Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Temmuz 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Temmuz 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thvubut, July I* ? I f M Mow that ths bo.ks ol the lreasury and national bank? ?re >poa for subscription to ibo utw loan, an iB'Hilry lo to us probable pretest and proapooliro ?flbcl upon lb* moaoy market. tbo value of national s?curltl?s and tbo ourreucy and tho price of oommoditiea, oannot b ? with out Interest lo the poodle Wo therefore propose to show briefly tbe influence ft will bo likely to exert In these lm portent monetary and commercial channels. li be* been dated by vartone new. -paper* which en d^rte the acts of tbe sdminlstrstion Indiscriminately tbat the policy now being pursued by Mr. Fessenden tends to the oontraUlon of tbe oarreney, Ito con sivjufot Improvement In value. and tbe lowering of price* for whsterer money can purchase. That tbi* li wbat tbe country needs canuot he ques tioned but tbnt Mr. Fesstnden's thus far tend* to produoe thU desirable stale of things is more than doubt ful. Tlie mere prospect or this Treasury note loan being pul oe tbe market at par resulted in tbe banks strengtbsumg themselves to meet tbe run on tbelr deposits lo which they s?y it will lead, to a irroater or 1?6S extent, by onr tatllng tneir loans and dlscouuts and siring tbe usual ton days' notice or their Intended withdrawal of n large sum ou temporary dop<<alt with tbe Treasury. The stringency thus produced emitted tbi m?ney mail: et to ro?j>ond to the loan, which could only be successfully Hotted on an Bu y market, while the call for tbe return of the tempo rary deposits found the Troisury unable to meet It unless by the issue of new currency. In this m mn?r a not increase of $10,965,797 was made to the v lume of tbs currency, chiefly in the lorm of compound six per i ont notes, tor the week ending on the 26th Inst. ; acd in aii probability we shall see a further withdrawal of temporary deposits and another addition to tbo legal tender issue* in the next weekly statement of tbe public #debt. W case the temporary deposit system, by giving tue banks control t?nd the latter and the government creaky somewhat antagonistic positions^. compelled further Infla ion on tbe part of tbe government. But even had it not. and tbe necessities ot tbe Tre?aury tor payment to public creditors bad not required fro*b issues of le^iu tenders, tbe state or tbe money market ?u Such thai It would have been forced to resort to tbe hurt ful palliative or further inflation in or<1et to give tbe loan tbe leaet obanoe of niece s. Moreover, before it oould bo worked off to any considerable extent, ft rise ? tbe market value of the interest in gold bearing binds wa* requisite, as subscription at par to a loan payt g only sevoo and three tenths Interest in currency fur three years could not be expected on any but patriotic grounds wblle the bonds were selling ?o low. The new loan hiring been officially advertised, and tbe money market being earod by tbe Treasury disburse menu of legal tondera, this rise in boods-the pre cursor or subscriptions to tbe Treasury note, loan-has I'eguu , and wltl be likely to stoadlly contlnne (unless It receives a temporary cbcok from adverse intelli gence re?i>ecting tbe I'otomac raid) till tii^y 1<e sufficiently blgb to place the new loan on something like an equality with them. The strong demand for our g ld bearing securities ? Germany and other parts of Europe, arising from tbe high rate of exchange in favor of foreign buyers, is likely to continue, and will pro bably Increase, and, their price being thus advanced, they will" no longer constitute an obstacle tnthe wny of an m'erlor currency paying loan at par. The present loan is obviously a financial mistake, tend ing, as we have endeavored to show, directly to the do prestation of the curroncy by forcing tbe government to stimulate tbe money market by additions to tho buk of our paper money In order to float It at tbe price fixed. A loan of this kind is a parasite. d?rond iug for Its support on tho currency, which It weakens in proportion to Its owa weight; and this n an evil which would be likely to increase In a compound ratio with every succeeding loan at a fixed price. It Is also a mHtftke In respect of its offering less inducement to buyers than the phblie securities already in the mar kel, which hat rendered It necessary to ca.*e the money pjarket to stimulate an advanoe In tbons preparatory to receiving subscriptions to the seven-thirties. The proper course for tbe Treasury to have pursv.eO , If ft stoppage of lurlher inflation of the currency was the end sought, woold hive been to place tbe loan on tbe mirket at whatever price It would ?ell for, it being undoubtedly better for the government to receive less for Its loans and more for its currency lb on the reverse. By the policy it has adopted It wiU lose fftr mors than it will gain, and it will make the people sharers In Its ewn losses, Let us suppose, for Instance, that the government received only ninety In stead of par for a new loan. It would evidently te a loser to tbe extent of the difference so far, but the ^jv erumaat Is a great purchaser, and If, by reueh ing uitmty iDslead of ft hundred for its loan , It ran contract the <mr retuj, or at least prevent further inflation , and so ri ce or .LwOk an advance of tbe price of everything of wl to it is a consumer by leaseuiog the premium on gold, or preventing Its furtbor use, tbe sum l"Wt on tbo loan* would be far lass than that saved in disbursements, be sides *b!ob the people at large would protit by this course equally with the governmant, every mn'i do.lar be'ng worth mare to bim tUan it assuredly would te if tbe policy of consulting the price of loans ttrat and of the cunency next wee persevered in. Had the Trooiury not resorted to further las> es of paper money in tats case tbe prior exist. ug stridency would have prevented the 1 an from being tekeu at all at the price fixed. The argument may bare be advanced tbst, In tbe fa e of the Increase to the currency of last week and further Usues lu prospeol, gsld, tbe true standard of values, has deolincd; but this dies not diminish the force of what we have said in the least. Sj>ecial cause# wj prevent gold from ex^/erteociog the effect of fresh Issues ot paper money iiumedlateVy, Just as special aauwa m>ght induce ? spasmodic rise in the face of a contraction, but eocner or later, within ft time sufficient ?o allow of ft few revolution of tbe wheel of oommetce, gold will beoome the true Indicator of the value of tbe currenoy. Tbe special causae referred to as operating to keep down tbe premium at preeeal are easily dlscovera ble Id tbe n a usually large exports of native nod re exports of foreign products, end the diminished Imporp, wb cb M oooe lessen tbe demand for shipment aud customs duties. while, I* add to these, we bave tbe large foreign demand for oar gold bearing securities, wblcb diapause with ft proportion*!