;>oies of 00a "new Alabama," and the wtturaal' tbattMn i 1 tfoub; that al' tlw veyi N of i;.e lon?- talked o ' ohal fleet'* la tbe !'roucllT''|rt* mJI oaUr t '.e ( erman .r* n. 'ihe deb*.; on ! ? rie!l'* c cj fire mot'wa watcoBf 'ed lo tin- 1 n, ; ,t'i Pir 1 im' i t < :i (be rr cr 1. . ? . f t:.o ' a of July? lA?rd PahnerM ift'a |X'l cy 00 tbe i .1 ap airo? ;y htntod,' b" ? .t 1 ?? r.e<t in too ' 1 a of t'-om mi. a.- ami coudatru'l iu tbi: fiouMoS !,or -1. ! arl Mcsseli di: .-.ore t ?n coergelif Kpr.'vh 19 defence of the government to trie Pern. and L01 d PalbU 'Sl'>: m.. ie ??i?of nt* most iii.iriie<: i itfM in onatalMiaot or ! :rl Ku'eeH's e> irse -tho < . btM beings uift <?n the ?ub> jnet? towurd* ne^rourk as<1 'lermi-y in ''.9i"f'mnona Mr. iMfraoil woand up iljo Ueuaie with a ?t:n.?it< 1. . 3c live sgtm-t the foreign dliiiioma y of tho Cabinet. ' *rl BtiKsrli ill?s?d thus, fra ,c? ar.a K'iv ?m tsvlr j re fused I" Joio Knpl <'.d m ah allied susta.tB.rBl f Penmark tfrMM Britain va? tot Ui> ui1 to go to war aiooo Kr thM el'ject. He telte'l "n tbe prtnelpin of B( c nervenii'jo, and used tbe toll<-amt: rem irkabls wore 1 leatl'e to tbe Americnn question:? ? ie roble ea-l (tbe K.rl ot <mna??i-r.? sa<d *? have no | rmcipie la t-ur foreign poitcy. Wo bave cue pr,n: ?nd ihai ia ooii 'n'erter. e'ice Iti (be 111U raal afUire <* otbor nation?. W>tbi?^trd to tbe AroTicnn war, there bare been fro-n timn to ttiu creat a> reptoms on tbo part o> tbe oppo- Itien < ' a w > 1< u> ar*i .d sld to the Cou'OAerM* ^tve?. It wis ?/ obet on* ibat wbea men ?i 'nftod. ronir .ry t<> Uie p ? 'a na Men of ceuualtty, to send 01 ? ttped..?'>w.i fr> m 01. r own harbors. th-?e aMOBpts bad >.Tery fsvt- I. m 11. o oft r aloe ?( itehnu-n. 1 f'. J "ic\ 'or.- 1 tl V wbH'h be ,'Q *,1 vfl n..'iw 1 h * I r."t h on i| iw* b? en .ired to a wur with llir! ,*!0t ' % The f/it. ion >' laxi tti '.e. :*kes to f.o | ' ?U| r 1 . ?? ' li ?< ' . c- r ? : !..? 1 trl?l el*- e? ?b 'rOrm*v rest fl<>. .'.1 ia t'nlttd Sii'eestntMK M+W'til ' n ! utd i f tfre-' be r? M il bl lm; o he a ttio- e Oariifd t* seillenv*' t lit < ity *tkU J'eru ti tt e Perue en Ai n te to fciv rid. In tbe tm m i im? tne ?..?>? u "j.j 4 e fi tu i e PauiOo la t > ei rc nfo'red w tb tUroo \ ar trs 1 it cii.t ah soca TSk tvm" da Oitr'ti* of the lith 1'ie* aaye ? '?Tb# ?'e..-cer Little lUttie. which arrivi 1 at r . i;sori.os ye?ierd?% ?ort "if, ct in pnr.'ijcd tc> tbe wi in in t o Var on Itiuri'liy laat by a le lerai Olixka'lur. <>u cru I'JK aae wv ?*? n m. b> am itier wh..h ehmei t ' ?? ?w? d<y*. li-e 1! r?ri fifty rn 1' *" ii'Wth of Ca -e f ?.r?r?? 1 t?e le.eral ven?a. mado sltteea Wtiuti inr. JK^ al tb? eheao," At a me?Uo? of n.e Peace Hale OuOMUloe. hel l en tbe list lost. , It oae r# :ied ilj?i a mast peace t>H> he bold >n syracuts oo the l?iu or n? ml uffl, at fwolve 0'ci<*.k B. 11m Cermati nepubllcan Cotr.ieiitee m?t last ?'.*eiiir. j at M? U Ihird uTsaua ibe 'bourne wh, ae^eeor, the regular Mootbly mwtk ?, -nl '.ho bas'ness of 0 nr.tlM nk'.ure The cum of Albert M Tamer, Joseph W. Borney Bod Th* dore Aller, parties incaroerated it fort Wayotte oa ?lie; r<l Tint at km i of the military law and com mini law of toe t't'lted ft .tea, were brought np b*r?re Jadp* Berts jr*'c'd.y, In tba Ueitea SttIM District ?*>urt, ah inibers, t: cr rHo.?( being d.-onandsd oo pe* Uoa that tbt-y b' ?t not 0?*b indicted by the Graal Jury, <n ace rda^oe with ttio law of Oor>ir~aM of Mari-h 3, ISM. Ar?um>nt w*? beard Id fup;>ort i?t and aj.? t.M the petitioners. Julr B.wnt reserved. Ap ni'^itcatipn waa n?^ r?ler.laj b#f" e Judge f'ar rVii.ot the FuiiremeCWWt to admit to HI Matthew rtrun>agbin, new in th? c"f>t <dy of theS1 *ri!T o: An-oj cr. char .'a of i. . rder, c rum.ttfd Id November, 1WS3 >t ; tbo iwran House. ia tha aoovo c ty. The eounsel thr tiie prisoner it a ted tb't there waa no judgeatur near ! /lb cy befo e vhovt t> a application coa'rt be nod henca the seceesity eC applying to.luc'ja Barnard, lie I I1 jtrt.-t Attorney of Albany u:iJ Att >r t Onerei Co ch I rani orposed the notion to admit to l>ar, i ? s d arc^d the i cv a at (inside ruble f i -ilt. .tudgo ii. n *rd hOJOurteti tho rt?e uutll next tvffit. , Tl ! v?l I of M'<ry L. Bloockar I '?? t" <r? udmlttM to pro bate. Tl?e teata'.rl* le". tbra;; :> Irod dollars to tbe Or f'-a s' ii -tne .J um t> tbo Protoaant Ep.soopai Cnurcb of tli? city of New Yd it. ?*.e will of Terence Bo> wflcn b <-? u'm bera admitu I, contain! a heftjuart of five bnadred dolbrj to the P.oraan C&thnllo Orgbaa .\ :-'utn of New York; sr. tber tf two fcunated uod ii'ty rt,' to tbe .? ty of rtt. Vincent 4e i aut, of St. Jo o5i i.-eb,*i>d ai trier of tveo Mnn-lrad t 1 fifty dot Hra to tbe aai.te io.. ty, ccine?'.'l ?i:U St. Jinoa' Ctmrcb. ?:i in Albett Degroot'a tew oeaau atoamshlp Kn. wj- irunicUed &t MAldeat> r inter eouttiyroa Tburadny. this Ls the firnt oC hut ctaaa bui't above in tiattaa Itiund. Ibero a prfcllm nry mee!lr>); of lottery tle'tet dcA:rn; <r m* <-r vt t rents wbo dispose of lottery I <f i, at Military Ha.-l, Bowery, at e>? fct o'ckvk l^at I fi'tft t. Tt.a fmc"*.din.{j were of a acaiB-*bat Informal , kind prefV'.U-ry, m our rcpfrter ou laforme!, to a tv?e ?