Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 3, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 3, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL Tcaauav, August I ? 6 P. M. Tts expectations or certain of the city bark manus?:i btri not beeu realised wltb regard to tbe i bject of Mr. Feeaeodea's Tint to New York ?, it baa turned oul. waamereiy a uight's slopping plica lor b;in on Lis way borne to Maine. He came and wriil, but did nothing. It waa supposed by a fear ibal Ibure U)i?lit exist coma foundation fur Ui? idle rum r that be lulcuded to place Ibe balanoa of tba bond* of 1S81, auiouuuug to thirty three millions, on Ui? market, but all doubt on tbia point ka- Ixm lit e; r] by his duoot and positive assu.aaoe to tbe contrary. Not only will be nut do this, but be will do nothing to iuteriere in any way with the preaeut currency loan until a sutlicieutly long time bas clajwed to give It a fair trial, which will be in Sep tetnber next. Meanwhile, aa a mutter of coune, we aball hare more currency Issues, and a speculative period m*y be looked for, especially in United Suite* goid bear ing bonds, which, considering tbe enormous rite of Interest they are payisg, if wo estimated it In legal tender paper, aad the strong temptation furn shed to speculators and inverters abroad to lake advantage of the exchange in their favor, must advance considerably in their market price, which is at present ' far below their real value. So long us any of tbe six per cent gold bouring bonds are soiling bslow 110 there Is no induce ment to subscribe to the new loan on other than j atri otic grounds, and upou these, as all history shows, it is dangerous to depeud. Tbe bunks, being now in au easy position and re.ioved irom uncertainty as to the policy of Mr. Kesseuden, will probably bo froe lenders at seven per oeat on call. Now also, as we have heard the worst of the war news, which has disturbed speculation and the money market for the lust few days, w? may look (or a strong dlspoel ? tk>n to favor a rise both on tbe part of brokers and o;?ratora. Ibe policy entered upon by Mr. Fessenden favors inflation, and week after week the statements of the national debt will be Ukcly to show an increase in the volume 01 the curreacy ; tor the Socrotary bas no alternative but that of adding to lu quantity in proportion to the extent of the de:icieccy of looomu over expenditure that subscriptions to tbe new loan and other securities may [all to supply. There must, however, come a period when the grave importance of this question of the currency will be fully a<>preciiit 1 by the people in consequence of tho deprecia tion to watch Its own weight will lead. Ueyood a certain itfini ue dan some dangers which attended tbe issue of tbe Frenob assig oats uad the old Continental tneney ; but the consequences In our case would be much more disastrous than In either o( these great historical Instances. The best course for this country to pursue at the pre sent time would be found In the passage of an act Of Con. gross authorizing tbe withdrawal ot tbe Treasury legal lender issues from circulation, by t sir conversion into five per cent gold bearing bunds within a fixed time (aTter which they would be no longer available as currency), tbe Interest to be provldod far by a social specie tax on property. The Immediate e.Tect of this would be a fall or prices to nearly tbeir nor mal standard, and this would be preserved by tbe pas kuge of an act, ooutemp orary wltb the other, prohibiting further issues of paper money. The government, as a groat purchaser, the property holder and the working man would be proportionately benefited by this check upon tbe inflation of prices, and the enhanced value of real property, as represented by curroncy. Every man's dol lar would be worth more to him than It is now, and l>ersons living on fixed incomes would be especially benefited. But obvious as are the advantagesof checking while yet we can tbe gigantic evils of an excessive amount of le/ai teudor issues, there is no reason for suono?<?v? *?"?* this ndminisiratlan, at least, w,M '?*or such projoct. The policy originated aV Persevered ln b7 Mr. Chase will, there i? "?"* ^ doubt, be continued till we reach .uat climax in tbe financial hUlory of the war when the danger of iiaj endlng disaster can be no longer ignored. Meanwhile speculators will have fattened on tbe vftal element of a nation's prosperity, and an Inv >lur,tary check will be placed on tbe wheels of commerce und the action of both people and government. It Is vain to entourage hopes of a change in our ruinous fiu ucial ) '.icy until Cuu.'ress next meets; but then it will bo iU< jinbcLt upon every member of both h 'UGos to uirect h. attention to the sources tf the revo nue aad rxp<> dtture, and give tbe country tbe be eiit of i mature investigation and rejection; and if, after all, our state - icon CM device nothing belter than what we have, tbcu may we bid udiou to expectations of the oii'ji.alou of our huauccA to that sound basis of taxation and loans i>y wnlcD we cuu alone retrieve the errors of :he past ' appeur before the world a solvent people. This evil of depreciation on the one baud aad of iofla t.on o thi' otuer wiil tucroaso with every addition to the currency. *a i it wiil prey upou the vitals of the repiU'is tili it either siaks with exhaust. on or makes a determined aod - jci f lisf; i lort to su^Sce oil' tbe insidious mobster. Our at' aucn has been called to on ion lious feature ln tue ] Mvn;cnt of tiie interest on the ton- orty loan, aii J wbioti bu.-. to --crae cxie; t, operated as a check upon t> cripi -ton. The intercut on the bonds for fl.e hundred do:urs a: ?i upwards is payubie cemi Annually, while Mat a b?i. it of a lower denomination is payable iinnasllj i iljri A. the latter are held cbteCy by persona of sn.a ; or tit.n'.er&tc means, this d^llnction is inconve nient as . e.i as me , .i .table, and should be abolished. i easfcange o ntinues s ightly inactive. Bankers' sterling bills are quatad ut low ? iOJl4 for gold, und a t$3 I or currency. Ihjrsday boins aa At>poUi ted fast day, the Stock Ex change board wil' n>t meat on tbu day. An improved fcellag was maniTrstad in railroad shares to day : but the u.isc?liaiieous list cjuld not be made to Iiarticipaio in tho tuoyunt tone. Compared with yester day's prices, Beading Railroad advanced at tbe first board 1 V4 p?* cent, Milwaukee and Prairte dn Cbien X, Michigan Southern UUno.s Central .Chicago aod Rock Island 1 , Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 1>?, Ch cago and hortbwistvc X, Pennsylvania Coal 3, and Chio and Mississippi oerttflcaus X. Erie Railway a: d Cleveland end Clttsburf sold tbe name. Hudson River declined 1 K, Michigan Central 1, Cumberland Coal Canton Com pany 1, Quicksilver Mining 2%. and Mariposa 1. . In the afternoon the market was steady, and prices better. Government securities, under a limited demand, suf fered a dtcline. The quotation* at the first board to day oompare with prlcos obtained Friday as fellows ? July 20. Aug 2. if clint. Registered ?'* ef 1881 1(X>'? JOi 1* Ooupea #'? of I?*S1 106Ji 104S 2J* Ref1sler<-d I 'to 10S 104 4 Ooujon .'i 20's lW 1^7 2, Aofun 7 8 lOtbs 1M# 10J 1 October ? 3 loibf 1US 107 1 Uoe year cetlllicates W4X ? 63 I 1 V In tbe afternoon gnvrnmotit.' were firmer, arid soaie deecriptioi.H, ibe coupon .- xes of 1981 In particular, ad vanced a traction. Cold was ticaUy today. It opened at 2',7 v^, and afterwards ia.. ^oii belweeu 26SX and 2S7)(,the latter being tbe closing price. The followin,. if toe rej'Trt from the Sub Treasury ? R">*ipt? from customs T tu r<*ceipts 4t>4 2/113 li?6 Balinee 1 '1 .702, ' "1 Tbe New York Life Iu-urance and Trust Company will pav on ?!' tnacd a Hemi-annual dividend of & per cent, free ot tax The Stale or Pennsylvania paid its >emi annual Interest on Monday, In ourreucy, according to tbe provisoes of ?a act of (he Legislature to that effect. Tbe value of tbe importations of different descriptions of lorsign dry goods into tbe port of New V ?rk durtotr the veek eodr g July 27 may be s?on in tbe tol.ow.og table ? EntrrtA f?r jfockagm, Wanufat tures of wool 3't4 Maoufartureeof cottoa 1*' Manufactures of silk 7T Hsaulaots>ee?T ass *"2 M isoellaaeous *1 Total MM WM|M Wilkrl' atraU. Mann' arture* of wool 319 $12^ .48 Matiutariurns of Onttoa. . . 