Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 7, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 7, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,186. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, AUGUST 7, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. GRANT. A Eebel Mine Exploded Under Our Waiks. BUT LITTLE DAMAGE DONE. Exptditkms Into North Carolina and Up tho Rappahannock. Attack on Our Steamers In James River. Ktbel Accounts of the Springing of Burniide's Mine, &C., ftl. ?iplaiioa of a Rebel Mine Under Oar Works. Washington, August 8, 1%?4. Information baa been received here that the reneiB ex ptoded a mine under one of our works near Petersburg yesterday aUeruoou. Me particulars are known beyond the fact that bat ?tUe damage was done. Advices from the Army or the Potomac report that the gltaaiion at the front is unchanged. It to generally believed th it General Sheridan has boen assigned to duty on the Upper Potomao. } THE FIFTII CORPS. M?. It. A. !Ien:lrirk\ Dripatclt. HSADqUARTRSS, KlKTlt AHMl CORPS, Bkkokb Pbiyrsburg, Augut 4, lid4. in R RR?1KLJ MINtoCJ. Tacts developing themselves today Indicate very ftaariy that tbo enemv ha- in progress a countermining ?ebemo. Plans have been set on foot to chct knirue thi? retaliatory m.ina; i vre, which are qtilio certain to result in the enemy finding bis labor something moro than love's kber lost. THS RBHS18 AST) TIIEtB WORKS, There bis been very littlo firing to. day ? less than peeterday ; but tho enemy is not inactive. He still is in ieTatigabio in repairing and stretigi honing his earth works. Uur men display a c rrospooding activity. Our. temporary reverse is not followed by the folding or heads. SSPRIT PC CORPS. Everything Indicates ? determination to rife sm?er i- r lo reverses, to gird tlie loins anew, to fight over the ime heUle. "It will never do to give it up so" is the sentl Beat, if not the song, of our soldier:. 1 am triad to feonrd a great chango from the fueling of yesterday. ?RaJly once a^ain'' is the battle cry A great army, like ours? an army called into the field, as tbte was, to ficht for home and liberty and eountrv? n armv alive to the ereat and gia'id M?ues involved - an arm.' disciplined. as this ba? he?-u, by its three years of horvtce md alternating marches and battled, and victories and d feats, can ot h>ng be dm a^cn fitted or dtsi euuicd by a everse. I he strong ener eiaeof its nature cannot he subdued. Tlio bans of its ?emit and organization is eternal right nid Jusllt e: a: d it ?ever rau. never will lose sunt of us great mission, and l*e fc'kb om<i holy purpose ?ud end for wbich it b.ts so kaog struggled and fonvht. THK mFRMOMn BR S*or d to day one bundred nd one degrees in tho shade. A alight soower fell in too e irlv part or the eveninsr, cool, tog tbe air s 'tnewlrit although it is still nronmf riady warm, and suggestive ol the Bupei | >r comforts over .iriny We el sojourning amid the civilized surroon hugs of i. d ?oobiets, billiards, drive- sur h-iiuuig, inu-to, dancing, Airmuuas, and the table d hole of u Northern watering urn iy trm o*yr And still there Is something fascinating in this far ?Way army lite, this iiro in the woods, strengthen b>< the sinews ot body and mind ? in thin o mmuni y of later s's and d?nger cementing attachnccts and devel eylug true heroism of so il and d .ty. And our ofl.ters. Ha, are good fellows? cultivated, polite, refined ? ?* d we Meve ie < i of Tun and anecdote and sorg. > ore nletstnur and invigorating these, after all. t<> strong and maniy aattsre*. 1 1 mu alt the frivolities or dissipation and lascivi tm pleasing of lutes. THE 1TISTH CORPS. Hr. Jii, C. ntipatrtrk'i Deepalcti. Ninth Ar*t ( out's, Bbixrb f'rr^rtsnuRO, Va , 1 August 4? A.M. J COWrKL THOMAS CA ft CHID. Paring the flag of true on Monday last Col. Tbomas, Saanuandlng a brigade of Ferrero's col >red division, was ?sptared, through mistake, by the enemy's pickets, at a pot?t or tho line where inc f! ?m not visi de. He was taken into tbe city and confined tor a e? bours in ta I, where be had an Interview with flea. rt'ish">d .Johnsm, from wtwm be el > me I tils re'eaae. Next morning be tore daviight be wan sent through tbo lines, and arrived ?a'el y with bis onronvind. Me says th?t Petershnr* Stxm>s but few m irks ot the siege, ii?t mo-n than ? d>-wn ? being (mured, and that too 'i?ople have not ev .co ated, but are nutnnm islv olentirnl ab'.ui tho street-, EVervihtng 's of cause eitravag mtly hinh in the e iti g aad drinking line. The r. dooel paid five dollar" ? greea karks ? tor ten apples Wniskoy in the low groggere- i| i%ree dollars |>er drink In Hie moro aristocratic bve do|. lars The. Colonel long his Car tu^e wl'h Ihe inmost fdo<j ^n<', and give* many humorous details of his sojours in Ibe t.ockade City. -* Ot R l.ors III TSB RVrKVT ASP ATI T amoi?nt? to ov r Ihiriy-llve hti dred. Among those who Isil <m that ilay no'r i* m.'re regretM?l than I.iwute ?eat Panned, of Colonel Tbom ??' stair He was gallantly k*<l nu tbe troops, with th. brigade colori lo band, when Mm fatal bullet (nerned him. cat* AIM HARRIS, lata ordnance officer on ,t>nerai 'otrn? da's staff, havtng V'?n ordered to i?(>o-t fi r diry at th" All<Mhany Arsenal, ibe ueneral baa is. ed the following, mo sentimniis of wbJcb are shared hv every "nt *li < b is had toe pleasure af known. g tbe gallant cat tain - OKHKHAI OHPRSS ? SO. .15. llBAiMrAHTKPa, Nistii ArKt fours, > TTsroRs pCTBsaHCR'J, Vi., August 1,18 4 J Hi relieving Oi'dHin H. Ilarris, t'hief of Ordnance. Ir?m duty with tb's corps, in compllutoe with the orders sf the Secretary ol War, ?ne t'oinunmting liei erai rey ets the loss of an oflrer dl?tlngut.<iie I for bis able and timr ?ugh conduct of the alT.lrs of bis departmoi.t In ibo simi .uD ol ibis corps in Kist l'anne>sM, and during tbe Ceaent operatioiJ in V rgtnui, while latth uily dischirg g, otten nuder circumst mees of ihe utmost difficulty, tbe iai|Sirtant dMiea of his p>siti'n.hla ufeiuiue-s has Mr.r heeo coulined to Its limit* but be has alwa>s heeo ft>rwa'd, when tha vcraston required, to assume with alacrity and oourage Ui? otr.oe of an aid. Tbe Coatinand tot t-snerai parts with him with tbe highest apprae'atlon sfkM servi es and respect lor bimseir, and bis beat Wlsbaa for bis ruliye waiiaro. ?y c 'nmand of Mijor (Jeneral BI'RNSIDE. lawia Hk hmosk, Assistant Adjutaut tteosral. THE CAVALRY. Frsssli C, Ung'i Oespatefl. Third Civiut Divwiow, \ Near Pstsr siKti, August 3, 1804. J ?sat asd run. A? hast, tha dost and tbe mud ars never fltllln( tkaases to tho majority af army correspondents when aetbhig of apeclal Interest Is transpiring. Is the present fcMaoee we cannot ootnplaln of the mud, and Ibe dust, aw lag to tba fall of rata we bad a raw days ago, is not feand in such quantities aa to be rary annoying. The weather la very warm, and everybody must of necessity Mfler much from tbe heat ; but those naisanoee arising from ?sad. dust and beat, sink Into otter insignificance when ?em pared wUh the annoyance occasioned by files. Is (hot I hav* frequently heard the boys avow that "skeeters" and "gray backs" ain't nowhere along aide ef 'em." Without doubt flies are the greatest peels that affllet os now-e-days? wood ticks sad jiggers are actual Inwles when oom pared with them. Immense swarms ?? these iaeecta hare beea fad this summer on tbe fllth m4 oflkl which will always aocomalats, to a Mvtala as tent, about the best regulated gamp, aori decom osl g boraes and mules undoubtedly posse's greal allr clions lur !lies. One caunot Kit down or liti down * ixxxntfiti. oat an array of tbom will cm nonce na at<>-auit, ban/. 