Newspaper of The New York Herald, 27 Temmuz 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 27 Temmuz 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,175. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 18C4. PRICE THREE CENTS. SHERMAN. Additional Details of the Army Move ments in ths Southwest Tho Advance EeyOiid the Chat tahoochee to Atlanta. Ckacge lb (be Rebel Commanders and ihtfr Fighting Policy. Hand to Hand Struggle on the 20 ill. The Rebel Attack, and now It Was Met. PROGRESS OP THE CONTEST, WAMmraTOK, July 2ft, 1M4. Tfcnre la netblog additional kuowu b<re Id regard to tbe ?edition or ?Tain at AiIudu. U tbe War Department i any arivtcee, Uiey bave not been made p-'blko. I be ted re Nil iDvaskm baa for tbe llmo diatraotea public M Mat km from Mere dutaot operations. Dewipapcr A?C??ntl. , [Ourrsspoadeuce ol tbe Cincinnati Commercial.] Kur Atiuht.*, July 2u? i P. M , 1 Via Uk'Wiixji. July 34,1864. J ?saders are alreidy familiar with (ue particulars of pinoH^a ot the river; bow Hward lm.ia a ftpsaod match to Rosa ell, and cr<?scd to the rlgbl ot Jtbneton, wh > hud become an mynled at ^hci man's ?Marent iuacilvlty that be neg ectea to look to bis ?IU he rapidly bad Howard (brown New ion across that the Hosswell factories and government properly Vkt all destroyed, and Dodge's corps encamped upon aouib b?uk ere .'ob? stem was aware of H. tonofldd ?Meed bet'oie the enemy conid'offer opposition. Wltb bank exposed, to contest Ibe passage of our corps would have been madieea, so be gave and Xhermaa transferred hie whole array to tbe rebel works, from which Jobo ?aa, a few days before, promised to drivo tbe tavader Into the river wltb a loss or ten than arty men. 9m rear srossid on Sunday. Mol'beiecn bad taken ad vantage of time, and wuHe our right was making tbe fBMth bank be was swinging his left (Dodt;u s corps) Mud via Cross Key" towards the Atlanta aud Augusta XnJroad, and, on Monday ioreuoon tbe whole line ad vaaasd. 11c r hereon was on tbe left, Scbctleld on tbe Wt centre. Howard on toe centre, Uoeker eu ton rl^bi ?antra, and Palmer oa the right. Tbe Fourth corpe en ? Etereo w ntihms' Keiitucky brigade ot car iry at Mob's house, near Minnie's creek, thtve miles from the river. Hrndiey , ot Newton's division, had ti>e ad e, wltb the One Hundred and 1' Ubto and Mird Kentucky, under Colonel Opdyks, as sairmtsberi. tbe rebels opened with artillery and turbines, but were ?rtven back by tbe skirmishers and OcotUtpeed'n Ohio bellery m bait an heur, wltb a kiss of a lieutenant col* ?net killed and twenty men wounded Oar k*? was & wounded. Tlie Eighty second Onto and Fifteenth Je-eejr.irom Hooker's corps, supported our skirm rs on the right. Oa beiug driveu, tbe robot cavalry betreated acroee Minnie creek aid burned tbe bridge A Jtead was made on me sou lb a hie, sot our skirmishers areseed the stream and drove tbem out hi disorder. Ne ?Mrs upoonitkm wae eocoontered, and tbe Foerlb fi rpe Milled at baekbead at four C. M., where a line of battle m termed I* hastily const rutted works, and a uait ?tarts for tbe nlgU. At dark Hooker's mala force arrived Sad took position on tbe rlxht of tbe Fourth corps. Scbo ?Md had moved oa a parallel road, and er wintered but MM npptwitioa. Hts left, at night, rested sear Decatur, ?va miles irem atlauu. Mi Tseeday Howard eent out reeennolterlsg anise ea tbe venous roa<is la our treat, oom pstmag U?e seventy-B ib Illinois. Coiouel Uaruett, and tbe X mth ludmua, Colonel sumous, from htaa bey's divlftuu, with Cross' brigade in supporting Ileuses, tbe Seventy thud and Seventy lourib lutnois, Twaaty-iourtb Whaseeta, and details fr< m outer re*! mewta ot Newton's divMtoa, and tne f Ifty-nlnth Ohio sad Eighty slxib Indiana, from Woods division. Tbe rs aeaaiiisr nres were pushed to reach tbe creek, three and aaa a half miles ibw snJe c< Atlanta. Wood, undtng tne anewiy Intrenched in pretty strosg works en the ?o<tib ?We of toe stream, which was about fifty feel broad and *a feet deep he* ton went wltb little bludraiMe to bis advauce, while Stanley, who struck ibe river farther up, law no lorce tai<ls fr?at. Ho ker also made a re- oa ?atssauce to a point further down tbe sreek, and, finding Ibe bridge destroyed, tbrsw skirmrbors over aad en red tne enemy '? cavalry . who M hafsrs hi" approach, noon Wood received orders to advance u| oa : lie stream aad eilecl a clursiug. Selecting Beam's brigade, uuder CnluaelKnc.i er, Wood deployed to ice right ot tne road ??out .a ball rot e, ibe cieek here takes a winding ?aurae through a ravine on a plantation, so that ibe ??feel works were In lu'l view. Detailing ibe iaveuty alntb ludiunaand Ninth Kentucky as skirmishers, Kuef* tar mived down umler cover to tbe creek, Wblsb toe* lined *nb a small gmwtb ol bushes A fow ansa swum tbe sirmm, threw down stringers; and tl;c Skirmishers as ibey pan ed over depjoyed to ihn right aad telt, und itavance 1 on llie reb. I works. Many of Kasiiler's command finding ti,e pr.icettn of crokslug ladioue. swam or lorded tbo stream in time to carry tbe rnaei worka under .in annoying artillery lira from a rel el battary.ano pnrtx l(>ated id tne carture ot ibiuy or forty Cjuei* uiotK'ba bilgade enue^v>ed to cro?s in l, but tbe position w h so ev-oced ' ii*t It wmted. 'rmmulog oODtlneed until evening, l>eiv.een Kmrt cr the r<-iisl iiil u.try under tUies, tbe letter o utinualiy "l^roBt d. Troops never fou^bt bslUr Ihan ours tboiKht of ^ettlnx luto Atlauia steund to < ?ptr tbem i u to dsre any tbmg. Durlag IDS ev ntog the brtugi waa rebuilt by llo&en and tbe dlvls.on | aired ever, (in \\ cducetiuy mornbig Oeuei U itiotuiu ordvied Ceaerai Howard to m v? h. n.e ieit flattie, sod cose tbe . Rii tt'.? n liitn anu >cb >fl?id. V?tKd ? division waa re d trom ibe pc?ttisn of tlie previous d iy. and Newton bilnd M. with nrdere lu press s:eadiiy foi wnrd op?ii t ic due t roud to Alu.Wv. .Mauley moved do vntuero d . lsadlug to Atlanta ? and formed a Juociioo w:th 8r.notleld 1 M ttoslve o'clock, no mi. Aitui some iltlle deiay .n bndg- 1 lug tbe south branch of i'sach iroe reen, J cb".leld bud tbe day pie nous formed a (rucllo with Mcl'berson at Decs tor Meeting toihti g out csva'ry. Mcl'ln ison, oo TM'lav .!.!-? wdsy swung bis lift arouud to wit bin three inl et of the c.ty, a tci bavlig torn op over all miits Ot lue Atlanta and A'ig'li'U Kaiiuad, , between S.oae Me .uUio and Decatur, ?ttb tbe aidot ttarrard's cavslfy, .-fbn'leld noun .1, a eiy advanced ?pun a r- ad rui n ng direst tu the city, wa wiien withiu tbree nniee caiountered las skirmishers of tbo aneiby. l"asUiag rapidly torwatd b-s sgniuwiiurs and baU?rl?* he de\e>o; me stre i, 'h <?! Ibe enemy, wbo With infantry b id take.) a sir ng ?, -.i,on la breaslwolks. ??ward iiniuediately adva <-sl Newton s dtvi Ion uoou lbs rebel worltf, creeled by ttcm a.ior iLe> bed bsct ?riven trom tbe jrmk by KnefiUr. Knubai:, with bis brigade, led tbe ctmne <t|? n the works, cirrjin,' tbetn abaui two o'clock and taking a numl^r of pns. ners.? ? euiiitinau aloaff tbe v*b ie lute until evening Wltb a .os. of *o or 30 tucu una Ibe gaiuiiig of naaisious Mnuatss. Oa the 1Mb General Bragg aad Jeff Davis arrived at Xcamtitt't iteid'jii Iters aud on laa luill ?p.