1?3 Mannti. tnr?i- of 22 Manu ?c lures of (lax 42T T8361 Mum* iiane>.us 13d ToUl 1,067 ?30?,ei* fTarakeaasd. M >nu<a< t un s of wool. 2,468 # fl 2'i8 Maoufa< tures o( o<' ion 663 lft8,02# Maoufactu-n <>f si.s 240 200. 7tf4 Maau'anluree Of tlax VM> l*~ Maoeltaneous 190 90/46 Tnial ... 4,440 $1. 704 030 Total rain# $2,420,1.10 The aggregate value of the exports of |<roluce aod laercbaii'liee, etclaslve of specie, trom th4s port during tbe perl week wsa 98,236 012. The total value of the asp rte for tbe week previous waa 91 .Otn.adt Tbe anoexed table shows the number of national banks vbioh are at present organized in eacb State, with their agg'egale eapiial, and tbe number aod cspiial of tbe beaks. Ibe fiaures referring to tbe fklier biStltu tlons Ib the loyal eeetiocs or the rmon are iak*n from the reports tuaue in lSt>3 atid 18 4, aud those relating to ifte rebellious portions are made up (rom tbo official r? turns of 1560: ? Stale*. -Alabama . t j4rk?iig*s? f?lo""a... i e'??xre. I'Siri'ia /"Oiiuia J?aa **08as ??u'?i?ia *U1U? fjlcbig* o.," ?>f' UMfiou "isfijuri,, ^u<* VorJc ? ? *ew je,# fc" Oregon* &??r*-d Je.xa** ?V^linia .Va'ifiai fa'anvi. Ael Cupiuil. ? Total. 469 $3, 565, 00 Uj ioo.oco 2,772.000 ?2.739 MO l,lh,'>.00<> 100,000 110.000 600,000 1,821,000 14,1 7b ,1)00 1,610,000 1,326,000 a. 0 IKK) 1,560,000 460,000 17.678 OOU l,yio,ooo 9,167,460 0,120, K60 200,000 800,000 1,110.000 100,000 100,000 876,000 60,000 600,000 SUU flai.fcf A'o | Capt ttL $72,121,760 $4,976,000 21,749.048 2,000,000 1 tWu 78c 42a,OoO 16,55.S,-iaO 1 ,K.?5 oOO ?,7S2,07? 797,1.70 yr.,130 13,7?h,030 17,388,ll? 7,983,'JCO 66,754,700 12,112,309 416,600 31 S, 000 1,110,1)00 11,2 >3. 1C5 4.678 7i?0 109,208,147 8,187,162 7,S63,4?e ?.674,000 25,9 1 7*, 650 21,164.389 14,952.486 3,661700 3,911,000 14,732,736 1,753,476 3,397,000 Thi* freek. 30,277,980 3,982,365 12,203,7*29 Uo, 620,768 2,249,249 14 is| $409,090,792 * There are no chartered banks In Arkansas, Texas or Oregon, the cousUtuilona of tboae State# forbidding their incorporation. ?A number of the national banks bare Increased their capital sufficiently to males the aggregate amount of the whole $79,S42,659. The following comparative statement shows the aver age condition of the leading Items of the Philadelphia hanks for tbo past and previous week ? Las'. Week. Loans $39,977,448 Specie..., 5,002,&>O Le^al tender 11,882.968 Deposits 30,031,259 Circulation 2,229,207 The last weekly returns of the banks of Providenco , K L, compare as follows wltb the statement of Jul/ 4:? July 4. Juiy 28. Loans .$24,312,198 84.201,200 Deposits. *. 6,620.362 6, 440, '.>00 Circulation 4,174,068 S,9jG.400 Specie 360.936 . 349,600 The Boston mooey market is thus referred to by the Traetlier of yesterday:? The week has common cod with an easy money market, and no difficulty was experienced to day by borrowers In good standing is obtaining capital at six per cent. There was not much prime oommeroial oaper offered for sale out of doom ; bat a fair amount of business was transact ed in collateral loans, on time and oo call, at the bauka and in the street, la general trade and ooiqinerce there waa no graat aotlvlty, owiug to high prices, which prevent large operations; but there waa an tuereaaed'dlBposiilon mamlested to buy dividend paying securities and some of tbo low priced stocks, which have been unduly depressed within the past two or three montbs of inaction on the part of speculators for a rise. l com ifc-u of Com., l'.xi1. i 13. >2 > b80 37, S $2000 C8 6?s, '81, reg 26000 Ufl ?'s, '81. coo 55.H) L'S ?'?. 6 80's. eou 101 luOuTrn. 7 3-10, OA* *?., J7(W C8? i !>.? ? r,o in.) (ij ?>nlo Jt AS its ccr .. *>?>> JUiiH do blO 6l? h OJ do , 51.* 2000 Erie 416 mlg bds. 120 CiH*) MCfi c 1 st:n ?i b. 138 3 00 C 4 hWist:n.ex-l ltti 5e00 American Rold ? 256 6U ? is Hank of 1'ark Hunk 100 Canton Oo lui do 37 100 Penn Coal Co...... 223 Son Cumb Coal pref. ... 61 400 American coal Co.. 9;i 60 Minnesota JJngCo, 10 i Canada Copper Co. I:*) Ouicksilver Mining 400 do l'<) do a30 loo do s30 3u) Mariposa Mg Co... 10J do 4b luJ do 4M< 20 1 do 4M* 25 N y Ceu HB.ex Uiv 13. 4 1.0 do l*o? Sod Erie KB 11 etock Bxohan$s. Tcxsnxv. A. *. 105 200 aM leading KB.,.. 187^ li?4?fc 1 >**> do 137 iflOO do 137 lOOMloh Ceo an. JSJt 8 0 do 187? 3 !? 79W 7'J *4 *7 ?00 10?? Rrir KK preferred 2i>i lludstiii Kirer RK. 401' Jo 100 do b><> do 22 Norwich i Wor KB 110 SECOND Ha $25001 TTg 6'?. '?!, cou. lOflV^ \w 1 * ln'l 129V 1312 ?W0 I'S C'a, it 20's 43 ">i I.'S fi't, 1 v(>ar eer b.- 00 Oalo A Miss 10 0 do 100 shs Can'on Co ... 800 Cumb Coal pref.... 6) Eric KH I'iOO do ... 10U Mici? So A W Ind. . . do 107W 52 61 X .HS t;2 131 ?iiW> Rud?on Kirer KK. 6ik do 13o'a a 13t"^ H?" Head off RR lw>J 1"< Uiiaois Cen scrip . 129 300 do 129>?al&'X 100 Mich So A N I KK.. fi JK SOU do 8i)te 200 do ??<? 200 do b3 600 III Con BK kijrip... U9 400 Cleve ? i'ltu lift 112'J 400 do ?blO U2H 200 do WlA l?-0 do 112'J 45Cl<?v?. Col A C KB. 170 160 Cliicaoo AN w RK. 50 200 do 6t? bUO do 66 v 200 do blO 67 100 do b20 67 St> Chi iN W pref.... bJX 50v) do 8SF)k 700 do 60 100 do SK)V 400 do P0-, ItOO Chicago ARtlKR. 113^ 400 Co 113M 2-?0 do b3 ll.lfj 500 do bS U4 I0O Mil H'l ChicnRK 66'i aiiCblo. Bnr A 'If BR. ISO lOlJal, Lacsi WesiUK 204 600 Pitts. Ft W A CU!c. U5 do.... 1 1 3<iO do llj>2 200 do blO 116 l'fl do.... alu 115'J luO Chic A Alt KB pref. 100 Mar A Cln lit pref. 67 BOARD. Lr rAv; Two o'Oi.ock P. V. 20U sua M.c.i Cen KK 139 I'M Clare A I't: ts Kit 112 5>0 do 112M a 1 O Chi A Kit lai d KB ^0> do 100 Cbl A MV KK 560 do ,67 a lJOChl A Ntf pref .... 2*i do I JO Clcre Jt To. Kii.... 51) do 12* ll?v 1I3C 1ISV? 57 li B7g ?>i 135 1M ISO .t Pr un Ct RE 6'j 5(10 Pitto. Kt W A C RR H6 bJU do. .....116), a 117 tsj CM, B A vy Hit so mr ~ ? ~ OITT COMMEUriAL REPORT. Tcwpat, August 2?6 P. M. A?iT3.? Receipts, 18 bbls. The nmrket was steady, with sales of 150 bbis., at $13 26 a $13 50 for pots acd $15 25 a $16 60 for pearls. lJB8AD8Tcrrs. ? Receipt*, 14,391 bbls. four, 345 bbls. and 24 bags corn meal, 68,747 b'ishels wheat, 27, ?69 do, com and 16,092 do. oats. The flour market was dull and ratLer heavy at the close, except for fresh ground, which waa Qrm at yegterday's prices. Sales 16,000 bbls. State and Western, 700 do. Canadian and 2.600 do. Southern, ioc'.udiog extra 8tate, tor September delivery, at $11 a $11 26 Rye fiour and corn meal ruled quiet and steady, with small sales. We quote:? BuperDne State and Weeiorn Eour $9 20 a 9 40 Extra State 9 so a 10 00 Choice -Hate 10 16 a 10 26 'Joamoi te medium extra Western 0 ' 5 a 10 25 Extra round ha.>p Ohio 10 20 a 10 60 Weste-n trade brands 10 ( 6 a 12 00 Kxtra St. Louts .....12 00 a 16 00 Oeinmoo ituuibern 10 75 a 11 30 Kxtra aod fancy do 11 40 a 13 00 Common i aondian 9 80 a 1C 20 Good to choice and extra 10 26 a 12 00 kye Hour, superfine 8 00 a 10 00 Corn meal, bols 7 '0 a 8 00 Corn meal, puncheons 39 90 a 40 00 ?Tbo wbeat market was rather more steady and without decided change in prices. Prime Munntee were firm while Inferior coutlouod dull. Sale* 140,000 ba*hels, at $2 22 a $2 40 for Chk-aro spring; *2 26 a $2 40 ror Mil waukee club, $2 42 a $2 46 for amber Mtlwnnkee $J 50 a $2 57 for winter red Western, an 1 J2 58 a $2 62 for amber Michigan Nothing transpired In rye, barley or malt. Ihe corn market was lower and unwilled sales 100,000 buahels. part o arrive soon, at $1 57 M a $1 69 for West ern mixed. Oau were itwe active aad lower, closing at $1 a $1 02. Hxi?wax.? We note sales or 6.000 Iba at 90c. CorruK.? Tlie market waa arm, with a fair inquiry; saiee 1 r100 bales. We quote > Qrfand. tloriOa. Mobile. .V.O rf T. Ordinary 150 160 161 161 Middling 166 ln6 167 107 tit**! middling 172 173 178 174 i or>T.R.? ! he market was unusually qoiet, and we have only to note sales of 70.