114 inio his earn, creeping ami sklwdng rvei bat f< re&. ad, checks and nock, causing intnlerab a titillating sensuious 111 the na-al protuberance; in short, eve y p< rtlou of tbe i>kt? tbat U exposed t > the air seems lo challenge itifin to an immediate aliacK. Horns un agieed ihe toothache to be tbo "do'll" of temporal ills, while others deem '?* bear with a sore head" to be suf. ferine the actus of in' D<ian<> nuisance; but any one who has rented under some other man's '-vine ?ud lig tree'' here on u><> sacred ivanm of the "Mother of Presidents." wilt admit that flies are the most malignant little pests thai ever disturbed the serene tranquillity of the human mind. THE THIRD MVIWOV mUDJCARTKRH. General Wilson 'm headquarters are alii I near Lighthouse Point, although the Hrtiiioo i* at tbe front. Its precise position it Is scarcely nece-sary to suite, and it is hardly proper to t"il itu laiblic tbe whereabouts of Torbert's or Gregg's tfivistoi.s PR 'SoTtONS 1R TUB THIRD D1TISIOW. Ool. Mcintosh, wbo has long foeeu known to t*ie pnblio ss the commander of the Ktrst brigade, and Ool. Ch p tnan of ihe econd brl^add. have laiely received the c un tniHNions of bricadier geucals ? a (lORiii.m lb tt ench is well wortny of Ailing, and one thai toelr Iook service and e d lantry have rictily merit"d. Their stars have been n blv ?arm d . and we are glad to see their meritorious service* rewarded. ATTACK ON THE WiOOIt TRAIN. Last nicht a piny of rebels, supposed to be guerillas, attacked a portion o the Third division wagon train about two miles from Lighthouse Point, where thev are p>rk"d. Doubtless they finagiued a few horses, mules and wagons mUlit bo captured, but in this they wertx mistaken , Since a few of t.'ol, Morrison's (Third New Jersey) cavalrv ro pulsod them with ease. It is strange th'it these fellows ran prowl about, committing depred itlons ll'teen miles m tbei ear of tien. Grant's II o* at Petersburg. One won id imagine the space between the cltv and the river would be fiee from guerillas, smce large numbers of troope are constantly pawing to and fro. IJBtJTKNARI MARAPIRR NOT PEAT). It was exicn-uvftly ciiouiated a fetv weeks ago that Lieutenant Mana ner, of Rutl/ury K, First U Ited 9la"-s artillery, was killed. His battery was attiohed to tbe First brigade of tlite division. It was slated, and <-a good authority, that he was killed at (team's station; hat it is now a?cert lined tbat he was wounded and Is a pris oner at Richmond. C ir tain Kitz Hugh, of the Fourth United States artil lery, wti >se battery was captured at tho tUbt mentioned above, has bad no ther battery seat him troin Washing tuu, and be ts now ready for service. BERMUDA BIVDRED. Mr. W. II. Herrlniu'i Despatch ? PKRxrDA liovriRnn. Va., August 4, 1804. HKIQAPIRR OKNRRAI. PAT MR has been assigned to the command of General TTIncka divMon of colored troops, and left for Petersburg to day to assume command. CESKRAIJ. R CARR, late y c nimanding at Vorktown, has arrived and taken c?mnrtnd o a division of col red soldiers across tho Appoinuitox from Point of Books. NEWS Fit on FORTRESS VOXROE. Mr. YV'm. H. SHsrr'i Denpatche^. Fortiirss Mokrok, August 4, 1664. THBQf ATIONAl, fast pat appointed for to-dav br tbe ''resident's proclamation has be -n religiously observed throiiKhoiit this department. After ten o'clock tbo different st 'res and Post Office were closud. and divtue service held at eleven o'clock in tbe post cba:*>l by Post Chiplalo Rev Mr. M. L. Chevers, which wa' largely atten led. At Norfo'k tho troops in ard about tbe city para led, and all places of business woro ordered c'osari and tho churches to be opened ior prayers. From tbe etnarkable quiet existing, tho day appc >rs to all intents and purposes like the Sahba< b. All the empl >yes are decked In thoir Holiday attire, and de vote tho d .y 10 recreation. as ist ?' hit * N'T cavalry raid whs made by tlio l .vc t" 'b New York (McCIellan) civ alrv, Oilvni-I N B. L rl a let tcbment of the K'rst I nited States V?lnnt< er<, I elite ( olonel Illrnond ; a portion of tbo One Hand ed ai d K .iv.flfth Ohio National Gusri. Colonel ^a- e. and the i ighth New York lnde rend lit Battery, l.i ntenaot M rton, t'l under ibe c"tn muidof Col nel Lord, thriu^h i> rt oris of North f'aru l>; a The troops lea hed F.llzibetb City O' Ibo 2itb ?lit .and scitterel -u v iri us directions through PtLsnua tank. Perqnlmmo' s .and H how:m counties No re^el for. e of anv >;reat ac. eunt was mrt. and the few guerillas * ho once iu a white w re enconn'ered, soon r^ coived ibeir quietus, or skedudd'ed 1 he expedition returned on the 1st ir^t , brn ciiiy In a l <rg? amouot of captured pro porty. viz. ? mneiy h'T-es B' teen mules, twenty five hales of cnttou several toi?s of tobacco, a train Cf five w la >ns and t went j-eeven ca^fs, tbreo thou-and y>rds i c ttoo ci"th. - ?* neitroesand one block ide run ner The i eople of itvo or six c unties wh'ch Ool nel L)rd'? raidcs visited, expressed them-elie^ heartily Sick and tired of th ? w ir. ai d want rieace no any terms. About four fifth" re deadly opposed to tbo Pa vis con federacy i hev are desirom of car' vine secession a step furttie , and secede fr rn the con id racy and again seek protection under ttio oiil flag and govern moot. Colonel l ord has now command of tho district of Currituck, and h is .uready ^e -oiue a terror to guerill >s. He h< >p> iih rttoi?rii constantly In the saddle, and no enemy is 'Ikelv to tr uiftle htm An occasional raid made by him Into the c unt ry ror?iinds the penpls that be ts allvo and up to his wn-k Altogether the anti intment of ? olonel W>rd to the con ma: d of the district is very Judi cious, us Uu is the "rubt man in the rt? bt place." TttK OOfPITIO* OK 1HS H >SPITAIJ? at this point Is hi.-hly credit iMo to those haying the charce thereof, and Or Kly Mc<'ie Ian deservs the great, e- 1 share of pr?i?e for ;he efiViaut orgaulTattou. Tho t hesai e ke Ft .< uai, wtai< Q ouly <'fT"'ers rcce'vo care, ha- been placed in tho hand- of Mr. Leu's M. Blake, son ol the late cornelian, a hi h'v educated and eomieie?t poysletan. Who Is the executive oft-ce'. UDd"rlir. Mc Ctellsn. A larae uumi'er- ot i 'dies r.iitdlng hereabouts visit the hos) it ils ""e. ularly, and contribute la-gely to the w ,nt? acd c >ut o-ts of tbe p tieiits. Am aig the-o good .Sunar|tan< n m n is b'-en more " onsp cuou* or dese'v ing ifreater ere<iil tnrn Mr*. I, Ivors, wife of Lieut, .lohn I.ive-s Post (J iartermaster of Fortre s 'teoroe. Hay alter i day l his goo i lade vsits the different hospitaM and dis ' irilmies her dene Cie? emnrg private soldiers as well as n:Pt<ets. I!er l>c: evolent oounteu inoe is s<> well known am ii the stiirerlnit uitienis that her sntrance in ativ of i e wards ts as welr.onie ?? an aurel'R visit. VuinoiouB other l.ul if? miehi also be ineutiored in like terms; but Mrs. l ivers i< thechie1 am<>nv; mem The Fnited stites christian Commlssain. of which Re?, Mr. W l? I'm ile is Hie cbiei , and wh > have their depot at tni? |Miint. are n t only ministering io t'ie olck and wtxinded In the field, hut also extend their charities to tb >s? In the h spitsis h- re. Oalljr and hourly thise g- ntlemen visit the b ?i'ltal*. and send laree lots of deli caci a by thecari ioa l?. cons siuic of liquors, cun