Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 5, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 5, 1864 Page 2
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JOHN BULL'S BILL. One Side of the Account Current Between Great Britain and the United States. Return of Claims of British Subjects Against the United States Government from the Commencement of the Civil War to the 31st of March, 1364 PRESENTED TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS BY COMMAND OF HER MAJESTY. Nam* of Claimant. \ Dot*. I Or >un l of Claim. I Jf*u> Dispone I or Vessel Monnvuth. when on a voyaco toCbarleelon, with alternative desti I nation u> Savanuab, stored by tba i I nited State* cruiser Niagara, and warned off i ha whole Southern coast oo l.'th of May, at which data the bio karie is staled to bars been in oompieie. Claim ?b account of Hllja, prevented I from enterlnc Charleston oo (be 12tb Of Maj^. Susan 6 Owens warned off the South ern coast by the United States sblp Niagara, and ondorsemeat made on tbe register. Part ownereof cargo la Winifred. of Virginia, captured off Cape Henry. Tobacoo seized oo board Hiawatha and Crenshaw, captured for breach or blockade. Injury to property by United Stateo troops. Capture of Hiawatha. 1. Tobacco seised In Hlawathn. 2. Tobacco lying at Kiubtnond, wnieb be woe prevented from exporting by the blockade 5. Queen of England, similarly detain ed at Richmond. Capture of Tropic W ud Imprisonment I Part owssra o! cargo of captured vou ael Amy Warwick. Owners or cargo captured in Amerioon vessel Forest Klug. Notice or blockade endorsed on re, ter or tbe Roscoe by United States ship Powhitau. Capture or Herald. -. Imprisonment. Arrested wben in cuarge of a bag ot dcspatcUu from Cetiaui Buocb. Detention or bis yacht Glpsey, of New Orleans, by blockading s-iuadron. Capture of tbe Sarah Starr. Seizure and detention of tbe Perth shire. William Arthur, seized at Portland u euemy's property. Anna, seized for alleged intention to violate coasting trude law. Capture of Prince Leopold. Capture of Adelso. Imprisonment. .... Compensation rofused, but tbe United Stated government b?ve proposed to enter into a convention to submit Ibid and similar rises to a Mixed Cotpmlswion. (Consideration of this proposal deterred. Ditto. imprisonment fart owners of cargo of American ves sel Crenshaw. Capture of tbe Algburth. Seamen captured in tbe H. Middle too and imprisoned tn irons in Fort la layette. Ill treatment by polios at Baltimore In cmsequence ot bis wearing a like nesa or General Beauregard Attached to bis watch cbatn. Bovne, warned off tbe whole Southern coast at a time wben the blockade is stated not to have been com pie ted. Arrest at Baltimore, and imprison UK. Do. do * do., do., do.. Capture of Berald Imprisonment on a charge or being oo bis way to join tbe Southern army, a uotrurm beiii (| found ta his bag gage. Susan , warned off Hampton Roads by blockading squadron. Capture of Argonaut >ntrn.<.. Imprisonment Do. Oapturs ot Revere Alliance and Ondar, captured lo tbe port oi Beaufort, application to leave the port having been previously re fused Separate claim oo account or Alliance having been warned oO <'h*r tot ton. Kapler and Hubert Bruce, refused egress from tbe port of Wilmington by bloekadinK squadron, cubes quently captured. ImpriaoomsLt Inform id, under advice of law officers, that the tact* staled would not jua tiry Interference. Cargo ooudemned, but Messrs, Pblpps' property restored on appeal Informed iftuit apply to Prize Court. Informed, under advice of law officers, that ber Majesty's government can not interfere officially, but Lord Lyons would use bis good olUcos. Condemned. Sentence confirmed .on appeal. Representation addressed to tbe United States government on special circumstances ot tbe oase. L Tobacco restored. 2. Informed, under advice of law offi cers, that ber Majesty's goverameot could not interfere. 