Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1864 Page 5
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SHMAN. Gcacral TUrnus' Official Circular Reviewing (ho Actions of July 20 and 22. Additional Details of tlio Eai tie cf the 22d. * MPOflTAXT flZIUTAKY CHANGES, &c.. &0? Mr. W. P, o. Siuinki* Despatch. N\is*vnxs, Tern,.. July 81, 1834. OBNTlUb THOMAS' ( Major General Thymus, oomraaodloj the Army of lb* Cumberland, lus issued the following interesting circu lar to the army near Auanta: ? Akxt Ucadhdasikss, July Ufl, 1664. Ttia Major General com masting the army congratulates Pie trooj a upon the brfffii tut success atteadiug Ike Union Orms is tiie lata batiies. In tbe battie of the 20th tnsUut, >u wliloh tLe l'wentieth corps, one division or Che Fourth corps ar.J purr of tbo I'uurt -ojth corp.! were engaged, the totil Union loud in killed, wounded and (xlsflng was one thoutaud Be von hundred and tblrty Chroo. In frod of tb* Twentieth c.<rps there were put out of the xtgbt six thous mil rt bals, r vo hundred and sixty - ithree of the enemy were bcried by our own troops, and the rebels were permitted to bury two hundred and fifty. V^o Second aivlBioo of the Fourth corps repulsed sovou dif ft rent assaults ef the enemy, ? itn llgiit lose to themselves, and which must have sw elled the number of dead burled Hjj the rebels to beyond three hundred. We al?o uaptured seven stands ol colors. No official report has been rooeived of the part U.ken in the battle toy the Fourteenth oorpe, In the battle of the 22d lust, the total Union loss In killed, wounded and mls^inj jrafc (Ohree thousand five hundred and ten nieces of artillery, Tha rebel loss lu prisoners captured was throe thousand pwo hundred. Tho known doad of the enemy in front of fche Fifteenth and Sixteenth corps and ono division ot tho (Seventeenth corps wis two thousand one hundred and forty-two. The other dlvtsiot.1 af tbn Seventeenth corps repulsed six assaults of the enemy berore they fell back, and which will swell tho rebel loss In killed to at three thousand. The latest report Btates we burled over fhree thousand two hundred rebels killed in this fight. H'here were captured from the enemy in this battle foljbtoeu stands of oolorm atid live thousand stands of terms. By command of Major General THOMAS. W. P. WHimj, Assistant Adjutant (ieneral, - ' THE 00ITIS8T ()V tilic T MAT1 -SECOND. fhe battle of the 22d was a iUuk attack of the ememy upon our loft. During tlia', attack the Seventeenth corps Vrns crumbled up; but uot until it had repul<od several or the desperate charges of the rebels and uilbrdcdalme for lxgati, who temporarily sucoseleu Mo "Corson in com jiuaod of the Army of tho Ter.nestoo, to face about and p-ejipj the s83aalts made on him. Our o:>u?cs;>o:ideQt ?WHh thit army Btate? fhat t!.e rebels were driven back <o their Ia?t Hue of work3 arounl the city. THI COHTSST OV TBI lWESIT siGirra. The battle of the 23tli iust. was an assault In forre on the Fifteenth corps, acd appears to have reaulUd in as Complete a deieat of tho rebels as that of tbo 22d. Six Uundred and forty-two dead rebels wero buried by our forces alter that battle. The report of the wounding of General Stephen Lee is uot confirmed, uor Is it positively known that his force have as yet re ched Atlanta. U5..NGR-! 1* OOMJUSt). General Stanley sueoeeds Conors] Howard In com mind U tho fourth corps, 'ieneral Howard has been assigned |Ce the oomrasod of itc Army of the Tcr, Lessee, In pia:o of Oencrai JlloPberson, killed. Generiu Honker pa* led through this city en route Tor fie M orth this morning. !t is hare ucderstood tnai he leaves Sherman's command to entor upon other duties ola sw here, and that General Rousseau succeeds him a& the (jomm:.nder of the Twentieth corps. TEE BATTLE OF THE 22D. Mr* D. P* Conynshain'? Despatch. 1 wo Jiiw: ; Fa OH ilUJtl, July 23, GL.NEJU1, DOW. BD ftndhag that the rebels had roltr'd from hie Immeditto Crcut oa yttl.r i: y moiulug, followed th&m up within Dwo miles of the "bl y t ? d cjnlto near to their lines of *?ork* and redoubts, capturing aocut ono hundrod pris. onors. lie at one threw cui hea y lines of GklrmlJhers and ?t, >u . y .'ortii.ed his po'ltioa. Hi also c^t iblished lilt batteries in trouc,' positions, ibi'ov. lu^ shells into the Olty. S mo brisk skr eiirL.,ng followed , extending to the Cfwcntletu corps en tha ri^ht, wliero tbo rebel rk-iiclstcrs Jte;>t pressing on Hjoker's position iu unki to cjoal^tucir iMuuu .t tn. tho leit. Kcho'.ic.d also advanced his liaot, and wab partnl y engaged in skirmiebmg. f , V.'lUI.KSO>'.j liOOT. The ktt taTik cf oui .rmy wa.- a)' tiila dif;n rately ?n.^aged with tho otuiiny. Ait^r bh. rej.uisr the previous flay i/j our rl?ht, riari'.oo rapidly swunr rouuj bis coVpa V) the rear ol McI'Lomou. This hurried movouient par Clally t< vhe luttor hy surprise; for.' tl::uiug only a ureak't lite and a cavalry force tnh* front, h? si'd cot i.itrench btasself, simply oco.iipylng tho abaudoned ?the! wcrks. Ci 'irrunate!/ he br.d no cayplrr in his front to apprisa hltn ef tneir approach, ns Garrard was outoQuriud. iho SevacMonth cortM was to tha lert of t'he r. Ilruad, the i m?entb on ibe i I^Ut, wiui the Sjttoenm lin-ieira H rdee tu^do hij ati.ult ou the roar of the >'Utb, drivit f b ick h brigade sui>porUc tu?arlil id f.jpturiDg the battery. When tho attack '?ao jpitiiu? Hiiout two o'clock? Merharaoa w_s at anierm -a'a pwrter?, aad, roce.viot: word that the irebols hk.f made a Uank roovemeflt, taking our hosptula ?u.J ab.ittory, he a( o;.ce ordered IXidge (Sixteenth porp^) to move lapldly and repel tho w aait. fhe corps tnoved riRut up, Bweeny's d vision ?ii advaui e, and met the sweeping attack with groat ftrmtie^. n'lBt. .toK'a i/ttarn. Meantime Oencta, UcPbertoa rode buck from Sherman fto the rear and le't ot the &^veutecnib corp?,and tried (jr> pnn through a g?p beUre-n the -ieventeiatn crps and Ane saprortlug corps (Hlx'.eeath), which was rapidly taking position. Tue General was accompanied by bla 0U? and escort, ami wh?.'u ii* ojt lines a fatal volley Mras pouroJ up m him, iustuntly Lilting hiut^elf and hia faorse. Oae ball piasod right thro i^h hit heart. His %ody was at onco oaveye'1 back to i onaral Sherman's quarters, thcjcoeent North. onsK'tai. i/O0 is l?f. once assamod coLimand l'he tlg"Jtiog was desperate In front ot the Sixteenth oorpa, Wie line of which rau Etly at right anjh?-e to th<? Sevantaenth corps. ATtet a oe eu?Oiot they ehiiteu their attack In Itont of the jptventeauth, and cous . Jsrab'y Jovhied In the two corps tiM one auotuor, o?pturiag several pieces of p.-tjler), a. ti<ii^g otbaw t^te rale^ri.tad battery of {twenty.