Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1864 Page 3
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htuatiobs WAKTBD-rUALBI. _ 4 iumbbb or well becommendbd obbmam A females want situations as cooks. ehnrabormnida and laundres es, nursao and girla tar general houeework, 4c., nt Mrs. LOWJt'B Uernu I us inula, 17 Stanton at., uaar tba ??wary. A RBSPECTABLB OIBL WISH 118 A SITUATION AS J\. chamber ma d and seamstress; baa ao objection to naalat with tba washing and irunlng. Call for two days at 866 U av? between ayili and 30th xta. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa wet nnria: baa tba beat of city reference Call at address 71 Suffolk at., flr^t floor, a few door* above a H ENGLISH LADY. WHO HAS HAD MITCH EX. penencdaa au amanuensis. would be bappv to write or earrect for tbe pi ess. ar undertake copying. Terms moder ate. A'Mrers box :>,285 Post office, Now York. Arbsitctablk oirl wisnRs a situation to do general homework In a small family. Call for two dara at ber late employer's, 69 Went 32d at a LADY, ABOUT TO CI.OSE 11 EK RESIDENCE IN Jk tbe olty for the ba'ance af ibe Rummer, desires a situa tion for her hire ! gin In a respectable family, to do general Bouaework. Applieatlons 9 to 12 M., at 13.1 went 3tith st. A TOUNO OIBL WISHES A SITUATION A8 SEAM stro;s In a privslo family; understand* dressmaking. Inquire in the atom 2S6 Court at., Brooklyn. A touno woman wants a situation as oh am. berniaM and laundress; is an ent washer und ironer. is a cooj waitress; no obiertlon to the oountry. Call at her lust employer's, 157 West IHth St., between Branlwav and 8lh a/., for two days. A VERY RKSPKCTABLR YOUNG WOMAN' WI8HE8 A to takeonre of a'yotin4 ba'oy in her ovu P'aoe, havlig fresh nuik; can be seen for two days. Call at No. 276 West XWst AYOU.NO ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as tirat class waitress or chambermaid. Call at k'-j'J West 17th st. t _ A YOUNG WOMAN WAN T8 A SltUATION A3 wet nurae. Call at Id Mulberry St., corner of Chat ham. ARE8PI.CTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SI tn.v.ion. Cau do general housework; ma good wather and lror'-r. Can ylve fcood recommendations liomherla<t place. Can be ? ' u for two days at 62, corner of 3'Jth sL aud ath ave., top I c >r. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE girl. aa chambermaid aud waitress; bes' city reference givcu. Call at 122 Iiust 35th st , next dour to the station. A RESPECTABLE Gir.L WISHES A SITUATION AS nur-e and seam tress, or to do cban-berwork and v ail ing; best ni' city references. Call at 13 London terrace, West 23d su Akespectable woman wants a. situation as p aiQcook and to assist in wasliint: ana ironing; bus no ob i in'! ion to go in the coun'ry. I n<j ui i o at 172 West S2d at , n. ar 8(h ate., in the store. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tiou to do plnln sewlni; and take care of children. Can lie seen for two days at ii5 West 3JIU at., second lloor, back room. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A RTTTT VTi ON AS c?ok and laundress. Can be seen ut 227 We t 30tU St.. wheio lha litis lived tor the last tbieo years. A RESPECTABLE, HEALTHY WOMAN, WITH HER iirst child roin ; ou seven weeks old.* a siinat.on as wet nurse a a hlch\v royjjectab e prim to family. Cailat 9ist st., flftb bottM west of 'id av , Tsnmlli, Asa PBOTABLS OTRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid aud to do plain newlng; no objection to do tight hoimeworic. lias city reference. Call for two days at 67 Kast 32d st . first lloor, front room. a RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU _r\ ation as ccok. washer and ironer; no objection to do bnunewo: lc for a sn::UI lam ly. Good city releience. I'd!: at 717 .1<l av., between 48th and 18th s s. A STRONG, HEALTHY GIRL WISHES A SlTl'A tion to cook, wash and iroti. < r to do general liouae work; cooil rel'rrence. t'ull at 115 Kla? st , in the rerr. * YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION J\ as nurs.'. char.ioermaid and waitress. Cail for two (lays at 32 King si., in tbe basement. AYOI'NG WOM AN WANTS A SITUATION AS C'.IAM. beimald and reemstress ('an be seen at her present cntployei s, lor on.- v.-euii, ut 1(1.) President au, Biooui- n. a FRENCH LADV WISHES A SITUATION AS XV l.i Iv's maid, to travel either to Eniiland or Kr.iuee; good cltv reiereiiC'.-. Call at 131 Woostar at., up am is, front room. t lady, about leatino the cut unex J\ peetedlv would like to t rocura a a. uation for a good girl, e t!ier as ie-?iit cook, washer ar.''. Iron r. or a > c'iaiuMr maltl aud Biirse, Apply to-dav at C>) Greenwl 'h st. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WO. an, to do i enetal housework in a sir?ail private I ami* Can L>e seen :it'? '/ Wtst 28'. :> st. A 81 ii. n A A a : A SITUATION WANTED? BY a YOUNO WOMAN. AS J\ cb t:nbcrinaKl aud to n wasjiug aud iromu ;. Apply at 1 11 nr? St. A SIT: 'ATI ON WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE Jf\ y.Tiitit; womsn. to do wa '.nn.; n.l iro: nsorg'nerei housewnrk; a private tain ly preset reU. Inquire a' the eerner of aPth at. aud 7lu av.. n the sto;e A BESPRCTABLE YO.UN'i OIBL WANTS A SITUA -Ix tii. ii as pla n cook; Is a lirtt rate waaberand ironar; M oh ecrens to gr n the country. Ko.-r rears' reference fail at 307 Wti: ->'ih at., between Ht'.t and SHU a PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A 8ITUATIOR AS Jt* coo., and to hs-,.s in an 1 i ia u; No objec tion to ilic country. Call at 2j0 West 39th at., bew.e u ;'th and 10th avs. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN* WISHES A SITUATION as cook, washer and ironer In a small fatnily. Good city reler -ore CaU .it 49.1 West 10th St. A TOUNO GfRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK. w* and noner. or to do ohamborwork Call at JgS Bleecker st. A SITUATION WANTEO-BV A RESPECT ABLE vounc womsn. as nnrse snd seant-tress. or would do Mght rbainuerwnrk an 1 nl tin sewing or take rare of growu children ; has no objection to travel bns the best city teitr ?uue Can be seen for two days at 266 West 31at at , between 9th and 10th avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTri A SITU ation as chamberuial l and waitress; is willing to as ?1st wltn the washing and ironing If ro'i'ilrpd, or would do gen ?ra' housework in a small private family; hts the '>est city reference, t.'an be aeen 1' r two di?ys at 2t>li We*'. 31at at., beiwecn M at'd 10th av? ARllSl'ECTABLR (ilRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do house worn In a private family sa first rate vainer nnd ironer, and is tvilliit; and obliging Call at it>4 Wes: ZOtbst. _ A SITUATION WANTPD-HY A YOUNG <,IilL TO tnke eire of children nd s. w, or would i.o cu. aiber work aud sewing; c^ol city reference C ill at 191 Wes*. 19th st. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ cook, washer an i ironer. in a private fa mily; no o'> sections to c<> io the eountry ; good city refgrencc il^ re iuired. iiill at fth av.. bet^acu aitii aud 3*ih *ts? ;roiu 9 A. M. , till ft P. it. SITUATION WAVTED-BY A RESPECT A UlE voting woi.i.m. a ieam-itr< ss and to af-ost wi'.u i hara kerwork, ean run Wheeler A Wilson's machine; also do bra id in ; an,! eiubrolderr; has the best of toteience Can be aceu lor two days at lt>3 :t'.; av. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE woman, as cook, washer and Ironer or a-, Is' ndress; the beat refn <-nces c an be i,1veu. Can be seen at 75 West i 19tb kt , rear house. Af:i:st ci.ass cook wants a SITUATION in a hotel resia rant; eit> reiereuen Can bsserutor two days at '.o West l.d'n ,-tiett iu the rear. A WOMAN WISHES TO 00 OUT BY THE DAT OR tat- In cashing iu her own place; the wor^ wiU be done with a'l at atustion to the owner Call on Mrs. Ownoa. iv* nib av., betwwiu 29th ana 3dtu sta , top floor, back room . AS COOK IN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY. I>y one who thoroughly understands her business in all Ma hraneh'-". Can rook soups, meats, came and pon'try; is ?o o eellei.i baker, can lnaae a I kwids St deserss. Be l of ?Its reference ran he glveu. Car at No. 39* 2d av., between SSd nnd 23d sts. A CLEAN, SMART. TIDY OIRL WANTS A SITUATION to do housework in a smr>ll family ; well reeommenrted. Inquire for two dais at&M>2il av.. between 3*th and 3Mh sts. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO housework In a private family; good reference*. Call SI 177 Kaat 35ln SU A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, LATELY AR rived from England, wishes a situation In a small prl. wale family. ;o do general housework; la a good- washer and Ironer. Call at 115 West 15th si . front basement SITUATION WANTED BT A WOMAN, TO COOK wash nnd Iron; good refermioet. Call at 91 Weat lnth ?L for two i at a SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNO AMERICAN woman, to do eenersl housework In a small private family; cltv references. Call at 7U7 Greeuwice st. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO PO general housework, cook, wash and iron; beat of city Mferen<rs from Isst p'ace. Call for two dsya at MS av. A, 1 17th si., top lleor, back room. ABERPBCTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS plain cook, wa'her und iroaer: la willing mi do hnnte nrovk; has good rnierenoe If required. Call for two dnya at ?M West Mth at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WIRHBS A SITUATION as children's nurse or toaaelstin plain sewing. Ap *ly at m Tor -tli at., room No t, A PBOFBSSRD COOK, THOROUGHLV ACQUAINTED J\ with eveiv branch of refined coi.king, ronfeetlonery nnd pastry, wants - situation In a first class bouse only. Apply at lCSprin* st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, as cook, washer and Ironer In a small private famih ; tbe beat references proi ared. Can be seen for two daya at 3N< West intb st . third floor. SITUATION WANTED-BT A NICE TOUBO OIRL, as chambermaid end waitress, and to assist In washing nnd Ironing; best eltv rafsrence ean be given. Call at 497 Canal ?L, between Hudsmand Rnnwiek. SITUATIONS WANTED-BT TWO NBVT. COMI'E tentK'rls, oueascook, waslier and Ironrr. the other to *?o housework. Oood referenw. Call at 135 Greenwich av. SITUATION WANTRD-BT A FIRST CLAM BXPF rienced r 'lainbernaM and waitress; lias been five vears In her last ii.s.'O. Call at her present employer'', OS' Bast 1 9th st., near Irving |.1acc. 8ITI' aTION WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT YOUNO girl, lop.Mk, wash and iron in t small family; has ihe ties! of cliv reinrem e Catt be s;eu fortwo days at Inf West IPth st., lelween Cth and 7th avs. Situations wantri>-i'or tboboVoHLT com pntenl fenian I ? p of all nations for 'lie different Iwnnchef of housework, In rlty or country. Ipotv at the Large Kmpto , ment Hone, ooruer Oib at and llth st- Also Hinlf .iflp. TWi> TOUIOOlKLI W ANT 8ITI ATlONS-Ok'R AH chamber mala snd th" other aa waitress nn l la assist in w,. blng and ironing n a i rivate family ; h,>at elty refe. reno Call li r two Uays at 211 Woat 22d at. \Lr ANTED? \ SITUATTOB, BT A YOUNO GIRL. TO '? do ?e?ie a !mns>rrors good country refelo icu ''?l' lor two days at the c rnvr of <?d st. and yib ay. ?ITViriOIII WllTEO-rCHALBS. _ WANTED-A SITUATION, BI A YOPNO WOMAN, as chambermaid ?ad n-uutraa, or m nurse mm ha* the bed of city refereueas from bar Ual Siace, ?h?re -he Heed drey eare. Call At 1? West ?th at, ilrd door, back room. TOANTBD-A CHILD TO WET NCRbB, BY A ?? healthy mother. who has juat loat her chi d. Kor fur tksr particulars inquire for Mrs. Riley, SW Weal 28th at , below luth nr. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIBL, A SITUA " llou aa Uoutemakl or wailreaa in a respectable family; | best or references given. Inquire at Mrs. Hill's, 67 W eat 16th at., corner of otb at. W/ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE " woman, aa laundresn or to do general bousework ; la a llrst rate wasber and Ironer and a Kood plain cook; no ob jection to go a short distance in the country. Can go well reooinniended. Call at 211 Weet Houeton at. Wanted? a situation, by a respectable young woman, to do chamberwork and Ann washing and ironing; or aa laundreas alone; no objection to go a bhort distance in tlio country. Six year* reference from Ler laat plucc. Van be ?een for two dava at 189 Boat 12th at. "IT7ANTBD-BT AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A situa YV tlon an houaekeeper lor a amall family, and to asiiat In dolnif housework; would not objeot to leaving tne oily. Address, for turee days, Mrs. France* Beuton, station U, New York city. VITANTBD-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND PLAIN It 'newer, for a yonng Jjtrl who Is trustworthy, neat and oblig'n?. Applv on Wednesday and Tburaday, between eleven and two o'clock, at the Itouae of her employer, No. 33 Livingston at, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITT'A tion as nurse and chambermaid, or would do general houwwoi k in a r mall fuiuilv ; good city reference. Apply at 148 West 40th at., between Tth and 8th av?. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, to do cmicral homework. Apply lor two day a at OH Essex st. Cay reference gi van. TJ17ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOM AN, TO Vt do general housework: is a uood washer and lrousr. Good itlerenMt. Coll at 1ST West 1-. th st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT GIRL, as nurse: It capable of *iriiij.'in;: up a ch I d from birt'i ; cau f\v and < mliroider neatly ; is wiliiue: lo travel. Can be seen at lier present employer's, 98 Montague st., Brooklyn lie ghta. WANTED ? A YOUNG LADY ACCUSTOMED TO THE j sou desires a situation to travel with a lam ily as lady's | mn id or child's nur&e. Xu ,uite at 11 Thompson si.., lioiu 1 to 3 o'clock. TTTANTED? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNG AMERICAN TV uirl, as chambermaid and to take caro of children . no obi-ction to the country. Gull at West 12tU s. , Ueiweeu 6tli and 6th avs. XAT ANTED? BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN, A CHILD TO 'I wet uurse In her own house; she lias just buried iier own chlid, ar 1 ha s not been long t'i this country} has r.o fnmlly. Call at Jyi) 31sl s;., between !Un and lUth avs., ior two days _ WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOI'NO WOMAN. ni chambermaid or waitress. Oily reference. Apply at 1?7 West -'Gili st. WANTED-BY" a BBSPRCTABLB MARRIED WO mail, n situation as wet nurse. Cau be seen for two ! days at No. 8 Hose St., basement. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNO GIRL. A j situation as chambermaid and waitress: no objection ' lo the country. Best reference. Call at 1?5 West -Jth St., | near 7th av. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL; IS j years of ace a situation to take ear ? ol children, and J assist with chamberwork or waiting; has l.ved in & mln'x- I ter's familv the last six year*. Can .e seen lor tu o liays at I 2M 7th av., between 2(lth and 27 1 h ? t?. 1 VVANTE'i? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I ?v young voinati. as llrst class aundrcss. Best city re- j foretice from last place. Call at 2133 West :11st st. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KBSPECTABLE I young woman, as Ar t class cook. Call at ZSi West i Hist st. .1S.-ANTBD? A SITUATION. BY A RE3PECTA BLB *? young woman, as nurse sad chambermaid. C.i 1 at 21il West 31st st. Vt7 ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. ?? as chambermaid nod waitress; has ;rood city refer ence. Apply for two days at 3'>3 Pearl St., top floor, tront room. WANTED? V SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE " younger), to do chnmbtrw it and wo m?. or mind children. Apply at 111 31st St., 3d dour from Broadway, WANTED-A SITUATION. BV A IH'SPECTABLE * ouny woman, as laundress and ( hamber.uald; m an excellent washer and none.. Cau be seen a: her 'rese nt employer . , 110 Otii St. ANTED? 3Y A YOUNG f;lHL, M YEARS OP AGE. TV a *u ration in a re-pec^alile fam ly, t > take rare of children or a?sl?? In < hamberwork .nd '"??