<Wa?icd aauacil oi war wu h.-id between Dsn.-, Jolinson, Pragfc. ?averuor Br>wn and Hw d. uo the IHh jobnatuu lauutd bis (areweii to tha army. Oa the lit' I1, Br <?g, i-.-.vls srd Jobnitos io<jk tbrir de. ?arture ror tiirbrn ?id, ;?ud imiiisdtalsly loliue., I an td. areas irom osnerai H<x J. For aeverai dajs irevl^us V tftnac aJ'.re >?s vn|ne rawrie were 1 1 e. pnt in circulation by deeet'ers. mat troape from J< h atoo's aimy were benig t,.;t t ? Mobile. Aarleeton aid ^ na clc but lut e ciedit waa alvon to Ibsse ?l>>ri?s, as it waa bei.ercd ibe r? lie's ba.i ,_lli.n back to tftons M.'uiiiain. Mcl nerjoe, hewev ar, <l? i Ibe r?ci that ib j bad uct die^|M eared in tbel direetlvo. aad tbe doeirnction ot the Ati .uia and Wesi Po.ut Kail' Wad by a.valrv tendete-i it very unpronubie iliat any autMnd?i.<me lairilon of 'ne enemy bad letreitea is that dlreetli n. lint when tur advance was made, and we tailed to find ear force olber tlian Himlinan's and l*trir AivIsk us, a d one brigade ot Keynoids , aoaplsd with tbe ?wtmiie of snouts who saw tr^O|ie shipped ?"ntb, tbe ?sapveeeion wm streogtb'red that J otitis ton w*" merely bbs ,rwia< iSurwrof bis army, and tl>al tney w ire going fr*? Atlanta, i.oo I ooviiu.g tiie te.nova. ul the a-mj sad govrnineai prope.t) , an I it bo romaiitF much longer * o?r fr nt he mart be c- pi tired. Atlnuu Is alrea ly aaarly evacnatad. Men, nbiloreo, butnan and ether ebav lata, are being huriled Houih; > nd tn > Ailani.i At ,+a ?!?)?* t4) ?t I* 0 pONt Of dabgor Our 2*?* 'he river Is sboutesventy die men. AMms las allgutly an ibe MiOar of th? evur.ty.mntb ladians,a d (Japum tM a, of Ha/en s aU'.l. At.sbta ^yJ?7ywi| rej-.rui that K< ui>ee<u bat mada a Visit inui Alseaina, aad sni the rallrmd at Opellka and laokatHikt. ine renuer ie the janctkm heiweea the ?lai|l..iiiprji and Atlanta, aud >i< nt?> me-y and Mai.on Mllr?arit,o|>Mitig Ibe door tube , olnforc tno'iim M >ulie. [lidife.'ptsJ'idof the Cincinnati Oommsrclal.) II if, Joi n Mn.ea ?*, ? Atl/ n t. \ _ . l?)y 21. 1IK4. | Tour correspondent hsa furttished you w itti lull delails jFtbe lauvamea s ur Oemiral -h.-rmaa's tfmv sp to "ie JMtusat tester day s.tsruvua. whan Utsdasbtag us* rebel ?nmmio'ttr.CMtnii Hood, msssedosarty kb wbolsarmy against ins rl. Ui wtn*. ooiriir >s** I ? lu I'weaiy fourtu ?ltd Twiulmlb c>rut. uil Neak>o'l division ihe rourtb corps. This iw>rii o 01 our arinv, lam than one third of the whole. met tbe n?*l reckless, and headlong charge o< Iba war, without yielding an inch, savin little i an aua of ibe Hanks of Geary's division, wbere a gap in Ibe hue occur r-d, .nd where Ibe enemy uremud Ibrougb , bo I wax si eedi y chocked. I ho attack was in >?le bf Dearly the whole ol the rebol army, and It* complete ro I pels* lorms li e mi'stglo'iousebipier ui gbermau's pres oot campaign. ihe following are Ibe details uf ibe fight ? As your rs*dei-s a'resdy know, our whole army bad sfteoieu the or.isemu of Peai bireo creek, a small but dull cult slieam, covering Atlanta on the north and partially on .-/he <-a?t. A(t?r ibe crosamg, which w in actually completed by the i-ternonn of IM 80th, our lu i, sudor Vlcl'buriion, r ated cn the Augusta R. ilr?ad. south of I'ecstur, and alioul live mites iriini Atl tula. Tbe Finiru-emb corn* wan on lbs extreme right, neir ibe month ol lv?. creek. on the I' ll of ' bo w urte nth corps w.,a the 1 wuntleib corps. On the lell of tli* mui'r, Newioo's div 8 on of tbe hourib oorps A gap tbei. ii currsd iu our Hues tor thiee miles, which was covered nn ibo s>uth bai k "f the.oie.k t>y a curiam o- pick ?*?.?! ir< na vewiou's division. (in ilie loft of thokspwss o> nceiiii aled tbe rtst ? our army, rave rul divisions originally to (be right having beeu hj veil iiieio smly o tbe morning .of tie 'JOth, ? lib a vie# to eireuiititintog (bat wing, in front of which ibe 01 1 my made numerous I'eiuis. m if about to pro ipi iale Ills WIIOH 4ruiy agaloil It. Tbe e.iomy thus being, (Torino the m< ruing >( tbe :!0lb, ma ne<l ou our leit, orders m ere issued to Newt' n , lbs ker ai d I'aiumr on the right to advance sod clisir the gap of throe inliea. Newt o, on the led, was ordt rod tn move Qret, j w tecttng bis leu Mark by tho oreek Succ-novely Hoi kor's ami ('aimer's 0 rpn were to close 'ii*m Nuwton, ami establish a new ime as far an pofsib ? in sdvauco of tbe trenches, w Hn:h i.i. ey b d constricted a half mile of I'saehtrce creek immediately a't-r cro'tln*;. Accordingly, aoout one o'clork r. M. Newton deployrd live regltuoufe aa ?klrmiautirs. and pui-ifid forwnrd bauosumfly . diiv lug t luuda oi the ?n>?my ? nbarpKboulera bWore tbora and hoaiferlrw tbair 'klrtnino rooorvru. Ry throe P. M. bo lad advance I three fourlbe of a lollo and earriod a pri ndfo in bia Ir. ut, on wbicb. alter pend'Qg r?sh k .rai~b ll ica orwai d, be proceeded to eaubiuu bis dlvlaloo. Hla troopa unahuig kn i waiks, atackod arm* and tell to eri-niogarall ban M-uile with a will. Hooker low advanci-d iroin bis tram ues; HuttrrAflld'a d'vinion, now nornrnanded by tieueral Ward, oh tbe left, Ceai y in tbe ocntre mi i.tnerai Wi.n >nn on Ibe rlgbt. Palnior prepared to eloae up >.n Ho<k<>r whenever tbe la'iffi rbould e*t'ib l-o bta n?w Hoe I he country over wbicb tbia advai.oo wae progromaing ta partly rolllna and op>in, luiersect. d wutt difltcoit oreeka.aiid pirtlally eov ered with den*- unotrgrowtb. In tbe advance prlsonora wero oapiured at didervnt points aim g tbo Una, who uu-mmoualy st led no cons duraule body of thoir tr>)opa waa atarer than a mile . nd ? balf Tbt-y were, bevond douht, vent out to be captured fjr tbia pnrioee. Not i<?a tban tbreo-fnu'tba of the entire ri l>el aim; wi ro covocaled witblo m'iskel abot of our nkliuinbi ra. At tiie si. n o time ? ?t iw ni> mim.tes 01 our o'clock P. M ?and wnb tbe celerity of llgbtulng, ti e rebel bust poured forth from their concealment, ii xssed In euomn ua oolumna, agamai Nawion, cominj on without nklrn'Vu^rv *od with yaila wihim volumo ex c >d*d tlKMe of aci) nattie ?hout I ever beard. Newton s ?t vmiou bad but ban oompiet'.