Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, , Ii' , Ju \y 2tt? 6 f . U. Mr F<?s?^nder bar at laat a<iv. rtised to* much talked of new ioar. authorised by the art el Ctmfreoi of Jtme Iset fe-ibscriptious 10 ei veu and three-tenths intereu in currency bearing n>n-tefcai teo.ier Treasury cotes, at par, will be jecrived at tbe Treasury, 8ub*lrt-asury ai.d desig La'.cd depo.-i!?, iea uf public lands, as well aa ?ucb of the nUioual banka us are chosm to act aa focal agent* of the government. I ho uuiea will be payable in lawful money In tl ree yeats from the 15th of August, ls(U. and will be Issued in de i.ominatiooa of fitly, one buudred, li?o hundred, oae thousand aud five thoueaad dollars, and in blank or pay* b!e to order at tbe option of subscubera, with scrn; nunual cou^ ne at u bod. Tlioy will be convertible at maturity into six per cent tuterest hi go.d b-.'aring bonds, reJeeuiab e alter five years. and payable twenty ytars from August 15, JS67. Thooo sub ? previous to August 15 w ill be allowed interest ol their ue,?sils till that date, aiid l! Br subscribing subsequently must pay the accrued interest from tbe date of tbe not* to that o( subscription. As we aiated more than a week ago, parties subscribing to tbe amount ol iwenty-ave thousaud dollars pr more at any one time w .il be ul'.cwed a commission uf one-quarter of one |>er ?eut, which will be paid by tbo Tre.sury Department UiH>u the receipt ol a bill lor ttie amouut, certified by tbe officer w nb w bum (be de'otlt was mudo. Tbe extent to whan suuscriptions to tbase note* aro limned is two hundred luilliuijj, but uo specihed amount has been called for. lb? tir^eut appeal to ibe people accompany ing tbe an- j nouncemeot of tbe i??n would lead us to infer that Mr. Fesseniieu is cot insensible to t tie responsibilities resting j upon him, uor to tbe uscal necessities ol the uation, and tbat be uioans t > exert himself to tho best of his know ledge ana abilliy in restoriug tbo public finance* to a sounder basis. But in doing this be must not rely lot* Wuch upon appeals to patriotism of this kind, which are of questionable utility at home and are apt to bo mis taken tor signs of weakness abroad. In linauce, more than ia any thiug else, the basis must ba real, and not mcreiy ussumed, and bene* the measures to which the Secretary refers as having been initiated by liim, with a viow to tbe increase o! ttie revenue by Judicious taxation, will have lur more eflect in practice towards improving the national credit man all tbe appeals that could be writteu, w ithout the logic of facts and events to sustain Ihem. it may be well enough for Mr Fessenden to say, m he doe*, that "this is cot the timelor any lovor of his oouutry to inqnlro as to the stale of the money market, or ask whether he can so invest his surplus capital as to* yield him a larger return." but the experience or all countries teaches that tbe tendency uf capital ii to seek tho safest and most profitable market for investment, nod. whenever a government fails as a borrower to offer ?qua! advantages and security to th?se which may be found elsewhere, uapital seeks othsr channels in prefer cnce. Mr. Fessenden may procjalm tbat ? no return and ne pront can be desirable if followed by national dissolution or national disgrace," and that "present profit thus ac quired is but tbe precursor ol future and speedy destruc tion, ' and, further, that "no investment can be so surely profitable as that which tends to Insure tbe national exist ence." but be must remember that in so speaking he is expressing a sentiment, and not a maxun in political eco nomy. To be successful In the management of our na tional monotary allairs we must not depend upon the ca prices of the popular imagination, but upon taxation, which has been truly cilled the touchstone of finance and those other vital elements of a nation's support with out which successful government during a coEtly war it Impossible. We agree with Mr. Fessenden in bis estimate of tb? capacity ot the country for yielding a large revenue, and we are glaa to learn tbat as much as a mi.'llou per day has been frequently received by tbe Treasury under the now Tax bill, which came into operation on the 7st in. sunt, which certainly gjvoe promise of Mr. Chare's esti mate of two hundred and twenty millions lor the Lscal year exclusive, however, of income from miscellaneous ?ourcoc) largely exceeded. But. even with this pn spectlve addition lo the resources ot the government, its txi cuses are on so vajt a ccale, and hkcly to become' so much larger, that it amounts la litu,. ,0 comi arwon with the expenditure lu excess or the receipts. Tbe reve nue returns of Great Britain for the hscal year ending on the 1st of July current show an income in round num bers of sevoniy millions vf iwunds sterling, oot Withstand lug tho I ree trade prlucipies, which have resulted in the abolition of many taxes and iir;iort duties, and the reluction of almost all others. If, the:* Ore* Britaiu, with a population, uecordiog to the cen sus of 1SG1, of twenty -nine million* three hundred and thirty-four thousand, can raLe so much, and that su easily that there is not an impost which might not be doubled without prossing severely m>oa the people, surely the United otates, with its twenty-one miliiors of the North, and its vast and rapidly developing resour*", can bear a burden approximating to that ot' and aufiiclent to place the national finance* on th< soand basl< which is necessary to sucecsa. If there should be a break down r.f the natloral credit, what Is there that would not sbsre in thedi?i H i? the vital imiwrtaoce of this great nC ,.f m, l t.y which requires io be letter unf rstcrd for u|?m It hang, to a great eitent. tho destinies of It is unfortunate lor Mr. Fessendeu that fho intelli genee or the return of the recent formidable raiding ftorce towards the Potomac stsould have followed m quickly upon bis mnounctment of the new l an Tim details o( thu movement it is unuecwarv here to eon. merate; but they are of sufficiont wei-ht "to d.vsn pub lie attention and produce tbat feeling of tnoecinty wh. ;? will, till tbo raid is over, mske the Tre r.ry tote loan a blank on the market. nx per cent mt< rest in gold bearing bonds at 103, sub soriptions at par to a Joan bearing for three years only seven and toree-tenths tat?re*t in currency - anuot be j ?xt?ected. The former must advance In tl, r maikei price before tbe latter can be wurked off. The cfiect of tbe raid will not be s-> much to depre> iivte tbe price of tbe bonds as to suspend action on tbe new loan , for tli? former are selling considerably under the- real value, taking into consideration the present aud protective premium on gold. Tbe delay in receiving subscription* to th? forthcorr. tag loan will have tbe evil effect of contributing to tbe taxation of tbe currency; for tbe Treasure issuer cl compound mlorest six per cent rotes miin contitu* -with probably a retort to tbe reserve or legal tenders ? tended to meet calls on tbe temporary deposit line, rhe Secretary msy also feel tbat Lis lecmltias reqoir* an issoeor seven and three tenths legal tecder lreaaarv notes under the laat Loan bill, be hariag the power tc make any portion of the authorized tiro hundred million* ?.legal tender, with interest psyable at maturity. What ?ver amount there might b* Issued in thwform wauld be ?o much dedn' ted rrom the sum available for isane under the advertised Ion, the two act autborulng both. Had Mr. Kewsemten not Oxad tha prica of tbe latter at par tbe obstacles at present in the way of subscriptions to it would not apply, although tb.-y would probably be the cause of its decline below the value now fixed ior it. We have already Jven our opinion against a fixed fbr loans, and tho of It ia illu.irated to tnw w?. ataoce by Its forcing the government to add to tbi vol a ran of currency. Mr. I easendeo will find it impoasib'e to keep his Iojss at a fixed price and at the aame time avoid inflation. J or a we?k past be has beeo peyiog ont tempo ad six per cent legal tender notes freely, chietly to swell the bulk of paper money and float tho new loaa. Thus, after work ?og the evil, an unforeseen clreums'ao'e has prevented bis *00.. ring the Object, me Mephtat' phelos of ibe lr?a s .ry Ceds hot embarraasmenta thickening areund htm but he will do well to bear in mind thr ugh tbem all that the price of loans is secondary in iftt..ortio.