Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Ağustos 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Ağustos 1864 Page 6
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?a fOvlt. a^pCMp ?? Vu '.jywe"i^*j^v.iS?K!S r-~ vt.Uki5^ of our pencil. SSpX:ii^^?S&tii. fit AU ta ui i,S? 'JF- #?* *? i* ^ *- V- *? i**<#xiu# ... *""..!!.'.!....]0.ono w,?5r ?t, i?\. ? v ? .. *..v :Lv*o li-V f+J m ? y??K "mmi...' ?i IB IS* ?*. ?*?.>?? v ???;? ... 7-nw JW Nth at 4? E^ iolMxliki 10.000 i* * "i.?'" 8 *. fcVf- **2S. '?' at,,,S M? ? )?**? ?r ?? ?v ?* ? ^ *.. f 25i??il<y } .500 . l??h at., nr Stb av . 1 III t , h , Ic; S5.UI00. S.800 .???Ml* M . S? b a. b.. * jifxM MOO ?MV7M.1t b ?.b- r.*_nOU . 16,000 I Bank * Jll? h. . . d.jso aadtord Ho tee. B '?'/> tvet fcit , it n.l f(Kh sta. ISllOO '-'ft.OuO ?at* ram m 440 B?\*dw*y j ?. (tor*. 30x98 lb,*# VOmmmJi / ? fc 14x80x100. 10,00ii ?iSreeawioh ?i? 1?. * jdioiiiM ?<y *7 Pal ?. * ?. h k. ?>. . ?4i-i7? 6 000 *>? ?OdJa Hudson at, M.618O tU^duO A OOU&fRT SEAT IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY TOR <1 ?*?}" ?'?*? from 'be City Hall, .ttj aoceseible by /?TtrcM is Mansion Is of ?to?e built iu the boat mam, or. to UN:lwi erder about ?H?0 feet, hot and eold water. y>. to^t ?ab!ea. birng, oarriafe bona*. cider presa, grap hs cniwgc | gltaaUpa aerfeelly beaTthy~~f he"place wtifbo aa?a with tho quantity of Utod (loured by the purobaaer. ALSO. _ Private ally Dwelling*. Fmu? and Country Seats. A TMemebt Rou-c. paying $2, 300 rent; price J16.1IP0. Money !? loan On boad and mortgai ?? at au per cent POlTEJt-BKOii. A liKLLAMY, No. 32 Fine irwt A BEAUTIFUL OOCNTR* RB8IDBNCB FOK SA1.E u\. situated ou the Now Haven llailroad, ? milea from Sow York clly, containing 2u acrne ut land, bouse and all Meee?a.'v outbuildings complete; p'enty ??f fruil of ever/ karletv, with ett-nsive grape 1.1a, containing the choicest fart i . lee o t exotic; buildings anil fencea entirely E. Bad on ;erms 10 milt. For partlcnlara aildroia L. ?nK, p.uaoforte manuractarer. 166 and litl Eaal Twenty at mat. New York. A B A Rr] 4IN FOR SOMEBODY.? ONLY *1.200 FOR tbe'titock, Ku:urei- aad goodwill of a splendid Crock Stor , well ..locked. In ag.<od location, an .1 doinr a trood ac?a; or would exchange (or a small (arm .mrt pay ba tn on ah ; no humbu ?. li nuire of \VM. U MCOUlad, Oarmlae eireet. for three <la\a. A GRBAT VAR.ETY OF FIRST AND SECOND CL ASS A B luaca for *a!e In the hest localities and altio aplendid |M cJaao TeneTnent Hoiaea 1<6 brat elaiia Hoiikch, S7 Vonetrenta. IS 9r?i c aia Tenemente on Second ami Third fWniiei. A comer Hoii??h and I, on, two on Second avenue Ha on Third avenue, uud alao n on Sixth avenue. The above ?U) be sold low. Appiy to JOHN FETTRBTCH, 418 Third fcTODOO. A FARM FOR SALE? OF lc0 ACRKS, 48 WOOD, WITH J\ atoot and crop*; gooti hoipte and oulbulldiDga: abun ?aaoa of fruit; ?ltualeil mile* from New York; 1 mile* Ihia de?ot. Addreaa John Andrews, Jameaburg, MMdleeoa 4Mal}, Bow Jersey. *" u M FINE FARM OF NINETY- SEVEN ACRB6 FOR aaloebeB(x ? Tweaty-two ml ee oa Lond Inland, within a Milan of Olen Cove. Haul farm ta In a high a Late of eul ftvatton ; baUdtnta. fruit, w-od and water. Frlce $7,000; MV0 ?Ay romala. Will uke a amall houae In New York AT Brooklyn in part pavment Call at Clark'a Hotel. 110 ftotkaa (treat, from 7 to 3 Una dAy. F. FLOOD. A8FI.ENDIP FARM OF 140 AORER VERY OOOD Land; M of It Is heavy wood, rich toll, good baildlnK" ?M fancoo; three large onhanla, with old bearing fruit MM. rlob eropa. oompleta Block, for A 10,50a AlaoaFarm m If awn, with cpope and atoek. for t-H.nOO. Farms of all tfaoivdeatrably located, oonatantly on band. Inquire of J. B. BOHULZ A CO.. No 4 Now Chambers a tree l. S Y. A FARM OF 140 ACRES FOR SALE AT JAMAICA. Long lalaod, 10 miles from ferry one. half ml e to de M; looatlon healiht; 7b acrea tillab'e, acres woodland, M acres meadow. The houae and wing contain 20 rcoma: Mro barna, store honao, carriage bouae. ice houae, green Bonar large garden, plenty of fault AppW 10GRO. 8KID ?0??. 16 Naaaau street; boura IO to I. Price $>2,000. feOOPFTRY HOTEL. M MILB8 FROM CITY. FOB aaie cheap, now leaaed far $A00. $1,0*) caab only ro> >A Also a country Cotlaga, with seven Lola under mil lao, seven miles from city, for aale. Apply to 11. F. FEB. 117 Fulton street. N. *. FIRST CLASS BROWM STONE HOT8R, FODR ate 17. high stoop heat of order, with FurnHnre. on ray BUI near FlfUi ayeaue, for aale cheap. Others, rabiy located, $8,000 laBSO.OB) and onward. Some with ?Mies. W. F. 8BYMOUR. 171 Broadway^ A N ELEGANT FOI R STORY BROWN 8TONE FRONT Jl Booaa far s*le, on Thirty-seventh street, between Mlk ao4 Sixth avenues; In eplendld order. Apply to JOSEPH MASON. No. P<ne street, rooms 10 and II. MOWN STONE PEONT HOUSE ON THIBTY FOURTH street for aaleu between Broadway and He .-e nth avenue ; Jit for j6bb B atraot for Me. between Broadway ?Mtolaas al e SftxMxlOO. Apply to JOSEPH MASON. No. t|f Ptee street, rooms <0 and IL SBAUTXFCL FABM FOR SALE? 90 ACRES. ON THE Beckawar rose, it* miles from Jamaica: land mostly ler cultivation ; improvementa good Apnly to JOEBPH MASON, Na. Fine atreei, rooms 10 and 11. COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE-AT HYDE PARK, V; Dutokeaa oonnty, N. Y., near tbe river, a mile and a hair ?aaa det>ot. For price and full particulars inquire of ?OMEB MORGAN, No. 2 Pine at root. ? I ANT STORE PROPBBTY IN THE THIRD WARD far aale? 60x91. This la eae of tbe best pieces of pro - adapted for tbe dry goods trade Apply to IBPtI MASON, No. 5)4 Pine street, room*. 10 and 11. WANTED TO RENT? OF ABOUT THIRTY aerea. with house, bares. Ac. ; distance not to exceed aty miles from New York clly; situation must be per Uy healthy and 00 tbe line of a railroad New Jersey tarred. Address J., box 2,147 New York Post oflice. IBM FOE BALE-CHBAP. ON EASY TBRM8, CON venlent la the oily, in good order. Buildings fenced. Ivalion. plenty of fruit and eceellent soil, a one chance get a good farm. SOUTH WICK A WOOD. 18 Pine street. SALE? WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. ON uarayette avenue. Brooklyn, a very pretty three sterr Pin stoop House, wilb all tbe modern Improvements and perfect order. Parlera juat decorated, tbe whole houae Spore#. Ac. Size 20x48. Lot 100 feet Neighborhood fine; Lhtn half a block of two lines of cara; 2* minutes from rry. Price $7,800. Terms to suit purchaser J. R. EDWARDS. 277 W eat Twenty-third street DOB SALE? A FARM OF SEVENTY ACRES. WITH A ? new. modern bollt Hon*e and outbuildings, good water, ?aad and fratt; situated on the west ndc of Hempauiad Sarbor, Manhasaet two miles from steamboat landing Apply U> RICHARDSON A PLATT. 180 Broadway TT?OB SALE? TWO VALUABLE COUNTRY SEATS. ONE J; AO acres, binding on a fine bar. at Fat Lands; abnn ?1 ~s of fruit and shade trees gaabouse in complete order, M; 7\ milea from tv citv. The other. 14 ar-res: fine lar?e ?ethia houae. containing all modern Improvement"; enly 3& ?Bllil from <be city. Both must be -een to be appreciBtei. ?laps shown Poller descriptions given by W. W. LAWS 118 Perry street New lark. |T> OR SALE ? FINK FARM. I<U ACRB8. OB S" ACRES. X? or J' 1 acres with ai< the modern improvements, two Mory hoaae. three stary and baaement barn alalia lor ib'rty aows oulbu Idir gs finest fruit and shade trees; half a mile (ram depot at Hiekeville 2" milea from (if. . oflere I for near ftalf Its value; it must be seeD. A^>plv to W. W LAWS lit Ferry streel New York. IiM)B HALK-LEASB. STOCK AND HXfUBKB OF AN M: eioellent corner Liquor Atore. on the 101 ner ?? Stanton Ml hertfl streets in tb( BbtwU ward; w:;; be so d teap, doing a g ?d bua n"-?a Rent $20 a n.enth Cai ,n t store, ar on THOS. GaFFNEY, ancti "neer, :4S Kfghth B'tl'l' ll-OR ?ALE-8EVF.BAL FARMS IV NEW ' F. T. S F Y J one IS a?ree, $2.8k? with oropa one <J0 a rea. $.'),. t"4i. aae lp acrea fC.OUO- one 70 aceee. $a.n09: one spl> ndid p at ?17.0S0. Crat class Hou-ea n Jersey City and vidnitv en fnasnnstilr lernia. Apply to B JONES, IV Monlgnm<-ry street. Jeraey Clt/. OR SALR-A 1 1 RUT CLASS FOUR STORY AND ba enient brown stone front Houat* '.'OxKi. iin feet or. ivl >eih itree' ;* will l>* so ri verv iow near Cenlr JFark ', aleo >ne on Twenly ninth etieet Fo^ae<? on ean be had tot mediately. JOHN FKTTRKTCH. 418 Third avenue OR SALE-LARGE HOTEL PROrEF.TY, AT HAVER ?traw N Y C1?) D?e lings, larn? Country Beats. Sustnaaa ChaSCCB negottated A N M. ? M tiey t loan Apply to POILLON A WHAM ION 132 Broadway. OR SALB-AT MAIJIHON, NB^T JERSEY, TEN am tes from depot, a ne.- Cottage and Ham. In g od ?f Land choice variety of frnlt m rlew; priot $4.00n. foaa?