Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 5, 1864 Page 3
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J Hmtof ' Ha Jump. B. Allison . . . 1M reported. . UMi Rock*. . BM reported. . uec. 28. DM. SI. 1604 Jm T... Fanslty of J Cray IMM ? O'Neil P. Hamilton QhfUin Steele. .... J.McHugti 1 C. Ka timing 0. B. Penree. A Bur la W. B. Both*) . Macau lay., , M. Wilson. . ?wii f lef late J. Purvis. ft Onto....: Bngt> BtoMtt ....;., . ffnif*?'r Baggin tg Bernard. Wilson May MM reported MM reported Jan. 89. Jm. 38 ? Jan. 20 Ju. 30. Jan. 90. Ju. 30. Jan. 20. Jna. 20. Feb. 13. Feb 6. ?eb. IB. Feb. 22. Feb. 32.. Mar. 7.. Feb. 39.. liar. 14.. Mar. 9.. Mar. 8.. Mar. 8.. Mar. 8.. 9. Barrett Mar. 8. reported. Brown.. ?targessA Bennett... B. A. McLeod C M. Fry. C k C. C Cromwell . . J. Walker i Hadden.... Renaud.... Ma, Lsaits . Borrowman.. . F. Rlob Merrill, _ G. Guthrie Jums Liooe. ., J Matthews W. Austin M. OlipBuut .. Ik J Cook B Wick land tE Cooper i reported M. R OeCMbU. Mar. 12. Omtmd of Ctmim. Oeteuttoe of Florrie-at Me* Orleans. . Bow Ditfand ?t. Stellar detention of n. G Tlerry ti.uiilar detention other vefcela. ImprtOLtneut of Vigilant and Dot Captures of Rebeoea. Lecrlola, Cora, Kowena, Sarah, ? "stall lie, Morning Star, Chance, mroline and Vlr Cta, Emille, Woreter Shrub, Vo^ I Emma, Dixie, Napier, Ladoua, Aq ii ilia, Eiizabetfc, Louise, Joe* phlne, Kllza. Pauiiy . JeOauce, Fan ty La ere, WHlua Creevy, Nelly, David Crockett, Elmlra Cornelia*, Caroline, Kntaa, ware. Brilliaat, J. C. Ho her, Prioeee* Reyal, Glide, Major B. Willi*, Minnie, Brilliant, Time, Wanderer, Express, Woader, Kettle Kratzer, Emma, Artist, Ju piter. J Grav killed by Lieut. Donovan, of United 8utea Navy, on board Saxon. Imprisonment Do. no. Da Do. Do. i f)0. Interference of officer of a vessel fly ing United Stales color* witb their wrecking schooner Dart. Imprisonment at Key West Ill usage at Hilton Head Lou of property IU treatment and lose of property .... Property destroyed by United States troope Aliened Improper conscription, be claiming to be a British subject Impressment on board United States ship North Carolina. Imprisonment. Waa master or Byl Imprisonment. Captured in SaJiie. . . Capture of Sallle Capture of Sylvanus Imprisonment. Captures of Annie,. Kate, Maria, Bishop Owners of part of ca'go of American vessel Lynchburg Capture of Mary Clinton .... .. Capture of l'rince Leopold. ?? .... Capture of Sally Mngeo capture of Andromeda rapture of Adele Capture of Agnes Capture of Rasgoing Capture of Cora. .... Capture of Columbia rapture of Courier... Capture of Francis Capture of lleury Traverse .... Capture of Ida Capture of Jane. Capture of Lucy.... Capture of Nahum gtetson Capture of Pearl Capture of Tower Capture of Veotce Capture of Victoria. Capture of William. Captures of Adventure, Agnes, Aven ger, Anna, Ascension, By George, Curlew, Dsrt, Director, hums, El len, Eugenie, Edward, Florence Nightingale, JKroiic, Georgia, Her mosa, Handy Harriet, Julia, Jnri per, Justina, Lavmla, Lily, Lionet, Lady Maria, Margaret, Maggie, Fulton. Martha .lane, Mall. Meteor, Maria Albertl. Newcastle, New Year, Neptune, 0 3. Breete, Ripple, Ko iamoago. Richard, Ringdove, Sea Bird, Sea Drift Capture of Glen, July, 18<S3 Detained to prevent intelligence of proposed expedition to Insaa Rn f oped to interfere, web detention being juMiftable. Do. do. Oane repreeeoted to United fltnten go vernment. Did not interfere far ther. Lieut. Rook* released. All Under ceosideratiel. Voder consideration do. Released. Do. Released. Uuder consideration. Released. Under oonildoratioa. l)o. do. Inatruotiona sent to Lord Ly?na. Instructions sent. Lord Lyons to inquire. Refused to intefere.aa the case re lating to land In Pennsylvania waa one for the consideration of Uk$ United States courts of law. Lord Lyon* to inquire. Under consideration. Do. do. Instructions sent to Lord Lyons. Under consideration. Do. do. Do. do. Do. do. Do. do. Condemned. Messrs. Brown's part of cargo re leased. Condemned. Appeal pending. Condemned. Condemned. Appeal pending. Do. du. Condemned. Restored. '"ondemnod.. Appeal pending. Do. do. Condemned. Do. Do. Do., Do. Condemned. Appeal pending. Do. do. Do. do. Do. do. Condemned. Condemued. Appeal pending. Released* bv captor. Condemned, Do. Itoteased. fl 7,160 damages and coeta awarded again t captors by Prise Court. ToUl number of deepntehes and letters to and from Foreign Office, 2,871. MEMORANDUM. This return comprise* tbe result of the fullest examination of the correspondence .? <u ind to believed to be oemptete as far as that eorre?i>ondeiice goes. In order, however to guard against any prejudice which might result to British claimants from their claims not b?ing inserted in tbi* list, it is necessary f> observe that tbe return is not to be taken as conclusive; and this reserve is the more eeressary inasmuch as It Is under- ' Stood that numei'oue claims have been registered in the British Mission at Washing too, Umugfc not reported at Smm, whiefr may m due neaaon be brought before tbo government or the United mates. Foukui Omen, March 31, 1804. **? Cm? of Major W. W. Trowbridge. VMHMBth Stw f*rk Hear jr Artillery. GKNB&AL ORDElO? WO. 54. HtiDijiuDtmL r?iw*?sT or ths East, \ NltVo?ft#, Jaly 20, 1M4. f L Before a general court marital frlUob oonvened at Mbw York city, by virtue or upoclal orders No. 72, cur MM aerie* , from these headquarters, of March 23. 1804, 111 of which Colonel T 8. Mather, Sacocd Illinois artil lary, la ('resident, was arraigned and tried Major W. W. Trowbridge, Fourteenth Keir York Volunteers, heavy artillery. OBAaua? "Rraadulant oatxtaot to tha prejudice of good arder and military discipline " Specification l.? in this, that he, Major W. W. Trow bridge, Fourteenth New York volunteer artillery, then a Hytaln in the mow regiment, and as such performing Ue duttea of United states Recuitlug Officer, In the town ?r Ogdansborg and State of New York, did, at that place, oa or about the Slit day of July, 1S68, or at some time previous or afterwards, permit a fraud to be commit led against the government of the United States, and did aM and abet tbe commitment or etid fraud, by * weiring aad certify tug te a certain official Toucher as correct, which was exorbitant and fraudulent, to wit, the ?ooount of Albert M Sherman, in the town of Ogdeos hurg, New York, date July 31, 1863, for rations aad lodglnga furnished recruits under oommarid of Captain W. W. Trowbridge, Fourteenth New York volunteer artillery, amounting to one thousand and aeveotf-two dollars eighty cents, which was duly paid by IM government on the' loth of September, 1863, by a check covering the above stated amount. In favor of said Merman, :ad forwarded by letter to Messrs. Brown h Bp sneer, attorneys, Oedenabnrg, N. Y., by which pay a?ot, as stated, toe said United States government w?s swindled to th* amount of a sum of six huadrsd dollars m thereabout. Speculation 2.? In this, that be, the said Major W. W. Trowbridge, Fourteen th New York volunteer artillery, having enlisted Into the scrvlca of ths United States re oruits Wm Baboock and Robert Purcell, did defraud thorn of their bouctie* of tbree hundred dollars each, which bad been plaoed la his hands by the proper su thatltiss for payment. All this at Watertown, Jefferson county, N. Y , on or aboat the 8th January, 1NW. 10 ablcfc charge and speclOcitlons the accnicd pleaded ??Not guilty." Finiimu ? The court, hiving maturely considered the evidence adduced, And* the accused aa follows:? Of the first