Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1864 Page 2
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Financial and commercial. Wkmibiut .'tslytt-* r. M ?? W.^7 etaU?e?le 01 tw tbe tar wita considerable mUr<^ .j ^Mduitik. u only the do'eu.e J rn u u .oi <*. the weak, and all M,p^ ,.h. .... of the* statements, oulautd to totter dlstrus . _ ^ debl j?r. j ?? >~~:Z'Z7vZ ^* follow lag are lb. Ina i be week of _ f f ^ D+rtam "Sr***? ?w.*-*1 sw-i9sMi ~ TOOO# Debt bearing Interert in 4(M 553 810 4M.13l.019 2,37*.i7l ~ OUl'fCT . . . ? ? *v*'^ TH bH on wbjo* ? {SST 870,170 3*0.170 ttJSSS? M6.7SJ,0SI fe.n6a.8W WW ,.1_Z _. ... TTsds 6-A.aet 1,7V.. ws :wc v?.vm. wr ' 73i.??# jr^ant roT tbos, figures w. And the ?i? foment. under the head ot the tem porary loan Have been ?8,o?3,8Sl 6T. Tbe issue of oe.t SI ? I??.wu?- ?? >?? *????? ? '* .?.ri?on of l be circulation for the two ^?TkMnnMM of $10 ?fl5i7?T, chiefly owing to tb. issue <* ?n increase or *iu.voj,i? the calls on 'nlerMl "X ^Klb'no,- reform to there for ?ue. lb. two year, *re for which they arc to be aubst.Uted iHilTlSI. within or destroyed to the extent ot |eT8SS>,S07. Tbe follow tug u re the de.Utla oC the aggro f-i circulation 00 lU# <UleB g,V"u^ 19. July ?. . United State? notes ... ???*? *44*020, Si?? &?**? W^W 82,860,103 Treasury notes or. which in nn 162.101 lerost ii-s oOlMSS 23,4-1. i'T0 Fractiona. currency... T, :(-2C (too 2D.120.OOJ Compound interest notes _______ ~ ' ^ 86ie,:?6^ta e27.ssi.iw _Tlits "larVo" withdrawal of their temporary debits by the ban Its bas contributed considerably to lbs gre_. y Incrc&aed ease lu the money market, the currency - jDg become 6v.dd.Dly Inflated by fresh r tendors to the sura aU ve quoted. Iu ca-os o " ? f..e ' auiount iu the Tro-sury"? as U appears . returns? is inaufSnent to ruoct the demnnd" up nud there rcanlus ouly tUe one altornativc ?" rarlog out new PM>er mo?ey. ? >? very qviM tillable wbetner tbo advantages lb? tojernmoU derives from t'ae ^ "?? temporary d^u s not mor < tban (jouuterb .latiocl by the erlls to ? blca It la exi^d la belli? called opoil at ten days' notico to ro turs them with six par cont lutereat. IB order to protect the Treasury Irotn incOBveoicnoe ?d the currency from depredation, tbe n -lies of with druwal required slionld b# nt Se t thirty day, t nay cull stock bnkera to borrow or. cill; but il is rntl c!j M? ? ?dv!SaWe lor the government to .o.ort to such loana, ^ud the tempo :ary deposit line is lltUo better. A trifle mire tbaa .sixty -three m.liiousuf tae.e depos.u reuj tin iu the 'l'raasnry, an! tbo whole or any part of this is liit'le to ba withdrawn nl ton diys notice at any time Ilcr.-, tbcu. we bave a cousia-.t alimultt? to r>H? t^.andth^aaka have it in their ^ower to create a large amount of uew c irrcncy wheuever it answers iheir MrP^>MI to do 80, The Secretary will do woH to give tht* and other minor matters h.s consideration, and not adhere to any practice merely bcr iu=e it hup; ens to be sanctioned by preceded; r:ii-.'r r~>?7 rM'Z' years sre of a kind which it would be disastrous to fo low. and Mr. Kcs.cdea would undoubtedly do better la reveraing icstetd of followiuj the late order of tbin.s ?b.cb if long continued, would have ended in national bankruptcy and the conaeauont failure of everything ut^n which tbe prenervation of the public credit depends. W e believe the ure^mt incumbent ot the Treasury to be bone* and w?U meaniSg , but bo bas yet to divest b^ ?elf aa rar ti poftlble of that odiouB and suicidal pa^t ^b,ob bangs around the name ?: Mr. Chaae. Bo has to mark out for himself a aew po lcy, and m framing i t oonsult the remanent Interests of the country, and - above tbe pelt, e^penmauts which. oonauiUng only tern porary convomcnce, tend to tbe ultimate shipwreck of ?*uabe absence of further exciUng uewi concerning the raid (auhough we are by no meana confident of Ua con imuauce). there is every prospect of the aix par woigo bearing bonds advancing ateaddy t.U tbey reaeb tb?t price wbeu an apparently equal Inducement to i to the new loan wiU ba furnished. Although the flve lw otitic* as high as 108 to-day, the aixa. mi only reaobed 100. Hie latter are roally worth quite as mcc a? the former; but the difference In the price hutweM ? M. b. ??,?<- ?? * ~ being better know. In Euro^, from which large orders for the purchasa of our fold bearing bunds bave recently arrived. The Advance in the priee of boodt la, there fore a eocsummation devoutly to be wished y Mr.Veesenden. and we are Mad that the raid look to be a iomi formidable uiousler te-day than it did at tins time yest. . day. ID" "? lbuI I*0?1** (or u,e m ineut- aiwhas?h ?a no telling what an hour j inay bring iorth -to be ssred from that temper^ failure to which tbe raid at first threatened to con ,ign it but Its su-eeas Is still depcuUcU apen lu* quotatKKis for gold bearing bonia. Tbe ease in the money market is very naturally latmg speculation on the itock Exohange. and, aa we aee LoS, to interrupt this at present, the probabilitim that higher qu tatlons will rule Mr. Cisco Las issued xue following Dote to all lb* city batik* nud lea lias institutions:? Umthi Stmks Tnn'rKy, 1 Sir* Vokk, July 27, 1864 / Dub Pru? I am authorized to receive subscriptions to the seveu thirty notes. Wttb u view ol aiding Rivernmeut and giving an liu petua at the start, I should be very mucb gratified to re ceive a subscription from yon to-dnv. Yours, truly, JOHN J. CISCO," Assistant Treasurer. We understand that tbe Bank of Commerce baa re ?pood Hi tu the cxieist-of a million, and that oibera have ?ubfcrtixMl an additional eight hundred thousand This, bowover, m not to be retarded aa aay Indication of tbo future of tho loan. Tbe note* wi.l not be ready (or delivery tili aft r tbe middle ef next montb, and meanwhile the advance In tbe povermneut securities ?float tniy cau>e tbe demand fur tbe new loin to become Motive. Exchange coattoaet inactive, In consequence of tbe to^avy exports going forward, the valuation* for the l?it two week* having been al>oot stxte< n million*, balf of which may be assigned t" foreign products rcsbipped for warn "f ? profitable market hero Ttie w iw* from Europe for oor gold bearing bond*, J jet reteired to, also tend p'-nslderab'y u> leasen tbe de mand Tbo gold rate for 'barkers' sterling ranges from JOv to 110 X, and :n currency from 2*0 to 2H1. Exchange cm Paris is more in request at from 6.14 to 5.16. Tbe stBt oum? bare opera tod upon gold, the demand for customs duties tuviog correspondingly diminished. The stock m&rkot was again buoy sot to day, and tbe volume of bu. new wu much larger than on any day for ?one time past. .Railroad shares were tbe moit active, awd tbe Bales weie mostly made for cash. impured with yestorday's quotation*, N w York (Antral advanced % per cent trie Hallway >{, Hudson River >4, Micbigsa ?Mlral 1, Michigan South* in 1 1#, Illinois Central 1 ^ , Cleveland and lltlaburg Clewtland and Toledo 6, tofaioago aud Iiock Island lMtsburg and Kort W?yne IK, Chicago and Kortbwestern 1J<, Quicksilver llluieg ? Hi Manpoea 1, ana Ohio snd Uhsia?i| pi ceri.Qcates 1 JErie preferred stocl^and U tL^e-; ?ud Coal aoid tbe same Healing Kaiiroad gocliueU V, and f'cotral Coal 1. The demand for ?,overnroont sceurltle* *?? n-,i as freet as oa yerterday, hut tbirc was nevertheless a turtber Itupruremeul in prices. The 1881 eoapou u.nds ?nid at tbe first board for 106, tbe registered Ave twen ?tea for 10*K acd tbe Coupons for 101, Ibe August seven ??d three ten' bf Trossury notes brought 108, and the one year wrtittca es M?