Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Moytut, August 1?0 P. H The evils of an exceeelve inflation of (be ourraM) of my country have t>Mn at)Uiidilt!f shewn to Ult hlSMwy gj ^|t. } reUCh IMUMl In 1196, of the old CoBll twuui money of this couutry, issued during the Revolu ttonsry war, from 17*5 to 1 731. and lecently in that or the feoaccee of t tic :et>?l c >u "deracy. We will omit our ow? case at ibis lime from ibe list of examples, for it Is not yet too late to guard agamat similar depreciation In tbe Yalue of the Ireawury notes thai now flood the land. V beu Cong rex* authorized tbe issue of the first throe millions o: ps|>er money in 1775 it was Dot Imagined that as early as June, 1781, the value of this inconvertible currency would be in Uie ratio of one thousand dollars to one in silver ; but such waa, nevertheless the (act. and subsequently 1U decline to utier worthless cess ee rapid that whan tbe question of tbe aselg sau was first mooted m the French Assembly Dupont de Nemours, with tbe example of this country before bis eyee, said:? "Thore was in the United States of Amei ie* ten years ago a government paper currency, secured, like tbe one you propose, on the honor and loyalty of tbe whole republic, and on an enormous amount of landed property, supported also by eloquent speocbes, by sove reign decrees and by the safety of the State. Bnt, In Bpite of all tbat Congress, Washington und Franklin could Uo, a pair or boots sold for oue hundreu and eighty thou sand dollars and a sapper for four persons, for which ten dollars was the usual price, cost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars m the United States government paper euriency." The three mil. ions or dollars Issued in 1775 waa fol lowed by an teaie or twenty millions in 1770, xmd of twenty elx millions four hundrod and twecty ?IX thousand iu 1777. Tbe depreciation was then so great fltbat four paper dollars were the equivalent af oca In silver. In 1778 Congress ^fl.lad sixty-six millions olna hundred M:d sixty Ihrte thousand two hundred and Sixty nlns dollars to thm incon vert, tile mass, and the consequence nUf tbat at tbe end of that year forty-five paper do tars constituted tbe equivalent of one in atlver. In 17S0 eighty-three millions more w:.s Issued to swell the incubus, and then one hun dred dollars in pa)>er money was the price of one In silver, hi 1781 tbe currency was increased by only twelve millions five hundred and eighty seven tbousaud dollars; yet In that year tbe depreciation W papor, as compared with silver, had progress ed so far tbat, as before stated, it amounted to a thou sand to one. This was about the value of the Fronch a^signats at no long period from their original Introduc (ion. The enure issue of Continental money was throe hundred and slxty-l wo millions one hundred and forty six thousand cigbt hundred and twonty-two dollars. The population or this oountry at tbat time was about four millions, and It - trade and oommorce were of trifling Importance. 0 ms enormous amount of paper currency was therefore vastly in excess of the wants of tbe peo ple, and its Ibfuc showed tbe straits of the community to make temporary provision for their needs and tbe lack of good fiscal management In their affairs. f The same people who thus made tbelr estate bankrupt could, by proper foresight and a correct application of the prlnolples of political economy, have maintained themselves In a solvent condition. They could have limited thoir paper issues to a comparatively small , * mount, fundable into a long stock, and have Becured tbe Interest or tbat by a tax which tbe resources of the oouutry would have allowed them to conveniently raise, t>ui v\jiich it would have been just then unpopular to enforce. ? There was no provision made either for the redemp tion of the princi|>al or tbe payment of the interest, and consequently the public credit was no more capable ot pustalulng Itself than a tub without a bottom could bold water. Now, although we have a base of taxation, on which the national credit rests, a vast and Indefinite expats ion of that credit would find that base insufficient l ? 3u?ia.o it. Our national debt Is increasing so rapidly that the dnuge -irking from over issues of legal tender money is becoming Imminent, and the question as to how much further we can go la Increasing the volume of the currency without producing ap proximate results to those just detailed hoc mes one of grave in i ortance. It l* tree tb it, ev?n if the Increase or our enrr; nc.i should still continue in Its (or iner ratio tl-e coaimenci-uient of the war, it would be a long t int' before its \ aim? would average ts m :cb per bead, i c -n: j >n w.ib ibe to:-i population, as it did in 1781 ; \ ? wi in t re tnber that the same Irani itable laws v 1. g< er. j . ,iuc ;.ien govern it now, and that any i., p'oai h te ;i milar state is tf .iigeroits. Jio mor. potve :ul argument than tbe early history {?Ml .0 I'r.itad ?t.ves air.'rJs is niccstary to show tbo i a r- t. whlcli M inflation of tbe na'icnal curret y li'_, ii.' c rtair. litn't wo jld inevitably load. That limit l a; .u j<r i rtion to the ba>c which ai rports 11, and ili. i: p. bi c: md inito exi xsion. With regard to < .r , l.. cni :..ture wc c<n thereft re cite no stronger 1 : ru warning for the guldancs of tho i^crotary of J tht freasiry r;aw and of Cons'ro-i whon It assemble* I j has beee in< lerately active at seven per cent tyd.y. TLe^. kt .re not free lenders, unless to first j cli 1: i: : "n . o >J .-( k c >ihiterals; but a go'id deal of I'rivtte c ipitul is nllcrir.^ at tbat rate. The ? , ec . ative pin: on tbe block aud ?rcd .ce E* ci.tnc w Komewhat flayed by tbo cxpected, but Lcviitht ? detrrrel, pr.?enoe or Mr. Fessomlen In town, a id the uncertainty of tbe f'lture of the money ma k'. A rucior j thai he wculd probably offer tie remainlcg ih rty-tbree millions of tbe six per con: ! bo'.ds of 1881 ? t, as it>is would involve tbe failure a: . ulaudonnii nt o: the seven and three tenths currency Zo n or t ii# time to come, this it hardly luppcsabie. 1 "> ii . Ij ihe un avorable war news and the declmc in j gover en; 1 1 ojr,ue<. t< -d*y , tbe n w loan for the time ! : i ol <~j ur?e de d; but all hope ol Ita Immediate resukcitati u w U be destroj-od If the Secretary resorts j to the iithnr expedient. Ibis, however, would be of no j material Kv^s o'ianoc if be afterwards persevered In tho policy of cou.r?. ti >n rucb an act would tend towards but, as the- ia" at oas led us to look for inflation, it woull rot be giving h.m ??r lit for cohslsteusy to supposs that be will revoko L ^ rst j ubllcly official act. Ibe bank s'.at mert, compared with tbat of last week, shows a decreaso of m<~-e than five millions In loans, which Is chiefly attributable to the farther w:'.h 'rawal of temporary deposits from tbe Sub-Trea sury, m o wuieh will doubtlc s lead <o an Incre.ise of tbe aoojtit ucjer 'he Lead of circulation In the weekly statement of tho national debt, loe deposits show an Increase of nearly five millions. The baLks are, thei fore, in a mnch ttrinrer posiBon than they have been for soice montlir past, and thoj stand ready either to meet & run on their deposits, In coaaequenco of govern mcni foau subhcriptiot s, or to lncrea;o their ordinal y lit,.' of ioaas and discjucts. I 'Changs Is dull. Stnrllny b'lls rarjje from 109 to )09Vk for gold, francs may be quoted at from 5.13 to b l.'v according to time. Ki. Cisco having retired from the Sub Treasury, It is understood that he will if* temporarily succeeded by Mr Jacob lluasell, who ba-< b el long attached to tbe fiepuri Bent. "he Stock marke' v.a1 vory much unsettle ! and weak to day, (be decline ranging at tbe bret session of the Iioard of Brikers betweoa n half and thr* per cent. Compared with .he be-l cash sales on Saturday, Erie Hallway fell or *i , Iious"n P.lver 3, Kendinc K, Mllwau k an ' frairie du ri.isc 2, Michigan Central 2, Michigan Southern IV. Illinois < ?itral 1 % , Cleveland and 1'itls burg '* 4, Chicago and ttock iriacd 2X ,1'ittsburg aud tort V. ay ne 3, Chicago and North .eastern 2, ( *Jton Company X, Marii os.1 i i<, ann Ohio and If isslLsipnl certifii atea 2jj I* aware and llud.' i' and Ve'.nsy Ivaaia Coal Com j.anv 8 )1 1 the earn* ? umber, and ? oal advanced 1\ and (quicksilver Min'cx ii*i. 1 he market contiti .ee to fall off in the a'ternxsa. At the second board f.';e Uftliwuy met with a further de O'aeof J*r ceti". Hudson H'vor 2J<i Cteveliyid aid Pittsburg X, Cuipbetian'' Cos. IV, Canton Compary and ohlo and Ms^.ssippi c^rti.icstes X Wiickslver tl 'tag which was quite l>uo)ant n tbe ui>-rinc fell I brck 3,V per Cnnt Keading R?i'r<>ad( Clevelscd and ^ Toledo, CfjloagB sod Sock lsbrd. and Pittsburg and > ri j "IV sj ne partially reccserrd the !Oi?os they ^i stnlocd at tbe I first session of the ooird, and M.dilgsi boi thern, Illir l i | Central a^d Chicago and NorthweKtern s Id ibe 'imc i <? iverfnent secu'lties cculd hardy be called ?s 'irnr as 01 >a> ri*ay, eiihoogf tbe vMw entice wereibree .jusrtors |iet oeut teller, while the coup-r*. dec'ibs! V; tbe fonr.wr sold at 'ne fuit board fi>f lOG^, ano the latter description for 10T-?107'i U -a eix?s ?f 4V>1 brougut Jo;>4 a l'< Vt lh? onf T?*r <ertir ?alee V*M?H per cent dowu. A sale w as iu ide or tbe resist red flve? of 1-71 for vs. At tbe seynd e??lrn of tbe i>oerd lbs oi'ttpoo tiaee< |*M dacllne . ? ins a 105 's, tht c^nn'jn fivetwe t,e< to 1D0 % a 106\,and the one y**r liflrates to H i? lb' .^jjeratorr i" ibe gr.ld room looked uj?on tbe rejiort* fr >m (.etiersi '?? a ai my te-ds) as he ng h*hiy un favorable, an 1 Un y ran up the prtoe from 251, the open tng figure, tn 2.?* ?%. It tbeu recsdod a (title, and cl >ned at *? tb* i ultnwUt^ I alio $M>W? Um totals of the i'jussh of the asaoelatad baaka of tkia city on lb* &nrt Saturday (fuel bnIIi during tbe praaaat year, wild tboaa of the pant two iraeka ? Imm Mi RrwUNM. Dmatiu. J? a. S.$174, 714.484 36 141,086 6.103,861 14ojJo?M Feb. 0. ICS t'TOJPM 24.070,761 6.974,783 193. MM, 04 3 Mar. ft. 182.266,483 21.XtO.6M ft.MS.i4ft 1U.?U.M April I. 111 19 621 .065 6,734,696 lTl.lSI.tf7 May T. lW.ftM.S4ft *3 002,0*8 ft 604.881 186,663 187 Jane 4. 196,740.609 *2.491.004 S.HO.eSft 174,51 6 347 July 2. IPS, 08ft ,01ft SI ,206,086 4,732,917 164, 089,844 July 23. 190,885,761 21,038,91* 4,688 892 147.9sl.32i July 30 186 838,480 21,0*1,800 4,663,42ft 168,929,033 Recreate In loans 16,947,281 lncraaaa lu apecie 17,9*4 Deoroaae in atrculatlon 196,466 Increase la depoaita 4,948,308 The lollowing la the report (rout the Sub-Trnaaury Receipts from ouatoma. $95 090 Total reoelpta 8,643, 501 Payments 4.430 440 Balaooe 16 .220 ,(>34 Si.bacrlptloriB to ^even -thirty aotee 804,300 Three new natloual bank* ware aulborlaed laat week, Via:? N ime, Location. Capital. First I'Hzabeth , N. J?rrrr $100,000 Flrvt Newton, Maaa loft, 000 Firat St. Jobnabury, Vt 100,000 Total $309,000 The following have inoreaaed tbeir capital ? , Parmer Pre'mt Name. LooaUon. Cajyital Capit*'. First Aurora, N. Y $62,009 100,000 Necoud Alleatown, Pa 60,000 135 000 Firat.... Downlngtown, Pa.. 60, (KM) 76,000 Delaware County. Chester, l'a 100,000 300,000 Firat Newton, N.J 100,000 300,000 First West Greenville, l'a. 64,400 72,460 TaUl $410,460 0*2,460 Total (.apiial a ithorbed $79,842,659 Whole number of banks 489 The Ocean llanU of this city baa doclared a eeml annual dividend or (our por coat, froe from government lax, payable on the 10th Instant. The Long Islani Bank wili pay a dividend of four per cent on demand. The Manhattan Bauk will pay, 10th instant, a dividend of live per cent, free of tax. Ad extra dividend of tea per cent in cash, payable August 20, baa been doclarod by the Cleveland and tolo.lo Railroad Company. A suit has been commenced in the Supremo Court, la thia city, against the Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company, In behalf of the holders of tbo guaranteed stock or that corporation, who claim (he sum of about two millions of dollars to be appliod as fast as earned to paying up the arrears of dividends on ntork at the rate or ton per cent per annum. The guar anteed stock, amounting to throe millions of dollars, was issued in 1857, and the oompany agreod to;pay thereon au annual dividend of ten por coot. Tbo plaintiff arer that, with tbe exception of Ave per cent, which was paid la June, 1833, no dividend has been doclared on said stock, and tbe present suit Is brought to compel tbe comnany to redeem its pledge by paying up tbe back dividotds Tho oarnicgaof the Racine and Mississippi and Northorn Indiana railroads during tbe week onding July 21 comparo aa follows with the receipts for tho same time last year:? 1808. 1864 passengers *. $2 105 2.440 Freight. 3,044 8,853 Maiis. &o 371 400 Total $6,120 11,702 Increase ? $5,582 ? The receipts of tbe above roads since January 1 amount to $306,606, against $187,069 for the same tlma In I860 ? Inereaae $119,507. The fol'ewlng were tbe closing quotations of the several qualities of coal In Philadelphia on Saturday last:? ' Bcuuylkill red ash prepared $10 75 a It 00 Schuylkill chestnut 8 50 a 3 75 Scbu> ikill white ash, lump, steamboat and broken 10 00 a ? Schuylkill ege and stove 10 50 a ? Schuylkill chestnut . 8 60 a 8 50 Locust Mountain lump, steamboat and bro ken 10 00 a 10 60 Locust M nnuin propnrod 10 25 a 10 00 Locust Mountain chestnut 0 00 a ? I ,<?r tu rry coal 11 00 a ? Franklin (Lykeng Valley) 11 00 a ? broad Top '. 9 00 a 9 25 Stork Exchange. Mondav. August 1?10 53 A ft $20000 US 6's. '31. 00*1 10.V, 200 al.s 1 1 ml Klver KR 1S1 .... 45003 do 108V. 7(H) do 1 0 40010 do . 106V 200 do !?.?'( 900J0 H8 li'8, 6 *1 a, reg 108k 100 do .blO 1291 5-2'l'B, rou ID?.1* 10.1 do bS 129 4& O0 'lo li)7 1O00 Rending KK 13 j ' nCml'KR'K '71 rej Oft .MO do 113' ' 1 ,o i 1 s I > -ar cer 94? 900 Mich Central RR 1< ' 6000 MoS a,t?a '.icltn 72 1(h) Chic A Alton nraf . y , 900: i0 Ohn * Miss oar fll PO A Alton KK. U7 W?>0J Uo .. fid<{ 1000 Mich So A N r HR >w H*vO do .blO fm>. 2.0 <So R SKXII do 9,1 200 i!o. .. H8U ImiOKrle RK 9d mt? 12.1 HO do . Hi, 134 0KriaRR4tii m l>s 120 lOi d . . bj 3D ) 0(1 Tol A W'ab 2d TII'C *6 l?l III Cent RR u-r;;> 1 4 Ji Pills l'tWACMtin 1M li?HJ ilo. 1.8 2000 Atr.OtWlmOdi-.*99Sj 20?Cleve ,t l'>tta Rl* K: Kri f.hi Cantoa Co LiTO V, 1000 do 11. 20U do 31 40J do lit'. 200 dr . . .. 37", 700 lo 111' ' o Del A Hud canalCo -Id 800 Oftleam <1 H w hi 56 lUOPena Coal Co 220 100 no ... ,I?I0 . > . 2'OCumb Coal praf ci ico <? > . . .;t r, }( ??"1 "o /fii*< liWCTnuA;. W |n?! hi "to (lo .. . ?1\ 790 d ' 89'? : "0 ?*<? bSJ t v do 89 do.... ....... t;i> ftuo <i - u I u do . . .Blu 61S d... . . m WOQui-ki l?er Mg Co HJ 1IW CAT KR c? 1 . bl 3 l;< ) KW ?'o HIV 2 K) do ......... 1 :? do MX 9K> do ill |'? do Hl>, lOOICnl'. A U 1 RR 111U ijo do b50 82 100 d 2o Aabburion Coal Co 20 fi .) d' Ill?f 100 Uanuel Gold Co t M' t P an 0 ltl! i. ? >?? a Sg Co 4H 3' I'ltU Ft Vi A Clue '.'.4 IU0 Erie RB 1IJV 101 do J ? d'tf 1<H do alO IU ?*i d.. .. . 1 do IU fcu AUuuATHauie pre? 77 rw do IIIT^ gSOdMD BOARII. Haik-paat T? > o'CwtX P. M. M0000 D8 6'a, 1881, OOU. 105>< 18C ?h a Hndeor. Riv RK 1 'M | ' 1000 do 10* SOU Ktadli * RR I JbX ^KKK) US fl'a, ' -20'b, con liT.'J 1 ;>o do '.'>*>? d lOf.v, 2 " do. l i , too '3 d )?.? , -r. Mich So A N I RR . A M >?i ( 8 i. a, ? > ear eer ' v; 4 m do ? , :vjO'? do <<4--4 3?0 Til On RR * Hp . 1M\ ivwo do '.'4 luOCteva /; Put* RK .1. . I U0i>0 T?nn!.??rp (i ?, '5X1 67 I i dr. 1 ; * 70?' ? Ohio A Xiu cr ,V) '.(*) 112 l'WO dn r/'K IKOChl A N W RR.. . 1 0 ih (Canton Co.. . 97 , <Ki i do.. . "< 9?f Cumb Coal praf . (WH >400 Chi A N W y-ef . IU0 do 60S* 4 ' > 1 1 ? *. Ill1 KK ISl 1 3 Qtilrltillrer Mb 7&H IbOChi A Rk 1 EE... HIS 80 l a.'.lle Mail BR Co 281', tOO d- . .. .1. , S?)J'r! Kk Ill", lOOritta.ViWA Ciii&R lit 20J Ht daon Ult KK 12i'? IftW York City Bi>nk>, .ImIj 10, ISC I. Aanta. L*u:i Specie. Cin a'al'ti. Dei Am- rica $11,658,957 1,77. ,b3S f ,-.47 1 ',ro5 Ame-.oan Kx.. . 