Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Kftir.iT, August 5 ? 6 P. M The si lenient ?f the pul>'.ic debt for the wc?k on<l,ng the of Aufust ?howl tbe eno mooa increase of nearly twenty two miitH s iu th? a-grejate amount. Tbe de tails compare as i '.loin with those of lust woek ~ Jut jf 26. Augut' 2. I?ebt bear eg latere t !a c ? $SS3 86T,*4l SSI, 127,191 1 ebt Ut ,ng interest in Jawfu: mousy 40;,r.5r. 520 411,413,1*11 itbt -a wluoh ic.cro-'t l>u.? .?* 4 .. .. ? "70 170 867,1 TO I'el't b?arln^ .. <U ice r 51 R 732 032 531,5i4(02C Total $1 ,*"5,523,564 1 .*27, 492170 laflrea*. $2i,9;i8,C05 ?'< ? c sines ol lb. so von anil three tenths notes or J > 17. i- ioto tUo aix per c nt bonds or is?i h ive amount I in.' lag tlw Wo< '? t:> $:>,14 l,U00. After allowing for t,-e amount of there bonds previously diapo.-ed o. we find last bIt *86,401,440 remain for purposes or conver si u or re -jm; tu>n. 1'tie decrease of t lie temporary loan, as o>mpirvd with la t week, is 407,11)4, and tbe increase tn tbe tcrUSoatcc ?f iudebte iness is $ 3,603, lOfl. Tbe In - crease in l ie ;s-ue of foiled aulas notaa in redemption of tbo toui; iriry loan is $2,000,000; tbe unpaid reqnia t ions have ioere i.-'ed by $1 1 "sa 000, end tbe in terest. in gold boaring debt by $23.' '>0. Tbe debt pay Inx (uteres: a lawful money has increased by $0 S5i),0Jl, aud the* vbi paying n > iniere t his increased $14.?5l,!>34. Tbe circulation, at compared with last week's statements, elands thus ? . July 26. Avg'itt 2. United Writes cotes $431405,895 438,106,553 l ive per ten 1 year notes. .. d4,52O.OU0 44,520,000 Fire percent 2 years notes. . 16,4S0,000 lu.4i>0,ooo lire i?rcent 2 years notes, witn dupona 82,369,103 80,033,602 Treasury notes on which in terest ti ?b censed 1G2.101 162,101 FrAUtma! currency 23,427.070 23.414.420 tomjound interest notes 2tf,420,000 32(883,700 Total $027,531, 163 631,560,440 Incroaae $4,U29,277 Thai i he currency lias not been increased to a Tar greater extcut is entirely owing to the substitution of certffieates ot indebtedness for legs! tenders in payments to {Niblic creditors. This, however, injures the now loan while it temporarily saves the currency. It is rob bing Peter to pay Paul. Money is working ca.?y on the Stock Exchange at ?even per cent, while produt e houses are meeting with more ravor. Kxcbaoge Is dull and lower. Backers' ster liog is quoted at 109 a 100ft. and merchants' bills are offered far in excess of tbe demand, owing to tbe large exports and the purchases of bonds on foreign account. Business at the Slock Fxcban^e to-day was dull, and prices generally lower. Compared with Wednesday's sates, Kr ie Hallway advanced at tbe first boird Chi cago and Rock Island >, , Chicago and Northwes'eru ft , and Canton Company ft.. New York Central, Erie pre. ferred stfck, Chicago and Alton, Cbie.igo, Burlington and Qui rev and Mariposa Mining sold the same. Hudson Kn er declined 2 , pcrcent, Reading ft, Michigan Sjutb em Illinois Central ft, Cleveland and Pittsburg ft, Pituburg and Fort Wayne lft. Cumberland Coal lft, Quicksilver Mining ft, Delaware and Hudson 1, and Chlo and M.aiissippi certificates Th-1 market in ihe afternoon was regular, with vory little TirWl u in prices. Govornmiiut securities were in fair demaTd to day. At tbe first t>ession of the Hoard of Brokers the registered bonds of 1881 sold nt It).' '4 and tbe ooupona at 105", a 106i the registered five tn enties at 106 li. and tbe coupons at lis n 10S\. aud the one year certificates at 94 a 94*c lu the a.'teruoon a demtud on foreign account ran i he fi'-c twenties up to 109\,' Ttie debt certificates closed at j 94 yt. j Price? of milrcad and rnisci iiireO'.is share-- at the first session of th? Board of Brokers to-day comraro with the highest cash salos on Frid-iy of last week as follows July 29. Aug. 5. Amonran gold 251 "''I tlevolaiwi and llltsburg 11- , 113.1,' Cleveland and Tolsdo 144 1S4 Cbicapn and R' ck lsbnd.. 1 14 1 j 114 Chic ico arid Northwestern 5P 57ft Cumberland Coal f'4.'i liljij Cantun Cuaipuny 3I,'< Delaware auu Hudson Canal 2i0 209 ftrte Railroad 112ft 112ft Erie iirelei red T. ... 110 111 Hudson Iliver 131*; 1313 ? lllloots C??utr?l 129 4 129ft Mictjigmi lei.iral 140 i+o WlcniKun aoutbern 92 90ft Hliwauket and Prairie du < bien. 70ft 70 liarlpoaa timing 47', 48 New York Central 1G5 131 Ohio and Miasissippi certificates. 53 52 Pacific Mail 2x1 2S1 Pittsburg, tort Wayne aad Chicago.... 115 115?; yuicksiHer Mining 76', 80?4 Rending Railroad 137 137 The following wro the n iotat ions at uoob today for government securities ? Five twenty coupon bonds lORft Five tweuiy registered bonds 106Lj rtven aud^ree tenths Treasury notes 107 Ueg.steie-'^fc of 1881 luift Coupon 6's of 1881 IOC t?e year currency eertiflcatea yj , Hate atccKs wore quoted as fellows ? Missouri 6's 67 N rth Carolina 6's 60 Tennessee 6's 58 California 7's 161 Indiana r. a so (Hmo O's. 1981 li:? \ irgima '> 5;> Michigan 6"? Georgia 6's 60 Louisiana 6's 73 Gold opened at 2i>Tft, and ran up to 261 a 261 4,at which It closed. A deepatcb from San FranclK d n?d August 2, quote nnnmg stock as follows ? Ophir, $530 j>er foot; Go ild ft Corry, $1,100 do.; Savage, $1.0 jo do. I'otosi. f'J40 do. ; Yellow Jacket, $540 do. The folio i? mg is the report frem the S ib-Treasury ? Reoeipu from c istotne }131 oOO Total leceipta - rVk"! ' 5*J*0C" ..II 620,434 Subscrlptieos to 7 31?th notes b3,J' 0 lbe Gould ft Curry Silver Mining Company has d: ?iared a div.dend for July ?f nrty dollars per root in go I, payable through the Bat u of C i1iforn,.i, on stock rcgi = tared for dividends in Ibis city, on aud u ter th 5tb Inst., at tbe om.e or Lees L Wsller. The Vew York Tire and Marine insurance Com >any will pay on demand a divided of c per cent, free of tax. The rolled statoa Petroleum Company will piy, ljib Inst., a quarterly dividend of 3 per cen;, free of tax Tbe i'onasylrania Coal (. jmpany will pay, 12;li .* i.fc ,i?t, a dividend of 7ft per cent. The Bark of Bloomfle.d in F.'ntx cr. mty, K. J.,lnvli g re'uted to redeem its circulating notes, the Treasurer of the Mate * vee notke thai all the n its'andltig l>ili* of tbe bank wit! 1*. redeemed o i o.' the tru : fucd are to reserve for that pnrpo.-e ? the in .omenia of (or* go dry gooda at this port _ .tturiag the w?o* ciii.jg Atig^at 3 a e exhibited in tbe lbitvwiag uo.o ? EiiKTtd fnt cprtmnj^iott. Pm< 'fftl. t'olM*. ilanuiaci res~f wool 417 $1h:,vi7 maCulacturesof rottoo -."i.-. "I, MO Wa? ifar< ires of silt t >0 in;;,774 Mniiifa^t>iiea of Oax ltd 4C.39U MiKaUaueoiW 167 50,444 Total 1,01'? $455,014 Wi^dranJi ?anulact'ii ?? of v ool t.OC* 5144. 7s6 Manufactarek of udtoa .'i 110JI32 MaaoUct ire. of -..'.k 100 8"! 027 Manntaoi ires ol tUx ? 802 1*19,314 MMetiauem* 101 2*. 141 Total M* $"35,94') llauufacturehOf w>*'l 2,37 $(<71,008 lUflufac.uret of < ottoo is:; 2$6,43u i MtonfUctures of silk r: I ao^.nii (iasitt't'i w.-, of tiaa t w?? a?i,ci. * 29' 52,077 1 - %?t?.. . . ..a $1,546,814 The Moexed table )bows the ttiuni?rative receipts frxn eoila it the Collector's office iu Clica, < u the Erie aad Ctwnsng" HMH> , ? ?Lrit Ctral~ ? /- 'liencrv* C?n?'? ?. 1803. 1964. !?$!.< WA May ..$4,464 fcfjl 978 1 019 i June . ? 4,73" 1,135 l ,i'4n 3.7 . :. 4^M? **? 'iji/r 6T4 $$:< Tetal .... 