* amount of exobange. Wltb regard to working off tbe present loen, It promleeo a better rsaaU than baa attended tbe preparation of the way for It. Tbe probability la that an tbe goW bearing securities rise U tteir market value tbe dlsposl t?on to invent la tbe Treenury notes will iaorease thro igb nut the eootry , lor tbe disproportion In vnlue between tbe two will be oovered by tbe dIOcrenca in prloe, and n large amount at currency wblcb ban bnan bid nway la W-il street for a I'.ng time will eee tbe light nod bad Ha way te tbe gre*t moreury centres. Tbe mnney thus pad into the baois of tbe aoverament wtll be aa rapia y <1isbnrae<l, and aoft tight money m.rket wtll be nvoMleo Tbe snbecrlvlhes being gradnnl, net more tban ten minions noed be biid at any one time from tbe people aad banks, and under tbe preaent policy ef tbe Treasury it win be to 1M tnwreet la pay out lie rr?lpu lelckle U order w gtiard igkWal a atringeney *? mncb no roaat. hie. aad ae bftb keep tbe way open for new aubasrtp ? tiotee and prevect tbe iAnka from witUdrawiaf Ibeir temporary depoetl*, tbe -result of wbkb would be n acpeWion ef tl>e evil wblcb added nearly eleven mUttons to the currency last ween Ouesidertag that tbe am<?ai.t of paper mosey aftnet en cods eight buadred and s>x?y millions, more thar sib Hundred and twenty ee-?n million* five hnedrad ti.on ?and << wbtci la in tna r^m.* Treeeury >eaue< tbe noerclty of legal tender* at tbe great oeetree is ooly te be neooanted for by boarding In small and asoderate snma by a large portion of tbe people. Tbat tbls wnrka to iuriontly, by lenvlng so much ea|.iui entirely antm. rio,?i, la meal-eat. Tbe argnmant wbtch applies te tbe ?iter'* hoard appllea equally to tbls; fw tbe effect la tbe naote We h>ve Raid thai tfce tendency o< tba lew kni> snd nil tim'Sr loans at * flxed prloe la towards inflatlor, botb of Ibtf rmrreerv and prlcaa of commodities , and the present ?m,s. ittsMa t of pvodectng tbat contraction wbleb baa been pfn hwed by eciue *uir nkmg or prtfndMai pnraena, baa nire*<iy iud t vb? reveres, tad wlit contlnne M done nomn t me lo- . -r it w late f> remedy tba __ we '?*?* often bafnre p^kiui oct, of loans ftt n l*e<! prion, te this cese; bat we would ad\ -ft Mr. Feaaendan ng'iast ndbaring ie tbe f tu<'? to an nnanoed principle, wheb oea on > be carried "it ?teadiiy dopreciatlng tbe Ci ' teocy. And n?w that lb* n> sy markot ?a<i the |?ibllv mind are sparing for an |mi treat in curret c? loan weai.l tug|e?t tbat the eya t? n ef pfttlng laior^i in gold < a ea) ? b ? (uaat sea b? aban loned. J be ro-ourree ** li e tooetrv will not ?"-?ait f 'te be. r k ? ? i.e egact W eerre?" y inte Hppretn?<ete ail tbe m ?be >. ? ?nd geld ihrM tenths tr???arr *?U) low Ntml at Mm SuVfro* ?ury y?Bt?r<Hy ? Book of OenawBto* .$1,000,000 Phentx Bank 100 .00# Meohanloa' Bank .j.. 100,000 Atlantic Mutual iMiiruM Company 100,000 W H. Mpln*'11 U1" Jokn H. rorbM loo 000 B?Bk ?rc?Ba'*B?Mlih 76,000 Trad*s?en i Hank 00 .000 Thorn *4 (McoH . Caahior 60,000 Pnak of th? 8UU 60,000 T o ion Rank AO 000 Henk?rd ft Fulton 00.000 O. 8. RubbtM ft SoB 60.000 W. H Aapinwall 30,000 ToUl $1,815,000 The fourth National B*nk aubser'jel m follows ? For selvw .>250,001. For Ketchum, r-on ft Co 10" ,000 l'or Anthony ft Hall 60.000 For Ploy t, Sprnguea ft Co.... 60 000 For John M. l'urman 60,000 Total.... *500,000 The receipts today were comparatively small, amounting up to ona o'clock to less than half a million As soon as the raid passes over, however, atfl the prlees ( of fold bearing b ndi experience a further ailranoe of j three or four percent, the subnonpt.ous to the currency loan may incroase, and an average or * million per d?y maybe maintained, which 1j about tha rate at which the ten-forty loan ran. The prevailing ease in the rrionjy market la favorable to it just now, although the fact that the notes will not be ready for delivery for twenty daya la calculated to dlscouraj.'* subscriptl us to it in the menu time. notwithstanding that interest U payable from tu^ date of deposit. There is a strong belief in higher nroci bclaj r6n -had on the Stock Exchange, and tho speculative feeling is In the ascendant. Thore 19 very littie demand for foroign exclunr;o, either oa real or speouUtlve accaunt , owing to causes we have already explained. Dackors' sterling may be quoted at 110 a 111 for gold and 271 a 273 tc currency, while for francs the rate is from 5 13 to 6. IT. The upward movement In stocks Is gradual, and has a !i? ilthy appe.irauce, the average rise on railroad shares being about Tma prr cent a day. Coroparod with the highest cash sales at the flrat session of the Board of Brolort on Wednesday, New York CeDtral advanced to day \i per cent, Erie Railway H?, Erie proferred stock 1)^, Hudson River Iff, Reading t'?. Michigan Central 1, Michigan Southern S'4', Illinois Central l1,', Cleveland and Pittsburg 1>?, ClevoUnd and Toledo 8, Chicago and Bock Island 1, Tit'tsburg and Fort Wayne Chicago and Northwestern IV. Chicago, Burlington and Qulrcy 1, Cumberland Coal 1*;, Mariposa 4, and Ohio and Missis sippi certificates Cnicksllvtr Mining sold the same, and Central Coal Company declined 1 per cent. Government securltloa continue to go up, and the de mand to day was unusually lively. The coupon bonds of 1881 advanced per cent, registered flve twenties 1, coupon Ave twenties 1, August seven and three-tenths Treasury notoe . and the one year certiflcates The following we e the qu?tatiJns at noon: ? Registered H's of 1881 105if Coupon P'a of I SSI 10? Five twenty registered h.mda 10Ti< Five twenty coupon bonds 109 Au"u?t seven and three-tenths Treasury noto? 10S^ October seven and three-tenth* Treasury notos.... 107 One year certiOcatos 96' i Tbe decline in gold today from th? hlgbept point at tained restorday was 10^ per cent, li opened in the miming at 25i;?, ami soon fell to 248 fj ; It thm rallied and went up to 261 and finally closod one per cent below tbe latter figure. Tbe steamship Kangaroo, for Liverpool to d?j tok out $73,000 in sped*. Tbe following Is tbe report from the Sub TrM3ury io this city ? Receipts from customs ?-21t 000 Total receipt* I,6i0,0.)9 Payments 2.411609 Balance 16 551,887 A despatch from Sin FrancUoa, dated the 2flth inst., quo: en ml nag stocks ?s followt:? Opnlr, f.'OO p<* foot Gould k Curry, $1,600; Savmgp, $1,000; P0t03l, 11,000, Yellow Jicket, $500, Crown Point, $600 State Telegraph, $05 per ohare; Pest V Dclcber, $6">0 per foot. The Washington Insurance Company of thi? city will pay 1st of August a divinend of six per oent, free of tax. Tbe Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Com pany will pay 5th of August a dividend of turet and a hair por cent on tbe third mortgage bon is. Tbe condition of tbe bonks of the tbreo principal com mtrcial oities of the Union is exbibitod in tbe following table, which gives the aggregates of their iaat weekly statements:? I N.Vork inly 3$. SIM r h la.. Julv'M . Bomon, July 23. Total RjwTswTrld .V^~ i?!77i7i7 aTimsTi* Last we.'k 803,3i(5,Mti 31,429, 113 16^0*. 9?8 Jl8,8G3,:o1> Decrease in loana ....... n. ,$10,QH> 804 r>wrea?e ib specV W ?t* Decrease in circulation IM atl De-rtaie in deporttt 8,W3 138 A national bask Is to br organized at Ltttlo Rock. Ar kari??