<. Hales were made of tbe reentered t>onds of 18T1 for PS, uatf nf tbe coupon bends of 1874 for 100, while tbe endorsed bor.ds of tbe latter deecrip (Ion broaght ot j 05. Tbe high net ca*b prices of rallrond nod mlrrell ineous abares at tbe first ssmi'jb oC the Ikjera of Brokers to-day ?oflspase with tbe qoitatwns of W ednesday of last weak as foiiowa:? Ju'y 20. July 27. loop gold K63 1< _ loan Oal Company ? _ kltoo and Terre Haute Railroad c0 Dtevelend and FitUburg 106 v HJV nuveiaa* aed Toledo 13? , 141 Si ioa*o and Rock Islsnd.. 10,^ 112.V Qkieairo and ** ' Mateo Cosapaay 8i 4 Eetral Coal Company. _ * taware and lludaoa UaoaJ iKH 55S2M?1; 1UM >jj Szcrr:: IS" aH HyMb IMiL.iuimh IMU l ny^ JWytt. .My* ! Mtoblfan Central W2JC 1|JX Viicaifc?'i Soataera ? ? ** Mllwauko* anl rrairle da CbteB. 61 TO MaripuM uioioff *1K New Tor* Central 1M 13* Vt Ohio and Hiasiaiiippi certlfloaten. ? 0t)? l'aeiflc Mail ?? *81 I'HKburc, Kon Wayne and Chicago ... . ll-X 114 guickstlvcr Mining 1 1% H ItiMdu c Railroad 131* 135 7 bo following wore lb* quotations at a^ou for govern moot Fire twenty coupon bond* 108 l'ive twenty re^iatrreU bi.nds li>t?>a Seven and three- tenths Treasury notps 108 llegistered 6'soT 1881 10G^ Cbapon ti's of 1881 10" Oue year currency certlllcatua 9*% State stocks were quo lad a* follows ? Missouri fi'a 67 North Carolina C'a.. . . 80 Tennessee 0'? P8J< California T*a. : 180 IndUnaS'a 8tS!f Ohio 6'*, H81 110 Virginia <>'8 63 (ioortia l)'a.. 00 Lo isiana C'8 73 Gold was quiet. H opened at 257 M, and, after eelliog down t 254)v, closed m 255. Mining share* are Improving, atid pricoe are stronger ; but tbore is no dispoeition uiiiufeaiod to h peculate in that description of slock. T!ie rejort trom tfao Sub-Treasury Is as follows ? Hc-oeipts from custom*. $133,067 Total rooeipts 4, '95, 278 Kivnenlt 2,ftW,408 Bala-ice , 17,386,778 Tho cash balance in the hands, of the Assistant Trea surer at Boston at the close of business, July 23, was $9 .'<51,146 ? a decrease of }1,:>73,243 as oomparcd with the close of the previous week. "The Fusion exports last week wore $514,838, against $472,496 72 lor tbe corresponding wo?k in 1863. The im ports were $237,213, agnins' $529,000 in 1863. The Washington Life Innuranoe Company of this city will pay, 1st August, a dividend of oK Per cent. The returns of tne Riuk of England for tho week en dins .'u!y 13 compHre with the stutemout of tbe provious wet'L. us follow t> : ? July 6 JitiplZ Public* ?0 ,<89,1 30 4,6m, 80S Other deposits J?..-;7i.4l6 15.083.746 t.overnmtnt suoerities 11.122,126 11,172,126 Other n cunti s 23 ,007,4- >7 80.36# 2^4 Netos in ciri elation 21,380,776 21,572,385 Specie and t-uli:3n 13.!J30,809 13,701,112 The return of tho Hunk of Franco for tho w-?ck~ending .'uly H shows the following changes compared with tbe previous account : ? Decrease ? l'asl>, ninu anil. two ttilros millions; advance, two millions; enrrent accounts, neven | teen ttod loar-fiftbs millions. iDcrosse? Bills discounted, j cot yet due, fire million?; Dote*, tv.enty and orm hair millions ; Treasury accounts, five hundred tbot'sand. Iv.ttcrtUwallo's Loudon circular tLus refers to Atucfl | can securities in England:? ! In tho I,oadon market for Amorlcsn securities we have t'-> record some operation* of ooni tderablo magnitude in I nited S'.a^s 6 20 bonds, tbe rapid advance or exchonKO on ]/>ndou Invin/ induced lar^e shipments of them from New York They nave, however, been readily t.keo here, and. although tbe price realized h is ranged ? !2 to $4 below the c'osln? quotations given in our, there has still been sufficient margin lor n good profit on tueir jtn# rtulion. Tho last prico is about 45, showing a duclluo of two per <?cnt on tbc> week. On receipt of ad \ ices by the Scotia a severe fall occurred in oil railroad shares ai:d in bonds having interest payable in currency. Illinois Contra! shares wore at one time sold as low as 43 disc <unt; but this reduction in prico brought in somo Leavy buyers, and the fiual qi.ot ti <n (41 to 39 discount) sli ?w* a reaction of fully $2. Tbero have been numerous inquiries for the bonoa of the ( bio sectlin of the Atlantlo urd Oror.l Western Kail. ray (boiring interest payablo In Now York1), and at a reduction proportioned to the rNe in exchange larga lines would bavo been taken. An extraordinary general meeting of the shareholder* la tbe London and Colonial Bank was held on the 14th Inst, in London, for tbe purpose of considering terms of agreomeot with the British and American Exchange Banking Corporation, and authorizing tbe directors to carry the same into effect . Tho chairman moved a reso lution, which wo* carried, tbat tbe agreement made be tween tbls hank and tbe Britlah and American Exchange Banking Corporation be approvoa, and that tbe directors be authorized to affix tbe seal of tho company to tbe sinne, and to'do'all such acts a* should be necessary In carrying out tbe said arrangement. Tbe following is a comparative statement of tbe earn legs <f tbe Chicago and Northwestern Railroad during - he week ending on tbe 21st of July lv--4 $117,236 181 59,736 Incre so $67,501 ? Tbe t eceipts of the above road since the 1st tnst. show -in Increase over the earnings during the same period in 186 ) of 68 X per cent. Tbe following auction sales of atoeks and bonda were made on Tuesday by Muller ft Wilkin* Par. Price. 60 shares COrn Exchange Insurance Oo $50 101 20 llowe Insurance Co. 100 192X 30 liowo Insurance Co 100 190X 20 St. Nicholas lnsuranco Co. 25 85 30 Central National Bank 100 65 392 Lelawore and Hadson Canal Co 100 210 $1000 Erie Railroad 2d mortgage^bondi ? 128 Stock Biohange. no., .? W?DA*?D4T. Jul.T 17? 10 80 A. V. 914000 0 S I ', St, eon. i(H! 200 ihiK Central HB 134 JOUW OS 6'*. S W'l, reg 10654 100 do ii n??f 0301)0 US 8't, 5-?)'?, oou |n8 150 du .*..... 134*! 8JU) C8 3 e, '74, ecu. .. 10!) 900 Erie RR Ill 300U US S'?, '74. eud'd. 9.1 400 do lllji 6000 US A a. 'Tl, reg. . . <* JW do 111*! 4C Od Tr a, 7 l-mFitAu 10M 2S?i BR prefd 109 ? WW 0 Se t, 1 yr oer.. 94Ji HO Hudson Rlvor RE.. 12?'* 1S?*> do, 94 luo do llrf'i 1(100 Indiana war loan 99 100 do blO 130 2l)u0 Michigan 6 a '7&. 103 lio do ll?K anno California 7 'a.... HO low) Rea lluz RR . 135 2ti00Mo6e,ie*toPacRR 73 C-W do A>10 139 ? UOOOblo .* Mlaa cei . . .11 nor do 134'i Swl do 51*4 amt do 134*: 3Arf? do 4O0 do LI*-., 25. 00 do 81 a ::u0 do I5<t2 1000 S Y On C*. 87. . 118 101 MicU Cert RR I3T<; M 0 Krle "A uilg 1;W,' fti do . . lilliU llnd?on K.t ba, V7 101 7"0 Mioh Midi RR. HI ?*K> MC8'a c 1(1 maTt* 138 200 do.. . .bio t?8 11000 Cbl, BAWl e, lata# l:Vi 3>i do...?....'... S7\ 9000 CM A NW lit m It IS 8<? do 871! 25000 do alU l'JS 11 Paoaina RR, " KO^ ? SS* ???? IwHiotnn rrm.. my, 1000 Tol k Wa l?ttn u IiiS 600 do .. 1? . 6000 'lolAVl'atiaah 2<tm H4 1001 do ..." ' lai' l'lO yu.c**l!?er Mio'g 77 '*.0 do... I MJ8'! 100 do v.. 7r.'? uoO Clev,u k 1'iUa RR 1114. WHChi A Alton lit m lit 2 0 do lll>4 1WJU0 do.........t>30 115 4v0 do.. blO 11* HOW do, 11.1 ?VCbt A N W UR.'. . 31 7500Chi A Alt me bdi H iijo do ? 511 - 'A i>bl Mercuant* Bk. 10H 2 m do ... 63? 10 Bank of Commerce. 13 2a > ? o ..... .... 63 * 10 Ocean Bank 99 Jjo do hSO 61 " JO Metropolitan Bunt*. 116 liO do bl? Si 30 Anier Exchange Ilk IIS JViChl K S Vf KRpref (M 100 Ceutral Coal Co . t>4 4 JO do... SS1. 1?J Cum b Coal pref... T) 200 C!ere A T .ledo RR 141 inj do !?!? do.. .. ....... I4?H ij, (X'K lUUOCbl .t Hkl RR 112', 'uO in Mfl oi do..... .... 112}% m do blO l> l( lnnrhlc, BurAU RR 12" 1, J tio blO 0)4 SOOKiua. CtWACbic blO 111 4.-^) do ?>' l"' do .... 114 IV i Amei ican Coal Co. 92'? do 1U\' 4?> MarlO"?a Mi! <?a . !4 SOf do ... 113, IIM Atlantic M Hi1 Co.. 177)? I0U Ctiic A Alt i>ref *? l'JO rael'ic Mall 88 Co 2^1 BKCONP BOA KB. Halt past Two o'Ci.ook I* If mcoorar, ?."* m* H'-f. Ml h RR -- i"**1 J (?W rfsT'l, "I. 1< 6 ' Mich ?o A M 1 *K ? uintH'<i 5 ^O'l. con Hfl'i l"0 do. ,.blO ?'