Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1864 Page 6
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?ALRR Or RE\L KSTiTB. All or the fi llow inu property fop hale - s?tr? "rat ilu> T II. "11. N I it HSSS 111 Th'.rl? . fill ?treet four -.oiiesh^b rem to: S>3U; price S'i.OHl. Our ftt toea- II an d Una ?(rk. will l>e sold lor $j ji> AIM) tbeee ir?t e aa- hrowa Men.' Houses in Thirty second aireet, ?n? tu fiftieth si r?et on. in FUtV r?. aireei. two In Thir Ssoih aired, f ur in Slitielh sir. el, .ine In L-nng.-'n avenue. ?ski la F ft* third ?tn el .?T.l all be ??>. I at i e oi l pnoe*. Ippl. 10 WM. r'E !T?tKTl'H. No 1S7 Ksst Tulrty second tireet, near Seioud avenue. New niunb?r -'1. AN BUY DESIRABLE HOMESTEAD FARM OK IM aire*. cesi th- r u ro>d on V. ml'es ou Lenc lai.nd. tooj ?rge buildings. abjn anee ot fruit, well of ? ei eni walar, *c ; prl o so <t)i . with ail the cropa. stock and mriuiui tools f ,"tk\ cheap E A Bl'NCE No. 7 Chambers airec-t. A PI KPT CI.4SS BROWN STONK IIOUSF. FOUR ?lory. b'tfu -Kvp iliflO. in ben of ord :r. in T irty seventh mreet, Mu' ay 11.11 pricc j:inM. possession i' .la aired Olner* dealm 1? lora .1, trora ID.OO lo S 6?(D0; and n-iwa-ds: some m th V.' I*. S-'-YMOl'R. 171 Broadway. AN K lilsflAST FOl' R STORY DHOWS STOKE FRONT Huuso lor ale. on Thirty -eventta slreet, between BifOi a d Smib avenues; ;n a euuul errtcr. Apply to jo-ciii Ma sow Ma 6% rat mm, iwiwtiin. AC K\T JUKtiAlN -A K1RFT RATE TENEMENT II. . ?? f?n- ? . e. " ti wn. in Dcrir. t oid.-r; rem-, lor i-tbe -o: I befire Wednesday Title pw feet; "?I a >? o s. -it l is |i a u.kmI Investment. Apply io r ,k R. Vi Kl a- the r paiut atore. No l Klvln^lon a'rett bet*. 1" aud 12 A M. or;; to b 1" M t T 41* THIRD AVENUE? RY JOHN FETTRETCH? A j\ n; i I p ,.-'v for sa e, both erst class and leue- .,t Ho'iat" If i S i o to * J UK) 1 hnvo over 'im Hons- sit. sa ? IVs e-?u ? .1 e.. - v' of om? of 1 em. A Is-. T. hi nut S-iiiU uvmtav l'i.' ri> and V..cunt Uu to ai.y aiiiount. A <;?????!> THRKR STORY ANII PASKMENT pnO'VN ? front lloi. >r lor oaie. .'"X.'.i', lot lull, on Hi r'leih ?tr>" i. e? ' ?'<), ,iso a siorr. on fwentv ninth ?ir?u-.. .r Mains. in .iven ie, J-i V7 -'1; and on' of the i.ret |H i tliiuaei iu ; e Twenl) lir?l ?nrd. on I l..rlv ? cond ?ir.?ei . I. iv - ? I.. i (Mil ?.vl ?t once. A)ip:y lo JOHN fhl IRlill I!. IS Ttir.i av.'nne. p r.i'.NTID KARV K 'R WAl.i-'? 'OKTAININti '40 A ,s, car. uu I char; - in i ? . <:i ,-.n'- ?. r .r $10 >H Also ?n i v. or! en- i .km . !>? -I and. ou-1 UnR? and ?!*? ard. wlib erops and toe'; for S7.C>oii [nouiic of J. U. sell i L'- - CO .No IN -w (UMBbers B'.r e:. N. .. A i- R STORY AND H ASEMKN T Hi . i! .<T0">i' A li -i.v 1. atone front ll> u?r. _t -nt auont iw :l -in.! o.i tei- fit -, !:'-hi |.p i ii {ton .i\ i-'n n-, eleuatisly I t . n.l ?in tin i 'h " ntrauce to tiie I'm wlil i -!i??:i|.; mabi IC -<t for App v to JOHN FETTHBTCH. 113 Third Heinle. 13EAI TIFUL FARM FOR !'\LF.-!M A RKS. ON THE 1 > w^v roa . '2,\. mlleafrotn aniai i. land moatly under - ivanon . H.iprovetcc tits good. Apji!;. in J>i^' I'll MASON No j hue ??.rcet, room:- 10 and 11. |3?L! ; ANT BKSIDENCE AND FARM. 56 4CK2S 21 Pj miles In ui . m hoiue contalna 2:) roo..-.-. i)# at< e , .e l n wllii I 11. i atyle: aold for in bat the bo i is s worth no <?! affe lor l*rra ml ot'i r improve nienta. WELLING 6i IJKDRV. 1 1 Chambers sti oet. Jj'.V.iM FOR SALE 0!: TO EXCHANGE.? ONE HON 1 dred a re? ? I vtn supe. ioi luud iifty feven i rr. .li in <|i; -?i ntj e <?! wo -;, tarce ''ill brfcrinj orihar !', gooffsMi ho'i u i. ii' I out buildings, all in good workta.r ?. i?-r. si ok. 1 m i events. At., situ-tied about live tin ? ?? In. ... i t. Ill Oran i- lountv Pric: ?i0 por acre. In lor Farmer, 8: U n verify p ace. IflRf.E EXCI' RSI ON. ?NOTICE -T!!E TICKETS r ? lilch were gl- . ii or iMwamn to Eluabeiliport. New Jersey, od Monday. July 2,"i, to examine those cheap lots, ?re mi" tnr any day 'or one week e-.cept tiuuduy to -n by boat '. n i : tjii-r No. 2 N 1 - 1 li i iver ot 9 ISA >1. return nu: i !? Co ?< k He! Irltter agent-. Kli -.ibetbport, near si'-an. -oat *n. -1 c. '.Ill - sow tli protierty. E R K1CLL OO. nv. nr:r, 1 "J I'eari street. N Y. IV)!'. SALE? TWO HOCS! S AND LOTS. N"S. S9 AWD i?1 uiiun - 1 rc. ? ; th'; noil ? are throe stor es !:li;b thi lots 25*112}# Icet ( rich wood uu I lirl-.-k ?la!>le in * h? -> ; loom fur x ot i t lior cs: terms reasonable Apj iv to D. :a OROOLN, ?! Main alr et. l-atwaou. N. J. *pO ( SAi, -THE VALUABLE PROPERTY NOS ",27 r an 1 .9 su a ? .liable lor a brewery. >.voi dvlngoran; mauufactur .-iu --nr. o??. A f 1 : ? I v at tbr oMlce of ;b- New Vork Im -? cititi- C mi any, ii2 Front a. reel For sale? at a bargain, a fine modeun ! t iieshlence i-r. the west Dai . of ' e Passaic, tilr'.y nini.i.' n . . -* iiom .-w Yo. . i'rain <very iiour. Iho boiiM- ntirely nf. . bu It by t*ic o vner m "the mo t ? ib aUi.-.i nianrer lurhlsowu use: marblo manti .s throuca- ' ooi; bei .-. du;;i alter, and ii ? ited by furnace. Vina oar rU?r houKi an '. ?n? .m<l a h I nc-.- '<? Und Posat-sh-it liiiniediat -U ?nd Furii tur - i-e r Id wuH the house if desired l or further l uriicu . r in uur - of 1' R MILLER. 180 l-'ulton street. ! ? iioiirf fl and 2 P. M., where tbe pi m and views o: t .u house aay s?eu. POH SALE FO0R DESIRABLE residences in I'l.ila elphla oonfalnirg al the noderD impixroinenis. for SI l>m eiear of a enc . .brji-.e.'s, and nue* -ntional. j titles AI?o Si'-.eral ' na 1 llou? * for sale, r ir I nriher i'ar licnlar .i.l IressL. L'., Loan. 1 60" Cad wallader street. I'm a ilelphui. Pa, For. SALE? A BUILDING SITE. ON THE HUDSON riic*. c mialrliigD acr*-. lour ..ules abo e Mag Sins, finemtr aud mi.d fro: t. lx-suttf i' at; 1 extensive views ahn^i " trees and b..rtis; ca-iabl? f being rite. .fed into several ale ; near a depct. At. !j to JOHN LiLOYD 4 SONS, 15 >ai*a.ii: -r-ei }noR SALB? A OOUNTBY RE81DBNCS. Willi ALL Uie a - nt.ii >f i ? tovblned. M minutes from Kri?>kl n errie on a car route every icren minutes; two ?ton eotiasehn se, J.xSrt. wing 28n1U. all tilled In; 11 rooms, ? as Reach; on- sere (1? 1 -si oi c round; plenty of fruit and t? ?" tes ?lali!'- g' *s lo.we. -ra,ie?. Ae ; cow, ctiie.K eii* and a ! the ve-;etub'cs gi with the place; price S16.5 O. Addre-s Aiery. boi 148 Herald oi ce. FOR SALE? A F ABM AND COUNT RT RESIDENCE of about lio acres hl::blv enitlvat-it, near Stiiitbtown harl?ii, L. I . s.nd In fill- vietv ofjtbe S ur', Improvements Dio .e-n. (WtbUlldlnga mbdi ui, with boat, boat houae and fartn Ir.'ise. t .ether w.ih crops, sto < ami household furni ture Kn iher particular* Oiin be ad on application to Colo nel JI N ... aN, sm.lhtown Post oil;ce, L.ui, is and. FOII SALE? OR ENCHANOE FOR MERCHANDISE, uvo II OU . ? -md I.ot? m Court street. Krook.Mi, band ?oriei. situated and rented, al a i;ri at bargain. Jr.-.ire at 54--< Bite. Iter at. EOR riALt-TIIE HANDSOME THItKE STORV HIOH sloop brown stone Hous.; * n ated on ; '.e south s de of ?ty f *th sirt'-t, lit -t h'MiM" e.i < i of FnirtU avenue, ju-t linlabed. Apply t l'AUE k Bit AGUE. -Vs ilroa J vay. UOH S 1 1, K? WITH uroun I-OSSRSSION. FOUR F storv English basement 11 .use, No. 1'JS Weat'lhirtv ?econd street lt?. - * .t lot OJxt*. Al. Ihn modern Knprove. ?oents; .n sofidor.ler; street paved wiih oel^lan pave ncot; neighborhood brat c ars POR SALB? AT A BARGAiV, WITH IMMEDIATE po?,eRaii,n, a 'our -lory modern bu t ilo-i-e. 1S145, de stirab'y located In West Twenty-second stree*. in :,ne order; lot 9f fe t. Priee sib, .V. Permit! of A. JOI RNKAY. No. ( Pine street. FOR SALB? A (,OOD THRF.l STOBY BRICK HO USX on 1' bird avail ue; lot f Meet n denih. Will be said very cl.eap; prii -? tv$i >00 if s0i 1 'r.lav; mortpa^e. o eult. Apply to. OUN KErTRETCB, 418 I bird aven-.e LM)K SALB? WITH IMMEDIATE I'O-SK'SION. \ r lirst 'a-a l ull front bri( t ilon*e, in goo>Mo~atloa, with a I laij ro . e. reals. I'lloe $15.0(*) ii-rms to THARLEP E MILLS, 31 i e2ur street. Fj?OR ? ALB? A NEW TWO STORY FR " ME HOUSE aud I.c-u wit .wei a' ? s-e. -i . L - " ? r ? > 1 1 ? v M fe-i nep Hojs? and trardeo iu best order Price $2,2 . In i re it 7i Will.atii street, Jkir.-se W 's cbes'.er county, ou ;!ie prtlDiaaa. f.'OK SALP-4 T: VF.MENT HOUSE TN FIFTIETH r s:i.< . n< r I -b.h avenue: renting f?ir m-t* than !a per . *ut i.: on I e price a ited. Ap, iy ts JOHN McOLA . K 44 Ploe >:r.fl For sal* at a babgan-priob ?2.2 i-^ neat three etn j end baaemont Brvk House, n.ih store, aituaiei on '.or: i .: ireeu Tarrj-. .wc; lot &l*'%0. in ?tulie o J B KP.'.NKLIN 156 East Tb'rty eeoud street, sir.