5*U',1<4 10*08 i,W 3,17i "*? " V" rj llaek Kiehaags. frrtir, August 6?10 JO 4. H MnfM'HS, si.eou.V# 9ut? ?i" 49m d? I' i * 4U) ahs Kile UK 11#, Bf) -la .. III., . >M do .... bio liTr att'lU H?.? u km iai do ......bW il$M Ump ** ? ? . 148 , fnjkMfinf. Ill ? ?152 do V 10' If u twin Blrer RR. r.lV-g Wmm do !<?. ; -<*? t'.?a?tM i?7 aww o* i - a i?9 'to i id ,1 Wtm _ do ?:i l-'i ?) . lis-, 1 ?' a vtoB KB . t'7 Bw t p 4 ?. 5 - ' a, rr ; lo vD- M K ? C-atra' BP .140 WIP V 8 6 a. 1 'est e*r w", I <j ..Uu M0 do .. W , MHIlMbBA K 1 Eh... ?j!, IM94 in ifj 5a'' .a> *)) North CaiO ? 6" 21' ??????? . tti*2 ?Wllofia Hops. RH ft i ? ''l',:. fr'l MWQbIUwwW.# ..I' ! ? >,ni oo4 Ohio* Missee- 5!M t?< . ? V W* 0?* lj Peifrai itj xrlfc iSld WH do >i Ml Clava k I'Kia an i|1it iw I als, i Uia?fi) bi tu< do.... iiJ.' 4"> do ... IV'. $itf do,.., ?<>?) < ?,??? * NW (at m IU 114 < lev*,' o' * <Mn |{R 179 " lot rill. ftWACWm 114 4 vi r h i * R w rk . i;u r?n s .< t ic 1 1 1> >? M I'm do rt'<4 *>00 Manpoaa 9dm as M Id' ilfc 1 **> a ? (jw it,'> w ? ? > .... 6ffJ Mats fesCtti,! i.wiW'h 10 :? IM hi} 5d ZMKflr Bank <* 60 Cli! i II W R!l 91 ?? li 1 >*' A ltud CanaiOo 201 2,m <10 . 'bill 92 100 f"an:o* Company... 31', ioo da. ,b5 ji-. 20.1 Cumb Coal preT (1! 2J0 doT 6H <>? w>? i.<0 Clit & Rocli i ? RB lit'. ? u Jo til', lug d,, , _ *V>Q..lckal i*r Mtuing 80'4 lot ,i0 U10 1I4\ . 0 Maripo a Miu 10 ?S lOo Chi, Hur *.Uu nltR JSt ^ }i;, isoowAoh* r&,*io in !'*? , . ??<> . ..1. 4>U loo <j? 11&V 10 Atlantic M SS Co 17s~ 100 Alton A T Hau UK C % }?' v 179 IW do '16 6SV 10-' N Y I enira. UK c I.U SElOND R1A3D. IIlI.) MIT Two 0'CiX)lH P M f , ?'*" 1 " ' ?-5- >10 100 .l,.Htr:>C?nlt!t .. |J?> J " "w : W-MIrt T RX *<">' ??!??? .'o .to *:??., 1 ill l > ' a 'si ron '0 , ?4i Vleli K'.tMmi 1 % t :>> i'T. n is, ::t ij,oaa i.7\ too cm. a n w RR 67 # -*l .. <1? mr 2"0 do nu 40 li l' fa U s 1 .KM U4f 94K "'(> (to .. lilt) SrJi - *" ?i4? i io ; i c?r K': Hciii' 2 '"I Jo 9; dii 1 '0 ? Oh! . A 11). 1-r.. s l r.cClev A I'lt'i RK 1' ' ?> ??o..... kJt) 61 Zji) do.... ...... bid 1I2U I 1 d M J do 112 I 0 .? .* :on Ci . ... Chic .?? ft' W pref 91 V r r ..,i | wf. . &:? lot d" Mi) 01 'V 10 ' Hilt RR l).;j It :: 1100 Clev; A To! RR.... I W? ?vo do pi! ; 2'I0 t/'ulc A R 1 RR 1 IH M liad Kiv RR . sJO I'. I IS I tin 1IJV 3t ?' <!0 .... J'?i Road as Rit. % 1 1 >?-i III I.- U'l I 1- "4 111 R< Clue, B:.r A o, Kit 1 U' 185' ItN) Puts. KtW A Cni.blO 115 it: j sod .io iitJ? T*l tm do ... Ill1, ...?.'jI0 1"' Hio do...- .blO lift cnr roMMKiu i\ij report. Friday, August 6?6 I'. M. As, if.. . Receipts, 155 bbto. Market sleazy, with only a trifling business at Us so for pots, pearls" were norai Dally $15 60. BitBADsTCfTg.? RoceiptB, 34, 6U bbls. flour, 6i3 bbls. corn meal, ji46. 470 Uihela wheat. 1&1,3?4 do. corn and 51,467 do. oats. Tho flour market was quite activo, but very irrogular; tbus while fresh grot:nd Stale was In de mand at full prices-, old was doll, and prices. in some in ?tancfes, n little of^Soutbcrn was lirra and Canadim dull 83,05 21.000 bble. State and Wostcra, 1^800 do. Southern aud 7C0 do. Cunadian. llyo flour was dull, wbfle corn meal mot wilb reidy purchasers, 1,600 bbls. orthe latter having cbanaod liands at for Jersev, $8 26 fo> oloric, aud $S 40 a f S 50 for Rranilv wine. We quote: Sapertine Slate and Western flour ft . o tn so ; io oo till 1C0M il<! \0 10 a 10 lr? Common to medium extra Western ..." .'.'i!.* 9 60 a 10 "Q* Extra round boop Uli io ..... . ,.,.10 30 a 1 0 fio Western Irade brands 65 t Is 00 Common Poutnorn , ia ^ ? 11 ?a Extra %nd fancy do .\\ ;I T 11 40 ? ik Common (*nnadi?n * g &o a in in fiood to chnico an.l extra .V.'.':.' .'.M 16 a 12 OO Rye flour. ,ur.erBne ; . . . . S 00 5 io 00 Torn me il, bbla M.. :?. . 7 90 a 8 00 I'"Ur,1,coa8 39 CO a 40 CO llie wheat market whs unsettled and lower on inferior grades i or ^Pnne, while prime samples or winter brought 11 ' -^e. demand was quite active, the sales reaching JbO, 000 bus hols, at $2 18 u $2 40 for prime CM oajrn sprlnp, $2 _5 a |_* 40 for Milwaukee cluh, $2 42 a ur? ,?.?r 8,1 b?i M''??nkee. $2 61 a ? >V> for Winter red } ' .r : UDli *2 f0 tt #- 62 for amber HicbigRii. Corn was H i rmi l", with an active bnsine.-s at the decline: --ales l+i r 0 b 'Sh-| , *t fi s , a jj r)t j rpr r,p?|\Vestorn m scd, jnulnding rne lft?d of high mixed ut $1 5S. Oats were & " 01 ? lionu ' . - *' -?a f Bailey and barley malt were iu ac'ive. i avdlb.*9.? ' The market for adamantine was dull, and prices were unchanged; sales 75 boxes at 40c., sperm ooc ?? d patent 05o *" .?(iYT01*'~'"lh" market was more active, and prires are tending upward: sales about 1 soo bules. We quote ? Ordinar* ' 1 F"" ^- Mdnlc. A*. V. dt J. hm^i 7 laS 158 1&' 160 Middling. 171 lf-2 172 1-q <iond middl'ng 174 175 175 K6 t oj i bk ? J lie market wa? quiet at previous prices. itu-nRwus tn lair demand at p.evlous prices. The fj'es iincludo 420,000 !b?. Hjllimore at ?0''c. iliere and le hero Petroit quiet at 53c.; oiher descriptions ,jui?i at p mi us price*. ? HRn'?';r ^ '} ** D0,e sa,es of 200 'ODS soda ash at t-?c . nnd* sal soda at 6}4t. 1 itkicins were rather quiet, but without any abatement 1 kiI ,li3' r.n?a^m en ts 10 Liverpool, per American, 2 500 1 il' ' ""r 2s- . 35.000 bu-!.o:a corn at <d a 7 1 , d , in 2limo hhi " 1 U'0i*) b"phc:s whMt at ? Ud. per neutral, llour, at 2?. ?d a 2s. s.fl, 20 hhds provi -ion. a. _.,s., and per ste .mer, 2.0w) boxes chee-e at 50?. 10 l ouden per neutral, 600 bbK flour at 2?. Od.. 5000 heavy b id. staves at 60>., 2,'.00 bbls. petroleum at'fp also, i>er stivimor. COO 4ibl'. ft. ur at 3s. To Glasgow, tier iitutral, 1J,0 0 btii^bcls wheat at 8 '4d. aB'.d , in 5v! kk?. k"'9, 10 I,rcmcD> 50 tallow at 22s. Od , 200 bbls shoo p>ys at 2s Od. To Antwerp, 800 bbls. pei trok'um at fij., 1 000 dry bides at 27s. rtd . 60 tons rifra ^irenunt cood* at 2fs. a 27?. #d. , and 200 hlids. tobacco ?!i Rotterdam, 500 bbls flour at 3s., 100 bb ?. ' -;'s- ' "''J *>0 tons heavy goods at A nrrtish bark, ?0.000 bushels wheat, to Cork for orders, at 6s. per quarter. tl0,H TT6.e d4m,t"1 limited, and we l-avo If '? "P.1? a **,e of 75 bales *ft9';c.? now held at 20c. r?i M \ PP,nK wns iD falr ?t $1 25 ? $1 30 a $1 'so S Wer* a'6? iD fal (lem*u',? but fir? ?' $1 60 Hoes ? Tlie market has been sctive and pricej are gr.'des 01 400 b,Ic# at ,"i 8 m lor fair 10 e?od Hi"KS.--The demand was moderate ?od prices were ch!U,?#i tb? ",f%? were 500 city 1 ooo^ ^ ^ V?000 Montevideo on p. t.; at auction, l.)00 Matamoros, slightly damaged, at 19c. a 20c. We quote dry hide3: ? P. . A. and .Montevideo at 37c. a3-c., pjo a' ,*1 ^C .camorni "n i ^ V1 orl? ( abe" > ?? 31c. a 32c. , Vera Cruz at :u, ^n iC ' Tat"ui=? " 31?- ? 32c., Matamoros at 33c a ?J4i. , Sao ,i?ian and Central American at 32c a 3 ?? 'c 8--'- ?t30c a aie Bogota at 32c a Kc Wwtlrn J T Sal,ed b!des _Maracaibo at "jc'aaV3?"' al 26c. a 26. ,, Pernambnco at " ' PlcoaDl1 M?t-' morns at 25c a 2oc be U id raa a Ld'^o' dn n1" ??m Dd' w"h sal? of 01 chests t / , ?' 0:1 4era ',!a- 00 terms w? did not learn tr> T'let, with sm^ll ssies, at 16 >'c sol# *"? in ll*h'" 'lem&n I , nnd w- hTadv nni r |W?r 3?mC de5t'r'P''ODS Oik Sole n , .oil L. i ,prl^cs werp Wlth0nt Quotable clnnge. do S ,lvn".^KB- A *c- '?e*'1- -"c- a 47o : middle 4 ? 1 ~ U ud h,c*v7 d0' ' 4r,<' ?"47c ( eMfcruii i ,ght, ? ??'46< middle do.. 46: a 4Tc , and heavy. 