Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1864 Page 3
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^ flTTATlOW WAHTED-KEMAIiEI. A TOUNO MARRIED WOMAN WANTH A SITUATION A wfto<ir?e; ao objoctloue to ine country. Call M >9. 4 Stanton it. A EUMBBB OF WILL RECOMMENDED OB EM AM A female^. wsal slluatlnoii aa oookn. chamber. nu J* and fcundre*. es,nur?es and girl* for general bousewoi-g. An., at Mrs. LOWE'S German luatituta, 17 Stanton at, near tha jUwery. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COO* OB LAUKDRISS, ?JX or (auafai housework. CUy reference. Call at Clinton at. , n?a r Degraw, in the store, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS mi nt and | a try oo<>k . imioisunJs aoipu jellies and ?aines'.ino ubjeotionn to tha country or Aral l am boarding louse Beat city refeiauoa. Can l?* aeen for two days at So. 9 Mb iL, In the store. A GOOD PLAIN COOK WANTS A SITUATION? IS A ?ood washer and ironer; or ran do light housework In ? amall tamlly. Beat references. Call at 78 WoatJOthst., A TODNO WOMAN WISIIES A SITUATION AS WET A nurse. Can 1>? seen for two day* at 19* Bah 17th at, Ikird floor, frout room. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A TOUNO OIBL, A to take > &re of ? grown child and aew ; oao operate on Wheeler A Wilacns machine. Call (or two day* At 87 Weat A SITUATION WANTBI>? BY A TOUNO WOMAN, to do Kunerol housework; la a rood washer and Ironer; good city reference. (All at No. > Ba?i 2sth at, over tho atablea A TOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and plain sewer or chambermaid and ^altrc s. Can be seen for two days at <12 Weat 21st at. ANIOB, RESPBCTABr.B OIBL WANTS A BITUA. Uoa aa goad plain cook, waaber and trouer; good citv reference. Can ha seen at 173 Bast 29th st_, near 2d af. A SITUATION WANTBIT-A8 WET NUBUB; GOOD A city refer en oe. Apply oornar of Saada and Kulton ata., ?oahljn. I i LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOB AN OR pban girl, 14 or IS years old; aha la very amart and Call at 103 West Sid at ?_ 4 PROTE8TANT WOMAN AND HHR DACOIITFR JL wunt situation*; one as < ook, wa-iher and ironer; the dooj:hier>aa chambermaid and waitress; no objection to ibe country. Call at 73 Nassau at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a* good plain cook; would a?rtnt with waahiuK and Ironing; ban Hie Last of c.ty reloreueo. Can bo Men at 66 ?th at, near 1st av? , second floor. A RBSPBCTABLB GIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS Vt plain cook, washer and Ironer or to do general house work: good city reference. Call at 51# Weit lath it. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO A. the housework or a small family; no objection to so a abort distance in the oountrv. Beat of reference Call at 111 West 19th et. between tith and 7ta,avs.. In the rear. 8 WET NURSE.? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO. man wants a baby to nurse at her own bom* aa she JustloHt her own child, one week old. Call for two a at 123 West 20 tu at,, between 7th aud 8th ars. A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN. WHOSE HUSBAND A Is doad, has a baby five months old. and wishes a situ ation In a^ood family; la Willing and able to do any work; ao objection to ?0 to the country. Can be seen for two days Oil 6 3, Mulberry at" Afrknch pbrson, rkckntly arrived from Paris and furnished with excellent recommendations, artaheeap'ae as lady's maid; she understands pert'eetlr noaauiak Hkerie, ana halrdresslng. Apply at If. do VareevaVx. 097 Broadway, between 1 aud S o'clock. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, Xk. wash and Iron: ro objection to the country; oity refe Call at i'J West IStth at.. Iront basement. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUATIPN A8 NURSE I A understands the care of children; would like to go in fio country for the summer. Best oity reference. Call at lM7lh av., between Zlii and 23d ata., top tloor. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE A young woman; is a good plain eook and an excellent laker; would asa st in the washing andirouiug. no objec Mods to go in the country. Has cood city reference. Call |pr two du>a at 3M 7th air., between 32d and 33d ata. A 8 LADY'S MAID.? SITUATION WANTED. BY AN JEL American girl, who Is a first clasa dressmaker and hairdresser. Has Ave years' city reference. Is willing and afcliging. Call at 196 East 13th St., foj' two days. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WATNS A SITUATION AS JL good plain cook, wesher and Ironer; no ob.ecton to Ao general bouse or to go aa laundrean Has good city re ference. Can bs seen for two days at 19I.'? Greane at. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO a situation In a small, private family, to do gene houaework or ehamberwork. Call for two days at 69 at,, flrsl floor. . ,-k ? A RE pUti A SITUATION TO DO UP STAIRS WORK OR GEN. eral housework in a small family. Call for two days ,33 i th at. No objections to the country. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS J\. plain cook, washer and Ironer; Is a cod 'oread baker; ?o objection to go in the oountry. Good city reference. Qali at 148 Weal 32d st. ATOUNG GIRL WISHBS A SITUATION AS CII1L drens' nureu, or to do light cliatnberwork and plain pawns; best of references given. Call for two days at Ml weal 4tith ?u SITUATION WANTED? AS NURSE AND 8HAM s tress, or wooid do some oharuberwork. Call at 133 18th at LADY DESIRES TO OBTAIN SITUATIONS FOR two faithful Piotestant girls; the one as laundress and i, or laundress and chsmoermaid; the other as waitress oeamrtrosa. Call for two days at 1M Henry at., Brook 4 L A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN~A PBI va'e family to do ehamberwork and wait'ng. or would aaalat with the washing snd ironing: good reference. Call ad 334 Bast 9th at., between 1st and id ava, ilr.-t tloor, front A YOUNG LADY. P088BSSING THB ACCOMPLISH A atteiiiatif a refined education, la wanted to superintend Co kousebold of a widower. The family boing small, the dotles will be lluht and the position an azreeablc one. To avoid unnecessary trouble and disappointment, applicants ?rUl please oonsraer well the ei lent of tho abo ere ulrn aaants and to'staie fuK paiticulars about themselves In ad Sioaeing Mr. R. 8. T., box 191 Horald offlea. A FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A PLACE? IS AN A. excellent washer and Ironer; best oity ntfnrenen Call fcrtwoduyaal 267 Mulberry at., between Houston and ntaoe eta, T1RE38MARINO WANTED-BY THB DAT, BY A XJ person who underetanJ' her businee : would engage ky Ike week. Beat of reference. Call at 118 Eaat 19tb st. Family sbwmg donb-on whkeler a wil son's machine, bv the day or week. Also, ahlrt BMkmg Apply all tho waok at 16G But 23d st , between 2d Mid Sd a vs. S~"~ ITU A TtOw WANTrn-A~FRCNCH GIRL, ONLY TUN months in t??e sotintry, desires a situation as seamstres-. Bad is w Uln* to take r*ro of ibi.dien and make herself Boral'v useful. Call for two da., a at ill 1st ave., botween t and 17th sta? Now York. ^SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. O aa iaundiess. chambermaid and waitres ?; no oi>teetlon logo a short distance m tut oountry. Call at her last em ployer *, 157 West 4."th at. ITUATION WANTRD-BY A BBPPBCTARLB LIT tie girl. 14 yeara of age fa native of Honduras, India', a r?s|4>ciauie family, to wall on labia and alteud iLe r, Apply for two days at IS J East 37th ? t. QITUATlLiN W ANTED? BY A WELCH GIKL. AS p ehamMrmald and waitress; w Seed rorereceee. Call at 378 7th aT., top (1 or SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIKL AS c.hana' ermald In a small American family. Call at vj Ion at , room No. 7. I woit!d ;o in the ':euntry. S1 ITUATION WANTED-BY A BESPECTaBLE I woman, aa rook, washer and Ironer I,?st elt? rel> r is. Can he seen for two days at 106 Eatt Warren st , nd floor, front room, Brooklyn. ITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. IN A private family: is a good nastier and lronsr , good raf ?oaeea Apply at 430 Groonwloh sL SITUATIONS WANTFO-FOR TEOROl OHLT COM petent female help of all nntlons, sueh as first class OOOka i hambermalds, waitresses, laundresses. seam?tress?' . Erses, eooks to wash and iron, small girls aud ^irls latolv ded. Aprlr at tho Largo Emoloymont Houso, corner of ?v. and ilth at. Alro male help. SITUATIONS WANTBD-IN BROOKLYN AND THE country, for a number of thorougnly etlicieat, first class van In. hlijhlv recommended by Broek'yn families; vlr ? "ta. washers and Ironer*. experienced nurses, ??'tre?ses girls for general housework. At MANNING'S be'aci A0anr/. 