-f.iOHN A. HOSTED Ta-rytown. N Y. For hale in sot rn Brooklyn? on seven. teen- , sires', between I ujbta ard Nlntb a*ena-s a uew in o *-rn b-uit Houae, two a.ory and Las men . Willi barn mll'a-ee ot>. well at. eted ??-. lib cboi-a fruit For fur ther part ru'ars in'iulro of CHAS. E. CAREY, at the oO?e ?( E. Ha.iday A to , 24 W -l lain street. fJH)K ^ALE CHEAP? SEVERAL FOUR AND FIVE JP 'tor< new Tcnetpent Houses, in fort -sufh and F> rtv seventh s.reen, between First and Se ond avenues. In ?iulre of WM A INCH. Firat eyesue, betneen fib awid Sllty-slilb atreeta B,"?OR SALB OR KXCBANOB? TWO LaRCE DOUilLR M: Tenem-nl lio -es, rating $1,600 per annum; will a- 1 cheap for <-s?h ?r fxcaar -re for tinencumbi-rnd up toarn nto rty. Aj)piy to or a-Idres, J. FLaNNLLLT. iOI Lssi Twelfth sweat. Gold !B|cis.-for sale, thirty cottages. Si $1,^0. S'.sD, Ac; ten e)r?ai.: Dwelli' ts. 4 lo It, Ism e>r m J J,.M ilo Sh. '?>(), sls? 7i>> I ots at SI.V) In $.*> ? ? 'oun-rv Seats Impr ? v?d and onimproved, with '< to IU aires, near Last N*w York. App y to CHAS. K. MILLER Atlantic avenus. Ra*t Si* York, or to H. A. MI..LEI1. 74 Pearl street. V Hani>?>vr i-our ?tory building for SALE ?n .be iippe.- enrt oi tbe city;'js of ralirna]-. need as a bote thirty-Sevan totui o.nlnf saloon and bar ruom; filled up tor Imaiediate oociipat on A good eba-ie* to tnaki- tnoney. 118. ?0. Apply io JOS MASON. No. 5){ Pine Street, rosins It and 11. m House no 2S2 wlst thirty second strei.t. browr store. ieur stories high, with all modern itn tirosemenls. Ihestie?l is paved with Belgian pavem-nt, nod the hnises no th sides of the street are all f?st e hss Wii, w sold lo* by lae it .prietor, ALBERT SPhYERS. 20 Pine Mi HOI HH i-i HI TI.KK STREET. BROOKLYN ?FULL >ot. m perfs- 1 ort'er. Foise s <>n eati be given on tbe teat of i ver .- 'e nt Will a ao d e.beap by the propnetor, ALHBRl SFHYERai. 'M Flue street. ANIiK-TOAI.L wantim; FA it MS ?I a rue and i ti n *''t;#<i *m of vine an-, mild climate, 30 miles 0.11tb of Fhiiadslpbla by railroad rich sill, proluees lant* crops: inei.ty ai--o '.mots, at i?sr a re. pa>abie wlibln ! ur *ars; g o i biiaia* ? openlar, good ao-letv. ? uiidie^' are seflini; amt res ing imvrovemenls App v to CHaS ?C . LANrui>. I'o- tmaater, viseintid. Comber'sand ?mmidiv, N J. Lett' rs answered. Papers c ntainlnj full In Jotmsrlon will oe sent free ^ Real bstatk wanted, fur invkhtmi nt.? Flesl cla.s Dwr' is ? Houses, dealrab v l0< .del in tbl? ,l?v. ranftiii from ??? S 0 'v Oi t,(i wishing l>) ?ei wlj con?oll tbe r interests by endinr uioia .-in lum io A. JOLMNEAY. N" 8 J'lr.e -treet Nrmi: VALt' ABLE Lots t-F 1,111)1 Ml, iITJATED _ ot 'be noith aije of liiglity liral -tree, betwe n ^ nth and lfLih a - amies being In the street on Manhattan s are, * 'I P so d eheap by the i rojn letor, ALBERT ??fBTEio- 29 Pine crtei 1 , - I I I InTrt" fob - l ' - ' JT a.orew i known R. finery iu perfect working order. ? i' ? ? - a. nor? and fesi i >ts sf ir .>bh<I. *p i*i" ai \b? ora'fn- -tbstr'it sn l Fust a>en e wi I be s Id akeaj) iy Us proprieidt. ALBERT dPtiTE RS. 2k Pins St. IVIRD A* -.NUB l'l!f N*BRTT FOR SALB.? SEVERAL pn ? ?-.( ?aod I wei nga (>iiod invesltnenl#. At? pi* to JOSEPH If a si 1 4 No. i'j street, rooms 11 and II. Sl'ABiED rn pl'fu-lt <i?B A SMALL ENGLISH v* Pa'ei ,? n' .>1 a I, a f.< e three lory lilf'i stoop M a* between L ? i,, -i ! e,. enih aveu. e?. and le iwean Twenty 1 1 ird -d i- .? .. t), ,.t .... oa ?lea ied n Se l ' " .ti -e- a ir*. * v*. II H N * ' '?>?# I "t etf - t on and pr; e. w : A i R si/Hi) II ise with all i BALES OP RBAL BSTATF, 11* ANT KD? IN NEW JEKHRT, A COUNTRY PI ACE *? or small Farm. with good hons- ani >u''md n a, worth frail $u ?l' to fRUtt U. i mora than 15 mue-i from Jssw York an-l hall it uil.e from m.l ou One nlib a stream of water running IlilOiHb it I' cf rred. Would Hue if i 'n wiiipni. to rent ii tar ? lew naoauis before purchasing. Ad drvsk, with parteulara, location. number el acres. Ac. Earner, hoi 135 Herald office. \trANrtCDTO Pl'BCHAtE? A HOUSE. rOSNUBRD ?l o- uafnralehed hah i-iooo. modern huili. n- iw. en i: ;hih an l Forts-seventh street* And 1, 0*1114;!. >n an.! 1 ev Mlb tmuH For a ias;i purcba>er address J. C. U>i 1.217 Foal 0 ce. fAf! acres, with house, birn hnp s< MB m J">l p ovrmenl- an 1 Crops I IC uub's ' rom here, sight inili - (rum railroad depot, with Ueuly of good water, * boola. stores aol rallla convenient. I.i.*ud n P. ;>? ro. mv P inaylvaula; 1 nee $1,1 K) Address B o<u ihS Utru d oil ce eQfm WILL BUY A FARM OF 100 ACRES. 1"0 C1 'v\l hi' ph fro 11 the rit* lto -e an l barn a d crow, ir.g er?p fa With t Plant* f wood and rood water. Ciua try level and healthy. api tv to the owner. I7J Chatham street, Sh piling oflice room No. 3. 50() ~i'?Kh SAI'K- TWO PODK "TORY KNfl. nt lions a, ? ntr il y i-aiert ..ud n pood order. Beuled at $ \?i per aimum n t r- a r<<i Cn too. CHAS K. Mil. LB il Cede street. ,00'.? ? BBI/.Z1NOT0N HALL FOR SALE - oZo.ul'''. This m one oi ih 1 finest improved places In tl'.a Mate of lllino's Ti i? situated in Edwards . onmy, on plank road in ! near com. it ?eai h r ! river Habitation, 11.1 ont . -is near I >0 acres t beautiful rioh land Thee 1* readow eno uh 10 old ? 'tons of bay. ba>idn> corn oals, Mli' t. barley, rve clover and toha vo tle'da; two -nleod 1 or 1 ire e ?? <?.? frn , a luxuriant garden of gran.-*. col* ?tv.f .<1 t'I-.s v ? !?>? ,tc there i- cn -.i. h tor ! 0 : no lei >r 7t>0 ah'- p. w th am' le ir tela * Itariij to vta'i " (horn: tti<> ? .ini' ire .1 #0 .?? .?'<;? it 10 'be coveiiii' anil drytn ? o! ? ? ' ? '? 0 oa. 01 vhifli could be boo';hl 11 ca: from pbiotrtri at ih |n? nt. Tb- Iomi^p i?* a i-ir-,:.-, tfi'i a*id:..' ii ''si claas atone . ? t >?? i i>r'"k, '. 'I* ten !'ir'.e iwnn i .o' lire l alln. two ci'Hara, thrpo nopeho-. with all aect'? ary outhouwa, m go .d ?v>l'r n:i<| repair. .'I *?. ti '? on top upp'iii'i in a'ba.Httl nl fjr >?e Prii-n rr . 'H'l r .-h. Call on or au :.-i ?s for five days il F. 11., No jo '?'^shiug too ron siiiTj. t I100D K' SINK.^S LOCATION FOtt SAf-F.-AT '1 Craiiiviile depot, ou tha Newborn branch 01 th? Bria Pa iwuv > "n> . ns of ator* and dwol In:', coat hou >>> bin. at.c i? .c.. an ! 1. "If acre o' laod; 0 1 .1 ?* now Aiiplr u> < r bO Jie.-it J B. Hariog, CNntigville, Oratif county, N Y. ? f ? \I.L OVSi'KK SI OOl' For. svlk < '1 1-: .? 1* ? ? ^l'N .'\ . bui tiieo, ood aal's and riggio j. Apply on board, foot u! 1 anal str ct. North rivor. A CASH Bl'^IN'KSS FOR 8A LB.? A KlNDLINO n Wood Yard, with leaae, building. rr;;in,\ Viot'er, ?aws. chopper and two ter-ea and two wagon's and eve vtliing ?om 1 etc to c.irry 011 the businv-i one of the vc r> he : ftaoda in the city. Inonlreat the wood yard. liast 1'n onty third tlreet, betneeo 1 rat avenue and avenue A. A PAKERY FOR KAl B, SITUATED I "J A GOOD BO. x? ca'ioo la Uailem baking twelve barrola a w>eic, with horao, wagon and route Apply tu \Y. 11. PAYNE, foot of I'.Vt trcet and East riv?r. ARtRK OPPORTUNITY.? FOB PALE. TH E STOCK anil Fixiore i of a lirst clava Grocery, having a >st rnio tra :c w:t'j 1 .ool cla?s of cuammers; sold on account o! 1! ? . cnlh of the n\\ ncr; one of the 'i"si ?'aud< in t r e 1 corner of N :i: street and Fourth avenue. In in ro of II U.TBY 0. LANK, corner of Tenth street and Fourth ave n ie .n '! e feed itora. t SRGAR STOBE FOR SALW CHEAP? A P.tRE *1 chanco for a ssgar maker: now 4niaca sood bualae s: i - well c, -tairisiie i naatlv 'itted p nid atoaked with a good varletv : a nia tvtorv rca'-on-j for selling: none 1 nt a ckkIi cnsi"m?r need ?i ; . . Kor particulars in lutre at 020 Hudson a: reel. N Y. A OOBHUt LIQUOB STORE FOR RALE.? LITTLE /V oat of the city, on the road to Calvary Comoterir, Uli >11 Raoc t our e, ,c. . dol:ii: a to ..1 business, great hack und carriage tiade: owner go iisiuC ifornia. Ri rn a boson 4 I'LATT ISO Rroadway. A GOOD DBINEINQ SALOON, UP TOWN. BROAD " way r.e.r arl'ng o two lines of nisrn; nlentv of trade; two years' ea>eat SSOO. Price $7U0. Inc. ml tig Stock, Fllturey Ac. Fine lo-*iio:i. RICH VK.iSON .t "LATT. 180 Broad war. * NEW. NOVEL PATENT TOU SAI.E? SIMPLE IN J\ ? ' istrnetion and used ex'enaive'' . I'lio owner be>ttg engi I in loniiuracturlost anotbt r invention n?di?r a <? <n tr 1 will *c'. ; t .1 low .jure. Ca 1 on W. 1J. TRE MAINE, 176 Washington street. A SPLENDID COUNTRY DRUG BIISIN88B l-OH sale? W il bo sold for coat or ?t'ick bv inventory if de aired: at) nt $3.'n0 cash renulred: business^ vi 1 bear clo? ast scrutiny. Address E. B. Wilson, Il' iatd offce a BFSTAURANT AND DRINK TNT SALOON FOR /V .-ale? rfoes n lar^e l u?icess; will be hoi I nt a low prleo, Al-o a f ist in o Pr St >re on a leading avenue. Also a Plumbing an.i i!es Fftil cliop. Al.