Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1864 Page 5
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MU f A I; V AFITAIttS. ran Jutva I'tl'td te teoort for ll^u P'U ui ths ?.unc- te thsrrovost Marshal f or (Mtr ?r ,?f Colossi J. ADA*M. 'VIM Oat fltmrtred Oaya Men riot Etsmjit Krt?m iti? Uf it t. UTTR FROM Ol'H-.'KOit 3SYJ?.?Jil TO MUOU UtNs bal lituruK''- i-t.ts.oN ur ?m ami rut. tuur Dm?ua, *SW UU 8 Sirs U. 4JH,, 1 Naw ????, J4ijr i'i, I 6t / Major Geunr.ll - tdrord aMttounca* tu lea d ivuioa thai since tbe publication Ord-r No. 6, toe t allow n<f wirr hss btsa reoslt ed tro-u hw Exrello r.y tho (Vmminiter S:t-i?fi,ofr coir i.i at . i^t t?<d d>-i i y(i at I'r ti v fv|^sul ??n?ral Fry. . C. W. d.lNDKOfU). UCTtkB CHOJ OO'f'N"; S?" MOt*B TO I HlaiL MtKNlU 01473 of AifcW Kcsritivs tci aktiib.nt, ) Ju y 21. ) Ckxiih it- ? Oa tt) 18;,; 1st-'. I soul tua lollue tog tois I"? is Provtsi v'u IihJ .> enl Kry:? < an tuo mori wuou-e la w-e *ervlreof lbs nnltol r'tnei "II oce hundred ia . t -'Ulcere btdrt'lM W1HI iim; m in such ^erv^ce n n \ - ,.<t in as ?' h ??a-i et* -'it Trim their b":u*r , t ?, -, du.vf if tboj <re uot lUb o it ?iii ?.iu u i lu fct'-.t voiaulost-s. Jo tuevrer 1 ts^.o Just recaivod a ropy of tho oaedl Ifc'ua under ?t ch one tun (red a ,ye weo wm -csep'ed Tr rn Ohio ai.doiear vi.?i?w, wniit) ths Provwt yttrsltil Ucusrai has nwd? sp'Uie >bie to thiirtateof ><ew York, in tog which ere tho following:? V. Ko bonntv to ts (?i l ti? troops, nor tl)? aorvici SS i*ed or o.i nu;?l <?i. * * drift VI Tile tlrif: ti.r th no sarvice to #o ?n In but S.i'tf or d slru-.i ?>iore the qoot i Is not fil ? I i > t> hi.i u' nay ??'licet or v' if - in to l? speai'J servi.** should bo 4r..t<d, ??<? hh <i a? cm -l'tel for the fervtCfM re d^itJ. Tliat tD-!r^ :,MJ be Di n>; : ipi'rrtu t 4IOII .3 ij ibjj tm ftility of ilia oi ? h iilinl <1*ys njrlili? In ? draft, y j will dlKtlflctiy ?<>ui n,i the I'iovoit Ma-sba tea*rml deridra Ui t i t:?*y d.ji exe-npt frniii lio dr^ft uuJor tlie call of the cdem !>? l'o 18th V:isi ;?t. W hila the U-)?0'.^e or law appears to be la conflict ?with this docKioo, yiM ibt rutin? of the (IrunriBieet will wbU-iiI, uniler iha Ruep?ue>oao( ins writ of bibcue cor [ an ?ud tbu existence of i?w. In the fociIou of OUinlry wliere the roHuiteers will h? when tho drnft is Hiirfe. Truly y,;?rs, fta, H0RAT1C? 8i;VM?UR. Co a. C. W. a* lutein, New /or It city, i>-?iiiMuio of (lie ftiuet>-?'>iir<t r.r.-<f m v s? t , The >* oety third re.'tneot Nutloaal fluikrd, undor com. i>f Color.' p1 W. R. W. Cnarahors, left for Wn-Mn-jtoa yet arJay futeroutn. This is an orgiintzatlon for wtdcll Sitsiil U due, Id a groat measure, to tho patriotic fading in iueCtiy lntpector'a De^ariineAt. The late (.'eorj.e B. Ball, aa aUiichq o- tt -t d^iiwrtment, was 'ts orlpln itor ainl 00 ? not. W. K. W. i h '.'i :i. rs. one of the principal clorLe, ? id lute ma.ior o' the restmeut, la ita prvsoni clouel. L. 41. IIojIc. supei iut?u(U-n' f ;?ittitary Itep action u?a br?. TiUcr Of tbe Cily Ii ?.- ecv r, t*t prylntttr. ^o?e of tbe tin" off, e??' e ?ml .iwryri the rank und C'e derive tb^'.r onflstme.iis dltectiy frnm tbe de,--?arimont f-r thi-ongth the b^duu}' oi f no lies > ??-. un. ? inspector iiojI?: blinrolf -a v. aj 3 in. i.i.'c3iiii.; a k-r- n di'^r ?"f interest in' tte oryani/atl.-n. Ordered now to the field of &<-t|r>n. tbe-r voiidtiot ?r.l no doubt prore coriiuii.i'ur jie srltu 1.13 patriot ism erlncod. The Mtoty ulnt'i ?i.d St rerty soTentb r<glm?nts pro ce?d to <5oT(>rror' 1 Inland i-e</>ro lo :vinj for "ViuihJncti-n, for wli.cli letter pUce they iOi?e oa UooiUy uait. The li!ni?y Olneii Vbe following order bus been Ksued:? U u Ar^ir 4 :'.T?aj, Linpsht Bi/tk* Htjikmt, ) M*st;i:n II08SK, W?w T- ax. Jo!j W, iae4. t Broruit-i wi 1 be rnceived tor thi* rexitnent. i:tir or;in Ir'nj for one U'inrtrf d <liivs ??rrk-? in garri'ion alArln.'oa 23*Ubla. Weeutni^tnn. tirneral Mur.aford la no ? up hi Al an. jy 01.1clu.1n2 tbe or.,anl/ntio? . The inrmbe * of tbe auierxl eoi.i;taniea ?f tins ri>j<i.neot are hrrsby ovdered to <u Mnlilr r t ttnue h*ad<tnarter* to-mo>row (Sat?r..*v) rnn. tnji, at o'l-lock, I11 order to coinp et? tbe m.iSier rait* T^yor/'j-cf JolJpi N W ILSSIf, Colonel Oomm?bdinj[. ?tt. J, \V tiiTa, Ad.titaiik Brooklyn Military Affairs. The Vlfty clsih re<;lm*nt Katiotial Gttprd Is now sc cioined bt Pott RH-bmo. 4, Stales Inland. It sntabera \)p'.vf>'-a five bamirad ana aix hanJretf mao, and, ac ct>rd:a? to the following ontare, will start (or Wasfctrgtoa iiO-day:? BPtlOttL ClBt-l*?? y?, ? . (IiAi>udk;rtR<?4, r;?r. sui-t Itro mkhtH. T. W B. O , ) Hbookltn, July 22, ISftt. | t!i<* oDier-e, ntn eoriiMwluiifd oti'^ent and inemlwi 1 end mru ->f thi* icki nenl are hereby ordered te r?- jmi-i (m-oedlatfly fordotr a< ,e heaji]uertere of the CbuncMitl, 1 art Uicu-iiond, ouieu tataod. The rr>i.-,niinJ wilt m i^'er Into wrrlre to morrow, J-tty '.1 ?u.o leave Immed e.e r for Waahlnaiua. (? ?ouianilaets n( eo?nj<ani?e aru heroby ordered tc fur lelati Ihe r.ftn es r?aidae-?'a end a complete deerripi! ? ? tift >K-?e or ftuwisbn ?recat. ord' _ ^aatnanttasf Faty sixth ragiaaat IT. A - firaj H. TAWlbh, Anting kdjuiwH. The>o?toa:iBg ?d?r wm*>*o!**m4 fegr Oolooel Mm, of ttia Tw?Bty-?-t? Mh ? oaelmant, whkfe to oacaaara i mw Vruai<-ct iilll ite*err< ir ? lihAtKU* tuitfc, Trrt.-rrr ErcirTit Rkit. K. O., 8. K. T., I iSROOKLTK, .'ul? S. 1^64. * The foltewln* section from the act e t CniigreM PU'M Vebruery II*. ISl'. , nut ?.i "An act to amend an act entitled Hu ret lor euro I'n^ ?n . ca !luu out the n>itlr>Bel torces. ?nd for other pnrp aenroved Mar 11 3, l*r?, Is puto lltbed for tho tnfoi is ? mnii' ?11 whom I: ma* onnierm? Mec. H) And tie it tnrir-T enmed, th*t the foPowliiu per ?one be, at-?t ihey l- ere by bin, eiempted from euji-lmcot aad Ar < 1 1 nder the prori-iona of tills ant. and of tbe set te w bti-b tuts N an ainsiidtneul. t? wit ? ettch as are rejecwd ; by?|c? ,y w n, cta'lr tin m fo the ecrviee, all tie 1 eit artimilr in the n.lltt?r^ o- ',>--.-?l a rrr'ce of the Ualle t Slates ?t ths tuna of trie dra.t. snd all peraons who bira eerva.1 In ihs mlltir. ut na>?l a-jrr ?? 'wo yeara Oniuir the mcr ut t nr. and l>een bonorcblr dla ei <it,va therefr .11; und no per- cm but each a e ars hi1;-* a exrmpteii >ba!l br e*?.Tpt." 1 ,.li rejil-nent j nov lerrniting for rne htiadred dan' a?!?tee, and a I P*rs?oe n atrons or a\oldlnif Hie ti-tt tira'l rv.i im no little ? .? ttaan hp ,innni{ cini'i.