Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1864 Page 7
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BAliE* JLT jrCTIOt, A C. BAKKR ft CO., A iJCTMNKBKS. A . AtBtBT HAKVV. nU. A'?u?OMf, M A\JN 1 1" 1 ' ' NT HousKMCi.u putts! run. OB 1 H is DAV (si A . L UUA V , ulr23. At im. deuce -84 ^ ?? i tWmunth i legaL between Fifth ud Sixth avenu s. commencing ,t >1 o'clock. The uuotluuecr woud call the particular attention of his friends and t ? ptitme to mi - m>? ti,e catalogue oomni ism.-; llii.i Israel,; and r1 beat sst ?' tmcntof Uoo-ehui . Furniture ?ud Mairkv oi Art aod Ai uo en of k ir$u ollned at a ction -,6ls sei" ou? ilie Fu> n tun all mud* to order lor the proa, at awucr seven mouiln ago. und mot' the l>. >-1 d<-&cr;ptfjii ? Drawlm- lioonia ? Superb auita oi >'t ail re, eeeored with brocate.toflthu rlc .?st .ie> ripi.ou clegaHi seta Win. low fur. is us to matcii ihe suits, t-.tag< re*. p glass doorj; Ku ao tenures, tie ret* ry sad Bookcase, (Voire Tibial, statu* ry xuarbet.p; Broa/e aiw.1 Ownim Chant ier*. Cabinet* t ? Snatch; WmoVi ai:d Dreg!.., C ?: .? Omamens, .Uaibc Stat >ary , iiion/e Figures, OH Paiuuii^s by eminent *rtl Is; rienrh Lin" r u^rsvn: .?. JtAO.NIrlCKN'f aEVi.N OCT.W'4 ROSEWOOD PIANO _ PORTE, instrument offer*: .H auction tb is ceutou, fully juaram-^jd b> make writ Si 'to-' brocade Cover, M:ic j>tnnd, fcooke, Ac : 1I i -:hii i, Chairs to match, oak lluU'et, jSitendon Table, C"\l a, S ?I*hs out and enur-i'-cd (518*.* 'nrai-e. China Dinner S -', imported from Paris tor present owner; direr Dinrj r aod T*i Serf on ( aster*. Spc na, Fork*. I'm, Ca .o I!a-t is, s>v er Dish. Tur-i-n Tab-e Cut lery, Litii .i, i0fc-?oori and u-anul I> >-ssiur Bureaus, iod ine, t<U, Armo ie a <j a--.-, en mii ?; H r and sprint: Mm. trt'rw. 'J4 pair Linen ,-bcatd. U4 p.?'r Pmo<? Cases. 1C French PUtukels ToweU. Count- rpatiee, Mar~ei:le* Qui. is,> 'fillet .vet* uiaho?an>' So! ?? Bedsteads, CLal ^ 3t tt< tei.s, Ac. Also Fur.i lure of a -rvanta' aoa! tmenUi. I'ar* ties wiablux to attvad Ut* --i tu,;" f'i'ib n- S:>;tli ureinio oai'M or aiaue* from Aaior ilo-me, r-tt. Ninholai or SI*trop->li tan Holers, leivius at Kixioeutb street, a few door* from th j kouse Auction noticr.?k uotb, auctionp-br. Lilly,? RiUrt of n! AU NIKiCENT lioC^KflOLD FlTKNITtJRK. ZLBGANT KUdll'.VOOJi Pi aNoFOK I K, U1C rt PABLO R FURNITUBE, TURKISH R AST CHAIKS ami LOUNOBS. VBLVBT. BRl -t .ULS AMU INOKAIK CARPETS, PARIAN AMI CHIN.' VASiiS. AC AN KXTRAOROZNABT OPPORTCNITr ?OR IIOUSEKRii.fKltrs. ON THtci I>A* fSATOBDAT), JUL1T 29, at tbe rssi.innoo llit iV? t lititlith wtrcet, i.llaion place, bo ? tire>;o Piftu and Hiath a* -n-tea. ^.'le ooinmeuoinx ai I i << ciivk precisely. 'A'Ue s? e oompriiw* tin* e-in.ents if t ie Iiouje. an! most of ft wa? niftd,! ;o order for the prosent ouracr by calebrated dtv rnaiora, and used but a van montha. Tho wbuiewiil lie sola peremptorily, rain or abiue, oileria^ extra luduoe uieiits to purcha*- r*. PAKliOR AND DRAWING ROOM rrRVITFRK. Three I i-autifal nolid ronewuad ana liinok walnut Par'or Butt* o??er?(t nrlch Prench satin brocttel an I reiw; Turk tali Easy CI nun anil' Lounge to match; ro fwoail CentM and Pio. Tables, Kta^eiea Corner and Book Stands, it day Bron; o Clock, ? Ich tliitiiii n-ia Pari in Va??s, Parlor Orna m>*nta, e "^aut liroca;ei a:id La:e OurUins. a One cullec tioa ol Oil Painting*, Eoki-'iyIukh, lurue Mlrror.H and Chan, dellers. MAG.Nii'ICENT ROSFWOOD PI VJtUl'OIUB, STOOL AND COVER; COST $700; an eleesnt infltrument, with rouii'l corti-r*, beatitifullr carved le,s and oaao. with al rao lern nnprovomeiitis. o?er Ktrunjr b.'.ss fu l iron piate, Pr.-m h action, full seren active; rosewood and mahogany UedxtcalH, Burnauu. Was'is^nda, ISul'as, Chiirs, RjUK?rs, Mirrou, Ciovks, Table*. Bed 3Lounsc?. SpriiiR and Hair Mattres os, Bo<ls, B'niikets. Tea Tabl^. Exiension Tab e, Uiaas. China inu ftiivcr W are, Cutlery, ,te. Sale positive. Peimitta required U. B.? Purlins wlsMu j to nttiind iU:s sr.le will take Sixth arcnue can, or ntu^es, loafing at Eighth at rest, a few door* from the ho'jsa. Auction notice.-iiouse sale of M AGNI PICENT ROSfcWOOD AND WALNUT FDRNIi'trRE. RLKOAM' WORKS OP ART. *C.. MADB AND IMPORTEf) PORTIIis PRESENT OWN BR, AND COST OVKR $12 HI I. ?HB WHOLE WILL RE l'EREMPTOBILT SOLD WITH OCT HKRERVE, THIB (SATURDAY) APTKRNOON, AT 2 O'CLOCK PhECIHEL*. FY HRNRT BPSSELL WKST-'OTT, APCTfONEBR, At tb> elegant resioonce IA2 Wont Twenlv.tlrit ntrjf t, bo tweeu Seventh and Kiubth aveu .es, couiprising tka entire ?levant Parlor, Steeping Rooms. Oinln.' Koom and Hall Fur nlturo ol' tlm lionse all in perlect order? Elegant Piano forto, cost $300; 2 masnlJcent no IJ black walnnt l'arlor So its. in ?ieen reps, n.ade to eri?r by city m.i!.?rs: Turiish fcouoges, '-levant Aria and Reception Cbalrt,ln Gobelin ti>.;>ea. try ; fine Cnrpets, large rosewood BUseiet, cost A ! .V > ; Cur tains. Shades, elosant parlor Ornamenta, Vasea. K routes. Ac.; roasM'ood Bedsteads, Uureaus, brotun Clock*. Hair and Spring MatlreeK'-a, BerJ* nod Beddlag; Dining Furni ture, rlcii China, cut class, Sllrer Ware. Cutlery, Hall furniture, Kr.fa Beds Ae Sale positive r.:;tl or shine N. H.? THR QHaNTITT OP GOODS TO BK BOLD Make it imperative that thb salr should COMMENCB AT TWO PRECISE!,*. PARTIES WI.SB TNG TO ATTEND THIS SALE CAN TAKE THE 8IXT1T. BEVPNTII OR EIOHTH AYBNUB CABS OR STAGES. WO A*OBTPONEM ENT. AJOPRNBaT, AUCTIONEER, OFPICB NO. 8PIXB . street. New York. Executor's sale of valuable Staten Island Lets at Tomp feinsvllle. Also 22 acres of I. and between the ?ince! Hoard road and railroad, at public auction, at the Rxchange sales room, ill Htoadway. New York, at 12 o'clock 5|. Sieve II Lots r.n Van Dusor street, eorameaolng southeast ?orner of Grant street. Pour t.otj on Oram street, oommenelng at a point 89 feet from southeast ooner of Van Dm>nr street. Two Lota on Bory street, westerly side adjoining the pro pertv lately own *d br Dr. J. T. Itarr-soa, 'deoeased, com Hneaolng si a point Jn fent from Grant street. 23 acre* oi Land between the P^nger Boat-it read aod rail road. about Hi mile from Vaudutbill landing, ad lolnlna the property of Messrs L. H. Meyer. W. D. Cuthber.<ion and J. McGuHough. It is very desirably located in an irapr^vlne noighboihood. surrounded by first iesld<-nce<. and offers Kresi MhrmW to o?pUallst* seak''ii? profltsbla in ?natmeat4. Toe property is eligibly situated to be cut up tote loU if desired. Terms, which will be liberal, at sale. Bap*, with full particulars, ai the office or the auction" r, N<? 8 Pine ?treat. Auction salk-of furniture ptock. on sat uiday, at ten o'eiook, comprising the nontenta of store H0 Hudson h-.r< et; Wardrobe*, Bureaua. Chairs. Centre and other Tobies Sofas. Bedsresds, Lo inges,; also, it lot ol' uuQuished work. Sain pemmtor---. URNBV R. W ESC OIF, Ausiionaer. AUOTTON 8ALB.? WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC ACC ticn, on Tiiesdat. July M. at It o'olook, at Market fnuare foot of Canal street. North river, a largo number of lusrses. Wagons Harneaa, Carts, Ac. Alt property to be ?ntered on ttie morning ol' sale. HENRY II. LEKDS. ACCTIONKKB. IlitNRY H. Lf.BDS A Ml N UK wilt reU at auction en Batumay. duly ?*, r.t 12 o'clock, in front of our aa.i*s room. No. WS Liberty "treat ? A br 1* 0 Mkre, 7 year-i old, UVJ hands, long tall, coo-1 traveller. n-Miud and k nd in single and do-ibl? harneis and uuiier the Ml ile. Also, mllltar;, .'.dies' and gentlemen's Saddle-, Bridles, Ac. LBFLONE't, AUCTIONEER.? P. W. SELDNRT. WILL . sell this day, at iOJf o cloek A. M.. at the aaloaromn l.M Ne?- 1 anal street, n-ur tower", a l.wge n'ortinntit of Men's ?n-i bttvs' Clothing, ronf.-tlnR m Cassin.nre, Doe. ?k'r, I,i*en nad A'vaca Conts. Pants r.nd Ve?ts sll new and lata ie ia tne \.?iy in-e?t style, being the too',, oi a dril l de iclfti'ac ''<is<nf? Al-o a larye sleek o? Women's w.iur . Apj mrei, Getiti> Shirts, Underclothing, Ac., A MDoCOHTV. AUCTION EBK. WILL SELL, THIS ? , at l')t< ??cliKik, st tlie F'le-Tiwi 7?l N ssau alreet. lluuselie:d Furnu re, ctis -ting ul Bruei Isacdlo irranCirp. ?, tvalaut an' niahojany PaHor Hulls, in reps aa l h ? oib; Tork sh Chain and L u- jen. black wslntlt ai d e.shovany Chamber se'?, Maa-x- and otner Mlrr ira, i.'.nt-e la' ?? i1,.". -, Uitiinf do., Curtains, Ba r Mav.--",ywn, Jf?a-' r Rla-'-ets Comforter* . ?r->le top Hofte'a, Pm?iii,, Ki^ravip,;*, Ciiu" Plated Ware, Gaj> fiaude liei iliwn, if., r orth-- ;he attention er no ?ee?eepei ? sin Acaiera. ' , (J A.1 XxJ ,A!IT ACCTIONEBBI-. WILL SEM, THTg IV. . > . . si }' 't c : a- , on riioms No. 1 N'ei tli W a.i> aueet, a lot ot ?la;i. i.:od ' ? ti. ire, io.a, Uug ' f Oi- ie ? iu,s Itnreaiih, Mde -'>* ri! ,, ^o. Wa aata'idr; also ora <j . i'i' <? ? .ve,?iiig Jlu hike, h %?? oi o l.nebiov-u I' ?. V . .. i an 1 Iff rdi '-: a b* rlr* . of r. ? li . ? t?