- pound rsr^Hts. Tlrs* hsnvitit attaok ?m sow Vs front of the Flfwonth corju. Part of Morgan L. Smith s d'vlsiuo bad bo*n scot to reis'orco the Seventeenth i?erps, thus considerably weaiwulog their lines. TM Eibeis fiercely charged, driving ojr uea trom the old fbel workH, which, lnnt?ad*of bein* a pr)teotion, placed ? to a b*d poslii' ii. They slM -laccosoed ia capturirg ?ome guns or thoFifloeuth corps. ociniRAt. sasaniks yrdcrod liopan to mnsa hia troops for an assault and ro fcaki both the gnus ana position. "Vn mu?t retnk" -them," ww his pcretn 'tory orJer. General Wood. First division, Fifteenth corps, was ordered to lead the assault 'Sherman, aoompanted by Genera's Schoflold and How (srd, occupied a prommoat position nsar Colonei How rard's house, from which he oouirt superintend the wnole fHOcoetfiuf. On this bill be pieced a battery ef the Fit Oeeoth potps and another from the Twenty-third corps, which commanded a sweeping, converging lire upon the i.-w bet position. Wood formed la a ravine at right angles go the iebtl line, striking them on the flank. Tti* avail. ?wttn> fooved out of the woods in mm, sweeping down npen Mi lines, our hsttor,?s all the Udo throwing shotaud ?beU right in among them, tearing their lines to ptsoos. Wood swung his right ttwM so s.i to take them in the fwar, as the contending lines oloi?1 the artillery oenaed JBring. Our boys gsve one cheer, one sweeping obarge, Bad the retain ataggered beeeath their fire and fled rrom k>tr rwid steel, ibis was the turning P^iat of the bnttm. ^ new ohargett nlong the line, driving the enemy back fepslia uell, awl reoovoring nil our artillery exoept two guns, mm mm, eieft qji un J**m?s? Bevontce ie^r, atit loan nnt have been ranch bear tar. par ha pa lottl* Mat; for wfoore their linM vera doubted up, retrswvum, out artillery tnd Infantry oumpletely mu wed litem down. Prisoners slats that Hardee m badly wouodad. flue fined* couflrauti on. , . IUB UK I UBS una WW. Tht 'Atlanta paper k tedta* low ef tlx ibooaaad Is Ida fight of Ibe 20th, of which 1 bare a?it jou a full ao?xuik If jour reader* will only hnagtae Hardee1* corpe trans ferrsd frcm Honker's front ka Ma.-beraos'a rear and flank, on the mar, they can farm a Just ceae?pticra of oar relative poet t to us during tba light. there bave bean oo*. tloual skirmishing and artillery fighting along our Uaaa to day, but a* aanoua engagt>nu>uL At one time t. iy made a threatening dsn wstrutioa, ad if to aatault iio.k er'8 trout, but did not rellow il up OHxar.aL aoigaaav visited General Howard to-day from Marietta, where be bad Just arrived with bis cominead, after tba ettectivn raid made west of us. Be is to retain his command as cavalry at present, and act iu conjunction with tbtaarmy. He started on his dashing ratd with two thousand ei?ht hundred men, swept through Alibawa, crossing the Coosa and striking the railroad at Locthapoks , destroying tba railroad from that place te Ope'.ika far nearly thirty miiaa. He destroyed tba line the junction, thus cutt'ug oir the connection wt.h the na-t and Atlorita. From Opelika hit moved along the north bank of the Chattahoochee to Villa IUcka thence to Marietta. I understand Mr. Shanks will furnish you with a full account of this expedition, which feuvo;* moid or romance than history. Til t AHM* lit AND AROt'KP ATI ANT 1. Our skirmt-bsrR are actually throwing rifle bullets into Atlanta. A fow m-.r? assaults and Hood's array will be pisyed out. Bp cio*o are we to Atla; ta that 1 might siy that wo bave Invested it. Xbe rebels aro very strcngly intrenched iu tholr works around tho ut'.y. They cophM of redoubts, eonocoied by ditcher and rifle pile, and pro tscted by abattls and sto. kacles. It is one vast an ocg boM or parallel works and fortifications. Should these prove too lonrUdal'.e for direct assault, and should Hood be rush enough to deieud tbeui to tho last, we can try our old gome? swing a part of our large aruiy to tho south side and destroy the Macon line, thus completely cutting off all chances of retreat ? this being the oul.v lino now iu their poeae alon. 1 ho fall of Atlanta is only a question ot a fow days. NEWS FROM ARKANSAS. l'h* Ltossea In (be bat? Fight Near Helena. Cairo, III., July 31, J8fi4. The Memphis Bulletin contains further particulars of the luto tight noar Helena. Our total loss was sixty two , including four officers. The rebel loss war- two huudred and flfty. Uebol prisoners say that had Colonel Brooks' expedition been sent out Irom Helena a few days since thu rebel Ooneral Robbing would buvo attacked tho plantati"ue be* low that place the next day, aud dcawn all the Colon force he could out of Uolena, while the robel t'.encrai 8boi by, with some 'our thousand men, was to make rjj attack on the place from the northwest acd overpower tho small force le:t in the fort ideations. The eteanier Grali :n, from ilcuvhi- on the 23th iiist , Brings the body ol Major Kawsou, of the scvonty -eeoocd Ohio, wlto died or wouuds recelv ed noar Tupelo NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. Adoption of the Constitution l?y tho Convention? Pi o'.iiMt ion of the Cold Ti'Bdki Catwo, III., Jn'y 81, 1S64. The Louisiana Couslituli'mal Convention adopted ou the 22U inst. the new constitution bv a targe majority, and wo.ild immediately submit it lit the people. General Banks has prohibited tho transfer of gold to the rebel States, (.ml ttopped all traffic Iu gold, except tho purchases of it be deposited in tli?U.T;ito'j .States Trea eury, such deposits to be drawn out ooly ou batisfn .tory explanstlons boing piven of tbe purpose to which the goid is to be applied. Poilfe I n letl Ipcuce. TICKPOCKETS AT TU2 ISTA KN* ISi.AN'D TEHKV ? ONJS OF i'UKM N10SLV CAVUHT. Late on Sunday afternoon, as the Htaten Island fi'rry i bjat, arrived in nor dock, a gang of thieve: ruaiied aboard I for the purpose of robbing the passengers. One of tho thieves, giving his name as William liatson, thrust hia j h ind into the pocket of Mr. Frederick Ti'eberto, rosidirn at No, 6 Bl.-etkor streol, aud ?twe hit. Rold wati:!i and chain, I v ilueti at s'ltotit fl;}0. The lixL>t Uugured operator was Boon by one of Mr. lileber.o'R triads iu the act of put-s I nig th? *. atc,h to ao accomplice siauditig behind btn>, i whau ho caught llaiison's Lund and took the watcli c*.d j chain Irani him. At tuis time officer ijtuith, of tb<- First [ precinct, bi.-? appeuxanoo, aud arrested R->s?on, t wherenttoi his acc omplices tied at.d muiiu . Qeir ?pe. Tho prisoner wan committed to the ceils to await mi Ie^auituatiou before Justice Uvgan. Coroners'' Inqiiriita. 1DK BIOT AN? aOJtlCIDB IK TKNTU AVKNtTR ? IN'JOI filTiON 0> KB T'.ni KB MAIN 8 of CiUNt? Ut. t;aor by some Oiiij tsow*, ""n. ' \ft * ?? VrV* w*^* | Corocer Kir wy veslerday held .ill lupieijt it th^ SlxteentU prec i.ct station ho'jHfl on tbe body of Michael Crane, the man who wsa fatally shot di ring a des]>era(e osg'utlt on tbt sixteenth ward police hr a gang of rowdies on Sunday evening? as reported in yestorday's ilfHAit'. ?\viiii* in the iuiet discharge of t'^elr tit ty i.ear the corncr of Twenty -sixth streot nud 'lotitli avenue, officers Kie^sn I IUcH ware atUcV.ed by a number of ruClane, who l us'hI clnl s,'olt #n4 ether \.capoos with great fr < I < om Tne offlcerr wore trucked down, .^nd, after being ; badly b xflfen, .