Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW T WHOLE; NO. 10,172. NEW YORK HERALD. YORK, SUNDAY, JULY 24, 1804. PRICE FOUR CENTS. TEE MIXltl3 B05AECEY HOLE. / It Is Not Original with Louis Napoleon. Hi Beciim It a* a Legacy from L?uis Philippe and M.Ovfzot* Fall History of the Affair ia III Conneetioa witfe "the Spanish Mtrriagei." Louis Napoleon's Blunder More Egpre gsouB Than Was at First Supposed. 8Kfracti from a Speeeb ky Senator Jobs A. Dlx, Delivered In Jannary, 1848, ^ K to The Mexican rnuddb In which Louts Kipvi^on hu al lowed himself 10 become so disastrously Involved has not the merit of originality in tlie mind of the monarch bow attempting He execution. It has long b?en a favor. Me idea with the oourts both of France awl Spain? in the latter dating back to the time or the Comle Aranda, while to France the idea was flrsl broached by M. de Blorraa, la 1844, in an official pamphlet published under the aua pteea of M. Guizot, Minister of Foreign Affairs to Louis Philippe and Marshal Soult, President of tho Royal Coun ?it 1 he whole subject is so well set forth in a speech Made by Senator John A. Dlx, on the 26th or January, 1848, lu the Senate or the United State*, that we repub lish the more Important extracts bearing on this nub.oct from aa advance copy of the Senatorial speeches and ?ther addresses of Goneral Dix, now being published by Messrs. Appleion ft Company, of this city. The speech was upon the conduct of the war with Mexico, as to whether we should withdraw our forcca from Mexican soil, leaving ihc subjects of indemnity, boundary and commercial relations to be sett'ed by ftturo negotiation ; or whether we should retain posses ?ion of the torritory we then hold, Including the city of Mexico, until such negotiations had been satisfactorily ?oocluded in a treaty of peace and friendehlp. General Dli was In raror of the latter alternative, and his ar<u ?onts, which will be found at large In the forthcoming volumes, possess la an eminent degree the compactness, fcncision of statement and complete mastery of all tho lacts bearing on his subject, for which the speeches of Amoral Dlx have ever been so conspicuous it is, aowovor, with those portions of his speech which ??fer to the designs of France and Spain -the former ?ore especially? .lor tho foundation or au empire under European protection on the ruins of the Mexican repub Mc, thit wo have now to deal; and tho extracts which wo ?ow proceed to give will be found to posioss the highest historical interest. Bpenicing of the danger of foreign Interference tn Mexl ?an affairs? a dinger to which l'resideut Polk bad alluded In his message to that session or Ccngrcas? Oeneral Dlx observe I ? Senators aro doubtless aware that the right of Inter fsntion m the affairs 01 this continent was formally aj Ct t<t in lh< t'nnr.h Chamber ot Drputi'i, in th? i tear 1845. Jr. (Juuot, Minister of tW'ton A fairs, as the orQan of B"v< rnm-ut or Prance. He regarded the great Powers * tbl? continent as divided into three groups, namely. Great Britain, the United States and the states of ?panish or ik in; and he dec'.ar? that it lufrngai to France "to proUet, l.y the aulhniy of her name, the inde pendence of statu, and the equilibrium of the great political Jbrttitn America." To this declaration I have thought Lsotout cm place. In connection wita the subject under cuss ion, to call the attention of the Senate. ? ? * Am I in error m supposing thle sub eet derlres new Ira Etunoef rumour existing relations with Mexico, Que of States of Span:nb oi iglu, wbioh M. Guiz>i urouood ether .s constituting one of the great political Cuices ?C this conti'.ent, anions which the "equilibrium" was to he maintained t 8ir, more tnan onoe in the progress m tho war tne government* of Europe havo been in voked, by leading organs of public opinion abroad, to In terpose bet wean us and Mexico. Is it n"t, then, appro ?rot? bri6Uy R> etato what this right of intervention is as It b?s been asserted in K* ope; what it has been in' Eice, aod what it would be likely to become ir ap. to the .States of this continent? 1 trust it will be so dered. Psn itor Dlx here glvos an elaborate review of the jrowtb of the doctrine of "Intervontlon to maintain "tho balance of power," showing It to be of essentially modern origin, auu productive, in every Instance, of worse evils ?hun th se which It was called In to remedy. lie takes fround, also, that such justified Ion as cr.n bo advanced (tor tho "balance of power" theory pertains "rigidly and ??o'.usively to states within the Same circle of political station It is only by neighbors, for the protection of ?elghbors ngainst neighbors, that It cad, oven npon tho broadest principles, be nghtruliy employed. When it Iraverses oceuns, and looks to the regulation of the politic .1 concerns of other continents, it becomes a glgan Uo assumption, which, for the independence of nations, fcr the Interests of humanity, for the tranquillity of the Old iVorld and the New, should bo significantly repelled." as an examplo of tho abuses to which roreign interven Moo invariably leads, we cite tho following pa. -&ge:? Do wo need examples of theabuso-of the power of inter ?notion? f..p | will n?t call it a rl<bt? Iney will be found Hi the dismemberment of Haxony, the annexation or the ropubi-c I i.enoa to the kingdom of Sardinia, and the an Sorption of \ en ice by Austria. There is anther and a more augnwnted case of abuse to which recent events hove given new promiuenco. In 1772. F.ushla, Prussia Md Austria, under the pretence that tlie disturbed coudl ?on i>t Poland was daogo out to thei nwu tranquillity, sailed "poti about one -third of tier territories and divided It among thomae vei. In 1783, noi* Ithstnndtng her dlmiui.-hed proportions, sho n .a boouno more dm. prous, ued they seized baif of what the* Had loa to her by lbs flrat partition. Mir, she con tinned t.. grow da; geroua as she >;rew weak, and In ?wo years afier the second partition they stripped tier of SE.'.V^.W4- !?" 1815 lr,a "ve *rt%l Powors, at the O>ogress o. Vienna, /r m motivos of (K.iicy, and not from f-7. ? orf?iir.e4 the citr 01 Cracow and a portion ot the rurroundlog territory, with a ttopu mtlou ol ahout one hundred thousand souls, Into a renob IW, iinrtor the protection of Austria. Rusalu and Prussia with a ruaraoie ? or its uide|>eniieu^o in iierpetuiu! Russls pledged tieraelf at the same tiino to nialnta.n her Share of ttie s|m>!I as tne kl gdnm of Poland, in namo and f rm, wi n a cuofiHui ional gnveinmeat. fhe kspt her pl-dgo seventeen years, and then virtually mcorporateu it as an integral part into the Russusn, Ihe little rapuh ic of Cracow was all that re mained as u mouumeot ol the dismsmbored kingdom, a rear a?o it was < bliterated as an independent Mute by .he ihreo great Powers of tAsiern sr.d Northei n i- orotTe, -a vi atii n ot their so, emu guarantee, and assign, d le Atistrli. ihe ti?ine of Poland the lounuin of So many *??>ie and ammnt ng recdlecllons >g no lontor to be ^r'1 k"*1' Kur, p*' 4n? th'ee quarters ol a JT?. . <Jh ii'tervenod from the In, option to trie con jatri.' ,tion ol this tranai tlou are rot ndh lent to i?in. ??ai i rriu in obscure Us tma rtiaracier I bo *H>v oie of th. sr re over whim ,t ? .