Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK 11 1 " ?' 1 " '" J}" '??>* iTl'i m IT . i i|> ? r? ? i ? _____ ? WHOLE NO. 10,181. ' NEW YORK, TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, HERALD. 1864 PRICE THREE CENTS. G RAN T. Ildditloral Details of the Groat Battle on Saturday. It Union Forces Unable to Hold the Captured For tifications* ifture of Five Hundred Rebels Duilag the Assault, i HE CASUALTIES. President and General Graat in Coa'ercncc, Uh tc?i ft#. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. fHE FIFTH CORPS. ' ?r, la, A. Hndrlek't Despatch. Urad :t)ARTuRs, Fifth Army Corps, 1 Bxforh PKTKKaiXKO, July 29, 1804. J a MACumaart night aocm. baaoastomed have we beoome to nocturnal cannocad I to their lurious continuaDco hour after hoar, ll?r r?me time we have com# to regard them as an stial and regular part of the night'* programme, and i.'ore pay bofclittle attention to them. Usually they i about midnight, and fltoo some time fur sleep. Our i jua* lust night, however, took it Into their heads to ? a Bight of The reverberating roar of opposing can i w?h incessant, deufenlng, terrible. It was mostly in , of thtt Ninth corn?. From tho roof of our head ers 1 w;\tcted tho progress of tne counter cannon &g. It .vac a grand and fetrful spoctacle ? the fierce i of the enemy's guns; the fiery paths, like so many jlrg meteor? shooti-ig athwart the sky? of !mv buo'Ih, the bursting of bombs and mor Aa u=ual, our shot and shell were directed the enemy's lino and Into Petersburg. Sood buildiig iu the doomed city was on fire, and soon Uer t aod soon threo distinct conilugratlous were vlsl -tbe result of our shilling. The fires, bringing to ' the city's atooples and roofs aud tho enemy s ram I^r ti> aud guns, made more grand and fearful the scene. Away to the ripht a cafeson of the enemy exploded? a r sco no in bi:e m.;ht dram.t. Miyht ended, and so did i onnconadiug. Had a Belgium boon teat tuey would | Jtoro thought it a second Waterloo. Eat all this night's sara uf hostile ea i.oii and rattle of musketry, woxa ?ft op tn iacasauat accompaniment, in flic tod slight io?s A oar side. I have only referred to It here beoauso of li ?oatuul contiuuan. e. ? IBS lOi N HOSPITAL*. lb day I spent several hour? visiting mrcirpe hospital*, taring trendies and batteries aud ramparts and the istoa of mu.-kuto and oanuoo in front o( Petersburg, aud | faBowirig nearly ttir?e miles a winding ro.d, we reach ? hospital grounds. The same site 1* now oocupled I that chosen directly after our arrival bore. It was ? best loc ut 'li to be found, iu the edge of a think pine t, aaay from tho dust ? the ground elevated, a crees pg near, and a spacious open Held in frout. admit free circulation of air. Six weeks have greitly im K ad the natural advantages, Have relied trees where M MOSaeary, eradicated stumps, developed springs, tov wells and changod the disposition of tho tents from iu time, till further improvement can hardly be MKseted. There are tour hospitals ? one for each dtvl. Km of the corps, besides one for the artillery brigade. Shasa hospitals, all uuder the direction of Dr. Mllhuu, Jtodleai Dire, tor af the corps, am still essentially sepa (?M, aud under tho care each of the surgeon- lncbie! of toeruf-pctlv division', Though in appointments aud tootoot bearlug no comparison to the larger aud Derma gflut ariry hospitals at H.mptou and places at the North, fg Cald h a. in is they cltalieuge comparison with any Am this war thus far hit developed, it would occupy fM Much spvo to describe these hospitals separately. pMh ooo is arranged upon tha same general principle gl taut* occupied by the wounded aud sick, comprising ttatHie known as the army l irge hospital tents, and grrangeil iu para,. 1 rnwp, the r periling tents convenlout ^ WMtlguO'.-t, aud conneute<l/with each the usual dispen dining tents, ki cUeus, Includiug b&korles, offices, i' quarters, &c. Fronting each row of hospital to, and scattered at lutervals in oughiut the grounds, artificial booths, afT.irdlng additional sha le to that aisbeii by the sarrounding trees. Most of tb j beds raised from the ground and many furni.-hed with /ortabio straw mattresses. There aro bountiful s ip jtoM of medicines, an adequate corps of nursef. abut* 1ms Ice, wLicH is obtained from City Polut, and luxuries ?i toe w.y or lemons, Jellies, canred meats atd other Wttoles of light and savory diet, whioh are supplied by toaPanitary .,nd Curis.lan Commissions, each of wnich ?Vganlsntlora baa a depot here. A' the present ISwa there are abt ut threo toumin d sick and sixty wounded in tha nve hospitals. For some jto. |>Mt there has been hut a small number ef opera Ua Mmparnd with that following a hnlti*. But the 4paratin? tables are here, aud aaputal n and towa and stsB. (fistic agents, and all tJ'e ''ruble appli Moaa of an army Held bospitil. A . , .y, any bour, say a*e th-se tables covered with ?? ?ounded, and |t?blRK of wrKiids ai d Uutb am ? jts aucceedi -g Msfc other with ..ppal i .g rapidity. lb? foilewlug a.e toasuri- as m rhi f ? W>t divis'on, Dr. W. R. Dawltt. ?aoMd JivUion, Dr. Sims Kmitb. Tktrd divi. ou, Dr. L. W. Rau<L fMrtt division, Dr. C. II. Ch.imbgrlain. tortiUory brig uie, Dr. H. S. Ibompson. to eacb division there are pome dozen assistant sur gasM employed in timi of action. Many have been the ?MSa during the present campaign that the surgeoi s have *ark?'i vuiQtei u!tliut'ly dfc>s and nights in succession, labouiu mention among the surgson* Dr. C. K. '.Vriu ey, ?adleti In?i r tor of the oorpi, whj'o labors in Ma dapartmeut hue been unceasing. An important toatare connected with the bospl?tis Is the buria' fMMd. Tb- iu m Itting piaooi that oould be s?Uv.te>i tove betn cbonen for tola purpose. At the head of etch grave is plnced a wooiea headboard, on which are assayed the n irae of tho deceased and the date ef bis toML. Tberu are Tmr ohnpisins? Rev. Mr. Ciark, aii^bty. toird regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Kcv. Willi n ?Tieiil, One Hundred and