*? : ne. She will be itiund billing and obliging. Aj'Diy at l^.i We.t J7th St., bettvecn 7th and 8th tv?., sneon I floor. TIT ANTED? BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN SITUATIONS: n one to do ap stair* w< rk or gener.G housework in a sina'.; taaiily, no wbetion to the -ouatry 'lie other.'i* coo l cook, wssher and Irouc;-; lUe best of c ty referee e. Call at 124 Tth St. \\7 ANT KD-A SITUATION AS WET NUKSS," BY A Tf liealtby young woman with a iresh breist of milk. Apply for two iiay . a' 1!0 East 19th St., rear b ding fTT7 ANTED? A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS; ~IR I willing to do chamberwork. t'au be seen at h-r lam i place, 16'.' West 20tb st. Y\ r A N T E D ? BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. V ? a situation to d ? chamberwork au I waitinz in a small private faintly ; best of city reference Call fo: two da} s at 371) 7th aT. TIf ANTED? A sFtl'ATION. BV A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as cook, washer a ad ironer ; ba?the best eltv reference Call for two days at 153 West 37th t>t. , in the basement. SITUATIONS WA\TE1I-MALES. ARESl'ECTABLE YOUNO MAN W*N*TS A SITUA t.on as jil?s:.i?n in a whoxale sou hat or fur huu?e; has had four vears' cvper.'>nee and a good trade. Address Son Mat, box II I Herald ollce. AmrOATION W'.NTE'J? BY AN AMBR1CAV young nr.n, as a porter in a store or to drive a '.ruck or c*rr; best of Ad tre^i H, C. K., box Uu IleialU otUce. A SITUATION WANTED? T.Y A YOUNO M AN, LATE ly landed: is willing m -nske h mslf geue.allv tiseiul; no objection to nsr.l work in c 'v or country. Ap-ily tot two days at 29 Oak st. AYOUSG MAN WISHLS A SITUATION A^ BAR. tender or assistant m * >otel. e.ihrr lu trteeirvor conn try. best of references wiil be ?: veu. Address for one week box 10 1 ststion li. \ Totriro man, who can speak racxcs. eng. J\ lish and Italian, wlshe, a s tiiatlon in a hotel . r rasisil- j rant as waiter; go Jd rs.crcnces. Call ?a J. M diisi nosd. I 43 Glarksiu st. ARI.SPSCTABf.E YOUNG MAN. \GED IS TEARS, wan's a sit'iati m ss bartender or >ar: -nder in any re-tectaVe house, uudec.-' ,i?.m the business. Satis factory teference csn be given. Apply to John Downey, 177 Myrtle av . Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNi MAN WANTS A SITUA. A ? n as bar'ender or assi-naut b.? "?k ler in an.;- respec table house; under>tands the b ..ine?s: sat .-lactnrv i-efer. etice ran lie given from his asi emu(oyer. Apply toWm. Oalviu. 137 aliiary et., Brooklyn, ior two day-. A SITUATION WANTED-AS PoRTEB RY AN houes!. sol er and Indusirions young man . the best of references given. Address foi two days T. B., Herald oflice A YOUNG MVN WANTS A SITUA1ION AS ASSIST ant In a stable; can clean %sd ha"n<-? hor.<es; ha? no ob.iecion t > the conutry. "A duress K U. M.. Herald office. ATOL'NG MAN (GKRMANl WISHES A SITUATION as salesman in aaiors. Or ss copyitt tn an olTi.-e, Ad die > B U., Heruld oifloe. A YOUNG MAN. LANDED ON FRIDAY LAST FBOM i Ireland. wt?hee a situation as butler or General servant In a pr vst? family , make himself useful, or would take a situation as waiter or toner n a hotel, or will take employment la a store. Can be seen lor three days at M Carroll's, 1I9>? Washington St., or address P. K , Herald ?3lce. _____ ^ _____ ? _____ ' SITUATION WANTED? BY A TOUNG MAN. AS clerk or assistant bookkeeper; wholesale produce or eroeery business preferred; coed references given. Ad dress J. B. 0.. box 1, 36 1 Post onlce. WANTS EMPLOYMENT? A FIRST CLASS BEST NESS man, either wholesale or retail, or as bookkeeper, correspondent, Ac. ; is thoroughly conversant with business generally; will be found competent sod trustworthy. To merchants baviai; heavy correspondence be takes tbe liberty to recommend himself Will lodge $30U In gold as security. Address Business. Herald office. WANTED-BY A SINGLE YOUNO MAN. A SITUA Yt tlon as gardener; can take care of a horse and car riage; can spesk tne English and German langdaffcs. CaH fer three days at 542 Pearl St.. near Broadway. ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN, honeH. sober and Industrious: has just been dis charged from the armv, his term having expired. Address Industry, Herald oltlse. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN, 22 years of age who Is not afraid in work. In an Import tag or exporting house, banking or collection oflice. er any business wbere his services mar be required. Can furnish best of referenoHS or security If required. Is a fair account ant Ilaa no objection io travel. Address J. 8 . bos 140 Heral 1 office. _ _____ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN. WHO speakaand writes good English and Is ?ell acquaint ed tn the city, a ell nation aa lilht porter or In nny other ca pacity. Re>t of references. Address fer three days X. X. 8 , box WO Herald office. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A TOUNG MAN, A? porter in a store; good reference. Address T. R.. bos 146 Herald office. W~ ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN, A situation as coschman and gardener; would make klmself fenerallv useful. Has six years' recommendation. Csn be seen for two davs at -04 tth av. WANTED? A~ SITUATION AS BOOR KEEPER, IN A respectable linn. Address Y. Y , Herald office. ' TITANTED? A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER <>K I W ass Slant bookkeeper, br one who has a practical kuow'odte. or a? sale man In a wholcsu s dry Kuods bowse; can Influence New Bag'and trade, best refereuce given. Address I'orter, 1 16 Nassau st , N Y. WANTED -THE FRIF.NPS OP A tOUNO MAN (Enslish) wl*h to obialn for him a situation aa as sistant bookkeei?-r, s mpioir or entry clerk, sslarv noli so mnoh an object a gooa house. Addftil < WIDMTHII, lion li. Broadway. WANTED? A SITUATION iN A LAW OFFICE, llY A law student tiav.nn a vear s experience in oai' e duties. Address H. h U.. Hsrald mllce. WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE MAN, WHO TWO roui;h!y understands la log care of s farm and est tie, a situation. Apply at HSI 6th av. for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS COACHMAN. TO GO to the country, by a \o<msman unmarried; is ftuiy se'lttainten wltii the care and management of horses. Ad ddress or call on M, T., 4414th av. N. t. ARn WILL BB PAID To ONE PBOCUBING for the a tvertl <er a fin tie i ss elurh 1(1 A Stoeerf, book Keeper or barkeeper in ? hotel, or #e? othor cir:tcity Where a <> .art toting nun wr.tild e of a< rvlee; ond?ni*^)w v?)cicu>es, Audreas it ??.. I'oraid udite UUUP WAMTMB-milAlX** A. PROTESTANT GIRL TO OO TUB GENERAL hoiaework of a small iauiily. One who t* "eat tidy aad hone- t, will Bod ? good horn* and goo I was?a by ap plying to Mn, Mattiaon. 12J Usury at, Haw Vork. ALARGB NUMBER OK SERVANTS WANTKD IM mediated? Profe-aed cook* aod other cooka. chamber maida. waitreaees, lanndreaaea o urates, girl* fa r housework, auiftll girls and glrle lately landed, for prlvale families, hotels, Ac, al RAY MONK'S, <1 Blaeckar at AOIRL TO PILL CORK AMD COVBR BOTTLES with kid skin wanted: muat understand her business. None other need apply a; 137 WttUam at. A CLEAN, NBAT AND TTDT GIRL WANTBD-TO do general houseware In a small American family; good recommendations required. Apply la the hat store Z12 Greenwich st. f OOE WANTED? FOR THE BUMMER. A SHOUT \J distance id the country, to do plain cooking for a olty family. Will have a rood homo. English, Scotch or Ger man. Apply at 143 2d are. , corner of 9tn st. Ladies wanted -ladies hwino influence in eon?regalion* may bear of employment, remunera tlve. light and respectable, and In full keeping with the r Christian character, by addressing W. 1*. O., box 7,374 New Yorn Post office. Three persons wanted.? a private family. living a short distance In the country, want three per sons one to ciok, one aa laundress and the other as nurse and seamstress. Call tor two days at 124 Front St., N. T. TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS WaNTED-TO CO to the country. Call at 72 Fraualia st. to-morrow morn tng, at 10 o'clock. WANTED-AT MRS. GREEN'S AGENCY FOR EM ployment, 160 Broadway. east side, near 23<1 at., lady's maid", fully competent to dress h.iir. Also first class laumlre s for Newport; highest wages tad helu of the best calling. WANTED? A GOOD, 8MVRT GIKL TO DO OEN aral housework in a s.nail fatally; city reference re quired. Call at 2M llivingtou at. TO ANTED? B* A SMALL PAMILY, IN THE COU.V t? try a respectable girl to do general housework. Libe ral wages will b? paid to otm who is competent and can pro duce unexceptionable reiereuce. An] Iv between the hou s Of 9 and 12 A. M., at ?f. Lietian & Co.'s, No. 2 Jones lane, Front st., near wall street ferry. WANTED? A SMART GIRL. TO TAKE CAHI5 OK children and to da plain family sewing; good refer ences required. Ant ly at 131 West 21st Et., between 7th and 8th aves , for two days. WANTED? A WOMAN AS SK.AMSTRFSS AND LA dy s maid. Apply at No. 22 Went Slat it. , between the hours of 9 and 11. WANTKD? A SMART TIDY OinL.TO HO GENERAL housework; one who i a tjood pla n cuok and irnner. Good reference re as ti capability Aupl' it 2d st. H. f. ASHMAN. WANTKD? A LA IJNDBKS8, WHO UNDERSTANDS her business wet . Inquire at 172 l.