41-. v*7c ? lears, on terms ?-?< made public. i. ''O'tce s^Jes of 15 bbl.?. cj sciriU of nt ?3?M.a ^ 55 ^ a' J 3 ! ?0 a 13 65 fot \merican. vrere rather steady ?j|?? of 2on t-'il ol $50 for prile Tar w,s J.r V ' r V .M l n v note * ' r 10 at fl" H Irt'r , rr hi n,t,,lo"s ??al ?r P?cb wv selling slowly J. r[. >?*"?', ?"d c.ty pitob at $2 > a *2' per bbl The I? I V"vfrr n',h'' *B,! Pr,CM wsrc nominal. ''(Trihr 'vif wa^ JJ1 Ac^le 'eioanl at lower prices, or n 'iv : ] oV V-11 . 70 " " 73Ji' s,ld 30 geli-ms ib.. t "?ht . "?%//-' t*** of '?l ?- ni -a ?, a ll^O- Lard was inactive at I'!?!, '.?- "??[?'?ere small s.tes of Rank at fl 45. 1-. ? ' ' astor oil $,! 40 a *'j 50, and- olive do. Pro. Receipts. 3 ?14 Mif* pork. 19) do. rut o !'rV1' lLc I^rk market trm i.m a< ^t >? fliid pr c' were a trifle essier. Tl.-vales ?mh-aced 3 <>oo ... ? ?} ??;" -0 t'-r mess. *:? fer new d >.. and ten dW ttn.e f .i fo. primt st:d ?37 for moss als<> ;'.0<i bbt? new m ss d iverablc Septemt er io, haver's option, at * i 0 c? 't-arkct contm-'es dull and besvr. Sales 9 '?r c luntrjr me?s. a fo- conn- I try p'tme, f is a f-.O lor rermked mess, and |22a J2>i for ! ex ra do Crime mess beef was quiet and unel anEed. j l.aoon r M .iur? d ill and nsminal. Cut meats were m- I set ?e at i. ?? ?. f r ?-houiders and 17e. ft>r bums. H e no'e sae?o .0 tierces ^sgi;ed hams at 24c. The lard mat Itet was 'ess ac.ivo. b it (Irm. sales of about .500 hbis. and tierrra I at o. a 20 ',r aUo 500 do , deliverable itlnn four teen dsys^af 2JC. sud 600 bbls rortbe flrst fifteen days it, -ept? tnber. buyer's option, at tie. Kutter was ectree am. Srtn r.t ,:8c. a 4 V. for nblo, and 40c a 66e for State. ( liecfce q-jirt at 17c. s 25c. fo.- c.omm n to prime. l n?oi.Km ? Receipts, 4X340 bbU. I he advance in go d was wi'ho it e(P?rt on the raaricet for rolroitum and ueither cruge n'r refined was "fleoted In the lea?-t ihe ' deman* ?n? (sir and the transactions (irotty large, at ab'jt "odne . lay's pri es, ,-ome holders w?re a-king more i.nt pr ces were unchanged. The sales were 8.500 r-Jl..cHd* *"'? * ? 2" ' 00 ,b* *Bd - ? Wc lor ali.the ni .nth (with blft atfltrenres to nav 64 Wc. a .i.e. fur September. 4.5 o 5". retlned. tn bond, at S2 ' .c. a 84c., on jbesput, and for September: ;',.ooo do.. Ire"1 u ihrsyot, m 8le. a H7t;c. lieo*ino was quiet. . i.- u e note -ales of 76 bigs Rangoon at 14>i?.. S notice sales of 7.000 nouuds at 2'4>;c. it. i ? F rei^ quiet. Small aale^ of Mulbcrg were ia .do ou p. j. .Sl.'eiian quiet at 17 4c. Lohigh 17 cash. * k>u, *h ? Kip demand for raw was moderate, and prices were without material chinge Sales of aljout 400 hbde. at 20c a 21 . for tuba lteuued was in fair demand and fl i m ? '.not snd were in moderate Inquiry, but the prices demanded by holders restricted operations to a gieit Client. H-kwooim ?We note sales of onlv 100 Iom Camreacliy i u private tornw Si't waa q iiet at irevlous prices. f??;si. ? W?i note sales since our last of 1.200 buibels ro gh flax at (4 Sf a? were a trifle mors active, with sales of 150 mats casm at 3t?,c., 3) bags pimento at 37c, and 25 bagn p?pp.-r at 40c. We quote ciores at 60c., ginger, 41c. insce, >1 50, and nutmegs. $1 77 To *i<o. ? lhe itevand for Kentrcky wis>>ri?k hut PIlc?L2*,'.r? ? flrni; sales cf 1,500 bbds., rang , tog from 15c. to|oc. i ,''0>0*0 "?*? at l?c. ? 20c. for fslrio prime, and ?a-,r. a is.^o, for No. 2. 9ic-. English 66c., and f 'l Plates wsrs loe . ive, and Rr.css wero n itbout decide) change r _ rV~f''v'' n <r.'w''' ??*f ?*??<! Prices, wert tending np I JLV!. flrmi wi,b a f?ir inquiry for all , * X*1 *PF' I*1 'IU'"'1"-'' 644 iaif i heats ?reen, 300 do. , 1 f ''^^der. aud 100 do. young ' p'i*M <;'??*? imperial mi sold at full WW, I. was fl, msr and more Mtive, chiely is comm do mestlc fleece, with sa'es of iao/M lbs. "t siTH oc unh^'uni *L r8,h#r b"1 flrmi 100 bales Meal-, a, 100 do. waisoert Afrl *n, and SOO do South Amarlcsn t tanged hands oo private terms, In' at full privet. ' Wn,s kst -Re<^;pte,V ,?ft4 bbls. ihe market wag with, dttiwl thange mid Ibe etiiea moderate .??mtor i ,00 bbls , *t U ?# ? fl 76 for Stele aed Western. Weather at NeiBt Washlngtan, if. II. Smmt Horse, MAtrir WAsuie<?nm )l. a . ) Augd*! fi? n kT j lbs wealber here is beautiful and clear. The air is de tlQieaa. lti4iu>.>r3iofli*ter ita idi at 5; 4">|r?ei ia the ?bsd<v A Bombshell in the Adminis tration Camp. Pnngnt Cosgrenionri Protest Again*! Pre si donl Linrolu't liurpatioui. Southing Exposure of'His Daspotic and /"? "ird Conduct Touching the Bill ] r vidiug for the Restoration of the Rebellious States, i kit T.. <?*,- npP<irt?rN of ?ue Oovernmenf. ?e Ji4- ? read without surprise. but not with ct indie. Ju< is' 4* fr,>c,*mftMon of the President of the stu of Thr Fup: r>rl(?r=! of the administration are responsive to the cnmni v for its conduct and I is their right and d l'y to ctwk the encroachments of - the Kxocutive on t!i? a a !t^r^ B|ZrTS3,,<,t0rOQn,r# " t0C?n!iu*- lls?lr ?o It is to rasa in silence this proclamation ' Witbo.'.t upiric tirg tmt duty: and, having tak?n *, much resi ts, Miitf a? any others ln.supportin,: the adminis trahorv we are not disposed te fail in the other duty of assorting tho rights of Congress. T'e President did not sign tl.e bill ' to guarantee to certma Stales whrsc governments have heon ururped a republican form ot government " paesod bv the support er or his administration in both Houses of Congress arter maturo deliberation. ' Tho bill did not therefore become a law, and it is there fore nothing. , ??pr?clamaUo? i3 nelth*r a? approval nor a veto of the bi.l ; it is, therefore, a document unknown to tho laws and constitution of tho I'm ted States. So far as it contains in apology fbr not signing the bill it Is a jxtiitlcal manifesto against the friends of the gov eminent. 6 So far ns It proposes to execute the bill which Is not a law it fa a grave Kxecutlvc usurpation. It is fittin? tliat the facts neeerisnryfc enable the friends of tbe administration to appreciate the apology and the usurpation be spread before them. (Tho proclamation says: ? ?r^inl' *?1'1 '*?'> "" Presented to the President r JL ii , "I"''1 S,al?s f?r hi* approval less than one hour be ajneuby hita- adj0"rnmcat of ?a,d aeasion, and was not If that be accurate. stHI this bill was presented with ofher bills that woro signed. Within that hour tbe time fbr tbe tine 4ts adjournment was three times posted hy the votes of both Hou.-es nnd the least intimation of ? desiro for more time bv the 1 resident to consider this bill would bavo securel a further po-tpopement. , Yet the committee sent to ascertain ir the President had any further communication for the House of Repre sentatives reported that he bad none; and the friondH of the bill, who had anxiously waited tipon lilm to ascer tiin its I ato, had already been informed that tbe Presl deut had resolved not to slyn it. I The tima of prcsouatioo, therefore, bad nothing to do with his failure to approve it. The bill had been d trussed and considered Tor more. t.ian a month in tho House of Representative, which it passed on tho -ah of May , it was reported to the Senate on the 2. tli of May without material amendment, and passed the Senate absolutely as it came from tho Houfe on the 2d of Julv. Icnoranco cf its contents Is out or tbe itastlon. Indoed, at his request. a dralt 0r a bill substantially the famo in all material points, and identical in the points ob ected to by the proclamation, had been laid bef. rn him for hU consideration in tbe winter of 1SC2-o3. There is. tliercf.ire, no reason to supp-se the provisions of thd bill took tbe President bjr surprise. Ou the contrary, we have reason to believe tbcm to have been so well knowu that this method of preventing the hi. I from becoming a law without tho oonstltutional f Z?0.'