E{bi<cntb Pennsylvania Vatontrets. v. Mr. Ferguson, bixtemau Mlchlgno; Rev. Mr. Rowo, T*en'i<!th Maine ? who, in their cfTltiial ca gaatty, have proven themselves cot only of untiring in ?atory, b it also exceedingly useful. These chaplains at SaMI to the iuterment of the dead , and keep a record ot toa eilects, to be forwarded tu their respective 1 euitted mentioninc that there Is a smallpox hospital, atotoaiy separated fioin the othi rs, at some distanca from ftoM, whero several caMS are now hemg treated. totlmate'y einnsotitd with the eorpn hospitals Is the jtoBMisnoe Department of tha corps. The enuot or tots dtowrtmmit sod tha amount of labor performed by it Ma vary little known to the people In tho army, and toMk lass to those out of it. The Ambulnnce impai tment 0 this aerpa alone, aa at present organised, oomprls-a ?Ma handred and slvty aaibulaaeea, seventeen medical wagons, fifty-seven army wagona for the transportation mt te'ts aa<l ^nartoraiaster's supplies, five hun ?sad and et i.hi horses, three hundred aud seventy four *aVv,two tiumtrnd and al:hty -three stretcher*, tirieeu sMaerr -and Sit hunlrnd and thlrty>two men, Inolud ng 0rei. iier b i.irors, drl> ere. Id t.niithe, ?'*pt%iu W f. Druir, klecoud Ui I tod sate* lo:'w;i ry, i ohief of t'ie #?"ps A more a/irrgitir and o.riahleofl .-o, (or thnpl iro 0*i* u<>t be isudo. DiuiBg toe ui04uit c?iui.?'i.a vt oonaeolsd vftb this d?P*J tmenl tbere bsve been eta killed, tweftty-ooe wounded and Iwwivo Uken prU OB6f|i THE 11MTH CORPS. Mr. James O. ruipatdek'i D??p*tel?e?. Niirru Arm* Cor.'*, J. Pktobs PmMjm?o, V* , July &??? ?. J nU NTQBT HIKMW THIS a?aUl*. We are en the ere of n great encagemeut -'or tbe pos session of.- Petersburg. Ere another eun net", or even belore another rises. Uie con leu will have commenced. It Is the ''night before the battle, " and the occtsion is certainly an Impressive one. No matter how often the ?oldler hae mot the enemy in mortal oombat ? no matter how Jestingly he may epiak of the conflict wboi the clear light of d/?y te nhiiilnt; around blra ? no matter If, like Dentalus, be can poiutwilb oalmooea to tbe soars of many h fle',:? .Jiore la something io the battle ove which at. lis tho jest and laug\ aud fixes the mind upon tho dread morrow. The darV nighl.ouiy to terminate In the ter riflo contest which d:iy sight brings, 18 mysteriously, brooding* Bflggaatiyo oi serious tl >ugfcts. Brit?'su>E. I hav?jtr>t takon * peep in a', boudqusrters. 0 ir c?rps leads in the a-raAul'. to morrow, and Burnsldo in naturally anxious. There hf> Sit", by a deal table, cowmu.'.icatln'; the ordure to an aid, who is transcribe them In manl fold, lie Is dre?ied in ? obeei shirt. blue flannel pants and slippers, nnd ar he leans back In tho camp etcol it is easy, by watching the obsnge<j of his countenance, lit up by the two candles that burn on tho tablo, to trnco tbe varying thought, the mental deliberation, as sentence lUter t<enti-uoo is pineal in writing to suide hiB trocpB in the battle. GWRtlALS WU1TS AND FRR.WRO. On one side is White, now chief of stsfT. fmok Ing in fitful puffn, bis fare serious anil betraying bow earnestly he shares tho auxiely of the occasion. Ferrero, on the other side, netvously twirls his imporia:, snd also is rvideuily deeply interested. Tho group, re lieved against ttie loopvl up canvass of the tent, with tho sentry before too entrance and the corps banners flutter ing in the ni^ht wind, certaiuiy ooustitute an iaterostiug picture. And now oome the orderlies, summoned from tbe little tents close by, their sabre ? clunking us they movo. The missives jum wntteu are handed them, aud away they dash to ifce different division Headquarters. TOMORROW'S OrSHlTJOSS. The programme of to morrow Trt operations embraces the springing of tho mino at half -past three o'c'ock, to be followed by tho asBault of the troops and a general can oocode from the artillery. In a previous letter ! men tioned thai the mine was to be charged with sis tons of powder. The amount has since been changed to four tors? a sufficient r.nantity, however, to cause a small earthquake. Alasl. for tbe poor wretches who, with so little thought of the terrible fate reserved to them, uow tenant tho doomed fort. Ninth Ahmy Com*, ^ \ Bkkobe reTHR-iu RO, Va. , July >'10? A. 1?. J UI.LNG I HF. KINK. It was five o'clock this morning when the mine was sprung. O ilonel Pleasants superintended tbe ignition or the' fuse, which had been specially prepared of phos phoruB, chlorite of potash and other combustible mate rlils. A :?p?e or fifteen minutes was allowe t for Its con ? sumption in ;hedUU.:ce of four hut d-ed feet, and, thence communicatee to the powder, the terrltic mass exploded. Tbe shook was less terrible man expected, hut Hill sufficiently terrible. A erne-shaped mass of earth, a mountain upside down, it appeared as It rcrnaioed sua pended for an Instant, to v&n'.atl again In a dense and all enveloping cloud of dost. The unfortunate wTetcbea who had cocupied the fort were tisaed sailing skyward In the midst of the dehns of artillery and timber. Through this mountain the flam* of tne powder biased in hashes like Ugbttilog through a bank or clouiis. IB - ASS A I LT. And now the marshalled Hoes of infaDtry daebed in with a ebeer. Oa the evening before the division oom .Binders or < ur corps bad drawn lots for position In tbe attacking column. Tbe First division wod tbe lead, and so headed the aitak this mornlug. Following Ledlie eame the lines of Willcox and Potter, and tbe eolored troops of Ferrero. Supporting our corps c*me the troops of General O.d, the veterans of tbe Tenth and Kigbteenth corps. thk AMiujniv ores ria*. B-ird y bad tbe dull, rumbllDg, Uembllng explosion of the mine subsided wUeu, simultaneously with the charge of tbe intantry, burst foith our artillery. First one gun. then another, nntil the wnole front ot our worka wae otic sheet ?f flame. Not long wss the response In comlog from the enemy. Faster andjaster Dashed tl.e guns until the discharges qu-ckeued toto