^d on v " b'hig it ut. la btHiei a.,u dsiksr relief (r m i;;e fOli ?'? rj >tt?; y , .Aim! c otinues tn#? >r fb? Static, la. ' ^rie p oirs^s uf CUett o*u?vai1< v*} bnn uot remon ?tr '' ''"t them, and coiiinbutifi nn u et|?isi. Ii?n If. inaDtain tho integrity of the .it ,tes ib is d.sor (ani.V'i. au. Ilsmeuib o i, id rtvUtl n of every rule of Mht, M>d yrTj su.gest ui> ? f )?.ios auu bumainty u? kmcmute S .tew tie H tauhful, mt a I mn emt, III of I qpnvalhy. the err? in'in\'? tf ni>t*re, t the nr n | Mt It i,f f , m a.q , nu t t^tnr, the m f ? | ss-nM ?t ttilWun I'owrr . , whv h t~i*U 'n Uniuly tn he ?f ii <e fiiarm of h e , lot.e '* uhuh Ik- ,' brio p. Bu w f I >? <i ur threat- tied te mien din th t con ttnen lo./ri to tit 4 litnilar lysum of baiancn. wit/i Mi Us danger of /itw and u ti^u t?r?, I A.-ld it U V ?ur 4ufy to tn /mrf art *tAm <J>t>un, it it r? ,, rAmt ?* may Is pre p* il tn r*. tut all ?<. ? al up^tusniuit it U> iA>- tn le. prmtsni ta rt m i h it K **.*l>he,e. Mr President, the feneration of m. ?*limt coul l flsrdly hat e been madtf ?nij'ioul the provioue robatlfei af be goveinmont of h hs w?s the orjon Ttw ??me Miversign o?;cupitS tlie ?>ironeoi Frnnos? ibe same kimatcr stands botore It as tl 4 eX|.ooeiit ?i bio opinions. >ls tho teuiaraiiiin to be regard?<# ?s a mere idle anausola. ?on In w. rns of a (lestgn n'-?er intended to b# c^rr ted teio praoueev let ms answer the queeilon by th? I ?stjios-ibi r-, -nr to rr-invt *?<?*? Kra,.s Wik? iLe snsojutor of CagUiid m the atMatftsi t" Ind'ice fexas1 to tins tu tbs i n ,iii Instil n this, sne at temptea to *?eompliaii the s*mrt objsol indirectly by uer-nailiig en to rero^m/e lie tkUepc ol **"?? n" condition that the latter stvuld remain aa independent -^uie Tbess terms were oflered to ' rejected. In the ye?r 1^44, i hoi love, ??s tnan i t eivi' ni silhs before \| <}uu* t's *?<: sratiou was made (snrl the ooineul?nce in jioirti ol Pom is re ??'k?b"M, ii Jhm in (/i?y.n "in t i uh/orni , uti )> U tl >e<t in rartt by o"ter of >h? Kiny of Mairs, M iller ihe. **??? of Ma ihn Son It, /'rui.t nt ,i i ;h? eutw. , ?im< U, ?Jut:* Mi niter el tbreign if, urn, unrf writ en V 4e mofr*, ?ho mm. o tin tied to th, P en, h Isruhem fn Menu.. Hie lUst |'iri r lbs wnrk to devoted to Mexico, iu uermi.ilr com . ins some remark shin r?i ir<?, ?s laseai ?r As ?>' e/ ? gu reptan nun arrhy m a project whirh had been tagoes'td as th e on ly me M cv'u'td t> pu -i? tnii to the diwwi* ami arinihinte the f 'Uir-ns which duoUUtil iha bau/ifut court' m. He saya tilt) Catholic religion and family ralatwna witb the ancient poa>?iaora of the conutry would be tbe first c uditlo. a required of ibe pi incee who should he called to recon atrucl there a inocan bical government tie then adds ? J'ht in/mnt<x* "f ( n , ill* French prin/v i. u n. I the archdukes nt Austria, fulfil lbrK? Cunditloiia, anjQte irav aT.rm that, fVoin whichever quarter a conipe.itor abould present bim> aelf lie would be uoamiiiuuaiv welcomed by the Halloa peoioe. What, then, aie the intcrcets oj Prune* in then ifuaUruf Tn? <*lutAuhmrnt it, M'Mcu of a imsnai -hy o/ uryi dearrinti'oa uhuterer, mtin<i upon n tAid Imtit, sfaulct Ir th? limt oft feet of our poli- ti for we know thai ilie Inaiabiliti attached to the actual form of Ua government brings vwlk it dUadvau tagu* for our couiiueice aud lnccnveuieucea for our people. He adds, that if Mexico la to preserve bur repubtioan form of govern men t her Incorporation luto the Union of the North would ceem more favorable to franco than hor existing condition, on account of tbi development of commorce and all the guarantees ol liberty, security aud Justice, wbicli bis com patriots would enjoy, and that England would lose, under auch an order of things, what Franca would gain. Thus, though the dismemberment and abaorptinu of Mexico by the United State* are regarded by M. da Mo "rM *? praiarable to tba commercial monopoly and tbe "apecles ef political sovereignty," a* he danomloitea it, which England haa exercisod In that country, the first object of France, according to htm, should be a recon struction of monarchy in Mexico, wUh a foreign prince on the throne, and fail prim e from so uie branch of the Hour km family. The opinions contained in this book are nut put forth u the mere ?peculations of * private person. They are the opinions of an ayent of the government; the publication it made by order of the king, and under the auspices of hit two chief m.nisLrs.and so stated in the title jmgi. I do not mean to bold the government of FrAiice responsible for all the oplnlona contuined In that work : bet can wo believe that those X have quotod, conccrning as they do ao grave a subjoct as tbe international rotations of France with Mexico, aud of Mexico with tbe United States, would have been put forth without modification under auch high official sanctions If they had be?m viewed with positive disfavor? it appears to me tlmt we are cou atraluod to believe them, like the dodaration of M. Ouizot, though certainly to a very Inferior extent, as P"8sesHiBR au o ncial character which wo are not at llb ert> wholly to disregard, when we consider the ono in counoction with tbo other. And uow, Fir, 1 ask, do these opiulous aud declarations, especially when we look to tbo open and Uiroct Inter ference or Grent Uritain and France, by (oroe of arms in the domestic afairs of aorno or tbo South American re publics within tue last two years, furnish a mat ground of apprehension, If wt should retire from Mexico without a treaty aud us eucmie*, that It might become a theatre for tbe exorcise of iniluonoes of a most unfriendly charac ter to us? the aid of th? monarchical txtrty in Mxxeo, vould thsre not be danger that the avowed of establishing a throne might be realiidf The chances of i pen interposition are umpi-ttionably diminished by the resuiu of the war; but I um constrained to bclievo the cbtuic.ea of secret in terfereuce are increased by tho avidity inrivuied to ua for territorial cxtousion. Ought not this dauger Vo iuQucoce to some oxtent.our own conduct, at least bo far us to drt ?iijido us from atandoulny, uutil a better prospect of a durable peace atiall exist , the advantage we liave gMnod as belllgereuta!' Wo know a great majority of the l!e*|. can people arc radically averse to any other than a re. pubi.oan form of government , bat we know also the prouot.o?a of a people among whom anarchy reigoa tri umphant t" seek any refngo which promise! the restora tion of trauquilllty tud social order. ' In a foot note at this point we ilnd a statement that the day alter this i>i>eech was delivered Senator Dl* received rrotn a friend in New York a translation from a speech delivered to the Cortes of Sjrain on the 1st of December, 1847 , by Senor Oltuoga, a man of distinction, an i supposed to be the tame individual who was, a few yean since, first minister of th'rrown. Iiy Wi* speech U appears that, as rrcerahj as 1M?, a year after H. Guitot's declaration was maile, and two years after M. de Mofras' book was pub luh*l, large sums wre expended by Spain for the purjros* of establishing a monarchy in Mexico , and ?