^ud Cimhlne. ouariers ins r>.t.ti,? nirnisliod r emits an ?ou aa 0?-t v (ilnd. fi. A. BOKBII. Cel. 0?.*d* 28tb Begt. H. V. S. N. O. (!mtiii..i h. Mec-scu. Ad ."tent. llt? rajinsent Is proff ;v?1' c; very f?Tor?blf ?td will f-. ? if, t.isri-h, fr n . "r ippenrarr-ee, within 1 week t errttii in.* 'or imi van i.Urer service is nolbaoa brlsSlv. F ;b titutea for the ariuv nsvy are li:oin htf rward In as .?rf ? Bitmi'i-rs -< i-sn tie a'titidoil to by thasi'rjcoas. T*"! ' 'sr s tlva h''n''?-^l m^-u hive been eniijlou act! ji Uomiiit^ ic *otic.i'SnoB vf tbe nest draft. ! ;;? COfisinc Dra.'ti -e ie rjtilto a stir nt it^a di^ereRt p-nvoit m\rsbil?' o' t - ?: ice "f t!ie Wlciju'o.I draft. Lar^o I ?? nt ;--? ? I -r ' .) - 'V'n? for ox>?:rpt,oa. Phy?|e?l 0 rou r ? .'tco -it and lie ftt>us.ind other exrua^l j > '? . 1 w'Mi tti-raisinc ali'rlry. | *? re Utta d '- bl that a druft?ill lake pMM 0Q I t ? -til MSI r-e.ilessbor: so :#t every on n I a prepared. I V - , ,. ? m.,4 10 procure hs well a* to pur- I 1 fa who d?.-lre rnch bo w ips io 5p- . n- ?:< tr? *rn a: oroe. roTTOTTtwraiis, July 32, 186*. ? k ?' f :h, winca axpistoa Itssif, ttaj just V, 1 ? v n! 1 y 'J - fur tuovs. or tBis city:? W iein.*oTof, July *J, (. ? (Iinm.Ki) f of Illsliy tt ?WHllM>taa:-* t! y v.1 -? f .to will not Ooult f.T th. 00 Ivralys uioo'.ltfl matt. tin. m mao for msn J a HE? a FP.V. Voluiitrcrifig and (lis CamiuiMlaiirri Of >',ii)l{ratlon. Been-. imp prcfrt?o* we l, but not 10 rapidly ait It ohoold The Bupervlsoea' committee are doing all that oeti lie done towards Ailing our quota, while Mr. Pluat la cooMtaatly devlaln^ somo saw scheme to facilltata tho knsloms. Tba additlaasl "q^artfrs" ot the Battery wUI bo orm p'etod and occupied n-xt week, and gt od reaolto are oa* p< oir4 to flaw from ti .a ants arrangement H will ba p aced under the mmayemoot of capable aad oxporlenced nan, siib-cct. of coarse, to tba direction of the Bnpervl sort.' oot.itulttee sitl Its i-ha'rtriaa, Mr. Blunt, and a rich harvest may lie expec'^d. Of tho tboosands who lar.d there rrom tho o:u country a largo numbor will bo ihilueed by tbe bounty of |iOO to entet tba arnir; at d If ths ooonmltiao had bean allowed 10 ran ?act' Ha offiee by a t??aafc'oway with Caailn tardea not, ild numbers kiigl.t Iihvo bean arnurad. Bit ",n.n tba t-on.miaaionora would not allow, inelr decieinn ?a ihinU ua anf-irtunata one; for we all know Low liable there emigrants ppo to be enticed away ?ti l led Into all tn*u er of troubles sod din'ov't'se by runners, board lr; bouse haapera, bounty ageats acd Itr -kers, kc. Could iher Bret p?sa under tho manipula r.ion 01 our Sniiarv*.- is' mininittoo, all ?tio wlab to join tho array wi uld lyo fully and ctirrecll* Irfbr w i ef all to- 11 rlgMa and prh'V-r *1 a*1* wo-iid al?o M insured w ,'i y dollar of Ilia county l> -urty In ihetr own hands. Tusiw would h^va b*en ?r?? of tho advsota^ea of ? 1 oecting diruitly IPs tsa depsrtaien'.s- the (.low nit mn nerK of ' ntjrstlo;- w<,\ild g?t nfr tBalr hsnda large numbers .Without any tnwie wbatover, while Mr. HI nut would nsv't <r,-e>.-ej the nom'ier of roianteera for ntir quota. Mow l!)ey liectne soatteiod, an 1 ss many fr!l Into the ban's tf slisnsirs ea Intn ihora of tha V i-l on leer r >mmitt?e. 'fjry are tin* only awitidlad ont of n isr/e nnri ?ei 01 uie i? ; ty, out many ofttnraaro <tawtmess Invriglad a?a. to other plaroe to wlnntaer. Mi 'Ob. of Ibie wou'd so re 'ii-ilt d did M<e envgr*' t drat Dti#s through ill team t of tiia h uervlaora' e> mmiitee. Pieu Turk's Cor trltissrloss (a IA? Army, ,sBAr.i.t Tiittcd uUM>s*n ihol^akp Mrs tip; 10 Tits ri*i n. Ihe rejort of Adfuiant 0>neral F|,raf.ns, catrrr)a!ug fwe Is r^-a vnl'jrn?s of over one tltonaumi i^g/>a, t ><n just t n n lin ed, and r .n-sins in iny Impnrtsnt detaiU lo ro anrd to tt>e taiiti end equitmlng ef tr??i* tn tbif Ststs, eginnli'J wltii April, 1101, snd and lag with tfecembar, Is 3. ihe Pdmriary tat rs niiowa ? . It -niltiilsti' n nl tr -e|? er?aola>>d H the Stats of Veer Hork for the >.? rvite of tl'a general guverumoiis frost April 16. I ft til fiha Slit cswof ths govarnuient), to tn j-nue.y 1, 1f?{W - > I vf * n-1 >,n-. A/rf*ff\ TM?f. Tohin.i-s orgin v-d by Hi "to antt.orlty iu il s. i t to ths fl .d 1C4.600 Volutiloars rscrult d far rerttaen's In tbs fl"ld, tt"?u?n las st pevr ie??ientK of tho remitting 3",*M Vr-dint ers oj/si ,/ing ji the "??M, Il -reni ct mber HI, 1MB 8,901 ? - aw.m P "'ifted men snd suballt'itoa ebuinsd 9,170 fcii'lstod I v tusvuot n?*f. Jits 11,0 1 Ha ?nliprr>ents in th' n?id tssiimativi).... im-io Miiitls ? i " eslt.* f * it ?? t aoivtau W.138 flrtnU UtsL T#t GUth LlA WH IN missjl :i. Ft. Jiy-wr ), Mo. , Jnly tl, 1W*. Thornton's |w >'lw Mr.i-?.i ti ok. fro.n l.iyia- ..#i? ?>| Blc tit a 1 con ji?l Caldwell ikm i y, l>ti iff tot Join*" by *u nan bind from lb* vtwl. ih?> rumbi ?d roa?, u<ifm !*> , live hunmul ii*i, >?? ? ??? ?n Pi.tujn . o iu. I Urn c u >iy, acid den a .<"1 tni durtei ijr <4 (.>- gitirlsito, oO'i .is'ljf ef two ?i-aiii?uU?t of iniiuli. C?;ii Tu.o.r, ooirai" d ng ihe pj.?, ri-i .i???1 to Bun ker and bda hi* men m L??.ipe. A 0, til UUlowti*. U4 1. Turuar ?aa ki'le.l and aiuHi i>f h,.a iMi esin.?d. ViiUH* ?<? 4M |? on no,e m .?ft a oumo-r*, Gov. FUk"* if - ?i g pr< ui ?<iy r -it.oiv.^i f- th'tiinv.d n-<n will be goat lain ti.e iio'd iu ouoe. boa Loan will fcxu tie her*. F( kt l^)*riai vouth .Inly 28, lRd* | A despatch this mnrtil-ig I'roiu fj | K rrt. at l.ilvrty Vn .r*y? tb? i?o >te in <be rxMiuiry oortli and of that I ' ? arajokilai? Itv.rntoo, a/i'i tita firm were tiKv*ivi?inff J r ? ?(!; j. < '??! . KorJ h >h troop* weii in hatt <(, I) ii hi* ' too J it.Ui.Il, .. i .?* i roKilorceDJuUlri A4 Q UijH | for. Arm? bare f*oo sent hers *.i Karma Hiy ltd Kt. | '<>3 ;>h for armicig ihj ln>al uiia cxiliil tor by General | Ms*. A later df>jp?tch from Oalenel Pint st itw: that Thorn Ion, wlib t\ro thousand men, i? moving north, prnnably wi.b i ha intention of strikiai? in* railroad ai I'litLaburg. a d "fir* u wu la the r posao<<i?u l.igl mgbt. Col. l'ord l*:t J. tony kt four o'clock thw morning In pursuit. U i er*l Cortis, wttb several aru?r<! bout*, was oitrot* lig tiie M.hsoiiiI river to prevent 'na !cbel.? f rom srns<-lnir? I'lckP. r ana ;iaiu? arw reporti'd lo bav? ooe tlio'i iQd Tr.?ti tn S?iitliwp*t Vi? oort. tbreatevtag Kort Scolt and our tautherii cemmuoicaticDS. H Ii believed tbai thousand of rrice'e mon aro nP'?i In ,itf osrl. These. JMni-d oy Tfi?initon'? i;cer;l!