-?.on un I F F , Arder with Ave aire of Land cbo ce vari> ty of fruit m ?oaring, romintndlNg view, priot N O.1 I'onae-stou Mediately B W BCKSET fi2 W !sm siree , rootn 13, FOR SALE- 1 WO '300D INVESTMENTS IK IM proved country property , noH paying eight per cent, Aad oould be msde to pav teti per cenl Ten acres a Ntaclt. ?Md out in plots: ti> acres at Hasting*, inrlttdlnr Erg :?h ?ilia and cottage in gind order Fa- partial t st| p.y to CBOWBN A CO.. biokers 21 Broad ?lreel, room n* TpOR SALE? AT MOUNT EI$CO, W' NTtK/.STEB r Mnnty, About K mue* from the cry a beautiful re^ Enoe $v* minutes ??',? Irntn tia o-. itetwe* three ? id ur acres of cood and lar^e nev no good '-arf.#*? ?M.Ac .variety e< eli ice r?lt* excellent frden (??id *a? r will he oW cld<ir Immediate p aseasion given. AlPI'I' 'O E WRI'iBI, ITS M ? ?t atisei FOR SALB? THillTT MILES IN WEMtCBEATBR oonnty hf Harlem R* ..d a Farm of amy a'-rse ten ?ooli be am.< ari. ' 1 s. eaml of wa;< pli-ntv if xnsit good but J>ni'? win (-'urn ore Sto k 1 a'riSk's. rtenslls and Cropt , t ew rai'ri>a.i depui 10 ue v a ue m le It a<1jo1n* a thriving villa > , gooC ac <>o)s -ud Mbarehae File* foi w lie e $; *. fm,i T'ln.l 'jS'ii Fiaa>s alen immediately, Add'-est K s .v.. Hera'.d 0O1 e 2IO> BALE-rARM >!? 40 AC - I'l N'&LY LOCAT ed In Ro'kliniJ cauaty goo 1 ou'* frn.t*. A>. ; e allies 'ron. N .r r ?? <ar e > s s o s far ?tXkhi a grea> uilo1 8. F. IRKliANO No 3 , v ne stree*. rooftj II l&'dR SALI-? A FOI R HTmRY HIGH MfillF HoT'AE, f} IRtSA. well loeal? ) a m<> lern lmprqvem" (s, in One ?Met Prioe $l?. ?0 r ?.*?.on immediate a" F IRELANf' No 6-t FlttA Street, ro '*a 1 , FOR SALE AT A K4HOAIN a F' * K MullRRIt bull?Beaide*i ? on tbe west ban* n' the l'?ssa' , tl irty anlaataa' riir from N?? 1 ort lis at e er> neu-. 1 he ^e>>ae is entirely new. txr 1 it u? 1 e owner t tbe most sub- j auuittai manner, for bis own tiae marb.e mantels ibroMgb sat bells, dumb waller aad heated bv r iraace r n? car. I l^a#e b?u>e and I H sere of land. Possession l'?menatei y, aad faraliure will be sold with tbe ooaoe if dee ted For fortbev part Kit la rs in-jufien B. K. MILLF.R, 16. Fu;ton ?rea) betwaaa tbe baurs of I and 2 F. M . where tbe plans gM via we ef tbe bouae aia> be seen. EB"lALB AT A LOW PRICE ? FIRST '"LASS FOUR ?Vory anaderti botil Houae, t i40 drsirablv orated la I fwewtv eighth atreet In 8n? ordsr Tree $12 800 | MUaTa JoDBNBAY, Na 8 Flee atreet. | FRUALB Af A BARGAIN? IN A DEKI RaRLB LO eajlei la H .ek.yn 1 1 ir at iry modern b'<l)l Hauae in MTfee 1 erdar JOxl 1L8 Price $1 Term* eaay Parastaaaf a JOCBNIA7, No 8 Pine atreet tALB ?*BBAP-rMlCK gBJM TUB LABOB i.*<b W 8aa tb-?? fsrri or ck He iae 3A4 Adelpbl street ndflf FattM noosiaa Break ? jrt baa b imt atoae sleop gaa. <*atej . (MM eawae eenneottens all li good arder, fiiM. let f4 bar BOeaeaalea at ones Utertl *M. W WEliB 3M Wll.Tl "r**t roaTV " * LOFKR. Na 4 Bands dtreat, EBOB SALB OB UCHANUB-A THESE *T*BT AND F "T"?**'' 'iTSe roemk, gas and waiet ; MMa $AtW Mt8j?? Ih jalre of Col L HABT. tSlrd ferbaiM, between Eigbty lbird aad B gkty Fourth MraatA CV)? iNVEFFMSrr -'>F Far* FAfirtRTY NIMH ' "?* ^ o#*e ^ tea peraeal astWrM. j fSSK!?0" C*B "m* " ?* P*' aeni IOWA FARM ?? *ALB-I? A< HK\ VNIMpROYED J to /WfS ??Ff?ct Addrea* fc. || ^it, I IA1TD8 -TO AAA. W A N TI N <J PABM B -Ulfll AMD J thriving settlement of Vtnaltn.l. mild olimate M mliee ? uth mt niMtllbh. bjr rml I rww , rtoh sail; prtdtcee lerjte crops, t went J acre UMA U ^28 par acrs. payable within f u r jiMn; good buaiaea* e pen lag; good aaoiety. H i.ndreds art settling asaktag laprovemoiita. Apply If CHaS K. LAND!!, PHtMMrLTtMlu& Cumberland ??Dni;, V J. Uikn uivmd. f>fwi wnl?l?l?| fall H fcrntiloo will ae Mni free RAHK CHANCB BOB MABUFACTURERS -DKS1HA Me Properly far sale cheap ? The building ia 1 00 >40, (our stories high, Dowle floor* 3J? inches Uitea two large torb.De wator wheel*, two large dwelling Uouaes, barns, sheds and other buildings; seven acres *7 (004 land, em pacltv of water. two hundred horse power, never fails: op eratives la the Immediate vicinity (mut buntnees; easy of access to railroads and steamboat*. The property la la per fect order. Poaaeaalon given lasmcdlatalv. Two and a half bourn from Maw fork city Inquire of HOMBR MORGAN, No. 2 P ne street. or N B BBBOB, 88 ui 86 Pront street, Ntwburg, Orange eouaty, B. T. Real ebtatb wantbd? pob investment. Plrai cleaa Houses desirably located np Iowa, ranging in price from $10.00" to $10. >00. ALSO DBSIEAHLB VACANT L0T8. Owner* withmr to sell will eonault tbeir interest by aand iog memorandum to A. JOUBNBAY, Ma. 8 Pine street _ CPLENDID BITS POB A GENTLEMAN'S BE8I O dence. ? Por ?ale. 80 acre* of Land fronting on nudaon river, one mile from steamboat landing, U% miles aoulh of Billon; r"vei front 32 rod* with a IS mile view of Hudson river. The situation cannot be surpassed. Inquire of W KB Eg. DOUGLASS A CO.. comer ef Pront and Broad ?iroeu. or addreaa W. Dunean Mailboro, Ulster county, N. V. ^learners Cornell and Baldwin land dally. WANTBD? A PARK OP PROM 180 TO 880 ACRBB ; muat be oa the water, eitner on the Hudson or Bant r.ver (the latter preferred), not more than 40 miles from New Terk;niiiat hare good Improvements and plenty of fruit. Any one having (itch a farm to dispose of will find a customer by addressing. with description of farm and ^ oca lion. William K. Bvrg, 83 Naasati street, room No. 6. WANTED?A FaRM, UNDER $4,tM0. WITHIN SO miles of New Tork, with fair improvement* for which Philadelphia property, free and clear, valued at $1,6"0, will be given in part payment. Addreia, with full particular*, O. Reed Bridgevllle, Del. Wanted to buv or to rent? a well fur ntshed House, in a good neighborhood and in good re pair. at a reasonable price. Address box 3,221 Poet oflloe, giving price, location and description. 5TH AND 8TH WARDS.? BOMB VALUABLE PIECES of Property for sale, in the lmmc Hate vlclnltv ol first das* Improvements. Apply to JOSEPH MASON, No. 6H Pine street rooms 111 and 11. <8511 (inn EXCELLENT AND WELL CULTIVATED Farm, 118 acres. Stock, Crops. Ac. Onely timbered and water* I. three valuable fmit orchard* KOod house and oiitbulldiUKS ; 19 miles Irom city by Northern N. J. R. R. Also residences and farms, one to 280 acres, $2,400 to $a),OOU. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. fl?-| ?? nnn ?MAGNIFICENT dwelling. 7H sto. I U.Ul/U. rles. 40x50. sixteen rooms mew), with ex tensive outbuildings and 7 6 acres of good land, situated on the Passaic river, one mile from Paterson ^epot WELLING A DRURY, 14 Chambers street. D FOR BALE. ABACTOBY AND PAPER MILL POB 8ALF-IN Brooklyn, with Fondrinier machine, rolarv boiler, rag engines. AO horse power engine and boilers, and nil other necessary machinery; not very little used. Apply to Mr. HAMILTON, room ll, 182 Broadway. A CORNER GBOCBBY IN AN ADJOINING CITT POR ?ale ? M uat aell at a great bargain on account of the pro prietor receiving a government oontract; desirable location, doing $100 per day. BICHARDBON A PLATT, 180 Broadway.^ A CORNER LIQUOR STORE IN AN AD.TOINING city for sale cheap ? Proprietor going to California: is on the d'lreet route to Calvary Cemetery, Union coni>e and other prominent drives: good lease. Ac. RICHARDSON A PLATT. 180 Broadway A RESTAURANT AND BARROOM FOR SALB-DOKS a large business: also Bakeries Coffee and Lunch Rooms, Liquor Stores Groceries, Drue Store*, Hotels. Packing Box Factories, Newspaper and Setae Stores. Urst class Groceries, Ac. W. H. MITCHBLL, 77 Cedar street. A BROADWAY PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR SALE, at a bargain, located near the Metropolitan and St. Nlebolaa Hotels, doing a fair business. The owner has a watering place establishment and ciinnot attend to the two. RICHARDSON A PLATT, ISO Broadway. CLUB RESTAURANT -TUB LEASE AND GOOD will, together with the Stock. Fixtures aad Furniture of this favorite Restaurant and Billiard Saloon. wfl* be sold at auction br MINER A SOMBBVILLB, at 11 ?'eloek thia day. See auction sales. RUO STORE POR SALB.? AN OLD AND WELL Es tablished Drug Store. 405 Eighth avenue. Cheap for caah. Inquire of A. O. DUNN, 44S Third avenue. Drug store for sale.