*. with a capital of >350,000. There are alroa ly ceren national banks witbla tbe territory of tbo Br.tUs that gNwd^d? one In Louisiana, tbrea In T?i M?ee, <>ae Virginia, an! two In West Vii^lDla. The greenback Treasury notes are quoted at Montreal. < anads, at 00 a 60s', vid silver coin# sell at 3*? a3'? per i en t dt <-o,mt. The following are tbe e*r?lcgn of tbo llirletta and Cin rlnrntl Railroad for tbe third week in July:? 18fl?. 1?84. Pargergerg .r?8 W.321 02 Freight 028 00 10,042 flf Mail, express and te'?^r*pb.. 865 00 1.1S9 f.s Tot* I $4,168 1* T' il to s mOffth to date 30,f>$6 17 Trtnl since JU. 1 $513 .".M 20 518,272 OT Financial natters In Cincinnati are thus referred to by liM GaitU* of th* 26 ih Inst.:? We have to nr.tle* a rootinoed fair demand for money. 1b??upp'y or currency la more literal, the receipts are tec-oeung, and tbe market is wtrking a shade ei-ier Not* tbstaiidlog this, however, the bauka seem roloclant about discounting beaviljr, wl are only doing ?< for their r?f?!ar cietcmere and dopae'tors. To them tlte rau* ma 8 a 10 per cent for 1'rat class signatures and 12 par ran 'or good meroaniO paper. Speculators and me rl??n?s irrymji prodi. -a have almost ceased making ajij I'oaWOB for loans Tbe ba tf tteadii} refuse toao oot module tbts claaa of customers, w hi are consequently ob ij-d m turn tbolr attention to the st-aot, wher* ti.oy obtata leans at H ? t per cent a manib. stack ?icfeaagsi .. TwiSBtt Ju / tt-10 86 A. H. $4W P rag ua* Sot at* Kri.fe* u)H 1U>0C 0 S ? a. >1. rou 108 U> Frie RR pref ... |l. k 7<?u da 10?V ffO Uldi'.n Rlrer RR I8ifc ior.nn do i>? t jut d?. bs mi?; tvi do llk"*4 100 *? b.'t ISi?. 8W do lA'H 9O0 Junt V ?? ?. 5? . r?? aw.?KB t' 8r'a.Ht '?,eou I'f It I 0 <*o li aooo Tr se 7 J \f OA A 1 SOU!) Tr a 7 t-lo r Ain 1 kmtD84a, I jroer .J 7*KJ0 do Igs t&ZZM {? *><1 IIUi oH war 'oae . J7 to in eel fnr?>?? fe . Ill I oOOOIHeAHtetcer.bA MU MW ..m| H4W Wlehfti ek# f? bde II ^ waiSfiaK,' 'SK'r,*.'" 8? ??....i..... b.t ISi?, 8 for<*leBA Wer RR ill !M do ll>i' to R??dfog RR ro# de m da 689 o luOVleb Oeairai RR t| tuo d? .... ... MO i *10 ?ich ill It I ku. I wo da. 40'. i-? Si:::-? 5? Ufan>aaA'R" no f l i!e*tra(. fa? atlt IX?lilC?Dt RR soil! CMcVa^.'S t de _ da...... gtw l*? de IWO OlarV* pHliRR10 frv Ml i") J 160 Oi??t Co * Jin I ?<W 1*? k!si 'X 3600 War AOin tat talg 1?< pj A? ?r?can ield . fey two do . . en ? I :A Bk CamneMk 198 M Cbl AN# j^af. 108 Cum OoaapaaF. Ktg Nt? 9 0 "" iu? I ? m Bg An ??_??? ?* 1W? 4?- . 15 ? Hud C??a' Oo 210 40" Si .HI1 ??PM?RlHir>aa l<nt eat*ai Caal Ca ... ijl do Ml Mo?Hfr'co*l pref iS ? ? * Qat<*?iUar Miaiag n 78% f.8 64 6* l-fsi! a Pll ?Ou Cble A Rant t It It . lit dW <* 100 do 1181? y ....... h*) U4H A) U4|2 m 'i4i* Vest's* m da. f?O0*D tO A WD. 1^0006 0 ... wsiofittti: ?OBO v Id'R 1 yr eer . lnOf'umb Ooal pief.,,. *48 R T ^aifSyR".!'. I* ?on kria RR itm Too_ da.... iufl ?no Brie R Rp raf. . ..... lloW 100 fludeoa Rlrer 81 lllO 80S Readtac RR I* U d.> p} loo Itmb fleairai JtA,..*lK ?K? d'. l*?Ja lOOHteh He* R I hfc.. /IH KRaerl*. P IH ft.i ?il .... 12 t PitM RS ,bi 111 ft ?klO ? RR'. f SSr ?ITT OOIAIKOIU BVVBT. Thpkidat, Jaty M ? ? P. U. Asns.? Receipts, 44 bbla. MutM dull ud soaroaly so Ira. Pmall aaiea *4 $13 a IIS M (or pots, aad fit 2ft ft |16 60 for pftftrla. B*kadstpit? ? Reoelpta, 8.80? bbla. flour, MO bbla. and 100 ban corn meal, 06,073 buaheia wbaat, ?,2?8 do. oorn, and 30,628 do. oat?. Tha market far all kinds of flour wai vary dull and 20c. ft 30a. lower, closing with do buyers at our outaide quotations. Tha raocipta wore only 6,600 bhls. . but the market appeared to be la full sympa thy with tbe decline Id gold; aalaa 16,000 bbla. Bute and Western, 1,800 Southern and 000 Canadian. Tha business In rye flour sod corn meal waa restroted to small lots. prices being without eascttlal change. We quote ? Superior State and Western flour $9 10 a 0 80 Kxtra Stale SO a 10 00 fh toe State 10 Oft a 10 10 Common to medium extra Weateru 0 40 a 10 00 hxtra round 1, >op Ohio 10 00 a 10 80 Western triirtt brands 10 36 a 12 00 Rxtr\ ftt. l-Oiiis 12 00 a 14 76 Common Southern 20 a 10 !>0 FjUra and fancy do 11 00 a 13 50 (VmmoB Canadian 9 80 a 10 oO (lood tofhoioo and extra 10 10 n 12 00 Rye flour, suprrdna. 7 76 a 8 26 Pom meal, bbla 7 78 a 9 28 Corn monl, puncheons no CO a 40 00 ? The wheat market whs also ?c y dull snd depressed, and prices were 6c. a 8c. lower, silos 120,000 bushels, at *2 2ft a >2 40 for Chicago sprint and Milwaukee club, 12 40 a *2 4" for amhor Mllwnukae, 52 63 a $2 50 for wlu ter red Western, and $2 81 a $2 03 lor amber Mlobhan. Ryo waK inactive and nnmina' Imriey malt wag In de mand, with sa'es of 11,000 bushels '.t J2 25. Oats wore llrmer, under a brisk demand from tho government, with Pitied ut ?102a$l08K. Corn was dull and lc a 2c. lower . sales 40,0i0 bushels, at $1 00 a $1 61 for Western mixed. Coit.iv.? Ibo rriBrlcet ruled steady and Arm, with aales of about 050 balus Wr quote ? Up'.arJ llortaa. Ho Ml?. A '.Q.'tT. Ordinary 143 143 14* - 144 Middling 162 1<>2 163 lfi3 Good middling 168 * 16(1 ltlt) 170 CorFBK was In moderate demand; sales 100 bags Mara calbo at 6 )c , and 76 bags do. at 60;^c MoT-Aswr* ? 1 The market ruled steady and firm and we have only to uolo satus or 200 bbls. Now Orwana on private to-m?. Provisions ? Receipts, 720 bbls pork, 6f< do. out meats, and 726 Jo lard Xhe pork market was less active ii rd con.- n'erabiy lower; salea 3,600 bbla. . at $36 for mm. $.'!8 a f 4 t fcr new do. , closing at $38 a $80 $34 a $36 for prime, and $33 for prime mosa. Beef remains dull and nominal ; sales 200 bbls at $16 a $18 for coun try mess. $9 a $10 for country prime, $20 a $2? for ro pneked moss, and $26 a $30 for extra do. Prlmo megs boer remains ir active, and pritea wera nominally un chanced. Bicon quiet and tower. Cut moata were dull, with sales of 100 pkgs. at 15o. a 15 ?;e. for shoulders, aod 17c. a 18 >ic. for hams Lard was in fair demand, but prices were H'c lower; sales 1,000 bbla. at lO^o. a 20l*c ; also l,2n0 bbls. kettle rnnderod, for Augurs, buy er's option, at 22o and 700 bbla. do. aama tarms and delivery at 22 )(o. Freights were vary firm but qulot, except In grain freights, which were quite brisk, and at raihar higher figures. Kiigaeemeots to Liverpool per Amaroao, 40 .000 bushels or wts.t at 6d a 6\6. UJ bullf? *od 8x4. ft Td In bags; 6,000 bushels peas at 7d. in bats, 3.000 hbls flour at Is. 0d., por neutral, lft, 000 buBhe'.i wheat at 6%U * Td. in bulk, 100 bbla. flour at 2a., 100 boxes bacon at 26a . 