*< aad owrr baaas. wig ni-lts a turmiaab!? fotve. "lion of our ctv a mli'tu will bti rolled out. aoj lbs tr /ops are now buijjg conceutraled for co-oj oranoo. OvT.i-ral Blunt )?; hara awaiting orders. ihu Jmliaue are troubiewme on tile WMtern Colorado mail rouUi, Hirriura are prev.-i'oot of tb? capture of Lar iiod Uii ttc p.'jt at W.ilnut creet by tbnm HdThI A.trocltiM, . . [Fr.Mtj tha 8t. Luuia i)era;>orat.] Tlie? barbar r.wi,< pr.?ctired by <rnpriilan In Ifltsntirl h*ve probably tio j?ar.<!le! in ary war cn ropord. Tbcy * C** '1! ai "r? '"c" "ends tbaa mea in iiumna form Sf T Ik .v,,ttBa ""iMilsto. ISJUJ of tbeir airocitio.i are uiOMihoiTtbie to r i.o. a fe>v .in ; a?o a youoa man niitnod H.irt ^.'aw iuur'lepe I io it. t ra' co-s coudIv uudar clr( ui;ist-it;c?s of tbn most revoii on ctmrnoi r. ' Wtien Joaad - tor bla capture by tf e bu^Uiv hacker* be i?a* r p?tM#d from a treo i i snot* p. *tv a? io fciva pro d ,.;? J a llDgerirf jnd nxcrtirtatlBg <1< uh, hu bands l)k,iu^ tlod behlud 1j1?s 1-aofc by JiK-ltorv tbonrn passed tjro'itfb bo!es I ored In bis wr'-ll Olber lanike of a^yrovstod torture wern found 'ipim bin pcido.i. /roiher caso cf e*t/a rdlnnry atroc.ty was the kiillnr or ?u old Metbod tst p> wch?r named Morris, ia I'latie conn t j , a man sixty ysira of a^e, whose eyes wero llryt put out , sud tt.?o h j waa !.hnt. Numerous otter cjwih, almost a? bad Dave ?owe to our k >o*vi?Uge. The Bb'joting of mnocont, unarmed cititen* idKtfcligor dally rrci.-rrccce, 1 1>? victinis arc nearly w-.wo.y.* radictl Urioc n\rii. C^uwrv^tiTC? ura ra.Qly Cir tc-r >'f d !V)th l art and iterria were ncaceabla cili but uccotditi&iiil Union ji.^n. City Intelligence. Tmr ls.ST?r.i iriCK op lhi l\?w Catboiji: JiarmiiSHO ' It ' Is si,nr>nnr?<l tb?t tbo Kitr.t Pev. John McCloskey will be installed ArcbbUbop of tbis diocese on Sunday , August 21 , at tft. Pstrli k's Cutbtdral. The ceremonies attendant upon the Inn-illation *>-e among the most Imposing in tbo f I'boricobrrcb, unr! af eour?e an Immense conct urge of tbo taitbful vriii wii.'wta trorn. Tha miwlo, it ja pre. rirad. wUl lio ,.t. aciwid scale, and uudor ihe dlroctloa of 1'rr.isesor ?usUt aebmitz, er-jaaist of the cathodra'. I'.vrHMSvt &UJSG tx? Dkt Goons Clkhkh.? We leara Ihet is aiove-ucut la on foot among the dry goods clerks in this city to secure au increase or oompeosatioa. Tbeir s?!?ri?S hm not been tnerMjcd since the war c m mouoed. lk? 6qtvct, it Is expected, will be atta usd wii>. -ut rwort to a h'.r;S8 CT ivjerqiop, as tbo justice of tbe appeal is generally conceded by most Cf tio ~.U?* dry 2 jods hr>?i?ox " Ccsah Yaomr lUca roa Oxa Tbomaso Tou^ia.? On Wednesday neat the sloop yioRtt Rertlets, twenty tons, owuea by Jotin Joneo, eni the Annie Laurie, thirty toas, esv-usi by Wm. K?Moa!e?, b^'onging to tho Brooklyn _ Yacht Club, will start .n a race around I/>ug Uhnd, for tSf Sum of ote Ihoasguu i?.iar8. The couree m from the I -mb iloiUA, (oot.of Court stroct.tDrousb I 1sUb1*jIB|i?i i md MoaiauU Pomt ImMi v:?Al v ,??a urplote of starting. A uumbcr I oi .he atii. idrt.u will accompany the race. ?VKMaAV ct Ms. Jouy Uoir Jt.? Tba funeral or this I * oil known clilren took i>laoe yesterday afternooa from ; the Third Unitarian church ia this city, which was filled with a lar^o ooogre,r&i!oB. The services were perforated by the r^tor, Ker. tx 'I. TroUjingham, who delivered a tocrbln* eulocy cn the deceased. At the conclusion or tb? sxsrcisea Hie coffin, which was covered with wirnths ?ixt festoons of flowers, was > arried fiom before the pul* pi? outside tbe ct?rch,au.1 placod ioimcdlately iu tbo ? "d*o <5ase. It w deported ia lbs hears* at ouce Ihe r iceral e rtsge f^rt-.'*} ajid dr^ro 'o Greenwood, where ti o remain?, wrro b^tied U-uUe thcec of bis fat her. the late isa*.c T. flopper. Ti.n Smrwcmm Lirs._Tn another column will he fcaod a.*? advetilecment rogardiag ti/? vis?els or this line. It is ihe oU'.ii an<l best known o' all tho lloes ruoning li?. t wetn Bosloa ted No^ Yoi?. Rnnnlig on tbe int-ido oT I oag lis. nd bound, and thereby avoiding Uia terrible '?I'oiot Jr.dfth,'1 its beats are *t onoj .sa e, comfort' We, prompt In nraking tune, end sure to nrn In all westber, Tbebuatfare larje and luxurlom'y filled, thoroughly r-'.iworthy and sklifiilly miacul. Kajaliit-s or partus or f jn^-i oaiy te-:re s> Ws c> iomanlcj?U:ig aparln. iots Mid private tmpp^r ?ah>.: . c nuivoiy t-> Uiam^'ve . H?-s tine iiue la uot In the brii' r>( sleairbcat Frocuiat(>ra bit {.? iho property ef st ie of he n?oat we;iUhy.aiid dteim cuisbnd merchants ot it sr. city asd Vw (<>' wUoc? cn>-ryy and enterprise leid tuem to devire actOBgtUhUnii I sr>d c<Jinfor..i for the travelling community with ! ?g hand, llie bojtH coi .reel wiUi il." a..raDt j'ni^ u .ra* ii the i'rovfdence Hailniml t)omr-:.iy. aM >n nice in m cncnectioiie with all ihii y-^at K-steru waienug f.lace | rouiob and ihe WbUe Mcuntbios. I Police Inulilgrni c, t !; CeHGF or Ronifio a Sotn-nt.? Pn'rielc Jfalany, a alitor ?a?arrestrd by ? ? > e Quinn, of the Pour' Ii pre I cine , ch'.i ?ed wi'.ii j' u'. nu tro b' nilrc.l and nevouiy I dollars Id meney f;ora Wn .<in C. llur^e, a scluler, now steppln? nl ?8 Cherry ftfre*. Maluny was boarding st tho aanir boui,e, and y wr> Juv muruin'C they vr.iai to the breskfiist Uble toyosler. 'I s c c vj aixm I-,"i tbo | table, and, as is allowed, ppH oeded it B irke'a bearo m and i>tok> the money Inm * ben, >?,ier.' it b id bnen left under his pillow by mlaifU'N M 'bo-iy was Mimpected <A tbe theft, which bowu/ar be etnitly donied. CCcim stances were agalnrit hlra. ami Jt ?ine Dewling, before whom he was arraigned, committed blm Io the Tomba for uri 'l la defsult of two lltovsAnd dollars bail. Taro Casto or Staotiw.