-overt I pistol shots were tired at them by i ;ters":is it tbe crowd, but fortunately noun of Ha 1 bullet:; took e'fcct. Wbll ? proetnto an'! otlhe m\-.y ol tbe Rtsssiiants, the cfittrs drfv tbeir revolvers aud discharged thf'u ;eversl timiis. While the Orini in proar'si a'buiiel struck t'rane, and, piercing a vital part, citiisod his dei?tli while boin^ conveyed to tae ?u tion oouse. The (Tororjcr examined ? noint>er ot wit i ceses, none of whom, however, could ctiii hien the jury u? to who siiot tue deceased, llaury D. Han iv, M. D , rr. '.io ? post Mortem evomluatiou on me body, and found doceascd had been struck by two bullets, one of wmch entered fits lelt cido ?lx lu< be? btilow tne nipple, parsing inwurcls, i rar.turing tho tbird i?lo<; rib. rupturing n i;irre artery and lining the abdomen with blood. Iho bullet ti en pasted through the liv^tr suil could not b? (tiMhar traced. T.e other ball entered the back and, p>is>lrig downwards, lodged in the m icclss or tlsiuw, and escaped t.lieobser* it 'on ef <Ti? surgeon. 'tbe lury found "toat Mlct.aut Cratio, tho deceased, ciroe vi Ms death by a pistol shut on the 31ct day otjuly, 1104, from some hand unknown to the mry. We also oxonernin the members of ttie po! <;e from any blame iu tho matter, but citomend them highly fer the:r j/?est courage and success in m*king arrc ts." The age. nativi. ty nor rc?.id?xice (?f deceased s| tssared in tne Coroner's pa pers. The prisoners, John Murray, 'lerrcnce McKeiruan, .lames l^wter and .loha Owens, arrmtted for assnultliig i (JV.-ars Kinu and Klernan. were taken betoie Justice I... J wah and held to bail io f.'.OO cacii vu answer the <-nir?o Michael Owens, arrested wt.h the other psrtias, was discharged tor lack of evidence to bold him. PODND IM TCIK WATKB. The remain* of an unkaown muo. about forty years of age, Ave feet eevon iticbee Iu heigiit, medi .m huild, yord teeth, sandy side wblskera and mis tsche, were found llcstiog lo the water at. pier '1A Nurth river. |tece?n-d's name, Vona paper* foci d in his |iosh?ss.0d, is supposed to bive bom <trtoine Toqnet. Amongst bin papers were a French passt**!. a totter of oreolt of Ove tuousand frsors, oat?a in 1K66, sod other docuroeut* iti tbe Krench Unnnge. Ills elects can be seen at tn? t'ofoaer a otfi?*, So 4 tie (treat, coroner tV'ldoy bf|4 in UM]uem >.u ths '?"iy, and Uie inry rsnd*?red n vytt;c(?r "l>a?th by dro>*a ng' * '.he Wucla o? tins httaiuhoat 8t?t?-n Island*! Rostrtf, Anfinl Tin scho irer Mary O Parr, at tbts port .'row I'tilta deipbls, mskee tiw following rsport ? July n.tea m>i?s distant from Darnvfat, taiardsd the of the jV?niT ~uten ls.4B.ler, before reported, with bor stern hrokon off. Picked sp troia the wreck a trund contslDlnf a f?sr pieces of clothing and a letter datetl l&A", directed to Robert Godley. Also pioaed up a barrei ot tallow, on* boat or soap and two baskets bearing the I jttars "S. 1" The Platen Islander wss ? very old boat, and for many years uwd to carry pisanagars between New York and Huton Island. B per In t Klcrtton In Pransylvanta. A special t lection is to tAke^lape In Pennaylvan'a U?. day ui do'-lde whether the following amendments to the coascllution of tbe State shall or shall dov l>? adopted ? pint? Vi he? ever any of tbe qualified elocU rs of ibis eemmon wealth slia!l be In eny actual military service, undo? a re pi is u Ion from tbe President of tbe linlted tUatiM or bv authMltv of tbe Onmrncnweslth, e'ich eleo tors mar ei'eicise tbe right of roffrefe In all ol actions by nltimns, under s^cb rsgnlBiions^M ate or shall be pre. scribed bv law, as fttlly ss if lh?y wsre { reiwot at their bin aftail be passed by Uiel.sgislature oon. u ning saore thsn one sufcj<?l, whlol> shall be clearly ei presaed lube tins, except appeoprlatloa bills. Ta???"No biU sliBlt be paisssd by the Legltlatutw granting any power sr privileges In any ease where the authorlw to rrsst lush powers ar privileges has beau, or may hereafter ba, oou (erred upoa ths courts of thla comasonwasltn. Atapt Tbbatri ? Tils esublishsiest ofiana this even lag for a sheet so miner seasoa. Tba company Is som poaed or old ? favoritaa fT Mm VUb^C, (?4 WU l> ? ?0?t mrsottf* 9?s THE REBEL RAID. Details of the Advance of tin ?fitmy Into PenosjlFanla. i TflEBUMIKG OF CRIM3EPSBUR6* The Iuvadlcg Force Net More Than Fecr Ec&dred Me*r Ee treat and Pursuit of the Rebels, fcln lM< Mr. DcO. R?r.?lolp?? Kelm'? Dfip?tel?. UAH*wniT!iti, Aususl 1-~1 30 A. M. After ft dolay of eighteen bow* in Beltimoro, on a? cmiot of tbe stoppage M train# during the iabbatb, I reached hero this morning, and leave on th? Qrat train for the Beene of deetrtMlien. The tlrst ikmsoob 1 met wore a number of men, woman and chilarou from tho unfortunate town of ChamberBburg. They are ou their way to dilTfcrent parts or the tftato, In sesrob or secure borjes and protect ion from further experience of rebel malignity. aevcr&l of these people I conversed m regard to the oocuuntlon and burning of tbclr town, and from tBem gatbemd the following interesting and tbrll Hug pellicular*;? KiasfT API'EAK AWI'8 dp Tn? BimlT. On the mornlag o( ths 20th tho ilret intelligence of the approach of iho enemy wii3 recoivod at CbainbeiBborg, a in lDataotunooUily commenced tho pack i)jo and Bhio ncnt of valuables and Uight of Kome of the citizens. Ou the morning of the day foil <*ing a rebol force, esti mated at about three hundred and ftity mounted infantry, arrived in the immediate vicinity ot the towu, and encoun tered a small force from Carlisle barracks-, but superior ity of numbers Boon obliged tho laltor to fall hack, and tlio enemy took passion of the town, aud weut Into camp in the Fair grouuds. While all w?B apparently qu lot in the neighborhood of Willlamsport, and our officers wuro of th? opinion that tbe euetny was (ailing buck, he bcoms to have been really mystifying his intentions by a variety of nuuoeuvres, meanwhile mpvln.i a torco? probably tho largA- part of his mounted arrt? towards Hancock, a Short distance higher up the Potomac. wIlFhe tiis enemy orofskw. U is uncertain where the invaders elT'ccted tbe passage or the Potomac, but tlie river l.? kuowu to be now ford able almost any where abovo Willianisport. lhat tlicy ^ did uot crosa at the lattor place is positive from, the faot that tho country Hround was continually watched by our troops lleaides, this crossing ia but sovau mhos from Hagerstown, and it la highly natural to suppose that something would hare heeu ttnowu of the preaeucc or the enoray, cither rroui reports of our soldiers or the InhtiiJi tattU Tho most plausible supposition is thst the cross ing was made at JHnucock, or between that aud Williams port Their movements since have heeu rapid arvl silent, completely avoiding Hagerstowu; in fact. the mhabitinis gesui not to have been oousctona or tho presuaoe of tho e-JDLcy, '.or the llauerbt'.'wa Plage of the 'Xub aud 30th reported all quiet. The advance torco which oecuptod Chamhanhurj cams in by way -of Meroersburg. Their whole body, however, did not march upon tho same route, but also ;.Cvacc*d on tl>o i\ nyuoeboiougU uud Ciriiein-astie to^ds, BURNING OF Tut TOWK. 1'i-on fairly obtaining ftaatirinn of < hsmberaburg Cea McCau?!aud, who hid command of the rebels, demsud.d of tho citizeeb as a ransom loir their town live hm.dret thousand