Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,185. STEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1804. highly imtokmt mm. The Difiiicas of Stabile At tacked by Admiral Far ragut's Fleet His Vessels Reported to H&ve Passed the Forts. Eight Union Iroq-Clads En gaged In the Work. The BemVarditmtt Said te Jlste Occupied Three Days sad te he Still Pregraslugs Oon*ral (Irtafsr in Oamnand of the Xiaad Foree*. Description of the Dafences of Mobile Bay and City. THE US I ON AID REBEL FLO HLLAS LIST OF OFFICERS OF BOTH FLEETS, fto., *?. Our correspondents il New Orleans forwarded by ths steamer George Washington, Captain Gager, which ? r ? rived at tbls port yesterday morning, tUe following la portaat Information In reference the long projected move snouts of Admiral Karragut'a lleet off Mobile; and, though we are wltboni details, taore can be bat little deabt tbat the attack baa been made. Mr. Henry Theupaen'i Otipateh. Nsw Oblbabs, July 30, 1844. Intelligence baa just arrived at those Headquarters tbat Admiral Farragnt h-ta repulaad tbo rebels off Mobile, and la bombardiug tbe upper defences. The Admiral baa Dow au Iroa-clads off Mobile, aod two ?ore ie(t tins city to-day. Tbia will ma Ice eight in nil. The bombardment baa been continued lor three da ye, and it in expected tbat tbe city will aurrondo r before the elaae of next week. Mr. William Yoang'a Deepntcb. Nkw ObLxaks, July SO, 1804. Information waa received at tbe headquarters Depart ment oi tbe Gull on Tburaday that vdiuiral Karragut had passed Forta Morgan and Ga.nos, wbrU had been sop p>eed wo mmaud tbe entrance to Mobile bay. lie is tbereiorO.'lf ths Information is correot, with n part of bis aeet, between tbe forts and the city, and the farmer must .pee^'ly sorrender. General Graagor will oummmd the land foroea, which will occupy Mobt'e and garrison tbe forta, If perfect eecoesa crowns tue movements of Admiral Karragut, as everybody here expects. Ths Ooatendlng Forcee and Thilr Burrngth. Tbe following la a description of tne contending foroea law at Mobile, and by It our readera wMi be able, ia n measure, t > see that sisce thin rebellion oommence^ no ?we sucb formidable fleets have met In oomBaL We ?ball swan with muwh anx'Oty tbe reeult of Ibis straggle for tbe eupremacy M tbe great bay of tbe Gulf Otty . fbe map wblcb we give will enable all to eee how wall fortl M tbe rebolo are, and at tne aame time be able to oom prabend the difllculilea the d isbtng Old Salamander will have to overcome be ore be oan claim a full victory:? oraaa.ioN* pkbviuus to tub attack. Mobile hsa been threatened on two occasions previona te tte present movement, one shortly after tbe oapture af Mew Orie.ns aod again in February of tbls year, the fleet movement being made by Porter's mortar flotilla, and the accord by admiral Farrago!. Tbe latter was i at urant's Pans, and waa intended only to distract atton from other points. OB4BCT OF TBI MOVBMkNT. The present snovemsBt la probably dealgned not so ?set for tbe cspture of the city of Mobils aa It la to ?basin poeteeaioo or Danpbln Islsnd aod Mobile Point, so that tbe barbor can be effectually block ided, and at lbs snana lists to rsllsve the lsrge Uoton fleet now off that ptnee, who ham been hourly tbreatesed with an stuck frees the rebel tros-clsda l>lng under ths guns of Fort Hergan. THS OIFENCB9 OP TBI CUAKKBI.fl. Mobil* la perhaps the best defended place In ths Golf, fad It