one contin.iou* roar. Tint pckk*. A friend si my sldo compared tt to the corneal of two giants belaboring each other with pillows of sheet iron. ' It did Indeed seem eo. But words fall to describe the terrific yet magnificent grandeur of the scene. The air seemed a vast expanse of metal over t which cannon balls were rolling Innoinerabiy. My sim.le mayseoraa homely one, but so a person with cloyed eyes nitgbt construe tbe awful nols?. The cannon ade was one of tbo most terriflc of the war. It was at one time as rapid as musketry, and deafened altogether tbe aottuUt of tbo siuiil arms. Tim plah of attju.h. To retrr.spect a little, the plan of the attack was sob stantially as follows ? Otr* corps was asslKOOd the attat k. Under prev.ons understaadjng the colored olvision of (Jeneral Ferrero was to-Uke the load, General lerrero havlog bimseif asked permission to head lht?a?sau)t with his troops, tbe plan was subsequently aiterod, and be was asslgnod the support or tbe oorps. Tbe other divi sions were to lead as the charxe of lottery would decide. The white troops *ere to occupr the hill icrowned by the^ rebel works and cever Ihe advance of the colored troops into tbe city. -??#??? TB* m^n.KT . As I write tbe conflict is still terribly raginr The First division has charged into the hreacb msrfe by tbe ox - piesion of the mine. Tbe rebels have formed a line nearer tbe cltv. and are massing their troops. The battle h?s now been in progress over an honr, with no prospect of a speody tormioatlua mnratso tit* naiAt.n , Tbe Fecnd brlamie of the First division en W-re l the breach. The sight wss a sickening one Man gle?l and burnt bodies of the enemy were strewn about on tho lootio sand. Numbers of those who were la tbe work in the vicinity of tho rort, terror-!, triclten, surren do, -cd themselves prisoners without firing a shot. HI* fUST!AI.Tt*?. Major Prescott, or the Fifty-seventh Masfar.hnsette, was soon to fall \ but no rop >rt of the extent of hts Iniiirles reaches me Re was gallantly leading his men , and was beyond the reb-'l line when struck. 1 lent#. Anderson ami Hartoo, of the same regimer.1, were wounded,' but not oango oof^jr. wr?rifp*p. Captain C. D. Brown, fjo C. Twenty ninth Maseaoho pr tts 1 ieut Chambers ID, ?id to General BertUU, and Capta.n .1. H. Holman, Second lVnnsylva?|la heavy ar tillery, aro wounded. At the pt^et time il IS imponsl ble to send jron a luller net of the oasuali es or asy est! mate of our losa Ntwrn Asnv Conre, \ pT.ioss. P*T*weo*(i, Va , July 30-P M / To dny * a black day In the caloudar of tbe Ninth corps Repulsed, bloodily rspuised, st last when victory seemed so sure, when tbe prlte seemed within grasp I II la not tbe time to ismmi what might have been dooe. Ih? fnct stands clearly forth tbat our tines to-night are where they were before daybroak this morning, hut thinned by the loes of several thousand of our most gallant men. My despatch of tins morning gave you but an outline of operations In Ihe earlier mrtlon of tbe day. I*t me make the record more oompiste. ma etrtosioN o? t** *tw* The time assigned for the springing of Ibe mln* was originally hair. pant three e'oloek , but as daikoess still eovsred tbo earth like the blackest ntiht II wss post pooed until after fenr o'clock, when still anotker delay ocesrred. Tbe fsse had been eplioed half way In the tnnnnl, snd there oessod to barn. After the expiration of a reasonable smount of tlmo one of the ofllrers of the Forty eighth I'eonsylvsnla daringly entered the tunnel and relit the extinguished fuse Not long now w >? expectation kept waiting. Be fore many minutes there was ? quiver, a trembling of Hie aronttil , and slowly, for the olrci'nslan',?a) ihe>le i tactisJ oouo ti c*iiu ioau uiio tU?<tlr, b'.armg wlta it \<i I some height the bodies o ( the garrlron, tfce limber and planking, and tome itf even the gnus of the fort. The bo tee of the explosion was lncousiderabla. A greater 1 shock wna e* peeled; but the depth at which the rnlno , situated? over twenty feet? unqueetlonably hud tnuob to do with muffling the aound. While the hnge mass stood poised (or a moment la the air It was a magnificent | object of contemplation. The inlorsticee within? It soem ed made of layers and shads 01' Band? were lit up with the lurid flash of the exploded gunpowder, and the varlo gated aspect of tbo whole? here dark, there illumi nated? reminded me of the pictures of Mounts Vesuvius and Etna in eruption. After panning a moment, down it sank again, like a toiintaln when tbo water la suddenly siiut off, and the air tieoame filled with dust. > No uninteresting featuro of the moment was the dense, sharply deCned cloud of smoxo which ensued upon the explosion, and which was then waited lazily through the air. _ the *rvr<T8 or to* rxrxoaios. Of tho effects of tbo explosion we are now Informed < through some of the victims who escaped with only a few soratcbuHfr Tuny state that such wm the terror treated at other parts or the lino that the cannon lers deserted their guns and ran away, cot knowing which fort was iicxt to go up. Coins ?ay there wero as many as three regimen: g in tbe fort blown up; but about this there Is, 1 thluk, s?mo dcubt. It is certain, however, that one re^imoiii ? the IVenty-secoud South Carolina ? whs within and m the vicinity, and that it was almost entirely buried. Its colonel (Fleming) 19 reported to have perished with it. The garrison was asleep at the time, with tho exception of tho rew on guard, and It is reaeuuablo, therefore, to sup pose that t he assault was a complete surprise. The terrific concussion was witnessed In on* po?r wretch whom lvsaw. There was no external wound upon bis body a? ho was brought baok a prisoner; but evc-y few minutes the blood welled up into bis mouth, tailing of the fear.'ul sb"ck within. >? | IBB BOMl'llti'MiTT. We have been accustomed heretofore to point to Fred ericksburg or Mulvwti Hill as instanros of the severest i cannonading. We sbsll In future, I think, speak of that at Petersburg, and make it