Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Satvsmt. July (1-4 F. M. R". ? ts ?v?rf ted en Una at fgmtel Ibat Mr. fMHDdM Inter u< to follow owl ihe policy of Mr. ("line in Its niont t&M* i :a". feature* V* MAy ? t bare: ore. look for a ?uccae ?toe of l?ans at a 8xe<3 prl.s and ? tccc?t'oo of new cur- i raocv Heues to Qv*i them. "h* i jsu'i of tt>.> will k* a Steady depreciation Is value of aur paper mouey , in pro port ice to tbe exiert of tn.-ee la*uea, and ? correspoad tag rtM tn the prloe of everything money can purchase. Previous W the suspension ef ?i>ecte payments the amount at oar ban* Iwiiea to the Plates tw arrayed agaiurt the rebellion wt< about ne hunired and forty ml Hons, to which Bum is payer money rnsy be ad Jed an equal amount la spec e. As this was found amply sufflcieut for a., the wants of commerce at that time an Increase of tb? volume of currency to any oon alderaMe extent c 1 not lake place wubout a derange inert of valuea proportioned to the augment* Uea of tbe raaaa. The aggregate amount of ]>apei tEooej- now In circulation at tbe North being aure lhaa eight hundred and arty millions, tt follow! th I i the -Itevileble derangement of values referred bat occurred, and aa it baa been tn tbe part to it will be la the future. With every addition to the bulk of the cur rency the latter will suffer a further depreciation. A hundred at ' fifty millions was about tbe amount oi currency which ooula have been put It circulation at tbe toutb after tbe rebellion broke ont w.tlout producing aa/ material der*r>?emont of v .lnee, l?'it whea tbe aggregate had Ineroaeed to a titl e more than four tlmi. tbat sum ? 3?j aoven hundred million* ? II whs found thai prices were nearly four titaef what they were when ILe cairei.c/ was In Its ti' ? isi ooedltwa. It was th^a argued If the Secretary of the rebel Treasury thai tee re duoiion of ihe currency waa a necessary mea sure to avert Impending financial disaster, and substantially tbe moel efWent uv>a..s of rals Ing supplies; far more t-o. Indeed, tLan either Uses or loans, for those .a?t served" only to provide the amount which they nominally raised, wheroa* a reduc tion ol -the curreury by reducing pr>coa furcished three or four 1 1 tu -a the am >uui ol such reluotlon. It might have boen fnirly assumed at that time (bat a tod uc uen of iho curroncy to two bus Ired millions would have enabled tbo rebel ??oruruiamt to sus tain Itself with an expenditure of ouly four hundred million? i>"r annum aid, If tbe prob lem be next dieted In figures. U would bare fo quired the sppareutljr opposite conditions of raising four hundred millions of guppl.os ana of rehriug an equal amount of currency. If the policy of the government was in favor of contrac tion It could easily reduce tbe currency four or live hun dred miilt i:s by substituting for it a loan to thit amount, and limiting tao volume of the carrency thereafter to the iam of the residue afloat. A sharp reaction In oom mercUl ana monetary chauueU would lie tbe immediate result, but the fall la prines to wniih It would loa<l would place the government in a much more ;avor able position ts a purchaser lusu it occupies at preceut. It would at the same time strengthen lis own bands and be enabled to hear lte war expeuuiture lor an iadeduiie period tc tome, while, if It cortlnuoa the policy U has bitb* erto pursued and Is still pursuing, lue bubble of Isflalton will eveutua..y collupaa. Meanwhile speculation would hire been rampant and pr.ces co><iinu ally in the ascendant. Tbe natural and industrial ro5onr~es of Ibis couatry aro so grsat, and the faith o! tbe people in tbe ultimate resto ration of ihe nation >1 iinances to a souuder bit; is Is ao strong, that, noiwubftaiidiag tbe vnstToiumeof our cur reDoy and lis probpectlve lucreuse, tho iiiQatlon of prices bai been small, even In comparison with tbe premmm on gold. But sooner or laier, tf the war lasts three years longer, there will come a crisis in wbich the eurrcncy will feel tbe full shock arlslnp from Its own weight Whatever wnruiBfv may be uttered, however, tbe ex isting government is likely to disregard. It will continue oo tho coursc it f liowed from the beginning, anj tho country will reap the harvest ic due time. The perverse and wilfully blinded organs of the admlnlstrstion will coatlnue iboir delusive issertions that its Uoaticial pol'cy Is eoeof contraction and rei>ioratlon to the specie paying t>aais, and spetulaiors wlli thrive on the nation's ex baustlon. The new loan is at present almost a blank on the market, owing to the inlelligeoce relating to the Dew raid into PeDimylveula. With the subsidence of the Invasion excitement, however, ana an advance In the market prioe of gold bearing bonda, it If likely to booorae more active. There is very tittle doing in foreign ex ohange. Bankers' aterilog bills are quoted at 377 a 378 for currency, and 108 a 109 X (or gold. Francs range from 3.13 to ? 15 Money was more active than for the last few days at seven per cent, under the increasing de mand. In glancing over ear article In Friday's issue we ob serve that we ere made to speak of a large am .it of currency being bidden away iu "Wail street," instead of taaUeit, as we intended. The stock market was a little unsetti 1 to day, and while some descriptions of sh.res exhlMted Increased strength there were others that displayed more or less weakness Compared with yw: !rd?y's quotation* N-.vr York Central decltnei ut the b ?ard to-day \ per cent, Reading %, Milwaukee and Fralrlo du Cbien X. Illinois Central Vi Cumber. end CoaL&S Frle Railway, Eri preferred stock, Cleveland and Toledo and Chicago and Rock Inland sold the same. Hudson Klver advanced S%, Mlchl gan Central 1, Micnijan Southern % , Cb-velaod and Pitts burg x, Pittsburg and Kort Wayne 3, Chicago and North western 2, Mississippi hid Missouri 8, Can'.on Company S'< Quicksilver Mining 1%, Maripnea 1\, Central Coal }?, and Ohio and Mississippi certificates >j. The news <f tbe approach of the rebel rallers had a tendency to weaken government eocurltlea lo-day, and the quntationa shew a decline of a fraction on tbe descrip tions which are most In demand. Tbe registered bonds of IMI fold for 109 S ?t Ike Qrst board, and'tbe coupons were sold at 105 H a lOf, \ the flve-tvrenly onupous sold for 108 K a 10? Vf, and the regislored at 105K a 105\ ; eeveu and thro?* utts* Treasury notes at 107 a 100, and the one year cerMfl -atee at 65 a 05 ><. Gold opened at 263. tut tbe rum .rs about the Incursloct of tbe enemy bad tbe eC'oct or raising the price to 2&i%. The sales were sraill, Tbe steamship Ed nburg, tor Liverpool to day, took cat |168,tfo In specie, r.L'1 the America, for Bremen, bad on board 931.400 Tbe toal tbiywents of the week amount loii6fi,XK>. Tbe total value of tbe Importations, other than dry goods and specie, at this port for the week ending July 28 was $3,60r,64l The Iotcnai Reven-ie law, so far as tbe same spplles to *tamp duties, will go into operation njxt Monday, August 1. Tbe American Coal Company will par, on August 10, a dividend or four per cent on tbe earnings of the six months ending J me 80. Tbe Bark of the Republic will pay , August 8, a dividend of f >or per cent, free of taxes, Tbe Torre Haute Railroad Oompeny will pay," Aujnet 1, at the'Back of V rtb Atperioa, coupons of tho*r second mortgage preferred bonds. ! Tbe Delaware Divteion Oanal Company, of Penoa y I va ult, bave declared a dividend of three per cent on their Dapiuti et?ck , clear of all taxee, payable ou and after Au gnat 18. The transfer books will be closed from the 1st to tbe 18tb of August Tbe Ct euro and Altos Railroad Oropeny will pay Au fust 30, a dividend of three ai d a half per cent, free of tax, to t ? preferred acd comman stock; also a dividend e( two at? a hall percent on tbe common stock, la ;ie'o of lbs diridcnl deferred in Janinry, Ti'e int1 r< t cou on* or bonds <H the New .lereey Rail road and lrtfu#t?n?ti o Company will be paid by tbe Ba k of Commerce lo New Turk no and sftor Monday, Aug is* 1. T ie following >*? aii a' street cf the quartet I y reports o' tbe national b:u ks as the y were mad? to tbe Ccmptrol 1 or of the Currency on the Slat of Meruit last:? a seal I, ?x?an? and dlffooou | M,fM A5? ndiibtsdnese of d.rectois | 714 1 7*! Real estate, furniture ei.d fixture 766, 9J0 t. iwnseacc snt 843,730 t *Kb it'-iaf and revenue stamps and blile of euvcul baiikj ? ?. -? 