will require all the dash sf Fsrragnt te gsln ? foothold inside of ths daTesesa. It la not only pstttscled by heavy forta, well armed, hut by a formidable flotilla of Iron-clad rams, gunboats sad ontss-elads sad this flset must be daatroyed or driven vMI op ths hay before It will be safe for tbe wooden Veaaela to pasa la. nature, In laying oat the bay, ran ssi a long, sandy penlnaola, called Mobile Point, upon which tbo United Btatea government placed a strong #ork mount lag one hundred aad thirty-six gana, two Uera to asasmste and oas is baroett*. Tbls Is situated as ths starboard or right aide of tbe eetraaee to the bay, through MM awaah channel.-' Oa the port or left hand aide w alto IsSeS Dauphin Inland, on wboae eaatern extremity la lo ' sated Fort tinioea; alao a aaeematsd work mounting aome ? tfty guaa or more, oommandiag the middle obss sal aad I the y ooo ago op the bay. Outlying from these two poleta l?f land la a saasil Island known aaflaad Island From Iftsrt oalnse, on Danphln bland, In a northerly direction, )?N en ths a bore lino. Is n water bsttsry mounting Bias ifnaa sf leag raaga, aad Areas this battery to tbe aorth . wars and waatward aad op to Grant's Paaa are a aertea sC earthworks, aad a work kaowa aa Fort Powell, aaoant (hag twelve gana. m aiuox onantvorioNa. Kit anting from Fort Morgan aorcae tha awash sad jBsiodts ehaanaia la a line af apile ehatrooUona, bo lag wader ths oever aad protection of the gans of both form *thsBs wow plsosd there sums tlms sins*, sad are represent , ft to ha quite formidable sad net readily poaaed through ? b removed. A sasnll paaaago way hna boon left toaMow tha h toefcade ranasra 10 paaa Is and oat to sea. Thie open leg, |y lag elaae to the fort, la carefully washed over at algnt by, 'small pioket hosts, which can, at ths approach of ear voeitele. give ? sigoal, aad ths guaa aC Fart Morgan? a ?andHsr of whieh are always trained upon that spot? win apBB open tha lavsdsrs; and ia add it lots to thia aafb gaard the robot Iroa-elads are msored a* Cat tbay ean aov* readily to tbe farther sssManss of tha fort In prn ventlag any veaaal paaalng through. Bo moo,h for ths sntsr laad dafbnesa. V f>i nam, flotilla. V? * *4mlral Baebaaaa, who haa comma od. ^?utsaval stat km eiaoo ths wsr, have bass directed to th?. preparation af a flotilla to atd tbe land fereee la r* I rt^ny attack spaa that stronghold, and, as Mobils jht et the bsglaalag of ths rebellion to bo too far a naval depot, n waa tooatod at Mima, ia mnmmHm THE ATTACK ON MOBILE. The Harbor Defences of the City? What Admiral Farragut Has to Overcome. one ran and fbur or Or* gunboats hare been contracted for lb* nary of the confederacy. To |ln u Idee of the Importance or this naral station wo bar* only to append a llat of tbe officers on duty there:? Oemminder ? E. Farrand Hrtt Lieutenant ? Van R. Morran. A tri* ant r a ?.?matter ? O. H. O'NelL ? John 1'earson. r* rf ioireni /engineer? W. FrVok, Jr. Gsr(v?<sr?