Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1864 Page 7
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mu?? at j rcTiow. ALVAN 0. BAKER t CO.. A UC HONKERS. 4. IIAWVOOU AOCTIuMiKK MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD Fi ItMTBBB, Pianoforte, Draw >ng Room I' wmitur# ten suite). Brocade and Lace Curtains, V elvet Carpets, Palntiugs. Statuary, ttroazas, 8 Iver W are, Mirrors, t bum and Ola sware. Chamber and Dmiug r... m Furu iuio At , AfCUHtlO AUCTION. Ou tin* day (Tu??<ti*J), July 2d, at the e'.er'Oi mansion *4 West ntsi street. between Filth and bivth avenues, sula coinuicucini! at 11 o ciocK. Caialo ue? .it the ouse. The auetlouetr would 1 the particular attenth u <>f his friends and the pubdu to this sale, t e rutaloi; e nip slny the largest and richest assort .out <?f Houaebod ire Hi d Vl'ur!..^ Of Art offi n-J hi net on tbis t-asnn. Ssa'e peremptory t)ra".*l i.; rooms ? Super Suit", covered w tli hrocatel ? ri li st ' s r pilot) lUn atel Curtsm-. to mat ii: Emg eres Bookcase, Centre and Console Tablet, Chandel era. Man oiin, P .t n.a, by i-unlne i ariists; Kn co gnurea, Cabiueta. iiiuu and Onuo uClociS, Marble bU tuary. ROSEWOOD PIANOl'ORTK. Richest Instrument fferr it auction this season: foor round corners. full seveu active; Stoul and Coyer. Music fSuud Ha -tand. Bitfct i' t nion Table. < ut Glassware, Dmncr Sets, Miv.-r ("<i nr.-. t; i in. spoon*, Kuives, Tureens. Solvere, o.vster Dish. Armchairs La-ogee. rose woo i and waiuut Unrea : , PedsteadH. Amuue-n-Ulace, Multros ???. Bedding. Carpets. Solas Hoc! e , Bookstands. Feather Beds, Blankets, 8'icatt., Counterpanes. Also Furniture of Bervanu' Apart: cuts f'anisw ?h ug to attend this sale take li tb or S ???Mi avenue c- r or stages from \stor. St. Nicholas or Mctr'pollUu Hotel, leaving at Sikteeuth street. few do-irs fr >m home Auction notke.-d i>. ca' lkivs, auctioneer. Tj ptirebaaets at i aally first unit.* c?atiy CuriiUun, rioii French Pier ami Mantel Mirrors, su perbly carve. 1 lose >. ood Piano forte. si! . ei lute * . TII.S da : CI no 4 if VI July 28. at the resl lence 2H West I'otut ruth street, near Eighth ?tv. enue, cuntiienc'ii, at IUV. e!c A. M., rain o sliiim. The a ecuiiiprihesbinue t <- richest ami most elaborate 1 carved Parlor I'urnltur" ev r oliere'l at pui>lie auction, nnrt io be k >ld (\!tbout .nv i erve. An e>aniir.ation will well rep" y Inteiiiline bi'yrrp. Piirlor* eoiua n Hires "iiini fill Suits of roue wood I'ar lor Furnituie, in rivli < rii.iwm and inaioon, h ue and i',o'd, Oik) ' riin^e co o.-?d oro'ia'l ? an. I roi n.'oort L'acerou, splendid aaJ cosiij Parkin ? n-mi en rich X :?.-<? ? &<\ MAUMKibhM R". d>A(iOU PIANOFORTE, .Stool VI' i ' ver. an elegant iijHtrnmeni, w'tli mini rornT*. beautifully carvoil legs and ca e : il nxeleio un.iror."neiii-i. A f-o a iinju Ccent cm i- Hon of r re l'amtin ??, rosewood Turltihli ..mi Ea ... i i. air r . ne reps; rosewood Cout.-e and Side niai b!> t top Tables, rlooly c.irycd; Velvet and Brussels Carpets Ac Ae. Chainb r S ilts In resntvood and malincnny ; Bureaus, cuyeii Bed :es '? V. tihsunds, S ea Beds, in line haircloth; ten puie Hair Mattr -s.-ii. Horn ioriy to lift., pounds, made to order, in ex eiliint oonditiou. Dimn'i Roo.ii Furniture. > .jimi I ns of line oak Ertnnn ou Din uk Table, oak Arm Chairs til ver Ware, rle t <;b:na. Jvorv aiirt .Si i; i Cu'l'rv torn*, titiuons, Ae? with eavy Cut aud I a;:-, aved a"e of every description. Q W. li. ? t.'ai t.iniu iu aUenda'.ice. * CHTION SA! E <>!?? Tr AX! S')MR HOtJSKHOI.D FUR. /\ nit re? I>y E. KOiH. a -tio .cer. tli s day (Tuesday ), July 18 Hill o'cjoi'lc pre- iscly, a the throe story residence i 10 Cunt ti place, iiiabth street, between Filth and buth ^PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM FURNITCRK. Three be. iiitlfnl so'.id rosewood >nd black walnut Parlor 6 its, covered In rich Freuab sutln brocatel and reps; *Jurkl<h T'asy Chairs end l.ounites to mat/.h: rosewood i'cinro aiuU'er Tables. IC uteres, Cnraer an 1 Book Stands, 21 . v Kron/ ? (" ecu, r eh CUit'a atic! Parian Ta s, I'ailor Ornaments, eieaant Broca el and f^aee Curiains. a lino ? ollertie.n of OilPaintiOjis, Enjiravinss, large Mirrors and CBh ndeliers. MAOMFI -ENT ROSEWOOD rr ANOKORTE, STOOL AND CO'. V K (COST ?7i:0), sn eiejp.nt imtrumen4. with round corn?r?, beautifully carved letn auJ caso with al rai jo. n improvements. ..ver tiriiu^ I) iss, (nil Iron plate, French action, ful suyen octave; lovcw io I and mahojanj- Bedstead . Bureaus, Wasbstands, Solas, Chairs, Ilockcrs Mil i ta Clocks. Tables, Be 1 Loitng?, Sprine and Hair -Mattresses. Beds Binnkets, Tea Tables, Exteusioti 'li.bie. Glass. C iina nnd Silver Ware, Table Cut ler: .'.c. Sale positive. I>ni-o<uis rr juired. S. i- -Parti-, wishlni, to att .a 1 tne sa e will take Plx'h avenue care or stages, leaving at Eighth street, near the house. AJOI RNEAY. Al CTIONEES-OFFU'E, NO. 8 PINE ? street. Now York. BXECUTOR'8 SALK OF VALUABLE RTATEN Is ind 1xm? at Totnpkinsvilie: a'so 22 acres or land between the Fin ???rti. aid ro .1 anil railroad at public auction bv A. ?TOURNKAV, on Thursday July 23 at ti e Evi haoge Sales room, li! Broadway. New York, at 12 o'clock M. Map- with liinher particulars at the auctioneer's office, No. 8 Pine street. A UOTION NOTICF (ROCFF.UY. GLASS AND Bart 1iiju ware. ? WM. W SI1 IRLKT, Auctioneer Tues day. Jul* 21',. ut 10 o'clock, at -SI ."earl street, brD. Evf BURY, Jr. Largest and t.- t stock this season, all kinds white Kraivlo, coiumon, yellow and rroc.kery Ware, in lots for city and cm utry dealers. ?nies free for cash. Uuods svpil packed lor shlrment. A I'CHON NOTICE.? BOOTS AND SHOES. WM. M. HOLLINiJisHBAD. Auctioneer, f? :n ihiiotT8i?, T. SALESROOM 3? CORTLANDT STREET. Will se 1 on Wednesday. Jn y 1!V, at 10' . o'clock A M . about 1,000 cases of Rosik nnd Shoos of desirable kinds of stri-tiy pr ine goods, direct from mannfanturers, and well adapted to clt' and country buyers. Oil' I'ojuea ready on :aoi uiuj of sate. Auction sale of n>o' !u i:y ani> class.? HENRY O EVANS, Aiftioueer, will sell, in U? to ?nit dealers, on Tne?dav, ful; at in o co^k. :.t 13 Ba-. clay stree:, a n ell assort ? . ? : of white jjratilte Diuner, Tea *n I To let Ware, Common v. are. Glass Ware Faucj v are. ie Including the ?ioek of a dealer oloslag out". U< ods j ?: e ully repack: d tor >!.i ! 1ng. A' CCriON SALE.? WILL T5K SOLD AT PHBLIC AIIO l. Um. ou Yuoadas, Jut ?t>. ?t M o'elocs. et Market j'jusLre. fo ?? T C in il f reel. No: river, a lar?e number of Horse., V> tgons. li line- , fans Ac. All property to be enteic ! ou the meriting of ?lc. Auction s \cr, -Trws 'Jav. at oclock, at 1 7 Ht u "oa v?U p'aee Jiinri treet, betm n Second and Thirii y ?nn", . a- 'jjunt P .mo, ?f spjc'idld tone nod tin h: three m-e<v..nd -*si or e'ti'ts. rosewood and . a lio. any I - i:n Salts, itoc-er-. lj k uj{ (.lasses maboe im an 1 mip'e ''bars Tab. . Br ??.??:? nnd Tn.aini ar. jets, and everything that li?loi ^s tu a tirst cms house, tsale positive. nW. i\"K8 A CO., ?-UOilONKERS? SALESROOMS . ('li BroMlv ay? ?)!1 < ii at .tuition, on Tuesday. July Sti. nt H a clock, . i Private Ool'ee'ion of Ores of Ool l yii ver. <'? op: ?r, i ickillyer, t .. iroiu noted mines in Mexica, Csllfoi ira ?rd Ne .-ado Tei ."torv. Suitable for a publl ; or Itrivatc :abtt:ot. or sto k broker Now on \ lew. DW I . 'O . AT. rTtOXEERs? SALMROOM3 ? .I'o-.jv, ;y? will -c.: i.:; ition. en Toes lay. Julv ".il. *: i . . i aimed Ph ' ra. lis, Amniot> :>es. rerreo ti i Line;, Oil "al uu,i, Ac. Novr on ?. htbitieli. Da in ?. EC AN. ATCTIOV- K>\ WILL SELL THIS d y. at 4JW t'nnal str?- '. at .'o'lock, Ilnreaii.s Bed ?'i n i ? . . f?, Sime! , fij ? P avVS, B> f.irs TJrae ply. !> ? Is .nd IORraln - lair and othr Matrss ees. Ueni - m I'Bair. Shcsrcase Pi"tures, Vase-, Ae , Ac. j IB T. 'Y1LL3, AUCTION r:i:r. ? AUCTION NOTIdK.? i ? |.v ? ?a e i,' ' a ??:>!? : i. irti.enwary. for account of Undi ? i , fro . ttie latatir in I'.arclav street, on \V< d I nes a y 27, st 11 o'c'.ocu. at 73 Murray street, fata- I logi cs ready. H'ENltV II. LE15DS, AUCTION BBR.?H RNRf IT I.EEDS A MINER will -ell at auction, n Tuesday, July .a: U n n.<a..?. in Irunt of salesroom (ci Lttiery sin ei s ; ? r of black llorae-., aoout 15)4 hsnds lush, about 8yeai"oj. mind and kind, and enoellent drlvoiB in har ness e an 'tt sad i st a;so a -ray sa<ldle Horse, IB'* hands hi"h, 7 > ear old. so.iu t r.f i kind; a Wn seat open Pheaton, tn gouu order; also a set of dingle Harncsa HBNRV D MINER. ATrTIONBBB? SALESROOM Nassau street, opposite the Post odl"e. rilNI'.R A MOMERVILLE will <el' at suction, Wednesday, Jul} 27 at IO*, o'l ioe* at tbelr salesroom. . i 7 Nss^au street, a lar .e and teneral assortment of Household Furniture, removed from a city residence lor C"Oyeni<-nee of sals, consisting in part as follow* n*. ? Yelvet. Brussel- and Three ply t^arpsts; Freaeh toste square and oval Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Suits. In plush; malioiiaoy Suits. In haire'oth; Lace and Broeatet Cur'-iins. mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washsiands. Wardrobes. Se< re aries. enamelled an<l oak Bedroom Units. Sofa Bedsteads. Lounges, best curled Hair Matt-ess. s Feather B"ds and Pillows black walnut and oak Extension Tables, mahogany and roscwoo ' Centre and Side Tables Flagere. Bookracks. Btalr Carpets and Rods, OllrfWhs. Co~i? Mattlni; ninlns'and Bed mom Cr->ckcr , Olaaswnre. Kitchen Ware Ac Also, a boys' Billiard Table, with all apportensnces complete. Also, three rosewood Pianos, by Gilbert, of Boston, and Dettr, of Parie Henry d. miner, auctionbbr.