/ placing a Spanish prince on the throne. The close connection of the govern mtnki of Prance and Spain, by the marriare of the OiL\etrf Montpensier, the son of Louis Philippe, to the suter of Queen Isabella, gives additional importance to these developmin's:? Ao one, ti'her on this floor or elsewhere, can (lenu that the proj,xt ha* b :en entertained of establishing a monarcnu vn Mtxico, and to ; Iocs a Spanish prince on the throne. Thli projoct conceived in the time of the Conde Arandcs would hare saved our coleni-s from the sad fa'e L\ev have suffered; but, brought forward on this occasion, it was tbe moat absurd idea that oould bavo been concalvod. But we have not only to deplore having excltod political animosities and the ooneequencea this has produced in that country; we have alao to lament the mouey lost and thrown away upon Mexican soli. And In order that the Cortes may uot believe 1 am about to make accusations of ao grave a character without poaaeaalng proors to cor roborate them, / now hold in my hand a itaJem-mt of the sums expended and drawn from the tieeuury in Havana, in th - year 164?l, tig>:ed by the Senor Navarro at auditor, and Muffica as tre.isurer. In this statement there is an item which says ? ? 'I'aid bills of exchange remitted by the Minis ter I'lenipoientiary of her Majisty in Mexico lor maUert btlunuiny to the service, $100, <V>0." Rut much groater than this was tbo authority our Minister la Moxlco posso?sed for disposing or the public funds. I de not know whether ho ba? made use of It. I do not even know bis name. I Fuppose he will employ them w ith scrupulous hooesty; twt are the Sjranish people so b<-vntifully tupp'ied wih mill tin* that thru can ajFord to send 'hem to the Sew iVorlg for the purpKtt of sustaining political intrigues in that dis t iht rejionf Senator Dix wound op ibis branch of his speech on the Mexican question by tho following a.guiflrant remarks, which are even mere applicable and suggestive to-day than they were at the p?rlod of their delivery. They have tho true prophetic character which belongs to all oorroct enunciations of a great national principle ? Mr. rre?ldciit, any attempt by a Furopean Tower to Interpose in tho aflalre of Mexico, eitbor to OFtabllsb a monarchy or to ma.utaln, In tt.e language of M. Uuiaut, ?'the equilibrium of the great political forcos in America," would be Hie aigual lor a war far more Important lu its couFoqi. em-os and inscrutable In Ita issues than tbia. We cmild not submit t > auch Interposition ii we would. Tbe public opinion of tbe country wou d compel us to resist It We are committed by the moat formal declarations, llrst made by ('resident Monroe, la 181i3, and reeled by the preseiiL chief magistrate of tbe Union We have pr<? tested, in the moat solemn manner, awalnst any further colonization by Frropean Powers on this continent. We have protested agalcat any Interference in tbe political concerns or tbe Indepei dent States In this hemisphere. A protest, it is true, does not Imply tlat the ground it assumes is to be maintained at ail hazards, and, if ncces. aary, hy foree or arms. Oreat Britain protested against tbe interference of 1- ranee In the aflairs of Hpain in 1823: sue has more recently protested agutcst the absorption of t ruc"W hy Austria as a violation or the political order oi ? uropo, settled at Vienna by the allied sovereigns, and again t tbe Monti eosler marriage an a violation of the troatv of Utrecht ; but I do not remember that in either easo she did anything moretbao to proclaim to the world berdls. seut from tho acts against which she entarou ber protest. It has always seemed to mo to be unwlso in a government to put forth tuanlfe'toes with1 ut belug prepared to main tain thein by acts, or to make deuaratimis ol abstract principlo until me occasion has arrived lor enlorcing them. Tlie declarations of a President having n- power to mako war without a vote of (Engross, or even to em ploy the mllltsry force of tbo country except to deiend our owu territory, is very different irom the proieat of a sovereign holding tbe jsmhk of peace and war ib bis own hands Hut the fo raw may not be lean aiicctuai when they are sustained, aa 1 bollove those ot Presidents Moo r? e aud I'olk are. In r?wpoct to European iDterlercnce on tbe American continent, by an undivided public opinion even tboutrb they may not have received a formal ru spouse from Congress. I h id, tboro ore. If any such lo. lerposition as ibat to which I have referred thould tako place, resistance on our part would inevitably follow and we should be? me involved in controversies of which no man could foresee tbe end. It will be seen from tho foregoing that LotiH Napolaoo cannat even claim originality In.bu project of a Mexi can empire. n? merely takes up an old idea of I>ou la I billppe, with whom H formed part of tbe scho me of family aggrandisement, connected witti ?<ibe Span Isb niirrlBf'o?." In IajuIb Napoleon ?? caso tbere are no suck prospective advantages possible, Maximllia-i being of tbo Anr.trlaii h ood, aud nn Austrian In all hla proclivities. It raid, and with real appearance or probability that tbe Fre u b Ktiperor nr<t endeTvored to get some tiom. I>er or hla own family to accept the Mexican crown, thm sec irlrg to the Ilonaiwrtes tho family advanta^ origl. nally cont? mpl 'e l for the Oriean? ram'ly The Bona parte*, buwovor, wire too wHe? all oi tbem but tho Kmi eror -Ao omhark in any such wild goose chase a^iar a tbroue oti this side of the 'tia iilc and thua it oamo to pass that NajOleon III was (in .iiy ohligeJ to adopt an Imbecile prluo* of tbo bouse of Vustrla, b"avily laden With debt, and anxious lo eicape anywhere front his creditors, as the rectpiei to' this supp- sitltioas orowa We would /i dd ifcat In tbs vol j in oof rpencbes by (!eno- | rsl PI*, from wlilol' th?)0 extracts have i?een t ika^, there are variova ?t1<>"<S M trt raferaoco to the nefl ?f<stt>' of mahi'ining tbo ' r a lo irme, which are of ice | highest public i?ier? t at the pro-:snt moment. Tho volume sl?<> t. em' nth u i * erly e\|?nlliotis .?; nro.ini ti nal Issues, ss totally Pi... rtai.t no v a on tl ? J y >i f tboir delivery, and in U win bo found rare store* of h i toricaJ, gao)|raphlcH( attd p^Jiticai ariiditlun, s^t forib 'n ? ? 'yla xt unoe reniai kap.? [ >r !?? i Illy, ele<an?e and terse "ess TWe Is not a wed sil-ss' * meaning t > it, a. <1 Sot a ward 'hat oo^ii l he s.