Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1864 Page 8
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NEWS FROM MEXICO. A Shirs Jn the Empire and the Republic. FIGHTING IN THB INTEEIOB. Rebel Opinion of I lie Acw Empire, INVASION OF TEXAS, fcfltf &o.a 6o< We have ronei-ed (i?i? fw-ro *e?Ure?, Menoo, U tbe tM (It. The Jtfm.ttp S a' of It* latest ton* contains Mm MWwIec paragraphs ? M.or J?u Antonio de la Knnitc bM tMD appointed te < etimi of (Viakuiha. tt" n'??!i r?'v Iiut? neder TlleelM Cro ? ?(re on llw fri tiicixDt deleated UMT the Kb an oe, -State of raaaatilipos, fey Oa^rt ra i'aa>U> Va rx*\ I hoi; T?ru?r or >?aw J^eoo has canned a cirenlv to be ?y hi* .--eorei iry, Stinor Gomes, prohibiting all CI rue* by servant* "r othor persona, in which tbe met bind tneni<K lv?* fov an unlimited tiiue or even for ik? le reader military service tut auh?tiini??. Ti e prohi jkiiion * afiweaibie to itnicle ilith, tiwu hi at, su< imm> Oik! M Mm- |e??r4l couklilution Ttie m-uxi r* i 'fetal publwhen an able article cri'lcis Jkc the proclamation of Maximilian The afnrowatd prr ?la<naia>a K> lull of ootnmon places and written in bad *r?? Un I ho 12tb nit. the liberal troop* , under <\>kmol Rome defeated at Tuianc&i-'B. district of Fachuoa, the reac V*ary torce*. kdlii.f and wounding several and making klgbty prisoners. The /'trio-'itm Oficial says that Mrs. Gut terror. Fstrada COn- the wlTc of the cUan.ji|i>u of monarchy m Mexioar) ref mod to booome oue U Uie ladies of honor to Km praae Charlotte Ike busk or Kanta M-.ria de Garcia and of (Mnta Monica tove been t'lrnoU out of their convent*, which are now worried by Preach irrv?i*. At tbe hacienda of Tiaibnclitpen. belonging U> the to Trin of Francisco lturhide, about twenty leagues from a reacliojary force pronounced n^amst the Km p*e. ABIUYAL OP TIIE BMPBItOB MAX I Hi LI AN AT TBI capital. Tto Emperor Maximilian arrived In the city or Mexloo to tbe l*b inatanl. We learn that bis reception did not ?raata to much enthuf !asm as bis warmest friends and naeiirrrr at the capital or tbe repnbllc bad expected. The Emperor has appointed il misters to prance, Kng Eelgium, Italy and Austria, and will soon send an toab^ssador to the United States, in order that he may to reeognixed, and a treaty of peace and amity made mtlfc bis government. The time is orawtoc near when the United States, or totber, Mr. I jo coin aod hi? wily Secretary, Mr. Seward, viii have to act on this important and grave question. Judging from tbe non-intervention policy which tbe Van toe government ha* adopted almost since tbe troops of Itapaleon 111. entered Mexioo? nearly t&ree years ago ? ?here is no doubt hut the monarchy imposed upon the JMexiena peoplo by the French bayonets, will be recog tosod by tho vulgar jester who today roles the desli. Mas of tbe northern portion of tbe ccce great and power tot United Statu ^ Mr. .Seward ban firmly answered that the Cabinet ? the toreetcr of the United States government, and that the Ckngreas of the nation cannot in any manner interfere W lb It. The American senate ha* therefore ceased to be too constitutional adviser or tbe imtibon who now reigns ?opreme over tbe unfortunate people of tbe North. The Monroe doer uio has, for tbe prevent and during tbe ?im In miration of Mr. Lincoln, reared ite quinut? not tocaase (let it bo Raid in justice to tbe people ef tbe Vftited States) they acquiesce in the degradation and sub tofSBion ef the federal administration, but becanse tbe Jlortb has '<ift i}s liberties and is now tud jeu down by ? military d?ni<>: im. Tbe radical wing of the republican party, which hoi toaninated i remont for 1'resxieut at the Cleveland Con toMton, leseens, uo doubt, tbe probabilities of Mr. ].in tota'a re-election. ON party being divided the election to tto democratic cnndk:ate may he ccnatdered as cerutn. 'Wt on confident t \a' Ike ltd At lion of de.uocracy will, tit to ?>?? politico.! ciuntyaigu, 4t??ep everything before him !?? ehafhefort lh- tonal. Mexico has ootuiae to expect from the black repuhli ton party. Their sole object 11 to subjugate the Houth, mm4 in their vain attempt to accomplish it U,'y Kid not tow in I r a wwmenl in Ike empire ot Masiiithan. IM net Mr. l.incoln and his Cabinet Mtatit to th? de pratfinf; humiliation of surrendering Measrc. Sitdell aod ?neon te England, making the moat shameful apolog.ea tor their capture, vrVen the conduct of ('omro -ioro m likes tod prevkius'y he?Q approved hy Congress, which to*e him a vote of tnanka.- The country eaw then tlut tto federal Kangaroo reiinquishisl his rights through the War nod with the object of avoiding a war with England. >?*w that Maximilian, who seemi to be supported by Prmaet, i' Jig land, Austria and Sfwia, haa ta.'eo potx^tiou ?T the throne of Mexko, and will raise a considerable totor to uphold It , h it lo be believed that the United tontee will incnr the/ick of a war with him and tbe other ?nrepean monarch*, who will not hesitate te make oomnr n ?sine with the new empire, iu case It should be obnoxious to the Tankess* What are the antecedents or the United ?takes in tbia important quealionr What has been thoir jtocy since Mexico wae mvaded by French troop** Wave they protested against such actf Have they et er WMknverrd to prevent Ike navexaiien of St. Domingo to toe erown of i?pa:n or sent a word of hope or ccn^oiati~n So the ptur.ols even ?hiti day m that Tair sland sri? torngflmg (or their Our readers will agree Wltk us tnat the policy of Mr. Lloc -In and his Cabiust tow beea sufg*M?d by 'vwarai e, aad that hlskdmim*. toation is only renowned bv unheard of tbetls and cpecu toHosa. and the most hnmi iating degradaii^n Unly with the triumph ef the dem-vrntic party at the Weeik, wkttk hty alt-tyi be<t?- the Uu.i.e' of yrngt en i* J to <* fr*~ low, can Dk Mo ?c Aoetr%n? lr ,-nfof td. When the i?D:ederacy ha.<> aasertel iu independ?a^'? . ?ut any aidfram tne a? i?h moti.t rts of Europe, r* - fclst, as it ims now, oo ibe strrmfc *rm<- and iiravr | akanrts of lie peop'e, fl? ?io i.m of Monrer, it, . till iw-i I i uf 'he Svi'\% \\a>j j*' tUTota'tJ o ?.I ya"an .y ? .1 ' ttfmUy tnairtla*." f. I to?vas|nMvor t?x*i ?t run* ?<?r>c^. i to SuiMlar night, Uie iOtb iD?tant.a party of Vactiwa , v)w nad for nmJ u. 'utimpast t. ioii ii?icig in !*?ed<a? ; JBegras. oros?o<l the Kio Crat, Je and availed h~k a ?>, | tiiv. during tne inavmct ibe military iorce- ai ih ?' | ^a?t Tbey n<imbfntd rom lotty to aixiy tuen ?rers well *rm?- . Tkeaa c^iwardiy ri-talf. abuslog the h-.rpit?'iiy to>, organiEed at i'i*dr?a Nt^rae, and e>it?v<fd the te -no | wy of tbe l iastt-^.M.tte :n?* of Aiuu oa at m dt ght, 1 atvadinr tkeme^u e^j ?? the temnorary k'o>-u_c o: th Vtaw troops, who lot I ft liw for tbe pcrrose of i ?sastnig m the re va\ r'i od of tbe town, a* soon a toe oioieder*'? troi;* etnrned it.e'iai ^' M abandontu toe nC'4t whtc.. Uie> hau occui . *d, ?r.d >d i^ecni u, u5l\ tote Mexico othe ha-. ? be n I. .<?tl?ed to t^ey rightiy d'jeernd. II ir obi*ct wna to pi nder wto mb Mgl* I .t,f We le-rii that the v csptnrtd o- 'our ^ rtv.msn, <aa?oo| whom were >?> i t 11. Pi'd<var<l and F. a . He*. ?aerie Uie iatte: an alien r*?.tiiti? in ;?? ag. aud very jmacb roFperted lor in* nobody a .d worth, fbeir fate Mae ant yet b?ee kntom. it ni?'r?d ui'tt ttiey r. a\e >sa? foully doalt with. We are aesurei that dse tli Mean?, a Vaa<ee, v^hi was I toaaerly a uamater in the UaitO'l SuiU? Atmy, and n?* , M-)Mv the p-isMcm of recruit^ offlsw lor Che babocn ??r Hmswim on tue Eio eiaoae. has oeen tbe aider asdalKitor aflkm outrages. Wo re-.pectfuj|y c*!i the a'le-iiS'D of IV^tldent 'oe'e# kts Cabinet 1 6 tne above <neoiK>ned i* ts, tiiat the measnree may be adopted ?? ?oon ?.? povnlbl", the parties fon'td te be gu Uy of tne?e ortenoeo ar and Uied aroc d.ttg tilaw. Oiiierwise we >c*r ?totaeiioua comM^aiicsa will aooc tfMtdrb tbe peace ?' toe Mexican frontier. Oar eorrespoadent add* - > eeaid yo? heree.tu e-.ine tnp?ra oobtieheri m Mexico. turn wbicb you may leara ?'