3,81*. 813 ... W,60 7 I t fr .m benks and b -rkera. ... K,.S37.W# > r .im noil >iial banks 4.r#9.47# ' ai d <#tbsr law ul tu)ney 22, mi < it MS, Ml ' tutes t> <: d? dej>oslted for circulation 3r,4ai,7>o . 1 . uie>- bunds deigned for tftber pur 4,640, 3r^ "i- b .j an.l other United Statag 10, 74 1,1', a T' lal 1114, 420, 277 UAWunis l f n W4.474 " '??' s ? r -uke. 12.1 44 .ft* ??' f .an . ?.Tt?7,?7? ? ' " ?' i,e*,?i? ' ' < ? ?' t. ? ej4.f.,w .87 < re> .. la fx L 14 fl, 103, 337 1 e*-* i Tfce wbots number of boeds of the Colled Relet owwed by tbaee ?nti ?u, M Ue ICtti ot Mkci , $41,116,10), safollows:? . , , Untie 1 Sl>lM kMdi taoetted ffcr f -Mfetlan $30^4*4, 10* Oatied States bonde ie tif km la es Uttt-ed Silkies 4,948, 8M Ut lad mates boon* i*d uibar United Bu;es securlti* beM by baaks 10.T41.153 $41, 176 .302 It e.?o eppears tbat upor the deposit of $25,4i4,7V of boeds to secure circulation there bad, at that date, been Ueued $12 144,660, of wblcb tbara ware In circulation $9.T97,t?76 In Ibe banks 2.;;46,676 Tot?? juhTmo Tua shipments of gold frora Baa Francisco la Jaly S tbU year oom*re with Um exportation* rortbesams Una In 1868 ai follows:? Shipments this .$2>,M3,Yll Correjpouding period la IMS ?2,767,681 Excees this year $0,236,030 ? 'It a shipment of trees a re from San Francisc > by (be itoamer of Ibe 4tb last, wan $1,195 .000, or wblcb $300,000 waa d.-stlned to England, $880,000 to New York and 1 14. POP to Pnacma. TUb reoalpta of treasure from tbe Interior and mining districts of California between the 21?t or June and tbe 2<1 of July were over $2,100,000, of which tbe branch Mint la San M-oacUoo took about $1,000,000. T&a oomparatire earnings of tbe Chicago and Alton Railroad for the wedk ending July 23, la 1803 and 18C4, were u follows ID IOTS. 1864. Paevr.gers. ."..$14,213 18,601 > ?ltbt 28,08# 86 567 Miscellaneous.. 1.374 2,475 Total $43,052 67.843 I l?cr?we $18JW1 The receipts of tlielKbtxiue and 8ioux Oily Railroad during the third weok tn July coripere wllh the oarn intra for the sarati tliao laat year as follows ? 1863.... $*,781 lo64 6,62? Increase ? $2,84t Compound iK'erest Notes. TO THK EDITUB 0> T1IK UKUA.l4>. In tto Hs?uu> t.ionoy artlolo ot July 21 it is said tbil ths New York Sub Treasurer, Mr. Cisco, was opposed to tne l?*ue of five per oout legal tenders, aud told Mr. Cause that they would bo unpopular w.Lh backing insti tutions ard capitalists, and tliat bo detrard the Blx per ccnt c rr.pound interest le^al tenders fully es obn xious h. th? five pur cents, and protested against further infla tion in any I would like to comment ou tlie com t?und Interest notes. A'">ut three years ago T sent to the Secretary or the Tresiury a draft of a contend Interest note, puyab'e at the conve^lenoe of the Treaeury, and suggested tbat 1 such notes wer* received 'or dues always, wbon not seri ously inoopvenlent-, they would bo hoarded by poor and economical people, wbo now wwte time at savings banks or p money Idle. I sketeb'.-d a tilble showing tbe date* it' which tho par value w "id be 191, 102. &c . and suggested that the na?n should be dateiVdeoennmlly? 1860 1870, io Whether the idea was uevr I don't ku->w ? It was new 4o me. Whether the sugtreetlon bad any effect I don't know. I!ut I wish to avail myself of wlmtover ere dlt or attention may be duo me for having conceived the Idea, and to oiior reasons in support of tbo compound in terest feature. I do not approve tho legal tender part, but deem it un authorized by tbe constitution'; therefore unconstitutional. But a* Congress Is authorized to borrow money, a divi sion of tbe evidences of debt iuio small amounts to suit tbe multitude is 1". lt? discretion. ?:.d so is the time of paying interests and evidently the annual payment of interest on small nete* la inconvenient So it is it. the discretion or Coug'o-i; to dircct tbat such rotes shall be re-oived for dues, with such provtfo as will protect the governmout' auaiust embarrassment. In practice, the quantify of tl tie u.tes ?ot shouid bb sucb as to keep tbom at par. N ?>*. I think Mr. Cisco correct la saying that such notes wouid tm;'0pi*ar with bauw^ Hut I tlunk batiKs of l.vtio are evils, and ualy my respoct Tor commercial liberty ros'trains mo from deslriog their suppression. If, without iu'rictiou of that liberty, paper in lUtions i?f such fcnnWs could be entirely prevented, I should rejoice. And : b >s < ne prlacipa 1 reason why 1 w u-n sulistttuie gove rir.out stock in small arms for the paper mxney of ba k? tbat pay no lnte-c?t, and are ?o uns^re tbit their Doles are not ! u ly curreut In ordinary'tlm?s. ani tro in traoy cases a third or half less to tho community. I be licte tbat C' mjKiund interest notes of a L-ood goreramsnt would sbut up tbo shops or those sordid tamperers with the currency, and thereby would relieve tbe country from m re robbery tbin is committed by all tbi thieves. If this would ma.e the notes uupopular I am sorry, but would not hesitate on that accoum'oven In this emer gency, when public Iosls may depend on tho good will of this c'tss Another good to he promoted !s that of encouraging the poorer class to save. Judging by myself, I believe that when a man wbo koepe no bonk aero int has common bank cotes he hastens to get rid of them, lorn they should decline in value; but if be had compound Interest notes of a stable government he would wish to keep tbem. bicause they Increase in value; and be would thus be riejorred from useless and ioiurtous expenses. Tito effeet or such a currency. If ge?eraj, would be to shut up flf'.y thousand grogshops, and in a moasure relieve tbe public from tobacjo amoko. Ecanomy is no* neceassry to recover from tbe waete of war It was economy that raised us from the o Torts of tbe war of 1812, as I, to a degree, remember. My playmates ta!k?l < T tbelr savings on interest as muah as the children of i?t$ time talk of their expenses for toys and sweetmeat:* Mid they were but th? Imitators of older persons, lots ecoaomy will be promoted by subdivision ot public slocks, giving to tbe poor the advantages of watch only the comparatively rich bare hither to availed themselves. As to ssvitir" bsrki.tbeyibsrrow from ths Poor at Qve per cent, when tne current rate of Interest Is six or seven. 1 do c know that it is unfair; but it Is bard; and compound interest note* would relieve tho hardship. A greut fioptiiar lean, greater than that made to Napo leon a few years ago, may be got in tbis way, when the p?per financiers are no longer willing to supply moncr on reas. oable terms. i> tbat t'.T.e comes? as it will if we have not a cb-nre cr rulers ? ard the m?ney or materiel vaiu?e tuus loaned win b? saved (rom useless tndulgecces. As to go d, It is for tne rich, as an article cf lu: ury It ought not to he earned In pockets, but only paid to jew ellors In ingots when thoy wai t It for manufacture. It 6houlJ be subject to twice the duty on Iron'lf tariffs ere kjpt up. It Is a stupid superstition of tbe multitude to worsl lp It as they d^, and to reiievo it from taxation for the benefit of the,rlcb. The only rational excuse for not taxing it in the tariff Is tbat It is ea|ily smuggled, and t:?oro is no excuse for oot taxing It as highly as diai ioires trre taxed. J. R. FISillCR. The OI'ClelUB Sword. TO TUB BDTTOR OF THK IIPHA l.D. I'xrm Diim Stramb* rxio*,\ Nat* Yabd,N?w York, July 29, 13' 4 J Herewith eu closed you will please flud tbe sum of lhlr< ee dolhxrs and fifty cents (|S2 50) , to be'addoJ to the WcCwlian 8word .fund. Tho scbscribcrs roost respect fury watt that tue subscription list win b j j In Tour rcojt rateable piper. 