3. Ditto. Released by Prize Court. Rolen sod without compensation. Messrs. Pbipps' siiaro restored by Prize Court. Cargo released by Prize Court. Refused to interfere, under advicoof law otlioord. Condemnod. Released without conipeniatlon. Lord Lyons did not Inter.'ere, as Mr. Mure bad been naturalized as an American citizen He was released on tbe 18th of October. Correspon dence laid before Parliament. Vofeel released after a few hours' de tention on tbe crew making a defla tion of nontrality. Condemned as euemy's property. Re fused to lnterlere, parties concerned being domiciled lo Southern States. $1,000 voted by Congress as compen sation. Veseel condemned. Refused to loter fere, claimant having been domi ciled In Southern States. : Result not reported. i Condemned. Sentence confirmed oo appeal. Condemned. Refused to Interfere pending appeal/ Released on Lord Lyons' representa tion. As the United States govern ment defended tbe necessity lor such arrest, Lord Lyons was Instructed not to prefer aoy oiaims at that time Ditto. Umdemnea. Sentence cor. armed oo appeal. Condemned. Sentence coo armed on appeal. Oomuensattcn refuted ; and aa It ap peared that tbe H. Middle ton was a Southern vessel, Lord Lyons was di rected net to repeat the claim. Case represented to United St eras gov ernment. Result net reported Compensation refuaod. Released on Consul Denial's represen tstlon. Released on Consul Bernal's represen tation Right to British protection disputed. Do. do. Released. Right to Britlsb protection disputed. No claim made for compensation in aoy of those cases. Condemn sd. Released after investigation of tba case. No case for Interference, as it was not allesed that the blockade was Ineffective. Vestel and cargo released by Prl.t Court. Rerused to interfere: not entitled to British protection, his father having been naturalized, and be himself having exercised tbe rights of citi zenship. No claim made on United Stales gov ernment, as be was released and did not apply for anything rurtber. Condemned. Aptx-al pending. Condemned. Sentence reversed on ap l?ai. further appe il o l capters to the Supreme Court pending. Imprisonment. Lost of property. Capture of Louisa Agnes. ?Both vessels condemned. Releaae promised. Reanlt not report ed Had taken an oath renouncing bis al legiance aa a British subject. Lord Lyons rosiftcted to represent tbe case to tbe Untied States govern ment. Result not reported. Condemned. imprisonment Co. Do. Do. I)o. DO. no. 1*0. 1?0. Imprisonment, him. Money taken from Detention at New York. Imprisonment ( apt i red in Adeline, and treated as prisoners of war. Coiii*>lled to sign a decl.-< ration not to repeat the oik-nee of ruoniag the bkekade. Capture of Adeline Capture of James Campbell". ImpriwnmenJ at Key West, tared in Victoria. Indictment for conspiracy. Indict ment dropped st Lord Lyons' re quest 'Released on parole. Compeosafon refused. Correspondence coottnu log. Inquiry promised Result not report ed. No claim made, Do. do. Ho. do. Result not reported. No claim made for oompeosatiou. Released. Released on bail. Did not interfere, as be had been na tarailzed. Rh leased . Refuse! to interfere Tur tber, under advice of taw officers; Mossrs. Maury having beeu con oerued in carrying letters to at.d from the South. Compensation not applied for, the de tention ar.sing tn cmse>|uenc? of the regulations as to passports. Released. Conduct of Commandor of Uni'od St u tea cruiser disapproved by Untied Stales government. Seamen set at liberty, and released from their de deration. Papers laid before Parliament. Ooudemned. Case out delsndeiL Vetsel and cargo released. , Released Cant ur* of Victoria ? of Jane Campbell . . Capture >vk H. Hsrae-d .. Capture ol W H N< rtbrup Capture of D. i . Keeling . . Capture of J. II. Tuone. .. Capture of t-7?ldir 'Culture of Admiral 'H-iegrapb ? -ptured ana taken te Koy West iOd i hiii. re eased. Ill trontmei t it the time ot the isle | urs of the Teie(r>pb. Cai tuieol ?mpr . as Owners of oaig o in Km press Ho. dJ Condemned Released. Condemned. Ooudemned . Released bv Prize Court. Condemned. Sentence confirmed appeal. Do do. K of or red to Prise ourt. Condemned. lofTi^casation refused on D* do. Capture of M 8. Perry or Salvor Imprisonment Capture of Uae Cheshire. aptureof Ariel ....M 1 a; ture ot Andreite "i. W. Wilder. iifcftiid of *tepb "n Hart. j ? ?' tore of ivisce Alfred. Itai lure ei ? ?ut.? 1 CtDdcmael. De ree reversed on np I i". i t-urihor op, -eal by captors to S i, reme Court pending. < argo re I stired te owners ou pay moot of | coals I Condemned. lie' used to interfere Mr. Nolan bar ing l<ken part n> political discus sions at St Wiins wheu lbs town was under martial la#. ? Vessel condemned . but restored on bonds be<ng gi\ea for ber value. Appeal against cot-demnuitoe pvnd Ink. i otidemnel Refused to Inter 'ere. the v?e*?l hav ing Mon formerly s Southern one, ood iwil nll.cieut svidenee being given or Uer bona Id? IM to Messrs. I VI ter. ;te us?d to Isterfere. under advloe <if law oilir.ers. (.ondtutsed. Ceadenmed fin. I 1801. & Byrne k Co I Juus3..