&at 19th st , be tween 111 and 12 A. M . Reference required. fANTED? SEVERAL C.OOD DRESSMAKERS. AP ply nt02 4tli nr., opposite llth st. WANTED? iO ACCOMPANY A FAMILY TO ENO laud on IStb of next month a servant, to act rn nurse to chi'dre.n; German preferred. Apply at -02 Allan tie st . Brooi.h n. A NTHD? A WET NURSE. A NEAT AND TrDY woman can upply lit 232 Wen 27th St. W ANTED ? AN HONEST. RELTA RLE OTRr. TO DO ?? general honsewt rk. cookiug aud wailuo; lor a small fa nlly. Apply at lfi6 East SJlh st. TI7ANTED-A CTRL WHO CAN WASH AND IRON, *? end make herself generally useful; non" but the bet tieed upply at 32 West 37tU St., between 5tb and tith av<. W ANTE.'1? A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AS GOOD cook and bnk'-i. and ti o.>.->i*t in washing and tromntr, and willing to go to ti e country lor a short time; a Ger man preferred. Ca.l for two duy- at 44 I as' at. IV' ANTED? A 'iritL. ABOUT 17 TEARS OF AGE. TO Yv assist In lieht housework nnd take care of children. *1 'p!y at 576 Broome St., near Hudson. ?fTITANTEO-A WOMAN, AS OPERA TOR ON' WHEELER tv A Wihon'.t sewing r"ac'' ne and to issi t ns nurse to a child four years old. Apply lor two da\ s at 248 West loth St., after 10 A M. w w ANTED? TWO YOUNG LADIES. TO ATTEND free aud easy saloon Apply at l')7 Grand Btreet. "\TrANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. TO TAKE \i care of a baby six weeks <>ld, at her own ie?iuiyi.e; one who l as lt?t her own preferred. Call at tlio fitrrroor west of 31 av. In '.'1st st., Y urkville. w 117 ANTED-A CLEAN. TIDY GIRL FOR UP STAIRS t" work ; must be a good seaman-ess. willing and o'd g in?; must come well recommended: an American ot Pro testant preferred; nono other uecd apply. Call immedi ate! v at 151 East 4'jth St. ANTED - A GIRL TO DO GENER \h HOirSEWuSIC \pplv to OeorKs J. Hunter, !li) Henry st. WANTED- A LADY TO LEARN THE ART OF co'.orug photographs. After two weeka" Instruction of one houi er .ta? worit will be fitven out or a situation I procured Call at 713 Bruad.vay, room 1!> 0. KOXIGSEERG. WANTED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A WILLING auil " girl, to do chamberwork and waiting Ai">!v. with city references at .'>".3 fct > av., next 10 corner of 4''lh -t , (ro'n 8 to 11 A. M., basement door TXfANTKD? A SEAMSTRESS WHO CAN CUT AND T? lit children's clothes and who is a 'julck and perfect operator on Wheeler A Wilson's : la'hltie. logo a short dis. tarn e in the couutry. Apply at 37 East 15th St.. ouly from 12 to 1 o'clock. THE TRADES. A FIRST CLASS PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, UNDER standln,; perlectly all branches of pliotojjrapliv and chemistry, would ta ie charge of a patlery as sKent or aupar 'mtendent. w-, . d a- partner 0* accept asliuation lu a fir?t clas- t-'ailery, either in city or country. Address Artist. M Lispenar 1 at., near Broalwny. A GERMAN. WHO UNDERSTANDS THE MANU ia'-ture <d' marine antl seonrinx aoaps, whii-h lor their at'pearan n and i heaDness would beat sijy compeution and soor. ni'inopuli/e the trade. Is willing to boll these aoaps lor iuT .soap manufacturer wbo paya liim best for ft. Addresa B S . No. Greenwich st., or Uctald otlloo. A GOOD UPHOLSTERER WANTED-AT JAMES A. I c-au , 173 FiiUm a-.., Brooklya. AN EXPERIENCED FRENCH GARDENER. WHO thoroughly understands the ^rape euilnro, is desirous el IBM ilat- employment Apply a: 78 Ns^au It., room tf. A CUSTOM CUTTER* WANfED IN A CLUTUING , V nor?; on" thoroughly ac'iu ilD'ed witb cutting coats, pants and vesia. Ad<iio?a H. N.. box 12 1 Herald oUl<-e. BOOKRINOER WANTED? AN EXTRA FINISHER for cali" and moro eo work ; Stead ?' employ tnrut and good wanes. Apply to O. Claris. l.? School St., Bo-ton. IjpNOP.AVING -A SITUATION WANTFD RY A YOUNG V mau who hai bi-en a< eustonifd to letjer'ng _i??reiry and pUled ware; ran mi'.t liim<ulf tiaciul in other 'nrtncliei of the busincai A permanent place desired, cither in the city or country. Adiiess. or apply. Tor one week toll K., 29 buu'.b 7th at., Williauiabtirg. 17MG1NEKR.? WANTED, A SITUATION TO TAKE !i clisrge of a boll?;r and ?n< mi. Good referent e i:lveu. No objection to the eoi ntrv. Ca.l on or address P. Yoi nj, at 291 West Slat at. lor two daya GLXDBMBB WARTBO? TO GO TO NEW lATU A single mm. acquainted with kitchen gardening ami the rare of horses, and . urn; e:ent to manage tic, r era and fruiu, can have a pcr-iianent situation If he suit*. Aildron* K Malley. New llama, Conn., giving reiereuce and wages wanted. GOOD JOB COMPOSITORS WANTED? AT .10 GREENE St. "J tWRLLER WANTED -A YOUNt} MAN COMPE ft l?nt to tefatr clocks and je^eirv in Gt at clats urder ma. apply to P. T. Sher.dan A Co.. 143 6th are. IITBOGRAPHIC TRANSFERRER W ANTED.? A F! RST J ? lass transferrer, far commercial work, wanted to go West. Situation steady and good wages given. Apply to Robert Mayer A Co., Si W llllain at. Tinsmith and oasfittbb wanted.-apply at 152 Front at riiHBRB BRASS FINISHERS WANTED-TO MAKE 1 globe valTea and cocks, at Iluater, Keller A Co.'s, 114 Centre at. WANTED-A FIRST RATS GENERAL SINGLE band forger; alao a good file grinder to whom the best of wages and steady employment will be gieea. A rare chanoe to those wishing a good situation App'v to George Sanderson. II Gold sU, Hew Tork, or Juo. A W. Rot her v . Matteawan, N. T. WANTED-A COMPF.TRBT BNG1NBEB, TO TAKB charae ot an engine and boiler. Inquire at 417 nnd 419 Waabtngtan at., to day, between 9 and 10 o'clock. W. .1. WILCOX A CO. WABTBD-A FIRSE CLASS RLACKSMITB-ONK AO ? J cuaaomed to lioao carnage and Are engine bnlldtng. Apply to J. S. Wortman.|corner of Myitle av. and Uaaaden Brooklyn. HBLP WARTBD-MALBI. AT COMMRRt'IAL AOENCY, M7 AND 299 BROAD way ? Wanted tc?dar shipping clerk, grocery clerk, man to ge to Havana, furniture aalesman, clerk (or produce commission house, timekeeper for manufactory. Insurance agent, barkeeper, entry clerk, hotel clerk, purser's clerk, city collector, commercial traveller, hardware aaleamen These situations, open for respectable mea, may be bad hy onl ine early. Bstsbll<hed and eondneted onder pnironace or merchants. No congection with lotelligenea officer. Organized 1?M. OSCAR A CO. AOENTS WANTBD-TO SBLL A STF.BL ENORAVINO of Lincoln, sire .'6i36, aent free for $f ; United States Army Diploma for SO cents Large discount to agents. Also the large-t assortment of Lithographs of the Great Battles, Litb'?rspblc Petfralls of Generate, Albnma, Gems for the Album, new Bnslnnse Signs, War Maps. Heng Books, Prlta Packages the beat in the world. Old hands will do well to trr them. Send stamp for circulars to JOHN GIBSgN, >3 He. k mail -treet. New York. Aobxts t an make a month by selling our GREAT I'RIZK PACKBTd, ALSO SPLENDID PTSBL ENGRAVINGS, and the Portrait of WBNBRAL OR ANT. SPLENDID GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES given to our agents free. Full partlculura In circular, mailed free, G. & HA8KINH A CO., % Beekmsn street, B. T. AGBNTRCAN MAKE |3A IN A FEW HOURS >KLLING ? our great, new and wenderful extm targe sire l'rt?e I PMkagrs. $15 |>er day puarantced. Rvary dollar Invested more thsn doubled. A splei did solid so'd or silver lei er watch presented free In ea<:h sgent. Si-iart men wsnted to establish a^enc es in every town and village County rlgbta fiee sale imtnenie; lemand inei easing. Ever', body buva them, send for our great new elfe.ilar for lSIM, containing e*tra new oremlum in lucements. free. S <!. RICKABDH Act),. 