Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1864 Page 5
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THE LATE KtBLl IKVASION. ESTIMATES OF DAMAGE CVIMtTTED. I)i?!riieliiiii of rrp.rtT, SI errs PluaJtrr !, Curves ai.U Culllf Drivm tiff, M? Oar SBltliiiorc ('?rrnp(indene?> BaltiMOkb, July 24, 1864. TLe suddenness of the appearance of I tie rebels it. Maryland, ui-der Early uud Breckinridge, has only beoa .viua'led by ibe alacrity with wuiuh ihay withdrew from their cart er of spoilnti h. The Invasion of this Sia'e wis not a premeditated thing, but, I feel confident, lath r the result of circ itn stances. Information received from resp -n&ible otllcers of tho force of ^ citizens a'ong tbtdr line of march, affords tue tli? f< 1 "witin principal facts lu rela tion to th. dogign of ttielr movements.? MOV EM '-NTs Or TIIK REBELS. i Oa Juno 1 a furc , c m posed of portion* or the Second ! and Third corps of the rejel artuy, under Karl y and Breckinridge, acooni:>a,ied by a strop g body of cavalry i v.d inoiuted in antry. lo t Richmond, with instructions ?c mass oti their route tho numerous Isolated commands | th it *cro left after the uia.u body of tbe rebel army had , i>een driven south. Their i-Un of operations seems to I bitve t?nn to move North aud menace Washington, in ' hopes of necessitating the withdrawal of a considerable > portion of Grant's army for tbe protection of tbe capital. ' jucU aCtloa was intended to be followed by a massed i itcack upon a certain portion of Grant's lines, in bopes of nreuk'.ng them and dissipating tbe prosent rigid invest ment to which the rebel capital Is subjected. These ! w?re, It is said, tbe cardinal features of the original plans I iii the rehe! goners!. The failure of flunter's operations, however, led 1 ?o a docidod change la the rebel programme. ' Falling back with bis army Into Wei lorn Vir I g.nlu, lici opent d the way and invited the enemy to a | north o! the P.tomao. Some initial move : mente to this effect were commenced, which proved suo i Qossful and simultaneously exposed oar weakness since | tbe retrograde of Hunter. THE FOr.CS CNHSB GENERAL BlUBL. On July 2 Slgel l?<;!d M .rtiusburg, Virginia, with four i Jeeu huulrod one hundroJ days troop? and six guns, and 1 In the vicinity bad tif hteen hundred veteran infantry, Ove I hundred c ivalry and tour puns, making an aggreg ate fo/co I of tbroe thousand two bundred Infantry, and. including ' the ferce at Harks villa and uS'.d as scouts, be had loss than t?ro thousand cavalry. Ou the fame day reports were ' brought iu that a strong force of the enemy was approach ? *a if. On the 3d, In tbe morning, tbe enemy msdo an at Its ok, and at noon Martinsbarg was prudently evacuated by our troops. Tbe store* had been sent away upon first flooring of the approach. I Ou the evening of J ulj 4 our troops occupied Miry land | lloinhts. After possessing Mart insburg the enomy immediately ocnimouce'l destrm lug the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, , and pushed their advance towards the Potomac. A small ? detachment oros3ed a*. i'oint o:' K cks. The main body, 1 however, cr ssed tbe river at ^hophcrdstown and Falling Water.*, a short distance below Willlamsport. This j movement placod the army o;ion the soil of Maryland and hi tbe county of Washington. On July ii the enemy advanced upon Hagerstown, and co the nest day Geo. McCaualand took pcmssloo, our I troops tailing back to Grecnoasile, Pa. As t-oou a,- the I town *.m of :u;ji<-d a dew; id was mido up in the inhabi |tar is to jiiv twenty tbous ind dollars. A meeting wax (sailed by the inhabitants .md tue money furnished. Fif. Vi n hut ;r .1 suits o! clothing were demanded and partly tiimfbid. Fifteen Hundred dollars were ai ?> | u! i h> ; rivuto i srt.i to suvo their property frcm destruction A lingo qi. .utttyof government bay and ciam kj' burned, u- we c t?l ? > the government stables. There were a few <<"? earned horses ana mules in the t?Tn ; 'jih they w re allowed to remain. Private proporty t*. is respected, no larnltiire was uselessly domoliiihed, if v.ere <1 ine t - prati' v personal s;pite. In iact.thi bebartorot the encniy w is junt the reverse of tbo bar ??in acc-edltcd to tliPin. At least my inquiry among the :: ) . ruM.-- icoi.- to that conclusion in tin general sommini: u? I propose to show the ?siln.ated (tauiajo d ie and plunder carried away. KrMU lif ?er^town the 1)0(5 v of the enemy followed the lerio'. pikt ( ti?. >>i <t ; were moving up fmm tho rlvc tue wti ii; ii rce massed at lioonosboro, and a t e moved dire' tiy tow ids tho city. viiilo!. totvn ;> i.t%y cl tlitnou hundred dollars wa? mado upna the iah ?.blic.Bts. - nil ub >ut three thousand dollars in uorxls take*. Along their tiBo of march t lie Msemy also iiestri,y??a i ho I'.e oiic>i and Paiterstown telo tfr.. .a, which follows tho pike har^een thoso pointa. ADCA.VCK I I'OJI HlKl'KHU'K. Ou the 7th ard ^ib .?i .1 oy the vanguard of Ibe reb^l fore mado its Urst d to . m ail >ti titmnst Frederick. The itioui.l troops then lu tne city marched out to m> et Chun, nud brisk sbiog ensued wi'd nud south vest of ti e city, itio i;fl irs wore attended with no Irs, 'in tant rti.ii s, both u. t?< cud- avorlnu to oblige tho other to dovelui' bin stri -n?ith, and on the lnglit of tho tit it w.i.. tliuu^ qi pr uJent lor our forces to find a belter posiii u. TUK 0?;> L I A I y l>F FRKIiRRICK. At six o'clcck oa tu> morning of July 0 the enemy n forco irf.ds an ad re u on Frederick, i cing pre nied Ira sin ill bodv l troops 10 IMl the Way. lii* tr<" ;>i who elite e'. tbe town vm"?o the couitnand of enerai 1 .fly . tho btu!) ot Breckinridge's troops not ?in n.; up until night, r ? n sma I portion of the cnetr.v una vd v the city, w ivi' tb< miin body was hurried it wardio pu' r. iit of ti n tr oops of Wallace, who bad vitli '.rairu tha ni^nt bt *e to ibe opp'islto side of the Mrn ciry river, three mi. ? i! .-t.tut. There lie drew up i c ot hittla to av. i ;n# uppro.icb of the enemy, lie had : ? t bwii iii ? in ?? it ion when the advance of he t ? j? ap;?ared, .i- i the action at cn< e commenced. ntillU ev ,u .ho site"! on mere wis heavy artillery . : -nil - -"try Urn.: \t t.i ' h 'ur tnent on??i a column of ? in .a I <t liyGoneral Cordoa n:.ide a charge in mass. This i..v n .? c.-u thie.w.eiir ir< np.s Into d'?" rder. and, iu' . ' suvp^ ro 1 th enemy was en ibled to lake ? m; i i f i. e at . ' uiiturti of men. larly, h w ?i, , o ic,: b it ;i him t distance with Ms tnam body, i, a c ? va.ry merely hen g S'Ot tu k,iep tip tbe apjioar ,i.<oi |.ur<jit. n V Ml T li.TT'r Of MON -CACT. Vhe lOf.-es i:i tl. - btiiiio el" Monocacy are estimated as ;\?th ii.l troops? Killed, 120, wounded, 3o0; prison '.fii'M t i'- ? jllcd.U'O; wuunded , f'60. in rehi i General Evauj was mortally wounded, and .id ? uo day u:ut tl: tiattlc. n . :i, a *asy*KNTS. H>ou after the uncnpailon of 1'rederlck, on the m<vniog Ibn vUU, ,.lan?r i .u uh , linwks, A lieu and Munt'-r n. tine, ou the part of lb" rebels, ordered tbo Mayor < f ibe city 'i. Cols in apiaar beiorelhem at tbeCity Uall, |.