1fcoar wlU p'oase giro the hewer a receipt. HEN KY XALONKV. ! AD H FOR UTTLS UA(\ V. fl ? After the subscription bad b'ou close<! we hnd two ladles ?nd child as visitor* on board, who IcsUtod on having their names added to yjeiist? wives and chill of two of tbe above named subscribers. H. M. mox Tut rrrrr orocsna, *ah:nrs and cbkw of rna ; >rrm ? rATBS STKiXTO t .11')* We tbe undersigucd, admirers of "I.ittle Mie." or Cerrgo tf. HcCleilan. rec ?ni ft in bira a true patriot and a br%Ti> soldier. We there:ore contr outo our muo In be half of p . refusing Mm * sword. Pnr offering Is but small, but H K givoo free.; ? A'-imn. Avfunt. If ivi * A ns>unl Robt. I. Andereon . ,.fl 00 'tftora .< Gonklln ft f?0 John Maloney 1 10 i-. jrzt iVrnlin 1 00 Cba*. McKenzie 1 GO And cw C. Jordon ....100 Edward! 1 '.<? S**, bet, Crcgan 1 00 Sergt. H. Maloney .... 1 on J'sepb Mcljride. . . . . . I JO Iravid Small 1 to t'eter Vorlln 1 00 Thomas Walekr 1 00 Joan Xlneetee! 1 <?0 Jam's Kelly i 00 Ibomas Cross 1 00 Diivld M'thlsa 1 00 Henry Clark 1 00 Fl^reece Crowloy.... 1 00 Charles Mason 1 00 Charlaa Caddy 1 00 George Nona 1 00 Frederick ticbunbom 1 CO .Joeepb Keteeco to CbriftViphaf Kane.... 2 90 Mr*. S*rv Ka?e ... 1 00 William McOann 7 00 Mrs VargV McKentle 1 00 Ellas r. steward 1 00 Mlas Kosa Kane 1 fiO David McCarthy 1 00 .. . Daniel Murphy 1 00 Total |33 It TO TBR KDITOB OF TUT RnUI.D. UimwiSrATMi Ruravisg 8bip Nobtb.Caw>u*a, \ July IT 1804 J We, tbe subscribers r>f a small sum for Genera! George B. Mcf'lellai.'s sword, do loeert our nemos:? Jnmer O'Riiey $3 Joseph Jnoee 3 William L. Murphy >9 Thomas Uulg'*y 1 Joseph Ooons t and-our thanks by Inserting' the same in your vtluable paper, with our respocU toyoi. TO TUK JUMTOB 0? TUB ItKnAbD. WauAswcBT. July 11 , lt#4 Fifty yoong met i of Wt'dnmsport, Pa,, have eontrlbited |1 car b toward ths puritm.' of f? s word for the galia&t Central Qrorje B. McWeluo. 1 rouoee yoo a draft on f:ew Yrrk for ths si:iO?:.t? ti? |4 J. I'leaae acknowledge tue roueiri in jnur ue*r w; or.GE H WILSON, Obeirmaa. Aitm Kacstw, Recetery A V^n lew-ieano* Mr Citing of legroe* wee hi?id last evening, at street Hall, to e\pr*?s their ind gnMiwit V>wards tbe various Ta-taenger ?llwsfr CV:nip^nl<w for ?nt allowing ttsm to ride In tbe cars and OC^l-y mlfl T?'?h the wi.'tee. Tbe meeting waa well at tendeU, be.og ?>?[>0<e4 cf one half m il f and Uie other hair females. As toe bail b&a been ? rinkled with cblo ride of lime previous te the orgawjietioc. we ventured within the doore. and, from (he " um?;' ef'1 "*hs," for a while imagined that we ?er> m i dtricr.f CAinp Toe- tio; An organisa.ion was e(fe< t?< by o i "s v<* theUiora cream oolured fellow, and a Secretary its aUi .Avt' i.k^ A preamble and resolutions wers adopted, seH.'^f fortb I bat If ta? negro was fit for a soldier he wis ?qq?ll; M lultaltte for s five cent seat is s peseen^r oar Huroeros ' si<?echee were msds Ihe admiMsbatioa and Vsther Abraham endorsed, sod the meeting adjourned with the sirigiBf ot "014 Joko Br?s>.'H f Mdtlftoa Am, J *+ ; it. OOLLSQK COMMBaOEHEVTB. OMMIHKMt Dttnlrn M HMW#' Vatr?nlty. od* cambiums caiinroiMNii. Oawsfrixm, Mm , July 21 , M?4. Tba n?tor*l-ecie?cet receive great atia-ntou it to* uol* ? ?e?auy. The foundation is laud {or a vary aitiwulva BM? yum of natural hiitory. They bare already toe lurgaot ?ollaatioo at speoimeus la this euuutry. A large brlcfc edifice baa been erected to conutti these epeoimeua, an4 thta la oaly the vanguard of ttoat which ia to *>e built b.< aide It. r&a acbotarbUip and wosld wMe furu of Profes aor Loots Agasats^lve prom ?a of nobis reiulu in tb!i derailment. Tba famous aatr jaoaoleut observatory Is atao an object ?f great curiosity, aad I regretted my ' laabiiity to pay H a visit. At ntae o'clock this moraine tba Boylstoa prlre decla matlooa attracted quite a respectable aullence of ladies Mid gentlemen to University Rail. Sir tees competitors from the tbree higher classes declassed selections from preee and poaWy. Fire prise* were awards - two of fifteen do'lars each, to Edward Tuft Williams, of the Ju nior claaa, and Charles Brooks Brighatn.of tba in r olaa*, and three, o( ten del'ars each, to Ch?rle< V ar a Clt.iord and Holand Crocker l.lnoolD, of the actor and Henry Foster Buawell, of tba Junior. Thed-sln* exercises of the e >mmeo<-sme I weel are , the anniversary of the Phi Beta Kappa ???!*' v The members aaeemble4 at nine o'olock In the ' Jiversltjr to aitebd to the annual business of the society A petition baring been received from the alumni and students of Wlliums College (or the eeuwiabraeut of a chapter In tbat Institution, tho following *ftr0 appointed a committee toe.'taMilb It ? viz the President, Professor JunriM R. Lowell; Dr. Shurtloff, Prof. Touey and William Ereroft. - the foito'vlng were elected officers ror the coming year? viz: Prof JamM Russell Lowell, President; Ulei ard H. Dana, Jr.. Vice President; J. li Bauson, Seore tary, and J. C. Merrill, Treasurer. Tho following persons were elected bonontry members of tho society ? v lis : Jo?eph 8 Rones, Jeelah O. Abbott, Rev. Wm R. Alger, Rev Mr. Calthrop, of .larblebead, Massachusetts, atid Rev. Wm. (J-, Kiliot, D. D.,of fit. Louis, tftsi <url. l'besoolety formed In precession at twelve o'clock *vd maroheii to the sound of mu.'ic to the c'larch. where an audience badbeeu axaUi.'g them for usa-lv an hour. ilie cxarciseg were opct.e 1 with prayo!" by Rer. James Free man Clarice, 0 J). The President Introduced the orator ol tho day, F.ov. Wm. O. EUlot, D. P., who i rcceeded to deliv?r tbo annual address. Tho uneaker re ferred to tba efforts to evry Mi-- n.rl out of tho Union, nud oxprc&sed bis belief thit It ww flruiy bound to the feler*! gov errment ani would romiin so, nnd from her central rosl tion would beoome the keystone or the a" oh. California ar,d Now England boiu^ tba abutmun'.s of the natural bridge. ?'i'Iii3 r ?? -> u 1 1 ho coi ,>idered owidi to tie rreva Ku'ce "f Now Knglacl Institutions. Mirs'tu.l. o.i othiavs Btate, la now free; do eiave c*ui herailter be born up n Its Soil. The speaker then proceeded to revie v tue di voisity between Um InsUtuUens of t!.a N^rth rnd the South, describiu; tho aristocratic filav* '.f'liiinjj and Don producing ci tes and the fcervile c'ass? much benefited by slavery . (is bo admitted ^anu proparoil f ir freedom, &a t.e cooten led. He then d^'iCribod ths tertium om i, the n^n alavoh lding poor whites of tbo slave sutes, greater cb impious of the system than tbo slaveholders them selves, and yet infinitely degraded and Injured by It? too proud to lab?r,and yet too jioorto Itvo comfot tr.jly with out It. Ha had hope for the colored men; but be thought great dlPlculty would be experienced In bringing thoeo iiU'ler the reutraluis of a wholesome clvlluati m, and making them uno ul cltlzona of our reconstructed country. Uasidos eradicating slavery, we must carry our civiliza. tlon? froe schools, free churchoa and a free press? to this people, and thus ralpe u;> amwldte cla^;, a yeomanry, that should become ihe stability of the State. Tho cause of this war must flrst be removed, and theu moral force ap plied to citinje ihcso onemlos Into frlemis. Tho address was listened to with great attention and manifest approbation. Thf? exercises were closed with the benediction by Dr. Clarice. The society dinner cioaud tho festivities of the diy. Arrangements bave beoa made by which the Hod. Kdward Fvurett will deliver a course of lectures on In ternational law to the studeuU of the law depart aent. About ninety Etudeuta were received Into the next freabman class. This number is smaller than usual, caused by high prices of living and by tlo drafts of war upon the young moa of tho eouatry. Union College Commencement. OUR ECMKBCTADT COitRESPONDBNCK. Bchwiktapt, K. Y., July 28, 1864. Tbo friends snd erad iates cf Union College ball th:s as the week of all tbe year to them , as the literary festivities , of their Alma M*ter are now beiDg held. They commenced wltb a sermon beforo tho Theoloptesl Society last Sunday evening by Uev. Henry Parllcf, D D., or Albany. His subject. "Tho Difficulties of r.o ligion 1 aralloied by Those of Beienco," wrs discussed in an Interesting manner, and was listened to attentively by lbs large assembly of bearors gathered In the First Reformed Dutch church. The annual meeting of the Chemical Society was held oq Tuesday, at nine o'clock A. M., at the College Labo ratory. An