-o iJalieries Liquor moipf, li ocer as, Or.'st Mil s. W. U talTCHKLL. 77 Cedar street A BOTBL FOB SALE? AT A LOW PRICK: LOCATED J\ Coxn town; (Jocj a lar:e b'i?lness: tins rf a rsre cha'i " Mao a i)rst class corner Oro.-er Store. Also Ha ?? ir.-ita. Dro/ Stores A so a corner M inor Stoic at Hunter s Point. \Y. H. MITCHELL. 77 Oed ir ?t. AFIR^T CURS RESTAURANT, IV HR')OKI."N. Op posite the <!uy Ha'l, will h? soiii bcl"<v co?t of filling up, a it 1- clof-e.! 11 w in eon#r(j' en e or the ve\^ro 11': n?a of tiie proprietor F01 !nfo- i.a i .n inquire at 105 DnflleM a'. IJAKBBY.? POB PtI.E. THE GOODWILL, STOCK O ami ' \ tn res, with leas* of 0\e years, 01 an old ostab liahed ti! at ? :nsa bread Ba ."ry. now iolnp a cash l iutness of JtlT'l j er week, and w Inch with lit tin e 'ort rmild be eo 1!.- incroas. '1. To a practical '..nan this la a raie a id splendi ' chance :o gel nto an ex'?ns!ve liusines* bs U.e abov 1- one of the '..???? s ands *n th- citv of I'hlla ?? 1 oil a. Re.i an for ?Tiling. '*d hen H of j ronri?tnr. For p<rtien li-rs, terms. A - , Addre-s U, box Post onice, I'h '.adel phin. DCSTBBM tor su.E in Canada.? a first H 'ass vanufacfBrln^ Itnalneaa In one 01 the largest tiwns in Ctna ia. aatls'acsor in every respect. Isop' a :or si'e und-r very favorable ircnmstaices Por particulars apply to Messrs. J. A M. CK1STV, SSI I'e .rl street. New York city, ru ty BXPBKSB for salk-welt. f'tarlishep. w A rare c'ian ? for any ruin tv.a: wants toco In the bu ine?a. Pi Hits over one linndreJ d ollars pe - irontli. For fnrih?r tartK iiars ap;. y to EDGAB ALVWKBNCB, Q1 Klee'k' i Stret;. IN:NG SALOON FOB SALE? NOW DOING A GOOD business lu 1 nr? at C26 Water froet. DRCO 8TOB8 ri?P. S.\LE? IN A l'LTTASAN'TLY SIT. uate l neighborhood. ii"ar thee 1 . dolnc a goo.1 btial n?u. inu.ij preaenption. tor twot'ilrds iu value. Price fi,?d0oaak A Idrc-s Dru^.;.st, box 1HI 1 1 era ' l.oiDee. Drug store for sale ?any one with about $.y(K) 1 ran "-^cu e a first c; i?-' bus n?sa In the inter or \ cl i r" e that ae J 1 liappMs. For artlcuiara call ou J. BRY N, M. D-, 7'? cedar stieet. Drugstore fob sale? the old and well ?stabllalied Pntl 3t?ii', <0i El:ktb avenue; w II b" soi l cheap 'or eaab. the t-ra-r't'* b-n; ?ick and mia le to b; t.-oil to buainas . Arp v, lor purlii.uiars, to A. <?. DUNN, 448 Third avei i.e. Dul'i 1 STOP.E ' OK S\LE-IN A GOOD NEIGHBOR boOd np Ur.vt. ; w 11 t>?- sold to a oa,i, cu-totner at a j;r?.H ?e 1 .ee. I :i 1 e at ,'?V> Tentii avenue, botwetn Fjrij third and Forty-fouitH stnset*. nBCG 8TOKE FUR SAL'-Vr.BY PLEASANTLY lo s:ed and do rg nn eieel en l butine-s. mo?U>' rro ae^i- ; as. si -r* e sa -a In A n rl 1 pe da>, f ''ar. *-'2 (Pi. J me, $*2 ''7: .Inly 'o 2'st .uat mt. $2.1 1 .t. Pro }i) (Xtl eash. A Idressorca 1 on Mr. S M ? rrereni, at Sehlef ret in. Broa A''o comer William and Beekman straeti. FOB S ALB--M ACH1NBBY. ADaPTBO TO the man ufa"t'ir? (?( ails, coii-^iiti' of Twiners, Winters. Ac. ; v?IU L? .wld sei'S'a'e'v or lo.e her BF.SRI S'l'KWART, 18 Oar evoortstreet P?OB PALE? THREE SETS OP STONE CHAKEBS, r at. . ial>. v for ilr ?^ist? and palut tnanuisi lurers Ap. ply at i'07 ind -iW Wa'> r sireat For salb? three new marine boilers, dit f<r?iitaiea. Applv at D.-laiitaiei Iron Works, foot of We- 1 Thirtr nth a1 reel. D IJIOR SALE.? SLOOP JOHN BENNETT. SUITABLE fort ? 'and. tftavci 0. any other b . n>-*s re^uiru.g a l glit dra't; csri r ug ?ixtv tons In four feet ? t In has viter. S ula rigging, ae., in (uai rate order; <-aii be u*ed lor twelve months without am additional ent ?nse, Psi e, M.M) Api^iy to JOHN MASON. 131 avenue D. m For s \le-the sloop akgklinf. cafries 15 tuns Can be s?en si fool of F irtieih street. East river. Apply to. lOflN MI'RBAY, oa board IfOR SALE? ONE LAROF. SLOTTING MACHINE JT new West I'o'nt foundry patleru: on- R abl lng Ma riiine for nut', with e iinplsle set of Tools for anne tt ade by Go 1 'l A Hro two l're-s Dri Is. with l-cavv iron frairies; all new and it gooft ordrr. Apuiv lo WM. tulN'i'GOMBRY, 3tf.?ac-ati at reel, r om No. I. MOB SALB-PORTABM ST F.AM BJKMBBB AND P i'ortal> e f -ani Sawmills; having fvl, for t lrning out three Pei table i.nglnes e? -h wars, I am prepared '.o er.o t-act i ti. coal oil companies who may want tha-n. WM MONT- .OM 1 KY Nassau atreat, siiotaasor ta tha b. Y, Steam 3awmi>i and Maeamt Co. FOR 8 *L^? IN BROOKLYN. ONE LABOR SHOW Wio'low an ; Doors one Urge I'oqnler and Snelv log. with Dra* er- Applv on Fulton avenue, uve doors west a' Urand avanua. For sale-thf well known optician stopk, 'ill Hroadwa>, doing a boa aeaa which pnya a net t roflt offXiJOl iur vaar: this tin Ite sbuwn br ti.a'jooka Tlieao. tl#v flii. k and Fixtures will be 10II cbea.i, as the owner Is ,u I.I health. IflOR SALR-fHB BAR AXD BFSTAURANT OF TH B I? A' er can Ho'"l, Bioadwav and Eighth street Apnlv to JOHN LL'iVD A SONS, 1.1 Na-sau s'.reet, or o> the pie For sai.e? the l^asb of stobe in Hudson street ai.d the bulMiag; il is three story high ; to be sold theai irt'ae owuer Is goiog away. Inquire at above. Fob salf.-tiie spgar stand of a first clash ii| 1. . n h lei Toa young man o( g a.i a Idress ant ha' ?'? this I- s rare ekatien The stand Is Ixautl folly BUM sud i1ia?? a lb r . i sines* Tl.oae applying will aend real tiame soJ address to Sol, sUt on G. LA<>h aLB-TUI STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN r o l anl veil established l.louor Store ou one of the best con. -rlo'i tiie ?* est o' tbseity donga goodbusl ness A ;'j to THOMAS GAFFNEV, Auctioneer, JJfl Eighth svenoe. h OK HALF,? ONE I T RS r BATE STEAM ENGINE, ~ Diameter of C; Under IS Inches: >ngtb o' itrok' " Itiche* I". ?' ? f>r exchange, Addiesa Haoiy BH?", 13 Montgomery street, Jerse City. Eton SALT- A fiOOD GRORRBV A'.'D LIOUOB stoie two le s lease; also t'vo mi I'h Cows, tlorse and Ci M All wi : le sold together. At'piy it loe stoie, MA West Ihirlv trsi street. L'OR SALE? THE WRLL DOING POABDINd HOUSE r rent ected with llcs'turant and Bsr J 1 Prankf'Jrt street, oji! dotr from W. l am street. fJ1 OR SA LB? THE LEASE AND FIXILKI.S OF ONE r of lb* beat corner Li pnr st rea in the First war. I, op I' "ite the Ca .fornls and lla\ ana steamship iocs, known as 2 1 Wt-t stree'. In j ulre on t io j leu-aes I. OB PALE.? A RAHfc. CliANt E TO ORT INfO" V I paving t i 'iness on s snail tn al For ale, the Bar of trie iVrart House. 44 Sew S" eri d '!n-; a gool bust. Lf? . aa v .11 ba ? uovn, A j ply oa the pr*miizt>. I mm pi to 3, |? Il S4LK-ONK O" THK LfVl'OR KSTAB P i r> n t ? Mown lown, rj- "1- i n'y to l e seen O le ap r ' it" I S e?dy ? '? , an i -nn I. ? * 1 ? 0/1 -1 lie* S p . - * -t '<>? f'-h SM??i. iai...g lists aao 'aei to FOR SAUK. r'R 8ALB-ONK OIKTRICROil PUMP. WILL wor1 oi.e IhAiMHil KSllnna par minute. Al?n two W<rhin^' >:i Plesiu Pumps second haud, and one Lathe ; eigbt-eu 'eel v>o< .1 Shear BAYLUT k HILL, fi8 John sireet_ FriOR 8ALK-A RESTAURANT AND DRINKING 8A ' oon Go I ?i*e. Cheap ri>nt Lunch Bar Hto. k aim ' ?. .ires o< tt be Mid this week. Call on the praiui-a:s, too it jiah ntreeu F10!l SALE?THE LEA8E. STOCK AND PIXTUIU'S o: o?.rt of t!:?: best (Orncr Liquor Store* and Katluj II use* ii New Yor* u ?w >lo;n-; a cash tontines* 01 ovar 91.41 per 1ar, ami mn Ik- Increased 10 any a mo i o ' . SH ? ? <1 below Canal street, one bl.wk east of Broadwa?. Enoicii of tl<e bu.I iin-; con oe lei tn ma-.e the *ior.? and baaement ret.t free. Tiie lease ha* tivn year* t,i run from Va I. lHt. Th a i * chat^M for a |H>rson acitianitnd with the hue not* to make a fortune For further information Iniicire of C. J kWO J47 Canal itieti. from 12 to I o'clock. For sale? machinbbt ok all kinds, as shaitins, Paievs and flange-*. Blowers. Ac ; ??* ?' horat Kngli e snd Boi er, furnlu.; Lathes and I'ool*. Am Is, lonuK 1 u s Bel'ows, Hi" C tutors Grinding M ils, Sc*'es. ?Via, Woen W re. dure rent styles. and Relihiy of aU s "? at the lowost price*. Apply at :'41 Fat 1 1 on > ton Mreet CIlAS JO'il'AN. DOK 8 \ ?. ? ? AN OLI) EST < B! '8HK(? L'Q'JOR STORE. P one of lli" bent ill the Fourteenth war.T, i.heati re >t fason for selling owner ha* pot two store* and laiiuoi attend to both. Apply at 1 1 7 Ban tr stnet. EtOlt SALB ? TUB MONITOR S III I'.T FBONT MAN IT I' la !ory. twelve Whee'ar V Wilson s SVwiti: Ma*. nrc |.s ;r' .1 calO'lc Kl^ina and the Fixtures in cor ' to r: wll he aold on apphnit o.i AddrfK I. ox v>D Bsw Yuri. Post o" re, or ICS Atlantic street, Brooklyn. U?o;: s \i.n ? t '.atHEb. a bench vices, i screw : i re*s I Poll - lilns Machine a'.' a ini of re tin ? I Slahbitic Vfhino ior ;un or s?