Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. MBBI CHMUXJK BBN&lff* EUTOS AMD PBOrKOiT >&, trnoi *. w, conKvn or ftltow aw? mass lv ?rs. TEBJfB rasb taacraaee. Moaer ssM by mail wtn bs Vi tbi risk ot the MW. K we but teak hlUi currufil lu (nr York tan. IB! DAILY HERALD Tna cents per copy. Volume AMUSEMENTS THIS LThMNO. BIRLO'S GARDEN. Broadway.? Sba or to*. WAXjLACE'S TliKAiHB, Broadway.? Mwuts sa Cor PALta*. NKW rOWEar THEaTRK. Bowarr-Scod I* Lire? A.viwia uumi-kt Nn;cui^>u'g Wirfc. BROADWAY THEATRE, BioadAAj? Ki'.icica 8pt? Vat oV tub Fmlooiti BAK!fCS< 8 MufbIM. Rrni(l?r?)..Two Cuww. Two C^ahts. Aaifiot lUHrSNta. Ac., at tul Ma MC^M~Xl 11 A M.. S fcud J ii t. M VOfV'B MINSTREL UALU 514 Broidwir, ? Btwi3*us dot OB, DAhCU, JMJ.? ROMSAKtlHBMX or fklkiUBUKU. CAMTCFLL MTN3TR 1.L8. 189 and 301 BnW)-'T.? VaRIB* Abd fc-icirthc Id auaNub or Btbiopian Odpit b . JiBW TORE MCf-ECM OF AN J. POM r el1* Broadway.? Celimiixiks akd Lscsi'Uks. from j a. M. u! JuJ1 M. FOOLKT'B OPPfta HOCSK, Brooklyn- ?Sxbicpias ( ( NCt, Daubs. Bi>nlb ouss Ac. New York., Tuesday, August 9, 1SG1. THE PlTUATIOIt. Tae full ?na graphic story which we give to-day of the ortatult uu the enemy's works at Petersbuig on Hit unlay, After the explosion of the mine, shows that General Grant's ~prces were*,ot able to carry the attack to a sucoettTni Hue by holding the fortifications which they so gallantly luaHed. To the colored tr>x>ps under General Ferrero Iras allotted the Uttk of lea .ins the assault after the wter lino was gained. Tboy fought well for a time, Japtunag two rebel Cags; bat freah rcicforcenenis baying come up, who chargcd the troops fiercely, lao latter brolcs nod ran, in utter demoralization, to the rear of the whi ? troops. Tie ecetny pursuod their advantage, and drove back the forces of General Grant to the position wbioh tboy occupied before the assault, recapturing tho works which we bad taken. Our Iopr was eighteen hundred hlllpd and wounded, and oue thousand taken prisoners. ?be shock of the enemy's charge is paid to have been terrible. The Donks of our army were plerccd with in Cactry and enfiladed with artillery, notwithstanding that bur butt print- kept up a terrific Are upon every point from Which the enemy could command our advancing columns. JDurlog the assault our forces captured five hundred p.-lso tiers. Goneral Grant and President I.ineoln bad a lengthy In tcrvlesv on Sunday morning on board the steamer Balti more, tu tl>ey steamed tow;ird3 Capo lleury and Norfolk (rum Fortress Mouroe The result or ob ject ot the conference is not known. The Presi dent returned im mediately to Washington and General Crant **ut up the river. We must not sap pose bocutiae General Grant tr.s not succeeded to the 61 tccl of bU calculations in this "Riiuic, operation" be T- thwarted in his designs on roU-rebnrs, not ro be is fruitful iti device?, aud will try his chance again and A.-.iia. Our ccrrcsitf nd' nts ? Hh General Sherman'* a-my give futl particulars cf the recent fights 00 the 221 and 28tU Bit., tit of At' .1. V. ts have uo later news of ope rations th.'re. T;e (let-tils of tbo advance of tho metny into Feunsyl v .uia, ai;J the firing cf I bomber -5bnrg, are folly plveu in cm: coltititn? t'> day. The rebels numbered only four l. -nrivrt strong. The (.msteri aticn whii h they created v ? tto. oil re d^;'>ro^ortkna' s to Uicir tiumbfrs. MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. tbf flo.ird Of ' ? utciln,' i ni^t .resterday Vr. Rlloy t "o??i a prrairjbie settm : or:h that President Linooln I .<1 1 .? : ; 1 to in.-tlr;i fcr u dr.ii t to take place on the I or .? ; 1 ?en , tn.'t in' quota of the >;jty ind coaoty >: ' y< ? : tii i'cr the Craft is twrity-tbree thousand cru ? . tb it otner tftate.i ind cou_ties are girlng much ( fc.11 tio .Dii? than the cc nty of New York, thereby tc ebinir ctucea of securiog voli:ntoers saXoieul I t-.i the 1 t :f:fc .I'llowicg resf 'Jtkwi nai p- "^ccdod to tt u ii"umo'jsly aiopteu ? Rosolvod, lh; t the b t.-' - >t'c t!.e I ;.ra j{ Supervisor? of the co:?n;~ of Vew 1 1. t.e ji t vre bereby ree.icctiully rei|"u<*ted f> In crease the boei ij. The ii.ard concurred *ltb the ?r? t?o in nppoMing ft totnt rotrmlni'e to wart uj^-d ti e < *\ -ir fc-r ti.y pnrpueof ascertain 'Of why be has not ooore od the Board of HMUth. Alter the triafiuction C considerable routine bustnors the Bo ?rd adj jurned. Toe iJ-i .rd of ,-uperv.sorA met yo?terday at no n, the I restdi nt, Mr. 1 we-.d, it. ta:- chu:r. The election of can viffr; and ii f' " tor.- 0.' election was p-wi-pone l . bat a cramitteo was appoldtbd 10 prorent ? list of names to Che IViard fot Its uct,on at the nest meeting. On m tion of ilr. Purrty, it was resjlv-eu that it be reic. red *0 the fk>mmlttf?e on C urtj Ofboes to n: r-irc .is to the neces sity for bi.'ldi 'g a i-hed In tlie yard of the county jati for the arconmodati n of ttie iaruates ui ttc Jail. A commuoicati'JD was receHel from Supervisor furdy seltlag fortb that ho had received the as ?eesaest rolls tn d.npute b?t ween the Tax CoumUalon ?rs, and bad plated them la tho po3sea?i'<n of the tv.Tip trolier till Ai:gust 1. 'Um committee wus instructed to <ooksult With the legal advlKers 01 the Board, and ascer (aid wUat action ts neee?aary la order t>> have the bo- its written n?. Nothing was don 3 in relai i n to volunteer U14. The CcmmlBBioniTS of Charities and Correction re ported thiit from the 1st of April to the 30th ol J .Be tt<ere had been received In the various institutions li),864 persons, of wbi<m 3.606 had been trantlerred, 6,07U were ?ick, C7S bad dlec! and 0,1 10 rem lined 011 hand. The steam tru-cport Weybosset, Captain Pertrb. from point Lookout, arrived at this pert \e,< rday with Six hundred and Ofty rebel priioovrs and a g6ard eC ne t>-indre? dan from the Lleventb Veteran Reserve corpe, voder oommsnd of bamuel tar. Captain oi tue T?ent etn k^eserve^ t\, Provost, 1 ust Lieutenant o. tee ?leveatb Rwervts, and K A. Young, first LieutetiAnt of twentieth Ueeerve eorps, Ye?terday was one of the hottest of the season . The mercury ran up to n.nety three de^reeit but the beat ?was of seen a dead, sultry ouaracter aa to be well nijtt Jntolorable. Tho foltowmg tabi? will give ides of th* Ci-oat throughout the day ? V(T'? 6 A. M 73 fi K. M Kt 3 1 M IK, fP.I . 