%n i of bm they msde a wruien demand l >r two bunlred thousand dollar*, in current lunds, as a bonus to Insure tbo pr<itcctiou of tbo city and its inhabitants. Mayor t'oie iimiieiliitely convened Ibe City Council and a meet ii.g of the prominent ell zens, at which an eflort was Uinde to piocure an nbaiem<>nt; but tbe rebels, being inexorable, stated very emphatically tbat tbe tnuo tor argument was past, aud that if tboir demand was uot imiiii-dliuelv compiled wi ll they would beip themselves. itter considerable cegotiaiioa an arrangement was I tflcct" d witb the nank* of tbe city to pay over the amount, the < oSncll promising to refund the sum the day latter tbo battle. oKSTRrcrio* oi ruauc morsBTT. All tbo gorerument stshirs and other public property In the city were destroyed, and tbe statloa house and other ouibulldlugs baKnigiug to tbe Baltimore and Oblo Kaiiroad <a>uipany at M' Oocacy Junction were destroyed by fire, and I ho iron raiirvad bridge materially damaged. ]n ibe vieir .ty ot tbe battle float a numlier o.' dwelling bouses and b ?rns were loured by, tbe shells. lu the battle of Monoca. y tbe enomy displayed Ibe larger port.on of bis strength, and tt was found tbat he fei:d more than tbe mere bandlul wblcfi was originally sup po?n<i. I Miring my recent tour through the ditiorent of tbe State 1 Inquired particularly con seruing (ho oompositioo of the invading (orce. TUS DUUKHICAI. STSKSOTB OS TBS SAITWSS As tbo result of my Investigations I find tbat the ?eeaiy wst divided into three coiussns or infautry , andcr i ??nerala i-arly and Breckinridge, and another column ot cuval v moii nved infantry, under (ienerai Me ans jund. With the in antry there were twelve pieers of ar tillery and inree with ibe eavalry (Hraxton's artillery), making ill aggregate of firteen MWM? Tito infanti y under Ka'ly and lire< kluridge, including tbe divisions I aud brlg nto?of t.enerals Gorioo , Kbodes, lUuisom, l.vat^ Vaughn, Uainney and ntiiers, command d by colonels, I also tbe artillery, made an aggregate lorce of about six l teen thousand. The cavalry and mounted infantry amounted to about tour thousand, end wen* ffSMMMafl by Mm, Jones. Imlm'en, t.ilm r, [Jfco This force, bowevsr, was mainly scattered over the country, driving in cattle, pleking up horse* and I committing other aota oi a similar oharaetor. It should, therefore, hardly be emhraeed in the lighting stn ngth ol I the enemc -till the full fnrne of the en?mv tbat crossed | tbe river was not ie's man twenty thousand. mat Tim mm* Tbe withdrawal of our forues towards BaliitnO'e opened the way to the enemy In his designs against Washington, tillmor, with about A'ter-n hundr'.il mounted In 'ii riioveit noribeaat to Westminster, and tbenee overran the co'in ties is H iltim <re and llariurd, cnttlng tbe railroads. Tbe Infantry, under larly and Brack tnrldge, moved down tnd I Hoik Villa pike towards Waahingtoa. Th-dr operations |4liere will lie lonnd la MMtttf ii?npalth AX oanmi runs i.knkrai Hr-rrrs. After the evacuation of fMMN Qt) l>y the rebel*, and Its renccupati in by our force?, the po^i e ?m?BSi dam J addmesnd a oommonicatlnn to Generni Hunt T. whirit ?iioited tbe follow lug reply. This reply has been jmb? lished and nlrculated among tho eulicns w d Is s enpy ? Oma Pro'.ort Mansiut., \ Frw hi, k, ?d., July 22, 1804. f The Mlowlng order has boon received at this post ? llR*nuu*iri( Bs, PariaTaaitT Wasraita ViaotJtti, I . ? nA2*m?'?. Faaav. Jui* ii 1^4. ? Majer John J \ at.iorr. rirst Maryland P. ||. B. lufantr/, Commanillng Oilicer, Krednrlek. Md ? V > ios- Yoiu CO mil <1 nutation o# 'his 4ate. relating to per Sena in Frener k ? ltv. Mil , hevlm -poline.I out to th? Sstiala dui Ing their late raid the property of Union iltisens, and otherwlnn mtnlfaated the'r aympathy with thnanamy, |t< been submitted to the Major naaawi r-*minanding the isaartmeiit ra reply, he dlrsets tbat rott arrest at once all persons who ?V known h Onion cHI/en-i to *avc gt?en iiooh u*f?raiatV*?, and i? aeo'l llm u, with ib' ir fuuulM*, iu um p a. '?*? f " '?* u *"?' i. tliai i ,e iuul**? be Mint to the " *" ?risO" hi vvi.r i hii . wVi.i Virginia, and ibeir famUli" ou I our 11 M Sot 1 1. \ on will a< i/a lliair liuuwn, tJ i>? I**'-? ? >i Unapt:**. kOi pi union a :??a and ator?uoua?*?, and i V ,ov?rn m-nt purpose. g.-uri* ly. Tlinir /uroiture 101 will Iihip a >:it a: pu'iita K .cllon for t'l* benefit of l!llos WUWIU ?if i' c tovrn wb'i n >1*11 to have auileied Ion uf pruuer tj* ' ro n n 0"n.>l ni given bv the?? iiernnti* The Mainr (ii-uei-ul cimiininitio* further direct* that alt nisi* bKc *>ioel?la ill KirdrrisK, wilta their fatu Ilev nnat b? ? ni 1 .e .11 unc'f. 1 00 will make me aaiao diapos.lioe of h-l' h/.u? -i a- t furniture a? has been directed a!re?d. In in t< le't- r fur ih'* 11 nine* a?d furniture o" those ?h'i li^ro or" >n iim u the property of U'l'utl wen. lain, M-'jor, . 017 respect! ully, your oixtdioot s-rsant. I*.' U. lit RU. Assistant Adjutant Oeueral. To pre enl Infliction of s'lcli punishment as in speciBod 11 the aim * order, It w orderc ' that every piaie culzan ?I this town, and thit ? orti'.u or Frederick 0 iunty Ivlng wiih n the omits of thn Department of West Virginia, sh !i a|i.-"?r at this o!1ce between the hours of eiiiht o'cl >ek A. M. and Ave o'closk P M., beginning on the ?fith d i* of Juiy, 1884, and endirnr ?<? tlie 3'rth day of Inly, tK?4, md subscriho to nn oath of allegiance to the uove'rnment of the (Jolted state*. In default of this ap pearing and swearing allegiance to the national govern mont. all persons inus falling will be regarded as secee Mioul-its *ud treated as directed iu the above order. JO IN J YKI.i.OTT, Maj T commmding print nnd Provoat Marshal. ?SUMATKH (IK liaMAI.K POKK KY TIIK INVASION. The fol'owlnir cat I mated have be? made upon informa tion gathered tr >m responsible and advised persona The o-tlmves ire as accurate ap the short time In which lliey were colle -ted would allow. In some instances I do not mention the damage in dollars, having been requested not to do so 'or business reasons. I will first mention lossos BU-taiiid by raliroid, canal and telegraph companies; second, Die losses by counties, and , last, a general esti mate, which w ill iuclude cattle taken, damage to pro perty and supplies consumed for lood: ? Phtind-lphia. Wi miug/on and li'i'tvnorr Railroad. The damage sustained by this road was ab .'it three buudred feet or theGuupowdcr bridge, e-timated #5'i OHO ieu p3S-"?nger cars 20,000 Two haiiKai-'o cars 3.0^0 Two endues 80.000 Kxpcnse replacing track 3.000 Misceliaueouii 1,000 Total $107,000 The water tank Hiid Ftatiou housi were not destroyed, nor wan the duutage extended to other [tortious of the road. Northern Central Railfod. Fatimate of damaje su?taincd by the Northern Tentral Knilroad: ? Five hundred feet of bridging $&0,0<>0 Track, cars, Ko 1<>,000 Telograph '-'.'i!) Loss of trade 34, T O Total damage flOO.OOO The tra ^k wns torn tip about tlve inilos. not continu ously, but in spaces, from several hundred yards to Kindle rails taken out. Tho cars destroyed wore prin cipally coal cars, laden. Jialtimore and Ohio Pailmnd This road snlered to the extent o' s^ven bridges, In cluding those known as the. Monocacy, Harper's Ferry, Opaquam, Biclt I'altereou and the I'iiiar bnd -o at Mar tlnsbtirg. F-'ur miles of track between Harper's Ferry and Martinsburg, Monrovia and several other stations were also destroyed, as well as the road wires In about fifteen places, about two or three poles at a time. This road lost uo rolling stock. T-U-jraph Umi, The damage done the American, i'eoples' and Indepen dent lines or telegraphs may bo set down at $3,000, exclusive of loss of business during the interruption of communications. Frederick and Ha.'erstown Telegraph, twenty tlve miles in lensth, goce. cost to- replace the damages one thousand dollars Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The damage done this channel of trud<' was the An tie. tam Aqueduct, twelve rnilos west of Harper's Ferry. Tbo aqueduct is a stone structure. The piers are r>till standing; but in the bottom and sides have been forced luri," openings. All (he locks between Antietim and Wil lUmsnort were rtoatrcyeJ or injured, lloyond Williarat port the damujre was light. Hotween twenty ftud thirty boats are said to have been destroyed. tones b\ oocmiks. The counties bordering upon the l'olomtc and in the western sections of tho State have been the greatest sir ? ferers by tho invasion. Cemnicoctug at the east, the hint couuiy is Harfcrd The numbor of horses taken oil' was about ope bundl ed, valued at $10it ea<-h $10,000 Miscellaneous, including private proporty fi,uoo Total $15,000 This county sintered less than any other subject to the 1 resouco of the enemy. Ji<illimore Count}/. noi-i?*8 taken 300. nt $100 eicb $30,000 tight hundred bushels whe it destroyed at C ek eyuville 2,0C0 Private property 6.000 Miscellaneous 6,000 Total $42,000 Carroll County. This county suffered little, iu consequence of timely notice or tlie* approach of me enemy, l'cu thousand dollars will cover everything Frederick County. Tbo visitation of the enemy tipon 'tfcis seetlnn was more severe than in any other portion of the Mate. Thelol lowiug is considers ! a fair computation ? ("ash wri i >p u cltizMM of Fredwriok, $900, ( 0 Smaller town* of the couuty 2,000 Fifteen hundred horses. KiODCn WnoHMWH 10,000 Damage to private property, about 10.000 Total $372,000 !Ta hiug'oti CuuHly. The eastern districts were the un!