fruits, el" hiti* , .Ve , to the sick and disah'e I if any friends of the invalid soldier- arrive here, the Christian Consols sion care for tn> m. Inasmuch as the aecommod itions r?">r strangers at ltu? post are very limned and not to ho |] 'd for m->ney 1 he efforts of this p'ntanibroplo hodv'is highly C ii n?en<able, and Iheir "labor of love ' Is greatly an predated, and especially by those who so i reel v ? hed tbeir heart's blood tor tho glorious ? mso of their couotry. Att. Qfrr os Ttt* ri:ii*r The latest arrivals from rny Point report all quiet on our lines tn front of Petersburg. Hnpe last ^aturdiy, Wii'ii the last HI fate, h <'t le was b>ugtit, hardly a snot l as been fired. Tbo weather la too hot for active oi<era tioi.s. Fortrfss Moshor, August 4?4:30 P. M. tmi RXIIRt.S ORSTai'CTt^ll RAVtOATIO* 0!f Tit* J A VPS R1VIR, Rrn. ITalf an hour since the steaming Joseph Johnson, Captain John A. Mantling, arrived from City Point, hav lug three scbr ners and throe btrgos In tow. c, a tain Manning reports that while passli g Wilcox's landing, a short distance above Fort Powhatan, a reliel battery of lour guns opened Ore on him and his tow. Tho Johnson was struck three di'erent times, but sustained compara tively little damage One shell bunted lu the engino room, and somowhat disabled the macblnory. Mr. Fd. Philips, the eneineer, nobly stood to his post, and. not withstanding Ibe heavy Are of the enomy. maintained his position. Ur. Dayton, tbe pilot, also stuck to his wheel. One shell struck the dsck before exploding. One of tho crew, with commendable presenou of mind, ploked up tbe burnlag missile aad threw It overboard, when It ex ploded, without Injuring any one. Tbe shooting was very accural). Ibo Johnson on slowing around was exposed to a raking Ore. A number of the rebel shots ploughed through ber gangways. It ia almost a miracle that no one was hurt on b.>ard of this vessel, as the enemy flrcd no loos than one hundred and Afty shots at her. A nav?l reuse i lying near ibe scene it action, on hear ing the firing, came up, and engaged the rebel battery. Tho cnnnonadlng for some time was very brisk. It Is evident that tbls battery *u supported by iafsntry, and that the expedtimo was for tbe puri>ose of attacking Fort Powhatan. Tho latter was firing very briskly, but the result Is unknown. The steamer Argo, on ber way up to City Point, having several barges In tow, soemed to be the special object attracting the attention of tho enemy. A number of shots struck her; but ao she waa ixmod upward tho exteot of the damage could not be aa oertamed by Captain Manning. About four mili^s below Fort Powhatan, tbe gunboat Pawn, doing dulv at Wilson's landing, was met, under a full bead of steam. on her way up to engage tbe enemy. A number of vessels going up the river had to turn about and await tbe result of tho action. Fp to Ibia moment the City Point malt hoat baa not arrived. Pro bably this affblr has detained her. In tbls affair the Imbecility of our naval authorities la again amply exemplified. At the beginning of tbls oam palgn I suggested thai several oaval veseeis should patrol the James river, and their preoeace would prevent the rebels from making a dash on some narrow poiot In tho river, run their light artillery in bsttery and raks our veaae's aa tbey paas. When Admiral Wilkes r-ommaaded tho Jaaaoa river ??i?adron during the Peninsula campaign of ISfia, at loan tbe mall boats wore eeoorted by gun boats to and from ?Harr toon's landing. Under tbo present arrangements only two gunboats are stationed In ihe Jarosn river botweon Newport's News and city Point, ?bieb pfateadeqnata to protect oteef tbe larm aaassfl. The 'ames river squadron is Dinner" 8 enough to dettub several ?!' the gunboats for puroi dutv, tua.< making tUe navigation ol ibis stream perfectly secure. AH UPtiD.riON Of rill B*rP?HiN!?0''K, under Brigadier General C. K. Gribatn, consisting of sev oral gii'ib"Htn ami a Curve of cavalry, in command or Ma or James M. Wbeelan, First New York Mounted Rilles, and several cotuimines >f infantry, returned here a lew min utes ago. General Graham iett on Sunday nigbt, and preceding up the Raup.i bannock st pped at Tappahau nook, Urbaona. Fort Mlcou, arid other plices. On reich Ing l-redericksburg the cavalry and inautry were landed. Tho former at once proceeded to get fire to the house of Mr. Seildon, brother of the rebel Secretary of War. A tew guerillas wen< met, but Mt on le irning the strength of our force* Several shuts were fired, but no damage done to either party. The ohiect of the oxpodition was ful y accomplished, and the knowledge desired to be ob tamed was fully gained by General Graham. THE CASUALTIES. List of Casualties la the Mecond Brl K?Ue, Hecund Division, Tenth Army Corp*, Jaiy 30, lHfit, in tlie Engage rami In Ciont nf Petrr<burg. Lieut col W B Conn, commanding brigade, left leg, slightly. Lieut Frank l> Bamum, A A A G, sunstroke. |H'RTT-*RV*NTH NKW YUKK. JTfffe'f.? Sergt Samuel Waters, B. W untied.? Carl K* Ingham, B, arm, slightly; John Howell, C, arm, slightly; George W Sholer, C, side se verey; John Lynch , C , knee, severely; Corp Walter Powers, I), both leu*, severely; Hugh McDonald, n, shoulder, severely; I'aniel lownsend, 0, leg, slightly; Te-et.ce Hartford, K, leg, Rligbtly; Saib Rosenbergh, F, face, severely; Jus Q'Neil, (J, side, slightly; First Sergt Alex Hamilton, H, shoulder, severely; Jno Henderson, I, mile, sligbtlv ? Kelix yninn, k, both leus, soverely. Muting.? Samuel Stark, A; John J Connor, G. FOKTY -KIOIITH NKW YOltK. Kill'd ? Major Saml M Swartwout, I.ieut J O'Brien, K; Sergt T J Muldv, C; First Sergt J McDougull, D; Louis Lo renx i, f ; Jno E L?r<l?H. (found- d. ? forp Geo W Peonard, A, shoulder, soverely; Wm Mills paugh, A, ifcg, slightly ; Sergt I' Smith. B. bund; Klijah Rowers. 0, left arm, slightly : Corp W II Chapman, F, shoulder, slightly: forp W I' Major, K, leg. severely ; Corp RGrav, K, left hip, sligbtlv: Corp J Barnos, B. sh ai der, slightly I, -tsniev, >?', hand, severely; T Wal ters, K, bead, slightly AOthers. E, left shoulder, slightly John Ryan, F. mortally: .IMG Browne, F. right arm, se verely Jut V Jones, G, knee, severely: Thou Mclntyro, G, hind, slightly: M M.tloy, G, tbi.'h, severely ; Clias Mil ler, H, mortally: Sergt Riordan, I. hand, sligbtlv; Zlohllnsky. 1, ear, slightly August Kemmer, K, leg, severely; Wm. T.owls, K, lert arm. severoly. jWt's?ui0 ? Corp James Truesdale, B, Geo H Reed, D; 11 C Vans, F, SSIV'MTT-StXTT? FRVV9T(.VAVrA. Kilted ? Panl Moyer, l>: Jacob Glunl C; Corp Raney, R. H^w/ritai?lst I.t Cod. H H? In, K. slightly: Lieut T H Burns, G, slightly : Lieut. Richard i'eltlc n. slightly; Art.jt Ba il McVav A, severely; Corp D CCIark. P. dangerously; Joseph Sennit*, F, diyigerously ; B H Barton, F, severely; Jeremiah Fisber D Solomon Williams, p. Sergt Robert T -'mlth. I; Corp John Fry, I: John Cook. I: Jacb Olsin ger, I Henry Thompson, I Joseph Dunham , I : John Spen. cer. I- John Btoiii'h, I; William Matbe, I ; Corp Bonj F Mark.C; George W Klein, C: Aoam Keisigh. C- Th mas Mowry, C: John Andrews C ; Thomas Boids, C; Henry Holden, H, slightly; N B Parker, H, sllghty; Thomas Hiley, II, slightly; Tunis Trummis, Fi , slightly Corp A Bonrie't. E, sljghtly; n B finilsav, F, slightly: J Shunk, K, slightly; Sergt G Wind.G, severely Corp T Brlret, G, severely J Martlron, G. slight ly ; G Clobrlge, G, slightly : A Shaiylev, G, slightly; 0 P Rnm?ay, G