? aswa in u?*i republic. Soeoral Oortlnaa la stUUeefruotlug tue lmpe.-al tioo, ? *t Tiatorla, but w',11 acronMMB nothing, and you ?r " "" tW early ooLupaUea of Uaianirot' by tbe The seal <>T govaroaiani a attll at Monterer. i in?' ; i, aud ? Met i SHIPPING NEWS. >?*?? ? " ?? ~ ^ x taaisis r?a era* roac? enis oat. iwim i ?* | ?ne? B'?*? ere' % 'ft ^posa ae 7 ^ I sien wavaa bkmd li ?. Perl mi Wow T silt, .Inly 4tt, !*??. OI^JtltEfi. uj lioiidiii (Haa> , kb era, foutWajar 'n irs? Ki.nbaf Lli A Cu jabipJaaaalca i"*ni (Br>. rai i ?l, Kn>*? .'?u .<* si alt. >ip Kenl'vortfe <B;? r?n'? on. Lirerims ? 3anw k Bur Con .ia r. One, C -e?r?. Lteorpoel?L Ortnneii. Caar < hi >., Ijomlon? T U i?h? * albert (Kr), L?'.e?iu?. Il??re- lt"?rt A Hi1-'*'?. kUia 'Bri. Tamlvu. l>c?<l .?i? Stoman A K 'se, Indus (Br i Burin* l?"*r. r9tjr-hj Wooburit. to* a Arliort *. Bernen. i.?di?-Pe ? * Ohnr*. 5Ti fi?,1 V&>Us^Vl22Sd. Me H-erv ? Br... \ <Br?, rv M*o fenn?ili lUMi J * ^ kill raisn Wild (?ler). Torsuaea gn?o?at>?wia? l^iarb, . Marit A wetidi IfM tlai. and ? rrooeouSli re.'or d. 1 tow Uaa (?we) ara-l?t, g.ieooatewa? *eia<.ae a ' "'?nf l*??ie iJtar (Bri kaaeal v, Jla*re? Edailatoi ?r?*. Brtf ban O vian-l (Ital Mal tsia, >u?noa Ayrf?a aa . M ? ? **?? ??" " A tovarlt . ... > gf?t Os?alq?e (kea?i Oent-a. BK> <*raad?-J B?nte KS /one (Br>. 1- w, Am cajiM^ f WaimeyA e. _to^ wTniau A Mar; (Bo, Joidaa, Urrdgejiort. 01 llrli?w>l> t^r ? ?raat. tlaiN>r Orof*? B'*'t Bon ? C#. , %u Ori? *?. f OT_fl Ihif.unr. . tote Aerie <}eMert iBi?,c?i man. Wn.<laot, f-ii- A Ranitk a >e t flo Me Baeiere (Br . BaT'e'k Malyt? tt f Bu.!ev. iVnr uoeelie iBi ', hwam. roiai retre, Oaad? B T Benall *tokr *elme. Stanweorf f.-egan? ^ Tuempeon * Hmter. i_r- Bra<* Brtan. Meaiif'ii i? F. U Hurl nut A Co tone B T BaAer fN?<>a Tor'teae M-mrne tor M Bewail, n*r< * letanArla ? H?i,nke t Moira* tototooeee. Ketier. Maobias? T k kayh'w toar Oatxil ri laoar. Beeo n ? B-n ?? Smi'h A C . LZ, Saw Htrn* Gl'?*i flaaien M m Ra< kail A K?e. ? Mr A Bagliaft Baker B'W r.edf-.rd ? femoaoa A Weed. .1l~.# Btokmooa. AI.eo reorteen * $oep 3 c Beraown, ?iapae Bear Hae?e - H I Backett A B I i B B^eoaideld Harvey, Biamford. Odd iVHoer, IN>il? Orient *(??i XT. Bka* Piilfao M a ARRit kfi >r i alaa'? fiiikti | , Havr. m. Wtik m*m u4 in NMIW, to llwW * Aap<nwoM Mb ln~l. ofl ir>? l>LerW. -aw ?D? rniuw , Idtt, ?ei 4*>41. hi a t**U mm frm kirk Herasaao lletimooh. M?ia>hH> ."artbeut* (II H iranaport, Beini. Nawbrra, BC, .? ?N I*. ?io Fort'?oa Moame t? buora wMh p?>?ii(tn, to V B Vwwnauw. Si? ? ?ebip tVnuMiHiCT <0 8 imaport). MMk. fwliiM ?oaroe Ui V II goariei ino-ler. rir.vuuJ. >r fauyaoo (V b transport), Oroeker Waa(i>n,-VMI UP t Qurtmowwr. ftoaoaatop <'b?*?ei?ake, VIMtto, rarUkM, wtlk n4ik to D H Cromwell Alo. *'?'? Uwmurt, Jotmetoa, U><i|>*al, Jum ?, with mdee ami Nu paaaoncrro, to U?km?. Uttao * Co. Om tort* Jneeir, Chneiopker pawner of Tort, lu fall board an J ??, droaiKii *b?p C#e?anr?, Oriuu. Liverpool. ?S dojre, wKk osdae and ?TS j^eecngrra, to T*o*ou A IVv Jtrna *1, I at 4A SI. loo ft ' ^ Mathu-, *ei.;nao, fall evt rbeord iVoiu me he*d a J *"?*V although every eiertUm waa made to uta him ?id, la l It! Mi. lou W 1". smoke Hreni bark Fraa-e, for Mew York, 11 rta ? onl, lfkh inoi. v?i 41 4\ Ion ft3 SI, ar-oka eebr of St J.ihn. Nil. lei tiori. ri<w l a '.arge numixjr ui ?c? berjie K of the a Hail ibreo deaibe ou boarO. Hull) Win 8 nsorer. Bryant, Un'riwuL JuM 7. with mdee aad &i jannnsTi, u. c H Marshall Alto ktk last, iak *8# ton ill 'w. paaaed IS large icebergs 8l>ir> HtTtaacU ""lillCoanllb W! dajra, wllh oo&l and Iron, u ortit'r. . . . ... Bnik X&utho, Chapman, Atprnwuli. 21 Hark Lucy FrtMM, Terry, Cird?OM?M|^ wttb u? R I' Rtirk .1 <)<>. ? ?a j.? ?4#v Hurt a W i;rtn h. OnmifcoDd, Bemedlo* lfi ?Uy?, with fDKtr. t? J K WaM k Co Lor 1 15 with wis* r. ?< >> Pk BJ Pe.r ee. M.h mat. lal 3* 2", Ion T.< SO. waa boarded from U? gunboat Port JacToii. crnialiMI all well. ... .... , _ ? .rk ! aura Hi ?. Brown. Cow Bay, U da7*. trtlb onai. to Br it. ton A Co. . . ... _ ?a-? ^'?Kj.ilmr'a, Naw Ort^aa*. IB rtaya. *to Dolaarara Bi'i-ah ?ai?r r*T hoard. In ballaal, lo J . Kara tlol?vnnir. .Nairn, l ort'ifaa KU, 13 4kj?. m ?allaat, la itntinor k Brown. . , ? Hrl* !)ai* (Kr). Jlarrar. OardltT. fin data, wHh oo*'. toKua k?r.t: * Co .tun* '.'2. >n M II. Inu 40. -nok' burk Mary Ann, af ?<! .i iib, >B f'i'ii 0 .i"?*' for Kor'?nJ. _ hrr Palnia, Kragin, fwakntaak Sl? dayk. with CO nee *e, to !l U 8'vlft Krt* Weo' je Baker, Kuhn, St Thontkk, 8 OfcTS, with c-'ttun, lo maner. . . . _ l'rl:! Montrose, Tlkil Tonee, 17 d?TK, with ??g*r, lo Bar dell .t K"ereU. ... .. . Hiig l|At>,i?. WW'.I, Beaufort, SC. S days, wllh Umb^r. to Mrrrav A N'epht'W ... _ <enr t'nnnv <HrV ?Hl?r, GoaalTek, 10 day*, with aoftert, to WiihonA Caminaoii. . . ? , _ ftelir J <i Wk)|>i> c, Tarr, B?a?au. 8 dkyk, with fruit, lo Geo T Hteivart. . . Rchi Oonne <Br), Botliel, Cat Island, 14 dkjk, with frtnt. to J l>oi.g!n*. N. hr Man fRrl. Albiir*. E!aulh?ra. 11 day*, with fruit, to J ftouglaa. Ktu lust, lnt 2? 47. Iqfi 7? 40, waa apckaa hy US gunboat .'.la^imha. ??roiasng, all weil. S.Mr J A Woodhouae, Thowiaa, Liu*.\n. IS daya, with coal, to H K Wenbarit ? _ Sclir .la i>e? O'Jlonohne (of Bknror). Wl'.aoa, New Or ?ana. 21 iIhv^. with moU^ea, to T M Miyli<!W. nciir Alice Ida. Johnaon, Virp nla. .'t daya. ? Sdir Kate Tl>onta?, Preaton, Barnegat s?br Diadem, Benjamin. Xllifcbethport for Bpaton. S' hr O Kalin. StoeXing. Kllr.abelhport for MidUialonfc. Scar Floreni"!. Crockett. Bansor. 16 daya. lllsKin*. Bancor, 8 daya 8chr Pilot, Kainea, Eaetport. in daya. R<ihr Commo*lore, Muchell, J?ubec. 5 ilaji. Hehr Willow Hui.tll, Lol>ee. Ciiay*. Seh" A J Rnaeell. H"dpe? Portland. Rchr Nelson llarvet. Bearae, tiarioo. Schr An :el. Lewi* New Bedford. Schr A S Brown, K<-mp, New Bedfoi'd Schr C R Vickerr. Babbitt. Taunton. Rchr War Steed, N?.?h, Wareham. Kcha?P Burrllt, Fair>'hild. Fall River. Redondo, Slater, l"rovi>lenoe. B Hoctk, llifton. Provident 8ehr Naiad Queen, Itanlela, ProrideiiM, Betir Ida, Ktlitmi. Prorldeuc?. .telir I.illic S:i.iij'lei*, Mart. Prorldenoc. helm Pioneer, Haskell, Proridenoe. fV lir New Regnlii*. Caraon. Prorldenee. Schr J k N Sieolman, NlekeraoD. ProtuleDC*. Bclir Compromise, Brown. Providence. Relfr.l P Oollina. A'bro, Provldeai-e. Sehr J Croekrord, Jonea, Newport. Schr lrf>iikout. Wall, New Loudon. ? S?!hr Pbenlx. Smith, Hartford. Srhr 1. Daniel ?. Smith. Hartford. Schr J S Curtlfc. SlockioR, Hnrfford. Selir Henrietta, Miner, Harf ord. BcnrR It Clark. Clark. Mid.lletown. Schr C Carroll. Mehafl'ey, Mlddletown for FkllatStipklfci Schr Oaroliae, Rogers. Kondout for Borton. Schr B Fowler. , Rondout for Boston. Rohr R F Stockton, Van Cleaf, Rondout for ProrkleBee, Schr Model, llaakell. Port Bwen for Bangor. Sehr J li 1'esa, Kiunon, Port Bwen for Bo-ton. Bohr Kramklin, Conovnr. from the wreck of brig BdnritO Dreamer M SieTens. OUance Baltlmare Steamer Emma D'inn. Burton. Philadelphia. Steamer U Masaer. SrnRb, PMlade U'bl*. Hiceuirr Same. Jonea. PhlladnMiHlS. Sioamer T ?lc?n, Aidricb, r/oridene*. BFIXHT. Ship OrkUttide (Br), Their, as, from Llrerpool, J use 7. SAIIjai. t Slat? Sleara^r MeClrllao : ablps Mountain War?. Ijamttel Goddard: barks ^orthwood. R It Knight, Stella, American Ragle fallen Mornsen: tor es J Nl^low, !?. Piarler, Antamu, l.och Lamoad. Henrietta; aefcra Wm Couainr limn. Hound, Naucy, 0 P Binn-k .1 Predr?;are, J Warr^u, u'lenwood. Ann n. Breeze, Lelle WtUtr, Msr}, W li Pit'*, AdUie Hatses, W.-.shinslon. Wind at moid MT. iMirletK Ihlymsarssi' Mo 81 Wavt. JS, a* awb 27. Jit fallawlngapyreTadllasura and OOc:.i hart r?Mtr?d rsmm ss ons frMs this Aaseswliei Captains .las Bolltho. brig ,lohn Hmlth: Kdwsrd F Berne, sieatnslup Moou ^-ht . Samuel Vine, br>* Al ce Maude; .less* STIowell. brig ( onBiti; M?;or M'lls, schr Minnie; .lobn V Hickman, aehr Mr Rorsr; Saml O Crowell, btlg 8 Cl'ilWllI Thomas B Huntington; John Johnson, hris Baion de Caa. tine; Frs H RM!?y. s?'Hr B W Efiridge; Joan han*t>y. brig Harriet; Ateiander MeKenuon. b>?it Ell^abath; Mn Ao g ir (mate). Mtaeellaneon*. Bhif Macwt (B?;? Cant U ill. of sbl? Brtta?nla, at 'hla roil from CarJIfl" n*j>?rta Jnne SJ, 'al4S. Ion SO, fell In with Br ship Mnjoet. from Vne.