> suflercrs, and may bo estimated as follows ? Cash levied aud paid rvs ransom $23,000 H ts?s taken M0. at $100 e&ch 50,000 Private proporty 10,000 f'lscellaueous 2,000 Total $&>.000 I.K.NKKAL UrilNaiBH. In sammtne ap wh^t I have already montionel 1 flad au Hrfgregate a-- follows: ? I 'hiladeljitiia, Wilmmgtcn nud B ilt'more HR, ... . $ 1 07,000 Northern ( eutral Kallrond lU0,0'jo Waltiuioio mid (>Ut;? P. . liond, th' < road being Jpngost occi.;ned, s y 400 000 Telegr iph lines 4 000 C'li ' ake ai rt Ohio Canal 1 o,<'0') U&rford county 16,0*10 Baltimore county 4'2,O0" Carroll county '... 10,000 I re lenek county C"2,0iK) Washing! )t> county bb,tiu0 Kfctimnted vuiue of supplies t- .n-utueu aud wnstel 100,000 Food tor horses 2fi,0?o I uina e io feocs* and fsims (small) 2".0.000 I our thousand cattle, at f,;o each 120,000 Mieep and Uog" 60,000 Miscellaneous p'l.uder 2W/.OO0 ToUl $1; 030,000 i oMitMir. It i* iinie ce?sary to theori-.e I uave visited a'liheooun ties invailed i j Ifipes ot ? ecurin;- at least an approximation ot tho diiuaro d< ue a*id plunder committed hi the ene my. I have given UM result of mv inquiry and obser viition briefly aud p'sini* . The Invasion was the result ot ml1^ 'management on the part of our ott cers, and ?? us ?ot onslualiy contemplated t?y the enemy wnen he took his departure Irom the rebel capital. It we wish to avoid a rojietltiMi of this disgraceful and nnaecestury exierl em-e, the doorway to Maryland, the 8hen?i.d"aii valley, aue iid be entrusted to resp' nsible genera hip. Our Washington Correipondraer. Whshihotos. .luly 23, 1SC4. triCXT i t KONT00MERT COLMV. Th* limits of Montgomery county. Maryland, estend from tha District of Cotumh.a to KHlcott's Mills, thence along the Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad to Mcunt Airy, thence to Ci nrsd'i ferry ou the Potbmac, and from there along the rlvtr to f-'eorgetown? embracing an srea ot about one thousand square miles, with a cording to th* laat census, of elghtreu thousand thre* huudted and twenty-two. The whole of tbia county, with the other portions of Maryland bordering on the Potomac, was pillaged by the rebels, almost impoverishing it ss rcgirdi> borte?, ? ami* sod mercantile establishments. no -as os rsa sarsHcwns A trip tbro<t|h the plundered aslghliorbood well re pays the visitor. In the evidences of rebel main easily, and Impresses indelibly the r*i>eatsd le?son which border rebels have been so late .to learn. Not withstand. ug the hitler c\periencea of 18*2 and 1*68, Maryland secessionist* still bogged the hope of another visitation from tb*lr Southern brethren, snd gleefully looked forward to another season when th* bouses of thslr nslghbors should be itf>p"B'6 and themselves, triumph antly wok-itulng the ? bivalry, s*curo In person, chattel* and fame. Tbscblva'ry eaate, In numbers osusl to tb* m. st ssrg ilne expeclsltous, rotnfortlng the hearts of the faithful wr a vision* of rstribution upon the deapired I'niou men, and returned agnB to Virginia, leaving bit* terne-'s in the cup of Us fr eads, acd for their songs of wslcims the doleful refrain, 'Verily, the invader I* no re?(?i ter nf )iei sons. ' Not a bamist tn the county s* c*i?d the notit* oi the thieves, no plan Ot sympathy for thn rebellion prot ed a sal guard to proiterty. rmonlst* and rebels have snlr r?d alike, exesi t that the latter, in addition to 'h" r losses, hsve left to tlism the morttllca ti iu aud t.h.igr.n of vicums to misplaced confidence. TH* PXWMllt TO ft tl PIM.S *MP C*??fS The. principal damage dot* t buildings and crops waa In the Immedime vicmiiv of Fort tjtsvens, along the turn pik* loailmg fr*in Washington to R*ckvW*. Where th* rebels mad# thsir Brsl ap;>eavance In front of the de fence*, a number ?f their sh?r|ishooters occupied tbe h 'U*c<>, annoying our men In the forts very severely. These were burned by our treO) s, snd na our skirmish ers advanced other* were flred, until about a do, -en were deatroyed. 9*veral were badly damaged by shell, and ransacked by the troops located about them. Fence* I were torn away and burned, crops trodden Into the earth, snd a considerable tract of Isud burned over, In- I volving la the 'oe* harvested grMn, timber, and one or two houses and barns, which otherwise would hare e?. raped destruction. Tlie section thu* devastated e;f>. brace* an area of nbo'it five square mile*, and sustaiu>.<d a loas of not lee* than aeventy-flvn thousand dollar*. ma i am st -t mssp is Tan vii.uma or sit.vsa srxiio. Silver Spring, a small village two mlln* beyrt-d, loat about five ttWMM dollars, including U"* uMtaging of s'orea, nrlvite deelllnca, b'sc -"?!'* ' e. Of tbe Watr mansion. a mvai'tl -ut brick \lructur*, notUiog rfniios but craokr.1 wa.':g u..i a tie*,'1 debris T'o sbidetreo* art* scorched and dvtnr.ib,' ornament" in the I*m u dmligurel, aud ibo grass and ^n.'i ??'? rapid!* disappearing un-ter tha tread :? o<1 puferiug i t manv vi-l Ioth. All of the ou'b it'diiig?, h.iv , grain, wn'e d^ irwl, limiting Mr. ituir's loss "to tbulr thouu aud do'<ara krcsn Silver Spring to Hock vine there Is little t^ on tbe visitation of au tnnv. lu a leuv piece ' 'h<> I nc.w w-re thrown d?wa. un l the edsree of th? fl -id ^ ci'D ami cat* ehmg the road irampiod a little, b it l *>? damage done is vory insignificant. lu fun ih<s Is to* c throughout the Stale. Tho onomy brought cooked lallom., roquirod ui< (Iioh, lou -had 110 lauot>4 or tram. and left the i?opls t i ooraidain of itotmng except the loss of horses, caille, goods, Hod, iu a few instaui oh, clothing. Al'l-KtltANI K av HOOK VI U.S. Rocgvltle, the county seat, with a pnmi!ati?n nf about twelve hundred, Is pleasantly located on a eentle slope, shaded hv ancient locusts, Mid bright with rich lurf and Hiimmir flowers. The old Kuglisb Court tin me has a lo.elv aptwarance, verv like a.iall. The hole's lira illnirjr, tumble down etructuree; the stores dark nnd di-ty, and ttin bouses, with lew exceptions, wear a faded, decepld lo It. that seems to doty innovation. Tbe inhabitants aro iihout equally divided in sentiment, the secessionists ra indenting ihoir ri bol sympathy iu a thousand ways that irrlt ite the loyal, but uot sufficiently to bring thrm to puDidbmeut. T1TK fOSs A-fc ROCKVtM.ll. The lo?? sustained bv Rockville is comparatively small, amounting to only about (10, DUO worth of goods taken from the stores. 'lhe people genoraliy throughout the villaae aeamed to regard the visit of the rebels -is they would u circus or ttavollin'j menagerie? rather eirpen at\ e, but a "tuightv line thine for excitement.'1 TH* V ??( AT tlARyMOWN. T>artiestown , nine miles from KuckvMe. composed of half a do // ri old bouse*, lost %'i 500 fr<dn its sto os. Nine miles further us l'oolesville. Alony tiie roads lb - fences and crop* are unharmed, the robots I'tavlng little or no iraco of their niirch. Our own troopa, however, wbo bivouacked near the town, did much damage, deatroyiug fences aud sovcral arrea (>f fine oats and corn. Tint UAMAGK HONK AT POOI.KSVIU.K. l'oolesville sustained the heaviest loss of anr town In the county, tbe oueiuy taking from the Btoros goods valued at Alteon thousand dollars. The blacksmith shops were also riflod of tools, leavins tbe workmen with little to do ar.d nothing to do it with. At Ibis place a sharp '-Ureal? h was bad between the cnomv'B rear guard nnd our ad vance. and a number of the rebels killed and wounded. The inhabitants have not yot rocovorod from tbe,r fi inht, ami regard any stranger, with suspicion, believing the country to lie full or straggling florae thieves, and every wall dressed man a rebel in disguise. Just outside tbe town, tin a desolate, barren knoll, stands tbs gallows of the spy hung last wort. The cattle have trodden down the grave batwe*-n tbs pasta, aud the pine headboard, without name or dale, is ra pidly stoking into