slightly. KCozad, B, seriously; A Parreil, B, severely; I' K Gardner, B, *> veely Minting ? Frederick Tterker, F; Georgo Ronton, f; lovl Henrv, K: Renmmlu Minsker. I): William P.hnll , D: Goorgo Peters, I; 8 Rice, R. I? Hardesty, B; Jobn Stevens, B. N I ^ETY-^RVf H I'ENN^TLVAN A VO' UVTKI'R-'. Killed ? Corp John T Taylor, A; Cdrp Barnard McPer raott, E; .lo^hiri Carey, F; John Qulgg, F. fVw lfii ? Capt J Mondenhall, I), loft arm, severely; Second Lie 't .las Mc.Wiiiiams, E, arm. sligbtlv; first I.ieut Levi L \f?rsti K. leg and arm, severely : Heni/wnin Linton. B, slilo sove-e'y JamoR English, B. thigh, slightly; George Di ke". R, h:ind, amputated; Jns Schal). be'Pthai. B, arm, s'ight ly Corp Thos Boughton. B, b iek snrained: Sergt Pallas ' row, B. shoulder, slightly: John McPonald, c, foot, (--lightly; Michael Montgomery, C, mouth, slightly; Wm Morcan. C. foot, slightly; Wm M fi 8'>eikman, C, foot, sllgbtiy : S'c-gt R L Kent, c, hro st, slightly; fVrtis M Pavia. C. breict, slightly . .loho fvw Itng, head, siigbtly; Is? ic -ap'\ P, side; John Wit. li imx, F, severely : James Itilev, E, severely ; Robert \t, Williams, F, sev'Telv; Sergt Sim >n Lltzenbnrg, G. leg, severely: *lex 5V>nt>'irn, (J, lew' severelv .1 Edwards, G, be d.siightly C Kuhn, 0. side, slightly ; Jotjn Crannar, H, severely Sevom Solve- son, I. neck, severely. First Serge mt Wm Vanderwcv d, K, leg, severely lvdward I ixson, K, back, severely; Wa-limi;ton Ailon, K, so verely. Mt umij ? Wtn llnice. E. ? Rtsch, G; Win Thomas, G Jm Warliulck, G, Chas Meyers, K. Denttia at City Point, to ntK Kritrrm or thk hkrai.d. Po=r H >spit4i.. City, Va., August 2, 1*?4. Will y>u pie me Insert In your paper the following list of deaths at this hospital rf iring the month of July:_ .luly Sth, Hrant. A'kev colored, citizen-: 12th, Thomas R. Williams, r'o C, 37tli Wisconsin: Oliver Hall, colored; 16th, Lemuel L'wib, Co. P. 11th Pennsylvania 1 7tb , Georgo Jus Ice. i'i>. F, ISfith Ohio; Ittth, Brlggr= Ri ter, Co. H,20th New York: William H Itunter, Co C, 15->th Ohio; Horace Kord Co. C. 2^d Cnited States colored troops; 22d, Alex vvadlow. 3d Pennsylvania c.ivalry; 23d, John Iscev, 4?d So ? York: 31st, Jamoa Henderson, colored, Cua'termnster's Peparuncut; Ronjamln IioutcO or, C?. C. OHtb Penueylvania. THOMAS W. STRP!*r, Cbapl?iu Twentieth New York State Militia. REBEL ACCOUNTS, Ttie Springing of the nine Before Pe tcreburg? It< Moral-The Scene nnrl Fighting? The Mechanical Skill anfl Indnttiisl ttesourccs *1 the Worth, <bc, [Frrm the Richmond Inquirer, Augu?t 3 j Perhaps nothing can 1 1>. struts better the dilTorence be tween the Yankee and < < nfederate habits ft an th* cir Cumstances at>enillng the recent explosion uron our lines. It is the flrst exhi'uti n In bis qinrter of a scl-noo wloch has achieved more lor ancient and modern warfare th>n perhaps any mber. Tbe strategy of Marlborough? delibe rate, tbwro'igb. sod alwivs successful ? h is been con trasted with that of Najtoleon ?rapid, resistless, but transient? and sagacious soldiors doubt w bother the campaigns of the first were tint more eco nomiOtl oi men anil mve jermanent id tbeir results than th* more briPlint conquesta of his |llti'lrioi!s;siicce??or. The two schools h ive their eminent pa pits, but the destructive vi^t's of Ranks. Hun ter, A ve'lll anii tirierson h -ve pa-?ed like a tempest o\or the country, leaving the oeop.e m 'reunited nd eoer^ieti -, white the slower ai d more systematic aiiproac.nea by siege aud block trie have be^n more troubles >me t ? our selvi?,slid, wh?n P'lcees-fiil, attended with m -re per manent occupation of the country. We tn"an n<> reflection niKin our e"gineer corps. No doubt thrty know and do wh it the book-< teai h by formula and diagram. We do cot know tbit they aro re ?pon^ble for sol hiving knfiwn guar lid agaii sl a design hinted at h? leit'-r writers as "Startling." and more directly ialiinited by prisoners, wbo said that Grant wns ?'niining. " We do not criticise their failure to detcct the point at which this operation was t" t-ke place, nor to infer logically? like King James, ?hen in formed by an at:onymou? communic Hon that the Par liamctit w.s threatened with 'sudden" destruction ? that the danter to be apiireherde<l was trom explosion of gunnowder. Hut our informs |on i?, that there Is a ravine within the enemy's work", and mt very distant from our llne?? that from lb * ravine a tunnel was driven, terminating st a den-h of forty n et below our valient redoubt th it w-- bail tra vers.-.l the si see intervening between the two lines, with a gallery ca'cnl ited to mu rcoiit anv ordinary si pr' acb s, and thai w ' id sank a shaft within our redoubt to a reas nabie ikiuh I he command of the ravine, b< wever, gave the enemy the pi wer to direct their work and ant tnelr mi ne ai snydepib below ur forliflcatioiiH and it H 1 therefore , we suppose, that the ordinary appliances of I galleries and tubes for bearing the progress ol th - mine i wero of no avail Pei-ldes. It spriesrs that much of the i work was etlectcd by boring, and was to that exteat in | audible The difference between the two belligerents Is. that tho Yankees comnieo' ed this war with all the means and ap piiaoeesof mecbsateni art. Tho South had disregarded this important e'ement of warfare The Yankees ? ve cloth and manufactured Iroir the South relied chieilv unon tbe 'mimrtstlon of these Important dities. Tbe Yankets cast cannon and built snips; tbey con structed wagons enough to furnish both armies. Itio South was obliged to organize all tbe Industrial enter prises necessary to arm, clothe and transport our men. lho Yankees bad tbe advantage or every im proved arm In Knrooe and America. Their dietetic and sanitary systems bave saved them thousands of sol dlers who would have died uron the coarse fsre ot tbe military hospital. They copied 'he Sanitary Commission of tbe Crimean war. Preserved fruKS, desslccnted vegs tables, solidified milk, the oondsnsed nutriment of msit, tbe concentrated essence of tea and ceflee. wines and pure spirits scoompsay tbe hospital - verywber- Ices sud cordials refresh, patent ambulances, spring beds and hair mattrssses solace the sick and the wounded When tbe field hospitals beyond tbe Appomattox suffered for water a canal was out snd steam pumps put up, sod so abundant supply was furnished. Tbe mechanical skill or these people wa shown In the facility with which thsy have Intrenched themselves in tho fleid, and tbe formidable earthworks which they erect to caver their cowardly Imtcb and aeffroes. It has been signally shown by ths perseverance of Grant be ore Vicksburg, and by tbe recent mine before Petersburg, ?nd, indeed, by works which dot and deface tbe whole South. We are now taking measures to meet these formldsbls demonstrations, and to eqaalixe this grsst disparity. Our engineer <K<rp* is Intelligent and energetic, and lis force has been much increased. We hsve isbered ssrter s wsnt of msny things which our mois skllfnl foe empleys In abuadanoe; but with us to perceive ? defeat ssems to have been to repair It. Should we not do so* Modern warfare demands Ihe most perteet mode of destruction. Should we send our men l? the Held with Inferior weapons? Ths most rspid means of transportation. Should we be content with rattle trap railroads and broken down wagonsf Abun dsnt stores of food pnsctoally sarrterf to svery point of military operations. Can our men be coo'ented with de ficient suppliee or irregular