Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 5, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 5, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, AUGUST 6, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. SHERMAN. lM?*M ?? ItaMMa'l BaM-OtlMt ?? WkMiar. liuviaritta, Aacuet a, 1M4 Tbe Naahvnie Onun of to d ay mji, apparently mibMtieafted bm unofficial informaimo baa mm r* Wived Ufeal (>M?rU tMutoiia cot tuly etil IM H?< M larirvad, bul deieated tbe rebel Whreiar at rwur ? week; Ukat lb* latter knet from Ore huudred to ?M im? ?adaaou la ihe t^ht.aod bit d?*l u? n?M Mi IM oar IuMIil Mr. Wb. f. G. Shaahi' Dupai?ft Namvilu, Too* , Joly M, IM4. THk SITUaTH)* At ATlAMll TM news at General Sherman's head'tMMera to Ih a My is ibnt ids army ia in mot too 10 day. i ww Mi par allied to telegraph you thin; bul by the ttaoe tbte reir?t? ou tbe movement will havo been ao far advanced tail be publication of tbla statement cm do do Mr at. TM roiy H In molloo,at]d by tbe left (lank, a statement wboae nporlance will be apparent to all w ho are p-eied aa w. be situation at Atlama. I sent you a detailed auteweui r tbe situation on the 21st. It bas not beea mater ally banged since that time, tbe Km extending from tae river arallol wiu the railroad to AUauia, and thence around fee city to a road which leaves it in a due southerly di action. Tbia position was to iroot of tbe town, wltbia bout two miles and a half of it, and hail beoa oceupied n tbe day succeeding (he bittle of K'acblree nidge, and ke day preceding the batUe of tbe 22d. This latter Ihlr does not appear la have uoangod the line materially, id we have tbe movamenla of to-day beginning from its position, Tbe movement?by the left would extend le line further southwest, creeping up jo tbe Macon ro id, id closing around the southern side or tbe oitr. sirca on SHiiniDDUi t Tou can easily divine She mau'n purpose In -theae leratione. You can understand why ho advances to ? very doors of the city and ibou delays. Someone III cry out directly that hu is delaying to give tbe lemy time to get tholr store > awiy. :t was male rather lib the hope of keeping tbe reouls there, and to al! ipearunce It b?s flticceOdeG; at any rate the ei omy re ain up to this time. The movements now programing ill decide the important question whether tbo cam jUu will end la a s ege or a skedaddle of the rebels. KuSnorman wis boo 'to accomplish ia Hood's inveal snt In Atlanta. Tbo beet tuing for tbe rebels to do la skedaddle. I b ire believed U* some time that It bas ?? too late by gevoral days to do this wttA safety, and day the hopes ontcrtained at Oeooral Sherman's head arters of the success of the operation)! to lavest Hood Alluutt are vory much increased, and news or the ivements now going on is looked for most anxiously. HOOD .AND 013 roLICV. fbe polio x, of Hood tlio rebel goverxinont is not at of Kabius and Johnston. Ho >d auvocatus lighting, d is staying at Atlanta to do It. All this is liigoiy M rabie to Sbnrman'a plans, and bo will as certain^ nut aeral Hood M be has o.i^enoraled Johnston. All i army officers whom 1 have hoard sneak of Hopd ude to him as a m?n of very common attainments, b it uudoubted courage. His classmates, of whom there (several bore, allude to him aa a We t Pointer beter read In tho mysteries of ?'bluff" and "draw" than Id itlcs and erttfnoering. General M.tlor, who knew Hood itnately in California, thinks his appointment a great rantafo gained by us; and In view of tbe pm-poses of irmau Hood's appointment looks encouraging. mswART, car inux ami tumuaiiB. k. V Flew art, who haB been made a lieutenant general ir Buakoer, Breckinridge, Cheatham, Wituers, rat burne.and many outers of die lame army, ia doubtless mioted because be advocates Ggbiing. Stewart 1 dis utly remember as m nice, dapper sort of a little fel r? the lady *a darling, in fact, without mucb originality, i who bad all Uie rules of engineering by heart. Ha ? accounted a good engineer, and won bis brigadier's amission by building the works at Columbus, Ky. He ? on Polk'aataff tbM; now be steps into the "late lb n ted 's shoes" as corps commander. With ail bis shallow a, bowevor, Stowart Is doubt less superior to Hood, or Lbe new commander of Hood's corps, General B F iatbam. C^caibam is only a fighter, not a genoraj, I a better borne jookoy than either. Cleburne, who i lilt!e Irishmin, who entered the Fir^t Ailsansas as a vate, and who has risen to the rank Of maj< r general iiii a groat d?al of oppositloq, is perhaps tbe beat u ia Hood's army at tbl* lime, at least possessed of re of the sterling qualities of a man and m ?