Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1864 Page 3
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Br Coui'elhnan FIcwjiitai m? That permiason be and lh? MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Bosiil ?f (JnBMlluMa, orncuu STATED ?EBSTON, Noddit, JtllT 15? 1 F. *. ?c. Board ccrt, pursuant u> adjouruaaaut, u> their Chain c Us. lo 0 iy i?*?l . .... P.esent-Jj ic- 11 kjee, En-, fot'ow fo"!u',MUi'"n~KMO??. *!!??. Brophv. Van ^.Webster, r*Q Uri-ai, Rapper, A-wter. Uouantaliu. Mc<lrath. ?juas. bcafccNr, Look, famudou, tin*, iiuaaell, Kin n.M au.l Juy?.e--f. _ ..... 4a The mm uWa of meeting beld July 14 were rend and tp cvsi. ?KsoLimom _ _ s?me (? hereby <?n to Brtulfl on A 3 ;c? io r .c- v* ?u.i deliver goo.le a x?t -ji their p-ernl No 1HS to S7I W bm Tenth ?treet. the OieiO rrimlu Jui t' t tlx of the Uouunou CouciiU Which wtu adopted. ly UundlmaB O00.1? kwolved, That Fortieth ?tr<' ?t, between Fifth sad Seventh bmiw. be paved with pavement, one-half at the pense of the property owner", and the remnlnlng bait at 1 expense*, the nlty. tinder the d.rsction of the C-okm Kduot l>*j,?rtment. tab vat referred to tho Committee on Belgian Fan not iy CoxDOllmao Jotcx? Itjsolred, That the eh lef elerk In the offlc* of tbe Public mtoistraiar to the city of New fork shall ho paid on an al salary of twa tho'is\ud flr.? hundred dbiiara. such salary dale from the flrst day of .Unitary, ISM, and to bo pala the Comptroller of the city of Now Turk, 1b monthly pay ?uts, fmi. the apprupr?aUou for city couilnganeies dming s year lad*. Vhtoh tu referred to the Committee on Balarlaa and loea. )y Councilman RcraiiLfc? * ? fceaolved, That a -im.r, with the necessary reeetvlng iln. and culvert*. te b-ilit on the wmthcsnt oorner of See 4 avenue ana Korlj -seventh street, and tba aooompanylcg Unshoe adopted. * Thlcii wm lata over. >j Councilman Ko?t?i?? frsolved, That the tlroton Aquednct Department be and y are I erebv direoted to plane a Are hydranfen tho aouth E corner of Grand and BvBolk surest*. blob was adeyed. j Councilman 8oiU*r*n? AH . OBDmAWC*. be Mayor. Aldermen and Commonalty ef the Ottr of <* Tork Jo ordain ks fo'k? ??:? ecf o 1. The Ofty Inspector 1* hereby authorize)*. and d!? led to appoint Aaslstant Street Iuepootorj la the aaverml dsof theotty, u aesiat tha Street Itupedora of tho re nlve wards In th? diucV.argc of their duuea, and t<> per niteb dutlea aa may be aaetgned to than by tha ulty or, with reference to elaaulng tha atreeta of Uin . X TlieAaai.UDt Street laapaotora berabv authorized e ?P"kj uled Khali b- paid tl the rate of three dnlUrs u fi.r.'t mieli time a* they (hall perform the dutio of the . .n. ? 'li.mDUollar j? hereby ai.thorl/ed ftud direct !raw '.!? ? Arraut monthly for the compenaaUon of the hu m-i t ftircat Inijpftora. ? t. iiii< <>t a 1 u-ia <ha'l t?iceeir."*t <mraedlat?!r. 1 ii wit rrfe.iea to the Cuumittee od San. 01 and Coat cl..n\n tloos ? eolved, Ibni r>ruii?? n be ?r.d the Mme 1* hernbr n to iindt A E* nut: ? to !???;? ? stnnd In front of their . 'see. number : .?? and one Eighth avenue, the eta remain ooi> during ic i-'eaauro of the Common noil wr.n adopted. ^ Connci man HmtT iaolvi>d, That permlsa?n Ve and tbe nme ta hereby htoJoar.ib Mason 1 Comjiiiny to rccolve and deliver |e in front of their premlaea. eoroer of Boekman and atreeta. tbe aatuo to remain during the pleafure of the aioa Council. lei. wan adopted. |id the una waa directed to be sent to the Board of mien for coneorrenre. Councilman Kumeli,? solved, That Sccou.l avenue, from Pnrtleth to 81xty atreet, be renumbered under the direction of the Btrett aiiaalooef. 'ch w i.h adopted. -Coiinollman H a.;?rtt? pwjved Tl ?i tho .-tieet Oomml^atoaer b? and M hereby onted and dtre-ted to aflverttae Tor pn>poa\la 10 build a tender fur the uae of Bngme Company number .Nlye. wn laid Over. Oouno Iman Onoaa? to'.ved, ihat the uomn.Utce on National Affatra be df i to procure a stand of ?l(.rs for the Ninety alsth real New York National Guard. |ilc.i 7, uk referred to the Committee on National Af Coiinc lman HorcHtau*? Isol/ed, That Bleccker street, between Bowerv noJ wlwny. be pavel vith Belgian pavement, one half at rnw nf the city and one half at the ex, en *e of the r? of the propert-, the work lo bp done nnder the di m of the Cr.rt'm Aoueduct tlepartment. io'a was referred to the Cotu.ulttre oil Belgian Pjtra Oounc Inan IIaokiitt? ioired, That the Craton Aqttednet Derartmcnt be and are ho-eby authorized and (notM to plane a Are L:it hi : rout of premises number 61 Aou street, occu iy etesm Rnglne Company number Five. rh Ma- adop'od. [I'o'inctl'iiau K.?a!??s'? . >1vm<i, Thnt permission be ana It Is hereby (liven to [h Waterman. No. 113 New CaDal utreel, to exhibit hie In front, of 'r,? prerils^s, ^ald o.-riiii^sloa to remain kg the p rasu . e of the Common CounetL iich w.m adopttHl. * I the aa i.e. o'ved. ihat permission be and la. hereby given to l*el llherAOO.l to reoelvo ami ueliver goods frotn the side In front of p:en.iaek NO. 3^ Wailiin^ton ptr-^et, t e a ton hereby given 10 oontinue only during the will ? K>a*iire of tl.e Co-iimon Couuc.l. Seh was adopted. IP- uncil'i.?o BBiJSDO^? lolveit, That tho aalart'aof the p?neral foremen. En lif Road*, in tbe Street Departm iit, b ? Increased, eo l>ey receive at U10 rate of SA i?r day. the saaiu to lake [from the 1st day of March. I&i*. ftcli wan referred to the Committee on Salaries and ?'onncllmsn W ibmm ?snaiion of John Van Vice as a Commissioner or ieh was accepted,. l>nnection tl -rawlth, ConocMman Wsmtiii presented (i wit.g resolution.? l ed Th'it leaepb Armstrong no and la hereby ap 1 a "ommiealuner nf Deeds lu *rd for tho City and of f.'ew Tork, In tbo p'.aca of John Van Nioe, re was sdop'ed sii.t.s. ' ke ParsiDKUt? . ... If ll. Halan. amennt'nB to three hnndred and th'rty Sollara snd tbtr'y r?nts. for exrwnsea attendinjl the I Cf J A. ScoviUe, late Header of the Board of Coun- j ,-n/rti'n therewith the PnastOBirr offered the fol trrluiton ? .ed, That tne Comptroller be. end u berr by author | directed todr?w hit warrant In fav?r of ? bfcrt fur the Hum of three hundred end thirty-aere n dot thlrtr ecnta, being the Amount of funeral expense* h A.'Boovllle, Esq., lste Reader of the ltrard of nen, aad oharne th* same to tta appropriate ao was laid oyer. kuncllman kiskjaw? . t J U. A I. Bdjje A Co., for flreworaa furnished on Lion Of the x.eiiratUno? the Ft urth of July, lt?4 ? ill .... * $1.5M hi ijuare 7->9 liiDtre 774 WorM* 0TO oa<l ?? and Ft?nklln street ftV (oailw.iy and Orsud street 621 ?'luire WO ird street and Broadwa/ 7IW cut th ?troet, between and Ninth an,.., 4'A' ?quire ...... 4*1 564 and HprtpK Street# 420 Klna?hndge road and Tenth aTanae 4"S S fai.fld: jr. ?.t and M rket street* 6"" Market square -<0 rfi wan referred to the Special Committee on fourth Celebration. mmon o'lnolltian Bains? ion of U. Sloan TTolden to hare obitractlone removed lo tWV5 Hroedway nnecti n therewith ConneUmM Baica prtse.ntc t tfca re*o Ulton ? lived, Tliat the reaolutloa whisk passed t<ie Cetnjnoa Lr:nJhSt ^mln'fronV oWpUflSl' --T'Sm war. ?*? *uU tb* "rae '? h*retW rescinded, repealed m of clerk* and a?e'?tant elerte of the various for in incrtikif of HAitry. waa referiKd to the ComaHt** on and | .Saaeiimaa Itton to harr ren ored tannery In BSTSntAAntk street, l>n Seventh and Klghtb aveauae. i loti waa ref*rred to the Committee on Pnblie ileal th. ?tsoi.trrtoNs assvaso. . BaorHT? |>lre<l, That perml'jiion be and the eame Is hereby > l> >ke Ollmartln to ereet a tent In City Hall aquarr. p irpote of recruiting. to remala only during the te of 1 he Coromva Caaucll. It waa adApted. ) ounei!n<an esbhab? _lved. Thai Cberr* ? treat, from franklin aqua re to l-t riTor, be pared with Belctan pavement, under the on Of 'he Crolon A'lueduet Department, aad that tka Enytn; ord nance therefor be adopted. waa laid over aaroBTt. t of the Comm tlee on Klre Department relative ?e rklnc o th* fire telegraph la thti ctty. ?h waa laid eter, rto Committee on Fnblle Bea'th In favor of BUlng _ Ota on Highly nlath and Ninetieth streets, between and Fourth arennes. b waa laid orer. rt ore mailtte.1 ob National tffalr* relative to th ? of reerlrlnx regiment* from the eeat of war. ?