-*e*ai d-f.inttraWop to ttlco pIsco in tbe coming week The t of the meeting ts la ic-r.patl<y with i th :;r It ;r now belaf m'Je aironc a1! of tntdea ' mm for b i or wegta? a ut?cr'.sity out of tba l {really ^crease 1 cb?r^?a e! living ts, tbe un'ettlal oaocition uf th" ci??rercy. Adi irtroiw Cro (6u;ipo?ed iaccudiary) oociirre<l In tbe i vlilaga Of farmlngtou. Conn., on TUsireday. }<evenu-n biiildiugs, together w'.tb a jarge quantity of bay, ?ero eoairci.vcd, [ Tbe ?t?relllr,5 bouse of Oo tn modern Wids'ow (enptain of tbeFe-riargo), i;i R.tbury, Kasaackujotti, was eutered oi.r eight Ibi t we'1* by r barRlar. The cdd of thoCom* | mod. re awoke aad tU^burglar searobiaf bio pAn taloona, wben ;I;o tbiof Ced. v Baring tbe grc >t iiachtap. Mo., Era the oth^r day a ri.lroad traiu was rto - pea near Wbltnevvilie by a fire ia lir- front, and wt? i it altera. tc < to return foma a Cre ia us roar. Ibe damuge to tbe raiiro?d was tour tti usand dollarf, | Tbe abure mvknt wae s!:?bt!y improved ye te-day be ib ia prioee aad aairaatlon; but rpooulaluts, under the existing (late of aSkirs, cannot be indued to operate. Government securities were ia demand at the quo atlons of the uay previous cn all descriptVius except tbe one y<Kir eertiucatee, * uicb ai vMiccd tare i-quaru-ra per cool. Ooid Bold betwoca ii3 .va?i 2 &???. Tbe lean market is lesg ?..*lcgcntf and legltimeto borrowt:r* fled eo di faculty | in i.slti2g accommodut^uo at seven per cent; but capi talist* -ie not darotei to toiant favoia to BpccuUlora in proviaou*. Tbo same oM g*cry w enrroot ia cowDccrclai elrr-'es yc -tnr 1 ty? ?ay a geseraJ farther decline; in priccj of da uw*t product, as tbe result of tii*. ceuimucd fa'.l In jou, whi -h is bro.-gtit aboot by a supot abuudinoe of foreirn e*cnaa;e Mid fay ruble rumors, regarding war m. ttrrs at A va.iia. Foreign jf-ods aro jeti eg to bo rather M:-<Mly, cod, despite tbo Ul^h duties, a big dec!.oe is Icokod for. r eti !? im w&g '.wo cents lower again. Cotton war lower. On 'Change t!,o loading staples of bre^dfitaiut arid pro we-e a little oT under tbe decline In ?old and n.'Ktorate donaand. Tbe excopti ia* were orrn and oats, were tirraly held. Whiskey was steady. ITreights C. in. GroccrP* were e'eady and Qro. cocer a fa.r d> i mend. Evacnatioa of Atlnnta>tl?r Greet Dan grri Another Descent upogg Wa?hlng< ton and ia Kortitem Inaumetlon. Our do.-pUclie^ frosg Nasi'ville aaaounce tbe firucuulioa of Atlanta, ortd Its occnpation by General Slierrcnu'e lrrcsiftibl? nrmy. Tae I gorernmont, hotrever, it must be saS>l, bud received no offlcital inforratttion of ll^e fact tip to a late b< ur la-t eight, a':d the news m:>y por. obly h?T. e cotuc u little ahead o; we regard the fall of the city as cert-xin, an event which a fl along tiiu w!ien mt?y ^ro Cloltn Vu\r :tt anj- tii j:noot. linvij- n roa-iy explained to our rflnd.M^ i!ic co:iif?reherisive iai!itary advantagM of tnie pt'-.'ion as a new bMJe of opera ;io;?, it will haffic. lor tbe proient to .-iy t' u-t tbe d-uiolidon of tie oft defeat (i, telly u ;._?b l U..I now s.srioudy expr -;d i y of Joii'i! ' 'n arid tbe cot lplete ioelaMoa of ; ? A iiu? .ia and Ji t?i.- ippl from lVc ni i, sT' row airly w'lnin ; je powor of Gen. v vv i - 'i tb?."e oli,. '' ts t>hall biv ,n ac' i'vei! if General C ; ?nt'.'* imo.ed!:,.te be n meantime aecoaiptiahed tbo ?lt"l forces of tie re'jtsilian will bo reiluccd to ? iutb Cai otln* t>nd Uichtn md. The o.ii. 'irow of Lee's tnrmy, hewevjr t'/ler th ? pr-' jc .. condition of tbiujs, tr ust of ? self inevitably preelpiute thn oollapse of t?9 nail id ' Confederate Sut< fro. a Virginia to Texas. We are aatbfied, too, it'saTmy can only l-e boidtotbe defence of retersbnr^ aad Richmond, it at thu tightening lines of Gennral Grant will, before long, 'r*Uuce <r#:nrral Lee to tbu uilernativo of a sortie, in which be will be defeated; an cviriation. whioh tvll ca^t hiin boj-el-fsly adrift, or a ebae siege, lrora which he will not I ,* able to'escape But. in tie probability of n-oiLer movement, and this time by the bulk of L^p'b artny, upon Washington, tacre It great danger tint all the labor* and s;tcriflte? ttnd all the viftories of Grant end Sherman a d their bravo and devoted sold'ers may be blasted in a overwhelming disaster From th.' late dasuiug rebel raid Into Miry land W*8hi.i,rt')n baa had a very narrow a* vtpe. Th'? loss of that invaluable day entailed upon tbe en- my by General Wallace, on tbe Mono en y rvttf . v, as the saving of th.' national cai-i t il. 1< it, oven witli the nece wry tirae gaiacd ami w-r:ii: * tbn? given to the administration fur u proper reception of fur'y and Brockia rit!0r. they stuce "lo-l in a recoanc it^anea of t.i- u. rtborn dc'oaces of Washington which has doubtlou liod then that veterr. i army of Le ?, uale . confronl'it by the army of (h co. ild, without jr.ach difficulty, force if* l t'- i}C ti the White Ho tut- at tbe poiat of the k>R^?D9t; tVJ ' t! ???. fh i d r.( t C?itJ Le~ itto.npt t pr* ?? ? ilerpt m?! Wl::!? eijige;! in it t' ? r if " i..' j' UTflbar; tutd K'cb in? ? i B iyl hi ,! by .he Army o' Bemire^>.rd, '<?' ' t. ? <; . vuty of fc ting the eighty thotuwd ?ti ' , ,f Let 'b rwtiiy ,.ru ;.cr will be o-. ercotat by i /?' I .' ? ? to t.i" ire.ih ? upr .;<?! fiiru .j'.ed by tu?! ..i.j Ijfaii'al harrewl oil n i"? t.,iaau'?a t - l"y, as 1 t'i : ft". It tmhif nort'ifrn cotlllten of Maryimd. .- , ('"- 0 *, t ,?n, t at t' re lino i oro nr, at ou eevarnl occasion:' in ln'C.J and i li /J. and once i*l re iy in la34, t';r people oi tl.a Hary! . 1 bordtr, du log l> preecut r- ? er, a!, tuld be startle again with tfceipee* {?.' ;?? of t ie ad"anclr{ legions of a rebol army, want asrnrance oouid t..