-d tbeir barricade, and they barely bad time to fall Into hue and ?.el/e tbeir guna be lore ttie eutlro rel e oolumu? onmposed of Walker'aand Itatn'a dlvlaiutia of llardea'a corps-wag witbm range. Itirt plcketa guarding tbe interval between tbo right and left of our artoy barely evcaped capture by plnnflng luu> Peacb tree creek an i awlmtTiing 3croef>. Tbe enetny had struck na it the vital spot, just where a vKflorjr for btai ml'bt is deciuivai Newton bad more ground to?uar? tb ii be oould cover by even a rlngle line For tbe few miuutea eveiytbmg bung uom blmg lu tbe scale? .'ew ton 'a left Dank was eipobed and Just covemii bid bridnue acriais I'eacb rree crook. Had it gi>en aaay tbe brhi/nt. wjti.d have been lost, aud our wbo.e rlgbt might bavo been roiled up and forced back to tbe ? battaho ic^ee ilver. Tbe robe) plan was to de atroy our forces t>u tbo right, after Wuich tbeir army W' Uld le strong oiii'Ugb to confront, if not doieat, Ibe main b. dy of our -truiy on tbe left. l/>ug Unas oi darnies, wltb pack saddle*, aud other uon oombtiant? oame pour lug across tbe brki ea, with sweat rnnning off of Uiera la rivo eta. Uur.rds, wltb fixed bayonets, were j)l mod at Hie bndges to aoilect wtutiever urmod stragglers might appear, but no^e lu spire of tbo furious charge ?on* of our troop# were stampeded. The rebel ouinmn poured down uu (>|.cn but rough series of lieida to ward Nowtxi'a IpIi, evidently aiming at bis bridgo At Mtc tbe eutray lin t ap]i?.tred we bid but two plecos i f arullB. > iu poaitmn, guarding the vital point; but Taptain (ioodaiiood, NewV n'a claief of artillery, wltb splendid qiiirki.c.. br uRbt up ton guns, making in all twelve. Tb y opai ed with oauiatcr, the gunners woi king with Iran 'ic energy, tour guns went luto ac tion ou Newtm's igbt. Up to lh? moment tbo^.e gnnn opeued tbercbei comuiua bad swiftly advanced, engag ing New Voi. 'a three raduced brigades at terrible odda. It was wonderful fenw (Mi tbe eucuiy l< at bis grip when aUteen guna added tbolr blast to tho storm oi bullets (root New ton 'a laantry. Tbe dunky, gray columns slackeueo tl.aii inoe. and began to waver and l< ao their carol u I arrangement In a few minutes IDey bad com* to a siau4 stilt, iu partial eoiifuatoD, aad Irlng beivily but wildly. Color be.irer alter aolur be.i er went down under tbe crash of oor eanistsr. la vaio ibe rebel field nflioera rode up and down tbe linee waving aworda and esbortiag the men not to falter. la twenty mm u tea tbe srsaoit had totally failed, and the enetnj r?ve way. retiring la confuslou to tbe wooda from wblcb tbey bad emerged, for tbe real of tboaftaiaooa Uioy kept up a desultory lira, wblcb was returned by our artlliary , but they did w>t veature to renew tb? atltck. Tbo rebel Caneiai s?i?v?i-s, waai.uid tdg a brigide in Walker a dlvlaion.waa killed. Nearly two bandred le'oel dead were barlod In Newton's front next morning ilia brigade did n >t yiold an incb. (Gene ral Ward's division, on Newtpn'a right, was atrack at tb? same moment aa Newtna* <>enoral Ward bad )u*t liaito.l bta men at ttio foot of a bill, for a brief rest, after b>a skirmishers bad mine way to tbecrost. Wotd c .me back to bun that the eneiuy was charging over tbe oi en tiela lu bis front in iiuiueuse fore*. Without a moment's heaitatioa Ward ordered his division to mi el tbe euemy with a c. unter charge; bis men moved up bill In sptendid order, and wneo tbey gatood i lie cieKt, ibey were ao close tu ttie robeia that several of Uie noettle regiments l>e> ame bitermtugled. At sucb poin a tbo rebcla sec-med a. died by Raid's bold coup, an.i wero oaptorud without dl . .cully. Ou otber (Sirtl ns or tbe line fighting at cio*e ipiarterl cortmued for half an hour, but each succee<lve uu'of teiieis wis pressed buck by the inuubiUbie sa'orof Ward a Dieo. At tbe et'd of tbat time ibe rel.e:s led back into i* dense forest in tbe-r rear, ?omplefely wliio) ed au far is^eneial Hard s divi?i'>o was concerned (icntrai Ward*a ir. phtas ?re seven rebel ti*tt:o flsga aLd tbreo btindred prliorera, incl.idiog n my ? f tbn enetny a woundeJ, )e:t on the field, /(song his prisoners are lepie-eut ilive-* of sixteen regiment*, and he, u i doubt, fmigbt double tbat numoor. VSa. d sent all of bis available art ?..?!> lo pro tect Newton s lliipk, and bri splind.d triuin h ??a achieve I frith muskeU :tone. The charge swep. along to the rigbt, Rtriklng lieary'a division tbonex-?alur Wis'd a. Geary cad adf auccd buif a ul a from the troi cbos be oc cnpicd in the mornici, :mU had lust luareti' d his '.roo,<a to the tup of a r d<e wbn tin! )?l)t>- liOHituiik iN relli|\>wo on him with te.rible vloler.oe. tha ihirty tiiird s'i # J- rsuv, wbicb w is thrown out to roril't a hill lu nd vaocc of the tpam II e, left over hui lis uuiuher 1 lu tbe fl <il few VbtaMtlt of tiif ta gs. Tbo moat of Ut-ary's linn wore tnroatu a wood, and bis right .lank was evpo*. it by a interval of two or tbree buiidrert jrard*, wbiub >< I'li-.m*1 division was eudcavrin^ to close. Wbou t..e e.,?ui> utuo on, Certrral Bine's brigade, on Oeary'a rigtit, was sj cedily ?uvehiped on tho right and i ear, ami tell back, a. lor a blot. i bgbi, to ibu trui-cbor it rccupled iu tbe uiorumg, where it w-?a refonucd. t'oitioun of Ulmel Irti.uiu's bitgade, in the oeatre, were also enii adrd *nd ar vea back. Hy turning w.e of bis biilerles iroia tne front lo tbo right ii uorai Ucai-y succi eded in reform Ii g h.j slut teruvl lino, where It rtuod, slid notauo'bi r fool did it yield, rtllk| wck ctergnatt at charge, ftoa mr n'rmnk llfl iung aitoi dira the rsbe.a enfleav "red to lorce their w iy tbrviigh tbe ^ap they bad opened, but. tbe pitlCIt of our l?<1a iriumi b.-u, Geary bold tbe bill at the eLd as at (he bftp nrimg or the as??iili ibat portion of hie linn that tali back w reforaau, nud in abt >it an hoar went buck .nto act. on, ou Genergi Williams' rtRnt. Tiie trenienduus tebnl si .au t s, stilt its .ury oo l.enoi al Wilimnis divtsWn, n xt on Ut'.ny's rigut ibts divlsloB had advai -qd alro nbodt bill, a nine *uvt) tbo levels s iept on It. )he ?ho< k waazuet .itl.'.ut il.ucbtiig. Vbo division taruMd t" git# au imh.* .iu thocga ihe e.,emy uiado throe ecveral chtrgmt on it bolore nightfall. It repulsed tboui all witii eut wavorm^, thougti iu doing ao It sueialntMl heavier lurs than any I'ther division ou tbe rigbt. The tigtiiisg on to.) imrt of our lin?s w?s lu ilense woists. fi a alt.iC* ge-u, si t!ia left of Pn'mer'S c rps , which bad not vft its tri s, but wis pr?|?rlng lodosoi t oiove; ,<oh it Mu' oka brigade wis pirtialiy engr.ged, bvhavUg u bly ?od repalaing Uis a. amy from begn mug lo the and. 1 i. '- t nluo o eluvk In the ensuiy ab.<nduQ7il tho .Ight in from ui < ?ai > ai,u w ii i?un tar rying oil many ui tlieir dead and wo-inded, and fading back lo their Heavy votk*, aVu? a dut mt. In rout of W ird anil Nswina b' ??? gouipet.ed to leave all tbe deed and f.vo-cly wounded. Judging runi grea pllus hr iped up there, the emu/ '??l lu killed ana w undi d alone over ilvo tiiouia. id. As ? "pi '.red six>ut out* Ib.xi annd prisoners, ibulisslu ii'iok'r'e corps (? filciai) it as follows. ? Wibwimn' du isi-m, fiJT r;e.Ar>'s, '41. Mint's, l?'tsl, 1 till. N ??? o? a i'i' ?i n (ofliclal), Ida, k'nurla i: Hi cnri?, 2C0 t ?! .? i Ii'ta, l,Wi3. The aiaiio rut that our irisi;> vie ta 'orllOcatloss Is untrue, they won, n.g lo take a now poatdon wlteu sltsi had. and MVe wi'b Nnwtou. who bad some b til tin shsd t>arrira !??. tbo fle'd was an ofeo or.s. >.vaa the aggieMKS lb od nat f'sd ei.ounO v> attack us in ti .neons. P- sone s 'varo eaf liueu fr nl evsry corns n ths rsi sl srmy, sll of ati..m ?sld the (n-grsiT ine wss to drive us into U.s ? ait.i'io, cnee titer, and Ital noarly tbeir entire ?rmy was engaged During ths progtev. of 1 1. j (V?ul rsrious ourps on tbs Isft advitn.ii d over a mtie. Vtr I'bersou st ot^htlali being wilbiu two and a half miles of Atlanta, and fo portion of our lines more limn imir n>tiss tiMtant. 