Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fatthpay, July 2S? S P. M. Wall street, like the impecunious to waiting lor tone Ikiai to turt op. Ths aulaess Is gene ral, and the only speeulettou Is u to ho* long this state Of t!klng* will o atimie. No? even a rumor cmr? to us from the Treaeory at Wa*C?n?t<?n; but packages of com pound interest six per cent nctes, fresh fioci the printing preseoa, ore finding tbmr nay bere Id cooslderab'e aunt, wnich ah >*s that thane are humg 1*W fieeiy to public creditors, with a view, donbtliss. lo part, tto easing tbo money market, aid so paving tbe way for the i.ew loan on the sevan and tbrte-ientlu con-legal Under notea. This, however, Is only a palliative, and a hurtful one at that The banics bare been meanwhile withdrawing a portion of their temporary deposits (rom tbo Sub Trea aury, the amoant (or which they hud notified up to yesterday afteru<K>n being about ft ft en millions. Whether or not they *111 give further notifications of withdrawal depends to a pre *. extent upon th>> probable demand!! they wt'.l bare to meet upon tbc appearance of the loan on tho market. The um' nut of these deposits on the 10tb Inst, was $72,241,009 20. to meet c.nts upon which tbero Is a re serve fund of fifty millions of currency available lor issue andar the new lo^n act, with tbo provision, bow Over, tnat whatever part o! thia may be paid out must be withdrawn from circulation aa tbo temporary deposits Increase. A perceptible flow of currency from the oonntry Is taking placo, owing, to some extent, to the merchants hero having called for remittance* from their customers In ooui-equence of tbo prolonged stringency having thrown obstacles In the way of discounts. Tbta, being directly conducive to the centralization of capital, will do much good, by counteracting tbe evil effects of hoarding, wiiLb bas been largely practice! by persons of small and mode rate mo. n? all over tl.e country for a considerable time past. Tlio easy position in which nil this teu<N to placo the banks makes them free I. odors on good collaterals at Mveu per cont on caL But the detnaod fro m Ftock houses Is very limited, owiug to an an'icipilod recirring strln gencv consequent ra the loan, an.l, aa tb'a any be put on the market auy day, there is no reitalnty of aa iut -rval of easo sufSciently long t>> allow of saocoasful operations fer a rise. The feeling a*aoug brokers refloats this atito of the caae, and they ate generally unwilling to carry ?locks on ordinary margins. But although the capital fo kin.x investmont on coll te. ral, at call, is abunl^nt, tli?re la but little disposi'ion on the part of tbo bunks lo increase their lino of d:j cjunts, and commercial paper generally is closely scru tinized, whilo that of prolnce hour.os Is rogardod with extreme snspick'.i nod ir.'.^t- irith lWt!? or nofsvor. lhis class of paper hns is tho majority of InstAnces to submit to closo shavlnz at private lianas. It is the dec ire or tQ9 tanks to fortify their pja.ti m as much aa possible, 6J r.ot to be embirrasscd by the run on their d jpusiU which will attend subscriptions to the loan. . We print In another part of our issue to-day an extract from the city article of the I/ondon Times, show leg that oar ability to c<>ntlouc paying tho interest on cur pre sent and prospective gold bearing debt is already begin ning to be questioned in Europe; and, although tbe writer's estim ites and inferences are not altogcthor cor rect, it may be w 11 (or us to tako the subject Into con sideration It will certainly be batter to err on tbe side of economy rather than that of extravagance in our pay moots o' Interest In gold ; and hve per cent ought to be and wont 1 be found sufficient to securo subscriptions to any am unt of bonds, either directly or Indirectly, by tbe [rop sed io in on seven and three-ionths convertible Treasury notes maturing in tiiree years. Fire per cent in gold is even now equivalent to about twelve and s half tn currency, and what may K not be in the abscnce of good financial management in the futuro? A better feeling wa^ exhibited in the stock mirkct to. day , and a geuerU edvauce in prices took place. Com pared with tbc highest cash s<i'"9 at tha first meeting of the I'oard of Bnkers > eatvrday , Now Yoik Central wcnt up K per cent, Erie Railway Buds n Read. I^g Michigan Central 1^, Michigan Southern 1)^, Illinois Central %. Cleveland end rittsburg Ji, C.ereUud and loled > 1 }i, Chicago and Hock Island 1^, Chicago aud Northwestern >4. Cumhe. land Coal cud Ohio and Mis sissippi certificates H Tbe demand for governments con tiroes, without any material change in quotntk'os. Tbe coupon sixes of 1SS1 ?old at 10.'4' a 103, the coupou five twenties 104Ji a 104 K, October Treasury notes 103X s 103.^, and the one year certificates 947* a 96, which is sn advance of cne half per cent. Gold opened weak this morning at 255, and sold down to 253 Si Tbe New York Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows: ? Receipts from customs 9115,000 Total receipts 3..' 40,057 Pay menu 2,9i4,"X)8 Balance 11 416,&59 lbs steamship Etna, for Liverpool to-day, took out $225,000 in spec.o, and tbe German is, for Hamburg, had $73,600. Tbe imports , other than dry goods and specie, at tbls port for tbe week etdtng July 21, amounted In valuo to 11,059,775. Tbe crops will turn out better than tbe unpropitious weather iu tbo early part of tho summer led cs to bope. We learn from nearly all parts of tbe West that tbe wheat, which is now ander cover, is quite as good as that produced in any previous ye?r, and that at least two thirds of tiis avenge crop may be ?xpected. A rcarctty of men to do tbe harvesting was at first fearvd, but the lack of labor bas been fully supplied by additional reaping and mowing mtcbines, which have performed tbe harvest work quite as fatlsfactorily to the farmer as field bands would bare done It. There is s large surplus or old wheal tn the country, wbleh, added to tbe new c-op, w ll( enabi ? us to supply all tbo toreigu demanda without en. aroacblng upon our own nece-sit;es or giving o chi.nce for sjecuistors to excite our fears and profit by cur credulity. Oats, rye, barley and hay are nearly if not quite up to the average crope, azrd corn is represented In neany all sect I ds as looking healthy an 1 p omislng. The chiuch bug has done fume damage in rarlous locali ties; but cora is now too far advanced to be injured to any great extent by anything except weather extremes mad frost lbe following table shows tbe present value of gold and ailrer octn of different nationalities, according to tbo English standard.? rer or. f s. d Foreign gold, la birs (standard) r,. 3 17 9 Foreign si.ver, in bars (standard) 0 5 1 .*? (sold oin, I ort gal | 3 17 0<? Oold eoic, Amer c.?' e?g;es 3 lfl 4 OoM coin d'>iit>l<H>i, . Patriot 3 14 0 Gol'l eoin. du'.bl < cs, flpaa b 3 17 0 Cold e n, NSj oi<*ons 3 16 2 Gold c in. ten gmider j 3 10 0 fM r< r coi'i, Mexloaji ami S. Aft'-erican dollars 0 6 4 El ver oelti, gp?i.:?b pillar d< iiars 0 6 2 1 be i jrr i rxtire earn ,ogi of tho K - it.e and Mississippi and N< rtbern I Ilia is rai;roaiI.?, from January 1 to July 20, were as follows:? im>4 imflm ?ea liM.r-i Increase $l 13 .925 Tbe tiluatKMi of tbe nx-ney siarRet In it Louis is thus deocribod lo tbe Pkoitk of lb* 1Mb n st. ? lbe mot.y/ market ?n. t rery tight. Tlie bankssre t -.(J :.g ? ? luurugovuri meat j?;*r in the (b<; Ouf dra'fsoa Wa?n btw* m. : ? -,i t r- . as ml as aa tcjni<>use amoi nt of produce la.^r.'bat tbey are r>o I r.c r in a oo'.d tl n t" o.a*? fnriii-r h.a??. ih?am"?nlo: Washm*:' f fiis'is be d fW a ri e io tbe faet by oar ban.rr* la ?>*o; M, aa tl.? I Patera barks ire drawing in thoir toaoa, tbsri ia oot i- y a scarc ty hers of muiey , but a scarcity ?f atgbt exdhaufla fltXk/ C > re tt.oee . t. ? a?i i . mm <? > r t7'v> V I fi? t > ita i ? WW) to . I ? IJ'in 1 ; ? e ' ? ? >'?