the earth The scene is most Itnpres.ive wonderfully suggestive or old romances, mid Is a terror already on dark nights to big and little folk* who believe >n ghosts. TIIK t.OsSM At OIHI.H IPWffS Rarne8ville. an obscure little village, lost from Ita stores tbrce hundred dollars, and iltn keysville one hundred itid fifty. So it is with till tbe town* throughout tbe county; but, boing very small, their damage doe? not exceed a low hundred. Thero are some complaints of clothing being Btolen, but the losses of this character are Com paratively insignificant. HURTS Attn cArn.K TAK1V from ms rvil'*rr. Tbe principal loas sustained by the county is in horses and cattle. It IB impossible to accurately <*!nnato the number taken, the oolv mentis of judging of tbe captures being a comparison of tho statements of tb.'se w ho savr the herds ol' cattle and horses pus* down to tbe lords. A careful examination of these leads to the conclusion thai tho robels could not have t.ikea out or the county Ics" that two thomiud horse' and twenty-five hundred cat tle. These were going through l'oolesville tor twenty-four hours in large herds, and were hurried across tho Poto mac at live iillerent fords. A tew cows and old oxon re main, aud occasionally half a do/en good beeves arc seen, but these aro rare. Kvery device was adopted to save horses, some hiding them In their houses aim dollars, t >uo man in IVinlesville hid his horse In a tailor giiop, uml although the rebels bivouackcd around it two days, suc ceeded in saving it IIKWtV'T I0"? or M'LITARY TKIXHUFO LtWfR. The military telegraph from Washington lo Frederick was badly damaged, requiring n t lesa than ono tb u?aiid dollar? lor its repair, ilie telegraph from xVaKhington to Raltimnre was very slightly In. ureil, a lew hours auUlciug for its repair. I.OS* t* TIIS 1 'Of NTT A carefu' examiu ition <>f tho county aiul comparison of tbe ftvteaionts of Oi? inhaOitaoti jusliflaa tbe belief that the county has lost nearly, ir not quite, live hundred thousand dollars. Tbe following statistics bnve been collected from all quarters, and indioato tho amount of j damage done as nearlv as can bo al taitied ? lianiage to bouses, fencos, crops. &ic. , io the Im mediate vicinity of the defences f 7 .('00 ^'r. IJIalr's loss.. 30,000 J.ogs at Silver Spring in goods, blacksmith's tools und other property n.OPO Rockville. do., do lO.ut.O | Darnnstown, do., do i! ,6'K) j l'oolesville, do., do 16,000 I Rirnesville, do , do i-tio j nuc.keysvilia, do. , do 10 I t'lothing taUeu throughout the county 1,^00 j Stops plundered of tools tbrnachoat tho couoty,. 500 IKt-triictioii of fences and crops ?principally by our own tronjiH 0,000 ! Military telegraph 1,?.i00 Two thoiNand horso:' , appru ed at an average value id $12i"> each 2 0.000 Iwenty-Qve tiuudrcd aatileat I ' i each 8T,r,t:o Total f 4i0,b.'i0 Mil, IT AH V A FA 1 US. Opening 01 (he INtxv lleaidquartera on like Battery. Tlie new recruiting quarters of tbe County Rouo'y Committee were formally opened on tbo Battery yeiter- i day irornlng ot eleven o'cick. The inaugural ee rein o. i ii .ca were afipropriately con dueled by Supervisor Blunt, | under whose direction the bui'ill1 gs were erected. Tbe buildings are atni'e and are well awaited to the purpose for which they were <te-igncd beiog one hundred by Qfly iet*t,one atory liiab and thoroughly ventilated. At eleven o'clock a sttlnio of one hundred guos was fired aad the Stars and Stripe* displayed from the front or the building. Tiie b.U't played Uto Star Spangled Banner, which was responded to h> the audience whic'i had ii??emh'ctl, notwitti t. ic ing tbe in ?meucy of tne weather, to witr ( ?e the open ng i he sa-iors on the vc ? se!s lying oil' the Battery inoimte ! the r.tgtng aud ice pon 'ied iu stentorian checra to the . rowd on shore. be proximity of tbe new giia'tcis to OWe Gar den. it is thought, will result in the e: !is ? nicnt of large numbers of emigrant!, wbo c.n treat dlrectiv with the authorities hi charge, and thcrvbj avoid the swindling operations of the bounty broke a. Several e,f tht ve foreigners made aup!i< ition yesterda m'-rning. bat hail to be K?nt to tbn Park to lie niustcred in, no raustering officer was on hand lo peilonu lhat d;jtv ifr tieorge Ku-terwul have chief eharpe, ntider Mr. Blunt, of tho new olllre, anil it is ex peeted that the basi nets of recruiting wit be much brisker than it has been in tbe old quarters io tbe I 'ark. Orcattlzattlon of a New Regiment. Colenel Buckingham formerly of the Seventy-first regi ment, has received authority trom Governor Seymour to < rgani/e a new reg ment in tliiP city, to be known as the Ore Hundred and h'ightjr-tblrd New York Volunteers, and t" be crrdltod in the quota of New York city under the last call tor troopa. The order of the Governor bss Been ' approved by tbe War Iievat tment. and the Colonel ia san guine of being able, in a lew weeks, to fill up the regi went to the maximum number required by law. Brooklyn military Srwi. rn LINti Till. gCOTA BY FAMITINO NKUROKS. A meeting of the Kings county Board of Supervisors Is to be bed today for lhe purpose ef taking into con sideration tbe propriety of sending agents to the border States, or as far sa practicable ltlo Tennessee and Geor. | gia, for the purpose of recruiting negroes, with which to aid id filling the quota of this county. Between sis aad sevan thousand men are required, and it Is contended hy tbo>e who claim to know tbat one thousand and per hapa two thonaand men can thus be secured between this date and the time tbe draft if crderrd to take p.a^e So far ab' 'it three hundred substitutes have been ac cepted la tbe Third Congressional District alote, which baa kept surgeon Dougherty, of the Provost Marshal's office, as busy as be could be during the hours devoted to examination. Tbe naval rendesvoua has been fairly overrun Tor a week past, and many more could be pasted If tbere was as additional surgeon. Tbe amount or money obtained ca the loan anthorired by tbe Board of Super visors, some time sinee, having become nearly exhausted, the Bounty Committee yester day secured 060,000 witb which to continue paying boun ties (or relieving drarted men) until tbe entire loan au thorized can be negotiated. i'ereasre' Inqsaeata. Till HiTCHWjIT CASttALTT IN ANN PTH1KT- 1HI aokntop i iik BriLPron cknucikd. Coroner Neumann yesterday held an Inqueet on the body of James A. Greene, tbe maa whoso death *?? tbe result of iniuries received by failing through the batcb way of premises No. 4u Ann street, on Sunday mernrng, as published la yesterdsy's Hasatn. The svideuce showed Ibatthe batchea had all bren left opes Paturday uisbt, contrary to order?, and furthermore tbat the batches were in an unsafe tradition It dlt net ap| tar who owns the building, but a Mr A v re* is acting as agent for the owner, lu their verdict tbe jiv y find ''Mr Ayrea to be censurable for allowing tbe batMiwsys of the building to?be In a|dauaeroua condition " l:e-e*rfd waa forty four years of age, aud a aatlve ot Ireland FATAT. RKSbf.T Or SKTt.AIK-|NO. On Triday night Mlchaei Kieraao, a eoydter absent frrm bla regiment on fnrlough, aud his frie'itt , John R. Kcklee, got into a friendly scuffle at No. 2'Jl t.resl Thirty eighth street, and while skylarking kiernaaf attempted lo oarry Kcklei acroaa tbe room un his ba<-k. In doing so Kleraa'a fell forward, and, airtking bl? heart Tieavliy on the floor, ruptured a blond vessel, t'aralysi^'uiicrvened, aud death ensued on Sunday. Coroner Kanw <y yesterday held an Inqiioal on the body, aud a verdiut of "l>eath irom paraly sis, mused by the injiirtea recoiWed," wes rendered by tho jury. FOUND PRO'# NED. An inquoet was held yeatery ay by Coroner Collin on the body of an unknown man, about thirty-live year* or ago, who was found floating In tf.e dock foot of Dover street, last river. Deceased ?V| about five feet sis inches in height, aud bad dark b'.own butt and whltkora around the chin. He had cn d',rk purple pantaloon ?, gray vest, blue checked roualm ,trt. gray woollen undershirt and heavy boots. Decf aeil bed haoi iq IUJ water but a lew I days. ti ! :: pi; f:si lm;ivcy. Onr Mngar . f. Mils Correspondence. I VIK.IN tTIOS.lL ll'irrn., ) Ni?OiKA Kiuj, July 23, lo. 4. f lushion a?