> , 'OCfti tio I OH . '?**> <1" H>?t do.. 10 I'M? Ill Cen Rl< arrip.. !??' . 1.1000 do .. . 1 ?"lCh:c AN W prel' . -H* !w. tti do **109 intO Cl?re A I'tttl RR. 1IJ', TjiX"! L'8 O'a 1 ir?f . 94". JJO do 112 \ itki alii I'ai ton Co . 36l? 1200 do ...... 11 vT?"?n?CMl praf.... HO* luOCklc A KW Rllb*l MU 2MI do ?S*i 400 d* ?H i <1 do blO CO'. 700 4? J4 IK) do ...bis Bl 400 do., 6>.? '(>. Erie RR pref...... 110 1011 Oi- A TMcdo RR. l?o>4 ioONTCenRR blO l.H HO" ' hie A R I RR 114 i?i uiilckaiirer Mg Co. 7 ?'! 100 do.. ,t>M J >. do 7#? 100 .lo 13V 7^0 Erie RR lllVj JJO do 1 'B )i,oj do Ill 4 d? )};} i HO do bio 112 6-m do 113 l'o do... II. .. .11-' loo Mil A P du Ck R!t >A 100 Hod WO Hirer RR I _ d ' '?*1 VVOO lteading RR IS < 0(X) Pitt?, llW 4C RR 114% jou do y* CITY COM?KH?ML ItKPORT. W*r>*r?r< w, July "7?6 T. M. Agnti.? Keclpli, 119 bi'li. Mirket aciroery to Brm. Small salct at $13 60 (or pot*, and fll 2o i $1S SO for peirlc. BarAPTTfW! ? Heeelptg, 12.5SS bb!*. flour. 060 bUlt. and 400 bag* corn meal, 87,067 biiRbel* wb?it, and 7 X S do. rat*. Th? flmr market w*? dull and 15 a 2.1c lower, In flympatbjr wltb the fall In go'd. Tlio demand ?ai conflnad to tbe wants o( t?n boma trade prlDeipailf , the ?ale* footing up 14,000 bt>!>. HUia and IT enero, l,3c? Bouthera and 900 Canadl id. Rye flour mm ??arc? aod firm. Bmai; *a'?* at $8 a |10 OS, tb? latter price for fancy KcovsaImt ?"unty. Corn meal wia nt?e Id limited ?upply. and price* Sim; ??le* 000 bbl*. at 98 40 a $8 60 for Brandy wine. We quote:? Roporfl??SUt? and Wnatern flour $0 At | 9 00 Fslra 9tate 10 20 a 10 24 CbO'ce Mite 10 .;o a 10 35 Conmou to medium exlra Weatero ... 9 .10 a 10 25 Kxtra round bo- pObio 10 0^ a 10 no Weatern trade branda 1U ?.6 a 12 0<i Extra HI. Ijoula 12 <><) a 1.1 ' 0 Common Mutker* 10 So a 11 80 f xtra aad laony d i 14 10 a IS bo Common Canadian 9 CO a 10 IS Cood to choice and rxtra 10 20 a U 00 Rjra Avar, enparane 8 Oo a 10 no Cora. Baal, baia 7 no a 8 so Cora aval, puncheon* 39 OO a 40 00 Tbe wbeat market wa* ao. a Sc. lowac, iiotwlthiund lag tlia light raaaipt*, with leaa doiag for export . owing to the flrauaaa of freighu. aalaa 17,000 bualMla at|iM a IS 41 far CUtaago aprtog, $i 80 a |2 44 for Milwaukee club, fl 47 a |2 SO for amber Ml.waukee,?2 (8 a 92 00 for wintar red Weatara, and 92 07 a 99 71 for amber Michi gan Rye waa very aoarca and tieM at 91 Of a 9a Oatg ware a (bade firmer, with a good demmd, aaloa at |1 a |i 99 Tae oori aarkM waa t?u aai 4wre?e4, o?^a 81 .080 busbato. at 91 61 a $1 M for mob* Westers mlied, and $1 M a $1 60 for unsound da. Nothing doing in barley or malt. Com*.? The market was mora aethra and prieea war* without material change. Sates 1,000 bales. Wo *U Vrland. noriOa. Mobile. N.O <tT. Ordinary 142 142 1U 144 Middling 1?1 101 1C2 16-2 Good UiidJUttf 168 168 100 lo2 Coai ?Hard wu quiel and firm at $11 50 for Lacka wanna. I/Slngh and Scrnnton, and $11 60 for I'itisburg. Cok at waa in moderate demand, with aalas of 860 bags Rio lu bind. lor export, w> private terms. Pkioj AMD l>**s ?The market remains dull. Small sales of so-a ash at 5*?e. a 614c ; 100 tons sal sod i. 5^c. a 6J, o. ; 20 do. eaofiic soda, 14)fo. a 15){c. and 800 oaaks blcai'biuc powders, 8??0.*a 8Jfc. Finan were oxcoseively -<dul!, owing u> the lipht rftcWpw of protluoo. lugiicetneiiUi to Livor;>ool include 60u bbls. flour, per Atnoricau, at Is. 6a . and por neutr il, fcO bbls. pork ?t 3a 3d , and COO coils balo rope at 2J?. 64. per ton To London, per American, 100 tons oil cako at "208 , and per steamer. 2,000 b:iga linaeod at 30*. 17 hhda. tob <oc'> aWSte , 2.000 boxes choose and *00 firkins bolter ut h 0?. To Clasgov, ;?r steamer, 200 boxes bi cooj 100 tirrrev lard and 10 toos oil at 36s. To Prlatol, KO tons oil cake at 22b. Cd. To Havre, 100 packages tal low and laid at ?4'e. To Antwerp, 1,000 bbls. petrole um at 6 3d. To Hamburg, 600 bbls. shou pecs at 2s. 3d., a British bark 455 tons to Havre, petroleum, at 6s.; it schooner from a salt ifclami at 14c.; a British bark, about .'(,(>00 bbls. |KKn \ium to Hambui'R, at 6s ; a'lirHish brut, 19'J tons, to ? utainor -fi, $1 ,(>00 in gold; a schooner, 180 tons, (roin Machias to Jamaica, lumber, $10 75 gold; a Uritiah brig, 200 tun*, to St. .'olius, N. M , 350 a 40c. for dry and wet bbltu, aud home b-iund Capo Breton cat at $7. 1'ish.? Pry cod were In fair roquest, and prices again advanced 25o a 60c per quintal: s-a'es 500 quintals tfoor :es al $8 2f> a $8 50, arid 750 /lo. Bank nt $7 60. Mackerel were in moderate demand and Arm. Smoked l<erring were in fair request at 57c. a 62c. for aoaled, and 31c. n H6c. for No 1. Indigo was In fair demand and firm: Rales 30 chests Mad i as nt $1 60, smnll lots of Bougal at $2 00 a $6, and 20 ca:-e- Manila at (1 bt%. Mmlassks. ? ibe dommd was limited, and we have only to note sales of 65 bbls. New Orleaug at $1 16. Other kinds were quiet at previous quotations. Nails. ? Cut were firm at 9c. a 10c osh; clinch 10>?c. a lie., copper 75c... at four rcontbs, und yellow metal nails and hoUor at fiOe.. ( Ml Cakk? Sales lflO tons Western bag al $1 77, aud 60 tons da. , to arrive at $ 1 TC> I'ltnvMM ? Keccip'f 309 bbls pork, 231 do. c t meats and SIC do. lard. The p?rk market opened dull und henvy . but cloud at about yesterday's prices, with a ur bus fries# dotw?. Salos 6,000 bbls., nt $38 for mess, $40 25 a $41 for ne?v (to., $3l> a $ ;6 for prime and ?33 lor pi ime mr1'.?. & so 600 bbls new mess, buyer Argutl, at|22 60. Beo: remains dull ai*d nominal Sales 200 flu a $18 for country mess, $0 a $10 for country prime, $00 a $25 'or repacked mesn and $'/J5 n $30 lor extra do. Prime mops beef wa dull and nominally unchanged Cut mea's wore dull, n: 16c. a i&'i c. for thoulJers si d lfic. a 18}?c. f r bains. Lard was in fair demand nod higher. Snles 4 ,00 J bbls. al 10", 'r. a 2!e..and 326 bills, for August at 22 jit, Bolter an-l choose quiet at previous prices. Keoelpla bfii* bbls Ibcre ww ^ g.od exjiuil ooSjii/cJ loT- ooib cr\v.l? apd ie!lnjd petroleum ; t>"l t lie. o was a big dlfirence betwft u n(mi Of the b yers and sellers, so that tbe business wis njodcrate. Ibc declic > in gold did not se--tu to havo niucli lull onco od ihe mlods of h 'lderf;, tUodgh the recnipis were again lioivy. The dilffcreuce between refined 4n bond and freo was ^reriter than for a long time. The salos wero about 4,600 bbis. crude, at 60K1'- a SI 'ir- on the spot., and tdc.afO'^c. for August; 3.590 do. refined, Rlc a 83c. for light t-lraw to ?bite, and 84e. lor white, and 90t!. for August; 2.000 do. HjC. \ 87 '< on tbo spot. 90c. selier's ( ptioc, In August &t *J2}Je. u$l, buyer's option. Benzine was nomiiml at 43c. a 45c. Bice was quiet, with small salee at previous pricos Svuai; was fairly active, but a shade e.ieer, with sales of 1,300 blids. Cuba, chioUy in bona, on private terms. Fqjr refining may be quoted at lO'^c. a 20c. BeQned was Steady and firm. SALT.?Tlie maiket wan fSrm and quite active, with sales of 2,5C0 sacks ground, from store, at about $3 60. Skkos.? Clover was scarce and quiet nt 17c. a 18c. Timothy was quiet at $4 a $4 .'0. Rough flax v. as in fair domaud, with salos of 1,000 bushels at 80 a $4 Si ices Wo note sales ehico our last oC. 250 bags pi mento, In bond for export, on private terms. Talow was Irregular in price and scarcely so Arm. Sales 130,000 lbs at ? 