> ? Mima.TIKOt* I llu4-na llTtr RK ia, . (*>> rto Ox > *;?! I * , I- > ? I , W flAWOi'-e t fr?? u r . I :j s Nk nrwartWiOserip lUT ) <* 4 Mo S a l< l? I" KU 7 1 14 ' .r ? f I"' (.'AwO.ia ? M >?eer.. ? , i--1 >s KR I'- ; ||?<> Taanll #"????! '* '? fa..,. 14'] Ml I 1 t' >'* 1 '' <?? .. b i S 114 xrle i<k in,.* ,t iu ate* Cea Kit .... )Mi4 Wi Ire'1!' mil' ? i '. it 4, |M | Ou Kr> lit n I I !? 1|| l<al <l?. Ill I 1 S Iv0 MC" ? t'l l*a a . t ? M 9t I 1 < rn Rl aerlp. . HW ? ?> ' lion 1 M ? "lieletm III I" 4o 1.4', (rit gi i ho .i ik*. I i J " 'Ter i 1'iita It ft b 1 ' t"1 ; l?i? SiNsC "b Ti? I ' I I ?' do . . . I'" ^ 1 ? i.. I V,, '? 1kn>' rl I - Cbl? A N W KK .. 4- , 1; KXAlUMiATUau.e UM L ' ? e> , t , g\ r?) ' his A ft W I ref. r> w?< i?i'u.r?*s< b't nr . i ? ?i >? w It ai aui e baas ? 9> M, Oitre A T eJo kit. I' *i Oaeti ? <?? MM IMCbie A Reck I KR . IN I 'K m, ' * ??( I >rV SO C. >7 I'm r?e bio HiojJ IO <? ^ i"t do.. I t- ? ?< C?a i a i , ?i j >i <; , bl3 I ? ;< ? Um,.. S?^|(?. 10* ?*l trrrfir H H -J> ?1( B ? T teat i'. k ill bi hkb h a N i RK ? dft - Vi . do ""7 MB Se ... . hi i ?j dc b!5 w Hre tn Bestea. I <?tm, July tX IH4. TV eiuastvs ?teeu? | as sg mill nr. er <4 Merrimas a ad i?u?rtfav street*, ewsea by ?m am Warkh im, and ?s lip lad by J "ho r. Keai ag, was a?atroy?Hl by Are this ro*aaK>?n Two waooae bundiaga a<jj<>iriiiig were also kurMd. < ue of iboto o- MpM br tbe Bset<? r> 'on * atcb OMS| any. lbe total *ea la parti/ biAarAd THE PRESIDENCY. The Albany SUxttimin (mil shoddy republican), to aa ( article uinu tbe postmen. ent of the Itemocratle Na i t tonal ( onventioa says:? I t .'?'/* u* K"hmond, and there it no doubt l.?* J?? 71 ! ,1lhW kLl Boni'"*'?latClllO?gO Wtil Uwubt lesa o mi tat j iu? following uatne* ? >ir President? lT. 8 Cra-it. Kor Ytca Prrsident? General Mcnellan. '.k'0""1 *w'd ??ire '?>? whole army vote. Hf?y would hec.ire tbe election. wk JL ? ^and Mcr,#ll*n running on tb? tame ticket a Kid y to On. would b?i ftntijhll*te4. Th**y wonJd not carry sny Plate excetl Verrront. New York w. uld give van latoooo 'C',:t 75,000 Ics-?rl,r. 01,10 *0,000 and Fenn Should i, rant fa'l at Richmond. which we do not deem among the ' poHibiaiiea the nominees at Chicaco would douhtleM he ? For 'resident? Gen. Mcnellan. For V ice I'rof idf-nt ? ( oo ilincock. Ihla ticket could also be ?-l?H:ted over RhMdy & Co., for *l. w m I" New York and Prnttfyl T, . wou!u ?n*b'? him to take o,T a Urge portit a i>.?n n ? ,(>n.r''le- There Is aaly one man more popnlir "1 V m,lu Gan* Grant? tho greiteit Military genius of modern times. Tbe Now Albany Le 'g r (democratic) doee not like the j postponement of the Chicago Convention. It says:? roIl?T?t\7 SMS*"" 0f.print? wh,ch W this po-t I mn T '? on. , onTent'"n wi?h Croat s trnfoc . r ?^nel* the so called unconditional peice tuners I ?nc^n U,r;rh,b6 Palw" to the .u^t^ Mr: L,"tb ? rf o l"ke " for rranted that tho oh a* a .I T Z aB ^kllloiTtJeneral MoPlellao as a candidate f r the Presidency, and that tMa obieet Clell!!!rm. eTm,' ;',he<1; lhHt- ln far?- (:?oernl Mc cini datJ. p cnoe'rtere'1 ?ut of the ring as a Mrc,:^"cy- ,f 80Ch the Obiect of find ?i.n ? r ? " .""'ye*!! themcelvoe, they mar ?hedi?.vS. " ^ 100 ^."^they have orerrSacbcS Vre?i^trredBf<i .1? it0'1?"*0 *? ? candidate for the ? oo* iud their follower* r^o the <VV"*Z U"r Wl" b0 p'rn,i"<>,! f manlru. *' '*'! ?? -?"> *mv. nitt ii o suit their own cmve Lr^'w. h t! ^ "/k ' th" f"!,fK,rt ?r ?" ??'>" do not ri/f . V B T^ttllar notions :>bnnt p neo d V? '!e? t* i?h n ' Mcrioiien know that when the ? ? * '?V C1,,r 1 ' ""veutlon wor.t arpolnted, thov M4luintiii7iittali* ill *?2 cr rom * mnn ihor wiM lU? .V! ? ' vl,ws ^ not nemiuated, iLcy tn k^ow the re?> m v. hy. Ilio Knuiai :Ut>Jo-r*aX (ropuVlcin), p-.ibllihed at Tawrcnco, ia oat in opjM.iiioa to ihe re-ele:t.on or Mr Line !a. Thod Q'f'itt or RtetJB.rnB., beld a ireetlnc on tbe wr,wwt **?*.- IT- rti'ed to the Chicks Coavcn Hon tlio nauie efThem? M. -.,m?or,of fllriford, u the fittest uud m ibolr pirty f ,t Lext Pro^Uoutof th?LTi,UoJ Stol?? The dem-TMcy o ' Co.iper co.irty, Xl.^nrl, tn corven tkfc i? mbled, r , ,>c'. That r. rpe p Mcdellan U our ch\ce f*.r Pro.r idf r t cf t?.<j United 9tit?s. The dc m? ?f rol .s? e)ULty, Call reia, are for Jlr. 111 l am (or Preside, t, and Inrtf ited the'r dn'<?. Bat^a to vote for tie n:aa to r -rra'ent tb:?> m tliu Chi caij.i Convention *rh ( mil vote for a war democrnt. Thei-a l,D, -or-at ie to be the tame of a Fremont psrer aocn to be -i.rtea m cf. Ty)llfi ? w?, bf pQb||sh ad by a compnny a vied tie ?? I cmocrmtlc Aeso elation o.# St. Itl?a? 1 that a d'lty ?.;.<! weekly new#naper. wbteh |i to ruppirt ti e r.cvcla^ J noiumc^, Is to be atarted at t>araio;a Sprlcga. Tbe paper* poce-afly are atrongly la fftVor or Fremont. The Pfttcburg VdleiVa't aaya-? Jisnf^,s,n ,h" FBSitXi' '.?? r,5 Kt'bSr a Tho Belleville (HI.) ?' iXi'. att writes about ttiD Fro mcDt in thut por-lon of lllr.ol? ~ ' b'""' '? ma!: I j rtnid p-o^rppa r epU bl loan German-' of I'/cL'^ry1 aJe h'tte-1^ n' tbJ ^nss is a very pretty quarrel brewing in the repv.b ! b*P,PSr fau,|,y ln MI*ourl. A number of tho radical Journals In St.?te (ineiudtcg the St. I.otiig D-tnryrr') are advocating the election of the republican c.ndldatee. Tbe SI. Louia lnu>n (regular eboddy ropubllcin) aajs ? 'D J"' PlP<'r? ca^ onjnroln S ^r'eld^ m r ?ls,n,!l wl,h ?arne?t atxi heirty 'r?v?} will b^? others of tbom are ".apportln?" the tUkrt n l n-m crat "i i;. portd" lt_th?t la, not at all Llkl thl Democrat, tb>y have the ticket nt tbe bend o" th2J lb# lbe-T ?T one < Jra.",..TO. -?? ed Ht;ch?can in 1850 ? under prot -?t n't d lLa' rll -" It r 'l 'g?s'5D,?c:s,>J faet that not a glnele radical m ci 8 pi*" dec!artd Mtaself jo favor of Lincoln m-d John ?on. n.ore are two rr ibree ptpwlnerl roe , r ??e party who are said to be for tf. Baltimore dek't b?-t they dare not c ly so. for .e,r ..f bein< dr-im-r-^d i,i o er?i^^ "M JL rht <* *<*!?"< -.We^'rU h!l er n e ' V "."Ur,1 ^ 1,8 blrsl', Cmel. Clvhll.tkl nn^uesti.. ,nglS:, 5??o it. 'crecTaod iou '.m ?'' ;lon.or ^srvresfion wit Va the ^ a?w s. t^tsss. & ,r Lsz ?& or'.o w ?arrt cor?:''5', n" C'lber to dor.lar ? Tor Fremont ?ihihitftf S:I?!C<>' coudtrt of il.e A ;,, a ri ,, ,lv We hive vnrped the frierds of the national Tnion coin and Johnson cimp to betray u. THE VICE PRESIDENCY. Governor Jotin*o?'4 letter of Arerpfn-e. CaLTiMOit, Md. , June 1, ISC'!. Hon. AitrHirw Johjcpc*:? /nwa - ia? Tho anderetgeed have grent rlen?-ro in per the duty arfik.ned to loam of lor-irciln? yo-.i of U'.aiiiinOtirDonBlna'lon for tiie Ollce or V|.-.? I'r ?t dent of the 1 nitod state*, by the National Lu on ?.. n vention, wblcb cloMd Its sittings In thti city y-"*.orduy. encli'io nlro a copy fc( the resolution* ir platform cf pr nclple* i?iy adopted br tl e I'onvct.t.on, to whiih yorir att-ntiou I* rcpe 'f ii'y invited, and vrhlob, w? tr(J*t, will hive yoor approval. Ihe o.ncnmatee uccl !:y n id Ibe a'rtrance of tbolr heartr c?nc'irren''o in th? ?o>; n of the Conveetton in eel?cting yi ti a3 tbo candidate of th" irrer.t majority o: 'be loyal t?ople of toe c >mtry for tUe Vr ? !'ro-idoncy of the l.'uitej ?t?to?, tior ..f the r eonvlctiori that, In s i ti.iniioa* ting tou. tbe ronvsntt n b :t taiiQ'ully interpreted tie wi'hett of their pat-i' lie conttitcenta. Kareeftlly requesting yo :r ac<^>;;tatice of tbe position to wbioh you*ha\e t 'cn aaalgned, and ongratnlntlng you upon the ?nc<.urr'g|ng pro?n?<:!? lor tbe epeedy euppres Fi- n of thu relHihion and tbe extlngu:*hmeat o! ttn CTU?e. we have the honor of nhscribtag O'trselvc* your obe dient bvrvi.ntn W. DENNL-!ON, of < ibio, Chairman, and others tommitteo. OOYEKMOB JOnV'TON'^ REPLY. ?? Asi;vit.;jj. Tonn , July 2, 1814. nor. Wnni* nm-nc..,*, Cluirmin, nn<l oth.-.s, t lc" of tbe National t "o !<>a Convention: ? G?*Tt**rw? ' Your communl ation of the 6th nit , in f"rni':.f m> of my Domination for tho V;ee Presidency of t' o I'tiited 8tttes, by the National Ootivention lio'd" nt TUliun >re, aud eucloslng ac^py of ib? ratolatiotia ndopt ed bv that b?