Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1864 Page 4
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is'EW YORK HERALD. JAM! UUROOI BBIXm BMTOB AND PUffKIKTUK. Dnioi h. w. ci'kkkb *r m row iK?m?4Cim TOMB cMk to id>MM Momt Mat fcy Mil wUI M *1 tko rMfc ?T ii? aoadar. kuM but tut bill* correal la In Tor* ukn. IMS DAI I Y HXRALD TIM CMU PIT topf. flit WLKELT EERALIX, ?very Sf urd?y, ?? fiTi canU pm copy. Annual aukacrlplwa prtoa ? Or* Gory ?? Ttrra 1 -Tine ? Iht rnpiN I IcllMHM. U itataga Ova cam par o?py for Ur ?a auniM. Jot iarg?r aunbar, >irtr>? a aaaaa of aabacrlbara, |1 W OMb. As axw a oopy will ba aaat ta arery c ub of Ian. Twauty ooptea, to naa addraaa, aoa yaar. SO. >Bd K y Urgar Lumbar at aanaa prioa. Ad extra copy will ba Htl to cluba of Iwatity. 71 dm rmlm m *k* tk* Wkkklt Iuaix* ckemi+K puUictuion in fAr eotflWry. Ttf traorao Ei?n:oir, arary Wednesday, at Frr* caota 5 rf oopy $1 par .irtr.ioi to any part or Groat Drltaln, or (C to any pari or u.t itrtfllnent. butti to Include postal li.?tUijFow? Edit a, on tba 3d. 13U? and .Ad of aacb Bcotitb. ai Su cei. la par oopy, or S3 i>or annua. It \ i monrom. to a iinnletl nunthar, wtU ba lnaortad fs tl>a Wisiu.1 Haatip , and in Iba turopaan and CaiUorala Sdlttooft. Voiuma XXIX No. Sll AMU Sh MENU TO MORROW EVBN IMQ. ?IBLO'I OABDBH. Broad war .-Sba. or lea. WALLACE'S THRATRR. Broad way.? Th* Isisb Bin ItlA.'.T ? 1UNDV ANDT. OLYMPIC THRATRR. Broadway, ? Bkoush Oikra Jt(/,M or Uakti a # >'KW BOWERV THEaTRK. Bower?.? SUOH It Lu?? InotuKK Aa.ou o. s Viiijt. BROADWAY THKATRh, Broadway. ? Fitaxcn 8rr? Pin or thk Petticoats BARNUM'8 Mi'SEL'M. Broadway.? Tiro Gum. Two pWAitra. ALBiaoa. ba*t .\Ta. Ac . at ail hours. Ma ?cm?At li a At., J aua ij? P. M. WOOD'S MINSTREL HALL, 814 Broadway. ? RrarotNAa Bom,s, Vaftuaa. Ac.? BoMiiARoaafir or i*?jLRa?K'B4i. CAMPBELL MIN3TRKLS. 199 and *01 Bowerv.? VABian AM' fcxctTwu WkLA.NU* or Ethiopia* Opditibs. RRWTORK Ml'PEi'M OP ANATONT. CIS Broadway.? BckiottTiaa asd Lbcibbbs. froiy 9 a. M. U.l 10 1* H. VfOOLRTm OPERA HOOFS. Brooklyn.? BrsionAx I (M.C. Dam c as, Bur.ia*?rici. Ac. Riw l urk. Sunday, Jnljr 31, ISCf . THE ilTUATION. A>- immense panic vii created in Potinsylviiiiia ya* torday by lbs advance of a large torce of roboJi Into thai Slate, thoir march upin Cbambersbnrg ?ud probable attack upon tbs capital, Harristrorg. ) bey were represented to be very Strang In numbers, and were marching In throe columna. the people ?T Chambernliurg got Intimation of their approach, sod made off in large numbers with their propert#. Governor Curtin at once ta?ued a pro clamation to the people of Harrisburg to protect them selves , which seomod tohsvabecn very willingly obeyed. Ceoeral couch, however, had a fore* at Car Hue, and Oeneral AveriU had alto something to aay to the advance of the enemy ; to tha', tU though they made a formidable and daring ?aid, they did not have U all their own way. Oar latest fesws iMt night states positively that General Averill had ?rlvsa ths rebels oat of Cbambcrsburg, and is fbUowbv thorn westward, towards London, Franklin feonnty. ths best part of Chambersburg Is ?ald to %s la ashsa, Includlstf all ths pub'le buildings. |t Is statod, on the authority of rebel prlsipers, that fc.eaeral Breckinridge Is making s raid towards Wheeling, }r about to rstarn via ths Kanawha valley. It fioems by statements of these prisoners that It li the Ictertlca >f General Longstrest to threaten Wssbingtcn while Ireckinrldgs makes bis raid. In tbe meantime Gecera) , Carly Is lo bold tbe Shenandoah valley. The rebels, under Mosby, ars said to fears cut the tele fraph wires between kouocacy and Point of Bocks. Despatches from FortreM M or roe state that-* por f.U?o of General Grant's army advanced on Wsdr.esday pit captured three rebel brigades, together with several guns. Our mortar bo?U were throwto* shtll into Pet-rc borg en Thursday with so much deatruutiveues* that fcsvsralhoases were sot an fire, and the alarm bells were distinctly beard. 6herman maintains hi* position}*! Atlanta. Tbe eremy pisde a deeparats assault upon blm on the 23th Inst., srid Vas badly repulsed, with ths loss of two or three regl tttsatol hags, tt to aald that General Joe Johnston re signed his command heoaoss he was of opinion that an ?tt? T'l to hold Atlanta would be ?o sacrifice his whole Amy. Ths details of ths halt* of ths 23d, ? which tlsPherson wss kUlsd, show that It was one of the most Usspsrsti tgbts In ths West since tbe opening of tbe war. j tb, privateer Florida captured and burned tbe tarh Oeloocda aad ths aobooser M. T. Darts in ahsnt ths lati tude of tT SO. Ths captains oC both vessels arrlvsd at this <ysrt yesterday, w1tb the story of their misfortune* ?IfCELLAirXOVt nw*. * Its steamship Bremen, from Bouthsmpioa on ths JOtb jfee July, paaaed Caps Baos ysstsrday on her voyage to ?r?? York. A telegraphic report of her H?, wblch It ?ures days Uter , Is published la the Hkbji n to day. The Allied Germs* wsrs ad vanning In tba Pan sb fer etory, although "hostilities bad been stipends*' by an Armistice, and an sngagemot bad taker l*lacs between the Paalah and Allied g- is boats. Tbe tnhabtuats of the Island of Jamaloa had petitioned the Knglteh Parliament against the stave trade of Cuba. Consols closed In l/'odoo on tbe !Wi ?' July alMX a 90K. Ac rebel cHton loan had de-iised two per cent In the Albany murder oaso? MrAhsw Bruunaghaa ?Larged witb ths aiurder of Chsrlss lla. Mpm ? Jodgs Bar sard, sitting In char .bers, ysstsrday rendered a decision fruiting ths app'lcatton of ths dsfsndant to ball, and Uod it at $1,000. The ep talon ot ths Oaurt