^ee for Liverpool, waler'osgfd. liarlug been In contact wttb lee aad bad her lower parlatot* ui. Suppiiec: her wi.h water and^be i>ror<ed?d. Bate Mudhtob. at Hs>:tat :rr,m Droiarara. paportt Inne -4, lat 'J8 In, ion 61 .1), socks cart Christiana. MaXeeu, from St Stephen for New Urle.ini. wita I,.js or deck load and leak ing la inebca an huur, ha-, in^ eiper euced ? heavy gale of wind on th? l?ih 4 Fuji hid Arr na, 'nmher 'osied, r.^me nitknown, went ashore on Shitmecc. i Point on tbe n:|'ui of 21st Inst No particulars. Phot Bo?r .lut No 1. p'?*e.l Tip on the iO.h ln?t, off tbe SontU end,oi the Wood'an u. a atcauer'a gnarier boat, black o-iti'oe and wbite ia?ide, liair.u; a !*r<e non davit aliai'bed to her. W!-s:fG V???J- ? Br*<hr A k?. Capt Horace Tufts of Sa 'em, sailed 'rom Boron Dcc C. i V*.' foi Sierra Leone Aft tea. an j baa not since h<*en hee-d 'rotn .loun H Lnsromh, ef A*i.:in. waa ma c. Is. i we are nn iliie to give the names of the crew Tho Alice *a? * food \csae o' 110 uns, snd former ly lbs Klying Fish, o. Karu<taVe.>tH; n? At Newniiryi an, UtU n?t. from tho Tard of Br sey A Pitdc. ? ;ir ^aio'iel F, I'aaem, IMtons. to 0? ooin. nv..r,ited bv Capt dobo Pave. e lot *s ene of the owners. At Kennejun'irort. 1*th from Wards ? a d bare Po?e relgo, abou. VM vona, for aa>. Net loo lo Mai Inan. aro?? iv tin ?Mn'. . x?\\*r. "I'ai.MfT Hoi vs. Lownoy .fuW 7. lSdt. ."?ot ce la V?rebr g>en mat on or about A"g 1 ihe m lowing '):crai|on? will i- trade lu tbe j-oalBon. character and i-olor of certain Bnorain Brlatol Channel, ri? ? ma jio-Tn* of m.cb aror ?' 1 be moved eliotit ?rsli!ti to tbe 'tTest. cbe Kaud hav jug t own out in lu^l dtrfW!lon liiK .aw earre for, ai present Wulu, woi br clorsd Bls< n :?? ???r cs* ? ,<T. at piesent Wltl'.o, will be ?.ored W uite awd Black, lo che ?jtiCra. t?? oof* or or. a', pre-ent a Can Pi:oy wilt l a rrp'^ced bv a S.'.ral Buoy sor iiiuuuleu with a S aT and wlo' e. tii? savn ^ipnr ?\ot, a' p >?-o; While. ? ,.t I* c?loiet 't ji. i.. ?? or '.sr. r. U. BF.r.TBoJI. Bovstarf. ? Ktiit' caiurf i ? t i-rri or ca>niA. ltr i>n> vnaryir Omo. Anaitntr. { ltiMmn. June ?S lutH l TbeTuklah gov/?;nir-' l hsv ;ir -n not ce that on so 1 a' tor dune l.V 1364. tbe following t ^hts wo jW be eatabUabod -n -ue 0>>a?t?f tne i- 'to! cf Oa<-.oi? ? .** '.JIMl ?a C?*?A A Fiied WLIts on lh? ? iu?..ultv of the nr.ole oa tbe L vide of ou ?ais o i!ic f in. It is (?la cd at an ? *?*'. os .f T. feet hbora the i: .-an 'evel of the a-a. and alio i t Ue afsti in <v-ar weather from a dia tunes o> Id n>> ??. TheoM lira* will lie di? nliiin?d. The t"Wfr Is iti-? l^a ttudo At> *<l I > M. i/oiiiiu :? oi :4 1' of Crcotwick. attna A rued liieen 1. ib- m I be ?or, sa? at tho 8 oed of the Isle'., *l ins en'rinc- >o Sn la Z*y. Toe light ?a ee. aoo?e .he s?s aad *.?ib)o S asl'es. Tbe us er aiands in ? Intrude 5S V, 'm !? Lougltinis . i'4 i? *? K of Orreawlca. t??a nr?ea5M, A Ff.ed White ligV". ?sr -d b? a Flash every mm u>0 It I* p'aced at ae e'eia t in o." If7 "eat above tbe ineaa !ev?l o' the >.?a, snd obo'ild be *?*n in elesr wcalliet from a diatauoe of I "i mi -a. tbe towei la 3S tarda fross the oa newi ty of the <"-at?e, and i! .nils in ? I,a'.ltnce IB ? 14 N l^ngitj je 'Jl it '.A r. of Crseov>'.sk. tTvMvaao or par on. A Fued White I. gbt. V vsrds trivoi tbe otlrotr.l'y of tbO so a -. no the S si io of entrance to ihe port i k" luht is Ait l?e above the ev a of 'ba aaa ao*1 vlFbla II u. -a* he old li?b'. will be dit 0U'.tn<i*0. The lower >0 ia? tilde. . .W x; Hb ? ijongituile . 14 29 11 8 cf Oreenw' h. ra^i.ia oa oscii ? ? aayeo". 4 "ijed While Llgt? on <he ei'rotali. of the mele, on tho K aide of eu rsnce io the port. t lie I'i ht ts S3 feet a^n.e t li- level of la* e?a and vlslb'e 10 tailes. The o'd llghi will be oi? aniiOoeA 'fue tO?Or is in? 1 aturde 3a 23 00 W. Lorgti.ude. . . J'. r_? 'ft t oi Orsepol. b. B} 'Waiaisi d ?! tb^lr i.ain-'n. (>?0 HI > KY KlCf APJlS. H>d rgvophar. SpnkOO, Ac, Ship Xanlonit f ew LlTei^ool for Baa Fraodseo. Jol? 7, ok Holykeed Sbip <ohn N Coabieg Swan, from London for Rangoon, no dale? lit a veaee al Ca'c.itla May ai from Cochin Mhip.lo' Smiib. Fe|v?ny. iron Uvetpoel for PhlHule'pb a, .Ttdy? off(ir"a!0 maliead. st ip F. <' Merac .oi). Wr'la ns. from Liverpool for NTork, Jniy 7, op the WkTites Hrtg W J Troat. from B* t more for Signa ioly 7, lal 27, Ion 71 m ? io Osprsy, J ilavs bene* foi Torto Bioo Jely H, lal II ii, 1 on 71 4i. fa re tea fortta J. ty wsii Woo Bell, PeriJ, ioaloa Kriatoi.. Juiy f? Md csuletoa. Tre aiiin. Newport atatia. May 19? At-- Fre4 Worrea. Pklaaey, Melbourne (and i-omaloeo .'*th, rat lor iioUond). Hoerav, May It? An Tieotioarnpo Rioe. Ca.rutla; Juael, Lo?gwoo? Petenoa Utorroo' Mrs 8. Mh, Western Bmolts. Wo'idworta. Ceitu'ta Inj'Ort .Tun* b. Lepan'^>, Martlo, Helvetian Cabot, fltoolo, anil vmks'iura Scill, for t. verpTol, Tesate codn, CoJIa. for Houli'iCiR so load lor Bor'.aail Haruoon, Hapbura, for Now t e-ki l^ongwood, Petorooo , Hydenha*. Bar Jiag, aad Tl. eonderoaa. Blee. \mc Charter. Jolf 7? b:? Salomarta. lyoaon. aad Equity, Beits. NTork. Csu'crtA. May V? At R 8h*pb*rd. Soiasrs, Boulmoia. kid ^dtb.Csrtope it'toirons. Meurlttos. I'Aarf.a, M?v S4-le port Br berk Bobeil A Aleiandor, for N Tork few ds ,0 D' t. Jolt 8? Avr D'lrkold, Crorar, Londoa (and aid for B?*'oe) PAi-aottva, July 7? Kid Montezuma, Aikto?. Booton. Rlu?f>ia?. July 7? Bid Vigilant. Leborkne. RVorl. ?4n.r.s?orv, Ju y ( -KM Jl' Wnoeter. Oadd BToit. ?iorrtj?sfk? .titly 1? -fid Free Trade, Stoyer. N America Ho.*'- K"*o Mar 3A- Is port sklpo Blonk Pnnoe, v'ka^ fiar Ron t'ran?:ai?. Shirley Mnlloa. ?nd Maodarln, Peril, ??e: oarko Noddle, peine, from Bootno: what Cheer, {?#< ??. from Una', tine. Nloiree tror). for BTork Idg MM pre a to toth si ty? Ma av JlnW-btpeon, ao1 Buena Tlata, tvrr? mh PiarHitaeo. Xaibay. Stvdaud, Mania (under ibe > Ml Hat, rat. Jot> 1 7 ? / rr Many Fsrker, Belltmorf TaaaMik July I? In port Wr a< br Aiu>a, Brooo. lor Booton 1 'ft dft) s Ki aaj wai. Mo* It? Rid Romul' s Lord. Uverpnnl. L?voe?r<n. Jn'f -H? Arr Cftv of Wasiilnidim <*J, JlriiOki, SVork "t? 8> otia i*> us t.o ttld Mh rerar A B"tk, (Irani r'l>e?r a t il' rib tfei'ood Pa sr, f % F|?| ' ' ' t.b 0?i; (?, I I . 1\. . r . ' ? ?Han, ioeioi*. ivmiHoii. Dm Tort (?>. R?'?aa. MYort Ji* IWWi kirtO eu4 "to, U-tgl.a CI A. urn mr ItoelreOl OM Q**" he< . Kh ? .m, 8l?i, lui hi BW-oheo. Ik the i nw tulwiM boned tRh. J"' bright Aurora. Buk'r. lot or* , , , . Advurtian i Ik*. Hul?UB (?). lor ?J"*"*' JJJJl Afrtua (a^ fer HtWMMk Kit .ajtaratboil !?>. '? "?*? ?*B ? Wa?h>wK*?i <*>*fer Slk; Hcoim tel. for do ???*; P** ftiii'li Ohio?i<*h, for iw?si<in l"il? ; r^iipicfi vj ft . w'v ran lor it* UbHliliMrtUI*, '"J' Oleiy; Outaetu. U.>' lur do '.flKh, Marco Polo. Qentea for *e UiBere wit* de??et?i?; Ver 'iw , to* W Praneiaoo i.Vh. Loaooo, Juli H-Xrr J*kum M.?rie, H etuarher >1 ftrl, CMrtth. Plorenee NighU*?*l*. Prtdy. BatMmt, Afri?a. lUninm. May IfV-Arr Conranr "j1?". I on# la l Bret Ntorl vie Table Hay (aM aid June 1 'or Ifc '?A,I?eoo?U?t, OaMtOO. Ejw York, 2JU?, Armaiaul. Norton ilrom <!?. QtJ: ?m:, Jaly 14-' '! I ''11* '* ' " '*? ''"r1 8w?xsjtA, Jul? & ? it. I ? inu. *a, ttai 51 -KM JJ.ev Br "liiu Gleam. NYork. ^om. kkko Ju V t ?I.I port ? ?rK "lor del Mar, UtaweH, from N > ork arr Jime '*?. lor Petl*< alpine. St Oboi?. July .'?In ?orl obr Draaoa. for EYorh 8th. Pt >oua NB. Ju'v Z 1 Arr Dutoh brtt Mautral. Homon. Tim. ,ii?ly 4? Arr II* -It*. Rl'Wler. RulUmore. Turn, July ft? M l 4lle?<Jrey. Maiwe 1. Philadelphia. Aiarrirtn BOSTON. Joly H? urt ateamchip 'Iui^do (Rr), Andej - ?on. Liverpool via (jvrrn?U>?li and iiallfaa? err up a >oUt f>-4<M'?l; br* Ad"lm?, Rome*. rh>l*di>to'.