tho baslsof comparison. Tho explosion of the mine was hardly over when the artillery belched forth. First a Rodman thirty-two pounder on our front was plainly distinct, but soon tho whole Jengtn of the line became enveloped in the discharges, and tbe air was liUod with the tremendous concussion. For a time the rebel artillery did not respond- a proof of tbe terror already spokeo of as having been created among toe gun ners by the springing of the mine. Bnt tlio.r < (fleers rallied thorn, and ore many minutes t?e rebel lino too wus ablate. THIi 'TARGE Or THB lBFAJTCRT. Under cover or the night our Infantry had been formed behind the outer works. Ibo charge was to have been made when tbe explosion took place. The brigade of (olouel Marshall, of the l'lrst division, had the advance, bnt as tlio terrific mass or oartls loomeJ up so suddenly and so ncur them a momentary fear wa? telt that it was one of our own forts which bad been minted by the enemy. Tbe delusion was an optical i tio, but still bad Its o'cct In restraining the impetus of the, first onset. I will uot say I mat the men became psnio-slricken; but Ihey hesitated, j and the llAeof battlo swayed. At last the efforts of the | officers prevailed, and the brigade ? but not until some five or ten minute* had elapsed? charged with a wild cheer. lho First brigade, under tt.e gallant Bartieit, wm at their heeJs, and together I^dlie s whole division charged through the breach. What few or the enemy were near by siirroodorcd without a shot. Tbe breach was filled with rebeis, who were strug gling to clamber out or the sund. These, more fortunate than their comrades, had been but partially buried. A detail was rapidly made, and our men went to work to exhume all they could, roally as anxious now to d sinter all whom a raw minutes before they had been as anxious to bury. Aa fast as extricated tbe rebels, with tbe other prisoners, wore sent to the rear, the wounded to tbe -hosj ita's, where ihey arrived with the first of our own lujured. Indeed, the one ambulance was often Oiled with Union and rebel soldiers Indiscriminately. Following came the Thirty-fifth regl mant of MaaaachoseUa. the engineers of the division, who set to work with their tools to reverse the slope of the rebel line or mtrenchmeota and open up a covered way to the works behind. Tbelr efforts, however, were but vainly employed, as the sequel shows. Potter's division came in rear of Ledllo's and followed into the rebel line, engaging tbe enemy., who still 're mained m posltlop upon the right flank. Wllloox's dlvlaion went further to the left and occu pied the works Id thai direct on. Would that I could end my record bere. Would that the day's work Tiad ended with the rapture of that first line And now came tbe event of the^buur , the turning point of tbe day. xus < fttnee t?? ma eoixmxD mvimoi*. In rear or the main column or attaek the colored divi sion had been formed with a vtew to passing the other dlvlslocs, when tbey bad gamed the cuter line, and making this a starting point lor tbe continuance or tbe charge. The First division held the centre, with tbe Se cond and Third on either flank, and now the Fourth ad vancen beyond. Tho troops were in two columns, each brigade constituting aoohimn. Tbelr splendid discipline could col bnt be ob'.erved, and In the early port oT the contest no soldiers behaved more gallantly. They charged upon the bexl and au interior line of the enemy, and for? time gained decided advantages, as IS attested in two rebel battle flags which they captured and brought off with them. Bel the rebels, exasperated as we know them ntw to have been al tlfbt of lbs negroes, fought with IM fury of devils, and, reinforcements coming to their aid? our signal officers counted six brigades bur ried from a camp beyond the town? the tide of battle turned. The colored troops gave way, broke in confu sion, whenCtbe rebels, having repulsed their charge, charged them in turn, and ibeo they ran, a terror-strick m disordered toes* of fugitives, to the rear of the white troops, in vain their officers endeavored to rati yt he a with all the persuasion of tongue, sabre *ll3 pistol. Whatever or discredit attaches to the irbope themselves, their officers are beyond reproach. TBI nmmrir ciuraj Ov 1ST rxbsis And now the victorious, flushed enemy bore down upon tbe white divisions, and the shock was a fearful one. The headlong charge wag stayed and repulsed snaln and again. Numbers of our men had huddled into the erater of the exploded fort, and the enemyja mortar shells burst amongst them, causing a larpe sacrifice of life. The enemy at the aarae time pretsed -he fan*'- of our army with Infantry and enfiladed them with artillery. At length came tbe order to fall back; but It was not accompllahed without an additional and heavy loss tn prisoners. Geoerale Griffin and nartrauft aarrowly escaped General Partletl, leas fortunate, la in the enemy's hands. Be bad been advised to retire at a time when be could have done so la eomi-aratlve safety , but te waited with bia brigade to the last moment, and eventually be. ame a prisoner. B? we: l into the fight wttb hie cane, and it la reported that hie wooden leg wen twlee bit by tbe et emy'e burets. His bravery la the subject of unlvereal comment throughout the Oorpe, and h? oapture is deeply regretted. otm uwsst 1 earnot aa ynt ascertain folly the extent of our lose. Tbe killed and wounded number oertainly not more thin eighteen hundred, and fully one thousand prieooers have beea taken. A number of our wounded fell Into the enemy's ban-Is. About tt^ree botdred of the colored troop* were captured What the enemy a toes le we do ?ot know; bat we bare abost fonr hundred prleonera. I sneleee a very full liat of ear casualties. Barons Ft.tlK-ni'hO, July II? A. M. Rvcrylhtng Is qniet again, beyond tun aanal picket firing, indeed, the late battle eeems like a dranm, so quietly bave afiaira glided back into tbelr old channel, as they were before tbe attack. TUB BNBTBESTH CORPS. *r. Jehi A. Brady's Dsapatehi HnaovvanTflna, Eta am ir a asmt Com, 1 w in Fmu), Jaly 30- Midnight f To day baa been another eventful one In the history of this corps, for eome time It has been a* secret that Humside bad a mine, of large <Hm*n?loa?, on h* front, wbiob waa ready to be blowo up at any moment Hvery ? thing having been prepared for nsing the mine, full ar raogemenia were msde In Are it this morning, snd the Ninth and Eighteenth corp* selected to charge Mirough tho formMali e works of Ibe enemy aa i on as an opening thould he made by the ox plush n. tit . K' r*s.?r'i It Immediate!