-salesroom .V Nassau sliest, opposite the Po-t ofllce. MINER A HOMKKV1LLK will sell al auotion. Wednesday, July 27, at 12 o'clock in front of th' lr sale?room. 57 Nassau sirect a flue gray Morgan Horse, about -even years old, 15t{ hsnds hub y erv st' lish action, fiee aod pleasant dr yer, war ranted sound and kind and admirably adapted for a coupe. ? Id on iy for want of use. HSNRY D. M1NBB. A' CriONEFR? SALESROOM M? Nasaau street? MINK I' A KOMBRVILLR will sell at auction, on Tuesday. Juljr X6, at l'. o.c oek. in front ot their sale 'onm. the coleorated Ayrshire Biill Rob Roy. sired by F'rt Fly, ami raised by the well known stock grower, Mr. Nye. or Climon. N.J. Ai*o the handsome half bred new ti.iieh eow Rose; a ?rtf.t milker, ver kind, and suitable for a vent eman s tarai ly T JENKINS. ATTCTlQNtXt, HILL BULL AT AUC el ? t on on Tb rsdsy. July 2M, at il o'c'o k, at !,4ul Broad. win . b. Iiveen l-'ori eth and Forty-Ural streets ilors?s W* t.ons. Rockawaye, Oigs, Phaeto.ts, llarne>s. double and slti gle : Saddles Br dies, Whiis Ae. N. B.? Parties 1 .iving Horses sod Wagons for sale wi enter them tne (lay before he sale 1 lTliAT'FR .V CRISTALAR. Al TTIONEKR. 1 7 PAKE .li pla"e and 14 Murrav Ktrre-, will sell this morning, at 10 o r tooK, by caiaiojine. tor casli.g* 'lotlis, Beavers, t^hlochlllas, Re.ersso'e Cintbia. (Tassimeres and other Tatloilni Goods, (iennant.wh Hoods? Hosiery. Scars. Hood . Shirts and lirawers; Sust euders, Olovee, Fancy Goods. Ac. Im gBI.DNRft. AUi ITION K h K. STORE NO i.'ftNEW Jt Cau i*l street, near the Bowery.? S W SKLDNER will S"ll this day, at I Oft o'closk. at IM Mien street, between Kivlniiton and Delan' ?y streets, the Kioek and Plxtnres of a Cr.icei v Utore, consisting of T?a?. OufTVe, Hoao, Starch, Fa r'.ns. flour, Slices. A'. Also Counters and BhelnnK. Minerals at auction -therk will be solo at imblic au' tloii, at no. 34 Montgomery street, Now. bi rg Orangi eount>, N. Y , at 10 A. M., an Thursday, lulv 2?, the large, valuable snd well ?eleeted Cabinet of Minerals, Bbells and Ourlosltle?, toeetber with tine Mia"ral ? ' asi a The above eoileetlon was the IsVor of n lifetime, and is one of the linest private poll?*enon? in the State. J. II. DRAKE and A, S. CA8SIUY, _ _ Administrators of i?r Charles Drake, deceased. PAWNBROKERS TICKETS PURCHASED OK DIA monds. Watches. Silver and Plated Ware. M' Slcal In I etrnmerts, Dry Ooo?tn, nothing, and for goods of every description, st 148 Canal street, three doors from Bowery, under t 'itl/ens' Bank, PAWNBROKER'S SALE? THIS DAY, HY JOHN MOR TIA1ER. IB Bast Broadwav? of alargelntof silk and other Dresses, Shsiali, Undsrrlothlng. Cloaks. Remnants. Bed Cln'hlna l*n's Clothing and other goods too nttinsrnus to menlfou. fly order of A. OOODMAN, .11 Centre street PHIAWNBRORER'S 8ALB OP watches ani> u;w etry -?IAMBS AOAR Auctioneer, will sell, tills day, I at 01 New Bo. vary, at II o'clock, a larva nssoitm -nt of 0"le and Sllvar Watches (?lislns, Pme. Kings. Broaches, Kar rings. Plated Ware, Musl'-al and Mathematical In itrnno ills and a variety af olher gooils too numerous to mention, w ortliy the attention Of dnal-rs and others. V. UANLbV. fit DivUlvn street. SALRr, at ACCTIOBT. Qcranton ooa;, ai auction. ?,oMl!'0e ?' thu ?,hl,a?ai:k uckav^na and WhSlKKN inil.K lAi) OUMI'a.W. \.<* York, uly 1.1, 1*4 ? Thi* ciuip&riy Will iiuld their eighteenth r-gular uionto y Miction on ?Ve(ipesd*\. Hie J7*.h duv ol lu'y l>;t, at |i o'clock no jr., el li e utile* of the company, N<>. h6 Wil llnni street, at winch time tUey will oiler, by t-IMBON JMtAI'KK. a uctioneer, IWEWTVPI fa THOUSAND TONS OF FB'alSU MINED SCKaNTON (UAL etn>. racing u the u?ual ai-e-, u'ltl deliverable at their de ot, Pllzahethport, N. J., during tun month of Auju i next. The sal.- will be p is. i.e. I.aca ol put up wi 1 he sold to the highest bidder, to bid*. In auv form whatever, being made for account ol. or on behalf 01' the company. Tne term.- mi I ondltions w I h i the nam.- ?s heretofore, and will be folly made knowp at toe time and place of a e. JOHN BUI SB 1 ft . fro idem. QALE OK UNITED STATES STEAMER MOHAWK ? O This vessel Will be olio ed at puMic sale at the Fhlladel phia Navy Yard on Saturday, July 30, (nil, ai II n clock A M. The Mohawk Is a B -row steamer or 4d'l ton* burthen, measuring 101 teet from ku'ghthead to tifitall, aad l.M luet on main deck; her extreme breadth of beam is 21 feet (i inches, and deiith of hold 10 feet 6 Inches. The government may suspend the sale after the bidding has commenced. The purchaser will lie required at the close of Hie nale u> deposit ton per cent of the amount, otherwise the vessel will he sold to another party? the ten percent to be for fi tted If tiie vessel la not paid for and removed within ten davs. Fuitlier Information may be had at the Navy Yard. R. U. CURTIN. inavul Storekeeper. Q A .1. Bog ART. ACCTIOHEEBS. WILL SELL ON O. Wednesday. . 1 u I v 27. a Kit,; o' lock, at the auction rooms. No. 1 North William street, Household Furniture, one line toned rosewood seven octave round coroeie t Hla no forte Collate Suit, Sofas. Bureaus Tables, Clint ?, Velvet Carpels. Bedroom and Kitchen furniture, Ac. Also a lot uf Milk cans, Ac. ITTM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL ON Wednesday, at I0:; o'clock, at IHS West Twenty fourth street, the genteel Furniture of famllv, conslsllu : of Parlor Sulla, Mirror, Carpet- of all descriptions Bureau, Bedsteads Washatand. Wardrobe, Lounge, Tab'e, Soa, Chair. Bicker. Ac.; Hair Mattress. lied', Bedding, and Slher, China. Glass and Crockery Ware, together with the Kitchen Furniture. Sale positive,' ratu orbliiue. ^ SPECIAL NOTICES. A meeting OF THE EXCHANGE BROKERS' as so-iatlon will lie held at Military Hall, 1:1.1 Bowery, on 1 ueeday evening, the 28th instant, at 8 o'clock. All those in t lie business are invited to attend. J. E. Clamc, Pec. RICHARD AUSTIN, Chairman. ? T A SPECIAL MEETING OF TIIE JOURNEYMEN j\ color makerH of the (lilies of New Vork and Brooklyn, hel l on Monday, July 25, it uas unanimously agreed upon to stand out l'or the prices. THOMAS THOMi'SON, President. Thomas Edwakds, Secretary. Boat builders- association.? a special meeting will Lie held at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner of Elizabeth and Grand atreets. ou Tuesday, duly J8, at S o'clock P. M. D. RANSOM, Fnsideut. J. J. Mai.ongt, Secretary. NEW YORK, JULY 211. 1384.? NOTICE.? ALL PAB. ties haviug goods on storage m lily h storage ware houses who have not paid charges on the samo from one to ten vears. are hereby notified to pay the same. in default of u'hl 'h said yoods will lie -old at public auction after ten days from this oate, to pa', turd charges. Also, a quantity of Ofllee Furniture, hell for rent, w.ll be sold ou name terms as above. THOMAS T. ELY, 51 New street. SPT-CIAl. NOTICE. -THE MEMBERS OF TUB BABRY B. Society are reuuested to meet, on Wednesday, the 27th Inst., at 1S7 Bowery, at \2}i o'clock, to pay t ela?t tribute ol' resneot to our deceased brother member. Patrlrk Fardy, frotn his late residence, li5 Ea-t Thirty eighth street, at two o'clock P. M. By order of PATRICK. mZPATBICK, Preaidcnt. MtcnAKL Kf.itor, Secretary. SONS OP TEMPEBANCB.? THE GRAND DIVISION of Eastern New York will hold its ipiarterly session at Rlverhead, Lona Island, on Wednesday, July 27. Repre Ben'attves and visitors will take the steamlioat connect'ng with the Louk Island Railroad, at 8 o'clock A. M.. from the foot of James ??treat or Thirty-fourth street. By order. JOHN DAV1ES, Graud Scribe. N1SCELLA.\E(HJ$. Artificial human kyfs made to orhk it and tusertcd by Drs. P. BAUCH A P. OOUGKLM ANN (formerly employed by Boissonneau. of Paris) 59y Broad way, New York. A ?CORNS. BI'NIOKS. TROUBLESOME NAILS, *r\ . tender Feet. Enlarged and Disc iscd Joints cured by Dr. BRIGQS, Surgeon Chiropodist, 92(1 Kr ndtvay, corner of Twentv-flint street, near Fltth Avenue Hotel. Branch o:lice, 212 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's church. A LOVE AMCLKT, WHICH NEVER FAILS TO WIN rV the a'leetions of the opposite sev. Consultations ou love, marriage, buslneas. ami the fate of absent friends uride ku own. 15 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. /I ASH PAID FOR RACS AND OLD META LS.? WHITE V' Kaga. Ill cent" per pound. Collars and Woollens. 