-c to tbe r sloe of tbe ourrency, and that tbe latter iou?t be protected at nil hazards Tne supply of money is sb.rad?at to meet its limtttd but lootoasmg demand f-w |f>aDS. 1 he latter are freely at the let-al rate of mt'-rsst on sti-:k ccllaterala bol all save first elsss mercaotijA paper is stl 1 clo oly ?mitmixo*. lb* speculative demand foreign ex ohnnge on of t too s is brisk; bnt the reguinr demscfl frr legltimsto purpooea is sma.l, owing h> tlis heavy re ex> portatlons which have been going forward lor s rue weeks past. Tbe money market fri>tn preseul appearsnres. pronsises to rort .que easy, and sporulat oa on the sto jr ijttbaoge ts llk?'y to Inerease. The coin mts for iMwikera' sterlloc rsnged frcm J0?'? to !?. anu the eurreury rate from 2?b to jfef. Htljs on pari- were In nvjueat at frorfi f, 14 to 6.16. Tbe following is a copy of tbe official advertisement of lbs new loan ? V ,<~ ? ? Tr" nT ^''"arwrKT, July 35, 1894. rtotIM h i hereby given thai subscription* will be ro 0* < ed by the Trea nrer of the I nited Mtatea, rhe several Assistant I rpaourers and >t' -ignal>yi depostiorioo. and by tbe nsli?iul banks decixnatM and oualifi*! as d?iio*iio. rwe an I Unsocial agents, lor Treasury note', psyable Ibrwo year fr. m August I.'., Un4. tearing inferMt at the rste ,4 se< en and thr-e tenths per e-et pm- mm, with ???mi annual ro.i|>ii| alUoh d, payable m lawful money 1mm notes will be eoovarUbie, at me outiva of tho hi*' Mr, a l inutility , mu at* per o'Ol ,-n.d Imwi-iok feooda, irM bh- ?fter Ave and payallk I w?ni \ ye .rs tioiu Aucuri lf>, lsdT x Vu l in wilJ l* waned in iut? Jt:?oni?ta, ink of tlfi one tin adred. lt\ c iim.drvd, oue ifecaaaoil u>4 Ave toon MUK'.iiuUnrv. ard wtV be ia?jed ?? W tuk or pn> ?.i>le 10 order, a.* m .> l>e directed by the .->ub?i nhern. All 8ut>M-rl|>tii n? must be tor hfty doiuus, or awn* n;<iltlp!t> of tkitv DupH.ate eertiO< at<*6 xvi'l be issued fqg *11 deposits The party dpjtomi ug imiit <<adoree up.>? tbe ortsmul cer li en# the Jet, >min?ltot< ?t nouts required, on wbetier ibe.v are 10 be indued i blank or payable t< o der. Wttati t-o endorsed u u.ufi be le t with the tlhcer receiving Mm deposit, to b? t<r warded to (bis di partmrtil. The notas will t>e transmuted la tue owners free of tr tisioiiati .a charge* us a ou after the receipt <?( the orlcmftl certificates or depoatt as tbey can be prepared. lutereat will i>? *l>o*od to Au<uat lb ou ell doi>oalia mule prior to that d?te, ind will be paid by Ihe l>ep*ri meat up n receipt ol the original eerufloatea. A? ibe note* draw uiteeH from August 16, persons making iler**i? aubaa$ueot to tbat date nm-i p?y toe interest a crued Iriun date of note to date of depoeit. 1'aruee deposition twemy live tliouesiiu dollars aad up wards for iher-e notes at any oue time will be allowed a com mie* lou of one quarter of oue per cent, whioh will be paid b.v tbtt department uj>on tie receipt ot a bill for the amount, ccrtlfled to by the offlcr with whom the deposit wax nude No deletion for oommiaalona must be made from tbe deposit* officers rcceiviut deposits will see that tbe proper en dorsement? are mide ujKm the original certificates All oflloere nuthori7ed to receive depot uh are requested to give to applicants all desired and anord every facility for making subscriptions W . P. KKfc&EN! En, Secretary of tbe Treaairy. The stock market was quite strong agma to-day, and gave further token of returning aniinatioo Compared with tbe sales at tbe drst board yesterday, Now York Contra: advanced 1 per coat, Kric Railway 1 ' lladsoa River 1 , Reading 2, Michigan Centra! 2, Miokigaa Southern 2'^, Illinois Central 2 >?, Cleveland and Fittabuag 2, Cleveland and Toledo Chicago and Rook Ulaud 2, r.ttaborg and Fort Wayne Chicago aud Northwestern 1>^, ( amber land Coal 1>;, Quicksilver Mi:, .ng Central Ctal Com pany 5, and Ohio and Mississippi certificates 1 t4\ Tbe following tablo compat as the quotatloua to a?y of aoaio of the leading shares with those of Thursday last, on *hich day the bottom seems to have been found ? Jv>H 21. July 28. Ad*. New York Central 182 la^ IS; Erie Railway 108>? 110% 2', trie preferred 109ij[ 109 IV Hudson River - 1 ?# 1 <s, :< 1 , Reading 131 Vtf'* 8, Michigan Central 121 V 13*> ^ 4<? Michigan southern K2H 34r, 4;, Illinois Coutra! ICt 127\ 4 i, Cleveland aa^Pit'sburg 10T HO1, .T-j Cleveland and Toledo 1H41, l.iT 2*-? Chicago and Rock island 10T\ 11^ 4Sa T'ntaburg and l ort Wayne 10t?,V 112'. 1 , Chicago and Northwestern M 6U.S *J't Cumberland Coal 57 #1.', 4-; Quicksilver Mining.^ 73 li;, 2>t Mar.po.-a 40 *S $ Government securities wore firm and in demaaJ wltb a steady tendency upward. lh? quuMtlona to-day for the descriptions which are mculy dealt in ootnpsre wit 6 tbose ob 'ihuraday last ?? follows ? JtUyil. July tn. A<l?. Coupon fl'e, 1831 102 Si n*4 Registered fl's, 1881 3* Coupon 5-20's 1M>< MTV J 4 KegistereU W?.4* \ ? 1 7 3-10th notes lOoi* - * One yoar certificates 93X 90 * 1 ' * Governments continued firm in the afternoon, the cou pons of 18S1 selling at 106 and tbe fl\e-tweniy coupons at 107tf alOH. Gold was unusually steady to day. It opened ia the morning at '.158, and, after a few sale* of small lot* al 2475? and 25T;?,it became flrm aul ran to 203. bir "mally closed at 258 4. The aggregate va'.uo or tbe exports or prod .ce and, exclusive of epccie, from tb.s port during t tie past week was $8,040,304, against f<* 119 week previous. The followlUR :? the report from tbe ?ub Treasury ? Receipts from customs .'fllf'.'i'm Total receipts a ki-'oVi ?Payments f Balance Tbe Citizens' Bank or this ctlv will pay 1st Augusta dividend or four j*r cent, free of tax. Tbe I.esther Manufacturer*' Pank will j-ay 1st Augu-t a dividend or fire p?>r cent, free of lav. The American <"oal Company will pay 10th A.igUSt a d v dend or Tour por cent. Tbe Farmers' l/>ao airl Trust Company will pay 1st August the coupons of the !? vuusvllle aud tr.?w'ordiv a Railroad. The 1st August coupons of the inortg ure bond* of the Galena and Northwestern road* will b? paid at the ottlce of the consolidated Northwestern rnad. No. 8 Wall street. The Toledo and Wabash road wi'.l pay tbe interest on its Crst mortgage b^nds 1st Aujuet. Tho foreign exports from the port of Sa't'ifuore during tbe past woelc were valued at f29S.6S3. The fallowing coocf^arative statement sh w- the ave rage condiiiou oT the leading ilem* of the l'Ulladelfh;a banks for tie r?" M"1 previous week:? L<v> Wttl 7&i.t H"'?' loans f?.:SS,:?{4 39.-?T7,?i?. 8.U4H, 440 250 I J.egut tender 11 ,o:'- ? -> 1 l , Ve 3".40a,iTl 36,0i?l,?.i(l | Circulation 2,-08.<W 2,-'2c>,2D. * ?The most tnr.rt<?<l feature of tbe exbi'j't as ciroj are.l iwltb the last pcb.iMied, is the very lar?e re duction In loans? f2, 750 87<S Tbe Bank or Mutt' a Redemption., in Boston, U to be cod* ? national baujr, under the nsme or the National I Hack or !V"d?mption. Its capital *!l! be ( '11, "00, with the priv 'epe of increasing Si to $2 ,000,000- rh s institu tion lias accounts with one hundred and thirty ot the c untry banks in New England, and about one-tentli or the number have organised under the National Curren. r net. while nine others have decided to come under tiic same law. A cumber or new loot.tutions are in course ? f formation m San Irancisoo. to be organic! tinder tue ccmral laws or CaJ.fornia. Jbe Bink oT California, with a cipita! of 12.000,000, paid up .n goK a already in opera tlon ? The comparative earnings or the t bi -ago and Alton Railroad during tne tbird woek in Juiy ware aa follow* ? 