-!y. w>s ret received ontii the 'iitb all. A replr ou n.y pfcrt Ind btMB | :evi ti*ly ui do to tho ?rti< n of Ihe Cunv ntlon In printing tny name, in a ftpoecb do'ivrr :d in tu.< c!'y (,u Iho ovaolug M C eedlng t .o .'av of th ? adjoiirt .cr.i of the C nveiitlon, In wbiob I indicated my arreptanc' it the d. tinguished U >nor con fort ' I by th. t b dy . nod defined the croundn up u ? bich ] t.c#ept nco v. .< b?ae<l, sub'.tsntiniy Baying wb t I I r w ha* o to say. From the c<xn:neots Made upon tlr?t r. . r'-b by tho v 'ilou* presn<? ol tiie ooatiiry to wbieti my att?til.on hai neon directed, I couslderid U to be re garded *? a full sccepianoe. Ill v.e.v, t- iv 1 er, of the de?lrc erpre?g?! In your nom mtin|c?t|..n, f will trirt fully all';ds to a fow .'Hints thit bo ti berevotoro preaented. ?ly 'H ;n.- ns "n tbo leading nt present agitat ing anl i^tiso'ing the pu'oiic tulnd, and c<|>eeWlly In r?: rwife to the robei|.o:i now b .pr w?ged agnlmt the tovrrnmont nnd a'ltHor I y oi tbe i nilfd St?t?i,l pre eutiic, ere ten' Mldtrstood. R 'urethe 8 utbem pao| le n.e^uj d a belligerent att tude (and ropoatodiy h'c? llo k oee??.?|on rnoet frnnkiyto di-rlare the views 1 tuen ontertaici d tn relati??i to t'.? wicked purposes o( tbe rntutLeru politicians They have since undergone but little. If env, rhnnge. Time ttnd subfevptent events hive ratbor c r' mcd tnsn diminiabe.] my coiiDdcnoo in tUelr WNatiM. At tbe ber inning of tbls groat str jgrls 1 entertained tbe snni" ou t.ion of it I now do, anj tu iny ^lace In tbe HenaU I d'.r unced it ae treau?n, worthy tbe pnni?h meut of de?tn, sad warned tbe lovermn'tit and lbs people of t e lm; ending danger. But my voice wee not heard or counsel beeded. until It was too late to avert Ihs st'-ria It still ooatlaued to gatbsr over us without molestation from the authorities at Wash ington, until at length It broke with all Its fury upon tbe coot. try. And now, If we would *-ve tbe (over, ment from being overwhelmed by It, we most meet It in ibt (rue spirit of petrioiisin, end bring traitors to the punishment 4m their crimen, and, by force of arm", crntb oat aod eubdne th* Imi vestige of rebel au thority Id every State. I fell thro, us ?:?#, thai the d? rtructun of the government waa deliberately detemlcid lilxin by wicked and Ocnicuiog ooiisp.-etors, w tiose Uvea aed fortunes wore pledget! to ca-ry it out, S' d that no compromise, Khort of nn uocondillonal reccgiulloti of the independence of the Southern Ftatv* could have been or could now he proposed ?b!ch they *ould accept. The cHmor for '-Southern rights," as the rebel Journal' were pleased to depignste their rallying cry. was not to secure their SFS-ttr.ed rights In the I'uion ard under the c nsti tut ton, but to dls.'upt the governmfnt, and e?tablleh an indet cr.dert organization, based upon slavery, which thev could at all times control. The nei>aratinB of the government bus 'or years pnst bi?B tbo cherished purpose of the Southern leaders. HaRiod to 1S32 by tho stern. patriotio heroism of Andrew Jack* >ii, thoy sullenly ncqtiiesced, only to mature their d; ho leal scn?tr?w aod await the recurrfr.oe of a m"rc fit rotable opportunity to exooute them. Torn the pretext wtw the MrifT, acd Jsrkson, atter foiling their o( tuMiilcntlon and disunion, with piophetic perspicacity, sarnstl the countrv awalo't th* renewal of their efforts to dismon.b r the rovernment. In a letter, dated Way l, 1H*3, to th* Or. A. J. Craw. I>rd. alter dem<>ast' ? ng the beartletJ tusiucerity of the southern nulllflers, nesatd:? Therefor* the tariff waa only a pretert an4 disunion and a Southern Confederacy the real ob act. Tae next pretext will be tha negro, or a '.a vary question. time has fully verified this prediction, and wo hare r?"W not only "th* negro, or slavery question." as tbo pictcxt, but the row! cause of the ' rebellion, and b th moat go down together. It Is vain to attempt to rccn atruct th* I'niou with the distracting element of slavery la It. Experience has demonstrated Its Incompatibility whli free and republican govarnmout*, and It would b* tin w I?* and unjust longer to continue It ?s ono or tho In Hi. ui ions of tho country. Whi:e it remained gubordina'e to the constitution and laws of the Tnlted ftotes i yielded to It my support, but wl>en It became rebellious and at tempted to rtso above the government, end control its 4?lnn, I threw my humble Influence agilnst It. *Thn authority of the government is supreme, ar.d will admit of no rlva'ry. No institution can rlso above it, whether It be slavery or any oiher organized power. In our bnppy form of govornnient all muKt be s ibordiuato to toe will of the poc ple, when reflected through tho ron st it ut Ion and laws made pursuant thereto ? Mate or federal. This great prlnclplo llos at the found* tlou of every government, and cannot he disregarded wittont the destruction of tho government liso.f. In the support and practice of cortect principles we can never roorb wroug result* nnd by rluorously adterlsg to this great, fundamental truth, the end will be the preservation of tho I t:i. n and t !te overthrow or nn Institution which has rirtiic war ufxm, i.nd attompUd tUo dustructiun of the government itself. 'l'be mode by which this crest chnrpe?the omnncipa tion O! tbo eluve? c n be effected, is proiorly fend In tho power to rmend tho constitution of the United -title* This plat) is ePecttml, and of to doufctuil authn it y : and wb;le II does i ot cnuirnver.e the tln.olv exercise of the war power by the President In his emancipation procla mation, It comes st :mped with tbo authO'ity of the i ?o pie tbemsolves, acting w accordance with the written i ule of the supreme law of tho land, and must therefore nve more general satUlactlon and quietudo to tbe di3 t. acted public tr.ind. l'.y iccurring to the principles contained In the rcirlu lion;: s > rn'inimcus'y adopted by Uin Convention. 1 find II at they substantially ace ril w th my public ants Rnd o : lliioi'? heretoh ro made kuown aed exi're.-sed, at.d aro there ore most cordially endorsed and unproved : and tbo noti.lni tiou, h<tvitig been conferred without any s licitft tl.m cn ms p rt. Is with the greater plsasure Decerned. hi accepting tha nomination I might hero close, but I eatii ot f . ego tho opportunity of saying to my old frieods o' t!?? democratic pnrty proper, with whom I hnvoso long sn<l ( leasantly boen as-ioclated, that t:-e honrhas now come when that preat party cau justly vindicato its devotioa to truo domocratic ]M>iicy and roeaatires of expa dleucy. The w>r is a war of great principles. It in volye* the surremacy nr.d life of tho government icelf. If robcl.loa tt lumpU, free government, North at.d boutb, falls If, on tho other hand, tbo government Is suec."=sful, as I do not doubt, its deslinv is lined, its basis permanent and enduring, and lts carutr of houor and glory Just begun. In a great con test like this for the existence of free gover. meut, th? ruth of duty is p itriotism and pmclple. Minor con siderutloos and quesii''us of aamlnLstrative policy should give way to tlichigner duty of first preservinj tho gov ernmont; nnd then tbore will be time enouch to wrangle over the men and measures pertaining to its administra tion. This is not tho hour for strife ar.d dirfcdon among our selves. Pooh di(l'erenco3 of opinion only the enemy, prolong the wnr, and wa-ta tho country l'nity\ cf aciion and concentration of power bhould be our w -.tchword and rallying cry. This accomplished, '.be ti:ne wl'l ripid'y approach when their armieR in the field? U e crcnt power of tho rebellion? will be broken ?: d crut had by our gallant officers a;id brave sol lers, and ere !on^ they will return to their homos i.nrt firesl>l?