18Jjc. a lOj^'a for Inferior to prime country, and 10'ic. a 20c. for .city. Whiskkt ? Uecelpts, 389 bbls. Tbero was a persistent bear movement to depress tbe market, and a sale of 2,000 bbls. Western wa? reported at $106; but very generally discredited. We hoard of 990 bbls. at $1 68 a $1 70 Or Stite and Western. Wo"L? Homestlc was in limited demand, but prices remafci Arm. Foreign was inactive and a trifle lower. Tbe sales embrace 100,000 lbs. domestic at 83c. for in ferirr heavy lo'va $1 a $1 06 for Michigan and State, $1 05 a*$l 10 for Ohio, and $1 15 for choice lots of lYnnsvlva u.u. 1C>,UOO lbs. pulled sold at 95? a $1 06 for white, and 76c a 80c. for black. FlNA-lOMti. C COSHOCTON COUNTY (OHIO) BONDS.? NOTICE 18 ) hereby {riven by the Commissioners of the county Of Roiboclon. in t'ue State of Ohio, to the holders of the Bond*, numbered from one to five Inclusive, for one thousand dol lar* each, and dated the Sftoenlh day of January, A. O , 1862, made by suld Comnils?ioneni in behalf of aata oonnty of Coshocton to the Stoubunville and Indiana Railroad Com pany or bearer; that on the loth day of January. A. D.. |W5, the (aid county of Coshocton will pay off Mid bond*, with the Interest thereon up to the eald ICtb day of January, A. D . 1 366, a* provided In tald hond*. at the ohi* of Abin. Bell's Sod, in tha*e|ty of New York (there being no omee ?f the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company now in Mid ally ), at which timo and place the said outmtv of Co ahocton will demend the surrender of said bunds with the ramalnlni ootipnns belonging thereto ? Inly 15 iMt. WILLIAM nAKLON, ) Commissioners JAMES M. SMITH. J of Coshocton THOMAS DARLINO, \ County. Ohio. JjtXPRESS AND TELEGRAPH STOCK. Adams' Express Company stack. IndVp"ndont Telegraph atacic, American Telegraph stock, I %M,m Unite! SUJc* fe'agraph stock. frorsae. Western Un on Telegraph ?fock. I European Extension Talegrapli stock. ) Apply to OEO 0. DUNRAR No W Pins ^trfct VTKW VORK AMD IIARLBM RAILROAD'COMP VNY, i.Sl PFKStPKlCr* OKflC*. Nl:w Y 1*K Jtl 1 v 1, 1<-J. SECOND MORTQAOR BOKOS ($I,OOu,UOO|, Duo August 1 1 Notloe Is herebv gr. en tbsl the Bonds of the above ??*?? will be pnld at their maturity, August I. 1844. at the ofllui -if the* roiopanv, corner of Fourth avenue snd 1 treutv sum ?trccl, and that th* Interest on the same win rea?~ from that data. W^H. V ANDKRBTLT. Vice President. NrEW JERSEY 7. INC COMPANY. ? AT A MRETINO OF the boaM of Dlitvtors ot??hle com pan v. he'd t'ie i?th day of July. i-it. a semi-annual dividend <>f f.-ur p?r oent was dec'are' cn the Comm-fi and Hief?rr-?rt Stick, nersb'e ou and a'ter the 1st dav of \ti"tist noit at the transfer ofl)ee of the e inu'snv, l'H Lihertv street. New York. The transfer books will be closed fr-m Jul.- lis to August 1 B. S. OIBMN, seciotiry. NEW YORK AN!) NEW HAVEN RAM.ROAD COM. pan* coruer of Kotiith avenue and Twenty-seventh street. Tnr. Airnyu'i Orrio July 1ft, ISHM. A d vldend of 'lire* dollar^ per sh.tte (free from jo??tn trnini '.ax) hss this da* l>m-n declare! mi the -anital ?toi-'< of the co-npan . . payable at tli.* oil'Ce ou and a!t?r Monday, the Iftth dry of August neat. The transfer !>noks will elwse th Mh dav of August and re open ou the 15th of ti.e same mouth N W HEMF.NT, Treanurar. OTIl'E TO STOVE HOLDERS. OrriCf D*i?w*?? a"" Htntsoir Cawai Co*"?>?v I Km Vd((. tsine 2.1, Sdl I ki pur- "a"ce of authority given at a meet ni of th# fliook holders of the I >r la ware an I Cn twin i.'aoa. >'ouipany. held on tje 21st of A^rll 'ast. there will be appo tioned among sii'-k persons ss sha'l lie ktoe jio ders In ill- vd eompanr on the da-- of Julv next. twel?e ito isan I five hundr <4 -.hare of new *'ock. 'n the ia!lo of o'io s'garu to every six shares nf tack then he'd hy *ac'> *toekho!d*r ( of ?tO' '* so ?Pi?ortioip*l will be re* ly for n. lti ei*' to thoea eutitlert o Me s*me on and sf-er '.he 1-1 of Auj'ist next No ?r rip will be issued for fractions o; a share: bn tiie niml>*r nf *h*--s representing I' e atirejite nf s'i;h fra-tious will Ix sold at p-ihlto aactlot. on the 2fttb day of Jti'f. snd the not m-oc e's will nsld to ti?e JtocXhoi.-lefs on n4 aftor tho 1st of August, according to tbeir re pe -tiye lo'eiesta. Th* e-?v*rnrn*at tax on the ahore ment oned apportion ment will he nsld by the company. Ri or lor of tho Beard, ISAAC N. SFYMOOR I treasurer. [ OFFICR NEW TORE FLOATINO DOflE i OMPANT, I .'*1 South street. July 25 IJtllj.T-Tbe Hoai d of Director* have this 'or lerlsred a fliMtrteeiy dividend of four per I cent payable on tbo 1st day of August next. B. V. MASON Saerelary LOl'TlirilN BO^DS. 80CTH KRN BON DS -S< )U I II " ern States, foutitv. City and Raliioad Bonis of er#rr i dnsrrip-ion wanted by W. ?. SCRAHTUW, IIii I'oarl straet. J a 'HE ERIE RAILWAY COMPART NO 1*7 WIST s'reet, 5ew York. July 14, l1^ ^-Dividend? The dlroo tars af th s aumt<?nv have this day daclarad a dividend nut of the.e rnlogs of the road far s < months, en l ng June 3d o;' three aad one half per cant (less the government tax m 5 per eenl l on the Preferred St 'Ck. Also a dividend of four per i-ent on the Common Capital Stock, trea of governniaat tax. Both pa>able at'lhe's ofltre, Krle p *~a. o? Wedneodav, It.* !td dav nf August n*it, to the mgislrrad holder* of *torlt at 'be eloslag of '.lie books The trsasfer hooks of l*>th preferred and common mock will he clo*a4 oa the afternoon of Turs> ay, tha I Jtb in-u. an t be raopenad aa tha 5th day af Augaat. HORATIO If. OTIS. Soaretayy. TR \NSFER OFFICE OF THE CHICAGO AMD NORTH* Western Railway Company, Ko. S Wa I strsat. Mew Vor?, July 20. id?4. Ca ts>on bond*. due August I. IW, fr^m preferred otnk ng fand nuiids. general tk-si in irUaue bonds A>.( ,?t#n egtaa sioti bond* snd Green B*v extension bon is, or lb* Cbfraga ami Nor.bwa*i*ra Rallw^r Oartpatty, and Irom Brst mort gage bonds of the Oslaria and Chicago l.'nlsn Railroad Com* psnv, will ho raid, on and after that date, -a ura-mnlaUoa at tii * oniee. JAMES R YOlOfO. Sectatarf rpilK BANE OF CALIFORNIA. - 1 S*N FRANCISCO. * Csnlta! ? "00,'psld up In gald ea.p D O MIlXs, President. WM RAI.sTOR, Caahlar. lems a waller. Correspondent N*w York city. Oil.ees *1 Tine streeL TO CAPITALISTS.? AMT ONE HAVINO CAPITAL TO invest, one of ?the liest ( ever olerad <an'.a fotind by spplv'ng to ISAAC A. BIUOS 1 CON. 77 Nassau street ?i nnn TO wanted-foe which a viivvu llbetal miarest will he paid to incraaafi a business alrealy ' stabllshed: or an actlva. inieilfeant man. with tke ahoya amount will be takaa aa partnar Addtasa fair tliraa days R. W.. Herald offlca. nnn ? WAMT?0 fO BORROW. THIS amount .fi.UHU. f or t bra* yaars, on good security. Addraaa O II . Horn Id olioa. $300,000 T?, on Now York cHy oro party, JOtRFH MASON, Ha ?H Pina st? rooms 10 and 1J, . MU||IOO| (SOTICMH. PAH ROCKAWAT, L. I -ST MART'S CHURCH, TH> r Star of tha Saa.? A dl*oour*e will ka dellverad by tka Rot K-lward MaOi/na. D. D.. at tha aboy* churok aa Sua* Say eveetar, July SI, ISM. at TH a^ack Subjeot? Tfh Saeranseat af Ohrist s Roar." mil tflf twala Ta b hM ti aU tka houlg 4 ftUMS4 ?M.ITAW A?P iriTAli. ALL MEN KN ROLLED. LIABLE TO BB DRAFTED, bank Arm, ttterobaals and uticrs, should antletpate the draft and procure substitute--. uuw. Those who delay until ? drafi actually lakes place will then h ave on ly a Tory few days to liuil on* la. nod many will be .cable to get a man in time. Hnter your names *t once Substitutes provided and ?e?empt oo paper* for three years. obtained from provost marshals ol any district. Repieaentative recruit t furnished for auy lady or ?rutlem?o. Reference* given to merchants anil bankers or woU known hifrtt standing. Apply to Captain OOMBa. AO LktpenarU street, uear Bread way Ctr pillar ? : ul to any add rota. Brooklyn men will find H ad > anUieoin to Call. A N ALIEN CAM HAVE $530 CASH BIQHT DOWN J\ to dsy, to ko a< a substitute. Seamen (aliens* can re reive the name to go in the navy Call in the grocery atore, S6J Third avenue, A N ALIEN CAN II AVE $960 OAfclL TO Oil AS A n substitute. Seamen (aliens) can bave the ?a'ne to c# la the navy. Call al Or. SWAN'S ofllie, ZSti Urand itroot, corn 'r of Bownry. bet wcru Oh hours of 8 and 13 A M. An alien can havb $**i cash diiwn. to oo as n subatltue. Seamen (a icns) can tecelre tbe name to co in the navv. Call between tbe boura of 7X &nd 12, al 114 Kourtli avenue, near Twelfth street An alibn can have $mo cash down to.i>ay, to yo an a substitute (a veteran of two yearn will do a* well) by calling at ilia ae^ar store, No. MM Montgomery atreet, Jersey City, two and half blooku above the ferry, be tweenHbe hour* of 7 and 1 o'cloek. Ai,r, noon men wishing to join tub army or n ivy will fled It to Ibeir advantage to call on mo, at No. 1 Warren street, and I -will guarantee them the highest houuly pud in thia city. Apply to WARRKN FLINN, No. li Wai ren street, u.'ar Broadway, ATTKNTION.