<ooib*. portage lake at 60){c. a 60 \ c. iMiumors quiet ai uia Detroit Mo. CiinoBT ? The demand win reri light for chicory root, at. 1 we "Oiy note sale-' of 60.000 lbs. prime at lOHc. Ci>!L?> vdamantlne wre scarce and tirm, with ss is >>f lot* .iovm at 36c. a 40c. tjperta and paient were qul> t at 65< a 06c. u?iik.-': he market remains quiet, but prices were firm. H> note Kales of luO batfS Ht. Dommgu at 43c. I'ai <.m aiii livw ?The market continues dull aod Inac tive. aud the salea are mostly In small paresis. Sales of 600 kegs blrsrb e >da at 9 a 9';o. : 60 tons sal S'>4a at 6 a >6|,c . 100 tons soda ash at 6t|c. a 8o., and 2,000 ouuees quiulue at $3 50. aiuail salen of Mexican cociii aeal were made at $2. Fat it. ? Halsins were Inactive; stns'l sales at $4 40 ror hunch, and (5 60 for layers. Currants were in fair de maud; sales 200 bb,s. a 20c at 21c. 10,000 lbs. dried a; pies s jld at 11 >*i:. Ily auction 1,342 boxes Mrjly orunt:ca st $3 20 a $7 40, and 2,268 do. J-'ledy lemons st $2 2 ) ? $' 10. t u<n. ? I?ry cod ccnt rtPi In fair r??quesl. snd prl''e? are Without material change; Bales of 600 qtls St Oecrge's at $t a $h : o. Mackerel ware ' ,arce and firm. Willi a lair demand. Herring were at 67>^e. a 60 <^c. lor sculi d . and 36c a 40c. for No. 1. Fme'ii.T* were very firm, lugagameiits to Liverpool per American vessols, MHi bbls. Hour at 2s . 50 toos Oil cake at 20s. , 200 tons copper cr<' at 22s. Cd. per neu ttal. 21,000 t usbels wheat m 84 260 bbls. flour at i 2s 31., 100 hhiis. tobsoeo at 32s. ftd , and per steamer 14.000 bjfhols wheat at 9^(L , 1,900 t kxS. butler aud i Cheese at l>0s. . U) boxes bacon at 36s. ! ? I/>iidnn, per American, T,O0O bnsb?l.-i whoal ?t 7?.^d , 1,600 bnls. Iloor at >. 6d a 9s. yd. ; per neutral. 2,000 bbls. (lour at 2s. Od. a 2a 9d , aud per stoimer 5CU bbls. Qour at 3s. 8d 260 hbds Mbacco at 36s., 1)0 b-'ies and rases tobaeco at 3s 6*1. a 6s., and 200 tasks rurs al 86s. lo U:asgew, per neuuel, UOOO bunbeis wheat al lid. a h^d., and I2A tierces isrd at 26s to lirsiol, 8,000 buaheis whest at 8d. To Hrsmeo, 60 hiids. tobaccu at 80s., snd 60 t?na logwosl at SAs. A HritMh bark was chartered to (kirk for orders, 3,000 bbls petroleum el fls. 34 ; do sobooner lift tons to Mt kilts, $776 In gold, snd an Australian bark to Cork lor orders. 1R.000 bushels wheel at 6s. 3d put niarter. Strict neutrals command 6s Gp.*st Cum,*? The market was quiet but Arm , with sales of 200 bales el 20c. ii.i>Bs ? ibe mwfksl vm auite active, ao4 prlcse were wrlthimt material ehnnga. The nI? Made 900 4ry tatted tiara uib , 5,?S00 Hueaoa Ay res, S.fiOO KM Gmit, 4,t,;0 Moutevuleo 1,000 Uaraoaibo and 600 Cental Am tiritu, ull uo private terras. We quote Montevideo at STc. a 40\,c.. Kio Grande at 35c a 3dl?c. and Tainpioo at 31o. a SSe , . Hav. ? Skipping was In fair request at (I 26 a *1 30; sale.- about 6ii0 bales. Retail qualities were scarcei/ so Oi ui , mu?II hjIb- at $1 76 a $1 8>. Hot*. ? I'fte ui rtft was more active and a little firmer , galea ao?ut 0i 0 bales at 14c. a 81c. fur ouaunou te strictly prime, ai d 12c. lor mouldy. lsmuo ?Bengal was quiet but Steady at 9? 76 a $8 tor prime, and $'2 26 a $2 60 for t air. Madras was selliui in small lots at $1 50 a $2. Guatemala quiet at $2 26 a 12 45 1j.athk* ?Hemlock sol* was in limited demand, aad prices wers a triile ussier; sales at 46c. s 48c for Bueuos Ay rex, 47c. lor California, sod 44c. a 46c. tor Orinoco. u?k sole was Id fair request at previous pnoes. Lu.hikk.? Kmiern spruce and pine were quiet, with sales of 200,000 leet at $23 a $26, tuaal terota. Laths wers quiet at (1 75. 3 mouths. Lkad.? Foreign pig was In fair demand, with sales of 1,600 tons st lt o a lol,o. , duty paid, and tl^c a 12H? lu bond. The government took 4,000 tons of dtOereul descriptions on private terms. We Also note a sale of 100 I' us tierujrtu at 1S){C. II oi xskks? 1 be market waa doll, an4 we not o sales of only 100 bills. New Orleans at $1 12 a $1 18, 1'orto Bioo at (1 10 a $1 10, clayed Cuba at 86c. a 80c. , and Cuba rouscsvodo at 05c. a $1. Naval Siokiw were dull, and prloes were without ma terial etiunge; small sales of spirits ol turpeutlue ul $3 60 lor French. and $3 60 lor American. Kosin mar be quoied at ?41 60 a $55. Tar quiet at $110. On*.? Linseed wss in limited demand, bat firm; aales of only 600 gallons ul $1 72^ a $1 70. Crude sperm quiet at $2 SO a $2 30)<. W iuter sperm at $2 50. Crude whale at $1 54 a $1 65. Bleached winter whale nt $1 06. . Lard was dull; tho only sales we heard ol were 200 bbis. ut$l 70. I'hovjsoks.? Kecelpts, 1,151 bbls. pork, 737 packages beef, and 171 do. lurd Tlx- pork market was firmer and more active, salea 6.000 bbls. at $.'16 50 a $3C lor mw , $40 a (40 25 for new do., $36 for prime and $37 fur prime moss; also 1,000 bbls. new mes*, buyer's option, at $42 50, and 500 bbls. for September, same option, at $43. Beef waa in fair demand: sales 300 bbis. at $18 a $16 lor oountry mess, $0 a $8 tor country prime, $18 a $-0 lor repacked mws, and $22 a $2>i for extra do. Prime moss beel waa dull aud heavy; small salea re ported at $36 a $36. Cut meats were lot.s active, snd prices favored tbe buyer: sulcs of 100 packagfs at 15c. lor shoulders, and 17c. forbams? Tbe lard market waatteaay, with a lair demand. Sales 1,200 bbls. at 20c. a 21c., 2,000 bbls. tor August, buyer's option, at 22c. tt 22J?c.; 500 bbl. deliverable tlie first hair of August, buyer's option, at 22)*c., snd 500 bble., buyer till August 20. at ai.'jc. Butter was In fair request at 37c a 43c lor Ohio, and 42c. a 47o fur State. Cheese wis In limited demaud, and scarcely as firm. Sales at 17c. a 24c X. for common to prime. 1 ktkolkvm. ? Receipts, 1 ,036 bbls. Tbe difference be tween the views of buyers and seliera Is about as radical as ever. Within a day or two buyers or crude oil have advanced their Ideas lc. a 8c. ; but holders have demand ed higher pricos still; so that business bus been greatly retarded. For crude oil 50>sc. wus freely o .e'reJ, and in some cases 61c. ; but holders asked 51 !?c. a 62c. Ke 'fioed, bond and free. Is Utile better than nominal Tht) sales are about 2,000 bbls crude, at 50>?c. a 51 jjc. ; l,luo do. refined . m bond, at 82c. a 83c. tree was nominal, though sales or 750 bbis. wore reported at S5c. a 37 Uc Naptba was Dominal at about 42 >.,,0. a 46c. IUck.? We note sales ol' 100 bays Rangoon at 14){C. Sria.TKK.-l here was no business doiug; small sales, however, at 17 Ho. .Sxcns.? Clover was quiet at 17 yc. a 18c. Timothy re mum aoarce and tlrui at $4 50 a $4 76, acd rough flax $3 75 a $4, w nh small sales of the latter Wo cole sales or 000 bags Calcutta Unseed here, and 1,000 do. in Boa tou, at $4 so. St'GAR.? The demand was limited, but prices were without material caaoge. Sains or 174 hhds. Cuba at about 20c. a20?4'c. Refined was quiet at 27c. a 28*5,0. for sort white, 23c. a 26c. for soft yellow, and 29o. Tbr powdered, crukhed and granulated. Spicks ? The market remains vory dull, the only salea being 25 bars pimento at 37c , and 300 mats ca?sU at 82 V? .now held at 82, '5e* We quote pepper at. 46c .cloves, 65c.; Air loan ginger, 45a.; mace, $1 60 and nutmegs $1 77tf. Tallow was without essential change In value, with sales of 75,000 lbs. at 10c. a 19 ^c. for common to prime. Tut ? We note sales of only 100 slabs Straits, at C4e. Other klDds were quiet at previous ''notation*. Tka ? The marKet was quite active and prices were firm. The vales tnn'udo $00 chests green, Sk>0 half ohesu yo .0# hyson ucd 660 do. oolong, all at full prices. Tobacco.? Seed leal continues in active demand: soles of about 8 >0 blids. Kentucky, varying from 1 lc. to 47o. Whmk.vy.? Receipts, 348 bbls. MarKet firm, with a moderate inquiry;, 2,500 bbla. ai $1 78 a $1 76 for State and Western. FliJAWCIAJU. Dividend -thr Washington insurance com pauT. 172 Broadway. corner Maiden lane. nac declared a dividend of fcx per cant, payable 1, free or sovern meat tax. MM. K. L07HF.0". Secretary. New you'c and new iuyen bailboad com. pan--, coruer of i-'ourth avenue and Tweiity-sefeuUi street. Trram'^br's Ornca. July 20, 1864. A dividend or '.bree dollars per shale (Ires fro'n govern ment taxi has this dav been declared on tne capital itook of toe coin pan v, payable at tbm oflice on and after Monday, the 18th dav or August next. The iran?f?r book* will clow tlx 5th day af August and re open on tbe 16tb of Ilia tau.e month. W. BEMENT. Tressnrsr. Coupons due August 1. 