16 Conrt at., opp' site the City Hail, Brooklyn. SITUATIONS T? ANTED? FOR A NUMBER OK NICE, smart glrlB, cook", chambermaids, waltres ts. general workers, nurrts, sodm^trrssee. kousekeerora, .%e. Also, mon nse?'?chmen, wa'lers, porters and farmora, at tho Old ooloblished agency. 14 Otk ay. rCOt'NTRY TIOTELS. SUMMER HOITSBS AND hoar.' I n>! houses.? A first oiaaa cock, who Is per'ectiy ?saater of her husiuera, desires a situation. Apply at 12n Beet 22<1 st. near 3d at. TWO TOUNO GIRLS WANT SIVUATIONS-ONR TO do general house vork; the other to take care of Chil dren. Call at Ji S West 2ftn St. .'or two days. WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A COMPKTRST OIRL, with irnod city reioreneo, aa nurse. Is capakle of Srlaglnir ^ child up irom birth. Can sew a?d embroider paatl: . Is willing to travel. Can bo seen at XM 7th a?. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OIRI. TO do houaawork la a small family. Call at 117 Id ave., Map 43d at WANTBD-Bt A BBRPBfT*BLB TOUNO GIRL. A sltiiatl jn to do general housework In a smsll rrlvni* ?unllv. Hsa four yeitra' reference from her laat place. Call ad 103 4Cth at , near Leilaatoo at. ANTBD-A SITUATION. ST A TOUNO WOMAN, to travel to Scotland wltk a lady as ma d or norso. vail at 336 Spring st. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A BBSPr.CTABLB alrl, aa ohlld's nurse: la capable of' taking care o." a Oh I Id from Us Hrth: can give the best of re ferenc" ; has Ihred thr^ years and six moatha la her laat place. Call at |S Weat30th at . near 6th ay. WANTFD? A SITUATION, ST A ToUNO WOMAN, aa chambermaid or waitrosot si if refaraneo. Apply at 1117 West iiotk st WAMKO-Bt* RF -PBCTAHLB YOUNG WOMAN A - ?"on as eook, washer and Ironer, no objection to An icarrai h -firework In a small family Can give good O'ty reference. Iniulro at 346 WoalMtk at. . ketweea 9th shhI I0tb ava. WANTBD-BT A RBSPBCTABLS TOUNO WOMAN, A situation to cook, waab and Iroa. Has the best or ro BMonca from her laat place. Call at 79 Weal 38th at WANTBD^A ifTUAlION. BY A FIUST CLASB cFam" barmaid and waitress, has boon for years In her last fiaee and understands her kuslness thoioughly Oan bo iaeti at her present employer 'a, 68 Baat 19th at, Boar Irving tHZr. w w ANTBD-A SITUATION, S* A TOUNO WOMAN, U do houaawork e> h am bar wot x. CallV 63 Laigh) WANTBD-A HITUATIOK. TO OO TO CALIFORNIA at chH4'ii aursa. Avyiy at WMortb OgWid ??., flnok *?> SITUATIQITS WAWTB1I-F KJU 1SS. WANTED-A 8I1UATI0N, BY A YOUMU WOMA*. lo do ^ouM vor*; ? * good vailMf ifoaar. C*n at 433 W?uh:ogiou nt., t<jp floor. .. WANTKD-A SITUATION, ?T A YOUjtO 01 IO. TO do general housework la a amall private family. OaU at 177 l*d at, comer at M a*a WANTBD-BY A RBBP8CTABLH WOMAN, FAMILY washing aad lroalag to do at her own house, or woul? go out by the day : the beat of reference if required. In quire for ouo week at 184 Enat SCth at., top Door. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY ? RESl'KOTABLB girl to do general honeework; no objection to the oouatry, Beat of ally ro lore aco. Inquire at M O^vlalon at. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO oook. waah and Iron, or would do housework, in a ?mall family. Can be k?d until engaged at 217 Waet ICtb at. In the basement TV ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, YY an lirst class cook; understand* all kinds of iiahtrioa and jellies. Good city reference. Call at 63 West 30th at WANTED-A SITUATION AS CBAMBEMMAID AND waitress: Is willing to assiit In washing and Ironing. Call at 260 West 28th st., front room, second floor. TITAN TED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO 01 RL, AS V V elfambermald and waitress, or to take rare of children and do ,ilain sewing. Has tiie best of city reference, la quire at 224 West ?5th st., between 81b and 9th area. WANTED-BY A PROTECTANT GIRL. A SITUATION as chambermaid and waiter, or nurse. Can be seen fcr two days at 71 West lUlh at., fourth 'oar. WANTED? A SITUATION A8 COOK. BY A PRO testant woman; will do the washing and ironing; good city n-rei-fnoe. Call at 148 Weal 18tli st place. WANTED-A CHILD TO WET NURSE. BY A RE ?pectable young marrlod woman, who hits just lost her own bnbv (.me month oid). at her owu residence. Bast reference. Call at 510 W eat 52d it., corner of 10 th. av., up stairs, for Mrs. Dover. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A BBfiPEOTAB LB woman, an oook lu a (list class bnnrdmg house or pri vate t'amMy; no objection to assist with tha washing aad ironing; six years' beet city retewnoe. Call on Mrs. Hughes, 212 EU/abeth st, second floor, Tsark r< WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework in a small pri vate family. She li*ed two yaara in her last place. Call at 17 East 11th St., up stalls). WANTED? BY A BKSPEOTABLB AND TRUSTWOR thy person, a situation with an Invalid lady or with oue about to travel; would take charge of and instrust young children mid nisi e tiersctfroiherwise useful. Address L. E. 0., station A, Spring at. WANTBD-BY A RE8PKCTABLB PROTESTANT girl, not long in this country, a situation as chamber maid and waftrcss. Apply at 33 West 13ih st WA'NTBD? A SITUATION, BY A YOUUO GIRL, TO take care, of u baby or do light work in a respectable family ; best ol reference given. Apply for two days at 163 Uleeckcr st WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. SITU almas: one as tirst cUfs cook: tho other as competent waitress, or would go as chambermaid ; both have the bent of olty reference from their last placer. No objection to go a short distance In the country. Can be seen at -ID Brest 25th st WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, 18 YBAR8 of ?ge, a situation as seamstress, in a private faml'v; Is a n< at sewer; is willing and obliging. Address Sarah, box 128 Heiald office, for four days. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. A SITUATION hs chambermaid and waitress or as obambcrmaM and to do plain sewing; the best of city reference can be given. Can be seen for two days at ISA West 26th St., between 8th and 9th avs. WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, LALELY LAND ed, a situation to do general housework: ia a good cook, washer and lroner. Apply ut No. 8 Marion St., for two days. WANTBD-A SITUATION. A8 LADY'S MAID, BY AN English person, lately arrived, who thoroughly tin. deratands hnlraresslo^, dressmaking and milliner. ; would take daily employment. Aildrc. s for one week M. V., 70 3d it., between 1st ami 2d avs. TITANTBD-BY A NEAT, TIDY AMERICAN GIUL, A situation to do light lionse worn, to wait on tables or to miud children. Apply at 75 Allen st. , first Moor. SITUATIONS WANTED-J1ALE8. A YOUNO MAN. HAVING A THOROUGH KNOW iedjje of i he manufacture of fo'rrign an<1 domestic wines brandies, Ac., being oonncced for a number of years past with one of the tnoet evtonsive bouses in tho trade, wislyjs to meet with soine large hoii"e In the elty or abroad who would be willing to compensate lnm for his services. but such mentioned as above need respond. Address fo - two days, in real name, where an interview may be had, W ut. Herald office. AGT.'NTLEMAN, GRADUATE OF TUB PEVKSfL. - vanla College of liental Surgery, wishes a situation as an tssistanl of dentist. Address F. C., nation B, N. Y. A YOI'NG MAN, "WHO HAS Bfc'EN FIVE YKAR8 IN f\ a grocery and liquor store, wi- he* a sun hi r situation; be fan produce satisfactory testimonials. Address K. P., Herald office. A MIDDLE AOBD AMEBIOAN MAN, UNDEBSTAND well the care and management of horses and cattle, or the cultivation of a plain gaiden and farming, wishes a situation as foreman or coacbninu. Auplv at 542 Pearl street, a lew doors from Broadway, for ihice days. A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A YOUNG MAN, AGED 22; lias hail four gears' experleuce lu a llrst cliva book store. Sood relerenos given. Address F. T 15., box ICO Herald office. AS BOOKKEEPER-? THE ADVERTI8BR IS DT5SIR ous of obtaining a situation as bo 'Iskeeper or comes p indent in a merebaut's office, or In the counting house of a rir> goods store; Is a good accountant and has fi Heel situa tions of responsibility: . moderate ailary expected; no objection to a situ j !lon in an r city of tbo Northe.n Stales. Addreoo O. Korteecue, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN (ENGLISH) WANTS A SITUATION on a larin, to team farming: wages not so much an object ae a good home. Address W. M. B.. Herald otHee. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN. PROM THE oountrv, wants a situation in a respectable grocerv or liquor store; has had lour years experience In the grocery business, and now wants to c*t aoijualu.ed with the city business, wares noobid't for the first month: can loan his employer $>0o on Interest If required. Host references. Addres) P., bo\ ZOC Herald oll'.oe, Itr three days. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A STORE, ,\ office or other p are: wflles a i?ood band and can write and sreak five languages ( Rpgilsh, Krenoh, German. Ae ) Best references. Address K. b^x 110 HeraM office. A YOUNO MAN WANTS A '?'ITDATIOV AS WA1TBR 0: "oaehnian in a priraie family. Best of elty lefer enee. Call for P, D. , at 1,208 Broadway, corner JUtb St., in the store, fcr two days. A YOUNO MAN, LATELY LANDED. WANTS A SIT ntitlon in the city or conntiy : n willing t ? make him self geaeially useful. Apply ut 421 Greenwich st, third tioor. Actuation as kalpsman wantrd-in a 'vho.esHie dry goo?'s; the hatting busiueaf pre. ferred. Address A. B , bos 150 Herald office. 4 MARRIED MAN TWENTY VOt'R YEARS Or AGE. ?'V and of good bi.slnesa qualifications, having been en gagou as bookkeeper In an import ng hi use. desires a sltna Hon ss bookkeeper or eashler. City refe en;e giv-n, and security if roqulred. Addrtas for two da>i L C. M , Her ald one*. BARKP.KPjfr? WANTKD, A PTTUATtON, BY A young man to attend bar in a hotsl or liquor s;ore; has ful sue wledge of tho business, roo.i city references wiil be gl\en. Address for two days O. 8., Herald oin. e. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. AN AME O rican. 23 years of age, wTio Is quick and correct at 1 ?? ures; vriwits a sltnntlnti where be can make hlmse'f usofjl. Address J. B.. care of E. A Edwards. 59 . W av. SITUATION WANTED-AS TRAVELING SALESMAN A voung man, of go ?-l character and steady habits, is about sUirtin^ foi the ml Idle snd western part ot this State, and would be glad to make an'arrangem -nt with souin re spe'table :nan'if*rturlug or wholasale hottsc 10 solicit or der" for the sale of guoJs. Addre-s Interior, box ?W Uerald oflice. SITUATION WANTED? BT A MAN WHO HAS BERN Is foreman In a aoap factory for tho last fifteen years. The best recommendation can be given. Address tkha'ier, 4S West st. fpo HOTRL KBBPBR8? AN AMERICAN TOL'NO i. man. having had several years of experience in keep ing hotel, r.ud esn produce the best of refer-nccs. would like a situation in some first elass hotel, nr would take an in terest In iheanove. Address X. Y.t box 141 HMM4 offioe. TO MKRCHANT CLOTH! BBS. ?A FIRST CT.ASS salesman thoto.ighly acquainted wtth I be trade in ali Its brsnrhes. Is open to an eug-.semenl. Money security lodged with the house, to bear Interest Address Salesman, Herald office. rpo AMERICAN TBA VF.f,L3R3 ABOUT TO VISIT J. Eur pe.? A young man sje 1 .'I, who writes a fair han<i snd Is quick at figure*, would like a situation to travel with a tsnliotr.iib about to \ tsit Barone Unaton; ttonab'e reeom mendMiou. Audross AdvcrtUer, Ledger office, Philadel phia, Ps. 11* A NTBD? 8 1 TU A tlOX S, bY A MAN AND WIFB Tv ( P'o'estsnts , lha innn as ctninhinan and gardener, the women to make bo.aeil mneraliv useful; have no In c mhra <ee Aeotl refereti. e. Address for thii week Man and Wife, box 145 Uerald office. WANT1?D--TN A DRY OOOrS COMMISSIOK HOUSB, a situation as salesman, by a young man. who has a thorough i.nowledge of the fcualness, the best of reference given u tc chsra lsr, Ac Address W. B. C.. Herald oiMce. WANTED-3Y A YOUNO MAN. 21 YRABS OF AGB , a sl'.'isiloa ; Is willing to try anything; lately dls cbarued fr >m the navy. Address J. 8 B., station A. VITANTKD? BITCATION A9 COACHMAN. BY A rRO *f teslatit youn; man with irst e'ass reference; no oh loelion IO c >y or m nntry. App.y at or address for three guys lit West ISib st WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. WHO hsrheld a rest o nb.o position In s first .4ass expresa ed e Hert of teferee. e. Add. eie Messenger, box 101 (ieN al d offico. _________ __________ WANIP.P-PY a STRADY, RRSPI- CTABLB young man lately arrived from the old country, a situation In sny ilghi in ?r outdoor busluess; will mskc himself gen< ?rail* useful Apply fcr two days al 268 9tb av., to l^tor MeCaau. in ?ie store. WANTBD-BY A COLORED MAN, A SITUATION AS pi sate coachman Ca I until Saturdav at Androw Ban nan's pork paeklug establ snment US South 6th at HEI.H H ANTF.D-FKM ALElT A GIRL WANTKD-TO DO OK* BRAL HOUSRWOBK In a private family of only tbree persons, mult boa good washer sno irooer and have good references. Apply Between 11 and I o'clock al 268, .Livingston st, Brooklyn. ~labgb numbkb or sfbvants wanted im mediately ? Froiejsed sooks and other cooks, chaos bermaldi, waltreoses, laundresses. our?es. g rts for house work, small airla. and those lately landed, fcr private fatal* ilA. hotels, Ae. Al BAYMQNH A. (51 Bleecker st HOrSKKBFPBR.-WANTRD, A YOUNG LADY, TO do tbe work for one gentleman, where there la another Ctrl. Reference required. Aoply for particular* at 182 Ul vts<#a st, center of Norfolk , in the lager beer depot. i. WANNKB. TRONBR.-WANTBD, a HEAP IBONBB, fob a first X cism hotel la Connecticut; mil t understand polishing. HGI, P WANTKJO? FEMAJ^KS. WANTED? BV i t?AU, ?AUUI I* *HE OOBK try. a reap table girl U> do puM houaework. I'1?? *?' wag es will 6c paid to one who 1? competent P duoa uuenuepitouabla f??ar?noe. Apply taiwMB lit H??ri of y and 12 A at M. Lianan k Oo/?, No. 2 Joue? taM. Front si, oaar Wall atraat ferry. ? WANTBD? IN Till OFPtCR OF THB BLLITTIO Sewtiii Machine. 637 Broadway, a competent joung lady aa operaior-and sale* woman. WANTBD? YOUNO WAITER GIKL8. AT THB COR ner of Pr>ari and Chatham atreeta, Orphaua Hall. Wage* from 96 to 910 a week. _______ WANTED?A NBA*. WILLING GTRL, FOR GENERAL boiisewark la a^mall private family. Muni bo a good. J lain cook an! launflrcn. Call l .oiu 9 to 12, or 4 to o, at U2 Sttb at , ooti Ijor west of ?th av. bring city raferenoea. W? gifts or $9. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO GBNBRAL house woik Ac . for n small family; German preferred; rawst have good reaomniendHtlon. Apply in Noatranil ava., Aral home north of DeKalb ave., we?t side. Brooklyn. WANTBD? A LADY TO LEARN TO PAINT IN MO nochromatlo, to take charge of a ol&a*; also ona to learn to palut laigc size photographs, to ba employed Inn gallery. Apply at one* at 6B7 Broadway, room No. 1, third Boor. WANTBD? TBN FIRST BATE JOURNEYMEN CAR ^^|wnt?re. Apply to Oliver Story, 223 Broad at., Bliia WANTLD-A NEAT. TIDT GIRL. TO DO THE housework of a millinery store; can learn tba bail neea if she desires; good wages glvan. Apply to Madam Belovera, 111 0th av. IirillTED-i' SKR7ANT GIRL, IN A 8PANIFII ?T faintly, to cook and axsist lu washing; German pre ferred. Can at No. 0 Bapelrea it, near Hamilton av., Brooklyn. WANTBD-A GIRL, TO DO GBNBRAL lIOt'SE work; must be u good pla i r> cook, was'uer and lroner; good reference required, inqu.ra at 10 Kant Warren at, South Brooklyn. WANTBD? TWO. GIRLS KOR THE UOUNTr.Y; ONE aa cook and laundress, the other to do chamherwork and assist In washing and ironing. Apply, with good refe rences, after 10 o'clock, at 70 East 4th St., 8 Albion place. WANTKD-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO 03N eral housework; one who can come wall recommend ed; wages J2 a week. Apply at J. M. Pattee's, corner of 81et ht. and 2d av. w w WANTPID-A COOK FOR A SMALL FAMILY ; 811 P. must be very clean in the kitchen, corne well reconi nionil.'d and be willing to auilot with the washing. Apply at 61 Kast 3Mh at. 