- ? rt ????". -> <?" alr?. B-jdstaad . Maltre e?. Bed ,.ug, e,kuti? ... s. ?, 'riieu Kurilture. i*? oi'?nv extension TaU'e * "ii-'e.^ Paney Co i,i e bt ? .i f's.-es Vel vet b<n s ?nd ihree p y r rpe's. a *0 by . rf." of ?n u.i ... one a?iv Bitchei'v Cart. 'U m., li.irnc s, U rse, J. . lOn.S COUTBELL. Marsha: and Attoiaey 'or Ko.ii aa*e. C. ' <>N \UCTIOMCEK, HUDSON CtrY. C*. Ka-t-e's -ale bi o.-der uf Wa'huic nn B. WiiliaioS, ?u>s:en>i eliancery. Es %:e or .loo Hintih, deco?.<?l On Y inday, .lulv^i a- o'- i<v i, on -.he p . mlses. the large abreesiory lio.el known as the Newktrk H?it.?-? fronting on tootii ar "I I4-S . alt i e>.h; Lot . a l u ;ij two Owe! ling fl nis-s.i p <nie -.he hotel, all at tke rive Corner, l'<u!aoa City New Jereer Aiso. on eiiiiksd iv, July 27, at 2 o'c ?--k on the gre*md, Varm of |i*> aerei. r-lih goad dwelling hou?e, barn. Ac ; will be sold in pluis of II toZ.iaor^s; a eo li lAiiw acre* of Ana Mii'and, In plots of about two acres, opposite Die --ecauni* Hotel, on tli? Patorsoo plank roe?L Also, 41 IX- 100 eer"? of Mad meadow land. AUo II *1 IU) a. res of meadow, alt at ?eeanct'S. Berth B?rren. Undean eonty. New ,r*rse> . about Tosir milei from Haboktn ferrv, and kaowa ae the Jab flmtth property. Psniee atiendiaa tbi* sale can take the BMMn Nallroad from .leveay Cltv. al -' Ik darning al MaOel u.-i'e hotel, oa the Paterae* piank road. Resuming, leave McOiittum'e at 6 P. U. See raape aad poeters. CORAM TON COAL AT AUCTION. O Office Of tbe DELAWARE. LACKAWANNA ANL WE8TBRN RAILROAD COMPANY. Now York, .fnlv 15, )M4 ? This company will bold their eighteenth regular month' y suction on Wedneeday. Ihe 27th day of .lu.y.lSAS, ?I U o'dnek noon, at the oMea of the oantaany. No. 8ft WD Mam street, at whieh lisse they wttl effer, ty HI M BON r]r BN T T F IVBt0 THO^g AND TONS OF FREKB MINBD SCBaNTOB COAL, embracing all the usual sine*, and deliverable at tfcs.r deed, Bllsabethpurt. B. J., durtng the month of Angti-t next. Tbe sslo will be poeilve. Bach ot put np will be sold In tke highest bidder, ae Mde, la anv form whatever, being ?tade for aooonnt of, er oa behalf aftbe oompanv Tbe terms and conditions will ite tne same as heretofore, Bad will be fully made known at the time and nleeeef "ale. JOHN BKISBIN, PrasMaat. SAIE OP UNITBD PTATEP STEAMER MOII tWI - This msael will he offered at rnblic sale at the ''hiledel yhta Havy Tard on Saturday. Julv .10, ir. -t , at It o'dnek A. M. Tne Mohawk is a scr> t (teemer ,>f I.19 lno> burthen, ?wasurtBg IB! feet from kaighMiesd to tafftsil. and IM feet amain deck; her ettren e M.-jidth of b>-?^ le J4 fretC les, and depth of hold 10 feet A Incn. e. Tha govarnnicnt may suspend Ihe take after tbe bidding la as com moaned. The porufceeer Will be required at the cJese of the sale to depoalt >en per cent of tke smonnt, otherwise the v?essl will be sold to another party ?the tea per ocnt to be for fatted if the vessel Is not paid tor aad removed wuhta tea Vurther information may be had at ibe Navy Ysnt. n. O. c IT. TIN. Naval sum keeper. Fp GaPFNBY, AUcnONEGR -SALEStOOIl 3M A* Rlghih aveana, will sell on Aatnrrtay "id is?l at JOId e clock, the Lease. Stock and Futures of tke u ell es tablished Liquor Store 138 Wesl Teulh alreeU ?giriLUAM ABBQtT, ACcnoiiEBRT Tf "ortgage sale this da? at n o'olock A. K? the etnten e af the Rung and Flue Pactery st No. IS7 Rim street Clt' inj:, PlanJnttj and Hj He F*<lilne?, Shafting and Beltlfcg. Tttrnine Lathee Saw*. Orlti.istone^ and ad eth?r mrle aienia of the trade. J. HTOIHH, Attoraiy for Mortgagee. ^ _ ~U>A? OFricm. " AT ?05- MOSP.T LIBIT VT'.Y AP'ANCgt) ON T?IA J\ monrts, V\a|ehee, Jewelry. r lv<.r Plate, Oun? l'lsioie Ae., Ac Also raSnhrokers' Tuketa wanted of Dlamouds Watch "e, Jmrelry, Guns, Plato ?, Ac,, for whte?i f will pay 3<W per cent more than can he oMidu?<! *t any other plai e ia ??hs city. C0<1 Brosdway, corner ol lJouaUn street, dii stairs, room No. & ________ AT 77.-MCNEV URERAI.l.T ADVA ICR D AT 77 A ON DIAMONDS. WAT. HPS IPWULBT. PIANOS, K OK Nil' ORB, A?. AT 77, PAWNRROKPPS^ TICKRTB WANTBD AT ,7 Of Dlarnond?, Watehos, Jeweiry. *e ?ad a higher cash price paid than can he ohtaiaed at any Wber place la the oily, at 77 Blee--ker street, np ststrr. , A T4M BROADWAY, ROOM It. -CAgH ADVaNCSD ON ^3. Diamonds, Watehee. JewetHk tune, PKlols, ge. Also Tnwnbrok r* Tlekeu hought for Diamonds, Walebee, iewsiry, (inns, rirtoie, Stifca. Vara. Ba, at ?N flrwdwar, SP1CCIAL. SOTICES. A* ADJOCJRN Kit MKKTIMO OK TUB POWER PRE^S riicu't. At D'tun -v i II n# b-.ld at thr '?'rjoUk.," uraud fUeet, near Bo?r-v, >hia evrulnc ''<? -3il Inn. I1MOIHY VriJKbUhlt. s.-cr-t ary. ALL PERSON!) JNTRKKSfbO IN 8TK \MTI?i'B ARK re jufhieJ to inoet M No. I " Ho th si.eei V.-n 'ay e eii lo< July 25, M W o o 00* preotaoiy. By or lw of lie coiu. lUllllH /lOVKVANT LODGE. NO. M I. o (IK O K? THB 1U-II. ?r? of Covenant will 1 en- room* No. 16.1 l><>?erjf. on S uinat. Jn'y U. ai one .. o ?*. t..r u.e purpose of ua ia? <he lut tr hum of ru.iw t to uur lair btoiiier, oa ob It. Uu Jt.011. by o r d .* r ? ? ? ufcwirr. n. a. CitAS. ? MiOOLL, Secretary 1 M PORTA *fT NOTIOB TO T.|k PURLIO -T IB L?7d I ng Hr'* I * ar and Cant! ?r?-l Or/ <k>l* ail ,,i cI?k esof iriwia. numbering aluv- esiab lah oen'ii I. .ro unived to 01.. ? on Saturdaya at :i P. M., fm ? f?u 2 . T ? BfeuWii- Ci?' _ N. B.? Tin. movement baa no connection wlih any oilier . NoTjnr; to ansa mahoys-o* a<jooii\t o^t<ib ewi'l .ant pr ens of the ne"nMr|i>? of M? n.. ?. ?r the hriekla am nf No* York will h > $ ? ftO >-r ..ay oa and rft.ii in- , July 23. By ord -r of tno (;n'?n Pur.B P. BUT, Sec. JAME8 HANLON.Pr<^ \JRWr \ORIC, JULY 23. 1864.? ROTM'K TO ROATMRN ' \ ?n<l all wJ-om ft ruav oooe^ro -Wn, the ni'd'r?no?d 5'T? 1 eh>irge Hie following for diacbar* ?nc c at on and after August 1 For ??.*?? 0"r* SOeant. par ??? Fu- arows 2 0"uU ,J,r ,on 11. ceoti per ton John Lvneh, Peter r>n"y, Miohael Bo'ilger, Heury (> .vie*. Jama* jKwell, .lob.. Uain-w, ? t"MV . al,# Lauren* -V i-ihIi, Joui> KbiI(9) , IVerfu*. M Pfi-nr.r'1 Ward, Dennh Lvnsh, w u lh?n McDonald, Luke I'onera. 2.7?n Carnanter, If. o. H'm.tee, MtlHma M?h"r. .Tame* lt?a, Wi jam JloConnlrne, Pam Koulcer. i- 1 m1 S filler, John Dunn, , ? Mullovfty, Juhn Conner. J* nfiH Smlfb, l*bila:lelph:a and PotUviile paper pleawcopy. HlSCBLIiANBOOS, ==3 * RTIFIftAL HITMAN RY f'.S MADK TO OIOKR A!*D rt insartcil by Drn. f. HADOH A P. OOUiiKLH ANN way^'au' Vork' Botss"ljat,tu* ?f Paris) :,2y Broad A -*??5N\ BUKIONS TROUBLISOXa NATLS. *u 2? -SI R,llari<e'l *01 l>iaa???d JoinU oured br Dr. HRIuGB. Surgeon Obiropodi-.l. 01) llro 1 l.vay, .-on e> of Twent^n?- dirnar, ne.i" Kirtb Avan ia H019I. Branch o.-ice, u? Broa.iway. oppoalla Su I'aul'acburih. rjEADAORK CCRBl#.? DK. WOOI>BKIDOr.'S SPK ... . .?,'^He&d":.hf,uB1U*r< Jioel'ivelvcu'BH Slcl;, nUi- u. au 1 ! a.l otbar Haa.larbi'* aria nit from a <l;?.ird?-r>vi or deljlli. fiin'J .* >? 0 . l'"0*ollv 'a Purely rptrtab!fM,nit con lnjUf"o''? to the syatea. Sol.: by RI.SITTON a, aimms, f?n. ii) Astor H#U4*. ^oruor of ^arrlav CnZltvifinil Wt K.? W N ' no|-fchcfv?t corner of ccporall? itroeu. Pblladolplaa. and DrugcUu D?.? J- , I'- BOyNTOVa PETROLK0M MKTALI.IC Roolirg and Slilp V itrnfsh ? One ooat o! thi* varni h Tii r^f?Mr*r"!,t?n,eco,ts*f ramt, m-1 I. mneli rhaapar. J ? ^ ^,,r on* ccat P#r n :uar? foot and leak v m!? niade a. Rood as new. for f ?rth?r imrtiouUrM ami HnmliftS'lV1!!. ^ ? fc. HILL, 002 Wan'aingtoa atrcet, geneml ?yent for New York c ty. HtOHKSf CASH PUICR PAID 117 fHIg CITV POR old aewrapapara, book*, pamphlets aud all tiads of rI!a^e?,n touK' 41 tha l>aPer stock warrhnus-- 49 Ann ?treat, near William. TllOS. C BBNNETT. HOU8R PAINTING. -OWNERS O? PROPBRt FaND ar.ent* of l.ou es wishing to find tbelr own ma'eriala can brivc (hair paintlnif donnTn a thovoa^h uiaaner br ad. dressing Korney. at 649 Broadway, np ?talr?. 7 T\ CONPORMITT with an act op thk r.KOTSLA MlailA? Si H MewY,:rk- 'l??tter 276. Aprils. 1?*, In SSL??,, ^rS?!?Ia S*-kgI 1 In ?h* omee of the Jwcr?tary of State, ftnd in tti# office of tho Clerk o' the GeuJity, the following dessrlptinu or the bi-ai.ds and .-r'ark. used by ma on ray ca ta. vu Rc-ad Brother.. Troy; or M, Ji., N.a" "f T- T R?ad. New York. Bt Wie above ntmed act anv pernoo who tr.Miloa in or Ue'ara* tbe brand- or mark, of br^wer'i cant. U liable to Una and Ira privonment. T ? Rnn Wnw Yoag, .Tu'y, 1 8^4. 204 Put Pourtesntb ?t., N. if. JMPOETANT PRRNCfl DI8C0VRR?. WOMEN ARP. ESPECIALLY INTBRF.8TKB.