>h waa 'a if ever. rt or the Committee oa Publlo Health la raver of ? g lot on the northeast corner of Twenty-third atreet P'lth a??u ie. h waa al l omr. rt of th* (VmmK'e* tm Sewer* In favor of the coa od ?f a *nwer in Slghtr-aeeoad street, between Third urth aven *? . laid over irt of th* Committee oa Rotftn, with resolution that ewalk on the south Sid* of Forty aeventh "treat. b<-. Leiia^toa and Fifth avenue*, he flagged a spaee foar r,!* I h waa laid orer. >. gutter, flag, *e , [ avenue, betaeen Blghty-stxth .and highly nlmb ;-.h was laid ever. irt of Committee on Roads, with resolution that a ?elk he laid in Fourth arcane, ea the eentheaateiiy J Forty-aeventh street. ?gh a*as I* Id orer. Krt of Committee on Felrlan Farament, with reeoln ?iat Houston atreet. from l>ewts street* to the Bast ?Sa I'STert w th B. Iglari parament, one half at the ex PUie owners of property aad one half at the eipense T. ? was laid over. of the Committee an Wharrsa, Flora and Sllpa, to no pier at th* foot of Thirty seventh street. Baat waa laid over. ?asaaaaa raoa lis K)ROa vaa matob. iga waa reeelred from his Honor the Mayor, re [tapprored the reealutloa permitting Meesra Dean Ho. 11 BeehaMn street, to place a sign upon th* on the earner of Brnadwa* aad Ana streets. t was received, laid oa the Uhle for ten .lays, directed terert at length In the talaates, aad published under n of th* Otort. ??aee waa rewlvyl from ble Honor th* Bayor rela <aie of nanialtBed property left at th* oOl.e of ?h* jatendentof Foilee. Aa ?th waa raoelved aad refeirM t? ate Commltt** oa onaamnOATtows. leOemptrelli roluateen ft mill tOoM WwiCAVtOHB, manieatton waa reoelve?l fre? tfce Oemptreller. with dl? JafYtil*. of To>?atee4 for fort I WM reoaived aad dlreeUd |* to *ai*r*d a* math | mtontea FSa^lqOBAy the Com aa It toe oa Bel* bremaat he dlenhafgul from the fnnher eoaeMera [r ?!rsL"3w,?r.i'* -iKSa*!?? IKilh aad Beveeth aveeoea, ha paved with Be%taa a ,e OTM2KA.W Cretan Aeaadat Psaairttiat. aad thai 1m mm is erdlaaall therefor he ad*pt*d. ?k wae earftsd. <&ua*<lrr*a ltsim** it.ttM ?h?t tl^rnvBUtM ?i Sb^eU b? dtKhtrged ironB the further rounder*! on of rewuut an that ,)t rt* t# ip?eii toj.nke llliui i to t*" ? "JJ I . Tijou r UK * r*f ijb u'j. ji-ABuX r^ruiiiab to tamata oulr d 'Htj its pt*a ore 0/ liie <, oounou Council. Which w*4 onrriid . . <;.??' rcOnan Rt<.<rs?? moved U a as end uiJ rrsoluuoa lj striking ? ?rst'rom t*>> words ' Tryoo row tqW* nM ta sert"ig m llau 1 hereof "CUT Halt ifUn-" WUfeb tu tarred J be rase Union tu tier adopted. Report ef Oomrrli'-ee en Rei-alr? *nd SuppHM. dhwetjM the Htreet <'emmias'onar w sitem-i the i me iheao M>ui ffir thf onwpletloa of tbe ccntr*el? for huiViuil bouee -or tho ufo of Kn.-fa? Company Ho. Si; also, hous# tu Hoes Oaoipanv Vo. U. Wbiun >u laid ore?. tvwMinneiTtews ?n*Fwwr>. A communication-'*** reot'.ve'l from ibe Street O-marnla ?loner relstire tt> rdlimnae for grading WnI street, itc. Wbiun waa received and !ald orer. r*PKKf rsoa boabp or At.t>?K?l5? ? Report of Committee on Rewire, with reaolotloa thai* ?ewar, ? ith the uer<w-tai r revolving k.i ???>'> end eiilverts He eoi'mruoUd in 1 JiUh street, e?uiaoaolu? at eneh point wet of the westerly side of the Rigbth arscue >1 the Croton Board may deem proper; ronnll* theaoe through and >!??( 110th etre t. to connect with tewer In Third avonue ?i*l continue to the Second avail tie, under the dlreottoa of tee Croton Aqueduct Deoartauent, aad thai the aouompanyiag ordinance therotor be adopted. which was laid over nnut oipbm. Councilman HAmirrr cailod np General Order No SM, helug a rtfc'.Iutloo of tbe Beard of ^ermea that the Cemptr ller be dlreetod to draw hU tfcrra-it In fttvor of W'.u. 8. BrK'ge. for tbe entn of $lflO, In DAj.nunt for ooaeiiee furnished the members of tbe Common CVunoll on the oo canloa of the funeral of tbe late .1 ohn CUncy. tbe amount to be rbaned to the aeeoont of CH / 0?? .infancies. Which wan concurred In by the 1 ol, owing vote:? A.Hrmative? Oonmlhuen Keanan, Riley, Brophy, .Ha *?? ty Ha"es. Webiter. Bran, Gross. Rapper Kaeter, Hough ia1o, McGrath, Jauuee. Bcbaefer. Cook, Brandon, Brlce. Kuesell ar.d KltgteruM? 19. And tbe eime waa directed to be eent to hie Donor tho Mayor for approval Councilman Hn w^u,. .totwvTALm called up General Order Ito. 369. being a retolntion that Serenty-aevoath street be opened from Eighth avenue to the Qudson river, and that tho Oenncit to tbe Corporation take the aeceeeary legal mea sure* to carry this resolutloe Into effct Which was adopted by the following voter? Afllrius'he- -Oounnllmen Eeeaan, Riler. Ri ophy, Bagertf, n?TOS, er. Ryan Orods Repper. Koeter HoughtallD. MoGrath, J a ,, Sohaefer, Oook, Brandon, Brlce. Ruasail and Fltrteraf i? 19. Councilman Ouo'.s called up Qeneral Order No. 817, being a report of Cmaaiitlee 011 Belg'an Pa.e::.ent In favor off adorning resolution that Em1 Thirtt eighth street, betweeu Becund avenue aad tbe Kast river, be Dared witn Belslan or trap-block pavement, under such directions as akal) be given by the Crnton Aqueduct 0epartoi?nt, anf! tbe an ?m puuytiiL.' ordinance therefor be adoptoil; one-half tboei pensc thereof to be torn - b) the proport> owner*, and tbe remaining hair By the city Which was adopted by tbe following vote:? ARlrmatl/p? rouncilmea Keenan, RlieT. Broptj, Racertv, Flavor Wfbster, Hyun. Gross, Repper, Koster. Houghthlln, McQratl', Jaifu-'a SoUicfer, Cook, Braadoo, Srice, Ruaiell ana Kit'iaraM? 10. Co iti-1 man Bhihdon oelled up Oenerul Order Ko !U1, be ng a report, of Cnmmittee on Finance In favor of adopTog resolution that tho Clerk of \rrtars be directed to can&ure the aaaessment on property of I "aa- Ooery, being one hun dred and thirty two feet threo inches on Ouna: street, be tween Baxter and Mulbsrry streets, amounting to ttve hun dred and thirty-three dollars and ninety two ceota. to be cancelled of record upon lii? payment by the said Geary of two bandied and nicety ?even dollars to the said fieri of Arrears. ? Which was recommitted to Committee on Flnanoe. Caunciltneu Rii.kt called up General Order No. SW, being a report of Committee on rublto Health of the fioard or Aldermen, wl:h resolution that Jhe sunken lota on tbe norlb aide of Ssvrniy elgbtb street, between Firxt and Second avenues, be filled iu, under t lie direction of the Street Com mlsel'inei', and that thu aosompanvlng ord^ there/or be adopted. WTileh was concurred in by the fol o^-'ng vote, viz.? Afarmatlve?CouncllmeD Keer an. Utlev, Ifrophv, Bagerty. Hayes. Webster, Ryan, O.-ois. Repp- r, Koeter, Houshtaiin, M< fJralh, Jaque*,. Bcbaefer, Cook, Brando't. Br toe. Kussell and Fiu^eral't? 19. . Councilman Rkk-vak called up general order Ko. SM. be ing a resolution of Board of Aldermen that the Comptroller be directed to draw blx warrant in fawirof William I. Brl?K* for the sum of $IM. for coaches f urn Uhed tbe Com mon Council oa the oc-aslou of. the reception of the One Hundred and 'fhird regiment New York Vom?t?ers. tho amount to be taken from the appropriation re?erred from the account of City Contingencies for the reception of ro lurmnv ruitlmanta. Which whs concurred lr by tbe following vote:? AQrmattve? Cnur, oilmen Kesnan, Ri lev, Brophy, H ager ty, Have*. vVebstei. Itvan Gfoss, Rtpper'soster, noiignta lm, McGrath. Jaojues. Bohaefer, Cook, Brandon, Brlce, Rnssolland Kl jgorald? 19. Coune lniAii Bohsbix celled up General Order >'o. 317, be ing a rrncrt Of the Cumiatttee an Rosds, In farorof adopt. Init rosoiiiUon tb.n curb ana guliur kiooe.< be set aud tho sl letralks flagged in Elghtinu street, between Ti lid Ave nue and East river, a space four feet wide, where not already doao, under the direction of tbe Street Commis sioner. W h ch was adopted by the following vote:? Afllr rative? Councllipe* ITesnon, Klley, Bropby. H?a ertv. H?yes Webster, Bypn. Ornes, Repper. Koatsr, Hough inlln, Ii<'Gra:li. Jaqpea, Bohaefer, 0?ok, Brandos. Bneo, ltusn-il nnd Flt-gerald? 