-i maker A Unlit shop with Mtuly piwcr. Apply at 72 Catharine tract, N V. F^OB -"A' E ? TUB RFSTACKANT UND' RTIIR FIFTH W ,rd Hotel, oorne- of r^nk.iu ?tn ni an I West Broad xeuy. lu .nlre ol K. JaQUIKS. >'a the ptutulo. T?OR SALB-A GOOD PHOTOORAPH rjAT.I.P.RV 1 . or teruuK whtci) are reu?ooab.e. api>l? at ^'.U Brca.l Wl HA LB CH' A P? ON r. OF rUE BR ST LTQCOT. I i ? j n the ward. Apply to WILLI.'. M AB B< TT. N i. I Kant Proadway res*, sitnaaii oil 'in IIud*o?i ??? -t one m:i.- and i ha'f from Weehawken ferry. The ateamboat Thoa, Hul>e icavea foot of Si'rins s re?'i a'. .'",2 5 > nd T o'clock .la v. ' mafng at the ':'acc. Good reasons given for ?el:ltig. luiutn on thn pUtM. For salb ohbap? thb lease, stock and !i\tnr<M of a prominent rornur grnoerv inul ! in -i atore on the etat -I !r of the town; well tiitetl up. lo v t. ax anJ hiiic leas"-!. W 1 . 1 be m>M s' i ji" it bargain. A, r ? to i'. oaKPNKY auirt aeer, 2.! l iiambers stroal, room No. 5 for three da>s. POil SALE CHKAP-TIIB STOCK AND FIXTURES of a ivell rMabll -hert Ii|ii0' store on llio o<k < of the city, near i he .Irv dork. .M nat lie sool m- e lluiely. Apci.v to THOMAS OAFFNI.Y, Auctioneer, .">53 Eiji.t.. a/. FOR BALE CHEAP FOR CARII-TWE STOCK. FIX t.ll*- and Uus:i:e6?of :be old estnhllghed Confe 'iou ry Store and lee Cream 8? loon 161 Third avenue. B.iflinesii good. Poaaes ion i nmediaiely. For p\le low? two first class sewist. ma. 'thloe*: >ne nearly new. Hcuaon for Knlltng. theown'jr le?vin i Ii ? <" tv. Apply all th.s wceu at 127 Slon sti^et, t >i< floor, frout loom. NEWSPAPKR ROUTES POT. SALE? IN VTE TWEN _ t:e'h ward; Herald. Time* rnbone and Daily s'ews. .Apply at l it Went Thirty- econd street, for ihre': da' s. /AIL BUSINESS FOR S \LF. fiR TRADE KOR A SM.A LL " ' F.,rm.? Twenty cear*' estabilnliMt pavlnc w? t mi or art<:re*-. f. r three >rf. 1 . Roler-on, Second :o e noe I il he.i :h oaune of to ling. qtkam ENCINE for rale at norwalk, con uectlcut ? A tw.'iitv tive lioi>o power *:ea"i undine n rood ? r.i'T. in.ids hi Bri '.-enoi^, llreen's pattern, '-vlth heavy tnrned ii m l wlieei, cylinder ten ire es in diain oerjund l' tree icet stroke, will lie sold a bargain if taken) *rr.e diro'i. . l'r oo SI.200L Apply to r- C'-ur . Meehtnl ' ?>'oi" weik. or At'antio Steam F.agine VVorkt, Brooklyn V. Y. QVBAM BNOIBB FOB 8ALB.? A T10BT7.0NTAL Elf. O cine *lxtr. n inc.', cylinder b? four toet atrok^. ia jtood order, with iioi.ei s pipes, .te. Also Eneinea of other ai/e?. Apply to <?. W. COPELAND. 171 Broadway. OriCCTAL NOTICE.? FOR PALE A SECOND HAND O Piano, manufacture of FLtrleton Bro^ . No. 1,874, double ra md nrve i ]cs, lane, mouldl::.'*. 7' octave, rosewood imsc: prei>e'ii |>rlce 1: neiv, $s.iO; ;vtll 'ne old at a oargri n. Kor fnrtiier Dartlculara Inquire 01 >1 . s M. i.. Lot It woo I, 1M Filth ares tie. QTEAM BOTLBR (NEW). SIX fTORSB. CPHIfi.'IT i* tubular, lor mile Apply lo I- MORGAN'S 80S.-:. 410 Wett street or 211 Waeh n .'on street MA":: FOR SAL! ?A SMALL IRON' SAFE INQl'IRE O at Ufi N..^ :. i stri ct, front o.Dea, tliiril door. fTlO CA RPENTEB8.? FOK SALE, A SPLENBln .'II EST 1 and Too'? alln"">'t never beea une.ltvlil be so : ehe.ip. Can he *.? -.n by antilylnc earlv at Be. 'ier s Ho el, 2il Oieen wich street, "ornrr of Warren. Tj llATr.nilliSSUBS AND WIQMAKBBS.? THB proprietor of a I rst elai* OKtablish men! lu a lar^" Wf -t r. n oitv. en lovir.g .'in ritoode l reputnt on anddointta pr^? fltshleb i ticsj. wiahlna to retiro will <lUpo*e of II. e nine at a bargain. Twin the amount a?l."d can be e eared the firs' cr. For partuular* apply to E. 15. TOWER, 1*3 > Bro-.d >vay. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS ? THE LEASE. STOCK AND l iX'.ire of the PtiOlOltranhle Uallerv /no n? No. 1 Chamhem alreet. corner of Chatham *troe!; v.* 1 1 ho fo'd cheap if ,>pne I for liefo?e ? ie is' of A .;nst. Apply at Nu. 2 New t*bamVers street, in the oyster . -iloin. fPDRAfv o -1<T8. ATTENTION.? FOR SALE. ONE SET I ? ti n i. ? t r - hi ?moletr cm icr. Will oe so d catap. Apph a' 2> >7 and 2W> Water ntreB!. I^WO LABOR FIRE \ND 3URi!IiAR PTIOOF SAFFS, L lie's and He'rlns's patent: als - tw . small Safes an-! a De*k. nine leoi loiis, for sale cheap, to close an estate. In stire F2 Maid< n TO BE SOI.T) ( HE A A LIQUOR STORE \ND riX lores with or without stock. Inquire on li>e premises 3!1 V. e>t Twenty nintli s'reet. C;,jnn WII'L rfUT A CORNER LI 'l/OR STORE. O'J*''" no? doing a cood iri-ines/. Apply i a there cruiting o.l.ce lliO Bruadwav. up stai >. AQAA -FOR SALE, A COMMISSION Bt'SISESS. ?JIO'."". fine y lora-e-l and doi?? a la>2* and inouev piaking bt sure profits. Also a superior Laser Beer Sa1 on in F rst ayentM. tin oh! and hne ..tmd. $1tf't v#? < tieap n >ed. Apply at til Chatham street, room No. X ?1 ItAf) ?FOB SALE, GROCERY AND LIQl'OR tpj ii'lfif, Store, on acr-ount of de?tli in the fin .iy, Ajipl ? ..t the ?<ore. Iij.1 Oe Mr atreet. corner Cedar an 1 'i r i - ii'ty p'aoe, betiveen Broad vav and stre "t, Fmt ward. IIOLBKH, KOO.HS, sVC., T<? LET, AFCRNISHBD BASEMENT, THREF ROOMS. TO LET: it ie dry and convenient to car* and ti.iges Appi at 101 1 o rth atreet, near Sixth aveuue. 1 PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN FOHTY EIGHTH '\ -tr< t. having more tfctn tV*n re Hired will rent a part of the r House, handsome ylnml-hed. ti a gentleman an wife, with Hi" conien eacca for honsekee; inj AdJresti Lcouotn' . Herald office. NKWLT FL'RNfSIIBD ROOM TO LRT-WITHOFT I 1, n<"ir i'uion square. Apply it 121 Fourth ?ve n ie. benvcen T-?el'th and Tbtrtctiitb *'rc*l?. AHP\PBBO0M TO LET -TO A LA'.JT. inquire at 17o Wooater *t. e?t *ec >nd (loo . AFT7BB1SHBD HOCSB to lf.t? with F.vnr.Y thmK eomnlr'e located on 120th street near (be Har lem river. B.>at? Ian I within thtee Ii mdred leel of the hnn>e Hoose eontaiiis all the modern liiipt ovomrut? ; will l>e rented for two month*. Rent 975 pc: t.ioaU. Address X\f Imv: 110 Herald OHice. AFIBST STOBT ro lrt-on the best part OF llroad.iay : thvee yean' lease. Rentfli.i Kearriom l?ts for $35J For lurlher parucuUrt app.v io Mr. KMG ? LIS H, No :i Astor place, Brotdway. Broadway store to let? 25x100 oround floor, west aide, ne?r Grand street. One of tlie best location* na Broadway. Apply to D. M SKaMaN. No. 14 Pine street. A FURNISHED HOl'SB TO LET-TO A PRIVATE family only, con ainlna twelve room*, gas, bath, water, with all modern Improvement*; ilouke in complete older and rlchiy fnraiahed throughout. Applv on the premises, .1" Seventh stieot, .rom 9 to 4 P M. IjH'RNISHID BOOMS to LET-ro ? I N ' i LE GENTLE r men. >? s private family, at 1M1 (o'd No. 919) Second av. nno?. 'iftweeu Twentieth and Twenty. lirsl streets. Refer* etires r ecultcd Towf.r tart OF a OORAMTO t,rt_im .iebset J city, ten miniii- s from lerry by hor-e ears: a small fatnllr preferred: rent $!?> n^r month: feod references re qimei: water ar>l e*> throuzb the honat- For particular* api 1, at 291 South kixth street, Jersey Citv. FFICR TO LET-AT NO. 4 PINK STBRBT. IN quite at room Na 19. J. W Alt* MS O FUCKS TO UT -ROOMS ON TUB THIRD ASD fo irth Moors of 119 >a-*au street: desirable for law ?>flhes Inquire at the iront otUce. third -lory. FFI 'R ROOM TO BENT? PARI' OF OFFICE IN basement 44 Plae street. Apply on premlMS. 0 0 Rare opportunity fob a party with small tneana.? Three Rooms on the first tlo ir with basement Kitchen, lo let and furniture for asle, with halt a month a rent of premises Price onlv ?im. Rverythlos for houit. keeping, . all for two days at 101 Twelfth street, csrwr of Third avenue. STEAM POWEIt, NEAR BROADWAY? NOS 69 AND il I'nnee strert - Te let. iarg> Booms, with eitra light. Power. W?am Hoi?<'rav r.nd Heeling P,j?s a large Ha?e men! In same I) lihlimr, SOiliW) feet. I slited with skyl'lhis. Apply 10 R. C MOOHK. no the preialsra. SHOP TO Lf r-WITH STEAM POWBB, ?< HJBT HV _ ^ Injure of 1 AL. COOK A CO . 79 W est l-ortteth -t. STORE TO LEf? NO 311 WASHINGTON STREET. Inquire of T E. OBTRANDER II P'-ari street or of COOK. SKIVER k AOAI71, tamer of Washington and linane street*. TO LET? A FURMKBED HOUSB, 344 9ECOND AYE nue, corner Tweutielb street. qn> LET-FOB THB SEASflN. AT FAR ROCKAWAY. 1 L I., a beautlf'tl Cottage close lo the l?aeh , rent 9IU<?. Apui? 10 JA.Mi.B ROACH on the premises, or to JOHN KERFE. 