9,14.0,701 1.4T^,54H 27,7"t> 7, '.>91.163 /llai'tlc 1.271,974 08,423 108 659 1.03'\W:i hroadwny 4,441,7.13 623,17 3-4,179 4.H-1 f> 60'' Hell a Head 813, 7C8 2"2.4'53 147,440 *4* ' S7 BitcbSKrovara' 2,45-i 0S1 117 HO? 5?2C 631 1/ 4,2 2 Citv 4. 405.27* fcJ2.G19 ? .'.9 Chemical 4,8 I.M." l.W5,75? 2* ,419 8 761,03b Com'iioroe 18, '?*! 031 l,'.2!<,?.-r' 1,7Q5 8,6l'i.!'55 Chatham ].77.>sr.i 33.128 i< 490 1 0 Cltm>?' 1 220,'.:;h 03,078 ?3.f?l 1,041 80S ( >rn Exchange. 3.294,270 2i"5,7T3 104,940 S.M3.830 Ontineutal. ...3.034^76 249^12 21193 2.639,640 ( Tim moo wealth. 2,7:6.018 129,210 lt4, 128 2,741,803 J'ry ixvk J08 l:;5 41,799 "3, <178 441.721 Kul River 832.998 20.5'>7 111,074 f?l- ,'i i Fulton 2jS8l ,0?J4 4'?0,218 10 790 3,76'., J10 GrecuwUh .... *73 591 67,015 24.801 045, 7.1 uricem' 1.072,800 19.725 8,953 J..1.371 Hanover 2,449.531 815.935 06,994 1,868 7kC Irving. 1,121,9^3 4r..473 05.705 1 U3,C,'.7 Imp A traders'. 8. Hj I.H28 914 152 144,1 0 8,093.203 I en'hor M an il's 2,0?o,423 .107,762 ? Manhattan 6,fiH3,^07 91fi,l'>9 42, '71 fi. 1,591 Market 2,557 688 220, OHH :.t,,710 1,913, .* Murine. .1,977,80 C t2.f-34 90,470 2 V., 478 M?nur. A March 1.4'*ft,7?6 04.480 2,084 l,V .,l 3 Merchants' ?.v4.'..7flH 1,804 208 7H 106 6,024 171 M<?banlca' 4.073 155 5,r.6,il5 (50,o4'.? 4,112,'OS Mn rchanis' Fx 7,142.4 !0 lhj.110 22 9i.l l.ft.M 19 Mech ft Traderr' 1,881,984 128,578 $91,988 1,681,130 Mercantile... . 3,142,286 310,768 5.884 3,4 U,2M Metropnl.ur, 10,173, .mO 1,000,683 3W:,:to7 8,918,136 Mech RfcgAaa'o L473.956 115.918 ;? CU 1,845, jOT National 3,323,188 422 801 20.'10 l.4!.8,ii 1 Naaaao 2.27" *02 185,770 2 132, Co i N"W York 7,049,043 1 *4 1 t.;*,.Tl6 b '. ,4 .88 V Coonty North Kl?er North America. (Roar. 2,084.123 151,05$ 70,-08 1 470 OrieoUl 87K,"0 n|4^7 163 / 76 8;o'.'7 Part 8,9.')f 448 1,05 :, 911 802>i6 8, 60S '< ? Pad?!' 1.502. 797 110 '?.>4 46,829 j.J7n.43 Paip t f.. . .. l,2r.,595 102 7?2 14 0-9 1,177,738 rhe.i.: 4,.t3,::o h.'?,73* 8iil97 4.172,824 R. nub! ' 4,850 117.1 24/. 888 2f.,l*<4 3,'.'-2.fc53 b- Nic I >* . 1,025,908 187,398 77,000 1.14 .1 7 . F,rt*e U -ath^'r . 3,140,800 152 ??' 4f 9,55e 2,578 9"4 ? ovovtr '.Vtf.i 611, 'HO 89,8711 fd,024 167/19 ?ia's 4,674.252 M8,"17 38,9"l 4.022 4^7 1'adeti u's . 2 18f. ,1 21 SB ,970 3-5.4?-:i 2,1' ...241 I u. u 4.181,841 615.173 2 ,787 ,i. ?, 1,906 T'tM. , .$l>-r .83^,480 21,051 ,896 4. b?3,4':8 152 T-O/rl Olesrioga for w?e* e..dli ?; July 23 $108,144,144 78 1 lar.r.n^i fur ? ?i ding July 30., 891 I8'j.*31 06 1shcc?? for w*?k eudihg J'Jly J$ 18,405,202 15 * ... :m lor week eat. tail July DO ... U.-'sl ,15'.! 57 MT1 COMliKROtlli UBPtm.T. Mostbav, Au^uti l ?a r m. Amn ? Receipt? none Market quilt and prl e* > mi D?l'y uncbanged. HtKanwruvi*.? Rao^lpts i8, 314 bbl* flour, #18 b*> s and 100 bags vrn moal, 881,634 buaheia wheat, 232,380 di. ,cura, and 60,575 d<. oata. Tbe mtrket for liour waa irregu.'tr and lOo, a 25c lower or all kiads exempt deaira bie braodi. of freab gr?ubd, which *ere oonpiratlvely aenrre a. d relatl aalv dearer than o' ' kind* The heavy ret ?Ints atid absen.-? of any coa id bla foreim demand bad the ell act to ouuntaract tha teudaucr of cold. I,3f3.689 3,ei 6 "04 Included la the eatae war* 1000 ntrt State, reported t or Bepteoafeer delivery, at HV Tbe ealea on tbe spot were 10,000 bbls. State ead Wnwi, X.YOO Southern Md 800 Oauadlaa. R/e flwr u4 oora ma*! ruled quiet and oteeJy, with aalee of 900 bbb. or Uie roraoer aud 400 of Uia latter. We quote:? Huperflne Mala ud Western Hoar $9 10 a 9 38 Extra Hi ale 0 06a 9 00 CboioeSuie. 10 (j0 a 10 16 (okuiou to medium extra Western ... 9 b0 a 10 00 Extra round Coop Ohio 10 10 a 10 60 Western trad* brands 10 56 a 12 00 Extra St. 1/Kiis 00 a 16 00 Ooi iruou S uthera .10 60 a 11 00 !?*tr?ani? fancy do..... 11 10 a 13 60 Coiuiuon Canal'.an 9 76 a 10 00 Good to choice and extra *7.7..'. 10 10 a 12 00 Rye Ujui', superfine 8 00 a 10 00 Oorn meal, l-b la T 80 a b 60 Corn u-?al, puncheons "**. .'39 00 # 40 00 ? Its receipts of wheat were vary heavy, but conslstod cbtcfiy ot isforior, undesirable doacrlptioc*, which were Sc. a flc. lower. Strictly prime sain pies continued scam, and were tolerably well sustained, being in de mand for export; sales 250,000 bushels at #2 20 a $2 38 lor < Uic.ato spring, 26 a $2 40 lor Milwaukee club, S2 40 a 45 for amber Milwaukee, $2 48 a #2 66 lor wtntor red Western, and $2 58 a $2 00 for amber Michi gan. Bye roms uea inactive and nomiusllfr $1 95. Ilarley and btrley malt wore wholly nominal. The rocelDla of co-n wtro very large, and prices declined 2c. a 3o., wllb a br.iit business; sale* 218 00J buih'U at $1 66 a $1 60 for 1 jw We , la; n mixed closing at $1 56 a $1 6T; $1 60 a $1 62 for u sound tfo , and $1 70 a *1 85 Tor white. Oai!> wife scarcely no firm, wtlh a moderate business at *1 11 $1 08. i'oiion ?The ma -feel wis more active and firmer, with sales of about 1,400 b:.)es. Wo quote ? inland. Flurnia. Motile. H.O.itTexas. Ordiosry 145 146 14G 116 Middling ]?4 164 165 165 Good Middling ItiSJ 169 170 170 Corns*: ? lue markat for all defcrlplions was quiet, and prices were nominally unchanged. l'ltinoMW were firm with a fair business. Euirageuiouts to Liverpool rer Amerlsin vesseLs 7,000 busbols corn at 7t?'d , 7 000 bu6''Cls whoat, 81 in bulk, 700 bbls. flour to fill J s. OJ., per neutral 7,000 bushels w beat 8d. in bulk, lfiu 0 0 fe^t oak ;/l?ok 40s. n, 4 Is. 3d. per 1.000 supe'fi cial feel, and per s> earner 21,000 huBfcols wheal Oil., S5u bbls pork 4 s. a in. fid., 100 boxes bacon 35s.. and 1,00') chaofo 60s To iAJDdon per American 1.200 bbls. Hour 2s. Od , liO tots heavy go-als 25s., and per fctc.mor 1,000 boxes chcaso 60s , 100 ions (en, and 780 eases nutmegs at 35s. To Antwerp, 150 tons logwood, 60 do. maho?t"iy, 1,000 bags coflee, and r,00 salted hide* at 2i?. A liruish bark was char tcreo to Oork for orders, 1,200 bhda sugar at 27s 6d., if to t port in the United Kingdom, or Sis. fld. if to tbo Continont . ?n Italian bark to Cork for orders, 30,000 bushels wheat at f>s 6d. ; another, same voyaje, 14, COO bushels at (is., or if to a direct port iu the United King ; another. 19,000 busbols, sime voyage at.d rates, aFC'ir., bOO bbls. to St. Pierre, Mart, ai 9oo. per bbl , gold MoLARsm ?The market ruled quiet and steidy, with small sales at p-ovinus prices 1'K-KOi.KiM ? K.celp s, 4,^04 bbls The market was unsettlel by t'io wide tluciuatiouc in sold, and though gold tna bibber, (it a gen-ral thm", prices were no bet ter. Indeed, rrce oil was 2c. a 3o. lower. 1'ije sales wore 2,250 bbis crude, chiefly at 61c. on the s rot, and 65c. for all the oion'b: 3,000 do. re'Jned, in bond, at SOc. for light straw, nnd 32c. a 83c for prime light sttaw to white 1,800 (Sc. Ifo at 85c. a 87c on the spot, 93c. sell cr's op' iou, atd $1 buyer's option, all the mouth. Beu ziue w is o.uiet and firtn at 43c. a 45c. Pao\isiox8 ? Receipts, 8,441 bb'j. pork, 127 do. cut meaU and 125 d J. I ird. The pork market was excited and prioc? were hi/fcer; sale? 6 50<) bbls., at $35 for mess, $39 a $40 for ijtw do., $34 a $50 for prime, and $35 for prime moss, also 1,000 bbls now mess, for August, buy er's option, at $40. Total stock p >rk, old and new. in New York, August 1, 1864, 183,702 bbls.; stock l&dt mor.tD 17P 092 I bis , aad last year, this date, 23'!, 614 bbls I'eet was dull I nd prices were lower; sal?s 200 bbie. r.: ?13 a $15 for country mc?,$0 a $S for country prin.e, $\S a $20 tor repacked mess, and $22 a $26 ror extra m>'sg. Total stock or beef, old and now iu NTe?r York, A'i;ust 1, 1804 , 3 >,071 bbls.; 6tock last motitj 37.314 bbls., and do. last year tuls date, 33,358 bbls. l'rlme moss beef remains jute!. Cut meats were inactive and lower at 16c. for shoulders and 17c tor hams. Sales of 2uo bads, bi lk A1.I03 at 17c. Lard was in fair roque6t and prices without material char ge sales 2,00 bbls. and tierces at 20c. n 21c , the latter an ex Irene price; al 0 iOO bbls. kotfle dried, deliverable the first DMoen da. in August, at 2 l)i<\. and 500 bbls. do , deliverable th .st hall of tho mon.U, at 22}?c. Butler was q. let and.iesdy at 35 c. a 42c. for Ohio, and 17c. a 25c. for State, ( b 'oee contlouos dull at 17c. a 26c. for common to prime. Btcv? We no.e t?les since our last cf 700 bags Hanjoon or p t. Si'C Att. ? Tbe ' omaad r-as limited, but r>r -a woro firm. We htve only to no;e tales of abcut 1!?0 hhd?. Cuba ut 2Cc. a i0>ic. ior f. ir to :,ood refining. 