specific* tx>n, "guilty," except the words "lo tbs amount of six hundred dollars." Of the second spec ideation, "guilty. Of the charge, "guilty." Bsniskcs.? And ths court do, tl.ore'ore, sentence him, M^fsr W W.Trowbridge, Fourteenth New Yoik volun teer heavy artillery, "To be cashiered , and to reload to the proper authorities six triodred dollors, and that bis arias, aaase and place of abode and punishment be pub Its hod in the principal newspapers In this city, and in tho Plate from which be come. ' ' 11 The Major fJei.erel commanding has examined, with frsaiBsro, tho prooeedlngs of the court in the case of Maior W. *V. Trowbridge, ef the Fourteenth New York heavy artillery, sad, with grsst hesitation, has decided to approve tbem, asd to direet tbs sentence to be carried Into execution. His hen i tat ion has not arisen from a ?ootot or the goilt of the aocused, but from an extreme aawiillngness to sanction proceedings marked by the arnosest Irregularities; and be baa bad great difficulty In ieeldieg whether Mch a sanction would not be more in Jorieoa to the pubite service than the impnnlty of an officer who baa bean faithless to bis trust by defrauding Ike government and appropriating to his own use ilia fcouBty tf rfCfoiUi' The first of the irregularities referred to is ths ommion aC the Jodfe Advooatea, of whom there were three, lo Mgn the daTly record at the court. Tue signatures of the St two do not appaar oa the record at an, and the iig nro or the third is ority appended ? tbe proceed isgi or tho last day. 1 ha omission Is a violation of us .ge and of orders, bat It Is not taint so the proceeding*. They were regularly signed by ths President or the o- uri, but thla la not soch an authantioallan as is prsicribed. Oa page It or the reoord the Judge Advocate offered evidence of the admiasloa of ooa of th* parties to the frood of wbioh the accused was charged the accused objected, and It was admitted. On page 30 the ac eaoed odered similar evMoace. It was objeetod te by the Judge Advocate, and waa excluded. Oa page I? the Judg* Advocate oSerel like evMoaoo, and It waa admitted, no objection having b tea Shade by the accnsod. There Is no sppsreut cause for IMs inoooalstoncy In I be ruling or the court. If ths evMeeos were properly sdmitted In ths ons rase it Mould not have been excluded In the other, and the ooort ataado upon the record in the diKrsdlubls poll Waa or having received testimony when oifirelUy the Judge Advocate and ei eluded like teitimoey when offered by the seceeed. Tho qaeationa admitted In tbsse r.aaes. It la tree, decided nothing, and tha one excluded could have elicited nothing having any m <terial bearing on the tmuo. They related to tho nature of a contract made by tho aoouaed. It was always la hla power to produce It. and bo doubtless would havs produced it if it had been essential to his excnlpation. The accused allege* in hli defence that bs could havs proved, by certain witnesses, whom be asked to bare summoned, all the acoueatiena against him to have b??n ?ofouaeed. These witnesses bsd, for tlie most part, gons to ths field, snd It was impossible to ptoduce them, lbs eouri martial nsiembled ou the 7th or April; the wltnos e<e wsre ttien within the department, and tbe re>r>eri to 'I?1* ??">??iiad was not made until ths 3d of May, whoa thay H?d gons. If the accused relied on these wit *????*? axculiation, tt was through his uwn nsgli. fence that they were not oilied ror when tbe trial com aaeoced. TUs apeeiflcaiinot let rorth, In the most iptcMo manner, the offence* with whieh be was Charged, snd be could have bsso in ao anoertalnty ai the evidence to* required to refute M.em lf>rsover, It was competsst Mr him, uarter section twenty-seven ?f th* not of Congrsss approved Sd of March, 1 soar to Hav* bad th* d*i?ieiiions ol these witness** taken laee Revised for **** ???? >? ahouid J2. by tha oe.irt, oa tae^Pd of May, that their attondosce sould aet ha pro Jhe pre Iminary 'HJeclJ? of Uqaacujfl t? ^ trial. on tfie.jtouud of * vastus co bttvtea the data of the account sSt forth In tbe flg (t spec>ilc?twn and tbe one annexed to tbe cliargs <WM properly overrnlod by tbe c?urt. Tbe spoetUcatMl^nt tSi1 ih that the account whs dated the 3lst or July, 1863. It bad, in faot, no date at all; but it was described correctly as to the amount, and the date of payment, so that tbe accused could have bad no doubt as to the particular accusations be was to meet, or tbe testimony he needed to refute thorn. Tbe objection wae, altogether, technical; and, Indeed, tbe case might hare been proved under preced ing matter of allegation in spocitoation, if the por tion relatiug to the account bad been stricken out by the Court. In regard to tbe bounty taken from William Baboock and Robert Purcoil, It la no answer to tbe ekarge that tbe accused paid it to William 0 Docker, an accomplice. Major Trowbridge received tbe money to bis own wraof , and H was bin duly to see that It was paid oyer to tbe recruits to whom It bi loo gad. His attempt to Impeach the credibility of Becker, If It bad been entirely suc cessful, would not hn/fl diminished his own responsibility or added respectably to bis official standing. Under all the circumstances the Major General command ing ooutrms tbe sentence pronounced tu tbe case, with the expression of bM strong disapprobation of the irreg ularities in tbe proceedings. Ma>>r W. W. Trowbridge, of tbe Fourteenth New York heavy artillery, ceases this day to be an officer In tbe service of tbe United States; and be shall be taken into custody and held until be shall have refunded the sum of ' six hundred dollars. III. Tha proceedings of the court In tbe case of Maior Trow brittle have boon submitted to the President of tbe United ftate*, and by bim apnrovod IV. Tbe Ueuoral Court Martial, of which Colonel T. P. Mather, Second Illinois artillery, Is Presl lent, Is dissolved. By comm ind of M^Jor General I>IX. D. T. Vax Buns*, Colonel and Assistant Adjutant Gene ral i Official? W. E. Blakb, Aid de-Camp. SITUATIONS WAHT?D? FEMALES. A SITUATION WANTtD-BV A BB8PBCTABLB girl, to d? general housework in a private family; ?h? Is a good plain cook and an excellent washer end Irnner; has bett city reference; *ao object on to go a ? h'rt distsnoe in the country Call at No. 9 fth St., near Bowery, in the basement, fer two days. A NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN females want situation! as cook*, chambermaids and laondres-es, nurses and girls for general housework. Ac., at Mrs. WWU'B o?rm*u Iuatltute, 17 Stanton at , near the Bowery. A LADT, OP OOOD ADDRESS, WISHES TO OB JY tain a situation aa saleswoman in a first claaa store. The bestof city references glren. Address J. B. C , Post office. N V. ? ? ARBSPEOTABLE ENGLISHWOMAN. TV HO HAS been la her present situation, as nurse, two years, would 1 ke to accompany a family to England, either to take care of an Invalid or have the cnarge or children. Can be eeeo at the third taouae from Fulton arenue. In Ryarson at.. Brooklyn, or a note addresied to A. O. Kopping, box 2,307 Bew York Post eSlce, will reach her. AS COOK.? A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A sltuaiioa aa cook, in all its branches? soups, meals pottery, gam*, boning, lording, desserts of varloua kinds, VMS, Jellies Ac. j best of references from high families. Call at WO Broadway, between 33d aad S8d its., for two A young woman, lately lamped, wants a situation tod* gensral homew irk. Call at No. 3 Ma rloa st. Ayocno woman wishes a situation to do general housework In a small prWats family. Can hs ss?n at 201 West 33d st? between Vtb and 10th ars. Inaulrs in ths iters. A SITUATION WANTEti? BF A RESPBCTABLB Amsrlcan woman, to do geasral housework. Apply at W7 Bast Suth st, v' ABtSPBCTABLS GIRL, WISHER A SITUATION AlS ro"k. m s prlvafs family. I* willing to a?slet n wait ing If required; is a so ><1 hsker of bread and bls;uit; is will ing and obi igiss. and has ths >?e?t of city reference. Cat ' fot two d?ys at 4t!i are., in tue fmcy store. A RRSPECTABLE WOMAN. IWANTS A SITUATION A as a flrsSr'ata cook; bns slway- lived with the ben of families, end 'inJerotan i? her bn'tneea In all Its b-ambeS; 1 ha? first c as- reference. Call at Ili>s West27th st, between 7th and Jth ars. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO ROMAN. WISHES A SI 1\ tuat'on as chambermaid or waltrena Hai no object iou to gn a atiort distance In tbe country; the best of city refer euce. Ca:l at Ht lltli are. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOI'NG WOMAN, as K"od co k, wither and Iroucr; Is wil ing to do hnu?s?orV for a snail family; good ellr refereeo* ran be liven. Ctn be e^n al M iv?l 19th at., front t>a-em?nt. ARRSPROTABLR WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa cook, undemande the business; Is s? eneUent lsundrs?s. Call at 113 Court St., eorusr of Bsrgsn, Brook lyn. * : ' ATorNo oi rl wants a situation to do thb housework of a private faml y. lu city or coustry. PjW re srsnoe. Call at 172 West 37th si 4 SITUATION WANTED-BT A RRSPECTA BT.R young girl, as chambermaid and pain sower in a sm* I ram ly or to take oare or a baby and doembrodery, Best reference. 0?n for two days at 436 4th av. A respectable protrstant girl wants a s luatloa aa eharabermaid and to do plan sewing or Kat?r3Si? M%hL1Kk2-' ,m4U pr,v"' A12E*?J?*1L A SITUATION, TO DO . P1* * "joking, waiMni aad Ironing, or general hnote 7* mi CaM st 1*3 Bast &b a*., aaeerd <l??r, SITUATIONS WARTBD-rillALBS. 1 SITUATION WANTEO-BJT A RESPECTABLE J* young atrl. to do general housework or chain network: ?O ob eetion to go a short dtstauce In the oouBtry; best or referenoe. Call at 690 id nr. , between S7tb and nth tta. ARBSPBCTABLB WOMAN WISH?:8 A BABY TO wet nurse. at her owu raaidenoe. baa toot her own baby. two weeka okl. Apply at Ifct J7th at., between 8th and Vth ova ' A SITUATION WANTBD-BT a RESPBOTABLE girl, as e?'k, washer and Ironer; good reference C"* bo seen ot bor preoont place. 381 Henry at . South Brookly n. ITiORE WOMAN-WANTED. BT THB 18T SEPTEMBER, r o situation by on eiperietteed rorrwomtu anil sotter, n o cloak establishment, the beat city reforoncoo given, addreaa C. 8. 0-, Herald otneo. SUMMER U0U8B8. BOABDING HOUSES, WATER ing places and fomlltea wanting competent house keepers, eooks, chamber an aide. waitresses, laundresses, seamstresses, nurses or other help are promptly supplied at Employment Houao, corner Sixih avenue and Eleventh street. Also male help. CITUATIOM WANTRD-AS PLAIN COOK, OR TO DO vonn^wmn?BQU|ir.Ti*rtJ11' by * respectable voung woman, lately from New Orleans baa no. odj Action i^om f ^ ?UB Inqalre *l St., CITDATION WANTED? BT A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO O general housework in o small private family; good reference doll ot 72 Boat Sid at. LjlTtlATlON WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O u irT to do light housework or waiting. City refers nee. Coll ot No. I King street. OITHATION WANTBD-BT A BE8PRCTABLB YOUNG O ctrl, lately landed; la willing to work and obliging. Coll at Mo. ? King at reel " . WAN TED -BY A YOUNG ENGLISH PERSON. A situation aa ladv'a maid or to take charge of children ; ie a good needle woman and would not object to (ravelling; y>od relerence. Address 8., boi 18 PoatoOloe, Hovsrstraw, WANTED-A 8ITDAYION, BY A RB8PECTABLB young woman, to do general housework in n small irlvate family. Can furnish ths best 0;ty referenoe. Coll At 37 West 28 to at, near Broadway. WTANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO ? do genera' housewoik In a private fomlly. Good rof erenee. Coll at 77 West 26th at., Between 6th and 7th are. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A TOCNO RNOLIBB V gill, as child's nuroo; no objection to the country. Call at 127 Rlvincton st WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT V V girl. a situation to do general houoowork in a small private family. Call at 242 West 16th at., basement. tVANTRD-BY A RBBPRCTABLR PROTE8TANT WO vv man, a situation as seamstress and to do Hitbtrfcan) he rework or assist with children. Call at M 2 West 18th at., basement. WANTED.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN wants a situation In a small prfrnte family, an wait ress and ehfcuvbermald Good references given. Can be seen for two days at 162 West 44th at. WANTED- V SITUATION, BY A SMART, CAPABLE ble girl. to cook and do general homework. City refe. reacea. Apply at )2t Atlantic ?t , Brooklyn. Hither city or co untry. m ANT RD-BY* A~R ESPE CT AB LR Iv OM A N . A $TTU~ it atlon as rook, waxher and ironer; is an excellent baker; has no objection to ko a short distance In the oomt try : fca* rood references Can be seen until suited at -54 West Thirty-second street, between 9th and 10th nvea. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as nurse and seamstress: Is competent to take care of a baby from It" birth; or would watt no a lady; the coun try preferred; referenoe given. Call at 144 varlolc st, up stairs. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT G1 RL, A SITUATION vv aa conk, washer and Iraner. or to do housework for a amall family. Can be seen for two daya at 71 West 17th at, top floor. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YoTwTniRL, TO do housework in a small family. Call at 309 Madison at . in the rear, WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, *s chambermaid and waitress: b?< no ob taction to do general housework Iiui small -private family. Call today at 116 Bssex ot., Jersey City. ANTBD? A SITUATIOSfTBT- A~OIRL OP 16. AS waltreas or to a?slat In cHnmfcerwnrk; is willing to make herself useful in a respectaolb family. Cail ft her mother's residence, 221 7th are., second floor, back, for two days. WANTED? BY A SCOTCH WOMAN. A SITUATION As cook and to assist In washlne and ironing; would lake care of chHdren and do up stairs work. Call at 143 Bast 29th at SITUATIONS WASTED-MALES. A FANCY HOODS AND NOTION SALESMAN. WITH a large trade, ia open to an engagement; is accus tomed io *. avelling. Address Norton Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A SOBER MAN. NOT afraid of work, as porter. or would drive a horse and cart or express; knows (he eity well. Address J. Mo., bos lft.' Herald ofllee. An englishman, unmarried, wants a sitpa tibn (in New Eng'and nrefened) as cnaclimao, Ac. ; can take charge nt a small garden and a cow if required ; can read and write ; never used tobacco nor strong drink; only the care of thoroughly good hora"S and a quiet place desired: several years' refsrecoe as to ability, irood charac ter, Ao., can be given. 0*11 on 8. P., No. 9 Chatham St., N.Y. A SITUATION WANTFD-AS COvCHMtN: IR A competent fonr-ln-hsnd driver; has Ave years' first cla-s olty reference as to capability and character. Address far two daysN. P., 744 Broadway, or l>oi 153 Herald onioe* ACOACfTMAN'8 SITUATION WANTED-BY A PP.0 teatant man; understands the care and driving of horses: has lived in some of the first p a^ne in the city ; Deal o' city refersnous. Call at or address &7 We?t 3TI st. I WOULD LIKE TO ENGAGE WITH SOME FIRST class erocery, or would go South with a sutler as c'erk ; can write n fair hand. Addreaa R. M. H , Herald ofllee. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO SINOI.R French gardener; would tike to go to a gentleman's place; Is able to take care of a hot hmise and vegetable garden; reference from his laat place. Ca'l >?J1 Lispenard ftreet OlTUATtON WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAW. BE O twi-en 18 and 19 year* of arc. aa tniokkeoper, aaaiatant bookkeeper erenlrv clerk, or would tend a respectable bar; lately from Dub In. Ireland: Uvea with hla parenu: can give good reference and eectirlty if renftlred; nalary not o much an object an a food place. Add rent D. 1). , Herald oflice. . 8'?i"?.u^v.".v.Y^,r.o,'i,n ??? ?? ?? f?s? sw li,!:,'; ?v: SWTO ??. KKi ???""?< "<> ,c SITUATIONS WANTED?rOE THOROUGH LY COM petent farm handa, coach men gardener*, waiter*, pnr Ur?, Mrrante, ? >n nl' hoya, .le., for "(t- or country. Appl v at ihe I.a'g" Employment Ho ite, eoraerof 0th av. acd lllh si. Alao female help TO MERCHANTS, HANKERS. ac ? a yopno man, wliobaa bad the benelt or a collegiate education wl?he? to ohlaln aome respectable altuatlon in anv p:* e where good btitinace habits. ability and eunllent moral cha racter would ace. t re a permanent postlon. Address for one week 0. Lee ic, station c- _ _ WANTRI1-BY A YOUNO MAN. A RITt'ATION AB porter or barkeeper can read and write: no obtectinn to go In the country. Address for two day* b?i 182 Herald ..fine . r WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. AOED 10 YEAR*, A I sltu?tlon at once, lucrative and pleasinir, either aa clerk In a retail drug atorc. r?rre?hind ng cerk. aa?ir<nnt bookkeeper. or an travelling agent for ao'rie g*>d ?ub?iai,i,al firm; win undertake notliin? wh1*h he ia not aure of Mtbii able to undentand an<l accompteh; baa been a r >mm< n schol te?c'\er nearly three ve?re; ran write well, and can give all the necesaart reference. Addrese Studious, box I HO Stamford (Conn. ) Poet ofliae. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN AS pcrterln a etoe; has seven years' refrreuae from h.c 1 a <t piece. AddrCM J 1'., bf>\ wo Herald oillec. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A YOOfJO MAN. AS TV harness maker, baa served IS years at the trade. Ad dress p O., boi 182 Herald ofllce. WANTED? A SITUATION. IN 80ME WHOLESALE houge or backing offloe. by avoungman. la a good Erntmn and quick at figures; baa some knowledge of book eeplng; I* willing to Icatn and make >nm??1f n?-fnl; fit d reference-glven. Addrc-s for two day* 0 forge O . room 23 Brandrnth House. . HELP WANTED-FEMALES. CHURLS WANTED? TO CUT PLAYINO CARDS. AP r ply at 14 Chambera at. room WANTRD-A LADY TO LRARN THE ART of COL orltif pho'ograpba. After two vccks instruction of one hour per dav work will be given out or a ?Uu?tl >n nro cued fall at 7(3 Broadway, room 19. O. KONIO88BRO s?^?J?SSVVttM8 W tni/ie,^ Bro????" f ?J Per rnruih' WANTED? IN BOOK BINDERY 42 AND 44 GREENE at., a girl tu lay on gold. 11J ILLOOX A GIBRS. -OPERATORS WANTRD; ALSO y Y glrla tu do labellinf, winding. Ac. Apply at V3 and VS 6th av. WANTRD-FOR A OENTIEMANS FAMILY, A abort dlatane* fr >m the city, a man and hla wife, alao a single roan (partite lately landed preferred); the man a* owaman, the wife aa co<>k. Tall a' TS 8th av. T|T ANTED? FOR A PRIVATE KAMILY, A WILLING fT girl, to do Hon >e work; Prulcnant preferred: noae will be tagen whu <lo not like children: mint be a good wa<her tnd Irouer; no cook. Can At ?OI?thav. Ring tbc bell. WAXTBD-AN KXPKRIRNOED TOOK AND PASTRY maker; one who thoroughly under iand< her business and twvlllmg te aaai?t m the waabtng and Ironing: m rat be wd'tcg, obliging and bring good city reference Apply, be tween the bourisef II and J n'eluck,' at 197 Wei: Wth at. |VANrED-A REiPRCTABLR OJRU TO DO TUB II general h.i'ii wor* Cf one "oor. (mother and iwoebll dren . ) nail under>t*nd washing and Ironing. Pa I (rem 10 tin I o'clock at 871 Broaoway. WANTKD -A TIDY PROTESTANT OIEL. TO DO general hnutework In a private faml!>-. Call al 70 Adame Rrooklyn. VVANTKD-A RE9PECTA nLR MARP.IRD WOMAN. YT who hae a flue breaat nf milk a'wtii 4 cr 8 uneni lie o d : a Pmtcntanl preferred. OaM at 121 yth at,, between Broadway md Cnlverilty place, between 12 M. and S P. M. lo day. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN TO f T take a baby to wet at bcr own bvnec. Aj i'lJ al 315 Eaal 15th at,, near let avo. WANTRD-A SRBOND COO*, FOR A HOTEL. ALSO a ftrat e aas lauldreec, t<> whmn liberal wagea wfll bC paid. Apply at HENDERSOII'H Inteiligcnoc Oll>c, Bo. 73 Naaaau ?! , VMween 9 and It _ W ANTED? All BXPEE1HNCBD Nt'ftgB TO rAKB TT charge of an Infant; tbe only child. Apply alter 10 o dock to ft Myera. 180 Wavctley p aeo. UfANTRD-A NEAT AND TIDT AMERICAN OR tierman girl, lo attend a te'reehm' ol r< uuter. None but kneert ?trie im?4 aeil? tbie day at IX ctb av. A VW V W* HELP WilTUMLUUW AGENTS CAM MACE ?J5?N A F*W iOUM HBLLimt ?or gieat, new and wonderful ?lira ?trf* vf/*? Faokajiea. $13 per d?y guaranl. ?*. Br*f dollar more than doubled. A eplrudul ?olld told ?r a lv^r lever walch presented fr?? to e*cU imd L Bum* man warned to ?alabKah agKDC Ai In ??try town and village. C? ijv hrhu fiee. Kale i ui meo ee; demand itc caami. them. Rend for our great new circular for l?G4i iffiL * SI? f ?lira *ew premium fid ic? o^nln free. ft C. HiCKAKDs I CO . HQ ffa?aa<i atreet, V?*w Torfc. original, Urgca; and oiJ?ai PriM leckage houaa in Um world. At THE MERCANTILE AOENCY-W ANTED, T0 day, travelling agents, bookkeeper, shipping olar*, hotel clerk, timekteper, barkeeper, drug clerk, dry good* ?ilrsiutn coachman. waiter; other d'.ufttloa* open; mer chants and others supplied with help free of charga; Ordara should be sent is be Tore S P. M. 0. MONGOMERT * CO.. 266 Uroadwav, room 4, up flair*. OENT8 MAKE TWO DOLLIES rEOM TWMBTY k cent*.? Call aad examine what m vary much needed by everybody. or 'ample* will be teat fraa b> mail for twen ? ty cent* ittat retail tor two dollar*. ? _ K. L. WOLCOTT, i7u Chatham *quar?. N. T. A MAE WANTED? IE A COMMISSION STORE, TO make b. rasa f useful; alao a man for a growrystora, and a porter for a drv good* house. Ap^l* at CHAMBER LAIN A CO. B, No. A Tryon row, itHim 19, apposita City Bail. _______ A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN WABTBD-TO OPEN oyater* and make himself gensralp useful in a restau rant. App'y at Clarke'*, S6T 8th ay. TOUNO MAE TO ATTEND DOOB WANTED, AT 37 Howard at. A( A "ROY WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE DRT GOODS I) establishment, a* alock clerk aad U> mak* hlnaeelf gene, rally useful. Address, in handwriting *f appUaantt Mating age aad aalary expected, box 2, DM Po.t unioe. C> LEEKS.? WANTED, POUR CLERKS, GOOD PEN ) men, steady and reliah'*; pay $24 per month, with ra tion* aad quarter*. Addreaa, In own handwriting. W. Clarke Kraiuhill, Hospital Steward, U. 8. A., Emery C. 8. General n capital. Waafiln^ioa, D. C. DRUGGIST WANTED? A YOUNQ. OR MIDDLE aged man, to take the entire charge of a elty retail ?tore. To the right kind of a man liberal atraagement* Will be made abd a permanent situation guaranteed. Ap ply to John Beugblin, lltb a*., on* door from 44th at. Drug olere wantbd? a young man who hah bad a few year* experience In the bualno**: reference* required. Apply to J. 8. Grove, Ml Columbia at., Brooklyn PORTEE WANTKD? A SOBER, HONEST YOUNG X man. capable and not afraid of work, In a first cia*? Broadway driig *tore. Inquire at 124 Crosby at, from 8 to U A. M. WANTED? AT THB GENERAL 8HIPPIHO OFFICE 87 Weat street, oorner of Albany. 