-John T. Ruatlo In addition to theee officers there have been attached to tbe itatlen at ? arte us tlmee ordnance uffloera of tbe beet uleat in the rebel service, and nveral hundred men bare been constantly employed In the eonetructlon of new gunboats and tn refining old resaele; and at tbe prefect time tbe rebel utj la Mobile bay ooaalala of tbe follow* Ing rsaeels:? A'lau) ef Vet! el*. Clotty Ifo. ef Ovm. Ten 11 lean Iron clad ram, flagship 7 Naahfllle Iron clad ? Morgan lr?n c a?l 6 Baltio Iron clad ? Selma Cotton clad 4 Galeae -Cotton clad 4 Creeoeat Cotton-clad 4 Alert Steamer t Ooaet guards four small steamers 10 Total, vessels 13 Total, goas 60 TBI BIBIL NATAL 0FFIC1B9. Admiral Fbaxslin Bvcmakan oommaadlng. ?faff omceas ajtd orwsw or vu ruoeair i Lieutenant ? J. R. Eggleaton. S*rg?n$? L. W. Miner, O. S. Xnglehart. OmasMndtr ? K Farraad. Lieutenant- ? Alpheos > Bar boll. Paymaster* ? T. W. Ware, 0. a OTtell. Maker ? John I'eareon Midthipman ? W. 8. Rogue. Engineer ? W. Frtck, Jr. ftiMMr? B. r. Hog bee. lot or omnan or twa mam. RAa tumrxuM Ap. R. Jonee, George W. Girt. . W. Waatalogton. Surfeon ? H . W J* mutant Surgeon ? M. R. Ford. " ?L K. Brooks. J NcBaker Juittnnt I'aymatler? L R. B MaM?n- Ff. H. Marmaduke. . fatted Midtkirman- Itaaiel Trigg. MU+iimen-* J. Crelgb, W. R. May hew, 0. K. Mal Imftneer* rirst Asslatant, John W. Tynan; Second As Sleiaat, Hoe* Pagan, Tblrd A as la teat, John Dent. Gunner Jae Lorett. uer or omcsn or na inn ovwsoat noma*, Oemmandr-r ? C H MoMlalr. JmmmKi-C. J. Graves. T. L. Harrison. Amidant .<*un/em K. G. Booth. f'afmiuier ? R. U MaeRall. Miditkipnen? H. n. 8oott, T. O. Garret, W. F. Wilson, H. H. Tysea, J. R. Norrls, P. Arthur. Mnftnee r-H. B WUIy. lot or omrsas or m asm. ?ak baltio. MwtetMinie-Jameo D. Johnston, Wa. P. A. OampbeU, John Granball Attend IMwtenemit- Geo. A. Borebett, R. 0. Read, A. O. Hedgiae. Aurpeant j. T. Maaon. W. P. Oarrlagtoa. Amittemt f*ayem?tw? M. M. Leey. Matter*? Irey Foreman, R. W. I'errln. MtdeAttmenS. P. Blano, P. a Dornta, 3. H. Ham U tea, K. a. Mweta. <aj*usn? W. M. Fauatleroy P. 0. Rim peon. Ounnert?W. H. Baynee, E. 0. MeCeomb. lot at erwct s or na m am boat sblma. Itmtmmnt P. U Murphy. MidtMpmem -J B Retollflb. ncaas at res hi emnoAT OAtiua -T. T. Haater. ?4. W. Beaaeet, Hilary Oense. _ T. M Ford. AMtMmt PsiaiSS J. K. Arm sr. JMr-LO Meek tea *? A- Mwrlweatber, J. M. Gardner, D D. rteeak, tfTa OeoOe, W. & Sterling, A B. !**?, W. V. ' uatnTTunoii or paranoia. Land Work. Ouni. Fort Morgan 1'? Fort Gaines 60 Battery on I>aupbln Island.... ..??? V Fort Powell, GraoVa Faaa 12 Other works ......10 Total snna ....... 217 rutiilm. Ovm. Ironclads aatf futiboaU 40 Stale gun boa te... 10 Total guna SO Grand totaJ guns 2?7 TH* UMIOIf FLRT. Admiral Farragut'a fleet, which baa been gathering off Mobile for eome time paat, la one of tbe largest ever em ployed id one action oo our ooaat daring this war, and tan ?aaaela are provided with the heaviest known ordnance, and Its operation* will be noted with the greateet latere it It la compoeed of Urn following v mat la:? ruanr. rrmme. Clau. Oum Bartford Screw aloop 30 UMMUnt Winnebago. S turret Monitor 4 Chickasaw 2 turret Mooitor.... 4 Tecumaeb 1 turret Monitor S Manhattan 1 turret Monitor 2 Four Mississippi river Iroa-clada 10 aruw moon. Richmond........ ....Flrat 18 Brooklyn Flrat claaa 24 Moneotiaheia Second clan 12 iAOkawanaa Beooad claaa 14 Oaelda fleoond claaa 10 Oaripee ?eoond oliaa f. .... 