'ANTED? A RESPECTABLE COLOKBD WOMAN, to do general housework for a family ef two pcnons; good -.vagcs Riven; mnet be a good washer ami ironer and a good plain cook, Apply at 02 Macdeugal at. Reference re quired. Wf ANTED? A GTR L TO DO~PL A I N COOK I NO,~W AffH *? ing and ironing must come woll recommenced and be willing and obliging. Call from 10 to 1 at ISi Wekl 23d ?t "\M ANTED-TO ASSIST IN CARE OF CHILDREN v J and do chambcrwork, a girl. Apply after 9 o clock A. M. at 193 West 30tU at. ANTED? AS CHAMBERMAID. A MIDDLE AGED sober, neat, industrious woman, at CS West 14tb st. WANTBD-A WOMAN, WITH A GOOD BREAST Or milk, who will take charge of and w.'t nurse a child, tlx weeks old, at her residence. Apply at 144 Ea-t 13th st. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK: ONE WITH GOOD city references. None othera need apply at No. 2 Bond St., front door, between 10 and 12 o'elock A. M. ANTED-AWIT NURSE, WITH A GOOD BREAST of milk. Apply in tho store 301 Broadway. \\J ANTED? A COOK, TO ASSIST IN WASHING AND ?r ironing and to go a "hort distance in the country. Ap ply at ID West .'7th st.. between 10 and 2 this day. WANTED ? IMMEDIATELY, A CHAMBERMAID, VT three wnlter girls, ulcrnh girl and a dish washer for a summer hotel, near the city The and good wages paid. A pi iy at 1U3 Weal 36th at, two doars from 6th av, WANTED-A GIRL. TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN und make herself generally useful. Apply at 341 Wesfr-28th st., near 9^h av. Wf ANTED? A GOOD GENERAL COOK IN A FIRST ?v c'O'S boai illng house. A trustworthy woman will find a permanent place. Reference required. Apply at 42 CIoVjd place. ANTED? A GOOD ~GIRL, TO DO GENERAL ho isework In a small family. Apply at lot Division eorncr of Allen, w w WANTED? A FIRST CLASS OOOK AND WAITRESS (colored), logo to Newport, Rhode Island, on Friday. Apply at 80 Bast 15th st., near Irving place. s ??ANTED-A LADY TO LEARN THE ART OF COL vt orlng photographs. After two weeka' instruction of one hour per day work will be given out or a situation pro cured. Call at 713 Broadway, room 19. G. GIRLS WANTED-TO WORK ON BEADING, tJ'l braiding and embroidery. Liberal pay and constant employment A small deposit required on work taken out. Apply at 127 Bleecker st. THE TilADCsi AN EXPERIENCED FRENCH GARDENER, WHO thoroughly understands the grape culture, is desirous ?f lmti.eUlate employment. Apply at 78 Nassau at, room C. A BOY WISH KB TO LEARN jTtBaDB. ADDRESS or call at S10 East S2d st. A FIRST CLASS EHOTOGR APHBR. UNDERSTAND lng the art perfect :y, ilcshc < a Orst class situation; would prefer out of door wore, a branch in which he excels, Ad'lress Photographer, box 154 Herald office. Bookbinder wanted-an extra pinishbr for calf and morocco work; Steady employ ment and geoil wages. Apply to O. Clark, 15 School st, Boston. (1ARPENTER? WANTED, A CARPENTER WHO HAS J a family, to work on an unfinished frame house In wliloh he can live; a man about thirty yea i s of aire and lro:u the country preferred. Address OHlce. 167 Bowery.* TO SOAP MANUFACTURERS.? A PERSON, THO rooghly practical, nnd of great experlsn e In tho manu facture ot evory description of family and fancy soaps, is deeiroua of an enpa^ement. Address box 135 Herald oillce. TO ARCHITECTS.? A MAN, WHO HAS HAD Con siderable exi eriencn as carpenter builder .ini ran do pmctloal <lraw IKS. Wishes to enlace permsnen tly.either ss superintendent or asso . ate. Address S. Burrage. Flushing, L. L 1 UN SMITHS? WANTED, A STEADY, SOBEK MAN for shop and store wnrk and jrbbing. A oooil workman will get .i steady job by applying to N. G. Ueraty, 465 3d av , corner of KM St. rPO SHOE CUTTFRS. -WANTED, SEVERaI^LADIEH' i shos cutters of thoiougb experience, at 27 Park row. Good ma sod constant employment given. \\J ANTED? A FIK8T KATE GENERAL SINGLE >? hand forger; slso a good file grinder, to whom the be<t of <v?ge? and steady employment will be given. A tare (hine,- to thote wishing a good 'iliiiilion. App v to (.eorge Hanoerxou, 13 Gold ?t. New York, or Jan. A W. Kotl.ery, MeMeawnn, N, Y. WJkNTKD-FIVP OR RIX good MACHINISTS TO GO ? short diMtanun in the country; tho e accustomed to fine work; gocd wage* and stetid employment. None but good hands nend a| i iv to W. H. Vau Giesou 3S Crosby at WANTED-A GOOD BRASS MOULDER, POP. BRASS ucku valves, .io. Apply at 33 Fultou st , or address a letter to J<xhu Maclaren, I'lttstrn, I'a. WANTRD-A Kir.ST RATE rOR CAP MAKER, TO whom steady work w 11 be given. Apply to E. C, llougl too, 58 Fio.^dv.av. WANTED-A GOOD. STEADY HAND ON CAKES, TO go to Albiuiy. Good and eon?tnni employment. Aldre-s M. Crmnmcy, 75 Beaver st , corner of Lodge, Albany. \\7 ANTED? A SITUATION AS GARDENER. BY A TT practical man understands Uls business tliorcngh v, Haa tbe lest reference. Address J. G , box 139 Herald oMce rANTED? IRON MOULDERS, TO WORK BT THF day or pieco; steady employment In ge >d men . piece work pays fiora 93 to 45 per day. Apu?v at the foundry, Wlnlold, L I., or to W ? Raymond ,1 Co., 348 Pearl si, N. Y. WANTED? SIX GOOD MACHINISTS, TO GO A short dlsumoe In the country. The h gh"?t wsges paid an<l constant employment given. Apply at the Jt.dson Rubber Works, New Brunswick. It. J., or at 26 Dey st. New York. WANTBD? THREE STONE MASONS AND ONE stone ei. tier, fur tbe country, three hours' ride from the citv. Inquire oi William Ttlden, IIS Norfolk st, Thurs day and Filday of Ibis week. W> ANTED IMMBDIATELY-BY A PRACTICAL EN VT (ineer and draughtsman, sn appointment Address, slat ug salary, Engineer, llesaul ofllce. ANTBD-A GOOD, RELIABLE ENGINEER FOR A factory. Apply at 1(V) Meroer at \VA w HELP WANTBO-MALEB. ; AT THE COMMERCIAL AOENCY. 397K AND 299 J\ Broadway ? Warned to day, purser's e'erk, hoiel clerk, light por'ir, shipping eierk, entry elerk. olerk Tor oillce. earhler i or n-siaursnt, timekeeper for manufsctory, dry goods a teacher, boy aciualated with hnop skirts, asustaut '.ookkeeper. Other sltuMlona open ~ No connec iion wltn Intelligence eiiieea. OSCAR A CO. AT THB ME EC AWTI LE AOENCT.-WANTED TO DAY, dry goods salesmen, grocery clerk, drug c>rk. book keeper jeweller, shipping elerk. a??lstant liookkeeper. cpy 1st, entry clerk, tln'ekrepsr, insurance agent, boys for ottl* ee?. waiters, copvlsi, barkeeper porter, farmer. Other sit nations al 'are open. Call early at our oillce. Merchants supplied with all kindi ef help free of e arse. O. MONGOMBKY J CO , Wd Broadway, room No. 4, tip stairs. ?GENTS CAN MARE ?500 A MONTH by selling O'tr GREAT rill/.B PACKETS, ALSO srLRNDID STEEL ENGRAYIHOS. anil the Portrait of _ GENERAL GRANT. SPLENDID GOLD AND SM.VRR WATCHES ftven to our agonta fee*. Pull pariiauiars In circular, mailed free, o 8. HAHKI.NS A CO., 3d Boekman street, N. T. A UENfS CAN M \KE ?J.1 IN A FI.W HOURf. 9ILUITO J\ our great, new aad wnndeiftil extra large site Prl*e Packages. $15 per day guaranteed. Every d<Tlsr Invested mere than doubled. A splendid >olld fold or sliver lever watch presented free to each agent. Smart men wanted lu establish agenc ea In every town and viiiam County rtghu fiee. Sale immense; demand Inorasalng. Everybody buys them. Send for our great new olronlfr far I WW, eoatalnlnj ?xtra new premium indooements, free. S C. RICEARHS A CO., I0J Nassau street. New York, orialaal, largest and eldest Prise Package house la tha world. GENTS WANTED? TO DELL A STEEL FNGRAVINO o I Lincoln, slxe EtM, sent free for t2t United Statsa Army Diploma for Weenie Lara* dlseount lo age sis. Also the Isrge t sasoriment of Lithographs of the Great Battlee, Llthegrsphle Perualu ef Oenera:s, Albums. Gems for the Album, saw Business Signs, War Maps. Bong Book*, Prise Paokafta, the bast la tha world. OI4 hand* will da wall to Uf them, good stamp for olrculars lo JOHN GIBSON, 13 Beekman street. New York. ADBl'O OLE RJt^W ANTED - A PIRST CLASS DRl'G gist, understau ling his business, wlU obtain a good permanent situation la a BroaAwav store. Salary according (? ability. Apply at or address for oae wees comer er Broadway aaA Twenty eeccnd strcst Only eompttant men MMWlM. La ,1 U?LF W A HTBD-BALKfc A 01 NTH ? t2?00 MA OB PRR MONTH BY IOMK OF our agents. Q(>0<t points left. wber* e*sluei\e *ienc? will be ivm |,t wilh tomii .iaplt*i Addieas or aail ?pou LOU IS riilUf ?W Broadway. *. V. AGKNTd WANTBr>_TO BKI.L FINR ORAYON FOR traits of liteulcumt asaerAl V. S. Urant an.l twenty more n rel and u-eful a?ttcss. Profits large. Call ou S. W. SICK A CO., 83 .