>dier. ?KXMAL 9SSRMAII. r conrae, with the fall or Investment or Atlanta go,u i do?n a^J Sherman goes op. Whb all his peculnri an<1 bta abruptneas of manner, Sherman is liked, and h oacb campaign bo has gained character, until lk>w Maoda second, if Dot first , among the military men of country. Correspondent genaraJly have few jjieaeant t tootkns of General Sherman; but "t t?aVe a few r% noceucos afecft aro InUrafUaf. and wtiiob, at thto e, in >y uot beuawe ?om5, Tnoy buivo tbla merit? y hare never before b?rn published. be ?? ^>ot polqK? ibo moat atr itng featnre? of iln i man'e c'-wter la a pecnlUr nervom energy that t?e uo >*o .s4t'?n, and which li reaiatksa *nd loiiir Irvj. [ifO't energy to other*. Uo is untiring la big aflbrts, I 6*niiite? at ao a uo ;ui qt detail, Mailt** great and all rocrivo hit attention, u'4 a.i dcgtouM are given IB toe u>t& ei iir*.<mi>tltud?, and i^om or never re tard. vvnta hhariuau was to command at Memphis, a is over two yoar* *go, a Mt. huncan, of UxnsvilM, I nit partner , having a permit to pur ine? cdton, 1*4 no U?a*ral bfeermaa , dicing to ba aiwwed to ?x ut** salt :?( aoit?n mtn >'Uu.*ua beyoud alio iimlta of i cut, tiuttrtihw our hue*. Mi?rutan replied very ini ti? , "N"." tr|i>m*ola war* tried ka vain, wheo in ?n ? j artimr tb i iijht ha would try tba "old acquaint ea ' <1 due on KM (lonerfl, and began by reonlllu^ rm-.ol iloaa ol ih* lime when Herman was a banker la Cail nta. '<1 know sou, ucuorai." ha said, ??whoa you re bankiug m Sin Francisco." and .sberinan; her* * wb?? I l*afn*J to aajr ? uo. ' It la a good I<mL " a hard, aafnast worker. Fhonush devotee but lltU* ,? io ?i**p. WHm r-hcrman aaaumod oommand at l/>u M* la lanl the writer waa engagud In ibe Associated r?a i#rm in tost ?ity. At that time the gt>v?rnmnnt m o*mg (be e?|dt*rs of Ibe Associated l'raaa, aad iia ??la wrro ?,n?i'l*>*d by tb* government m trauapooing .1 i ran* at < >g .|-?p ichea, ati'l btuce Sherman spent a , -ii* pirt or bl< time in the pr.-a* offlco. Ho would m be in the ofll?u from riant o'clock P. M to thru* nek a. M and th?n retire to his room at the <i*!t m.m only bm-a<'?? tUo nth ?* was c! wed. During th<'io b* tmi d pace up an t down tb* iloor ol tno room, i >at*>g Mfar altor recur, apparently In d*?p tbougbt I a< *4 ?** at tb* eoov ?> -.uion ing on aro<tnd Dim. rt.M p*u>.itarity of ahx^m* of mmu lound an exnoltont wtrati a la a oir<-uintlaooe whioti oouurred at f .ebanoit i*i>ia, K?. ">i??rui??i , with two r?a,|?<'>>ti under tolo i |sit?Ii II Itoaiuaaa ftiot? Msjor ^oaorai), and a d? Hinant ut-1*r 1 i iii tnut tolo.icl K. \V. Johnston (?uo ,.nm ? britadlar, and who ow?l,t long ago to hive boon tan a oi tar Jt'a-rat) ore plc<i I ban<M J unci oo ? n |M*mtxtr IT, igai. WUi'e walking up and down I put 'ii at that place. awMWf tha fa ir <f tas t*tagrapB line, -Uormau'a a^car giro I II* imm*<i *i?iy to k another 'mm hu potikul 4 a*k*d tb* >i gaily a*r|*aal or itK merino /<m*r*e for gat Ib'i B*i?* guard <t*rg*ant b >?1 only n in inr it l>r* ItfittMl bia M?ar and, wl'b B how. bar.drd it to iii'Mn prolMOl* the it til hrtirn.l *r he hail *e4>n rmg WM ?jr. -bt ? m?n MgMa4 hm ?f^ar dBrafaHy, t* afwur* hi*? eif, and ab?i.raet<?iiy ?*w th* ??r.Miti e ?*f ?r away. A rhort eim-.e B?r*i Bo naaan, wfco mw this eo*ua, Modti <nnd the *!??*?? 0' u?r?l -b<-r>i .n. Ha ooiild not rmolUMt It. ?aid, wa? >hi'.k at or aont itlitng el*e It w<m't do Mt * at-^row take o ?ra at m*> f Vour g ?od atorrBart b't ib to* uf IB* ?blpa tbat are la. but tb* ehipa that ? bit c?e a. IboBfUM v.?-d*y t* irr*|*r ibi*. Oiok m?i t*a?odbr*?k?re Vou o?a't w:i*o ionr ebip <n thorn ail y*? ran tboa d < I* to ?a** yourself and re a*o dtaaatar. I waa th nkiag tl a?>m"tbiaa aiao whoa ar*? ta* ?arg*am aer^at away.*' Ana ihon lie added, *1 M t dotbat r?lKf?" A <a*rt iiaa* ago, whit- a rw? imam waa mortaf By trataa a ha.Jq ? * >re~i t*ut il/ tnd i fonco oortisr ?r b*?'*aw atootismo- *n* of tna ?o<liara oharrvrd sa "t *<fc.?ral tolM ?? 10^ by th# . I >. Ilo rj Nxidiy ht hi* Mmn -I**, a tying ? -'Ih*-*'* th* way ar* ? uaaaauii i# | _fiii,r?r*U by major general wbo roi ?tife ao* i * tit ftnoo r?fB*r?." Mi trm>n bond luin I ?!