13 Galena Second claaa 14 Geaenen Second claaa 8 DooautKXDaaa. Melaonmet .....SHta wheel 10 Sehego ..Side- wheel 10 Part Royal Hid A- wheal 8 Gooemaugh Side-wheel 9 aonw ocaaoAra. Kenoeboo 5 Pemblnn 4 Panola 4 Pengaia T ? Tenneeaee fi Wil. 2 Jasmine 2 PhlMppi 3 Ruokthorne 2 GMagew 1 Total Tflaaal* 89 total guna .SSI Bear Admiral Divm Oioanoa riuuan eommandlag. ITiM Captain? Percival Praytea. ria? I. iruumanl? John Olttendee Wateoa. AOmirali tiecretary ? A. Vaa Per Hauvet. Admiral' iChrrlu? Mr Browaell, Tfeeo Darin. urn or (wncaaa e? tan runanr nantroaa. C<rmr*-dnr? ? Jamea a Palmer. thmaieada" -L. W. timber iy. Lie*denani?H . B Tjraon. am rmm J. J. oibeee. AttiMemt Burgeon? Jan roymom r?W. T. Mer Hngg. Meredith. AeMaf Hatter ? F. 8. Prier. Chaplain? T, W. Taylor. Oftmri Captain , Char lea Haywood, Lieutenant, Bntifnt . H. T. Grafton, 0. O. J earn and L. B. P. Adaase. A t**ng Mnei^ne-W. H. Whiting and D. G. B. SltAden. AOing Matter'! Motet? W. H. Child*. Q. B. Arery . W. B, Hawthorne and J. J. Tlaeili. Knpineert- Caw, Thnmaa Wililaaaeon; First Aaatetaat, F- a Latah; 8eoood Aaaietaat, Jehn Wtls.a, Aetlng third Aaa tetania a M. Rurohard aad Alfred Uoyl. Bumtmmin Robert Dlioa. Ovmner ? J. L. Btaple. Carpenter? U. f m trace. th Umaker?*. a Herbert. ilMNTt Mrwurd ? John H. Brooke. unr or aerraMs or tub taoa-cwa mmna. frmmmlB i, W. A- Jikcheieoa. Lieu'ennnt rtnd KzeaU'e < {fleer ? N. Scbooomaker. Jt.'t slant Surgeon ? J. H. Austin. Jitmg A ftitlant Paymaster ? II. 0. Thayer. Acting Hatter ? Robert n. Kir A'-'inu Kntiptu ? John B. Troll, C.eorge B. Mott, James B. Church. Entiiri'tri? Art Ing Chief. Jobn N. Gallagher; Acting First Assistant, Wm H. Millar Acting Second Aanistanta, Thomaa Flame, James B. F'arrand. Acting Third Aseat uu, Jobn H. Hays, John H. l-ee, K'lward Unset. Caplnin' I Clark ? AiWlsou W Maxwoll. /'aym<u/(T i Stemird -John J. Cor bell. Surgeon's Stev>a>d? Charles F. Ntchuii. list or orri< bud or ma ibo* luu vKXUttB. Commander . Lieutenant ? J. W Kelly. Ac'ing A instant Surt.<?n?R?nrj A. Danker. Acing Auutinl Paymaster ? Go rge Work. Acttng Master? C harlee F. I/'nuley . Bntiant?f. H. do Katamaneille, U Oottrell. Hnginrcrt ? Chief, .lobu Karroo: First Asa la tents, Chas. Penningtoo, W. 1. Peoell; Third Assistants, V. ccott, W. D. Key. Clerk to Captain las la h Cooler . uer or omr-nnn or rue ixh*o*d. Captain ? K. A. Jenklue Lieu menu Commander? E Terry. Surgeon ? L. J. William*. Attimant Surpenn ? J. I>. Murphy. Pa.mntfsr ? E Stewart A ting Matter*? p. K Hordeo, C. J. Olbbn. Marine t facer ? t irst Lieutenant 8. W. i'owelL Inngn?I'. H. Cooper. Acting Knsytns ? J. F. Byer, C. II. CDeater , L. Clark. Af>ng Matter'/ Haiti? W K. Cox, J. West, T. J. War ner, W P. Pey incur. fevers-Chief, J VoElwell; Flrat Aaslslanl, & J. Brooks , Second ASsisiaot, A. J. Keoyon; third Aaaist. an is, A J Kirby, It. Wier, Jaa. I'atteraun, J, D. Ford, W. ?. Crawiord.C W. C. Mater. D?U<imis ? L P._Ch<*te. Gunner ? W. Cheney OarjyyUsr ? H. L. Dixon. Suitmafor- ? W. Rogers. lwt op or omciM or rra sbooxiy*. Captain ? Jamee A Idea. Lieutenant Commander? Edward P. Loll. l ieutenant ? I homai I. Swann. Xn 'itf* ? Char lea F Blake. Acting Ensigns? C. H. Pendleton, John UUer. Surgttm ? (ieorge Maulaby. Aixttant Surgeon ? Heber Smith. Paymaster? Gilbert K. Thornton. Captain of Marines? O Porter Bool ton. Jf .Kifieen? Cblef, Mortimer Kellogg, second A ea la tan la, David Ilnrdle, John P. Toy pin, HarlUnd i>aretow, Ueorgo E. Tower; Third Aaaletaata, Francis C Msedwln, Joel A. Ballard, Wm. H. DeHart, Acting Third Aaa latent, Henry H. Arihu Boatiwai*? Cnar lee A. Rraydon. OsMwwr^-Thomaa B Oaaaldy. CurvenUr ? Robert 0. Thomas. Saxlmaker ? Darld 0. Brayt?n Acting Mai er't Mates- Henry Webb, T. 0. Dooms, A. L. t-terena. Wat. N. Ook. CapL un 'I Clerk ? Robert P. Bognrl Paymaster'* Clerk? Altr*d E. Fnpmansr*i Steward ? Joha Canker. ust or orrKnae or too wmtom absla. Commander? J. R. Btroog. Lieutenant ? R I rentla Surgeon ? D. RlndteNrgtr. Auulant Paymaster ? F Parker Actirg Masters ? R Lnooard.C. Ftlggtea. Mnsian?O. If Brawn; Aetlng do., C. D. Pigs bee, D. W. Malieo. H GrlenelL Acting Matter's Mate? W 8. Armand Rnf\n-m?