1H64 ?i7,e0ti 1?W ?4:\6t>? Increase - $14,00C ?The receipts of tbe aoovo roei for the eix month* end ing .li-ne 30;r?mounted to fWl .lH . agains- $7?3,?43 for the us me time laal year? iacrease |l?0,M)a. lhe Bos ton Travtlltr of yesterday aays ? Tne week naa commenced with a money market whirl is comparatively easv to bortewere in good credit, whe bare the right kind of coliatrraltto offer. '1 toe demand 1* fr** urgent tbac it bae been of l*te, and tbe rates or in i?re?t are slightly reduced. The rol lowing sales or real estate were made to day at auction by P M. Fdaman ? Houee and lot. 2& l.eroy street. 25j? ? . !?.?? > arm, P* acred, at IS,V? Stock Biefeaage. lustnaT. .IJI? ftylO to A. M t e e s, si. cci.. ior? sow in* iti? Ht"? 2fllK( do loft UtrleW pf?l J'J do loft* ?0P Hae *l? ItH .... KV I vw O.V 1.?; 10" dn .... 1*U 6>Wi l'? I. ?. * aoe. reg 106'. If *? .... i? . e-V0 LS'. ? 4 *j's. cou IOCS do ^ !*?', ' 7 ?j(? do IWtjfc P.ra<1in| UK I3t'4 . iliiO oo Itr# 21tt' oo IX'. do I07'? I1*1 do I*t& 4 V* II rook l<u ft ?, w i 1 1 j W dA. .. . .tit} ?M?i lr ii. 7 3.Ii' Od* It* J?u M rb Crniral RR Jj6'i R"?l I Id. 1 JT cor. V!> A V% do...... , do w dw ( iare k ruto *R ilo>, u do U6', ft?W do c I ? 2o vi 1 nd. an* 6 s . . . .? Miwii 4 B I RR. M li? 'W Ono * Ml.* cei . . ??< "OV do emu" do to 7H. do *), fcKHS' do DIU WJ? 110 do *10 (*}? 2SO00 do b!6 S0!? *V do bIS Sf It 0 Rne ;id inortgace 1W !?' ? rt iWH Brai N Y4 fcu' btm. ill; 3000 Mi. -ft ?>o ?*r f bd? 1 17 500 .lo 1I7H M 0 S's c leim ?fb 157 W* de 11/v ?jCO li.mci* l.'en bdn . I"4 ?" do ,b6 117 ? ?flOi Ulc* N?r 1st ro W. -?d" do blOl'JS *KWCI>'0* aitlst m II.SK iaiCh>mjto A * W Rlt. 61. StijH ? ,??.tS.Paii.l?ira ?Vi do blO j2'j IW< Uei M* Tol lids )U7 10' do W l'fjd Am^rtciB cold.*. #57 SMI rto. toTkt Aniir fctfh Bk llft'l d(10 do ?? |0 Metmpo'itan ll?nk 117 W pm... Ku Cant n l ami any .. 36 l?J do >7 , ?) central Coal Co os Mfu do . 8.14 le) do bll) its w do bio 8/ J 4 100t'( uliCosi pref.... ?UW I0I> dn W5 8S ioi 1I0 I'M do . WO JJ 4 ?nn iio.... W ? 20 Oleoo A T^lodo RR 197 JT do ... ....blO 61 ??Obt?fftlKft..Mtf|!>M 7,1, rto ??*< do Ill .0.1 ?jo blO t.lia 30? do "W lll_ liM Ou'i k?l ver Mg Co 7 .'la 1OT1 do 1J[ ( ino ,|o bifO 7e 4 WJO do Ill ? MiMa ImmMii o S3 SPOMil* frduCh RR ? pJJ ?t a?^r.Vaf| jiH CO 177',' ?0 f ltrFtWi^i blO ll?S p Mo-vo'iiari Ua? 12* do... 112 ? ?p * 1 Ki K ft::: :::: 8 HS: ?00 K. id Rlt ...;;;;;;;; }|gj Jg Ch|t tiVtM prefV. 4>i do il"'t lOOAltoa A I Ha ite... do I ?j do b:w 111 SKCOHD BOARP. Hals Two o'Cutk P M. t2W C h '"s. 'A. re*., lift 100 the HndRtr BK bJ? 1T0> ?JWOO t ? r< ?, '31, reo . . WAV 800 do }??:> Kjihi do... |"&Vl 100 Reading RR .. biu 1S4 do M-' 2T*l do e ISr^ 3KIKI IT R 6 * 5 2 1 ?. eou 107 ?0ll do . . 1?> ?M}\ If 7 30 a. OA Ap! IOCS lio *??? ?.?0t . KR 1%.. 10000 do lOft'A 500 Mlfih h 4 K I RK . too U R 0 ?t ll*eir oef P*J? 10' III Centra. RR scrui 127 W lONJO Triil!0"S'? '? 'W 68 &*) do.... ... bl" 117 . 1' (?> ? Ohio A Miee cor 8"V do v.!" ?f? > , .h. I I' ion <!? . ... 36 200 do. ..... b5 I2i l.mCuml. Coiipref W4 'J1 ' ptQil do? ...??> ? . . e f'*1 I'l' ? KR . . *4 Wit CO.. /00 *1?"' 1M1, 4 V ( nt-a <fn IV,% 2ofhie A MWR^irrr "CH niKnrRK llll , JWt mci R* I KK. II jliMt rffl 1 I" a 1 U"??si .. . no ! WChie, Bur A (|ti RR. IT) J, OP e Klilirel ...... . J'?}i SWPIIU. KtWACh. }i2 Juu ir ill n Uisar KB L191. 100 da....... Ittfc CITY CUItAMItlAIi KT. Tckjuat, J ity #0 6 R M Asm* ? Reoeipte, 16 bbls M.trkoi Arm, will) small aae s at (13 60 a $18 Tt fjr pots, und $1 '? 60<or r 'arls bKKAiiBTuri*.? Receipts, 18.6S4 bbls, dear, 6u4 btiU. and 75 !>???? torn meal :iud you bushels or eals. The flour market was rather heavy and dull except for shipi'ius gradoe o' stale , which wtre firmly beld. Included to the sales wore a,00t> lib Is. extra dtate for Feptumber delivery st $12 Oo the spot, 14.000 bbls. State and Western, 1,000 bunlbrru and 600 Canadian chunked hands. Kyo hour nO'd to llie extent of 275 bbl?. at f* a $.' 76, With lancy ai higher u^uies. Com meal wat> a ti the fli nur, with sa.tss of OUi bttl>. ut $7 8.'> a $7 00 lor $eis?y, and $i 40 a (8 M lor irandy wiue and Atlantic Mills. We quote ? superior Mate aud Western ll >ur iC 4:> a U 75 Extra Stale lu 20 a 10 35 Ohutoe ,-tuie 10 40 a 10 00 ( ouiiu 'h to medium extra Weetoru II CO ? 10 M) Extra round hoop Ohio 10 27 a 10 75 Western trade bunds 10 KO a l'i 00 Extra tit. Louia, 12 70 a 16 00 Common Southern ,.-10 85 a 11 25 t'xtra anil lancy do... . . 11 00 a 18 60 Common Canadian 10 20 a 10 'JO 0 jod lo cboioe and extra. .? 10 26 a 12 00 Kyo Dour, superttne. 8 00 a 10 00 loin mo U, bills 7 KO a 8 60 Corn meal, puncheons 8 9 00 a 40 00 ? The vrbeat market was llrm for prime spring, which was scarce, but dull and hoary for interior Sales 70.000 iiusbciM ai (2 30 a $2 48 for Chicago Bpnug, $2 34 a $2 00 for Milwaukee olub, $2 5o a $2 62 Tor amber Milwaukee, $2 66 a (2 63 for winter red Wostern, $1 65 a $2 68 lor amber Michigan Cora wua dull aoa rather lowor aalos .*.0,000 bushels at fl 00 a 91 81 H tor new Western mixed Oatn were in good request at 00c a |1 02? latter price lor Western lu biore. Kye and barUy nomluai ' Bbkswax ?We note sale* of 9,000 pounds W.?8tera aui Southern at 88c a 0oc. cash. C*niu,ks. ? The market lor *# 'lr? M 3Jc. a 40c. ?pern*wore quiet at 65c. aa<l patent 65? Coitcin. ? The market wa<< dull, without mate: cUa^c ia prices, aalei 700 bales. Wequot- ? UptunS. flow tn. M'tbl-e- tf.Q f l Ordinary 14* 142 itf U? MiddUug 161 l?l 162 1?2 Wood middling 168 16H 1'ii I't Copwr 'ILe market va.* 'inlet iniwe hiv<* oaly to nolo ualeii of 60,000 lbs. Baltimore at 51c .t^d 200,000 it?r? Portage Lake at 61c. au'.^c , small galte of IHJtroit at 62c. a 62 Ho. Co-m ?The market cot;tim:es firm but qu!?!, aa^ we huvj inly to note saies ot in ba^s Rio iC bend ta priv -??? terms, and '266 bags do. ut 52e. iStim.ins were firm, but quid. Kuga^erreats to Liver pool. per American. 7,000 bushels wceat at 6,'jjd 7,>)00 do. corn at bd., in bags: 1.500- bbls. Hour at 19. t>d., .'.0 bale? hemp at 14s. 6d., and, pe- neutra', 800 bbls. n< ur at 2s., 7. 'HO biuheU wheat at 10 bags . autl MO ticrces sard at 2o?. To l<ondOD, per, 1 .0 <j lioxm cli'iess and 150 packages butler at o0? , 40 boxes bacoa at 35s and 30 Heroes beet atfls. To Glasgow, per neutral. '25 hhds. tallow at 26s. ; and, l>er steamor. 4<) Iods oil at 36s. 1 100 tiercee lard at 36b., and 1,0W bows cheese at 6(M. lo I!rrmen, '200 bbil- tobaccco at?2s. cd. . 500 bbld. apples and 500 bbls. shoe pegs at 2s. ti<*. . ad Oldenburg brij was chartered to Cape Town with 2.K1O bbia at 4a 3d. per bbt. , and if to a second port at 4s wd. Ckcit was quiet. Kaisins were he'd At (4 CO lor Uum h atul $5 i>? for layers. Currants sold at 20 ' ,c. a "Jlo , 200 bbls sold on p. t. Ov*xy Clavh ?Sales or 100 bales in Bonou at 10c. Gcxar Kaus.? Small Boles were repurn l at 32o. ?Manila was quiet at 21c. a 21 3ic. Hi v.? shippnig wa a in moderate demand aod llrm. salef 300 baie? at f 1 20 a $130. Retail lots sold (rout |1 50 to $1 So. H'ii-9.? the market waa moderately active and firm, w .th ?a.e- of 400 bales at 10c. a SOc. for mouldy to prime. UioKS.? I^e hich prices demanded by holders restrict ed operations somewhat, but we note sales ot 3,000 Buenos Ay res and 1,000 Kio (irande on pr vate terms aUo 1.000 Matamoros. 22 lbs. , at 83c. , 22 "avauillaat 20c., and 2t0 city etanghier and 700 Oriuoco ou private terms. Irox 1 ta? market for Scotch pig was dull, and wo have only to uote small saSe^ at $30. other kiDdsweie in ratr request and iirevlous prices were obtained LiMTfln ?"The demand eouttnues moderate, and we have uo material change to bote in prices. La ut. ?The demand was limited, and we hare only to cot* sales ot 200 tons of foreign ana 'lomwt.o at itk a 16 4c. Laikm were in tair deiuaud. sales of SOO.OOO feet, part tx arrive, at $1 75, three moutus. J, i ? Kastern spruce and pnie mere in fair request, v; : I u g.fles of .1: 0, 000 leet . at $22 a Uoi.ism? TO* market < ontinues in fair request, and urn .w Here without material change. The suiej include 70 bbls. New Orie^us at |t 16. and 100 tilids. 1'orto Rwo ?u SI 10 a $1 15. 17 bbls. ."K Croix at fl 15.. aud 200 bhns cln>?i Cnlw at 85c. avor. .Navat St. The den.imd for ?plril?, of turpentine was li^ht. Ve quote ;"0 for Krench and $3 oo for Amer.can. Ro .ius were quiet and prices were irregular buiall at $44 a $64. Tar dull at $20 a $'21. Oim>. ? l.iusecd *u hi fair roquenv, with .