18;4. from Differ red slnl fund ?J'.riiJ*. a?nersl first in'. lira?" bmit^ Appletoa ss ?!or> V>on 1? anrf Or?en flHuillM benils. of the Ch* and NnrtkwsaMru Baiiway (Toropan> . aud li cats bond.' or the Galena anil rbfearo t'afon XfEW YORK AND UAHLBM RAU-R^AD OOMf ASy, Xl Prksimcwt s orricc. Nsw \o?k Tulv 1, 1S64. SECOND MORTGAGE BONDS ($l,?00.00tl|. Doe Aueust I. 1864. Notice Is hereby given that the Rondi of the a ho re issue will be paid at their maturity, August 1. ' o64- at tho ofDee of tbe comt anr, corner or Foiirtd avenue and Twenty sixth Street, and that the inter**; on the ?ame will cea<e from thatdate. WM. II. VANDERBIL.T. Vloe President. OFFICR or THE NEW YORK MAPLE SHADE OIL Company, 67 Wall street. Sew York. July 2V. IwH.? Tlie Poard ol Trustees hsveth's day declare<l a serond month:* dlvllend of three per > ent for Jul/ insiaut, piyal) e at their oQlce on and after We Ineiday. l(Kh Aucuai ? roximi ISAAC A. (jl'ACKl. N IIOSH. S..or.-fary. OFErCH: OK THE PENNSYLVANIA COaL COMPANY, lli, Broadway, New York, August 3, 1864. ? A dirMend or ??v-cn an I one hair per cent on the eapital -teo* or the Pennsylvania Ccal Oouioany wtii te.paiJ at -he oiflcs of the company la Net? Yors on aud after August 1-. In'tsnt, T! e tunsfer books will be closed fro-.ri the 4tb to the Uth, both idc in: - f. GEO. A. HOYT, Treasurer. (JOCTRF.RN BANK NOTK8 WANTED. ^.VI KOINI \. Tennessee, North Carolina. Souih Carolina, (ioarrla. Alabama and Ne * Orlnanr baqk notes by MANMNll & DE rOREtlT. Iiaskera, 1? Wall street. The ehie railway compant, no. if? west street. New Yora, Juif 14, 1W4 ? Dividend? The d'.rse tcrs of th'S compsuy l.a/s this day declared a dlrlderd out of the e?rn'Bg? of the roal fer ri moniha. enJins J :n? ? of three and one-balf parceot (le?s the fovcrumeet lax ef 6 per ' entl on ti e Preferred Stiek. Also a dlrlden'l or four per rent on the Common Capital stoea. free of gotfOP^at tar. Hotb t availe at the Trea>mi<"r> n" re. Krie p see, on Wednesday, tne Sd dav of Autust tie*t. to the i**i?trTed hoMsr* of atock ai the oloolng ol Uie books The trsnsrer books or both prei'erred nnd l onimoo atoek will be c>??d nn the affrnooo of T-ie* lay. the 19th In-t. and be reopeowl oa the Stb nay of August. UOKATIO N. <?T1P. Secretary. The bank of California. SAN FR ANI.'ISi'O. Capital fj.ilfio fOO, rmld up in reld coin D O MILLS Presldrnt WV < . KAl.KTON. Caahler. LF.K3 a waller. Correspondf-nt* New York city, tjilicea S3 l'lne street. Tqt> 1P.P?ITP.ES OP THE OKNTKAL I'P.TROLtUM Compati hs^e this dsy rf?clare l a dlvide-id ol one per cent upon t'.elr cipltal of tfl.i'OJ Wi". for the month of ,lnl?, pa ab'e at the r ollice. No. 1 ' Pine street In this city, on the :j* m?t. WED. W. CLARKK. Secretary. TR *NSFER OPFICB OF THE CHICAGO AND NOP.TH Weatern Kaiiway Company, No. h Wail aireet. New York, July 26, 1S04. it 1. Id; '4, Irom nrrfrrred slnkinc * Mm bloaso irom first rrert houd.' ortle tjaiena an ' i i afon Ra lroad < (Mn? psn?. will be paid, on aud aftsr 'iiat dais. ?n prs>?BlaU0fe atthlsoice. JAME8 R. YOUNG gswyny. ^TAL DIN, WILLABD A McILVAINE.r 17 BROAD STB RET NEW YOBJL Orders ^o'lclted for tke puYrhale and ??te of Patted Stakes ?eanriile? of all kinda. quartermasw>ra' vounbsra, spselo and eirhance. AU claims against tbe (o.erutasot pus c.haaed. Refer to Bank or the Kepu'tlle. Charles H. Marshall, kaq , Opdvks. l.oesrhigit A Co , Fran 'Is ftklddv Sr; , John J. Craae. P. w. Stiga. Ban f'j fltifl WANTBD-ON riBH? OLAWi ? l.l M M F ae- irltv In tsla elty tor eae or twe year>. Se curity doub'e the amount. Address bot 703 Poa, oiUos. <fi?) flftfl C*?H WAN*BD-OI? MORTClaQB, FOB ?OwUU one or twe yearn A libera, lalenst will be gives. AddreasJ. N HernU efflea. nnn TO cbnt, ?POV/U.U'Jw tk?r fl*e yeara or limser, on New York diy oropeny _ JOSEPH MASON, Ne. 6H Pine at rooms 10 and II. nnn -To i^^krt it rhal hhtatr, ? llM'.Uirlt, this amount In vnrlot?e *utn?, te be u ed in the porehaw ef DwaMiacaand 8t?re Prop?rtv JOKBI'H MAdOM, No. Piar >tie?t rooms 10 and II. DENTISTRY. ASE't OF TRUTH M A DB IN T'lKHR HOURS. ^ BR ?Irr ra'lslaetlea or ne pay. at 'JS4 rtnth avenue Etta Hal afnilon given to mechanical deniitiry. The ebeapaet lets ofl' "tn ever mad", and aa nae aa are made In say part sf the wend. No adraavv Is required, and ao one la r? sulred to take or nay for anstblns nnlea< soiled exactly Nitrous <?tds gaa has bean riven herein o?er seven thow fand csM-a, and teeth enra<ted without pa In. Ro aocldeat *r ai?kne?i has occurred rrorn Ita nae hera- we give Itavety lav. fleiween Kirteenth and MliUenth atrecta, on Hlxli ?venue. No. 239. ? NOTUBR MONffl. " ? C'line and b" natlelled.? Tt will re t you nothing Teeth eitra'-ted jotitlve y without pain and without charge until H'-ptember, in order to atord an onpottunlt' tn ail to be *?t1?f!ed of the (art and make it kuown. American leeth Co. I>entiets, Fourth street, oomer or Bowery, "iljOiNO TBETH CI RRD WITBOCT EXTRACTING J\. snd rmi lerrd pertnanenily u-efui i?, o ir Palnlse? Ad amantean ?hl'? Filling Al?o ?uperior Molit FllUnkS. Every style Artificial Toet'i elinaper uen ohtaiaable elsewhere equally *o -L LVTHBB A ONDl.KWOuD, Si Bast Twen. t> nHVond street., two blocks Irom Hroauway. C" lOl.TON DENTAL AMSOCIATION, / Where Dr. CoLTON (tae oriamator). with Ike nltroua otida sua, of tee renders tooth drawing a pleasure instead of a pain. No pain guaranteed OfTloa 22 Bond nlreet. ? WHITR'S NEW aVD IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL . , 1ret' ? W ol* aet< $A. f" $10 and $16; superior la heaety, durability and uaefumeee in othera. All work at half the pricea ebarued by otbei dentleu m West FanrtB atreet. between Barrow and Grove strnsts. OSTEOPLASTIC, OB ABTIPIOIAL BONB FILLINGS. tar deea'ed teeth. Old roots built up. Mere sheila, a< i ing teeth aad every class of cavltv uilsd without pala. by the dleooverer Room* removed to U Eaat Kou teenth atreet. oae door west of Union aquare. Over ten ihousand test! ?onlsli. 1 A rr?T CERTiriOATBH -IIAVJNO HArD FITS I te^th extracted without pala by Dr. J JAt VlLLBRH, IWOraad atreet, twe lilooks trosn Broadway, I cheerfully Insert this recoaimendstlon to tbeee samsvof toothaeae. M issAHt A. Saodb, II Prloes stmt. I)' IHIPP1NO. QTEAM WRKKLT TO LIVERPOOL, TOUCHING AT H Qiieenstown (Cork Harbor )-The Liverpool. Hew Tork And rhuae.e Phto HUitmibip Company tinmen hue), oftrr> mi (be United States malls. Intend desatotiing Hn)r futliiovered Clyde built Uon m follows.? CITY Of WiHHINOTOI, Haturdiar . lUiiuK (J, CITY Of MANCllltKTKK. NaturdaV. AUgust IS. CITY or LONDON. Saturday. Auguit *, and every suooeedlng Saturday, at noon, from pMr 44, North river. _ . 1JEA? or rAMAOn. Pavable !? fold, or Ita equivalent la Nimgf:a First oabln $<U Steerage ...777 SM Do to London 85 Do. to London ^4 Do to Ports 95 Do. U Parts 40 Do. to liomburg <J0 Do to Hamburg 87 Pa sengcrs slso forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac.. at equally low ratea From Liverpool or Queeostown Flret oabln, fTO. #*9, f|n\ Steerage (M Those who wlnb to aaud for their frKidaean bur tickets he e at those ratea. Tbeae itn>ni?>i have superior aoeo m m od a t Ions far poe aennera, are strongly built In water light Iron section", and crary patent Are annibllators. Experienced surgeons or* attached to each steamer. For further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM IN M AN, Agent. 22 Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM. No. flSt. Enoch square: In Qiieenstown to C. AW D. SP.YMOtTK A CO.; in London to El YES A MA CRY. #1 King William st.; In Paris to JULRSlDBCOUE. 41 Rue Notre Dame dee Vlctoiras. Place da la Bourse; In Phila delphia to JOHN Q. DALE. Ill Walnut street, ar at tha Company's office*. JOHN U DALE, Agent, 16 Broadway, N. T. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEBN NEW YOKK AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT TORE HAOTOR. AND BRTWKEN BOSTON AND LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT HALIFAX AND CORK IlARnoR. FI ROI A leaves Boston Wednesday. Augusts. SCOTIA leave* New York Wednesday. August 10. AFRICt leaves Boston Wednesday, August 17. PERSIA leaves New York Wednesday, August 24. ASIA leaves Boston Wednesday, August 31. CHINA leaves New York Wednesday, September 7. rHOM MCW TORK TO LIVKBCOOI. Chief Cnhln passage $]3j flo Second Oabin 80 00 _ _ rKOM BOSTON TO LtVnRPOOI.. Chief Cahln passnge $112 60 Second Oebin uaaisge 66 00 pa>al>le In gold or its equivalent tn united States currency. Berths not sa ured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on I'Oard. The own?rs ol these ships will not be accountable for aoe cle or valuables, unless bills of lading having the value ex pressed are slcned therefor. \ Fur freight or passage apply to B. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Oraen. Notice -th p. steamship bellona, captain Wm. Farmer will leave pier 21. North river, on Satur day. Anguat fi. tit -t! P. M. precisely, for London direct. To be followed by the steamship IOWA. August 13. THE LONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP COM gtny will despatch semi monthly their new and first class rltUli Iron steamships CKLLA. BKLLONA ATAI.ANTA IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, ea?h S.nO" tons bur then, between London mid New Tork. calling at Havre on the voyage fr9m Loudon Rates of passage, payable In gold or Its equivalent From New York, flrst cabin . $70; s?oond cabin. $5i>: steerage, $2\ Fr rn London or Havre, first cabin, $70. For ituiiie itpplv to rriAS A WHITNEY. 2rt Brosdway. For freight npply at .11 South street. Advanoes made on merchandise con-igne I to the friem!n In Loudon of the tin. der-lgnod. These i-teamer* connect at London with steam crs of the asm* eompany tor the chaunel ports. Rotterdam. Amsterdam. St. Petersburg. Conenha?en. Bordeaux, Oporto, Gibialtar, Alexandria .Smyrna.' Constantinople and Odessa 110.YLAND A ASriNWALL. A^eun. THE llAMBlTRO AM ECHO AN PACKET COMPANY'S IRON MAIL S1KAMSH1P3. From Southampton. From New Tork. BORCM!A 'ulv 12, 1HM ...Aug ti. lSdt KAXONIA JulviO, 11?t Aug 20, 1S"4 - Aug. 6. I?R4 Sept. a, lRfit GERMAN I A July 23. 1S04 Sept. 17, IFfit JO BOSS! A Seat. ?, l."P? OeL 1. 1MI SAXONtA Pent if". IS6I Oct. 1H, 18>>4 From Hamburg nler. foot of Third street. Ilohoken. taking pas enjor* for Hamburg Havre. London and Southampton atthe followine ra'es First e?bin. $li>S' second oabln, $ steerage. $37 50. pivab'o in sold orK* equivalent. r^^ht applv to Kl'NHARDT ft CO.. 43 Exchange For r**s?ge apply to C. B. RICHARD 4 BOAfl, 131 Broadway. Steam from and to qiteenstown and Liver pool. I t^TNARD LINE. From New York, $'3; to New York. $39, gold or oaulvaient in currency MARATHON sa'Is We inesday, Attcu?? S. OLYMPDS sal s Wednesday, "August 17. For p?ssa:e apply to WTLLTAM8 ft OUION. 29 Broadway. rFHR NORTH GERMAN LLOYDS STEAMfHTP VRB I MKN. O. Meyer, commander, e.irrylnr the tjnifd States mall, will sail from the Bremen pier, fajt of Third street, Uo'io'ten. on SATURDAY. AUGUST 13, AT 12 O'CLOCK, M., FO't BREMEN. VIA SOUTHAMPTON, laktoq passengers to londov. havre Southampton and brevei*. at the fnllowlng rates, parable In gold or its equivalent In carrency. ^ ^For^the flrst cabin, $1C5; second cabin. ?C? .TO; steerage. Tha BREMEN wit! be followed by the HANSA August 27. For freight or passat!'- apph to OKLRICH8 ft CO.. fi8 Broad atreet. VTATIOMAL XAVTO \TION company ?t\? TO gUKENSTOWN AND LIVKKPOOL. SKy?T,9aK- Sslnrday. Aug-istd. o H Lli ? ?? ? Saturday. A < 'gnat 13. Cabin, too golJ: Steerage, $.V). payable in currency. For pa-nake applv to WILLIAMS ft GUIOB, 29 Broadway. REOPKNTNO OF THE NICARAGUA ROUTE TO CALIFORNIA. THE CENTRA i, AMEEICaN TRANSIT COMPANY. OV bATUKDAY. AUOC^T 27. AT NOON, will despatch their elegant new sie?<i sbip OOLDI5N P.fLT. from ptcr 29 North river, fool of Warr?n street, connecting on the Foe. lie Ocean with the favorite steamsh.p Moses Tnrlor. The aecommodatlnnf on these fine vessels are very supe rior. and especla.'y adapted to the comfort of families nor. Irg to the Isod ? f sold. For passage analv only at the office of the line. 177 Weat street, corner of Warren, to D. N. CAIlRINiiTyN, Agent UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOE CALIFORNIA. VIA PANAMA. Begtilar selling diys? 3d. 13th and 23d of each month, ex. eept w!:en the^e davs foil on SundatL when tha d*y of de parture will l a the Monday fo'lowing. Tha flrst oloss steamshl.i NORTH STAB .< # A- O. /"nes. Commander, will sail from plerNo. 3 NortU river. WEDNESDAY. August 3. at 12 oVloeg ? "Hie sfeanship OC RAN Ot'KKN. Captain Tlnklepaugh, will snoeeeil the North SUr. and <all August 13. For fre g'ul ;>r passage apply to D. B. ALLEN No. 6 Bowling Green. FOE NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The United States mall steamship YAZOO. Oaorge W. t ouch, commander. Will leave pier 13. N R., for new Orleans direct, on WEDNESDAY, August 10, at 3 a Block P. N precisely No freight received or Ullla of lading signed on the day of salllnu. (For freight or passage applv ta LUDLAM, HB1XEKEN ft CO . 114 Broadway. j T7?OR HAVANA DIRECT -THB NEW ANI? FIRST l r Class United States mall steamship LIBBKTY. Thomas I ?. W l.son <<omin?R->e will sal! for the above port on Wed I tieaday, Auvuat In, at So'o'ock P. M.. froin pier 43 North river. For freight or pn?sav? atmlv to , . v H A kGOlJA A CO.. 33 South street. Letters must pass through tha Post ofllce. FOR HAVANA DIRBCT. Tha Tolled Statu* mail ateamahip ROANOKE. A- Drew, commander, , will leave plar 13 North river, for Havana direct, on Tnea i dav, August 9 at three o'c^k P M. precis**, v No ireiglit reoeived or bills of lading signed on the day of I salting For freight or passage ipplv to LCDLAM, HEINRKEN ft CO . i _____ _ 115 Broadway. ! n*L.MI" MI,E TOR OPLRANS D1RBCT . 'r*rr>''n? tlrt Dnit-<l fiates mail) The new and I splendid steamship Fi. Nt; SHUEY (I. a Good Luck), l."M j lotii PRfl^t^r, J. B. Flildroth comrnnodtr. trill Iaav# plur 14 : North river poa tlvaly on Saturday. August 6. at 3 P. M.. ! Her ao^ommofallons for pa?sengere are ex-?il'a<I or na I 8"o?fnil?%v'?.l/%ff * 'orfr*'?ht er passage apply to WM. J U. ROBSON 119 Fs^ont street, t ao dno: s iVooBi nail flireet, 1 ITOR NEW ORLKaNB DIRFCT-THB EN ItILT I ?,w flrM 0|"* ?,e?msbip charl".8 c Least n. . P Oylv rotnmanSer will leave ),;..r 14 F.aet rlvar o? Satur. i ? August ? at 3 o cleok P. K. For freight er passage a d j plf t'j N n BRIGHAM 133 Water street, corner of Pine J WOR NEW ORLEANS. DIRECT? WE DNKSDAT. T *Jfu5} 17 ?' t7,iT# 0 noon. Tha Adantlc mall ? f,(>n'P*ny ? ?'es? side whael steamer ARIEL wll. an? as above, from pier? North river, for freight or ? pasasfe apply at the o?ce or the Company, No B Bowling J _ P. B. ALLEN * I pOh HAVANA, DTBBCT.-THR BBW AND FIRHT | r eiaes United States mall steaauhip DaKOTaH, C. Bvder . eommsader. will sell for the sbore port ou Ratarday, August ? ?, at ikree P. H from Pier 10 East river. For fmigi.t er pa? ? aoge apply to W W. RUSSELL PRO 4 CO 1? Walfir J C*OB LI V E R I'OOL? OLD II.ACK BALL LINB? THM 1 ship COLUMBIA will anil prompt y on Batni^of. Au I SMtfl- Farpa.sw apnlv an board, foot of Beekraaa street. | ertoROCHS HBOS 4 COFFSY. KB Sooth street. ^ p?R riVRRPOOL-TAPSCOTT S LFNE" P ShlpEMERALp Sella A ngast 4 ? v. s.rtn.?? ro" l*OSDON? X<aLINE. I Jl? HPD801*..* Sella Anges t 30. For passage to or from the Old Country, or drafts, avail tfV! P4*1 ' England. Ireland Scotland and Waiee, at i the loweat poesibte tatee. anpl< to I TAPSCOTT BROTHERS A CO.. M South street F?S D"**CT.