1 leit tne frmtauiy *il at two P. M. At that time our right w n? ssiabHamd on tbs bsttle tleid, about four miles i om Aliauta. ibr le t was witul i long rauge ahslling di?iaiio?. The ? nemy Stuck e.liately tu his Uvavy mi ks girJ'iug tho towo, a .ails or two outside tbo suburbs. [Prgpatr.h to tbs Cincinnati Gasetts.] Aflasti, July 'J2, via Nashville, Inly '24 1?M t>? July is the last of our forces ero-aed the river i hat tatn is; st) and neaily all tbat day and tUo negl were t? - on ii ed Oy the arm v to Into li .e. Noihiog sid'O serioos t?i*n stirml*hltig occurr"d during the lfutt. The weather war very fins for military opernth o -, It hsmg ouly sn.idurstely wsriu, sou refreshing showeis Islimg almost evury d.iy. >or the first four uilhis on lbs s?ntb swst sido oi the mat'slMXHibee tbs country wss e.tsssrt ti'g.y rough and broken, ronsistfrg of idlts, ridges and riviues.c vsr'd with <>a<s and hints, tho wll le roteui bltn? ihe Alat'a*mt >' oi u ' a U'i ? VoiU tbv evening o{ ibs^tftb our a rauce wss res'- ted principally by .'?"b#?iiW4 onvaky irlng ( L-, ?yau and ir.e-, By the Bioruiii* < t vb? bad reached tbe noi l" bank ? '*?**?* JjJT^o^tetward sidr ruble stream I ji mg north of Atlanta " ' .. -|0(l|( kilo lb. i*?.Uaboocbeo The rebe.e were t*** IU? ao.uU bank of ibis Kt.wm.-b4 ,f -tlioftelo*! lenaitive to our further advance P?rU of flfcoBW?"" nn l Howard'a corpe crowed ibe ore*, ' ?mth I mu. aod e-iabliahed thesase.vee **? tide. Me iniliue our lea ?"*?? nrxl tne Army of ibe Tkh.ww *b?b n? eio-Mwi i be Cb?ii>b'octiM, bad ???"I . ! u..lU they bed reached ibe ^^^la Heilr^rt, ??? "'J* weai of t-%, .?? Mountain. lb conjuno k? ?U? i ?Wrw?J cavalry division. Ibev drove away tb? >">*?? *?? u^re on Ibw nad and lore ap sever*! mIM mv**. B( unaau ba.l seriously laiariered wllh OO'umuuUjIU^a along me M bile Knitro-d. ?? Indeed behad ruole i H all >neilier. Oolv the Haooa road was Wl open lo ibrf rebels, *nd their stiuail 'n began l* t * I rariU) Oo the l?ib of July Joe Jobi.ston ??> reii ^d of bia command or the isbei Hood appointed lo buo e?*l him As the s? urtx v,e^? & rrr;; zvz?t with tiK> exception of Mor*a? s brigade *"1' ? ?t misers, ?oa . n the exiieme rlghi of our lino wm m i? Hero's oppnaiOOD. Aa 11 advanced V"Jld ridge bold by ?be rebels ue ro^wedt. a* T furl. Ob 10, belog some-bat ahead * tna iUkw. ?? ? riously wailed Ibal It was compelled t K ciancev waa ssrvrnxrnSSffSis s? jra rAT^ ***? ?-? ?roeaed -bo ere k to tbo tefi ?r Pahnor^, ituo 10 some low ground along tbe Hreim, without fori* ?/& r?rthor to the left. Newtoo's dlvliloo of noward'a our ."ul'torVedaud moved o,l of the bottom and to u Khei- Kro'ibd ? Indeed, up-u a pofto'i of tbe same > * *(? I before **eu oi aa . lintel .U along tbe ?o-ab.ldert tbe crck. and (x rupied by Uie lebele. ltom dl^lT ui?n advuDiTtoK to tbla poeition l.?terjl fewloir a me? icrm meoeed lo fortity. Tb?y were V 111 engaged in tbie work, ! ^Mw lirN three in tbe afu.noon tbey were uesaiied wiib do?per#te energy by towe ai.d WaiuorV dlviaiooaof Hardee'* oorps- Tbe rebele eamo up ro Bouie i.laoej In two luua, and ?o?e i ?n U>re?. end in spite of tbe unei fearlul tos*ea, adva^od rev^Bt odiy to wuhln twoor Ibree rode of oor Huee. * br! '?de wiU on ib ? rtgbt of the di*leion, and for a uio meut seemed to .Iter, but freab troope borrled up to furiu i?n Klinb ?!.'? right. ?loug Blali^ 8 froi?i. to Brad ley's exuemo le t ibe 01 'lire divialoo eto^I aa flr? as ? r?wlc Tbe btoim ^?b?cb ftruok Nowioii bo florooiy, r lleilovor toward ttoe Wil ?>' Hotler'B oorps. U?i??ral Wurd s oiTlsion held tbe le t of Ibe corne, Ceary the aeu^ ire. and Wlluama ibe ntthU Ibe adva.oe or ihe rebel Bhirmisbers towr.rd Hooker's .Inae Iodic ?tedibelr inionttou Vj atuca; acd bla troope, m antluipeilon ol tbe unie ? ere speedily b. 0'igbtf rward irom tne low fnr ind along' the oreek to bluber groi nd. ln, fr"lJt.of ground tb y were In Hi e wilb Newton s dlvlsiou on tne left and ..'ohuew's dlvlsh n or 1'elmer s corps on ?be riuh'i Just aa ii.ot had reecbetl ibe crest 01 tbe i Wge, coo^'derabio^treich of ?P- ground m front they were met by ibe rebel buUaliots, oomjosed of hlewats wd PMta of Hood's old o-r,m. al.o udvancing hastily , three li us deep.ircm tbe woods bejoud th ^ open For tbe urst lima In ibo catnpaiyn a fltiht MX If place wi?n neither party behind works. .imul. Almost the whole of Hooker s oori* was, streckalmul taneously, al- hough on tbe wave or bailie rolled from yeit io rlvht, Ward's division was engaged ? two sooner than ibe others. Face to face ibe combatants Blood hi mg deadly Tolitys Into each ouior's bosoms At ttmea the llnea were n, t more than IllUeu Colonel Hairuon's front a baud to Dal'<1 took Dlace itk which effloera aa well aa men were eu gaged. Ou uiloosl c.'olburn's ceutre H,e-llnee metea<.b other so furiously that they paased one beyond ibe other, .rVtVJrh o anaod front to renew the conflict _"om Colonel Wro'ls' extreme leit to r,^UVhe front whole d It U i on, except two renlineute, wae in the front C aod fmteusl, e,flged. ueary waa involved a ? ?? rn.?.'t afterward" and fUlltanis simulUueousiy wilb r?r? Iflheietl of i.oaifwavered for a womeet under tne ivr'at rude ahock, it waa only to Illustrate Ita d'acipliue and axcelleace , lor instautly It rallied, re ormed ita Hue ""(if-iV.irtl'wuimmB'^di vision aiao glorVously^lsHn^uUbed ^.^di ?T-uX?d glorious ly t,~ srss??i. - W The gallant Colonel lleflroarty. of Iho 8l*ty Urst Ohio, reoeived ?ue more in addition to hU numerous wounds, &S S dTla"nT.atUck ? to the left otrjTnso "'^SKib, of I'alnaur'a corp. Coimel Anson G kl crook was poalM there in command of Con. <*ilin a briaule Oue of bis rex I men is gave way tempore r'lr but hia akllful dlsfoslt.ona enabled b.m to rally H alm<st immediately, and '" en tire bricade coverad both itself and Ita '?adar witb Unperlshab.e bono#. Along eucb porllona of oiir Hnw ta 1 have mentioned, bad beeo massed for this attack at l*Mt oae hall tbe rebel army. By nightfall thta MU?e hoatw? ntterly discomfited. It had tailed to break onr llnea ai * a ingle i-'lnt, and retired in diaorder, leavinc ita dead by huudfUa oo the field. Thus ended this sanguinary conflict. No more bri.llenl victory haa crowned the l omu aims since the beginning "! i.oneral Hooker baa earaed anew I he gratitude of ^be nar tieo Palmer, Newton, Ward, Williams, t,eary and their subordinates ai d soldiers, cannot bo too highly Pr?