delivery f Ampts force snd abundant Implements ta coast r net any work of material defence? Can we hum ev neidlera |e come ofl guard M | labor to Ihe trenches or dig up the dirt wllh b< a< <tn and I bay new to protect t ueru o ves irom the murdetOi.a tiro of an iulreiici.ed etioniy We are in the habit of saying that a united people can not be conquered by any anperwrtty of force. We esti m ite tbe poi ulatino of the enemy ua nearly three .old our o?n. W e hav o with-t od, and sliill successfully with stand this rii parity jf physical power; but when we com puo the superior advantage- anil lit# accumulated resultn or the whole industrial productions of both North aud t?outh; the froe commercial command of tbe arms and so d erg of Europe, the comforts, eouve nienri's and facilities of a highly improved In d utry aid tbe dynamic power which meohani cal nk II his added lu the numeric*1 superiority of our foe, the miracle <f our successful resistance he comes the grower, and we turn wi'b renewed gratiimlo to Him w hi i has Inspired and sustained our effort* Hut di> Dot the Immense advantages, uoea not this torrible ??guuisiwdor plot," only counteracted bv the valor ot " r men. iinpre-s upon us a duty l><> not tbe suffering aud destruction of tbe heat and bravest army that ever gave their bto?'.1 fur the salvation of their country demand that we should furnish them with all tho means of aggression and defence that modern warfare demands!1 We should basteu to org.ini/e th so Industrial interests essential to our safety, and without which even national Independence will be but a transfer of indentures irotn one master to another. Springing of the Mine?The Fighting. [I'rom the Richmond Kxammor, August 3.] The Petersburg papers give ?omo additional particulars of the springing of Grant's m ne on last Saturday in front of Petersburg. It took place about ha f past four In the morning. i ho situation was on ono of our salients, near the -centre 01 the lines, and a tew tinudred yai ds beyoud tbe Blandiord Cemet'Ty . Prisoners taken subsequent to the explosion from the enemy, and near the spai, statu that several of our men were dug out of the ruins alive, a paper describing the scene says ? Th* chasm can jfii by tu enemy s explosion uppoars to be about fortv feet In depth and some two hundred feet in clrcumioreiice, and re-emues more what one would Imagine to have been the e ects of a terrible earthquake than anything else Immense boulders of earth wore piled up rudely one above the other, and great fragments ot bombproofs, gun earn iges, timbers, Stc , were lying promiscuously in ovary directftm. ihe Rides ainl bottom of the chasm were literally lined with Yanlsee dead, and the bodies were in every con ceivable position Some bad evidently been kilied with the butts ol muskets. as their crushed skulls anil badly mashed lace^ too plainly indicated, while tbe greater portion were shot, great pools of blood having flowed from their wounds and stained the ground. F'et ween our bi e istworks and the enemy's large num bers ol dead and wounded were stll lytug, the latter bei; gtng piteously for water. and i ray mg to bo cared !or The length or the ? sap" made by the enemy is supposed to have been about six hundred 'eet. The Petersburg palters estimate our ontlre loss atoi pht hundred; the enemy's wounded at three thousand live hundred ; killed, 700. Of the napturo ot prisoners, arms, AiC.. Ht ! etersburg paper says: ? We have over 1 ,0< k> prisoners in our possession, 14 battle Mags, and upwards ot 2,000 stands of small arm-'. Allying tbo prisoners captured are ttngadicr i.cneral Uar'.lett, o Massachusetts, aud seventy five commissioned officers. A Petersburg paper, describing the struggle for the re possession of our works, captured by ihe enemy in the conlusion consequent to tne explosion, says : ? Arriving upon tho ground, (ieneral Mahonc found twelve of the eueray's Hags waving upon tho ramparts of that portion of our lino carried liy tho explosion, and tbe whole vicinity swarming with white a. ri black Yankee troops, (letting uis troops into position, (ienoral Mahoue ordered bis brigade to retake a portion of bis works, and lus tructed Wright's brigade to c mo np in such a position as would ensure the reeupturo ot the rem uning portion. I ndor command of i oii nel Weisiger. ac'ing brigadier, Milioiie s brigade formed into line, and were about to move up, w hen tbe enemy sal lied out and made a charge. The ( onfederates reserved their fire until they could see tae whites of the enemy 's eves, when thev poured iuti> them such a storm or bul lets that the ei enty recoiled "atid iel back in confosloa A charge was now ordered, and Woislger's men dashed forward with a yell, driving tho enemy up to and over tliu breiRtw rks. on the w >rks 0'ir men haltoil aud de livered a piurutng lire, which proved so destructive that the enomv never rallied strain on this porttouof the line, but left our men lu undisturbed possession. THE ARREST OF GENERAL DIX. The World m4 Journal of Commerre Seizure? Important DcvitiAn of Ju.ltje Mussel, Holding Henrrtl Dix and Ilia Office rs for the Action ot the Ciranil Jury. It will lie remembered that the matter of tbe people against Major General John A. Dix and staff fof au alleged mlHuemeanor in illegally seizing the establishments of tho Worid and Journa. of C m nercr., Tor publishing tbe bogus proclamation, was argued boiore .lud?e Russel hist month, and a decision promised on August 1. The t'ity Judge had prepared bis opinion aud r turned to tho city ou Mond iy f r the purpose of delivering It in open court, but was unable to d<> so by retson of a severe attack of ervsipelar, which couflned him to his room. Yesterday, however, his Honor had sufflci?*ntly rec >vered to he able to be out, when be filed his opinion In tbe Distilct Attorney's olhce. Subjoined is tbo decision, which h >^ beou looked forward to with more than ordmary interest ? 7A< iJ'opls v*. J.ihn i. Oir anil (it'isrt. ? It Is unneces sary for me. In deciding this matter, to rehe use the facts of this care. The de'emlanis, through their coun sel, placc themselves uader lite protocnou of section 4 of the act of Co' gress ot March 3, iHti.l, entitled, "An act relating to habeas corpus, and reflating judicial proceedings in certain cases " If that | revision is con stitutl nai it assiiniiaies the l iesiiiont o. the l-Jnited bt ites. di.rlng the exlstetice of the orosent rebellion, to au abvdttte inou irch cloines him with all the ini .gin.iry per ectiou of that monarch, aud m.iiie* hnn incapablo of doing any wrong, lbs is a very novel and stirtling d ctrine to advanoe uti ier a rep biicau mrm of povern tpent. 1 have giveo tbo case a in <t car nl considera tion, on tbi one band seeking to avont ao un l ie intur lerence with tne agents oi i tho genu al gov ernment iu the p?rormance of their duty, and, on the otb -r, ke?piug bef e mo my own obligation to upheld and eulort's tbe laws of tbis Sfue. I do not d-em it pr oer toetate in de'ail tba views I eutert tin upon the legal prtncl lev so abiy dis cussed beiore me t>y the coun - I ou b.-th tides .such an exisisttion of the ia.