dollara. Not I'tiJ? aMe to satisfy tho demand a paper was produced, signed by V-ariy, ordering its de struction This w ai. in: tautly obeyed. A brew*. fo.? tun,teiy but si^'bt, stirrlsg ?t the tifr.o soon fanneo Uo Incendiary work into an immense com ^ration. when the devouring element was ra?infL,.,.f' ' > hen-lit the confusion nod teiror pre vailed smoDj; the women and children . ? u-"a to h ive t een ho-.ri rendtcg. Driven from tbelrho.istti, tbe peo'ile rushed iraotieaiiy about the streets until tl ie hoi hec imo so it. tern, e that thoy were obliged to leave mew aii-i w?W rcluge in the suburbs of the town. 1 ? weie isito.'rs at) mothers, the ??K?jd and the ?n-W,uiovber vrith ml a Jits drawees; Biisiei'sheefroiu their breasts, tiaiu M.v<n m-AIok l'f? a-va> from the roieutWs ra^o of an uniroveru ?bie element; there were niaid. n? and vo'ing pot, ailordiri* inn' irI no p, tnero were CiitmVrr to the HK:ri? of tnclr m> ihors impior i DTete tioc wbuO eeif-proeervatlon had almost uis traelod the hondb o. inaUrral ul.tfltiou; there woro rhi'dion woeping for tlielr parenu und pu r-ou I or Iht r fhi!4.?v- a BuapoMe~ea;h no kaowins whether the oiher hao lalien a victim to toe luines ibe whote aeeiie w?a ono mat wool, hive a- ^ ua:; 'd tli-i stot'ton heart. Modern history al ores hut rcw parallels of a devfl so ntroiloos ant! untifces aiy. Kuanra oi? <iot:si? nasTKovrn. The heart of CUawDCrsharif !*??. rt'-r'r . * . 1 o,. i*c*n *o i.j s*^ "Jo nih*-s. Near y l?jrue hun ur9'i public, and iirivnte buiWi*SR have heeu laid in ruins. m -tJrifwT v.nTf jvtr v"*"* wAf* rn ro. ? ft miiii &nGV< cToiTfi iS? mui flred. lbs eoewy, feir'c ? <be veogwi.v qr Mir troops, did not w ?t long alt.*r npplyiog fhe torch, but r'-uioiaite . and daslico oil ior his triaiu ioicj at i at. Thcinas. t,i\ pa Dr-Tnnvuri. One of tho soffe^ers in tb? destruction of rhsmbertburg 1 iutornw rat- (ha-, two po.s rs .re positively I- do wn to i h ivt oeeu de trova.l by tho ; .. V. bother ftny ot??.r? 1 met so horrib> a late i? yet unknown; iml.^ wilt he sin. *. tinio bi^'.re mo extent ol t^iis dread.ul ca.aetropne wlU be fully reailzod ST.TJtKAT. As tho enemy lert ( liarobertborg General Averlll rot out in rn .?? pir-ilt, ard kept r ose on their heels until hey-.nd McConcel?burg. routo t..,ea by the euemv was by St. Uud. n McOounelsburg, and t??nce very i^UHIy w i move bv tii^ mi n rojtd to Hco< or*. jr it however , their design to commit furth. r deprsdatlont ih.- border, they will no doubt r->ltow tha mto. road, via Burriabur;, Kairvieiv sua Hloody run to .1 ^ or>., tcen.-e bv a dire, road to CumoerUad, at wuich t-oint thov nmv rcoro&i 'bo I ulotdh,'. ?b "e m auothor pw*ibii?ty that tlcC.uslnnd will fol low tlif lower tier ot C- mtlr, wer'wa: .1 until he 1om? ko f, r^e u> der Broekir.ri.lse, w to lab is thought U. ho .>o the 1 move towards \\ 1-cclinir fiXRKSi/ni o* tsk ek-.;my c t I be report Ihr.t the mrottith of the euoray lQ the - t.<U I w*f ihhtv th' u: uid reema unpof.?lbl ?. t-o largo a ore i old not r.?o\c wah tbe alacrity thai has be-n by the mvadirg rebels, and their presence ;H largest est.mtte of tbe c .mmsod that destrojed t-bam bersburg. cotm. Ihe appareot inactivity or tieuor .1 Coech l? "f* "* celvtna ? spir.tad ventilati-B. In tL. beginning \.e h." I inrnied au opinion, but ?o variotn. bsn hec trte test. mcTy anTvlOW. ?l dlflbren. parties that ?e have coo eluded to drop tbe matter. Out or tboje '.ispuiw - an? LOe teoort thai t;eno;-at i^)i;ch had been retaovedaiil ffer^HaOwsilsder put in 1,.- pa-r. Ihe trutiofH maiier tfi ihnt fin, oral ladws.Uder lias _betn ea led o tlie ileieuces of the. capital oi ihe eUte,wbileOwier4lt.oiK0 <<ttlj cootiuun in omnviotl of the cepsrtmeot. ? 0? TM? l ltUBW 0? I'lUMn'S- Hl so. Trains are now busy tiaiwpartiog ?"-?<* ani ciethioj ?o the SU0 r i.ig mh .bltat.'.? ul Kum^raoii.-g. .ho I ?? are ?tu V? he co.ig; o^M.o.1 a the " f, . A,.. ' .< will be appended , ao.t ui i vMott tim-: lb*, \u; . ty, ;l., irli: he wel MPl-i^d Ac*?iin* rr<iN9viV?!faA *<t\ ' Vt The report that the . en.-m- tt,cU.' K**-rty*' ' " vit ^ *ji trfof TtM* ar* .urinin^ I . fl0 Nortb.u.H eutrs! Hali.-o*d IS ?tee .utewt, aud to*i..taJ ptatwbility ca its ban:* ag-tlo (iiaturb)d. H^ua so, A'igoat t -Noon We receive Inf ormation from tta" mail a.eni on the Cumberieiid Valley Hailrosd whicb contradicts the ot> mated strength of the column inilcr McOaOTUnd. -Ie says the whole number tbut crowed the river, upon t ie ?ulhority of ree.den - along the Une ol mar. b, did tot amount to more than ??j0 p.:ked men a:i told. A retro spect of me doings of tbe rrbe.s slnco tbe nrst knowlo ii,e o their proxim.ty to CbauiberBburg confirms tots lop; ?llloo, toe a much larger ho ly would nover taTe h. en utile to prosecute movements with so much rapidity a.,i rucuees. , ^ ? ?? The same person ? is lee tbst the Cumberlsnd Kshroad aaa not .ujured at Cltauiher^b.irg, and tra ns nr? ^lill running t< lUgerstowii. in tile reuest ids eoemy seen? to b ive mo'ved ws-tward ior 0<i attsi k b*s yei hreu ros.le u, on Jlago^town, oor ha* be appealed u the violuity. foam or tut m-roifar. Tbe eoemy having succeeded lu getting into T'einny vanie tbe Bett movement ?o P**1 *oijld est'irs l> be .o prevent bim getnog oot. for th- purpose a ?tr^g foree hea been I^eteO along the Potomac, at the di?ereu? croeelogs, to intercept the return ot the enemy. A report baa reached here that Mo< eueisad is already south eg tbe Potomac hot to oooBrmatloa of th.e h*s bee* reeeived It ia highly doubtful, jo* on worn. Mneb has bees Mid about tbe killiog of Maior Ve bave beatd aaetbsr story , wbtab we give for wbat U M worth, there bet tig a dispute esoong eo?e o?M?e?? " 10 tbe tdesuty ol tbe person nppved to be ???Willi ^ Oil now. Tbe curiosity o ( the diepataets wu tmmedi i?elj ?. xolt? i la |tio t%.ei plush Ik* aece)iiig t>-*ly of the deceased Individual wm at OIM tahetaed , u4 lb? wart dl iwe-<>4 Til t cot <-)lu (0- a arl<f tig ? as it- at Ite fco-1 y WuM i Bst or ir? , *ad tkkt tto M*.w had tMkC klll?t.t ?ww "tied ?? c*> .*t k aiii^o was The oumi>?r o' buildrngi, fubltc property and private re^ a oflc-t * deelroy?d to i B'.iir.aied at aud sixty, it. d ri ? roscLUtj.- a v*!ne of ?!"?? of dollars Oi) ili? north side of the town, bu.MM the Jail- ? tug .-prior hue our ba-:?e vua n-med. In w to?e? tbe bul.diog. on both tidoR if IIhic Htreet, ruming ''"rib mid aouit>, fw destroyed fur a distant af flve blocks. C/u Jinrlft, rui.utug eu-i unl west, lbs builamta were Bentrayed for the ?vn? distance. o* Washington nod ijuoen streets Uin-* ww ?l*o a number of buildings burred? lc ru)t no street tn ihe lowu eaiirelv wtin'ii me locendiari ma of the raiders. Among ilio buildings are tbo lourt )i iua, thnc prwliug ofihMD ? via., the Ot. ???? Jli/Ormed M-*-ng*rl f, in; li > H-i*si:*ry and tlia V alley Sftirti- T ? lat'er was a violent corp"-rhead ab^et and wa* in a lair way, under ;?? y cirjonisUuctM, of reachm* annihilate u ultuuue.y, it u fullo! lo g- ? ltd share from tl.e mou whom it un so fruutiually aupportcd. Ail lbs lintel:* W''rt uIkg destroyed, und the (?'uAiuder of the burned buildings were private dwellings. 