^ tieneral Jobascn was aa faithful here aa evei y where ebe. our liwa will urn uni to two thousand men, principally on^STfro" t. because his troo,s .ought in an open L ThllM^ kllle l, wounded und ,.r^ouers will reaih six iluus-nd, of ? nom folly one thousand were Itllfd outn,i.t. Ibree rebul brigadier generals were killed? Merben.i. We itberstose and Long. On lUIrd a s^'eX!r?v;-S3i? T-r ss ^ e?r?- r ^fi ?,r?r?: u ^,"aibrri-Aogrr,iu,ir(:d,n'; 0^, Ores ham, who o mmanded bis r.gbt dlvtslon, w-s grievously v.onn,ed. vitogetber, tho operations on the fef" ? re high y .u. cettcil. On the n.omlng of Ibe ilei. Jt'tiop u'8?ii<i 1 Giro's .liriK^oiis, of PitiUio-* ? Owt?>?, n?r? moved forwaid, ai.e after a brisk conuv.1. in wbwh we lost i ?-rha;s oue hoaurcd men, the reie.s weie dri?,?'' from 1 he ridge in iront, toe whole of whtcu wss now in ""[r^mwulng of iheWd the rebe's bsd withdrawn entirety from I aim -r-s am Hooker s from, .aid at t>?o 1 \i -iitft ot oue ii'* enl6i cfl Atlanta. V 0 ioav !??>? more UfbltiK y?l lor ihu U\W i^on of tS. cd> l.ut CO * der that for the prea.nt taa c im pai^n ? subsUintlaili nlosed. Mors of th? ftlitcara fall* i'eac* Kuref, JKWUTT'b AltrtWHK TO ORBKLrYt Coirrwi.tTAL B '<?!., PiULApgWlA , July 20, I'M Mr. (Jreoiey a i ?l cooceptlou of tbe cbai acter of i he Soutu in peace platform, aa given by mo to tie Herald, I anawur by the *imi>e lUtomeut tbat Mr. Greoloy had but on# interview with the commit*) mer*. while I bad forty in pr rata eiihor with tli tu or their representative, Mr. Senders. Mr. tireele>'a purpose aolely tUo oonfereuce at Washington. My purposo ?a? both tbi confer enoe a J hi know wh it would be ibe po ettl n of 'He Soith i>o >iro t,aid coui?reuce Iliad luy reason.* tor keep.n,} ibe entire vte*s exi>ro.Med to me frotu Mr. Gre.oy. .true , no doubt, but e rprt-e, , ar ueularly at. to tbe frt-e trndo ina repudiation piutfonu I W'??f the opini< u that, wbile both ti e Nortb ?nd i onto <boit d meot unconditionally an to ttrmn ot ) en< e, yet boili would present ntravaiut platloruia; and t.ow maintain 'hat tun dt.W.1 eucvtt would uot Ju?ii, t no al> rapt tirinin itlon of the conierenoe, aud could be referred tv> ?u Urn urtial trlivinal. *o should u>t tbe now announced postU na prov < at lb" ccufi ret co. I plmed tt.e entire i ? ce nominations hofote the country ttiat tu t people, the real power, tbculd act aud domain! an armistliefor r.e, tutlun. ibe ewotd hue dot .e ita bloody an I Inoffrctnal work. wisdom now prevail, with it trust >n pe?o<> justice and t-.od. WM. t UtOILL.. JlkVffcTf. bear Area raoM usjna* *. a an twits ro UKKbLKT. Buffalo, July 2tl, UM. The blowing <'osp.icb bat beun received boie from tbe O. if too Houi-e:? I t-o; d lor too pr>*a a oopy of my deet* eb to Mr. , Greek? ? 10 Hon. Koraoi Ownt'tr:? What did yn'i me^ wit ti .von remerke<l to me, to tbe preeence ot M.'jor It ty . that you hoped that wo "would not ttiiuk we tj'Hi) .ere all Ma. kg iard*t" 1 eartatuiy thought you wai.teU me to uadiitsiau I that yen thongm ' I'.eaideul l.tnuolu wua. ti. N. ,iANi>Kilo. 1 keatrleal. MADAM! It.JtfM. Ttitu estimable ladr will shortly (tart apou a s'sriog ! tour, beginning It M ttfAulfte, wo bolisve. Hba baa seve ral new playtt readr, aud with her repntatkM, talent* and ei parlance, can rcaiorly rati ot suceesa. DAD fthTANT AT WALLACE^. tv allack's Ubeatre waa overcrowded bat oveatag, aad j Dover within our memory have each roara ef hearty liinrfHer bee.1 hearti wlthia l a walla. The elegant come dlse ef the regular company provoke quiet, gentle aad refined *mll<e, but cotbiag laaa ttiaa roara wNI setk'y Dan Bryant, who b >? suddenly tranafermed blmneir from a negro minstrel l > aa Irlab Memo*. Tbe plnja lent night w era tboae okl favor Itea, the Irlab kail grnnt and Handy Andy, la both plecea Mr. cryant played aw tly and artlatlcally, making all bit Gtnta tell, but nev r overatepping the mcdeety of nature r tb? ?kke of a gu.:kw. Tula waa hla character le Ic aa a negm minstrel ai J we are glad to see tbat, In spite uf the bad example or Iber ertore, he does not dimiard It upon the stage. In ha !tlah i in Kraut Mr. Bryant w.ta ?lomirabiy suppoftwd ur Mra. t>ettoD,ai:d la llaudy Andy by lone Burke. Mr Hryd and Mr iniveniiort. Me waa t?k?i oalled beferetiiw curtalu, aad made a mod- at It tie speecb. Altogether, tbe entertainment wrS very etijoy able, and tbe large *?3m,.te spinaudei It eutbua. tltteillf. V. to elt? uiton t? the detaiia nf the ateme maa^gamsut would uot be ecniae. THE REBEL RAIDERS. Reinforcement of the Rebel Invading Army. Defeat of General AverillNear Winchester, Va. General Crook Repulsed and Re treats to Wiliiamspoit Occupation of Martlnsburg by the Rebels. The Ball fin ore and Ohio Railroad Track Again Torn Up. The Union Forces Concentrat ing at Harper's Ferry, to. &0.. *Nk THE HERALD DESPATCHES. ?" "P**1*' Washington Ur?pa(?hf?, WMausroa, July 2d ? 11 A. II. thi mrws ni thb city ? tu utn. forcr. Tbe ctreeu ore full of reports m re ard to the diFwt of Hunter at Winchester end the renewed advance of the rebel*. It la believed to be tbe name torce, commanded by Early, which made tbe laat Invasion. TOUR OUJ*T MU JNCBS lir ll'OCISI, The/ cannot do very much mischief this time, how ever, as ample means are at baud, nut ooly to drive tbetn buck, but to severely punish them for Ibelr temerity unle t they mako a rapid retreat from the Shenandoah Vailey. No apprebemiion need be enteriainod of a renewal loany 'eouxi let able extent of tbe invasion of lfary land, eveu if mien is U, tended by the movement. One theory is that they have returned for the purpose of eoouring the harvest tn the valley, but If an they will bo disappointed. Ti>eie is but little ex aitoment here in reference to the matter. Wamikuto*, July 20 ? Evening. Reliable Information received here to-day coi.ilrms the belief tbat A. P. Hill's crpa bas Joined Early In the Sbenanoonb valley, afid ie operating near Wililanwpuit. It la belltved that the e. euoy will Ibreateo Pennsyl vania with cavalry ai.d a email foree of h.tantry -or the purpose of drawing our f. roes In that direction while tbe malu body moves down south of tbe PoUrfnee against Washington. Ampie preparation, however, baa been made for any such demonstration. Should tbe enemy And bis schemes thwarted In this respect, there is no doubt that an incureioii into Pemnyl vanla will be made (or the purpoee of stealing Lureea and catMe. The authorities here regard tbe rebel movement as being aim ply a diverekm lor the purple of Inducing the withdrawal of Grant's army from before Petersburg, and ?rotes* to be ful.y prepared for tbe emergeuey. Tbo city hue been lull of rumors M day In regard to tbe strength of tbe column advancing to the Potomac, but they are not sufficiently authenticated to warrant their repetition But little la really tiiown here In regard it ib? battle which took place between tbe rebels and Huntor e for ces, b it It w pretty oertalo that the reported death of Generals Crook and Averlll ie laoorrect. Col. Muingan Is n? doubt severely, and. It Is routed mortally wounded It Is believed now tbat tbe report ol tbe leases in that light are exaggerated. Washington and Baltimore ere not regarded as being in any d.uger Horn tbe present movement. and tbe rebel column is much larger than tbore m any reason to tupixise, their c.reer will be a verr brier one, and any j anticipations of plunder will be out short. We are not I now, as before, d.atiiute of troops to repel and pun lib the audacity aud temerity of the rebel horde*, and 01 ibia they will very abort, y and very rudely be con v loeed. General Wrljbt ,sstgned to tbe command of tbe "Ixth and Nineteenth army corpe. tei,eial lilcktu hue oouiuitnd ot the 8ixth corps. nr. UeB. Baadoipli Kelm'i Oeepaith. fULTIKOKB, July SM_ $ P. u. *x rrwMK\r ii aauweaa. There Is coneid.