<luuu at, New Tark. ABOOKKEKi'ER WANTED? STEADY, H0NBHT end well recommended. Muit bring first class roc?ra; BMBdaUona. First je*r $1,000. Addreti C. M. M , Herald ?Mo* A u CAN MARK TWO DOLLARS FROM TWKNTT -fl e.mts.? Call and eiamlne, or ton enmpiee eent froe by mall for twenty cents that reta.l for two dollar*, by B. L. WOLCOTl'. 170 Chatham aquare. N. T. \BOY, 18 OR 17 YEARS OF AOS, IR WANTED AS eomnanion mJ attendant to a gentleman about r*alt In*; th>' Continent of Kuro|>e: none except those of the ro quired ago need apply, good reference expectad. Address fnrUirMd|j? Continent, Herald ofTlee. Amah wantrd-in a provision storr, to make himself useful; also a porter In a drv itoods store, and a man for general wo; k Apply to Oil AM11BRLAIN A CO., Mo 5 Tryon y?, room IS, opposite the City Mall ACI.KRK WANTED-TO BELL TICKETS AT A FIRST clans t'leatre; he must have $'.0U to loan his emplo.ier en go imI security; su'ary $30 a week. Apply at S99 Broad way, room 32. A FARM LABORER WANTED-ON A FARM NKAR the city. A desirable situation. Apply to J. U. Rood, 37 Park row, room 21. Bookkkki-er WANTED? IN am UP TOWN OFPICH. One having experience uu I of unquestioned integrity may hud It an af-eeable xltuation. Present ?olary $6?0 to $fi(W. Address, with references and experience. T. R. W., ilera'd oflice. Boy wantbd.-iir must bb intelligent and write a good hand. Apply at room No. A, 14 Wall at., this day, between 12 and 1. Bot wanted-an intkllkjbnt boy, to do gr neral oUioe work. Apply to Cbas. F. Schmidt, 20 South William st. /1ANVASSKK8 CAM MAKE FROM $30 TO S90 PEE " ) week by telling the splendid Colored Portrait* of Archbishop McCluskey and Book.*. OUlce of Metropolitan Record, 419 Broadway, M. Y. pA.NVAKSFKS WANTKD.? ,WE WANT MS!* TO TAKE \ J bold of a most Billable publication. Call on or eddrea* Pierre WyckofT, with Joseph Laing, Publisher, 107 Fulton street, New York, up stairs. COLORED WAITER8 FdH A BUMMER HOUSE AT Long Uraneh wauled, at the Excelsior Employment o ill ce, 167 Bowery. RUG CLRRK WANTED. -ONE THOROUGHLY comp< 'nom'!, right man. RUG CI.BKK WANTED.? GOOD PAY FOR A COM potent mau. Address G. U., Herald ollice. DF.BG CLRRK WANTED. -ONE THOROUGHLY competent may apply* at Wo. 4 Ann atreet. under Barmim's, from 11 A. M. to 1 P. M. Good salary paid to the D D RUO CLERK WANTED? AT NO. 120 AVENUE C. corner of 8th at. OYSTKRMAN WANTED? WOO UNDERSTANDS HIS ? business. Aleo, n good waiter. Apply at the Live and Let Live, 2U Broadway, after 9 o'clock. Salesman wanted? in a hosiery commission bou e; onrc of experience, who le capable to act as buyer or to solicit goods from manufacturer*. Address, with full particulars, box 4,732 1'ost Wantud.-a okntlkman desirks a man ser. rant, who understands shuvlng and taking charge of his wardrobe, Ac Must hare the best of city reference*. Address box 1,231 Poat odiee. \A7 ANTBD? IMMEDIATELY, MEN WHO WISH TO TT make from $25 to $0'J per day by a smaU Investment, from $BuO to $300. Important new lnvenilon, just received. Great opportuuity tc^make money, either by travelling or locating :u city or country. H ( ) W ARD TILDEK. 009 Broadway. WANTBD-A YOUNG MAN, AS ENTRY CLERK: one who resides with iila parents and run bring good reference. Addre..* m own handwriting B. K., Herald of fice. WANTED-A BARKEEPER; MUST OOMR WELL recommended; one who speaks German preferred. In quire at 037 Broadway. WANTKD-AT TUE GENERAL SHIPPING OFFICE, H7 West at , corner of Albany. 20 men for whaling, merchant and fishing voyagas to the South Sea and Call forma; good wages given ; also, men for the army ami navy. JAMES Jk t . O . WANTED? TniS DAT, FOE BLOCKADE VE?SELS, a few seamen, landsmen, deckhands, cooks, firemen, ?to., to whom'irom $l4a?to $20 per mouth, bc.-ldrs bounty and prize money, will be pa'd. Also, a few tood colored men wanted. Apply to the agent, 124 West street, corner of Dey, up ?tans. ? WANTED? A TOUNO MAN. FROM IS TO IS YEARS of aire, to make himself uselu in a wholesale ttoro. Must write a good hand and be well recommended. Ad dresM box 6,066 Post oOlco. WANTED? A OOOD WAITRR. NONE OTHER NERD apply at the Waver ey Kcstauraut, corner of Fourth ?t. and Broadtvay. WANTED-BY A SCOTCHMAN. A SITUATION AS Indoor senant^hoiouubiy understands his business; can drive or take eare^f horses if required; age 27, an?l single, town or eotintry. Address for two days R. J., 67 West 16th st? corner Gib av. WANTED? IN A CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER'S office, a lad about IS year* of age; salary $W0 per annum. Goo* references required. Address box 2,883 Post Off. CO. WANTED? A YOUNO MAN. TO ATTWfrD B\R IN a country hotel, who thnrougir.y ntkr-land* hi* business: must come well reeouim ended; amir sh CatHoll* pre erre<l. Call between 10 aud 12 o'clock to-day at 20 Ful ton st., Krooklvn. TXTANTED-A BOY,' IN A STORK. TO MAKK HIM TT self generally ureful; waijo* $2 60 per week. One who Ten some wail recommended may address box 2,449 Post oiDco. WANTED-A SMART BOY. TO ASSIST IN TENDINO bar and lo make himself gen'-raiiy use ill In an a t aud chop houic. Apply this morning at 19 Abingdon s|uare. WANTKD-IN A FIRST CLASS OROOBRY STORE, A alt 'lation as clerk, by a youne man wlio perfectly un deritands hts business Kent reference if required. Ad. dress, for two days J. H. M.. 1 ox 12d Herald fT|/ANTh.D-A STOUT. ACTIVE BOY IN A RETAIL TT hardw?r" *tor*. Inquire lo th* store, 74 6tb ar., corner of Wsveiiev place. ANTED-AN OPKIUE BOY IN THE DKY GOODS bus. nest at i'J Murray St. WANTFD-SALRSMEV, ?f)R CITY TRAPS, ON Hourhon aud rye whiskers. Ac.. Ac. laitos will please state about what amount of fade controlled. Ad dress box 4,102 Post ollice. WANTED-1N A WHOLESALE UAHDWARM HOUSE, an etpnrience I entry clerk; otn accustomed to the trr 'e. Address, s-attng reference* and aalary expected, B. \ud B., box 160 Herald odlce. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO ACT AS GENERAL assistant in a first class house and barroom. One having about $IV) In easli to de|w?it as security <-an mf ei with a good, permanent situation by *y plying lo day aH7l Spring st. WANTI-.D? A SMART, HONKST YOCNO MAN. WHO underftands ?8i 'euliig sn<i 'oklnj care of horse* and harne?s, Ac., and who Is lo m',ke hims?lf generally ul. To ?ucli a young man $"0 per month wfl le paid and uoard. \ pply th ;* dav , between 1 and 3 o'elock P. M., at 114 Nassau at. , Jourtb t'.oor, back room. WANTED-A COMPETENT DRY GOODS KALES man, at M' Eihinoey A Stewart'*, 192 Fulton at, Brooklyn. No other need apply. WANTED-A BARKEEPER, TO GO A SHORT DIB lance In the country; none but one posse-itug t ad recommendation* for hnnrcty and solumty need address H. G. P . Herald oOice. rating -alary required. ?T7 ANTEP-A GENTEEL HOY, PKOM 1? TO lfi YEARS TT oil, who eadtwrite a lair hand and resides with is par>'ius; a fair talarv lo the right kind of a b y. Inquire at the oflice of the Howard B*ll Company, 430 Broadway, upstairs. Wanted? at the st james hotel, two hall men. Apply Iminedia'eir. WANTIiD-A BOY TO ASSIST IN THR CUST' M House buames*. Apply at 18 Liberty WANTBD-TWO OYSTER MEN AND TWO WAIT ere at the Oyster House, 108 Bowery. Apply be tween 10 ..nd 12 o'clock. ANTED-A TOUMG MAN TO ATTEND BAR. AP Hr to M. Byrne eoiner of Houston an l Lauren- it*. 