<! lUstu., ,<u-.:;r, u r> ,u,*t-V10>* -#?r i no? Hoe of It.iy ?,4 I, arrest FuUb?Omp on i in doibal iv '-rt ? 7 Ac Canthdalu A'amed fur Ih ? CA?*e Connvlvm-T^ fivt, ft n-tw-m MoCldlan, /mn.iuinit un J I'tvcmiir Sfi/inourt ,fc,, ifo. rUU MBtKKM Ar r',l( There are at lt<e present nmo sojournin? to e-o from tftfbt hmutred to one thow.M:a et.^ors, viewing the w fdore of nature en joy inK lbe cool breeze al way* to be round here during tb? bonle<t tejm Thoy ,r# abn.t Welly divided het?ee,i the fat-.r?ot, Into..* tional t*ad CiUton Hou.e a Urge number Lave Uk?m rooms for tho eoaeon, while j erbr.p9 lie majority only epnnd from two It, four or five ,:av?, aLd then poti ou to other faflb*?mble resorts ; or. rath. r, to ,;o farther and fare worse. Jho Cataract r.uu Clifton are both kept by their old proprietors, ud the ? ,* u? ,.?rt;eul*r e!iu>(? | from former seasons. lUe international ha* cbanged , hands, aud with it ban come a dee ded improvement, not only for the cnm'ord, hut enter lain meat of tut guusta ! The Queen of Fashion big on,* more ast-sried b-f powor. The balls and parlors of the uoteU nnd tlio wal s about the Full* prosent a lively eccve, vielng ev in with the rainbow in tho mist of the Falls their display of the numorous colors. /II o^uscr. a-o repress t d fr?m I the highest to the lowest-: ho politician-, as well as the omip?arios of rebeldom and oscaccd jiul hiida, as well as ' numerous officers formerly in the reb. I fcurvlce. Kt-i ,y j all of theso remain on the Canada : itlc. With tbota aio officials of tho Canadian government Hor?',.inj; ptov sure and recreation in sitjhtoftho rosrlug, foam'tig mid j tumbling Niagara. Tbere are seveial New Yorkers at the Clifton House; but tho greater portion at that holej are Southerner?, Europeans and Canadians, and u foreign air appears to be character atic of the pi ice. On this si ia Amor, can fuces, style and fashion reign bupreiijo ^ almost unmolested. Tha politicians and wire pullers all soom to prefer the Atmosphere or tne | Can ad i side to ti>i* Whether tbU. Is for Hie reason tin. I the rebel representative* are thorn or not I am unable t(J say. Greeley, Hay atul Jewell, however, made their hoadqnarterd on tUis mile ol the groat river, As.dn from those hut fow prtlticiaas are seen among the crowd of beauty and fashion. great i.ponaar. A great deal has been said about th? waut o!' rslo, but no person can realise the real nsed of it through the country from Mow York city hero but those who tnvu seen tlio real condition of tbe crops, Tbo sprints crops, and even the grass swra to be wlltl ig under In otrocte.'an I imluss there ie rain ?oon,oata corn ard other sn- in. gr -in will prove allium a failure the pastures nro as ary and almont fice from n green thing ao tbe f ilie i oalt loaves of niitumu. In many ^'icesthe farmers wero actually reed ing their cattle with the bay thai they were cutting. Spark.* from the lo.-omotivos fall into the dry stubblu and sv.cep over tho fields adloialr? the railroad, carrying Ivticos und all with it. Tho wiofer wheat through \y e.H trn New York is looking well and has uu sullored to uitich from thu drovght. WAN! 0!' H?K"K.<r UAVf.3 Tbe farmers find it the groatest trouble to ^et narvest bands. Many wh'-at fields ata r aniitng uute.-.ched wn ch ought to have boon gathered a w?-ok or ten divsai;o. In othi rs oue man would be at wortc where a do/in ire needed, in many places tbe women were in tb? Geld at work, taking the place <>' llieir hui'taiidn <ua brotiit rs who are now lighting tlia battl?s oi our country. iiu? noarcity of holj. is proving a sermon .iraiv back. I'he : wheat remains standing so long thet it lo-og ruuc't or its [ value. The consequence i. that tho (iour will boo' a lli'htorand |>oorer .piality toan (?tUrw,-e. i rora tfce? ? indications it looks as tho .kh it v? eld he no easy taek lor the rural districis lo till the'r quota ; u^d.?: tr. : last toll for fivelindrod thousand t;<'n The rural d Is ti icts will loci Ih* draiu (ar more lUar. thoci'.i; -. i'RRSllilMUl ,, j^K Tho polltlelfins or jit; var?!c* n st now oa t!ii jv i nif? no:ie more so thau tb"?e of tie dwru cri'i, party lltey are ? n every train of 'ar . < . i f- ?i ui; d. recti ?' s" and hard at wot It. The deroo. rt, ? . n twith: landing ctey I. a'. ?> no candi IhIc m minnio l, are reJIy do ug more than tbe republicans. Itej ere or (ranixmg clubs, clrtuiatlng!? nmom the lot>orin-rlis?es,aiid.tnfaet,+-.-dti-2 t;!ra them to talk with them. They. In this war, 8r? working un a lowtiol i nd ruiirrenf ;.g- r t ttid Abe. by ahow,.. ? u,? j eifi-et ol the high i>ri?,?-- an 1 magni m:- ; al tl:.- ' vis'that will i' .m< Minn tiio lab . rj tucn tuo r;- ut V "-e I i.ii-t.-- aro tv. isti d aud ti me,i ii t every thai n I to worlt :.poij tlie'ir niindi- that ev.i, o.k t, . - v n'i, j have b -n a. ?iMorr.ed te :,ei ho,*.. , n |ot ? ground, wtl' be l r;v? i. miuer ? - h U t.rtc-.s i. ? I ! < vy taxatiru. id put up willi ? r.<otii In - ??y a at ?>l. tliolm-. ?rt.'IM. ???;.??? !\? y t t.f r 0, . - ? v\ ive at tbe poll*, I- heio':- wt?r-?i?l u; i !iu is : a'ri.iig the in i. ->?>?? a torai but lit- *,<. ???!??;; V.'.> I olitu'tani in tlioir own oounclls tu t . t! |- . ? ->r. I thjuie. t l* CANDtM rn /!>:< ' tl;( i ;. . I bave heard nothing said ii nvor c.l *"'?< '.ellM r am ir the itolitlcians at the t'l ft- u lit ??. r e i <? i o' er the demoeracy who gather tt:<- n seem to n i i>.i, inspiration from the Southerners, who are V . ro In larpe numbers, or. at least, t , pen toero f very d-'y or two, as t>iey dojg-? I k aud furl : tli:ori'h Caouda, aud migrate Ijetv en Mi i treat 'I i t tlio I' alts, su t'athuru.e 5pi.o a a: U Win?.?i r! opi 'si'e li? ti'i?lt. 'li e names that uie mc.-t | ?r It; .,r tb?'o nie*Md:irri 1 lllmore, Frank Pierre, Pcan un > tii u, (]" ? t-rnor .'?"i'vmoiir, and Til' mas M y.iiuur, of l"' utt' i .'. I' l'teild nt l'i?rce's ra ue Jiss bO' i exter ? vely t. k'?r e in cennjptton with the t bicag" n. mm .not. ?> i i rboNMa HafBotrtk Millard ruiabora'a iuun? baa not br?ii niviitioned ar mi, eh here a m B<i. ( njd 4* j aris i>t the >tate throng!' which I hav > pi .-?j. rt? intel'lgence from the tvest ropt'esents f ov, liiotir ban, sun e bin movement In ragurc u. '.ne rui ,uc mcii t f tne II ? #"/ ? ' nud ? u ? ,>r\ ? / r. III,, I r. ?. rr ? V among tne inace mna of that loc. ilty. Kt.l'res.arnt cbaoan appoan- to have taken u;> i>on, a. a?nr lug to eterc.-e h'? ltliuence In the p iluical (i ? ? lu. I lull N'ew York I bavu h -srd sevor.ii I .:t., ??- t J . ? tkey bava nn a kiitar from him recommend ;? an ! ir" fa i i; ginf, the imninallon ot Jungee tmiiF" s.' iu n' || ? I .'it"<l >iatcs f>'inreiite ' imri, tor Preside: t, a-.d Yo. ? h es, nf Indiana, for Vice l*residerit. tt % ev t thi" this i.-- tl-e way the .1 ?t.?e Nelson n.o vet, r t >- ? i r t ? Iberels no use in deny log tbi- - t.-iiiiat thn r.ovemeot for the nomination oi J -e <n r.iei.m e<j i dauv -a:niug strength among tne n.iliHei ius His nam'- t? ? < ? , ri c r mentioned in this r"i,lu-ctlon with th? Athany p . h i, an' kn >wu as the tlcgency but tbe jt liti 'iat' tr ta |.i>r par's of the ;-rate arc talking ahou: mm , ana nv r<> )f, l???ns are ?' r.hi rig that they will "o tor him u l.e'tbt i this is for ih>' pnrp.. e ol getting tne demoi rut- (o r ou n ale blm, thinking that he can he wvre eosny U??tvii than some one elae, or a in earnest for him, I leave u 'or tia?a and circitoslsures in d-clde. The 1 aintnan . H 01 poliii elans are in in<?t c ,*?s ror b m, lor tbe rras< n, a? ttiey state, that ba has always been for them against Ho/art and has alwayr ro"shl tho Ftegency on that poiut. The most extensive prugr'smme and |irobab<y th? stronces: that is talked over, is tbe nomination ot M f'loi lao for Preainenf. at Chioaao, and Lucius Robhison, jircseot f'omptrollr or the State and elected by the republicans, as the democratic candidate for <lo? ernor. ^ All admit this to be a combination not emily beaten. Comptroller Hobiason arrayed him sell against h s own patty last winter, at Albany, on the llnan-'e que Men. and m ire especially agaxst t^a fight on tbe banks and stronglv urged tbe iiaymeot of tbe in lereat ou ine -tate debt in gold. H-s m>roiaation. it is thought, will carry to the nppoeitlon at leist oue third of the rep'tbltca* party, ard make this ?tste a?re ror tbe nounuee of Ibe ?h, ago ' anventloa, If bo ia not placed upon a too extreme platform. 