3 cents. Hooks and Newspapers, rt cents. Old Brass, 24 con Is. Copper and Powter. SO cents. Lead, 10 cents. At 15 New Bowery, coruor of Roosevelt street. DIVOKCE.-HAVING MADE THIS A SPECIAL study during many years' practice, the undersigned holds private consultations on the subiect, either personally or by letter F. I, KING, Counsullor at Law. .'53'i Broa livay. MABBLE.? TO ARCHITECTS AND B'i'I M>ERS. ? A pai tv. wot klrg a new tnarb h quarry, producltif! supe rior building materia be ng anxiotis to introduce it to the public, will furnish Mifltclent for a front ut cost of quarry . ing and freight. Addrers Marbie. Horal I ollice. MAKlil.l-: MANTELS? TOB BEST PLACE IN THE ciiy to purchase cheap and well finished Mantels is at A KLAUEK'S Mantel ttauulaetory, lu9 East Eighteenth street, near Third aveuue. New fork. Cut this out. MAR11LE MANTCI.K-A FINK SELECTION OF Maride Mantels on haud^Hetllng cheaper than any where else?, at S. KLaBBR'S marble yard. No. 54 Flrnt avenue, near Third street, N. Y. Call and examine. P APEB, PAPER. PAPER. PAPER ?GREAT AD \anra in tli<! pi lci-s of old books, ne'vspap-tr- and pani ph'ets If you l.ave any to sell bring them to 49 Am street, anil gel the great advance price w!..rh 1 | ay ca'h . or then. THOfl. c BENNETT. SrBA* BHOfmt WANTED-' OF ABOUT TEN IIOKSE p iwcr. witli holler in good order. Address for titn days box 4,M"'.i Port ofllno. TVPK METAI. AND OLD LEAD WANT' !>.? CASH will bo paid for a few hundred weight ol' Type Metal aniiold liead. Apply at the de.-.k of this oilloe. rpi.NNINO FOR HIRE? ALL KINDS OF IRON AND 1 copper tinned i n plat.-, damaged hv fire or watei. bar nes* furniture am! domestic nt"n?lls retmnod by S WHIT MAN Tenth street, between Graud and South First, Wi!. liatnaburg. Vkf ANTED? A GOOD 8ECON D HAND POl'TAHLK ** steam engine of eight horse jiowor. complete id all resoecf. Aildress. slating lowest ca?h pre e. M. Inclan. l'(i East Ninth stive'. lirANTED? FOFR OR FIVE SECOND HAND C LTN. t t der Boilers. JtO tiehe in diameter and feet lung. A Pi ly : . H'lYV li.tOTHfaBH. and .'!" Si-i ? tr.-t riin KEGS ' I T NAILS. ASSOBI l-D l'E-T BRANDS; ? JIM' 2i)i do en double steel Chopping Axes; 2>> doren Old Colony C. S.'.Shovels. For sale by C. B STEWAP.T, 22 Cliif street. ?vnoAi* A SPLENDID PIANO FOR $.'21-G. A H. BABMOBB, manufacturers. 34>> Bleeclter street: seventeen llrst prl'e medals; warrant?d for UvO tears, without exception the best piano made. Two Hue sccond hand l'ianos. one up ri|;bt. ^ A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTI* FOR sale? Cost. lor me'iiding Siiool and Cover; I'arlor Sit ts, cost $+50, lor S225; Etaaeres. Mirrors, Paint in s Hronres, statuary. Chamber FurnUiire, in use seven months. To he sold at . i sacrifice. Inquire at No, 113 West Twenty third street, near Hixtb avenuo. AMAtiNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale at a bat ga n for cash ; has full iron fra Tie. overstrung bass, roundfeorners carved: legs power ful and brilliant tone, Ac., only a -hort time in use. Apply at 10 Allan ilmt ? A GERMAN WI8HKS TO GIVE LESSONS UPON THE Pianoforte and Oultar. and to tune pianofortes ?Those who reflect upon this will please call or send for KRAUSS, 192 New Canal street, at Mr. liabig's. PIANOFORTE FOB SALE I MM KOI ATE LY ? A PINE 1 sit oetave 121 Bast Forty-third street. Unit door from Third avenue. PIANO WANTED? A GOOD SECOND HAND PIANO, for which a fair price will bo paid. _ CHARLES B. MILLS, S4 Cedar street WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A GOOD ORGANIST. TV Best of references given If required. Apply at 12 Clinton place. IMTBVGVKW. ? At DOLBKAR'S academy. go9 BBOADWAT. BOTS are prepared praetically for fall business Tliey ac quire mnnlv hs.bits, become quick at flfnress, rapid buslneaa pan men and practical bookkeepera. Gentlemen oan secure private rooms. Open during the entire summer. Algebra, bookeebpiwo, pknm AN?HipT"PLAfi and ornamental: Arithmetic. Navigation, Trigonome try, Geometry, Greek and batln, taueht day aad evening, in private ro 'ms, at summer reduoed prieea PAINR'H Her can tile Colieres (established 1840), 82 Bowery and 28S Fulton street Brooklyn. Wo vacations. A C4RD -GOLDSMITH'S WRITINO AND BOOK keeping Booms, 756 Broadway. The reduced prices of the summer season will positively tormlnalo with the pre sent week. All who enler their names now will havo until the 1st of November to complete their lessons. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. mnOB AND HERMAN LANClUAlf E8? PROF E~ F TELI.BBING, flf Kroadw-av (successtiilly cstabl shed in New Vork 'Ince wHl receive scholars for private ln? stnitttlon In the aforesaid languages; aa also In Latin, l'An giais ant etrangurs aud grammar. Mrs. ocden hoffman s frknch and BNOLISQ Boarding and Dav School, 17 Wost Thlrtr-elghth street, will reopen on Wednesday, September 21. Mrs. h. will be at liotne after September 8. Before that date letters on business addressed as above will be promptly answered. MISS AIKEN'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNO LADIES, Stamford. Conn.? The fall term opens Sent 7. R*f H*M itr ? Roht. B. Booth, D. D., 101 Ninth street. N. *. ; Dr. C. K. Ilevwned. 18 We-d Thlm second street, N. Y. Circular* can bo had at Randolph's. 770 Broadway. 1>I?88ELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. TROT. IV N. f.? The Fort* flrst annual session of this well known school of engineering and natural soienre will commence Hoptemlier 14, IH(W. The principal building I* completed and ready for occupation. The new annua! register. Hiving full Information, mar be obtained at Appletanh) bookstore. New York, or from Professor CHARLES DROWNK. Direc tor, Troy, N. V. RII'LBY KRMALR COLLBOE. Fall ansalon opens Wednesday. August 24. 1 NEWMAN. D. D., Potiltney, Yl. TUITION.? AN EROLiail LADY DESIRES TO CIVK daily lessmia In English branches, French and music UV * Oerman or French family preferred. Address Ml"s P. \ ., Harald office rpOWNSHNR'S ACADEMY. J8o BOWERY, NEAR etreet. is open day and evening for the w 'r!?i,0n? . 0,1,1 gentlemen in Arltlimetle, Algebra, i . ",1 ""ok keeping, beading, Hpeiiing, Grs-umar, <*.th t ???. . Each student la separate! taught, anil Is tnua enaoiea |o make murh greater Improvenmnt than by r^.n'T'lr. L'vT of ,D*'rii tien. Tesehers and pupCi t ??' i r T l,.mav Pursue such bran hes as they desire i? i .??? ?? .V ,n* . ?' "tmlents mat enter at any time, , and teceiye nrirate Instruction if Jaairad. Sat sTadlion ! auaran'ood. No ?atat oa, ,m" 8PORT1RQ. 1JLACK AND T\M TERRIER DOG, WRIGUINO ? J u*u an'' it iia I p-miut* tor *.?'? cheap, if .-o l lunie dialely. Adjrrn* i-uik and T?o, box 200 Herald ofll:*. /Mri'FNS' REGATTA at worcesier. m v.s , Ju'v "Ml IBM, A M. ? Prizes:? For single sculls. two m?l?s, $#.' H'rl l '.or oars three mile-, film and $-'0' ? i> uurr, three tulles, i!.'> $75 imd V" Enu <* mat bo made with < hail's A. i huae, r-ecreiarv. tip t? 9 P. 1!, July 26. I'll.) are liberal Cuuie nod take them CHARLES A. CIIASK, Set ret iry. DOGS FOR S A liK .?OX B YOUNG NEWFO II N OLA Is D St R Tiiar.l I ???(?. Newfoundland Pups B>> i Terriers Kb ix'maiix Dogs, Ili r-ic and Tan Terriers Sc'tt ;i aud Ksye Terrier*, and oue Urayiiound. No. i) Ro ve t streot, JOHN <? BAY* FlOlt SALE-A CAT RIGGKD BOAT. IN PI HIT RATE o. 'er, s*i ? ind rigging nearly new, suitable for Ush. trig, Ca'i aoeattinodale fourteen "persons. lujmre at 4'? West street. PEOATTA of THE UNION YACHT CLUR,? THE Ik rrtu an'iml Re.stia of the Union Yacht Crib of Now York w II lalt# plaoo on Wedne day. .lulv VT. sta ? ttii u from New K r If h t Ml, It it'ii A. M. The yachts will pas* around the Southwest Spit and return. H order. Com. JULIAN JONES. KAltK ClIANCR -FOR SAbE. TWO FINK MOCKING . Birds siileiirt d singer* Address hoi .'>,1+4 Post ollice, N. Y . or apply at 208 Broadway, room "!%. HORSKS, CARR1AGB <, ?VC? A I'AIK OK FANCY Ma ICIIKI) HORSES FOB BALK ? gray and black. IS1; hand* high, H years old, long full manes and lail . stylish and prienpt drivers, ftna trav eller*. or ari-a' endurance, sound and kind and free from any oh eetlonab'e lisblts. Price $8;l'>. One pair of Bay*, 18' i hands. <"> and 3 years old. lone manes and tails, active and stylish travellers, perfectly eound and kind and fre* from li rniislies Price $700. Two bro*n coupe Ilor??s, I <> and Ki.y bands high. 6 and 8 years old. Price $250 i nd $1100. One bay Horse. 16^ hands high. 5 years old; suitable for coupe, coaeh or rockavay. Price $'-' 25. Three saddle Horse", includ'ntr a thoroughbred Imported mare Prices ranging t rom $26'.l to f fiW. One bright Bav, l.'