1 ?i BP. M 0 P. 11 9 i Tho new r.asi Dr adway line if rs cnmBeuc<*<i rue olng ywterdar. Itie route or th new < are ia from the (Dry Deck, through i.rand ?tro?t , East Broalwa; a o?J < riat fiatn street to Vstor llonae. The Pros 1 lent of the oew ilne ts Mr. John Kerr, and the Uepnru.tendent u> Mr Jobn Ityan. The cars are ne<t and eomoedioiis vehicles, jws ?easing all the latest Itnprovxnuntr, ? ell vect listed, well Cushioned and well managed. The Bret meeting of the epen hoard of stock brokers <was hold, vette rday at noon ib tnelr new bnikDng jest Bntshed lo Broad street. The board was a large <<oe, and considerable eethuslasm;was taauifested on opening. A fow remarks were made by the President congratulatory *o 1 be board, after which they immediately proceeded to ?urinous. Ir the oouree of the ht ur a subscription wan taken op for the benefit of the sick and wound -d soldi* -s ?t Wll'ett's I'otnt nonpltal, netting the nice little sum of cu.m hundred and eeventy-Mve aellsrs Tue report of the reTcree In the Oora 'latch divorce c?, substituting iMuittN Stayve-.snt ss counsel far Jlrs. Batch is piao? of H(essr>'. Rracketl k Msyor, was Confirmed y<-sterd?y by Judge Bernard. Tb* Aegdat torn of tbe Geo ral Sessions was com medoed yeatordsy. Recorder Iloflmen presiding. Os syotion o( tu* District Attorney, e noli* prese^ni was or 4eted V> ht entered in tfee rase of Amor J. Williamson, Is. dtotod for a ml.<le^?f.inor growiag out of the Tai COm ^iiwieaere dtfTcelty The 0 rand Jury were e at pan anUed "If. Kngdst'ie r Bsnw, teretnan^ and after listen pm te e hrtaf lAsrp , !.obi in* Court Umt re W H (???? IM dettan. wbufe par Im i urmiuetsft ou fauirdaj. To. i?Ui Jury were also .wore lu*ai.d onl/ too*" who tuui U<*1 ra^ooa lor not eervlag wt * oxcuswl. Ur UJI <ywdeoU tbe proee^ttt? Of rrlHoa cum tMs term, U< W he dtepoees of the calendar ou each weoeeawg e*r ? the week as r?pWly m be did > ertt.-d4> Um b itmeee of the court will be flnlsbed la a fe?r d?y*. Alei Aduns, who picked lue pocket ot Mrs. 1cu1b? Zimmerman le a Teeib avenue railriad cat. on the l?ih or K?y , plwded guilty, he wu sect to the City WMa for tbiri) cUja. Peter Joyce, >>lut)y indicted withMlchwJ joyoe for oott milling a lentous assault upon Th*. Burke, on the Tin of June, Impleaded guilty U> so wneult nuJ b?Uery. Wm. Lewu pleaded guilty to an attempt at grand larceny in steUlug #">03 In Xieaaury notes from Philip O'Uaruin, 189 East Ki?;Ut jenlh atreet, on Ihe 301U ot June Haary McCori pleiidod guilty lo grand larceny, having aloleti a goid waleh worik ??u from David j-"*a oo lUe 4th oi July, aa he was pacing through tue Bow ry. Tie above prlsonora were remaned for iMlence. John Biley, indicted for burglary in tbe necoud degioe, pleaded guilty to an attempt at graDd larceny. On tiie Mtu or JuLe 1 e burglariously entered the <1 welling Uouso of W m. D. Lawgon, ifrt N'intU avenue, and waa abuui removing a Urge amount of wearing apparel ana a me jewolry wieu j detected, and was arreetcd. Tiio Reooiiler soiitcnced hi? to tbe State Priaon for two yeard. According to the City Inspector', report there wore 68? dvaibs in tbe city dunnp the wocu eu.iicg ou lh.?l8lof ' August? an tncreano ot 43 ascompared w ith the m.irti iiy ct th- week previous, and IVS lc.s Ui ui occurred durUg tbe corresponding week la-t year. Tbe Block market was dull ya-'erd?y, and a general decline In prices too* plaae. Goverumeul were ?l?o weak, caused by rumors tint a uew aiv ceut io-.o, interest payable In sold, waa to be put on Iho mar Ua i. Tbe rumors trom tue army created tome cxolte mont In the gold market, sad tho pretoium w s run up seven and a hair f*r reui? tho cl sins price 257 j. Vbe bauk ataioineut shows a filling oil' iu loans during luat wetk or over bve millions of dolbrs, ana an increase iu deposits or nearly iho same u mount. iiot;ey was I active, but lees easy than at tl.e cloae of last wesk, and tbe rate cr iatoresi. Ir rather above seven per cent. Thore w<*s but hltlo douo in coalmen; tat rasters yes terduy, owluj! in j:&rl to the wide fluctuations In goli quotations couse^ucni upun un ..vorable rumors rc?,PTd Irg the n" Hilary situation at Voicrsburg. Nearly all de Bcriptt'jDS or f. retgo and domestic produce were uea. ly nominal, and the majority of the fmill bu n ss ennsum inated was done on private terras. Coitou was uteady. Potroleum was without decided elai^e. On Clian^e broaJetuffe were rolbcr lo?*er untier h?avy receipts, while pi>rk auJ lard were firmer. TroightH wee blj:*ie>, owing to aremccd supplrof tonnage. Tbe stevedore ?u- kt- operated to restrict basin- ?? lo some (xi<ut, how ?ver. Tbe l.a Ce Ojiernttons at Ptteriburj-An. other Mt fjt ; ur VK'ksburgi The tremcnclouh operations of Saturday last along tlie whole liue of the eccmv s worhs at Petersburg, beginninn wilh the blowing up of one oi* those jrorks noveral hundred leet into the air, ended, as it appears, without ar.y sub stantial ud vantage to our investing armj. The positions gai".ivl from the enemy were ren dered too hot lor our troops to hold by. tbe r.ik ' ;ng aud enGladinR fires to which tliey were bub jo.-l.ed from an inner line of defences. Th:3 was precisely the difficulty which compelled tbe British storming column, at the sieg" of So- j bastcpol, to relinquish the famous Redan alter they bad carried it. I Aa usual in such cases, it appears that the secret of General Grant's mining operations was i discovered too soon by the enemy : and it also appears that there wele some blutidcrings and shortcomings hove and there in tlie assault after the mine was fired; but it will sullice for our present purfose that ti e rebels still hold tbe city. Tijo prominent fact before ua is that a grand surprise and a gtuorul assault, in t^e preparations for which much time and labor were expended, and iu the execution of which many valuable lives l;ave been iott, have not resulted in the success which was anticipated. Was it not bo, however, last year at Vit'.k.iljiir^, I repeatedly, 'torn ihe middle ot M iy till the 4th of July, when tbe place was surrendered, with its lo.ts, artillery magazines, \c., :md it? gar rison of thirty odd thousand men ? Petersburg and Richmond will ultimately po ' the way of Vicksburg or Columbus wc cannot doult; for. if tie enemy's worlu cannot b? captured by ch;.rgiug over them, oc mining uutier them, there yet remains the infallible, t. on gh slower, s; stern of regular approaches, aud tho equally infallible expedient o! cutting c'.T tbe beleaguered cities iroiu tlicir Southern l.neF of communication. What experiments General Grant wHl next tty it would be idle to conjecture; but we know that tumporury checks and diiappoiitr monte only serve to tighten his grasp upon birr adversary, and timt his resources in strategy atid tactics are equal to all emergencies. It t.ue plan falls sliotM he is Instantly prepare 1 to try'ber. and, ttiil udt ormg to 1 ia purpose, Lo "kuows uo such word a* fail. his prcseat position, clese io his base of supplies at tbe junction ol tbe James and Appomattox river?. *ud holding botb siiJ^s of tbose gtiej.ns within his encircling inirenchmenti and under co. er of Lie gunboatt, he p.jisess.