1 he masses of ine opposition party are for HcHetlan. and all admit that mere enthusiasm can be got up on hie name than any otb?r; but the poiitlciana went some one ?I"*. It >? very evident they reali7e that they cam net u?e lie' >line as the* want to. and ore tbereiore trxmg tbetr bist tu work up some other caadidate. The Wood peece lauiua o; your city are doing all tbey nan agam?t ''Jjltle Mac." Every one of tbo Peace stats ' cmraittee who visited New York eame beck, aiier ibey have held tbeir n^atmc. with their ? oiiit Iaiu? sgs Drt Me' leliae. showing tbe inllu ence of tl.'.?e fs.i.ibiais in your <it? against that galiant oilier A creat deal depends, therefore, whether the ve> e of tbe mssaes or the politicians sre al. powerful at < hicago. ti tbe former kh tjiallaa will be the latter, Pcan Richmond. Seymour or some man. who I as been an aenre politicians, will he trotteo om A.? the matter stsnds now It longs si tbo tgh tbe content really Mm d between Mel lel'.an ana K .i bm< td fn*?vsnttof another week miij , however, tuin It ah lb ere is n- m^takiag the fact that the peacc sent) menis are g>. u i>g truurd Not tbe j.e*ee idea ot ler L'?t(lo Wo n, tur the dame* racy everywhere, as ? <oa as Wood's name i? m'nitoree, declare tktt be is in league wnti I taenia and they designate b's movement an the WmhI i.inmia par??. From all ing-.catiens there is a faeong i?f'.?iDg duwc that tbey want no long platform at t h'i .igo v m|tlv rrsoiutiona atlMk ng l.icci ,n ua one et two Tr. net able points and tbe Btmioation of a man whose reran) is platform enough. as I havf *'r*jdy telegraphed, tbe reb" emissariei de ? lare tktt tl ey prefer Lmcn:a to McClellan Tn -jr ressm lo this is, or tb-y assert, tbey are sum to ga'n tb< ir indep- ndeiui I Liucoln la re eio ted thai the war w,!l he e/irt .e l on with hia burgling mismanage meat uotn the people of tbe North become disgusted and a revoiuliti. will follow, which will make their *m> cess cert lilt, wuh Men,n,B lB lhe Whilo House they fear a bold mnve i n hie part that will tuts tbe Djassee agsinst the lesoers of tbe ttouth and eause a general stam|?ede, leaviig-Vbe leaders in tho 8o >tbern ctofede reoy in the lutrb. They want eome |>eru>o nom.catcd *? Chicago who will, If elected, operate tbrmjgh the load ers, and not lor the rank and Olo. probably to aave tbe rebel cblera rrem ? migrating or the baiter. Tble ta about rs matteis staud w among the out- trifled. K* teas ive I wTr^nr/rr.r,!? it? on' "b<i 11 14 h"j ?? ??? ???? 1 Win be the drift of affairs one week heuca. The move mws i?lenat?a?ihM*n#^.0f R,,l? rson ?i*TSrnor IS far more extensive than moat people imagine. The United Mtatee Rteamsr Cnanecflent. ^ ? Bowok, Mara, July 26, 18M Tbe United states ateaaser Coauecticut. Commander Almy, arrived bare to day from the Wilmington block ?de. she bus beea in eommlsaioo about a year, and has Wn very am cessful ta her operatxms agains'.tha block ade runners, havlag captured within that tlmo four Mr?^' ??? ?"? aaai'ted lo run nlngsshtire and 'lestroying throe otlwrs who bsa n?t lust a mm; bv itckuegs airing Ur- cruts^ | 'Iht K ruiM? r nit 1 A " *** I KT IKK KHU* HKtltKNANr < rnjk.**l>?< TAUtf'TOIf , O! Till' *lf *t:SAl'U'-. A eorre'tv'falent of tbe H '"ti Jr<\trrvil *?vs ? Tbe loilnwuia oatiacts (?. ii, t letWT I1"-4 f*C?i*e<I I"* ? Irli i d ir.'iu ! it :ia f. ? I't OrC ou, of lb' K,?*w;?, will ?* !<"?'! v : 1 1 ? . r - t I, ? b br re ,won ?I | tiie b?>> urn 14 ut} jiVi't liv'e swi'l of 1.1 yi.uug oillcef, and tor the iip v |i rtw.rtars ?!?nui the 'iiibt vivi otner lafor lutiltHi it iinuii e llJ" ' gi ' ' "urr'1, H will he remem bered, ?n Snndn-, June \'J. a id the It ut was .tarn 1 >>n lnui.-d ijr , Juut 4h?a it \. < ?"t ?v?e ienid ti I two d.ns ut ??? ti \ii. ? nut be imprti nr <? *nid that l.liu tfijiint Coiiitinn ? Trxenloii Is a Now flam sow- u a> bjr bo-th, bemif I be only e.m ft Hon .'aim- ^ Hi rn'ivi, formerly i barge d Ait nt I.ima, IV ru whw - h?- died jnn .?? be bud embarked to w 1 1 ? r ?_% t. *?? body now steeps. Hi is the m i y iio.oei.<t?i,t *?( Judge Mh'.Ui -w Tborntoo, on? ">f the tbrre f ' ?<"** or tho I aclaclai u i I'll or Iudcp'iodenea fi r Now H "in ghire. (omm.ior T ? 't."i was lli?? lln *'ti?i* and fTBCut vt?. 3i vr of A'l hi Vurraint "it bnari "?? : ?b'in Mi?- 'led t * vim l? lipid J*t T'."l tUelO'i* below N?w Orleans, an J thou tb? i. *' itmif. It iviii there '..ial hi-. I: \ "tvii gewr s I lito me of urn Blur's r?'*ln cat>lo<n* ir the r rotation of i v -odtw o! tbe tbip, for ulilt'U, ts well af ;<>r bis eihcto *> .orf br.ivery In these actions, he received 4: n bi.ho? iwni mend uloti or ; iMmnl. ii* b id a narrow e-o um wl'h life, a hbell fiptodinp ou deck a>d t e > r I i: hm ol. thes'fmn bit b?dy. Aiterwarda, being iironmmar.d ?f a jr?i ? t? ? t. ho pur-iced torf ? jii-U. tbtsi c.n>u tbe orleln. uotl. r ??.e VI i y giio.- Of ' rt "rr^nn in Mi"'1 'a !Viy ?' 1 ? v '"1 '3 In |;u:t(iv? a ?hot in ! ?r, Mfd ????" ?* ?? mhila'.tr ln>r, ba b. ieved, wlter. be wan efv tailed oy a hi. *?rl r | ! oliiifT It, too distance io relire. wMcb he did with d?vp ! rt* ' I' t ? and only iu i.>c/i'*',i*e tn t *<t.r?. iji'iire bu (it ! from ul!t'CU'>*Ktit? rcmsrrVat"^ of ft.tfi i-irntc or aft. Kk*k,-ji8ur, fnKKfi .i net, June V-. # ? ? We ha1. e lad u trcuJ victor;*. ?"d the wbola of I',..r .>?.? is riDRlt - wi<b u. Con :r:i,ii:-Hi>ry Ift if rs are pour in 1 1 ]1' irt^ni atl .yinrtrrfi .1* ' l? .n ? in. ts < r lln?'!rsi. with inl" nt t> at I e i^'ra, -*? ???? , tli'i'.ifaiidsi or II' te.iti IW V.i ...df lu 111 ? mi Wi of 11 a. I I V. n hi?en to.-' unilv a. id "* ? fwi i u-l ? o r ? ?. in if?t> I tiu:! the hill I* fnl'y re enlabli ??ied in it" fo.tTter ?????! order ! mitt r.omJitioi). too will leai-i nil nbont the Hirlit a?i? tbe ' nr tt tlou tif tbe ; iat' in. .ti |..if ? I'.'i ' % ? i am J B'.v ird '.l alt Oiu rr-. lit . ?i old wmb of th ? p ? t I " >n ;h? Ir.ltlc , b 'I military t.-iiii- arni tirmnolinu li'V" * ? '"d j in a Kre it ni6> iiire lf> be a motive wltli tne 1 b-tv? en Jt- i*oi 1 to iii> niv oiitj vo try eiuiury an-1 the ft- -vi. t>, i >itb in oatlb- and In tre lontr, l?hori.>n? in I i a i ' al f/te i piratlon for it. I havo ^nrceedvd, aod 1 am f'' i ? i. 1 t no excii'- ient in the light, but I watobeil tlf >> ic? ?uti j.i iio -;u oal, and 1 felt perleotly vat !? Bed wtttt the result. That ii ail. Vi-rv d ITerent ivero Itiy l*'C liua hi fertn * l ?4t!ee ?n tbo Miwfemliipl and the i.ulf. Then I ;?it a'l the pxciteineot and all tl)>; enthd "r sni or the scer.r, ti. - desiro to do and di'ro tu cnieinit nf datue and ?* -in JVrbatw II we l ad been oW'rod iN* 'b("- I " in ? Al?bi?if> tbtf ru.-^li of conllioi *'jild liavo revfred the old but 1 doubt iL 11 iwfver, 1 mus t not tuourn U < henn enabled to do my duty credlUMv. My ol<. nriit , i honored commander, Admiral Rowan, will be pleased, ami is one gratlOcation to m?. and yerbap* many | micthor triend will be also. Hy the wav, wo bnv o nows | thai tbe Niasara departed for 'lv:?e waters or. t..e . <?. , I thia month, and we ?ro evp,"''ti!i(? her daily Now tr i , I the Alabama haf been dMtroyed, th? Oorfia rtiu Into port ai;d Mild, the Rttppah 'nuorii jwnuHHently sei/cd by | ihe French Kovernmcnt. Hi'd on y the Florida left ot a, I , | iii<> rebel navy, perh ipa the KMrw may bmelieved uy the Niagara mid b^ allowed to bnme. 1 can i really sop no further oosessity for hiir pre I irpto In the Channel n< w, nlthnuirU ?bo " e I t csii " avow, witli tnanr otrnnr: oiths, tint ; i ibi-v will lit out another Alabama in fit week* and RinS ; I tbc'Keamrite. Hut I rathor ttnnk tin y htvo ?tol en; o b , ' tor tho ? 1'Kijj: to i ??f- th# oiti Ni.i'.ara ??ticic ii 'i ! lmw no'.-e to. .ird tli" ' hrcuir water;'' hut I a ipp ?e we ! m .