-r*t?e eteit-meut lo tbe city to i i 'h< ovr tbe ue?a concerning the recent army op rati., a. in the ."hrnuDdo. b valley. Thw reporte Ibal hate been re ceived are verj indeiiuite and not uutreqneutly contra dictory In their detail*. A HIU HOVE. 1 he withdrawal of the pureuiug column, com; oeed of he Nxtb and Nineteenth corps, which etarted lr in Washington and which bad fall, n bick lu the d iction ?r. Kocaviile and l'oolenvnle seeius to have hee-i prnm ? turo. and io nave aflorded the enemy an <pportuniiy to coucoutrate their lorcee agaioat Huutor, who at;. I con tinned too pur-utt down the valley. It a reported Hi ,| in ao piikb emrnt the r. lore, d him bck to Her or'. Ferry wiiu oonaMerahle 1 va. the sialemeut, flavor, that two regiments of the ca\ airy and two batter let of artillery ne-e captured ie aald to he erroneo orntRtiK are,!-,,, , .*o ?..? *?r?. An officer dreci from Hari?r'g Ferry ,nf?r:n? nn, that M?.t,o h irg wae occupied by I be enemy L?t night, aud fhia morning tbe rebels a?aiu were tel to w-?k oeatrov j ing tne railroad. At the time ol bu> departure the trie ! ?raph w Ires bad not yet been. I utter w. it the iebrla h,.d a policy in e.lowtni! -ae wits* to r. mam Itiuct. fhrre are faciitiee in the poaeectluu ?? tbo enemy or taking tb? meaaa.res from the wiro, aud It is sup; .mc I tarn le tbe oauee woy the telegraphic coMmunki-uioi. h^ b.<-u le t ui, disturbed. I here aie u.. traius ruan.iu b. u. e wtetoi the ferry. th* aarohnn atns At w.n is rae lu regard to tbe battle - aid to htte I ?tn foug'il st'U'h <>f W iic'hrater, we le-wn that titc eaeiny m <1* H atai d >e (u adv < tagcoue pia tlon, and brp.g ttlacked last . aiur cay and "moday by our treope tie latpr ware driven b. eg. Tlilt .s supposed lo Live fetcn in coi,#c ,u> u. e J tbe enemv receiving timely relid -rcemeuta f,o? ti e army *i> uud Bichmond. riis *kiv>ntm> dksth or tv*e n.t, *id rmma own km. Nothing waa known at tu? >erry of t.en?ral A venire de^tb. but lt wae rumored there m.t Oo onel Mu llgan, Crlotiel l?y,of th? F.i^hti viub < 'inuecttout Vol uti ers oommai.ding brigade, aod Oaionel vbi.haru.of tbo Fi rat v Irgtuia iataiitry , ^oumaadlng a d.vlaloe, were kmed. ' c?>aa?i cb ^ir ukivi?ii m mtr. At last a> c ants General Oo \ nad suoc.^eik':! in driving the Mvauce of tbe eo. m>, wcirh was pu-bing eortt., back to Bnnker Uitl.ten uulh ?f it iri.i, burg. rmn witwn, imtivoTH a*i> <?b k t, There are vartoue opinions ro^a. i'og toe >treng'h <d the ewmr. Some supp. to tbe ?or ., to he ?... ? troops w bleb eatered W -ryland aiu.r n..., . u ?.,?i? ridge, wblle otbera are e( the ol>im.<* thai I, fir u?m. bora bare been largely aagmen e i i etu it rJinund It I. that tbe rebel r W. ,, not aat.ileu * ' lfc*lr *'** f*t?ne during tli<< i.rrt Invfrlon. have b?e? er.iered by tbelr commauderi. to retnrn. it ttw* wteb le repeft their euooeee. they win meet a durereat reception thle tine, as every preeaoiioa i> being made throughout I fee weetera eouatlea ul ?.r,aad to them. mmn ' itinr uroaiat?? xtrt <.iw. Rumors are now current tb it anoit er it?bi ha? takr>n place la tbe victelty of Harper's Ferrfj but eoglear or doBnite results are given. It la raid that OeueVai Ugti ter s army has been badly worsted; i>utletp.ot that more reliable informal**, on Uila aub eel Mil uu-uubl d y kerowlTtd hero tomorrow, Urto u,w.L,ra of uiutw. from tba V?t arc aacki. g refuse kere. everything Is Mil**, Mi we will b? round bailer prepared ttim una*. It naliera Ml wbal may ba ilk* faro* ? iba enemy, ?a ar*f??dy to seal blm. THE PRES8 DESPATCHES. Tl>? WMlila|loa Tdi gram*. Wmhimtor, Jsly 3U, HM. Ortril Qrnok net lb* enemy ea 8?ndiy at Winches ter, aud >11 repulsed and driven back to Willlamsport by way of MartiOBburg. bsneral Crook had not his old eomimn.l with htm, General Hunter for soma cause baring girsn bits voia mead of Uia militia. Dallluore Telegrams. Haiti none, July 3d, IWd. j The city laat night was full of rumors of rebel move meuta to tbe Shenandoah valley, Infix bar with vague aocouula of disaster to tbe forca under General Avorili, which laat we<k attacked and defeated a portion of General Larly's raider* uear Winchester. A in jug tba rumors prevaleut w .a tba death of Cane rala keltey and Averill, aa wall aa of Colonel Mnliigin. lbe 'acta, aa far aa we have beunitb e to ascertain them, are that General Averill, altar hie successful encounter with General Karly's forces, pursued ihetn to tba moun tains boy oil J Winchester, where Early made a atund. aim after heavy lighting on haturday and iluuiiay, ttie relies having Id tba meantime been reinfmced, (ianeral Averill was compelled to fall bur.a to Barker's Kerry, bringing with hiin tlie force* at Uuuker Hill, and caukiug also the evacuation of Martinsburg, Tbe rebcla appear to bare puraued blm In bla retreat, aad yeterday afternoon a^aiu occupied Marttnsburg, where they cut tba le egraph wirea and commenced again iba deetruclion of the daluuore aud Ubio Kail road. I Our forces, according to tb? haat advices wt eould obtain, aru now concentrating at Harper a Ferry, uuder iba commaad of uaneial Hunter. The rebcis bold Martinr>burg, and rumor at ites them to ba In largo luice; but tbia can hardly be possible, beyond tba strength or tba foicaa under Generaia tarly and ttreckinrldge. 1 boob, eel of tba rebels in return lag la doubtless to give time for tbe safety of their iraina of plui.der, aud to scoura the collection o. a ( union of tba cro j in tuo :-ho nauduuh valley. That thuy may coma into Maryland firm** pluuder is bi^hty, especial y if they dad the way open U> liieu', ux it- ,:ii,?rvly tU" ca.