19 Counci rnaii W::as?m calUd up Oeqrrat Ordar No. 3>3, Vln^ a rr port of Conm ttne on Ponatlooa and Cliarltles, Iu favor of adOk'tlrig rcsnlntion that the Comptroller be direct ed to dr*.T hl-i warrant la favor of Emtl Saoer. l>ea?iirer of tbe German DUpecsar; In Third strct, for tbe sura of $S(XK and charge the *nm-> to the aeeoant of ??Oonat!ona." Which " ^ " A"lrins Haves. lAvuv-cr, \n>.r??, wijiuri, I\W?K>|, iriwawnii Moilrath. Jaqu!<s. Bcbaefer, Cook, Brandon, Brlee, Russell, Fltzgvra d an l Joyoe? 30 Counmiman Baopnr railed up General Order No. be ng 'eii"rt of Comni lte?ou Bd*irrs tn favor ofaoiu-unlng with Bourd of Aldermen In adopting reeo'ut on fiat a aewer, with the uecessary rrce'vlng bae n-< and ouWrts. he bu*lt in Huisin ?tr> et from r>e?eb etreet. to e/inn*ct with sewar 1n ITuliert -tr?et, the ra'n-.e to I e done undsrtho dlrwotlon of the Crot. n A'vieduct Bo<r1, forthwith, and that ibe accom panytoii ordibtinM! tdierjf or be ad .pted. Wn'rh wasadopte-i b? tbe followint vote:? Allrniative? Healy, RH>y. Brophy, Haferty, flsve , Welister, Evan, Grosv Rerper Koner. HoutbtaUa, H"<irath. Jaques. Sabaefsr, Cook, Brandon, Brlos, Ruseeil, I'it. gnraid aud Joyce? 20. Councilman Uiatnrr morod that the Board do now aJ jo'ira. Whlcb wasoarrled by tbe following vote:? A' <\> nailmen Kcenan, Rllej . Brophy. Hagnr. tv. Hares, Ryxn, Repper. Ifcuratb, Jaquea, Behaefer an J fitrgoia'd? IL Negiui e? ("iinc.lmen Wcbst:r, Oroei. Koster. Houghta lln,Oonk, Braudon, Urlce, Russell and Jo^oe??. Wiiereupon the I'xssipr^T declared that tbe Board stood until Tbrusday, l?th lust . at two o'clock. JAMBH M. SWBRNT, Cierk. utrge tna to tne account 01 "uonat oo*." cb ..a.s odoptf >1 by tho foUowtn.' vote: ? ?matlve? 0 uncfltnep Ileal)', Alley Brophy, Hagertr, 1, '.Vehs'er, Rya:r, (Iron. Rirpper, Roster, H-mshtaHn, HICW PCUIjICATIOKB. X PHYStOLOOlCAL V1BW OF HARM/OB-CON. tainlaa nearly 300 p *#??? and 190 Jn? ptatea an*' "P Sravu, .? of the auatosiy of taa human organ* In a atatn of ?alth and d^acas", w'tb a treatlm on urly error*. it* de plorable con-.uiiene^a upon lue mind and DMt, wlib the autbor'a p'an ur irwsiment? the <njl y rational and au'-ceeaful mode of eur?. o? abO? u b? the r?pr>rt of <*?*? tr?*'~i > truthful aavtvcr lo to? n.*ruod and time* eantempietlnK tnurri.ige wLo wo::!d knowlfietr phf?l 'nl condition. Bent free of poeUf e to any *dtlrrf*? on receipt or >8 rent* In ?umi'S or p< *tei currency. Addroa* Dr. Ija Croix, 31 Maidea laue, Albany, N. T. k 'book CON'TATNJJIO M ITCH~ MBPU'ALINPOIR A roation. end e*i:.wialij' Imporlaat to femaloa. eent po?| free to any pr.n of tbe United Statea. ? Addreat 9RBDKR ICE MSKRH, M. D.. 493 Broadway., N. T. i~HO"i? i " OP Ll * S B?>OKH? PIT HIii j?f NO. 80 a - . ?: New York b C l.\'N r.|,AHi'<A D. ?na yo?r qb a a'*- re ' <vm of" ft * i-ai lo.ue. on can ? jI i * kook ay erpr*.?, p?>al>!? <a t . < r tu IETTER OV AD V IC B FOB LA DISS. J ? ' ? ? ? ? Ilai information never before publlebad. Krnt free, I?a rsaled envelope, for Woenla. Addre-u bo* 4.6-MI Ifaw.York I'oet oTIce. RWllOOIS AND CABTR3 PR 7I3TTR-S EVER XL new auiijecU Juat added. Fpirtlng flood* of ev*rr dearriptlon. Trade gnpp' ted. BenJ far catalogue to D J. OOMP P.RT'B Purch??:ti* <pnc r. "S Naeeau atreet. F. T. hot ' h .T 'Vt o > bob )rin~a? vn, e m k n-s ax f>.? itii Hta'wuas ?p t r c- ;a. hiicinrr an en velope "lb vnu"<w?i e ?? d mIJvm to C. Bum*, boa 1*' > , r f.M, r ,'eraet Oiu. . I T (ni Ton i .. ... ?" PROPOSAI#** /I ROTO K AQUEDUCT DP.PARTMENT? TO 8RWER v-1 contractor*.? Serora'tp s^a'ad pvopnaia, each ei.dor-rd wnh title of work fo which It maj l>e oSered. the came of the bidder aad the date at lte preerntatlon, will be reeeHed at th.a office until )1 o'clock A K. of Thnr?day, A"ju?t II, 1H4. for tbe ovvttfactlon of **pri in the following atreele, to wit ? Tenh arenne from Thirty fonrtu to Thlrtyflrth Mr eat. Third avenoe, from lOtkh to 1 10;h atreet. Thirty alibth aireet, between^ith and Ninth avenuea. Third ayenne, from Rlnth toTen:h tti-eet; and Bud'On atreet, from Itcarh to llntwrl atreet 8pe<l ration* an I b'Knk f rm? tor the htria can be ob tained on application to tbe cohtract clerk, alth la office. TIIOHAtf fTKPnK!*8, ROBP.PT L dakbaou, A. W. CBAVBW. _ . Jclt 30, 1M1 Crtton Aqueduct Board. Owner, of thb man ?,o>:xu8ioner. nr Broalway To Contraetor?.? Propoaala enc''"ir I In a ?ealed enrelo^a, endorae I with lite title of the *?>'; and ?vtth tbe name of Ue blililer wtlU#n thereon, ?? ll o> ir. r< rj %t thl* pffica ?mil Weilnea.laT, An?uat S, 4 at a>ww o'oloclt A. B. For reguiatmji. Rm! ng rnrh'ni, s ilt* m( and flaiulni BriUklM-af from Se?ent'eth to 8 'e ir fir t (treat. For reculating and arrndlr* M'rty third atreet, from Bffihth arennn to Bloomlnuda e roa.l. Forcniblni (nlterlna and C1401 Mutn areaue, frem Flftr lhlr.1 to Kl'ty lO'irth *'r?et. Fnrrtirblnc, (ulterlng and HatflM Fortieth atraat, from F ftb te Blilh aynane. . _ _ For reaettim aiu* and milter In Forty-ninth atreet, from Tenth arenue ta Undaon rivet. For flagfinj Broadway, from Fifty fourth atreet to Fifty ninth atreet. ? For flawing Broadway, from Forty-aeranth atraat to Fiftieth ?rae 1. . ? For flaaglne an'l reflafglng Broadway, from rorty-nlnth la Fifty eeeond atreeu ? ? . . For working Eighth ar?pue M ? oannlry road, from 140th to lMHb atreet. Per rehnlldlin pter 1*0 4# North rl?er For rebuilding bulkhead between Blare Baa. (I and B, Rorth rlrer. * For repairing piar Bo. 83. North r rsr. For repairing pier Bo. M North river. For ernarating cellar and ailing up baeamantaf houaa of Knglne Company No. M. Blark forma of propoaale. together with the apeeiflratleaa and aor?*meni% <^tn ?e obulnrd at thl* efllwr ^ftKted Bireet Denartmant, New Ti>rk, July ?. 1804. _ CHARLKH'O. CokNRLI., Street Oominlaala*iar._ VATRIROHIAU a TOUBO WIDOW, OF AMTABLB DIsr03fTI0B t\. and .loinnatlo hah u, dealrea lo f 'rm tha ncquaintanc* of a gentleman of waalih. with a view to matrimony; eonld make a hoam agreeable and a kind baahand happy. Ad dreaa Bra. Harriet Warren, Broadway Foet odea. ? Ah Torso winowRB w ibhibo his bobs AnAiBl ? enl'vened by a refln?d and congenial epirlt, Oellraa I oorraepoMena^ with a rtew to matrimony, an I with aoe h I only aafaraleharldaaoeatof elncerlty; or. atpeetlng atrtetaat I aonatlny br bath partlee, he wonld not obieot to tntrodua- I Boa by a third parenn. provided eartaa da vfalta, Aov proved I n^aaJ^yMilaftatory. Addraae Aathoay Bryaa. Feat offlaa, 'A I0!!*? "A*AL OFffDBR, OF OOOD STABDIBol JX In tha eervtoa, and with an amp'a Income, dealrea tol oorrdapoad with a young lady of aaltiratloa aad raflnomeat,| with a view to matrlmoay. A paraonal daeerlptlon of tba nTSKfewwauisr- ^ ASiidddbaobd OEBBaB WOULD LIRB TO MaRB | the aMiialntaMa of an i?<t? pendent lady, with aoma meana w^U^a vtaw to matrimony. Pteofe addraao A Mag. Ah toubo i.adt"of' brpi brm bbt *?n ci lti br. ? a a' ran gar In tha ellr, wonld Ilka to form the aouaalat anea a? a genljeman, gft a view to ninlfimooy. Addreaa far two daya W. lawraaiia. amtaa #. * 1 OOOD LOOBINO TOCBO MAB, OV A B1BD DIB A. k kind and adtettonato dlaaoatttoa; annoy no ok not, aa tha srsary grs SITUATION'S WAIfTEO-fKnAhGI. N AMERICAN LADY IfUHtK A SITUATION AS ? Adjrau or mypf u Hi AMUM11B OV WtiA RROOMMBBDBD OHM A* female* w(i?t a t uai'ene a? o-x>k< dttwtbvtua da aaa >a-in?ir i?m . mmi sud mis for g< ajv>i UG\uo*?rk. at Mra, LOWM'8 OaciaaalnsttUitA, ITStaatoa al, Asa* wka B aw ?ry. Citcations wiKRium thorovohly oom CJ ,ieteat 'ernale hels of *H intlooa. auA u Aral itaas ao.>k?. ohonfarmal i' tr*;ip?eses. laim ItMi, Bee-nair*-****, 6 >'j?k ? to waA aud lruii, amai: j'ru **? girl* lately nded. Alan ma's kelp Apply *i the to ge t .nsl^ajont Hnu-e. purser ef Sth a*, and lltb at. TirANTJID-A 8If:'*TIOW TO ?0 TRA VSLLINO. BT Vf t ;?m fko a not Ma al"-1!, either as child's r <tr?e or oompa lion u> a lady; ta oompateot to !?