/i< hands high, ti year* old. long full man'' add ta I: can no 12 miles an luiur. Ho lb an excellent gentleman's driving horse: per fect In every respe?t. Price $40). The above horses can lie tsken bv any responsible party on trial for one week cr more. The prires named are exceedinrlv low. Any gentle man wishing to ascertain further pHrtculars can do so br addressing C' S. Haines. Blixabeth, New Jeremy, lili abctli iR 11 miles from Now York by Now Jersey Railroad foot of Coftlandt street.) Trains running every hour. An rlbgant pair OP hriiht baycarrtaor Horses, long tails, 1 f> ' , hands hl?h, sound, kind, and fast travellers, a very desirable p.iir for an v p:iriy requlrin ; K?oil road horses, larp.e enough for < arrlaK.' purpuses. i'rl. vute Ktaiil^ t9 Mast Thirty-third street, ncai Fourth uveniie, before 10 o'cloelc A. M. A? FOR fiALF.. A BROWN MARE, FIVE YEARS old, sound and kind in every way, at 410 East Tenth street. AN ELRQAKT GENTS' SADDLE FOR SALE, new; nlso a first cla?s set of Single luiil Double Har ness, iiylit. covcied and lined, mountings all new. at a bur gala. Apply to J AMES J. fox, r>7 West Tbirtr-thlril street, ASORRBL HORSF, lrni HAND8 llir.R, 7 YBABB old, ;? sorrel Mare. hands high, fi ye*rs old; well matched ; can travel 1.1 iniics an hour; warranted souud and kind u all harness. I'rice for the team f.;.7.>: wurth $500. Will be sold separatety. Apply at 102 Pearl ptreot. A BARGAIN FORI A FARMER.? fOR SALE CHEAP, a Mare and a Horse Colt live da,-s old: vrlll be sold at pa riflce as the owner i* out ol work at present. Can be seen at 358 Seveuth avenue, between Thirty-second aud Thirty-third streets. Alight waoon for sale? nearly new and in good order. For prrtlcnlars inquire of D. D. ELSTON. at Exchange Hotel, 316 Greenwich street, before 10 A. M., for two days. A GENTLEMAN RESIDING AT YONKERS, HAVING fnc.lities to keep or pasture a horse, will dn so for ono hour's scrvloe of the horse per day. Address Responsible, Herald ollice. A COACH FOR SALE-PRICE $Gi); ALSO A RAY Mare. 15 Uatrii high, sound and kiud. and a Top Wagon and Iluruedn; will be soli cheap. Apply at 211 Wooster st. Alight grocers or express wagon wanted; either new or second hand. A d lress Roberts, Herald ollice, stating price and where to be seen. C1ARRTAGE FOR SALE.? FOR SALE. A LUinT, J handsome second hand Bret, in flrst rato order. Will be .sold th<tp. Can be seen at Brewster & Baldwin's 736 Broadway. /CARRIAGES AND HOR8RS FOR SALE ?FINE PARK Phaetons, Caleche*. Brett*. Rockaways, RiiaKics anil Trotting Wagons; also aecond hand Conohes three si:at. Car riages and Buggies selliug at low prices. 10 Ncrina street, Brooklyn. CI ARRIAGES, CARRIAGES. CARRI AGR8.? FITAE ' tons, Germantowns, Rockaways. Depot nnd Park Wagons, Top and No Top Buggies; also light cltv built Trotting Buggies, llumend, Ac., for sale by HARRY C. COOK, 10 Ucv street. _ For sale-a gentleman's establishment. consisting of a pair of black Horses, closely matilied and verv slvhsh, together with Coupe, double and slrg.e Harness. Robes, Blankets. A<\ Also a thorough bred sad dle Horse, IA hands and 3 Inohos lilgh, and very stylWi, together with saddles and bridles, stable utensils, Ae. Also stable to let. Will be sold separately or together. For par ticulars apply at CO Bleecker street. For sale-a bay horse, 11)4 hands high, b'.ne< pn nls-. natural tail, warranted sound and kind, sevan years old; trot* in K : 10 and has never lieen handled. Pr:co$id0. Address R. C. Brown, lJausvilli', N. Y. For k.vle-a blooded mare, bright bay, bands high, sound and kind; for style an 1 hetuty can not be sui pas.-ed; very hnndyeither to the buggv nr under the saddle. Will be aold for naif her value if tailed lor be fore Friday next at 0 03 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. Price $1?0. fc-lOR SALE? A PAIR OF FINE, FAST HORSES; TROT JP in tliree minutes to pole: nine years old, sound and kiod: long, heavy lails: very stylish. Can be seen at wooden stable, between Fortv-lifth and Forty?sixth streets, on fifth avenue, east side. Price modei ate. FOIt SALE? fibst glass rockaway and light Wagons; gei.-oud hund Top Hugg.v; also ? shlft ng seat light Express \Va?on. Applv at '.t4 West Twcnty-nfuth street . between Sixth and Seventh avenues. C'OR SALE-A LIGHT ROAD WAGON. ?'ITV MADE, r used about tbtce months; one set of fcne, light Harness, made liy Tra nor: all in fine order; one line brown Mare, C years old, sjund and kind. 15 hand* high; can trot a mile ill three minutes. For particular* apply in the plumber's, corner of Forty-sixth street and Broadway. IriOR SALE-A BASKET PHAETON. IW FIRST RATE ' or.ler ?'au be seen at A. T. DKMORKST'S, Broadw* . , near Twentieth street. FOP. SALE? A STTLIPH BLACK MARE, BETWEEN seven and eight years old; 15 hands high; can trot to a road wagon In 2:50; together with a new top Wa?on; in arlr new set of Harness Whip, Blankets, Sheets, 4^.; all in perfect order, and togpther comprising a cn-nplete turnout f.' for anv gentl?man. Can he seen at Reeu's car penter shop, 109 Delaneey street, f rom 7 A. M. to 4 1*. M. IfOR BALE? A TEAM OF YOl'NG HORSES. rni'CK and Double Harness; also onn C*rt and lfarne?. In quire of Carman, 201 Pulton street. The buyer of the truck can ha\ e the work of the store. POK a ALU? A HANDSOME PAIR OF PAY HOPSE a Barouche and Silver Mounted Double IlaTess. all in line order Also a Panel Carriiigij, Top I'. iggy and Single Ilarne**. the property of a private gentleman. This I- *o opportunity seldom offered for a pat ty wlsuing a plend d turnout Address B , box 4,67! Netv Yora Post ollce. For salk-thrke beadtifcl pony built Mares all close on 10 hands, valuable for express, milk wagtms or family use; also a line Hrnod Marc, prire $75. Also one handsome pony built farm llorso, price $05. Ap ply at 80 New Chambers slreet. For sai.e-bay horse, n* hands high, can trot Inside 2 40, with a Du-enbury Light Wagon, 147 pound* Also light Gibson Harness. All to be sold as the owner is out of the city. Inquire of JOHN P. SON, 188 Fulton si reel. FOR SAL1"? A CANADIAN PONY, 13 HANDS HIGH, 7 years old. verv strong and pretty; gentle for children to drive or ride; perfertiy sound. One week's trial wilt be given to the purchaser. Price SlIO. To be seen at Dis brow's. Fifth avenue, corner of Fortieth street. Fob sale? a vkry stylish bright bay horse. IS hands high, seven years old, sound and kind in sing e or douMe harness. Addrea* box 5,134 Post office, N. Y., or apply at 208 Broadwsv, room 2)(. JPOR SALS? A SMALL BAT HORSB, VERY FAST. I1 handsene. sound ana kind; Top Wsgon and Harness; alto Rorfawsv. two or four seats, pete and shafts, and set of light doable Harness. All will be sold cheap. Apply to Matnew, at the new stable, 114 Clinton place. Fob bale-four horses from is to m hands high, sound and kind In all harnees. suitable for cart, truck or express business. Pr oe from $50 te $lco. Can be used on trial. Apply till sold at US Bast Twenty -seventh st. Il?OR SALK-VERY STYLISH SOUARR BOX TOP AND I" no tep Wagons, also a eoal box Wacon, two seat sqiiare box top Wagon, second hand Wagon, also aelx seat Rock ?war very cheap. Call at 80 West Twenty-fourth street. rR BALR-A GOOD SRCOND HAND COACH; IB light and sound and In good running order; also a two seated light Wagon. Inquire at M East Twenty-third street OR- BALK? A BTROHO BUILT OR AY HOBBB, 16 hand! high, 7 years old. a free driver, and gentle. LORD A TAYLOB, Grand and Chrystie. For salb-a closr coach, in good bunnino order; built bv Lawrence. Apnly at Park avenue sta bles. 433 Fourth avenue. SDR SALB? A LARGE SUB TWO HORSB EXPRESS Wagon, nearly new. Apply at Btudley's Express, cor Of Fourth avenue and 1 wtnly-seventh street. For salb. this day, a milk waoon, with Cans, tee Box, and Measures. Will be sold cheap. In quire for two days at No 231 Kost Nineteenth street. JjAOR SALB CHEAF-A URAY HORSK SIX YEARS r old. suitable for family use, kind and gentle and a good stepper. Apply to OBORQE T. JONBS. at the dry dock, foot of Christopher street. Fob sale chrap? a stylish light coupe, with glsss door, cioaed or open front, to shift, for two or four persons; single or double, with pole attached. In quire of FRRDERIC W. FORD, 117 Nassau street, First District Court. (J ROGER S WAGON WANTED? SUITABLE FOR DR. 1 liverlng light goods. Address Marshall, Herald ofllce, elating price and where to be eeen. UORSEst. WAGONS AND CARRIAGES OF RYERT description : Hsrness, Saddles, Bridles. Ac. See suc tion sales. 1,401 Broadway, between Fortieth and Ferty-flisl streets. Horse for halb-at a bargain, as thb ! owner has nn use for hl:n; is perfectly kind in any harness or under the ssddle Inquire this morning, at the I private siablo MO Cl\r> site street. YAtlUABI.K 8ADDLB MARE FOB SALE.? LIGHT i bay. IK hands high, very st;. Ilsli and last. 6 years old, iierl'ec'ly sound and kind, would make an excelf.-tit ho. ?e for sn army otTcer; will lie ?old low If applied lor Imme diately. Can be seen at Hugh McGovern s stah es. Love I lane. ne*r llieks ttreet, Brooklyn, or apply to W. SCOff, 57 ' Broadway, up I'tlre. WANTKH-A LA ROB TRUCK: MUST RF STROVfl an I in K??d condition. Address A. G. No. I,96"> l'ost ediee, New York. <?