< II. J. Wilson. r.r. .... Gerard k Armstrong. 3. L Phtpps k Oo. GUilat k Oo June 4. JUQ? 7. W. H. Rms. MIHer fc If DtUtU k Co. . Qilliat It CO... Watkins ft ut? Edwards k Parbury.... V. O'B. O'Connor Notreported. . T M. Quillao. . pbippe k Co. . Roetrom, Dal ton k Oo. , H. Hayues. Not reported. . . . . J. C. Fitzpatrick. R. Mare J. G. Robinson. C. Cravoly. D. Evans... J. Gray J. D. Merriloes. ? - Cksraect . H A. McLeod. E. flortoo.... W. Patrick ... June 8.. June U. June 11. .-r.A June 18. June 04. J"1y 1.. July 1.. July 22. July 23. July 24. J. C. Rahmlng. Sepl. g.. LanrWhOo Eept. 10. Jul; 29.... August 1.. August 16. August 17.. August 19.. i August 28.. August 20.. I August 20.. I August 29.. August 29. . | Sept. #.... G rarely k Co. W. Shames. R. Reral. ... W. Williams J. Ctt'ton . . . D. J. Walsh. Whit worth k Ox. W. O'Keeft. T. Daily.... ? ? O'Connor , D. Kelly P. Crubaa ..... W. Polker. J. Lequire. 1. E. * G. Piers. Sept. 23 Sept. St. Sept. 23 Sept 20. Sept. *8. Sept. 20 Oct. 8. Oct. 18.. J .Spinney Oct. 1.. V. K. Kugglct J Hoy ? Oct. 3.. W. B. For wood N. K. Clemen Is Gerard k Aimstrong ... Not reported Oct. 12. Oct. 12. Oct. 17. Oct. 21.... A. Williamson Oot. 21.... i. 0. Siorln Oct. *0.... J. Slaurhenrigbt . .-n... {Nor. T. J. A II or en R Ni< kelson W. Not. 9. J. O. Sharer... Nov. 14. G. Shannon . . |Not. li. R. G. Jor<1an Sot. 18. W W. Williams Not. 16. M Riley |>ov. 18. F. Maury. R. Maury . J. C. nratu Hot. 18. K. Wllmot I Not. 18. J F. Parr i Nov 18. i So*. 18 Ensign F. Brown. Not. 18. W H. Aymer....< Nov. S3. A. Smith t vc. 31. I. H<r?cy. I. a. M aiaaey Not reported 31,...] ? . (ampbeil t*,. 8I .. . . 1W2. WeUor J#ni 2....\ ? Ren ban ? laibot Not wported Man. 2 ... I r.. Campbel JJao, 11.... Nol reported 'Jan. 11... J. K"b?'U.... Jan. 11..., Mary Hotchinaoa Jan. 11.... W. k. A) Jan. 11 W H Aymor Jen. 11. y*rut"A '-on Man. 10. 0'ptaia fteber Jan. 21. w. H. I >at<ar W.H.tlsiar | ? r. Pearson A Co Jan. 22. Hooa k < <i ? Daorge Martin Not reported Jan. |) I. P. Nolan. 'Feb. 6 f. k W. BaUerxby reb. 6 , R. M < arsea ij. Maeara :<etl*r K4. if, F raoclsoo topeua Icaar namphell A Co 3 M Harris W. (I. ? I. .man ! March 11 P. J. VruiiMar 1 ?w. l II.. A'ams Claim MM. K Garduer H. N Sawyer Bail?y f< l/'eihim. I)e Jersey A Co ... M. L-levre ft Oo ? T. r*iiuo.- "wch ? Pr it? V Ui:m x ? Marrn t2 J. Llfurd J AprU ?... Mi 1882. March 11. March 11 . March 16 J . Brooktnaa. R Maury .... 8. HUgh N. T, Itattarfleld . .. H AdJjre> HCo... CfOWi W) iio k Co. . J A- Marin . C H. Ad?m* . /. C. l'tarson . , K. Uuulor . . . . . Mr* sooloileiJ J. W. Colo . O ? Anderwa W MHber O Redgato W. H. -raiiU Miuel Jimenes ft Co.... Herques A Maseru Mot reported T. M. William \... R. L Saucbes, Tatham ft Co J. Roberta lawyer ft Meoendez . . April 28. May I... W. IT 3weetm? Harris* Thomson .... Abraham KUher ...... Samuel Russell John Dean John Thomas Syllolh Bay Steam Karl gallon W. R. Green 7.. C. Pearson ft Go .... E. Gerard Z. C. Pearson k Co. ... E. Gerard Not reported H. Adderley k Co H. Adderley 4t Co. J. Smith Not reported. Not reported. Not reported. . P. Goolriclc... J Gemmtll ... J. W Franklin . Adderley k Co. J. Carlln J. k R. Mania. W. H. Cowan Salter & Twining. R. O. Bush by. Btrnee ft Co... Gnihrle ft Co.. Shorter ft Co.. J. Thompson ft Co. Meadow ft Co W. Marshall J. MoiAurln O. A. Stuart Murphy ft Twining Dorrlngtoa ft Forwood. . J. W. Steele T. S. Begble P. Denny T. Audrae..... J. H. Bethell J. a Cramer.. i J. Carlln H F. Carroll Major Longlef. Barclay ft McDowell. R^atorce J. 0. Llngham C. Cleburn. . , J. Browne... A. Hardle... A. Methuen., G. Wigg. R F.Clement. J. J. Burrowes . W. Petty J. Roberts J. H. Roberts... S. Johnson 1 J. Knowles J. R. (MAln W. H. Grlflln... E. Norwich G. H. M wards.. H. Kd wards A. ih'xnpeon... R. Stnlth N. H. Clements Mty 6.. May T.. May 22. May 23. May 28 . June 7. June 2. J use 2. June 2. Juno 3. Juno 4. June 21. June 0. June 9. June 9. June 9. June 9. Juno 9.. June 11. < June It.... I June 12. . June 16.. June 18.. June 16.. June 25. July 8. July 8. July 10. July U. July 14. July 23. July 29. July 30. July 30. July 20... - A August 1. August 3. August 4. August 8. August 7. August 7. August 18. August 2S. 