< all kinds of ssw. lag: wo'i.d prefer to California or Europe: uaexcep . Una able refers nee glTea. Address for tkr*a day* A. H-, Eag'.e otloe, Brooklyn. ? WANTED-A SITUATION AS BOCSKEERPSB, bl ? lady of iao4 atperieaee, with every or ta attend -u atora. bales aolarer bus'i..ias wo, nan. Can no aean f or three fari at Mrs. Kennedy a restaurant, aaar the bridge, HarUw. TXrAKTED-THI WASHtM;} OF TWO Oil THRRB *T families by ? "<>rap <tas' and relisble worn* a : infer i If required. Applr to Mra. Nichols. SN 8th a*. "TITANTED-BITUATIOSS, BT TWO RESFICTAP^H IT girl*: one as trst rate cjnk, waab?r end Ironcr, the other aa' chambermaid , bath understand thalr Wusloess waH ; But rata refertaoe froia their la*t plaoa, CaH /or t?re da/a at a Woat Wairea at., Brooklyn. TXTANTBD? BT A R8SPBCTABLB MARRIED LADT. ? r a situation to do tha houaework af a riry amall faanl It. for har hoard; aha want* no wages. etily the ooniforts of a home; bad* bat a respectable tamlly Aeed urply. For further particulars la?ulre at 1*2 Hoyt Brooklyn, for one weak. SITUATIONS WAXTF!? MALES. A80BBR, BTBADY MAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 coachman ; underatands the aare or horeaa thoroughly. Address .T?ibm McCarthy, Factory vllle, North Shore, B. I. GBOCRI18 OR TEA MBR0HANT8.-A YOUNG MAN la darroui c.f obtaining a altuMlou as c'.srk to above; known h's business perfectly; citn-kaap a cat of books;4ea larjr not en rnitoh an as rsapcctablo employment. Ad dre<s O. B. Clerk. Herald aSaa. BNTLBMHN'3 FUBNISBI'G GOODS.? WANTED, BT a young utan of axperlauee. the psaltlott of salesman; G .. w or la capable of tnK n(f ch irge a fanl*1 furnUhlng ttore; 1= wall aoqualntad with the Broadway trade, and refer* to praaeot emplovcrs and othnr f.rst'elae* hoatiM In this eliy; baa an ob<?ati u to ^nlng Weau Addreea for oaa wetk V. r. M., station O, New York. SITUATION WAHTED-BT A TOUVO MAN OF GOOD character! is a good penman in<l aaemntaut; tpeaka the German, French and Xnf'.llh JangMhcna; wantx a po*' tlon as c ai k, aaaia'iiht boo<keei>er or capy'et In as oflloe or wholesale or ablppltg \< n e. Addreaa J. bemouUn, 144 ST. A. UITUATION WANTED? BY A 8TKADT Ik5 tcr In a who)e?ale or retail lliuor store; nood rafa raaoea. Addreea for two days, Portor, Hemic office. TO HOTBL EREPER9.? A>l AMERICAN YOITNCJ man, haTlng bad sareral ye&ra ot experience In keep ing liot^l, and eaa produce the bont of references would ltko a situation lit totna tirat olaas hotel, or would take au la ta teat In the above. Address X. Y., hot 141 Herald oftoe. TO WINE MFRf'IIANTS.? THE ATVYPRTIBRR. HAV. lag hu'l great exjierienco la tha wine 'raJe in London, thoroughly acmMnted with it in all Its branches, harlng a parfeat snow ledge of the raltte of w<nea. U desirous of an engagement with a reapoclshle house. Th? adverti-et has justairlTf d from London Fir t ehiss New 1 ork rsfrraafes will be giTeti. Address C. F, Herald offlca. WANTED.? A YOUNO MAN OF GOOD MORAL CHAE aoter and abllitT wi-.iie* a situation aa clerk lu a whole aa'a or retail atorr or i.aok Good city reference. Address C. C V.. #6. Hobokan, N. J. WANlfeu? A BltrATION A8 SALESMAN, IN A wholesale boot nn l shoe houve. by a man aequamtcd with the buslnesa Good clly reference given. Address, A. box 170 Herald otftea. tlT ANTED? A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT CORRBS ?" poadeot or rbokk-vpir in a hous^ '-licre the f upninh langua?e tnay be of t;??; can-give good inference. Adtlrcss J. A., Eario a Hotel, corner Centre and Can?! sts. WAHTEO-BY A COMPETENT MAN, A SITUATION as traTallng agent snd saleaman for n wholesale house; has a Urge Western a'-qtiainlaoce and can iniluence tradn; wonld take s position a? bookkeeper in a msnnfae tuHng eatablishirtent Oan larclsh city reference. Address Fisk, Hersld oflloa. ANTED? BT A GENTLEMAN. WHO ITA8 BBjLv TO lnga la-T bus'resa In Wiiconaln for sevea v^ars. c.v'ect lnf azencv for one o r more firnts In t'.ils city. ? bo hare unsettled clalras In 'he Weit. 1 ne best of 'efi-snoeu given. Address W.. box 3M Herald office, for tlir^o days. WANTnn.? nrSTEBY -A GENTLEMAN OF ORBAT sxpeiicnce wishes to get locstad in sr i,rnportln?. co;??* mission or tobiiing hoi. a*, to buy or ? Ml. Addreas Hosiery, ?lx 1.IS4 Prat office, N. Y. ' WANTED- A SITUATION AS CLEItK OR ASSIST, ant bo?kke?p?r. by a young man recently from E:tg land. a< ven yesra' xxp^rl^uoe; satlafaotory refarensss. Ad dreea R. B., &S Nassa.t at. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A OBNTLEMAN WHO la aicnatomed to travcll.og or would sot aa commer e'al apent abroad; Is *l?o well a polluted with buslns-s in this city. Address Iravellar, box 147 Herald oftlce. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, a.'ed 36 years, of re?pec'.?bia appearance; Is not afraid of labor. Addiesa J, S., 221 Chry lc st. wt B HEIiP WANTED-FIWIAI.KS. APIrtST HATE COOK W ANTED? TO OO A SHORT distarcflln the country: mrst hake wall and perfectly nn-ier?tsnd h?'r buclnes*. Apply at No. C Bast 14th at., bs tn-een 10 an 1 12 o'olock, Monday. /M.OAIC HANDS WANrKD.-j.QOOD WORKER;} WILL find Ufa e?'P'i> mcnt. 2w "roadway. _ MAKTIN A RUNYON. TT7 AN T R D IMMBDIATKLY-A U ft ALT II Y WKT IT niinw". wltfc a fraal. breast. fntytire of Pr. Henry Ben"*. IO.i O.lnton r between T and 9 o clock A. M. WANTBO-AT TFIK HYDRO'PATniO INSTITUTE. ?? We?t 14th ft., n healthy, tld.v w?man#ai bulb fttlej}d aat' one aoeuslomed to tho baalaooa pr> f>rred. HKwP VTAXTISt*? MALES. Ahuakt, AOTIYE YOUNG II Alt WAHTBO-TO open o)?t?r? and mak* Mma.j^enerally useful In a reiiauiaoL Appl/ at Clarke's, 99'Hm av. An offtck boy w \ntbo-from twelve to flaeen years of age. Inquire at No. 3 tVat > t at . Brat floor. OT WANTFD-rOR AN OFPICR, TO DO BRRANDS. Apply at 190 Fronl at., on MondAy morning. BOT WANTBD-IN A WHOLRSAI.K HOUSR, WHO writes a eood hand and I" willing to make himself ??e f\tl. One who will t?ke ao interest and endeeror to giye utlafaetlon ma* find a permanent altuatlon and liberal ?alary. Adiireiui, with re fore nee, age, Ao., B. 8. 4 Co., Henud office. HELP-MALE ANT) FEMALE, OF ALL NATIONS and of erery Joaeript on ronstantly on hand, at CAR s'TK k'fl Large Employment Houae. corner of 6th ay . and lltn ft., ready to eupply the wanta of a>l families In city and cm)ntr>\ Also for hotels, summer resorts, water* tag plaoee and farm*. NOTICE.? VN BNGLISBM AN, WBLL BDUCATFD A stranger In tho city, caar.o'. find employment and haa no meant. Would bn glad to meet friends at once. n It will ears b'm and h!? family fro-n dl?grao'- Addrcaa I -non a diatelv Thomas 9. Bnlmey. lMYork street, Brook:., n. Q*AL?SM1N A MANUFACTORY OF >0 affli.clal flowers: one wbo Is thoroughly asqualnted with the bna'neft and own command fon;e trade Good refe rence* required. Address letter bo* 1.833, or tw Walker ?t. WANTSD-'IlllR DAT, FOR BLOCKADE VESSBLS. Vf a f?yy acani.'n. landsmen. deekhande, eook*. firemen, Ac , to wAna from >14 la ?>' par month, bcldcs bounty and prljte money! wll i ba j?ald. A'ao. a rew tood colored me* wantftl. Apply to the agent, 1M Weat street, oorner of Day, up ? lairs. WFANTED? IN A DRY GOODS JOHBING HOl'SB. A W stock el ork aad errand hoy about 18 rears of age. Address A, matin? salary wanted, A-c., box 180 Herald orDoe WANTRD-A SMART, ACTIYB YOCNO MAN, WHO un.leisianda bookkeeping. Addroa^ S. H , box 4,639 Peat afflre. XtT ANTBD? AN OLD OBNTLRMAN. IN A BAVKINO TT and oollactlnn oflfloe; (inr Who mil mr|i? i rnid pl?i? hand; calary amalL Address Bugeac F. Bannan. Broadway Poet WAMTF.n? A rOAfll M AN WHO THOROUGHLY UN derstaads drlvtug In tba fity. and the ? ai* of horc? ; ttslofrefarcnca* required. Address L. C., boi 4dd New ork Post oflloe. firANTSn-A GRRVA* O ARDRNEB, OB A FARM, y V within thirty mile* <<f Ihla city; one who naderatands thr euitlyatlon of frutti and the maaaKament or a vlnryard. muni ha?e a family to take ohargr of a dairy and beard tba other kands employed on the term , must c. me wall reoom mendhd Addre? K., box 8.8W Pool oSloe, ^ 'lug name and place of wfercnccfc Tl) ANTED IMMBDIATBLT-A 8RCOND WAITER FOR Tf a prlTgie family; ana who speaks French or English will bo pfoferred; ohe tn otbe stead t and of oood rharao ter. Anph In 428 Fifth a" enue. oorner of Rth street and Fifth areaue, between \i asd I a'elook on Monday, 1st Angnat ? THIS TRADES. ' ?ITOACION WANTRD-BT A PRACTICAL RN gtneer and machinist, to take eharye of a manufaatory. lo fa used to a 1 kinds of msrblne and enslne work; he haa leld the poattton of foreman In a machine ahojf for the last four years; can gHo the l<ost of roforenoo; ao o;>Joetloaa to laave tho eJtF. AddreaaJ. Lumh. aorthoast corner eT 47th etandMhay. ' TJOORBINDBB WARTRD? AN BXTRA PINISHBB I) far eair aadMnorocro work: steady employ mont aad good wage*, Apply to O. Clark, ? School si, Boston. ENOIRBBB -WANTBD. A OAPABLB. FAITHFUL engineer, to ran two engines In ths snms etui ding. Ap ply at 18 Bookman ot? np otatra. TpOUBDBINIBB MACB1BB TBNDBBB WANTBD? AT V ^Jooe'ip^ Moors '^t^jle, Wilmington. Del. Addreso H. Hands wantbd-ob Bovr jackbtb abd pari Apply to Sonnohoen A 0?. UOOhuroh el. up stalm IKBTB AND PANTSl mrsh 1, up statu. ?jf ACHINTBT8.