>?>< W\ HORSE FOR $200 - ARLR FOR ANY SRR i ?P? f! f vice and gay enoiuh for Central Park, ihont Ifi)* hands high, warranted auund and kind in hll harness, viv | yesrso'd, is a splendid horse luqulri; *? W Psarl *'.r?oi i 01 si/ West Thlrty-tliird tleeea HORSRB, r ARRIAGflS, AC. U FECIAL ANNOl'MT ''NT. U <1 I. ,i A TBS HORSE AMJ CAKit Mil. aJ'.'TION MART. The propiletars talse thin opportunity o' Inferming ili< pub ri'i;.! tin lit . erupted pio-ioua oommadloua and well Ventilated Kiaol. t unit c??ria_ bull cS, iH'Hlrti in ' iUi? ? v nu? and corner f l on> I'ointb sti eot, I or the rm-.-po << ol i'ku( >llaluug ? Marl nh re persons who li* e 1 "i r a e? or liai ke ? 10 du>p<i c or om u? -><-? by pubiM Mkit -?? T ifU 'i'f'iul nUtr been c I'g'riiriiid and titled from lilt designs and under the snpcnntendenro 01 Oharle Hog ih i j?.| . architect, in t i- i Itv who lia^ spared aolruubli in l>?r feel ii i; Ihem a Hi al the European and mwlrri i i P1' '<'? tiienis, couiprislng iiuiipic'.H atcmnmoilai on 1 i?r neirntl horse- and bflv carriage*, with ai propria!* harness and fcadd e rooms: ill ? i 1 tloa in wiil~h c. iri k a covered ride ?' arcade o' considerable em-nt fm Hi iri'Oae 01 exhtblilng the previous to sale thus pr. c the buy or and seller unusual lac I tt s, i"e farmer having the onportunit of ju uiug the meritsof his pnivh i?e, and t o latter that full justice will be <'on ? to tlie prop ri entru-ie?l f?r naie The building ha . b en constructed by Brown . Harpar, 17 We i Twenty -eighth atrerl; 'in ma '?nry w&f done by Blaekladge an Rnnta ami I r bv W. F. La .'iter, 74 Went Kortieth stre<l ail ol N.iw York. II i?r?eg. Carriage* and ll.ti ue win be sold by public a'tc tloa every Wedocsd*) and Su'iirlay ; a soounts will be pud or remitted to the couiitr (when <1 a>rc.i) oil Tuesday* an 1 Fridays onlj ; no II r.ei will be atlinut'd for private Kale on commissi. >n, and all jobbing or dealiuc ot? the I art o! any one connected with the establishment will be strictly pro lilb ted The proprietor- earnestly a lure the public that these rules will be rigidly carried out an J that all transac tions ? ill be bona tide. The demand for horses in New York i ; increas tig. an i tbe snpph Is limited, which en Murages the proprietora to hope tha' their exertions will be appreciated by tho American public, nnd that their establishment, wbieb o not Hum s-e by any of a aunilar kind in Load >u. ljlverpoot Dublin or Rdlnliurgli, wl leisiny tin- same amonn' o> pitronaiie ?? 'hey do in those linporliMit cil-ex, and wh oh have iovaiiaMy pr ive 1 i ? heti eondu le.l on th" above uientloued principle ) a perfect euocea . Homea. Carriage* or Haiiieu will be received for Wed nesday's w.le on Monday, the t?t ol' August. ISM. when the rule' . regulations uud terms c?n he seen ai the oP.ce, KlTtli avenue- H. J. JORDAN A CO.. Fruprletors. \\r A NT E O? A TWO HOUSE TRUCK, NKARLV NKW. f T Addrena J., box 115 llerai l odlee. CfiOTHINO. ASURRR PLAOK ? AT 2?l SIXTH AVENUE LAWKS and gentlemen will liad t tie lair and honest dealer, It. MINT/., to whom they can dispose of their ('a. t Off Clo'.h iiip. Oarpe'H. Furniture an t .(e.velry, at fifty percnt more than by other dealer* In tbe city. I promise to pay the fol lowing* pi it**:? Slllc D;esson, from $8 to 845; Coats, ft to $18; Hant*. $2 t > $7. Also Tor Woollen, Delaine and Mint II ri llresxe* fie highest cash tirlees will be paid. A call or a note by post will he pnnctiinlly attended to. Lii'lie, at tended to by Mrs. Minlz. Plense lemetnber the original H. Mint/., and the number, 185 Sixth avenue, near liiglit cnlh street. Orders from Brooklyn and ,'crsay City punctually attended to. AT 137 SIXTH AYBN1 K ? LADIES AND OINTLB men. It you wish to receive the highest price for your Cast Oil Clothing, Carpets, Furniture. Ac., the best you can do is to caU on or send a note to K. MIN I'/., at. No |lt7 Sixth avenue, two doors f .otu Truth street. I.a ties attended oy Mint/.. True, yeu will be dealt with u> your satisfac tion and benaiit. ATTENTION -AT TUB NEW STORK, SO. lUTHfRD avenue, ladies and ueiitlcinen ?ie gnar.inteail to receive tne highest price for ol Ca-t Oil* Clothing, I'ur nitiire. Carpet-, Ac., for t'ue Southern an.' Western markets. 1'lease r. member, and tiy C. MISII. 1U Third aveuue, near Fourteetilh street. Ladies attended by Mrs. Mtsli. ATTENTION? AT THE ACEN'CT STORE, 212 SEV. A entli avenue, If. ROSRMIKRO. I received $*O,0!Xl In greenbacks, to ri irchas'' and pay the highest price lor Cast Oil Clothing. Th s order must be fululied at short m Uw. Pllk fron. $? to $j() Coats from $3 to $25, I'ants from $2 to $7. Also, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Ac La. dies and gents, I invite you to g va me your Tiers or ad dress me with a note. H. I'0S1'.NBRR(}, 212 Seventh ave nue. Laoles attended by Mrs. Ro enberg. Orders attended to in aud out of the city. AT THE NhW STORE, 5R CARMINE STREET, ladles and gentlemen will receive (lfty per cent more f or cast olf Clothing, Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, by calling on or addressing 11. ITART. No 56 Carmine -tieet, near Bedford street. Ladles attended to by Mrs Hart. ATTEN'rroy.-M leon has a great DEMAND for C:i t oil Ciothiug. Ladies and gentlemen, you are sure to receive the highest price for Cast OH' Clothing, t Carpet*, Furnl?re, Jewelry. Ae., by calling at nr addressing 561 Third aveuue Ladies will be attended by Mrs. Leon. ATSM BOWEBY.? H. ROSENTHAL H AVI NO A GREAT . desire to purchase a large quantity of east off Wearing Appare . Furniture. Carpeta. Jewell ?, Ac., by cailltig on or a.'.dresslne him lad cs and geutlemen can obtain tbe utmost value for each article. Ladles attended to by Mrs. ItosonJ thai. Please remember, aud try uO'JBowerv , opposit'; Great Jones slrect. Ct ENTLEMR.VS NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTHING T purchased for the West.? The full value will be na d without seeking to Impose. Call at tlio store or a dress THOMAS D CONROY. Mil I'earl street, between Centre and Chatham streets. 3CASHBERG PAV6 THE HIGHEST fBXOf FOR J. Ladies' and Geotletnen s Cast Off Clothini. Parties waited on b.f addressing L. Caahberg, 4H East Twelfth trect, near Broadway, liadifs watted ttpon by Mrs. C. Removal, rrhoval. removal?i have nr. moved to IS:: Saventh avenue, between Twenty-second ami Twenty-third streets, and continue to pay for Silk Dresses from $7 to $?'?; Coat*. 85 to $23: Cants. $? to Also Carpets, Jewelry, A . for the California nnd N'e>v Or lean* markets. Ladies nnd gentlemen, loo.: to your own in terest-, aud address Mr*. J GoldstMn. 1H2 Seventh arenne, where all orders will be ilnly attended to in or out of t city. Gentlemen attended by Mr. Goldstein. ~WINE8. i.IUI Oil: , AO. For. SALT!? ONE hundrrd barrels good bodied ciiain vsgue cider, clear and tine TAYLOR ? WILSON, Kit) aud 141 I ranklln street. asAologt. A B. MAURICE, TIlii OBBAT AND REAL SCIKN A- libc Astrologer o:' America.? What is astrology? It is tbe practical part ol natron o uy. It teacnes the nature ol the various plane s. tho influence they exurt upou enr car'h In their passage through the siiceos'lve signs of the 'od a . and tho eil'e.'U upon the characters and fortunes of man kind, aovording to their positions. And the I'rol essor has a knowledge of the longtltudtnal | lace* of ths plane's lor par ticular times and ReasonK, a table for the latitudes where certain urcumstances occur, Ac. The advice of this i sal astrologer, A. B. UADRiCB. m based wholly on scientific prlnclrtes. nnd was never known to full. The hand ot fate lias me. iked out ihe path of each indlvid ia'.. and :he i lanets are hourly rsjlntirig out tho dostlnv of tnarkind I'ro fe sor Ma'ir.ce la* a profound knowledge of the rules ?if th scleiue of iho stars, and can lieal the woildm th- above acience in regard to tell n* a 1 ihat re lates to the happiness or nnsery of one's whole life, an I with several -serets thai no Itvmg u.ortal ever knew before, be will bring success out of almost any undertaking. In cs ualug SMedy marriages ho never tails. l!e iic*. rlb?s tbe lntouded busMnd or wife, teas the very day you xvi.l ta&rrr and hows a likeness representing tbe true complexion of the intended lie (lotcribes yuur friend.