*.?* to hi* i**t. ?da| drunk, boya " It* aaid Wtiy -'but I't* b**n up aUulght.aod Itoveylirid . *i?ovy " Mo gm *o bi? loraa, and. folio?t?i b? u.a if ftdo away. I am forr hi ? rarninU d hj Una inciortii <o*taw <.*o*fol tb< uiua i> iitt- in a fen< e eoinur ue r i* b -us* al i'(?a?li'?. , n IBo nt bt our i.tcom r* #1 irom ' ho.k*ai*i>(* t-> I' .??vll<*. bis leaiiirMt liand no m tneir r?po?> But i-oMn* old irom in* weiri^a i?o daya' a e*i Ito'idi ? ? h,{|..w with ih? l:t!?t of B t.l B'O ?h ?h had bo*i? huilt noirby '?Uat.eral, lie a* oo aiy btai aot," n.t ?r r H. ?>(?* had snid to h'.in oe ?i?i*t to ?*?r? ' ?? eat tlrod." eald th* old man, m$ 4?s?a ae'l fa' <tg *e' op ma ?w mom?nia. Tor n**T* aad tnrw i.'Khi* b* hsi tot ate|K, bm d rlng a a?#*rM*o t?b?r b* nsd ar*d a ar*at mm? ao?l * aadfo^ r*>??i a lit* naro or t hclutmaiua, I B* h*ii <* i 'lf " ii* b n, M t* il -'p I m B faat ? rtgBi 4 t# ffc -rma't wbi h T hu*? na? or * y0 *?; t%*lUCCC.? * v - ...v THE CITY OF ATLANTA. The Defensive Works of the Rebel Army at Atlanta and the Position of Sherman's Lines on July 27. State Square? (Mini Pamesqer Depot. A-f, * i. K. B. Freight Ifaratoooea R. R. I/icomo|W? Hoove. C? 0. R R. Freight Warehouse. D ? M W. R. R. Locomotive Houeo. K? U. W. R. R. Freight Warehousa V ? Tagrange Freight Wsrebouaa rlety , sc-epted the command of tbn Oeparuaent of Ohio on tbo condition that Uenoral sborroan were scut wltn him K> command in tue field. Ii will be remem bered tliat Sherman shortly succoad?d him, nod in a month or ao alter wit* relWwd at bis own request. Ill* reasons for s?kmj to be rotated wore becaueo the War Pepartiuei.t was iu favor o:' making two department* out ?f that of the Ohio, and pranecatlui? two campaign*? ou* ff- m Oncit.natl, a* a bar against Knox*i!)e, un i tbo other from 1/iuisvltle. an a bar against Xashvllla. Tho former was to bitve been under emmapd of General t) M Mitrhel, and the other under 8berm*n. The latter pre ferred being seat elsewhere, and wat succeeded by BuelL About the tame time the report w?s itarted by the Cincinnati Cbmntsn-uW and lie correspondent, Henry VII Hard, that Mtstmsn waa craijr, and hla representa tion to (leaerai Cam ron that il would require an army of twi hundred thonaaud mon to prosecute the campaign In the eentral f?ne was quoted as pntof of thla. Tim.' lias not, perhaps, fully conflrinsd tie oorrecti'se* of thla opin ion ; but much larger arinlef have boon n?-e-)eary to tho n<-comtiltshment of the Aampatgns of the Mississippi and Tantieme** rlreis than any other person than t.eneral I Kherman at tbit ?lme dreamed of. ? eneral Sherman I now b-?- the Hrr*st army ever collected weet of tbo Al i leghanies. hut tt d ie* not reach tee tignree imniiomrt hy i hint. The largest arm? bafwe organised West wss that i Mnder (iitooral HalVeV at foriuth; l>ttt It num"?rot1 oniy i one hundred snd two thoneand ni. n. Grant bed sot over I acvontv live tboussnd men In tlia Vteksburg oanipalvn Koaeorana had ab<iut (Ktr-IWe Hi' ur* id at hla d?'eat at Ohiokamsnga. Grant had about seventy Ore thou and at tho battle <if ( liattanoo^ra. At Keasaci a, flity milea from hi* starting pomt. < .eneral -horroati bad moru men than be begun the campaign with. Mid. though be he# loat probably twenty five thnneand men, killed, wounded, milling and atek. eince ho itarted, it la thought that at Atlanta he I >aa littly hta original foroa noes wnomtss. FVery day detsehmems of pri?ot>cr? prsciplta'e them selves upon the Proveni Marehal at thla plkoo. They fomo like "sorrows, not a* slrglo spies, but la battst-ons." Veaterday ahout lire hundred pre- so ted tbemeelrea, among wh m were the following officers-? Col James C Ni?bett ?wtth Ge<irgi?. L>e?lt??l John H Williams, 3d Mississippi Major Klchaid J Keraor, 6th Oonlederata cumtss. William A Rrown.C Sth > onfed?r*te. Richard Beard, R.Mh ' oniederate. Itaniei V Bryan, G, ,T-ld Alabama. Willie A Rledsoe. 1, 18th Texas cavalry. V'lwio R ('arrnii, <i, ;#tn Ge.irg<a. WtlllHin H I'srroK. 0, 5th Osifedorato. Jnseph H Mines, K, .TOth tJe irgia. RotMTt It H'^tkme, It lsth Tex is Joha I) Knight, K, 2ft n n^irgia Taos J Mass y, K, 1st (leorgK I oka c Osbura . 