-tales or G.oou iiailoub at fl 72 'j a$l 76, and small retail lots ut $1 91. ' rti'le ^peru, was active, sales 3,000 bbis. at $2 30. lard was quiet at SI 6"> a $1 70. ? I.: Mi > i was scar s aud lirm at $-1 25 a $8 00 per 100 lbs., ca.*-h. Px'iv:* o\s ? Rece pis, 1.22# bbls. pork, 121 packages bee! . s da. cut tneau, and 4i)8 (to. and >1 7 kegs lard, the porK market was <(u*te active and higher, sales 0,000 no ?. at f35 for mees.ftO 60 a $41 lor i<evr do., $:;7 lor ;. rune, aud $37 (or prime m-*? also 1,600 bbls. new meas, buyer Anguas, it $42 76 a f 4- Iteer reuiainx dill', i>t fit) a tli lor coiiiitry unst $:? a $10 iur country prime, $2o a $L." lur repainted, aad $2"i a $30 loroxtra do. Bacon nill. Cut meals were tirm, wiih sale? of 100 pa.-kage* at 15c. a 16 ,c lor ahouirtvrs. and 18c. s IS vjc. for hatns 'iOO tie, cc* bagged hatLt soid at 24c. Lard was ?^..higher, w nh a lair deniuud ^alcs 3,^00 bbls al l!',lic H20,Y?.: also. J<0 bbls and tierces, deliverable Ariptwt 16, buy er'a option: 200 do., deliverable the firet wcik in August, at gle , buyer's option, and *60 do., buyer all August, at 22 j<\ Hutter wat-- in (air request, at 3."'C. a 41e. lor Oitlo, and'aoc a 43c for .-tate. ctiefse was quiet but iirmer. ai 17c. a '26c. for common to prime i'r.ii o:.n a. ? lUceipts, 2.oo2 bb,s. Tlte market was if naytbing, rather to-day than it was yesurday. Hie e\|ort demand for reOoed was lest arti?e, but prices ruled urmer. I ree was a?o firmer. The were about . .,000 bbl* crude, at 00c. a Ale. on thi; spot ai d 56c. a 5H'tc. for August 3.500 da. refined, at 'He. a !SJc. for bonded, cn tb? spot, and f>2c. a 86c. lor free, on the sikk. IUhkiuc sold at 42>,c. a 45c There are plenty oi' export orders bore; but they are at lower prices than those now prevailing. The ma' ke-t closed dull and declining Kt'*. ? We note s.i'es since our last of lro baj? Kant,ooe at 14 '.tc.. and ^0 bags d .. in bond, at 8.'(c. S"kixn was inactive ai 13c. Ski* ? Goat was in i air request from manufacturer! hut sales were restricted, owing to the high rate? demand ed b.? the holders. Leer was|iu moderate demand .a pre % leu's prices Sr< iiu? I be demand limited, and we have cn'y to note salex of 200 hhds. Cuba muscovado at 20c. a 30 -;c. tor ia:r to gofid reiimng. Tai o*.- falee 100, "00 Ibi. at lS*,'?'c. a 20 ?c. (or in fer. or to prime. ToBtirrv.? Kentucky w-a? io fair request at an advaoee m prtceB; sales 500 bhds at Lie. a 60c. I'ea waa m< better demand, and the market was very .Ira. We nete sales of 7,0(0 half chests 1 M'O oolongs mil 700 gunpowder, all from second Bar.d', at lull prit-ee. L.n ? The market was firm, but quet sales of 1.600 s'abs Siia:ts on private terms We q iote Straits at (Klc. nnd KugliHh at C.>c. a 06c I'lates were dull ao<V no chanted. We q>iot? 1. C. charcoal at $'26 a $28, and 1. C cote al $22 a $24. cash Whiikbt.? V.eceipts. 314 bblB The market was dull aud lower ?.ii?? I 000 bbit. tt $1 70 a $1 72, cb.etly at the in side price. KIHASCt Af>. { ^ - 1 BROOKMK MKRCHANT8 IMi BANKRPS Sl'BSTt ! Kit* i'.im|?Dr ?Capita' li.S.OC. G(T oe >0 4 Mob tagtia iu: . Co'.n itrMl, Brooklyn, N. Y D. re-tor*? i fieorre Tavlor frealdCM: Ruf?i? R. Be ?n*p. .1, A. Bloom ingda'.e. H A. HIM. K M Bement, Be retail in I Tieat tirer. rhla ompa&V ?a* organised for the accommodation ?! n,?rrh?n:? mil oii ?r? end iu affair* will lie -ondunteU on atrial* honorable im* en* principles, and entire tail* .'xctio'i ?? ; b? fiiaianieet1. in all cue- The 'I'cati*# a< qualntaoee *n<f rata luMluea* connection* of t maaagcra of toe fumum in Brooklyn, New Yoik city and Waai> at I n vli: u*nrogr ?' piomi :ne?s to all b"*iiir?i< intn>??ed to It. The noropativ will ftirnl'h ?tii*tltulea and i*pi*acma ttvea, c ' leot )>riz? money for oBoer* and aarora of the Ur? ted State* n??r and pro.enit* all -nil claim* again?t the government on the rao-.t liberal leriua. Tlie lilghea' r rice paid for ?ubMltu;e? and particular attention given (<? urntahinc repreaentattvee for ladle* ;n the ai mr or navy. '>?w eaH on <>r add eat the Praaldeni or Sw.retar? aad Treanrar. No 4 Montague 11*11, Cfurt ?treet. Brook ;rn, R. T. OC. it hojra trom 9 A M. to i I'. H (lOSHOCTl)'* COURTY (OHIOi BONDS. ?NOTfCE fC j J bereb* given br the fomirlo on?ie of iba county of C*ahocton,' m tba State of Ohio, to the holder* of tbo Booit*. numbered from one to flee inol'Uive. for one tho?iaand ilot lar* each and aat?d lb* fifteenth day of January, A I) , HV.\ n*ite l)T -aid <'ummia*icnar? In behalf of aaMl'-inn'v of co*ho< ton o tb* St* ibeaelHoand Indiana Rnilnoad Com paav or nearer; lh*t an the 1Mb day <.f January. A. P., iwr., Hie aald eo?nt< of Coahortoa will pay off *ald honda. wltb the tn'?r?*t tharaoa up ?? theaaid 16tb day or Jannary. a. I) . IMA. a' provided In aald bonds, at the oil i-e of Al>m. Be'i * Koa. to tha elty of Maw York fiber* being na ofl'ca ?r ibe Ohio Life Imuranra and Trnat < ompan* now m ?aid e'tv i. at which l ine and plgc* t'ne *ald count' ?r Co ahocton will demand >be aarrender of *ald bond*, wltb tba remaining coupon* belonglne thereto ? inly I.V IBM. WITjLI A* H ANLOR, i Comml**inn*rn tAMKW u. SMITH. J of Co?bP'-?'Ja THOMAS DARurio, < County. Ohio. If?TRRKHT ON ?ITY HI OiKk?THB INVKRHST ON the bond? and Mock* of tha c.ty aa>l countr of Rew York, due and i avab e Au|n*i I. ie?t. will be paid on tuat da* i> t Ounlel Devlin, Bea . Chambalain. at lha Br?ad?ra jr Bi'ik The tran'ftr b<?>k* will be < loaul Tue*My, iha lath in*?. MATTHBW T. HRKNS AN, Comptroiiar. Citt or N*w Yoa*. DaraitTNKMT or Fi^awc*. i Co?pt?oi.i.vw'? Orrira, Joly 7, im. t IOANH ON PHR^ONAL PRfTRITY.-A PRIVATR J fn'lamii I* prepared to loan t* reip^-lab'e pariie*. oltlier ? New York or In the country , on |ier?oni*l *e<-iirl'y, ?'im< from flOO to ?l.OOu; Inlefa-t 10 p?r cent. AJdtea* t. C. Hall. b*i IA0 Herald ollieo NEW YORK AND HARI.BM RAII.ROAD COMPABY, moHPri Oyrir*. yd Vn*? Jul* 1, 1 M>1. SECOND MOKTOAUR BONDS (?i l)0u .?l . Dua A u|tiM I l?A4 Notice la hertiby given that theKond<r>f tha above li?ue wlu bo paid at their matarity, Aiuvat 1, i-d* at th? afllce of the rcj.npaoy, oorner of Fourth avenne aad Twont* aitih atraet. and that the lntere*t on tha ?ame will rea*? from that data. WM. H. YaMDRBBILT, Vica Trfrtdeat. NBW JKR8BY ZINU COM Can Y.? AT A M K RTINO OP tha Moarq of Director* of tlii* company lieid the Mb day of .ftily, IHB?. a aemt annunl df Mend flf four per cent ?ai declare t aa the Common and Prefnrroil Htoek. t>avabia on and after tha let day of An^uit ncit at the tranafei oflloe of the nompenv, IDd Uherty etreet, New Vork. The trnoafnr book* will baaiaaad fir m .lui . ir> to Augu*t I. It S. <if BiVtm. fleoretary. NORTHRRR PACiriO IIAII.R0AD.-TB1 IfROK aigned ('otnmmloneyv from Ma ae> htiaett*, named in the art of lncor|??aiinn o' the Northern I'artUn Ra'lroa-I Company heieb* gi-e notire to all tlioa* named in ?<I1 *''t aa oOW?mi?Mo*?er* that the (I'M meeting of thn II arl of ' Commiaalonara of the aforrand eo npany will i>e held ?t the Melaleoh IUIl in the city o| Roi on, on Thtiradav. tha la* dny of Baptembar net t, ai It o < :o-v nwn WIM.ARP SPARS, J ?. WITHINOION, C BO. RlltYRKICR, ,1 Ori I A 1 1 |M It M * M, JlMIN A. t!^*<< t AlilKI/ ??H HT, Boiroa, Maia . July 14, 1NC4 J. kt BRt'K K ft. KIN A Ml At* OPH0* KKW Y<'BK PLOTTING COMPANY. 2M -.i.nih ntr?et 'nlf US, The I m d ?f I> fee ??* bm >? Dim da dn'l ml a quftrtat1* tirid-ml of l<M>r P?1 cent payable on the 1st day o ^ogus! urxt. H ?. M,i SON KerretAry. Redemption or U.MMM "RIOT DAMAGES INOliMMTT BONDS" or THK COUNTV OK NKW YORK, PATAttliB At'OI'ST I, 1844 Notice Is herobv give* I'-st the "Riot Damages Indemnity Foods," of the oo iut of Npw York. beemnnK <!"? and par *1. >? Auyiifct I ltk* with lit* mtoi <*nc thereon, will be paid on thai day, on the tnesonialuiu of Mid boat* at thu office. PROPObAJ-S FOR A LOAN or $1,000,009 or ?BIOT DAMAflES REDEMPTION BONDS." or TUE COUNTY OK NEW YORIL Keeled proposals will be rrflelred at tl>f * elTloe nntll Wad ne .iav. .1 uly *7, U 4. ut i o'clock. P. M . whi-n the vaiua will be uubll ely opsued, lor the whole or any part of Ihe ^ilm of one million Jo Urn of ? Bint l>amas.