*? such iui advaut&gec lor t..e prov<.'.it;on of U'b operations against Ulcliu.ond and Petersburg in various way# tbat his crowning succe.'s, it being delayed, will in the end be only the j c ore disastrous to tie eteniy. Meantime, however, as experience ha^ proved that General Grant ha-.l >r the work enough upon his taandt/iu !rout of IVt . r burg and Richmond, without being required to iook alter the rebel raiders ot tbe Shenandoah valley and tue rear of Washington, we turn i'palo to tte sp"cut duty devolving upon the administration in reference boih to fl'cnmoivJ i and WashiogtoTi. Thss duty, now more ur gently demanded of President Lincoln tbau ever , before lie- In tho i ? call o' General McCIellan to the command of the Washington Depart ment, at the beau of a hundred thousand men. It is veiy generally, iu support of tt/i* appoint ment. L4ievad that tbe name ?1 UciJinllan will epvdil; bring to his standard 'ji toy thousands ?f fight .i . \olunu*rs who wilt othirwiii* re mam iu the back^rouud, including a large ? jt usiou of uncharged veteran soldiers in a'< / the exp iriment suggested, if tried, will command ?he approval ot Ui<% in^?es of t?ia p :ople of the loyal Sta'es, and io every way will be a good thing for the country and tha Administration. With General Grant and tlie Army of the Potomac in tbe iear of Richmond, we s?e, from these late frolics of tho rebels in Maryland, Pennsylvania aud the District of Columbia, that General MoGloilan is wauUid again to clear away tbo enemy from the rear of Washing ton. Matoh Gumthir oh Kbt. Doctors Bkkchkr a>i> Ciucf.vKM.? Our Mayor has no idea of ltw ittg wltbost a sensation. He Issued yesterday a proolaaatton for a fast on Thursday ntxt, u?d takes the ocnasios to pay bis respects ta the political parsons? the Beechers, Ghee vers, and such like. He reoommends aH those | ' miniflteia who have inouloated the doctrine of war and blood, oo thai solemn occasion to in voke the mercy of Heaven to hasten the relief of our suffering people, by turning the heart* of those in authority to the blomed ways of peace." Who will say new that Mayer Quo .itaer ii not ia Saver if abating auisaaoNiZ Presidential SomlnaUoHi- TU? Prlacl fl?* IivoIt?4. ff ever In the history of a nation its people wero callod upon to exercise the sublime pre rogatives of a nobis and ^If-sacrificing patri otism, that period has now arrived in the his tory ot this country. Let us look for a few moments at the prospe<^| of having candi dates for the Presidency before the people n*xt fall who can oommand the suffrages of the trne citizens of the republic. Two national conventions have already been held and two nominations for the Presidency made. One convention at Baltimore nomi nated Abraham Lincoln for re-election, and unotlior at Cleveland, Ohio, nominated Gene ral Fremont Both these candidates are con sidered exceedingly popular among their friends and partisans. One, as the present incuuibont, ha3 had the enormous power and patronage of the government in his hands for nearly four years; and it would be strange if ho wore not popular among certain classes. The other is popular as thb representative of the ideas of a peculiar class of people. Vet, when we examine their nominations by the light of experience, we find they rest upon principles that hnve brought the country "to ita present deplorable condition. They have been elleeted by small politicians following in the footsteps of those who for thirty years huvo been the managers of the government. The Revolution of 1776 produced a galaxy of statesmen who set the machinery of iho government in motion, and presented a scrapie of national greatness unrivalled in tho history of the world. The experience of the lael thirty years proves that the types of the great men of the Revolution have disappeared and that their places are supplied by a race of small men and petty demagogues, whoso selfishness and imbecility and utter want of principle would annihilate any lree govern ment thut ever enjoyed the smile:? of Heaven. Commencing with Vau Iiuren in 1630, we find political cunning, whose object was to retain or to transmit power, the active prin ciple of his administration; then we had Tyler -in tho shoes of the pure but weak old Harrison with his petty guard of political worshippers; then came Polk, a third rate lawyer aud politician, who would hti\ e been swamped himself mid submerged to au un fathomable depth the party of which he be caino the leader had it nW been tor Andrew Jackson, who was providentially permitted to live and impart to the early stikges of Polk's administration some rays of his own groat genius and stern and inflexible integrity. Pt.jsiug over the term of the mild and listless Fillmore, who succeeded Taj Lor after the death of that brave old man had bsen encompassed by the political harpies that in tested tlie seat of government from the moment of his inanguiation uutil he was wrapped in his shroud and laid in his coffin, we couio to administrations tho character of wJJcli is still fresh in tho minds of most of our readers- those of poor Pierce, blundering Buchanan, and what we have seen of that of tho vulgar joker, Old A be, all of which, jum bled together. would not make an udriinistra tion worthy the reputation of any decent statesuiau. The conventions that havo al' eady nomi nated candidates seem not to have realized tho fact that I tie country has reaehod the turn ing point in ita history that the vital ques tion of it it future national exist uoe was in volve. 