103 Nsasau street. New York, original, largest anfl ..Uiest l'rl/.o Package house in the world. ? T Til K OOMMBBClAL AGENCY? WAN TRI>, TO D AY, il watcbmi -er to ! .i to the country, drug < l. r< drv ? ods sn'eamsn, grocery elerk, bookkeeper, shipping clerk, bar keeper, iravelltna f,?m, eendiMt r, oonotiman, waiter*, timekeeper ins"r.i!iee a?ent : titwr e|tn*" >tis ai vsfs ope?t. t il ear at cur .'Hue. Mculian^ sit i> ,ed winh Ml kinds of hmp fme ot chsr e f*. IWOCSlRt A t y , 3tiC tfread wav. r^om Ho 4. uu staua HELP WASITKD- MAI-KS. ALL CAN NAK.v TWO DOLLARS PROM TWLNTY cents.? C, ill ami <- lodlii, or ten samples l"'n'wl,u1? T* mall for twenty NCI* that r.-tai I for two Jollars, by tt. h WOLCOTT, liU Chatham square. N. Y. A BOY WANTED- To T.vKK CARE OK AND MILK three cow*, go er. ands Ac. Apply at 176 illeeoksr st., between 11 and 12 A. M. _________ A smart, actsvk boy WANTED? IN a WUOLK sale tobacco warehouse; gooj reiereuoe required. Ap ply at 131 Maideu lane. A MAN WANTED-IN) A PROVISION STORK, TO make himself useful; also a porter In a dry moods ?tor*, to <lo general w rk. Apply to Chamher lalu A Co , No. i> Trvon row. room 13. opposite the City Hall Auction rvlesman wantkd-at 23 howeby Moat be s first ' lass nisn. No other need appir. Bookkeeper wanted.? a youno man oh dee. 28 years of age, practically a- tuaintcd with book it sep ias by double entry. Aditresa, stating age, references anil salary oxpi cted. Wnlson, Herald oliice. _ BO* WAN 1'ED? TO POST BILLS; WAOFS $5 A week, at 1WJ West st. C. H WHBBliKR. Olep.k wanted-ik perlevs books tobe. is Third av. One a>>ni Itt years of age and familial with tfce business preferred. None need apply w.thout the be^t raforenoes. ? /^AMPAHIN MEDALS. \J Agents wanted, to sell the bent and cheapest medal ever before the pub ic. r?u cn or addres*. JOHN UAULT. No 1 i ark place, N. Y. CIANVAS^EIIH WARTBD.-SBVRRAb GOOD EN ER J get o men can make fro... ?> to $10 a day by selling a new publication. Apply t -So. 1 ,;,i;-neo D BUG CLERh. WAVIBD. At PLY AT NO. ?21 7TH avenue. Farm hands wanted? also mun lately landed, i" co a ? fcnrt ill tam e in tlie c untrv; w?;es $20 to $25 ft moi. ii an f?.und. Apply ;.t the Lartie Employ ment House, coiner o<? utli av. and lltb ?t. ' 1 T AD WANTED? 14 TO 17 YEARS OH" AOB, QUICK IJ at f-ouuiln . u i?o can ii1. i.lo witli I. i.h i arc li's, and near Fifth Avonnc Hotel. Applv io Caswell, Maclt & Co., druf (tists, under Filth Avenuo lintel. OYSTF.KMAN WANTED;? A GOOD MAN WHO UN lierstamls the business. mar apply at the Live and Let [ Lire, -'14 Broadway, after nlun o'clock. OALESMAN WANTED-HA\ iNC AN ACyU A INTANCB O amon,; th<? jobt. nc dry goods and Yaulice notion boti . ee. to seii a efats ol koimIs which meet with a ready ?alii. A liberal salary or commission will bo Bala to au w* tivemnn. Address Salesman, box 101 Herald office. rpwo saloon waiters wanteo-at i a brooms X street. UfASTED? AT THE OMKB&Ali S ! ""IS- OPPICB, <i We."' s> . eorner of A ????.-. 20 men for wlialluc, merchant and tisUituj voyages to this South .sea and Call fornia; Kooii wage . uivcu; also, nieu fu. the acmy a.,.l navv. JAWkS ft CO. : Tt7 ANTSD? A VALET, TO ATTBNO ON AN r. . iLTO it (jfntle nun in a prr ate lamily. Ee must thnrougbiy understand hi* ?? inesn itml come well i^eonnoende '. Ap ply at Ii E. t MOtb St., between lib and Maaisou avea., ue | tweon the hour-- of 10 and '?*. I i*? aNtkd.-a <ikm de:"'r:-.s \ v,n s::n vT vaut, who undc: RtandH slmvlDK ' I taulni! ohaivti of his wardrobe '.<? Must have the best of cit; retereao-J. Address box l,!i.i1 Post oll.ce. \\f ANTED? IN A KFTAIf. (IIIOI'EKT STORE, % VV .mart bovor yonng mini ; one >vho und'nt 'Dds t ie care of horses and on Americau prelerred. Apply at ?>0 titn av. WANTED? IN A STATIONERY STORE, A SMART, oner^etit' < oong man ftb^ut yeurf of u.'e: iion<' bi t tlio e who can ivr i i food hand and V an lurnlK i testrnonl als of the highest .-hnrueler M f d answer Address, in ap plicant's own handwriting, H U. S , box 140 lleral I oOlce. ?txr ANTED? A YOUNO MAN TO WORK ON A FARM; ? V luiistitjiidi r>t:~nd bis business; Si otch or i.eiman rre ferre-1. Apply at 8th ave., corner of 4Ud at., from 10 to 3 o clock. Y\7 ANTED-AT THE WE8TCHI1STER HOUSE, COR II uet of Broome st. and Bowery, three uood, exp?rien^ed waiters accustomed to the tine of checks. \tf ANTBD->IMMSDtAtpLY, MSN WHO WISH TO make from $23 to $50 per day by a uiati Investment, from 5300 to $300. Importaut new Inviir ion. nst received. Great opportunity to tm>Lo money, either by t-aveiliu^ or locating iu city or country. HOWARD TILDE.V 609 Brnadwav. V\T ANTHD? A HOY. IN A SCHOOL. TO DO LIGHT II work and receive instruction in na\ment: a ifoo.l opp'irtumt . to one desiring to improve. None but tnoso wisnini; to re-eice instruction in payment need apply, at Townsend's, 200 Bowery. YXTANTHIX? A YOUNO MAN TO ATTHND BAB; ONE VV who is willing to wnrk and ins?e hln.sell general! u eful and can bun : satisfactory recom nendaiions. Apply at i ? e Ble.ecker Hou?e. 14 Ltroy place, Bleecter st. Wanted? in a wholesale jobbino stoee. an entrv cler';. One w ho writes a eo jd liami and is cor rect in ti r res inky address, with retereuces. Re.-.ister, ; Ili-rald i .uce. j VKT ANTED IMMBD1 ATF.LY? FOtT. STEWARDS AND VV two clerks, tor o:ie ol the tiu?st Miips in the \v irid? the h op of war Susquehanna, late school ?btp boanii on a cruise tn Europe and up the Medtt-riunean. A'^o. seamen, ordmarv seamen, land msu, (lrfinen and coaipaiisi rs; bonntv $420. Anv person h?vlnt; frlenda wto wish to joiu the naval service, brlnsmi; them to this ofllce. will receive JliiO. Por further InloruiaUoa apply to the Natal Bhip ing Ofllce, 4'. Peek slip. \\ ANTFD-AfiLB BOD1BD MEN AS NURSES. FOR V? service 1a the United 8t ite- Army ilenora Ho-pttals, Now York hai bor Wages $24 par mouth aud board. Ap ply. wit'a recommendations, to R. C. ELLIOTT, 67 Bleeclter st. _ _ ? X\T ANTED? AT M. M. VAN DYKK'S HOTEL, 25 VV Catharine slip, good waiters, and a boy to clean win dows. ANTED-A BOY IN AN OFi'IcE.-APPLY AT A. >1., 13) Water St., to Beck A Bncker. Wag' J w YT7 ANTED-A SALESMAN AND BOOKKEF.PKR IN A IV custom tailor. n* esubllshment on Broadway. Ad dregs with reference F. AO., Herald oiflce. WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED COFFEE ROABTER, at J4J Washington st WANTED? MEN WISHINO VOYAGES TO OO TO s-a, seamen and green hand*, cooks and stewards. Applv to RANDALL ft COURTNEY, 180 West St., corner m R'-ad . up ntftirs. ' ' Wanted? two steady, momon men who tharoiighlv understand the house furutub Ina Uarlware business. To good men conMant employ ment aud fii'o i sa niei None others n<-?d sppl a' Ed" srd D Has<ford' - Ho sekeapers' Great Ba/.aar. Cooper Insti tute Building. "IITASTED-A BOY. A OKI) M OR H YEAH.-; Ol Ai.E, VV iduii imuorting f mcy qoods house. Oood refeiente required. Applv at No. 35 Maiden iane, up stairs. IV' ANTED- IN A HOOP SKIRT MANUFACTORY A V V smart. m:?ll ?ent .voiing man lo assist In I'jcking and nuke himself ?euerally useful. Apply to Nichols ft />atch aller, 18 Cortlandt at WANTF.D-A HUH BOY, TO WO!>.K IN A LIQOQB ?tore, on?' who can como well recommended. In quire at Pe'er Mitchell's, corner of Spring and Mercer tt*., I a'- y A. M. WANTED? IN AiliAWYER'S OFFICK. A BUY ABOUT ' 14 to 1R years of age Address in handwriting of ap plicant, bo? 1/.62 Post oiace. WANTED-inREE OR FOUR MEN AS DRIVERS FOR a irery ? table: mu-t under-taud taking care of .icl coaches and noraes: ni .st be tober and uiake thetuseires useful; none hut those acquainted with Brooklyn and New York. Apply lo Geo. C. Wood, 68 South tat it. Wll.uma bnrg. W ANTED-A BOY, ABOUT M YEARS OLD. TO AT tend bar; mast come well recoiametide i. Ap,ilyat 7: Biro si between Sand 7 this afternoon. A MRU? A BOY OF 14 OH If YEARS, TO CUT holts 1 y machine. Apply at 131 Centre st w w ANTKD-A DRY OOODR CLERK; GERMAN OB Irtih , o j others need apply at ? '# Orand st THOMAS RKILLT. W ANTED-A YOUNO MAN OF OOOD ADDBKS8. TO assist is tending bar and to make hlmse.r gem rally U'f fat, in sum ela-41 ale and chop house: oaa wen ar> qualnted In the Ninth ward preferre i Applv this faornlut, bmween 8 and 10 o'clock, at the AHagdoa Reading Rooms, 10 Ablncdon s iiiare. WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?200.