11/ ANTED- A MAN. ACCU8TOMKD TO CUT BCREW Vt bolls and nuts in th* machine When not ihua em ployed to make himself useful In 111* machine shop. Good wages Apply corner or Van Brunt and Commerc* its., South Brooklyn. WANTED-A BOY TO WRITS WRAPPERS ANb~~DO other work'm a newspsper od'e*. Apply at chroni cle on ce. 41 Park row, room No. 1. between a and II o'clock. WANTRD-A KtRST CLASS OYSTIRM A N ; ONK wlio tim e' stands cooking Also a boy. Apply at 341 Pulum ?., Brooklyn. Wanted? a clerk in a real fstatp, opcicr"; on* of experienoe prefened. Apply at 112 avenue O, before 10 A. M w w B BILLIARDS. ILLIAROB -FOR SALE, A PINO! *TOOR OP NEW ? ltd seenn l l an ! Tan es, al reasonable prices Order* by nail *lt*nded to. W n. GEIKPITH, 14? Pulton r.reel. LOAIV OKK1CEI. AT V.? MONEY L1HKRALLY ADVA"fCRD At 77 ON DIAMONDS. WATCHKS. JHWHLRY, PIANOS, FURNITURE. Ac. ALSO, AT T7, PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS WtNTED At 77 On Diamond* Wstohe*, Jew*iry, Ac , aid * higher prleo paid lhan can be oMained ai any #lh?r p ace In tbe city, at 77 BlecAer atu et, up *t*lr*. AT H HYMAN'S, M8 BROADWAY WRNBR OK Bond strtel, room No. 6,1 will pa> the htguest prlc* for Diamond*, set Or unaol Watches sa l Silver Ware, er A1 will advance cash on th* abov* article*. (M Broadway, **rn*r of Bond *tre*i. T #09? MONET LIBERALLY ADVANCRD ON DIA monds. We to ties Jewelrj. Hliver Plate. Guns, Pistol* Ao., Ao. Alio Pawnbroker*' Ticket* wanted *f Diamond* Wat' he* Jewelry, Guns, pietole. Ac , for wiilcb I will p?y M0 per tsafao, * ifeaa *an be obtained at aay other p:*ee in the city. #09 Broadway, eoroor of Houston str**t. up sUIrs, room No. H Advances made on watches, diamonds, Jewolrt, Drr Goods and Per-onal Proi>?riy of errrv description or ike ?ame bought a* I so'd. by J. A, JACK SON. Broker and Commission Merchant, 111 Gradrt street, two doore w?oi of Broa('?*y. At 148-PAWNBROKSRS' TICKETS PURCHASED OF dlomoMe. watche*. silver ware, musieai lo-trumnat*. dry soods, clothing and g*< ds of every lescripnon. 141 Canal sirMI, third door w**t of Bowery, under Cltiten*' Bank. AT 4.*) BROADWAY ROOM S-<'ASII ADVANCED ON Diamonda, Watch*s, J*w?Mrf, Oi'as, Pis *l?. ,?e. Also Pawnhroh***' Ttrkou bought for Diaiuneds, Wit?he?, J???lry, Guns, PiMoU, llik*. Fur*. Av. a ? Broad war, iswi 9k * IPICIAL ROTICEI. MEETING Of TH F BMPLOTINO BAKERS OP . New York will ba bold at the Unto a < ommlltee Rooms cornor of Ilroadaay and Twenty tblri street on Thimday. July JAat " o'clock P. M. . to rucotvo ? 0-n.nit to* from baM B?rcliuii of Now York aud for clber buslnesa. A ACTOBS' PROTECTIVE UNION.? THE NBAT MEW log of tbli association wt ) bu bald at tbe> ooper Ioatl tuie. on Thursday, Au.uit 4. tM whore a np'e accommoda tion willbu found for al professionals. who or* hereby in - vltod to attend the lades tu parti -ular. Committees will come prepared with their reports. UEORUK W. 8TODDART, Secretary pro tem. BOAT BU1LDBRB' ASSOCIATION ? aT a SPECIAL meeiug of thin s ciely . luild At fourteenth Ward lio tel on Tuesday evening, July I, it was unnntmouHly 10 aolved that wo demand 14 80 per day on >n l after Moa ?/. Aogusl 1. DILLON RANSOM, President. J Molosct. Secretary. IpNll! NKERS or NEW YORK NO. I WILL MRET AT U the bou-e of Peter Grost, No. 2(11 Broome itreet OD oeil Thursday u-> nlnir, Jul* i?<tb, at half put se.en o'clock, as business nf importance will be trai.aacted. By order of the Committee. Early closing on Broadway and canal atreet.? The announcement made laat week tbreugh (be preae that thn dry goode aad otlr-r > torts of Broadway and Canal street would closo at S o'clock P M en Saturday, waa reaponded to, we learn. Ib almost every instance Next Saturday the mo.ement wM be even more general, and we congratulate both morohant? aad clerk? upon 'he iui-c?m of thelf praiseworthy eilorls. aud bop* tliat an ineruase of salaries will next rc elve attention and prompt action. Wo oongri their salarii learn that Mr. jC.T. Stewart ha* already advanced the tola rtea of bla employes twenty five per cent EARI.Y CLOSING. -A SPRCIAL MEETING OP THE Grocers' aud Tea Clerks' Early Closing Association will be held in Military Hall, lu3 flowery, this (Thursday) opening. at 9li o'elouk. Punotua! att-O'tsuce requested. By order JAMBS ClISICK, PrealdeBt. Joum O. LiXDLicr, Secretary. Grand mash meeting op thb iron tradr at Cooper Institute, on Thursday evening. July 28. at 8 o'clock. All workers In froo are earnestly iavlted to attend. Fellow workmen, alter a full aud careful lore ligation Into the organization of the Citizen*' Association an i ttn prin ciples. >.e Havo given nur hearty and cordial approval to tbo movement. You arc cordially mvltad t* m- ot with us at Cooper Institute, as above The beat speaker* (roni tbo trade will address toe meeting Orafolla's band, with a first olaxaglee club, will bo in attendance. bAM URL DORSETT. Chairman. J Ames M. Hick, Secrctarv. Bee ham^ills signed bv several hundreds nf the. trade. Maohinist^. i'IjL'mhkrs, no:LKR makkrs, eociu*; bulMura and all workers lu iron, meet it cooper Inatilate to night. NEW YORK., JOLT W, 18""'.? NOTICE.? ALL PAR ttns having gooda on at 'rage in Kly'a alorage ware, lmaaea wbo have not pntd charges on the aame from one to ten years, are hereby notified to pay the aame. In default of which said goods will he ro il at pubik: auction after ten days from this date, to pav said charge*. Also, a quantity of Odlee Furniture, hel l for rent, wall be ?' Id on rarno terms a* above. TIIOMAH T. ELY, M Now street. PROCLAMATION.? WHEREAS, IT HAS BEKN RE presented to me thataskip with several canes of yel low f'iver on board Is now at quarnnlino, and it Is appro bended thaP the crew and paaacngers, and othera mny endeavor to evade t hi regulatlona of the Health Ofllcer, now. therefore, I, C. Godfrey Guntlier. Mayor of the city of New York, do her.ilwr ulve public notice to all citizens to obey the rules and regulations adopted by the Health (niiceund do forMI any person to go on board, or havo ommiffllcat on wi|:i any vessel or vessels at (Junruatlnn, or with thncrews or pa-sengera thereof, without thcciprexa permiss on of the Ilckith OIlliMir, and do urgo the police to he vigilant In e'lfctcia^ such rules aud regulations, and nar tlcularly to arrest anv person that there is reason to believe has escaped fro u Quarantine, or violated any of the Qunrua tine laws, or Uic rules and re.'iilatlons of thu llea'th O, liner. C. UODFRUV UUNTIIUK, Mayor. New York. ,Tulv27 ISM. THE REGl'LAR MEETING OF TITS JOURNEYMEN Plumber t' Pocletj will take. pace this (Thursday) even ing. July 28, ut thf'r rsotnn. 1*7 Bowery. MlOHAELtSTEVENS. President Tub iron trvbb hold a mass meeting at Cooper Initnula to-night. THE RIGGBRS' B"CCUR8ION-POSTrONBD IN CON sequence of Vad weathtr? wllirtake place on Saturday, July 30. LOST ANU FOUND. FOUND-SOME TIME AGO, A CARRTAOR WHIP. mlvOT moauted, Ac. The owner can have tho same bv proving pro|>ei 7 and paring for thin advertisement. Apply al 40 Vesey street. agricultural wniehouM. 't OST? ON THE 2fiTn INST. WDILB K1DINO IN A XJ Bleecker idreet stane, iroin Canal street to ihe corner o! Thompson street, a sinall P01 k?tbo 'k, containing a hu ~ or money and a check. The finder will be well reward* by leaving It at the owner's house; his name and nnmber ?re In It / K. CPU WIN. I OST? JOLT 20, IN ONE OK THE FOURTH AVKNHB J cars, about a quarter before two o'clock P. M.. a Pock etbooK. containing some $'R> & $ 70 in ten dollar creonba k b<ils; also several promissory notes and a commutation tick et on the New York aud New Ha via Railroad. The linder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 2U-Fonrtb avenue. jAUEs H. BEERS. I'OKT-ON THE EVENING OF 6UNDAY, JULY 24, IN J going from the N?w York Hotel to th<- corner of Pleeak er and Sullivan nrepte, a Cnlf wlili Bultoo, letter M. . ena melled. Ti'o parly bringing It to 170 Bleecker street will be moat F iiUv .iy rewarded. LOST-IN tfBEBNWICH ^TREET, BETWEEN DRY and Krmklin ureeta a Tocket Handkerchief, with (9 tied in one corner. The finder will be llbera'ly rewarded by leaving the lime at 17l> Greenwich stiect, coiner of Dey. IOfW-ON TUESDAY NIGHT, EITHER AT MKMBE8' J saloon or In a Filth avt>nue stage, a small white Ivory Ot>era Glass. The Under wl 1 be propesly rewarded by re tnrn'-ig It to Messia. G. Cellaraore A Co , ill Broadway. LOST- ON WEDNESDAY MORNINO, IN OOING from William to Pine street, a Letter, wrIMen In Gsr man. The linder will p'ea e addreaa ihe name to R. L., bos 4,873 Post oftlce. and accept thanks. Lost -a skyb terrier dog. with a collar marked Jobt 8. Beefier, New York., 'Ken dollars re wa. l on delivery at 75 West Eighteenth s'reet, Lost? on satprday^hr 2.1 n inst.. tn souTii street, between Ma den lane and Pulton ferry, ? email >>tineh of Ko- s. The Bnder will he libcmllr rewarded on returning them to the owner. DAVID R. ALLEN. 