'Sept. 8.. Sept 18.. Sept. 28 . Oct. 1.. Oct. 0.. Oct. 15.. Oct. 16.. Oct. 21, Oct. 21. Oct. 24.. Oct. 25. T. Byrne |0?t. 30, Dr. Syme.... J. Decree.... M. I a. Ion. . . Not reported . W. Sherwta.. Oct. 25. Oct. 31.. Oct. 81.. Oct. 81 . Not. 4 .. Nor. 17. Dnranty ft Co Dorrington ft Forwood. . | Nor. 18. T. Sterling Bogble I*0 G. Walt !>?? ??? G. Wigg pec. 18. A. P. Laurent 18. Z.C. Pears oo. E. Gerard..... E. Gerard Not reported J. ToreU f. J . Gibson Azarinh Curry.... J. Murdeol>or<>ngh . T. N. Crosso Addorley ft Co....; J. W. Alion D. Domroa C. Brown Not reported...., Not re;*>rtel Not mpori?d P. A. Spear water. T. Pott#. 7.. C. Pearono k Co... lawyer * M inendex. T. Uoyd Hot reported,,...,.. J. Emm... U. A htewart Not reported T. B Ring ( aptaio Wynne. J. Hughs 3. Lawson J. ft T. Johnsoa. ?? WiM II. Adderley ft Go. W. RyaaT. W. P. Ilawlclns. . . t. Garner Deo. 23.. Dec. 23.. Dec. 23. 1H63. Jan. g... Jaa. 8. Jan. 0. Jan. 0.. Jan. 14. Jaa. 23. JaZ 21 ! Jan. 21. Jan. 21. Jaa. 21. Jaa. 21. Jan. 27. Feb. S. Feb. 8 Feb. 8... Fob. 7 Feb. 10. Feb. 17. Fob. .10. l ab 20. *ob S3. piiwa of etaim. Capture ol Uaval.ics .. Capture of latinl 1 ?'le U>H>iui ? ui IU? Labuiu . Captur* of the Mara Capture of lb# Jln^or BarbotW ... ?vutbport Bred at, detained go Arched. Amazou detained au<l searched . . ? i'urihdr arreat aDJ impris 'uuiout Capture of Bermuda. Timber at rensacola whi^h they Biro to bo |ieriuutcd Id export A1 logo! misappropriation of a portion o( it. Capture of Delta Capturo of Circassian Waget due to bor diXieaaed son, lata a se.tman id the United States Navy Proceedings of niilit try authorities to Kentucky. Capture w l.ion Capture of FJorl Ja ? ? Capture of Maria..... Capture of Elizabeth Capture of Albert Search of Kate.... Capture or Msreoy Master and erew of Merse^ imprison ed and 111 US*L Capture of Osmbrls off Charleston. Capture of Bel:e ... Capture Of Patras . Capture ot Stettin Capture of Maria Theresa. Capture of Ella Warlejr. . . Detention of Time at New York. Capture of Flash Capture of British Queen and Aotive. Capture ot' Fair Play and Suocess. Capture or Intended, Coquette and Providence. A citizen of tbe United states who was acting as British Vice Consul at Fredericksburg. Arreet, and de struction of a quantity of flour, tbe property of Mr Uemmill. Imprisonment aud alleged forcible ab duotion trom British territory. Memphis fired at Oeclte flred at Deetruction or Vork by blockading | fleet off coast of North Carolina. Imprisonment. Capture of Win o' the Wisp . Capture or Lilla ?Joods forwarded in China to New York, detained there, and prevented from being shipped to Nassau with out a bond bela# niveo that they should not be reshipped for block aded ports. Do. do. ....... Do. do Do. do. Imprisonment at New Cfrleans Capture of Emliie. Alleged mlsoonduct I or officers and men or United States | ship Restless Annette, detained by United State* [ ship Rhode Island. ?> Capture of Adela.. < Capture of Tubal Cain . Capture. or Memphis.. Detention or W. H. Clear off New York, and improper oonduct of revenue officer. . . Detention of goods at New York Was paaseeger In Um Memphis. Im prisonment Imprisonment.. Arrest st Baltimore. Capture of Orion ?... Capture of Sunbeam <... . Imprisonment at New Orleans Imprisonment for refusing to work on the formications at Newport, Ken-1 tucky. Ill usage by military at Cincinnati. Foroed enlistments at Cincinnati. Do. do. . Destruction of Blanche by United I States ship Montgomery, off coast of | Cuba. , Passenger to IHnnche taken In Mont gomery to Key West. [Imprisonment at New Orlesns i .'Sllen, run down by United .States shlpl Mercedita. instruction ?f vew>e:] and cargo and loss of effects. .Capture of Revere (-Occupation of his bouse, at New Orleans, by Untied States troops. Imprisonment at New Orleans. Do. do. Do. do Capture of tbe Robert Bruce.. , Imprdbnmoot Capture of An*lia Capture of Scotia Capture of Ouachita Capture of Iberesn Capture of Isabel Imprisonment as a United Mates citi zen Was master of the Isabel. Capture of Patras. Capture of Stettin . . ffctplure of Nassau , Imprisonment Collision between United States ship. VandorbUt and