/ altor tUik Uui Digbl tb.s cor;j was it Ileved from Ita poaltlon in front of Petersburg Ud the Keoond Army corps, ud long Wore daybreak w?? drawn up oa i column of support to Burnsida. ibo M> tb corns bed advanced beyond tftelr pita, and were tnajoed !or * charge. The Eighteenth occupied the pi co tbey aban doned. When daybreak made vteible the^kng heavy column o ( troops sirotcliod along ibe ground, few could doubt tbata gallant light and glorious victory were before ua."? tbr nrtoPKm of ths mm. The fuse was to have been tired at tweuty minutes before three o'clock this morning; but It was ar t until tea minute* before five that, with alow rumbling, tbe mlno blew up. General Ilurustde and General Ord wero, together with thoir sUUs, in the covered way leidlsg lo tbe four and a ha'f in;h riflad baitcry from throe o clo-k in tbe morning , awaiting tb is signal to attack. A tew of the* loant sanguine began to lorn hope In the result, aud tbe oxplo?-'ion, wliea It came, wag almost unexpected. In a moment a crowd of Btaff oncers bad congregated on the top of a traverse, and wore gazing upon', tbe heavy volume of smoke ibat arose froaa whit had beouarebel fortuned floated away lu inatslvo volumes. Tb;s rolnt of view, howovor, lu a fe'.v minutos became untenable when tho rebels awoke from their panic and commenced to rattle musket balls In all directions. THK JUT! nusa or??. Tho explosion was tlie signal ior every battery In posl tion lo opeu on ibe enemy, aud It bad h.irJIy taken place wbon toe nannoalers, w'.io nad stood for an hour at tholr loaded guns, eomiuin <xl tiie most furious artillery duel that baa yet taken pituw u> trout of this position. Mat tery after battery of We First Connecticut heavy artillery , scattered alon; the line of Hancock, Burnsldo umi Warren, opened on llio enemy with their twenty and thirty pouuders and their cohorus and eight inch mortars, and for a wliilo It seemed as If Pandemonium had been let Kkwo. The great object of the artillery tire was to silence or engross tho attention of such batteries as could be brought to hear by tbe rebels on the column of troopa BurnBide threw on tbe enemy's position. lo accomplish thla object strict surveillance wna placed on every rubsl battery from tbe Appowuitox to the extreme left. Oue particular set of rebel puns, ibat bnd an euflhd Ing fire upon our column of attack, waa treated with a terrible shelling from tbe concentrated Are of twenty-two ' mortars. THR CfURCa. The Ninth corps moved forward on tbe enemy'sWlne in oolumn of attack, immediately followed by Turner's and Carr's divisions, of the Eighteenth oorpa, aa a support, while Ames' division, of this corps, was hold in reserve. Tbe troops chsiged up to the crater, and Ixidlie s aud Ferrero'a divi.iioue, of the Ninth corps, succeeded in carrying the flret liue. The rebels, bewever, bad been finally rallied by their officers, and Leo poured lar?e reluforccmenta In with suoh rapidity that a soaond line was formed, and heavy columns of troops tnap>od behind tbe earth thrown up by tbe explo sion. I lie tiro was excessively severe, and It was almost impossible for our troops to advance. At eight o'clock In tne morning General Meade ordored General Ord to throw forward Turner's and Carr's uivlsicns oa tbe right of the Ninth corps, and the attack wa* renewed. Turner suc ceeded in reaching tbe crater formed by the explueion of tbe mine, and held hie position under a heavy lire from the enemy. tub Nrojto tf 00 re g of rerrero's division, who hid advanced to the extreme front with considerable dash, and bad captured a number or prisoners, with xeveral comra, soou rocelved tho parti cular attention of the enemy, and sustained a severe en Blading Are from a number or brass pieces ut short range. These troops were entirely inexperienced, and were en gaged In their Orel fight. The enemy Anally succeeded In causing a panic In the sable rank", aud the latter fell back In some dlsordor, throwing Turner's line Into con fusion. ? It was now evident that tbe enemy bad a force massed behind their weak point which would render any further oharge oa our part too murderous to b? attempt ad, and tba order wan iseaed to withdraw tbe troops. At three oclook la the afternoon .tne last or tbe Eigh teenth corps in front of tbe enomy ware relieved by "troopa from the Ninth corps, and this corps returned to ita original position on tbe right of the line, relieving the ' Second corps. Ot'R L09MR The losses of tbe Eighteenth corps amonnt to probably four hundred, mostly wounded. It is impossible to fur nish lists at present, owing to tbe fact that tbe troopa have been constantly moving, and are only, aa I write, reoocupying their old positions. OKMUUI (iliin was at the front during the entire light, as was also Gene ral Meade. Lee was without doubt completely out mancsuvereg, and but for the remeikible rapidity or his movementa, and a combination of ontonuoate circum stances, would have met with a severe reverse. By a series of stratagems snd tbe marching and countermarch ing of the Second corps, General Grant bad entirely de ceived bis opponent, and a large number of troopa were witbdrawa from onr front and takeo to the north bank of tbe James to oppose Hanock^nd ."berldan. Tbe mo wed these General* commenced railing back to rejoin Grant tjse returned his troops with all the rapidity in hw power, but would still have been too late but for that series of circumstances that somenmos armea to frustrate the best laid plans. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. Telegrams from the Army Hradqnartiri. Han m iaT?w. o r ths Poiohac, 1 Jsly 30?8 P. M. / Art ?r tbe explosion, at an early hour thla morning, everything botofcsnM a brilliant vlotory; but soon after mttters assumed a dirrsrsnt aspect, part of the attacktng force having given way, thus exposing the balance to ao enfilading fire from both artillery snd Infantry . . t assties* Ing, tbe batteriea to open at one* along tbe entire line intti' Many after tbe explosion, and tbe Ninth oorpa to make the charge, supported by tb4 Eighteenth corpa, Ayres division of tba Elfth oorpe, and the Third division of tbe Second corps. The greater pert of tbe arrangement waa earr'ed out ss ordered, although the commencement waa later than the hour designated, on account of tbe fuso going out twice. The explosion took place at precisely twooty minute* to five o'clock. The roar or artillery that Immediately followed was ?lm?st daaremng. At hair past Ave o'clock the oharge waa made, and the fort, w UU part of the line e-icbfide, waa carried In Ibe ir.''st brilliant style. ^eeood division, which was la the oentre, advanced and carried tbe socond line, a abort distance bevond the fort, aod here reeted, holding their ground with the at m si determination. ]? ?as ei this time ibe co'ored division, onder tbe com m nd of Brlgidier General White, was (loshed forsrard and ordered to charge and oarry tba ureal of the bill, which would tave decided tbe eoutest. THO troops advanced 'n good order as far as the first lire, ehere tbey received a galling tire, which checked tht-m ?*d, although quite a number kept on adv.inclog, tbe g eater porltoo eeroed to become otlerly d*m ral lied, i art af ibom taking refuge to the fort and the bal mkb nnnmg to tbe rei.r as last aa poealbia. The were radled and again pushed forward, but with ov.t s. ce^s iho greater part of their offlcere being killed or wounded. par tug hi, st me tbsy seemed to be w thout anv one to maoa+e them, and f oally tbey fell b ck to tte re?r .ut or ins rsuge of tl,e volleys o: canistsr aod musketry that k ere plough la* through their ranka. The r esses are very heavy, pa'tleulsrly In era, aa will t* seen by I ha follow uig figures ? (y (Aird Ct.i mi Sta.41, l'otor??t,? Fifteen officers I lied aod wounded lour hundred men, tmludiog tba miasm*. TV* J* fWsd Stmlfi Oiorsif ?Have" officers and about ona hundred aad fifty mon killed, woutded aud missing. IWtft, an-nA Staim CoFered ?Pit ol cer* and about ?ae hundred aod fifty men killed, wcuuteU and tiisalag. fnvKv-t'e * T'lifrl Cr>l?r*l ? C'vht eT' '? ail about Iwo housed aud seveoty five men.kil 'fl, wouadad aud ni.sslns, Thtit ftnt Vnilti SfttVg CWer^l ? of' "rs and j about two li i'H'red mi a killed, wounded and tni <i 1* I'l-'h III L nit 'i S' tt$ 1 Were*'. - 'I* ? ic < an ! s I lar, e number of IIVI k Mod, wo'ia trfd n 1 ill- j Th-tly an ?t t 'ii<?'4 Cm j?X? itUcci* u 1 1 about two buodred 40 d fifty oiu killed, wounded aud missing. Tho Iom in the 8?oond division of the Ninth eorpa, Han. Ledlieootaiaanding, was vary severs, and la estimated at ' from one IBOuaand to twelve feuudred,>whl!e many make the figures larger. 'Among Umm missing I regret to announce the name of General liartlell. lie suocodod In reach lag tbe fort with hie command; but, having accidentally broken Uis oork leg, bo wu uuable to get off the floll. He, however, held posaosslon ef tho ground for ncvcral (tours, and only surrendoiod when all hope of escape wa* gone. Some, two hundred men, both black and white, wero <vt(b bim at tho time, a few of whom managed to got baclt to our liens amidst a storm of bul:its. Nearly all of General Unrtldtl's staff tbe name time. *? Coluuel Marshall, commsudlnR the Second brigade of th'u division, was aieo taken yruoner, with several of bis staff Colonel Wild, of Die Fifty sixth Massachusetts, is also reported a prisoner. Colonel Gould, of the Fifty ninth Massachusetts, lost a leg. Ma:or Bortor, of the One Hundred ana Sevenly-nlniU Now York , also lo?t a leg. i Lieutenant Colonel Barney, Second Pennsylvania, waa wounded. | Major Preacott, Firty seventh Massachusetts, was killed. Lieutenant Colonel Rose, Thirty-first United States colored, lost a leg. This division having been a wood deal In advance of the rest of the line, bo:d Ita position for sovoril hours, but was finally compelled to fall back, sall'oring severely wblle Jolng to. Tbo loss In the First and Third divisions was also se vere. Tho latter havo four hundred men In tbe hospital. Tho Eighteenth corps occupied a part of tbe line on tbe right; but their loss was not vary groat. We took ab<)nt two hundred and fifty prieoners, mostly South Carolinians, and five battle flags. Ilr atHii'aKTCBB, Abut of tiir Potomac, \ July 31? A. M. J All Is quiel ibis morning, Tbe Portreu Monroe Telrgrnmi. Fobtriss Monro*, July 30, 1864. A letter from Fortress Monroe says: ? Later advices frem the front show that we were anable to bold all tbe grouuil gained in tbo assault on Saturday, it being mostly commanded by an Iniior lino, and that tbo works taken by our fcrces wero recaptured by the enemy. Wo rapturod Ave hundred prisonors in tbe assault. Tbo I ops on both sides waa considerable? probably from four to five thousand. On tho morning of tbe 29th Instant General Sheridan's cavalry eaptu red ovor ouo hundred rebel prisoners on tbo north bank of the James river. Tho hospital steamer Baltic, with seven hundred sick and wounded soldiers, sailed this aftornoon for New York. Fortress Moitro*, Jnly #1, 1884. Gororal Grant arrived from the Army of tho Potomac at nine A. M. , and President Lincoln, from WaaMngtoll, at ten. They both embarked on tbe stoamer Baltimore. ?and after going In tbe direction of Cape Honry, turned their course to N'oriolk, evidently avoiding any Interrup tion during tbolr Interview. At three o'clock P. M. the President Rnd General Grant returned. Tbe President shortly after