>i?; Pathway, Wll li*lts ant N S Clark CUrk, do; J& 8 CunanL IA um, Jolin Kuagiea, . >oua' . aoJ Kenduake'tg. Mu'.m .I, Hlu?oeui;*irt; NelT. l'arl>o? WallaOM. fort Lee;Rt Laeer, Barmm, NYork. L'ld ahlp Haorteinan . Hawwo. Moniowdeo and ? >nkt; barka Ur o.h* (JOtitUtrtL i*t 1 !>i y ?. -U .uiio, Nji, llaal'ey, jmi*. Baltimore; brixa Ubk-atii (Mr). Tho.naa, Kaltuouib, kutr; NrUil Sieveua. Barl> nr. WnviHiitoB; vlim Angler (Ur), sii inriou, P rt in Knuo^; John KcAdato, Ph-rsuo, forliMi Mauroo: UU Miirrf* An *? Jam h M< ..???, Btiowa. and >m) ? n?? Cook Ham*, Waahlnvlon : M ANaiumoml. I'aliic. arol M.vrv I'arroH <;ondon, PLllad?lptaiA Sid Inim Ilia RoaUa, b.?rK Kp Ur. tld-Ari dUampr McCieilan, NVork; jUjeuc, Le^hora , J 111 II <lr*nic'? iJor?e. KALI ' VKRh, q j 21? ArrHrhr It Fowler, Jom. NTor*. f >i luik. cmplar i Ai*l, W mm Boon'* Ay rim; brt<s Biro^ ard & To: r?) . Haai'll, K tury Hbtv Yam. 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Pbuadaipha for BoE'ob ; Jn;lce Tenaev, Doan; Kldoiado, ? ? ? ; Ki?!n| Sim, H.vlth; H H Pi"-kIii>( Ur. ana AllaiMU. Join-.,. KM i\ ?>?-llijnirl 'or do; hVlln r. liova, Nen.trk A?r Pemhroko; W?nata, llawkinv NYork i Lintftti; I* t> Ltodaay, Bnieiy, do for Portland; .I>-nny L'm'. C?l*<, Rh/abetbHOrt for Krw bnryport; Kii7a KVioc*, Ko^art, a?>d John E Dailr , Wall, Boaton for Kortrr.a* Monro?, A?Uro Flaber, aud Rp*llf?;s. Yanrant. do lor Philadelphia; Ann. laplay, and Mar.y Lonlaa, Koan. do for N York. _ PBILaPKLPHIA. July 21? Arr nelira Canary. Plt^bRr, Oakala: t*?<n?o!ino<,k. Wn'ii'm. Hoalon: Piyian Urafjon Dani' nla, w< l.flrrt. W M VVilion. Brown. SaH-in: Colim rt, fob y, Digbion; .lan? N K?ki*r. Ilendarson. lie ton; B Ji Sharp, ^TtiTAlU do; Cbas Moore. lif-? Iti, Prmldcnce;- Emma Pur knak. Verrlit NVork: O/ab-Ui, Jobnum, Norwich. B'low bark While Wine. Bi- oka. Irom Pnrlo Cabello: brig Alberti, Oarr, from B>v Wen Old barlta Alamo. Bcunett, Pansa nola; Albino ?!!.?). P.aVhein. NYork, Ellinewood. Ellinc .wood. BoatoD ; bile Klir-v Ann. Ayrea, Pnioedloa; achra Bra Nympb. On try, ProTidance; A lJownlnp. Rli-e, and CO Hwltb. WIlkHmk, do: Faar'p, Yanie. Havana; Bipr'n. Kl Iiolt; Harr.tOnA Hinkiiam ; Boiindary. Jobnaon: Jamea Sat terlhWAlle. Lone: O W ('anxnter, Edmonda; Juliana. Har din*; n A Week's. Ketch nn; D Brlttain. Sanndors; Oliarlna Moore, Ingc.mOil; A Bartlpti. Arniib.and 8 A Rolen, Adaine, Host on; lu-on. Ri>ragne. Porilanrl; CStelfori, 8omer?, Brain tr?a; W lxipar. Roblimon. Netrnort. PROVIDENCE, Jnir ao? -*rr *-hr? 5lary Blbabalh, Pha ro; Tiidii B.>dine. Biince; Expedite, Bee be; Harriet Oard iMtr. Beckwitli; Renj Browniuf, l.arapnear, and Jabez L White. Davie, Kllxabilhiiort; H P Kly, Stokea, Woodbrldge, Kl ) Ida. Knapp.'Haverairzw; Palo Alto, Kellev, New York. SW aehra Nalnd Queen, DAwela; J A N Steelmao, Mektr ?on, and New Ho^nloa, CrowtOD, NY oik PORTLAND, July 20-Cld brig W U Parki, ColllM, Car 4?ui S2d? Arr bark Star of TTope fnewl. Kenaebunk. PDRTflMOUTll, July 13? Ari fhr Blue Bel', Eelle, Ett. Ukbethport. PAWTI'OKET. J.ily 21? Arr Bohra .lobn Manlove, Arnold. IOIiab?-fhport; Stisrltnc, Ooldamith, do: Elleu M Uuffield, Jone>. do HIilCRLLANEftVli yBB eoYERNiinirr loan r*o,i?o.ooa Thi* loan it authorised bv net of Congresp, of March 1, 1S6I, which prorl(Jf< for Ua KBDEMPTION IE COIN, at My period not leaa than (en or more than forty rear* from it* date, at the pleaaure ef the government. Until lie redemption fire p?r cent lntereet Is to be paid ?ewlmunafly IE COIN. ~~~~ Bulxcriptioai io the loan art ttc?:?e<l hy the Skt'onk Banke in United AU'ei notea or is inch fmrrtatj or other fnnda a? are taken by them nn deposit at par. Ha exemption from State or local taxation adde;from one to three per ceat per annum to ite'value. The rat* of tntereat on thla loan, although hut Ate rer ntt la coin, ii ai mm.h g-aat?r in currency at the difference between the na: ket rklue of currency and gold? A? a Tale the fire per ceat apacie tecurltlel of all tolrent goTernment* art a) way a par or ahovt, aad currtney bow funded ia the national taan will b? worth Itt face in gold, batidet paying a regular and Mberal p?r oentage to tha bold or. The autho.l;ed amount of thla loan it two hundred nil* lion lol'are. 1 b? aanocnt of aubacv ptiona reported to the Treasury at WaiMng *? ;? over So'c?crlntioo? will be received by the Tretmirer o f tho Csl'jU S'iiv il We'bingtou. and the Aedstaot Treasurer* at Sew York, Ko<ten and Philadelphia, and by tho f lial National Rank of Mew York, Eo. 4 Wall street; Se-nd NaMonal Bark ef Nitw Tc k Tweatj third tl root ? n<*> Brr-ed?iy. Th'ri Naticeil Bink e> Kea York, Nn. & Rattan airoel. Pourth Eaiional Bank of New York, 17 and ?9 Pine t'.reel, Ttfth Eationa' Rank of New York, Third avenue. Atxih Kationa: Saak of Sew York, Sixth at. and Broadway. I'lghih Nat. one'. Bank of hew York. fS 0 Broadway. Einth Eationai Etok of Kew York, M Broadway. Tenth Eationa1. F.aak ef Eew York, 340 Broadway. Cent ml Eatlonet Rank of New York. Tl Dnaae at eat. National EirVavo llank of New York, 1P.4 Grtenwlch tt. A5D BY ALL KAtToNAL BANKS WaU h are dettoai area o* publ money, and a'l RE8PKCTABL1 BANKS AND BAEKBEB thionghout tho co?n;ry (acting a* aren't of the Wat en el Dei oal%ry Banke) wit! furnleh fatther inforamtloa oo ap pticatloB and AfTOBD PVP.r.Y YACiLlFr TO BrB^CRIBEKS. ? $2,000,000 LOiI OP THE COOKTT OF NHW TOEK. Pnhieript ?i>? are hereby laviied te a I. tea of Two MHIioa Dollar*, authorise ! by an erdlatnoe of the Board of Snper v.'turt, tpproved by Do V?yor .Tent IS, 1*4. tattt'ed "As Ordioaneo lo provide for (he pro- uronaent of ToloatMrt for the Armlet of rht Hotov, at pait and pa reel ef the ^ootaof tie City and Cocaty of Eew York, under any future tall of fee Tree idea I for mea,'* The proper book! for tneh anWrlpUoat will he opened at tho CoaaptrePer'a oflce oo aad oftor Relurday. tho IM Joae tai^at, tad will remain opoa aatll th* whe> toot ?hall be takta. ' Babocrihort will bo rt<in*rtd to depetlt with tkt Ceutty treoaorer, at tht BraedwavEoak. wnhla |vt days an or thtlr ouhtoilpUona, the ameont tahrarihod forty thoio xuptcUvtly, aad e* pieiiattag kit roee pto ftr the moaoy to tho Oonpteoiitr they will reotlrthoedt of tho oonaty for tqaal amooatt. redoemaV.t en or htfora Jott 1, ISIS, with t a tor tot from the data of pa moat, at the rate of Mi per eaat per ana una. Our follow eitltOM, aad the poblle geatra ly, m iniil folly Incited to oo operate with tho Board of Snpe -vitoto la IM hone volt at and patrtom pnrpete of eeppiytag Mo onota of toea from Hit eonnty, u tho tail of the Proeideal for more atea for tho ray, oeea uhoude pablla withe at rooorting to a draft for that ptrpaoa, Ae Hon will Ml ho takea la ralto ToJuateoro uader IM ordmaaee reforrod to tin til a" oaBcloai ameaat Is nh * rfhed to w arr rant Ike Oommhloe In proceeding IB told ?alter ?dTTBEW TBRKEEAE, Completion Ctgv or New Toaa, Diriamn or Fipajkm. Ooarraoi Laa't nmoa, 3 aae in 1M4L " , AMBBTCtE BTEKli COf-LARK-IO CBNTR EaTh; erifw*0*"*' *1 iVVf > '? m m ?elled free oe reeeipj ?? prl o. ^ OTTO EENH1, enrner Bower/ and I'eaaJ. ^ MOWIOHS. INVR?tTRf> EAIjUL TK NDER rki-TiTi'i-t'aa ?"*? w,,h?"? hv Dr RICH Surgeon Chlropodlet MBoweey. over Ciu7.nt' Baok Rioo'oAaot hllater euroa Corae. Bunlont. to. By mail, g|i eooto /lEAY'll PATENT MOLDED PAPER fOLLARR ARB ; the oe j on?a ehape i to ftt the oeet wilb a lerfoel eiirve free fion> tnglea or lireeke. Th? Inrnn er nvle te the only ~ ar n-a le hovlof Hi- |.e?i Uit e;we? (or tho Oflh rat render ne ifc - *i rffr# eeit ihe oeek j.M'eci;* ?mei*th an ?fr?e,r?..,^r, Vera wl V-b IB oilo-kor J., ' ?v'* ** rr^nw the ne? b Pv?rt eol'ar la M L T. ? fade Pod Ui ? how tori. pUBLMiJKD THM JUT. WAR LI.TTER8 ? A DlSBAHOuu* VOLUNTMB, MM A COM IC UiSTOBY ?UB PRKaBNT ADMINISTRATION IJ( WII10H TUB FUN.NY SAY1NOB QUE Bit M01NGB ABRAHAM LTNCOLN l*? OH IM A VB1N Or TUB MO*T USIVB HDMOB. PRICE, OI^T.r OILT, *1 00. HALF OtOi'H. ?l Ik WWrf>?f the English tansi age i Miioknn, the LETTERS 1>K A iJlbHANUbil VOLliki fhKM from varinUM part* of U>? world n.??? tweu reoeiveil w in favor. The WAK Lit TKH8 am : Ac verr crnam of iiis intuMlabla ??orrospuadono*. H m e u>r death of Tbomaa Hood imi humor lot ku ?o sue ?vsalully rung (he eha^crs upon Words w tba master of Uie art ifpanu ag: and > ? t tho pun- art by uu mean* tiio cutaf inertt >i IMLMm Uotiiir tai. re lata sulfa#- ruua a vein <>f the ajosi penchant Kattre. hainaana more buiai: bos. p?