1 in their deliberations, and thai, if they wished to perpr route the and tl ?? proa | p rrity <>,' the nation, ;iiey must iuk all party ties au l cahtdutions, and pret'eut lor the suibv-^es ef the people oaudidutct? above i<v?v oi.i above re pro. :h. Thay did not seoii to be awate that difleront men were demand by the pro:,jnt fearful crisis to i. some the i .diti :ind steer th^ ship of Stale s&le'ly among the breftke/8 tin* are foaming around it. Ht tic? their failure to ni tk j suitable nomi nations, and hence it will bo seeu that their aspirations for future political cLii -action i.ud po?ver will be disappointed. Now we coeie to the r inaining convention, which is to decide, lor woal or woo, the des tiny of the republic, un!?;;e the peoph arouse to \ s- n?e of the alarming exigency and nomi nate an independent candidate themselves, 'i he Chicago Convention meets the latter purt ol this month, and anxious ey~s are tnrned toward? it from every eotiou. While hoping for the best, and pmyiug that* wisdom and patriotism may distinguirh itu proceedings, wo regret to ?*y there are signs that this conven tion. lih th<? two otlu rs, w ill h ? but r. politi . j! niachiu'-. maniig.'d by a few sm^ll men, anil worktd only lor their liersoiud aggr ndiae m<4it. Th?>r are indication* thut some poor, drivelling pohtioian will lie the nominee, home such man as poor Fierce, who opened the d"ot t<? Jc bullion; or some Hiipfrunmibttd remiuut of npust i ge, like Judge Samuel N?.l sou: or fte'um such heavy specimen of armed neutrality ne Quthrie, nf Kentucky; or the ruuhrtive ]K>litician, Di'ua ItiiLinoud, of New York . or some Pennsylvania lawyer or Con liei ricut soldier of past renown, who have h< en rt pudiated by their Hi th?ire is i/.uch r> .won to fear, will b* tht; candidate of the convention. What is Ok dn*y of the Anuri can people in .rich au ev* nt* It i? to Uk? the matugenient of the neii Picmduuttal elec tion in thou o*n hands, kirk ont, w thay would hound*. th? l>&rkin? sad grouping and soul t< mm politicians, and adept some* bnilinot and i*?puiar leader of our ?rtiiw?, like McOlel lan. Grant, .Sherman Hancock- -or others who are conlicu dly coming up- a* their stai'laid bearer. If some such candidate be Dominated his election will be certain; and with hi* elec tion the safety of the natiou will be secured and the permanence of free institutions main tained Otherwise let tlin country prepare for anarchy, confusion, rebellion within rebellion, and final ruin. A PaoBABU Civri. War w Oamada? Punts or Royalists, Ksiubijcaks ami Rkbsis.? We publish in another portion of this journal a oorreepoodeuce frost Toronto, Canada, to wfiioti we call the attention of tbs publls. It i will bs seen from thi* tbat tbs royal lata of Ca nada and the rskela whe hars taken shelter there are plotting te pot down the Uaioa and seours the recognition of tbs Darla govern moni Tbs CaaadJkaa are, however, divided into two parties? the rsyaliita and tbs repub licans Tbeae latter dsslrs tbs socceaa of tbs Union causs, bating, doubtleea, a sincere de termination to form a part of tbat Union as eooa as fsaslble. The loyalists wish te detftroy the North. They have vls)Aa of a large eo~ I oesaioa to tbeir deaabb<?M ??e? tbs ytot of the Union by ths absorption of porUoin of New England, u in this manner they could obtain what Canada lacks? a good seaport. These worthies hope that Lincoln may be re elected, aa they foresee in that case the success of the South and the disruption of the North. They are impressed with the idea that Liacoln would make peace and let the South go; that, like Greeley, he would thus turn traitor to the country. In short, they class Lincoln, Gree ley, Sanders, Clay and Tucker alike, and will do all in their power to aid them in defeating the Chicago nominations. They do not desire that Grant, or eome such patriot, should be elected President, and, as a consequence, the Union be preserved and Davis crushed. The divisions and troubles which lately oc curred in Canada had their rise, doubtless, in these differences between the two partio?? roy alist and republican? and wo may yet see civil strife ensuing us a result At a moment like this, when war is the chief topic both in Eu rope and on this continent, the minds of the Canadians may well bs unsettled. Instigated by the rebels among them, tfcey may easily be come so embittered as to Und that the step from quarrelling to blows is one easily taken. The royalists are petitioning tho home govern ment to recognize the South; the republicans, on tho contrary, desire tbe defeat of Davis aud tbe reconstruction of tbe Union; and we way naturally expect these parties to carry the matter to extremes. As it is, there is a pretty muddle of it in Canada ? tbe copperheads, rebels and royalists on the one band, tho re publicans ou the other, with Greeley and Jewett mixed in by way of adding spice to tlo imbroglio. Our correspondent at Toronto pro mises some rich developments in his^iext let ter. He is on tbe track of the plotters and schemers, aud will slow them up, ho assures us. The Park, ?? Cumpurcil with C?rop?iia Pleasure (iruuniU-Thc Urcat Improve ment Content plated. it iB between fourteen and fifteen years since offeotivo measures were be^uu in re gard to the purchase and preparation of the present Park grounds for purposes of general recreation. From the beginning the work encountered but little opposition, except from parlies who had a personal inte rest in having another spot ou tbe island selected for the purposo. The Corporation, however, adopting public opinion lie their authority, decided to carry into offeot the object contemplated by the acts of tbe Legislature relatiug to the Parkin a liberal and enlightened spirit. The work of construction thus itui^S cently commenced has not been suffered lo bait through the interval of years and tbe bligutiuij effects of the civil war, and now we have a Park which even in its infancy is an bouor to the metropolis and a surpassing at traction to all strangers. l!ut il" this work is so beautiful in youth wbat will it be in its ma turity What will it be when the grand Boule vard, or circular Drive, uommenoiug at the upper end of tho Park. at Seventh avenue, ruu uiug along tho banks of the Harlem and Hud son rivers, and through the romantic region of \\ius[iii;0tou Heights, shall be completed? it already computes favorably witu the mo^t celebrated public grn ? ?? >.