- given of trie safety of Wosb'nftoif, from preneut appearaaoM, ' b 't t ;ie f Isnca ?if General Grant; but even b*', or. the a.,uth side o; I'eterpijurT, twe.-'y tniloe below U'obrtond, io<iy be deenved, upoa another trial, by the precautions of bis wily nd versary. Supposing, then, that Washington la ,ur" | prised, captured and saeka-i by tbe enemy, In cluding tbe capture or dispendoa ot the 1'reei i dei t H id bis Cabiuet, the deetruet'on of tie c buildings and archive, arsenal, navy y.rd, corauissary buildings, Ac., and all tb^r vast materials ef war and ui'litarj store?, what would bo tba con rquencea in the NorthT '1 ha blow would fall wi'h crushing effect upan t! a , generous w;?r sustaining classes of tbe loyal . State#; but tbe restless and m schisf-scheniing | copperhead pew? agitators would seiw tba oc- i casion for stirring up their adherents to arius and l bt:ng the fuas of ? Northern in surrection at a hundred points at once a<r*s t' o continent. Such aie the fearful da::geia which now menace the uttionul caum tbe dan gers o! a Bucce ^ful rabf-l descent upnn Wash ingtoa, tvith nil the fearful consequences we b.ive suggested, end all from tie -.wbeiility, incredulity, laz-inrsa and Incompetency ot the administration, as now organized, snd its .m mediate military adviser*. Will nothing but a rebel bombardment arouse Pre^.d^nt Lincoln to a f-ense 01 b:3 insecurity ? lias it never occurred to him tua-t in desperate extremities bold and d?! i"fa are equal to tbe inost de-iprrnta onterj;iii *3 ! K:a it neve? been hinied to Uim that General Early in tbe lufe raid ww or>'y th^ pilot f nd pioneer of General Lea! Eas he r.evs r ?us pected that such rebel peace en::V'.iries vs George Siiuders acd Company are only em ployed aa decry ducks to load b?5i aslny ? Doea he not know that the loyal Nor'h is In I of dark conspirators, watching for the oppor tunity to strike lor a Reign of Terror! We do uot know, bur we would earnestly implore you. Mr. Prudent, to beli?vo that in *U these j th egp there Li danger. IT jw, then, are these perils to be avoided ! Not by a dr ift in Bar tember,but bvr*c*p*ble and harmonious Cabi net, and by a strong supporting army to Gen. Gran^ Jn front of Washington at once. Give us an efikiect Cabi' "t, put General VcCIellan in command of tbe Department of W ? iu&t n, and call far threo month? volunteer! to serv? uudor him, to the extent of one hundred and fifty thousand m?n, a^d tbere will be no neces sity for dm ft in September. Washington wdl soon bo made secure against any contin gency, General Grant will be enabled to m^ke short work of Richmond, the war will speedily be ended, and (ha Presidential caiup&ign will culminate In a blaze of glory to the Un:on r>'ii Vuo administration. In good faith acd in all sincerity, ia behalt of tbe naliomtl cansp, and v'ew the ap proval of tho administration by the people, we yet one? more ask the attention of -Mr. Lifccola to these reflection* tod these reforms. Reforms ix ths,Tkka3ibt Depaktm tst. ? We tii derstand that gieat reforms are about being introduced into tho Treasury Department; uud tiiere is c^rtr,in^y much nece'.'.ity for something of the kind. One need go no further tha i our own Custom Howe for evidence of this fact. Ti e exposures of corruption nud peculs'.iou corricd on there fbr tho past two or three years are olir.o*? enough to sicken ene of our form of government The conrts have besn bnty with soma of these cases, and some of the rascals uave been punished. Thero are other c&^os now before the courts, aud there is a fair chance th*t. in some degree these unscrupulous peculators upon the government will not go unwbipped of justice. Late doveloprncats in Boston and elFev/here fcre'sh further evidence of tbe uecesaity of a sweeping reform in all tbe custom houses, navy agencies, internal revenue offics, and other branches of the Treasurv Department in ail part* of the coun try ? North and South, Hast and West, in the front, ia the centre and in the rear. Mr. F< * Mention is expected to mak? a cleaning out of all the cor ujit agenta in these imprriaut pl, aui' honest men Rpe to till their obairs. Tbe work, it is supposed, will be comtneac^d in the N- w York Custom House tho re nov ;'. >f Mr. Baniey lr(-'n the olTioe of Col lector. Mr, Barmy, as tl.e chief, ia n- pon slu?? l<?r tht! many gre^ c&.^s of couupt:on that, bnve been allowed to occur under his evi-s. Wr. I'oslmaater Wakeman wiil take Mr. Barney's place. This work of re form will be thoroughly c.nried out in boston, i #r!c- tphia, P.K'.tiuioro eud other citio.-; and : tho West will be held to n stricter acc un .bili- ' ty ti'?u be.etofore for its returns nnd'-r f\e In ternal Revenue Kws. Improper lnc>npe '^nt rerer.uc officers will be sfcown no mercy from thi* timi! Lenccfors ard. They will all l>e "ibllped io walk up te Mr. Fessenden's oflice and fcjuare their accounts. Llilliond are annu ally lost to tho United blute? Treasury through t.t?? Incompetency, laaineas or corruption ol Kovernuipnt revenue officials, and the new Se retary of the Tisaaury i? deter&ilned tbat ?neh pracliceb shall be allowed n? longer. Lincoln is too busy about politic* to attend to matters of finance. Ha Knows nothing about finance, and very littln about poli tics; but all h<? does know he now pula Into his political balance, and weighs out fevors ac cording y. It is possible that when this great clean.ung process is over Secretary Fessenden will introdnca somo sound and practical finan cial meature that will benefit the national Treafury; and in the meantime every one will wish him unbounded success in bis efforts to place tbe revenue agencies of every kind in the hands of competent, responsible and trust worthy men. Lincoln runs the political ma chine? Mr. Fessenden the financial. Wo shall see who wdl accomplish the most good for the country. CAVVn I I N' ll.f Vt . "K AN1> Ot't WIT ! FrviNfi Coi-cvm 'in1 only ins who las b?en i ve-t from the wrer k of the late puerile peace iieuotlatiO".'' at Ti Hvara is Colorado Jewett !Tf!, t. . 