left for Washing ton, and tbe General west np the James. Two rebel prieoners escaped from Fort Delaware, and were recaptured this morning near Norfolk. The steamer Andrew Harder, with throe hundred and forty wounded ofLcers and soldiers, arrived this morning from City Point, and left Immediately for Washington. There hAS been no furtbor newa by tbe arrivals to-day from city Point. Ths Wasblagtoa Telegrams. WaeuilwiTox, August 1, 1884. The Star says that General Burnslde waa slightly wounded wblle endeavoring to rally the negro troopr on Saturday. The steamer Harder arrived this morning, with three hundred and forty sick and wounded soldiers, from tbe hospitals at City Point. The hospital steamer Connecticut has also arrived, bringing up four hundred and thirty men and thirty seven officers from the same point. Colonel Curttn. of tbe Forty fifth Pennsylvania, Is re ported killed on Saturday morning. VBB CASUALTIES. Fourteenth B?w York Heavy Artillery. nun. Lieutenant Hartiy, O. (sergeant Spra*ue, 0. ."vrifeant Trohler, H. Colonel Marshall, commanding brigade, Is a prtfones. KlUed. Co'oncl Howard, 2<1 Maryland reglmont. Lieutenant (Lionel Ho- Wee, 59i !? Masiachoeelts, Captain Howe, 67tb Massacbuheile. Major Present, 61 tli Maaaachnsetts. Certain [ renter, filth Masaschwsetla. Captain Oliver, 100th Pennsylvania. Lieutenant Craven, 100th Pennsylvania. Captain Young. 34 Michigan. Loutenant Ruslt, 2d Michigan. Oaptain Ferris, 3bth Wisconsin. Captain Hod, 9th Nsw Hamtoblre. Lleutenast Kegister, 2d Mary laud. C.>t>l iln 3. U. -inis, 61st New York. Lieutenant 'vckerson, 81st New York. M^K>r Reynolds, 17th Vermont Lieutenant Converse, 17tli Vermont (reported), Lieutenant Martin, 17th Vermont ireporud). Lieutenant Pierre. 17th V ermont (reported). Oaptala CrossOeld. ttb New Bampahlrs. Wounded. Major Hamilton, 100th Pennsylvania, prisoner. Adjutant leisure, 100th Pennsylvania, prisoner. Major Wright, lilt Now York. slightly. Lieutenant i.ugiand, id Maryiaad. Corporal A II Uarret. C, SOth Penflkylvaala, thigh. Corporal J Volkomner. C, 4flth New York, hip David Alrpach, A. 50th Pennsylvania, hip. Corpora! MoHoynohie, B, 38tb W neons, o. thorax, Corjiorai Jesse Corolsb, C, 33th Wisconsin, foot. Artolpbus Hjser, F. 37th W*coi -In, tblgh. Sergeant LU Welkoe. M, 1st MassachassettS, band, Samuel Pickett, I, 37th Wisconsin, ankle. Ileury.liohstein. A, oOvb reui.syivania, hip Patrick llaary, 1, Wth New York, 'eg. First Lent Theodore Smith, A, 4'itb Now York* thigh, Philip Wirst, A, to lb Pennsylvania, head. Sergoant Win C C'brlstlvi, ?l,'8th Maine, arm Peter Swaty, H, 4'1'ii New York cavalry, thigh. Jobs Straiten, 0, 13th < bio, arm. Thomas Murpcy, It. 13th ihlo, shoulder. | Iiauiei k eater, ii. 13' b Oble, shoulder. Kussei. I), 27th MlOhisao. lei;. f Heury < trteni n l, S7lh .ViS' oua'n, bead. Kngeiie Tsyijr, C, 1st .Mussaon ieetta, chei ks, Joseph Stnfler, B, With <>hio, fool. 11 J Kills, tf, 1st Massachusetts, leg. Pergonal M .rttn P;r<>pe, H, 48th New-York, head. Series' t Win Khiuald, A, 40tli New York, thigh. Frank rtoiur?k,K, ltth Ohio civalry, hark. 8 Ion ('ran i e. < , 17lh Mich g >s. ankle. Joseph G Or 10, A, l Uh ulno cavalry, back. Jacob C Col los, a, Is*. Ma/aaoli setts, arm. Gabriel Fresnprl, C, J7th Itti h^au, side. iteoLee'er. fi'/th re nsrivanU ah iuiUer. Win Alvort K,4Ain New York, thigh. Kliodolptm Parker, II, 87th Wlscooein, chin. Wm llarret, II, Utb Oht< oavalry, bead. Jo bo Mewtfl, H. Lith Ohio cavalry, arm. a M Young, K. 10'^th New York, tbifh. F'rsl Lent Allen liulhu.n. II. 27th M'Chlgat, (hotllJor. I<eniuel Gei ey, H . 27tb Michigan, ohm. Wtn BarrukW 27th Michigan, high. I'oljih Wilbt-r, 27 b tiitiilgao, e.-. Herat A ( I'lnmruer, B, 13th i loo itavairy, hip, J?0"b . thmidl K. aflth New Yurk ki.eo. Wm .*111110, P. 37th Wise <nslu, bowels. Wm Brown, H. i.ith Ohio imvalry . tnlgh. Themis Ixxiur. 11, 13' h .'bin cavalry, arm, Crtaiochorl, f>. tlih wisooos t hand. la nu ; atee, I. 37th Wisconsin, ibish. J?? A Qo.nn.K, lo#th New York, i?g, H lUmptoo, r,8fib Wi?o>ualB, loot Nitna 'ti l (iivin. H, 13th hio ear ary, ana. Onrp Josu klncey, I, '47th Vttahigaa . arm. James Itamaey, 1> 27H] Micblgtn. arm. ? iilandn R irdie*. M, 87th Wisconsin, foot. Ca|>t N S Ferris, It, 3*th WlSoon*ln, thorax. Alieu Payne. K. lath Ohio oaralry, hand First Lieut I. t* Brail, F, 87th Wterjiooln, thigh. Wb. J nee, 11, Mth Ob.o eavaliy, b-ad. I I herlee impeeu, P. 100th New York, log. I John [*.?? ranee, H, 8- th Wiset'isis, thlgb. I Js rues Ryer-< l. I', 13th Ohl ? iWNlry, teet. I Horsoe H>ern.?e B, 8Sth Vis ousia, aukle. | ^?rgt Cu < ' ie? -ib tin, K. H8th .YlsoottSle, sbooldor Jehu Curtis i M^arh ??'!?, arm. .'ohn VaUi, B, 4f?h New York, arm. I orr . ew, g? H . to.i , i) 2d Wiehigaa, arm. Ira M rae, a, luv h No# I ? r?,^e, Il?m> < r?>-be'!/, r. V>h Vlu ,ttu , neck, J. ) . t r?y . ' '.?f -an . foot. fir i vh, > >e'f it * i ?'t, n ll..?;r kfl I *ta to 1,11 dinWll! m. Peler TUuu, F, 8Tth W:sconiln. hand. Hakeown, 109th New Y"rk, head. Mi Intel Muiionnel, A, .17th W iMSjnaln , bade. Nathan I'euui^au, C, a7tn Wisconsin, uiilfl. Atiab Ful er, 1J, 103th Ne<" York, lag. Richard Henry, K, 27th Michigan, back. Howard Medullar., Michigan. arua. John Car dug ton, 1, 37 ill Wiscouain. h'.p. John 3?<jv'or,C, 109Ui Now Yoric, shoulder, Wm Hnvi' , F, 13lh Ohio '-avalry . leg. H P Hard'r goy, E, 109th Now York, arm. W 8 .tuatm, L>, li". lb Michigan, arm. Jr-iep^ Oftoise, n, 27th Michigan, head. Ft'St 8er;l E N FlK h, T, 27th Michigan, la*. Sergt -'tnoii KaUdoro, K. 37th Wlatonaln, lttf. fl?r*t (i U Bristol, 100th New York, hand. Homer O nrud, C, 27lu Micl.igiu, buck. Joseoh Paddock, G . 27th Michigan , arm. Sergt H A riyise, Q, 37th Wisconsin, aide. j?bu iJou jiwiu), 13Hj Ohio cavalry , aria. 8er*t Clias .toho, li. 27tU Michigan, Pt?nro?o ( lore, f>, 81st Penn.iylvs.nln, elbow. S<Tgt ? 