-? llodemption Bon, la," of the county of New York authorized br chapter 7 of the Inwhof li^, and by an ordinance of Hie Board of Bup*r*t aors. approved bv thrt Mayor. May 4, IH6* The Held bond* will Bear interest at the rate of ali per cam p?r annum , payable half yearly, on the let 4?y of May and Noreinber in Bach ycat, md the priueipel will be re de<-med aa follow ; ? Kive hundred thousand duller* on the let day of Wo rem ber. 1H77, and Five tuit.dred th ju?&n t dollars OA the 1*4 day ot Novem ber. 1S7I*. The irtV'Oia'n will state the amount of bond* dealred, and the price per one htiudreJ dollar* tharoof, ami tb? iiei non^ whoae proposals are accepted will thereipon be re p'red to deposit with tint County Treasurer (al the Broadway Ban*), on Monday, the lirit day Aug.iat, 1SC1, the sum* awarded te them reapecltvely. On I'rraeoting to the Comptroller the rnoetpta of the CotsntT Treasurer for sucli depot's. ttia pArllca wl!> b? en tltladto receive bonds for e^i'ial amo iot* of the par value of the sum* i warded u> them, bearitu int.-res' frani A' g?*t 1 1804 l,rtch proposal should be Maied an l en torvia 1 "Proposal* fo- Rio1. Damages Redemption Bonds. ' and nnollHal >n* ss and envelope, addressed to tb<* Comptroller TLfliljhti - reierred to reject any oi all of the bids, If considered nf*?<?ry to protec-. or promote the ttterart* of U ei o oi. MATTHEW T. BKENNAJf Co* ?t. rtlar. Citr Of Nfcit Yont? DR:,*ut?iKNT or t .in* ;? l Oonrr io^lir'' Orr- * i July! lWt ) SOUTHERN BONDS 3'iUTMBRN BONDS ?SOUTH era State*, County, City and Pallrnad Hoa.1* ?> ei'ery dewiiption wuuted. by W. H SCBANTON, llu r?arl atraet. rimF. ERIE RAILWAY COMPANY. NO. IH7 Wl iT X street. New York, Juiy It, 1364.? D1 .Jend? 1j? dlrec tera of thii coravativ hare thu d*y de ured a dindend o ,t of the earnlus> of the road fo n,.t numtiia. etidiDK Jane B). of three and one- half ??er ceu'. i len? t'.ie so'erainem >a t oi A pen eut> oti tun Preferred Su>i W, Aiau a dividend > foui pei jer?i on ihe Ci'inoion Oai>iial Stork, f'-re of norr n .ion: tav. Both ;)ayal?:<- at Ibe Treaiurer's u:htt. Krie p ? ?, ?? Wednesday, the Nd day of Ar.g'.sit oev. to the rt *?red holdeti of Hiock at the rlosiny of t#o b:>o?a The u?a?fer beoki of both preferred and conuuaa atoow will he dr d >u the afternoon of Tuesday, the 19ih loat . aud be reopen?d on the 5th day ?' Actual, UOBAriO K. OTIS, geeret ar.<. Tr\nsfek ofkice or ran CHrc.ton and north. Western Railway Compau/, 3lo. )? M*1 ?t:oe', Nt* York, Jul; -'b. 1864. Coupon oonJa <li;e August 1. 1JM. from preferred s'ok;'ic fund bonds, iceueral flrat mor! :s?* bond* Appifltou e? ?n .an ho'jde aud Qieitn Hat ei;, tiN.on bond*, of the Cliicax'' and Nor-.hwe?'.^rn Rs'i wsv Company, nud from flr? T?i?'t ?kite b<ino< ol t;.r Ga'ena aud Chicago > nfon Rtllroad < >m - piiuy. will be paid, ca and after that date on prone utatlen al this oDice. JAS13S K. YOUMO. Sacra tary WANTEO-A LOAN OK $20,0.0 ON flRST BONO AND ii ntortsige on Bouse and Lot in the heat part " 'tie <f.?, wortb #:<5,00t?: interu-t ^eml annually and not to e* e?d per <Mot per annitm: no eotnuilaalon allowed. Prioc'.pM* pieas* aditiv.4s. stating lowest interest d nianded. M . w?. box Sit Hera d ofttce. WANTED? 1200 IN CASH, FOR WHICH AS I Ml-.. re-.tln oae of the ino=! uoi'u'ar enterta n ?tcn ? ?> ha dsy wil! be riven, now a)>out to v:vt the different ws'eriuij place* The whole entertainment is conduefod b> on* sin gle at last. Apply at 98 West for ty- first street. nrm TO ??<* wanted-kob- whjo% a liberal interest will be ciiid. to inciea*e a b.isinet* alr<*aly established; or an active, intelligent a,aii w .th the shove amount will be taken a? partner Atfft e?? for tbroe days K. W.. Hersld office. <?- (Win CASH WANTED? BY A YOUNtt MAN OF ?vtltvvv uubiemlghed character, and who?e roK >onsl bllity needs only tr. l>e confirmed bj Wromtug n <| ;ui ?il with him. The cause for the actual necrssttj *i:' iu y explAlucd wlih nn interview. Satlsfsittorj referem - ^iven and secirlty If needed, with good lnterc-t. Addrc s for tw t days <1. Cee'dar, flei-ald otiice. ? TO LOAN? ON BONO AND M<?KT gn^s: interest en )?r '-out; no lii-oWnm** charged. Apply to CRAM A ROBINSON, ?' Nen- York. $20,000 t-r six r kk CE.v i. $300,000 .? on Nw Vork* i ty uroperty. JOSEPH MASi?, Kio. 6'# Piitt tt., roonn 1U atj<t II, NlliimtY ANI) VAVAL,. MK.N' ENROLLED LIABLE TO HE DRA'TEIJ banker*, merchants and itlient, sj..uM ant; ipi? t.-* rtraff and pro1 uvc subaUuttn- now Tho? ? wtio Ue ? v ? a. drsft n'tual > takeeplace ?i then have g ? ? v> few dm to find or e iu and mar. * will br i.*li ? in je- - nan in DM Enter voi r natnea at once. SnMftiaiei prot ided and oxeiup'on papers for tniee v? ?. o -lined irarn imiiimi marshal* ot any district. RsipteaeniMtrc r??crn.: - f i. . n. ><l foi iiny lady or gentleman. R?fercii<"ei ^ivcti tv m ichan' * and banker* 01 w'1 known lilfli *und nj. v p t Captain COMBS. .'OLiapensrd strci-t, nsa- Krealwu i',r. rulsrseent to anv address. B wl: u m-n w;;i intrt ? *t. | vaatageouk to cull. VLL DISCH ARGED SOLDI!. ICS WISHING To JOIN the Jpvallil Corps ami is! "> lionutv, i*n all on I WASHilOHN i WoRRALL, iSio* ' ?< ay, ne..: C.<?>n bei* street. I A N" ALIEN CAN HAVE SIM C iSU RIuHT DOWN i J 1 to day. to tto a> a ?i;bsiitute. Sraoen alien* mit , reive the ?ame to go in the navy, t ail m ,nr g?"< 'iv -,o r, | rwihird avenue. A' X AT. (FN CAN HAVE ?M?t CASH TO (i<> A - A substitute Seat, en it ?eni.? can have t, ?*!> ? o ,-e I in tbe ra v. Cal- at Pr 8 WAN s ?.r*?d -neei I corner of Mow ery. between the lion: ? <>f 4 aud 1* A M. AJt ALIEN* CAN HAVE ISM CASH DchV.V, TO a - i:li =? i ; -,e S*?men (a icna ?u teeei a -am* to go id the i,av. . Call hetwc.'n the lieitt> o: 7 and 12. a; j 114 fourth avenue, near Twe'ftb reet An alien ca.i have cash down to-i?a < ?togoata substitute ?n"irtt ot !*" \ear* >? io inrr l by call ng at the ?tot , Nu t" Vton'comerj sirse Jersey City 'wo au<l Iu bl ? ? abo?? lae Ir.'i.', be. twesn the hotii'j of 7 aud 1 o'clock. All oood men wishing to ioiv thf. army or ni<rv will 1 nit It to their ail ..ntaj- m .-all oti -ne a' So. 2 W art-en Mreet. and 1 v. U gtiatan ee tie , th ? 1#V .<? t oun'y paid In this clt ? Appl teWARREX KLINN Nn. J Wai rca street, near Broadway. A MAN VTA NTS TO GO AS t SVHSTtTlTK FOR ANT man Who l? drafted The liii <rf b ti y swlit No ac?nt* need apply. Addt?as E If , hoi Ii* Hen l \.NV GOOD MAN WISH I Nt4 TO JOIN 1I1B AliVT uR ua.'y will lind t to b a ad ? an use t>. ra . at -rner OflHoutb and Fiilton slieeu. 1'he T line* ra>.fi bonnt e* paid a>h fn band as ?oc n a- ra-ied b? the do ut. Rrniem ber tbe r'ace i-orner of Sut h an.: fttUon stre*i?, A HOT' AltMT. NArr * t D MARIM CORIS -9HT men wniited Immertiately. >K?'. (4 ik and ].ald. Ten iten wanted for rfpresenttllte* W/i var tu? . large s*. anao<int < f hand ir n?\ pa a b? any i?Ce? iu Ine i - t. . Ay* ) a* tha I u ted 8iat?s A, hi ?ci \?> i At. -i. . .m l"u - tor street and III Biosdwai, raom ? . ft.' Army, navy amd uarivk ? r.Rpp -?>, _v olox leer? an.1 substi'iites wstt ed. ?to* cash bountr pa d [ ThrMtbbaiii itaa wanted to ds? Still Stnu and ? i nh [t.?gn. Parnea hringltig men wi.lhe oald the ,g ? s-,i? n: of baud nion-T pa.d at an- oflt ? m tiie nl' < Ap ??? at t e Ko igtf. fgy, Al?j and Jfary Agra y 111 Maitsu street uj I stain ATTENTIO!?.-?MO CAHM-NO DKi KJ'TION TiiLUN feers and Substitute* wanted for th* at ray and nan i , Ail inrotiuslion cbeerfnllv gt*r ? at > o. ? Centre street, hi atairs, sign of the Flag LRt A RO.hI.TN'R frlnclpa'l r?rni?b>d * .th substitutes ai t ? rates AV A lil UN WANTKP? TO UO At Kl'BSTIl I TK. TC wbont $ i'.Vi egnh la baud w Hi Pa paid. Ai p ? lie ween y and I'J >. ock at Re. 7 Rontgoinst* street, ,ler?ev City on* blaitk troui tbe ferry, in Die segar sl.>re AT TIIR KINOB COVKTT RRCRITIT?Na ofkick. iv, Atlsetic ttrfst. Brook ti, Ihehighes' h nut. -a ra? . in bsnd, are paid far ai bran liea of theserrl.v, Reeru ?