on ths whole sase is rseerved. Judge Baraard yesterday granted a wr'.t of hafcsaa oor pas, directed to General Mi. to produce ths body of fbeodors Allen to morrow. Tbe petition cites all tbe pro visions of ths Free Mast's proclamation sasusndlng ths writ of habeas corpus, aad claims that ths prisoner bliss's oass does not co-ns within any of thsm. Ths vrnt was granted and made returnable for Monday. Tbe Supervisors' Ouamtttos on Annial Taxes hav ing got possession of the tax rolls from tbe old Com cnli'iueers, ysstsrday handed thom over to the new ft>sr.i, through Comptroller Brennan Tn's settles ths ?on'rovsray for ths prssant and rsless?? Mr Wlliltmson from durance vlls. Ti ers was but llttto changs ta Iks commercial status or Saturday, as oompsrsd with FrKla y. Ths gold flo'to #ii d- k??pt all hind of msroh>adlas n a nominal stale to ll sa regards tbe markst sad values. Tbs demaod for Most arti let was limits* aad oommsrrial transastloas wtr ' rather light Cotton was much tbe aatna. PS?ro ts*i was ab"ut steady, though crn<ls wss raihsr ' *i>cr. M cbangs a d eternised effort Wad ui?d? to pit! JP jh ires, bat It mst with only a ^artlsl snr-ee*. Tbs fcr#adstu!!h market <>i,eri*i at rsth?r hlgbs* prioss for the isa<ling stap'o* um the hnprovi?en? wits not aas taiaed st tbs closn. Pork was "26c. per hs ifl htgbe*. ?nd whl ksy rsallsad v?r full priesa Freight* srs?s bet the husiosss was rsstr.cisd by the s?s>*iiy of Aippiag stnBh Am IxyitaTiok. ? Tha Biitisb ?orth of ua ara trying t* lorui hoil? sort of ? ?onf<wl?ntiion. Thdyhrf mmli (Hrtteropmi fjito tha United BUt* ?! oore, and wve Ota trouble of bringing (htm in nolt % voir* |p aad tif. f?? W?v la PtaaifivBait, Tlr|l?|? Md OivrgU. VUM UIUIU luv buuiilj 1(4 ill PotHISyl VM)1a Chamberaburg ?u occupied yesterday by rebel cavalry and artillery. Rebel cavalry bat been seen at several paints near that place Goreroor Cur tin has called tbe people to arms en masse, aad General Couch it endeavoring to concentrate the element* of defence at Carl Ihle. Our latest news from Harrisburg Rtatee that General Arerill baa driven the robels oat or Cbambersburg , but not before tbey had burned the greater part of the town, including nearly aH tbe public buildings. Snob the situation In Pennsylvania at present. How is it tbat tbe enemy has been able to get down the valley te tbe Potomac, to oross that river, traverse Maryland and appear in 1 cnnsylvania before the country hears positive announcement ef his approach T Tbe answer is that this is probably the way la which tbe government prevents alarm. Doubtless tbe movements of this force wera known, but no intelligence of it was permitted to reach tbe publio by lines through Harper's Ferry, Frederick or Baltimore; and, consequently, the first we hear is that tbe enemy are in a Northern city. It must not,' therefore, be sup posed that tLo force at Cbambersburg dropped from the heavens. That force came down t!.e .Shenandoah valley. On the 18th of July, just ten dava ago, this foroe was at Snicker's ferry, on one side of tbe Shenandoah river, and General Wright, with part of the Army of tbe Potomac, was at the same place on the other side of the snme river. But the rebels went into the woods a little ways, and General Vl nPht thought they Lad gone to Richmond, and perhaps thought that he had better hurry to Grant, so he came away. The rebels there upon turned around and went to Pennsylvania, and the cavalry reoently in Okambersburg may be the advance of the same force tbat was In Maryland or of tbat force aagmentod, as it is said to be, by A. P. Hill's corps. Is this a wholesale life or death invasion of the North, with the temporary relinquishment of Richmond, in the hope to conquer a peace at Philadelphia ? Is it a mere raid T Or is it a more extended attempt at the counter irritant strategy by which in the late advance on Washington the enemy hoped to draw Gran* from the James river ? So far as we can rely up?n any accounts from tbe threatened district, it is not a mere raid, and we think that In 1862 aad 1863 Lee must have seon how utterly hope If.-'Sj it would be to risk his whole cause on the chances of a battle in a Northern State. Wo suppose the counter irritant view to be the correct one. * We believe that Lee could make this strategy very formidable to tbe North, and wo bel<eve that he could very easily overdo it. From Lees point of view this operation ap pears pafer than perhaps it really is. He may have eighty thousand mon. He has Peters burg and Richmond magnificently fortified. It would seem, then, tbat thirty or forty thousand men could, with the forts, hold Grant in check, while the other forty or fifty thousand could In vade the North. But from Grant's point of view th's may be very different. Grant has just developed at Deep Bottom a change of tactics, and this change may prove to >e bad for the thirty thousand. We must awuit fur ther news from Graut before it ia quite possi ble to say whethor we ought not to rejoice over this last invasion. From Atlanta the news couim slowly, espe dally the particulars of tbe battle of Fridav last, in which tbe rebels claim a victory. Hq doubt the War Department knows more than it cares to te!!; but the statement tbat General iilair had buried t^o thousand two hundred of the enemy's men ?ijc.ffa ILat ha could not have been driven far. aad also that it was a severe drive to the enemy. Wo oppressed yeslerdity tbe opinion that the Sou papers would ,.?,ange tLeir tune over Hood s Victory of Friday last. We find tbat they have already done so. Hood had stated tbat ho had captured twenty-two guns