-SBTBBAL_ govd yisb bands JM. wanted Apply to B. H. Bonnet, dl asid 44 Orooas at .SS^t ARTBD-BT A BMPBOMBUI TOOBO HAB, A BX1MBKBBBB. * ~ W #?! IINMH. ?ftWffH "fill MQ mill Ift* moyiag fsnltsis Is ?4tf s? sonatss. IsnNsn sssrsd. MmTint A BIO WAV41.. * M^ALitN OA n W\v>; ?.VS0 tMSH BlG'f* P^WS ji k?d*y, to do *?n'Mtuaifc fm~Ml (>t*T i*"f nolve tj? r?i.?e 11 n > !a 1 1? rt?ry Cell la toe g t ? ' 1 -?? *. M? rfciru unm, . AW ALTBN CAN H kl K A.VW OAHH, T ? OO AS A a.-tbaiUute. leaned Ov .si u? tA*v V ! i? ?0 in the p*vy. Call el -'Jr. SWA^'g uOr? ST OrAad etreAt, earner a I flowery, be' w peg iU? boar* c'8 sad H A- M. A V AUIM OAK U? it H, 73 CA*U Ou * h TO J>VY. A to go a* a WWhul* (mitnii .if ?wp voare will Ai u wellfb oaMlu. *t t?ic ?,'sr stf.rr. So. l'., M j3li? ??r) sirs- , JarMT Ouy. two tali h?lf uiv- sWvs tae feri7, M-* twee* tke fco-ire of 7 and 1 aVlook. A N OLD ENGLISH, SCOTCH, IRISH OF RMANOB r ??cbo>n coin r.-.e!?e fre.n a rerj >,oh lair. English If Ulrth. sm is draiieJ t< ? hUhest b- a?iy pal* lu iLeo.ty Apply **r\j At Hi -m-o t H? l, 17 Centre ?>'_ A LL URN B? ROLL ?an, LTABLB TO BB DRaFTKD, ba:.?*ra uO'^hMi.* artil othors. should Mtialpain th? draft and procuro e?bsi|i*tee no r. I i n?e who d?ay until a Irmft Mtmiihr iAk*a paoe will teea htr? oniy a few dave to flaJ one In, ad4 inany will be unabe to gel ? man in Ure Ivt-stltuto* piovlue^ sum exeruultoii papers fer three Kin obtained from Ftovmt Msrsbal of ear dletrlet iereao/k iflree te merchant* ?ud banners ol' well known kith atandieg. Apply lo CapUin COMB*. 60 Llapaoard rtr?et. near Broadway. Olruu.are ??i.t to auy addrMf Brooklyn oien will lliid it a Irauiagsous to call. B' A BUT AMD NAVY? VOLUMTBEBB AMD BUBItTI A tutaa wanted.? CU^lcc ofaruUerv, cavalrr or lufantrr. Aba fliemen, coal pauen, aear.ien and landsmen, fur olook Adlngaulpa and. (tun boat*. Colored iron wu atari Hi(h?<it euk Kount ea pa'd at soon na accepted, wbok will be ?dknoteed by merchant* x ?ell known bUh ^un Vna In lola e'ly. Call And **e m? aarty Captain COMM. 60 LUpei.ard rtreet n ?r Btoa'iray. Den t Mip lu tbe Mreet; pome directly to toy Alice. lou ?aa bring wife or friend with .vou. A TTBMTIOK!? VETERAN OlCOIlAAOBD COLDIBBB J\ about re-enllRitnz wlil Ona it to their int/ireet to eall at BBOWN A linBLDO.N'B hUlUary and Ma??l Banking oAoe, Mo. 8 .Park p aoe. A TTBNTIOIf.? $800 0A8B.? BO DECBPTION. VOLCB A trore and Hu>*tltul*a' wanted for the army and nary. All Information oheerfully \ r?a at tfo, 4 Onutrr itrnei, tip ?tair*. e<n> of ttra Fla?. luff. A ROQHKB. Ti nclpar* fur nished with ? '.ft(tltiit?? at r<-a<ionahl? ritteA. A BMY. WAVT AND MARINE COBP8 ? Ssorf.-VOLCN fY tears and aubaiitate* wanted. B40A eash bounty paid. Tlfraeaubstitutea wanted to di?r. S300. ?*<-"> ind $V?' rash glv en.? Parties briuctac inea will be paid the largett unio mt ot ? and none/ paid at ?n<- otl e in the olty. ipp'v at the Bounty, Pat, Army And Navy Agency, 111 Nnsan i street, up sUIra ALL OFFICERS AND il RN IN THE NATAL SERVICE, And all who have been ril^eharged, Can receUe their Prise Money, And hats proceois remllted as they may direct. Apply In pe-son, or address M. BMTDER, Jr., Oorern>n?nt Claim Acent, 9t >a?s.iu street, N<-w York. A HOT! ARMT, NAVY AND MARINE CORTB.-OOO men wanted Ir-trreJlately. $SC0. $400 and ?VX) casn fiald. Ten mon wanted for representatives. Will pay the argest ? .nottnt'nf ham! money paid by any '>i ee in t'.c oity. /pply at the United States Arruy and Kary Agency, 163 Ful ton stieetaad 212 Broadway, room No. 9. I 8URB TO CALL ON CAPT. COMBS. 60 LIIPB nard street, near Broiiway, who rufers to merchants of r.nli known high Manding. Those geutlemen *nu can call and sec; they will guarantee every d?>;i*r or bounty money will be pa'd as promlHS.l by tuc CapL-.ln Yoti ran oome rrlth wife or firl*:tid. Volunteers auri si:hstllt tes rfre wanted for I8"th re^tmcnl 'ow York Volnntsurs. enesmped at KlmlrA. New York, anda'so lor ether regiments, and for naral service. Come early. Bureau or surgical examination for citi new sobjeet to draft. Subklliiites ncd rol nn leer re crnlta eiamined for hroiers Hr POWELL, Hnr^eori In charge Reference? !J ivor C!n>" :h?i-. Ex "ayor Opdyie P. I. A. Boole, Oily Inspector's Ooice. So. 9 Chambers siruet. CIOMFANY D, MINTS BEGIMF.NT N. O. 8. M. Y., 654 > Broadway ? Younr meu ir" Invited to join this tora rir.nv, which In now i"0'giiuning 'ihe company rooms wriU be opened eVerv 'Vrdresday evnlrg fr>m 8 to 9 o'clock, and a committed In RtteMUnce to receive tbe applications of such as rr?y he de . irons oi beonming nteml'ers. \pplicaot* will be re jiiltod to civ* 'latlslartory references as to cha racter And respect ib'lity. /"1AMEBON RIFLI'8 (III OH L*NDBR.^)? COLONEL V J a. ?I. Killott com.nano rg. Fifty volunteers wnnted Imrtied nteh. for oornrany A ot this Una tie# regiment now organ zlug I i ihl? cirV. "Kp'endld rbancea tor promotion for veteran* and rocrttlls joining th|. new reiflinent. rrot:?o t on nifcde fr m li.e raoVs. The reglweut will b" olKccred bv men who r ave ssen servlco in the Held, and the u;eo well c'ircd for. HI heat bounties raid lo volunteers, f 12^ paid to any oue brlngiug a recniitf.<pply at t2s Broadway, N Y. BIOHTFI DISTRICT.? GENTLEMEN RESIDING IN the Eighteenth. Twentieth end Twenty-first wards of the ? Itv of New York, comprising the F,lghtn Congiessionitl rilstritAAf the Sta'-. wl 1 be furnished promptly with Al!?n PubsslWics and their Biempt'on Papers (lor three years) eorrectlv prr.onred, bv roi wsr<llng their orders to thu tidlco of the Merchant*'. Bankers snd General Henre-ertaMve Volunteer Association. 42d Broadway. New l'ork. N. 11.? iloner ptiable only when the representative la furnished a: d the eismpliou t apor-. see . red. Ladies wis i. Ine to send a rn| reKCnlat>e to the army will have thoir rrdsrs promptly attoQded to and will ha'-e precede nce. The Rii htn dlstnot. under the superiniende iue of Captsln H. F. kisnniero. I'ro\ost Marshal, i* faruishing more men In i hia wsy ths'i aay oilier district In the S late, anl with continued esergv will proliab.y li 1 Im quota wilh'.ul a draft. Mos\ of Ihe representatives have been procured by the Merchants', Bankers' snd ilensr.i.1 R?pre <entativ? Voiuntt er As ociation oOce, 4J8 Broadway, Now York. ENEKAL MILITARY AGRrfnY.-A. VESTER. OP T fice 18# Spring a' eet, basetcut. New York: T. BARON, sub aianoy. 505 Prunie street, Philadelphia, for New Orieatis, Texas, Virtmla, and Tenne?ef e. I'ounty $ v7 for volun teers and choice of reglineM.i and depsrlmente. Brol.ers ui'd oiben like-ally daa't with. Merchants, banker* ,?ni> uknbral yolun teerand Substitute Aaeoc'otlon, office 418 nndtir . Now York ? l,(XX>Vi>,iinteeni wanted Immediately $li3 paid to nn>- one b'itulog Mwcrnit. If ig^e't bonnlle* p*id to r? crulie on passing cJlmlrMton Nc delar N<> humbug. Meno? p*H right d >wa Apply at the ojlo?, <-8 B'oadwav, New York. ONE YEAR RRPRKSKNTATIVR RECRUITS WANT ?d. for three gcnt'emen. Apply at *16 broadnuy, How York. ONE YKAR VOLUNTRKRB WANTED. -$?X> CASH ?nd 8100 government bounty R?i r.;|t? have choice of ray command. One Hundred and RLni.icth New York Yol. nnteere; .ampin viPaze of Elmlro <*.? York; oran/cav atrr, artliierv or Infantry rei ?tni m the State Com# eariv la hinrnlng to Captain OOMPH. 