0, ?t b r muesaee. sikst uri'Tss?vn> *?n iMQtan*. wm D Chli P-T 0i p Kentuesy Jamaa Ltiot askili. gth Misxisslopt t.has A Wouh, Ttb Isxaa mralry ... ? fiaar UtrTSIUSTS Ahsulutn B, Barns, 4tb Confeder-te Wm ? Barya, K, >Mk l*t?s ravairy. Snmuol <; cimikor, I, ,?8d Atao-in. rhotnaa* 3d (.ieorgia nimufd infantry. ^ hsi, IU 11 Kite, M, ath Lou Me rate. ' William 3 t<?o?ge, I, ihu, i,,m 0?Tairy. A .red II Hiitcblaioa, C. 3tth Alabama. Albert 8 jouiiaton, L a4tk looneeeee ? K, 1st lesas o.>vslry. John I Marshal, ?1. Satis Alabama. WHIUm row.TB. A, ttb ton federate. William K Koaers, A, 7tb Tessa . . ? . . *nr?i*n i.rstrrawiam JoeiC Archer O.loik Alabama Hm /, Pulley, K, 1st snd A<| r iorlda Tiinlal f| Prltten. gnth Mahsma K ? * ? M> -tm.rn. ?|M BKFERBNCKH. 1? FpiBOOi-al Church and Parw>na#e. ??Presbyterian ? b'jrch. 3~Bap?let ( burch. 4? l1 triil Methedht fbureh and r?reoDa#?. I>? fter,OB?t Method .?t Ch?r?b. ft? Pr*tn*Unt Untbodlel Cbuxch T ? African Mcthodtat Churoh. 8? Chrtallan Cburcb. 0 ? V'roo ticbool. 10 ? Unle* Soh'Hi'. 11? llayfftod* A> idoitiy 14? C-r Factory. 13? Foundry. !? ? Ihompeoo'e Hotel. 10 ? Uoyd'e Howl. 10- Ot'y Hotel. 17? Market Houee. 18? (iuard llouee. 10? St.'arn Mill. ?0? ftuk. J4I? mate Square and centre ot tbc City. Thorn-* Onpeland, R, 6?h Tctas. J*hm ColMM. K, 4th Florida. Kdward I'ny l?, I , Sth t'ofednrate. Win HI lilt F, Bd I lor Ida. I .owl* G.?.|nian. C, 1 71 h laxia cavalry. BoyniOi:r W Hotmail, II. tat Jeorjjla John 1. Hall, <>, 3tftb CeorgM. .l ure* I' liot'fooil.f'. 4th MlaaieftippL Iti.a J Kiot, K, 301 h t;rorj;li. Waller Unry, D, 6lb (iMMirilt Henry C l?wi*, K, fltn Florida. J jfiu I) Man id, F.itlb Florida. Al'rad I Val >iio, r, flth rtorMa, Martin V" McDuffey. A . .Iflth Icnnrwee*. Ktdney A Mix*, V, :)>KU IIwomw Ahrai 'to Mcl/tnnae, A, 4MI? AUbiiM. Henry It M unoy, k. i#tb WiUle II If or i It, <i, l*l (.oi rgie sute tro?p?. Lacmda* T Ollvur, K, 434 lenuea ?M. Wm M tiwan, P. 2l:h \iil>>ma. Ue-li?y llliey , It, J >1 Au iuina JiiW Kouw.C, t9ih AI.Mmv Andrew " Sni/ill, E. 1*1 <;?>r lv Win 1 t?lrmon, O, iMtli Alabama John C Khaw, K. Itfth ??onlh < ar F.llsh.t tVmitn, I, Sid Vlwiaet nit. .loo m Tooillneon, H, l?lb UfeMgi*. jiini'.'" I> 111 m *. hnpbieer corp*. J ihii M frammell, n. 37tt? -.labaina. 1 a'.ln* Wo-d, K, flth n rtda. V *tn|*m?iit which h a bran ?o'n(t Ihl ravode ef 'be pre** !)>? ?lire! : h*l (>rD? lUruiw bad baeu w?tn ud In IB" t> ttl? of July tt, and bad ticcr dl"d ui ?ur l.ano*. originated in ibe tact thai a ichu Cufcinel Haiaee b<J bean w><ui dad, and had died In thu h a,'ila. ot Ui<i -II taentb army ? o p?. ji?*i rv-rrana MUMtt m.nae. Some of (hn trick* l" mako t?Mlt**ai r >ptal In ib?e? d<v?>e<e*e day* ?!* m?l at, ?h 'e a t a few a ? ri-heuio i*. 1 hare tward a t >n menace .u pniataf a n.a^r ?rti.arai obtaining Hie article iimler felae p*?trcre?. I r d it do ?rr? Axpneme. li??it?t. tba etxry i? M g *> I to le loat, Thcr* o r n nbrnm pe- | in in Ihl* c. f who b irr an Idea tbal th e war, IMieed >t being a i(r?>?t eiritgelo Iiatwe. a iwo ranab, la x;mpiy a i?r ?? il jnar ral. au>l who a;>|.e ir in telleec lhat tb? r i ? lli'i# oa l'? pit (town by p?r--orutiii? the ?r?m<-li ai d ch I Irae who* natural fr? ? mi hava run aw-.y aad teft tl? ? n to our iu?r>!y, IV in tben ta '.#? to e M n *lml-l I* to d'i liemaiie Irt U(T 1% l?| ni*h a gii.rd tor tbe pr ^riy ?( a rehoi -to pr toot the *pcaa*lonirt In pririWiqUr and l*?t ron m.m iy IB gonarul from the thwaaiad and oae i-|iia.!?ra who, ituanthori/.e<l, roam tba roant'f with a bine r<Mt at a mark to ibatr Jo-lpni? a it lUa ni partfonabie < ? mt a nit iiarr corom n.lrr, and Uanarnl rtouaaaaa b*rw>? been lontitf Kullir by ihrao ??cr'i?b*r* m ibarwb*4l?" .ol (nrniabin* aiH'tl guard.', a hue a >d cry waa r?ta -d at ate* i mm. iioreuier Johna<iii. in aaiwach aiui'-aci?( bm m:ce,>l ?nco ol the ooin tnlloa a* >im r?, at aian hh delate tor tbe Vloa rraauano?. Mowed t* a ihr.-a* a>iaiti?l all lederal f*n?ralt who (nai<l?4 iww pcn*'ty Hnuh warrior* aa Mb?rman and iiiomaa and Hon- ? wrw notified in Ireioble. Ih?r '??>t ???*? t'lHtr. while niak<i>? repntntlona an iiatrlal* ar n ' < t n I >e ' >r*i Nmtb. of w!nnii>? by ihr ;r jnattae, b- marltr ? \ t> mrte ?y ti.e leapeet of ibtir an amies, aid were. t*?e?wa, orinilual mi tb* eyee ?( ibe i acaHar "tn^tireeeor- of ? n robeliiou" who luure t > exi- nairaly h.. a iw d?e line tiouaeo m bad bemi guilty or r>irtii<n.?K r> nia. ?e<t at latt tbe ?ratb of the <Vup|ir?>eeor?' r?iii?.ni t,lm tuem waa tnocb r^oifllii?. tbar itfor*. wnrn, a lew W'?li* *ln?e, '.enrral Kuu?eeau we?t to ma (faat ui.d (lanaral tlilr< y aaaoned commaad of um I'bt hi ?f ianneaa?? Metur il MUrny waa aoiiona u> m?