- jI the chief cities of Europe, not excepting the princely private p. irks of England, Hyde Paik of Loudou, the Champ Hivsjes of Paris, the Prater ol Vicuna, :ue Caeciue of Fiup nee, the Corao of Route, the Prudo of Madrid, the great i'ha-aix P.irlc of Dublin, or even, on the American continent, the spacious planus oi Havana oi> the lovely B.itanlcul Gardens of Kio Janeiro. Indeed, the Park Commissioners hnve the power, ai d they have e;; ici-u J n in a l.iv'su de to combine the peculiar leaiur und ex cellences of each of these magnificent works in our own Park, and even to excel them all by uic ava, lability of lie Park for artificial lakes, streams, eus'ja-l "is and fountains, pleasure drives . i.d footpaths urd ramble*, by reason o.'' its pecu liar formation of surface and t e i;crer failing and unequalled supply of water from the largest uqueduct iu the world. But Eiiro]'. can park*, it is noted In mrny ia- ' stances, are merely grand appendages to rank, where expenditure, aided by all the ap plutces of art. give r'gal effect to scenes wh'ah the people enjoy at the discretion of their pofcsensi/rs, while our Park, iuo the gov ernment, comes from the people, and to them a so to t..? amusement oi their wives and children must .1 be devoted. To uiaiutain tne high character tin Park has already attained, rt i> necessary tb:?t the work of improvement and embellishment should be continue !. T* make a siigg'tstioli of this kind to tLo citucn* of N<-w Voik Ln to nave them j freely open tL^ir pursostriugs. and make ail t the accessary advances la the way oi taxation. The work of continuing Heventb avenue should bo started without daisy. It will be the opening of lb* work oa the Drive, which is the grandest piqject yet d"vised lo add to tho mag nificence of the entire grounds. It will be a part ol the Park itself, aud a most beautiful, fashionsbie and health-inspiring portion there-, of. It is a great undertaking, and the earlier it is commenced the sooner it will be com pleted, aud, of course, the more benefit will oar citi/eos dome from it There is no doubt tbe L^gitdatart at the | next session will giant tbe segeasar/ authority foe the continuation f,f Seventh avei.'ie ou tbe splendid scale proposed. *nd make a lib* rul and special appropriation to c*-ry on the work. The people of the umtropo J.>ras well ?s tbelr fellow citvuns in t-:ie rrrat districts, kaow th it every dollar spent on Ute Park is ao niicjj cardial Invested for their common benefit. U Anh&ooes the character of the city abroad; it brings strangers among us; and, besides tbe pride and gratification it affords to present so tioble aspccimeu of publio mualficenee to the wondering eyes of our v?4<ltors, it brings baok. if such a consideration should ever be thought of in tbe same connection, dollar for dollar, cent for cent, for every dollar Invested. There in no danger that tbe absurd plan of cutting up Washington Heights, as proposed heretofore, will ever be again attempted by the Legisla ture; at any rate not for many years. The Drive will settle all troubles from that soore, and give to the lovely snd picturesque region embraced in It additional and enduring charms. Lst tbe first steps toward building the "Boulo vaiU of New York" be commenced at onoe. fcoss si tli* Steamer U?aif Ante*. Camo, July 111, ISM. n?? steamer Haory Amae, (Vein Si. Louie, strooa a aua? f?aurs?t . eerea nilee abort Sere, aoS ennk, the water orarSawinf the mala <faok. flSe win probably pro re a total l?*?. The freight, v? biota waa rs tj ratable, mm take* o0,ih(b?r SaMaged, aaS kr<M<bl here. K oonStteS of sixty b^eheeAi* of Ubtcca, a thoeaaoS barrels af Oowr, a large lot af oalie, aoaae private frei|bi, bealSaa a large aaioiiet of pork balaafllsg to tbe |or*ramast Tb* last ftui twins m lb* ket|. No Urea Mi MK MEWS FROM WASHINGTON WUHItUMI, August I, 18M> TBI OMUTt'OMI IffOU rBTSMBDM. The unfavorable reporu rroas Petersburg which were received this morning oaueed mucfi disappointment, M hope* had been excited, by tbe favorable omnwm meat of tbe open. mi, that the e?ty of Pateraburg weald nave boos to our poaaesBlon by Saturday evening. Although the abwippotatmeat ta ver y gnat, tbwe Is do disposition m despair of u miata Buoceaa; bat there U a confluent belief that General Grant wUI yet aehlsvee successful terraiaallon of the protracted campaign. CAPTURB OF A MKBHL UJRIBBAL'B M*W UNIFORM. Yanterday a diacharged soldier captured, on Uio Upper Potomac, a rebel, aitomptlng to crosa the river on a raft. With a fine uniform, trappings, to , for the rebel General Bradley Johnstoo. the package was secured and brought lot? Uottdqsvters, but the man made bis escape BUAROITT OF NSWS. there Is absolutely nothing in the way of news to Bend from here, exoopt that relating to army operation.*. Ncthing to thought or talked of except the recent demon atretlon on Petersburg. UIDTIMiMf COLOh'ik Hil.PINs'i SITIBtWIW TO PRIVATE LIVR. Lieutenant Colonel Charl?-G. B Uplne bavlog tended bis roslguatlon act AssisUct Adjutant General, the Seore tary of War oflerod him a position of Assistant Judge Advocate Gecoral of ibe rnilod Hiatus, with rank or colonel, or brigadier general commindiog the city of New York and harbor, or six months' leave, with liberty to engage In any other occupation duriug that ttmo. Major Halplne having finally determined to resign, was appointed brevet oolouul of the United State* Array, to date from Juue 6, 1864, "tor personal gallantry and meritorious conduct," aud the fwrftary of War Bent ll^ior Ilalplne Che loUowiQg letter acoepilng his resig nation War nsi'AiiT*rar. Wajti/woton Crrt, July 81, IBM Coi.onkl-1 regret that |tbe olliclai certificate or your disability, contraoi"d 10 the service, constrains u<t ito tc.ceot tho rcslRuatiou repeatedly tootored. but untll now unacted upon, tu tho hopes that? estored health luijrlit prrneryo you tu tbe service. It gives me pleas ire to uipreea the well oarnod cootitence of this Depat .moni for your paulolic and lalthlul, and the blgb sense entertained of your merit as au uOiosr and a, gentle man. Your obedient servant, , KJ1WIN M. fitANfON, Secretary or War. Lieutenant Colonel SL'SSCRIFTJBNB TO TITB LOAN. The receipts for the soveo-thirty loan to-day were $1 ,506,830, making a total for four days of $4,8Tb,9f>0, or over ono million of dollars per day. Only the nearest points have yet been ueurd from, nor have any reports been received as yet from tbe West. MAILS FOB THK VfBST OUI.F SQUADRON. The United Statos rupply steamer Bermuda will leave Philadelphia oo the 11th of August with tne mails for the West Gull blockading squntlrou, and all IfoUora for that squadron will go by her. DKATU OF OBNBRAt. SBKMtAN'fl F ATTliClt. The luthor or General Sherman dftd lo this oity last week. Tl'c Oum Boitrci ot