? h,d bcen resolved on long before the hill passed the Pen ate. Wo aro Informed by a gentleman entitled to entire con | fidenco tlrit before the was stated bv a member of General Hanks' utt or in the I presence or other gout errei. in oHkial nositlou. that Senator Poolittle bad written a Jotter to the dojartment that tho House Reconstruct Ion bill would be staved oil in the Senate to a poriod too late in the session to require the President to veto it in order to de'eat It, and that Mr. Llncoitr would retaiu the hill if necessary, and thereby aciftat It. J The experience or Senator Wade, In his various efforts to get tbe bill considered in the Senate, was qnite iu ac conlnuce with that plan and the rate of tbe bill was accu rately predicted bv letters received from New Orleans before It hod passed the Senate. , ? Had tbe proclamation Flopped there it would have been only ono other d -feat or the will of the people by an Executive perversion'of tbe constitution. Bill it ^0*8 f'i ther. Ibe President s;iys ? And whereas the said bill contain*. among oilier thins* a ?'??, '-""'.rln; the Sia-ca in rebellion to their proper practical relation in the Inion, which plan e\pre*a?4H the a<-n?e of Congress upori that n-ibjeci. and wliirb plan It Is aiJeralioiT? 0t ,0 'B> bt'for? Uic P?0I'le for tbeir cou By what authority or the constitution 4 In what forms' The reeult to be declared by whom4 With wn? effect when ascertained 9 Is it to be a law by the approval or the people without the approval of Congress at the will or tho President " Will tbe President, on hU opinion or the popular approval, execut# u as law' , ' r..'* ""I.3 meroly a device to avoid the serious respon sibility of ueieatiag a law on which so manv loyal hearts reposed ror security 3 i Hnt the rea?on3 now ssshne i for not approving the ! ili | are ruil of omlnons stgniiioance. Tho President proceed:-' ? ! r-TN,?rrl r- l.lBeoln. President or the I whiu'ifit A* r? I,r0 l,s '' knowu. that, hilc I am (a? I was iu D^c-'aiber Inst, when by prorlaun. r'm.ii,'i0p0"n^ ? ?* P*?f?r raaiora-lon) uaprejiarel bv a !'rcsi,lrDl '? resolved tnat the people shall not by la<v take any s'-cirities rrom the rebel States against a renewal or the rebellion, berore restoring thoir l>ower to govern us. i ga"rante^JOm a?d pradcoc< "re ,0 b? p?r sufUcient Ho rurtLer | An.', will'.- J em al<a Uuprepar?d to derlare tliat tue rie? St ij-j cOfiHtKut Ons and corcrniiipti;# tLirch'lr art an i Inathlled In Arkan s> an1 Lo tUiana alia'l be ?et ?? i i wbfeh'co11'"*4' H Art?n?M andriConrti,n?g which Congress formally declared shonld nit be recng. nized: whose Kenresentativei and Senators were repett^j by fo mai votes of b in Houses of ranges* ; which it ^re* i t Vr , vrma,l.r *T,M b#Te elcc,9ra' vote tor rrefii .eut and Nice President. Ttiey are tbe mere rreatnre> er hi* wil?. They cannot live a day without his support Th.y are mere oli. ^rentes, imp sed on the people by military orders und?r the rorms of clectltm, at generals, provost mar shali. soldiers and camp Wlewers were the chief actor assisted by a harnimi of resident cltireos, and urged rn I ^.-mature action by private letters t rem tho Pre In neither Ixuisiara nor .?rltan'a?. {before Banks' de fe?t. did the T sited States control h^ir tho territorv or hat, the population. JnT ulsisen Cep. ranks' proclamn. tion candidly declared, ' 'lbe fundamental law of the Mate is martial law. j i >c tint fi-'ind^tion of frs*dom he erected what the "ihe Ciee constitution and government or Bit of this State, whose rundamentallaw wa? martial law, only sixteen parishes out or lorty-etgbt t>ar,sbee were held by the United Slates- and In tire <rf the siMe-n wp Ijc.d only our c.nnpt. Tho t lev.-n |.-?r -hes we snbiUntially held had "S3 11% inhaNtanu the residue of the State not held by 'us, At ths r?rce railed an eiec' ion the officers of General B.uiks tet.:ru?d th?tll.:i|e, ballots were cast ont whewier any or by whom the people of the United states have no legal Insurance but it is probable that 4.??0 were oast by soldiei* or emi loyes o: the I tilled States, military or m inicjpal. but none needing to ny law. state or nation al. aud ballots represeut the State o;' l/xiwian*. '??sllt.u"on and sovernment ot 1 ouisl ana and like It Is that or Arkansas Nothing but tbe failure of a military expediuou depr.ved ns of a Ilka one * J V ' of 1 'orida. and before tbe President. at ele? like ones may be . rgani/ed ,n every rebe. btate \\bore the I nite-i -talea have a ramp. The President, by preventing this bin from becoming a law holds the electoral votes or tbo ri-bol c u;es at the dicfat on of hie pereonal ambilion ir these votes turn the balance m his favor is u to b uere4t,j ciLl.h,,'rl;be',!)'v rr1,y???t their supremacy in those . lates, and send votes whiuh eltct An eremv of tLe ror ernmenl, will we not repel his claims- ^ And l? not that oivil war for Hie rresi Uncv Inauaj rated by tue vot^s or robel Slates4 3 D*U*J ? Serlo-ieiy Impr ssed with these <jaDgrrl roneress I ?IU nri^cr c-nitlutiouai authority,-' .Vrm^liy deelared thai there are no Slate goversment* 'a the rebel Md provided (or the ? erection at a i roner t!?n .nH both the -enate anjl tho Hojle of Pertes?Llativiw authnrity or whs' the President UU the rree constttlT tion and government 6f Arkansai eoMimi 1 he President s proclamation ' lioldi for nvishf lhi? Jiidgufnt, and dl.rard. the authority of the ? Vpremi t lowL &od etrldes be^ioDg toward thi anarchy hls r^o ' c Amation of tlie ^ITj 0/ Pcc ^unDc;' innug'irntc- \ i ?i.u c,'ci'?r'' ,or President b? alliwe.i t0 bp cheeen In. saa? ? i '?i?' i ,r.T.LVi ?i, rn^rrn "I'i' |? ihe Vrmmt rteres . w?i IL? <ner. se o. an authority exclusively vested In I Congress Uy the constitution to drtcrmiue what is the cs I lab i^t.ed fovwumeot in a State, and In its own nature i l'f l'1* judicial aulhority t i.ding no all other departments (>t (he rovrrnm?Bt. I lhe supreme 'touri l?as forraaliy declared that nnder 1 the fourth section of tbe fourth artiole of the ? onstitu twn.reqmrlM the t uildd Pules to guarantee to etery Mate a republican torto of goverument, "ii rests with ; ( "tigress to decide what government i? the estabN'hed enc in a Mate;" and "when ."enato's and Renre*cti | tat.vee of are adwitlcd into the ednnells of tl.e I nfon trie authority #f the government undar which the/ are appointed, as well as its rcpubli- I < an oharat ter. Is recngH/efl by the prop# ewstlt'itl- nal authority, and its le Islon Is osndlug on every other de pertmeal of the government, and cuuid net be <iut-s tioordiua jitdiciaj irih- in), it j true thai the contest in this c sse did hot laet long enough td !