^-Ae altercation occurred at No. II Kast Broadway, late on Tbnraday oikht, between two men, named William Harris and Willlaa Dougherty, during which Bar r Is d raw a kr la and etabbod Dougherty ia the groin, inflictiag a dangeroua wound. Officer Blair of tbe l^ourth precinct, wrs cal'e^l, sod arrested EJarrlt, who was held for oxr.mioetnn berove.rnstice IVwIlnz. UovcKerty was eoaveyod io tho New York Hospital. _ Taaiorday mormay, tbree o'clock, Margaret thirty-three yeara of age, In passing throngh Caibsrlna aireet was roaatilted by an nnlcnowa map, who, after stabbing her in the aeck, ran away snd escaped. The Ponrih wsrd |*illce coovayod Margaret to srVr*W TOrk rb* No> <44 Water j Aaoasr os a Rorwr" J?*r*s.? wmiam Oleason, the well koown bounty jnmpor, waa arrested oa Ibo IStfe instant, in this city, by si aclal 0d< sr Am <l Howell, of the I'r-'vost Uarahal'a o?li^ of the Sixth dlstrlet, aaalated by .-org c?int Ouqors, oi b> fwenty eightu precinct. Ur?at cisdil la du^to ofijeer Uuwell lor Uiis arrest. Bait Bull. aciRoiip. or bboorltn, t?. nistarc otca. Tho Hr?t game of the tease* between tbeae olubs cagjs en si Newark, tbe raault bemp as foitr.w, _ ffi.uiifii. lrf. 2d. M. *U. ttk , 0>h. V\. ??. m. I TVkfoni 8 toadftrti w_r,T N?*?rk ? 4 j o < a 2 S 9?22 I'mj ire? C'lloeel Flli^erald, ef Philadelphia. India at Hostilities tn the Serfhwast, Omaha Crrr, July 22. 1?M. 1 Powo Tn "un^ itttscke-1 a trala flu ? nlam twrty rn' ea a b^v" ro.-t I ctt loose fllty.two hersee.snd ran iVint>,T. A shArp Oitlit ensued, in which about twenty thibt wsra fre.' , ard some of tbe Iniiunn were wouhded. M> ?t ef the hurra were subsequently recaptured. TKo won ora are raperted to be leaving i'luni creek for a r'act oi (raster aa.My. A la party or bnatil* Io4mn.< sis reported at)ia.| forty miles from that pjaoa. AnrTvala ??? OeparTarai, Loan-'S? Sl^eisMp itiantlc? D'lWweti, W Smfth. B .Titiiia, y Whltaina U > .? Heri^niaii. Kiaa (iodfr**, aire < iei I. Mr Jotre. Mr Orneloa, Mr lhai Ml, Mr Ka ne, fers tie lean tag II ire ohilrtren, Mr (Aiiiaig, Mr an t Mrs t'a.tee lal iiai<i<ht<-r. Mr Baiir, Mr Mlcnarit, Mr Meniaadea, Mr Pamrntl, lady, i?o sHildreo an: neifaut; Mr KaieiU, Mr Rohwelier. a liiiMrooi ? Bt^amthln Fv-rovt at Itoatcn? Vlaa P?ar?m, M a Ha't*>\?a. MraMi ixly. Wr? Kinne, Vr INiTia and ? ire *>sa i lw?n, Mr Carter, wife,e?i|i<t and euran, Fr?dg War eeo ??iri a le. Mr W->.ia ar.rt ilangsiev, *<r Wer?.a an I da>i(M?r. Mr Rtnart and ila nhier, Mr Hawle< ani .ia>-vh ler i a(tf ponntr. Mi garali*'ii and itraaat, <" War>>?> ?o4 wifp, ram Uerriah. wife, r |M and enr?e- Viae Hav. Mr t"ic uent ai d ana. !!<?? limrj Siinnc, Mr Ii Ithan an., aon, ? apt lhntnpiaii. ' awl It. U?. *?i?a Pam i.l?r, M?-r? Sirilih. lire, an, 0ak>r Jnhael>ere, OiiSpm Oaldieotl, < ?a r UeOarv. I>e Oleagu Aienatlo, 'loiland l.lnyrt, Nbnw, Ralanat|?. ,cfc, I a"iO*in. T'nn M.,eii<ann. M. rrtioi ae. Kvtb* i erfnrd Butler, Oim don, Siiiiaaiiv Hnierd, I'rrMa, Har I r ?<?o. ^'nj-.iviue, 1'in, beaaikon. Tb<uaae. a. Aiautaat aai ' raoaard-,9. Q& A NT. TLE BIVlH CO*Pfc Br. j?fB?ao. ru*|i?tr?i n'? n"V,,e4, Nurru Aaur (oard, ua???* ? 2[**' f J ilf J I -*i ?? * I TBI OWT AT I Tm'erd y the rebels sbelMt "oea Tlgeiwly lion taoir inoftxi and t^e ?" M''*4 kept ap ae uou ?' ally bflik Art. Our artillerists Wa* ?P aaothar rebel ttUMon. mi wwnnm. General Willeo* *u woueded io the tair* ?r'gktfv on Tuaaflay night. Ttiis is tf?o aecmid urno etacs our adven Oeforu Petersburg that the t.eoer.?i baa been b.t. Yeatordsy Lloou Psta, of the Twenty ?rst M?*< ?" aetta . wul MhiUnl iOoe, y, ot the tilt y asvaath *>?**? ] ohiiMtts, wars wouaswl; ah*>, 8ergs??i HcFstUd, ai u* latter .eglmeiit. lonu, ot am \i- it friarr > General llartleU arrived la* tntxht. Genera; WWl* has roi?rt<H? to (leneral Burnstea, and Is still <m ??'"? duty. Command* will bo assigned both omcws In U?? NiolU oorpa. | THE EICHTKF.ifTH ?ORP?? Sir. Joha A. Orady'l Daepateh?<?. UBii>QW*Kv R KinnvanirrH a** * I I l? tu* Fuxn, July 30i 18o4 j I CUASCffl ?? TWB canrs? baU>T with ML?va>-?*M"' MARTiVDUJi nit bpccwbok. ! The organisation ot this c >n>a h" sg^o beer, changed. ! OaCer<lBald, Smith, who returned from te?. : of e?. seoo* luioltbt, hu been r? loved fr?m aommead ? tha corps sad ordarad to report for duty st New York- This willbe a severe blow to u? trom.. of lb? e.-a mo*.' wh? j almoBt adore tbe Crtnaral; but the exigents of pub o . Rervh 9 require that he should (at? iui tfcur command. , cniiorAi .smith loaves tbe V< -ht? juth corps srter a short ; though min'ist unpr*;edrnta.ily gi rlous campaign. General Smith la ?ucoeedfd in conmiana of kUe corf* , by Quueial Martiad .io, a voice ia Bold er, dUtingulshed t alike (or hi* coolness ai<d valor. The following orders j go u tain the btotory of this o*i*u?o oC cowtnaadlug oOl. j C#llt Special Order*? V?. 62. H?AI>QU4Ki*t;3 Ahmiks nv t?s IIMTBO Sr?rn, ! Crrr I'uxvr, Va., July lf*i 1884. J TT. Subject to tbe anprovil of the P/? lrteut, Ma^r Generi) W. K. Hmvth is Her t.v relieved from tho nc m m .nd '<( tiie Kiilbteeuth army ror:>?, ??a wi" proved to Ku-rf- York City and awnltfuitl er order*. H:? perat'O al staff will acr.? irimny Utm. Th<- nri B f>tr.1l'of tbe Kighteenlt- urmy mrp will r -port to Brigadier General J. H. Vartlu.'aie, teuu*rai .iy wru inaodmg, for duty. By ooramaud of b? # Lleutenaut General GHANT. ?. 8. I'iRKKR, A. A. G. BS4DQOAmwii KicaiaiNri Arrir Coars. | Julv 20, 18'34. i T? m OmoxMS akd Sor.r;KKJ or thb K!(.nTE&.Yni Aukt lVpa*" 7:om you, in ?cecrdiwca with orders from the Liouunant Ueoorai coinrinnd?.:? the arinitH or the State*, with groat regret, acd wj h.gbett pilde m tuat jou will ibaretuy feellngf. ^ . ... . Slocft I bive boon your cotrnjerifler I fjfivn t.rioa v> gftare with jou your daii^nrf, and have rejoioed with you ' f? your gallant deed*. During tbtt time >oo ? ror.-.r, ha. b aa br.Rht atd unsullkd. Whatever lu it tin? i?t hr:?o all thit you couia wis-li, I cau a??ur? y,,a Uits fri mao fault or shortcom inn Ofyonrt, aod I tniL't you will iiolieve that I have l)*v.a uo taore ?uii?