< btrf. 0. F. Kats H?t>'ud d??<e*antn, J WH ley, N. B. Clark; Third Aaateuata, J.J niaaett, K. Cheny, P. 0. Kaetwtck, P. J Longer. Boatswain? W. Green. Oustmrr J. D. Fletnber. imt or snrns or m urKA?amA. Captain? J R. Mnrnhnod. lAeutenani'? J. C Br>vee, 8. A. Rcfhrtf. felloe. Acting Matter? J. MoCorloy MMgu*-4. B. WMWtgn, r. WIMM; ie?a? d?t?. T. Acttmfi Maftw'i MtMg 0 Wgtm P>njiinem? Aating Cbi?f, W A R. L*t timer. Second Assist mil", (I. II. tirioneli. E. J Wbil'aker M.inl enln.0 W. Roc ho, r. p. M irslaod, B. E. I'tko, J B. Fori. HtxUtv lain ? W. E. I?e<l?. O 'inner- ? J. (1. Ko-ter I.IW OP OrffCBM or TBI 0*SH>A, Commander ? W. E I* Hoy. !.*? lUrnani? C. I.. linnllu^tita. Hur^eim ? J. T. Taylor faiimtu'er? C. W Hnwter. A rfi < g Waiter*? T F,d?ard*, E. Rot*. JK'ili (jn ? E. V. He !<>?( Act ng Uti igni? C V. Crldler. Jobn 3ear* Acting Mat cr't Main ? fc. Bird, D. H. Clark, C. Quiring ford. /?npnetri ? Thief. W. IT. Hunt; Sec.rod Arrhuola, J. H. Morrlann, R. II. Fitch; Tnird Axaiataota, W. f). Mcli ?ai?e, r. w. Breaker. Acting Third AMlataota, W. E. Dearer, S. Dillon. BM'witn? II. I'icklaaoo. Ounntr ? W Parker. uri or orrHwa or nn omma. Captain? J. p. Glllia. Li'ut-n m ? .1 . A Howell. Sur eon ? !!. F. (>lbb*. Aui-tami fturpetm?H F. Baungartea. /'a mati-r? K. loafer An ma Alau'er ? C. C. Banker. Arting Kv*i ?? ? H. 8 I<amb?rt, 0. Putnam, C. W Ad am*. W. A Van VI ???*. C. K Cl? k. Acting Watter't Muter? W. Wingood, W. W. Black, P. P llawkee. Hntnnrrrt ? Af t'ng rfcief, J. M. A da ma. Acting Flmt AM alant, <>. Iiarr e; Ao(lu? Second AwMbol, J. W. Webb; Third A*rl?anla. (i. W Kidder. J Mtlhewa, Wm. ( oilier, W. W Vauderblll; Acllog Third itialaal, J. Uermon ? A Milne. Gunner? J. Q Adam*. imt or ornc*M Or m OALHtA. T.ieuienan' I'trnmamler?C H. We'll. Acting Atri tint Svrg-m 0 P. Wright. Acting Airtt nt f a. mo**--? .Tb#0, IIUbtBgJ A ding MiHer? R J. Rotr'nar. Actin.1 Kn ignt?U C. Kelii, J. Cull* tea, H. PMM, Jr., 8. B. Miner. Ading Matter' t Motet? O. Robbie*, *. lalW, 3. H. Nut. frigineert? Aetlng Oilef, W. 0. Bnobler; Second Ae ?IrlauU, 0. II Ore?alear. J. A. to?M; AM log Third AM P. Bnrr*, W Welckrr. Ou it a in' i Clerk?}, o. Morrow. Vmmatlrr'i tterk? E. B. Hblta imt or om< ra or tw* oawwaa. Lieutenant Ctonmnntler ? K. 0. (>ralton. /.Untenant? T. ft Sfoooer jldiny Att'tta nt Sier jron ? W. P. RiiktbtoMO. Acting Aurtant f'avnuv 4er ? F. 0. Alley. Acting Mitten? W Haenoni , 0 M. Merc haul. A ting Kniignt?(\ H Baiter, K. W Haioro. Acting Mmtrr'i Moist? W. J <Yn?br, J. (Mnar. fngintTt ? Acting Klrat Aaalaunt, J. OkllUl; Aetlag Pecnad AaaMant. r. H. Harrab Actiaf Third A? - ? ? ? C. Milton, M. Me' au?bl a H. WetMiMr. (JUT or omi bm ?r tub iiriMnn Lieutenant t'nmmanH^r ? lainaa K. Jarrrtt. Acting Matter and Kmemtiee < J. I Acting .Sailing Matter ? Ts W. VHa>?. Aavtant farm otter ? Horace M. Harrlma ivi'M I>. Pay a* Acting Kmnpne? John WblM, J ha 0. Mora*, < Win*. Acting MntMr't Mitt ? J. K. Uardoa, C. C. Joom, ft K. Miller gb?yiK?rr rint Aaatataat aad Chief, Jaaaea Atkiaa; ??cord ^aatatant. ? Hunt Third AMlaUata, Uaorga a jtegera, Jamea H Nub, a W. Klaf.flaaiiMi Fowler. A -ting Ounntr ? t'eter McOoran. fmatM*! Ctnt. tiaarge C. Btali &mMM'?0I