-arcd wliii iut d.Urimeut to the sense or tba |/#sa?,rf Jo whicH il cours. ibe a?;e of our giaat state iueii?m' rf .uvineaf for laarr.iag, conacien Mou?i ?,-s and cbaracior-V'ia of la'o sp^earn 1 (with aoma I w hriiiiunt a*c?i ttowa) w bo iiasalug awaf. l et tl.o e who desire to form an Opinion of that grandar ara in oi r hWtOry , Illuminated by stv'h na-nea m Clay, falbuutu Ni liater, Randolph and lhafr aasnciataa, not fad to pra care the or et>*<vhaa hf Raaeral Pi? bow tn eon. re of being pubiiabedi v GRANT ID, I. Cadwulladrr'o 0?ipat?h> Cm Pourr, July 22, 1IM ARUT CBAK'iS. 1%e principal events of yesterday were lb* aae gnment Of M%)or General K. 0. C. Ord lo the ocmmaud o 1 ib? Eighteenth corps, vloo General W. F bmitb r?ni ??d, and Major General D. B. Blruey , formerly commanding a division la the Second corps, to the eonsmand of the Tenth oorpe, viae General GlUmore, relieved Both there appolttmenta were made by General Grant, eubject to tbe approval of tbe Proa idem. From tba wall kaewa gallantry and ability of tba generals appointed to tfcooe Important oommands bo fears need be eatertaloed Mr tbo fnture. Tbe corpe are In flno condition and pleased wltb tbo now commanders designated to lead tbem, nr. Xi. A. Ilendrlck'a Deipaub. In tbb Fikld, July 21, ISM. odhul oairnir, commanding First division, wont borne to-day ea atok leave. His health for some time boa been snob that bo should have been anywhere else but here; bat bo Insisted on staying and has remained through all tbe terrible battles of the camuplgn, until fairly pushed Into going away by tba prrslst&it entreaty of his friends and army surgeons. la bts absence General Bartlett commands tbo division, and the command could fall into bo better bands. Colonel Welch, Sixteenth Michigan regiment, temporarily commands Geaeral Bartlett's brigade. GENERAL nm.SK, accompanied by bla stair, made a brier visit here to-day. Ho looks in the field, I must say, every Inch a soldier, and Judging from bis bronzed complexion active service seems to agree with him. Air* William II. Merrlam*! Despatch. HRADQCABTERS, U.SITRII STATICS FoHCSS, > Dkkp Borrox, Va., July 21? Eveniug. J REHEL ACTIVITY. To-day tho enemy were discovered eroding a com manding battery nt a po int about one alio northeast of tho position at lleop Bottom, Irora which an anOIadl'.ig tiro could be delivered to tbe gunboats, the pontoon bridge and the headquarters of the commanding general. It wag necessary to instantly dislodge tho eneroy from this position, which would also bear heavily upon the line of lntrenchments, and hold it ourselves. Two hun dred and fifty men from the Ninth Malno Volunteers, nndor Lieutenant Colonel Hill, were sent out to accom. plish the undertaking. Presently tho e;:omy were driven, aud a lieutenant and threo men, of tbe Twenty eighth North Carolina, were brought In prisoners, and I am confident we shall hold the position, though It ma? cost ub a day or two of strict attention. A CAPTCRB, Sergeant J. P. Glean , of Company n, Thirty-seventh North Carolina, was captured this morning and brought in. Upon bis examination, be was defiant and perversely rebel. He had tbe roll of bis company with him, which numbered upwards of seventy-three men, Including the absentees. He seemed pleased when be was told taat wo did not put our deserters la the front, and that we treated prisoners of war with somo humanity and con sideration. IflU FMKRT. There Is nothing new from the James river fleet. Ad miral Lee bos not yet returned from tbe South, and every thing Is quiet. PKRSOWAU Major General Hancock, accompanied by bis stuff, visited Major General Butler to-day, spending upwards of two hours at tbe headquarters. General Miles was also of the party. At the close of the interview, General But ler rode away with Genoral Hancock and tiafl, to inspect the lines. Brigadier General Cbarloo G. Payne, recently cilonel of the Second regiment Louisiana Volunteers, and more reocntly of General Butler's stair, has been mustered In, acd assigned to the command of the colored troops. Gen. Payne Is a modest and most excel. ent officer. His staff has not as yet been Announced. REBEL ACCOUNTS. The Petersburg Telegram PKTRKsncRd, Ju'y 20, 1364. There ia bo change In tbe situation, and no indication of any immediate hostilities on the part of Grant. Tbe weather Is warm aud sultry. Thero was a heavy rain yesterday refreshed everything. Tbe report of Grant's death Is contradicted by doser ters who ontered our lines yesterday. There Is the usual skirmishing and cannonading. Nothing of Interest Trampjrtng Before Petersburg ? Ft ve Thousand Itorseo Captured by the Raiders In Maryland. [From the Richmond Kxamluer, July 20.) Yesterday was a quiet day. Thero was no booml'-g of cannon, n" heavy masses of smoke on the southern hori zon, and no exciting ruovrs from any quarter. Theiact that the llags or tho Ysokec shipping In James river were at half maul on Monday caused many to give credit to tbe report of Grant'* do- lb, aiid this topio and tho removal of General Joseph 1. Johnston Irom the command of the army of Tenuossoe were the topics that chi"(ly occupied meu's minds. Though no oue believod his doath would bo ?f any great betiCiit to us. yet every one would havo been Rlad., on gsneral principles, to have bocn assured of bis death. Too Yankee* think much of blm. and that la sufficient to make us rejoice over anv misfortune that might befall him. Wo fear, however, that the report Is too good to be true. Butchers like Grant seldom die on the field of bsttlo. they are generally merved for can cers, mama poriu and the like Tne Petersburg p<t)-ers reported that nothing or interest wis transpiring on the linos In front of that town, lbo usual mortar aud picket firing was kept up. Persons who came over from Petersburg laat evening make the same report. Yankee p.tkets iciift that Grant Is dead. Skirmishing and Cannonading? Report of Grant** Death Contradicted. [From tbe Richmond Examiner, July 21 ] Nothing oi intorost occurred on tbe lines In front of Richmond and Petersburg yesterday. If Grant i<t not dead, be might as well bo for anything Ibat h> Is doing. His only work from day to day is to throw a lew sb>'hs at little Petersburg We have n?thing in confirmation of the rumor of Grant's death . but wo have the lively saitKUctl<>n of knowing that, at any rtte, some conspicuous Yankee baa gone to that bourne from which no traveller returns Tho Yankees do not hang their llag at bklf-niast for nothing, aud it was at half-roust on all their shipping in James nrer last tMinday. Inserters who came tuto our Hnes say that Ulysses la not dead, and tbe New York llmtAtoof tho 1-tli, win- li was received lust nlgbt, Ims uotblng on the subjevl. Tne Hbrai.d has advices from Grant's ariny of tiio lMh. last Saturday, the day on whlcb, according to the report, Grant wo* suid to havo been struck by one of our shell i Brooklyn City New*. Mcrokr tit Soi Til BvoOCLTR ? >A man nsmed Thomas Magrstb, residing at No. 3 Van Brunt street, w u stibbed on Friday nlgbt while engsged In a quarrel wltb two men, named Robert Gilllngton and Thomas Dunpby. The afTair oocurreu In Imlav street, uear F wen, in the vicinity of a drinking ssloon known as the Sumter bouse, kept by a mau named Hiley. The parties bad beou together and indulged somewhat In drink, all being under the Influence rf liquor They left lbo Sum tor House together and got quarrelling In the street, in which Msgraih was stsbbed in the let t breast wltb a knife. Mr. Rl;ey, having soon the nflray from a distance, ran up to tbe piano in time t > har the deceased exclaim '?I am stabbed " Ha homed! oetv fail to me ground and expired The body w. s oonvayed to bis I; to rosl dcnco. I he BOcused parlies ran oil in different duoctinns as sooa as they ascertained tho serious character of tho allalr (if. cers I set and i.tlll. .an . ol the Korty third precinct, were despatch d In p irsait, but did n >t nn \^'d In arresting them (111 yesterday morning. They were locked up In Ihestati n house to await the result of the ( ornnor's in |ue t. T' e accused state that they hid been Atthiing. but deny that a km e wan need, although suob is shows to be the case Roth men [reseat evidences of having been enraged in * light. 