* to resume a ;ain the avocations of |ieai-.a, with the proud c-insclruor that they have aided In tha n^lde work of re establishing upon a surer and more permanent b ?I3 tho groat templo of American freedom. I am, gentlemen, with sentiments of blgb regard, yours trniv. AN?RKW JOHNSON. Conflagration In Clezlco, Oswego Comity. O.ivtrqo, July 22, 1S64. About ono ha'f of the business portion of tho village of Mexico, O3"'ojo county, was destroyed by the this after noon. The fire originated in the Pbainls block, consum ing Psrkhurrt'a dry go'>d3 Ptoro, Brooks & Huntington's drug store, Clinton & Eslun's store, Stone k Fuller's hardware store, .'luluica li Taylor's shop, Jackson's pro dace fioro. Cotlor's store, the Poet Ofllce, Gorts' bllilxrd rooms, tho Mexico Hotel and btrns, and Ticknor's House and livery stable. No estimate ef tbo loss bis beon re coivod. Tbo property was well injured. Rioters Found Dead. Chicago, July 22, 1S<V|. Advices from Coles countjr report thst the two o n^lrs, the tnstifs'.nrs and lceders in the riots st Cbsriestown la.--t M?rcb. had been fousd dead? one of them with seve rirf tullet fcc!^ through tbe body. Pome exelt-mout exists In that county, snd fears were entertained of another outbccalr. SHIPPING NEWI. rsou zritors. Vstls ?re ferw?rd?d by tve-7 ticnmer Id the regular llnea Tha s'ea ? "T> for or fr<?-u liircv.iool call st 'Ju?*'istown. ?x ??(tth* Cannilan Hue. wLleh rail at I,ondon.l*rrT Ta* ?.aamera tar or fiom th* t^enttuact. *a.l at Sautaamptaa. frimft, Lsim Fr Boru>*it S.?iiiimmr?on. Imv I2...KIV T*rK Marithnn .. .. I.tvenxn.i Jnlv 12...New\orx ? it} af \V<?bington.Lira. naui. July U hcwYnric Washtoglon ... I'a?:e Inly IS. ..*?w Tart ^eot a I.trariMWH Iitly 1ft.. .-Na Tor* AM s I irarepsl. luly Bo'ton Sstonls Na>* Y or it Julv 2i..Hsmt>ur? Persia L'tr.pooi Ju y St.'... New Cork %rnopi. NMa'ra'a-'an Var* .To'y 17. .I.tverpon VTcai minster New York 'nty Si .Liverpool A N<* York Julv SI'. .. .B'enveu We tmlmler. M' ?? Yorlc .Inl* S>. . UverjiBol F.d 'iburg Ken York Julv So . Livei imol A'a'inta . ..NevYork July 30. ...London K'lropa Ho?ton At'a S I.'verpool OlyrfiPMS. New Vorl Aug S . .Ll e-po l ?'l y of Washlnuton.New York Aug 6 lavirpoo' Bori.?<.a. Sr-v ^orK.. Au,- S .flanihorg S* ?'!* PewVork Aug 10 .Liverpool W.-nhtngtou S>r,v York Au* 17 Itavr* Afr'ea Botton Aug 17 tjvareool o?Tonis.. TJowTnrk Aig 20. ,, Hum'mrt Per ls New York Aug 21 .Llvaroooi ron 0Ai<ir0nMi a. Oolden n.i'e Ne-* Y>rk luly 27. .. Aspin wait Co?U ITi-^% y?nX art Aug S. .. Atoluwall bceanV'san. . . NawTers Aug 13. .Aisivwatl AfVAWAS f ' saw voss? rats pas. ?ntaraas 4 <s | *m? nuri eve 9 S1 Si;m lars 7 Ul SIM WAtlk morn 11 23 Port Of new York, Jnljr D3, 1801. CT.F.ARKIX ft am?hio i::na (Bri, Meilulgiti. Q'ieenat#wn anl Uver poel? Ji t r. O 111 e t'1 a...?b;p K Hbern Lltl.., Tloklepa :;b. Asplnwall? 0 B Allen. K teams'! i p Creole, Thoars >d. New Orseo*? Ludsm. Hel neki u A t o. ("tesmFh ?? nmg iur. Wlmrenay, Ksw Or'^ana? Jsinep a Radnor. fcteataaaia Ci eaapaase. Wllis'ta, PartlaaA? M B Cr*asw*U A Co. P'rarn^liip 8l\!on la'ar 'er. Ci>rniihr11. Port Woyal, Ship Vle'.err, Thomas, Lleerrivi ? Dsrld O.'rt. o. H' :p Oen , Tra-k. Ll??rr* ol? Tra k A Dearborn. Khlp One*n. A-ma I. ivrro-il? William* iOnmn, Bh.p Que?osl (Br >. Am don, Llveri-oo.? Traak k Dear born. SMp Tames L Bogart (Br). Sblllabcr, Liverpool? Tratk k p>??r''oro Ship cieorge Otto (It; not, Cornelius, Cork?Bujer P"^>a. T'aik Si?riK'i (Br), VI rrli-, Bin Janetio? Bodoc?t?*eUl & rrangh <t'il. Park Acr.a Fiances (Br). Morehouse, Bt Stephens, KB ? E Irr. atofi BrO'. ? Bark ki genia <Br). Deitnli Bt John, KB? Boyd t Ulnck en Brig Blumeathsl (flan), Fr?-es, London? F aeh, Malacks A Wi nd'. lirig Atnslia (Aust), L*on, Penarth Reads? W t Bchmilt'a Fon. Prig Syne Jar;bt (Dol), Bloupjt. Palnioutli, U-BUaisn M Edge. Brig Eiprets (Rwe). Lofgao, Cork? Fonch. Me neke k Wendi Brig Ntaiilaus '(Dsnifb), Jur/.ens, Rio Oraade? Puseh, Kelnrke A W emit Br'g Lst. ir^ii#, Oiindls. rtemsturs? A Mldd'euwi A Co. Frig Klla(Hr),r t. St hi'mi Pit-MllarA i. ? ,n hrig tVm Alktr Br), Wi-lman W indtor, l"K-P I Net! na A '?on Itrljl W Rowland. ? , Eh?b*thporl- E D Uuilbut k Co, Frhr Ti asn. Will -im. N.-raan-B P Bheiman. Bel rlli. war ' Roberta, Lmgaa. Bohr Albert tdward (Hr). Ca'upbcll, Baekrlllf- P I Kevi ns A Fon. Bchr Adeline Towns"n4, Collins, Washtngto?? M T R ia y..n A Co. hchr Strfeamsn, Clerk. PMIa l?lph<a-C L Rn? . S-hr Ahnlr.t K' jera, . bua.h Aii.boi? Uotj olte i ray. Hrhr Bellona, Baldwin, !lit Haven? R B Paoteli k Son. B'tainer 1'ani.y Caawa laser. I i-raon. Pbliadeti Hie. t k nvia Bimm*M? Knngnree (Pr). Bn man. Ltrewie'. July ?. rta Vuiai,>, w? Uin t-it:. mine ana 1*7 nat-ro gwm to .le? m (1 Dale. Ju'r ID. oil I i k. nang^o ?iki>*i* " ith iteam ali o I'lty ol CP! k, ho ttj 14,1, 11 |?M. let 41 M. Ion 34 IS. ex .,vii -d ilcn* ? ^:tU s Ci o.ird auiamer auppoeed lb* Afrlea l ound B; 15th, lit *0 Ot, Ion M ?. Pr ba k fcfton, bound w. Bteimahlp Kew York (Br), Palmen, Ltrerr^ol, Ju y 8, Wlthm die and I2J paaa?ru;e,a. t" Witliama A Onion Bteninshlp BUefcatooa H; K' tranapertl B?rry, Kew|Or leans J'l'y 11. via City Pulnt an l Kortrtaa Monroe, M hours, with paesengera, to 1' 8 yearterma/ter. Bt".tma!up Cnni'.itiition (0 Niranerart), Oresnman, Al'I andrla 4< bour<, ami Caps Henry 19 hours, to U 8 Qusrter master. ?lenmahlpBaiptrs, Huater, Waablncton, with asln and pa^asagers. to Ja? Hand. Park oabnrne (Br), Btsmper, Yokohama. ISO days, with teaa, to order, ^ Bark John Pvfe, Weaver. Olasfow Joes I, aed Rsthttn lalaad IWh, with mda*. to Thomas Duaben Jane 17. lat 63 40. len 17. paaaed ship Meridian, from Kewaort for Kew Tork: July 8, lat 41. Ion 60 ffo. speke ?chr P'ue Were, ef Msrblelieed, with 800 'I'lletsls flsb: ttd, Ansuatln Wa;ey, died frsn laflamtnati js of tha lunu, tbi botr was seat ?* ?UUb Island for barial The J f had k?tu wm> J ?rl? ^n15,,*?,lh* ??5V. ?'??? tkea light wind* Bad torn. _ ?WI'etmln? (Dutch), Mioek, Rio Janeiro Mir IK r'l St Thorns* J pl y 1 with cod##, to master. 7th Inst, Tat 27 33, Ion 70 43, was spoken by V 8 a earner Wyoraira cruising all ?? ' J f i.**, J?' loB 7S> ?P0*? t>ark K A talker, from I'pkta for New Orle-tns. *3 ilaysoul; ISth, lat 91 IS, Im74 ST. spoke back Ce estla (Br). kouud to Boston. Bark fc Ward. 1 araway. Neuviws, July 8, wHb su rar to damea H Ward A Co Bark Caaa Ed w in (of Portland), Tlbbltta, Cow Bay. CB. 18 da> a, with ooal. to Miller A Haughton. Brig Southern Hel e iof Na^au. NP) Bockelman Liver pool. 61 liar-, with cual. to Key ? Sta le. Brig Henry Thackeray (of Turke Is ands). Mulllran. Mir? goane, 2? daya wth Io.?-iod au.l cofee. to Robt M .irray Jr Kciir Hr^Mti (Br), Pearson, fit Croli. July 8. with no. la caeito I Tea teacher A Oo. July 1# let M?>, Ion 7318 ?uoVe Br brig Auu Lovlii, Caun, (ruin Jamaica for New York, and suppl ed her with provision. June 16. on out ward rasaafe. let 59. Ion it 15, wae ooarded by rebel steamer Fiona 4. Kuhr Vtglant (Br). Marshall,* Bleuthera, IS day a. with fruit, to order. ^ Douglas"6"' tI*rt' E,eulhert? 7 wlUl ,ro"- toJunu Hchr J Acliorn, Jones, Llngao, 13 day a, with ooal, to C B Swain, Schr Mabel Flail, Bell. Lingau. IS daya, with ooal, to O B Swain. r. n 'iT T<,,*5**Ph. Bbaw. Windsor, 10 ten, with plaster, to 1) B Dewulf. Schr Gertrude Coalwel', St Andrews. NB, T days, with relmad ties to Jrbn Bo.uton'a Koo A Co. Schr llerscliel, BlrdsaU, Citv Point, 1 daya. Schr Win A Bit*, Hugh's. Georgetown. 1 day*. Bchr Emetine, Grillln. R1 i/ahem port for New Ifavea. Sehr '?"aehloa, Davit, hliribe hport|ror Fail Rive.-. Sehr New Pa.