*b mi tba military management et aumrs along tba b >rder. As to tbe a (.tout of tbe dm-ster to our forces in the light beyond IV indicator wa have no authentic luiorma II. n, nor have we any confirmation of lbe death of o'eae rala Averill and Kelley and tail >uel It Is not'llkely, however, that a I three of these t.Tloors have fallen, and wa are tuuiiuod to doubt the story of ibeir death. We learn that orders were seut to rat&ova tha army | and medical stores from Frederick la t nljUt, aa a matter of precaution, aud to prepare to evacuate tbe city in cage of the ;>dvauce of tbe rubuls u.icbeckod lu that direction. Thai tbo official Intelligence from tba valloy laat even lug wa? oot aa favorablu ad could be desired nay be m | far rod iroiu tba fact tbat General Wallace convened tbe | I.oyal Leaguers laat nlgbt, to advlae witu them aa to b Id- I loir themselves In readme** in case tbolr services should ha lajmred lor tbo or tbe eity. llwsa precautions aro of con r so advisable, and our citizens sh'iBid be In raadinaaa at all times to meat the invaders and to prevent their lepeating the outrages ra eenily perpetrated in tbe vicinity of tbia city. Tba despatches received bera laat night merely an nouuoed that Geueral Averill liad been compelled to re tire before a superior force to Harper'a Kerry, but men tioned no serious disasters as btivlng occurred. At aa early hour yoiterday afternoon despatches weio received from damiy Hook aud other i alius, by lbe lliMer ?f Transportation ot tba llaltiiuore aud Ohio Hal Iron J, to ilia eOvet tbat boi-tile mot etaanie batk been resumed on the pad of tbe enemy, and tbat it would be haiardous to attempt to run cits through aa uaual . The traia whkh left Camdaa stat es yvtte d >y mors ing proceeded aa lar as Sandy H >ok, when those in oaarge of it. yielding to tba suggestiona of (ieuoral Hunter, who waa thao at Harper's h'orry, rsiuraod. Tba number ot pacsoogera In tbe traia waa im4 iar^e. Tbe train whieh wus to bava left here at a quarter past nioe o'clock last ovemag o( oourae, uuder tbo oircuni stanoes, did not leave, and a considerable number of paa sealers bouud for tba West were disappointed. The tonnage of tbe rood m, la tlw meautiuie, Hutponded until baiter informal loo 4 obtained as to tba eoudiilun of me road west of Uarpor s Terry. Ibe telegraph wired were cut wont of Harper's Kerry, and it waa leported thai iba foroos of Ueu<.rats Crook ann Averiil bad retreated Ixiyond tbe railroid; out lbe otbeers of tho road bave not rocoived any odlcUj advices to tbat elleot. ^ wterday afternoon and evening iba rumor prevailed that tbe rebeis bad returned In nes^yrorce la the vicinity X Martinshurg, bad met with and ro jiod tbe Cmou loroea, ai d were d imaxinf? the railroad A large number af p-'r oa? wore ooDt;rngatsd at (he (auiden station > eoterday aitarno n, and .euwined iba<? until night. Tne train which left here yt terdsy morning for tbs Went, aud proceeded aa fur as randy H ok, relumed abiul ba'.f paat seven o'clock laat evening. All of tb? oars ware crowded with Union offleern, who reported that a heavy llgnt bad ukea place betw en liar pars terry and M Inctieftar, sod ibat lieneral H inter b*d been rsj.ulaed; several pieces of artillery aud s large another of rnoa at tw > brigtdee bad been capturad by tba rebels. H is imin sMM* Ui arcertaln tbo true of arairs <* Ibat region but there id d .'ibi tb seriuun du-aatsr has OOvurrt d lo tbo oicea o! <.ieuere:^rti, r. IUitimmh*. July 2A -f. ? We have been *Me toasc -rtain ibfc uioraiog Loitoiag detinue wild regird to the rebel movements at Martins burg aud aledfT lbe lioe nf the Haiti mo e i.nd Olio Ra.1 road further tuan the (act that in ><t of iIm ezuitiog st >rei in circulati>'0 on llooday evening were eilhsr uu founded or greatly stagger* led. As Ur aa we can asoeriain tins moral'. g, Gnreral iver III hss not been kiliod, aa reported, but was eompelled by greally superior rebel rorce to full ba. k t? lbe IMti reac, and Iron, tbeocc t!.r u.b Uartiuab?.ra to W|i iIhiiis ?orl, Md., carrying with hins thg entire garri* n at .bat point. wiiottier lbs rebel* occupied Martlnebnrg ls*t t ight la not kuewn, bul oi ua eval uation more s eats v> be no doubt. This morning ihe trail s to fredam* aud Wanhltertoo went out a* u'ual, and* trim or vHanJy Hook leltat forty ftve ,'ast seven A. M The suspension of teif .rsphlc or ?r .lion# l??t n>ght Is said I" have bson causea by lbe jtrmof wind b owing dowu a po'e. ? General Hunter I as. howsver, forbidd o a' l trlegraphle cemuiunicitloo with Msrper'e Ferry, aud of i-ovKse we have tiLibing direct from tbst violmty. R?iti*or*. /uly Jg? Kvenieg . It la eilrtmoly dlffirnlt to obtain any authentic ioi> r (nation relative Uisfl'alra on the Cpper Pctomur asd the rebel uK'vetnents In ihe vaUav. By far tbe grea'ar part of tbe rum -rs and even po itlve statement, hourly put in circulation here aro evidently, and ttKreT re dot worth repeating. From all Iniorirst on tb * rar obt-itned it la believed tii'i it w,tl he leund thai tbe rebel force at present m tie v ifiey, and reported to be at 11 >rtli:sburg and o her t?'lnn, la nine other tbaa tbe recent or. e of risers, who, Beting that they vera no I n*<r pursued by any large force, suddenly mined and leil u,-o# our small foree order General Creek with the ebject of diiviog biui bcck be yond the Potomac and fre*lr.g the valley rrom Cu no treoia, $o as to be stabled te gather the crops ef the valley ao vitally important to Le.-'a army, nunblless they purpose at tbe same time to do all Ihe mlechiei they ran o?rth ot tbe I'otoime, and may,M is thouiifai, at tempt a raid In wbe southern eouatles of Pennsylvania. It la believed to night ibat the wild stories, so sxtsn sivoly clroulated here last mgbi ad to ds> . o( disaster to vtir f. rcea in euocanleilcg the rebel advance, have Mit'e foai'dsiion m fact. Tbe sae unl of the news. It i? h* lle.ed, will be funrd to be tbat i.aoeral t'r'tk "**, ?rt#r ? sharp rontest, compe. ed to fall bac* be'ore a sn( erloe fotre, with a.i serious loss. The re petted loss < ' F?tia does uul akvenr tw i?i/t on aa?:htu* thau ;utiiir, * d wa bava soff counter reporia Uut all ItM gu.n war# w*?d. Tbe telegraph Una Is working weat as far aa Harpor'g Kerry; bulla In tbe eicloalfS uw of U.? nil Itiwy '0 4 tborulM. Tialna ar? runcioK r?.iuiariy to rr.dari<* ami Harper'a Ferry. Tbure la uo ?xclb-inent herd, lul rerf llllin apprehension, though uf oourM prefer precaution ary meanureaara in progress, Th? lUrrlikvrfl Teligrafflt. 11 MiMT.-ni.'W!, Pa , Jul? 30, HM. Major General Coueh baa ,dvfc)?d Uie 8iaia aulfeurllM to receive all cnmpan'es tendered for oiia y?wtr'? ?<irvico, andt?att<ch -them temporarily lo t >? orbaoiuuou of one huudr.'d dsye men. All ts quiet ou tbe Upi^r rot mie t?-d?y. NEWS FROM PJI^f L03K3'JT. SMdan Reported to IliVJ Attack- J Early in IHs Retreat, l?M M. B*l,1T?0*m, July 2*1, ISfld. A I'olnt Lookout correspondent aa\s: ? Burn g last week tbora were Int go arrivals here or rs fugitm from tbe Souttj, contusing of old muu, women unit children of ell natioouliiios. 