1ali0W. ? Sales 00, 0C0 lbs. at li>o. al9>?o. for fair to go d. W'iskkv.? receipts, 2.030 bbls. ilarkot Arm, with sules of l,r00 bbls. ai f! 78 a $1 75. Our Portland Correspondence. Portland, Me., July 7, 1304. Travel to M'i ne 'ivd Hie Irilutar;/ ihgion ? The Tax and Tnr-. 'f BiUt ? KJfect of Mr Ch Re ijnatiM and the Appointment of Mr. Ff *e%dUt) ? Qooirnme-rt App ropria f. 1 ! for For" ivd II vrfyvr ? Unite I states Hospital* in Weir England? '?? TeV/o'-O t' in I'orUmou'.h ? .Veu' H' 1 'ramtrt?Exfauim Oonjtaprationt?Sicationists in y ntreal ar.d Queter, tfc., <fc. Tlr' sn;nm?r in this region is far uw ploisant than in the locall'.ies hrre the main puWic Interest is centred. Eefo'9 tb j wor tbo coast of llama wi>* a rosort of coo ler bis popularity during tho hot months for travellers f.otn sli rarts of the ootti'iry. It his lost its Southern r.trons, andte nriVkelj tor ib m again for a longtime; butk!)'s many visit -rs ^ no Now York, Pennsylvania sn<: thw Northern ita- . The numor^us islatids scat ter- ^ d nl.r.g th'^ roaft are i.osrbero excelled in salubrity dun. * tfca t ue the dog star rage.-. Tho tido of travel to the W ' ite M >uu aias and tho northern part of Maine and New nampshiro b?s a'ready f'. In. and will he kept up until late in September. Tbe Grand Trunk Bailway, which runs from tins city directly to tbe mountain and lakv t ','lon, and t once to tbe St. Lawrence, is reeoivlng a tn -t excellent patronage /rom the pleasure steUors who are ha?tcin,j t;? eorn'ortsble bre.T.hlne places for tho r, e arner. Notui h t v'dnj the war and the present' conditi o o' <ho country, tho pleasure travel W..S (? ?? er gre iior than at t re jnt. Evon t'io lo?a of the swo'jk of bo' thern visitors is not noticed, as itieir fi-eo > ,!lo ' t.y our nhi 'dy ar: tocrsts and the fortu to ? : t ffcrers o! tbe rebeljion. 5 ' re> 1' .t y eniirtert lax ma TariT bills aro beginning t v '?? little atteutton amoog the t^ojle. There i* n t as tnacit itxi.xn tanoe attached 10 vU im uo might be or pec 11 ik ooly rarely ill .t one heai-s theuj mon tlouc d. Yesterday I listened to a brlet di^ccsslon of thotr nier 1 n 1 ne e. lb? b'ttels o' tuts i ,:y. Among the dis put -nU were men o' both the a jat fa'iies, as well ns nil the cllvit , ms o1 tho gro ilpartl"*. I wa? uuable to catch asingle |>olctOf srK'anetit exi.e;.t Kuch a= had a p,.rty bearing. The frier. da o! the ?.di.nalstration acq .leaced cheerfully lo the r.u ist-res, morr from parly aympatby tb-i fron. ai'v lieitcf th*l tho* would tuition tbed' seof the ? tr. Their 1 iipt>in nt^ wore in ati!rs to both Tax and Tariff Ij^r on tue f. </? nd .b it the tax woaid d.< very llt tle tow ri? rem c g oi.r present financial cm bisr.ifEtr. Btr, white 11" tan 7 was In many car es ut ir.jly lr id. n <?! *s. tho New ' ng lu: d people favor a hifh Urlfl on all maaufac tared ai ;ic.le?, h , a protection 1 . tb'.'ir vrn interrsu. alio op,io<. tL isr uinm ra>* ma 'ria i^i eciallv dothey api'rjve a ti.i:l. tarifi that sh?:l i?r ,'ic.ily proUibit the !n> ij?U0ii "f' 1 11 id wool to*. 1 ? uric* W;i 'ie ??x I go i 11 .?* :t ? 11 ? 1 n.irc le> a decided ip'ot th.rcs.g Mto.' ; :j> ?;u?so. ,'ii-ro *ros excitc aaM macifckted wh?n Uie ne^s < mo ovent flrni par-^il turn tb" Ki t but it r .te tuAioly fr >m the foar th?. tb ir.'Ainry affHirs might be in a disordered condition. Tbrotighout Nevt Knu'ian?S the nccsptanne of iir. Faascnden <va: o;uaiiv eatlsVctory, aud noarbere more so than in Maine, l is poltucaf opponents, equally vrltb b h It end', oxnress eotifldeaci lo his future good management 01 tbe finances, r.nd a-ert a belief that, with proper a isisti-i .*, he ixiay briog u? out of our dldiculties. Of courte there .ire lua'iy exoep'iooa to this favorable view ot airit rs. F.ven those who speak with so much conl denco do mi displs} an ox oly to invost freely in got ernment aectirltloa. F.toreastons of faith acd (.enfidence are far rao-a ab.irdant than prolbra of i^ui'as Money In s cbiut many channels of Investment ouT'iCe o; th<? goveri.inent I ati. The 1 rtln. I pt^jiic are jubilant over the reception of It' for ta'lon tb?t the government is abf> it to expend a Urgi jitu of mot y m 1 uitabiy markln or, by moanaof bu ys ao>I other objecta, the a| protci ? to we harbor of li. scUy. A document, signed bv uil toe captains of the M 'itred Fteamshlp C'im;*n/, mm i-ont to Washing ton to aaaiit Iu seru.'ii g tbe pis ^a of the measure. Tbe doc iUI'.nt > . . lorth t>.al tbe Iocs Jf Mi and property on thr liobcin.a 1, In 1 ehri.ary ,a*t, and 'he North Amorican , In 11?, r.i gbi have been prevented If tho roc*s and ledg ? but b '?n properly disutigu*8hel. The travelling peblic wbi have o caaiou 1 enter or loava l'ortlaod harbor aro dir'H.i y Inlfesicd 10 thiv matter. Properly marUot' tbe harbor will lit safe sa anv on tlx -f'st (.overn aert is moving in the eslabiisbmont ot L '? I'tals 'hi, ugh 'at iiin Nuw K,.k aud ,-tatoa, aud thoac al ready ic owni'On are blgM? auocessfaL At Brattle hero, Vt , th-tre Is a targo hospital, partislly (alt of patients frmn tbe i.rrav, I'be -tate Adjittaot Oeueral, 1: *i' loo, aud fir I.vr.iat , i.ttad .-tale* Hospital Ini|>ec. tor lav ho f i vialtiog l!aj(jor aud Augusta, engaged u, etitr 1 r lr,g pr- ,* '^"d S'tCI fo a hospital Ills probable 1 bat a bo <pp, si be es'.ah'irbed at ?other Jvn <n? -utti nr Ctneo J, J< H., anu p a lbl> a' b tb places lbe pur < bri< 9 .?ir or the Ne* Rngiaad Pines is well adapted to the rerovtry or :s, wflether aulTering from wojnfl* or till ? .se. Tie. su'ca?s ibcs far hss < on no oooi?%)tc that it is probtols mora hosplials win be as ta'.ii ?ne l if "this cm- 1 ? " v,<it Ooatluitt moch hnger. At tba Nar> \ar?! si Ports omhi 111, \><m HsmpKiiite orrters h ve Man rer ? ve< (or U a coaslruclloo o' Ibree Irrg- sttamsrs tor w r sarvin Tbe work on iwo of tfleni ? t 'i? Illinois m i Plsratsqtia ? ha? alr?Hdy com ?i eoced. Thastraner l e Roto, ?birh broug it tb ?? lies | of yell >sr fever to 1 'netnooth, ha > been ordsrad Into I qu isotWi . whore she ? ill ? etuatt. until properly clear sed. This hee?n?a n xr sa y from tbofact tba' th 1 worknr"r. In the \a. / Yard re iwed 10 onntloue until sanitary ni?ras irr? bad bean perffte<l. if,ev ?.ein dad the rum rsl of tho uii , and Hie , n >val o iiestructi'Ni ot all rrticles tnni | osmafrom jar At vi 1 a m i's work wis entirely aaa I per iU-d, but It h:a probaUIr been rosun.ed ere this The receot rtry weather throughout the Faat Lie been ; atleudiO lie tlroa '11 tb : w * j~ a i I ot isolated bufldlnga. M ?ny of the nea?p.?por.? say mat ihay eaunot recollict a period wben dre? ?? re po pr >valeut as the? araaaproaent. Jn the eaateM rart i|iia -lata exieualvi tracts of foreet are boiof . overrur vlth Ore, aod with them nil bshita tiorsii their tlcMttjr. Nothing but v series of baevf ran ? w r 10,1 the rcndagratl me. I'e.-sons recently fr%m Montreal and Qmbec MB me that lhAss utiles ar t ibrongtd wiin secesslonlils, wbe Ood tlie air ofTanafl" salubrious Many of them a*m rtoaetir L returned frooi Kiirorx. Oh Boatom Corrsapo?d??o?. Boeto*, Mm., July 11, lMt 9tflin? Ootmi ?