-iehi, rosier, Rii.nhotknort for Prurilenee. fcobrlda Ilor'on. Buokmaiter, Viiialbavrn. Schr Henry Crosby, Smith. Ilangor, i$ daya. Schr T A Paine. Jeue?, Hast port, ? daya. Sclir Cousins, K'aworth 8 dara. 8 -hr Rental, (roil. Rock laud for Staien Islaod. Sclir W K Genn, Parker. Satom. Bchr Delphi, Smith, Gloucester. Sehr Mary LouKa, 0 until. Boston. B.lir Ann TBIpale, Hodgkfns, Boston for Albany. Rchr It II Huatler. Niokerann. Boston. Srhr Ann, Csett ee, Boston. KchrGalota, Lovelt, Boaioe for Albany. Schr D K Arev. Ryan. Boston. Sefcr Plitnet, rurrier, Dl 'hton. Schr Na. ban Clifford. fchule, I ore'ieator. Hrlir Sarah Mi ore, , J'rovideuoe. Bohr, lamea A Lucy. ProMdene*\ HcIirS Uk Wr gau Al ama. Pro. ldenoa. Pi hr Chnr e-. Mnhan. I'roridenee Scl,rLe;ek, Wh'tmore. Proriarsnoe. Behr Stranger. Smith, I'royideoee. Schr Splendid Unr'w, New;i rt. Sclir K Hnfliklaa. FurhU'h. Neiv Ilaren. rhlianlliropiat, Homer, New lierea for PutUdel phi*. Hchr K*c' atire. Whitman, New T^indrtn. If. Iir Vnrv.I Me;id, Davenr.ort Hnrlforrt. Pe'ir Villa." " rrn, Satieriv. Rondout for Provtdeoco. Sfainerj Thomn?n. Cnndiff. Baltimoi'e. S'nnmer '"oisrurd. ho ri'an. PMiaaelfl'ia. \vo?tctcater, Baker. Providence. I SAILED. ?2<1-Stesmer? Vir*tnU At'antlo Geo Leary. nr llnrtn Coni.rctlcnt Khimj. Chatanooca: hark* Jl onvert Po!iv1*. Grow>tock: brim S5 Com: t. A'lpeMand Tom nt! Almet'H. r.spsr VVImIp Lu"<0, JuSo.-iUo- *?h rs Q ^ dwCL indu-. Tlarkaway, EUrtl.-d Ka?n. w ,u A lt-nan LA Tern Sarah Oj.ll, Br.tvo, M Sewnll, \V?r Stood. M Rod er.< O (?*?! roll ''ueeu of the West, Wm Allen, Myi.iver, Thrca Sial-ru Of ion L 2 d-Ktesmahrps Etna, (iertuania, Korlhern Light, Bvea lop S ar, Cre de. Wind it ? inset SIT. KUecliitr.foni, pTF_tM'.Hir Km. Captain McHulgin, of the line, akl'.ed yegterday at noon for QneenatoTii and Liverpool. SrEAKsnir Gkrmanu, Capt Eblers, galled yesterday for Soutlinir.pto'i and Ilamonrn. STE NonrnEKN Light, CapUIn Tlcklepaugh, sailed ycalorday 'or AapinwalL STi.AvjHie Evkninc Stab, Cap* \Y mpenoy, sailed yes terday for New Orleans SiT\MmnrCuM>L*, Capi Tliompaon, saUed yesterdw for Uev Orleans. Satr Skow 3.?rAM., Dtl'lnphnra, from New Tor* Jan 2 for Pan V rnnclaco, pntlntc Falk Anrt Islands JIarob 1 forrepwirc wouU.unve toilischarge |?art cargo. S:nr RantAKT. of ricston, l.iH tons hullt at Boaton in 1552. nag been sold at Calcutta for 8i,UlPrin;eee. Bark Edwin. A?, 410 ions, buiitat Warren, BL in 1810 bas been sold for $15,000. Bni'j S Smai.l, Toiibet. from Perth Ambov for Thomas ion put into Newport 22d lest to repair damaies, Lsvinu lost bowsprit, Ac. while in c-iilialon wljh sclir Bound BrookT Si'iir Porx-) Br. ok, irom New York lor Newburyport. Willi :i car>;.- of rnrr, and ontg. not Into New;iort 221 har'aic been run into off point Judith, losing ber bead gear, and causing hot- to leak badly. Sunt ACKi.Aira. or r.arnatable, wl'ch went nahore on Point .Jrdilh 3'ltb baa been got ofl, an 1 towed into New. port Tin: red ay afternoon. Prim .Iivm Ni ilfok, Burt, from Philadelphia, of and for Taunton, with oea . went ashore dnrfnp thick weather on lh<TS a\ morBlnjr, on the rocks on the Komh end of Pru decee Tr'ar.d. .? fter tak ng out a^Ol!t 05 ions of enal she was got off the aam< afternoon, and bas arrived at Dicbtun leaking badiy. * ? S.' IB An^ Mabia from EilTahethnort for New Haven- in going thronjli Hel. (iatc 'n to # of t ie ateamship A B PrVs ton "tnrt on tli? North Brother Island stivlng m her bo* breating Uo*>urit, Ac. 1 SctutHcsTBTCBr iBT? The ecir reported ashore at Sblai cock U the Ileury l iot jy. troin baugor. luo ber laden. Spur WATCiirtit,, A? , 198 long, has b^en sol 1 for JlO.iW. ?.'e under^saiid Hiat the Central American Tr.-.naft Com" pany hurn puroha*?d Hie steamers Ooldcn Mule 2767 tons Amrr oa, ;o 0 fns, and Moses Taylor, 137-' toua. lor their Ce'''?rnla me, the steamers to run mon'hly until the com pletlon of two new g^eamera. now b'lilding. when a ae ,.i monilily line will be formed M LAOKCiir.p? The steaming, built In the yard of J P Morse Esq. Raih. was launched We Jticolay noon. ' A t N i auk. Ct, on ti e 21st Inst, from the y ard of M essra R A.I P.ilmt r A t'o, a line schooner of alioi.t 31J tors Pilled et'ph<*u Vo^an, built for Job FauUenbiug, Esq. snd'othera of Jersey city, and to be commanded by Capt Wm Dary. The ship recently launched In Bath, bu It by Pran* f> Moses cf al>out lOidtons burthen, bas been name ! the Nun quam Doruiio She Is owued by Capi Trask of New Tarit and is to be commanded by Capt Br'gss, ol that city. 1 Spoken, Ac. Bar* Manraret (Br), from Havana for Montreal, July 10. lat 3ft. Ion 73 $'), fOKI(B Porti. CAt.rcTTA, Mar 2t-In port ships Orphens. Holway. to load for Bo*tou on owner a account; Radiant, of Bostou. 1313 tons, sold for -8 01)0 rupees. Arrat Sand Heads June 1, ship Osborn llowes. Bray. Ma dras.? , MtcniTius. June G?Io port ship Renown Howes from Calcutta. ' Mai.aha. June Cf? Sid bark Toung Turk. Harding, NYork (and probably passed Gibraltar, as the wind was E on the J0t h). M iRACOAjfB. July 1? In port brig Alamo, for New York 10 days. NKorrrAS, Julv e? In port bark Ocean Home, for NYork 6 days. Cani'la, tordoS; Urlss Tubil Cain, fir do do- lie raid, ior lo i: l'onvert, for do 8; ac^r 8 H Jackson, for do next day. 8t rno'j, .Taly 5-Tb poH bark N H Oaston. Parmelee from Barbados, for NYork 9th. rarmeiee. American Port** BOSTON, .TuIt 22? Air ileanur Rose S'aBdish. Msnes. WashlnKlou- sohra Hvdraiigea. Shaw, (jor-e; Mary Wllcni and Ysnrta la, Coisiu? Kll /abeth port Margaret. Pendle* t'-n. atil Canton. Uunnells do CId ship tia'ncL Mooner Ne?v Or'.ean*: ae'.rs Bditb. Doane, Plores and a mkt- Kswn (Br), VT right . l'vrt d^Pali Ja.nes A Pars?fli?, Leet. George, ?own: Geo LGraen Rich. Washington. 3ld <hli> Tornado: bark It-becca Coddard. ' B A l.TIM'iRE. Jul.- 22?Cld bark C irrlc Darls (Br) B'ick Ixindoodeiry: schr Ju la NewelL Cashing Boston, s'ld bri* Flor da Kuncbal ( Port J. Havana. " BANGOU. July JJ-Arr ship Wallace, Lsne. Wlseasset to load for Cork i-nd orders ( Id brl< A F Larrabee r?x. lisle, Wash iiwton; A Taylor, GnUtver, MToik: schr Ar-tu ru*. Him;in?, .leraoy Citv ' - *!.t-.'M Urshl,. Jlmnowa. Matthews, Liverpool' a-!-? Vork Car'e, WaaUington; Consututiou. Stroo't, N"W HKLFAtT Jnly M-Arradira Vosea Eddy, ghute New Yorkjll'.a, Miuiienui Pierce, New Orleans ?",uo' ' 'Jirt.- IOL Jnlr 21 ? Arr brig Ocesn Wav". G-ar fla-n? Torj, I-i? Vrr schr Ada Herbe-t, Ora-^cil, Njw DIGHTON, July 3") ? 8ld schr C R Vie'tery. Babbitt, Phlla* French ' NYork " ,lup<'' JiulUv?0' ??'? Bnniy Jane, , 2',M-'AV ^-hsJohn M Parker. Rlnr. Woo,1brldge. NJ: Jas Nells >n. Hurl; Charles. Ncrns. and J C Chew Deerin? Eiwab-thio-t; Kl'sln fmlth, NYork "eericg. NYorfcL K,Vl4K'Jul' 1^-Arr sloop 8 H Soranton, Coe, 2'^h-Arrachrs Clinton, ForJen; Crbana. W irot and Sl laa n right. Sea-nan. Elwabelliport. Sid J|.t, Sibrs FrJnola Borrltt. ra'rchiid, and fou ntali. Dirla. NTork G AB1M N hR, Ji'ly 1^? Arr aehrs Julia Baker, Low Wash In^ton; Glenroy. Mrad", NYork . ..P,l!?li.A.NP' Ju1y 16? Arr schr Ch'ef. GodVey.' Baniror tor 1 blladelphia. M l Hth, barks Charles Brewer, Wil on M?tan/as; IJtu, Ainla. Staples, ti'ieenslown : lijtn, bti?.Wm JMj'e'*' Amea. i hiladelpbla: schra Onatavia, Jameaon. do! iTHi. brl.a Wal.iT Howes Pierre, Bal'imore; Volant, 'Cu-n nilu.-s, ueorgriown. Df : se ra I-.lla, Maratonl PhlladLalnhl.. Bengal. Ootl, NYork; lgtb, Jl 11 Pitts. Mil s <U> ^ ? HOLMES' HOLS, Jul? 21, PJk? Arr se'lni A J Dyer Ro PW Bll/a' ellipott lor lloaton; Prl it. Hi yo. Sew /or it lor ? i on I lgc. Advance < Br), I'olks. do for Cornwallls Ns Ml .-"isan . MeCarty. Bo.. ,n for New York. Bid brl.-s 's,,rf' haeetland ileorgeio vn (or Boston; Wm Nickels -Ca'al. fie Phllaoelpiila; M.irr Haltei tbi ), Temoest- sclirs 'fa nj?*i '"?T' tZ''rlc r"r W0,'0n: Ann* (Br). Wall. New York for fil John NR. .su an II Gibson. Bartlett, Boston for Fortress J. on roe ; I Sliaw. I'synler, d? for City Point si ilaii n?*i Llngae, CR. for VYor*; fcsrah A Taylor. Dnkea IflV.i i"r ti '"'i? " Cliljoru. Hhuie, (ilouceater for ilo' Jas T ow ?on, .Ten- nile for iloston: Jatnes nilas' HBlch, PhllBdeipha for IJos ob ; Judge Tenne". J)e-n ana fr eiuhp >r? lor do; Harriet Brews, t-r. Harl ag-r Sarah Mooro, Wan la, DP, Acllra, John E i l is ! m'" Marl* Louisa, Au ,, Rubi Jo v 2?? Arr bides Shibboleth, .Tehnaon. Pblladnli h a for Jl .ton; J Iliekm- re. Traey, Ensabeil.port for do: Union (Br , Rao.) NYork for Si John, NB, scurs R -th II B .'c?r, Knigat, Naltlinore for Boston; Charles P Htic.nay. Uar ri"1;cV W Godin-y. Godfrey; Mary Hatoher, Tracy, and John Slaekham, Bnlth, Phi:ade'phM lor do; Hi-phen G Hart. Raw e? Do ,?h:n, Talbot, and Ml? Siundern Bltsabe bport ior do; Vannv keatmg. Rleh, Phitade'phia for It <? I or'er. fownaend, do lor Salem - (loid M>in!?r. Wear?, N fork for Porumouta. 