100 balas hump at 22s. (3d , and per ftcamar 600 boxes choose at 6fa. Tn London, 1.100 bbls flour at 2s 4' jS , and by steamer 200 bale* bops at \ d ,1 .000 boxes cheese and 100 firklos butter at 50s . and 200 boxes measurement gooda at 85s. To Brls. tol, 10 tous ttili w at 2ij. fd. To Antwerp, 1,000 bbls, petroleum nt 5s. 3d. a 5s. M. To Bordeaux, 2,000 boi9S wine and 200 do. sardines at 50 francs. PBTao'ioK.? Rc.e.V'ta,3,74S bbls. Tbe market ruled heavy. In Rymjatl y with the lowor rates of gold. There are a good many orders for both crude and raflaed for export but thev cannot be filled at tbe current prices, tbouvb they were rather lower than ycsteilay. Con tra -ts for crude for this month, which wore msda at 65c. a 56c. , are being settled on tbe basis of 50<% The sues to-day wore ab "jt 3,500 bbls. crude at 4)o. a 50c. on tbe s;<ot, and 66c. for August. The receipls continued heavy, and tlie prospect is that tho speculators who bought so freely for August at 8<ic will collapse. In reflced the aaleV we*s 2.000 bb is. a> 81 J*c. a 8Sc. for light straw to white, and ?6c for wuito. Fr-'c was be'd Arm at 87c. a 89c. 360 bbls bta/;n? sold at 38c. for blgb quality. Puts ? Sales 3,000 busbcU Carads. from store, at$l 95, and 6,000 afloat ft r frxfort at about Jl 86. Rtoa.? Sales of 175 bbls. Para on private tenas SuoiR was Iojs active, with sales of lf>0 bhds. Cuba at 21c. &31H'c. Roflned was in fair rcqu?Kt and Arm. Sisabisb ? '"ales CO i>00 !bs. Ko 1 1 1 "/c. Tallow ? Siles 7.P>.0' Q lbs. at I8^e. a l?^c. for com mon to prime. W iit:K;;v.? Receipts. *>71 bbla. Mark?t a ?b'i'le flrmsr but quiet. Sales 1.000 bbla. at $1 08 a$l 70{or?tatft, and $1 70 a $1 72 for Western. Bonrrl of Aldermen. Tin Bo^rd of AMarme met yesterday. pursuant lo adjournmont- -President Henry In the ctatr. A preamble aad resolution were oiTortd s?tiiag fortn ihat the vnrlous departments of the city government having noglccted to send In to the Common Council a copy of tbelr monthly piy re 1, that therefore a special committal of Ova be appointed to examine into the Offlf>;rs jf said ?Pt?1'. A meggers was received ^ Miyor vetoing thd reioiutlon to pay the sum u' two tLouKi53 f?,or hundred dollars (or badges Turn. shed the Member* of iL4 CoaainOn . Council. The Mayor, In bis racsaft#, ststoJ that, lo big | opinion, saoh decorations are Iscocststeat with tbe slm pilclty that stoii'd characterise the members ol a demo craiic govern went. The following communi -atira was rccaived from the City Inspector, crgirg tbe Board to ts?ite .mtnediate action on Ma farmer communication relative to certain measures reec rameuded to be adopted for the abate^tbt of certain culsauoes and tba calling togeti^r o? uie Board of nealth ? Cnr Iimrscro* a Parsntsrart. } Kaw ?oax, July 19, 134*. ? T? in Henusu iat Odnhu t'ovsca or tun Cm or K?tr Yon* ? tsar mtr*?l most again anw upon your honorable bodv the rcneg :{'.j of gjitoo immediate act.oa to v.abio tr.e to an, Me Tar >ufi ouUarce? la our tvidst, wblco, at tbi 'esson of the .-Mr earecltfly, cnlsocer thi public health. U?tp !?mh ary daily rn ul- to this detriment and have beei '-?! n.. nili, past o fat boiling and other oocuu^ilon.'i ?t ;ch reo'or the i.i,?M>irhooJ? ? which tht-yare located almost unlnhahiti hie, nbt onry bo -ause or tli# offensive and 1c ttnorce swells ominatlrj from tliem, but b?cause or the p .sonou* i>?so- m u!> <i infsct the attnr>spbere foragio. i diitauce a: .1 breed dissa- snd deaitt. Your bono* ibte body hoe already bid :be snbfeot under oooaidon?ir<n, and decided tba, acting in your rapacity its U.s Umtr.on Co'iorl, you have not the power t" pr^Mblt tbe?* occupations from bsing carried an, but nly when acting as the Bosrd of ifoil'b. In my iast rommunioatloa I urg?-<t upon yeu ;o c invoe na t tiiard of Health, and ende.vored tosbow, aa I . ?s I ib'na, aid sbow goaclu slveiv, thityc po"???sef! the pewft f> do so, I bad pre* wiy repmedly urged ii|v"o h t H*oor tbe Mayor to oaeroite ti.e j.^we; visited in bur. ly law I* convene the Board of Health but foreman ? o *r.o Be hah per tinently refused, la nrgmt H it ae >> tod the Mayor, 1 laid before him my views ot its neceeert*. pfhseoWM tobim my reiaoes frr believing mat n. ,r".\ ent c$?f. surrs could M adopted for the ?bat<v ?' ih,*# -nost offensive aed dangerous iMUar ?? o ' ' ?? ihet hidy. lo tbeee views I biive siuck bo?- C /your boa oratjie body. But ait hoi an i , n s?i ?cft Mayt.r baa refused to oonvere the Boar, i.f ft ?a' : ' sued re'uaat do?s net aecsasarity pr<sv< nt ilgrmelli' *>? ! tslcagtba action ao neceaaary tr preserve " publie beaUh and oom'ort. lbe' whole Ui of c. . >? law rela tive to the pnblie bralth in n cty goes to ahow that it was coo<e^oi?si .h*t the Board oi Health ahunld be to alaoit e 4itluijkl s?dkiua aad that, although the Mayor may, la aa ?uiorj'Biv, mvene when not tDaegSioa, the grant of ,hu p -Wor to hli ? does bm raeae they eaali only iteet * ben so cocreaad . bin. bat like say oiber sitailar body they tniy naat and a4joura of their own volition, lto Kevi.^i ijiat'itai, uua I, part I '?banter *lv . prcvldei In gee 1 .n ' tf)*.t the Mayor aad oanMWmari of nealth than ronder their advloato the B-ird ? TJ iVN lb a'i macers t.o?tnecisd with the public health." 8e>-tioo line prov'des that the Health Oumntetiooer, an. cr die <l'r?i i.'ti of the ?uard of HwCo, shall assist tns re* dent p'u> vt,.?e ta Uie 4<ecbar?e ef hie detise (menca el.neu (>. vidce that he snail reader t? ths Bvrd cf s monthly >?C( just >4 ' his receipts aad disbursements. IV-t can this latter oroviwoa ha complied with nn'os* tne i * meets at le-isi oaee a wuth> Or.oouM any of iitwta he ccap'.led with, if the Msvor Mweessa the sole pywer to eeotetie the Board and negieetad cr refused t? do w Besides the (nrogoiaii prcvltloss of tne Kevtssd Stat utge. ths ao* of i960 retst'vs to the public ?;?a'th rirn-, idea la the thir4 auhdivtoioo o< scoti&a I .that ? 'it sbsil be tba doty of the City fnspootx t x omablatut bting v<ade ta bus. or whenever be ehall detn sAy m^ trsde or profession, carried an by >.ny persoe or perv oa Is tba city of Naw Yo t. OeirimecU' to the public bsalth, to u<Kiry aweb pcr?ofior pers?f? tf shew c?'\se before t be (kr?) f at s time eed place tc oe sp?ottJed In anr.h S' tire. ?rt?y the aasne sb si sot hV disc nf.n ted or restored " How oaa 1 comp^ w th tUis Uat> , if the ttosrd of Hesith do net tr.eet' la presenting this muter ta your honorable bMv and erg at yon to o?nveae youraalvea es tue Hoard ot lt ?t th, without awelttoi the oail of his H. r.or ta. Mayor, i de sire distinctly to disoistm any Intoctioa of omciai dts onurteay to Mat gentleman, as f am actntied s?te?y by ay views af ay own d.ity and tUs reqoirosiewu of the puhlw go<4. W ith the hepe thai rear bonorsble be I. wii c 'taclde with ase la Hie Decasity and expediency of your meeting ss tae B"sN of tisaltb, sal wilt taks imonediata actloa istattve thereto. 1 am, geatismsn, very reepeotfuJiy, yosr ehediest servant. r. ;. A BOOIJC. Oity laapsetar A motloe was s<*oj)tsa app^totiof a k im ronuniites ta wait as the Mayer and ascertain bis is-ison. for ??