their vessel Sym metry. Capture of Mont Blanc, wheo at aaobor off one ol tbe Bahama oays Capture of Alicia .. Destruction of property at Fredericks burg. Capture of ffonsncb Capture of Comet, of which be was owner. Owner of oargo of Capture of Kate i Capture of Flying Fish 'apture of Carmlle Detention of Pfbo at New York, to prevent Intelligence belDg given ol General Beaks' expedition. I imprisonment. Was supercargo of tbe Hiawatha. Capture of Ann of Annie Dees Capture of British Cmplre. (apture of Belle Capture of l.evl Howe Capture of Mary Stewart .. Capture of Nassau Capture of Water witch Arieaied whan attempting to United States mHitary lines, lmprisomoot at Nsw Orleans .... Princess Royal, captured of Cbarlec ton, with contraband, at tho time or the attack on tbe rorts. Capture of Pearl capture of Rielng Dawa rapt ? red la Prinoese Royal and tin prieoued. i (Npture of Umrhtrmeiof Coiiilcaiui l>o. Case tried Ih Prize Coin t Voted re lea-el OotuiMtttaltoo proA!S?d. Coti To unod. (V. < x: .mttioa received 1)0. l^Tdryom refused to interfere fur Iber 4>?o by mentioning the cans to Mr. toward Condemned. Appeal not reported. Perml-slon refused. Further re re yeuuuioa made to United Malos gov turnout, a us* or uot jet ro celvod. tondemuod. Seutenoe conQrihed M appeal. Condemned. Appeal pending . Money paid. Referred to Lord Lyooa Emdemped. ,? iemned. Appeal pending. Condemuod. Condomood. Sentence confirmed oa appeal. Do. _ da. ilefuee 1 to lo ten ere, aa tbe sesroh was not stated to have been con ducted lo aa improper manner. Condemned. Sentence reversed oo appoal Captors waived their right to further appeal on claim ants giv ing up claim for damage*. Charges against Untied. stales officials proved te bo unrounded. Condemned. Condemned. Condemned. Sentence oonfirmed oo appeal. Do. do. Condemned. Condemned. Sentence confirmed on appeal. v Vessel detained as having coal on board, In aocordanoe with aot of Congress respecting such shipments. Condemned. Condemned. Not reported. Condemned. United States government made in ^uiry Into the easo, but retusod re Refused to Interfere, wm Imprisoned Tor larceny, and did not adduce suf ficient evidence as to abduction. Refused to Interfere. Law effloers considered evidence Insufficient for Interference. Do. do. Claim for compensation under tbe con sideration of the United States gov ernment. Refuted to Interfere, Mr. Cowan hav ing been domiciled in United states and exercised Um rights of citizen ship. Vessel released by Prize Court Com pensation refused. Papers laid be fore Parliament. Condemned. Appeal pending. United staves government refused to remove restrictions. Papers laid befors Parliament. Released. Explanation received. Vessel con demned. Explanation received from United State* government. Law officers advised that case should be tried m Prix* Oourb Condemned. Appeal not reported. Condemned. Condemned. Boatooce oonfirmed on appeal. Explanation received. Oempensatlon refused. Compensation asked for. Mr. Stuart Instructed to ate his pood offices to procure Mr. Qprroll's re lease oa his undertaking to leave the United States or to find surety for good behavior. Reiuaed to interfere, his arreel hav ing been caused by his entering into a discussion on the war wHh a United States officer. Condemned. Condemned. Sentence confirmed on appeal. Relented. Refused to interfere fur ther, usder advice of law officers. Inquiry made, instructions sent by United Stales government for the redress of all such oases oo proof ef nationality be log afforded. Compensation requested. Case Still under disc union. Do. do. Released on parole ?842 9s. Td. paid aa compensation by the United states government. Condemned. Instnotiom given by tbe United tMatss government that payment should be made lor the use of the house. Released en parole. Do. do. Do. do. Condemned. Compensation asked for. Case under the oooaidemion of tbe United States government. Condemned. Do. Condemned. Sentence confirmed on appeal. Condemned. Condemned. Appeal pending. Released by exchange. Lord Lyons Instructed not to advanoe any claim, at Mr. Laurent bad declared himself to be a oitlacn of the United1 Slates. Condemned. Sentence confirmed oo appeal. Uto. Do. Lord I.yons instructed to ask for trial or release Result not reported. ?484 17s 6d. paid as oompcasation. Vessel restored. Compensation pro mised. Correspondence continuing. Condemned. Appeal pending Refused to Interfere, as it did not ap pear how tbe property bad been destroyed, or by whtob army, Condemned. Appeal pending. Condemned. Do. 1)0. Do. no. Kef used te interfere Law officer* considered that It was competent lor a belligerent to tmpoee sucb re striction*. *" Refused to Interfere, as be was im prisoned for Improperly gaining p isnossion of part ot tbe ear|o and snoding It to England. Condemned. Do. 1)0. 