-CnNARD STEAMSHIP MARATHON Captain MeMlclcon, will aall an Wedaes* dav, Atig ist A cabin passage S^l? ?old. or Ita euutvalent. Tor freight or paaaage apply to R. CUNARD, No 4 Bowling _ I.IYERPOOL? THONPeoN'S BLACK UTAH Una? The relebrated packet ship JkRH. THOMPSON, sal'g to morrn^ For passage from or to the old country epplr at the ulPfce of tha line. 276 Pearl Btreot. F?P "T8RPO0L-TIIK < ' LKBNATBD SHIP~AL .V . . LI. ATI N , pier 4A Eaet rlvar poaltlveb sella on the Mh of August, Recond cab n $23 ourraucy and found. For par sags apply en board, or to F M. DEMAKEST, 40 South street. travrllers* guide. ? UpSON RIVER RAILROAD.? TRAINS FOB AU aSdTd T??' Jf*T# Chambers atreot ? i. ss ' ? tDi " 40 r- M- ?nd ?? R"e leya ?s oJi P. M., from Tlurtloth street. * YORK AND HaKLBM RAILROAD. - ? Trnlns for Albany. Trov and Saratoga Spring*, also connecting with the North and Weet, leave Twecti-alsih atreet depot el lO* A. M. and (I'll. ' "?eni| eixtn SPECIAL NOTICE. PMoengera for Saratoga Spr.ngs by uklng the 10 SO A. M. dally, at'd on Seiurdeye the 4 F. M. train, go throuah ta Saratoga without eha^ of aara ^ through to /^FFICE CKNTBAL RAILROAD COMPANT OF NEW Vo.'Srir^ '*?.? lb, Urwlnn. at lb. *???'? '?*? Ginirtl Rillmid C-ompniif of Klw JirMT Will he the^oot of Cortlanrtt atreot t* PlhR NO. S MOBTH RIVKR. Time of leeving pier Ho. I, North river, on and after ABfOfl I 11! t- S 4 m p. m. .11 f I ml: ITOB r iii '? AO P. JUS?AH 0. STEARNS, Supertnlendont. TOAYnUBtr OtTTPTB. J /10NEY ISLAND FBBBY? LANDS AT PORT Ba*TV I \J ton.? Tbe NAUSHON leaves Christopher MMI at M(, 12>i. Sk. Day ?rMt at 8 46 13:16. 9:4* i Harris street, pter II*. 4 North river, el 10. 1 ud A MORimo UNI FOB PEBE8K1LL -THB AUBOBA XQ .urw Jay street pier dally, without ciceptlon, at S A. lands at Thirtieth atreet. Yonkera, Hastings. Uobbe' Jerry, Nyaok, biug Sui*. Haveielraw, Grassy IVint and verplanok'a. pEGULAB BOATS FOB THB LATOL'RKTTE HOUBB, JLV Bergen Point N. J , leave pier No 2 North river. at F:'6, 1 2:4*1, 4 30 and > 90: from Day (treat at 1U 3tt A. M. and 4 30 P. 11.; tluie 36 minutes. tilcura railroad hourly from Jersey Otty. N B.? It takes no longer to go from New York to the La Touretlo House tliaa from Mouth ferry to tha fifth avenue. WESLEY W. HILL, Proprietor. KXCVK8IONS. RIDDLE' A QBOTB AND WOO!>BBIDOE PaRK.-THB 13 apiendld new barges Ger.Udlne aud Stel.a, a large at- amer,i with saloons: also am&ll mourners Ion plctilcs and excursions B. V. BUNNELL A CQ , 159 Front at, Gome one. come all. to the grand picnic and Rxcurs'on to be siren by Ht. Paul's Roman Catholic church, Harlem, at Jones' Wood*, on Thursday, August 4, 1864 i wo ?p:cndld bands have been engaged for the occasion The committee guarantee to muke tnia the grand Pton.o of Uia aeaaon. Adm .-sion 25 cents Rev. GEO. B. BBOTI1Y. First annual picnic of thk journeymen Glldera' Protect ve Union wl'l be held on Thursday, August 4. IHtii. at Union Park, foot of Sixt.-thitd Btreet, Baxt river. lirkets adin.ltin.'. gentleman aud ladie-i 26c Come one, come all P. 8.? A general meetiug of the gli ders of Neiv York citv and vicinity will be held thia ( Wed ne^dnv* evenluir, August U, at 10 Hiont n street. at 8 o'clock, ii. Snuhk. Treasurer. T. HEBVBY, Cbairuiau. Grand picnic at david pollock's hot*l, Hnltersvllle, N. J., on Thursday, August 4, I8'i4. lor the benefit o< Captain Timoth.v Waters, ex Foreman of No .2 Engine Com, >auy, of New York. For the convenience of thoai wishing to attead. a train will leave pier No. * North river, via Central KhI road of New Jerset,at2 P. M ; re turning, leuves Saiter-ville at 8 P. M. Dodtvorth's c?l?. b rated nand Is engaged. A dui chowdar will be served up at 6 P.M. Fare loritie excursion from Now York to Sai tersvitle und leturn .'0 cents. Tic seta for admission to the grounds and chowder SO cents. Grand picnic? for thb bknkfit of st. mabvs church, Bergen Point. Ke l ather Nilun, on Thuraday, August i, 1801. in Belmont Grove. near Ber;?n Point. A line cotillion band will be in attendance. Ticketa ?6 .enta, can be obtained o.i the ground. The dumm> cars ran every half hour from Jersey City f'Try, passing oluse by the erouula. SteanU'oals i.ave hew Yutk Irom |>u?r Ho 2 Noitti river landing ut Berli n Point, ilcutral of Now Jersev? The new extension of this rnud ;RKsen ihreotly through the ground, aud paiaengor car.s arc running be tween Elizabeth Cuv and .lersey t itv, afrdrdins a bin con v<n attce from ihe cities aud iroi.i afar back in the -omitr.. Belmont Grove is a verv deolrable location for the purpose. Persons wishing to spend a day In the country can find till* a good opportunity, as th?re will be relrebLments of all kind* on the yrouud. St. Mary'* cli'irch is a very handsome, neaf little church, and on y a lew years old, and ha - be<*u b iilt through tiie oertlon* of a amail coucregation, u hoaie verv dcsliotis of Bef loj; all thel' n lends on th:? oc^asl >n. and n'so all those who wish to se? ami eao mmge the l):i tid ing of small chuiohea in the woods as well as lar^e churches in cities. HOI FOR TUB FISHING BANKS -THE LARGE AND commodious steamer MARYL AN it will make excur sions to the Fiiihing Banks on i'uead. y, Wedne^.iav 'i hurs dar and Kritiav of this week. This boat ha- . large and powerful engine, with new boiler, and ha> ins been lilted up with laities' saloon and private cab u. also li.rge nud spacious upper dec!: lor dancfn*. renders her very safe and pleasant for these excursions. Hhe i? in cbat-gaof an expe rienced anJ capable pilot, who will put her In the ri^ut p ace on the Bun^s. Bait :ind tackling on board. (rood ootill n ''Knd aocompant the boat on each trip. Leavi K the foot of Urooine street. Rust river, at 7 A. M.. Peck slip nt 7V, root of Dcv Btreet, North river, at 8,'i, and pier 4, North river, at A. M. Karoil. U)ST V^U F'OUNp. T 087.? LEFT, IN EITHER A VTaLL STUBhT OS JLj South lerry staje on Tuesday afternoop. a black Traveling Bag. The rttider will bo liberally rewarded by leaving th-i sa'.no at -.'4 Oatiul street. T OST-ON FRIDVT, JULY 22, SUPPOSED TO "R I j I'm Knicker ocicer ataje. o argo c?in?o hi-ail conl Hrooch, set roiinrt <vith coral balls, will b< paid for the same, with the tiinaks of toe owner, by Uenry is Mcllvii.e, jeweller, 78 Blrcclcer street. LOST-ON A F0RDHAM HORSE CAR, OS SI N CAY, July 10. u small o d Pocltot Tllb'e, marked. Whoever w 11 return the taui : to i lie otlice of Bowery liisuranoe Oo , corner of Ur.tmi and Bowery, will be ntiiial>.y rewarded and receive the thanks of the owner. Lost? on monhay, august i, a pair of (sold Spectacles, ? rel.c or the family The Under will be handsomeh' renajxlc.l and receive the !-?. of tii i on n:.r by returning th^tn o C. S. Wescott, 79 John street V. LOST-AUGUST 1, A PMALL FAWN COLORED Scotch Ter. ler. from 73 Wert Eight!', nth street VVIo evsr will return her will receive $10 raward. 1-OST? ON SATURDAY. JULY SO. IN GOING FROM I J til Bare nr street, to or on a Fourth avenue car. a Package, coma nm? 7U Taraa Bla 1; LacA A rav. irii will . e l.aid for returning same :? K. R'fland, 146 Broadway. IOjT? A BROWN PONY MARE, 14 TO is BAUDS, J with a doctors four whee'ed ton Wa on nnrt coarse nii-shed Kly Nets: was tHKnn :roni the door oi I j3 ,. './abcth Btreet, on Monday whi'o the wa m.ik n ? n sescall. Any per?"n who will send information oi the same to ?7 Tuiid avenue, will bo thankfully rewarded uj :he ownor. Tosr OR STOLEN-CBRTIFICATE OF INDUUTr.D. J nens No. 53.622 for five thnu^Tid aotla is, ! sued to Knapp ,t Pcclc, Juiv 21, 11 it. All persons are ueretly oat;? tioned against wa. ot latin g or purchasing it, as t.a u.o . as lwn stopped. A liberal reward will be given for Its return to Knapp & Peck. No. 2 South street, New Yor.;. IOHT? LEFT IN A FIl'TII AYI-NUE K 1' AGE. ON J Mond^v evening. Aug st I. a large Cane, a ao^'s head. ?The Under will lie liberally rewarded by l avlag it at tlia oliioe of the Revere House," corner of Broadway and liou ? tou treet. I' OST? BETWBBH TBI RTT-3ECOND . AND~ TW ENT Y J t Ird *treet<. br one of the drivers of the Fourth Ave. nne Mage Line, a Frock Coat A suitable reward will ba given tt left with the starters of the Fourth aveatic line. Y 08T-ON MONDAY NIGHT. ABOUT 10 o CLOCK, ~A li Pockelbook. containing nearlv $100 an ! a tnemoran d ii in book. Tho linqer will ruceive a liberal reward by ra ti. ruing it to 36 Klilh street kkwahdsT ? ^REWARD.? LOFT. TUESDAY, IN BROAD 0?J ?a? a Black I^ ?Ve|l. The Under will pie^se re turn It to 110 West Tw enty -fourth streou er: REWARD.? STOLEN. OV SUNDAY NIGHT, JULY Jyt) ?l. from the siab.e on 115th street, n?ar Htitn ave bue. a smail dark red Cow, with bra -t knnba on her horua. Whoever will return the aaoie will re elve ilie above reward Irom the subscriber. JAKKh V. KbKCU SC REWARD. ?LOST, ON TUESDAY KVENING A ?) P. cfcet'. jolt, c niainlnc a small atu'.unf of money and ao-ne piper* he'ongin ? to a poor young man. The tinder will receive the a Jove reward by lo.avu.ig it with Juseph M. C.ilien. care of M. Dingelsnlel at Co., 40< Broadway. <J?