126 Creshy street, New York. TO LET-A FIRST CLASS BOARDING HOUSE. AND the Furn lure for sale; the live story limine No. 23 \Ja*l inut n plafe The lio tse contains 10 rooms, oom Butali ( and is In full op. n The proprietor Inc fclHtttl |o leave the city, wll' dispose of the above and give in. ned'nic possession. Apply upon Die preinl-es after 9 P. Jtf. of each dajTj TO LET-TO A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFB, OR with a small family. Ilall, Parlor, front Bteement. and a eoiipl ? or three Boo ns, with all modern Improvements, on tipper story CI aton siren, between Inland Fourth piace, fourth door from Third plare. South Brooslyn. rpo LET? THB LOWER I'AET OF T|K PRIVATE I I ;*e CI iMi.vtilng street, in good order. Apply on the jj*msrs. fPO LMT-AN RLIOIBLB OFFI' E. GROUND FLOOR. J Bro*d street, near Besyrr i log to aat la itM oi r (Ivturrs f<>' 1st A g jrt acjt Address bu* tO. Pot I liii^ HOUSE*, (toons, SC., TO LET. TO LKT-A FIRST CLASS BASEMENT, SUITABLE either for it doctors or nwver a ofllee Apply at ->2 University between Eleventh aud Twelfth streets. TO LfcT-A BEAUTIFUL FLOOR, WITH GA9 AMD I Crou>n water, in a *o .J. healthy neighborhood , rent fti-S 1* 1 mi' fin Alko. Aewtment* of Mt v Hooiaa; rent i Botu l' ? aoove will be Ii t t ' ?ma I fimtlies Immfi rtiaic ixie-'-s-iun can r,e g veu. Appl\ to H. I'll U I. SON. 1,333 Third avenue near Eighty third street, Yorkvllle TO LET? AN APARTMENT IN A FIRST CLASS t rovu atone house. of three or four room*. in aduita omv. lu |U r.* on the i remises. I W East Kilty-third atieet, oooni door east of Lexiugiou aveuue. rpo I KT? TO A SM ALL FAMILY T1IK 8RCOND FLOOR I of boiMk* 41 West Fourth mreet between Greene and Wwttfr strre;s. onnvementiy .oeaie 1 to llr u iwav and mi ni ng Washington square. Nn ghborbood re?peoia!>le. I'i,ii-hou ? veil on the lat Augiat. rpo LET? THREE ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR; OAS, 1 !.-?*, Oat !i Ac . rent $t<) ? ner anunra. Ainu tim fr.iui Rooms on thir.l storv. 1'us ession August 1. Apply on the pro uiies, "1 Washington place. cpo LH.T ? BY .1 PRIVATE FAMILY. IN HRNHY 1 strati, a r.lci v furnished Hall Bedroom, with privilege cf iix'nif : rout pa' lor If dc* rod. Bo erouce* oiotiaoged. Address L . i>' i 1,1113 p.. St o :.ce rp_> LKT? A HANDSOME THREE STORY HOUSE, 91 1 Columbia street. Brooklyn Heights. ukt painted nnit : ai i ii d ilir 'U: li Kit, only live m.nute.s irom either fen- situation itn tit e bay v ew uas iiat'a. gas fixtures to; rout tow. ADAMS A 00., Oil Broadway. rpo LIT? SECOND FLOOR. 146 EAST FORTY FIFTH 1 streot. live Room* all common eating with gas mid miter: v. ill t > put In nine order: sta'r an I ha' I to b ? u noted and papered throughout; al-o Apartn ents in Twentj'-eijjhth and I wolfth streets. ADAMS & CO.. I'M Broadway. rpo LET-THE FIRST CLASS BRICK MOUSE SOT EAST I'Ui, basement, three tnriea and attic with in l?ru Improvements; rent moderate. Apply on the pro 'P.> I.BT. ? V FAMILY ABOUT LBAVINO TUB CITY, I rui i a' |ir> ?n! o- upvui : linlf of a brown atone bouse, i li ill th" it odei ii i.npr vemonl*. will let tho i-iiine, wlib 1. i', live ro-ae sion. and will dl-inse of the Furniture ? i ea er'TUhmi' lenii'Hlt > for li.oivcl-"" i ;n.-. '1 in iMtt opportunity f ir a small family about to i . iirenoe hoi ? 'keeping. Call for two data at the Olll-'O of i" Ai en 'iin Qa L kht- Journal, 15 NaHs.iu street. Iroin 10 to ill o'clo n. 'po LET? A M?'E LITTLE HOUSE. NINE ROOMS, ( tlOWQ town, west side; rent #5''. A : tho furn'tn" for sa> .'lienn, a* the vv ti m : t leavj this we-.-k. PrlC" cunsidvrable undei il, '.'UO. ADAMS A CO , 993 Broadway. '7V> \y r FURNISHED? A handsome. L\R ?E I'AK 1 ir. Roiiin. R- lron;n an l I'an'rtr. v t :i i imvi 'ilcnce of i .ip nn 1 bath on the ? nine, floor, i'i i ..-"id nei^lihurhoo I, 0 . Wist lil^' teentU t-trcet, between Fifth auJ brenucs rpo RENT? Til B FIRST FLOOR OT A CODO BRTCR 1 hn. i*c, five monm. nu Yanderbltt avenae, tea minuter ?i'k ii'uni Vii'iI.t i :i a-xl'ng. st?t?:i Island. ne:ir 1 iftou 1'arU; ha'idv to aea I ..itb'ii ?, nid cood laurel sluuty wnlki hi v, oda. Apply to 8 GORDON, llor st. m tlio piemiso?. . ,-'N THE .-RNTRE OS- i'llE il.vT ANI) I'AI' ( n aruet. "ne of the finest stor"?on Brnndivay; exuu if n. ami demh: no: -? ss on Anvils! l. Ap ly immeJlAteiy l i B. II. LUDLOW ,v CO , No :i I'mo street. iHM'ilir.O AT3 VJ lillDKnti. \ T THE FRANK FORT HOUSE. ONE BLOCK VaST ^'V f i;ik .'nv Hall, corner oi" K'-mlilori and WFInun Ptr> et?, i ll neativ furiiiaaed. light Uoo m A room to one I'fi'n.iii, '2'ia. t r,uc. per day ; jl Zi to $5 per week. House ?He i al n ght. t FAMILY, ore: "VINC A house pleasantly 1\ vituatcl w rd let with Board, n Front Room, fur nt li"il on necon.! llonr. to ro'itlomeii or a gentleman ? t?- 1 his wife; room contains c,as, hot and cold water, Ac lie fore i. os require. I. . ly .it 281 i<c:.ingiou aveuue. third hoiv uhOVe thirtV-ei^iitli street. A T NOS. 175. 17i> AND 17* BLEEC1CER STREET, FIK A h ocks west o.' llroadwajr, plcmtint roil Rooms, with excellent B?n-d :it from $fl ??> Sll) pnrweek. 'Arnllles ac co. <Ub v. Ureuicfai: I'romOtov: dinner from 12H to 6. t HXN060ME SUIT O? ROOMS-AT.SO SINGLE A Room* ;or (.outtsinen. to lot, with Board. Apr y it ??7 (Mnton place between Fifth and Sixth avenues. AT 12i NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS EST OF Broad w. i.y, a ftentleman and wile or two tinsrl Kentle men can obtain >' isuit Ko nni, with Board. Toe uotue re, tains all the Impio.emants. a PRIYATE FAMILY? AT <8 WEST TWELFTH siieet between Fifth and Sixth avenue*, can scro-ii module a gentleman an '? ' lie and scveml sm ;le gentlemen with pleasant Fur. -n" I Itnom- nn ' first class lloar.l. Re ference reouired. Servants and children uot taken. \ FlIRNISffED FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM AND Jx. Hail Ho'tr.iO'n to Tel. with ?a?tand privilege of liaili roo*n, with Unt la 1 col. I "ater, in a private fatnil1 . with or without Boar!, nt li)i Went Thirty-fourth street, u ar Broadway and Sixth avenue. A LARGE FRONT ROOM, HANDSOMELY FURNISH en to let, with Boar 1. In a private famllr, to a gentle man t,nd wife, or two gent emen Local on for business men excolleut; references ex hauged. Apply at iSi B.eeokor si.'ert. At the crant iio"se. 41 new bowery, be tween Chatham square n.ul Chauibera etreet. tivn mantes troni Broadway, convenient to businosa. Rooms to one. 25 to 0 cents "per day, $1 X> to S3 per week ai d regular Board. Open all night. 1 GERMAN WIDOW WOULD LIKE TO BOARD A A . ii, id or baby. Call at 134 Ludlow st., near Stanton, top floor, ro. m 19. a PLEASANT ROOM ON SliCOND FLOOR TO LET l\ with Board, to a gentleman and wife; also a email Room to a single gentleman; family hinair, house has nil the Improvements. Ter a nioilor?to. Location desirable. Apply at 77 Thirty-first street, between Lcxingtou]anl Fourth aiennes. A SWISS LADY AND GENTLEMAN WISH TO OB tvn Board in a pleasant ?ituatioti. in New Yo-lt or ErooULn; Parlor and Redroom required, ttie latter unfur n . Address M. D . box 510 Post office. A MARRIED LADY, WHOSE HUSBAND IS OUT OP -A the citv , d> sires Board in a private family a genteel place deelred. hi nt oi retereuce given an I required. Ad iliess box 2.319 Post office, stating location, terms. Ac. ? LARGE FURNISHED ROOM TO LET. NEAR ^'V Broadwav. without board, suitable for single sentlo im n , rent moderate; refiTcaces evchanged. 378 Fourth wrc;t. A Mlty STREET.? PURNISHED ROOMS ON FIRST Jt and "i hird Uoors, fiout am1 rear, with or without hoai d, kultable tor tent: eoieo and the r wives. A;*u Rooms lor singie gentissien. <>aa. bath, Ac. 47 Amity atrcct. A LARGE. AIRY, NICELY PURS I SHED SECOND stc: j h,..>!7i 'o let to one or two single gentlemen, without board; bath, gas and closets: lo anon pleasant. Apply at 1.".' We-t Houston street, corner of 8ull van. A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE OR SINGLE GENTLE ^1. meornnbeaoc n.modated with furnished or unfur nished Front 1'. oui>, wi'.h Board, at Bast Twenty-ninth street. a T '.O.' RART FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE /\ the Academy of M uslc, era) very pleasant Rooms, naj.y or in suits,' having .a ^e closi U. gas, bath. Ao., < n i,e 1...1I. with lioard. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Rcfereti'es ei chanrcd * FINE SUIT OK ROOMS. WELL FUR VISHED, COM A p.ete. wiui gas. bathroom, water cioaet, Ac., can be ob lainea. without Boar.l. ttuiporaril. or permanently A fa mi > of thiee adults, o -upymga i.rste as, Iiohsu. n ill let^ai aUo. e at 71* We t Seventeenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FLW ROOMS TO g".niletnen. at $1 .VI. $i and per wcck; all nowlv fii.n ned . fam ly small; house ha< modern nnprove.mnnts. Apply ai |i)T Prince sin et. second block weat oi B road ,v ay. A PEW GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE BOARD. WITH .sing!- ltooin*. at J" M per week: also double be la st $4 f>0 per week, at 144 Matborry street, n'lar (irnn l. A LADY. HAVING A NEATLY PUXNI8HBD FRO >' T Roo-ii. would let it to a gentleman and lady, with Hoard lor the lail/on!;, or single ladf: no other boarder- tak' a; friee of room per week in advance. In .uire of Mra. M . 