-t wear t ut n ai.y ft .eny oruipe tv'ore i-h? real.v ; ilMi'-come Hut 1 do i d think wo shall see any ni >ro , o;h'li./, unl.v s v? can pi ;'.t up th.' ! iori.t i. 1 buo ? 1 sort of prudpo apcain-' my old fo \ toit am wil.lt1 ' that s .? 1 . book! bo tatceu t>> any other fortunate ship, 'liie anorea ? f ill-" old t'banuol havi1 rnuif wi'.b tho sound of naval r 1 tlllerr 'or centuries arrt v-'t '' 'T's ?V >"P f:.:l".|i.R seta I tin' Krench to Ja'-beria^ and ,l"hn fluil so using worne , lanaaui'8. rhc .Habama Uappom;'. to have a n.ittery ?f ; tu?!iau manul'-ictiire. wlnlo "Wi at' purely Aniert I ciio. lu r ilibro and muthemat al forr/i ilt.'y i about eutals, hut. tho di-tro ortum o; rMeet van I wobder'ni. iho Knfiii^h tint ascribe It to : ^it.rrtor tr lining and dlsiii'liae on our Bi le, wti ..ii Is the true causa; but persist in trywn ' to inid fault w ih the i'.urness of tbo b'ttle. when notbin>{ en ltd bo lalrer. t'ha two alilpe were ahko i" sii o, t i?i Alabama mountir.a one gun tn the t?""adstdt; more tli" tli ? KeirsariP!. wh.lo tne r ? I d two el"vuu mi > niv >t guns whore the Alabama bjd turn ol-lit. Inch and ou a 1^0-[)ouo la - K'.ilr. 'y rltled gun lhere ?aa a dille c t ? rtf ? it | y- fixijr in *li^ voi, tii or iron thr*?wo rt a si- broujgnie. 'I bey ?era as nearly o nil! as ever two -I s W ere. rmt:ting bv (...rnier exn-rla.-ca we hid I'blifbted'' our riheei oabloi* over tbo Fide tor tho better p., it. - ion o? . or lmtt ?"? II- 1 1 had been u. no a J oar and u b: f before tli" action. Sen ? es was a.vivra of th!'. but um'errated If Importance, and no ;iofti d t-> provi e i' ?lth a similar defence Oi.r ehuln was strut k tv,' itt' l.y trie bonier pro.octHes, and nli',ue8tlonably lav.'-a us from ?timaue. iiut the AlahamVs men hio horned , and aimnM always ah iva our shin, while our ,llPtj fame to r '.now . ud do'dbcrattoa, tired fclowiy I and 'into tho Alab aia. Voltc.r. Iiitot'.l'i.iftc. Jl"l lBtRATE A IVVMl'T TO Bt'ltN K LAItGK TK^ICMKNT :,OV E ? Alt ti-f Of T! K IKCfe-NJIUU*. About twotve o:cl ck on Hntiday tilsttt a d- borate atteenn waa made to buru the ..rfc- touitn :nt houau Wl \\ a'er itrect, by a min Lamed I hn Jickson, occupying rooms on the third fi'.or of tli ? pr?.m;s.?. It a; pears that ,iark uba.s been drinkta* toexcessof late, und cot ua frequently Le t a? beaten his wife most fearfully. Ho t ? also b -n vcrv jo .loin of he-, ard he aceim t de u m -ed U nu.hcioiu v burn and .lovtroy a I t-r it t.aroi ai.d i tbor th ius t.ocesgary for bor < ml. rt and v : >i e Alt * h air named above .lao^son re tnrnea home, and ttndtt g hi* vM abaeot, wa . I eavi to iav, 1 1. 'ot. T, ??><? ~ ti uy t rooms otj.?;iMig. ? titli'bti ik overs thinj an.l se. Ure to the h ^uee a. tar wards." Win. o ' .r lo 'ked through u window and saw j.,' takmi cUa ring from tlie v.a unl heard turn ?av -r;l (unite a llio." .la-k- n then went to Mrs. f'O Dor'a bodroom window, and kicking agalbot it. a'td, ??V "idaT'i, ne tt door, are you a ;oc[ " Wie .-ald -Ni . at a fill ed him wk t w - th? maltoi- 11? ro plied ? . m itolntt i . t tue bouae"? wtcreupon Jlrfl. C. Imp oreil I, in t! d to do bo, when Le c >otlnue i "I'd bo dsn ed but I ^ iif " ""'con uft^rwRftg Mrt?. Con r f.iw bbioko ^ g n's hedrr m wht n she gave an alarm c 0 lo u on tho llo. r ah i?, ?li' tiid bend Jacl. on ^ay . . m t" a li-u in tb. ho ise and you wtl i-ec it '.rj "rand wn stair* and * tb oihors burst i, . , ?'? rt.,"- leading to. J6-K- ro 'tu wbon the lattur J . ... to. '.iti^ up clotti'.g in bis bonda to let the air . th '.ii,-'. tt ' ro e it huru a t r. liour'stnan I ;B'- if Hi s 1'Oitrtb prcrlt.rt ' ivrmg 'he cry of Cre and m. rri'er ri:i to tbo boose and arrested Ji.ckeou. ibe ii' vr fa. t? wore elicited durm- !b? inveeti^Htion befo e vlrc r h?i Baker yesteraay a ?ternoon. Tbe aflrtised W . ? arrile " I hofore Just re l)owiln< ;xd commuted to ? bo i ntnbi tor trtii! ou tbe charge or attempted anom 1, e prisoner luforrred Marshal Hn'. -r that be Iwl bceti fi lot if TH 1. but two or three mouths. Be has t. ?Q Kirvng a torn of ye*-s on coo v id ton for mar. ? |K ^ This msl ! h?- fi'iig boev a f rt or to the in ., t0 i (.to n Ufa in w 'fb he live i for bis t rut I Uen'ment of W? wifo, threat., of ng pet.oo.l vto'.eute on others, 8to 1 K \!VgOKD THk^T OF BOOKS VROM THE TA\ COMM.J8IOM"? OKHCE-.OMVLANT FOB UK Ct.NV AUAtWstT MB. KRBMEK F tri tier prcgre^i wa* maJe ye^t?r.lar before Justice IXiwi '?'? in relat on to tbe books purloined from the Tax Commtaaionere' o?ce m M?y last Mr. rasper C. CWIdt, an attache of '.he Ux ofliee, appearod in court and pre ferred a complaint f >r larcet.y against Mr. Theodore Ker nor of 273 tAat ^evenly. fourth idreet, charging with fsionieua1" taking the lax t'ommlsaionera' b< oke found m his p!i"ession^ *! reported In y?..9rd.y'. HKKa,.n; ^ value attaobed trf the books recovered le flW. I * L cosed deatee his guilt. The magistrate held bim In |1. COO ball far a? examlnatloe, wblch ie named for \Tei needaj. {Urine Dle?et?*. Roc* roar, Maes , July 34, 1884. The eebooaer Gazelle of Previncetown, for Portt month. with coal, struck e rock ofl Thatcher s Ulaod on Satsrdaj nl|M and sunk. Tbe veeaeJ we? ?tot?i tots. The creer were saved. MAILS FOB EUROPE. Tlie Operations or Herati la Seerfie The Lateet Deepatchee from Lleatea ? M* Oeaeral Grant's Army In Tront of Peleribari, Va.-The Peace Me|olia< lieu mt Niagara Falls? TH* Latest Newi from Me also, Caba, St. Xhoaelnco, die., die. The Canard mell steamship Australasian Captain Cook, will leave this port on Wednesday for Liverpool. The mails for Europe will close la this cliy at tM to* morrow moralng. Tbe Saw Yoaa Bmaid ? r<Viilon for Europe? will be ready at half-peat eight o'clock in the morntag, and will contain ?The Latest accounts from the Army of General eheraian in Georgia, of tbe Occupation of a portire of tbe , cltv of Atlanta, and of tbe fierce (tattle at tbat place on, FrMtay last, The lateet despatobee from tbe Forcea < A Unetenant General Grant before Petersbusg, Va., wMh tbe latest 5ewt from tbe Union Foreee la all parts of tbe eountryj Report of the Doings of the Peace Iielefatl ?a at Niagara Falls; Tlie latent News from tbe Watoe In Ael>el lion; The latest Intelligence from M ex loo, Cuba, Ht. 1? mlngo, and reports or all Important events of the past week, Single copies, la wrappers, ready for mr?, fire cents, To Paper Mannfarturere. Twenty-one eenis na-h per lb. will be |*;4 far IO.OUO reus* of good Veurdriater Paper. Hire, jt ak!? IDs *?'/)? at this offlce. Why doea Phalon'a IVlg'tt tilooming CRRKuh reeerrble a summer sbower?/ Because it Impart* fresh fragraoca to the lawns. Why la the perfume of PHAT,oh>s Hlght Bio. mine Cereus like the letter At Becau?? n k m deatrm tibie (tudeetrnetlbte). Wherefore Is PHALON'N MigSt Bloom ng Cereus tike our free and ettuai repuhllcf Bpm j,? It hu no peers. (Maud not apoivt^r Order nf ?oui Oo ! Ing. butgo at onoe.and b jy k beltle of the frsRisnt Po o I dont. *on will n?*fr re ^ftt it, it not only brauilflss and i pr. ^ervea the teeth, ani?. nrresis d^oaj, but learas tb? month eoul and the breath aa /ragrant M a rose. t All druggists lOlt II, A Card. Owing to Ihe eturaDu edvanne In the prloe, out oaly eg t!i - precious metals. b it of ever y other rcjartltf, 1 k.ud ? ImpOsalbla to continue longer the sa e of ray P?-o? at ?U r>M This 1 regret exuee-Jlu r y. .? I h?J bay -i to coottn** without <*bangs, bat having to buy gold i: .tie preeeut f aina leus prices tbU 1( no lunger possible. H( frti udi end the public wul give M' credit, however, fc.- flavins utrungled Ion* and bird ijiiikI lbs Huiversnl iiio sine iu nopieciut.' mo government or?dit ma I f irrej-?, 1 u(f udvaoci now made ii not enough Ui em . r tue. with go. 4 at pr??eot rates. Kboul.1 u remain it te .?r go stilt li ?her a further rla in p ic.-a m iat Iw m? 1" I r? any ea?a I .wafer. I mtsnd. as heretofore. to a- * a better artiale fee jet? morn-tr [bin U cjd be '>.iu<V for els where. A curnlar, with en;rarlnga of a I the sl/es, stvioa lae pr-.ent prices, will he sent on ri.<? pi ot icier iv'si^a, Addrea . A MltHfON, JS Maiden 1*0* Nsw Yor*. Npw Yum, July II, 1S6I. Murray, F,d<l V JU Co.? Corl stfffon, Kfi , K> Tivu, Ei m 4tr-July 19, Wiil. *&, an. I. 23. 