<m At Maryland insonsw? IuMwr* </ iKt AbclUxon smtomunt im BotUm?OommtnU m C* Btmmm I of Cohmd it w nan ? Hi - Prendtmi Pure* Com ing Defer* th* Chicago Convention? HunArtd Days R* cruU4 ? .9eir?r? of a SLamer, < tc. The Poelonlane are bow touch excited Of at the iltue (Ion Id Maryland; but there ap]?are a general feeling that tbe aflfclr will prove to be little mora ttian a raid ou a gigantic acala. Even if Baltimore ahould for a day or two full Into rebel hands, the people of Massachueette would not consider It a groat calamity, onleaa tho city 6bould be p*sr uianeuily Injured, la tbla locality oue hears frequent re* fereDce to the 19th of April,' 1881, and an occasional bope that Baltimore may be rowardi'd for the disgraceful acenes of that day. With tnia foaling holding sway, the New Kuglanderii are probably leas grieved over the danger that threatens Baltimore than are the residents of New York. A clergyman of this city lias narrated to me a little In cident that shows tbo extent to which Uassauhusetts has gone over to the abolition feeling. In the Now Kngland Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church It has becu the practice to reruse aduils sion to preachers who are advanced In yeurs or are other wise unproml tug. Men who have reached or paused llitv years of age. or who are burden 3d wilb larne families, have almost invariably been tanod away, as also have thoso of oil ages who ure ignorant dt uutalemed. llecout ly a man over fifty years old, Ignorant, uttalcnied and with a large (amily for tbd Conference to support, made application and was admitted. Had he been white he would have been instantly roiused; but be^ossosi-et the great merit of being u negro. In juetlco f raanv m? ners of the Conlerence It is proper to state mat ha was admitted by a bare majority. I near on every hand , from both friends and enemies of the adminisi ration, a denunciation or its course Id removing Colonel Bowman from West Point. Those who poeeees a friendly foeling to the powers that be say tbo aoi was uncalled for, uDd dlsp ayed a petty moauuess hardly 10 bo expected They ar/u" thai the proper way for tue government displessuro to be exhibited was in uithor lorblildiajL Oouerol McClellan to deliver the nd dre-s when it wa? known he bad been invited, or in or dering Colonel Bowman lo recall the letter of invitation. Tho affair, as It was conducted, appoars of a boyish ? Tbe?frionds or ex-Presldent Pierce are making pre. liminary elT rts for bringing him before the Chicago Convention as the candidate on tho poaco platlorin. I he peace party? i. e , thj rnconditlonals? Is q.ilto a small portion of the parties t*.a' will-oppose the election 01 Mr. Lincoln. Tbore tire ma'iy ib '6*0. opinion represented here but tbe most cf lteai w'l. not bo difficult to m' rge Into oue. The extreme 9 cm Uirdly be exacted to meet; but ali between them ootid bo brought into a comtncn tola. At present the mil tary fc tuat : >n ovors-hadows th" po iti cal oue, aud the convolution concerning the White House campaign is exceedingly limited. Ueoruiting for tho hundred d'jys servlre is going for ward quite rapidly, und tbo appearances are that tho quota called icr will be speediiy filled. Tho promise of ii?e wituin r rtlllcationa is quite ailuring to the weak kneed To this attraction is added tho hopo of oscapiug the draft. _ , , , ,. On a sudden rail Tor ammunition on Sat .rday last, tne stoamor Koso Rtandish was Beized and leaded during tho night Yesterday sbe left Tor an uukuowu desltnatipu, eithor City Point or Baltimore. Our Havana Corrf*pOii,Jenne. . Havana, J.1'7 11, 1SS4. The C t'an Libor Qvcition? Plans for t.\t I'.nsperit i of tlx Island? Purposed Reform in lite Cus' m House ? Vr-e Iratle Ad'socalfd <Pc. , <?c. In a very recent letter, In wnich the question of !<??? In Cuba was touched upon, 1 insist*} upon tue position that without an adequate supply of haid3 the prosperity or the island was simply impossible Since ?heu I 3nd the question discussed in oue or our leading papers, though not strictly In regard to negro labor. It is con tended that tho prosperity of a country does not depead on extent of population, but on e isy Intercommunication. Of course I cannot discuss the q lostion In a lottof desi,;ne 1 to convoy informal Ion of d illy von t? ; nor do V caro to ontor irtotho discussion of a proposition which I think self evident; for, even grantoif. wh'oh wo mis', tlio immense advantages for intercommunication alTordod by railroads, canals, &o.,lt is very nlain that if libormg hands bo uot lit a coiiiitry tho railroa'.s, canals, Ac., can never bo constructed. This also sugg^ts tho reflection that public works languish hero iu tho most azoni/.ing manner, and tho explanation is to bo found only In the deficiency of labor. It is amusing to eee ?ha laborers on tho new aqueduct which is tosupply Havana ooo or these days. A considerable part of them are chil dren from ten to fburtecn years old? African ?m? ncipaQpt, as they are called. With such labor can you r llculate when wo may bo enabled to drink a glass of e'eatt water in this over facctlonsly termed Queen City of tbo Antilles f Bat more w< alerful is the fact, ard most ton'o'ln^ the jeflecllon tiiat there are railroads completed In the island Of Cuba Wo have twenty-seven In all. b g and liitie, so thut intt rcommuolcation lias a little chance, at least, to Increase our proeperitv. That It has this b^neflccn t efTact I will not attempt to deny? nay. 1 admit It fully? b,:t I insist that It Is this voiy prosperity which is the pannt of tne want complained of. Wltnout it wo would not reel absolutely com.elliHl to progress further and demand means to cuib.e us to do so. We? that Is, men all tho world over ? are gore nei1 h :reln bv u la v ai unerring as tbal of gravitation. Tbeteforo. it d prlvcd of tue labor we neo?l , is thero any remedy for o ir condition ' 1 tliiuk tbo question has bron stulied by 1-aling nrm in Cuba as well as in Snain, though the rrsul of those studies is di:iiojlt to get at, tor manifold teas uis, the rhie one perhaps i'ci 1 the ahsutd cen s irsi> p o\c: -oi over tlw press. V*'o therelor- g< t bu*. a Utat r< tl :i of enlightened public o;>iilcu. With tho growth i f al> Htion s-iitlmnnt in tf.uin, aud over. :n 'uba. the .luest: l of Cuban pro?t?- ,ty takes ? n-w turn, entirely dlsronnocto l fr. m iie,;r./ labor, and l tu ide tu depend upon I'ntiraly diHer-ni circmn?-aifr<?, ti.<?-i';h Mill l"iv lii'j the labor problem un? Ived. U is entirely bi yon?l njy comi roUensiot h ?w u < ouat'-y whi. n has : jst it labo power cm bo matin pr 'sporou*. lint let i?^i,arihe plr.n, which t as it.e mor.t i os ?-sed by a I great invou tionii, of beiag simple. It -s nothing los? th m th aiioii lion of custom houses and the intr du- tion oi iico trade Th'* plan, tlio origin .tor or whic i is a . patiish ni b.!1, of ?ohm diet Inct too ? tbeOoant Armllder . 1 ? tend e l .o henellt tbo r'oiher cotriirv as well as the c'>louie<. Tha Count up;)onrs to bo one of tho.-e me:i w.i i are to be found in all countries? m"n who d'-v themselves, thro lgh a noble r.nd nnFelllsh pvsion for kcnevolence, to the lutereste and liaiipinoiis of their lollow men Wo havo sixh men inCuha. lAit thoy arc rare everywhere, tor twenty years the ro::nt startled the subieci or custom (vcise reform and treii trade, w:th the p:r P'to or advocating it* adoption whanever cir cimstanc.o3 might prove faviiruh'.e. Tt .is intention is now revealed by en : ddent I to Co-.r*. Ip the he'd o" the Colonial Treasury I ep.irtmem , nal has di?c. avcrad that the ouSlomeoolioctcd tn the ts' .a 1 ol Cuba ilurti g last year how a milium o V of 5 ;7l,:Vi7 . and ant tsi- fatling oT rontln-es. the nyi uh wf .'anil .ry rhiiwing ? d ereuceof twenty al.t per cent itii n. lia ble dislcietic'.' Is not uttrlbutnl by Hie Co ant, ia ti- b'ter to tbo '.en :rai Admluistrator of Custom Homes, at Ilaran i, t" t'ie civil war in thq,States. or to anything eiso but n bad system ftf udmlnutration Th C unt talijs liko au iionest tnan; fur ha is an^ty, and says fraud and robbery must bo h mtod down anl punlnliod? '? oxttrpatod with a vigorous hand.'' H Is lo this letter that he reveals his j lans of sweeping reform, whicn only swait the lormalioe oi a miuistry with courage enough to sanction their adap lion. Never was reform more needed n^vcr a hippier retredy for a <rroal ovil thin that proposed by the C >unt Nut becaasf frauds in the Cust. tn Hoasa nro njtorious and iDi-urnbio, but became the taritf is a ccrse to the Isi . n<l, aud the cause of ,ilt?hc frauds. Reraovo all re rtrleUonson commerce, it is argued, ai d Cuba will pro?poi immensely, while Spain would derive mor~ revenue from ? 