% NewYork 'postotSSt1 tor r8turn Poctago to boi 8,402 QTOM WANTBD-PE rROLEUM STILLS OF 40 JO ?a O barre.s capaolty; al?o Tanks: mo.t be In good worktnif order. Adure. a box 4,30. Post oOlce. T"?, METAL AND OLD LEAD- WANTED.? O ABB wl.I be Da'U for a few bnndred weciit ?fXypeMeUl and eld Lend. Apply at'<be deak of Lbia otHoe, Tfl? PfDEESjONED HERRBY OIVK NOTIOB THAI tbolr Jla arid Porter Oaafc. are branded Smith A Bro tner. New lork. or Macpberson Hmitb A Donald Emith. Hew York. th'? same being considered tbeu- trade r.ark ?^Lr^r^?n ?Jfu"?'. <ln'?elnff or removlne th- above u- ark* ui 1 J" !? 6?* *"'1 iinprlsunmeut. under a law lately en aete: I by the Legislature, iirotectiug bn-weia atfalnet .o? of sa.k.% ^MaCPIIER.-{ON smith A DONALD SMITH. Ktw Yoke, Jul, I, m"""' Wm1 8,?hlw?A Thry abk oay. Lore Hcene* In Playing Card. < French picture.), nsed tne aama aacomm t? card., a gay tbtuc for an evcninK'g H. Willi* A t:o.. 82 Maaaau atreai. WANYBD-TO PUROHASB. A SECOND HAND BAHS (lira Iiroof): a Lao an OOlce I)e*k. Address boi #70 Ji'ew York ,'on ois;o, fiatloe partir'ilara. WANTRO-A^HCOND HAND IRON S M O Kl ' STACK Y? or Chlniii^y. *bou< 3ior 40 f??t lour incheefn diameter. AddreM box No. 3 Baaion I'o.t oflice. Pa., zlv.n* 100 price, ? WA2!?P-,ATuTIlr iadndry. in' franklin "** ? In tlio bif.eo<ent, n??r Bruadwav, iKdlus' aud gent. emeu a wa? ilng: will lio dona up with neatre- 1 mil doapatch. Order, by mall will be promptly all *ide<1 to ANTRD- A PORTABLE BN0INR, RITHER.VEW OB ?^ceit'i hand, from .11 to twolra bono power. TATLOS A WILSON, 13Vandl41 Franklin alrwf Wl SFCAU ACil ' wok SELDOM OKI EIIBD.-TWO MAOVIKT. rent ? <i '-?.?ii o. 'are ne-.r Pianoforte*, been li re, out i<*u inouihk, *11 b? ?il!l lo.- ne^rlv balf the r orifiins. rait; have tror fi-amea, oreretruDi lia^a. ro lad roraers, carvcd caae?, *c MuDONAI.D 1 CO., 5.W Bowerr. AMA' NIFICKNr SP" EN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD l'.auo; ior ?al?? a barna.u for ?ja*h ; full iron lr?m?, orarat i n,- ?>?*", round mere, >Arre<t la-.*, rl b ai.d po .erTul tote, An. ; only a ?l?o:t tloie m use. Aor'y at 10 Aflutt -.u-oet. 4 ' ACCCRDJiyNS. OUTiaRS, PLCTR8. VIOLINS, rON ?vtt'naf, Pacjo., Tr aui-'e* Oeri.irn Kilver and brav band Inurnment, and trimming* rf every J" .rip. Ion. Pri.'a! i?l ?e nt ? n re^-ip' of nump. Vioi:n tilrrr. for not weather, fllk 29a . fce*' Ttalletr M . MuilcaUn??niir?nt. repaired I'RUDBUIi'S HlA 'AK. 2J? It ov.err. AY0T*"0 T.ADT TlIOnOt'O'fLY < OMPRTKXT having bv?i cliiia'ol l-y tb- ilr<< i.<?fEer* in Ire ?od! wti. tr'e ie?soe? hi %?a f^*th He tb^orv ?u' rnmit-n of tn I ?ln mg. a' pupil*' reeldeii'va. ?hn . s 14 a!*? ::ite cl .au,- of the i?r-an f'.rai.y Epieoooal nr Mi 'iio' st rhareli (tLe letf-i' ptefeiia.JV where hr fai.u'r n !' p'ton-' and g;ve their er rvices lj the choir "ratlt Re-iurerntion no ob trot Adders. Mi- A . Si We?t Tooth a'reet and Sixth ar. A MA.'-M*-Ti:B\T ROSF.WOnD IIANOYORTE V'OR . *" V'" "or !n li.dinu Hiooi and 1 or?r. Parlor Autu, eMt $4Au for ?c!j; Euyerea, M:i.or*. Paiut In.K. I.ron 'r-. s, !? ?ry, OhATiber Kurnlt ire? in nso i*"rou mnetbK? to b' *. :d a*. ? racrlfl -o. Iaqulro tl 113 Wont Twen ly-tlilrd .ireet, near S'xia avenae. tnrTY NEW PIANOS, MKIiODEON'8^ ALBXA5DBR * , W<1 Oiptii, St tvbo?ewlfl 01 rvUki?, lui. urioes ow ? . any fltkt r':i * *n*tr'rmei.r* cat. '*o p-rr; ?sel Se. ondl.and I'l'uoi at f eat bargain*: p:iee> frw ofc.ijto 9800. A.l tba ib ?> e n?tii.?Aenu 10 le', aud 1a a lo .ed If irtb?seci m.iotblv pa< menu reeehed lor ?!>* ?^mo Tl.?re ing \or.e are d-ff., i-n: nv*ke? ot pttaoa la th.- ,iKe *v.k k f icb.ieriican b? .nil it a* well hero as eiuewb a-dp-r bar. a lltMa b? (?' IB'UHI *h?wt* or Muak% a liu:e wileO, .? l>ke. per page Ca*h >?<.! f?r ceoad hand Pi, uo?. HORAti.'. W A fF.BS, ??i Broadway. N. T. POR 9Ai4t>A onoo pt anoportr handsome nS????i* h?f? ton'- . Kor 'urtb*r P*" "".lar. applv to m. HBITELB, 14 Oreeno trott, ftrat foor. OR BAI.H-A ?? ', OTTAVB KOBE WOOD BECOBD band Plan*, oilarior and interior la good or dor. At r&:,!??jiz*alk"Do* wiih ^ w F YTUlK BALB? A SMALL PtAffOFOBTM, StTl fABLB P tor a bagiaaar, and la good order. Prlea 9m 0*11 at li Canaan ttraet, near Orand, >a Uvo moraicg. MBS BATB T.CBY PR I' ILLS HAS MUCH FLBASOBB Hi int?rmlnc bar former 0*1 root and frlemda that die reuiraad ?? Na% York, and will gtra iaaaoaa h? imietc. Preach and other bran c boo of edueatlou, at the roaideaae of W. and atlUBlaaekai .treat, about three blotk.frnin iway. Tfl* rBLBHRAYBD PIANO* OY J A C. FTSCHSB. tlxi mi* rait. Ma Pianos tnado, vrhfOooai* a?d retail, al luade-a'a prfea 'Kl. .'4A. JfJ and M0 wait Tw*a?y eiglith airaat, aaoi Ntalla areauei. niTRUPTIOf, ArvslVess PTWCATIOM. BOOEBBBPINO. WBIT. lac aritt me-Je, .pelUBg. *?. . tawgbt for f 10. Ladioa, J4 wriUTii, tesafrfc f?. at PAfBlfB. ?RS Faltea .tree', Brooklyn Mew tor* CM'efa, ri Bowery, renter of Oaa.l ulreet. ?rar* day .edereelng. VoranaUoaa. FRBNi B fc.ANODAOfc -?,*IVAn LPBSOltB. BY A nail # Pi?n?> ism. For ierm? aadre?e <* ?rply ta Praf . 0 BB AllGT, V Lameaa.treet IRRNi ll L^,^C,^AliR-?T PROPB9BOB PABRATN, ?< fra.i u* ef tbe CatbMlc l'i?i?er*ity of Loa?a a. Ueer. tie.c ?f tbe Normal School ol Pare, itaacl'r.' 1 boo;). T il. lion w.rraated In l'nr?e maaiba, Aacoaiiaodalloa for g?*o. ra. * balarn 37 Hood at root. ^ _ _____ ___ BIPTiFY KRMAI.B COLLROF. Pall eoa?Jon i i?n. Wedu??<fct?. Auguol .4 ? V J ^Af) t) d., Po'iUney. Yt. branc ?an dtiU, gatitlerr aa 'W'T '"TT ^Ia?*p ?l " >1*1 MieafW .... Krcae.b aaa m- *'?, A I <?!>? want poait.ons tlmuld Bar* ap eli'-ation form rf AriafW-vs " 'kwI lu?ll.u(r ,? W. srilBRMKBlIORN. Aetoart. m Orand etraeV w '?antkd-a rrn^n cms" bmrttionibt. to Ei?" prtraia iaWtict ""o 10 a la<ly. Addrwe H. 1.. room 44 Kt. M?AaIa?. _ _ , Wanted - a fiUpndte!?^ uipl. from 12 to u. to educate, uood nmaieet talent lBdi.i'.en*ali'e; a *> pupil* tor (lio pinr.o, <niit ir 10J frrencb. on to improved method, lumirlat; rajld improvemeBt, a' |u a quailer. Ad drea Tr ijfr.?''on, elation D, Bible lloiire. WIN KM. liiaVORM. AO. rH BALR-OBB UUMDRBD BARRELS GOOD bodied ehampagno elder, elaar and fine TAYLOR i Wll.BOB, UK and 141 Krankttn etreek OLD APPLB WH1BBBY. Ian?ip|li?f,B* MrtM" 0,4 J Jarooy A opto Wb taker for aale. A W. OBAMBIM, M Waal MK ^ TUB TVUr. (^IPATOOA BaCKHI TOR PIU-.7 MKKTINO BARATxia Ri | v!VaM<MM tTIOB. AT \ fKiW.ia. "II. h* ? !? ? ON -r .? 2 0. Hd, 4'h, .iin Ki|,i i tii of August, 18M. 8RVEKM, KiCK" Wl" L~8K RI'N RATH DAT, Co iiimtmin.; pro Tl|ill. ai 1 1 K A M. No poklp IUI il. Ill ;? )H lii , Mhd Of WBa'.liSr. Metairie rul.-a to ?rn kikrt '>ay- kirst rack. Thu TR AVPBtt y c,t,s l0 une* >'??r olds. to osrrv ln.t "cjhimI,; $j.i cotnoi ,-, p'? or par; |>,U00 added. A *4 ?ol f h. Clona l will, in Mum imtion-k S*VK!K.- .S <)NI? RAOB. PurM 5!W0, for a'1 *.?*? 2 nitle beats HKt'll' I |)A Y -Kilter BA0S. Fm all ages mi se^toi 1)4 mil**. WAIih i?AT? S ' ONU RAOB. The SAR TOi>a STAK-rS for I wo * r?r olds; to oerry HI pun nils; S'.O ?>'iratw?, pay oi pay; $.*) addad. I mils. CUsert with 13 n >ui tvitlons. SAMh 1) t Y ? 't H I KD KAOU Puree $15U. t nn es. T < IK J? DAY ? FIK8T R\OR. RWEr PSTAKr. ? for turne aar old*; io oarey 10# pouo is: t'ie wl,m?r >f tbn Tra?t?rs Hut's to mrr? 5 p-mnav 'MM. }t It (intra now; $<0 forfeit, 15 1) added. Dash of 1 mile*. Clone i w t.i I uo ntaai .>n HAM Ft DAY_SU.;OND KAl'R. Th? <'..nBr??* Spriutf Purse, (or all age*. $808. Threo mile h'-uts. FOURTH DAY? FlRhT BACK. Pur** f mil. Sailing fit a for aU ages. One and a quarter tulle ihuh. PA*1K DAY? SECOND KA06. Handicap I'm se Th e" m u . 8A MK L?A\ ? TIIIR I> RAOB. Purse $-80, for I .eaten in r?oa lino wnd a uuarter mile. KIFTK DAY ? HlftST RACK. Hsudlcap 1'ur?', $ T>". :or C year olds beaten at Paterson and Saratoga. 11 1 cheats. > AMB day. Pnrse Sl.'OO. Hurdle rn.f. Oa-h of two mtle.H T o i- pi .-???> tld new course U now completed and la mneh admired by ?1' who Visit It The Stand accommodation jure ample. afTordtnp a perfect view of the rotire Oimrm from ea,-li seat. A I ? the bent horses to the ?oiintrjr wtll be in at tendance. and thu moat esclttng trials of spe?-d are antici pated. An eQiclunt poltra will !-ec-:r? :ood or.ier. I'eisnns Icat liii: New Yort n th" rn-n n. oither fcv rail or atrs'ner. c?n rwich Saratoga at 9 o'cUick next nioroln ". Kf.r* iiutin. will a'ss irnre Ti>y ao.l Albanyl at 9 A. M., auil ariiva at P aratoaa in time for 'i>? rer<> i, ft. A TKAVER3, President. 0. Whkati.y, Reeretarf. KPOJU-TiafU.* DOf?9 FOR 9AI.K.? ONE YOUN'O NKWI-OUNDTjAND St B-i'n?i-d Dug. Hull leu-iTf yp<rfoiindland 1'iiiik. It.ii I ad Qrevhounds, Rn'iuimaug U..ri, lilaek aud Tan Ter riers, Scotch and Skyo Terriers; mud ra.ters Cal at 11 Ko'ii.evflt sirirt. JOHN GRAY. BM>Ki 8.i,LB CUBA!'? A KB AKTTPL'Ij UTTi.K I'RO pe' ?r Vauht ?