-rli*Ma. neier b^en put tn |irtut A!) lb# mo-ubereof tin Oae D-l, alt the p'niniuont politicians mJ military n. en of lUe .i..y litfure to the oorvapoiiiienee. tils, in laet, a oomti ' id uultdkry bl>i>rr o t tbe o.minniistiou. and nil oil'1 that lia* a spark of In Hi nnm]w>eltt?n e*n read it wtuiout-ou^oymg >1 MAIkEI>, FREB OP POSTAOB, ON BBCBIPT Of PRICK. B U A JDV'8 '?BRCl'RY BfORI BS, KO. M. HAD1 V. A HEROINB Of TUB KE/IRLLION; itjijorWii, Kitrm tn o? Fiwtm, with Rasi OtiAltAiiTaBS, BY HfciTTiljrMNB lLLU.?TRAHONS BY UARLBY. PMICl. 2"? OKMTa. Thla ntnry wore nfcnntr v ami rultifnllv depb t* tho stir tic . ew nee and incidents of > v- |vt sent war than ?< u ) taie of the ruled. ton tliet baa y <?> hoe-i piibl shed. , Matted froe of postage oii receipt of nrkt. HtELlKMC A. BRADY. Publisher, Si Ai.n rftreot, N. T. R KDDING'd KI.HSIA SA l.l h. T FORTY TEARS' BXFKRIENOR Has full; etlub.iKiird t'i? -upniiorltj of UliUOlNH'S III. -SI A h'Al.VE Over sit ottier healing prcpaiailons. Jt cures alt kinds of Korea. Outs Senlds, Bonis, (loll*, Di rer , Hall Kbenm, Eryaipctas, rtiyee Piles, Corns Here Lipa, Sore K.?ch. 4c., Ar., re. not ?f the pain a! once, and reducing tbe most auj iry looking Hwelltnga snd In flam mat ion il It b> ONLY 25 CENTS PER BOX rOH HT J. P. D1NSMCTRE, 4V ft Broadwny. Hew Tort, B. W. POWLP. A CO., tM Treuiont street, Boston, Ami by all Dnigglsta. ue TToward-tue i:owajid. " THIS OKI. AT BOOR 18 NOW READY, TUB TtoWARDs a Kotn. or SOCIETY AMD THE FIELD IN 1903) " BV HBNRY MORPORD, > AVriiOR OF "SllOVLDEB 8TBAPB," 'DAYS^OP 8BOODT," AC. r.-iw 91 (0 in parol*, or $2 In cloth. 1 vol., 12roo., A00 ps/es. . THE COWARD. Real the folio-sing notice of It from tbe edltorlA) column* of tbe New York Horn*. toomal:- ? Tin new War Novel? "The Coward"? We hare boon f? Tored wtih a copy of tbe adrance aheeta of this now war nosei. In prew UJ f> B. yt'fiiCnfiB * IPjU'ATO PO beattatlon m sayiiitf that the senaaiton ttkoiy to oa arektea by tt wHl be a decided on* "1 he Coward." though hating it a plot atid Incidents rotinecie<( with tlio present war, and oxIitruUni; some terrible scene* on tba battle field. dons not rest entirely, or even prin-lpaHy, upon the interest of such scenes. Commencing with the po rtod or Leo a invasion of Prnnc.rlTania, in J no*, lS<S.acon alderab'e poi lion of tho events nanuied In tt lio amid tbe ?rund scene rr of vhe Wh te Mo.tntatns (making It peculiar); appropriate for summer toui iaut; still aaoihcr cr>-< Of ffn's orcor beyon-1 tbe Atlantic, ami the culmination take* pla.e nti tbe V.iKmia battle tmids nod in the Virtrlnta ho-pl tAia. With tb.k varietr. aud tbe marked interest of the tueue Involved, together with tbe increasing power and gvaap * iilcb tiie author should by this time have ae pilred troni ezperiznce in the field of romance, thdrs seems erer* rea- ?n to belisye tliat "The t"Jo?rard'' will more iban'sau*1 in popularity au.t effcet the author * orations suoccssfn) puuilcattons id the same t!u?? ? JhenWer 8!r?p*'* anil "f h? Uoys ofShod l/. MOBFORD'h*OTHBR BOOKS. THE DAY ft Off BtloDDY) a Novel nt the Ureal Rebellion of 1801. By Henry Botford. author of ' Bl>ould?r Ittrapa.'' Complete In on* laree Vo'.nms, paper cover, railway tdiitop Prlre $1 M. or bonnd In o:oth for $i. SHOULDER ETBAP8; a Novel of New York and the Army In !?6V By Houry Norford, author of "The i>ay* of 8hoddj." Price $1 60 in paper or $'? in doth. READ THIS. Bookseller*, New* A|?nu, ano all other*, will plea*? aond on tbelr ordsrs at once for what they may want of euh-r edition of "Th* Coward," in caro they want to rec?iv* ttfclr ?uuplv of the book on the first day of publtoatlon, as it la going to have a verr large and oxleoded aale. tiie orders eoinlag In for I', by the tboiiRand, and there I* groat trouble m getting onough ntanufae'.arod to aupply th* demand by the day of publication. Canvassr-is, Agents and Butler* ar* wan tod in every eltr. and county lu tfterount ry to engage in the *alo of tbls ponu lar bnok. ettaer edition . I which will bo oold at very low rate* by :bo dozen, bnortrod or tbouaaad. Bead for our Cenraastra' Oireniar. Publiahed aud for sale at the Cheapest Publishing and Bookselling EsUifelltbmeut In this cnuotrv. which t- at T. B. PETBB80N * BP.OTHir.S, 30? Che* to ut street, PblladolBhia, Pa , to whom ai: order** addressed, and tu*y will receive imoieOlata ationtlou. Advance ooplei of (be abore hook will be sent to any ono at MM*, free of pestago. *a r'-tn ?? th* price of tbo edition wanted to T. H. Peterson A Brotheia, In a letter. For rale by P. A. BRaDY. iz Ann *tr*et. snd bv all otber bookseller* In Mew York and everywhere else. rjiHB PERI<VJA*~8yRlir ? TUB PBBCVJA* BY l'.UP THB PERUVIAN BYKUP TUP, PK11UVIAN RYRlfF B1TPPLIBS VHE BT.OOI) WITH ITS VITAL PRINCIPLE . OR LIPB FLEMBNT, IRON. Infusing *tr*n(tli and vigor lato all part* of the avatens. For DYPPIH'SIA. URB1L1TY and FEMALK WEAK NBMBKS tt isaspenfic Pamph'et* free. D'pfit No Wl Proadway. .1. p. DIN3M0RB. For ?s!o py all flfrgg sts. nniTARY aw n naval. AHB CARD -OFFICE otruB ckiTbd b; aii s stb stltntn Arciicv, iW Broadway, July, Dt#4.? To wbons pit m?T concern ? ff ? a*e now rmmsMng aeoeplahte substi tute* tn ;b?r* who de?tr? ?* avatl Oiemse ves of th* prlri lef? anoor^ed irv the new nsiTipllon *<-t. whereby a maa furnlibtue a >.ut>si lute irsy br repfCaanMHt la the tanks of the de'en-f?r? of the Union, and nn pt from tiabllltv to <io mtttlar) duly lO'tBreayna,'*. 71t* ^oin(uuUt:ouclaiiM'bavlo| been stritkeu o<tt. It :* e rai ly fo;' tUe nt*rcst of avery man liable to -to ui'1 t?ry nutv to rroen'e an alien aabsviuta *?? ooce, sin'? t?y ? ?> notag ti* ?ares not only dollat* and cents, bnt much v> orrv and tronh e. to :av owthing of the satia taction It one in ,?tr| ami tu say, "I have a rri>rr*"DtA',1ve is the I'aion army." To lko*? win are not liable to do militarv duty, tlia nraseut olfers a favoraWe opportrmlir fot th*nt to prove t!,elr patrl otism in a way the most oene; iai to lb* cause la wbiah to much is ba ng as -rV,oa<t? nam'ly br furnhhtaca rearkit to the ranks of the at -ay la every ct'Uen of Niw Ya.k It can acat-cely fall to ftour tkat it is for hi lataraat to *m that tbe men called f*r by th* geu?rai govern m*nt at* furnlshoi volimiarUy and without i*aort In draft, tharebt Lt makes ruoro **( ur* kls protiertv and his life Tbo prto*of snhstitates will soon isaoti tl .^l, o?!*| to the targe boan r.ea that will fc? paid by tba general garernr. #n?, Bute* and towna At present th*,. oaa be pruo imd for atuch lasa tUaa that amount througfc this ag^a-.r Order* for auuaUtute* promptly Slied wt bout fmlb?/ troi/ol* to tk* cou-ipa than that af calling at onr of??. Ordors iron patriotio Ctlieas are reepatti'iiUy *oltclt?4. lay laformatioa free. Vary r**pon. ully. KVOBXE It. FIB KB A OO . Agents N. B ? Parttcu^r atteailo* givaa to th* furaiahiog of representatives for ladl** la tbo army. An AiiiilTliK HAVB ?',as cash town to-day to go ss a subs'.'tut* alto a raamaa al ?a can recelv* tbe (sos* to (o In th* navy. Cay in tbo g ?*i ? (tore corner of Tw*oty?i|hth .treat and Th'rd avian*, botwaaa T aid II A. V. A mm BUB-TITCYK I' AM BeSaD AT A MOOBRATB prise bv *ppl,ia?. peraonallv or by lettar, at the B*a mea'a Bank. IMier< ?!