49 Thon>p>ou street. Board - Washington square. ? elegant. larjro nnd airy apartment* to let. In ?uit or separate, with or without BOird. at HJ3 Waverley plaee: house first clas<; unexceptionable refereuce* will be given and ie quired. BOARD.-* HDY AND GENTLEMAN CAN H F. loai'ioda e with % econd story front roem. nlshed. w.tb or without board. In the family of a widow; also a neatly furnished Room to a gentleman, withoat board. No. 2 Roslyn place, Greene street, between Ainlty and Fourth streets. Board wanted -a gentleman wants a large, well furnl-hed Room, with Breakfast and Tea. in a private family. Term* from $0 to for goodaccom modalions: very minute particulars requested. Aduresa W, box Itw Herald oihce. BOARDINO.-TWO YOUNG MRS CAN FIND A larje Room In a private ramilf, with breakfast and tea (dinner on Suaday II wanted), by applying at 10.1 Ka>t Twenty Afth street. ?" Brooklyn board.-two large rooms, with tmse eloseK hot ao ' cold water. Ar., for a gentleman and wi( A or gentlemen, on Brooklyn Heights, near Wail atreei ferry; splendid view ot the bay. Call at 88 Oolumb a street BROUKLTN BOASD.-TWO 8ISOLE GENTLEMEN can be accommodated at 2.' Rands sireet with first class Board : al the modern improvements; three minutea' walk from ruiion ferry. Board in Brooklyn -a gbntlemas and wipe or two or three sinfle gentlemen oan find pleasant Rooms, with Board, al SO Cheever place, between Harmon an : Degraw streets Fcrmsbrd room to let? to a lady or ladt sad gentleman (board for the ladv only), or wnald pro fer a wi low lady Inquire at 174H Thoiapaon street, near Bh ' ' ker. FlRNISIIED rooms, with board-suit OF Rooms on seonnd floor to let. together or sei*rately. Also Rooms suitable for single gentlemen. Parties desir ing first class accommodations oan apply at ltd Baft Sigh* ?eenth Sireet, References required |jV RNIaillED ROt'MP -GENTLEMEN WISHING NIoB r Rooms In a private house, may apply at 172 Bleeeker street, six blocke west of Broadway, near the first class hotels aad theatres. Rooms from $2 to $.1 per week; house has modern Improvements. Furnished and unfurnished rooms to lbt at 76/ and 7'? Broadway, corner of Ninth 'treat Pri vate entrance 1S4 Ninth atrest. Apply at room No. 7 on the premises. VURN1SHED ROOM TO LET -A HANDSOMELY r furnished Front Room to let, to agentieman and lady: Board for the lady only. Inquire al 2IS Wooeter sireet, VO 'I ABINGDON SOUAEE -FURNISHED ROOMS il to let, with breakfast if requlrod. Terms mo<lnraie PARI! AL BOARD WANTED? WITH A PRIVATE PA inlly, In the vicinity of roiumbl* ('t,ll"te or on Murrav HMI hv a pi ofe sional venllernan, mi4die aged. AddroasO. K W.. Ileialil olhee PRIVATE AND H ANDSOME RO> iM" TO LKT? AT f7 ' Bwndwav, one b 0' k ah ive lininn square; the lines' ind nio? central In it'on In the city; ad modern Im provements; house hrst ?'iass. H'iOM WANTED? ,'N IIOROKllN, FOR TIIH MIDDLE nt ? ;i t a lar i*, well Fuinlshcd Room, nlili Rt a: ra?-. lo 'v ita family, ntlf.n-.ur s ?*< '>?^aed. Address 1>J ! I I " ????ifiCC. BOARMWO AID UOOHHO, TWO OK THREE SINOLK LADIES. ALSO A OEN |l< man and hi- wife, a'so two or three sln)tle gentlemen, can t? accommodated will. Hoard at IU toues street, betneen lllrecker and Fourth streets- Apply all tho week. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, IN A SMALL PRIVATE famth*. to a slncle gentleman. or gentleman and wife, a handsomely Furnished Room, on (1 rat t'oor. Board If de aired. Ali-o a newly Furnished [loom on third foor. Loca t on very pleasant and good neighborhood. Address H. O., Brooklyn Post office. rp<> LKT-A FURNISHFD HALL BEDROOM. SPITA 1 bl? 'or a a ngle entieman. wnh <>r without b' ard; houae and location fl rst class. Apply at IS West Forty-sixth street, Dear fifth avenue. TIT ANTED. -FIRST CLASS BOARD WANTFD BY A * ? lumil of three persons. in a modern built bouse, with the convenient es of bath. Ac., located between Fourteenth ao I rhIity-CourtI) stre"ts, near Flltn avenie. lhe moms must bi' en suite on the Hrt.1 or second Moor, ati'i well fir nt?lied. For itaalrabie apartments n satisfactory price will lie c reu References unexceptional) e. Addreas l'0< 1,12b Post office, S"W York. UWItKT ELEVENTH STRKgf. A FEW STEPS FROM Proudwav? Ono or two Furnished Rooms to . et, Willi excellent Board. House Urst i n.-s " -+ CI ~ PKR WREK-FOR A PRETTILY FURNISHED V I Room. "O the second Itoor; to let. with Board 'o a gen; o iu nnd wife; also one on the third tloor for $13. A, 'ply at 164 Wen Twenty sixth treet, near Kig tu avenue. 53 CI, IN TON PLACE ? FURNISHED ROOMS. UE fercnc s excbaiiuotl. IO NINTH 31 REbT.? ROOMS MAY I5R HAD, WITH *"cO or wltho it *i>ard. for gentlemen ; ho>i e and location fl>st .-ta"!!, and terms reasonable. D.uner at two o'clock Beferea -en exchanged 70 sprUNtj STREET. THREE DOO::s FROM BROAD I 'J way ? To lei. several handsomely Furntahe I Room*, to siauln gent'emen. 'I'ite location i? near all the livst cl?sa hotel an.l rlaee.s of amusement. Readies rooi.i tree. !u qnin of ANSON' HoUSK. COl'M'KV ROAKD. a PRIVATE FAMILY. UESIDINO IN A Cfl A nil NO .T locality on Stn.eti island (north -horoj, h iv ? one oi two largo airy Rooms which t'.ey would let. with Hi. r , to sin "I ? senilemen or a iei)Ueman and wife. For particulate address box \U1 Post o 1 <?<?, T>OAP.D \T WILLOW PLACE, NYACK.? A FEW i ho!rc Rooms, tnespectodt? vacated; pure rive' ar}d in 'tuf'in air; fine scenery fool drive, no tti'isrpiltoos. Apply to Cu t in BARNARD, on Hie premises. Relcieucc, T. J. Craven, 21 Bioaii street, room t>5. /"10UNTRY BOARD. ? A SMALL FAMILY, OP A FEW * ' host dors, can nd a pleasant home wltliiti a ont four nit! of Lot Branch, Appi. at Parley's bout store. IS Third avenue /lOI'HTR* BOAI'D.? DBS! UAP.LB ROOMS C\N BE ' ' o tained at the farmhouse ot the subscriber, one hour bv r >>! no n New York and b-ilf a ml'e neat from the depot at. 'Vine P aln?. Inquire 01 C. C. DUSIiNKw'.lY, White Plamf. poi'MTRY BOARD? NEAR PBSHSKILL. ONLY TWO * 1 i our* frot. i the city; a splendid I nation oi the itarcin Of a be tutli ul lake, with fltie ; > li . ii(l and bntliln /. i erms mod era to For lurllter information inquire of Joseph Fow? er. No. 9 Rant ?treat. Ksnr York. /COUNTRY HOARD.? LARGE PRIVATE MANSION. ' ' 1 andsotrely I'uroluiied, o:i Creat South Bay. Li tig Inland opooslte Fire ls!an?t;deslrai>lo for firat class a tn's. Solei'did tlrnrs. liilnttii, tiu.ti.i^ .':u. Parties can e ill at Iff Btoadwav . room No. I. second st iry, from 1 1 to I o'clo a. pOPNTRT BOARD AT LONG BRANCn, N. .T.. NEAR \j the oonttn; bathins on our own ?ronnd Tu ttireof U. B. JACKSON. R i Watl street, room I, or of C. T. .1 ACKSON, on the prewtsea. polTNTRV BOARD IN ORANOK COCNTY? ON r;riK Railroad. Uotise very spatroim thronjhmt: ;,.t 1 pa r ? loi s I'oonn and t a/rns. Driven drltghtful :i nonit the hills and Inonntatna anl by the P^la vare river; per wMk. App y -I BARER it OODWIN'8, over the Tribune iiliee. riOUNTRT !10*ltD WANTED? FIRST CLASS? BY A sent email and wife, In i family where ttioiearo nnt man r boarder*, on the bank's of the Hudson on the se;i shore, ortn the mountaius, within easvaresea of New Ymk. Adilref" F. .1. II., not Z? Herald olTk'e. atatlng i articular*. / lOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? BY A PAMtLY OF Xj t tree adil'ta and two chlldMM. Private limine pre ferred. Miim li't near xalt water, on I.on? or Statjii Isltind. Address K., bo\ HTn New Yoik Post o pOI NTRY BOARD WANTED ? AT CORNWALL, FOR v two adie?. A 'dr- vs i?nin<- !??:?'>?. t.iting full jmi t,.cu lars. S. C. A., box 25ti Sew Y rk Po-t oi:.?e. ?pvBSTP.ABLr; AND HEALTHY COUNTRY BOARD? I " at Rie, one hour ftoni the city, may be o'ltalio d nnti. November or longer with a small eenteei famllv o. 'cut vine ap!ea*.int, Rbaicd cottage. Comnnny tr.ore ???' ..n eet than emolument. Adults ten, young children a d servat. ts six dollars. A 'drcs- Comfort, bt.itlon D. New York, EUMT CLASS COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR A I' lady and maid, nvav Irom sail ...rial where there are few or no boarders. State exact location and terms, or no notice will lie taken. Address, for three days, K. l>. C., Madison s inate Post odlec. SIMMER RESORTS. IT CLIFWOOD HOTEL, l1^ HOUR ?ROM NF.W :\ York bv Jtean'bOHt VMtteawan. fool of Murray street, nt 4 P. M Fare 26 e< nt*. Fine groves eo'.eudid, iif-e-a bathing, ng and satl ntr. Terms moderate. Apply at 176 Blcocker street, or a' the hotel. ( 1AT8KILL MOUNTAIN IIOUSE.