(? fivetontf; double cnelue: tire lioiai; sp?ert about leu mUes an Uour; or.c person win run her. Price $l,a(X'. Xu'juire ai 14 Wall street, room 17. S.JKU, KO^T FOB ?ALB? PBI08 $*5. FOR ONE nr.'r i>' oars, 22 feet Ion*, copper and Iroa fn t -n ng, es ii iilani,- in onn piece. In tfood nr.' ?r, and a >l4 solely f "r wan., ol ns ?. Address Altreii Nclion. box 1,137 Post odleo. New York. _ WANTED? A 8BOOND HAS D BOVB&I BAR.'iBL *? sun, N'oi. lORuago, ,1v! Inch barr?l?, welching about 10 pov.nna. Address O. S. B., Herald olllno. A HOUSES, CARUlAGEs, &C. PlIK OF FABOY MATCHED B0BSB8 VOK HALB Cr*y mid 'ola^k, 13'., hamla hiith, S y f:\rn old, long full niAnch an>l 'ulK stylish and prompt lirlveis, flee trav ellers, of n 'dt endarnnce, aound au.l K.nd and free i rom any ob.esttonabtn UitMti,. Price $S0ll. One pair of Bays, IS' , ham: <J and 8 years eld, loug uianes snd tillu. active and Bijliiii rravelieri. pert'eeiiy so a in! ami k n! and free from U'oiuiahes. PrK*? $7<Ja Two bronrn coupe lloise-i, 16 and u:'t bends b'Sfli. fi and 8 yean old. Price $23*1 ard $S(ia One 1;sy U rae. I6>4 bauds h ^U. 5 yuu* old; suitable for coupc, (oach or rockuway. Pri'i J?25. Three nt ditto 1 IIokk. Lie ud!ns a thoroui:bbi -4 Imported tiiarit. Pncaa rau^ ag fiaui S2&J to t&Ji1. One bright llav, l.'.)^ Iiaudu hlcU. 5 old. lone full mane i.dd tail; . .in do 12 miles au hirnr. lie is an eicolient (antleaiau's driving liorsc , p?t* fact In over/ rs'pocL Pi loa $ ICO. Tbe above horse-) can be takeu lir any ren|?oDalb!o party on trial for one we. * or nao:e. The jir.'ces named are "xceedlngly low. Auy ,7entl? man wishing to ascertain further p.trt eulan ean do ko hr addres{.::ig C. S. ltalnea, Bti/abeth, New Jersey. KII/:aba(l> s II nillos from Naw York by N?w Jersey Railroad (foot of <~!ortlandt -.treat. ) Trains ruuaing every hour. A? FOR RALE, A BAY MABK, 14H HANDS BTfHT, ? sound snd kind, ti year* old; jvlc- si 10 liar Mare, l' fj nands high. H75 Hi. r e, $75. Tcji, $1'M and tlCj*. Single and Double Harness, flu to $d3. App'y at 211 Woo *tcr street. APORREI. HOR3E FOR b'ALS, NBAS 16 HANDS, 7 yeara old ; pvvM In Newborn, N. C. ; irota, paces and ,-ap'ei* i n.lnr the saddle. Warranted sound and kind in ?H harnzj*. Prtoe 9176. Apply at 462 Pearl street. AKPAN OF BEAUTIFUL BAY HORSES. MBS ?e:i?9r stock, full brothers, UK Uar.,I=, 6 yenrs old, loug tails and ruryrlvlish. warranted everv w>iy; also, a new two seated Park Wtgoo aud dotiblefllsmers. Apply at privaro Btalile 70 West, 'i'ont'i atrvH, uornn af Fourth street A PINE BRO\YN FAMII.T HORSE? A GOOD TRA vet'er; ran trot 111 3U; jirlee $lit?; worth Applv to Mr. .IBNKlNs, 1,401 Broadway, between t'orti?;h and tor ty-hr?t aircain. Alight ??bcosd hand six seat rockaway, almu.tuew; alifht curtain Carriage, luualile forde t.ot nee; -i rlose Ccaches, .1 curtain t'os'ibea. 2 Cn.le hes. 2 top Wasons, 1 four a?at Phaetou. an autortuient of new < "arrlatea. 4 and A scat denot Wr-con. - . 4 tud G heat Phae tons, Rvctaware, Brens, Cabriolets, W?j ? Ac. J? (JVC * CO.. iSWui k'i> ? ;h streM. ALIOHT COI PB CABRlAOK FOR ONB OB TWO hor<ef, little used, would be sold uor #l".\ Apply at f>, Pteveps' xtabla, S7 West Twenty-nlntit street. A TOP VTAOON. POLB AND HUAKTS. FOR 8ALB.? J\ >>w; made by Dutenburf A Yan Dnser. Call at prl vste stable 71 Wesi Forty -Cret streei. A3AR(. ATN F(>B A CASH OrsTOMKR ? A SPU!N. ii : i . _ ? >a.' 'A s.-on. b iiit by lies', attymakert aino a set or riu'tioi Uarni'HS; ImtIi ax good as new; no ly used twu*. Owner must seii. Apply ai.-jU'it. Thm. -i'igtith stie.'t, net.- fcroadway. A BABOAIN-FOR S^L.B. TWO HETS OF I.KJHT, t\ ore o; heavy De-frile llairrsa. two .c'.s oi lip'it SiBf> Harness. Also two l!cM Ton y??7ons. in c?,l order; mad;i in this < ity. Apply at *,1 Grea, Jones street. ABiiAlTirTTL TWO RVATKD WAItON FOR PAIK, - w;tb hijrh bfceks to seats; for eonnor'. he snr ptn ?td; t 'p on back snat; all In the tw t of order; ma le by 7>i > n' ur* V; Vaadusei. Apply at S-i Giroat Jonas street. ; r ^BT OK DfirBT.E BABBBM, AUD OSt set. of c jvor. d *ini<Ie Harce?s tor (la c. Apply ut 27 Wo -'te Hire t. i.iar dratid. BKAUT1FCI, TURN OUT -SPAN OF PONIES. OF A I ?u ioir.? aa ' . wall raatchod. perfeeily sound, e v. drivers, ffsrtle and w'thout a fault; o?rnai(? uew. or ru; a tut i ??" ?" J but i. toge'faar tvitii .it lljli bar ne ?, *1*1#, aBV'.an. wh'... nat. *' . ootup.r'^; making one ,f tb- m ;st han'ilkOtao c-ta '.iabroonts lu t!ie eity Pm e 9 1 ^ <?. I'ar, ;? ? win) actually lu end buying ^a.n tnwc tic u?.u ? ho* "i id ^y a-Jdreadns the owner, lui|?<vtc.", bos 4,iii I'. .ft oi ien. C1AP iTACB^ PDR PALP ? \ HOOD SECOND HAND ) i >*'11. top Phaeton, light tv o seat Dog Cart, wli !? r V : ? P",a.itoii, Ooure Hec'iKWS^, leaiher Kip Ki .T'.v Road w'a.; n? Ac., at STIVERS' ( Knvers A Stnltkl, 'A to ,0? .- nat l hlrty-f.i t rtreet. I lARRIAOB KOil SAUE-lVtO Rr'.ATb, I.tOHT Bi'K *. io," si.ltabla for one U.?-?. , and in rood t tier. 1'i i.e $. ^t Ia. -.dbe' er's BtAide, Sevanth avenue., between for ty-f.fih and i-'orty tath streets. JOHN N. iiKIUU8. COW-J.-BUJUr FUBSH MTIXin fOWR. WILL OITB froat 1<< w quart, o: pure milk daily, will he sold very "'irar as the iwney bae w gu back tj the oountrv. Ap ptv at ?7T Pi-arl Htroet Ipop. SALB-A STYLISH. LONO TAIL. BLACK SAD ' die Horea. IftVi hands, sound and kind; tro.s, arobles ard istitrre; suitable lor a lady or gentleman. 1 (.'Ok Apply t" W IL1 1 AM S. DUKE. Itll Broadway. LTOR SALK-A FINE PORRKL HOB.'H. 19 H VkDH I? Ii'jh. ill yeara old. sound and kind la all ware, and si- taofa fur faudly u.-e. Apply at ?WMd Vo. J9 Oreat Joaea sties i. _ _ _ _ |/OR SA LB? A BLACK IIOBSB, F.IOHT VKAKR OLD. P sonnd and kind taevnry reapact; a fno road h arse, and suitable fer a aarriaga or light wag am. To ba s-.en at No. o Harrisoa streat. i>OB BALF-AT A ORBAT BABOATV, A BBOW.V Kan, U? bands high, 6 years old, saund and kind; ctn trot a mile In thtea minutes, one set af ?lag1a Harnase: one light, road Tails, coal bos. oltv made, one seeond hand Tight svaaoa. In gawd order, price $-14. The above will ba said var? enaan. Apply at the earner af Forry-siath st. eel and M road way, la tbe pla*batig. f^OB 9ALE? A OANADTAB PONY. 14W HANDS HIGH. P eannd and kind. Ira yasra aid; sold far iha want or use. Applv ai Lab oat brewery. Platba.Oi avenue Brooklyn. POK SALFU. A TflOBOro B BBBD OLBNOOK S*D die Harre, serrel. I.V jpiands high, sound aad kind. PvlenSCOB Apply at stahle, 37 Irvlag plaret. F F F? c on HALF -A STROKG BUILT ORAT HORSE, 18 banda hi*.b, 7 retire oM. a free driver, and gentle, _ LOW A TAYLOB, Grand and ChrrsUa. CH>B SALE-TKO ROAD WAGONS AND HABNB6S; P oca wntgbeSMIbe.. tha other 1M lbs.: beanrrrabuta abort tine, and are ia good order ; made by Iha beat asakert ta ibeeity. Will be sold at a great bargain. Inquire at pri vate atabto. ff Burrow etreet, oornerof Hudson. P"OR *ALB? A RTYLISH. SHIFTINO TOpT LtOIlT Road Wagon and Ilarc eas, l>eth by Arst olass city .-nakeit and out little used, tag' tber srlUi nlarketa, Bobe*. Wllra Ac. Apw> at MaOovarn s stable. Lore lan ??, near Hanaioa Hojiae, Hi HAIyn. - /, ,. t, , R SALB? THrtBB HOHHHbT' TKUCS, CAR?. _ IjieVch, Ha.stu An. Also, tbe work of two lane houees down town, la nalre of J. JONlie. No. 2 Ooirver uaur lane. New York. R StLR-FOCB KKAr HERMAN TOWNS PH \K tens, tor ani n > top Bua^lr ' flue road >v*gon* Park agors, for sale lew bv H. fT t'OO^. II Deyr'-eet. FORRAI.R-A SBCOWD HAND BtPBBfR WACOM, in MrfMl order. VALBN I'INL A, ha. .H WaUrr stteat. rn t ALB? THBAP. A iniKIHO Houf ROAD W?*"n full spring, e.'al lw>* Nulv; trltui,i?<i! anil iafteh" ed iu the latest style. Inqaire at KB. tULil't), i.-orner of Re? tf acd Uudnin r reeta. Fob salk-913? a veby uandsokf hbaltry. wc'l t white Billy (kmt. osa dra.v 1T5 uonnds <-n a?r>?: s' fsb'e far ' pet of tne famtry." Apply at IM Wa,hiiiktuu ttroet, Brooalyn. IrOB SAL!".? AN lMPORTBD DOBkIy. K1.1D AND r mnt-i aud a (iistoliied toi i.ilursn. Apply st 96 Pr*.rl street. ITOH SALE-A FOrR SB IT WAOOf. MADE BT A Kresi tier natlier Kip. over iMH-k seat, with lint a snd I Pole. A isa H |t lit leather top j .? . )> seat it' agon. Apt 1. at j tbe wood ya-d Ban Tweaty -elgbtti street, rear first av lilO't SA'.F C'IBAP? FOB WANT OF UHK. A FINB r styll'li p?:r of ? oi>n ' 'ountrv Hor??s. about l'i hands high, Sound nn 1 km.l 'n ha-nese; will sell them together or separately For further information Inquire of tbi owner, at 13 Pea 1 1 stre-t, who will <hon tbein if d 'Sired. FORSATiEOBRAP-A BROWN MARE, f tX YEARS old, 13 high, senud. gentle and fast: with a new modern bm t Rnggy, not three months o'rt. also Ssd.l e, nern-o. niaulceta, *e : all new and In e"-e! sot order The mere I i an eicslieat neddle beast, and can trot b?fnr?> the bn"L'T in 'our m'ntites on an onl na y read Prloa lot all ?MJQ Address Om hot A.M Post ottioa Fob halb low_a bbioht robbkl habb. ii hands ; a good saddle hot so for a lady or gent.emati, or suitable for light work. APpij at the teed star* Be. 17 (bint streeV mmi'si, c&iutuow. ^ Hour cor sale-a valua <lr virrtnia fct?