i? Jiaai r. la*. HryM'l IkM it L. D. Moaianre. imt o a mm or r*a *Ma?o I KialiuM OmmmMt ? JoMtih H U. Haraa. Atrttsant Surgeon ? Oen. AtHMnnt fw?ra tlMry A- Wrong. Acton? MmMtn Jarima Mogar*. WMMaai B Mallard. IhnfU W. tl BVxwt 0 & IKirrMca aad ? D fMfftnecr- >lrat Aaawtaot (? ckargal F. A. It Oaorga; lariA MMMt. ?. p AyrM; Third MalatMla, & Carter, F^Hnbraat aed Robert Millar Ca/jtaiM't Ct M ? lavidsoa. P ayinasrer't t'lcrh ? J 'ho A. tioui mm or orn khh i.r tub fort total. Lieu enaut C* 'IN1/4 imUr?'h U. M' rris. Jdinu A I Khi at Surtffnn ? K R. Hulcttinga. Pa j nailer -1} A. .Sawyer Art in, if tttrt ? K Van Hyck, E H err led ?Ar <nti /?'nn),n?? W. Unit, P. Kaunce. A<i< ng .ifcwttf1, ol r>soo, tt D. Baldwin, IT. A. I'rs 0' tl. Bn i tu it?1 v?ini,a Assistant, W. C Melden ; Third As ttst tils (. vt. Braes*, t\ ?. Alan, H doyder, W. tt Keicbenunch. Lint or omniu or mi on*niii!6K Assistant Surgam ? J. j. Actiny A is nt ant />- minfrr ? <" Adams. Na<tert? J W 8u deford and J. L? Lea. dcfinj? Bnstpn?Q. r. Morse. Actmu M'U tr't Motet? 0. U. French, J, H. Wainwrtghk and G. G Brown. >.'wgi???t Second Assistants, U .T Allan J. tioyd ? Third Ac-' tuts, P. KaudrickH"!! and J. F gaowiloa. ' Gunner ? i. U Barton. LIST or IIFKll BUS Of TIIB ISPfEHBl'. < 'omman ting- ? W. P. McCauo. Avsiant Surgeon ? C. H ['wry. Acting /t nit ant fa y m iMer?G, L. Buraett. Acting Hitler ? K flak nr. Acting tin \tjn*~A. L. Kraerson, J. J. Butlor, J. D. Ell Mr and H. A. TlncKb un. Ailing Ma trr's Ma c ? H. C. Nields. Engineers? Third Axsaislunts, I). 0. Gowlng, E. E. Roberts, L. W Robinson and ?? R Rolt. IJKT ' r OWl BHH OK fU* r*N LA. Lieutenant CutumaHit-r ? O F. Smn.on. Ait istaut Suruco it ? L. M. 1 yon. ^rfiny iliiuiiiii Payi*afr ? A. B Robinson. Acting MasLr?Vi . V. Gibba. Art my i mignt? C. V. Kunimell, O. M. Boitart and B. Crosby. .Artinr; Matter* t Mate ? J. 0. Roallng. Engineer! ? liral Assistant, J Johnson; rh rd Asalst ant, J. Bearding; Acting Thud Assistants, P. E. llnsmer, C. 0. lacoit and S. A. Appold. war or orrioana ir ms rriv.'i. Li'Utenant l'vmmnn>le.r ? (taorga Hrowu. Acting Master and Kxeieuttm t>Jfik<r ? Richard Hustaea. Acting Knstijnt - Mr H ind and Sir. ln<?). Arting Aiattan' 1 'a '/m ist r ? tioo. I? Mead Acting Attn ft ant ui '/eon? Henry Knnk vond. Ungitiecrt? Second Ahcihia it Mr ItorUivrick ; Thira AC* Btfl.ints, Mr. Ireland. Mr. Iaws tml Mr. R?uney. Ma i er'i Main ? Mr. Spouoer. Mr. Megruw and Mr. Kimball faymast'T'a Clerk ? Marcus Chtpman. LWr or orm ickm op tub hrxrtha. Li utenavt (''mm and r? L H Newinio. Acting Astiylant Surgeon? A. K. Il'ilmoi. Acting As i taut Paymaster ? W' tltor Kullar. Acting Mattel* ? H. Alien, Jf W. .-au ders. Acting AMtigtu ? B. M. OK>su>r, w l.yddoo. Acting M iter's Mate. ? o dandittrom, H. T Davla ' ffw>n rrs? SocodiI Assistai' s. T. A. .-iteiih-mH, A. T. F razor third AaststtiBtr, J. f. Bingham, K M. ilodgaoo. C. r. SuKlu t.ibt or ornccu or rim rtwouiw. Acting Volunteer Lie temnt?J H. fears. Acting Astistitn Surgeon? C. 0. While. Acing A'tutant Pa/mi tc ? T. C. Huichioson. Acting Master ? T. Hunharn Ac'ing Unsignt? C. Know lea, V 3. Ilaydeu. B. Caolet. Ai: in j Matter's Matin ? C. sJ.nllh, Jr., K U Alruy , W. A. (I inn oh. Kniineers ? Acting First AJWi"tant. K. W Warner. Act log Seooi<d aimhuiii, M. K^udalt; Actiiu Toird Asaiatauta, J. Webster, R Hiley, l??W. C. MoBride. nsr or omoea tn? irnvn-isitB. Ac ing Volunteer Li:uenant ? 