and subsequently corrected -this by the statement that he had captured only thirtoea. He can be forgiven for this error, and tha Riahmond Examiner could even "be satisfied without a gun if be 'bad killed VcPher.wu and driven Sherman acrott the CkattahnorW Drivinir Sherman across the Chattahoochee will be l ard for Hood; but he may now uaderstunl that the | R chmond paper, will be satisfied with nothing leas. It la very satisfactory to know Ibe opinion of one ot tbe ablest soldiers in the Southern con federacy on the situation at Atlanta ? th*t sol dier being our enemy and commuted heart nnd soul against as. Ilia opinion is tb*t Lbs attempt to bold Atlanta must inevitab'y be the destruc tlon of Hood's army. This is pleasant to bear in tbe bot weather, when Hood is wholly com mitted to tbe attempt to bold that city. It ap poars to be certain tbnt this vw the wry point upon which Johnston was "relieved.'' He re fused to sacrifice his army in a rain attempt at the impossible. Hardee also bad tbe same opinion of the impossibility of holding Atlanta, and refused tbe com maid or the army on tbe same point Heod took command on the des perate terms of sacrificing bis army rather than continuing the retreat. All this rebel arrangement at the Sooth Is good news in various ways. It is good news that Hood is in command rather than Johnston. It is good news that the final struggle of tbe campaign is to he at Atlanta; thai thus the oampaign may close in definite victory seon rather (ban be dragged oot la longer weary marches and manoeuvres. Bat It Is better news than all that Davis deems It neoessary te put the Georgia csmpa'gn on neb a desperate footing as that of Immediate battle at the risk of destruction. He would not do so If he had a clear hope of success at any quarter. If he bad any hope that by Invasion, demonstration, or battle Lse could be rid ef Grant in another month, or even In sixty days, his orders to (be Southern army would be, "Don't lose men by useless slaughter, but keep the same petiey; dritw Sbermsn on; give him all the cities that are necessary to keep him quiet, aod In sixty lays 1 will give yon help." But his orders low are, "Do ail tbut you uas alone, eves at she risk of annihilation." And tb? army under iood understands this as a declaration that tbore Is no hop* anywhere that 1* bettor than tSefr bope to whip Bberman. vFrom thm they ?nderstand thnt tbe confederacy is ou its last t irow ? Ixre*UA?oM Httpvlted.? ffhe 7\ ass says tLat^it docs not believe In tbe ex istence of a secret ]? olitioal society colled tbe Knights of the American Order. Let the 77m?s editor read our full trpom in to-day's and yt aitarduy's Hjuuld, and bs will change i his c-yiaioa. , 1 Til* flaw RMthMV CMIpltMf of U? Ort#i 9t AawkM KalikU. We publish this morning torn* further par ticulars of tbe new treasonable organisation, latel y brought to light la Missouri, koowa M the Order of American Knight*. It is plainly nothing more nor less than the old conoern of the Knights of the Goldeh Circle la a near disguise, and muoh more adroitly adapted than the old one to the desperate enterprise of a Northern oopperbead peaoe insurrection in sup port of Jeff. Davis. It is believed that the grand object aimed at. by this Order of American Knights is an inde pendent Northwestern confederacy; but this, we think, is a mistake. We dare say that the designs of these conspirators are, first, the overthrow of the present federal admin istration; and, secondly, the trantfer of the Northwestern SUtes and New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland to Jeff. Davis, leaving New England "out in the cold." Under this arrangement the following objects would be secured, to wit: ? First, a Southern confederacy, which, in embracing the Missis sippi river, from its sources to ths sea, and all its tributaries, and the city of New Tork and its Inland commercial communications, wonld secure tbe parties concerned a geographical Uuion consistent, harmonious and ooinplete; secondly, a permanent Southern balanoe of power in the general government, which would at once be secured by the exclusion of the six New England States, with their twelve Sena tors, and tbe exclusion of the States and Terri tories went of tbe Uocky Mountains. Under this reconstruction of the Union the Northern copperhead democracy would revel again iu the spoils of tbe federal government; for the only thing required of them to secure the run of the kitchen would be implicit obe dience to the will of their imperial lords and masters of the South, after tbe fashion of poor Old Buchanan. At all events, this idea of a union of the Northwestern States with the Davis confederacy is not a new one. It will be remembered that when General Bragg, in the summer of 1862, with his powerful army from Tennesseo Invaded Kentucky and threatened a descent upon Louisville and Cincinnati, he is sued a proclamation to the people of the North western States, inviting them "to join the causo of tbe South," and -upon tbe plea that their commere'al interests were the same. Bragg, or rather Jeff. Davis, was bothered about the Mis sissippi river. He said that it could not be divided between a Northern and a Southern confederacy, and so Bragg was despatched to 1 try this experiment of a direct appeal, at the head of an advancing army, to tbe people of the Northwestern States. This is the idea which, under, the rebel Gene ral Price, of Missouri, as Supreme Commander of the Southern section, and Clement L. Val landlgham as Supreme Commander of the Northern section, has brought about this new fraternity of traitors, styling