-AN ACTIVE RUSI nsss man to act as agent for one of the mn.t popular entertainments of the dav. now about visiting the waterlog places. Inquire of the propriator, 63 We?t 41st at , near hh av. ANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS WAITERS. AT Stevens House, U Broadway. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? EXPBRTBNCED BAWDS for bradwork snd braUltnr Work girea out to rr iponHble parties. Apply after 101. M , at 18 North Moire St., secoad door. w POLITICAL. PUBLIC MBET1NO or tb* DEMOCBATIC UNION ASSOCIATION, No. w 12 Broadway. T0B8DAY EVENING, .lair * Addresses by Hon. JAS W. SINULRTON, of Illine;!. Hon. D. W. VOORHBEH, of Indiana. ?)/vTll WARD DBMOCBATIC CLUB. -THE NBXT A\J reg'ilar meeting of this organisation will lake place on Tuesday evening July *>, at 8 o'cloek. at Vance's. Kig'.th avenne, earner Thirty -ftrat street, for the purpa?e of elect ting ofl eera and adopting a constitution and b lawa rviUGATlORI. LBTTBR OP ADVICB POB LADIES ? ? ? ? Has lafonratlon never before published. genl free, to a sealed envelope, f ur 10 cents. Address boa 4,662 Naw York Post office. Mauri age. ?union or opposing, short CO'irtahtpa. Matrlmnnlsl CiisUima Cell*, a I'' em; Qapa tty of the Chest, llmls, The Throne of Solo loo, A Pai.'ee of Indastry, A Sflmidld Pleasure Trip, In the Pbrenoloftieal Jo-irnal lor Amiitst, ,\>w?n'en 'isve It. 20 cents, or $-? a jnar. FOWLER A WRLLS, N. T. N BW BOOKS, NF.W PUBLICATIONS. NEW .4TYLFS, sier o-?-opie Vlewe aad Cartes d? Vtslte, Iste t inpor. tatlons. Sporting aooda to order. Send for new cata.og''ss. free, to bev 3, 235 Post OlDce. N. Y. A.Mr., ( has. P. At wooil ft Co. New BOOKS *NT> NEW SUBJKCT3 IN CARTES DK Vlslte ?-')ne doren new subjects jost add*d Spurtlog Goodu of every ilescrlption. Trade sitpuiiert H >Dirorcata ICKne to D. J. OOMl'ERT'S Porchasing Agency, 73 Nassau sireet, New York. PUBLIPHUD LATKLY, BY CIlAS. F. OTTO, M. D., A enrlons and interesting lett r. on' t'mne Mich infor mation as all la.lles would like to possess. S. p I stamp Jog a ropy, anl a Idress Dr. Ot'o, otl^e t^ White strset, N f. fpilO: R fRCULtAB BOOKS? PUBLISHED AT' NO. <i I A*n sti eL No v Yoik, hv CALV'N ?" ?N"" * ,,r? betiii ?o 'r ?. r? a stamped ? -;oj ? i i j' >;ii4, You i'rn ,;ei tli^b. ok by crpre*#, purable on 4e 'vst y, i if DHT 6OOD8. ?i thk hrvt or* goods house. -tV 7 tS7 Broailw.u, betwean Eighth and Ninth a'reeta. ' Ot,JOHNtiTO.?t. long eonnectod with U bedell A Fe.rseu. wlu? recently r.-tlred, have reduoed their entire stoc k of Priuled Organdies and Jaconet* from SI to 9) cents ? yard. T. SIEWART * CO. have tor *aie by the packs;;? a I nil assortment or BK'itA M FADDlNiitt, BHILAI'S. MEAL BAGGINGS, SAIL i AN V ASS. RUSSIA SHBETINOB HOP SAGGING*, 4(7, to Which they invite the at tent >>n of the trade Broadway and Cbattil era street. IJXOLUSIVELT FRENCH FLITTING. ONK T< > TW F.NTT 'J niche* wide.? All mater'als tinted 111 an nneurMaaat manner at Mn. GOLDEN1* Kreneli Fluting F. tab ishmenta, 18 A nitty street (N 1J. ? A block and a half from Uroadwsyt; 127 Bleeder etreet. below Wooilir. stud 2fil F Hoi street, Brooklyn. N. d? >'n machinery ,130.1 in tiie genuine Ireuch HuUts. _____ _ FLUTING.? FRENCH FLUTING AT FOUR OUSTS per yard, over four ln< bes oca eent per inch extra, by tno French Fluting Company. 371 Sprint; rtreet. bet* en Vnriclc un'l Hudson. V-jenl, Mre. Shauahau, 351 Third avenue, near Twenty sovtutU etreet. PERRO.tAU ANY INFORMATION" OF THOMAS CON NEBS, A MA tl 'a at G inniirth conntyjOork. I retail 1, w ill be K ndlv r relvod by uu winter llauuo.a, at Nu. 2}? Murrln atrct i. New York. TNFOBMATION WANTBD? OF THOMAS MO I DOOM, J v. ho let t Lond in, hnjUuu!, ai.out fifteen ? ear? a o: ta-i heard from in Burilngton. 1 . ling county Stat. of Ohm. Any Ini'nrmatl'jti will be thankfully r. c iv 'd bj John ilol ?loom. IIS Ha-'. Kaltlc street, Brooklyn. Ohio .iiJ other pa per* 1 tease wtm. lMFOKXAtfOM WANTED? OF WILLIAM IT A KM AN, 1 a ;i it tw<-ntv-ilne.*, ot VV rilkiu-hniy . N. Y. ; supposed 10 liare eullstel In a Mai land or New .In ey tc imcnt < j'o ? sibly :lii Ninth New ici iev ) in Mar< h Inst. I <i. en juet prior to thn bat'iu In tlio Wilderness. Anv n .trim ion ? on ? cernl: i lttni will be. 1' ankfnllv r '-d-, . d by Androw Uar mau, I !A South Sixth at roe t, Williams urn* . INFORMATION WANTBD? OF DENNIS CARBOLL. 1 Hecai:ie .? this i uutrv one dar I .? t v eok an?l lius i.ot be 'ii hear 1 from ginrie. Any nfoin.itl n ot htm .nay be leu w ill his l>rot. e.-, Michael Carrol., tl Huaiiltoa street. fNFI BMATION WANTBD?OF ELLEN DOIiTON, BV I. ' er daughter Roseana. who was talus from her home In Water ?t 14 veatf ,itn. Her mother la *?; posed 10 havA married attain Any know tuign 0f her wt 1 tin thank fuly received jy addre-isi:;*, UoHoaua Dolion. care ot' F. II. C nk. Mn, 4(tPettnln;: on street, ireiiton, N ,1. TNI OR.MATION WANTED? OF Rt.IZA ROSP. WHO I w m enga:; 'd at (.'Bstlo 'ia; den on Tuesday the fith day of Jul--, abd 1 a< not si nee bfen heard of. Anv information ofhei whereanont ' will tie t'.anki'ally i et-eived by her Bis ter. SI rs'ir it Ituis, 10; \V< t Twenty second street. JOHN COSGBIF? WILL PLEASE CULL AT 143 ?l avenue A. and he ivl ; 1 ree-t\e papors and m< nev taken away t'roiu him tor sa e ii< e;iin^, I'. COStlROVli. MUSINO? 8IN0B UL'NIIA/. JOT.* 24, IQHM HIS 1 ?K, tetwi i n 1 1 and 13 years of age ii;ht coi: ploxb n, il.'.rlt hro?u eyes. 11','ht brown hair, with a -tear on his fore head; ad on white lim n e at, n>ay >atinet pttntM and jtr.i\v hat with blue ribhon. Anv person ch'ius any tuforma'.lon of 'tis wliera&bont* will b> thankftn'? n-ielvedby his t>a rout. MiUHAtiL UISINO,33 Eid^o street, N. Y. Mil. A. DF. RTOl'TZ. OF H \\ FRAN CT SCO, t OW IT tho Malgtm Doree, l oiirteemh stri ot S. Y . has a let'er addressed to Mrs. Buck, ol Sau Francisco. In jure as above. VI K. ADAM B0BIN30M WILL FIND JOSEPH CRAW. l?l ford by e^ins at No. Morris plaen 'Wee Forty-sec ond street), between It'tli and Ilih aveuurs. M-O. J. IS HOME FUOM TIIK SOUTH. COME UP ? Thursday morning. N. RuriEFT BRINDLK WILL HE AR OF SOMETHING TO iits advm.t^^e bv ad (reusing Rov. ,J tinea SeduOn, Frsukford, Phila )e;pbia, i'a. B.?OBAR FEIENP A LBTTEB FOR YOU at your oilice. V. s VV. R. S.-tT IS ALL RIGHT. HAVE WRITTEN. JOE. M1RMTURG. | I?ELE(SnT ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD FUR. j\ ntturo for sale at a sa'trtlice.? Piauol'urie, Kugei s, Bookcase, Mtrrora Parlor Baits. Paintings, Brou; ? . tains, rose 1 no ! and wa nnt Chamber Fnrnltife, IMiiIdk Room Furni'iire, Gh'na, Gla>? and S lver tVu-e. In iuue ai It3 West 1'weuty-tb rd street, near Sixth lyouno. A; J, SIMBt OF FURMITURE. MATTBB8SS8 LOOK Glass#*, BoddinK. Ao.. cheaper than eise vhor^ t}. W. SNEDKBt, 2tO Bonery, between Stat ion nn.l Hon-toii streets- .Vorr is your lime to call and mon?y. Ooo '.n v.arranMd and delivered free. Furnlturs in su ts. MURNITUHK WANTED.? I WILL PI' RCHA sK A I' large quantity ol' -.econ l hand Furniture, na n ets, Piano , Mirrors uud two Bildard Tab es at ' lie present market pri'o Tor rash Parte* breaking u;> timi-rkMping may apply to or add: ess J. MATHEWS, 721 Broadway, for ten days. For sat.e-a tafkstry carpkt. n vard :, laid on the 1st of June. Callat'.i;St Mark's piacc. FOR SALE-TWO FRENCH PLATE OVAL MIRRORS) !ze 4^(27 in':he?. App'y at 71 Mnrtaj street. H7ANTKD? VUBMITHBM AMD BOOM.-I WIfaL PAV vv eash for a ? ninnle.e Bel of lied room 'untua Any narson havinit sueh for sale will do wall to address W. R. L01111'. I.'bbv Uouae. N V. Must be oniplete, w h s:>rini; bed and other tilings to match. ANo ties're a H > ,m for seme. Anv one having 11 yen tee furnished Uedrooni to dis pose of may addroas a- above tor'Vie week. DBITIITBT. A SET TBBTH MADE IN TIIBEB BOUBS .