<; ia.oa to oaaveue tba f*?rd ar Health. aa a ms ejvmi* or votrrmss Tba erdieSboe providing for tbe eonttnu >o e o'sU ts the fanttllse ef valuntaers was Ubin and KM ovsr, ttreqeiriag thirteen votee to peas it. i>s'? u ss mem hsrs votiag ki the afBraativs. vawsa the hoard a^loaraed without dsy Roasnu ftmana? Oa Tuaday last a rapsi.uble fhraer, |aaa4 R i. Ounper, Mviug n?ar FredsrlotL Real wuaty. fat., ta* his m. heavily loaded with ursa shot, aaAataotaf H te lb bead, ordered a anaU bev te Mi hta #tre that be waa goag t? kill himself tire.r. laaedlitaly rsa a where fia waa, and catliig herself ea harbsaa, Wta> hta to tleaiat 1h her 'rsntu- inquiry, * Jhat will | m* the ehlMreo 4eS" he merely re^wd "Da Me beat rea oaa,'' aad immediately (Milled tbe trig far. the ?ae4 tearing off the eolMe stall tod scatlsrio* tbe bl??4 tnd brains ore* bbt vnt wife, who bad r>Jlen with hia - fi? > n ? /b ? as Commlhlontr* of Ckt^ittu Md Cwrfcf* llM> Th# regular w??k:j meeting of tbe Comae laauoera of Cbariiisa and Correction wu bold yea tor day afternoon Tbe nutl motions, petit ijna aad communioattooi were rewired and referred. On Jul/ 20 iters ware reoetved at B.toitwell a laland Hospital 424 soldiers from the hospital transport Baltic from tba 14th to 38th July, inclusive, 271 persons hirt been tranaforrcd from the City Prison lo the work home on Black wall 'a bland aa vagrants and disorderly persona. Thomas Martin was appointed keeper of tba workhouse on Hiackwell's Island in place ol t'aliiok Jamoaon. re signed. (i. L Lamb ?m appointed keeper of tba Penitentiary, lo place of My la* a. Murphy , reaigned. John J. Mullen waa appointed keoper of tbe boya on Randall's laland, in place or Rufus l'upley, reeigtied. rui mv uw KiwaauiM. oommitmbsn 10 tit riueu* wokkhoi ?. Tba following not to amend an act entitled an act to create tn the city and county of Now York tbe Dopurt moat <>f Public Cbarltioa and Correction, and to abolish the Almshouse Department taeroio. waa paseed July 0, 1SS4 ? No person committed to the City Prison, tn sa'd oity or New York, for disorderly conduot, ahall t>? tnns (erred rrom aatd prison nntli after the expiration of forty eight hours after commitment. No perron commit ton to the s:?id Oty Prison or tbe workhome for drunic?aneaa or disorderly coniluot shall be relented or discharged fivjtn coottiiemeat herore tbe expiration of tba term lor which ho or she shall be committed, except on reversal of judgment up' n appeal, or review by a oourt of supe rior jurisdiction to the magistiate making the commit meat, without a written order directing aucb discharge bo rntde and agned l>y the commilting magistrate and oneof tbeCommiai.ioaeraof Public Charlie* auJConec tlon. TnM sotsbali tako sflfost immediately. Police Intelligent!*. K MRftCHANT ARKISIKD OH A. Cfl AH'(B Of IKt'KNDI AKiBM? ALLEOID VtrKlUT TO DH^KAO? THE IS BCItANCK COMPAKIB*. ETC. Mr. John Bellamy. a toorchant doing business at 394 Broome street, tbe firm wtth whtob tie >? connected beiog ItDowu ad Eellamy k Co '? great North Amerhna Tea atora. was arrested yosterday by ofilcer JoUey, of the fourteenth precinct, on the obarge of arson, preferred against him by William Ooodvrtn, Esq . residing at Ko. 11 Elovonth street. The complainant's wife is a member of tbe firm named above, bar husband managing tbe business for her by virtue of a power of attorney, in the affidavit of Mr. Goodwin. on fllo before Justice Dow ling, he sweara that oe the night of the 15th ultimo smoke waa seen iss" og from tbe bosemcnt of the store, and, owing to the development of oertaln facta and circumstances subsequent to tbe fire, be believes that It waa the reauit of design on the part of Mr Bellamy for the purpose of closing up the business and obtaining money from In. suranoe companies, there beicg at the time an Insurance of $6, TOO in;tho People's, Brevoort and Relief Insurance Companies. Tbe facts coming to the knowledge of Fire Marshal Baker, he instituted a tho.ough investigation. The testimony elicited be'oro him goes to show chat some weeks previous to the tiro Mr. Bellamy seemed particu larly anxious to get rid of the store iu bowe nay ; be had advertised it lor sale on several occasions, and in au in terview wltb Mr Goodwin Bellamy conversed with bim concerning the iiropriety of It out, and ia fuct proposed to bim that It be would agree to It ho , Bell* tnv, would "Us it so that the Dovil himself could not discover It.'1 on more thau one occasion Sir. Good win noticed that He'.Iamy had a sperm cardie lighted in the basement, and with a tape measure would take the dimensions or the candle so' as to ascertain tbutimntt would tnke to burn aown to a certain point this oan ue be isd fixed under an empty tea box near the b*?ier in the basement, Mr. Bellamy at tbe time being bis #w? engi> eor. The latter also gave Mr. Goodwin to understand that If a lighted candle was placed In a box surrounded by alcohol or other combus tion matter the candle would burn down, set the alcohol on fire and thus fire the place. Mr. B. was constantly wishing tbe place burned out as that would be the best way of wlndtug up the business. Tbe morning provious to#tbe Are Bellamy went Into the basement of the pre mises during tho absence or the eu^ncer, and was g^ue about twenty mluatOs, when, it U alleged, be lefi a lighted candle, surroutded by cami hene, secretod tn or under some one or tb? tea boxes in such a way that tbe engineer on his return did not discover & The daw age by tbe Are was about $?00, whicli sum was pAitl Bolumy by the insurance' companies. A day or two subsequently Bellamy was detected n tbe aot or altering his books to make them tppear that about $1,000 worth of stock then ou hand had oeon consumed by the Ore. It further ap peared from tbe affluavit ut Mr. Edwin Hampton, the engineer, that Bellamy had endeavored to Induoi Cm to at>Ue to the insaranco companies that there was at (be ITuW of luo Uje nt le^ai two thousand flvo hundred dollars worth of stocl Cougiimtn In tbe basement. Pelamy told li&mpson to stlott to him and he would soe him ail right. Bellamy further desired htm to break to tlio heads of Hour barrels, break the par eels, rip open the bags of o uffee and spices, and put the worst side out, so be could make out tho large;t possible claim against the Insurance companies. Hampton dfd m 49 wy dirocted, thmfcing Ijjo lie all right, as be waa in Bellamy s Vmpioy HatupfSB WlS fika wise requested to take the Maine of the Ore on himself, and say that it Mine rhfa ?rtarV? from tbe lurnace. This was too much for Hampson, ss froth What ha saw the morning following ths Are he felt sat wiled lUat the place had been fifed by design. On this Wstimenjf J'13'*1?? fowling retired the aociftfld to find ball in tho :-tnO fl*e d to anc wor thi chartr?. Messrs. ^??r> e P. Biadford, of SIS Broadway, nod E iwura Walmli**'.0' "31 Yv av? hue, became bonJtmcn for Bellamy, w^ therouat# discharged from custody. ?