Sloek Broker*. Tlie new building which lias just be. u completed for tb? njcommiidation of tbo Open Ito ;rd of Stock Brokers, was yesterday murniuK opened to tbe publlo.and the Crst meet log of tho Board wa* held. The bullal'ig is located en tb? west sido of Broad street, a few doors from Wall, bas s lirotcu swno froo:, and is eigl>ty-two feet m length by forty feet in v. idth. The broiteis' room, which is on tin secoud floor, is a iparious, alrv and well veatilatoc apart ment, with a celling twenty two rent in height and a gal , lery runoiug around on three sidos. Tbe room wUl uc commodate s.x or eight hundred perscus, and is provide! wiih arm obatrs for about one-third ol tbe number, 'lfce furniture nud trlttmirgs of the r{0B aie of bl?c< walnut, aad tlie relliug is frescoed In tho highest style of urt. The oentre Piece. r"pres<nliOK the ooddtnfl o( hortuat? empty in< n salver of colts upon the heads of a bull an1 :i bo?1" tb.; latter iu tao act of ho.i!iUK the p.ecos lo tho earth, while t ie former to<Sos ILttn !n tho air? Is espoeially sp nropriate iu deiigu. aid ? executed with ioniarkali,e tkill. tbe anist, ilr. tle -'^e W. Wager, may well be proud of this triumi b of ta;ive talent. 'lhe <ioors oj ^e*! pftc'Btly ot oo? oci< oc* ben tlb2 room whs uuoti co&xfcitubly Uiicd. Mr. llaru, I res! dontu tte &?ti, C4l!?4 tbe aaJllnfi to aud la a few words conwainlMti'd Ibe Bc?rd ou securing such a comfortable aud spacious building lor the "f their ba?.ine?s. where the p.iblic eou.d watcb the mys lerle^ ?nd of tfic ?to('k ^r< k^r. The Hoard iruojoitialeij proceed to busloew? buying aii t sellini:-g'Vlng iho iiMker on au idea or patnidaioaluni 1st loose. In tte midst of the uproar order was .a.led, Wtien Mr. Josephs read ai>peil Irom tbe Udios o. tbis <1 v iu !><?', ;al' i?' ibe ick ma wounded suidwrs at w I leu's Point nflkl' g r,>r a eoutributic.n In thftr behalf. ' Two ceotlttnen immediately pn?fed nn-utid the room. and i in a very lew caiim'.ts ooli"c;<' ' lhe result wa roc ivlo' with . aiF. 'H'd ?inm^lKte y after t he l-.ard wits ongrfssed in buying aud soiling a* though iu ii? huug u|M>u tbe result. 'J lie S court Av.nuf nitantftMi Vbeaew car Manhattan, built iu the works of the He c.>od Aveuae H*ilroad Company and moved by a dummy ongioe, of Crlco U ling's patent, wtut on a tri?l trip yesterday *:o..g the Socead avenue, from Forty-wond street to Harlem at:J back. Too exp-riment was a com pets suc.e*E. lhc olUcers of the company and several goo. s wtr. in titoi ar. lhe SutwrintenOent, Mr. K S. r iok.un?too. bad charge of the eu uue. A speed of fUteea iniie* an hour wu it oao lino: obtalu-jd. oaJ yat on ibe of an ordinary ftrap ^ell the cat was aim it la subtly stopped, backod and moved forward again Kilb out the slightest jerV or uupletrtut motioa. Thocjives tod -oiot- were ; ??^d w'.tb ??>.? at " ;uiok ipwl 'ho tKCb'^utsof the lw>?? ?'sd pooestmns tenmod "imj what au ,.i d in lac irovel car pa.i?-d l-y.:>ud some r.i . .e Dt>. >!ar jeatured ol w.m lei out the bort,c?. whivA ari L.,u to sbv tr everytbibij tbev do n-.t com'Tchcud. w? rs In w niur ro.n be -.g frigdlc-n-Ht by U ? v? hioie pars lug thurr w:lh nit any ui'psrer.t mutlve p-^er. ?*" *'* ,v d rnray *.ars c m d > v.o-k to ton o rdt | tiirv car ' , it mo exvcu c <?( o?- . a? H e en., .no ?? fi.s :.u r.ntl r a no c ol, r. BOirku ?.! any coLseqaon^ r in ?een c-. :rh fro-n tlie funpel. li e Stone sno" -i to ou the t nek it is not ut sll ncoe>sai v that it t bould tll-uw o,i Ui? ' ii . but, should a?iy si.e ?< inistt, or.cur, tbe rns^ ? ot replsclni tue vol ties uro m r.' rty to iw < 'h-i ti.o cur isat vn'-opttt on the rails wltBont troubling tts p us & aV^t. fte iT%|' trm F^ to Forlv-sec: na stro.t wis an.endod yostcidsy with goiter 0.1s" |h in with hoi MB, it bemn toe cus rn lo place tlites hoia-'S ortiiosry osr to do toe saino wotk. ue oar will sh .Ttiy be Iu wo for lb<? kentr .l public 1 h? T?rf. ' fa?pici?? ptti'-Crpi:' flU^ND-TKorrrna. MojniiiT, August 1.? Hatch for ffiOO, mile heats, bait three iu five, to wagons. I*. Reynolds nnmrd s (. Mtjof. 2 ' ^ J 1 . klliati named b. g iSam '. ..1 t i 't Time , 2.'"i4K ? 2 07 ? 2 58X-? 30?. f irtt Htn\ The bottlcjt was level at ttie start. The hordes had a very aveu aetid ofT. and went around the llrst turn s'do and side, both up lb?? sorrel drow away frvm the b.y and letl to .ho quarter poifi a ieagth. Going dowu the bsckstrstch the biy unttsd the fastest, and, oarr?ins the oilier to a b'enk . led to the half mile po.e a couple ?( leu?tbs .be bsj opened a wide gap oo tho throe luarur atroich. ant; w.tu.>ot ao oriort oame home a wtDiiOr by holf a dczori lengths la HotH'l Ura' ? Two to ooe on tbe bay. TUey vent away nicety b it bolore they got srovud ib" tat n the sorret toak lhe load, he kept lo ibo cad of lbs boot, win uiui J> oter a length iu 2 ft 7. TK'dfUit- Tfeo tiettisg w is aiiQ'j: levi sgslo Tte S'?tr?l Uok 'U* 'Oa.1 -Jf abo'U a i^ngtb on tus ower tira, *i.rt k?i!*C in fri*t kb "it that msuaie !o ths th, oe anarter, t?a? Itmco up hsd'y tnj norrst name U'.aie a wioiitlr by lilty Tarda l? 'J "?* ?? b>nw it U, u.~ Vke h **ei wis now the f?v"ftto at tw? tu we. He Im>* ?Ji? '? <4 at the sUrt, a?var hosusd, <iui9 woo Uy I IMIlb M| H CMJ i k UAH Mhanuon a?J ftOoewaB -TJ tbis srfterimiw ?? the KssljtoB "o iree. tMro i ?IM aiso * ? throo mile Mstcfc bsiweeo B h. S*releoo IV. aud g B CnpulB PoiHo*. Brooklyn Cltr WewB. Th* Iatb Fibo is J at Stwwrr ? Acbi?owi.*tk;bbw*.? (Aler Rnglaeer (."mmloghani waa preaeoted with one ban dred delists yesterday bv M?sars. H"*"1*. */?!'*' h'i cons, dsrst tot. or tb? ralosble ?errioes fSD,,?r*J tho Fire liepsrtipent during tbe late foot of .lay street Mr (NioDiogha? v?T ge-ierens^ liaoded tho money oyar to tbe tresaarar of tna widows sod Orphans' Kuod. Personal liitel llgeneo. Gcrernor Sprsgue. I'nited nutes Senator, and wWr, of Phoda ialaud, Hon. .lobo Law. Indiana; Hob. Byron Tay lor, Pled wool; Hob. ytepbeo Crawford. Ohio; Hon. T.'