<r(ng the matter io this ,?eue, and, a? uoMBaWis or l?e4>roeematlvfs?r^s elected nnder the stilhorl'f or the gnvernmeM ef wlileh Mr. l?orr was the hesd, Congress was n t called upon to i decile tbe controversy Vet the right to decide * pis >d I Itiem " j ?? y?n tho P'?^|jnt'? v'n yf Qwpi I , ttul -'\rhetber naoo b^ eent to ^ar' f"'r (ro u aDy Slits all ill be admitted u> seat*, con .tuuiioniuy teo| wia, iue Executive." and not to y lo Uu# because whoUyincoesla A. ?^th?Vrf>Mieut s aiaumpttohJii that ptoclamauon teat with lb( ' .)lote aQa rtrofoiuc Ptate goverwueetB in states nor because the pietidcot tsuaamo to rtcjcnitjon ts a mWt ?' ? ** ??' t"? Clri?M^h??a"u[iJiOBtbe ^b^ Senators and ret>re V,D*iCt til - y>* frnta m 9 government rteDt?Uvo?1s ioa l _ ^ tlie r,sM? abauiutt ? V^nt there Can be no ken wjdecukl toie \ i(nM rftli6<rofB oi<jaib0P?. the sole 3 idp" . ? Htji.Bior-. ju-d repieseuutives are When -t,7arumeai, under wb >,e authority admiUejMte bUt s acKtttv(,iy established. wbou they la)J weroc^. ? 'coucftiveiy reacted *d r.iT&TCW?? ? a ...??? ? Bubm.l, n?-vr?A,is to express hB wtwill-ngreM uto ssssSmss lU*u the bill now Iter? proposes to abolish slaver, iu Stth2ol".?IM revi le that all slavea ? the rebel States ebw'd be mattm^tu^t ^ ttir09b,?? But as* lb . r)M8da of bi&vcs In Statef. it not manumitting t* ^ entertain o<t any .scruples UiS^M * ?* bill respecting which be is si,fnlu 4 MrPidT biaiself assumed a right by itfhclama Ho i ! larger number of slaves in the rebel tion to fr< ee mucn in ? lvcu Ulul toy Congress to use St-tes, uiiicr in? p lhe rebiliioa, and It Is ^Uiie military |iow? wttgP PrfgJdent Bbould think OongreM inoonreirablo tn? lllJ(rolion it could not exercise itself, could rest in bins * o? , f tb? fact that, except lt is the more unintoWt,* iroaw- u| lj0Bt9iana tbe in respect proclamation covwed-addod bill covered ^y wl ?>t ? ?? I , rcmodlo( by law to the a CongretsiMU ttwe anu^ i lamiili0Ili Md perfected ihVwork tue "ros'deat protend to bo so aox?ofcs to ac complish. isstitution can be aboliahel only by a Slavery as an i?st *u (be Utuled btaW8 or ol tbe change of the ^ t ^ the i?rincli?al bill. law of the State, antt?? ? ? of tbe stato to provide U the Frosiaent, in tbe face ol bis for Ibat prohfb Ulon ,?? ^ vcnluro l0 object to insisting own pr?claro*tlo?u doe* n country tolerato its posing it . ,iepcrit)es himrelfp In epite cf this groat Uut wben he leecr jm e, nopmgauU expecting blow at e ? tiiutteM I amendment abolishing slavery that a constltuUena be ad tcd ? wa curiously lu tbr .ughout the uatwn ^ r#stg||l?or the rote of the quire on .wjat Uifl <?pec receol 8?**on , and Iq Mouse of Ropt^^lN ? ????? BM?re then enough tha lace ef the |oHU?tl ?o p ?f jt8 Adoption of the States i to fc/iM not Iniulge within any "asouable t _ iartallnient or the b!es his slneere hopes with g w0(|,d bavt secured. sinp as his appro**' ^ reasons for preventing the After this a?!lgnment or r^egidont ^r0CC8ds to de SWS SSSTw execute it as a Uw by his pWnWy dictatorial i>owor. He says ? . with tbe system for Meverthelees. I *m fu. a< tll# vfry ITJ.n'r plan for rcitorat?on roti taxied eCij0oH na to adopt it; aud that I the loyal pe"}'1? ?n? * be^ .prepared to gl^e tbe execullye .am. ami at ail tim?a ,? >? ? h peo.,ie a- soon as tbe mllU aid and assl tancc to \^it^U8tate7rt*U bav? been sup tary resistance J? o." ... a,ld nu- t eople ibeieof aftail h?ve piessi'il In any such Stale, nun i ? h consutuuou Su lTslentiv returned to the dr ?Lhh military sfea "!"?;sswl" '?",?r"y 01 the people has nevcr bee i pe rcf,ise<3 to approve Congress passed ? bin, tneriw ^ ^ u m f(.fce Burb,e?tUton tbe COD^r^l"p^iitment o^'provlstwial gov The PrestJcnt , aftei UoulBtbe :lrtvtca an. I cousoat of point without aw ai crLors for tbe rebel Ststee. tbo 5-eoate, military g dictatorial usurpation in ,.K:;?'u.TiS m '? p?"" "? 11 H^noctorth wo must regard tbe following precedent as the Presidential law of the robel Mates - (lis Excellency von *r<- hereby InveateJ wi U tfce t'nt'.i ltirth'T ^r. '..A i.,. lne Miiiim v (Jevernor ol I?oui powers exercised hitherto by me >|^V1UM LINCOLN. J.X?iHaJsn s do officer of the United Slates; Ihia MlcheelHuin . the advice and coo thel'?e^ent,w?0'tlaw^^wo DOt rencounter L?al*^r nrovided for tbe civil admirstratlon o: tho laws f iifn Riate Ull i t should be in a flt temper to govern itseU, repealing all laws reco^ui.iDg slavery, and making .11 tnon e i?\\.^J.?tr? J*' tho President hns annulled. P^SJrSfJ and sell, and to these act? o^ciy 'i?n iMUU(ed for Uicg0 2 ?S^WttTS ftiSSMffi K^t5SRS!US.1S!aBS: P& 81 Hi cannot "proceed according to the bJ.l" trier pre TtaKdSS?nl: "bo" This Will and pleasure by WbateTerisu lew, and more interested to Mpura'tbe interests and execute tbe will of the Presi , , ih.n or the pconle aud the will of ( ongress is to bo -neld to nLgbi/^'unlesj the loyal reoplc of tbe rebel ^Iftoe^ZVld'Ssli rrefer the stnrgent billto the essv pto! mation, still the registration will be rnade toe easy P c?nf*iioii* it will 8 ivc do aiiurance th^it a ^csitssaA-i "Tu,.>,.n ?????'? ;;urCe!.?i..''.'T.KT. s? fu. ??? ?? "? Wi1 iSSST!iS5S*JS5!S?? i ??" ia' "" rebel dobt. to tbo^e provisions by tbe g^ci .riK.;.? 4 it nM,> ? ?. ?? President '? holds Rr naught" Ibat resolve or Con ir , he is unwilling '*tb he inflexibly com mftSd lo auT wee t'ian of re'turatlon," and the people of the ?n Ked are' nol to' be allowed to protcct them Mln^UrtfrS sc*ftfdk!g to the bill is therefore marele Jl the will of the r?bel State*, and tbey liave tbo outlon to reject it, aetM'tttl* prtHlamstion ot tb? flth or rwiember aud demand ibe President's ih? ronrrsr . Ih^biU requires a m?;oiity,tbe n??!?r r on 1s stn**ed w.tb eBe-tcniO: the bta req itre. procr..?it.on"?"^n anoiher, tbe bill ascertains . (>reoi?Mi?atK)n by gnees: the S5?J?V1 Ler^?to ?stsUiof leiriiorlal limits, the bl.l e*acts? .o governs the rebel LT'^^rw1 ^it, tbo proclamation tftateftby^Wj^uaii i 8 , ^ ml!jl,ry Kov ,?mrn.ts tl.em. ? wic.* rorb.d? electors m,? toe K*cUuul;ou snd defeat ot the for lYeiWent, ? i* ,or ^ 8dm^|lon or f ir4n or such rote< ; ?be bll exacted exclusion nt enemies from power nod the relief of tbe label debt and tbe preblbltiou ot slavery forever s? bat tle iTpiJrwslJn of the rcbell on wi:l lMbrt sod H smrate tbe c?n?e or tlx- "?r the preela , .o. ,ir?^ neither of these guaranties. "ll i* SlVht respecting tbe toKl dt-h? and the political axcluJ'on or rebel >ade?i. leaving slavery '."Ot y where ?. -aa'bv !*w at the 0Utsreak of the reballiun, and adds boI" M emi of the freedom of ?b. staves he under. HluSupH st Mlb, without a .snctlcn, 1 'redden* deo.aTed free. aboI|tUD ^ tiavery : for tbe as s>i~? '? ?"?? JT?r^. ^ lid# il iO<;ogu;?#rt the' inttitulloB. MteV ^rnonc ^ them oontravene that proclamation - nT^yr^ui,v VtKedom of the slavrs. bother v nstitotieoot or not, the oath is w.tbout S?i.'!?Vi? "ul'in in i" r Hrtbooath blnds thewne tenth who take it ills not ei; ! I t ? ii? ntiiAr i oe<ttiiUii who tuciMd to the control "S.?2. S!5 .?"! ? ?.un? mmi " " ~ mirtM ?? l?? ?~14 "1" ""Viil tM 3upfem. ( ourl wonlitw, who nnl.ll tvben and how is tbe niirtHes to get there* No nabeaii corpus lie* lorblm le a Uniten rtteiee court and ihhStaetff defeued with this bill Us exUns.on of lhWt^rnri?th?^nds ?