\ *ouldoe tnoro appropriate this case come before tbo court tor iriai. IfiSti ikes tne, however, as a fit occasion to euible the great questions involved In it to be brought up iti ?et:h a sh.ijs) a- to admit of then be ug absolutely and tir. rly settled. I the act of Com. i e-s in question is c mi * uiuiai iu tho ;?ar tlcular cMtended for by tho de encti it d'<-< I ok as th ugb It imparted to the President powe. s raising hita above tbe Instrument wtiicti cr-a his otlioe. and ?.i?iui bins tbe rigb>, in his discretion, t nb?; tlut ii'Strntneui or not. 1 he pi lni iple Is uot mooted i'oi ioc.iM in iu this Oase as to n> w lar ti e I res.deut can a I upoti a State in w Inch insurrectlim or r>bciiou pro vails, and wheie the power of ths civil uutbort tl?? hive been cusienlel and the cn'l law substantially expelled In f.ct? a Condition o( things he must and ought to have very great |>owc*s in order to restore and maintain tke I ws In this Mate tbe civil power is, nnd lias always !>?en, in me asc uuant Odr clti/ens are supposed to enjoy tin- hlessiiiss of the federal ronsillutli B, and rep so i. mie-- tne beaigu o|Kratlons of tueir own immediitn leg s .in n. I1 a rebellion in nt y it the insurrr -nonary .-t te- can ue| rive thetn of this, ttien ihe g vernment of eve>y >4<te in tne I'uion :s at the mtrcy of every other Huie It c?_tiutj o fSjble that .my o ' rt lotflpp efs an m?urrectl. o In ? seceding ftlttfl requires any disturbance of th' insiltutloaa f tbe loyal Map s It tbe President can diieci anything to be done In ibis State he pleases, nnd his orde' s a norlect shie d to ttose w ho ofcey his r mni'ods ho becou es a despot, nnd is no longer the clue magistrate of a tree p*1 pie. ine distinction, then, is between what lie <;an order to bo done lu a loy.i stae and ot e which i rebellious and claims to have reur d irom o .r con federMl y II he ts empowered to brio.' bar* tb> hitter to lis, and to force It to suomu to tn ? federal constitution and the laws i n icted in i i. s ntice of It, m he eni|iow>'r?d to obi tor itc. and, for H>e time being, to wipe out all constitutr ti <1 g arantses in favor ot tbe former* It o gin to be the law, il It Is u t, tli U Ihe will Ot tne Pres dent is not supreme in a yal Mate. To a certain extent the ertetal t< vet rirr,ent, i ite \n indtv lual. Is protei led by state la. vs. and in return is to resioct and obey them. 11ie*e "ingestione won|# ai pear id be fairly deilueibie ir. m ihe i oaith ol i rlnctp es esiabl shed by th" Supreme Uairt o the I Oiled s ates in Litl e vs. Harreme (2 frante, 170, ?nd I utl er vs la in (7 [ Howard, (J. s. Rp , IK bey e. rt inu n.t ct on tLe doctrine that governments, like tnd.viduais. m ?t i ot only eelorce. but obey, the laws Iho provision of Ihe ? t of Congress relied upon by the de'aiu ? has mm" under review by the supreme < ourt oi the stute e' IimI an? In Griflen vs WHonx |SU ndi >aa R. . ;'"o whnh court pro ooumed against its constltulionaitty tn reference to the rights of Its citixens as secured und exe'Csed under its own laws. The pme ca^ee (2 Hlack, l ulled Mates R , 03At do not ^opflict w th the grouo?'s tekeq|b#the prosveu llon in this fsse. lbe po ition of ibis State, '0 my v;?w, Is this: Internally, we are en oy ion our civil government, as th' ugh no other State had repudi 'ted lis a'legiatiio to the Prion externally, we are parttcip >lin? tn an e'lort tn subdue a n mber of refractory -tat. s In referent e to tbe point of inteot, which w is *> zealously (ltsen??ed by the de eiidmts' counsel, the law Is eery pialu. II tba defendants' acts were unltwful, and lh<y were saoe when tfeey committed ibem, they are pre sumed to have Intended th> nece sarv oonseuuences of those acts. !? very Intel tgeot moral ave?t is Suppi aed to deelvn every oonsequence tnevitabit flowing from hia conduct. Imenllon. which is sa d to be tbe soul of crime, can never oe mide out but by and from external eenduet. And, If It should prove in this ease that the defendant! hove no legal justification tor their acts the ssme presumpt on will rea. h them which would att eh to any other vio atlon of tbe law. Tbe complaints will therefore past to tbe Grand Jury, in the usual way , for its action. The defendants need oot enter mm any written recof slranoe with sureties. Having submitted tbrmseiv* a to the jur Iso let ion of tbe laws of this Mate, and, with the corsent of tbe District Attorney been en ar?ed on tbelr verbal recognisance, it la reasonable to suppose 'bat tbe, same will be ample security for tbeir future appears ce. especially ae during the argument be'ore me one of | tbeir learned counsel exprsesly rallied the same. ths Winthsr at M??nt Washlngfen, StnmiT Ooma, Morwt Waesiwcmn, N. H., 1 August ft? 10 A M. | The weather here eoatlnae* beautiful. The thermime 1 ter stands at thlrty six in the shade. THE REBEL MID. Reported Evacuation of Ha gerstown by the Rebels. UEtVF FIRIJTG NEAR CUMBERLAND* Johnson's, McCausIand's, Jackson's, Iniboden's and Early's Forces United. Thehr Plaa U Capture Pittsburg and Wheeling, then ts Ad vance oa Cincin&ati, &?* a* Mr. T. C. Wilson's Drapnichf*. lx Tin tnoj>, August 0?10 A. M Tbe rebels are reported leaving llagerstown and moving towards lloousnoro, and perba( s there to form a Junction with Rome other forces, or retreating towards tbe Futo u ac. Hi VtXjr^KTICKH, DlPABTHRMT OF TF1B Sr*jr,HHAHNA, \ August 6? Kvanli g. } So rapid lire iho changes in ttie military situation, and so vurled tbo movemoutw of the enemy, that it is almost impossible to tell wh >t an hour Buy bring torih Mill, we ba\e some reliable inlormatlon oi' tbo euemv'a whereabouts which it is deemed nut contraband to tele graph. ' Iho forco of the on<'my which crossed yestorday at Wllliamsport w.ib all seen while crossing by our signal ofljcers. These otlicors estimated the force they saw at between six and eight thousand, Infantry, cavalry and artillery. Tbo rebels were a little over three hours In crossing. As to the strength of the force that crossed at Stiepberdstown there does not so m to be any particularly reliable information. It is vari ously estimated at Irom two to three thousand. Tnose figures are solely based on the reports of citl/en slcedad dlerg. From a source that Is deemed rellablo we have informa tion that Early's total force threo days ago did uot ex ceed, if it reached, thirty thousand. The min who brought the report came direct irom North Mountain sta tloo, on tho line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and is personally known to your corresfiondent lie says tno esemy have been very active In gathering and getting >tt supplies. Rebels whom he cutne in contact with said tbey were going to have a big tight before they left, and, as they felt con lideut of success, they expected to stay where they wero all summer. General Early is reported to have fold a well known lady in Martinsburg that it was tho intention of the rebel government to carry the war into Maryland and Peunsyl vanta aud other Mates, to see h w long the North would st.'ind It. Early was very boastful in his remarks, atld said lie would go where and when he pleaded, as be desired. The rebels hive taken possession of everything In the shape ot a wa^on for transportation purposes. To como, for this class of property, tbey gave rebel money. ?5 In tiie Kiei.ii, CrwueRMMn Tali it, ' I August 6 ? Night. Colonel N. II. Boyd, Twenty-first Pennsylvania cavalry, has his scouts out, who ciosaiy watch tbo enemy and learn their movements. Tlio substance of tbe reports brought in by these scouts Is as fellows: ? The enemy still oectipiea ilagerstown, and his a force nt Wiilimnspoi t. We get nothing reliable from ei her quarter Small scouting or stealing parties ?ro repot te<i about both pi .con, but they do not come this way. The enemy is retried moving towards i-rodortck, with cavalry, Infantry and artillery. Genera's touch and Cadnallader are both in the flold of active military operations. It is not imprudent to say that General touch wis at llarrisburg last night Tho fnrco of the enemy crossed at Wiiliamsjiort Is bivouacking in the neighborhood of the Antieiam b.ttlo ground. OiaMiiKMgB' bo, Pa., August 4 ? A. M. Our latost information seems to Indicate tint toe enemy is preitarlng for a movement if au extensive rh trader. Whether it be a retreat or an advance of | Oourso it is luitiossiblo for us to tell Just at this time | Early seems to be acting with sreat caution, an 1 no j doubt tbo ''curious'' movements of our forces oompt I | him to daily change bis plans, while It is pose i,?. <pr hfm to keep out small raiding parties, who .