1 . c t ' > w< 1 c ut ol tbe sails of Old Abe, Grei'.ry, Gcor/e F .nder.-" and the re t, ; ? d ' i s n'r-ro eon:" rut w.lh Hying c?>'ofs. '?'? r r ,sv v..' ftli? n. 8S t ? r Huont' i' p'.'c "e, t jr!ti In tbis cenferenoa. r-jtwe d ?"li: > I )t .ic,tatlng tl.cre *i, l.avi i(j 1 ? b ? i t ? d In, and al-ve-y ? ?? '?> "? ! i..g our coi' p: ' v i w go any where. Jewett I ntjcee led ad ? irat-'y in bto diplomatic 1 , '? ? -, t " :? I ? lc ib?i? 1 In Lii ?>'? conyt-' ; : t?ne ?% o--.o thinp end ?' a-iiag another. Pe ? ^ ",n a preat fu?tf about di t .icj, r ret .m's to arri?bge the (W.; '? ef e'tipi.-e--, J^.i gi! ?*) '1 r public*, end ill tb? v uas but oi e O' jftct io view tbe i'irr. t.s'ag ol h s r.yVi al Rold micej menu ?aii.B i# '""oioia^o a'id eic.fwlrre, and tli" r 'e of stock t'lrro n. As an "Intermediary" in j mn't f y buf ", tbe serviree of J? wftt si? Invsluable. A* * dormr ?>.' Intems o >1 ?ijiityar.d perven, be doservee a oegree; but la . . hj,< ca.>? ilm d>/ttoi, . 'e:ut al uj-u.s- >, J j should be Wtfil suafeen ? ^ t^kea. 1 Bhttnocihhkd rounou. AaaiVAUJ. ? Several dlitluguiitwd puLtioiiut have arrived in city recently ? aome, perl?*pa, <"? rouio for Nia gara ail J pe.ios, and otl-era La the pursuit of health uud that contentment of mind which caa never be secured in tbe atmosphere ol Wash ington. Cbcval'.er Forney, SafroUry-in Chief of the Senat* of the United Stain, Ls aaio tg those distinguished atraagers. We u idersta id be is about to embark lor l!arope, to have a talk with Lord Fa'.merstei, Lou^s Napoleon and tho Emperor Alexander of lluaaia In re gard to recognition. V^o advise Ghev*! <sr Forney to t&Le Colorado Jewell w-th biiu; but If Jewett becomes awaie of bit* d ipprture such advice is u meoessary. lie ill go fciyhow. JcwoLt would be of great s Txlca lo Forney 111 Europe, lie kuows bow to get heloro , pieso'tce" without tho aid of eq:!C.ries and scullions. Forney, although well posted in kitobea duties in a republic, knows nothing about lie avenue* lo reach the ears and tbe n-iaeg of European royalty. Jewett doc#. Jewett takm a cpeclttien of gol<* quarta iu bii coattall pccLet. and, once be ore the throve, bo l tlii/ziea the tjva of tbe monarch and b a p^or ministers by a display ol" hia Iroi^jure; and wbeu Jewett HpesiLs every royal mouth waters. I h'orr. y ne^l net, therefore, t*Le any quuYtz 1 with him} a pint of oidCogmo w.n do, espa c:allv if he roeets Boaiba. late of Naples, or 1 Palmerston, or Louis Kapolecti, after tbe cures j of S ate are over. He must eschew ;;in cock tails, and avoid expectorating on royal pe!a, like other Americans. Cbtfvalier Forney requires rest, good advice ?;>d pure liquors. I^o is likely to find them nil in the European capitals, particulerly Paris. The venerable ^hevnlier Frarcli P. Blair, of the heroic age of Jackson, is also in town. It t^eemn lika reperrlcg to the Trojan war to look h>ack upon tbosa grand old times. But the worthy old Chevalier looks us bright a? he did thirty-five years ago, wfcen in harness for tbe re-eleotion of Jackson. He is now in harness for the reflection of Lincoln. There is one similarity between Jackson and Lincoln? one ii was and tLe other is lor.g and lank. Here the similitude crds. Jackwi Imd great foroo of character. Lincoln Las none. Jackson ! wua a loan and a great man. Lin i coin is a ler*n and a small one. Jackson, I it is true, had hia jokes: bul tbey were | practical ones, and told for the good of tbe country. Lincoln's jokes are vulgar, and tell 10 the damage of the nation. How a ituunch chevalier of th* good old school of Jackson, like Biair, can sympathize with the sheddy magnates of tbe present hour is past compre hension. But there he is, as bright as in for mer > jare, and rfitb, perhaps, many years of utaiolncsp before Mm. Lsckkdixby Journals? Exciting to Rtor. ? We yesterday ceplod from tbe Mispress of tL.?? city an arsiele stating tbal General Dix bad erdered the arrest of the editor of the Newark Journal, and purporting to give in au extract from the Journal tbe paragraph that or, used the order. Being from the Exprets, the article, of eon rue, was in error on all the important points. General Dir has not ordered the ar rest of the editor, but only requested the Dis trict Attorney to Indict him. Hia action was 110k founded on the comparatively mild para graph quoted by tho Express, but ou the fol lowing:? U will 1 bit Mr. Unjoin baa ?alle<! tv* another U?lf 0 uiilll'-p "f r.eo. Tho*? who dealra to ba butt Uerad uiil pie ta "tup forward at oaca. all others will stay a? b<>DM tinii duty Uia Abo ?ad hli; miuiona to dr?* thmn (r un ilieir r*n)iii';?. We bopc that Um pwple ?$ N-w .ler.-py will st ouc<" put ih?lr Tcot tk>wn and ini'lsl Uial noi a man nhall bo I "refd o-it of tb? Stat?j to w.:,vgfl id iho abulttioa batcbi^y. ar.d sw?sr to difl at ?