- REWARD -LOST, ON SUNDAY. BE I W KEN T WO aud t'nee o'clock P. M.. a Bis k and ian Teriier. ears uncut; answers to the name of Little Beauty. Ihe finder will receive the above reward by II to 100 Bast Thirty second street. fflin REWARD. -LOST, ON JULT 71. A SMALL JpiU b'neit and tan Terrier Dog. Answers to the name of Mac. Whoever will return him to 464 West Twenty- third street, will receive the above reward. fl>l n BEWABD-FOB THB RECOVERY OF A LARGE V-l-V/ black Baa. with a Bundle attached hr a do.ible strap, ooutainlus a Bntlilna Dreas, Ladies' Wear ng Appa re . AO ; stolen Irom F.iltur avenue. Brooklyn on Saturday, .Inly 30, by El|t>n Oronln, alias Kelly ; she Is above merlltim heubt dark hair, fair skin, large dull eyes, aged about 24 years; bad on a I gin calic > dress, black Stella shawl, iriih colored border, and a black straw bonnet, trimmed with b ue rlbbon>and iMvers outside and inside, t he above re ward will la- paid Tor recovery of the bag or approhen-lon or the woman. Anp'y at Hn street, Brooklyn, third bouse 1 north of Gates avenne. east side. 'a?1 u 1EWARD.? LOST, A GOLD (SLBBYE BUTTON, Ipl-J o'aek enamelled, with the letter D aet with dia monds. The alove reward will be paJ'I by leaving It at Charlee W. Darling's, 3'J4 Sixth avenue, corner of Twenty - fourth stresu <?tm B3WAND.? LO?T, A BLACK ABO TAN DOO, ?.) ? U had oa his oollar fin. Gray don, 31 West Twenty fifth street. T.iesbove reward wtllV paid for the dog. or S10 for information which lead to nls recovery by W. Lane*, ScU Sixth arenue CLY 30, A a a crown ?roadway. dhsir (CUBHBNCT) BFWARD WILL BH PaID B* OaptalL Neiaoa of the Norw-'g an oartx Greviar. for the reoovary of a new ship a Yawl. See York bul t. and C inied white all eeer, bat :UUed with petroleum. Loet tween tbs bourse# l scd 9 o'clock o.i the nigh; of the 2d Inet. FL'NCH. MBINCRB t WENDT. Agenka. M Beaver street I 0>lrtn REWARD -LOtT OR STOLRB, OB THB ?MUU mlg*to( themk Jutv.aioldhaoUngeeseWaMA ! (Jules Jurganaee's No. 7X)9t\ with lint chain attached. ? Any parson leaving them at the store of Tiflany M Co., I Broadway, will reoe've the Shew -award, and no Questions I naked. Should thev be In tn? bands of a pawnbroker a liberal premium wttl be paid over his advano* Hil nn REWARD -MISSING. RINCB TBURSDAT JplUU last, a Leather Trunk, covered with "ft vaa> aad marked R. 0. L The above reward will be paid far the return of the above trunk and contents to Mr. Up ton, *8 Beaver street, or for sueh information as will lead to the recovery of the above property. ~ r"~ T^XOLUSIYELT FRENCH FLUT'NO (0^8 JO TWBSt fj ty Inches wide).? Alt materials poeeiuatly fluted la an unsurpassed manner, at Mrs OgL mi I a ? LPi? estsbi smients. 18 Amity atrest (it. B.? A hleok aada half from Broadway, 1*7 Booster streeV_holow WoostorL and Ml rulion street, Brooklyn. ?. B.? Bo maohlosry used In the genuine French tl-Jtlng. 1 I ''LUTINO. ? FRENCH FLUTING DONK IN I A JJPJ'JJ 1 nor style for four cents per ysrd. Over fori rinches one aent per inch sitra. by the French Fluting Company, J71 Spring street, between Vartch and Hudson _ ft rir h i t rTg o on^j s 'a? * Via W bri , bid olovrs. _ ^ 204 and *? Sixth aveone. ; tfinc REWARD -LOST, tVRHU/Y. iVL ' fftJJ large while Pear' Klaa set verv h'a/? <a a * 6lla FlELt. COOBroa POLITICAL!. TT B A DQ 0 ABTBBfl TWBNTT SECOND WABD. Mr. Jl Olslisa Cnlon t'lub, Ml Rigtith avenue. ? A public n meting of this Club will be bela as above, oa Thursday evening, August 4. at 7)0 o'clock. Bmlnent speakers and patriotic alngera. Friends of Little Mao, corns early and saroii your namea. By order of OHABLBB B. BOMaINB, President. 2Y WES*' I B| (K'LBLLAB ONION CRNTRAL BXRCI'TIVR COM ill ralltee.? This Ceaiiulttoe will meelattheNlae ar Ilouae. corner of Blghth street and Broadway, this (Wednesday) evening. AOflust A as I e'etoeh. Punetoal attoadaaae la re <><M* HIRAM KBTCBUM, Jr., Chalrmaa. Josh oi Is sirs, | ... ( Has. V. Boo a 1 1?*. ' furniture, China, Glaaa aud Silver Ware. West twenty third stroei. near Sixth avenue. I'tuirV-nRS T~fIiKwF^^ Ipxta*""^ JY $4.?ro te ?fl.oui, to ? DMsbto* *hop air**% *? tabhahed, to manufacture lathee and other tool*. iegat?? 5g?srg,ga njsvt&s%?ssr rvissoLtTTiaa or oof abtfeebh if ? tbe nu J ' of BMtlmtft, Etringluwm A Vm Beta *m dle*?dv?4. by mut al ceoeent. on the 2-tfh of June. The batlneea of t*? Itu Arm will bo continued at the Union gtwm Saw M1UR 8ai and 287 Monroe etreet, by Geo. W. BatUaoa, W?. Stringham and Bdward Biabop under the nam* of bentt> aon. itrinKbam * Oo. O. W. B ATTiSOX. GF.ORGK VAN NESS. WILLIAM STRINOMaH, BP WARD BiBHOP. IHAVB THIS DAT ADMITTBD MT SOM. DAVID 9. King. aa a partner Id my business, which will b? eo? dueled hereafter uuder tbo Hrm of Edward J Rln* A In. EDWARD J. KING, 46 Broadway. Iiw Ton*, Auguat 1. taOi. NOT1CB.-THE UNDBKBIUNBD U AVE *ms DAT formed a ei>T>ariuer?blp, under tbo name of Walde% Willard A Mcllvalnc. for tbe transaction of a general *-? ?> tag buaineaa at No. IT Broad atreo^ 0IIA8. F. WILLARD, KUW'B. R MrlLVAlNB. B?w York, Auguat I. 18M. CHAS. C. WALDEN. OFFICK OK HENKi H. BOODY A CO . NO 8 WAX* street. New York. Auguat I. 18M.? D. A. Bocidv and 1 iDloy I. Wright are thU duy *dmiti?d member* i *1 I m bun sc. ?*? "? "OC'Di A CO, PARTNER WANTBD-TO TAKE CHAR IB OK A iarge oy*ter saloon, with supper rooms and bar at Inched, situated on tbe north;- eat lornerof hrnadway and 'fill tee-itn street: no money ia required; but an eiperienoeA man. with a large - irele of frie.nds an I acq :ntutanocs ia dispensable. Apply atierCI*. M. at the anloou. PARTNER WANTED? TO DEVELOP A NEWLY DID co; ored extensive tract of oil land, witliln four hu*> drei mile* of th s city. Only partia l of respectability wdl be treated with? not aseuu. Address B. 1*. Churchill, Poet ollu-e. Partner wanted-to invest $io.wo in thb munuin ture of patent and fori-e pnuipa, of * aupei ior description, with reputation and market already established In the Stan* and in liouth America. The huai nesa iwt|uires to be conducted on a inryer acule. The owner proposes to give one half Interest to an acceptable purtp. For fiirtuer Information address W. M. H., Herald o.Lieo, for three days, or box 1 2 Post ollioe, Hnltimoie. PARTNER WANTED? IMMEDIATELY. WITH A CAP! tal of $1,000, in a proiitable cash business. In full op*> ration tteiorenees oichauged. Apply to J. C. Allium M Co.. 'MS ltioalway. ANTHD-A PARTNER. IN THE SHIPPING AND commission business; also ngent for a cual mine n Cape llrcton. which alone In world $4. 'WO per annum; a* enerireu'o person with come knowledge or tiie business will be taken on favorable terms. Address Shipping, Soutk slrart, Herald oilice. WANTED? A PARTNEK, WITH $12 00 TO $11,000, TO ihki-1 In i mnnulin-tiir ng bumni'a?, w ell esiabli-heA and vhlcb pays a larce proilt An actlre and t?ood bualnmBI ni .n is ret(uired. Relereucos given and required. Addrea* box 737 Post otllce. I?rni) _ PARTNER WANTED? IN T'lE ITEAl CvUV/. peeking box manutactnr nq btiaine<?. Sell all ten men can tiiskn. constantly emuloved. t > cash cintouiar^ Have sans beuche* bcitltn-, mai n nery, Ac , and hor?e an4 wae<>n. Applv on tlie premlf.ej, K eveutli aienue betwnoa Twenty-ninth and 'fbirt etb streets, eaatanle. third flour. ei nnn _AX extraordinary cfianck is or ?iP I >vv ?>/. feted as cas.iier and partner in n m-'ne. mak Iiir i.