51 Lirpenaid atreot, n?ar Bioadwa- . I> ARE CHANCE.- TWO MARINES, JUST DIS ?V < harjeri, havmn aerveJ the full per od of their enlla* tnent. * lab to i?o rj;n.n a* ?ub9t.tiHe? f r four yea ? n for aomc private gentlemen No sjeit oeod epply. Call thia morning, between lo and 13 o'c'ook at 167 Bower;, up atatrs T. BKBTBUBO. QfEBTITrTES PUf INT.') THE *AYT ANSWKR FOR kJ men drn'ted In the army, and ara eeallv ebtitne '. We are near the nary yard gate. and ate furni-hina twenty ?n'wtltutel to the navy every day, and will contract to fur. Blah lifty .substitute* earii dar after this week. RE LT USN VOSB, 8si men'* Tlaak. No. 193 Yorkatceet, Brooklyn. SUBsrtruTBs rKOM ptlt purmsued for tab ctf and Mtat* of New York. Oraftod .men an 1 oilers, wlahlng reliable lulos for 1, 2 or 3 reari, can procure the n at ah' rt notion land on reaion tb'a term*, bv apphlng to NOLAN A I.ANIOAN, Ke-rulting oUcera. No. 6 F.aat Broadway, corner of Catharlue atrceu Sl.'RrifirUf E8 NOW ON H AND FOR THO^E WHO apply to JiUJ^SOl A COLMAH, No IS OrauSetiett, Dear tLe ferry, WtlHamaburg, N T CL'BB riLI'TE WANTED? ONE MOT LIABLE TO THE 0 draft. Apply at Jtf Broadway, room No. #, aecend " A g>0.1 premium paid to runpera fur hr.nglnf one that la ae eepted. , SOLDIERS' PAT, BOUNTY AND PENSIOB MONET promptly c ollected and money advanced an approved eUlir.i, bv TllOa. I. BI.'OHBS, Attorney, 79 Cedar street, ^ar the foat "Pg, New York, Three able-bodibd men. not liabmb to the draft, riea re to go as 'en bat tu:a*. Principals only may addrma Hubatitcte, boi 32V Harald office, for three day* ? THE NEW YORK ARMY and navy recruiting Company No. 9 Chambers atraet, has bean established with a vfrw of having one reltabla office la thle cltv whera the recruit, wuether volunteer or eubstltute, and rrtnclpe:*. whether enrolled drafted or evempt, will receive fair and honoiablo treatment. Kv.jrv engagement made Will bn eorupulotialy fu'fllled. Pr.nclpala fnrnlsbed at the ehorteit DotV? nlth g?Od. eonnd men. who have been prertoitaly et amlned bv an etperieneed enrgeoa. ledivldi a a In any dletrK in the Urate cen hare their sut-atttotre mistered In this cltv and their etemptloa paper* forw .rde I. Vete ran*, v.iltinleera and aubatltutea treated Ilka men and tha htgheit price obtained. A epecal department la devoted to recruit* for the navy. Cornmandtug olfn-ers of the army can have their o-gani/al'one filed up throne!, our egencr. Cell atOr add'oas the Kew York Army and Nary Recruit log Company No. 9 OhAtnben at reel. _ t^OLUNTEBRS W ABTRD? FOR Til B ARMY AND1 > navy The hig'ieat caeh honntlea paiJ. Also men fur nlshed XT th 'tib'UtiiVs at the loireet ratee The hlgheet I premium pa'd t > runner* brlmting men. (Mi ce. Hamilton , sfMnne. one b ?"k from Damilten ferrv, Beulh Brooklyn. ITOLUNTKRRrt AVH UFTRBSBNTATI VIR WAh I F 0 V today f^oaTd $<00cash In hand; all parties bringing a recruit paid a large amount of hand moae.. Call at tha Pnitnty. Tay, Army and Navy Agaaey, 111 Naaaau atreet, up atalra ? irOMTNTEFRS W ANTED? FOR THE ARMY AND V Nayy. Ti e hlgheet caeh Iwjnatlea paid Also men fur nlehed with aubstltuu-s. at reaeonahle rate* App'.y at Zl Jaroea alraat, rorner New Bowery, In H?* elore WBIHANTED-MNB ABLE BODTSD MEN. AS NfR^RB on board hoepiui trans poru; wagaa |34 a month and board Appiv. with rweomtnea datlon-. at 9 o'clock to nior row (Monday) morntag. to H. C. Elliott, 07 Bleacker et WANTBD-IRHH*'-'*. bnomshmen, scotch. Oermans. I'rrn^h and men of all aatoDall'.lea, to eu. Hat ae volunteers. The hlgheet bounty paid. cash, in hand, on passing the do tor. Relief tlckata for r*milie?. Aganta will receive the hlgheet premlume Appiv at the Merchanta', Bankere' and ilaneral Volunleeraud Huhat lute AMoatatloa, offiae 428 Broadwat, B. Y ________________ WHilAllflBD? FOB A FIRST OLABB COMPANT. TIT A reg ment now la the Hold, two aergaama, thraidcnrpo. rale and one teamster The proper men will (et theabova poaltlons, and he iargeet bonMy li ft. Apply at room No. 1 Montague Hail Br oklyn, at or aafora 10 o u,ook A. M. en Tuaeday mortu.f. X. H. BBOWNB lfk MEN WANTBD ^O-DAT FOB TIW ARMT 0? J U Navy.? Our coatraeta are raah that wa eaa positively ramore money on the spot to mea than an v other partita tha eity. Army and Navy aOoa, 7> Naaaaa itraat ?UBSTITOTBS ARB NOW WAITINa FOR AFPLT eanta, and ean bo ahlpoed to the erodU aT drafted ?tea In aae hoar. For onr reepentablllly we refer to tha following note ? "Benhaa Voaa, wa hava known you far twenty paara. aad eonalaer yen lata of *r1ot integrHv? Henry Raala, Commodore UnttjMI Btatee Ra??." Apply at Vard g??*ra Bank, IB Tork itraat, Brooklyn, Mar Mary ?1 nn AND PTWABDB, ?IBB BOIIIT, paid to ?1UU aay eee, nyp or wessaa. who br1a?a aabeututea. 50 ?200 5f?JS2j!iS,T w,tL M r**? 1 TetBaAmy awl Nary Beawim^ Dayal, aaeh paid la PAID TO ART Nn. tctMlmeinel^^^H The hlgheet ha?d aeaaey paid ea 'he tat ef the earth. ?HMMilkihenia hdM aeeaa la ?e all w I aruTAay juj sta u iU.uOO TuWJ,ITS Aa *'? TO ahfi^?dK.MT tub OOCMTY F U&ff 10**. u Tint AMMY. oouxtt novum, ti^bb hdbdwd dollar* Usn<! mpniy? 0*?njy tc ????? irn'li or v terera ? r, f nlted flate* to aew rtcWls,, ifl Unlfd Su.oe to wihm 3 III* County YolunlearCotnmlttas, uader la?ir??tloaa of tha Board of Supervisors ievlog SIlM *11 quoom nudst *11 ullj up |a this time, have resolved to reoOMmenoa the bust MM of racntlUuj for tha arm r, wlu Um viaw of catalog the qnota i? anticipation of a ??<w call by Ik* rmsident far MSB. Baernlts will bo received ao former!/ at tha several Pro roit Marshal*' office a, at Tammany Bail, and at tha Count/ Volunteer Booms la tbe Park, corner Broadway and Cham bora (treat. Tito following an tha various Provost Marshals' O (floes- ? Ponrta District? Captain Joel B. Erhardt, llo. 1W Liberty street. Pifth District? Capta.o Qenry P. West, eorasr Broome and Crosby streets. Biith PUt-tct? Captain Kos'er. corner Blsth avenue and Thirteenth tireol. Ber?aU> Dlstrlot? Frederiok C. Wagner, No. C3 Thlid Irenae. Eighth District? Bel) Jamln P. Msnierre, No. 1,803 Broad Ninth Dlatrtet? Wm. Dunning, corner Forty-seventh strost and Broadway. All recruits will reeelve In their own hands the Conntv Bounty of >300, and any partv bringing a Recruit will receive a County Premium of 9 TO, In cash. ftr every man, Whether new Reorntt or Veteran. and a certificate entitling the nearer to the United Slates Premium of $10 lor a new Recruit and $16 for a Ye<eran. r. GODPRKT aPBTftrn. Vavir MATTHm" T. BRENMa.V ei'ir. OHIWOW BLUNT. 8upetrti4T . W1LLTAM If TWF.Rn. <s< r. KLIJaH P. Pl'RDY. ?n*' . WILLIAM R 8TRWAHT. h o^rvlsir. Commit'*' !>n V Innte^rlnf, OKI HON BLUNT, Chairman of Committed. Dated New York, July 4, 18M. I QATR REGIMENT NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS, lOl' Cap'.. Combs," headquarters, 60 LlsjJflnonl vtreet, nn?r Ilroadwa-. Recruits wanted. I!?mn nl Rimini village, Sewlork. Wsbeu cash and government bounties pafd. will receive extra bounty and 6e placid In this ret; i D?n l la my o vu comptn). Nou-commliiloucd oILcers wanted. nen amens w\ntf'd-ah ?ub?titutb8: alro *j?Jv / reariilis for regiment' now In tue Held. Call early at corner or White and Centre etiec t*. Colonel M. N. CROFTS A CO d>R(|A CA8II IK HANI) FOR SUBSTITUTES.? ?Pt/t'U Choloo of renii ents; also Ave aliens wl h to. serve as substitute* for a I ,lr price. Dra'teil men or men liable tote dialed are fnrnlshqd wttlj subatliutiM. Apply to O. B NOON AN. oo>?r or Canal street and Bowery, under Citizens' Saving* Bang. ' , rnrv onb year men wantf.d-for the army l)y>\J and navy: $200 bounty, cr,ah In hand; al - o colored men utul bov? (rum 18 to 20 wanted. Ary per* >u bringing a r^cruH to this otllco will receive $30 to $iO>. Apj'K at No. 0 Captain >'OI?AN. en bounty.? wanted twf.nty voLfjfTF.FKS ' I'JyJ lmtr.od ntoly. to till uu a r,uota In lhi? State where ;Lnil"e can h?