ablp and Interesting address was delivered by Professor C. A. Joy, of Columbia College, New York elty. Tbe lccturer gave a graphic ruvmt of the progress made la the science of chemistry during the laat twonty years, particularising the magaetlo telegraph, the science of orcanlc chemistry, the dlalys?s creation, the spectral mode of analysis, tbo art of photography, and the found in* of snecial schools 6f science. . ... The Phi Beta Kappa Society held Its ' th* First Reformed Duteh cburch at four o clock P. U. A most interesting ad arena was delivered by Re y. ._AMQaJ. ? rcaon Professor of Belle lettres In Hamilton College. The address was no elaborate and beautiful vindication of b 'i special ,tllJy against the attacks of those who cb ject to the science Use If and the objects sougbttobe effected by it. The eTert was highiy appreciated by the audience, and will no doubt be given to the Pret** Tbe lltorary societies held their ennivereary ?n Tajw dav ovenioB. Tbey listened to an Intereetiug address by Rev F P. ifogers, of New York city, oa Daniel Webster as the model .American citizen and a proper ex^ple for our young men. Aa interesting P9?,? ?? v hearsed by A neon O. Chester. Esq., of Buffalo, V. Y. Thus closedAbe exercises of tno day devotod to the so Ci?YMterdiy wrt'^pecially occupied by the alomal. They did not gather lu large force. It is said 1 they uol a groit deal of tbo ayrU cfurorrJ. M)?ue i*is ('troll t tod by tbe absence of a formal procession and tbe c ?tUa/y muslo. Certain It is that a great many alumt.i cimeto town, and either occuar thercsolves in busnws orp!-a?ure, Instead of standing these exercises. Sm^sbouid certainly be employed to seen re a goodiy, if not a numerous, attendance of tho graduates on th^o#amnia?*me<>tiog was held at ten o'clock A.M., s? wT i a Corresponding fccretaw r ; John Foster, A. M., Recording Secretary ; Hon. Wawnnr Treasurer ? JoDQ A. D**r?rncr, A. M , tibrwlso. A t el' ? veno 'clock t b a a},mnl w'ss ^dr^jed m the rhurch bv Prof . Stephen Alexander, IA. D. , 3f the Col ??? of New Jersey, in aa unusually uteres- Ing manner. T^s?e?kw ror^*a;cd tbe class of 18S4. and gave a b r * f and c ?mpruhew've survey ef the advance made in tbe 3*id of sci'tnrs, ta 1 tbo application of tl<eso to i Ihe arts rf s-c'al life, an'1 |he Internal ioi^rovemc>:U made jj our & untry dur.ngtl; ' fcrty yar. which have wtervsnsd minrm hii 1c?i?iO? tho b * '?> Aim* ll&Ujr. . # _ At oae o'clock the al':iu"i ff.-t l? ibe CO }2*P cb?P*l ?or tbo tnn'ial reun'oa sn-1 ' V 'T. J t?J r^tw?ire7 anorectal "d. r s tbe scarre romelns of the feast teetinra, while the sociable feei.nga ?f the hour were expressed la renewing old fr'.ecdshH* and farmtnftBew oosa. At ocr o clock tbey again asserabed Ina^* ?.b.arc.?' and were addressed by the Hen. J'#eph Mullen, IX J i of tbe cUse of 183H. Tbe speaker descanted on the canies^ spirit and conduct of the r*i>ell on, and expressed bis Arm conviction that It won'.* be . . . !n tb? cvats'iiff a ittMMi brilliant wiln DH017 9 nssetn b*ed In t h* :bu/ch to listen the prlsl Mjj^la. of original coiupositlors by members of tbe Sopboroore and 'unior classes. Tbe matter and manner of these addresses wm creditable to the *p?ekcrs and also to gXZS Clarke, who presided. The exorcises were held tn the follow tag order, viz ? pornoxoam Iniellectusl Olory? Joeeph H. IJeoedid. Self rellanoe? Monroe M. r*dy. Heroism? Harvey D.Talcott. -remain The Power of Ekiyieuce? Oroenvl.fc A. Treoaio Music jrr.ons. Great Esamples-Wllllani B. Lyan Let tbe People Praise Tbee-f. chard 8. Tbe InD utace of Educated Men? Jcbn K. Paige Music. , The Inward CoaClct-Steaiey R^n.ter, Folied Ambition? Freling H. Sialth. Pcsrec*Dv.e to Men of oeoiti.-- Albert H. feeder. Music. n/T?jro rics is?s TM C'jslng exercises ij t'.i'.s fe?t > ' s?-asoo brought to fr'ijsr s 1 irg> ci "w 1 of .M./HI- ?. sirs'. *>?'? and that thi> ar !?nt elty p*Jt " 'i :t? a I : lay appearance. At ten t'f lock a rc-es< n ?' ?' lerta,, fecal vy stl iru f r.niftoa t ? Co :>d4 and moved to tho , t,ur< ?r The Hi ' *1 to ?- ?e OrwIng, the |fr?.Minrf a g ?y id 1 eipiivuag apuearance. ; 1, . p Allot r- '-aa occ .ii > ?'* ?"? tr. .t<v?, among whom eppoar-vl his r.*c* .eney Oovrr.or sey,. with wem he'-a ef :.<? II' U "?r wy : - t?..r Cbar.celK* VAiworth, Dish, u'citer. s-1 H-v I-. - v? yioMj#, Back as aci o'Mar men dwiknguisuei both at toe sea* Mpr's?deM Hlrtcck opened tbe moeting with prayer. The members of the greduatmeosss delivered tbelr fW; t n* in the follswlng order, ar.'|iilU4i<g H?mselves r?*diubl9 iu ditchmrg? oC lb.* dulj,? ???aluUHrr (TAtlni-AnriMue Hliormaa, *ew Palttmore I srsisteo'ee U> t" Right-l'hi-ees atroof La?b, Fori ^"inie Conflict of Ideas? Abnrs Vs# K. rowe!?o?,riuC* "'t be Domala ol Law? mariee Tnbbs, Oceela, Pa Tbe L'aceen^the Prevince iM the P.easoe? Benedict B. ^our 'indfv'idaa* Ftttare? J ohn Turtle Andrews, Reeding. The Tragedy of Athens (Greek oratVm)? AXwso P. A. *Tb^ktbled*f??|* of tbe legal Profession? Pi lay W. "^fhe? Spirit ' 5*(Slvairy? Chariss Walksr I-?d, Porlo "'^sTn^sstof Philosophical Hiudiee-Wtlitasn Forrert D#n<^o*ice^ ae Related te ?T? Ubertf-?dward P Ma gOMtBeMM. Tbe Omdt'loM of Peblle ttwdom? Tfcewe W. tat ham, CUvaiaAd, Oble tu? Pur ?r okmw*^ d. n**m bmibMuw. !?.? b'Mi*?Bfcchartm (QenoM orftliM)? ft Crumb, ?oom(UM, Mo. 1 The > tM?clen?tiePrnffreeaor tbe A|??WlllUua Apple toa Potter, ?hi!a<ieii>bla, 1'*. Trail;: the Eld incut a'd lb* A lineal of Rational Mlad ?K'.i<<tia Curtias. Send) Creek H- mbotttfts? Ettns Cord t^rr, Vrey. lb# Claims uf I a* Bute ua tbe Citlaen? Camoel Jacob Bo'- it*. York: Rn unite, Pa. lh? H?rebM Woi k?rs ? Hariry Ward Oui'derland Centra II nreprea ^ntktioo? Jainea Lav la, Jr , Albaay . Mualo. Tbe iligfi n of Fraaoe (French oration)? Walter Case Anthony, Cl-nhim. Vomd? Mob ? Kdwarrf Winalew Paige, Scbenoctady. Uanuibal and itome ? Edward alien Judson, Lansing bur^. Manboo.; tha Aim ot BeifCulture ? Alaxandar & Hojrt, Qa'way Village. r.etr--f o6otwa ana Introspeeitow- Geo. Artbar, Spring flu J , Olila. Re mica of Art la Religion- -T?af1d Van Heme, Olan. "s The Peatb of Socrates ? i.ioob H. Wleting, Middle town, Pa. The c*-emnny of eooferring degreee and prize* *u then perforated aiotdat the deepeet interest on tbe pari of tbe Hudents and tbe audience. Tbe degree of Bache lor uf Arte In tbe elasslaal ooorce was con' erred uton lorty Tour foambera of tbe graduating cla.s, aud three tuen; l>en of tbe olaas gt 1881, as follows:? ,'amea P. Albright, John T. Andrews, George Artbar, Ella* F Carr, Samuel W. Ctaaon, Jr. , Elisha Curtis, Alas. Davidson, J unes l.'avis, Jr., Samuel K, i lmro ck, Wtillam F. l>Oig, Bartholomew illcglns. Uriah Howell. Alex. 8. Hort, Samuel' K. Hunt, Samuel J. Koontr, Phtuaas tf I.imb, dunes B. L^omis, Benod tt ?. I/ewts, Edward A. Ju l?! n Rubor! F. Maolaren, I-Jward P. Mtgoun, William H. UiHuam, Fred. W. Nowm a, Cbarloa J. Noyes, Edward W. I'a*e, !s?Wh A. Potta, A. V. N'e*l Pewelgna. Robert I). KaddifT, Thomas E Kalst'>n, WIlHum R. ReW , Augustus "harjian, C. 1) K. .Steiw ulirer George M. Stuart, John H. . t'ltrt, I'vlel M. Silrus?n. Aflonzo I'. A. Strong , niarlee O. Thstf-be', Charles Tubbs.C. E. Van Allou, Puvld Van li roe. 8'imuel a Wakeman, Deary Ward, Jaoob H. \ Wal ing, 1 BTi'i M. *1. /oiler. cloys lti?1 ? lhomis J. Thorp, Alexander Walker, Ban ismla. A. Willis tne dfpreo of Bachelor of Scle-io? wag conferred upoa tlnrlo n gr*du<tos, whose name* are aa foU-iwa: ? Gain*? A n*iie, Walter C. Anthony, P. W l5arlholo m?w. Ifaomaa W. r>i"-nbMD, 1 asavigne 8. ( rumb, l;wi?bl Flower, Walter N. Gourlay, Joim A. Henderson, Cbarlea W. lJ'i.1, W Applotun Totter, Warron Scboocovcr, Gacrga feorarn'lns, Hcry C. Wiawall. T' e d"?fee ws also clvon (o tbe f?ll(iwiDg, who have compleiod a thorough course of anijlnecnnit vir*? John C Raker, loator U rsc, Owen Pbllllpa, I? Y. Bi/ti>?ricorborn, UaUMioit 11. SkiflC, Nicholas Tanco,Bldne/ Timlo Tbe following prb.o*, conalstli'g of flno odl lions oi ot lo ks aud Medals, ware ennterrod:? 1. lhe lilalciiiord mcd .la to the two beat speakers, to Jacob II. WietiBfi and Edward W. laije. 