>f this raab end fata, sot of the President?;" blow at the Trieods of hi^mlolsuati^. et | !bTf r*wW tnm?it/,?ndl U the principle! of refnbUcan ^?ihr'V^aJient hbfgreetly proionted en the forbearance -Xh tM^po teriof ifl^ edeslnletrntioo have M. long nnictlsed in view of the arduous tonHl^t in which We Mfe?e4 an t the reckless lerocity oi om politlosl op Hrifc rwiet understand that our > fppeft is of scrwe ?i,il in t of a ma'i that Ibe authority ol Uonereee mount! and must be respected that U e whom t?ody ? f i he I'd ion men of Cot gresa wtil not su?a??t to be im ?a< h?d l.v h rn of ra",n and woeasUtuiJe-^ L..,l ,f |,e wishes <wir suw?*t he muet r. .tiflne l hlmeall to h>a axMiillr* tfetwe? to obejr and eswmte, not meketba laws suppress by ? armed n^Uen. and Wve ''if* 'the ^Tpporters ?o' \he govorament fall to IojisI on th e they become responsible fbr .b, .a.^stt^s wbirb 8Sl*Cg&? oVv l^lf to woe (ton 3? (be p?opl? whose rights tad security, committed to their keeping, they aacriice Let them consider ilia remedy for than* usurpations, tad, bavmg found it, fearlessly oweote it. B P. w adk, Chairman Hen we Committee. H WINTER DAVIS, Chairman Committee House of Representatives oa the Rebellious States. Coroners' Inquests. A CfUPIBK OF I>H')WMINd CASK?. The body of an unkuown wen, far advanced in decjm poiition, was found la (be water fopt of I.aigbt s>tr.*e', North rtyer. Dor^ased was ^bout forty years of age. five feet te<i ;Dcbcs In height, and was dre-aeJ ia an olive ahagfiv coat, plaid vest, white shirt, black silk necktlo, black ;>auts aud boots. Usury ft B.eokboiT,'a I id el* yew of ego. was round dfowued in the <lock foot of Chambers street, North . river. L'cceaaoi foil oierbo^rd oa Tuesday lasi, wJUiie playing on the pier, but the remiina were nut recovered unt:i yesterday morning, the parents of cloceasetriivo at No 174 Chambers street. l)n Thursday evening the rounins or so unknown man ? e:o found flostiug in the dock at pier No 2*i fc?st river. He was five feet six inches in height and had s.indy hair, mustache and whiskers. His dwi consisted or n wtaito coat, musl n shirt, brown parts ana shoes. Tiie holy bad been in tbe water nearly a we- k. Deceased w:n about forty years of a.ije. l(o also woro a leather belt around hi* waist. The remains of a man, named Patrick Rdev. late of No. 242 Cherry street, were found in tbe dock foot of Kmc street. North river, lie was accidentally drowned on Monday last. Cojouer Wildev beld inquests on all of tl*o above cssc3. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Ancn?R? Tarr.OR.? At Baton Roi^e, r.a., on Thursday, July 28, by the Rev. Mr. Hlrte, Dr. anson S. AitcnxK, or Now York, to Aguir N. Tati.or, Of Baton Rcu.'e. Mi Caw? Ciiamhkri.? A* Philadelphia, on Tuesday, Ju'y 19, by the Jtov. Thomas BretnerJ, I). D , Kvxwkoy McCaw, of Philadelphia, to .Toskihimk CrtJUiuKRe, Into of this city. * Smiiu? K?.iri\? At tbe reM<lence.Qf the bride's futher, on Thursday, August 4, by the Rer. ll r. Sanford, Aim anpkb T. Km hi to CarriV, youugest daughter or Mont gomery and Sunn Knapp, or this city. No ourJs. Van Klkks? mwrkuck. ? Oa Wednesday, August", at tbe Westminster l'resbyteriao church, Brooklyn, by Rev. R. D. Van K'aek, Br. R. I? Vax Klebk, of (iravesond, L. I., to Miss Nkluk S. I.AwnrNTs, of Brooklyn. Witnatt . ?jmmhT (?n Thursday, August 4. by theRer. Henry C Kinney, John Wkbbr to Miss [UTTia Lavima HftunST, all ef this city. ' *- Died. A"""' ?? b"??" .??.??< rT,i6rVdi an<f :c'n"v* or ?? family are invited to attend the tu her late residence, no Willouiib bystroet, Brooklvn, at ten^'clock prcciseiv. Bkomiiacukk. ? (>? Thursday morning, August 4 after a years* P'llurul "loess, Jacob Hrohuauikk, a-ed 50 fuUy9|n,vitedV^auwd^^nfuSne0ral!l'QnfAmdI-*rafteVi!oo:n" I?H"AI',?T"-,rm,Tbiir8day. Auguet 4, Angaria, tbe be ilo/ed wi e or M. M^ Bradley, maiden uanio Bourke of .i?ierclr ? County Limeriok, Ireland. ' Ihe funeral will take place from her late residence Vo JtJP rospect street, Corner of Jay, Br'khn. at two clock fr. tbe afternoao, to Flatb us b Cemetery, Rela tires and friends am .requested to attend. CtUMixo? Oa Wednesday evening, August 0 from con gest H'h ot the brain, Rfxry M., Infant son of Edward aril Mary dimming, a.?od 3 monihjLand is (ia?g 1 r uneral from nis parentsWcsidence Fordhan. ihia (SatuadYy I afternoon, at halT-pae! three o'cl ck " 'B an^-Tnuin1;''^1 nr.'.AUgrSt 4'V "U "si-Ience, Staten ilsrbor ' forDier>i' a ,h? Sailor's Snug Tbe relatives and friends or tbe rarailr are respectfully invited to attend the runeral. on Sunday afterr.oan from |ne '-Pifcopal church, Facturyrilie, nt h iir ua^f two 0 clock. Boats lea^e pier ID North rive*, foot or Cort land street, at bMf.past one o'clock. ' Boiton and Ilangbm^Me ) papers please copy, povro.? The friend* of Hicain. Down aro reiiuosted to atioi d his fimernf, from 31 Roosevelt streo! 'nSundav afternooB. at two o'clock, ii.g remains will bo taken to Calvary lemetery ror Interment. (lARDixrR.? tin Saturday .Ti:|r 30. or tvnhus fever Rk. iari> (>ARi)iinM,a nfftireor Wnrreapoint, county Iiown* Ireland, in the 39th year bis age. ' ' New ry (Ireland ) papers please copy. . 0<wn^of~ onsumptfoiu n,on,in8? Aueust 4, Roam J. tJli1h,??1t,?V?C?.aad ar# respectfully invited to at tena tbo funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock nu?Pmnrrfi mcia ?fubi* siat,'rf'. Hestor street.' nil i remains will be taken to Greenwood. r r^* ''ergon, N. J.,on I ridav, August 5, CinarKa Sinonthsand ffa"* * "d ltorU Loills* Uftmel - ^d tbe're'S oV" fsjaron^. ?D fro? ?H/sarsy _Ua Thbr,(l47' 4>P-J-, aged Ii ^ fetal Ireg and friends of the familv are r^sncctfniiv mvffed io attend tbe funeral, from bto hte, rSnce 15 Wiliowptace, Brooklyn, this (Saturday) aft.rnooi.attbr^ Haki-kr ?At Nashville, Tenn., on Friday, July 29. .iwSS armoStb.*!ir# ?f Uuu4rl 8' Sco,Uud? in v?ted'to at teod'The fi.neral, thti (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock from suleit* ' Cf h'8 or' No'85 Wc" Twenty sixth Dumfries papers please copy. 2* y cars. ~~?n Tt)ur8da-V' Au*ust 4' H?alt, aged ftoMM|fri?l,u* ?"d ?re inrito l to attend tbo mwotfrWl i>J, (Saturday) afternoon q.!>cjc- . !<f?ve foot or Chaml.ers itrret for sssrsfc.a.'Ksrwsf - wmr ?? ???? i .frrrs-.r^ii-svA ar? '*-? i SXS.'mISSVS? SSTaSTb i jwswi?; jsssvittst. ?Dd California pater? please copy. BrMw,.g,d Vye?rY' Augun#' of ?>nsumptlOD, Mart Him i> * r^H?ndr"ck'.,12l 1 trVh^strMt' w" nva)iuUT*?PK (Saturday) afternoon, at liair-imst' two without riTrtb.Mnviut'lon.'16 "e ^ zssi- a rffsa ?V ^ and 22 day*. , *T* ?eqnelnuneee or the r?mily aroresrect rally req. <?. ted towieod Uh? runeral, rrom .he resKe ZZWSZA' ?"'???"??. (??,"!? ;^pr,Dff' 0D TbnrMay, Aupist 4, aud "n- ,J- Third Cm ted Slates caralry James 7ear*' clde"' "?" of ^Werlck P. end Julia L 1 Catn'rnli 8errl0?# wH! uke place at Cold Sprlnf. this famlly are ?',:'0ek- 01 ,be ' K.Ve"Q^S%a^7 hVr^I;AH,U i ' " ^ ^ | V? rtrtn"' ?rc respectfully iarlled to ' r ? ? fuaenai, ?? Monday aiommc.nt ten oV-lock i K???i nnrThM?rf'' 3<1i5 I,jd,on avenue, Brookiyu. ' aI. '^Ib^i^day, August 4, Katk Fvri.ti, vonne ? *."? end I.atira Kiseam. aged i vear 1 | month and 'M d?ys ^ y r' 1 h e" a,D fr ' "0 < I s of the rnmlly, aUo the mem bers of How, .rd Lodge. No. no, 1 0. o. F. , are resLCCtfnllv i th#r,'cer*'i 'r?m the restdenr e of ber ,9wurd,y: *"'raoon' ofK|^m? ??'