-TBIS F^voKITh s > fnminer re-ort is now open for the reception oi ^ue-ta. Visitors will find an ant'torlred aaent. with bsdge. at tin Catskill stiiambont Undine and Catskill station, Hudson iUyer Railroad, to assist ytHtors, provi.lo cc a\e>atices. take Va. e o! bu" a^n, Ac. fl Rf.EN'S BATH HOTEL. LONO BRAN'TI. N. J ? ' T Tbi- hotel has l r?n ioerrnaed to three times it* orlcmal size, ami !ia-< iustf.e?n newlv farnlahed. 'lhe rooms are la'g.i and well venil'.aied, vhtle the public room s are tbe tlneit in tbe country. Address E. 9. Oreen. Proprietor. HEAT8 noUSR, SCHOOLKY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGS*. N. J.. I- now open to visitors for the season. Readied bv Mot rls and Bases Railroad, foot of Barclay street, Now Yoi k, at A M. and 4 P. M. li. B. COLEMAN, Prjprletor. ViODNTAlN HOUSE. SOUTH ORANOF. N J., HEAR iVl Levrellyn Park.? Thla del'chtful Kuminer resort, hav ing changed hands, has been renovated and newly furnish ed. Baths to everv loom; b'uvliuR and billiard ro> m*: "Sod etabllrt:. Ot en for tl e reception of -elect fam lies. Morris and E?S"\ Railroad leaves Bsrclav strrn' almost hourly s. a. Taliaferro. PACIFIC HOTEL, ROCKAWAY, L. I.? IS NOW opjn for the accommodation of Boardeis. v C. W. SMI I'U .t J. a. ALLEN. > Pronrieton. HOLSU8, liOODIS. iSU., WANTED. A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS WANT TO HIKE A llo is* in Brook'vn or Harlem, or t ?? lower ? ar of on" in the cK' . with at leant five rooms; most l ave wjtsr. Kent n d to exceed SiS'd. Adtires* a. C., station F. A SMALL RESPONSIBLE PRIYAfB FAMILY WANT - Y to Idrc :i mi II.iuj si/cd modiirn House, we'.: lo.-tt>-<1 to take poate salon am time in A'.igu ?t. res: refe;eu> e~ i;:\ en. Applv lo or add re; < A T 1 A M t CO , 9.VI Broadway. Br. K)KLYN.? WANTED. BY A OENTLKMAN DOINO '??is neas I" New Y^ork. a p'ensant Room, board, on Biook'vn Heighla or -lear Kulioa fe.-ry. private I'arnil.v picfrrred. Address. ?ittin:; I- cat 03 Ac. R-ycm, tor C.'JI'S Now York Post ofin e RUG STORE WaNTF.D FOR cash.? PRI PI MODE ratA Addict-, giving partic ilar*, C. C. Clark, atattou D. J) R' Furnished house wanted -fob fix months iroti October n,?,t; si 1st be fie<t class and in r ) >d fe. pair and in a :o od lo atton Addrcst, statins lent, Ac., l.ox i .J Herald office. Burnished house wanted? immediately, by a very reliable tennnt, ? small family ol adults; re ? inl?e a i'o >d U^stion ; three Stoty home. Apply to or ad dress A'.ama. 9i3 Broadway. House wanted-furnishbdoe irNFi-RjmiiBD, by s s eal' tamlly of four adults (no children; in a pleasant neigbbciboo l. ln the >.pper part of the ciiv. Ad drc-s. with lull particular*. F. A Co.. 37 8outb Wi'liant street HODBE W A N TKD? BETWKICN TENTH A*.' I) 1'HIR ilr'h,ti and Third and Rlchth avenues. Rent about jsid Adilr* i C. box 1.A9B Post office. HOUSK WANTED? A SMALL SIZED BOUSE IM the citv of New York or lloboken. for whleh I will rfire in trade a first class corner Liquor Store, with a flue stock of Li luorn; will pay the balance in ca"h. Apply this week to Mr. PAYVEN. 'w Division street. I WANT A SECOND FLOOR. WITH BASEMENT. IN A modarn hotiKP, tor housekeeping, fnrnlshe^i or not. for a small first elan family wiil pav from $Wi to $?> per month; must be near Broadway sort Twenty-nintb street snd 0. 1 u pieo by but one family References of tbe highest order. Addrcsa Permanent, station O Post ?free. PABT OF a HOUSE WANTED FOR BODIUBIP ln?-Wlth one fsmllf. by a genttemM nud his wife; require four or five 1001ns. in a good location up ton n. Un - etc-ptionable references given. Address er applv te ADAM 3, 063 Broadway. OOM WANTED? IB A PRIVATE FAMILY. NOT 1 above West thirty fifth street, for two gent'emen. Closets, bath, gas. Ac. Addreas M.. bos I.4C4 Post ofllre. New Tort. Fiench family preferred. Retereuces e*. cbnpd. SSVAU* BOCSE WANTBD-rOB \ FAMILY OF TWO 3 peraoss. lot-at ion between fcecend and Eighth avenues snd between Fourth and Thirtieth et'eet*; rent from $130 to *000 per tesr: furnisbed or naturnianed. Address A. P. Q.. hot 5S1 Post ort'ee. Unfurnished rooms wanted? a lady and daughter want a Parlor. Bedroom aad Eitchen, at a moderate price; o-a'ion between Twentieth snd Thirty flftb streets, west. Addresa, with price, A. B. W , station D. Bli.le House. WANTED? TO RENT OB LEASE. FOR ONB OH three years, a small bout#, furnished or unfurnished, in a central part of tbe city. Address, with particulars and |trlce, C . but lar. ilera.l otUce. WAN1BD-ON A LONO LEASE. A SCBBTANTIAL Knl I <11 nit. on the F.astor North river, sutlable for a mill snd caloric grain dryer Ad^rcin Mirib A Co., bo* 3,047 Ifoii otlict. WARTE0*>>T a OERTLBMAN and WIFE well rornfahed Rooinf. oti Iho *e<x>nd t*r o( claM boiiw, wlth'xii bourd, ne^r Union Konrtb and Sivih iviniin. Addreit, UlUn terinn, H. S., Ilerti l o(Hco. WANTED? A KLOOR IN SOME OENTBEL HOUSE for a small family. Address .1. 0 , has 120 Herald office. Wanted.-a ladt wishes a small ArARr. ment. ("insisting of Par. or and Bedroom between Fourth and Fourteenth utraete. and Third and Stith ave nuta. Address X, station D, Aster place, elating terms. WANTRD-TO PraCHASB FOR OASB, OR PART cash, a corner Store aud Lot, in this city or Brooklyn. Address. I K., Herald oillce. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE HOU?E, BY A LADT and tier daughter, two Rooms or one large Room and Bedroom. 'lafuralehM, whelp the privilege ot parioi and , piano can be hsd: locution fietwi en Ei?bth mid Thirtieth | a trite is Addreai stating terms, II. W. O., Walton D, B. T. fVAN*B0->APARTME*TS FOR IIOUSBRRJ PINO, f? l?y ;i small fetolh ,'vn or dix loonta cnnm ted. In a first e'afc lioit? In tue it? oraeattage in the vlem ity, if as?Y ,.?* ? i the ei It . most tie in an itttstN| t oB-bi- n ''^b boiboed, AtLArtm I# w ?' Herald otlioe w HOUSES, ROOHR, ?fcC. WAfTID. WANTKD? A BALL BBDROOM. WITHOUT BOARD, bv .? pianist; location in ml he go >d, and where les sons wli bi* taken Ib payment. Address Mam, MadUoa k mi a re P?>?t ollice. ANTED TO RENT-FURNISHED OR PARTIALLT Furnished riouae. modern impro* ement-, sellable fop a small faintly, m any reepe table location betweeu Eighth and Forty secund streets ami Lexington and Kluhtb ave nuee. any time prior to ilie 15th September; premise* well taken care of, and partv pertectlv reeponslb e. Addreae. ?staum/ rent location, sUe and when realty lor ocjupaaejr (no oilisra uoi ced ). Merchant, box 5.202 Host ?<nic??. WANTED TO RBNT-FROM AUGUST I. BY A RB S'ousihlo |?Tnon, a mnder ite sued D ?ellin in th* Twent) Urit ward. Address J. B . box 130 Herald office. COPARrNEKSIlIP. ABKSPON-JIF.LB PARTY, WITH BEST OK REFK. renea, desires to -ant * furnished, In a good nei hlmr>>o>d. llie o.vnor a family would be boardeil towards the rent. Address tor one v.eek J. !>., care W. If. Culvor. llti Na sati .-trc-i, n. y. c ty A SOUNO MAN WITH A SMALL CAPITAL WISHES r\ to ttsno date bhn self' w i i ao e merchandise oroker having an e laDluhe'l busine-s. Address Broker, Hera.d oil ce A PARTNER WANTED? IN AN ESTABLISHED, p|e.sontl>? located and pa Vug busmen, also several other uteelleut chuu a for parties wring a llttie capital to . n int.- ri.n I i ? 'utlnesfc References exchanged MIL TON St CO. 208 Br. adway. s /101'ARTNERSIHP -INTEREST OP A PKTIRINO V pariu r( ir at' a au established at .rage and produce c > t: . p on ?<?;?? . 'Oil' as o:i and safe bus ne-s; to* : wit .s.i arl'.t tlieu'. "u "e.-sr re Inducements. For intc. ? .? e ?, h ?a Storage'W P. st olUee. PAl'.TNiiR.? A MAN IS WANTVD TO JOIN THE AO vortisir in a safe and pro table business; a cood chance, at 1 only a few hnndiv 1 dollars required. Address lor two dnya Ha.u. ton. Herald o i e. PARTNER WA NTED? WITH A CAPITAL OF S500. IN r i.i> and legitimate light In m. vleldin/ lavs* profit.', with no risk. K ffreme ? exi'lianged. Address X. Y. Z., box 137 Herald cilice. -llfAN'ri D-A PARTNER, WITH A SM \T,L CU'ITAL, ? V to en "i e mi tl e -cap* one paint 'usinesa. Addicts J. 15. Kroctacr. Ill We t i' urtiotii U'Mt> *l\rANTEr>? ?! ' 000. ? AN OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED * ? for i few tlavw t'i one or n or. per-ins to tnve t in a regular esiabu lieu busiBesi ?Ui .i m ys a lurue pviflt. Particulars flven when needed. Addrcsj K, bo it '.'W Pest 7"ANTI'D? A PARTNKR, WTH *5'0. TRAVEL IN si.ovy business. 27 East Houston 'tret. AnM-ANn ONf.y v small amount down, wOiWUu partner and casii'er: buatncK* li ?h:y re acaetahift ?nd paying a lar .e da'lv income: bo pof IMS risi . asaai* utiim and everatbm'-,' perfi't il salisfactor . Ap ply to I). GEORGE, Bio., hva i..oin3'. Hon 1,0 37.000. -A-.- ruTBRKST IN a MAPHtNB tP>'?uvU ?hop, Fniyjdri or ilin ifa tur nf Hiiniuo-e. where ht- active arrtees " III Vf r q ? j f r?