8, lbe Warner prize, to P. S. ('run b. 3. lbe Nott prize, scholarship tnoilals, to Ed. IT. Pa|g? and A. P, A. Iflibbg of tbe Senior class, aud EdwiaKus aell and l>avld C. Robinson cf the Junior. 4. Wk' prizes for e-ssys In English literature were given to W. C. Anthony, James DuvU and Edward W. Paige. 6. Prizes for ?j*aking wei a awarded toWm. B.Lynn and Stealer Rossltor, of the Junior, and Mooroo W. Cady and Greenville A Tremain.ol tbe -^iihomore class. Tho bOLorary degree of A. B. was riven by tbe Trustees to Thomas Clowes, t?j., or Troy; Archibald Mnillh, Ksij , of Cbhrlton; V.'illis W?I)owd, of Daubury ,Conu ; I. J. Thorp, of the I'nited Stntes Army. . Tho honorary degree ot A. M. was given to Rev. James E. Cameron, of Brummoudvllle, C. W., anUUoorge ft. Par ker, Esq., of (lermantown, 1 a. Tbe honorary degree oi D. P. was awarded to Rer. T. P. Wells, of Brooklyn, I.. I. ; Rev. Proi. I*vl Steinberg, prlncii'*! of llertwlck Seminary; Rev. Robert T. Lowdll, Iiuanoabr.rg; Rev. Km. thauncoy ( hild, Boston, Mass. The honorary dogrea or l.L. P. was conferred upon tbe following gonUemeii, viz.:? Hon. R. M. Rlatcb ord, Hon. Wm. F. AWen.Hon. Daniel Pratt, Bon Joalab Sutherland. lheaudinnoo wag dismissed with the benediction, and It was lone before tho immerse church wa? emptied. Thus oloFed a vecy pleasant commencomont season. This college ?!!< rdi excellent advantages Tor the education of young tuer. In Its able oorps of profesaers, Its extensive museums and apparatus, in (be beauty and salubrity of tbe situation and in tbe exoellance uf lie society. Commencement mt Lafayette College, Kaaton, Pa. Tho exercises of the commoncemeot woek at Lafayctle College closed on the 2Tih. Ihere were niteuu Bpeechts from tbe graduat'nf class and two from tho latter*. The valedictorian wnn W. IV Monlellus, of Pennsylvania. Tbe degree of doctor of divinity was conferred upon Rev. G. W. Janvier, of New Jersey, aol Rov. E. T Prown, Plstticl of Columbia. The alumni bad a final moeting in tbe afternoon. The trustees have esUbliabed a new pro feasorstip of Mines and Metallurgy. Tot UmrnRsTrr Coxtocatio* at Aibuny ?The Univor e'ty Convooitlon or iho State or Now York adjourned VeJcoeday Diktat, huving b.'on in session at the capital for two d.yg. 'Ihe organization mny now be coAidered permanent, aud I'.i influence upon >bo direction and character of education cannot fail to b? very groat. Tbe objoc.U of tbe Ogyocatloo are declared to bo ? To secure a better :?oqu?it>#|ce among those engaged In the depart* meets onder the charge of the Regents and with the Re gents; to secure interchange of opinions on besi methods of instruction In college* nod academies; to advance the standard of eduontlon la tbe State , to adopt rules to pro mote the harmonious working of the State system of edaeat'oo; to consult and co-operate with tbe Regents la devMing and executing 3uch plans pf education as aro tie mauded , to exert an en^uence upoo tbe people and legis lature, and through the pre?g, so as to place educational institution! In a worthy portion Tnc mem bers of .the Convocation corslet of tbe Board of Regents 0 f the Unlrersitf , and all Isstructors In institution? sub feel to (heir visitation, and the officers or the Itew York Skate Teachers Association. Tbe reccnt meeting embraced representatives from the mc-st celebrated institutions or learning in tbe State, Including eminent writers, and authors or tho most approved text books in the Isnitua^e. To most ef. the papers rea.1 the highest order or ability was accorded, and the discussions ttiev dialled evinced a vfrratillty or talent and an extent of culture or the high est order.? Altuny A Hat, July 39. Redgnttlen of the Solicitor of the Court or Claim* at St. Loals. OB DON'T LIKH THi? ACTION OF TUB BALTI3COBI CONVBNTIOK BISrECTINO COS3BBVATIVKS. 8t. Locis, July 11, 1884. Mr. PM^rourr ? 1 was appointed to offloo by you at a time when it was deornadjgatfeable for tho public wel fare, especially In Uissourl^Pconciliate those, of whom 1 was one, who did not belong to the aarty tbat elec*ed you President, bnt who obeyed and actively supported yon as tbd duly elected Cb.ef Mug..' rit ?> of tfc> nation, and who were unconditionally for the Unl n. It was then universally coucoded t-raong loyal men of all rlnsses that we of thabrder States, who cheerfully, sacrificed social relations and domestic tie*, old. dcop rooted and hereditary feelings, sympathies and habits, and In many cases p. operty and life for the oouotry, aud whocontlaued to oboy you and those in arlbority under you, #iid to support the Union cause actively ant devot edly, although we regretted our Inability to persuade yon to ad?pt the line of policy we deemed oe?t calculated to promote tbe cuinmon cau.'e, and, although we could noi approve of some measure* ordained by yon., were worthy ?r "pub'ic couOdenoe and ot?icial trust." The Baltimore Convention has, however, decided ta banish from your ait ninlsfration all eomorvatlvo men and all moderate Count?l bv reserving unanimously tbat those only ere '-worthy or public ro fldence or official trust" who ''cordially endorse" IU pisiform , aod in your IoUt of acceptanco this resolution, among others, is ?'heartily approved." The Convention has given a still more emphatic and praclleal evideute of tho real reelings and principles In admitting almost unanimously tho American radical delegates from this Stale, and by oxcludlng with equal U' animlty the delegates of the c-.nsjrvattve party; and thus tbo Convention, by adopting the "We are tbe revo lution parly," has Itaer, as regards this Slate, btcoaoe ?'the revolution." Under these circumstances my retention of office under voi would bo wholly useless to the e-iuctry, as well as Inconsistent with my proolples and with that peifeet ct.-idor and amnerlty that ought to o* st' between you an<! ali your subordinate*: and 1 therefore resign the offoe of 'Hoilcltor lor the Untied States for tbe Conrt of Claims " I accepted the oiDce solely sa a patriotic doty an 1 at eosiMderable pars. mat aad pecuniary sacrifice. It is the only office I ever held or expect to bold. I aas deeply grateful to you, Mr. Prealdosf. for tbe per sonal klndoess and consideration with which you have treated ma, and I 'would continue to asrva you lr It ware consistent with ray eonvlctlona of duty , or tr I could, by ao doing, he of any farther service u> tne country. I have the honor to bo your tumble aervaut, C OIBSOH. Destructive Fire at Wellfnytna Mlaee, Caaada Weat. [From tho Toronto Leader, July M J In tne account of the last trip of the Algema It waa stated that oa Friday morning laat a Are had occurred at tbe Vi Islington Mines, destroying soma twenty bouaea. A letter received in this Office yesterday from Mr. Oliver, the purser or the boat, states that the fire bad not ex hausted ttself wheo'tbe Aigoma left tbe mlnee on Friday. It had reached tbe inner portion of tbe town and de stroyed the large number of one hundred and thirty Iiou;e. Mr Oliver writer ?Very little furniture has bees **vmi.? The merefeaati m tho pki ce |M all in their $ establishments. Tte mining property, however, wsa supposed to be out of dangor whoa wajeft but a change of wind would again bring bssk the fire, which waa still ragii g. Upwards of ono huod-ed an.! fifty fBmUiea, oovpr h'ng tr. an aoae sight huadrvd person*, bsva been driven from their home* to tbe rock*; they are now engaged la beating beak the fire from the mining localities The poor children were runntag about half naked searching for Heir t?renta. Htablee, the houses of the agents nrd other plaeee net burned down have been thrown open to tbe sufierenMut still a large number^r them are compelled to remain in tbe open air. Those who have raorey can purchase neither cmthtr.g o<-r provision*, the etdts ln>'og all hu^aed up. Kvery eftnrt la beiog tua.te hy the Ing ageP's ta pror|<ln ro<d *n.l ?halter for the unfortunates, which will, ne dune on a literal stale. Eiruwitto flUDtxu ro* nn? Ujnvm Kfirua asmt is Sana hi.? Oonaoqucut npon t'.e |?te oall tor men bv the federal government the recruiting ageuts have alreadv com menced extensive operations f?r this province to relieve the draft, and a bold determination Is cxttibllttd to pro sc. ute the oonscriptloo bare. Yesterday a number or daring attempte were made le spirit soldier? snd-civl Itans out of this oil#, aad wa haveons instanoe where a farmer fall Into tbe tolls of theee villains, and was drugged preparatory to embarking blm In a small boat ior the other side. After hts wheroabmiu had been discovered hk son waa naitreatod and heatea for Interterlag, a m maroua gang bavtag recently arrived an a mission of tbe klad iB'Mosted, provided with smell b mto ond armed with deadly weapons to oontest Oie Intsrrsresjoe of enr oOloera, which attar fart one of the rurnbsr had oeeaasm to demonstrate in aa affhir oa Prlaoeas street last eveo. lag.? Mmmtm fOMMhi) tfm n- - * -I1II I? T? I coin ikttui ?r smmmi OB abo* ajt? aoaxvW ra>* ?