> 'vi tura ? fnall amount ef napital with "Anil* and ibe." and, ao*lna in tbe "guard miw?i on ' an o??*?i ia?ty, p?b> li. h?<i nn order rncaMtK all gimrriaoter ? ir.t* property Id Ibla rlOHtiiy . wb r?at tba a?p raaaora greaiiy re. mieed Vor e few daya *nb-cina?M to the or 4. r the K tarda *ar? r<o iftlii*, and a ro?ti*r ?.>a ? of voor ? ilfer # f tO *)<?, ^j'r* ***** >M* t i. IHNftltlb. W? fcMI uml W b Mff MMftS k'Bgor on thoVuro t,| beyond ttio Ctljr ami hospiiaMimitii, 01 which the Cil-rof 'iener .1 Mtlrojr now deprived thom. Many )>n?l on? arm Id a eltng, olhors came ?Hb wounded feel iu Hitppeifl, hohhi,ujr on rr it.'hes. Ouo or I# o bad an.leued irmf, the rr?ilt of a night* axUlonoa on a but tle Hold with ffow do I armH. Only two ruen won? flt for ?i ujr , ai.d tbov h id b"fli g lardin* property in wtotrh gor r niiMot Hock wtragra. nf, bach m m bra with h m bh detail 'i m the hwpitai tog,nrd U ity, inido by order of t;.i.?ral lli m i?, and Mgno.l by ?? ir^-un ( Ijt.d ' nine, Metloai lilreflior. Wneo the order wu tlret l**'iod biiitfc^n Ueodennlng reported tlio fact to (Jetieral Tln m.i* and hooii ufti-r the t<x >rtlu bad repoMed (. coral Mlirov received a c< mmutili; itlon rr >ra C'6i>*ral I bomas, calling lii* ilto|iilon to a iiaragripb of Rocoletlnna, re q nr<D( Vim do ?? temporary mnishder alumni oliiige Win d <|n>el(ioa "r poi cy oC the i ermmeiil oomin mdor of a d< partment," aid to tb<i furl thnt be (Mllroy) wan ntiHifjng the order* or rieaeral Ttiomaa. The giarde ware re.ur ud o?t iiwor, and t; <oeral tiihoy a,i['.o?rs on the f "id ?? the > aly diuoci ?omm .Dder who hw ever 1 f iitifi-od (ruar I* for ??c ?b pro^-rty. The pot of thun der nan Ui.i a (allure, v?ben tbo |iecu(iar ???up re*- r? >f the relMllien," wh i > all tbeiiieelrea t.e y 14 1 LrUf'N c ir.e to tb<> rae-vie. and pn-ed reaolutlor.a (or ii", n.' il.e c ?pm,ol Central M iroy iu do |,i - 1 ? ii' ?? > n? tiio.r go?r.U. and the reaoiuiUiua line, If g tie Viroml, hit without tfto emjuei of the ?tor. , and Mrr ?? le *?ti.?f credit lor lite n >hie conduct. Ii m < treat ply tbit toe papcra bere did not dare tu e<i.ote tfe.i.a'ier a the t ne o? ll? occurence for i icti ?oi d ?.t in. i 1 ?< . nil ? uteui*>t when i ton, led to ?lavaie jv,ntki4'ia at tbe etp?ua? of iui> aoMiera ae Th b<< a d lluu-?e iu. I BI*| ? MUMitJI i?R tm Calotte! 'i*' tin, of the ?ikhih N'e*r Tor*, at.v Ii tied near Hr d?e, ort, Ala., ? la ItiCtliy. with hw bean |if?il udy, ana ? <? ye?ieruaf a goeei at H .i" ?eeu ? i lie .?ner?l l?-*'u? ieart>?' .lie otif from hn| gre?t ratal. 1 mr l*rt? mm h >e l>een to i he r.lty for aw me w eta. A few ay< M?? r tin< a ?iorit?d mlmal he hi ke irwrn Iter ?? I r>t*u?4 wii<ily inr i ii? h >e .er*l atrnei* <M i be city ?t *-? lb* aadew ?? the Prinna'a tur.wbl ao t ?be , nite If the (r i led, badly lajoria^ one k>>M, but wt ill Ii Jig tbe reue -?< the ?ei ml ?~l ? 'iirang t>> ber ieel a 4 ??<e i?a ?? "?-> ??"?ra; ?.ita, ia?w t Uun d.iwn, a?d, Im???i?hi <m ?>?'*. rode !?> her tR't lbe ?J..| .i >uj b ?my >4 1"? '?.?ti ?a?e are t ik< admired. WW- ?\ ? ? i'U oalaaal i?ar ar V. m? re. a* ?ne rhirty Ui<rd titiio lo fta.ry , ba? b'^o le r-?,| i m ?M'He |uenoe it bia im;Mi>ed ?ea lb v* ,-?.??? |iw e-ntpaifn began he re> porn-d ai li e in* I for ?|jiy, bat, a4taip?i n * ?i<m. w^a ?VI. I ia ibe nwr bv ' Cbwmae. Ho lecared hi* lat. cli.* a* reaigaina it ao( aimawd to mmmni'l hie re (I neei lli* h ellb m* mg he ha- rMicneH, and re,aii<e4 l^wwtvvitll W rae.<m? |mw pr?<"Hi*e r>i the RFUEL ACCOUIfTS. The Alabima It ii l-oAnrrlfia IUl? of ? tor wiia t r, Ac. (fria i ha W?wMg.?n'ae? Hdvwtner, July 13 ] ln e.i?ji 'H ? t ?nh li ? irao n-mrnl ?l a'lnl a dun g toe r c i r> I n? u the Muauuuxi y and w?h f iut K.ilr?e<l. ?- b <re '??? tm ? rigr Ijlal* '>ui ealva* tnai eeeryibo f 'if * ? well. It ?eeui? to tie ior (.mea ibe> Met* ??? no >imm?nd, ?ud o ? org<aiMil I, -rem out ef whi a lo make a fimmaod . * lien tbo i e niy 4 adtaiua tbio?|eoe<l Vleulu mi?ry or beniiai w libera b?a i>?"B 'Huiyaaort oi b re.'u bead lor wo it ? re ruled iae re -r.a r -? <r A'ih? na. an l *vao ftr tbig BO'UIII li (Tm? and t e bad ^r?r-?n?,y 'in Ir rnnl > y ?a ? <nr torn |h-?e forces nert. HaVir Cenural lie, ry al Me d a. Wbo<?, l|er?.o'e, the aler.ti w*a ?unnged mat *????? ??ea,? r?i l. ra n ,d a. t .el y |w??.' I Tel U?V*a, mo?i?? la the e>ree?,-e .?f >? iri.