* pieeenttng tbeinselvee will racatse the '.oantr ami al.tUe he no money Rreiert will be paid lliieiallr forhnnkug men. We deal fairly with all. C-une and ea-iifr ro ,teer?ee. Coaie early snd avoid the rmh. a hcbstiti tf watitrd -apfi.t AT ill rntv A ber? street. The blgbeet prtee naid. ATA RRASOXAtLF. PR!' E-SKTRRAL RF.I.lABI.h men. who hare undergone aa nam na ton n? a ear (eon and are not iiab> to the dratt, rspraaent reapnna epeitienwho wish to aend suhstitntna ar tsiireseautt. -at to the war. Addrest I'niou. boi Ui Hnrald oltl -e A FEW MORE OOOD MEN WAKTRD FOR A IIRAVV artU'.er* regiment doing itariiaon duly In lha harbor. <>cod men will be promoted. Also a sergeant a good en,, a bl" man 9625 will he paid rot volunteers wPh ebo n* of leitment Relief f?r family. Apple at mrnei Rriadwav and Dusne street. In the saloen Capt. O H. I'RAR' K. Ht)BiTITDTE WARTRD -AD0RRH8, STATING terme, 8 W . Herald odice A' " St oood man wamtiro a mo PRfCR to ror, unteer In tny plac* this morning <-sn g?t it If h?i> ready to go at enee Call at tbr ntf ce of Ine llnwai d Hell Company, Ctd Broadway BUREAU OF SI'RGICAL EXAMINATION* H)R i T *ene aubjeet In draft, anhotititea and ?o inueie, re emits eiamlned for brokers. Dr POWRLI#. surgeon tn charge. Kefereoeas ? Marot Ounther, ei Msyor Op Wke, P. I, A Boole, City Inspector. OBiees Re. (> Chambers *' BRORPR9 ARD OTniRS ,'IAtlNH MEN KOR TIIP army er naey ean reeeiee $V>> each for them st the Arm* and Rav*,Ofnee fS .faesia street Wegt*eamsn himtelf the ettne amount Ho fsllnte or humbug. CAMP.ROR RIFLES? COf, OR EL S. M. F. f.f IOTT commsadlnz. Fifty relaaieeca wants I Imtnerfla-ele f"r rompanr A or tbl* fine new regiment now erganlring te this city. KplepilM ohaneee for protnot on for veterans and rci ijit* joining this new rejimanl Protnol i ina made from th' ranks The rentment will be ofllcered hy mi-n ? Hn bate seen serric* In tlia field, and lbs men wt'l be we|| earet lor If igheat hounlles paid lo trolnnieara. lu'J nt ,| to an? or?a bringing a renr i t. Apply at Ro. 428 Bioalw \y. New York. COMPANY 0, NINIH RIUIMKN'T N. <J, 8. R. T , 6H Brordwar.? Young men a>e intlte l te Jo n this com pany, whick Is aaw reorganising The compaay rooms will be opened e. err Welnesdar evening, from R to 9 ? clork, and a committee in atten^ante ?o reeelre the appll ca'ina* of such a* may lie dcatrous of becoming memhere. Applicants will be lequired to glee aatufaotnry refereaoaa as t.i character and respeeUhlhte rRAVT INSORAHCR OFFICE NO. 247 RROADWAf. Inmiranrn against Iraf! fur one year. $100, for two ye are $IV), for Uiree rears, f in all ihe Statee Pre mi ii 'ne not to be paid until after the .Irafl Thte onire af foiila all taoae table to the draft an opportnnitjr to procure a anbslltiile. In nsse they are drafted lor ti e above named premium#. Seud for ciri n a'a givlai full particular* ALrKl'l) KKRHHAW, Proprietor hlOR THK CfTV AND COI'NTT OF NEW TORK ? Broaera rtianera and all other* hrlng ng substitutes io me will reieln Ji.'i ft cvli down lor ea> h man, afte' luSflug the doctor Applr loj. WAIlttKR IMNN. N?. t Warren street, near Hruadwav * UiMTAHl Alp J? I^KIIITB DIHTKICT.-OKNTIjBMRtf J*vLDiSfc.I,5 l\ ibe ii t:liieeu;fc. fwAnUath aid Twialft. j the ill i* New *ork. ooiupr ?ia? me Mgbtb di Irict or tk- Slaw, wl I Im> f?, nl*h#.| promptly B.ibaiituie* end (Mir Biempt ou Paper* (tor ttrnif TTi_*' cc rwili pro-ii'iwt, h? torwardloi theli or Jen to the *JDr? of tb? MeiohantK' Hauler* and Q on oral Kepreaentat,*''' Volunteer Aaao-iation, 43d Mroadway. Mew York. N H ? Money (nvable oalv when tbe represent tlhre la film ahed and the ecmptlnn import aeeniftJ. L,a !iea with In to arnd a re; re?eniaiive to the army will have their order* promptly att^n.led to and will have precedence. Tfcie K. Iita dl?irlct. nuder the superinteiidfaue of faptaui B Y Vantiii're, I'rovost Marshal. la furnishing<? m t* n m Una wiit tlian nay oth?r dmr 01 la t'.ie Mute. and with ounliuuod energy will probably ft I ita quota without a draft Moat of the representative* have been procured by the Merchant!'. KankHiV and General Bepreaentatlve Voluuteer Aaoclatl >u office, Ud Broadway, New V ork. _ I GRNRKAL MILITARY AfJRNOf -A VR8TKR OP fee I3J !-prli<f atreet, basement. New York; T. BAR?iN, sub agency, 805 Prune atreet. Philadelphia, for New Orieana, Teiaa, Virginia, and Tennessee Bounty $W fjr volnn teers and ch dee of reclinenta and departments Broker* and other* liberally doalt with. ? ne ml e from tlmfe'rV '? 2, the city of fiudson M r near the Court House rart,M will oali at <b0 Oil/ Hail', 1WANT A KUHSriTUTB. AH B WI1.L PAT TUB highest eaah in hand bouuly fot an itUeu Apply w U Brewer, 203 Broadway, room No. 8 III A V R BERN DRAPTRD IN BROOKLYN. AND M fig r send a mttn in my placo A handsome lionu* will be paid caxh down ($7005, a* I nnnn! I^nve my buatneei Ca'.i aa early as possible al 116 Broadway. a?v.oud; biok oflioe. MBRCQANTS, UANICRR8' AND OENBRAL fOMfN. tecraud Ktiliatfttilp A *a<K'.lal>'<n. office 128 Bro*rtv>av New York ?1.0QO volunteers wanted Immediately 91% nsi I to nny one brini'InR it recruit Hlghe-it bounties paid to re orulta on panning eiatmnai'.on No delay No Monav paid t lglitdowu Apply at tho ofBue, US Broadway New Yuik New yobicor icings count? '3 -all prr^o."*^ draft'.! or Vs'ile to be drafted In either of tke above named counties, who *iaii i.o procure substitute* on ha ton ab'e term* :ied lie honorably riea.t. with, will pleaee addra-s Lawyer, Box 131 Herald otUen Pttt'r.Ka Livrw.t in new voit?t crrr wiirin . to ?>? reprewu'.ed in tbe army >r navy fji the nc<t thr-e v^arj cau do b< >y applying it '. i ; oot-ier of 8auta aa.l Pulton street* up ata ri 1>ECRUIT3 ANO StfB3TIT(/TE-t <!AN 0H008R AN? W recuestof cavalry, lu^ntry ar artillery, aud vlli re o^w U c??h iiid goveriiin 'Ut boiuiU.-a Come w:lh wife orlrienl if "O'l v.-uii-don't truti Mliarpcr* CtfD.e lirect to rantaiu COMKS, so iiUpeaard aueet, toai Broadwav. wbj i-eiera to m ?rchatiw i' the'. linn and -vut i j no man LS UBBTlf UTES aOlUinrr.";* JSCBSTtT'J TBS. ? > VOLi NTllEr'ti VoLi NlRKRH 70LUNTRRR3 gubatitilej wau'ed, by the u',!l orif.oa*. j- bautotr broker, WM H. PSCKHAK wlio Has ail In opened hli oillc-t *r 13S w mh:ai-0T 'ji.iv-''. (loboken N J., for 'be p'i:-poae t>f dlling tip the ,u>t? ?>. Hvdsoa co-intr. ui will pif tba lituhisf pr m far aubatitiites fttiiO to *& joon upuM I by ui ?m or mod D? humbug about it. (. -ratoitaKe quartej t ftit-u:si>ed >uu; principal are procured. Doc. (oije' the nuoi u-r. lf>5 Washington s'.re<-' Hoboken. PRCKHAM t ROBBItrS N B -Tf#^, tgd M:lm will ila ?4l) By atvily I114 beioi?- calling elaewbere. ?< 50 nre wmm<i rntui : ?;< A. so em nptiou papers titald out prjinptiy . OUBSTITt (K< PUT INTO THK NAVT AN.^WK* FOR ?T/ men .1 rafted in the army, and are eajiir eni^lo- i. ffa ar<* iiea-. t,ie navy yaid !??.?? ail are f-.rnishimi '.wentf aubatHmee to the n > y ever f day. aud will outran to tttJT* Uiaii rifty substitute* ea -h dar afte* this weak. RK.l HRN \<>SK. S-ame:<s Kant. No. I#.'. York street* Br^aiya. CUBSTtTCTES WANTED FOR OS K, TWO ORTHitBE scars; so <o. ateers '-vented for rue arm,' ? i ?.?/?. W > ,?-.- t?i* li ?' ????? tsh bHUilPD in the dtr i'nn- va:a wli! Iiu1 .1 ti< tUi if In!- es* to cal a? BE.ATTY Jk t'O s. :d8 atree* NY: !W Pulton street. Hrooklyn: -J.1 Alar i'liirfu S.J. N B.? We will oa? *2 W band ctton^r to any ueraou It i Intfi.'i a siiwMnulc to :htt oflice. CUBS'TITI'TRS Fl'ENISHEO TV ANT KCMRER? BT ? houorab v an t t-el able "art a1 x rea-onabe pri-e. A:?i? T ?! -'?< t'na n^icra atreet roxn K<>- "t> stairs > B.? a n umber or lOfi men (aliena) now on kand. oi'B.?Trn:n:a now on hand for thokf who C ?PI.I. ij ''ill N SOS .* DOLMAN', No 13 Uiaii rttee:, n -a: 'ir fflrrr. WlltUmaburg, K. V. QVBSTlTl'TBS I'HOMPVtY KI'R.VISlIKD KOK TUB Oct an i e-intv o!" Ne\s York. )te: hant< huJ o: ler^i wlsittua relub.? turn as ati)isii:<ite< can procure i Usui at icon uut'ieana on ;.i?nofl nts -jnablc terina. kr app..vlBg t? .1 W'AUnf.N 1 LINN. Nj Wan en I .. near Broaawav cm its-i irr Ti s '.vir.r. br r?.:n $.*tv at tht: oericfc O N" C !? a be s'ree: for tit - ? ? P: 'tt ipa's nan >>? iruishkd w'th s-ilts iyte? on t ?> ????>!? irrtua. Ki.n nets w t'ie best v.r ce? tor m-t- '.'We >?s a <mU CAPT. DE PA3.S ,t ( 0. cji'ii i ir&rr.j x'rmisijro kor the c|r* Avn 0 on. - New York, at abort na'i ?? N B.? Htimner* 1 I i .1 4'| Hi a J v. ay, ro"'u S. CM BStrrt'TK WANTED. ?TO RITHBR VRTRRAN OR .