-EN lire s atisfao'.ion or no pay. at 23U Sixth sveti uj F.tuc cial atientlou clveu to nieehanical dentistry. Tee cheaimst set* of teeth ever made, and ss flne as are made 111 r.ny ? art of the world. No advance Is ?ei|iiirad, a?W no one is re rod to take or pay f dr anything uoles* sidted eia<"ly Serous oxide gas has b?en giv^n nere in ovar seven thou sand cases aod teeth exwaeted withouyialn. No ac-l lent . rr sle: ness has occurred from ltsn - ibi?. we five .dav. Between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, on slxt'a avenue. No. . STHETIC NIHWOU6 t^CIDE. Teeth extrsoUjd darings uuiet steep, positlvelv with out vain or injurious re-'ilts^ To accommodate ttn- Iarit? AN number of persons requiring his prniessloual services. U llOVT has remoi eit 10 tne to<ir siory but. ding No. 373 Broadway near Eighteenth street. C^OME AMD BE UinMUMI WILL COST YOU J nothlu:;. Teeth extra^ud j. isitlvely w tliout pain s-nl without charee until August, In order to att'ord an oppor tunliy to ah to be sntlsdel of the fact and mske It known. American Tecih Co. Dentists, Fourth stree', corner of Boweiv. _ COI.I'Of. DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Whei e Dr COlilON itne originator^ with the nitro n oil lo j.if of?en 'ender*. tooth dialing a n'eisure instead of a pa: 11. No palu guaranteed. UjQue 22 Uoad street, NB. GRIFFIN k BROS . 25S GRAND STRBKT. NEW ? Tork and ?>1 Kuiton street Brooslyr. are axtraotinf Teetb resitivolv ittioiit nam by the u.e of nuroua m la caa No charge for extracting when artl ielai teeth are t,> b? Inserted. Th*v are also Inserting full gets of Teeth on <0! i, S2S; platina. f23: sdrer. $l'it ruhbe'-. $!U; psitiai ?,et? gold, $2; sliver. $1 ' Extract n* 2S eent*. I1ATHINUMAL. i FAIR LOOKING TO, NG GENTLEMAN OF HIOll J\ r> spe^tabil 'y. twenty two years o' ng?, demr- s to 1 or restw il wiihsomt cood lost ing, intelligent o .he liilr wt'h ? view to tiiat'imony. If agreeable aend csno ae vis te In s nrenty. Atidren 8. C. J- Brooklyn Post oilice. F^OUR TOI'NG MBN, IN THE UNION ARMV. WISH to open a e-jrresp jndeui e .vith a? many Truing adir.-, with av ew I matr'.inon-. Addr-'S-i II. Vanbrua*, John HI Smith H. H. Sheptiaid John II. k< 10, Company A, Fify- first regime at New Tork Voir nteera. Second divisioo, Ninth rmy corps. SKOARI ANO TOBACCO. fWlfl 8EGAB8-OF VARIOUS BRANDS, AT OUU.UUU *;? ?"II. ?:?. >40. Sti. $00 per M; by sending the caah samples will be sent all over Ike eountijr . orders t > all parts or 'be United States nrornptlv tilled; the be?t references can be given. Call on or addrrse L. MIL LER, No.m D<y street, near Bros lway. raopoiALi. CROTON AU0EBUCT DEPARTMENT. TO TRAP BLOCK FAVlOitS. Separate sealed propoea's, each eadoraed with the name of the persoo presenting the sine, the date of presentation and the title of the work for aht h It tnav be ofWed, will be receive* at this office JHtll II o'clock A M. of Monday, August 1, 1364. for the oon' irnotton of Trap Biook Pare men's in the following streets, to wit ? East Broadway, from orand street to Chatham square; Forty-flrst siri-et, from Fifth lo Madtson avenue: Thlrt.-. a^ond street, from Slkth to Mevwnth a*ennes; Gramorcr place (east sid" Gratnercv park), fro u Twentietn to Twen tv-flrel street; the gore on weet slje of Centre street, al Reede f reet aad South street, from O.tver street u> eaat side of Catharine a' in Ppeclfteaiii.ns an} forms of the agreemeat nan be obtained ?n applnationto the contract, clerk at this oMce. Til 08. STBPHBNB. ) RORT. b DARRAUH. JCroton Aiueduet Board. A. W. CRAVEN. ) Jolt a>, 1K4. OFFICE OF THU STBBBT COMMISSIONER, 237 Broadway. To Contractors.? Proposals eae used In a sr tie 1 envelope, en loreed with the t'lle of the work and with the name of taa bidder written iheieon, -s li be reoe ved at this office unlit Wednesley. Au#uat .1, 1*'>4. at eleven e'rlo- k A. M. For regalat ng gia earning, gutteiing and (lagging Broarl'vav. from Seventieth to Seventy flrst ?tre?; For regnlatlns and g -ad lug Ninety third stieet, from Eighth avenue to tloomTnfla'o r ad. Formirbiag gutt'r ig and Tagging Ninih avenue, from Fifty third to Fltyr lonrth streot ForeurMog. Tutieriug and Bagfins Fortieth street, froa Fifth to StXtS sTente lor res.'ttlrg eu-b and g ltter in Fortv-nlnlh street, from Tenth avails tn Ht1d^^n iivor. F >r "-Hf-lni Rroa l?ar 'rom Flfly-fourth stree. to Flfly. tilnth elr at. For r a?-?mg Broadway, from Forty-aevaath street to Flf'ieth stfeei. i or failing and reflagg og Broadway, from Forty ninth to Fifty s-,i nd street. ? For wo king koghtha <nue as a country road, from Mirth lo I.Mth sure'. For rebuilding pier No North r ver. Fr. rebuilding bulkh ?i re' are a piers Nos. II and ."A North r fr. For reps n i-ig pier No U. No:th r.<*er. For renalrin^ tilsr No. S3. Nt-rlh rlvs V. r e?c.i. atii tt cellar and 1 ttlng up baxtmeit of hou?e of Itngtiie Company No a. Bbnir ornr' ot propi als tofethT with "?e apnrificat!0Df and sgr?a neats. ran "o obtsiu hI this office. Dated stre. t U larfnent New York, July 2$, 18W. CMARi KS o. COPNI LL street Commisa oner. SHlt'PlNcT RC AL M AIL STEAMSHIP A UfcTK AL \M AN-F 'R L(verno,il.? The AUM'RAlitSIAN. T. Cook, on.mnn dtr, will ?all from the > 0 noaiiy s do-'<, at Jersey Citv. w th the mal'S and rv setlgen for Eurore, on Wednesi'sy, me 27' tl mst Pa- s n."ma are re. IO-SI- d t ? be on board ry 12 o r oek The SCOTI A will ??'i o 1 the I th ?t Attgnst. E CCNABD, No 4 tlowiing itrren. CTCAMSEIP MABATIICN Ni I I.I. DISCHARGE UNDER l~ reneral ttrder, :?i Ctm ' ??' Srr', J- ?? Clip, on lu. s dav, 2 ?n n?t 'iooUj landed nud< r x-tnr si order w.ll be ?ctit to CVaard stores __ B. Ul'NAKD, Nv, ABcwliug urcca. immin, _ VTOT1CB.-THR STEAMSHIP KANGAROO. OK TniS i. v line, wili-aail aa an nt? mmra?r>i m wli boiir?i Thur?day morning. July ?H, carrying ? limited number m i asa<-ugera at reduced rate?. rayio ? In United htatr* currency. JOHN O. Dale. Agent, 15 Broadway. 8TRAM WEBKLY TO LI VK SPOOL. TOWOMINO AT Queen- town (Cork Harbor. )? The Liverpool. Row Turk ?ml Philadelphia Hteamahlp Uiminnv daman line), carry. )ii ? the Untied Slat.-H tuuila. ntend dp* etching thrir 1'uTl powered Clyde built Iron el-amah ps a* follows ? KDtNRUBG. Saturday. July *J. C1T i OF WASHINGTON. Saturday, August 8, CITY OK M A NO M K^TMt. Brturday Augnrt I*. and every au?.?tjing 3aturday, at noon, from pier 14, North river. mrr* or r-tisjior. Payable In sold, or ita equivalent in currency ? First calvn $.*1 tUeerajp) $30 rio to London X8 Do to London.... '4 Do. to Parle 'J5 Po. to Paris 44) Do. to Haml.un? 90 1)o to Harnbnrs 37 Pa- spng.ira also forwarded to n?vr<*T Bremeu Rotterdam^ An1 ver;>, Ae , at ? |nallv low r,ite?i From Liverpool or Queepstown First cabin, 87.1, $*?% $106, Steerage f15 Thos.> who tvl-h to amd for their frli ids can buy ukatH beta nt Lhnae rain Tlieae steamers huve mim-rlor arc rnmodal iout for paa arnuers, are mronglybutlt In ;;?lit Iron ntfon?, in?I nrarv patent nr.. aaniiillatora. Experionosd surgeons are at'a. .?d to ti steamer. I oi .' irtt-er Information npply In Liverpool io WI'.LIAM iw MAN, Agent Ti Water street; in UU*S<> v to A LEX. VAy'OLM. Ho. f St. E r. I w ? 1 1 ti i'lar*-* in ' o.-tsi rvn 'o C. AW. D. SKYHOOK * t ;r?. . ? |.nndoa to E I V Kit t MA CEY. 61 King William In Pari* to.IULKS DKf'OUF 13 Boa No re Dame .!c.t 71 tone*. Place '? 1 ? B >i> r In Phila delphia to JOHN G. DAI.K 111 Walmi' or ,tt|,j Company's oHloes. JOHN U iiAt.'.i. Aneni, 15 " av. N V. CJTKAM TO LlVUBPOOT, Of ASGOW. DUBl.TN I'M, 0 FAST AMI LONDONDKttllV ?T elm-. ? .<. nail ns, A! P yrin 1i.Hl: iteamihip (CALEDONIA. c? f?i-. C at , i.-, i I tun iled to nail on Saturday, -J ul v U?. fro -t niitr 10 North 1' . ? Tnis tc i.n'^lilp I lit'" I In lb" meat ???.nr ' ? ? to Mfitrn thn comfort and K.ifoty of U of 1 nf ii inr i I nii hi a'tun^ant 1 1 p ' ? I ' of ?n 1 rookfl i ro. vlsi" t'flliln. $!0'l ;in'1 ^ '5. rntnitnaJi " i' ? c " ? ni:?. f'5 Pavahls In ourren'"*. Apnly to FRAVOI'I UaQ> DONALD ro., No. K H iwlnia Gi'ern. NOTtCB.? TliK ST BAM K A A T A f j t NT A , CAPTAI* Wm. H. 1'lnkhani ?ri:i I >.vo plor No. 21 .V.Ktli ' v?r, on Saturday .1 ly att P. M. oir i-i'lv, lor f.ondon tlin t. io 1'* ?? lWiwou ^bv tUa aic.imghip UB1.LONA, .i.:,' and th'i atoamih!;- IOWA Au . !?". THE LONDON AND NK'.Y VOHK HTEAMB'IIP COM piny vvlll d"?; atr'i Kfnil l onibly t ? ? new ani cat la n Itntuh iron h' pi I'm.r, hk'.lu:. a atai.xntA, IOWA. IMHAN'A I.nj MANHATTAN, <>a h ? ? ? r. tl "n, batwt n London and Now Vork ikIiIiu at 'a ? ? h tho v..ya. ? froui I.onclr u Ita"' of i ??? i |.? >?????? o ?0M or its equivalent ?From N ^ v York :'.r ?!.