8d brigs htlbbo r?ih. Crion dir) acUrswr HiH,:e U ff (N "!y p/i,. Advanr., ,Pri. R ih II B^ker. Cliai s P S- oan^v Mi'rr KaLtint' ri?kl'am- Do pli n. K (J Porter, and r'uun/ mtuH'i nM^ootcu^^' IIon^ rii I2LHfc . 1 JuJy ai^Arr tchr Anrnita, ProwtV u ?T 1 > hrt Ann f) y\ i,,pn rhila t?l' C.V """ rSil-i.:. f, I ?ih"ir?AW-?" I, - * m' n*Zi. h " : Ariadne, Rollnsou t M ^ ro-1; MaryJ'.Hfahetk, r ase. NYork. CM briu <vi' ,.T* l i 0i *u ^ Tifai. MM Efirna tiotcb* K 1- ?a i ii? i?iTnr*' "" Ul1* *'H> a.iB, NYork i- i. July 21? Arr sobrs 1 o Hen?., Shed rs L. K,"4lH'ihroft hh b"i OeVr,^ N^'ir Ph'tadMrhm "*rmonV ?? So f(^'l'?i" Vo^ o" r^' '!?? n" '2 H*/.ard ,Mavo," ! V!' m ? ' ! H.;s worth r r NYork llci.zibah 2?.i Meaty. Gardiner for ,lo rialU"' Vn 1i hr irhU.'-?u" Ay"rk ,f>r Blrer T* iTt7.n, Presbrey. from New York for K l!W II A V f'. If , ?f til ? tM-ea \ rf frhr Ll!M>r(r TnhnsAn . r _ Lair* * n lL,,fa'*U; 1 W H:r? Wuoc# y ; Janlci paM. Iloston, J r Raster" Prl.-e.^ Rnabw- Maw ^ D CrZS Marr^Cranmee ^ ?'rolsllcl. NYork; schrs vUlIiee '' 2*? ra'8*' f<"?eraon. Pro bu 01 I? e lit n ?J hJ, M Aneim, Dane; John Par RUUt ? k ; K1,?lr* JoDneon; Pollir Price, /liVJI.r lZ'C"-'"*LAna ' < Haley, end .1 Clark. (JarlBer Roetoti, h J Alkea. Adams pon; Etta, Hig ''IabVi alilS"! .K,L*' Tl*f?*h n Do* r Nfl Bl J"'! ?'-C d brig Wappoo, Delas, Sagoa. Hal III K Hump on fceihpori *V-Arrechr Bluebell, Bell*. Ellta ? ^ Tsiand Home. Allen, A ft reee,JSi u s,n t ork. Vork' Ph""",pb" 8,d r\0? ?u ' Ji? Arr srhrs Botrrna Burley, Aug Ua. X jabetboert Ii?uga;u9k. Ailea. dJ. Beiow aohr 4eee^ v's; J f Col II US, Abre#T Compromise. Brow?; Bedondo, Tali: Washington, Bavene; fiEV Alt* Keltar; Georgians. Philbrook ; T II Thorn peaa, Kelley; Tunis Bovine. Buiics; Jiuri A Lucv. Chase. an* Docatnr Oak**, Oakss. B York; M.i. Kjisum, HaversUaw. FAWTPCKEY, July 21? 81<t tohrt W B Jenkins, Boils, and Janes Parker, 8r, Niork. HaLK\I. July W? 4rr brig {Jatnarlne Roger-, Yea ton Ell/almiliport; ?^hr* R G Wrmhl. llowes, Ph. :ad~.phla; J 8 l^ane, 8:iil(b. Bli/ahethport'. Le oca J la Smalt. aad Mary K Ga.e, llopkloa, NYork; Uoi'.enna, SpUier, Ipswich for Phi ladelphia. si rv ai'iojxs wAHTC0-ra?AiiK8. A N E*OLI8H L\lfr. WHO n\9 HAD Mt'CH RX J\ perlenre ss au imtmiMnlt would be happy to write or lorre.t lor the pre**, or undertake copvlng, ierm? moder ate. Address l?oi Poet oiflos. N. T. AMUMy.R OP WEI.L RECOMMK XDED OKRMAN feiniMP< want equations as cooks, cfcsinberma ds and lanndrss es, nurses and girls for gsueral housework, Ac., *t Mrs. LOWE'S German Ioitltute, 17 Stantou at., near the Bowery. AOKRmu WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN W AS (1 - Ing for families an3 young men, ai hotels. Can lira Ihe bast of city rofereuje. Appiy at 15 Clark at., rear, uist floor. HO'JSBKEEPEB.-A LADY DB8IRR8 AN ENGAGB roent u housekeeper. Reference* o' the highest char acter Ad Ir-'-s t?. M , bex 3. til) Post oilioe. IADIKS WANTING A FIUST CLASS DRBSSMAKER? J One who wou'd Ilka to go to the country to work by the day, and who understands making bov and girls' clothing, ar who would ink* It home If re mil red, wtl oalT at or ad irest 19 West 44m at., betweon 5th aad Mb a?a. SITUATIONS WANTED? FOR THOROUGHLY C >MPR ? tent fenmio help of all nations. such as first class cooks, .?hamherinaids wsltresso-i, laundresses, ajametrosscs. nnrsos, oo 'ks to wash and Iron, small glrla and gir's lately landed. App y at tha I-arge Employment Houke, cor ker 8th av and llth at. Alao male help. AKTKD-A SITUATION, TO OO TO CALIFORNIA aa child's mi rue. Apply at S3 Sorth Oxford at w WANTED-BY A RESPRCTABLE AND TRU8TWOR thv per?on, a situst on with an Invalid lady, nr with one about to travel; would take hcarce of and iDMruet Emn.: children, and mnke herself genera ly useful. Address . 11. C., station A, Spring si reel. . VXTAMTBD- EMPLOYMENT AS INVALID NURSE, BT TT a woman of ,:oo,l evper enco. Auy lady or gentleman wanting ? 'ch a person will cal at 119 Wi at -lib at., uoar 7th av.. for sick nur*e. To be soon for two duys. SITUATION'S WAJVTKD? MALKS. AYODNO MAN. a FEW MON1H3 IN THI! COTTNlttY, wants a a ttiation as light porter, or id any ra^Hdiy where integrity an 1 Industry would b? n l?.>!p m hi< ad runcement. Tue v rv best of reference. Apply to John, In the store 705 Broadway. ARESPECTABl.E MAN AND WIPE WANT SrTF'A lions; iran as coa-h nan ?nd pla n gardener; ?i'n to Cook, wash and iron; both willlnt to be useful. Apply on Monday 1. 1 Employment House, corner b'tn hv. and llth St. NOTICE TO GARDEN! H8 OR FARM IS R3 ?A S?:(?TCH l>Oy, 17 \ears old, \vtjt< a nlnce; has bee" tuo years xt gard nsr's tr;u!?, hui w I do farmers' work if reitulrod and inoko h mself 'er.srn.'r usoful. Inquire at No. 9 Fifth stieat. New York, In the sto-e. a'O COMMISSARIES.?' WAISTBD. A SITUATION IN tl'c sub^l-tenco dep* l:nent us rece'rmc anil Issuing tork. tt. a vonng man wbo Is tlioroniihlv acquainted with ihi biijino'S. Call on or address J. B L., 212 (irand st. To MERCHANTS AND OTHERS ? THE ADVERTISER. a*ed 2.1, 1? open for af en :tgi*tne nt as bookkeeper, as ji -Unt, or any position of iruit; be t ell/ reference. Address for mo da s Koaa *? l-'.e. Herald ollice. WANTED-BY AYOUNO MAN OF SEVERAL YEARS exoer e?ce. a sltuii on In a wholesale ar retail cloth'ng or fnrntshln* honse.: wlioeas'e preferred; best of refer ence glrca; salnry not s.> much an object as a good perma nent place. Addrcs or call ou M li. It., 423 Pe tri at., N. Y. ?yiTANTBD? A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN. AS *V ess Kisnt bookkeeper or ou'door clerk, or anv posi Hon where honesty and Ckpiblllty Is required; reference given. Address, for one week, B. J. P., Brooklyn Post oflioe. TUB TRADES. J~ ~ EWBLBR WANTED? ONE WHO IS COMPETENT TO rloal' kinds of j^welrv repairing. Apnly lo Rogers 4 Falk, 3-'l ii Fulton St., Br.K)klyn. ONE OR TWO OOOD GOLD CUTTERS WANTED? Ai W. H. Kemp's gold leaf m&nulaciury, 176 Hudson ?t? N. Y. 10 MACHINJSTS.? WANTKD. A OOOD YIC^MAN; _ a'ao a hoy who has worked some time at the business. Apply at M Naiden laoe after 8 o'c ock. TO BOAT BUILDERS -W \NTED. FOUR FIRST RATE workmen; to >uch tli e bast wages given. Apply at 1 JO ave. D. II,' ANTED? A FOREMAN FOR A FINK CUT TOBAC * ? c ) factory; one who has "j*en used lo r.innin^ a Tlayton tnachltie. To a Rood, steady man, who endersUaiHs the v hile process of n.ani.tacture. a good salary' will he paid. Audrc .s. references, bok 4, r.'j lloiton Tost ollice. K FORGER. FOR hom the best of wage* Apply to O. Sander. , Rothery, Matteawan, Bow York. \*,tAKTED-BY a FIRST CLASS SIGN PAINTER AND 11 an ild?r, a situation In the city. Address H. H. H., box 151 WI llamshorg Post ollice. WANTWD-A SITUATION A8 BRASS MOULDBR. TO to to California or elsewhere, by a gentleman capable of tiklnr charge of a brass foundry; machinist hra<s work preferred; r*n the beat of recommendations. Ap ply to or address Mr. A, Henderson, 327 3d sL, near av-nue D. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS BLACKSMITH; ON? accost >med to hose carriage and Are engine build ng. Inquire of J. 8. Wortman, corner Myrtle are. and Uauden at.. Brooklyn. WANTED-TWO PATTERN MAKBRS. ONE FOR atorex and one for machinery, to whom the best of wages will he paid. Also a. bov lo learn the trade Apply to A. Bron on, 1*7 Elm st , fourth floor. WANTKD? A WAGON SMITH, FOR HEAVY WORK; a'so one to work on heavy hardware, under a tr'p hammer, and three helpeis. Apply to David Green, lo Conc ird st , Brooklyn. WANTED? A FIRST RATE FILE FORGER. FOR YV gen-val single lian l'? work, to whom the best of wages and steady employment will b.