1 bey say lb it the authorities at Richmond grant frea passes to all woman and cbtldreu and ?U rocu wbo ?ub to come North. f'oain of tlicso refugees siy that w*i?. reoss'ng lb* Rappahannock thoy heard that <i. acrcl Cliertdan bad attacked (.oncral Karly n bis rstrnat m l captured lncH a largo Dbmbcr or cattle and wuiitnii. The fl^t was said to have taken place u?ar Staunton. Incident* of the l artult of tlie Kmc rajr lii Virglni'a. [From the Washington fhronlcle, Inly 2fi I The ;>ixtti enrps let t f- rt *<evsns on WodoeWav, tba 13th. and steadily pursued the march for twenty '' UP boon?, overtook tbe rear guard o t. e eueoiy at i'ooies v i He. A ?ect|on or t'sptaia A dam*' hno y a 'lb cav alry, under tie cominautl o' Culouel Ix>YSll, pres e<l iur? ward iwne -ix m les, ts ben tbey rtyrripm sMOrd the enemy from several | oslilons. <Ui com) n oo tbs tiling c"a;od. 'Ibe.c rps croaked tin r'otom ic on Sitnr day, and continued close to the r<-nr of ttio sosmy, i> j ing thiough I*e*burs Tbey overlook them at bu i k<ir'? Gap. 1b< u;b tlietiap might h<ve h en success: uliy nald, tt was evaocatsd without am b delay , and our in mtry t.Hik po&wseloo. The e amy tielrt po.a .?ilon of lite oiuar bink of tbo Mionand >ab, one mile distant A part of Humor'* comiiiuiid, to the number of Ave tb> ih nd. were ordered totijeilver xuich they OrOriSeif In face ol' Hie enemy's Uie, l houKti the us tor was np tu ttr'lr armpits. A'ter tbta ,'orce had crossed, Ibo enemy attnmoted a flank movement ou th?ir rtpbl and leu. At tt i# critic.. I tiiomeol Adams' Rh?.de 1x1 ind battery cime into p' sition on an eminence overlook lug the v tlley o<i lov, They immediately op?n"d B|iou ifan enemy with shot and -"hell iron thieo inch i tiled gum, creating gieat tiivuc aui ng ibotn. lhe rang* waa very aocur.te, and each shell bur?t iu their midv l'lie tuemy Qt'dl >v the damnge to tb?Mr inixntry so great attempted to aiiet ce , the ballory by tlriiu ti|>ou thorn wilt) twenty pound I'ar rotta, uliicn, however, lasted but a "tomem. as ttiejr Id turn were Qreit noon and forced to ell nc* Tno soeoa wm a most exciting oun?sennrals, colon * and oinera were standing r.etr, and high com pi merits were paused on this battery hv tifoeial Knsnell and others Tbn writer or tbis met tbla comm md at Fort Rtevenn. and having some ex erieure tn rntntarv matters could not ran to idmlre tbeir aoldterlv aitpearance, at.d tell assured thai, ll an ooportuniiy < ecurreu during this eaa? pAigO, thoy would dlstingu tab thauiselvea. Troops for Washington. Boemv, Jnly 20. 11^4. The KUbth MaMachusetU regiment, one huotlrod days men, left Reailvllle this after aoun for WaahlbjtOu. Tiae War la niMonrt. Sr. Un.'ts, July 2?, 1844. A despatch from SI. Joseph, Mo., says tbo npper conn, tics bavs turned out s very large Dumber of muu nndsf Geo. Fl -ko'a order, many militia have takaa tbsBald. She sxpedttloB under Colonel Draper has bare, after being la tbs saddle nearly two weak/ Tl.-y kUisd about oos hundred gasriiisa. I'iatte county Is Hill reported full of si nail s j.iads s t guerillas Ma. or Ilngb Knllertoo baa been Dominated far Coagres* by tbs UnKiOists of tbe Ninth district of Illinois. Itcws from Texas and LeaUlaaa. C*ia>, July ta 1364. A private letter from a well known ganttaman / Nee Orleans to tbs True iHUa, dated Vlita Coatenu. Meiioo, June : It) , states that ioteiitge:.ce bad Just bewn received from tbe country, above Matara >r?s, tbat (Jene al Ford, commanding tos rebel forces at icagle Pass bad u?<wa'ided ibe surrender of Broessviils, Texas. He waa aaei io be an eaterprising soldier and lead good troops, all Teians, sxcrpt 1,00V II at lean outlaws and renegade*. General Herruo, oommandiag at UrownsvLls, waa said to be strongly entrstictied, and bad a lores capable of laktac tbe oflenftve, If oeceesary tieaeral Urayuan had arrived at ?iatchez, aad aaauoied command there, relieving Colonel Farrar, wbo baa beea placed in charge of Fort Mcl'bers n. Uensral Youag, I'rovost Mai kbai at Natcbsz, died re con i ly at Viadoli, La. Shrevsport papcra report rebol soldiers desiroy'og crops no ir Natcbes. Ihme waa lair inquiry fnr cnttnn at New Orleans, but nbaencs of ucwa Irotn New York canaed an aivanne of 2>Jc. a 3c , whlcb eheckod speculations. 100 Di lee sold on private terms. Htujar? yellow elaritiel 2" 'jc. * JHo. I'nnie m o umi< iwc. Western provisions are ri decided request, but operall na are reatrtc'od by slight supplies "ar d lusher prices, fhe stock of Qour Is maoh reduced; low u> giaal supetCno |0 ?7 a |lu 2i, cbolce $i0 50, but bibber f>rkem woro asked at tbe ciosa. Interesting fiwui Arkanss*, Catao, July ip, 1;#4. A corrctpndent, writing fria themuntb of tbe While ilvsr Juiy 10 b, rays on the 15 h, a detach cent of tbe Tenth Illinois Volunteers, two Lundred and fifty strong, si cam, ed nea 7^tracy, Arkansat, wbo were surround i-d and attacked by ihaiby's command numbcrlur 1,900 tnea A p"rt!on of the Colon troops, after a 4<vp?rate fight succooded 'di cnltliig tbolr way out, but about* one hun-* J -ad aud twenty'd. who wars cither killed, w< undf d. or a.i| lured. Shelby is thought lo be neir R> >cevilie, snd a Urge eat airy force his b?on sent after dim. S.ouls report be ha? seven plccss of artillery. II cb sxkners prevslls among the troops aa<l refugees at ( uvali> BlulT, in consequence of the exliataeiy warm wattbcr.bal watsr, aul lack of ;c*?, and tUa a are tw<iiva deaths da ly. linking of ilia Bttamir' 11. M. Ronyoa- ? 1'irty lilvas I<Mt, Ate. Caiso, 111 , July 26. 18*4. The steamer James Whits, from Mew frlsaaa uu tos 18'b lout. , has arrived hers Pits repots that tbs stearasr ft M. Rnnym, f'tnt Nslcher,. struck a snag sff UrtRlin's landing. Bite-n mdss below (iroonvllls, Hiss., on tbe 'Jlat last., aad sank to Hie tvjrries'i* ra<l lo abont flvs minutes, dbs bad nearly six lurdted paopis on boaru, Inciuutng four baodred sal forty or the Tenth Mlesourl astvalry , Sfty rsragaes. e fiiru egbsd soutisrs, aud vjaite a namoer of cabin paa ? isngsra About fifty lives we?? lost. Half of thh nnmNtr o* leaded tatba sarairy rej ment, and tbs, e* oei tlnj two, were negroes and refugees But two oabis prtttaeo^srs, a ynurg mau named t napman, of Altos, -nd a boy, are behaved to have .?eon lost. i lbs gin beat No. II oame up about twenty mincVW after tbe dialler, and resoued about fbrty persoos, Otbsrs ssim ubors. Xh?re w-rs also on board tbo Bttnyoo one bundrsd ant slevsn mule* s *?f tw? borssa llf -m wa?ot?r, and the raiep ?ul, a?S sf Its re. meat, all of wbtcH, With tt.e boat, l? a total :?>.?? The Jstnes Anile brought up m of tbo r*ton?d . er? cepl ths < a-, airy, who were brt nght up by tbs Marine brigade boat l*n?V? Mamphls. Kalsi Accident at Haltlmors. Jtaumois. J'tly 3". I'** t fatal accident ocsttrrsd this moroinf. Tbe froi ^ of a waroUcuae, la coarse of ereetloa on Tajt sl'set / fie* m.' f?n street, fell. Mrs. lamee Rryaus, pas?l"?: t lbs klme, was caught beneatb lbs rulos. Her ?ku:i vt fradutad and both logs we/e ?r>nau, and ber Mfs ?* paired of. Frank Upr>, a lad sac en years or >?'? (Slil.y lOjOftd. V*o wnrkai n wsre a ??? Injursi, b t not ISUitj.

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