\-e re'lef tickets. Appl .? at PnpL L. I3AACH A CO '3. ruga'iar rerrutllng otllco, 6: Bov very. (D/ff)it AMI) CASH ('AID T ) F1VK A 1 ,! ENf. .iy'JUv' Call to-dny Disfhar^Mt ?al ori end co'dlrm ? l^o have ii-rvcd twoatid three years In tin arm? and m y. and h ve li no-rib o (llech..ri,r^, a' c?|iled. Call at tho !!? unty, Pay, Army an 1 Navy A/;"nry. Ill Na?uu street, up suilrs. (J?/?7K K VCII-CASH DOWN, WILL BR PAID FOR (Zi'J i ?_/ two alien* oc vetersns, lo go ns snbitltuten in 1'ic armr or naw. No broker or runner need apply, onlv tlie K'lbht'^s tfiemnc :/ei. Apin, !>? iwcen S A. M and 1 V. M.. at M0 OrMS street, ,'e^ey City. C?70n ?$"00 CASH DOWN AS ROON AS ACCEPTED 5D i UU. for s ibitltotea; aUo men for t' enni-y and In. vslldoi rps. App'y at I'alerTn llouso. 78 Cort'andt elreel. unn VOLUNTEBRS) AND SrilSTITUTK'' WANT OVM" ed for thuurmv aod navv. Tlte !ar^c?t amount of hr.ud moudT paid ti any <,ne linnglna a n-e.-nlt. f r,4l hrna.lway, cornt r of Bloec-;or. Bnminoo 71 B rsaker *t. QQnn ROUMTY TTILL BE PAH> TO A FEW VOL V >J V/ v' untcrr*. for a no m try I [Uf>ti. lies rtea relief sent to fa-ill os and onolce of oavulry, artillery, infantry or navy; Cr'.d provost guard cr gfrrlaonduty. Aoply at itsiitii ae. OPi anARor.usr m.M wanted for the ahmy ^y?).VfUU sort navy: all the larval bounties given oa?U In ban d. Persons nomtn* to thin office with men will be ti.ori 1 tierally 'loalt w th than m any o'.ll'T o.'tlce In Hie city. Applv at the I nlted Staf* riieriilt ng "flloe, U Ka?t Broad wav, between Cathari n? and Oliver streets. rtAVAlj rilIZE MORBT, &C. All tiie foluiwino new prizes Altli NOW BEADY FOK PAYMENT. Appli to WAT. DEN A WILLARD, 18.J York (treat. Ilrcfoklrn Canlora. Prltea. Sold For. Quaker I'ltv I.'i *. f ''4,(vo jiiij ..on nod othera ..Klla a-id adds. ...... 1 .s>," -JO Nlphon and .'ame.i Adrfer . ..Carnubla.... JWXIO Houqua and other*. ........... P. IU 41 .' inmc* Adyer and Iron Age . .R M. L?f HHinO Montgomery. pet fli. iMO Poquo; . Uo.i Tly(a h?al ftw 7S"00 Gertrude ............ .Warrior 'M 6 M Booth Carolina aod F. A Ward. Alliance.. 23, '^l Connncticut . .Mfnnie Connecticut . . .Oreyhouad <97, 000 Connecticut Srotta 73.4.10 Grand (lair Ma rv Ann lil.Hid Hotnh Carolina. Nellie All true monk/ now PAYABLE OAN PR OBTAINED AT ONCE HT APPLYING in prbSon <?r py LKrran ro WALDKN A WILLARD, LATH U 8. NAVY. 138 YORK STKRKT. BROOKLYN. BOUNTIES. BACK PAY aud a.'l uUitf ciakne ? ADTUBTRD WITHOUT DNT.AY All the offiorpb and crrws op the CONNECTICUT. DP ?OTO AND COURIER x. ran obtain their prl?? money In one Jar by applying to WAL0KN A WiLLARD. IMS York street, Brooklyn , All pbhsonb attaoiikd to vkhsels on the blockade, to whom pri/.e money li due. ran r? O'lve tlie ?amo at onr? bv applying by leuer tn WALOPN a WlLLAKD. late of Called Statei Navy, Ibd York atreet, llrookljru. Aiioy -pp.ize ynsgy to bailors. -bounty MONEY TO KOl'DIKRB dl? lurked tor wo'toda received tn battle. Ac Ulachargtil Navy or Army Oflirere, Bar, ore or Soldlera, their -W id" w? or iletra, PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY MONEYS. BACK PAY, KDWARD BtHSBLL. Armr and Nary Banker, aud lata Pureer v. 8 Navv, 171 Broadway, eorner .Cliamhera itreat, New York A LL PR1XR MONKY NOW iAY.UILP PRo'jirTI.Y Jy eellocted. Apply to 0. W. gMITII, tfo. t New Cham bera Mroet. earner of Chatham. AT THK OLD rLACB-B&LDIKBB AND OTHERS having ("afrnf rn?ettled agalnai c-e yovepmrat are requeated io call advanoea m.iTe i.nd rlatma puVcliaaed BROWN ,t hSl'LHO.1'. N?. 3 Park i la v. ALL THE CRRWfl OP THR CONNECTICUT, TIOOA. Pen--. Tab o ma Amanda and De Boto . an receive their prt e rr.onev at once by applying to M. 8. TABS A CO.. 146 York ?treei, Brooklyn. PlRIZB MONEY FOR RVHRY >EBSIL PAYABI.B promptly collected Penalona procured. Arrenra o' pay and bountv 'collected. Addr??? or apply ?o Richard C Kl lieit, United Siatea Army and >a?y Otoe, $7 Blceckrr a'. IHlfFWO. OTPAMWE' RLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOUCilINO AT 0 Onecnatown (Cork Harbor.)? The Liverpool. New York and Ph'ta-'elDhia Steamahlp Company daman Una), carry Inc the Hailed Ptatra milla. fntend d a. a'.cVng tbalr fnV powered ' Iv.le b'lllt Iroa ateamahip* aj rol.owa ? CITY OF WASHINGTON, flatmdar. Augii all CITY OF MANCBBBTBH, Satjr.lar, Aug'iat 13, CITY OF LONDON. Saturday. Ail ?uat J? and eearr a?? e* llag Saturday, at noon: front pier tl, North rhrcr. aarva or paMana Pavabla la gold, or Ha an-iltatant la ourrancy ? Flral cah n $<*> H'eerlife Do to London M Po. to London M4 Do to Parla ... 9# Do ti Parla if\ Do. to Hamburg 90 Do to Hamburg S7 ra aengcra a'ea forivnrded to Havre, Hren?o, Rotterdam. Antwerp. An., alaiuallv Wiw rntee From Liverpool or Qoaenatown ? Pirtl e>Wn. tTB, >l(?. Steerage. %X\ Thoae who wlab to aeud for their frlendacnn bnv tlcteta he e at theae rnlea. ThaaeaieameTi hare anperlor aroonimadaltona for pa a aengrta, are atrongly built In water itglit Inn aactlona. and crarr nateat (ire anoiitllatora. Eioeriaarad aurgeonaar* atiached to each aiaamer. For further Information applv In L)rarpo?i to WILLIAM iNMAN, Agent. It Water atreet: In Olaagow to AI.RT, IAIjCOLV No. SBtF.noah e<|uare: In Oueenaiowa ta 0. AW I). HEYMOfTR * CO ; In London (o R1 VRi A MA CRY. (II King Will am at.; In Pari* to J ULRBtDKCOOR. U Rue Noira Dame 1e? Vlntoiraa. I'laoe da la Boura#; In Phila delphia to .TOHV 0. DA LI .111 Walaut atreat. ac at tba Compaay aoRleaa. JSIIN O. DALE, l? Broadway, N V, __ 1 ft rwaaa unroot K PROP A laaTeg Baataa Wadneadar. AugaatS. SCOTIA laavea Raw Tort Wedneeday. Aogual 10. AFRICA laavea BMtnn Wodneadav, Angttat IT. PERSIA leavea N aw York Wedneaday, Avig'Ht 94. ASIA laavea Boatoa Wedaaoday, A<t|uM SI CHINA laavea tern York Wednaaday, September T. r*o? m *oaa ta t.iramraot. Chief Cahfa paaaaga ?? 90 Second Cabla paaaage M TO No> aoarox to utbnk. Chief Cabla ??? W ? aeond Cab"n paaaage WW ?a v able la aald ar ift equivalent la Ualted Slatea eurrancy Bertha not aacared oatu paid far. An aiponeaoad rorfetm fin beard. The owners af theaa dk'pa win not be aorounUble for roe da or valuablee. anle? bifia of ladlag having the value ai preaaed are atoed therefor. MI&. jb. Pre coMrAnri Tark. ?a New ? AaONIA. .....fcpt *K ISM ?..Oei. IS. 1SS4 From nambnve ator. foot af Third atreet. ffavaken. uktng paa-ee*era far Hamburg Havre. Laodaa aad SenthampUro at the fallowtM ratee ?Pi rat cabin. gllSr aaooaid nabla, ?Wtisrtf? f VSS& nS> peaaaaa apply MA I RICBARD A ROA<? l? ?WHMfi |fUU*VI4( C^Sa* PHOM AND TO yi/EB&rrOW If kMO LJYMJl O pool. . CDVAkD LI MM. Proa Waw York r<; k> New Tart Mt ?okl or ayolrkJaal la wnny. aa"a WednendAf, Aii?n??8l ULlMfD.s Ml ? \Y?d.->?"<lay, Aupiat 17. f" QV T3N. Wtromr Ilri* NORTH CIMU LLOYD'S AT H a Jf*'l 1 ? ' bW ri*N 0 Merae wnnlt'ir, aitrf'nt th? p?t?*7 it ? m?II| * II ??>' fiam Ifct ilruiaiii (iliir, Av( of Xalf? atreat, H?l*>k*n. On TittfKIi, aiv.c?t is. at la cclouk, u.. rtt . KS.N. VI> tin; ItlAUVlOa, Uklnjl pi?'?'.rirr? Ut LONDON. 'I Ik V UK. BOPTHAMFTON AND BRIURN, At '.tw following ii Ma, payable in gold or It* ajalvalaai IS ourraney. fr<r U i ttrtt Mbli, ?106; aeoonil eabln. .*41 60; ilMrtn, $37 ft*'. Th- BRKMRN Will be foV .red ky th? a ANSA Autfhtt 37. t it Iralskl Of 1*??? ?? AST I to O.'il.rtlCHH A CO.. ? Hroau Mail btramkis to thamch nmrirr. ?nsm.'wajf.vsai,?"""" ?IDtWHKSL SffAMUHU A HKTWBBN Nil# YORK AND H*VRf. The Drat Are epiead'd ?eaa?;? 1 >i t<? n ? ' 1 to be put epoa tfcta fkroii'lt# root* ror tke Cantlaent, are tha fo'lrwlng ? WABUINOTOX, J *>1 U>n?t SKiO Uiwm BOTar. LA PA YPTTR, RWitoM *Qf' horaa power Sl.T(jliNIfl (afloat) Kb borne power. PRANCB 'bpilillog) tOf> korta powar NAfOLKON III. (J>ull?Un?) l,100liOf* 5"W. ?MMUl ?f Oaantl'# Hat IM h ' ? jy t?? WASHINGTON, A. Ducbaei FTTN, A. Boeande. a* fal'owa ? __ ? PROM NSW YOBK TO HAVN3. I'd til tha oomaMfan rtf (VaantUa Hat tk? earrloe Will M performed by tha WASHINGTON, A. Ducbeaoes LaFAT WAHHINOTON Wednaeday. 17th Aome! LAPAYETTK We lrewlay. 