1W t-OSirtON. It 1h thought by ma; ?? th i t!."- detraction or rt*un bon burg v. ?, hi rcuiiuio i ror siutil&r efTesewr eotauiti led, to e smaller deg. eo. bewevar b* our tri#i|d tu lbs tiueuandoah Valley. 4 CiLt, ITi'l I'R'IY ARR"A!'. The following addrers hits n- en tsxued calking upon the frieuds of tfm eutO>rera ilurn g ?jie luiu raiii lor pecuniary Biiaitl&uoe lo alleviate tbslr tv.tnts, at? many of them, bltuorio lu oimleoce, h ive bctia an reduced to me lutrest degrae of uoeit ? K Arm i.. to Tun ?k ?? vol -nr cit..'?S"?k ?uj>itr. Norm. Ou tbo mora.aj of ttte JUdi oi liny, lfc-1, iltolirf-i' , un<!rr tbe oomrriaud o( Ilti0?iisl?nrt, wiin it lurce^Kubuct lire hundred I I-H, c: tore 1 (-bimtwuljurir, pfci:?<vli* -nlo, and <le hjuijj (r^ia i'.m unt^euM unuer ? I t r?&t of Iiuramu tlie tows Ti.ih rof;uialtion w?s ui writing, and ?m h ub I by (ienarat fubal Early. It u aow extabliabed hf tmmWM proof timr tint, i^m.ii d waa a men i r?u it il.r part ot ihe ma: tinier* to cotnr up it purr us ? bofore i..ey reicbed ihe loarn-? to burn U to lue ground. Without Riviii^ ti*:.e to rciaovo privi^to property, arnl jicarcei) il.u? ?no>i^li for ibe btiirm ta r? mm t> llinr fa.i.illea, thrj- umi the bou*'* of our elti en? in perl a|* liltv pin^H. ('iwhrln of two buodred aud a ' I. use* In the blurt of tbe ov. u woi.i counn .fil, luctt'ding all t.'.e public bunduiKa, aloronaud hoteU, oonipn -lag Hi '' t two tbli'di of a town c 'utaiuing fix a. aai tauiH. Ibii" u luiye body of ciUzena are reduoed ft m ooni[ ?rat. wta'tb i.o i.Vdoln?e uoveriy. Many faoiil i ? bare losl all tn ir trdillii':, and ull oi ti c'r elothlng except * c'J ai< Ibey La VI bad on their perHOOt. The In .? wl.l i? arreir or?r one million of dollar*. >V llhotit nhI iron aiiromi 'lie. ? will be great, auflering iu our community Tbe ll<*v. Joh'i K. Warner, providential! with uj at thin Mine, la the ao credited stteulof our otil una lor rece.vniiiBt<l>scri|>uona and <:0!'l:ibiit!siiK. Si(. ned by a number of old, reapouaible and prominent ciU/.enu. Tine atiicrr por tor ikusp, Mr. Warner, Is now on his way to rfuladelptiia for tlie purpose of prosecuting bis piotis n. If ion. l ne eufterfng people of Chambers burg will do doubt tbabkiuily recoive ooaivlbutiocd from their fri^mlR in other States. i.s:ti? aBs^ioN ok narn.<nri.7AnA uonuiciA In tbe courau of a ilay or two Governor rurtin will lane a proclamaliou c-illing an extra ge.'Btr.n of tbe l.ofiii>luture, on mfcUera conneoted i>ariiciilarly with tmportaui mili tary affairs. Ibo tune uppoiutod 'or Ibo ojiouiuk of ilie ?eisiiton m at noon ou Tue-dny nrx'. PTeyaratlong arc, now being mndo t?> put tlu bourse lu a co dinon to re ceive tbe ineoibcrti. RKCRflTISa EnllPtrurtitg in flarrl^tmrg, and, in fact, all over the State, have received u tro->ti ttAuetiw f tree the destruc tion of CtiaraberHliurg. outi re-,ime ut bus already benn raised in Ilarri^bu.'g within the ptst lew w04lis. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. Panic In Pcnsmylvanla? <>on.'* Otiler Heineving Keliei Syinpathlxern. UaitmoRR, August 1, lb(i4. Rvporls fraru Ootl5fibiirg and K'uiuiettsb m: represent (bit u panic exirfis there and throughout t!iat rct(iou of tao c'-antry, aud tlie p? >pl*i are sending Oil tUoir stoi k knd valuables, and itre hurrying alooa tbo pike Incrowdi, belioving tbat tbo rebel* arc c.ppi J idling ia Urge force. Tbi?. nioruing's tram from rrooencic cam-- in as us .a., and brlugs ibe report thai groat cxolloment prevails tbi-re on acoonnt of Jluutor's oiile, foi tlie es;>.:Uou of the Soulheiii avntpulbi/eiB buyoud our lilies. Tbo train from Sandy Ilouk arrived this morning Jlieie were n i rebels oo tlia ro id. Pioclsuiatlnn Co.i vi.i?ln,^ U?.e i^nngyU vnnla I/vgi*(iki u U^RRl< i:rj, i'a., August 1, 1864. Governor Cui'tin has is ' .ed a pruc. wa .tioa calling tba l,e(finl(it ire to nr-et on Tite-'d ?y tbo 9th of August, to de vise me ins to m>tks fi? in. lit t. y po',ve*s of ibe .St ta ita tuodia;o:y nv iliaoto for ttio State aud ualii nai do.euce. Tlie ilarrinlinrg Telrgrann. 12 ARRI. BCld, AllgUM 1, 1804. Po.siilve Information lias i ic.iod bero thu the rebels are retiring from the direction of Bedford sprints out 0! t ho ut '.'6. ilu,,or Ccteral C^iurli is te.iJay in the wi -ilorn part of th? state, re -kinrf 4 rceufioolisaeoe of the detences on the UoBCn^^tbobt and Ohio rivers. Before p'oeoeditig directly iii jt'itt?burg, bo t xsmlned feveral polnu along tl-.o Pona i^yivai in rtai^i iad, aLd (/ave importan; directioai lor covorii t the border of ttio oounttos along tbo Maryland line m vb it direct'ou. Mni.r General C'-dwallsder Is In temporary v >oimand of tbe forcis'ions ia tno oistern part oi tne SUte, atid is iua%itf<t?ing tbu in at sotive tuoasures to moot.nny contirgeucies that r;;ay oncur. rho railref l be. w o tbis i'O.ul aid 11 uorstown is cow i" oo, and trains litve boeu lesvit g on tbe'r rogular mvrniPK end noon Ura-i Rips. Jbt outir o lofci! winch oiilcrel auil burr: e it Chambars. burg ib now p ritlvely it>:f>wu to bare ronsl^ted of three ? - V" ? (f ? . t*. uoo'.pati lu ibt liumLeria^ hut twu bOuu^d aud c!gHt jdoo ! Ibcy iccupiod tbo terra but two hours. On tlin Briit eatetldg '.ttey gave the people turoe koura' time to move tlie womet and children, but before an hour bad expire.l tbo rebo had fired tbe towu. The ii Habitants have found t> heller with tae luriners along tbn din. rent rnai!^ leading from Chamboraburp. A despatch ;net rec-'ivedhoro atn< ?? that Geueral Averi'n liad come up t ? the raiders eisbt roller south of McUnn nclbiburg and whipped tlieoi han U'-muiy. At the latnet u 'Xiucta tbey v e o retreating m the dirictloaof Han ejek, with Avorlli in pursuit. Gcueral, in rommand of tbe (lofei;rofl, bus nrrivcd here, - nd openod an office in the Capitol bu l ling Captain C N. Turabull, of the Unit >d Mat s I i-gioeor cores, w,tb -i iurveyins p.irty, is uow en; ig>"i in makii g . tirveys with fl-e view to tt.o defence of the Susiiiiebauna river at ti.o various t<i'. ;W b> t? ecn this city anil the uay A Retort Cttv.tlry Puree Pmee41a| iu the lllrert Ion of l>cdft.ri{, ??u . } . ARKt.-l l KG, P. I. , AM. U.:t 1 , Jo form*; Ion bos been received here lb it a rebel c iv airy force is pr ..t the direction of lltd'.ord, I'a Relief for the Clinialirriiliui'g Snffiirn, l eu anBLfjiA, August 1 , 1864. A spcial tra'.n will be srat}out by Adam;- Express la morrow aiteruoun, to convey comributious to the s jdjr er? at Chaaibci jnuik'. lho coutribiittong Hill be sent jree. NEWSPAPER ACCOUIfTS. Tlie ItialU lulu Pennty Ivaaia? .Veceilly ot .Hit Irnry lliyuuixatluii. (Kroui the I'tiiadelpflia Ledger, August I.) fi"*e co the het ls m tfie a-^urao-'es from f Baltimore and WaihtagtOti oD .-atu'day ibat the relicls b id retneU fioiu tbe lino or ilie Voi'mac and none b^d cro.aged, wo hive ih? 'ot-'i!.?,"r,ir tntt a lor e at rebel cavalry had ont-e ed t;t.jint?-"?t)iirg t/ia*. inoraiug and tired tb? town, but wer* acbseijiieniiy oriven out by Averlll. About i<?| bnnJrod bvti"e< apr^ir to have been b jrr.ed !n that da?"'tod <'lty, tofceihcr >?iih Ibe pubito bu.ldlnga. 