1 he ( irtiro were all emplojeil In the < onsiruotl<>n I of a I'nlted Mules gnnbosi on He. I Hook Point, an I It is . ? m I tliat a f> ud had ousted between one of the parties | at il tbe deceased lor e-nm l ime Mat. Man rath leaves a wife and two ?mail children. I'ornnsr N orris will inves. I tlgate the circimstamee this atternoon. Drownid in Gha vwKwn Hat ? Mr. Tunis Btryker, ro sining In ibe town of Gravasend, L. I., was drowned ib GrAVesead Biy on Friday. The deceased and Mr. Samuel I'ouer wore ib a small boat, taking a load of fish to mar ket. The boat wss attached tn a steamer, and the force of tBesMrrrut stumped It. Roth men were thrown Into the water. Mr. Potter was rescued, but Mr. Stryaer surk bciwe assistance oool4 reach hlaa. Nairrt'CRBt famrAsv KaiR.? The ladieo of Nantucket, Mass., propose holding a fair in aid of the Sanitary Com mis ion, to opoa on tbe ad of August. No e Sorts will be spared le make lbo oocaaioa attractive, and they offer ilia Inducement lo tbeir numerous friends in Now Korb Bud elsewhere to vlall their Island, aad eordm lly invito their oo ntioration. Control'1 ns of every bind wnlbe thankfully received and ?u*y (ffddreeaed to Mrs. Matbew Starbunk or Mra I a Vty THE tATE INVASION. Rtnnili si ik? Ittota llsag Ik* llflllllll TllNfi OPERATIONS OF THE UNION TROOPS. IKBCL ACCCUlf Of TNI Bill A Ribfl Victory (latael at lalrker1* tia^, *r VarjrUM Ntl|kt? ItaMit, M* , J?y la, Ia?t PB'" evening, tf thirlAMI |iM ?, kar? iMt vKbout a aiali. Tom tally p>y?fi Im the SI, ?ta 10th, II ib, 1Mb and |m arrivatf Mt ev**..?g tad ftm the* | gstlwr ib* IW lh*t r?? are w** y a ia. 4ua aa regard* ui.l.iar* ataiter s at llarp*' a tmrf ?? HW an*a> a. On Pal .r?3ay , Jr.!jr 2, ?? am law** of rebel# being la the thaaaaAwh val ey Tl>e* *?r? re l?rlM to b* Iwtnly a re 1* uaand ta LU r<? ta >?.ia4 atrong at * inch war natbelr *aft ?u<i? tiwr w On Sunday, ji.if r?t|<w?l M . 1 g ?a was ailakM at la* town, near Martiosburg. wban iba ren?t a4vai m gu-rd waa turned buck. At the same t m* Mui.gaa retired to llarlinsburg Sigel ? foreoe at Harttastburg ?are about tlira* thousand or three lh. osaiiJ Ira hundred a!' ?? <1, with perhaps oae hundred guar J* at p mi? Mam there and U?< r4*r a I erry At one tKUa mi Sunday afternoon Early'* advacoe entered Marttesbitrg, aal Slgcl retreated ? -tty fast'* to Sbe^hardato* n. am* ng there a boat dark, bigot '* Iran* waul on ia Fiedema and tbauce to Hanover. ta* atuck at uiaraa * r**ST_cr*l*ii. kii ?rw'i Mir t*> a. We hardly eipeoted an attack at Harper'a Ferry teat at half-past eight A. M. on the 4th the T well lb iaeusyl vania oavalry were driven In from Hailtowo and rrv-e-ed to this aide tbe Potomac. Ibo oiiljr force we bad at liar per'a Ferry on tho 4th were Compantee E, F, Q and II of the Fifth New York k<*?vy artillery and Itoeoer a bai tery 0, Flret Pennsylvania llgbt artillery. <m Mary la- 4 Heights, opposite the Furry, were Companies I, K.I. an* U, Fifth New Vork nrtlllcry, garr ann of tbe deforce*, with Miner's Seventeenth Indiana battery and Furrt'a battery A , First West Vtrgiula,arti:iery. General H aber was In command at tbe Feny, and Major 0. F. Merriam, t'hiar of Artillery, wai Id commaud of tbe Height*. At nine A. Mt we be/an eheMtog tbe enemy, who a|>i?are<l across tbe river, in Bdlivar, in small force, but who bad a heavy boify on Bolivar Heights and In Its front. Fort Duncan opened Its thirty-pounder Parrotts, an I several other works (bulled the frool of Bolivar Height*, com routing havoc In tho ranks of tbe enemy and successfully dislodging tbe batteries which tbe enemy attempted to plant thers. TUB K.HKMT. General Rhodes' entire division was In tbe advance, and consisted of the brigados of General W. R. Can, Geiieral W, 0. lewis, Colonel J. Fllery and Colonel Phil. Cook, with a battalion or light artillery, under Lieutenant Ctoia nel C. M. Braxton. Two oth?r division! were at Hall town. Colonel Bruiton tried to force Bolivar H?icbts wiib mutb'fo^hlm ^ *?*-** our ??" too A rfUROB M. Captain J T. H*ndrlng, Company M. f, ? V" artinery, mide a gillai.t cliarge thr' igti mi,v" '? drove Ibren bundled a. <1 Bl y rebel sbarput" "^: . tbeto^n III* ,??- ?ii tw.i killed, seven woim.ird and in^ta;; w nh th.s Mr* force of five hundred li/. uir ai Harir i Kerry and tin 55- r, 0.^ mc .nimy uiti; fieneral glgel did net .-.rrive tin. ahoi't nine P V and after Ooeral W-b?r be-: 'nd. 4wa Jr .j, tbe h.*Tr' rJ'"1! *4V,W T'" ero"?k a*0 HirrtHO General Weber was engi.?..J ull sending bis stores to Maryland heights 1 aptaio Garduer, actli.? (jusrier. master, saved about three million dollars- wort* if quj. termaner s stores, and sent them by rail ua.'oly u> Haiti Our signal officer, I.leut Thayor, rsportei large bod oa 0 tho eDsmy coining In rapidly. Wuh this r*i?irt k-^? the uncertainty of Pigoi's movoments, (>eneral Weher re tired. General Weber Is entitled to great crrdl' for liana. IK,- ^"f.maloS'.l,,ihi ;,ver" h(,,'n"'K "dds. If be tried to reraaio at (be Furry 1 h?t olirbl an au?..i< wouW have captured his entlrecommand .nd endan^d the dsreuies on tho Ma yiai d Heights, If not rneultinc w their culture, as they were witb ut mfauiry iupport ,, . At or ckkiiul sk;kl. ' 11 8 V41 ""J1 )v*n ''I'11 batteries and about three thousand in.sntry left as in cmtmrstlvs safety ii? forinad line of battle in the riCe pita rronllng uj> ttle I'o tomac, bis re.r to-varda Harper's Ferry The rrit morning the enemy, und-r Ilrecjinridge, hivlne ro-s i tiie Potomac rigbt mile* above as, at Antletam < i e-?k nn ? ponto. abridge of .heir own, came downanV^^^ drove our advance h,ck to witbia half a mile of the riu' st'SK'irsnso ? 4 no>m shot. We now found mirceivo- between two ?<x! es of the eupmy, each iwl, e tho ft rrK,b or our own. Iti 1 hroushl a battery to besr on ,>ur skirmish Inn tS thousand live hundred yards from our nearest b-.ivr HU wr '2 m hm? to l,r* 8,1 when Captain i| -1 h / ''.th,rl' J,!>und ?hot from Fort Duncan which dismounted one g'in and blow the carriage to ?j Uoiers. iho batttry Itiubervl up and left at q run No other baltory &brw?d lisolf that dar exoaui aim J!L Bo Ivar Height* . and that a one hundred pounder I srr tt fin ?U,^ r Mnl. "sck' Ono ",e hundred pounder shell Icilat Halltown Into the rebel park of artillery lau\ [VI zrxzsx'zxi a bRif ^ > ssoowvotssAur* The evening of tbe 6th General Slgel advanced ?(im? of his regiments to feel the enemy on the Sharnsburr rn*<i and met funeral Fvans, when a' M.irite<lVnKVemJnt ^,; 'iurl? Kr,,m "?? PWHton'of rorces Major Merrnm cou.d col assist wiib bis aril!, cry- The day endrd with the raoiing that a night Wu t an'^Lull"- Pf8?;?iitioa waa taken lo'rSUuTurt ^ ^ i?:,Uk'*R ak" '*ssv>. .1! 