** noo. ** rckki<UB *? vpa icoOv^ Mi| ?Wm tea; L? rh^rgss Hi speclfla*kto?? * which Htot?jpt*?d t* Uy Brtg^iar fcinl Bpl? 1? t* for* tbe court c mi.*! oidarat by General DU art tuH soversd by tM order of Um aoart sappmestng poblioa lion of Its proceeding at and as much misapprehension prevails mUHw nature of those charts aod spaclfica IIoqs* w* publish tbctc at length ? qhxbocs bfi cinc^noirt icAim nuscsB a. pimou , ?MJdMBS OKSHBiL Of I'KITKfl FTATKS VOLI'STIUS. Ciuan ? Conduct unbecoming aa officer andageoUa nan. Sp-ci) leah'o* 1.? la this, that Brigadier General Prtneis E Bpiuoln. United t-tatw Volunteer*, batng engaged la recruiting mor for the sanitary servtoe of tlio United Ptatea, did, Id (La cities of Now York and Brooklyn, la tbe Stat* of Maw York, allow Hauler D Clapp, James l.a?. i'neodore Alien aod other bounty brokers, so called, wheee Daman are unknown, to extort aod unlawfully re pair* large suma of money from divers reorulta whose names are unknown, by mean* of falsa representation*, fraud and force ? aatd >-oorults being volunteers entitled to a local bounty, and the money thus wroogiully extort ed troin them being loeat bounty to wliloh they were law fully entitled. All thia In New York city and Brooklyn, and between (he let day of December, 1803, and the 29th day of Febraary. 1804. Sp ciftcaiion l ?la this. that Brigadier General Francis B. Splaola, United States volunteers, beiiig engaged in re cruiting men for the United Statea military service, did, In tbe oity, county and State of New York, on the 1st day of l.eoemiv.r, 18tS5, aod on divers days before and ] aftor said day, In Deoember, 1868, and January, 1861. al- 1 low diver* volunteers and recruits, who tben and there entered the United States military service, aud were an. titled to receive the local bounty for recruits, bat whose names ars uuknowu, to bs defrauded aud deprived of parts of said bounty by the falsehood, fraud, force and vtoleuoe of Hawley l>. Clapp, James Lee, Theodora Allaa, and oihei* wh< se names are unknown. Stxcificatinn 8.? In this, that Brigadier Genera! Francis B. 3 pinole, United Stares Volunteers, being engaged in re cruiting men Tor tba United States military servioo, did. In the city, county and St ite or New York, on the Ifith day of December, 18C3, and on divors other days In Bald month, sniTer and allow diver* men whose names are un known to be recruited, ?u listed, sworn and mustered Into tbe United mates military service while in a Hate of In tuxloiiloD, and when, as said UenorW Splnola well kuew, tbe Mid recruits wete not capable of making or under standing such oontract. ipecijcatum 4 ? lu this, that Brigadier General Francis B. Splnola, United scales Volunteers, be^uc en gaged in reoruillni? men into the United States military service, did. at the city, ojunty and State of New Yoik, on the 'idtli day or November, 1668. knowingly allow two French sailors ? via: lx>uis Lot and Roue, who belonged to tlio I'rench fleet then 'u N?w Yoik harbor, and neither or whoui ui.deitiood English? to bo enliatea 1 iuid sworn into ti.e Called Suites military service, witn. out Jjnawmii or V'CR given to understand wuat wm the nature, mo'tning or eU?ct or sucli onliBtnient ajid oavb , said General Spino!* bei'uf "Ware of thMr wac? or mfor mation, andoi ihoii- relation to tlio (?rencb nav .1 eftfvicn, and or their receiving no Informatioii aa ^ the cont act which i hey made. Spec fiction St.? In this, that BrUaller Getiornl French B. splnola, United State* Voluute re, beli'g ttfen ant aged in recrultiug men into tbe UnltOH -Lite* military service, ?did, on or about the lbtti day or Decetnbor, Ih'io, at tbe city , county aid St.le or New York, after hav ing knowingly allowed tbe enHstmeat or s foreigner named Viuneut Kuollsnd, who could not reid, or write or understand Kuvlsh, without iiuy explanation or lnforraatlou of tho oath or act of enlistment, and being aiked if it were not the duty ot the mustering oiucor to explain tho onllstmeut papors to the retrulta, Hnst-ered tho question by saying, "Why, {damn it. If wo did that we should not get twenty men a day." Specification 6.? la this, that Brigsdior General Francis B Splnola, United States Volunteers, being men engaged in recruiting men luto the United SiateB military service, did ordar and ooutnand tho recording officer that the height or a recruit, whose name Is unknown, should bo falsely entered and recorded on the enlistment papers as five reel and three tuctiS4, whereas tlio true height was, as said General Splnola kuew, !oaa than Ave ieet throe inches. All this at tbe city or Mew York on or about tho lbth day oi l>cceaibei , 1&63. iSp.cifica'ion T? That said Brigadier Gen. F. B Splnola. United states Volucte?rs, la tbe city, c nnty and State of New York, being engaged in recruiting men Tor the United Stales milua'y service, did, oa or about the lSlh day of December, lort3. on beii g Informed that the bounty brokers were defr.irdtng tho recruits of tueir bouJty, make aosner thereto th.?t be "did not ciro whether a re cruit received a cant o' the bounty to which ho wjr en titled, and that be would take a nu.n who did not get a cent." Sv ecifualum 8.? In this. that Brigadier Ganerai Francis 11. Spinola, being ux-n engaged in recruiting man er lbs United f*t*ies military service, Aid, li tfca cltloe of New York and hroolclyn.ln the State of Ne# York, permit and ullow the examtrlojf lufgoo, naiuei Jones. o ?i-'ifoct od with a recruiting sutioa u-der aatd General control and direction, to ei.n his (twld inrgeoa'sj name lo VufiS oer'tflcate* of the ptavslcal fltnajs ot recruits, an. i to leave ??*' 1 cfrtlficatea to be tfterwird* Oiled op by some other person, slid siifgeen never seeing or examin ing the recruit* r>r * hoal avoh cernQcmes were'glven, and said General Spinola tolerating ihii fraud, and taking no ateps to bring id? o 'ender to trul and punishment /ill this at the oitiea of Mew York and Brooklyn on or About the 30th day or December, 18?I3. Speci/xation 0.? In this, that Brigadier General Francis B. Spinola, United States Volunteers, la the city, county and State of New York, being then and there engaged in recruiting men lor' the United States military service, did, on or about the 30tb day of December, 1803, and ou divers other days In said month, permit one Alexander vcLean, within the recruiting station under said General Spinuia's control, to soil to tbo men thus recruited by said General Spinola boots at the exorbitant price of tea dollars a pair, upon an agreement that said McLean, tpr each pair of bouts by him tbua sold, shiuld pay tbe sum of two dol.ars to the oflloer Id charge of said recruits, and did tbus all.'W said recruits to ho wrongfully charged two dollars a pair more than said boot* were fairly acd reasonably worth Caaao* J ? Neglect or dut/, to tbe prejudice of good order and military discipline &feciArnt\on 1.? In th's, th*t Brigadier General Francis B. spinola. United Mau>* Volunteer*. being in charge or recruiting reuder.vous (or ocrtatn regiments In the t-nrvlco or the United an lee, tn tbe cities of New York and Hrook lyn. did lali to cause the requirements of tbo regulatl 6s i or tbe recruiting service of the United States Army to be compiled with In tbe cava or tbe enlistment of Vlueeot P.iielland, Louts ^ ote, alias Louis I/u, W tlliata While, alias J seph White, antl divers ai rs unknown, ifllit were enlisted tatn the service of tbe United States as sol diers at said recruiting rendezvous, and did fait to arreat or bring to trial officers under hls.lbo said Hri**dior General Spinola'*, c-inimmd trbo were guilty of enllntlng rocrulU tn violation ? f sshl regulation) fdr the recruiting service of tbo United States Army. All this at New York City, on or about tbe li'.h i!ay cf lecvmber, 1SC3, nod fron December 1 . 