'I'l.e force MM did (In* utoehlff atnetteied . It hiw to only a '?w aua-trels fhw provt* haw unnlM it is lor the pi-eple In the to'rd*r^< i ut!*S m r*matu without military .ir^ani ^tion iui'1 thoroiiiib a:tuirg. lucy will he sabje>'t mi' ? iirant remeini h ? ->i e K.ihui ?od lu ju<?'. such incur i obh as ia- *#, wime a local organ. ^ai I hi of no able iiod'ed ts?n into ocnirvtoiee of oava'.ry ?-i>l mlsatry would enable ttiem fuiceeeslully t> ree-.-t I^ere ate meu enough in there couutiei t. drcre awav hi i f rebel fone which could be siiarol frjai Rich* n.eoil ft only nei ds the organization r.u 1 af.r.lng, nnd t e aecurify ti.eo is unpie. Wttrrit t'i e- ? i- -o t.H .inty ai all. and a lew uiitid-ed rebels can ride ittraugb ev erv "oraei <n miy, rtev t-i itiiar property mid oram t lh g ather ontrai,^. Thi.? turning of an utfra? ?? to* i :e ? new and in revl- l?ml feuture ofthe raUe: i in Town* hate bnen shelled and bun rd when held bf nm?,i g fen-e*. or ba?? retuaod looomp.y with the demaodfuf the ?ap.i rr, hut lo ileltotraieiy Or- n town In which tb?re v* lie reeinta "e m a bad i-sitople, wbich the robeln have ihe ul^my of drat e\bibitir.g Casualties In the Pight at Snirher'* Gap. HCTH HIOIMStT NfcW TOB* ARTII.LKRT. Ha?"kh> IIrhky, Va , July a#, 18<U. The following ia a l ai of casualties in ihn v irst bal'i lion, c ?npi nes A, H. l and I', ot tbts rai ment, in the at ker'a tiap, Juit ih, 18iV*. A * M' : V- ON, AdJ'ilabl Filtll New 1 oik At tlliOl V I imitenaot ColiDel fcowaril lliuray, wuiaiilcd and a prieooer, sir.tJtn. tVrporal O. Keoner. privateaC. Burch.3 H. ?jtmpbeii, J Ri rna.J tJ. Herry, . oha'lUvS, .lea. I'arrab, A WU Coi, C M elong. A. .-tears, A. Wade, W. K. Harrett, .1. W. wiith. ieii?>rei 1>. (ar'.isle, pnvaies W Uianoy, T Lsuitiy, J. Ue.liey Vi i>tJ * H*D. sergeant G. Ash well, torpors I W Tbempaea, privates A Apple, W Booth, J., I toy imi, W. Bills, W. Ilarvey, V ftowari, ,?. Wakely, B C Walker, H. WiUe, ft. Worbeto, J. Bmith, Chetreilet, Ostlln, J. Mad lee, T. Burger; 8erg*ania .lekn Carrvll, W ftooti; privates W. AOker. k Glbeey, A. Uapnea, i beDermutt, J. Kydhnry ? rirsl dergeaat T. C Hew lett, 8erg?anle Antes Wbiiaey . p. Miliar ; srlvatM if, km*, a c. ratosc. 4. k (tohs. d wm Hsi?? P. flnttt, P. Herri hew. R mrtxee, 8 lute, I ' . f rei ei. J. Cij, .ber.J. Muryby, - on* t, i. C'la Bsrty, K. Cbu^oiau T. C. room*. livyor, C. H 4g*, jL JacRaon . C. Mullee. J. J Me dri oh P. McVally, A "It*, L. firlur, P. gums, U Miiitu, J. If?* Looraii, 4. U. Cooper, W. Cavaesegh, W. r?fl raiaumam **-> wucjni?. Privates i. Atderaon, /. J'efir, G 1-ewH, A. MuHnrs, 0- H. Kills, 8. Lsary, J. KnMpri, N. B. iteitw, C. Weils, J. Una. Total.? Killed ,it, wnanded, 68 woundedttsd prison rs, lo. MILITARY AFFAfRS. B*rraltlu(. The bnrleess of recrultlos, inetevl of progressing, Is tailing off every d i y. At tho prcst t rate of j?rv>o. ? dine It would take just lour years to fill the qn? tt wblcb is eal'eil for or the 5th ?f Fep'.cmb?r. Tw thirds '* Uv so who sre willing to anllst are take* by brokers to oth*r Rtates wherelarger bounties are offered; and unless toe authorltl*-* take immediate actkn la tho mutter and no' doavir to bn7e an *;pr'ipriati?o made to pay a* high bum tic* 'in \>w Jersey and other States, all the IV aling populsti a of tain great metrof i '.Is will be transferred to Oli tho quotas of tho New togi ind States, no tb'it 'blsouy Mill bo r.a!ii 'I ui.ou Uifurui.'U tioiu bor tno <t ut>ei'ul mti z?!ih the number ol m^ti requited. N iriy two thousand men per w.^ek hive bi?en tdicen from New York to other Kate*, wlii in (be number secured by the iioumy Commit ten Is not. Bifro th m fifty. The Board of Sups visors seem to be more ongroi"od ir> tbe prospect I vtf dtstribuUoa of tho olflcos thin in try In* to mitigate th* severity of the draft, arid there Is o< tiling now lo.'t for lb* people but to uke wha:>:rer slops tnuy C'iD to protect tdi trselves from the wboleq*u> con 8cri|.tion/*hlh will fall wl'.h such '"yority upon then. Lot a Vigluinco Committee of citi/eaa b? appntotod to t'<ke rare <4 tht^e " foreign" agents, and when one of tr cru is otuglit in the net let summary puat"biwflut he Inflicted, which may have the eiibct of ?top|iing this kiiluapiilug huoirie .B. Ttte Hundred Dayi' Mm. GovrofT fwjtnour h<w not yot Iswued any orders In re latlou to iwDdlug on U.e luilltta re^lmeius to Wa.?hlttglou. Tho lt d'iflnite manner In which tue War JiepartmeiU re plied to tho plain questions propounded by Uovernor h^yraour, tlnouyh Cener.'l Siwdford, lB.ivp? p'lroe doubt us to v> nether, under tho decision of Solicitor Whiting, ihi- in n would be really exempt aftor the oiplratlon "f thoir huiiired ?lnys' 3orvice. I his ucclaion U auxlouBiy lnoltod (or, aid tha fact that tho fiovoruor takos b" munh time for i ellburaHoo looks as If ho was i ot quite ^atlsQ?d with tUo uquivocitl answer of the War , 'epartment. Bi'Sron, August 1, 18<Vt. ri Is underulood la this Stale thai, in ao;ordan< e with tbe Bii(!K<*tionfi of Governor Andrew, tbe Secretary of War has decMed that tbe one hundred dav Butdiers, while in service, Bhull bo exornpt from any draft, tour lull reglmtnt* havo alreidv lofl, and ttte lie th loavuf tonight for Wa8hlQ2loii, for this ser vice. , T>?? Kishty-Fouith flrclmriK. UKAiKiUAttT. its. OEiAi'iiMrtrT Kioiiir-Ko?"ni 1 RraiHUR, N. (I. a. N. Y., coR?Ka Kot'RTB J MHK.'-t AMD PkOAHWAT, AUJ?tl3t 1, 1804. ) All meiuberfiol tho obove command that have drawn tiDl'ortiiK are hereby ordt-roU to appear at the armory, at tea o'clock, this (Tuesday) morning, for transportatioa to the regiment, "r their nam's will be h.toded to the pro| er atitborltio-" to be trp itcd a?i desortorB A ftew go Jd recruits will lie taken If appi icatiou is made Immo 'liately to tho armory. Any letters or small packages to \>a l?r warded murH tm left al tho armory this day , ba lor<? four o'clock in tbe afternoon. Py ordnr. .701 IN H. BRADY. Uapt. Comni'dg doiaciitnoni Eighty-Fourth N. U. ti. N. Y. Brooklyn Military Affairs. Dusitiesii at tho Provost Marshal's ollice of the Third Coui;re5.iotial district w as btlsk yest-rdny, notwith Blandiiig which, but fow roorultd wore passed by tho Burgeon. A p real many of tbe men presented as ropre preaoiitutive subsiitute? are found on examination by iho aurgu<m io bo physllally uiilit lor service in the army, aud aro thereto e I'wjev.lnd. ilecruuing for tlio uavy g';ei? ou as lively as ever. By lar tdo greater numher of tbono willing to go an substi Vines pr jfer tho nury to tlie army. The swindling practice* by the hangers-on about the uaval recruitiui ageucy, in oharglcg ten doll .rs for posses to go on ba?ro the receiving snip North Oarollnf, have b.'cn stopped bv the authorities of the ynrd. Some po liceman, !n .;.|ti/oiis' droFH, were d ;!niird by Capt. .lac.ibs, "1 the i iTty -votid preolnct.ySfterday , to watch tno fol lows; hot ait toese matters"; ro done so .slyly it, i~ diif'cttlt <i r!ei< cl the deodois At all uvcuts, it wlil be better lie' eater. 