-, points out \our enemies, arti' warns you ol ?!' tntitre danger; good luck n obtaming situations or In travelling by sea or land, and t ie besi ot health loug itfe and proapcrlty to all who consult him Those it a distance may >end their age and $1. and ao ress A. II Maurice, b i J .I'M N< w York I'ost oil <a and get in ret'iru the outlinea of youi whole life. A', hours cn'll 7 in 'he evening. Ohio. R# Bleecker street, ue.r Wooster. I<adles 960 cents. Gents $1. A GREAT GHAN'OK TO BEAR THE TRL'TH. ? MA dsme STM NLE N lis- opened her new place. anJ in vitas 'uer friends and He publ o to visit her at her residence, I7t) Wooster street. A BONA FIDE A8TK0L0U1ST. THAT EVBRY ONH ean depend on ior get tin? satisfaction Irotn, Is iiada oe WILSON, who tells tho object ol your visit as ?oon as vo.i enter her room. A I should commit this natlira'ly glftid lady, as It nugbt. Save th' m many m -fortune alio can -?s speedy marriages, and te'ls all that c >ucern>yovr whole ii>. Her predictions arc so troe thst they it nrl -c ull who uor. suit her. N. B.? 1 am in possession ot tragi'1 charms for love ami tond luck, which are eier certain in their e t. Vadauie WILSON tells *o true 'Hat some ladlesmavgs' a little tlinid, though thev nee<* nnt lear. for she nfactii s iiotbitig but what is reconcl able to phUorophfra, H9 Allen street, near Stanton, over the bakery. Fees for ladies and gentlemen, 50 cents. ASTONISHING? MADAME MORROW. SEVENTH daughter, with a natoral gift of foresight, tells how eoou and often you will marry: even your thoughts: Mscle Image in lull operation; her equal Is not to be found: shows a likeness of your intended husband and a'oi?nt friends. 114 Ludlow street, four doors irom Houston street. Gentlemen uot admitted. ABETTER A8TROLOGIST IS NOT TO BR FOUND in the tinned States than Dr. L. D and Mrs S. D. BROCGHTON'. They succeed in giving satisfaction when all others fail. Thev cau be consulted on all affairs of hu man life, such as courtship, marriage, travelling, removals, lawsuits obtaining situation*, well ire of absent Mends. Ac- : also sickness. If the siek partv will recover or die of their present *h kness: if recover, the time they will b"giu to amcrd ; what part of the body ia affected, aod what treatment and medicines are best adapted to tbe sick per sons. Ladles 50 cents: gentlemen f I. Questions answered by le'ter, enclosing $1 and time ol birth. Also I'hrenolo fienl examinations made. 0(11. * 120 Greene street, below 'rlnce. riLAIRVOVANT.-IF VOL' WTSn THE TROTH. OO AT ! once to Mndam ROSS Siie fhowa a likeness of future husbaad er friend. *nd never fhds to bring those separated I together. No. ft* West Twentv seventh street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Ring tbe basement bell. I Hours from 9 in the morning till 7 in tbe evening. / 1 0 AND SBE MADAME 8NKLL. THE CELEBRATED Ur and renown"d Astrologist in tha seieaoe of astroiogv. Has no superior. She understands the science In sll Its sis ter Iwanrhea (tbe stars charms, spells and talismans), aud givea eutirn satisfaction In telling the past, present aod fu ture. She never falls la causing speedv marriages sod bringing the separated together. In businesa affairs her ad vice T* Invalua' le. A large number of jieopie hsve been benellled by her aid. As an evldeuce or her skill she has received abundance of testlmoniaia ffOT some of the first people of the land. 8b * noes wilt be discovered and cured through her science, only known ta herse f. Consultatloa for ladles $1 ; gentlemen SI. Rasldence 12:1 Bast Twentv faurlh street, below Fourth avanue. Person at a distance ma? consult till* lady by loiter, stating Ihelr age, and ent.osing the fea of $1, and a correct answer will be piompt ly returned. Addreas has 8,747 New York Cost oibce. Madam rat is the bbbt clairvotaNt and Astrologist In this city. Abe tells your verv thoughts causes speedy marriages, gives lucky nitmbsrs. :>k) Seventh avenue, near Twenty sevauth street. Ladles 2} cents: gen. tiemen 30 centa MRS MARION JAMBS, INDBFBNDKNT CHIRVOY ant. 101 Kast fceventnenth street, corner or Third ave r.ue traces lost or stolen property, absent or Inst frieads and business affairs generally; detects and treats ail female diseases. Reterenoes given. Gantlemen uot sdmltted THE ORIOINAL MADAME BYRON HAS RBTKNRD from Farls, sad can be ? onsn ted on the present, pa<t and future. Hbe is tha greates* spiritualist, tnedlcsl s id business clairvoyant that ever was known. Her skill lias been *c ted b\ the most learned m the world. She ' rings together those long separated, causes speedy tnsrrlsges, and has ihst never falling secret to mske >ou beloved bv your lies' t's blal. Ort'ce Si i Fourth svantic, above Twenty third street. Ladles. SOcents; gantlemen. |1. The seventh daughtbrof the seventh son can be consulted on love, marriages, sickness, losses, lawsuits, luck' numbers. MaDAMK MOREHOUSE, 46 Forsyth straef tinio WOCLD not go wherk fortune isr-oo ft ye see Miss W ELLINGTON, the gnat English I'ro phetess, the best of all. aod cannot be eicelled. Csn be oonsuited, persona ly or by letter, on all affati* of life, con oi'imng lawsulta. jonmeys, absent frtenda lo>e, courtship, mnrilags. health v eaith, aud who run rec'alm drunken and unfaithful husbands. Miss W Is the only person in this 'Itj who liss the genuine Roman and Arabian la, good luck sunal buslne* affairs, snd are guarantees for life. De.av noi to cons It this naturallv gltled and beau tlful young Isiiy Lanky number* vl??n Highly re?nert? ble city referenees. Can i?. seen at hei residence. lOt Hlith avenue, opposite Eighth street. *1 <? V nOWKRT. -MADAME WIDHKR. CLAIRVOYANT !")?) and Gifted -<psn s !? L.'idv utnelisi if mvs'erle- "f 1 1 nil If, love, marital*, abscn1 frieuus, si jknsis , premtl' ?* medie'ofs ior til diseases leili lut'kv nimbti s vrsucrlj ic.' OS -lol u. to AMrSFMISWT*. YV AIAACK'B TUESDAY r > .,??*?'?? OK KSTKUTAINMENT. t ?? ii *nlv la'.en. l ahi| nouu ?r M.i. DAN . I It V ANT, wt:h win. in an en,: icenent h n th-en effected for a lupfted uum'x-i pf utg' ts will 1 iir.k ,* his Mst aj pear an e here in tw.i <>[ in* lu'Wt attractive tBISi: Cll Alt AIMERS. The ill) nil ? CO ii m * iii ? w i 1 ii lai'n" ? ?! here) t flf* or. ioiueatk Drain* in twu tc;s (w "en bs Tofcn iir ? h i >111 K? i iii. IKiall KM i till A h f , 11 m O'Brien Vr. >an Bryant Tun Bohaltiik .Mr. Chare* Km >.t Mr Ulan ta Xr Not Mr. Stt-rlinr. . .. . Mr Hrnw lie Hem l-a er-i ..... Mr Wtliiamaou Mr*. (Irinrr HKen .Wis lo'n j-; ??ft in Poiiy lloba nk Nir?. W. It Flo J (Uer second appearaii ?? here.) Mary ,M'i i St t>i To conclude .villi (ft ml lime hen the very a' true ?? Knee, iu ouo a- ! >aiaptei lioru I.o or'* po'tilar uo.u! b> Mt I! Plov.D. entitled HANDY ANDV Uuif Ai. lv Mr. Dan Bryiut W .iu am celebrate Irish Corn ftong ? I, > Nt'.i AN Ha LI., and famous titled J TO Squire Eg *n Mr. W. R. Floyd Mr Mu titiy Mr A. II. Dmch irt Dick DkWiuu Mr, Icily Mr. Furlong Mr. Kronne F ward Conner...., Mr, I'Dim hint 'U Mr. Wii: ams, n Con'th ftooney Miss lone UurUc* (IV tli the Sour of "ivatlil en Mavonrnncii.") Mai Nan e Mri. Maurice Puu ay I in w Hon Mm iim roll MR. DAM BRY AN f, OV WEDNESDAY. IN IRISH EMIGRANT AN!) HANDY ANDY. BtXCVRBIOHH. BIDDLK S GROF. AN . > WOODHRI'.IGK 1* AR If. ? The hh' i- n dirt new barge* ' : erniiine ami St. It . . a lai Ke atcamer with saloon ?: also s nail tea: 'in fur picnics anrt excursions. R. V DONNil.l. A 00, No. 159 Knot street. FISHING B A NKR. ? FAMILIES ANI> PARTIER CAM enjo. the *ea air by gn ng to the Fishing Banks on ilie seagoing steamer MARYLAND, which leave* every uiorn lag. Saturdays exoeptnd, loot of broome .'.reet, Kaai river, at 7 o'ch ck;ll'eek slip. Ea t river 8:10 A, M>; Doy sin-tit, Norili river, K'"l A. M., and Pier V . 4, North river 4> A. M. Fare $1. Bait, lilies, refreshments aud yood cuisic nn board. Fisiiinu banks, ahoy. The large B^a steanii'.r IIUGIIJKNOT wlil> au c ? curslea t i the Klshini; B.iii1ch. Wednesday, Jui.. il. This will In* a rare opportunity fn. danclnjj m well a? Hsh'ne. an there will be a fine hand Of musu: on hoarrt. flood uccora modattnns lor f amilina. Landln .M? Hrodme street, 7; r<-< !c sliji, ? . : I\ eiiti'-th-ttreol, > rth nver.8' J: .siirm i Htre?t,K' ?; l'lerlNo. 4. North river, f. Refreshments, halt, line;. & ..on board. Committee of Arraiiuement ?A. Sr^tt, K. V. Priest* ly, J. S. Foster aad. I Sc.otl. Tickets, "Sce .ts. ?VTOT'i'R. ? IN CCNSKOCKMCE UP THIS UNKAV'OI' V. 11 hie state of the wenth?r, Am 1 a1 F.tcursmn of <;<? rltitlilan iKirtii'-, No. I'-J, K. aud a. M., is post'ioncd until August S, ISiil VTOTICE.? POBTPONBI) IN CONSEQlTRN0G i.1 Of the weather Prof .t. A. MACPIIERSON'S afieraoon and evening: Thtr ! anniisi P'enlc and S icial llun wil! come ou at (Kiirk'H> Uoioti Park, loot of East Sixty -third street, on Mon 'lav. August 8, IritM. Tirket-i 50 ''cuts. T DM RI 3TIC BALL AND IMCNIC OP THIS Bf.OoM lugdule Catholic Asaoeiatton, u ivertisad for Wednes day. July 27, 18(54, will uoHake place JAM. P. TRAVRRS, President. lUEUICAIi. AFKLICTRD RESTORED. IONORAPCE EXPOSED, I'alla' i.'S unmasked.? H ?hly Imporianl to Until sexes, married or sinp'e, in health or i!iaea -. Dr. LARMO.Vl S Paris, London i.ud New York Niedionl Adviser and MurrtagA fluide (8i)th edition, 400 !!>' illustrations', upon De bility, Crlnarj Airectlonf, ltlsMerau J Ridne Diseases, the author's utic jtial'ert P;irl :>nd L'indon iif^tment, In All should purchase t!"; v r or E. WARNER, So I Vesoy street, lor $t. or consn'f tiie Oir ior, 17 ' Kroart\v,iv, up ilalrs. New York, from Ii) A. M, tu .r> P. M. "We concur with ottnr papers in reoomm ending Dr. Lansont and hi -work.