&??!.* tuvn doors rat to-: r flian ir.arih cne Btep to fulfll the dk'tatcri of tbai mud, r'.vufcitionary ftnai'ditin wbich ba.- d??cvoyft(l the bett et vtrtiB"'i>i tbo worl?l ?ver Biff, end wojld now buichfr its remaining mi abiuata v? carry out a rnera fMintio?l ttii loioot. Tfcn liaa toi e lar enoush End ir.uat lus-t" , (W. I.el tbe pr p!a rise** oro m?n and doturid tbat itiLi wholesale unt. uor tliall cofcuo. This if nio.-t distinct and violent inc:ter:ent to reaiitanco and riot. Language exactly li ce it has Le.; 11 used by the l\~evcs of tbis city every other day for ail months, and the ?Vf<i ing Post i" now raip'n.'; iia vole* in the same nutrapcous way. Obedicncc to th** inci'e vents and teachi; j;H of thoee journals would hriag about in 11: L- city n greater riot than that of !a-,t summer, a :d we accordingly c;rtl upon Mr. IVafieid r-mitl? to iud ct the editors of bo'.h those p?(ii.r? at ouee. BONnmi A'.n Kiroirr. ,0 or Toavcco.? Since toe latof July the'-ob.icco manufacturers have not been r bie to bond or export a single box ot all thtu ua* been made since then. The re sult Is that, with the exception of a few package? which were bonded before the 1st icf^i nt, the whole export business in manu factured tobacco has b<-.,n brought to a sland i?till, sale ? have been cancelled, and vessel? Vle.ired without portion." of tLeir cargoe.?, by aides the bitteiest feeling being engendered ugainst thos# in authority iu tbe customs and internal revenue departaienU of Ibe govern uiont. Kver since the 1st of July the most utrennoua elTorts have he?n made by deputations from the trade and by individual members, both at Washington and New York, to remedy tbe mat ter; but all to no purpose; and to-day it seems as far from settlement as ever, as no desire is evinced by t*ny one to facilitate things. When the new law was passed not the slightest pro vision was made, nor the least instruction given to tbe officials here, as to how, when and wbere they were to conduct the export of tobacce under it. The reasons given by the latter are that no new forms have been issued, cr bonded stores designated "by the Department," tbe fsct being that no one whatever can tell anything about what is to be done. Consequent ly the trade must grin and bear it It baa been 8'igrp>eted to "the Ib partmeut" to allow the old foruta of bonding and exporting to be ufed until tbe new oaos are ready, and to rnakq every tobacco store a bonded Ptore until ot'iurs bio obtained; b it both of theie proposition? arc, it scerr.s, t^o unreasonable to be admit ted by it. There 1/ no a?\iety shown by anj connected w th it to try to rectify tbis stat" of th ugs, and altogether It is on* which lordly c*lls tor a remedy T?? A:i .amio Tklwimm.? A privAto l?tt?r from tUr }>?cri Ury ?f th? AtKolio ; ti ron p ny p'ijm - ho ca. trarvor afc raaxing very jtrrat jvmotit* ?t I j?h cro iowlrh. r "ar nv ??wayo!'' and ?nhi?t|>.titiiix otheref m? h imrroved principle lo o?rrr dWH' timut, c |?m mi./ I?r our cabl?. W? all t J hart lioh ? cabla fo' p. i rcilon ?>( ninterii, and woiki iaiii,hip iu ua wi*ld Uaa n??er b?(?<re 'rcrnblt AiaiiUnt ill Nngara Fnlta. Bcrraw, J? T '-!i. 1804. An secnI'Mit nocurml en Goat lalaiid, N'?<aia hailf, ibifc afUtrtioae Uiwr ihe BiJdia ; tilra. A<.a.rt*f a r. -a laming t'li wif? af Ctotale WtlKiar and iho wiMo' ( ai'tatn lluot, of tba QuarU-rmtatpr'a iwrtmawt, wM prrelfltatad ovor th? praci|So* In eoo?<juat.6a o< tho h?rtA? taklnK fruht, i-or'unattly a "hall 10 tbe roc*, aoino ifeiriy i?*t down, hr?*a Ib'if fall.iuirt ib.i l?d r? \ *1/U tn tbatraa*. (mm *aa aatwualf aa4 oth* atiatiiiy ia|?rcd, ?** TIB PEACE MOVEMENT, Ttoe Herald Xptciat OupaUti. ClttTUH Uocil, Kuiliu yju ) Juljt1-3 1?P. *. J II apt ears that ooo imporiaet l*ii?r in tbe correqan (1mm with tbe rebel corotiljeione'a id oiutUe i ui the ethcie! oorresi?o<;ri.cj i:mi \>j ths a? ?ci*to< Pre#. 11 If a tetter from Hour 3 Gricle> to.ieaett. Ths latter waa reaiful tbet be would be ei tested lor the peri that be bed taken, add Creaky wrote tun a l?ter showing the au thorlty that he had for 1 1< action from the President. It la reported tbat this letter Ui^wa (ttily Mr. Lincoln a origin*! pes.tlou relative to rccetviL'g the reb.-i comin'salonera, end ia, tbcre.'ore, important in tbcv.i-.jr the cbanga of base by the i're-ident. Jewott Is Id New York, ana hue tba ertgtiftl letter. Tbe only copy talfeu here wee cnrried o if by Mr. IloU.<>ml:e with the oiber i ?!*!*, ui.J it ia lat lio^sibie to obtain a oopy to-day. A Dumber of politicians of both partita *re hare to day, not otily from IVniWo, but a to frcu Micblgnu anl olner point* in the Wast. 1 be democrats ? a/th't tb' latter n? Mr. Lincoln gent by Major Hay ia all iba ct, itul thai they vikot for Hi* campaign. Tho n ra conservative ot tba republican* declare thai they r.innot stand by Lhcolu in bia ultuoe turn? the total abolitlcu of slavery? <vs c.e on'y ccndi tion for the retiU me ot 01 tills question; tbat they sup ptiod the war for tl a restotatiou of ibe Union; and, farther, tbat wtenovcr tHat can he acvonipliphed tlioy want the war to stir, and are cot v-liling that it shtll be carried on soleiy for the pi rnoae or eboishlng slavery. Thlfiabown very plaiDly ihat tlie ccrreepoi: donee will divide tbe lealers in tho republican party, and orly t'?e extreme acts-siav ry portion will roe'.ain tbe Pre?id'>nt in tbe i.i.tima'om laid down in big le'U-r, Roth republicans and demot rsts vbi i^e watching the movement h^re da not look upon Lincoln .ia rej*etit*r the re bel comra.s ion ore because they are not duly noon iftsl , but that it all turns on tbe qu^tlon of tbo abolition of slavery. The rebel c-"-n>mi*?