1 .lb September. WASHINGTON Wedraedav, iJth Ooloker. LAV VYKTTK iVedi>?eua.y, 9th NoremkWl WASHINGTON WjvlrtnadAv, 7th DaoambM m "TLOMls ('no)odlnu table win*). $181 Second <*Mn (loi'.liidln* In Me wine). 170 or $80. Payable in gelrt or l.? eaulraWnt in Caltad Statea eurreM(p. kledlcaJjttJadani^ froe of charge. ?W freight or DUtAl> upolr I P^0?OftClK Ma( KPN/IR, Agent, No. 7 11 roadway. Maw Yoek. At PaHa? No. 12 Ban1er%rd dec Cayuolnea (Grand U?M). Al Harre? William Uella A 0*. ITAtlONAL #TRAM NAVIfJATION COMPART. S TO QIJRENBTOWN AND HVRRPOOL KW TORK I Baturday, Aofuatf. VIRUINT * .Baturt'i/, A< Kuii 18. TaMn, tils gold; 8teirage, $10, payabla In Mrrancjr. Pjr p?*#age apply to _ WIUJAMt A QOION. M Broadway. UN; IKD WaTEH MAIL LI1B ? ">h i AMPORNIA, \ IA PANAMA. HerV vr *n. Mr w ?" T8-8<1. IStb and 2Sd of eaah noatlt ??? ee|>t wl. t. thei ? -s f*'I on Sunday, whan IM d*7 ttf parture w" ha be f"-.ley fillowlng. Tha flrat t,la.( ?'*% ,??>? ? .'VIII STAR. AO 1 i' ?. Commander, will fall from pie. ?*<>. .> tin"* river. W'^; vi*'? y. y\'V? lit at 12 o'nloak M, Tba ele*m?h!| or BAN QURKV, Cantalo TlnklepABji. Will n>orear< tlio N?>tb P tar. and *all Augnat 18. For frc'g'it or paa?.iga apply to^ p all(|n No. 6 Bowline Oraen. ?g?0R "l'"m,b,p , ?A?Tn' for?iwrVu>?n.^lr?al. <? W 111 >a*r? PUr r ? n r RD A Y , Aujuit 10, ?v.-sassAartrw - ?-? r,a - "" wITava^iwiot . m r Tba Cniud Stale Ji<5 \ N O K il. FranclaA. Draw, e 0B Tna? r^Wed or bill, of 00 **For*fraH^t or Voa?lway. Incn ii wana ntnRfT -rnr: nrw a n r> rintT ' cla^* Lfnllfd Statvn nMil 4lwniihlp tIBIHTT Thome* W. Wilson ronistn !er. will anl' (or the nbove p> i t on VV*d noKitiv, August ID. at So'c'ork IV M., from pier 43 Worth river. I'"or freight or pnsaarr apply to NAROOI'.S A 00m S3 South street. Letter* mult pan through tie Post oilleo. For livbri'ool? ot.d black hall lin8.? tub Hhlp OOLUtf MIA will osit prompt y ..n Sai'irday, All cust l' For pl**age npplv on hoar 1 fuot of H " k'nnu street, or to ROGIIB BROS. A OOFI- BY, e#Br>'tth Kri't For livkhpool? tapscott's link. Ship EMERALD Sell* Angu*t 4 p TOR LUNDON-X LINK. n Bblp HUDSON.. / Sell* Anfft*t Kor p? to (?v f rem the Old Country , f r or* ? te, a . all* able in anv i art of Bnglaml Ireland Scotland ana W? e?, at the loweit poe Ihle rate*. *JW to T \P.-GOTT BROTH I.llH A CO.. 88 Booth atr>et F or LtvrarooL and lo ov.-roR Liv*Rrooi? IP tho NORTH AMRRTCAN ???'!? t* A'iK'J-t the RKBOIAITr. on the tftb of August. I'or LouJon. the LIVERPOOL on the St# of August. F?r j asrage apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 4U Fuliou ? troa LIVERPOOL DIKBCT OCNARH ?Tti\MPHlP P M A R A t HON . Captain McM,"kan, wl',1 nail on WwTuea* dav, August 3 Onblii poiA*#* >-*i-?old. nr lie ?<julvalrak. Per frolghtor psaaage apply Co E. CUNaRD, No t Howling Qreea F'OR J IVFRPOOX.-TUOMPPON 8 RLAOK JTA R line ? The ee'cbrZUd ptcket sblp JBRH. TIIOllPBOy, ial a to irorrow. For p .*???? /r< ;n or 10 Ibe old country iippljr at the office of the lino, ?7f> Peerl street. CTFAVsnip BOO 1 1 a trrr.f. .? '-viabop, t'VDBR O peuo *1 order at th? Cunard wharf, .feeaey City, oa Monda. ii ornlng August I. li. CllNARD, So. 4 Bowling Ureen. tTiOR LIVERPOOL -THE RPLKNC1D PlrKKT SHIP D ALHRRT QALLATIN, CapU.n Dclsno. ealla Align 1 1, fleonml cabin #7.1. pAvab.e lu btils, and ' und Apply on boarii at p,?r 43 Kast liter, or to P. N. DKMAUE8T, no 40 Kouth ktreel. TIUVIIXRRI' OiriDE. UPSON R! < Hit RAILROAD. -TKAJ.VB FOR At htny, Trey. the North aad Wuit, leave Otanbera atn<K at7 an 1 10 A. M. eatl 4, " and lt> :*o P. M., aod oa Buaday* atti.221'. M., tiom Thirtieth street H XTEW ions AND lURLfcK RAILROAD. X> Tralnt for A'bany. Trt.y an I faratoif* Sprln.T*. alio ronnerti:iii n nS Uo N- rth a^d Weal, leavo Tweaty-alith atreet deuut at 10^ A. M snd t P.M 8PKCIAI. NOjICB. r.'iaaaniera for Baratoc Hpnocs bj uklrg the MM A. M. tally, ana on Pamr'<eya the 4 P. M train, g? through t? a*r?t", w thout change of ear* rUMSt r^LASD fkrkv-lani'8 at Fonr nA mil V J ton ? Th" .*t A L'Bfl 05 leav?* chrletonber elrtfl at 9ft, DKSMs D?v aliret *t9 41 19 ??-, 8 4f{ Sonde efreet, plfr Bo. 4 North river, at IU, 1 end 4. MORMTNO LINK FOR PBRKBUIL'j -TUB AURORA lea ea Jay aUeat pier daily (wlibout e>o*:tlonl at 8 A M. landl'ig a' : Thir.leth atf -et, Yonlere, Uaa'Jn.a Oobb ? Ferry N ack, Hmg Sing. Uaveratraw, 4r*aaf Point and ?erpianck. VEW UtUMMA LINK BOUTH. BROOELTN TO FH IliADBLPftl 1. THBOUOa rrriVK E? 81 Far* $3 Bscnrttoo tlckeu BS; good for tUree d?y? On aad after Hondav, I. 1M4. By th* eommodtoua ateamir Jeaa* Kojrt, f^oi of Atlanll* ?tce?t, Brooklr n, every duv i3nnriar*oia*p:a4>,*t II o'mMV A . M., thanee 1'ort MenOiOa'.h, and 'br th* Rarltan and Delawjce Bay Railroad t? f*ot of Vine atrent, Philadelphia. Returninf, leavFa Viae ?treet wharf. I'hl>adelphl'\, every ino; n.r.L- at 8 (?tmdaye *io*Pted>. Traveller* frtro t'u* ottv 6f Naw Tork are not'fled not I* ? pplyifor paaaa^t >y thlallna. th*Btnte of lf*w Jereov h av. I"? graiii' il to thfff'amleo and A'nbotr monopolv the eia lu alve nmUeie of carrying p*? "Ogere an* ' thcelllei of Naw Tork and Plil!*d*!plil*. r\p.-osiTtoi? boat for bf.wboro and rovam. \t Iraepale. Fare 98 O'nta ? ' The neivaad fa?t aleainlf Thomas Colljer leave* Jay aireet pier every afternoon at SJf ?Mock, landing at Oraaay Point. Ceiiene', (MM B >rin?, Cornwall. New Hamburg Marlborough aad Milton. Return lag leaves Paughkeepeln at 8 A. M ; Newburg. 7 ?'eloek; Cornival!. 7 I#. 0 ?ld Spring, 7.2.1: Oortene', 7 40i Oraaay P* nt, H 25, arrlrlng at New Tork at 10:S0. _______ RKOUT-AR HOaT-I FOR THIS LA [OURRTTB IIOUBB. Bergen Point, B. .1 . leave pier No 9 Berth river, at 8:<ll, II ???. 4 ?0?nd 5 *). from Day stroet at 10 ?i A. M. an? 4 iW P. M., tiro* IU mln"t. ? Bleam r.u r-ail hourly front J*i*eyCltv. N H.? It lakes no longer to go from N*w TorV to th" I* Teurette Ho?*e than Irom Bouth f*rr? lo th? Fifth avenue. WBBLEY W. IIILL. Proprietor. ^UE UREAT 1NUIDB BOUTR FOB BOSTOff. BfONINOTOB RTEAMBOAf LI NR. VIA OROTOW AND PBDVICBnCB. TBK OLDEST, _ TUB QCICBBBT, ____ THB BAfBBT, TIIB MOST DIBBOT. ATOIDINO POINT JUDITH. Th* mainlfleent Ht*am*r CONMuNWKALT^ Cai<<ain J W W'litoHk, ON TUBfDAVR, lUl'BBHAVa AM> SATURDATB, Th. aidant a4*mjLvMOOW ROCK. C*l't*lp J. C. Q**r. ON MONPATB, WBOVBhOATB AND FRIOATS, at 8 o'cioek P. M. rheee b >?t* start from pt*r No. 18 North river ff*?t Of C.irtlanilt air* t), and are aeknrwIedgMl by all eipe* W-'l trer*llw to be among the largeat. atrongaat, 'nnet eemfortable. and beat that have ever run In American wa ter*. In ati nmer aad winter. In alorm and ealM. th* t'nna monwtnllh and Ptymoalh Rank .urartably make the paea aae gurnptnnu* supper* and luiurionaly furnished statesoom* are marked feature* of theee ' floating palaoea " BDBB OONNBCrifWB ?ad* with Newport, th* watering plric*< en th* north end eonth eborea "In Maaeachusetta, the gr*at Baatesa reutao for Maine and far th* White Monntaln*. _ Bortha and *tat?rooa* may be **cur*4 M IlarndW* B* pr*o* *m eo, 14 Bread way. and _ _ NojJIB Wert *tre*u N*w Tork| 7f Washington ?tr**t Bostoe, ^ k b BiVtONB. _ M*rchante' Navigation aad TrnMBOrtotlon 00. CliOTHlIT*. A mariOM -AT TUB BBW BTOBB, BO. 114 TBI BO A. avMtao, 1*41** and g*nt'*men are gn*raato*4 to reMlv* the highest prtoe for *aen article of Oa<t OCT Otethiag. Fur BJture, Carpet*, As., for th* Boutborn apd Wevtorn markate. fEzsrSi *ua^S32i i ? A T 868 BOWBBT? H. BOBBBTRALR ATINO A ORB AT A deetr* to purchaeee lorf* Maattty *f **M Off Wtarlaf A pre r* i. furniture. Carpet*, .T*wotry, Ac., kf anBtaa *a or addr***ing bin ladiea aad gentlemen eaa oUaln the ntmoot mine for each arttolo. Ladiea attended to ky Mrm. BoomI thai. Pl*a? r* aeotbor, and try 88BB*wory, igpaMti Oreat Jot>e%BWwl E'fS will **ll, on Monday morning, Amuet 1. at Ala aaloamoai. 9S Bowery, at tuo eloek preeteely, a boat 80U pair ae eorted PlnU *fali deerrlMloa*, A*. Coats. VeeSeT r?*ce Oonde and *therX>e?U*ns*nre Turn taking OoedA to *eit th* Made. / XBNTIjBMBN'B BBW AB? LBFT OFB CLOTBIR9 VT pnrohaoed for tho Wesu-Tbs full vein* will k* *a?4 and ChathM WWW

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