-'im.Ty wa ?vera aot ou r w thaiit i ?n>e ior na defen.-e ?iit en? , i >4 ? . um tfuieimif a-a 1 W?lMMMMfc|lwMl4Mtf IMMHlf te. grew putting the men into t.onfo>i?irate *?rvi? o and dl*. ?jiYa''i/.iuf ibo ?)?l*in In i hhs iroergtmcv rrlianoe to ?e 'o?d on ? h ? vo!nn Map spirit, an 1 ?<Kh compa.iiee arowtbio by railr >ad an Mttnimtori at othnr piViitr mV ht eparo for the <wo*> ? ion. The people met ti nrgini/p for their >'? eu<-e at tlietr iRuuuire tienor .1 \Vith"r? volunteered to i.tifii'iuiud th>m, and It rt.wft ip( t.i ui liiatr.o rrmoi.abi" m?>i could ?npe? t, 'iDilor tbe cirauatttancae, m?r? piompt or t ntaparatiooa than w*r?? made. At in* rc|>al"d ?n l oirniM r'N''cm of ttoo-'rai Withers, <.e ?r?l iu< rr finally < ".sruit*il t<> lonil n m Puvldaon ? battalion and th?ae, with Ready'* batt*l'on,a *m*ll ooutpauj of .?>>, and inn looal companlm and eonvaloetm.U lu the ti<? pit 'la, cooitlfotrd tbe ? lire available for.T. All ?*<-ept Dwvid-on'a battalion In I to bo rmeJ and provided for? artillery and artillery b r?ea had in be had ; erouta to be i?ot eiM, an 1 I ho act n iiiou-d only iltor n 'ew fiO'ire notice Aot In id >tloo, t'jo, igain?t a deliberately pi inne I and aplen<!;dly *ri>o'nvod ex.ruii. Kin of l&e unoiTir, compact "f plcke<! niflQ, w *t? ttis tin at arts* ltd otitflt tM Yukfl leryloa cO'ild a And not .t ithat icdlnj all tbe dlenlnnt igri nn.ler wlii. h ha labored . Cer-eral Withers iuc^edod in -av.nif forty. i*o imWc. the farmer i?a 1 liefer rtlo i of th" Vint me ry and Wa<t Point road, an 1 alao the ln>nri< tint br l?e and tretile work over me I'pp mpee and Had llnl ireeka. I? it B'?i mora wonderful that * > :n';i'.h rho-ild b?*. b?rn done altu *<ich hutued nicaua at band, tlnn ihuajtc# ?criil.'nts ahoiild hn ire bnpjmnrd v 1'be raid of Kotmcati, whl. h we hare jnst emipid, w?a ? Iiraeiy warn rir, wb'ch ehmld ?toi go nn inprov I either by tho people or M?o authorities. fh? peonic aliixiid regard tbie ooly h the forerunner of o'here Tar More ?btnfcroaa end destructive !n their rharteter. I et nn one be deceived by KoiinwWt pretended regard 'of private pro| erty end Ihe rlfbta oroui/.en* Ibla oelv uinaaa that bn w.inm to make ( Mid term* with yon, ao tlutic future yoa and ynnr property may be need to euoeerve the purpoeeeof an aetu'ruii ilooa tne: hn w inte your ne^roee, prvVteioos and elork kent oatll tbe a'frer armies of ibo enemy ?h?l' c ran to t?ke them I no autiioritlM, too. ah mid reniembur that tb'a ieri;. ? of c uiitry lUT tliiable to tbe eoul?dora. r bi re?d ua arinloa, ?h I ?honld put It at onca in the beat aeteome p??itl<'n |K>a?ibi? t" m et future rah)*, or tMvralona Of ihi e ieiny We are glad to -;ee ?nme ?tepe already iaK ln< m '.hta dlra-'tmn. [ne people me It u> th?inrelv?* to give tne auib'irii lee ih?ir 'irite.1 and ??ordial aupporlin toe di?oh ir^o ?>! their d itiaa. Ikatrh of Utntrtl Itmid, the R>b*l Clin* maailr' at Atlanta. [Vrom the Mobile Tilrgraph, Jnly M. I I Motenant ti-nural Jolin B. Ilo'd wna b>'r? Vi Owena ' tribe, Hath cnoty. Ky. ,.lnna S>. lnai, aad ant brought up at viajat "i-miitf, Mnotifmeiy oumty. He entered Hi-m b? ?oi'?giate eooria at \t?at iSdnt In IMS, and ?ra.iii ito<i In 11A8. He wan then *ar!nned to duty In tlin K-mrMi mfantry ia Ca'in.rnU. where be -er"e<l iwo'ity i-.fii in ntba. Wb?n tiie two ne# regiai?eta, reivid by lu?.l r? a l>a?l?, ibee ???cre'> ry of tV .r, w?re eal'od Out, be (ii 'fiMHierrmi . July, ttw, to the one (Kteund otval r? l id *bich ( enaral Albert s riney J hn't 'n, who fell at fe. .'0, e?a <a eoi?Ti?Bd and tteonral it. K l ee tne li*?. let ant iien.d. Ilin njiri' nl amiebed m.aoy yal^ab e otHva a io ilM Anitb. Ueneral Farl x an lh?ro. R K. SmltU, 1' hra i'< aud (fcrdee we a from Ita ranks lu the wmtar M lHolt ixt fiereral Hoo-l entered apon Ihe rri>qt:er aotviee ot W -nern r?xaa. where, In July fol. b*. bed a api riled eiige<>eaieBt aud ?as waundad by iue lodM.>e uu l evl 'a rivar, A abort I >tne bat" re tbe liag of tbe present war ha w?< erdured to ra(r>rt lot d'lty at We?i I'omt m In eiruot"r of cavalry. Hut. aatlcip>il<ng tbn preaetit dlf fl< nil ?e, lie waa allowed ??( h>? own n^ueal to relnrn to 4at? lu ranea? feia object bain*, in view ??f ell iba pro^ pe In ot unpen ling dl"e<i'jt! n . lo boa la that ? ?irtionof toe cauatry wwrh be m^t l>i\ed eed in greatly admired, nt mlil eee ao bope ol ree-ioriilotl o or adjoatwont, b l ?v?'f Mt4*ee*l'in n$ a a?roe ? ><t >vt? wee I'natn >??"