<est. Brooklyn. A mm CA H< -It HIDBBTBOP YHBCTTY OT NKW YORK are by aDowod w? ftifnUh a auhsBHuU, or. aa they ana o.ti"Jally.teraa*4, reprooootaUvo raarutta. ta antloipaltan *f * draft whkrb oieapu prtoolral* for three yoar?. The eitrsordtnary facl ltlesof Massra, C tW. Urakata A Co., volunteer and repraeeatatlva afaany, Ml Broadway. guarrai?to* a prompt *xeMjA1aa tor parttea wb i choosa (*> avail thtaMelvo* offhelr Mrvt^a* Ladla? *an proonr* *(. eapilnn f?r tbetr MaMi aad also ba roreeeeatod ta tho Army of Bha UaltOT Bta'ak Bo payiaoat of any klad ra qulrod aawi Iba r*nr**asiiaHve la aaeuroi aad the euau UOf pa pee* H*rvsred 0. W. O RAH AM A OO., Vaw Yo%g. Jaly It. IWt. I To. BM Braadwav. Ah alibm can bay* tarn, cabh'd iwn' to Oay" t? fo as substUsta. ar vateraa af twa yeara Call at ?y **i*r store ?0tf Moatgamery slreat, Jersey City, two aad a hair biocke above the ferry, katwaea the Boar* of 7 aad 12 A. M. AU BUY. NATt AWD MARINE f OtPB -BOW IB THB tin* for targe beaatp. large pels# taoaey. targa haad asonsf Cbstoa of **r*l**-oavairy. artillery ar htraatrr. Parlia* Bbant to oo.lst wtUbo dealt wtth l? th* atoM boaora ble manner . aad will be sore to receive Hie ams .al agiaed at> a Don t fonp( tho plaea, eoraar of Fu ton tad Bout* TmY GOOD MBN WI8BIBO TO JOIN THB ARMY OB A navy will Ba4 lt to Ihler advantage to sail aa aa, at fa, J Warren etreov aaar Broadway, and 1 will guarantee tfcam tba htghaet boo sir paid la tftile ? Ity No awlodilag er shea tlef Apply 10 J WABREB FUN#, Na 2 War re a m. near Broadway, T^trntu)* aIjL #80 VriiH to bniast In" tub A. amy or navy. -Yon eaa have ?7T0, with ebolne af la fan try, eavmirr er artillery, at Na 120 Bowery nee r Or* ad street, ep suit*. Untied mate* O* octal Boeiuiting and Bub stilnte OMaa. Womral tllli F. M. A If AUil OAM ? AYR BMB OABH ~I?o?n, TO DAY. f\ IB go as aubetltnta. Also s?sm*n. alien, nan receive th* SUM I* BO lo ?S* **vp. Call at Dr. BW AN'B ojloo, *34 Uraad street, eornor Bowery, between I and 13 A M. A 1,L MEN ~BN BOIXBD. LI A BLB YO BR'dRAPTBD J\ beaker*, natrobaata aad ether*, should anticlnale tho ArafhaaB procure *nb*ttt*M* now. Thee* who de'a* notll a draft actually Ukea plane will then have noly a very few dare to f nd one lo, aad many wNl be aaable tn got a tnan la tlm*. Eai'r rmnr name* at *o*a Nubetttnieo ftrrniabed and esenttnloii neper* far throe je*rs p'orered from the Prove) Harahal of aay dlete'ct. Repreaentatlve rocrulte at* > provided 1 or aoy lady or gent'eman Refarraoe atvea I i merehaets and banker- of high stand ag. Apply In Cant. COHH* Ml LUpenerd street, aear Broadway. Brooklyn men win find tt advantageous tn ea'l. A I I F ARTEB rmNO IN NEW YORK OfY WISH jfli loi: t?> pr.*wire rept**entallve? for th* aen thre? v*?ra can dnd them by na Hog at tb* aoraer af Neuih aad fnlt** Mrewta. upstairs. i TT' '.NT ION' Vf)!.UNTKRRf.-f;f7i CABH ItfTnTjTT /I far ? it te< r* aheltw *f any brsn'-h "f t' e ?ervice. ff4? V* ? t'lii I "it s T a niilHKN A WCRKALL, WBrttedway, ?IUT&ET *55L5*Tv^ Tt thb'hings "oophtt 8 S2f? ua!2?b?!I2mB' *& A itlaatt* MmL Brooklyn. T*?h,S.h*r^ p . ?h*h !? baud, in paid tt all bmBcbee " I ! ftf.^Ta- ^ecru't* ?rninnlni tbtiuMlvM will Uw bossty^* * . ? . ?ed miner wtll be paid 'jjjfjjj? rn brferag Ml We ileal faMy -Wltfc all. Qnri" M< ?W y, yo,.., ,%eJ A FEW GOOD HER ABB OTHER*, J\ weate-1 tikis <*?v aliH Wy", ..trect oornsr of Dev. for the ariuv as it nsrv, In** }^>- eaih )u hand. and an eeeocuoo*. beeldea K75 V. Ira bounty ciotblng, ptiieaud relief UMKiar. Iaqutre ef "Ibe A rent, up aU'ra AW AUBN CAN ?IVR $V15 CA?U DOWN, TO-DAY . U go mm SnbwVule, or re|?r?nof two vears. Oall at m iMitihin, 4iii' Mnnbiomerv etreet. Jarvi; CUv. two andebaif b oeki above Itie ierty, Ptsiw- an t ie hour* of 7 and ra A U. AMK.N A*n VitTRRAN BirBSTfTUTKS wanthd? B* II e:do<i\ l?-lav. IJithe*'. bonulio* paid. ?U't all emoluments gnaren'eod. remain A. P. IICKK* K, 4S Chatham sireet. room No. 7. Ararb change to it? rkprebrnted four Tears ? T^rert 1 'ulted Stales msr'nes lust dlefoartfetl, ?r? wlUtri" lo r?-eiM i a* "trttistHn'es, If patil en?'iph- A> ? plv at 120 Uailed State* Recruiting and Substitute oHicr. H till 4 P. M. An alikk ra wanted? *b a substitute. to der. Pruc>pal* only treated with. C ill at,tiie Trao err'pt olllce, M12 Naajtan s:r*et, after |0 o'clock. All AT IKN W ANTRD? TO 00 AS BI7B9TITITTE. WHO ran ^st e 9BS5 r.a-ih down to-dar; wmin - 1 wl! to aa '.veil Cntl at 1 14 f-nrtli avsuue. near Twelfth a:r??t, netiveen i'H end 12 A. M. /NAMERON BlFLES~CO'..n\BL H M. BLLIOTT \J ooni mending. Plftv voluutenr* wanted Ituuied. Me lt for mnirsiiv A of Ill's fine n?,v regimen now or.fin Ixlog In thin cite M>li>?diil ebancei for promotion for vet? an* and re< < iit? Joining this <"*w reeimentl Promotions ninde fit>in ih? iaan?. The resilient *11 bj olloarcd hv men who ?n a"'!! service In the Q*M, and Ihe r? i wi 1 1 he W?;i car* . fb". IUitb<'?t b<viotie paid M VDl<i>t??r4 C13B pi d to an.r one onK-{ln^u recruit. Apply ai So. Broad war Ni w Yoilc. 9 Draft insqrancr owpicr. 247 bhixwvat h' urtim inlnit draft for line nar, s,i' >; for wo vcare S>V); or three ir.'Jirs. In all lif S'ere* Prem. Hitna not 10 he paid unt ' alter he draft. Thi o ice aft"r')? all thoac liable to drnft an 0|>->rtnn ir to secure a mbatl lute lu #-a ?(> 'he* sre 'Iratt-'d. Inr the aboro earned preu) lumi S< ml for cirrul*r? ifivint; full iiart'cclar^ ALPhKD KKRtHAW, Proprietor. TjiiuHTH oiaiaicr -qentlkmen REstniNa in Ij the K:tliteenth. Twentieth and T?enly.tir?t of t e e ij of New York. en:rtprtatnc the Eighth (V>ncr?s ional lliHrl'-t of the State w!ll be furnlahad |j rr?ro ??t l^. with a: ?d Hnbatilnf* ond thHr Exemption Paper* ffor three yaara) oorreeiij rroi tired, br ferwardln* th.-ir order* le the oRiue iif the Kerobanti', Bunker*' ?nd Oenrrnl Benregrntaiive Velnmeer \eeoelaton. 4l'8 Frouilw*r, New York. N. B. - Mouey only wh?ti the represeniatre Is furolabed and the exemption pa per* secured La^ie* wl?h tux to son 1 a reprrseouuvA to the araiv will hare thoir order* prom;<t'y anendt>d le and will hare precedence. The R!?Mh Oletnct. under the *uperlntendence of Captt?!:i B. F. Munnlere. l*roTOat Maie'>nt.ix rurtiiahlitt; more men In thin war lhan ?nv other Dlstrldil n th? Ktate. and with oontin'ied ener?y will pro) aV/ nil !t* quota without a iliaft Moot of iho r?. r^irrtatlre* hare l?e?n procured by the MerchnDts' Banker*' iiod Oenrra: RepreKent?ive Voluntser AMOClatiO it ??ce *2S Broadway. New York. EftOUR RUBSTITITTES WANTKO FOR THREE VEAH6. Addri'ra, with term*, bo* 912 New York Poet oflic*. HO, Foil TliE NAVY AND PRIZE MONKT.-IO MEN wanted to dny. $"/) t, $?K) and $J>K> eaih jxUd. $3,000 harlntr licen made H one man, prire mourv. Pai tli'S bring ing men will Iw p*ld the largo*! amonntof band money paid l.y ?ny ?nice In the rlty. A pot v at the Bounty, Pay, Army and Nary Agency, 111 Nareau *treet, up nulr*. HOI FOB THE NEW OUNBOATa AND THE PRIZES. For a cbence on the now and fatt gunboat* which arc to itart out toon apply at once. Twenty men wanted. A fine ami uncommon opportnnlt/. Oall and ?oe. Arm? and Mary Ofllc*. 73 N??aau ilrect HEADQITABTERS, RECRUITING OFFICE, 12 CHAM . here *ir"eL? Veteran*, veteran*, here you cau reoclre B9J0 eu?h lu hand. To all thoce who hare served their term of enilitneu*. Ca1! aud jitilge for yourielre* Bon eighteen and over will get a larc amount of bounty, caih'in baud, by ?pi?l.\ iug to Captain JOHN DE PASS. "HUDSON CITY, N. PKR MAN. ? TIIE SUM OF jQ $tH? tier man will bo paid ti> ererv acej^ted Sub?'itu;e hy G. D. Van Bn*Knt, Mayor of thecityof Hndion, N. J., one uil e fi.jui the ferry, Fartlea trill call at the City Hall, ntut the your; Hoone. 