76 South street, corner of Maiden l.ine. T OSTOR MISCARRIED^- AT THE 0RAFDTfRR~0 N Li the tth July last, in 83 Grand street, a young black Setter Dog. seven months old. and sli OH Painting*, in frame*, live of them 9 inebea by 111. and one 18 iaehea by 12? brown cow and white calf. A good reward to anybody giving full Information. NOTICE -FIVE" TIMES ITS YALOB AS OLD ~Pli ver win br paid for the Presentation Goblet >!olen trom a house In (rvlnrMn. and marked with iho name of an "di cer In the I'nlteil H'ates Navy; ?Vo for Ibe Napkin Ring*. No oucslious w.ii be asked. Address box 2, XI7 New York Post o.Tlce. $10 KKWARDR. tf>C REWARD-LOST. A SMALL. BBOWN PAPER Pan-el? t'te name "Ml?a Eli/a Couldock" written on it in pencil. The above reward be paid, and no ine.tions asked, on its return to the oltlce of the Metropolitan Hotel. flj'c REGARD -8TR\Yi:D, KJtOM THE OF yp? ) Forty-lirei street and Foirtli avenue on the 27th Inst , a Rtd Cow. Any perain returning h?rtothe above place, to Mrs. McNal.y, will receive uic above aoerapi. Al n kewai.d -lost. a BRITISH SOTPMASTB*'* ijpll' Certificate. Xo "Hi, Wlioevr will ret urr. Ihe ?nin? to J. C McArthur, 12? Water siroet, will receive the abo\e reward. <J?1 /\ REWARD.? LOST. KR(J.VI NEW BRIGHTON. A JlPi" Inrge hrnwn Ne*roundlsnd Do W' >>?vcr rrturat | ili? ciine to Mr John Whltlcmore'* house, JIc.v itrigiiton, or to the S'tcar rnCncry, foot nl South in St., Williamsburg, win receive ll c shove ieward. RHWARD.-LOHT. A PAUKAOB, COhTAIMWO ms jl * r iwn Memorandvlri ltoeka; suppou'd to have been lelt >n car ol ihu Uuds jii River Kvtr< ad, on Monday matnlr.c. The above reward will be i?id by leaving the name with Ynnng II. Cbotla, 1,2 'I Briiariway. REWARD WIl.L HE PAID TO THE PRISON who fnind a package of m- ijoy. amouutiug (>> about $131, lo>t whl'e tiolng from Hrookiyn to Jersey llliv. via Atlantic street. South ferry. Wen utrccl cars Cortlandt ferry and Montgomery itret. on Sundar, July 2*. The above reward ?>ll be ) aid ?u returning tue umt to U. L. L. . 1119 KroM street Mm fork, RKWARD ? STRAYED, OH SI'NDAY EVF.NINO, VwtJ 24tli inntsnt an old. brown Setter Dog speok'td wilh white aho it Ibe sho ldi rs and tide* ; small rrorit lend briaeu; au>wrrs 10 the name of Pouto. Ih" aborc reward will be paid for h's return to 31 Ea*t Twentieth street djrij R;;WA'ti? -i.o*r. o.v the i*>rn instant, a j OoM Watcb. at pier No 30 foot of chambers I street, marked No. 8,41/; ma*?r?H. A U. W H unt, puniher en cap and esse. Ac. Ir.qulre ot it AG. W. Blunt, Water at. ?1/1/1 WH.I, PK r.I Vl-N FORTIIR nri-OVKRY OF ? J." Ml the Watch, watoh Cham and Itins. lost tn Berfca Point, (in Thuisday even ng, 21st 'nst. Addresj J. U. A., Kli abethport. N. J. d?l crv REWARD Wir.L nE PAID FOR TUB rk ?pl'Jt" roi-f-ry ol lh"! Ilodv of Tunis ?lrjk?r, who was drowned o i Ti ursda> , .Italy 'Jl. In New York H?v lis a .s about 5 f et .r Inciie* hlg . and dressed >u a dark -hlr" a. id brown strli>ed eassirn're pante. His tirm wss mersed with two tla^a and .he inli.nN of bis name. OnavarcNP, JnlvK I8i4 MARY RTRYKKR. WATCIlKn, JRWBliitY, dtC. AT?9, WaTOHRS, DIAMONDS, jkwelky. silver Plate, Ouns Pistols. *0 tii'ight. - I | sy 2A0 per cer.t mnic than can be obtaiaed at any otb"r plai-e in the city. N. II. ? A l*o Pawnbrokers' Tiikef want?<t for the above grt'clHS, at 'he same late. 0OU Broadway, Joruer of Houston street, op staire, room b. __________ Diamonds, OLD GOLD AND pILVKR. DIAMOMI*. OLD HOLD AND SILYBR. Persons who wish to sell Damon it a, oil t.n'd, ^lirs-, or *uy kind ol old 'ash lone I J' we ry, g i to LOU IS A.N RICH , Tii Ilroadway. A posMise fa.t. he pars .Vlperoetil tnoro than any ether p-rsan. ed#la Vew York s.nce the (iLnlntstrstlon of the 'a>' Martin van lluren. Make no mistake? 723 Hroadwa*#unuer ihe New York Hotel, OMtMBAOKS Vfl GOOD AS OOLD -WB AR". IILti InjO'ir Onidla/.it Silver Watetiea for greenbacks, as cheap as ever Miey ?ere told for goid. Call aud set for yoursaivea. Original L JACOi'.S. M7 lit, -i.i.-.ay QKCOND HAND OOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, O Diamonds, o d O dd an I Sliver, lob I^ts of Fancy floods, Ac., bought for oasb ; full value given or Initial L. JACOBS. 407 Broadway. WASTRD? FINB AMERICAN ANO OTHER PEARI^t, Di? mends and Dutmoml Jeweliy.? The eitreme va tic given, on ce bciir^ 9 till II) and i till 3 nntv. R v. PLUME, Diamood Broker, >12 Broadway. Yaluationt one per tent COAL, TO GOAL MINRRS.-WAMTKD TO FURCHASR. FOR eiab on deliver/, 300 tons of be?t Retl Ash CiMtl. for family use. Ad Ireee, statu g prlco. Ac., Richard Oalit, ll Chambers street, New York city. ? HIPPINO, fOR HVIRfOOI,.? TBB OALHOWN, AT TIER NO. # Nor'h ri*er. sa 's 10 merrcw. The celebralctl packet sh p JSRKMIaH TIIOMPhQM on Friday. Apply THOVrgOirS p.\ssa<e offl< e Jfi l'earl ilwl. l?OR I, IVKRPOOL -CLIPPER SIHF VIcTOIiY, HOW P la the stream, positivolt sail# ih silayat I I? iS BS V ' 'A SemtV i*r*$L * lianied'aiely *? ina lull BDI-. city oitt ?mrnwo. Norrrs ~r TbeaUaW.lp KANGAROO ?f thla Use, will Mil M an eitra>t'ano?r on Tfcar?4af, July W 41 noon. earrylgf ? Imltcd autrbar of atearage At reload ratoa, uayatoe In UBitad B:ttti ?urr?B<7? JOHN G^UaLE. Agaat. 16 Broadway. 8TBAX WEEKLY TO L.1VM.H POOL, TGUCIII80 A* Queenalowa ( Cork nsrbar. )? The Liverpool. B?* Tori And I'b'iadephla SUAtnfcbip Compunr (Iainan lis*), mrrj 1 the United Hut*? mat!*, rBtrnrt d?* H'1<Ib| Ibatr [I powered (Ivde huilt 1 run aa foilowa ? BD1N BORU. Saturday Inly *>, OP WASHINGTON. Saturday, AnfUil. OK MANOH BHTCIt. Saturday Atignat IS, Ami evary eua.eading Biturd ay, al noon, frJm pier 41, Norlb river. ? <trs or TAtur, a, Payabla la gold, or It* aquiraient la enrmer - First eal?n $.? Steerage *?? ?$? Do. to Looilon HS Do to Lor do a..,. U Ho to Pails 96 Do. to Pari* . <0 Do. to Ham hi rg DO Do. to Bambur* .. ST I'a ari.gern a?n forwarded to Harre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Mr . at a>iuallr low ral-ee From Llverirool or Qieenatown ? Flrat cabin, $78, $>*#, $1116. Rteorago. $33. Tlioae who whh to lend for their friends can buy tleaeta bare at thesa rataa. These steam er? have snprlor accommodations for paa ?enn-rt, are strongly-bnMt in wator tight lr>o sar.tlons, BBd crary patent tire annlhllalore. Hicrlaaead aargeoaB ara Bt'enhed to esi-h aieanner. ?????.??? For further Hifoi malion apply In Liverpool to WILLI 4* INM AN, A*?nt, 11 Water etreet: In Olaag*iw ta ALBX. MALCOLM No. SRCKnnah aquara; In OnoanatoWB I* O. M W. D. SEYMOCR * CO., In Londonto KIVRS 4 1NA I'KY. ?l King William at.; In Parle to JULBS'.DBCOOK. 48 Rue No're Daino den Vluimrau. Place 'la la Bourse; l> Phila delphia to .mnv a. DALB. in Walnut ?tre*l, or at tba Company's offleaa. JOHN G. DALE. Agent, 16 Broadway, K T. STRAW TO LIVRRPOOL. GLASGOW. DUBLIN. BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY ? Tlie r.n?. feat taWntr, A I. Clyde 1 ul!t ..lerwnshlp R5ALEDONIA. Captain Craig, la Inlarided to sail on Saturday, July SO, from pier .10 North r.ver. This rteameblp I* UUed In the moat approved sly la to insure the comfort and safety of paaieagnis. Rates or pa* age, Inolv I'ng an abundant sudp'v of we 1 rooked pro vision*: ? Cabin, $19} and $ao. IntermeJIate. $.">6 Hteer ?l". $45. Payable In onrrBner. Ap?lv to PBANOI8 MAO ONALO M CO., No. 6 Be*?ng Oreen. NOTMW.-TBB STEAMER ATALANTA, CAPTAIN Win. H. PInkham. wllJ Ipbvb pier Bo. 21 North river, on BBiurday. Jalv !K), at t PwH. prsHaely, far London direct. To be followed bv the ateamehip BELLONA, Aug 0, and the ateHmaliip IOWA. Aug. 13. THE LONDOB ANB NEW YORK STBAM8HJP COMt panv w|!l deapati'b a<'ml mombly their new nnd flrat olaaa Brlibh Iron NteaMSblpa WBl.l.A, B ELLON A ATALANTA, IOWA INDIANA and M AN II ATT AN, ea h ,4.i?i tona bur tlinn, between London and New York, callluii at Havro on the voyage from London. Raie? of pinuii. parable la ire!d or its equivalent ?From New York, llrnt cehln . $70; eeooad cabin. $&'>; ateeraae. $2.