> , . Coramri* Inaveiu, tmjr Ao vm no: a bjr Coroner ?iidey on the b>df of wfcicli was round floating in the dock toot of Houston fTreel, North river. Ho wu tbcut twentjr flight Tears of age, five feet ten inches ia height, and wu flresud It brown pantaloons, blue cotton shirt, red uoler - shirt. Congress gaiters, but no stock:tiga. Deceased art Jootiy had been a laborer. Corooer Wilder also hotd an inquest on the bod/ of a lad Cad W. Kcbelwler, ?even years of age. who wu found lug 0(1 Iho foet or Vaodam street, N'orth river Ds oeued had been missing slnoe Saturday nv. The bod* of deceased wu taken to the ruidenoe of his parents In Van lam street. John Laving a ea!?br, who belonged te the British ?iittamer Rdlnburg, accidentally fell overboari an M'.iaday last ul wu drowued. The body wu aubaoquiMitiy re covered. Coroner Wiliey held an li.queet, and * verdict ?f " Aooidou'.a drowning" wu rendered b j the Jwy Obituary. ?batb or BAMCVt. baltbtt. Tba prooa tfoopatcboo from Si Loula, Mo , p'tbllobed la yo* tarda? o BcRatn, coatilnod tho following anvriBco moat:? (JaoaraltfnlloU, roooral unutr or tbo eaatora dlri Mob of tto Colon Paolflr. Hatlrood, wu (Dot tad kiRad la tbo atraat la Wvaudotto, Ktuw, to da? by ? man uamad Talcoit. No roo^on ia awlfoad for tba act. Tal omi aaoapad. Wo fuppoaa tbo paraoa aaiat to IfcU daapatch ta Baa ual Ballot*, promlnoof bankar la thli olty, loaamacb aa ba t* tba paraoa wtoo baa oontrot of tba divlalea of tba PaclQa Railroad roforrad ta. Bautial Hallatt, wo bo! lor a, la a aallro of tbta 8ta H. Bo flat appoarod la pabUo llfa aa a ocboo! taacbar m oaa of tbo ovantlaa la Um wastara aart at tMa Mala, and via mora aacooaafai tMn j ouag moo uiaallr aro fr? thai profodatoa. A baa d?ala| lUrt bo catno to tbia city an* mot wlta axtraordtaarf oocoooa, im aooo timaao a aromtaoat haaktr ta Wall stroal. it wot throocD bia bouaa tbat tip Indiana boada, about which ao aoott waa ?aid a few roarf am Wora nogotiated. wblob vara or tor - waFda dMftofr vad lb ba to aoniB afttaol fraurtulant. tba Arm of Hal oit % Co.. wo bollova, waa aattraly u aaaratad froa aay blaaa ia (ba mattar, baring takaabdM of tbaa acdar tbo auppooitioo tbat tbov wovo gaaaao. Soon aftar 'anoral Proaoot waa otactod Praaf. iaat af tba P actio Railroad ba for mad a bualoaaa ooo awlloa with Mr. ItalUtt. IHftcultioo aooa aroaa batwaaa tboaa, and tba rooa't waa tbat Mr. HaUa? obuiaad rati oactrol ot tba aaafarc divlalaa, aad has boon proaaoutlafi tba work of aooalr otioa for oraral mnatba paat with groat atiorff aad aklli. Bla outldan doatb wlU oo doubt aarlouaty en>barr?a* (bat groat work. RaiUkua Baiooo Oraa via Porpaao Cowriaroo? ' Ilia aaw brtdga of tba Washington, Aazaodria and Oaorga towa Railroad, aoroao tba Pctoiaao, waa ooaplotad ?a Saturday, aad wW ba raadv far tba paaaaga of trataa la a vary raw daya. Ihla oamplataa a dlraat Moo of railroad fro* Mobtta. Ala. ia Portland, Ma. Tba aoapaayaiaa a?o|i?aa paBhtng too baiidlag of tba raad fram AUaandrta ta Pradorlckabarg. wbteb will aborlaa tba dlotanca baaoa to ktahaoad aboot Bavoatj allaa ? BtMmtm Ammriemt, mr or/ics ftoTicc. *>oVt oppicb bottci. " ~ | Tba Mall* for flraat BHtaia aad tba Continent, via faalhaapton and P'-moo. por ot'tmqr Amor ea aad for Inlaad, vta?4?OMiat'.?a. por ttoatnar Bdlobnrg will aloio at tbla ??oo oa iataruar. ibo >mh day of J ul?, at half-pMt laa ?'? of I A. M., aad at tbo ?p town otatiooo ao follow a m Railona A and a, Ma'rlonb L. M. Itatlaat 0 aad P, 9H a'oUoK A M. ?latitat F. and F, 9\ oolook A M Blanco 0, V o'olook a. C AHA? WAKSMAir Poo'maf r oooo* ExCLUtrvRLT pariton rLOTtl*O f>KltorwiBTT Inohao w<do ?All aalrrlalo flu tad la aa tiaonrpa o?d maanar atMri. QOLDftN'l Prrnrk PltiUot latabliahraontA Id Amitr rtraot (W. a ?A block andahaif rroa brood way ? ? ItT bioaokor owoot. botow Woooior, aad Ml fniuinotrvat, Brookly a. M. ?o mioMuorr aaad Ta tba aaoaiaa Praaob ff'i'taa _ KlDOMJVR*. n aad 101 Blitb avaaua riwami 4 N RtbflABT AHOITIMT OP HOVHBHOLD fOft I ? V olluro tot oala? al a oaorlfloo. riaaufarto, >f jorao. fookoa?, Mirror*, P?rl>v auita, Palatian. Broaaaa. Oar tat no. r ooo wood aad walaut dbamhor Poriinoro, iWalac r,r?i'B^^!syjss. apUBNITtTM W.IrlO -I WILL POUOflAI* k ? "tajawutr / aoaai baar Parana ra. Oaiaat^ rlsao*. Mfrron aad two Billiard Tablao al tba priiSent aiarkot f rlr# for Mfft. Portio* broaklaajw hootakoaplaf ttmy ao?v t?or addieeB#. MATHM Wb. T?C Bioadwai, far toa 4*fa, ?inrroib 8TKAM WKEKLT eeimtown (Cork "' ' """? bul" u"rXit:':-2 """ August 6. ^ 1? August and every a j? eoding Saturday, at uoou. tioui piar 11. K>rUi riwr. mtm or riUioi. Payab'o io gold, or ita o<iuive:eut la currency Ir'iret cabin IV' S'ear*^...... |M I'o to London Do lo Londou S4 Do to Pnrla M Do to Paris 40 Do. to Hamburg 90 Cft to Hamburg ..... ST Pa-aengors aUo forwarded to Rarr?, Bremen Ro'.terdam, Antwerp, Ac . at ? iiiallr low ratea ? Prom Liverpool or UuwlMovu ? Flrtt cabin. 175, JIUS, ftteerage >.13. Thoae who w i*h to aaud for Ibclr friends can buy tickets bam at those rales. Thaao ataaiDarH have annrrlnr accommodations for paa aengers. are strongly built In water ttjilit iron sortiona, and crary patent Are a t> nth tin tor? Eiperteo^od surgeons arw attached to each at earner. For further Information apply la Liverpool to WILL' All INMaN, Ac hi 'it Wa '.or atieet. in uia*g?w to ALEX. MALCOLM. No. 5 8t. En"flh aquare, la Oueenstown to Q, AW. D. SHYMOrtt A CO.; In London to El VK8 A MA rev ?| King William at.; in Pari a to J UI.KHtDKCOUE id Riu? Notre Dame des Vtrtoirea I'laee J* la Bourse; In Phila delphia to JOHN 0. DALI. Ill Walnnt street, or at Ui? Compauy'a ortlooa. JOHN O DA I.E. Agent, 15 Brna I?ay, B 7. THE BRITISH AMD NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS Uotween New Tork and Liverpool, cal'lng at C irk harbor, and between Boston and Liverpool cai: .ig *i Halifax and Cork Harbor. ASI A leaves Boston on Wednesday. July 30. AUSTRALASIAN le.i??? Nuw fork on Wednesday July 17. KUROPA iaavea Ronton on W*dae-daT, August 1 SOOT I A leaves New Vork on W>:dnn?day, Anguat |i). APR10A leaves Boston on Wednesday. A iguat IT PR 1(31 A learoa New York ou Wednesday. Aug'iat it. rruvM w*w roan to i.ivkkpooi . Chief Cabin Pusaagi1 $l!W 50 Second Cabin Pasiat'e.g#.: 03 n;oa iioarota to livi ItfOOL Chtlf c*bl9 P ?? *?; ??'IMV Se.ond Cabin Passage. $1:5 00 payable in pold. or fta Mttlralen1 m United 3>t8i eirrunoy Iter h* not secured until paid for. An experienced 3ur;'eon on The owners ol th>-ae ahipa will uot he aeoonn table for specie or valuables unlesa bf!ia of lading !i&?.ua me v*Uie ettiroased are eigne I therefor For :reight <>r ua >ur ai.plv s? E CUNAHD. No. t Bowling Oreen. TEAM TO LIVERPOOL, QLAgOO<f, DUBLIN BEL. FAST ANI) LONDONDfcftST ?The Sue, fast nail og. A 1, C yde built steamabip JC.VLEDONIA, Captain Craig, 1h intended to aall on Saturday. July .10, from M North river. This st?atnahlp la fiticd hi the niost approved atyie to insure the comfort and safety of paaaengeia. Ratea of paa-agr, including an abundant aupptv of well cooked pro rlsions:_Cabin, flOO and $%. Intermediate. Steer age. $15 Pa\ able In eurroner. Apply to KRANUIS MAO DONALD A CO., Bo. 6 Bowling Oreen. s NOTICB.-THK BTEAMBR ATALANTA. CAPTAIN Win U. Pinkhara. will leave pier So. VI North rive;, ou Saturday. July Jn at 2 P. M. precis! ?, for London direct. To be followed bv the ataamship BSLLO.V A Aug. 6, and the sieimushlp IOVf A. Aug. 13 1HB LONDON AND NRW foRK STEAMSHIP DOM pany will despatch Kami-monthly their new and first claw British iron steamship* CELL. A. BRLLONA ATALANTA, IOWA. INDIANA and MANUATTAN, each S.iXW tons bur then, between London and New York, calling at Havre on tha toy an# from London. Rates of paaaaire. parable la i?jld or It* equivalent Fro in Nj?v York. first eahin , $70; second RaMo, Juii; steerac*. $35. Prom Loudon or Havre, first cabin, ?70. C/iIAn. A, WillTPllSz, 30 SroluWftf. For freight apply at 5i South atreet. Advance* m*4e on merchandise consigned to the friends in Loudon of the un. dei- iifiiod These steamers connec'. at London With steam ers ?f the same con.paar for tha channel ports, Rotterdam. Amsterdam, *t Peter><h> rg. Copenhm,?o. Bordeaux, Oporto, Gibraltar , Aleiaudria. sir.