itself the Order or ? American Knights. We presume that the first movement of these conspirators will be to- se cure, as tho poaoe-at-any-price factions, the control of the Chicago Presidential Convention ol the 29lh August, and that, if they secure such control of tbe democratic party, their neft ob ject will be to Involve its rank and file, on or be fore the day of the Presidential election, in a gen eral ,-.rh to ams for Jbe ?? Abraham Liaooln and the exaltation of Jeff. Davis. Tiie Knights of the Americas Order arc hungry and desperate from a long fast, and, with alf their professions of religion and philanthropy, are really conspiring for a dash at the spoils at tho point of the bayonet. Vallandighaia has gair.ed an important 6tep in behalf of this insurrectionary programme in securing his own election as a delegate from Ohio to the Chicago Convention. The rebel ambassadors lately gathered at Niagara Falls, under the manipulations of Georgo Sanders, have meantime been trying tho effect of a flank movement upon Old Abo in support of the Northern peace democracy. What will be the results at Chicago wo cannot tell. That Convention may do much to save tbe country; but, on the other hand, it may do mncb towards the rtila of the coun try. The copperhead foace organ3, from Maine to Missouri, are turning tho cn!d shoulder upon General McCiellan. His late patriotic West Point speech, on the broad and ptrong platform of tbe prosecution of the- war for <t?e constitution and the Uuion, is not in tbe copperhead programme. Ths war demo cracy, however, heartily endorse t' ;a We-it Point speech of McCiellan. Hero, then, in the appointment of this experienced, capable and po;ular soldier to the command of the Depart ment of Washington, is an opportunity offered to the administration to kill off this conspiracy of the Order of American Kuighta and the Chicajro Convention at a single blow. We c>.umend this view of the su'ject to the special attention of President Lkaoln. New York Crnr Conqtiemional Delsox ti. ?N -The prMont Repr*aeata tires In Congress fro ai this city are a burning disgrace to us. Unless tboM who art making op the^lates Tor the fail election throw them all over board and plaee men of more ability and com mon sense before the people, thoy may rely npon it they will be repudiated. Not one of the present Representative* from this oity Is worthy of the position. They compose, in fact, one of the poorest, weak eat, silliest sets that was ever srut to Congress. ' New York, being, aa it Is, the commercial metropolis of the country, the centre of the com merce, trade and finances of the nation, should be represented in Congress by mea of the first calibre ? men who will be able to speak and act far New York in a way that will com mand the attention of Congroe* and the coun try, instead of sneers, aa has been the ease with the present weak and dilutod New York elty delegation. The democratic party in this city is now divided tato three factions, aod there will no ?loubt very soon be two or throe more. Tuis is for the purpose of gottliig rwady for another trade or bargain between the managers ? a sort of wholesale and retail diapo<il of tb? offices and 'at places to the higLest bidder. If tbeee gentlemen do not throw the present Cougres sional Representatives all orerboird, or If th?y attempt to run any of them, they will Qud that the people will repudiate them in Mo. and their bargains, whether secret or open, will all be rejected by the publlo at the polls. What s wanted Is for some political body to make a bold move aad nominate mea who will be a oredlt to the city while to Congress. Old Tammany is, from old associations, better able te aooompllsh this than any other clifne, and will 4e it if she baa any men of sense nt the ne*4 e( the otfiplsttto* 9ut the leer is that I she hM Done, and will prefer to auk* bargains, | barter aad Mil these officM, Inat? <1 of taking a manly stand, which would redound to har credit and that of tba city. Tun Alleged Giiat Northwestern Peace Conspiiuot ? A Flan* Movement Aoainst Gen eral MoClhajln.? We have circumstantial re ports of a great Northwestern peace conspira cy, including throughout the North a muster roll of two hundred thousand peace men, ready, at the tap of the drum, to take up arms against the present administration. It is fur ther reported that these conspirators of the new Order of Knights of Amerioa are enrolled as MoClellan minute mea. These and many more details, It appears, have beea brought to light by an active Inquisition of a certain pro vost marshal in Missouri. Now, while we think it altogether probable that among the virulent peace agitators of die Vullandigham school there does exist a secret organisation dangerous to the internal peace of the North, we hare no doubt that this report of General McClellan 's connection with It is a flunlcmorement of his enemies? Vallaadigbam democrats and shoddy republicans ? to kill him off. We find none of th^ Vallandigham peace organs ad vacating the Presidential olaiins of General McClellan. They want peace oa any terms that will be aooeptable to Jeff. Davis, while McClellan advocates that peace which will have for its basis the Union and the con stitution. He Is not the man wanted by the copperhead peace agitators. His late patriotic Union speech at West Point has rendered bim wholly unavailable to the peaoe-at-any-price faction. As a constitutional conservative be is equally obnoxious to the shoddy republicans and their new ultra negro platform of no peace short of tbe total abolition of slavery. But this com bination