-a nfat and well fitted Store, in a densely populated neighborhood, on one of the principal avenues, well stocked and cheap for cash: business averaging $10 per day. Apply at 10 West Eleventh street. Drug store and fixtures for sale.? the desirable Drug Stare under the Colle.e of Physician* and Surgeons, corner of Twenty-third street and Fourth avenue, with the Marble Flooe, rases. Gas Future* Glass Ware, Drugs. Medicines. Perfumery. Fancr Goods, Awning, Store Furniture and Fixtures, and halanre of lease. Apply at the More. JOHN VAN WYCK, Administrator. DRT GOODS STORE IN NEWARK AVENUE TO HB ?old.? Stock and Fixtures at lets than eoat:agood ataud and plenty of goods. Call at 20 Newark aveaue. Jer sey Cltv. Apply for oae week. Fob balb. THE PROPBLLBR THOMAS FOULKS, well adapted for tow qg; length. "1 feet; breadth, 18 feet 3 inches; depth, 8 feet 0 laches: built in Brooklvn in 1861; metalled witb pure copper in 18C4: vessel has been run but a few month*, and is said to c<ose an aocotint. For psrticu lars apply at the office of THOMAfc SLACK, shipbuilder, fool of North Seventh ?treet. Brooklvn. B D. TTIOR SALE? TO BARBERS? Ttl H SECOND FLOOR r of a houae well located, on a|prominent avenue, for a first c'ass barber's shop. Plenty of ctietom ready for a good man. Apply at ley Eighth avsuue. Fob balb-a ori?t mill, flour and feeh ks tablishment, with Boraesand Tru-ks complete to esrry on the business. Has done a suocessfnl business for the last ten year*. Location central AppN at 202 We-t street POR SALE-THREE SECOND HAND CYLINDER* Boilers, nearly as good as new. SI inches diameter and 40 feet long Call at Ttilton Boiler Works, corner Greene and Wayne streets, Jersey Cltv PETER HOKFMAN A CO. POR SALE? A RESTAURANT AND DRINKING SA loon. Lunch Bar. Block and Fixtures, good Isase. cheap rent: cheap for cash. Anp y ou the premises for three dsjs. 200 Bonth street. Must be s?,ld. For sale? a drug store, elegantly lo csteq. No S3'. Tenth avenue This is s splendid chanc? for a bargain oflered for about half IU real value, and must he *>ild at once Health cause ot sale. Apply at 61 ChatBam street, room No. 3. ORSA1.EAT A B A R.'i Af N? THE WELL KNOWN Bowery Bav Oyster Saloon, corner of Bowery and Four h street ladies stippe' roo n atia' hed. Private en tranc* on Feurth ><reet The aN>ve saloon i' doing a rood paying b wines* and olher engagements n the onlv reason why the proprietor offer* tt for sale; $1,000. Apply between the henrs of, 10 and 4 o'clock, For sale-low pressure steam boiler, 2* feet long 8 feet shell Can lie seen at steamer City of Tro--, foot of lay street. North river. 81 1. LI M AN MATHEWB A CO.. 40 Front street. For salk-thrf.p drop presses, thrkb sets -tone < hasera sol one sei Stem Roller-, all in eotaiilet* order. Apply at 207 andSti Water street l/OR salf. cheap-onk trip hammer, two r Dror Presses, Lathes PullS's Shaftiag. Ar Inouire at W. 11 SMITH'S. I7? Pear s reet FOR SALE? A PASTHT AND ICE CP.KaM SALOON, w ho all the fixtures dolug * tood busine-s, and situ ated In oae of the he?: plsrcs in the city. Appl st 116 B eecksr s'.reet near Wooster POR SALE? THB MOCK AND FIXTURES <lF A large wholesale and retail Liquor St re. splen lu';v fit ted up with the very bes* of flytuiss, * itb large a: arttnents in Ibe rear Rent $1(1 per month. Inquire In the st< re, I?1 E^si Twenty r*venih strw.. FtOR SALS? A FINE BIDEWHBF.L STEAMBOAT, 125 feet long. ?0 f'.et tiesm. v? ry iubt drai.ght water; la? two engines, wh eh," together ? tli h ill, are tn perfect i^der ?r,1 ready for sea Will be so li ebtsp. A|ip y to V> . n HAZARD, Ja 34 Hurling shti. JjlORStLE? A TOT tVI? HOI SH F1RNI8H1NG KS ' tahlish'HKnt, n lib stnek as 1 Fixtures, ocated in a *ood neighborhood for basiaeas^ estitbllshel for tw<-uev ?ears. Terns ea?y III health cnte ii.-n>- of s lion. Kent low lease c?a bo renewed Auulv to B F. Pl.N'Ck N V aror ney a*tld counaellor, No S Beekma i atrert. room No. 1 n ood floor F Ii?OR BALR-A BOILER ? FEW D1AMR1F.K, 34 FEET ' 'nng with 30 tn U flu- One 3 t or.e Ho.r ".an Hay Sta^k R'il er can be Aen - nnlug I lio <"Tl iider Holler ilicl. n 3t 'est: one ?? r sr SieHinlng W) gs Ions capacity sou sevei il si<s ?r Tvi?s. Add it * <r tn tqttire of 'OHN l?oi av k ''O bo ?rmai<r*. 19 to ai Bortl Seooud strtet, WllitMisburg. POR 3 ' LE ? HKAP? OROf'F.RY AND LTgPOR STORR I M M (.berry street ?o? doln * a good ?> is ness Reamn for sering. the owner is g ? us to Cslifornla. t^OR S^LE CHEAP? A ?0'?D LIQUOR STORK. ? with or without the etc, ? A pp tmcied istelv io WILLIAM ABROTT No 4 Rast Broadway HO*KL f ?R SALE? ''B f- AP OS EASY TF.KMS: among tilt hnst desirabij *ate i m he elf , hsno gn-i-ei r fi'rn shed ne*,? ree.ov*t*d. favorsble leas>'. and doing a fVtll fir t c'a?r bus n?ss. SOI THWICt A WOOD, 18 Pine atreet. UTKAN ENGINE FOR S A LE - A HORIZONTAL EN ^ clue sixteen IneH evllnder by (our fset s'role in good order with hoi eis pipes Ac Als ' Knglntsof otber slice. C. W COPELAND. 171 Broadway. CUTLERS- AND SHIP STORP.K.-g LOT OP DRT BO * w^nss German make, sa lMSe fer warm c itnat? , w II h? s>> d eiesp at It. Carnngtoa A Co s. 237 t root street so r ? nee (j: reck rip New York. qv) I-A11.ERS.-A LARGP iHOP. DOING AN P X L lens* -e bus ne s la painting car- oion Ituses. firs appa mtuse* signs wagons, Ac to he soid low for ca-b. Appiy after 12 M. at HUSSEV K flf) Wilhstn street TO PHOTOORAPRRRS.? POR BALE TIIK flTOt'E and Furnttnre of a Pliotograph Oallerr. si it good or 1 der in letter City we|l o sited and new doing a good busl i nes?. a good ham* for a practical work man. pr"e moder i ate Injure at tne ga. ?ry ooi iter of Warren street and Newark aveoee, Jersey City, N. J. j ? ~ "3.'" - '* W'i" f ? ? "? <* BOtHDIKU AND LODOING. AT THB FRANHrORT HOUfflfc OBK BLOC* E AST of the CUV Hall, oorner of Prankfert aad William I Mreeta. 2.W nestjt furalshed. light Reoiut A room to one i pereon. lie. 1* 30s per day . $1 ? to $3 per week. Reuse , opes at! n ght. 4 T 174. <7* AND 178 BLBB< EBB STREET, SIX / 1 hloeks west wf Hrotdwav ? Pleasant e#ol Room*, with iiceUtnl Board from $Mo $10 per wesk ram idea accord Ugly. JBrtsA'att from lo I; ditaer, 12H end 6. AT IT I ACT fOURTRENTH STREBT-A OBNT1.B man and wife or two single gontlemen can obtain pleeesnl Booms, with Board Ae bouse eon tales all the modem improvements. i T !>? W MARE'B PLACl EIGHTH STRIBT. f 0T"B J\ hfo ks east of Br-jArt ea)1 fenflgmen and their wives and (ingle (*ntletnen ??n ob'sle rieeltgnt Board so l newly fort shed Room*, house $/M mm*, so, I eeata'ng all the lOyderw ItatiMlNMSM, A BOAjmraO AWP LODOIla, A YOUNG EARB1BD OOUPLE WISH A ROOM AND Itl la New Yark ar rklilu. Tki imi!miu to a tvmi laeiruetar and lb* lad; a teacher of the piano. They deelre board where they eaa exerclae their vocaiMM tn whole or partial payment. Addreaa far two ?nU Chancer Mar mm rt. Newburp. E. T. * A GENTLEMAN AND WINS. ON A FEW UNOLN ? geuUeaMu. aaa t? eoeemaaodaled with Beard; Room a furaishe<i or aufuraielied . aiao tranaient beardera taken at 107 WavarU'j p.aea, aaar Washington aquare. ATTBNTION 18 OALLNO OF THOSE LI VINO IN betele and boardiag bauaaa to an estailishmoat opened at 110 Maodougal etraet. and furalahad with everything ua eaaaar> for housekeeping, m ardar that a family May bar* a ooaa?lete house. GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WOULD LIKE ?TfBO ? aura Board la a striotly private family: good room, food board, good treatmaiu. Win pay tram $30 to ?2A par weak. Add ran W. I. B., Herald odoa. A FAMILY OF THBEB WOULD LIKE TO MAKE arrangement* by whleh tbay aaa exchange tha raat of h?u>a ana furniture for Board; tbe location ia on the Helgtita. In a very pleaaaat aaigbborbood. and but a few nnnntaa walk from Fulton ferry; tha house ta la good ardar. aaarly all furnished and with Ute modern Improve ments. App y at No. II Poplar street, near Colombia. AT 1.1 CHARLTON 8TRBET, NEAR MAODOUGAL $14 per week for an alegautly furnished Back Parlor with Oral clans Board, for a gentleman and wire. Me Ighbor hood unexceptionable. A OENTLKIIAN WANTS A SINOLR BOOM, WELL fnrnlshed, in a private family, with or without Board location to be up_towo. Address J. H. C , Herald oflice A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN THIRTrpiRRT xxstreet, near Pifth avaoua, have an elegant ault of Boom a to let, with Board. Ad.lres- Brdge, station O. Alarob front room, handsomely FUB nlshed, to let. with Board, In a private family, to a gentleman and wHa or two gentlemen. Location for busi ness men excellent. Reference* exchanged. Apply at 184 Bleeckir street. . APRIVATB FAMILT DESIBE TO LET A FRW handsomely furnished Rooms, en suite or single, to gentlemen, with or without board. Best references given and required. Apply at 40 West Ninth street. A NICELY FURNISHED BOOM ON PARLOR FLOOR to let. with Board, to a gentleman aud wile or<wo sln K' gentlemen, at 64 E\xt Twenty seventh street, between ling ten and Fourt'u av enues. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS WANTED? FOR two adults In a good location . or a good Room, wiib Board, for the lady. Address, with full particulars. Pbcrnlx, Herald oflice. A GENTLEMAN AND niS WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen ?an be very comfortably accommodated with trn od Board an>^ pteaaant Rooms wltii a respectable private family in .Jeraav Oltv. Tarma very reasonable. Address box S l?R Post office, New Tork, or apply at 212 Washington street, N. T. AFI7RNIBHRD ROOM TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT Board. ta two single gentlemen, at 185 Twentieth street, near Eighth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET? WITH BOARD. t? n gentleman and wife, a pleasant Room on tbe second floor: also a small Room to a gantlemun; house contains Im provements: location desirable; terms moderate. Apply at 77 Thirty first street, near Lexington avenue. AfiUlT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO BENT- WITH Board, oa Fifth avenue. Communications addreased to Cooley. Herald office, will be promptly attended to. A LARUE, AIRY, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, WITn first class Board, in a private family, with but few boardera: suitable for gentleman and wire or two ntnule ?;nt!snien. can be obtained by applying at 211 West wenty -third street $20 to $25 per week. M. A. MEADE. APBIVATE FAMILY, AT 48 WEST TWELFTH street, between Fifth and Six tli avenues, can accom modate a gentleman and wife, and several single gentle men, with pleasant furnished Rooms and first clasx Board Reference required. Servants and children not taken. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATRD with good Board and pleaaant Boo in a by applying at 122 Garden street, Hoboken. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A FURNISHED ROOM In a private familv, with or without Board. Applylat ? Clinton place, Eighth strjeL BOARD.-TO LET, A~BPLRNDtD SUIT OF PARTIAL-" ly furnished Rooms, an first floor, with privilege of use of kitchen; suitable for a doutor's family; also a num ber of unfurnished Rooms. References given and rooulred Apply at 190 East Tenth street, from 10 to 4 o'clock. Board ? Washington squarb. ? elbgant. large and alrv Apartmentalto let. in aull or separately, with or without Board, at 103 Waverley place; bouaa Oral class. Unexceptionable referenoea will be given and re quired. Board -several pleasant and well for. nished Rooms, with or without Board, at 83 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at six o'clock. Board -to let. with board, at 137 second avenue, between Eighth and Ninth atreets, one nirely furnished Back Room, on second floor, suitable for two per son- References exchanged. Board -furnishrd rooms for ladif.r and gentlemen, with or without Board for the ladies. Gas, bath and convenience for cooking. Inquire at 198 Bleecker street, west of Broadway. Board wantbd-by a grntleman and wife, in a respectable private German or French farnllv. be tween Fourth and Twentieth streets; willing ta pay from $14 to $18 per week. Address A. B. C., box 164 Herald office. Board wantkd-phrmanbntlt, forT touno man. wire and one child, with an agreeable family; location within one hour's rile of Oitv Hall; with oae Room, furnished or unfurnished. Address, statin* terms J. a B. box 4.268 New York Poat office. Board wanted-bt a gentlfman and wife a second atory R. am, between Forty fifth and Sixtieth streets, and west of Seventh svunne; earlv breakfast and dinner at noon . ter?e from $12 to $18 per week. Addreaa A. L , Herald office. Board wanted? a ladt and gentlrman wish a plea-ant Room, gas, fire. Ac . full Board, or for ladv onlv permanent If suited: pay In advance: no refer ence ; no other Boarders. Address for one week with all particulars John. Herald office. Board wantbd-aftbr the last of aogubt by a young gentleman and wife. In a respectable fatnl.' ly or boardlug bouse. Add' eas for two davs. s'atlog terma which must be moderate, Clinton, box 12U Herald office. BOtBD WANTED ? FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, In Kon th Brooklyn, with a private family or where they have but few ot her boardera. and dinner can be had Iwtween 12 aud 1 o'clock. Addieas.l A. Brooklt n Poat o!l;oo. BOABD WANTED? BY A WIDOW LADT. IN A hox ^275 P' lvate family. Referenoea exchanged. Addtesa BOARD WANTRD-m 1F.RSRT CiTY. A ROOM FI'B aished or unfurnished. In a private fsmllv. bv a lady In or above Grove atreet. A ldreaa Q p., box 12fi" HeralU ?TuCft Board WANTED? III NEW york or Brooklyn. 1>T a geot a'ran. wife, infant acd nnrse re'eri ne^ g ven and re jnlred Addreas. glrint full ptrtieulars and terms, J T E., box lf>7 Po?t office New Yoik. Board wantkd-by a gentleman and wife in a trivaie family ttrms moderate, locat'on below rourteenth street referenoea exchanged. Address W. L, box 207 Herald otliee ' T) O AUD IN .IERRKT CITY -WANTED BV A OEN tleman. desirable Board m a family wher; there are hot few or no hoarders la tha above place. AddMasMai hew. Herald oQl. e. HOsRD in ibrcey CITY ?A large front Room, furnished, on sernnl floor to 'et. wit'i Board at 18 P.tvoma place, tn South Fifth street .leraev Cif Board ;n Brooklyn. -a gewleman and Wife or two or three single gept e nea can lie aoeom niodaied with pleasant Rooms and Hoard at SO Cheevar p are, between tlsrrisin and Dejraw ureets Hoard on rueopban plan -fcenirhrd Booms from SI tr $10 tier wre* lunch furnishei! a: aiiv time, 1 ralttiv locat or fco. 13 Monigomery street, Jar aey City, one block from lerry. Fp LE'I ANT AVARTMENTS? IN KI'tTS. TO LET TO J aelcct famlllet With Board fpilvate tallies tf des'redl tn t e elegant house too West I wenty third street tbe real deuce of the late Clement C Moo-e F^REVPH BOARD. NO. 10 UNION SQUARE -A SUIT of Ariarttnents tor a large family w.-h ?<iod nri ate wh -an be secured now for|the winter A so Rc ims and Hapement Ofldct. Refertocta pUHNISHBD ROOMS TO LFT-WITH OR WITHOUT X Boar 1 Apply at 12 Brevoort pla e (Tenth st-een near Broadway ANDBOMKLY FURNISHED ROOM1-FOR GBN nen, with or wfthont breakfait, at ? Klflh avenue. TO LFT-AT IS HOND STREET, LA it OR AND SMALL meeu ftirmsbed Rooms with gao.i fe.,ar1 or wlibo it It. TO LEr-AT NO. J? WIST RLRVf;NTH KTRFFT, re?r IProtdwav -'egan" - f -n hed snlts of l(oor,i ror and He 1 rooms for a<n rle getmemeu. villi or Board , r????r*ac*n 'PO LET? WITH BOA.1D, A DOCTOR'S OFFICE ON ? Hrsi Uooi and one ai,? Bedtonm on third floor wi'h night bel: attached, in a en ral goo ? location The Doc'or about to leave forth# South deairea to trsrifer bis to a good humen' aihio i hvsielan. App ? cersonat>v ai si a Won G Broadway and Thlrty-lirat street. ' rpo LET-WITII BOARD. A IIANDSO.IKLT FPU I nished second Floor a nl one Ror, u an th.jd .l#or sens, ra el or together. In a prlrate family conns' ne of a ilk? ?I- inn IDiI wf,?? and torr.r t ? f rts of a soelsl, agreeable ? m,e!, | aTd Able ' .7h^ ?n joyed. Apply at No 90 IT?? Twe ,ty ee .nta street j niWO GRNTLKMFkl PBSIRfe ROOMF VM 1 1| rt fl ' J Ro?rd ? a private fam. near P.f'tfc a anna Addrele ; w O , Herald Ofll e stating farms Ao Addreaa IJ q^Wfi OENTI.EMEN WISH a NIURLV FURNISHED J Roooi ?l h Board. In a private farm y oaiaw Sixteeath atreei west o' Fifth avenue. Tarma $:5a-$i? Addreaa. with full pat ku.ara. u. II R.. Herald o* <a. T17 ANTED? -IN a PRIVATE FAMILY RETWEBN TV Twenty thir l and Fort eth atreets snd Fourth and Sixth avenues preferred, two or three g.iod aired Rooms, furnished or uhfuraiahed, with or witbo it nartial Board Arfdreaa M . box 2 1171 Poat oflice, ataBng lueallaa, Ac tV'ANTED -FIRST CLASS BOANfl WANTED, NT A I TT faioih of ihre* persona, .a a tno.:< r? b<illt beuse, with I the oonveniencea of bath. *e , Ineatei Vetweaa Fourteenth and Thirty- fourth streets, near rtffh *?.n e Tha rooms I must be en amte on the Brat ar aeeond floar and wall fur- I pished. For aealrabie apartments a saiisf.e(ory nrlee #111 | beg. van Beferanoea uneioept onah e Addtesa box 1,12* 1 Poat offioe, N^w Tork WANTEn-BT A 1AMILT OF FIVK PBESONB. A I second Uoor, with Board. Imation from Fourteenth I to Thirty* fourth atraata between Third and Sixth avanaea; In a prfvate family preferred Rafeveneaa gir.o aad re I quired Addreaa J., hox 2 S?7I New Tom NaT oflee ! WANTBD-BOARD FOB A ORNTLENAN AND LADT, ! eeven ohlldren aad nurse mat. wlih sea balhina ANTED? AN UN FURNISHRD ROOM AND BED TT room, bv a man and wife, on second or lulr l liooy full Board far lady. iMrstion aei*een Tenth and Twcn iletiigt reels, Addreaa ftatkedlatelv M. ? staUaa O. TO ANTBD- BOARD FOB A MAN, WIFM TWO VT ehildran. u?W t??; ?1M> *? '"2 & >4 room, la a private family. V? ? ?dson ?od Barrow streets. iMnu, itoilag lArma.Mr. Taa, station A. Spring *troet Poet office # A t\C\ -board at an grand strbkt? tbrbb Ct OH. or four young dim aaa have Board aad Pj*? ail Romm; torus i* M> aad ay war da par weak. TM ho aaa baa alt the improvements. in UNION BOUARB, WB8T SIDR.