\rna, Cou?tanttnople aad Odessa. HOWLAMP A ASPINWALL Agent*. THE HAMBURO AMBRfCAN PACKET COMPANY'S 1 1BON MAI!. STEAMSHIPS. Prom So ithaiuDtoo. Prom New York. BORI SSIA .Iiilv 12. im ....Antf ?, 18?>? SAXONIA Inly in, !???? ..Aiwc ISO. 1864 TBUroNfA Aug. i ISM Rapt a, 1S04 SERMAMA .lulriS. 1864 Sept. 17. U'M ORCSSIA Si-tit. fl. l?*t OcL 1. 1861 8AXORIA.. Sept. 2", 1881 ...Oct. R 1361 Prom Hambii' t pier, foot of Third atreet. ftrbf.ken, taking pas?enTers for Hamburg Havre, London and Southampton at the foilovrm* rates First cabin. $1(W- second csbla , $6'i a0; ilNm. $'17 &i. parable in gold or it* equivalent, freight apply to KCNHARDT A CO.. 45 Exchange For passage apply to C. B. RICHARD t BO. 1 9. 191 Broadway. ^ The north grrman llovps steamship AMKRI" :A, H- Wassfl's oeinra?ndtfr carrying the Un lea titu'ei mall, will sail from tbe Bromea l?ier. loot of ThlM Hoboken. on _ ? 8ATUBDAY, JtJLT SO, AT 12 O'CLOCK X., BREMEN, VIa'suUTHAMPTO*. LO it" t" Rl? , SOUTHAMPTON AND BRfcMBN, at tbe following rate*. payable in #014. M li? in currencr . Fur the flr?t oabio, BIOS, word cabin. >42 50: steerage. $37 ft.) The AMERICA wji: be followed by the BREMEN Au g??t 13. , Kur freight or pasiage *iT'r w OrLriCHS A CO.. to Broad ?tr?ot. CTEAM FROM AND TO ^UEEBBTOWK ASO UVli R. CwMt.!**. From Net* Tort. %'6, to New Tori, |33 go', J or Oiuiraltnt in su: reiicr Marathon *?![?' Weln*td?T, Awil OliTMPPH Ml * Weduesday, Auf<??t IT For *pplVlI.LIA*? AGUtON ? Bro?1way N~ ATIONAL 8TB AM NAVIGATION COMPANY. TO Ql EENSTOWN AM) LIVEHPOOI. Cabin, fold t Rt^erafe. B6", ]>ayal>lo In ourreney WnsTMlnireft 8all? Saturday July SO. NKW YORK SaU* Saturday. Aug. 6 tor Pa*?a?e appV ^ILLrAyg ^ OCTON. N Brjadwar,_ rE MONTBEaIi OCR AN STE AM3HIP COMPANY'S atratmhip UAVASCtS from Quebec K> Lirefpovl, JtilT *> R*'f* of ! a"'a/?, **J. $71). $.10 9l,;tit di-afU on ibe Ratlmal Bauk, PMTtblft at ?U III br?tichc? ?n Bnijl^pd and Ireland. Por jtpiv/ ^ g- aftfcdwtf, New fur*. ? M AN^f L^*CTOOMPAS T-S 1 *"? rUB ?NBW UNE OK FIRST ' " ? rh ? . aAVRTC''"1 WAamiuly. . |2?hor?e dowo* L a kaVutiS. 4?u? .*'<?*???. ??. MWer. BOORXJB ( afloat ?????' W^hr,r?? jsSwer. fRaNCK (building). ? ??, , JL"? boroe powar. NAfOLKOK III. (belldjnaj *?,?. ??U09 6or* p>w* Until tho completion of the entire iiav ??floe ?rll| ha Eirforroed by the WASHINGTON. A. LATA*. 1TB, A. Borantle. M foi.ow* ? v. rr? . US SEs* 1 T B rT II Vriiimiity, 9th fionnhtr, wABHIN'JfOJT ... Wednesday, Tti, DecetuUsr. _ "pt Carlo (mc!o 11a; table wlne\ $l?. 4 CaUIn (incin.lltn fable irine), f 7(t or $W r???t?.e in gold or lia e'lulran-ot In l'oite.1 State* currentf*. - r . , . ?MlcatU'eo'lafl^frMofoUaflb. ?""?? ??? VifgSlA . , _ w ... , ? No.*d?ray, Bt" rorli. a! {, tt- C?#iieluo? (aran<i Hoicl). At Havro-H illtw Iiwlln * C?. u^rwmmK"*. , ???.?,. Refula/ rtiiint dir? -M. IHth mi/. 23d of each meatk, ? rapt wh*o lh??f Oava fa1! on BvUiUt, when ?.)>? flay If d* Tk* new ?teamiM? Afiwoa Sy40^ t*a MMM^p OCRAN^i *'.J? o'cloak Jf . ^isSsfissJlaS^tt o B AX.LCIT ? ? gftt. th? o^mj l>SOPE1*tVO OF TBI NICA RAOl'A boutb^^^H J> The new ?tnambTp GOLDEN tCM, of American C*m?u;'i linr, will tatlfor WVMP del Rorta from r>t#r ? Monk rirar, loot or Warraa atratL at 1 ; ian Pitiitlmo. 4XSST.J& l*# _ P. B. CaBBIEQTQB, 4fn 1 DOB NEW OtbBABS DtR*C?T AJ The new and _ l.WU Mi burtliaa. ? _ <Tei?ee B. Wtankeeter. Commander, Uafia* ao^aamodMiana for MMiuik alar Wo Ifvorth rlrer. for New OrlaCudlHS, iar, Jolvju, m 5 a'alack f . M. onio???fr. Bo freight raartra* or BUli of Wing iif ned a* Ik* day 9t ' V dEaT^I KSl I lut A 00.. U1 Broadway. wit i lea _ ?A Satar IfOB RAT AIT A DfTlBOT ? TBB RBW ABB FIRBT IJ ?&aa (Tailed fttotat mall ?i?aanl\?p LIBBRTT. Thomae w. Wllaoo tain mender will fall for the above part on wed rntadar AamiTfo. at ? o'oiook r. M., from ptVr u if art h war. Par freight or Maoa** ?iflr to . , - .BaboobI a CO.. as ?uMi tmt*. Latter* mmt part ikrouifc the Port eflfce. WOB LIVERPOOL ABO LOBDOtt.-POB (.IT BBPOOT* r ?!?? KORTB A MR* HUB aa.'.a M Aafi't the AEfOM'TB on tkr ?? of Aug"' Per L"a<ioa. the U/BRPWL OB the dtb afAitriai raa j,a*>afa epw to WIltltlAMS A OUtOR, 40 PiHUn aire*. adnea , Aiifntt 1 Cabin paaaaae BM-Wd. ar tta equlrataat. ftrtfhl or yaaaace epptr to 1 COB ABB. ?o ? BowHni " ___ IpOR LI VBH POOL. ?TUB GBLBB?*TBB PACBBf P ab?B /BR tomorrow and In IH* ?lr?? a, l'aai I atraet. . Fob li vBRppoir? tapboott'r mwb. fth v OON'BTRtaljATIOV aatla tort <U f. ? htp BMBBALO aolU AMga*t A . ? ? _ Tor paanase to oi? fraan tke old enontrr or d^ftA arallabto la any pari it Bngland Irelaad. Beotlaad Hd Walaa, At the TBAVEM.KBr ortBBI. ??k> ?m 'laEMncattiW-^ ff.?r^^?22Si2?S2?i?i I \TB1T TOBK ABO BABLBH ?AltBOAB. iN Traloa far Alkaajr. Trtf aa< Baxter, "prfpn, eeitaaotiof with i*niw irtWaB, Ban 1 atraet de*ot at 10M ho^'oB. t.r',"rra'^3.iriiw.i,t!{'S 'MAS fSAit fa witkeat okaafo af earn. frtr ?5?"~ " ro** C brtainaher *ti?M at 9M, I *W. SM. jK^VLViUfc N TalVKM-KBN' OCIDR. aw RAILROAD LUiB SOUTH baOOK.LT If TO 1'HILADBLPLftA. THROUGH fiTfirE HOURS Fn? |L EicuruoB tlcketa $J; gjad for th im ?f? On a?J afwr Holiday. Annual 1. lift*. ihfl com modioli! ai?^??r Jf** flu?t, foot tl Allan IM ?lro?L Bru,"*4/n. a?ery d?F 11 A M oro-- ^ Port Monluouth tn(t b. Raritan u4 PaUvr'ara Bar K_'"Uoad to foot of Vina atroet, I'hiadalphla Juiuriiiug i?avp? NH>* ?4r^,t wkarf, I'hllaJflphia, ororf mo. a>n? at 8 (Sunday* u ?,-.??el!era fiom tba ott> ,f *#w Tork arO ^ ** ftpply&tf pa^ta^a by tkla Una. "tat* of Hew Ja rt$f tr' tug grantoJ to ttia Camden and Au monopoly the eidl**" air* pr rll?g* 9' aarrvlnf pKHMogere *"*1 freight botwfaa UacJtiaa or Na? Tork and Philadelphia. Fob Bridgeport. ?thr steamrr brtookporV laarea i'iar 26 Eaat river daily, at U o otook noon. ar< rlrtna In Bridgeport in time to oonnect with the Wauaa. tuek.Tlouaatouio, Maw Haven and Hxrtrord Railmada. Ala* the aeoialine to l?a>br?ok aad New London Ketorolac, leaves Bri !s?port every Monday moraing at M minuiaa to I o'clock, on the arrival of the care. Alao, erery night at II o'clock, except Saturday and Sunday ntghta. HE URKAT IN3IDB ROUTK FOR BOSTON. 8TON I NOTON STK\MBOAT 1,11(1, ? IA QROTON AND PRDVIOKNOB THE OLDEST. THB QUICK K8T. THE SAFEST, THB MOST DIRBO*. AVOIDING POINT JUDITH The magn'Qcent Sluaner k CO * NONWEAIjTH. Captain r W William a, ON TCtSDAYS, THURdDAYd AN U SATURDAYS, TUa elegant ?teumer PLYMOUTH ROCK, Captaia J. 0. Go# ON M0NDAT8, WKDNKSDAVS AND FRIDAY*, at A o'e:ook P M Theae bnata *tart from pier No. 18 North river (foot of (Jortl.indt atrael), and ara aokn wtedced by all expert enwd tia?e!leri to be among the largraf atrougnat. moat coni fortable, and be?t that have evi>r run In American wa ters. In aummer anil winter, in storm and oalin, the Com monwealth and Pi) month Hook invariably make tbo paee Bjre Sumptuous luppan and luxuriously furnished statorooima are marked feature* of these ' flout i ng palnoeo." BUBK OONNRfTIOVS made with Newport. the watering pieces oa the north aa4 couth shores in Manftchiisetla, ihe great Eastern rouioo for Maine and tor tho While Mountains Berthn and ataierootna mar he aoouied at Harndou's E?? prnsa oihoe, 7* Rro.idwar. and No U6 We?t atreel. New Tork; 7(1 Waiiiln8t0l> treet Iloaton, M. K SIMONS. Agent, Merchants' Navigation and Transportation Oo. riit A?ci?.fu. AWONDKRFUIi KACT? PARTIES OA N RhAUZI 10 to 150 per cent eaoh jrcar upon Ihslr in estment 1* an *a(erprise of unusual prolit anil Misty, aa oan be de> moutdrated bv eatl'ng at 195 Bioadw.iy, roaiu U, betwee? the hour* of 10 anil 3 o'c'ock. /COSHOCTON COCNTY (OniOl BONDB.