*1 Courrier rt?s Etats I'ms. German dlr Reform, Dispatch, Slants iSeitung, Atlas. Medical K; view . Ac. A CARD TO THE 1, VDICS.-CH ARLhS LUTZK, M. D.t Professor of Obstetrics an l Surgery, and over 17 years ol sucoesnful f la -tice In this I'iask ?ua :in'ee? a positive cure to any l;idy rei|ii.rlus suecial iw?' al or ireatiueut In twenty-four houra' time. mTmsiter bow complicated tiie case may be. Can be conaulted at his old established pri vate ofllce, Broidwav. and w!iera his never fai'ief inmate medicluoa can he obtained, or sent by letter to any part of the United Htites; price $">. N B.? -The Doetor has elcgar.' rooms and the best nceommorlation* anrt sttemianee in the city tor patieuls who wish to t emaln .luriiis treat ment. At Imiiio all hi^ura o' tha day and evening. % DVTCK TO LA DIF.S ? THE FRIEND IN NEED. DR POWERS, (il Prank'm street, the never lallini doetor I Auslous mtieuts should iminediatelv ? e his Vieiicli Drops. Sure relief guaranteed in twenty. lour hours. Be wave of im tatio.ia. A DVICE TO THn AFFLICTED -MAD \MR D^.S ,\ PARD'S l->'.iale 1'i'h ars the only medicine ladies ean depend on with s-ifet' aud certainty. Can l>? cut b mall. N. B ? Ladies who jf-i e to avail tbemseivea of Madaina Desuard'a valuable, ceitain and safe mode .?f treatment mn tin so a' one Interview Relief warranted in wcutv-four hours. Residence lot Sixth avenue," Eiijhth street. Ladles takcu dttrin;: contincinent, with the l>est medi ni ntietidanee. CARD TO LADIES -DR. POWRR8, 61 PRANK LIM -?reel warr mts relief in a few Uonii- in a!l rtl 'llcull ioa, 1'cr or 1'ituical treatjueot Comniii fdential. Consultations at all hours. A advice to married ladiep.? madvme res si. 1EI ft. Female Piivgician and Proi'e- sor of Midwifery, nan he eonsu ted as u?rai at Id3 Chambers streei. But one Interv :ew wdibetiei iann No charge for advice Hor in fallible ni'' .ieineh can e.liO be obta nert a' 127 i( Libert' street or bv mail, price 55. Lidie: who <ic? ns board an I tlic best medloi attendance dn> ng coii^nemcn* can b. a -- e nuc rtat".', n^r l rencb Pills, So. 1 P'ic?> 51 a I'O*. or No Z, which are four degrees ''.rongee than No 1, sttdesn never lai arc safe and healthy; price $5ahox. can b? sent by mail, with full directions. N. B.? Martame Rett.. 11 deems II her iluty to caution iaili ?< a;ttio-l mi tators of In r ne vertiMrtf ms, who :u only rob them oi thel. maaosbttt their heaHh. ^ Be wish in time? RKMKMBBB the SFRF plaor for * speedy cure *ii!io ^- roerenrr: unfortanntes will flnditt'i their advaat.t^. Dr. WARD'S old established o!Hc ?, ill Fianklln street. \?vkc free and sutal. i.harg* tor mod id nest r^ONSI'LT DR. WARD, (rt KRANKI.I* RTF BKT FROM A / tin; -:>ital? of L Jiidou. the discoverer of 'he ou v re liable remedies ior diseuses of a pi.. ate character. D R. POWERS, 61 FRANKLIN STREET CAN BK COM suited gratis, wi'b unpurall' lod s ucess. on t\. Veni.tle eon plaints. His 1'srio i i! Dr u per bo. tie. exproHjly for obstinate cases. Be-.vare of imitations. DK. WEPT, FEMALE PHYSICIAN AND VCOUCIIEK, Tf Duane street, lv?t;vee? Cenlrnnnd Chatham,". ithissp'-cial prsctic? t> trr ii all female cornpTalnts ? ?tta lirolessionnl s?ill niM Mnnihlv Tonic Is ' b*V9.' lailtug ic medy. Relief certain Iti a lew hours. DR WATSON. AN OLD AND EXPERIENCED l'RAC tltioncr. is enabled to c iarantee a curt; in all case , by i-afe remedies, and wltuo ' c'lsnsm of dist or restriction from 'Mildness. Dr. Wauon'sbooii. the "Cause and Cure," 1 illnstnWd thro'.ghoni bv anatomical plates. A - .contains \ >1 ualdn iiiforrna'.iou lor s'l -i. a? are ? nl, -ring from In case or debility, or who cnntumiila* ? 'iiarriane Price tl. Sod l) Mll',;r ?'o.. P,.s' "flic-. V2-, Broadwav. and bvtheni.thor 630 Broadway uei! biock above ba M 'tru lilan Hotel. DR. GRINDLI. FEMALE PHYSICIAN AND AC cou. her. No. i> Aiuny p.s e, thice doi ra fn ni Am ty street, makes It h'< s|iec!ul practice :o ire#' all female con rlaints. from whatevr cause produoj Is s ire m give re ef to thn most anxious nation- lu uretil.-four hoiiis. Els j gant room" ior .arti's re ; 1 1 i r t n ar nnr>ing, DR. COBBETT. no 20 CENTRE STREET. BRTWF. FN Claiuiiers aud R'-ade street*, can ije consii.te l witli ronlidence on diseases of a private character a oractice of thir v four years, t'jn e of which have born iu the hospitals of Neiv York ami Lonrton. enables him t.> treat wit IM) ce?s nsrrons and *en"?al debility. The victims of liupos . tion can call on him with the certainty of being radi -aii? cured, or nocharge. N. B.? See Dr. i.'.'s dlplo'nas in his odice. as memiier of the New Turk Cniversity Medl a! Col lege. and Co le^eof S irgeona, London. DR. H. A. BARROW AUTHOR OF THAT POPI LAR medical work "Human Fralltv," mav be consulted as tistislat 194 Blescker street, between Macdongalaad Cattag* place, N. Y. TV>CTOR RALPH. AUTHOR OF THE PRIVATE TRRA I J Use. do, 80 Amity street ? Tho-e who applv in the aarly stag'* of dlaease will be surprised st the easc aad ra pldltv of the cure. Tho-e. however, who have ih (Tiered long will best appreciate hi* services DR. COOPER. 14 DRANK STRKET, MA* BE CON suited on ail diseases Tii rty years exclusivsiy rie* i voted l" diseases cnab'es lilm to warrant a curs In all rases. } The victims of misp'.aoad confden e In medical pretenders can call with a certainty of i>e 111; radlciily cured or no pay GIOOD^ NBWrg. _ YOITNd MAN S FRIEND. D?. I WARD'S Specific and I'revenuve cures M>e wor<t eases, 1 wiihaut mercury or change of diet Ward's Magical Invigo rating Fills, $2 per package A sure cure where mauhood has been impaired. Hundred* are rcined beyond rrdbmption Id this life by not oalliag on Dr. II t .NTKK at tirst, be has for thirty years > oadncd bis attention to diseases or a rartain class, in which he uas feured no les? than fifty thou ssnd esses. His remedies are mi d. snd (hers It no inter ruption to business or cbsnge of Hiet Dr Hunter Is In con stant attendance from 4 in 'he mornlug till 9 at night, at hie old nffl.e, Na .1 Division street. New York ottv. since 1AM. Chsrg> ? moderate and a cure guaranteed. Separate rooms, so thst the petlentjieea no one hut the Doctei httmelf. Ills wonderful medical discovers? Dr. Hunter's Red Drop? cure* certain disease* when regular treatment sn>l all other remedies fall, cotes w thou' dieting or re?trleil?? in the habits of the patient; cures without the dlsgestlng and sickening elTects of all other remedies; cures in newea-ce Inlesslhan six hours, onrea without the dreadful co.ise queut e fleets of mercury, and po*-*sses the peculiarly I valuable property of annlh lalina the rank and poisonous 1 taint that lha b'oed Is sure t? ?h?erb, nn'ess iilsremedv is used, this Is what he c'alms for It. and what ae other will accomtrttsh 90 cents win secuieby return >iall his medical w,.rk, .100 pagcg, 40 colored pictures. Woith all tbn others put together. Manhood and rHE vioor of youth restorkd in four weeks bv Dr RICOKD S B.?SBNCB OF LI KB Th s ?-ocderful agent will restore isanhood to the moat shattered constitution, whether arising from excesses, self abuse the effects of climsts or nat iral muses. The lime required to cute the most Inteterain case Is four weeks. Partnre Is Impossible. Dr. Visard's Kseenoe Of Life l? sold In ttases with instructions for use. for $.1. or lour lusniltles In one for $U Sent carefullv packed on receipt <>f rentlKsn' e bv bis accredited aifnt Clrculara sent free on receipt of four stamps PllltlP ROLAND. 447 Broome street, one door west from Broadway. New York. Madame urindlb. female physician, no s Amity place, three doors fro n Amity street csn be consulted on all diseases of females Her mcdleines are sale and eerta n. Convenient ro "ns for ladles who deiiro aire and n edtcal alien. ianre during confinement. CHATTRRED COBSTTTCTIONS RESTORED BT TnE O sn H-anteed renietlv. Dr Powers Bsaeme of I, ire? of I flees! Frauklm street? la less time ibtn hn? othermedieine. ?" AIMhos" eon'empia'lnii marriage sbo.ild take this life re- . etornv remedy. Tlir ii LOKY OF MAN 1:4 STRKNOTH-TRKREFORE the nervous and dehllit ited shniiid liete?-ltat ?' v ttse Dr. POWKRS' Iti-ig ratln i Essence of L.fe. Offcei'l Fraakhn | Str-et A permanent eure Is guaranteed. fll'it SaN l>S ARi; RUINED BT NOT CONsl'fcTINO I 1 Dr WARD, 61 Frani; n al-eeu-Wsrd s sew 1 '? v fth out ? par.tcle or uMro irv. ire la-, only rrwsiBes ekitb ean f ural oate those J ,.ea??s I AlICflEMRMTM. XTIRLO'S GARDEN ? COMMEHOES 1 , TO S J s CONCLUDES I I .?>. IrfUM tii'l .. * rn vVl-ulaf TDK COOLEST THKiiHi IN T !t K ? fTT TUB iLLI'MI* At hit UARDRN OPE* I. V ? K * LYK0 INO THIRD WF V.V. CONTINUED FLATTERING RECEPTION. PY HRII.LT ANT AND CROWDED AUDIENCES. Of tilt dUttnguUhed Artist*. Miss LI'Ctl.l.R IV P ft TP R V. who will ?pp?