of extremists and disorganisem on both sides must inevitably operate greatly to widen the popularity of MoClellan among con servative men of all parties. Henee we find some of fce most sagacious of the republican journals advocating the recall of MoClellan to the Department of Washington. They wisely deaire to secure his name, his services and his great personal influence among the war demo cracy on tbe side of the administration, and iu behalf of a successful prosecution of the war, as the paramount object of all truly loyal mea. In this view we are glad to hear that some of tbe moat eminent and Influential republicans have undertaken to urge upon Mr. Lincoln the appointment Indicated. Will he exhibit she sagacity of a statesman, or still be guided by the small prejudices of party malignants In this matter ? H>s shortest way to success from the present military and politioal campaigns is through a treaty of peace with this immense body of conservative war men, who have an abiding faith In the political and military abj^ties and wisdom of General McClellan. We await, not without hope, but not without fear, tbe decision of President Linooln. A gieat body of war democrats and veteran soldiers are ready on a short ootloe to serve the administration under McClellan. Are they desirable at this crisis as allies or enemies of tue administration ? That is the question. Pkopkr Testimonial for MoCi.*llan. ? Wo have received ft communication arglng the which we have repeatedly expressed as to the fit and proper testimonial to be pre sented bj the people to McCleUan ? namely, a substantial tribute to his genius and services in the dLape of an estate, whioh would bo valuable and enduring to himself and bis family, ra'hor than a mere toy sword, whi^ jt is now tbe habit? and a verj b^ one it fs? to present to every polit'io^* br'gadier in the peryiocv It i* propo^ b^the writer that the hdmlrers of General McCleUan should make a popular sjibncrlprton, a^ a dollar eaoh, an 1 tbns raise a Xiundrod thousand dollars for tbo purchase of an estate. This would be the best evidence of the esteem la which he is held by the masses. It wotTO be a "monu m -nt more enduring" and far more valu ablfc "than brass." It could be easily accom plished, and would speak in most emphatic terms for the good will of the people. Such public tributos are not without honorable pre cedents. Tho great Edmund Burke wa* the recipient ol such a gift from a grateful people. So was William Cobbett, and still more recently Mr. Cobden. It was tbe custom with tbe aucionts to reward their brave and useful citizens thus. It ia not derogatory to the dignity of any publio man to accept such an offering ia testimony of popular ap preciation. The private friends of Geaoral MoClellan presented him with a floe house la taker of their regard. Let the people new teadei bliu an equally substantial testimonial wbici wiii remain with hi* children for ever. 8chrm* Trkpartso for Tin Nxrr Lioisla tar*. We publish this morning in our budget of political gossip the expott of ? monster gridiron railroad scheme that is being pre* pared by the legislative railroad patriots of 1860 to present to the next Legislature. This is brought forward in a sufficiently formidable shape to demand tbe attention of the public, especially thoso who are now compelled to ride to aud from their business in the oity cars. To them the proposed inorease of fare is worthy of their consideration when they oome to vote for members of tbe Legislature this fall. Tib Corrh.iULEiJ> Wobld.? The World In dulged yeeterday ia half a oolamn of abase of General Grant. It says that we "moat ex poet vory little, and be thankful if oar armies are not dofeated. " Has the World forgotton Fort Donelson, Vickwburg and Chattanooga ? Or is the World editor a Knight of the Ameri can Order? Tb? Park Oaaeerta. , Tbn quo** artornoao concert in tb? Park ?u yesterday 1 w ae!l atrondou ?? la cuaiomary oa Saturday, la aptte of J the boat of tbo weather, wblob waa tateaso antll about , id o'ciock, wh?o a piquant breeaa apruag up tbe id 'i me waa, *? wail aeieoed sad performed, aereraJ boins loui'lr avplaudad. * motif tbe rlsitors we ?f.(i?d ?u soy ?nioo:?, Inoladlaf Um Uabrew Orpbae m and tba Uetm. srhonl ffcr ooldiore' cblldreo, to b th ut wh.'k lostitutl- oe tba jotretiiiea are slothed as well a* adornt?d. Iiim ?j min* ot tba lower part of tba Turracn. aa an aihuncl u Hie Caaiuo, ba< provad by ita aoc'*** how mi -I. It waa t eedad, aort rim? more ttr? piovainenu of a (imilar n saure are la oonteaplatioa. Rftaitatloa r?? Ostra|i| la Kaa* tarkf. Came, July so, ism. Oafx' p?ina,(K'amarid g th 4 dlatrlot, baa aoat a aotod rebel ol Fadtioal la to tba rouatry to laierat tba people that far or?ry o.iti?ge on I n loo citlieos' llrea sod property ratxM sympaUntera shall be trealad la !*e aaa nar. la addition to tba ordere already reported Maaoral Palna baa direclad tbm none bjt l ywi Ma abail trad* la tfeo dlatrlot; that ao hanho, airopt at cam, shall ear eat money or reoalra depoata without upeotal porta I ia. Ha b?s aim. ta*od woaltby e?*wei<>iit?t* ona fnmdrod thoa aaad dollar* tor tba haaaSI ?t ??M?ar? femutoa Uvtae SI tpawetSeeewks. THE PRiVATiiR FLORIDA. Vli Bark ??