1!! W,"J.'ln'|p,lW 10 skirmishing and occa aiootil flrinn fr?m Ibe boavy guo?, wtih a tbrjili g An? Morna,n7!on^ flrJ,U.n'IOW'h ,'eDer'" Sl?el Oldere.I Msior Ha'rs ferrv !ml 5.T """ for t,?,r ?? hour on ?barmboo' er*. Uo"Var' willcb wer# ^ Without tbe slightest warning to the clti*-ns, smone whom wore Mine w.ves anil children of our own oflWrl and men, oaa;.f the most ternbie nres fn.m gur-s of ." o?ilbree, snd from every uirec tl. t, wm opened at -n.eon Uie towo. Roofg fell, brick crnabed, frfcoi* vM?a or bou^fl wmM amy a* by tbe breath of a burn cm J and .or tint bnlf hour bell ilso.'. must havn he^? t r.-r?r*' ble to those towns. The re-nlt of tbe flrii-t w?s the d "Wh 01 one white woman , the 111 ,ther of one of Cole ? rsvulryinen (t nion), sna a nogro won<an at the Kerr v lu itoflvar t*o or three women *r.d one child were terribly wemided. Three wagon loads of don 1 ra'iela wore carried owiy from the Farrv si ne that night. Py Ihi* lime me reho.a had becnmo In -such m..p lal lejr of our heavy guas that they did not d*resho^ th'm?e,v?s In f., .?*<!? or over ha f ad.,/en wi't.i? tnree m.les, but ke t In tbj woods and ravines. Wn !ne*da? eI>" "?r? brought out by th. reheia about #,600 jard* fr m Vort l uncan, bill, being sran from Ue *louo icrt 011 the heights, a few shell* klr sceu lb* m to cover ' ' r rr. Kjtimi, ntniui taw is sn.tgn. i hurs<Iiy, about e^ht A M., moral horsemen were ?een on Beiirar Heights Viajxr Men, am due, ted Uirea sheiis 111 tie thrown at them slmnitan muty. The shell* tmrsi dtrecny aver th. r hesd.. An bo-,r ,U?r an am bu fti cs a(?proscbod under oover of the bill and two per. i.T. W'X- 7,rr,<Hl **tr in 6?"l?ata to the amnu. lanes. S* have si' c# learned frern ctlijtens tbal tne , r.ty comiaied of General vv 0 Lewis a colonel ,?sn.a n '.kn an), I.ieiiten nit Wralmm, Firiy savanih k' .rth (am ns ?ud nine orderliaa. CltiMna *sy ail were kti"4 omr'glit e?rept eueorderi/. l1, " . Ih,,r;"?y *" eon fined to sutrml.hing on the harjwburg roud, nun considerable shelling o th* enemy * i>o?|iinr.. one ?ho||, thrown from the oxirem,. heighis, struck in tho midst of a aago.i train flva mi^s k!;.:;;.VeV ><r. w.yr:,;:. ? iiiiitg ae%e. flMli Tha rebela wore in litriM>r ? v?>rr? rinn IJol^r on Tueaday, and Th?ra4aj \l small iiumtx'rs. bni msny were killed by -Ua, oeh.? t.r. from the lhlrd ba' tall, n, Fifth New Vork an i^ri -.7.1 hy a twelve p, .under mountain bow User wbicnwaarua Ule Me,kb,?. jatn ainioat direetiy oter the Kern. , a*ji>a MSNNUM nil? ra, v."*' "j"**- ?' Itoe. an bitiery in, ? r 'r ?m* 4J'* sui.pof i or ib. i jii rrom ,hm of n anirt i?,. ,i "rriun had fm 1 regimerta WrL'W"". " M tbraa cavalry under m? '"ur hundred dismoomed s:r. si. srr.;:- <? -? - ? riaa in h a H^vrt 'n %w%u\ .... _ ? _ aWar?x-,s5i5Ss's:""'""-"' raismt o? ?r r,,h"r ^ I bat time. Ovierel s^el howevrr Jt?il * * 0< ,l? t?5^ tl e?l uni t the oe*i V.i 1 tn'l" n' Hya aCaloab, our line* ,, . , 'day, *1 half pnst is.""*, v ir nana were threwn forward, but found ao ??emy o?r lit* an t about half paat eight A. M., I b*i? 4* w*e ?t?i it ?titrllnrf 10 roUUt) I imparl. Vmy . H ?a* f.Kina tut ibti *i.<9iny UMd abiu.louaa that awte aim. In *.-d4?i lb* lion*. i <ti.-ral -l?*i threw a brigade out on the sharpahorg read ahuvt in* miMM, ud ? cavalry scout went to Hiari'-bttrg, px k >g up ft few atragglert. tniW HOVIIM<<<MM1HD. Im thM artemooM Hrlgadter 'iitieral A. P. Tlowi and nai" iffirat wi.smm - rdtr I . rilliti both f.enerili Sigei i'4 i.?i the ?tler futviO|[ b?"'D operating iu I'leaaiut ?? ? ? M in- wl aids r Maryland Uelght*. ?? rn ii ai hum up lo Uia arrival of General Siitllvan'i !'?!??>? t %? ar it riiurn.iav n?thlo? waa d"ne bar# by ? > ?< a* it ii | (k* pwpMtl Krmltrlek. Sullivan moaned l?? - l i ? al ?r i ? n trldav, at about U'X'U, and bla Mi, mend ;t n?w i.iurdsy, I'. M. ) over near I-ecsburg. mi i* Cr.. k iu commMad, SuIIIvmo having b?ia r*h*v*d lo lay TMa ??r?ir ?? tm* MaiOHra iMr?r.M**ui. Th* raaiif ,f is# .lays' eioge waa about elgbt k'l e4 aad f< ?r t y wooaled on our ildi, while the rabel log? li aatWMMlMil at orac ohm thousand in killed and ? <ia4M4. Poi?a of ibM rebel ofllcerM itatod to ?Mmm that ibo.r |< ?? waa thraa thousand^ but I ih.*a mm iv umi ! wl i rover tbelr antlre cmsiiM Msm llminl tr?ek'nri.i?e, Colonel King, (ieneral K??aa,<? Hater a id otMar rebel officers of bigb rank <s~ ? i i MM ii woo 4 ??! f? one honored tbouannd niaa u aarr* mm Hi Ml Mm. Kvmm with that oumbar they w* 4 l? it t'xvl tui *ra au4 brate boar la beUlud work* I!. ? ? b? . * l, re?l ' ? >? i.? f >ii iitiM n iba h .story of Harper's Kerry our f i.eehatiunt been < .mpelle 1 to leate. The rebels ?a< . taw ie ? '<? . lad. ai d marched Mway Joy bi ? th (lirw >..r heevv K*in? cannot follow or tboy would h<i >ui, ? have >?f| Maryland In dlagnil C4WMUMM mi on ist mm savTatJow, nrTM nkw York MMTtl IMKT TV' a* iltiaM or. .rrsd July 4, wb la lti?w ?M?ta toin|ncar li jr oo g jurd of datach?d from tli?ir E' "fir r..?M'TiM 4 ai iba i arry Iba . aaualliai of.rotnpaoy .m?i ia iti* afea. .a Miada tbrr ugb Uohfar by Capl. *??l4l !Mg ? ffitlatf. n K * h t?a .1#, Ca H. haary <?Mora, O. M Wm< nd'4. ? lata Fr VB'ea fin. M hand, aaveraly. A <!?> gtiia.i . g, f?. M,bi|>, a?*araly H?aiy J K?w?ir ><>?, i i. m brcaat, aaviraly. 4?*cn MrtkMia 4 ii. M, l*(. e#*#rely. Cwrp Wm? a J.M.ei, i?>. M, both Hfi, a*?era!y. A H "lUM, C? K.anaia. I* <). Iwaiing, < o M l.aMd, ilnbtir th ? Itayaa and >aa *'iHiaMi?, <>>, H, prlaoueri. REBEL ACCOUNTS. fioiM the Army of iMvailea, ff>?a* 'ha Richmond Fiamtner, July JO. I Wa bare a lb nf later fr-oa unr f.?rr?M i?rentlf opir at'itg Mi ttaryiaa-t lb .a tlte aawa publuibed by na y eater 4ay. Ottor T". ?ra aad mm wouMdad at Mn*"c?cy MT rivad yeatorday erm.i f, but Iber briuf Miiti ia raw, e*.e|4 that thry eetinaata tbe auiuher of boriai bt*loe<l ai.4 ?er .red by ua ia l Me raid at nerea of &?e IhOHMMMd. | Krhet It r par t af flie Plfht at Nalrker'a "ep-t H*li(l Vlrlery flalmrd, ?r<m tbe I. . hmoi.d h'<amln*r, July at . ] There ?%> I,.. I ??a ? r- i^r t ,.ui Ul? Iu li.e after ' *l-"U?n - leet e'.rli waa re. aired ai to.. War i i" m. i.. . r.g an In ., rt.i.l lerata Tir|.,r? .n y * ?*ti4. t k u Mi?, a f ,f U Mi It ia 4" *ied MpMdieMt to maaa pub ic al A \ *r |(i* f or of ib% at ' ?T?ick?r? on III* Hill Ai ihrM o elock I* M tb?y ? i re ilia. U- 1 aad driteo a. r<?. tQa rlvrr in <???. f iion Our luae w stated to lr tweet two and ibrna ?ufldiwl, ttMl of lh? +m>my ? uwfh groolor. Tte tUt.t look p a a . o tbe eeatera Ii inler of Clarta oouBty, kb tbe we?t aide .4 the Hlue Ridre. and about tweiitj hi ilea a liiue south of eaal of Wto< heeler, at what W know m aa "alcki-r ? fiap, II. inter adv .a. ag ir >in Win Mheaier. from the western end of the gap tv the ?be- I nai..,o ih river the diei.nre by the rved m fr-rn three io Ovwrn.leM. Al"ii,r ai d acr >ea lliH roa4 wee li e battle Orld It la ab.i t twenty railae due west from l/>aeburr. lhe l-hetmi .?;? r.var m her* ri.rr >w and d?ep, and aa the eaemr were dri*?'i e< ioaa ' ia eoufuai.