<l Yure !l?,t ti*v i-elor; "til "? ??????? "1 ly h r a 8- <1 r ??up In mr? imned at *ly at 64 Ult rty atreet, ?. v., or Mj Pacirto street, llnai.iyu. M 11 S iKKlU. II a K \ K - S, ?HKNF.8'i.-rHKR? BETS t> tnd mi ? , . S'nc'e '1ar mi c t? ma e end for 1 ??? Apj.1 m eo khi mrt?e?a ?>???. ??>*?'" m i .meat. it -aos bales i- imp. oi,d timothy. a FiiOAT. I^i mio bj U:> V i u W. L 1. iV 18 4 CO.. tfit r*** etraet. 1'ECIAL Af-NOUhCKM KMT. L'NP>. ~~AT*B BOR8E AND t'Alll&iA'lS AUCTION MART. The ; Uku ihu opportunity Of lofor'nlng the t?nfc Ctn.l I fa'! . (,U ? S-euted 1)%.''. 'ma. ODI'llUIIUlMMWil * <?. ?? : i ted '-la ,i. , and ivriac<.' buu ?e, ttuated Iu P;fth ? v iiu.' and uo it#. r f | oriy-tou tU -tieet, for tue purpoae of lelaoli- ii . k Mart wh re perwt e v o h? ? horiee, car r * ? i r heme * id .i ,? e of a ?n do so by public HOct on. T.irse prelaw* v .i c m ru- 1 J an 1 iltte>l Dora the or > i. u and i m*. i ?(., ?i. .mt-rden e of Ol -nrle* Oui(.:lw I , at. hit'Oi tut 'fv iv"i hf spend ne treble In per lecv ?;? rii-iu . ii p'.iv KtirrifM-BH !? ; 'I modern I >?? \e ni? , iiiu r 1 ii ii 2 ? mi p ete aivouun' i*' on ( >r seventy ti'irwi and nit/ cut r ? ?... witli appropriate n-rneae mid aai; . e mo iiu : it. h> , iio i in whi ? i i iaio if n aovere i rida or annoe r. ??!???* i.fn b.< xiem for Uir. par ? ?? <>? ' t-iluld tng Urn horaea ?('i*?,.,iii to aaia. tUua (tivinjc t-'ie u oyer and seller ii 11 1 r ?? v t ft ? iti i " ' .iwr a. iu.: ;b* Oil iruinlt of Ju mil! the ui'ruot Ui. piucbua. au.l ttik m*'. Mill jiikHit) wi I mi >?! ? to the "i t? ?u trust* I for ula. Til- b'l ' !!ni? 'a. Ii -no cnu?i ? urf?J by Brown H?fp?r, 17 v\v t i' \"ii v- i . i tt "'; ??:,) mt-vin y r/ita 4<uia by lituMl*-i>s* All ? ? i. ,tt tor ?: oi-aiM.ia jv V> . 1. Lbudcr, /JHV.iKoiif! ?tt? ? ? a i of Ni>w Yo.'k. Uoraca, , rr iinl li^ri ? - .. ill bo Old by piiMie n:c tion e/cry Wa l ami Mainr lay ; ^?"Mo|a '*111 l?e j.aitf Or r?v itfefl to vb? utuntr (wl;nn d> >? . lj on Tut ?! .yn ind KritUya ouiy ; lull r r vi.< lm gdinl'li <l for pritu'.A ??i at couitr ? . ' i.i. mi : all jolitilM or di AiitiK on :he ( ?rt of Any oq>- cocnectad with !\r ? vah; ihiiia.1- *111 W dtrti tly pill h li' ted. Tl't; pr. |ir i t ir *nrne?tly s anra t:io ( ibl c that th( '? rtilea wl b" r! 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Pt>R SAI?ii, A fllf parlor Bay Horie 11'. liauds h't-h. t renra old, fa*t trailer, quiet ii dotM ar alonta liarnaaai a |M u?d<iia hor?"; ud? trla' s:.ven r.tnl i.-arruoieil r u'lud. Said iS ii nanritloa Ovraer t^eatwl ?lib. <;.i't ia ' en at Wti^Ut'a l.rery stable, foot of (iran ! street, ? llllaio *1hii <? VAMUB'ib; HORSE l?n?i SAM.? UAliK BAY, LONO tall. Mt y--ari o'tJ, kind i id <- ? t i? and perfectly a?'iod : hetaht tft*:. banda; will drl?'e loubla or aiusle. Sold by a fin' It-men hreil. : it- up hi?'iii itli'ii'"!1. Can be Men for t' -e- dayj "tcN .ool'a an i'a, .13 au l 2b fcaat Yn rlfth 1 1 rest. IXf ANTRD?A V'tll'R OR Hf\' SB AT WAOOK OR ?t K.HiiawMr. in gnnd order, with v il'U, or P"le and xhalts. Atldrer--. tutlnir rs;',)c,"J*>'f,i pri?? 'ind wbat's to be aeon, bo* 4,739 Post oiiice. (jbQC THIS DAT BUY A SlIIPTrNO TOP ?T d?# Rrowr' Wagon, In n?r>?? "itnn n? order t?*t doua up. v, lib aide ctiru?mx t u.iiplatf. i all at Ot1) Seventh aveuue, 'jcuut l-'aitj uventh uotf Hurty el. hth Ktrenta. BXCVRIIURI. AFaVORITK NT'IW B \ KG1S FOR fcSOURSIONS? THE Harvest Home at, I the ItU'.unb'Ck, will' nboaH auch aa de^lreiL Al*> Plea<atit ^al'ev. St. Rr.uau'H Well and oth r Orovcs to lei. i'.xcunioa olAue .1$* West Hireet, Tf-o-rol' Marrnw. 11. B. CROS.^Kfi*. BfliOLB'S OBOYK AND WOOOHRIBGE P/ ttK.-THB aulrndld new barges OKBAIiIJISK Hiid S'"ni,l,A. ;i large si.- unar with <!;..? iiu, aUto suail i varasam for imciIcs aud excnu.ont B. V. HO^NKrX A CO, MP Vron? Hireet. HO, POR THE FISHING BAKKS ? 1 18HBRMEN ON Oe.'k ?Ti^i' new aad fart sallliiB sea atotmer ?1.1. A, ^acunr. H. Hofltu.r?i. win n akt> .iu ?-irur*liia to the above BanliA Suudav, JJiy loOi, ana every day (Hr-iurlavK^ eeiitedi, until lurther :otior. l^avhtK Peak *llp at 7 *o I, N. , S|ir n? Ntree.', N''ith river, at ;i la; piitr No. t hoflh river at 8:1a Ealt, Uaas and relreahmeota eolioar*. I'^re for the?^?r*lon. 91. X. H.? Tfcia boat uin lie "hartered for ex -i.ralona b> a7" 'yincvo V. H ir.Slt.ll''., *VI >1- >'.h *!? RK.xDAY EXCURSIONS TO OI<?N OOVE. NiiW HO ? ti*lle. <"1" Ia^md. l'-irt Sehovl'r ?pd CoIU-ko >'#ia(. The ?f anier POFtT KOYALwIllrm a* loilo-v- ? l^.iv.nic Jersey Cltr, Morris f wimrf. at 7.'jj; Peel, s ip at " ; liroirnui street At <?:?: Kigbtb atrrot at K 10: Twi-nty-fiftll atraet at o.?. Rctuntlng, leare Oton Cove at t o'clock. " NEW ri'BLICATlOSS. APUYSIOJiOOlCAU YIHW OP MAKRI AOS?CON laiului/ nearly St'O tl*?e^ An t ISO ulatt a arid e? 8 raving of the auitto ..f of toe huuian ortaaa i:i H a*a;e of fceanh and dueoaa. ? a treatise o? early en'nra. lta ii? p.. liable aouarquetioee up-iu lb<- iniod anil to-'f, wlintlie authi^ 'a p'ao of treat me.nt? the only ration asa itictMniii i.iode of oure. aa abo. a by th': report of c* treated. A tr-ithfil adviser 'j, the in^nicil and those rontrrmla'lrur tnarriafie who ..on la k;W* W- civ puytonal i^.raltlon. den. f ee of iipatase to any addreiH on i ?,-etpt nf 24 ?em in K^?mjis or poa'. il currency. Adrtre,?j Dt. LaCrnix, .H MalOea lane, Albany, X. T. A BOr>K. rONTAtNTNO HUO?r MEDICAL IN'. OR JaL matlon, aud efcpec aUy lo female ?? -ut w t l>e<- WaByr,a''of th<- neiipil ^futee. Address Prcd?ri?.. Ilyere. R p.. ?a> Broedway, ?. T. LKrrEC OF AOVICR PGR XjAUIEP. ? ? ? ? Haa iaioruiatloD never bciore. pu'oKahert. fv-ui fri -. In a sealed envelop*, for 10eeo:?. Addren^ box 4,662 i-lew \'crlc Post Oitice. ?tY BOOKS, NKW PrRLICATIONS. NETf STYttBR Star'-ewjeplo \ lews auri Cartas ae v isite. lais-t impoi . ut.or-i. 3; .'irting fc.-oita to order. X -ad tor ne'v . etaN-ii iea. free, lo bo* 3,11'ift Teat o.Hoe, N. Y. AddrcaOaes. K. Ai. wooa A Co. ___ NEW BOOKS AXr> NEVY SCIUECTS IN CABTBS DK Viiltc.? One d i/eti nrw a-il?|ee?a lost added Sporting Goods of every den ?li/lm. Trede >a:)t-'.:^d Sea I o?u leene to T>. J OOUPBRT'hi Pure'iaclug Ag?n-'v, 71 Natfau atreet, fl?? ^t. . , , Ol'R NATIO.VAU RBSOCRC.S.- H'lALL WP KEPP diator Men Por tlie Tlmfi?lT'ie J. ' ; ,uc(>e9. A I'lalric fket ?h? Iniialntlveneet- 1 c Old Pel Cuia;e? r Tea Ant Ho:, e? i Million o. Paup'i. ? *! '. 1 e I i mulai ? T: ?- Nsyr'li. wci!, !- tlie l*'lKEN'tiAM(C.\Jf ?' for Augaat. ft cvi'A or $Z a year. Newamei: na "it ' ' FOWLtl* A WRZiES. Jf. Y. t >hoto< . tAPn c Alius For. (jbktmj.mfiv ? pam .1 ple^ uad cvaiofpie n it lor ???n't. ki''o" ,?e en velOi? v-'.th joi.r ova i.ft.u '. a&Ak&lruuC. l.ui b?* 131 Ho,- 1 oil; -e, .)? rsey Clf, ?. I . rrtuJ vfAP.niAOE 00ti?r-Mr,rFR0i ; kv-'Cay J tr -a *ti<* i-olor-i ? at" .V" K. II v ??? it it. *J. Mai.eS t > a?y ?'i Jress, p isti .>1 N VY. f 1 ? v . 1'ifMUI)" , ?S t s r et '< Y. Those pkoui au books-itisi siik^ at*ioa\.v p:m; N?vv Vi.r.t. b. CALVIN Jtl.ANClf.tRr' Send a idre-.s on a itai^v1 .1 cavil p ?? Cm.- ea: .j.-i4'% Von .. sol tin book > bv .'?k.r J, payabl.i sa d?':- cry, or by iaai'. ASTROLOeT. AU. MAURICE ' 1 1 ? IT AID R2 tO ? I'BOl,- oj I'. R. . Tbe auvlce of t!il? r : . ^stroo-.-r, ?. 3t. MAI'RK'E. i? ba.e.i ?uo lv on * n? tl . jrinri; ea, aa1 y.?? m.? tt awn te f . ' The bin ' o' '?*?> 1 .% art '.of !Se* ?. eacii Individual, aid ttie pit. n ??ireh"ur po ui' .g i tu'de.? tiny ol ."an) lud. vrof. i-amiee haa i. ptofjuu-! .na? ? .ge of tbe rul ? of tlie <u;;?u e of ti- <ta. . in'lcm ?? u :*e world In th? ab ive a-i-r.rc in regard to toll. as *11 .nat re laies lo t. * a.' . n i. . .,f an-'s not ' .?. and wub .?vr.r ii >?.*re*.M '.a* rn I vfn^ mii'Hl *ver knew a* sere, he wi'.i i rmp an .; :i i t.i. c f e'moit aty under'**. n*. In nana ni- -.pc.-iy roarrlage* lie :i?yer fail*. Il? d'n r|l>i the Intended h or ?? telle the very day you will tnat ry and allows a likeuiaa repv* ?ntlne the true '*or.ipt?i sn of ?he Intended Ho dai-rioea -.o1 r friend*, )' -*<n' ^onr eaeirtea. and warn i y "i uf ail litl'tre danger: ?.x?* iu t in olla..tilut: ai' .aiiOtj* or in trr.vell:aj by *aa or land. *?>! ;**e b"ttefh<*?'h onir ii'e siid vr i*p*rll? to iliWho t bin:. Tluee a'. a ril'Ui.Ta tna; - - .1 :hsir j* anil J", an'l add-i.a* A B. Maari'-a, I'm 8,303 New York l'o- t all.'** an 1 fit In return the outlines of yirtr wbote I, fc. a ?ore until In ibe ei.-ulng. Olliue 126 Kieecker street, n*ai Woo-iei*. Lad e*. hi cacta. t,eat?,$i. A SToNISHIKt) -MADAME MORBOW. KBVBNTH dauahter. with a natoral iflft of forrifght, tel's 1 oh ?oon aad often you will marry ; cvan your tlio ifMa, Mas. a Image In mil cparxtf n; her ea"?! i? no? to Un fetvnl: ?hoc-? a likeneo* nf your Intruded htiahand and ahaant fitenaa. 