< ackaoait Ktr, (?r?t V. L^vt* C?ptir?d BuraM BtaMMtali ?r Captklni WlMlaw ?n< Wast, Ar.f Ac. The British itMBwr Governor Baylor, from Nissan, N. P., arrived at U>M port yesterday, bringing Captains Wlaalow, of the bark Goluooda, and West, of the soboooer Margaret T. Devla, both of which vessels wart bursa* bftta privateer Florida. STATEMENT 0? CAPTAIN WBS?T. Captain W. F. Waat, of tba schooner Margaret T. Davis, burned by tba rabal privateer Florida, makes the follow ing aiatammt Belled rrom Port Koyal, 0. CM July 8, bound for Haw York, la ballast. On Jhly 7 spots United 3utaa guoboat Santiago da Cuba, and was again la csinp mr with bar on Saturday July 8, latltuda 8t 20, longitude 74 40, at day liabt, aaw n bark rigged steamer staariog for an, which ao<n earns up with as, and holsud tba Amarloan flag, which we did also. Ha ordered ma to heave too, and ha would board me. When his boat osme alongside ba btulad dowa the Amerlosa colors, and Informed ma thai wa were a prize to t^ rebel gunboat Florida, and gam me ton minutaa to pack np and lea to. They flrst took my aaotlcal lastrumnota and other valuables, and then ret the vessel oa flrn The crew of tba Florida's boat acted In s very disorderly ra inner. On tba seme day wa ware transferred to the schooner Wm. H. CI* <re, of Nassau, Captain Hall, from whom the eapUia oi the Fonda got a Naw Yob* Qkbam, oontaintor tba account of tbo sinking of the Alabama, which oonfused them very much. Besides myself and orew there were on board Captain Wtnslow and orew, of the bark Qoloonda, of Naw Bedford, burned previously, who wars, with us, putoa board the Cteare and taken to Harbor Island. BTATIMKNT OP CAPTAIN YINRLOV. Captain Wlaslow, of tba Golconda, states that ha left Taloahuano, Chile, April Id, far Naw Bedford, with a cargo of one thouaaad eight hundred barreia or whale and sperm oil, mostly on 'relght. On July 8, at a' quarter past four P. If., latitude 87 80, longitude 78, waa board <id by the rebel privateer Florida, who Informed me that I was a prize to bar, and that ha would give us tan minutaa to get our thlnga ready to leave, ea ha was going to burn the ahlp. I aakod the officer if ha would not bond her; but ba fa piled thai <athat thing was played out long ago." the officer Informed ma that mr private property woald ba respeoted; but It waa not, for be kept $200 worth. Tba offloer bad qo control over the men while oo board. They oommenoed tearing down the skylights and plundering as aoon as they got on board. They took four or five barrels sperm oil and one studding sail, and then set Ore to her In three places? cabin, ma n batch and forocastlo. They thon left her aLd steered for another v easel, which proved to be a French bark, bound to New York. Tboy asked tba captain to take us oo board and land us; but he re fused , on the ground that- he was consigned to the French Consul, and ooold not. The Florida tben kept off weet by south, under astl and steam, and at any time did not make over nine knots per hour. On July 0 the Florida roll in with the schooner Margaret T. Davis, Captain West, of and Tor New York, from Port Royal, and burned her. On the same day myself and officers, to gether with Capt. West and craw, were put on board the British schooner Wm. H. Cloare, Csptalo Hall, from New York, hound to Harbor Island, whore we arrived July 18, from whence we went to Nassau, where we applied to the American Consul, Mr. Thompaon, stating our desti tute condition, ftc., and that we would like to get a passage to New York. He ordered us oa board the brig Olive Francos, Captain Small, and to wait until she was read? to go. The OIlvo Francos bad to ga to Ragged Island for a load of salt before going to the States; but ha afterwards allowed us ten dollars each toward paying our panaage In the steamer Governor Bay ley for New York. We are under obligations to Captain Llgbtbourne, of the Governor Buy ley, for kls generosity , also to Meagre, iwrilng * Arnold, *wt era of tba steamer; to Captains Hall, or the W. H. Cteare, and Small, of the brig Olive Franoea. for many acts of Undoes* while on board their respeotlve vessels. Religious Xntclllftntt. SSBVICK3 TO-PAT. At the Twenty -first etrset Reformod Dutch church, near 9UV& avenue, there will ba divine asrvlco and a serm - this moraine at kalf past tea o'clock. The He-, ju. B, flai'deuhergh, D. D., will officiate. Tbo Hot. Stiaus) B. Bell, 0. b , pastor, will pretvch Is the Ftrteenth street Presbyterian church, between S.'.Ai<Vl way ul Eighth avenue, at half put too A. M. and a quar ter to ei jbt P. M. Subjects, moralDf? ' :C'oaso|?uce; ' even ing. " Tne Royal Preacher." The Rev. Jamei B. Hiirdenbcrgh , D. P., will prescb at the rooms of the New England Soldle-s' Relief Association, M" 1&4 Broadway, at hair past three o'clock P. M The publlo are invited to attend. At the First Free Baptist church, Twenty eighth street, near Broadway, the Rev. D. M Gr-.ham, D. !>., will preach al half ptafl tea o'clock A. M. and a quarter to eight P. M. Sabbath school concert at two P M. The Rev. Or. Gra ham and others will address the mooting. Staging by the eohnol The Rot. Ne* ten Beaton win preach in the ^Utestrest Csnerecatlooa: charcb, Brooklyn, thU morning, at half rifct ten o'clock, and at half past Mvea o'clock In the svenlog. R. M. Poor will deliver the first of a serins of sermons at Metropolitan Uail, No. 05 Sixth avenue, tkia evening at e.ght o'clock. At three o'clock In the afternoon a dls ouss.on on the caose and ours of slo and misery. At St Ann's Free churb, Eighteenth street. ncsrPlfth arenas, service* at a rj isrter to eight and hslf-pist ten In the raerntog, half-past three is the afternoon, and a quarter to eight In the evening, the afternoon being for deaf mutes. The rector will preach at each service Divine nervine will be held at the Church of the IToly Trinity, la Rutgers Institute, Filth avenue, between Forty-first and Forty -second streets, this afternoon at five o'clock Preaching by the Rev. Elliott