*d. In de red bv a party ?ith tii* abov.a caniiai A >? r giving particular*, A. H , box 4 U-'U Post old!, Na * York, nnn ? A PARTNER wanted, with s&ow IT').1 MIU. i:?ii tal to j; i to England a Ita e lull rliars* oi' n busini s Hier". for \< hicli til" a "ri t*r nai i tr.on ipo Iv and ?n which 'arc 1 irtn '?> < n'i be made in a l'ewyear*. Tb* ?drertiaer need* the ?er lo> ? "f a live bin nesa ciaa more than tia moi.ei thou .-h an interest would no! be irivi-n loan ".legtaitti. AddrcsGold. Herald oflito. stuting wliei-o to b.' .-ee:i Q1f\ AAfV -.WANTED, A PABTNBR WITH rillf? ?P i \f . v M I ' ' . caolial for the purpose o reopening one of t?e Iron mine- 'n Hm co.. tr.r . Tim r m on exmla anv ore Hint was ever tn<on o i . ' anyjptlier mine n t'i* United States. Warranted to make a fortune hi a very sboit period. The mine i.i JO ioi> ? i rum New York city and two '!'? ; from the rnn.'.l An ent, man wlsh ng 10 1 avo nn laierest in onvihinif of the kind will n'di ??-. ?tnttr?K u: mo and where .in iniorvl w can : e had, Min ns, Hera'a i.nvT an 1 1 Km ttn. I OST? PADOB NO. 2:i OF BNOINE NO 21. TUB I J hnocr will pl*aaa le.n e it at the Enntiie House, 116 Leonard 'treet. J OS!'? i ?f THE NETOHBORTIOon OF FOURTH AVE >ue. between t- 1 % r Ti and T^.'lfth 'tree's, o i Sumtav, 24th. a r ? a I l'o'i" mom*. ? eont ininis b : vti v 0 and $12 and two )>i'!c:>s of Kngllsh None/ with toina .'apera. of no vain - to anv one but the ownei li ti.e 0n !er wiil return i ? e papera 1,? would be welcotne to the money. Addre s T. Walker. 788 Broad way. | 03T? S3 REWARD? A SMALL WI3TTH OOTTON I J 11a;:. eontalfilnc ^eyen -s yereieu^.golfi f 'o n Eighteenth >tr -t. f.roiish Fifth avenee and iw?ntvtir?t str"?ls, to t' ehu-eh. Die almve re* av I w,!i be raid if returned to BdW-ard l>e aiield. Jr.. No. 'J1 Naa-a'i street. T OST? AT OLIFTON. St sTgK ISl.A.s'D. A SMALL ,lj Iji k and tan Terrier f>og. 53 rev.ari' ami no nuea tiJn' iinl.ed. Apply to the ferrymsater at Clilton. . o-T-ON SUNDVY MORNING. JULY 24. EITHER I J in 1 l. 'i'ei nth street Metli"dist linlieopal church, near I. liii'.h av - lie. or in eomina thronoii Ki^hteente -t-cet. Se \n"i ai e .ue, rweuty-thlrd street to Sixth avt je a go. J Brnaatpln. set with iota. Ill the ahape of a si.ur, c mtainirc katr in the centra. It * h; hl> prised aa a memento from <'ec?ased tr end*. The finder "III reroivoa a ita*> e reward by leaving uat S77 Sixth arenne. Mr? B. TEST.MAN. T oST-f) s MONDAY RVENfNO, JULY II, .A RITNDLS I i of eio:he% tied on Ir. i whit" loth havlnt? I?t t them .it some dr.- o ?. or dru? store. I'ieaa-- send the number antl ??tr ?t to J. Saudara dr . uoods t ra, com r of Tenth street uud Third aven ie. I OST? ON 1 RIDAY. 22 D INST., A CORAL IIEAO MJ Brooch, -et with coral 'nils, luppoaed to !inve been lrat io a Kntel-.erboel er i?ts|:e in M tcik atree:. f?3 re* ward will i e pai I for the return of aamo to II. K. Melville, je .velar. 7C Btei cker street, otic door from Broadway. VTOTU'E.? FIVR TIMES ITS VALOE AS OI.D 81 L* ver win he psid for the Presentation Ooblet atolen iroin a house pi Irvlnc'on, and marked with the name of nn "Hi rer in lie- rnited S ai ? Navy; also for the Na.ikln Kings. No '|uea'.lons will be asked. Addresa box 2,227 New York Fott ollice. O TO LEV? FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, OK THK 2-">TH ir i!av r! Mar. 1*1. a 7-SO United 8tau>s Tr?aair,v No'*, No. II 01H, for ??:.??) iKsue.l Augitot 1*. I"GI A iper onsare warned a a.n t ttking or iic^oiiatlmt the unio, as payment liaa been stopped. 1'HOCBE M. AVRBIBL KI.WA11DS. JUI REWARD.? LOST. A FLAT SAFE KEY (TF.L ?i>?. > low metal), neppn-e 1 to have bren at llariem or n a Third avenne ear on Sunday Whoever will lir tii it to .1 Letvine '1 Murray street, fmrd floor, will re eire the above leward. Qr- BRWARD.-LOST, ON THE EXI'KRSS TRAIN OF the Hudson River Rnilroad. on Mondav rnornicg, two mn Memorandum Hon s; in or.* of the liooks w.,? % Ml "f tne Oreenwood Cemetery. The under will reeetv# the alHive re vard, by le..vhi^ tiie ?i:ne w'th fo i:ig Cholea, UN Broadway C> n RbWA RD,? LOST, ON TH L iiSl> A V. JULY 21. A >?t) nn'- Boat, nineteen feet Irng, painted white <vtth re i mou di.igoutai In, yellow thwarts and side henehe. The ?indor wi'l tuceive the aitove re*ard by lirlngiu^ It to J. P. I'adden, No. llani.Ituu itreet. \. Y. - I'.K.I vr.'i ? T!' .Yl ii -JN SUNDAY evi-nino. c>) 21i . 'n?t. a brown !>eite Dot. a-ieckie.I whit* ..??it the shoulders and sui-s: small front teeth broken. Anseais ? Vie name of I 'on to. The above ??evTa,j wj|; 'lMJ paid for his remrn io jI I^usi Twentieth street. C?r KEWABO? FOB THE RETURN OP A NEWS O'J pain-r package of fifteen yards I/la.r and Drab Silk, lust .(my 2t, be'ween IS2 Bowery and i,ord t Tavlor a, Orand st e.t, to Wm. S. Hani. oU'cc of J. 8. L>e la Undx, 12 Wall -treet OX REWARD -LOST. ON FRIDAY RYBNIBG, A ip'J email Meotch Tetner l>?f, yellow, with en;- and tall cut. The above re watd will be pain eu the deli;c-\ of :b? ilo^a'li.'R a .e ? f.eet up tairs fl?r REWARD.? LOST. A BLACK AND TAN DotJ. ?P?J with collar marked Sp.,.l?T R?n:om. W f?er vvili return hu.i to'.rJ Prince sirset will recei'-e the reward. S.r: n r ward ?lost, a black and whiti: span. t) iel Dog. on Snuday evening. The Under will reeelv* tht above icward by loaviugtlit djg at it We-t Twelfth street. New York. oi H reward.-lost. rani: boor of the cm Oil' renv Savings Bank. No. 2 .W. Thn finder win please return it to the bank a id receive the above tewnrd. $??/\ REWARD-LOST ON FRIDAY RVKB1NO, a-/ V/ ,1oiy 22. I KM. a diamond Breastpin, single ntonc. The Under will receive the shove reward hy leaving tt at M. Hoilasher s show rase manulactor.r, 10 North William sireet. New York < ity. REWARD-LOST OA JULY 21, A Bl'LL TER ipa^J tier Dor. dark hrind'e and while, with long ears. Ar.ewers to the name of Billy. Anv r?r*on returning Hi* aainc to Broadway, Will receive the above reward. (fcCfl REWARD.? LOST, ON THE 10TH INSTANT, A ipt.'U (laid Watch, at pier No M. foot of Cl amber* rtreet. marked No. 0,517; makers B. k O. W. Blunt; number on cap and case, Ac. Itqulre of k. A O. W. Blunt. Water ?u $50 o.v -,.Mn Niuth aveSuTT;"' f*"" C JV^ 24 Ulofn? ftzft la **rj "T1 AMnrn * tmm ? * i'u* amdZZ ZM ti.? ?2? nous#. h p '***?, in 40fi li'tHi ^ th<* ??, of a ? Cf,o* io 2 u&WK Which tocr; ttn*M*l**"???,?i?d ' BiuA*%?^^*BT~A LEUAL SUTICEI. TO TnOWAB TUDBALL OTIlERWIiR DAVIS, OR hi* laape ? By an order of the High Cjtirl of Chancery, In England, made in the matter of the ira?ia of the settle ment of the Itth da" of Buplotnbe-, i;4l(i, made on the t.iar riA 'e of William Tudball and Mary Ann. lit* wire, and of the will of William t'nx, deceased, and In the matl^rof an act of Parliament pa?sed In the eleventh year nf tha reign r.f ner pres mt Ha c?ty, entitled "An act for better accunns trust funds and for the relief nf truttees," Itlsnrdrisd that an inquiry b? n a le whether Thomas Tndhall In th* petition named, is living or dead, and, If dead, when h* died, and whether he l?rt any issue and if so, whether s.ich Issue wsa living a' the time of the death of tbe said Msrv Aan Tudhnll In th" petition named. The said Mary Ann Tudball died on the 2Vth nf Jutv, 1 JV> I . The said Thomae T-tdhall. who was born In 1HI1 went to America In I CM, and In IS43 was under the name cf Thomas Tudball Davis at Clifton Park. Ssraioga county, and Is believed to have been in tha emplov of Mr Philip Wendell, of *?-? cl anlcsvllle. and II is a' eged he waa aiihaenuently kil ed in the Met tea war. The said Thomas Tudball, If llv'ng, or his issue, if any living at the death of the said Mary Ann Tudball, are entitled to certain sharea la the tru?t fund* under the said settlement, and are to eome In nt th* Cham bers of tbe vlee Chancellor. Sir itlonard Torln Klodersly, No. 3 Stone Buiidlnu*. Lincoln s Inn. Mtddleses. Kug and. and make o it their claims. Wednesuay, the 9th dav of No vember, 1844. at 12 of the cio k, at noon, at the sakl CliAm. bera Is appointed to adjudicate on such culm*. Dated ihls 1st day *r July, I.sd4. J A. BUCKLEY, Chief Clerk. ERICE. BOLTON k TILDEB, Bollrtture, No. 1 New douare, Lincoln's Inn, Lnnd< n, N B.? A reward of |2H will be p*ld to any person fur nishing to the solicitors le,-al prool of the eeatb of theFAld Thomas Tudball, otherwise Davis. BIIiLlAKDI. Billiards? all who wish to purchasr tlrsl class Tables with W. H <) ItlFFi TICS unrivalled eom'daalion cuihlona will find It to their advantage to e*. amine his tine atock, at 1411 Fulton street, LOR SALE? A FINR BILLIARD TABT.B, NRARI.Y 1; uf w; i an l e had tromen lously i heap for essh. A^ply tor twu (!*>?? ?> '?> Amur streat, ueai JUroMiray.

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