1 a*'.f I b giiatylrioior, K, 37th tVlsoooaln, uQgar. Capt 8 A Cole, i:, 37 tb Wisconsin, thigh. Corp I, S Bristol, G, 37th Wl> cons in, head. S?r;;t (' A Greon, F, 13th Ohio cavalry. kr.e*. Hatnl Scheoofc, 1 1, lath Ohio cavalry, dhonldor. Jacob ('<uifinan,G, 4'Ali New York, thigh. Michael II oy , K, Hth Heavy artillery, arm. Caleb i n ?cl. A 13th ohlo cavalry , kuoe. Corp ral ' bare Kvtu?. U, Ohio cavalry, leg. (.'buries Ckfein, A, ?4<ti New Voric cavalry, arm. First V^rga&ut Rukc Noyot, lat ?' <.-:?? hnsotUt 3 3, tool. William < h-i| man . F, fiOtU Ohio oavilry, bond. John McCall, R. 24ih w York cavalry. bai.d. (in?t Wultcihurg. A. '.Sib Saw York, legs. Kir t l.leut O I3t?i Oh o cavalry, abdomen. Second T.uutW.e Rud.cii.lst Mn^achneatte, broart Rli ffltrsm, F, 3TU? V? iiconsin, tlurax. Sorgoant 11 Cooper, O, 3Ilb vV:scounio, baud. Lewis Rice, F. nothOhio, Anger. Barton Kenedy, E, Met Pennsylvania, aide. J 3 Moore, K. 2d Michigan, ?jtiouldnr. Jerome Ellsworth, A, 24iu New York cavalry, thorax Corp Till fsi?is WaMiire, U, 27th Michigan, hu;;d. Frederick WB'terw. K, l?lh Ohio cav-Ury, nhoulUer. Joseph W.?odrur, 0, 13th Ohio cavalry, Iblgto. Ooriiorui Goorue Woo iburn, B. 13th n uo cavalry, head. Corporal Da. in I uro, P, 37th WIscodhID, thigh. Ptm Thatcher, A.lOJth New Yi'rk, ehoulder. Adolr bus 1'agiyG, Sim Wmconsln, abdonrjn. Newmrocet (ltidlai)?, K. :t8th W laconelo, arm. Fennor Collar, T), 13th Ohio cavalry, foot. Cori> ral Fujjei).. Wheelock.C, 37 th Wieconaln, beolt. Wm Mable, E, i!7th VilCbigaD, thl^hB. Wesley Kuily, I, 37th Wlecousln, jaw. Hicbard Monnt, 0. ,.*0th Wlsconiiln. Ic?. John M Ptoiy, H. 37 tLi Wii jo.ieln. le? ?erxoani Newton Saishury, K,37iii Wiyconsla, arov Corporal O 11 Alpbiui, I, 8th Michigan, thigh. Nole Conrad, D, *0tb Mlcnlgan, thiRh. Albert L Johr.noii. B, 109th New York, arm. 8 A Baltlaon,K,!ft;d cavalry, face. Cori orai I'enson Moore, C, 37tli Wlscoralo, cheek. Martin Wright, B, 100th Now York, ttiiyU. Martin HuldiiB, C. 27th Michigan, face. Ezra Hobiason, P, 37t'i Wisconsin, wrist. John Ihomie, B, 27th Michigan. log. Captain A A ftarnet, K'.37tli Wisconsin, tead. Albert Bond, U.l'Uh Ohio cavalry, bat*. ?;eo Smith, K, ?7tti Wieconsin. I'?ck. Ijib' rt Gardner, O, 37th Wisconsin, thigh. Kergoant ltlco. H,87tb WisoonflJ, shoulder. Color Sergeant Tlioi New3omo, log. Cbaa Greoo. E, 3'2d Maine, arm. o K,. tut Wm t resin", I'.. 27ih Michigan, shoulder. Albert 1'arlsb. B, 4nd Ohio cavalry, n.-r?d. Wlllard J?rvla, 37tli W ^coai-.;*, tbamb. Isuiab lleury.k, 51st re msyivanla. bead. Jacb Mm t/., K, 61st Peniiey Ivanla, be.ul. John Brevoort, o,8tb Michigan, leg. Ce irgc Turnor, F, 13th (>bto r-?f*hrj(, log, . Flrkt Sergeant Archibald iKugMy B, CTth Wiacormln, leg and arm - Davis 1~ M won, B, 3 '1th WI*Mgfl*W|^ Corporal Goo L Yeaaeley, H, iffTo, i??io cavalry, breail, (;bas -teveus, K, 37 ib WIS' ons n, arm. Franii lUtiver. 1>, 27tb Micblgan, elbow. OorplR W &Jtleld, 27tU Michigan, back. Corpl Wta Hopkins, E, etb Ohio, leg. fc liuh 0<kley, G, 100th New York, lege. Wm .1 Lew Is, C, 2UU Michigan, am. OeoK Kmith, I, '20th Mlcl.lg vn , arm. Kmau el Iroutiasn, A. toth IV .iubj ivanla, nost. Heu.y ietk, A, 4JU1 New York, arm. fbilunder Kan, 11, hlb Michlga . , bund. First Sci'gl P h! Diken, 1, 'il M.ciily'i, arm. Frad Kurtemann, A, 4fiih New Y^rit, loot. M Cranale, I). 2d Michigan, hngor. taut 1. 3 Holden k, Mii> Michigan, <hlfch. Marcos Cryslcr, B, 2d urtj|i?ry head* Geo Albert, A, 27tu Wleconsln, kneo. Ben Huinable, 37tb Wisconsin, sido. John Trempe, H, 13th Obio < aralry, lag. iiuth I'olnvile, ft, 27th MlcUlcan, leg. Ji bn Brueo, K, VTth Michigan. f?ol. Cba? i>u> tb. B, 27th Michigan, loot. Sergt Jacob Eeboa. D, Htb Michigan, ^*n? ( apt '3 A Blanchard, 3olh M-ssacl?"setti,ana. Cant F Q f ole, 37tb Wisconsin, Hugh I.leut E I Hartley, 14th New York, <lied. Lieut W W liavis, &!??h Massachoee' .a, log. Major John Barton, 179th New York, lag. Adit Geo K I'avw. 21st M as sac n use It s , arm. Lieut II H sevmce, 1 U& Capt W i' Juhna' D, 142d iew York, th?h. Lieot Geo A Fletcher, &fltb Massa- b-isetts. T* ca. I.lent R C Horigan, ftditi Mas- 10 oiaetts, face. Ment L M I.ipps, *as -acLtiHaits, blp. tol J P Oou.d, 6iuh Massachusetts, anee. Gapt Jo* per H Holman.2d Pennsyivaoia, arm. 1 lout Geo K Marion, S7th Maseachuaetts, ^"atP (iapt < his U Bri??n, 2>?tb Ma^sru-a-iset's. 1 lent John Andtte >o,a7ih Capt Wtu II Cl?rk, 21st Mas;;acl -seits, abonkter. t apt J H l?y, 178ih New York, ^b. Lieut A Hutch, 3Mb Massachusetts, 1. lieut Wm Hammond. 100th leonsyl . ?. Liout Ira >3 Chsmberlln, 21st Maasaehusv. tcarp, ( apt Geo 11 Howe, filet Masa chuante. died Lm uI 0>l ? lUrocy. i eDiHylvuiifca, -John Call. I. Kin New York, srj'.p Joseph Bpobn. I.. 14th New York. ijot. Curtis F Sheldon. M. Mth .New York, fool. Alex Mar ley, B, 2<1 Penuaylvscla, .ifm. Jos S F.wen, I, 3d J cnuav Ivania arra. HeQi Watron, (l.alat Maf*a< hwetts, ecalp. johu Bardo, K. 14th N?w Yorif, band. James, UH? >'e* Yor!?,ia^. F Miller, U, 170tb No* Ytrk Jiaud Ueo B swortb. I'. 14th N -w ^ork,ar?. A Brotberton, C, 14th New Yorr , kVIM Jacob Hal. town, U, Htb New Y<irk, hip. ivavll J9IT.5QU, K. UQU> 1 db'wy'VHDta, r.eck. T H MC< oo'neiT, n, tOOlb fiinsTlvaota. arm. ? John Mc'.'.voj . H. 14lh New Y..rk, sho ilder lAVtalth Appleyard, H. 2d I'enusjOvs' ' ? ?tdc Chris Wara, K, 3Sih Mase thus' i>a, a?.aii>. John N Burko, G, H'h Ywk, ?'"'oirm _ Tliomss Johnson, F, &?tb Maaascbn^na, cb-H. Midiae! Cailiiian.i', 57th jiasv.iciiusott^, sbouid^f, ,MB 0, J Burns. I), 35th Ma. acbn?IU, flip. George P Go>jd?in, A, 3 'h vias? ,cl usotts, leg. Jobo' onato, I, 21st Massachusetts, arri. Cbarlee Bnswortb, F. "J9!b M ?' n:hu?etla, mortal .y. sarat George I . MiblD, K, 6Viti iiaaaacr. uaoMf, leg. (>/rt) I'ennis l onovan, fl, 67ih Maj-sacnusef I, Ml^ Wm E Klse n, F. 21st Ms.sacbuaelta leg. Juiin t oldon 1 H, 21st Mas>si-bu*eUa. b? J Jei i-iDiaU I Krary, E. 2d I'er.i sTl aul> -eck. Sauiu i Wright K, 2?th Ma <aCh' ?; b?ad. John W Rrticers, I . I4 h New . a ? *ha. frvu r tifitl r.k. |. .86 h ?' "I"' .'"" ?, scalp. Pi trick KHifoanl- ?? lT#tb n. ? c* L9*1* :.- i.::ruklde, t^ruXu flodie, is?*' ? acb'isetie, ?-m, Cuarlee 1. 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