20 men, for whaling merchant and Ashing voyages to the South Sea and Callfor nia. Good wage* given. Also men for tb^arm^aad a%vf WABTED-TWO SALESMEN IN A FIRST CLASS retail carpet store . Address box 2, Oil Philadelphia Post ?Aire. L TtTAMYBD? IMMBDI ATELT, MEN WHO WISH TO f TV make from $25 to $M) per day by a "mart investment, from JiKiOto Important new Invention, just received. Great opportunity to make money, either by travelling or looattng In olty or country. HoWARD TILDEK. 60S Broadway. fJJTANTED-A CANVASSER FOR A NEW WORK ON Vv foreign exchange. Apply at Francis A Loulrel'*, W ON __ Loutrel'i Maiden lane, between 12 and 1' o'clock to day. WANTED-A YOL'NG MAN. AS BARTENDER. IN qulre, before 9 A. M.. at Morrlsunla House, north east eorner 48th at. and Lexington av. WANTED-A RELIABLE MIDDLE AGED MAN, WHO I* a competent driver for the city, to take eliarge of a horse and coupe. Reference req lired. Also wish to rent a private stable bv the moniU not higher np than Twentieth street. Apply to Advertiser, llerad office. WANTBD-AS BARKEEPER. AT 21.% BOWERY. A young man; mUBt come highly recommended from bin employer. ANTED-A BOY TO WORK IN A TEA STORE, one that resides with ble parents. Apply at <<198111 av. w WANTED? A COACnKAN'8 SITUATION. BY A single man (HnitllsU), aged SO; guodXreference. Ad dreseJ. .f. Herald oltlce. WANTED-A YOU!?a KAN. OF GOOD ADDRESS and education, to travel wltli au exhibition. Addiese, with residence, W. W., Herald oil] ee. WANTED-A BOY, 1? OR 17 YEARS OF AOE, AS footman and assistant groom; h? must understand driving and the care of horses, to one suitable good wage* will lw given. Address for two day*, 0. 0., Herald oflive. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. ABOUT JO YEABS OLD, wko writes a fair hann and Is quicK and correct at figures, to assist In the olTlc ? of a Aotel Addi n s, stating re ference and salary expected, 1>oil 3,430 N. X. Pest ofllce. Wantbd? an american. colored or german itton. or a man and wife. ,*o go u short distance in the country ; the man must uudcraUii l p a n eardenlng and the care or a -hare an>1 cow; the woman to do plaltv general housework Ca'l, after 11 o'clock A. M., at 45'j Hudson st . m the bird store. WANTBD? A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNO MAN TO wai on lobleH and make blui*elf generally useful. Ap fil? at the Washington Lunch, Ko. 1 Broadway, tbls marli ng at * o'el'.?ck WANTED IMMEDTATBLY-AKLB HODIED MEN, for scrvlot nurnes In tha Umlml Siaies Army gene ral ho pitnis. New Yor.. harbor. Apply, with recommenda tions, to R. C. Elliott, 07 Bleecker st. WANTED? A CLERK IN A SMALL BET AIL GRO> cerv. Oae having some experience preferreiti aged from II! to 20 ye. us, wuo can come well re omm'-ndeJ lor hone iv, may apply at 00 B?dloid (treet, corner of Morton, this day, after a o cloc!. A. M. MILITARY AND NAVAL. ALL MEN ENROLLED, LIABLE TO RE DRAFTED, bankers. merchants aud others, furnished with sub stitutes in army or navv. Eremptlon papers for throe years obtained from I'l Ovcst Mar* al of aui <li?trlei. References gt.en to niert'haat< fof this and other cttles) of we l known nigh reputation. Apply to Captain COM BS. 50 Liepeiiarti street nMr Broadway. Broolclyn men ?i i do welt >o oil. ARHT AND NAVY.? VOLUNTEERS AND 8UB8TI tutea wanted. Choi. ' of sarvioe giren, artillery, caval ry or infantry. Also a lireniaa. coaf | .it antra, seamen and land.'tnen for blockading steamer- end gunboat". Highest cash bounties palil a? totm aa accepted, whieb will beg'ia. ratueed tiy-moiehanfs aiut banker* of well known hign standing to whom I refer. Wo swindles permit t-.l lu my oli.e. Ikiu't ktop la Ui? atreet. Call and eee Captain COMBS himself. at sn f,lap*nerd f'reet, uear Broadway. Vet can btriag w-ifa or friend wltb yon Attention -on k yk \r volcntfi'. rs wantp.d $2* 0 bounty. $75 bam! money. Ml Volunteers wanted for one year, to whom $:.(\) wit; bt paid l?forc bo ng aworn la. State and tcnvernmeni bounties #<-C'ired. Ca 1 early ai the Now York Army and Nary Reuniting depot, No y Chantbera street. ATTENTION. -MEN MOT LIABLE TO THE DRAFT or gnod ai. e,1 buy* wanted to go in. the army or n??y, to whom will b given the rerv highest boiint'ex pa d. Ap ply to Mr WILTOB, #)8 Broadway. Attention .--two aliens willixq to oo as >.tl "lit .ten for a fair price, this da . at No 4 Centra etfoat, op stairs. Call early. L!:B * KOUEKS. A VETERAN OR ALIEN WAVTBD-A8 A RUBSTI J\ tute for a wealthy renU' nmn The I IfUe i i>rl<:e paid caah down A good opportunity* For pert c tiars apply to li. K. brown, OoVMrlfor-a'-Law. SS) Broadway. up stairs AH EN ROLLED *AN WOULD Mil TO MEET A respectable :.lien or discharged soldier who wonM art atNpKMn illrt In tae trmjr '.or him. Wil give a good fgure and take an inirr?<t la his Welfare. No broker* de.ilt w lb Address Magistrate Ilera'd AN V GOOD SOt'ND MAS CAN GST. TIII3 DaY, ??'.M, as a volunteer or enhuit i e AN* wanted, captain's strwaid. two flremen, Ut ee coat beavers leu sea men and a pirncr'a elerlc. Apply at the Untied Hat's Army and Navy t.euu^uarters, 93 W e?t street. oqrner Cedar street, I. ?. KINO A ROACH. ATTENTION IS i A I.I,'' r> to PARTUS DESIRING f% enfca'ltete* or repieientaflves in the I'nit'd Sistes eerrloe The un.IerMzned will prompt ? I irnish kI en sub stitutes for New York, Klng?, or any ather district in the flute on reaaonablo term*. Apply In ) ??rton or addrese Nix 4D3 /'earl *ir?ot. New York, or No. oti Fnltoo atreet oe?t door below Harding') tea store. Rrjoklyn. C'AflK A VAN N BSS. A CARD ? FIVE ALTEN SUBSTITI'TIS. ALRRADT passed and seospted. can be rnrni?h'd to gentlemen drafted or llab'e to draft. IhU mot nloit by WASIIKURN A WORRALL. Broadway. A HUT, ARMY, ARMT-MAVY, NAVT, NAVY? VOtrN tee>? and s 'bstlfiites wantod, for either arm of the ?eifice. The bl(lient prices paid rash in ham'. Appl< to E. BKAKD8I.ER. I.W Centre street, oorner Wa ke: street. ACAItD-INVALID CORPS.? 'A FBW DIACHARObD soldiers can eator this e^rp* Vouaty $!<?'. W ASH B CRN A WORRALL, 2M Broadway, up st.i ra. All the rights or volunteers exflainfd where and how to soeu/e the Ingest ea?h bsnnl e? oiler sd. to t'm e le?irln : to enlist. I'erscBs enlisted if d^iired, snd boitn les <ecnrrd without dis-ount Applv at the officii of WaSHBCRN A WORRALL, X>| tread way. A MENU AND DISCHARGED VETKRANS WILL HE g .armteeii the larvest ensh boitnty yet paid, by apply ,ng to J W.tllKfcN FLlNW, No. 1 Warran street, near Broadway. TTESTION SUBSTITI'TKS. ?THE HIGHEST CASH bounty paid. No hatnhng or twiadle. Cholca or regi ment. Oorne to rov otBoe and try It, at 4i Hudson street, Ilohoksa i at'-age, bmweea First and .Sacond streets no. bokeo. B. KP.LLBR. A Army, navy and marinroorf.s ? t.w.-voLCJN t. er? anil ? ibstliiiles wanted. S40* rash b->'inty pa'd. Three si b?tlinle* wanted to d?v $vm ttno and $.-iOO ca?h j >en. Parlies Mrlnging men will be paid the largest aoinuat nf hand money paid at anr off! .? in (he elty. Appiv at the Bounty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency, 111 Nasaau street, up stairs. TTKNTtOR ALIENS AND VBTKRAN8.-A FEW good tnea of the above claaa waated itnme iiate'y a? an??t tnl's for drafted rnen. The highest bonatlft* g'laran - litmdl, choice of raglineot. nesutei Ne. 1 Tr>oa row, . oreer (Centra s're -t. wed snd honorable irestmant. ( hulce of > euinient otli<r indmsi'.anls Apply at once to ROBlNsOII A ELLIi*, -ALL PARTIES s'thstlPites to renre eul 'h?nf deslroj< ?f furnishing branehee of ihe ?er. ir? ,vn kTV r^?r *''? ?