<ioner3 claim that, while they aro rot (socially debated to treat with Mr. Lincoln, tbey have yneral powers und dole, Uad authority in betalf of tus t^uthera confederacy. The operator ni'i.le a bull in my d- spatch le Thursday'^ paper, and made mo fuy that Holcombo vran r rofoiw r of tho Law University ol .Sagiuaw. It iibouia hare read ?'Virginia." The Prcse Dripatfh. Don aw, July 83, 1864. The sgect of the .4?vctrteJ I'rert at E-iTaie learni from the Clifton Hou*e, Niagara, this morning, that by an oversight an important letter of Horace Greeley t wits omitted In tbe published correepond?noo between htrmell end the pcaco c< mmia.->ionere. Tt *.vus not handod to the agont of tho Associated Ttecs, cr it would have appomd wltii the rest. Tbe emitted le'ter of Horsoe Or^aler, previously spoken of, appeal h to be simply a lol'er to V?. C. Jev ctt, who, feariog that be mlfht be arrevtel f r hiacocns<> t'.on with the so-cn'iel peace corcra>flon jrs, nyutut' d tlr. Greeley to write btai a letter ftatinc ttat what he (Jewett) hod done In the matter ww '.rotii patriotic mo tives and by hia (Creeley s)*. HtClrllan Keetlmf at the Proplr'i Na tional nieCltllan Headquarters The first of a serlos of McCleiUn to be he d every Friday evening, at tho People's National McClolIan Hnadqnartors, ocmsr of aveaae A acil i'irst street, w. s held last evening at the above named ;.'.ace, Tieie meet lnfs, unlike tbe meetioga of tba different McClelian com mittees, are public, and all good Mc'1e!!an men are cor dially invited to attend and participated In tbe ex-rci f?. The meeting last ovealeg waa aot largely attended, but the Bpirit that was called forth will no doubt rejtiH in tbelr being more largely attended in futare. It wiw called toordor by Oolocel Max LacKonnouwiirta, who stated briefly tbe object of the meeting, and e"er r.udiag ex tracts from letters from the uurae^t MeCtoilan club in On ctnnatt, expressive of the feeling Uore belug strougly in favor or SfcClnliMj und still growing, presented tbe fol ?owing reeolutioo'i. which were um ctmouFly aderued a? th9 ?f&tlmsnipf %be meeting and tbe object tor vrtueh tbey woutfl i?t forth Ibefr utmo? effbrts. Whereaa, Abraham Liaoola has prevee. above alt doubt, that bets In bo wlgeaodlnno resi ect nt for thepoaitioa he oocnpiea: and. wfeereaa, (,eorge B. McUiellau has proven, above ail do Jbt, that be 1* e.ntnenliy ted in all raapema Ut for Old Abe'a prwa-nt p<iriilon: and wkareaa. It has be-oma pnrfeeilv clear to the khadeat that with Lincoln w>- would c? to run and dea'ructfoa. and with Magellan we weuld go teaefeiyandkappinew; therefore Rev ived That we want Uncotn out and XcCte'lan In. Rmeived. Tnat we w> 1 do ill In our p 'wer to aen ou the 4(h of November uext these two gentlemen p'aced where they ought to be. Short addresaoe were made by John Cuddy and Wn. (I. Holf, Esqtt. , wbieh w. ri? very well r?s-oivsd. and the meeting adjourned, with three hearty cboers (or Medal I aii, to :neet again next ' rlday evenm^, wheu It :s hoped the attendance will be larger. Governor Parker on General Bleriellnn. Bmrwrvi 1 *piaTM*?T, Taa*ro*, July 19, 18C.4. Joim IH>vo?r?, Ksq , New London, 0?no.:? t-ia ? I did not answer your letter last March becaose the public sontimeDt bad not become autticicntly de voiopod to enable mc to farm a decided opinion on tbo question yeu propound?! Since that time Gen. George rf. Motlelian hu grown In popularity I always 1 con idered htm a patriot, and to he the pmec.Mor of military talent of a hich order; but I have recontly oomc to tbe conclusion tbat he H a man of great ability iu other reatiecla. i bo;* be will roceive tho nomination, atth^uch T f?ir f Tart , are being made in k- rae q iarters to dlteat Itiin. Very resp'sctfuily, your obedient aervADt, JUKL PAItKICrt. The Park Concert fo-Oay. Ttie I'ark Coram issioncra announce that there will be muiic m? tho Mall of the Park tbl? afternoon, if the wuther be tine, commencirg at haif-past four, by tbe PaiW butd, under tbe leadersnip of H. D. Dodw>rth The following la tho programme ? fast r. L T'trk March H. D f>"l?'>rth. 2. Ovcrtur-j to7.?nM?t'.a .'.uber, S. Lied ? Iter 1 (tunnel 111 Hiule H,l e. 4. Quick mutch i.-om Uu M: .10 in Ma?chera Verdt. I'IRT It. 1. Ihe Ksaozky March, Hougroisi Tterllot. 2 Overture to Kuryunthe Von Weber. 3. Omcorto for cernet Mailer. 