*bl-j tLau yeur I ""way God bless and alwavs crown your effbrts with vie tory . *>!. P. SSHTH, Major Gonsi al. Hs aoQC a r Tins EtOBTiu?ra Arky Conrs, \ Jaly iW. 18^4. j , io T8A OmiTBRS ano Som?t3 or th* lCiauUi.vra Aitat , K7-*A^"^r;?u?Tr ?.??. duted July 18, 18?4.1 heraby is'unn tomporary Com maud or the Klghtcwith anny J';rpi. I have onlr t? ask thst officers a?d men will b? ra nd ful of tue favorablo reputation which thev-^ hove acauh -d J by (Uiii- u?t?. conduct, guu tctfirod with rt?i ^l.oh W ; Mlu?i. i. ?wmKME| Brl4>1,? wnl, i Usad^Oakt I'ictn *trr?A*nvOoaia, > In tbt his'.4>, July 21|18t>4. i OFWTKO TM R-"?t. t.'lOW. Yeeterdty, about ten A.M. tbe thirteen Inch mortar ?petted on tho rebel line north of the Arpomatto*. and IB a few minutes every gun ia Uicir line wa? opened la rep'.y This, or course, was the signal Tor a general bombardment, and all our buttcrloi wore in a short space of time engaged. IMS n?m?rono*? or -?? wsi.oon dbi-ot. Tfte thirty-pound* ra opened on tho city and she'lid tho ?ewly discovered depot of tbe Weldon RsilronU without merer. CapMfn Burton dropped UN shells eo acourataly that three rebel locomotlvee were obliged to get up steam and leave tbe plsce. BcT re the gun? ceased firing the depot was a roast of ruins. ma light BATtasiirs wera drawn into the light at Its rommenoement and ren dercd important service. Howell's battery was entirely obscured by the densa smoke that arose from tha rapid salvos from Its gons. In Tront of his position r re Del caisjou exploded, probably lired by tha eight-Inch nortari or by Burton's thirty-pounder*. 1HS TUlKTSItVlll lJlCa rOKTiK repeetedly sent Its rai?sl!ei through the rebel works, and it* t wo-hundre?V pound shells lallicted heivy damaj e ?i u,e enemy, who, after four hours' Bghtlng, were com* i pioUly silenced. SEWS FROM FOIITREjS Ki^ItOE* Mr. f. T. lialkiry'* U?ep>?.?cl?. I Fortress Mossws, Ju'.y 21, 1864. I X<j b??s rrom the fro-H. ksiisi. mivs's. 1 TUo bast from City 1'oiut h?3 .net arrived. L?H ?t:ch i n-rfi id W" h*7e ',Ma rseeived ?t tbe front. Ce .era; 1 j^jotuiaton hi-? h-n relieved of tbe cmimnd ot tac revel ?ri>y la Goorfa. (Jororal Ho?d saparsedts bUa. reV' n.rcrs reptoaeat tbe lat. Invasion of Mary lan I a3 a complete fUlure. Insto^l of capinflng Washlngtoa ?d Baltimore, as intanded, .t ouly resulted la a horse steal'ng ralil. __ PRfrs^iAno-v to thr ?ixTss??n? asw *<>? ARni.t.aar. Tbe tnamasoth regiment of the Suited EUies, thfl .d* Uenth New York voluotear artillery. Cot Jos. J. Uorrl .on at Fort Magruder, near Wllllaioshufg, V?., have n oaiyed a baantlfal stand of colore from the Corporation of New York. Tho presentation w?a made on the 17U>, ami was a gala ccraa'.on. Tha regimeot oumDers two thou land tbrta haadred sod s?.veol*-Bva men and slity oOlcer*. For.TRBsa Mo.vrob. July SI, 1*94. Tha itesaer General Mei^a haa arrived r*cm Nowbera. She ref arta U? arrival thera of tha '(earner Dudley Buck. Tha Captain of the Buck reports having baea chased by a raatel answering lha description of the Florida on tha loth instant, wtnw about thirty milea northeast of Hattersa, whan the CapUm headed for shore. Than tha auspicloue steamer changed ccnrae aod mada for some vessel fart hsr ofTahore. Th* Ganarsl Melga on tha Nth parsed a ship's malu mast, with yard* attached, apparently burnod off above tha deck Arrivals from City Point to day report tha anal quiet in front, Tha Weather at Cant Rao*. Cara Racr, July 1*04. Wltd lontbcatl. liny and raining. lUtrmmaeiar Tarty. THB WEEKLY HERALD. The Sail sad Cheapaat ricwspapaa ta tha Conatvy. "The Wprrrv P*?ait>, for tbe present wttfc, will ba realty this (Saturday) morninr. Taaas ? Single subtertptkma, 92: Three et?p<??, $3; Five om?"*, $?, Ten copies, >1}. Single oepioa, Ova cauia aack. A limited ounher of advertisements Inserted kails roa tus pacific. Tbe steamship Northern ligbf. Captain Wilkin, will 'eave this port to-day, at noon, for A?"iuwMl. Tbe mat e for rent ral Arasrieaand the i*itilA Pacifle will Cloee tti fcrlf put ten e'cl'-ck tb.'S mo.-o'r,-*. a Tbe Ns?v Yon* HraJiiJi? Rtilltcn for the fae'flft?will be ready at haw |??et nine e'alick lathe mmning einglo aeplor, in wrapperw, ready for mailing, slictntt. To paper Pianufsiatvtrere. Ttrnnt'-e'e eeats ra?t? i ?r Ih, will be paid far revns of goo4 Kourdneler Faper. W'S. JTt4rt? ?i lbs. Auply at this < .ilea. V?r *a rha'?n'? '"Iflfht Qienniinc CR HKIIH" llv e a pr>*a ftht f li tickle* the fancy. an, <(,?? pn a?.oh K Htonini.ooM iko ot?et'nr? a tnjlitica1 flatft.rm I Horanse on party ear snftLesd witlinnt It. a Mini -h'rA b..|y aueats le? PHAIjOH'S HlUBT BLUUMiNU OfcHaVH. If Ton fc?> War |t-htfi<4 the Aie eie nut to h??r n? 1 lh*l ular rem for tbe toilet. Fran -%?t S 0(1 oet. (??? l|nt ra ci ;ar, It'll so al oo'? to tour ti car e*t (tr.i, s"t and gel a baiUo tmi ?ul a^rar rami it haa pj atl Sr A < n I K jr, Kb*. 14 aa, Cirtt Clans July Tl 47. *J, 33, iia. tit, Mi. 70, 94. 4.i, It I*. Viixgni, Ou.h< 444? Jut) t? IHM, 3, 76, 23, 4v, 34. 1, 2?, 4i, til, 'Ai, otf. *?.*&*, *>i> Z. K. Kim ham St ''i><-0"rl?plni, b**usy, liriu 34<-<Tu'y .A ItrtL 6:. %.>, s xi. .4 is. m n. n, go. m, 51. i~?m Ht-Mr w. 76, 66. 34. 1U, 40, 63. 14, 16. ?4, id. 46, Ji. 11. ha ft To. "f?n *<11*. Uniir, Eiriu Oliit 1JJ? J li tt, IKSC TO, w?, 1, /?, 31, 16. '2. 29, f?7, 36, T4. Ocam 18<? July U. MM. W, 1, Ti, 75, 2 J, 36, 31, tl, 70, 63, 68, 7, 18, 45. "fllrml CirrolK ' n *hr!>, ? Co'l?r? li#'? t*<y funil, ha>t by tU2> <0N8. BOUKR3 & CO., < ?w Yor* Pet*#* fn.htil in AH l<?" ''Uei ViIIm f- <14 inf.>nt?-.t!on glra?. 8a-.t.40'? iU * U4AMMM, S.okare ttlObaatnuk awaat Phi a Itovftl i^itl?r|r.~T5 ?' f> Cn.U ?rear una oal f,?r pr ??? l?fcn"> li'.loo f i r ol?" e?1 , th? DUhci-t t*i?" | 'ft .< fur L'oulltaMI till *U kli?dii"f Uold au<t &uv?r. IAVLOMOUm Bank'-r.t, Id U ?l; atreet, 1 <. Y. bolter/ trlM* Ouehetl. kafurm*tton aeol, J. R. Cl. ' Y K>N * CO , 10 .Vail atraut, reum d, N. Y. '"rl*** <*i?vt it In ?11 ttrg'A.lf J JUi?lie? rir.?. au?i laforoiKtian kIvbii. J ?lUTK. troker'a Om.r?, 173 8r>?.< af. bnttivy 'ilr.lrrta CimUkiI,? I'l^irixnUm e-vsu. JUkl t'H AAI'ES, 1! ro or. 11 Wall ttraot, ionri 1. A I'?t Htilpv'i i VV??ilc? Wiir?, . Ilquort ?. A', ij ' i .1# bat rhcttl), at ttAUUfR'8. 116 Cb?mtii it. A" 7nfitlllb)e [fiiui"' ' fnt OfHV ITnlr.? fJOTT S Hlnwath* Hair ResCfrattva, No 10 University plaoo, t.?wr\orK A ? '1 Tfeoeitndi <1 1 VnmMlei ttro Vtiv* fn? WOr.OO'l'T In- Unt P. In AiuilliiUtar Altravs f{l?e? lii-.U 4 ru..jf. in. a everywhere. Unw ! botUCa ?4 it uU; large #'? ?rf<M-a? ?;.? Ba?karf^<P*ll?K & So?, M.iuiifiujtur*!*. MTiiicvd from Hr-.e-no atrvet to m It.o .?*??, i.* .T t?i ?.? ol. t.boit -a au?l retail. l4i?s?ut ti) #. 'wr ?..d All t . ????? I'mintry, Ktcii f"*r * <}? ?? c ??.?!??. r*r> y with th?*m tr e * t'r-n h C'tm?o B tt#i4'* o: S 8TK!..'I ". P, 70 N:i--('U n'rr.ct. wlili:l? l? * H'i<e |i!?. ?-ri tr? Of ' rer ??<*: . .ickuf ?, tli iOulerjr, ohilU, fcuiiimot coin'l*';.:*, ft v!od?utM! r. i?