?'? lae M de erwiieed io idi lie OMltar * i n ihe "Wb. I t a? km Mfth af Aaiti Mai, to raw) ad AM jnd.?r tbo I in lea Stat-'* govrnmeot, and tendered bis lervlcee to ibe confederacy. in. n ins wa* entered upon ibe roll wilii in* rank o f itrnt lieutenant, md oruered to 'ep<>rl to Ccaeral l.?e, io V irtinn, wlu ordered bin to rotxiri to Udncral M?gi udor on ti'o reniueu'e. He wm at once placed iu command of all the cavalry ot the Prntunuia, wim me rank "( captain of the reg'ilar cavalry. Hiviug aeveral eticciafel engigemenla with the eoe.ny , tie w ?? * >m, promoted to the rank of major. On Heptember .10 lib w.n onirred t'> Itichmond , and, re ceiving the r ims of colonel of mtuitrv, wa* placed in command o( tbe t-oorth rngtmoni Tevw Vol uuwm, men in camp utar the city. \ a y iota of the Han bad ever Boeu bun, and double were euiei tait.od wnetber a clonal could be appointed (lint would give eUlafaclion. Ao at* tain >t b id previously been made to organize the rail tueiil under Colonel Allen, of le*ae tint In cunawiuen re of a protest of aouie or the captain*, the appoint DfRi was withdrawn. Tbw produced a feeling with ouiera, and it wu thought that they would not be aatiKfled wltb any one tuat might be apfAitnted. But in a few days tbe reeling wan goue, and every on* seemed to be perfectly coalenlod hla commanding ap pearance, manly deportment. quick perception, enorte >ua manner* and decision of character, ' readily itn |)rM??d tbe otilcer.i and men that bo was tbs man to [overn ibew In lbs camp and command them on lbs le'd: and bis thorough ac luajotsnce wiui ever* depart me lit of the service aatislled every one with his com pei.'iioy (or the poxitiou Tne men found bun able and ready te give all lbs neoetwai y instruction, not only la trilling thorn for Iba Hold, but almi In tbe forma sod technicalities of the doming , commissary , ordnance and lrau?poi lalion departments, lor tho want of which infor mation regiments entering the service frequently go hungry, and commissaries and quarlertnemera make many fruitless trip* Ob the 4th and Vth of November, IHrtl, tbe Konrib and Fifth Te\as regimeut* left Ki' hmoud and arrived at Hum frtea on the 1-ib Instant, and ?ero tnera organized into m brigade, undor Colonel Wigr ill, of tho Mite of Tcxus, who to this end had received tbe nppoin'inent of brigadier general. Rut aa he win tbe Senator elect from tne rttale of Tetas, after the meeting ol < (ingress be resigned; and on the 3d of March, l*fd2, CoKmel Hood was app>wted to take hi* place. Thus ?e sou nltluu the abort ai.aoe ot tea mnths and nevenlouu days he was promoted from tbe rank ol lieutsiiant to that of brigadier. Ws are Indebted to Mr. Joseph B. Niohola, tbs obliging purser of the steamship l.iborty, irotn Havana, for a cop/ of the Mobile Trltgraph. GRAN T . The (Irbels Rcpuirln;; Their Works? In quirjr luto tbe Cauae of the Kmal l>l?u?tei? t?nr lia^Mt in thn UatlK, Ac. UKinqiMSruaii, Army or mrc 1'oronar, ? Auauat 2? I'. M. j Willing of imtiortance hw tnuapired during the pant twenty. tour bonre. Picket Uritif* In front of tbe Nfi^b corpn In kept up almngt uocoinlngiy, with aooie sboiiing at intervals. The enemy have been busy in repairing tbeir lines, tnd our skirmishers annoy tiiem as mnrh as (.omlblo. i ittle damage, however, can bo douo tliom aa 'hey per 'urm most nf ibeir labor at i:i?' hi, aod caubot be seen on ot tbe darkneta. A court of inquiry U about to bo cooveqtd 10 inquire into the i; nisea or the late disat'er. The exact amount of our I ?*'?? In the actioti of Patur day le how jac'ertalnsd to be A\a thousaDd six huudred and lorty. I bo fiosi'itnlw ars being rapidly nloired of f> Kik and wounded, 'Ikvo being foar or live bouts enga.jed oi their iuu. inflation irom city Point. 