1 lie feouniy Comiuittoj of the Kings county Tlyard of ttupc;T">?rs huving rec?l vod authurity from Governor Hoy .nour to * ;> ini ajumts to re-ruit nogroes in tho slavo States on* iLoupiod b\ our armies, for tua rurjHi^e ?>?' ai<V iog lo flllibi' tlie quota culled tor by the next draft, yes terday d0Ki<:?Hted F<-veu agents? one from e ioh AB?embly dls'ri ;t. fievi ral pr&:oe.ded r>n tneir missl u la?t nven iujf, ai d tho '.here * III to day. r^? men t(- b? tnimitd ar ' Tor one year, arid irounty of one bucdrod dollu'S wl be p id to e.n:h. Recrulm on be credited to the county wbere.or ecliatea, bin auDB'iiute* must oe brought to i5i oklyn. TliB Twenty Tjihth rejlmeat. Col. Ii. A. (Kikee, being the i ccutid ro'ltu-ml of lb-* owe hundred dij's- men or acred trom Br voklyu uxtditr the reoeut. call OT th?? IVoal dsat, is ei>i auy-ed n.:ar t'r 'p? .;t mil reocrroir. and it is eti ft. to -t tiia; they tviU be m iuuod into tbe linlwd SlAiee . orvioe on Weducuday. L>i??l <u Huspftal. K, THE f'.U'TO.. O IK UERtr.D. I(.i an n JI.' PiT.ii., II. f., Jul. | J3, 188(. H. f). Brawn, CoTipanv B. Ninety ninth llJiuo aod Jor.ii Otis. nipacy H, Seventeenth Maino, died at tills UospiisI U .-.lay. ii. U. alUI LU, ilev. ard. THE WATiOfilAL fA3T. * ' ' r ? X * t ?* ip , t'rorlsniaiien i?v Giivurnur fly Jrinour. Tb<? fr? -idenl of the t'nlled .^tntes h?vii*j? set apart luvfsd.iy, t. u 4ih lost, for DaiiODs" l'a?tlni', i iiSnllay?, a ihl piTky. r, 1, Iloratlo Seym ur, Oororooc of tho Sute 01 New York, iio rocotomond th? diy bo nliserrod trjrontfh ,u< tins ^iato ?v th a nialiln relijrioos solemnities. I i*t us ri|H>ntc>f oar manifold rlns aed o?en<<-*, aud | humbly pray ihit Aln> .<hty God will jut <lo<vo a:l ! ro lllous resistance to rightful airhortty; all rec tionai hatred; ill bigotry ami mailr.o, all hurtful a n- i b'tion or pnrtl-'in purposes which tond to dmcord -r.d.j siri ?> that ne wii| lofii^re the linkm of our ttaiea i ind fraterni.i " A ion be tweet) the intiabiuujts thereof, I uid giva peac.s to our lano. Acku wledglng tint jusiiio I of ills puni^hmeut t' r our national uml i?rsotiAl : ins, { let us ontrritt Ilim to h.ire mercy upon ns, to tarn aivay Jin- wr*ih, to nop tae sheading of bio' d, to ret'irn | I our soldltrs to thoir tiooics, to rolls vo tbe pick, wounded | ? and soilcrlm to cumfort iboso in n >uruing; to roword i tbe Induntry of our p^o.'ie. to relieve teem tiotn beiry | I burtheuf. tomuko ttiehi salt In their persons i-idb mos j I from all violence and oppression, and to gl^e ths proiec- j I tiou or irt* to all c aditi n? of uifo. ' I l>> the-o on ? 1st t.8 oray trt 'ti.od wll' give vrsilora to j 0 ir rulers, purity to < or I", ?>t?tor% upngUtness and bold ' nem to on )?iilges,me?,iinetfs and charily teourcl 'rgy, i ?mi virtue, lotttlltgecce ssd (fodilnefs to our teoole. In wum -i a iiero'f. I liu\o hoieuoto ahixoil the privy seai of the ^tatc, at the oily of Albany, tbe 1st J*y of August, In the year of our I/>rd lMt. mi/lAXIO 8LYSIOI R. By tbe i Governor ? D. W n.i.*BS, Jt , PrlvaiB >.cr?t i'y. Ilityor Gunthrr't F;ocUntatlnn-lll Ho coiitmrads the I*r?liftoul I*Ititlst?rrs to Pray tnr Peace, A?c? MatokV mi's, Nk* 'i oar. August 1 IB View of the pr c'ttnal'm of tne I'rwideiit of tho 1 nited Stales, sett UK apart Thursday, the 4tb last., as a day oi iautiPK, humiliation and pravor. I coD.suier r my duty to 'all tne attention of tha coininun.ty to the obssrv. aic o ot tbe same .. lo the mimsrers of (he vario is churches on whom will devolve tbe doty of <>| (iimg prayrf in the pTSSSMt of ' ? heir c ingrTHMi'in . and especially th"?e aiin'^tcrs who j hat o rue 1'o.Uid the doctrines uf w ir and h ood, so tnueh .it varnnce nib the teaoiion^ of -thctr I'ivino Mai ler, J ??ul# humbly recomnieud tjnt ;oef will, on that solemn oocasKNi Inv .its .be mercy or Heaven to be- ton there lie/ of nur sull*i in.' peooie, by turiiiug the hearts ot th.iee lu authority to the oi?*ed w?i t of pea e VOfU'KKl liDNTSKP, Mayor. A Churcli Strtti h hy l,f|htal*K-8?T?rfti I'lUitsa Klll'd aud Isij uretil. J, Ipr' in., .'illy 31, 1??A ilia Gvo??a ohuro.t <u Uua pla>? it kt atne* by tu < J ' t-V the se ? v c?. lUe ohurthV ./? j .Ii if wp.ii riir^were ii-???tly mil .V';r'.??? ?4v>r*T vi'-,. v4. ibt ? <?' tue latter have DU.CO died Why are *H?? ?- irchairrl '?f T'HrIom's MjHI Wi.OOHINU f'CUF.UB ;|ke a pa k if well tmiaeS [ .i t o ?. N' Re??n>* * er aiwatsop-n eo ' t rti;kt ????. I' '.ar iaC" ??tali to ?D'.'h'viit 'is *? tl? h i ?re-- move m-- i i ;Nem prr( ir,? JJ'lr roUia wn. t;UAI.l)N H MOtir CF.RKUS. <n<t taaa, M ,!ie? dutter ','ir the Wiecna d?e ?er? al. wll' trurr eamioied of tbfa Armed to (He Teeth ts ? Very ComnH e*t"ea? m; but ?? thlos to embellish and preserve ;urau ' v * ilp.< ?li a?? t< d* lded!v moie eeos icia' ?ud pri'i rla^ I'M* c.a i. eeV, oe ^oae by tho fr?gr?nt Sii u I?(>Nl. ir n- . i#an?l a ?aa?lO inn and ore ervliii! the teet* ?eaennlM aid I'lirilring lae hruath, it eat ao e-i'Ul. Bold by drug# *'?? Am GAI'tsi I'epy. OtT 1IIE <:HBAPH?T Af?n BRIT. (IRA0LV. H D1MK OIT' '.KNn' WiriON. Tlf ? RKW natiok \l tax law, WORD FOR WOKI). rRo* tur orncut coptj Witb a Complete Air bal et ca. Suiaaaarr. ralCS T f.N Ch.NTK. For tais by all near?de?:er< and b?>t?<-.iert BRAOUB * COMt'ANY. Publishers, lid W inlaw street. Now fork. All Isnnaer Complaints, UUordeei aiih ei t lo females, diseases of the flllmale. chills, fevers, ag ist. 'ea ???.-gijeae. diarihcna, dyeentery. ohn^lc and cholera morbus. c?n bo cured or prevented by ths nae Sf tho rnE>0H tOONAO hiTT1:k?i, imported only by B. STBIMFKLD, ?MS Sgeot, TO Nsmsu street, B. Y. Aii t llesdaellsi, Twothsr h?i end Km. ralgla stepped *o?tant'y. tw WOliOOTTC Instant Palo Aaaiht'atoa Cores oai'arrk. Rtaall bottles, 24c. , large, Bi. A Inri Csrt.oReM's Africas Ferr>? and Ag'ie (Aire. It never falls, Ospot W Liberty street, up .%a?r?u ts Imsken.? PeilsM A Meeraehaarn Maaufaeterera remeved frsra Rri?>ae *u??l ? MA 1X5 FOX ETTBOPK. Ti* of P*t?riknrf_MagatftfB( A* ?f Utaata, "rnn g|ty Ikg ?* ttk* Aebti Witrki-Ik* C'?M> Ml^,* 0?or|U-Th. K : * Ri,^, l?e??a "??"?I Amttlck, Siller (' Mba, A' The Otaard Dk ^ ?teamahlp Kuropa will leava ftataa on Wedntja\Uy toi iJwrpaul. The tue'la lor Eur. va will cl'.*a in ibis city *t a quart* pant out aaa at tteli y? xl A ie o'clock this alieruooa, tc 0 by railroad. The New Yo?* -tfdliioB far Rnrftpe? will be reu ly at eleven o c!c-k ia thtf morn log, and will ovi.aHl full detail* of too OparutiJD* of wtierai Cram'* .orcaw la Frout of rater.ibtir^, snd of I to ,'ilowinj Up and Capttut o' tba Outer LI oo of liit'enchmenta; the Latcit Act- cmH of tba Movements of Wateral Shermau's Arrnyoa il'autaf A I litloual Particulars of tbe Opem.'"-M of the*l Haider* tn JJar/iAitd an'l 1'aiui.iy IvauU;! Accour.uat the Movement* of tha Union Arniea la All Portion# of tb$ Country ; |.?te and Interesting Nswh from Central A in stU ev Moiteo.Cuba,, ko. , tad reports of all oilier orc^U ?4 the p*at weak. Single coploe, in wr&pperw, ready f -r mailing, Are ? tfc MAILS FOU TH3 PACIFIC. 