- given. _Ap' ly to_0. Sander, son, IS OoUl St., Now York, or J. 4 W. ~ B I1F.I.P WAimcp? fHMALBI. OY WANTED-AT 875 BROADWAY. BEAR 18TH ST. COOS.-WASTED, A OOOD OF.RMAN OR FRSNCH co.'k vuhiir aud ironar. Apply at 23d 5th neit door to Slst st. WANTRD-A nOI. TIDY GIRL, FROM lfi TO IS years of age. to lake csc? of a bahy and tn*k" herself generally useful. Apply at If? Wave rley place, near liHh st, WANTED- TWO KXPKRIFNCED SALESWOMEN, ac 'usttnned i > the lacs and fancy bus'ness. Apply to I. Richmond. No. 78S Broadway. W ANTED-RY A SMALL FAMILY, IV THE COUN try a resp ela ile girl to do general housework. Libe ral wages will be paid to one who U competent and can pro duce unexceptionable re erenco. Aoply between the hours of 9 and 12 A. M.. at M Lianan A Co.'.', No. 2 Joaes lane, Front st.. near Wall street ferry. WANTED-A FIR8T RATE COOK. WASHER AND iroaer; a Oermtn preferred. Apply at 321 East ,10th (t. WANTRD-A GOOD. HONEST GIRL FOR OFNKH *L housework; m;is' be a good wa.hcr a nd ironer and g' oil p ain coo r. Good rity relarenccs required. Ca.l at 95 East 4-jlh St., after 9 A. M. WAFTED-A COMPETENT OIRL FOR OF.NRRAL boutowoik. In s small prlvaie fam ly; must be a cood p'aln cook, ard .nod washer and Ironer; good waives will bo p.ii L ca 1 st I.scr Broadway, betweon 47th and 4Sth sis. WANTRD-TWO EXPERIENCED 8ALSSWOMEN, accusioroed to the Nee and fancv business. Apply to 0. Richmond A Co., No. 783 Bnvidway. WANTED-A W8T NURBK ; A HBALTHT WOMAN, with a good, fresh breast of milk. Apply at Gd East 15th il . between 9 A. M. and 1 I'. M. WANTED-A tTOVT, TOVMO GIKL. ABOUT 14 years of ace. to do chamberwork, go or errands, Ac. Must have rood city references. Apply at W West 13th st , baeoruent, Monday or Tuesday alter in <. 'slock. . _ DBNTI8TRY. A MOST WOS DERf UL~DI800VBRY?? TEFlTil EX. trneted without pa n or no charge. Beaulirul Teeth Inserted at $1 each. Teeth inserted with or without eitr?< l Ing the root* AI' oueratlon* warranted. J. .TAY Y1L LKRSlJSUrsnd street, two b.ocks from Broadway. pOMB AMD BR SATISflBD-ir WILL COST YOU v nothing. Teeth extracted positively without pain and without c! .?rge until A?Ru-t. In order to aOord aa opi>or tnnliy to all to he antlan > I of the fact and make it known. American Teeth Co. Deutlsls, Foarth street, corner of Bowery. COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Where l)r OoLION (the or cmatorl with the nitrons 0 ,He gas eften renders tooth drawing a pleasure lusioad of a pais. Bo pain guaranteed. Office 23 Bond street. DR. WHITE'S NBW AND IMPROVED ABT1FICIAL Teeih? who:e acts $5. $8. $10 styi $15: superior In beauty durshilitv and nsetulness to all others. 'Peeth filled, 1 I '?enis t'l |l. All work at half Ihe prices charced by other demists. 200 fourth street, between Bsirnw and drove. MAttTM.L, DENTIST, 4f9 SIXTH AVKNUE, BRLOW Twenty-nlnili street. Censullation free. Eitracitog lv Rubber end silver set* of teeth fill; part sett, $1. Gold filling, fll sliver, 5>. Cloan'n* te.-tb, 5i)c. NB.-GRIFFIB A BIIOS . 25H GRAND 8TRRKT. NBW ? York, and 257 Fulton street, Brooklyn, are ?jtrsotm.j Teelh positively wilhont pain by the use of nitrous oilde gas No chn'-^e for extracting whi n arllde ai teeth are to be Inserted. Tlicv are also Inserting fell Sets of Teeth on gold, U6; platlna, $J5{ silver, ?I ': rubber. S 10; partial sets gold, ?2; silver, $1. Eilractlng 25 cents. _ OS1 SOPLASTIO OR ARTIFICIAL BORR FILLINGB for decayed teeth; old roots hull; up, mere shells, acli Ing teoth snd overv '-la s of c*?itv filled without the iliv-overtr. Ri^ims ri moved to 29 I'ast fotw tr enlli str-et, ene door wert ol Union sq isr*. Over l<ni thousand testl ?>onlala WATCHKS,JBWEI.[IY, AC. AT THE ORIGINAL JACOSS'. 407 BROaDWAY-A very large st->e,k of Watches fo* greenbacks ?l gold prlees Kllvei Walchos, $1H to $V); tin l do , ' lo *3 0. Every watch warrmted by o<peelal guarantee Old Watoboe taken In exehango. BstAbllshioo I ?HA SOUGHT FOR OAfln -WATCHES. DIAMONDS, SIL vsr ware, aud the blgliest pr.e,, p?id in gold or green* ka. OBFiJINaL L. JACOBS. D OLD GOLD AND RILVBR. DIAMONDS, _ OLD GOLD AND 8TLTRR Persons who wish lo sell Diamonds, old Or >d. Silver, o? snv kind of old fashioned Jewelry, go to LOUtH ANRIOH, 72* Broadway. A positive fact, hepays 30 per cent mero than any other person. Established In New Vark sine* the admloistratlou of tiio late Martin Van ilnnt*. Make no mlelake? 723 Broadway, under the Now York Motel. DUMOND.-THS LAROBfT AND HANDSOMEST Diamond la the United Slates It n.owfor sa'e cheap for ?ash. Amateurs are requested to nail, for ths diamond must bo told, weight U carats anj handsnmeiv mounted, { A. J. J ACKSga, Utgk?r, ?Q Walker ouwi. p? ? "H 1 "a* "*' ???i1*ai ? ? _ _ aoRjp wunMiui. A *VfT* W4*TID_T0 lUL iiriU RBDlir < A ir Xiinaal*. tit* v*?i?, *ent7re? for $f: Untied a Army Plptoni* fur 50 oaau Large disoouul to ageats. ike itixM aaeortmeat mt Lukuiirapbs of Um Great Bv Lltb ^raphto FortAJW of Generate. Albania, (Jems f?, Album. nOw Biukieu Signs. War Mapa. tieag Uu?(| I > Paoksge ,, tli* best la tite world Old baud* will do w? try them, fend stamp tor circular* to JOUN QIBSu. Beekuiau street, V e>r York. A RETAIL DBU?I CLKBK, COMPETENT . wlui satisfauiorv referenona. will li?ar *t a a'tu> ' in a flr-t clan drug -tore, by mlllngon oraddrcaalng Ha Ruley k Tou.pklus 111 Obainbe.a aL, If. T. ( A FIR8T CLA88 SALESMAN WANTBD-IN fx. large wh'dvsale c'atMn.if fjouse: none need aurJly less a ble to lufluaDca a large U'ade. Addraaa box S.SbU On'co n. x. "IJOOKKREPSR. -WANTED, BY A FIRST CLASS ( ?. 1 9 merclal establishment. Id one of the Mexican port tl. * Gull, s oomjietotit tnokk*e|.cr; a nild lie aged maa ' furred; he ui'iat be o>n versa ut with Spanish, and abi keipilm boi.s In tlial language none neon apply wb? i. fi 8 "oat *?tlsfac!orv references I L i! "i'ili 4f rr'i? 'H "MP! canta uaudwr , mij be addre a<d to B a., bo* 2351 p Jet oflic0. 1 D BO* WANTKD-IN a FIRST CLASS RETAIL ST1 In Broadway; salary the drat year $2.*i Addra P. A CO., tiring refe.euoes, box 87 Herald omce. RUQ CLERK WANTED? A TIIOBOUOHLY' C potent drug cierk, at 333 9th ev. * rvituo clerk wantrd-a youno nan wn J./ good general kn"w> life of the retail and prescrl business. Apply thin day (Sunday) at tu? ooruer of Fi lin and Kent at*., Ureenpolnt Want?d-a youno man who ia accusto to o!Hce duties. Mint be steady, industrious, v, good hand, and be quick and cored at account*; none nendewl/. Address, stating salary expected, 8. L Herald oAioe. WANTED? A PORTER AND WATCHMAN It manufactory; a sober, rellsb e, stsdv, inlddl*: min. oilier sinzle or having a wife without 'a "illy must lie a good driver and well acouslomed to the can I'-anagement of go 'd hornet, and not above his bin' The mutation If sn Important and responsible nn?, ar one need neplv for It who cannot bi'inc unoxyepllonab1 erence*. Furnished room, fuel, gas, .to., 'are *upp!le< liberal wnge? gJ an. Apply to E. R. Squibb. No. 60 Doi. ?treee, ne?r Fulton ferry. Brooklyn. ?\XTaNTKD-A OOMPKTHNT man to take on a Vf of a farm n a.- the city. Ono havlna acqualn: wllh mirfcet truri p;?fi?rred, ani not nftalit of work. Ureia Simpson, box 'J. 4 New York l'oat ofllce. \\f ANTED? TF.N OR TWELVE TTDT BOVH, IV aorve ice cream from 8 to 11 o'i luck In the e>" Apply from 8 till I'1 o'oloi'k in the meriting at 122 84 lecoad house from the earner ol 14th nt. IITAKTHC? K YOUNO MAN, A3 OLEUK If *? grocery atora: none hut t'> ?e 'horoiithlv a^nna wah the b isinei?n?od apply at 71 i iutivUvsiy, from 11. to 3 P. M. WANTRD? FOUR GOOD Slt^RT MEN TO W behind a lunch counicr, at l"' l' streot. WANTED IMMI'DlATnr.Y-l'ODR PTEWARD8 two clerka. for oic of the flneat shlpa In tlio wi thetlo.ip cf-war Susqueiiaima. late school ship, bouni i-inise to Europe and up tl.c Mediterranean. Also -ei nrdlnirv ^einien. landsmen, firemen and coalpn boinily 212iJ > ny person having fr.anda who wif'" t the naval ?ervlc\ an! bringing the i to thi? onice receive film, lor Curt': er tnforniat'on apply to the Ehippinu Office. 