<?: r wrond cu' in. -3U: ste* iaa, $35- I'r m Lei don or f! irrp, first cabiu, $7"'. I'or pna?*,;e ivpnlr to < H',- a v.'HITNUV, -t, Brmd vay. For relaht apply at r,i ttmith '' reet A'ivaorea '? ' on mi'ivhandiso coiriiuned to tbe fri ml ? in Ij? I o oi ileroltfned Theae etpainerM onnnprt at L'i' 'on wltl nmm. ors of tli? same con i>anr for the Miaon' ! porta, Bntt> r t tm, Amaterdam. St Peti-r our*. Copeobwjen. Borlon'is, <ip?r o, Gibraltar, AloxanJu'i. Hm> rn?. "'oi't n'nonle and ?i '< a. IIOWLANO A A8I XNWALL. A?i its THK HAMBDBG AMKUK'AN PA' Kl,r COMPANY'S IRON MAI l? S I'lOAMSH; i'.-S. I'rum Sonthamri' in. . ro "'ew '.'ork. BO RUSSIA 12, 19 H Art G, Itui* RAXONtA Tilly 2fi, IWH .... .... An- "I. I 1 TKTTTONTA.... ....Attit. C. HiU '-''4 OK KM A MA InlTiS. I8"M M-p'. 17, I?ft4 i BOROSHIA fifc- '? 0, leP? U ? I! 1 NAXOVIA Sen' ??. 1H?1 ''if. 1 1 I I From Hambnrp Pier foot of Third ?tr?et. Hobo';"n. taking pi1? enrera tor Tlftm^nr^ Tfa^ro. r.ond-*>n nil ^oo- roir' io ( at Mil followtnc ? V: r?r cabin, r>M?.V "u'. t.n.l ' i to, $?.' at): sleera?o. :Vff 80. parnlilo in oM or Its en n'valenl. For fralght appW to Kt'NHARDT .t CO., 4;'| T'"X"' anca I plaro. i"or passaja apply to 11. RICHARD A BOA''. 181 1 Broadway. fllHE NORTH GERMAN LLOYDrf STKiMSIHP I. AMI'RirA, fT. We:"lts wmmander. carr-'ns Hie United States mall, will sail from the Ii- men r, loot of Third a'rpet, Hobokpn on SAT()kDAV, J lT L r *1 AT 13 O'CLOCK M., BR EM r*V, VIa'sOUT H A M PTO N, taklnj ps'iencprH t? lon Hon. Havre, Southampton anii bhi mrm, at tha foll jwing rates, payable m cold or its o |iiiu?lt;nt in currency. . ?'? r 'he :irst ta'ain, $IU5, se ond cabin, t"- CO: st"erag?, AMERICA will bo followed by tho BREMKN Au* goat 1.1. For frelsht or pasMgo sppW to OBLRICH8 A CO.. f/< Broad street. OTEAM FROM AND TO OI KEBBTOWN AND L1VER 0 1'O'iL CFNARD LTNE. From Now V'ork. $ 5; to N-v.- Vuik, f3f>, gold or e luiva'.rr.t in currancy . . jl v;< UTTION sh' Wo !ne?dav. Anrn-t.5. OLYMFPSaai Wcdnesda' , August 17. Foi A fjproN 29 Broad war. IVTATSONAL 8TEAM NAVIGATION CO '.TPtVY. J.\ TO Ql EE Nr. TOWN AN') LIVKRI'ODL. Cabin, ?'A. sold ; Steerage $5 ', r ?yeble ,n currency WBSTM INfiTER Salle rtamrda July 30. JtEW YORK" Falls Saturday, An;;. 0 For F.^ apply ^iLLI ANt!j k QtTI0S| ? Broadway. HHE MONTH' AL OCKAN ST BAM SHIP COMPA!"r>? 1 atean -U'O I > A MA SCI n. from ' I1? IOC to Liverpool, Jul? S'i. Rntasof pa-?ag", $S5. $71 Sight il- .('? o.i the National Bank, payable at a.l Its branches in England and Ireland. For paiaase anpiv to 3ABBL .1 SEARLL. C.I Broadway, Ni'w Vork. ilTi TO KHANCE D1R8C1L THE GKNEltAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S NRW LINK OF FIRST CLASS aiDEWHBF.I. STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND IHVP.K. ; Tlfe flr?t fivo spU-ndid reasela int. nd d to t"it npon t'.is favoii'ite route for the Conliaeni, aro me followuu ? W ASHINCTON, ?'< -04 ton i POO borae OOw r. LAKAYETTK, ASH tons. WVi Inrse r"wnr. FnGKNfK (a''oat) S'i' burst power. FRANCK 'building) !>"0 hors? pever. NAPOLKON III ? buildinai I Ifkl home p"*-r. Until t!iec mple'ion of the entire list Oio -ervice wi'l oe pprfor.iipd by the W ARHIMOTON A. Duobnsna; LAFaT ETTR. A. Borandf, *s inllow? . . _ rr.OM NEW YORK TO H AA WASHINGTON x Wednesday. 17tl August. LAF \ VE1TR V."edre?dav. 14th September, WASIllNtt rON Wed neidav, I ih October. I< \ FAY tfTTF ....Wednesday. Utti Nov?mlier. Washington!."... Wednesday. 7th n*oeubar. Fir?t ('aiin flnelndlns table >vltie\ $i:if>. Serond Cabin (Inolildlnc table wine). ?7'i or $<0 FaraVi'e in ^oM nr ita eq ilril, nt In United Ktatm currency. M?dii-al atfotidanco I'eenf charge. For freight or nai^aje am'" OFOROK MacKKN/IB. Agent, No. 7 Broadway, Nr>w York. A' Paris? No. 13 Bonl">'ard rte? Capucine^ (Grand Hotel). At Havre? William Isolin A Co. MO. ROBEHTS' LINK TO SAN FRANCISCO AND FAN AM A. Theflni new iteam hlp OOLDBN R' f,E. WEDNRSp * Y. JULY ST. AT NOON. frim p|pr*i North rl? r. foot of War 'en Street For raasai;* apply at the office 177 Wcs' stiaet, corner of Warr?n. to D. M. CARK1NGTON. "BCTRaL FLAG.-AL'STRALIA FIONEBR I.INF. . , iarr< ins the Ua I States tna l? ? T! e new M al ..lord's Rrlttsb built r lp'.er '>ar','. FARAWAY. Billm^a niasier. i? now rapidly loa lintt ?t pier 1" F-jst r ? ?r and wl I l?e 'tcipfl*'* ed for Meibo'irne d rer? on the 8t*? o^* Aoga?t{ also !'.<? Brit "b Hipper alilp LEVaNIK!!. A. O Lane 'nai ler, will miroe,' I the Fa ?war. and. havmc large en gage ments. will baveo'iiek des ateh. For freight or passage jpplv taR. W CAMERON, 84 Beaver street UNITED STATES MAIL 1,1 NR FOE CALIFORNIA. VIA PANAMA Retnlar sallms T? 'd l'lth t?nd J''l of ear.ti month, ex rept whrn the?e da'. a fa'l on Snndav, when the day of de parture will tie the Moo lay following. The new steamship _ COSTA RICA. A. G. .Ii tie*. Command*, will sail from plsr No. .S North river. WKKNESDAY. August \ at 12o'. 'ock M. The steamship m KAN' QUEEN. I'aptaln Tinklepangh, will aupcevl the C..aia Biea. and 'all Ang'iat ii For tre ght or paasase apply to D. P. ALLS? No. 5 iluwiing Groan. T M E F (tR NRW ORLEANS DIRECT. The new and fire! cu*? .<teain?hio EMILT B. SOU 1)8 R, I, mm tons burthen. James H. Wlnrbeeier. i oinmanJer. Ifitrlag superior ar inuno la' ona tor pasaangara, wilt lea?a pier No. ISNarih river, for New Orleans direct, on 8atur> I day. July SO, at 8 o rlork P. M preciaslv. 1 No fraU'^t rereirel or b'lls of lading aigned on the day of sauiug I "MigBW*. ? CO.. ... For litebpool *afscott?s line. Ship DAVFH IIoaDLEY sails this dsy. Ship CONSTELLATION to morrow. For |*a*?a/a to or from the old country nr drafts, avail* able in all part' of England. Ireland, Scot'aod and Wales, at the lowest powtbl* rates, apply to TAFSCOTf BRO THERS A ro.. 8 ; South SI rest FOK LIVERPOOL AND IjONDON.? TOR LIVBBI'OOL, the NORTH AMRR1C AN sails 2d Angnut th? REROUTE on the 9tli of August. For Lnndon. tbs LI VF1POOL on the t in of Auii.ut, For passage apply td WILLI ? MS A ODION, 40 Fulton street. FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON -FOR LITER* pool?' Ti.S TIloBNTOJf Sails en the S3d Jnly; the NORTH AMBBICAN ou the NHb July. For London? Thw YOllKTOWN fSHion the Md fuly: the LI VBRFOOL sails en the ;i0th -luly. For t?saa?8 apply ta WILLIAMS M orn in, i't l illon street. l/tOB LIVhB POOL? THOMPSON'S RLACS STAR L1NR P of paosets The CaLHOUN sails 27th Instant, tha .TEBFMTa II THOMPSON on the 30th. For passage apply ai llie oii.i-e, 2~.1 I'pail street. IjV)B LIVEBFOOL.? CLIPFBR SHIP VICTOR*. ROW r In the stream, tioaltlvel* salts tomorrow stRA M. Seconica .io 82>> rnrr.-ney. and found. Applv immed'ateiy to ?se ire berths to P. M. UEMARE8T, 40 South itrest. FOR LIVERPOOL DIRECT.? CUNARD STEAMSHIP MABVTIION. Captain McV.can. will sail ou Wcdnea* day, Augost 3. Cabin passage $60? gold, or Its e'tuivairst. For freig itor pnaige apply to B. CONARD, No 4 Bowling Uraeu TRAVRLLRR8' HI IDE. HU080N RIVER RA1LIMAO.-TRA1N8 FOB At. b.uiy, Troy, llm North aad Wae', leers Chamber* itreeS at 7 aa i lO A. M ind 4 C. aal I" w F. M., and on lays atb.SIP M., from T nr'.e'h street \ EW YORK ANO TIART.R* BAir.Rctr> Traim lor Albany and frev, eonnecti'ig wltb tns i*?rtii ai I Writ, isars Twosty siith street depot at IU.'i A. M. aad 4 ' ' *' SPECIAL NOTICB. . Pss-en?er'! for Saratoga Springs on can take the 4 F. M. Ira n and arnrs st Ssraiorfa, without change of cars, at II V. M vaY LIN I FOK ALBANY? CHANGE OF PIER.? ClttM.p travel ' k i Mounlain Home, Ln ojrens' Ho4el D. k. vest point, N-whurg. Pouj-h. , ? . H une. - -k. t'an*lll md Nndson THlkets sold on tv.nrd si. t *i? gsge -he, ked Wrst and North. Opri>8ITION BOAT FCR NEW BUBO ANI1 FOI7GH* ? e#( r - i " n-wand I'ast irp^m'ioat TIIOM \8COLL* TKRleiveS J.iTStrsCt pl"r rvery afl'>i noon at o vlo ?* '? i Hits at G-sssy Point CuitaV, w ??< ?it. i:? 1 J ''I', ''.'.mill New' >irr. N"W TIamliirj Mi to . Bct'iruing, '.aa. "s roiighrtp. psio >-verv mem a| si* 7 14 Cold SiiH We. t PW'at 7 Co -/ens ft#* Greev Fsltii 8 2S ajrri?r| i? >\tn korh ai it) .jo.

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