186S, till Kebruary i;3, ISM 2.? lu this, that Brigadier General Francis R Spinola. United States Volunteers. be ng In charge of certain recruiting rendezvous for volunteers in tbe serv 109 of tbe United Stsgr#. In the oltlM of New York and Prooklyn, Old alio*- certain men. no called or acting as "bounty brokers"? t iz: Haw.ey D.- Clapp, James Lee. Theodore Alien and others, wh"se nnmee aro unknown ? to receive ant' retain from Anthony RUer, John S Sr.nto, musician. Tenth I'nited State* Infantry ar.d 'livers other recruits in the military servioe of tbe United Slatee, wli.'.-w) name* are unknown, [arts of tbe;, w nr moneys lawluily due said recruits, without J'ist compen sation to said recruits, and tho said Prigs he General F. B. Spinola, United State# Volunteers, did aaaist the said so-called "bounty brokers" In tbe prosecution or tbe business of swindling ea^d rccrn'.ts, by allowing said so c-illed "bounty brokers" to take, receive and retain said moneys openi> and in the room* appropriated to the use or sain recruiting rendezvous. All this at New York city and Brooklyn. fT Y . , on or about the IStb day ?f Decem ber. 1S-V3. and between the 1st day of December, 1863, and February 3U, 1804. SpKifir iti^n 3.? In this, that Prtgadler General Francis B. Splnola, United States Voiunteors, bet ig iu chir^e of certain recruiting rend?/.vmis lu the e'ti.y of New York aud Prooklyn,N.Y , did fall to protect the right* and interests of the recruits under b? charge, by allowing them to b? unlawfully and un;n-'tiy deprived of large portions of their moneys, Justly dun said recruits, by cer tain mon, so-calNni ?'bounty brokers '' All thin In the cltien *>f New York and Firooklyn, N. Y , on or about tbe 1Mb day of December, 1803, and from the 1st day of De cember, 1863, tlil the '29th of February, ISM. D T. VAN BURF\\ Colonel and A A. O. The Deaglai Monument. The Touglae Monument Aa*e?,lail'>o bavo Just he'd a meeting In Chicago, at which Mr. Valk's Resign wa a adopted. It Is described aa follows:? Height, otic hun dred feet; diameter of tbe base, flfty two feet. Resting upon tbe sepulchre Is a pedestal twenty one reel hl^h, with a ba#e fifteen feet square lapping upon and sup ported by tbe wain of the tomb. A complete column, forty .eight feet la length, six feet at the base, and three and a half feat at tbe top, divided Into flrve parts or. sec tions, and representing different varieties of the ooiumn. la placed upon the i -deatai. A cap *ad spear six feet nl^h forms the cap aad base for a eok?sal bronze statue of Doug las, twelve feet bigb. Tbe emblematic devicea aad em beHlafcmeaia areas fdlowi ? Parroundlag the sepulchre four sealed symbotlcal figuraa of llfb size. Intended to b? of light marble, one repreaents Iliinoia holding a medal. I on likeness of fwtgias. By tbe aide li a shear of wheat and the State nrme The others are America with the abletd, History reclining upon a tablet, end Fame wttfe the wreath and trumpet. An eagle stands over the entiaooe. on the b.we of tl>e pe lecial abofe are four baa reliefs, one on ea^b side, intsnd^l to ra-i.a- j sent the progress of civilisation la ibn Weet:? l-n st, the wilderness, with Indians bunting, and their wigwams In tbe dlataaoe; then tbe pioneer scene, with the cabinnien plonghlnc aad cutting down the trees. The others are Oommeroe aad hclstiee Tbe farmer is repreaeoted by a ship, bale# and boxoa of g > tfs, and the latier by the locomotive, tbe railroad and lelejirapb. Tbe fourth relief illustrate* Education, by a sroup of cbddrea aud a soboolmoater, with the Capitol bnlldin? of the nation ard a oburrh in tbe distance Tbe | eflesuJ l? likewise ornamented with bteks. scrolls, flam'eeux. wreaths and festoons of flowers. Bdtwaen the se-'tlous of tbe cob mns are stars indicating Hie seversl Htatee Ths comrctltlaa of tbe status represents Dwtariaa as stancin< by the Union and the constitution, the faaoes. er Unim, by his right, and the e?'i>MltuUoa la bla left hand. Ilia I eetimaied cost Is Ifirw.O'M) BiKoa es a Fs*msa ?The Bedford (l a) Iwptirr says ? An unusually Isrss number of visitors were reentered at the .'prints here lost week. On Wednesday Miss I?ne, Miss Harriet Buchanan, Dr. Henry Carpenter and .bunea Musharinn arrived A number ? bis friends from tuva went to tb? Mount Dallas station to meet him, and tc turned to the Spring* with him. Gan. Boeli, who Is otav Ing at tbe Springs, rede in the sams>arrtage bv theiida of Mr. Bucbanan. A "Oulonal" Finnic, of I'htlndeJrpiiin, I waa ooBspicumis on lha occasion. Tbe "CViional" ?? iba per?oo whr. s#uos his hat and bnszerd laudfy In tsarp nn* dsy 'ast west wban it was reperted by the aiifft of tbe rebels that Wasblngion wa* captured RmtoviL or m* ft am? or WaitmcTrm bronr* statue ef Wa?hln?t^n, captured by Gerora' '/Tneter's m m maed, h?v1n? servtd Its purp'wc at tli? Anniterv Fair, has been removed to tbe yard of tbe Untley institute, the temporary capital of tbe Plate, ?? te/re it attract/' con. ?Mantble interest ? W\ttUn<j *n Voruiuf mf ??4 PhUMltlpkis, W tn n>no> or raa runuamrm*, mi y |, m? Some MtlM kindly forwarded sae a eopy of your n ?f It* ad tMUal,?OHUllllIif a OOBBMOBlMttOB, Wlthsi editorial rnurb 'Minded thereca, giving the rait mortality par 109, wo# of Um population far tUt t lia aaentha of Ika carraal year ta Ua cities o* > York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore. The oat . U?r is based 00 asorfallty tables pnbltobed to the Mil end StrjieM Repot tor of this city. Ilia effor tefyi oorrsapndett ileal U lira baan an ante-prandial o aa ta aaesoa U ba ta a remarkably 111 bumor with h salf or eosse one ah*, la tha fair words of reply 1 4 tha prlvllega of making I shall endeavor not to ovirs tba bounds caf courtaajr. I an not aware, Mr. Editor, that I bar* honor of aa acquaintance with a single who la a member of your "Citizens' Associate ?eane of Judging of It axospt hv tu p< 1.!? . aelniereat whatever la pn>Tisg, endeavoring to prove, thai Philadelphia to a more, heal I city than New York. My intereet and doty , aa a pub journalist, couslat in endeavoring, by all tha maaaa my power. to Improve tha public baalth generally. There are such things In nature aa "lews of healtt These lawa are Imperative and muat be oboved, or 00 munltiet must suffer. 1 know that. 10 Tar as Phlladelpi ta concerned, these laws Have of Uta been most shan fully disregarded, partloularly aa respects public eleai nass, btough I am happy to be able to note a mark ebange for the bettor within a abort tin1 New York has a similar reputation aa garda cleanliness, with the additional diaadvants among others of collar tenements sad tenem* houses. Into which population la orowaed huudrede. As tbars sre no local causae why on* 0 should be mora healthy than thr other, that oue wilt Is evident, if there is anythiug la the "lawsoi hygien* be the tnos?br*lthy w hich conforms ra-?t cuaelj those laws. There is a aourco of fallacy In tho mw In whl h the records of your City Inspector's offlce 1 , now kept wbioh give* New York au advantage over oil cltlea la statistics drawn, as tnose published in t Rivrrttr are, from the official records of ea<;li cltv. it this;? In the New York reports sttil birth* ure reject from the mortality tabus, while In Philadelphia an J tn; otiier cities they are Included. 1 have no means knowing exactly how many ftitl births there are work In New York now; but aoiue estimate may be fores (rutn the fact that in 1*67 thev numbered 1,658, or tblr per weelt It will be fair, i tbiok, In view of the inci te of population to? other cuisas, t" place It at tortv K per week now. Tho folio wrng table U based upon u estimate:? D*atb3 rsa went r* ras oitiim of wrw york, pittjim I'lll A, BOS"1* *\t> BAI/nM CK, wnu TlfB RATIO l*K 1?0,C OK rOi'ULATIO* KIR TUB F1K T F1V* MOWTUS Of 1864. Bitmalta I'vpului.on. A fork. Phil*. Ji t'.o 1. fit, 1,000,000 620.000 180/ 50 210,0 Wcsk Ending. January 2 620 28a \l\ January i? S'ii ?04 iuu Ja'.uury 1<I 632 311 .Januur? 