1e j "oplc by a wise system "r taxnti' n I'ho revenue now !a five millions or dollsrs per annum, which is a great dea when lb* population is considered, bul a mere triile when the wealth .and resourcos "f tho island are fken Into eo oount. nils Is. In Rhnrt, the plan by which Cuba Is to bo made prosperous and a lar.icr contributor to tbo treasury of the mother country. It will be ?goo4 aafaraa it goes, hut unless il likewise induces immigrants to eaUlc in the island and cultivate the soil it will not product the ellfect expert- d. Tho advocates ol reform in the admitilslra i ton or the colomoj? tbo Oloxagas. Rlvoros, CoHeiars, Corrndis, O'Calians and Araugos? have got to c me down i t the <iu?itt >n of supplylnr the labor market or ?'nba. llimn, the wh?lo etrectnre or Cuban progress, atands. for tho wealth of a nation Is In the baud,, more properly in the strong arms, of her people. Risui Pusim-iUKs asd Rbukl Pbisoisss ?Within the last few dsye live hundred deserters from the rebel army have been received in tbla city from Ceneral Sherman e front and been permitted to tako tbo oath of amnesty am) sent n.rtb of tbe Ohio river, to remain during the war. The heavy recolpt of ? 'butternut*" from the Trout furmchee Captain Jones with a large amount of businese to transact. Tbo military prison Is crowded with cap lives, and hundreds ere daily eenl to prisons north or the river. The march of rebol soldiers through onr oily streets is no longer a matter of wondet or surprise The irsmpif the hronsed captives In their dlrtr homespun suits is far morn common now then tbe march of federal troops Almost every morning from our oillee window we can pee the rebel column moving past. Johnston's army must be materially weakened. The drains have been increasing. Wo count our captives not by single men, li I by battalions, regiments and htigadee. F.lchl hun<irol rebel soldiers were forwarded to t ?ni Douglse yesie 'day in irnlng ? LoutnilU Journal, Jul ^ li AUVKKT1SBMKIVYS. US); JBUNP. PBRSOHNR KHaNCAlHR (PROTRg. .ante) dntire se placer comma boaee d'eofants dens una bonne famllle. Bonne recemtnandailoes. H sdreseer pour deux Jours en BU While el., east, near Broadway. RILUAKM, ' Ij'Olt HA1.K OnRAP-A ROSRWOOD flbATR BRD 1 B lllard Tab.e Inqeire of W. O. D OMMBL. tlO Third a. can a. THE LECTORI ?RA?OW. IMP'lRTANT IjRt'TURKII UAII.T ? FOR OBNTt.RMRR | only, at the New fork Museum of Anatomy, IH Broad way. Parties uaable le at la ad these Leeturea can have Ihem forwarded on rsealpt of ten cents by addreeelng B?n tary of Bew Tart SuMom at amum New tokk abb gtfai bailboab < PanetoewrfOrnoa. Ri* T?u. BBOOND MOBTOAOB BOND* ($1,000. Put luioM 1, IML Botiee to hereby given that the l?4i at tha '? '"?J will be paid ?l their mnurltj , August 1, IMA, at the e?Ue of U? cam Mar, oorner of FourU a*anu? Hi Twenty llilk atreet, aad wl the Interact oo tha uma will ceaee from thai data. WM H. TA.NDEBBILT. Vioa Presldent._ OFFICE Of THB NEW TORE . MAPLB SHADE OIL Company, (IT Wall street, law Turk, July 29. 1864? The Boari of Trunice* have this day declared a second monthly dividend of thraa per cent for Jul* instant, payable at their uOoe oa had after Wednesday, 10th A usual proglmo. ISAAC A. Q0 ACKBN BOB*. Secretary. Parties ib bbw tore who wish to loam their money at tea per cant lniereet on bond and mart Raga can do ao on application ta ike undersigned. No charge made. Good security alwaya taken, hew York dtp retaronees given. A. H HORTON, Atthlson, Kansas. SOUTHERN BANE NOTES WANTED ?VIBOINIA. Tenueasee. North Carolina, Soutk Carolina, Georgia Alabama ami New Orleans bank uuie* by MANNING A DB PORKHT, banters, 19 Wall atreet. THE ERIE RAILWAY COMPANY, NO. 187 WEST street, New York, Ju'.v 14, 1864.? Dividend? The diree tor* at tUi* oompanv liarn thla day declared a dividend out or the Burning* of the road foi six mouths, ending June SO, <?f thrse and one-half per oent ('.ess the government lai of ?? per Jent) on the Preferred Stock, Alio a dividend of four per cent on tie Common Capital Stock, free of government tax. Both payable at the Traaau er'a ollloe, trie p ace, on Wedneadav, the 3d day of August next, to the registered holder! of s'ock at (he closing of the booka The transfer booka of hotb preferred and common alock will be oh.?ed on the afiernuon of Tuesday. Die 19th in-t., and be reopened on tha 6th day of Auguat. HORATIO N. OTIS, Secretary. The bane op California. BAN FRANCISCO. Capital S2.iKVi.tKX), nu' <1 up in gold coin D. O. M ILLS, President. WM 0. RALSTON. Cashier. LEES A W ALLS R. Correspondents Naw York city, OQIcei S3 Pine street. Tub trustees of thr central petroleum Companv have this day declared a dividend of one per cent upon their capital of >5,(11)0.000, for the month of Julv, pa ab.e at their office No. 10 Pine stri et. In this city, on the ISth inut, WED. W. CLARKE Secretary. Transfer office of the CHICAGO ani? nokth We*lerii Railway Company, No. s wall street. New York, July 26, 1864. Coupon* due August 1, 18S4. from preferred sinking fuiid bonds, general first inortgase bond.. Applelon exten sioti bonds and Green B?v extension bonds or the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company, and from first mort gage bonds of (he Galena and Chicago Union Railroad Co.n p.-uiv. will be paid, on and after that date, on preMtnlatloa at thlaoillce. JAMES B. YOUNG. Bectetary. tJtTALDEN, WILLARD A McILVAINE, W BANKERS, 17 BROAD STREET NEW YORK Orders fcollelted for the purchase and Kale of United Slates fccurltlei of all kiuds. quartermasters vouchers, specie and AH ulaima against the government pur cha-ed. Refer to Hank of the Republic. Charles H Marshall, Esq., Opdyke, Loaschigk A Co., Francis Skiddv. Esq . John J. Crane, Esq.. P. W. Kngs, Esq. eo nnn wanted-on FIRST CLASS PERSONAL tpo.UUU securitv in ttil.s city for one or two yesr-i Se curity double the amount. Address box 705 Post ofllce. S'litrv nnn TO LOAN? AT six PBS cent, tTvU.Ul/W for five years or longer, on New York city property, JOSEPH MASON. Mo. sx Pim It roomslOand 11, nnft -TO wtbbt in real bstate , 5)JV/U?UVfU? this amount, In various sums, to bo used in the purchase of Dwellings and Store Property JOSEPH MASON, No. 556 Pine street, rooms 10 and 11. SHIPPING. QTEAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, TOUCniNO AT 0 Quecnstown (Cork Harbor. )? The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company tinman line), carry. Inn the United States minis intend desratching their full poweied Clvde built iron steamships a* follows:? CITY OF WASHINGTON. Saturday. August C CITY OF MANCHESTER, Saturday. August IS. CITY OF LONDON. Saturday. August 2U, and everv aucee lins Saturday, at noon, from pier 41, North river. BATKS or FASSAOB. Payable in sold, or Its equivalent in currency ? First cabin $*.) Steerage $30 Do to London 85 Do. to London .S4 Do to Paris 95 Do. to Paris 40 Do. to Hamburg it) Do to Hamburg 37 Pa aengerealso forivHrled to Havre. Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp. Ac., at equallv low rates From Liverpool or Quci-nstoun ?First cabin. S7.*>, $S5. $105. RCeraue Tlio-.e who wUh to send for their friends can buv tlck?ts he-e at these ratos. 'i'hes- steamers have superior aceommod* lions for pas senir rs, are strongly bi:"t in water tlaht iron aections. and enir y patent (ire aonilnlalors. Experienced surgeons are attached to each ateamer. Kor further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM TSMAN, Agent. Wa r street; in Glasgow to ALEX. JIA liCOLM No. 5 St. Enoch square: In Quoei.s'own to C. ? A W P. SEYMOnt A CO.; in London to El V'KS A MA CEY. r.l King William ?t : in Paris to J ULKS'f' KCOHE. 