-niei priFP pnyln ?l, 51)0 neeklv profit. It Is no uateBt 0! otiier Utimhojj, but is a sure ihlnc; a foriitue la ce: tank Appiv bifore 3 P. SI. at 503 1) road room C. ?lnnnn-1 want the services of ? Oi" ' * "? partner In Europe to tnko entire charge m the map biiK Dens tliBre, which I rjin about to establish l? London. For two yoarapaat 1 have had m-ientlrtc eng neerg In ( 1,'ri.ain making a superior tnnp of tbat country oa the iaine p''in ami i-l/e of "L ovd'a Map of the Unlt*4 Stat-s.'' of wh ch i.y.i I copies lia -e lieeo sold In this conn# try id on-t yea . The c: eap'-st le'iah'.e mnp published hi Urent Britaiu itSlfl in ^old. Lloyd a msp of Gruat brlials (wlncli is mo?t oom leted: wtil b-i sold In Europe at W (0 st-Hlln-.-s sterling), roounte l and vnroishad. and is sup<?. riortoan maveieruude; nn.l I c->n ilcullv antleinats S sale of four mil lon c > i2S In t^o yeir.?. .-m I Intend to ?? rl tit in and butld as larpe a busin-ss In Kurop? at> i h?v? don ? In America. I need a llrst c! isj bualneas man <vl?i ?10, 000 eanftBl to go at on^e to Loaden. ro a ?t?adv hnafc ne'S m>o I w?uM guarnntee ht? Imoi.ry bscK the first rsalt J. T. LLOYD, American Map Publisher, 23 Cortlandl sLreet WJ SPKCIAls NOTICES. Army norsbs.? a mbetukj or the iri'stebs ano Adilsory Hoard of thii Mason c M asion will am R?:d to dav, at half-pwattkree o'aMfek P. M.. In rrom No. ? Ctlnton Hall. Ail iu?-r< ted. especially ladi03 de.-irtng M bccoiae army nurses, are invited. n> A MASS MEETING OF THE liH ICC LAYERS OF X B?w York Wdl be held nt >.il1man'a Hall, -corner mi Twenty aiith at' cat aud bcri nth aveuue, on Wednea4a# evening, August 5, at 7Jf o''-iock James HANLON, President, PivTKR Fablkt, Secretary. BKY GOODS. CLHRKS' EARLY CLOSING ASSOCIAe lion will hold tlielr re -t1?r nieefl:i ; nt Ear'v Cloa'Bif Hall. '.'67 Bowery, tin ( 'A , ln> .I" : f.eninir, Au:?<iat3, M B n'clocii. iiuauiesa of tsinortanoa will be tranaseted. N. W. MOP. Pill, l'resldeai. Fpkp. WarxKn, Recording Seuretury. IMPOP.TAHT TO P'-:RSOMS DESIROUS OV MANff. fa-turlnjGol I nr Sliver Leaf ?I will diaposnof two O# mv Eeutina, in sood wording order, for lesi tbam ha f t'-'-lr val'ic.lwith rl^ht to nse the same In nri v part m the Cnltod btat?s. W, 11. KEMP. 176 Hud&ou stroel. MASTER 8 I EVEDOBR ' ASPtlCI VTIOV ? R XGULAS m ntblv meet nc of this a- mctation wu be l-eidat tl elr rou:n.> to-morrow (V miaday) evening, at acveu o'clock, r'ull atton-lance is reuuef ' "1. WILLIAM A. MOORE, President NEW TIRt CITT AND OOrVTY MOPOB OUAfc era' Protactlvo Socletv ?A reudlar mwlalj meeting mt the above si ciety will be held at tne.r rooms In Hleeckar !lo;:a ' M'eo'ier street, ore deor from Oiectis. on Wi<m? ilav evouing AUgoit S. at el^ht o'clock. Me:nboiaare f? quested to wfl punctual in att' tidance. Rr order. THOMAS OASbIN, Pre aidant. Joarrn McQuiint, Kecor^^i Secretary. Northern pacific railroad.? the undbb signed Commlssloneri from Kn se.chua lis. named M Ihe n.-t of Ine-irjMiratl n ol' the Northern Pac'tle RaiirnnJ Comoany. hereby give i,otieii to all those named Id said Ml as comir.isalonna, that the fliat meeting of the B- ?rd ?! ('onim!??.loriera r,? tbo afar?a?ld co-npan/ will he hold at Ihe Muloacon Hall, ia tlie city of lioaion, ou Thuradav, Uaa 1st day of boptembcr next, at 12 o'clock noon W1LLARD SF.AR8. J. S. WITH I NO row. GEO. KHIVERICjL J OS I AH PMUIAJC, JOHN A. RA^S. AIM EL Alt?'?IT, Boitox. Masa , July 14. 13CA J. >1. UEOEKTT. NOT1CE.-I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE THAT NO PKB . aou whomsoever 1" by me autl-.on.ed to buj gtiodi f of me, nr lj collect money due me. or to borrow money. on mf tiamo I.O' .? SINK, t~ Bari iay atreek N-OTIPB IS HEREBY GIVKN THAT AnOPSTR D* oOVlLLB. Jr., Is aole agent oi DOI2K ti CO , ol />Bp rana, and tuat no other peraon but fOid D'^nrltle, ri>rn->i? alU, is nuth'Ti/ed to receive advertisements for publicatMi in aOV of ibe new s)iBi>?rs of tbe island ol C>iUt, of wn^MI said Dot o A Co. are th# advertltlng agents. W B. TIIE MEMBER* OK HIE JOURNEYMEN RORS% sho<-:-a' Protective Union and HeTievo|->nt Soeiei yii tiienityor New York, have con?ented to stand by every mal of U>? tra le; we will aupport them aa mem ers of the ao elety. and give the sum of $10 POT .veek to nrorr r an wS? has atruek airamst flttla? or putting on miU or?4 shoea as lona aa they are out of employment. Co-n? obb^ come all. and see will protect you. Signed by the ' mmtl tee appointed by tbe aucioty. MICriABL RL^'iH, DENNIS nniTT. THOS. O'HHIKN. FRANCIS M- 'lUCRTR, KEKRN HANNHFT, PATBXOK KIBRNA*. Mil ilABL CURRHN, THOMAS RU SHELL, President. I nintAKi. Kim.ek, Saorotary. ?7E HAVE THIS DAYJGIVMN OCR POWER OF A* Tv torney to Mr. Rotiert Whitman. Nitw Yon*. August 1, 1864. C. P. FISCHBR k CO. a einsoitAii. A NT INFORMATION^ OF PaTRICI SHEEHAf.QV A Caat e Lyons, oounty Cork, Ireland, will be thankhmF received by his aittar, Ma.-garet Shaehan, nt Sing Slaflt Wnatcbaster aouoty, N. Y. DU? HOUR LETT BR BBOJIVBD. I~ UNDbT . atnnd. All right. BUSTOIf MPSEUM. i INFORMATION WANTRD-OF JOnN O'NEAL. WB# j A arrlvd in New York June 9. on board stenmahlp E4t*> 1 burg, from (jnoenstown, Ireland. Tbe underagoed wain I lo tend Liiu on to kla brother. Jeremlali O'Neal, i en ~ao<>l% Florida. Address A. Egnn, box 4 7W Post office. New I?ft Mew Jarnay and Pannavlvaaia paoara will p. ease copy. INFORMATION W-AKTBD-OF LOUM FR'BDMAM. W yearn and * .-nontba old; left hla home^A-l Motl atraaL aw York, on the i?th Juir laat, and baa never been nsai n af amce. Anvelne or loformatiwi ta his wharenhonta wflf ba tbankfu'ly raaalvad by hla aged parenta, aboee o?l* ehlid and aupport ha was. It U auppoeed he has ennsied A the nary. Address Abraia Friedman. RS Mott street, N. T. VNfORMATION WANTBD-OF MART McCARHBT, ? who was last seen at Patrick Cursan'a Twentieth atra~* Na? lork. Any Information will bo thankfully reoaived her father. Michael McCaraev, at Jaines McOreagor'a, Fifly-teurth atraet, between Fifth nnd Sixth nvaauaa. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHN 9. AND ELIBA X Steven*, by their brother, Henry, who lived, previonn Ml the death of their mother, in Broome atraet. between A ilea and Kldndce streets. Addrens or cad aa Henry ClareaMi 71 North Fifth street, Williamsburg. L I. INFORMATION WANTBD-OF GRORGB R. PR N TOW, I . or Satnual H. Fanton. or any relatives of Mary V. Tura> ull. Address, statin* where they may be seen, ber Ma, ? Turnbull, box IftO Herald efllce. M^HACD.-RBCRIVBD. HAVE WRTTTRlf AS BK fore. Aoswer II Am unwell, nnd shall bo oat ot leVM th.s week. Thine e?er, hPITH. Ml. h? c. h t. has not tet eetc unbbL . Your letter 1 forwarded to him. All wet I at hotn* ? ? ? ? ? ? JIM. M~ IBB KATB OAKLET'S ADDRESS IS RRQUIRDS on euslneae of Importance, regardtng an 111 relnttvas Addreee Inquirer, stall on O, N. Y. The hackmam wffo wvs biTfloTBD bt a liH on Frldar afternoon laat to romnve a trunk from 1|* h isement ef No. 3 Aatar place, will confer a favor and H rem'inerated for his trer.hle hv <-al in? at the same plaoe. Th h I'NDKHSI INBD rriiirnb ?i%r hincbbb thank* to the Hart e Is and Drnm Corps and meinbee* af the Maieppa Light Guard fee their kind aaalatance M her late bM broth.r-a f? VaTHARIMA E.RNA. X-ALL BAFB ? TOOR FIRST * F, XPRKIRNOB . would naturally ba painful. Bear thl< in mind. No one haa, or can have, n right to know taaythlng of th* pa-t The knowledge yon have, of which yon esnaet fen snsoected. muat never fee oonlaaaed or betrayed under any olrcinn*tanoaa whatever. DERTROT. ~ BXPREIBBI. BURNHAM'S FPRMTHRB rzfkbsb offiob. ns Weet Bleeenth atraet, between Fifth and Sixth eve nnee? Flanolortea, Painilng* Mlrrora, China, Ao., feotM nnd nhipped la nil parte of the world. Large waeone ffet moving turnllure In ally or oe tniry. Pnrnitnre stored ~ TO! L?CTVJB.? BM1AIHHI. TMPOBTABT LBCTURKB UAlLT ?FOR GBNTLRMI 1 only, at the New York Mnsentn af Anatomy, ?!> Br* way. rarltee uaakla to aitead these Leotarea cna W them fm warded on receipt of ten cent*, by addreeelna r tary of New York MnaenVt of AnatemT

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