0;>e? nfloriq of lilen'cnnnt Q?n?ral (.ra?f at f?t er?b ur i.', V?.? A Xieltet I'drt (In* drrmlnud Hixl Bloivn |<>ivrhe l<at*at Xrw* from Ucntiral Slmrman, d(e. Tlie (oiil xteamBhip North ^tir, 'npuui J'jucjb.wIB leave tQU port on Wednesday for inwull. Tho ra-.lla for Central and ,-"&wU , u < Ira will clnettf ten o'clock to-morrow morning. The Ni w Yomi IfcKaLn ? Idllior; for tbe Pacific -vHB b? rourty ut nine o'clock 11 tbe tr rtunf, and will (five tha luteal details of tbe Nuws from Petersburg, Va., wltfr accounts of tVe utirte niuln? and blowing op of a Hebe# Fort, containing a Batle'f of Kixt en Hone, Tb* It teal Ncwh from General Sherman at Al'ante, I :a. , wifb a? counta of tbe fierce Hauler recently fo-ight at thai plaoaf Tho la'eft deupatctflh frum tho liuiou Forces In a!i i>?rtt of lbs country ; Th? latent News frout the Rebel h'-tnti Tbe luteal Intelligence from F.ufotie, and roporU of aB important events of tbe ww, tingle copies. In wr:?ppern, ready for ?es ling, an croak To Paprr Miinnfurlnren. C ash will be paid for ID.OUO a' good FonrdrlattV Pai er. 8Uo, "iiiti? >8 lbs. Apply at tblt ?jlUa m. Jfinrray, Eddy Ai A~??.? tlovlnjlon, Ky. KKTirucKT. I'.xra* Ci.ajis 4. .1? Aii*uhi I, IH>;?. 6b, 'jo. i\?. pi, 1 4 , 'i;:.7i, if v.;,4T,5S. KaifToear, nLiat Ao ;n?t I 4?, 67, 17, 65, 70, 47, H'.5. 4^. bH, 44, Sti, 1*2. bL 24, 6 >. Prtiei Cn*bei1 t n AH Krini llretl lin'e terte*. and Information alren. OALf<A1HKIt A BBtt< J AM1N, lirokriH 31U Cheainnt traeU J'hil tdeipiua. PrlMi Caiheil All * <<*i? liar 'I KoltMi rleii and Infarma'lon Klr'-n by J. Ofjl/TK. llroter ? OlDa^ 170 Uroadway. IjOI (?ry Tirkfti Ct tlxert . ? I nfornt n t lav tlrnn. JOSEPH T1ATE3, UroKor II Vr'1 Rt.. room Mo. 1, laottnrv rrtrn Caubcd. Infotirutlaa given. J. R. CLAYTON A- CO.. 10 Wall atreet, room C,*.f Krandrctti't I'lHa. nives, Erupt! of the dk'n. Ac.? A *ln?!e do??, of fr?ar oao to four of BBAMDRBT/'l'.S pllia, according t jageaaft conalilutioa, often cures, and is all cavea tbe nJaarahlC Itching 1* al once allayed uli?r tba ope-allou. B*wla^ purify your blooii. aud po? a skin frae from < ruptioca. See 15. BKAM*KBTU ia ou tbe Korerameat .stamp. rrl i'ndmo'fi lliatr Dye, Prcsor ratftre Wi,' Pepot, wholesale and letail, No. 5 Aalar 'Jouja. TM dye appiiad by kilful artiita. De?fn?n, Impaired K0I5BB TN rne fTKAD, catabjiua(? akkkotioks rw thb Til K0 AT, CHBOHrr CATARRH, catappb op thITTtm panic wroooi ME MSB AUK, OBMTRl CTfONB O? T3S EUaTAOHUN TOBH cnitKD. CROSS EVK STRAlOUtKNBO IN OVR MINCFTB. A no "Terr d!*?a,-e ot tbe pjve an-i Ear re-julrln? *aa dlcs.1 orni 'j'tai ;nd atlendc 1 in bv Or. EtoliMREM^ at liisfusulUiif ruoms.MIO Broadway, near Tw-'lflb at .-as*. rtlsei> aea of lt?f F.*? tfl:l Oeufneaa Hpea 1 clally ttenfed by Or. OADWF.IjU 34 ("Union pU<-? (Ki(ktl? atrecl), fi'"ii 9 to 8 Firrlil"*, 1'lmpl**, Ernetlana Ac., ?ur.'l I<? 001 RAllU? ITiLfAK Jtti)lCAT!? SOAF. ti3 B?o>u.ray. . . .... . , V Ooeirr n?!'a I'oi'Ir* Ddl.il1' Ui root* BahT f'om if-w forc'ie.tds or >uiy par; of me b'dy. WarraoiaAa ; $1. 4;>S .??*.*. frctfi1 6: Rrkf*'! HI?bMf Prrmlgn Klasllc Butch Bcwln< Machine*, iA* Broadway, New Varfe, aud -;>5 Fultou atrcct, Brooklyn. I'lghcit Prinluia Lock Hutch Urtrlag Ma hines WMKHLEP. A WILSON, 625 Broadway. IIIII? rnlmltabla ilivlr C?t(fr.-Siylfo neut. siillable e?pin!ed in the beat manner oo'.y. a-.arh* IV e* & l? No. I iJ.iicia; street. If Yon to Ki on, /(??. Ilcad WffDICAL COMMON SBNSR, A curious boo; for e irlous pe-ptc, and a good h-w>k Ms o/erv on* I'rto $i .Vi. To !->?? :"id at all uews depoSa Conlcuu tab!"* tiiuUed fre<>. Add-o?a Dr. E. K. FOOTS, 1.1W IS road way. New Yor*. Importetl Frracb S tnes? A I<ot af blftck Kid flipper-, w'tb a ? I without 'iee'*. a Mtle da -ageA by, ?"ti I" \vs nnd oucklas. from $1 M; as a!ao a new aula of Bridal Bl'.ppeia. M. U HILL, 971 Broadway. ilewalrjr \V*trhtl, ef 411 DmcHj?? llona. lor aa'e by tlKn r A M.P.N ?I5 Hro^dway, one do?f belong Cana' air "?t (formerif 11 VV'all street) Store c.oaMl on Saturdays at 3 o etook. Lsdiri' Bra?<'plrt?-\<-ir Slrlen, Two, rbre.?, flra, P.iahl. Ten to Thirty five D?!|?r? eaa^ for * ile by 0?.0 0. ALI EN. <16 Hroa.dway, ona dsor bw iov Canal nice'. St re oloaed on Saluidaya at 3 o' .'ux lc. Mm. Wlntlnw's Keoililng Nycap fjr Children curea d>aenfery aud Jiarriiira, regulates the d? math snd bowels, curea wlnt coiie, aod carrlea lbs fufaal safely tbrou^b tl-a period o( teuthlog. Qives rsatta tbe tnotbar, snd relief and bcaitb to thecb id. Raw Book by Flrrrr K?su. IBOi.LNE; OB K kRBLK lir\RT. HT PtJ'.KCR El I AN. Rfl'j.. Autbsrof "T.'.e Poor <>i r1," "II a^u Lot, ' Lady Mali," Ac.. Ac . 4? IN ONE VOLCMB. i.'uMfLETB. PRICK ?L ??Tbtn la a tale of remarkati'e power. It duiplara a fora# of d*?crlptlon and a eomj ateunaaae have seldom iwnaa^ ra<??t. rha lolaraal or the B?mnlr? n'analflee Usa'f la th<- de'P'St liatboa Tb? cloaii^; areoe is*?n tbe elfhart gree diarast e. and the wliols Slory eibiblta nn ,tiaa:lo?aWa ^.?iiiii? aod orli'oallty". _ ? Publi?r?d by DICK t KIT/.tJ KR\L?. Ne }?* Ana street, N?t Vort. ?i<im f?r aa'e bv ai SookseV -ri In th.s p;a< 4. i,c< '-.s cf tl e at"ve * aejii. by ruad, to ??y address, ftaa nf on laetipt of tbe ption H ? r ???ne and Vtralcnt Ditaavs AM P'ir?lca; steaknea*, snsljg from Spectfc Causae? Xaw aa4 I. I?b.? tr*?tn ?tl'? !*t*?t* o/ l)? H jWKrd Alv.eLt'.la^ seai .r mil; 'o attet ea?eioi/ia. fraa of ebarga. Sddreat Of. J ikllllii >Ia??nlAs Howard Aaijelallon. Ka. 3 ytata st.-eat, l'?i:ade', Pa. BoldJara t* tha B??r?t!-*oa?f maa rui'i rut it :? th# oci irea aa' danferi nf a av,,dl?r ? '1 4a, ah .ui l >r?p?ie tb?a?a#f cs for the faiat Fe?ets. lha i\uwa irr- . tfce 't.irr* ar a S>unrj, abira are Muioal :w 'olinw. MOf.LO'VAt .4 I'll.lA md ocr*?'i)na ly lucaa Hie sauin>:ga, will anau-s w ffll health to ererj man. if ihs fca l?r - f this ??lion.*'' an rot <ra< a hoi af Pilla w i uiMm u aat irom the dreg atora in bia place, let writa ta M. MaUlen aas, aucloalng ibe ambunt, and I will mail t taa fre? ef etpense Manr 3e?lera will aol krep m? me l' laaa on band becaete H ay .-ai not make aa m 'h pro^tssaa otker peiaaoa aaake. 3A veata, SJJ oanu and $1 M par bed or p?>t. Tha Finger Pail TO prBuo"*vsrSE-s. contaibino th? Monh or forminu and >o?? DUOTIBC. SOCItriKd ''LCmi ANO I OTHBrt OKUANIXfeU AMIuCIAilyNf. Fall n'a- of order for t6" ?r? e m^nt of teoir aetaaa and bas eeas; complete direction# ?'>?r IP./ mpoaa resxa* tlona i*|>arl? and netUiana. and .HlMBL.- - !**'. * oun?aBtloas. public aieeUn^s sea'r? JBBpp^ arj* nuoa aod Umus. m >Jals or ' 1 ?. S^WbrnS, T. " ?eV.nd g. J{j? I'b SS&rrfs-ws :v:av5i?n? t^tlna an.1 the ,y>oipoa '.toB an l 1? Ire rf af pnb ic >4> 3?"J!2a with axamu'ejaf c?i'?a af speech aod a ?-le-t>aa ?r . JTi-naaa af 'it 'e freai 'arlans Amartnan oramra; , -uh an appendli. i-onlaln.iig artaloal artarlas of cea? fwiaratlon c* tbe* niied Stains, tba constitutma. t?e ee brTrad > irdaia ?ad Keutuuky raealutionv aal otker doo?? RianU *f re^rewa. to wi ian ia oraSiad a uapleaa mtee. 2f ii tt taaaebar of tee Philadafphla bar. Uno. aluth. 91 M ru'iiiektd w ~piot a nrtoEtALO, IB Ana atnei. Nssr Toit Aisa for aaks by all bookae lers la abla alaoe. Cvoto* a bo .a ba?k saai ?y aaa''. ks ?, r*mn pn?aca4 ? rtfiMH at Mm arua.

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