-H ANDSOMBLT 13 furnished Apartments to let, aa aulle or singly, with or without board. Term* moderate. Location unequalled. 20 HARRISON bTRBBT? FURBISH BD ROOM TO let, to two or three gentle aea. Call today . COUNTRY BOARD. AT CL1FFWOOD HOTBL. OR RARITAR BAT, OP. pmite Kevport, N. 4., 1)| hear from New York, by steamboat Matleawan foot or Murraj street, 4 P. If., re turning at 7 A. M Pare J Sc. Beautiful scenery, floe groses. apiemlld safe tea bathing, flaking aad sailing; good board from $? to |12 per weeh. AGRNTLBMAN AND HIS WIPK, WILLI NO TO PA* a liberal price, . an be accommodated with a pleasant back Parlor, >u a beautifully located bouae, on State n Island. Call on or addreas W. Theler, 82 front street, N. T. ("tGUN TRY BOARD.? BERGEN POINT HOUSE (FOR J inerly Ringgold House). Bergen Point, New Jersey ? A few desirable Room*, with Board, to let. Good bathing and Afbiarf wlthla a abort distance of the bouee. Boats from pier No at 9 16, 12:4ft, 4 <50 and ft 30; foot of Oey street at lli 30 and 4 .10; oars from Jersey City every hour. For par ticular* inquire mi the premises, or of A. C. BULL, No. 20 Fourth avenue. New York. pODNTRY BOARD-BOARD WANTBD IN THB V,' oountrr. near New York, for two ladtee and three children. Term* moat he moderate. Call at 130 Dnane atieet. up atalra, or addreaa W. D., box 1,880 New York Poet oilice. _____ COUNTRY BOARD-AT FORT OEORGB. HARLEM river. -A few large airy Rooms, plenty of shade, good bathing and fishing. 1U hour from the city by boat or rail road. Address 0. M.. IJorald office. CIOUNTRY BOARD. ? PLBA8ANT ROOM8, WITn > Board, can be had at Fort Hamilton. L. I., one hour from citv by boat or can. Apply at 64 Union square. oppo site the Everett House. M, S, BIOELOW. COUNTRY BOARD-AT SHERWOOD, ?. g.. TWO \J mile* from Jersey City ferry, on the road to Bergen Po'nt. In a delightful bonne, and unsnrpasaed locality, com manding a Due view of New York bay. A reduction to par. tita who propose remaining the entire year. References exchanged. Inquire for Mrs. RHODES. /"tOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? BY A FAMILY CON I J sisltbg of a liidy. four children, infant and nurse, a short distance from the city, convenient to the Hpdson River Railroad, in a farmhouse, where there are no other board ers. Address J. N. S., box 307 Brooklyn Post office. C COUNTRY BOARD WABTBD? FOB A LADY, FOUR J children (eldest seven years, roundest eliiht months) and nur>e Address, with fall particulars, Howard, box 773 Post office, N. I. CIOUNTBY BOARD WANTED? FOR A LAD ) twelve years old. during the mouth of August, in the family of a farmer, where there are no other boarder". A location in the mountains up the Hudson river preferred. Address, stating terms, location, mode of aocena and Post otiico address. E. A B., box 2.031 Post office. New York. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED FOR A small private family, at a private farm house nine miles from the city; eaay of access. Inquire for two days at 473 Canal street. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED AT A FARM house on Long Island. 47 miles from New York. Terms moderate. For particulars Inquire at 199 Grand street, N Y . GENTEEL BUMMER BOABD CAN BE OBTAINED A Coytesville. on the Hudson, directly opposite For Wsshlngton. Steamer 11 ulse, foot pf Sprint: street. 10 A. M Lowest price $10 per week. J. COYTE Proprietor. < WANTED-OOOD PLAIN COUNTRY BOARD ? WITH In forty miles of New York, for a gentleman, wife, two children (one an infant) and nurae. Address H. B.. 41 Walker street, stating terms, Ac. ROSBIBl RESORTS. BOARDING AT ELIZABETH, N. J.-PEBM 4NENT or transient. for faml les or re n tie men, at thl* favorite resort, one hour1* ride from New York; five minutes' walk from the dopot. ApMy to Mrs. WILLIAMS, at the house formerly occupied by J. J. Chettwood, Esq. i~y BEBN'S BATH HOTEL, LONG BRANCH. N. J - IT This hotel has been Increased to three time* ite original size, and ha? just been newly furnished. The rooms are large and well ventilated, while the public looms are the finest iu the oountry. Address B. 8. Green. Proprietor. Highlands on the hudson.? croft house.? Gsrrisson, opoosite West l'olnt, 20 minutes from depot. Mountain air, coed plain table, fresh ml!k and vegetable*. Frequent railroad and steamboat conveyance Terma mode rate. Inquire at 102 Pearl street J. H. CLAY. Proprietor. MORRISANIA HOTEL? PLEASANT R0OM8. GOOD location near depot; terms reasonable. Dinner at 8)6. Tram* 'eave corner Twenty sixth street and Fourth avenue, via Harlem Rai lead at 8 lft, 9 and 10:40 A. M., and 2 80, 4 10. 6, 6, 6 46 and 8 .30 P. _M. NATIONAL HOTRL, LONG BRANCH. N.J. -HAVING the finest location on the shore. Is prepared to accom modate S00 guests, at $18 per week or $3 per day. New York stage at the depot to oonvev ?ue-ts to the hotel. The rivrrside house, red bank, monmouth county, N J., is now open for transient and permanent guests. C. G. k W. A. PRBNCH Proprietors. HOTELS. American hotel? broadway and eighth itreet. New York? On the Buropean plan. Rooms en suit or singly. Open all night. Hotel accommodations-for families and ?Ingte gentlemen, at 42 Clinton place, corner Univer ?ity plaec. Transient $2 per rf.iy. OH AS. LEFLER, Proprietor. Huouenot springs hotbl-four miles from Port Jerri*. Orange oounty, N. T. Ml Information suv be obtained at the office of the Everett Houae New Yerk. H. LIVBRMORE. Proprietor. BROA0WAY..PALMRR HOUSE.? HjANDflOME ly furnlahed Room* for gaatlemen and famille* 759 HOUSES, ROOMS, SC., TO LET. A RARE CHANCE. -TO LET, A BROWN STONE front Ave storv House. Entire Furniture for sale ex cept piano Price for furnltnre $1,800; I* worth $2,630 to any one who wants it. Kent of bouse $1,100. No oue need apply unless he . an psy cash down.for the furniture. The bouse is si'ualed in one tff the most fash onalile avenues ip the itv. immc. Ma's possession will begtren to 'Ofponsl b e parties, a? the owner is K -ing to leave the city. Apply to Mr CURTIS, 102 Broadway, fifth floor. In Wm. W Northrop s offise. ABOITHERN LADY HAYING RECENTLY TAKEN possession oi bouse 47 West Twenty ?eventh street, br iweeu Broad.- ay anil S.xih av.nue, near 1'ifth Avcnuo Hotel ar.d rOStaaraa'l, desires <s 1st I rnl?lieu Boom*, en tire Floor* or separately. References requited. A SMALL PRIVATE Family will I.ET A LARGE, wei. furti.khed third atorv Front Room to one or two gentlemen without Board. App.v ut Mo. 2 Lu llow place, oorner of Houston and Sullivan susets. A FEW OKNTLEMEN DF FIRING ROOMS. WITH out Board, in an eligible looatloi. can have them iu a first class ho .** opposite L'n'on * mare, one block from D*lmoa'eo'?. Apply at 74 East Fourteenth street. Refe rence* require I. A LARGE. AIRY PLEASANT SECOND STORY Room, with bath xa* and r oaets, to let to one or two gentlemen, without bo.rd; location central *nd plsasaut. Call at 17.1 "e*t Hi aston street, corner tiuhivaii. AYEP.V NEATLY U RNIRH.vD ROOM AND BKD roont to let to "wn senile gentlemen, or to a gentleman and his wife, with conTeniences for ho *eveeptnk'. Applv s- 236 Wen Twenty-fourth i;reet, betWc-n Eighth and Ninth avenues 1|tORNISHRD GOTHIC CftTTAC.K TO RENT? AT P Eastvfae ter, on the New Hater Kai road, wim ever aa acre ol ground. Iloos? contains nine or ten rooms. Is thcr oiiiibly furnlshtJ ard .n goo?l order. Sol; water bathing. ,tc , about on" mile fr ni depot. ( tr*rche* schools ft e., close by. Will rent fur the sum of $200 for three months, or $60 per ..louti.. uuHl April next. J R. KUWaKI's, 277 We?i Twenty third si est bMJRNISHED NOOKS TO LET-A PRIVATE FAMILY 1 havlr, ;c e room toart they renuire. wcuH :et to a grntleman or grnt ^oiaa ao l wir?, a suite of elegantly Fur nished Room- Applv at 4<? West Tw ' nt>.s"-0'i A street, betwser. Ninth and Tenth avenues. Seference* requirsd. FITRWSnRD ROOMS. ?A LARGE, NEATLV Ft" R aish-d l-'ron! Kooai. B' .roo'n and pantry, on second floor, te let wit i con enience (or hon<eKeepir(. Term* $6 ftu ner week. Appy *t 243 We?t Thirtieth street, four d > r* west of Nuttli avenue. PU1NISHF.D RiOti? A FRONT ROOM. SECOND rory. to let. Inquire at 173 Bl*ecksr *trec'., near Sul livan street. FURNI8HRD ROOMS -AN BLDERLY WIDOW, ivithont lamllT, would |e' a Front anH Baclt Room on fi*t 'orr f"r hou*?keepin? or would nccomtoed*1* a lady wfeu require* uurslnr Appn at >19 Wa*t Soconil street, between Elrhth and Slnlo avenues Till'RRISHED R0048 TO LRT--WITFIOUT BOARD; r also a Busement Offl;* suitable lor a physh Ian, at 10 We?t E'evonln *t ret .'our iloora nest of Broadway Furnished p.ooms to lrt-without board. with evident improvements to *lrgle gent e>uen PIo*. aant looaiit'. Inqulrs at It. East Tw.