* named and b.. dealt with in aiTSnorisff *l 'h8 p?1'" letter or In nars-m t.? HOBINSON WrP|'iar IT" b' row, corner Centre ?treet. BUW * BLLIR, (To. I Try in jgOUNTY, BOUNTY, Bf)U>i TY. TBI* UOOO MEN WANTED THIS DAY, fori ??! ^ ,aid Arp,v he Be#'H,uar,#ra, ,he A ?? ?"'? >Vy Rairaiting BROADWAY. ?ora'rd^u w ^?"rrljl will bf ho HIUTARV AW? MViU _ C1AMKROW RIFLK8 ( HrOIIUHDB BS>? COLOB EL J ? M. Klllott coin 111*11] ag. Kitty voluataara ?MUd immedialeiv for ouipany A of this flue new regime I Q#? ?'gam/lng In itils vlty Bp'and'd chanoaa far promotion for v*terans and ra*:i jiu join ng thl? ai* ragimeuL Promo t on? made fr >m the rank*. The regiment will be officered by nen ?b? have seen aerrioe in il>? tield. and the roan will ured for. HI beat bounties pai d to volunteers. .$li.'> paid ta any one bring! i.g a reormt. Apply at 4'i-< Hroad * ay, S Y. Draktkx) men and tuose wishing repkk seatatives la tne oavv can be f>irnl*heJ with reliable substitutes on liberal terms. We have on hand sevsral subslituua for one y?ar Call U>U .la? on Captain NOLAN an<l Lieutenant LANEGAB, la 0 Eaat Brad^aj, corner of Catharine (treat i Draft insurance opkick, M7 Broadway ? Insurance against draft for one rear $!>??; fur two years, $130; for three years, $.'"0, In all the State* I re mlums not to be Mid unit after the draft Tina om*e alT<ads all tho*e liable to the draft an opportunity to procure a substitute, in caae they are drafted, for the abive named 1 P rami am*. Bead for circular*. (Wing full particular*. ALFRED KERSHAW, Proprietor IpXEMrTION! EXEMPTION! BXBMPTIONI U Procured for reepona b'e parties, residents of the eKy and county of New York, for aoe, two or thrae veai*. at may be deslrtd. Responsible partlaa leaving their names, Ae . with ua will be promptly supplied for raaaooable amount*, to be paid on presentation of tha prooer cert I A - cate of exemption. Apply at tha Army and Mary Recruit ing Headquarter*, 100 Broadway Biuuth district.? gentlemen resirimo IN the Eighteenth. Twentieth and Twenty firal ward* af tha city of New York, comprising the Eighth Congressional district of the State, will be furnished promptly with Allen Substitute* and their BiempUon Papers (tor three yeara) correctly procured, br forwarding their nrdere to tha office af the MerchaoU'. Bankers' and Oeueral Kepraaentatlva Volunteer Association, tin Broadway, New York. N. B.? Money payable only whan the representative la furnished and the exemption pe(*Br* secured. La-tic* wteh Ine to aend a representative to the army will have their ardara promptly attended to and will hare prfeedenoe. Tha Bighin district. under the superintendence of Captain B. F. Manniere, Provost Marshal, Is furnlalilng more men la thla way than aay other dtatrict in the State, and with continued aaargv will probably nil Ita quota without a draft Mom of the repreaentatlre* hare been proonred by the Merchants', Banker*' and General Representative Voluatoer Ac octattoa office, 428 Broadway, New York. From sioo to $iso will bb pah> to any bko ker, runner, agent or perron who win bring an aouept able recruit for either tha arm* or navy to thla office. ROButSON * ELLIR. No I Tryan raw, oorner Centre street. HEADQUARTERS, RECRDITItO OFFICE, NO. 12 Chamber* street.? Wanted, at thU office three yeHrs' substitutes; will reoelve %9M\ two yeara' substitutes ; one year aubatitute* and boy* of 18 and oyer wilt reoelve $300. Apply to Capt. JOHN DaPASS A CO. H TO HBBT BOUNTIES PAID.-NOW IB TOE TIME TO avoid the coming draft Men wanted fer the Ue tad Suttee navy thi* day. at the regular shipping eftloe. corner of Bseex and Grand street*. $12a paid to nny person bringing a recruit ta this ofllea. Captain W alLACK. Lieutenant SCHAFPER. MRRCB4&T8 , BANKERS' AND OENERAL YOLCTN leer sVjjtibetlttrte Association, office 4M Broadway, New Yark x^Kl volunteer* wanted Immediately. $l2.r> paid to aay ope t^Vng a recrnit Highest bountie* paid to re cruits on ^Hng eiamiiwttton. No delay. No humbug. Moaey pa id letdown Apply at the offloe, *28 Broadway, Mew York. NOTICE? T WANT AN ALIEN SUBSTITUTE, AND am ready to give a fair price to a good mm to -da v. Ha can be examined and sworn in privately.' Address Loyalty, Herald office. XTEW YORK OR KINGS COUNTY.? SUBSTITUTES J.w furnished, without anv trouM" or delav, at Uie lowest rates, for either army or nary and for either or the above counties, by applying in person or by letter to ROBINSON k ELLIS. No. 1 Tryon raw. corner Centre street Notice.-?# one year-s men wanted. ?.w .-ash down will lie paid al ter naasing the dootor. Apply Immediataiy to J. WARREN FLINN, No. 2 Wai ren street, near Broadway. ONE YEAR VOLUNTEERS WANTED.-U00 CASH and $100 government bounty. Recruit* haie choioe at my command. One Hundred snd Eightieth New York Vol unteers; camp In village of Elinlra, N?w York; ar any eav. alrv, artlller.- or Infantry regiment of the State. Coma ?arl> in morning to Captain COMBS, #0 Lispanard street, near Broadway. ONE YEAUS MEN? 600 WANTED. FOR ARMY OR navy; $2W and $2.r>0 crvsh paid In hand; aliens or ?a l ors or Holfticrs, who have served two or three year* accepted. Parties bringing recruit* treated liberally. Cat at tbe United State* Armv and Navy Agency, 153 Fuitan street .and 1 12 Broadway, up suira.^ ORTNCTPALS CAN BB SUPPLIED WITH MORE 1 despatch and on baiter terma than at any other ofTlen In the city, at the Army and Naval oilloe, 93 South street, cor ner of Fulton, up itulrs. SANDS, DEMAKEST A CO. RARK OFCKR.? I F A OOOD, SOBER, INTBLLIGK NT man will ><and me hi* address. 1 will make him a rare offer to enlist In iuy place as representative volunteer. Mo broker need nppiy. Address Manufacturer, Herald olOoa. RARR < HANCB. -TWO MARINES. JUST I1T8 chaiged, haring serveil tlie full period of tbe*r enllit ment.?wl*h to go sgaln a* eubstltutea for four yearn for some pt-ivaie ^eutlemen No agent need apply. Call thla morning, between V) and 11 o'closk, at lr>7 Mow-jirv. up Htalrs. T. Bl KIELl.NO QUBsTITUTi:^? AT 17 RBOADWaY, NEAR RATTrr.Y. O UBF.T1T" TK8? AT 17 B KUADWAV, N F AR K ATT KH V HI" HSTITUYES - AT 17 BROADWAY, Mi Alt BAT'tl ItY. fiitnitliu I for ary district, bv honorable atfd rellabta parties. Apply from 7 A. M. to 0 P M. SUBSTITUTE W ANTI'.D? ONE NOT LIABI.E TO draft. Aptlv at 240 Broa'i \vav, room 8, tacond floor. Biokeis liberuTly dealt with. Substitutes put into the navy answba for inen tvaftc i hi the armv. and are easily stitalned. We are near the navy yard gale, an>1 are furnishing twenty substitutes to ti\c navy every day, and will contract to fur nish liftv Substitute ra.-h dav after thl* week. RtiJBBN VOSK. Seniiien * Bank. No. I'M York street, Brooklyn. CCBSTITUrES FCEM8HKD ON RJEASONaBLI k ' terms at the Army and Narv Ofllca, n Nassau trecU We have iodic now on tiaod. Keferonces, all oiu' patrons. SUBSTITUTES WANTED. ?ARMY ANT> NAVAL OF. fi' P, 93 South street. corner of Fulton (treet, w II pav this day from $i 'U to $j 0 cash for 25 to SO taeti, of all nii tl iiallles. to go a* a ibsiil'ilea In the army and naval forces Jf the Untied Sum*. SANDS. DE MARL. ST A CO. QUBSTITUTR8 AND REPRESENTATIVES WANTED tj tills dav? To go as subst'tuta* for parties, :n advance of tlio draft, f> whutn from $J0i> 10 $ kJO w ill be piltl fur one, twn andithree laara men. a* so<>u as they pa ? ibe doctor, on the same day of enli?tmoot. at the A-rmr and N'aval otlico, 93 South street, corner of Fulton street up -nn-t __ bands, dim a rest a CO. SUBSTITUTES ? FJVB SCTMfrrirTSS FOR THE navy wanted this dip. UUiiest cas'i bounty p?:d. Applv in WM. C. SWIFT, lato of tbo United Sta tea Navy, 16 i York street. Brooklyn. Sl'BsTITUTE.8? ALSO REI'RRSKKTATIVES FOR TIE ? ?otnlnir draft firnUhed at reasonable prices, without dn:ar or incQnr?iiten" Ui parties leaving ihelrorletn Ke frrrnce Klven, If requ-iPd Applv at the old cslabUgaed office, 198 Eleventh atreei, comer Sixth avenue. Substitutes? oextlrmkn are invited to < at! sn l le^ve their orders lor tnei. as we bate n num ber of subslltutee on haod and can 1)11 orders with des 8ii eh. '"ties v sti-l secure vour rn in at the uSce of the lerubanta' and Hankers S . hslltute Association, S) Park ruw, room 2\ (JUBSTITI TE3.