-NOTICB If \J hereby given hv the Commission ?rs of the oounty o t Co-boctoa. in the State of Ohio, to the holders of the Kond% numbered from one to Are inclusive, for one thousand def iant each, and dated the fifteenth day of January, A. D, 1853, made bv said Commissioner* In behalf or aald oounty of Coshocton to the Steubenville and Indiana Railroad Com pany or bearer; that on the 15th day of January. A. 1W>5, tin laid counU of Coshocton will pay oft said bond^ with the Intoreit thereon up to the aald 18th day of January, A. O , 1965, an provided in aald bond*, at the office of Abi*. Bell's Son. In the city of N?w fork (there being no oDlee ef the Ohio Life Insurance and Tru*it Company now la said olty), at which lime and plane the aald county of 0*? shoeton will doroand the attrrender of aald bonds with the reinairflag coupons belonging thereto ?July 15 IS*4. WILLIAM HANI.ON, ^Commissioner* JAMRH M. SMITH. \ ofConhoeKm THOMAS DARLING. \ County. Ohle. TVIVIDEND? THB WASHIITOTON INSURANCB OO* J " pany. 1T2 Broadway, corner Maiden lane, lias der.'a-ei a dividend of all par cent, pavable Attend I. free or govern went tax. ?M. K. LOTIIBOF, Secretary. XNTEREST ON CITY STOCKS.? THK INTBRB8T O* Hie bond* and stocks of the olty and oounty of New Tork, due and pavab e August 1. 1861. will be paid on that day by Daniel Devlin, K-<<> . Chambe alu. at tin Broadwav Bank. Tlie traunfar books will he clossd Tues lay, tlie 12th Inst. MATTHEW T. BRF.NN^N, Comptroller. Crrr or N*w To**. DrriRTMMT or FV^amcs, ? C0?rTR0M*R's Office. July 7, l*6i. t NEW YORK AND IIARLBM RAILROAD OPMPAMY, PMvnktiT'.* Orrira. Nkw Von* July 1, 136*. SECOND MORTOAOE BONDS ($l,000,ltfn>. Due August 1. 18ot. Notice Is herebv given that the Pond- of the above issue win bo paid at their maturity, Aiuu^t 1, lfc<64, at the offlee at the eoinpaor, corner of Koarttt avenue and Twenty aixtk a'reet, and that the loin rest on the same will ceaae frum that date1 WM. U. VaNDEBBILT. Vtoe President VTEW JERSEY ZINO COM PA NY. ?AT A MBETINO rtP i XI tlie Boaid of Dlreclora of this oompanv held the Htfc fdavofJuiv. 186*. a semi-annual dividend of four par cent w?s declare I en the Coinm<>a and Preferred Stock, payak'f on and after the 1st dav of August tiext. at the transfer oPIoe of the Outnpativ, 1(H Liberty street, New York. Tka transfer books will be closed from Julv 15 to August 1. B. S. OIBI.IN, Secretary. OFMCB MEW YORK FLO ATI NO BOOK COMPANY,; 251 South street. July 35. I3??. ? The Hja d of Directed bftve this day doel.ircd a nuartariy dividend of *6ur pM ceut, payable on the 1st day of August next- , H_Jf. SaBON. Secretary. PARTTRS IN NKW TORT? WHO WISH TO ,LOAf their money at ten pet/0Sllt interest on bond and fcfto-r gage can do so on app^muou to the unrter-lgned N? *ber?e male. Oood i$?'0riiv alwava taken. New York cR| retsruiieei gn-en^ _ "A H. UORTON, Atchison, Kansae._ SOtTTnFRN BO/ Dg SOUTHERN BOVPS -SOOTHi em State* <VllnU *oiiy and Rall-nad Ronde of ever* 40 script 10 li wa^r .d by W. B. SOB AS TON, llu l'earl street THI! 2FV* RAILWAY COMPANY, NO. 1W Witt* _ ? i<ew York, Julv 14, 18C1 ?Dividend? The dli-ee iSfv ? J' is company have this dav deolared a dividend out r, -? ,-nlngs of the road fei si* montlis. ending June STt. ?J1'*' and one-half per cent (lea* the covernmeo* la* ?? Pfl ant) on the Preferred rttoolc, Also a dividend of font P*r " -nt on tl'e Common Capital Storli. free of gorerameirt ft? Both payable at the Treasurer's ofDoe, Erlop aoa, m ibe Sd dav of AuguM next, to the rogla|ere| f older* pi itooU M the oloalag of the books The trantfrf ? eooic, efiMHh [.[i/Trrgo muu ^',uod B:jek "i" 2H9 2 ' *. "V IltXM . 000, J?ld UO If . . New York city. Oorru.. " "<* Pine street 0r THB CHK'AOO a jgfcSS, Company, No. 8 WaU shJ^W StK du# A*?T,t !? 1^. ftom preferred sinking' ?SriS^j BW1*1 flr*t mnrtgaee bonds Appleton eitan slon boodsaad Green Bay extension bends, of the Chloase S Northwestern Railway Oompany, and from Irst marS ^ wlfi^fn^?4l?''VniUl''c*40 l'D,9B Railroad Com* U'^'s offlc? P4ld' 00 *** ^J'izsT TO iflicT0 UlW* - Secretary 6rJil INTERRST. -MARKET SAVINGS BAN*. 8J Nassau ,-treet Open erery day. from 10 A. M to k ?-D Moedays and Thursdays from 5 to TP, Jg, te. Aufu,t 1 wui ^ LDTkBR 0. DARTER, President JiUm 0. STOKlALt. i flM Onatu? Oooraa, I r resile aU. W Oownnr, TrsesB??r. ? Htftr ?., Seoreuny. iiyggglSgg ?' $300.000 10 11 TokbK&oTJi, SH 1m at. rooaa 10 m4 1V^ ? pxcpRtBipyB. BIDOLR'I OKOTRaVb WOODMI^^TlfiEvraB fpleadtit new Wfea 0*r?!dtM Ud Stella. il M ssEr tt3B nffiuM&Sr ITUmtMa BANES. -TAMIUSB AVD FAfttl L&rjszz: tU*ylatuMriT|^tbepH- foa? ?r H fiwrj. Ot rOE TBI riHHINa BANK!.? riSBRR) 4MB. TVl HV ttd /Ml MillM ?M 1ll? jlala R. Hoffmlr* wfu mate *a eieurMoa IIU.: ike ??wy d?y (Satardave exoeytad) eatii fur ther 0<1 , ??;. raJOA K. Ball, Uae? a?4 RefraJi teen* (* beard tadof jaaalc will aoeompaay Ike beat fin for MM i SSBfr ? ^ MKUAMM AH^ toiiOOOi " ' ' _ ' " PIRBOBH TO RIND flROARS-TFLLOW AWO BB& A I?panola, Rlagaata. Millar, narrow aad wide; mS Cttaretlee. flennder Naaonto, Oarola, Clear*, MVlk Far aala ai note 140 Water aire*. gBOVIKft TOR AT HO ARB MO.fflO SROAJM. AT M ? aad npwarda par I.WMl at tke Raw Tork Keiar aad ?5 B?n Airier, M Ukartr etreet. t artlee baying or MUM Safer* ( sail at ikfa a?aiMV. 'lolnmMen Baal tankM Totaaaa, it R> par lb.; Imperial fl M; CerponU, fl| Ihvf ?kootar. At Liberal dlaoauat ta tba tnpa. aa4 jif? oaiaa Oh la feed Le?f a', <So par lb. m pal oampk Apply at fU Oraaawtak attWI. ' *" 500.000 v;,nv s^r^rrt."pLr^*s^rs!: ^astsT^sStiiSis? ' -M~t a A* ~i?? ~v~*v>' ' MATlU*0" ???naa. B. t. A | vouwq orriotB oe tmb arrt or the poto I 1' wkoee larm of leerTlc* will e?plre uoii n>- , - ? *l?ae? la form li.a aoMualataana <*t a r*"e? i*dr hr wa? of I ?"riRapoadaaoe, with a new to aiaunnair. Anr latter xMll be thankfully aeceptad a-id ai?w?rad. Phot >nr?ph? >?. ohaaaad If dealrad. Addree?, with oonndenee, Oh?rlr? ^HPltiT eaonnd ragman* *?? T <rk Velnuioar*, Pirat Ul* ^?k Seeoad eerpe Waabtng lea, D. 0. TOI Jia WIDOW LADT, M TBARS Of -A. b>?Kt>- reapocubla. P??*"??lng a frank, jovial d lion. iMit in berowa bauaa ln>r aietW; wa ?alibeny. *n<l ai pre?cat lbra?* Into ii?.Miin?rr embai meat. eb'Viu ih? t?.ii.*'nl%r?? nn I ? .1 of a bUI< ton Una laakiiK (anarona kaarlad ??nlleinan a ban I fartr reara a< *k?. wlin an iiWmafa ?la* lo m?trlnaunr. PrWIai hxrealf "ag ebaraaM' by vjJIinioaf . ? narte rlalfe ?rn>iM nhan MMMk k, lat a a* Matrimonial tourii i,ai>t or tartr ak? ?rUb*> ta fonn ftc >n jiia|?teaw ?? a aaik tldtnan ef fie^n -<h.rV? n r.ien >a?Ka* i'MWH N k^4?v? Btaa* ??*?S

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