1'ierre (iiraud. Assistant . nr <"/n ? W. ? Hull. Actt.ig Atiflnnt. lJaiim '?'?'? -B. F. D Fltcll. A '"'i n , Mnler ? (1 K? Nel?>n Acting Kiitigns?1. B. rntt, W. S. Bacoo, J. Marthoo. Actina Matter's l/ t ? U. K ulr tud. Bngxntr* ? Actlnx l ir-i AaHis'ant, D Frixler Ao'inn Second ArBiatant. R <\ '.l iinr: Acua/ Turd Aasiaunts, I'. Fitzgerald, U. W Keerated, T. < am >0><1I. GENERAL M CLELLAN. NoClellait Meeting In tli? Xeviiitrentlt VV it r<t Thi> Sev^ntoentli w?rd tamed o>it last tvmlnut in force to attend * ravliutf whion t?%i neid in the Henry (tUy Houce under the mfpu'ea of fie 1'a.n teratla S atonal A^enolttinn. Tne coom -ti* tilled to ro,ite; o'i The moe'toj w*8 c*Hed to ord?r by Mr. Jo'io ''uddy, Vice Prc^idunt o' the aasoaHtlnn. whi re id ? .?'iiriot >r r<i ? tlotia ri'i'tivg 1 rocn the d-< n ?rnr.-t of Otnonnnit' , re; ><n nrnai'iK tk6 hiouo iWfdM to no n iimi" 8 j McO'n.'l.n '*H their Trmdentld mitIi i ill ?l thi sa ne tune p'e ijjtn* tli ? iw . in ...?t fii ed i i I d ? all in tneir n 'W 'r o mmimii toy ilm mm no n t# >*oo h- triay be, that re?-eiven tne r ifniw nom. i ttion ' me CunvMtiM. rm r^ .tl'.iM ?*e< e ad -P ?d irimi imii ly aim (hreo i ii '*r'. wivn * ?r uls? ^1 *1 " Onto i"l Lax ih ? iiwtii/, .hiii add e^-i'd tin' u 'tlnr, ? 07ii> ? in ,< the |nai tun or* nl the prete il n I nin <irn ha and r ' Ii ?? uin lb* '? n i"-t'i to u?e ili'ir ''?-t <idon vi tm to r^-iC'ie the gover m ? tr im th ? mrtv nnw in P"W?r, He e nd th l lei'tmg rennh hun* h 1 1 1 1 t o ir? Hi It Ahr iti 'D I.iu.r'd i hid iirnvfd i d id fill ire, and that ih? w inl in ?* "in v ule for the ?nrv devil ni na-df ia Vide H ? i In Inr **1 lid Aim. " 8ev r il iiiln'r -<|io ikorg nditr-i'od tho iiixntlng la tba same strain , and it iuI > irnil m oi int in Ki id^y weed. Meeting of tlm H v. ?? treat l? ?V^rd lie. < ' I r 1 1 ii n < ' I u l? . The abovenim-1 ciu^ tut list i-yeninrf in the Con sta07. l.rowery, fourth air net. Lo^u A M ilr^i to the The first butlncjt In orJsr, ?'(.er ihe raidim o.' the mlnuios, wis ih ? iltln< of m > ni?e-*. A'lou twenty gentk'ffien rtep[M>d r eward and unrolled lliil mmuM it memoera n( ihe < In.) \!r -<? i t rhatrmaaoT the Oonim tue' o on-ulid iti a, reported ti at lt? re i-i a tin-id prisp ct o the two ombs la the ward nniilng !* i v i'ii Mt'i i.' s aid it w n I bo nrrex-a y to make ar r m yell cut* nt the i ? xt m '-ttuf to t rn ? n tie mv\ ed th <t ? (vimml?tiv o ltfee ie> i|i; olnt'' I fo trmnge ' r aa tade eedent luramitof tlio o :i> Mr. Miri m ?vei t i in nl. Iiv ni iki nt h i c .iumittee of iinntorerire to irrmifii with the ?ttoer hi ir> lira joml turn >nt Anwdment le*l, *nd inn I '0 ''irfled A Huaii' o cin mitti-e if three was ifcen elected oi'i*? BOfr. I hi i'in'ir\r<v then delivered an ad irosi to t?ie club, Inr wmch he ?laii"l lie o?i|e<n to b'' to if" nre b-1 eUr'nm of M ii 'rtirus a' .<? li e U Mo e in to lue H> tt I r sideiiry. tAppliiif' . ) lln hup d t i it e .t S'nv ribi-r iu? a weird be electen'Md'ii he im ?? ile* which cim^e>e ib# I, Hindu's I!? was >r pi?i<-.- h t (h? ice wuh th* Union < MI|| Ul-e ) lie did ltd b?n*ve umre DIB tuv man ii well oa' uli'od in -i tni{ iih?ui this h>poy re? suit as i.oorge R ^l ? |rl sit as '? i?<i !"nt ( Annieiiie ) Mr San i sud ih-re aever win s n-.h an effort he'*? made tor the ale-tnin I am >m m im there H now for tlm< nt Ge^rg^ g, lellan. We are net n >w lo- klnn twr per< s-mai or pn r t v interests, hut for thiicoi'Dtry ?i d itbsi(? tUtlnn us they wnrp Mr. CtniLiI ?aid ours is the p or man's rountry and go\ ernme Her ?? a m in d ei not ea?? 