-PWO Ca4h-NO DECEPTION. VOLUN teers and Substitute* wanted for the army and navy . A<1 Information cheerfully given at No. 4 Centre atreet, up slain. aiKn of tbe Flag. LEE A ROHLYN'S. Principals f umn.hod with substitute* at reasonable rates. AT A REASON* 3LE PRICE-SEVERAL RELIABLE men who h. J ve undertone an anamination by a a ir noon and are not n?o e to tbe draft, will represent rosponst li e parties who with to send substitutes or representative ? t<> the ivar. Addrc * Union, box 145 Herald otilce. A SUBSTITUTE WANTED -ADDRESS, 8TATINQ terms, S W . Herald office. AIIOTI ARMT, NAVV AND HABINR COR"R-900 men wanted iramodistdy. $30". f WO and ZKX) cash paid. Ten men wanted for representatives. Will pay tbe Ir.rci st amount of hand money paid b> any oWoe in tne c I v. Apj'.y ul tbe l!n led States Arm) and Navy Agency, 163 Ful ton street and 212 Broadway. room No., 6. A RMY, NAVV ANi> M K R! NR CORPS ? ?$?*). -VOLUN /t. leers and substitutes wanted- $408 cash bounty pa d. Ti re?s ii".tilalts wsnlrvl to-dav fc-'tK). $l(l'l and $v)0 cash (.iven. I fifties brtu^'ng men will he paid thu larj{r! t amount ol hand money piid a? anv o(Tl e !n the city. Apply at the llounty, Pay, Army and Nary Agency, HI Nwiau atreet, up stairs. A RMY, NAVV AVD MARIN3 OORI'S.-T j. i. wanted. The largest bo utv an I lmoil lT& cilv. $V00 pri'.e money in ci* tnnnih ANV VAN WISHING TO JOIN THE ARMY OK NAJY, i V and tecoivo the. full bounty, together wIDv, ?li inlor ii -ition for his latere t lo ! now, is invited to call on Mr. HILTON. 106 Broadway, room No. 8. . ^ , a SVBSTITUnt WAHMD? TO WHOM THB HI OH EST /V bouuty will be paid. App'y at No " Coril.indt street, in the basemont, nortUwckl rot ner or Broadway. -THIRTY MRH money paid in ? hs. Armv end Navy Ollko, iC S'/nth tieei, corner of Fulton, up i talr . A 1TKNTION!? .UNITED BTATKB MaIIiNE COai'B ? 1\ $5'.K) ejiab b unty M on wanted the Marine corps. !-.:<) .ish down. A[ p y to VVASHUUItN A. WOUKALL, Broadway, near Chambers street. A CARD.? $5ft0 CASH DOWN FOR SriMTITUTI 8 alter |>aaa us; the nirgeon. Apply to WASHBURN A WOUKALli, '/Gu Broadway, mar Cbambsrs street. A TTKNTION.? ONR YEARS' KH ?A>Tn FOR r\ annv or navv. Tbe highest bounties paid. Apply to WASH BURN A WOBKALL, 26J Broadway, near Cham bers streak . A8HBSTITIJTE WANTKn.? $500 CApII IN HAND will be paid for a s"b ulute. Appl> at 20 Fine street, room No. 10, from II to 2. AVKTIMIAN OR AIUiE RODIKD ALIEN WANTED to day? To go as a Mubstltate for a wealthy Gentleman. A cash bonutv of o. er $(XMl paiu. without anv deduction. Call early on B. K. Brown, counsellor at law, 3.19 Broadway, up ? talis. AN ALIEN, WHO TIA8 BEEN BXAMINED BY A Uniiod State- snrgeon, is waiting for a prlncipa'. Will be ready at any time t >-;uorrow from 9 A. W. Apply at tbe coiner of Broadway and Duane street, in tlm saloon. Captain G. II. PEAK OB. A FEW MORB MEN WANTED FOR A HEAVY AR. tlllery r* -iment doing carrison duty In tlir harbor. (Jood chance lot promotion. S'i-'S will bo paid to volnmeers, with choice of regiment. Apply at the corner of Broadway and Duane street, in the saloon Captain O. H. FBABCB. A SUBSTITUTE WILL BE FAID SIX HUNDBED dollars ($6'Xi) at the olHoeof BLACK K A SON No. 107 Fulton atreet. Apply Irom 8 to 9 this mornlny, July id A GENTLEMAN. HAVING BEEN DRAFTED, 18 dC4irou- of obtaining a good able bodied man to supply his place Will pay liberally for a good loan, ( all on or address W. F. Anderson, ite West Tenth street. GENTLEMAN WANT8 A 8UR8TITDTE. AND WILL pay a man $400 cash, and will pay the premium on A $1 0 <)Tn a Life Insurance Company during hi-* absence at the war. Iii oaae of his death, the $1,000 will be paid to his fmnlly. Aadi eau box 4.GU0 I'ost o ice. Brooklyn xebchants' and bankers subhti tute Oimpany.? Onpltal $25.0IX). OUce No. 4 Mon tague Hall, Court street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Dlrec'ors? Oeorge Taylor, Fresideot; James Cameron, J A. Bloom In gd ale. H. A. Hill. B. M Bement, Secretary and Treas urer. This company ?as organised for the accommodation of merchants and others, and its adatrs will be conducted on strictly honorable business principles, and entire anils, faction Will be guaranteed In all cases Tbe estensive ac quaintance ana rare business connections of the manners of tl.e oompnnt In Brooklyn, New York city and W;iah ng ton will insure gicat promt mesa to all business Intrusted to It. The company will furnish substitutes and representa tives. collect prize money for officers and sailors of tbe Un ted Plates navy, and prosecute all legal claims against the government on the moat liberal terms. The hl.heat price paid fur substitutes and particular attention g rru to riirnisbinu representatives for ladles in the srmv or navy. Please call nn or add ress the President or Necre'ary and Treasurer.. No 4 Montague Hall, Court sitcet, Brooklyn, N. T. O'hee hopra, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. P. P.? 2.1 substitutes wsnt<>d lr.ri.edia telr, for which tbe highest premiums will be paid. Brooklyn avo new yoek crrY.? substitutes tan lie furnished lui mediately st the Araiy and Navy office, 73 Na-san street. BEWARI- VOLUNTEERS, BEWARE ?YOUNG MEN arriving in this eitr from the country or Europe, and In'r-nding to join the sr'rav or narv, should b ware ot par ties stopping th"-n In tbe streets, o'ferlug fabuloui boun ties. fur oughi.Mn By ca ling at our oflloe e tabli bed for years, you a* i .<* all nece?.?ary, with tne highest cash boo -.ttes, in we hsve tbe iueue> in s II cases ilep sued in our hands, and cons<,quenHy are entirely re s.-ons ble We h ive now orders tor thirteen n-.en, at from $173 to $60!. Volunteers and substitutes can select the ar:n>' or uavy. KING .t ROACH, l ulled States Army and Nary Aten-,.'. 93 Weal -treet, corner of Cedar. N. V. /1AMEROX RIFLES? COLONEL 8. H. ELLIOTT K.' com man dine. Kuiy volunteers Wanted Immediately tpr company \ or tbl line uew retilment row orgsnlrlng in tbisdy. Sf lendid chanc.'a for proniot on for v?'emnsand re., its ,oln uqthls ne v rn<,menl. l'romotions mats from the .aims.- Tbe re^iiuant.will be oHlc-red by men who liavo a?"ii ? irvlce tn th? field, and tbe men will be weil <-ared for. 11 'the t \i? niles pal I to lol'inteei -a. $123 paid tn ?nj Q i? bringing a recruit. Apply at No. 4 ? Broadway. New York. Draft insurance okkicb, no. 247 rboaowat. lnant u<s ar.alnsi dralt for one year. SIIV): for two yeasn 5 lit); for tl.ree cars, $:s) n, ail the . tales Pre. iiit'imii not to b<> pa d nnlil altei tbe draft This o i.-e al . fords all tnofe uabie to tbn draft nn oppor'unitv to procure r aiibstit'ite. in ca<e tber are drat ^d lor, i a ab >ve-named y eraiumt. Send for c!r alars si. ia ? rull p?' ttfulsrs ALFRED KEIt.ill %W, Pi >prict?r. 1." I m ; 1 1 H DT3TBIOT.- OKNTLBMRN RBRIDIHO IV Li the Eighteen h. Twentieth snd Te-enu llr<tt wards of the clt, of Nei* VorL, eomjir sin-- the KlfiL'tn Congrae. louat dl-ir et of tb? Stat', wl'l i<e fuinishe-l promptly wit'i Allen S'jbstilutes and t)ie r Eiempt on l'ap*rs (lor three vears) c-r?cii? proovred, by lo-'.