-aty eighth street. LirRNIPnED KOOMB.-TfFO OR THRKB GENTLB r men an be ssoomtnoda s<l with verv fine Ro.)m?, without b ard en salte or single, in a pr rate famllv re siding on the n'>ri" tld? o.' Washlagion spur*. Refereaco required. A i dress B B Herald o ce TO LFT-PART OF THE DWELLING HOrfiK UN furnished, coni tinloK water, bath, gas. wate- closet to i If, Prln e atrrst, neat of Sroadwav, to a family of adults only In- ? ire on the premise*. Rel'er*noe re<, irrsi. No lull on the ln wse. To let- a ?oap factory, in Brooklyn, two ?ron kettisa capacity pound* each; Iron *!a, hotter Irames. Jo.; Iminediat* posaeaaioa < ?a bo glvea; rent low App y ai 78 Front street. New Yo t, hr*t floor. rLEl BASBMKNT ROOKS UN DE it TIIP NINTH Nations Hank, ?uHab's for itoro* or the e, mess bus! . aoas Applv kt the Bank, vn .1. 0 OBTII Prosident. TO LBT? TWO WELL FURNISHBD BOOMS, IN A private famllv. to getvilemnn. without Hoaid. Near oar* a?id stages A up V at 46T We*t Twe0iy aorond street . TO LKT-TNB STOKF. hO W0 WATER BTKIihT IN 1U roof THOMAS BURTON, .'#2 Water si roe! r LET? Till UPPER PART OF HOUSE NO 40 MAC aeo|t?i street; live rooms, rent $So per month. Osn he anon from ? A M till 6 P M. mo LBT-BICELY.FURNISHBD BOOMS Larue and 1 small la a private house. Ro In Stanton stfeot, near Bowery. TO LRT? TO ADULTS ONLY, THREE FINE, AIRT Rooms, partially furnished, carpets now, with ovary convenient* for honsekeopinfj ample oloset room, water. Ac BorotoaCM required Apply for two day* at M6 Blith HWI. TO LET? TH B UPPER PART OF A THREE BTOBT brawn atone Hovsa, consisting of four Booms. Apply at m ?e*t Ferty -eighth street mo LBT-PABT OF A FURNISHED HODSR IN FOR I If -seormd street near Tenth avenua. onnvenlent lo two flues of en r*| will he let for two or three month* at $26 per month Ip advance. Addreia Mrs WiUiassa staltoo B. ?Is alb sveoue. T Ipu LBT-A BACK PARLOR. V/ITH VERANDA i? X snail Room ad jolalai so sultr K wiik bos and eeld vttari freoi Basement and three Bcxir ?, an upper floor, with all Modern Improvements. Ma irAtiemao and wife ar with assail family. Apply al OUnt'^i atreet, fourth house from Third place, South Brooklyn, pom aid*. TO LBT-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY OF aduita, the Lower Pa-* of a three storT, high atoop, brown atone houae, oon^l.ttng of tba parlor Boor (throe rooms), front and > ba<ek basements, and three room* en third Boor, with all tta modern Improvement*; leoated m the vicinity of EightU Avenue Railroad depot. Be. 1 ble parties can adlreas t. F., box 177 Herald office. O LET-IN YORKVILLE. NEAR TUB CENTRAL m. Park, from September I, a three story bouse In a good location ; houao contains twelve rooms. Inquire In Bighty aevanth atreet, four doora wait of Fourth avenue, TO LET-BUILDING NO. 44 VBSBY STBEBT. WITH three years' lease; (team power on premises If desired. Apply en the promisee. TO LBT-A LAROB, NICBLY FURNISHED FRONT R*<>m on ne ootid story, and Bedroom arl joining If de aired, with a private American family, only one bluoa weat ?f Broadway; terms moderate. Apply at 67 West Twenty nlnth street. TO BENT-TO A SMALL FAMILT ONLT. THE third Floor of house 303 East Broadway ; rent $224; water and gas. Inquire on the premiums TO RKNT? UPPER PART OP HOUSE 164 RYERSON street, Frc?klyn; well suited fore genteel small family; delight! nl situation; aecoud house from DeKalb avenue. In quire on the prom aes or of J. HADDOCK, 1)4 Duane at. TWO BEAUTIFUL BASEMENTS TO LET. at 98 Walker and 200 Canal streets, with or without Power. Apply to P. J. INSLRE, Engineer's ofTloe. 102 Walker street. "I 41Q BLBECKKR STREET? AT DF.VOS HOUSB, J. " "O only two blocks from Broadway, Furnished Rooms, single and In suite for gentlemen and faralllos. Most desi rable for transient o^ permanent guesla. m EIGHTEENTH STRKET, NEAR THIRD AVE nue ? Furnished Rooms for single gentlemen, $2 60; large rooma, $4, $4 60 and $3. VA1 WR8T TniRTY-FlRST STRKET. BETWEEN ?j tfcX Eighth and Ninth avenues. ? Furnished Rooms to lei. single or in aulta. House oontains all the modern Im provemenla. Location unsurpassed. Privilege in the kitchen if required. Referencea exchanged. HOUSE"*, Boons, AC. WAUTED. A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, WITH BEST OF RBFE rences, desires to rent a furnished House, in a good neighborhood. The owner s family would be boarded towards the rent. Address for one week J. D., care W. W. Culver, 116 Nassau street, N. Y. city. FINE FRONT PARLOR ^<D TWO BEDROOMS . adjoining, closets, gas tc. Ao furnished and wnfur ....hed Rooma to let. at 7t>9 Broadway. Private entrance 134 Ninth atreet. Apply at room No. 8. ^ ANBATLT FURNISHED ROOM. OB SECOND FLOOR, suitable for a gentleman and wife. Privilege In kitchen If deelred. Apply at 222 Oreene street. Furnished nonsB to let-to a private family only, containing twelve rooma, gas. bath, water and all the modern Improvements; in complete order and richly fumiahed throughout Apply on the pramlaea. 37 Seventh street, from 9 to 4 o'clock. TilUBNIBHBD ROOM8 FOR GENTLEMEN? AT NO. 41 F Eaat Twentieth atreet. Beferenoea required. ?JJ1UBNI8HBD BOOM. OB BOOMS WANTBD-BY A r gentleman and lady, la a quiet family; location be tween Twenty third and Tklrty fourth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenue*. Address for one week John James, 942 Broadway. Liberal compenaatton will be given. FURN18HFD HOUSE WANTBO ? A SMALL, MOD ern, well furnished Heuae; possession any time In August; located from Fourteenth to Forty-Eighth street; family small, and very careful and reapooslhle. Apply to ADAMS A CO., 963 Broadway. HOUSB WANTED? A SMALL HOUSB, BY A FAMI ly of two aduita; no objeetlon to having it wurtly fur nlahed: location desired between Thirty. fourth and Twen ty third streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Address John James. 942 Broadway, for one week. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS WaNTKD-BY A GBNTLE man and wife, in a private family ; terms moat be mo derate. Address J. B., Newark Poet oflloe. N. J. W YX7 ANTED TO BBNT-A BOOM WITH TWO WIN TV dowa. not above third Boor, between Broadway and Gold, and Liberty and Ann atreeia. Address C. B. H. B., 40 Beaeh street, N. I. IFAJITED TO PURCHA8B? A HIGH STOOP HOU8E, vv smaller of moderate size, on Murray Hill, or some where between Thirtieth and Forty-seventh atreeta and Seventh and Lexington avenuea. The surroundings must be free irom tenement bouse" and worksbopa or other offen sive establishments. Already several very lespectable houses have been examined, but the advertiser seeks a bar gain, for cash. Any one who caa offer a bargaia and wlil take the trouble to give location, description and prlee, will pieaae address for one week (>.. box 3 213 Poet oflice. The cash is ready, if the house ami price auit. Wanted to bire-booms, suitable for banb ing purposes not far from Wall street Address P. K., modi No. 8, Market Bank Building, staling location, dlmen a,ons, price, Ac. WASTED-PART OF A HOUSB. CONSISTING OF four, five or aix rooms, suitable for housekeeping; good neighborhood, and not to exoeed $23 per month. Aa drete Rent, IS Seventh avenue. IVANTBD-AN UNFURNISHED PARLOR OB BBCKP v v tlon Room In the vicinity of Fifth avenue, between Ninth and Ihirty-aixth atreeta. Addresa for two days Box 1,300, Post oflice. WANTBD-A COMMODIOUS, HANDSOMELY FUB YY nished House, or two connecting, for one or more years; must be first class and well located. Beferencea given. Address Van Zaadt. 146 East 14th at. w* WANTBD-A SMALL HOUSB OB A PORTION OF A House of not less than five rooma, for a amall Ameri can family. In a good neighborhood, located betVreee Hons ton and Thirty fifth streets and First and Eighth avenues Rent not to exceed $*00 per year Secerltv given. Addresa for three days B. B., 189 East Fourteenth atreet WANTED? ONB OR TWO Rr>OMS, ON FIRST OR YY s*cond floor, suitable for an office, located on west aide of the town, in vicinity of Chambers atreet Hudaon River Railroad depot. Address Phelps. Herald office. r ANTED? A SMALL MODERN IIOU8E, TN A GOOD location. West aide preferred, by a small private familv. with good refereneea Would purchase seme furni ture. Possession Immediate. Apply to ADAMS A CO , 9S1 Broadway. TirANTi.D? A FURNISHED HOUSB, BETWEEN vy Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenue*. Addresa, sti ng terms, B. W. A., box 6,271 No In ? 