1*4 Lua ow atreet, four eooia trete Hoaauin au*re?. (JeutUaaan not Admitted. A BONA FlDB A3TR0I/)U!f*T. -MAI)AMB WILSON still retnalna at TOf Allan sti-oet, near Btantoo. ov?r the batfrj Beware ut Ivpoaltlon. Aorkat ohanob to rbar the truth.? ma. dawie i-i TRlNLBN haa ojicned hef new o'aee, and in vitee her t Hands aad the pallio to villi her at hoi real den oo, 170 Weoeter atreet /clairvoyant.? if voo wish tub Tr.irrir o^ a* \J anon to Madam RONS She abowa a ilkoaoaa of future hi. abend 01 foeod, and never fa la to bring those *n<>atat?d ?o^c 1 her. No ?8 Wnat Twnnfv seventh street, hetwexa Ktilli and Sevaath Avennoe. the bear I neat hell. Hon re from 9 In the morning till 1 In the evening no AND SER MADAME PtSI I-. THR CRLEBRATE9 \7 and renowned A*tr lojl* iu the science ol astriHogy. Haa noauperl ie She ur4er?t*e !* ire K 'nee tn ?M It* i'?* tei braacUoa (the ?iar>, ehnrms, m e'U And ta.ianiiuM), aad Ki'?eeuilm?nthifeetioo m telling 'h? r*?' preeort and r<t tare. Sue never oil* 0 caiKiag apacd, nurnagM and br ntlng 'he enarat. i uigtt^.er. In bnafnen alfalr* her * J vice * .avaiua ilo. A Ur^a nnniber of ^eopu have been h*n"lli?d hr her aid At an et'der-* er tier akltl ?te hae reoei-e l abundance of U-stiinorlaie frotn ?"n.e uf the llrat peoi ile nf the :and St. invi irill be discovered end cared thro igh ber a,'loace. ua'y kaoen to : a aa'f, <'oi,*u tat>ett lor ia llei. $! ? i.entletii-"i fl. Pa-loetiv Reel Twenty* fourtli atrt?et, Lelow K iurtU avenue. X'c aao. st a dliuuoe nar ronsnlt this lady hf le'tnr, fs'lng ?b*tr ago, aad easioshie ite fee of $1, #ad s corr"'-' a*i?W"i will b- n-mniH fy relnruel. Addreaa He* 5,'.tT N'W Terk Feet t?eiea Vf A'iAME RUBV, CI?AIKV<)T tVT NO ivl .tree: near flivth aeenne tad CniHt te eonsnltej aboit love ma'iera, -,.ar -.<? then: frir:ida. s?a vo?eg*e. atekncea, boaineaa, law eulta. Ae Hour*. 10 llll 2 and t Uil 9. Lauioa, a 1 Mill; geutii ..i?a, AI. XrO IMPOSITION ? fMK NRMH FAIMNO MADAB i'l ST \ 11(1 fnatn E< ro^? who ?a ? I" rn wlili a iiatnral gift, the gre*t Bua tie* *s<l <" ? rvoyai t She i- m ?n.ta yon Uie paat, prew-u- aau fit.urv, tiring* i-ieether tt oae lung aeparaied, eoneee speedy rsarrlagea, >u i4i ye? a eoer?ct likenea. nl yoir fit tore bnii*nf or alw nt fr e;i-!?. Hit e ual .? not t - be fonnd. Csn.i n. -t* ) re wa-l to any one w?-onao s:irpa?a her In her prnf.-**ton at* 1 II, KUe tell 1 you jl o *.aote or the (.? sou tliat j a 11 sir j. T'lts IS nn hitsnhnf *?. tl? fourth avopne k -twe?n Teren l? third end Twenty fonrth at. seta Nun.e oj t'i? d ior. oentlerien not admitted. 'J III. OHK1IN >1. MAiMVp |t' let P t*t r.r.TUBVBD X trim Fans, aa,! ??n ne ,,r?. ? in II e present, pait and fntare. She Is t 1 e gres'eat spirit ia!.?t. meil>eal and b'l.n.eea ?? a:rv iai,l that ever *a? Suown. ller ml haa h"f n ae ted b tti~ mo d learned in lie world. H ie frmgs to.r her 'time o iy ar .'urate I, cfiusas speedy tt srnagns, aad has list nevi r fal a ; ?- errt 10 make ; on t*slore1 bv vonr , liMrt'* idaL o.i ec si Fourth avenue, above Twenty thlM , street. IiadMi, W)r-nt<; gentle .ion. 91. U' HO WOULO Nof GO WHKHK FtiRTl/.SR 1st? OO ye nee Kia* \> Ki.MNilTCM. the great Kagllah Fro* | pheteea, the h. ,1 of ad and ca soot be et-joi.'ed. t.'sn be I eondilte l neraeoa lv or br letW on all allblia of life, can 1 cermn.r laesaits toiirnera, ab.ent fneada. lo?e, umiriahip, I matnage, healtn weaifh, and whn eae rea aim drnnken ?ed iinfaithfnl lm?han;lA m * W la the onlv perana In ?hi* eitr who hne the Pennine Daman and Arablaa ta lanan for love gnod luck and all bue'neaatfa re, aad are gnaranteee for I'fe. Im ay not o e moult ibla oeturalli glita I and bean, tlfulvnnng incy nuns bees elren Mlghlv ranocta Me rnj referene-*. Can ba eeen at be, reSidon.-i, tl/l ditlb ?venue, oweeite Rtekth atreet. JLWHKMUTE . vy all* r:;?. batcRB.'.t. To cnmtnenoe at ft. ?J?n aruisiA Junoti. Second t!mr here, the sary popii ?r f'ay br Loral, ?f "The Wl'e'a boeret " "toff'l Tr al," <??., entittec To cotornenoe at II Rereataeeik ud lad night ef tho eagagemeat af lha ?ml asaat artiste, MISS \ VONlA JOVKd. author _ entitled ? _? LOVK'B SACRIFICE. Matthew Fllroore Mr. Oharlea Nalier Pa il L*r..oi Mr. Daly r.ugene a ? Lorme,,., Mr A II Davenport ?l Lo? Mr. W. R. Klo d Jea? i Kuae... o-o Holland Jrter Oomiuw ? Mr. Hortoa 11 uf '"" ? Mr. Pope OueVlrrav "jr w.l ia .- son Margaret mirror . ..:.... M<ss A vo n'a Jo!2 lliM'cniuiM lore B irk? , ,U')U . . .Mm. f >hn 1 Mra Mtnrli'O Monday ? Beaeflt and !att app -arsnce of MlSM A YON IA IO KB Never noted hero? The celebrated Play of CAMlt.1,8. Camilla Miae Ar <01 ?> Tito highly talented UK l>A >' BRYANT (with whom an engage-nrnt !i?a barn cl "ted for a limited n .inWo aigtiU will - pi? w in n <? m ? <>f (ItldH *'11 A UAUl'KKH, comtncuivag on TL'HSDAV next. MK0ICAU A FPLIOTED *88TOKjl'>r-IO'<iORAPf(,E KXPOH8DI? iV F.iI'i.ripn Uu.unsked ? ? I T i m ri i ? .niior'aiit to both .eies, married or ample. I i health <ir ilh <i?e ? Or. LAUHO'ifo Pai.a, I. ii.fiou ad Jt* mt Yoik kiemcel Adviser aed .'.Iarii*t!e O-tide i SOth adit .iu 4 <*i p :*??. .?*l III. nlmtiota), upon i?a biitiv, I'rlnar. AU.'ctmos Mia.Msi anil Kniaey , the .. n' wr'a tine|ii*le.l f?ri? and Ijondou treatment. Ac. All aliould purehaao tbi* w wii o' K WAitNKIt. N". 1 Ve?ev 'Tit. lor $ , or con <iiii tho IM'lor, I7'l Hroaa.vay. apa|a'r?, New York from li>A. M. t<? rt P. M. "VVa oi?m-iir <mh other l'U|Mra In rocomroen.' ug Dr. Lainmtr. and bla work " Cournor iei Ktait Ifu.s. Oernuu die teforn, DUpatch, SiautK :'aituii|r Ailaa, Mndic*. K.-vlow, An. A IO IUK UMill <? 8A1 ill LDTZI >(.!>., J\ PrOre:<*.r of tlbs OtrU-n tftU'l l^t'i .?*r*, AU'I tlvpt I 7 ot i'uxe.'nful pra'-f..-n tn Uili i-o.y > -n. u intlui- ? ui? W .1I1V lady raquirlnix ruffdl." .1 ... Ir ^i'. ut j In twenty-four ho urn time do m lei ..i\ t*\a C<i*e ni?y b?. Cai. l>e <vn?ult.-<l n. ni < <4.1 >?.tab>Uli'-.l lirl- ' vate offlce, 614?:; Mr. ad\> ?',, an.; wti?i" !sts nevi r fama'n inodloin?? r?n 'ia obtain i.l, or Kent uv 'ett^r to any j>art of tlie United Suit/is: tirl'-M S.% N It. ? T'io Doctor ha? fleyant rnona (toil Hie t<eKt m;i-.nrimo l ii'on^. and attendnnca In the pUy for patlanta who wlah >o reroala durtnj treat m>:nt. All oommnnteaUont a'rlotly cuntldaut al. At hoiua all hour j of tho cUy a ltd ev<tuln,{ ADVICK TOXADtES? THE rxlENO IN RIID. n POWKR.', SI Ki unfc in Nil ha ?.> . Cai ini d ?'tor Au tlon* T>.iOonti *br i,.| <nnnta<tliktely ii-? b < Kren.m Dropa. Sure relief culriu'"ed in twenty. lour h iur?. Beware of Im.tatiana. ACtBUTO IiAPTKR ?OR. POWERS, #' rRANICr.lM atreat, warranta needy relief in alt dtfiouittaa, whatbi-r rwnilriDi: ni'dlcal v .utrrlcnl ?r* .fnen' C ^nviti n'ontlotu wuiedly rotifidintla!. Con* .lalloa k rat Is at all hou.i, ADVff-p. TO "THE A KT'M t ' t E ' M / nv M k UR8. PAKD'8 l-'eriuilo Ftil* ar? the on y neitielne lart eii run rt<!oeud on wi?li a<fety and oarutlnty. Can Im nth nail. !f l< ? Unilee who deni-e to ava l tVm<?ah?aof Ma-lame H'.svanS'e valuable, rettafi nnd ?afe in. !<? of tr^Htmonl un VMM one lllanrttir Relief wal!?Blll'?, In ;w?r1tr f<.iir hours. Re iidon<? 101 Hinth avenu*, oiijjo'.lte Fij'nti eti<.?-t. Ladles Inlcuu durlni; coallneTnenc, v.- m the boat mc lual attendauce. Abetter ahtroloqiht r~s nor to bk pound In tli? L'uUe.t Sn< 'i tliau Or L. l>. auJ r* S. D. feltOUQIITOV They nuai 'ied In k" inn batiafacliou whan alt otuera tail. T?c .? r?n ha ?on?ult?:.i on all ailaira of htj. man I fo, auch a.<i <our'.?hlp, tuarrlacv trav<jl'lnir. reniovala, lavfHulte i/btain n?' Niniau<me. wxlui.. ot a'lai.-ul frlauila. 4c.: also aickneac If the nick punv will reo /or or dio of their pre?unt mI. ;.ii -i . If tecover, ll\e viini- they will b. 'rtn to amend; what pai l of the body i aiVacteif. and treatment snd uif i1l(?ne? atv hfwl adapt ^d to the Hick W?r tous. Ladlei fiU cente ^eatiemou il. yujstlone ans ven d by le't. r, enc oding Jl and tune ol Wi iJi. A:n.> Phrenolo ?|ral .?lainlnKiion mado. O Uuo i'!0 Oreone atreat, below Priuoc. a rufii) to Lyfr'Es.-nR. powB.'ta. ?i HtANKr.m il. ilrnet, warrants inllai tn n few lioiir* in ? II dfftioultfea, whelher iiiqitiring mcdlral or nurr' nl 'mai ? .out. Coninm aioatloue aacredly conrdenMal. O m imitation* at all !ioiir?. \ dvice to married liADiEf.? m.ioamb res. i J V TRT<L, F.-mate Physlcutn and Profexeor of Midwifery, c?:i he neni.u tx d *< naual at tffl Ohamtier* atreet. But one Inter lew win b.i ueeeaaarv. No ch*rg<: for udvtre He" in- 1 (allude maiM-mn ran elM be obtained *< 'tirjvj Idimrlv ?treet.or by iiiall; prtoe q|&. Ledieawiii) de'irr boar, and the bnatniedicai (tt'audaane dtinni; convenient .;an b? as C>Oim<ideted. Her Kreneh l*ill?, f!?. !. p-kie SI a hot. or No. ?