\ srdins their orders to the oTt e of the Mercbnnta'. Hsnteis an 1 Oeneral Representstire volunteer Association, 42.1 itroadway, N<",v York. N. IS.? Money ? irabln un'r -vhen the renr"s<-ntalive la leimshed end the eten'pt'oa tiap-r< -ocured. La 'i"s wish <?7 lo -^nd a r-:>r' u?ntativ*- to ttie iriHv -v !tl htve their orders promptly s.ienied Uiandwll. hare pre eden, s The HI htn diatrici. '.nd"r l ie stit*rintenilence <>f Cantsto B. F. Mnnniere, Pfc'oet .varshnL is furnishing mure tnen ia thle w .y than say -ith"r district In t:.e Stale, anil wlih oonliaued en"r?v wl'l orobab y fl ; its ijuota a drafl. Most ar the repr'ser.tstives hsve been pr>eure I bv tire Meic'.mfa', llsnkeis' iod (fensral Representative Volunteer As oelatlon e<e. liH Broadway, New York. ITlIVK ALIENS WtNTFD MM MBDlATKLY? CHOtOS I of serrlee arm', navy or maitne coips eavalrr tn. f intry or arnllei ? . Large prl/e iieney. Arm and Navy 93 South street, corner of Putton. /"1F.BSRAL MILITARY AOENCY.-A. VESTEC OK \T i ce 1.1? *pring st ees. beeeoient, New VorW: T BARON, s 'baf^ney. Mif. Prun ? sti-et. Pblladelphia, tor New Orleans, Texas, V|r*inla, snd Tsuness- e. Bounty $ iff for \oltin tecrs. and eh >:ce of re^1m?^ts and deparimcots. Kro/ers and others literally dealt with. (^ENER^LRECBUITINO AND SUBSTITUTE OFHC*. J Vpltin;-ers warned, for the er.nv and n^vv; tbe h ghest cash bo in les psld. Substl'uiea 'urnisbed at the owe>t rates A 'nl/Bat ml Brea-I wsy, oarnrr of B ee. ?er i-'.rest; sntranee 74 Bieecker s'reet Hb\Di)Uartbrs. rucruitiN'I orflCB. no. n Caaaiber- at' eet ? Wanted Imree tlat.-'v. fo.- th? arrnv and nesry one vear m?n and bo?s eighteen and ?-?r The hijV -t cash i al t in liaaS for tliain. Now is your time. Apaiy "> Oaptaln JOHN DB PA -s. Hudson eirr. ir. j.-$??i pn? ban ? TTIK at m nr $>?*1 iiar msn will be paid taeverv sc r-titediSubstliu'e byO. D.Vsn B'f*eea Mayor or the eltv of Hadson, N J, One mlBSrer, the larry. Parties will call at the City Ball, aear the Court House. In AVB RF.BN DRAFTED IN BROOtl TN. AND Mt'ST s< nd a maa In mvplaea. A hands me Vonnt wilt ha paid, esrt down fBTIW), as I cann'.' leare my inirloess Call as early as possiMe at 111 Bioadwsr, et oad Boor, back ofllee. %1ER' HANTS , BANKERS AND OENRBAL fOLON. JTl teer snd PtibstiWte Aseccls'ion, oflie? 4M Broadway New York ? LB*) volnnteers wanted Immediately. $123 paM In any one bringing a reenit. Hishest hountlee psld to re cruits en passing eiatnlnsttoa No tetky. Mo hum hug. Meney paid right down Apply al the oBee, ill Broad wafi New York. RBCBUITS AND SUBSTITUTES (UN CHOOSB ANY retiment ef cavalry, Infantry or arttlliBry, and win r?. oelve high sash and govern msn benntles. Ootne wllh ?rife at fnend If isn wiab-don t tr?et sharpers. Oomsilirect to Captaia COMBS, ?0 List , nard stiaet. near Broadway, who re4r| to mercaanM ot the highest standing aad will deceiyt no ?aaa. S~UBiTftOTB? BBOMPTLY FURNISHED TofMTHi nit y and eAnnlv of New York. Merchants and others wish lag reliable man as s?bsntu;ss can procure tbe?nW ;iTOttw amur SPBttrrCTBB FURNISHED AND PAPERS VRO e?reg.-?Me aestf required until the pari* iWfres his etemptloa Mpers Bsfereinw repaired Msrertrja and others will pteaas oa^ early. Mfermrae given. United Irofi wsT'tooS n I A " r*UM Mr**< and til YBR BAVY AN^WBR FOB and are easily attained, we . and are fiimitblna twenty da*, and will aontraet to fur Is IN ??nSrMl. Spiiilss, MMT*>T AMP lATAL. QUBVITUTB8 Fl'RMISHRD TO PASTIES AH O TA O pari procured, and ao money required till the party t? Bis exemption papers References required and given. Call early at the Bounty. Pay, Army and Navy Agency, IU Nasaau street, up Maira. QCB8TITUTBS MOW ON HAND PO* THOSR WHO O applv to JOHNSON A COLMAN, No IS Grand street, near ibe ferry, Williamsburg. N. Y. ? QUB8TITUTE8 FUKNIKHED FOB BROOKLYN AND O William iMirj for $40(1. at tho Substitute Afiiucy 217 Broadway, room 26. Also, Subeti'ute* for New Jersey, fur nshart at the General Age coy, 7 Exchange Place, Jersey City. QuoUs for towns promptly filled at fair ratas. QUBSTITUTE8 FUKN18R fcD IN ANT NUMBER-BY O houorable and reliable parlies, at a reasonable price Apptr at 23 Chambers street, room No. 9, up stare. Best of oil) reference given. OUCSTITUTB8 PROMPTLY PlJRNISnKD FOR THB O eit and State of New York. Drafted man and otlinra, wlshtu; reliable substitutes lor I, 2 or 3 years, can procure them at sh rt nolio?t*ti<l ou reasonable terms, by sppl mg lo NOLAN A LaNIUAN, Recruiting officers, No. C Bast Broadway, corner of^atbarine street. QUB8TITUTB8. SUBSTITUTES, SUBSTITUTES. 0 VOLUNTBRRS. VOLUNTEERS, V0LUNTEBR3. $m $400, $.100 bounty. cash in band. $10t> and $160 hand money psld to auy one brining a recruit. UNITBD STATES AKMY ANI) NATY aQENOY, 16S Fulton street, And IIS Broadway, room No. 5, up ataira. QUBBTITUTR.? I HAVE BKBN AN OFPIOBft IN O tills war and the Mexican war, and should no tuain but for famfly reasons. I will pay a liberal bounty to a Rood man to represent me. and use my Influence to promote hiia. Apply at 14 tiixth avenue. % QUB8TITITTES WHO WANT TO OO INTO A PLBA8 O ant camn In an inland town. subaiiiuwtn who want to be examined decently and in private, substitute*! who want from fifty lo a hundred dollars more tbau has ever been o:'ered here, un get it nt the Volunteer Committee itoorua, just south of the depot, In Bridgeport, Conn.; fare 91 in. No brokers or runners to bother you. Out this out and trylt UUbstitutb wantbd-this day, by u O'clock, O noon, at H09 Fulton street, near Johnson, Brooklyn. No agents need apply, fliHE NEW YORE ARMY AND NAVY BKORUITING A Comiiany, No 9 Chambers street, hss been'ostablished wtlb a view of having one reliable oilice in tblscilv where the re.-ruit. whether volunteer or aubolitnie ami puncipalii, whether enrolled, drafted or exempt, will receive fair and honorable treatment. Every eiiKsrement made will bo scrupulously fullilieii. I'ry.lpal I urniffl.ed at the shortest | not ce wltb good, sound men, who have been previously ox : am ned by an experienced surgeon. 'Individuals in an*' I district In the 8'i te can nave their substitutes mustered In this o!w mid iheu exemption papers forwarded. Veterans, volunteers una substitute* treated like man, and the lit h**t price obtained. A special department is devoted to recruits for the navy. OommamUu.: oill 'e s of the army can have their organ! alioas filled up thro.! i onra??ney. Call al "r address the New York Arui.vaud Navy Recruiting Oompa ny. No. 9 Oha noore street. Bureau of Surgical Examina tion for eiti-ens subject lo d aft. substitutes and vo i u teers; raorults examined for broker*. Dr. Powell, pur;eon in charge, ltefrr-u ex? Mi/or Ounther, ex Mavoi OpJyke, F. 1. A. Boole, City Inspector. Offices, No. 9 Chambers at. qpEX PRIVA'TS OBNTLRMRN WANT SUBSTITUTES. - 1 Recruits can go In the army or navy. The liighe t prices paid lu cn h. Apply r? the New Xork Mate ? clnnteer and Substitute Depot, 136 Cxtial street, between tho Jtntal ftud Chiystte street. Capt. J AS. WELLS, Manager. 11KB HIGHEST BOUNTIES PA.D TO MKN F'Jtt ALL branc!:es of the service, at the Recruit tin Kii.Je'sou*, 156 Atlaotio street t'roo^lyu. N. B.? Brokin paid 1 bcraWy for bringing recruits. TO BRORBBS AND AQKNTS.? YOU CAN OUT MORE for tour meu at tlie Volunteer Committee Rooms. ju.-t s uth of the depot, in Bridgopjrt, Conn., than you ever yot in H > ton or New Hampshire yet: inen ixu .lined ami |und for in nn hour after arrival. Trains leave at 7 and't A M., arrlrft 8:1! an.l I0:W. Board w..rss from 0 till I. Fare $1 a . old biokers an 'I runners, ,.nnd com ) e, treat to our rooms, ju-.t south of '.hi- depot. Ger nans who oanuot apeak Kugll h and colored meu taken. ?