-erve the double purpose of i-couta and plunderers. Since tbe raid on rhamliersbuiy this place hns became a city o< re oris. These wo have every hour In tbo d iy, and they ?re as varltd and contlictlng as it is p rsibie for the wi dfst rumors to he. i.unuut. kKtxav'a nam. From a eetuleman who says he l*is just cemi from Onmhert nd.via Bedford bprtngs, your eorrsponaint | gets the foil twinit brief report in regard to the late en g igemeut between the troops under comm wd of tie oral Keliev and trie marauders, directed by (a> is reported; the rebel* E'.radey Johnson and Jlc ausland: ? It seems th it i n belne purgtiod by General Averltl's comiiinti'l .Mi < n iSt ind joined with an tho r rebel forco , aud attempt) 1 to escape by crossing the railn a t and north branch ot tbe f'otomao, at a point situated iu the iborSOod of Cumber. and. He irlng of tn s, m- r ?? I K ? - ' i y d t'? protect the North Hraucn, l atter* u's creek an i outh Branch Undoes, wiiicli were men in dan ger. and at the same tune dispute tbe further prre?s ot tho enemy In tbe dii<ctioii he km m ? I Intending lo ni've. tfeese proceedings on tbepartoi Gar wel Kaiicv had the eiicior making lb'- CDeroy ilie attack i fir ? .ttv, with ta<' ei dent in'entioii t-r brenklr u thro'i. n lite I i>i?n i.U.'i. ^enerai Kei ey'a f-Tce was Indeed qui e smell, md wild h ve proved incompetent or the enio'>eo < ? t! not t euoril *verili arrned wHIi nis i nun nd, wb fti served the pi ri ?e o? a reii forcemet t The U^fii whicM ensued is roprefiiti '1 as a very pirtted one. and j? iie.i nrmeipal.y c nduci?a ? ti and near the line v' 'I"' "h bri ifii is the l ou m ic rirt r There <s g'>o<l ri-H-oti tn b' I i ve the reh'1 s intende I surprtBleg t'e garri- ,i it t'otn?erlai.d anil entxrin^ me town ; lor it h id loti< heeu tin. talk ol rebel syni| ?i hl/ers tbat the rebels w n il enier i uintK-riaud to carry olf tbe persons i >1 (>rorieri> ot U ton clt />>ns. in retail itioo lor tbe orO' s or Ge ?r I llnnter, which lumed m iuy seceeh lami ic< witlioiii ur lioee. ami < a.sed Iheir bouses aud lauds to be occupied tor governmi nt uses i.KJfKBlt KKM.RT. Atth sp int itmiy rot he ??!??* to rsmark thst It dm - s?em odd ihit tho only general otitcir who b*g gained u-t .ny ne'.t rv, ;n ever so s<a*ll a w.iv. daring the present raiil , i* t;e?er,il Im ;iey? an ofl cer wbn *?? re llevcd of bis b?>t commai d tornake r<'<'ta lor the ftiiti cil appointment ?l Central Mge , and who (i.ene at Kelieyt has si ce been k? t in 'ornmatdcg a|orti>>nof the 1a I rued lin<-, bu iwavs with h > email a force nr. 'er bis eiiitrul as to preclude all tossibtiity ot hie winumg any new laure s. i.Kviaat. avissLt ixn ns comvivo. It is said tbat in this fight near Cuuib > iaud Ceiaera' Averlll aud bw < < minand acted witli their iMI'isl g .1 lantry, aud at last accounts wero in hot pui*uitof tbe ' mounted rubber ? " rr*s*SLi??Ti. It li Irdeed quite a ti rtun tie thlrg tbat tbe rebels did not get inte (umbe:land, f r if tbey had tin y c old ea- 1 ly I ave done more damage than would r< nin ire with the loss at ' hambersh irg a di zen tim'S. resides, at Cumberland the, e is an ex<eedingly large smount of money (gold and silver ?, aud sreat quantities of store goods the citizens generally are KOAitby. and nutii lately It has been a thr ?mg . in tereatlng and |K>t>ulous t il? the resort of many vt^tiors, strsncers and others, and the scene of goverumcnt depots and various military headquarters. ci aioi-i MOT. Although an enemy Is reported upon the border, threntenmg another rsld, still I tie clt I/ens between lie< e and llarr.sburg do not seem to he any more aoxloua or prepared to a>m themselves Mian they were before cbaoibersburg was in ruins I- very day eu< ugti men c<tme in here from ad acent towns to. if armed, form a toron strong en< ugh to defeat a brtgnie rarh time these people hear sn enemy is coming they burry otf to tbe mountains with their horses, and tbis la the reason shri' rew able bodied men oan be found et tbe ' last moment." There la m lie* talk or a cbange of commanders in this deiert sent. If there must be a charge wby rot - end <er eral Hunter here? It is jusi the place that w< uiu -on his peculiar genlea. lie would arm tbe rlti '- us and mske them prev ids ler tbnlr own defence Myall means irlve us (<eaeral Hunter, that we may see the effect of a "very prompt' oommaniier In tbla particular section of coun *rr' ? -r wa ros titb onT?*?*SKT '?so l Whl'e ?t -"'hipperisburf the other day ? Shit'iwnsburfr m sr?y slaves miles from fh^mberabnrg on the line o' the lalfroaA? your gurresvoadaat sakad a idfoae. ahle bodied farmer, who was tafttl.ig lar-a'v on mi' ley matters, Vk tiy tti.y .lid nut 4t ? I r<> fortify th? own, who- he vsry com y ra lie.;, ?? I'l.ev had enough OK rig 'O 00 oa tUS farm, without di.'giug lor the govui umcat. " .M HI TaNI If mi K A re'ui*ee who has out in re(i?rts tt St the rebels will advance '8 |ih>ii aa I hay gel ? * Pt"y of aroroaultlon, * inch its dow ou I'M w >r from Rubin1 nd in ?'?" Myi ih'' rebi 'B report limy w II soon ba\e ah a' my OB lbs I'okiuiitr, Dig enough to u a im where th?y desirs. 1 HUM El'Nl t'B? In still a go ne of inters-*!. I tie number of sight sssrn who dtliv arrive and depart 'S wonderfully l?rne. tor I lit* r<*s?ou the ens are jammed win | a jmiltri, ud IhS hywava blocked up wilh conveyances o all de*ci iptions. Kllone are now l>? ng made to extricate the citizens ?ut oi Ihe t ha i* iu'o wincn tbev h?ve fa len. Vboss wboss property was r> . v. d I avn acted vey kindly IS their iiemhbom, and all rded tiiria lood and shelter "witboul inouey and without price." HODKHN RKI.KX. Some of the visitors wno from distant parts can y oil with lucna a buck or *o as a " linear " of tbe n;cne. ? i h<m kr mjRft, August 5,18m. The road betweon here and tireoncasts is allrs ?fitb skedaddleis, with stock ?od various mber art.cies. <?l. V\ m H . Tiny d, of the rwenly-flrst Ftm sylrsnla osvalry, is in command oi this post. GUouel R yd was formerly a cwt tain In the first New York csvilrv. Ho was ately wounded before P lersburir. He will malt* what stand h?? c m with the rorcoa at his The suirsrers of Chamber-burg aro belni? well attended to. They srs heuiii plentituIVy supplied Willi food, and when they want t? go to llarrtsburg or to any place aong tb? 'me they aro tr u -ported recover tbe l>im o laud Valley Kill road Aire dv ? '?"