621 330 121 .l?nua:y30 ?u.? HI S2t Pi February 6 643 52T 84 February 13 640 8T7 Ofl i nbruary iO 492 868 104 February tt 4W 828 ? 09 March 0 6u3 849 06 March 12 4Hl 866 10f> Match 10 494 870 00 March 2d 643 396 84 April 2 630 886 SI April 62# 888 107 Ai<ril 10. 617 363 126 Aprli 28 488 375 09 April 30 401 297 02 > May 7 608 S*2 108 r May 14 6*4 0 T 1 X'ay 21 628 844 Otf 1 May 28 469 270 89 Total 11,564 7 498 2,189 ail; "WcoUIy average 625 341 '00 11 Per 100,000 6,2^ 6 458 5,665 4,71 lne above table is correct, assuming that the estimate o( population are correct aod the record* are pruj erly ke,)t Your oorrespoudent claims tL'it there is largo emigrant and army mortality In New York, whin aids to swell her rec rui. I'l.riadelphla also has sot.: euiigr lat mort >ii'.y, and u muQh l.eavier army mnrtallt than New Yo t, la c nsequenre of the location hors of larger number of goveromeut hospitals. Wticn ycur City inspector msices f>uch a statement t tha followiuti, which ba did In some tablea be pnbitsbe rec?-Uy In the Kfjvrl r, tbo "seven by nlua unheard ? sheet" he speaks of. I may surely be pardoned for hav ing luttmuied that in view or a ?t?>dy Increase of all lb causes of morla tty there mast be aorae radloal error 1 tbo meth.jd of keeping records in hie offloo. Acoordta t'J (hsso tables, in 1861. with a population of 630,400, th dea hs Of thlldrao under one year In Now York war 6,891, white ifi '80?! twflye j/pwr* later, Iq ? popuUtlpi by bis own show log of a iu : 111 n ? nearly doable ? th> deaths under ono year wero on.y 6,118, or 773 loss thai In 1851. In conclusion, I hope tbat the only emulation bctwoar tbo cities or Knw York and i'hlladeiphia la sanitary mat ters will be as to which wilt obey the moat closely Au supreme law? the baalth or the i-eople. 8. W. BUTLEB, I L O. Terrible Steamboat Accident. PARTICULARS OF THB S1NKINO OP Till STEAMER .8. U. RUNYAN ON THB MISSISSIPPI RITIR? ONB RtTM* DKID AMD P1FTT LIVES LOST ^BBARTRBNDfH* BCBNBS, BTC., HO. In the Hsrald of Wednesday morning *? prlnt?4 ? despatch from Cairo announcing the sinking of the ateamar B. U. Runyan, and tbo loss of fifty Uvea by tbe accident. Memphis papera er Iks 24th have since bees received, tho following extracts from which, It will be Ciroeyred, jive tbe lots of life aa muck greater than it r*t Blatoti:? fProm the Memphis Bullotln.] By tbe Iteamer James Wlilt*. which arrlrH bare tsst evening, we leirn thai a terribii steamboat dlsatter oa cur red at OlJtu'a iAndlng, near Groenville, oa last Thursday night, July -1. rue steamer B. M. Kunyan, from Natcbes, struck a snag, or some obsti 'ictt-.n, when near tirlflta's I.sncUnf, between ten ar>d elevea o'cjock at nl(bt, and sunk la ab?ut five minutes. Her cabins were carried down the river, while the hull went to tbe bottom. Thora were or board at the time four qpdred and thirty men and eight officers of the Teuth Missouri cavalry, one hundred and eleven mule* and sixty hnr es; twenty eight wngons, three ambulances and army forge, and all the camp aoJ garrison equipage of the regiment There wore aUo oo board about thirty furlougUed tr.en, belonging to other roglments; soventy cabin and thlrt^ five deck passenger*, racking a total of fire hundred and seveatv ihreo parsons on board. All tho cab n pasKetgers were saved, and It is supposed all but about lorty of the 01 bora It Is Impossible yet to atate tbe number of soldiers lost. Tho'e lout jumped ovei board and were drowned. An officer who wax oa board estimated the number drowned at thirty-five, M other persona make the n<nul>er much larger. Ten mlnute? a'ter the sinking of tho B. M. Runysn tbg Prairie Bird a:id other vessels oi the Marine hrlgsde came op aqd saved a number of thoae in the water, the nest morning the steamer Jamea White came up and took tlM cabin i aseengers on board The soldiers and deck pas* setigers were taken on board tbe boats of the Maries brigade end will shortly arrive bera Ike loop of proper ty will amount to 1160.000 or $200,090. We subjoin <n account of the disaster from o Wears wbe were en board the n. vt Rtinyoa. It is aa follows:? Tbe steamer B. M. Runyan, wltb snme six nundrod aad fifty pa'acngera, soldiers se t refugees on board, struok a snag on the larboard Bid >. which |?saed entirely lb rough the null and out. tbe nvam deck, about half-past ele aa o'cl ?ck on the night or the 31st lost., when off Griffith's landing, above Greenville, and in three minutes tbe texaa and pilot he use were tbf only portions shove water; and had not i >ie snag stuck to the boat It would hive go e Is I lec-s. There ware hoots four hundred and forty-one o'licors and men of the Tenth Missouri cavalry, ab??it evveuty ilvo futloughed soldiers, nearly one hundred pas sengers and a mo Of:/ or sixty roftigeee. Of theas refugees but few are saved. No oorrect estimate of the loss can be made, but It cannot be lsss than one busdrsd acd Illty persons. On the II M. Runvan there were thirteen mail bags,* which only tbrsa wsre saved. 6TJI TKMB"<T OP A PABflFMOIft. [KYom tbe Memphis irgns.j On tbetlst two oo'ock r. M., the stsass bout B. M. Ruoyau left Vicksburg. for Memphis^ Oalre and flu I/oul--, with 417 soldiers of tb? Tenth Missouri, sixty -one furirut bed or returning soldier*, man# of then* sick, some thirty deck passengers and a boot eighty oabla passengers, making a total, with the officers sad srew el tbe boa!, of ah ut six butdrad persona. At half past tea P. M. , en the same day, st about flfteea miles below Greenville. Miss., the, beet struck a sua under the surface, and the water rushed in with sue* fori e, . ad In such a volume as to osuae tbe boat to coaa moaoe sinking In an Incredibly short spas* ef time, asd in leaa than ten minutes her teass, pilot bouse aad wheel bouse were tbe only portions of tbe tllteted s team boat th'at were out of water t?ie bad commenced going to pteoes almost a a soon as she ooiamooced sinking. Although tbe eaptala waa et watch aad at bis post, a acene of the wildcat oonfuslea srtued. l'art of the eablti passenger* and soldiers rush ed on tbe hurricane deck; the btienoe, and by far tbe largest sumher took to tbe water. Maay, enable te swim, lu the exoltem?nt|of the moment, threw thera?elvas In without even a ptcoe of wood, plank or anything that could tbera In floattag, and ef course only r tubed, to destruction. Chptaln Burns, of the gunboat No. il fPrstrt* Bird), happened to he aceM^i tally coming up the river , aa? tnough the signal oi distress with the whistle had ooe been given on account of the rush of wat. r areund aad tbrough^tho fines of the boil- ra wiih practiced eye te tested tliat something wron* bad happened, crowded oa all the sietro he eouH, ualng his roat for that purpoos^ *nd rearmed th? wreck thai had already parted 1 rota the hull, and was floallrg down stream lu danger K falling to places every rslsute, In time to save all wbo were oa It, and with his boats picked up maay ethers wko suni struggling Id the wnter Hn offii ers a >d ersw asalr'.f l thalr callsnt caplalii moat mar fully , and evsry co?>fort that tbe Pralrls Bird-, p?esei-red was lavished oa Ibo rescued paaksogers, sob , die.s and crew of the tlkfated Runjraa. DAT GOODI, Fuuti^o-frkwh flutxno donk III a *up?. rlor style for f mr eeo's >%tii Over four Inehes enaoent per leeh eitfa, by t ie PreacU Pint ag Company, In Spring street, between Tdrlck and Httdaon. ruNCH ADv*K'#i*ic!?iicirr?. m OhT 0RMAN de-onI pbmhb r>n c ua m r rhTb ap,." eai^a eu aiiemaeda. qui a*b Men feint roi<#i eterraura les fUevans. i a-.tltesMr at) bureau du Olereaden llo'iai. Msrdl > Aout, entrs II s^S h/ores. UN JOVRP I>r, BUD AHllUCA4tP( BABbKMPANOb, tngils ?.o ieiua ue> e"lr^i?ilonen una essa n.ereeatll, btea pars aslstlr en lunar ios libra* a oorrea'jondsr^.a. uustie dar buena* rsfer?or ne lllrtjaag Jx V. Bere<r llotel eernsr Ce^sfre aad Canal stre?tav

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