1WANT TO SEND AN ABLE BODIED ALTRN or vrtereu to <he ? *r end am willing to par him a cool prloe Appl- to 1ar as early as t>oe*ible at 116 Broadway, eeoond Boor, back olDcc. InvalidJ v(Rn Tor the navt, and colored men wanted : also tner of all nationalities wanted a* repr<ssenfa''ve ?ab?!itue*. $7W Utah. Apply at i2? Broon.e ?treet. N. Y. I WANT A COMPETENT MAN TO FILL THE petition of Orderly Sergeao: la a at tached to one of the first regtmeot* la the Sccond araij uorpr Addreu CaMaluO.. SrooklTa, PotloTcj^ 1CAN PROCURE THE POSITION OP TEAM- { rter to a man used to the dr.vtnc and care of bore**. None b<it aeompetent man need ?puV. . Boom No, S Munlag^te Hall. Brooklyn. U. H. DROWN, K COMPANY, TWELFTH RRTIMENT. N. O., N. T.?Bpecial me?t!uc at the armory thi* (Saturday) ercclng, at 8 Vu'jtS;. ' C. D. BT. AIR, Commanding Cqtepany. YIERCHANTB', BANKERS' AND OESKRAL VOLUN. J.T1 leer and B'tbttllnle Aiioi- alien. oTiee Broadway. New York.? 1,000 rolnoteeni wanted immediately. $12fl paid lo aby one hrlnciuga recruit Htg'i ?t bouot)''* paid to re cruit* on puilng examination. No delay. No humbug. Money paid right aown. A i>ply at the office, 428 Broadway, New York. Merchants and others wishing to furnish ?uVtltn'e'* >n adrance of draft can hare them dlatelr by ai plrlux at the Agencr, *.'t7 Broadway, sroom -V No detay o~ tro ible in inoenriog eieMptlon pauer>. Ladle* wishing to be repieeented In the army or na/y ua aiao be ettoplied. . ' ' Navy and marine coeps. -those wishing to ?hip lo the narr or eolin In the marine eorps wi l Hnd thi* ofijoe thv beat in the cliy. Large bottuly. p>-i/e money and band mener. He *ure te call, corner ?f Falton and Seuth eireele. up *tair*. NOrj('K.-l WANT to RAISR ?I7S, for wuicn I will Kive a heavy coid limiting ea*e wat h and chain and two haq.lsoin" tolJ scarf pin*. Warranted. Address InduNiry, Heraid oSloe. OTK'E. GKNTRAL U. S. RECBlTTTINfl OKFICR. Col, MIR WHITE AN1) CKNTRB BTRRKTB, COL. M. N. CROPTE A CO. I>KCBI ITS WANTED ? V FOR ARMY *>? NAVY. AT M WHITE STREET. HIGHEST BOUNTIES PAID AT H WUiT:. :-l lt.,1. SOMXmrn AtirwcY or the BTATH ok new YorK oSceSt tYalker etreet, bctwee.i ch?r-h *'r^i; and Broadway. Kew York.? We can furntah Sobttltulea at once and at prt-?a. Beat of tele.en je* giren. Eiemptlon paper* obtained. N QUBBT'TI'TKS PROMPTLY FURNISHED FOB THE O cttyao.l county of New Tork.? Mcruhaot* and e'uetB wt*h:ng inhautute* can unfire : .em at one dar'* aotio*. by appliiag 'u J. if All A k.S FLtN.Ni, St etreet. uear Br ??I war. OUBRilTI'TI'H FURNISHKD ( OR BROOK LTN AND ij Wiliiantb' rg for *t 'he Sehi.ltute Ag*u v ;t7 B'ea<iw*y. room 2#. A'mo kub*:ltule* fe. N*w .lerter f nr niitied a' thatimeral Agjn. y. .No 7 BxcnaMf pla ?? Jet .ey Otir. V'Otaa for town* promptly tilled at la.r late*. SiTfcKTlTCTnS PUT INTO THK NAYY ANSWER TOR men drafted la the army, and are ea*i!y obtain *1. We are i ? l^e nary yard catt aii't are fttra.?hlne twcjty *nb?t;'. r.s* te the n .try eteri day, and will <>->ntra<'i te fur. tilth rtlty v- utituieie* n dsv aJ'te'thl* tt'rt. KHUhts veitili, flraraen'* Bant, K'o. ltt Yen; strrc, Brooklyn. SI BSTITCTP.B BOBSTITI ri.8. SUBSTITUTES. VOLT VfEhRS. TOLt'.VTEK BS VOLUNTEERS. Snhitllt'tas wanted, by the eld ot If l.ial anhettliite broker, WM. It. FECK HAM, who hit* again oiee?<i h> mure ?: l>? W.iahlnftoii ?wl, liobnken K. .1.. for th* pn po?e of filliag up the .tiiua of Hndaon connly. ann will psy the hlgheat p ica" fer etibal tr.te* WQ to at soon ?* i aii--l by tne doetar. and no htiMliiig alteut it. Comfortable lu^rtere fnrnlihed ue'.ll principal ere procured. i>oa'l fotget the ? umber, li>J Waak ngtoa atic t Hnhoteu. FECKHAM A FOBERTB. X. B ? Y?ter?a?, alien* asd cellar* wl'l do well by apj> y lag before calling -laewh* -*. a* BO are wanted irumt llatei . Also ete.ujHwa paper* made oul promjtl'y . AjUBBTITrTES WANTED FOR OWE, TWO OE THREE U rear*, eito. *oitin'a*r* wan.ea for the army or ?aey. We pay the hitbeet ee*A ha mt.e* in the ell/. rnn?li>al* wl ; Bad t* to their Intereat to cell ?t BE ATfv A CO. B. ISH Chatham *tr*M, M. Y. ; 99 Dillon *tiest, Br.-wklya; W Market ? reat, N T. N B -We will pay t2?0 baud money te any peraon bringing a cubititute lo thi* ?ft*oe SBBrriTUTRS FDRN1BHED.? 'P4RTIES UVIMG III thli eltj oaa he promptfy eupplted without tre'ihie or waste *f time. No payment reoelred till the proper official paper* from <he Proruet Marei.a: are presented. Army and Nary ?Ree, 7> Naiaau etreet. THI MSW TORE ARMY and NAYY RECRUITING Caaapany, Ho. t Chamber* street, ha* been e*tabliehed with a new ot haeingaae reliable oflee la Una eltv where Uie Meruit, whether r el nater <* anbetllttie, and prlaeipaia. whether enrolled, drafted or exempt, will reoeire fair aad hoaorahie teaalmeat, Hrerr encagemeat made will he ecrapvleafly falAlled. Prjioipaie furauhad at the ehorteel aetlee with good eoead mea i who hara haen urerteui'r ea amlaad by aa aaperienoed 4ura*oa) Indlrflnale ta a a/ dletnei in Mm tu?ie oaa hare their *ub?titutM mu*tered la thte tltr aao thtsr etemeUea papere feraarJed. Teteraas, vamnteefe and euheutuie* treated like men, aad the highest frtre >b*aiaad A Meclal depei itaeat t? dere?ed to recrulla far the aary. Oemmaadlag o Users ef the army oaa haen ta-ilr eraaaiaatloa* Iliad up threimh our afeuey CaB at ar add.-^e* the Kew Terk A: my and NarrBetvetnBg Cam pear, *o. f inamhert street Mere Wag t'Mtpany, No ? Ctiambere etreet. will ilsh BnheuTntee at the shorlaet aoti'-e and on the meet edraetegeena term*. Per sow* bringing reeralta te thta r fv VOLUNTMRB AN O BUEBTinflES -IRISH MRE. ? German* and TeterM* wanted Htftheat caah and (eeenimeat heaatfa* paid Chelee of regimeat g reo. Den'i be daeeired by ebarper* Aeply dire. Uy te Ogftaia COM BH, M Utpaaeed *tree4. aear fr.*dway. yOLUNTBBRB W AH TEE? TOLU NTHBRS WANTED.? il.SnO will ha paid te two food eettad me* a* rolna Were Choice ef regimeat. Apply at eoraer of Srvedwar aad Paaae etreet, la the baeesoeat. fap<a a O. H PBABCE. TXTAJfTRD? IBISHMEIf. ENOMSHMBM, SCOTCH, TT Oermaa*. frneh, and men or alt nattonaUtle*. te *e 11 et a* roluateera. The feifheat bo mty paid. ***b ie hand. o? paeelag the doctor. Belief tenet* to famillea Ageat* will recelre the higbeet premlnma Apply et the Bmkaati' Baa hers' aad Oeaeral folnaiaer aad 8ub<tlt?l? Aeto.latloa, office 4M Broadway, N. T. _ WiBAMTRD? TWO lUBSTITUTES, TO SFRTR FOR three year* or flte war. Appty at ff Beekman etreet. Try. Wfl|H ANTED? A B ALIEN, OR ANY <iNR Nor LIAEi.R to draft, ta go ee e *tibetltnte for me. Te a geo I teen I w II pa> a liberal prtee. Apnlr at the ofliee ef tbs Uoward Bell Oe. . dIM Bread war, "P ttaiie, between 9 aad 1 o'doei WAMTEO-A STRONa HEALTHY M A f TO TAKE my place h. the army or usry; eurh will be I he>s It dealt with. App.y from lit to 1 o'clock Accnts aud ru-inen need net applr CHAB X. T*? LOR. ItJ Grand *1, eel. 1/1 YOLfTRTP.BR SPBSTTTl'TRrt W ANTICO TO DA V Itr to wii em m ? ? ! he p*ld fv*; r nh ea-li, nnd S ? ' i' r' em 'fii' tula. |<JOO. Aj.pj at lb* H?iruit.|)* y c*, h<l ilrwadwa/ ' Tn.TTAUT A WD WAYAJU ' 2S0MT1TBTBB WAHUD I MMBDI ATBLY-*? whoaa tl.Wi oask la hand will be paid aa sm* ?? aa eepled. Boy a. do net be humbusse ! bj ?*#5ll_*? will 4* jiut what we say without fail. Atmj Hi INWf ease, TIHumu (treat. OA M*N WANTED THIS DAY AS TO LOUT B*!IS fi V and Substitutes.? Tbe hlgbsst bounties paid, eat* la the i-hov- of n-:;1uient?. Apolv U> WM. JAT, 11 AT abal, No. t Jersey row. or at A ?> Kow'seiUee, blue Mom yard, faol of Washington itraet, Heboken, N. J. inn wanted? por Tas abwt or watt IVJKI Ml:h CMII bo'inilea pant. Old Kugiiah, Inah or (.er'-'an soldier* accepted. Fifty men wanted to-day $ ?.<?? pr"e mon*> ha* been ir -de nv one man. Apply st me Bounty, Pay. Aru.y and Navy Ageaeyilll Naasaa street, op steirs. tllhn AND opvTA?in HAND MOSET PAID T f> <P1WU any one bringing a i(?rrint. Ch* ce of regiment iiven. H'*heat ea-h nu t government bounties ueid. Apply to Captain COM S3, 30 fjiapenard atreat. (SlAli TO *.150 HAN !> MONKT PAID AOBBTB OK 1 ' " ' ruanera for vo'unteera for tpna olty. Trn man w?nuv| t? .l?y ; il 8 hie *11 o-.unty o -It down as mkjd m? pa?kod i>y the doctor. Apply at d.'s ilroauway. <?1*?^ Tn $i60 PATD TO ANV OSS P.RINOING A v l-O good meu, wno will pa.? ihe doctor, at N ?. M4 Miurtdttuy. O i HA CASH PAID FOB SI'BSTITTfTBS. WITH ?I>4 UVj choice of service. al No. &M Broadway, reooi No. ti. <S? 4 l\l\ BOUNTY? 113 MEN WANTED. KOR THB h)t'!u Vnrlno C orp.i. Avpiy to Captain O. lfiACB, rc^aiar reuruitinK ofiice, >2 Wo? try. ? rnn ?ten sbhstitutp.s wanted, to go in ? )?)"