? WO don bmUniK have bo u erec *1 on the Mia i ? the run a Don bunding I n<" ed iMMtnad to day wr.U a Hi?;n as follows. ? "that District rtorot SS I jon." A number of tnitisrs w^ro yesterday reported prepar ing W) oiler or S'le at rhumbeiaburir, bencniu their o-.o ton's sutlsni' |li Oda The loq tiriUK world w 'Old IlkS lo kuow if i bey *111 ?rer llu-m at antler*' prices ViifteriJay a lillle excn inmit waa ofigir.atad hero Ilk this w iy One of oor sold,er?i. rouKhlv ilrevtu-.d, sui!e a couple ol Hhirts. He ftllowsu hf the .'wuer, a cu.?Ha uiikui d, co 0 t*r run a loan aMinm:e. uud ihrouith tin- town, and. h.i|iei'ln|( lo hive on a pair o( gray ittniB, was taken ior n e?i s|ied rebel nrlvuner ; oro ?ds after crowds joined In n e ch M: Hie pursued wasorortuk'-n, and be' >re I Do exued crowd wbiou n tiier. d ar ?und biiii <onid b? told wn .1 be did tney <ot a h i ior around bis ne. k and. ware w tiip in han|( blm. I'll" matter was Una Iv e* planted, aud ihe ibiei given in i-h>irgs of ?he proper au tliorii oh. I tit.-* sU"wb b?w innch the people ot fhamliei s burii ure Incei ned at ihe roiu'ls 'or burnu ir their towo^ and wh.t Mc an land and his men insy exos?u If they i hi I into the Hindi) of the Chain liuri.bu rg p<i, pis as pris oners. . .. ih,' oumtier of visitors from distant pi. rt? to se" the rums c ntinues to he large. The r.n road tr. in ihrn. le t her'i ibis aiterri noil? a> d it was a ve y larne one? was -a crowded that .,my the la "?? and ehi dren could ret seats in it. It looked like a l?dv s car fr-mi oeginnuii? to 0; dj, N'. t near ill <?!' tbe p s-k ii iters cou d net aboard Ihe ('umb?rl ud VhI ey aili?? d trui^ ui'Uwtf fro^ supplies .or the su ere. h, besides, th.?su !ersn< are . ro yid. C with K'?'d L'overnnii ut rations, and now, haying enough Of tlie-e, ap ea on y or c othl K The a itle rllles ha-.o rec ived Inloi n ation that tb? r-'bels have do troved ail toe bride s oi il.e ' umb r.a'iil turnpike, and ( e I lea trees and throw th.iri across tbe same bre<- deserters r?>m ibem sl'it'* tnat tbey have designs uporl "v\h. elibk mid lltsbU. g, and If SuC-? iC-.- u. aiII crry their dn lerlati 'ot iot" "In" an.i Ken t' i'kv, via .'liieu nali. This inlnrm lien bus been for w irde'd to 'iovoinor 'luriin and Uoneral Com b by one of their most reliable c rr?* oodents in the valioy. lie stales tnat v.c ? tisiai J, .tub- den, ' any ami .fuck.-on ex |iect to m.-s tliolr c. I'niiaiids about Cumberland, ana* their number will possibly thirty or .o#ty thuiw suod. , _ ( olonel tne urireiit s1 lii I'a'ion of ihe 1 resi dent, has abandoned the Idea ol visitiiik Kurops Importtnl JUllltary SI ov< mesn ??.? Foot. WasniW'T n, jiiiK'.st d, 1S64. Important mlli ary movements are on 'out In thla vicinity, but they cannot he dtt led ?l present. If tho rebe s liave, as re.orttd, ra jed the hlaclc flag lu Maryland and enusylv .nia, they will ondoubted'y have ami'ie reason to rontei K hetore .ium> days have passed. THE PRESS DESPATCHES. j Advance of il?* ll'hri'' on < uni'inia nd HiRRi. iitiKH. Pa . 4a,:'iHt ft, ll'Vt. Advices rncotved Ir.uu Ailukbaoy county , Maryland, dutod August 2, say ? Heavy flint ol artillery bis buon boaid in tue neigh bor iioo<l of ( umberunil a. I <i y. Inform itiou ha. o ?io recti* id fr n ? r"'?.'l deserter mmol Walker, who says tint tuo reb"i c va.y, n l?r Johnson. Mc 'ausund a< d .lack-on, aro ailvm.cin. on Cum. beriaud anil iiiis8uu>, ?nd are to ii-j u'.ed by l^rly a id Imboden. I he whole force Is lu ceutie at i .iMSOSrlau't , and march on i ittsbirg and Wheeling Toelr whoio strength 13 about twenty !ivo or thirty tno .sand. ^h 'Uid luev ho ^iie -e-s ui tnoy will th-j.i tnarcn on Cln cluuati and cros li t-> Kenuuay. 'I ho rebels have burned all ttei bri lzes on thi Cumber land turnpike, and f"llod tre-ts ac ross Hie r ?ad?. it was tne KKmh V r?iuU tha: burned Cham bersburg. Iflcy navo, in i,everai case#, ravished women on their route. tieneral Avorlll will heoomirellod t> move towards Hed-' fora, in order to operito akiiin, t tha renew. lieneral A verill is duiug all he cau lo ai real tuo pro^res a oi the in" vaders. I tie Ucbcia Het< rutin j Across tit? 1 oioiuac IUks>s' nail, An *i;st " ? 6 F". W > A despatch rere Ived he e at n On by i o cashier of tha Hsrrlshurg rank. I r< m th cashier ?s' too llii.k "f fpam b'T- org, nui.D? th it '1.0 ri b evaru ted Hsgsrstown lb s morning. I his w is sub e uoutiy ci flruied by iles, atchr ti. he*.t jo i't'"s, wh i h i 'd that t*i? rebels i ure now ret rltif a I . / tbe P.itum ic river, in the direC' th li o She 'I er.I-n wn. The ast desintch 'mil the op. rat r at CJreeticasllo S'at o that, lie w is -0 t pr< c-i d g l Stat" Lire, iid ir 'in tlienos to lugersiown, to o en up tele^ra; hie cota municatu/u UsvcmtHU ??? 1 1*?* u?-l?rta. HahRtssoiKi, August H, 19^4. TTiere aro num. m e run. or* ai'oat regarding bo rebel invasion, but very Tew c-n bo traced to intsiwor hy ? III C? Wo still bava como im uitien with (i senca t^. s-rji desiiHicbwt ir iu there tndi'M e uo eicn'-m t'i ?sd roier p. n? l> r of rene a iu soon c.o*e pr ximlty as mtosrs^ place mem to th t t.'wn ) \i-aier.lay iro rsbel# . dvanred a *si II h-rce t" M;4iffWS bnn, a point o rin ot .-la e l.ine, .< hd between which and liateralown in ir for?*'ng parties aro rep< rtca to hgy*, cot d.icic i theui-e vn wuh ?reat bruti.lly. -A Krotn rum W this morning it laevi.istit this forss BsM bten with i raws irorn \ti .dlebi'fi 1 ones more positfiifl at I la e. m iw ii, wO' r? lee reboU ev'dsn ly !'? IBS ts Ihe'^n ,,r kr,, |... r? ei.i aem.i't u lb.- act lust they werq* ,k.?? ,ri ., k" ? I at n .Jilt ai Ma.srstows Is as indU tii Iti at th.'i e i- euper a mitv In clo?e proxlBlty to* in it ieaae r uat llio-e m ia sa^>> !? n n? lbs town dcaUflt . la a?l\ i?.e at pn ?> hi. g tariiei. ii thair whareabottW. ? * Tlic Unltlmure 1>l?|rsmh 11 iLUMO'l S, August I ^ I hX. a. Ws have nothing here but runv ra 10 re ard t" tBO m ,vem?Dt?ol the renews In the v lley, or oo lb* VppoflJ pot mac. There stioihu g dsl'islts. The < |it?t< n Is still entertained here that th* esse*. tlsl 00 ect of l!.e ieN-1 deniouairat?<ms is to gather iu tf-ft crojs in the v iry.kbd tbal an luvssiun ?UlO't uo seriously aiicm^ud Tbe Rebel Cavslqr. W*?mi?i.t><s, August 4, 1M4. A grrtlrrran woo arrived here le-nighi, and who ftati been in ttayf rslowo lor tbe | asi w.s? ws tb?l tbs rebel (orrt of CHY*rj + b droT?i ? e*w?lrj irJ a portion of Hunter's infantry out of that lows on ^rlday last, were for ihe gre.ter part Ures^sd io I sioo am ?r?*? A number of famtliss irom M' <*"'??/. "^T" land'd 1^ I'lheTe'e ^ppr^sr ? . nV ' Jk'ist dl/so ported tbal the re S 'S ??r IP |r,gh, Uy tins. 11b*'*r??7, ur e^n m s sk ng them for rsbsis. n r?T"Iry (or i ? ? ur ? isi?tu>n? oC lb# ?DPfOSSlI OC There were oertsinij' so Is.iiS-lioBS of ids apimmw ea tne enemy. ? Osasral CadwailcU''" vpp??? to PMIIa drliibrtla ns. HsaiNt aa'sas, Haaitpvwiws Pwrsicr, > Hsssiesrao. Aug sit, IW4. j To IW* PtOrLS OF TSS Citt or PnitaDBirsu A*r Its Vm. ThJ rebel srtnv Is again upon lbs bordsr of our SUta. Tile f;ovsrn"r has called for thirty thousand voluolser mil in to be mustered Into tbe service of tbe St-ts, ts ??r?e ilurin* the amergsney. for its dMsnce. 1 ?P'**''?! your patriotism and State pride lo i esisaid pronti.tiy asai a mo thai you will tmne.itsieiy assembls inyo?rr?a n ectlve wards and orgeiri s c. mpas ss w with to this CUT Von will be furn shed with traoafsr tion by railroad, and on yeursrrivsl r?? .?IW bs org?? ?"* Into regiments, suhateisd sod swors mto ths se the Si te for !?tale defsncs. during lbs perloHSf ins ea v |H). CAtiWALLAOiB. Maior Gsnenl Qm ???im

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