\ A H 53 GtoadW?^, Id w f???? n 4 S.! !>'.? ? b?'i tl: ' in Me llc.iioU Soap t<? r^rwi.vB un, lieci..* i, ori.^tioiM, t.utib iruu, .? i.i? jf liet4. .kr. A"i ??r Sn ullo*' ) nee Kn S/?rsiipi ri"a 4*0' oU'in .o Hsrn v?ur l)lor<i i walar. buubu oit.r?ci U> ?.? -t.i.v ?>.?. .? ? i,,k i v>nr?. 1; .n aoctcra' root. ur. Ill i i 'rnl :ika bur>liw ?uuta?lf 1 t i tad of tbe b .*cli.;l. call ' ' ? ' . 'ir 1 Tis . v t >. .?! i?i .i?n atraat, Waw Vork. J a t a " I * <'-i nn 1 a rt?v?t? antri.iae (>pi?n fn>m f mi ?'? ? ?* A M. uii n :.i-ir at ui .'M. .'i" cirr. cbmaie C;'u pi?s so i ou in- ??> 'u. uli 4r? of all ttlmla, tbn moil r? OU i ? :r if a.* th* I/! -oa, f!-t. ! v Rl; illarf^i*. acftala !??>? ;?> Uia o.^ana. rl'eanj?l.? v., tn Work rm llu* > . s ? - it i, M,-vt? m, isa'iy laU.oeroiiou, Coa> aul'.atioa er?tia. lllokreni-. fWRi-soTrr to rfiR wkak. VOOTU uTtuH AG 30 nloitKB!?K j oa, I.IKI-: Rf .ruVKMATOR Tkta nrep?raU- o :a uaaqua'laii .vt a r"j i?<!ittjr an ! :a ?lirerof w ?.-,>! or Inert |iu* ;iou?. Tfca U' vbo'ild ba uvi> b> all aarvotis (I'noaa. *? It atiinutatpa t\a a<vr?ea V> tbair a-?i'irn. work, aa J Wll! no? produce a r?aet'on no tnattpr ho* tuddealy drooped, It la a!?o a gvaad t?w9, ar.U *IU c.ra relief ;a dya;i?pat? with tao fir?t A br!-?f j;.j ri al^.i ;# la Kg u c will reno> rtt' the vtomrc'j lo a d?ct ?- of perfect Iwtltb, and ^aniat^ dyipf-Tijlx fr?r??or, Tbo kgad aiiac.ld t") ?' . '..wi t? ma&o ibe Biokrei* a lioiuebo:d god. !? a< U w.!l lor.der yoiitbful in fueling and In air^ur't), aod eaab^o tbeia loliToover again Ihodayt of prisltui >y. I: not only ^ibllaratea but atrtngtben* and la rca Ij invaluabl* blcsflni;, eape dally to :ho?* vrto bare W.n raducad u> I condition of sar. Tillty, miafor'.ur^ ?r ordinary ?k:?:ne?, Ho raatUr what 'bocaune of tUel:npoteuej of ai>.y human organ, thlt ?.?retb proparatlda wt:i retnore the 'ft at onao a ad foreror. Bioi.raae ahou'd be ua*d by *!l perwaoa who bavo uiaof dere-i aerras. ii'imaeb, Urer, m<^jeularaatloB, torpid Inta'le.l or lowacaiia of aplriU It la rois pounled fr.m Wml?<a yat powarrul aimp ea. aa.l var.talna no', a grain or Mont af mlu'.al aub tanca. Tba B'okreae ia all jaaoa of Oeaeral Da'.'lit,-. art* i ka ? tharru. IT IS VN INfiaORATOR In the amp>at aenaa of ia? tarrn, a?4 vrili rev.ara ??aa(?i atreagth with wonderful pormanek-a. xt has a Mosr DM.:(>nvyiru desibablb a^o NOrML EFFHCT llfON nil; SHUVOCS HT.?r3?. Aid all wboaraln any vray proitra'.?d by atrraua dlaabiit* tlaaara earnfatly advlod lo /+ ?%. n ciro !n th ? moat e\c?U lent and tina<Vialled pre^aratlua. One dollar per Bot'.la, or ii Rot -tea foi $/. fi-a' by ei pr??s aoy^?ba^^?. HUlcaif US f liLMEB, rrvii<'?r?. ?1 Cedar str?et Vn-? '"or It. 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Rala'C-d nn<l all d:-.'a??? of u>a P<-. ; cored by Dr. KaCUaRIB, Twl Broadway. ietiaiimptlan. nrcattillli, Aithmk, ??hroal and Waaal Piaaam irea'ad wlih iiurtampfH nee* m, after tia Teplral Atonu betlod. dlaroTerad by Dr. HtliU &BY, Vf tJllaion p a<-a. b'ghio ?ir.-rl Near York. OMfkan, Iiiapta lre?S >i|hc, ROISES Im" 1MB n?AO, CATABRBAtt 4> r?? TIONg IB TAB TBhOAT, OURO.flO CATARRH, catarrb of TnB~rT*CANir Birroi/i Mi.MBBAfR. oBflTieVcTjoNaor Tns BFSTAOuTAN titib CORMO, CBOfB BYS BTRAMBTTSKD tM ONR BIMCTB. Ana arary diaea ??p? tfce E?* aa l Rar r^i itr'ngaltbar r*. d!*i oranra'cal aid atuodmf (? Hy Dr. VOR KtiRKBBR(t, at klaooaauUlug Broadway, near Twelfth atr*ax Baitaia 43 Co 1?*. Vlanaal Batfta BIB, ?ary naa ??. Faoea ?'a ??mara Pioti $<t Va.?t. $n. WhtM DuaaTaaia|.V CLaKKH. Ill and 111 William atraak. Denftewva, 4 aturrh. aad ell Dlai?M?ea at lha far, Thfal ?i t *1' i'a a>i^oaar>ilif treated by OBHilulOUtHUf,, H fit. Kark'a pia-r rtr ce?a??? 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J, Jtillin Ilo' ifhloii. riuwat-a Axiu^'j.tioa, tl o. 3 SouUi NldUi ?freel. fUlUilo'vuia. I'rnn. I'ubUtbdl XltU May? By the iVulhor, JOUN *KAWICB!j?ra!Jr, and ror aal* by the AMERICA* n: WJ COMB AST. 121 K u*77etreet. Kew Voik o ly, AM3BiOAM"lH?, a BAT12E. Th?f h^fo of thf> t.'isw yori; Hcro'd. Ororrr'l Oa ir^ P. Me CMliit, M urauu.'y jlor'- ? t lu a ?'< ?'n ? f gu ihimr slow ? liif i-atri?'.inri ;u it.i tm^ra nro to morrow ? t huoda, 'I) Us. ?nl tor fui l'.u~ itr ???. Ri-nr'n Af rf<" Hit r-vorai'l 1?ne f*arr.? A po?>tl< ? crim ."or fcrrr ai.d a(>i9. L'^pot H) Vbtrir CiMt, for tale by all drut ??. P't ';??? 1 ;JJilru for^'l. F ta? MJrts. r^adr tr *ds and tf ordrr. i. W. MUOUV, 17a Ur?*j**y ((tona. i U .'?!*< iHOimsr Vniltuhlrti *1 ^O. F.lnria Dr>>wora. S^cki 9S i>er do.'-tl, Army Shirt* |C, and ol.' or ifj t e.,ua ?/ at MOODY'S, 173 Broadway ( Howard Bo'tl.) This It th? Sanson of the Yrar when chlldi*!* are aOUctad with dy&?K(iry *od dU'rb?a. Mr., wrNSLOW'8 Soothtnif SyrupiaaMfa ami cart win ra medy. It not only rrt'.lavea tbe child frmn pain, b"i rcj'i l*t*> tba ? to -pitch and bowclA eo ecu aaMtty'and jl r?a loaa and cueray to tTii* wbola a atam. Moiiicn, a< you val-ia the Uvea and beai'-ii of jour children, do net fail w procuro lb ^ naliis of ?a Xhoimnttil ""lowrn In ? doilgbtfia compoan J. hwhlyami d?-h ?".'?> mrutrd, for cm io tbo toilet, l:upaji.ntj K*aut , ivratort u'ad r.-alth to the alt In, deal' an; the tevtli. and pr.'/ent 'k ?'*!r ricrra' on nod dr. ay, rut l'um.'ii't the brciitb, an-1 reni.?nif it aaveet and ! i w' *:'t. Vt)F. THI" nt.'RrBPV. *t th!* eaa-ru of t!i#? y rar. Hi* B*!m !s luva1 a1) r It wi'l in evert U Ihhc* -rr.verl and euro I'.iOiO r.rupuoni ?>< ti>e ?r.m frotn welo'i ic t ? n >* a ' iy.i r m> r.iuob in warm wa'hrr A f'iw dio|>? notirnd into a i>'' prim cull i-itrr wi I nerer fail to -'ise amlaiK'th. It m eatire.y 1 ive fr 'u aay la inriou i ma'i?i , ?n i i iar t.r u?cd with the a i -a i it safety and ronCduoo.i by all mothoia and uuisea. rmo ,'6-an'a !?? r N.ttir. For aale by ail 4ru0 ??) Trn?ir?, KlitaCr Slo'cSlups Jfe.oftrdi t Crt.'R r^dir-il Cure Tr -*a U.l'O'; ouJy at Stt. 3 feaey atraol, Lao; altendaut. I > 'j-, Tor'jfCi 1'ialr Tvr, Ifair ^yttnti ' and V. itr'* fo^ h"?uftr nt the Hair, W, A Ital'CUi LOR ', It, fc \datieat. AKHIAGi-3 AND GEATH3, Married, rt "n ouu-aday, Jn'.r 3i>, at the real denct of thu brlio'a^er, Ujr tfo :tev. I.' ?<. i'orier, '< >r* '{. to UiY'nrni, daughter ot Na!!nni?l \\ i!I"t|. )'?!.) , alt uf llr lokiyn, K. I?. UlnWinuifc ~aI Cbrft Rburcb, Mverrrx >!, ea ia'jr.3ty, Jutie30, h chor.ifi .?