& J'ans. Hyracoss; .fudge Beckwiin, 'Jiloagn, and Major lfaddoafe, U. 8. A., are stopping at the Astor House. Major Meaeral Q. 8. liarUulT U. .1 V. ; Brigadier Gene ral u J. Stauoard, 0. A V ., formerly commandor or lbs Uniiod Matea treoiio in this cHy and barhor, and Jud?e Wm. P. Kelly, of Phiiadelptala, member of tongroaa, are guaaU at th* Metropolitan Hotel Hen. D. W. CerwlB, Ohio: KwlBg Winslow, United SUtea (bast Survey. Lieutenant Oolooel Mitchell, Moth army oorpB, and Hon f. Darling, Nassau, Sj. P., are at the Fifth Avenoo Hotel Hon. Ainaaa J. Parker, of Albany, formerly Attorney Geooral of New York; Joba L. Wi'eoa, t blotto AVtiiif J?un Ml, and W. R. MoAllieter, Chicago, are stopping at the St. NlchoUs Hotel General 1x>b Carlos Buall ia stopping at the N?w fork Hotel Tbe Detroit Tribune or Paturdar states that Jacob Thompson, rebel CommiMionar nt Niagara Falls, la o?m. poor with Messrs Clay and Boluombe, crossed the tts Iroll rlvsr at Oroes Island Barer el days ago, tnd is bow aomewhers la the Western SUtso Samuel [) nail. Chief Joetioe of tbe Ruprame Chart of Haw Hampshire, baa resigned bis office, and Ira Parley, eioonsorg, hsa ?ttoolnted 1MB huo^bbsot by tte MysrM. THE HCW ARCHBISHOP OF BAUllfiOtL IMUIMIIM 9t Ankkblwp XMprtMlM (MM ?t Um Ttie lirmi, *?. ova, bjlltimou oosBMPOvsnroa. Homutmn 800 m, Biuooai, iiim Another uae of Umbo most impressive eoo ieeiasU^ ceremuaials wbleh have from ttaM M time, la all i(MkM briliiarlly adoruei Um hlatory of the Buau CatMto Church, and which call forth for II and Um religion npa* which it is founded the ardsal admiration of maoktag everywhere, took plaoo la Um Cathedral of this ck? yesterday, tbe surroundings and Incidents of which C parpooe to brieJy chronicle, In ucuie ueasute as arslMt to ibo star pros sot din of war sad clash of arms. Tbe Imposing event turned upon lbs installation of Ma Rlfibt Reverend Martin J. Spalding, D. X). , i t. n lata of tbe Louie rule dlocsss, to ths arohieplscopal f:n*. tlons of the diooese of Baltimore, the mother Caiho'ie 9aa or ths Dnltod Statea. Tim occasion?which has bMQ long u. tbs course of arrnaglDg frr? ?alled out all Ik* oiitliuawku sod numbers of ibis powerful faith la thta venerable city, comprlalng nearly ail that is remartaUa for publio and j>rivate worth throughout this re-io*. where the Catholic persuasion u alike revered'aa* cherished. r?? a am vac. or ma msw hslat*. The new Bishop, after takin,' an affectionate aad eolean farewell ol the JUtuUville diocese? where his hotf Ubcra buve been erowuwi with that success that ever wsita u,?oa the efforts of pure men at the aitar or giace? pea c*edo>t t" Philadelphia. where he was met in welcnm.. sw tne Very Koveruod Mr Dubreull, Sc.orior ol ? 1, . at Sulpioe Coiu-ge of Roman theology, and road Dr.JTboioas Foley, preacher at tiie cathedral is Saturday at toruoon last tbe Bishop sr rtvt J ut lug m. see, beiug signalized by the merry poals ol the Cmiiolta bolls oiid chimes of lbs city. Of those acoomp uyiog bias the liav. K J. hpaidiuK. i> is. and Vicar Uenoral, n m adminNtraior 01 tbe Louisville diocese; Ru-hi la-v. ..naiM 1* reoefick Wood, It. |>. , L L. 1>. ,of ibe hhlladoiphia esse, and coadjutor lllsbop, eum jure success iot, it- Raw l>avi J ' Kusseil. Secretary to Bishop Spalding, and the Vurr Kov. William O'llara, 1>. 1) , uud tbo imw V:car liereral mar bo montlooeed. Tbo olerical purty , uliebtinw from the cars hi iuu President streot tftaiiop, quietly nroocado* in carriages 10 tbe arcliiepiscopai rof>idmuo. which au '?><* the Cathedral. Rest was neeaed a: ter tho toilsome i>u?. nuy. and preparation was no. et-iarv for the graze part la be enscted in the beautiful scene* of yesterduy. I- . . J"" AT 1U| CAniKJ BAI 1.. . 7 tho TOor:j' JK (Sunday) ibc ui.itEon of roMriea. Ists of every bniie la the adjacent cmnty begau ta thr .?ug towards tits Cathedral, where tbe orcmmiial wta r'ace- At an early hour M(^or Uoueral Watlaea, , a1.Vo,n",eer8' aQa 6l*'1 10 citizens' lire*' joined the bishop at tbe resiclem o, to whom Ibev wera seioral.y intioducei by tbo Rev. Jajies ^lau. priostrf ? t. l al rick s church. Shortly before eleven o'clock t!M inaMtor of ceremonies nnuouueed tbat over? thinir wss te r*9aditro8H (or the inauguratlo 1 of tbo oterolses and sua jested that tbo procosslon lake up iu walk to the in rnL iiiaie socno of the cciemouies, the elaitly CnthedrM Ihe prof sbsIou moved aloug I bsrles, Mulberry and ( sliM d.rul siraeis, and had for its escort ibc Socioly or tba triead, aa opuiout Caibnlic o-soouUm of the city i tiiejblshopo. tbe tbeoloKioal stiideMS of tfca seieral soiatnaries, ibo learned cler?jv of tbe ? Ti elotbed in tbe robes of tbetr prie?ti> oilice; tbo du.Ua guHhed members of tbe epkconscv, bubitaiiiin th? rU vealmonts of their blub posltl >ns toe vooorabie Arcb bi^ttop, gorgeously clothed, was ln.rue aloa* Hie roata beneath a pilkar. canopy upheld by four oClclala of tba IliKt ooncequracs iu tbe management of the internal as2 temporal a;r>?irs of tbg Cathedral. Following this n rtioa o( tt)? procjsstou c.'me the long line ol artisan* tbs whole scone boing mellowed as tbo approach to' tfca cburcb nun ntodo by the strainE of the Tt Oeum fladioa' vent In that beautiful bymu ol Christian pra'iie aoJj thanit^iviiig, 7 e i/evm Luu<l umiit , an U laefirsnd msn3 of Moadeleohn. TBI CATtJKnRlL BfTVF. The emblems of monrnmc in me lancholy comm:nn?k tion of the lata good aud virtu us archbishop Fraaata I^irloit KebricK bud been mmovefi, *nd lhe lutei i^r2 the saornd structure pr- s.;ut?'d oi ,t?e'l an animutrd ts. lie iraneo. Tbo light, which wss profuse, shone thronS UGvo anu trautept; tbo deoorati->DK, wtiicb were cluborata and la feeplfl*, tie loDg wn* candlee, llloralusiod ivla> dows, rloh old pamtiogs, bouquets of Cowers hum sualy Bet here and I here, the nsusle, c nslitlnn 01 t'Jsar Hre mass of Mo/art, number twelve: an overture froM Mei3?ieer, sod Dei telli doing the oiTertarinra, all o?u?pi3 to render ibe scene moat fcltnotive and thrilling aa4 truly one wuicfi will nevor be erased fr ,m the minda M th';se who witnessed It. lhe tnuslc cr-Minir, Right Rev. BlJbop Wood of It* t"L^eli;hK appOirod us ix>l" of lhe btkjS poiliflca! miss, Rev. tathrr Buriando being tbo k? Plant pnest. 'ibe stteuiiiDg deacons were ti eiwvereod r manna i*?uerre, er tbe Lnivcrguy 01 St. Mnrv, of this eitv Has. 1 a'.iier UcUmos, of 3U Johns cbur>b,the nii.-u-rwf ciromonies beiu^ do* con and I'.ev. John ; otj' b-< priest oi -t. l' lu cent's church. The do ic..."b to tbo A blftiop were tbo \ ery lieverend B .1. Kpahlinc, broths (, likory U 0?'', ana tbe Vory Kevereuo Mas* t'.iiitr c'OMd, the Archbl'hop. in fnl! fVitholto oanoi ic.Ua and fcplscc.i 1 crroV, htojo. smld tbed^paS slierco and li.torast. a ; doliveicd tlio .bicc&la r^i-te d? conr. e, so 10 apoaic, wU oh wru; au able Colour, ol t i/o aT lily of mis ancient church. AtJfiraasmg them as venerable brothrao of tbo v.vmtm. p.icy a>id the beloven ol tba clerpv .iiid l<it\ ho mM that the biowea lord in the acco^ 1, rnetloV ^s S? poaaa adopts ! Ibe niouna to tie et3 u be ultaicrd whirt producod a prudcoco growing into windoin. ?u.