\TOLUNTEKRS WANTRO? FOB TUB ARM 7 AND V navy ; |ho hlgh-at esah botintie< paid. Also men fur nUbod withvsubs'.ltutes at rranon ib'e rit^s Apply at 22 James street, corner ol New Bowery, U the atore. VOLUNTEERS WANTBD-FOB TUB A It M V AND navy. The li'g!ic?t c >ah l-outitiei paid. Also meg fur nUhrrt vr tli substitutes at tlii lo.vest rales. Tho higheHt pr?mium paid t-> runnera brliwlnj men. Oltioo, Hamilton avenue, one b ock from Hamilton ferry, South Brooklyn. VOLUNTEERS ANI> 8UB3TITUTB8? IRISHMEN, V German^ and Veterans? wanted. Ilishcet cssh and government bounties paid promptly. Chooe of infantry, cavalry and artlllcr giveu. Po not be deceived by shsrpe a. Apply direct to Captain COM 113, SU LUpenard aired, n-ar Broadway. WANTED? TWO GOOD MEN TOR THR ARMY OR aary. as substitutes, (or whom the lilghc-t bounty tvill be paid, c.mli la band, Inquire at tho Franklin House, 57 Corttkudl at. eeL WANTED-FOR THE BLOCK \DB SHIPS. THB Vanderbl't and oilvrs. landsmen, teamen. cualp-tss 'ers. Bremen anl others: elan, men for the army. The big'.i est bounties paid at b7 Weet at., corner of Albany, up statrs. JAMBS A CO . Agents WABTED? TWO ALIENS, TO GO AS SUBSTTTUTK8, to whom tbe highest price will be paid. Men from Canada will tind It to tbetr a <1 vantage to call at 87 Newark avenue, Jersey City, belore 10 o'clock A. M. WANTED? IRISHMEN, BNOLISHMUN. SCOTCH. German*. k'rrnrh and raet/of all nat onalltle*. list aa volunteers, Tho highest bountr j -aid, cash in band, 6n paaainx the do-tor. RdlteT tleketa for families. Agents will receive the highest premiums Apply at the Merchants', Bankers' and (Jeneral Voiunteeraud Substitute Aesooiauon, oi! ?j 419 Bjj>adwaj, N. Y. WANTED TO-DAY? MEN FOB YOYAOBS TO LON don, Liverpool. California. South America an it West Indies. Seamen and green hanfla. RANDALL A COURT N K V ecrner of We t and Chambers streets, up stairs. WANTED? A MAN CAPABLE OF FILLING THE PO. union of orlerly sergeant, m one of the best regl m nts now in the Held. Also, one tesmator wanted. Apply to li. II. BROWN. room No. 2 Montague HaH, Brooklyn, opposite the City Hall, from 10 to 'i o eloek this day. WANTED? TWO SUBSTITUTES FOR ARMT OJ?NaVY . }jM paid isih In hand; govarnment bounty paid ?ttra, and $tt per month ior family. Apply at the oiTlcc of tbe Salamander Works, fbot of Hammond street. in ME* WANTED TO-DAY FOR THE ARMT OB ?1/ Navy.? Onr contracts are ruoh that we caa po<Utrely give more money on th? spot to men than an . other parties .u the eitv. Amy and Navy offlco, 73 Nassau street. Oft MEN WANTED TBIS DAT AS VOLCNTBBBS Zi\' and Substitutes ?The highest bounties pa. d. ua*h >o hand; theohoioeof regmisnta. Apply to WM. JAY. Mar shal. No. 5 Jersey row. or at A. O. Row's oliloe, blue stone yard, foot of Washington street, Hobokea, N. J. 2r ALIENS WANTED IMMEDIATELY? AT THB ?J General United States Recruiting ollee. to go as substitutes lor nOnM liable to dsaft Also le'Tultt for regiments now in the lie d. Highest bounties paid CaU early on losdar. c< rncr of Whlta aud Ooatfn sireeut. Colonel M. N. CROFTS k CO SUBSTITUTES ARE NOW WAITINO FOR API'LT JU cants, ami can be shipped to the credit of dral ted men In ane kour. For our respectability we refer to tho fol!oAin; note ?'-Reuben Voae, we bare known you for twenty rears, and consider you a man nf strict integrity? Henryjlagle, (Commodore rnliedsStatss Nary." Apply at Uie Seamen's Bank. lAiYort street, Brooklyn, near Nary Yard gate. Q100 AWD UPWARD* HAND MONET PAID TO vJ V"' any one bringing a subsilt 'le. Highest c^sh and government bounties paT<' to the recruit. Apply to Captain COOMBS, S'? Llhpenard street, nrar Broadway. nit TO ?i?0 ilAND MONKY I ? A 1 1> AC.ENT8 OR ?4>J yj\t runn rs for volunteer fur thli ultv. Ten mea wanted to day; the blshe t bounty cash d?wo as *ooa as paiaeU by tbe doctor. Apply at *Jf> Broadway. Krt PAID BUNN^BS POR THRKK YEARS MEN ?PI''" In the United Pistes Navy.? We pay recruits the hlgbeit bount es. Apfiy at L'i Onmlis n at . room No J. nhOIMtNT NEW YORK VOLUNTEER*? ; lOU (,;apt. t?iiilll' Head quarters .'0 Ltspenard street. Recruits wanted. r?mp at the hea nlt'ol Tillage of Blmira, I N Y. Ugliest cash snd _o. <-r nu.ent boua:i?s paid. Nen cointalssionrd otli ers nsnt'd. (911(1 FOR ONE YEAR S MK1 IN U. 8. NAVY. tW W-i' raid runners. Landsm-n. Ittm'ti and Hie>:n bands wanted tor one >nai in tbe navy, at 170 Chatham Street, shipping oilloe , ronn :? Ojopr/t taso^wiLL be paid to partibp pro d'li.-int! an a ceptahle alien or discharged v?t?. run substitute, i'wn men n anted bv three o'clock tO-'la' . | Applv|io Captain A. P. OREIkNB A CO.. 43 Chatham street, room No 7 I ff> lnQ BOUNTY.? NOW It TUB TIME TO AVOID ?TTtx/O the eomin^ draft Men wantod for i ha i niied Staiee N.ivy thi" dav. A"i> y a t the r"|jnlar -hlpp n<; offlee. ciimer of Essex and UraBd streets 91 AO to snv pxrsoa bringing a recruit. Captain W'ALLat'h. _ Lieut. SCI1AKKER. OXiin IJ* HAND FOR SUBSTITUTES.? Choice of regiment*; also Are ailene wi-h to serve as snl sttlu'e< for a filr Drue. Drafted men or men. Ilal-'e t-> he dra'ted are furnished with snhsllfite- Applr to 0 K NOONaN. corner of Canal sCVeot aad Bowery, ander Ct1' ens' Sertngs Rank. a>?rw\ CASH DOWN WtLI. BB PAID FOU THBBB ?TUvU al ens ?o go as s-ibstltn ea In th? army o- navj. No S'.ibstltute%broker orininn-r noed applv Only sub-fi ?nte* themae ves apply Inirneillately at the Ooeau itoiee, 79 , Boblnson street. Acna cAin will e paid to an alibn to ge aa a renr-sentstlve or eubetllnfe In the nary or srmy. Apply at the Ho'intr. Pay, Artny and Navy Agio ? . cy. Ill Nassau street, up stairs. ONB YEAH MBN WANTBD-FOB TUB ARM F and navy; }?K> bountr, cash In hand: al I o eolo <1 m*n and boss from 18 to 20 wanted. Apy poreoa brtnsln pa re suit to this office*". In receive Jftt to tfliK'. *811'". Bast Broadway, enrner of Cathartn* Captain NOLAN. Lieut. LANlliAB. DOWN TO YOLUNTBRBB fUVlf Subitflntea arm? or navy. A p?ly at the of KwWn Hnt*l, M Mr^t, 'JP-0?* Oi?^l of ?Uirs, n??r South ferry. Ank tor 8FBWCSI. ftCOC CASH IN BAND, FOB ?P?'T1TQ**F' ^L9,?, three aiien^to whem a laanga ^^mte^ wLn 1 1* n 1 and bo dedac .500 be na^ Choice o t tegiftient guaranteed . U paid to runner*. W# pav ad ere advertloe bra Call early at J* Orand street. ?ear Mie ??Bow srvM WILSON A OO. f^WN. WtLL BB OITF.N TO A MAN sPvU'/ over /years of a.? to go aa snbatMnte la the arm/ or nsvy. fo r a per- on liable le the draft. Mo brokers need appty. Cal 4 at 19 Cort'andt strset. tt/tnrncAS fl bounty-wanted, this dat, a sal ailtute for a men liaM- to the draft; artny or nary. Call ti ,rly at Pavonla Uuuae. 182 Vftat .treat y/**" FA,D ro1t 4 "niWITrT*. ' Y|Uu deal with the man kltn-elLand handle your own mosey ( Be broken nosd apply at 97 Murray street, top Ooor. 0?KAP/ CASH IN HAND FAtD TO BACH SUMSri J tute not -abjeet to the draft. Ohoice at asrvit-e I? " I " rr army or nary Apply at Substitute O Hoe, No. 1*9 Blevnr ,tn Street, corner of inth avenue. Alio, aileoe wante^i. 4/jQO BOUNTY.? 9200 HAND MONEY PAID TO ?;ity. Vw an |iers-in l>i ingtne a recruit f-'ramv ? -i- nary;. Substitutes lurniaked for 9?l" Colored aien taken, at' i?Kdseay. room 2*. and at No 7 Biokange plao* Jerev f $(;?(). -SimSTTTUTR W4NTKH.-SIX IIUM>rkRo dnilars win herald for hn aii?e ''sH'athe s *??**, grte-erv -tore 99S Third ur?aue. bntwoeo ? ??4 it* Or brpker* teed sm.'? M#ir, HILITART 4VO If A. VAX* ^ ?ll\l\ ?MIX MEN WAHTBD THU DAT A? VOMMi byl). tews. Choice of service. Relief to famUla* *o $M0 far the uavy . cash down. Apply at the Pnfiadi [l?o (too f?r the ua?r I oitw, 70 Cortlaudt ilrML $650 ftMj attr, up ?uii' EACH? CASH DOWN, FOB TBB *11, aliens. a* gutwlltuiei, at No. T Sxchaac* plhMt QiUtZfl -*MBN or vkteban substitute wait*. t r ? . e,'> 'or *C:uy or nary ; the whole mm to be paid in eaah by ibe advertiser, who waaU a nubstltute before (l? dra't, and wishes that the recruit should rooclve all fl? luuner Apply at 106 l*o uard street. $700 CASH DOWN WILL BB PAID FOR AM ^ ?