-r ARTIES DESI^INO SUBSTITUTES ? 5 <iq hmn thera furnished wttii desp<t< h and on rea sonable terms iuo money reuctrefl until you get your ** emp ton j ai>ers), at th? X'tAtntV and Bankers' 8ubgil tute Aaao latton, 3D i*ark row, room S6. SI BSTITUrtvfl NOW ON HAND FOR THOSE WI10 spul v to JOHNSON A COLMAN, No U Grand slice t, near the ferry, Williamsburg, N T. TnE NEW YORK ARMY AN D NAVY REORl'lTING Company. No. 1> < hauinei-s street, Ua? beei es>abli*lied wltb a view of having one rett ible ofilce la hi* city where the rourult, whether volun'cei or substitute and principals, w hether enrolled, drafted or exempt, w;ll reel?* fair anil hopo a Ma treatment. Every cngig-ment toads wilt be ?wiiipiileusly fulfilled. Principals turn' shed at tlie shortest n>t ce with food, wind tiifo. who have been previously ex a. timed by an ?jpTtonoed snnteou. Itidvlduu s In aSy district in the S ate tan hate their substitute* ?m ? teieil In tHI# c'tv and their eiemplon pa|>ers fuiw.rdflj. Vete ran-, ruiuutrers and sub<tilut?? treated like men and the higheel price obtained A **'??: al depart meut Is detotedto recruits for :ba nary. Ontnnianding oflVer* of the n mr cud bsi-e their ornsiilratinns i 1 ed up lhro"*ii our sgencv. Call s; or addte*? the New Y"r* Army and Naty Recruit Ing Company, No. 9 Chambers street. TI1REB AI1LEBODIED MRN, NOT LIABLE TO draft, desfre to * > as substitutes. Priaclp.ils omy may address Substitute. Imh 2-'V> Ilera d o.lice. "TO AVOID THE DRAFT,"? PARTIES DEMRINO 1 sub-unites would <lo n-n I te call at the celebrated 6r uisn's OctHttliic Btlahlishmeal, Where ( ib*l.tates can be pi-oe .red at the lowest oa?h price. Oa'l at on* oa ril'KNEV k BVRNE8. No. 1 Do' ar atreei, near rranklia square. \TOLCNTF.ER8 OR SUBSTITUTES WILL DO WI LL v by railing at my iilli'-e. ( psv $7?t this dav, with hoi. e of heavy arti.lery di:ne ;arrl-on duty in the harbor Apply corner of Duaoe street and Rreadway. la the sa oun . Captain a. H IT.ail 'k. VOI.UNTBKRf \VANir.!>-fOlt rilR A I! M Y AND navy. The highest itasb bounties paid. Also men fur nished w ih 'institutes at the lowest tales. The highen premium paid I . run nars brlnijlnrr man. Offlee, Hamilton a ren ie. one b ock fr?ni Ua n iton ferry, foulb Brouklya. VOI'U^terrs wakti-d-for thr army and T Na?y. The huh?st rash bonnlies paid. A'so tnsn f-ir nttbed with substitute*, at reasonable ratsa Apply at ?3 la-Ties ?i rret . c MMr New fl iwery, in Ibe storey VOLI'NTRKRS AND Rt PRBSKNTATI VEH WAMED In dif , $.">?) aad $<00 -ash In hand: all parties litingtng a reci ult paid a large amount of hand moan . Call at the Bountr. I ay. Army aud Nary Aeaaey, lit Nae?au atraei. up statra ti'ANTED-IRISHMKN. enolishmkn. SCOTCH, ?T (Je'tnans, Crsn ib *in' men of all ast ona'ttl", t" en lis! as voltinleei ?. Tlia highes' boi.atv iaU, cash in band, on'psssiar the doMor Ralie1- th kets for fjnillles. Asen'S will rerelve tfc* highest premiums Anp'v at the Merc isnte'. Baiters and titoerai Vtduuleer and Stilm t ue Aasoclatton, oiltc" 12$ Broadwav, N. Y. tX7ANTRD-rOR THE Kt t>CE A DC SHI PS, THE VAN ff derbllt and others, landsm"*. seamm. raal paatara, firemen and '>?lv! ?: al?' for thearvnv. The hlgbeat lx> a ties paid at 87 West meet, coriie- o' Alliaur, un Hairs. JAMI.S A CO., Amenta. WANTIiD-A IIII.ITART I XSvpr i<> INTER THE arBiv or nsvy ?< a subs Hute, .ihe.-al ronioen stien givto. Apply to J J. S. <X't f'lN. i$ Liberty t? i>p st.?,r?, A Til DISTRICT YOLUNTFRII COMMlCTRE ROOMS, 4 JiRIDUfFORr. OOXNECTK i T. Fs e $1 2* lb- high??t prirf pa'd la 'lisioya. I'V"* are paid hare for subatitu as aud raVtal*er*. Money puid nn med atelr on iiaaslng tba surgeon, in full. A 1 SrBSTlTUTEB WKRK PltRNfHIltD HT US ON '|- 1 Wi'ineatlsv at (Ml to priat ip.ila We bara nrdera for ?ft. which we ?hall fi'l at the same chn'?e poes'lilv i?o*), REUHFB VOSK, Seaman s Hir.V^lltS York St.. Brook ytt. pili SllRKTITUTES ARE NOW WAITING FOR APrLT iJU canta, ami raa be shipoed to tba credit of drafted men In ene hour. F?r orr respectabl'ii j- we refer to 'tic follosriag note ? Reui r ii v se hare kn?wn you for twenty years and consider r on a man of strict Integrity.? Henry Eagle, Cnmmod ire I'nt'ed Statea Navy " Apply at , lae Saaaien's Bank. HSYork street, Br x kiyn, near Navy i Yard gata. 1A(| HEN WAMED-roR THE AMY <?R NAYF. lvU From $|iiO to $MOO eash Will be paiit to earn; full ? amount ot money ra>d as aiwu as areepteii choice of any ragtmenl or ? ease I and a good ebao e for prise iitone) . I Aru? aad Navy otoci. IINaataa aural. muitart Airn wwai ? /\A AHD CPWIRD HAND *0?i|T PAIO TO^ABT *'1"""" Ml. iw? or >ntii>a wmo brln/a *nbeit uUs far %rmj and navy. Highest m-n boan'? to lb* re. wuit. Apply lo Captain CO MBS, 90 Lf peaatd alreet na^ Bioadwaf. 1 QATH REi3l*IE\T NEW YOKK VOLUNTEKRS _ i O" Camp at Elmlra village. K?w York f .pc*Jt? Combt' Iim 1'inniiTi Am Llsp-nerd street. our BrwKA^ ? aura Volu nteers an I Substitutes for hs owu Kminiif. This tine regiment Is fast Siting up. Tt a oflJ ?rs are men or highest rasp^ctabil tv. Highest cMh and government bounties pa..d. Non commissioned oftio*r>< wantaJ. HAND MOMKT WILL BE f AID TO AH? V?"" Miwa bringing A VfTBHT'TTTI! To tb? Armv and Naw Recruiting Dopot, Na 9 Chambers street. Tb# highest hand money paid oa lbs top 0 1 the earth. $W e?-b paid in *idition before being swgrn la to all rwruitg fir the a rmy or navy HANO MONET PAID RUNNBR8 BBINOINO |>4UU substitutes to tbe ai3oe of W AMHBUBN A WOB RALL W Broadway. N V. 500 900 ?"MTITUTRH wan ted.? bbocbbb, bow ner* an<l all others bringing man to ids will re mits $71*1 oa*h down lor each rran thai i<as*as Ike. doctor. Apply Immediately to WAKKK.N PLINN, No. I Warren ?treat, near Broadway. <t900 EOR *iNE IRAR MF.N IV THE UNITED jI>AlVrU States haey. (10.) t? rano-r* $J90 'Ash In hand to two years seamen. ha:f pnv to fa utiles and prl?* money. _ Landsmen, seamea and green hands wanted at lTOChat-* ham street, shipping o'lioe No. S. PA,r> T0 ANT ONB BRIN'ilNd A RECRUIT forlhearinv or navy; choice of refcimsnl. largest bounties guaranteed an i no deception: m?uis< paid as mou an the man pauses examination, fall nt the Merchant*1 and Banker*' 8sb?titute Axaocu.tioa, M Park row, room 23. JUftM TO $*00 OIVRN FOR ONB. TWO ANDTHRBK years' nwtn for the army or navy. besides govern ment bounty and prize money. Appiy to GODFREY A WABEtELL, at lb? C'apUin's. 13 Park row. ONB TRAR KIR WANTHD? FOR TITB UNITRD Stale* Nav v ; $190 heun'y oasA (a band. A so col ored men and boys, from IS to 2>, wanted. Any person bringing a recruit to thw oflice will be liberally dealt with. Apply at No. ti East Broadway, corner of Catharine atrai. Capt. NOLAN A Lieut. LANIOAW. ?Qfm AND f,irn POR VOLl'NTK1 R8 AND SHMtT atntea.? Choice of cavulrv artillery. Infantry or nnvy; garrlaea. pr.ivoat guard or Held duty. Roller sent to families. Apply at 14 Sixth avenue. Honorable treatment to all. AN D $400 CASH IN HAND PAID FOR BE* ? _ to g<> In the n.iw. arm', ami murine corps', large amdnnt of hand money paid to anyone bringing a recruit. Call at the United State* Armv and Sa*y Agency, No. 158 Pulton street and No 212 Broadwav, room No. 5. diflnn CASH IN HAND. THI8 DAT, POR ATJBNS who wish lo enter the armv or navy. Wc pay the very hit beet e.