*, which rr? four ? p'ioukt than No 1, and can i, ever (alt. ar* vtf?' ao<l hoi'^hr ; t/rlon j? ? h. t^an he ?wilt hjr unUl, with full direction*. N . B.? Madame Keatelt df.'ms it her duty ii? caution tadl>'M against imitator* of her adrariiaments, who cot only rob theru of their rreana bill tbeir bea Hi. BE \ri3K tN 1TK8? RSXBVMtft rrrK 8TTRE rr^A'TS for ? upeedtr cure wllhont mei ? ry unforiunatos will fed it to their 'adrantat'1. Or. WARD'S ?)d i-atabliatted otiico, til Kianklin atreei. Adriie fr<*? ann email lor iucdnir.ea. ftONHPLT DR. WAR0. tl MiANKLTN 8 I'll BET FROM the iioepi'jtU of r<oe<loo. the o >; ove.T of the Gu'? re liable remedieo for d'.neagea of a prr.'H" cbaraotep. DR. PJtANELt* RTRKET. CAW PTt tiO!f. aul'ed gratia, woh uui?irallrl.'<l mtccois. ?>o all female eomj'lalnu. Hut Perto";-*! Oript 5- v*'' uo".le eipreasly fnrc6?lmMe ca?rg. Reware of imlla'ion". Dlt. VEST* rKMALR PHYSICIAN ANI) ACCOUCHftB, '.7 Duane atreei, between Ctu i? auj Chatham, .nftkea it h!? ?ji"e'al pr to nv-et all lei-.ale com .laiola Wltn rrol?nl<Jiiil akill. Ilia Mooihly Tonie ia a never falling re TiieiiT. Relief oettaiu in a few houm. Dh wat3*k. an old \m> ixAmwobo PKAC. tiUonor. It enabled ?<> iirantee a cur... in a',, by safe rmnediee. an.1 will o .i. hai>i;c ef diet or re.'iirictloa from hit'ineai lJr. TT**<- r' < boo ?, fbe -CaiiBo ni.ii rnr*.'' lllUBtrated througlioui by a ?omi<-al pluua*. Ac .coiitaina l ?l liable Info-inalloii "or audi ae'are ?iiTer1u,; I rout i-itber ilia eaac or debility, rr who . ont?oiplve rnarnaje Pr>.etl. Koid bv Mll'tr t i n . Po? olliiv. 4.".' , Rroadn** and br the eullior . 10 B:oa'lw.>r next l-.o t a' ore tke M'.lro tutu Hotel. Da. o RiwotiK, ' kwm \ci. piiYsirrAN a\o" a"c con-her, Kj. t Am tv dI.l*. tiirer dooin Ir.niAtn'ty Ktreet. make* It lim apecial piaaiie te t. jat ull [ejiale roiu plalnte, fi em whatever Catiar iirud!.''.*!. learmuialve re lief to t he? moo .'?nitoui'it in Hrentr.ioar H? n i. Ele g.m: ronm.4 for ia !iea i e<iiil: ,n? nur ing. DS. COB15ETT. NO 20 < CNT!:E STttBET. BETWEEN Chsmberj (!'id Ileei.'' *tr- !ts car be ununited with cinfl'tf o ? on dlteeae* ot" v frivn'e r^ariv ????r \ praet're of ;hf: !y fo:-- y*arr, tl-e* if ?* hlclt *?'e bern in the *? ?pital? or New York and L'innon ?fi?e'e* him to troav wltli ?ue ce*r nereo'ia end 3?neral u?b :i*y. I'l.o ?ieilm? of lmpoet iion < an call on h m with tbe cer.s nt ot I rlna radicnilr eureti, or no ehane N b.? ^re lir. 0 ? <;.|.i?i i,,* oiTlce, aa incuiber <i^ t i> ?? New York I'olver.ii!? \Icitiea| Tot Wo ;,nd Co.'le^eof Hurgsotit, Ix>i> on. t^YjivntBby. cnr.oxio am> otmkr \" di ordariof the aioutach by tb? Ptlta < o.? Toaio Powderaoi Or. Oie* Mereni. Tbe.a "I'lt. ? re omfo-ed et ctui.rely cf l ejrtjidex iudigeuoiw <>> Peru. We can t educe abundi nt rer incets* o'- ii'.mi: i ? lie, a ,n* c< r <1 by Ibe .i, and r ? are ? . ln? to aubrv. ? : ? lue o' 1 ru'e of ' no cute, no nay.' ?o certain ma we of tv.-r e'l ? >.-y. Ot* hot m^IT:. ? ient App , te oi add:e>4 L It. S.anvil!" Hroartwav, ro jm No. 6. ryicroR axtra, Auri"?a ok hiE ?biva i. ruitA I / t *e, Ae , fi) Airily rtrer ? ? T iO " v ?a ?I ) 7 m the ear!" stage of ('liii a ? wtf' be r..r;?e(l al 'be ea?e aed ra ^lillf/ of i4;p cut". Tho e, i-owfiver, ?-(jo bare aulletsd ? ill beat appreciate h>a tt-rrli-e* Dn ooopurt. u ouann fTitncT. may fi: t;ow- | aitited ,m an die-Ate?.? Tbfr.y yearn ereturfyet de va'?.l !e dt?' a es ??tab f* lilal in t -:rmt a . <? ic ??"?. | T e ? alma of tn1'- l?i." I ?? ' ten ' r. ? .edica! i.*e;ei;d?r? 0*0 oall with a e be teg r 'dlealiy cared or no pay Da- TAtiBOTTI", 21 WHITE H'fRi'KT NFW *ORK, reu t?> eona ilu^l fr- e p be? ,n |?r>e . or oy le r, ea Iltaeaaea of a pnvate natni-e, e.rhlli y, laatlt'ide. in*. .: "m. net ? e I'tiTa ai.d ;?tl di-? a?e< ana.ii>; fiom m ?#?: Or Tal botte being a regu'ar gra<! la'e. and l,t?li,{ ;-.a^ nut .ner of veai-a' e .a?r ? f, belU bo?nlta i and p-ivat- wl'Ut ie-antee a aafe ano apee^y core. Miwtle.nea ?e< w<-, ? fro.n pryiog obaerrat on. Al coiaiinuilc?i.iaiia atrt< t.jr oon !\<lentia'. Dk. h. a. bahrow. AfT'ioa op that rori'LAR . *<l ..*1 w.ji'k, numan Vrail v. ma, be .^naulicd aa lucal at )94 Bleecker etn-e l?:ee?c Mae<] :gal aud i.'ot tage |/laee. N. Y. CNOOD NEW*. - YOUNO MAN R FRIEND. D?. T WARD'S 8|?cira'end I'rerenuve eurea tt e wor?' eeeea, w;the<il merrnry oi ( bange ef di?t Ward'a Ma*t -\\ lumgo rating Plila, ?-J per (e^kaga A aeae ct.renbcia maolood ha. l<ee? impaired. HWNDRRDS AHK lU'lMBD BBTOWn REORMPTCON In thir. life by not railing oo Oi. UlJMTEit at Lrat, he baa for Ihtrtr rear* eoiidued hie a'tantlen te d?er?-a of a rerlaln elaea, lit which l<a ea? lent erf do te>< tbeo fifty theu aann ranee. Hie retn- die* ar* nu U. ami there !? ee loler ruption to bualneaa or ehange ef die*. Di Huoter i? in cee etaal aUendaooe from H in the ineroloa till 9 at nlcht. at hie old cfflie. No. I Dl? leioa atreet. New York eitv. at are I8S4. Cbarya moderate and a "ere gneraatetd. feuara.e reorna, ao that lha padrathees no one but the Doctor himaelf. Bla weaderf'il medical uln orery? Dr. Hunler'e Rod Dropa? eurea aartaia dteeara* wbea regular treat man' a ad all other reaeedlee fall, eurea without dieting or re-trMiea ?? the Uablla af tha palieat. < ?raa witneul the dtagueting aed etckaolae electa of all other remedies rmres Id neweaaea ial"*etban ati houre; ?mee wMhoul Ike dreadful . enae qiteot etOeta of merce.T, and poe aaaea the peculiarly val'iab'e pronertr of aamkiiatiott the raak aad po aoooaa tale i tint the l> ued!aa<.re to a< -*rb, uo'eae !ilare..iady ia na?*l. Tbla la wket he elalata for u, aed whek ao other <? ill acrueaPllah. Mnente will aa. ure by re'. u r a Ball Me m*dmal work. ao? pagaa, 40 colored pniero* Walk ail the otters put together. JOY FOR TBE A*.- Ll< I ED.?PR. WARD.'d PRANE Ha utraet, frota Ike koe,> tela of Loadot, leakee a sure euro, having tha only teliab'e rrmed'ee for d if aaaea of ? private nature. mf ANH'IOD AND TBE VIOOR OF YOPTO REhTORRB Ju la fetir weeke be Dr RICORD'I RWNRHCR OP LIFE Tk e woBdarfnl agent will rwMo.-e man band to the moot ehatterad oonatitutloo, whether arising fmiMXocssae self abuse the effects of i-ttaate or natural cauaW The lime require,) to cure (ho most inveterate ease ia teei-werte. Pallore la impoeelble. De. Rieoed'e Essence of Uifa is e^lg la eases with InainKUora for nee. for K. or four ?uaa'ltira In one for ft Sant rarefuM paekad en reeelpt ef reinitianre by Itleaoti edited upnt.Olrtetiare sent free oa reeatp* of , four ataupe PHILlr ROLANO. MT Rreatae street, one d'torwaat i iota Broadway, New Totk. | Madame grikdlb. female r HTtrrux. so. e Amity pia three doora from A alty attaet .-an he vr.n ied on all do eaaea af remalea. Her me ilctaee are ?afa and earta'B. t'oneerilent ro ?me lor !a<l?? who dea re eara end me.u<al a tie ad so <e darior oteat, ObD DI IIKATII. UJ EttOADWAT. MAY BE iViR Adnni at' ronaelted oa ail dlsraaea ef a private na ture A praet:ce ol over iklrty years ia seminal w?ak'iesg, ia?ua1 deMtltv. Dr. <lrlawoM'ggr?at pltlg never fail. OBIto open from ? la ft. OhATTERBO OONftYlTTTHONB REKTORBP EY 1 ME O aoaraateed ivmadv Or Pewors' Rasrn.a ef I.lf<wef (ir-jdi l< i an a 1 n atraet? In lesa lime than an v other wedielna. All t ioae <yxitempiav?g mamaga ahoold lake Ihlg life r? s-oi n. . -meil . E Ot<ORY OK M VK IS STBRBOTn? Tn^EBFORE ihe uarrou* ami dabllluf l ?lmeld I inm-'Hete1' uea l>r. POE SRfT InrlgoreMag Rasenee of Life. OffiaatI Praeklia atreet A permaaeat core la guaranteed. frilOCBANDfl ARE nUIRRO NT NOT COJfSCfcTTEO A Ur W AR!), fll Trank lO atren ? Ward s yiae'flos, isiis ont a particle of usareurv. are t ie only rautediea which eaa ?nireaefuity erad'eate Innae dl-eaies. Tlltii nABrW ARE DISiPPOINTKO OE A CURE BT n'rt cai'ln.- on Or. LKWIH at diet. Hla rrinedM> are tallg sod eflert've In the.r O|wratiooa require no re tr? nt In uiet,leae of time or hindrance in huainxas, posaeasme ha power of aradfeatlng Overy a? trvptni" of tho dlaeaaa ia lie wars* -tgge. One trial wHl noovlnea Ihe moot skeptieal ef their TCtttrlgine prnpertlee. Blight aasas cured ia two dava, or preveatad :r app.leatloa la mad* In Utw Ofllce Eo T Beach atreet, betweea Yarlok aad Waat Rroaiiwav. I'?n? arrested aa that tha patient see* ao one but the Po- tot. Established la 1440. TO ?HF LAOIpe._n" iffLf, CAE EE COEftOt.T' D or It'l r\ rn ,-e. of (em ile-t with unrsr il'eb I sti<- es at 5" t Ei?*,'i ?t<e?t t' ran I'Tora ftooi Went ilna iwa, , Nee ink. rr^ AHcnnnn. VTIBLO'B QiKDKI OOtKS^I AT 11 COBCL0DBB AT to a, iMMtoilUai ?ar *H. VUSATuaf TUB WOLBBT THb77 BB IN TRB HT. THE jILOMIBATJ-D OA RUB* 0PB3 BVEM fe.VfcNIN(i BE0OBD AKRt Aad *>r 1 ?at ?