'llii Fortrens ilinnroa OfupataH. jroim?3 MowJton, Angusl 3, 18ft4. ibe pie ititer Oeorjte l/*sry p illed yeaterday alterno' n for Philadelphia, Ilnniou and New Yi rk, with two hun dred rot >rrd women and children, nodor the cure of tbs .?Mil erlnfeudeDl ol Nsgro Affairs of thla tleimrtinent. It la inteuded to distribute tbcu among the different be n'.voii'iit ph: Jos iu thu sb')ve clue*. ilie itinner ^tato of Mali oariived here last evaniog ifroin tbe Iroi.t, with three hundred woundod noldieri, v iQtitna of tiic late battle, and left iBimediately for Waablngton. There la no news Irom the front, every th ng reiuuining in a <]iilet a'aio. 4 In<|ulry Into the Caune of the Recent Dlitsur. WamujuWin, Angust 4, IW4 A military ?' mmwainn bait been convened atCiljr Point, Tlrglnia, of wbtoh Cenerai ffaactck l? lYeold^nt, to lu voatigato tho facts in relation to tbe re^ot dlsant sr at Psferabnrg. THE REBEL RAID. A Coaal<larabla Form of Ktbtli At Carina Held. HiRKi-P' K ? Pa., Autf ift 4, 1&<J4. Tbara Ip no Uutb la the report thai ? force entered Hateretnwn taut mgbt. A telegram received at head qtuar t<*r<? from thereat ibreo <>'cloc? thin alt-moon makoa no i:ionti<>n y. (bo pre-cnce of tbe enemy ca this ixle of lae f otomac. It la positively known, however, tbat a considerable forco of rebel) occupy ue t >wu of Sprlogtleld, wbo are evidently *? :ti?K to form a jn ctiou w.tb another body ?aid to be mtrcblng northward. Alfjtia la tbe Cuui'isriaiid Vallef, Wa m.-nyox^AofiiiU 4 in*4 A gentleman Jnrt returned from 'umber land valley rereaeuta tit ?t the pc p'o in tbat'portlun of Pennsylvania ?re atili f?-artul of an attention or trio rabel riid. The me >.uai:ti and b?nk*r? in varl<n towna bare ?eut their good* aod uoi iu:o to diaUftt p'aee* for'itv, even aa far aa Carl -a'*. fc.rceiy ? an any nece* iry mi. pilaa ba obtained . ns eaer'y alt the itnre* btv e bee# cloned. i-otna of tkaf?milica iuCarliale were to -t^y pa "it log ifielr iu>m valuable affect* for transport' t| in. S?\era! military ooapmlea have juat bean org inned ?l Carlisle. Hi"1 feei ng ot tba pe >i?l? neorac to be a>icb that a genera! plan *? only necessary to rally tar^e number* of t:i# |ieoi>'a 'or detaneiva purree* Alarmtag romcra from timfl to time prevail a# to tho In'.Ciitione of tba re'icM, but Hi lira h nothing to e?tehi:sl| their truth. The la'egraph linn wee working to-day from far*iale t<? llageratown; tun there km no particular information fnirn tbe latter point. II any l'aroiem. wltb l heir teem*, wbe during Ual "at'irivy -I'ladey fl-vl (n a panto, are noar cau<?>dely rat'irtiiuf to their boane. Ibe c?Nitiaa<>d alarm* ?>( rebel inovmente have Ifongbt *11 b'j*Wie*e fo a atandatlil, end a f?iieial nraMiixMon for det?e?ic? e- ami actually uoceeaary to reatora cioiOdenie to i lie (Mioba m iud. U' ntial CotirH'a Appcial ta Pcaaiyl* vaalaaa ta Prepare for Oefmoe. Pifiat i'?l, Pa., Aignut 4, 1**4. Ilia Mloaliig <-irc?'ar baa Juat been Unaed by i.aaaral Onion.? rtc.oHjr ,ntra?. Pre?*Tw*>ynr rue ?i ??t ) 1'irren' Rd Pa., A ii"at 4. I*?td | To roa Paona ?# ni*?? T aa tor urn or I'mm ?> L? ?*).?: ? Vour ? it nation ta ttnt a r iid by tba enemy la n t tnipaaaihle ut auy l.medii.ieg tba euinoaer aat| ' omtag (all. I tho'efore all on foi to pat y?nr rtf.aa and ahoifana In |pn4 order, a'ao ?upi>ylng }o>jreetvaa frltb plenty of ammanHioa. Vour c >tn flatJa, n>.uiiiaio?, fore<ta, thkbeta, buil4 Inge, kc,, fnral?h raao-a??ifl t 'aca Tor covar , ao.l at iba MUB" tun- ?ntli'e you to kill the tnaranaera. tteeoi'eet, !( may come II N l? plaedef , .leetj^vy ard barn yo ir pmiwriy. |i |4 t\)i't 0 . U General rom?* De^arlBteol. Tha RaperU front Haltlaiara. lUi.gWNiB. AaC'tat 4. 1M4 We bare notliing naw here, art ta qiiat. Our papara uo aot publiai to morrow morning. the ttata Payer af *?? V?r?r? R?im>ni, AO*e?i 4 I*d4 J'idge H> gab mm baa deei'led thil the aifwur a.ioa an-l -trrti* ta tba Jttata p par. la ina ??!? I*-'* ?' ^ tiveen that laiper mid ihe \m*nr A-"" >?v Hf'telaijr KraeeaHeia ?? lloia#. I , ar iMi Anguat 4, 18C4. Secretary f w?endan am* ad uema lealutdhi. to raaia? for one or te-o w<-eic 0 , Mt ith ^irn Hi ?? flump, "if Fraadotft, waa mw H >0 1 r.TH -Mr. t un<)cr m.-n ,Wa taV^ilre.lfntt'' t?oaa- h,,r ?a?b.ed, who * alm<?? ,n? hr-Aeii 9 ??!, aha had lor e. rne tlrna h 1 f.bre . h ail aca e , .ad on tho ratal ?,;?rtad.. g t ' ' ?c '" "" r'^"h0 me waa * ? '? la " "?r* *''? toelt It ap to rem ao M li >at ih? h* a when It dad, anvalnptnc ber m I amen. n .ii ii^l 'o rwr'i ?*? ro""1 -vbrna nar hnahaed waa, t-'d with ",,l? con Id ?i*a.f?r lha burnmii el'itnoa frmn bar body, a'ter * fc.' h al a ro.led hi- n tr a Co r l? dy o? ag.?nj . tbara be*?( to a->a Me*rn (or iK-r t?ui h?r ba?'iaad. ani ba ?aab? |na?a. A r?t? n ?? r*. irii ??. tba tlma, and eha rolled eut ? not.ra aod 'hero henlne it < ,?!?' * <e*r>b 'he ??" *hd lead in tha e< aa'tioa, tar'w,y *??"?- -?? he*ra.-i*>t***etf J.aaate^ ^

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