!B 1rr'day. August 6, A lit, infant daughter I of James and Johansb Keegan, aged s m'ntb? and 2 j ? V** ramiiy are "spectfiillv invited to at- I ^ 01^"^, 'be re'Meice of her urenm. | m ^^'i "" afternoon, at two'Vcfock. I TDe r< nia.ns will ho taken to Calvary Cemetery Miimi.Kai. -At Poekak'll, H. Y.. oo Monday, August 1 Ai.Kxa.ioKR Mukoeai), Id tbe 74th year or bis age ' His remains were Interred In Trinity Cmetery iliBeaa^^yTv!^! tV'uT.n,0ri,l,l'r' v"<f,IRl ? a'fr a short esev i haxijIi, I', Malh.i, ?loU About 44 V6m a a na? live of Fraar.e, professor or music. ' twailUovinJ! ! '? Thursday. A-ignst 1. at ? doM>.ni? . V, ClA,<K w,fc 01 W'llian* I- iiac Thi roi'.^f ?, ' months and 19 days. here ' r Hurn nn ?Uni rlcn'ls or ?h<v family , aud the mem invited o?.?L.i *l'T Np ?VSous or 1'cmrrance. are J", ' ii , J funeral, on Sunday irtcmoon. at atTce 'hoiw/^? !1 n,"r, li "f the Kpiphany, Stanton etreet, between I-mcx and Norfolk streets. Mi ?rwtVT;7?n.Ih,,IS2ay m"rnlD$. August 4, Mltmw lard ^rThii- , of Rhervfiic, county Ualway, Ire ! land, in the ?rd yenr of bin ape nv!!e pvim ?r ib<i ***** *r0' t V\v ... V "1' l,lc/5<" ? rrom hi* late re*ld-nre. N.>. two o'clock ? Ct Sunday alterncon, at I Tb0,a.1V, Aurust 4, FRA^r" M-ar ?,ihe I fteiOyed son of Mlcbaei aud Mary Ann Morria aged 3 months acd 4 days. Tbo friends roUdrea and oc<ius!n(arc?s of the family [ are resi eetrniiy invited to Attend tlie funeral, rr >ii> the I ieni'le:,ceor Ins grand ather, 1 ranch! Meehlo. 11A Henry street, this i Sit unlay ) afternoea, at two octook, wllboLt further notice. MrMaM s ? On Tueeday, July 26. Aamnn M.Maw s, In the i ; i year of hi* a?e. His remain? were Interred ?l < y proe? Hula rcme tery. [ I'hiradelphia papers please c?pr. (I Kir'*? Oil Vriday, Auguet *, Kur.a, widow or Iimo thy O'Keofe, of Ilathconnac, county f <*rk, Ireland, aged 04 year*. Her relative* an# friends are reepecifxliy lavlte<r to attend irw runeral. od Sunday afternoon, at two o'oleslt, fropt hef late reaMeisoe, rua Kaat laatb street Cor* and Maeramento (Cal i papers please co^y I'lArr.? At.lMiMn, t'oatu, after a lliiaermg tiiu* ?, ('a not itiB A , Wire or Mnory M. Tlatt, la tie tOd year of her age. ' The funeral Will take plare from hsr late reaidenco, at T'arien. this (Saturday) afternoon, at twov'cletk. Thn relatives an? frtenda of tbe family are reapectruUy je quested to attend, without rurtber invitation l*i .v sr.? In Hrooklvn, en l-rlday, Angiiat A, Mab ?\nf I. only child ol Wm. H. and Ursota I'lyer, atted t mout'i and 1 rt day ^ The relation nod rrionde of tbo 'amity, also tbe mem bere Of l?or|. I^.dae, No. !M), K. k A. M., are roeprrtru r lovited to aMond tho runeral oa Sntidky aftereooe at three o'clock f om tbe residence M her pe<^at> Vo m Jsy street Ih"r,,1ay. AnfilSI 4, Os,m..,K?w,r. ? 'Ml HfWI aW |r< iff W . Tbe roiativee and friends >4 tbe family, and thoae of his joo.iu|aw,'lli<mas Stanley, are rasper trull v invited to attend the funeral, from his lata residence, earner of Broadway and Seventy. fourth street, io% (<4%t iMaf) nf tor noon, at two o'clock 1^ Wwummw itoritaitpr h v . 91 l>?rsiif, August 4, (ir aipihent. Award Rtimwoioir, only eblhC or K. Rommlogtoo and Jane Williams, if?d S rwi, 1* OS- ? the and 11 daya. Vuncral from tbe rogidenee or Mrs. A. Stoothoff, n*t> btieb. this Saturday) afternoon, at balf-pui thrcs o'ct c% Uolatives and frfeudi or tbe family ar? luvlldl to atteod FcuuatMf ? -On -flvarFday , Auguit 4. 'Of consumption, Jipon W. St-hcri*, in the 24th year of bis age Tbe relatives and frlendg of the family are reEpectfulty invited to ptteod tbe funeral, from 41ie residence of hie f.Uber-in law . No. l.'ETi Lanrooe stieet. on Sunday rnorn ID?' i-1 ,?*D 0 ?*oc'c t without f urUier itiy itatlou Huilalo papers please cojiy St. Johk.? At l.afayelte . N. .1 , on Thursday, A'jfcust 4, Ai ak.-os Penny Acukr, youngest goo of A 1' aod II K St. John Iho relatives and friends of tbe family are rcspoctuliy InvitoJ to attend the lun#ral, at two o'clock this (Satur dav> afternoon, ut their residaoce, Ltfayette] N. jr. Kanikorp? At New Orleans, La , on Saturday, July 2i Ceplain .T*mks Basin oitr>, U. 8. A . lat.i or Now York' The remains Kill be brought to thi- otty for luterwaat lite notice will '<e given of the funera\ r git ytkk.? On Wednesday afternoon, August 3, Jakwi 5. Slvytkb, ased 42 years. 'Ilii relatives and friend* of th? Tamil v. and members of tbo Bar, are ro*i>ei, lively invited to attend tlie fi-om ln> lato re.'idonCe. No 44 S :ssex street. Jersey City, M llna (Saturday) allernoon, at two o'clock rtis ta imiiu wii! bo taiien to (la-, crack, Ooltjrolua county, for tot rment on Ssndap afternoon. Hudson paper? please copy. Smith.? At Passaic, N. jr.. 'on Thursday, August 4, Rii won Esaur, only child of Robert B. and Annie E. Smith, aged Oni'inHis. Tlio relat'vas and friends are respectfully invited t? attend the funeral, fmm the re-idencn of her grandfather. Tr. <v Torhuue, at Passaic. thia ftfatitrduy i a' tort o n . at two o'clock. Cars leavn foot of riiatnbers street, Now York, at a quarter to twelve A.M. audreturnataquartor pa=t 'our P. M ? Htiiknck.? In Brooklyb, on Thursday, Awrupt 4,' Arr oCbti 8, younge-t s?n of Augustus and Mieabeth Sohonct.and prnndson or the late Joromus Scbenck, agod 2 years, 7 months and 16 (lavs. Hie rolntives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tbo rosidsnoe of hit parents, Lafayette avenue, seventh bonre east or No* tranil, tuis (Saturday) afteriio^, at two o'clock. Koaw ?|n; Brooklyn, oa Friday. April 5, John, lib of Matbiis and Margaret Fltaw, sged 3 years and 4 months. Tlie friends and relatives of ihe family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, 050 Myrtlo avenue, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. WooiiHD* ? On Thursday, August 4, after a lingering illness, I;uzaiikih, wifo of Captain David Woods ide, age<l 49 yoars. The relatives and rriends are invited to attend tbo funeral, rrom her Kte residence, 119 South Eighth street, Brooklyn, K. D., on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. political. HKADQUABTF.BS. TWENTT-FIBST WARD McCLBb lan c'nh 4St Fourth avenne ? A special meeting of this club will be tielil a- above on Saturday evening. Augtftt 6. at 8 o'clock, for tlio purpose of malting "srranccments for tlie Brand torchlight proqf?*ion to take plsneou W.e Itiesilar. Augnat 10 All elti/ena of the ward favorable to tlie nomi nation of Oeorge B. McClellan for President are invited to attend. RICHARD CBOKBfi, President. Is.tAO F. Sharp. Secretary. McCf.TXr.Aif ATin* THK PhOPLE.-TTIB fIRAD quarter* or the Committee of ArrnngemeuU for tlie Grand McClellati Demonstration of the lOlii of August will be held at tbe Slnela'r Home, corner Broad way and Kiihtli street. The committee will be in ^eaakna from 4 to C P. M. dail .