/? tir tb.? Kw .1. s. .hnoe, v -et I c rv >, afl.i'*to.| !>?/ tba I', -v. Cfcnrlea :'?rt '..I laoaiabeat cf .?! i tjta tin L*t-.', Wiuun ? iat. ?r - ' t rx.of 'jlatgow.W J Usjgttar of Um ry KM '.Vnriniby i of Evert a '? i i'. t~<c >?" on Wednoe-'ar, JuIt 50 et the rondeut-e of tho hrld^'s fit'iitr. by ii? r. V.rt a. UwRiend "?jjrif.oi taaa'i W'ist, Tito ai;A. P., youn,,??i mu of V-n l it? Katilev> i, ot' Riialtxt, t vu.:hi-?, *' <:?nd, t'? MAitr Kxtu, voiii(??i dt !<{ttor ot Well* 1'UliUpa, Ka^., UtlBttw avestte, New Torn Mjtn- UiTcrrt ?. ? tin We'ir.'W"?a?, Jnlf 'M, bf Iho Hev. <,a .rle^ W. Oan'l, f-'.ori -r ??' - t iMakv ( niLsntaa, n t rat laughter of !..?? r/n Nit:hiil, ail of thw city. Mo ritriip. Mac'iviva? t>ai r.? In Pylaey, N P. W. , on Satijrday, A|itil tf, ut st. Aiary <* cal^edrtl, hy tba Her. 31. J. (hvyer, Mr. TroMAr ). Maiuova, U? 6j hah, te.'ict of Teteoca /"a ly, Keq. lfTRiCjc? Wj**aH.? At RierfeMrll.'e, T*., oa TbnwdAjr, T'il> 71. by lfar. U. W. Aufbcr.jMHijto, X. Ik M"." ?<:*, <4 .*?w York, to Lane X, , da'i.;tiler of T. Worwea, ?. , of K ego)* villa. Af Middle Vlllv*e, Wewtowa, L. T., by ?be lfar. Mr. Kti.tltil, liO'-.n t br<?:<i (?f Trooltlra, u. L . In Mind AM.VA Ci <nn, of Hi *190, At i?a N* card./ litMloa pnpor* pir tar copy. Wmuvka ? Mart.? Ur tue Tav. Dr. Jamie flan er, po Ttiursdar ormtnif, Jtily 21, Mr. J(f. M. Uw. to tt.nt ^A<ti Ui't, all of New To k. Died Amtw. ? OaFrl lay, July 22. C??at ?? Ait*v, the yo'iog e?ta'.'j of ?rcdarn;lt S, and Chrwti.iua Aatoo, ?(;?! 4 tu >q ba And 7 (lays. i be rekitivea and frlenii: of the Utuily aro resprdfully Invited to attend the toner*!, from lb? r>at<lenca of hi* parauta, T'W Wa^htii^ton meet, to a (Kitturuay) altar* an-m. a: lwt> o''-loo?t. Itoityva. -On Friday, inly St, Wiim ynna^eit tna of Joii r? and Klouaor U?m:er, i^l- l 9 yean, d atoetba aad 5 (Uy*. ifia i*l??tlviw and frieoua are reepeotfallv tnvlied t? at teed tne inneral, uerotudiy altaraoun, at two o cfoek, Irom tba revdee<? ei b ? yareAi!.*, i'A >.i(atb atreet, V?U iliwn?bttrc.I<. I Boertv..? ua Jridar, Jaly 7i, As-* a Jtn, Jeigb??r of Wdllsiin 4Q.1 Anna Jane Hoaton, a^ed b naoatoa aad 33 day*. It'll r?la*lve* and frleoia era Invtferl to ellenJ the fa eeret. tbte (.?atyrrt-?y ) afteroornj, at it\ e a'mxb, frum it?.. repid-nce ?f uet father, 4 Mw?b?vt<l r ?w, cotoer o?" ->ccad et'eat aad Hr'?id way, fttiuai&abt.rif i?^nsa. ? At lompkitiavtl'v, S. l.,on 1> 7u!y > 31, 8i'a*? iri<M't.'.w. tin lieievi^i rife of ian.?a tarry *h>a- ? net-, agad .13 year*. ? no oi iho fannJf ire r??t 'vt'nn'r ||ivtt- d to ' altetA tbo funeral. tf.iA tKat^rdjy) a tet \ a. t*e a o\ "3k i frcta iter late ea'a^tv oa Ktitee iala.d. ?.'.WK"waad I 4 o*. A f T'H t >e<-fi r r?y. i llM.'fc <r? ? Oa FrMay, .lutly ?"3, M >*ti. I.Viira, '.j.'irt , pM d or , 'it lli idgm, t< iR<tnt'.? aud 1 1 ?. j Tbo reUttvea ar d rloW.i of -he (tumly am ree eetfally J ln? ... a W ?. >? J (Ut "i .er*!, r tn tne r i ? a* . , . perroia. 13 BaM kU'tty lltlrd ttr?-i, oa (Uiotay I tae>rtof, at btif paat aata o'alook, w.twut further I 1 * I <????.? On Triday, .Tnlv !/.?*?, a .r-1 fij y>ari I antt a month* T?:e rwtati ?ea end *?Jeni%? ef tbarantry arerearr Ifvil'r I Invltad to at ? nd tba iVe* a), from tbe lAdiee' I au o Aid i h*ti-.ntM>t> vf tbo Uatl <i"?t Rtceopai ebnrob, forty- < 1 ?treat, tioae big Mb aveaua, <? M;nd*y a-'.M [ at two o'ali-ci' Can-w-rmx- -OB I'rklar t;v>'ntes. July 31. Jeev* ? ' ruu, ton c( (Jr'.eti K. at-tl Sarau ti. Cat |?i>tar. m#i 4 nvntna und tgait. '? lii* re-njiina w'll be lo't rt, tr'A (Safr.rday) rr.arBfer, ?? ? aqoarter !>? or? ten (t'tia tt, lr??n t ie renld'fce o bin tiar-iok* 3D Uort avr??M . U-a klye, to Kye fi>r t' i?'r,'?fl by h* t>?. > ??? o:e?e ive ii fri'tti laranty a veo b akrees. Camit.* -0? Vbcmdry. July 31, rtirt |!ar?Ti?rv, tba | I)?k t ii w|te ;<M9 e> i afo?, ?R"d "*J y>"*r* a r.aAlva of tb? t'artea of laraeleat* . il t* irocntv tre'aad 1 a r ilattvea and | -m *? ,?t ib i fant 'r aro re-, eotrijl'y ln? it*l tn attend ttwi loner al, fr?ina lief late raa'rtimoe, No. IW r?e? Fi rty-flfth atrart, .?t-'3 .t,day aftert owt, a* aaa ni'i'Tt. I .1 la vtl. -On ?Vid?y, .ta'T 23 'iaimbfaw of Jot.o tad W.'rgxrat liridrnaao, ai.ed ? ?a? a iU$ r >iat'vea aad (?aada ef tba i^uMtn at* r?OMlf?tiy i tnvlta* ta aits** tha IMaM, t ?* i?o *k, front tba ryntmu.o. 01 bar pit&M, M? iiml. (Mi *VWir. July rt to OrmkJfB, *r?. IU? Wi UtiUHIt, IB l?<* y?*/ (M X( b*. j 'tin ru.*><* ?* * .?! frii-4i1? ?* IU< 'O..I/ ?n? r-ipwet'.ry I 111* u*l (" i?f f in?r?< U Jftt ? umfe'rtaM atrWid, ?.fl Mliwllir Wl>n?l,i* *( it ill l? ? MI>?o ?l.?fc. Kkk i*? -On irtdty, I* JJ.u Urn Urn rnntdanBt, <4 .1 ? A I.' ????'> ?????"?'?* ? >*. <? . ag?B Kiw mii. ? ,V0 Wwtt ><J! I J RIA'll KUMl, VK'llllJi rjts*u??t Jt , it) i Ul >Utl 4 ?..J It 1*)^ t'no r?? 4<Ht ? i tbaf.?"y ??? >M mm*r n*i , >* ih* I hiriHtih ??!??? i-t im-amm! a*?'e*? a*<* 1 1- v * !%i oliy *ti*lteft ln *ttend t..e il, 'W ( . I. "O ?U rn&ri *.l? -**??. ** l?? WUta** ??* <H ? .A* I". fffcte*. J'?'T B. diuu.liwtt, lUuuvi t i?, ??*-<*' d <1* ine < *uiti? bii't Hri ?????! drtw. ane*! 4 year* nvi n '*i>.<itnfc (uiu-t i, ?. I ??;** UK, .-/) at Uti ?Yi ? V :i'V- i.. * m.^i' *<? o; : f. 'M . ??? Mri>?t tod lVlMS ?V> ?!!(!?. r'i- tU* invitad tu au-MM wilt* 'is r?rt.'i?f itirif H" *? . . ,* > tmrcday n< July *1 . ? *** ???.. M? inn? r> rd, o <rtii, <* ?*i ii t | .1 k""*' *f Owon ?u l i'ri'1 ."t *?'* ImiUi i ..4/a?, county Wn?lm?*tl?, iie..u?d, ** 7 "tu ?t W lm of tfcn f?i. villi ? ?r? rtq ?<?'<? VJ fli.f, tr.M 0-r r< .09, i 4 "<i \UitUaM Htc .-i t'tu t i.ii i a,T(ivd i'.u? ? t -It n > t, II* " '4*.A?<r, ?.<!'?* <? I 14 tf?. , ? ?? Uv-t;-!, ' '"O^F iiui'.t'l, '? ?' ' I.Mrs . , -i. , * . -.t '.I >? " ' l!i ? f nt 1? ?r?f?"rn* fo1i? I'-r'fvl l'i ?i???i tfti* uuKtrm . ?? t it">fiii??n at r?'i! o'ai^ik, fi-'-w 1W ?'??. I ! nn 'V I" t'in rilf, ?? i" ""T " I, '"If S, J.j'jr ? I'.. lltM '* ?' Mib y ?** ->4 uf t1** <*tii' 7. ?C 1 pen No. 3?. I ?>??>.' ' K , *'? ' ciunibd i? tb? fuo?ril, <?"?? '??">' i ) , .i?f clt frr,i, {Siren"* *v^ii ??. hotw *n ? <? ? ? ... , , on <4,i Jav itfldfi iiOr ir*iO 'i <U ' c.. # uU4 MrML4| ta .Mi "?'/ ' i , M . H\N<( *1 . .tl A <1, N- J t %* 1 a'J 1 4 '/ "? 1 u . #r twit Wife of X. Kb#u*jrf !?i?0. !*:<?