4. Grand selection from La Doina de! La^o Ko^lni. pari hi. 1. QukA*ler> of Scotch airs II. B. Dod worth ?? Maxiflka dos 1 A?cher Chorus from Lucrcala Borjla riont/ottl. 4. Casino i'o.k? II B. Dudwortli. National lvt i'ourrl. Tbe extens'on of tbe Drve to tbo .rimmit of tba great hill will si 10 be thrown open tbe public to-day. Car nage occupants will Qnd this addition of great advau tage 1 1 them ditring tbeir daily rides in the Park. The Ponjrvti of Managers. A RI?K IN Plttl'HM ? NO Btllk IN lALARIBK. A meeting of the tbeatriea* and mitistrel managers was held at tbe residence or Mr. Wallaeit, Fourteenth street, on T iv.ra.lay aff rnoon. Mevrs. Waiiack; Smart, of Niblo's Garden, Wbeatley, of Niblo's Garden; Harnum, of the Museum; Mrs. Joba Wood and Mr. Duff, of tbe Oiymple; Lmgard, of tue New Bowery: Itaa Bryant, of lliyant's MiostreU, and Eunry Wood, of Wood's Minstrels, were present. After some debate Messrs. Kryaut ana Wood consul tad together tn regard to tbe m'nstrel business, and con cluded to raise tbeir prince from twenty-lve to thirty five cents for admission and fifty uenta fer reserved seats. Tba theatrical managers resolved la ratee the prieei of dmisaioe next eeaaon; but ?e understand that they did not came to any definite conclusion aa to the exact eum. Tbe queetlon or a rise ia the salarlee of nctora was con sidored, but rather shirked. It wna agreed to pay the musicians the increase wbieii tbey demand at present, b'it tbo managers were not willing to submit to any fur ther exactioas Tbe meeting was informal, and matters were mnndy talked over. Anotbor congrs?a will doubt less be bald. Arrest of the F.rtltor of the Newark livening Jonrsal. Nsw.tsx, !*. J., July 23, K. K. l-uller, clttor of tbe Niwark /fveti iwj we* a'resiod at twelve o'c.liHjk to-d?y on two wi'rania. 11- 3ft wis for iBctUn? to insurrection, and the sece id f.<r iIIm: i-iraging oiumtn.ei te. an p'ov.ded for by secttm (l*o of the Ksreiment aot. Le wa" re'nseed <>u b?il by tinlted Males i:nmml*sk?ner Morris, he giving binds m ?ue ant 1 f sovea tliom a- 1 ilollara. Cm Ircn-fi ad?, to inn fcuiiou or ru*t nmain 'ii.w Yoiu, July J?, Hit A Mfi< ^*<1 **l tiiet IS' V'r ./i.r rrr-tm fhr V nt T\r %sr*md?.vr iUirytt 'rt ? 160 ? ;?0 IM r ,? tt lira, f*ptair> i-^cs-Tin i-ret< lids thst thr 9?e b04ts. lid oaght to be put iu one of t b? ui Ulitiaeif st de? sud aporeiitlced to me nil# ? duties in thi heller rn?m. An Intelligent tirero*o tn if > Monitor r c Tir'-r, arrUod st i'ort K<-y at, and rrm thi re de -.lici d to Key Wert, P:a. , write . to me. Ins bi ll r ip Is ? ? -"Tt e worst time in my life I have Bad in this ? aol. Iniriig four rta>s-<n<l tferee 'itghte at sea ell opeai jrs were aoiewed d< *11, the t rh (run ? tnren 10 loaf over Ibe vsmsI all Hie Ui ?. In ttje Ore room tho lie?t w i ringing from 100 to IfK) do gri oa It ts ? "id wn are gouM to ? ? ~ In a few dayl; but I' weaver rea-ih th? place Is nncsrteln f-hou d we happen tn nml wan a eevvre gale we snail eith>.r be saf I netted m go to ihn bntiora. inese li.fernai boxes i'u* Ilk ? leid." lUeuimrnt is unnoc<Mary.?Si> UualaI NEWS FROM WASHINQTOi, Wuinoiu, J ?ly a, u*| ttNANCMT. MATT?M. n It understood that the Treasury Pepartmotl It paring Untied Slate* bonds of 1881,1* deima?.aatlGa| timet ?ndbuodr< to faclllUtt ibt rtdtm^iue at mrea-iblrties It* cirniKr i<l*trti>WMl '?* nt I'M sol yet be< n '..repare s . D' r are i'? termsf ,:ly maluro| bgCKSTAKT VMMNDCH'A MOVKM*NTa. Thi stau<rueat that Secretary Feaauiideu b?dreiw| to Near York. .* a miatawe. Ha we* pre. out al ibe ' | bjI meeting to day . tiecreltry Fts.< -ndee will toon lean for MUne. tw? tax on ounces op vir? ? .?> ttads** I Mxtjnrniig efftee.-s o: the 1'nited >l? U?? are, by clrc| of the lutorual Kevet.ue i ireaa, rrqmred to nu" ptr Mftl an All ia>u;?.U far torvie.j la the civil, t| tary, ntral, or ot'-er branched if tue (OWUMut the 1st of July, when txreedlog the rilo of sit bar< d(4**rt |>*r ?4uuai. fit'tlM. RVTALIA1 in*. A 'etler hM bueu recti vod here from Lltuiuc&at rlter, of tue Twemy el 'tot i Ohio re, motet, a' he is hel l n oionc coi 11 m-.ut by tna wtth * PlilOHM. 'I tte Third Ohio Vo.uutccrs; Lieut. Parle 1 tbo klgbit) U'il-'is, and Linut. l>i ? u y , of tta WMBuctiusettn i3vi;ry, ror ri* iiAEa mud by tbe haj to bo tiairudy o 'iiti ? i by us at Jeisuw*;'# l,i.3ut?i*Bl S! ii';rlier w is c ??-)? "? rl ??. mrt? latt Bmaktr, at which time be wm ActtagdJ^ftl AdJ .UtilG oeral < n ib?: utiui of Gee ral Ararill. tar v.. for por kib?:, tk < vsk' at ?x*tv C t.lcnet Hu'.*i'?n. - '.!>?? ? ! rru> 'ii.*r?., !i a ret from 1 lmlra, where bf #iad bean l? inspect the new ?| ' t ttbtl prl >?'> -f-' J I - repoi -? ' 'e.arw. the rtctptten ? <><* WW Mf* 01 * t,r' n""?N| ;irl.~>??erM, * ho will bo f-<r v.arded to t'.'wt jmIuI na r?i | me puaalble. UX0HAK6H 0 1 rr.mOJWRf. T!vc, oTnrte I or Ha renewal of an ai'tsase *f prl bin net tbut f?r been suC'?''?'?>'o, 01 ' thffl In ro l? dt >te i rrs^ect of a geoeril ti haiiii'n r- 3'8 u(>^ ' disposed 10 accade ta ojijt oquiia ?.? arraii-'vu' at tiopod tU^t ij iverai tbera^iu ? i:i bo atl? to ?ec?;iJu." i ri!>''i>ort wr.o U?"'9 lu-t n co'ijc >? :<~d Assi^r Doorgla, to tin oumtar, wi rc^ rtao, of Iwouty - ; Uioueutd. h' AT A(> OAPT^HBS. TliC Xivy r.J, A't..." lit l. .-i roe*i?jJ In I .">n c | capture o:fl! m 'to I. >S furld*. cf tin <loop ilary.of iu. N. P., Juno a?, with aiua baleaoi] ton. Tboslfx>p,bs?n(j ua. >rift/, On ?itii,o aut. .* ber cargo wa* s >ved. The Lni ted -UI?b cts^ Tier Ltdaca onpturod the H.-,pe,ot ta, wh le alia J.-ttug O run out of Sa July 10, wlva aevontee x b? 'jjo( ovti'^s. au?l nlno box tobacco. VBATK3 OP NHW T0!i* ?0LD1?.WH. The foKow lug New Voika I' ? dl?<l tft . wee it:- Addiaon I'. Green, C<>rr : .v>r K , One Hrn^d. ~-\ ftrelflb; Jni:*3 Field. Company K. Fou:te*rih 1 Artiilerjr; Turtl? De'iae^ Odc Hundred ^sveBty r John McOwnaoit, CompHOy H. t*ventj-6rs>t; Lout* U>r?, Company F, Forty-aisth; Krtw ird Krecmer.Ooa A, JToriy-tbud; Aknii Mu ko, u?mpAcy ?v, Hr*t Yeik artil'.ory, Kdw. 2?llpU, C??p^By H, Sixth Ntw artillery. ARRIVAL or DHWtlll. iWteen re^o? t'tserteia airlyed l.era tblt mt from Gen. Grant 'a a/my, ?od toolt ihe o?iibol al>g THE UPMJOAT Pl?EKS0R!