>a, ' their loee Miu-t have Indeed bean heavy. tb>? <i(thi wea br .|;bl om by aa alirtapt II nUr to preve .l our return to II a relley wilb tbe atwlle ?f the Marylatid <-anii? After the a.iddwn .n1 e? U?mii? mm ai|?erto>1 blow a4iulai?iere4 |.i turn <? iu s on ?.ioo be ?* likely to kiep at a rar|ie tful distaMoe and ailew eur , niy?ierlo..a army, with la n.m.k^a ??<a<.dert. to pia? at tb?lr pWa^ura. lUMily liuniei'a heMiiderinwut urnet, by this time, be pali.ful it mouth e*? he, wilb the utmoet a Dttden. e. tl.rew b im? .if a?ainst Iji.bhur* but, being burled ?Vk by a -1 r. n? band, be tle?l in h< rrwr I ??<l?'i'? u I ia>rym< t. leafM whe waa MW po? , er'iji afU. w.i.t tin kiurdtv , ha*lM( rearuHed ut,4 in I 6'i"^lfc>s f..ior? hi a. ??. n ,o .r.ihtlew iK.iMiit , rv w .o ar rei r g w?ary eud beer> Jer fr twi t tiieir 1 1 <(.' # acd rai . nj thro ifh the fe-ltie eld? of Mir> w d, even to tbe (Mies of l- e.^puai of b ? natiuM I A,b.m h? IS duehed he. k by r.e . . ? , |? B bai d Mild hts MX<M put to tMM r ?t '* Hef-re Ukiog lea re of llasier f?r lhe i -e?esl we winit ! not fall to nienlkiu that line m reaiee I ag?lMM our 'omMi Md.uMliea tbe grend, M>a<r' >? eMl, bruiia .? m. Ter>??,,t wbti n, arc >rdiMK to the ilaieineuli ef ?n tt,# Veok.i lispors. tirant was ?bmt lo si>ritif upuM ua rah a. Ih* wae the brilliant mnriuien! Ihel wee to ilartrtly ever? b idy aud bring lliia eVin, aab ? rebelia* lo na last lee It we* ?er? aa?ily dieoot.rertid , airtaiuly, Wm w I u t dmo'i a ita br iiikinry lerldrMlM of tbr Ital4. ff"r -mi the Hi. hMi.ind Kaeiaiaei . Jul* i| i ^T.i-Wnr" "? ? ""Ur " ? ?"?'m.MlMI efciich of lbaoT?railo?s ,if the ra^alry dunr-* u" re r-i ? Intaston of Maryland and the ftiitrict i* I l w'u, h? Lt ^MtSr^Ur". "" '*"*r *" to tl.e mar ^llltl-n ' * I*"?< M w" t,JMeidar it |>r to We ar, s T" * nr Pot'?M?r, July 15, IS 4 "?'rrb.t.i rr tns riTP' c ir a lea d t * ,rn In Ueryuod. \\h*'a!l the res its at mm* eip^.t ?ra I do not j at ser, but foepeot they are e e e ia u res| ea>s tb* raid la o?i t?ii>ly a e'i . a*s. a e e . a W.. lot! -t* rtnti abut lh> ?7lu of J r., ??? bi'antr. |ms?1d< down tbe v.lieypke, tbe raTS'ry s? . ? a rrw.d rar"b, ,'ui. UK WMl WVltZi'.VryT tie. bo W|roheM?r on tbe ,.d, an, I oM the 4>h eltarkM i r r,,r'' *".rr' ? * hifh e'lar ? e-i-ere utr.u ,.ai !' "* " "" n "?? ? r? 1; ronfj tr 1 !? ??. n h, A d uumn l l??| v h ?m. ~ f ,.n toe arm. Mittlr.i- rg >>?, ibe M. o r ... ,i . r-hnparoM wn, 'mm a , th H a \ * a- e uru ?> with 1 -?e W. here I ? K a ,' ar ''orri IU? f ? t ?> , ?, ? ? carMlry Or, the rth we e^ s*d the -.??mm. J ' ' W idedto HheriMbdrg, and ll eiltfi mer,.be | to | , ? ' D.>ro and M idtet<>wn,-akirniiah|;'< s lutis w.ib tb<- r? fnVL,b! '?lUr ,,B Ibi Rth wa t?.am to the i.ib'.rbe of rrslorl k. but our orders w. . J i, ? < , ..r mil ua to uke the town. (v?Mi<) iMi.ily w<- *a* t# o a tberr on the Otb we sla-t.d.n <...r r ,M. lWr?.y marrbed nn llmoracy Juirtl 41, Mrhlie we aim. k t ? e i**t f r the railrreda. Mir bn.g rat tl? ?, d . '.an borsot as fait ?? lh.-y were hro?Mii dian, wa *.J the ."lain At davl'ght oo Ibo IfUh we aer? al I - <tar town, twelve miles rtotn Pilttm ,r?. ar.d at ? ? k . *? <'"?*?r?vllli, on iho N rther'i . a. tral RaD'oad. Ma, or Minor, with ifc? Mm . d ? .i ,r( , Fire, Maryland cMrMiry.p shrdoM.wh ? weT.r t bridgeti al imckeysrllla. K?*i dai M?>r ?. r te etrovid ill (hi brl.Uee on the Itii ,ie|, r , anj p, , rn ri KtilroMd, ciptured m train an I i|..r . ,j Frmklltt, and refue l the coMmsad ai ...? rllii on the isib I r..m < <* ke)?*uia J u* . nrigidi i?ept erot.i.d Han more, appreritr atr> .*i eitnu luii..iie|y on so oi?ay dl ereni r,.,, ? tcrvaie from sit lo ten m.|?? epsn. ibal me. ? iUl'- ei I ... j ? ? riMflM g| hji \i Ha-11 rn. ro <>n the lltn we struck Ihi IteltiMiM Mad ?MUM I }{.i)lro*.1 nt Wnodniock, snd m Iba liiii Me *#?! ?? ? I end Mullirnore Koed el Itelurl le. At i>- le:i.r a fi. iiii with iha Yankee oivairr, wh.ii .? , i , thirty Minute*. Hv ti l* I me Ur Abr-i'-nl ? m ' I.OI know wn-thir the I nned tal^e bed . ? <*4 r. I ?e ned out a I c-mmunl. at Ion h?i*e*a * . > n,. ? d the North. Alter roming lb? Yarkao . ava.rr a? . (i , pue-erger iram of nioe care and i ? iBMiieiery i ? . ,? I Willi eitger ?n ? roflM. fVi eral rill/, re tell |. ,t | , coin bud roni over the r ed IB a h inban Irr , a t I b",,0rf' 0,r ?'r,r'1 W* "Wai M e| t . ,1 (I ellerlllM) until order-.l to r*|ilM the ?>m* A | Mrl? i''BI hy uonerel .1. bt e.'B M< i.. ar< r ' nrs.lrordeho',*, ."t1 avrrytb'ng B ,1-i.r . t h, clot hit g and the plan . t?, arei oboe.... ?r.l? v . ? be doMflMi m retail, Hon lor the h*iraiMM?f ueve- . , . , I er ? homo bv i>neral I t|. ier l> *ae e t r i . ' S'tri ?s fsr aa li Hter |. d 1 1,? ladioe M iba f ?mllv Mai ?al I TCBfeentM nan tag" no a, imi 4 , ,p | of t.'.o burning wa#. Ik wever, v?ry I "-????il m >\ *. l"*lngton. The your* n;en eig.y.4 In ii rwe ? i family w>th the greaieei ie?revi .? ?(# : u, , ,a r* I moving then cloioi.ig, a .d .?arrit-4 t'.Mir i tb. m it -Mtiniity of r' d frmtd ia tl?? h, . ^ . tl ? oineof the y jpg lad r? oo her aa'ur ? m l ,?t ? . her property, ^ome.'f tho In. der.ia of onr r-'ewerea-i fell lb with i'Mtner'e eolebra ed travel 'tu ,, j eelorin, Willi a Targe f)n?nlily o ire rr?\ > .e. ? | u* I nad no rei '.n*. ind vanilla, lem. n ?n.| . iti r ., ? ? a li*MMd to the who'e who ate jot. ib?r.o |.| eatnornoro ihi* was the f,r?t i an a wb e f brlreilo *ver fid on loo rrrim "tir li*s, front the ttmi ?i left tbi arrry *| rred**t. | until ?< e 'et,.|ie.| It at M Ir a b...,?e w.f -,* ei f i.'ti'enanl Kdelin, Cninimny K, Kir*t M^ryl.nt cavelrv killed or wounded, snd i wo m*o r?i.tnre<l W* -u i.4 on 8atnrd.iv , the #ih, ao I ra >i > d ibr arn>? a Dm. day, tbM I3ib. baring been oiit <.| the ?a4de .. ytwus ddtiGS (bal tune, an. I tnerr! rd ? gbty Mule. <| t ?ir? . I Ito fnnitnn ii.lrd iIim llnl.lers IHI. bmond c rroaj.. int. ? . . ^ July 13 j Py the time yon get lb * le'ter Abe y, c, w ii ki w Umi Mihal larlv , ..I r . n<ir b*?t , en>-.?i*t ia In . -ie ri' ley , prVsrlng haul |..r W,.ali ugiuu, ai> I l m->i kerp u a ?Tit irom yon, (iei'r.l Ihtnter, wh.? ia ra. .:a(i..| aroiiad rexli'Klon nt d l.ynohb ir^. w II ft. d binwir m a 'rip. silo , ttni?a* wa a.e m i.h mistaken, the ?. 'er trf lam wn| provo alr. iu aio.uh le rel.iva tne V .?( ? in K raemeut around Ihli tn?, lo.xlei, wifc hsA?o.> mi n?, gooa with Karly; in fa. l itie beet pari, if ao- tbi A ho e .?! Kwfii'i CO. pa. ia n .w liriiin entiy under I any I j1"*"!! hiving relo-v*)] KaKk'tht as commiuii^ o" ib* (?epHrunini ol Henrico |ne weather I* mjnanir} iv CM"I. B l line for ni*r?hlS4, and ?aruVman will tn?l1l g'e'd l ure. Ih. y ?tart^i ixiridn niovmbg. rirM Ml D ft Alter, Ohln. lot.ato, ' ho Iniv J3. |'#4 A flri it Peftao. e, Ohio, 'aet mgh* ilHitii'yed ? i?oi'i? fictorv ? H' liun,.' nstll sn.l sn ires foui.drv t oai ?Tlt.