< vtts mo4a ?I. operatl' g li a cfiaracle. ued the couetitul >011 md tM w?rk 'i tu? truo Cburea.of v. hem ?..d w.?s tbs heMLi ard Ji,en Ituflit es well >=0i cr tbo bead from the nnti/r^X body sad ox. ect to sursive nh to think of ?en*rntlM Christ fforn ht? hurch oud be .. ve it would proopw! 1 ey !ave bivn and always will ha .b'n:J0r G rt jo ned ti*ct>ier n<> man coold Ku.idcr Christ, t e >n of God, cwne down irom ilenvon to u, raw 011 earth: lie beeauis a man; tia a-tabilshnd ska thurcj, and declared flat wnlie luavou ao4 c -<b might ;i,iw, jet l!is woM? Ph?uld m? p <ss away and there wuath'- additional disciar Af on tkata b.viu^ sr ub i. hed m? i.bjrch, tBe gates of tie;| oUotTaZ I 5' ?*olMt It. Christ was able uud would -aifca [ g )? J ifis divine promises, and every dav, ererv vtir m er-iy eertury that this Church bid existed He b>o n.vta His worus gm-d, and to ra?l( thoi-i good lie alts .?? a . .;>tt. u?o v%ays to the meuus. lie did not cororn wiik j mo. wbdom. but with wltdora far, far shore it rarf ( the w avs oit.od were idloo npabuve the wisoom of'aaa. ' ,,ie 11,0 weak Ihi'ivs of tins eirib to c. ufoiind tka I'Ui f, . cl men. tbil no liesti should be prom) bui tts< S;.i lb'- ?Willi accrue to him. In the orlei'. 01 tk ? .1 rca did bo otooso great Lao* No. Ue e eciod noar pt w.anis, lishoinion snd a guherer of laxca, an oecu> pa Ion an \iu ^?iulnr people fio<j ot r of lM t velvs aftor tiree y^ars of de?r oompsnlji.^it*, an >rt Sim mr tlnrtv pia<ea of silver. B.u ho p?J p.ired them for tbe grgat work which ibev wora al.i ut t outer u| 00, snd It wis ety-t:,^ f ,r fl|m thr), i?Ojr. Tow Pscn h%<! to encounter tba tromeu<kMj f) ip> U|..|1 ol boih Heine and Uresca. He prop.rMl foa luo ruis.;?ou lo cil'.l-'i&h tii? ' ourc h. nr. 1 te l -fd tbfTt I I'll v.-be" tb?r wsrjt ! at they would be clothed w?h s 1 t;,t!i :rovi 10 I ifjb. he\- want Into *n iis^#r mom with M?.ry. ibe VirKiu Voihjr, ^nd wore shut up for laa -l*,1 hr i1/ rolrrt l1, ltifu the ;<c?Jl.*SL > 15 " I enUeoet came, an sod brc.<fiied tha l>.?aUT 1 in: g IHe aid st>!ii in IhaCb' rcn. The dlsel'.ies ( '%4 I in it o im4 opijr of iiertY?i>y %ere invlucib*o to thn iltifc j 1 'w. rs of tlia world, sad tl.ay went bearing nioit tka j t: nr oin baucr of Christ They went out with tkr | ?-ro ?. 1:01 to shed their oeirbbor'a blood but to s^rf mr blood, and ih-y rtvared and clun- lt | iBTI era's even unto dsath.. All died m*7tri7 l eteei't one ? .John the beloved ? sod ha acrorrftM to a rather or tbe< hurch, waa p!soad la a 'rsaMroa ?} I O'dliiig oil, but came out uuhurtaod wa? aftarwardt bta '"had to the )sis of 1 atraos. lo t\ cry aca Ood liad rai^^ op moo lor a! the emnrgenclea wlucb arose, and tka hnri h would slwsys luivs stroog men to throw r s?ives 1a tbe crisi--, man the dlH culty boldly and 1 ? >tue it. KvuuU !a tbe aix'eeuth century proved tbtoi .1 "ucl1 * tnn# a" '(latlna I/>?ola, wbosaka. 'Qtlon M tlia i"iii?o 01 missions was felt iu Maryland a m* ihroiigo ; ue ureal country of ours. Alluding lo UM -??k 1."?. Ihot there were 1 hid -ii Hoc' 1 ? ibeir derotion to tba Tburch. and 1 n.M>cad l be worsh p 01 lbs god of msminon? with f ti-at god bad power and supramacy, and tba with su b wai not, will such an 1 pies,* t.od' f-hsil I rsica up trea*urai In heava^ Mm 11 wss this Will it pay? Thai whs tba qi Hon wbiob cbaractarl/ed ibeir whole coursa isnduct. In th' sa lays lhe poor po?siats or Ccrn wsie tf/ddao under foot of ben. and tbe great Reior was foonil jonroaying to frederiok, the Kin* urgiaa hta ?o trssi tb-oi aa aortbleaa bemga, to alav them with tto b 1 list, and ttasy wera aa treated. In tbe first Half of Za siMaxnib century man beoama dlrr.v. tbiy wra ?atZ3 with vsrtici, and, sssnmtoc she uama of Kafonaaaa. srrajnd u.iasaivas agu net tbeChtirok; but liod ovaT nils ) Uisir dosttus for good Kosumlug His brMf ^keCak :go?t' .s of Loyola, be skowed what an m .rVw# Mnouot ol raiigini,a seal and puwar be b^d, Maa'-UrlH ^ rt!1! 1 great osnsa of minaioos aad in ita jjtab isiiraaot of schools or iba bigboat nrsJa l^L T* ^ P""*****. twenty, calft lioaa of aoula war* ooov?rtod in Moaiea, mm maur la ttouta Amarlca, aod mllliona sisorltea. He etwtaodad that the raforassiian ha 1 ;n?te " d'irlof thre.f hundied years, sad taaA the n?b?e Hidalao stall | , Uis "Rpiru .at RsarclkiS* h?d well stood ths orltirism nf three eenmr'as, amtr" u-rs ea h-rlfv ttfftiiaocoa sra now refresh In r- After speak leg of l>rsa?M Xaviar as a tme and worthy ao-laborer of Ignatius, ka ad lrsaae<1 tbs oler|y, and said he lelt It waa a faart* thing to suci-esd stMh AroMHabop* sa Carroll , a rslstfaa of ( narlaa Cur roll, wb" signed lbs [terlaratKjn of naodeaca, and was a friend <* Wsahiogtoa, and soak# man sa Rsar.nk, hla dear old teaoher, whom to know sra* but w? love and m bo puwsMiil tba slmpdelty of tka daaH and wiadom of Um sarpast. To stumps in rmiow ta tksV foot a tape waa fearful, as ha kaaw of klmsi'f ha ooald 4k ootbiog. He baggad thara to pray far hUn, sad be k? eoiifcbt she oonfldaaoa or tbe cblldren of Um Cborok. tka eongreaauoo, to aoooursge him with their oonfldenca aad indolgmua fie than rb sad by Invoking Um blearing! ?f ths "alats and tbe Holy Virgin upon the Church, ft* slsrgy, tba good Sisters of Charity and hhuaelf. tfiveMlng tke Btabop witb bio oB)oe waa road by Rev. m roley, wliieh set emod tbe exerclsea. Tba largo cougi ogatlon tbea separata* Into Its eompa, neat porta aad prooeeded hososwarda, tbe bishopa sad tka ravamad prlsatkood renew lag tka sssoolatioaa <f the Day at Mm arektoptacopal palace, nait to tha oatbta drak raa rat'uwa ? ?*i?nrna was touadedby virtse of a speoisl daoraa or theJo?| 1 arsblap'isoopal id Ssatsa. aad tie geveiplag Arobbtsbop hoi tke eaaltad prarogaitva of place and the poat of honor Ik Ibo amkerlaed aaaambtlaa or arskMsboiw of all than provinoeo ef tbo braaob cburcb ta tbe United States ai Amerioa. Bishop Hp si d lag is iba aaventh of tha tnk bishotw railed at pros Me over tba mother dtnoeaa, ba?1a> nine wltk Btabop Om roll a?4 amUng, ? UiOBO HO kai wldtMMV kskf|* CongrsgsMno of Fropsgsnda, kbinh Waa duly oongrnMta by I "ope Itaa IX. la July, IMS. This decree gave sa Beit us -re Um oreoedonee of all tba arablap'tsoopal aaa*

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