I). Tompkins. At ths Church of ths Resurrection, Thirty 81b street, near Bulb avenue, the Rev. R O Flagg, rector, the Hsv. >*m. H. Benjamin, assistant rector of the llolv Comrou ntoa, will preach is the morning, and the Kav Mr, Rns ml, of /ion's church, to the svening. Morning service st hair-past ten o'clock; evening, at a quarter to ?i?nt o'clock. The oongragattoe of ths Canal street Preabyterlan church will meet lor divine worship in the City Amenably IV-oma, 440 I u-oadway, at half past tan A. M. and hair past three P. M. A dtaoourss will be delivered by ths Rev. Edward Mo Olynn, D. I)., at St. Mary's chnrob, Ear Rookaway, L L, this evening at hair-past seven o'clock. Subject? "Tbs Saorament <4 Christ's Body " At Union Hall, corner o f Broadway and Twenty. third street, "Elizabeth," the trance speaker and clairvoyant medium , win discourse si bair past tsn A. M. and half past seven P. M. At three in the afternoon there will be ? conferencs c Ire Is. At Hops Chaps!, 730 Broadway, preach log at thrss P. M , by S. 8. Snow. CANADA METHOM8T PPIWOPAt, CHTTRCIT. Ths minutes of ths thrse confernneos? Ootsrlo, Niagara sad Bay Quints? report >16 traveling preaobers, 90, 088 church members, 1S8 churches snf. *7 parsonages Tbs ralus of ths ohurch property is estimated st $206,031. r MS BYTBRI AN OBCROH IN CANADA. Ths fallowing is an abstract or ths rsturns st Uis Canada Presbyteries Church ror last year ? Tbers wsre 40,000 eommunlcants, being sa increase of 2,000; 4 M>0 baotlsffls, being sn tcorease of 500 la the year; 21,000 Bobhath scholars, sa lorrssse of 1,800. 410 weekly meetings, being 80 lees than last year, l 25? e'ders, an Iscrsses of CO; 2,200 other office bearers; 000 prThw sts'loos, being sn tnorsass of M). 71,000 psrsons attended divlos ordinances, being as Ic crease of 0,000: rtlpends Kid to ths ministers. 1112,000. as laorssss sf $10,000. tal contributions $ao.0,*46, being SB incrssss sn ths preceding ysar of $17,400. . diaths i* rmi mwrrmr. Ths Richmond fltawrcr of Jsly'A announoes ths dsath af ths Rev. William J. Hone. I). f> , pastor of trfh Tabb strsst eburch, Petersburg, Virginia. Be died on tbs 6th sf July, st Itsil wood, the residence of J as. Jones, Neq. , In the ooooty of Chestor field, Vs. Dr. Hogs wss wn.l known ? o the North, having been formerly pastor or the West minster church, Baltimore. Maryland, and assocists pes tor with Rev. Dr. Spring, of the brink Fresh* lerlan cbirob, New York 11m latter poolttoa He regained nntll the sum 1 msr of 1841, when be resigned sad went to Virginia. The Rev. Hamnsi Ps*toa, of tha Pr?shytery of Hsrtsnn, dlsd at his resldenos at M*tVwtlo. New York, on lbs 10th instant lis was Is the eighty. etuhtb ysar sf his sgs, and dlsd suddenly, from s strefcs of apoplexy. CAM ACClPrkO. The wev. R. W. Henry, D. D.,ef the Heoend Presbytery. New Tori h?? received end excepted s unanimous sail from the Ner h Preeoyterlss fhii'cn, Philadelphia, and will enter upon his asw Ssid of labor ths 1st of ftsptem her sett Nrwsrirstm Anvannto Tana Panms.? The rspreeesta tlvss of shs Bost >s wsekiy papers met Isst week sad ra solvsd to advsnos ths rstss of subscrlfHionnsd ad vert is leg from twsaty to arty per csnt rbs nswspsiwr pub Mr hers gsosrally throughout tbs oouslry hifce slthsr adtsaosd thslr rate* nr 'leoresssd Urn slse of their jour nals^ Tws l^mdUss Drswssd WUIt Bsthlag, Boston, July 80, 1884. Mrs. Msrgvst Tinker sad Mist Grace Ollmore, both young ladles, wsrs orownsd Is Wsitksm yeetordsy while hatMaf. Nis sf Imtea ??maty and Oeapea Rsndi. Marios. July SO, 1884. City gf Boots* bounty sad eonpoa bssds, amounting to $100,800, das i? 1804, principal sad later sat payable Is EUROPE Tilt Bremin Off Cap# Raw will Two Days Later News. Advise* of the Germans Is Denmark. DECLINE II TBH REBEL LOAlf tot to. ' to Cap* JU~i, Jnly M, (Ml ft* steamship Breasia, fross Soetkampton ?tk SmS, p?Wl this polat this afteraoue, m rtwU to ^ew Turk. A petition wm preaeated la Parliament rna proteeUug iplui the Increase ef the alave (rasa A Cab*. Two sutplotoas craft baring beea a^en' elf belt, top* Italian frigates kave keen ori?r*4 to eralee tfcin. The steavbips 8idoa, froay, n'sw York, ead UiheraSN^ from Quebeo, irrirMi out on (be I8lk last. Th* Daatek War An agreement hu beea mad* to Mipni hoeltUUSk Ik Denmark udUI July SI. The D?<i?h ud allied gunboats txava had aa wiga^ ?>?01 at Feoba. The Auetrlana occupy Feobi. Tbe la.aorl oa the weet coast of Schleswlg M Ik PMMf slo* of the Alilee. Commercial latolllfaMO. Consols dosed at JLond<>*, on ike aoik of July, kl M|f ? 90*. IM rebel loan baa declined two per oent. NEWS FROM WftSHIMTOa. WuniWoi, July SO, ltSt. n?rr or sscwart rsasBNBBN to nsw rou. It la understood tbat Secretary Ksesenden will, unto* tome un oreeeea occurrence prereota, go to New T?S to morrow or Monday evening, ok buaineaa oeaa with tbe flnanwal intereata or tke country. CONFISCATION Or GOOD* BT OkN. BtTTLSR. General Bailer a day or two since krreeted Gallagher, antler, wltkla his linen, for aelllng a of liquor to a soldlor, sad confiscated four Teasels o f gooda which be had la the river. It hsa beea o barge# tbat General Butler was making money through a osa neotloa with Gallagher's operatloaa, who has beea Mkf a very large and lucrative business; but thla action wM no doubt put a quietus ape* theee reports fer Ms future. TRAM WITH IN SinikBOTION A BT DISTRICTS. The new ru'oi and regulations for the governms*! tf trade and Interoou'ee with Insurrectionary dlstrieta wtf bs ready for publication oa Wednesday next. have been very carefully prepared, ard It is will obvl<te many of the objections, and