1)0. Do. Do. condemned. Sentence oonfirmed on appeal. Condemned. feoaimd. Lord Lyons Instructed to request moderate compcneation. Result not reported. Condemn od. Offbr made te release oo payment of expenses. Correspondence oontlns tog. 'Mdetnned. Releae*! (Oiedemnod. ff*me of Clmto?m! an* I. B Qarver Messrs W. Barter k Co 8. li.-Kbio T. M. (ierruDH T. best Krnst ? Lewers. O. FalienHtelo Cftapple, Button 4 'Jo.. Uuatave K'.-naud Byrou lk>de . . . J. 11. Sy in nJ Dr. Boo lb Uossra Cox & Baiter.. . . 1863. Feb 24 Kob. 26 ... Feb. 2T . . . . *ar. 9.... lob 27.... Mar. 2.... Mar. 4.... J. Spe?ce J. I'. Harding MiM.srs. Itetjuelt k Wake G. \V Almoud Not reported J M l.ussen A. McMillau.. W. Kraeer Not reiiorted a. J Massiuger J Thompson J. Gage } Not roportod 0 B. Lawrence Messrs. Grazebrookfc?Co Not rei>orted A. NicoL ? Neriaf. , R. Ranger. & Redgate ? Ellsworth. R. Bow ilea. T. 8. Begbie. . Not roported. W. Hudden.. Meaars. Har reyft Tucker E. Williams , Captain G. Grin die. Meaars. J. ft T. Jobnaoo. A. Ruberg J. T. Bourne. J. L. Fennell J. E. Davidson Captain J. Btmpkina. J. Murphy... J. J. Craven . G. R Gammon. . . . .. T. Beat J. A. Laws....*,.... Messrs. Johnson, Com ber ft Co r. Paulson.. 8. J. Nagte. F Ruth ft Co. w. H. Fisner.. W. Binaey . F. O. Wood Pauvert ft Son, W. H Smith T. Bbermaa . . . Mar. 13....! Mar. IS.... I Mar 14.... Mar. 14.... Mar. 14-... Mar. 20.... I Mar. 23.... Mar. 20. Mar SO. April 3. April 3. April 9. April 9. April 10. April 10. April 10. April 14. April 28. April 13. April 14. Ayrii 15. April 16. April 21. April 21. April 21. April 22. April 24. April 24. April 28. April 28. April 27. Mar #.... Mar May 1..., May"" 4..-.. Mar 6. Mar 18. Mar It. Mar 22. May 22. May 22. Mar 26. May 29....' Jane 18..... Mar 29....? Mar 29 Jane 2. *? (June 8. ?.. T Bennett. P. Capper.. T. Jehnaoa. J. Green... Barr * WilUamaon. J. Hard castle. Tootal Breadhortt ft Co. Messrs. June 8..... 1 Jane 8..... Jane 8..... June 12 June 22. . June 22.. Jan* 21. June 2 5. Pryor & Soo? J. Mc Daniel Messrs. Saunders. ...... N. K. Ciementa...;.... J. Mc Abater Vernoa . . . . Not reported. Not reported. Not reported. Not reported . Not reported. Not reported . Not reported Captain W. Wilson. J. N. Harrey. J. Miller J. Cost >y A. J. Muodella. T. Billiard T. R. Duoeto J. J. Scora, HalbergfcCo. Hrmmaa k Oo. J. J. Pearoe.... O. R. Ardill..., L. Kennedy. . . . J. Cuablng G. P. Bell P. Capper J. W. H. Croeaeup. T. 8. Begbie j. D. Taylor R. Atkin. Not reported..... P. A spoar water. Rev. F. Llghtbourns. . . . Wilson k Sona.. A. Carry J. Smith J. U. Adams... Amoa Johnson Russell... G. Barrows.... P. Jarmay Jane 29. Jane 29. June 29. Jane 29. Jane 29. July 3. July 3.. luly 4. July 4..... Jaly 9.... Jaly 9 Jaly IT.... j July IT Jaly 17 July 17 July 18..... July 20 Joty20. July 20. Jaly 29. July 27. Jaly 90. Auf. 4. Aug. 22. Aug. 28. B. W. nart . B.F. Allen.. W. Thompson W. Matctiett Capt. Tucker J. Nagle J ft S. Henry Reaouard ft Co Leo Sohuster ft Co ? Berkley Not roiwtea. '*.... J. smith. J. Turner. Messrs. Oalllchvi... IWtwoo ft Robinson . Messrs. Hirschoff. ... Grey Not reported Not reported Not reported Not reported Not reported Not report <?d Not reported. Not reported Not reported. Not reported Bennett ft Wake J. Angrt. Aag.81. Sept. 5. Sept. 9.. Sept. 9.. Sept. 13... Sept. 17... Eept. 80....; Oct. 9 Oot. 14.. Oct. 19 . Oct. 23.. Nov.