62. *>4. 7.'. 62. II. ??. .17, 21. KavrticKT Cuss tt8 July J5. 1SS4. ,78, 27, 89, 4,68, 4U, 62, 31,54, 11,8,70, 18, *T, Z. K. Siintiiaaa m ? n.-Cnrlngtoe, Ky. Kiin.ur. Itmi Cure SSI? .luiv a\ IHGt. 4(?, 65, 32. 7 , 7. 51 IT. T2 , 2, 03, 71. Clam 3V-'? July 25. 18M 2, 65, .17, 8, 30, 47, 73, 14. 3s, !?. 33, 3, 18. PrHlir*. Rll 1 *4j fo.? !*fn na '*ere. l.TH* \RT KlTK? Ol.*SS |9'f? ..fulT 2'., Inflt. 20, 14, 17, W. 4<?\ 13. 7?, 27. .'IT. (16, 33, 49. Ciais 13'? July 2\ 180t 15, 3F, 62, 45, 60, II, 75, 72, 2 23, 63, 70, 51, IT rffilrlel rirculam In S'li II, r rollrj|? Lole ter/ foi'nlibed by 61 ii MO. TP, ROGERS A OO.. New Terk i'o ?t on i? Prl7 - I Ca?li< tl In u)l li t illed liolte* rle?. ami UPfornvition given. J CLCrK. Hru. sr's Oih a. 17<> Broad ivey. "rlT.M d*H?he?t In ttlo {loywl Havnaa and ail Ismail ?,ed lotteries ALECK, i. CO., BROICRRS, 21 I'lne street, If. T. tiOtJtrf ?'mli 1 1? form ii tl OS given. JOSEPH bAVKri, Brulrer, II VTsll street, room Mo. L ls?*t?rv Prh'i Culv il. Infnrmntlaii given. J. JV CTjAVTON A CO.. 10 W?.W atreet, ro?nifj, N.V \ , ? Tn lltoie Affl'crrd \vlw faneer. Tl ?(i?rrt!?ei i.avlu'rhad miuqv ven e' ??<perienoe and nri? ttse In the w,. t Ind e# In 'h" b icc-* il treatment, wltcml the UK of the kn le of thp a!? we d.i' oi!?r? Se treat c.-is f at he.'' own or tli? patient's reil I .ten A Idresj Mra. K B. Uasieli. 27S Kiiltn^ nverine Ilroolclra. A Orm ??r l!ir Wfttltrn Of AH IV n ? I r>rt n ._ IiURIN'3 KIiDRlLlNH for Ihe hair, litis tru y clegaol I repara'lmi i* the in.'i*' rd'wtual and valiialde arttrr > eve# disi' irerfid for thn hair ?n<1 la aurr t'? i n-t , 1 j af hiilr of the moft "ra. tf.hin? Iioaut*. ' lla u elnt'isri' hi* a ? fur hei'ii oonilned atfinMr to < f >?h lonahle m 1 ?e'eoi ^irrML among wlil -li there la a nmaber of ladles e~--' ' ! for tki fcnautT and eleeanc^ of (!? Itaif* an t '*ho nn the etirv an4 adni ra? on ol ftl' who h^hni I lli?'n. Tlie -'tnh ?'> *o> % etii'iyel h" artlclr* l?enri*itf ihe ahove ce|p,'?rHted h-an I .a the )i?at nroo of 't? w irth and merit. So! 1 hyall druitgiaM of r'M1"'" la Atn'Ti'ii. HUAKH A CHI LOS, Amerloao asent'. If? Tilberty si. All Wolnsj to il?e Cnuntry, R?fa for ? day. shmitd r*i ry wi'h then the ' l-'rptich t;.,i,-na.- Bitters" oi S STFIN'I'KLD. 70 Naa-au ?tre?!t. whioi la a an re pre* vei.tira of fever and ae" e, ,ieti ?| dyira'ery, rhllla, a tiBiuer coiniiiamts, fem ,'<} UeWliti Ac. !*?% Hnritr Orri'U *'? Pe?r?- Hiyfmtst# fatle I. we a<l\'i?e lilm to use VTALCOTT'S Inrtaut i'aio Aiiolhilator. It^ives peace hi'Imui fiain. A. A. Hcfrlireralni'i i?t lifil (><aa (oit, nt K I?. B AfiSFOItD'H, C.mrer Institute Building Come one, nonie ail, see lor yourselves. A <1 ?' rew to Hniokeri.oPnllalt At Sna, Vo ranhaiim IWanufacturet a. removed from Broome #t/*si to f'.i'J Brondwav, near Kourt: jtreot. ? iio ewaie aud VetaiL ft; e.? cut to order and repaired. rinkrrn* ? aaaaaaa f? a ve M'venstor of nn? rpronehahle and Inlmlia'i'e eieel l< [?re Por a1' tiornifia ril?eK4ca no matter how produced. It miiAl he rnnsi'tered an lofaMi'i'e apeollie. It I atsn a euro for a Itirtinns centering In the liver, atomanh or brain. Ita mljaioii li to bohtow strength, vita ity and phyaica! ahiiity. BIOK HKNI5. ? aaaaaae T.adira or weak and ai -klv constitution* should lake tIM BI'iKHKSf. It will maVe you atroiij. i ea'ihv and v apr*y? ic'ime all ohm ructions ind IrreKiihirtti"* from the iman. ? 'in i! orgioK. and re-t re the bloom of health to the etokl# and wasted oareworn fa e. BIOKRBNE. One .'o*^ will remove the c'lsarreeah'e and distressing ell 'CtH of Wind o' i once, an I the mo nent the ammaoC r- "ivet the in ;:orntliu e ie 's the dlstreis ng laid an I all palnl'-ii its', nns will tie removed ? ?????it BIOKRKNR Is 'pilrk and pfTi*ntnal. eurtng the ?or i an l mot a 'i;-avatad i n -e? of Uvapet sia. K' lney Complaints and ill other de. ran erneott' of the . sto each and bowels iinit will revive tho i ??!??? h- ? v ntnl It.or snlrits I' imedl'itels. The fee' lo. tiervoua aud slck'.y should try it. ? ? ? a ? ? BIOKHEXK. as ? ? ? a e % T'>e weak will receive n?*r strength from a moderate nso of Ilia! excellent InvUtorant. ft is healthful In all lis op*ra t inn s. As an Invigorant It has no oi|iial re uvenatioK th? ii e,| nnd we.iltiy with wocderlul celerity and perinansad OllttOt. ? aaaaaaa RfORRKME. ? aaaaaaa The nervotia wi'l fin Ht a sore remed' for all their svffkr In, j.nd person i wbn 'rout the In u liclo' ? i;ie of ll'jiiora Li n hern-Tie ile eptedand lh?ir nervous steins sha'ierod, ut.d consult. Hons broken down. aaaaaaaa BTOKRUNR. a a ? a a ? ? 'H'e arer1 ran have '.eilih renewed ^v the use of tfc* BtOICKr'NK, whlnh Us Hfallthie as a reju*e iaiit, and wld restore waa'eii atrenjft w.ih maiflcsl pr tnntne a an I iv?? tl"i ' ii I permauenre. For old anl leesie persons il bua sat its eiiuai. a a a a a a a a RIOKRRNB. aaaaaaaa The <|Tsreptio ran l ave all hli wo?a banished 'f he irNI bill use lis anelloiit Tonic. \Veak *toma'.'hi foidi.n digna lion dlst e'? a! ?r eatintt. ctx-tlve habits, btllouauasa. 'O# w II nnd a ne ?ie In the above cotniH.und. One du lar per hotte . or n< h. ti>a for sent by eiprosa * f*W* r iH'TCIItSQll it ITlLliTRR. PropeXora hi Cedar atreot New VorlL Ratrhtlnr'i llulr Bye? Ths lies! In lHa wor'd. Harinle s. re ah'e, inaianlanenim. Iheonlr pcrM dya. Sold br all druggists. Fa.-tory, W Barclay street. C'i ll.-alr Dye, PrtiervnHTt sod Wig Ijeiiot. nlio'easie and retail, N<>. d Astoi llosat. The dye applied hy skilful artists. Corns, II tin Ions, Enlnrg-d .Joints, and sli d i. eases at tlia Feat cured hy Dr /.ACHARIR, Mi Bmsdway. _______ ' Dlseuses of (be Kye and Oeafneas Sp?? rlaliy trrated hy Dr., 34 Cllutoa pissa (Elgktfl atreet), frooi 9 to S. Deafani, Impairrd Sight. kotbb? Tub wrad, CATARRH Al> AfVf.i TlOUd IN tUB THROAT, cnaoxic catarrh, CATARRH OF THB~TT*F45IC MPCOPB MUMBRSNJI. OBdTRUCTIONg OF THB RUttTACHlAN TUBS CURRD. OnOSB BTB STBAIOHTKWRD IB ORB MIRCTB. And every dtsesseof IlieHyo as<l Far reju'rtagellliar as^ dlrai oranrgical aid attaaded to hy Dt. TON BIRBVBBBA at bis consulting roooas, 810 Broadway, naar Twelfth Street. Dr. HnatafiMseli ml *?. S OlTlilaa street, New Tor* city. lis bus no etaar nJas. BsutbllahM ISM. Bight rooms sad 'a prteate entrance Be rureschroa* emptlons and spots on, the skin oioers af ail kinda. tka most polseno'ia Imonrlly of the blend fistula, all dleea?aB pertslnlua te the crlrtary otgane. rheuaiaUasa. Aa. Woe* an tinman Frailly, B?r?o.ia Deb'Hiy. Bariv f ndlaerenna. Conaultatlo-A gratis. Hours In, from I k. M. until | o cloak P. B. For Oas Doll**? The Jan., Vale., Marefc, Apri'. Msj, JanesBiily ai>d Ana. nualiers af tba ILLlIBi TR ATBUi i?aRHNOIiOOIO All JOPRRAL w?|! be **allV return p*M?t. To aeeure tke Pictorial Bauble M umbers, wilt &'.?>'?JN?v&'Ksn wsfisiria wajfSfcw Tork. Or over A Baker'i III* it eat frtmlnrn Rla? tc Ftltck Sew lag Machlaaa, aM BtaMway. New Teek. and i3t> t'l.ltoa street Breoalya. Wi|hr?t Prewlam Loek Stitch Irwlag R'it b nss, ? IIB*I-.;R A WlUON'S. <x.'J Broadway. 'Iiailles RrcaaCplita? New Stjrles. Two. Three Fiva. Eight, Tea ta Tbirly-flTe Do'laraeeeh, /or ssla by OBO. C. iLLlN, 414 Broodwsy ana dowka low Canal street liter* ulosed ?a Saturdays at S a'riack Bafka. Alum rateal atd Sleal Fire and B ??rgis, Proof Bafsa aflarding j srfeul sec tritr a:ralnsi Fine aed Burr sis VaLENTIIIR A Rl fl.HR T*:?n|.iea and ?oi? Mar ifacturers. 78 aod M1 Waiksr rtieet. Tiatlts, Klasllr Blockings. &?.~Ssrik A CO. 'R Radical Cura Truaa O^oa ooir at Ne. i T esey >tesaa LMy attendant. Wlfi, Toupees. Hair Dya, >!??' Dyal?p and MoMav'.a Cream, for beie'ttlftlrg tha Hair. W. ? BATCUELOB S. 16 Boad street Mslfhfiaml .fawalrv. OF ALL ltRSCRiPTIONH, forwlehyORO. c. aLLEM t# Broadway, oae dner kau low Canal street, formerly of U Wsll atreet. i:?? '.ioaa4 on Saturday s at S o'clock. in a hz7 DR IT. ANDERS A CO 'ft IODINK WATER ac's upon the heart, liver, kidtie- ,,,? ?ni and glandular eytiem, and has grest f mor iu.ot > ... h'-m CoBiuliatic ? I v . i > v to eotnmuniv;' ?i .i lettgr, 1 AM/* f kj s i-it J. .4 Ci l."> ii " "f T, VI

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