1.! Peok slip. WANTED? A BOY ABOUT 18 YEARS OLD, T. tfjiid bar. Must be well recommended. .Ap 1 day. between 8 and iO A.M., and ou Monday, betwbni 7 P. M , at 72 Klin aireet. WANTED IMMKDIATELY, f2(H.-AN ACTIVgT1 nens man to not aa agont for one of the most pi enterta.nnients of the day, now about vlKlt ng the wa plaeea. In inlre of tbs proprietor, S3 West Porty-first i near Seventh avenue. riUtnCH ADV KKTISffiBII3fVT3. ON DEMANDE? PENSION AVEC CNR FAM , francase, pour monsieur et dame. Keferenc change*. K'adres er B. 8., box 1.813 N. Y. Post ollice. FlIIANOUri. pOSnOCTON CODNTY fOHIO) BONDS.? NOTIC J V t hei eb..- given bv the Commi?slou?r* of the coui Ooibneton* in the Slate of Ohio, to the holder* of the f nu mbered frnrn ?no to 'ive ino'us re, for one thotnar , lar* eaeh. and dated tlie fifteenth day of January, 1R.V/, made by falil Oommls loners in behalf of nald ( ? of Coshocton to the Steubenvllle ai.d Indiana Kailro.u' pany or boarer; that on the lftth day of JanuaiT. I8ii!i, th" said count ;? of Cushi.cton will rar off said I with the Interest thereon up lo ih*sanl ICth day of Jai A. D . 1865, a? provided In ?ald bonda. at the oflke of n B.'ll's Son . In tbo dty of New York (ihet? being nt of the Ohio Life Insurance and Tr>'.st Company n ' i:mld oily). ?t which time and pltce the said coin ?ty ? n shoeton will demand the surrender of *ald bonds wl remaining coupons beb nc^ng thereto ? .Julv 15 1?64. WILLIAM HANLON, ) Commlsa'o JAMES M. SMITH, J Of Cosine THOMAS DAHL1NO. l founty, ( j, N KEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD OOMI I PRIt<|Pr:XT'S Owe*. NkW Yl'BK. Julv I, 6BCOND MORT3AOK BONDS ($1,000, Odd), Pus August I, 1 wU. Notloe Is hareby given that the Bonds of the abov? will be paid at thidr imitiirity, Aucu?t I. 18<H. at the o> the companv, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenti ? ?'reel, and tjsat the Interest on th* same mH cea *? that date. w WM. H. YANDERB1LT Vice Presl^ New jersey zinu company.? at a mrb?i> the Hoard of lllreetors of thU company, held tl day of July. 1S6I. a semi-ar.nuxl dividend of four pe was dee'are I on the C.ommnn knd Preferred Slock, p. B on ?nd after the 1st dav of Auaust next, at the tr ofllce of tbe oompanv, 10^ L!-?eri7 street. New York. Ij transfer books wll! be closed frrgn J" qj^IN "3^1 1 1 r NBW YORK AND NBW n WEN RAILROAD pany, corner of Fourth avenuo and Twenty- a* r TRBiitntBB's Orrici July 10, A dividend of three dollars per share (free from g > men', taxi hai this dav been declared on the ?-acltal si ^ the company, payable at thia oiDoe oa and after Mi the 1,1th dsy of August next _ . * The transfer bonks will close th 5th day of August a r open on the 13th of t!i? same month. W. BBMEKT. Treaai j OTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS. Omci Dbliwirk ask H:t>?oir Cove if t Naw Yokk, June 23, 1801 , In pnrsuanee of anthorltv given at a mset'ns of the holders of Hie Deiawaro and Hudson Canal Compani 3 on th* 21st of April last there will be sppoitioned i? such persons as shall be stackho ders In the sild cor I on tbe l?th dav of Jul. next, twelr* ttiousand five hii shares of n?"v stock, *n th" ratio of one share to eve shares of ? took then he'd bv eac l stockholder. Certl of stock so upportltned wll' l>? rea^y for aellie.rv to entitled to ihe same on and after the l?t of Auinat ne 1 acrip will be Issued for frn'Uon* of a *hare; but the m r of ?b*'-i'S repro-eutlng the a/T'^ate of ?ueh fract'oi be sold at P'iblie auetioa on the C*!h day of July and I riocre ls will be pail to ii-e "'ockholdef* on snd afu t st of August, sccor.llng to their re pecJve Interest*. The governmenfutv on the above OiOntlOBed app< 1 ment will be paid by ih? company. By ord.r of tb. Boori, ISAAC IT. 8EYMOC ' Ticasi . REDEMPTION OP ft.iyyi.noo, "RIOT DAMAQBii INUKMKITT BONDS" or tHK COUNTY OF NEW YORK. PAYABLE AUGUST 1, ISdA Notice Is herebv given thst the "Riot Damage* lode Ponds. of the coonty of New York, becoming due an t able August 1. ISM. wiih the Interest thereon, w t put 1 on that Jay, on tbo presentation of said bond* i , office. PROPOSALS FOR A LOA* or ?l.O'D.OOO or ??BIOT D1MAOF.S REDEMPTION BONDS/ OF THE COUNTT OF NEW YOltK. Seeled proposals will be received at this o^eo until ' Madsy, July 27. 18 t. at 2 o'clock P. M , when the sam I be uubllcly opened, for the whole or any uart of the ?i ene million do lats of "Riot DamaKe- Redemption B< of lb* e"iinly of New York, authorised hy rhapter 7 ? law? of ISM, and by an onllnsnee of the Board of Sit | *or?, ?p* ro.ed by the Mayor May 4, I8r>1. 1 The sai I bond* wl'l b''*r Interest at tbe rato of si cent per annum, payable naif yearly, on the 1st day of and Sorcmh. r In each year and tie prlucpal will I denied ss 'o lowc? Klie humlred thousand dollar* on th? let day of N ber 1177. *nd , Fi.e hundred thousand dollar* on the 1st day of V ? ber, 1879. ? The proposal* will (late tbe amount of bonds desirf* ; the pr'ce per one hundred do'isr* thereof, snd the p? whose propo'rls sre aerepted will Ihere'iD^n be rerpi depeatt with tne County treaeorer ("t the Prnadway E I en Mondav, the fir it day Aagust, I8M, the *um* awar< , thesn respectively On presenting to the Comptroller the receipt* c Connty Tiejisurer for *itcb deposes the parlle* will lltled to receive bond* for eoval amount* of the par vs I the aum* awarded to them, bearing Interest from Aus . 1864. Ench proposal should be setfed and endoreed "Proi i for R ot Lamsges 1'sdeaipt on Boi ds. " and enclos* *e?-or.d etivelopovtddrcssed to the Comptroller. Tne right l? reserved to re ect snv or all of the b Considered neoesasry to protect or promote Ihe Inten the County MATTHBW T. BRKNNAN, Comptrol ' ClTT or Naw Iobb? DarasTwrnr or Fin*""' CoarTKOLLKB's OrncK. July 8, 188 OIK PER CENT INTRRP.ST ? MARKKT SaV O nank, Hi Nassau street.? Open everv (tsy from 10 to.tP M. : Monday* ami Thursday* f mm 5 lo 7 F. M. nev d'posiio'l oa ?r before Aogoat I will dr?w five um IntnrestiB Jauua.y. U lIIkH C. CABBER, Pical U IIb.'ibt R. Con a Li is, RcsreUry. rpHE RRIB RAILWAY COM TAUT, MO, IS7 T A s'reel, New York, Ju y 14, IPdl ?Dividend? The toi * of tli -s c?anpanv ba?e this .'.it der'arad s divider of ihe e ynliigs of the road fe. ? x mi'iilhs, ending Joi ' of three and one half per cent ( loss lii? government I f. per rent' on the Preferred SP'OK. Al*o ? divMen I of per csnl oa tliB Oiimmon Csp'ial Stock, fi'*of govern tex. Po?h payable at Ihe Treasurer' -i oBce, Erl# p ai Wednesd**, tne 5d da? of August ntst, to tbe re?i? h bolder* of s'or'i at the rlunlng ol the books Tl.e ? r?. books ef l oin preferred sod common ati*-% will be ev? the afternoon of Tiies.'av, ihr l'.'th in t., as 1 be reopen ti n ftth day of Augutt. IIOHAI IO N. OTIS, Beoreti llr ANTED? ON HOT TOM NY nO!?r>, ABOUT > vf on cargo freight and hu l of .le -Venb-rg ship Hi Capt. II. Ohier *b, !>o..nd for Botterdam. tvhl*'n ?e*se b*<;k to thia port IB illotreee. OT rs will beri'Ce ted T"*sdav, the i8th Insl., at 12 ?'? 1 .c Bonn, iinecleil I ofllce of Punch. Me.neko A Wcudt, ?>.' Heaver s'reck H. OHLKRXCh. Mas W ANTED- VT M r rHIC!'.. S?,0tn NBW V State S'"Uk. at 6 or 7 iwr oent. w|tn ten ? -?rs t* Apply to UKO lit IB IILtifBY. 50 William *'. ex. TO 19,000 TO LOAN? POR FIVE YE * R' ?P?? longer, fer preper'y ib this elty o- Pieoktf bead and mortgage. AMreaa W II., box 4?rW Pob? o AN" ?7>',?0 TO loan ON BOND vl i?"'' morijrage, on ciw nropert/. Apply to CORH1 RH8. N . 8 fine *lroel. WWSjjg^ > 7 ?7f: flAA TO LOAN-AT SIX per t B?T i> ? e*t, o? Bond and Vtorigsge an Ileal ' In thUelty or RroMtlyn. Apply ItvNhe olOeo of tbe P? Fire laiurtnce Company, to }(?I1N P. CONRET.K ?treat cuon nnn To wi*-** ^eb cent. VWUViUUU for Ave yssrs or longer, _ on Now Ytrk elty tivoperly, _ . JOSEPH MASOU, NO, ?H WOM W

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