48 Rue Noire Oam? des Vlntoires. Piace de la Bourse; in Phila delphia to JOHN' O. 1>aLB, 111 Walnut street, or ?t the Cotupany s oTices. JOHN O. DAI.E. A^ent, ^ 15 Broadwav, N. Y. The Hamburg american packet company's IRON MAIL STEAMSHIPS. From Southampton. From New York. HOnrSSIA .July lt>. IH'.( Aug 6, ltfflt FAXOMA July 2fi, 186t Aug ?), ISM TIUTTONIA 1W4 Sept. \ ISR4 OERMAN1A Ii'Ivr;. IBM Sept. 17, U#4 HOKI SSIA .Sept. (i, lfifil Oct. 1. 1SSI SAXONIA i?tjl 2>|. HOi Oet 1?, IW4 Prom Ilamburtr Pier, foot of Third street. Iloboken, taking f.asseneers for Hamburg Havre, fion^o-i and Southampton St the followinc rn'"? ? Plrst ei :i, $l(M- second e* hi $6.' SO: steerase. >37 50. rsvsh'e in t?ol.| nrlti equivalent. For freight apply to Kl.NHARDT 4 CO.. 45 F.xchan?* place For [latsaje apply to C. H. RICHARD A BOAS, 131 Broa iway STEAM FROM AND TO QUEBN8T0WN AND LIVER. Pool CI'NAl'.D LINE Fi om New York, 1 5, to New York, $35, jro'd or equivalent In curreticv M A It ATIION ?ails We inesdav, August 3. OLYMPPS ?ai s Weduesdav. August 17 For i afsa^-e applv to WILLI A *.8 A OIION ? Brosdwar rpilK NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BRB 1 MEN C Meyer, commander, carrying the United State mall, will sail from the Bremen pier foot of Third street, Hnhoknti. on SATURDAY. AUGUST I t, AT 12 O'CLOCK, M . rou BREMEN. VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking psss?i;jir? to London. Havre. Southampton and brevpn. at the following rales, pa, able in gold cr its equlvaleut in currency. For the firit cabin. HiJ. second oabln. $62 50; steerage. The BREMEN wW be f. Ilowed by the HANSA Angusl 27. For freuht o; passage apr; to OELP.ICilS A CO., "8 Broal *tr^et NfAtlONAIi ST?!AM N a WIfJ 4TION COMPANY. TO QUEEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL NEW YORK Saturday. August 1. VIRGINIA Satuydar, August 13. ('?bin "65 g-'l Steerage, $50. payable in currency. Per pa-bage sppi' t-> WII LIAMR A QUION. 2"1 Broadnsv. UNITED STATES NAIL MNR FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. Regular sslliu; dny Id Hth and 23d of esnh month, ex cept when Here ill ? f s'l on Sunday, when lb* day of de ptrture will he the Monday followitig The first clan steamship NORTH STAR A. G. .lones Commander will sal. from pier N ?. 3 Ni>rth n\er. WEDNESDAY August 3 at U o'eloelc M The step m -Yip OC?.A?i,i H.N, Captain Tinklepaujh, will stiecee I the Ni rth star, and sail August 13 For freight or passage appl> toj( R Ar LKjf No ft Howling Green. I^OR NEW OKLE*-*8 DIRECT. The United Stales mail steamship V \/,oo. Oeorre W. t'oiieh, commander. Willi -ave pier 13 N it for neir Orleans direct, 00 WrDNP^DAY August 10.. a(3e'cioe( P. M pr-^-isei . No irel^bt received or bilUl of lading signed on the day of Mulim" For freight or passige applv to LLDI.AM, HBINBKBlf A CO , lib Broadway. HAVANA DIREC" I ha United Slate insil steamship BOANOKB. Fraticls A Ore' commander, will eave pier 13 North rtve', tor Havana direct, on Tuee <tav, Attiiust 9. at lhreAo'c.oc< P. M. precisely No fretcht received or bills of lading signed on tbe dar of sail i nil For freight or psstage apply to Lt'DL o AM nBINEKEN A CO . 115 Broadway. RLEANN LINK POR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT? _ (Oarrylng the United mail) The new and splendid steamship Pi; NO S1URY (I e Good T<uek(, l.otu tons regl ter, .t B. Hlldrnth commander, will leave pier ft NorPt rive-- pos tlvely on Saturday, August 6, at 3 P. M , H'r accommodations for pa sergers are excelled by no stesmer in the trade For freight or passage ai.ply lo WM. H. ROBSON, 119 Fron! street, two doors fro:u H all street, FOIl NEW ORLEANS. DIRECT? WE DNBSDAT. AujuM 17. lit twelve o'clock, noon . The Atlantic mall steamship Company's flrsl nass side wheel steamer ARIEL will sail as almve, from pier 3 North river. For freight or pe*?"ge ?iiply at the ofTce of the Company, No Sliowllftg green. D- B. ALLEN. L3r>R HAVANA, DIRECT. -THE NEW AND FIRST I? claei United Sfste- trail steam 'hip DA KOTaH, C. Ryder eommsnder will sail for the above port on Saturday. August 6. at thn-e P M,, from Pier 11 East river. For freight or pas sage apply to W. W. RUSSELf. BRo A CO . I*V) Wallet. POB LIVERPOOL ? OLD BLACK HALL LINE. -TBE ? hip COLUMBIA v tll sail prompt y "u Saturday Au g fi. For pa?sape appl-. on hoard, fool of Bergman street, or pi ROC U K BROS. 4 COFPBY, fiS South strr't. I^OR LIVERPOOL? TA^SOOTT'S LINE. J1 Ship EMERALD Sail* August I FOR LONDON-X LINE. ?M? HODSOlf Balls Angiisl ?). For pasaaice to or from the Old Counirv, or draft* , avail able in any part of England. Ttvtland Scotland and H i ?i at the lowest tvwible rHt?s. appl> to \ TAPSCOTl BPOT HE 1.8 A CO.. M South street FOR LIVERPOOL and LONDON.? PO? MV KRPOOL lUr NORTH AMERICAN sails 2d August the BEROLUTB on Ihn B'h or Angus'.. For London the LIVE!' POOL oe the 0tn of August. For passagi applv u> WILLIAMS A QUION, 4b Ful'on atreet. r POB LIVERPOOL DIRECT.? CUN A RD STEAM SB TP i MARATHON. Captain MoMlekan. will sail op Wednes day, Auguat S. Cabin paisaae SrtO? gold, or Its equ<va'eet For frelgklor passage apply to B. OUNARD, No 4 Boni ng Oreeo. For LtVKBrootriTnovfMKi black rta'r llee.? The celebrated packet ?h,p ,iERH THOMPSON, eell* to morrow. For passage from or teethe old oc'intry apply at theomcc of the tn> 1'rsri street. OTBAMSniP flCOT.A WILL DISCHARGE, UNURB i!> general order, at the Ounard wharf, Jersey CI ly, oa Monday morning, August 1. B. CUf ? RD, Bo. 4 Bowling OW? r)H MRQII CBLEBRATR1? PACKET Ship JEREMIAH THOMPSON at anchor In the stream, sail* to morrow. ? The IfTAR OF THE WEST August $. App'y at THOMPSOB'S Passage Offlee, a/fi Pearl street fnOReMVRRPOOL ?THE SPLENDID PACKET SHIP T ALBERT GALLATIN. Caplair Ix 'ano, sslls August 4. Beeond eebln $?ft, psvsb e In bllli, ami f' und ApnH on Noard at pier 45 BaW r. ose. or to P. M DBM AHB8T. N* U Boulh street t KIT BE RaIUMAD.-VEAIM fOt i tiw, kiRMtt ib4V?A Imm Okwtan ?t N ??W YORK ADO HARLEM RAILROAD. _ TisIuj far Albewr. Troy ud Saratoga Spring*. , ooii*ectlng with lb* [forth aud Weal, Inn T*nt;4 Ktmi depot at 10 >, A. M and 4PM SPECIAL NOTICH. riNWien for bnlait 8prii|a by taking the 10 JO A. telly, aud on Saturday* the 4PM train, go thrwugt Saratoga without change of oar* K W RAILROAD LINE SOUTH. BROOKLYN TO PHILADELPHIA. through nTpivE hours Fare |1 Bicuralon tlckeu 93; good for thro* days. . Oji and after Monday, Auguat I, ISM. ( By the eommodtous steamer J ewe Hoyt. foot of AtlaJ ?treet, Brooklyn. over? day ' II o'oid A. M., thence to Port Moutnoutb, aud by tne Rarltan a Delaware Bay Railroad lo foot or Vine street, Phlladelpll Returning, leavre Vino street wharf Philadelphia, e?T morning at 8 (Sundays excepted). L Traveller* from the clt? of New York are notified nofl applyifor pasaage by till* line, the State of New Jeraov hi Ing granted to tbo Camden and Ambov monopoly the eiafl mve privilege of earning pts-enge s and freight botw the cities or New fork aud Philadelphia. Regular boats for thk latourf.ttb nouf Bergen Point, N J , leave pier No 2 North rlvtr 0:16. 12:46, 4 HO aud 6 10. from Dey street at 10 30 A. U. _ 4 SO P. M . time 35 minutes Steam railroad hourly fw Jersey City. N B.? It lakes no longer to go from N York to the La Tourelte House titan irom South ferry to , Fifth avenue. WESLEY W. HILL. Propriety rriHE ORKAT INSIDE ROUTR FOR BOSTON, i STONINQTON STEAMBOAT LINK, . r VIA GROTON AND PRDVICENOE. THK OLDEST, T&E QUICKEST. THE SAFKBT, THE HOST DIBR ? AVOIDINO POINT JUDITH. The magnificent Steamer COMMONWEALTH, Captain .1 VV Williams, ON TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS AND SATPEDAYKl The elegant steamer PLYMOUTH ROOK, . Captain J. C. ueer, ON MONDAYS, W ROSRSDAYS AND FRIDAYS, i at S o'c.oek P. M. These boats stnrt inm pier N >. 18 Nortl' river (J f Of Cnrtlandt street), and are acknowledged by all exti ; enced traveller . to be among the latgest. strongest, r comfortable, and best that have ?