-9.. Nor. 3 . Not. 12. Ner. 26. Nor. 27. Nor. 30. j. Crntcbetl Anderson, Saxon k Co. Ue Mnrdl A Co Not reported. .. Dec. 14. Deo. IT. Dee. IS. Dec. 21. Dec. 2J. Deo. 2J...? Deo. 90.. Deo. 81. ? lf?rt4 Jan. 6. . Jan. 4... Jan. 6 H?3 i eo 20. Qi ummi tf Claim Capture of Emm* Tut tie. Cipture or 9pc ingbok IK>. ?10. IX). do., as owner. < ?pture or Richard Capture oT Minus l/)oS or property Capture of Douro Do. do. Capture or Avon. . Io. do. Do. do. Imprtannmout at New Orleans. Capture ot M <4 cieuuo Captsra oT Poterbofl. Capture of Nlcolal I Capture of Atlantic Alleged forcible eoiislment Capture <4 Mary Jane Capture Capture of lirotliors Capture or Surprise Capture oT J. Willtuma Capture oT (iranite City Imprisonment capture of Dolphin Capture of Aries Injury caused to property by fulled I States foi cea. Loss rrom being prevented going to New Orleins, in cooseiueuce of Bipposed intention oT the United Suiea authorities there to arrest him Imprisonment and loss of propeity at| New Orleans. Captured In PeterhoflT. Alleged 111 | treatment In priaoa. Do. do. Captured In the I'eterhoff. Claim ror detention and as part owner or the cargo. Capture or Gertrude Capture of Antelope Capture of Agues..... Capture or Pacific, subsequently re leased Without damages. Captare of Glpsey ,1 Capture of Anions, oT which be was master. Detention on board United btatee ship I'ensacola Claim as owners or Anton a. Imprisonment -it San Francisco Owner of St . tioorge captured Part owner or cargo 01 St. George. Capture ol' Anne Sophia Ills vessel, the Dream, fired at by a votisel hoisting United Statoa colors. Part owner or cargo or Dolphin | Imprisonment and banishment rrom Miss uri lor writing a political pamphlet. I Capture of Ctrita Capture of Emma Amelia Capture or Gleauer. Seized at Tor tug as. Detentiou or the Castor, at Bahia, by the United States ship the lusuuice of tho Culled States Consul. Imprisonment at master or Tamptco.. . Imprisonment as supercargo of Tarn ploo | Capture of Tamplco Capture or Mlsmo Owner of Clyde, captured wh-n on a voyage from Campeche to liavans. . Passenger la Clyde. Detention and loss or property ? Capture of Maria Imprisonment, botng in United States Navy, for alleged refusal to Ogbt against Great Britain. Capture or W. J. Leitch Captare of Eagle Capture of Oomet * Iftiury to property by United d'.ates troops. Part owners of oar go in Hiawatha. . . . Imprisonment | Exaction of bonds rrom persons ship ping goods from New York to the West Indiee. [ Isabella Thompson, captured between Nassau and Halifax. Imprisonment. Capture of St. Johns Capture of Alma Capture of ftierokee Captures of Julia, P. C. Wallta, Cuba, Southern Independence, Charlotte, Lou iso, R. O. Bryan, Dedaaee, Znllma Jam< s Andrews, seised by Col lector at Etfgartown. La Slancbe, seixed by Collector at Ed gar town. Capture of D. B. Wolf,.... On behalf of Mr. G. A. Trenholm, ror the destruction of the Margaret sod Jessie, otf the coast of FJeuthera, by the Cnited States ship Kbode Island. Prohibition to export cattle from New York to British West Indies. Imprisooment at New Orleans. . .. f. , . Part owner of cargo of PeterhoflT. Capture of Battle-. Arrest aad banishment from United Stile*. , C of victor , engineer and mate of Viotor. Alleged ill treat moot at Bey West. capture of Rebecca .1 Capturo of Don Jose Capture of Eagle Capture of Pusbmaiakan... Capture of Elizabeth Capture of lemma luno detained, flred at and searohed by Uulted States ship Kearsarge, off Toroelra. Alleged Improper exercise or Jurledio tion by Admiralty Court at Now York In an action at law brought against him by a seaman formerly serving in bis ship Dennis Bill. Capture of Nvrapb. ! Captare of Echo Injury done by United States troops to property at Jaoksoo. Part owners of cargo of Peterboff..... j Capture of Charmer * Capture of Clara Louisa Capture or Southern nights Capture of Shot..... Capture efAsn Impneonment at Memphis la IMS Alleged Intention of United fHatee go vernment to detain him ia the United States. At Ian tie, captured by United States ship Princess Royal, and subse quently rescued. Proceed 1 nr* of the United States Don sul at Kio Janeiro, with regard to his veeeeis Grade, Annie aad 1-ottie Imprisonment. Do. Capture of Carmita olT coast of Texas . Capture ofJJlr W. Peel Etta, formerly Confederate vessel Retribution, seized at New York Part owners of cargo of Maf toieune. . Alleged forced enlistment Capture of Raosbee on 21st Nov Ul usage when serving la New York | Alleged "m'sconduot or Customs' offl cere at Boston. Capturo of Volant Capture of Daahiug Wave Imprisonment. Capture oT Victory Capture of Britannia Capture of Baoshee 00 28tb July | Capture or Coosutdt Capture of Ella Capture of Cor nubia. Capture of R. T. Renshaw. Captare of Atlaetlo Capture of R. k. lee Capture of Herald < apture or Science Do. do Injury to property Capture of Hamu. Coals seised at; Angra (V]uens. 