** ' i ' i ' ? r >* ? -It' ?? I u t MO? tlu ftiw.l* V Inv uMm ... .if' Tt her lata r?Pid?oe* <?> , i, .. v , |K-b wan ,'thw f*i iri?j ) aftm-..o?n, at * hT,. ,i'M, >'y I, Vi? K?n?Wi yi**#1 " i, I n.,.1 Wl. ?> <1 IU%, ?^il 11 ?Itlll II "?? *-" ? I . . j It lilt IT | IHtUtHH- i ? ? 1 IM . e'.'il lr I? 'I'M , i ..J I (, -Ml , (wn t >" ' hi" r?*rw t*. ? c.j t I, ! ??:??!?,, " "??*' ? " . ? ' i .?...iiiu? .nil ?>? i- <?? ' ">?? Co-ofuyrf for '<* .- Kr1*.? .tilr'Sl, 1 " 0 . yo of' v ? *-.t ? -igot irl, ?* ' a .re*r i,4 !?"??? t* '' (1 rrl:itiv iof t*?<? *?rc"7 rr# rmrrat'iHm l IV ... j Q<> luoeral, fruin Uks rwi <l?nce ?>' ?? i v. ??<>" V .v r.y rut* U:ft, *c ,, A.rtin _c ?-i ?? -'n ? on fcrlJiy,.! .ly?* .Tjj v ?' V. T.T.M1I, yem m NU- <?r <" '?! J. ??'> l.oi' '?'? Hi. ml'" I >" : ';n'l ' ,r !1 yra? i .!?) wM wtiii ' ? ' ? 1 " ' ",l#i Fold his arnirt i.aofi lu? ', I.av h rn ? ?Dl.y l? '1* ' ? lien- I .tl?i l>nli\Imf K 'I* '? ' The itUuvfi uJlAi ii. ' .-.? ? - ?? invi*1 t stfilrt IM t' >'? Jit *> "? in i oV.iocn, troia l.'.u ' ?? It- ' * i'i. ry htr^#t. lii? rt.!Uiia.? wi'l bo intort'-. . u? ^Iftl'nu* cr '* 7'_0n nmr.- i-y,.Tuiy 2'. r? -iii ' o. kf it William H. iatl Huj ^4 i 7"M?, ? Bu, . ,n:! WM1 Md frlord* Of 'h- '<*-????' ?r? uvllM ?? . ' .. lufui, oU w !,?:?. a: '.Of' *? o'et?al% " - th" !??, fuetnei- with tb? mouib?M of QrtaWjiJ iMiffiXvt Aurv-JlUlon. are rrap?c.-i !y r -Ite^ t ?? lOo .uneral, fn-rn .10 Wili'nsi'by stitut ?? y ? . ' ,1 y i. - >-no.?p, ?c ^^ree i?'ck>ckt wtthoat furtbor to*'** M ??. ?On Frxl it July yiin*.-^ l not JolT^i Aau UiU* w?, -???? 1 y^, ? -1 15-nS tMona. ard relvW? of U,* ty .r. tnvlU4 ?? attend ru??rai, th? ??.f i.?. 4:1 Third uTunne, U>'* tdny) a'Uraoon, ai o'ei'Xilt, \?ultbut liutL.e- n?tK*. . -? - - u.^.-r no WodaH'iilsy. .'v*^ In lb* "B"1^ p Honpliaf. rc.naiiMi nir?;!| fbivadaiiilila, Corporal *" timcriJ hi Uja'Twa-ty iwvonth itreei UethTdwt !>?? copal obnrch, Ibia (.s.tu. Jjy) afwrn-Kin, utu id u.|* c Si.vr.-At W.N-y . on jw. ?? infaat d&ugiittr of G?o. W. ?od Mary B. <4 Wmp *.?v cVr&S lf>, at the imidcnw? of Dm bruihur-n I ' ?r conaumpiioo, M^a. W-d Sl jow. i'cl.caniau Mcbolw, Mi.-, UK ? ?utM?uiy. on tf d*y, Jwy f?. widen of John Moylan, in th? 8l?i yoaf ^fr M*, ? ??" r.voof ?Se trUh I Vb? fn. nd? atd r?Ui:vM of tba r?in.iy ar? r<-*P?C"?"r inTie.l ?0 atfi d thi fuoerat, from h#r tato raajti?iM, ?J? VA V.Yr. Zt on t?:nd?y afternoon. at on.o-Q.oct_ ^ rutn*iu? Will b* t .keo t^LvAfy.Cr.?!W^ /!! _A? H .IIU llrotbcr ImaaJ, Uanjia*, w ?" I, J? tvhi'cr irf Th- flan und Aun Morn? * N twe 01 the li.'iaral in auuday ^ P?Per On V>l<lay . July ai. wlf*of W?n? Mo any and <J?ii?t.K'r of I no lata OIWW M>*. Titer ,1 on Sm-W Motlra In to morrow ? P*"* .. j , . v (in Tturcla''. July 11 ? ^-! ?J? of WJMi/i'm a of county Antrioi. irel?<l. ,a $: x&is: m?ror ih. nuBUf ?? ' wotiw n*i'fd to uttcnd tbn funeral, Irom h^r 1?pi rasifliOrt, fj,;,', Ik Jtre.t, on Sunday icternoun, a* "?? o ?lo^fc. ^rr^HoK.o.l'Ur, July a r lh? X??u*** and of ?T"',r ?r? raflpwtf^r lavite.1 to Uio iun?ra!. on bun day al tar no-, a. a* tVo ,.rom too rualdtnc.? o? ?.:! pereoU.N^ee tttivop fl-31 1 stri'Ot, liobokeu. Tho ramaini will ??? ???*??? in t;rMr*o<?d. M ,T on thi ruday, July 31. w'riir^r^ cu ^um a. ?* ^ 1 b?^e ?* t*r d? "i r e 'r*- .? li.-vfnl ly 'a ' **t J*" ?r2n?4SLS3ti'^^?. jobo.on . ffo. ?9 ur.nga uroct. Newark, N- J " 'l ~^T^rTr?-lld^f, No "8 Moit atroet, In tfctt Citv , ot. Friday. .Inly 'A **? C*t;!X"fam^r ra rW? ?i- fr ^mia aud r.c'iia' cc* oi tb? lami y >r? ro?v^ ftiiiyluvlud'o attend th? t ^w.l, tn.a ^ i^o^ci. vriUi n lutthnt noli?. lnt?..r.a* ti i'alVAry < ?m#t^ nwmiri. July 21. a't * ? 2-Khur i CU.? ? |.n^ ?ring tnn? < ,, ...riMl,Jnv'. m.-rt '* raou.ux. ?i d iJiwl'itfj A . Wl ^ ih(j r#(J1(Jet)<.? nf bar c? fvr'oay^Ulb wen, tb.a ?f Ina'iT'ni' *"r - ftK' ?? rn?i?oifully inrit.4 t+ tha '.ritmi 1 ? :? of bis i*ronu,llA fft-sstr^r sr/K5 - n,\ t;?lw?* P? '<t? n^:??o ?opy. f,' )? . ? ?uy. 15 'ii, ? ???? m4 ,*t-* , . cnurcn M ? i^ ^ ut, KcM nSUr^SS. ^ B4im' PB 8nr?d*,, t widow - R ^r^^o'ya^ ^ Of c?t?? TtXXZ T?Z' one. uolocK.rr.mbo^ r^de0cjh?^ ^ (r|-ii(l r.hVum.y -r. ~ 33 ? oar? act 4 ?cD'tw. r?nmtfully Invita4 ?? Ih-r^'la "f rvWMMof bil r^bor. 1 attand tha (un?rai, rrom (8*lo*U?y) vxith lr?t atiaat. Krooltiyoi ? "?/ ??? " gi/9, at Hirea o olock. (^.forT.iapa^?plo-*?W-w Bwirr, thM ;H"Ss IniaT-rd in ??W?ry Willi*? 0. ''?'?f. . ? and tbfl lata DC, , i.uvei^r sJlTJZxX ^?r ^ SSii KB?.* "."isrs;1 "iEsiJ? ?? **" <-? _ ^ j>Ui>H A2#<1 I AOd S fBOOlbl- . ^ ' ? , ^ friend, of tli? fam.Iy ?ra rwJMtfbl* In . (li io attrid tna t un?>ral , tbla (Saturday! afv^wa^ 5 ^ tb. rokidanco of hw pa, auto, Xo. 40* or., nwicfc I ? I **? ,inj?y, Jaly ?, nftor a Iocs ?a4 no yeTXlr^Ja " * tha iW yew of Mb ?TL. fur, ml w;.^ -S; K5S m^Toa^r ^'v^vu ?H- O'CIO, ?. Tan rvUMt- .ad frUwU M f??lh rifu'ty m ?' '.tad. ry v ? . j** *???*?. *ip* ? ?\ >TT ? - ? waf r*r ?*? ' r.;1;:.'' -v ??..* / rr *?? * ? 4:1"* In . ? 4 to iti? J ..... Ho. I3t Myrli^ iTtnuf, Urn't /a, tins r'iiui. -!uj j ? V utn? ut !<?? o cl^ek 1 M?.>t --?? TtvirrdA/. Jnly 31, Mioaajo. Xoq.m r i i Tba riil'lirH a?1 fr'a* '? .irw r*tr. ?!tf?W? (? at. ??.? tt>* ii r'ni. irom i.a law r?> d'u,:a, U l'? I air?a?. It) a (?. n|t*> . ?T(M . M Mo - Wn m ?i on brliny mi ii- [, Jul* -jj WittT a ' .r?T4 Wir"*' ?n. d.*."?bi?r nf Ji*?iib K. ??4 ?tiif M Wf??"i*r, i*a?t 1 y?a.-. ? m?irhii and 2 i??a. r-a rii"i?ral wi ! Ia<i placr from Man roaidvra of bar Pittirr, l'i; 4<wi lioi.iu ii *tre*t, mrnar of Sut i .*n, ?a t*v- J %r a?t"r??v a, at tw?> o'ei-vt Tha friaca *mi rt ?t'?ai art r^a!'?etfnity inv'tM to attmn) t>*-rrr''t ? (Jn .imy tt, Ki,i iin*i '"o *~!T, wi.miw ol I^i oaawdBhUioid, a(ad *4 y? a.-?, 1 mt'.i# ?ad M oajra. rh? rfi^tiTfw inl frlan 1s of tha factlly ?ru ?ai.*"Ct,"u?f ln?, '40 to attiui'l tha funeral, at Iter ? aa Hue*. Kerf !*? N J , on at twaiva o'ctk mnw ?Kl *?? p*rioruiad nt Trm tf c.'mrst, at t?? o'ehiTf. I'ia ra> niaina *Ut ba ink u w eu M*r k t b'.r.f loj ground i.? laMrmcnt. V>una? On Thur*.??y, July a.Owwu* ?.. w** af Joaotih Ik Touoa. T?ia r?l*ti*r? ?p.J fWnrda of tho ramify ara ranoaci o?w lavltr*] tii * tie ul u, a funaral, rr ai htr tuta r?* id a?a, f? h.?at Wm nh ?tr?ot, tb< (jaiirfd??| ui'*fi.a?, ?l b? ? r?* Bin* o'el'M-k i.e. ramaiaa *1 . b? M?. 10 Umit., for wl?r?lBBk

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