*< ?;? mu In Amoiican tera In summer and winter. In atarm find calm. the C monwralth aud Pij mouth Rock :u\arlably make the p age | . - $ Sumptuous suppers and luxttr ously furnished ataterot , are marked features of th*se 1 lie,.' p iiiices." BURK CONNECTIONS made with Newport, the watenng plice . on the North, eouth shores -in Massachusetts, the great Eastern ro for Maine and fur the White Mountains Berths aud stateroom* inav he secured at Ilarnden's preaaotlice. 74 Broadway, and I No. 115 West street.. New York; 76 Washington trent Boston, M. R SIMONS. A i;ent, J i Merchants' Navigation and Transportation C. BXCURSIOJVS. ' I BIDDLE'4 OROVR AND WOODURIDOR l'ARK ? T ( 1 plendul new barges GER \LDINE and STELLA) 1ar>{e steamer with saio.ins Alt, > small steamboats for- i tnc.- aud excursions. R V. BONN ELL 4 CO., IS) Front) _ ? I pOMK ONE, COME ALL. TO THE GRAND PIC; End Excursion to be clreu by Bt. Paul's K jmau Call.' ciiurcU, Harlem at Jones' Woods, oi? Thursilsy, Au;o ISO* I wo ~i> endid bauds have lieeu eu.a^nd for the necal The committee guarantee to make Hi s the grand PiOu, the season Admission 25 cents j Ul v. Rev. GEO. It. BRtKlitV HOI FOR THE FISHING BANKS.? K1SH KRMEN deck. The new and last sailing sea steamer RL Captain R. lIoflTmire, will make an excursion to the a* banks every dav ( Saturday* excepted i until further not leaving Kroome street. East river, at 7 15. Peck slip at) Spring street, North river, at 8:15. and plerNo 4 Noith r atsJOA M. Kait, Linen and Itel rash menta on board.' band of music will accoinoany the bout Pare for thei curstonSI. Tbt* Itoai can be chartered for excursions applying to W. MARSHALL, 69 South etreet. I HOI FOR THE PISHING BANKS.? THK LAROB 4 commodious steamer MARYLAND will male e\. ?ion* to the Fishing Hanks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Tl dav and Friday of tliis week Tnls boat has 11 largo powerful engine with new boiler, and having been liite' with ladies' saloon and private cabin; also, large spacious upper deck for dknclng, render* her very safe pleasant for these excursion*. She Is In chsree of *11 porienced and c*pab e p lot, who will put her in the r, place on the Ranks Unit and tnklinz onboard. Af cotillon band accompany the boat on each trip. LOST AW If FOITKD. DOO LOST? OH SUNDAY EVENING; A WHf Spanish Poodle haircut Irom the foreshouldera, black and dark around cheat, bljib bnek; called Polly liberal reward wi t be paid by returning him to No. 45 t( Twenty fourth *treet. Found-last week, in -iiie twenty secc ward, a sum of Money, which the owner c ?n hare calling 011 George B. Duke, 44t> West forty fourth *L and prowng the same and piylng charge*. LOSr-ON STATE N TIL AUD NKAR SILVER I . a ? on Sunday afternoon, onego'd emhroiderod Seira ? C;. oontalinnn a latter, 011 y valuab!" to Its owner. The fin mav keep ilie ca-c and return the letter |ti an enrtdop C. F. V., Herald office Tost? on pkiday. jily 22, supposed to J in a Kulckerlmciirr eisge & arge e^meo h -ad r Brooch, set round with coral h ills. C .5 will be paid foi ?sine, with the thanks of the owner, by Henry B Mellv^ jewe ler, 76 Bieccker street 1 OBT-AUGI'ST 1 A SMALL FA^N COLOI JJ Scot uh Tenter from "S West r.ightrenth atreot \ ever will raturn her will re.-cive $10 reward. IOST? FROM JONES WOOD ON TH8 27TH O" JI' J u 17 foot Rowboat. w th brass rowlocks; boitom pal green, white top, with shear streak pruned; Inside grs alto Any person returning thr same to Joi. Taw, Rav> wood, U I., will receivc $10. ROW BOAT FOUND ADRIFT ON THE MORNING July 2H. 1864. 'fee ewner ran hare her bv P' t ty atid paying exp"n*e*. by appiyiug to Jaiuua Du College Point, Long Island N. V. STOLEN-PROM THE SUR8CRI B " R ON THR V dav of May. 1404. a 7 ;!0 United States Treasury N No n.v3R for $5<io. iMued Au.u-t in, 1401. Ail per*oe warned ncaln t taking oi ne.oU*;lng tli? ?%'t?e stjii" him been stop|ied. I'niKRE M AVI5RIL DRY GOODS. BZOLUnVELY FRKNOJT FLUTINO (ON R TO TW ty inches wide).? AJI materials ptinct' s ly fli.ted it unsurpas ed manner, at Mr-. OOLI'RN'S French 1u establ shiuent* IS Ainltv street ' N - A b ock and a from Broadway), 1X7 Bieeeker ?tre.'-t, bel > v Woodier 2<il Fulton street. Brooklyn. *. B ? No machinery user the genuine French timing. EfOR FALL TRADE 18?t 1 FRENCH, ENGLISH and SAXONY DRESS GOODS, In great variety By the package or piece only, At attractive prl A T STEWART A CO., Broad .say and Chsmber* strei I^LUTINO ?FRENCH PLIMINO DON K IN A SO I1 rior style for (our rents pe >ar,i. Over lour mi one cent per inch extra by t?e I ranch l lutug Company, t'pring st cet, between Varlck ai.d Hudson. 1EW PVBIjK AT IONS. A PHYSIOLOGICAL Vltw OP MAHKrAUR -C J\ ta ni'iir nearly tSO ns<?* snd 150 i>? plate* ar<i giavni/ of tl." anatomy or tl e human n '.an* In a Ota I health an l d sease. wiih a treatise on e irly errors. r? plorable eons ? me ises upon the Blind undbodi.wl h author'* p1*r> o: treatment? the only ratloiihl an t sncr s mode ef eure. as slioivn by the report of ca*es treai-.l truthf il adviser to the married and tboee oonlem its marriage who wo , Id know their phy*teal condition. H free of postagi to any address on receipt of 25 oee's ?Umps or postal currency. Addte.s Dr. La Crolt. Si Ma' lane. Albany. N. Y. AFFMCTT D RESTOR' K1NORAFPK EXPOS! P-iPa^les unrnsske l ? High'y Important to both aei ma-rlcd er siug e, in health oi ilisea e. Dr bARllOH Pari*. London and New Yoik Mod leal Ad'lseraud M? i Oulde^t*!th edition, 4U0 prges lOi Illustrations i. unon billtv, Urinart AttiTtlons, niadlcand Kldnev Dlseaaes. author's uneo nailed Pari-, and Lmnon treatment ,*r should p' rehise th's work of E. WARNER. No 1 Ve street (or $1 or consul', the Dojtor. ITS Broadway, no st* New York from In A. M. to 5 P. M. "W concur with ot naiiers in reoommendlng Dr. Lartrnnt and his wot Courrier des Et*ts itnl*. Germ in die Roforto, Dtsps Stasis Zeltung, At a*. Medical Review, Ac Every day's news fro* the srat of w lends addition*! Tuterest to Capt. CHAUNOBY'Sg' TooographiRal Map of the military 'lliutlnn In Tim' w hme every road and at-cain (made lib to eat by Ore movements) are recorded. It ei.n be obiaiii*J at 77 Ci ?tree), rooms 23 and 3S 250 Agents wanted. Letter of advicr for ladies. ... * * Ha* information never before pnbllihed S'-nt fre-. In a sealed envelope, for lueecl*. Artdre- s hoi 4.652 New York Po*t office. NEW BOOKS AND ' ARTKS DE VIsrTE.-SEVPR new eubieet* ji?*t added. Sporting (ioo!? of ev de*"r,jition Tied* tttppileii. fleno for oita! igue io D GOMP RUT'S Pnrcbaslng Agency. 71 No* an street, N 1 New styles oartes de virite roR obnti men I:i-ln*e 79 cnts for sample and catalngnr IP S.l.'M New York Poet oillee. CHAKLBH ?. ATT WOOD A ('( PHOTOORAPH CARDS FOR GE vTLK? 8N. I Hpl erilih ^ardf for gentlenien - Sainplc- and cals'is, sent on rrceipt of 25 centa Enclose en enre ope with y own name and addr*** lo C. Burn*, box Irfl Poet oUke sey CltJ tt.J. fimOBR PECULIAR BOOKS? PUBLISHED 4TN0J J tr.n street. Irw York, by 0AM IN BL* EC II A I Send tour *ddr?*e no a stamped enrel-ipe ifor oatal ig You ciiu get Hie book by express, p?yabt* ??n de lver.< , i t mall WaTCHRO, jmVIK "'HI. AO. At ?)? WaT?'HF4 Of AMONDN, JEWRLPY, t>T I.V I'lete Gun* Pistols A* boujlit - I w li pay eer.' n.ore than car be obtained at *\\J othet ptaee m cltr a O? Aim Pawnbroker*' Tlckrt< wsnte<'. for rbo.e ar?oi i*. at the *a n? iate. COT Btoadway, cornen Ifotiston street, up sta'r*. room ? ^ DUM0OLD OOLD AND BfLVR* DiAMONOt, ^ OLD GOLD AND S1I.YF Persons who wl'h to eell D amone?, old <loid. Ruver ?kin.t of old fasblonod .fewe.rj. go in L4IUIS A^KIC Broadway A posiUve fact, he pav* M per eent m. than any other poreon. E*tabll*h?.i ?a New York sinne t admlnistrition of the late Martla V*n Rnren. Make ml*tske? 72S Broadway, under th* New York Hotel JJlJOBftMAEE BEOTHERi, IMPORTBRM OF WATCHES from their own aanukcMry la Cham de Fonda, >w!tr land 15 Mald?n lane, Now York S "BOOED HAND OOI.D AND HILVNR WATCHI Diamond*, old GrAd and Stiver, tub tM? of Fat Good*. Ac bought for rs*h full value siven original l. JACOBS M adwai

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