'luilioa captured In Hashing Wtro>. Uanture of Maxim The master regataed pooessstoa of tbe twmI ; sbe was, however, sulxMv(ueoUf recaptured aad oo? dtlBMd, Condemned. Appeal pending. Condemned. Condemned. Refused to interfere, under advice o f Uw ?ffloers, a* be was domiciled 4a tbe Untied states. Condemned. Ooademned. Released. Vessel released. United State# gov> enm.iit promise to ask (onfrreae for uompeuaaiiua, tbe amount to be flxi-d by arbitral ioa. Ootfdouioed. Appeal pending. Condemned. V?M?1 and cargo restored Deserted, Coudeinued. Not reported. Condemned. Condemned. tJondemued. Appeal pending. Condemned. Released. condemned. < 'ondotiitied. Compensation rofused. Truth Of Mi statements denied by tbe United 1 States authorities Relu-ed to in terrors. EvidOOOO to sutUcieat. Compensation requested from Ualied Stales government. Corraspondsaaa continuing. Waiting for judgment of Court of Appeal. Do. da Condemned. Condemned. Part or oargo released. Vessel Mi remainder condemned. Refused to interfere, under advM of law ofUcera, m Ute owoara should hare appealed to a superior court. Condemned. Case tried at Mew Yorlc. Vessel (Ofr demned. Master reloaded. Released. Condemned. Release J by Admiral In oommand of Urn tod stales squadron without going to Prize Court. Inquiry promised. Result not r*> ported. Referred to a Prise Court. VosMl condemned. Refused to Interfere ; the autborsMf of tbe pamphlet being proved. Condemned. Condemned. Released on arrival at Key West. Inquiry instituted ; result not yst re ported. Vessel condemned. Master and ursW* released. V oss el condemned, in PhNaddpMl Priase Court Vessel restored. Cargo detained. 0?r rospotHleoce continuing. Property restored. Condemned. Refused to interfere, aa be was It th* United States service. Condemned. l)o. Bo. United States government premise to Inquire into such claims when massy is granted by CoogrsH for compen sation. Vssasl oondemned. Application made on bebalf of owner* of oaia*. Answer not yet reoeived. Mr. HardcasUe shot by a see try at OM Capitol prison. OorraspondsMS continuing. United States government refused lo relax restrictions on this trad*. Vessel restored without ooota or <l? mages. Appeal ponding. Refused to intarfsro, aa Mr, Vsme? b id been domiciled In the goaiherh Btftrr Condemned. Undefended. Do. do. Do. do. Condemned. Pending. Restored on payment or Restored on payment of expeooes. Pending. Evidence submitted to United 9tatM government. Corraspondsooe ooa tlnulag. Permission refused. Oorreopoodeooa I continuing. Refused to InterfOre, as bo confessed to baving attempted to pass tM military Hues surreptitiously. Mr. Cosby released. Informed must wait for rooult Of ! apprtl. Vessel reetored on payment nKilrHI. Cargo condemned. Inquiry proniissd. i Restoration ordered by Prta* Cowl Appeal of captors ponding. Rafased to iaterlbro, in treatment Ml being proved. Oondensned. Vessel released without trial. CtslM for damages under oonaidaratloo. Condemned. Veeoel and cargo restored. Do. do, Condemned. United stales government bava M preased regret for proceedings. Cor reai'ondaace oocUnutsg. Refused to interfere, no law officers considered tbe court had jurisdic tion m such cases. Condemned. Vessel released by Prise Court without damagoa. Refused to Interfere el Informed oould not interftro, MM was domiciled al Jackson. Appeal pending. ? Do. Do. Do. Do. Inquiry mad*. Fartbor evidence rt quired. tnrormed that ho should apply to Lord Lyons Refused to interfere, M l be veosei had been rescued. Waiting for report from Mr M^eetfl Consul al Rio Janeiro. Waiting tor trial. . Released Refused ^o intorfbro far tber. as be had exercised the rig his of citisensblp. Condemned. Under consideration. case to be tried in * ooort or law. Reason for setvure aot reported. To be eoooidored with other oiataa arising nut of tbls oasa Vot enlisted. Condemned. Refused to intorfer*, under advio* of law officers. Under consideration. Dr>. do. Do. do. inqniry mad*. Reault not reported, condemned. Do. isostorod. Claim for damages peadlaf. Condemned . rending. no. Do. DO. no. Do. I ader consideration. Da do. Do. do. l?o. Po do. Hcioisod by Prlxo Court. Under OM " alteration.

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