< ?.i ? |.a; l t'ie !. vbeat e.i-u pre>iutmi. Apply thu da- a 3t|le .*1, talrd ilooi. CU?iSf I JUS J'ROMiTLT B0PPI.IEU AT A BE* a ,n ? A l mar ils nj ott . .ft t 'a' mftr ai d ' -l.e b",' Vet:- n ?>i tb" exefnptlon pap'-r* ure inwnrail. t a a- ?!??? a jt ? IJS h eventh ? eet, corner ?>' Stxtlj ?\e ? CJl'BRTlTl TIN I'WENISHEt> KdR BROOKLYN AM) | wi.ii ? .ti .?r *i'?. Ht ine 8nb>utule A-seno H7 ; Ki"'Ut\TA>, :>.oui -J. Alao, Bul'Uit 'ilea for Nem Jefney fur 1 .i tae I' M 'ral A.i'DC. 7 I xobanga Pia'-?, Jpraty | i i . i) 'itas fin- towns protnpi!'- t; ' -J at ! in rates. i Ol'RsTCTOTKS FI*KSIBHHI> ?PAHTIK8 I.TVIN.J IN I t . ?,t. i' Ht 'O*' a c >a promptly supplied at tU; Ann) an J Na-. i.lU' s. W Nti-ai street. rp.ii new York army na\ v eecri ittno 1 ton an* No. 'i t uambers s'reot. hn? sen eslas'i'h"d *r ? . ?? U? ri (mi- rcli 'i le otlice In\ wber* tVi? , h her vo ireet w?u: -tlt-f* and prim Ipas. ? t? -i .-.t , "t 'rafte I or ev. nip', w ' reeeise fisir and notiu'kb tveatmaat. Kverv Mga^ru.tnt made stlli ue ?. pi. iua y lu!?l>d. PnaaipaiK mrnished at Ui< sbortaat n it ? * .i c" . ?uitu'l n??n. wlia have b i-n piariftislj- ex .. ,,i i*l i . #ipT.##ce1 ? i;eoii. Jad.'IJ ? lu ?tiy i, ? ? Mie f>-ate dai. i..n ? tn it ml atlt ;;ea f m?<lere? In M ? an i Mie r escmption papers fo i wirded. Ve e i?n-. v int" : - aad i-'ib?Ut?te* tr.aied'lke men and 'ue h; juea pri eou'alne A spec a! departaaant I* tletale.l to ir?, , ? '? t !?? navy, (toaniandiiift olhxira of tke anu? ca ,i iuve ti. irSM#a?i atlOBIJ.i ed p tl.. ? Kb ?? :? af -nii ef. r? ? o i. s? th y ? Aim aul Navy Kecf ii| |. in : (' hi. ? i Nil. II C'liambers it " '; rrr.N' I'Bi'VaTII < KNTLEMKN WANT BCBBTITUfHS.? I r?i n.u tin gn ,n tl>" srnn or nnvr. Tkts li.^nc t i, ??., ii . -i-b v p| r at tke New Xork Mate v'ol'iutrsr 4>.d * i-t ? ? 1>?. v.. ISC r?ua -'.reet, between the Howry .it>d< v- ? ? .<???.. Car-. ?'/?. WI.EC^ Manager. flMIRKK SI I IT1 TE8 % \NtEf' -$l 800? FOE THE I en? he ... i! - f'een 'd-ed do srs w! be pi i -u ii e in o aerrt e to orei not Mugs rouittT. Ap j. t i ? ; litn.r \ H A! LK\ . it Hee* ma a : eat. A 'or. I N TKF WAN I KO-KOR THE ARMY AND \ na. v.r ?: . 'i-st -ask buaa'.'C? )?*:<:. A:<o mei for ,, . ^ . n? es a- r.eiseri b e rates AppJ; at _ , , n? r of Nil- Bi irtr In the stete T'OMXTEIRM WANTEP? FOR THH AKMT AND V n r I h.. lest cas'i bouulies jjtld. Alaoaaenfnr ii - - ' -1 ? I- , utes a- t> lowest at"? Ti e btC-i-st ? ii i pa - ' n nnars U. inking man. O "? e, Rnmilton one b'o k : n il Ha . iton f-rr> , S' ::b Btooklya. \'OI.! N i K ? AND SCB8T1TCTB*? TBIiltfMF.N. > lie in a i * an Veteran s<-wanted Hifcli?s? cash and fore me at es ) a* ' prompt r rt-n re o' Infantry, ? : a r) tno ait "t t ?en I' not be de elred by ilisrpe:s A 'i.;.? t.n-i't o i ap'Ain COMBS, JO Lifpcnard ? tree I, .ira. Hru* war. IV ANTED- TWO -MEN. ALIENS. TO 00 AS SI H 1? sii'utf T! e blgbe-' bounty * be ps.'t Apply at s; Mgifraik ht. terse; l.'ity. before 10 o'clock A M. VtT AM F.O? FOR tJNITRP STATK< NAVY, 81 WEN. Ii ?? at ?'?amen. UndS'iiea. t ri'iaeii and eoali isier-; ? >i h ? pa d n?.ide? pri/e money. Aip .r to I'll -o' - ?'i . ig oal.e rornef of York *t an i ll< d-on a- . Brook yn. nirtlea fee nfmg recndtl wftl be libera ' dealt \V ANTKD? I WO OOOD MEN FOR THE ARMY ^R ? t narr, as snbstitntes. fur who'n me blgbe*! bouati will be patd, i- ish ia band. Inquire a( Ibe Kran'Mn llo i?? i" Con's mil at: set, TVANTll>-KOR tff blockade *kipm. tre ?? V.indei 't'l and o'h?rs. landsmen sestnen. '>sip>?? e a. Iisu ? i anil n'nera; a eo men for tbe army. Th- b /u r-l be nil e? p*. da a? West a:.. rora?r oi Alban*. hi aiaire, ?IAMKU A Hi . Agents. fl ' ANTED? ir.IflHMEN. ENOMSHMF.v. Hi 0T? H, s? (J?t -naiis. flinch sn t men or ? I as' Dualities in >n. list a? ro'oou-er*. The hlgbeat bo ate laid ea< i in hand, on pe??t?t the lie-tor. Re ir tl<-keta for fauillies. Asenis wi ie'-e*'-e the Inihes'. premiums A opts a- Hie Merchants', Bankers anl Oeaera Vo' ialeer a'ul H'tii-l ttite Association, f ' re 4.1 Hi 'i-ina<, 5. \ W \NTFP? fMMJ. DtATRLY, 100 MFN K<iR THE ONI SI >e,i' ? ?er? r?. to x ? a??iibeiltMtes or ro'iinteere; tn|? Is a ?re s' ? hsuee 'or one sear s men. Oall and aee for jranrseises a' No. l: Cha?ii>ers stieet. Captain J. DtPASN. 1(1 ALtRNs WANTRH?TH1R MORVfKO, FOR THE I v arm na ? or mar ne corps : tke highest boimiy and hand moner paid at III Nassau atieet. O/l MEN WANTED TIM DAT AS VOM'NTRRRS and Sob.tit'itea ?The bigheat bountiea ttaid, rash in band Hie i-botca of reg menta. Applv to WM. JAT Mar ehal, Nu i.teracr row. or at A. O. Row s oTioe, blue atone jatJ. lent of Washington street. Hohoken, E. J. i in hood srnsTiTFTF* can be ruRNi?nr.r? Jj ft tbiadssat 1% Vo-k aires- R:?oklsn. by Iniulilag <ii MlDUfiEYON * rAY!it?R. But d.H?r ontslde Nas? Yard gale, novth wlrt*. _____________ O- AI.IENS WANTED IMMEDt ATELY-AT TflE ?l?neial Un* d States Iteer nling nlflce to go as s t ?stll'ites for g-n:?rmen liable t? draft Also ie- rnlta for i*f ments now in thefle'd Highewt b<vm"e? paid Oall eatljr on M >nda<, c raei af WhltaMd Oenlre etreeta Colonel M M. CHOrirt A 00. C! 1 /in A NO VPWAlDf HANI) MONI Y I'Ain TO ?MUU anr one bringing a ? ibstil te. H glieat rash and Kir. e* -iment K?:itltles pat! lo tlie rocrif.t. Apply to Captain COOMBS, ?' I. apenard atreet, nrar Broadwa.i. 100 MKN W*NTEI>-rOR TftE ARMT OR ftAVT. Hiah ea?li bountiee t?a'4 O'd Eonish. Iriab or <ie>msn aotdiera aor-epiad. rifty men wanted to das. $:i.(?^?pri/e rnonev baa ?>eeii ma le b? sie man Apply at tbe Bounty, ray, Army and Nary Ageney. Ill Kasiau alraet, up .v.alra __ __ <SinA *0 f? HAEO MONET TAIO AUENTS OR 5>l.UsF rnnaern for sai'jateers for tht* eltr. Ten men WMi'ad to^a?, the highest bonntr rasli down aa soon as pa'se t ar the doetor Apptf at Broadway an r:n '"aid rmnnf.rr for thp.rr ykam v^s JPAslis in the Ifuited 8fates Nasy ? Wo pay re'rnitatlie highest b<vinti?s Applf at IT ''hirtinr, roam No t lQATH IIKOIMBNT NR* YORE VOMJNTFItR, IO!l Oapt t'OHnS neadq'iarler* K? Lisp'uard S'r?ei Reernlts wanted t.'amri at tba beautiful sit *as of Kin. ira. N T. Iflgbest naah and government bixintlas pai-L Bon rommiaaioaed ofbrars wanted AO(in BOUNTY full ON P. YKAK IN nih ' ? > r TtD htataa Narf ; iwid rut<ners lad latnen, a.-* men. flremaii and green liai.ds wsuted ikis diy atlTD Obateam etreel, Mhlpplng offlea, roam Nu 1 *4 HQ BOOMTY -ROW II TlfR TIM R tOAVofl* aitWO the romlag drafl Mi n waited for tbe Knitrl Hlaiea Nasy this das. Appr at the reanlar ?hlpp or oilioe corner ?i I eses aad Uraad atreets Biilil to en - pei sua bringing a recruit. Cepiain WaLI.a'.k Lieut acttATFRR MIMTARr AMD HA VAX* 9>C||A CASH IN HAND rOB SUBSTITUTI ?W"U Ohoux- or regiment* also five aliens wt ?erve aa s?WtituM? for a fair prtf* Dratted men or liable to be dra ted are furnished with substitute a la C 1 NOONAV corner of Cauai street ?uj Bo* wader CibioM' *a?iag? Bant CASH DOWN WILL BR PAID FOR ??! ?vW tiiiit or veteran Substitute, army or navy i a. ,J$I Fultiw street, Brooklyn, ooofecl.onar; mora. ?rrvn s?*8fI down to voluntekrs a WuUu 9t>*ttwtM array or narf. Apph at the om< the Kiu.1 rj liNUfl. W Whitehall street, iy? one flight ?taira, naar South far/. Ask for SPENOEB. d>r.nn cash down willbb paid fobthi< gJclV/U aliaa* to go aa ?iibstUutas In the arm r or m No substitute broker or runner need apply Only mil tutea tlienjselvea appi j immediately at tha Ocean lloust Koblpaou street tfjKOC CArtH IN RAND, KOR SUBSTITUTES. AL ?P?/jy three aliens, to whom a lar<e caah bounty be paid. Oholee of regiment guaranteed . Larue nrenil End to runner* We pay all we adwrtise and no ded on Call early at 236 Qiand street, near the Bo* err. WILSON k C< cr4r>n -A aUB8TlTH WANTED? FOR THE AR! or navy; tor which ?550 cash will be paid: brokers tiaed a??