%. From Loailon or Havre, Aral I'abiu, $71. For jmaaage r.pplv to CHAS. A. WHITNBT. 2<I Broadway. For freight apply at M South atreet AilvRnoea m*d>i 00 merch.miliae^contlgneil to the friend* la Lo-'di n ?f the nn. iler igred These Meemeia oonnei-t at London with iteam ere of the limn eompanv for tho channel porta, Rotterdam, Ainaterilam, flt. Petcr*l)'irg. Copeaha?en. Hoi-dea i*. Oporm, Ulbrallar, Aleiamirla. Smyrna, Conatnntlnople and Odeaaa. IIOWLAND M ASI'INWAf-L, Agenla. TUB HAMBURO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From Southampton. From New York. HORrSStA Jul* 12. ISM Aug ?, 18tf4 8 A X O N I A . . . .". July 2fi, 18fil Aug 20. IM4 TBUTOMIA.... Aug. ?. lWi Sept. It, IM4 OKRMAMA. ....... J, illy 23. 1S64 Sept. 17, INK itoitussiA s-wt. ?, lm tvt. i. ism 9 AXON I A Kept. 2<\ IMI Oct. IH, lilM From Hamburg nlnr. foot of Thir l street, Hohok"n. t?k?nif r- "nzers lor Hamburg Havre. London nml Southampton following ra'ns ?First cibln. $10V se mnd < *h|n , 5'. " i": steerage. $17 W. paysb'e In Bold or its eqnlvalonC (?'or freight apply ?o KftNHARDT k CO.. 4.1 Exohanit* JlljKe. For sseaga apply to 0. B. RICHARD A BOAS, IV Broad ay _ The north german llotd'b steamship AM KRf'A, H. W?s?ella fmmunilrt, carrying tha United Mates mall, will sanl from the Bro.mtu pier, fool at Third street, llobokrn on SATURDAY. JULY 30. AT 12 O'CLOCK M., BREMEN, VIa'boUTII AMPTOX, taking pastenpers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRRMBN, at the following rat'!*, payable in /told or lt? equivalent la currency. > Fnr the first cabin, 9105, second cabin. W- 30; steerage, $37 90 The AMRRIOA will be followed by the BREMEN Au gust 13. For freight or pan'tige spplr to ObIAiICHS a CO., 68 Broad -street^ STEAM FROM AND TO QliEEHBro'rtN AND LIVER von i, CUNARD LIN R. From New York. $'S, to New York $"!B, goM or equivalent In cui roncy. MARATHON sails Wo 'nesday, August 3L OLYMPUS sal ^ Wednesday, August 17. For p<uai,e apply fo WILLIAMS A GUION. 29 Broadway. National steam navigation company. TO QUEENBTOWN AND LIVRRPOOL. Cabin, * gold; Steerage. $61', payable In ourrener. WESTMINSTER Sail. Saturday JTnly .'a NI',W YORK" Satis Saturday, Aug. ? Far Passage apply to ' WILLIAMS A Qi.'ION, 28 Broadway. THE MONTREAL OCKAN STBAMBHIP COMPANY'S steamship DAMAHOl'S. from Wnei.eo to Liverpool, J u It 31. Knies of passage, $'5. $70, $30. Bight drafts O.I the Natl >nal Bank, payable at all Ita brinches In England am'. Ireland. For paaaag* apply to _ SAUBL A 8BARLE. 23 Broadway, New Tork. MAIL PTE AM EBB TO FRANCE DIRRCT. ' THE OKNRRAL TRANSATLAN TIC COMPAIIY'B NKW HTNK OK FIRST CLASS SIDKW1IEKL 8TKAMHHIP3 BETWEEN NEW TORE AND HAVR" Ti e first five splendid vessels Inteuled to be put upon this ffcvoinltc rout# ror the (Continent, are the following ? W AKHI NGTON, :i.204 tons 900 horse power. I, K TA V ICTTE, .1.204 tons 90" hnrse power. B UOKN I B < artaat) 900 horsa power. FRANCE 'bulbing). 900 horse power. NAPOLEON III (btllldlng) 1,100 horse power. Until the completion of I he en tiro list the service will he performed by the WASHINGTON, A. Duchesne; lAFAY ETTB, A. Boeande, as follows-? FROM NEW YORK TO HAY Bl WASHINGTON Wednesday, 17th Angngt LA PA YRTTB ;T Wednesday. Mth Meptemker. WASHINGTON Wednesday. I^th Cutobor. LAPATRTTR Wednredny. 9th NoTetnber. Washington WMp<??d*v, 7th n?c?mber. First famn fmclndlnK table wlne\ $'3S. Second ("aliin (Includlnc labia wtne). $'0 or $90 Pa?a ,.e in g>dd *r Its eq ilvslcni In United Sutei currency Med,, .U attendant!? free of o':"*rge. For freight or pas^aiT!* sf-pty to . OEflR"R M*.?KRNriE, Ageit, No. 7 Proadwsy, New T?rk. At Farla ? No. 12 Boulevard des Ca^ui:i?es (Oraoa Hotel). Jt\ Ha?r?? WiIllMti Iselln .% Co. _________ UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. Regular sailing d->y*-3d. Mth nd 2.'td of er.nh month, * oept whi'a tlie^e dar s fa I on Stindiv, when iu? day of do purtnre will he the Monday following. The Lew stranaahlp . COSTA RICA A. O .lures. Commander , will tali from pier No. 3 North rl!er, WRIISE^DAT. Angiist.3, at 12 o'e'ock M The steamship OCR AN yUKKN. Capiat* Tinklepangh , will soci-ee I *!* Ci.s.a Rica ai.d sail August 13 For fre fbl or r*ssag? apply to U. D, AliLi'-f N ) S Howling Oreeo. VTEITRAL flag.? AU-?TBALIA PIONEBR LUfB. IN carrtln^T the "oltel states malls ? Tho new At al Lloyd's British b.Mit a lpt?r bark FaBaWaV, Bllllags muster. Is w rapidly loaillng at pier 10 East river, and will hedespi"- ed for M-lbonrne d red on the 5th of Angd?t; also th* Brit sh rilppor LK^'aNTBR, A. G mas ter, will s:t''ren 1 the Fa^awav and. having large "n^aje n>ents. wtll bavr- quirk desi afh For f'effcht or passage apji.y Volt. W CAMERON, frt Beater street. FOR SEW ORLEANS DIBEOT. The new anu first clas? it?ainslilit EMILY n. SO I'DKR, I.isM) tons burthen, James II. Winchester. Cotumanilar. Harlng sv.pei '.or a<* ommoiat or? for pssaenpers, wfTl lea. ? plrr No 13 North rl 'er. for New Or eaos dire t. on Bator. d?v, .lulv 30. at o tlock P. M pre^is'lv. No fiet/hr received or bills of lading signed on the day of samn: For freight or passage r.pp'y to LUDLAM. I1E1MRKBM A CO.. lift Broadway. For l'vkrpool and london.-fob livkrpoou lb,> .NORTi! AMKRICAN (alls 2.1 Aacn t the RKSOH. i K oil the Jlh ?f Aug ist. For London. Ih? LIVERPOOL 00 the titn of Angtist. For pas>^ge apply to It ILL.I iMd A it' I ON, 40 Fulton itrreu F10R I.IVKRFOOL DIK't' r.-CITNARn RTP AMBHIF M tRATIION. Csptsln Mc'dlckan. will sad on Wednes da-, A igust 3. obln psstage $so? ^?M, or Its S'liiivalea^ Kor fretf it or passngs apply to lL CCJN ABO, Bo 4 BowHnf Gre.-n FOR LIVERPOOL? T A PHCOTVd LINE. S.I p CONSTELLATION satis this dsy. Ship KM ERA LD sills Anuu<t 4. For passage t" or from the o d couatrv or d afts. avallahl* In sry r sr' or EogUnd Ireland Scotland and Wales, at tha lowest po<slhlM rates, apilr to TA I'SCOTT BROTHERS M CO., W Sooth street. TRAV El.T.El'S' GtlOl, HTDrtON RtVF.R RAILRO < D.? TRAINS FOR Al> laiiy. Troy, the N 'rth and We??, lea* s Obambsrrt iw>4 at7 an t It) A. M. au'l 1. t> and In. 40 F. M., and oa SasdajS ?t 6:22 P. M., from Thirtieth street. VTKW VOH K AM) IIAKLKM RAILROAD. i.s Trains for Alhtny sn I Troy, eoniiecllng with the North and West. Isave 1 weaty sixth street deooi at 10>4 A. M. and t *' M. SPBCIAL NOriCR. Pas eugers for Bsisw^a Springs uu t'?mrda?s ran taka the 4 P. M train and arrive at Karalo;a, without cbanie of ears, at II p. M. FTBRBOON BOAT FOR NKW BUBO AND FOtTOII keepsie? Lauding a' Ura-ev Potnt, Co/uM>s , West Point, Coid ?pr.og, l oi una . Hamburg and V '.P n. Fa. a eucents. The newar I Ust THOMAS CoLLTBrt will leave tho jiler foot. if J., y emn after uon at SMf o'' lo<k. Retnrnlatf, will leave ?i iighk. 'ps'oevet, inorn'eg at 4 o i ock ; Newh>,rn. T: Cornwall 7 10 Cold .-"Friog, 7 33; Wtst Point. 7 34, Co .ens'. .40: i,raa*y feint. 8 23? arriving lo New Tork at it) 30 o clock A. M. BY ISLAND TERRY LANDS AT FORT RA MIL* ton. The N MJSHON* leaves Christopher street al 12C, sm. I?e street at ?? I2'< 3V. Morris street (pier 4/ al 10, 1, 4 A c?: Day line fok alh \iv-rRANOB of f*"*? F'ensure travel to Cauktll ?}?!? Springs. Surat"k* Momree'. and P?lnUI "orlb aM W gcg^l w:;t rau,,. Nrw urg. Po,^ v?,.p?e Rh meherV. I AtskiiM wj "?d?g?. ' VHMi nM om b.ierd and hagga*e o.isoked West and North. RAILROAD tISK S<JUTH. ^ BROOKLYN TO I'UI LADKLFIIIA. THROUGH IN ~IT? HOURS. Fare fl. Brrursion tickets $S; g <ori for three I'aya. On and after Monday, August I. I'M. Ky tha commodnxia stmmer jeem Host, t? <* of Atlaatl* Stre't, Brooklyn, every daj ( dun lay s ngoeptaJ ),at 1 1 o'etoek a . II. , Ihenea to Port Monmouth, and by tea Rar'lan sod i)?I.i.vire Bay Itaili oad Bfoitof V Ine street, PI: HasMlpMB, R..torn"ig. leaves Vine >trset wharf, I hlkslelphla, arary mo n ng atS fSnu lavs ese?pted\. Travel ers (to n the tlt? of New Tork are oeti ted a?4 t? sppty.foi pa- sage by th la line l'-a Stats 0< N?wJer?a?h ?^ ing gr.i ne I to ha Camden and A ^now aiaaonoly ne*ttl% slve pr vii"ga of o^rioug r^s ' Ogsis aad fraight & m it njf Tar* ,y

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