&wO lo 1100 0-!ft IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Conspiracy to Form a Northwestern Confederacy. Arrest of the Supposed Lead ers of the Plot. Forthcoming Revelations Re specting the Affair, *??, iMu ** Br. Loctb, July 29, 1844. Much surprise was created here a iborl lima ainee by tha arrest of several very prominent secoasloulsta Of Ikla olty, whose offence wus unknown. It lately come to light, however, that they war* con nected with a conspiracy extending throughout the entire Miaslaalppt valley , having for Its obJa< t the srecllda of a great and powerful Northwestern confederacy. Colonel Sanderson , the Provost Marshal General of thla department, has been gathering evidence In the matter for several iqontbs. This testimony Is now In possession of the Washington authorities. It Implicates mmy public men. It shooa tbat ? vory dangerous organization has been formed. One of the parties arrested bare Is a.* Id to hsve been t-o hadly frightened that a bond of half a million dollars was < flered for his release. II is believed tbat the recent guerilla movements In tbls State have some connection with this great conspira cy, particularly as Thornton In bis speech at Platte city said ?? The Knights of the Gulden Circle are organized, an4 armed and ready to uni throughout the free .States. Thornton also said tbat Vallundlgbam waa with them; that be was Vallundlgbam's mun ; that be (Thorton) bad troops In every county of tbls .State, that his men wero coming up irom tbe South, and tbat fifteen hundred men bad been destroying tbe Hannibal and Ht. Joseph Railroad on tbetr march. Iwring Colonel Sanderson's Investigation of tbls con spiracy be discovered the Intended renewal of boat burn ing on the Western rivers, and was able la several instances to avert most serious consequences. It la probsble that the whole matter, in .a J I Us startling Importance, will bn ventilated lu a few days. The Vlgbt sat Plattihurg. Bt. Loos, July 23, 1884. Tbe altklr at Plattsburg, Clinton oounty, on Thursday, wan not eo bad as previously reported. After Captuln Turner's death Captain Poo took com lusud, aad made aucb a determined resistance tbat the guerilla* left in tba direction of Haynes vine, aad tbeoro tbey moved yeeterday Into Platto oouniy. Their reported strsngth Is eight hundred. Qsierllla Operations In Missouri. St. Louis, July 29, 1804. Pee patches from Fort Taarenwsrtb say that Thornton IS now reported to be at Kingston, Caldwell county, bav in* been joined by hla major with a considerable fore*, their joint strength is said to be 1,600. General Hake la purs ing with militia, and Colonel Ford with a portion of tha Second Colorado, Is follow log. Small bands are sr using Platte and Clay oountles, and betweeo tbe two i.rees these count tec meat rebel punishment. General < rtla at ill ho da Weston with part of tbe Thirteenth lill sole? one luulred days tn-n ? and a battery under Ma.,or rentieeon, fnra Southern K .mas. I Hi aiiwtiv king operations are active In Western Mia ! sourt, s>>utb of tbe rlrsr. Gonerat Mr Keen thinks they ' dsslas a foray Into Kansas. At least seven bundrsd arms ' hire bee- turned over to Thornton hy disloyal or "Paw paw nlilUa. There la but little doubt tbat disloyal par. t.*a from Iowa and llliaosi hav<- been pissing lut > North ? n Missouri for the last three weeks to Join Thornton. Tula ao <>r<la with the sisism.-ot nw.le by Tborntoo at .tte City that fl'teea hundred llltnueiana would Join bla 1 rc*. Tbe river patrol m still kept up north of Wyan dotte Thor i n's mar* mlers have a regimental organization, he be'ng colonel; Kemlall, lleut-nant rolonsl; Thrallkil), major, aad aevaral rot riooa disloyalists rsptslna. A ' vfii .incurred tlus ovrning between eighty goarll'se aod detachments of tbe Ptste militia, under Major Cos, at I 'Ml* ("itntoa county Two rebels were killed so?t sersn w r-jnded. One Colonist waa kll td and three woun ted. ALAHN LN MAHYLAND. ftrporta of Another Inrurslnn of tba He tela? The Ceuse of the Vrlghi, Ac. Ws*Nivrnv>t?. July ?1?12 20 P. M. There are repnrte lb s m irnitig that the rebels ham ran ??l ths Pot mac at Muddy flranch, below Kdeard'a ferry, I'arti a have rea< hed here who atate that they 1 a ? tHo'n , sud th.u they have artillery, Infantry and i cavalry. i Ttiem la no >1ouM tbat there is a gtx 4 deal of appre b*!.?i<o 'ell bv the citlreta bei ween bare and Ponies sWa, aai bun bees of tbem are cotr.og into George town It I. believed here that the mi robe re of the raiding tore* hue )>ee? msgniflel by ttie fear* of tbe pe<> ile, and tbat >t <s m?*e!y a rsltlag p*rtt following up aod watch tag H e rs ir gearg of tbe force gete?g|ftg from the pur | hi io' lb* r> - t 'eva Its. fti iM it move to be an/ i?i 'g if i' a ??i i > is ti.ey c?a be s*eiiy i k?n aai? of, aad will aet e?oa-o aa Oaeilv as the leal **? minion. OMo el !? ?e I, of lb* rWH'onti M ??eebi?eita oavalry , wtiKb is siaii ".ed at I i Hrsnrh. bee aeat ell govera asei.l alone -'id suppliee Ij <.e>>rgr|riee, via tbe canal ms utMr. W.m * re*. J sly Jt ? t veti'ng. f*e ar*re en-eg the fpper P?t -m?? to d*y, It sppears. ? r <e from t be sv?s*s*'s of tmr ? ? ? t'uoi s returaiog from ibe pwrsn d af taily a reires ?<? re i >n>a, who were i 'st si ea by tha *? t? i is- t eta . r - ?i imo|? egern edvan< g late ''My ??fytaog.'* I us *ea re Is n.?w ever, ead ike f gitieea are ret <remg to the* feoataa. IF.uBI. HID \\U I.klfULN KMTIC1Y. Let svm i?, by.. Je'y 2.1, 1*84. Ih f eoaosttta iIsmI. i J-urm-u vt yeeiardev aaye e wa rt r vni.4 tasre ta tr*4*t it? i d??tis *, k eoi sky, ad*!?<?a ibe as l lary a ta-ntiee a>l lender s ? ? wse at?-wbed by reeate, trwsa as a i > aad tlty to sevso he- 'red ef^ey, sad tg' tog ?as g"*' g s*^ (bir gimbeala laavsdtstaly iait ter Msa^wMba ? 1 ?|.-e -f "i? ob < ? ??e to (*? . efe- n .? We<l ?>?*'*? so* * t gaerttsi p9 s >eeee r^taneiHw rep tb? m >? s?r ef a l a - a "????* ll?< ;e?s>? ?>ocm^ m>? t to * re 'i (eri ? goaagsabed ai >aaa? mala , . ,11 I K t , ttsil I . l? I ?>! I.'\<[U |.sm| pOMpnOrO It lie. i* ?q* ?f Meade' ? ? eft t"*e pi*.:.* ta large asm* t>er? eeVre the ai*e?b bap n ' ? ? i ? eh? ta*t latar re p. rt i e (?tera>*e n tea if est a ? a tree,o ta ' ee i4 benie aeaittag tae au*< a tba i i.eiy ar. leal af tee gvnbeeta o ? t save tae ti> "<i *r pe r --m m aster. fae*? sers arriving teat * ? i ? >? tae ? nh si ?eri !ib?a% ? as sae tiat tae O' oa* e? - si *er s- I < Heelers a; but t Oe* ii ?t eapsst*' tbe dSi ? t be ? ca .lam as* i Whether the g ,-rn ? art i*?re or sat we are eaetila to ear M. re -?l- s s-a m a v l?aa sf e ms too m three tan .suit iah* unis, the a air t?e* of lloidarano a my, K oti bf> ? '*? ?? ?* I ?aiaftMe, lag, au't au th > ep^eito i d* d the ?*?o r eee. rirasssl Iblllllgrors, p- .. ?.!ier i.ei-irsi F.. t rnea, N ?? th army ssrya, l' m, i* Harping at tbaPiflh A room ttoial U* r Qeaerat H U Hsrt*>df, II. ^ A ! eeteaaet O. a * H Ka>'t, otaop, lit, aod ' f. wetasil, M. i/m s *re <l>ipi> ?| si tbs M.'iropo taa Hotel Hnii, |i M. Mishiip. rmema*. ,uiie M?a M Mot>aeaM, imm .i i MA. * d i me. h. H?e .t'hi age, are step , tB? .1 tie -t N saAUa noist i'i*b?p UtO'ii'ini, o < f mi sviKe, Kp. . kae bees apnofeWt s ri'bb sm.p iS naUatt'ire. a tae pea>:e t tbe lata sraO %i>n<> ' hoi r.?e P snr.p t<? Ueaay ? lying dmigsrs iaty m at b* la I'tiaa.

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