leasoa the epk portunltles for speculation and fraud, which were i against thoee established by Secretory Chase. IMPORTANT CIRCULAR RvAARDIN* RB-BMLISTI A ciroular has been Issued from the Adjutant General^ office that oa and after I tits dtto men of the one bundrefl day a foroee, who may have at the date of re-eallatmeelloM than sixty days to eerve, will be permitted to re eaSHS ? or ooe, two, or three years, aa they may la each eaak otect, the new term to commence from tbe date of rem lis I meat. Tbe re enllstmeata for the ineressed term wfll come under the following regulations:? Where seven hundred mea re enlist In the regies sal % which they belong the regimental organisation wik la maintained, aad tbe officers thereof be allowed to tbe rank held by them under the oae htwlred daya I Should teas tbaa seven hundred mea rk-eallst In the i regiment uia tore* win w orr.'.niied Into on* or i computes or 'I0(a) ltrADgtb, u< officered bp luoU M 1.?r bo selected from tb? original command hp lb* commanding bob"**' of tho army or department. lien r?-eollsling, should they bo desire. win bo per mitted to ee!?ct * different regiment end oompmy *h? remainder wlU oodtt??* nnder their offlcera until the ?? piratlon of tbe on* bundren v,yl Urm ao4 Ux*n t tbeir discharge from tbe serviod. * * tbe All men who deeire to uice advantage of tbe benefit / tbe resulting from re-eultstmest under the provisions of lb*6? b?** order will be reinlarljr mustered out or sorylce en b1 will be prescribed rolls. than at TBI IKOBBaflKD BATKS OF FOlHrot POfFAM. It IS offloian/ aouounoed that the Increased postage el " forty five coots per single rate, which the public wen <4 n tilled would be charged on and after July I, 1M4, npon letters ad dreaded to the Australian eolonia* and New Zealand, and transmitted In the BrMfe mall vis Southampton, will not be IsrM and collected, tbe Br<tUb offloe baring glvaa subsequent notion o t Its decision not to carry tbe pn? poeod change Into eflbct at prcaent. All letters , thereto^ addreesed to the colonies of Victoria. New South WiMm, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia. Westers Ita and Now Znaland will cootlnoe to be chargeable 1 tbe old rate of postage, via: thirty-three oeata per i rate of hair an ounce or nnder, prepayment required. ipronrnmrr. Hon. John A. Bingham has been appointed Solicitor sf the United States Court of Claims, vice Gibson, rsslgitsd ?Noop?rn? with ocbrtli. ab. Yesterday n small foroe of tbe Sixteenth New cavalry visited Leeslmrg on a reconnotssance, when i unexpectedly fell in with a large body of rebels, I nine men. ?WAMP LAMM. Tbe Secretary or tbe Interior has approved the i tana Indemnity nwasds, aaser tbe not or March I, iu^ adjudicated by the 0>BUMl*s,<ra?* ?< mm uanuy r^| Ofllee for toe counties of Chickasaw, Allamakee, Jobansa, Fremont, Adair, Fayette, Bremer, Mills, Butler, Milissbn. Guthrie, Bncbanaa, Clayton, Washington, Decntnr saf Dubuque? all la Iowa. Tbeee awards give the Stale of Iowa perm lea lea to locate about slxtyooe thousand three hundred and thirty -two acres of Isaa In lien of swnsnf lands sold by the govern ment, and spsoiel osrtldoates ftp that parpene will speedily be Issnel bp tbe Genernl Leaf Offlee. OarTTTItl OP A 8 FT. A rebel spy was captured last night ea reutasaft street, ob the island. He wan fired nt three tlnasn. Bp was taken prisoner. DMKItrWM AMOMf PBISOHfltf OP WAf. Among tbe number of prison era brought in thla a^p lo dap from Fart Dataware wen two men who wenaaa? land than far sons tims as fssartsn from the robot ana/, bat who admitted a day er two ago tbnt they bh longed to tbe Union army. Tbeir nam an srs Mward Benton, of the Ninth Mow Tork artillery, end iHinnaa McPberson, of the Heventy-thtrd Row Tork. Benton, ? appears, deeerted bis regiment nt Woodbine, on tho Hnh timers and Ohio Railroad, and want to Gettyeburg, whan be gnve hlmsetf up tn the Provost Marshal at that phMi aa a rebel deserter, dad was not to. Fort Beta want McPberson, In bis affidavit, states that be lassrtsd Mi regiment nt Fredertcksburg sn the Tth of March, sat want lo Aqala crash, from whence be eras forwarded If this dtp as n dsssrter from tho Fourteenth Virginia nana nlry, and committed to tbe Old Capitol, whars has* mained antll tho 1Mb of Jane, when be wan taken Mb prison and traaeferred to Fort Delaware. Colonel Ingraham has committed Benton and MeWswn tn prtsw to nwnlt tbe orders of Colonel Wells, who wM nan tho prisoners trisd by oonrt martial. Tho Best base mi Worcester, Man*. WontxsTsn. Mam. , July 80, 1M*. The boat race to day fur single scull wherries, distaan two miles, van WOO by the Emma tovett, pulled bp A Radford, of Now York. Tim?? Sixteen nannies and thirty two seconds. Iho race tot four oared boats, distance three miles, waf won by tbe (leorg* i Brown, of New Tork. Tlm?? Twenty-one minutee. Ouly two boats competed, nam* ly?ri>tG*t"ge J. Bmm and George B. McCleilan. thn latter or B>*u>e Tbe race ror six oar - d boats w?s ovar tho same oourph Only two ooata eoterod-the George L. Tucker and thn flarvnrd "Jophomor* Tbe former woa in nineteen sal* titan aed eight sect da Tho atteadanon to wlib?s tue rowing w?s my i*rp^ ? ? -hi in ' fi Celsntl Hls'isjr, of *?ik. ? PflftiBMN, Jaly SO, lb?A Usntemnt Colonel Edward Marr?y, of the Fifth New fork hsnvy artillery, who wss wouaded In the side anf sword band, Is new In Winshntar, n printer, fin lb hlodip attended bp a rebel surgeon, who was n prlnenns nt Fbrt Mcttenry .whan l?H>nsi Murray was stationed than. The surgeon aoitdmtniif di^a rnnd tin ta tl^

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