? U. the United fliatan aa^al wnni. Five hundred doi ars nuh ?, '111 ti? paid for ten men. g<? in the Un! ed Stales naval asrvloe o* substitute* Por fnrtlier inlorma 1 1 on appl? to D. A. BaBBON, at toe P?arl Street House, 303 Pearl b.ieeu ?r/\n cash IN HAND FOK SUBSTITUTES. ? vpfJUU C otort or regiment*. A o five aliens with to a-rye oh Kobitltutea fo1' ? fa'r pr 4'0 t'rftft -d men, or nnan liable to be drafted are fiirnitl>ed with ?iibsUtuwit. Apply to C. M. noon AN , comer oi? Oar.Al street and Bowery, under Citizens' Mariugs Ki>nk. fn-o- CASH IN nASI>, KOR SUB3TITUTBS. ALSO tb a'leni. to whom * lartfa ca?U bounty will phIiI. Choice of -euiment eunrantaed . l*ar?e prenttum paiu U? runn -ra. We pay a!t EirBrtlae and no tfcdtte tiou. Ca.l early at 23fi Grand atreat. near the Bower r WILSON i CO. OABH BOUNTY FOB VOLUNTEERS. -CH0I0S JJOUUlf of Birvif-e A en Men foi tfco nar/ and rnvaiid C'orpa. Ap(il. at ratteraon House. 73 Cortlandt street. Cftnn ?0Himr.?tJ? HAND MONET PAID TO CiH/w anv p -.-son hrn^lna R reorilit for army or nary; a'.so aiibati'.utes fiiriiia'.ied tor ( '.5U: oulored meL taken, at 217 ttroadwajt room 23, and at Mo. 7 Eiclianj^ piaoe, Jersey C.ty. CA8H ROUNTY FOP. VOr.TTNTRRRB: CHOICE tS)U I <) of regirnrnla. Applv to WASHBURN A WOR HALL. 2Wi Broadway, near ClintnbTs street. ?7 WILL BK PAID TO A OOOD MAN TO OO Af> O I tJU Snbatltnte for a drafted man. Apply early this morning at 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Cnorck street. eann CA8n ,N HAND, AS SOON AS PASSED BY ?OUU the doctor, for two goad sound rei>n. Two mer chants rolnR to Europe mnst bsre snt stitmes he i ore tba steam'-r ss'.Is, as they nave been drartrd. Aim a ward room ate ward wanted, fnur firemen, thrae *eamen and two eoal na'sera. From f liiU to $2(0 band monry paid any perr,on Dri.iB ag an ar.vpiahie Becrnlt totbel'nited Btates Amy and Mary Headquarters, 93 West street, corner of Oedar. Innn becbuits wantkd-fob th? abut. .UUlf AT 17 BBOADWAY. .? $4U0 cash in band paid ea h man. 1.00U reterans wanted far th? army, AT 17 BK0ADWAV. i . $400 cash In hand paid each man. 1,1100 seamen wanted for tha navy, AT 17 BKOAOWAY. $400 eaib iu hand naid each man. 1,000 landsmen wanted in the naryv AT 17 BROADWAY. > 9400 cash in han<l pal. I each man. 1.000 liremen wanted f or t b r. ?? r-r AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 cash in haa<1 paid each man. 1.000 coal passers wanted fl,r the nary. AT 17 BROa'WaT S'OOeaab in hand paM each "j*? A1> Weu coming to thla offl?s to ,?,H,t?*o rely npon obtalatag the most honorable treat. ^nV upon racc rlng the moo?r offered in full, upon eho'^, of r(!f;VTnenl and arm, without hnaioug or imposition. Come and see for youraeWea. Of fice open from 7 A. *? to P. M . '/Too HAND MONET *" l oe pa d wi^v man, woman or ohIIJ bringing an ae efptabl?reornl',Cthla office, $1 Of.fl ??ONE THOUSAND DdLLABS CASH OR the ai>ot.? Two men for the army or navy. w.?*rt will reoaiTe the atan?e sum. cawli down, at the Army ka< Navy Calm o:f>o>*, t>3 Fulton street. G>1 On!! ?TWO LADIES DESIROUS OP SHOW IJl.iivw, ing their derotian to the giorions stars and stripeii. propose sending representatives to the war. Appll ? rants will be well provided for and promptly paid. Address loyalty, box 4,333 Post oSlco. c? AOn RECRUITS WANTED-FOR THE ARM* a.WUU and Navy, At 33 Greenwich street $400ca?h In hand paid to each man, 1.000 seamen wasted for the navy, At 2g Greenwich streak $400 cash In hand paid to each man. 2,000 landsmen wanted for tha navy, At M Greenwich atreat Tha highest bounty paid, oaah la hand. Ro deaaptloo 1,000 firemen wanted for the navy, At S3 Greenwich street $100 cash In hand paid to each intn. 1,000 eoalpassers wanted for tba navy. At 25 Greenwich street $400 cash la hand paid to each man. Call at this ofiice at enee. and do not be led astray ; her* you will reeeive justice and yonr money lauaedtately yets pass the doctor. / q? . . ? 10 000 Y0LU,TBglM> waj)tbp. TO RBPRBBENT TUB COUNTY or NEW YORK IN THB ARMY. COUNTY BOUNTY, THREE* HURDRBD BOLL ABA Hand money? County to new recrvite or veterans 40 1'aited 8 la tea to new reoruito 10 United Statea to veterans if Tba County Yolonteer Committee, under lnstrociloas of the Board of Supervisors having fined alt quotas under all calls up to this time, bare reeotved to re*ommeac? tbe bnet Dfss of recruiting for tba army, with the view of raising the quota is anticipation of a new oa!! by tha President far atea. Recruits win he received aa rormsRy at tba savaral Pre voat Marshal*1 offices, at Tammaay Ball, aad at tbe County Ye'.unteer Boom* la tbe Park, oorner Broadway aad Cham bers street The following are the various Provost Marshals' Offteas ? Fourth Dwtrkt? Captain Joel B. KrharJt, No. 104 Liberty ?trsat Fifth District? f'aptain Henry P. Weet, oorner Braea>e aad Croeby atreeut. Siith D^trlet? Captain Koater, corner Sixth avenue aa4 Thirte^ath street. Serenfi Diatriot? Frederlok C. Wagner, Ha <3 Third a reave. Eighth District? Benjamin V. Msnisrre, No. 1,308 Bread way. Ninth Dlatriet? Wm. Dunning, ccraer Forty-seventh street aad BtmJway. All recruits will rweelve la their earn bands tbe Count* Bounty of $300. and aay party bringing a Rear oil win lanetve a County Premium of $t0. la caah, for ever\ snaa, whether new Reerult or Teterati. aad a eertlltcate entitling tha bearer to tha UiMtod States Premium of $10 for a aew RacruM aad $13 for a Teieraa. O. GODFREY GUNTHRR. Mayor. MATTRBW T. BRKNKAN. Comptroller ORISON BLUNT. Supervisor. WILLIAM M. TtVkrD. Bupervieor. BLMan F. PPNDT S irorviaor. WILLIAM R STEWART, S-neryiaor. Committee na Yotonta?rlng. ORISON BLUNT, OhAlrnM #f Otnnltlic, Dated Nsw Yet^ Jnly t, in nnn **? wantbd-pob thr armt, NAT* 1U.UUU aad Marine cerpe. AJeo boys ahoat IS want ed. $400 la caah la band to veiantoets or subatltutes.QAay peraou bringing a reerult to this ofllce will reoaive nam $M to $100 Apply to Capt. NOLAN or Lieut LANIOAN, N% 0 East Broadway, oorner of Catherine Xr-et ?AVAL PRIH NOSEY, AC. A DTANCBS WILL BR MADE ON ALL TRR PBIKR* JtL an nin red dariag the war far their fuU value. Apply te RSIlBBN TORE, 09 Wall atreet; Seaman's Bank, IW York Street, Breokiya , or Soott's rreteetlve Beak, IROSoatla a treat Oapt OBQBC.R YaYLOB. A seat _ A Lb PBIZR MONRY NOW PAYABLE A can aa obtainbd at onob. By apftylag te J C. D1CRRY | CO , lit Broadway, New York. IU PRIfB MONBY NOW PAYABLE? PAID BT A allbn. van burbn a LUoffaY. Saaksre, US Broadway, New York, and IN York streat, AnOY'-PRIZR MON1T TO SAILORA -BOUNTY MONBY TO SOLDfBES dls barged for woanir received iu batlle, Ac D eeharged Nary or Army OVeera. Bailora or Soldlera, thalr Widows or Helre, PROMPTLY PAID their PRUB aad BOL NTT MONEYS, BACK PAY, Be., by RDWabo BISiRLL Arnsy and Navy Banker, and laie Parser U. S. Nary, 871 Broadway, earner Chambers street New York. 4 RBRARS OP PAY. BOUNTY AND PENSIONS JL We are autkorired by tbe Uaited Statea goveramoai to* eellesl aad rash tbe shore eiaima. ALLEN V AN*BUBBN A LUCKBY, Baakera, Ml Braad war All priie monry now PAYABLE CAN BE OBYA1NBB AT ONOB BY APPLrfNG IN PERRON OB BY LRTTRR TO WALBRN A WILLED 1? YORIf STRBET, BROOKLYN BOUNTIES. SACK PAY aad all otker nalma _ ADJUSTRB wTtBOPT PBLAT All THE OFFtcrRS AND CBBWS OP YRE OONNBOTICUT. DE SOTO AND COURIER sen obtain their prise mnesr in one 3sy by anplyiLg to WALDBN A W II. I, ABU, __ IM York atreet Brooklyn. A LI. PEINE MONBY NOW PAYABLE PAID BT M. WNYDKk, Jr.. Government Uiaiin Agent, MNssttti street, t eraer of Liberty, opposite lbs i'est oltce, N. T. AcaRD-DISOHAROKD SOI.DtNBI WANTED PO? the Invalid Corps, bounty $ i'.ti Apply st onea W^nfi(lnH A WOBRA1.T., M0 Brosdway, near t Cambers ait eat /?kYrTrB*^ AND SEAMEN now in the sbbtice V ran ohi !in all prlre due th-n fiom Ihe Ita'P l'?, ient i'V ?| j. ting ti- leltri' In SlOI.MIT A FlttlN; '? K? Kaekera T*| Veik sir??V ?rv?klya, aa4 betitb stiset, Nee io rb.

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