1'oat oflice. W ANTED-A 81 IT OF THREE OR FOUR ROOMS, YY with Board for gentleman, wife, child and nurse (either rr-t or tecond floor), between Broadway and Sixth avenue and Fourteenth and Twenty-third atreeta Addresa box 5.271 New York I' >st ollioe. riT ANTED? BY A SMALL, GENTEEL AMERICAN Yv f.?mliv. a suit ot FurnUhed Rooms, oornoiete for house keeping: Siaten Island or New York. Addresa A. D. , Her ald oTice. CLOTHIKfl. A SURER PLACE -AT i83 SIXTH AVENUB LADIES ,'A aod gentlemen win find < be fair and honest dealer. B. MINT/,, t . whom the* caa dispose of their Cast Off Cloth Inc. Carpeta. Fnrolturc and .lowelrv, at fifty percent more than t'V other deuler* In the city, f premise to nay the fol lowing prices ?Silk Dresses, fr^m $8 to $4.1; Costs. $4 to $lS;tP?tit?, $J to $7. Also for Weelien, Delaine and Mua Un Urssse- be hiahest cash nrlees wil: he paid. A oall er a no e bv poet will be Mincfually attended to. Ladies at 1*nded tu hv Mrs. Mlat*. Pieaae remember the original B. vt'nt./, aoil the number. 283 (Math avenue, near Eighteenth street. Ordera from Brooklyn Jersey City punctually attended to. ATTENTION? AT TDK AOENCY STORE. 212 SEV. enth avttme, H. ROSENBHUG. I received $V,ft>0 In greenbacks, to purchase and p*y the highest price for Caat Off flatting. Thie order must be fulfilled at short notice. Silk Dresses from $6 tn ?.ri0, Coats from $3 to $26, Paula from $. to Also, Carets, Fiiruiture, Jewelry, ,Vc La dies anil gents, I Incite you to g've me vour orders or ad dress me with e note. H ROSENBERG, 21? Seventh ave n ue I adiex attended by Mrs. Rosenberg. Ordera attended to la and out of the cltr, 4 T 1.17 SIXTH A VENl'K.? LADIES AND GKNTLE J\ men. if v, i wf^h to receive the highest price for vour Cast Oil CloUnng. Carpets. Furniture Aj., the best vou can ao is to oail on or aen.' a note to E. MINTZ. at No 1^7 Sixth avenue two doors * -om Tenth street. Ladles attended by Mre Viatr Trut,<*uwill be dealt wills lo your satisfac tion and benefit. GENTLEMRN'8 NEW AND LFFT OFF CLOTHING purrfiaaed for the Weal.? The full value will be eaid wlthou: seeking tn Imr se Call at the store oraliresa THOMAS I) CONROY, 801 Pearl street, between Centre and Chatham streets ICAStl BERG FATS THE HIOHE8T PRICE FOR J. Ladles and Oentl?men'? Cast Off Cbahlne Partlea waited en hr artdreeslng L. Caahberg. ?8 Eaal Twelfth street, ?ear Broadway. Led tea waited ui<ea by Mre O. T'lE CALIFORNIA AGENCY ADVANCES THE PRICB of cast off waring apparel on account of receiving re turna In goldJStlk Dresws $7 to $?0 CoaN $6 lo $A Panta $,'t to aiai'. Carpetr, Jewelry, 4c Please addreaa Mr or Mr- J. Goldstein, 182 Seren b avenue, between Twenty sec. n-1 end I w. nlv lhir-1 .slr*ela. where all ordera will be duly attended to in or out of the dty. DRNTIITRT. A SET OF TBBTH MADE IN Til RLE HOCBS? EN tire aaits acy?n or no pay. at ?? sixth avenue Rsoe (Sal aiwntlon given to mechanical dentiairy. The ckeapeet eeta if teeth ever made, and aa fine ae are made in any part ef ihe world No advanee la required, and ae one la re * mred lo take or pay for anything unlees ?utted exactly Itroua uitde gas has been given herein over seven thou sand cases. and teeth eiiraoted without pain. No accident nr sickness has occurred from IIS ase here; we glee It es>rv dav. Uetween Fiftoenth and Siiteeath atreeta, on fltxth avenue, No. 239 ANOTHRR MONTH. Come and be satisfied. ? It will oo?t ?ou nothing Teelh ettrscted positively without nam and wlthont charge until ?' ptem tier. In order tn afferrt an ovportunltv lo all to be satisfied of the fart and make II known. American Teeth Co Dentists. Fourth street, corner of Bowery. A CHIMii TEF.TH Cl'RRD WITHOUT BXTRACTING, and rendered permanently n-efu I, with oor palnleas Adamsnteati White Filling Also superior Gold Fillings. Fverr style Ar'lflcial Teetn cheaper than ebta'nable eife. wlinre, equa'Ir good LUTlIBB A L'NDRK WOOD. $4 East Twenty second street, two hioolia from Broadway. The onlv dentlata who retain their former low prices. ("lOLJON DENTAL AHSOOIATION. J Where Dr OOBTON (tke orlgiaator), with the nlt& ? i d? gaa. often readers teeth drawing a pleasure instead a pain. No pain guaranteed Office f2 Rend street P" Ijea half R. WBITB'S NBW AND IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL Teeth.? Whole sets $9. $R $ra and $16; aupe'lor in aulv. doraMlltr and esefuineas?(o othese._All work at .If the pneee charged by oAker dentists 200 West Fourth reet, between Barrow and Orove streets. OBTBOrLABTIC, OB ARTIFICIAL RONE FILLINGS, for deoared teeth Old roets hnlll up. Mere she Is, acblM teeth and every elaee of eavltv filled wlthonl pain by the dueoverer Kooms removed to 29 Baal Foarteanth street one door weet of Ue^n square Over ten thousand tesli ?ontels. , 1 A ^7 ' 1 ATB8.-1AYIBO had five As t't I leeth etlraeted wlli>fnt pain by I?r. J. JAt vlLLEIIS, 1M Grand street, two blooke (rom Broadway, I ehaer'uny Insert this reeo?amendatiop to those anflermc toothache. . tfiauur A. Sards, )l Frlnoe street. _ru-u-.iLri trii ? i 1 ? i ? i ~ m ? "? ~n~ ? A a. MAURICE, TH* QUIT Aim! A. tlAe Aatrulager of IuuIh.? Tk*t ul praeOoal part of MmNij. It laackaa the various piaaeta, Ut 'OfiMKt they uirt i in their puu|c through the euooeeaife aiMM u4 tbe effects upon the jpdl aad kind, aeoordiag to their jraeUleaa. it<| knowledge of Lor loagtHudleal uUoea of tleular time* and aataoea, a table forw oeriaa ctrcunistanoea occur, Ac The astrologer. A. B. MAP MOB. I* bM< JMPHH urlnciplee, ud ma never known to fall. The band ?f Ml baa marked oat the path a? eaoh Individual. And tki ?re hourly polating out (ha daatlny of maoktel ti3r fesaor lun? ku a oroToand knowledge ef tka ruiee of tha aclanaa af tAa stars. aad haat Ika werldlatb* above eclenoe In regard to tell eg all that re tfi? bapplueae or mlaerr af aoa'a whie life, aad with eeveral .eereta that no livlag mortal over knew h? fore, he wtll sucoeaa outer almoet any undertaking. Id oauslug speedy marriages he never ralla Ha deecftba* tb? Intended huahand or wire, telle the very day yon wltl marrd and show* a likeness representing the true complexion <4 the Intended. He daacribea your friends. points ant vouA enemies. and warns yea of all future danger - nil lack la ebtaialag situations ar In travelling hy aea or land and the brat of health leng Ufa aad prosperity to all who eonaoM him. Thoae at a dietauoe may ?ead their age and flTaait adtreaa A. B Maurloe, box 5 503 New YorkPeat office aad get in return the outlinee of your whole llfo. AH baura until 7 in the evening. Offloe 126 Bleaekar atreet. near Wooater. Ladles SO cent). Uenta $1. ABETTER ASTRO LOG 1ST IS HOT TO BB FOUNE ' la the United 8tatea than Dr. L. O. and Mra. 8. D. BKOCGHTON. Thay succeed la giving aatiafbctlon when all others fall. They can ha conaulted on all affaire of hvfc man life, audi aa oourUhlp, marriage travelling, re mi vela, lawsuits ohtalaing aituauona. welfare of absent frtenda, Ac., alao sickness. If the atck party will recover or die 01 their present sickness; If recover, the time thev wtll b?gl? to amend; what part of the body la affected, and wha|i tre it merit and medicines are beat adapted to tne afcik per, sons. Ladies 90 cents, gentlemen $1. Questions ensnared by letter, enclosing $1 and time of birth. Alao Pbrenato* flcal examinations made. Office 120 Oreena a treat, belo# 'rlnce. A BROOKLYN CLAIRVOYANT.-MADAMB OIIFj FORD, the greatest living American seer, median' and huainess clairvoyant 291 Atlantic street, between SmitB and Hoyt streets, Brooklyn. Life eh arte on destiny written^ Keud stamped envelope for particulars. A LOVE AMULET.? TUREI9H PERFUMED LOTS Me Rver A perfume, a oosmetic, a talsman. Scour ec love, br ngs happiness, restores peace. Bend stamp for clr eular to Madame M IJKRO, box 5,730 New York Post offloe. BONA FIDB A "TROLOG I ST WHO ALL CAN DB pend upon ? M.idume WILSON still remalne at IB Allen street, near Stanton, over the bakery. Beware ol Imposition. Astonishing -madams morrow, bbventh daughter, w t'1 a natural gift of fureslght, telia how aoon and often you will marry ; even your thoughla; Magic linage In I uli cperiitl >u ; her equal la not to be found : shows a llkeneas of your Intended husband and absent friends. W Ludlow street, four doora trout Houston street. Gentlemea not admitted. GO AND BEE MADAME SNELL, THE CELEBRATED and reuowoed Astrologist. In the science of astrology has no superior. 