-. All associations, delegations or iodl vi.lnals from this oit v or elsewhere, who desire to co-operato In this demonstration of the frleoda of "little Mac." ar? l? vlied to take part in the meeting and to communicate tbelr intciijtons to Krancis .1. Tucker, Secretary. Sinclair Bonae, New York. By oi Jer of the Cofumlttee of Arrangements. B. F. STEVENS. Chairman. Mozart itai.Tj ?at a MRRTrNo of thb rpoit lar Mo/.art Mail Oeuoral t;oinmlttee. hold at tiieir hall, (TO Proa 1 war, on Thursiav evening. August 4. Bon j. Ray iu tho cliair, the roll was called, and one hundred and nlneti one delegates answering to their ntmtr the follow ing r'esoluttous were severally offered and i.natumoiily adopted ? RexoKeil, That we cordially endorse tbe act. on of the lato Democratic Stat'' Convention wh'ch a?s?mbled In Albany, an l approve of the course adopted by those debate* froda tho Mozart democracy who ren alued In the Convention and participated ill its deliberations. Re olved. That the delegates elected to represent Mie Ko ?a rt d-niocrac . in tl.e National Convention are roqtiested ta use every effort to maiutaiu the unity and liarmonv of tho partv. and secure Hitch nominations as abail nvtrit the conl d?nri> of the people and receive the support of all opposed to the pre eut eorrnt :t. Imbecile and disloval admlnistratloo. Be olved. That we revoke tlie power delegated to aapeoial committ--e ft five to dianense tbe pat'-onage of Musart Ball, and wli'ch has been exercised on'.v bv one man to the ifetrl nieiitof the porty. belleviuij that said pairouage does net be'ong to on", but to all. Tbe ronitn 1 t^e adjourned for two weoka for the purpOM of receiving tlie reports of the Ward Committees BEN J. KAY, ChairmM jon* PVWV. ? Rocre'ariea ? ' Ciiarlvs Gsvr. I B?cr?t?ne?- ? ' MAS1S STATE CONVBNTIOSf FOB PKACR. At anre?t<ngor the Peace State Central CommittoSL held In the ettvarNcw tork. July 21. I##4. II waannaalo inou ly ro olved that the democracv and all ethers In favor or an amicable adjustment of our national dtfllenkles by negotiation and reconciliation, be re<i nested to assemble tn Mass Convention at Syracuse, on Thursday. August If. a4 12 o't'QCfc f"r the purpoao of giving expression to thaso pair oils sc?tln.onis. and of urging their general adoptio* by the people, and nspee'ally by the democratic party. FI?',DUtr!ct PDWART) A. tAWftBtTCI. Second Di-trict EDWARD KLINE. Tbird DinltW BDWaUD POWBBS, Fnu i til DUtrict ALVlff W. LOCKWOOD, , FiftU District FBUMANDO WOOD, Sixt'i District PETER FULLMER. Seventh District ? C. Wl^fTn ROP CTT A ffDLB? R'kIhIi District . Ninth District RORBBT B BBADFOBD, Tenth Di?trtct IBLAAC~ BIBP<ALL. Elevnth district ARCHIBALD C. HlYBIf. Twelfth district FRANCIS BUBDICK. Tlilrt'enth district S. BICIlOL. FivirteentU datrUt. A.J. NI LL8_ PifleentTi di?lrlrt LEVI BltTTT!. I Pi l '.??nib district OLIVER KBBSE. ? SeventeetS!' dbtrjct I0RBPIT A. FLAHDBM PlchSeeotb dUttlc? ? .^IOM_A8.tL YpUNO. Nlneteeiiib district T. .WM. B. SAND8. Twentieth district NATnAN WUITTIWr Twenty first dli'rlct .NOBSfAK IfAtTBT, Twentv second district SAMtTBIi AVEBT Twontyilblrd (Ustrict AMOS b KI NO Twenty fourth district WM. II CPYI/BR. Twenty-fifth dlstr cf PKTBE McKBV Twenty sUtUi district .JOHN I. VAN AT.LBlf. Twentv seventh district F. C. DIBSIBBY. TweutT eigh'h district . .N. B PA1WB. Twenty n nth diairict WM. B1BGHA V Thirtieth district ,WM. H. ABELL Thirty Brst dUtrlct. L. L PBATT. rro titb citizens of the srxTn ward,? BBiifo 1. Inlormed that certain i arliei are collecting funds to defray the enpene*'* of a process on to the grsnd McClellao mcetin^-on August 10. at Union square wo would state that tliev liave an oonnectlon whatever with the Ueorae B. Mo t'iollsn Association, of the Siitb ward, organized Sept. 28, 1SKV Wm Matlor, President That wftt attend and defray its own expenses. WM. MALTOff, i PATRICK OuTOBT, : Commiltoo. ED. B. CUNBTON, J POST OFFICE NOTICE. POST OFFICB NOTICF-TJIB MALLS KOR THB United Kmcdoui ami the Continent, via Qneeoatown snd Liverpool per steamer Olty of Washington, and for th? c,?riria Stales, via Hamburg, uer steamer Ilorusaia, will cloae at t' i* < nice on Saturday, the #th dav of August. U li?W o'e'ock A M., and at tbi* uptown stations as foliows ? Ptaiiens A and B It) A. If. Htations C and D 9>5 A. m. Stations E and P W'? A M. Station O 9 AM ABRAM WaKKMAB. I'ostmastar PROPOIALl! /tROTON A9LKDCCT DEPARTMENT? TO SEWB* \J contraciora,? Separate scaled oropasals, each endorsed w-lth title of work for w^i-h It may be offered the name Of the bidder aod the date of Its presentation, wUi be roeelvod a! tuisofiice until II o'clock A. M. of Thursday, August II, i??4 for the construction of sewers In the following otreoU, to wi' Tenth avenue, from Thiity fourth to Thirty flfth gtreet. Third avenue, from NSth to 110th street. Thirty eigl ili sireet. between Eighth and Math arcaues. Tli id avenue, from Ninth lo Tenth street; and Hudson street, from B '.ich to Hubert sireet Spe> Ificstions and blauk forms lor tlio bids oan bo oh* tamed on Spntlcaflon to the contract clierk at Ihl* office. TDOMAB *TEPHI.fv?. i0ft.SS*H ia Jt'LT .Kl, 1M4 CroAoa Aqucduet Board. OFFICE CROTOJf AQCBDUCT BOABD. Hnw Von*. A ngnst I. UM. To Bii Iders.? Sealed proposals will be received at this nfttce lintil'i'ilday. the l?th dav of August at 11 A. M . when tbey wtl; be pnblfc-iy opened, for the furnishing or material* aoJ the erection of a biilldlus on the grounds attached to the Old Beservolr, corner of Elghty-slxfli street and Seventh ilred wm b? f?.m Plai h blank forms of propceai ces of the Common Co. nr e enntrac: elovk at thflloaip 11IOMAB STEPIIRN8. ra??% ivSA.RR40,f avenue. . Tlieamoun' of seciiilfy required wm be f?.W. Plan* suit apeeini-almns mjnther with blank forms ur propcaaln. In sicoi dance with the ui'dlnances of the Comuion Council, esn be had on api Host on to the contract elovk at Riff oSip?. 11IOMA8 STEP URNS. OKKICB OF THB STRK8T COM MISSIONED, ' 2517 Brot Iwav To t'ontmctors.? Propeaabi ee "ieaed In aasn'ad onrelopo. endorsed with tlie tit's of the work, and with the name of bidder *"r:tt?n thereon. Will bo received ?t this office until Mondsv. August IS. I Miid . at 11 o clock A.M. l'o? reiulaFlngjand srsding. curb, glitter and flsgglag MadlS^n srenoe. r-*ora Portv seesifij to E?ghtv.?l*th stceot. Blank loi ms of proposals, togelher with tbo apeaiucat lona and agreements, can lie ooislned at this omee. CHABLPB O. noRNRLU street Commiss' -ner. Dated Street Department. New Tork. August *. I8M. \7~T " jcis9ff a?ifm Advabcbd-thi- prices of uast or r wkabiw? Apparel st Ihs. California Aacnoy, on account of re eeivfng retnmsln gild. Bit* Dresses rrom P7 to SW; Costs. fteascadilrees Mr. or Mrs.' **emie l^twesn T??ntysoeonH sndfwsnl' third street^ i where all orders wii, bt duly a; . ended to, in or em. of lit* city. ORNTLBMBN'S BBW AMD LRF1 Of K CIsOTHIWj* phi ! ssed for the Wes; ? The full rs'vie will ItensRl without seeking (& Impise. <""ell ?** ?oro oraSdes4s TliOM AH I>. CONBOT. 004 Peorl street, botweon ueotre and t bat bam. streets. T CASHBEBA ij. Ladle*) wmtad on hyi aoar Broadway ' W*TCKIB?, J mWW&Sf~4fO.~~ 7^ AT 109, WATenja, DIAMONDS. JEWBMtT, SII.VKR Piste, Ouns. nstols Ae. bo?ight Will par 200 per oent more than oan bo obtained at ?ny other piaoo in the city 1? B ? Also Pawnbrokers' Ticket- wants! Tor tea above tnatan. at His aam? this, nan Brdidwey *>flseref liqustua sireot, -p sis ^a, rtKyi ... . TUB BtolWBf TAHMTfO* rt ti'Vn '<y v An w ss, iiamends. silver i laie. jnb lots of fanes r.?vl?, aod pnrctiased for cas'i, by OriMinal' X. ttOOSl,# Bri>adway. BstaVUhM isrenty vests Ti:*Y rti nfr PBrrpfi fvTD rot nft amohb rr Wal. lies, fine Pearls anil India Camel s tl?<? Shawls. Honrs f rim l> ull lit aod J I'll ^ on'y H W PLUM1I. Dismon I Knkei All Hr?nllfhi V* ..t'.lvui I ?*ot \ 4

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