'o ho iae of ihe peopifl if hec m s i ? emtnenc'. While In Foroijit la tlie reverse. We denire t ? preserve thu itite of tlitogs ? t" nre?e'?e It li-r rbo North, W est ?nd -?mih as well a4 Vew Knitland. He conmd-red M . I.iccnln's pr iraramt bmtal and sarswe?tlie p diey o' e- termmstlon la hie. ?ii even Mr. Greeley ear that I.incoln has kept his uathf W are suing to put a tuna lotn ihi- Pr?ilde'icy who wilt keep hi- naiti, who will honor his office, ami George B, He' n llun la <ncb a mm. (A plense ) The tneeiiug then adjourn d till Mond*y evening. The Foillleal Market. Sri.IT tS K07.ART II AM. ? TUB ACTIOM Of TUB k|W C< iSUHHS HlLATtVH TO THB CHICAOO CONT BK?. TldN? THB IIANM NT Of WO'ID'I PAItrT, ITOl jU Tbe new orgaulmation of Mozart Hall met at 869 BNmt way, old Mo/at t Hall, on Thursday evening last. On# hundred and ninety-one members answered to tfeel^ nxmes. The <4Tnaleat harmony and enthusiasm prfr vaded. Several rerolatlona were adopted. Asaoni; then* were one or tw '?which will he found mi car arfrertietog eolumna? relative to Keruando Wood oontrotllng theajKiUa,, and also the follnwing la regard to the Chicago CkmvaiM ?Mi:? 4 Reaoived. That the deiegatea selected to ranreaeat uX Mncart demxracv in the cmeigo convanUna ha and tbays are hereby requeued to use every exertion to ana lata toj the unity and harmony ot the pa'lv, and > sen re eoebu Dominations as ahail merit the oonAdeoca of the people and receive the mi port of all crtisana "i>p ?ed to thn. preaent corrupt, Intbecle and d la loyal admlalalreltoo. This resoiutton w?a ttoanlmoaaly adopted. The old Mozart party, under the control of Wood, alao met the aame evening and p? ad a eerie* of reaolMtaBf , one of them b lasting o< the harmony In that eaa cam, and deriarltig that there ware > nly two traitors anh of two hnndred and twenty aaamhera Thia read very well in print; hut wa have beea in nr-ned hr paracn* preaeat, who participated in th? meeting that there wsrW not forty peraona preaeat. The a-msted na rm^ey a* Wood's party la aomewhat ataguiar tn 'aoa of tie tact that the uld and aew Moaart H*a mat ibe a ma evening, the eld party ?a?l"g leaa >ha?% forty and the new conaaro one Bnadred and nleeiy en*. A few m.?ra auch harm e ons gataertaas^ a?e ^U| ha nethtng. Thia loots vary e?"?h wwm l^?10wadey>erateg?me|eaavi ibiniaelT. KernAhdo Wood is making a dseoarata eflhrt fnaB, the Srrarnse peace weetuif . "1? .. J '? ?TTrTtLa llTu^rA olare oe the lnii ef this?<Hiih, to o?ierala on tM0khB|a 'riwivonti'o It M proposed to send a peace delegation, headed hv W ?hI. in the Conrsatleo. Ha wMI, douhtkaaal taoabejl a?r I wan from Me Wsat. redeeeor to control tie aatraa. City ?atelll|*?<e. - fin Rsipt^o Boon aso Ptctvna Gatxaav of the Coepar Union will be eioaad tar twe weaka from Monday, Mh; Instant. Mi no* at Tsiansarwic Uinon? At the am ef the New York Dtatrtct of the NatlaMl TX< ( ntoe, heid na the 1st taatant, the foil wing asm t i<i men ware elected district o Blears and dela?ataa Ml roaeeniion i? ha held In Ihe eMy of PhHadelahia^ am I tih of September : ? Dtatrict Director, L H. thait*, eiaoted l.'0ai IMreetor, John 0 < brletie I tetrtet r? tary, t . L Pnpn. Biatrial Trea?erer, A. 1. tea. M. H. Beddiag Joaaph W Bornham W. 9m R MMtk; Sahatltutta, R. M. Maltose sad.

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