|>h\ Inquire of GALLUP. NEWK.IB* CO 137 Re.ta?i street CASH IN HAND. WILL BR PAID TO alien substitute to nerve in my place. Call at li White a. 197 Broadway, up stairs. -3ix UBH WANTKD THIS DAT AS VOL! tPOUl/. terra. Choice of service. Relief to famil AUo JiJi) 'or the navy, cash down. Apply at the Pater Hjuse 75 Oortlaa it street BOUNTY.? $2(10 HAND MONRT PAID an person bringing a recruit for arm V '>r n? ,i!?, S'.tMi tnte* liirulBhed tor $100. Colored men taken i -17 Hroi lway, room 'ft, and at No. 7 Exchange place, Jer ; Oity EACH-CASH DOWN. FOR TEN Ml .jlD'Jw aliens, as substitutes, at No. 7 EichangspU Jersey City, up stairs. dfcQKrt CASH IN HAND. -WANTED TWO OOi men this day, for any branrh of the gern naval or military. Apply before enasgiug elaewhere, at Bnadw?y. rjo'ji No 8, up three flights. OMYlf1 BOONTY.-$SOO CASH TO VOLUNTEKRRt ?IP?7j.V> No.v is the time to avoid the draft $'.i5lioun Slfi'i 8*8*1 for o:ie yenr Choice of service. At No. 7 ) obaag* place Jeisey City, up stairs. 1 AAA RECRUITS WANTKD-FOR TUB A KMT, I .IJUU AT 17 BROADWAY. $4tJ0 :i.u in jand pa.d ea^h man. l.JOJ reterana wanted for the army, AT 17 BROADWAY. $400 Mti In hand paid each man i.tWO seamen wattled for the nary, AT 17 BROADWAY. :i) jbj'i in hind raid each man. 1.900 landsmen warned In the navy, AT 17 BROADWAY. yvx) cash In tianl paid each man l.?J flremen wanted for the narr> AT 17 BROADWAY. $**> 3??:> in hand ;>ald each man. 1.000 coalpaaaera wanted far the n?fy, AT 17 BHOADWAY. ? ?>?oa*h in hand p?M each mm J?>i. otm.ui i > tins uillre to enllat can rely upon obtalali the m??' h oaorable treatment, upon receiving the mnn oilm-td la t'uUa upon choice of regiment and arm, with* humbug or imposition Come and ace for youraelvef C Hce open l'rom 7 A. M. to P. M. ?|J0 hand money w, be pa : I to an v man woman or ohi'.d bridging an I cep-able re. ruit to thi? office. <k1 AAA -ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH ( Vl<''vv? the spot Two men for the armv or nai who w ! reeetse liia above sum. cash down, at the An aal Navy tHa.aa ollce, OS l-'ultoa ?ueet. y 1AO CASH DOWN WILL REPAID FORTH ahem to go as Kub^tltutes in the arm* n it/ no substitute brokers or runners need apply <>i the aub^' t'itei tb-nne ?e?. Apply Immed'ateljr at .'3 No ark ai'eo.-.e, Jersey City. RICHARD A. WOOD 9MA ? TWO LADIES, DESIROUS OF 81IOWIK ?Ul .?UU. thu'.r devotion to the Rlorrou* Stan a S* ' i.wi. propose sending reureaen'-auvoa 10 the war. App Main wiit i?e well provided for and promptly paid. Addrr Lujatty. box 4. Mi Poet ufllce. fiAA bot-nty, cash r* hand, as soon , tpliOU" yo > prmthe ductor on board the H>ilp. I tour gool mot:: men between the age* of twenty and foi >ear?. lor mc I'nlttd Siateo Navy; thev must be a'ien* a not liable to draft. Apply immediately at Mr PHI"! KIN.N'S SUiK>iiiB oJO-v Iji Ymk street, Brooklyn, f" ilooi > from >aw Yard gate. Thoae bringing men m< liberally lea': w'-.'i . <5S> 9AD bounty paid -wasted, four ru ,T>? atttviaa, >.h!a day Ar:nv or navy. Appl> 1>R! scOoL'.S ? .i:'p,ng odice. corner of York at. and IK a >n ar.. neat Nary raid Broaklyu. A A Si. -three mkn wanted, to whc 1:tO, t'>l? amount wt't be paid, If availed for t? liie i ate^. Ven of all natl >nalltie? wanted ?? ?nb?titn|e a no invalid* tor the corp*. Call at 422 Broome at. lO 000 V0LC"TERM Ranted, TO RLi'KKSKNT TUB . COUNTY 0?~NKW t DBS IN TUB ARMY. COUNTY HOOifY, TH REE- HfNDRKD DOLLAR#. flsnd mnrev? Ponnt.r to new recruits or .veteran* $ t'nMed Stste-i 10 now recruit* Umiel States to retarans 'ill* County Volunteer Committee, under instructions the Bonn! of Supervisors. having flTled a'.l quotas under i rails up to th's time, have resolved to recommence the biu i.ess of recru. ting for the mrmy. with the view of ratal! the quote In anticipation of a new call by the President f< men. Kf rtin will be received an formerly at tlie aereral Pr kost )' irabai'' oflicee, at Tammany Ball, and at the Count Ve'-nteer Room* In the Pnrk. corner Broadway and Chan ber* street. The following are the various Provost Marshals" OUces: Konrth District? Captain Joel B. Erhardt, Bo. 104 Libert: otrer t K.riii Disiri' t? < apta n Henry P. West, corner Broom aiui CiOH '.v s'.rot ?. Siith n;?tr|.-t? Captain Kostcr, comer Sixth ave nue a? Tkiiteeatk street. Me enth u, strict? Frederics C. Wagner. No. 63 Thir atfppe. ris ith District-Benjamin r. Manterre, Bo. 1,303 Broad way. Miath District? Wm. Dunning, corner Forty-aeventh sires an<1 Br.S'iw**. All remits will receive in their own hands the Count; Bounty of #:?*? ?nH *ny party bringing a Reorult wH taralve a t'onnty Premium of $30, la oast). for every maa wliatiiei new Recruit or Vetersn. and a certMeat?> entltltnt the '"si-ei to t ie United Statea premium af BIO far a saw Recruit and $1* for a Veteran _______ w C GODFREY GUBTHEB. Mayor. _ MATTHEW T. BREBNAB, Comptroller. ORISON BLUNT. (Mipervtarr. . w iii {.i am M. TWBBD. Jnpervieor. RliUsH r. PURDY, Supervisor. William b stewabt, s upervisor. ' rammlllel nn VnlttnUnrll SSilVF* > of Commute* Committee on orisoi . Chairman af __ Bste.l Vr* Y.Klg, .Tal? 4. l?i. - - 1ft (WWI ?*?"? WANTED ro* THH ABMY, HAT1 J.O,""U" an ! msriiie corps; a ?e bo \e waited, about If ?ea-sold; |4iH)ca?h in hand to voiunteere aad subetltntaa *nr p*r?in Urm in* a recruit to thla oflloe will raa^'va n?? $.?' to two Apoiy at Bo. 6 Bsst Broadway, corner of rine "reel. Captain BOLAB, Lieutenant LANIOAH. LOAM OVVICBIi A T B IlYWxTB f,58 BROADWAY, CORNER Of J\. Bond street, .-coin No. 6, 1 will pay the highest prtaa fur Osmonds. ?e: ar unset, Watches aad Silver Ware, a* will advance rash on the above articles. 6M Broadway. rornar of Bond street. AT AIM-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED OB DIA moods. Watches, Jewell v. Bilver Plate, Ouns, Platola *'? , Ac. Also Pawnbrokers' Tickets wanted of Diamonds Wat'-hee, Jewelry, Onn?, Pistole, Ac,, for whloh I will pay MU per i-ant moia than aan be obtained at aay other place la the fitr Broadway. aaraar af Uoustoa street, up stair** r.>?m Bo. 5. . At 77.- MONEY LlBRRAIiLY ADVANCED AT 77 OB DIAMONDS. WATCH ISS. JRWKLBY, PIANOS, FUltBITCBB. Ac. ALSO, AT 77, PAWNBBOKERS' TICKETS WANTED At 7T On Oiamonda. Watohes, Jewelry, An., sad a higher price paid than can be obtained el an y otkar i? ace la the city, at 77 Bleroker *treet. up *talrs. AOYANCBS MA OB ON WATCHBS. DIAMONDS, .tewalrr. Drv tionds aad Personal Property of every description, or the name bought and sold hr J. A. JACB* HON. Broker and Commission Merchant, 111 Grand street, two doors west of Broadway. 1T4M BROADWAY. BOOM A ?CASH ADVANCED ON J\ Diamond*. Watches. Jewolry, Ouns, Pistols, Ae. Ale* Pawnbrokers' TtrVete bought far Diamond*, Wstehea, .teweirv, Un*?. Pistale. Silks, Fara, Ac., at 4M Broadway, WATCHER, 4BWBLRT, AC. AT f>r?. W ATCflPS. Ol AMONDU, .1 KW KI.RT, SIiTyBA Flete, Onos Pistols, Ac . bought ?I will pay tno par rent more i ban ran be obts!ae>| at snv other place in tha city 1*. B ? Al?o Pawnbrokers' Ticket* wanted for the ai>"?*art'!sl?e. at ihe ssme rale. Broadway, corner af Houston (treat, up eta<re, room A. DIAMONDS. OLD GOLD AID SILVRB. .^'ouo'oJff.D AND S1I.VRH. Tersoa* who wish to noli Diamonds, old Oold, Silver, *r en? k;nd of old UshioneH Jewe'rv, g" to IjOUIS ANRIoll, 7i3i Hraadwsv. A positive fact, he pays Ik) per eeni mora than any other persoa Established In New York since tba a I'liinulrsiin of iiie late Martia Van Buren. Make a* sslstske? 7^S BroS'twa.v. under the New Vork Hotel. DIAMOND-THR I.AROKST AND HANDSOMEST Oi.imond In ihe Toned 8'stes Is now for sale cheap for eash. Amateur* are r*n nested to c?U, for the dlam?n<l aoiistba said: welatie I* catats. and handsomely monnled. A. J. JAC EX' )H, Hrnlcei, (W Walker street. li'OR BAI.B? BELOW BBUDLAB PRICES, TWO Ktf Jr aer i or Engl ah patent I.?ve, Watcbrs made by R AO. Beesley UverpoM. Apply to J W. PINH A lift. Watoh niaser, M Ohatha n *tre?t, near Cham??erst up eialm To i kadi su MBB ? BW.non wmbtii of io >rade loi L?nd< and Town l.nte a rare nppnr'tinlty t* egtbaajce tor ta 'iaUle me.-, Uandi-a Call oiioraddieas J WlLHtJN. Ifl Wllliani coru?r of ('odai Stieet room So ft WAcre i?- "imp; :n an *ni? otiipr i-ksri.s Di irnonds and Itiaiwnird tewelry ? The etteemc glvo Oilrne k?im !) tMt 10 sn l I till It o" r It W. Pl.JMR Itiaineu t Br.ilto . Jl< HroaUerWA Valuations ws* par i-eat

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