8 be underatanda the aclenoe In all its a?aj ter brancbea (the aura, eharms, spella and tallamaaa). ana gives entire satisfaction in telling the peat, present aad t n? tore. She never falls in causing speedy marriagea aad bringing the separated together In busloese affaire her ad vice. is invaluable. A large number or people have been benefited by her aid. Aa an evidenoe of her skill aba haf receive! abundance of testimonials from some or the firs# people of the land. Sickness will be discovered and cured! through ber science, only known to heraeir Cooaultatloa for ladie*, 60c. ; gentlemen, $1. Residence 129 Baat Twenty fourth street below Fourth avenue. Persons at a dtatanctt may consult this lady by letter, stating their aga. aa# enclosing a fee or $1 and a correct answer will be promptly returned. Address box 6,747 New York Post offloe. LA VOT8INE, A DESCENDANT OF ASTROLOGI8T TO Napoleon the Great, can be consulted on all affaire of life. The fate of absent friends made known, al 46 Weal Twelfth street, between Fifth aad 8 xth avenuea. A Lovw Amulet which never falls to wla the affeetioaa of the oppo site MX. Madam k lodibb, celebrated fortune tbi? ler, 117 Firat avenue, third floor, back room. Hour* from 10 A M. till 4 P M.. and from 8 to 10 In the evaning. English. Itman, Spanish aud German spoken. Prloe 25 eents at ber own house; when sent tor BT Madame ray is thb best clairvoyant ami* Astrologist in this city. She teMa your very tbongntj, causes speedv marriages, gives lucky nnmbera 29' 1 Seven iB avenue, near Twenty aeventb street. Ladlaa 2S Beats , gen tlemen 50 cents. MISS HAGAR CAN BB CONBCLTED ON THB PAST? pre-entand future; lucky numbers and alao ebarma| Delay not to conanlt this beautiful young lady at li)} Crosby street, near 4 rand. MRS. MARION JAMES, INDEPENDENT CLAIRTOY? ant, 101 East Seventeenth street, corner of Third ava nue, traces lost or stolen propertv, absent frtenda jtm d baat ness affairs generally; detects and treats all female diseases. References given. Gentlemen not admitted. NO HUMBUG. -MISS BECOR, THE GREATEST AS. trologfst and Clairvoyant In the work). Mies Secorld the onlv person that has the genuine Egyptian aacret fad good luck In love business and law euiti. Medicine pro acrlhed. On ce 40 Sixth avenue. Ring the bell. NO IMPOSITION.? THE NBVBR FAILING MADAM STARK, from Europe, who waa born with a natural gift, the great Businew. and Mod ieal Clairvoyant. Sbe r c 1 suits yon on the paat, present and fntore, brings togetka those long separated, causes speedy marriages, showB fou a correct llkeneas or your future husband or abennd rionds. Her equal is not to be round. Oaatlon.? fd.OOO re ward to any one who can surpaae her in her profeealoa M skill Sbe tells you the name n t the person that you manv This la no humbug. No. 812 Fourth avenne. between Tw ??? ty third and Twenty raurth streets. Nam* on the daoH Gentlemen not admitted. THK ORBAT, ORIGINAL MADAME BYRON HAS UtH turned rrom Pans, aud can be consulted on tha p resent r past and future. She is the greatest Spiritualist, Medleal and Buaincas Clairvoyant that ever was known. Sbe canaai speedy "rarriages brings together thoee long separated, aad has that never falling aecret to make you beloved by you heart'a idol. Office 310 Fourth avenue, above Tvenn thM street. Ladles 50 oenta; gentlemen $1. wr HO WOULD NOT GO WHBRB FORTUNE 1 81 -GO Vf ye. see Mias WELLINGTON, the great Bngliah Pre* pheteaa, the beat of all, and oaunot be excelled. Oaa be oonsulted, personally er by letter, en all affaire of life, eed* oernlng Uwaulta. journeys, abaent frtenda. love, eoertahlpk mafrlage. bea'.th. wealth, and who ceo reclaim draakei and nnfalthfui husbanda Mlaa W, la the only peraoe ta thia city who haa the genuine Roman and Arabiaa taltinaa for love, good luck nndall VUainea affaire, and are guari for life. Delay not to oonault thla aaturally ^rted aad tlful young lady Lucky numbers given. Highly ivsaeetes ble rttf referencee. Can be seen at ber realdeaee, Ml HIM avenue, opposite Blfbth street Ml'BICAU A CCOBDEONS, GUITARS. FLUTES, VIOLINS, COl? XV certi naa. Banjos, Trlanglea. German stiver aad braae band Instrumenta, and trimmings of every deeeriyOew, Price list sent on receipt of atamp. Violin String* for bed weather. Silk, 23c., best Italian, 36c. Musical Instruments repaired FREDERICK BLUMB, Joif Bowery. A MAGNIFICENT ROSBWOOD PIANOFORTE POM aale - o~t S660. for $S25, including Stool and Ceveri Parlor 8uits, cost J450, tor $223. Etageres, MiTrefa. nitsbi Ing*, Bron zea Statuary, Chamber Furniture; In nw aa??i| monthr. To be so d at a sacrifice. Inquire at ItB Wain Twenty third street, near Sixth avenue. A BARGAIN FOB CASB-PBICB *m? MAONTTl. cen< large seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, original price $423. round cornera. iron frame, overatruag baaaa k.veet powerful tone, in perfect order, oelebrated city manu facturer* Apply to McDOiN ALD A CO.. S6S Bowery. AORFIIT BAROAIN-FPLENDID SEVEN OCTAYM carved roacwood Piano, overstrung, and all the latest Improvements, coat $6 00, price #276. Oall at 743 Rroadwayg opposite Anor plaoe. N. P. B. CURtlSS. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE RO8BW00D PIANO, forte, for aale at a bargain, for oath ; haa full irea frame, overall Big l ass, roun* cornsra, carved legs r ch and poW arful tone, Ac. ; only a abort time in uae. Apply al No. IB Allen street. Fifty new pianos, melodbons, alexandi and Ckbinet Organs, at wholesale or retail, al prloee aa low aa anv first class Instruments ean be purchased, feeeoaq hand 1'iau M st great bargains, prn ea from S^i to (200 All the above Instruments to let, and rent allowed 1 1 purchased. Monthly pavmenta receive! ror the same 10,0u6 sheets atf Music, a little soiled, a. one oent and a hair per page. Cash paid rer eecor.d hand Pianoa HORACE WATERS, 401 Broadway, New York. FOR SAIjE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE?' TRRBB REO ond hand Ptanoe, rosewood, ?\ octave. The Inetrameat* are in the very best O'der and condition. A great bargain for any ramilv who wanta eucb a piano. I'leaar call aeon a4 222 ban Thirtieth street, between Second and Third ava. MUSIC. -INSTRUCTION ON THB PIANO. ON AN improved method, at 92 60 per month, long icaaana, with privilege or dally practice, at 189 Hudson street, need Canal. Call Tueadays and Prldaya. OROAN FOB SALE-A POWERFUL SECOND HAND Organ. 12 stops, with 2 octaves, iadepenuent pedal, aome parte new Addrese F. X. Kngti fried, orgaa builder. 22 White etreet. TIIK CELEBRATED PIANOS OF J. 10. FISCHBB, the moat reliable Piaaoa made, whqjeaale and retail, at moderate prices 241. 24.1, 245, 247 and 248 Weal Tweat/ etfcblB street, near Ninth avenae. WANTRD-BY A YOUNG LADY. WHO IS PBOFI dent in mu?lc and who can Instruct In the rudlmenUt of singing, a few mote pupila. Tsrma moderate. AddreM F II , Herald nibce. YXT ANTED? A 81NOING TEACHRR (LADV). FOR THB v* T rey Female Seminary Apply to M. Phlllppi. at Hee? A Schlrmer's. 701 Rrnadway, on Tueadey morning. Anguat S, between 9 and 11 o'clock. INBTRCCTMMi. at doi.brar-s commercial aCadbmy. mv A Broadway, bo?s are prepared pnwdioally ler baslneaa. They acuulie manly habile, become uuick at Aguree rapid bualnea* penmen and practioal bookkeeper* Oeatlemea can secure private rooms, open during the entile eemmer. A CARD ? GOLDSMITH 8 INSTITUTE, 7M BROAD wl'l^ reoe'ived at the h.Vf pri^U*d ",mbW OLIVER S OOLDIMITB, PrlaclpaL ATniiROUQH COUB8R OF iNSTRUCnoiTni PMR manahip. Bookkeeping, Cerrsapondeaii j!. m.. h. Obtained St o7>LD8M IT/l rlnatltuuWM of Eighth atreet. Instruction private. If Inslrs d feanarale roems for ladles. ?^If fcV B^JOUjSMI TIN V OT5SJI "pt'OATION -BOOIMBBPINO, WRIT ^ fRli I? ' SP* "???? #<?-. taught fee $10 pier quar iS8*alVtf ' ? '??*l|??on. Greek and Latin ff'!*"'. AJ " B I'll 1 ten atreet. Arooklve. wwt*i? * ** Bowery, corner of Caaal atreeii Iaatrnotlen day and evening. No vacation _______ DRER PARR FEMALB INSTITUTE? POBT JRBVIB, Orange oounty. N. Y.. reopens BapWaaber It; eellegfiB, department embraces studies, ror three veers, epeclaT ad vantages for music For circulars addreea Prlnalpal, Rev J. n. Northrup. LlRBNCH AND GERMAN LANGUAOE8,??f BOF B r TRLI.ERI NO, SI9 Broadway (?nccea&ny egtaMlshed In New Tork since I8M), wtll receive applications for vale tuition In the aforesaid languages, aa Also in Latie aid l'anglals aui etrangers. Translations made. ' KirLBVFRMALBCOLLBOB. Fall aeealon open* Wednesday. Aturuat 24 J NEWMaN, DT iT. r'onltney, Yt teaching the Rngilah French and ItaKan langnaeaa. with ^^re'ares "anV'seTerll"?. 01 M oala^MtVlng good Intss^ VriaW.1 f r !? eeperleace In teaohJafna s||. Albion VlK, Waahlagton*ailtT, ?Sa?L,?

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