*r T'le av evening. .iulv it>. a* Li?l I. K l?K [.iMJOUKS AND DGAKITA, ?>i the bra:, I Spectacular RtnuiPt In bra tableau*. entitle* toe bp a or K'B. which biut m*t with the O EE ATEBT 8Ut"< R88. warranties 111 re- etitlon every erenin ! till further noti>?. vt -? i L. It ShewelJ, G PeteKSt ?) P. Blijin B. J'. KiiA I. I W Hl.-il-del .1. Bcymotir. 3. Holme". Vmm y ir Welta, Rkerrett An in the prinffipsl character* APPROPRIATE*. CfifenJMKa ANI) #P POIN TMKNTS. T i? nr: 'in?l mmlr on up??? l by J. P. Coolie, uuder tha direction or i|arv,.v u Dot worth 8P.ATX nODKRD hl>( DAYS TV ADVANCE. O LYMPIC THEATRE, L?w? and Dire -ti ? Mr*. John 7?| I. AST WKKK of the em;a?emeot of ENGLISH OPERA. crowded irorsKh. HKlU.lA.vr AITDIF.NCI H. RAPTUROUS APPLAUSE. P\rr.Y OF! M OK TDK OP It A ENCORED MONDAY Riiil TtfRSDAY F.VKNING8 l ilr 25 and *C. TWO I. AST R P t'R FN P STATIONS. BOHEMIAN GIRL Madame OOMTE BOUCHARD, Mr. WM. CASTLE Mr ? C. CA MP RB Lli. A SUPERIOR COM PAN 1 AND CHORDS Conductor Mr. ANTHONY RBtPP. D> rini: tlii pie' e, Ptldnl Miss KRUURB. WEDN1- ; >AV EVENING Jti'v 27, THE ROSE op CASTILE will lie prnducnd tor th? lin t lime in America, in which the Cfc.ubialed an ir, Mr. W. H. LEAK, will mulct* liik first appearance. Manager or Opera Mr R. A. RAKPR \TRW ROW PRY THEATRE Is Propr -)r ....Mr. J. W. Lingsrit TUESDAY EVENING, The p .puliir young actor ?'R J. P.. I! OWE will appear for the first time la A .erica In hi' .??*?? : rains of OP.OPGg BARRINGTON Tlir G'SNTLEMAK HIGHWAYMAN Mr. .T R. llo-e as < R.irrlnetnn Mrs. W. 0. Jon?' .George Brookes. 'V. Martft 1 V <j Lin part. Mi- < K ttio K.s ppe, W. Ola* for '. Flret appears nee or MR CHARLES E. COLLIhS, the rMebrated Cure and l.'log Dancer. Kiial iiiijlit of the ORPHAN OF PAltlK, With YOtTNG AMERICA. Broadway %rratr*. Corner of Bioad way and Rruorae atr et. George Wood Manafer Trnprec"4ent 5d tinrcem of the yotttij anl r -T'.r utiej artist, miss riELEN w(?sir;nv. who liefn r<",f.|r<-'1 n sh'iy hv erowded and fs^h1 niBt ? audiences ?Uii tins utmost ent . in-iaarn TUESDAY EV KNING, JCI.Y ??*>, Will be presented the rn ? mtle 'tra-'-a tu th ? e? act ? Of DON C.t>'AK DK KAZAN". Den C - sar Mtsa FIoIct Wentara Tocouc'ude w ih the laucl.ub <? bnrlettaof JENVY I.I NO. Jenny Lind. with sonc? Mi-? H?lou Weaiern Door? oprn st 7t?; commence at S o'cioctr. B ARhtf.M'S AMERICAN MPRRI V. STILL TRIl'MPH ANT, ATTRACTION T'NEOlT V'.LPD 'J mill) AND LAST Wi t K OP TH K GUI'. AT RAVF.t. PANTOMiV I NEW TU10KH RCI'.NESnnd TRANSFORM APIONS AN KXTRA E\>IlHIHON KVBKY MoRNIND AT II AT WHICH TIME THE f.EOTURE ROOM WILL UK THROWN OPEN WITHOUT CIIAP.r!E, For the ? blb4tinu o! !IERR NADOr.SKI'S WONDERPCL CARINET which measures only 4',-J ect blab, ? Oe: wide, ith! feet tii c It. It icniaitis HCO rarlntles of e!ah rale strno'-', sin! i sei'nl pieces of furniture. Inei"<?lna 1-' lui hi" gn-rfn chiwiis, b(!il?tea'l, throne, ctiande tors, bur nits, sof*s Ar. II will alfo bn eiliihttPfl in l ie liVCNINU atfiti"1! oa of Paut'itni' '?? but not in the nftornoon. , AFTEKNODN AT M: EVENING AT 7V O'CLOCK TIIK GKBAT RAVEL PAM'OMIMK. fill', o." touchable ami startling til k?, change . joke* <nir ie iilo :? transf rm.itlo i? and maunlli cot *.-? err, ??utH.-ed M.tZI LM: OK. TUP. NIOHT Ort'l. C|i irtrter bv ToNV DPNIEK, th" c? ? r-.ted Clown. Mr C. K KOX Mr, (J. DAVENPORT, M. A GRO- <1, .1 * IH tiiiiSS. Mile. LOUISE, the oharming Danaen -,e. Mile ERNESTINE and a lull coinimn . ETHIOPIAN SONGS up I DA?CES. . T. II CLU'KOIID THE ORAM) ORCH EsTIt I AN A M AON I KICK NT MUSICAL INSTRI MI'.NT. from the Black Forest. Germany, costlua J' '. wil > y at short Interval day and erenlnu the iniai di ' cui. and atoliorate OVERTUI I S and COMPOSITIONS, ?< III. .-. -Ue Brandeui* cn upasa ami <-h irtnl1 a ell vt o' a PUl-L Olll'HKS'f RA UK 2" INSTRI M F s TS. THE NrW VENTILATOK, DRIVHN MY STEAM. forci" int.. the Museum <?" Icet of pun co>l air per tu i u ii tc rendering ttt'ue COOLEST PLACE OK AMUSEMENT IN THE Oil* To l.o O'-en at all bonri ? MASVELOI'S LIVINO APRICAN mi d FISB. BROUGHT 1 1 !?'.>??: IN DRV HOLIDCI.AV. KOl'lt SPLENDID PEAL8, .it'HT CAITI'RED. FAT CHILD, GIANT GlKL. FRENCH GIANT, fHR T\V ? DV.'ACPS LI' INC. I'lIE fHRKI' VI, BIN'O CHII.OKEN, Bl \t"'IPrTr, A >f iRfA TWO L V IN.i KANGAROOS. LIVING I OR'-f'PINF Ml r A " P !( p 8KATINO POND. MOVING WA rtol'HK liofTDfN S AI'TOMATON WRITER, . II'. MU.SIC V.' 'M. V"* 8TP.R SERPEN M AND A Ml! LIoN OTIIHR CtrBD?8I TIES I'll ren' ilc. atoa eTaminatlori bv Prof LIVINGSTON A'lruunon. iinvits, ctilldreu under tan. IScents. TTTOOD'B MINSTTKLS. All BRI) VDWAV II Onpos to r t Nli ho: < Hotel, H- i:r? Wood. Proprietor. II K BEST VENTILATED All ? n THE t ITY |Fir?t api i- irtvoce bet of the celebrated <? >? .<? ii m 8. S. PORDY, MONDtV. ,'1'LV :'5. and "vcr erenlPP In nr*!ie we-k. JOLLY NIGGER AMOS. MLN8IS81PPI K I ING Dear Mot.' er I'ye Co ? Home to Eat? Mamie ? Gobbl ? Pamtlr. Tb ? Road to Kl" rnon.i A". Doors open at 7; comment e at H. T'ritrr* ."t cent*. CUIfBSit'8 MIWSJTKKLS, J iy > an . 201 l'.owery oupos te , r>riiig street. to. .tui PEOPLE liare nttlt'li: I tha per'orn ?n ? . -if thu MASTER P.AM) IN FOUR Wf I K ? ELEGANT AND FA HIONABI.R Al'DTRNCRS HOARS OF EA f'GIITKR, SHOUTS op APPLAI'3*. Kea<l the ne?.' Prograran.e tor thla weo'; NO STALi: .JOKES? E\ i-;Ki I KING fJKVY Grand afternoon nerfor nan e for lc J ? ai d e i dreu. 0? rilANKSGIVING PA*, A' JUST t, connicnr ne .! '1 , o'clw . Ailrula .on L "> rente to nil parta of the . ? > '. C1REAT ORIENTAL MfSIC IlaLL, T (.U BROADWAY, .W. aho- e B eecicr. The following are a few of the eitrMrd nary at'-artl ir?? now offered at t ie abo . '? f.i orite plae<- of atn? llifl fb* the apurot<Ht. y\ ot onr patron* ? PANORAMA OK THE GREAT iMID, LIFE LIKE POUTRAITH Of TIIV. <-'".At O&NFRALft, NOVEL aND UNIQIF. SHOOTING OA LLP. RT, THE C.'LKRKATRD HIMALAYA KaN. renders tbia iii? coolest and nr)?t dellirht'4 l "1 e tn '.lie e Til IR I V HE AI TIFL'L SYi.PH . In t latfllDoent co-tume, appear tt'.i,htiy. Admission free. FRANK B! EN?. AMERiCAN THEATRE, tit BROADWAY. Notioe.? Clo eJ on the 4th of July f.jr a short lutniner sea on. WILL KK OPEN ON MONDAY, I5TH OF AUGUST IM< Newly pn ate.l decorated an I upl.o stere l. returaUiM<t with new and beautiful a< earrv . sta.'e appointments. Ac. r/?Q BROADWAY. MELODEON. 51.1 RROADWAT, I ?K>?J UNPARaLLELLED ATTRACTION The eoo est plaee of amuaeioent In the city, and tberatr one in tbe world where ibe freatest lal?nt is employed, aad no charge ma<le lor admlsal-'U. iMOk at the list of natnea ivh) are enraged etpreasly tm the MELODEON. BrahS. l, Sol nian, Celes. SifinorGorlaao. Mlaa Kate l'atti. Ml<i Alice Cotes. Miss Ada Llod and twenty others jf lit finest inusksl latent. ADMISSION FREE ADMISSION FREP GPORun M. HEYDON, Directar. Nature un veiled At TBH NEW *OEK MFSEUM OP ANATOMY, 811 J1 ROAD WAT. PATHOLOGICAL WON DERS at run NEW TORE MUSEUM OP ANATOMY. CM BROADWAY. w ONDKR ot *g\nKE8KEW ONLT NEW V??k.Tn?T ma*UM OK A!,ATOiJ, gROADW uabl.-hinasS "lyiLLARDR HOWARD ATIIEN.F.UM, ?i All buelnese commnnirations lor this est, Will be directed alter tbts dale to the underawi.e ' HENRY WILL-'.RD. II 'at on. To MANAtiKUS.? Walter bikcii. t iRPop< lab tenor till ue. anJ light c-thi.1 an. 'at? o. C-e l.lchtaai' Pp'ra Tni'jpe, at pre'-n' with tne l.i,{ ,.ti Op-r , yr< John Wood* Olympic Theatre Broadwar. wil oe Ma gaged by the 1st or Aaguet Manager, will a1di.?e< J?m. CUNNER A Co., W We?t lloustin <treet. TO AM ATEL'KS AND OTHERS. ->A FINN IIAtta ON Brondway, ntted ip with atane ac-nery. te i - V, toi amate'ir portormanre*, lei-t ues. eon ?rt?. I , o i rra??e able terms For further part '-nigra apply, ke'wee i ? ?rd I O'clock P. M.. of O. UOItLON No. ? Dom. ale* sire?t. Banjo instruction ? wr <j car an tkb ro tpacit any pernou to play tn* banjo perie lit in months. Our metnod is imtw ?nd offglnau It tax*** but live nifmit?# te explain It Bar ioe I'urnif' ed for pramoe. Gr.O. C DOBSON A BRO.> (91 Broadw.y. abore Amity street >VATCH?I,J?WELHT, M3. AT??. WATCH FS, DIAMONDS, JtjWPLRY, SII.VF.n Plate, Guns PKtols. e. 1'iiijht. -I w,|| ,?y ?v p#, eect more than ean be obtained at any other plaee in tlw city N B.? AI?o Psvrnlirokers' Tiiket' wanted for Dm ab' T* articles, at tbe aac.e rate, fluil Broadway, corner ef Houston street, up stairs, rooiu 5. DIAMUOLD <30LD AND SILVF.R. DIAMONDS, ^ OLn AJf0 SILVER perioos whe wish to sell Diamonds, old Gold, s Iver. or ssr fcmd of old fa?h(on?l Jewe.rf, ?<< to LOUIS ANRICII. 7Ti Mroslway. A p.nlttve fact, he pars W per cent mefw than *ny oths- person EaUbilshsd In New fork slnee tue admtnutrstiOB of the late Martin Van Buren. Make ?? in stake? 711 broadway. un ier the New Vork Hotel. ANTED? FINE AMKRIt'AN AND OTH BR PRARL*. f f 0. .imeuJs and Diamond Jewelry ? fho axtrenie ra.H? siren Office biur^ 0 t'll lit si I -? till S only S * PL'. MS Diatuead Srxer. 91;! tfroa^wu. Vmauoo* ?a per tea*.

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