* ??>?'*?? Buoatltute, army or nary. Apply at Ml Fulv.n airaat, Brooklyn. o6nfoct:onarj store. ?7Kft BO""TT TO VOLUNTKRB8.? VOLUNTBf'.IXB vrant?d immediately? cho.ce of wi artillery, cavalry or infantry. Apply to WASHBURN A WOJlBALt* 2J6 Broadway. Q7ZI\ WIijI' BE I*A,D T0 A man to qo aim ?P I *)\J prenentatlve toa Hontlsman la Mvaui* or Ihl draft Apply lot wed lately at Si Walker at reel, betweaa Broadway aud Church street QA/\ MEN WANTBD-ASI SUBSTfTUTKS AND VOfa OUU unteers; $4rtd an I $5'>0 nash paid In hand. Large ainouut oi hand money paid to any person bringing a r% eruiL Call at the I'oiinty, Pay, Army hod Nary Agonoy, lit Nassau street, up ? lairs. <HQC(\ CASH IN HABD.-WAMTBD, PIVB 000|| iDOuU men. to dsr. for voHnleers or substitutes, aj No. 2 Charlton street, comer of Macdougal. (tOl CI BOUNTY. ?$900 CASH TO YOL.UNTBKRR8.4 ipyiw Now u the time to avoid the draft $3o5 bounty] $l(lf. cash for one yoar. Choice of service. At No. 7 B? obange place, Jersey City, up stairs. BECRUITB WANTKD? FOR TUB A KMT, .UUU AT 17 BHOAOWAT. $400 cash In hand paid each insn. l.ooj veteran* wau ted for the army. AT 17 B HEADWAY. $400 cash in hand paid ea< -'i man. 1,000 'sue.mpn wanted for the nary. At 17 BKOAU WAY. $400 cash in hand paid each man. 1,000 landsmen wanted in the nary. AT 17 BUOAHWAV. $400 cash in hand paH enb man. 1.0J0 liremen wanted for the nary. AT 17 II ROADWAY, $400 cash In hand paid cach man. 1,000 eoslpaxwerf wanted for the nary. .. , .. .AT 17 khoadway. $100 cash in band pan! each man Men comlni? t? MtU olVoe to enlist can r*!y nnon obtaining the most honurahie treatment, upon receiving the money otTered In full, un>Tohnlo? <>r r*ll.neut and arm, without hu iiliin; or i:np<>? ti.m t'.ome and see for vourselvoa. Of? lice open from 7 A. M. to !'. M. $!U> HAND MONEY wl 1 be paid loan mm, wo.nacof ohlld bllnfilngan ac ceptable recruit to this oflice. (??1 OHO -ONK THOUSAND HOLuARS 0A9II O* vL.VW'.J. the spot. Two men for the nnnv or navy, who will receive the ubove sum.cah down, at the Ariaif and Navy Claim ofllcR, 03 Fu'i.on strouL Q1 nnri CASn IN nani>.-wartkd, -mis DAT, ?yJL-V/'Jw tv\u good tren for a*i> branch of the mtvIo#, jiavnl or military. Apply, N> e u^ginc elsewhere, M 175 ISrondwf.y, loom 8, up three Dl^hls. <51 IHi'i "OWN WILT, PR PAII) KOU TWO irltlw" a'tens to i;o an substituted in tlio army 00 nayy; ni ml/St lute brolcors or rnnners need apply: onl? the substitutes tbemse . ch. Apply Immediately ?t .'^1 Now ark iivciuie, Jersey C;ly. R 1 0 H A 11 l) A. WOOD. on or\n ?two tiADiR8; obsiboub opbhowin# JfL.ZjUw. Uieir devotion U the gloilous Stars tat Sirens, propose !:endlnc rejresi*iititivcii to the war. Appll* cants will be well provided for and promptly paid. AddreM Loyalty, box i,!S6S Post oiHoe. <1*1 CASH WIM. BB TAIO TOD^Y, BT JpJ .Or)" ' three gentleme'i of this city to three roo.1 me? to represent them in thear.nyor navy. They get cnvera> ment bouuty besides. Apply at 14 Sixth avenue, near Amnv street (U1 Qnn BOUNTY. CASH IB HAND. AS SOON A0 ?PJL.OUU you pass tbe doctor, on board tho ahlp. fot four guo I siont men b'tween the ages of twenty end fort* > ear*, lor the UnUed States Navy; tliey must be aliens m not liable to draft. AliplT immcdla'ely at Mr PBTRS FINN'S Shlpnlog iklics, ltfi York street, Biooklyn, fom? doors from Navy Yard gala. Those bringing men moM lit>erally dealt with. tf>0 A A U ? ' THRKB MBN WANTED. TO WHOM xrtJ? till" ?tr mut will be paid, if applied for Ina metnateiy. Men 'if all nati.iaahties wanted as substltaM$| also laraild* for the Invalid corps. Call at 433 Broome at. T |\ nnn yolumtf.br3 wanted. * to rkpiTksknt TOM COUNTY of NBW TO BR ^ ijTtiTr ARMY. CO0NTY BOUNTY. THREE ntJNDRBD DOLL AMI TTand money? County to new recruits or veteran* ... United State* to new recruite U liked Ftatos to vcterana The County Tolnnteer Committee, un jar lnitrooUoat (he Board of Superstore. having Ailed all quota* trader (Alia up to tbia time, have reaolred to recommence the be nose of recruiting for the arm^, with the view of the quota la anticipation of a new oall by the Prendent Fecrulta will be received a* former!/ at the eereral roil Marehalt' offlora, at Tammany Hall, and at the Volunteer Boom* in the Park, corner Broadway and j bera street. The following are the rarloua Proroit MaraUa'a' Fourth Dlitrlot? Captain Joel B. Erhardu No. 104 Liberty at reel. Fifth Diitrtet? Ceptata Henry P. Weet corner Bna? and-Creab/ atreet*. 8l*th District? Captain Koaler. ooruer Stalk arcane MB Thirteenth ?treet. Seventh Dtatrict? Frederick 0. Wajner, No. O AM avenue. Flghth Dlatrk;? Benjamin F. Mauierra. No 1,303 Brat# way. Klnth Dla' tct? ' Wr.i. Dunning, corner PortyMventh and Brovl .* ay. All reenilia will receive in their own hand* the Oounh| Bonaty of $ MO. an l any |*rtv bringing a Recruit ?T> re clro a County Premium of $t0, in caah. for ever* ?UL whether nen Rrcrtilt or Veteran, and ? corllfler'j eulitUna the bearer to ttie United State* Premium of $10 for ? M> Reoruit and JlWir a Yeteran. ? C. GODFREY GUNTRER. Mayor. MATTHEW T. BRKNNaN. Comptroller. OIUSON ItLO'T, SiiDer?i?r. WILLIAM M. TWKKD. .fepervleor. FM.f *n F. Pt*RDY, 8<inervl*or. WILLIAM R 8TKW ART, Superneof. Committee on Yotiintmrtea ORISON BLUNT. . . _ . . . Chairman of Committee^ Bated N?y Tout, Jaly 4, l&H. Ifl'/mn MKN WANTED FOR THR ARMY. NAY* lO.WUU and marine oorpe: nieo bove wanted, about 19 ) ea a old; $4'0ca?h lu hand to voiunieere and aubetituieet Any jHiunn brinttn? a recrnit to thia oiltoe will reoeire frees t > te $100. Apply at .fe. 6 Raet Broadway, corner of Oath*, rine atreet. Captain NOLAN, Lieutenant LAN/OAR. NAVAL PRIZE MOMKY, .VC. A' LL THR FOLLOWING NBW rRIZBS ABM NOW READY FOR I'AYMKNT. Apply to WALI'KV A WILLARD. I8S York atreet. lJrooklya. Captor*. Prlrea. Sold Fe i Quaker Cltr Ltlia. $64.9 Ml'hnn and < mere ivlia ami Anna . ...... IH..H Niphon and lauie* A tiger Cornubia.. ...... HW.0 h' Tiqu I aud r.thcra Kite 41, U ? inn-t tf'-.crand iron A?'- .B. E. Lee 11S| Montgomery FM 01.(1 Ppquot Don IW.O Tom tlwnHnw 7SC Oerirti'le Warrior *( South CntoUnaaud P. A. Waid. Allien a 33,' Coane tt. tit Minnie Sr>\Q Connecticut Ureyhound 49T,?I Connecticut ...Hen Ma 7X4 Grand Unit Mary Ann llt,[ 8 "i h Carolina. Selite It a hh PRIZE MONZY CAN BR OBTAl*?? A - J2*?nToV by* lritbb to WALDRN A W?VtkT ? NaVY 1M.YORK KTREKT, BBOOlit*** BOON TIE". BACEPA* $$$? wVrHOOT DBLAW A1 LL THK OFFICER* AND CRKWH OF TUB CONNECTICUT. DR SOTO AND COITRIBR can obtain their f.*t f money In one day by applying la WALOKN A WILLARIX 180 York at rait, Bronklj*. A1 LL PRKRONA ATTACRRD TO TRSBRIjB 0? _ _i the blockade, to whom prixe money ia du% i*a ra? reive the aatne at ence bv nppiyin.l bv If iter la WALDRN A WILLARD, tele of United 3te<?n Naff, %m York ?treet, RrcakJyu. Ahoy ? PRI7.R monrv to 8AJLORB.-BOun* HON K V TO SOLDI RRB <li? hatged ioj oouada reiviw.' Inj?ttle, Ac D i:ti?rt;ed Na y or Armr OBI irf 'S? Sallnra or BoMiera. their Widowa or llMM, I"*c* l'AID their PRtEE and BOUNTY *^NIiYS, BACK *4. by MDWaAD RISHBLL Army and Nary Banker, and lale*I*nraer U S Nary. 87) Broadway, cornet liham'.nm atieev. New Yerfc. ALL YB1ZB MONEY NOW rvfABLR CAN BR OBTUVSD AT ONCB, By applyl oa u> .'<.1 DICKBY A OO . ?!* Broadway, New York. A L*. OP TUB FOLLOWIP^b NPJV PRURN ARB NOW tV ready for pa* meut-ap'/.y to M. I* TA BH AOO.. IM tort treat. Brnokiyn ? Co'anerticut for Ce ea, Hally, flea, tia, Minnie and cargo, and f/reyhouod and rargo; .lamea AA Efor Cernuhia, R. 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