*sh bounties for substitutes and volun teer*. Choice of rsglsnetit and aid to familiar guaranteed. Ten men wanted ror a country <|tiota. to whom a larga bounty will be patJ and twenty-four hours' furlough glvea. Apply, befare 2 P M. , to WILSON A CO.. 2W Orand ?trcet d?l*nn AMD $Su 0 CASH PAID TO PIVR AMKNS. ?)OUo Call to-d'iy. Discharged *al ors and so'dier* who have snrved two and three years In the armv and navy ami have honorable disfbarge.*, accepted, fall at the Bono ty, Pay, Army and Navy Agency. Ill Nassau street, up stairs. nnn ONE year MKN WABTRD? S300 AND WO, tlwvl ea*h in hand, paid o ivy or army aliens and dia charre l tailors and soldiers. Accepted parties bringing re cruits treated 1 bera Iv. Cal' at the Bounty, Pay, Army and Navy Ageaey, 111 Nassau street, up stairs. <K?On BOT'NTY. ? $?00 HAND MONKT PAID TO AWT ipUl/U person who brings a r?crult for army or navy, t* tbisotllee. $0*i ca?h In band to anv recruit who eamea hlm*?lf. United Plate* Recruiting oliice. 217 Broadway, room 18. Bubmltntes also fiirnitbed fjr el'y or country, at fair rates. Colored nten taken. CASH DOWN-FOR AN ALIRN OR VKTB ran. in go as a substitute. Mo brokers need ap ply Call at IM Kulton *t?c?t (JiflJ n CtSFf RACir, TO TWENTY ALIBNS AS 9CB ?V * " stltutes, at No 7 B':ooanse p<aua, Jersey City, up BACH-OA8H DOWN, WILL BE PAID FOE <J>U I ti two alien*, or veteran*. In co as sub?tltnli>s In the armv or nav ??. Mo broker or runner need apply, only the substitutes theeiseivet. An ' between 9 A. m. and 1 P. U.. at Ita Greene street, Jer.-ey City. 0>("7 C CASH IN HAND PAID TO BACH fiUBSTI tule as *oon as accepted, and the choice of eer vioe. either in the array or navy. App vat (he old Mtah llslie l on s-, \Mi Eleventh street, corner Sixth avenue. ?7 l\n ?SIX M,,'N WANTED. AS 8UB8TITCTRS, ?IP | UW, this day; $700 caab in band as ?oon as accepted. Also volunteer* and men for the I n va.ld corps. Apply at the Patarson House, 79 Cortiandt street. 0?7,Tf| WILL BR PAID TO A. A N TO OO AS RE ?p i tJ\J preneniative lo a gentleman in advance of the draft Apply Immediately at 31 Walker Street, betwaan Broadway and Church street. <CQOn -TOLt'NTERRS AND STBSTITUIEB WANT ?pOVi\y. ed for t!i* army an ! n*vv The lar;est amount of hand mnney pnid to anv oat; bnuitiag racruita BubsU tules suppllsd at r"a?nna'>!e rum", a*. Ctl Broadway, corner Blcecker street. I.n.rauce 74 Blet 'ker tire t. a BOUNTY FOR YOLVKTMERS in THR SECOND New Jersev eava'rv; $ oil cish in hand. Apply at the llaciulting ollkja, llobo Wen leiry, liovokt-n, N. J. (JlQin BOUNTY? MD6 CASH, TO VOLUNTBBRB, $900 JJ>*7JL'I beunty, $'-'S3 cash for oiv rear: $j i |>ald to any one bringing a lecruit to No. 7 Exchange place, Jersey Oity , up stairs. Of AAA ? ON'F. THoVsAND "DOLLARS CASH O* 5pL. the spot Two men for the armv or navy, who will rsceive the shove sum, ea^h down, at the Army and Navy Claim ofllce, CS Fulton street. If Wirt RECRUITS WANTKO-FOR ZEE ARMY, JJUll AT 17 BROADWAT. $tyOcash in hand paid each mat! 1.000 veteran t wanted for (he army, AT 17 BROADWAY, 9 100 cash In bsnd paid eaeh n an. 1,1)0) seamea wanted for the navy, AT 17 BROAOWAT. ' $400 cash in hand paid each man. 1,000 Mndamen wanted in tbp nary, AT 17 BROADWAV. $400 cash in fan I paid each man. 1,000 firemen wanted for the navy, AT 17 BWIaPWAY. $400 cash In hand psld each mi" 1,000 ooslpassar* wanted for the navy, ? AT 17 BKOAD VAY. $400 cash In hand pai<l eseb man Men coming to this olllce lo eu'ift cati rely upon obtalnin$ the most honorable treatment. up?n receiving the money ?/T'ered In full, upon clioiqe of regirneQt end arm, without humbug or imposition Oome *nd -"?? for > Ourselves Of ike open from 7 A. M. to p. m. $h? IIANft *oni:v rl I bo paul tosnvnvin. wjioa i ?r child bringing an ac ceptable recruit to this oifiiw. <5f OS A WtLti BF I* \ I 0 rOR TWO ALIENS? TO ?J5I. go as suheUt'itae al>.o a !ew veiuniecrs. to Whom guperlor In lucetir n's AiV oTered ; choice of auy branch of the I'lvue: reliet aervt to v .limvers' families. Apply at ike Franklin Uov. 57 It street. ? <3tF CASH IV HAND FOR TURKU OOOD man ?Choice at beav. .. rtli ery t tor he rkev ?ervlee). infantry ca^airv or Hie *vua :orp< Anply at the "nilcd Mites Ar -'t aud N >v> I'cn iauarte'*. U We*t rtneet, ?ruer of Ce Isr street New York KINO A ROA' If. <?9 -TURK* ?E\ WANTKD THIS VORN O^i'/iJ", nig, to w b'tap th s a noeot ?i I be pa t v Oh rnolce of regiment*. InvaTls al*0 wanted lor the invalid corps lu thl*ctty. Apply Immedl ttcl at 1:1 Broo.ue street. 10 000 VOLUl,T,',RllS wAKTBI>, TO REPRHSENT TIIK COUNTY c"m,w loan IN* THE Am. COUXTY BOUXTT. Tl! R8K~ IIUNDRRD nOM.AH*. IT ?n ' 1 money? County in new rncinlt* or v?t?ran? %TI united Statea tb nn* reeru tg id Culled SUMflMo veteran* IS Tha County Volunteer Committee, undar Inafrncloni of tbo Board of Supervisor.-* having filled a'l quotaa under atl mils up lo (ilia Utu?, bare rreolved to recommence the b'tii nes* of recruiting for tha artnr. with tba view of raiding the quota In anticipating of ? n-w call by me J'reaident for ?en. Recnilta will be receive J ga formerly at thn aereral Prn ro?t Marabali' oflicea, at Tammany llali, and at tha County Yglnatanr Baea?il a be Park, iwa ?t Broadway and Cbara berg itreet. Tbe follow ug gre the virion* Provoat MarakaV Offlea*:? Fourth Dutrict? Captata Joel H. Lrbardt, So. Mi Liberty ?treet. Fifth !>i?trlH? rgptgm Henry P. Wg?t. eorner Broom* ?0il Cro*by atreeta. Siith nutrlct? Captain Koiter, corner tilth avenn* and Thirteenth HreeL Bev#nth Dnirlot? Frederick C. Wagner, No. 63 Third Iveaae. Rlghtb Diitrict? Beojami a F. Maoierm, No. 1 ?? Brand way. Ninth r?l?tr|p(? Wm. Dunning, corner Forty -eerenth etreel gn<i Broad war. All rpcruli* wll! receive in their own handa tha Onuntf Bo intf of ??"*1 ?n l any partv bringing a RaarnJt wlH re eive a County Premium ?f $10, in raali. for every man, wliether m-if Keertilt ar Veteran ami a eerttncat* entitling the Varer to fie United State* Prernlnta of $10 for n M* Raeruit and $l? for n Yeternn C OOOFRGT OCNTHEB. Mayor M a Ti n R w T hrkskaN. Oomptratlnr ORISON HLOT. S inerrar*. . tll.MAM M TWI'.FO. -Xpervloor KLMafl r. PI'RIIV Bnrnrvtaor. WILLIAM R BTi'WABT, Rioervleor. t'ou>nii"ee oo TolonUertng. orison blcnt - . , ~ m ... .... Ch\lrmanaf Commit!**. Oate J Niw To**, Ja r '*?' tfcl (VTAIOIITT TO VOLUNTEER* -WARTBD, ?TL.U 11/ men '01 10. a bear r and qarniry mlmMM AfP' ltnme?lat?l lo WaBKBuBS A WOM BALL 3?>6 Broadway, near Cha-?ii>era ?trndL n a V A I. I'll i / K, MUHttf, 4WP^. 4 HOT -PBIZB MONEY lO RA I LORB. ? BOBBTT A MOM K V TO BOLOIRBI din harged for wntuidg received In bnltle. Ac U ^charged Bar* or In r.or Sol -jy -'ie. PAIDthnlr PRira in I ?0VNTT MONRTf Mr by KpHTARD BIB Arm* and Navy Banker, and late Purnar U. 8 Nnvy, 27 Hro*i)i?av, corner Cha.nbara itraat. New Torfc A1" """ ?, Uornromeal >n l CUW l|??l. 39 5a<^ati etreel, eorner of Ltswrty. New fork. _______ All prize monbt how patablb^ C AM BR OBT^lBBD AT OBC*, By a t> nil lug t? p" ^ PICKBT a 00. ||* Broadway. IN% Trr?. A LI. TIIB OFFTf'RHS AND CRR^R OF THB CORN?? lle#?, Tbign, Orand Unlf. Tabowa, DeBnW, ssai'tawrwrittKiwIiiar'"^

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