<rs M ef M4 Diatliuw ?h?>i MIBH LUCILLK WhOTBBB AS LOBMK D* LA&COUBS A > t? O'lUTTTA, la the CBlobralad Ro'nAnr-i, ia^l ve^MhioaJU; eoutiert tM Tb? mark#-! *rpro"*i h^-io ? ?.l uy FULL. A> D CIlUlt.AL A I PIBBCBH upon tliU mou ?imeneifu1 Drim* ??rrt?ll tin innMM^ ajoot uf It- rtm'Mi i.utta.1 fet 1 hia evoulai and aver? av?aiag till far Jit notloe. The principal role* eua'-i'?iM liv M?v <r*. L R. PhfweB,<i Peter* J P. Hunan, H. f. itiiik^old J. W. Blalede.l, J. oe* mnur. E. B. Uoimuj, Ac., Ac., Miaeea Han Walla. 6?.ar?BlC Be., Ac TH It St'KNBBT, C08TUMBS. APPOIHTMBITPB, BAr of ill* moat BhAI'TIKOL AND APPBO Pit! ATE t?E ^<"R1 PTIOB, Tha orictnia nvuiu conpovnl l>? J. P. Cooke, under IBB dln.etl >n of Harvey tl. Ded.?<>rtk SKATS BRCPUBD .SI N DATS IB ADVANCE. BROADWAY THH4THR, CoruetT>f Hroa iv?jy anil lr>uia>' ?tr"Bt. Goorge Wool.... 11 ii i at C.-?At au' OO A ??" the TOW; aad aeeotnoll iini arttat. JM 183 llai.KN Wi.SlEKN, who hue Wn rerrtvail nli:bt y b* or^wdod an.l faabla auJieuce* w'.lt il?o uluioa. ? u'hu*i.?ui. SATURDAY BTk"nTnU. JUL* 21, 1 V\ PfK'OiiJ of theromanl.o dra u ??, in thrto a~4a, ot DON OCMAK UK UaZAM. Don Oa^ar MIbb HaUa To eoDfltuds wlh the laogbave burlett* of jbs> n\ i, r n i). Jenny Llnd i with on rvi Wtal EalM WMtoB Dooiaopcn at7K: oonnuunca at 1 o'clock. OLYMPIC THEATRR. Leauae and Uirectre >? Mm. J aba WbbB THI'.U \TiiKJC of the amceasful engai.?Mciit of RNOUH11 OPKRA. CR??WDI'I> IIOUBBB, RAPTCROIT3 API'LAUSB MADaMK OOMTK P')'i':|!a8?, MR. WM. CArtTI.B, MB. a C. CAMPHKLL. BtrPKRioK com r a n v and 1'i'nnn*. OeSDOCTOH. MK ANTHONY BKtfB BVBBV EVENING THIS WEEK, BOHEMIAN uibu Arline. M? lame C'oml" Tlor*ajp Ti.addeus Mr. Wru. Ca?M Count Arttht'im Mr S l". i ai>n*M |?lor?rntluo Mi Waiter Hi? Bfc ri.!Tll.ii>ui u ...Mr Wurreij VMM Utp?. tjueen Louia U<r?BB Buda Mr? M K t'.unoagBg PAS bKVtj HY Ml-S a.NWA KHtJOBK. A MOMIIAV BVBkTmO, JOtT BJ. Baire'a Cpora of th* BOKB O!' CASTItiB vi ill lie produced, for tiiu Crct time In Ai.. ritv M ANAOHK OF OI'ERA.. .Vr. ?. A. 3lEM rnrruizea may liooplaieii )()' .. N BW BOffRRf TIIBVTRB. . ,, Sole Proprietor Mr. . ff. Ui Saturday erening, July J'. 1'H lite i.lp ilar toum uciur, MR. J. ~ - ? Bi llO#K. WBIBPP0*V?BU1?V ' YORK vrUKMAM. MriV. O.^o^L cu, Brock^. MrwM,nl;i) Mr (J B ARXCM'B AMKRICAM MUSK''M. I7NBOUNOBD liAUOHTKR AND ATPHtTaB ut plr: orbanck op th.. mobt ?UCC S.-J'I'I RAVKf> PANTO VI I MB BVKB PB?>?U' AFTfcBNOO.V an I BTKNINI, ai .1 acu 7 '? uV oo*. U AZL LU ; Or. THIS NIGHT OWU HKCOSD WP.r.K OK IT8 BBPRBSEBTATIO*. Ton? Denier. Mr. 0. K. Po*, Mi- O. 0?T?npon, If bob. GiosM, Mi'.c. LouIh.i and the <:h?t;u;iia ilanceuae MM at T.rneaHae will appear. MR J II CLIP FORD. Etklopltn Comediaiti. In hla favunu Bonga tnd Jlc IhaM Evr>ry .nomine at II. an l *: lis, ?>{ and 9S P MAONIFIOR>T MUSICAL INaTKUMi-.BT, Ij'ORCHBHTBION. i imported front tbo Black I' -rnM. ilrrmaaf. at aa eijieoaBor $lio<W, ' will r'ajr tbe ino t Jilxul' and e ubora'.a | 1'OPDLAB OVBRTI/RBS, and tyjih .ill the I GICANDECR, COMPASS AND CHARM I NO BPPM* ! ?* * FL'LI. ORCUEBTRA OP 20 INBTRUMBNTB. NASON'S NEW PATENT VENTILATOR, DRlVBIVflV B i'EA M, win be tn operation, drl .'ln< and dlffu in* t'liuau tlie lionm auu Mueoum iO OUO KKET OP fWMm cool a i k 1KB mini; re. To be w -un stt nil biivira:? _ MAI' ? i t. Ll>':s LIVING AFRICAN MCU FISH. BROUGHT 11 Kit'. IN DRV BOIJD CbATl POCB t<PLBNDII? HP.AliH, .lUMT CAPTURE?, FAT GtULD, GIANT OIllU FRENCH WANT, IBB 1WO BWA 1-iliBKr OW A RFB LITIBG. THE THHKE ALST sn rnu,i)i:?y, bkautikul aucakia, two uvim kaXwakoob living POBcppi n ( A KKA'ilM'i PONl), MOVING WAX FIOCRBS, HOVDU/nt AUTOMATON WRITKR, TOR MC3IO\L ^KAL. MOB MUKPKBTB. *ND OTHEB (MIKlOhlTIKft. Phrenoloj; kl EYaninati'm i by Prof. LIV!hinrOS.\ a : ?- -m eBtUlrra =jniJ-r ten, ISceau. __ WOI?Oil MINSTP.KL8? JM BROADWAY, O iu^l'.e 31. Ki' boioa :M?l? Henry Wjo l. ProrwUtoT. I THE BPKT TKNTILATRD HALL IN TUB OITT. i Morid*' lntr 18, aii'' e^er? eronlim dnrliiR tha weak. tllK HtAB TB017PB OF TUB WORLD. IN T'lEIR INIMITABl.E HMTtRI AIBMBNB. HAMLlr/r, ItOBiNHON CHl'SOE. WHO STOLt; THE CAR."ET HAO. POCTB CBOV% flBXIGTN S WAKC, I.KT HUl 'M>, AC Doom open ?! 7 ; numm-'.".* at s ?i'ei'x'k. Ti *pt? 25 !eanBB Ci A VI'BELL'S MIN8TRKL8, t At TIIKIB N8W HALL. ICf And XI Ik., erv, .ip..u..',e ap r''!g ?trBBl> WARVBLLOKH 8UOC SS OF T!IE MA8TBR BAND OP THB WORWR, THIS KVBN1NG, Tapioca. Vir^iany R"Hol?u?i, TLis B.'ac*. Call Me not 1 I>oar Mo'her; Jaw Bone, Ac, ; ' aoie Sam, Roiti.itnber Mk t.oiil l k Guitar Soil*. Hciionei Ma-.iew. New Bailada, Dan .ie tioi.ev . BudwBrtB'a fiitnj* O.ldltle*. Vr*-si Ooarten^ Come Where Mr Love Lie* OrosTitng; Pudilv'a wa44h^ Bn : In i\e IV oaiia. Oor?et Soio . Billy Coma I'p, ? o., Ae. Adm! ?i.?n 24 eeni? Ic ail parte of she hotine. N .-iPMS 01 fHK K-UrKi'V Vj'. UEAT THE GLOB1C ORIENTAL MIIBIC H \LL, MS BroAileray, 8M. above BU'e? ker. ?till eovitlnve to nowtled nightly. Our betu'.lfnl tltm w*' s.-?. arrarrd in tu<'lr iragoiGoent uoelumaa, ara M v?on<>v 01 ail l?< ho'.dera. Th * m the only ula v In i~? city wbk'hiBtn lUetr a novelty Wa are conUauail> tare^m OKI at .?<? ioue. ai. i *?aitli*?< ol ex^?a?<. we are d^tennt* eu .o plaaee our patron- and continue far al.-fad uf riralrr. A?ito jalou ire. . PRANK Kl'RNC TUP WAR. Til B WAB. TBE WAS, 100 THRILLING AXO BXCfTTBG SCIiNEB fiF TlfK WAR. Inrt'l ite of Art, &'"* Bmadvcay. open day and ereal?gL MliS 'CM WA MADDRN-THE YOl'NO. HRtl/TIMB an l daah nc i>i^teao .ctreaa, wno baa <*?. ??d ?o uswBB eTdtainent thruiah . it tlie W?. will al.ort'r arrive la tte I u:i v m ?i n.([h.? iir tbe entu og ?ea? m. ManasBBB IW'il adui??a.i.\ : v. oh i KR a CO . 25 Wa-t HouM >a atrwBB PtO. C OH ART. BP, TBB 0BLR>'.RATBV I tkWS VT rotit'diaii, *<? lon^ ni' favorably kuowa * i 'In nn11^_ will b<- op^n for nighta on or aboa' Augnit I. Mr CB*l%a l'O* ne -y p:?r*a. - an. tu . ManagerN wU! addraaa itfL Co^NKR k > O., ii We- 1 Flouatoa elrauL N ATI *? VNTBiLbO tT ^ M I REb M ? *s aT?^)V bBOABW A*. UTB0L0GI0AL ?nMnnmm W0BPBRB at rua NBW TORK MCSBl'M OP AN ATOM*, 111 BBO iAJBWAK. w OXDBB or WOBDEBB. TO BB BBBB OBLT at raa BBW YOBK MUSEUM OP ANATOMY, ?m'bboa B?VUC fBLOIXOB. MB BBOABWAT-M BBOASVi L Tbo Ptoaaar of Opera and N. antral Mai la Adaileaiaa fit* GEO B. HBTDOB, OUaaBBB. A MtatK.ii Pro* ?ad Baay ovary mala# Oraad opeaiBB of the i Cooieal piaca of aaineoaaal la the eMgb Voa'llaie.1 by OUo'i Bfyp^laa faoa. Keaj-ing a eonoat o." eold air at afl IIMt BraLaia. Bolomaa, idea, WhlM. Clark, WbbBb ? >~a Si Clair, Mtaa Law Aatlaraaa, Mlta La Pawk Beaidaa thirty other* aad a boat ef eolantv^^B Wan'.ad. flf'.y mora iraai ladiea to oarrt '? fB7 ILLABD'S BOWABB ATHBBaVM,^^H TT AU teuMaeaeeooiaiiia^aUoMrBVlklBiH^H a TTBAOTION BATBAOBD1BABT -PMOfl I A Tl'RNBR Will rerlerm OB the MeMtaoa HI ProeeoU Hall, AM Broadway, BB? Ml lag B> S O'clBBh. B BANK) INFTB CTION ? WB WILL SVaBABTKM BB make an/ teraoa a nerf^et corfataaer <a the BaaJaSM ooe o-irM ef tlireo noriV Inttrwrttoa, with or WlthaaB* prevwia kBtfwiedca af tbe u>> xnoeat. taalaB nii>M for rra ttee H. C AC. B. DoBBON. 7?S BVmAwbj, hf i?vaea Aow r t *. e aad Bigfeth ? ? ?v ANJB AND JIO DABCINd TAUOHT* SV JVfti ROO AN No S S'enad avenne.? Baojee af r atiaitVF oo t.and. N. B ? oa of Bi 1 win | written Lei<ene o? tbe BasjB or Jlf Daadag. IBOPWBALS, CtBOTON AOOEUUCT DPlfABTMBST. Mf to tbap bix>-;e paviob* ? Sepiraia aa*'o^ pro|,oaa a Bfk endoneii with IbB I of tbo poraoa iireaenlln.t the . ho data of rrnooalallii Cd (be tlila of tbe w rk for whk-h It mar BaaBoraB, wUS I re eiy^dat tkl? odlce uaBl II o'cleeh A M.. ar **? idaa Angi M 1, 1W for the cvi'.?t">u af l>ap Bloafe Paw*, n.eot! tn tha lallawiog -tfMU to wit ? Kaet Broadway, from ilrand atrret to CBBBMBI ?a?aMtx Porty dret atreei from Pffik to Madiaoa aeeaoa: Ahtr. aeoond <troel. fiout 4iith to Sereath a>eauoa; Gramarqr place ("aat ti'la O.aaieiov park), from Twentlata ta Twwn CBIilsi ?- treat; iko cor* oo waat aMa of Ceatra at reel at ?da a'reat aad Bon h gtreac, fro ji OMvat atroat la aaaa ei-le of Oalhariue ?' i Bperiirafaat and f r r wa of tbe a*reo?aait aaa bBabtaineM oa appli ??l"B i? ;V ZZ J!0* rlmt* M U*1* ??Bk Til Oft. MTBPHPNB, ? >MrC - Jolt 'Jf?. isi*. MJBDICAla. TaK OADIRB- PRIEND IB BBSD-DR LBWTsTn??. 7 Beaoh ?treat, tbreadoore frcm Waal N?r* T ark city. Mia m mthly remr lie ? ?re aerer known to f rpnoq^ANDB ABK PI ? BD, THOr'AVlt* A B R l- : ' A apfMntatl by Bot < wn?u>'in<( pr > ill/ n,> " etreei Ward a <oe. >nc% witba?t a p? >' > ?>. * the only raBBffdtt-a eiirk can BMMB'i ei? l ?? 'n ? dlaeaeaa. rpilB OM.KT OF MAN fB HTRTN< ""t - I'trKBByB^T; I .t*^ - o ;a ?' 'i i -'"low rl" ' ^ Dr rc\ fnrik'n?..rig ?? e ? >.f !?'?* Ofltj* M k tan 8 irtt a 1*. n aecai i'tr? la *tiAi?a tfl

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