*? Toe gtarib at Frwsborn bA* arrived at tba Navy for repair! to ber rviddct, ilauisgod by a rebtl tor/ DlTlding creelr, V*. THX PACIMC MAIL CONTRACT. Tbe CTorlaod r^clio Mail ooatr ct will esplrt ?< SCtb o< September. Tbo service ia fltill open to tho? may daMre to contract for Ita (terfi'imarca fro: tboro aootlontd d?t* to Jtttt W, 1308. fLOUS OOHTAACf. The .?ulwst<*?3? D-partmetl bAi acccfted bid* t ply 3,000 barrela 01 No. Z tour at from $15 *5 WM per barrel. The Ci?e of Albert M. tnirrtfD btatiw DisriiioT pooar? c.iahok Ber<>re Judge Belt*. na rROORMKg i* rotr r.i "i v *n ? ? o w tsAt. NX's MWT, arr. Jtar 23. Tht caao on appOoRtion for the re'e Albert M. Paimer, locari or*Ud in Fort Lafayette | charge of fraud apalati the grverntnent, came oj morning before Jud?e H?U?. Iu connection wit groutidi upon wlncb the rwe??a of Mr Palmer w rounded, tbero an **ll'a ft* f eloast epi carae groonda? tbe lalluro of tbe Grand Jury t* Qn of Indictment, a? pt?*tded for by ihe act of Oo of March 0, IHtW-o Jufcaph W. Ron- ey. As !n tb of Palmar, It * a* alleged tint nooo.iv, nben airesi the military KTiooriii^', *"? ?oi to the military or terviteoi tbo On.te.1 Hair s. f it be \ra? cnt ? ? r.^ot contractor, jmO tu%t i^i'h^r in?5 prlsorar n frioniln h?n t#e?n nit<M m-?thi.ii.i"-l wuu the u .ture ?ccowtioa aK? t.>i utut. I o? petition ou which t. cation w:;s winded wntau.e.j iK# etntene^t of tti oj tbe (CpMedi to ibeci;*ct il<i tne petriorer (Mr*. 1 Honoey) ww? mi.nei io ma pru ier >.J??ili un< i beiure hit ki rett. a U ebo I . Ivvao . no cb?ije b* c lerrert tbnt I e hiil ci tnitntie^ no o.,?io#. To ID" s oe'l'IOJ* GT.oral 1 u ii<?le tn- r.- 'owl ? ?tntemm.i v OK KR. t. rm'? J.< 'O r H I-HTU 0>.?. _ Usttm Sr*tM !?? rvcf"<) ur? J hn A. DIS. ? Com. us id i rn U'O :K. -art i^i.i of tn? I Vl, en ' ? Albert M. P?lT.> r m t o'd l>? ii.rn as ? ftitottv i.afite' nr< er of ilie Hre >?< > l o' ibe i.iuiU ? to answer b^ue tinilitiry ir.ouaal udoi a t viol .uns tbe c.) '? i " l?? ??f w?r, bkekado hr uuthorl?y o> ib? Url" ? ot tee cofcat o toe ii* u-? ut*? lo re ^ i ! ''n <*? ? Lnltod M?M a-, i c .i'f ;.irl?? to br< Lie ? lo -i-f- ? Wberofore h:> ? iy- ih t f id I m.-r oug l a iIIfcUah *:i fr-m ??a.l cu-tenn mi -id *rr it A similar leturj w?a ma. a on ibi c>4.-e 11 "T'pon tti *e rrfuiide ih? c*?e .taj ?ri? i-4 by Ai'.e sol on either bide I.'t^iFlmi w '? wr fieii. Til a CA. * OK Tintovr.v* MU.1. The CM Of T? Al eti win i l J iUt 'J? 01 S Apolkatieii to tb? oregoln^'. i In th it <????? i.eneral Hi* made n r^iurn tost A1I? hold m a port on en."* 10 i>r t.i'rlett recruits, *uch baTioft vioiAtod kbe mnnary law arid ;he Ooi l*w of war. 4e . In th!a ca?e the Judge to. k thf ;.ir"t, tnd. <u o^io't, Biaiod ttK?i ho w.u. i n ui.or hi? dtcUi *> early day. Tfc? Tnrt. FASniOJf n.*AHUall OltoONDR- TiUWTWO Fun**, July 22-Mai. h 9900, wilt belts, l^ct U Iff. 0. itaco ntmod b. S Htr.newjJl JscIwb, . lo wAKor 1 " * John l?T*tt named b. tn. Lad/ ioia;.kict, la 1 * ran f Quarter Htlf. First heat *0 Hei oo'l beat 41 1 Third ht?t 3? M J J* Fourth heal d? J Fifth beat ?? l lTJf rirtf Utat.? Gtonewall JackRoa waa tbo farorltt ? to oot. Tbe mare look ibt load a? tbe ttart a?d wr Ion gibs In front at tbe quarter pole, abt wet a?o< tame dlstanot la front al lit* half i?"e pel*. ' three quarter stretch ftrmewail broke ?p Iwlc sceoied to g <ln a ttl3e eioh time, l&t mart be? home t length arri a hs'f iu 210. 8fjt\d lltat. ? Str>u?w4il w.m a stroejor farorltt befort the sWirl? -Mit hiindre<i to Torty bcln? rent on hH wmrwng. Ibo mare went off tbo lead ?f a l-ng'h. which she Increased I to the n'ierier |?iie. On tbo backt'.re oh H? t brrko up, and Ow tn?re lad iwo l.'njil the half n ? pule She roa-ie ?he dajllsWi groa ci three at -i ?? atri'eh. 'out comtnL' <?i? iho bO'i? Htentwdl fit -e the ?tcsm, -nrt notw ithsundi" brnak* Ibe mare beat Una to the stand by a lio.?d "r.fed It i '? vtenewa l .Tocksen vrt* .'III Ibe fnv two to op* t<? tig .jflcr il r' rt Hi-"* I*"-! ?r'?? U.?ii. Th ? l)ACk*\s of Ibt n ?u d not u "*?r Wl? the ouOe .oonW he *o be*?y ro tbo gtldi a l>einv b'l'ien t?e reett, ' ime cie h'li'e^ tb?l ?>, ? in '-'t l>eo? dropwd. tften <ip? 1 J 'red le" Wkgfi i 0 - t ???V. i"?n tte w.-r.i S" 'Uufwil: t the lend, a as cmr hrf.MUd htO'Mf l>- 3?>. w , .. , / .1 r\" -ftOTl' wall t okln* ?' ?e wej'i i et d h'iwiim tk:uiy b? fop.r leegii a le ' t- if-' - Si i ewall went away wf tbt iead t<? abvit I# i e-ii'l.s in 2 '0: ? ' '* 1 'en !...? .? x< ia ii e were ,(mi? 'aat it.. T hid ?? *? .too-.. / The P>-n.e TUP FAi-Oll n.TW?f y Mi':' AVJ <-? <!.' T. I iVrmi BbiI'sI. e in l4ifl'l i, JnlT W.) T! e lliiril O. 'Wit o - \ ? K ' U * I 1 ?" v tab "d a? t?e?d if f *ln> , July II, e? 1 ir.r f;. -ri* a'.d l*r g#'i, 1 i e :h stri et, htrbwtnMII -1 ,.t ? of a iw> with'c m . t. r of i?*rrt,.? fr? n rext dtuos.i will bo ' ;r < ? cl?y we?k, and i' i??i>ie l.o to tt nam. bf Jem < soo. us ill in lrol? d.aud i.? wi i'? lo \.r thai a? grateful for tb< ? iwt o he rntcts with ?? lors. Nit m ?l Vr' wl,h h m *r! ve-ilnit ti*^ ?rd riei in iisi. r isle eh'incetof In" i ;.lug iff ibe match wiiho it bd-rr Ii tell pitf einttS ibat Joe is a i f Wic oojr.iy Atnis^n, wM> b be left wh<u t>*eUt yes** ?' oitAW*0*'*4*'"* Hvrad^ii nod Vnrroald m?d^ a lurthtr dep'elt' si'*, on Tuesday, July st "ovi Tyief's, And ' - Ch a side * e I littdsiy , July i'i, at Bnh tra??-i?,W'' lUitie.-n tAtluut. Gt#tle tlieti , U.?awi *i

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